Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1860 Page 1
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THE "NEWYOKK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8838. THE GREAT CRISIS. Pbe Sentiment of Resistance at the 8?utb on tbe Increase. tetter from Senator ritzpa trick of Alabama. Ben. Bonk am of Booth Carolina Beoigns His Beat in Congrete. IBs ronxTxoxv or viKanriA. fcmge of the Convention Bill by the fieorgie LegiiUtare. ?Mm vooniiim us usiotatmhi, ?TTEBE8T1NG FROM WASHINGTON. Waahdiotom, Not. 18, I860. Tllinil Powell, of Alabama, bu juet arrived here. He Km been deputed by Governor Moor* to parohaae aev*ra) iMWUd of the moat approved arma for that State. OoL r. aaja that not only tlabama, but r.eorgta, Mlasiaetppl aad Florida, will follow Booth Carolina. He haa bat re aently travelled through all tbeae BUtea, aad aaja ?fee people are nearly unanimous In favor of Immediate ?aaaaalon. Governor Moore, be aaya, will not eall a con ven'.ton natil after I be meeting of the electoral col lage, wblob la on the tral Wedneaday in Deoember. lm ?ad lately thereafter be will laane bia eall. Ageata from eaorgla and Mlaataalppl bave a If# gone North to pur akaae large quantities of arau. Tbey are authorized to fwohaae the beat arau, regard leaa of the price. Smith A Pooltaey, Baltimore, are receiving large order*, teetr arma bavlag been adopted to a cooaldur. ?Ma azteat by the War Department. RKPOBTB FROM SOUTH CABOUNA. CutimoR, a O, Not. 18, 1800. Mar* are Tag tie rnaaora through the city that the rraaMent deelgna ooercton. Theae report* excite nothing M deflanoe, aad atreagthea popular reaolv* to aeoeda. A acarctty of oeal hare begina to b* apprehended. Seal boata an afraid to ooma Into the harbor la the yrmat excitement. Ike aewa raa*iT*d to day, that Forayth'a Mobile Jbfii %m Moot for aeoeaatoe, la oooaldered berOaa Baal proof (feat Alabama will go. Gotmaca, a C., Not. IT, 1800. ' Baa. M. L. Bonham, member of Ooagreaa from thla Mala, haa raalgaod hie Mat la that body. THE FEELING IN ALABAMA. MoarooiaaT, Ala., Not. 18, 1800. ?caatir Fltzpatrlck haa wrtttea a letter In roapooaa to ? aammlttce of eltiaeaa of Wetcmpka. He reoomaeaada realatance to Maeoia'a admlnlatratlon, bat dealreo a con aaltation between the fifteen Southern Ptatee. The letter 0B a weak production, aad will not be taflueatlal either far or agalaat dlauaioa Hia influence la Alabama hM feaea entirely deatroy id by hta timid and time aetrlog ycaltlon during the con teat !aat summer. MoaiLB, Not. IT, 1800. Tbe Ktyiskr dedarca for aeoraalon. It aaya the large aaettoaal rote North and South prove* a commm goverm aaeat impoaatble, aad all effort* to aar* the Colon frult kaa. It appealato eoaaerratlT* men to take the more meat Into their own handa aa the only me-ma of avoid teg the worat cuaaeqacncea of aa Inevitable revolution THE CRISIS IN O BORGIA. Act err a, Oa , Sir. 18, 1800 Ths general !Bspreaston It that Senator Toombs has sot y?l resigned, but be mji be will do so oa the 34 of ?arch, cd lea beorgta sscsdea MiuRwirnia, Nor 19, 1890 Afeirs are much quieted since Wednesday alghl, when Mr. !"to|>beBB made ? great speech, taking strong oonser Tall re ground. Tbs eflect tubeofjuenlly , tbowi that tt prrrsd as oi: upon the troubled valet, and all partite an bow disposed to ad coolly aad ooaslderatety Today the Ooareollos Mil pataed IB* Hecate nnanl ?nsalf Tbe election or delegates take* piaas oa ths M of Jaacary , aad tbe Coarsolloa meet* on Ue Wed ?via f tollowlag. Ike preamble of Ute Ooarsoklon bill reade as follows ? Whereas. Us prsasnl crisis la national aflairs, la Nto jwdgaMat ef this Ssaeral Assembly lamaods rests* i, aad whereas, tt Is the privilege of ths people to ratios ths ssods, sssasnrs aad time of such resist Iks Qeairal Asssmhly ease U thai ths Ooraraor tsaoe Ma proclasaatioa ordering vas s taction on ihe 8th of Jan ??*. Tbe flrst, aeooad aad third as:tloas of ths bill refsr to Ika time of election, the mastlag of the Ooarentioo, and Ifea anmbsr of dstsgalss to which sach ooonty la eatl M Ths toirtl section rea**> that aald Con rent too, when as MBhled, majr consider all grteraoase Impairing or aflhet tag tbaennainf of ths rights of ths psople of Oeorgta aa ?? Trr of tbe lalted Mates, sod determine the mode, ?aaaore and lima of redress. The Blth ssctlos prortdes for tbe ataoant to pay lbs Megatas. and said OoaraatM thai by rote fts the pay af all their offlsera, and aay delegate or delegate tbe; ?ii appolal to asy Ooarsatloa, Coagre* or Kmbassr, aad pros ids for all other m laaia Incurred by ths Osa isaUoa. The slitb glres lbs power to elect their officers, aad do ?II thing* ssedfsl to carry o il ths tras Intent aad met tog o* thw act aad purposes of this Onersatwia. The hill appropriating ?l 680.HO to arm aad s?|olp ?oergia w a eosepwts law. TBK ATTITDDB OP KI/>BtI>A. The fiertda UgMatare, at ita tost eeaetoa, pasasd a re asSattoa pr< mtatag (tosktod actios to eaas of tbs eteetkm af a reptblkaa Prsat seal, re?iair1ig ths Moreraor t j ooa waae the Isglaistere The Jackeoari'la d aad ?Mar pa peer urge csaspl ssss TFlfc POSITION OF VIRGINIA. Ifcrwwom, Va., Wor 18, I860; OMSfthe Irst acts sf tbe nett I #g I a la tors ?tU be to lagaltsr a sy stem of rapriaal la rafsrsace to aa} Norlbara ?tola whlsh shall rsfsas to aarr sailer to ths owaer a fufl ?Irs stars seeking rafsgs thsrsla. This poller meets with ?BlrsrsaJ approral la thia sselisa. I doubt not it ?riu b< aa* I ersa without Ispal sanaUea, psadlag the pas mf of the sieiassry law by lbs legislature Is oaas ?s opportunity for reprisal shall silat wlthla the awlfcm M| of the aggrieved Plate. It ts supposed that iha aaacllsa of aooh other ?ontbem Statss sa shai. main Ma osaimerstaJ latorooarss with ths Northers 'Male MMitttiag ths wroag will ha girsa to iseoesr a full *aiv*feat for IK vt wo of |feo Haro wltkboM, b j s 1 ?tzar* of property of said Stole, whether that be * vessel or cargo. Thie pjiwy Is vigorously urged by all, and ^ t'aioa bmd regard this and tbs policy of non '.nteroour** rigorously enforced, tinder Um sanction of law, aa much more injurlou* to Northsrn interest* than any (Sect that oonld be produced by aeoeeakx. A heavy tax will probably be imp Med upon merchants dealing In Northern goods, wblli every available tnflu enoe, social anl political, will be exercised ia behalf or this ncn-Uiter course policy. Buch is the determination of Virginia at least, and, so far aa I can asoeriala, of the border Btates. nils movement should not be tmderstood aa implying an abandonment on the part of these Slates of the policy of secession, la I said la my despatch of yesterday, this resort Is contingent upon the rejection by the North of the .propositions whioh I furnished, and la view of tbs stringent character of that programme. I do not regard the ado p. lion of the seoesston policy as even improbable. Northern public sentiment will undergo a grea change before om can hops for a ooooeesioa or the demand* which will be mads. The store 1 redact upon the gratuitous snd unprovoked Injuries inflicted upon the South by the black republicans, the more as tounding does the infatuation of the North appear. While I am no slave owner, I often wonder at the forbearance of the Southern peiple. They are making no war upon any Northern institution. They benefit that section to the amount of millions annually, and all they ask Is to be let alone. The black republicans with an affected poverty, dis avows any purpose to Interfere with slavery. This Is the most provoking feature In thUQoowardly, undermlnding system of aggression. It Is acutullay so exalting the Southern minds as to render It by no means Improbable that In the phrenzy of passion, provoked by the reoolscltlon of repeated Insults and wrongs, every mas, whether of Northern or Southern birth, found within the border of any Southern State, would be either summarily expelled or hung. Fancy the idea of a slaveholder being com pelled to dispose of bis slaves, who oonxtltute the very foundation of his material property and social happln***, for want of tbs protoo. tlon which the law aooords to him. Can anything be mors aggravating, and yet such will be and is Infact now the esse. A terrible rstrlbntlon is la stors for those who are Instrumental in causlag this result. No man who Is a judge of human nature caa doubt that oon sequencts iavolvlng general ruta must follow a peralst snoe by the North la this unjust policy. There is a general determination ameng Southern mer chants to maks strict discrimination la the bestowal of their patronage 1a favor of Northern houses known to bs friendly to the Sooth. The columns of tbs IYOmm will bs closely watched la order to afford oorreot data for dis crlmlnatlon. Tbs non intsreourte movement which followed the John Brown raid was mors child play compared with that which Is about be tag Inaugurated in South Carolina. Money was at a discount of Ave per coat la this city oo yesterday, and North Carolina two per oeat. The latter was always at a disoouat here, but It has not fallen to this depredated standard since 1847. There is a general tightness la the money market, but so far It seoms to have no material eOset upon bustaess operations. You will have many a crash at the North before the least shock Is felt hers. Speculation here Is carried on wlthla safe limits, and there is ao (laager of a sad. ten surprise. The farming Interosta la this Mate were never In n more prosperous condition, and while tbts Is so the mer chants look with oertahty to a promise of payment of their docs. I leva that the dally circulation of tbe Uouls id thla city amounts to about eight butdred. This la a larger circulation than any paper la Uiia city command*, except Dftpaick, which la a peiny paper. I should not be surprised If It reached sixteen hundred. Sinoe April last II non arrival la doe oourse, even for a da y, cause* gene ral disappointment Newsptpcr venders are making Quo profits bjr lie aale. At the political meeting recently held In Woodstook, Shenandoah coonty, In which the Hon. Jahn T. Harris, member or Congreaa for the Tenth Legion d lair tot, took a prominent part, a reeolatioa wae adopted expressive of the dissatisfaction at the residence la that county of the Lincoln elector for that district, and of a dealre that be should remove to some mart congenial clime. It la pro t>able be baa taken the hint and left before this time. It le understood that the majority of tbe Virginia Coo xrvssloeal delegation will favor saoeasloa, should tbe Kotth refuae to give the guaraatcee embodied la the pro gramme which 1 rurnlahed you la my laat Aeepatok. The Ron. J. M. Mason la alao snppoeed to favor this policy, bnt what position Sassier Hunter will take la aot yet known He will doubllae* gn with tbe currant. It Is reported that (iorarnor Floyd, tbe present Sacra tary of War, will be a oac lidaie at the aeit election for the Thlrt'-suth Congressional district, now represented by Martin. IT so, bis election la sure Tbe report that Ceo W dimmers, of this Mate, Will be tsadered a eeat la Llnoon's Oabtaot, Is not credited here He Is toosouad a Southern man for Unoola stasis; moieorer, it Is ssrlcssty doubted whether hs wookl ac ept any position ander Old Abe. Tbe act ton of the legislators aad C invention will deter -nine lbs OMiie of any prominent man la Virginia to ? bom a tender of offloe asay be made If the loos of these assert/ lies shall be that af violent boetillty to Lincoln, no maa of standing will compromise himself by ibs acceptance cf any office inder him. This will be a great crista for the ofl>oe eeekera. Mode ration la tbass Slate councils will be construed Into aa implied sanction of tbe acreptatceof the patronage at the hands of Lincoln, aad nc> twree. Otm RICHMOND COMUSrOMMNCH. Ibmmi, Va , N it. IS, 1<*. TV PMini In Fir/mi* Pm/.Iu- Mf/tufft?TV- .1 of Ikf t'nirrrrity of Vtryima, dc Tbe fbellng la Vrgala on the seoeastoa quest! a Sb? oomtag more aad more intenee, is yoa wll: dier >vsr from , the tone of Its press and tbe saovsassats recently inaos a rated throughout several conaliee of lbs State. Public meetings nara already beea bald la diffsreat parts of tbe Common wsnlth, expressing tbe utmost Indignation at Lbs coin's elect tos, aad a porpose to resist, at all hazards, aay allsipt af the general government to coerce aay serodlag > Stale. A meeting w* bald on the ?th last.. In LoaWa county? tbe largest (lavehnldiag county In the amis nt which It was resolved that ' should Abraham Liacola be elected to the Presidency by lbs eeelloaal vote of the abo lition stases. neb election will be ipm fUn a declaration of war agaaet the rights of U<e ariess eUrahotd tag States of the federal Union , and war apoa the rights, ponse, pro party, lives aal honor of the said iftssa Statss Is, what ever the legal frnt of eteotloe , revolution '?Is sa attempt kt dissolve the Ca ion of Ids States by destroying Iks boad of I'slna ? the sosatttutlna of the Oeitad States. Aad tbsa the ssastlng "sanolved, that we resist Mi Ute I'ntoo this ilsagirnm tavaslos of ot? liberties, aid call apoa oar IMtaw eMlseos sf this State aad of the other Imperilled Stales Is adapt, without delay, snob measarss ss shall make thai rsmilsnnr efsstlre. ,r Two ether raaolaUoas wsrw adapted? one requesting the Cover nor to call the I eg Matt re together wHhls tea days after Llasnta was sassitalsil to be stacted, to provide for Ike elect ion of delegates to a State 00a veal Ion, and aa other eathorlttni Ike Chair to appotat a commutes to ocanasaalssta these proeeed ngi to the icvstnor. iksitudemssTtbs VaJTWsity p.' Vlrjlals , wm he id on it* ?3lh msi. , at whleh rsaolutiona wera ? adopted approving the action of the seasdiag States, dis carding all party divlsiuos to seoure unity of action in this crisis, condemning delay on Me part of Virginia la oc operating with her slater states, a* only calculated ' to encourage those traitors In wboae ban da the reins of go vernment will aoon pa/as:" and finally thsy adopted the following ? Resolve 1, That among the lending Ma of the South, who by their loyalty ana devotion to their own neeti >n and State, aa well aa by their bold delence and aapport of the peculi r institution* under which they U re, have in d Mated their determination to reeiat all aggression, oomlng from whatever aooree, we rsoogalas with pride the Bon. Henry A. Wl?e as foremost, and aa one wboaa eounscli ihculd be beard u/on the great issues whisb now distract the country. Resolved, By reason of this trust, we extend to h m aa Invitation to addreas us upon the political topics of the lay at the earlieet practicable time. Another resolution. appolnieg a corr.-nltt?e of three to transmit a copy of theae resolutions to Governor Wise, was adapted. * Numerous other meetings a r<- being bald, the proceed ings of will enable you to form a correct Idea o( the state of feeling In Virginia. Let the lsereduloas p o ple in your section take warning from tneae signs, and do what they can in time to avert the impending dla aater. CONVOCATION OF TEDS YtHGINlA LIG1SLATCKB. (from the Richmond Wr-.'c, Nov. 16.) la our advertising columns wlU be found a proclama tion by the Governor, requiring the Legislature to assem ble on the 7th day of January next, to take late conside ration, among other thtnge,"the condition of publto af faire" consequent on "the appnistment of Klectors a ma jority of whom are known to be favorable to. the election of sectional candidates as President and Vice President of the United States, whoee principles and views are be . lieved by a large portion of the Southern States to be la direct hostility to their constitutional rights and inte rests." This measure of Guv. Letcher presents for Im mediate solution the question, What shall Virginia dof And to this question the members or the Legislature should st oo-.e address themselves, In such manner as to beoome thoroughly Informed of the sentiments snd views of tbelr constituents. No body of legislators were ever summoned to ooosller a more momcuiojs subject, and we Invoke tliem to prepare for it and approach It with the careful forethought and comprehensive deliberation Its magnitude enjoins. Deeply impressed ourselves with the solemnity of the crisis, ws have forborne, and yet forbear, to enter on the discussion of the grave and weighty lssuss Involved. We have thought, and yet think, that the proper policy for Virginia to pursue will be more apparent to all In a abort time than It now is, and tn view or the consrquenees at stake we have thought It better to wait a while than to run the risk of a false step, l or the present we think there are both wisdo a and power la a pause. SOUTH CABOLINA. CIKBIPATM for the convention. I from the Chariestoa Mercury, Sot. 14 1 We desire to deprecate Individual nominations to the iw? i momwitou? juncture of publlo affairs Per?oo?j preter?no?B should ureio place In our conn ?hooW receive no ooun 1!? . P??Ple' P?Mto good, Hd that ?lone, mould constitute the end and aim of all Tbtotn ????????? ?' dea.reforadvanoe 5 P'aca should aeek the men, and not the men nlace None tho^dboeHer-Done mould refu^ CS' In such a crisis, to path Individual partialities either 5S2?Ti? ttSSTb W1M proTe ? Si ??* of jealousy, alienation, division and "f'? J? 1 ?*?unlty, which will 111 prepare ua fbr the tnalathatrtf an in the (tea. We wonldegalo warn reprtss and rettraio an 7 segernees for plaoe in this Convention. We appeal to their oatriul'sm and tSrtr cbe*f,krwerdieee * uJ their friends. I?t na endeavor and see first whether a J, our ^ ableat, and soundest man tmnoec P"llital Md P?r?OMl afflaitl^S. 10 *"*?*ed and brought out aa to meet the views of the community at large, and obtain a _ CA*D ?o? jnxit ud sath. The pubUoatloc of > ticket upon which ay name m ?nimM renders It proper for me to make the an "l"' ?? not * eandldate tor a saat in the Convention. In doing so I do not Intend to avoid aav n SSto^^Y ??"? ?SVJwS - Bouth Carolina. Many others, happily for our Mate are fully and better qnalitled for the proper discharge of' the arduous duties which await those who may compose that Convention. And for sn;h as are not members of that body, but remain members of the communities in they live, thure will be duties, also, of great and impjg ?LmtH.TSC Bjt' 10 decllnin? lt>!' nomination, I not ,J0 presnmptoous in mi to otter to my fsltow citizens a few wo;. is of earnest counsel. I have sautrat ?r must avoid distraction , we must ban;ih di vision. l*t ua not hare, )u tho seieriion of those who wfll represent ua In that Convent! >n, the nfluitce "f th?e Mrif? "hl*-b belong 10 lhe act",D ?r ordinary political parties. In this Istje ?e have but one party thit la ,Ar1' "?v't but one party, wohav? but one sentiment to represent, anl can have therefore hit W|b0. ,Uft" C}T'1*e tbet Convention l?t us make that selection aa ote p? jple, animate* bv oce purpose, devoted to the accompl'?hment of one tmd. ItonX.*!'0? .llt?tC"ar'Dt'la of lb- ?P*ra?ionof the . ui _ of flMlh (MlN from ttiese Tntiej ?utef however str. king and grand ,n Itself it may be, :s not th.t onlymatWr wh: -h wl I "rgage lu attention. Many of the departmrMs of governmeat, as they are now eiletin* under the pr Is win ? of t;i? oonstitjtion of our >Hate. will r? <inlre to be suppll td with new powers arteq :ei? t>< the I new ?ifc.?-nclee which will arise. In the consideration I of these matters, the ad'm-nent of them, and tii" asoer- ' talnmec t <>f and provision for all rlr^umataaoee wnich lh*7 ?i'l be m-ich oi"ji?iun f'.r the aid of ail ths wisd.-m ?nd e*jrr, r.-c whK;b CBr S.UM) C4f] rgm u* ,LjTt' dttermlced to asr'rt our Mitical lodi pendenee Ut cs n.tke that assertion the source of hap plwss at I, *n?, and of respect ahr.* 1. That is hut d?oo when a., forget t.tematlvcs and thins only o'tbelr Htate A. O. MAURATH. risp no* w ? sofbit-io*. While J feel grateful K.r the oor, lence m*nir?sted In 0f mjr 0i,n', "D * licfcn for 'bo Fr ?r^ Convention, I mnst respeelf illy decline. 1 ^*^2 L" h'*u,r'> *!,0Tf *'l others, op >n wh ;h !k ? t , r my n,"n* t wounl bson that whith records the names of the momoers of that eftawSlj ?" ? ih' ,rr "a,l*a5<1 1 ?*" *? m? "t*" mors ^ 1 apaclty of a private cltlisn Should the State be resla?? i ;u h.-r art of seocss. in, then, when thero Itf hersoos Isnai' d. I nba.ll answer to my nim* and all that I *0 and all t.iat 1 have, ahall be uuroser ved' ly Oiler ed upon lif-r aitar K M R J3KRTS0V r*aD >ko* t. aornv jim, 1 p?-rcelTS my name anuounoed In your paper of this Burning as oas of tf- ran lldates for thr Oonvsntl..s U> be elected on the ?th prorinao I am en t rely ifuoiant of tho sr>urre whence this nomination rame. l/mtmc upon this trust as one of vr great honor, and from whicn no shculd shrlrn this cr.ris of our ltlrs, I sw 1 prefer that the nore nation of delegatss should be mads In a mors aulhurltMlvt form, and la a manner more lisrlv to lnjmrs unanimity la the sstcctlon For, if possible we r.?'d h*vls* os>vosltlon ticket*, for this rtras 0 I be? that yon womli withdraw my name from the tlckeL I j Wf " however, lake ihs oooaatoa to say that 1 am la ****? WIUl * without no opsra tin. with other Mates. S t ROHJN*J<r oaao <1* ma ac w. um Allow ase. through your olumaa, U? ear to the nnhiir | whw, feel^aared,! ^ not Say to lh? w?oTacw | sse well, vis that I was not ooosalted as to the tioiet proposing candidates (hr the Convention upon which mv same apueara. It was ^reaature and without the oppor Unity 0/ consultation, aa 1 I regret Its puaiioettoo Any step lakes Is the pvestat movement calculued to dlsturo tho harmony with whirh it has been so happily initialed is greatly to be depreoaled. For myself, my owa eff iris , f"',1? P?^ "r Jlsruptton of the demo.- ratio ptrty In the Charleston C?nvei.tioa to th<- prnmnt m nsent, bare b*en six-cia j directed to healing diaseaslon aod brio*. or Inlounlf r u .?e who have been hitherto divided To eee our Male prrseut a united fraal in thto lime of trial has bees with me th, paramour.i les re. Mr friends could nit hum laU" ?>* m >'f ther. hy ns'nc my aame in anv way calculate to produne datrari on and dlvisl.m Tt -ughl .r t? rty years 1 have be?o som. vbat * t fo i soerhavr n T-. ? a f. sought a , ? ? mrsalf even wh. n 1 m .ht have -ion^ so wtUv.m di?h'*or I rould not - ate , m this course at s?irh a t me as tho present, when it la so obviously the duty of everv MtrWa u, fill thai, and n, o,w. to wh ?vent* aad ihr ursoiwit^l pnbhe voloe m?v na.; h m j HAAC W. HAV.VE. '?I?'* r oivonm It oao hardly be r seary [ ,r ma to sty tin I WM much sn j.*se<, an 1 l n,*y aid not a little mortidel ti'f . h*d 'ellow rlt sens on the aight oi r'.S *TT "** ,:,'*Teol'on ticket announced In yoor j J d" *?* kn"* what aoiitsa tau 1 t cltet proceeded, but, as I sop ?sa, it may eiw be re garded aa withdraws. I do aot feel that It becomes m? to j ?ay sr. >W,'c? nor<> av.-it It I have ao desire lo 1 rute 1 only deairetisee 000 P^'frbsougho. ght our Bute and, | aaoMo tb? tr. beet c Ther eons no efftrl on tut pan shall be ? a ag la earn mpiiah this result. I beg to eey I that I am not a candidate for the Ooaveattoa I ! w. r. orM-go.*. fii IMS SI. eon OS res rvusixrrns asarvsv. Is I be papers t* mi* rinrgsf the namea of twentr. j t?o gentieaMa are pre-eated aa oaedMalne foeoti ,n 1 the ."Brent ma to ha assemblod oa th" 17th Itec^mber eaiutrg I* thte in ,oo4 f.tth with 1^^1.0!^^ meetlrg tr l,l la*t n i? tit lo matins to aeveral of the gen tlemrn who have >>eaa pla< ed la a fa lee pna'tlon by this nnaultiorlsed aad prewiature publtcallm of their name* snould n-t the t?w withdrawn- We esnTesuyT" fcr^Z\' I,'"' ?lM!" " ta llvlduala orel est Issue* ti '? I, 'I Involving * .-r, v ial Z?" ' M U?e pfeeaot the ?ood nt the O) a 1 "<H mea, m ul and ? >ll be ?. ,*. dered Thte at least is the Irn resolve oi the CA*t> rnOK AN ASPIRANT. To rse t-anrt a or SMWLaira tuarai'T oinv?T!L0,il".L,%J?!' "? ? esodidate for a seat m the *L wfcMl w1" Uk* p*"" ?"> the ^e^i 1 daam it dae ta m asd to 1 ***'. 5*2 lb" ' ,r? la favor of the Immediate with . ^rvi^ ?oath QaroMaa from the preheat I k>e The argameat* u ahow that this M the only IZT.7! !!t pn.7jM ??~fc>?satly with our haaor aod uTtL^eoItaEJr^ij, TV U**.IW ?"*?<* bae o*m*. ?*e psofts ant with praSsas>, Srmaass aad neomptlv 1 2 JJL ? 10 "*?' **eryM>'ag ta "aeour.,, ""om^X^fSr 8A""r R ?KC*^ nmie mmnso to ifovrwAn caxsibatw ro* raa _ eoiir??rioi?. Rlohlsad District, who srs ta fhvor 1 ?ltHE?wal of MM aate at Booth 0? ^ ****** ?y rwioest 10 not* it Mm Cttk tell; n ODionbfA, <mb T hurtdtv wt, tM 1 u ?'***! S Jm aSTSl ennfateato represent Richland District in the BUM Coo ?*i lion, Um election of member* to whiob tea been orde ?? to tnke piaoe on the Cib of Dtoeaaber (proximo. Wm > De8auaaare, C. P. Ndm, Jh. j radewali, Wen. Jaiuts Jjoea, Wa A liaoe, W. Gaillard, lUi T re eg. Jm- p. Adam*, Prof I <1 n LfrOooU, Ed. T. Booklet, K. W. bee, Allen J. (Jreen, Andre ' v> allaoa, Jams* 0. QibMa, And on ? ? and red other cltiuna. TBI SOUTH WILL NOT orrofll UNOOLN'8 INAC00 RATION. [From t e Cilumbla South Carolinian, Not It ) Our N'ort ?< i n cotemporariee are very much miiluoo when they si ppoae that the Southern Slates inteid to re* kit tbe '.ntogcratlon or Lincoln at President of soib Stales a* m -y < booee to remain in Um Northern l alon. They Intend o<> i aob thing. I.tnooln ben been elected In accordance with tbe forma of tbe eon etl tattoo, and, theretors, u? f ate that remain* la tb? Northern union, under hi s ad n lustration, >s obligated to command tbe suhmiaalon of their cit zenn to hi* rale But the spirit of fraternal<er tbe conatitutlonal compact, baa been violated, Although I be In accordaaoe w.ih tbe forma, jet hla | any baa risen to power b / n purely aectional vote? by a purely section il spirit ? by a spirit whiob threatens to proleot, atlil higher, Northern Interest, at the expense of southern pros perity? by a spirit hostile to tbe institutions of tbe Southern section, aod pledge d to exclude tbe property of lta eltizena from tbe common (territory, and to limit and circwnacrlba it wltli a circle of Ore ontll it sbalibaea tirtly consumed. , By the aoocess of a ptrfy an mated by rush a spirit, tl.e people of tbe Southern Slates seo lb it tbe le-loral government can no longer bo relied up>u to falftl the Kreat purposes of government, and they regard It their acrM duty to change it. H hix Iwame subversive of the great ends for which it was instituted, and tbe Siuth can no longer claim shelter protection under It. Throogh tbe action or tbelr sovereign states, tb<y simply proposed to withdraw, and to leava Mr. Lincoln to preside peaceably over tnch States as still think tbelr destiny safe under him and his party. If Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky or Nortb Carolina thina the rights and Interesta of ber citizens will be better taken care of under a government wboae taxation aya tem la unequal, and which openly repud'.atea bar claim to lta protection, then bcr more Southern sister* will only r*rret her distrust of them But as they cannot participate .n any hope of aenurlty under tbe present fe deral I ain., ibey claim the right to withdraw and to leave Mr I .ncolc in tbe peaoeaole discharge of his duty sa President of tbe Northern Confederacy, with whom they wish to live 'n peace, wltn liberal treaty ailpala tlona and good underatandlng? the North governed by Northerners, tbe South by Siulherne:* In this way all seotlonal strife will cease, and tbe two people live on Wr ma of much greater harmony then they haver aver dona under a common government GRAND TORCHLIGHT TROCMSION IN COMTMnA. [From the Columbia SoutL Oaroilaian, Nor. K. ] The Minute men ur Richland district made a fine demonstration laal Some flvo or six bandretl, with torches and transparencies uaoorted by the Indo pendent Fire Engine Company, with flambeaus, marobed through oo* principal streets. During the proee.*sloa rocket* Roman oanlles and other fireworks were con stantly discharge'!, adding brilliancy to the ooca. loo. There never has been such a demon -trat ion la Columbia The rtreeta were lined with pectalor? and the wlnaows, baiooBieH, te., were thronged with ladies, who wared their handkerchiefs m token or their applause. The follow og we noticed among the transparencies borne on the oocaslon * VOX I ABAS nUSWUKKSO ? Ml SIDl: l/niUd now, *0 more we'U bow; Foul faction, we discard It? And now, thaak God. ocr Southern sod Haa naked swords te guard it. OTHSR HIDB Our wealth baa Ailed the ?poller'* net, And gorget 1 the Northern crew, But oh I ?W friends, we'll teacb tbera yet What Southern man can do. raoTi: Now or nerer. nu: Alow, If we moat Among other trassi>arcnolee along the line of march, we noticed the following ? ? Ch ?r ihe engine hooae of the Independent Firo Com pany was a large transparency , lights by a number of gas burners, with the rollowing inscription ?"The Lsioa of the Miuth, or South Carolina alone.'' There was also ma ap over the transparency an elegant Palmetto Cag, with the Palmetto tree and Lone .'tar, With the word " Independent" underneath A transparency was exhibited at Mr. J. T. Zes'y's ilaguerrlan rooms, with the following ? ? ?acbi?? fc ith narsIlM skgitt MSr ngMt and tan bowers, Oeqrgte and Florida her trumps? Hagratb, Ooloock and Conner with these sne clalma a march " itiiR tsassi-aswobs ?' Trust in 0?d as>i soop vour powder dry." ?' l*7t) and 1800 ' ?' December 17th? Our futore 4tb July ?' The Lone Star " The Palmstto,' Ac. Great praise .s due to the Independent Fire Company lor the act re part they took m the demonstration. cot., orb'* WITIO*. last night, says tho Columbia XoulX Garoliriia* of the 18tl Inst, after the grand torchlight procession, an Im ?sense crowd aaaembied In front of the Cougaroe H >aso, and callod voclferotsly for Col. Oct, who mv1? bis ap pearaaoe upon the plax/a and responded. Ho rellerau*! the position bo 1 at Will lams too, and stated that, with the present indications, If the Oonvtnl'oo met to morrow and he were a member of It, be would rots for Immediate sooession. He bad for four years t\ken the position taai tbe South should not submit to Beriionni black republ.oan domination. A re# years ago, bis friend. Got Meant, dec'.arad secession was a " fUad fact." li-5 waa now a convert to tnat belief, and If ei?ne I a member of the Oonveutioa, be would do all m bis power to present a nailed front. He briefly alluded to tbe Mooring news which cams from the other fiutbem Slates, and said that when tbe State would pledge the moaata n districts would be as true as any others to ths fltg oT the State. Be was fcUiwevl by 0?l Keitt, Mr. M.iUioj, Col. Athmore, Oj!. O M Dantxler, Major W. 9. Lyies an 1 others Tho crowd was an lmm?rise one, Oompwed of men from all para of the State, and cheer after cheer went np when action *ai urged. IDI * TOR BAMMOND. We Bed the toikiwlag despatch in tbe Caarlotte CoLfMmA.S. C , K>r. 13, 1H0 We are in lor me 1 that Senator Hammoat, who ssat la h's reeignatlua to day, has written to the frienl to whom be baa enclaed it as follow! ?"Let It be understood that I am thoroughly pledged to tbe movtaaesl." IttECIIKRIIK)* NOT WAMTRTI IK Till 90CT11. A comrpoedent o' the Cnarleston Jfsrctn* says ?> "TnS Ctscini.ei> Cvstm Trial says ' that the llm John C Breck inridge haa determined to make a trip to the cotton State* to addnsi b'.a reiutw cituans la favor of abiding by the L'aloa ' If this be true won id it not be well for tb-: cot ton Stales to determine to pay the espenses of the honor ibto gentleman's contemplated 'trip,' and send bias to address Some others wbo m . M Do mors dispoexl limn we In Ssstb Carolina to l.sten to bis adrlos on that sub ject f" * ORHCRfl COrNTCTJUNDBP. The Charlotte B Utlin "ays that several oT lbs leadlsg merchants wbo hare re-nntly sent forward ordera 14 Nor mem hoieee for additional suppllas of goods, bare counts rnmndod them by telegraph. L00?f50 ABSAD. An oflbr from New York of a club of nay seres yousg men U made to Gorsrnor Gist, of South Carolina, If tbe.' memoes are needed. Tbe wriUr oon dales as follows ? Plr. honorable patriotism most have its reward Some wtu be satisfied with honor, others with pecuniary ac quisition but, sir, I want to Mrretbat sturdy republic which shall bs fouaded on "right, Jostle and equity, wad la order so to do, I reepectr illy submit my olatm no tbe generosity of your kiotllsoc/ by askta*, tbe appoint ment of Consul for this port Among tbe letters to G<n ornor Gist, some ars from me chaaics and workmen, taking employment. KTrWRA"* rASSKN<i?R?l. [From tbe UbnrleHton Meroury, Nor. 16 | One of tbe wise provisions of oer City g-rrerament Is that do steerage pi erfers shall be allowed to land here, ooleM Ihe steamsbip companies sball enter 1st "> b m ?! to ma cUia tbrm in tbe eTent of their booomlng an eu' i a brasce Ordinarily, this ordnance has not been strictly enloiosd but. in new of tbe present trims, aad the altl tnde a*fuire<| by IliS l?lste. Mar Ma-Ooth ha .tetrr mioed to esa. l a rlgorooe co4,|?i,aiice wah It. Tb" MaT'-r't rlew is a very piet one I nrtonbtediy tb?re will be a hard w later at tbe North It la sot f> be espe^tod tbat Northers manufacturers and tradetmen, wbo hereto "ore furnished large supplies for ftootbera r>nsu?r> Hon will be able to glee constant employment to turn detwndent upon tbera for support. This will Indjoe a large emlgTatlos, aad tbe climate bere being milder than tfcal to whleb they tre amostomied. It is aatnral t> sup pose that they will seek aa asylum under ft. If th*r were permitted to land. It M apparent tmt the erpectei dertltutlon of lh? North would be t'anafVrrefl DCiarlit ton Tbes, is It aot a prulent forethought of tbe Mayor to take the necessary steps to ward off what ss'gbt he oome a public calamity? We nsdersuad t .at t-is a> ots o' these Northern sfunship lines hsre bsen notified by the Msynr ef tbeat that tbsy msy rsguiate their moritiisnta aneurdmgly. KOKTBBRN BAT. to trts sntfon or m tiuaiSTo* nsMrsr ? We hare habituated ourselrss to depeedeo.-e os th? North for masy things wblab might be prolnoed at home Any tatsrruption of our Intercourse with N.?rtt era pwta will bs attsaded with so mi tempwary I neon re slencs. For mr part. I desire this laterruptlon, f,* It will sst the seal (a our dsllrrncios fr^m ILralrto-n, and turn our attewtl-n to aen and store profitable relations siwisglnc from free trade, untrammei'ed by polities! . la lueroM The polat I would call attsntloa to stay sens small matter, bet elmset every horse ta Chart's '.on, aad many In some of the towrs la the talsrtor, are fsd oa Northern bay. HMsnld Me supply bs cut ofl ws will re;l lbs want ssr'rsly. Mereo rsr, should tbers arlss an? v e solon for ass sm Ming and morlag troops, sapeola'ly on ta* ssaboed, during this winter, ws win tad our McrattoM cram pad by this want sooner than by any aSgr, J Would suggest, therefore, to rlas piasters oo all tbe rlvrrs, that although straw is s poor sab*ltute for bay, still It la a snbstltnts, snd an oscaedia(ly tbttp one By xeteotlng tbe bast, (bat Is, Ms gm-ssst straw aad prsasrvlag and ballag It as sson ss tbrssbod, It M at onne la a shape to lis portable, aad to Mop without del# riorat ton. There M at least oas kind of hay grass whfoh la both tiiieieat aad nbaap. coat lag leas than MO. aad at this crisis it may provs pro* tab Is to tha piaster aad uss ftil to the Btate MiLiTtvr cOMMrrrm op rna taotsLtiTRR. _ OdLt-asu, Nor 13. 1MB Tbs Mil JUJ Crsssrlttfs or the B >nsa sad Maaate ba.1 a mttisf ** ? ?fht, aM riB?iT?d le Sit bgre J? aooor'aao* wtth tbe provisions of Trtbholm's resolutions, for lbs puipose of preparing mossures for the oi'ganUitlon of the Ud thousand militia recommeulel la Um Governor'a llt(M|e, and arming Um BUM TIm Committee of Ways and Mean i of boU> bouaea, wboM duly It la to provide for carry log oul Um determination of the Military OoamiUM, will bnI Is Charleston on Friday night. THANI 801 VINO FHOCLAMATION BY TUB OOTKBNOK. WlwrtM, It la proper and besoming a people who ao knowledge tbe hand of God la every event, and bow In revereoOe to Hta will, and who desire to Imitate Um noble example of their forefather*, not only In reals lance to oppression and lojostioe, but la supplication for Divine aid and counsel In this momentous ori sis of our country's history, to lmplura a oontlnoance of His favor and Interpolation to protect and sustain ua In all tbe triaia we may bo called upon to undergo, aad tbo dangers to which we may be exposed. Now, taerefora, I, William II Gist, Governor of tbe Mate of jootb Ciroltna, In obedience to a resolution of tbe General Aaaembly, ap pointing Wednesday, tne aisl Instant, aa a day of [raattog, humiliation ?nd prater, make tbia my proclamation. In viting the clergy and people of all donomlatlom In ibis Slate to araemble at their respective plaoes of worship, to (p^iore Um dirsotloa and blese.og of Almighty God .q this our bour of difficulty, and to give us oue heart and one mind to oppose, by all just aad proper means, every en croaobmeat upon our rlghta. Given nnder my band aad the seal of tbe State, at Oolum bla, on tbe I3th day of November, la the year of our Ixrd one thousand eigbt hundred and sixty. ? wm. h our. GEORGIA. T1!E DISSOLUTION BKHOLITTION*. Kt solved, TBttt on ajoount of lbs many treaaoon^io aols puMd by Northern fanatical Legislatures. ud otaer wrongs, insults and iodlfnltles heaped um ihe doulbern Stales by reckless and utscrupulous majorizes, which are already txforo the country and neoi not here be set forth, wisdom, jus.lo* and palrlotlim demand that Gejrgia should no longer remain In the L'nloo? now a Union only In name ? a Cuion ol oppression and aggression by tbo North npon Um South. 2. Be it therefor* further r.?solved, Thai Geirgla ought not, and will no., remain ?ny longer In this 10 called l'nloo, but tbat (he will and does hereby separaU hsroolf from It, and look to her own soorc.ns for .be juttioe and eqoallty that nave been denied her by the Norlbesn Stales. 8. Ktfolvnd, Therefore, tbat our Senator* ml repreaen tatl r?t to Concrete be, and they are hereby requested to rtslgn and vac tie their teats 4. Keeolved, That we appeal to the Southern Sates. 'o the civilized world and to the God of battle* for the recti tude of oor caise. 6. !:>solved. Tbat the Goverior for ward a oopy of lb see resolutions to the Governor* of each of the Southern Stales. SPECIF. FOR (iKOBQLA BANKS. The August* Oorulttutumalist lay a .?Very large amounts of apeclA for Georgia banks are oelog dally reoelved, and we are reliably Informed that since the 1st of November about one million of dollars In gold bax been received by the banks in Havannab and Aug\ist*aloue. and the tide of gold flowing Into their vaults Is as full and continuous now as at any time since the flrst of tbe month. The last weekly statement of tbe New York banks (by telegraph, and dated November 18,) (bows a decrease of specie to tbe amount of Bine hundred and fifty nine thousand dol lar*. A large portion of this deurease In New York banks Is now In tbe vanlts of tbe banks In Savannah and Augus ta. We are pleased to notice the strong pwitlon of our banks . a* It will tend to ustabilsh cwfldcuce upon a rella ble basis and facilitate the operation* of trade and com merce. DE-TATCH 1 ROM RKMATOR TOOMBS. Tbe following despatch was sent by Senator Toombs to Bon. L. M. Kent ? Maoon, Nov. 14, 1840 To Hon. L. M. Keltt ? I will sustain South Oaroilm la so eefston. 1 havt announced to tbe Legislature that I will not **rve under I .Lnooln. If yon have the power to act, act at once. We hay* bright prospects here. li. Tinning THE MILITARY OH'iANt.'ATlON KOIl BhCBBHtON. A convention of delegate* trom nuty seven military or ganlaatio** In Weorgta baa just declare! for secession by a vole or ? ore than two to one. The others v<>tnj ouly agalast the expediency of th* declaration. Tbe Gove- nor ws* present, and wlJJ not permit thj coorcuaof any Stak*. LOUISIANA. Till FKBLIKO IM NBW OBI.BA VB - LETTER FROM A DH TINUC1M1EO ciTOTM. Nbw Own**, Nov. 8, 1100. Plnoe tbe re*u|t of the Pennsylvania elertlou was known, things out this way have assumed a moat decided and determined character That election was oonstdere 1 decisive a* to Uncoln's election, and caused men li leok tbe danger full in the face, and tbe foeitng Is to meet l . promptly ? tbat la, amotixat lbs Suwlberu pirty 1 a a entirely seitMied lb at m-- sip ? will move tha mo n nt I.insotn's etcctlon Is known 1 feel,a's> quite certain tbat Alabama will be dole after bar. Those of tbe true faith here ve harnessing up wonderfully, aut they consist of the strong men of tbo -wto IiouMnauu will u A la* far behind b< r sister Mates, nor linger to reallv) wbtt ad vantages New Orleaut Is to derive uL'ler a Sjutberu Boa federacy Texas Is tore, and I think Arkansas too In fact, every ratios Htale is obliged 1 1 f >llo m th- first o le thai m m s I did not think that grulh Garoliaa oouM or ought to go out by herself. I am n>tr fully of tbo opinion that there will bo no occasion lor her to do so Tke State* I Lave named, and Georgia be side*, are ready to go wlib bar, an I verily bsttere; tMt what Is moet to bo fearci Is, thai la tin delay* Insepa rable from the meetings and discissions of conventions, thai the if >n .mi y i . . aud the occasion M allowed to pa** la view of tbis,8>ith Carolina mutt strike the Mow, If ne.'ls lie. Let her tender fraternity i > the other Hales, exprt-ta Iter entire willingness aud desiro to co operate with tlte other State* to ais .mo any position rear, flank cr In tbe line ? the other States might desire; but If they tf*itat?, or compromise, or falter, then let 8 juth Carunna take apon herself all the rospmstbitity, all tbs hs/ard, and alt Hits eout'qeences, and declare herself out of the Onion. If'we have not leadora we srili Bod tbras as wo go on. My posltim baa ever bsen with tbo Stale, right or wrong, wberevur sbs goes; but 1 have not, nntil now, (ell that it was wisdom or policy for hor to go aloe*, nor di I now, but a condition or tblags 1* at hanl tbat tome* the alternative upon her; and If it oocars sh<> most (trlke I do not c mnsel what 1 do aol Intend to support; I' tbe Btorm comes I will return to Oturteaton and ask tor tbe use of a musket. H. W. Cox.vaa. FLORIDA 18 RKAOV. A istur from Governor Perry, of Honda, to Governor (Jlst, ol SduUi Card ina, informs inn that 1 ">rida Is rsaly to call a i onvnt.on as sua as II It known tbat a majirity of the electoral votes are for Lincoln w. i.j ? THB FEELISfJ folios jonrnal* Home Manufacture. '"dependence lieoarage MI8SLHHIPPI. trMOM of anotiibb warRREcrios. The Brookhavea (Mis* ) Adoertifi s?, ? tbat rumor* of attempted servile inaurr* tions are rife in dlflerent f arts of lbs Mate. TsnrrsKM* tnumtt tfixsioiisr Amoaarios ? Tbe thlr lee: th aanlve?*ary o. tbe MlssKmary Association soa sect#. i wltb lbs Sabbath School or lbs TBIrtssatb strest Presbylertan church, was b*ld last ev*a!ag *1 Ibecbumb. The edifice was crowded, and tbe ebilireo occupied the centre aisles of Ihe body of tbe cborch. Tbe exercises comment 1 by a prayer by the pa* tor (Rev Dr Bur< bard) and the reading nf a part of P*alm Ixrvlll., 't?r which tbe aatbem. " He shall feed bufijck. was sang by a loll rhoir, D*. Vander Weyde preatd ng at the organ. Tae Secretary then read bis report, together Willi the annual letter from tbe Mlaalonary at Wlwv>ntin, In which praise worthy meet too was made ol the good thai was there being dose yirough tbe medium of the Ameriaao Hahbalh School Colon. Tbe Treasurer prce?ale.i bis report which gsve the reeelf^s for tbe year al 1721 83 and expenditures 8120 M. which left a present ba'anoe (including iaat year*) of 81 10 17 P-irlng th ? evening several original hymns wore sunt by tbe children, un der the lirection of Mr. F Roberta The Rsv Pr We?t brock, of Philadelphia, delivered a very h; moron ad dress, full ol anscdnts an 1 appropriate 'imiies la the at)S*<.i e of Gov Raudal1, of Witt^iasln. the Hev Ma rt*t< her. from Rrax'l, and tbe Rev Dr Bullon*. of Ken lucky, dillvere-l tborl addresses Tbe R-; v. Mr Burlti, of thl* city spoke In fnvor of sstahiisblng Hunlay school libra' I In th* mtastonary statlnos of tbe West, and SoJttiwrst, end before tb? meeilsg nlo*ei thirty one I libraries, of oae hundred volumes ea- b . wsrs subscribed for (four of Uiroi for Hrasil.) making an amnant of 8H0 alone Tbe Rsv Mr Clark tbe Snprrtalnndent, r*ad letters from <?ov Morgan and tbe He- B, D. Ho. too r* greltng Ibe.r naavollable a bee tire from tbe mest ng Personal I ntsll iRear*. Uapt Hech. of the I mui sutaa Army, and wlfB, art Stopplsg al lbs Ns* York Hotel Henry Cisgstnne. of Miser* -I, and lea*" JiatfleiJ and w .fe, of Ohio, are sf>pf>ing al ihe 1 Alar ge House Hob A f?ew III, of Matsachusetu Gea Armstrong, of Oeorgla, Robert Chambers, of fcdlaonrg, Q H Walker of loedr.o, and W H Bullock and family, of Bisloa, are ttopp*ng at the SI Nlcbolss Hotel Judge S. C Hi Mings, of Oal tforn is ; I.isut R b'.ey, of lbs CalUd . tatss Army Mr J S Kenaedr, of ihe Called Statsa .Nary : G. Morse and wife of Washington, and G. N Kakln and i-^rtjr. of Naahvdlf , Teon , ars sltppis] al Ibe MelropoUlan Hotel la the Called BUtes Patent oDc* In Washington there I* a model of a steamer omoialng bouyaut air chambers with a slbamboal or other vcwnI. for the purpnag of eaa h I lag their dran of water to bo rsadlly lssitna.1, that a might pass over bars or through shallow water cut dlseliarglsg thelrjeargoss. This method of I ifs - leg vtwsals ovsr shoals was i a rented by Abraham l .ia cdn, i resHont sleet, for wbtth he r*n*iv*d a paleat May M. 184*. Tbe Uc?t**ee county Board or Suf*r visors have elected MM* Halite Mrs lib their 'terk Mies Smith was for seve ral yrars tbe aotisg slsrft s*d*r bar rather, tbe late Richard 8m lib, Hsq. , sad is perfssuy oompeteot lo Bll tbe oOcs. At Clover Iaa, Hanover eousty, Va , on the 8tb Instant, Oolo? I I ewta W Wash lag tin, of JeAsrBos Sous tv, Va, wat married to Bllam, daagblee of (George W. Baasett la Ibis marriage a singular oolor.ldsscs oorurs ? lbs groom being the great geaadao* of two brothers of Genera? Washington, and th* bnls |m great grsad daogbtsr of the oaly sister of Oeaera' Washington, and also grant granddaughter of ifef t'glsr of Mrs. Qts. WsM toftm. ARRIVAL OK THE TlMDEKBILT. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. The Sardinians Victorious at tbe Battle of Uarigliano. Interesting Interview Between Victor Emanuel and Garibaldi, THE VOTE ON ANNEXATION. THE RESULTS OF THE WARSAW CONFERENCE. Another Fight for the Champion ship of Bngland. Non-Arrival ?I" the Prince of W uli'M at Home. DEATH OF SIR CHABLES NAPIER, &?.. 4kc.. *0. The steamship Vanderallt, Capt. Lo Fevre, from Bavro od Wednesday, the T lb Instant, and donUuunptoo on tbn following m truing at five o'clock, arrived at bar dock yesterday, at half put one P. M , br Irglng 298 passenger* and a very valuable aargo. Oo tbe passenger Hit we observe the foUowlBg:? Com modore Slock .on, r. 8 N , and ramlly; Richard Ten Broeck, Ksq , and family ; Signora Lotti de la Santa, tbe dlsllngutfbed prim* doona, and Signor F.mtlio Pancanl, prtmo alto, aocompanled by ten other artists of great celebrity, on their way to fulfll an operatic engagement at Havana. The Prince of Wales bad not arrived oat on the day tho \ snderbllt sailed. Admiral Sir Charlea Napier died on Tuesday, Novem ber 0. Tbe Sgbt between Tom Paddock and Sua Hunt lor Um championship came oil on Tuesday, November i. After Ova round*, occupying ten minute*, the "Infant" wm declared the winner. There waa no knock down Mow. The Londou Timet of Um Ith Inst. says ? Iteepelches from China to tbe English government an noun e that tbe moat ]?ifoct harmony exists between the allied forcea in China. Tbe steamer queen Victoria waa to aall during tbe month with a portion of tbe Rangoon and Singapore eable. Two other steamers, of 2,000, tons will shortly be ready to reo< tve tbelr respective sections. The entire leogUt ol tbe cable la 1,8<0 miles. Paragraphs bave lately made tbe round of the newvpn pers, both in England and abroad, on the subject of a supposed engagement between the Prtnceae Alloa and Pnnoe Loula, of Oesae Darmstadt; but tbeec ansoonoe menta are pronuunoed premature. Q&en Cbristlsa, of t<pals, has embarked at Maristllen for Ctvtta Veocbia, on her way to Homo. About 800 members of tbe Pope'a Irish brigade arrived In Dublin on Saturday , th> 3d toil , by special trail Item Cork. Tbe rreent flntnclal distrust at 81 Petersburg seems to ban partially subsided, and tbe editing ilemaad for Russian produce, combined with tbe results of it>e barvsst In tbat country, ts likely to have a powerful eQecl in re storing oouMeecn. Tbe currency and banking arrange ments of tbe government, however, still call urgently for strocg remedies, and Um public works nested tnrougbout tbe etnire reraale hopeleisly at a stai d from this oauee. Tbe rtocW of the Grand Trunk of Cat ale railway eiia rltcoed a further fall if 1 per ncut In Loudon on tbe 0U> test , aad it li consequently tormleed that any i>"vate advices that may bave been brought by Ue Africa are again of a disxmragtcg character. The 1 ,00 don Tine? Paris correfpondcct ?aj ? Tho great oommorcial neas of lbs week is the an nouncement m the Paris Mtmiltur that the government wlH narry ulo eT :ct. from tbe 1st, tbe e aiveatloei .uuun.- l U? tbe ra.oiiii. trial treat* ami that toe > 1 ene.h govern inent bad raMpi" i?bed tbe right of i?'-t(<or the reduo tiou ??: the duties on wrrkrd mete a, marh.'tie-y, Ac., lo tbe 3 Is l IVr<'mber nasi, and of p ostponing tbe rvluction ol tbe uul es on reOuel sugar* to (hlooer 1. Itgl. Tbe accouoi)-' from the nianuU ti ring districts >nt nue to be (at or able The hi|h price of <gsr la Paria baa tomo wbat paral) md tie ti ade. The Finn, irom Sew York, arrived at Liverpool on tbe 7th Inst Oar Parts < arrtapondenrs. Paris, Nor. ?. 1MB. Knijliih Jrahury ?f Napoleon ///. ? yVneA fni rfirxnce eM iiaet it a lloaz? Another Victory Over lAe .VwfolXwu? The ktny lo X'k an Allium in Spam ? A'npta th Policy on Italian Affair- ?t'apal llmon lo General L amort aer'?Picvnutry Put, est of th* Rope? PtMii Sntimnni tn f'urope m Krferenc 10 Uu New I'urk I terabit Report* of 1 he Prince of Walls' Journey, do , <#e Tbe great flurry of tbe week, in a political scene, baa been tbe announoemeui made by tbe l-ondoo journals to tbe effect that the French Admiral at Gnetn bad I stormed Admiral Persano (Pledmontrno) tbat be most not boas bard Gaeta tbat were he to attempt sucb a I blag tbn French vessels of war would stop It by force. Of conns a torrent of txgliah abuse followed close upon lb a Esgtab announcement Napoleon III. was denounoed by than London journals ever Inlm cal to his Majesty as doing all In his power to retarl tbe independence of Italy, aad tboss who bave never done aught for tbat much talked about Independence bespattered with their abnas btm who baa done all fbr Its attainment. New, au fond, there a aotblag to ben* all Ibe abesse upon. Tbe Fr snob admi ral never send* any sucb representation lo tbe Sardinian admiral a* was reported. Despatches received yesterday aanouare a grant victory for Ike Pladmonteae over the royalists of Francis U , who lost immense stores, muni tions of war, and many men taken prtsooera. The do spatob says tbat tbe Neap* tana were bombarded by tbn fleet, hence It stands to reason a<< defM.ce lo tbat eflbnt had been made by tbe Freecb admiral, beside wbtnb, M has been cfficAlly announced bar* tbat so s 1 ib rsprn ?eolations were made lo Admiral Peraan ) as reported by tb? London journals. Tbe Upwitme of Tarln having an. aouacad tbe same thing, and pseit'vely cnatrad cted tbn report, of courm we may my It eras a 0 award. Ibe despatcbee r. reived ) eslerday from Tarla anaoanon that tbo PtedmonUee, after rapuMtng the Neapo.itnnn, ee^ cupled the "Mole of Gaeta." Tbls Is an errar. Were tbn Pledmooteee on tbe Mole of Uatta tbe tats of t remote 11. were settled ; Ue fsct la tbay aneupy Mo A dt Daetn, a village a boat three miles frcm Gerta. But altbongb de forred. tbe ultimate aipuletoa of Bomb! so seeras but loo oertaln lo hie beet frteade He will no doubt go to By am, a* waa bw latent too ?>me time sine*, that Italy a spnei lb* point of attaining her oheriabed salty none can de ny This rert baa changed the I ae of Ibe Kegiab go varameat toward* Victor Fmanuel , and Lord John Ran setl, who on Um 3 lit eg August addressed a tbraatanini; despatch to Oount Car oar, aow teak nether to Ibe same Ulaelr '?us indlvtdanl, *Mkiag, by proteevatl' .oa of frlendablp aad evmpatby, tn stone tor hi* former bullying Hits be* W?o tbeoaan evar slcoe tbe commencement of tb? Itnliaa straggle. Whenever fortoaa seemed to favor Italy tbe Paimermon. RosmII Cabinet aenttod npon ber did diwanlttee arlss *be was violently told to take earn of herself, and even threa Uned r?n tbms Inttetr oe.n*?oeie diraot and plnln meonr agemest era* gives to Aoetria. ?il ?'W lealy '.S free, Bomblnots driven atm??t el bis last rrtMtsg ptaos, tbn Papnl force* no kmgrr eslst.and, tn feet. Italian unity Hi triumphant at I"rd Jobs Russell wrltm despatnbes tn Turin amarisg Italy that bntlaad M bar frVead, and will be ** I* *pfte Ot the opooainoa of Ruenta, AnMrtn and Frnace UM tmpudeaee go to greater toagtha Vnglaad, that bea never lone aagbt for Italy, bat all against ber, aTrm* (be will he a betlar frtand than France' M? rntn, Moeitebetlo, Palenlm sad RnMertno are myths, ?upprae elm lard John Raawtl won Id not bavn dared dwmte soeh a daspatsb as ha last oae to Turin. Tbe Unto* tmUg .Vrios, too, lays aside It* abnaa of Proosa pats the Bsrlln oehNml on the bank aad mys. " As U any moment we may beae if a Franco Raeetan afllanre, let as vtie* by one aeoibar " Ibe Bsrlln ?nra?e said trtriv. at the period when ton Itmeo aad Mh A'ev* ware abastag tbe Pmssaoe tpropm of tbe Bona afttir, tbat "Ac ss*nn*BsglaMltoH tbe nee* of Prussian aid or a Prmntna alHamie, tbe tone of tbn Rngiah prsn* wonld cbaage, and tbe! then the Pi alia woaid be not m bad after all " lb* Berlin waa right. General Inmmtcter* ha* hem mate a Ream aobln, tor what achtSTsmest 'twere bard to my. A medujs ts bn given tn htm atoo. by ordnr of ha Hoimsm Pms I* It in rrmnrtnd ber* that there an to bit dee revert n ores* art sow told that Prima OortcbnkoS MM ^

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