Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1860 Page 1
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f t !#*<. N |T.. ' j s . ? *{ ^ ^ .- :t: ... ? |_"to. M i . _ ^ { ' r ' * . , t J1 " |^| ^ ^| I bT V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 27. 18S0. N?. 2.427. ... i THE DAILY EVENING STAR * r UBLIS HUD B VE& Y AFTER NOOIf, (ctUNDAYtf EXCKPTBDJ AT THK ITiR iniOI.'VQB, (,'crner of PfHKjylvinia *V9nue mnd 11<A ft., ?T W. D. WALLACH. r?fw tarred in paofcac** &T aarrten at 14 a year, or 37 wit! per month. To sail eubeoriber* the prioe ia #3J0 a rear, M adrmtee; #2 for etx i jontha; 91 for three month*; ?r>d for leM than tar^e month* at the rate of IS oenta a VMk. Single eopi?a, ?itcuT;ii wrappera, two casfTa. fT^ADTXKTUKVtKTaaaouid be aent to the office before IS o'sio^k m ; othennee they may not appear PBtll the next day. KATE YALE'S .tlARRIASE. " If ever I marrjr," Kate Yal# used to say, Lilfinjtiit, half in earnest, "the happy man ?or the unhappy one, if jrou ple*M,ha ha!? fhail be a person possessed of thee* three qualification* : " First, a fortune. " Second, good looks. " Third, common senM. w I mention the fortune first beoause I think It the wont needful and dwirable qualification of the three. Although I never could think of marrying a fowl, or a man whose ugliness I should b4 Mhamed of, still I think to talk sense for the one, and shine for the other with plenty ?>f money, would be preferable to living oh* * * . * * A. .1 *cnre witu a nanasoiae. uieiiwiwu m?u?w whom economy might be neceMary." I do not know hew much of this sentiment came from Kate's heart. She audoubtedjy indulged in lofty ideas or station and style?for her education in the duties and aims of life had been deficient, or rather erroneous; but she was capable of deeper, better feelings, none ever doubted who had obtained even a partial glimpse of her true woman's nature. And the time arrived when Kat? waa to take that all-important step of which she had often poken so lightly?when she was to demonstrate to her friends how mu3b of her beart was in the words we hare just quoted. At the enchanting age of eighteen she had many suitors, but as she never gave a serious thought to more than two, we will follow her example, and, discarding all others except ko" fa?nr?il nnm mn>ii)?r their relative claims. If this were any other than a true story, I should certainly use an artist's privilege, and aim to produce an effect by making a strong contrast between the two favored individuals. If 1 could have my own way, one should be a poor genius and something of a hero; the other a wealthy fool, and somewhat of ft knave. But the truth is? Our poor genius was not much of a genius? not very poor, either He was by profession a teacher of music, and he could live very comfortably by the exercise thereof?without the most distant hope, however, ot ever attaining to wealth. Moreover. Francis Minot possessed excellent qualities, which entitled him to be called by elderly people a "fine character," by his companions, a "noble good fellow," and by the ladies generally, a "darling." K ttecould not help loving Mr. Frank, and he knew it. He was certain she preferred his society even to that of Mr. Wellington, whom alone he saw fit to honor with the appellation of rival. | This Mr. Wellington, (his companions called him " Duke,") was no idiot or humpback, as I could have wished him to be. in order to make a srood storr. On the contrary, he was a man of seuse. pood looks, and fine manners, and there w ts nothing of the knave about him, as I could ever ascertain. Beside this, his income was sufficient to enable him to live superbly Also, be was considered two or three degrees handsomer than Xr. Frank Minot. Therefore, the only thing on which Frank had to depend was tbe power he possessed over Kite's sympathies and affections The Duke, although just the man for her in every sense, being blessed with a fortune, good looks and common-sense?had never been able to draw f these out, and the amiable, conceited Frank, was tot willing to believe that she would suffer mere worldly consideration to conlrulthe aspirations of the heart. However, one day, when he pressed her to declare bis late, one said to mm, wiid a sign : "Oh, Frank I am sorry we ever met " Sorry?" " Yes; for we must part now." Part'."' repeated Frank, timing pale. It was evident be had not expected this. 'Yes?yes, 'said Kate, easting down her head with another piteous sigh Frank sat by her side; he placed his arm around her waist, without heeding her feeble resistance; he lowered hisroice, and talked to her until she?proud Kate?wept bitterly. " Katie." said he, then, with a burst of pasfion. " I know yon lore me; but you are proud, ambitious, seiSsh ! Now, if yon would hare I me leare you. say the word and I go." "Go!" murmured Kate; "go " * i it i : J . J hi i i n t_ " nave you ueciuea . wnispereu rrana. 441 hara." 44 Then, lore, farewell." lie took her hand. gazed a moment, tender ly and sorrowfnlly, into her beautiful, tearful lace, and then clasped her to his bosom. She permitted the embrace! She even gave way to the impulse, and twined her arm* aboul bis neck; bat in a moment her resolution rami to her aid, and she pushed him from her wilt a sigh. " Shall I go?'' he articulated. A feeble yes from her lips?and an in?tanl later she was lyinir on the sofa, sobbing ani weeping alone To tear the tenacious root of lore oat of hoi heart bad ooat her more than she could har< anticipated, and tbe certainty of a golden lifs of luxury proved but & poor consolation, t eecrned. for tbe sacrifice she bad made. She lay long upon tbe sofa. I say, sobbing ant weeping passionately. Gradually her grief ap peared to exhaust itself. Her tears ceased t (low, and at length her eyes ai.d cheeks wor dry. Her head was pillowed on her arm, am her face was half hiddea in a flood of curls. Tbe struggle was over. Tbe agony was past She saw Mr Wellington enter, and rose cheer fully to meet him. His manners pleased her bis station an<l fortune fascinat* d her more. H offered her his hand?she accepted it. A kis sealed tbe engagement?but it was not . uch W iaj a* L* w t> V Kasi vivan Ka* anrl >U? ?a..T. tioo MO A. I >?M? U*u ?vu U61, auu Dug gvuil scarce repress a sigh There was a splendid wedding. Splendid!; attired, dassling the eye with her beauty thu ivd jrned.with everything arourad swimming i the charmed atmosphere of a fairy land, Kat Eave her heart to the man her ambition?so er 1-jre?had chosen. Cut certainly ambition could not have mad . a better choice. Already she saw herself sui rounded by a magnificent court, of which sh wac the acknowledged and admired queen. Th favors of fortune were showered upon her; sh floated luxuriously upon the smooth and glass (ware of a charmed life. Nothing was wanted in the wholeoircle of h? existence to adorn it, and make it bright wit happiness But she was not long in discoverin that there was something wanting in her breaa lier friends were numerous, her husband tei der, kind and loving, but all the attention an affection could not fill her heart. She had one felt its chord of sympathy moved by a skillfi touch?she had not known the heavenly chart of the deep delicious harmony, and now the were silent?motionless, muffled so as to spea in silks and satins. These chords were sti and soundless. Her heart vu dead; none th so becauae killed by a golden shot, havia known and felt the life of sympathy in it ui consoled by the life of luxury. la short. Kal in time became magnificently miserable, splei JiJIy unfcappy. Then a change became apparent to her hu band. He could not remain long blind to tl faet jhat his love was not returned. Ha song I the company of those whose rayety might lea him to forget the sorrow and despair of niasou This shallow joke, however, waa unsatiafaotor and impelled by a powerful longing for lor he went aatray to warm his heart by a stranj fire. Kve aaw herself now in the midst of a go geoas desolation, burning with a thirst nncoi ^aerable by golden streams that flowed aroui her?pinting with a banger which net all tl fo?l of flattery and admiration coald appeas ^ She reproached h?r husoaud for de*<*rtii her thus. and be answered her with angry ai * uudta of dooeptii/D, and a total la< * - >i l?/e. which swole her eoiueienee heavily. - nqt careb?eried ; lth< why 80 jrrii eouiplatn that I bestow ehewhe the affection you have met with ooldoeaa ?" "But it is wrong?sinful," Kate remonstrated. " Yes. I know it." said her husband, fiercely. " It is the evil fruit of an evil seed. And who sowed thatseed? Who gar* me ft hand without a heart? Who became sharer of my fortune, but gave me no share in her sympathy ? Who devoted me to the fata of a lovirg, unloved husband? Nay, do not weep, and olasp your hands, and sigh and sob with ?uoh desperation, fur I say nothing you do not deserve to hear.'* ' Very well," said Kate, " I do not say your reproaches are undeserved. But, granting I am the oold, deceitful thing you call me, you know this stata of things cannot continue." Yes, I know it." 'Well?" Mr Wellington's brow gathered darkly?hia eyes flushed with determination; his lipacurled with scorn. " I have made up my mind," aaid ha, "that we should not lire together any longer. I am tired of being oalled the husband of the splendid Mrs. Wellington. I will more In my circle; you shall shine in yours. I will place no restraint on your aotions, nor shall you on mine. We will be free," "But the world?" shrieked poor Kate, trembling. "The world will admire you the same; and what more do you desire7" asked ber husband, bitterly. "Thi* marrage of bands and not of hearts is a mockery. We hare played the faroe long enough. Few understand the true meaning of the terms husband and wife; but do you know what thoy should mean? Do you feel that the only true union is that of lore and sympathy? Then enough of this mummery. Farewell. I go to consult triends about the f AT- m AT aar\B ru tiAn V Att /) n n At twAm K1 A O n /I i vi UJC \tk cvnuvu. aj , uu uui uruiuio aiiu cry. and cling to me now; I shall be liberal to 70a. As moch of my fortune snail be jours as jou desire." He pushed her from him. She fell upon the sofa From a heart torn with anguish she shrieked aloud: "Frank! Frank! why did I send you from me? Why was I blind until sight brought me misery?" She lay upon the sofa, sobbing and weeping pawionatolj. Gradually her grief appeared to Avhftiiflt Kitr hrA?thinff Kmaiiha mlm h*r eyes and cheeks dry; her head lay peacefully on her arm, over which swept her aishevelod tresses, until with a start she cried: "Frank! oh Frank! come back!" "Here I am," said a soft voiea by bar side. She raished her head. She opened her astonished eyes. Frank waa standing beside bar "You have been a&leep," be laid, smiling kiadly. "Aslaen!" "And dreaming, too, I should My; not pleasantly, either." "Dreaming!" murmured Kate; "and is it all a dream." "I hope so," replied Frank.taking her hand. "You could not mean to send me away from you so cruelly, I knew. So I walked in your father's study, where I have been talking with him all of an hour. I came back to plead my cause with you once more, and I found you here where I left you, asleep." "Oh! what a horrible dream!" murmared Kate, runbing her eyes "It wai so like a terrible reality that I shudder now to think of it. I thought I was married." "And would that be so horrible?" asked Frank. "I hope, then, you did not dream you were married to rne f" 44 No, I thought I gave my hand without my heart!" 41 Then, if you gave your hand, it would not be without your heart ?" 14 No, Frank," saH Kate, and her bright eyes were beaming happily through her tears, "and here it is!" And soon there was a real marriage?not a splendid, but a happy one?fallowed by a life of lore. of contentment; and that waa the m?rri*t^ of Frank Minot and Kate Yale.?Cornhill Monthly. I ? I Crlna and Divorce Cun?The Record f a Week. W 0 hlV* Kma In i)ia A 4 a^ kap<ra a( 1 our duty as faithful chronicler* of passing events, to give up a large portion of our apace to the evidence in three cases of conjugal lnttdelity, in all of wbleh the circumstances are somewhat lingular. and In one altogether unparalleled. In two Instances suit la brought by tbe Injured husband for divorce on the ground of criminality The ' tb'.rd ni; waa an actio.* for criiu. coa . and tbe 1 evidence gave a sin-alar view of life in the mlddie stratum of .New York society This wan ) the i ase of a member of the Brown foinily, wLo L sued one Davidson, described as a portly, middle . aged person, and demanded twenty-five thousand t dollars damages for Mrs Brown's virtue, which, it was alleged, Davidson bad taken away. It appeared In evidence that Brown, a few montni afw marriage, bad permitted his wife to go hn ways; that be had neither cherished nor supported i her; that sbe bad emigrated from tbe classic shades of the modern Athens to tbe wicked cit) r ui .>cw i or*. wnere she met uaviason, who wai represented by Brown'a counsel as a roaring lion going about svekiug maids and malrous wboir 3 be m<ght devour. andthat Davidson aeducad Mr? t Brown (who llvrd here as a spinster, and aa suet was atfiinced to a sighing swain of tbe name 01 I McCkrlsty) from tbe pains of virtue. Brown, i . appears, was terribly shocked at this state o! 0 things, and only found oat bis wife's actual valui wbeu he ascertained the condition of Davldson'i . bank account Then Brown went into court and 1 asked for twenty-five thousand dollars' worth o] balm for bis crushed and bleeding heart. Bu Brown's witnesses proved too much. They gav< tbe jury to understand that Brown's wife befon ; tbe met tbe portly l,otharo Davidlon was no e like Caeaar'f wife, and tbe Jury made a doductioi ? of twenty-four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and Ninety four cents in Bown'i , claim. So Brown baa coom to grief and a cru?J * btlloicoata There are a good many portly gentlemen 11 k? J Davidson, pretty women like Mra Brown, ant j huabanda or an unconventional turn of mind llki n Brown, but tbey very rarely entertain the publli e by bringing tbeir trouble* Into court. The other caaea referred to above are auita to dtvorce. The moat Interesting la that of Mrs llurch; the moat singlsr that or Mrs. Beardaley ? Thi> latter caiuc ii nuw h*intr trlfri at Itrnnklvn Mr. Beardsley iim for a divorce, and complain e that bis wife baa been guilty of adultery with on e Ma ban, a son of the P.merald Isle and a dlaclpl e of Hlpprocales. The complaint seta forth tna v Mra. Beardsley met Maban at a Broadway saloon that she encouraged bis advances; that sue repre stilted herself aa a single woman aud as th ir daughter of Admiral Seymour; that Miban. belni h taken In by tbla gay delusion, was married to bi g < hwmer by a Catholic priest, the banns being dii I pensed with through toe klndneaa of a right rev erened prelate The defense Is divided Into tw . parts; flist, that Mrs. Beardsley ia aot the perao who waa married toMahau; second, that tbe con plaioant, Beardsley, has been guilty of adulter) " and therefore cannot aak for a divorce on th* in ground J 'I his caae la a very remarkable one, and is con ducted by th?ae eminently refined and courteou gentlemen of the long robe, Messrs. Cbaunce Shaffer and Richard Busteed, with characterise suavity and pollteneaa. Already aeveral indlc 8 uuruts for bigamy, cooaplracy and perjury hav t* IhrMt#DmI MftKkn AVI./ #. thr complainant, had a tea hours' job a# It a ?- Friday, and the counael badgered him l? the m<* approved fashion. ThU caae la yet undecldet and we do ?ot purpoae to discuss its demerit Pnma f*cU it looks excessively add. The Uurch caae baa bee* so notorious that even 11 body mult be pretty well acquainted with bot id a'.dea of the pitiful story. The romance open 1 with Burch?the now wealthy banker?aa a pot y man He marries the aleee aad protege of a rail e way king, removes to the West. amaaaea wealtt ' keeps the beat bouaa, gl ves the beat dlnaera, an ? makes the longest prayers of any man la Chlca^i His wife la a leader In the t>tau meads, one of tbi>i ' sweet, docile, affectionate, quiet, retirtag womc of whom no one could suspect wickedness. A >d at once, however, there Is a revolution In U la Burch family. The pious money changer pu e away hla wife, and accompanies the act with i 1C many exalbltlons of petty meanness as to turn U ,j tide of sympathy In oer favor, la due time M ,l Bitrch's v tion for divorce comes oa, aud the eh of the ItltaoU bar meat at a small town upon H etries t?r a carta* In wbfch 4'professional oau es will be dispensed with.'* Tie evidence r? telegraphed in full all over the mrtintry, and * presume that everybody, including the parson hu r?d It The defenae denies. la the flnt place, that Mr? Burcb wu ever guilty of any criminal art, and, aecoodlv, th?v Intend toahow that Burch waa no better?Indeed not aogood?aa be ought to have been.?jV. Y. Htm Id. < MISCELLANEOUS. | Al'R BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the yj very latest %tjie?, and in all oaaoa ma of the beat material. Call at once and get^Bf ntinin* iHTWVl'Vtt'Sl n v w i u ' w iwg tf 336, hetw. 9th ani loth sf. Hone price only! 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Steam Engines, portable and station * ary; hizh or low pressure; saw and grist nulls; h> a drostatio, or other presses ; boilers for heauui It bai!dings,wronght iron water tan*s;?haft;n*.geur '* "lfk*d ' ?ourin' or otlier and forging o 2 selS-aawStn WM M ELLIS k BRO ?e nrB.n?D,i^I'DKN W.CROW, ? t 1/FF1CE-481 Tmth St., BrrwitN E sno F <? . . Washington, DC. tLT Ailnoe to the poor without charge from 9 U 10 o clock every rooming. no H-3w |i J^VKRYBODV ahoaldooruate the PEOPLE'S ' Ci CLOTHING STORE. No. 4*4 ftevead street,to bo/ Clothing. Furnishing Goods Hit ? and Cape. wo ? lm WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GK> WHERE YOU CA N GET TOUR MONEY*? WORTH! [y*TRY IT! PROVE~IT 1 KNOW ? TR Y WHA T * ICT Try the PIONEER MILLS, ud bay your WOOD there. PROVE~WHAT? i IET ProT? that yon oan ret yoar WOOD there o etper than elsewhere in the city ; acd then yoi will KNOW WHAT? CD" Know that you get UOOD MEASURE ani the very beet of WOOD tor !* % mouoj. Cut, Split, and Dju.i vuihu Fin or Chakox. Call at trx PIONEER MILLS! SIGy OF THE BLUE FLAG-STAFF, Southw*?r Coxxxx Sxvxhth St. amd Cakal (South of the Bridge.) ao 19 GEOKUE PAGE. Atm. fTr* Jm Union Fire-Wood Mills. PINE. OAK fud HICKORY WOOD Saved and Split at aoy l*np th or ?jce required, and deli veredto any part of the City at ve-y low prioea. II r We eall the particular attention of our customer* and the pnblio generally to our eplend d i*Tt>CK OP COAL, which can aayt witDout Tear of contradictioo, it toual to any id the City. We Kua a'lte* to give aatiafiotion to all who may puret>&sn ol us. O-Our SAWED add SPLIT WOOD ia kept under oover, perfeotly dry, and COAL on piank floors, olean and in good order. Large galea and aii.a! profits. fC^Orders solicited at UNION FIHh-WOOD MILLS Cor. 8evf nth at and Oana!, McKNEW 4 M A It LOW, Projrietora. no 15-tr Kindling and stove wood Manufaotured any length, . and delivered to any p*rt of the city auvi ?wo? iivikiuvi and at the lowent possible rates, by HHKRIFF k DAWSON, wu~ Offioe south side Pa. avenue, between 3d aad sts.; wharf and null west side street aad Canal. no !-! > 'POTHE CITIZKVS OF W ASHINGTO N.-l 1 have ju<t received a?>d will commence unloading to-morrow a canto of the very best Red Ash COA 1.1 etg and stove sizes) ever brought to this market, which I can send direct from the vessel if your orders are left immediately. R. W. BATKS, Wood and Coal Dealer, oc 31 Corner C and 14th its . near Casal. Wool) AND COAL DeliMred to all parts of the oity, at the lowaat possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, OAoe 398 Pa. ar., between 11 th and 12th ?U . ma 17-tf north side. forTsale and rent" TO RENT?That pleanant COTTAGE RESIDENCE, containing 7 ruoias, with front lialoonr, Isr^e yards in front and rear, fronting H st, in Printing Offioe Square, between North Capitol and First stH. Rent 92W per annum. Address, by letter or in person, WAX. STICKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A new two-story brick HOUSE on Fourth street, below New York avenue. The honse is 20 feet front and 43 feet dc'p ; ha* 5 foot _i j:_: %r ..-ll_ j t pnrior, OJiung-rwiii, feikcumi, ami iour chambers, witu stairways iu paasage and kitcrien, witli good cellar under the whole bouse Fnrterros inquire at 499 Serenfh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. nol-tf Jt if 8. TOPHAM. FOR RKM?The flue BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st.r Georgetown, at present oocu pied br t*>e su'tscriber. It baa 12 ro >ms, wr.ta gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable &c . and is in a good neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M\GRUDER. oc 25 tf FOR RENT.-Two now three-story BRICK HOUSES with uaok buildings, each house oonUumng 8 rooms, with gas, pleasantly sitiated on 8Ui street north, between M and N streets: rent moderate. Appl* to E. LA 'A F.N BY. opposite, or to JOHN T. t.KNMAN, Ohio avouue, between 12th and 13th streets. . oo 9tf_ FOR RENT?Possession on the 1st of Ootober The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43S D streot * . K. ? 1. ? D?.f I tr U ,.tUr ..J ni uutupimi uj ivcr, i/i. uuuvi, bul next door to Ute retidenoe ol the adverser. j. m< carlisle. n. B.?It mil not be let for a boarding house. 8 18-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the build inc immediately opposite the vest vine of th< City Ha'.,reoently oooupied by Chw. S. Wallack u an offioe. Aieo the front room in the ieoon< tory and the tnird floor of the same bcildmr. Fo; ternn aoply to RICmARD WALLACH, No. i Louini&iia avenue. ja 13 tf irnrm a tthv a r. jujl/ v vxx a. ii 11 in KEMALK EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughter! to re ceivo a thorough and syrtamatic education. whTi their pny wca. training viil receive daily and specia attention, under the moat approved system of Call* thenio? ami Gymnastics, ar? respectfully invited t< viait the Union Female Academy, corner Four teenth st- and New York av. MR. & AIRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30 tf Principals |7E M ALE BOAR 01 NO AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mn. 8. J. McCORMICK, Paisciraj,. The thirteenth annual neumn of thiH Inntit jtioi will oommenoe on Tuesday, September 16th, in th< hoiue rwi.tly occupied by Syive.ter Scott, Esq No. ISO Kiug street. The courso of study pursued will comj>n?e al the l>rar ohes requisite to a thorough English Edn oatiou, and Musio, French, Latin and Drawing, j desired. In addition to day scholar*. Mrs. MoCormick i Crepared to receive a limited number of pupil* a oardersj wholconstitii*ing a part of hei- own fam liy, will be u irter her umnouiaie uare inu mpervi sion. She wiil endeavor, aw far as posa:b!e, to ?ur round them with the oom/brU aad kindly lanuetioe of Horn*. ? Re/gTfnctt.?Rey. G?o H. Norton, Rev. Dr. E!i? Harrifton, Re*. D F. Sprig*, W" ' Am U Fowl* Esq., Edgar Snowdan, Esq.. Edmund F Witinn E?q? Henry Alarbury, E?q , L?wi? McK^nzu Eh., Robert H. Hun tun, E?q . \V. D. VVallarh Editor Everunx Star, Benjamin Watera, Esq.Jv F.ntwule, Jr., K??.,Cot. John \V.Minor. Loudoor Mensrs. Hiaoklock k, Marshall, M?nra. Cora nroiuers. ^ Board, with Tuition)naff*the Engliah Branehei i 93uu for the annual aeaaiou?payable aemi-annuall; i in advance. . Muaio and Langnagea at Profeaaorv' pnoea. ITT Mo extra oharnea. au ?-tf gEMfc N O TJTC" ET few? I wiah all gentleman \wi3r??8 to bear in mind that too plan whiah I opted, aix jaara ago, of aallin and BOOTS at graat!y n duced price* for oaah ia in auooeaafi operation. Juat received a full fupply ol the latei New York atylea ofDKF?S HATS* The vei finoat Hat #&&>; a firat rate Hat 93; and voi good, fashionable Hat #150. All or the Iat*?tatvl< of aoft HATS and C A l'S, at the very lo weat price I am oonatantlj eupjglied with a very large ?tock < tnoae nne ljk hSB iiuun at #3.7a? wnicn i na\ i l>e?n aeliiur for manr year*?a? well ae the ver , trtateual.ty of Patent Leather^ AIT KR$ at ?3S Fine FWnch Calfakin Gaitora from $2 to $2 50. Terms cash; ? > extra charge in order to offai baddekta A N T Hu> Y, A (cut for ti?e Manuf'a< turera, Seventh atroet, aecond hat store from U ooroer, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. ae 14-3m A. ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS " NY One drairinx Freifht-nmohor little?Ba rel*. Ba e?, Boxea, Bnr.dlea, or, ia fact, an* this eafelr transported and delivered ketweeu Wan.ini underlined, which run regularly every car botwe* thoseciliea. Order* entered upon the slates of h expreaaa'the Star Offbeat Bacun'a Giooery Stor or at E W healer's Hardware Store, will bepromp . 1, > IM4 10. .a4 ? no 14-Uo (Late Oebom's Extreee. 3 pAMILlKS WAN* AflRALTHTDRlStf! j thky want it furb. tempfrate ai ? cheap: . colinkait8 table beer 19the tmnc ' It ia leas intoxia&ting than aider, and ia far hk> palatable and itrengtheains. { Forsale by all Groo?rs, Soentsaglass?4K oen - * quart. no ?-ln ' b. hall ,?t . . israeiTdsming, ^W^o^aaUaBd Retail Dealers in fine FAM1L ? 9.???Ell'B?. TEAS. WINES, and oho,<* L QUQRS of all kia^a. A Creak stock just ojsene ? Good Sugar 7 oanta per pound. Ca'i at N?. ?4 7 str<??t. I>stw?n P and Ix>at?mn? >r. od ? tl ? OATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYJ I JL> and all frat-e'ass Toilet Artiolea, for a*ie i I GIBBS*8 Wig, Braid, and Curl Muihotorr, 94 Pa. arena*, ami 1JU at. ooSta DENTISTRY. " M. LOOM 19. lawitor and I i rriir 'irirn n i t nTi- TruTn n _ i tan-la p*r?oc*.|y at hit dSoc id Ui ? aitj AmBbb? ? Many r?rMu oau w#ar tnr?? wiic^*'' '11 ' ctnnot vciir othcrt. ?nd no p?r?OB o&a vi-kr otktri 'J wbo oanr.ot wear then*. l'?*raon? ci!hi| at irjy officecan t* aownmodatM " with tnv kM utia* of Ti*fh t h *?? m % * Hmif** hut to thooe wno ar? partioolar an* vuh tt.o par** t, clMOMt, ctrnngeat, and moat pnrfoot aeatara tk&t td MB irodt^ tlM MINERAL. PLATE will M mora rally warranted. Rooms in tlua out?No. 33"? P*.<tve?b 9th and iota su. Alao, 90? Arch atraet, FhUadol phia. oo l?-tf Bl DKNTWTRY. R. R1ULS. after 11nwtiga: tNt of two yetra .a tl-ai ha car. wztS ooafidenoo raoom a??n4 the Chooplaatio Procaaiforine-rtiiicBMi^B ftrtiffci*! Mtth It h&a the kdnatuea o"^*? " b?Mty,eioottJneae,aod cu*?pcaaa. Fa 1 CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, '? li Strtrt, } -.txeten irt* mnd 10fA Struts. r W? haro tuat 6 untied a cumwr o1 firai olaaa CARRIAGE, auoh aa Lu*t r Wagon*, i'a'x Ph'aionf. Famii* (at kKJBK fwiii and pur % us, wnioa ye will aoliat M " mJ c TBI T UUki pruuh I Be.Lt practical mftoharvoa in different b ratio ha* i of Dm MMUMM, we Salter nuriflvei that we kn> ? i tfaeetytee and *uanty of work that wiU live aatu 0 faaUon^combiian lightneea, comfort and dmsbi'i ti if Repairinr promptly and carefully attended to c the ?Loru*Uc Uce and inoat charge. t if AL I LK| IV A iV !il Aii. 1 ft Coackmakora, anooeaaora to Wa T. Hook. t M r-dly I T HK S?DMrtb*?Aha^^d addiOona to kl 1' iMtocy. makmc it now one of t!.e IvtMt^^ayL in the Diatriot, where hi* facilities fo'vBEWwt* mftnciaotuKux CARRIAGE ft LlGHT^?5caK? WAGONS or fci! kinoa cannot t>e anrpaaeed, tort Lrviu iUB 1UUK CAfOiraOVO 1U ?UV UlliUVH, Kr OVffl to IIT* cTnera) PACisfooUon. ^ All kinds of Cirri*** ?n4 fclfht Wtftu J?pt ? (ukiiO. < Ail REPAl*8mmIt ^HiUikl*r4?ra ?rnM It ittintl M to, I 4 ftt mmram af 1?th M K*. Dm J. H. McLEAX S MJX U JUj&ll ill I* UUii U1AL AW) BI.OOD PL RIF1EK. THE BREATEST REMEDY *? tk* WORLD, * wl the moat Dsuciors akd | tsfit \ y I* ' ametla * aci- ^Hr T BB JULI y aatitc ud TtfiuMa Oaaipooad, pre|WU earad by (ha diatilla- |L?r^i MwW Uob af rao?, tearbi, W Ft \MBTjt ?r.d barkt. Yclloar 5# M Dock, Blood Root, (B ft ^Pgg. Black Root, Htruu- Hll VgpEV nila, Wilt Cfcarry KmfSa Bark, and Daadalino fjm\p iol?n lata ita com- ^ . Sf J5 I Tha antm aattva V ? S r*medial prmcip.* j? ^^KlWjf of aacb Before taking. Aftcr t?kmg. ditulln Jf. prodee?ig ? d*iiciou*, (ifciUraling (pint, <*4 tb* inact infillibl* r?r?*ipfir rtumuiif th? d:**a**2, i d riit*nn( tit* ??ff*ri?f, and d*fcilitat*d invalid to bcalib and I'rtr.fh. Mc LEAK'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affoctaali; cur* Li?*r Complaint, Py*l>?pra, Jaandica, Chronic or S?r?oai Dabil'ty, Dn??**> of tb* Kidnoy*, and alt di**a**? ari*ing from a di>ord*r*d Li?t r or Stomach. (>j*p*p*i*, H*art?arn, lavard Pile*, Acidity or S.ckneo* of tb* Stomach, Palln*** of Blood to tba Heaa, Dali Pain or 0?)inmt?f in tb* Head, PUpitauoa of tb* Heart, Pcllum 1 or Weirht is tb* Ston^acb, Soar Eracutinne, Chokmr or SaffocaUaf Fetliar *l>*n laying down, Dryu**i or YtlfoWn*n of lb* Skin and Ey*?, Nigbt Sweat*, lavard Pe?er?, Pain in tb* Small of tb* Back, Cheet, or Side, Sadden Floebe* of Heat, Depreeeion of Spinu, Piifbtfal Dreamt, Ltarior, Detroi deuey or uj ne.-eoa* dia*a*?, 8?r*? or Hl.Jtcb** on in* S(tn, aid Paver aad Apae (at Chill* and r"T,,) OTKR A MILLION BOTTLES ha?* b**c *old dariof tb* la*t ill month*, aad u> a* in taoc* ha* it failed in fivtsc *uur* tauofactioa. Who, then, will nff*r frorr Weakueae or Dehilit/ ?b*o Mt LEAN'S No iinptfi eao eoo?*y ?o tdiqu'.i id** of tba iMinadittl aod tlfflMt miracaioaa cbai.fa prodscad by uku.r t! < CordUl to It* di***aad, dabilitalad, and *hati*r*d oarvaaa T?l*w, vbcJiar brakao dawn by tic***, vaak by bavara, r impaired by aieknaaa, the ralasad and anatraof orfaoi aauao la rootorad u iu pruuns h*alth and ?ifor MARRIED PERSONS r Mb an, coo*ciob* of inability from what* ?*r eaaaa, will 8 Bad McLlAMW BTUKJIOTHE.NlNa CORDIAL a thair?(k rafaaarator of la* *yai*ru; aod all who may ka>a ka )*r?d UamaalT** by improrar ir.dalfaocaa wll lad id thi? r Cardial a carlain aod ?p?aay rtaady. ? TO THE LADIES. McLKAN-fl tTRKNGTHSNlN# CORDIAL <a a aijn aod aptady eora far loci|i*at ConaDwpiijb, Whi;**, OMtraciad or Piflcall aSaoKraaUoo, Uroati'iCLca ?f Una* or ln*olaat*ry Diackarf* iharc.f, Falliiif of iba Womb, U'.aaiDCM, raiOUO(i ua Ui locimni io r uhm. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOCT IT - Saffar n? Iccrar. Taka it accordit f u> d.raoti*.a. It ^ill 3 auraalata, atranftiiau, and lu?l*ora:a you ?r,?i eauaa Tl? bloom of baalth to .snort joar e*>a?k of via. Dm; . waxraaud to |iti Mtufietiot. j FOJi CHILDREN 1/tobt cLildrao ara ai:kly, paiiy or alidad, McLF.AN'B CORDIAL will raaka tbam haalthy, fat, aad rotaai Dalay not a moDint; uf u, and job will bt can*icead. it la daliciaai to uka. C* UT10N Biwara of drmgjiata or daalara who i?*y try to pain not. yom aama biuir or aara?p?nH? traah, wtiiet tbty can fca* ehcap, by taring it i* icat aa rood. A?oid mch aaaa. Atk 1 for McLfcAN'S BTRKNGTHENINC, CORDIaL, .cd i-.k* 5 noihtar alaa It ta tha only ramedy that wi.l ror'y tha Blood tooroaftil* and a*, tha aaiaa tima*atrtnjrtha . tha ayaraw. taupoonfal ttktuoaij norauif faaunp ta a cerium j pra?anti?a for Cboiara, Chilla arid Fa??r, Yailcw K??ar, or id* praaalaat diaaaaa It la pat ap to lar?? hot'laa Fnca j only #1 par boula, or ? batuee for #j J H McLEAN, Sola propriatur of t^iia Cvrdial; alao. M:Ltin'a Oil Liainiaot- Pnacipal Depot on tha coruar of Tfcird aiid I'm a atraeta, St. Lotia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST L1K1MENT IW THE WORLD ) Tha only aafa and certain core for Caaeara, Pilia, Ta mora, Swalluiga aad Bronehila or Coiira, Paralra.a, Js'ao * nlf'.a, Waakueaa of tha Moaclaa, Chronic or lcfaraiaatory Rhaoraatiam. 8ufita> nf tha Jatata. Coatractad Maacka or r, Lifamtnta, E-jacba or Toothache, Brvieea. Spraina, Freeh >, Cata, Wavnda, Ulcere, Fl?? 8or?a, Caked I.-uai. Sort Hippln, Burnt, RmKi, Sot* Throat, or any ultaailloa at i. pcia. m liftnoci bo* i??in or Itor the diatu* im? ha.a iiiadd, MCLBAM 8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT ie ie I cirU'.n remedy. Thoaeande of hamaa being* k??i been aayed a Ufa of d;a crepttade and mieery by the aee of tku tavalaable ramlHf. i, MtLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMEST r. Will relieve paw el moat inetantLaeoaaly. and it m l (lean, purify and heal the fonleet eorre ir. an incradibla than time. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia the ?elr cafe ? and reliable rtmidr for the car* of Spavin, Itlnrtxxi*, Wiadgalle, Spliuta, Uauaiaxal Lara pa, Kodea or MveVnn It never failed to ear* Big R>td, Pol!??il, F ?tnia. Old Ranting Borra, or if properly app: ed For praine, Bnueee,Scrateliei, Cracked Heele, C.iafee Saddle h or Cotiir Oalla, Cata, Soree, orWuunde, it la an infallibla remedy Apply it aa directed uid a cart ia is every ' iDMuea. Than trifle no loarer with the many worth! tee Lioirpanu 'j rfirad to yoa. Obtain a eapplv of I>K. MCLEAN*8 CLLE?* BRATED LINIMENT It will cara voa. v J. H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, '7 Corner Third and Pint Ma., St. UiB, M?. ' CHARLES STOTT, ?JS P? ??., sol* a*.Qt > W?.h.o? ?. leu; R, I. T ClSSEL.Gtsrftlovo. iiH-DIWly )I :? j^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ?* Youths' and Boys1 Clothing for School and st Dress Wear. Parents aad gawdier* wishing to furiuch their i* children and ward* with School ar d College Outfits for the coming i?uon, are invited to examine our present lergs and extensive aaaortmeot BOYS' ~ Ci> (THINtr, where thej ou fit out their children of all fisea in a few momenta with ever? desorisr~ tion of R?*dy-made Garments,of substantial aod (> durable quality, at very moderate srioee I- WALL, STEPHENS * CO., >- an *>-0 39? Pens, avenue, le ? m IV GAB FIXTURES. ' fi k. H%vs tn tore, acd are Uai.y receiving, OAS ? FJXTUtiSS o{entirely New Patterns and 1) saigas '* acd Kiniah. nyrtor m style to anything her?4o*ore ojprtnl in this market. We invite citimens general It to oall and examine our stoek ef Gas ana w iter Pixtur**, l?^linf oonUCKWK lUim Ui? u? cvn r a took ia Waahinxfcon. A!! Work IB th??hov? 1. ne lctrnrt xi toMJatn id trill te proMtlr MmmImI to. F""",W7 MYERS * MoGHAN. . < t BMW S-tf ?7? D >>?< W TRAVELING TRUNKS. R Harejurt rec*'vH th?'arfwt uiortmvat and offer th# moitutfntiw oiS'M K l7EATHE?.LAniKS'nRE?EK? U and PACKING TRUNKS*. HAT BOX* S,^5M" , VAi ISP.S. CARfKT BAGS, SATOHKLS, Afc* no 25 *f 329 P?. aw*. Y JT LOUR. BUCKWHKA-J, POTATOES, AF a Iff! bbia. in RiohmondWmily and Extra fMr* th 5,?? Jha. Fraah Giound B?tkwh?*t Mrai, r 900 bvahala Wluta Meroer PotatoM, - ltt? do. Bin# do. (io. TIE VTtEKLV DuLLAR STAR. r ' " Vu MC*U?ol ruuUy ?i N#?| j?rul-M? aUib< ? trftfttar Tftnrty of MmDm mil? km oMb* fcaad is IV ?tt?r-u ?ebU*ed am Blntlt gg?T. ?? MM' ' Fl oopie* ___ n? ?m It lftT?n?b)y oootuai tk? "WuklHM Nm ' fiftt hfta mad* Tk? Deu. !<-?> ?* A?*alraalftt? ? MMrtay ttmiilMt (to NUbj. D78ufl??oriM(ta aniym mi b* imvM 4 ttooeM?f,CMUmitT kltar U* i*M??f th? f?r. Pno?-THEEE CENT* MEDICINES. FEVER AND AGUE oan??l by th? aiua or ?tk?.ation rm t?4 fmz* ?wi?l and dttM'if moiat MI , V ItMJ tuwrlh ti UU) UM Oiroa.MtuB, It bNOMI *U mtatiLC vimi >n um blowi. which d?ru<(? ud e??Tf>r? t1'* of th?- wno)? Ti%?t. \v ?htv* t br ai'uciil, tad in ?t l#p?U? f??a4 u. antiaote. AY EE *8 AG I E CUEE, rkich Beotra-ixM Uu; ??-?no?i poia.* u liood, fttiil ?t*? th* Emr U> **H '? from tfco <o4j lu Motion ? 411 ila cure ol Fterr mmd At*m, and kiudr?doo?Uint. /iA *ftin If t* tW* nru* from tli* ?y?tem ? it i* ?.-?orb#d. mi) Uii :?ep* thoae wHo iim tli* "ccrb !>? from it* at acta, k^p* the *jatorn in health,although * ??"d to the I'lU^IMt r It MM Mir ure?, but protect* ('om th* craat vnstj of arfoc ion* which are ii<Joo^<i by th>? mahfnant mc?. neK m RnuU?nt Fim. CktH Ptm.Pint. * Mut?4 Ai??. ?nod\oai ft**)*. n- or b. . iettcaohe, Bl'uom Fever*. Near?<j:ia. Rn*tim* ' in. Goat. BI?M)ur?a. Tooth*?*, Farask*. Ua arrh. A etc ma. HairJa i Af*oU<>na of be i*j>!mii. Hy?l*rio*. Cmm. raia u. Affac iot* of the Htonack and Bow* *, au of rhi?b. wkn anting Irnm tma oau**, will be f?aad a ?>nm more or leaath* intermittent It**. This 'Aiic*X3r**" reinov** the otut of theaa derange. ndU, and nrtt Uie disease. Thia it aoeompliahea f y Umu.aUnc the exorato iet to expel the rlrua from the aretem; and these i bj <SrfTi~+ beoome kat>i taatec to 4o um< thai r M of tnoir own aooord. Heaoe arises wUt we ?rra orr.'imanfio*. Time mt* sco>mpUh the line end, but oftca life is not lone enough. or la lacrifioed in the attempt, while this" Aoc? Ccaa" loes it at oooe. ard with safety. The extensive isa of this in a'T varieties ot oasea, baa shown it to ? a ocrer a* well as a safer remedy for the who 1* Hat a ot diseases wtuoii are oaueed by the uiaama10 infection. than any other T-^ieh baa boea die mvered; and it haa atill anoth' r important ad vacate t? the public, which la '. at it ia cheap as well s food. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER * CO.. Love !. daas. ao 16 eolm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID KXTRACT BUCH? & Positive aud ?pec ho Remedy For Di?.a?<*? of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. l>K AVKL,ud DROPSICAL SWELLING*. This Med icjne n.o'ea?e? th*?ower ofDi(eaUP?? md excites tn* AB^OUBK.NT? into he* thy to Hon. by whicn the WATERY OR CALCEROl 8 iep<>?itioM, and all UN N ATI* R AI. EnXaRG E MENT<* are reduoerf. u we!! u Pa/n m3 IN FLAM NATION, aixUa good for mmn, wummi, un HELM HOLD'S EXTENT lri?iax from Kio?*ut, Habiu oFljiSfpSiov Early Indiscretion or Abnae. A"r?<UH wttk ik* foiiowxmt Srmnnmi ? Ind.tpotiuon to Exertion. Lost of Power, ^ a of^MMQory, Dlfloiit; of Brwi^hu-t, ?omrNefpiMN, WekSuaM*! p.n.u4?? of Vision. Pain in the Back* t*niv?raa. Lauitnaeo the Mun er Hot Fiishiac of tfce fco^T. Sfg. Th?M lymHoni. if a.lowed to go w, whicH Una mclicin* lr-varisbly remoT**, toon fr>l>w? IMPOTENCY. FATV1TY. EPILEPTIC FITS. In Om or WBicfl tii Patiaitt mat E^rimm. . Who cf-n ?a} U at the' *'e rr-^uenLj Iu. oim by then* "DIR EFUL DISEASES ~'INSANITV AND CONSUMPTION. . Many are of the c?n?e ot the'r tajfetici. BUTIfONE WILL CONFESS. THE RLOORDSOFTHk IN^ANb ASYLUMS And the M'imnoiy U**tKt by Cuntumptum b ?ar am?Se witness to the truth of the a??euio|i. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires t&eaidof nioOicme to etrenethen And Itviitorate the uf?tom, ITktcA B?LKioLD'i EXTRACT BUCUU w?wi A T&1AL WILL COHVrXX THK XOIT eX>rTICAl? FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES. OLD OH YOUNii. SIMULK, MA Mil AD, OJf coxtempLa Tiyu ma khiage. IN MANY AFFECTIONH PECULIAR TO FEMALES, tbe extract Buum is i>ne?uaiI?-4 by aiij otkei ren:?Cy, an is Ch!nro?? or Retention Irrecu.Arity, P&iiwu!e"sb, or Sapp-e??ion of Cue tomary Evacuations, t'loorated cr Seirrfcoa* state of tbe Uterus, l.euo<rrhe;% or Wkites, ?*teri!hty, and for au oomplaiau incident to the x whether an?in< frera luliaoretloa, HabiU of Dissipation* ar in its DECLINE ORCHASGE OP LIFE. PEB ?T?CTO*? ABOVE. NO FAMILY BBOUbi* Hie WITHOUT IT 2U?ik> fMri fiaijMii, Morcwry, Of wr/Miatii MoAicin* for trip *a*atn end Dangerous HELMBOLD'S KXTRACT BUCHU gECRE^fftsEASES Ball their 9ta*tm. At Itttle ttle or bo chance in Diet; No mounveuienee; It etnaee a fretBttit dense*IV? jiree strength to Urinate, thereby Removing Obetrnot one, Prever.tin* fcna ou ring Strict a r?a of U?e Urerthm. Allaying PB4n nod Ibfiamn<Etion, eo frequer.t in tfie OiM? of dieeMes ns<1 ezpeilinc ?U fnttmcut ZHitOfd. mn4 worn out M tutor. THOUSANDS VP OS THOUSANDS vmo HAVE ttl? TIT* VTCTTM# OT OTACE*. and who hav* paw ktavy t* * to be e?red id nrhort time. folic. J they were deceived, ft.nO that tae "POISON" has, bj th* o?e af'MMrmsi. a?T*t3*oir:rf ,* l? <trrd in the eyetein, to treak out ib *n a?icraT?l?i form. and i EKHAPS At'I Eh. MA SMI ill E. Urc Hw.wboi.Vs Kxtiact Bvcsrfor wu t3e?tiona asd ??< Or* UklNAilV ORtf \NS. Whether exi*titn :n > Mai.L OR PLMALib From whatever cai<e/.riglatUut Mid no matter c f HOW LONG ?rA*OINO DtsAMAt ol ti re??tr?tl?e%i<! oi* HELMH<'LL>'S EXTRA CI HC?C IS THE t>Rfc-AT D1LRETIC. An?i i? oerttiu to havo thf d^r^d -ff- t in l)i?euci POK IT IS KKCOMMJ M-KL'. Evidentt cf Uu m**i r??tobit a?U rttpcunl.t ckutUt wiil t(M4RiMDf the m'vliQ]' ?? CERTIFICATES OF Cl'REH. trviu 8 te i year*' ucuidtn$. With Nam*? i?iws to SCIF.NCR AND FAMF.. Price SI.00 per mr iu t*r Delivered to ait) Addr*a?, eeoarelr packed Tro obs?rv?t:oB. Dw?r*tB?!*T*?To*? in au. CoMwrifictTiov* Cuei 6atrule?4! Advice Cr?f.> AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared be/ore me, an Aiderinaa theoity ofFht ?deiphia,H.T F?j??oi.D.who e ng dulr ivoni, doth My. his preparation* ao tain uo nnrootio, bo nurauri, or ojler jnjurtc">? Lrun but are purely vegetable. H. T. HhLMlJd I) 9??rr) and nbeeribsxl before ?*. thi* *y ai of NoTMbv, ISM. W.M. P. HIBHRRD, Ai4rwu>+. Ninth street, above R w. Pin a. Addreaa letters for information ir o< .,fi l<-oer to H. T. hel.mbol.D. Cuetni?tf Dno ww?" s? '.v< i? k&v AN D U.\P?UNCIPLM> DEA LLK8. Who endeavor to (iiapoee * of tHbik owk" and "oren" AETICLW ON TBS RBrrTATIOH ATTAIHEB fielmbold'a Genuine Preparations, ,r Extract Buctaa, " " Harwipari 1 la, M M layrovki Ko.e \Vaak Sold by 9. B. Watt*, #99 Seventh street, and ft. C- Fokd, Ja., oornor Pena. avenue aud Eleventh **Apb ALL DRUGGISTS ETKRYWHKRK. ntt kob hki.mriii.dv. take nootelr. M - OlT QLDMCl^p^OW^D^UM ~ M0N0N6AHKLA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioua.y diaulled by Mr Jmn Barrnide, of Allegany CouctT, Penrt, in the eid-fkehionod i:(>uilTW.&o? thpohoin#et and nod oarefu.y ^.pcUhJ Rye,ud in dc cim itk oliM l?r iti? nnfal *d*pt< c to vhol?MM aae by tea It u At OQM Um boi! palatable, ae it i? emphatically on* Crmami ItMir for tU unvt wi iMlttaMut tUMUfcnt of the aafeat. nrait, tod moat bM?(''M.t deaenpbou, ud many of tha moat djatinr"'?^ byaiciaca are uio| it in their ittua* with U>? mu*. a card ?flmmfto*a aftfmd^pwi ? tkam impure otiim.uki rwbfltid' bona* \~-u ir.a.:e to m to ttia ?r*cU I ter* to a?y that I i.trr oo l?*kwt oiling for om froa bockeU MU do m. Slow tho boat*""* to to ooraad on ft. in m* e?to' imltil do ?ot <iwj in oyatora pfofcol*#. ntotsorfcv* I ??y brwek of my oatel.Ra*i<*r.t in in port of tkv? oily. No oyawa at* aant b> m< U> Eaoilioa aioept <>a ordora roootv-d at n>< only 3"i ,1?^' c "*-","?^1:;." 12,000 as lit Ho. ?%5i u^^^Eoviu

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