Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. . T1IE TWO ROSES. ' lTtnusauiiT. ( Softly ?t^*pxl hoover the lawn, in rretare light ami frae? A floating >vni?l might have drawn _ Her h*ir irom heaven in a glory dawn, And **r voice rang ail varly. Th?n up ?a? r??<? on her tinj tip-to#?, And rc&c'i-d and readied among the bov|ha? ; "Von are ta'l and pr< ud, my dvnty Roaa! J But I h?ve jou now," said ahe. 0 Oh. so Imlitir over the lawn, r st?p for ?t?p went he! ? Thiniiuk how, from his hidiag-piaoa. Tee wsr of Kosm in her faoe, 1 Dear love would 1% -jh to see ! Two arins suddenly round her he throws, > Two moutns. turniny one war. close? < "Yon are tall %od proud, m? dainty Rosa I But 1 have j on now !" said ke. ThxPositio* or Kiktttckt?Tb? resolutions 1 passed the other day ?t a county meotlna Irr-speeii? of party, in Fayette. Kentucky, eihittit rery , cirariy tbe position of that ?tate Occupying a j central position in the Confederacy, Kentucky is knt oat frstN intercourse witu tbe world except through tbe surrounding SUtH She it therefore i dependent upon the I'niou for the right of ex- ! portaWon sad imputation, for the night of ingress 1 and egrets; <tnd being exposed for seven hundred ir.<le? to a fret: State N>rd-r, she Is dependent upon ( the Union for security in the possession of b?*r slaves, and for the protection of h?r people from civil war. In the opinion of tbe meeting, as ex- i pressed by rnohiflot. "tbe permanent eontlnu- | nee of the l:n1on, and tbe ultimate peaceful and profitable existence of slavery in the Southern ' fftstes depends upon the continuance of tbe barrier which the border slave State* now afford inem a^mnsi .mnccrn att;itwiuii. ?? ?icw u4 th~se interests. Kentuckyis ?oaipell<Hi to maintain the Union, and sheappeal* to th?- South, as a brave and chivalrous people to stand by the Union as the only hope Tor tne preservation of our great national prosperity, and the preservation In peace cf our Southern institutions." Tui Klsctosal Votk or Gbohgia.?The telegraph has stated that the Governor of Georgia in transmitting the official vote of the State to the Legislature, recommended tnat they should prceerd to elect eiec'ors, as neither of the candidates had revived a majority of the votes We per?? *? *-1- ? "s ? *k.? i? CC1VC uv Uil UK Mgr, UUWCTCI, IIMk 111 Ul UCI w avoid any party strife be recommended tbat no lectors be chosen. Tb? message was taken up on Th'irsdiy in tbe Senate, and tUat body resolved to proreed with the election on Saturday, notwithstanding the Governor** rert?mmcndatloc. ITT" A meeting wn held at Leonardtown, St. Mary's county. Md , on Tuesday last, at which resolutions were adopted in favor of calling the Legislature together in extra session to cobsidrr the present condition of the country and the duty of Maryland. A committee was appointed to transmit th#> resolutions nf thf mMtinc to (>ov Hicks. A Sofplt or Cotto*.?Some of otu large manufactories, says the Boston Transcript, have been recently taking an account of stock, and find that they have cotton od band sufficient to iast through the winter. The Naumktag Mills, of Salem, have enough of this staple for use until the ttrst of next October Afplbs co*t!*o East.?The Syracuse (X. V ) Journal Bars that at oue time on Tuesday Ust there were in view, from the weigh lock in city, no >?s than thirteen canal boats loaded with apples In barrels, destined for the Eastern markets P?V Via f tn<l/vn f^<?nat f i%i? 1 nnAtitt Ajta f Vi A Ll-V l/uun ...uvuuw:. >?t accession from tbe Chnr-h of Rom* and connection wita tbe established Church of Knulai d. of Mr St John O'Gormao Mahon, only son of Ttoa O Gorman Mab.->o, late metnoer of parliament for Enaia, Ireland. JUT" Hon A H. H. Liawsnn, who canvassed Georgia for Bell and Everett.writes to tbe Charleston Mercury in favor of secesston, and advocatea separate State action lie thinks if South Carolina will go out will largely increase the s?*ce?aion vote in Georgia and Alabama. We see by tbe Clayton (Ala ) Banner that on Sunday last tbe Kev. Alexander MeLcunon. ot the Methodist persuasion, preached In the !VI*tl?fw) lit /? h l> */ \a n# tku# tn??tn tnUL. USt.A ??!/? ?w... vuun u u* ?uai WfWU wim - IUT Ull-Ui'/I ros?Ue conspicuous on Lis vest ' d7"The Charleston newspaper* suspended publication on Thursday morning in consequence of the observance of fasting, humiliation, and pnyer on Wednesday, under a resolution passed by the general assembly of South Carolina. Wisconsin Ls*x>s Fo*fsit*d by \Vhoii?*li Tfr? Wisconsin State Journal p-.ibllshes a supplement of fourteen large newspaper piges of tine type, being a list of the lands forfeited In that btate for the non-payment of tans CT'The latest Columbia (S C ) despatch says that tb* DrMchpri irpn^rjllr tkrAii.iKniit delivered special "Vbinksgivtnjt at-rmoii*, coniiilerabiv ?ri?oiird with secession. E7"The Governor of Miaaouri has appoluted Thuraday, the -2yth lost., to be observed a? a Uav of thanksgiving and prayer throughout that SUIe. A?KIVAL&LTTHR HOTELS. WILLARD'S HOTEL ?J Rice, Pa; L W USA; A C WlVou?b,Cal Mr I'avlor.Maaa; T MaeKellan. Pa; I* F Smith, do; W U A Brown and lady, NY; H XV Mill*, do; J H Jobnaon, O; Capt LaPont, L'SN; AS W alton and lady. Mm, Mr and Mra Wilson aud daughter, Va; Mra Vincent, NY; E M Brown and ?ady, do; O S Caldwell and lady. Va; Mian Caldwell, do; A Bart1*U and lady, Maaa; F D Walton and lady, NY; R U Kddy and lady, do; A Decinead, Md; Ml and M ri P?mW> mv- '' u a --J i-J., ? - - --- vt , ?? I | vy II n BUU MU J j Mu?, G F Lough and lady, NY. BROWN'S HOTEL?W Harper, DC; J But Wileld. U Shcwbrr and ly, T Anderson and Iv L Cjoper, J Smith and lv, K S*aiberg, NY; R L Fierce, VV Harrison and ly, J A Oordon, J C De farratt, IIou Z kid well, R Kidgway, J R Little leu- A J Bu kwub, Va; A M Hi'.ut and K, J Jay W ?> Talbutt, M S McCoy, S Clilld, NY H Diffeu d rilVr and faun, Md; 9 Higbley and f*m, Mn J5 1 a and cb Id. R Harpfr. r'a; O W Spurreill *C, T B Nalle, I S.N; J StKidard. SC; E Sterl lug. Ct; F H Lawman, La, (i R<fd, Mo, NATIONAL HOTEL -J T \Ve?t, T C Burna S \V Ficklin, V*; J Hunter, l? H Burnt, DC; SI Woodbury, J A Woodbury. Ttrno; J M Myera.N V; J X McCue, Va; Lr Cbanreilor, Dr Thorn,? K H Huntor. Va, Mr Bryant, Hav, 1'iot Anaer aou and (?m. N i, Mra Geo H I'enti-ld, Ct, G I Tomer, US.MS; N Taylor, L.t; Capt Saaiby ant fam, Tmn; J M Coote, W W Snmwiy, N ? SmltbUeid V&, J McCain, K Deu^il. Md; 8 I Jobnaton, Pa KIRK WOOJ) HOUSE ? A Gordon, Md; M Jra IP. DC; Dr W Taylor. I SN; G W Baker, V Brolnerhead, Pa; T R Love, E Sinclair and fan: Va, R K Brown and aoii, Tex. OCEAN HI EAMEKS SAILING DAY, From tbs Ihitb? States. S'.tmtruTt. i.eavt. pgr. Dam. Burton ?? Liverpool Nov : T ut'<git .New York?.Hamburg !?uo Afnu _._..New York...Liverpool D<jo l-.^n v .? v/?.W u ? ? ? ,"! i Ai t ??New York-. Liverpool .. I>eo John Bell ... New York...GlMgow lxo Prom Kurop* C. Manchester ..Liverpool ...New York.. .N >? Ar?w? Liverpool.... Boston Nov huoiiit. ...9o?iUi'pu>n...Ne? York...Nov l,eia*ler......~_.<>Ri#&jr .Buton ftov t-ia .Liverp'jol New York..Nov m'd Kingdom, tolvijow New York . .N??v N*w \ork douU?'pton...New V?rk...Nov IMU Mvsrp i; .New tork.. ..Mov ti South pton... Now Yor*...De^ J ura Liverpool New York...Dec Fa ton ? .Soutn ? Yar* . .l>e? ra.e>etine Liverpool New \ ork ,.l>?c 1 he Ca tfornia msu attaaidrs ieave on the IK )?Ui, and ata of every mucin. F. D. L, MORK I SON 4. CO., LOU* AND GENERAL CO&MIWIO MERCHANTS, Aad wholesale d?ai?-re in MILL FEED. CUHN MEAL, ft., ft.. Corner of 12th and B etreeU, Washington city, ITT Caeh paid for all kiada of Grain, an S5-?r I^KNTLEMEN'S RE *DY-MADE CLOTHING Oarjpreeent aaeortment of OENTLK.M K.\ IPi rft u 4 nu i <1 ruiwn ? ? _ ^ yuv niKU ' nem ia OIUI4 ind ilr?Q(?ri wnkuuc &n immadiats ?>ut fit .up nor isdoo?ni?nU, uibiaoi (. *t tl.u time, i t|U??r.d*ii?litiM of Dr**? and G? BMU fcnd um*u?ti in ?il J"1 j1?. %XmT V Btinf n ft^hinr ol ft 1 klD^lt Kid ?Iot? of S^Tq;? ity. 8e*rf.,l?'?. Cravw rtUx k?, Ho.Lry. to., to. All of which w? ft offering *t<~ur l?w prio??. . ^ I[_/- CloUuu mid' to ord*r in the most superi mlaii*r. WALL, STEPHENS A Uu.. do 16-tf ?aa p*. avenue wood coal 89? Pa.. At., ajic l*r* 8m. Mill anj? Wharf fo<H^CWpu>ni^ ?c,, . C100D SKCOND-HAND PIANOS.-JLT4 r AXD REMHMBKR.?0** It us' at #*>; una at 0*0; one at $30; two a f l<rfv oii??t fl25. uneH SIS'. Aiao im?M1 1' PiaiiO fur f aw, all on aiouUiT pa j meets or k*% diaaoBoU for tuh. Now is tl?s ti;ns to bay ok?* JOHN r. KLLQi, BO It JO# Pa kveftM flRKAT BARGAINS IN PlA.NOS.-Ou* ?< VJ mMHv?i-oo!k CarvtdPian iFurM.^i hav.n< bsen ib bbo b short t<m? onljr. fh on* imviii t*<* city, for b*1? for |*fc ?? w On* r*ry ni Rom wool Cftiakeriitc fiBuol flJi at lbs Musie Store o? W. G. MEtZE?OT R.U AfMMf of Stwaway k. Sons' t> ventre Piano*. jioj W 01 ARIES. DIARIES! P. Have a oomr ete assortment of DIARU for 1381, ail aisosaaJ ?'M*s. I , B LA NCHARD k MOHUM, 'IftBj j Pa. av. a?4 Kls/sna st 1P YOU WANT to (St good Clotkia*. Farnts MISCELLANEOUS. MU,08AL8 FOR FURNISHING THE PAL PER FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING. )nifl SrPK*I5TIJIPlST or PCBLIC P*I!IT1!t8t VVMbington, October 2Jfl860. \ In DinninnA nl tha >rr.uiiiiini nf thu '* &iit t/t arA 'icfe for exeoubnc the psHio printing," 4c.. ap roved August 36,1452, and of the 10th section of ha aof-entitled "A a act making appropriation* for he legislative. HMutiv.wi judicial of Jorernment for the year ending JoneX.lWO," approved March 3, 1830, sealed proposals will he releivad at this once, in the Capitol, until the first Monday (3d day) of Deoaraber next, at U o'clook, for furnishing the paper that niay be required "or the public printing (or the year ending on the t day of Deoember, 1961. The subjoined list specifies, aa nearly aa oan be Moertained. the quantity, quality, and description >f each kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. jn.nno reams fine printing paper, u"oa! neuure 24 by SB ino*es, a^d to weigh forty-lire rounds to the ir n of <80 sheets. Class 2. 6 noo reams una printing papn, calendered, to ueaiure 2t by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty six pounds to the ream of 430 sheets. Class 9. 300 rr\ms superfine printing piper, hard-sized ind super calendered, to measure 34 by 32 inches, ind to weigh forty-eight poundb to the ream of 480 ihaeta. SOU) reams superfine printing paper, sixed and super-ralf ndered, to measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 4. 1 000 reams superfine map *ap6r, sixed and calendered, of such sizes as may be required, corresponding in weight paper measuring IS by 24 inohes, and weighing twenty pounds par ream of 180 sheats. CLAM 5. 2X3 ream* supe'fine plats paper, (calendered or anealendered. m may be required,) 19 by 34 inches, and of saoh weight per i mm as may be reqni i ed. The fibre oi the paper of each of the abov* <0asses to be of linen aud ootton, free from all adulteration with mineral and other substanoes, acd of a fair whiteness. a d put up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, and m bandies of two reams each; each ream to ontain 48" perfect sheets. Uniformity in color, thickness.and weight will be required; and no bundle (exolasive of wrappers) varyingover or under Ave per oent. from the standard weight will be received, and the'gross weight will in all oases be required. Mucins of various thiokn*>res in the same bundle to mar* up t e we?fht will be considered a. violation of the oontract. Class 6. 1. 1,300 re?m? cjoarto-post writing paper, 10 by 16 Inch**. 3. 2,000 do c*p do 13 by It 1-2 do 3. 100 do demy do 16 by 10 1-4 do 4. 1,000 do f?liu-po*t do 17 by 33 do &. 100 do medium da 18 by 23 do <L SO d* ruy^l d> 1* by 24 do T. 50 do auper-roysl do 30 by 38 do 8. SO do imperial do 121-3b)31 do 3. 100 do double-cap do 18 by it do 10. 100 do colored medium, (assorted colon.) Cl\M 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 by 96 inahes, to weigh twtnt j-i.iree pounds p?r ream 2. 1,500 ream* writing paper, 19 by Jo mores, to weigh twenty eight pound* jer ream 3 3,100 roams writing paper, is by 25 inches, to weigh twenty-six pounds 4. 100 reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inches, to weigh twenty-roar pounds p r ream 3. r*ams writing paper, 18 by *8 inches, to weigh twenty-two pound* per ream 6. 4K) reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inches, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers designated in c'asses 6 and 7 must oontain 480 perfect sheets to the ream, and bo "outsuit ' quires, rh'y a-e to he made of the best ma terials, free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, cut to a true edg?. laid flat, and securely and substantially enve.oped. The papers in class 6 are to be white or bine, and of such weights as may be required by this office. Those in cia?s? are to be white, and of the sixes and weights specified in the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind contracted for in a 1 toe claaae*. to be (urniahc-d at auoh timea and id aooh aua>:tities an the public aervioe may require. Kaon c'aas wi.i be considered aeparate'v, and be aubjeot to a separate oontraot; but biddera may offer for one or more of the olaaaes in tha aame proposal. proposals will be oonaidered unleaa accompanied by tne guarantee th%tthe bidder or biddera, if hia or tiieir p'opoa&i akali be aooepted. will enter into an obligation, with good and auiLoient auretiea, to fitrn:ah the artieleaproposed Blank forma for proposals will l>e funi?hed at this office, and none will be taken into consideration unleaa substantially acr^eim therewith. All the paper in the several olaaaea muat be delivered a' audi place or places aa ma* be desirnatad in Waa^inctoa oity.m good order, free of all and every ex'.ra charge or expense, and subieot to th? inapect on, count. weighty and measurement ofth? Snnerintendent. *.nd be in All rmoaili Kiitisfun tory ^arrplee of al! the paper r*qnired may be iieen a' thi* ul3?, hut bidders are re?u:red to fdrniih, witl their proposals, san;p>B of not iesstLan on* ?nir? of orvch of ths kind* oid for| and upon vrhieh tbeii proposals n.ay be bwd. The sucooaffu! bidden wi!'be re^nirod rifidly to conform to tceir cam pits. Proposal will be addressed to "J0H* Heart 3upenDten<leutof the PuMic Printing. Washing ton,'' and eadarsod "Proposa.s for Supplying Pa per " oo 2-3*.wt<l I HKaTH ft. KNOVVLES, lJlFlv CI D L? 111% ct AND MARINE insurance agents. C?f?:c* Over But or Wabkiwgtos. THE CONNECTICUT~MVTOAL LIFE IN SURANCE COMPANY, Of Habtfoed, Co**. PURELY MUTUAL! Dividend* Made and Paid Annua ly. Last Di~id*nd Fifty P*t Ctmt. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF 1H STATE OF VIRGINIA, Or Richmond. CASH CAPITAL 9300,000. Alto, other safe and rollabls Companies. in whic theinsnred participate in the profits without incu hoc any liability. HE*TH k. KNOWLES, AmmiBOff.oe, Room 16. over Bank of Washington. Ki traeoe on C street. no 16 T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTKRY~ HE Next I>^aw!i)| of the Royal H?rana Lo tvy, oonui.oted by the Seanifh Government, ond (lie supervision of th* Captain General of Cub will taio place at ilav&::& on s TUESDAY. Novkm*rx 71. ! ?. SOUT&O NUMB HO 646 OiiDINARlO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 pn?e of __9in0/>00 60 pritea of? ?1/ . 1 do *f?,ono to do i > 1 do ?,?*> 1? do ? i 1 do 10,000 aoapprox. 84 . 1 do lo.nno ' IN ALL 4*9 PRIZES. * Whole Tickets, fio?, 910?Oaarters, 9 Prise* cachud at sirht at 6 per cent, discount. 1 Bills on ad solvent l&nks takes at par. i A drav:n* will beforirarciod as book aa the re?i ? becomes known. All orders for eohemea or tioketa to be addreu to _ .?DON ROVR'eUEZ, i no hit ?i;ut fnm t. ?;n%n??toii. h. ii '? sa!?h. bli^'kidooir,i,a*lf mouldit KS?TAULIHHMENT, - No. *6*2 Sevknth nrp?titt Center Marl 8 n . o. c o~k nino, ^rcc???ok to h. w. Hamilton a co. #? 1 take thia opportunity of oallinK the attention 5 Carpenter* and Bunder* ?o th? lnoiuenee 'Lock ? bASU. DOORS, BLINDS, MOULUINtfS, ft }* ftp., dov in store and daily receiving from the mi " ufactorj. it h*? ?eo->a>ea well known f*ot. tl the materiala furn.ahed from thia eaabhahia :t ar? Bpc?>r.-1 to non\ Our atook we warrant mai 17 facttt'ed from we'l t?wun?d amber, and finint la by experienced workmen We do not he?iiat? si aev thU we now havein atore the moat ooinpl .4 aWH3k of the above-mentio'<m! artiolea ever b-fi 24 ofT-r?<l iu Una vio-nitjr, fo whioh weraapeotic invite the attention of t&e public. *4 SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. 11 b* purchasing your Bnil.fing M&teriaiaat the < 12 Eatabliakrnent, No 36il Seventh *, where j a5 will got a good artio:?at a fair prio*. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT _ is well stocked with a No 1 article of all th?1 ? ' noui aimee.etyl?e,and thickreaaea. A email !oi j Premium f anoy * ront Do<>'?, wbtoh are wor N | the attention ot tJioae about building?hav j drawn the firat premium at the Fennaylvania St r rvn , ?uu luauuiaviuiou M wno EjOlplTS HIUiA Meisri. Potior ft Co. OUR PA3H AND BLIND DEPARTMEN n u also ooinpiate with all sne? an-1 ?ty 1m, to wh weoall particular attention Glased rash oonsts 1* 01. band. Hot Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, i furnished at short notice. 2? OUR MOULDING"DEPARTMENT ?. | is also oomp etc with all the styles now in cent U1 i as*. We are also prepared to fnrnish Moulding ,r. any desired pattern. Al?o, all kinds of Tur t? Work, Soroli Sawing, Newell Posts. Balust< er Door Frames.and Window Frames, of all kii l?. Also on haaj.a general assortmentoi Glass. Pu ra *o ? which we are offering at low ratee. A ca.i u eokoited and aatiafaoboa given or BO eale. N. B.?A liberal diaoount for oaeb. NTO. CORNING, ? Proprietor of the Empire Saah. Bl aod Moulding Eaubliahineat, no8-tf No. 563 Seventh atrea T CEMETERY NOTICE. HE ?ab?erlber offerafor a&lebiaetoo of Ml ?II.E MON UMENTS, TOM B 8 GRA T'?N KS and MARBLE MANTELS at rodu prioee for oaali or approved no tea. A n earlt ea if -tou-|a ooHSin between 1Kb and I3t ~ ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. n Is TYLgR'S P. COMPOUND SYRUP OF OUM ARABIC ' . Tbia pleaaunt and popalar Congb Reroedv been ao long known and extenaive[y naed, thutnr _ . . ? - U. utc insulin IMIIIW will IB WW'?' *Iel r* eA av j. It ou b<? w5 ?t ?11 th? i| | wom mt >6 md M o*nU * bottle. ? B d>mt?o4i 5 of Uwr friomU %nA immnf. ?" 58 /-1IBB9* WIG, BRAID AND CURL MA!> U PaCTOR a , %* - Henn. iTtna*, r?*r th? c mar of ThirUwjth ?tr?<t.?A r*rj oompleU UK i# Socio*. Hur \Vork reared or t*k?o is sobu i ?Mi TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. UUUT8 AMD SBOEfJ^ TO SUIT TUK We ara now laaaafaotuniu'aU kind* of BOOTS end SHOES, and coiatanur receiving bp?:j of eastern mads work of every d?-IBl onytion, mads expreaaly to order, and willw W| be sold at a mnah lower price than haa beea* VB* heretofore oharged in tfcia mty for muoh inferior artMtea. Peraona in want of Boota and Snoea of aaatern or a(f? maila wnrr will nnH n/>ii aaani *niM> w w. - Ml Wt "<*J mm jvw? ? ? In (tore aud it the loveet pneea. Gitb hi a qall. ^RIFPIN A BROT >y?-r 814 Penniiylvaaia avenn*. J74VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this dAT, embracing ail tuli-am ^and liiM of Sole Leather, LMim'BHm m and Paoking Trunks. Our trnnk^ ** ^e* room exhibita at this time the great**! rarieby traveling re*uiait*a. at moderate pricea, to be fonnd tiut aide of New York. Alao, orerr doeonation of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CAttPETBAGB, SATCHELS, Ac. (IT* Old Trnnka repaired or taken in exohange for new onee. WALL, STEPHENS A CO? frank Sale* Room, marfl-tf 322 Pa. avenna. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. >9 499 7 th Snm, Otto tit * Odd Ftllowt' Hall, WajKingtm, D. C. Trai^Jara will atn A * tkaip k. iiotv.Dia win m?u i ?uui i iuvvi vova kJJ n a?llllliii my TRLNKS, VALICES A: o, before ?nr-?? ohaaing elaewere. Aa I u?e none but tbi WWH beat material tne market affords and the beat workmen, I can confident!? reoowmend my work to be auperior in Strnnctk and i/ut ability to Trnnka that are made m other eitiea and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order ion one week'a notiqe) every description of SOLJi LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND m**a tnkm YALICES:TRAVELI!<K* BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *e., *e. Trnnka, Ao., Repaired and Cover ad, in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice. Trnnka delivered in any part of the oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria, S&WINVSikcaiNls? * "leb"Md FA",L* deU-lr JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. NEW ORLEANS IN TTTTLHU XDj^TMI win i hi CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. Bast Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashvtlie and Chattancog* Mtmfhit mnd Charleston, * Mississippi Control, New Orleans and JacJtson to new orleans! memphuTroute: Memphis by Rul.thenoe b* First ol&sa Packets t New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MocUontry by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firal oiftu PaokeU. Mobile to New Orleaoa by Lake Steaasra TWO DAILY TRAINS?Swkdats Incivsn Lwti Waiklatt? at fi a in sad 6 p. at. TheStoainPT 8K0R6E PAGE lea ?? her wha foot of Seventh atreet at tx a. m. and fX p in. an oonneoU at Alexandria with the Orange and Aiej andrift Tr*>aa for the Sonthweat. Ofioe?PennaylTaaiaavenne, corner 6f Sicth at umau ouni thboum to raw otuai Lypqhbarc ..... #7 ?< Msmphia >H Bristol. ? .11 CO Atlanta . H Knoxvill# ?n 00 Maooa .31 Chattauoojs 00 Columbus .*1 Dillon?. - - - no .Moatiomsrr ? B HuntBTlllB ,T7 00 1 T1& MoTT.fhli^S Cr*nd Junction SOW N.O.> Tia 6. Jctic. is NuhTflle??.?..JIICI S m Mobile . .4J THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is MOO MILE8 SHORTER, and '44 HOURS LEI , IN TIME L than anv AfKa* f I?a t ^ V< ?.i?u Mij vmiwi kir.o? vur ijjuvJiiumik rjAW7???r beinc cow oompleted, m also tha MiMiuippi Central, m&kine it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT JIOU1 t FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! i It ia provided with Pirat-olaaa SlMping Cart ( T? Now Oilftai. ? 79 Hon ifiuc ) MempJua..... i i. . .?.-.64 do TIM*. < Montfomerr ?S do I Na?hv.:io 46 do ' m? -?!,? rt a kill .?< niiuui tT uu L' MV v U< IUU.1 U AA/AAU I IVbl . are taken over tiua New Lute. Tickets mr be obtained at the fkmth West* OAoo, onrtfr of Sixth street and Pennsylvania enue, to the foilowint points: Li* r.ohhnrf, Bristol, KnoxviLle, Atlan Ghatt&noofa, Huntsville, bran4 Junction Maoon, Nashville, Daiton, Coiniiib Montfom?rjk^Mob^?,^^^lgnijhLs, and \rr THROV9H TICKETS TO THS ? RIOUS TIROINIA SPRINGS. JC^Omnibnees and Hatiate Waeons leave I omoe at 6 a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS. Tioket AcenC rc** a tr Cornor 81ith ?t. md Pa. ?i * *?2 wju ""SK. k "IftAY.atio'oloei a. m..?nd ALEXANDR LUCIA N S. PA8E, Proprioto a- NATH'L BOUSH. Act. Aleiacdria. fe! t- FOR STAMPING Z A PACKET OF PAPE ^ | AND ENVELOPES I N 0 I TO MATCH. s CHARGE) ? 'u ^ BOOKSTORE, ? PHI LP * 80L0M0NS, Atenti ft* Lavrfnee'* ttUbraud Lintn Pan a!, . "Metropolitan Mills," *r *t. ?24^1f 338 P*. av-. K?t. "nt* unri loth ^ LI W. HAMILTON tl, PAINTER, l_ and DEALER IN PAINTS, *'Q No. 088 Ttii Stkkkt, ?mar Odd Fellov^ H let an 2-tf PlTTTvli* DOWN. FRANCIS H AR PER. FAMILY GR0<* F&V'A*NFKKD STOR Comer of New Yfrrk ?rMM itnd Tenth itreet r Renpectfully solicits the patron**? of thoee ?lf ??; be in want of any article in the above line. " endeavors shall be to please, and by a strict at tion to the want* of the publio, he hope* tome share of their patrooace. rzi His tock oor sists or every artiole usually 1 .found in a brut-class Family Grooery ana I l": ?AM " mill ied ? to T>IANOS. PIANOS?The largeataaaorlmei ete J. Pianoa, Metodeona, Guitara. Vio-^w? >re hn?. lUmori. Beat Italian Strinca, Ao iff1 iHy cordeona, Plotinaa, Conoertinaa.P.'atea,* ? Fitea, Pla<?oi-tta, Glauonetta, Hra?a Inatrnmi Drafi<a,and every variety of tnnaleal ware, an imraenae atoolr of Sheet Mnaio, Mu?io U Jld and Operaa, for every inatrument at the &] rou Store of W. G. METZEROTT, oorner of Pa and llth atreet. Sole A*ent of Steinway A ? Baeon Haven & Co.'a ami Knabe A Co.'a Piai oc 22 tf __ 'of OOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCAI thy 1A Then" Scales areoiierad to (he aublio ai m* moat ai:nple. durable, and reliable noafeaever y OI uj buo %j iiitwi atmmm r ?ir ?nn v irfinia AflOUl Soeuity; Virginia State Agrtealtura) Pair: Frai Imtitute Fair, Pennayivania; Na-? York stats T Vermont Stat* Fair, Jfco., A o. In overy oaee * ink axiiibitcd the* nave received Ent ciaaa prera: "i Pot aa e at*# Loulaiana arenas, Depot of Si t0" ^ V' ? PA TTI BON. At< \A/AdHlN?TON 8KW1MU ROOMS, V? <04!ttk II., IN* deort North *f Pa. A *?L Nov la the time to get SPRING and SUM? ?J SHIRTS made up to order, The eubeoribor ii ned pared to make gfllRTX, DRAWER?. *a?* ur . ? ? nwti- a. I. aetr ? *- * ? I LiMA*,?o*T * A? w. , tad BoLLY Brain, saisnssaa. 0.3 rj FOR DKCKMBER. I1U tlARPF.R ?, Godgr, P?ter?on'?, Arthur'* lantio ud EoImUo Mkuiui. Yark?* Not Ni*-Nax, PhnnpF jy><i Comiq Mm h. Dai It and Weekly Herald, Timw, Triune ?- World N*w York L*dg*r, Mercury, Hai Wo*klr and ail nthar New?pap?r? at no17 FRRNCHfc Riril*TKIN\?*.9T8P? hM DIANO FORCES AT 8ACR1FICK8. I ?o?t c CASH OR CRfcDIT-Read !-A Second ?*- superior ton* mtm o?U?# Piano Porta rose njg ca a, warranted, for fl? a food seoond"? Piano, nearly n?tr, for fiao. one tor $?, on ? 990, ona for | 5 Call ?aiok. ?'* no 22 306 Pa. ar., he t w een*?t h an?? 10th TwO CHICKBRINUAHAN088In baato ion Ona for 9U6 and on* for fi2S wj'l b? sold ^ *" "7" M"" 8<"'? *>r TJARAFFINE CANDLES! >rt- I~ PARAFFINKCANDLf tc.. A beautiful artiole, eeuaJ in appearanoe to a laat sperm, < being olear and roiiehed J and at muot i?a. oost. KING * BURCHEL1 n oo 10 Corner Vermont ?v. and UWt $ \ J. i3 ' i jjjf \ ' 1 MISCELLANEOUS. . i Th? A* al?aication or La sou asm.?There t? a ' fro win* MWImmt ! Uii k* to aptropnft** the noit #xpreuire words of other after a while to looorpari te them into oar own; thus the , word Cepbauo, whioh is from the Greek, tig uifyinx ? "for the head, is now beooming popoariied in , oonaection with Mr. Spalding's treat Headache | rwnedt; hnt it will soon be nwtd in a more general way, and the word Cephalic will beoome as \ WimHB H O OOWVIIP* MIU oiu; OIWI VMS distinction as foreign words has baen worn away , bf ocmmon usage until they se**n "naUre and to the manor born. , . ' I *r?ly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, bead I slapped into the hapotaeoariea bau'1 ?ays hi to the man, "Can you heaae me of an 'eadache.-"' "Does it haohe 'ard," s*ys*e. "Hexceedintlysays hi, and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalic Pill, haad 'pon me 'onor it cured me so uuicc that 1 'ardly realised 1 'ad 'aid an 'eadaohe. 1lj~Hxadachk is the favorite sign by which nature mages known any deviation wnatever from the nmtaral state of the brain, and viewed in this l'ight it may be looked on as a safrgaard. intenoed to give notioa of disease which might otherwise eeo&pe attention, nil too late to om remedied; aa<l lU ludieations should never be aecleotfd. Hrad miuoa i?; l viu'ibcu liiuer i wo BMNiVli: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head1 ache ia exceeding common and it the pre~urror of a great variety of diaeaaee, among whiob are 1 Apoplexy, Goat, Rhaumatium and ail f'brile diaeaaes. In it? rervoua farm it it a?mpathetio di?[ eaaeof the atcinach oonstitutinc tick. kearfatk*, of 1 hepatic disease "omtituticg 'buivtu kta4atke, of worra'.coastipationgod other disorders of the towe!*.a? well aa renal and uterine affrcuons. Diseases of the heart ar? Tory fre^ gently attended with Heartaohea; Anarinia ar.d plethora are also affretiona which frequently oooa? on headrvohe. Idiopatbio Headache ia also very gammon, being usuviy distinguished by the name of nervous kmdnckt, sometimes oomiog on tnddenly jn a ?tate ?f apparent!* sound health and proatrating at onoe the mental : and physical energiea. acd in other inatanoee it oomN on slowly. ne'akled by depreaaion of apirita or aoerhiiy of temper. In moat inatanoae the rain ia in front of the head, over one or both ejea, and aoinotixet provoking vomiting, under this olaaa may a'ao be named Sturatria. For the treatment of either o aa? of Headache the Opbalio Pilla hare been found a sore and aaf* remedy, relieving the moat aoate paioa in a few minute*,and by it* aubtie power eradicating the diaeaae of whioh beadaohe ia the unerring index. Bxidqit.?Misana wanta yon to send her a box of Cephaiio Otue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pill*,? hilt I'm Lhtf.lrin* ?nf (iifltlt Mithw Ki?t haps ye'IJ b? aJlher knowing what it is Ye ?ee he's nigh d*ad and gone with the Sick Headaobe, and wants some more of that same as reiaived her 1^ before. Druggist.?You must mean Spalding's Cephalic Pills. BrUgtt.?Oeh ! sure now and you've sed it, here's t, the qoarthsr and iiy mo the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. t'eastlpatlea er Cestlvraess Mo one or the "many ills flesh heir to" u so t- Prevalent, bo little understood, mid so much neg[ oted m Costivenes* Of-en originating in*. or sedentary habits; it is regarded a* a slight disorder of too ittle consequence to Axcit* , anxiety, while in reality it is the pr?cu-sor and oonipamon of many of the most fatal and danger 3ous dueasea, and anleee early eradicated it will brinir the aniTerer to an untimely grave. Among the i- lighter evils of which Costiveness is the usual attendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Foil .. Breath Piles, and othersof like nature,while a long train of frightful disease* auoh aa Malignant revert. I. Ahoeaaca. Dysentery, Dyspepsia, l>iarrhe&. Apoplexy, Kpi.epsr, far&lyaia, Hysteria. Hvpoohoa00 driaaia,Melancholy and Insanity, firat indicate their 90 pretence in the ayatem by thia tymptotn. 00 Not unfrequentiy the diaeaaea named originate in *o Const. patir>n, but take on an independent exiat Go eno-i nnleas the oauae it eradicated in an early atage. 10 From all theae oonaiderationt it followa that the 10 disorder should receive immediate attention whenm ever it oeonra, and no aeraon ahoald neglect to get a box of Omphalic Pilla on the firat appearaaoeof the oomplamt, aa their timely use will expel the inaiduoua approaobea of diaeaae and destroy this dangercua foe to humau life. on ?* * A Real Bleaainf. Well, Mra. Jonee. how n that he&d, aohe7 Mrt. Jotwt.?Gone! Doctor, all gone! the pill job sent onred me in jmt twenty minutea, and I wish TU- yon would send more ao that I can liave then * oandv. Hkysuta*.?Yon can ret them at any Dmrniots, Call fur (,'epbalio Pille, I find the/ never iail, and I jrec?n?mend them in all oases of Headache. Mrs. .Tonts ?I shall tend tor a box direotly, and hall tell all my snfTorinj friends, for they are a riai >rn bless int. it- ' " ' ta, in7"Ovi:a KxriTRMKs r. and the mental oare and u anxiety incident to close attention to bus MM 01 as, t.idy, are among the numerous oauaea of Nervooi Headache. The disordered state of uiiiid aud bodj inoident to this diatreeslng oomplaint is a fata b'nw to a 1 energy and ambition. sufferers by ih.'i disorder can always obtain speedy re'ief fron those distressing attacks by using one of the Co phalio Piiis whenever the sy raptomi appear. 1 ^ quiets the overtasked brain and soothes the strain ed and jarring nerves, and relaxes the tension o the stomach which always aooompanies and ag icravatea the disordered oondition of the brain. r. . her ft [jk Twirtt Millions *t Dollabs Satis?Mi j? Spading hu sold two millions of bottles of his jp. ebrated Prepared Glueaad it is estimated that eaol J A botl|? iitm at least ten doliara wwrth of brokei *{* furniture, thua making an aggregate of twenty mil lion* of dollars reclaimed from total loss by thi hi valuable invention. Having made hi* Glue a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world stil ? greater service by oaring all the aohing heads wit 1? his Ceehalio PlUs, and if thsy are as good as hit = Glue. Headaohea will soon vanish away like a no' injury. # ^^ R, Facts wohth wowiss-braiding's Cephali Pills are a certain cure for Siok Headache, ilili oas Headvshe. .Nervous Headache, Costaveneai and General Debility. Grkat Dircotxst-?Among the most importai of all the great modioal aisoo*eries of this age ms h* Anni (WirAd tha nf imiwinttiftn Cr?r trntM tion from Small Pox, the Cephalic Pill for relief < iieadaohe, and the use of Oun-ine for the prevm Uonof Fever*, either of whioh is a sure speoifi whose benefits will be experienced by sufferlr WM' humanity lone after tlieir disooverers are forgotto ts. IC^Did von erer hare the Hiok Headache? E you remember the throbbing temples, the feveri row. the loathing and disgust at the sight of Too .. How totally uait you were for pleasure, oonversi tion or studr Clue of the Cepha io Pills wou have relieved you from all the suffering whioh v? then experienced For this and? other purposi you should always hare a box of them on ?se as oooaaion requires. E, 1 - * sAl? % SE NervousHeadachc not. ? _ rimr ^ || toAS ?v g Headache ?nt. Hj the use of thee* Pill* the periodic attack* |??. Ntrvous or Siek Htadarkt may be prevented; a ABB if taken at tho oomntenoement ol an atwek ima t'thi diate r*li?f from pain and eiokneea will be obtain, iona Tb<?y seldom fail fa removing the Nautta a 1ST Htadathe to whioh female* are ao inbjeot ra They aot gently upon thebowali,?removing C tivttusi. mT* For I.ittrary Men, Student*, Dehoate Femal . U and *11 peraone ot irdtntary Jtmbits, they are ' valuable a* a Laxative. taaerevinc the ?m<i I Ar giving to*< and ?ttor to the digaativaorgaaa, a reatoring tfca natural elasticity and atrength of I in-l whole ayatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the raaoJt of lc investigation and carefully aondaotad expeniaea t At- ha?iag baas ta m many yeara, daring whiah ti ithTy* l^T h*v* prevented aad relirred a nit amoant aP<f pain aad Buffering from Haadaaba, whether ori per'a uating in the *erv*u* ayetem or from a derang atata of the stomatk. They are eutiraly vegetable in thair eomponth and may ba taken at ail time* with perfect safi without maktnaaay change of diet, mmd the t hard >' *(( tf amp diimtnmhlt (arte rtndtrt it aaip e for admmisttr th*m to tkildrm. I BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! ?U. The genuine have five iignatnrea of Henry Bp aiding on eaoli Box. rdtir. 5.0 id by Druggiata and all other Dealera In 1(* oinea. A Box will be Mat by nail prepaid oa reoeipl '.9! U# FRICE, 24 GENTS. order* ahoald be addreaaad to [, HENRY C. SPALDING, U, BO U-dAwly 46 (Mm lUMt, Ntw York MI80KLLAN H0U8. | T" umrH54Vi.S}^?P"A""! I CoUNIWIIt 1 Bhall rMilin : Wukinft^n ftJtd SIGNDMd'o? NAMfVTaT"pjfiNT t) ^ G?kd- j H uk in all lU krajtohaa. Cm G>aainc protnfUy ?- ! _ lendad to. Paiatinc and Ornamenting Cr>tia?a ' Fa mi to rain the beat style 1 also, mJI attention to the Painting of Ron ft and Rnck Walla. All of tM above I will do aa efcaap aa Ue clMfMt 1 therefore eoiioit the yatranit oi ntf frieaaa and foilow oitiaeaa of the Uiatnot. 1'u netu??iiy 4 triotly obaerved, and work doaa u> the beat sai^0* will pleae* mind roar atnpi and ?to? at M. T PARKKR'9 Painting Kai?bliahm*tt, No. ?J' M S3 !! 44!" limiaaca a*., nortu aid*, bwwNi Mk ? and 7th eta. * P. ft. ftigna pat ap free af charge, aa asaai. ? aa Sm OPPICB OF INSPECTOR AND HEALER j OP GAS METER*. I w J aly W, m?. NOTICE IS HEREBY QlfEN. Thal.aarea ably to the proviaiona of the oidiuaooe of tfreCor- n poratton approved Mar 12.1NL the nnderaisnad is i now prepared, "whenever reeelred m writing. and ?j on pre payment <*fthe fee of fifty inepeet. ? examine, tMt, erove. and teeertain the aoeerae? ( * registration of any km Meter id nee ik thie atty. < Erery meter, iffoend inorreoi, will becondemned, and another, eea.ed and narked a* true, Will be et in i'? pace. If proved to be aoenrate in tta mewur<.ner.t of tae, it wtli beeealed aooordin#<y, * and acain pat in poeitios for nee. _ Oftoe No 610 Seventh street.(Dear Odd Pal- ' .owe' Hell J Open from S a. re., to ( . n. CBAtfbKS W. CUNNINGHAM. jj It-tf laepeot..r and Sealer of Oaa Meter*. j| JMPORTANT T< < HOUSKhJCEPBRB. B. R. Dl'RKFK k. CO.*8 HITIT ,in/-? MTkTrn^a n mm ru i nv^ A X^JUW. t Guaranteed not only . ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but * round from fr?h 9pio*a, mIwM ud olaaned by na exproaaiy for the perpoae witarxt ref^ren^ to ooat. They we beaoufnlly pocked in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are furi weight, while the ordinary ground Spicea are almoat invariably ahort. Wi warrvrt them, in point of atrenrth wud rtotmeea of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a ainc le trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured ouif by _ K. R. DT'RKEE ft COM lb _ lSl Pear! at.. N%w Vo~k. WATCH REPAIRING AN [) MLTER WARE *v MANUF ACTOR Y. I have one of the boat eatabti*hmenta. and farniahed with a complete net of toola lor repair- >V in* over; deeonpiion of fine Watch**, and /M particular attention give to the aame. I?jr aAUg thorough oompeUnt workman.and a work cuarVitied Alto, every deaorip ion of afandard SILVER WARE, plain andornamental,manufartu'ed under my own tuperviviois. which my oaatomera will <ind far anpenor in quality and finish to northera ?are old by dp*lor? in general and represented as Uieir own m&nilMUre. H. O. HOOD, so 6 33?* Pa. avenue. n>-ar 9U tt. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD,at the love* oasible pr:o?. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, 9*8 Pa av., between Ith an<J 12th *W., ma W-tf Mrth ?w4 C^OOD LIGHT? f CHKAP LIGHT! safe light: PARAFFIN KOIL.from Co?,l KING * BUROHKLL, oo 15 Acnr.ta for ib [REEMAN ? SIMPSON The above PURE W H1SK Y.CorriH Dihtillib raoM MaLTBi) 6bah?, bem* ?a?*riur and uniform id ?aality, ana highly improved by a*e. preferred by oonauineri to a!l otii?r Whiik'.^t, anil particularly recommended by the beet phyaioiana and ohenunta aa j?o?xes?on?: all the r??uii*menee of a TV*? Tonic Inrttot ^ior and Krmtdtal \utnt. The Schuylkill Wat?r of PhiiaJeipt <%, used id the aia'iUaUaii of this Whiaky, is proved by aualy aia to be the ecftwit and parent watar in the United fctatea ; ard to U:i? may, in a jr^at <leicre?, b? at ' tribute the exofllfro' of thi? Whiaky. For saloby FREEMAN A SIMPSON, i Pheaix Diatillarr, On the Hchnylkiii river. Phi adelphia Oflae*?96 Wall aireet, New York ; 109 South ? ? . . r%' - j i-i r roni iirwi, r' : rai*. And c*n l.e ha'* ir Wathiceton of Sftinual Vacon A Co.. 519 Pa. ?t.; R. J. Rtoe. W?t9th at.,oorI n?r D; Kennedy A Pugh, toS YVaal 7th ?t ;Marr ray A Minniei. 407 Pa. ar.; J. H Wilnon, 38T i P&. av ; tiartwar A Semruei, 6* La. av ;-H. C. [ Purdy, 403 Pfc. kv.; VVia. fcrj&n, 44 Market Sf.; ! Moora, Cireell A Co., 3'iT \\ e?t 7tli at.; 6. F. Qn ? liok, 856 N J.f.v; A. Gvldi*. Jr., A Co., M, oori ner i>?t 11th : fvlward Hall. 40 MarkctSpaae ; K. K. Wbita A Co .6:1 La.av.; John H. 8emmN A t Co . S'23 \Ve?t Ninth it. ocR lm i (/ ^ DISPATCH I ^S> ^ " Save tfce_fl?wi! ^ ii a?idmti trill Mitw, nm fe <?ii ronri???t T fmm*Wis, It is rerj de*ir*tl? to have MMthnf utd oonrraJtst vtr for reytirlac F trxuttro, Toy*, Crooiery, *?. ts flDAV mama ?n v*ab vv> nv rrv ? ?? v s*jb? onnv am meets al! en oh "marienoiee.and no homehoMou > afford to be irithoat it It i* always ready and up to the Uokiiur point. Tmm is no longer a bnmsitr for limpi-yi ohaira, splintered ??d?wi, headless Uous, and broton cradles. It ia Just the artioie for oone, shell, and other ornamental work, eo popu at >( witb ladies of refinement and taste. T This admirable preparation la used eold, being >; oheinioaily hehJ in sanation, and joeaeeeinj all th? t>f valuable qnalitm of the best cabin ft makers' ilae, >' It par be nsed m the ptaoe of ordinary nuowaca o. bei&( rasuf more adhesive. '* " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSZ.a Friu, W cenU. N. B.?A. Uniet aooompaniee each bottle ^ IIMMh IMr*, No. 48 Codai -treat, Nov Yofk Ml A.ddr=>ea 1KMY c78PALDIN0 ft CO., d. Box No. 3,MO, Nov York Id Pat ay for Doalers in Cum contain'nj Fomr a Kit ht, and I>o???? 1 Lithograph m to noow-Card aoeoapanymc each p?cki(*. to U7" & bo"3* ?f 8FALBINO'S FEB PAR BD OLVK will ht? too ernes id ooat an nually to erory hoa?hold Q ..Sold by all, iromioent Stationery DrvfcisU Hardware and Farmture Dealers, Qrooera, an< Fancy Btoree. their lit. It will ?tfcnd any o!tm?te f?HMy | ^ M & ? ^ ii um/vmfM (?' <|0V( ywifci/T ? *? (<t? PmtUitr .? J #f |I(ii JCnnfiM J fiw 1 *200 ' x-'*'/"** (H?/y^?,r<f"^ *?1 is5^ J SUSaiiS - r/JLififi JJNM ?f IM IW.? MWf. 'Iff iV ^ ' 'f*! 1, ?* CmoB ? u if Af ?i J W ad <2^# l? Bole Prcipiirtor. >, ? 1% CAUTION. Si . PURCHASERS SHOUU) BE CAREFUL III MRCHASIHG THE VAUEY z WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS z BAIT'S - HtOWUIC VAUIY WHISKEY ? WJTHTHE 8IGWVTURE0F ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE c. All IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOVTN WILLIAM S! NEW TORL IOA BALM IN WASHINGTON MY ? y Ml BAEBOUft ft BEJULCS MKPIOIMiftl ~ \ J*" l#ll?url*ofci f/>Ct UOtPITAL, iiMNMrWikiMMCNM Sr-dy mmd muy S/Kt**. htmmii t? iks WmtA, OR ALL DISKAMW OF I MPftU PENCIL LET NO FALSE VEUCACY f LETtST. ArPLY IMJIEb ATKLT. 9WM.K WARRANTED, OR NO CKAR9E, IN FROM ONE TO TWO VATS W H>1 Wiltltl j?g,IWWWl KIMMM immmmm ml Btffkt w D>m?m ( . mmt mr Itu, ift.uvi f( tl? Ik?,?h?i?Hi *? m Timtli Dvmmtimn uw>( frmm MHtrf l<M> rf mm*-ik?m hmdfkl m4 n??tr?cu?? riulKW vftitk tmmi* Httmp i???iH?. u<i <??m Mi Bmtj Hi Mkt TOIM?l< | Vto Un tiMn iltl .(aw W B?U *ry ?!?#. ?; 4rM?fk. u< (tniNu'i k?ku wkitti ?.?? *] I* <*??H ? I Muniil; ffi'i >????dl aC Y*?i.f feUa m( the Ml ?? it*4 kklknaa tj?4 fcnlNM nutbM, vk? ??*? ?>?l ?i? ??? WumiI ltmnw| Ihiim ?t-k ikiitnim mt itMaitM h &k*4 ? NMU1 lb* h?t?j W> rik K Ml amies rnion.fl i *??t ??> aft. k*inf p?rn??: ?hIiih.M|u.? 4<Minj WM ?mn. ft* .. ; c 11? tart J a vM piaaaa fciaaair ? ? > Ut tw? ( Pi I. Bay rtf . Ml; * <! < fcia at ? ftmil??n ui r it.* paa Mi skill u * ^'i'< orric* w? t torra miDincimirr ifl bu>4 *Ui,r?" >* ? ?? aaraai. ftw ?? ? fr?<t it unit rtilM it tkttr't uatul i tatti Mktpu4u4uiltlaiiwa? ll?>tn a< Ua !*;> 'ItifHti, Ut<?,m4iu rata Nl af Ua Mil aaciaiait. I* ika labl lltltt, 4 tfca fraata' pari af ?* ? Itfa ?.?t kaai ??->> m ik? kaa- m itata af La?4ae, r?r a. Ptilada aaaa u< ttaoMu tu*)ic.a4 Nti af ika Mr. imb iW( <nN i>u vara > M?; n<?| iraa k\ad ?nh [.> { n lft? ku< and ma tkN ulM>; (TIM MtrtuxH. ?(n.( ?l aat'daa aaoda, kaaVfa aau vtU frtqaaat Hwi 'uti '" * at* **m' laaai vlU a* ml, *I>| tiM iMatftakalv. tais pam;*kat Hunrr. TNeI Man arid atf ?ra ?*a ii.twad trtaiawalaaa b* Mtuxi paaeuta aadalfad aji vk*r a'ar.a?* bak.i fra?aa*u? aairaad Iran a?u cmp.MMi, h a: itkw., > afa'ia ' lUct ua a>tfhUy fait a?ar akati ulai}, it.4 i.' mi tuat, raadara aarnafa ampaattala, aci *aa'ra?? k?a mimi a*a ada, ahaald apply wanadmulf. Ttaaa ua aair a aftka a?d u< mal?a??al? alt'U mtillt >7 aar.y ktkua afraat* ?n I a* Ua Back a?? iaika. raina mi Jx Ua-d. Daasoaaa af tja.t.Uaaa a' Pa?ar, PUpttmtaai af uta Baarl,f)rajai<a?. Har*aaa lrruafet V 17. Daranf aoatit af tb? I>tgaav*a farctiaaaa, at.aral DaMUp, -Tm ftariai ifltUM >* IlilH ><> m ki <l?*?d*4? Laaa of I'ntmf ,Cw(mim af iJoi, Uiiiiu n ?f Ipit.u, I'll i>ttuntr(*cill/, If f <.rui, W?'?af Bahutft.Ttmifiiy, ix u: nrai a' ,k? ttiii pr? / EtTOII DUtkirT XnMH.tiH. aa?)?4f. Mil M Ik* t'Hl of ikau dacuunj kaailk, laaiac lk?.? k< Mniaf vaak, pal*, Lir*i*i ?xi iaic!W<,ki<?4ujip.M tff*uui* aaaa; ;*i* *t*i, ft ft ar ay pianaaf l???ia f Uaa Diar/iacs or rr prupek'* Wkat ??* *.iaf?<4*4 and i<Bfr*4*r.t ?ai?ry *f ptaasax lata tl ku Ui.kitid liia '- af tMa p> .ofat ?ji>H,Kt?a afift kaffoa Wat an ili ua?< aauaa af mitmn* ar trM< at diao*?t r <aun kin fr*u appivuif .* ihaaa frrm tJuuiM ia< f*?p*ct*buuj, cau tlaf.a katoaBd kiro. Ha (all* M.ta Ua kinds af ifMrar.t ?n4 d tai jtnj rra'.ar.dara, ?ka, mcapafc<a af carina. Itch hia racai ,rv n'riKit ?? t-.a rl 1 a Mik ^it Mr!k,KM nullitt hi cia ki >ktaiaad. utd > daafaar laata i ju villi health ta > ji e??r baa jaflinj d.eap;>e.iitment; er kj Ua aaa ef that *aad.W yataaa, Mercery. bum tba ew>t!itrtw?l tn- ?rj ( i>k tarnbla <tteaaae, aatk Atactica-'tlaa Htir- Threat. Hwi. tin,4c.. prt|rtMii ( wr.k friftifal rapedity, till 4eath pt'a * varied l* bit (rat<lri atlarirft *j uo?u>| hua la teat ud.a*e*ara J eatauj freir vbaaa haarna aatri'alat raima ?&. JOBIMO?*i.fcMICl>Y ?'0R ? liUUt A?I> IMPOTE^CT. My lata rraai and t.TMt^ani nr.a4j waaknteaaf (ha ainai tla ayaedtly cerad ai.u fall Tif?r rtetertd Theaeaada a' tke saat aarttu aad deMliUUd, aha had iaa| lU hay a, ha a# Mas iiarnadmair rtlle?:d. All Maptdimea'.a la Ma.rr.afa. Ptytlea: at Caaaal Dteaaa ? lea tiara Ueaa ef P*raarata Fa??i. Ka Waa iirlul <f Traiak inf tnd Waakaaaa at Clhrva:>a? af ita atfearfhl Ktad tftaadi,; catad Niuiuuiurrflr tie piui ras MARY rMuCBAMM cui( U(U inaurvuaa vttkva iki ItHMfiaUM ? ??, ud Ik* c*ic*r*?u iiLfMUtt *><)' Hi finiiKi p*r1ara*4 k? Di. J*hL?*?i, ?.u * < ky U< LflMnin ti lk? p*p?r* lit May Kllr HfWii, *? at 'fink ltf*iMMr*< i(tku<tf?ta ??< ? ik* MkIM, * *umu>iui<o>( hi fmc**u>>f tuuuiuc > * ?? ltlty, I* lUiiui (uni t* u Ik* illtlki U r R. J. BOVfcU 1K)D'? IMPERIAL WINK BITTKH8, Ar* low bMDf maod (run MR>de to the Grant tell LRke, reI ttie RAiTerMLt verCict of r11 who dm tf eir, Rtther R* R iMtfumi or ri R bjvirmft. .1 tr.Rt tbey Rre outr>?^ iu lite world. l?r. [Mi im<: UJ8D! su^cwm/RIi* ?B mi pTRcdo? lor r?Rra before we psrohakM ? klr> t*r sole ncht tc> n.nnffvctsre Rud rrefcer t t .?rr. Jor ?l ? to tie kwhijo. For the o*re of lit. iptkBt Cc i*:a?Uor. IDj?KH>V t'i.asv narrecfl ?>i?e**M. FetoRl# Con ?a. jti Rod r.' one i *mt Rtosio,they Rre t?jcjiu d- *^t r inoat b!e rericJy. Aaid* f-cn their ir ?J!cii *' ?fW trl'lt tbc? *rc * tare, wnoio one ?nd jroiucint *U tM ?f5r?U of iirandr or Win# wit! us< tiiMr iBiar >nr r ju.U. i-et al* fn?u<i? of Sat:iauity kid all of t?c.per&ooe m?i?* ? iii sni.f.itjirj . <?t va nr.; . Vojeubie *Vtte? f. r thr .: *?-. Lw?o" witti w(r ,i tr? ccrr- ' r i? flo<.l?m, and ibere^j Sc'us.:/ \id i i Lt-tiitL .1 knii D.unfces'Oa \ (roin Uis ixnti. _ < I'BAKLK? W.lWIFiKLD * CO., I'raarieU 7?- \\ i ,?'l strort. >ew \aiic. J. JOHWAK'/E. Aca&t, \Vfcshir;tolt, D. C. pg. i. boveb pone* IMrB.R.IAL. W/J JI17T1BS. v For 1>:Mfti? of tbo Ki-inoj ?. KMJm tnd I'riLfcrr Ors&or. and Mp*eit4i7 for rrait.' Oh?trneti"|a, never hu. to ?ure. *sd are warrt^teJ to civ* *C%AkLE8 WJDDIFIELD 4 COFrofnelore, T9 Wiutam eC/New >'<"* I J. tfCHWXRKK. jeVlyj Atnt. Washington. P. C. j?v mjtfffsiiMmrimff RAD! AFN.T TUE REMEDY B E JO ICE 1A HEALTH, Friend, do you Buffer? Are job the ioUib of any ofthoM mmcroui ai-raecu aru? iroa iapnrlty oflhe Hood? What are tker, do yo? ut' ,n| ft * " 'HfJ m? i I Uf UKIUU IB ?*?? which .fret. """'NiM Ut? pu.a*> in&lUbi} ttt,nu Tfc? ***r T!W' Ul* irriUtlO{ tr r? m th? tobk Dobihrr, Drr^nt. Liver Compi&int with it* a?l?^^.^urd^JP0^n *2^ th.? pan-.fcerlf*? ftita that I?to, certve 'b?:r hrifsw* orirtr from th? au<i eufer ua to oomiBO^dto your o-rhdeace a?*d u? that truly medicament known aa Mils. M. cors INDIAN TEGFTAFLK DECOCTION. With retard to this almnat infallible aeeeifie i popular aeptiruent luva apcfceu in decided triun, and the endeno^a tf thia great H&oaoy are eoa i tained by oonataat avovaia of curati vr c fiecta and th? happiest results from ita use ai * after all other remMies and the boat medical akiil have fai'ed. I Let as ear, in eouclorioa, th*t certifiaatca ourec are sot aoaght from the illiterate and ruper ftoiai, bat they are volunteered from the ?*( re HHM aouroea and justify the Mf h?t U'ma iu which it ia coasible to oodmM ao valaat,e a ?*ci6o to puhlo avsroval. Ws may add that , raeooranre properties01 in? ireatcme aree?uanea only by 1U reetorati ve effects, the mUiti recover- J int. fromdlutM with renewal ooo?titat"<nal vigor. For ?le b* ail respectable J>ru<rieU 10 this OttT.and b? the proprietor, MR!1 M COX. None leiiDine anlees her nuitii blows ol U>e bottle and her Ma! on the oork II rPrice SI per bottle, ru bottiee for wholes*!* At/*!. R. f. T. CIS. EL. Lnarcirt, > Georgetown, I> C? Wholesale Agent for tbe I)ie> thot, and will cappi; the trade at m> pncoa. ? lt-tr i nvnulutv h*a aiuk a %. r ui u iil-^y ; r ?? Your attention fti.ti examination i? reepeetfu I* olloit?<1 to rxajniQ* the ce elrat*4 New York Ot'TTA KEROMA KOoFINb and UeGUTTA KCHA PaINT lor paintinc tin roofs. Tkn utta Perob* Roofeni ana Punt la ??k?*NH &?l!UitbNtvekitntiin New York oit; to b? i beat ud cdPAfat K.- hrg anU Paint la e*i?t UM It can Ix imi at H. W. HAMILTON'S P?:t( Stora.91*2 Seventh street. CA^FIELD A HAMILTON are the sole acenta for Washiacton, Gaornetowa, Alexandria and the ftoutli. Fi>r fur tk*r information Mid re? au above. f 1? tf otq *. raiBMTon. oak ? & impost** or ?w# Fa. Arm., FOREIGN FRUTV. r*.Art, OONFECI iONP. WU*rfik?fL PATES, P*E?EkV12*, _ . CON i >1M K N 1>, *0., Btji eave to c*Ji theatteauan of tua friewie ts4 lhe aat/.ic iMisra!!j W> hi? New ?inre, under Hil- A. lard's Hotel, jcet opened, in oor.ruion vslh MS y eld ettablisaaMDi. where h? vi i h? ^?P7 * *i re mr orders far sap*nor Ooc/eot.out of b:t ova Ala?,*.!! ordera for Pincers. .tappers. Ba. .?, ax? 1'nrate Parties, whioa will taMfvoii ap ia fc.? ia- f im;labia stria, with the same s-rtiii?tz:eas and d'awHtg?l> be ha# hiHiertn ?Fiowr ? ( A W.U. T. DOVK A OO. i /IRE Nov praaarad U> aaacai* any ar-ars w:U wkjoh thej K M M (arortxl .$ the PLUMBING, GAB OJl^TKAM PITTING IDT Store ob Kh straw, a few doors north of ll. Srrriue, wbere m\j be found a oot>R ete Meortn." I P| URK OLD HVy I o/pure Old It. WkUkyC^r*'L*. tilted. msdw i.y tfc? moat r?Uab * diatiharam P? caylvaua. Mar?iaoU M V^jiaia, warra iUd par?. Ai*o. Inrortui Rraadiaa, Honnaaay, (Hard. Dm put ft Co.. Jal*? R"1?ie?, ft a. Aito, Peaeb aoii Aaa.a yr^r 'j pure H : ?nd ?!l. old JaiC?. <a aiid Vu Croix Rani, and Wiaoa of ovary variacy. all of luwaH bracda- A choice lot rf Cicaia and Toba^. YOUNO ft KBPHART. Arabia. ?u-ia ?*? K aw- hotw ath at*< tat? ?>. Dl7PO*T8 61 NPOWDEl, " For aaJa at mar. u facta r?ra *noo?, by JOHNJ. D4?D1 K^ioicitowk D. C_ c-l. ^ ^ .1 * >-?- ) j?? ***** apncy rw IM mmm ? m hiph i I . Mliitaai rery vtnrtv, ot n*.nj. deiivrrd frc* to *<, p*rta of it? Qii t nt. 0'iip ?oaafcl?o !* sft ?t Lhe " c of Ad*m?' Kl?r?? C<)inMr? ?Vn*Hinrt??n. f). fT frS Uwit BiLTiMull BJUTTRR HOl tK. Duty rtswinnf fn?k tad sweet. iu <io*fc?> fit fc<"u" %WMSVf o-rp; a l L fe H U71 1 ?? f * * t %r \ JACKSON, F I, 4 * T K X E k S. fuii. ivmti. * W?*w Iftth ?i>d tlth W ' < hTcE>BIN? 4 HONS' UNRITAi Kit P?- " J

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