Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: PUT DAT IVfrttUT T, 19?. IZ7~ The rf?w Dollar VV e?-kly falier than ever of Metropolitan new* and gosaip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the puV.Tc Embraced In Its entertaining content* are the following articles : The Family Plat*, (concluded,)?a graphic story; Artemns tV?rd on 'Forts;" The Mysterious Dish? a ily Incident; Interesting Foreign MiscelUny, Ac , *< ; ? ' * I ik- A Editorials on ill toe euimi iopica ?i ?nr ???), | \< .'.and 6 1f Amos Kendalls muter) v articles ,ipoa A complete retvrnt of CongreS- | sfonal Proceedings up to the date of going frees; Urpn^n^ntal Reports: Department News; Seven Columns of Interesting Local Intelligence, Including fall reports of the doings at the St. Andrew s Supper, the reception of the Putnam Pbalani, the reception of Senator Douglas, the Virginia Alexandria Conference, rt cetera, tt itUra; More than Tfaree Colmnns of ralnable and fresh Ajrricultunl Matter, Aouaehold Recipes, Articles on Gardening and Horticulture, Recipes for the Workshop, &c , Ac ; A great variety of General News in ibwi. easuy re*d paragraphs; Rich Humorou* Sketches; Piquant Personal Items; and an infinite spread oi choice Literary Articles, Prose and Poetry, too numerous to particularize. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 81 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. ftp:nt ot iks Msralng Press. The Imttlligimctr, addressing the Southern people, recommends for the solution of our present pol.tlcal complications the assembling of a Convention or Congress of Delegates from the siaietolding states for consultation. Thus it edopts, as the only hopeful remedy under existing "1 1 ** ?* ira? 1Kb flni vit^uiuvMiiivm, iuai nui^u iuc ??v ..... of all the press to recommend, and which It Uai a'nee persistently and earnestly urged Tb? Cmmttituttpn expresses dissatisfaction wltb the romnvitinn of the HonieCoDlmitUY notflir.a ted yssterday by Speaker Pennington. Thai ?We have private advice* from Teiai which satisfy us that Cor. Houston's late de rlension to call together the Texas L?egU:atur< to consider the State's duty in the crisis.will scarce jy delaytfier participation In the secession polic) of her sister cotton States. Governor Houston hai at length consented to be governed l>)' what bt may regard as the wishes of the people of Texai in the matter; and already the latter, without dis tinction of party, are petitioning him in even county?th? whole people uniting in signing th> petitions. Such is the state of popular sentimen there already, as that by the time the expectcd ac tion of South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississipp may b? known there, the State government o Texas could not fail to be subverted by revolutloi repudiating its authority, to obtain the State con eation the Teiaa advocates of secession demand Til Composition of the Hoc*k Sphcui, Com kittkx trpo.i Sactssio* was the subject most dis euutd In Washington last night, and though ex treme men from both sections Had fault with 11 we candidly confess that we do not perceive ho\ toe Speaker could have selected a better on? take It as a whole, from the materials out of whic he had to n&ike it. It represent! every shaae c Congressional opinion upon the question of th times, and. we doubt not, embraces a consider! ble majority well disposed toward* the settiemec of toe diAcuity. Mcsicaj. Publications.?From Metzerott, w have received the Operatic^oquet, containin tnlrty-four choruses, quartettes and concert? pieces for mixed voices, and several pieces f< single voices, male and female, arranged from tl most popular new operas, by Edwin Bruce, an published In handsome style by Ditson of liostoi Also, ' The old gray step by the cottage door, song , " On ' 'tis pleasant la our home/' ballad and " Dormi Jesu," or the virgin's cradle hymi also published by Ditson. The New Vork papers announce the art vaI nf mar# ?Tllr? from th* Kiwth In IVvs? , Ixty steerage passengers returued from Savauna! 6a., by order of the municipal authorities of tb r.ity. These, added to the number reported 1j week, make a total of -J78 patsengers from tJ North who have been turned away from southe ports Ms B ores, of South Caicllua,we regret to sa designs following the example ef Mr. Hawkii of Florida, In. requesting to be excused from ki iflff ?1 IV>n tK- m 1 / ^??->m ' 11 r??n sa^vMinn ?6 -r"" " 11 1 ???*.?. > V,. ?. We heir that efforts have been made to inda Mr. Hsutton, of Alabama, to do so likewise, b apprehend that they will be fruitless. fl r Wm And In the Richmond Enquirer Saturday last a letter from Mr. Senator Mason, Virginia, addressed to the editor* of that pap< in which he advocates the call of a Conventi to ascertain and declare'he position which ti Mate should assume in the present crisis. TP"Mr Ulmin, the operatic manager, is t latest victim in the crisis. The people will r go to the opera in "the pecarious state of afl'd in general," and he succumbs. IC7"FromM.l) Ruaaell, .538 t*eveiith atreet, i have " Lioneii>, a Sequel to the Jew of Verons by Rev. A Brraeiana. S J., handsomely itau by K?lly, k. Piet, Baltimore. ITT The official vote of Missouri it announc as follow*. fiooglaa, 58.801; Bell, 5^372; Href inridge, 31,317; Lincoln, 17,U5M. m 11 ? ? a i . C*l. W Gate*, U 8. A., and ex-Gov. Louis Lowe. Md . an- at the National. Hon. D C. Ltttlrjobn baa commenced pi ceedtnjjs against Horace Greeley, of the Ni York Tribuae, for alleged libels uttered pendi tbe Ute election. Ex-Governor Jno. P. Jackson. N J.; Hi J RandolDh Clm* 1" 9. .Mlntitrf to P?m finally, J. B Baker, Collector of the Port of PI bdelpals; Capt Friable, USA; Capt. Geo. Holme*, Capetown, C. G. H;G. \V. Heal Bombay; George, N Y.; L de la Fom French Consul at Philadelphia. and family; \1 l.yinlngton. L? Joe. L Hardsuff, Capt Jerd ai:d family, IT. ? A ; Gan D de Golcufla, L are at Willard's. Nnr Glck ?We advertise to-day a new st of glue, which must be needed in every hou This is reported 1? be the identical glue w which the man glued hia dog together after (the dog?-not the man 'jhad split himself in t Lalvea by running against a sharp post while pursuit cf a rabbit. It ie related or this unfor nate dog that, he was stuck together with t legs up and down, and remained so for the resl his life; albeit he was a more durable dog al than before this slight accident, because while wi? mmii| vu two ie|fi mr oiB(f IWn Were K 1 ng, and be tutd only to Hop over on the r?*sl and jro ahead, afresh TUia onty lUowa t! rare should be taken in stli kinjj things togeth when you have a good glue to work with ZntrrUle Attrcra Fbom CaLipoama,?San Francis o dates to 1 S4th of November nave been received by p? MM There Is no general nevp of Importance. The uews sent by telegraph to Caison Vail relating to the secession demonstrations of ?oi CaioUua, Uceru<a, ic f has caused an unua sensation, forming the universal top.c of con\ aiuiin, (cumut in m regretful mood Mbjot J B scott. ct U?e V a. army, died gu Fnmclaco on tue '."id A klr|{npble dltpticb received to-day it \ rfk|, announced the d?mth at Delazon Smith |Kir?bd, Orenou, on tbe lfmfc. He wm recri, one at tbe t u> Vrd States Senators from that Su Large number* of Chintae bad arrived at Pi land from the mines In tbe Brlttab l'ini)f bavin* been drives <>' by tbe Indians. Reports of rich gold mines in Oregon and W i 1 nirto* continue as osaal. . . . Mac* November 4tb ft 15,0?0 In gold has b. received at Victoria from U* Kraaer river mlj T b?re wu> *>!?* >Ut ?t lk? V '* *? ob November 3d, growing oat of tbe long extai prejudice of tbe iioerocs again* the wbltn negro population having emigrated to Bri CelmbU from California, to Improve their m aoaittoa, which they claim to be equal la liking* to any other race. ID-Tbe election In New York city on Tu? paaaod ?ff very quietly?the day waa * tor my the vote wn? vrrv llgbt Of tbe Aldermw ?iei five are democrata end four are republican that the new Uar4 will stead thirteen dewoc to four republicans CTTbe boretlng of two immense water m ea the Fifth avenue, In New York, Wedna night will eocanion a abort anppiy of water ?w??r three day* ' r i r*** u uKA L = CONGRESSIONAL. Tbistt-bixth Cosoixst?Sbcoxd Skiiiom. Hor*i?Yeaterdav, after w* went to preaa. the vate being taken on the bill of >ir Cobb, relative j * 4 41 *- ? * A# vo conwmng idc wuiub "iiiiniaiuui piivc vi | public lands, it wm passed. ! After tbe announcement of tfce Committee et , Tbirty-three. published by us vnlfrdiy? , Mr Hawkius, of Florida,said that, oa Tursdaj. be refilled to vote, and now asked to be excused j from serving on the committee, for the reasons ( which he then gave. He had consulted older ; members than himself as to whether it was volmtarv or not for a member to eetve; ud had been Informed that a member U compelled by the rules of the House to serve en the committee to which he is appointed; and that If he does not do so he object* himself to something like rebuke or reBimand. So long a* he was a member of the onse he was willing to conform to all its rules, mad was unwilling to bring upon himself rebuke or repMmand. Hence be asked the House to excuse him froth serving on thecommitte If he should be compelled to serve, he would be a very unimportant and a very inefficient member of the committee As to the idea <f getting up a committee with unanimity. In a great, powerful, Union-saving manner, he was opposed to snything of that kind, believing that tbe time for compromise has pest. Mr. John Cochrane, of New York, sMd he had heard with a great deal of regret his friend aking to be excused from service on the committee I believe that if from the gentleman's 9tate, where the people are looking with Intense solicitude to lap proceeaings 01 iuii avajr, lunr ?uice ruuiu w heard, It would be In tones of appeal to their representative to stand forward at this issue and asuuine the brunt of this controversy I do not believe that Is Is Important to the welfare of tbe country that the committee should make a unsnlinous report on tbe subject with which It Is charged God j-rant it may be. (Applause and cries of order ."J If we are to have no unanimous report to save tbe country from the pangs and agony of secession. 1st us know what demands are made bv one section of the U nion from tbe other, and let us feel what is the pulsation of tbe country, and let ut be enabled to answer the inquiring exclamation, which comes from every (wrtion of the land, '-Watchman, what cf tbe nltthtclearly and conclusively, whether storms and madness rule the hour, ar whether there is a harbinger of peace, or whetLer there is one gleam of morning to s~e the stirs and strips floating from tbe doiue of the Capitol. [Applause from tbe gclleries ] Mr. Garnett rose, and expressed tbe hope that. In the grave deliberations of this body, they wonla not thus be Interrupted, whether on the flaor or from the naileries fHlsses from the naileries 1 He so* moved that ttie galleries be cleared [Re1 nr *-ed hissing ] It was due that those disgraceful blackguards, who violate the ri.les. decorum, t and dignity of the House, sl.oald be expelled. The Speaker said he bad no doubt tbat the suggestion of th?* gentleman would be sutficieut for a respectful auditory. ? Mr. Cochrane reiterated hit hopethat Mr. Haw* ? kins would remain on the committer. 5 Without taking the question of Mr. Hawkins's motion, the Hons?, at a few minuter pa*t two " o'clock,adjourned till Monday. I rnm+m* e JO" ' The l.ife of the Klrsh is in the Blood," I was said by Inspiration long before Harvey's discovery of iti circulation had brougut to light its purposes and ns?n. Now we know not only that life >i in the blood,:' but that disease inhabits it also, if Many of the disorders that prevade the human n frame, have tbeir dome in it, thrive and grow In it. The celebrated Dr J C. Ayer, of Lowell, has '* bad regard to this important fact in making a Remedy to cure those disorders His Extract of C... .1 It- >?? 4 c<i i ma pa rii la pur^n uui i uc iiii|'uniirs ui lur u>imu " and Induces a healthy action in it that expei? difi eise. This looks reasonable, and it Is tme. for we know by our own experience. Seldom as we t P>ke any medicine, we have nevertheless several ' time been under obligations to tiie skill of Dr. K Aver for the relief which hi* remedies never fall r, to afl'jrd us when we are obliged to have recourse h to them?Catholic, Halifax, X S. >f ? e r? ATTENTION. NATIONAL DEMOJJf CRA IIC VOl.U.NTf.h RS ? Meet on SAT l* f PTOAY EVENING. th?8th instant,at your hail, it at 7J-j o'clock preciselj. The presence of every member u desired. R. CLEARY, Captain. ,e J H. GANTT. Rec. Sec (iC ' ? "Y"3=? NOTICE.?Dedication of the First Presby , tenan churci. Four-and a ha f ?t., Sl<N" r>AV.!Hh in-t. 'I*n? dedicatory di?onurse will M >r d'Mveted at II o'clock a m. by the Rev GaBDI*ii D. D.,oI New York,assisted by Rev. \xm 'e McLai, I>. L?..iO'nierly pastor of the church, aut. id Rev. B Scmi!R!_*mi, It, 0., tne present pastor wlf? will ir.ake tho pra>er of dedication. The secoi.d disco >ri>e will be delivered at 3 o'ol'S " p m.. by the Rev. Chiklss H. Rkkd. 1>. D.,o i. Richmond. a*?i>t?-d bt R^v P. D. Oi ki.k. I) I). ' Chap ain ? I th Senate, mid Rev G. W.Samson, v > D,. Proii'tfi.t of Coiimliik CoIlMa. The third due mr?e will b? delivered at 7K o'el'l in the evioin< by the Rev. Jov* Jxnk>!?p, V I) , t Phi adelphia. assist: d br the Kov. T. H Stockto.n L). IX, Chap am oi the Home of Representatives of a d Kfv Mason Noblk, of the P.a.littery of thi i, I'ntnct of ColumLia a;.d Chaplain of the Unite* ' States Navy. at n r> collection* wil! be intil^. heatr. in the churcl i*t free throartcot the day. A cordial invitati >n to !>o present ar theae inter ^ e t ii? ?rvio>-? n ext-nded lo the people ot Wash rn ii gton and al! strangers lojonrniuR in the city. da7-2t Yy*l O. O. F.?Tto Offiiers aud Members r y, Rids*lJ E'.campnjeut, No. 5, are hereb notified that the nest regular seosiou of our En '^nt will be h Id on TL^SDAY, the 1 ith ? l)?-)?3mb*r. Patriarchs arc r?<ju?st>;J to be punc tual, a^>usinc4s of impo. tanod wil claim thoir at |0!iiIUU. ce Je 7 3t* B. A. KIPPER, Scribe. ut nr*?UNION PRAYKR MBETING will b 'I < h.lden everyday this week in the Foundr ME. Churoh, corner of O *n<! Fourteenth atreeti cf to commence at?q unrter put 4 o'clock p. m.. to b continued one hour. de3 V^?FAIR.-Th? la-liea of Chnat Church wi fr> I ? hold a Fair, comin ncing on MuNDA'i on the 3d of December, arid continuing through th t week,at Thoru'a lla'l, *0"s Seventh *t eet. The si lie.t a liberal patroua?? from the ci'i^ens < Washington in b'hall of the moat venerable churc in this city?the moth'r nf all the Epi?cori chirches, and a loving sia'er to a 1 other*. de 1-7' iot jy?=?PHII.ADK1,PHIA CONFECTIONERS ir* U^-3 'ot* CrHm Water lcea, Wedding Cake F?undCakea, Mince Piea,Pastry, Crusta f rOy?t< iee, J-IIips, ana a general assortment of nit things in the Confectionery iine, at FtJSSKI.L'i we corn r Twelfth and F ata. no 24 lm* r^*'NTKRK8TlNO TO BANK NOT trd 13 HOi.DKKS.?Virgi ia notes taken at p< ror Clothing at the Peoples' Clothing retire, rti 4 HO Seventh rtreet. N 8 ?I havi on lnn-1 a v*tt large and soperu ed stonk of Mens' and Boys' Clothn.g Pirni'ki' .w ti'KXls, Hats and Caps, at prioea to suit the time * J ft. SMITH, <;l?thi?r. _no 24 lm N<>. 460 7th at , oppo. Post Offioe. Y3=?DEMPSEYfc O'TOOI.E, JJ? WEDDING AND VISITING L CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of fin* WEDDING bTATIONERY ? WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylo BW Okie n. a. ? V ? A*.! J ' * I A. AV., IWiWKJII 9111 &QU HUM IM , ng *11 27-6111 Wuhis?to?, on C*ARM HANDS POR HIRF.-Twoable-brdi< nd r Negro Men and two Bojri, aocuatomeri to 1 ill- kind* or farmiag. The?* negro?? to hred f T "he "u ni.jr year. Apply to HENRY C.MAI THEW 8, Georgetown. de7 e?',tw* XTORSES! HORSES!! aj. n HORSE SI! Ian Ju?ta-riv?d at DORSEY & RAINEV'S I ive ,a S abl">. 8'h *t., between U an<l E.a lot of r\ fine H(>KSE>, amo;i(?t them a pair rf finajLS liort >ail Hor?ea dikIi driving Hor?e*. , anil a Pony anitable for a hoy ti rile, all of whi< y v will he ? >fil on <at'ng t?rin?. de 7 at* Uh Qi NEW 81 Yi.ES he OO CLOTH CLOAKS. VV> have fliia day opened 33 wore a?w CLOT ^ CLOAKS, auoh aa Arab?, Knglnh Sao*u? IB Zouavee, Kaxquea, Che?terfi?!da. Paletota, ai tQ* fri Lr 1 mrrta<I n/1 P D -4-' ? .- .? > >>>m?m mn viwwuvii i??iviioa now iiji wo Siaev# Cloak*. ; of ljl<??k 1*P4 rtnient S?eond Story. Reni?m6er, th? ylaoe le MAXWKI.L8', He 7 3?? 3/1 Pa avenue at- ^0\ Mil LINERY GOODS. ^! 3r?ONNhTS, PLOWKRS. FEATH lfl U" ERS. R1RBONS, RI CHKS, *r' RUCHES, RIBBONS, ? FEATHERS, FLOWERS BONNETS. HATS-HATS. BONNETS, MILLINERY GOODS-FANCY GOODS, ttf A. P DOUGLAS, ??ld Stand, ltlir 893 P? av.,-aoutiiside, ' de 7 3^ lot ftth ami luth tt? 1CH MLK ROBES! RICH SILK ROBES! ;,'h RICH DRB&S SILKS' " , RICH DRESS SILKS 11 RILEY'S i* tiie place to buy * leh Ureas Si.k? '?r- low i"ioei. Rep*, trench Merino."*, C*sli"ier< All Won Mou?*?1im*; in faot, jam will finu i at kind* of DR.* GOODS at very reduoad prioi Call anJ tee. om WM. R. RILEY * BRO . No. 30 Central Store*. fl between 7th and 8th street*, lUT de 7 6; opposite Center Market NEW PAWN OFFICE. *Q ,nm' O Q K- W A R D~Dealer m New0 a id ?- act Of OWrtmac, respeotfally informs t l>h* pah ie t at he *** opened a i.lCRNBKD I'aW OFFICE a' No T? Loaisiaua avense, botwe KB I ' 111 1 iu? n im, t I?W iOO'l (HI or Ut DAW Ct i<a ! tral Guvd-hon**, vh*re h? will b? at ail tin . r I prepared to wait oo Ilia patrons with promptne T", I Mtoctton and tna atnotoat iuatio?. N. E. ? Jewslry, Dry Gooda, Clothing, Meohi iaa'To 1?. 4c., always on nand at prnata said ri* 7 lm* rlS (; ? K A T BARGAINS " Orru? *r irt PEOPLE'S CLoTHINO STORE. ? No. 460 Bcvswtr Siaitr. day CLOTHING. and . ^FURNISHING GOODS, tied HATS ? _ *** cap*, **u A* *0 P*? At V'M* f WV U*?4t *AT1 1Q* N.JwUlia want ot CLoThVnG mU FU WISHING GOODS will lad it frwtly tSfthair a for Tuitft to r?v? m? * ?*>! naTiia .. J. SMITH, CLormm <4 I .r.-wJMai I PUMTwyr w?w>. A P**aios Ckktificatk Ritckmid.? Andrew J Socriat, of South Carolina, a pensioner of the L'aitexl Statea on account of dlaeaae contracted In Ibe Maclean war, tea returned bia certificate to n the Commiaaloner of Teutoaa, and relinquished /: ?ny further claitpa on the General Govern meat, on the grouud that a dlaaolation of the Tnloa la innitA. flaerlatwaaa Lieutenant in the gal- r Lant Palmetto r erf meat, and for hia gallantry |n Z tbe fire bari oaateated field* In which hit rail- 4 mem was engaged between Vera Cruz and the rity of Mexico?Cbepultepac, churubusro. Beleu. (l fcc ,-wai awarded a gold medal by the Stale or South Carolina. At tha city ef Mexico be Wat Cl discharged in consequence of disability for torn- 4 tinulng in tbe aervlce, and returned home. Ha- b ping that hia youthful vigor would overcome hla d disease, he declined applying for a pension until # the year 1954; but waa then driven to itaaa meana ? of support for himself and family, who were dependent upon hit individual exertions for a livelihood. 0 e Frauds o!? thk Pension Office ?Amoa Bur- J den, of Alliaace, Ohio, haa iuat been convicted 1 and sentenced to seven years Imprisonment In tbe penitentiary, for presenting fraudulent bounty ' land claims at the Pension Office. O. \V Young 2 and G W. Potter, of Iberia, Ohio, have been ar- ^ rested, and, in default of ball, committed to tall * to await trial for similar alleged offences. Not- ( withstanding these caaes, we are glad to perceive ( from the Commtaaloner's annnal report, just sent to Congress, that tbe vigilance of tbe Bureau and tbe promptness of the Judicial officera are gradn- ] ally crushing out these depredators upon the Gov- j ernmeni. i tbi Weather.?The following report of thr ' weather for the morning Is made from the Amrr lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith- , onlan Institution. The lime of observation la , about 7 o'clock. DirEHin 7, 18rt0 Burlington. Vt cloudy, 2*)*. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy. Baltimore. Md fo^gv, cool. Richmond, Va. cloudy, 48?. Peter*burg. Va clear, cool. Raleigh, N. C...-. cloudy, 413 Wilmington, N.C clear, cold. Columbia, S. C clear, cold. Chjjleaton, 8. C... clear, 323. Augusta. Ga. clear, cool. Savannan, Ga clear, 48J. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbua, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, cold. Jackson, Ala clear Mobile, Ala clear, 45?. New Orleans, I .a ..clear. 5S>?. TKOM THf WI?T. Pittsburg, Pa .....overcast. 30\ Cleveland, O overcast, 33\ Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., for recVd for temperature,) '29,015; St noon, 29,903 Thermometer at 7 a. m ., 32'j at noon, 40; Maximum during'21 hours, ending # a. m. today 40"; minimum 30j^V U7" A prize fl?ht for one thousand dollars took place on wednes-lay. near North Berwick, Me., l*-?*een Michael Fritz, of Provid nce, and Wm. O'Neii, of Worcester. Sixty three rounds were fought, occnpying four hours and twenty minutes, when Fritz was declared victor, owing to a foul blow. Nearly one hundred and fifty persons wrre present from Boston by a special train. Neither party Ma ever rougnx in me ring ueiore. UU"A State Convention of all Union men, led off by Commodore Stockton, Wm C. Alexander, ex-Governor Price, Colonel Peter J Clark, Senator Thompson, and a large number of leading men of* the State, hat be<-n called at Trenton, New Jorsey, on the Flth of December, to concoct urh measure* ac may be deemed advisable under preaeut crisis of the repub'lc. A Mistake ?l*ast Saturday was pay-dar at the New York Custom-House, but by a mistake the drafts for tbc monthly salaries. Instead of coming to that citr, went to Charleston, S C , and those Intended for the latter place, went on to New York. This, however, was not discovered until within half an hour of noon. IH7"The whole family of Rev. Wm. Nast was poisoned on Thursday, at Covington, Ky., by eating peaches, put up in s?lf-sealing cans Prompt medical assistance saved their Uvea JfT" A lady being asked ha* place of nativity, > repnea. I am so unioriunaie a* xo nave no mil ve 1 p.are; I was the daughter of a Methodist clergyj man " , 1X17" A beatiful Parisian lorctte, a mistress of Count Cavour, It Is said, won S50,l)U0 at a gamb1 ling table at Baden Baden during the past season. ' HAVE YOU SEEN THE LAST NUMBER OF r THE \VEEKLY STAR, l'L BLISHE!D f THIS DAY?FRIDAY ? ^ CALL AT THE 9TAR OFFICE AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS AT A h It DISTANCE. KRISS KRIKGf.E'ft HEADQUARTERS FOR Tots and Fancy Notions m at de b-3t? LAMMONU'S. S?vnth at A FEW FINE PIANOS FOR RENT BY AP pi Ting early. Alio, i in* lot of Cluokenng A. ; Boot' unrivaled Pianos JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. av.. bet. <*'.h and 13th ?ts. ,f Two Pianos for rent at fl per month. de 6 RESS AND CLOAK MAKING. MRS.GEE Respectful!* aoliciti the attention ol the ladies and strangers of Washington to her new e (Dress and Cloak) Establishment, over Clagett 4 y May's dry goods store, No. 324 Pa. avenue, bsi, 9th and 10 h st*. de I at* CLOTHING! CLOTHING!! CLOTHING !!! Having on hand a very large stnck.of the most > fashionable st* o* of READY-MADE G<R" MENTs?. we offer the publio the greatest induoe T with our low pri?es,in order to r?dncs oui >* s ock Also, a fne assortment of (?KNT^' FL'Rh NiSHING GOODS. BAR A. BRO., J' de 6 2w Corner E and Seventh sts. - f WATCHES. 7. I < A hi cat a vn n L' M'P I.? u c at to nr a TOM va a j "i i'i no n.iu "rill l br> 11&4I J IT A I vnct^ by ail the most celebrated maker*. 'r Also, re iable Tnnek'epir* by 1ms notable na ! ker?, at verT lo - rato* i, A [arte assortment alway* on hand. M. \V. GAL I' A BRO., .. Jewelers, 3*4 Pa. avenue, de 6-3t 4 doors west of Brown'* Hotel. o. T* JUST OUT-NEW BOOKS. 1. HK Prinse of Wale* in Am*rioa, by Kinahai >r Cn'nuaUi*, 12mo, cloth; prioe .ai. '* Pefy Annotanot. from the French of Honor* a. de llaizao; p'io^ ?1.2"?. Old Mackinaw, Ac , by W. P. Strickland. 12no. cloth; price 91.25. At FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'S, _de6 2T8 Penn avenue. J^OTICE TO THE JHJBLfc. The ?n<W*l*ne<i haa in*t opened a wholesa'i 'a. PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at5l< rti th street, opp aite ceat?r Market, wnere n w 1- he receiving daily a general a**ortnenf. o ? ever* thine that grow* on > firm, fresh from th< hand* of ?he farmer*, auch a* Turkey*. Ch'ckens Lii Dnoka, Gee?e, Egg*. Butter?of all eaa it>e*. a Baltimore pnoe*-Dried Fruit A^flea, Flour r Bean*, Ao , Ao. whioh 1 will aell a* cheap a* eat he bought in this city, Alexandria, or Baltimore r\^,. i^\ I/-? ? t ?. J * ? i/riiTn ?nu KMu&Mivn P'lpcvuil J 1DT1VOU I1 o*l! and examine for the?ntelve?. dt>6 tf J. H. CAW^'IRLP. *J IVBW BOOKHat FRENCH 4. RICHS TKIN'S 1^1 8T8 FI.IN. Avmvi. 5j Ovinia,? novel. by <4. Ruffioi, I2rao.,?!otb; pit 9<js oh F&irbairn'i Great* of the Paau*iMi of Groat Rrit ain?nd Ite and, id 2 vola., tun., oloth; price 925 Hoaaek?*?er?' EnoTolopaedia of Cooking, Ao 12mo., ototh; >noe >12S d?6 H OriST ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PLA ' / O TED WARE ?<1 Eporf ne?. Flower and Fruit Standi, M Ten Sets, Urna, Waltera, I mt.A. C??.? n-L. oJ.I ft- r% * ft. jiu uui r i r?ij|oa| v>ftB o nABKSin | Butter Coolers, lo? Pitchert, Ac. . ..... A i&rge Msortmaot offthe ?hov?, both hoglts an<l American. M. W. GAI.T * BRO., Jewellers. 354 Pa *v , ^ de 5-3t * doors W?t of Brawn't Hotel. m H A ?1 M" X C K' 8. m f\ ImJ No 309. bkar-bkak-bbar ! ||a I hav? just received from 1 * the mountains a huge sa 'die of Bear, weighiuf 2 pounds. Also, t?>n saddles of sup:rinf VKN1"0> vh ch will be served up in steaks daily. Familx can i>o supplied with Ste?ks or il asliax 1'i^es b sending tiiiir nrUirsas alx>ve. Mv stool of OA MJ , i* very large, and I can 'apply any quantity at \ err short n? tice ?.n<l on vary reasonable tarm , n Mm supply of()YsTERSstiall&talltime?h??*fin ' t a* can in) bought. In fact 1 hare ?par?d neiUic ~ pains nor expanse t > make my Rous" tho moi .f? complete in ihie coentry. Nen-bers of Congr" and o her* who visit to take thai* Meale out wi Fi- find my h"u?) very convenient. Meals served froi 7?.m.toi2p m. My stook of WINES, LIQUOR nd CIGARS is oTthe finest that ean be had. Pc lite a-d attentive irvtnU always on hand. da54t . JNo. P. HAMMACK. Propr 08T0N BROWN BRE'AD! BOSTON BROWN BREAD! A The undersigned re?p*o'full> informs the aitisei o( Washington and strangers that lie has eetal ft? lished a Bost >n Brown Bread Bakery, which oa J; be had fresh every day by leaving ordete at hi " Store, 2S1 DeC, between 13 hand l3*ats.,Waei ? P. 8TOLP. 1' BUNI[ET,'.umm!: 1 ha*e on hand a la-ge assortment of Bad Bin kets, Bed cosnforte. Servants' Blankets, heat ? Grey Blankete. Sea let and Fa-icy Blankets, ii H"" C"""- *"FOANRECENT AND LARGE INDUCEMENT ? on?r?d in tho va?tlot* of SILK ROQESu DRRP89ILK8 pirahtted dirinr the recent rulia oftb-d<*pre**?d truM**NortKnd E^it. M. Omr atook of DRY GOODS, adapted to tko weni of persona m moderte oiroanutaooee. w?a nevt *o large and attnvotiveM now CARPETS,CUD R- TA1XS/OILCLOTH*. RL'OSfato.. ujparfloor * ?*'" ... % Nk. f v ft THE FlItlfH 111 THI SOI TH Impostamt riod soctm caioltha. ~ Colvxbia, Deo. 5 ?The Hoove p?< the bill 1 i pro Tide an nmrt military force without op oattion. It anthortxes the govfrnroent to rail ' ito aervtee ten thouaand volunteers It will be F iken np in the Senate to-morrow. I ? To-morrow the election for delegate* to the envention will take piece There la no excitelent whatever, but aetermlMttoa on the pert fthe people to carrythe State out mi the Union j I toon m poealbie The delegates will all be for nmediate aeceaaion. The President'* Me?age to here. It doe* not 1 reate much remark. The people were prepared >r the viewa expressed in relation to secesaion eforeband, and are taking auch atepa aa they f eem neceaasry to meet whatever exigency may j rrlve ) The election of Governor it ia believed, will ot take place UU Monday next. CnaKLBaTev. Dec 5.?There ia great excltenent here to-night about the election for delegate* J u the Convention to m<*row. The election will ' ?e hotly contested. The military were out thla evening in full force, vlth Palmetto banner* flying. Another flagstaff ras inaugurated on the Citadel Green. Major i cuprnniciiucui ui iuc v/iwuci awiucui j , j lelivered an address, lamenting the fate of the n<-? glorloua atara and atrlpes. A large number i >f ladiea attended the ceremony. I Thk Ssktimkxt or niw New orleans, Dec 5.?A synopsis of the 2 President's Meatage waa received here to-day. It s conaldered aa not Interfering with the right of ( teceaaion, but doea not cover the ground, and the remedy by constitutional amendment la deemed Inefficient The contemplated meeting of merchanta and banks failed. The principal commercial houasa will bold out. The banka are all lirm. Tni Fkiliito ik Alabama. Montgomery, Dec. 5 ?"The Breckinridge elector* met here to-day and caat their votea. Col. Rhett was sent as messenger. Mr. Yancey decllnea going aa Commlaaioner to d tl u. ...ill k. (n prvntfonlun a# DOUiU lyaiuilllft. It ~ will vc 111 IUC VVIITCIIU'-'U v? tbis State at the time that the Commissioners arc sent out. John Elmore will go aa Commissioner to South Carolina Judge Shorter will goto Georgia. Commissioners will be sent to all the States that ho d Conventions The news from the various counties In Alabama continue favorable to the disunioutsts There Is no doubt of the secession of Alabama with or without South Carolina. SxrK*?iox Movkxxkt lit Texas. New Orleans, Dec 4.?The citizens of Texas have been urged in a circular letter, signed by a number of gentlemen, to elect delegates to a Convention to as?emble at the capltol on the fourth Monday of the same month. The movement appears to meet with popular sanction. i 510* .mkktiso ix ihorth l/abolira. Raleigh. Dec. 4 ?The Union men are waking up here. There was a gr*at dem 'nitration at the Common* Hall la*t night. The hall wu rrowd-d and the galleries filled with the fair sex. Mr. Hold-tt, from the committee to draft resolution*, presented a series breathing devotion to the Union o long a* the Government whs constitutionally administered, and recommending the thorough organization of the milttta.the arming and equipment of volunteer companies, and asserting the duty of the State to demand her rights in the Union Mr. Hclden declared his fixed purpose to stand by the Union until the Constitution should be violated, and that In that event, the South should stand as a unit in defense of her constitutional rights Mr. Henry W - Miller followed, In a peech of two hour*, which for beautv and *tvle. sound sr gumeut, and eloquence of delivery, cannot be excelled Mr Vance entertalnedthe audienceforan hour, and be received a beautiful boqnet from the ladlM in the galleries as a testimonial for his gallant defence of the Constitution and the Union. We bad few disunlonists amongst us before these meetings, and I am sure that I can sifelysay that we have now very few. These meetings are called wholly irrespective of party. A whole family, exiled from South Carolina, passed through here yesterday morning in charge of the Express Company. Tneir od'enc* was the same aa that of the others that have been shipped. GRAPES! GRAPES'! GRAPES!!! Just received 1(10 kog^of Grapes, in fcod order, to t>e *old wholesale or retai at de5 3 C. G \l)Tl KR'8. 838 Pa. avenue. A VISITING CARDS. NEAT And pretty Card Case presents to oar customers with ever* two packs ofcards printed. DEMPSEV Jt O'TOCJi.E, Purd Vnrr?rAri de 5 eo2t Pa a"., bet Hh and loth ?ts. OPENING OF MILLINERY. on SATURDAY. Dece<Tibe 8th, at the MUline-y aml^h Fancy Store of LOUIS PRI B* A.M. No 477CBP JCiKhth ft., corner D at. The ladies and pn V ic are ruapectfully invited Tim liu?iu?s < will he conducted hy Mrs. C. Pr br * m de V3t" t>C MORE NEW AND" * > STYLISH CLOAKS. Openel tins morning many novelties in the lot. to Vlnoi we ask the inspection of the ladies, as %-t are selling great bargains in all handsome Dresi Goods. J. W COPLEY * CO., de5-At 3'i3 Seventh ?t? above Pa. av. C- GAUTIER'S FRENCH RESTAURANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In soliciting your patron Age. would reape?*fnHj c*ll your a't*nti<>n to hia elegant aalta of PAR OkS, RhCEPTION ?nd DIMNG ROOmS - fuiniahed in th? moit fa?lu>nalile aty!?, an J alwayi r ?*d? to aocoinmodate several parties at any mo ment '2*'2 Pa avenue. de 5 eo6w JCHHAPP-tPKR. UST Received another lot of that extra heavi Commo'cial Note Paper at a dollar a ream. A !?<> very good Envelopes at #1 per thousand. till Paper, extra quality, at .$J. Blank Hook* ot ail kinds. D aries, a most complete assortment and at ex ceediuglir low nrioes WM BALLAXTYNP'S. 49^7tbst. de5 St Above Odd Fellows* Hall. I Notice? notice NOTICE!!! RIO. P. CALLI8, or FORE ION WINES LIQUORS, AND PRE SERVES. Has received, per la*t immense qaan tity of liquors and M iners, unequnled bv an; wholesale dealers n Washington. A!S', I noeb'xe i of Preserves, of diflprsnt kinds, suoh ai cannot h honaht for lens than 2 > ?or own'. ?n an* atore. Giv , in^acaH and try my aooda, No. 874 it at., betwcei <tth and 9 h sts , Washington. deSeolm r virginia monkv T IRGINIA MONEY Taken a* par. no iratte vnat amount of good* mar Its piirohaa?d of ni4. > w. MOR8KLL, de 4-tf No. 323 C at, Itetw 6tn and 7th ?t?. DIANOS.?One very fine Rosewood Ch'ekerin ? Piano for aale upon monthly pnTmfnU_j?. ' at 8X25. A laree aaaortment of Stein wa?|HnE A Nona'and Raven A Baoon'a Pianoa have'l* *? ' juat h.?n recrivod. Theae Pianoa are no* onnnd , ered the beat ma~ufactun?d. For aa!? a'the'owe* ; factor? pricea at the Ma*io Store of W. G M KTZ ' P-ROTT. de 4 n 'T'HE STYLE-1! ? I THE QUALITIES'! o THE PRICES!!! OUR *TOCK OP CLOAKS. SHAWL8 an WINTER WRAPPINGS for ladies (are aai " by purnhaaerai to exoel in a 1 the above poiaU. '' Our at>ck of DK Y HOODS for laniily want* l ? (aa uaual > oomplcte in all department*. carpets, curtains, oilcloths RLGw, Ac , Upper Floora. HOUSE LrNEN8, COMPORTS. BLANK ET8, fco . Baaement and the "Vault* " One prioe only; t'e v*;?e marked m plait fimrei _ All pa'oela oarefutly p?ok?d lf? of charga. An examination of Hock incur* no obligation t purofcM*. PERRY A BROTHER. Dealers in brat olaaa Drr Good a, Pennsylvania avenue ana 9th atroet, deJSt "Perry BaUdiag " h Tvne, TWO, THREE AND FOUR II FACED SHAWLS. We offer more than our uaual assortment i - Broc'je and Chainelainfe Lung SHAWt 8,ia on* two, thre* and four faoed designs Shaw la of tb aliove classes survive all the changes in fasfrioi and form a rich, stylish, and the most durable Wii > tjr W rapping extant. Our nock of all other kindaof SHAWLS at m CLOAKS will be found new, novel and extenaive I, All kinds of DRY GOODS in general u??. ) On# nriAA nnlv thA vftJnft nft.rlrMi in !&in fimr* j th*refor* i osurchasrr isd*o*i*ed. 6. IT7- CARPETS, ^URTAINS, RUGS, Oil a CLOTH, Ao . upper floors. x. HOUSE LINENS, BLANKETS,COMFORT! 10 &o., basement fad the vault*. it An examination of store and (took solicited, it . incurs uo obligation to pnrebase > PEkRYA BROTHER. 11 Pena avenue and Ninth street, in de 3-5t "Per?y Building" ? UOME-MADE SHIRTS' ML HOME MADE SHIRTS!! During the past two month*, the "dell e*aeon ? we have ma<4e a la-go suppl* of bENTLEMRN1 DRKSS SHIRTS, and will sell them at a low price thai usual at " 8TEVKNS'S Sales Room, jj _de l-10t . Brown's Hofl. Is POR HIRE-A Ukejy COLORED BOY of I- r years of age. (stare.) He Is wry honest, ai welftaucht as a nouso-sarvaot, aad Is ooiy hm out beoau** of tk? owner having no employmo! ~ for him For terms, Ao., apply at 104 Gay stree H 0PEN,N?OPANBW.ERRANT. >r TW wndereigned herewith rivei notiaa to h frienda and the onblio in ceneral that he will ope on Monday, Peoeniber 9f, a ftrst-olaM HMtaoru _ fliW. 1 AT PKKNCH *K*Tct4tt?K?N'?. m PA. * If A tents for the ytkolt World. Folk* ttoaca. iataatir bound, printed oa toni ta pwjr, f'lli TnrkeT 6?i 11 prio? #lo if ml by *iaiT r 1|?Moral Hietory of Wubm, from the Frenc L- of Krneet be^ryjanelatwl by J. W. Pal men B ? Sil i. S t.Vjs i"i O ; 'w AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THBATII! TO NrBHT.iFRlDAY tD^mbftr H . . rrHAXbXXTUA NIGHT Ml roJuotMB of tae rud -p?o*aoul?i opctatedra?* fro n*R*y. ' Prof. AwImM 1 Aa P *7*1 by him iaftlt tli* p'jncipai Uealers 1 th??w?irti. hM c for tfee BENEFIT uF PROFESSOR ANDERSON. Ti? pl*T will b* anMrhly Mounted. th? C McnftoenUj grvd. Mr. And.*r?oiTa !*>?t:nh ? wardrobe navinj coat him upwarda of $5AOO. 'h* stage will b? &U*J with tuzilifcriM. the mix- (j# en teenf witl be gorgeous and A UkbaT Caar . tob Roy rro(9*aor Acdoraon lattie Mm Andpraon p toll Rnj'? Mona. Mimh b aid F. Audi-wn ?. Ulie Niool Jmrw*. .. Mr. J O.S?floo *x I His first aopearance.l Pootoh M uiio, Scotch BtliMt, Scotch toniMU. ? NoidrtH* i|i incN. Doors < pea at 7. to eomnenos at t o'clock Orcheater cbau r* #1. dreaa sir- T ilo tad ktihIM ?ti.; private koiN |i I BALLS, PARTIES, 4c $j p|l'RRAH FOR THE SHIELDS BOYS! The Sbrlda Boys take gre*? pleasure m aar.oono- ^ ng to their many fr enda. and the public ia ?% teneral, trial th?t will giv* their Seventh JH r DRANO ASSEMBLY at tie WaahiagtoaJA ,, AaaamMy Riotna. on FRIDAY. l)*o?>m*>?rWP CI at. Tne member* p.edge themaelvea that it will r be ore of the rnoat pleasant and aeraoaMa of tba p season Tickets SO oarfls. a Jmitting a gentleman v lad 1 adieu. Com mil 1*4 9.f irruimn?*. Flan eg an, J. Hamgan, flogan. A. Ole^aon. M. Ilivrrigaa. do 1 ?t* , WHO HAS SEEN THK PRESIDENT ' ELECT? I All who hare not o?u "o ao by attending tha o BAHHFl'L CLUB COTILLON PARTY, rjk ?J *.> ?nvntv KVKNINfl. Dm. 1*. to be aa > given at Potomac Hail, ooraor of nth it/M and Maryland av. Tiokeu 50 oents, admit Udfc tine a gentleman and ladies. By oilfrof Commiit^?. de 5 3t* RAN D COTILLON PARTY V* or the UNION ENGINE-COMPANY, No. 2. M1 Will take ?laoe On TUESDAY, Dec II, WHk At FRASKl. f.V HALL, ror. 9tk and D tt*. Protpeii Band will furnish music. Ticket* #1, , admitting * gentleman ami lai>. do 4 6,Adtd ' ??? ?????? i WANTS. | tVANTEf*~A SITUATION, by ? roep-ctable 1 " woman, to cook, wash and iro?. Apply at St 1 Vinoent s Asylum, oornej of G and 10th sts. It* WANT"- D? At <6'2 Kichth street, tietween M and N ?tre?ts north, a goo i SERVANT WOM *N that can oook. wa*h and iron. de7-2t* i WANTED.-Persons wishing to obta>n a fx>d . Chi'd'e-Nnrse ran ft ?>ne by appltmi at N<>. 48<n^icbth street els', near U. S. >1. B?r:aok?. df 6 St* WiNTKD-A HrOATtOMai coot. Yn a reapcctftble vetinj woman. tiood reference. Apply at No. 107,cori.ei of H and Twenty iU. d?6->t* WANTED?By an 1 tn*ncan jirl.f cm the coont y. a SIT I A i ION lo do eliamberwuk or houneTO'k, in kiikkII privae family. Pl'ft?c a-1dresi a no e to Bo* 1H, jjUr Office de 6 3t BO*RD WANTED.-A f*iiteman and h'swife of ihiceitv wiah to * usage permanent Boarding in a private lazily, o. whore there are few boarder#; location jorth of P*nn. avenue. kntir* aati ? faction will he given aa to reaper*lability, he. ? ddreia "Boudur," at the Star Oiftoo. de 5 6t* AN ENGLISH LADY, aecu'torned to tniuon, many yea-a a resident of \Va*Mn?ton,?'eeirea are encasement aa KovArpeea in a p ivate family or tchool. Htr qua ifioationa are the varioua Enjliah branches, French, inuaic, drawinc. and oil -: ? -f rv_ I .. u?.W u ' psiniing. nriwrniiuri?i/i . ^inniiwil, iih|ii vi I1 j<w??n\, an>l l>w?n Leddy. of Washington ; Geo Powe. >f Alexandria. Apply to Mr. O W?n 1 Hd j, 7'h ?*.. Washington : or, by letter, K L. W., S'i M. Mark's Place, New York. de 5 St* \i/ANTED-8ECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Per?ons doc ining housekeeping. or having a surj>'os of Ftirmture on hand, aan obtain thecash and (air price* by applr id* at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BOXTZ &. GRIFFITH. WANTKD IMMF.DI ATKXY?From Mb to A 10,<iM worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TTRRofail kinda, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, at u*ualNat the shortest notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, fto.. oo 9 40* 7th <t., bet. G and H,east side. PERSONAL. Fa. card. A LUTZ D?atre* thu? poblely to return tti*ck? t?> hi? I.leoiU and f-.iow citiz*n? **i,or*iy for their *ffjrti to m ve mi property Ir^m dtit uction by fire jnt!"d?y norning To hiaimmed a'e I n* i(?hh(irp, for thmr lindlj urti.-es to hi* itraily, he l? ut.der upeoitl ohiuVtona. (Intel.) It* Astrolooist, MADAM I. OEVHE. Do not fail to ?it tma iinowriI) Ifly before ; leave* the ci'jr. All who are n trouble of any 111 nil, go at uum to her- Madame will bring UjoM i to r?u and c&ui* them to love y< u ; will nrake ; cpeody marring " and g*at cooil luck ; will ad vim in regard to I^awauita, Travels, Lo?ee?, Numbers, i A.o. Office and Reception Rooms at Riohmond Hour*, corner Eighth and D ata.; private entrance on i)at. Gentlemen aleo o&il no 23 121* BOARDING. 1I1R8. RK1L.Y, A3.'> New im?T. aonth Capitol , i'l Hill, is prepared to aocoiiunodate Membara or ? others seeking pleasant Mooma ar.d Board near ' > the Cap'tol. 'J aMeVoardera served also. de7 3t? PRIVATE BOARDING.-A gentleman and hia wife, or several sirglo gentlemen, can ke aor commoda:e(1 with good sisrd Roouis and Boarding in a p ivate ftT.ily, hjr inavmg early application at 331 lat.opiQMte Kr^aklin Sq uare. de 4-St* | Vf EALS.?A few gentlemen having sleeping aolvJL oonioKMlatioBs can_o!itain Meala on reason - t able term* at No. set D atreet, between 3 n a-.a 10th tti de l-6t UOARDINO.-A family, o- two nr three (centle ? men, can b* aoo inm ?dat*<1 with Hoard at No. 1 453 Ninth it reef, one door touth of P *t Term* j mo-lerate One of the lar*e?t and moat de?i"aMe Room* in the hou*e, furnished with water and ja?, i* now unooobpiod. Table Boarder* aooommo_ ' tated. no 28 91* T OOAR DING.?<i?o1 Room*, comfortably fnr* 13 nieh?d, can be obtained at <TJ P street, be,, 0 tween 19th ami Mtk, 03 n*dme terra*, with or * without Board. Location convenient and vary " pleasant. no *7-2w* r LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Thuraday. December S h, in or near The Capitol aplaingold BR AC KLBT, marked "Au*o?ta." The hi-tler will be anitably rewarded K on leaving it at thi* Office. de 7-21* 1 i rpAKEN LP ASTRAY?O the 4th inttaot, a * 1 *innll drj COW, a very dark re1, w t, small white spots nad> r the KHj a-a <>n t the tail.the hsvl nearly b'aek. and li or ntjSaJ^H . sho t Ta? owner is requested to ooroe forward, rove propfrty, pay ohargae. and take her awav. - I W PHIPH8, de 7 it* First To 1-gata, Seventh at. LOST?This morcinc. between the Metropolitan Trnok Heme and steamboat wharf, a go d FOH 4 CHAIN, with s'al auaohod. A ibera! reward wi!! be ^aid if left wits W. C. HAR PfcR, 397 Pa ava aouo. de 6 ?? I U'STRAY.?Came to the farm of the sabaon bar, ' J!i aear the distribaUug reservoir of the Was!iioft"n Aqueduct, a red and wkiuVUf* SIOW, food ails. liar right horn bandsAstfka "WDward, and there is a small piece oat ont of tM " top of t?e right ear. The owner will ooma forward, 'nr"""w ""'/oii^cfgMBVu^a: Thk Ki'BorKAN hotbl! KKrr tr~r BMRICH- at the oornar of Pan a. A A avem and Kleventh atraat, baa iMsiVnRi - greatly improved raoaotlr and aow oi*f<i|flU greater iudaoemanta for the patronage or oittseuf , and utranger* than a?y other pnhiie none* in Ui 91 oit?, bit priee* bwnf 1m* tku tuo?e of ur otn? ? hot? on Penn. avenue, a< <i ni* aceororrxiationi ' for permanent or traaeiant hoarder* aaaxnaptianahia. The bar and r**taarant arrmw??t* of th* i t.dioui. To* proprietor pledge* *nremittee atten ' t'oa and eontuued hbaral expeodftnre* to gire aatI'fnotion to a!T, and tho* renew* hi* invitation te ?. all totireth* haropean Hotel aaatt. de * tf i rp FINE HAVANA CIGARS. Ao. I 1 HE Attention ofeituten* and ?trang?r* u per 3, ticularlr called to raj ?tock of CIGARS, which , will ce fbnnfl mora oomple'e than ever, conaietiai it of eofae of tha PINKST STANDARD BRiNM known, a* we 1 a* NEW BRANDS of a vary enPeirn?C^M^iNG and SMOKING TOBACCOVi eaniait all ta*te?. and a* < he raoit of oar Meort ? ment i* m*d* to order, of tba be*t aetaotiona ol Virginia and North Carolina, w* offer eom*thin? " M?SSrSCH.\UM PIPES ia great va/ie?r. to *8 aether with evarr thing pertaimag to a irct eiaw er Ciiar and Tofcaooo Eatahliahmenl. . GBOVW7CQCHRAN. , 398 Pa. av., 4 donr* ea*t of _ delAt National Hotel. i? tf PDro i i'V *i fr n? rva iizz^mwrn^ * ? Amw, lAT*ja?t r*o*iv*d ? Urn ..1 There mmJgSKE** t j BlOdl'^irIn'oiu'*EmI*i.m'VI _ The wveat pne? at vfciHi th?r will b? ?oW u T* ro*r*?d ID pWa fciarM oy Meh irUoi*. Qr?M bar 14 , '^Ja'SotT*' C' AOETT ? POJEOW. t D"j^^st2snar53cgf5 AUCTION SALE?. 1 Br Wall * BARNARD. A?otioM*r? [AILIFF8 8*LK OF riFTV WIXi OtV. LIWiJaMMi A*D Pt'RM -Om RATI RDaV I DRNIIG.aia m? .?t i?u'c oek. I vi'lMil.>a at of W? I * ItrrtH'iMCUol ni?l<j> todov. Door t r?mfi ftud Blind*. rtrai cwk. [? WALL* BARNARD. Alrti. Br J. C. moguirk a co., awiiomfri. HCKKMPTOEY SALE OF BANIWOliP Family Cah*!ag*. r?ut er iiitu 4c rw,..^i i ? ^ I. UKMNG, ?h. at II ?V?? tlM> A not on llMia, (Ml* 1. MM kudinmr and nearly h*Fmu1| C*ri im?f, .h'&mzrzi..'., c^m.. Im-pUxd HtrHM, CuT*ri. 4*Orirurifth. , __ . I J. C. * C?- A?ot? " ~Br_ATGREEN. AMtioiw. 10U9EH0LD FIRNITUR*. CHINA. t?l.A?.*. AKD OW1U1 AT AWCTiy-y ATURUAY. tM ?h in.tMt.M tto-rtcek m . ihA.; mIi is front uf my ? orf* 11 ^ wiuh of7iii lod D trooi#. No. ? f,i lRbiiffR.i v Ck&iff or.u Nm'IWI, _ _ W Center, m4?, Dming. an4"U>*r D? Hi>)?t#vi?. w !>.ik?Ut4i ud W?r4r??kn, wo In* p?inr?d Cfc%mt?r S?t?.ooMtsUnf vf B? I'Mdi, WuksitiiU, T?bl??, Chwrt, *ti4 loNHI. ?o? at chairs a:d Window Shad*. i nnkrta, i omto ??. Bads. MnttrmsM. tnd Pil lows, oak. Air-ti(kt, ud other hma, u *? . and < >(? "? W* e Vl'h min) rtaori two ihmmoii to niamt*. 2>rm? ?wl. e 7 A. GRKhN. A net Vy J C. MctiUIKK ft. CO? AMtiotMn. \OTICE ?Great ?*li nr ^iiruioi Liqioii asc Wins* nv CiT*u>aci.-On MOMMY, L * ' a M- V? lli&li Mil, hf ^ W " 1 li?Hl ?* IV \? VIWB w . at in? Hotel ?( J. CMfftru, Kr*., near beCapitol.a 1 bi* atook of? AUaeaiixt L laqora. oomprinu( toko:o? ancrt mi lofthaMit A ine? tn<1 Li?aora,tke nmt Of it of hi?nwn i r f>ft\'uu; aonoof K baa been in I ar for fif eon ?ear?. Caia v(?M wil be iaauo4 aud particular* to a fa r?*?l verlisemeiit, d?7 d J. C. MoGUIRE * CO , A not* THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW By WA< li A BARNARD. Aoetioaoora China, cuti.krv. platkt) and other COtTLT ^ All. pARlAR aRD HlmjriT STATr rr*?, . c., at A'vtios ?1On l-hll>\Y ik? 7tk t<t*n ,a M o>!. oi and eontinn* ve-y day antii rJI la diapnoed c.f, we will e*ll, at tbe n .re of CliM. k. Or OR, U7 4 C*. av. lK>t*i>cn 1KB (B'l 1 th I re<-t?, neat door to t' n Ki kw >od Hon *, hi* ?t->ok. own | a ? ?? a-.d ioci ? o-tnw iFrurch, ??t ?nf < hint, a ad it or Uu , UrMtlui. at <1 Tr* of Hi# 'a;?at ?ty l??, Parian ia<|0t-t. La\a, 9o\ rat. Bohemian. Fraccta. M.'J Am rioan lu'tarvt , PariuftMl Birqaet ftttu to#. (>rn?m?i.tei Pun h U'>?lv Mottooi. Savree Ci.pcand ? ar?J Poc-ive>* Fr?lt Stand*. C?rtf iai Set", Table and Wife Ca?t r?. Plated J*poo..a and Fork* a*d CetJery. And a lv|?t'?o,tNi'at< fotner^il?or Wara. An<. a (?n?ral M <Ttin< nt of America", itr gian, an<l Engli*h War*' f t>r?rj d*no>iptio*. i bis wi i w mrsim wi?f?ny " ' y ' *?? mmmm tion of hou^korpTt *r,d tn?ae within* to >purcna?e h"i? t*> prwifnU, u th? ('Md? are of the futt and laateM importation. Term*: 94D oash; over that amount, a oradtt of 3T and do da**, for approved euduraed uotoa. baar in* int reat. de? WAI,?,? BABNARP. Aaota By J. C. MoWUfRE CO., Aaotionaara. ^ALE HY OFDKR OF THE ORPHANS' t:orai.-On ??TrRl>\Y MORNING, D?e. R, at lo o'cicck. in front of th* Aaolion Room*, we ba<i ae.i a lot oi harunare, Ac . cotnpnaioi? Had t a UwtdKf, Bornaat, T* lea. Chair*. Ia otin* G a???>r. Waih*:a.:d . Croon ry and Glasn Ware. G' id Water- Carl ard Hvnta*. Ac., to. Tarma oith MAR V J. WILfO!*, Adn'nutratrii<Je * 5t J. C. McUtlKK * CO.. Amu. VUTTTRE DAYS tit CLtARY A URKfcfti. Auctioneer., 306 Sm'h Urmt EXCEIXF.NT KITCHEN PrisiTrM at Acctiow ?4?n MO* DAY. ??e jiuh in-'fcut, ? -luo'oiot k a. m.. w ?b?l Mil ?No. A'H Tkin^ith Ort n >rth 6 ar.d H atreeu, ins rtpia?-nr? <?l a i?mi j d?oil?i*i kuiMtttfiu. an ?xoelient %?n>riment of w*il kept Hvnaeboid *!) ] Ki'o en 1 urn. I ore, we rt?ir>? iu Hft- ?. k r>* . (MtAVA R0??V0(H) PlA'O rOfti. 61 Ififi I tone vjd finish. Carved W al?ut S< h Mid Chair*, Spring **? Parlor aud Fano? Cba'tr, Mi'o.nuT Mat>l? top Crnt?r aa<l Rust Miho anr a'id Walnut M%rb top Hurtles, Mah' ran? aud Wa nut Mart?l? tap V\ utuikt. Walnut Jenn* Lint H jh tfMitrada. Walnut Wa'drotw# \N a?h?t*od?,aod Hdebcarda, kxt?BR on Diainr Ta'!??? R?"lr,j:erator, Paaat?d Cottage uhuiMr seta, Gi t f ?i>?d Mirror*. Fauc* Oroauiestet^vine Micbu.p. made by \V heeler A \V uaon. ?net flf*. Hair. Cotton, and Shack M?'tr?mi, me Feather Heoaand, Carpets, Oiiclo'.oh, Mattin*. f Duiaf. Chamt>?r. Hal!, and Chain, FoiietSeu. Mat Raska. Paintings, im Cutierr, Cat an<1 oth-r U.ass Ware. China and Dina-r >Vare, Exarl'^nt Cooklrc Stove, Radiator and Cbaia?n Stxvea, Toa'the- with a la-ge lot of Kitchen Reqaiettea. T.rnu: oash. House for rent, inquire of the Aaetioneara. ce5d t;?."AWY t GREKN, A oof. ~~ Ilr BARNARD 4 BUCKKY. Aaoboeeere! 6rrrr(mni. D. C. STOCK AND PIXTURB8 OF A RETAIL tiKOCKBT A!*D A nODUARD Let AT ACCTIOW. On MOaDaN MoRMING. IOU lnetant. at W o'o ock.wewil acl at tbe Store ?f the Meeara. Rut m at the htirero'ioa of Waahinrtoa etreet and the Caaa', 4??or(Mova. all the.r Slock and Fixtures. e?mpr ?i"g? _ Boxes Pearl -tarch. Hox*a Tot>aoco, Boxes PnreGroeod Coff*. f ep>er and Macaroni, I T.nka a r?H Mnata?/4 uarnp uiwi m ?v-* ** ^ay Cum: IUa k ud G* on Tom, U ?x?*s Candles. P*rk and Light Soap, Matches. K?t? ?nd Cans Axle Urease, Barrri. Monuin^nta., Jaekson'a, ud XX Old Rya Whiskeys and Malaga Wins, Buckets, Kegs. Ac . fhrivmg. Boxes. Bin", Stands. Patloric scales. And other articles usually kept in a first olaaa Gruoery too numerous to enumerate Tdms : #20 cash; over that sum a credit of sixty aad cioett daya, for approved endorsed notes. bearing interest. Also at the same time, the House and Lot oaeu?ir<; by the M*>srs Fitter. Terms at aala. r?l* > BARNaRDA BUCKK*. Aaota. 1 PlOTo Forte. f?" with P?Wl F ' ^ry k?^?;lB" anil hM? cnnirr. LlO'Ui BrocM... Curtaini, Sm4m and Ct hrau* a aad Ingrain Carpet*. With a v*'jrt? > f rich Fuo* rcunMti ud Bo henuan lii%u Wnre ?e dan n*t with, loo ??m?ron to mention, and n?it be noon to M appreciated . Pa<-tiMin want of food Farm tarn, Ac., or articiea anitah ? for Holiday Prenen'a will o<? veil to nail fccd ritiMDf the gooda previona to tb? sale, which Will ta*? nine* < TUESDAY MORNING 11 tk DvwUtr, ooauncncmc at 10 o'o'ock, and continue day and r#n rg thereafter nntil the whotn are dtnpoontf of. TtM artio ee will bo toady for exJuotUoo on , Tnarnda morning 6th tnatant. Catalog im at ? defirf j r. MaGUIIRtRO.iMi. Br . GREE*. iHboMr. Government sale of tbefollowIM MntTIOHn ABTNXM m T?* W??*iwr, tor ntrr Yard, at Avctior.t* m Hicbmt UlDDEB?On FtlDAY. tfc* l?(Jl tfftf OlpOOeMkrMil, I ?i u* Nan YvriatkutiW.U i 12 o'clock, in., the r floviof artlc'ex. n?T?o flMtio* BnfiDM, on ?M Ttaaowii MR . ehint. AU I> .. UA a Li .. ? ** *. W9.UKH. AK. HAS REMOV*;?;fi N^uV^r^B?Mkli?f?. Pa. >yw * V.-_ .40AMJ>. I T IHttiniA 1 a*D oVyff^MHSWW"i TiitiiT rit, tad Coo<U mU ?t Dm to?> ?rfc? fhmlmmmk. wmeh w* " ii?lo Um ia I Willi lmm? hi log i Ma p*.mc. w will obratrt immSSSm^ I* PVo.'Sa'md* to oHm in U? l^g*? . DR I SbMAWJdENT. p ilVi u^i'Vii.^l! at. Ail kiatlk of Udi'ifiHMato, Df , OloUi. Mta'eieU. hiki, Zomi* J*ot?u. ?o., ft o . cot Md Mito to mmt br vary Mto t ?U w the IU?t Pknital LMiat itfMi, aft tb? * ***** .top? 4>1 to~ I*86 486 4..,. as?^:" __ rvMM n%ii v i %

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