Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. t IL7" Tbciicb The Ptaji t? printed on the hiM tfsrr, ?n '!* with of Baltimore, lta edition ! ?o tof;- v to rrqnlre It to be put to pre* it an k?>r. ' J - ? * " vui r- uv?, Au*? ivwiurilW, liifrfiort, tDOUIQ D ?-M la Wore i>2 o'clock m.; otherwise they may et appear nnttl the next day. Nonet.? District of Columbia Advertisements ?e be Inserted in the Baltimore Sen are received at ani forwarded from Ths Sta* Offlra. I.*CTCitt ?Atthe Smithsonian. last night, Prof Barnard delivered his second lecture on light After briefly alluding to the previous lecture, be took np for hl> subject the polarization of light It vras Impossible to explain wbat polarization was. without first establishing a theory as to the nature of light, and that theory was that light it composed of minute particles of matter thrown out by some unknown agency. It was a well established principle that air was composed of minute particles, which moved freely among each othrr. and that aound was but the undulations of these particles striking against the organism of the ear. He should attempt to show the nimllarity existing to a certain extent between the movements of sound and lloht Th? nf - ? r+ ? ? - - - ~ M ltK ht was greater than any other known substance, and although its power might be varied, its velocity would remain the same. The dim light of Jupiter, end tbe dazzling brightness of the aun, moved with exactly the came velocity, under all circumstances TqIs was Illustrated In the transmission of sound A bell might be (truck softly or with great force, but while the volume of sound vwnuld be lncre<s?d, the velocity of that ound would not be affected in the least Tbe first discoveries towards determining the velocity of light were of very modern date. In 1875 an astronomer of France perceived the irregularities of the eclipse of Jupiter, and about the same time an astronomer of Copenhagen made the time discovery The lecturer here referred to several diagrams, which we are unable to explain to the reader, and illustrated the movements of the satellite* of Jupiter. and how the velocity of light was ascertained It wa' finally proved that light traveled at the rate of 195 M<0 UUU miles per second; and lb & fact was now tstablisbed beyond doubt. An ounce ball discharged from our modern fire arms at any body bad a terrible effct; but a single j;rain moving with tbe velocity of a ray of ll|;bt was more effective than l.UOO.OUO.OUU of ounce hi 1! a I 1*4 ?- 1 ?..... Ki^ui < vuiu uv? ui i^uiair nsrii. n? an things were naturally in a state of rest; but it mint be propagated by some powerful agency, and be transmitted through the limitless bounds ?>f space by the force of that unknown power. The impression made upon the eye by a ray of light was caused by the undulations of infinitelyminute particles of light, which were pat in motion by the vibration of some powerful agency or hod?, precisely aa the undulations of air was caused by a bell. As th? undulations of the air extended almost beyond limit, while the bell retained its local position, so the undulations of the particles of which light was composed were limand tbelr agency local. The lecturer illustrated the difference between vibration and undulation by a series of very interesting experiments, and showed the various inodiAr.liniu "? Ik. I r !!_?.? -v..?... wi ?uc uiiuuiauuii v* ii^ui The next lecture of the course will be upon rhrcynntics, and will be simplified by experiments cf a most Interesting character. F,d:tor Stab : How Is it that, with a night w*trh and police force of about one hundred men, who receive a salary of about six hundred dollars per year each, the tilifiii wh? are taxed to pay these men, have to bind themselves together on some of the most central squares of the rity ?ud within hail of the new guardhouse. which cost twelve or fifteen thousand dollars of the neoolr'? m ney How is it, 1 sav, that this has to done by th* citizens? i will answer the question 1 put, it is because, as some of our Council admitted recently, that they (the watch) are not worth a cfrnt rhen why is it that they are so worthless ? I* it because the Mayor does not do his duty, or because tue Chief of Police does not do his ? I believe neither of these dignitaries do their duty, and becauM two-thirds of the officers have ho iutertst iii the welfare of the city or of theciti(if thpm AWn K?iO V ?. ? , ...V... V u VI IV.B UI a 1UV* U1 4T UU IMl in the city, all they care for it to apend their time as eaally and indulge as many of the fashionable vice* of the tlmea aa they can. So tbey get their aix hundred dollara per annum of the people's money and have a good time, that la all tbey care for, and many of them, not aatisfi?d with their aix hundred a year, enter into a traJHe which la the principal cauae of the riota, and lighting, and stealing, and burnings which they are employed to Buppreas.?the very men employed for the auppreaaion of theae evila enter Into a traffic which la the parent of them all. Should this be so* I hope tbos? having the power will look into theme things and provide a corrective? Why are not the night watch sworn to protect, defend, and obey the Constitution of the country and the laws enacted under It? Visilascb. ?rr*?s?? CoriT? Frtdny ?No. '297 Stephen Coffl-j, plaintiff in error, agt Hanuer. Jennlug A Company In error to the Supreme Court of the State of ??reuon On the motion of Gen Stevens, of counsel for the defendants in error, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed, with rosts No 73 Thos .Mechan et al . plaintiffs In error, agt Roht. Forsyth. No 77 Charles Ballance, plaintiff in etror,agt Jos L Papin et al N?? 7m Charles II liance, plaintiff in error, agt Surnuel Hart ?t al; and \o 7? William Kellog^'s belrs, 4c . plaintiffs In error, agt Robert Forsvtb. The motion of Mr. William* to dismiss these raufe* wai argued by Mr Ballance In opposition thereto No 47 Hrnrv s Foote, plaintiff in error, agt Cyrus G E^ery rt >1. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Phillips for the defendants in error, and by Mr Hughe* f^r the plaintiff in error. Adjourned until Monday. Death or a wiil-i.tow.i I*dividbal ?On Wednesday l?*t, Jerry Lowe, a respectable colored man, well-known to many of our citizens. I died at tbe residence of bis d?ntrhtj?r on ranllnl Hill. He had been for many yean employed about the stor>? and offices on Pennsylvania avenue, and had won the estpftn of his employers by h's integrity and industry He had a particular "yenrniug" for Capitol Hill, and maintained a sort of patriarchal rule among the "cullud pus sunk'' la that vicinity. It was a matter of great Importance and self-congratulation to him that no ma trr who was elected Prenider.t, he could not take his seat without first delivering an address in bis dominions A short time since Jerry professed religion, and withdrew from the notion of the public to a great extent. It it averted by many re? pec table citizen* that Jerry bad attained to tbe age of 114 years, and that bis death waa not from any disease, bat that he dle<l simply of old Explosion of a Stkam Boilkk?Serious Accident to an Engineer ?A dreadful accident occurred yesterday morning at tbe Columbian College. by wblcb the engineer, named Buckingham, was badly if not fatally Injured It seems probable that the explosion occurred through some plate in the boiler having a defect Tbe engine building was completely destroyed, and the engineer dreadfully disb^ured. He is fearfully scalded. Lis eye* rendered sightless, perhaps forever, and mm oi Li* legs oroaen, besides other Injuries mpoo his person, which are of so aerlous a character as to render hie recovery extremely doubtful. In consequence of the. accident, the College students Lave been dismissed for a day or two, until temporary arrangement* can be effected for heating the building. The boiler, we believe, wa made outside of this city. Thosk N. V Resolutions?We are glad to record another Instance of a patriotic stand taken amongst the "National Volunteers" against the " 1* W Washington resolutions On the night t h- se resolutions were sprung In the extraordl nary manner described In the Star lately. Mr A. J. Rhey. a clerk In the Sixth Auditor's of&ce, from Pennsylvania, noted the manner in which the committee on resolutions was made up, and the exceeding facility with which the resolutions were drawn up and engroaaed. and listened while they were read He then made an effort to have them tabled, but was unable to obtain bearing, and they '* went through" as before reported. Mr Rhey immediately upon their passage char acterixed the association u an incendiary one, and withdrew his name from the list of members. The Muskets or the Police?This morning two carts, one loaded with boxes of muskets, the other with the necessary ammunition and appurtenances for their use. passed down Louisiana avenue from the City Hall. They excited some curiosity, as might be expected In tb?**e exciting times, but no alarm. They passed along undisturbed by any one, no one deeming it necessary to selxe them in order to protect them for the Government Upon Inquiry we were Informed that they wre the arms furnished the city police for use in rise of necessity, and were being moved from the City Hall, where they were formerly deposited, to the Central Guard house. L.asd WaKBASTS AMD wo 5 IT -io-Q?y, me price* tor lsnd warranto vary But little with dealer* Warranto of eO to l?U acre# are baying at 50 ronti per acre, and selling at 65; 40-acre warranto buying at W, selling at 05 New York city banks are at par, tftot?. % per c?.; New Jersey, r, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 5; Maryland. Baltimore city, ?K, State, 3; Virginia, 3*; OLlo, Indiana \ and Kentucky, IX; Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois, 1U; Louisiana, 4; City Banks, I* for gold T?? Division of the Sons of Temperance of the State of Maryland, during their late _?-A? ?Kia/%itir uDOII tki VftffBD. El 8f(' Yliii w vi??, ? ?? ? r _? . .. ? . .. reury C?m, wbom they regard u a father la the trmiwraac* uum He r?e?lv?d them with the utmost cordiality, and wte addrmad in behalf of tj??pivl?)oabyG. W. P Monroe Orphans' Cocbt ?Judge Purcell made a decision In the Barney case After citing the petition and anawer, the Conrt went on to aav that I before deciding on the validity of the decree of divorce of the-4tate of Iowa that the flrat important point in the case to be determined by the Court haa not been mentioned nor suggested In either, vl? : the last dnmlcll of the deceased The supreme court of Maryland, In the caae of Flskw i r k sort S#wp11 1th Ha?lt I giving an Interpretation to the act of Maryland of 1796. which I* in force here, held It to be the doty of the orpbana' court to adjudicate upon the laat domtcll of the intestate before granting lettert. " The reaaon," the Court said, "isobvlous.becauae the distribution of the peraonal estate ia governed by the law of the last domicll. it la proper, however, under all the circumstances to allow the parties a reasonable time to ahow by evidence where the dointcll of the deceaaed was, and the cause is accordingly retained for that purpose." With reference to the application for a guardian to be appointed for the children of the aeceaaed, the Court stated that it haa no power to appoint a guardian until thechildrenare brought personally into court. That being done, the Court would decide upon the proper party to have their custody. The children in question are now residing In Parla. Th* Cow Cask Again ?Thecaae of William O'Brien, mentioned in the Star the otber day, it wems does not end with the magistrate's decision. The facta are:?Mrs Boone, residing on Tenth street, bad a cow, which sbe lost In September last. In December the cow returned home, and r? * -M . ???_ ? *? mi*, u uw n couar wim uer name put on the animal's neck, and It wu again turned out. In a day or two the was again mined, and not wen by the owner until lftst Thursday, when ahe waa off-red for aale by M Ssxton in the market. Saxton waa arrested and taken before Juatlce Donn, wben be affirmed that be bought her from Wm. O'Brien. O'Brien waa brought up, and he declared he bought her from a Mr. Wllaon. Mr. W . awore that he aold O'B. a cow, but did not think thla was the one. Mrs. Boone proved ownership, and the cow wss returned t* tier bv the Justlrs Subsequently, O'Brien replevined the cow from Mrs Boone, and now the caae goes for trial on the writ of replevin In the Circuit Court. Cr'mixal Cocrt ?Hannah Wilson, (colored,) convicted f.t itMllnar ? l?nnn?f rn - _ ? . ? wwuuv* n VI >11 CW ?m/? irum Samuel Heller, \va? sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. Patrick McCullom charged with stealing sundry articles of clothing, money, etc , from Ann Uinney. wan tried and convicted. He waa *ent to th? penitentiary. F.manuel Walker waa tried for an assault and battery on John Burnbard, and acquitted. 1) Jordan (colored) was tried and convicted of an assault and battery on E. Redley. Sentenced to one mo ith In jail. The Grand Jury waa discharged until next Monday. Today?Wm. Stone submitted his case, a charge of assault and batterv tiDon Mlrh*H Mm lntire, to the Court, and wu lined and costs. John Russell was then placed on trial on a charge of stealing a dress from Bridget McQuade. The case was pending when our report closed. THKATKR.-I.ast night, the Zouaves had a capital programme, and were received with continuous applause. La Cordt Sensible, one of the pieces, is a most slde-splitttngfarce, and kept the audience in a roar of laugh The performers were several times encored during the evening. The performance to-night Is under the patronage of the military of the city, and ta the last night of their stay Lire, as well as the benefit of the lady Zouaves Let them see a crowded bouse The \V. C. Fenian Brotherhood, an association of I.4.V * . i?uiii*'u, win visit idc iDeaier lo-mghi in a Dorty, to sbow tb? friendly feeling of the Irish people towards their French brethren On Monday night next, the world renowned American comedian, Joe Jefferson, will appear In a favorite character. His engagement Is positively limited to six nlgh'i. and no ono performance will be repeated by blin during his stay. Giving Change?This morning,an old gentleman making a purchase in the market, gave a quarter eagle in payment, and received hiscbange. After counting it, he found hlms-lf fifty cents <h?rt H- .1 * ....... ..V luauv a uriiiauu up'Jll IQf Qfai'T, WDO told him to make oath to the fact and bis money should be restored ile did bo, and the money was paid; but he lost the amount of bis magistrate's fee. Purchascrt should b? careful to correct errors on the spot. Central GfAKUHocsz ?Be/ore Justice Clark. Joseph Humphrey* and Charles Shorter were brought In or. suspicion of breaking into the provision store of Mr Henry Lyles, and stealing therefrom a Quantity of meat and other things. They were dismissed after examination. Rkv Dr Stockton, Chaplain of the House of Re preventative?, has been called to bis Dome in Philadelphia by the sudden death of a son. and cons-quentiy will not officiate at the Capitol tomorrow. ? - - ?? ' * ? " Mov.t ior 1001 receivca ai snultngton's Bookstore. containing the election return# from all tbe States of the Union, carcfully compiled Very interesting to politicians f Timilt Caption. The following letter from a gentleman in Philadelphia, who c?m? near being imposed upon by a worUiirK aitio e.and who, knowing by experience th* vptues of the getnine Wi.uat't hahatn of Writ ('Herri, wi-bes to caution the public against similar imposition''a, Jan. 30, I860. M'tsr*. Sttk IV. Fete It $ Co Boston My wife, having b*en afflicted with a ver? severe oouch for nearly two years, was induotd bvalrmnd to try Wistar's B% san of Wild Cherr?, and,ftnd in? great re'i?f >n r, she pertevered in its uae with tt'? beneficial results. My obl?ot m writing i* to inform yon that you would ail' ancp >our own interest, as w. II ah that of th? sugaring community, hi advertising such retail dru;gi.ts as keep it for sale. Being on one orrftsi n out ol the B\l-?m, I < a: .ed at a drug store in this cify to p-irehase a bottle when a spurious ai.d worthies* imitation wsi offend inn as the icenum*. Bv adveitising in this manner, > ou wili protco the publi'; from imposition and alvunoe your own inu*re?U as a medicine havn.c 'ho inestimable virtu?? of Wistar's Hal-am or Wild Cherry ahould never sufTe' in rt putatioo Ity coming in com petition wirh wo thless aijd deleterious mixtures. With respect, yours trul?, C. M Hali.owkll. Prepared hr Seth W. Fowle * <?o._ Rminn. mH for aale in W ashinglon city 0. Stott, U \\ Kite Z. D. Oilman. John Schwarze Nairn A Pa.iuer, John What, J B Mooie, anil H. H. McPherson; in Gwrgetown by K. S T. Ciai'll. and O. M. it J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 17 lw.r Homeopathic Rimkdiu All of Dr. Humphreys k Co.'* specific HomeopatlHc Remedies put up expreaaly for family Die, in boxes, at 25 and an cents each. Alao, in oaaea, containing 20 vials, from ff* to $i each, with book of full directions. For aale by Z. 1). Gilman. 3)0 Pa. aveiine, wholesale an--1 retail W. A Fitsgera!tlj 353 north F street; ?! > uj r. d. " iiivt-r, corner 01 .Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pomi't Extract of WucK Htrt.l, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ina 9-ly Hollowat's Pills and Oixtxikt Fact* for the Million?Hi ? recent enactment of the Frenoh government. these medicines are admitted free olcuty into all ports i>f France. They are extensively unp o^d in a'l the public and military hospitals throughout the Kmpire. The Krnperor has signified his appreciation of their virtues in an autograph tetter, ?o Dr. HollowaT. Dunne the lat* Campaign in Italy, 'argequantitir* were used for the wounded at Ure?eoiaand Montechiero. >old by all Druggists, at 25 oU , 62 eta., and per box or pot. ja9-lv ConeHi ?The audden changes of our olimate arc soiroenof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remodiea often aot apeedily and oertainly when talc^n in the early atacea of the diaease,recourse ahould at unoe be had to '* Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Losenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the T?roat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may b? effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effeotual for olearing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly It is a common obsekvatiox that there ara more ufTerera froin debility, among Amenoani, than oan be found among any other civilized nation. The reason is obvious. We take too little exerose, and forget the wants of the body in the absorbing pursuits of business. In all such cases, ordinary medloines can do litt'e good. What is required is just sueh a tonic and invigorator as Dr J. Hostetter haa given to the world, in hia eelrbrated Bitttrs. The weak and nervous denizen of the counting house, the exhausted toiier upon the shop board, and the prostrated student of the midnight lamp, have found a wonderful regenerator in the Hitters, aud prefer it to more pretentious, but less effieaeicua medi oinna. Hut it should not be forgotten that the agent whiah is so magioal in ita influence upon a frame whioh is merely debilitated, la equally powerful in asaiating nature to expel the moat terrible forma of diseaae. Who would not give it a trial ? Sold by drug fists and dealers everywhere. jal5 eo3t To THS Atvlictid !?Re sure to read the advertisement of MoLeatTs Strenrtheninc Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another ooluinn. tf MARRIED. At Whitehall. Illinois, on the 7th instant, br Rev. Mr. Hanii'ton, Dr. M- DEWITT. of that p ace. to Miss HARRIET PRETTYMAN.ofthis city. ^On the 17th Jannarr. tMO, by the Rat. Dr. Hall, IlKNHV DAVE Y, of Washington, to Miss MAD V Die lU. %I. v--J 1*1 I IU, V| ... IWU. ~ . j Baltimore Son oopy.) aa^-at oiicd, t *!s.'?yjas.aytaisitaart: wtuoh all Irieodi are ioviud. ' ?lockf ^to ' ft ESAfc JONK9 UOAM Di/I IU ?u? M*l ;*M H?| The fun?r? will Uk? place from hit lata rati<i?r.o">, No. 850 K 01. Sunday afternoon, the 50 h instant, at 2ft o'eioot The friends and ae>iiuiaUn??ol tktlhMnM diwudd are iavitod to attend. * CSSl & * REMA,N?NL4822:LP^K WMfclnftyn City, O. C., January 19,1801. (Ordered to be inserted in the KTzmne St a*, it being the aewapaper having the largeat circulation of any daily paper pnbliahed in Washington.] UjTAll peraona applying for letter* in the followill* li>t. will ?)tW a LADIES' LIST. Adtirt.Mitt AnnaU Frit?, Mrt JoinAnn NMt, MrtS Andcrton. Mrt G Kry, Mn Mini L Oiborii. Mrt M?ry Brown, Mrt SjIIu F.mtu.M't* Emma O'Coimor.Anot Aon Goold, Mitt M*ryF Otborn, Mn Elij-h Brown, Mrt Ctth'e Urott, Mrt Sar.h Rtynoidt.MrtCynth Britot. Mrt Jtnt K Uooch, Mrt John Rich .ri? Mm HjbBrown, M*rj E Urxnllcld.MrtBeu n?)i E h. * :i .v.r? Julia L Oo^ty.Mr* Sm . ' ! n - M Baldwin.MriHut; fiuerio.TWr* Aooit Buck, Mr* El.en ButtcrAtld MnLucyHill, Amanda Smith, Mr* Addi* Crook?.Mi**M iriha Hi lett.Miu Atn*l*a BUtor, Mr* Caroline IVi, Mn W A H^rri*, Mr* M 91ator, Mr* M?li? Cat, Mr* Walter A Hurley, Mrs Mary Shuwell, MrtSophia Curry, Mr* Howard, Mr* AC 8ibt*t?i,MiH Lm9 Can field, Mr* Mary Hjluman.MrtMary Smallwood.MwaHtu Cunningham, Mi** Hejideraoo.Mr* Hel-Thcmp*on, Mm S Sal lie J leu B Louica Cunningham, M>?* Himlio, Marraret Taylor.Mr* SephuB MoHi* Jone*. Mr* Mary 4 Thornton,Mr*Marft Pier*. Ml** Julia D Lee, Mr* A M Timmon*, Mr* Lucy DiTiny, Mim Lyon*,Mi** Rtbeca Wood*, Mr* Sue Daviaan, Jane Lyon*, Mra Mary We?t, Mr* Johanna Darby, Mi** Ella E Lyman, Mr* J William*, Mr*Ell*n TV..... M,.. P.nA* I ,'nWfn,^ H7-1L- " Doreer, Julia * Miller, Mr* Jacob Wurit, Mn C M Edwarda, Mr* H'h Mitchell.Mrala.ibel Youi%, Mre E?a E*ao*,MieeAnnM'a MorphyMreKraoci* Young, Mre E A Eberle, Miaa W A McMohen, Mra Youof, Mre Marf'I GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Addlaon, Wm J Girvio, H V Nichota, Henry Atkineoti, Turner Galliar, Hujh Norton, E H Allen, ThoeG Uraham.UcoC Norton, E P Audrewe, Siuil Greenleaf, E A Oeboru, Neleeo Aoderaou. Lary?t Gretn, E T O'Donohoe, Mr Addiaon, Dr El Gray, Chaa O'Sullivau, M Andereon, A?2 Horner, H W O'Couotr, M Aroetb, W H Hooker, W R Paf(io, Levi* Bean. W H?1 Hammond. W H Paiiaraou. Tl.?? Bryant, W H Henry, WR Pember, Tboa Buyntoo, Thoe J?i Halt, WmO P?tiereon,Tho*H?8 Blair, Steel Hutcbioge, W Ik Pom bo, Raphael Bowen, 8t NichoWe Henter, W M Peyton, Robt T Bender, L N Hall, W J Petrce, Julwue Browue. Jno D Horton ft Co?2 Pool, Ja* Burcb.JH Hardy, Tboa Peddicorri, J Ball, Jno Hume, T Perrr, J Browne, Jno Holmee, T Pat ion, J B .Id W1U. Hafrf Howell. H Prnnir/^IOD. J P 1 Breaui, OA Herbert, S A Procior.J B Brown, OW Hudson, Richd Pallium, 8 A Babeock, Geo D Hillerio, Militict Pike. P A Bateman.T N Hall, L Phelpa, E L Beattjr, Edwd A Howard, Dr L J Parero, D Bull, D M?2 Hauchetl, L P?1 Prenu**, Cbe* Barn*, Geo Hayt.JnoW Peurra, B J Btrlou, DD Hendnck, J P Rankin. W O Bradley, C S?2 Harper, Juo R B Richardaon, W H Bridle/, U W Hoover, Juo ? Harford, Thoa J Brown, Radford Henry, Joe J Rountree, R H Berry, Ben) He.iley, Jo* E Reese. Mr Bowman, AI?Z Henly,)u ' Rice, J H Berry, A B Humphrey*, Jit Reed, Jne Cutta, Walter Hickman, Jeremiah Reynold*, Juo Crocley, W H Hachiw.Ja* Rf if in, Juo Churli*, Wm Humphrey*, H II R<,biu*ou, Jo**ph 2 Ci*aou,Win Hall, Geo W Robertson, P J linn 9 D 1 U 1> I> O -L 1- ' - I ? I w ?? ? jnii m * nitiiirm, r ram Coburn, 8 H?)*, Edwd Reynold*, E R?2 Campbell, Robt Heinenway, E A Reed, Erexiu* M Crawford, W J Harm, CH Reed, D 8 Christian, Re* L H Hammond, Cha* Rii'en, Charle* Cable, J W M Hilliday, B Raa.loff, C De C'a?e r, Joe Hannebnhn, A SiWey, Lt Wm Clayton, Jno R Hu'liea, A 8te*en*on, W J Coyle, Jno M lualey, Jno A Singleton, W A Chaplin, Hon Jo* Ingr iliam, W P Smclear, Tbo* Cruinbio, Jo* Jenk*, W S Smith, SP Churchman, Ja*?2 John*oo,8M?2 Smith, Siml Crowley, Jno Jordan, Lewi* Shellaberger, 8?2 Chapman, J B Jime*, J B Smith, M?i Cunningham, J F John*, J H Sande, Glum* Croxin, H J Jarboe, J J Serett, it L Cheever, Henry Johnaon, H V Siese, L Carter, Henry Jelfer*, G W Stmt, Jno E I'l .rk U.< rr t I .W n t> ai 1- 1 " " . , ..w,n j a UIIIKUII | V? CU IV Utl >11 Kl| J I1D I" \J Carlton, (? L Janncj, E E Stilea. Jno Clarke, David J?coway, B J Sbiaida, Jaa Carter, D R K*romerhtiber, W Smith, Jaa B Cooper, Geo D H Kelley, W W J Hhanka, P C Craney, A H Kera, Thoa P A Semma, J B Crane, Albert Kthler.ThoaH Siuter, Audrew Clark, Hon A W Kepler, 0 F Stephana, J Craney, Albert Kennady, Michl?2 Small wood, Jno Dana, Wm M Kinr, Joa SchafTer, J Dennel, W K KfC?,Julioa Sprana?, J R Drury, Robt A Kelley, Judja 8?nd?, ProfH DeLacey, Richd K?rl>y, J*a Btont, Dr H Decker, Pli Kelley, John 8imme?, Gen Dill, Jno H Knapp, C L Stewart, Geo J?2 Dodge, J *a S Kru a, M A Sawyer, E A Dihon, Jno Lynch, William Strong, E M Dooley, Juo Lane, Wm Schimble.EiUa B?2 Davis, Jno H _ L\w*oi?, W H Shielda, Barnard uayn^B, Jo?n 1 L injjlej, G Smoot, Mr Dilliver, Jn M Lewie, Rufue G?J Slotne, A S Dexuveir, Geo B Levn. Robt J Tiinnu, Geo F Divn.G W Lott, Peter Towle, W O Dujrau, Keli* Learned, O E Ti?me, Phillip Digge?, Eugene?2 Luek, D H Tncker, Jae H Dai,t, Anton L<gare, Gen i Thoin?>, G H Dinner, Marjr A Longoecker, i B Tilp, Fred Eldridze, W H Leintnoii, J41 A Thomn, Ltiihi Eut?*nS," w O Liner, JeMie Tiltoo, E A Edwarde, Thn? M Leddjr, GD Turpm, E A Ke? 8 F Logan, E T Vierkrou, H Ei?ion,T8 Lurch, Chu Voorhee*. D W ? 2 Eichorn, M Long, B B Vick, B W Eno, Jj? Meech, W Willurue, W B Elliott, Vr J C Minmx, W H White WmP England. Henry Maddeu, Tho? Weekx, W H Ellie, C M Motelej, Terral Whieltr, T (1 E*ai >, Alex E?i Moore. Situ* H Wil?on,Tho? Faulkner, W ?1 Mudd, L W WillMmaon French, W Mlynnrd, Ll Whitlock, R E ?t P.nn.r WW' VI. i a tv.u. . . ? * ? *ruri,vai Fowler, WK .MutrllJO Wad*worth, J M F'Ji R 8 Miller, Jno Wharton, J H France, JMD Marshall, J M Walker, J W Filler, Jno H Ma?on,J..* Wi!*on,Ja* Fiti^Ufb, Jno W Miuluti, St J Wadtworth, J M Friiu JooW Mi'or. J I Whm!;, j s Free**, Henry S Miller, Jot I Wallace, J G Fairbjuke, Henry Mithewi, Jno H W idiwortli, J B r-rntworth. H E Montgomery, Jo* Whiuker, Jo* Fuller, Dr F?3 Mendenhalf, J K Woll*croT,JF Fuller, Eilwood Murray, Dr Geo Wmcfteld, H W Forem ?n, DrE Mertay, F L Wtotr, G J Francke, H Morn*, D White, I) E Fulton, CC Miller, L. Wil.oi., EC Fahyan, Bl) Mar*ftall, A C William, 1l R F*ryu*on. B M Momghon, A Winue.C M Gary, Win Miller, A W Wnrihyton, E Garher. Wra McCart*. D?2 W,H*wr,r,h f" Goodwin, W F McCooinbe, J T Walton, C W (iforjfl, Of w W McCah?,Jno Wateston,C 0r?dr,Tho?0 McN^lly, Thn? Walton.C W Gilkerton, Thoa ? McKee, W R W.\!I,CJ GourdiQ, R N Nixon, W R White, A A Gar ton. M M Nichol, Rot?l Wulcutt, A H?2 Gtddleman, M Nelson, Jno Woodhouse, A M Gal ifrin, J P Nevius, Joo Wenokeb.tch, A Gettier, H L Norton, J O Ward. Aaron Girnble.H R Norm, Henry Weuxel, Adirm MISCELLANEOUS ? Washington Timea; Teacher, Edi tor of the Capitol; American G-ttettr. fn^LKTTBRR MUST I It ALL CA*>K? BR I'S J?PA?r>. J*n 19 WM. JONK*. P. M. EVERYTHING in the Stationery Lineal priom to mit the tiin*?, at Shepherd'* j%19-lm Ladles, Call Early AT RIDDLF/8 ORIGINAL 91 STORK. RIDDLE'S ORIGI \AL 81 8TO*E, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ?1 STORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL. #1 STORE. No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE, No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE, No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE. No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE. Additional invoice* ju*t received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. Fkom Ocr Entire Stock YOU CAN TAKK YOITR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL-and GOLD *KTS. ENAMELKD TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS. REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBV and VA8E SKTS, LAVA and BEAU SETfi. V A?K and BR1L.MANT &ETS, RUIN MOSAIC SETS, CAMEO and GOLD STONE SETS, f'ARBUNCLE SKTS, PLAIN GOLD SET*. BOUQUET and RIBBON SET8, LADIES' NECKLACES. I A rtlfd' M LPI/ PUllVO u ' t l/ r<u > ' bV r% V/ II A 1 t7| CHILDRENS' NECK CHAINS, CHILDRENS' ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEVS, 6KNTS' SEAL' *nil CHARMS, GENTS' SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, THIMBLES. PENS. PENCILS. RINGS. SILVER-PLATED SPOONS, GOBLETS. CUPS Ac. Everything iu the store new and perfect, and guarantied to be such a? represented. il/~ Every artiel? man fat lured.for the regular r$ tail trade, and warranted to be the same quality as is retailed from five to thirty dollars eaob YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. nK.tHULIM or t??T. At this jreat sale oontinues hut a ahort tiin', persona deai ring to supply thftmeelvea with Jewelry at theee unheard of prioea wi|l plcaae oall early at our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STCRE, 302 Pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 10th streets, D. W. RIDDLE, rrr Remember the Namber, 308. as we have n<> oonneotion with others, profeaain, to aell at onr prioea, in thia oity. ja 16-if THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 300,000. Inaaroa Merob&ndiM, Building. Houiehold Furniture, Ao., against Iom or damao by lire. HEATH A KNOWLES. Agents, * \4Kaa_D/vahi 1 fi A... D..l..#ur i-i ? vwww-?wvw *W VTWI UdUK U1 TT MUIDgVOll. jalo ^CHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. BCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos sibie to visit Washington e?#ry week. and nas made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue Honse, where patients oan obtain-advioe free. He only ohafgee when it is neesssary to make a thorough examination of the Langs with the Respirometor. S. 0. Wait* is acent for Schenok'i Pulmonio gyres, priee fl per bottle, for the oure or Coug hs. colds and Cowmmption i fcohenck's Sea VvW Tonio, prioe f 1 per bottle,for Dvepessia; Sohenek'a IBfBmBSlSaSS E fe ss.:wtsa eujubsS1 ??xr*$a U ONE PRICK ONLY! ^ R. C. -r -r # ? AMUSEMENTS. W AKH1NGTON TUEilEI! 8 W. GLU; Ao'inj Manager J. T. Ratmohi PomUt?1tv Hi* lAstrirhtrf jTHE_PI^ENOH zm'Avrs ? ?eI,oaM? 3?* ?'?i0,U,n 1 U?dw ihe fiXroW 01 1 T,9'lFr!![L&dA,PE'' 1 LE9 ()? '* >n 1 %U?T wh'C^t iciT 1 MAfclrffcNMUNA1 **' i?n , tA A BAYONET FIGHT Aait oo^nrred to Zoaare ^baaiian darinc the Cri?V*r, where h? rf covered the French Fi?c Irom a Kussi&a soldier who had taken it. Monday evening MR JQ8KPK JEFFKR9PN it A._l conckrt. ? - i^"Bnn Ton" of WaahinrSbffSBMStfVSJS} IftW,# c?* vk.?2s^fei3s!t tks? .c? , ..v i iiuio I'uuudi ana .nr. J. U i'AWSON, the eminent Ba'??, al*? a seatetto ?f the biit musician",a* WiLLARDS' CONCERT HALL, on THURSDAY, January 24th. , , On the *ame oooation Si*. FRAN*."!A will piaj Rfreral Soios on the Piano, of hia own competition. Pro'easor FRANCTA gira* thi* Concart under the patronage of the following lad tea and gent.em -n : All the Dip'omatio Corp*,Hon. W. W. Corcoran, Hon Mr*. John S idell, H<>n. Mr*. L. T Wigfall, Mr*. Capt Magruder, Hon John R Thompson, Hon. Mra Wm. ttwin, Mr*.Hen-y Udftra, Madame De Gerolt, Hon. Mr*. Je**a Bright Tifk-t-" " *? _ ? . .. V.CH uc u-<i si niw .liumu more 01 W, Ii. Metzerott. and at Willard'a Hotel, and at the door on 'h* eveni'.g ot the concert. Ticket office open at ha f paat 7. To commence at 8 o'clock. ja 19 &t personal! NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT I forewarn all persona from trusting any one on mr acoouct without my written order, a* 1 will not pay any debts to contracted after thin dtt*. J. W. BIRCH. January 17. 1961. ia 17 2t* WANTS. HOARD AND FURNISHED ROOM Wanted m ior [oniifman una l&dr. Must b? within half ainileofthe City HMi. Address x *?39 Pert Office, stating term*, wjrch must be very low. It WANTED?At Clarlc .Mills', three mi m from Washington, on the Uladenshurg road, a firstclass COOK ?one who understands general housework?for whose services ?10 a month will h<*paid. Reference required. ia W 2t* WANTED?IN KOK M ATION of a little Insh glrl.akont 10 years old, *a-ned Anna r\ Lynch. She left .he home on the 2ith of *& ISovember Has no relatives in this city, fl Ar.y one returning her to 32** F.igth st. wot. Jit-. b twf>en L aaa M, will be suitably rewarded, ja 19 lt? HORSE WANTKD-Theadveriiser wi,l purchase a Saddle Horse which works well in htrnAaa c-? * * .. |>l V t IUOII U ICH"* 11 HO ft" I fl) Ai 18 Oil 6TM low for caah. Alao. & Saddle. Bridle. Harness ai.d good aecond-hand Chaiae or covered Buggy. Any oni having either ot these wi 1 addreas Box *<)*?, City Pott Ottloi", with description, statement of lowest ca ah price-where to he aeen, Ac. No i ne need apply #noae horse is not a anpenor one. It* WANTKD?A NURSE, one well experienced >n taking oare of an infant. None but such aa can furnish the heat reoomniendationa need apply, and to auch, most liberal wa<es will he paid. \pj>ly at No. 309 F afreet north, between 11th and j<m Birefin j* 11-1W WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From #5 to .<?io,??or? worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TlTR K of all kind*, for which 1 will ? intrant? to pay the highest price*, aud,a* usual, at the shortest notice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, ft o., oo 9 4OH 7th tt.. bet. G and H. ea*t girlo. \*/ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Person* dec imng housekeeping, or having a surplus of Fpmiture on hand, can obtain th?cash and fair prices by applyinr at 309 Seventh *t. no IT HONTZ A GRIFFITH. T.n?T A vn vniTXTr* uuujl iii.ll/ 1' V U 11 XJ I?3T? Between the utore of Meat . Geo. Far^ ker k Co and Fourteenth ?treet, FIKT V DOLLAR!* in oity i>ank note* of $ in and #5 A liberal reward will he given if Hie finder win return the eame to M?n*r8. IMRKEK &. CO., Pa. avenue, opposite Brown't Hotel. ja 1? 3f I^OLND?A SlJNDLE, oonsnting of a la-V? r shawl and five or six \%rd? of n oth The owner e*n gel it by calling at .No. 52ft Virginiaaveuue, near Fourth street east, and pajing for thii advertisement. ja 17-st* l/'UL.'IMli?"n my premj?eii, shnuttwo week* ago, r a r?l and ?ii to COW without lio-nt. ?af-rtk The owner will please call. prove proper tjr, pa/ charges and take her awa? JUm E. LOEFFLER. Washington City Gardrn, on New York av., ja 17 31* between 1st and 3d sts. west. FOR SALtjT AND RENT. [For otktr "For Suit n*d Hint" tdvtrti.timsntt, tet first r^K* ] FOR RKNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing 3 rooms. Furniture new and complete. Arpi* at r\o. (i street between 12th and 13 h htn., between the hours of 3 and 5 p. m ja 18 3.* FOR RENT?Th^ three-ftory brick DWELIrINb-HOUS*E, witn basement, No .' O.'i.on E, brtw-en 2,1 and 31 streets, at present occupied by i)r l,ewis Jones. Possession given on the 1st of Februft y. it has all the modern improvements, water, *as, &o Rent $450 per year App y to HENRY EGAN.4 J1 t-eventh ?t: or W. F.?iA\, 50;< K St.. ( next door. I (Intel.) ja 18 tf For rent-a furnished, hoo.m forent in th or without tio&rd. Apply at 'J43 D st., between 14th and 15th tt?. ja 17 3t* I^OR~RENT?Four FRAME HOUSK8, containing fix rooms each, situated on MasraohuMAtta avAnu^ B?'it 171Moa. U u-?* va.nv wuu i itvwiihii n v I CV V - nOUl pO T month. For particulars itquire on the premises. Ja 17 4t MAKKKT GARDEN FOR RENT-Two large squares of Ground, ea>t of the Capitol, containing about 8 aorea, well fenced and improved by a g> o<i frame houxe. Ac. Rent will lie low to a Rjuctua! tenant. Inquire of JOHN H. KIFHt.Y, o *>5 Louisiana avenue, between 12 and 2o'clock, ja 11-6t l^OR RENT.?The STORK and DWELLING 1. No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown D. O., krown aa the old Ucnft?ctioi;erjr stand. l'o>ression given imraeUiateljr. Appij to ARN Y A SHINN. POR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSE*. m. uoiivaiuniK ?i* rooms, Biiimiau on i>ia?s. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water in the yard. ja 5 Furnished rooms for rent,at 406 d street. between 6th an<^7th ?t?. de 4-tf it'or RENT, in the First Ward?three squares P west ?f the War Department?a email OFFICE. wiOi back room, or the former may answer for a shop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or suits of Rooms, furnished or untarnished ; close to the Avei ue. Inmiirmt llin n(S?? do 3 2tawtf ^ FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOI WK No 100 WeKtst., Georgetown. at present ocou pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rooms, with car and water throughout, a fine >ard, stable 4o , and is in acood neighl>orhood. Apply to JAS. A.MA6RUDER. _ oc 2S tf I70R RENT?A three story linok HOUSE,conr taimng 8 rooms, tn good order, with gas fixtures complete, on fl street, lietween 4tli and 5th. Also, a two-story brick CoTTAGK, with large yard attaoheil, corner of F street north an 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms wi!l be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between O a ad H. no 13 tf UH?R RENT.?The HOUSE and JtTORKon 1 Pennsylvania avenno.Ut Ward, opposite the Seven Bui diucs, lately occupied by Alex. Dyer, as a shoe establishment, per?on? desirous to tent will p;eMe apply to Mr. Carral, next door, who will ihpw the premises. WM, KMMKRT. j?7 eo2w ENT RKDUCED.?That pleasant COTTAGK RdMDKNCK, eontaimn? 7 rooms, with front balcony, large yard in frootand rear, fmutit * H *t., in Pruning Office Square, between North Capitol and First sts.. will I* rented for 916 per month to a punctual tenant. Address, by letter or in person, WM. ST1CKNEY. deSleotf JMiR RENT OR LEASE FOR ATKRM OF 1 YEARS?The HOL3K and GROUNDS lately ooojpied by Postmaster General Brown, and very rvowuy neia ny jwn. BMUUi aa & female institute. t ?i^r.u',or,!!?tl<'5 to CHAS. ABERT, E?q , or to the subaonher. . THOMAS LAW SON. de4-aotf Sorgeon General U. S. Army. *ENT-A BRICK HOUSE, with hack building and cellar, having 8 room* with cat, and ?? e alley, aituated on L street, near Thir?V>fff.lSi,,0!S,,ral* tu *(K)< tenant, inquire ? . G'?o?r, corner of Thirteenth and 1. ?U. Thu property ig near Franklin K?w. only a tew ITllLliwrvllr friiin fha T?m.mrv and one of the healthiest locations in WMhiDitoa! de2Mmeo* F?nRnn?\?T~Tihe '?"* thr## ,tor? P1AME . HOUSt on New York awnw, betw ea 4th ?nd 5U? treete, recently <>aou?ied by Rer. Mr. C?Hnfc^pply.*? JOH.N NANKINS, or to 2?^next door,where th? k?T ma? be found. A ??i ?e three three etonr Brick. at the oorner of > I n tfl urd % ?ta \nrtK?rn i .. /\_ r l-uu-T V ' U t ftiiwmoi. VJT iur aie low for oub; or prflbertT IB the oountr token ?D ISi!T P ? HAMERTY'S etore &?f?UI&" "2 ,h?, key, or to DICK * UNfa'8 wood and oo?J y*rd. oorner of I "??* *? v#rmont ? ?? , or to the aubionber, ?t Georgetown. d? 1> ?Hw JOHN PICK8QN. F?* **NT-Tk? FIRST FLOOR of the bnildthe weet wini of the vm.j uUreeeutiy oooupied by Ch*a. 8. Wallaob " AUo the Wt room m th/.^S ftory a?d theth i rd floor of the hom boi IJ in*.. For inuw affij u> niUUAKU VVALliACH. I|U>.^9 | i GEORGETOWN. ' - ? Corrttpondsnrt of Tkt Star, i Gioiairowa, Juaary 19. IM1. Both board* of oar Cltr Council ?m ! la?t evening A nmt 'deal of business wu dli poaed of, all of wbtcb. together with the plquan debate In the Board of Common Council, on tba vexed quest'on of tbe mayoralty, will be notice" at length In our regular report of proceeding* Tbe mayoralty dac union took place on a aug geatton made by Mr Stake that being without ai acting Mayor, it would be nrrrasirr to not'.fy Mr Crawford of tbe vacaucv.and have Dim sworn in which wu opposed by Mr. Tenney.on tbegroun* that tbe Circuit Court had not decided that Mr vrawiora was ri?CM, but only that Mr Addisot bad not rrretTfd a majority of the Ifgal votr?, (?? unjuat decision In his opinion.) consequently Mr Crawford waa Mayor br vrtue of holding over (be would recognize him aa Mayor to-morrow, and therefore It waa not ntffinr to swear bin in, be having be*-n sworn in alresdv. Several gentlemen expressed their views, Mr F**arsnr moving tbe appointment of > committee to wall |f. 4 , 1 -11 * * * * " * vu mi an oi WQICD IDC CDAlr fUlWl oat of order A motion wu then made by Mr. Stake to auapend tbe rales for tbe purpose of Introduclng tbe subject properly; which motion was not carried Mr Stake afterwards moved a message to the other board, proposing when they adjourned that It be till Monday evening nest, at . ? o'clock; whieb was carried, and an affirmative response was received from the Bosrd of Aldermen. Mr. Tenney Introduced a resolution Inquiring of the Recorder If it was nec*asasy to swear Mr. Crawford in; which was objected to by Mr. Hill A spicy debate occurred on Mr. Teaney's resolution directing the Msyor to canvene a town meeting to consider tbe alsrmlng state of toe couniry; aner which It waa laid on tbe table by a vote of five to two, Messrs Hill aud Tennev voting in tbe negative. All the unfunlsbed business waa tben disponed of. tbe President's table being cleared; and tbe board adjourned to Monday evening Tbe Scott Rifles, anotherfine company of young men, bas been permanently organised by tbe election of tbe following officers: Captain. J Owens Berry; 1st Lieut , Somerset B. Burroughs: 2d Lieut , Francis M. Lasenby; 3d Lieut , John Owens; Knsign, Wm M. William*; Orderly Sergeant, F A Wilson This corps Is to be armed with tbe Mlnle rifles and sabre bayonets? moat effective weapons All of tbe new companies we bsve noticed sre having daily drill*, afternoon and evening, and the mem ben generally seem animated by a spirit of military ardor wlilcb prompts then, to eitraordlnary exertlona In the talk of preparing themselves for active duty. Our worthy fellow-cltlien, Mr. Chas. 0. Welch, tax collector, who was unfortunately disabled by breaking hta leg at a fire, aa waa stated by ua a few da\s since, desires us to call attention to bla advertisement In the Georgetown column Taxpayers and all who desire to vote at the February election, will pleaae take notice. We understand that the Young Men's Christian Association, of which Mr Anthony Hyde haa been elected President, is now permanently orcanized. We hone the AmmrwI?11 n n iartll success. as kindred societies la other cities are accomplishing great good We learn that Mayor Crawford ha* entered upon the duties of his office this morning. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Yff^GKORGETOWN TAXES FOR 1S60.K-7 All p T*on? in arrears for t&xe? for U6i are hereby ur**rtly requested to cat at the Mayor's Office and p*r the ?ame to Mr. Willia* l.*ian, the <:ierk of the Corp->ration. who ia herel>? s.n. thnriz?d to receipt for me durinc my confinement to the hooae. I trust that this call will bo responded to, inaamuch as 1 am disabled, and will be far rm? woekr. CHARLES 1J. WELCH. N. B. School Tax should l>e paid previous to the day of election. _ ja 19_ MAYOR'S OFFICF. Jot Gkoribtows, D. C.t January ?th, 1961. Skat.vd Proposal* will l>e received at thia office until MONDAY, the 21 ?t instant, from peraona who may wish to rent from the Corporation of Georgetown, the Southern termination ot Mont gomery street, for the term of two years, the rent to lx> paid quarterly. ja8-W,S*S.3t HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. JEWELRY STORK a HE Undersigned continues her late hna'and'a hn?iness at the well known Jsweiry Eatab- JKv lislnnent, No. 59 Bridge street. Fine Jewe>j lor sale at the lowest rat's.and wa'eh rrpai>. AtriB ing attended to in a faithful and prompt mtnii rax usual. ja 19 3t Mrs. MARY WATSON. 17A5TK.1LN FISH A\I? APPl rs? ALE WIVES AX D MACKEREL* no baTel* Eas'port No. 1 HERRING, 9<i do Boxtoo No. 1 do 1<? do Labrador No. 1 do 20 half barrels do do an? barrels Meremuche No. I ALE WIVE?, ion do Ht. John's ?lo 25 r<o No.S.arne MACKEREL, 25 do N<>. 9 a trial I do am do No.2 BALDWIN APPLES. All of which we propose to close out at 82.5** to 8275 for Herring; ?l to $4 50 for Labrador Herrin*; S3J0to?4lor Meremuche and 84 5^ for St Ji'hnAl wives; #5 25and 8* Of for small and lares Mackerel, and Apples at prioes that cacnot fail to meet the views or nnjrera. HARTLEY ft BROTHER. | 99audl01 Water street. ja 19 2w (itortB own, D C. rpHREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE. I Gxobgitown. D. C , Jantarv llth, 1861. \ The anhsori; er will give a reward of Three Hundred Dol'ars (or su?h i(.'formalion aa will lead to th* conviction of anjr p-r?ou or persona who have set on fire, or who shall h?r??fter set on tire, any houso within the Corporation limits of thia town. 1 HENRY ADDISON, ja 18-dltA2aw3w May or. a KOTIf l" L Persons indebted to the late firm of T. O'l)<>iinochue A Son. are here j notified that nnless their accounts are settled bj the 15th instant they will be p aced in th? hands of an officer lor collection. SARAH O'DONNOGHLE. ja2-e<i3w* Hxecutrll. L^OK RKNT IN GEORRKTOWN?One tvoa ttory-ar.d basement FRAME IU?I t*E, on Prospect street, containing 6 rooms F< r part ctitan inquire of RICHARD PKTTIT.eorner of id and Market ?ts ; or J. J. McC^UlLLAN, High at. ja 18-at A NOTICE. LL Persons indebted to the cndertigned are requested to e me fnrvurH *nH 1? n?i. k.n. ca?h or notes; if not attenitd to, their bil will be put in the hand* of an officer for oollec ion, wit; out regard to persons. J. M BKI.T. fae'-rgetown. Jan. 16.1B61. ia 16 3t IS-JO.nno: MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well assorted stocfc*>fDRY GOODS we ?i I. during the next an date,deduct 10 per cent, from nil caxk pu-ohadM of ?5 and o?er. Save your mon- y and oal. at 9?? Bridge St., for bargains. 8PILM.\N Jt HUNT. I _ja7 eolm Georgetown, D. C. U8T RECEIVEDJ 1A KWJ- n - ~ w iv iimu>. in ihio rurtu nioo BI IjAKS, 150 hlils. ?>id Rye whi.-KY, 850 libli. HERRING and ALEWIVE8, 50 libia. Crushed and Refined -UGARe, an haga RioVnd Java COFFEE. lfl hhda.iluw priced) MOLASSES. For aale h? JOHN J. BOGL E. ae 1ft IVfASSKY, COLLINS * CO.'S I'H1LA1>KLl?I PHI A DRAUGHT ALE-We are constantly receiving treah aupsliee of the above delightful leverage, and invite all persona who wart a pure unadulterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARMY Jt PHINN, Areola, tat IT Brow at.. (3?o-r*towa. Treasury notes REASURY NOTES TREASURY NOTW mtjs if jif fok gfc8?s!?s8 at whwknvkli! * a*-/ oumusa at wiesenfeld 4 co.?8 at wiesenfkld a co.'? fashionable clothing hall , fagh onable clothing hall 1.^llvh,?2-v.blii nothing hall cor. st. and pa. avenue cor. <H rr. ani) pa. avenue cor. ?>. st. and pa. avenue j?3 thas^w rpo INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN ft "COMPANY. Proprietor# of the Scientific Amiiican, and Agents for procuring Amenoac and Foreign W'irA Sixtetn Years' Experience in the Refer to Hon. Judce Muou, Hon Joees i Holt, Hon. W D. Biahop.Kx Cummiuion?ri ofPateata, ai.d to more than Afteen thousand tat enlort who have had buainesa done through M nun ft Co.'a fat ent Agency. Pamphlet of Adriee tent free br mail. Patent Lavs and Ref alationa, 1<n paces. J5 eenU ?*>a. _ - - uoo?-no. jit I'MK Rnw, New York. Wuhintton ofhc*?comar F and Seventh ?U., *pp??iie Patent ufcoa. d? a eo?'t rf"1'BBS*' WItf, BRAID AND CURL MANUVl FACTORY, 34 ii Penn.aven?*, oo*r the oor nor of Thirteenth street.?A rerj eonf-lete assortment of Braids. Cnrln, Frisettes, Bandeaus, Ac., now on hand; also, made to order at the shorten Botioe Hair Work repaired or taken in exchange. m Lk* VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! . Fo* W 4 ^tk##?wt New York price.. # n uUful *?aortment of S?Dtun?ntoi aod Ooou? of nil atylea and pattern*. at FRENCH k. RITHSTEIN'g, *?9 ^ ?, NOTICE. gsanted immadiat, ir, 5>n men to bnj^B MILITARY CAP? Sorntaapieoe. We^^ I ?mt r. ?_ r L I j... >MII (I>?.uiiiut?| in?iu ??ur IWVOrjT, Ifid ucien Military tiitfk td Ciii.iu d at wholeaaJe ud ret*.I. Military HaU and Fatigao Caps mad* to order at the nhortMt notioe F D1TTR1CU X BRO . No. 42ft 7th ?t, ja IS St* near Patent ORoo. UARD TIM KB ? PIANO?*.?We hare had XX plaood ?t oar store eeraral fene Piano* for aaio at saennoee for OHk, on aooount of the hard timoa. jftM I % THE LATE8T NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. ' Additional freoi Enrepe. * >'iw Von, Jan. 1? ?The atoaisahtr Aala, 1 from Llwrpool on the ?th inetaot, via QgNM1 town on the 7th, arrived here thla noon Al? though ah# brings earl irr daWe than the TViitonia, : ber advices ill the hlatua la the commercial recI ord. Co***?C!Al . On Saturday, the 6th. the Liverpool cotton mar1 ket cloned steady at the Canadians quotattoon. The eetlmated aalea were *.(??> bale*, including 1 1,000 for speculation and eapnrt I Breadatuflk ?Waketrld A Naah qno* ionr steady at iitffBif ratea Oaalallaa* MaMM Wheat quiet at full rate*, rr4 tlalalMd, vklM I 12aA*14a Corn dull, Ad lower, mixed aud fellow i 3MUL; white Malls R rbardaon, !*pe?ee 4 Cor 1 quote flour 6d b gher Xchardsoo. gpence k Co , report beef tteady. doll. Bacon doll, and holde-a preaalug oa the market at la. decline. Lird heavy, and allibtly lower Roain doll and altf httf lower?quotation* 4a9d i 4*5d and 4a4d to arrive Turp<-ntiue Splrtta dull at 3Mdi3)i., and 32i to arrive Cugar quiet. Rice firm Coffee quiet Monetary ?Bullion in the B%pk of England bad decreased ?1(S,U00 The money market waa generally unchanged, but continued active Coo aola <*2h?<J3\ per account _ i ?u reported UmI tbe British OoTfrnm'iil bad sont a strong note to Fruct ifilut tbe [rw b occupation of J?vrla. The Asia brings upwards of 1,500,000 la apocie. Missoarl Legislature 9t Lor is. Jan 1?.?In the Senate yiMrdar, Mr. Johnston, chairman ?f tl>? cnrnmiii- ? #?? eral relations. Introduced a bill providing tfcst tbe Governor *ball appoint one Commissioner for each Congressional district to a consulting Conrcsttos of tbe slave States, U be beld at Nashville on tbe 4th of February, to agree upon tbe amendments to the Constitution required for tbe security of the slave Statea, tbe results to be laid before tbe National Convention The Governor Is further instructed to appoint three Commissioners from this State, to meet three Commissioners from each of tbe thlrti itrro States, in Convention, to be beld at Wheeling on the 11th of February, to adjust tbe present difficult .es, preserve tbe Union, and avert civil war. Tbe Governor is also required to appoint one Commissioner to nw.<l I 111-~l. the Legislature of that State to second the movement. nnd nae their Influence with the otber free State# to have conservative men appointed to tbo Wheeling Convention The Introduction of thia bill gave general satisfaction The bill was * mended yesterday by adopting a provision similar to that contained in the Vlrglula bill, submitting the action of the Convention to the people, after which the whole subject was tabled, and a substitute embracing ^an entirely new proposition was introduced by Mr Stevenson, asking Congress to call a Convention for the redress of grievances as provided la uk uiiu or we CoMtltailwi. T Gr?r|i? Uavrttlra. MiLLEDQKVILLS, Jen 18?*i bf t*UV Convention but been in secret seas 'on nil day. At four o'clock thU afternoon the Convention adopted resolutions, the first declaring tbe right and dutv of Georgia to recede, and tbe aerond appointing a Committee of seventeen to report an Ordinance of Secession. The vote on tbis resolution waa JOU KM, Dl)l IJV. Millkdgbvillb, Jan 1'. Fvtmimg ?Hon H V. Johnson Introduced Into Convention a aerie* of resolution* a* a substitute for those adopted, looking to co-oprratlon and inviting a Convention of the Southern States at Atlanta, in February Mr Johnson's resolutions were l?ct. and tbe resolution* declaring tbe right and purpose of tbo State to secede, and for appointing a Committee to draw the Ordinance of Secession waa. a* before iitM adopted During the debate which took place Hon H. Stephen* aald that If Georgia determined to aecrde, the aooner ahe did ao the better To-nigbt cannon are firing and 'be flag of Independence waving over the Capitol, wbllat lreworkaand other demonatratlona of rejoicing at the paaaage of the aeceaalon reaolatlona are being made . Resalntiana Submitted by the New York < ommttce Federal Relatioaa. it a.w. IO ft-- ? * ? ??# an . ?n 1 ur t/Pinnmir' on reaeru Relation* of the A**en.bly, to-day reported resolution* reprobating tbe attempt of tbe slaveboldlng States to diaaolve tbe Union, denying tbe right of anv State to secede; declaring ttat New York will put forth ail ber power and resource* to ?>alntain tbe Govern ment i rv.enforclng tbelawa, and ei pressing st tbe same time aatncere desire to avoid civil war by every mean* conatstent with honor, and tbe readiness of New York to meet ber sister States In a conciliatory apirlt and amicably remove all by mutual conceaaiona restore peace and harmony. Tbe resolutions also favor tbe formation of two States out or >11 ?h. -"? ? ? - ... ?V f I oacut Id I I wl J ?*? tbe ad m< sal on of Kanaaa. reserving tbc rlcbt of ?dmlaaion with proper reatrtctlona, or to divide tb# territory after tbe manner of tbe Miaaourl Compromise Virginia Le*lalatare. Richmond. Jan 18 ?Tbe Senate to day debated the resolution* paaaed in tbe Houae yesterday, contemplating the holding of a National Convention for tbe adjustment of the pending difficulties Ameiidmenta were proposed providing for tha more certain nrfltwtiAn nf *K ? v? uvu ?u tuau *ur p**** posed basis of adjustment. No action wu taken Tbe Houae passed a bill appropriating one million of dollan for tbe defense of the State, and a bill authorizing tbe issue of Treasury notes to that amount, bearing 6 per cent Interets Mtrrarau Is Favtr ef the Berdrr State*' Basts ef Adi*iiMest, Boston, Jan 17?Petitions to Congreas will be IoomI - > >- -* " h.. ? wnniivw 111 "I * warul UI mil CI TV ipCv;n>f of the plan of adjuatment of tbe Border W Committee. New Yoke, Jan. 18 ?A meeting of prominent merchan'a waa held here tbia afternoon, wben a memorial to Congrraa waa adopted, recommending tbe adoption of the com prom lee plan propoaed by the Boraer Slatra reprea ntativea. Kxeltemeat at ReadingReading Jan. 17 ?A meeting of working men waa called at the Court Houae tbia evening. At 'tbe hour appointed hundreda bad gathered in the vicinity, and blocked up tbe street, but tbe Conmiaaioncra refuaed to open the building to them up mm Became nciM and threats w?t made to breaken open the door* Finally tbe crowd dliiperaed to meet at tbe call of tbe Committee, with three cheer* for tbe Union, tbe working men of Kentackv, and the working men of Berk* Tbe Committee on tbe meeting constated of Mcwra Hartster, McLean and Field* Nerth Urtliu UfUialar*. Ralkigh. Jan It ?Tbe dlrualM of tbs Convention bill occupied both Houif* again to-day There la not ao much opposition to a Convention as there la to tbe particular detail* relating to SUte matt- ra Tbe Convention will doubtless be called Some disappointment la expressed bere at tbe Northern opposition to Mr Crittenden's pro post lion. TLis weakens tbe Union sentiment daily Ma?s?cba?etts Lrfidatsrs. Bohtoji, Jan i? ?There wu an exciting Tote . here to-day in the State Senate, on tbe proposition to imm'diatrly raise a volu. leer military force, with reference to tbe preoent crista Patriotic speech's were made by >raiton amidst demon strations of applause. Tbe Hou<e Is hurrying up its action in connection with tbe Personal Liberty bill. Call for Cenpronatse Committee. Pktkbsicbo, Jan 17.? This evening's Chronicle contains a call for a grand mam Convention, by members of all political partisa. to recommend ttie Crittenden comprocnlae.or any otter honormble and reasonable comproiuta* which will aettle tbr difference* between tbe North lid South. The call la alined by many of tbe ataat promt neat bualnea* men of thla city. Fltrlda Del eg* tea to the ftoathera Ciagrm. _ TiLuii?ati, Jan. 18 ?Tbe Oovcraor baa appointed and the Convention haa coniraid ?on. Jackaon Met ton, Col. Patten Anderson and Jaa. Power* delegates to tbe So at bor a Coagi ?. to meet at Montgomery and form a Pro rial ?an] Got* Now I?rk lUrktU New York, Ju. I?-Floor Armor VTWtt wt firm and qulH. Cora U quiet ProTWoM stead jr. Wbltky steady at lifcc. JUbTRKCEIV KD B Y " FRENCH * RICHSTBIN, . Pan* Avama, HllllM'i NlMI* Aim, 'k" i?w B?at n Litmvi Edition Rirer aid* Prooa; ton-O payor; prioe #*.74 hy Mil TM aana< heavy diaooonl at oar otoro. Ato?, the name edition of MoCaattf, Him* *?ib haw. Carliwo. Iaw>>. r*hat>p*ar de ? nOH'Tt-O TM4NTilik> IIILUITU,.!! of u,fofXM U,. trad* and ?h * he vil r^jfoo th? MKIROPLITaN KAM FLOURING MILLS, nth rt UiaLuj, on TbaraA*? Jm.M J*t. hwwiil t? L> a?-rire%li who rn?T favor ' im with tlwir p?tronM? F?inilf Md utra Floar of * wryeeewl faalitf wiil o inUutU 1h> k??t > band?t U?? owJiSSiSrJsta before puiolta?n.> el>?wh? e. Ja M Iw HP NKwTK<ITiL'lANT A HE Hvbv) iliar I 4 rnu Ummm>m of Wiikuuton mmi the public in immI th?t he A __ a bM uMti WKMur?r,t No 409 9uUfrM9 ^ifSrk- f. o. nom, |

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