Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1876 Page 1
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SATl'RDAY. APRIL -2!?. IS7(5. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. FIBL!SPED PIM.Y, 9uDd?yi ntfpttd, Al TUK .STAB b U1L I) 1NGS, rtgi)Ml?auia Aveane, caraer 11IH etrect, ?T The Evening Star Newspaper Company, ?. U. HAUFFXAXX, ftM t Tt* BravWQ Star I' sorrf by wrrVri to ?ittvn'> < ? Tni CeaU per week, nr F<irty foor Criili per month, f" />i>? a.' I'M rrrin r-r, T*r Cult* iwh. /Ay tiuiil?poitotj*. ?nrpin*l? Ulity Centa * atontta; one $ ear. *6. Th* Wffkt.t HtAH-j iiUuIud on ^ridcnj~ n *? year, pottage jrrp-iUL W.i ' n? MMtrtaty in adoanc*. ? Rat's of arh *~> tiring fitrni.ihert on ippirTtion. , SPECIAL NOTICES. BV1UC RFQIESTOF DBS QABNF.TT, B>^y I'- *) ? d J M u pr?i . * ??-. i*l myelitic if lo? *i!!'n.Mi'u;tor thi i>i8T*tor ok (fi I MBit >???* bell This Jfnuiij EVEN IN??. 1be fcSHit In>t >ut. is hereby called. It H. S. LINCOLN. M. D . Pre-ilent, B"-S=?! O u r-T(fra'mM.cfKKi?ND3aif LOPoE. S<> I 'J, me ee.|tt?ste<l to a | ep? rial msetirig TH IS EVI N I N U. at 7 >'dOCh, to i.?u arraegticnts lor th<> funeral ol Bro. T. Iitim. _ir P H SWEET. Rec See. Brca? M.HJOMC - Mfmb.rtof UltltM LuU'lt. No lo. f A A. e?.. re-ne^ted tt m^tt *1 ;? ?!r (??ll.C'itur Pen* ?\h *n( < avenue tint 19! b ? Hft.TBIIl P*'nrd*'. E v FN I N>i. a? 7 <0 o'clock, to n ?ke arraugt w et* f >r attetiiltti* th" faneial of car !a"e br'?t?r fti ti*- r 11? ?. . \i-'. Py ( r<t r \V M. It L T BRlM?rBM\S.f(>:rpi?r?. I'SIVlKMLlST SKRVICE-i.-Rev O. _ H l?i tiiil preach In T?)'niv1(i> Hall T> rr '? *' 11* i'i. ?rj ; >i p. in Sunday school ?id Bible lese at !? 15. It* IT^? f- r ? .\Tira E.NGL13U li'I rUIKiH Ov ~ * L 1 UVH, lorner of lith end H streets.? Pre*?| i..g ro morrow at U a ni. ?i,i 7 k) p in., by tfce pa<tcr. R"T S. P- tl R._Seats fr-e. Cam- It* f^3? Mr VfBWOS PLACE M K~CaL"aOII W-T* FoCTB.c >n?er 9*h and K str--ts z. jr: h west. Pr*?<-hiL2 To *orraw <Sand.iv. > *? It o"-i .r* * rn and * p m by tf? p?-?cr, Bev. A W. W-l-on, If. I> PnMic are in'ited. It OkTM (MltULlNA AN CM kT XI7 P. UH r KUU. C'-ri??-r of stn aii-1 B ><ts. ?. e -S?h > ? ?t 11 ? ? by Bfv J. SllII At ? c .x-iUd ii Q4el at i ;h^r? from the tstljn ?.n-tii ? .M ?P' *? Be>l\al niwtins- c utia ted * BKV~ J. M TH Bl BN. U. 1) . I)?lr<it? to th?- (ut- r*l I'mitfr (in ni ih" M. B Onnrrh fr o Ir.diB, wl!l jr?-irh ta McK?*nilree f'hnr h, Ni-m< hn??* t- mt<> )q<>, abov' 9vl? street, Sund*y, lith i..Ji?Lt. at . 41; ni. It* ir^s* ;WAOOH > B.'CH V U^H^P^ Tiq^ To" ??? r n.i rrow. at II a. m <l1 4 p m , l>r ttie o?t' r, bf*. J. ri. IfBAi B, I> L>. 8an4af tk-ho >l Tnitpe rai ?? ????tr r at 3 p in , adJree- bjr HjO. Senator LL. t Maio? It* fi3? CMTAKIA1 BBKVICE?-Be> Warrin ?tfy H. t'. DWivjiTH, of B.>?t >n. will ?re*ch in the I'm'aiiat. ' tnrcft. rot uer >Jtb au<1 P strepa. Io bt tc? ftt 11 a m and 7 43 p m. Pt^ise meetioK by C\pgr??aM .?nl ?iny n? ?t7 W p m. it* Cllhl5>TI ?- N ' HUli'JU V^rajut arenne. between N anduntrr^t* n w.? Preachlna T-> ?orrtw. at 11 a atd 7>, p ic., by H^v. A.N. ttiLBiKT. . f Hal'iaiore. Chii Ir-n ? nifssi>ii >' j ?i.eet'ng at t p. m. S- *t? fr??. atr.tog<*ra c jrdia'l j welcon.?i. It* WHAT IS THE GOSPEL. AND DO THE TLEBOT PBEAOU IT -Answered fro a lh? Pible To morrow, i Sandar,> at 11 a. id , In the 4'bri?tadelphi?u Ec- le?<? in tbe Circuit Cjurt T<ciu.iCii> Hall All iaterr>ted areinvital. Nj coltectlon. M. B ?This Eccleiia wiii ffire to any clergyman or aay otber person f 5At wno will ci e cue 'tit from tb** Bibl^ that teache# th tt Adam >r lt> ?a* creattd witb an Immortal tool. It* NOT!1 E.?On acconnt of tb' late hsnrat which ST DOM1N 10'S PA1B cl jed la*t ?trmca, it ? aa impo?ai fete to ra'tle th*- dismond pin ?cd a few othfi ?rt1cl?*? at ?he Sunday Hrfi?l Table. Tb? y will be ra 'led at St. U?>nn?iK "? Hall. coru*r 6 b aiid F streetax uth??t, on xl o> I'A I EVEN IN Q, Ma> 1. at 7 31) o clocfc It TBI F B A N K L 1 N > o ^PEBATIVE ??s7 Bt II PINO Ags CI ATI'>31 will hold iU Futh Aneoal Hrvtioa MONDAY May 1, 1-76, at *15 7th ?tr?-t nortbvest Th? aecretafy will -nb i a?t Dal rt port, the election of < Bioera for the en?nB(t j--ai wi'I be teld, and eeceral bnaiBt-s* ?>ay fce !btrcda?td aod acted u JlU JOT lUfSON , Secretary. ? E'-B' RTOWM A TENNAliLYToWN It ? ILB? 'AD COM i AN V . iK3?mt?d by ?rt ?f Co-*t?h atprored Mny 10th, 1476. Bo< k( of f?b?crlpMon ol the capital ?ttck will be open froni May let to M? Mib. from lu a m. to 3 p m . at Mi<MKton .% C.? '* i:at.h. F street, near 13th street; Moirle Ad<iltr'? Stole, 133 Brid*' street,'taorge Kwii.and l?aiaii Si?'>eti.*i?-t's Pfore. Tennaliyt -.tb. A I' F* HD'iN. Becrttary. ' HAS BICKEB Pre#Ment,? sp: *t Board of Incorporators frj? P? N M \NbttlP AT BC^IBESS COli LIGIic-'rtirrof 7t!i and L Sireeta northwest. Tfce large i nn t er of pars 'US tillable to properly , perform the duties et. 1* lie il and othir p >si i m I acusalof tkair pour penmanship, and th >se who i write ?t!l but 'lesire to write bett>.r, b?7t? an cp pt rtonity ( f takine a c^crse cf leo*>na vlaptei to th?lr wants, airing tte Tii inth ?? M?y 8atisfac lory !n:rr enarant. ? d to the attentive T'ti ti"n. %>. Special di?coaBt to clubs or th-f? or ?tie %$??}?'<. K? IV E! EOPEAN TOCuISTS. * te Aii^tt i at Line of Mail Steamers fr> tt Paila <? ?b'* tv.r Lite p ol.tla 'I'neuituwo. for which we are agents. ? Her* tuatrlur inducements to per a- ii going to Europe The rat< s are as low n any eiksr first claes lice. W L W ILL SELL TICKET* BY THIS LINE DIBECT FROM WASHINGTON AT SAME kA IE A - V H t Bti KD FROM PHILADKLPH1A Thete ir< n ships are entirely new ?t J splcad liy equipped H P. t ?0KE. Jt .A CO., Barker., ?l? B F street, near Tieaanry. KF MA* tioLD INTEBKST T?tr< re collecting 1 -ei' at * it 1 do well to call on II p CCOfcE. Jr. A CO., Bankera. !? str<e?,near Tr.ssnry Lepartmett who pay Hlght-t Batea for Cocii iio al d OoM< apM3t tj? LINCOLN HALL ?1TI KDAT EVL'N I N'i, AT 7.', O'CLOCK. UXJOJt MA&S MBST1MUS. ADDRESSES TO YOUNG C03?VEKT3 By lira. E?u!> ac t Bltri. PAAISK MEK11NQ, Basic byCOBNET and OBGAN. ap-7tr HOME ML'Tl'AL HOLDING ABS ICI ATION Organ ed Jannary, 1(<76.>?Third regalar meetiug tor payment of <iuee and snbicrlp lion to stock. MOB DA Y M ty lat, 1S76, at 7 o'clock p ?., at Sangei ' and Hall, corner Sth and E street ucrthweat. Entrat e on i:h street. Shares Mtr). Does 01 per b< nth on each thare No premium BBtil further notice apSB dAd IHVIHO WILLIAMSON. Bee. BTs^? CULLECTOB S OFFK E. DISTRICT OF OOLI'MBIA, Wi-Hltsti't. April 21, 1476. IM FOR TAMT TO TA \fA Y&HS The attention of ail owaera of real e-tate in ths District of Columbia is h?reby call.d to the fact that a penalty of two per cent, in addition to the Basalt> aiready accrued will, on the FiB*T DAT or Us v. be imposed npon all unpaid t*xes for the cur rent year eading June 30. li.l and also, thst t.'.e Colltcterof Taxes will on the First day of Bay pr t:m?iegiat p'-per- ? anapMaBrtataBtarn on real property In arrears on said 'late, to be ad - vertiied within ten days thereafter. In parsnasce ?f tks act of Cobk;resa. approved March 3d. 1576 Bill ?t J8UM F. COOE. Collector D. C. MEDI'M. DIP * KTMKMT GEORGE TOWN CNIVBBS1TY. 1^" The Sumner Coarae >f Lectnrps will commenc? TCBBDAT, MAY 'Ja. 157#, AT ?> P. M Introductory l ecture by P J Mnrphy. MP, at the College KniU'ng,c >rner t'Xh aud E streets The public are invited to attend. FacrLTT. Charle* K Unner.M D., Lecturer o:i Diseases Cf Becpiratory Organs an ! Larycgooopy. P J . Mr.rpb> . M . D., Lrcturer . c Diseases of the Oet.ito Crmary Organs. II H. Barkei. M D . Lecturer on the Anatomy Cud Pb > sioU'gy if the Ft male Pelvic Organs. J S Be*!. . M D.. Laciuier on Appil Br< es ar.d *itnor 8' rg>-ry For mail i' Qiation tickets and Inf ormation apply t? BOBEHT REYHUBN. M P., L an of Medical Facmt>.?17 lith street north weet. Washington. P. C ap25 eo4t THE B B ST . III Bt'KN S SOPA WATER NATl'BAL SPRING u ATERS >a Draught ICE COLD TEA, COt FEE and CH'KOLATE tdiitt PlIMttVtlU A V IMTB, apU tr near Willard'a. |^? HBBRY WI9B GARNETT, ATTOKXK1 AT LAW, No. I Columbia Law Building, aplS las Sth street, bet D aud E. fgtl ? WU1TABCB. ??9' Gnrr*l C'nm <i? 1 O/forftea icst, Bo 714 13tb street, near Tre??nry P'-partJoent. Dtstrut Claims. Pension aud Bounty Claim*, a specialty apll BERVC'TS BXHATSTION -A Medical Esaoy. cmprisi. g a series of loctcree deli,* at Bale's M-i--nni of Aaatomy.New York ?B the casi>- 1 . c? ? I P- i rptture Detline, show b* lB<t>spi. . it. ? ! r^ wlth may be ragaiued, ? "jrdn?a t - <>n>psls A the impediments to m " 'riagat . i n e?: a.s jt of nerv >as a->d phy?i m*. lability, t.etuf the result of K years'e\Berieac?, ^ i. e 13 e?r s. Adlresa the author.Dr L J.Ksbu, gB.f as d i - 'ibjs, At Boat Wth st., B. Y. ttpl em D. OCO? I j-.' x oiT. BABE. ERA, BPW 'r ltH< ? street *6AM I EL G tut'NO, SOTABY Pl'BLlO, ?c?17 tl OrrtcB?8ra? Bit ldijsb. OPTICIAN ?Th '*< ? ?M> newly indented Eye elaee, ? bich 1 Bow manatac tare with eight sorkmsa. siirras-eBK^ any Eye glaaa In the whole woild. They can be regelated by two amall screws to sxactly fit the ?aae without any pais or unpleasant t-eling They are nadeof Bra/ilian pebble and the newlr dtoeov ered B'.saia ruby glaas For neatueas and llchtneee thoy cat nut be aurpMed. Beaaure takes and order ailed IB fifteen minntaa ISAAC ALB \ AN DEB. l Ji<> Penna ar , laventor. Patentee aad Manufacturer. | FmAmtaMoMSu^ Ba IslBT Ppxj??tlva!SIa Attm.A^^W Beaalae Rraslllaa Pebble dec; ly.lrp | EVENING STAR, Washington News and Gossip. Twisty Cent Pieces The Treasury department Is Issuing 'JO-cent silver piece* to exchange for fractional currency. The District Commissioners to-day awarded the printing ol the annual li?t of delinquent taxes to the Xaiiotuti Republican. Treasurer New was busily engage! to day signing the drafts'or paying the Ala bama claims. Nomination Recallkd The President yesterday recalled the nomination of S. L. hh pension ag^nt at Norfolk aud suc cessor to the late L. H. Chandler. TBI mimbefs of th? House Committee on Appropriations lert here yesterday after 1 oon fur Annapolis, to look into too require meats ol the Naval acs< emy. Mr. A. E. Wilson, cnier clerk of the Treasury department, Left for Kentucky, lMKt evening, to be gone about a week. I>r J. W.Porter is acting chief clerk. Government Rei ki its To-DAY.-Iuter nal revenue, *481,29120; mouth to date. ?:? 70I.?-'."7.1.s; fiscal year to date, $93,142,557.**; customs to-day, 9390,-MC.C4; month to date, Ml ">53,b21.ll; fiscal year to < late,? 125,'28<!,299.5.r.. Thk vaixi of postage stamps, stamped er vclopes and postal cards issued by the Post office department for the month ending to day was ?3,450,4H4 so. The number of postal curds Issued during th?' month was 18,22!,500. 100,006 Silver qcartkrs.?The Treas ury department, this morning, received ? Hio.oco in silver quartern from San Fran dkco. This is the first instalment of tli1? order for Si/00,000 in coin, recently issued. The Change Scarcity.?In all proba bility the Treasury officials will soon make some changes In the issuing of sliver, owing to the general inclination of the people to Lold on to the fractional currency in antici pation of its scarcity. The Star Ofeice to be Moved?It is understood that the office of Thk Evening Stab is to be removed to the upper storle of theHhepherd building, corner of 12th street and Pennsylvania avenue.?[Kepublleaii. Our neighbor has been misinformed. Onr \ resent quarters suit us very well, and If we shall ever conclude to move we will give the public early information of the fact. A serifs of large maps and diagrams sLowlng the progress of the country froai 1T!*0, the date of the first census, up to the present time, has been prepared by the cen office for exhibition at the Centennial. The maps, which are splendidly executed, exhibit at a glance the increase In popula tion every decide, the iucrease of are i, min eral and agricultural resources. Ac., Haven i-ort's Expenditures. ?The Co li mit tee on Expenditures In the Department of Justice continued the examination tnls i <> of John I. Davenport. He present ed vouchers to cover the payment of the me nty drawn from the Department of Jus tlee and explained them. Nearly the entire session of the committee was consumed in v iar.gllrg concerning the mauner In which Davenfort desired to make his explanations. The arrest >>f John h. Scrratt An interesting case was argued before the U. S. Supreme Court yesterday, being the claim of St. Marie for <I>,0*0, alleged balance due in for the discovery ard apprehension of I it'll H Snrratt. n^.jer tliC proc'.amHHou of ?rtlti?ry Stftntv.u offering are wan! of ? 25,000 for his apprehension. Tue Court of Claims t ad decided adversely to 8t. Marie, hoi Jlng that his services did not constitute an ar VMt, but merely the giving of informatior conducing to arrest, for which Information flO,OCO was allowed him. National Basks.?The Treasury cow ho1'*# ?346,775 3-jO in boads to secure national tank circulation, and ?18 ?23,000 to secure public deposits. C. S. bonds deposited for circulation week ending April 2;), >-179,000. U. S. bonds held for circulation withdrawn for week endlDg April 29, 41,191,000. National bank circulation outstanding, ?33?1 9S6.56?j. of which *2,098,600 are gold notes. Receipt* of national bauk notes forwarded for re lenap Hon for week ending April 29, as compared with corresponding week of last year?1^5, $4,3*4,000, 1S76, >4,12.. 000. ai.l's Well That Ends Well Dan Vcorhees, "the. tall sycamore of the Wa t>a#h," yesterday went into tlie office or the Cincinnati Knrjuirtr in this city to demolish the correspondent of that Journal for a tele graphic dispatch which appeared in Its Washington columns,in which he< Voorhees) was depicted a* the central figure of a bel ligerent trio In the cloak room of the House. The correspondent fired up at what he con sidered the dictatorial tone of Voorheea, and for a moment there appeared to be a pros pect for a belligerent duett, but after talk ing the matter over they got Into a more harmonious frame of mind and buriel the hatchet with a il bat Ion of champagne. The Bill to abolish the Board or Health?The Koine Committee on the District agreed to report favorably on the bill to abolish the present Board of Healtu and to establish a new one. Tue bill as agreed upon will abolish the present Board of Health, together with all officers created under It, and provide* for a new board, con sisting of the attorney for the District of Co. lumbla, ? medical officer of the army, a med ical officer of the army, and one citizen of the District of Columbia. Tue Board is to meet once a week and each member will re ceive *:> for every meeting he attends. Naval Orders.?Commander E. K. Oweti j otderedto the temporary command of the j Nantucket, at Norfolk, Va ; Chief Engineer , H. B. Nouse, as member of the board or ex amining engineers. Commander O. K. Stan lon. detached Irom the temporary comman 1 ol the Nantucket, and ordered to"resume bis duties al the navy vard, Norfolk, Va.; Chter Ki glneer Tliom Williamson, as a member <>f the board ol'examining euglueers. and or dered to duty in charge of engineer's store* at the navy yard. Portsmouth. N. H.; Chief Engineer U. D- Emmons from the navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H., anJ granted leave of ab sence for three months. The Heal Es.tatk Pool Isvestigat mfl Committer held a meeting to-day, wbeu they heard Hon. /.a h. Chaudler. See. letary of the Interior iu relation to the ap pointment ol Pension Agent Clements, at Slaevu, Mo. He said Clements was ap pointed on bis owu efforts, and not because of the supposed influence that Mrs. Bogus bad with the President, aud that the Slot' per month which Clements paid her was not for her influence, but was his own arrange ment, which related to an altogether dlfler eut matter. It seems to be the general Im pression 1 hat the committee will subp<eaa Hal let Kllbouru again before them, and ask blm the questions which he retused to an swer, and ir he persists In reruslag to an swer to again have him committed to jail for contempt, and then retuse to recognize me court* and !<eep nim tnere until be does answer. Tney argue that unless the House has this power all investigations must coma to a close. ? A Tbfascr^ orricEK's Record.''?A special dispatch to t..<? Philadelphia Pre** fiom this city, April b. says, under the .-??Love beading:? Wn H-mpbill Jones, Dep uty First Coii'rol ? ? ' u rieasury depart ment, is aliegtd to . h ? *r.iteu a letter re commending a person or appointment under the rebel government. In the reorganization of the House of Representatives under demo cratic ruie he was tendered the post of clerk to the House Committee on Appropriations At the time, however, his name was pending for confirmation as deputy controller. Hav li g teen confirmed by the seuate, he de c lncd the proffered place under the House. It is stated that Mr. Jones presided at the deironfctratlon given at the white Sulphur Springs, Virginia, about six or eight years ago. In honor of the presence of the rebel gen eral Robert E. He Is also charged with abstracting papers from the files of the Treasury, and placing them In the hands of the democratic Investigating committee; also, with having furnished Information to the sci .-ational press hostile to the republi can party. Mr. Jones' case is now in the baixfs of the Secretary of the Treasury, and is being examined. Tt?e lD?nne A?jlnni The Committee on the Expenditures of the Interior department resumed their investi gation of the affairs of the U. 8. Insane Asy lum this morning: Dr 8 A H. Me Kim testified that he has resided in this city for32years; has practised medicine foritf years, anew Henry M array who died at the asylum; was failed to see Lim several limes before be was sent to the a-ylum. With Dr. Walsh signed a certifi cate of his Insanity, P is wife was not favor able to having him sent there, but finally concerted. He was supported t>y the order of Itechsbites and Brotherhood of the Union. Mis. Murray desired that he should be left, ;<t hoim- as (-he would thus receive the bene tits; be was a memberof other organizations, his wife was not able to lane care of htm Ou several occasions he got out of the house partly dressed. They bail difficulty in going Into the house to see him?the doors and vtindcws were kept locked. Tfiere were times however wheu he was perfectly quiet. He had lucid intervals up to the time or ?.oing to the asylum. No confidence could be placed in him. Heard nothing about htm f!?tm ti e time he was sent to the asylum uutll lnioimed that he was dead and was requested to look at his remains. Mr. McCutchen, a member of trie order, be tboughl, told him of the death. Viewed the remains at the widow's residence. His at tention was called to a scar on the right eye ftoin bruises on the temple, and oue or two b-.uises on the limbs. Subsequently found that the discoloration 011 the litnb3 were not bruises. Toe marks on the face wore not dangerous in character. Patients could re ceive the same bruises by lulling out of bed. In health Mr. Murray whs a quiet, orderly man. Did not notice that bis hands or feet were frost bitten, r or was his attention call ed to It. Is confident there was no vermin on the bc.dy. Visited the asylum the day after ward*; put several questions to Dr. Morreil, aid after receiving answers, reported to Eagle Tent, Order of Kechabltes, which re port he read. It sets forth that thediscolor ations noticed ou the body we re uot bruises, and that the reason why Mrs. Marray had to wait so long to see her husbaud was that he always had to be washed before he was pre sentable. The bruises, according to Dr. Wor rell, may have been caused by striking against the door. The report wa* accsptea bv the order, and they gave up the idea or having a coroner's inquest heid to investi gate the cause of death. Dr. Morreil wrote him that his death was unloosed for, and that he had been struck once by a fellow pa tient who occupied the same room. Witness also received^ a letter from Dr. Nichols stating that he was confident that Mur ray was not struck by any one, aid that be must have received the bruises by strik ing himself or falling down. Rirhar<l U". Henker testified that he wa? an undertaker, and was sent for to remove the remains of General Loomls to his place and prepared the body for emballng and inter ment. Did uot make a careful examination of the remains, as it was unnecessary to do fO to embalm thrm; only bared toe right leg t > make an incision into the femoral artery; did not noilce any vermin on the remains, and made no particular examination of bim; be was very emaciated. ltr. Morreil was recalled and testified fiat during the first four months Mr. M irray was ui derDr. Franklin's care;after tnat witness took cnarge ol him; do not remember no licii g any bruises on his head nor that he told Dr. McKlm that another patient struck bim; might have told him so, however; know of no neglect or unkind treatment to ward him; he had no vermin on him. [This part of his testimony was but a repeti tion of that of Dr. McKim I Murray had been in the asylum a little over a year; this was in l\.'; Mrs. Murray did not complain to him that herhufcbacd had been beaten by another patiert; his hands and feet were not frosted; he was afiected with a dropsy or the feet, which might have been mistaken by Mrs. Murray for frost bite; h's feet aud bands were swollen and were of a purple color; tnought Dr. Nichols notified Mrs. Murray of tuo death u! her husband; have no r< collection o: anyone except Dr. McKlm -?iou.g to the asylum and asking about bis ? eaih; it is not, ^afe to accept the stateraeut of a?v iusan<' person as true, unless it is corroborated. J'iKrtck Keaya , an attendant at the asy lum, was recalled and testified that tie at tended the patient, Murray. It was necei ?.ary to wasn him two or three times a da", ilis rcom was warm an J comfoi tavjle. Nothing could have frozen in that ward, lie never complained of being cold. He was a'ways brought down to the reception room when his wife called upon aim. Do not fcnow that she ever saw the r >om In which i e was kept. Murray hal be--u struck by another patient named Chauncey West. Ih did not hurt him much-Just blaci i his eye a little. This was six months previous to his death. His feet and har.Js were sore. No one was present when he die,1. At 7 o'clock in the morning called upon him and saw that he was very weak. Called again soon after and found tha' he was dead. He fi> ijuently fell and bruised himself. The bruises on his face were about the size of a five-ceat nickel; those on his limbs about the same size. There was no vermin oa him. A. H. Ha "yon, the tailor at the asylum, was recalled, and corroborated the testimony of Reagan in all of its essential particulars. TVm. WhiU testified that he was employed for 3 years at the Insane asylum. Is now a car driver. Was in Beech, (iarfleld, White Ash and Sycamore wards. Remember Henry J. Murray. Was with him from May to January. Do not know of a single case of bad treatment towards him. Murray was as helpless as a child The bruise on his face | came from a fall. Did not notice it until they were laying him out. Do not think that the temperature of the ward was ever so low that anything would freeze there. The night watchman's duty Is to keep the pa tients covered up and keep their bed cloth lug on them. There is one watchman on the male and one on the female side. They go through each of the wards at intervals dur ing the night. Never heard or an Insane pa tient who said he was insane. Had at times seen tainted meat there, but it was always returned and good meat sent up in its place. Gen. Loomls had carerul attention. The committee adjourned until Monday morning. 8TAI.K Ci.aims Mr. BUUor: It is a maxim among lobbyists and claim agents that a musty and fishy old claim against the gov ernment, ir well stuck to, is sure to be paid at last In whole or in part. It is belter than a good new oue. The witnesses are com monly unscrupulous and will swear to any point desired. The government in most cases is helpless for defence; the auditors and clerks who would have laughed the claim out of tbe office are removed or dead, or they have resigned; important aud un favorable reports and papers bave been filched from the files; the new auditors know of nosources of information, no names or addresses of witnesses; and tbe interested claim agent, with his great bundles of per jured ex iHirie affidavits, has everything bis own way. To lobbyists aud claim agents there are millions in the privilege of hunting | up stale claims against the government; for. | strange to say, no length of time bars a claim against the United .States. Formerly, there was a statute of limlta tions, but In lt^44i, when Congressmen were | beglnnirg to find what a bonanza lies in ob solete claims, and that it is more profitable to be a lobbyist than a member, the atalutt imu repealed' Not in a manly, fair way, but j sneakingly and cunningly. The rascals got the repealing clause tacked ou to the civil and diplomatic appropriation act, tsee sec. 5. act of August lOtn. l&k>.) It was a blind clause, referring to the statute or limitations merely by act and section, but not stating either substance or subject matter. Many who voted for the appropriation act were not aware that they were breaking down one of the beat bulwarks of the national Treasury. That unfortunate repeal has cdst millions, and until it is blotted rrom tbe statute book it will continue to cost millions to the gov ernment. Among tne many patriots In Cougresa, is there tot one who will undertake to repeal the repeal? Is there not some candidate for the Presidency who will illustrate bis record by an effort to protect the Treasury? My observation has been lODg aud large on this subject, and I do not think that any honest Claim would be barred by a revival or the statute of limitations. Its revival will be opposed, however, by all claim agents in and out of Congress. Yours, ?tc., April 1#76. AUDITOR. 8U3*DAY AT THE C??T1.*!*I AL.-The cen teunlal commission at their session la Phila delphia, last night, decided to close the exhi bition on Sunday, but as a compromise the grounds will be open to the public on that day free of charge. VThe Jersey City education board a few weeks ago defeated a resolution prohibiting the flogging or children in the schools. The resolution has been reconsidered, and the original one, prohibiting the use of the rod, passed. THE BARQUE NIIRV MERRJTT iWVESTiGATiGN Testimony of an Attorney In the Case. At the afternoon session of the committee examining into the alleged connection of Seretary Bristow wild the MaryMerrltt case. H. / vans, ot Kentucky, formerly a law partner of Mr. * eland, spoke of tr.eir con nect.on with the Mary Merritt case, and gave a history of the vessel. He said he came here In the spring or summer of 1S73 in order to secure the remission of the for feiture of the vessel. Gen. Bristow having resigned the office of Solicltor General w.i< at that time in Philadelphia, engaged in the railroad business as an attorney. He stat?d to General Bristow tbe object of his errand, and offered to give him part of tbe compen sation. General Bristow decline! to take a fee. but said he would assist him in present lr g the matter fairly to the Secretary of the Treasury. Secretary Bristow introduced him to the Secretary, and to Mr. Banfieid, the Solicitor,and was informed it was not the policy there to grant auy remission of for lelturepending litigation. Next year tbe at torr.ej s again came on. The Supreme Court of the United States had sustained Judge I>rummond's decision l.i the court be low forfeiting the vessel. They filed a peti tion for a rehearlDg of the case with Secre tary Richardson, who, until a bearing could bad, directed the suspension of any pr-oceed iegs in tbe Mary Merritt case until further ojilers. MR. BRISTOW'S CONDUCT IN T1IE PRFMI?ES was merely an act of kindness, be having deciined all or any compensation, and was merely serving his Kentucky neighbors. General Bristow, when he assisted ths attor neys. said that the Secretary was required to confine himself to the certificate of ibe court alone. He did not argue tbe facts of the case; the judge In that ca?e sal t dis tinctly there was no wilful negligence or fraud. The witness then rea<l several letters addressed to him by General Bristow, by which it appeared that the latter had uo pro fessional connection with tbe case, and was very careful to have this fact clearlv and explicitly understood. The witness related tbe circumstances attending tbe seizure of the vessel, which was for a supposed viola, tlonof law, and the Judgment of the ciurt was for a bond of ?15,ooo. James Murray, concerned in the vessel, owed Wm L. and Stephen E. Trice, who were part owners *10,??o. Tbe witness was their counsel, and knew that they never received one dollar of the money. Witness, lr answer to a question of Secre tary Bristow. repeated that tbe latter never had any understanding or agreement or In tention, so far as he knew, of re Mverlng any money for advice in the case. Gen. Bristow emphatically declined to have anything to do with a fee. NOT THE MAN. Secretary Bristow called tbe attention of tbe witness to that part of the House resolu tion directing the investigation, in which it is said that "oue of the attorneys for tbe owners of the Mary Merritt applied to B. H. Bristow, Secretary of tbe Treasury for a re mission of the forfeiture, to wulch sail Bris iow replied that lie would do nothing himself, but his private secretary could fix it up, and tbe raid attorney met his private secretary and had the forfeiturn remitted." Tbe witness replied thai the mention of the attorney in the extract rea ? certainly does not apply to him. He was not tbe man. Adjourned. To day. Tiic committee this morning hear! E. B. Northrup, editor of the a?n,nercial Th.icsot Milwaukee, who testified thai be wrote tin article in bis paper against Secretary Riis tow and that a U. S. deputy marshal, either Ed. Simpson or Burke, first called his atien tloti to thefac s and agkeibim to work up the ease. II ts knowledge of the case was de rived from Colonel Goodwin, who received his statement from Mr. Johnson aud from John A. Hinze, a detective, the latter ob taining his iniormatlon from Mr. Weiss. The witness knew nothing of the c?se ex cept what he derived from others and by an examination ol the court records. Secretary Bristow a^ked the witiess a quest.on concerning Colonel Goo 1 win. and he wl mess replied he had for the last eight months been engaged exclusively In THK WHISKY KB A CD TRIALS ?t Milwaukee, *--cwUry Erisfow asked the witness whe Lcr Colonel Goodwin was not bis (Bristow's) < pen aud avowed enemy because of his cor.rse In the whisky trials at Milwaukee. Mr. Bright said the committee was not en gaged in an examination of whisky frauds. Secretary Bii6tow said it seemed to him that it was competent to show the motive '01 the attack. Mr. Bright tbougbt Iho question was ir relevant to the investigation, besides Col. Goodwin was not a witness before the com mittee. He did not consider evidence what Col Goodwin said to a third party. Secretary Bristow remarked, that was undoubtedly so, but he desired to show that Col. Goodwin was incited by hostility in instigating this charge, bee?use of his offi cial course In the wblsky tna.s. Mr. Hartzel thought tbe committee bid better sninmon Col. Goodwin, and he could then be in vest!gated as to his motives. Mr. Northrup. after further examination, said Col. Goodwin did not instigate the state ment against Secretary Bristow. tf. K. Wtiss testified that he was formerly Deputy Collector at Milwaukee, aud stated facts relative to the release of tbe Mary Merritt, which he resisted until he secured the moieties. He paid Judge Hubbell *">oo out of gratitude for not favoring tbe remis sion of the bond in the Mary Merritt case He testified that after Gen. Bristow made his argument before Secretary Richardson he withdrew having said that he merely ap peared In behalf of neighbors and friends, having uo pecuniary interest in the matter. J'AID AN M. C *500. Mr. Weiss also testified that he paid Gerry W. Hazelton, a member of Congress,-"?<>0 for arguing agaiust the remission of the bond before the Treasury department. Mr. Northoup was asked by Secretary Bristow what other position in Milwaukee tcan that of a detective did Mr. Heuzle hold? A. He is president or tbe Central demo ciatlc committee of the city. Mr. Weiss ?Well, to make the story com plete, 1 will state to the committee that 1 am the president. The chairman, (Mr. Ely.)-Well, that is not at all discreditable. I Laughter.) APPROVED THK CLAIM. Mr. Lyman, in charge of the navigation division of ihe^Treasurj de partment, test I fie l I bat when the case was first presented for iemis6iou while Secretary Ricnaidsou was at the head of the Treasury department, be was opposed to it. After giving it further examination iu 1*15 he tbe vessel was shown to have been libelled for only a technical violation of law, the fine should be remitted. In this conclusion he was en dorsed by Assistant Secretary of the Trea sury Hartley. Upon the recommendation of Lyman and Hartley, Acting Secretary Co nam, in ihe absence of Sec retary Bristow, issued tne warrant of remission. Conflicts Bitwken CHcbch and Stat*?A telegram from Rome, April l'T, says; Tbe representatives of souiegreat pow ers were recently in conference with several influent al cardinals with the view of ascer taining the best means of brlugiug to an end the conflicts batween various states and tbe church. The cardinals unanimously de clared that peace was impossible unless tbe spiritual independence of tne church was ac knowledged. Alliance and agreement be tween church aDd state was regulated by concordat, without eltner party being made subordinate. High Figures for Paintings.?The sale of the paintings of the late W. T. Bloi gett, of New York, which took place oa Thursday eveniug. realized $00,000. Tbe pic tures which brought the highest figures were; ??The Halt." by Shreyer, *7,^00; landscape, '?Sheep and Cattle." Tronyon, *6,000; "Toe Pol'.e Court," T. Contnre, *5,80?; "Perrlot a:.?i Harlequin," same, *4.490; "Slipper Shop," Vtllegaa, *4,100; "Aurora borealls,' F. E. Church, *1,500. Church's famous paint ing, "Heart of Andes,"' was sold at private sale. Boors Bonus?Four years ago a number of bankers and brokers In New York were Imposed upon in sums amounting in tbe aggregate to about *87.000 by means of coun terfeit 7.30 IT. S. bonds. These bonds the brokers sent to tbe Treasury department before their character was discovered for redemption and received tbe proceeds. After the bogus character of tbe bonds was discovered tbe government Instituted suit to recover the amount. Tbe case has been tried In the U. 8. district court at Nsw York, and resulted in a verdict for tbe government WWra. Baddie was banged In Tascnm bta, Aia., yesterday, for an outrage on a white woman named Antllla Little In Sep tember, 1S74. He died protesting bis lnno eecca. WQRTT'FOURTH (JOSORKSS SATTKDAY, April '2*. SENATE?The Senate was not In session to d?v. HOOSE OF REPRESENTATIVES?Mr. Hurlbut, (111.,) from the Committee on Mili tary Atralrs. submitted a preamble and res olution In the matter of the cnARurs a<;ains>t iiorac* rorcHrov. temporary clerk to the Military Committer, reciting that the cnarg-?* are based on affi davit* made by certain parties In Tex is. on which an indictment was Too id, an i that tue lndlctmei.t tm suhs^juently nop.* pr.?s??. quied.and that tbe offence, if any. wan now barred by the statutes of limlf.vlon, and thf?t toproc<el with the Investigation would involve the necessity ?.f bringing witnes-e* at groat from Texa?. an.I directt'i*: lhat the committee be discharged fro n th fnrther consideration of the sut>jecl. Tue re pot was ai'opt.d. Mr. Stone (Mo.), from the Coramitt-v on Hallways and Canals, reported a 0111 to or ganize TBK SATI05AI. RAILWAY COMPLY, of the United States, for tti?- purpose of con structing a double track cheap (relgut rail road connecting the tidewater of the Atlan tic with the cities of Chicago, St. Ixtuls and Council Bluffs. Ordered pi luted and recom mit ted. < >n motion of Mr. Canlflel-I (111.), leave was given the Committee on Expenses of the De partment of Justice to sit daring the session of the House. Mr. Harris (Va.) then called up the CONTESTED ILtCtfOS CASE of Le Moyne vs. Karwell.of the-d Illinois district. Tne majority rei>ort. declaring 1.? Moyne, and and the minority report, declar ing Farwell elected?the division 111 MM-J ml I toe being a party one. 1 Tlie I.ntest Booth Btory. The late story printed in Pomeroys Mem ocrat tha' John Wilkes Booth and the rejel Captain Beall, who was tried anl hanged at one of the forts in New York harbor, were fast frier.ils?sworn to each other; that Booth beiug at Washington when Beall was con demned to death, and hearing of the sen. fence the night before It was to be executed, went to 6ee Hon. J. P. Hale, then of the Sen ate. at a late hour, and stated his purpose to see the President and save bus friend that night; that they went to the house of Hon. John W Forney and got him to go with thtm to the President; that Mr. Lincoln re ceived them, and heard Booth's appeal for mercy and his confession of the conspiracy between himself and others at M m. Surratt "s hoopc toat>duct the President, Ac., aud that Booth on his bended kneea, and prostrated befmre the President, weeping like a child, besought pardon for Beall. that at last "pity won" the President, and he solemnly nrom lsed the desired pardon, after which BooUi, Hale, and Forney left the President still m tears. Next morning, the story goes, when Mr Lincoln stated his promise to pardon BeaTl to Secretary Seward, that gentlemtn remonstrated against it. and satisfied him ? hat he ought not to keep bis promise to Booth, and that he did not. For this, says me storv, Booth killed the President. Col. Forney positively contradicts this yarn in the Philadelphia Press of yesterday, xu'l says be never saw Booth, to his koowl e. ge, in bis life. He says "Mr. Pomeroj's I democrat, a well Known and highly enter prising western newspaper," is wrong, but tl.inks he may have signed a letter asking for Beall's pardon. He adds that if Mr. Lin Coin had made a promise to pardon Peal', he would have fulfilled it at all hazards, and that Mr. Seward, with his gentle and gen erous bearing to the south, would have been the last to ask him to break bis word. UfNERAL I ONFERINTI If. E CHI'Bfil 7 .'" Ma'/ M" .'</??/ K"'finwre.?The (Jeneral Conference ol the Methodist Episcopal Church will hold its l?tb quadrennial s-a - on in Baltimore, commencing on Monday next. Bishop Janes, the senior bishop of (he church, will preside a? the opening. Tue session will continue during tne month of May, and many sut.jects of interest to the < liurch will be brought before it for con sideration. someof which Involve Important modifications iu the discipline end polity of the church, but it is not bllllMi thai any radical change wi.l be made in the church constitution. Tne conference is composed of twelve bishops, who will preside alter nately, and four buudrcd clerical ani lay delegates and fraternal messenger#. i)eie ^aUclttica! flni lay.compose tne legisla tive body, and they a'one vote. There will be eighty annual conferences represented. Including one In India and one iu (iermiuy and Swit/9rland. Twenty of the delegates are colored men. Missionaries are expected from India, China, Japan, Mexico and other foreign countries. There will also be iu attt a number of the ed tors of loumals and periodicals published by the church. The twelve bishops in their or der of seniority are as follows: E. 8. Janes. N. Y.; Levi Scott, Odessa, Del.; Matt Simp son, Phi adelphla; E. R. Ames, Baltimore: Thos. Bowman. St. Louis; W. L Harris, Chicago R. 8. Foster, Cincinnati, Isaac W. Wiley. Boston, 8. M. Merrill. St. Paul, Minn ; E. (*. Andrews, Des Moines. Iowa; Gilbert Haven, Atlanta. Ua., and Jesse T Peck, 8an Francisco. Wisdand Flames.?The National Board of Fire Underwriters resnmed ;heir se^ions to-day, but only for a portion of the tun* with open doors. The chairman of the com mittee on wind currents reported, as their opinion, that high winds were the cause ol most ureat conflagrations. In si.pport of this theory, many important histori cal facta were recalled. Thus, In New York, the fire of forty years ago spread owing lo the Intense cold prev?illng. On August 10, 1845, the Are at Plt-stmrg spread owiug to a hurricane. In New York, July 19, 1845, the great tire spread chiefly owing lo combustible and explosive materials encountered, there being very lit tle wind. On August 17, HM8, the Albauy fire spread owing to a heavy gale from the south, and was only put out by a suddeu change ol wind from the north. On 17 tb May, 1*4'.?, the great Are in 8u Louis, along th? line of shipping, was the result of strou.; winds. Ou P'tb May, !??;/. during the great fire at Troy, N. Y., a strong wind prevailed. <?n 4th July, 18*^. the Are in Portland, Me., was tanned by ? strong southerly gale. The terrible Are in t olcago in ls7l occurred dur ing a gale - i y. Y. O>r. Phil a. loiter. Isduxs FtiiiiTixo for Food.?AJvices from the Hot Springs Indian agency repre sent the Indians in a dangerously trouble some state from lack of food. The passage of the deficiency bill meets the emergeucy, and agents are already buying up for imme diate necessities. Advices from Tuscou re port a rebellious outbreak of Indians and some fixating with troops In Arizona, the savages also murderiug several clii/.eus. The Indians were well armed, and defeated the troops in the latter's attack on their sheltered position. They subsequently came hack to their reservation, and are drawing rations as usual. A TA rtliho accoukt of the prevalence of the crime of incendiarism was given in the convection of Are underwriters, In New York, on Thursday. The committee ou the subject reported that thirty Ave per cent, of all the Ares of last year originated from in cendiarism, and that Afly-Ave per ceut. of the whole amount of property destroyed by Are was through Incendiarism, or, In other words, that the losses by this crime for the year in the United States and Canada rau up to Afty millions of dollars. Crazed by Dbsj'aik?Thomas Halloran, laborer, aged 33, oftiih street, Hoboken, has become insane. He deposited *2,o<*i some time ago In a bank In this city which failed, and has only paid a dividend of .*0 per ceut. The loss so preyed on Halloran's rniud lhat be Lecame demented and was yesterday ar rested by Officer MeCurdy. He was com mitted to the lunatic asylum by Keoorder Bob nstid t?f.V Y. Herald, TH* christian Union.-Mr. Horatio C. King, the new publisher of the Christian Union, contradicts the published report* ooa cernlug the bankruptcy of that paper. The name adopted for the new company is the New York and Brooklyn Publishing Com pany. Mr- Beecher remains the editor ef the paper as usual. The capital of the new com pany is foO 000.-1 A*V Y. Herald. THE NATIONAL HOARD OE UHD**WBT tfrs In their session at New York yester day.elected U. L. Chase president, with a fall board of officers, and adopted a resolution re questing mayors of cities to issue proclama tions to citizens to use extra care against i Ares on the coming 4th of July. Tne board adjourned tine die. MR. Moody Is preaching in Angnsta, Qa At the service last Monday evening nearly 5,000 people were preeent. The services are held in the open air, there being uo building in the city large enough to accommodate the audiences. Telegrams to The Star. THE hPALIHSti rorur MlRTIll.. TEE Wr.LIAMSPORT, FA, FIRE. MORE FAILURES IN ENGLAND. I ftlSENCMMlVS PIATfl H MI III!'. H II I I 41* HO It | IIKI ?.r<nt IMMrtuiliiu ??( Cumber. Wn.LiAMSPOKT, Fa., April A very destmcilv* conflj,'r*llivioccurred las night about 1? o'clock iu me lumber y?,'1 of HrtUlf A Mavnard, by which :'?x>nt twelve acres of inaiiufactnr?*d white pine lumber were totally ?testroyed. Hcrdlr A- MayuaM lose about 3 "fMt.Oi-' feet lla-stead Flynn, 2 Hubhard A- Moukcy. li*),00n; In a Ml!in i lo a large lot of latb belonging to a Lock Haven firm. Two-thirds of the lo*? is covers*! by insurance. Herdl* A Maynarl's mill wa? saved. The tiredepartineutsof I>o~k H iven, WaiMintown an.I Sunbury were called upon anil rendtred valuable service. The Are t< supposed to nave been tfie work of an incen diary. It is estimated mat ulna to ten mil llonfeetcf plue lumber were hurned. tboi Toner loses l.soo.ou' feet. 100,000 shingle* belonging to an Klmtra firiti were al?i burned. The loss is pre;ty well covered by insurance. The latest estimates p'ace* the to'al loss ?at *125.000. The principal losers are Her lie A Maj nard. f.V1 ? wa. Insured for MJ.VIO; Ran stead'A- Flynn, fM.OOO. Insured for >, Thos. Fozler. * Insured for *7,00<i; Hub hard A Mankey. ?>.0?'i>: Intuml lor fA.iioo. I?. L. Holden,of Klmira.; fully covered There is also a lo?s of ab.iut "iin.(HK) In damaged railro.vl tracks hel inn ing to the Carawissa railroad and the 1 lui bt-r yards. a roiMvx K?:nm. I lie Mtenmer (?nrtbe. LoXT>Orf, April29 ?A dispatch to the Fi ?/?'* from Plymouth says that there was, no steamer of the Haraburg-Amerhari line ?h!ch conld possibly have been In the local ity ol the steamer which dl?regarP?l the A"meri<iue's signal* on April -">th, when the latter desired to re|x>it the condition of the steamer Goethe. More 1'aHnres. Manchester. Aprtl T> Tiw failure of (rlllam. I?ng A Co.. commission merchauta, with liabilities ol 149,000. and of Want Bros. A Co.. merchants, with liabilities of L.'1,900, are reported to-day. The !Vf m India l.oan l.osno*. Aprtl j?.?Tiie In its finan cial article says the tenders for the new In dia 4 per pent, loan of *20,oon.ono. yesterday amounted to *43,ooonon. The entire loan was allotted at 102 pouuds * shillings au 1 up wards. BarhstlOM. L.0??i>0!*. April 29.?A telegram from the secretary of the defense association of Kar ha.'of s. replying to au inquiry, reitera ?? ail the previous statements of that hody, a? to the condition of affairs in that Island, de clares that Intense aurfVty stiil prevails,an I says that time will prove whose nr-sages are the most truthful. Another Failure The failure of another broker wa? reported at the stock exchange to day. Tne s'ock market is generally firm, with an upward tendency. IREKPALD1RU CO I KI MAKII VI How Finney F.xpnnded Mv2?."t><? ?? #I.04MMM>0. San Francisco, April 2*.? In the Spald ing court martial testimony of l'ay In sp?-ctor Doran. wiio was detailed to make an examin afiou of Spalding's account? and a* certain the amounts due Montagule, Far well, Haccom. and other*, from July. 1-71, to September. 1-75, shows the legitimate In debtedness in round numbers to be Bl.'O.fti'i, hut the certificate is?u<-d by Finney repre sent the indebtedness at abonl ->i,ojo,ooo. The < harles O 4 ouor Inveallication New York. April l.?.?The tribunal corn posed of ex-Oovernor Dix, Wilson G. Huut, Kt-v. Dr. Wm. Adams. Howard Potter, and Hon. John K. Forter, who were selectel by the bar association to Investigate cuarges against Charles o'Conor in connection with the Forrest divorce case, met this morning. Governor Dlx presi Jed. The secretary real the citation copy which was served on the editors and proprietor? of the New York Timet, requiting tbelr appearauce to substan tiate charges published In that journal. He also read similar citations, copies ol which had been served on Chas. A. Dana, of the New York Mrs. Siuc'.aii and her brother-in-law. Mr. Kedley. The secretaiy then read a letter Mr. O'Conor had received irom Mrs Sinclair, acknowledging the re ceiptor citation, declaring her feeliugs of gratitude to him. and reiterating her asser tion that the article from which me Investi gation arises was published teitboul her con sent and against her wish, and after solemn promise had been given not to publish it. She denied making charges against him. and deelines to appear before the tribunal. [ i Coin. TMderbllt la n Bad Way. Sew York, April 29.?The W?rlit says During the la*t three days Commodore Vau derblll has undergone a careful examination, and it has been discovered that physically he is rapidly going to pieces. He suffers from a complication of diseases Besides hemor rhoids, he has a disease of the bladder and hernia. ? A WskblBgloilsn Fonnd Head In New l'nrk. New York, April 2D?The bojyof Sam'l B. Klllott, formerly of the navy, whose wife resides In Washington, was found yesterday in Madison square. It is not known whether be died a natural death or committed sui cide. He was in destitute circumstances. ? ?>? York It an It Statement. New ork, April 29?The following is the weekly bank statementLoans, decrease. l.tSd.aoO; specie, decrease, *i,ooi,7no. legal tenders, increase, ai,69.'j00; deposits, ue crease, ?7it.30<?; circulation, decrease, *30,*00; reserve, increase, ?s7^,ti5. A Ceatennartan Burned to l?raiti Toronto. April 2:?.?Mrs. McRae, aged l? years, was yesterday found sitting by the fireside with her clothes almost burned of!. When discovered life was extinct. ? An Indian Eaecnted WtSSlE^EG, April .S?Louts Tnoiiit". an IitmiuoIs Indian, convicted of murder, was hanged this morn lag. The Murk eta. K&Itimobb. Apiil >9.?Virginia c.>o? liJ?t<it. Qt\; West Virctnia, i\. fc igar active sud ftroi, Baltimore. April t9 ?Cotton jniet?ihIUIIIdc, 12V. Floor ?t *a>, demSQ-l fail mai !;D"0>nc -d. Vi oe?t dull? Peunsylvaaia r?*d, 1.48*1 AO, otb?r gradrs ufccliniged. Coru?southern white (hada flrru<rr.6ua03; southern fellow Bull and lower. <1; wMtcrn mixed tairlr settve, es%mB\ -pot. 12 ? Bnt half May; 62 Msy, ?S J???. Osu mil *ad h?*svj? southern good to prtne, ?nJ. w??tcrn white. ?<??? wrests* n mlied, 40*44 Rye nominally Irs- 8ta"7. Hay .rtsadyMd nschan?ed. Fro vliiost flrmer but inlet Pork. 2271. Balk m*st?? shoulder* e*B8'.: clear rib rtdes. U\ l<?es. tall ? Mcked Bseon?shonlSer* >%? ?: cle%r rib sides. La. Hmdi. UaU Lard uniet and wrwk?retlned, lt^sH. bt-Uer uuiet and easier?w?ite. n prin* t< ck >ic? 27*30; do , extis fine, Sla-'a. Petr ilerim ou?w<ll<4? f rude, 7\: rrfln?d. 14. CuOue inlet and nu^baugwd. Ubiakyaoa.iDal.lU. _ Hbw Tobk. April n -Stocks actus and weak. Money. SX- Ooid, 13\. loaa, SB* short. ?. Ooverrnaou aottre aad etaady HBW Yobk. April29 -riorr ,metasd eochsnfed. ? beat inlet aad trw. Oorn Bail aad <S?cliBiajr < L05JM'*. April M, 11:10 p. a-D 8. bvnB*. 1366s, 1C3V Iris, IS. ?f tbe Dnj. ? 8;lence is golden, but Senator Jones's talk is silver. ? Mr. Moody announces that be will not ?tart a revival In Cincinnati during tbe ses sion of the republican conventioa. Tnls Im proves the chances of all the pr jmlneut can didates. ? Mr Blaine attend* church regularly. He estimate* earthly things at their proper valao. His is not a gnawing ambition. It does not waste bis body or weary his soul. I.ast week one of his supporter* remarked; "I have fears of tbe reaultof the Cincinnati convention." ??It matters not," meekly returned the ex speaker, "I shall have better luck when I eome before the convention of Saints In the New Jerusalem'-'? f/fr-ot?A<yw Arput. ?y The backir g bouse ot E Beeotaer k Co, Montgomery, A la . has failed. Beech?r made an assignment of all Ms property, real and persofaal, for the bene fit of his creditors. LOCAL ysws. TM Rr?i?*l At Ui? (<mg regstlonaJ Churca ut nl|h( liTT*** *'?rs* aodiaoca. R-v (J. A. Hail and Rev. It. suuderianl male ad art*?es. and after a pr?i?M mMinc an I* ? quiry mwiini min'lj.jnrlai (iifir w?rr several con vi rtioui There wa? a Terr gf*ht congragsunn tor Satnrday at |?r: Sunderland's (lunti una !Vorn,r5?,,l*rt*rU?e aerrleeor Hot. U. A Hall read portions of John uth. jr.tb. and .. Ui rhapMrt, and vjmnf ot the r|.w* re latlocs existing (? i *wu Christians an I Je*ua u??rf hla servarts. ftlenda breth ren sons and heirs. Reports were ca.laj for at d K?-v Mr Worthlngton reported from the meeting at the (Vcr. national Church laai night. Kev Mr. Mytrv ppi^lAl fro no Uia w*7!V.^r.M_,h,, Lutheran Chapel on Capitol m. 11 mat there were a number o.'cjn versiona ?Ll>r "??<! the In ,u ry '"iw ? r*r ? a.-am ? i?%. n icui wm m vet J '"**? >?r- J^^aTrnxrted from ? > i. _, niorr, an 1 lh? op-11 air meetlna J? H';vav'H**,kLn ?t nss it-uar m ?? w Hammond. tn anawer to a wSKaa^'Ji1? 10 HI night, asking to !>? r?l irom i.In oitn/ _ ? 1 O Scrland*1 Mr s u I i- I?', 8 Hammond. I>r Ksnkin ^'i?V W"l>- l>r Not>" "leaSS^' a?ul others u*>k part. and lt*McrifM ths I '' *,,ouM ** *'P' ?P and per iT-i. * Jpuld loduee tuni Comr ot W*4 ij -v Th? sent men I w?> t?i?i |{m. Hammond ?|i uId bacirn^i nasi Vl'etnea uay hnt Itiej will expect ni?, JTiUaeVowa .f."lur" tlmm- K"v Mr H.mnrmj ? l?U*,*>ln< prayers f..r the firnstes at tbe almshouse. 1 ?> which th.-re Isadeei. 1,1 *'?>?>? seat! men t, and ai?o real the re rrH,Tr-*UI"1 K tbesn T'" ? ??"eatmnt ?J, \ ? , r,.r a sirk man uucon ?"*? '"r ot muai * l-r?' r naniher thaa ' *nd Mr HiniMM nlhwd ? fervent fc^a'tlT Tbe Ui.,?:ry u. eting ?? ^ i ? Itonrd ..f l|e?tf j, t*I? of'11??? la*teTenm-Wi to* members pr<*^ent. The refcturHr. |ir. Rltea, pre?eate? u,< atatemeoiof rllal atauattoa ,,, tt,f l- atrict tor u>e work ending April 2> ?tinvi?. Birtha -4 wiute r.\* .ion - tu%;?r ;;. "?jf -"T- M??rt?? a, H-wulle 4T?SnSi ?. , *''tte ?>. colored >N. nialf'.'7 re mHle j|; adulla .??, minora ; t. Tue i>riiie!Dai rl'.'.V*, of Pbmu.i ^SS nana I . conation of 4ie bra n. ?' i.roucbi tt?, ?. pneiimonu Il% lapatltla t; <md rra Uh?wmkif?f rn<>r,*lliy?^ district for frmor* ?^aa .a?( ??#???),? Nttberateof in k. |??r l.nos pf-r aninun l)e n?!lL| |U"' l*>l'?latlon r?v d.-atti? over blrtba reported > wax ?. or at the rat?> of i p*r i per annum. Itate of morialitr of the wh'iL* p.-P-.l.tUM, waa ixm pZl&SfZEm rTu r??**?1*?rl*11'y ?* ci?li?red pop-j la il .^y 1 * per l oim for the ?ame perlotl. ?' ?*ecrfaae of the white pop,nation by dorrr'^?j>jTrTi.^P*"" I O"?. white the rrta*e of the o?io-?si population hv ?'-? q? *a? Ui, ,?eV MM pe/nnmn I ealha cor^t-oiidlng week IK7.^white 37* rs?s,^ir ??' holmfap rmrmv. A aqmraanlcaUoti waa from u?a. r.. liaboock In relation to th^ c<> id.iioo ot Hoinx-ad cemetery. He iubi tliat the offlr. of torn mi wl oner of Public Bu.ldinKa and <?round* will take charire ?f the o-mefery a* ^oou aa the proper auUniri. lea have rvmcn-ttf tiie acveral Imndn-d bodloa yet remain' n? tb? re. I ntil that la done that offlo* baa no <NMiin?l over the grounJa. Toe letter v aa transmitted to the iMatrlct t 'ommlaaioowm. THI OAB1.AOK CoWTRa*tons T.-r,<^.ID.m.?D,cmllOD wmt from H K. , _A Co., contracU>ra for the removal of oflal, Making that at*pa be takcu to re^nire fcjWMHiolM? to place the* in front ot Uielr realdencea aoax toexpe>lit? removal rrom parTIS iii read, atatlng that by reaaon of uo- being able IViaml.Tf *!?**! anlmml? collected in the ? w ' ra" I bey have been unable to i.tili/e the "am<- for fertllletiig purpoae* and fire V?Ma'!'Cd f ,0"" cSt!S?S tfce removal and tranaportat ion of ofTkl of ? ,1!u ai>l1 a?-k the i> >ard Ui take audi *'^m" will resuit In maKlug up said loaa. The hoard then adjoarned Thb Natiomai J01 kcr ('Lrii. recenti* orgMiiized, will bold ttieir Inaugural meet *W?UnBlBg thr?< .taya, ar M^jor Hill a n. w course, and the following piogramiue has been arranireil ... . FIRST DAY. M A Y 1*. race_|i?ah of three <(aar:er? of a S^T?ieMW:ptt?eW"'or wuicb^V, to 8eonttd rac<-- M. |e hea r for i 'iree vear olla P'i<7'*' ?f wh,cl1 *1<* to aec-iu 1 boiae. Third race-M .le heataover four hurdlw puree -KK of which Wio.. to aecoud hornc ... . hav. rlr?l race- Mash of one mile and a <inar er for all agefv puree, ?.M0; *;y> to nn, Uot^ ' to aecoud, and ?.*> to third. n.u?2^rmce7?#!.llQC raoe f!,r ?" one wfttSldtolSSt pu"e- *'"? ????"?? po - ?. . _ . THI?D DAT. i?vi? iff*-!!??1 o( ODr mll?f r all age., to 23Z22JP00'1^ ?M t? tne flrat and aim to the se^ocd horse*. Second race? Cltisena puree of ?Bn?; dash ? winW|^^llie8i0r *!' aee"' *? ?r*l horae. 9 Nto to second and *50 to third. Third race -Coraolatlon Handicap, ooe and ot.e hall mi lev for horeea ihat have ran and bot won <luring the meetlug. To cIom and name by 4 o'clock p. ro. on the aecond day. and acceptance to be made to tbeaeere ^ p. m puree of at50. Third race?steeple-chaa< Handicap, two '" 'f* aud ? {??>'. puree, WOO, *.'0 to flrat. H'wi to Mx-ond and Mn to third. aoentrance fee will be (barged toany of iheuorees, but three or more bor*ea uiuat t-u 11 in each -ace The executive committee, selected at a re cent meeting consiaU ol Hon. Ktchard Wal '??>? preeldent, Hon. odeu Bowie, Col. T. H . I>oawell, W.-aars Marehail Brown and H H l?odge, vice president*; Measra. Middle tou A Co .treaaurera. Mr. I N Burrltt, sec retary, and Mwara John W. Thompson, H. H. Katbbone, H. M Hutchlnaou, Tueo E. Koessle, J. H. Watmougb. Htcbanl Stuiib, John A. Baker and Wm H Clagett. ^ErtLDtyo 1'ckmit> issued by Inspactftr Plowman. A. Brawn, twelve two-story brick d, north side alley bet ween ^tb and ? tb and A and B streets southeast. 97,300. Kdward I >ougherty, two brick dwellloga aad stores, south aliie H, between _'3d and J4tb streets KJ.400. John Hhermao. two brick stables, north sldeK, between Ulb and Hth streets northwest, C. A. Schott. a tbree-stoi v brick dwelling, east *id# 1st, between B aud C ^treelt toaiiiaaHt. ?5,500. Ureicory Kapples, a brick atora aaJ dwelling. souUi aide New York avenue, ba *?d streeu northwest. ?lT??.r c,t Boucb^r. two twoatory brisk w<*' sld* ,ou> auwet. between South Carolina avenue and o atreec south east; a.i,uoo. E. W. Woodruff, three tao story brick dwelhnga, north aide O ?tre?r. between 4th aud 5tb streets nortii -veet; ?' jjo. Mrs. John Kllliag, a ? 'iree-atory brick a tore ai d dwelling not lb side F. betweeu i itb a id 12th streets northwest. *#,ooo. t.. Pi.t-b. re pair a bouse on weai side OT *lh street le K ac'' streets northwest; 9 DM, 'ja?. H* Wright, a aiableon IfiUi street, betweeu I and K street* lorthweet,-iVj ^ a JrROM Drawx -The following jurors for the May term of the Circuit Court were ?-?*>*'^^/k' Jamea H.* Berrj, B. P. McKnew, J'din Lynch (G<*orce town ' "Se'.e T F.yddane (ieorgetown), Ca Ailaniff. W. NonHincer (Ci^iriretowu C banesiC. O lover, ueoree Duvall tl'nlon town i. M . H. > earaou, Wllltam Crlbeoo . h street), A H. 1 ?odge (Georgetown). K. J. Holmes iUeoricetown), A. N. Hazen, O 8. B. Wall. C. 8. Noyea, Rudolph Elchorn. laaiati Shoemaker, wm. R Hunt. Alfred G Han H. B Pbaatt, Jonathan R. UontS? winSSjjf %all. I?avid L. Shoemaker Georgetowi > Henry Plukney, F. B. Ilot.lnson ??eoT*t ' towL , E. M. Nourse. This term will beem?. K,r ,u" lu ass rAB,SErra'sssf: & ts, J* ?wa?i8 per hundred, MfiQQ borrlnri, ltJ ?llaaij per thousand ?"*?> i<?c TH* Qt-BSTIOI* OtValARIES _Tua Tor onu> baa thi>-remark: " The truth i? that the whole of the oftielala of the Un La? States are underpaid, and the preaa of country should endeavor to direct public a" tentlon to the ract Eor what la prectiMiiC a regal poaition. warred though ftbe bTuf ayatemTanch aa iU President baa to maintain, four or firs uaZ the paltry W0.000 would bamiy be too mSST Our Tlceroy of India reoelrat f aaa ni year, and other auma, that bring hit reraro*. np lo nearly t80,o00per annum. Jt la dm, le?a to add that the Fo/m m-elTat by^r own UoTernora General only just enah^I ihem to maintain baeo^lng state in tb?nnf sence of a few millions of pJopie ?' P BiAJ-LCBAiiom^Tbe New York Eim. of yeatentay savi "The ellvw h.VUE!*" beE.onlne to mau ? . buaioasa ta A VOVBL MACK took ZT. park. New York, yeau,2*^*2Ji?rtor* norae "White Cioti"aod *?? the(English bicycle champi<m^w?Stanlo,,? *i,on, nve n -? Sc'i SL* ?Mlr* ** Ballea. The latter waa araatlv fan^, ^ ? managed to work out UieUlgtiac^ ?

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