Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1876 Page 3
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PRY GOODS {jJKEAT BARGAINS* IS DMSS aorDS FROM auction. (0 ?>m? her.ltosse Plain. Ptrlpe and Psaask Ho kalis at 37. worth *0 It" plec*s b?9<l>"m Lwm aed sirncM f?t color* at UK per yard, grti On?iiitr Bilks tt 75. 37, tad |l: rick Black Di li Mohair*. a?<l In til toit graS*?. tt l->* prices: i.npln ? Ail Wivtf, tai Bilk and Wool Flack Grtnaiiias.very en-ap. IN MOl'REINO GOODS. Tin* C??l n ere*. rreto ?. B Bbu in. D*UlU ud Tie>"t' C otbs In all ban makee. 10 4,114 L'Mn Meet r.?s. T?h!? UMMkl. Napkin* and Tcaei'.r.g*. all at low d.wa prlcee. to salt tke pro into. M M W. COLLET'S CHEAP COKNRR, 901, PTH ST., mylS-tr Market Spaoa. Wl ABE BELLIMO DBT OOODB VBBT Tt -hsap Eeantlfui Spring Drees Oood* IS, 30, 31, ?1. V, 40, N. Btik aad Wool Dnw G.*>de. 37 Black Bilks, Bi. (1 Sa Bl 30, #1.7*. Black Casht ere.TB. <7. Bl Stack Alpaca. ?..nble width, 31.31, 37. StaakBUto, ?? hair At para, SO, worth 73. Black Or?snii'?. iv sr.?) CABTKB-N, 797 Market SpMi IlC*ll?Dl Oalt'-o, 4% Good Cotton. t\. Wide Bhwtin* Cotton, 33. PABASOL3, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, Tery Ck??p Terr Cheep Vrry Cheap. "n'Vj ,in"r**'for 1,811 *nd Boy'? w**r'3;> ^ Qcc-1 Stock I 'J; Linen ere hi-**. f, Linen Towels.!" Ctmll*. t Hel Tick. 15, H 'B?r comb Qnlita. #; b antiful Lawn*. 13; excellent iu?ll ty White P K.. 13; t?t7 ln? til LiMB Ttbit to. Men > Shirts, a?d? of Wam*af a Cotton, Linen Bo T?. 88 WTl tr I^IBBOLUTION OP CO PARTNERSHIP, STOCK AM> riXM RiS FOB SALE The ce partsertblp of J. C WISWALL BOO. <fpui?( by ItmttntioM on July 1st. enr stock M c ST BE CLOSED on or before tfcM data. We ahalI offer to morrow, ai>d continue to sell f*r 30 days, ear large and complete stock of DRY GOODS At GREAT SACRIPICE ON ORIGINAL COST aiid ail g< d-> remaining no haul June lit. will be at Id at AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE. In order to Clone ta 30 Days. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will be mtde a >arge portion of oar stock. Print*. 4,3 and ?'* c-nta per yard. Brown Getters, 4 cents per yard. Figured CrtB?ilii>M. <*?, 10 and 12>i eta. Grwaadines la Stripes, at 14 eta. Mlk Grenadine* below eoet. Summer Bilka, 37* cts and upwards. Pore Black Mohairs. 30eta., worth 84 PlneBla-k Pre** Bilks, ?6 ct* . worth #1 48 3 0U) yards l'.lack Alpacas. liV to 37K "ts, PARASOLS at coat. Large lot Tab'* Damasks. Napkin*. Wine Olotka, Piano 0->ve??. Ae ar less 'ban New York cost. BV GREAT BARGAINS la even thing. J. ?. WISWALL B OO^ api9tr BIO ftn at., cw Pa ava. AND DUBtS GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. W a Invite the attention of the pablic to oar lm DeDW assur'r mt of r.ew styles BIMMLU SILKS AND GRENADINES ol all ihade*. in stripe* and plaids. Large stcck BLACK SILKS of al celebrated mekee SPRING TRESS GOODS of the most attractive otyles aad colors. MOURNING GOODS, WHITE GOODS, CASSlMEkES. l RTAIN LACES, BILk. ' MBRELIjABand FINE HOSIER T In great variety,at le a than New lork prices. WOLFOBO 4k SUILBEBO, BIT MARKET SPACE, >tB tr Third door from tfb stieel. r\'EW STOCK bl 'IiLN G GOODsi Bllgktly polled Blracfaed Ootton Sc., worth 10c. Etd* tnl Calicu?( <-ut? 5c a > ar 1 VlaM l>re? Of .N lu, U?4. la, JU, 2Sc Preee Good* very ctaop in varied (jaaliUea. Wash Popun* 9c.. worth lJ44c. Silk atrii?-d Diear Go dscbtaa. All-Woof lh b-?es. Pongee Silk*, cheap. Elegaat a?j lee in Lawn* ISSc , worth iic. Victoria Lawn* IS. IS ?. 3Sc.,T?ry low. White Nain-->ok?, Pi jn?-*.Tarl?t.>na, Lace "trlpea. Black Alpaca* cheap, par* Mohairs sacrificed. OUR CARPLT STOCK to be sUogbtered for tha CASH Jnat recei-?d, White and Check Matting. Sc. aid deuttuiLiud to meet the times and seU goods cheap. T. S. SAf DAIS, apM tr 709 Market Baaoa. ^'KW TKlCKa. 1014 SEVENTH STREET. Best Silk act Wool Pongees, 40c , worth 50c. Guat s Hair Chaiii C lotbs, Jik , worth 37*6c All Wool Bpriog De Begee. 40c , worth 60c. Beat Pacific Canbrlca UKc . very cheap. Plaid aad Suiptd Settings, 13Hc. np to 5k. White Pi.jnea and Victoria Lawn* 1 J, 13)6. IS,30.So. Black Silas cheap. -7*. 01 01 33. 0i>> attd 03. Bo? 'a Caeeit.ere* at low prices, a specialty. syPtrm I* a'id Sun Umbrellas In great variety. SA'Iai ?" htt'rte. made of b**t maiftaU, and t~mp'.U' ? > a ?<i, only B1.3S. (with-ot tattoo Lolea oaiy 01.) WM BIRu WTLIE, ap3?tr 1 B14 7tb ?tr?t northwest. ^rjtcLE basis pricesi KK<>?>HEAD * CO., 939 Pii>? Ava , between 9th aud lOtb its., or PER A PULL LINE OP FOKK1UX AMD DOMM8TICDM Y GOODS AT MOST ATTBA0T1YB PRICES I Many Artirit* karia* bten Re iute<i ta Prut from ? II M SO Per Cent. 1-laek Iroa Grenaaiaee, c.; former price SOo. Black Iron Grenadines. SOo ; " *' 75c. Black Iron G>enarflsee, 01; " " 01JS. Black Flat Wesh Grenadine#. 75c ; former pnoe 37X. Black riat Me*h Gmnadlre*, 01 36; " 01 40. Striped. Pl>..led aud Damase Gretadlnea, also at reduced jtkm Black Lyon* S Ik* at 96c. and ap. Incladinc Bonnet, Outlet. B' li~a* and Parvoaa' celebrated makea. Beat PaciUc Lawn*, i last color*,) lJSc A full lire <>f Linen Lawns, la beautiful designs, from 25c up. A few piec- a u' r ninai-r Silk, reduced from 01 38 to 01 per > ard The*e good* are pure ailk and of the beet B ike* White i Wool Shawls, 01 S8. Btock or 1 - c n<pi'-te aud p' ices guaranteed. Laci ee' an.l Gen's" Uulerwear, direc from tke marufa^tnrer* and In porters, lower than <j?er. A most etc. ,i?.1 button Kid, in all colors, date shade...' s t 35 per pair. Wan.?-t;a iUejcbal Co*t)n. 17He. per yard Damase, Plain an<i striped Dre*s Gjcde,cheap. bhan<jh STO0B, 180* F STREET- 13th aad 13th icld *Und. BK4?I>ME%I? A fO. ap38-tr Pa ava . bet, y 1. and loth *ta JOU I T 31 ITCH ELL. 931 P CMCh Y LV * N1A AVlll'H, Offers tke i >.? *< and ch- ic- st select! n of DRESS GOODS ever shown in thi* city. Bcft cSaglng all wool materials, ta suaded stripes, for ?verdr - s*ee Danciakinta &rd Damaasa Ooods. In all the new shades. Z-?h: r Suitings Freach Caicbri <? Perrales, French J^eoneta.. Linen Lasti, Pr1u;ed Linens, Oiaagow Checks sad 6tript? Bnmnier >:!ks from 01 to 01 25, very rbeay. Brocade Or tvl nee. in black aed colors. Broeade '?ilk*, Brocarie Oa*hmeres. Bilk Bat ' trots ? ii "? B?' French ? atnbric. Percale, Lines and Zephyr Cloth Bu:ts from IS to Bi8 . . . Preseltif B*c?s Wrapper* a^d !*klrt?. very cheap. S*c<jae* ai d D- l - a s, la Bilk.Cashiaaie and Drat d'Eic, Ir.L. c-4 tv 0>\ _ . A large stock of iau Uabrellaa and Lace Trimmed Aa lasp ? tl n of ev? slock will convinoo ??r cha*?rs lit w? are offerlug the beat goode, la ail varieties. ??: !?#? prioee tbaaever bef .rj!ioI1. OaePrkeO-iy. JOHN T. MITCHELL, >pys tt 931 Pena*ylvaala avenae. NOW IS TOTE TIME, . ^ Oae more chance at those splendid 74 C?NT DBBSS SHIRTS, _ Hade off W?T)?utta Mualia and best twenty-one kaadred Llaeti Boaoms. guaranteed to be eanal ta qnalits . b- th >f g ?daaL.d making, to anv Shirt see offered ia the market far 01 SO Only 78 cants for Flae I>rea* r-tiirts. at the Branch Baltimore Shirt Factory, 10 1* F skreej northw^at aplS lm J. W. DARE," WOCTH WABHIS8T05I OSV 800D3. ^ White Corded Piinee at II#c ; be*atifal Colored Flawed Pique# at l&c.; White Goods, such as Mar aetiles. Plaid. Striae, aad Plata Saneooks; Victoria Lawna and Cambrics, from SOo. to sue , Sjku yards Hambnrg Edgluga. from 3 to 0>e per yard; Sarin* DreeeGoods, PUId, Plain, aad Striped, from UKe. BaOo.; the beat 3M. and r>ia. Black Alpacas ta *asae.;uie inmi aae. ana J' to. niaeg Alpacas ta Bawm; all aambera ap to 75c ; Spring Oaaafaeeree, for boys aad geata, 33e. to 01; aaother lot of thoae BSe Elds Agancv for Ma e Dsaaorsat. JOS. S. BAILET, comer 7ik aad F eta. aoatkwwt. asl-ti LUMBER! LUMBER! BMJCAT REDUCTION lit F MI VMM. MUST SELL ASD WILL BSL1*. T1SOIN1A BOAKl'B good. 01? per M. JOIST and BCAETLUQ, al lengths ai AH otker klsd- of LUSBBS, Dresaed or Baaak, at lea than market prices A small lot off OAK, ad W ALB UT that 1 will sell at one-half tke 17 CALL WILL bKCVKM BAM OA! MS. _tlB0-U Coras* IStk an ^PPlITOUt AMERICAS CTCLOfl real work will be sopplted. la ? ?? H> K?- ft?* ? RAILROADS. gUTlMOll AMP OHIO tAlUOlO. APE1L 30th. 1ST?. A. LNATN WASHINGTON. 6 4 4-Baltimore. Aauioiti, end way stations, Point of Kockitad Intermediatestations, ?fain Stem. T: ] o? Baltimore ud Al*m4r1i Junction. 8 00?JVn* Vork, Pkxlodtlpkia and Borton Br mr*u. nUMi Parlor Out. Lmvn it 8:18 a. a Sunday, stops at Way Stations, and connects for Annapolis. 8:1*? C%<s'????.*t, Si L&tns and FUtsburt Mz Frederick, Uaiantova, aad Y alley 8:88?Potnt of Bock* and way aUtiooa. . ?:f ??way stations. 10:14-Baltimore Unlimited lz?r?ai. Slops at Be mm. p ?*. >8:14?Baltimore, Way Stations, Bllicott City and Annat-olis. 1:30-Aets Ytrk,Pkiladetpkia and Norfolk Mx CfA' Sunday, all Way Stations aad B-? timoreonls. 8:30?Baltimore aad way stations. 4:30? Baltimore ani Laurel Bllloott City, Frederick aad Hay Stations, via Ba la? . 4 :34?Frederick aad Point of Bocka,(Tla Metro politan Branch ' 4:44?Baltimore. Annapolis and way (tatlona. 4:14?Ch rato, Cin'innali and Louisville Kxprest. Except Batnrday,dally to Coluabos. litrais isville by 11:30 p. m. train on Saturday, llts r-t wn and Winchseter. Sleeping can __ to 1 hicago, Cincinnati and Lovtsnlle. ?:$0? Ba timore and Pkiladelpkxa Brprest. Fred erick and Way Stati >ns. via Relay. (Con __ nect* lor Annapolis P aday.) 4'34? Baltimore, Bladensbnrg. College, Belts _ ?1'1?. Laurel. Annap lis Junction. T.OO? Baltimore an? way (tatlona. 8:18?Baltimore. Bladeniburg, Bcltavilla, Leu r?l, Beay. 8:80? Pittsburg, but no connection beyond Mar tmsbutg by train leaving Sunday night Way Station* on Metropolitan Branca. 9:30?Pine York and Philadelphia Nilki Mxprett Sleeping Cart t<> New York 9:30?Baltimore and principal way itatliM, 10:30?Martinshnrg and way stations, Motropoll tu Branch. _ . 11:30? St Louis Kxprest. Chicago, Columbus, Sandusky. Newark Ob Saturday for Loma ville. T:10. 9.00. 8:14,10:14 a m ; 1:30,4:13.4:30, 3.34, 7 10. 8.10, 8:30, 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., daily. All other trains dally, except Puniay. No coLtecticn on Snnday tor Hagerstown or Val ley B;a&ch. or for New Tork ana Philadelphia at Sam. and 1:3W p. m. tot further information apply at the Baltimore an<t Ohio Ticket Office#. Washington Station, and 4*3, 601 and 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where orders will be taken tor baggage to be checked and received at anr point In the city. THdS E. 811A HP, Master of Transportation. L. M. OOLB. Ueiwial Ticket Agent. GEO. 8 KOONTZ, General Agent. apll tr UNIVERSAL R R TICKET OFFICE. BA1LBOAD TK'KBTS to or from all points bought, exchanged or sold at < a reduction of nag dollar^ upon any other office or depov In this city. Tickets good till used. Baggage checked through. Apply to M.D. WHITESIDE, apl-ly 9'J7 Psun. ave,. Candy store. 1876 rE!MRYELTARlA 1876 ROOTS f? tk? forth, Wect, u4 Uatlvdti Double True*, Steel Bail*, Splendid Seen ery, Muj/nifleent Equipment. MAT 8th, 1 ST6 trains leave Washington, city time, from Depot, ourner of llh and B streets, as follows: for Pttubarg and the West, 0 m. m. daily, with Parlor Oar tc Pittsburg; T:40 ?. m. dally, with Palace Car to Chicago, aad 11:40 a. ss. dally, sxoept Sundav. BALTIMOKE AB1> POTOMAO RAILBOAD. for Canandaigua. Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Palls, and the North, 6 a. m. dally, except Sun day; and 7 40 p. m daily, except Saturday, w^th Palace Oars to Watkins Por Erie, Canandaigua, BcRalo, and Niagara falls, 11:10a.m. dally, ex cept Sunday. for New Tork and the East, 9:10 p. m. dally, with Pal.tee Car* attached- Limited Express of Pull ran Parl<T t'an>. 9:sl3 a. m. dailv, except Sunday. For New Tork atd the E?it. 1:30 p en dally, ex Ms' Hrnw'si ?rlth farlor Cars attached for Philadelphia. 1:30 p m. ? an, , except Sunday, and 4:30 and 9:10 p. m dally. Limited Express, 9-93 a. m. daily, except Sunday. Aooommodatl a for 'Isjtlmere. 7:30 a. m. dally. and 4:a0 p. m daily, except Suuday. for Pope's Creek Line T ftOs u> aad 4:80 V. a. daily, except Snnday Fjr AnnapoT's. 6 00 and 11:30 a. a. and 4:30 p. di ?xck-pi Sunday. ALEXANDRIA a FREDERICKSBURG BAIL WAT AND ALEXANDRIA * WASHINGTON BAILBOAD. For Alexandria, ?. T, 8:04. 9,10, 11 a.m.. 1,3, 4:V0.4, ? 7 oo, and 11:40 p si. OaSundayat 9 a. at and 1 and 7 p.m F r the Booth, via Richmond, 11:40 p. as. dally, except Sunday, and via Lynchburg, 9.00 a. a. and 11:40 p m daily. Trains le ivt Alexandria tor Washington, 0, T. 8, 9,10,11 a. ui , 1, 3. 4, 4, 6, and T p. a. On Snnday at 7 e^d 10 a. m , and 6 p. m. I Tickets. Information, Sleeping aad Parlor Oaf accommodations can be procnr?^ ?t the Offices:? Northeast corner of Thirteenth street and Penn sylvania avenue, Northeast corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, and at the Depot, where orders can be left for the checking of Baggage to leatinatlnn fr<>m Hotels aad Residences L>. M. BOTD, Je., Genl Passenger Agent. FRANK THOMSON. GenT Manager Jani ly PROPOSALS. NOTICE. Office or Washington A^rxcrcr, WasHiSGToji, D C .Ma> 9th, 1378. t^EALED PBOPOSAL8, addressed to the nnder ? si,ned. wlil be received at this office until 12 o'clock, noon, on J una 13.1S76. for constructing an iron truss roof and galvanized iron cornice on the Gate House at Great Falls. Plans and npeeffica ttons can be seen at thii office, and all necessary in formation can bo obtained from 0. B BABCOCK.Col of Engrs . D. S. A., tnyll 6t OMtf Engr. Washington Aqueduct. PROPOSALS FOB FMEftH BEEF. Office Acting Comsi?s*it or St BsisTENCE, Foet Whipple. Va , May 10.1878. ^EALKD PROPOSALS, In duplicate, will be re ^ ceived ai this office until 13 o'clock, noon, June 1. la<"6. for fnrnlshing theF.esh Beef requirsd by the Subsistence Department, D. S. Army, at this poet, during the six months commencing Jolyl, id?6. Also for such choice and other cuts of fresh tnents as may be rtiinired by the officers and their families. Ibe bidde. s ?ill specify in their proposals tha price per tonnd for which they will furnish and de liver at Fort Whipple, Va , the meats retired; and also the price per pound for furnishing it from their stalls. Inf jrmation as to conditions, quality of beef, ?c.< will be furnished on application to GEOKQE S. GRIMES, aylO-M 1st Lieut 21 Arty. A. C. B. PROPOSALS FOB BTILDING ABOUT 484 LINEAL, rktr or THE SEA WALLS of THE JAMES CKEkK CANAL, AT N PTREET SOUTHWEST, AND BKPLAU1HG TBI PRESENT BRIDGE.'s Office. Di?te:ct or Columbia,! Wakhixgtos. May Jd, 1876 | Pealed Proposals will be received at this office nn*il 13 o'clock m , TUESDAY, May 10th, 1K78. lor building about 484 lineal feet of the Sea Walls or ibe James creek Canal, and replacing the prc?*nt Bridge, at N street southwest, in the city of Wash ington, 1>. 0. B ank forms of proposals and specifications can bs obtained at this office, with all nec^eaary informa tion, upon application therefor, and bids upon these forms will alone be considered By order of the Commissioners of D. 0 B L HOXIB, ajS-Tt Lieut. Eng'rs U.S.A., Bng'r of D. O. RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIR. FOB RESTORING GBAT OB FADED HAIR TO 1Tb NATURAL AND YOLTHFUL OOLOB. It ibake* brash, dry and wiry hair smooth and glossy. It eradicates Dandruff, and Its occasional application prevents acd stops the hair falling. ? arranted to r> store the color in three to ten days. OoDiains nothlcg whatever of an unhealthy or pols' nens nature. Does n<>t require shaking: does eot srii linen or 'be fliger nails; nor. In fa^t, haa it any of the ot'jrctions so luatly urged against tha Snlphur art! L* ad restoratives in the marEets. Has been used for nearly eight years now with constant ly increasiPf denand. ARTHUR NATTANS, Dragglst, PBOPRlETOB, my J tr Id and D streets northwest. KNOOURAUK (4 IOME INDtHTRlEN. TBI 8Kb FOB LADIES, TRUNKS FOB MEN, TOT TB8NB.S FOB CHILDREN SATCHELS FOB LADIBS. lATlHEU! FOB MEN. SHAWL STRAP* FOB ALL. 0ABB1ANB B0BB8, HOBSE OOVBBB, F1NB WHIPS, HABBB88, SADDLES, ETC. Tranks of every style Mads to order on tha \ *? AT 484 7ra Btexbt. (Adjotatag Odd Fallows' Hallj by JAJtMB m. TOP HAM, PRACTICAL MAMUFAOTUBBB. ESTABLISHBD IN 1844. BBPAIBIBG TRS,?K^unr [yjINNBbOTA FLOUR. lllls, MiaaaaoU FLODB, not equi or excelled br any In the oountiy. I? Is our In ten ttoa to keep a ? u >piy eft his celebrated Floural ways on hand All ?? ask ts a trial to satisfy the noet lastidioas. For sale by J. B. BBTAN * BBO., i|8 tr 808 Pennsylvaala avsnas. xtrScS^1 1.080 cans PEACHES ' TOMATOES, large can. large atxa.S eta. par *Ooo4 Baml FAM1LT FWD'y^,., FaHILT Oiociiiu, ?ayt tr ' "?? Pa?avIvanU avanaa RATIONAL SAFE DEPOSIT CO., Ckrasr Utk M. mnd Ntw Jerk aesm?s. I klads of vahubiea taken on _ , 04Ree boars. ? a. a. to 4 a. a 158:1' JaM-aolr A LL BINDS OF 4EBTLBMBN8 OA8T-OFF A WEAE1B8 AFP A EEL saa be soM lattsgn AUCTION SALES. FI TCHK DATS. yOUMQ ft M1DDLBTON, Auctioneers. or BOl IK( tlCITK?'8&LI of VALUABLE PBOPEBTY AT AUCTION. ABOUT SIX aCKU AOJOIN 116 1 B? BEFOBM SCHOOL. AND A FIAKI HOUBB AND LOT IB CQUABB 9?S. Br Tlita?ot a deed of bmi dated May litk,aa 1871, ud reccrded In Liber Mo. <49, folio ltl.^p om of tt e lend ncorti far Weibinftxt oouuty la the District o' Columbia, end by direction of the party o'clock p m , ill thet (ieoe or parcel of lead connty end Dutrict. being part or parta of celled tootlaad end Barbadoea enlarged, be( for the itme at e etoce sleeted in the grouna on in? eeet side of the turnpike road leading Trofa the city of Washington te Bladensbarg, end steading at the coraer of the ferns now owned df the Beform Bcheol, end running thence, reversing the line of the entire tract noeth U degrees, eeet 19 perchee; thence aorth 71 d??Mi. eeet SIM percbee; theace eeath II de grees Wat 68* perch*, theace south 73* degreee, weet Supe relies; theace eoath SI degtaee, weet 4Jtf perch*?; thence aorth M degreee, eaet 71V perchea to the piece of beginning, containing SIX acrea, ?ore or leea. . , ... Aleo, at 4 o'clock p n>. of the aame dar.Ja fToat of the property, all that piece or parcel of groacd lying and being on 4ih street eaet, la the city of Washington-D. 0 . which la known aa lot ?, In John O. Adam->' subdivision of original lots, square 8SS This lot la Improved by a Frame Dwelling,and baa a front* ge of 30 feet by a depth of 10} foet aad od6 inch Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money for each pared to be paid in cash; one half the bal ance at tne end of one year, the other half at the end of two years from the said day of sala. A dcpoelt of BIS" iron the pmchaaer or purchasers of each parcel wiil be r?qulred at the time of eale. ThetrMit payments, with interest thereon, at the rate of ten perceut. per acnum. payable semi an nually, from mid after the day or eel*, to be ercured by note end detd of trust on the property told, or, at the option of the purchaser or purchasers, tha whole of the purehaee money for either parcel, or for both ?areels, may be paid in cash. Conveyanc ing at the met of the purchaser. Coles* the teims of sale are folly complied with la ten daya from and after day of sale, the Trustee* reserve the right to reaelI the property at the coat and risk of the de faulting purchaser, after civing at l^ast ten daya' notice ty public advertiaeruent, and tha cash de posit will b? forfeited. PHILIP A. DARMElLLE.i Trnat??c GEOBGB EABLE. ( Trustees. mjBeoAds f OI'NQ A M tDPLETON. Aucts. B Y E J. 8WIKT. Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 511 7th street northweat. ATCTION FALB OF DES1BABLE CNU PBOVED BUILDING LOT*, ON MASSACHU SETTS AVENUE AND U BtBEBT, NEAB ?TR STB* ET NORTHEAST. 1 will ?ffer for rale, at public auctl ja, inaa* front of the premises,on WEDNESDAY, Mat vfb 1 Tth, 1876. at 6 o'clcck p m . all of Lota 17, M 19, 10, 21,SI and 33, in Moreell's subdivision of lot 1, In square 895. Terms of sale: One-fourth caah and the balaace on good time. ?25 deposit reqalred on each lot when sold All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. If terms of >ale are not complied with In seven daya after sale the property will be resold at the risk and cost cf the defaulting purchaser. myll d B. J SWEET, Arctioneer. B. H. WABNEU, corner 7th and F streets. trubtke b bale or two thbee-btoby BHICK STORES AND DWELLINGS, AND BIX TWO BTOBY BRICK. STOBES AND DWBLLINGH t?N THE BOOTH EAST COB NEB CF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND THIBD 8TBEET EAST. AND ON THB SOUTH SIDE OF PEBNBYLVANIA AVENUE, BBTWBEN THIBD AHD FOl'BTH STREETS EAST. By virtue of two deeds of (trust dated May 13th. A. D 1870, and October Slst, A. D 1471, duly recorded in Liber No. 014, folio 267, aaca Liter Ho 662J folio SSI, respectively. of the land records of the District of Columbia, and at the re quest of t' parties secured thereby, I shall sell, at public a^caa.n, In front of the premises, oa THU RS PAY,Ma> Ui. 1876. at 6 o'clock p. m.,all that cer tain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying In the city of Washington, D. 0,. and being known and6eecrib?d as part of lot numbered five (I) In square numbered seven hundred and ninety (790), beginning tor thefsame at the northweat corner o!' aald ttjusre, thence east along the line rf Pennsyl vania avenue one hundred and thirty-thrae (UD fret ten < 10) iLcho<; thence southwardly seventy-one (711 leet; thence westwardly eighty-six (36)feetfive and a bait (5H> inches; thence north along the line of 3d street east one hundred and ft fteen (115 > feet to the place ol beginning, together with the Improve ments, Ac Terms. One-fourth of the purchase money to be pr id in cash, and the balance at six, twelve and eighteen months, with Interest from day of sale, to be Miurcd b> a detd of trust on the property sold. A deposit ct ? H<0 will be required on eacn hons- at time of sal'; and all conveyancing at purchaser's cost. If leru s of sale are not complitd with in seven days from the day of sale, the trustee re serves the right to resell the property at the risk of the detanltlng purchaser or puicoa-ers, after t?n days notice iu some one or more newspaeers. pub lished In the said city of Washington. D. C W ILLI *M B. TODD- Jr . Trustee, my* ecAds J. T. COLD W KLL. Sa>srn?u. rj^UOB. DOWLIMQ, Auctioneer. TBUSTEE'B SALE OF VALUABLE PBOPBBTY ON DUNKAUTON AND BEALL BTBEETB, IU GEORGETOWN By virtue of two deeds of trust, bearing date the 1st aLd 3d days of February. 1S64- and re coided in Liber N C.T. No 26, at folios 13S aua 144. the undersigntd will sell oa MONDAY, the Si'ith day of Mav.A.D. 1476. in front of the pre Eilies.nn Ounbarton street, at 3 o'clock p in., the east balf parts of L ta No. 70 and 87, In Beall's ad dition to Georgetown, the same froutlng thirty (30) feet on Dunbarton street and extending l a:k of that width northwardly one hundred and twenty teet, Improved with a comfortable dwelling house acd other ont building*, th<- promises bc-iog No. 02 Dunbartrn street-a ltd ths ot her ptrrel b-log a va cant lot fronting 30 ftet oa Beali street and having a depth ol 120 't-tt. Terms of sale: One third cash; residue in two equal payments at six acd twelve months, with in terest. to be serured by deed of trust. #20C deposit when the property is struck i ff. which Is to be for feited If tbe terms are not complied with witblu five dais after sale. All conveyancing and recordiug at purcbaaer's expense Be AH PlCSBBLL, Surviving Trustee. ap23 end ICour.) TflOB. liOWUNG. Anct. piliD STATES MaBSUAL'd BALE. In virtue of au order of sale,l*sued out of ths Clerk's office of the Supreme Court ot the District of Columbia,at.d to me directed, I willae.l, at pub lic sale, for casn, at th- auction room? of Duacan eon A Bro., corner ot 9th and D atreeta northwest. Carpet, and 2 Window Bbsdte. seiz *d under writ of attachment No. 15.697, and will be aold on acccunt of above order at the suit of Henry Dickson ti. Sadie A. Dabney, ALEXANDER SHARP. myl3 dtd U. 8 Marshal, D C. iJiilTED STATES MABSHAL'S 8ALB. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, leaned oat ot the Clerk'a office of the Supreme Court of the Dla tr ct of Columbia ai d to me directed, I will ee!I, at Eublic eale, for caah, at Birch A Bo bey's Bazaar, on ouisiana avenue, on 8 ATUBDAY, the 20th dav of May. Is76, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the fol low iug goods ai.d chattels, to wit, viz : One Office Table, 6 Cane seat Obalra, i Bevolving Chair. 1 Brussels Carpet and Bug. 1 Awning. 3 Ink Stand*. 1 bp-1 ge Cup. 1 Mucilage Bottle. 1 Cuspedore and Bnvelopea, I Beam of Legal Cap Payer, and 1 lot Oarpet Binding, seized and levied upon as the goods and chattels of H. C. Denison. and will be sold to satisfy execution No. 14.617. In tavor of A. L. Barber A Co. ALEX BHABP, U R Marshal D. C. Per B1B0H A BOBBY, Auctioneers. - May 10, 1376. mylO d CJMRlJlGMa. We mra selling, at greatly reduced prlcet, LAIDAI'S, LAND A CLET8, CLABEXCEK, COACHES, COrPES and COCPELET8. I (Ar Potent Ommter-balanced Prvnt FIVE LIOHT LANDAUS, and FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES are the leach itiy Carriage* of the day, and Jar beauty of de men, tlmplicitj/ and thanughneu in oorutruction, are unturpaued. The Falling Front* to both art nicely counterbalanced by a Spring, (ictocA ar rangenient it patented,*) andean wtfi ecu* be lowered and raited with the finger. We guarantee our work to be FIRST CLASS, and to pieate in every particular. ?Ifo infringement of our righU, under tM above Patent, wtU be allowed. H. KILLAM 8b OO,, 89 CHESTNUT STREET, geoAnAthly BBW HAVBB,OONN. ** -Hitta0""' &d J MiImIITBATBHBQTBPBBB, ~ LADu5,*TBATBLiee BATCHBLE. ?BAWL BTBAFS and POCBBT BOOU DODBLB aad BIBS LB LAP BOBBS aad HO: ?ADDLB8, BB1DLBS aad BOB H0&8M8 AND GATTLM. ibobbdlbbte all tmbtablb. Sample 1M Veede lav IS ??. DUMB Wl e 9. isA AUCTION SALES. THIS AfTIlWOM. QSO. W. RIOKIIT, IbMilT OOUNTBY ISWiSMgw &l?5?b1S"0WS' '* ? *-?w* m?v i -jw VULUXt5lA? ^ ^ By ttrine of t M of trust, taM Aarit 14. ? 1874. recotded la Liber 747, f-Jlo US. of tWland ? records of the District of Colombia, we will offer for Ml* at fablic uctlM, npoa the |mlM< ?n TUESDAY. Use 9tb day of May, 1X7*. at * o'olock I n .tkc TtluMe tract of land. situate ta said Dim riot, aad described aa follows: Parte a tract of lead called "Tbe Rock of D?nbar'.>n," or ' Toe Addition to tba Rock of Duabartoa," or " Pret?y Prospect," or ' Clll ton." or br whatever tba aame ?ay be known or called, consisting of four several ?aita bow nailed In on*, which were held by Brodk Hack all, and by him sold to Henry Gildermeister, at J which ?id parcels netted in one are oouaded on the eonth by tae land* of Bdward Linthiona. aa eonvsyed to hia by Brook* Keck all; on the waat by the landaof Morris Adler aad B. A. BUseon; oa the oortb by the laada of Marfaret C. Berber, and Bobeit Barnard's heirs, aad on taa east r landSofWm. Morten and Bobsrt Barnard * | and?m ? by the ? ..?mua Boom isarnard'* hairs, and containing in all forty-Are acres of land aaore or lew. and being the parcel of land eonvsyed to the late Charles BUM, jrT. br Henry GIMermMster. The property la Improved by a commodlons Dwel ling, Ac. Terms of sala: Oae-third CMh; balaace ta equal installments at twelve, eighteen and twenty four months, the purchaser to give his notse forth* de forred payments, bearing intereet at the rat* of eight per cant, per annum, aad secured br a deed of truat on the property. 8400 down at time of Ml* Oonvejancing at co?t of purchaser. etgbnb oabusi, i .. _ KOBBBT E. PBESTON, ^TrMIM, ?plS eoAds TBI ABOVE SALB IS POSTPONED, on acri nr.t of ibe weather, to MONDaY, May l-">, 18:6, at the seme hour and place. By order oi the Trustees mi 10 eo QEO. W. STICKNEY, A net WASH. B. WILLI A IIS, Auctioneer. " 1001. northwrst Corner lOih and D streets. THB V ALTABLE IMPBOVBD PBOPEBTY, FhONTISO ?>M Q H1BIIT. NBAS 0OBNEB Or 15ia STBkET BOKTHWEST, AT AUC TION. On MONDAY. May IS, 6 o'clock p. m , 1 -ball sell, in front of tbe piemlses. part' "f original Lot 14, in ftiuare 20). improved ?? tbrec tbree story ana basement brick dwelling houses, being Bos 1444 .14.>6 and 14?0Qatreet, between 14tti and ISth streets noithwMt; each h?ni* contains eight room*. n*wly papered and Misted thrcnehcut. gas and water, street parked and saved. Persons In search of property should not fall to attend the sale, for they will have a chance to secure a heme on reasonable terms. Terms cf sale One-fourth cwh; balance in S. 13. 18 and 24 months, for notes bearing interest from dav of sale and secured by a deed of trust on prop erty told. 8 WO down rn oach piece ol property when struck off. All cmvevanriDg at purchaser's cost WASH B. WILLIAMS, r 1.1 21 Auctioneer. tO'HOKROW. IhUNOANSoN BEOS., Auctioneers, I" Southeast corner 9iband D streets northwest. PILLAB EXTENSION TABLE. PBENCH PLaTB MIBKOBS. 7 * OCTAVE P1ASO, HERBING'S IKON SAFE. 14 FINK oil, and W1TIB COLOB PAIflTINGS. WALNUT UP BIGHT SHOW CAPE, 83 UABK1 AGE STEP bTO!?B8, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MaBNlNU.Hayl(> fj\ tr.encine at 10 o'clock. ?e will sell at our ?nc-\>A tion rooms amiscellaneons assortment of fur- Ml nitcre, Jtc., among which may be found the f % I above mentioned articles Also, At 13 c'clcck m . 14 floe Oil Painting* and Water Oolors, seme of which are rare aud worthy the at tention of connoisseurs. myl2?t H NC4WHON BBOS.. Ancts ?JUNCABSON BKOS , Auctioneers. COATS, PANTS, VESTS, HOSIEBT, AND OKN'iS' FUKNISH1NGS. aLSU, 40 CASBS PIE PBU1T. On TUtSDAY MORNING, Wav l?th, at 11 o'clock, we will toll the above within our auction rooms. _myl3 DUNUAB8QN BBOS , Ancts rpuOMAS DOW LING, Auctioneer. CHAN"EBY SALE i)f BEAL ESTATE AT AUCTION, ?>N THE WEST SIDE OF 14TH tTBBET WKftT. Ey vixtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Oolcmbia. passed fn equity cause Mia No 4 M4. we will offer for rale at publts anction. in froritof the p-emises,on TUESDAY, May 16,1876, ai 5:30 o'tlrrk p. m . a part of lot 20. in square 2jJ, beginning for the same at a soint 17 teet south from tt e northeast corner of sato lot and square, and run nil? thence s nth on the we t line of Uthstrect west 17 ant 12 100 teet to tne nortb line of a pait of said lot V. owned by Mary Humes: thence due west lOOf'et: thence due north 17 and Si-JOO feet to a point 17feet santh from the most northern Hue of said lot. aad being tne soutb line of north U street, ati<* tbtnee doe east 100 leet to the beginning, and improved by a two stor* frame stable. Term" of sale: One-fourth of the purchas9-money cash on the day of sale, or within seven days tnere after. and tbe residue in thtee euual instalments at six, twelve and eighteen months from the day of ?ale, the purchaser or purcba*ers vising his, her or their promiaaury note* for tbe dtferreo p?>m -Btj. bearing interest fi>>ni thf day of ?ale at the rate of tight per centum per annum nctil paid; or the pur chaser or purchasers may at his, ber or their elec tion pay all cash on the day of sale or within seven days thereafter. A deposit of ?100 will be required of tbe purchaser at the time of sale. If the ternsof sale aie cot crmpll d with, the trustees reserve the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser, after ten days' advertisement. WABBEH C. STONB. lTrnKtM?, UENBIT w GABNETT,^T^^sM',? ir.yi-fotd THOMAS DOWL1NQ, A net. | )liflCANbON BBOS., Auctioneers. TWO STOBY B KICK "DWELLING ANOSTOBE NEAB GOVFBSKEST I'KINTINU OPP1UE AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTEBBOON, May 16tb. at 6 o'clock, we will sell lot H. in square 62J, ironting 16 feet on North Ca?it >1 street, wit t< a depth of 68 feet on Defree* street '1 hi* property i* situated on the corner of North Caplul aid Defree* streets, and improved by a well built twe story brick dwelling and store-room: alio stable on tbe rear of lot. This property rent* at the rate of S4X per yMr. and Is now auder rent. Teimt: One fonrtli cath; balance in ?, 12 and 11 months, notes bearing 8 per cent, tntertst, and se cured by deed of trust on the premises sold. A de posit ot $100 required as soon m sold. Convey arcing at pnrctater's cost, my 11 DUNCAHEON BBOS., Aucts. fHAKCEBY BALE OF VALUABLE IMP L K'lVED PBOPEBTT ON K STBEET. BE TWEEN I 1th and ISTH BTKEETS NORTHWEST. fa pursuance of a decree In th* cause ofdB| ArmsttaO Beed vs. Josephine Tyler et al , In Bia Kiiulty numbered 4 481. Docket IS, made by the Jus tice holding the B<iuity Term May Sd, lc76. appoiot Ing the nnoersiened Trustees, we will,on WKDNES DaT, Mav 17th, 1876. In front of the premises, at 6 o'cltck p. m., Mil at public austlon, all that piece of land in the city of Washington known on the plat of ?aid city ai thewetf twenty five feet of Lot num bered ten (10), In Square numbered three hundred and seventeen (317), together with the tmproremsata thereon, consUtlrg of a two story Brick House Ttrms of rale, as fixed by decree, are : One-third of the purchase money In ca*h,and the remainder in equal instalments, at sis and twelve months from tbe day of Mle, the deferred payments to bear intert-st and to be secured by a lien upon ths prop erty told. One hundred dollars in cash must be paid at the time the property is knocked down, and if the terms are not complied wilh within one week from the day of Mle, ths property Is to be resold at the risk of the de'aulting purchaser HENBY WIMC GABNKTT, ) No. 2,Colutnbian College Law Building, f Truitees. Jab. g paYhe, ( * Webster Law Bnildirg,) Tnccacson Broe , Aucts. myl C^HANCEBY SALE OP PKEMISEH No. 114K ' 1 5th hTBkF.T. BKTWaKN L AND M STBEETS NOBTHWEST. By virtue (f a decree passed by tbe Bupreme Ccurt of tbe DUtrtct of Columbia, In Equity R cause No 1028,1 will sell, at public anction,in <dL fr? nt cf the area lies, on TUESDAY, the 33d day of May, 1876, at A o'clock p. m., all that part of lot No 22 of tb* subdivision of sunare No. the city ot Washington. D. O., contained within tbe follow ire mete* and bounds: Beginning for the same at a i>< int on 13th street west dntaot 104 feet south of tbe cortheaat cerner ot said square a*d running tbence south X feet; thence west 94 feet; thence north 25 feet; and thence east 94 feet to th* place of Tetnih of sale: One third cash, and the balance at six and twelve months, for which the not?? of the purchaser, tearing interest from tbe day of sale, will be taken, and a lies retained on the premise* told. A deposit of BW will be required at the time eftale. All conveyancing at the cost ot the pur eiiMTs B. H. WABNEB, WH. *. MATTINGLY,Trustee, Auctioneer. Office 434 7th street. pylO d I WILL SELL, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, OH MONDAY, at ft o'clock p. m April 34, In front of the premise*, twe three-story Brick Housm, Nos. 134 and 186 Id street southeast. Terms made kaowa on day of sale, GBOBGE COWIE, Secretary N. C. B. E. Association. DOWNMAN A GBBEN, Auota. M O. LUlTKXIiti Salesman. aplO-Stew far THB ABOVE SALB IS POSTPONED until MOBDAT, tha 83d dav of ??y, same hoar and place. GBOBGE COWIE. Secretary B. O. B. B. Association. ap!4- M. O. LUTTLBLL. Salesman. T^BCSTEl S 8 A LB OP IMPBOVBD AND UN 1 IMPBOVBD BEAL ESTATB. By Tfrfn* ofca decree of the Supreme Court of the Di?trict of Columbia, passed Id May, 18*6, ia cause Bo. 4 7*4. Eqnlt* Docket 16. wherein b ?u. ? >n, aijaio vwan J*, wneretn husaa Norrl* ia plaintiff aad Mos-s Benedict Fortune aad others are defendants, I will, oa THUBBOAY, the Ifrih day of May, 1376. at 8H o'clock p. m? proceed to sell at Bublic auction, ia front of ths premise*, th* lots of ground lying ia the city of Washington, D. O.. kn'wn a* Lois lettered *^A" and "B ' oi Tcdd aad Philip's subdivision of original lots Boa. S, 6 and 7, in Square No. 13*. Lot A fronts ? feet on eonth D street, by a depth of M)0 feet, ami is uulm prov ed Lot B also froata ? fset oa said street, by a depth of ntHfeet, aad is Improved by a inbetaa Ual two story Brick Dwelllag. The property is located oa the north side of Math D street, between M and 4K streets weet. Tetmsof sale: One third cash; and the balance ia 6 ard 19 months; deferred pa) ment* to bear intereet at the rate of six per cent per ennnm from day of sale. Adepoeitof BIO will be required at ttme or sale npoa each lot. AU conveyancing at coet of pnrcheetr. B H Warner, Anct. JOHN P. BNNIS. Tru?tee. my< arAds P P. CLE ABY. 8aleem?a. y 8. M A B S H A_L ' S SALB. la virtae of a writ of terl facia* lssusd oat at the Olertr ^ office of the Sopreme Court uf the District of Columbia aad to mm directed, 1 will sell at public sale for Oasb. at theenctton store of Thne. Dow ling, corner of Pennsylvania avenue ?nd llth street aorthweet. oa SATDBDAY, th* 80th day of May, 1876, at 10 o'clock a. a., the roU .wlag goods aad chattete, to wltr?"P?,ar Jeaoaica*.^ ?elzed aad levied npoa as the |~*d* and chattete of Wb Douglass, aamini-trator. aad wii: be eold to kthfj execution No. 6.MI. la favor of Heary Ooog ALEX SHABP.O. 8 Ware! r?d By THOMAS DOWLIBG, D. O AUCTION SALES. rpHOMAl WfUM, Ai Om VIDHVD1T, l?r IT, l?T9,at9 o'clock p B.,ti iroet of the imniw, I will L? ?ell wrt of L<>t Ho. I, la mam mi of tjMn KBk 14 Ircniag about 14 M ?? the west aide of Wk street, near M itrMt torthvwt, tat btck to Boek Ciw k ii.|ruT?d bv tcoaforttM* two story Brick I welling tt<i I IrtM BaiMiag m the ntr of ,hT''rm? Oae third ruk; balance ial u4Umonths. ?i'hlnt?r?n tt8??rmt. m>is-tt TB0MA8 HOWLING, Aoctionsar. 'jpHOMAS DQWLIHQ. A GRAND ABT SALE fr in the XIW10BI. ' Ltrif tod highly TtlsthUenllMtlin of HIGH CL&M OIL PAINTINGS. 19* WOBK9 OF 8TBBLIHQ MBBIT FIRST HOdIiU ABTI8TS Tlis fitrtordlctrT collection contains sj?ns of the 8 nest works ?tir oftnd lttthd?.??4 Bra superMj m uutsd la the Inert of rick *ol4 U+f be loll *t auction. OB WBPB9SDAY, THUBSDAY and FB1DAY EVBWINGS. May 11. lS?atd 19, at the url>le boild lag, 1191 Psnn nlTisit aver, ue, corner of 11th streot northwest. Nov on free exhibition Tenn? cash BTU Il TH08 POWIilia. ABCt. D OWN MAM ? GRhEB, Real Batata Aoctionaara. Ho. 419 7th street northwest. % w We will toil at public aoctlna, to the hlchee* bk'dt-r, < v THCShPtT, the 11 th dav of kM.'Y ?t 3 o'clock a ci all that o. rtaln piece or aer--^" c-t ? r gr< tua known aid d<scr>bed upon tns plat bock* t-f W ashlngtou. I) 0.. a* lot 10. la John W. Starr's at tdU1si<<n of Ms 1.1. 4, S. 6. 7, an 1 9. la ??!' are 131 on Boundary atreet, bti??n 13th and lyili streets leimscf sale: Ore-thin" cash, of wh'eh ? SO tan at be paid at time ot rain, and the balance to iH and twelve mn|."h, secured br pwtcbaser's notea, bsar irg reren p-r cent intarese.oa ths prtuiises cold. Cor v cj si. ting at purchaser's esost. tu6 ecJt M O LUT1RELL, Salesman. 9yP( 8TP0NBD CsTTl WEDNESDAY, THS 17 th, earn* h nr and p!-.-.?* ml5 hi O lURTRELL- Salesman. WASH B WILLI A' 3, Auctioneer 1001 ,m rthwest cornor lOihand D streets. ONE PARLOR PriTsT UPHOLSTERED IN DRAB, BIP. BLUB PPFFINGS; MARBLE TOP CENTRE TABLES; WALNUT KXTEN KION TABLE \ND DINING ROOM CHAiRS, TWO WALNUT M a UBLB TOP CHAMBER bUITES; WALNl't WARDROBES. WALNUT BEDSTEADS. BUREAUS, AND WA81 tTANPS; WALWUT HAT RA''K AND HALL CHaIUS: MAUBLE TOP COTTAGE SUITE; LOUNGES. PMNTtD BEDSTEADS, BU KEAUS AND W A6IIET/\N 1)8; GREEN BEP 80FA8; MAHOGANY SI DE TABLES; TOIuBT JETS: BRUSSELS, THREE PLY. AND IN GRAIN CARPETS; liUMK AHDOOTTON Top MATTRASPES: HALL AS D S>TAI B OARPETS; PILLOWS AND BOLSTERS, CHINA. GLASS, ANL< ROCKERY WARE, KITCHEN UTEN SILS. ?c On WEDNESDAY. May ITtb 1S76. com-{ menclcg at 10 o'clock a. m .1 shall tell, at] the resldenc* of a gentleman declining house keeping, 393 East Capitol street, bet ween 3d and 4th street*, the aboTa collection of Faroitore. which parties will find on examination to bs la per fect order, and In uw only a short lima. Terms cath. WASH. B. WILLIAMS, my 13 [ Daily Chron ] Anctloneer. ASH. B. WILLI A Mb, Auctioneer. Ho. 1001 northweat corner 10th Bad D ?ts. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPEBTY EEOBT 1BG ONIIOtii STREET,BiTWInN 0 8TRCBT AND PENNSYI VAN1A AVENUE NORTH WEPT. AT AU?!TIOH. On THl BeDAY, May l?i, 187?,at 6 o'clock p m., 1 will aell. in front of the promise*, a' two story and attic Brick Dwelllog contain W ii.g abont ten ro ma, having abent 18 teet ? Inchea front, rannlne back 67 feet.nore or leta, to an alley, beiag No 30 J Terms: Ono-third ca?h; balance in alx, twelve and eighteen men' h< f r notes b -srinL'*i(lb rest fr<~m dav of tale and aoenred by a deed of trnston the prem ises eold. AH coBTeyanciag at pnrchaaer'a cost. #100 down when the property is struck off. myu-td WASH. B. W1LLMMS. Anct. YI/ASH B. WILLIAMS, Ancttoneer, t? Ho. 1001, northwest oorner 10th and D sti. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS By virtue of authority contaiaed in adeel ft jm? ecntfd on the 11th day of Junt . lsr.5, aud dul?*2? recorded, the undersigned will offnr at public"^* auction, npon the premises, on THUBSDaY May 1**. 137<,at 6 o'eleck p in , Lots 1.7t, 73, 7?, 73, 7f, 77. and 80, of John B Turton's snbdl vision of square 179. boended by 16th and 17th and 'I and K streets northwest. These iota are very deairaMe tor build ing purposes, b ?iDg located la a rapidlr-lmprovinx section of the city, and the troand being h-gh and well ]ocat?d, and the lots of convenient size, aa will be aeen from the p'.at. The property will be sold In quantities to suit purchasers. Terms of sale: One-third c??h, of which a deposit of ?25 rn each lot will bs re<iQirod at th" time of sale; the remainder in e<jual InstaJmrn's at six, twelve acid eighteen montha. the deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser, tearing interest at six p?r cent., and deed ortrn tontha property. If the purchasers fail to comply with the te'iin within ten data aftersaie, th? trustees re HTve the r pht to resell the property at the ri k and of such defaulting purchaser. All convey ancing at COet of purchaser. JOHN BIGOLE8,1 GEO W. EVANS,i Tru'tees. my!3 18.17 WaSH, B. WILLI \MS, Anet. \r0UHGA M1DDLBTON. Baal Estate Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' BALE OF TWO VALUABLE BRICK HOUSES, ON THE WEST SIDE OF I'-JTH. BETWEEN T ABD U STREETS NOBTHW EST. M folio >19 et ae<j , one of the land records of JLJL Washington county, in the District of Columbia, atd by direction of of the holder ot the note secured Thereby, we will offer for sale, at pablic anc-ion. in front tf the preauea, <>n WEDNESDAY. May 94th. 1876, at & o'clock p. m? all th->ee pieca* er parcels of ground known as Lots <8 and 79. in Falconer and Allen's subdivision of a part of the eaat half of Sijnare No. *74. Each Lot is Improved by a two atory Brick DwalMng. Terms of sale: ?1J00 on each honae and the pro portional expenses of the sale in cash; balanoe in six and twelve months, secured by notea bearing interest at eight (8) per cent., and by deed of trnst on the property. A deposit of 9100 on each honae will be required at the time of Bale. Conveyancing at purchaser s coat. If the t?rm< of sals are not compiled with aithia seven days, the Trustees reserve the right to reeell the property, at the risk and coat of the d*faulting purchaser. PHILIP A . DABN SILLE, ( Trnataaa ROBERT P. DODGB. J Trustee*. mylS d&ds YOUNG k MIDDLETON, Aucts. By virtue of a deed cf trn?t. dated Augu?t 19th, A. D. 1370, and recculed In Liber 6^1.1 ASH B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Ho. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D streets. w TBUPTEB -8* LE OF VALUARL1 IMPROVED PROPEBTY ON 1 4th STREET, BETWEEN B and 8 STBEBT8 NOBTHW EST. at AUOTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 9th, A. D 1672, and duly recorded in Liber VV No. 694 folio 44l. one of the land records lorJCJB. the District of Colombia, and by direction of the party sec a red thereby, I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premises, on THURSDAY, May Ui, A. D. 1371, at 6 o'flock p. m , the fjliowlug de scribed real estate, to wit: All that certalD piece or rarcol ot ground situate and lying in said city, aud eirs known and deecril>-<l as lo? number seventy fcur 174), in the reootded subdivision of square cum bered too hundred and aeven (9)7), with improve ments thereon, consisting of a two story br:ck dwelling with back building, with all modern im provements, gas and Terms of sale. One third In rash; the balance in ^hres equal Instalmenta at six, twelve an1 elshteen months, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, t* be secured by a deed of trust on the premises s >'d. 81C0 will be required of the purchaser at the time ot salt). All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. If the teimscf sale are not fnily complied with la one week 'rem the day of sale, theTrastee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser, after five dsys' advertise m< Lt JOHN E. NOBRI3, Trustee. mylS d W ASH. B. WILLIAMS, Anct. H. WARNER, corner 7th and F streets. B. AtH TION SALE OF DESIRABLE BUILDING L0T8 ON V AND BOUND *RY, BET WEEH 1Gth AND 17tb 81 RBETb NOBTHWEST. On 8ATUBDAY, Ma* 90ih, 1376, at i o'cikM fm . will bes<dd In front of the premises, lotsvl^ to 27, both inclusive, or Chas, 11. Cragtu so!.division in sqnaro 174. Teims: OBe fourthcaoh. and the balance at one, two and three ?ears, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust. S50 down at time of sale, and aU conveyancing at purchaser's cost myl2-f.m,w.i.4t J T COLp WELL. Walesman. H. W ABNER, corner F and 7th stroets. AUCTIOH BALE OF VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPERTY OH THE SOUTH S1UB OF K STREBT, BETWEEN iitlH AHD 99th 81 RESTS NORTH WEttT. On WEDNESDAY, May 84th. 1876, at IXmi o'clock p. m , will be effered in three parcels, in front of the premises,the following described-" real estate situate in the ctty of Washington, D. 0., to wit: Beginning at the sooth line of K str. et northwest thirty (30) fo?t oast of the northwest cor ner of lot Ho. nineteen (19) la square Jlo. 18, la Washington, D. O., running theses sastwardly along the sonth line of said K street sixty-three feet six Inches (63 6), thence southwardly parallel to the west liae of said lot 114 feet 11 laches to the alky, thenoe westwardly along the north Has of said alley Bad parallel with said K street 63 toot ? inches, thence northwardly parallel to the west line of said lot 1S4 feet II laches to the place of begla aing. being parts of lots Ho. 19 and 30 ia said square Vo? 18. Term*: One fourth cash; rematader la oqnal ia ?talaooats. payable la 1,1, and 3 years, notes bear ing 10 per coat late rest ft on Bate, secured by deed of trnst. A deposit of 960 will be required on each parcel at time of sale, aad all conveyancing at par chaser's cost. T T OBITTENDEN. Trustes. ?yU-eoAds J. T. COLDWELL. ~ PDHOAHIOH BB06. 19th 8T8. HOBTHWB8T, By virtue of a deed of trust, dated Uth day M of September ,A.D. 1871, dalv rseordsd la Liber B Ho. 70S, folio h. one of the land records for WasP Itgton cotmly, la the DtoU'Ct of Oolambla. aad by reqnest or the party secured thereby, I will sell at pcbllc anct ion,on THUBBDAY .the 99th dayaf Mar, A. If. 1876, at ? o'clock a a., 1bfront or the prem ises. all tha> oertala ptass or parosi of gronnd and pr,aiisas situated and ljiag la aatd otty of Washtag ton. District or Columbia, and known and dosnlBed as the east half of lot numbered four.(4.) la sfntrt nnaihomd one hundred aad avrsa, (Mr.) ' with all and singular the isai and app rtenances to Iks t BBICK HOUSE BHD IETWBEH 18TB AHD ST, AT AUOTIOH. Terms c^aale: One- third at the purchase d! _ . ia cash; the balaaoe la equal lnsUHmsats of notao at 6, IS aad M months, with iaterost at ? ysr coat. er's'ccst! A "deposit of |M will he required aa _ 1 sale the Trnstea rsaarvss the right toreaell tfea prop erty at the risk aad coat of the datealiiog sarcfcsair npoa KitIngflT.dysa^ qf |f?oa resale iTS evening star. *?J IS, ? "In Nevada, when a building talis and kill* two or three people, the Jury first haat np the eon tractor and banc him, and tw bring in a verdict that nobody u to bUui but Uie contractor, who oannot be foundu^ ?STA Boston teacher asked one of the little 1her eeboot, "where does the .on 0*e*t wii her *M,mishnsnnt and ut too*, answered, "In Boston, ma'am." n""'?! Press: The young lediee of u SSSfS iSSSifl f??**le college hare unani bomit rMind to wear no kind of dresses but calico at their next commencement. Too sss "1b a battered trunk belonging to an aid ?i sunpossd to be poor, who lately one^or*o? nr1^1!1"1*1 8*tes Hotel. It Is tn^ther *>**>?? all cl *s irtrinw. ? ramp or truants. Th#?v u o^Ta!7 nr^th4^.nd W* T^ ?55 around and about tbe!? t^"pr^^* eJES??.I22ft *?"?' Z min fnll ol cosy lit Je <?" !????? worm. I iMp iikiiuu iaun^d wUh wonders. I rise knowingu?e?i?? ?ii? ^ cotqofr. 1 descend to the nffl^ 5P tiie familiar bell-boy with the br??h m7 ^ooti' fan of yn tmilii ? mod, and be shim off. Bat he has tZ i ?erred and Intercepted; It Is tob iatT H? takes pert of the exhibition off me-a p^rt of en acre composed of some of I>r Filbert's P ' * few paddle* of Schuylkill splash,the splinters or tome French cases 22? Sir* clay- M? et the work, and looks npaod * miles. He is comforted with the observation that It oniv happens once in a hundred years. Around the office sit early risen, waitlnc for the har to b* open. A* they are govern ment people they want Congrew wa-er They Inform me about politics-the supreme C'- ?? ?? American's .iestlny. There I s?-.> J returned from Austria an 1 candidate for governor of Indiana He l* a h? loo*,Dg ?? a critical waj at bis democratic competltor. Mr. Wll | liAvnit who wear8 i shirt of niup J*an ./^ry.yL^- ????'*? >? a ?Lf day* of "76-a m*n in home spun. a modern Jefferson." He tells n??Brother < >rtli?about the Aus tria r*Sp 1?* i1? *"J" M !* *pat<*?iwork I ' Rood V^^melystalfl.whai Metter I nloh once callod Italy_a to graphical ex E2S252*?J5 hW h,rn with a name, le. r awe the lan talk he once had with Uie emperor. He calls him Joseph _a Joseph I E?7>?ou-,?! JJe fw>,? *?nfldentof carry - W e feel that our oountry is ni.?ny oU??r People-Senator Ogies m olLg He has a yoaig wife, aud h 'l ?D?!n,n young. But it deprives r5 I! el.oqner,<w- Wt> ***? t-he p9?fc? wll? '? exhibiting his wines, i wesee the correspondent* of many foreign and there 18 one gentleman who says he represents the Fuzzledeifer Oehan. Ma - * believe mat Is the nami. He sayg we are a great oountry, and have weever been toMuuchen? We are not that I Kind of man, but we hear all about It and it seems to be very expressive. We see gov- I ernors of states and foreign agents, and men m>f pottery, and people with patent ? a little absent at *? how we are to remember and write it all, bnt then It will be a hundred -P1* we hav? another. We indulge the faint hope that In the course of the hun ^ r?ee?s we will know something about Uiis exhibition and cure the blisters on *rei>- t- T"t "?? _ . THI CATALOOCK. El?0?^Lal catalo?ae, for the concession of which the sum of was paid, has rather cheap and an imperfect UrvL .8,1F paper-backed volumes,each of about ICO pegfts The Insertion of adv??r inents on every alternate page is not an ad vantage to the reader, who Is already at a p??n?Vi,J^entlfy anything by its number. Paintings representing historic scenes are round to be catalogued as a landscape or a one great canvas with four figures, ??! ?i exc'1*^ t-he wonder of a crowd, was finaltv pronounced by a rustic to be "Adam and Eve on Hrst beholding Moody and San key."?[" fa-q/A- in Gra]>ht?. A R?vtv*l"-Thlrty year* ago, William !? air. a prominent clti/eu of Indiana ci>onty, Pa., attended a revival meetlus beid I li! the manner of the Primitive Methodists He became a religious enthusiast, and, im agining that be had oomraltted " the unpar donable sin," lost his reason, and passm his entire time in praying and slDging. He be lieved his wife and family prevented his I obtaining pardon for his sins, and became so I violent toward them that it was found neces- I sary to place him under restraint. A room I was fitlel up with stout oaken bars at the I doors an l windows, and be was Imprisoned therein. The skill of the best physicians Las failed to restore his mind, aud he has re mained In confinement since W5. His cell I Is as comfortable as It can be made, and he has every attention. For 30 years he has occupied every hour In the day with lamenta tion over his lost soul, in piteous appeals to Ood for pardon, and In singing revival hymns I unknown to church-goers of to-day. By pacing up aud down the lloor of the room, and by constant kneeling In particular spot* I lie has worn great hollows In the boards, I which it has been necessary to renew severa' I t'-roes. Ttie up fortunate mar 1h over ho yea re ?!d' L" t^11 aD? "PParently in the best ot I physical health. His hair and beard are of I extraordinary length. He keepi his person and apartment neat aud clean, bat allow* I no one to approach him. He will not engage I in conversation, his whole attention beia* given to his incessant devotions. FrjtiRALS ik 1776?Funerals touched wei.dings at the point of feasting, and were often expensive, showy, and pompias occa sions. In some parts of the c^uutry, espe cially among the Datch of Long Island and "ew was the custom for a youus man to lay byhls earnings after c.m'lng of aee.untll a sufficient sum had accumulated to provide for him a "re.pectable" funeral when he should come to die. Oftentimes the young burgher would reserve half of the por tion of wine which he had liberally laid in for his marriage, to be used at the funeral of himielfor his wife. Special invitations were sent ont for funerals as for parties. The cler gymen. pall-bearers, and physicians attend ing. were provided with scarfs and gloves, aijd sometime* each with a mourning ring while the feast which followed the Inter ment, at the house of the relatives of the de ceased, elaborate with cold roast meats, wines, liquors, and pipes, was not unfre <iuently an occasion of coarse excesses, some times descending into hilarious anil noisy demonstrations. A ??respectable,? funeral of ii!i d??crlPtlon might coat perhaps f1,000. while the luneral of the first wife of the Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer is sa'a to have c ?t not lets than 920,000?[Kdvnrd AOOtl't " Ji'rv- I olutionary limes." Effxcts of a Secojtd Marriage?8. I L,. loung, in an outburst of parental a.Tec- I tlon, conveyed all his teal estate to his I daughters, and on the day the latter B executed to him a life lea*e on the property. I Mr. loung was then a widower and his ? daughters grown op and married. 8ab*e quently, on taking to himself a second wife. 1 he repented of his liberality and brought suit to have the conveyance set aside. On I behalf of the daughters a motion was made I for the appointmentof a receiver of the prop erty in quesUon on the ground that Mr Young was collecting the rents but leaving the taxes and assessments nnpald. It is aver- I j red that the second Mrs. Young prevented | the papers being served on Mr. Young, and I so another motion was made for a substituted B*r.Ylc^ was grantel by Judge Curtis. ? of the Supreme Court. A motion was then made to aet aside this onler, which motion, together with the one for tbe appointment of a receiver, was beard before Judge 8p*ir, of the same oourt. Judge Sj>6lr gave bis deel- I slon yesterday, refusing to vacate tbe order of Judge Curtis and granting the motion for a reoelver? [AT. Y. Herald, uth. A Thutoerbolt Through a Wild Goose.?During the thunder storm yester Wild geese were seen tlylng northward. They whirled and changed their course many times, but turned to tbe north after each change. When over the corner of loth and Felix streets a .treak ofTl^Ung was seen to strike downward from a large clood, and one of the gees* dropped aa if shot An observer ran to tbe spot where the goose was seen to fail, expecting no doobt. wild goose fL dinner. Upon arriving on tbe spot be fbnnd what, without a question, was one of the moat curious ftmks that that most sab tile of fluids ever played. Tbe goose had * ?^rT!?d. 111141 Earned hole extending bom the back down through tbe body, there being no question bnt that the olectiic bolt passed through the flying bird. The feathers wsre somewhat singed, though not so matt as might have bean expected. The bird was shown to several persons as a curiosity, our J*PPrt*r among the number, all agreeing aa to the manner of Its daath?[?. Law* (Mo.) aerotcL WChicago Times:?"The most conspicu ous Idiots In tbe sast at present are young men whose collars are buttoned on at the waist and end at theeysbrow." ?I Bangor,"Ha, there were Sound aooot two quarts of gold ami silver coin together with a large number or bank bills ranging lnda "^oailT* toon*hundredd MiiucCoLriatA.-A word tow lag ?ato mt HH^ LtaMt. ? Columbias Meditation," gieatly MnKni printer* V?dDf?U^ night. We print haelt ?xtsi9M^)? ?? wim TVw oM aad Meek* of t rraiawst l.k.-Taubs or clothed l?k. k.iar> Gko?1? of g?hut and fair. Cfrwrn Cm) Mi la *Un Mr J* ?r sr>d hi. a,.?4 T014 *?d ?HIi lithe aad mm I* tlM <rjeauooabie toitlet at that after accepting tbe mt. U aa ir a profseaional camel awailowar aaN ?tralD at a piat. The Chloa*o Ttm* baa it Rata. ConetderlDf that "Mlw air." ta tM element of the thine. Bat* won idi warn aa It. Hat any one can tat* thair ebol? am nag rat*, rata, bata. or aa y other or ealaiea.either will make aa much hon If we eh no? BaOa for Um> word, we may limn It to aaeaa kal people. jn?t aa we eay wbltM. blacks, reds, rade. and ao on. for people of taat *ort. This would lead aa to the oooclaaloo Lbatgoede" mean* good people. It la near to the word foodlee. Which la familiar aeon to ehlldraa. Foal Bed* la well; ao woald be bad f->wle. Th*l Wtoal a ? - Tbe merit of *ueb poetry ta 'that It lea re* all to tbe tmaffltiatioe. < >oa word wtll do as wall " ??* ? meamac? A Koldisb* Ysm.EAms.ThePpantah troop* in Cuba recently killed a tnaa named Trollan tiarela.wbo waa formerly a m pan tab *oUil?r. but baring bad aom? i?'rhiasal lufllcted on him by tbe commander of bla detachment. de*erted to Uie rebels, and at tbe heed of a few cboaen met' bad erer alnee devoted blnriKlf to the work of revenge on the particular company to which be had be* lot get. Ho ha<1 continually lurked lu tbeti neighborhood, picking off one otragglar after m other until be had killed ST men of the company, be* idee tbe particular officer wbe had punished htm. Whm Henry A. Wine fought Cork* la 1*32. the latter undertook to ??rattle" biia by remarking oat< ntatioualv to bla nawnd a* they took up po?itlon. "I call you attd God Almighty to witn^aa that 1 am gtt'llleee of till* man'* blood." Tbe attempt did not succeed. for Mr Wlae replied "You had better leav-eGod Atmlcbty alone and look to yocr own blood, damu you," aod abot bla In the gtoln. ay A female paglltat at LdlUe Rack la known aa Joan of Arkansas. ?/?More tbe Introduction of *tlver there's greater variety, but not ao much change. ?^It la not etiquette for a lady to perusa an Icc cream slga aloud while walking with a (rent.? [Km. %y A wealthy New York widow wears a heavy gold ling made from the plate of bsr departed husband's teeth. ?/"An exchange says, "that a Ravannah man cured bis dyapt paia t>y taking a slistSl and wheelbarrow and helping to build ten ml lee of railroad." There are a large num her of dyspeptic* In New ?>rleana. but they'll not adopt tlila motbod aa long aa they eaa find a billiard cue to punch the balls with.? [JK O. ricapunr. MIS. ABBOTT On tbe morulas of W ay 1? l-T?. at I ? s. m.. ot pneumonia. Taoaas Assorr, agsd ? tears. There's a tear tbat flow* when wa part For S father, wbo?* loaa ?* m an. There '? a tear that flow* froai the half brokaa heart Wkeii we know be will n*v*r return. But when all that la ahaeaee to e'er, And aorrow's forgotten oar pern. There % a tear that flaw*. But from Borrow, bat jay, V. baa we think we shall meet hia asata. The friend# of tbe family are rwapectfnlly tsetse* t-? attend tbe fnneral from hit late rmidenre. Be. 1 i.'te Q str?et aorthweet, on Tu??<2ar afteraaaa, Uth.Ml?.a. CIS1CI On Saturdar. May IS, UN after a lie gerng llln-ss, Bkimii M . A. Cutlet , la tbe tM y? ar of her a?e, aidett dan* bier ot Johaaaa aad tbe late J hn Custck. A light from oar beaeebotd la goae; The voice we loved I* still A alec* is v acaat la oar midst ? Mch n rer mti be Sited. Orr loved owe hath depart**. Aad our home Is wrapped in gl nnt I wi nder not tbat we are brekeo-h**rt?<l. * And tbe laare of sorrow react tbe towit Hot spirit has departed; Afefela ram- with eager lava. B?j tclnslt they bore it Tc their bright bout* above. 1 ng. I not months of *aff?ring Tbe fle*h did eorely trt. Thon ham rone at laat. sweet darling, tiod'e kingdom to Mj?r. Tb< njth her body will be carried And laid beneath the eod, Ber aonl make in glad thwakagii >sg Before tbe throne of Bod. W< ep not for ber fond mother; Weep n<d for ber. lovtar orvyailoii, Weep not, aorr wiag frtendt; Bbe now dwell with tbe alert In bliw that never enda Bv Bet Arm. Ber fnneral will take place from the r*aideaa* *f Patrick t>owae> . ou f street, between North Capi tol street and Kew J arte) a venae, on Toes ay, tb* 1Mb. at to clock, the tr>?n*? of tbe famllr are re ?porttnll; Invited to atterd. * *LkT? HtB. Oa Mar 14,1ST*. at 6 p. si., Lor lea. B , beloved wife of Edward 8. Fletcher * UNDERTAKERS. || r. HARVEY, Indrrlmkrr. W St. HACK.KTT WITS R P HARVKY. w. UARkKR, C?binrt Maker and Cndertmkmrt ?111 lira Btkkkt Boarawksr. eetl-ty STEAMER LINES. fUTBk't PKW IXPkgal LINK V rBILAPBbPBlA.WABBIBOToBAGI Town ?Btsssisrs leave Philadelphia BAY aad bATUBDAT, at 1? m. Le?re (ieorcetowa, D O,. MONDAY and t> a.m. Freight I ntitil ? p. m. Through bills of lade* ton and ProvideDoe. Consignees wlehlag lacded at Georgetown, will order them marked-*'vta Georgetowa." 0. F HYDB.69 Water stj Oeorgw (own, D C. WM. P.OLYBB A OO., It B. Wharves, Philadelphia. mayl ly NIIW OIPABTIRB ?^LTDBI IMOTOH , PHILADELPHIA. BOSTUB. AND FBOriDKBCB SgMI WgABbY STEAMSHIP LINE. and after WkDBENDAY, A pill lglh.tbe of tbe above line, with direct connection with rjt to ton and Providecoe. will aail from Philadelphia fag DBkSDAY aad ea UOF W a* t ins ton. P. O., every WCDBE8D?_ __ BATI BDAY Betarnlnc.Ie*vs W**hinttton MuB DAYH and FBI DA Yd, m>m Johaaon ? wharf, foot 'or d.i,;^fa"r'?? from - 1 Fre la hi and paaeen?er* takaa at lowest apW-tr M B GKMU L'OK BOH FULk. r STEAM KB LADY OW TBB LAK.B Leaves tbe Comaan? *a wharf, foot ct gta~ kaiaiiy'i wharf, foot DAYT WEDNESDAY r. at a p m , for Bar t inc. leave Norfolk. Tni every MOBDA and FBIDAY. i w f tk. Betarnlag. leave Norfolk. Taeedaj, * ay atd Hat urf ay. at 4 a t*. Fan. #4, res il Tickets good naUl nsed FOB POTOMAC B1VEB LABDIBOB _ Bteecx r J NO. W TBOMPBOB leaves OomgayH wbarf, feot of Cthatreet, every Tl fa H , for Carrtoman a- <3 : u rmedlaie landla**.** ?very FKlDAY.atfa. a.,br Ooa* Bl?er,stopptas at tnt<T:nediata laallan aary, er to tbe Afwt.a thi oppoette wharf. I'paor ?"'Wo-tuy&figtMm

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