Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. JL., Ho, llt-WUoie Ho. H80, To tbo Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper-published every day of the yaar axcept New Year"! day and fourth of July. Price *i cent* per copy?or $7 3d por annam?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning?price 8} cent* per copy, or M 13 P*r annumpostage* paid, caah in alvanca- , M ADVERTISElt8 are inlormed that the circulation ol the Herald is ever THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It h at the largft circxUation of any paper in I kit city, or the world- n*is/ im thmrmfor*. tha html channel fmr AuWiut* mm in the city wf country. Priooe moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of ali kinds executed at the moit moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON DENNETT, PaoraiaTOH or the lltimi Kitablmhuknt, I Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1I4? OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 1M Pius street, comer of South. and the public iu geurrnl, to the lollowiug arrangement* fur I ISO, for till* purpose of bringing out cabin, Id cabin, and steeraxe passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, aail iut; the 1st,6th, llth, 16th Jlstand Wlh of every mouth. By the Loudon Packets, to sail tern New York, the 1st, 10th and nith? fre'U London on lhe7tn, 17th ami 27th if each mints lu couuu' tioa w ith the above and for the purpose of affording till grviuv facilitira to passengers, tlie subscriber lias eetahlialin a regular hue or first class New Y rk built, coppered and c ippei laateucd ships, to sail pnnetu&llv every week throughout the year Eur the accommodation of penous wishing to remitinoney to their 1 unilie* or fneuds, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vix rrovugtial Bank of Ireland, payable at Curl, Limerick, Clouuiel. Londonderry, Sligo, VY?xferd, Belfast, Wawrford. Gilway, Armagh, Athlone, ('oleram. Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, Knniskilleu, Monaghan, baubridge, Ballymena, .arsuustewn, Downpatriek, Cavau, Lurgin, Omagh, Dungannun, Bandon, Eunis, Dallyshanno Strabane, Skibereen, Mallow, Moneymore. Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?Ths City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. tfpoouer, Atwood k Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy, Waterloo Hoad. Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further inforinatiou (if by letter, pott paid,) apply to JOSEPH MeMURKAY. HO Pine street, ci rner of South N Y Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES It CO. 36 Waterloo Road J0lirn*rt Liverpool saeM NmW YGHit. ' SCHOOLED WOUhTALN-B i.AVI, the foot of' -?nla t street, dai't [ 1.1 at k o cluck, A. M , be Railroad from Jersey bnj to Mow ri t - n direct, without change of C r?from liieucv bv Po?t C ach s 'iirou'h ?1eucihain _ hester, sch oley's Muunisin. Peri Colden. Washington to Esstou At Wuhiugton a daily line intersect* and from Be.lvidsre For seal* apnty to J. niiju, ? ju in miriii nuuiuirrc'Hi ugui, is lygtf.iuai str-*(. N. 1) ? ""Ttras farnislnd at the ihortastnsticr, by app ring t t' LU"E, Motriatown aiiMfi 8w*re A+rt&i .** STATEN ISLAND FERRY wp&sf&r F <OT OK WHITEHALL STREET. Thr Stvu about STATIC^ ISLANDER.will ran a? follow* on and atorMoudsy, .2d April, nut. 1 I'stb-r u-t'ee:? Ltav? Srtu i ork. Leavt Stater. Itiand. At 9 At ? II 10 2 1 apJfltf re 6 S NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FA UK ONLY 191 CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTArN JOHN OAKFY. 0&. .Will coinm*-nce her trip* for the sntaon on f jsuwifcfji i idrThnriilip April 4th. and rnn until further no-a.iJhipir.tic \m follo'vi Leaving Newark at 7>t O clock. A M , rvrw Ynrk 4 o''lock, P. M. The Heicbow i u b-?u enlarged, completely ffitted, and ad*' ted o ihia rout-, and having a large deck saloon, the can coiufnr ably ne a- mutate a I at an number ol passenger*. Freirni c,rrnd*i very reasonable ratea. New Yeik. April J. 1944 a4 tf re ALBANY DAY LINE. M FOR ALBANY and Intermediate LandCAKn^^Malpinir* the raw aud eplend.d iteamboat ?* ifafcJK, '< jUTH AMERICA, Castaiu M.H True*de<I, v. ul Is ive the foot of Barclay street, north aide, on Monday, lV-doesdity -nd Friday inoruinga, at 7 o'clock. he South A-aerie* will l?v# Alhioy for New Ynrk on Tueaday. Thursday a> d Saturday morning*, at 7 o'clock For paaa-ve, apply on b-aid. a'Jrc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, jtff DAILY, Sunday* excepted?Through DiOr. J-- rect, at 7 P. M., from the Steimbnat Pier be^ ii i "" T* ''??' ?' Liberty strati. Trie steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John, Moud y, Wednesday aud Friday evenings, at 7. The slearn'ioat KoCllESTF.R. Captain A. Houghton, OL Tuesdar, Tliursdav aud Saturday Evuings, at 7, At Fivr-o'clnck?Lendirg st Irteimed ate Place*:? The Pteanihoat CURTIS PECK, Captain VV H. reek. Tuesday. Thuisday and Saturday at i P. M Hie Steamboat NOH'i'H AMEKiCA, Captain R. G fro: tendon, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 1 e. vi. Pu?*engrr* taking this line of boats will arrive in Albany in am'de time to take the Morning Train of Car* for the east or west. (TT-The above Boats are new and substantial, are fnrnished with new and elegant State Kuoms, aiiufor speed and accomciod.atioi s are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage oi freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehalts at the olhce ou the wharf. a?2rc NEW EVENI vt- LINE hOH ALBANY. Al 7 o'ctocK, from the foot of UarcUiy tt. North tidt. ? THt NEW aad aiilen did tateamboat NE?V A?rac^SitiesS* J LllSEY. L'apt. H. H. Kurey, will coinmeirr t^L^SS-SaLher r-nnlar trip* b-twewu New York and AlI iu\. 1pm iu| New York on Mnuday th* 61)1 of Mar ueit. Her regular tliya (iom New York will be Monday*, Wedi aadaya. ana t'ridaya; from Albany, Tuesday*, Thu sdaya and Satnr. day* 'l'lie V* Jersey h-? been enln-ged and p-modd'ed; hrr bnr:h*r i* "CO to:.*; ?he it lined up in tin- b-tt posaiblt manner, | and I a* aleci inn aci-.ommndvi iooa lor CI] persona * he hat n large number of rlegaui at. tr-rooms, a large-end commodious pn me ade derk, her cibiua are wi le, eitei re. and nrv.nnn and Iter La lie*' ha'oou ha* sleeping accommodations for lnO The Engine au-< Boileisare all new He dia t of water oring hut three eel, the will tlway* be able to coat the bar, w d teution < r trmthiiin-n-, and can that alwavt depend upon reacting Albiuy iu lime f-ir the conyri&nces gniug ait and west, iM toml*re .cwb A NOTICE The huwmbeat POkTA MOlJTrl it now being thorongbly repair.d fffl ' Uliiifff ? be ready at the tienmgnf navigation lo l .W noe.1,1 inter mediate to Troy, Albany and New York Tbia boa- will capacities for towing eqQa| to any on thriver; and ii it hoped that it will obtaia a fair support, mill itn're P COVIHTOCK ? a " V -H BKL'/E. HONDURAS?The biig lOH a -.-dMkjk P. (IaRDNK.K Jtm t Prdertun m-eur, will haw .fr TwIii '"1?* f" ' ye . ort Kor r igh,, r pisaege al ply Ou board, nr to ?. ALEXANDER, np2t lw"ec i? Si iitn *-, eet. FOR NEW OKI.KAN8.?L?U181 A. N A A~I l?*^WVNEW V OH-.' Ll>k Hegalar Paeker nr. MayHimttlMm > >-e l'?t; tail nx packet t) ip O MUCH -IE, La. tan V. a.,i puit eel. ami a< above, her regular -lay Fo fr> ight o pa tagr, hr Tin. h-udiutne 'uri ithrd eCCotn -todatp-ua, Apply <-n oO.ud, a. Or aa.e VVnarf. loot - I' Wall aire . rto E K. (;o.,LINt? Si ( O Mi S mth al. ae Am'i-'eio New Oileant?M-tir?. Hiilim auo tV.. ,,i,uU. wn will rump I l"-iw jrd all go <1* to their a-tdiea. !A ip.T ? by til l line mn itepeud aimu tiai i-g rhnr goon currectla i?-uu d and that the tl.ipt ol Ihia lie -?il- a punctually aaadre tiled a26 Muiirr fi-Kfr-' -i7*t.:K bamToh old line of'LVveb JnwvrooL pa km'? ko- Liverpool-o i JtMiHAfca - gnlaf Packet f the !? Vla>_?I_he w- -tun* Ilul filing, rnrori ? ! %? < ! miu UL' |IHIUU. Ir, x lll .??i.irtl; Mil on VVci n alay, Iat Mac, her ifgnl JlV Tl.c necoinmo t iti ui of tlia Co mn'iai, for obiu, recoil. cabin an I i'f> iagr ! ?*?'n>?cr . will, mi i >?i? e ion be fotliin be title . Ut n in* " hv imioi but add to lb Co .v inf rf - il .0' fort '-I tW rnaait.oiit I' r 01 a ng to lh? oW Couuuv, wi'l at nil ii iic. b ihw I il- "f pm'lc ? a "t c inble . o j<r cue - Kor niina l .ii'tf apply u noard. foot ol H?? mm iw, hi io Ii < , ciiImi>'?. K 'Cilt. OllOIHE ft h () lb I" U loll I1 IMI. lliBI ll l"l [O . lie I *23 tMl f Fl't.'ii bank | AtttZ li'OK IV blll'odL ?It- Kular Picket '.l~7h* 6 I WsyflV Th .pWaniUuew p ck<l-hip A.HMJUKTt r> I AmwbLi1 ' ?i t?in HiiuJrton, lnOu tout, will tail * B an o, nnr i . uUrdi . I Tlu- no' .uu.oditi' ui in tii?*?fy nupcrior ? *?*! for obi tfcund cMi.n anJaeffgf pa?ffu<era, > r lint in par e l by ?uy \f tfl iu i ort. and ? i vnmhcrol Iter bertln aie aIn dv g *m1. p M . i n.'cudiai to nn jar ihould mtUa immadiil. apeli.a'..ou on board In .tof Mndf. Lao*. or to JOSEPH McMUIlRAV, Hill l'i c ?tr 11, c:- 'n? of Son .h 'I lif At'iburtcr trill bo rucc.frinl ihf fi r'ei?u peek, ali a-rpl U'h.iu y, Capt Ww. C. Tlioupooii m fail o lb lltho a . a^tenifl ? I . - u . I K Of i RP Mi Pai.KEi ? y&-" ?Pucker oi tie ' '."T?1 be ?p|"u?li'l. fubiiUi ,'f- - ^ra ? id larort- '? k?i 'lii' II ti t'K L i ,N, Cnpinu itir .i.? m l ? nl imc ii ISr a adrortiafd lehe hat r-ry ?t. f. fnt aec- mm ioa io for cbia, rrenn rah n m il nor . uf i'*f*fi.|[rr? Chute with.rigto wear lor.k an uld II akf rnIV ap> nranon on boa d, at pirr 14 K. U , fin pirr w?*t of f. a.1 auorrt, or 1 W St J T. TAP* OTT, I a27lomlrc 41 Perk Hip. n.r. Honih at at* KOI: IjO.NUON?lingular I'a kft o( the lit Ma 'jKifV ?Tim fir?|-r't?, fact aai.l ./ r?<ulu parkft ahip rT fliMi K'dKR < apt Myrra, of *00 tour, will pontine I. nl at akore, lier legal it day. . For p &' f in abui, iJ cthm. and atarraua, hating vary auII tf riar ace iiaiood tiooi, apply on hoard, f nit of Mtidm Lruia. or ?<? lOtKfH M<MUKKAY. I nJ7rnTlre 10* Pin# it Mr<rr Hnnlh, .V. T I ~~ji"|fr4- "T'a(TaK I 7<>K~\ KS<lLLKH-To Mil on th. I ' '"V-Th# ih p COUKIKIt, Captain Uikitii." V iiiiBfaKji Itmghl or (>- <>??. apol* Co " LAWllKNf P. % rilRLPS, No. <03 Kront a'r#K. or to I BO* D k HINfcKKN, 1 ail-omit# No OT-iniii# Bmldioa ~g*s~ PA'-KP.r If on HAVKf-tWmoi L-n#?Tlo **%r<fVSh,n Ul'1' A. K. Hut ill Muirr will aail oa the If r^uhtM^Vn Nn 0 T ' Wmlrlina. #<ir Wall and W.l.r a fa J boots and shoes. ladies and okntlemen.^^* AL1. WH'iWK A K th* alio** article aiHwiah toaav# moti?w. 1 bail better'oar no tiwi* in 'AMinjr at ruhionabl# Bo it nil Iuiim /! S I' SKCOli, Noa. l?o'il nod l?l Uiwmr|l I atr- t. wli-ranll m-<y auil 'ti,mirim with an urticlr t ,at ~ itylc or MlkSi fMhioo ud unifh. cannot be Mfptteta or per hrpariuailH i? ihiaeiyr F P. I' S. t>rga to appntr io particular tnoaW ' *i " idR#nilr' m-u who 1?r a well hating hoot or goiter iu JOiiHprcunhlf ' I article to t!># *<>?' ?n.r? mbir. of all witlim th# ' ?>?i mvntlf, that i F |.;i)!j or 111 Ifo-rnwirhatrrrt, ar* the only planes u New York th#') ran ilrprml on bring aoiied. N. 11.?Cull's and Miasea Oaitera, shoe?, kc., always on hand i?endless eanety. rT" H< meuiW i?CH and W l Ore*w ich ntnet. ^3) fli 3m*M L :e ne n: I [F ROM HEATSl'IKLD'S NEW WORK] THE COURT 8H IP op GEORGE HOWARD, ESQUIRE. CHAPTER I. SEVENTEEN, TWENTY-EIGHT AND FIFTT J Oil, SCENES IN NEW YOEK. . "Sissy! sissy!"cried thevoice of a nightingale,and a little angel's head bad scarce peeped through the door, when her entire self danced into the room, making a ludicrous courtesy, bowing obsequiously, and exclaiming : "No; this is not to be endured! Pa rave*?runs past me into the street, us ii 'Change were on fire Ma yawns?will hear nothing ef shopping?and growls continually, 'cash! cash ! cash!' Oh! tnv dear sissy! our shopping excursion will be ruined lo-dav." Sissy, to whom this tirade was addressed, sat resting her left hand upou the sofa, and holding " Paul Clifford" iu her right, tihe cast a languid, sorrowful look uuon her lovely sister. "Alas! poor Stanton will be distressed enough," she continued. *' Look, he is just making his tenth promenade toward the Battery. Yesterday he was a most sorrowful object. I could not have had the heart to refuse him. How oould you be so cruel, dear Margaret V "Alas!" whispered Margraet, rm?-fully, " how could I do otherwise 1 Was not Ma behind me, thrusting her parasol, any way but gently into mv back! 1 declare, Ma sometimes is really vulgar." An 4 a deep sigh escaped her. " Yes," coniinued the sister; "I don't know what she han aguinst poor Stanton; but to speak the truth, ourgallopade has lost nothing through his absence In the first one he danced,he wig as awkward as a man of straw Our Louisiana backwoodsman showed himself to much greater advantage." At these words the little cherry-lipped creature looked at me with such awickea smile, that, in spite of the equivocal compliment, 1 could not be angry. " That is ignoble, Arthurine," exclaimed the excited Margaret. " Sissy! sissy !" cried her sister, denrecating Margaret's rssontment?running up to tier, and entwining her alabaster anna around her neck, coaxing ana sootuing nrr ao anecuouateiy, tnat Margaret, with tearluleyes, embraced her. To nee this girl, as she tlew about like ether, her tiny foot source touching the rich carpet, you would have sworn she was an airy phantom.? She wan a perfect beauty Slender as a reed, and scarcely stronger, ten fingers could encircle her; and every lirxih trembled like quicksilver. Hands and feet of the most fairy-like proportions ; a face, gentle us the breath of roses and lilies; her eyes, origin, blue, round and clear full of pure lustre!? Who could help being enchanted 1 " Alas ! alas !" signed Margaret riper onlt by two short years: "No; this vulgar world, so rough and selfish, shall not interfere netwecu me and iny noble Stanton ! It would break my heart!" "Well, siasv, 1 really do not know," replied Arthurine; " Moreland, you know, weighs fully five hundred thousand dollars, and, compared with him, Stanton is light as a leather, scarce two thousand per annuu." " Love despises filthy lucre," whispered Margaret. " Nousense!" replied Arthurine ; " I go for wealth, if it U only on hand in sullicient quantity. Just think of the parties, the halls! Every summer to Saratoga, perhaps to London and Paris!? Victorine has quite excited my curiosity, by talking so much ot Queen Adelaide." " Away, away with htm !" cried Margaret. " He is not yet here, and he only comes to tea ; we have still six lull hours before tea-time," replied Arthurine with christian resignation. "Ah! how cruel!" said Margaret, "forthesake of miserable money, to refuse us this little pleasure !" " Yes, if we only had a few dozen good new novels," rejoined Arthnrine. " 1 cannot comprehend why Cooper is so lazy. Not more than one novel in a whole year! I think I could play one every day. How would it be, sissy, if you began to write T I believe you could do it as well as Mrs. Mitchell. Bulwer ta an unbearable, fantastical fel-1 low; and Walter Scott begins now-a-days to be j oki ana worn our." " Ah, Howard !" sighed Margaret. "Patience, my dear Margaret!" I replied "If it is possible, I will assist you in pacifying the old man. At least we will tiy." Rap?tap?tap!?went tne knocker of the street door. Arthunne listened. Again two knocks. Her eyes brightened with joy. " A visit," she cried triumphantly, and ran to the door. " Ah, these are ladies' stejis!" The door opened, and the Misses Pearce entered the splendid drawing-room, rustling, and fragrant, in violet-colored, open pelisses, embroidered robes, and prunellas. They looked as if they were going to a ball. Whoever has the good fortune to see our girls of the so-called haul-ton in their morning drese?I say, has the food fortuMc to see them?for we have become rather exclusive?his heart must be formed of granite and quartz, if it can resist so much enchantment. These light, gentle beings, wilh their soft, intelligent features, their bright, liquid eyes, their delicste figures, which you are tempted to encircle to prevent their being blown away by the wind, and their dainty hands and feet, are positively irresistible. The Ronton girls are more intellectual, and their features are more regular, but they have something Yankee like, which does not suit me; moreover, in their figure, I always miss a most important part, the bosom. It is the well-known fushion of the Yankee metropolis to have none. Besides, they are <?ch confounded bluestockings. The 1'hiladelphians are more ronnd and elastic. Among them /ou find excellent figures, and tney chat so plea; jntlt/1 ilijir rurirmt Kn r> v c 11??1 in tmall Km the New Yorkers, particularly after the appearance >f a "Red Rover," or the "Last of the Mohi ans," are inconip.irahle Coras ami Alices?natural is life. Cooper, 1 will bet, if he only saw them, voulrl tear his manuscripts and make his lti<li-> - it quite ho wooden, lie can have enjoyed their u'quaintnnce only in Broadway or on ihe Battery, s here tiiey are so much lost in buckram, that the eal woman cannot be distinguished. Indeed, tin wo \lis?ep just entering, are living illustrations of itis style of drcvs. They have loaded themselves t once with the lour daily metamorphoses of a la-hionable English woman, or French woman dm my titc-a tttc for to-day is over I am now tm erflunus, and the two fair beings are provided gainst ennui Accordingly I must luke leave. As I parsed the parlor, tiie door opened, and -I unma Bowsends beckoned me iu. i'npa was Im> present. " You leave us early to-day, tuy dear Howard," Jtfi hi the first. " The I.idles have visiterH." " Ah, my dear Howard!" sighed mamma. "The workies have carried the election!" grurnuledpapa. " Tin,it awful Stanton," interrupted her better naif "Just imagine " "The cunning Jew"* continued Mr. Bowaends, " his particular friend has playd him an excellent trick Ha, ha! every (lay lie was before the uur.h. Ha, ha! it was too fuuny. Hid you hear nothing of it, Mr. Howuidl" 1 liurdlv knew to which of the rvirtiei 1 slionlil uteri lir.-t, lor th?? old couple *|>ok<* simultanei u.dy " 1 don't know," sighed the ludy, " hut 1 dislike hat Mr Htaiifun more and more every day. Jusi mnk; he has the rtrmntery not to abandon all hougiits of Margaret! He, worth scarcely two ttoiisund per annum!" "lie ih said to be making preparations for leaving the Hermitage; hank etc cks have fallen a hall |>ei cent," ugttin interrupted the husband " Astonishing!" I cried, my ejaculation suiting both poor Stanton and the new President. "lie shoald consider what he is, and what trr are," rejoined the lady, pompou-ly. "Certainly, certainly!" I replied. "And the election for Covprnor goes wrong also!" Mr. llowsends exclaimed. "And then Margaret?just imagine her blindness! She certainly is a kind, good creature?but five hundred thousand dollata!" continued the lady. ''Are. not to he slighted," wss my opinion. The five hundred thousand dollars had finally touched a corresponding chord in the heart of the old man. "Five hundred thousand dollars! certainly," he rejoined. " Who could hesitate 1 All folly ; these girls would ruin a Cricsus." "Yes, with your elections and the workics," grumbled Mrs llowsends. " You uuderstand nothing of that," he replied warmly. "The interests of Congress?of the country?must be sustained. How would' it be done il w? " " Did not bet," I thought. "We will soon be unable to get a window-lrame put in without special license; these Congressmen > already grow so much above us. And this Mils fanny Wright " ** 90nn'n? J?w? a certain <fi?tliupii>th*l Now York politician of that orecU win be reoogufzeJ. !W Y< EW YORK, SUNDAY M The lady uttered a cry of horror; but she again became calm, and said : " No. you are our old family friend, and 1 hope you will " "Apropos," interrupted ber loving spouse. "How did your cotton crop turn out! You can consign to me. How many bales 1" "A hundred, and a few dozen hogsheads of tobacco." " At all events, six thousand per annum," grumbled papa. " Hem, hem." "For that matter, I have funds on hand," I continued carefully, " to double the hundred bales." "Two hundred! two hundred!" the man's eyes glistened with approbation. "That will do: that's not bad. Yes, Arthurine is a dear girl! Well, my dear Mr. Howard, we'll see. Well, well! you come ersry evening?uo ceremony?you know Arthurine is glad to see you." "And Mr. and Mrs. llowsendsl" I asked. " Have no objections," said both, smiling. Pleasantly surorised, 1 bowed and left. Certainly a few of the latter phrases did not sound very agreeably to my ears. My kind, amiable fatherin-law seems anxious to pay his lost bets with my cotton There must be something in the way. 1 could barely restrain myself from exclaiming:? "Disgusting people!?so horribly selfish that they would not let each ether speak. The most stupid impudence that ever di?gruoed vulgar sounds, without u thought of any-thing but their own spongy, sapless, rolteu selves! Even their children are to them only things, chattels! and these people belong to the haul-toilTwenty-five years ago, that man used to take u measure. Now he is spokesman on 'changeand a member of twenty committees. And Arthurine ! she seventeen, and Iei|htanti-twentythe mast expensive girl in the city, and that certainly, is not saying a little; but also die most elegant, fuscinating, and perfect sylph! Could anything be more delicate than her complexion 1 Her whole figure, too, la enchanting ! It is eleven months since I became acquainted, attracted, and enamored, as it I were bound by Armid i'e fetters. She had just relumed to her father's house from the French boarding-school at St. John's. Now, lo make a passing remark, this is the manner and fashiou in which our mushroom aristocracy is formed. A couple of daughteis are sent to a fashionable school. On the r return home, they attract with their companions, a few dozen yonng coxcombs, and the daughter's glory naturally reiT . ?I .U-- -I. -- v/n ^ wic im|>a anu mr ui'ur imummi.? Jove! this littl?* witch knows how to attract. All hearts panted for conquest ; but none could boast of being richer, even by a glance, than hut twenty fellow-suitors. I was Hie only one who could rejoice somewhat over ceitain passive favors,?such as permission to accompany her on foot, on horseback, and in the carriage,?to carry her shawl, and put it on her shoulders, to be her constant dancing partner, when there was no better, and to perform other such amiable oflitvs. She joked, played, and fluttered around me, hung upon tny arm and tripped with me up Broadway, or down by the Battery. 1 also undertook to provide her with tn? latest productions of Walter Scott, Cooper, Buiwer, etc.?to surprise her with our Atlantic Souve nirs, Tokens, and also with the English Keepsakei and Amulets, as well us the fashionable bravura airs of the favorite Mudame Vestris. All this had cost me a heavy sum; yet the thought that it came into the hands of the prettiesi girl in New York, consoled me?some tune slit must surrender! Fortune really had favored me twice: once, as we stood upon Niagara bridge, and looked down into the roaring cataract, she allowed me to put my arm round her waimj to keej her from giddiness, and I almost fell into th? stream thereby; again, the same enterprise sue ceeded at the Trenton lyills. But that was all m> real enjoyment during eleven montlis 1 lost in New York Southerners here are looked upon some' what like bullfinches and robins, who just arrive ir plump condition for the benefit of eligible northerr ladies, by whom, without much trouble, we art caught, of course?that is, if we have the necessa ry dollars. It is the fashion to be served at oui tea-table by a northern beauty?the only servicf they generally will perform after marriage. A1 ready 1 had come up fur the sixth time on this itn portant business. It was lngli time to close, if ] would not be s|?eedily turned out of the market at an uncurrent commodity. As 1 was wending my way, absorbed in thought past Trinity Church into Wall street, I met Stan ton, my partner in misfortune. The sorrowtu countenance of the poor Yankee, almost made mi 1 laugh outright. This is an augur, I thought, as h< came up to inform me that " the weather is fine,' and to offer rue a mouthf ul of his chewing tobacco It really appeared inexplicably strange, I said, tha the iestnetic, delicate Margaret would endure sucl a thing. "Yes," lie replied, after ruminating far a mo ment; " Moreland chews also." "Yes ; but he has five hundred thousand dollars and they sweeten the poison." " Alas!" he sighed. "Don't lose courage," I said to him; " Bows ends is rich." The man shook his head. "Two hundred thou sand, it is said ; but to-inorrow, perhaps, he wil not l>e worth twenty. You know our New York ers. The slmw is great; but if lie gets bis daugh ?<r u.j i.nmiu i... ...:ii ? i? week." "To come out the more gloriously next year,' was my consolation. " Yes, that mipht he so," said the Yankee. "Well, well," r replied, laughing, "with ai easy conscience like yours, you will not want Meanwhile, do yon take the languishing Margaret and share the enviable lot of your fellow citi/.ens go of a morning to the Washington Market, witht tin box or a white basket, and bring home potatoe and salt mackerel for the table of your slumberini wife?a favor which she will condescend to ac knowledge by pouring out a cup of bohea for you with her own fairy band. This will be an excel lent antidote against dyspepsv." " You are malicious," saicf poor Stanton" And you are foolish A hundred houses an open to a yourig lawyer like yourself." " And to you, also." "Yes; you are right." "And I have the advantage, that the. girl lovci .lie." "Pi, ma, an ] the girl, all love me." "Have you five bundled thousand dollars1." "No I" "]'oor Howard! ' he laughed. " to to tiie devil" I .id led, laughing. We had thus talked uway a pleasant piarn r ? an nuur, when a couch came up (rom Greenwic ureet, containing a person whom I thought l reco;; uzed. One ol the Philadelphia steamers had jm irrived. I walked on. "Stool" ctied the new-conn r "Stop!" I repeated, hurrying to the coach. It was Richard, the friend of my youth, at scliou ml ut college; and, moreover, iny neighbor, hori within twenty, and residing within a hundred am seventy milts of me. 1 took my leave of poor Stanton, entered thi at a ch, and we rolled up Broadway towards tin American Hotel " But for Heaven'sb ike. George !" said my f riem when we were seated in his room, "what nre yot doing here 1 lltve you forgotten your friends, you house, plantation, and all ! You have been uwaj these eleven months " " I Imve been courting, rny dear fellow?court ng, without being a whit nearer the mark than v..* th- hint day!" 1 replied. " It is true, then, that you are caught at Bows ii 'si Poor boy! What would you do with iho doll, who has not even the patience to read a nove of Cooper through?who, in her twelfth year, knew lorn Moore and Byron, excepting perhaps !),>r Juan, by heart?who has studied geography am: the globes, mtroiiomj anil Curitr. mid the t'ai loons of Raphael; hut, on iny life does not know whether a veal-cutlet comes from beel or pork? who would boil tea like cabbage, and pickle egg.? in < ferman croot" "And who (alls into convulsions at the sight ! a needle; but that is in the blood," I added "Yel the boiling and pickling the may letnlone." " Who does not know," tie continued, "wheihei clothes in washing have to be boiled or roasted." "And who sings like an angel, provided she ha? not a cold, plays like Orpheus, and dances like n sylph." " You will grow fat on that," he replied. "I know the family; father and mother are the most misera ble? "Stop!" I cried, " they are not a particle bettei or worse than the rest." " No; there you ure rutht." " Well then! At sis o'clock, 1 have promised u come to tea. Will vou go! I'll introduce you." " I know them?I know them. I go on condi tion that within three days you leave New York with me." " If 1 don't marry," I added. " IUIi I" was the reply. I must confess, that the satire of tnv friend, am even my own, had startled tne somewhat, yet noi much. But, then, who in this mad New York, tliii merry American Parts, could come to sohei thmights?here, where it certainly does not, as ir t t lB-Atlsuto cWes, rajn wine trom fountains am sausages from trees for the people one day, unc ORE ORNING, APRIL 28, 1844 cartridges from muskets the next; but where one can live just as merrily and pleasantly, with the only difference that the New Yorkers look up to wealth a little more fawningly. This, in fact, is our great political arcanum, the most certain preventive against showers, either of wine or cartridges. Probatum at, Yes, they are a sanguine, pushing people, these New Y'orkers, who live and let live, acquire gold by the peck, and spend by the bushel. They will not let a man come to himselt. Even the calculating Yankeeisin of Boston, and the Quakerism ot Philadelphia, change here, and one would think tliut whole continents lay between the (lat, plain, quiet Quaker \tf II f/ 11 ril<? 11 linvu r\ ur un > akn^nulr m soles to tiieir shoes, lest thsy should disturb the slumbers of the dear citizens, and their still dearer wives?and inerrv, bustling, noisy New York. During the last eight days it has been lively beyond all measure. Presidential, gubernuto.ial, and municipal elections have put the three hundred thousand souls, of which the high and low world is composed, into such a commotion, that it has been impossible to obtain a coat or inexpres' rnbles, honorable tradesmen being too much occupied with the common welfare. My shoemaker looked at me the other day, with so much importance, that 1 almost supposed that he also had an eye to the twenty-live thousand dollars; and certainly the good fellow hud gained something; he had been chosen to assist in guiding the rudder of .Sta,te at Albany. Even his shamefully neglected art had to contribute to increase the splendor of the political drama, and ull the head-quarters of the victorious and conquered pur 1 s, were hung round with immense transparencies, in which the victor of New Orleans, with his warsteed, w;is represented at one tune like a Goliah? at another, like Cinciimatus following Ins plough. Adams-men, on their side, however, did not neglect to furnish counterpieces in real Nuremberg i fashion, representing Old Hickory with daggers and pistols, dispatching a few dozen free citizens to i the next world. A lively "Hurrah for Jackson !" sounding up Murray street, indicate* something new. The ecene is, indeed, unique. Some forty hack-drivers are inarching in procession toward the Park, with the most extraordinary cavalcade Hanking them thai mortal ever looked Upon. Sunburnt, brawny men ride two or three at a time upon the same hor?e, climbing up and tumbling oil alternately.? Kvery lull of the avvkwartl cavalier ih accompuiued by a loud huzzali from the multitude, that makes the windows rattle. Alt isissible styles of dresa distinguish these mounted tars?pitcn-black hats, caps, jackets ar.d trowsers. One is dressed in a fashionable frock; auothei in a "Tom-and-Jerry," which has just found its way from Chatham street to lus back; a third shines in a roundabout of iicry red ; altogether, the most crazy, variegated mass that ever was congregated. They are the crew of , ihe frigate Constitution, who have been called in I and paid oil this morning, laboring with all their might to relieve themselves ol the live or six bun ! dreil dollars which each of them has accumulated during the three years' cruize. A stranger ohserv tug this merry mass passing along, amid noise, > yelling, and shouting, each with a lair damsel by his side, and bawling as it it would burst ins lungs, must form rather a queer opinion of ottr city po, lice. Hut this does no li irm. These are men who cert uinlyhad never read Julius Ctcsar or Cornelius Ne. pos; but their hearts beat quite as wurnily for their . country as it they hud been familiar wiih the heroes of Plutarch. Show them a British frigate, \ and they will treat it as true freemen will always , treat the pride of dull nnd servile mercenaries.? . Let the storm buret upon them, and they will stand . like rocks timid the roar of the tempest, hanging, r perhaps, to the frozen sail, their lianas and feet clinging, benumbed, to the cable ; nnd if, ainid the breaking timbers Hnd the waves rushing in, thpy &u.k in the bottomless abyss, their last thought will be of their country's glory. Such men deserve to enjoy themselves in their own way.? They will ngain become sober, without police, gemMfirawa. or watcb-notiae. Their rongh, unrestrained amusement is not hall so dangerous to public morals as your refined bon ton. In three days, a third of these four hundred and fifty riien will not have u single copper left; in six, the second third; and, in ten days, all will be pretty well " cleaned out." Hmliurked once more in their red jackets, on voyages to every part of I the earth, excepting, perhaps, a few who seek their I own firesides, or lind themselves detained by circumstunces. After joining n lew times in these follies, they grow wiser, get married, and settle down us good tamily fathers. At first they net a little strangely, t and as seamen are apt to do ; but their sound sense 1 gradually teaches them to comprehend their new position. These men are characterized by a merry, . free and independent spirit, together with strong and daring valor, which animating the whole nation, has produced excellent fruits, as the world ' must have seen during the last war, on the defeat of our enemy. These men have leurned to deal . with New Zealanders, Chinese, Turks, and Frenchmen, and to look proudly down upon them all. since tliev have beaten the mistress of the sea. I The British sailor returns home to his yoke more stupid than when he went away ; the American, ever more enlightened, lor servitude, compels the mind to retrograde, while liberty urges it forward. The one knowc that knowledge is dangerous, or > superfluous, as regards the end of his course? Greenwich Hospital; the other knows that he must acquire it, that lie may enter honorably and profitably upon the active life of a free citizen. 1 And John Bull, in Ins stupidity, is astonished that with our five frigates we should have taken > ten of his, and driven him from our seas in two principal battles! lie, who sends away his poor * sailors with fifteen shillings, and, if they forget ' themselves a moment, sends them for two or three ,r months into a black hole! We have many faults " and are far from being angels?but we have one ' virtue, which covers a multitude of sins: we re" epeet the dignity of man and the rights of citizens; and this tins won for us, from the greatest tyrant, the highest earthly boon man ever sought for? Liberty, in our country and upon our seas. It was six o'clock, when, with Kichard, I entered the drawing-room of my future niother-inp I tw. The good lady almost (Tightened me, in her new gauze turban, winch had just arrived by the Henry IV It made her look like one of our Mis" s-i'ipi ow'-i Richard also was perceptibh flightlied, arid the g aud Mntcland staled at the wonderful head-drees, an if it were the dial of a clock. Margaret in a green siu flicher Imir smoothly ,1 embed down on both sides ot her forehead u l<i I, Marguitttc?wv have our own phraseology of taslir. ion?looked and resigned,like Jephllm'sdaughter. A s'ight tremor wa> perceptible in her elegant f! rnp.. .ml if iujui. t' fn fli if tit. I I guishiicly for her alwent BWuin, and no wonder indeed Vvliat a di(TVreiice between Morel and, a | man of fifty with a red (ace, who tat there cold, , tough, and broad; and the 'ijlit, dashing Stanton, j who lived on'Trtand r union, and, at worst, became intoxicut'don oneol liulwer's novels Iliad f h ought the " Tales ul a Grandfather" lor the de . licate Margaret. " Walter Scott!" she e*cl timed w ith a gentle, I melting voire, "^h! tins vulgar man lias not u , word to say," rlie whispered utter a while, r "Just wait," I replied. "Such affairs, vou / know, are generally awkward at irst?fear and modesty in oHul lor silence." The gill loaked at rue She was ijuite angry.? I "Cold, hr.irtless ?rotfer!" she said. Vet wltat could I have said otherwise T she was so ridiciiloualy sensitive t liichsrd had meanwhile commenced n conversn I with Boweends. The poor fellow, who did not i know th it Ins host was an Adains-rnan, and had i lost five thousand dollars in heN and in attempts to I change the opinions of the sovereign people, had informed hint that " Old Hickory " wus about to leave the hermitage. "The bloodthirsty backwoodsman, half-horse i and half-alligator," interrupted Mr. Bowsends 't;o?t* you a good Or,11 ot money," added MjjreI 1 tn J, smiling. " And smoke* a pipe, like these vulgar tfermnne," remarked Mrs. Bowsend* " \ V?11, I could nut call that vulgar, for the tobacco h is unite u difl'erent taste," said the unfortu, n.ite More land. I nudged him with my elbow. " Do yow smoke a pip?, Mr. Msretnnd T" asked , Margaret. The tnan looked up. This unexpected question contused him ; his conscience, however, would not P alUw bim to prevaricste and lie replied? " It tastes so g?nd I b id anticipated the emotions ot this gentle sou', , and leaned my arm across the chair just ns Arthurinr entered. She looked round u moment; hut it wnatoo late to withdraw. She seemed not to observe it; nodded merrily to the company, then ran up to Morelnn I, hid him good evening, inquired about bin bets, his sbi|>s, his old Tom, and, in short, talked for ten minutes hi one breath. Moreland I was well aware, his hand was in both of hers ? t They certainly had been old acquaintances, hows ever; and lie might be her grandfather, r Margaret, meanwhile, had recovered from 1 fright. 1 "tic smokes a pipe," she whispered to Arthurii e, 1 in tones of inconsolable grief. HER.4 tl "Old Hickory in very popular in Pennsylvania," began Richard again, without dreaming of the mischief he hud already done ; "a farmer of Bedlord county has just presented hint with a barrel ?f Mononguhela." " That 1 envv him," exclaimed Moreland. " A glass of old Monongdhela is worth its weight in gold." This last blow was too much: the delicate nerves of Margaret could heur it no longer; she sank.? I hmII I I,.., T ,,,.1 ii,,niw. ed. With the assistance of the servant and tile maid, she tottered from the room. "Have yoa brought her a book1" asked Arthurinc. " Tea, a new novel by Walter Scott." " Oh I then she will recover," said the sister, indiflerontly. The nervous beauty once gone, we were silent no longer. Captain Moreland was a merry tar, who had made ten voyages to China, fifteen to Constantinople, twenty to St. Petersburg, and nobody could say how many to Liverpool. He had, moreover, acquired a considerable fortune, which he managed prudently, lie was a jovial man of the world, with sound judgment,excepting on one point?the women, of whom he knew about as much as the man in the moon. The attentions ?( Arthurine, her maidenly modesty, and her lovely churms appeared decidedly to please the old bachelor. There was something so good-humored, so witty, and ?it the same time attractive in the eyes of the sweet maiden, that even the cold Richard admired her. " This is really an enchanting girl," he whispered to itie. " Dirt I not tell you 1 Just look how cordially she enters into the old fellow's notions." Hours had passed like minutes. 'Supper had long been removed, and we began to break up, Arthurine significantly pressii g my hand, and 1 was in the ninety-ninth heaven "Now, friends," said honest Moreland, as we were outside the door, " it would be a pity to part so soon on such a beautiful evening. What think you of my plan 1 Come with me and we will break the necks of another half-dozen bottles." "He it so! it is freszingly cold, and old Bow* send's port and sherry are not half as fiery aa " " As his girls," concluded Moreland, who seem cd to have looked pretty olten at the bottom of his glass. We took the old fellow in our midst, and steered toward his cabin, as he called his really splendid house. "Well, are not these Bowsends excellent people V' began Moreland, ns we were seated at his table, winch was covered wiih Lafitte and Bast India Madeira. " The girls re beautiful! Well, well, thinks I?I um gradually getting old, but siili fresh, merry, lively, und hearty as a dolphin. Neptune ! half-a-dozen girls 1 could yet " " Bury !" I added. " Yes, by jingo ! so I could ; but I hope Margaret will hold out. She pleases me, uud so 1 have " Yes, but my dear Moreland, do you please her 7" "I'sbaw! five hundred thousand dollars! llark ye, these are not lound eVery duy!" " Fifty years !" I replied. " Yes, certainly ; but sound nnd hardy, none of your spindleshanks, no Stanton '" "Yes; but he smokes cigars, and net German pi|?eH." "Cigars I'll let alone ; do you think that for the sake of this Miss, I'd burn mouth and nose with the infernal stumps 1" "And he drinks no whiskey?he is president of a temperance society!" " Hang him growled Moreland. " I would not give up my whiskey forull the girls in Christendom 1" " Then they will bu sure to faint," I replied, laughing. "And Marguret!" he burst out. " Ah! then these groans and sighs, the sinking and disappearing were on account of the Monongahela 1 Whew! no, no, Miss, this is no go. You may swear that;" and by way of asseveration he emptied his glass, as we also drained ours. We laughed and kepi it up till after midnight, and 1 took a great deal of credit for my diplomatic skill; as we were going home, 11 ichard said, I had been rather hard on the old bachelor. "Then I have delivered poor Margaret trom this disagreeable suitor," was my reply But II ichard shook his head. " What the end ot it will he, 1 know not; but you must not anticipate too much gratitude for your gratuitous in terlerence." Next morning Richard was occupied in the busi. ness which had called him to New York. 1 was ten times on the wing to 1 isit Arthurine, but something constantly occurred to prevent ine. It was past tea-time as I entered the house. Margaret sat in the drawing-room, digesting a new novel.? " Where is Arthurine 1" I asked. " Gone to the theatre with Ma and Mr. Moreland !" was the reply. " In the theatre with Ma and Mrs. Morelund !"* The |kece was "Tom and Jerry," a tremendous favorite with the enlightened Kentuckisns. I had seen the first act at Caldwell's theatre in New Orleans, and it was <|uite enough for me. " Really, 1 call that sacitlicing oneself, 1 raid angrily. " r*ne is a noble girl," replied Margaret. "Mr. Moreiand came to tea, und expressed a miH lively desirt " "That she should accompsny him,and annoy herself iiy yawning for u couple of hours." " Her nrtlessness may. perhaps, succeed in bringing Mr. Moreiand round, she whispered. Yes, that is it, I thought. An attack of jealousy would have been ridiculous, lie fifty?she seventeen! I bowed, nnd hurried away to Richard. ' So early V' he cried, laughing. ".She is gone to the theatre with Moreiand d mamma." Richard shook his head. " You have put a wasp's nest into he old fellows ear. Lookout!" " I should like to see how she looksby his side." "W.dl! I'll conduct you. The sooner you are cured the better. Rut you are not to stay more than ten minutes." Ami who could have endured it longer, in the fumes of whiskey and tobacco! It was in the Rowcry Theatre. The lightsswam, as if they were hung in a fog; while orange-oeel,apple-skins and peanuts, besides many other things too numerous to mention, ruined down from the gallery. The hero Ton was just hi his favorite scene. 1 looked up, and there was the fair Arthunnc, sitting snugly, arid chattering with old Moreiand. I could scarcely believe my own eyes. A married woman, at filly, i oild not nave behaved with more dignity than she did. "That is a sensible girl," replied Richard} "she looks at the dollars: and would take < >!d Hickory him-elf?pipe, whiskey and all?it he were to propose." I made no reply. " If you were not such a ninny," said Richard. " 1 would say, let her go; und to-morrow we wit! he oil." " Light days more," I replied, with a heavy heart Next evening, at seven precisely, 1 again entered the Llysiurn wliich wus gradually becoming a Tartarus to me. Margaret again sat solitary at her book. "And Arthurinc V I uskej, with u trembling voice. "Is gone with Mamma und Mr. Moreland, to hear Miss Fanny VViight " "To Imar Miss Funny Wright?the Atheist?-the Revolutionist! That is really ton had Who would have thought it I Thin Miss Fanny Wright is dreaded by the fashionable world like a |?estilenee." " Mr Moreland sj?oke so warmly of her excellent d? li\cry, that Arthurine's curiosity wus excited." " Yes, yes!" I replied. "Oh! you do not know the noble girl. She would sacrifice her lite for her sister. Ske is my only hope." "Yes, very?very well!" I said, crushing my hat, anil making lor the door. Next mo ruing I eoald not rest, and the rleck had jlist struck eleven when I was at her door. At length both were at home. Artliorine met me with a kindly smile. There was a certain something in her face, that startled me. i preset d her hand?she looked tenderly at me. " It seems that you have been much entertained recently 1" I hegan, after a pause. " Novelty has charms lor me. I really should not Iihvc believed that I could become a disciple of Miss Fanny Wright," she said laughing. " Certainly no great jump from ''I oni and .Jerry,'" 1 replied. " Pleas- respect ' Tom and Teirj whom we patronize? that if, Mr Moreland and rnyselt,' she said laughing. , , "Really, this conspiracy against good taste I dnl not expect ol my Arthurinc," I replied seriously. "My Arthurinc! rny Artliurine!" she said, poutingly. " What liheriief the gentleman lakes! my Arthurinc, but wc live in a free country." Fun and earnest spoken at once from her lovely hps! I cast a scruunuining glunct at her. lJLD. PrU? Two Unu. ' Do you know," she continued, laughingly, "that I nuve taken quite a fancy to Morelund?ha is such a good-natured, kind man; and then he has nothing rude about him." " Five hundred thousand dollars," I rejoined. "That is just the bright side of the matter Only thiak ot the balls, my dear Howard. Of course we shall nee you there. And then, Saratoga ; next year, oerlmpa to London or Parts Oh ! it wiii be splendid !" " Already so far advanced 1" I asked with hitter irony. ''And sissy is released : is it not so, Margaret V' She flew to her sister, and (he two girls cmbiv.erd and kissed each other. 1 knew not whether to laugh or to cry. "Then 1 must congratulate," 1 said with a smile, which must have made me look rather awkward. "Yes, do congratulate!" said Arthurine, run rung low am inc. ;\i icii o clock tO-lldV, .Air. Morelund transferred I113 suit Irom Margaret to myself." " Atul you!" " In consideration oi his many amiabilities, we have naturully concluded to tuke his offer? meanwhile ad prutorollntn. You know decorum requires us to keep qnlet for at least a few days." " Are you joking, or in earnest, my dear Arthurine 1" " I'erlectly in earnest, my dear Howard." "Then fare yen well!" " 'Kan- the well, and, if lorevt r, Still for ever, fare thee well !'" she said, laughing and sighing at the same time. Upon the stair J met the turhaned mother; she drew me mysteriously into the parlor. " You have seen Arthurme ! Not so 7 .She is a dear, excellent child ' All! the girl is our joy, our comfort' Mr. Morehtnd ! the excellent, the charming Mr. Moreland!" " It is true, then 7" 1 may confide in you, as a friend of the family ; but of course it must yet remain ft iccret from the world: Mr. Morelund has formally proposed for her!" " For whom 7" ' Why, tor Arthurine!" " Well, well!" 1 replied, hurrying into the street as if 1 hau escaped from a mad-house. "Richard!" I exclaimed, as soon as 1 saw my r.: i . ,i _i...ii ...- i ?> "Thank God ! the New York fever, then, is past. Now yon will go with me to Virginia tor u few months 1" " Yen," whs my reply. As we were going toward the steamboat the next morning, we met Stanton. "Congratulate me, I am accepted !" "And 1 got the sank !" I rejoined, laughing " 1 will not he a fool to cut my throut lor a girl I" hut in spile of my levity, 1 felt"as il it would hreak my heart?I loved her so well, the little witch. It. S. Commissioner's OUlcc. bclore Commissioner lUipelje. Ai'uii.Ui ?Charge of Cruelty ?Jaspur boghlan, raatu ot the brigKoualdsou, was brought beior* tin < ommissioner yesterday morning, on a charge of inflicting unnecessary punishment on a seaman named OeorgeC. Hickman, on board the brig, on the voyage to, und fioni Canton to this port The case was adjourned to Thursday nest. Multerior Court. licloiu Judge Oakley. April 37.? I)e la llaye r? jretren?In this case the jury rendered a verdict yesterday morning lor plaintiff, ot 6 eents dnmuges, und 6 cents costs. lMcitiono.?Before u lull iieuch.? Peek ri. J/aitingt.? Appeal dip missed with costs Comrtork 4' Moore es. 'J met. ? Same vs. same. -Order lit Chambers continued nonce to dUchaige bail dismissed without costs.? Wiloou es lluitell ? Protests to be inserted iu lieu ot particulars ? Su uin is the Mayor, <pc.?Judgment for detendunts altirmed.? Crawley vo. Sour.?Judgment for defendcnt reversed ? lieuienhury vo Nirholi ? Judgment on demurer to pleas, with liberty to plead de novo, en payment ot cusls ?farKer vo llarle?New trial denied?Pirguion i s. Piet ton.? Judgment tor plaintiff?/liftings es Camyhell.? Juilgment for defendant.?Perk es. Culler ?Judgment lor delendant, with liberty to pleas, to reply, lie., on payment ot costs.? Harriott vi. Sawton.?Judgment lor delendant, with liberty ... .... v.... ... ment lor plaintiff Common Plraa. AariL 27.?No juiy cast-* tiled on thi* day. before a Full bench. Drnaioxa?Mailry :? //.;ujA, judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with liberty to dele.iidunt to plaari on payment ol coata Scajirldi t J/irl, verdict continued with coata. Irfo Wotf i ? t'amman -judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with liberty to amend on payment ot conU.? Ha ker 11 Hriiit?judgment lor piuuitill.uii demurrer, with liberty to nmrnd or w nhdraw pica on payment of coata.? Marli'i tp nlhrri n 7'nu'n>ii>nf?oi der at chambers modified o a* to reduce hail to $1000 (irren rt Merrtll ? judgment for plaintiff with coxta. I touting t \ Olhnt ia brl nufi? verdict lor plaintill changed into veidict lor deleunanu according to atipulatiou lor $271 uinount of rent and intereit. Important fbom Africa.?We are indebted to Captain Jhissett, of tlie brig Oriental, for u copy of the Sierre I.eone watchman, priuted at Freetown, VVtst Africa, March 7. The Watchman givea an account of the expedition of If. M Steamer Alia rt, Lt. ockialt, *g ma' hurrah, thu King of the bandannas, who wan complained of by the lint,ah and Kit rich ineichunts, aa guilty of the meat unjust and tyrannical exaction* It wa thought hi at that all should remove their effect a out ol tho l.uudariia . ti i ri lory, aou tuai ine rivi r vuiiex snouci n vipimii.ij ! ; ch. ak-d until barruh uiiotilit r.cinn loa^oo.i under* anting with the merchants. The b orka'le wus instituted at Ku!>???, :i factory belonging to Mrs IToctor, anil in ttie territory ol the iNaloos, who were then on gool terms with the Ornish uu I h tench resnlents. '1 he e*pe; iir.eut proved successlul, ami Hurrah engaged to altei his couduct; hut in the afternoon of the day on which this w .is done, an , unfortunate occurrence took plat k, w bu b einliroileil the Albert irt serious (bilirubins,and lei) to sornu lo'.s ol life.? The Naioos took offence that the blockade should have been instituted without their consent, ami sent an armed canoe to broak their blockude. The canoe was driven ashore, ami was followed by all the ship's Ixiats, I ut no bloodshed then occurred. On the day after, the Albert proceeded to Kni.sakabouHy au<l battered the town, the people having all disappeared 'I he aucceeeding day, the Albert destroyed a small village and subsequently the crew attempted to laud at Kassaka boully. In the attempt, fire ol the Albert's men were killed and eight wounded The commander ol the Alhart then despatched a messenger to Kicrra Leone lor as stance, and a large party of troops was accordingly despatched hy tha Governor, i'apt. Bassett arrived in the Nunez, K?t\ 7, but waa unable to proceed faitlier than Victoria, the pass at Kuss.iknhoully being fortified on both sides oi the river, hy the N'aloos That d.iv, how* ver, the steamer All* rt came down, fighting her way , through the puss The steamer weut hack the. san e evening, and was fired into hy the natives On the 11th. a , destructive battle w as fought at Kassakaboully, the LandI Rtoas having joint d the British, aud defeated the Naioos, I who were driven back, ami their place burned to the ground. The river was opened on the 13th, and several vesnelx, among w hich wus the Kli/abclli, t Hooper, ti ll,I III,,I til., n eonfhu I above over a month rami, ilnw i. and went to tea. t'upt II mm-It rrceivrd advice* from hi* agent to go away, a* no bua inn could be done in the river The < triental lelt the Nunez the 16th at which time the |iro?|mct for a aettlement teemed to ho mom favorable, the native* itiaing for peace. The lint account* Irom Nunc/, to the I6lh of March, indicate* that the river would toon he free from trouble, and btimiea* go on a* utual.? Saltm UaziHt,*1jml "0. Tiik Shower ami the Kainiiow.?We hadyosUniny nliernoon, about live o'clock, a senile m*i tation of rain, very much needed, and acme lightning and thunder. The thowei ws* truly refreshing The earth win In coming |>?rched and thirtty. and the roail* n*> rlhe city were exceedingly duty The ?hower, though not of long continuance, win enough to do good to vegetation, and lay the nutty. Oneat the beautiful American Tulip Treca, in Independence ?t|u*re, ? > itrurk !<> tin light ing. and greatly injured The electric fluid ran along Iinn lance at Ui?- aipiair. ini we near mai uir.-? or lour gentlemen ware allgh'ly injured. When the aloud hail paaaad awny. ii,l tin- declioiny fnu j?oiir?-<( oat bin tar? m II they had gathered Ireahneaa end forre by the ahower, there ny>r11n(C ti|i nri arch in the out, ol 114mute beauty, full, rich, ?nd got*eou? In it? ptimna.lo bur* Men who liitil been drai.chidln the shower,paused long.and 1I1 light ?a1 to look upward to th? liaavonly token A more beautilnl diaplay ha' acarrely been made amce tbe how wu? flrat placed in the clouds. Philad V S Gnx. 'IpiUit. A rouinrrt (Jknti.kman at thk Har ? We lenrn frurri tlie Portland American that lien. FYesenden, n day or two, appeared before the district court, and moved that a colored gentleman trom llovton, who waa then with him beadmittad to practice aa an attorney and counsellor at law in the courts at Maine The motion waa made under the now liw, which makea all citisens oI Rood moral character eligible to Mmiaiion The neceaaary certificate wus produced, but the court refused tbn motion on th- ground that the candidate was not in fuct n t.itireii A nrresaiul application will probably be made ut tlio October term, add* tin; American. Egrr.nmo* to tiik MoturrACva ?We undervtiind that an expedition undi r the superintendence oftha Jeanita of the St T.otlia t niveraity. will have Dim city lor tlio Moelty MonntA na, about the last ?f tbn present month Tlioae wishing to take n trip to the Mountains lor health or pleaatire, will And this an excellent opportunitr 1 very ?r. angement w ill be made to reu.lar the expedition pleaaant.? Hi. Um% Hrp. Navai,.?Tli United ale ' Viiironnea,Cnplain Hucltanan, wah to sail from fVneacol i on the l'tth instant on a crtn/e to the West India Ulur.da T' e citi/ena of IVnaacola gave Captain Buchanan and hia otlicera a aplendid ball on the loth The frignto Potomac, Com New ill, will rail from the aame place in a few data on 11 cruise 111 the tiulf. A naval ^ourt mnrtial win to as. lemMe at IVusacoUon the Md inat lor tha trial of Lt It. C. C'ogdall.

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