Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1846 Page 3
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?? to tho specie oa kaai la Dot two to mm,*,while la 1840, | It w?? mora than thro* to on*. Should the7sub-troasu *7 compel tho t>?nk?'to redace~ their ci"rcaT?tion'to the aim# amount at tba apeeie on hood, It would hare to be reduced one half The line of discounts ia regulated by other cantos; It exceeds the deposit*, ipecie and circu lation, and hat luctuatad aa much, or mora, than either of the ? thor departments. A system of fictitious cre dits has beeo pe fected by the banks, based upon ficti tious capital, which is inflated and contracted at plea sure; whenever it may suit the interests of those go verning these institutions. It is a matter of much doubt whether this department of tba banks of our principal cities would be much affected by a sub treasury, or any other law. * The sub-treasury would reduce the volume af the cur rency by reducing tba representative of money; by con fiaicg the ietuee of our bank* to tbo amount of speci# on band, and by requiring every collar of papor in cir culation to reproaent an actual, bona fide, dollar,in gold or silver. There would then be no danger of tbo backa being run upon for tboir specie, aa their credit would be established upon a specie baais, tba issues only being re quired for convenience, to carry 01 commerce. Tba ?ubtreaeury, wban once in full e)>eration, will only af fect the banks in their paper iaauea, and ibat is all they fear. The currency ie affected by tha fluctuation* in the amount of papor promise* to pay, in circulation from time to time; and when that department of baukipg bu- j ainesa, becomes once regulated upon tbo proper basis, under tho operation of the sub treasury, tha checks and restrictions ol that act will keep it within tha proper limits. The bill granting to tho Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company tha right of way through Pennsylvania , was under conaideration in tha iower Houaa of tha Pennsyl vania Legislature on Wedneaday,but no vote waa taken. On Thursday a motion was made to take up the bill, but it failed by a vote of forty-six to forty-seven. Both houses have fixed on the 33d instant as tba day on which to adjourn tint iit. The receipts ol the Reading Railroad Company con tinue to increase vary rapidly. Wo annex a compara tive itetement of the buainasa of tho road during a weak in April, oi tha peat three years: ? Phladklmiia ato Reading Railxoad. Week ending Jiprit 4. 1(14. April 5, ISO. April 4.1416. Tr Trl g|,5 4 56 $*.?M J7 Pro.tat ou good A, 916 91 1,144 92 3,517 % Knighton coaI. . 5,114 21 11,140 15 JS,0i? 64 Tot*I receipt*... 7,465 67 II 845 92 31.15} 99 Coil t'Aat|> d,tns,5 131 12,246 22 161 The quaoti'y of coal sent to market for tha week end ing April 8lk, and for this season so far, haa been as fol* lows:? From Forth* Wetk. This 7oar. rort Caibon 6.777 16 5-.7SI 02 Po'tsvillv 4,742 16 319H03 8-t.ujlfcill Haven 14,557 It 79 454 si Por; Llmtcu 1 091 15 .11,746 15 41.170 01 106,940 U Bates or Toll and T?avs?ostatioi*. From Ml Corton. S. Havtn P. Clinton. To 74 irhm Bd $144 $1.50 $1,10 To PhiU. elphit 1, 0 1,40 1,45 Tho delivery of tba new motive power of tha road hat not kepi pace with tha aupply of cars, for same lima ?but wa learn that two new looomotivee wero pieced ' upon tha road tha past week, and that an addition of one a weak will be made until tha lull aupply contracted i for will be delivered. Toe addition of each Iocomo I t've will increase the capacity of transportation from 335 to 360 tone per dey. The agents selected by the opera tots to examine tha capacity of ihoir work*, with a view of making an equitable distribution of tho cars, have completed tboir examination!, and made tbeir reports to tho President. The distribution of cars, based on these reports, will bo made by the President early this week. Old Stock Exchange, 4 000 NY St te5sl?46 99K *75 sbs Canton Co 44 t 500 Uhio 6'a'69 90 J a 25 do s30 31W II,t0? do (I 125 do S4W 9'tu Kentucky 6,a 49U 50 Eaat Boston sow 14.0 5 00n Ptuna 5*4 681* 700 Long lAisod RR S3 10,14)11 <!o tB.'Z 50 do 32V lu ahi B-nk America, 9iV 2i0 do 33* 5 Am tx Bk 46 100 do b(0 35 !0 Viik.bursh Bmk 6)* 450 do 41 l7o Kaimrrt' Trust 44 150 do 31V 60 do 23V 125 Nor It Wor RR 55 250 do blO 34V 50 oo 55V 50 do sow 21 50 do s30 55V 50 Moris Ctaal 15V (00 do 56 400 do 15V 100 do slO 56 50 CO 15 50 do slO 55V 200 do liV 50 do blO 56 175 Harlem RR 42V 159 Beading RR 67 II do <<2 50 do alO 67 775 d* 42V 50 do , 4J? 25 do 42V 100 do Mds 70 50 do 44 50 do 67V 35 Erie IU1 53 Second Board. 25 ihs Hulem 45 25 aha Nor It Wor 56 50 do *36 41 150 Morn* Canal 17 50 do Tuesday 44 56 do 15 153 do 43V 54 do 15V 50 ilo 43V 150 Readicg RR 66 50 do 43V 56 do 160 67V 60 do 43V 25 Erie 53 5* do 43* 10 do 53 50 Nor It Wor blO 5?>V >56 Long Island ?3V 106 do 56 306 do s30 33V New Stock Exchange. RQ ihi Canton Co esh 11 47 do Monday 14 53 Trust sow 24 W HjiI-isKK c ah It }0 dn CAAh 43V 56 Loaa I'! RR sit ?V 91 do b3 3 V 53 do cash 22 50 di MobJav 31 133 do ?1( 32 50 do b3 3 V 56 dn 130 34 15 Nor It Wor hi 51V 25 do Tueidiv 54V 5* do CAAh 54V 50 ahs No. It Wor M'dy 54 V 125 do ca>li 54 V 106 do Monday 54V 50 ho a 0 54 it do ?nw 54.4 25 do cash 5lV 25 do CAAh 56 ? do a3 56 25 do Monday 56 25 do sS 55 25 . do Monday 55 25 do cash 55 27 do cash 55 25 do Monday 55 25 do S3 55 Died On Saturday morning April 11th, at tho midtnc* of bar lather, No 87 East II b (treat, of a lingering illna?s, which aba bora with Chiietlan fortitude and resignation, Jin, wife of James H. Robertson, and daughter of James Pettigrew, la the 40th year of her age. Her remains will be taben to the inmilv burial place, Pateraon. New Jersey, at 7} o'clock, on Tuesday morn ing. 14th instant. The relatives and friends are respect foliy invited to attend. "Baltimore Sun" and "Philadel phia Ledger" please copy. JUST READY, PART TWENTV ONE OF Virtue's III net rated Family Bible, WITH acres. m? giual references, and difftrst readiars, ** by th Rev Alevandrr Fletcher, D D of London, au thor of the 'Ouid* to Family Oevotioa"--emiielli>hed by a bishly finish#-* steel ragrarian of Ruben's celebrated painting, "The Deeceet from the Ones." by On.O. VIRTUE, (late R Martin It Co.) all 1 r?d?in M John street. alt It*" WHALEBONE CUTTER WANTED. ?iperieaced man at ratting end Bnishiag whalebone roald meet with e good nitration by addressing WV1. H. RICH sRDAON, No. 1M Market street, PhilaSelphta, with referrnce. WANTED?A journeyman H-ir Dresser, also a young man th>t has been two or 'bree years at the businres. Apply at the ?ig snsauficury, 148 Broadway, corner of Liberty et. MJ t'"r PACKET SHIP que EN OF THE WEST, from Liver pool?Coeeieae*: will please send their permits en board, at wa i side Barling Slip, without delnv. All roods not per mined is bve days are liable to be seat to public st re. WOODHULb k MINTURN, sit r 17 South street. 8TRAW^1ATS, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PARIS EMBROIDERIES. JUST OPENED. par By I vie d< Orasse. Isae packet from Havre, 11 Ceses. ineludirg .11 the new styles of the shove; sod f r sale en the most reasonable terms, end in lots to suit purchasers, by A. UNSWORTH, I reporter cf Peris 0> >da 4t John ?t. Alto. I case trimm?d Pais STRAW ft ATS, direct from tbs moss Is.hirm.ble h -use in Peris all lt*m O B CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, lit William, near Fulton street, oppi site 'he new buildings, h a a new and splendid *? of Oood< suilsble for -priwe wear, which he will m ir to o-der at such puces as will sail the mosteeont miral Fine Bisck French Cloth Drem Costs made to measure at I t to 131. mhicb -s et least four dollar* ei der the usual pr e#s for the as?e qii.l tf r f garmeuis. Every thing else in croportioo. , V B ? The ready mode coeds new en hand will hi told at let! than test from now till theJt< it if Afep. frepaiatory to r, mating if lt*r A W. FRANClft, STONE SEAL AND CAMEO ENGRAVER A R vg, Crista. i'ev,ces. Mott s? ??d Initials, ?ngr*v>d on 8 one 8 sis, Rings, hey,, -nf Pane I C-sea,' st very m id end Crests found sad painted ia n supe ior erste prices. Anas man. sr. Bp cims' a may be seen on application to A. W. FRANriS, alt ftcid'h II Reude street. 1 doors east of Broad way A. SE1GNETTE AND OTAKD BRANDY, LANDING 1 no H4LF PIPES iOfths old and genuine brand, and lUv ISO quart-r casks Salt's sups'ior quility high poor 310 - gtith do \md flavor, sew landing st Pier 1 E.B.f nm the biig Mary rcrkinsjust arrived from Rorhelle, an J for sale by fc. T. - ICOLL k CO. 17 si d 11 Fr< n'' street. Al'o, 15_helf^iei^uid_ll(jusrter C'lks fisrst qoalitf Otsrd, I)o i u, k Co BRANDY, of virions vintages, pale and col ored allli.'m LOOK HERE. $20,000 W?t.TH OF WINDOW SHADPSsell - . inf ? B at Upcr cent Mow cost, to elneeiho the Ltt/May. EDWARD WAM'LEY, N?- 30 Ckthsnuest. betwsea East Broadway sad Heaiy at alH?*r 8TODART & DUNHAM'S PIANO FORTES. THf suaior-te of the>a instrumsats over all o'ber. inaaa 1 fsctured in this coantry, is sauMi.hed bevoad a donbt by ths Itloisiog ansolicited te.nin nisi of the "Lion Pi>a " ths ftLowiog ansolicitert teuim nisi of the ? Lioa Piraist ? CHASLgsvois Hotsl, Match Hat, UW. C. k F. Zooesusl Oem em-ii >-l herewith t?ke plessa-e to trntiff tha* Meson f>l.?i*rt k D .Oham s factory <of New Yorv) r(?10 r,??, of snpci! .r quality, end that thry are of soft and b-illisoi t-ne, end the tbsv sre, not oolv thr egh softness end hriUwicv but alio thr > sh durability in woikmen.Hip,s p-rjo. t-nny o her u,enuf?ct<'ry_ LEOPOLD DE MEYER M -is 8 fc D. smeimf rtOT is in llth street, between 3rd sudtih are see. sad their salesroom is at Ne. 311 Sroauwav .11 t V i'HOtlN UHAMFAIUNt, A FRESH INVOICE of this delightfal Champagne is ia l\ *t ?re, to wh>c i the attention of merchant*, hotel It sens re, , tad divatc ??atlemeu is invited. ThesUadiag of this Wins , u >w superior to tnat of aay in thia coantry, and at no higher >.ice than ihef oOhe *?* brands C LIVINGSTON k CO., ?miiisaf? 18 Wail amah COACHMAN. A MAN of steady sod fmps'ltt habits is desirous of ob tain iag s situanon as Coaehaaaa. Ha has had considera ble rxprrieaa*. understand# thorough'y the ears of burses. and is ail'ini to wait ou table and tn mike him-elf eistvai'y ase fuI. Can gi*e too eity reference from his la?t smphner ? Address N C , car- of the porter at Messrs. Rowland It Aspia will's, Soul! st, or a' the oAca of this P">cr. al ui Wt NTK.D?For a small_fimily, a Waiter; ha most be quvlifl* 11" d ire a pvir o! h isr*^ Apply to R K ? . at the ils;r , f ttv Hrild oA a. tie muu be >obrr an 1 briergood re-on-nrB'tstions. ?H 3t* re Full 8A.LE?A sepeior t .sol iraae-fort'-, manufactured by one of tit* heat (eitr 1 makers?entirely new, octaves? Will he sold low for cash by applying al 1M strert, ores the glas' sta'eera store alt St*m A CRITIC WANTED ?One who Isscqnanted wth paint ing as an set and who is capable of writl-g JJSt critic.s is, Apply at fhia Offce immediately. al tl fh JOHN WHITAKER. IF JOHN WHITAKKR, lu*of Thorp, M*r Ski c too. York* rhiro. kiif I*ud, will call upon th??abtcrifc^rv, or will for 7,r^ 10 *ho?? hit tddnit by mi?l. he wih I rem tomeihiof of imooriatic- and p?caoi%r<r *<Jy to himself. at! lm*rrc H ARRV, COOUlLL kCQ.190 f?rl ?t board wanted. , A YOL'Nli MAN. in soma rsspsrtabl# private family, location not to b? mora than a of a mils from tha City Hall Addiess Tom, HarsH ttAee. slO m BV To Wig Makers. D. a 6?i' rata llaud Apply imined . . amediairly, to a 10 1t*r W. B ATCHELOR. 2 Wall straet NOTICE. MR O. HE LIRAI will plaasa sand bis permit on board Ship Liverpool, (foot or Dover srreet, East River.) for one case of books marked <i. L . withonr delav mJSm NO I ICE. ALL PERSONS ?rr forhiddeu harboring or treating the crew of the Br. b*rk British Queen. Lord, master, fiom Cardiff. Wales, ss no debti < f their eontraetiag will M 'aid be ih- Captain or Consignees of raid vessel ?t KITCHEN RANGES HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. THE Prop- tetors are now pitnarcd fo furnish Holmes' ?? to the tr d?. or set them ui'for private families < r boarding honaes, htr u pu chased th- light from the pvte-tee 10 mam fseture ?nd sell them. Oar eipeiitnce in maaafsctnriug and setting Kitchen Rauges. in tbia city, fnrrhe past II /ears, war rants as in asserting that Holmes'Hang> cannot be snrpatsed ability for economy, convenience, and dorabffi'y. Thsy are warran ted to perform the purposes for wh ch tbey are purchased, and if no'thevw.ll be remov-d free of any uprose to the par rhescr. Numerous references coo he gireu to persons wish ing ro purchase The prices range from U to4} dollar*. The proprietors are constat tlv manufacturing, and are wall supp ted with parlor. oAce, and bed-room ORATES, of th* nesseat pafern*. Also?TIN WABK. bright, plain and japanned. Tbey hare gnasons at all times ready to set Ranges, grates, and boiler*? also, tocnie chimneys, and wariaut >h#m uor tnsm ke A. OILHOOLY Ik SON, all Im'rre 71 street. THe Long Island Insurance Go. Capital '400,000 Dollars. Own b 41 Fulton stbbbt, Bbooblvb. /CONTINUE to take risks on baLdings, machinery, mer Vd chandixe .md property gem __ J property generally, on their nsasl favorable terms. This company has pasted through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the eonntry; tbey owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All looses which the company mavsnsrain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers in New York, of all sap.rations of policiea.1 |. W. JIKLaMATEK, President. *3 2mis*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 Reade Street, IVett Side of Broadway. THE Subscriber resyactfally informs his friends and the A public, that he has I uely opened the abuse Establish ment. in a style superior to any other house of the k:nd in the eitv of New York. The satisfaction which ho has hitherto gisen to hi* numerous friends and customers, while Proprietor of " T'e Shades," in Thames street, fin flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in hit neir estab lishment, while no effort no hit part will ba wanting to merit the continuance of their patronage. The nan il relishes, Chops, Busks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Eggs, lie will beterved up iu a superior style. Ti e Room will be regularly supplied u-ih city papers, as well as a lull supply of foreign p.'pirs, by every arrive! from Euro-. mil lm*ro JAMES EVANH. NORTH AMERICAN HOTEL FOR SALE. T'HE I.KASE. Knurrs, and alio ibe Furniture < f thst long established housr kuown at the North American Ho'al, kept by tne I tr John Emmons, r sq , situated on 'lis corner ui the Oowerv au l Bavard street. It is nt.w fitted na m the most elegant style, with two sp eudi I Bar K< oms on the first and sect nd stories, with a l.rge and elegant Br,II Room in the rear, withsnriug fl-ior, sic. The wnole is incomplete order, and p-aaeasion ? ill he giveu intm-di-Pelv. It is low doing the most profitable bonnes eve'd me before. To a p-rsou of good ch ncter and acqui. ted with the business, it it cure to yeld a fortune in a lew years. Th ? lease ha* niue years yet unexpired. The above will be disposed of on fivnuM. terms, on appli cation to JAMEd H. BEEH8. Executor, sS lw*m No PS <'harham strret, cmer ?>f Mott. UAYO t-Aitrtl CHIRRED SUSPENDERS?All these good* are bow O .mouth on lite cord, Bad in every w y better than any other umilar goods. No reraona are authorized to tn Dty's Patents and all ihe Smooth Cord Good., not having the aubaeriher'a name to them are counterfeit, and made by piratical naa of hia prices*. A largest'ck of these good* for sale iu New York, at the store of the patentee and proprietor. Si Maiden Lane; af ter firat May, in hie uew atore. 231 ourttaa t atreet. REGULAR AGENTS. Boa too?Meaara Beaver k Knowlton. Baltimore?Meaara. Lenta k Flack. I'hradelphia?Meaara. Kirtland, ManaCeld fc Hall. K. V Krug It Co _ " Mitchell, Brognard It Co. Bayer a of Stained Sw?p, adrre are cautioned not to be deceiv ed by the pretei.cea of thoae who pirate oa my patents. Hoeh persona ar* pioarcotedat law by me >nd with a few honorable eiceptinaa. are leagued together to do me battle. mW ImVrc H DAY PAPER HANGINGS. WINDOW SHADES AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS. SOLOMON k H ART, 341 Broadway, are now receiving pe> th. virions pickr" ihina Iroin England and France, the largest and heit asm tnnent of the above goods in the city, all of which ihey the? offer in auy quantity. wholesale or retail, at lcwar prices tliau can be found in any other .subliih meat. Country merchants and others will find a large n-aortment of Window Shades and Paper Hangings of a'l the vanona atylea and prices, which they me requested to call .n4 examine, at 6trodiu**ric TFXAS. Tl N OR TWELVE good Mechanics, who hava cash en inula of a i on pie of hund ad doll ?ia,in ? who are wtllieg to antic in the b*st p rt< f Tests, may hear of an unseal chaare f >r a pleaaaataud profitable location, by applying at No H Nassau at, room Li. up stairs at codl w*rc HARDWARE AT AGENTS PKICE8. 'PHE SUBSCRIBER, Agent for several Manufacturers in A England, it enabled to supply dealers from first hinds, also a; first prices. Parchaaera will consult their own m tax est by taking UP STAIRS PRICES. 1300 gross low pricedTable Cutlery. S casks ataoned I, 3 and 1 blade Knives Files?a complet* aaaortraeat of beat cast steel. 30 Casks Trace, Os and Log Chains. 31 Baskets Vices, fine Cotter Key. 100 Dos*n Patent Knob Locks. Also, Frying Pans, Bed Seraws, Candlesticks, Bolta, Spoons, Pud, Closet and Trunk Locks, Carry < ombt, lie. ke JOHN A NEWBOLD, ml lmisM WkF*me No id John street, np stairs HOKuEAUX WINES JUST Received, per bark Call so, from B*rdeeat. NO eases red Wines, St Jnlie ? red Wines. St Jalien Dncru, Cluteen Larose, Margeanz, Larour, Leorrlle, lie. it casks and hall do red Wines, 8t. Jolien, Medoe, Mar geanz, kc. 11 caskt and hall do whits Wiuea, Hant Santerae, Hant Pietgn c and Graves. The above wines hava been carefully selected for this mar ket. by iny hous* in Bordeaux.and are now landing and offer ad from the wharf, oa rraaooahle terms, by mil) eodlm're JOHN SCHMIDT. 103 Fntfon at DAGUERREO TYPE PATENT ISaVKD. TkAOUF.RREOTYPE ARTISTS are informed that the C Patent for the new Coloring Process of the snbscribers has been issued Applications for tbe Patent right for the United State*. may bo addressed to the snbscribers?the pries of which will be g7i, materials and instrnetioaa included ? Infringers will be dealt with according to law. A new pries currant, embracing VuigStlenndrr'a Apparatus, and all othar articles ased in the Daguerreotype are, may also be had, by addressing (post paid) to , . W.fcF. LANGENHEIM, fll lm rrc Philadelphia Eachaagn. MOUSSELINES 1 AINE. 10O ?KW enUNO STYLES01 hnm?n sad Domoetie J W jail received, suitable to N-utnnrn mid Waacen Trad*, end Inr sain hv Jf .AU1CL DON k CO., ?aa iM*m si W.lliam PATENT GAP-WhLDED IRON JBU1LER" FLUES. fNOUSTEEN AND A HALF feet long, aad one and m half to few inches diameter THOS. PROSSER, Patentee. II 1m*r? a Liborrv atreet. New Yiefc. DR. POWELL, OCULI8T, AND OPERATIVE 8UROEON, attend, to Disease* of the Eye and to all Impnrfeetlaaa of Vision, from 9 to 4 ?'clock, at hia residence. III Broadway, corner of Warren at. , Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract and Opacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with kraal attention and seceeae. Inveterate eaaea of 8TKABI8MU8, or Squinting, cured in a Tew minetaa. Jest imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and haiah. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without ehargr. Oflee and reaidaaca Ml Broadway?entrance ,1M Warren air set ealll>*T NOTICE rpo TAVERN KEEPERS AND OTIIFR-ror tale, J. the stock, liztarei, and good will, together with one J ear's leiae, trom May Artt, ol th-.r wVI known Tavern tand, fo merlr occupied by Peter JkLiiskey. deceased, and kiowu fort number of yeara as dia Otaagow Honsa, No. 391 Hudson str-et. The whole will be sold together or teptm-e, s ?r printerale Ifnot diapo>ed of o-for# Thnrad.y, April IStn, the whole will be told by public .action at 19 a'elock ol the forenoon of that day. F->t fnrther pmlcuUrt irqairt on the premises. aflWr 'I'O LIVERY STABLE KEKPeRS Ctb Propr etert, kc. I pTONE-B DIHTAMeTER ?This la aa arparaina which run be applied in a miuut* to any, *nf will iu diea'e the distance trav.liedovar, etn.rqnenily wi'l he fonnd o< great nnli'y to those hiiing out rarriagr*. or o thote wish ing to eacrrtam th * speed of iheir horses. Toe above, together < with aa ai paratus for a similar parpote. applicable to locomo tives. steam -??ata.kc. for tale at Strae Brothers Croton finish* lor and Water Filter Eatablianmect, 39J Broadway, all 3<*r FOR f?ALE, A SMALL STEAM DISTILLERY, with aUihe apeara tua "nd Altar a sow ready to pat intoopmarioai (it ia like wise wall adapted lor distilling cimphme;) will ha sold at grant aaer Ace. if applied for immediately. T' a honsa end core to he let, and possession to bo givon im mediately. Enquire on the premise*. "4. E. corner ol Mtk at. and fith avenue, or of JOHN BENSON, allw'm 13 Old alio. f?E LoftD* VKAYfeH, ILLUSTRATE- from Life, innaeri's of Ten Dagnnereo 'yprs, by J. ?. May nil Checmt and Fifrh streets, Philn dalplna. His friends and the public are invited to see h<* G liery. Adm anion gratis. The Art taaght on tha prine plea nICteii-.l Philotophv, with a knowledge of tha m-unlat tnra rf every thing naad in the pocest. N.I.?At the door ia mounted the American, bear ing ii l<i> Ir ak the Silver Medal ol'tne Franklin Inititute. MO w to families wanting furniture. A SMALL FAMILY, levying for Europe, wiali to diepo?e of their Fnnntnre, (all new liat fall.) eoeaiating of oi.n parlour, one bndroom and kitchen furniture, Carpets, R*g?, Crockery, kc , suitable for* amill family commencing house keeping, kc , wnieh will bcao'd ezeeedin It low. . ""'?'cry cheap, one art C<m*g? Harne<a, f.ndem himrsa. A'to, for __ _ _ htraena. and Baggy hanem, n*ed ui ly three rimea, bein r fare aiigpg aud.aitahfa fir the centry ; also a lady'. saddle. An. Apply bet wean the bonrs of It and I o'clock MJSIMdMMMNdk a?)w*l UBNTREVILLE COURSE?TROTTINO. ?1 A WEDN 0 \ V. An I Oi? ~l u ?lock. I*. (I., acaka* lortlTi. mils baata, baai 1 iu 5, uilar iba ud die. 0?'|l Sfi h, linn [ g Medoc R T Walk* , name* . 0 f.lon Moor*. A. ? nirf n mil si g Hiram. ?U4'HvlT*W*l EIGHTH WARH * SPECIAL MEETING of the Eighth Ward Democratic Irjuil Rirhli Aaeoeiati a, will be held THIS EVEN ING. ( Monday) at Montgomery Hili. "6 Prince ttnwt, at ? o'cl >cn Punctual attendance it r qnvat d, aa business of im pjrtancs will be brought be for- th- Aaioc-tiou. MICHAEL CONnOLLV, Chairman. Jfbn McDormoft. Veeretarv ?H lt*r First Mard Utaecraile Whlf AtuualnaUoita. For AlJrrua. CHASLE8 RIDABOCK. For Aaaiatatit Ald-ru^n. THEODORE K. DEFOREST. For Assess urs, J. Clitt Morriioe, Jacob Roeerelt. For Conaublra. . Henrr Buhop Henry Jenkins, a or Inspectors cf Flection, lat Diauict?Joseph J. innoo. Robeit Silrey. U " ?Irmea Daaenberry, tieorg-Hammond. 3d " ?Garret Van Zaudt, James Herae. a 13 ll*chl PourtU Waid Democratic Rrpnbilcan Krg ular Nominations. For alderman. JOSEPH A DlWER. For Aaaiaaot, WILLIAM R-.iD Ko. Assessors, Daniel C. Pentz. John D Keating u't r Cor ataMee, Maurice O'Keeffe, Edward J. Qui' k. For luspctn of E*rc ion, lat Diatrict?W.lliaia J C< ffiu, Patrick Crowe. Jd "? ?Joa-ph E. Palmer Florets# v-cCarthy. II " ?Edmund Mah my, Thomas Hays 4tk " ?Edmund Fitzgerald. Abaolom U. Diion. Democratic Else orsof the Fonith Ward, ba not deceived? the above ia the only regnlar ticket of th* 4th ward 8v order, CH iRLE a MILLS, Chairman. Albeit E,,.,,.:^ '1 homst Haya. \ SacreUriea. ,? >i,*rra Fourth Ward Democratic Republican REGULAR NOMINATIONS. For Alderman GEORGE H. PURSER. For Aaaia ant Aldenaan. DENNIS MULLINS. For Aaaeaaora. JAMES AVERV-JAME8 G. SMITH. For Conatahlaa. EMANUEL JOSEPH?KOBERT LEWIS. Inspectors of Election. Firat Diatrict?C H. Collad.y, John Fran. Second Die tr ct?Pimeou Abr. heme. E. B. Fellows. Third District?wm Stoiy. P. H. McUuire. Fourth Diatrict?John W. Avary, Jao. H. Bowie. P. H. McOUIRE, Chairman. A B. Cannon., ) e^,?,.r,.. J.B A'autim, { Secretaries. tlMfrrc Fifth Ward Whig Democratic NOMINATIONS. For Ald-rman WILlIAM ADAMS. For Aaaiatant Alderman. GEORGE J CORNELL. For Assessor*. WARREN CHAPMAN-ISAAC B. BATCHELOR. Fo? Cont'ablee. JOSEPH JENKINS-JAM K8 BINGHAM. For Inspectors of Elertion Firat Diatrict?John W. Thorce rid J.'hn Beam. Second Diatrict?Robert C B-II and Eowad Cook. Third Diauut?William A. Dailiug and Samuel S. Clutter to->. F nrth Diatrict?David C. Colden and Sylvanna 8. Ward, nil i end*m NattTc Aaaaerlcaia Nuaailiiatlwii*. - FOX RETRENCHMENT and reform. FIFTH WARaJ. For Ald*r*a*n. LTNDK C. FERRIS. For '.sristant Aldnmin. Hi NnV HAINS. Fjr Aaataaor.. Jacob Lawail, George W. Preacott, For Comtablea Daniel E. Hnnaer o.d CtVan Blarcom. For In.pectora of Election, lat District?John F. Kirby, ohn Hnwl y. Id " ?George <1. Jrwett, Nathaniel Wcrlay. 31 " ?Girrct Van Dman, Bei J L Foater. 4th " ? Wm Elliwo.lh, James Phillips. a'S It*in ELEVENTH WARD ? ATnimimow meeliug of >h? Independant Democratic Republican E.ectors of the Ilth Wa'd, held on Friday evening, the 10th Ap'il. 1046, at th- H?)I corner of Fourth it end armor C, Mr. JOS PH BISHOP was appointed Chair man and Mewra Samuel T- Mauaou and Jamea thelden, ch wen Secretaiies The following ticket wat unanimously adopted For Aldrrman, JACOB Mil LEU For As iatait Alderman, WII.L AM SMITH. For Aaieaiora, Andrew R. Jackman, Ctiat phrr McOary. For Con .tables. Lloyd Bryant. M. holts H Fiaher. After whieh the mreting wa?*ddr-ssed by Mr. Simon P. Huff, and the following resolutions were noanimonaly adoyt 1 ed:? Beeans* we hold thraa trutha to be aalf evident, "that all ' men are crnat-d eqna,' and all attempt! to create any d atioe { lion of birth or religion, ia m direct opp'lition to the apiiit ?l . oareot atltwiinii. orcau?rihat we te.ievr in the arlrctiuu ol ' the above Cindidttea, we have mm above all intrigu*. mi who will imrane inch a cnurar aa will enmretothr people ol tha O d Eleventh aa houorable and .nit rrgard to their wa.n. a d eitab.iah that harmony and good feeling which ia ao much d , aired. Heaolred, That we have alwavs given our support in favor ol re.nlar nomiuatious, when fairlv and h?nea ly emluctrd, bntcanoot content to lend our aid n support of a t.cket tn grudrretl in rorrnption and illegality. Keaolred,That we ch er.nlly r-j.ond rn thenominati naof AnJtew H Mickle, r. aq , a> Mat or, and Hn M ara O. Leo nard na Almi Honae Com nia- lon-r-that in tlum we recognise firm and w li tried demon ta o th- Jrfferaonian acbool, and th >t we will give them onr u idiviJ d tupport Resolved, t it the me, tug ad.ourn to meet on Monday even ning, April 13th, at 7R o'clock, at the coruer of Fourth aueat and Aiclu-C. ; H-ao ved.Thitai freeman,having a right to manage onrown I alfaira in cur own way. we are notbound to aoawer to the oft repeated call o! "what have yon againaiWm Gsge7" aa if we have not the ntht of chooamg at other, nnleea we em filmic all Impertiaeut irqniriee Yet we cnndaaceud lo giva a fa* of th? meuy rraaoua which might ba given, why we prtfer the 1 above candidates Because we have fu'l confidence in the character of our nom inated Alderma, who h*a ao faith'nlly represented the ward during the pee*, year aa Aiaut .n( Becanae (hat in fair dealing and ei iqoeite hv waa vntitled to receive from the nominating emniuaa the nomination of Alderman Became we beiieve that the ticket headed with Win, O ge origin, led ia mtrigneei d corruption and theefore notcntitlad to the sopport of tho democracy and th- well meaning ptrt of the rot.m"nitf. JOSEPH BISHOP, Chanmin. Sam eel T. >1 onion, ) - . . .. . Ja ea Sheldon. S Secretaries. a'kl're Seventeelh Word* IPHE following Ticket having bean adopted at the regolar A m eting of the Democracy of the Seventeenth Ward, held at Hermitan* Hall, on Tuead y Evening. April 7 h, of which Thomaa Jeremiah. Esq , wai Prraidcnt and Henry Keyaer, Robert B. Boyd. Orrill J. Nash and "hillip Schuyler, E?qi , we e Vice Presidents, and JosrphnaN. < r lin.TnoinnaMcSpe deu and Jamea Van Namee, acted as Secie.ariea. Tharefire, the bcveuieenlh Ward Democratic Republic* Ward Com mittee do. hereby, order the said Ticket to be published in all the democratic p<i>ti* until after the day of election. By ordnr of the Ward Committee. HENRY KEYSER, Chairman. Wat. E. Mngni, ^crt SaMCCL S. ConcKLis11 For Aldnrman. JAMES WALSH For Aisutant Alderman, JAMES ROBERTSON. F ir Assessors OEOROE H ROSS?JOHN H. KELLY. For Coantablna _ BENJAMIN F. GAMB' E?C ALEB B. TOMTKINS. For Imp-ctors of k lection. First District?Cr arles Wright and Oro S Masservaa. Second Ditinct?Oeo A. < orrey and Chan. K. St. John. Tntid D at'ict?Abraham K. Pat i?on and OitUI J Naah. Konr-h Diatr ct?Nathan B. Orih m and Chas. W. Bakar. Fifth District? Wm. E. Marks and Jamea D. Meeker ItT* Poet please copy, all 3>*aMhTrrc FOR SALE, ?fl -.A LIGHT WAGON, nearly new. Alio, agtrong iaal y bailt Barouche, - ith shaft and g>oie, and doable aet ' ; ^ ' of harnrsa if reqaiied. Also, a I'mt bay mare.aonnd and kr-d. and trots a mile in three minntea Apply to el 3w*re MICH'L HAA?X)N. S he<-bm>n?' NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE SUBSCRIBERS raten'eeaacd Manataetnrvr* Uw of the Neapolitsn Bonnet, a.e p epared to supple the trade with their inimitable Neapoli sna, fo* whirh ihey leoeivod two silver medals at the last two Fairs f the Am.ri can Institute, aud which far st? la and finish am anaatpasacd Thny warrant them <o alter and clean eq- al to new. Apply to . . ! M PnTTlBON, NOE It CO , li Delnacy ?*,, a7 Imu'r or Viae It Con a, corner Pine and Pearl. CHIUKERIND'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, Broadway, No. I and T Lafargt Handing. THE PUBLIC will find at tha above rooms a genera] assort ment of Grand aod Sqnara Piano Fortes, at the same priee Si at my Fsetory ie Boarne al Im'r MUSIC TAUGHT, d"|N THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lady, V/ who has a thnrowgh knowledge of the science. She can Sive moat respectable and satisfactory references. A line ad 'eaaed to W. H., at the office of this paper, ahnll be panctnal ly attended to. mrfn |m*r CHEAPESTAND^ESl^ INSTRUCTION IN Academy, IK Broadway, orpotilt Jahn itrut. BRisrow'a *5V!T,or "^Jtlegant Commercial System of WRITING, "Tt ue.Jfrt laug h<(dnring bia stay in New York,) Yf to Ladies and Gentleaien of avaar ana. Day ar Eva' niag, in Twelva Leaa?na, for the small charge 01 Onlv Five Dollar* ! . 'I!II1?SFtewhwig Writing Master, prorniaas and mva. ranteei to ALL,, old or yonng. to impart a asauTiri'L, ran. ? FFl'ITIOl'l *QO PA|HlOI9AII4i Style of PsnBAAsblD. HA UUff#r cipkditioi'I *od faiMio*ailc style of PsnntMhip. no motter how BSD, n.LeoiBLa or CBSMPBO isw us, ii.Lifliiu or ciAorto mar h# rhe wntioo I IN TWELVE EASY LEHHONf KDKM W^LTI VB?"ii Kr.ariao and Shobt Hani, t .ght thatfmyhly. 0 N_Bi-Pnvatale?aonagivan. Kuniln , nd Schools attend. II lrawlm*ve IDLE HOUR BO JK. JUST PUBLISHED?The " Idle Honr Book," eoataiuiag K>* page*. Wlth *** o?f*avii>ga?prire only 17 eeata?re plete with Ton. plant Oar Comic Almanacs, for 1M7, five ia nambrr, will ba is sued ia Anvil. They will ba tha beat ever got ap, sad aheap at that. Specimen numbers sent by mail. The sahacihera iuvite the attention of the trade to thieir unrivalled nd large variety of the vari'-ae kinds el Children'* Boohs, Song Books, Primers, fee., toga her with colored Litho graphic Prints, tha b-s- ia the market, WO kinds mW 'at* re TURNER h FISH Ell, 74 Chatham*! LONli BREED CANARIES. MR HA8ELETTB eaiira Breeding Stock, ao much ad- i aurad on New Year's Day. Thay are already maton, ar.d will b* sold only ia pain. Bird Fascial* and tha public are ? rrepectfally iavited to call and rtaaine than. Also, tha nanal variety of Singing Buda from different nana ? of the habitable Globe. Fancy Pinona and Cages, Gold Filh, I Caille Fuhbone, and bird aeede of every deaerirtion. Every 1 article for (he Breeding Cage, kc For sale by A. GRIEVE, 9 John atreat N.B.?Archie a Bird Fancier, containing fall directions for branding Cessnas, and the beet method of leading birds ia { general, for sale aa above. English and Scotch Terriers far sale by m?< lm*-r A llflTyy7 5 Juki Wreel ; TO MAUHiNIS'ra AND MANUFACTUKEiiM. f ATHE8 o'all , MA gdntihoit no'ice Alao,caitiag, aaitab'e for i ll kinds of work. For terms and ddfie.nptioii. direct to tne ahh-. arrihrr, Hadsoa. New York . , at la*ra JAR T- FEJUUNB i A L OTION IAUU. J ? J. R CURTIBS. Auction ear. Lenox and Cktaioi'k 9*ik or tmk Curiae Rtocc or Fivr tioi.u Gold Watcm?i, Els qaut Clock*, A , or tmk old E*t*bli?h*d Hoilt or Nissans E It 8. 8 Rucawlll, who abb aoolt cloi I*O THru Burnetii Af'/'S 8 PLATr, mil soil en Tuesday. Anil 14, sad xm "?'"V. I4?h. "i lB o'clock. *t the s-orr ol 'he Messrs Ro< kwell. No 411 Broadway. th- i'.oo va'unblt ? ock. ob a credit of SO d ?>?? for nurna of $10# and upsia-d:? ? cusisnng iu par' of ve y fi e (old and silver watches, ale gont ornamcoul gilt clock* with fieu'en; 4 column sb< 5 u jS w' od wrings el Ho, art of the firit quality; Shef field and Birmingham plated cai.dleaticki, caatuia. tea and eof leased* urn*, eike b.?k>t?, ? strut phosphorus marhiuea, pUt-d syphons, wine ato>iu?rs. enpa, (old, ailvar and tteef combs. sets -ilvar knives and forks and apoooi, ttlvtr cud (old thimbi't, silver, gold and shrll aruff box-s, e ra) md hells, bouquet hold*-*, silver tea and table ap* on*, silver and gold Pawf'l caw*, silver forks and butter kairea. napkin rings. fine gold brac> I*;*, do fi'igef and aar nags in great variety, apltudid gold breast i ins lo I tdiaa and geutletnau, (old guard and fob chains ai d arala, (old mcdaliuna, *carf pin*, gold ferToaicra, necklace*, *uap*, Itr. Also, alirg musical bo?, play* laira. AUo. gilt and Jet good* oi every detcription. AI*o, I *uperb regulator, extra Jeweled Al o, 4 elegant glaa* ahow css-a (or the coanter. Al?o, a great number of velvet lined tray*, for jeweller*'* ate. Alto, 1 centre table and two marblealabi, variegated. Alao, *et* of gold and ulrer and diamond icale* and weight* Alio, 1 round bank clock, flrtt rate time keeper, iniiable for a bank or rfflce; I ?ett *ct eaaea; < eamphine lamp*. Alan. } large looking glaaie*. Term*? J month* ft r *utna of $100 and upward*. N- Th- refutation of the owner* make it unnecenary to aay more than that th* while stock will be sold without re-' *erre. *13 Itm I. K CUHT1S8. Anetionrer JACOB 8 PLATT will sell Thia Day. (Monday, April 131 at 10 o'clock, at 143 He oad at , handsome HOUSEHOLD h CRN ITUKK?Consoling of ingtaiu carpet* extra heavy p'ate looking al<*ie*,maho4*ny French chair*, sol**, divans, tea. oya, wnrkstaud, rosewood centre table, flue shadei, astral and solar lamps, girondules, tea tray*, mahogeny rocking and nurierhairs,French bedstead*, bureau*, iwgs. dining and tea table* erne seat seitea, oil clotha, hall lampe, Ei gliah gilt Chin*, tea aanriee. Ac Ice AUo. kitchen furniture, with which th* sale will eminence ai3 It m WALTE t OREKNOUUH, Auctioneer Lining hoops, sugars,t* green hough, w II aell Thia Day (Monday i at 11 o'clock, in front of ih? store, 27 00# Lining or rack Hoops, for coopers' use. Alao. a quanty of Tea*, Sugar, Candle*, Ac. all ll*m H DUCLUZEaU, Auctioneer. Household ku*ni roRE.-ruttu a Duciaieau wiu ?ell, This Day. (Monday) at It o'clock, at the "union room. No. IS Pearl atreet, a amall aaaortment of FURNI TURE, laft fiom former out-d>or a ilea. Vi*: Mahogany Chaira, Carpeia, Bureaus, Centre Table, Msttrasiee, Feather Bed i. Oil Cloth AUo, I Piano Fort*. Alao, China and Glaa* Ware, ail H'm FINK PLANTS AT AUCTION. A I.KVV will aall on Tuesday morning, at' 1 o'clock, at No 291 Broadway, a choice collection o' Gretu-houi* >nd Orn-menta1 PLAN I a, consisting of mon lily aud perpetual Koaesof vtrious names: t'aetusrt. Hellethroiies, Vrrbems, Axalras, Hyd*sng?. wi h various others too numerous to men tion Also a lew double Dahlia Hoots and Madriia Vines all ?t*m HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES DT E H. LUDLOW A CO., Auctioneers, *1 Wall street, .IF Ylondav, Ap B iJ h, at 1(4 Eleventh at eel ? Elegant For. niture. Piano Fort*. "ad alao oue Picture, by Ionian. See sx tra in auother part of this piper. Wednesday, April 14th. at 14 o'clock, at No 41 Chambers street near Br isdwav? Elegant Furniture. For particular* see eitrae iu another part of ihie pu|>er. Thursday, April 16th. nt It o'c'ock, at No. ? Strong Place, Brooklyn, between Harrison a d Degraw atreet*, in the rear of Dr. Scorn**' church, Splendid Minora, Ac., tee. Sao extras in thi? pa-er. Thrrsday, Ap il 23rd, *t 10 o'clock, at No. 31 Lafayette Pines?Elegant Furniture, rictnre*. Ac. haturday, 24'h. at '6 o'i 1 rk, at No 449 llomtonstreat, gSLtrel Houaeh'dd Fimi'u e. Particulars in -ime. ?day. A| ril. > 114 o'olock. at No. 14 tlarelay i'rret?'"plen j dil Household Furuitur*. Particulara iu special adrcrti-a ments d y, April, at I0)tf o'c'o?k, ?t N". ? B ooma (treat? | kuruilure. r.rtiCoUrsin time ?fay April, at 14 o'c'o k. at No ? Eighth street. Clinton PI ice?Elegant Household Furniture. Perticals a in l>m*. C'vil and oM'g'iig a tend una are engagad?the fu'uiture may be iscu th d ir p-evinus to s lea o-t applicattoa to the Auctioneers, 27 W ,11 str CC, opposite B .nk of Commerce. i)I3'*tc 1139) i E H I "HLOW Auctioneer. COSTLY BOASWOOD aND MAHOGANY FURNI TURE Eslr* Sixa .Mantel Glasses Library Book Cases. Ch?' deiiers An.? Po be sol I by auction on Thursday, i April 14th t II o'cl ck, at Strong Place, Brooklyn, in the ; rear of Or Stone', Ch rre ?? Pirlor Furniture? C- mprising rosewood and medallion, crim-on centre tSnfis, Divan*. Conch"*, Ottomans audChiirs j to matcn, Centra Tables, I irg" site Lamps, with glass I* t si. crimson aud white silk CuiUuts. with silg triinmiugs; quae tnanrel Gla-sss, largeglass Chaode ier?, royal Sixun Carpe t a id Hues, wmtn ,ml mild m<h >gtny Ho'a* and Couches, man tel Mirrors, with blue aud go d vclret frames. Lihraiy Foruiture?L.braiy Bookcases, and Chain, Car pet*. Ae. Bed.oom Furniture?Brusael*and Ingrain Carpe'a, French Bedstead, Bur"?us. Drrssiug Olas *?, Egyptian Mnble Corn mode*, Englnh Hall Oil Clotna, Hall Lamps and H i Stand, 1 large extension dining Tables. A<l the lurnitura was ma e to orde iu New Fork, together with a Bae lot ?f kitcheu fur ; niture. I Catalogue* to be bad at th* auctioneer'* office on Wednes day E H. LUDLOW A CO. Auctioneers, aII4frt (134) XT Wad street H DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. Elegant kosewood and mahogany fur Nl lUclE,ROYAL WlLTON CARPETING Ac. at "J- I" W***. TH,Vwn* atreet ?TUTTLE A DLCLU ZEAU will sell oa Tuesday. April 14th, at IB o'elnck, ?, ?>?# piernissrs, theentire Furuiiure contained in th? house No 103 West Thirteenth atreet, near the Sixth Avenue, consisting iu part of starved rosewood pa lor furniture, of the styl? of Louis Xl V.. vix: teto-e-teie Disms Cha rs, Ottomans and foot beu rlira covered with crimson velvet, en suite; ebony car* d Pier Table, of th* moat autiqne fashion; Royal Wilton aud Urns ?el* Carpeting; extra l-sge French plate Mantel Glass; Chi nes# Willow l-bairs; mahogsuy Sofa and arm Ch<iri; pstaut Pi teem and Carcel Lamua, splendid gilt Clock; French gilt Msntel Ornameju and Giraudoles. suspending Wall Rrackets, silver mounted Candle sticks, with tranches; I him Dinner ai d Tea S-rvicrs; hall Oil Cloth*; Stair Ctrywu bres* Stair Rod*; Frem h brdiieads. I cleg mi mahogany bedstead of Elixsbeth nn style, feather tfeds, Mst'rassea. Ae. Also, several ?iluetic Oil Pamtiugf by the moet celebrated tad ancient msaters. Also, tlie Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will com mence s:*talogu"t rendr the day previous. *1' 3'R M A T re A tAHU H. E. WILLAKD k W. W. SHIRLEY, Anctioneers, WILL fit* their personal attention to the Aalcsof House hole Furniture it the of families declining hoatekeepiu*. Slocks of luockery, Dry Goods, Orocery, sad sales of Heal Estate, at the Merehsnts' Exchange. Also, soli* eit from their friends and the public, consignments te their SALES ROOM, Id: BROADWAY, until Mar 1st, when they will more to the specioaa store. No. IT WALL street, late Adams'Espress Office . all lm*m ?li-fai M" betafifn FOR SALE, IN WILLIAMSBURG, A MODERN-BUILT two story sad basement frame HOUSE, colloaade f oi.t. si to ited ia Second street, be tween Soaih Eighth and fonth Ninth streets. ft is folly sitest'd, commanding s See view ot the East Hirer, and within aoand of the Peck Slip IVrry bell. The lot on which it atands ie worth user SUM, and ihe wh"|e will be sold for very little ovr whit the house c< st to build It hsa been erected a little orer a rear. Poesemion on lat May, or eatlier. For'y to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, all r 75Sonth at re* t, corner of Vlaidm Lane. A FIRST KATr. UliANGL FOR A SMALL CAPITAL. JaA FOR 8 ALE, in conaeqnence of the rabecribet'i going ffrjw we.t, the h'aa?, fermtaeo and flitnreaofa PORTER .OA uid Lodging House, and iwo Ten-pin Alleys, of au old raia'iiiihsd Hand, kept by the ?nbseriber for the last 11 years, where the lodging pays more than the rent. For particulars enquire of O. WES("BROOK, U Bowery. all lt*r TO LET, AT STATEN ISLAND. THE NE Mr, handsome sad well finished Cot age, aits ated near Capo di Monte, Htaten Island, together with Stable, Coach House, kc. tie house has heea tailt -ith great care, and it complete witn teery convenience. The situation ia beautiful. tad com* utands t fine new oi the rirer, bay, ocean and the city, and w bat a abort distance from the landing ? or puticalara e.qnira af MRS. GRYME8. a7 tfa'r a' Caro di Mo'ite, Sutan laland CONEV ISLAND PAV1LLION. Oar undivided pa t of the lease, fixtures. He., of the shore eatabliahme' t. for four years trom the first of dRku JU|^May next, is offetcd lor sale. The well knows toccrss of thr Pnrillioa Met yet', is toWell Understood by the publ.e gcn'ra'ly. ? hat 'omiaent is deemed nnneeesatry. For farther information pla.tae n quire ol DAVID E. WHEELER, ft Wall street. alt ttswslw or of ALONZO REED. REGULAR LINE OF PA< KET 8MIP?>-rheket ,of the ? h May ?The first clam, laat tailing pack sect ship HENRY CLAY, Capuia Nye, will mil as Jsfa Iw regular day. line lag rny superior accommodationa for cabin. Id cabin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark, thoald make iramethate apr-Ilcatioa on boerd foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY. IN Pine, corner of Sonth street Thn packet ship VIRGINIAN, burthen 1000 ton*, tail! succeed the HENRY CLAY, and tail oa the 11th May, bar regular day. N. B Persons desirous of sending for their friends, can hay# them brought out by the abuea snip, on moderate terms, by makiag application as abort. all r FOR NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana and New ?k9$V York Line ?P'-eitiTrly Kirit Regular racist?To mil ictday, (H:h isauni).?The'elegant, fact sailing picketJ>ark E H. CHA IN, Conn, mssmr, will poaitieely tail m above, her regular day. .... For freight or passage, having handsome furnished Occam mndatinns, apply on board, at Orleans whirl, foot of Wall street, or to g K COLL|w8 kCO, jg Bnuth Passengers will picas* hn on board at Orleans wht'f, loot of Wall street. Tuesdiy, Nth mat. at 1 o'clock, nt which tiMc th* bark will tail. .. _ _ . Agent in New Orl-ant. JAB E. WOODRUFF, who will nromntlyforward ?ii rood t? his address. Packet ship LOUISVILLE. Hant master, will tnceeed the E. H-Chapin, and sail Mondiy, April Mth. her remlsr day Jit "NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER. , POOL?Packet oi the Hat of April-The splendid, lit Bail ins aud faforitt packet* ship LIVKR (llHb fast sailing and faeoritei packet, skip r-. ,? I'OuL, IIjO tons burthen. Cs(* Joha Eldridte, wiu tail oa Tnetdsy Arnl II, her rsgnlsr day. The Ships of this line beieg all 1000 teat and upwards, per tons about ro embark lor the Old Cooatry will not fail to see tlta advantages to be derived from ael cctiug this line in prefe rence to say other, sa their gra?t c ?pte itr renders them every way more comfortable and rone en wut than shipa ef a small elrnn, and their aecommodntinns for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaengera, it it well ksowa, are superior to any other line of Packets. Persona wishing to sneure bertha. should not fail to inaka early application on board, foot of Burling slip, or te _ _ W. It J. ^T_ TAPSOO i T. At their g'ueral Passage Office, U houih st. corner of Ms den lane, up stairs P. S ?The Liverpool will mil fimu Liwrnool oa the Ms af Jane. Persons witkisg to tend for their Iri ode, can hsee ihem brought "nt in t .ismegeilicent packet o- asy ef the regular fine*"ruling oi the 1st, lih. 7th, Ulh. ttn.aist and M<h ef month, on Leorsble terms. Application te be made m The elegant packet chip SID DONA wili succeed the Lieut tool. end sail on the M'h of April, kcr r en ?d sail on the M h of ii?il.hsr> inofdai NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, sjn 00k FOR AL8ANT AND TROV DIRECT, ^from the pier loot of Cou'tlandt street. Pssseagers takitg this Bust will arriee ia tim -to i?ke the M ,rnmg I'rsm of Cars from Troy west to IBiiffalo, end to Saratoga, Whitehall and Like Cham ' The law prrssarn stesmbott EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Meet, This Ifseg, at Jo'e nek,( Mouds^ April 13.) For Passage nrbre ght, apply on (Lard,or at the Office oa the wharf. Freight mnst lie net in charge of the Freight Agent, or ihe camps y will eat be fipoasiVe for |o e. all r LAlvh OUFt-K-iUK LUFl'LK ?TUCKib. ?1X00118 in the sarioua (omisnirt Long,it end sold up ) (aBla*i) J B HUN) R CO., Me. 1 Heavy* a. AlUUEJUUraW' rAun 'A'MIuAXMAm. Reduction of Prieti Box**, Ant tier 7i c.-ui* I Pit SO cute ?' (ocO' d ar-l ih-rd M " I O-I'erv ti " .noi-day Evtnln(, April 13tta, W ill >m perl'mm-d th-'l r g d) of t Ll-X ANDLH THl Oni -T Alriulir the On t Mr O Vaudenho Hep rW> u Mr Bl i d .chus Mr Dv It Mji r* Mr* Rvxana...... Mr*Abbott To conclave with th* Ballet of GISELLE Mi** Marr Abb Leo Mirths. . Mr. Hant Prince Aibrecht Mr O W Smith Door* opru tt a quarter to 7, and tha Performance* will COB* nwr* at a qn irter pas- 7. uuwuit niKAiun. A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PKUPRlCaDK Monday Evening, April 13th, The Performance will cooibmbc* with LAMTTB. Lafltte J R Scott Alphoneo Mr Blauchard (mwriil Jackson Mr Uarruport ConaUBtia Mr* O Jona* To conclude with CARPENTER OF ROUEN. Mai traa Mr Davenport Autiae Mr (Tarke Madalon Mr* Phillip* _QL/" Dower Bore* 5* cent*?Second ud Third 1'iar*. *? eta.; Pit and Gallery 1JK renU. Donrr will np?n *i. 7 o'-'oek _curtain will ris? at half rait 7 GREENWICH ^THEATRE, Corner of VARJCK$? CHARL TON STREETS Sola Proprietor MYERS It TOMLINSON. Manager JOHN U. MVsRS. Actiui and Stage Manager H. P. OKATTAN. Treasurer O. M. TOMLINSON. DeputyTreaaorer WARREN DRAPER. in outlay Evening, April 13th, The performance will comment a with the SOLDIER'S DALGH ; ER. Timothy Quaint... Mr W Chapman Frank H-.rtall Mr Ed 'y Widow Chearlv Mr* W H Cri*p After which?11 ERR tLINE. To cooclade with the SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM. Digfory Mr H Chapman Aldwiukle Mr W Cnumia Georgian*..- "* Mi** Julia Drak? Prices. Private Boxes II N* Sou* (Adtnuaaioo) Si each. Balcony (Kir. t Tier) M eta. Upper Box** S7K eta. Door* open at #K o'clock?Certain riaea at 7 o'clock pre ciaely. sot office open daily, from It A.M., to I o'clock P M., when Private Boxe* and olacacan bcaecared, or ticket* pnrehaaed on application to Mr. Draper. ' BUWEUI AMHHITREAIRB.. 8ANDS, LENT 4* CO , PROPRIETORS, Frtth Novelty ! FIRST NIGHT OF HERNANDEZ. Monday Evening, April 13th, The peitorm'nee will ro.i m nr* with NOBLES OK LOUli XIV Mr. Sand* will imroduca th* highly trained English Fairy Pony CINDERELLA. Mr. R. SAND A ami hi* infantile gymnastic artistes, Maurice and Jesir. HERNANDEZ i.i hit O rat Act of Horsemanship. The fin* thorough b'rd English nor** MAY FLY Together with a full aud brilliant performance of horsainan ehip, by thia nnrivalled tr ope Th* who'e to eon' lude with AN ETHIOPIAN OLIO. Door* open at 7; performances commence at half put T. PROGRAMME <?E MM BROUtiflfAM7* 1SCELLA NEGUS ENTERTAINMENT.mti I d Pal'a Peeul *ri ti?e, or IHeLAND AND IRISHMEN, illu.liated in Bong and Sto1 v ! As titrd by MR H. C HMM, MRS TIMM, *rd MR". BRuUGHAM. lata Mia* Nnlson, AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY ROOM, Monday Evening, April 13, 1 lutriduction ....Mr H. C Timm. 1 The subject introduced?11? eitc t. intent *rd ambi lion?National diffidence etetnpl fled?Point* ?f reie-n b'euce It twren the lri*h hedge icbool and the Or* im Acad' me?Difference tietweeo 1 lie Cold-atrian, ai?t Hot stn.eian systems of education? Drsc>ipti< n of a Hedge Scboolmaa ?r and hit reenmpe *e?A di tingu th det fr|>tiou to the role?Portrait of Ducihkb I'oltvaMoi'S O'GauDHta-He delivers a 1000aaivrteat, descript 03 i f America?He defin-a ih* rue po? tion of Ireland? end sing* a new Astronomical song called " The Haythn My h.ih Brougham S. Ir ah Song? Derm itu'born,1' by era- Timm... .Crouch I An Ksaav on blarLcy? Its autiuui.y. obliqui y. ubi quity . td iuiquit*?Its aii: ell t'ijn, variation a;d el ts*it* eition?Toe blarney colloquial and expected, iufarential and designing petsonal enu partienlar.and d rert and tin sed-lllustr t on* ol e?< h elae*?1Concluding with a nvw end iuttiuetive toag called "Beware of tha Blarney" Brougham i. Irish Song?" A-Cuahle-ma-chiee." Mr*. Brougham . ? j..... Andrew* ? Prevailing Characteristics of the Iri.h People illus bl# In t'*ted?their strong affections, end unquenchable live of country?A r-ma.gtble irarriic- ol their fondness for their eDspring, related in an en item of personal experi ence, railed PA I AND HIS CHILDREN, or, Afftcuon, verene inte rest. An Intermission of ten Minutes. 1. Iutrodnc'ioa H. C. Timm Z Traits, Charade-istics and A iccdotea, illustrating tie vanou phases of Pat's Pecul aritiei?Tns unwortuy pr judi-a agrlmt th* Irish People fist diiaipitiog?its cause tr ce-l t > tha right s >ur?* Ireland'* early oi pren dre lusnlence and brutality of her Her CoLquerers A gleam ol h-pe tor the < Jre-n Island " Erin, oh Erin, though long in 'he shade, Thy stir ihail shiee out. whru the prouieat shal' fad' dome account of an Irish Gainskeeper Brougham Seng?'Kory O'M or*." by Mr Brougham Lover I. New So. g?'Thv heart is my home." by Mrs B roughsm, words by H. P. Grauan, composed by f Anstin Phillip* 4. More peculiarities? Dhinelieatinstion of the Irish to lie deliberately. Prevarication or evasion considered rather praiseworthy th-n otherwise?An-cd'tn illustra tive, ealle-l NED MURPHY,.THE FISHERMAN, Gr, The Irish Pilot. Specim- n of the Comic-rathetic; in a new aoag called Crael Kitty Brougham i Irish Song?"The Angel'* Whisptr," by Mrs Tiatm Lover 6. Song (in Character)?"The Fin* Oald Irish Gintlemaa, I Brougham Mr. H. C. TIM VI will preside. Door* open at 7?To Commence at half p-st 7 o'clock. Single ticket, M cent*?Family ticket admitting three, $1. afitrre PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. FOURTH SEASON FOURTH CONCERT. THE Sabacribers end the Pat I c are respectfully informed that the f unhand tart Concert of the present ?eunn, will take place on fCtmdiy, April 2Mh, at the APOLLOSALOON | ?uh? ran obtain Ih?ir citra tirketa at the atore of Messrs. bcharfenbnrg It Luia. 361 Broadway. By order *11 4t Mlt'''r JAMES L. ENSIGN. 8ecreury. A CAKD. MR*. W. H. CRISP haa 'he honor to avnoanca to bar friends a d ihe puilic, that her BENEFIT and laatap peaianee will take place m W?.. iiesilay Erenln(, April 18th, at the New Greenwich 1 heatre?on which oecaaion Will be preaented Sheridan Knowlea' popnH, p|,y tf THE WiFE. Mariana Mra. W. If . Crisp. Julian St Pierr* Mr H P. G:attaa. Leonardo. Mr. E dp, HERR cLlNE, Will repeat hia Wood-rfal Performance*. Dancing by ihe Miaae* V ALl.KE. To ronctnde with a popular Fare*, ia which Mr. Grat'an, Mr Wm. Chapman. Mr H. Chapoiaa,Mia* J. Drake, and Mra. W H. C'irp. wil'appear. QC^Tieketa? Balcony, J) centa; Boira, Tl% ceata; P.t. IS cen'a P irate Bote*. $1 The bov hook ia now open, and plate* may b* aeenred from tei till three all dt"C PAWlt THltAlHifi. CARD.?MI AS MARV ANN'. LFK haa th* pleaaare to her Benefit on TUSfDAY Ne XT. Mth inatant, on which occaainu the wilt appear ia the Ballet of GlSeil L"', a* originally reformed in Pari*, and Arat in Ame'iea by her. Other en'ettaiameata w.ll be found ia ih? bill* of the d?y. all 2'rre THE DESERT REPEATED. IN CONSKQuF.NCE of the m rked ancceia attending the Arat aad aecoad rep'eientntiO'* of FkLICIEN DAVID'S grand ehoral and inat omental symphony, tha Daaert, it will be performed tor the 1 hud time on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Airil 1Mb. at the TAB1'KnACLE, commencing at I o'clock preciaely, ander the direcii >n ot M-. GEORGE LODER. The Solo part* ard reei atimia by MR. ROBERT GEO. PAIGE Ticket* 50 ceuia each, miy ' e had at the principal maaie atorea, of 'a. K Nebitt. cor. Wall aad Water, of 8 iton aad Mile*, <65 Broadway, at the door on the eveuu.gof th* pel form .nee; aud of H. MEIOOS, ttd Broadway, all Via VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT MR W J. DaVIH reapee folly ,r|n?in's the pablie of New Yore that he will give a CO eCERT at th* Apol lo Saloon. Thnraday hrau ar, If'h April The following emineni Voel and Instrument*! resident ta leut hire moa> kindle enlao-cend thrtr ralaable aaaia'.anor. MRS. E I.ODER. AiliS WfaO *, MR. H C TIMM, and MR W. A. KINO Mr Dieia will oa thia nccaaion introduce th# eelehralef 2CEH vl FLUTE, on which he will perform aereral brilliant Faiiiaaia* . . Tickets !Aeeala?tobehadanhe Maaie Storat, and at the door all Sti?*rre FAREWELL CARD. ' " ! 'PHE Managtrt of tha National Theatre aad Circa*. Che# 1 utt Philadelphia, reapcetfaliy acknowledge th* onparalleled anccaaa of t'ia peat aeeron. and offer the eitifeua their grateful acknowledgment* for the continued airesm of p tr mag* beatjiwed un their eatiblianinaut. the fch.Fridar ?th and Sit.rday.the llth. will be the Inat night* of p-iformaoc* ror thia present season. ** th ? Coui'iany will open in Biltimore on M >ndty, Anril llth, and rem tin there precise y cow week, preeioaa to fnlAllirg their entagmcnt* at Waahingion City, which will comma ee oa vfondi* An'H Mth Allowing. '1 ANNUAL CONCERT OF THE OEM MAN SOCIETY. '|'HE ANNUAL CONCERT in aid o4 th# Charitable 1 Fb ida of th* Os m in S iciety.will uhe pi are oa Sernrday, tu* llth nut , -it rh? Broadway Tahe-naeK Mia* NOATH ALL, Mia* KOR9I.NAK V, aad Mr TIMM -all le id their valaab'e aaaiauaee Ihe O eWtr*. of apward* of Aity of the tnoit ?"*ei'n< perlormtrs, will be and-r the directioa of Mr. U. C. HILL. Parbgalsrs la fatar* advertise newt. all lua DANCING ACADEMY H/f ADEMOItELLE PAULINE DESJ ARD1NS, whohae LVA had her Dancing School at 74 Leonard etreet, daring the whole w nter, aad ha* tawght daaeiag in several ef the heat school* of this eitr. wishes to cimtieae to give les soai daring th* anmtner mo .tha, at her residence abor*. and to anY oe< -bho'ing places, aemir,arias, pri* ,i, cTatacs, a. d 'ami IF*. Mies D. hte jnst reeetved from Puii innr eew tfead r Pea #> t yet pwhliat.ed. and will u ach the n*wea' and moat ftahiiaabi*donees,aa t^'i-drilles, I'olka. Wall* I'olk;. *#*? dry Walige* Galloped*, end fancy dances. a 1 Iweed'rre NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN, Corner of Bnadway and Loomard Biro"' 1*HE TWENT v-FiRnT ANNUAL EXHIBITION will A ba opened to the Public on i hnradac the J?bh J" U LiTKftT INTELLlflMCR IT THE IAH1. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. CHARGES Preferred by Hon. Oho. J. Ingertoll, AGAINST DANIEL WEBSTER. Extraordinary Developements* Washington, April II, 1816. When Mr. Ingersoll made the attack on runi?i Webster last Thursday, in the House of Representa tives, and charged upon him the crime of peculating the public money, every one, friend and foe of the man, stood aghaat, and asked themselves,is it possible that Mr. logersoil should have made a charge ot so serious a nature as that of plundering the public purse, against such a man as Mr. Webster 1 And yet it is so. Yes, sir; Mr. Ingersoll, a member of Congress from Pennsylvania?Chairman of the Committee ot Foreign Relations in the House of Representatives, makes the charge; and he, holding the position and character t int he dose before the country, is bound, in defence of him* self, to sustain these charges, or sink into the lowest depths of degradation and intamy. Which ot those alternations await him, is the ques tion 1 Will Mr. Ingersoll be able to sustain the charge by the most unquestionable evidencel I say, in advance, that he will, if there be truth up on the faee of 9tate papers?yes, State papers, found in the archives of the State department?the con tents of which are now in the hands of members of the House and the Senate. Let me give ous or two of the most serious. From facts which are to he submitted to Con gress, in compliance with the call of the resolution which passed yesterdsy, it will appear that Mr. Webster, soon after entering upon the duties of Se cretary of State, took from the disbursing agent of that department, Edward 8tubbs, Esq, the entire control of the aeciet service money. That he drew from thence the sum of seveutten thousand (917 000), part of which he employed (98,000), on the newspaper press upon the Northern frontier, for the purpose oi giving a certain tone to pnblie opin ion, pending the trul of Alexander McLeod. That lor this purpose, he employed F. O J. Smuh, for merly a member of Congresa from Maine, who wrote to Mr. Webster, from time to time, for more money, and in whose communications it is ststed, that his (Mr. Webster's) mrde cf doing business, (employing thepress and individuals, too, in behalf of Mc'Leod,) was the only one by which the affair could be settled. This letter is on file in the de partment, and will be forthcoming, with the other extraordinary papera that are now preparing to be sent into the House of Representatives. Another case, of a similar character, is that in which a person named Powell, was employed to use the government money. This man, it seems, only received 91000 for his services, in the same way. Some time ago, it will be remembered that Mr. Ingersoll charged upon Mr. Webster that he had applied to the Committee of Foreign Relat.ons, in the House ot Representatives, at the head of which was, at that time, Mr. Adama, for one years' salary, and an outfit ot eighteen thousand dollars, as Minister to EngUnd. This was soon after thn conclusion of the Ashburton treaty. This charge, both Mr. Webster and Mr. Adama positively de nied. Well, sir, among the papers in the State de partment, is a letter from Mr. Adams, in his own hand writing, to Mr. Webster, in reply to ens sent from Mr. Webster to him on that subject, in whieh it is stated that the committee had had the subject before them for consideration, and that the applica tion for the outfit was negatived in committee, by n vote of five to three. Thus, it will be seen, that both Mr Webster's and Mr. Adams' denials upon this subject, are now, or will be shortly, proved to bn the other way. I understand that what I have given above, ia not a tithe of what will be forthcoming in a few day*; so that the country must be prepared to meet the most extraordinary developements that have ever been made, in either this or any country, concern* ing a public man. Mr. Ingersoll is committed before the country on this business, and the burthen of the proof now rests with him. What I have given above, may be relied on as true, for the souee from whence it came to me, is unquestionable. Without expressing an opinion one way or another upon this curious affair, let us recur back to the time when the country was agitated by the Patriot ex* citement, or rather, by the circumstances which im mediately grew out of it, and the arrest of MeTered for the murder of Durfee; and what shall we say of a government that could countenance the oonree pursued by its public servants, in permitting a mur derer of its citizens to go unwhipt of justioe, and to submit tamely to the threat of the British govern* ment, to blow up the State of New York (Mr. Web ster's language to Gov. Seward at the time) if we did not acknowledge its right to invade oar territory, murder our people, and then tell us cooly, too, that it was done " by authority" of the home govern ment 1 And Mr. Wcbeter has been the American Minister of State, whom the British ??? to play the part of advocate, to dishonor the country ia the eyes of the civilized world. O! shame, where is thy blush 1 The very thought that one is a citias a of a country where such things are permitted and countenanced, is enough to make the heart sick. Mr. Webster is now placed before his country and the world, in an attitude which, from my very seal, I am sorry to see him in; and I can only express tbs hope I or,him?for democrats as well as whigs-foe the whole American people, that he may be yet abln to exonerate himself, fully and honorably, from his present perilous predicament. Abiil. Washington, April 11,1841. The greater part of the morning, in the Senate, was occupied by Mr. Niles, in opposition to the mo tion to priot 25,000 copies of the report of the Com missioner of Patents. I look upon the thing, and as will every sensible person in the country, as paltry and parsimonious in the extreme. Here is a public document, unequalled, if ever surpassed, by any of the same kind coming from that department, in which is coilected a vast fund of the most useful in formation upon agriculture, the arts, sciences and inventions of the country; and which, too, ia its present bulky form, could not be compiled by private enterprise, which the honorable Senator from Con necticut will not allow the people to get, because the expense of printing it will redound to the benefit, ax he aseerts, of bookeellers in the Northern cities, nlii buy th-m up, alter being printed for Congress, at a price lees than half of their original cost I will not examine whether thie imputation of dia> lionesty upon the members of either House of Con gress be true or felse; but, be that as it may, it oo y argues the .necessity of printiug three times the lumber called for by the resolution, m order that he people may get toe n-ceessry number, lndceea dent of those said to be sold to the booksellers. Whether the number be large or small that Cong ma will content to print, the patent office will not oe in debted to them for the funds to do it with. No; ihey will do no more than say, how, and where, and when thia printing is to be doo*^ the payment tor which ia not to out of the Trea?nry, bet out of the rarplns funds to the credit ot the parent office itself It is, 1 believe, the ouly department of the government that P*y* UiS it.own receipts, end he.efuud of several hnndrod thousand dollars to snare besides Why not, thee, ?t ve ihia us-ful establishment the benefl of He ow* industry by spreading before the country adetailed account of nil its business, for the benefit of the country, ts seen in this very able official paper. I cannot diacov-r any reawn why it ehonkf not be done, nor has the honourable Senator from Con necticut said anything in hie dozen stereotyped speeches upon the subject, to convince me the report ought not to be p'lnietf A wo?d,*t?Poase?/, about th-* h*ad of that departm-ut. With iht Hon. Edmund Burke, us commissioner, 1 have very little personal acquaintance, and never exchanged inure than half a dnz-n words with him in my lite lime; yet, i will venture to assert, upon inlorma tinn derived from lhaee who have the pienso?e at knowing him intimiiely, and who are conversant with hut mode of doing business, that a utore sola

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