Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK I NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING. JUNE 21,184 THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES BORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. , IT-All I men or communications, by insri, ddressed to the establishment, nut be post paid, or the pomp will b# deducted iron the subscsiption money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor oi the the N?w York Hiuii EsT*BLj?HitB??T, North- Vtil eomer of Knltoo and Nuuu streets DAILY He.AALD?Every day, Price J cenu per copj?P S3 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY" HERALD?Every Saturday-Price 6^ centi P?r <*>nv?S3 12k ceuuper annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiaal price*?always eaah la advance. "RINT1NG oI all kiada execateJ with beauty and dec patch. ~SACHEM'S HEAD. THE Hotel at this liealthlal and favorite watering ' place, (situate on the Sound, about 18 miles from New .Haven,) will re-open ou the let of July nest. fhe accommodations having bean found entirely insuffi cient for the numerous applicants last season, very large ad ditions and improvements have becu made. Convenient and airy apartments may now be obtained on early application. 1'be Sea Bathing is safe and convenient, and warm salt and fresh water baths can at all times be had. Pine Boats, for ?ailing and fishing excursions, always in rcaAness. Carriages in waiting on the arrival of the steamboats at New Haven, to convey passengers to the Het-d ; and the railroad and steamboat fare* have been greatly reduced. jelfrlw?rc LEttANON SPRINGS. t COLUMBIA H ALL,Ma?13,IS44?This favorite place of resort is new open and reedy for the reeepttou of com penr. beiug under the management of ita old proprietor, Hull. Presaming on bis long esperience as a caterer for the travelling pablic, he intends that the management of the establishment shall be such as to meet the wants of the most fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter period. Ja3 imrc HENRY HULL. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE. JR THE Dwelling House and Lots known as Nos.66 I and M Middagh street, and No. (I Hicks street, in the ??city of Brooklyn. The lots are Si by 1*0 feet each, and uoase in Hicks street three stories high, and one in Mid dagh street three storiee high, and the other a cottage,all built in the most substantial manner, and situated ia the most desi rable part of the city for residences, being within three mi nutes walk of the Fulton ferry. One half of the purchase money can remain on bond and^monga^e^^Kor^t^mTii^ apply jell lw*r No. 3 Front st, Brooklyn. FOR SALE OR TO LET, MThe Modern built three story brick houae, 113 Adams street, Brooklyn. If not told by private sale, it will be disposed of at public auction, ou the 16th day of May ?ext. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, for a term of years. Applieatiou to be made on the premises 21S Adams st., Brooklyn. a4 1m*rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. M VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. S3 Fulton street, |"t? (northeasterly side,) five doors from Fulton Ferry, is JUk now offered for sale or to lees*. The houae is SS by 44 feet, lour stones high, containing 33 rooms, and being on the greatest thoroughfare ia Brooklyn, is a good location for many kinds ofbusineea. Poeseesion given immediately. For particulars, inquire on the premises of _ .. GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 35, lUt. mySt lm*rc ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. TO LET?In a small and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or two rooms, with or without full or pertial board. N? warders or lodgers are in the house, nor will betaken, family at present consists of only three grown persons. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desirous of living in a private family, and in a [feasant, quiet, and hand some location, this offen an opportunity but rarely met with. The entire half of tlv house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this office. myistfrre# HOTEL DE PARIS.?ANTIONE VIGNES, one of the late proprietors oi the Perkins House. Boston, __respectfully informs his friends and the travelling pub e, that he has opened the house No. 3S0 Broadway, New ork, entrance on Reade street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will behapny to accommodate those who may wish to patronize him, with ooard and lodging, by tbe day, week, or month, on the most reasonable terms. myl9 2m eod* rrc JK TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN arriving in the ?HtUnited States, or others, desirous of purchasing a per ^L^manent Country Residencein Pennsylvania.?The sub scriber, desirous of changing his residence, offers for sals his Farm and establishment, situated in Montgomery county. Pa., 14 miles north of Philadelphia. It contains 30t acres olland, 288 of which are in ike highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian com and hay, equal to any upland farm in the Union?the remaining 29 acres being woodland. On the premise* is a line stone mansion,"CO feet by 43, with a veran dah attached, 13 feet wide, extending the length of the house, and a large piazia on the eaat : the whole giving ample ac commodations for a family of twenty persous. The pleasure ground* surrounding the home are shaded with elegant ever greens, and very beautifully laid out. There are on the farm three stone houses for fanners or tenants, together with three large stone barns, containing stabling and conveniences lor a hundred head of cattle, and for the storage of 230 tons of pro duce, with coach house, wagon honse, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a fine spring honse. ice house, fish pond, a garden of two acres, orchards slocked with the fineet fruit, tireeu house and grape wall, a stream of spring water in every field, a daily mornine and evening mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia and New Vork papers of the same day are received, anil an om nibus passing the gate, inorniag anil evening. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. Further description is unnecessary, as all persous wishing to purchase are iuvited to call and examine the estate. It may. Iiowever, be added that for beanty, healthful situation, and advantages of every kind, it is not surpsssed bv any in the United States. To save trouble, it may be well also to men tion the price, which is $223 per acre. Apply to GEORGE SlIEAFF, Whitemarsh, my IT 2taw 4 w* rrc Montgomery Co., Penn. -won or on irom ine nsir. so commonly the cue its, for the much admired style of trimmings, ith the proprietor, ejfectuslly prevents *11 this, ded advantage over all other hats. GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, r? WEIGHING frem to 3K ounces. Price only $3 SO. It is about two years since the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an J the most tasty article for summer we* heretofore in use. The astouishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who nave given them their patronage, have not been lost npon the subscriber, who, to show that Me is ever anxious to excel in his art, now pre sents for public patronage the Gossamer hat, mnch liehser and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are ?ot liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either shape or color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled By either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commouly the case with other Hats, L ? originating witl This is a decided The public are invited to call and see this article at J.JN. GENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, myS7 lm*rc >14 Broadway, opposite 8t. Psul's Church WATTRIPONT k. CUT, a FASHIONABLE HATTERS, ft S3 Nassau street, nesr Fulton, New York. Jpk TlIE subscribers beg to csll the attention of the public to the quality of their Tarions kinds o( Hats of their own manu facture. They have just received a small supply of superior moleskin, now used by the most fushionable hatters in Paris, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call. Vie undersigned do not pretend to sell at 15 or trm 10 per ceut less than any other establishment; neither can they boast ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves tliat the quality and finish of their Hats will (ire eutire satisfaction, at tlie prices charged. They hsve adopted the French style ol trimming the sum mer hats, whicl; is a preventive to the perapiration coming through and spoiling the beau'y ol their appearance. M. B. WATTK1PONT, mv 25 lm'm WM. H. JAMES. SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY JIND FASHION. f* ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP 4^ MANUFACTORY, 103 Falton street?The under signed bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer Hats, possessing the various properties usually soaght for by the man of taste, they have the additional merit of being 25 |>er cent below the standard prices. They sre es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by tie more splendid establishments ol Broadway; and oa a close comparison of their respective merits, no material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber lias adopted a style of trimming, which effectually prevents the persniratioa ol the forehead Irom sinking through, and impairing the ap pearaace. Their average weight is from 2J? to 3U ounces?being mnch lighter than lubstantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of taste and judgment, who are influenced in their parchaaes by considerations of cost, are invited to examine them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their crscias Talae, com pared with the productions of other manufacturers. mvJi 1m ? re ROBERTSON, 1M Kulton street. uEintlemEivs spring i-ashion. f* BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and most approved shapes, are bow ready fur.inspection aad ?ale at the old established prices. Best Beager ?4 5* BestSilB. 4 M RO WE, Merchants' Exchange, a!7 lm'rrc 40 William street. j. FrkTE * CO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. f* THE SUBSCRIBERS having oj.ened a HAT STORE JP^at No. 110 Kulton street, corner of Dutch street, respect lully solicit the patronage or their old customers and the pub lie They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hsu, Caps. Umbrellas, fcc., he., of the latest style, aad will sell st the loweet piices. Single hsts made to order at the ?hortest notice. 1CHABOD PRICE, myil lm?r THOS. SHANNON. SPRING FASHION. n BROWN k CO., 171 Chatham Square, corner of Mott Jpfestreet, wish to inform the public of thei/ recent improve ment in tlie manufacture and liMih of their $.1 Hats, combin ing fashion, Leaaty and durability, three important considers tient to tlie wearer. Xhe proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much supf rior to any ever before sold for the same price. Call an J satisfy yourself of this fact. m20 tm*rh _ EXCELSIOR.. (I ROBERTSON'S PHtENlX TM J0? HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY ]IL WTfULTON ST., BKTWEEN NARSAU and VlLflAM. rpHh proprietor of this establishment has receatly added to ?Ts"P-W"4*! ofjWM foods, an assortment of Moleskin Hsts, of exquisite finish and superior elegance. The pnee ol these really sui-erb articles is only $3 30, bring Si * less than the seme goods (manufactured in the aame manner ana of similar material) are s?ld in Broadway. The secret of this great disparity in price may be easily conjectured. The advertiser s expenses being but a tithe or those of the mure splendid establishments la tlroadway, he is in consequence ?on bled to off? goods of a corresponding description it lower ntt 1m#rc GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATS. 2r%P.l?.2R.NER IP** NJISSJIU STREETS, I NVII KS the attention of his customers aad the pah 1 lie to his assortment of summer Hats, consisting, among others, of white sad pearl color far Hbu, aaceedingly light i Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hata. Also, extra light, blaok beaver aad moleskin Hata, eipieesty adapted to the summer season. mrt4 lm*rc BIRD, corner Pine and'Nassan sts. KMUX'S HbiVlMEK ST* Lfc OF HAlS are now readr for inapeotion snd sale, (at No. W Kulton street, 8oa Buildings,) consisting of Oregon beaver white and bine brash Sate, a Targe assortment of gentlemen's Panama and Leghorn ats Also, a new style of boy ? summer Hats. Hsts bums to order at t very shoft *yUlm*r? LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. | SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Aagafla ggg TRAINS HUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NE9DAY, MAY 13, 1848 : Li: AVE Brooklyn at 7 o'clock. A.M. Boatontr. in for Green port, daily (except Suudays,) stopping at Kariiiiiigd.ile and St. G?-orge'? mor. " " at 9?< o'clock, A. M., for Farmiu dale ana intermediate place*. " " at 3 I*. M., through to Greenport, at i ping both way* at Jamaica, Branch, llicka\ ille, Farmingdale, and all the ?tatioua between and Oreeuport. " " at J P. M., for Farmingdale and iuterme diate place*. I Leave OmBE.iroBT at5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, I daily, (except Sunday*,) through t? Biuok " " aN P. M., Boaton train, or on the arrival of tlx iteamer froin Norwich, *topping at H?. George'a Mauor and Farmingdale. Leave Farmi*i;dai.e at W A. M', Accommodation train j for Brooklyn. " *' at B>4 A. M. Greenport train, fur llioofclyn. " " at P. M. Accommodation train, lor | Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at ? A. M. Accommodation train, for Brook lyn. " " at 9X A. M. Greenport train for Brooklyn. " " at 3U P. M. Accommodation train, lor Brooklyn. Fare to ? Bedford 8 cent*, Ea*t New York It!?, lUce Courie 18J?, Trotting Course 1UJ?, Jamaica 23, Brujhvillo 31V*, Hyde Park (17 mile*) 37k, Clowarille (during tue '??*? ai(Mi of court) 37W, Hemp*tead S7j?, Branch 37',', Carle Place 44, Weatbury 44,liickaville 44, Furiniu^dalc 0J>J. IKer Park 6?, Thonipson 88, Suffolk ttatioii $1, Lake Hoad atation SI 18 V. Medford itation ft 18W, Vapliink #1 37)., St. Geortj'i Manor SI Rirerhead $1?B,', Jennsport il tBk, Matte tuck $1 8?S. Cute hogne *1 6?H, Southold jtl OfMMQtt Accommodation train tl 75, Greenport by Bostou train itlii. Stages are iu re*dines* on the arrival oi train* at the seiTral atation*, to take paaaeugera at very low fare*, to all parti of the Island. * Baggage Crate* will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive baggage for the ?ereral train*, 30 minute* before the hour of *tartiug from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leave* Oreenport for Sag Har bor twice each day, on the arrival of the traina from Brook lyn. ? n>vl0jc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS." UK Public 1* respectlully mformed that the recent break .? in the Canal, caused by the late Ireahet. having been re paired, the PION&ER It EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced it* regtlar trips for die aeason 011 Monday, tne 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. Z74 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7)t o'clock, A.M. lty this route pasaengert will avoid all the fatigue and dan ger of night travelling iu coaches, both Railroad* being pass Mi is daylight. Far further information, apply at the old-established Office, '4 Market street, S doers above Eighth street. ?10 ?m*rrc A B. CUMMINOS, Agent. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. EXPRESS MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, Booth Ferry, at 7 A. M., for Boston?for all parts of the Island at 7 and 9K A. M., and 4 P. M daily, .excecept Sundays. a21 linrc m THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A BAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo ken, and then a walk to the Elysi&n Fields. along the exceedingly picturesque shores ol the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac live of all rurual excursions that cau be mane from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ingin leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Collonuade Klysian Fields, an excellent Band of Music, which will i>erforin (election* from the favorite Opera*, popu lar airs, marches, waltzes, See. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sis., I are completely fitted ap with awning* and seats. I Night Boats ran from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 o'clock. Ferriage' IK cents. ml3m*r jjk DAILY LINK OF BOATS BKTWKKN NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. 3CI3K13L. The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Bran ted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captaiu D. Vau Palt, will leave as follow* :? Leave Staten liland at 6, I, 9, 10 and 11 A. M; at 1, J, J, 4, 5, < and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7,9, 10, and II, A. M. and 1, 2, 3, 4, i, 6, 7 and X put 7 P. M. All freight at the ri>k of of the owner* thereof. jelK PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, Direct?flaily, Sunday* ex waited?at 7o'clock, P.M. From Steamboat pier bctwrrv Courtlan<?' and Ijbrrty if* Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred e__ Honghton, will leave on Monday. Wednes SL. day and Friday evenings, at7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R O. Crmtenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. _ The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning cars for the east or meat. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 5X o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without ? written order from the captains or agent*. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultz, at the office 011 the wnarf. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. from the Foot of Barclay it.. Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. F. King, will lenve on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at J o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 5 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. je# MOKNINO LINK AT SKVEN O'CLOCK.. FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE ? LANDINGS?From the Steamboat Pier at .the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and dinner oh board the boat. The new low-pressnre steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorliam, Monday. Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The stesmboat NIAGARA, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day morning* at 7 A. M. Laiidiugfu < aldwell's, Westt>oint, Newbunth, Hampton, Ponghkeeneie, Hyde Park. Rhiucbeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, CoxsacLie, Kin derhook. All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, taken, put, or shipped on board this boat,mnstbe at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight, baggage, kc. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the oAce on Hie wharf. rav27 rrc >UW YOK.K, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROT DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlaiidt iirwt. ; ? Passengers taking thi* Bom will arrive in time to lake the Morning Train of Car* from Troy weit to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Maev, leaves the foot of Courtkuidt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eveniugs, at seven o'clock. P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. reek, will leave the Pier foot of Coartlaudt street, on Mmiday, Wednea day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Painfe or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight mut be pot in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not oe responsible for loss. a*> tf ^ FARE ONLY ONE DULLAhTToK Deck Paasenger* to Provideuce.?The well known and splendid steamer RHODE ISL AND, Captain Manchester on Mondays, Wednesdays and A.>U, Captain Manchester, on .Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. 1 North Rirer, at 5 o'cleck, P. M., for Boston, via Ncwdq^i and Providence. Fare to Boston, (2 cabiu ; $1 CO deck. f\re to Providence, (1 50 cabin : $1 deck. Freight taken at the lowest rates, and immediate!v forwarded. mvlft lr ? re opposition TicKt?I~oTFF.TvZF^r git iFO>r^rMiethe North and West, via Albany -ITtira It " !? 3LSyracuse $t 2is Oswego $2 5?; Kington, u! C., $1 30: Hamilton Si SO; Rochester S2 74; Buffalo tJ' Cleveland, 0., $i i0; Port.mouth ?#; Dalle,,t, Mich.. U\ Cincuinali $9: Milwask? e $9; Chicago ?; Vhitehall U M; Montreal S* 50; Pastime, and hoard t* U?",aln (9 For pas sage apply to 1M Barclay St.. N. Y?, M. J.,. RAY, Agent. FOR TTATTEN INLAND. ?Jn ?nd *lt? Mouday. >he IT ? day of April, the Steam boats SYLPH and 8PATEN ISLANDER will leave New ?crk and Stateu Island aa ,|0wa, until further notice > Leave Stalen Island at? | ?, |? n o'clock, A.M.; I, ?, ?. ?. ( o'clock. P.M. Le?T# New York, fr0Bt Whitehall sUeet, at 7, ?, H&l o'clock, A-H.; 1, ?,r 4, j,7 o'clock, A.M. Ou Sundays, the ?rst bost frjtn the island will leave at I A M.. and the iirat > ,oat frnm Nay York at? A.M. N. B.?All \f ^ieht at the risk of the owners thereof, afire BRITISH AND NORTH AMERI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of 1200 tons and 410 horse power, each un der contract with the Lords of the Ad mi ^??BERNIa!" !T. Capt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. ACADIA Capt. Wm. Harnson. CAMBRIA......... . Capt.C. II. E- Judkms low,-- ftv'* LnerP?o1 41,11 Boston, via Halifax, as fc>|. _ , , '?? ?ostow. raoM live*fooi CaJ^doiiia July 1, inc. Bntanni. " 19, " tttiunnia " 16, '? .. _ . Passaor Monkv. K rom Boston to Liverpool ?'J# From Boston to Halifax. , 20. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No berths se cured until paid lor. No freight, except specie, received on the days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any otherinformalion. apply to S. BRIOI1AM, Jr., Agent. DF.N h CO.*8, ? Wall st. HJ'JK At "frtlS ! LADItfs AND GENTLEMEN, If T0? wsnta fgW artM,? ol Uaoti and Show, cull kl XT Broafl way, wh?re yow fr.ll find the largest aaaortmeut, cfceapeit, a?d mote faanionabiie i n thf city. Do ant mistake the aumber, *7 Broadway, corner of Kra&ktin N. B.?a I Arm- aaaortmaut of imported French Boots. at the low price ot s7?ollara. M. C A KILL 14 Ifi*** m B'jofti AND 8HUES.?The pub7ie are invited to IK cajl and examine the large assortment <?Gentlemen's. jM lasdief'aud Misses' Boots, Khoee snd (Vaiters, la all ^ theis varieties, which are to be found at the cheap eaah store of H. inOAMi mat ln*r ?r.ansl s*.. eom#r Sellivan. FKEM1UM HOOTS. m FINE FRENCH BOOTS for ?) *, citr ewde. and IK are equal to those sold in oilier stnrea for W Fine M French Calf Boota for $4 M, ejual to the heat made in jR this city for M or $7, at YOUNO h JONM' Fremch Boot and Shoe Manufactory, oift ofthe moat fashiouable in the city Our Boots having been judged in th# late Fair ? Nililo's, sre said to be the best ever sold in this city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction Mending, tic., done in the Store. YOUNU k JONES, * Ann. ftreet, . mil lm*m Near Broadway. New Yo?h PACKET SHIP HOTTINOytR, fro? Live rpoel. Co? signees will please send their permits ou board, loot Do ver street, East River, without delay. N. B ?All goods aot permitted ia Ave days, n tnst be seat to,Public 8,or^YQODHyx.L. KMlMTliajX. git 0o*thit JOHN HERDMAN It CO., United States ud Great Britain uid Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Utfice,6l South street, New Vurk. HEKDMAN, KF.F.NAN * CO . Liverpool. Passage to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet ships amilinif every live days. The subscribers in calling Lite attention ol Old Country men and the public generally to their nimqualled arrauge menta for bringing out passengers from the old country, beg learr lo atate that tin' business of the House at Liveri>ool will be conducted by ita branch. Those sending for their friend* will at once see the gioat importance of tliia arrangement, as it will preclude ait unne cessary delay of the emtgrsnt. The shios employed in this liue are well kuown to be of the tint and largest class, com manded by men of experience; and as they aail every five days, offer every facility that can he furnished. With tliu.e superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward for a continuation ol that patronage which lias btvii so liberally extended to thetn lor so many years past. In case any uf those engaged do not embaik. llu' passage monuy w ill be re funded is customary, for further particulars apply bv letter, postpaid. J. HERDMaSI k CO., ol South ;:t., New York. HKRDMAN. kLF.NAN St CO., Liveipool. N. B.?Drafts for Miya.?oiint can as u .ual be furnished, payable at all tie priuvipal Banking Institutions throughout the ITm'ed Kingdom, n j application as above. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, icc. m m m m C^!orGE Mc^^ntr?Tjr., has r^^^tTliis oflic^t^^ST 4C Broadway, and contiuue^ lo remit money, in sums large or smalll, to persons residiug in any part of Ireland, in the same inanuer as he aud his | r> Jrc^of in business have done for the last thirty years and luu.e; also, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by loiter postpaid, to the subscriber, or . trsobiilly deposited with hiul, With the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be iinmedi itely transmit ted and paid accordingly, *id a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. a2t lin*r is i. vv LiJixc, wr ijtv t?tvi uutj i Autvu i c. m m m. m To sail from New fork 21st, and from Liverpool 6th of each NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. JL-. month. from ifnn York. JXterpool. New ship Liverpool USO tons, j 21 Feb. | J. Eldrulge. (Au;uit 21 Oct. 6 New ship Queen of the West, S m"""1' ?} Jul v?^ s 1240 tous/P. Wood house, j ^ay , ,21 July 6 New Ship Rochester, 800 tons, S June"*^ 21 AuLust 6 John Briton. j fcer g D? 6 Ship Hott.nguer lOM tons, S J^rych *| May 6 Ira Vursly. J Nov. 21 Jan. 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built iu the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can couduce to the ease aud comfort of passen ger*. Price of passage $100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be re sponsible for any parcels or packages sent by tlieui, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL fc MINTURN, 87 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS tc CO.. mil re Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRiTAIAN AND IRELAND, m. m.m j& By tlie UUek Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, siiliiig from Liverpool on the 1st and 16th ol every mouth. The YORKSHIRE sails from Liverpool, 1st of March. ?' OXFORD " " 16th of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " 1st of April. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the passage certificate by the steamship Hibernia, sailing from Boston on the 1st of February, will have plenty ?f time to come in the Yarkshire, or in any one ol the eight packets of the Black Ball Line, sailiug from Liverpool ou the 1st and 16th ofevery muuth. Apply to, or ad'lress, if by letter post paid, ROCHE, BROTHERS Sc CO.. X. Fulton s?.. Next door to the Fulton Bank. Marseilles One " ofTacketu m m m m The uudermentioii Ships wilt lia regularly despatched from hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10th of each month during the year, as follows Shins. Captains. From N. York. PB'CK de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. I. MISSURl, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. AJICOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OASTON, Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Auk. 1 Jan. I. Ships. Captains. From Marseilles. PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, June 10 Nov. 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 GASTON. Coulter, Sept. It) Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Wauou, Oct. iu Mar. Id These vessels are of the first class, commended by men of experience. Their accommodations, for passengers are unsur passed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the a nit* will lie forwarded free of other charges than those actu v paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietors No. iu:i Front street, or to BOYD ?c HINCKEN, iients, ml2rc 9 Tontine Buildings, till Wall,COT. Water st. GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OP PACKETS. m. m m m. PKKSO.NS wishing to send for their friends in any part of Scotland, fossil direct from Glasgow, can make arrange ments with the Subscribers, to have thetn brought out in any of the regnlar line of Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARVEY, Captain Scott ADAM CARR, Captain McEwen, SAR ACEN.Captaift Hawkins, BROOK8BY, Comprise the above line, and the high character of those ves sels should he sufficient inducement for persons who may be sending for their frieuds in Seotlaud, to make arrangements for this (the only line.) Further particulars given, on application fo W. fcJ T.TAP8COTT, 71 Sooth street, corner of Maiden Lane, or Messrs. REID It MURRAY, Agents alO r in Glasgow. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINK OF PACKET^. m m. m. Mailing froin New I ork on the lit, and UlaiRow on Uic 15th of each moaulf From N. York. Km. Gl'gow. _ I June I. J til v 15. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawl< ] Oct. I. NovV 15. r Keb. 1. March 15. v July 1. April 15. Br. 8hip BRO' ! Y, II. M i^ien, < No*. 1. Aug. 15. ( March I. Dcc'r 15. JAiiuuat 1. May 15. Dec'r 1. Sept. 15. April 1. Jan. 15. i May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN ii.vHL.KY, II. Scott, < f-'ept. 1. Oct. 15. (Jaii'yl (ehnia. 15. These ships are food, substantial vessels, ably Commanded, and will aail |>iin<-tii tlI>?r>n their regular daya. Their accom modations lor paaxengcr.are good, and every'attention will he paid ta promote their coml'ort. The agents or Captains will not be responsible for any parcel* or packages aeut them, uii leai bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WODHULL It MINTUHN, R7 South street, New York, or ?4 rr MKID fc MURRAY. Olaairow. NKW LINK OK PACKKib l>UH LIVtH POOL.?Packet of the Jlst of Jane.?The splendid, fast sailing and favorite packet shiii ROCHESTER, IISJU ton* burthen, tinuiu Johu Brittou, will sail on Monday, June 23d. her regular day. The ships of tills line being all 1000 tons and upwards, per sons about to embark for the old country will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pre ference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every we" more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small elr^s, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage paasi-ngera, it is well known are snperior to those of any owier line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fsil to make early application on board, at tlie foot of Burling slip, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General Passage Office, 86 South street, second door jeltirc west of Bnrliug slip. F?)R*LIV EftPOOL?Kirstfracket with ilispatch. .The first class last sailing ship KI.I/ABKTII, Capt. ?Barclay, burthen 1090 tons, will sail u above, her miliar day. Ha* very spacious accommodotions in the first cabin, in which passengers will be taken at the customary price charged IVir the second cabin. Persons intending to embark, should embrace tbia very favorable opportunity, by making immediate application on board, at pier No. 9, East lliver, or to JOSEPH M'MUIIRAY, je 10 cor of Pine and South st. >ACKeYS FOR MARSEILLES?The packet PACKKT8 FOB MA MYVV^hip OASTON, Captain I MftKslit of July. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHK.LPS, I0J Front St.. or to jeS BO*" '? fKhuvN. M Wall at. Mk FOR L1VKRP00-L?N?w Line?Rci^nlar pack et of the 26th June.?The elefant, fast Sailing pack rl ship GARRI^K, B J. II. Trasli, master, will sail her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having ac eomnioslationa uneous'tlod for splendor or comfort, apply on boanl, at Orleans wnarf, foot ol Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 5C South st Price ofpassag'1 1100. Packet slup ROSCIUS, A. F.ldridge. matter, will succeed he Oarrick, and sail on the 26th July, her regular day. ** my V rc KOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. - The new .first rl in British ship JANE, Milligan, master, is .ready to load here or proceed to a Southern port for eargo Apply to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, mvM t wrrc ? Comer of Pine and >1 reel* KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet rfWWof 21st June.?The superior, fast sailing packet ship JKAbROt.HMTKR. tons bnrtheu, Capt. John Brit ton, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having elegant and snpenor aeeom mod*tions, apply on board, west side of Burling slip, or to WOOOHl.'LL k MINTURN, 17 Sonth street. The pscket ship HOTTINGL'KR, IKifl tons. Captain In. Bnrsley, will aaeceed the Rochester, snd sail on har regular day, list Jwlr mv?l KOK FREIGHT OR < HAKTK.K. -The Ana British brig KATE, < sddell, masfe/, is ready (? load, and hava q?,ck ^^^rraY. ttc Comer of Pine and South streets. ? UNITED 8TATE8 It (>RK.AT BRITAIN Ik IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT OFFICE.?Tho Subscribers are prepared to bring Epaaaongors by any ol the Line of Packets sailing every i day* ; and drafta can, aa asasl, be furnished, payable inghont tho Uaited Kingdom. For farther particalars fgrto JOHN HERDMAN It^Co, Notice to the public in general.?'The subscriber, after eularesng liit premises. I* now prepare,' to Clean rarpeu of every detcription, from 10 to 10U yards without ripping. Ingrain 6H? reuts per yard; Brands I cent per yard; Hearth Rugs, Table ( overt and Shawls cleaned Irom 2S to 71 cenu; iJreawi dyed or washed, from M cuuu i. fl; Coats cleanedor dressed, from Ml cents to SI: Pants dc from 24 to 5# cents. T. SMITH, 70 Allen street. N.B.?T?rw* CJuh. ni9 1m*rc GKK.M/UM silver. JAMES O. MOKFET, No. 121 Prince street, second blo< west of Broadway, it constantly manufacturing Germ Silver, of variout numbers and widths, which lie will warra to be equal ti? any, either foreign or doinettic, for quality, a which lie will tell at wholesale or retail, at reduced prices. P. S.?All goods told will be deliveied in any part of i ettr, or Brooklyn, frre of expense a3lm*r TO SILVERSMITHS AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL: CI ARLICK It CO., PLATE, CHEST and DRESS! X Ctte Manufacturer! for tint last niue yeara iu Ku street, leg most respectfully to inform their customer*, they have removed to II and 20 Liberty ttreet, Ue&r Will street, up stairs, where they will coiuiuue to niauafacliirt above article'. Also, to supply country u>atinfaciurers ? llnss Bandings, Ornaments, Inlays, 4c., ulJ every kill material for deskc, gun cases, be. N. B.?Naval audMilitary Officers' Liu.Utus made to o u.y23 lm?r L. DUGAN & BROTHERS, SLATERS, No. 438 Broowte Street, comer of Droadv New Ifork.?New Roofs put on iu4i*i li?t uianuer, old Rooft repaired and warranted tight- Ordert racnive the above place, and Mr. P. CI ark't, 36 lltuiy ttreet, will punctually attended to. uiy26 Im* " TO DKALKRS IN WOOLLKNS. HMIGEON Hi CO., Ml Wett ttreet, Re-fiuithera ? Cloths, Cissimeres and Satineu. The |;old medal been awarded to H. M. for the improvement iu re-liuish Woollen Goods. Refer* to Messrs. Wolcolt St Blade, 63 Pino street; Willi C. Laajtley Sc. Co., SI Exchange Place, corner of Broad stre aud to D. Bimham fc Co., to 1'iue street, where orders imy left. myl Im* TU DEALERS IN Fist-UNG~TACK.LE. A LARQE assortment of China Orati Fishing Lines, a Salmon and Trout Silk Worm Gutt, to suit city or cou try dealers. Every article in fishing tackle w ill be found reasonable prices,at CON ROY'S Kithiug and Sporting Tack hUtaMishwenr. *i? Ktiltnn at., enmer of I 'liff PA. St L. DELMONICO, are happy to inform the ? friendt and the public, that their new Hotel in Broa way, No. 21 comer of Morrit ttreet, it now completed ai will be opened oil the lit of Juue next No paint have been spared to render it one of the most cob forubre iu the city, and pertont desirous of a permanent hom, as well at ttrangert merely patting oy, will tiud all the wants and comforts atteuded to with the most strict atteuiioi my 26 lm*r COUNTRY MERCHANTS VISITING the city of New York, are invited to eall an examine the complete and extensive stock of Accoun Books, Stationery) Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copyinj Presses, Gold Pent, Quillt. Inkt and Hinds, AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES told by STATIONERS At the Luwett Pouiblt Prices. RICH It LOUTREL, 61 William it., mil In'me one door halo w Cedar JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, Omct No. id Wall it., opfoiitc thkIMekchanti' Exchanuc. ff"*H18 Company continue! to inture agaiuit loss or damage A by Fire, on dwelliug houses,warehouses, buildings in ge neral, foods, wares and merchandise, and every deicnntion o personal property-.also agaiuit lott or damage by inland na vigatioo and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elitha Riggt, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anton Baker, R. R. Robtoti, M. D. Joteph Drake, Thornton Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb C.Tuon, Thoutaa Morrell, Kraucit P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John.C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE. Secretarv. *24 tfre MONEtf LENT. T^HJE Subscriber continues to advance the highest price, at .4" th? old-establed office. 232 William street, oo gold and j'j" "["ches, diamonds, plate, Jewelry, wearing apparel, dry KtH)di, laruitiire, and all personal piuiifrtv. ^ DAVIE8, Liciuseu Pawnbroker. SHIP MUSKETS AND I'lfcTOLS." 0'^E i?J?Ul,SAi^D M0,kew, with Bayonets, in good or" uer; .SOU pair* Boarding Pistols, lor sale by j ruin i it ? A. W, 91'IKS k CO., ill Maiden lane. 4,000 elegant United States banded Muskets, in Iota to suit pnrcnasen. _!?.? and 8porting Onns. mv22 ]m*r NATL ANTIC AND ST. LAWRENCE RAILROAD OTICE 10 CONTRACTORS.?Proposals will be re ceived at the Office ol tlie Atlantic and St. Lawrence '"J.1"* cil>'' l7lU ,u 27l!l "CJuue next, for the Grading, Masoury anil Bridgingof a division o the road, extending from a point at. or near Tortlaud, to Roy nil s nvcT in North Yarmouth, a distance of about II miles Plans, Profiles and Specifications will be exhibited anil the requite information given, at the Engineer's Office iu Port land, on and after the 17tfi of June. Persous offering to coutrxct for die work, who are uukuown to the undersigned, or to the directors, will be required to aadTb'Tity W prop<>*al* with references as to character A'urther extension of the road, embracing a distance of sonie ffftetn or more additional miles, will bepre^red f<?, and put under contract, abcut the lirat of August next. By order of the Board of Directors. . WM. P. PRKBLE, President (JOHNS! CORNS! THE ARABIAN CORN PLASTER, A N effectual and warranted cure for Corns, is easily an IX plied, and gives immediate relief. In case it should fail ? b? returned. For sale by David Sands kCo., 77 Rist Broadway, 100 Fulton street, and 273 Broadway ; C. H. Ring, ID2 Broadway : C. Hubbard 488 ?m ,h?Vi"Jet : Vy>att k 121 Fulton street ; J. Smith, 141 Spring street; and by Druggists generally. Price 2S cents per box. ? my* Im'r T"oamPhIne and chemical OIL. Hi. Subscriber is prepared to supply dealers witha supe rior quantity ol Carnitine and Chemical OIL, at a lower price thin anv other establishment in this city, delivered free ol cartage. Also, Sinrits of Turpentine, at the very lowest market price. Apply personally, or by letter, to rn- JONAS V. COWCKLIN, .u ??ce lj5,^V^r ,treet- a6oTe Maiden Laue. alt Im'r Distillery. In Avenne and 25lh street JOHN ML'LLIN respectlulIIiy informs Ins friends and the ? ',,c U'M >?? REMOVED froin his old stand, No. 206 Broadway, to No 3 BARCLAY Street, a few dJors from Broadway, where he continues to import and manufacture double tu.d single barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifles and Pistols, or a superior quality Also, Gun and Pistol Locks, German Silver C astings Tor rifles and fowling pieces, withguu mate rials in general, to be sold low for cash. N. B.-~ Repairing doue iu the best manner and on the most reasonable terms mv5 2lI1.??1 /-'HACKERS AND ?Hll' BRtAD, 73 Mott street, near V Walker street. JAMES PAKR, having recently intro duced steam machinery into his Baking Establishment, is en al.led to produce a very superior article iu Ship Bread and I lackers, invites city and country merchants to call and see liu Koods. viz soda and milk Biscuit, pilot aud uavy Bread buttrr, sugar and Boston Crackers, fcc. His facility for man ulacturiug them is so great that they can be sold at the very lowest prices. mylHm?r AMERICA ! OREGON ! ENGLAND ! FT^O the inhabitants of the whole boundless Continent?We luvite you all and each of you, to consider and reflect for your own welfare, that by calling at the New York Coffee Saloon, No. 217 iulton street, near Greenwich, where you will uot only find all the edibles served up, far exceeding uiy outer place of the kaid, but a much larger plate for the price. Also, you willi hud a spacious.nd airy room, where you may take your ineals with all the cuuilort imaginable, either break last, dinner or snpper, from six cents up to any giveu price. Again we say, at any time ou passing by, just drop in and test ?a'tisVaction ** Jn"*e ?' quantity and prices lor your own Open on Sundays. ?J4 )m*r F,in PROVISION a AND GROCERIES. OR SALE LOW, in lots to accommodate purchasers, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Hams, Beef, Shoulders: mess, thin mess, rump, butt and I ig Pork: Sugars, white and brown Ha prleans Porto Rico, and Santa Croix Coffee; crushed, loafand double refined Sugar; mess, Nos. ' 2 and 3 MacaertI and 5h?d, in assorted packages. A very large as sortment of Tobacco, of superior quality, at low prices, 32s, Its, 8s, Ja, and pounds, in assorted packages; 100 packages But ter, for bakers; 50 bbts Leaf Lard, for sale in foti to accotn inflate purchasers, by ?>' l?*r CLARK k I1SK. 22S Ku Iton street HEAD QUARTERS FOR WINDOW SHADES. 'T'HE b.rgest, best, and cheapest assortment iu the Uuiied r States, hor sale, wholesale or retail, at prices varying from 7} cents to $30 a pair, by ' ^ , .. KELTY It RIKER, Exteusivt Window Shade Manufacturers aud dealers at my? lm*r itV* 131 Chathaa st. WlNboW SHADES. THE ch?ap?at and best assortment iu the Uniud States, for sal* wholesale or retail, by DUNCKER Ic BK/ lfER, 51 Chatham street, mvIT Im'rrc one door from Chambers street. V. y. MRU GAGE MANUFACTORY, NO. 1 St. John's Lane, eorner Beach street. The Subscrib er would inform hia Customers and the Public, that he has constantly on hand, a large stock of fancy and eommo Bird ( ages, of all desenptions, which he will eell eheaMr than they can be bought elsewhere. Also, Cagea made to order. ? -_/? ? u .. J.KELLY, r. S.?Country Merchaou would find it to their advantag to tail and examine his stock. afilm*r BILLIARDS IMi'ROVELL ATIIJ FIELD respectfully informs his friends and the W public, that he has returned to hia old ftvorfte quarters B A&FORD'S HOOMS, entrance I% Ann street, a^Joimn? ihe.Mnsenm Bail ding, or IIS Kaltoa street The Rooms and i ablet have been put in perfect order. The Tables are 8latrt>larUle and Inm, vw itli Air, India Rubber and Cloth Cushion*. They will no douM.suit Knrnfeiu and nil grest Slavers, being the best in this country. Larger balls for othtrufn?( arohna balls for Oermans. N. B.?Base ford's new stflr Billiard Tables for sale ; India and trench Cue Leather, best in the citf ; fine Billiard Lloth. and every article in the trade, coastautly ou hand and ?r ?ny30 \m?m BILLIARDS. ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON (l.te Empire), in Bar clay street, near the Asuir House.?MICHAEL, ao lorg known to the billisrd playing portion of the city, respectfully informs his friends, patrons, and billiard plavera ha general, that he has taken the above larne, airy, and well-known estab lishment, where they will find in first rate order Nine of the best Billiard Tables in the city, with good attendance He respectfully invites a call from his friends. Gentlemen or parties wishing to play by themselves, can have a table in i room to themselves, by applying st the bar. (Gentlemen will tknd the bar well snpplied with the best of linnors and Began. MICHARL PHKLAN f a 1 mwn'twri "sTO(SM?i Yd A PLATE and K^TAs^^Iiat^^tl M ; the beet Ea ?f*. Mnelled l ards printed from engraved plates at M cents pmpack. A SILVER DOOR PLATE furnished and beautifully engrated for $1. Engraving for th Trade equally low, at C LASSEN'S old standTrMarsny .tree 1 of Krnadwsv. fu l?ef IN UlAJJCj [From the New Orlenns Bulletin, Juno 12.] The schooner Sarah Jane, Captain Saunders, from Brazos St. Jaj(o on tlio Hd instant, arrived yester day. Sho brings nothing new from the army. General Taylor wan still waiting a further reinforce ment and instructions from Washington, before taking up the lina of march from Mntnmoras. The schooner Itosella, of this port, went ashore on Padre islaud, ahout lifty miles north of Brazos St Jago, in the gale of the 30th ult. The vessel, it is supposed will be a total lons. The schooner L.M. Hitchcock, previously reported as having been lost, wits at anchor oil' Brazos liar on the 3d instant, when the Sarah Jane left.?AT. O. Bulletin. Inrldciit*. (be. of the War. They have all kinds of sport at Camp Washington with the new recruits for the arm}'. Wo heard a person say that tfie rules took hard with some of those who have not been used to obey commands. Never mind; it will go better when you get accustomed to it. One man being ordered to take the wheel-barrow and carry off refuse, said?"Look here, Mr. Officer, I volunteered to fight the Mexicans, or'tho British, or any body else who don't like the stars and stripes. I object to this charging on a wheel-barrow ! and if you insist, I must tell von I'll sco you d d first!" Thirty-six hours under fjuard made our hero willing to take a turn at the wheel-barrow.? Cin Com. A fond girl, in order^to nrovent her lover from going to the war, threw a basin ot hot water on his foot the day before his company (the Cincinnati Grays) was to march. But he bound up his walkor, and marched with the rest, the poor girl declaring that sho " meant it all in kind ness." Gen. Gainea, the brave and gallant chieftain, left the city y.sterday for Washington On arriving at the Place D'Armes, the General's carriage stopped, and sevo ral of our authorities again took leave of nim He then left them under a salute of twenty-one guns. General Vega took leave of tieneial Gaines on board the steamer Creole. The Mexican General then proceeded to the Washington H >tel. where a goodly number of our citi zens had inritod him to dine. Oeneral Vega apnea rod auite at home, and showed that he was as much of a gt-n eman in society as he is a brave and meritorious soluier on the field of battle.?New Orltant Bee, June 12. The Military Preparations for the War with Mexico. Some idea may be formed of the extent of the contem plated operation ag(iin?t Mexico, t>y estimates which are being prepared at tUo proper office for the following means of transportation:? WOO wagons, 1000 mulos, 6000 horses, and 400 oxen. These facts speak stronger than any comment that could be made. I.OUIS1ANA. Capt. Lumsden, will leave to-morrow with the " Gaines Hangers," if tiansportation can be obtained, direct for Point Isabel. This c<>ni|iany oi fine >oung men, from neighboring States, with several from this city, ore en gaged to go upon their own "hook," to fight the Mexi cans, all of them having volunteered at first to do so, but were subsequently disappointed by countermanding or ders from Washington city. They will number so o tuirty strong, and we hope Gen. Taylor will receive them* into the service, which they are anxious to join.? New Orleans Tropic, June 12. The Tennessee troops marched through our streets yesterday, and were reviewed by .Major General Gaines. They look like men born to fight, and eager for the work. The bones of their gallant fathers lie on an hun dred of our battle fields, and their sons now oomo to con 3uer or die for their country.?New Orleans Jejferionian, une 12. MISSOT'RI. We loam from the St. I.ouis Reveille, that the steamer Nimro<l. which left St. Josephs on Sunday. June 7th, at 7 o'clock P.M.?reports two hundred Indians encamped on their way to Port Leavenworth, to volun teer with the United States expedition to Santa Fe. A messenger arrived at the Fort on Saturday from Table Creek, who stated that the Mormons and Indians wero killing all the cattle, and making extensive depredations on American property in that district NEW YORK. Adjutant Gknkiial's Okkh k, ) Albany, Juno IB, 1840. > Oi ly enough volunteer* to constitute between five and six regiment* of the trooixi called for by "general or >lated May 24,1940, having reported themselves in readiness for enrolinont. those who are desirous of be coming part of the force from this State, to prosecute the war with Mexico, are requested to report their names at this office before the end of the present month. By order. R. K. TfcMPLK, Adj. (ien. United States District Court* Before Judge Betts. Jowa 20 ? Charge of Jteroff.?Nsthaniel Newton, John Inglis, James H. Hargreuves, Benjamin Oumey, and Mil ton C. Derby, against whom indictments were found for an attempt to commit a mutiny, were put on tholr trial. From the testimony it appeared that the prisoners were five of 'he crew of the whale ship" Caravan that they shipped at Fall lliver in November last, and that In the month of January following, daring the night, they left the ship at Kiode Janeiro, taking one of her boats, three lances, two harpoons, two boarding knives, three boat hatchets, three^heiuh knives, six pairs of oars, to lbs of bread, and several other articles belonging to the ship's apparel and furniture. They passed the tort of St. Cruz in the night, without being observed, went down the coast eastwardly, and arrived at Cape Frio on the third day out. They remained there one day, and then pro ceeded onward and landed at a place about 40 miles from Cape Frio, where they were arrested and brought beforo the American Consul, and sent honic. Upon that indict ment they were acquitted, on the ground that the proof only went to show a desertion of the vessel, and not an attemnl to make a revolt. They were then put on their trial for a larceny, in taking the above mentioned proper ty. Mr. A. Nash, in summing up for the prisoners,con tended that inasmuch as it did not appear, ny the indict ment or the testimony, who was the owner of the pro perty alleged to be taken, the indictment could not be sustained. Mr Mtsit at summed tip for the prosecution. The Court charecd the jury that it was a general rule that the names of the owners of the peojnsrty should he set out in the indictment; but to avoid this technics! dt cutty the grand jury are authorized by law to state in the indictment that the owners of projierty stolen are un known to them He also told them that if the ownership of the property was satisfactorily proved to be ont of the prisoner*, and that they intended to appropriate it to themselves, and to destroy the owners' right in it, then they were guilty of a felony, anl they ought to bs found guilty. The jury, after a short consultation, found the prisoners not guilty. Disoaacarvu?The Magnetic Telegraph, near New Haven, seems to be the object of attack from many mafceons peraons. The wires hare several times been broken lu HmJch. ..j r.?icwuu upon Ui wne a delicate, intciesting young woman, who CUM into court with her face bruised anil iwollen. It ap peared that he was in tUo habit of hooting bar cniaUr She gave her testimony l tluctnntly, and under fearful apprehension that sho wo:ild sutler for it, if he again hadHier in hi* power. Fxrr.N.r? of Wvitt'. Tmsu.-The Auburn Daily Jtdvtrliirr state* the expenses of Wyatt's'trial to> beltwo hundred dollars daily, amounting alreadj (IS days) to the large sum of three thousand dollot*. The negro freeman remain* yet to be triod. Shockiwn Accidtut.?A allocking accident occunred at Bensalem, four mile* above Holmsburgh, Pa., on Wod nesdav. la?t. through careles*ne*s In the uae of fixe aims." A farmer named Bntcl er had been out gunning with a double barrelled fowling piece, and on his return Htood it in the barn, with one barrel still charged. Two small boy*, while playing in the nl^ barn ami one of tliem commenced handling the piece. when shocking to relate, the load wa* discharged,taking effect in the face of hi* companion, carrying oft one cheek, and eye. Lovk?Suicinx -A beautiful youne lady in Delaware county. la., having been compelled by her father to marry a gentleman of fortune, though *he had promised her liand to another took j>oi*on in her coffee ttalW in* ofter her marriage, whil# mt breakfiurt *ith Mr husband and parent*, and expired in less than an hour. Shockinu AccinenT.?Mr. S. McAdams, sheriff of Bond county, Illinois, was killed on the lMh nit, bybe. jiic thrown from his horse. His foot hung in the stirrup, and the horse killed him instantly by a kick on the head. Incidents Sic. ok THE Recent Qurbkc Ca lamity.? We have converged with some pur ties who were prosent at the exhibition on the ere nine in question, who concur in stating that at Its close Mr. Harrisen, the proprietor, wa* in front of the curtain, thanking the audience for their patron aire when a strong light slune through the green baize He immediately drow it aside, and, seeing the flames rapidly extending, tore it down, but too late to arrest the progrc** of the tiro, which had then extended to hi* dionimic view*, and wa* <ruickly enveloping the wings and scenes placed above the ' flies," to be oat or the way of the person* moving about the stare. An at ternnt was also made bv the innocont cause or this disaa ter the boy, to extinguish the fire, as we are told, by Lieut. Armstrong of the 14th regiment, who rushed upon the stage (or the purpose?but in vain. e should state th-it bv this time, most of the audience had retired; the remainder having held back to escape the great crush, and retire quietly and in comfort Tho smeke from the camphine and burning canvas soon, however, (lightened tl.ein, and produced a great confusion. Tho box entrance having admitted them they [thought to escape the Mime way. and the stair* being somewhat steep and narrow, the foremost were pitched down headlong, and there jammed by others falling, upon them, until the passage became complete ly choked, and the unfortunate people inextricably in terlaced, crushed and wedged in. One gentleman with* lady in charge, foreseeing the slight chances of escape afforded them, returned to the boxe* with his charge, el. though they were one-third of the way down the stairs. Wheri there a bright sheet of flame swept acrosa from the stage to the boxes, fanning with its burning glow their faces ; she shrieked, and sprung from his grasp down the stair. He followed, in tho hope of reecoing her and crept over the heads of the writhing viobaas then doomed to inevitable destruction. He spoke to se veral on hi* way down, but could not find his companion. Who eventually perished with the rest. He ??une fenscless when about to reach the landing place at the entrance, and was dragged out by one of the tew by standers fcresent. Another gentleman who was palled from tho living mas?, rushed past us. and so bewildered was he, would have rushed into the flames then barsting through the adjoining nit door, but for the friendly art providential interposition of a person near him To shew the difficulty experienced by the few who ven tured themselves within tho burning premises isi ex tricating their unhappy fellow ?citizens, we may manUm that throe person* with the writer, had the unfoftMttte Mr. Devlin by tho two arms, who was standing erect and apparently encumbered but by those who lay in va rious positions around his feet, and who wis within a foot ofUie edge of the portition, a rubicon to be passed, ere life co'uldle saved^and with?1. own exertion, su peradded, could not move him. We stated.,as oorim iirossion when the awful sight of the straggling mass or Human victims first met our view, that the eteirs had fcl len. Upon reflection, this cannot hare been the caea, as the wooden partition on the one side did not extend below tho level of the inclination of the ateDS, and con sequently had they fallen, the crowd would Mm relied into the open area adjoining, and beneath the benea. As it was no implements could be obtained with which to break down that partition. An axe was_brooght aj a late hour, but too late to bo of service. The impreseion made upon us at the time is readily accounted for when the thick gloom produced by the smoke Is takea Into consideration ; a murkiness barely penetrated by tee fitful flashes oi Are which rushed from abore, snd on one side through the interatices of the bnrnlng P|***s. Harlng been present only at the scene, we cannotspeex of the many acts of heroism which rumor says were per On*Bund a* th e* to wn presented a melancholy snd fa nercal scene. Most of the rictims of the sad csiMaity were then intorred. Gloom was depicted en arery paae ing countenance, and the sighs of m,?''?^(1^Vbos?i and gloeinily outshadowed the gsy ^ ?f ??* habiliment* Stl. toVta&?K^?th.dr.i.;.-i-to f-.piscopalian clorg^en^sn-' to perform attendance at the I'roteemer 7 ? a denatted. The th. teat -a *MTen^ * .'Ti'Ster ? Wesley an minuter was aiso k lancholy duty. ,enant Hamilton, of the1 14th reel 11 nerShed in the flames, had attends* the exfi mont, who P? Mi.* Ray, hi* betrothed bride, ???<!" rtittPT when the fl ame s broke out. he raeceed ? C the si ^r in safety from the buikUng, and ntnraed to **k his intended, wheij both* of them thus mLte?Uenarnr Armstrong, of the same regim.nt, *ved Himself by a desperate exertion of personal "*rs?tfth" hiXc sprung up to a Window, the situation ofwhWhhe force', out a of gUs.J?r whljjh he taine I fresh air, and ultimately succeeded In way through the window, escaping with only ? tew ''instance of great pw.ence of mind wa* shown by ? lad of sixteen, the son of Mr. ,7.m wae there with two younger brothers. When the 1slam given, an.l the rush took j^e, he^*ented Ml wi ther* from moving, and when toe place ww ^ear^es caped with them by cUmbing orer the st^, ^dj^esMg through a door at the back. Hade very one prejens, or even two or three determined men, had the swne wn* aence of mind, it is probable that net a lite wenM mr* been lost

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