Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1847 Page 1
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-J ?- If?I. BB ' yN H~ Vol. XIII. No. 110?Whole No. ?7U. THE NEW YOKE HERALD ESTABLISH MENT, Nortl.-vvcat corner of Fulton owl Niunaa IK. JAMES GORDOM BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CHKT'LATUIN-Ii'OllTY THOUSAND. DAILY" IJKr.ALD-r.vMi day, Price 2 cents per copy?$7 Si per eonnm?myitole In idvenee. VVKKKLV 11 .IK \U)-Kvcrv Saturday-Price ?* eeot? Per iMi.. ?$.r I'!;.; .?? , cr ittiiuin?iiayaMe in advance. UP'It A LD I-OH lit ROPK? K\/-ry Steam Packet dayPrice ft < ? us 1 tr copy??3 per uijiiiim, payabU iu; advance. 110 LI da V H , .KaLD?Pu Wished on the l?t of January and of July of r irh yc ?r--?iusfle copies sixpence each. . ad v ; :'JM s: vl VTS1 , rl... 1 ... ia*s??l ware in advance. <iIvnlinnt'iit.H kiinuid be written in aplam. legible nm-uier. 'I lie Proprietor will not be responsible for errors lh?t In .v incur in them. . . ... PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. .Ml letters or communication! by mail, addressed to the es' blirhmuiit. must he post paid, or the |M'>sta?? will be dodnereil iroo, the suhMcriprion mouev remirteil. " y- 1 < 1 ,1.1 ! Aft U. W .MAhlNKh WA.NTKU. ft g m ' M!k 11 TM\PTVIARINK COIU'^TTTIIF. UNITKD statfs, A- or that branch of the military sorvice furnishing !oldiera for the diffi rent naval stations and vessels of war, having been increased by act of Congress, u|i|iroved 2d March, 1!W7, by the addiiion ,,f :io Sergeants, M Corporal j, 3(1 Oruinmeri, 3d I* ifurs, and 1,000 Privates. A n uili xvnus for tha enlistment of recruit! ii now opened at No. 33 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany Mall, where respectable young man desiring to entur sen ice which will iffora them an opportunity of M*Uf BP cig.i countries, arc invited to rail. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of the recruiting officer to explain lully the terma upon Which they enter the service Open irom 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GF.O. RKYNOLD8, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendegyoui. Two dollars premium will be given to any soldier or citizen who will bring io llie rendezvous, an acceptable or einclent recruit. al Im'rc TO LKT, in Hammond street, near Kaetory, an exeel lent throe story family House, willi marble mantels, -PH room .Vc llent$US. Apply to aSTiit e?S*r YYSK It flONg. 171 PtaH ?t. 1 TO RKNTA-HANUSOME" APARTMENTS IN snip single isn.'iii", in ihe new brick building, ?l tlie corner of Broadway and Houston street, opposite bi. Thomas church, suitable lor single getiili ineu or families. The building is supplied with Crolou water, and is lighted by gas; and is under the eara of a steward, who re aidesin the nouse, furnishea meeli, wood, 8te. Fnouire on the premises, or of TIIOS. 11. ltOD.MAN, it Wall street. u2j 1 w * c M;.rAVILiOm7NEW U iUUHTON, Hmn island.? 1 ho proprietor hogs to inform his friends and the public, tint he ln? mule consideiable alteration! and improve uibiiss in this s-Uiblisl,merit since ihc last season, lie line erected a lurge building, coutaieing ibirty-tbrue rooms, altngethtb'cd from ihe main body of the pavilion. Tiicso roomi .re inteudej for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, itad wall ventilated, and superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the cou ltry. The proprietor is unn ready to treat with families orparties v? ? I / ? * a\tt ?nw aw-ji/ii, HCMCI.1 RUUIVSM'U U) him a! the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate atteuiiou. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the follow us hours, riz.:? Krotn New Bright on?\t R and 11 A. M, and 2 and 5:20 P. M. J*Yom l iar No. 1 North Hiver, New York?At y A. M.and 12 LI. and 3)a, 5 a id G P. M., and in ore frequent aominunieations Will be establish**! m the season advances. Tm Ptvilita will ,? ted for the reception of eompenv between the 1st and 10th of May nest, of wtueh due notice will be given. > ) tfrc r. BLANOARD. M ROOMS rO LET?Suitn:'!. f<>/ irnmil mitirihg pur pose , i . the building No. 74 Fultou street. lately repaired, ami w itl? .ill modem improveinouta. Apply to J AM ICS It. DLL VLCCHIO, in the building, or to BROWN, BROTHKRS k CO. n2G 2rv *rr ^ _ 5?0?? MFOR &ALJ Ldtuirabh rceideace, with about an acre and a half ef ground, situated in Beelunantown, Weatcliester cuiiiity, adjoining the line, mid about ^ of a from Tarrytown ferry. It is built of brick, two stories high, with a eolo'i ade running about GO feet front, and an ob nervatory on the top. It commits II rooms beside kitchen, cellar uad washroom, all enclosed within the building, It commands n m-unniceat view of the river as far down as the eye can reach. The present owner purchased it for his own residence, but on account of ill health was unable to occupy it. Term moderate. For further p uriculars, apply to JAMLS I. 8TE.WART, corner of Dey and Greenwich streets. n3l tlstiU *r - 'j*0 LRT?1 he lower part of House, lRt Laurens, uonr Bleacher -treet, .? nil aide for a small family. Will Jpttl?Lh? rented low ton g < ;>il fount. Crotou water in yard. 5 Esqu re on the premises, up stairs. all 3t*r i i CTA(. ? Ti LET. MA NfCW handsome Cottage to let on Oxford street, BroooUlyu, 1 miles from the Ferries, near the rcsi lenr?! of Dr. < ox. it hri* nursery, kitchen and servants1 l^.uivni the lloor; two parlors, library and dining lull oil ilie ia; 't story; four 1 irge bed rooms on the second lloor. Sir nUdiiieutil lots ndjoiuing. with stable, can be hud if desired. Omnibuses run conutiutly i > tire Ferries. Rent $3?0. \1 ,o -A residrnct' at lied lord, mileasfrorn the'Ferries, will be rooted with or with nt furniture, for four mouths.? The house ban ten raoius. There is a coacli house, stable for four hoi?sc, pasture for cow. fee- Kent for 4 mouth* S25U.? m . I JT , at HIP L. I. lUilroi (1 office, 42 William St., Merchants' Exchange. tttlw fll .. Ji M I'li- S ON 'j i I <? 111 AND 8 I'll a V i.Nll.S TO LF.T.?No. ?j Eighth avenue, between 13th and r"P 11,1 " Am. 112 Greenwich avenue, near the 8th avsuue. No. 13 < .Sixth avenutt bet ween 12th and 13th streets. The dwelling part oi eneh house, which is three stories in height, with rnubie mantles ami sliding doors, will be rented separately il* required. G. 11. W1NTFR. a30 lw*r 31 Wall street. To Ll'JT, .:.*A A ROW of neat new two story Cottage House*, now fiuwhed, vv ell calcul ttedfor respectable families, situI'-'.'T .it?M on ihe north side of 10th street, between Broadway .i.j 1 Gib ivenue. The stages ptss regularly from 7 A. W,, until 8 o'clock in the evt niug, every 40 minutes, for 6y+ cents , nud slier fhs tirsf ol May, every 30 minutes. Rooms as follows: 2 l)a?em"in ,, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, and hard finished walls, i i story, 2 .oouu and 2 bedrooms. Good dry cellars. Rent $180. Apply ou the premises. K PENDLETON, A gut. * y i i i E i\?l la* eoie ul Ihmi ? 23 l)ey street; it u Mr [<%'? feut. deep, and would beagood location for a wholesale iTO'-ery store. Also, the .econd tloor of house 66 Beekbw;i si i eet, consisting of three rooms and pantries,with two bed room- in atiie. u:d < kitchen with Crotou water ?ud kitchen range in ic. lleut ?275. Enoture of A. OIMIOOLY 8t SON, ft31 lm*r 7l] N | , 11.1 ft reef. Alll.l.S, llATTER, OfffM a I!-t for$:i 50, uqunl to any mid elsrwhere fi-r at his well-known establishment, 178 Broadway, 1 (award Hotel ; and having determined to pursue the nimble sixpeute principle in the s:le of HaU, lui now completed hit arrange uwinu to supply ?uy di m i:id Gentlemen lu.viug their orders msy have a hat made in any style to suit their own tawte in three hours, or loss, if absolutely necessity An experienced simper always in at'endtnee, that every hat may be fit ed t" the head, and rest upon it to the perfect ease ol the wi'.i t r. Tins being an important point, particular attention will he given to it. _ a23 2w*r t >;> i rrt ich HAT M'I ? ?h K. na SPRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.* B110 WN Si MO. will introduce, oaKiturday, April 3d, the new itfyle of Ctps for children and hoys; also, the new at vie of iTtta for gent lemen, price $3, in tlie manufacture of which they hav ratfe audi recent improvements as will plain' them i.i chw e competition with the most costly. The public are itivi'ed to call at 178 (Chatham Square, where fish ion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the herd. a2 1m*r nj HOW i iMA ION ICY -Theaxiom that"money Jl&ni auvc.l is money made," is almost as old as the invention ol io. icy it .ell . but tnc principle of selling i live dollar II AT for three dollars nd fifty cent-., w v; first established and is now pr .cilied bv Robert- . *f ' I'heuix Hat Manufactory, 89 V'ultou ?t., S. V., ind r.ri Full".! St, Brooklyn. This simple statement wo In liev? u ill suUice to make known one way ho ill tm* rh HA'J S ?P? I > . ?'I i l.h. rfl BANT A, So. ' 1 i tnal street. mil No. 130 Chatham at, jp^s* lis Moleski i and Nutria b ur Hats at S3, and only charyes S3 ,VJ for his first cjntlity .\!olw?ki.i and fine Nutria Hats.? }lii has handsome \.id dm ble Hals at $2 50 having the appear ancc a id liui?h of the h glmr priced hats. Gentlemen wishing to economise in th:s indispensable article of dress without s&Criuce of i-omf i t or ij t?* mo ce, will please give him a call.? Alto, *?? !.< d a .sort meat of caps of various kinds at reduced prices air, im*c Till': L.> Vt i'NtVH'hSS BOOT. ^ P. I. \ B<) VTK A I'X. 611 Broadway, desires to inK - form hts uunrtartfiu and fashionable lady patrons, that k) i.K hn* imule rr ? uemttiif* for the right to manufacture the elf /ant t-hsric walkinv Boot, now so fashionable in flic highest males in I'k ulaud iu-i France. tTht recent itn? j ut i tl classic am f! will Mibls him tf hiIm nil {? nts imi high shoes w tu e 11 ti?e elsgance peculiar to his style ol work, and yet w thunt lbs tiAiible of lacings. This mn?t > tin hb* i *tion removes til the eonfined piessure fi?#m the a. eh of the |. ot, while -l the same time it affords an elo-tric siu mi w d^i.ig w hich cannot be appreciated without * fri d ?M lm*r S.'lil.Vi MTtM K (IK ii O C) I A A N L? SHOES. SMII :i * niai.KY. . TAKT.'.'f HIS M K.TIIOD of informinf thHr rminnitTi Vn<l iTirii <n- n- . nftheir extensive, mid well ?eJ iKii'i. . nii ; nf (ji.din,' Misses'and hliildren'a 0?i>v ir... Ilutki 11. f'l ikv. of their own m.inafsctnre. ?.: ! n ' .. I k ?.ri>* l),Sli .es and Brrean*, selected with i i' Ir I , mi eh .is ol for c ull, which will ennblr them to sell l lowest prices. fl I. S- | - o; imi mi il o n o'clock iii tin' etrninf, fivinti ( hi"' , >!* ri-!i.ints no opiuirtnnily to examine their nock wlitn not other* ins cuKnceii. HMITHk RISI.F.Y, Mi (III .ill un directly ojiposite tin: ' hatlwm Thratre. m.C lin'ri. ___ I.. V \ hSH ^ OO.T KRVNCII IKK'T ,1 SI,ot ? l'"r<. tin. fi \nn street, S it rti l'i .mm, Niw V'oik. Kino French Biidti JJi'i jjt Kii- toh Imp rri! I>i!)'? :< m It to order $1 .'i0, u an ally Mi n>l(I for fri Vi. Parent (.en' Hoots, Klines, tiaitcrs and HIi ppi r. illy o.i lit rl mi I m It to onUr ?t the shortest notice. Il-spini , Inc., done in the ?''<? Ouirk sales and ill in ' n nnr mut'o. No. 6 Ann strrer, New York. m23 I in' re* ~T,( ><)); AT THIS. .I' tT ' !"( .fvr.l). a I," I >t nf Gentlemen'* I . "!i II . s, ilit i,e*i tol li icdsflinrit ever in t,i . Mi i I w I'll" .,|| ni ilit low jiinet of (i'i Also all kinds of I Ir ii |. in ' il- eras dl'nent heather Shoes, and all the lifii" il I;ii I? of II". M and Kb, es., m ii will find in I, o' ' i I. 11inv of (.iii r Boots. Klippera, Rntkins, 1 iea, llo i.i Iiirs, w hi'e nod blank satin do, while Kid do. nod -illoilit koi'l nd -i/es, \, I 'liil.trru's floors and Kli " 15 tj'1 "I . t.'ii <tr. si,or, j..|?| Sli|i|itrt of all the , im I. Is; II of? lio-li will be ("Old cheap, nt 'Vll llroadiviyi <; ,i it ni ! Min t M, CAHILL N. 1>. ( ' initr) mrrrliai t? sti; plied by llie ptckaite or ap2 tm?r hi.,-sit)S 'J'Tn: imaso foktk" 4 n MISS C. ( . W'KM \ KH can now arromimr t?* i ' * *"r '""I'mom pupils, if immediate aph w it t I? t'liontlijn be mailt at brr lioiur, No. 317 Sixth | I Si' 1 I Hir-'i t. between .Vti-nuts C and li. Will li-ivi" no olijrotion, if desirable, M attend her pnpils at their own re'ide n Term.?Twtlrr I.troms for Five Dollars, or Kifleen Dnl|sr? per tlnarter?three lessons each week. al3 Imffc E NE Ni SNEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY-NOTICE.?On and after Monday, the 2Gth instant, the train that leaves 27th street at 7 A.M., will be discontinued, and a car will leave the City Hull at t> A. M. for Morrisania; returning, leave there at 7 A. M. The car that leaves City Hall at i 110 P M., will run to White Plains, and leave there at 6 SO A. M. for New York. a2l Iw r MORN1NU LINE AT HALTKPAST~8IX O'CLOCK" _ FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Landing ?at Caldwell s, VVest,Point, Newburvh, (lampJS, lSK?wb!t2!& Kniuerhook. Fa a* Rkbuccd. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The steamboat NIAOARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg. will leave the steamboat pier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday. Thursday ' and Saturday, at half-past six o'clock. Returning ou opposite < For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. J1 ALL, at t the Office qu th?^vrh*rf.^ ^ i iMVJIli LI.M.? Ultltl'l' I From the foot of Cortlandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to lakethe ' Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north 1 to Saratoga, and Lake George I The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. K. B. Macy, at 6 o'clock. 1 Leaves New York Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, or at the office on the wharf. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain W. W. Tunper, will leave the pier at the foot of Courtlandt street, at G o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, at the office ou the wharf. Regular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ap rc CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINK OF OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare JO cents?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. mm. The new and elegant Stoainer METAMOr sAjCSltA, Cant. T. 8. Knight, Mondays, WednesHBkaaaaSiHaadavi, and Fridays, at hair-past six, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROOF.R WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren atreet, touching at Hammond atreet pier. For passage or frieght, apply en board the Boata. or to Geo. Dohann, at the office, 126 Warren street, comer of West streot. r;"7" All persons are forbid trusting the above boata on account of the owners. a7 r AFTITR NO<")N LINE, DAILV, smm. FOR NF.WBIJRGH AND FISHRILL, Landing at Van Coitland's. (PrekakillA West WMIMb Point, Cold Soring ind Cornwall. The Strainer Thomas Powell, Capt. Si ml. Johnson, will leave the pier foot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (Sundays eirepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing: April 10. Reaming?will leav" Newburgh every morning at 7o'clock. N. fl.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk of the owner thereof unless entered on the books of the boat or receipted for. ap9-lm?r <* ? ?. THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing P Bells hung, wotild do well to pay a visit on KSMMMmhoard llie steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williams, Uticn, Palmetto, Priuceton, Mountaineer, Iron Witrn, < 'ataline, ite., ami rvamine H. Hosier's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up neat and stroug, and warranted lor one year, by H. II.. No. I Ann street. ingS lm*r NOTICE. sms. STATF.N ISLAND FF.RRY.-On and r after SUNDAY, April llth, the steambonts rffYSHPlMm SYLPH and BT ATEN ISLANDER will run as follows, until further notice leave state*! islaisd At ?, 1, 9, 10, II, A. M? and I, 2, 3, 4, 3, 0, 7, P. M. leave pew tore At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, teu minutes past 3, and at 4, 3, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. a!3 r FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND EW YOUft LINE. ]?& My TO SATOTVERY TECTLAYB. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. ship CLIFTON, Captain Iugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. ship 8ARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLI AM^, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, CaptainOrsig. The above ships areall of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced captains in the trade. Their cubins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passeugers. Neither the captains or owners of the above shipe will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, .silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or put on board of them, ttnleaa regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passuge, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, X South street. Ageut iu New Orleans?John Woodruff fit Co., who will promptly lorward all goods to their pddr?*?s. 1 DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK .OF IRELAND. &!? ^ vWStjTx. TAl'Si Uil', butu i ii lo rm their trieuU* and the public, wishing to remit mumi to Ireland, that they draw draft* for large or small amount*, (payable without discount,) direct on the National Bunk of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branche* throughout the country. Alio, draft* eau he obtained, Payable in all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales, on application to \V. St J. T. TAPSCOT1, aC l*i South stiert, New York. < >CEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY! U. 8. MAIL LINK TO COWKS, AND SOUTHAMPTON. AND BREMEN. V?* THE splendid new steamship WASHINGTON, , 4..,., i 17J0 ton* burthen, Frederick Hewitt, Commander, , ' " will alurt from New York ou the lat June uext,carrying the United State* Mail. She will touch at ('owes anil Southampton to Und passengers , and freight, and deliver the maila for England, Krauce and Belgium, and will then proceed to lireiiirrliaven. The Washington In built in the strongest manner,with a view to bring converted into a ship of war. and aubject at any time J to inspection by officers appointed by the rreaidenl, both during and after construction. She ha* two engines of 1000 horse power each, aud accommodation* for 140 br*t class and 44 second class passengers. Taiiage from New York to Southampton, or to Bremen? 1 Kirat class $120 Second class GO ' Passage from Bremen or Southampton to New York. a First claaa $130 " Second class 00 1 8hr will carry about 100 tons freight, which will be charged 1 according to the nature of the goods offering. All letters 1 must pass through the |>ott ofSce. Parcels, for which bills of lading will be signed, will be taken at $.'> each. For passage or freight, apply at present at the oflite of the " Ocean Steam Navigation ( ompany at 41 Broad ureal, and < alte r Ht iVlay to INo. 44 >V illiam atreet. I Agouti at Southampton?DAY.CROSKF.Y Ic R()98. " Bremen?C. A.liKINEKK.N ji CO. ' Havre-WILLIAM I8KLIN. J The aeeond ateamer of the line if indue courau of eonatrue- 1 tinn, and will he in readineaa in theenauing fall. *21 Ira r ' m JL-STTnTTlHHEn TIIIC HEDGE-ANCHOR; OR. YOL'NO SAILORS' ASSISTANT. i Hy William Hra ly. S. M. V. S. tf. \ This work, as rrs title imports, it deaigned ai an aaaiatant far the young Sailor through the varioua branchea of hia arduona prufeaaiou. It coutaiua naefui inatruetiona in every department of aeamanihip, with ain. p'e direction!, which will impart to the young officer a irreat deal of trainable information in the dutaea of hia profraaion, and enable him to act in the moat judieioua maimer in many trying IMIMMMI. In addition to many auggcationa, which will prove valuable 1 to every grade of contnina more thorough dracriptiona of the varioua articira belonging to the vahoui claiaea of vcaaela, than any other work ever publiahed in thin country; and it embellished with over aeventy engraving! in illustration of the aubjecta treated of in ita page*. The work ia fur- , uiihed with over one hundred pagea oftablei, which are vainable, not only to the seafaring mau, but to ull whunre in any } way intereatrd in maritime puriuita. The eutire woik n con- 1 laiued in a volume of pagea, ocuro, .terrotypc edition. It ? ia printed on fine paper, and bound in haudaome at) le. ' " or aale by II. L. Shaw, No. 222 Water atreet, New York; alio, at the Sailura' Home, ( apt. Kirhardion; alao.atthe Sea- ' man a Krienda Society, No. 82 Wall atreet; at Uuin, Poole and f I'entz'i Shipping Onice, No. 3tt Hurling Slin; and at inoatof " the Nautical Storea and Stationera, New York. >20lw*r ? PASS AO K TO AND KROM LIVERPOOL, AND RKMITTANCE# TO IRELAND, kc., n BY TUB BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKBTS. life" JS* I IJcA^ONS wiapiug paia-age to Liverpool, by tbe aplrmiid c I and oumuiodiom packet thip Columbia, wbich itila on Saturday, May lat, her regular day, will pleiue make immediate application to t a plain E. O. Kurber, on board, at tbe foot ( of Berkman atreet, or to the aubacrilrra. L Tboae wwilling to aend for their frienda, to come out from 1? Liverpool hy the furorite packet Yorkahire, tailing from there c on thr lat ol June, or the above aplendid ihip. which aaila from a theie on the 16th of June, or any of the Blick Ball Line, can A aecure their paiaage orevioni to the failing of the Boaton g ateamer of the lit of May, I17 applying to ni. P Peraona remitting money to their Trienda, can have drafta P for any amonnt, payahln on demand, on the Royal Bank ot S Ireland, or on Preaeott Orote, Amia k Co., London, which -.11 ,.r |.n,M IB uir nriifua urancnet inrouglioiu ureal mucin i and 11 e I and. Apply to ROC-HIT. BROTHERS It f o. i.'i I* ultou atret, NfW York. / Paaarngrra Agcnta fur the Black Ball Line of Lirerpool Packet" * *2 Ire ai A*-*.- ONION LINK OV ?'A?'K> TH~to and from l.u * kafjV I lie aplendid faat anting packet "hip KM- } jBMbPIRK, Cant. Ruaaell, will aail from New York on the of May and from l.ireriaxil on the let of June, her *; regular daya Her accominodationa for caliin pnaaenErra are *' rerjr auperior; aire liaa alao I'tcelleut accommodation! for a limited nnmher of eerond raliin paaaengrra, in airy and apacimia rr H.mi on deck;and her Imtwarii dorlw. for aterrnge pnamgera, are lofty M.d ?< II lighted, all ?f which will he taken at iidnceil r.itei. Th. ae wishing to aecurr bertha abi.nld make i early application on laiard, at pier No I North Rio r. or to " W. It J. T. TAPSOOTT. *i i?'. W Month it.. U door below Stirling elip, * Mill NCW ORLEANS? Louisiana and N*w p WfJAfVYoik Linr of Packet*?Piwitirely the firat and only l< tldilKe ' i'lhi racket, to aail on Thiirvlay, 291 h-The ci fast calling |iackct hark (iKNKSKK, ( apt. Sliuott, ia now loading, and will poaitirely tail aa abore. For freiitht or paa aite apply on hoard, at Orleana Wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to K. K. COLLINS, .16 South itreet. Poaitieely no freight w ill he receired on hoard after Wedntuclay wnniV. 28(ii 111st, Agent* in Ncn Orleana,.I. f). Woodrnff It Co., who will -m promptly forward all g.,mla to their addreM. a21 T 'rig.' KOI! SM>. IV hull ..I a ve?-,e| ;n.t I .iinched, at *TT*W*?d now lying at Railway poit. Shr will carry aboni |) in inn tuna; 90 fcer on deck, 21 feet beam. She (j v^l^hTwer for canal, riyer, or eoaat aernce. Iri<jnire of the uharrihera, at Pathway, New Jtraey.^ Q ad lm*r __ H. II 9HOTWKLL Yjs. NOTICK.?All persona are hereby rautionrd k?k-amimt tmatiiac ant of the Craw Of the n> itieli Hhip N JmnKaa1'! SHLAMACHRF.K, as neither the captain or ciMiiigiieea w ill be accountable lor *fi\ dehta of tlmir contracti?K. rt.R.HSK. it BROOKS. a21 r ? FOR LIVKRPOOL?'The well knawnlaat failing WTffVpicket aliip IIOTTINOI KR. IHO tona. (apt. In t(, AMkMHSwBnralry, will meet with immrdinte deapnteh. fc, For Bright or paaaagr, baring aplendid large art d t a m!oraah 1 e rooma anil rahin, apply fo the Captain on wjn jL*L Jndd a ha wharf, K. Rirer, or to WOODHULL A MIStI RN, th nil #7 South atreet. M STKA M POWKK.?Sereral rooma to let with amain nower. (a22Iwrc) R. HOE k CO.W kJlOoldat A W YO :w YORK, TUESDAY M( LET ITS WORKS 1 RECOMMEND IT. KOAKK'S IODINE LINIMENT His cured and will cure the worst possible cases of Rheumatism, tiout, SwelliHKi, Sprains, Bruises, tumors, callosities, acrofula or king's evil, chilblains, tlesh wounds, diseases of the spine or hip-Joint, head-ache, croup, stiff neck, aaitrheuin, eryai|>elaa, dropsy, ferersoret, corns, buuioiia. acalda. tooth-achr, paiu UI the aide or breast, pimplea, ringworm or letter, barber's itch, eruption of the akin, Ike., tkc HEAD THE EVIDENCE. WM. T. PEEK, 91 John street, was cured ol Quiuay Sore Throat by a few applications, lie says it ia the beat remedy he ear saw. JOHN E. KEELKK. of the Brooklyu Orphan Asylum was :ured of Rheumatic Paiu, Paiu in the side, Stc. He says it is ibe beat family remedy he ever saw, and would uot be w ilhoul it under any consideration. Mr E A Rlttni.t w.ll 1? tl.. rbtained from the use of (lie Liniment, after he hail tried every j thin# he could hear of without benefit for lulliuiuiatory Rheumatism. Residence 7 Cbryslie street. HUN. F. PRICE, of II Warren street, will testify to its su- l pernor medicinal virtues. COM. OEOliuE DEKAY was cured of Rheumatic Gout. Residence 2jth street, near 7lh avenue. New York, Nov., 1810. Messrs. 8. J. Inociisoi.l U Co.: OkNTLRUVN: lam not given to puffing the various nostrums of the day l into esisteuce, or raise my voice in their favor, yet the seriuus conviction that yours is one of intrinsic merit, (froui 1 the astouishiug relief I have received,) and a real benefit to ' the alHicted, induces ine to offer my humble testimouy. I am I BOW FIFTY-SIX YEARS of age, and have been afflicted with KIIEUM ATISM for the last ten years. In April last I caught a lery severe cold, which increased my Rheumatic pains, so that I was confuted to the house I employed my family physician, who attended ms isiit11 the first ofMay without relieving me at all. In fact, I grew worse, and so much so, I was conliued to my bed. I continued in this way for ncurly 2 months, suffering everything but death, unable to sleep, raise my arms or move without suf- I feriug tlic most eirrucjatmg pain. A friend of mine celling poll me, who had been cured with ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, induced me to try it, which 1 did. Tlx first application gave me relief. I continued to apply it according to directions, and | in 12 hours waa completely relieved from pain. I continued , to use it until I had used (no bottles, which IffKtla a perfect ' cure. I have had no return of the pains since; have attended j daily to my mechanical business. I vronld not be "without it I under any consideration, and advise all who are thus alHicted to try it at once, knowing it to be tlie only remedy that ran be reliedon. Yours, Ice. WILLIAM I. JOANSON, I 8wi*h Third, near Fourth stieet, Williamsburg. ! LOSS OF TIIEHL'SE OF THE irr-LiMBK^M New York, Oct. 21, 1846. Mi-sirs. 9. Ikocrsoll & Co.: Okrtlbmm: It is with feelings of the utmost gratitude I offer you my humble testimony iu favor of your most valuable liniment.? About fifteen months ago, while engaged at uiy work, I was taken suddenly with a severe |>aiii in my aukle, which for two days and nights deprived nic entirely from sleep or rest. My mother caused nie to be removed home, and sent for s Doctor who attended me for ?nine time, and tiivajly told ine that he | could not help mr, and idvised my being SENT TO THE HOSPITAL. I went and remained there three month*, under the rare of the aide and scientific Physicians attached to that iuatitution.? j While there I wan leeched twice; had five bliiteraon my ankle and cupped three timea. Eluding no benefit from that mode of treatment, they concluded to try cold water, which they continued aome time, and receiving no relief, abandoned it. My foot and ankle dreadfully awolleu and black, and an cold aa ice, I wan again brought home, having given up all hopea of ever getting relief. At thia time a friend procured a bottle of Konkr a iodine Liniment, and aent it to me, adviaing me to make a thorough trial of it. , Strange to tell, 1 felt almost immediate relief? the pain which had been seated iu my ankle, .seemed to be brokcu up and scattered. I continued the use of it for several weeks with increasing success, and uutil I had 1 used some half a dozen bottles, winch haa effected a perfect cure, and nothing bnt a slight weakness remaining. Words arc but feeble expressions of the grntitude I feel towards you, brought, as I have been, from a state of wretched helplessness to perfact health, 1 shall ever pray for your happiness and [ prosperity. Truly and sincerely yours. Signed, MARY McALISTER, 112 Sixteenth street. I I hereby eertify that the above certificate, signed by my daughter, is tnie ui every respect. ANN .McALlSTER. State of New York, city and county of New York, < oat. J personally appeared before me, Anil and Mary ( L.I. J Mc Alister, and being by ine duly sworu, doth dcpose and say, that the above certificate signed by tbem, is true in every respect. Swom to before me litis 2tlh day of October. 1816. Signed, T. VAN TINE. Alderman of the Ninth Ward. PAIN "KILLER. Messrs. 8. I.noersvi.i. 8t Co.?Gentlemen?During the month of September last, my wife sprained tier ankle so badly that I w as obliged to carry her up ataira and put her to bed. 1 made up my muid that she would uot be able u> walk again for I mouth, at least, but to my surprise, alter making a few thorough applicalious of ' lUiuke's Iodine Liniment, she was next morning entirely well. I have also been for years troubled with chilblains, and have tried every tiling I have heard of, but never found tuiylhing that gave me such immediate and permanent relief, aa the use of your "Iodine Lioiinent." Youra truly, SYLVANUS WHITE, 27! Bridge street, Brooklyn. ! Brooklyn, Dec. 16, 1816. 8. INGERSOLL, sole proprietor. Principal Dc|>ot, 210 PE ARL Street, 8. INGERSOLL, aole proprietor. Kor sale, also, by all res|iecub!e druggists. fei eod2m*r ~NEPTUNE~HOUSK, NKW ROCHELLE. THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends, aud the public generally, that hia house will be open to receive company, on or bel'ure the first day of May; also, that he is now m.L? - -1,1. a" ;ll? C. I ?oard, for the coming season. Iu location huiI eouveniftices, j stfergreat inducement* to those who wish to be near rhe city, uid well accommodated?also good bathing aR 3w*r C. V. RICE. IMPROVED MAUXETll' MACULNES. MOREHEAD'S < Hi ADUATED MAGNETIC I MACHINE. rHIS instrument ia an important improvement over al! other i forms of manufacture, and lias been adopted by the medial profession generally, as the most effectual machine in u.r. t is perfectly simple iu construction, and therefore not liable n get out of order, as is the rase with similar instruments. It dmils of perfect control, and ciui lie graduated to any powrr daplrd for any infant, or sufheieut for the strongest adult, at he pleasure of the operator. The magnetic force is imparted n a cout'nuous manner, and with no unpleasant sensation to he most delicate patient. It requires no assistant in its use, .ml is. in every respect, perfectly harmless. F.sch machine is compactly arranged, with the battery and ill necvsssry appliances, put up in neat rosewood cases. Ac mmpanyiiig each are full directions regarding its use and apilication. (E^Owing to the facilities possessed hy the suhscriiier, the Jraduated Magnetic Machines are sold at prices equally low is those charged for inferior articles. They can be readily lent to any part of the country. Price of the machines $9, $12. and $14 each, according to 1 lire and finish; and each instrument is warranted. Many of the cures performed hy this machine are truly wonlerful, some of them in diseases of the most tedious anil |>ainul character known to the medical profession. In all ner tervous complaints the effects are almost magical. Physicians and others are cautioned against purchasing the nutation* of these machines, under whatever name, as they ivill he found of little or no value. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale and retail, by D. C. MOORHEAD, m lm*r IM Broadway, New Vork. M. WINE, OPTICIAN. MOM GERMANY. MOST respectfully informs the eitnetii of New York and | the public, in general, that he has located himself in this , NO. 437 BROADWAY. Wliere may he found a large and complete assortment of SPECTACLES AND READING GLASSES, in OOI.D, ?tn stcklgnaMKS. Mr. W. would also remind the public, to whom he is partially mown by Ins annual vnits to Saratoga Springs for the last ten egYs, that by his know ledge of the Optical science he is eualied to determine the Glasses suitable for any eve. Persons vitli weak eyes csn be supplied Willi glasses which w ill great- 1 y benefit and not strain the sight. Particular attention is called to a nrw style of Perspective Irouuil (Jlssa, of the finest Hint, which, through their high | ailish and true ground. produce the pureit riaion, ami have ecu highly recommended a> the heat in their effect a|>on the ye. fur preserving aud itapruviug the sight in continued writlilt and reading. 1L>?" Short sighted persons, and such aa iiaee been operated < pon for Cataract, can alstfciir suited. I HT^lle rnaerla New (Haaaee, of superior quality, in old \ rames, and solicit! the patrunogr of all in want of Ins articles will warrant all Apei-tarles purrhaaed from me to ' uit the sight for fire years, or exchange thein without eitra harge mil lm*r 1 WANTED. ! J KVKRAI. Agents wanted to supply the country trade with i J Urnge and ready prepared Mediciuea. The stock it of so , trie a variety, larger than was erer before offered by any tahliahment in tne United State, that agents, merchants, ' nd pedlars can get supplied with large or small riiau'itie. llao. the public Can rcrcite the most skijful inedicfl ami aur- I ical Itreatmentj by Ore well known Dr. Solomon Heine, irir.erly of Hudson and Reaile streets, who is engaged i ir thnl pellicular purpose, ami has his office in the rear of the , tore. A|ply at the Herman Drug and Medicine store, No. 127 Immhers street. New York a It ltn"r NEW TEAS, <>LD JAVA C< >FFEE! i "1 ROCEIllES, he.., at Wholesale and Retail.-J. O. 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DUNCKF.R& BKKKK.R, d No. }8 Chatham street, near Chambers street, niPllin'r New York. 0 NEW YORK CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. tfO. 72 WF.ST BROADWAY and No 9J Church street. t ^ Gentlemen'* garments m*He in the most iprrnved French ^ yle on the following; reasonable term*. Fine French Cloth re** f/OiitH Frock Coats Ho from &13 to ft 16: French aaaimere Panta $4,50 to $5,50; Dreaa Vul if aatin $ I to HJO J 8. Si (J. WVANT. t mh 25 lm*rh No. 72 Weil Broadway anil Wf'horch at PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, t vo. ?8 rr.n** ?T*r.rT. 1 yff R.T. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of ffie "Science JM. of pmible-Kntry Book-Keeping Simplified," "nil tli Art ofhSinicle Kulry Book-keeping Improved," coutiniire to ch ?, above. j Courae of Instruction.?The public re reapertfully informe <1 a,,iiml that the |i|an pursued by Mr. Marah in teaching is important branch in truly a rourae of practice in lieepin 1 inks, rather than a courae of lecturea on the theory. t The pupil become, familiar from actual aae with all the oka conatituting a aet, and a perann of good ca|>nrity, will by K ia rourae become a competent book-keeper in about a month, . id will receive a certificate to that effect. Troapectua with term, can be obtained at the Rooma, from t c . M , to ? P. M. mil lm*r RK B 3RNING. APRIL 27, 184' F!ie Ijnc of Ocean Steamer* frcnu Havre to Ktw York. A it the law regarding thu establishment of a lino of steamers between Havre and this port, ha* ulready passed the t rench Chamber of Deputies. and us it* adop tion by the Chamber of Peer* may be looked upon aa a certainty thia enterprise may be deemed a "ftxud fact'' almost. We therefore giro herewith the various regulations. Ate , of the contract between the company and the French government, which we trunalate from the Journal Ju Ifairt, received by the last arrival It is stated that thu first steamer is to leave Havre w. <u> > ? vi .11 ui. iir*i .-?uiuruiiy. ior .nuw ?org. 1.? Each vessel shall bo fully equipped with everything necessary: shall have a sufficient number of boat* for all the wuuls ol' the service; shall carry two camions, and have u crew the minimum number of which Is fixed as follows. vU :? Captain I Maxtor Engineer 1 Seemnl ditto 1 Assistant ditto 4 Lieutenants Kircmcn 1'2 Surgeons 1 Cooks 'i (|uartermaster* Assistant ditto 1 Carpenter. 1 steward 1 Bailors 10 Assistant ditto i Apprentices ? Total 79 The servauts and boys are not to be comprised in the crew. Article 3. The vessels are to be delivered Co the company by tlio mariuo department iu perfect navigable condition, aa well as their machinery aud rigging. The company are to eertify to the aeaworthy condition of the steamers before eaeli departure. Article 3.?The clothing of the officers and crow is to he uniform. This uniform is to bo derided by the company Itself, subject to the approval of the Minister of Finance. The company, moreover, is authorised te make what rules It may judge to b? necessary and useful for the service and the expedition of the service, subject always to the apprebutiou of the Minister of Fiuauce. Article 4. The engineers on board each vessel urc to un uivil 01 nunwn Kill Ski-. II.?Ok i nr. FIotal Commissariat. Article 5. There shall be established la Havre a Itoyal Commissariat, the duties of which are ? ! 1. To see that the various clauses of the prescut rcgu- I latieus be strictly fultillud. 3. To inform tliu Minister of Kiunuce of any infraction of them that may take place. .1. To point out any modifications which it may be deemed advisable to mako. either iii the organizations of the services, or in the materiel of the vessels. Articlk 6. Tile itoyal (Jonuuissifty is to be appointed by the Minister of Finance, and shall receive a salary of 6,000 francs, the which Is to be paid by the Company, who are to pay the said sum yearly in advance to the Central Treasury office. Sac. III.?or tus: mail aOEkt on hoard, add the si r Vice to hk fulfilled BV thr vkisbls. Article 7. Tliore shall be ou board each vessel \n agent, who is to lie appointed by the Miuiator of Kinancs. and who shall have Ilk* malls coulided to Ills charge. ' This agent Is to be allowed a servant. Artioi.k s. The Mail Agent shall have an official character, which Is to he recognised by all on board; likewise all that concerns the reception and transmission of the mails, is to be under Ilia sole charge. Articles. The mall agout U to be allowed tho gratuitous Use of a first class rabid. His board is to be at the expense of the company; be is to eat at the table of the first class passengers, and to bo treated In every way as a passenger of that class. He is to huvo a Pout of at least four ours, placed ut his disposition for the wauts of bis service. Articlk 1U. The company are to prepare on board enoh packet, and in the immediate vicinity of the cabin of the mail agent, some secure place,capable of being put, under lock and key, for thu reception of tho mail bugs. Article 11. If the mail agout has a servant, said servant Is to be gratuitously boarded and lodged by the company. Ho is to be comfortably lodged, and Uvo like the other servants on board. Article 13. Tho arrangements expressed in articles 9 and 11. are also applicable In those cases where the f,.?ul uu-ol?- ? ? ' '? - - 1/1 uu iiiAui'ciur in unances. 18 charged with the inspection of tlx* service of the packet*. or any other mission relating to the service of the mail between Franco ami America. In case *uch should happen, the said agents are to enjoy all the advantages mentioned lu said articles. AaricLL id. In rann the mail agent shall, in consequence of sickness or any other unforeseen accident find it impossible to undertake or continue a voyage, and no other agent shall have been sent oil board to replace liim. tin- captain of the vessel shall become responsible for,the performance of this part of the servioe, without being entitled to receive any remuneration; and ho is to incur the same responsibility us the agent whom* pUoe Im tills, aa well in the despatch us iu the reception of the mail 8tc. iv?ok tiik conditions i'oh Tilt transports' t ion of Tin: mail. Article 14. The various mail bags lira to be received on boatd. lu Krauce, these urn to be delivered to the mail agent by the post master at Havre ; aud in New York either by the French Consul General or the post office authorities of the country, or by u special agent, tdiouhl one be appointed. Neither the rnptuius, offiours. crew or passengers, are to curry any letters, or ars any to be conveyed save in the mail bags, unless diplomatic or consului documents The infringement of this regulation will make the offender liable to the punishment for the fraudulent transportation of letters. Art. IS. No merchandise iir to be received on board after thn day fixed for sailing, no matter what inay bo the reason for tlie delay. An infringement of this rule will render the company liable to a flue of 'JU.OOO fraues for each offence. Art. 16. The terms for the transportation of passengers shall lie regulated under the supervision of the Minister of Finance, and are to be revised annually. Art. 17. Whenever they are required, the company shall receive on board, independently of the mail agent. 1st. At the most, two officers of the navy, or two officers of the elvll service, who shall be entitled to a first class position on board 'Idly Two other military or civil agont*. who shall he : entitled to second class accommodations. .Idly. To ten sailors. The passage inoncy for these officers, agents and sailors. nnaii nc uiiij iwo-iuira* 01 mo price nxeii tor ordinary passengers. Art 18 The company ehall be bound to receive on board of the packet*. uud transport free of charge, all email sized parcel* containing instrument* of astronomy, or other scientific apparatus. whenever such trausportation ahall be demanded of them by the government The company Khali likewiac be bound to traiiKport Kuril naval KtoreK ae tlin government may wl*h to Kend. These naval KtoreK. the bulk of which Khali not exceed five ton* each voynge. are to pay the Karne rate of freight rk ordinary merrhaiidlKn. the company alway* to have two day* notice of the intended Khipnicnt of euch good* Artii i.r. 111. Karli Kteamer Khali at ItK departure, either from Franco or America, have on board enough coal for 18 dayK eonKUinptlon. calculating the Katun at the rate of four klllograiiimcH per hour, and by the horse power of the engine It aliall bo in tho power of the Mlniatcr of Finance to modify tliia laat regulation according aa experience Khali demonatrate the utility of inrreaaing or UluiiniKhing thu ipiautity of coal to bu taken on board for i-very voyage. StcTioa V.?MiLiaaor Till rn iiti. Artick ju The packet* Khull make tiieir deparlurcK at the period* hereafter mentioned, viz From Havre to New \ ork. twice during every mouth, from Dccuuibcr to March inclusive. Tho departure* from New York kIiiiII take place ucrording to the lieason, from ten to tifteen day* after the arrival out of the veaNel. I.oiig pa**iige*. ovciiKimied liy uiiuvoidttble circuuiHtunee*. may interfere with thi* regulation. Article di Whenever It *hall be rendered ubsoliitcy necessary by extrnordlmiry cirrumalancea, the departure* may be delayed. Ht the rei|ulKition of the French Jonaul llcneral in New York, or of the Itoynl governiicut in Havre. Thi* delay, however, can never, under my clrcnuiKtanee*. exceed two day* after the time originally fixed for departure. Ariili.k w. The hour of ilcparturo Khali la- fixed by .be captain, and entered on the log book. Articlv. 33. The packet* are to go in a direct roule 'roin the port of departure to that of their destination without making any deviation therefrom, *ave in ra*eR if absolute neceKKily. The eotnpany hind* Itself to periirm tho paKKage from Havre to New York and back, vilh all the despatch that it Ik possible to use in a reguar service. aud witlv their vessels and engines Should any delays take place from fault on the part of ,hc company,the Minister of Finance shall have t lie right if rescinding the contract with them In case the vessels arc forced to enter any port in disreKK. Kavu those of iluvre or N,w Y ork, or in conscience of tempests, contrary winds or oilier legitimate a uses, they are to produco (independent of the regular in llw. I.,? I.I.I.L 1 in I l,ni r ryli.Fi, ? ?.. I. hi- ( onrul or authoritler of iurh port. attertlng the un,voidable nature of the case. Mi.iiiov Vi.? or tHt niKLtil.1. Atnri.t: 24 ? Save in carer of nbrolute neeerrity, rucli e are alluded to above, any infringement of the ruler lid down regarding tlx* duyr and hourr of departure, hall render the eouipany liable to a tine of 10.000 frutirr ier dny for the three Hrrt day*. At the expiration of there three dnyr of uojiiNtinabie leiay. the fine may Ih> increnred to 00.000 franca. Hiould thir infringement of the agreement l>e repentd three timer during the eoiirre of one year, the Minlrer of Finance rhall have the right to rewind the runract. For rverv deviation from I he direct route unjiirtiflahie y the rtrietert neeerrlty, tho lino rhail be for the 11 rat iine 10,000 franrr and for the recond 20.000 fr.nner >u the third infraetion of thir kind. In the courre of one ear. the Minirter of Finance rhall he entitled to rewind he contract. ArTH.i t 2A Whenever the contract may be rerrindd. or in care It ir not renewed, tlie eompany rbnll rrtirn the verrelr to government In preclrcly nimllar orler to that in whieli they receive thetn Hr.i Tie* VII.?nor*vlev or tiif covthaot. Article 20. The contract rhall lart for ten conrecuIve yearr. counting from the time of the departure of lie tirrt boat that rhall lie derpatehed from Havre, until he return of the one derpatehed at the expiration of he tenth year Article 27. The prcrent ronlrart .rhall commence, lid the IIrat departure from IlaTre rhall lake place one lonth after the verrclr rhall have been delivered to the ompauy. Article 28, In case the company shall not continence [ERA 7. objuration* by the time mentioned in th? previous article they .hall be liable to a tin* of 1 000 franca per Jay for the delay. Autii'lv.-J9. The present coutract ahall cease at the end of ten years, provided notice of lueh expiration has been given by either party a year previous Should such not be tlie case, the contract shall continue on the same terms, and by u tacit understanding for the twelve succeeding mouths, at thu end of which formal notice is to be given by each party , Src. VIII.?r.HTicfUH tinsotMisTs Ahticlv 30 With a view of facilitating the movements of the Couipanv. the Minister of Marine Affairs, and the same of the ( tiiauues. will give the necessary uiairuuuuu* iu mi- inariume authorities or the various French port*, to grunt every futility whisli can contribute to the despatch of busiuo**. The Minister of Foreign Affair* also promise* to do hi* utmost to obtain from forvlgu nuthoritiv* the uiott fuvorable consideration for the Company The company.on It* *tdc. ahull strictly conform to all the custom house regulations of forcigu countries, on pain of rescinding of the contract Anticlk31. The coutruct betweeu the governinunt and the compuuy. cannot he iu uny rnuuuvr let out or ceded to third parties, either in part or whole, without the written consent of the Minister of Fiuauce Should it be known that the company liuvu sub-let or ceded uny part of their contract without this permission, the Minister of Finance shall have the right to rescind tile contract, without the compuuy being entitled to any ldeiunily whatever. Astiru 31, The company shall bo located In I'aria. In the Kue d'Alitin, No. 7. St. Loi ij, April 16, 1647. Affuirt in New Mexico?S/m iui Metungert?Marketi. \c. ?f r Since the date of my Inst rouunuuleation. we have re. oelved but little intelligence of iutcrost from the rialns; our only information of affairs In New Mexico being that derived from Mexienn sources, by the way of the city of Mexico and Vera f'rttt. We are In the hourly expectation of the receipt of a mail from Santa Fe, however, and look forward to Its content* with deep Interest. A sort of''Captain F.lllott" passed through this city a day or two siuoe. who, It was rumored was the bearer of despatches from General (Kearny to the government at Washington. I saw Jlilui immediately on his arrival here, but he was " mum," and I could make nothing out of him further than that he left Hnnta Fo on the 4tli ol March last, making the trip to the'western frontier of Missouri in thirty-eight days, and that he had left a mail in the care of some teamsters, one day's travel from Independence, lie hud heard nothing, or affected to have heard nothing, of the fiill of Chihuuhua His name he declined giving to any one, hut I have since hcurd that it was White, and that be is really the bearer of important despatches. We had n grand illumination last night, in eclebrntlon ofthe recent victories acquired over the Mexicans. During the day salutes wore tired, the public, and nianv of ftlie private buildings were decorated with flags and banners, and some forty or fifty steamers in port flaunted forth their-gay streamers to the wind No untoward circumstance occurred to mar the festivities of the day. There is.very littli? " local"' of interest. During the week thore have beqn two shooting matches; but as no one has been killed, they caused no excitement. A Mr. Ostrandor shot a Mr. Kticker through the head in a I street tight; anil In the other Imitnnc. nlln,l...l in u M Tallin waylaid and shot a Mr. Hoy. nil through the Influence of tho " green eyed monster." Iloy was wounded in the region w here Uncle Toby received bin disaster, and it in thought by his surgeon that the injury is quite serious. Tho reception of the foreign news by the Columbia and Liberty, gave a little animation to F lour und Wheat, hoth of which advanced a shade. Choice country Hour has since been firm at $4 76 per barrel, andpriuie Wheat atH.i a B7)?c. per bushel, exclusive of sacks, t orn has rather declined, and sales of a tew thousand bushels have beeramude as low us 04c., Including new Osnuburg sucks. In gunnies it yvould command Otic., though there is none of this description of sack on the market. Outs are dull at 60 a 67c., including sacks. Hemp is quite active at an advance. A bright article of Dew Hotted, well baled for shipping, will readily command $!>6 per ton.- l.ead is drooping Hales of ijppcr mines ut $3 70 a 26, and of lowur mines at $3 10 a *3 lb per 100 lbs. Han Whiskey, fair demand at 70c. Freights to New Orleans llemp >17 a $13 per ton; Klour $1 per bbl ; Pork $1 71 do ;'l.ead 36c. a 40c. per 100 lbs.; Pound freight 40c. u 60c. do; Wheat 77c. a 78c. per bushel; Corn 26c. a 7tlc, do, Ac. Ac. Money mkttcrs are quite tight The interior has absorbed a good deal of our ready cash for its produce, urid returns of the spring shipments have not yet. to any considerable extent, been made. Thesu circumstances rather depress trade, though large cargoes of produce and provisions are going forwurd on first arcount. ~ Provisions arc very dull, ami prices are almost nominal, say for Mess Pork, 11 a *IJ 60; Prime do. $'J n$'.l 60; Lard, No. t.. 7"ic. a 7,Vc.; Bptter. 10c. a 19)?c., Ac Ac. Dry Hides uru quite active at 7 \?. a 754c.; Tallow ut He., Ac. Ac. Hours. AltGl S The Army. T1IK VOUINTKKHS?HKTI'KN HOME. [From the N. U. Delta. April 18.) We are informed, by a gentleman just returned froii Monterey, that 1), is General Taylor s intentiou to *en< the volunteers tfho are now with him. aud whose tern will soon expire, to the Rio (irande. as last us the net volunteer aud regular forces reach him. lie will soon have a force large enough to supply tin place of the whole command now with him. 'Die Missis sippi. North Carolina. Virginia and Massachusetts vo luutcors will give him a force of new and fresh men about 3.000 strong There have been sent already, to the Rio Grande about 1.00U regulars, chiefly recruits, and there are nov more than 1,600 of the new regiments on their way to tin seat of war. Thus, in a few weeks. Gen. Taylor will he at the heai of an entirely new force of ti.OOO excellent soldiers. T( these are to he added the small force of regulars, ar I tuirrj miu ruvniry, now ni .Tallinn. The veteran volunteers. an we may with great justice stylo the heroea of Monterey anil Unenn Vista, will garriaon the towns on the lllo (irande until their ti-rui ol enlistment expire*, when they will be honorably discharged, and will return to thrir home* to receive the joyful and applauding welcome of their friend* and countrymen. MIMTART INTKI/IJllENf'E. The steamer Talma arrived at Now Orlcana from I.ouiavillc on the 17th witli 1*0 private* belonging to the Ifith regiment of infantry, and the ateamor t ironssiaii, from Pittsburgh, with three companies of the 11th infantry. These troops were shipped on board the ships America and Itemlttaneo. which vi sscls were to sail soon as possible for the teat of war. The following arrivals are noted at New Orleans on the 18th Major James M. Talbot, of Madison, la : < apt. James M. lirannow. of Louisville, Ky ; f apt John A Hendricks, of Madison, la.. Limit, O. W Hingletou. of Louisville Ky.; Lieut. John T. Hughes, of Madison, la and Dr. K. Ilerry. of Louisville. lillartllancoiu. At last accounts from IlulTnlo, the steamer Missouri was aground on a reef,five miles below ( alturaugii* Shu was said to be hard on.and n steamer and schooner wure despntciied to lighten her oil. sho went on in a fog The subject of plnnk road* Is agitated all over tbu country Why not try a few experiments, as well us talk so much ? A project Is on foot for making a marine railway across the Isthmus, between Nova Scotia and New iiruuswlrk. ? The \\ udlclgh Mills utOldtown, (Mo.,I containing six tioard saws, two clapboard macblues one lathe, and one shingle machine, and a machine for blind slats. Ike , wure consumed on Tuesday. Several persons have died of wounds received in the lutu election riot, in I'rlnco Kdwttrd Island. A Urn occurred ut Medina on Wednesday la*t. at whioh the brewing establishment of Mr Joseph Nixon was destroyed. tin-Sunday night week, when the mnil train on the Petersburg railroad was within a mile and a half of Web don. N. some of the props of a bridge over which it was passing, gave way 1'he engine and tender cleared the bridge but the anil Dassemrer ears went down anil wiT"1 much Injured. The pax?xiiger? thrmarlM rereived no material Injury lion Martin Brintner. ex-Mayor nf Boxton. wax voiced with a determination of Mood to the lie id. and died on Saturday afternoon. A woman named F.lictbeth Walker, residing in < inrinnati. a hot a lad with a ptxtol a few day* xlnee. She wax taken before the Mayor to be examined The ileal flxhery tbi* xeaxon had been nniiniiilly proxperoux at Newfoundland A vote wax reeently taken among the mechanic* and laborer* engaged upon the Smlthxonian lnxtltnt<< building* at Wnxhirgton There were over a hundred of the hand*, every one of whom voted for the hero of ||uetia Vixte In the politic* of the day tbey were about e?innlly divided. The proprietor* of the I'kilodrlphia Chronic It have canned to he printed ill (fold, with an emho'xed border, a .number of cople* of < Jen Taylor * letter of condolence to Henry t lay. on Id* recent dlxtroxxing bereavement. Mr* Ann I Mafllt died at iiaJvcMon. Tex ax on the let of April Shewn* the tlrxt wife of the Hev J Newlaud MalTit, from whom *he wa* divorced. The Prcxident of the Ignited Stale* ha* pardoned Win Von Pllxter and l.orln l.arkin. who were convicted at the March term of the I irrult ( ourt of the I nited State* for thl* Dixtrict, of being concerned In the xlave trade ( Sorlrtlon paper A xeliool. on the plan of the I.ondon flagged xrhoolx. |x to lie extahlixhed in Philadelphia, to he known ax the Robert Raike* I nlon School. Two women were lately arrexteil in New Orleanx. and put In the xtockx. for profexxing wltohcrafl, and playing varlou* uncouth prankx. We underatatid that a company ha* recently been firmed, in our city, with a capital of xoine fiill tttht. the whole of which lutx been taken, for the purpoxe of cxtalellxhing a communication with Havana It Ix in contemplation to huild a xuilahlf boat for thlx purpoxe which will alxo touch at Key Wcxt She ix to be placed under the command of Captain Barkman who ha* licen long known ax the commander of the xhlp Auxon.belonging to one of the New Vork Packet lice*. -Charltiton Courier. > L D. \ Price Twu Inw Intelligence. Dxn.ioas 'N ti.H,,, -Bafrrc tk. non Anth0llL Itobeitaoii. A?ilst?nt \ if eLaufcllor ? Jurats M Taylor i ? Jacob Crt u rii<f,hitld and othiri ? Cert*in purls of the testimony admitted uud others reinud circumstances thrc winy doubt upon tt e truth <J tin- certificate of the officer, wl o to? k the at knowledjimi nl of tho mortgager in this cose and he not being introduced by the complainant to cxpluin them: the testimony of tha uuimpeached witness, who swears ihnt the mortgage was written after the deuth of Mr. Pioctor. the mortgager. mutt control, and the mortgage declared a forgery it ill ditmitscd with costs Jotejth Ualloek and othm VI Rtubtn Smith and othrru ? Decided thut the unpaid portion of the note given for the purchase money of the premises in question was a valid equitable mortgage, and prior In lien to tha mortgage executed to the defendant I., Btown. {Ivan for u precedent debt Tile claim of the defendant. M. H. Brown, for the purchase money on the agreement to rasell. being subsequent to the transfer of thut note to tha ussigutcs of Hunttlng. ennnot ba used to extinguish It. Sule of premises ordered, Samuil (I. Starr ri. An/ar 11. Sanborn and othiri.? Decided: The agreement of the defendant. Sanborn, to give the complainant u specific portion of the profits of uiu uumnoN us u compensation ror ins a rvices. made tne former a part hit an regarded third persons; that tbe complainant consequently hail mi equity to liaTe the as*?-tk applied to the payment of those claim*.' and tb* assignment of them by the defeudaut. Sanborn, to pay hi* iinlivitliial debt*, in invalid. Decree accordingly. Henry I'ui dy rt Mark Cornell and otkeri. ? Decided: That the usury get up I* not proved; that the amount loaned, not being entirely cut lulled there can be no order uiade to deliver up securities; that there I* no such relation established between the complainant and defendant*. as to justify the taking an account In thi* court: # That the right of the defendant, Cornell, to tbe eblp claimed, depend* merely on act*, not on any document*, and the complainant cannot a*k a mere opinion from thi* court, whether such art* are void lllll dismissed Mulford Martin and another re, IFilliam Aryan end nlhert?A* tho improper testimony received by tne Mastor may have formed the basis or his report, ordered, thai the cause lie referred back to him for reconsideration V, *y F.dward Stone rt. Jotiak F Kendall and other defence set up to the mortgage in this cause, of slander of the defendants' title, by the complainant, mast falnK The statement* appear to be friendly advice, and there-^ fore privileged; eviwj if not, the injury to eredit. produced by slander, cannot be set up. to defeat a contract to pay money: the right to redress does not arise out of tbe agreement itaelf. and cnunot lie claimed by way of r*> coupmrnt; the defeudaut has ample remedy at law. Da, cree for foreclosure and sale. .luguatui Coirman ? ?. Charlei R Mary.?Tbe agreement sought to lie rescinded must, at all events, be sustained, o* to tho general employment of tbe defendant, which i* entirely distinct from tho purchase of the defendant's Invention The superior knowledge of tbe defendant furnishes no ground for rescission of tho agreement, nor do his representations as to other Inventions, which were merged in the covenants eutored Into by him : The invention of Sawyer, though "founded on tne same principle," mav not have interfered with the defendants. "Principle," in such ease not Implying "organization. or mode of operation." but "element, or rule or law of nature." Even if it did. a mutual mistake a* to the <|aality of "capability of being patented," Is not a mistake or fact, which can be relieved against. Deere* I dismissing bill. I MoiriI Reynold and Hobrrt I'attmon and olheri.?The imiin object of tiling the bill, in admitted to linve failed, the complainants may have a decree aetiiblishiug their debt, hut at their own expense. Decree accordingly, with cost* to tlie defendants. Tig lie Harry Exr., tfrc .. v?. Hridget Callaghan and othere.?The defendants. who are bcyoud the decree of consanguinity of brothers and sister's children, take nothing of the cHtate of the deceased testator. The executor having neglected to invent ia chargeable with interest, hut at nix per cent only, hejh|tviiig made no profit, and he in to bo allowed nix muuHis to invest: the amount of intereat charged against Biiu must be mdueed accordingly. Decree against' him for balance thus ascertained. Jamn Swan and another, Extcutore, 4'c., re. Rachel Ib'haley, Executrix, 4'c ond othrri?The mortguge in question cannot bo considered paid, us no presumptiou arises in this case, that Mr. I've, the testator of the complainants, who was also executor of the testutor of the defuudants. agreed or intended to pay it. alien lie took tin ussigument thoroof: nor is there any proof that he |uiid for It with the assets of tin* estate: Tile claim of the defendants, for an ' olTset. must also be rejected. the 'amount bring unllqul' dated, ivhieli defeats it as a legal sot-off, and the debt not being incurred on the credit of the mortgage, it not forming its consideration, they not arising out of the sumo transaction, there being no equity from any fraud | or concealment; and it being for money, and there being 1 no difficulty in the any of recovery, by nop-residence. | insolvency, complicated accounts, or the like: It fails as an equitable set-off Decree for sale for amount due Jamet- Moir ond]anathrr,vi liirhard /.yen and another? The allegation of payment in this case, of the mortgage t not being sustained.and the set-off coming under ihc principles settled In the above case, of Swan executor, ve Whuloy, executrix. There must Ik- a decree of foreclosure. Jamrt Lorett Ex'r, 4 c.. C?. Hobrrt Haloid and at km ?Construction given to the will of Hubert M Hteel deceased, aud decree for distribution accordingly. 1 < Chancery. April!W?Before the Vice Chancellor.? I Decisions?Jane Smith vb. Jitjml Smith ?Divore* by 1 reason of adultery i Jean II Suraumr vb Kuphroustst Surname?Divorce r for bumo cause. The child or children, of which th? defendant 1b how encirntr, tu bo declared illegitimate. r Catharine .'Him vb. li'm. Jillen.?Decree of divoroe for like cause. Xolile C. .Minor vb. Harriet Miner.?Order of re1 forence to master, to report suitable alimony for defendant pending the suit. Horace 11. Day vb. It. S Brooks.?Motion for receiver J granted. Circuit Court, April 26.?Before Judge F'.dmonds? I Solomon h'i/ip 4' -Ihm lirnsm re. John J Wilts.?This > was an action on a contract In October, IMS, the defendant's son entered Into a contract on behalf of defendant, at Syracuse in tliia State, with tne plainlltfa. to deliver to them In this city, ou or before the then ensuing month of November. 7.000 bushels of outs, at 41 cent* ' a bushel t he defendant afterwards refused to deliver the oats T he defence was. that defendant's son had no authority to make the contract. A witness was railed for the defence, w ho proved that he was the attorney of defendant; that the contract was entered Into on the rtth October; that he. the witness, brought It to Mr. ' Wiles on the Dili, that he, Wiles, then repudiated It and I refused to take It; that on the next day, the 10th. wit| ness wrote toKippx Brown, at New Vork. apprising them | that Mr W tics had repudiated the eontriict. and further stuteil.he believed he enclosed the contract In the lettar; 1 In reply to till* the plaintiffs proved by another witness, who railed on Mr. Wiles in April |m46. and he. Wiles, then stated that he would have fulfilled the contract If I it were not that a bunt lord of onts were sunk in tha I'.rie rnnnl After the evidence on both sides was closed. | defendant's counsel moved for n non suit, contending, , that Inasmuch *a? Mr Wiles, the moment he saw the 1 contract, disavowed it. the netion could not b? i maintained On the other side, it was insisted that the evidence of plaintiff's witness showed a recognition of I in.- nmirani oy mo i no ourt adopted their i opinion and lot the oa?c go to the jurv The ease waa | then summed lip, after which the Judge charged that thoro wore two kind* of agency. one wait general and tha ' other special. The first i|UC*tion they were to decide waa i whet her the defendant 's Mill waa a special or a general agent; and the next question wan supposing him to t*? | a general agent, whether the making of the contract in | munition wan within the scope of his authority under I that general agency If tliey fuuiid that he wa* a general agent, and that the contract wai within the scope of hie authority, then undoubtedly the defendant waa j liable, and they ought to tlnd a verdict for plaintiff* i They idiould next Inquire whether he wa* a apeoiol agent, and lfthe defendant, hy any net of hi* either before or after the making of the contract, sanctioned or recogntled it. tiien they ought to find for plaintiff*', bul if from the evidence they runt to the conclusion that he wa* not a general agent, then they are to consider the testimony of Mr Mearh. and If they believed hi* evidence there can lie no doubt hut defendant recognlied the contract, and in that case they ought to Ond for i plnintill* Jo ah d verdict Kor plaintiff*. Messes. Jordan ami William li Mrech. Kor dcfcudaut Mr. Joshua ; Spencer. I'viiin Sr*n? loMiimiooii Orru a.?- Before i ommissioncr Morton ?Cruel and Cntivuat l'uni$hmmi \ warrant wa* issued on Saturday by the ( ommlsslnner, on the complaint of i harle* Miller, a seaman belonging to the brig Lowell, against Nelson Jarvl* ami John Drown, captain and mnte of said brig for crnel and unusual punishment on the voyage from this port t^ j Lisbon The captain only was arrested, the mate havi lug mnile hi* escape The rose wa* heard by the ( ominiHSloner. and the charge against the eaptaln disnn*sed, who then procured a warrant for the arrest of Miller, on \ a charge of perjury < <u *i or Ovra sin Tnsxiun. Aran 'J<1 llefore Judge Kilmonds. Aldermen Meiwerole and < ouiplon Koauiav i *si 'I'hr firojili t? Harru ?This cause was set down last week for this morning the parties j with their counsel were in atti mlance. but upon calling I I,Vlii' till, .nr., ,...,.....11 ll....... Kill 11 nfler Home ilcIn/ till' cuurt ?UK/e*teil that It idiould go r>vcr till lu ll morning. nod In the menu time the Sin-riff ?(.< directed to (uuiuinu .it) tivleiiumi from the body of the county 'I'he court then adjourned. I ommoi Pi.caa One replevin caM (only) of no luturect. wii* tried In thin Court. ( <11 n r < ai.kvovh Tun l)*v -Circuit Court No* 3d, II, 4?. 10J. 10.1, 104. 107. 110, 116, 118. 131. 134, 133 136. 41, ll'J. Hi Common I'itai No* 64. 63. 66. 50, 60 61, fit 36 37, 67. 68, 6'J, 70, 71, 47. ? - IKKAT ATTRACTION. Arrhty tit llomr, No. 5 John Strut i"? A. OKI K.V K. begi to acquaint hu friend* and patroua that hu agent ha* n turned froin K.arope, via Bremen^ ! jJBj/after reaideuee I . neven month* it Audroaiirrf, and TT*>> I he oilier mini Celebrated diatricta of (iermanv. lie ' h*? been enabled to enllrct the beat ?*leetino of iiikiiiC and j fancy bird* lie Ima eve r nth red; alio M minimal variety of rare I and finey lord* from *1! |?art? of the world, (elected with treat I trouble, without retard loCoit, N II.?Kancy doK*. imnira, Cliineae, *ilver, and K.?kI ) pheaaanU, *wans, and every variety of bartrdoor | fowl*. fancy and breeding rngr i, bird '?. be. A ireatiae ou the nne.ayeinent of hreeili nt ami raum* t ui*ne*. he I' H.? Letter* im*t | .oil w ill at all tlin., in. el with prompt atteniioa froin A. OltlKVK, m21'. m*rrc No. J John itreet, PCX. M~~* ANUANt.8 otula ol il* ground, for de In . . ? | a#.' Cr.ll.-ah. i. UUO"KS. ai ?v?7 Nauau

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