Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1847 Page 3
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I ???m*rn F?l??i InUUtMiMe. Paitint> Counltrfeit Afonfy?Captain Baksr, Of ths ftlll ward police, arrested yesterday, three boys. oalling themsvlTM Juu'i Lewis, Henry Hunter, and Lewis Ta 1. lant, on a charge of attempting to pass counterfeit money It appear* they all three entered the shoemaker shop No 100 West Broadway, and Lewis purchased a Catr of boota. and In payment tendered two counterfeit tnk hill* Tha proprietor of the store not liking their appearanoe. caused their arrest. and on " frisking'' Lewis at tb* Station House, the officer found $60 in counterfeit bills They were all taken before the magistrate, and Lewis locked up for examination, and the others discharged. Annther? Officer Alphonso, of the 10th ward, arrested yesterday, a man called Patrick Broody, on a charge of i attempting to puss npurlous money on Mr. j aiding at No. 192 2nd street Upon searching his pertton th? c.fllcer found $28 In coaterfeit money, upon various bankn Juntioe Timpson detained him, in order to ascertain if he can be Identified by any persons to whom he might have passed some ot the spurious money. The prisoner can be seen by applying to Justloe Timpson,at Efsex Market police court Jlrrttt on Sutpicion?(JUioer Crosett. one of the attaches at the lower police, arrested two black fellows nailing themselves Jack Williams and Jim Hays, on suspicion of stealing, having in their possession a bundle, containing a new blaok dress coat, a striped silk rest pattern, and on searching their persons several pawn tlnlr-t. * 1 ' ? -vn-v K'UUU, UUUBIfUU|{ UI riOHft, WHlfli, VroiB. 8m , for sll of which owners ar? wanted Apply to the aWnve officer Justice Drinker looked them up for a further hearing. R nl'd Out ?Charleo Duini alias " Dutoh Charly," whose arrest we noticed about tea days tlnoe, on a charge of having winged Tom Burn* and Bill Ford In an affray, ?#' bul^d out yeiterday by Juttloe Osborne. In the ?um of $1000 to appear at oourt when called upm, should Burns or Ford make any complaint, there nelng none made at present; consequently Charly was discharged from custody. " Caught in thr. Jlct.?hll old till " tapper," by the name of Charles Hayden, alias Douglass, was caught in the act, yesterday afternoon, of robbing the till of John H S^itgen. grocer, corner of William and Duane streets, of $30 but luckily was deteoted before he had time to escape with his " swag." On being brought to the police oflle.e he was identified at onoe by officer Walsh as an old thief, and likewise an esoaped conviot from Blackwell's Island, be having been sent up by the court for eighteen months on three indictments, and having escaped from the IslaDd, was still continuing his old business, when caught in the act. Justioe Drl..ker locksd him lip for trlsl. Rnl.hink a Church.?Some sacrellglous rascals burglariously entered the Reformed Dutoh Church, at Flat bush. Long Island, on Thursday night last, stealing therefrom ftO yards of lngrAln carpet; also stripping the Wet covering from off the pulpit and chairs Twenty dollars reward Is offered for the detection of the thieves jniscelluueouN. Boston and Portsmouth are to be oonnected by telegraphic wires; the work to oommenoe immediately Mr. Webster left Boston tor his farm in Franklin, N. H., on Thursday. Mr Crawford Livingston has become so much imSroved In health, that his friends entertain confident opes of his reoovery. Late accounts from New Brunswick confirm thereports before made of defective crops Large importations will b? required to make up the deficiency ; there l< ssl l to he a great deal of suffering among the slo'.c immigrants. Honorables T. H. Beaton and Wm. Payne.of Alabama, with their ladies and two daughters of the former, arrived at Pittsburg on the Itfth Inst. On Thursday evensng George Plltt was robbed of $4,700 in money and bank notes, while at the National theatre, Philadelphia. The money was contained in a pocket book, which was cut from a side pooket of his OOM. Two Kansas chiefs, In full war costume, passed through Cincinnati on the 11th Inst, on their way to Washington. Great Excitement _-Tiie city haa been thrown into perf?<t convulsions, or something eUe. in regard to die w >rU fiititled," A True Key to Odd Fellowship." Wt and-rstand th?tover one hnndred thousand copies of this remarkable book have- been (old williiu two week*. We unde'utaud there are a few more left now, wliirh ciu be had nt all the honk s'ores and newi rooms throughout the Union. Price onl/cents, tvery man should not fail to buy a copy. 2t The Cheapest ami Beat place In the City to set rour boots, shoes, or gaiters, is ?t Jones's 4 Ann street, near the Museum. Yvn can get there as good boots for t4 M as can b" iutcha?eil els-where for $7. Q n'e a saving. He also sells a first ?ate boot at $3 50, which is usually sold (or ti. Double solrd wafr-nroof bnjts at Si 60, ti 00 and $(> 00. Jones has the true ?v?tem of doing buaiueii?light expenses nud small profits. All gno is purchased at 4 Ann street are warranted to give entire SfttisfxmoD. HONEY MARKET. Saturday, Oct. '43?6 P. M. Quotations for all kinds of stocks are slowly but steadily settling down. There was a small panic in the street to-day, and the decline became general. At the first board Long Island fell off X per cent; Harlem,Norwich and Worcester, >?; Canton,?,'; Reading Railroad, 1; Pennsylvania 5's 'i; Illinois G's. X; Indiana S's. 1 Farmers' Loan and Treasury Notes closed at prices ourreut yesterday. The transactions at the decline were not very large, and there appears to be no dlsposi tlon to force stocks upon the market at present prices. Many holders are under the lmpressiou hat prices may go down, but as the deollne would o'nly be hastened and carried to a greater extent by filling the market with stooh, they prefer holding on, and patiently wiitfor an improvement. ai mo rruuuu uuuu prices milieu a nine. uarieni advanced % per cent; Norwich and Worcester }?; Read" log, >?; Farmers' Loan. Long Itland, J?. The demand for uxchange for remittance by the French steamer has been limited. The Missouri takes out a consideiable amount of silver in Ore frano pieces. Remittances of this coin are continually going on, and the shipment of any amount Is not oaleulated to create any fear* in flnanoial circles. It Is a species of merchandise In which there is coiisldcrahle trafflo. Sterling exchange continues very quiet Quotations have during the past week been steadily settling down, and an the season advances, rates must rule muoh lower than those now current. corkin* Eichafioes. Ou London 108X i 109 Oil Hamburg 36 a 36W Pari* 5123 ?5f22>i Bremen 79 a 79)4 Amsterdam 3!iJ? a -10 Domestic Fichakoei. Boston..., para % ?Ii? Mobile Sp.cheeks ? a \ (lis Philadelphia... .par a S dis New Orleans... par a Si"" Jaltnnore para v pm North Carolina.. I a 1 ^ Jin Richmond 1 a 1* dis Cincinnati 1 a 1 ' * die Charleston X a I dis Louisville 1 a 1^? "In Savannah a 1 dis Nashville IU > 2 dis Auicmta I a 1>? dis 8t Louis * a I dis Coluuibns I a I3? dis Detroit IK a 1 dis B-Ttlo IJs? a ? dis Pittsburg X a ? dis IViuuilelbk notes) X*l dis Qi'otatioxs for Specie. p. Atner. gold, old.-106 a Carolu* dolU. .1,03 a 1,00 Jo do new..t()0 a 100>? Five franc?... 'J'i\ a 91 Half dollar*... par a 109 V Doubloons.. .16,'0 a 10,50 Po'tuguese (fold. 100 a ion1* do patriot. 11,Ml a 11,71 Hptmsh dollar*. .103 a 105 Sovereign*... 4,84 a 4,87 I do quarter*. 9*>K a I0A do light... 4,82 a 4,85 Mexican dollar*. IWSfc a 101.Vi Heavy guinea*!,00 a ? do quarter*. 99 a 100 Napoleon*... 3,83 a ? Traa*urr Note*. 1 a U It CURRENT Mower. Bn't at S'ld at Uo't at. SI,I at New England... M di* par. Mobile, *p pay'g I di* dis Albany,Troy, See >4 di* % di* New Orleans,.. \ di* V* di* N. V . r lc country **diS7fdi* Ohio 2 di* 1 di a New Jersey.... di* >4 di* Indiana 2 di* 1 dis Philadelphia.... & dis par., Kentucky 2 dis 1 dis Bilnm>re 7% dis J* dis Tennessee 2>i dis 2 dis Virgniii I dik S di* Missouri 2 di* 1 dis North Carolina..\\ dis I di* Michigan 3 dis 2 dis South Carolina. .!>? di* X dis Canada 3 du 2>i dis Oeorgia IX di* X di* Wheeling Bank* are IX per cent discount. Domrhtic exrhangin remain without any material alteration. and rates cannot be considered otherwise than nominal It will be perceived that the balances on our domestic trade are generally In our faror. Uncurrent money Is very abundant, and the broker* iu the street have as much offered Tor redemption as they can oonvenlently take care of, and the rate* continue Steady at our quotations. With the exception of a moderate movement in five franc pieces for shipment by the French steamer Missouri, there Is nothing of consequence doing In the precious metals. The small amounts passing to and from F.urope by the steamxrs are nothing unusual; these movements are continually going on, and have nothing to do witb|the regulation of ezohanges. The damages to tbe public works of Pennsylvania from the n cent freshets, have been very treat, and happening m t thtu anatnn nf I K? w?l?f avoaoHinrrln 11 11 r? ? TK? Juniata Canal I? swept from Hollldaysburg to Dancan'* Island, and it* embankments wuhcd away In numernn* pUo'S Every btidge over the Juniata la carried away, ani the new acqueduot above Newton Hamilton, rebuilt about two years since. In lome place*, l? I* laid that the cat)ul is almost obliterated, and the damage such that It cannot be repaired thin season. The Susquehanna division la not ho serlonsiy damaged, although there are several heuvy brrarh.;* at Dunoan'a Island and above It, that wiii require somi timo to repair It1s expected that the repairs on this division will be mad* in tim* to allow a large amount of ;oal to be taken to market before the close of the navigation The water In the Susquehanna, at Harrisburg, was seventeen feet above low water mark aboot fr.ur feet lower than the great flood of March 1840 The riceipt* of the 0!d Colony railroad for the week, ending Oot. 11th, were $3,633 63, belog $1,187 HS more th:.n for the corresponding week in 1846 The Director* of the Galena and Chicago railroad ac. knowledge ubscrlptlon* to the amount of $160,000. When the subscriptions shall amount to $400 000, we understand that op erations will be commenced. Til* recrlpt* of coal from the anthracite coal regions Of Pennsylvania, since the commencement of the season, . have been a* annexed Autiiracitx Coal Track, 1817. Received by Snhuylkill Canal,, 184 683 ton?. Do. Lehigh Canal, 641 JH'J ' Do. Heading railroad 1,109 884 " Total ton*, 1.834 860 The total reoeipt* by the above communication* for ii.iu th? ymx will,without doubt, xo?i two million! ot ton*, I bnt they will not go muoh oft that amount. Stock Eietunsci $7500 Ttmr Note* ?'4 1*1 Ji 10 ahaNorth Am Tr 7?j MOO do 101 50 do _ a SO 7 V 40C0 U Starrs r.'t. '67 103^ 100 Farmer*' Tru?t K', MO do.?V '61 10S& *00 do b60 26 \ 11)00 Kcutueky 0'? 9?V 250 do 26% 2500 t'eunsylvauia 5'a 76 lt>0 do bM r 5000 Rradi (Mt?. b3 CI 100 Caaton Co 2?V 104)00 do Bond* 69 Si 75 do 29 V 6000 Ohio?'?, to, 99 50 do bM ?? 5000 do tVj ?iV ,7i d" UM do ??K ilo . do bM J9Vi ; 2o*)0 Iliiaoia fund ibie 41-4 100 Long Inland RR T7^ 7000 Indiana Bond* 4* 250 do pV 10 aha* Bank Com. lull 01 100 do btO I? 1. 1 5 Bank of Atnorica % 10m do *10 V\ i 10 Mech Bukr A mo 02 200 do bit V\ 100 *h* Mohawk atu 66 100 Harlem HH 43V I 18 do 66^ 425 do 44 I 101 Kaadiug KK M7. 50 do 43V 354 do 55 150 do 44)3 25 Nor It Wor RR 40* 450 do 44* Mtrond BouNL tlfttoo T'eaa Note* 6'? 10 ^ 54 aha Harlem RR, ?15 44V 10 Bk Com Scrip 93 J50 do 44*? , 250 ahaa Heading RR *15 55^ 50 do 441 "?? < ? MX 150 Nrrk Wor RK 41 1 450 Harlem RR 45>? 100 do *3 40V M do blO 45* 100 do rto 4CiJ* ' J.? ?JV f < Farmera lw>au, W0 ? 4" . 44 41L RR hid 2?W ! 25 do b30 45 100 do b? 2? I 5? !0 50 Canron Co 29W ' ? ft 44 J 25Hn'nfcP, M'ya CopCo 11 fV*w Stock Eifhancc Sj-i-g^aB.,. ? ?w '!? 4? ? C 5ft .2 ft a %u"dFRR (r.i ? ? H"* SO Ilo lio i*Ji J? ' ? ?n 4?W M Lon* l?hud KR ? 27* 50 do bl 44V 50 do ?3 rV mo do c uy, it do blO T\ CITV TRADE BE PORT. New York, Stn udav Afternoon, Oct. 38. The market for flour continued about the iim?, with modemt J amount of Bales. There continued to be a fair demand for the East, but email vessels were eoaroe, aad henoe transactions were limited. There waa more doing In wheat, and a fair fcamount of galea waa made consisting chiefly of Ohio and (ieneiee at full prioes. Sale* of corn were made at yesterday's quotations, while there waa some better feeling in th" market. Rye continued firm. Sales of meal were made at full prices. I Oats were steady at yesterday's rate*. Sales of mess ! and prime pork were made at yesterday's prices. The market for groceries presented no new features. Ashkk?Pots were worth $0 36 a ((3 50, with small j sales Pearls remained steady at (8. bio:*d?tc> rs?Flour?Sales of 3 to 3000 barrels of new i Oswego and Genesee, in several iota, were made at $0 60 to $ti 36^ a $6 6300 do. straight brands new Genesee. sold at $6 63 KI t>*0 do, Michigan do, sold at to 60 to $6 56,S,', and 300 to 400 Illinois (extra) sold at $7 ? Southern continued in light supply, and Howard street and Georgetown were nul l at $0 to $6 76 Meat? Sales of 60 hhds. Brandywlne were made at $17 60; 400 do, New York, sold at $3 35, and 800 do. New Jersey, including 600 at $3 60, and 300 at $3 37)? Com?Sales of 0 to 8000 bush, of Western mixed were made at 73 to 71 cts; 5000 do aold at 73>f eta, delivered; 3000 do sold, to arrive, at 74 cts: 3600 do. common, Western mixed, sold at 73 ota, and 6000 to 0000 do, yellow, at 75 cts Irheat ? A Hinall sale (300 bushels) of tieneaee waa made at 14^ ots For another lot, larger in amount, 118 cents waa offered and refuaed. 5000 do Ohio sold at 136 ota: 1600 do.mixed Genesee,at 140 cts, and 8000 do Ohio at 135 cts Rye? Sales of 1300 bushels were made at 93 ots MarUy ?The market ooi^lnued firm, with small aales at full prices. - Oats?Sales of 4000 to 6000 bushels were made at 48 ots. Receipts down the Hudson Rivtr, Octohtr 33<f. Hour 10,900 barrels. Corn 1,300 bushels. Rye 1.800 * Camdlks.?'The market remained Bteady at 33 ota. Cokkkk.?The market oontiuued quiet. The atook of Kio wax reduced, and new, if in market, would commaud 7>? a 7*4. .There was no change in other descriptions. Cotton.?During the last two days holders have supplied the market so freely, that prices hare been (oroed down a full cent and a half on the Cambria's news. The sales to day, whioh were full '2000 bales, were at rates, 11 anything, still lower, particularly on the lower styles; middling uplands st-lllng at cts.; good mid ling *X to 9 cts ; and fair uplands 9\i' ota Cottons over fair, have been less freely offered. The purchase) hare beeu again chiefly for export, and for the continental ports Fi?h.?Rales of 2100 quintals of dry ood were made at $3 56X a $3 6-JX There was none left afloat unaold Mackerel?Hales of 600 a 800 bbla were made, including No l'a at J>8 a $8 35; No 3'? at $0 73 and No. 3'a at $5 a $0 25. Herring were quiet. Fruit ?Sales of '2600 whole boxes of raialaa were made, by auotlon, at (2 30; 500 half do at $1 10,and 2*00 quarter do at 60 a 62>? cents, 4 months. They were '*1. Cleinets," brand. 30 bbla or abont 4 tona of dried apples were sold at 4 ota per lb. Hemp ?Sales of about 100 bale* of Amerioan dew rotted were made at $160 per ton. Lead ?The last sale was made at $4 60; holders, however, were asking a figure more. faoLAiict.?Sales of Cuba were making in a moderate j way at 29 cts ; Muscovado de at 39; St Croix we quote at 37 cts. Naval Sronr.s?Sales of 3000 barrols raw turpentine were reportcd yesterday afternoan at (3 37)^ a (3 AO; Wllmlngton rosin waa worth 760, and North county 6O0 a 65c. Oilj.?Linseed?The market for English was some less firm to-day, and it was offered at 67o a 58c. City pressed Amerioan was worth 61o a 03o cash, at which I I AHf) irallnna wuru unlit OhU -. -* -- I oording to quality. Whale and nperui remained lirui. wiille manufactured remained firm. Olive wu Arm at at $1 10. Provisions ? Sales of abeut 600 barrels men* pork were made a $15, and 100 deliverable within 30 dayi, seller* option, $14 60; prime wag worth $10 60, $10 tU>{ a $10 75. according to amount and quality. Beef? There were sales of beef bams reported on private terms. Lard ?Sales 100 barrels were made at 10c. flutter?Sales were making at previous prices? 60 packages choice quality New York new, sold at 17o a 18o. Cheese?Sales of 600 a 600 boxes Herkimer dairies, were made at 7>{ Rice?The stook continued light, and buyers were waiting for arrivals. We quote new at $4 37)5 a $4 75 Sugar.?Sales of OOalOo hhds. common Muscovado were made at 614c. There wat nothing done in box sugars. Skkd?Clover was worth 7>ic, and realised $31 per ton. Tallow?We note sales of about 10,000 lbs. at 100. Twn.ii < o?Sties of 000 bales of Cuba were made for export on private terms We annex the usual statement exhibiting the prioes, sales, receipts, and stock ou hand, with sales by auction for the week ending this afternoon Sold aloe? Sold by Vricu. lAii wftk. on A and. auction K-otocky. Virginia and N. Carolina,. 3){to 8)? 1 in hhds. 4333 hds ii hds Ky t\\ 7X 6X* 7> Maryland and Ohio. ? ? 38 hds KndsKv 4*% Connecticut aeed,.. 6 to 15 ? 22 c? truiuylv&jiui teed,. 7 to 16 ? 88 c* ? Florida, 5 to 60 ? 130 cs ? tiavauti 25 to 87>? 97 bis. 83 bis ? IS a a Cuba 15 to 30 *00 b!s. 1259 bis. 337 ble US. I6J< Vina J5 to 45 lOflbli, ? ? ftP'omingo ? ? 185 bis. ? The public sale of Kentucky Tobacoo, which took lilaoe yesterday. Indicates a downward tendency. The tr*n?Hciions during the week have been small. market continued dull at Mo. for N W. tt 111 h k m cuuiinueu urm kl 0*C. ID DDtH. IDOUgQ wv he*rd of no sales of moment. Freights?Mneese was taken for Liverpool at 'J5i ? The rate* for flour, grain and cotton remained nominally the name. To Havre, cotton was taken at >ic. TKLKOKAPI11C, Baltimore. Oot. 18, P. M?Flour?The market remained unchanged, and prices steady. Hales of 4000 bbls. Howard street, were made at fO AO. Wheat?Sales of '2000 bushels were made, consisting of Maryland red . at 130 a 131c. White was worth 14?e. itye was firm, with an upward tendency. Meal?The market was firm at $3 61>? Corn was Arm and without ehange in prioes Provisions were steady at previous prices. Freights unchanged. Albany, October 23d P. M.?Flour?The market continued doll at (0 37X a $6 '>0, for Oswego and Genesee brands. Wheat?No sales were reported. Corn?Sales of 3.000 bushels were made, consisting of western mi ted t at70ots. Rye was firm whiskey-Hales were making at 31 ots Barley?Sales of 3.000 boshels were m*de at 81 ets. The market closed firm Receipts by eanal during the preceding 14 hours were as follows :-Flour, 6,000 barrel*; oorn, 4,000 bushels, barley, U.OOO do. Freights?No alteration. Boitok, Oct. 38? P. M.?Flour?The market con tinued steady, and we note sales of about 1000 bbls at $6 H7K a $7, including new brands Oenesee, Oswego, fcn. The market closed without animation. WheatNo sales. Corn?Salea of 5000 bushels were made, ineluding western good mixed, at 76o : and yellow at 78o Oats?Bales of S00<) bushels were mule at A3c. R*e wan firm Wkliki; ramlmd the iimt Moderate sales Jork making without material change in quotation* relghti continued the Mm*. (T?leTraphio Correspondence of Philadelphia Bulletin ] PirThneno, Oct. 22.?Thar* urn Ave and a-half feet water In the channel, to day Flour la at previous rat"' and demand quint. Holders of wheat do not maintain the flrmnOM exhibited in the middle of the weak, anil lien are making at 87c toOlc. u per quality Corn continues scarce, and Is worth 40 to 4.1 emit*. Oats anscarce, with an export demand at 26 to 28 cants fir government uses. Provisions about the s*me ?bacon h?-1Iln? *t Hl^c for hams, 7Hc to 7\c for sides, and B^'o to 6','c for shoulders Barrelled meats, unchanged Oroorriee quiet?Rio ooffee, 8){o to 8j^s ? New Orleans sugar, 7^o to 7,;o ? Inferior and prime molasses. .1.1 Xe. to 34 s. Whiskey, 20e to 21a Cheese, 6,^o. to 8Xe. Cincinnati. Oot. 23.?Flour market unsettled at about 9>4 7ft, the supply rather moderate Provisions in very limited request, at mueh changed rates. Sales whiskey, at lfto. to Ifl^e. Comment, $1 7ft. Cheese, flSio. ('rime New Orleans sngar, 7c. Molasses, 34o. Married, On Thursday evening Oct. 21st, by the Her. George Benedict. Mr. Hasman O Hwirr, to Miss CtTHtlisi Smitii. eldest daughter of John Smith, Ksq , all of th.s olty. Died, f?n the 23d instant, after a lingering illness. Amelia I.r.\vn, wife of William l.ewls, aged 21 years, ft months and 7 days. Her Mends are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clook. i. ?'i.. j.j lji mfc-li Hi in i On the Md instant, Mr?. Miuob? J. Pontn, wifc of Dr. H. H. Porter. Relative* and frindc, and aiao the uunbtri of Empire Lodge, No 7. A. O. of li. F , and the order In gene r*l, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late reeidenoe. Ml East Broadway, this day, (Sunday.) at 9 o'clock. P M. On the IStb Instant, Mr* Rkbecca Uvi.litrb, of Bo*ton. aged 7tt. WANTED.?A youuc man or lad tbal cao open ov*teie readily and do all otntr work oeceuay about au Orater Haloon. To ??cb an one, steady employment will be given. Apply to <7 Weit ilttet oM Ifm WANTED IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE?A ttroog j 1 and healthy boy, from 14 to 15 years Mid, and residing ] with bia family. Noue used call who >i? not able to furnian ' f the hot of eicy reference*. Apply between the hoar* of 12 and 1! o'clock, at N.i Ho William ?h?-ct, up stair* o?3:it'rc b WANTED?FURNISHED APARTMENTS.-A r??pec- ? table family is desirou* of obtaining felly fnriii*hed apartment*, in the upper part ol Broadway, They will require a aitting room, two bed rooms, and board for three, and ennui; or they would engage furniched apartment*, a* above, with a kitchen, cooking utrnsils, Sir., and accommodation* for an ad- ' ditional servant. Addre** ' B," Herald olficr. oS3 3t r?_ | Notice to the delegates to the hekkimer MA"8 CONVENTION?Arrangement*hare heeu'made with the Haiiroad t'uuipauie* to carry Delegate* from Albe?y to Herkimer and back 'or $3.15 iu first class pa** i>ger car* ( ?jbr.ut half the u*nal fare. The delegate* from New Yora and along the river are intlnd'd in tbia arrangement. An extra train will leave Albany Teesday at 7X o'clock, A.M., ami return ?t the close nf ibe Convention. oil tfrc TO Mr ROH iNTH. BROKERS, lie.?A young, Oentleman, lately arrived from <.uiope. wi hr* to obtain a situation in oneofine above office*. Ca? have unexceptionable re- ' erencea irom rn* iaa; aitua'ion. auk ru A. B., neraiu umcr. otl Sf re . SH \K8PEARE HOTEL?IN VI I'ATION BALL.?The , Proprietor* of the Hhak'Peare Hotel invite their friiuda , to attei.d ttieir Hull of the llth ii*t- Tickeia at the Bar. A* tliia ia their second Invitation Ball of the H/aaoi^t'ie Pio- , prieiort Teel mured that their ctiioot Tail to Kive aatial'? rt OW. o24 It* rrc Lost.?Lett, on Saturday moruiug laat. lu one ot the Water Cloieia of the City Hall a Oold I ever Watch, No. 5i?6. and g Id eab'e chain. The liuder wilt be liberally rewarded bv returning th? aaine to the County Cletk'i Office. Pawtibrolte.a are rei|>ie>ted ta (ite notice, ahould the uitne be offeied for tale o? If rrc MUfl. AUElMDK C.SWIKT, reaidence No. SI Woo*ter atreet, reapeeifully takea thia method ol' informing her frienda that aha haa temporally left the City of New York, expecting to return again in a fortniKht. ot4 It* rrc TINCTURE PRESS?Suitable for druKKiau' uae, on hand. Price 975. Manufactured mid for aale bv ot4 7trc K HO" h CO-. 2'J and 31 Oold at. rpo BOuk BINDERS?A Stamping and (iildiug Pteai M. ?A new and improved article, to work by ateam power or treadle, manufactured and for aale by nM :t'c R. HOE k CO 29and 31 Oold ?t. NO MISTAKE IN YOl'Nti I'llYSIi;?- Trillinidii "of Young Pliyaic, ur Chruuuthermal Facta."? lu thia little work the Old -chool of Medecii.e ia c> uricted of the moat in errora lit the treatment ol all doeaaea. The old reinedira (aa prescribed) a-e ihown to be worae than the diaeaar. The uew mode takea like wildfire, and carrieaall before it? Truth ia mighty and moat prevail. Price cenra tingle, (4 per hund ed. LEVI-ON. o24 It*rrc 'Do Cha'hain af>eet. APPLICATION OKKlUE?Kor obtaining lUitable Intro ductiona for Marnaue Houra fur ladieato apply?(with a lady iu attendince)?from 9 A. M. until 4 P. M. i Houra for gentlemen to apply, from "t until 9}4 P. M Communication*, wi'h e <1 name, (noat Paid,) will reeeive promp attention, and be treated confidentially. 024 If rc A. U. kilb Y, 13 White at/j. MN8. BENJAMIN'S HLURKVS CLOTHINO EfT ABLISHMENT. 493 Broadway.?Mrs. B. reapectfully infirm* the Ladiea of New York and ita vicinity, that ahe lini opened an aaaortme t ol' Children'* Clothing, of the ureaeut faahioiiible atyle Ladiea aud iufanta' liuen of every deacrip- ) Hon made to order. Alao ladiea1 and child'en'* cloaka and vizntea inide at the aliorteat notice. ? adiea finding their own { maieriala can have them cut and made on the moat rexaonable terina. N. B. Coatumea received direct from Pari* every month. Six apprenticea wanted immediately ojO Jfrc GEN I'LEMEN'S CAST OKK CLOTHINO WANTED ?Oeutlemen or familie* having auy clothing*, tire anna, jewelry. Sic . which ihey wi uld convert into caali, will obtaiu j 24 per cent more than from any other dealer, by aeudiug for the , aubacriber, who will attend them at their reaideucea hv appointment. H. LEVETT. I Office No 2 Wall atreet. corner oi Broad war. A line through the post olfice or otherwise, will receive j prompt attention. o29 3t*rc_ PUR* MHKD ROOMS DOWN TOWN.? Gentlemen r cesirous to secure pleasant apartments forth* winter, are respectfully mjuested to call at No. 9'J Cedar itreet, where the proprietor will cudeavor to make them comfortable, iu every respect. N B.?Meals, according to Bills of Fare, served at aay time. ojo:)??in | VfO 1"I<;(..?The miuaaeri of the TtllnTLJC BfcNtVG- 1 La LENT ASSOCIATION, respectfully aunouuee that their first Ball for this seaam will t*kc place at Castle U>rden on Thu'sday evening, December I6lh. P.irticular.i in future a>>eit<?ements. By order of the Committee. c203t*m A. CAMKRON. Secretary. UNlVfcKBlTtf OK NEW FORK-^The Introductorv j Lectures to the Wint-r Course, iu the Medica1 Depart met of the University, will commence on Monday the 2ith in?t.. at T o'clock P. M., on which evening Dr. Mott will deliver an eulofium on the late lamented Professor Reveio. The frieuda of Dr. Revere, the profession and public, are respectfully invited to arteud. The Introduewy Lectures will take place each evening at the same hour, iu the followiug order. Dr. VTott on Mondav. Dr. Paine on Thursday. Dr Pattison ou Tuesday. Or. Badford on Friday. | Dr. Dickson on Wednesday. Dr. Draper on Saturday. By erder of the faculty, JOHN W. DRAPER, ORttn'll Secretar*. Newspaper ebtablismecnt koh siLt.?a country newspaper establishment, (including its subscription list, printinf materials, and all the effects of the office, w th its goodwill,) ia offered for sale, for cash, at a bartain. It is an administration paper, and has beeu established ttuee years?enjoying a good subscription list, and the advertising and job work patronage steadily ou the iucreaae. Any one wishing to purchase rati learn further particulars by addressings note to " Ezekiel." U 8. Hotel. Noue need ap'ly unless they have the caali for payment, and at least $I.MM)ol that New York City. Oct. IS. 1847. ol7 ltt*rrc tifrfZ HE WARD?Lost, to-day. (Friday, 22d,) going Iroin fl)" 39Broadway to 67 White street, corner of Broadway, n Lady's Wold Lepine Watch, with steel chain, inside of thr it- .L- r..n? 1- - .i ?. Chtrlea a !llelanie, May, ltd, Jacquin, ^'?ri? " The tinder will be liberally rewarded by returuiug it to Mr Urij>oo,67 White atreet. o23 3t*rc PLAVORINO EXTRACT8.-A ol the well knowa Extract! of Vanilla, Lemon, Peach, Sic , for flavor ing Ulanc-Mange, Jellica, Confectionary, Ike. Kor aal? wholeaale and retail at DELLlIC k UO.'B, Apothecaries aud t'hemiata, o23 2tia?rc i lark Kow mdS8l Broadway. ECONOMY?A auit of toiled clothea cleaned, dreaaed aud preaa<d. ao aa not to alt?r the aet. Cloaka, cleaned or dyed. LadieaHilk Dieaaea, dyed and watered, at tl. Woolleu dyed, from tl to SI 50. B roe he Shawa. cleaned-. Velvet* cleaned or dyetl; Carpeta cleaned, from 6L? to 10 ceutaj>er ( yard; Blacka altered to other colo-a *o23 3t?m T. SMITH, 70 Allen it. B<LL DRESSES AND EMBROIDkiHIES?Ceter Rob etta, 371 Broadway, wonld reapectfally invite the attection of ladiea to hia atock of embroidered mualin and lace d/eaaea, mualin aud lace capes, collara. chemiaelts bertliei. scarfs, barbbea, and cuffs, tape oorter, hemstitch, revierre and embroidered cambric hai.dkerehiefs. infant's robes, frock bodies and caps, black lace veila, and ladies' trimmed and untrimmed embroidered mualin and lace capa, having been bought at auction, will be anld much below tlie coat ol importation. i Thrr id and imitation lacea of every description: children!', 1 I idiea, aud ineu'a hosiery ;*merino anil ailk veit MM UlWIIlJi 1 Itrent v inetv. oM I4f rc ' D KB Tit which may be contracted by llie crew of the ] Kreuch baik Camille, will uot be uaid b V the Canfain nor the consignee! oin :ltrc J CAST OKh (; LOTH IN O AN D H/HNITI/Hfc WANT ' KL>.?Ladies and Gentlemen having any east off or super- < tluous clothing or furuiture to dispose of, can obtain a fair rash price for the same, hy sending a note, or by calling on the sab- i scriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. H. UK BOKK, 7IH Canal street, op stairs. N. B. Ladies can be ntteuded to by Mrs. Oe Boer. Old atock and job goods bought, of any description, and , *moant a2Hlt*rr I WINUOW HHADIC8 of e?ery description and mutiny ' cheaper than at any other establishment id tlie United i States, for aale wholesale aad retail, at 1 JOHN If. DU NCKER'8, StrhiihaBi corner olC' amber street, anHVIt?re N?i? York MONKY LENT?The highest prices advanced in Urge an'* small sums on gold and silver watches, diamonds, i plate, jewelry, furniture. clothing, dry goods, lie. lie. JOHN M. UAV IKS? Licensed Pawnbroker. 233 William street, near Dnan*. Parson received in private office by ringing the bell. ^ o22 I2'*" RHKUMATISvl?Chronic and li.llammatory? lit. Christie's Oalvauic Rings. Bands, Belts, lie., are a positive < cure for this agonizing complaint mall if stages. A few h ur? aie snftirimt to core-eceut cases and a few days the most >? vere. Only agency in New York 112 Broadway. N? druggist or Hmg ?ror? ha? D' '"h'i?ti?'s genuine articles. o22 6f*ic Wv.N l'KI> I VlMKUIATKI.Y?One huudred respectable and intelligent uim, to act as age?ta or canvassers tor ' vV<lson's Tales of the Borders," ihe first number of this the most thrilling nd interesting work ever ia?ueil from the American press being now teady. Terms liberal. Mej of the , stamp, wishing permanent employment. will find i' to then advantage to call and judge lor themselves. Per ons re ............ ?b?>kc, ? wnniDf me laiea," uy remit iiik one dollar or more, (|>oitare paid) caa have one number foiwarded bv mail erery ten d 171, antil tl>e amount remitted i> exhausted. All communications matt be addressed direct to the publisher, ROBERT T. SHANNON. 1 o211t*rc HINmhii meet. New Yn'k. | 'pO MEttCH ANT TAlLOhS.-Just received, * fi..e ?. I I. sortment of Buekskins, in rich and new patterns : alto, * 1 f-w cues of fine blick Cloth. For sale cheap, at 173 Water 1 street upstairs. oil |f?m BOAKD1NO.?fcienl Single Oentiemen, or Oentleiuen ! and their wive*,cau be accommodated with pleasant room furnished, on application at 74 Mercer street. References ritlianeed n>| }>?rrc l^OK 8ALtu?Two Billiard Table* with eyery thin* coir.- , 1- pleie and 111 good order; loraale cheap for Mali. Enquire ' of.Mr O'CONNOR. W Anu street np nuirt ofj Irerc BOOK-KnErIN(T T\UQHT-ln" a ill rough practical > 111 inner, ai HF.NVILLE'S initiatory Cfltintiag rooms. No. I? Wall street Each stndent is separately instructed and en- ? abled ?o take charge 01 a set of books with perfect confidence in hia ability to adapt himself to eyery requirement of real business. Writing of erery description done. Complicated " accounts arranged Open evenings. nt2IIr*re OVKl'M?200 bales machine oakum for sale by ~ J. N. PHILLIPS. ?i i*ike Blip. , oil Jt*m Between Hou'h and Water streets N~EW YGRK~~~HaVRK AND PAHr8 EXl'HKM I AGENCY ? Packages, letters, samples, orders, fcc , k ? , J to h? forwarded by the En-neb steamship M'ss >nri, to sail for J H ?vre, direct, on the tith instant, will be received at No. 14 , Wall street. Charges m>derat?. and the ntmost despatch en- ? aured. HVl.VOSTON. W^LLS It CO. otl Iflirc ? EECHE8 ' LEE< . H'.8 !?10,000 Hweedish and Oeiman *' Leeches just received aud for sale by J. K. CLEU, im- 0 p..rt?rof Leeches. No. 7 John street. P. 8. Country orders particularly attended to. u2l Tl'm ALAKWb and eligibly tittiaied Billiard Hooni, lor rpi.r f sale, in Philadelphia F.?r particulars enquire of J. II v. Kurd, at the American Hotel, in this city, from 9 to 10 o'clock, c A. M , 111111I 2Vb mat. ____ 0,1 "*,n h RAYONS FAHEK?All kinds, juaf received, and lor * J sale by O. liEnHON It Co., n oil llt*rh M Mat4?n Lane J Leather bindinofor machinery-The aubacribera, finding mnchdilicnlty in procuring a satisfactory article of leather beifi for their own use, have commenced the r\ mannfactnre of them, and are prepared to execute ordenco any J eneut in that line. Ail the leather used by them is Jreaaed F and prepared to their order, expressly for the purpose. The tc belts are all warranted to give perfect satisfaction ai All Mfrre It HOE it CO.. 29 anil II I Jold -freer tr SECOND HAND FURNITURE AND CLOTHINO " WANTED?Ladies and Oentlemen having any snper- ^ riuoiis or cast off Clothing, Furniture, or Carpets, lie., to dis- t] pose of. can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending J for the subscriber at liis residence, or a line through the Post ri Office will be punctually attended 10. at . , M. 8. COHEN, G9 Dnane st. w Ladies can b? attended to br Mrs. Cohen. N B ?Old stock ot job good* bought to tay amount. 04 l?*n M ^SHKfl^HD^Stud Mutch lot lUM will coim off on October JJth, at I o'clock, r. Tore* mil* heats I* harness, n But names b h Waahmtflon. Q.Tappeu ' br.n AJinaek. AI?o,?m*tch, mil* heats 10 harness, for tKO J. Hemicu nstnea ;li K Vliufn. " b. h. Wm Pendercast. N B ? Vdmisaion to all parts of the Court?, io r??ts. "?* 4ije JQtlL CON KUN Proprietor *? - <t I'NION COlJttS>., L. I ?WILL) ^ M - N is DAY. Ocl. rth.-Purw ?40. ^flKvKS^LT mil* heats, beet I in S, In harness Irer tor horses that ue?er wou purse i?p; that amount. dime Dat?Purae $23, mile heats, beat 1 in J. in harness, ree for all horaea tliat never won purae over that amount. Kntriea to be made at Urean ft Bevins', on Monday evening, >v 9 o'clock. Three or mora to make a race, and two to nart. >t> 4t*rc t* - UNION COl'HBK, L. 1 -Tliun-day. O'tobei ttlh, all o'clock, f. M., -JpgaBMwK7**-SlT1* match for litre hundred dollar*?two ^gU32^2^^^^^^^mile haata in harnaaa. David Bryan wines (. m. Lady Bulolk. _James Wh^lpley namea br. m. Lady Sutton. o22 ?t*r* ??l . KittKJtaiUK'a (TArl'tttHALE'a) HKAVK /Ai^r>POWDti.K9 ?During thia changeable and nnaemsl weather, which heralds tha approach of winter, uke care of > our horaea aa wall aa yourselves. If, a diy after 1 h\rd dri'e, or exposure to inclement weather, ihibits a tendency te wheel* or coach, stands in a contracted jjailion, with drooping bead, atreteh** himaelf immoderately >r movesstilBy. do uothaauat* to administer, immediately, a [isw dxaea of the Taitaraall'a Heart Powders, and you will tare youraelf and animal a good deal of trouble. The powlera will cure the wnrst cough or cold promptly, will permtimaneuily t-mrticnie heaves, and are, also, from their alterative nd detergent propeities, aa putent lu cattle a* sirsaparilla 1a m ihe humm race, to remove impurities of the blood and predispositions to disease. A. II UOUUH ft CO., Wholesale and Retail Druggists, 149 h'ulton street, proprietors for U, 8 ; also fnraale hv tl. W Mill h-n mil A ? * otOSfr'c "" , NATIwNaL ML'skl'M.?Major Tom Thumb uot a ! Tagcircumstance to Archy's, J Jotiu street, where the little I VIEl warblers can be seen tail heard iu their original parity. I Aichy's Museum now comprises the mut rare ao?l varied selectiou of fancy and singiug Birds he ha* ever been enabled to offer. Alio, faucy aurt rare breed King Charles Span- | ieN, Scotch and fedUglish Terriers, Italian Grey Hounds, aud 1 every variety ol Newfoundland and limiting dogs Pheasants, lancypidgeoiis, rare and valued barn door fowls, Ike , hi-., lie. N. B? Bird eages, seeds, and his treatise of the feeding aud mmagemeut of nirds constantly on hand. As he ii the only importer of Shetland Pomes, he has the only variety tkat can be obtained of pure blood. Letters postpaid will at all titter meet with prompt attention from A. Greive, J John street. Hi? foreign correspondents will please to observe tint he will gladly reciprocate any favors they may be pleased to grant, and cash will at all times be paid for all rare or dead birds or animalt. ati John atreet. New York. oU litre | A V-W MOKK MtN ARK WANTICU BY H. L-. THISTLE, late Captain in the Florida war. he is going to Menco with his light battery, mounted upon horseback. No man need apply unless he is m every restxet qualified as nereiu described. He must be a first rate hnrsemau, exper' iu using the ride, come highly recommeuded in relation to hu moral character, and inuit submit to at strict discipline us is enforced iu tne regular army. Kor farther mfotimtiou, apply at the office of R. HcO.Vff, Ei<| , No 6 Coenties slip, op stairs. "22 3t*m M COTTAGE WANTED?A small ueat cotuge,.r a small rent, in the suburbs of ihe city, by a tenant ol the lirst class, f mily of three only Rent promptly pud, sua premises kepi iu good repair. Address X. at this office. "21 It* rc MTO B VGUEKKEOTYPISTS?A room just lilted np lor Uagoerreoty pe pnrpohi's, with every advantage, s for rent. Inquire 411 Broadway, 3d story, frout room. mi It* a FuR sal.i3-RaR*. chance?The rtook a..d fixtures of an Oyster Saloon. 449 Broadway Said 8 . Xj&loo i lias been receutly titte.i up iu the be<t style, aud is ii w uoiug a good aud resiK'-lable business The pieseut proprietor haviug taken a hotel, will aril thr whole or part of the lixtures, and give imuirdiate possession. Rent low. and evarv thing on hanu to do business with. Apply at Saloon from 10 A.VI uii'll II t'.M. ot3 It*rc MTU,LH'.?Two large mid one small io?in.oQ the seconii lloor of house No. 83 Nasstu street. The rooms are all well lighted, and iu complete order, being newly l>apeied and painted, Entrance direct from the street. Tb?.'V ire well situated for public basinesi, bar, readiug, or billiard room*, or for any light manufacturing business, sales room, Sic., being one of the business location! in the c>ty. Alio.t kt.ithe basement ; it is one hu.dred and five feet deep, by twenty wide, aud it wall lighted. Apply 92 Nassau street, or, October IS, 1817. 0l86t*rc a FO# SAL K ? An established Leather and Kindiug Store, well situated for trade, there beiug no busiueu of (he kind witliiu ball a mile: and uow doing a liroliuble city aud country cash trade. The present owner will be obliged to leave the city toot time neit mouth Any person with small meaui, aud desirous of ratering iuto a tale sad profitable bimnen already established for some years, will do well to adtlres* " M," tti? oflficc, for particulars?terms will be made t.. suit. o2JJt?tc M i>;uk nALH OH He.NT. IN flit'UlWOf Pjf BALTIMORE.?A large, commodious and centraily XJ^situated Katiog and Drinking House. Attached u a U<?c ind peasant yirdcn ut (lowers, shrubs, irhora, lie. &c.? The houne lias been newly done up, paiuted and papered, and is limited in the very centra of the cur. *od is well calculated for a Club House, having many large, cjtnmodions and airy rooms, suitable I'oi billiards, lie. The location and construction makes it unequalled as an Rating and Drinking House, and an lcc Cream Garden in the summer. The proprietor has been doing a large and profitable buaiueas for the year past, aud with proper management, we believe may be largely increased. For particulars, enquire uj letter (d st-paid) of o2l It*re J. STORM, Baltimore. Md. jii MANSION HOUaJfi. CHAKLfc8TO.>,8.C.?.Vlrs, DAVIS begs leave to announce to her friends aud visi^iHateik to Charleston, that extensive additions and improvemeuts having beeu made to her House, daring the last summer, she is now prepared to offer such accommodations aud comfoita aa she trusts will fully meet the wishes of those who may favor her establishment with a visit. The improvements consist of an elegaut and spacious dining room, weil aired and well ventilated, ou Queen street, suita ol apartment* for large or small families, und single rooms, all witli piazn* fronting the south, aud hot and cold baths in the establishment. Meeting ami Queeu street*. and offer* great advantage to families and gelinleuieu of leisure aa well ax those engaged iu busiMU Mrs. D. flatters herself that her arrangements for the supply of her table (both at home and occaaioually from the north) a. well as theaitention aud general good attendance at the House, will he found such as to give eutire satisfaction. <.21 >2f rc MTOLKT KOR THE WINTER.?A suit of l.audsoine apartments, cousistiug of two parlors on first floor, with three bedrooms with closeti and pantries, and private tables and attendance. The house m replete with modern improvements, with hot, cold, and ahower bathi, and lighted with gas throughout. The situation ia pleasant and respectable,being but the second block from Broadway, eaat aide. Hooms now ready for inspection. Enquire at 517 Houston street^ _ ol??t*rc TO LET.?Two dwelling houses at Oreenpoint, soitHTJw able for small genteel families, one mile from the WilXjflLliainsbuigh ferries,, on the Ravenswood and Astoria turnpike road. Rent m dcate. Apply to Charles Paget, 7i and 77 Nassau street, or, Wait It Provost's grocery store, near the premises. <>UI2i*in ljmL KOK SALE CHEAP OR EXCHANGE?The two story and atiic brick House and Lol iitnated on the jCsHLiiortnerly side of Twenty-first street, between the 2d anu 3(1 Avauues, and knownas No. 8 in the row Apply to E H. W INTER, 31 Wall tt., over the Mechanics' Bank. ol2 I2t*ih a ro Ca PI J'ALlsTS.?KOM. SALE.?The House and Lot, No. 65 Eighth Avenue, between Greenwich Avenue and Kourteeeuth street, with a store underneath, iicupied by an upholsterer. Also, Seven Houses and Stores in Greenwich Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, now rented fir crockery, hardware, millinery, drygoods, fancy, tailors, ind aiiothrcary stores, to good tenants. The situation is very lesirable in consequence of there being an open space in front Hinilarto' hathsm Square Also two Lou iu Kourteeenth st lear the Eighth Aveuue, up'>n which money will be loaned iowarda building Apply to G. H. WINTER, II Wall street. >ver the Mechnnics' Bank. oil I2t*rh M PKINCK'S LINNACXN BOTANIC GMtUEN ub a > u pi i> i\<3, rbuonmii.-fflLLlAW It ?JC PRINCE k CO., aucceaaora of Win Prince, nod aulr iropiietors of hia great collectioo of Kniit Tr?ea. have juat julilialn-d their New Descriptive Catalogues U6(h edition,) [ratta, at ( lark k Aus'.iu's, 201 Broad ?ay The assoitmrut i.f rees and shrubbery, rosrs, dahlias, bulbous roots, he., is the luest in the Union. Froit treea ran be aupplitd of the la-grit Urnainanul trees, 12 to 20 Teet in height, and Evergrreu rees, 8 to 14 fert, and at 25 per crntlris lhau the usual rates. Orders promptly executed and iwarded aa deaired. 022 2t"rc ______ -fri? U'' I' H BULHH. -The auhacnbers offer Nr aulr tli- >'ial aaaortment of Dutch Bulhom Hoota, oou mMm. I choice double and aingle hyacmtha, tulips, larcia iuila, aeria, gladiolua, crocus, lie. lie. Al>" e collection of grren jouae plants and girder ieed.1 li of choice (lowers at all seasons. 21 JU: 1 M.M" St THOMSON fi'J'j Broadway. POR M\LE? WEHTi;Hr STER LAND?At ftOO MS to (IM per ace. To gentlemen wishing sites for couutry <Jbksi'?ti, to market gapteners and all others in want of a lo:ation in the neighborhood of New York. 400 acres of land, at Westche.ter. within 9 miles of th? City llall. witi right of passing over Harlem Bridge, free f toll, lie offered at private sale, iu lots containing from i to M acres sach. The lands are within li minutes'walk of the Harlem Reload front on good roads, are in the neighboihood of school* in J churches of different denominations, the water iagood. aud ocatiou healthy. Tarma moderate. Title indisputable.? Warranty deeds, without any restriction or reservation will >e giveu Apply to OOUVEKNEUR MORHIH. Morriaiaua, Westchester enmty: or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, ol6 lit*re ronnsellT. 79 Nassau sr. New Yo'k. AUCTION NOTICE-8CHOONER ISBON. i^nVy?Hugceriy, Draper fc Jones will sell at auction, on iftttHhiThursdav. Oct. 21th. at 12 o'clock, at the Merahaata' f ich iu?e. the new schooner jsbou, about 1M tons bunhen, bui't -n Philadelphia in lli( *h? is well fittad in all respects | ind is ready for sea She is 77 fret la length. II feet oesm S I 10 feet hold, and is well calculated to take a large cargo I (ho I water. She now lies st the foot of Broome street, pier No. J7 East Rjaer, aud can he examined any time previous to the day of Terms?Caah. of approved paper at 4 months o*J 7t m FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louiaiaua and Sew York Line of packets?Very Reduced Ratea?PosifBKK tively ill* first and only regular packet to aiil on , '."'CJ V ^rt ** ?The new and apleudid fast sailing packet hip HAMUEL HICKS,Goodhue. maater. is now loading, and nil positively aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passag*. having h.indaome furnished arrow nodationa, apply on board, at Orleana wharf foot of Wall rreet, or to K. K. COLLINS, M Sooth street. Positively no freight will be received on board after Wed. icsday evening, Oetnber 17th A?rnt ii New Orleans, Mr. Win. Crterr, who will promptf for warn all goods to his address The packet a" in LOUISVILLE M Hn.i _:n eed the Samuel"llicki. and Mil "it her regnlar Hav r>a?hi Iff- KoR LTVNUON ? lingular racket of tho Ut No iM^Vvrrnhfr?Thr new una mignificent Parketahip GHfaYollKTOWN. burthen 1430 torn. W. H Keber, ?a*t*', will aail a? above her regnlar day. Her aceommodamn< fur cabin. aecnnd cabin,andateerate puiinim, are tin-nailed hv any ve??e| .n port, being very aimciona and well rntilated. Peraoua intending to embark, ahoold nvail thenip|ve?i f t>i? very favoraM? opp?rtu nty, by making application on board, foot of M id?n Lane, or lo IOHKPH McMURHAY, o83 l#t rc corner of Pine and Sooth ?treaf?. 3LON1NSKV* CALCULATING MACHINft ?Theae J rrtraordinary and wonderful machinei having bean juit nmplete-l, and the patent ill tugland and the United .Htalea avmg been lecnrtd, they are now offerrd lo the public for lie. They are the moat ingenivut invention of the age, and iu?t prove invaluable to thoae engaged in making op large imi, in-h aa aatrooomera. aa their accnracv k hevond a .iiibt Koatale by 8. 1. NEU8TADT k BAHNKTT, Old Ht*'C Patenteea, ?2 Maiden |.*na rHK U. H SCHOOL AOBNCY. K. H. WILCOX, Proprietor, No.i Beekman atreet, ' linton Hall.N T? irat claaa teachera who want employment, and all who with | i employ teachera, are reapectfnlly invited to patroniae the , [eney. Lettera of application ihoald give foil particular^ aa i fjnaliftraiion, fcc Terma moderate Wa have llie pleaire to refer to the editors of the N. V. Evangelist. Lettera mat tie post paid. pllHle*f I ro PARENTS ANI> liL'AMUIANS-Mutic taught oa , moderate terma by a lady who haa had conaiderable eip*. ( ence in teaching the piano: the haa given general ?at it fart ion, id can refer to families wbomshe has been lA the habit of chlaf i Terma threadollara per month. 1 A line-ddreeaad to Music. "> tho Hmld office, ahall be ? 4* to. ittWu'W Ptf??ST8ic'W4'^4E,A*l5~! iaa^^afjmxaa1 i^sr^s in, Mn. Abbott: JUsa Baan. Mrs. Dyott. ! Doors open U ?X o'clock Performance will conotata at 7 o'clock" QOWKRY THICATHJt?W jaceson, Maatui; stage D Manitr, Ma ?Monday ??e?i..? Ort. ttOi, .ill be Ie> formed th. drama of thar SlCA KINO'S VOWMercia. Mr. Bellamy; Wittikmd. Mr. Burke. Oartha. Mra. I ^eV.'^lo which, A WIFR'S FIRST LfcSSON-Cul Fraelore, Mr. J. H. Hall; Lad/ klitabath iieelote, Mr*. , ^oTonclnde withCROSSINQ THB LINK?Wouter Vou Worn ermaa, Mr. Burke; Kstelle, Mr* Jordan. Doors oi>en at <? o'clock aud the curtain will rue at 7. Boies M Cents; r? and (Jallery, 1>X Canta. C^HATHAM THKArRt-Uadertiie, Maaagamaa;i of Mr. J KLICTCHKR?stage Manager, Mr. *ddi*-Mpnd?v Keeniag, Oct. ii. will be presented, tba DL MB OIRL Of O E NO A?Strappado, Mr. De Bar; Jalietu, Miaa H. \ allaa. After which the (rand trial dance ol La Bayadere To which will be sdda* this (rand ballet of the SPIRIT Of THt FOl'NTAIN -Leolvn, the Spirit of the Foautaia, Mia* It. Vallee; Conrad, Mr. Oe Bar. To be followrd be a grand "Pas le Neapolitaln." To conclude with the drama of tba MILL OF RVLAND, or a Poor Girl's Story.?Oen. Markliam, Mr. Station) Admittance?Boxea *i centa; Pitt 12K cents. ITCHKLL'S OLYMPIC THJtATRE?Monday Kren ' lag. Oct. IS. the Derformare witb commence with tbe drams of JACOBITM^?John Duck, Mr. Holland; Lady Somerford, Mr?. H Jsherwoud. After which, NKW PLAN KT?The New Planet, Mary Taylor; Juno, Miss Hoberts: Venaa, Miaa Phillips. To be followed with bKB't'CHBS IN INDIA?Tom Tai>e, Mr. Holland; Bally ScrsKgs, Mias Mary Taylor; Poplin, Miss | Phillips. To cunclnde with the MY8TKR1UU* FAMILY?Narciaana Diffodil, Mr Ho lind; Lama, Misa Robeita. Doorsoprn at 6H o'c'ock. and the curtain will riae at T. MKCHAMCtt' HaLL, 471 Broadway, between Orand and Broome streets. OPBN KVKRY NIOHT. UNP*ttCKDE>T*D 8UCCK8S. Fourth Week of the Original CHRISTY** MINSTRELS The Oldest F.atablished Band ia the United States. E- r. CHRISTY. F-. PEIRCE. U. N.CHRISTY. C. ABBOTT. VV. PORTER. T. VAUOHfJ. whose oriaiual and luiaiilable coccerta are nightly honored with crowded aud hi|(hl y reapectable audiences,sad am veraslly admitted toeicel eyery amusement ol a similar eharaetar offered in this city. Admission 15 cents. Children under 10 years, half price Dnnrt nliam ?f ' ?111 B -?L " niuvuiuuimrnsii UCIOCK. 3111' , may be secured on application at the Hall, from <3 A. M. to :< ; P.M. For the accommodation of familiea, a concert will be ! given ou SATUBDlY AFTERNOON, Commencing at i o'clock, I'M. o34 7t*rc BARNUM'S A.MKKICAN MUSEUM ?K V ER V 1>AY AND RV?NiNO THIS W KKK, commencing Mauday, Oot.ll, 1147. ' I FIVE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY !! IN THE MORNING AT II O'CLOCK ! TWO IN THE AFTERNOON! At >? to 3 o'clock, and again at 4 o'clock, and two in the 1 evening, at 7 aud half-past I o'clock NO FREE LIST EXCEPT TH&, PRESS. Last week ol GENERAL TOM THUMB, who, to accommodate th? thousands of hia frieudi who hare deferred seeing h in till the laat momeut. will give FIVE PEH FOR.MANCE8 EV'ERY DAT, as above, at each of which be will appear on Kla CIO VIY CHAKOEH. he amalleat fall grown horse ihit ever lived! WEIGHING ONLY ii POUNDS ! which he has juat received aj a present Iron AN ENGLISH NOBLEMAN travelling in the Inland of Java. Every moraimc, at II o'clock, the General appears, in addition to the ab re, iu VARIOUS CH 4RACTERS AND COSTUMES, including hia Citizen'a Drem, Court Suit, worn before Queen Victoria, Highland Dreia, lie For ilie gratific-liou of children SIG VITO will also introduce hia beautiful ITALIAN FANTOi. CINI, or Dancjn* Mechanical Fignrea, rendering the Moruing the beat time for faimliea to atteud. At both the Afternoou and Evenly performances the little General gives hia exhibitions in his Citiieu'sand Scotch Dreaaea iu conjunction with other interesting and chute pertormaucea. The little General ia perfectly symmetrical in all hia proportions. intelligent and graceful beyoud b-li'l, and SMALLER THAN ANY INF\NT THAT EVER WALKED ALONE! The mMUiifteent Preaenta, Jewtla, lie., received from the Kinga, Qureua, ai;d Nooility of Europe, will be exhibited. This is positively the last time Gen. Tom Thumb will ever be seeu in New York, aa he proceeds immediately to New Orleans aud Havana, via, Charleston. Augusta. Savannah, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile aud the principal Southern Towna and Citiea. Hia beantifnl MINIATURE EQUIPAGE! Will perambulate the streets daily, and be aeen ia front of the Museum at intervals. GREAT WESTERN, ihe Yankee Comedian. PETE MORRIS, ivfiss BERNARD, he., Admission to the whole. 3} cents; children uuder ten years of age and old enough to wa'k alone. L3){ cents. SAMJ8, LENT* CO.'S Aiv!?HlC AN CIRCUS.?Thia elegantly equipped trou|?e of Equestrians, the la/neat aud most popular iu the United Stales, will make their first appearance in this vicinity on the 3td ia'. The Company comprises the following among the principal features ofthii exhibition : MAY FLY,the celebrated Euglish thorough bred danclug Horse. I Twin Poniea, DAMON and PYTHIAS, in thair antica and "Fighting Ponies, DEAF BURK and TOM SPR1NOS. I Fairy Steed CINDERELLA. The hiah bred uid beautiful thorough Arabian Polka Horse BUCEPHALUS. And the moat beautifully marked, lugklv trained, docile and sagacioua Lilliputian Troupe of 30 PONIES, all or which are for the firit time, presented 10 thia |>abl c. Prominent, and in bold relief to any similar exhibition ever presented to the public, stand the siren performances of MR R. SANDH. and his beautiful a*4 talented children, Maurice and Jesse, liirinniK a new school of Gymna?ue?, combined with a series ol' Classic Passes, Evolatious. Groupings, Tab eiui, and fights ol jKrial Graee, that will command the admiraUou of tlte scholar and poet, the painter and the sculptor. lu this act Mr. Haads aad his ch.ldreu hare no equals, and confidently defy comjietitiou. MASTER HERNANDEZ, the bold, dashing and elegant t juvenile equestriui, who is justly styled the Dacrow of Ameriei. Master WALTER AYMAR, second to none iu horsemanship for one of his years. Mr MOSELEY. the famous English scene rider, in a variety <>f graphic sketches on horsektck. Mr. RUGOLES, in his difficult and daring feats upon the Hying cord. CLOWNS?Meesrs. Peutland and Latham, the original merrymeu. whose jokes and witticism* hare been adopted by mast ol'their contemporaries HINO MAS PER?Mr. DeCamp. TOM THUMB?Par sarinatiug in novelty every thing in the shape of horse flesh, is the pigmy statd Tom Thuuib. A nuidiubfd of lllf mini n#rf?l?t nmnnvtlnna maaaiiMM 22,^ inchea in height, aud weighing but 41 pounda. T'hii i> I acknowledged by all th? amilleat pattern of a home ever i heard of. Theabov* will be eihibited M follow! :?Patterson, h riday i and Saturday, Oct. ltd and 23d; Newark 24th, 26ih and 27th. i Jeraey City Mth.1 AdiniMion 21 cent*. _ olSIOtrc APOLLO HOOM8.?VKNUS Dfc MKUIcT, BY THE MODEL ARTISTES ?One week longer?Dr. Collyer's personifications of paiutingandscalp'nre, by the MODEL AKTIsTEs. at the Apollo Rooms. 410 Broadway, will eoutinae for one week longer commencing on Monday eveniug, Oct. 2.1, when will be presented an eutire ne<*> series of colored group*, including the Paradise scenes Jepilia's Daughter. The Lute Player, the May Pole Dauce, lke ,hc , he, Aud on Tnesdny, Thursday, aud Saturday. a faithful representation of the celebrated statue of the Venus de Medici, with other groups Change of programme every evening, k'or particulars aee deacriptive programme every tvemoV. Tickets of admiaaion M centa. Tickete admitting a lady '?d gentleman 75 cents, to be obtained at the door. Doors open at 7, and iwraouilicationa commence at I o'clock oM7t*rc ' I NE WEEK LONGER AND POSITIVELY the LAMi. AT THE SOCIETY LIBKAHY. HIONOR BLITZ Bejs to state tiia- at the lolicitationa ol Ins numeroua frienda he will coutmu* hia performances of MAOIO AND VENTRILOQUISM, EVERY K.VENINO DURINO THE WEEK, Commencing on Mouday, Oct. 25. Chanie of programme nightly. Admiaaion 25 rts, childreu nnder 10 years of age, half prica. ' Dunra on#n at 7 n'rlnrk?rominrnrr ! 7^ \F~f~ Alternoou performance on Saturday, at 3 o'clock. oiii 7t?rc TABkllN A< LK.?Mr. DIHrSmi Second Or fin.1 Ballad Koteriainment will he gi?en at the Tabernacle ou *>Vedueaday eveuiug Oct 27ih nn wlncb occmioii he wi I aiug hi* origin ! Smiira?" Song of ludia>< Women." "The D?rk Kyehaa left u?;"" Thoae we o?e;'"'The Kaiuv- Day;" " What can an OM Man <1o but Die !' " Korgct Thee atepa of Angel*;" "The Dying Child "nd the Angel of De ith ' Song* of Burn*?'"Poortith '"anld;" "Highland Mary;" "Mary iu Heareu;" and "Duncan Gray." To conclude with hia popular t aobita, " The May t^uceo," in three part*. ft"7" Ticket* 50 cent*. with programme* Tube had at 'heMnaic Storea, of Mr Dempater,at the New York Hotel, and at the doora in the evening. Door* open M befoie 7 o'clock; to comment* at half pa?t7 o'clock. _ ol) it re PUBLIC EXHIBITION OK BHOWN'g PAINTING!). ?Heroea of Palo Alto, Reaaca, Monterey and Bnena Via- I u, will h? exhibited for a ahort time only, at >37 B oadwar , Stawart'a old nand, oppoaite the Park, Brown'* ee'abralea Portrait* of General Taylor, General Wool, Holoaala Mot roe, I Belknap Ma ifield. *nd Whiting, Majora Bliaa, Br?g<, and baton; Captain* Ramiay da nett and Lmnard; Surg ?oci Craig, Medical Director; Orderly Biu ham. (who wa* caituredat Buena Vi'ta; aud " O.d Whiieytne far-famed warhone of General Ta* lor. AI*o. Headquarter* Array ol Occopation, ai Walnat Hpnng*, Mexico. Price of idmiuion 15 cent*. Doora op?a day and night, oil Ut*rre VI H^TFC?Y?TEL^iVAiTFTT)"iXK?5fT5Tro? 8cnptural Statuary. conii*tmg of the following gronpa. representing important aad uiieraatiug lubjecta, lb# *ne ol lire ?he Trial of oar Saviour, ha Laat 8upper. The Birth or Chritt, The moral acene of (he Intemperate Kamily. I* now open at <11 Broadway, lata Walker"* Moaie Room*, oppmita the Apollo, every d*y. from II A. M. to 10 r m Aiimia?Drp?cfni?,< nuurrn nwHM'nrr. ,,"w *** WALNUT8 rREET THEATRE. >HI^ DELPHI A- j UiMt, E. A. M.nh.11 ; Manage;. W R Blaia.? I Eirttnifht of tht <" Mr Mjj JA*. WA1*- i ACK Jnor?Monday evening, Oct. IVh. HO. <*>11 b- pre ented the new anil popular play by the Rev. White, , entitled FfcUDAL TIMEH^-Waltei'Cochrane. Mr J W?l lack. Jan ; Kmc Jame*, Crocker; Margaret Haodolpn, Mil. WTo?onclade with .he favorite farce of ROM KBODY ELSE. -Hut Monti, Mr. < harn-.n: Miinnie. Ml** C. < l.apinaa. | To-morrow-Mr. and Mri J. Wallack 2d night. ___ MfcN( iiv7y,TRtf>~Ain<W (> K 7>, an d7. aYa L U Y KXKHIf i mil', taught hy M. De Lay; No 431 Broad ( ii*l street Arm* and Navy officer* Uinght ihe art of the word in Irwni "I lion lo *U't their convenience oil ltf?ve MUSICAL?J. F WOLT**R. It John *treet, importer of ,Vuiic*l Instruments and Italian Hiring*, olin for tnle n ; large ?asiirimenl of Violin*, Biiwi, Accordion*. Ba*?o Tn- | San. 1 a?d 4 valvna, Comen. Tenor Horaa, Trumpet*. French Horns Tambnrin*. Fife* (luitara, It*. lie Also a pay ?>f | Prdal Keirle Druma. Oreheatra Mime for Thaat/e* anil Concert!, Irom Kreutif r, Labittky, Lambert, fcc.^Fhnlessle and , etail ol? ?t? rc AM ABLE COOK, lately arrived from Oermaay. where ha haa been for 30 year* in the aerrice of dutinguished fa m lie*, *nch a* Field Mar*ha1 Prince Wrede, Prince l.uitpolil, 1 of Bavaria, he., who have given him the hest teatimoniala. wialiet to get a aituMion here in a private family, or hotel He i* willing to cook on trial. K,ir partirulara, enquire at the ol fice nl Hie "MrhnePpoaf," 1 Nnniee it o33 lin*rr CMIIill K PKRKUMKKV ANU FANCY HOAPS-At S wholetale. at bargaina, Tvreaty-one (,'ortlandt at.: Vt ilox large Hock ('.ologne, to eloae a consignment, remarkably low, 131) Twenty-one Cortlamlt at Alao, Walnut Oil Hhatiiig <>ap, and all Fancy Hoapa, cheap. Oalley'a ani Cobjel'a Pain Extractor, Uepot (or the tme article, wholesale, at 1 bargiina, Twenty-one ( >,rtl*ndt it. Alao, Dr McNair's Care Br Denfneaa; Hay'a Liniment, a cure for the Pile*; Balm of olnmhi*. a Hair Hestorntive or Htaver. all li??rr THE FAftHIONM OF THE DAY-Homan Tog~a*-Urea* ' and Frock Coats, elegant good At*, can be had at remarkably low prices from onr faahtoaahle neighbor*, BANFOH I) Brother*,Tailor*, 127 Fultonlatraat, a* it door U. the Herald >Ac?. ou lit* ?h i ?? INTELLIGENCE TO THJK LAT1IT MOM1VT, T BLKORAPU1C. INTERESTING INFORMATION FROM THE BRAZOS ANO RIO RANOE. Threatened Attack of the Xnemy upon the Specie Train. Fighting between Robbers and Raneherofc. DEATH OK (APT. BILL. THE YELLOW FEVER. &6if 4(M &Ct w*iiiiNUT0N, o?t. aa?? p. m tha Southern mill of thU iTunlM kHn.< tv?. vi? Orleans Picayune of the 16th loft, which contain* later un from the division of the army uncler Gen. Taylor a command, brought by the (hip Tampioo, Captain 8t. Clair, which veasel left the Brasoa on the ath Inst. Capt. Kdward D. BUI, of the 10th Inffcntry, died at sea on the l'Jth Inst., on board the Tampioo, of yellow fever, lie had been despatched to the United States on special duty, by Uen. Taylor. His remains have been brought to New Orleans for Interment. The steamer Ann Chase sailed from the Braioe, on the 6th Inst, for Vera Crut, having on board a portion of Col. liays' regiment, llsys htmMlf, and the remainder of the battalion under his Immediate oommaad, were still at the Bra>oi. The Malamura> Flag, of the 'Jd Inst , states that a lettor has been reoeived by the commandant of that place, from Uen. Taylor, la whioh the general announce* that he will leave Monterey for Matamoras about the 1st of November, for the purpose of establishing his hea4 quarters at the latter city. The passengers by the Tampioo furnish the Picayune with some very questionable rumors relative to the movements of the enemy. It was reported that Uen. Urrea was about to make a desoent upon the Lewer Rio Grande, by the way of Victoria, at the head of twelve thousand men The Picayune is under the impre slon that the number is exaggerated, but, at the same time, remarks that the whole line of the route proposed to be taken by the enemy Is very inadequately guarded. A kind of olvli war is said to be in existence in the neighborhood of the Rio Grande, between a gang of robbers and the ranoheros It appears that a brother to an alcalde of Matamoras was recently robbed. The latter functionary beoomlng Incensed at the high-banded outrage, authorised the rancheroa to make war upon the rebbera. Accordingly, a company of ranoheroa waa organlaed, undar the oommand of Maoedonla Capeetran, who want In purtult of the brigand ehiaf Oaanero, who had been for a long tlm? the terror of the oountry The two partlea met In a road, where Caanero gave battle from behind a breaatwork formed from tha paoka of hU mule*. After a moat deaperate flght, nine of tha robbera ware killed, and the remainder fled to a ohaparal near at hand. ( apaatran and hla party were still in purauit of tha robbera when our Informant left. It waa (nppoaad, however, that none would eaoapa. The Picayune learn* that a letter entitled to or*dU bait been received at New Orleana from an oSoer at Matamoraa, atating that Col. Randall, Deputy Paymaater General U 8. A., who reoently started with three hundred thouaand dollar* for Oen. Taylor'* camp, waa eaoorted by Col. Butler, with the 3d dragoon*. Five oompanlea reached Ceralvo, when it waa aaoertatead that th* guerillaa were in auob foroe in front aa to render a halt neoeaeary. Col. Butler immediately aent back for reinforoementa, prior to prooeeding farther with hi* valuable oharge. More troop* are aald to be muoh wanted along the whole line The Matamora* Flag, of the UOth ult, ha* th* follow J lng"Our last aeoount* from Col. Butler and hla batta lion, the Third Dragoon*, left them two daya1 march beyond Mier. The train wbloh the dragooaa wereeeoortlng to Monterey, baited asveral daya at Mier, in consequence of a report being current that a Urge Mexioan foroe waa preparing to attack It. la order to b* prepared fea. ...nV. .n ? .?.! e.m. ?(?. ?. * W ^ tvi >uuu *u <7 * null, buu av nuo nauiv vuufi w |iv? Miv enemy a warm reception, reinforcements were ordered up from Camargo, consisting of a oompany of Infantry and two piece* of artillery; thus strengthened with Belknap ? company, the train proceeded. The large amount of ipeole going up will oertainly prove a tempting bait, but wa hare no idea that the Maxloana will ba rash enough to attask so large a force aa now guards the train." A scouting party of about one hundred strong, composed of the companies under Capta. uee and Belknap returned on the MOth alt. from an expedition to 8au Fernando, where everything was quiet at tha time of their departure. A sale of government horses took place at Matamcra* on the 'JVtb alt., which was well attended. Two hundred of these noble animals were readily bid off at $10 ahead; nearly all of these cost at least $100 a-piece, bealdes the ecpaaaa of transportation and forage. They are now, however, of but little use. At a certain hour of the night, in Matamoras, all the lights in the houses were ordered to be extinguished A patrol recently discovered a light in tha house of a Mr. Young, which the former directed to be put out. Mr. V remonstrated, stating that one of his children was liek. The officer, losing his temper, ordered a valley to be flred through tha doer, which was thereby broken down.? I nu unnecessary pieoe or brutality U rely cennured by the Flag, anil will be by every true Amerloan. The eteamer Wbiteville, laden with United State* ntorea, sunk recently about flf>en miles above CamarKo But Little or no damage, it we* suppotod, would be sustained. The yellow fever broke out on the 7 th ult., at Mata mora* The Flag *>y? that four or Ave caxi had termlnatud fatally, but hopes were enteiitalned that It would not prove epidemic Several oaae* of the fever were reported at the Braioi. (.'apt Burgesa, Mr. Devlne, and torty-flve aoidlers and teamsters, came passengers In the Tampioo, from the Brazos. The chip Monument, thirty day* from New York, with troop* for the Brato*, was apoken on the 7th ln*t , by the Tampleo, in iat '18 deg. IS mln.,lon. 91 deg. JO min. More BlexlMut Ntwi. PiiiLADCLrau, Oct. 13?12 o'olock, M The New Orleans paper* have failed. The Charleston Evtning \?wi give* the following et tract of a letter received In that city, dated: ? JaLar*. 8ept 10, l?47 We are to march In two honr* to relieve Colonel | Child*, who baa been attacked by t?n thousand men, under Hanta Anna Our foroe Is now 4 800 men, uuder command of Oen* We start right off 1 send this as received from Petersburg, bat It cannot be true 9ant? Anna had enongh on hi* bands then, without troubling Oen. Lane Vallow Fewer. There were fourteen Interment* from tit la malady during tb* twenty hour* prior to 9 o'clock, A M , on the 16th iact, at New Orlean*. On* vh that of Benj. V Brooke*, of Philadelphia. L?|Ulattn ProM*dliifi. Albapv, Wet. JS, 1*47 Shut*. The bill providing for the appointment of wrack na> t?ra on Long Inland, wa* referred to ba reported com plat*. A reeelutlon froui Hudauu, relative to tie death of Lieut. Col. Baxter, waa agreed to. AlltNILT. Mr. I.uowi reported the Senate bill for tba Ineotyo ration of railway eompanlee, with amandmanta. The Hcnate bill to Incorporate the Oronooo SUaui Navigation fompany. we* paeaed. The bill to appoint wrack maaters on Lang (aland ta under debate Al*?*v, Oct 23, i$47 The lilendale eatinet factory, at Stookbridge, Mae Racbnaetta, waa daatroyed by Or* yeaterday morula? I.oaa fMi.OQQ to fno.noo ; moetly Inaured BV THR MAILS. WaiHinaroM Oct. 31, 1M7 Tfcf Rretnt Ntvii from Iht .frely Several private letter* have been received from Vera 1 mi, and oaa from a naval offloer with the army In the oapital. In thla latter, mention l? made of the several action* before the gate* of Mexloo, that reaulted In It* oocnpatltfn by our troope It refrr* It* *orre*pond*nt for detail* to official deepetche* The** action* are remarkable for being tb* most wa

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