Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1848 Page 1
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St' lit? 'ji *rL - v r I 1- ? & * A Jljl. . % f Whcla Me. B??3. 4 ' # . TUe War, &vt ; Brazos I?'t-anc, Jan. 19, 1848. . Pait and Prcumt Appearance of Brazos?TheHarboi?I)*, (ruction of Villagu?Cangren, $'C. Eighteen months ago,^l lirst placed my foot ipon this dreary and desolate beach, and fyund tothiig but a Wide spread, sandy waste, as tar as he rye could reach, save now and then a. soot lotted by the white t?ntsof the Lbuisiana'V<xkmeer?, who had rushed to the aid of-Geifleral Taylor. Now, what a change ! The numerous* buildngs of the Govcrnment^and private, erfter|>ri^e, live changed the whole scene. Steajne'rs^ajid nil cralt> which throng the bay, iudicater the inward march of commerce and republican r.nciplee. Three: milesVfurther __ up the bay, unds Point Isabel, aaottor inipor&rit military lepot, being situated upoithigh land, and?.open o the influence of the sea freeze. Frpm Brazos, ve travel along the beach a dietHnce_of ,uin? oil< a. ana arrive at the jirhction ot tiia serpeniue Rio Grande with tlm Gulf.' Here ar'nbthrr 'ilia#* liao sprung up, under the auspices ot' tlie Joverumeut, ana of iiearly^as much-nnoq/Uftce id tlie Brazos; and was it not for th???buHowness )f the water, would entirely supersede the lirai^s harbor; the depth.of water scarcely ever xcaedtng four aud a-hdltjeet. From this place, et us visit the Mexican side \>f?the river, and ieho1d another town called Ba^dfld, and though lot equal to B.igdad. of A.sia, yet iiqun compete villi1 ilut populous place in crnne.-anfl iniquity. I?r? no civil nor military authority reigns; each rson governs himself, aad de'eiids hi# awn poItioh with the aid of his own pHysic^l strengih, nd when this fails, rssorts to th'e bdwie knife ud pistol. Here congregate UL gamblers .nd prostitutes, and daacing andWaftibling cpntitute the business of each nighu*lif day time, hey are like beasts of pr?y, jiormHnt ih their Peas ; but every night thoy c<t?i^|iujtfb, to ilu-ir is nil haunts, seekiag victims to d^v^ur. ^tjuch ? the Hagdaa of Mexco, a sni^LyiRage on the W'xicau side, at the mouth of tne*ftKfGrande. I Jeara from records at Matamrks, that in lighten hundred and forty-two^ffayos Island [ail the mouth ot the river, each b'dmlfd of a vilige ot some hurtdsedf inhabitanft*Jmt" a heavy lo;qi in August of that year srayt Tha whole way. Rnd hundreds lost thairli^eBT'jjThe MexiIn oilieer who vi&itsd the place .ajter its de Ruction, reperted that it was daftUftxOtis and inIpedient to allow aaj seulerdHnyiearer the ia shore than Point Isabel Y*(b' knows but lat en soma fatal moment the^re^'thffy.again, weep from their frail foundationthat niw xistr, and leaveia desert waste, &?>flygV riter bee!il ii lass than two years tgo. , We have Mew Orleans dates to.jiie 12?Uinst.,nd find that Congress has done ITUle towards aising supplies, or men to increase the army. 1 why do tha&not let Mr. Cass's-friHpass through, ?j auow miTP(;inienis 10 orgjtnixw,: way ao Mhoun and ottiera appear so anxious about! rlmt ia to be dsn* with Mexico betjpafc votiug tor* ucp'iea'? Let ua get her coixipleujt'conquered irri will bo tima enaugh t<i fina^ut what ill ba done with it. If our leadtp&jnen would lly ceaae a little while tronvpretufen* malting, nd daapateh public buainesa, tljetf ctonaiitneatb 5ui the world at large would be jyiore favorably K/rrased wuh their patriotism ^pd love of county i All Baema quiet on this line gt thw*m<>ment; vt we aoon may have exciting tiq>e??* A YOUT*FWL H**0. * [From Ike Waehiagtop JJplo^ JL frUnd kaa ylacad in our Rsjulifroa i*a?uk>n In the 5>?a*. a latter from Lieut. QUiSorna, of^hf'company r nauatad r1f ?. lately ccOT)i&w)*l<fcy tlyf ehiTalria JTalkar It waa written lo^fp^to tinqatriaa eunocrnM tb? fata of a yfnth In tkitflty, whc< with frfur otbaia, 3a been mlaaisc sine# thRbattlp of Hn?m%atU va4ixicoQ0Tr Jan la, IMS VDbab Sia I wl?h tkat,<4 had it ittlyy aoWrr to glvt Cu tons information concerning yauj son. My own pM tkat ka bad fallen iato tba band! Of tba mny an *.:? jt i_? -< ti? battlo of iMUMtla, in which h*' ?taf?J-h* had fca?n sonee prisoners K this Is tru*, wa'h^ve n?Tcr heard sy > ? from tk*m whtitTW Bat 1 doubt now very reck wketber he took any prlaoaet'*; '.aad It U little laly that h* took any of Walk**'* opmpaay, for they Mr* men wko did aot to j%td; and among a* a??t eaarageoaa andgal>nt of tb*m all, wu Rich [4 I. Dimt* 1 bar* itn'hla in *}fcrf. Ha wan by ij *ia* at La Hoya, and woald not-rrarf take oorer ier*. *? Walker a* teemed him rery highly, a* Ldld alao ; nor 0 I believe tbere waa on* man hia superior in tha ooongpy. I take plnarare In etatfng this, now that ha may e-goa* forever?mora cepeclally if it- ba a eanaolation >r you ta bear m* aay it. Ha wai. in a word, popular. Qdaat. cleaaly la hi* habit* a* a Midler, aod-atoaye on u<y ; having a warm haart, la whiah thara Was not a sop of ooward blood Aoeept aaanran*** of my r**p*ct. and oaad*l*ne* for M loss of yoar loa. Raipaotfally janrff, .> TH. CLAJJJORNK, 1st Llant. Company C. Ahmnted Rifle*. To Ko. DeMesr, Waehiagton oity. ~*Thoy cflT,gp. A CUT INTfLLISKNCE. A detaehmaat *f troop*, under eommaad of Captain J. fad*, ttk iafeafey, oenaletlag ofJlaarultafor tha 3d liaatry, 993; do?l lib do,7ft; dooiher regular regiment* fi da TOlnntapr ragimanta, 49; total, 879?Uft Newport artsakioa Sat aid ay, Fob. IB. fur Maxjrfo, via New O*mi and T?va Crai Tha ffcUowlarfiMoar* want Xfth~ a dctaehmaat: lat Liantanant, R SraoOMt^r, SdCik-' oaa; lit LUut. D. Freaah, and 3d ' (^W(n, Mh-lafeatry; aad 2d Llant J. A FrdK<MltlfW*r?r* T9ra* oompaulea arrived yasterdlp tfrnariioon from rirb'fan, tn to tha seat of war.'^^jfryfommand f LiaauCol. Wi>liame, baiag aportljriftr tka. reoad attalloa of tba lat regiment from thM"a?lte Tha foi>w\?g arc tba aomyania*, anmbarlng itfaMWytuoa, aad era: Company IT, (.'apt W. W. D??n*;-' company I, apt Banpaoeau; company K, Capt. Wittiri&r Tnay ra to ba alldtd to Col. Stockton'* aotnQjaad, a(>l war* to ere lefUa*l evea'.ag ? C*nci?**H C?jnmzr?ial fib 33 Lieut Orl?n ha* baan ordered to . open a recruiting iu Albany Tba main object i*, to-tl^rfi eompasy 1 ofth?New Tark Voluntear*?tba ^lba?> ocmpauy -it feiag 30 m?a abort of it* fu'.lfaompletavnt. ArraiKTMinT* a*a PnoaioTio** ar thi Goraanoa.? (dM tber?oomm*aUatioa < f th* Colonel aad o?o*rs of HpN T. Raglmat, Gat. Tonoi hae mad* th* following rt>motlo?* : - M^or Burabam, to b* Llant. Col, Tina a*Ur? killed 18to Sept., 1847 ; Capt Dyojtvlka, to ba Itj.-.r.Vic* Bum ham, pramot*d 18 th ggpt.~, ff47. Uaon k? r?*oMmeioatlen ot th* ield '.fllsar*, tha fallowing rtmoMoaa and appolatmaatilit Liaht laoaa. to ba apuin, riaa Dyekmaia, rr*motad l?th 8*pt l1917 ; lat taut A. W Taylar, to b* Captain, >)? riaiton, killed 1th Oat.. 1147; lat Lieut. V'orry, to b* Captain, !?* baw, raaigaart lat Nov., 1847 ; lit Lle?t. Caiior. to be apt, vio* Raiebardt. raalgaad 6th No* , 1947; id Lieut Hilar, to lat I,lent ,.Tloa Jao ~biu. died "May 3,1847 ; i Llent Craft, tn Ha lat Llaut. Tic* lleiohardt. promo d Jana t, If 17 ; 3d Liaat. OlaCaba, to be lat Llaut, it* Wai Taylor, reetgr.ed June 1(1. 1847; .34 Llaut Iro^er, to be lat Llrat, vioa lanes, promoted Sept 18, 847 ; let C"o*p?r, to b* 31 Lieut . ?ioe MoCalie, proittadJuu* 18.1847 ; Qt M S;t W)Iay, to be 3J ,laut., Jannary' 34, 1848; Jama* McNulty, to b* 3d January 4, 1848 Upon the raoommeadaticn oi be Aijatabt (Janeral, tbe fallowing promotion* aad apr>lala?*.it* 3d Llaut Farmwortb. to b* Captain, Ti*? 'an OL'ndi, llllle l. Jan 1, 1848; 3d Lieut. UriflVi, t<. a let Llaut. Tlea C K UelLagbar, died Jan. 1,1818; ohn Cook, to be 9d Lieut , Dee ill, 1847. Capt Forry. 'lib Lieu a. Coopor and MeNulty, will Kava in about a ' irtnlgkt with oui hundred raoruita, for th* e*at of war Tho Lato feiai Navy. [From tbe Naw Orleana Urlta"| Th* following InuiaaK* of the Uovernor of jVxaa, in alatien to th* iurerpcrutlnn of the la r nary of Texan to tbat of lb* Valtad SUtaa, and tU* reaptualve r* ortand reaoluliens of the I.fRlaiatara, which wo also .ibliih below, show what an interest all partis* in rr.xas in Mm mnUir. The resotfctiona were adopted on U? 3l*t nil. Itieema to us no mora than an aet of na?ii Ju*tic* t> th*jjiHuib*.* of th* lata Teiai uevy,aud ut n compliance wlth| the tarsii of the treaty of ?n xallon, thet their grade should be awarded to them n ilia n??y of th* ITnltad Stat*#, with which It would ppearthey baea'.ne per it incorporated An expreaIon of oplalon on the put of our own Legislature in f?r*nee to the subject. would not, we think, be foreignrom tbtir dntl?? The interests of a raerltorlaus por Ion of tli* oit i?uii of neighboring State are inrolTed,. od if Ik it bill?Ted that j ait Ice I* on their side,as uoubt w It Ik, th?y (bonld hnv? the benefit of that opinion, he following are the docunanta referred to:? tkltnur's mk8saqe. Executive Orricr., ) Austin, January 18,1N43 ) OiitTimtii or the Senate ?You are aware that by he t*raa of the joint resolution of annexation, th* r?ublto of Texas *u require* to traaefer to th* tf?neral 0??rnment. her navy, and all other raeaen ot publio fence. \ jn ere nUo aware that a question b?s arisen, rhethtr the ofllnera belonging to th* nary w*r? not a orsMtuent part of the Mm*, and If so, whether they bonld not, of right, V inelndtd In the transfer, and tnortweted tn ?ht naval service of th* United Utatee. A bill was introduced by one of our senator* \n Co? 'r?*Ment 10 Inoreaae the aaval entablUhment of the J?Ued Bfnte*, by adding thereto the navy of T'Xae )>:r !H?at<<r* contended that a liberal con<trnotlon rf U* Annexation re olutlone, togfth?-r with the fair proalee* mad* by Mr Dona!fin to the authorltleaof l'txaa, nve cur naval < fllrera throws out of employmant aa hey w?re, a *trn?g claim upon the Jnatloe and aiagoalirilty c f the United State* government. Thta bill nta >J to, an'1 oonaequently faiud to paee. rreeldent 'ulk, however, Mtured our representative* that be roWd>rt?l the entyeot again before eongrtM, ?t II* - >' < ?' -? ?. "?"' i .. ** - > iu iS'^Dc"' t ' NEV . ' ' - - ~? present it paion ; and it fa to be presumed that where ol (rorer??meiit baa ro%d? prom'afs, dir<*Otly or lndirectlm fh ' will rejtf em them, and that ey?-n handed justice wjg be meted ont to Texa* and her citizina . W Tba Legislature has a* yet h id do action upon'Mja suojeor, *?a as it will cuim the attention of our delegation in (Joagress at an eyly day of the piesrnt en I would most respectfully suggest that your honorable* body pui resolution^ expressive of the wishes and ?xpeotatiOBS of tb? people of the State This would ftrtainly enable our rep eseutativi?8 to urge the subject more effectually up^q.tli? attention of Congress. ' If any clam of ouy citizens wa? injured by the?consummation of annexation. It was that class whiflfrcon e'ltuted as they were thrown cf>t ct the occupation t>> whioluthey had been <1u?atei(,anc^ di<qualiflpd by their> profession from eng* pin* itr any other biulneM. - In *j}1iti?n to this. it m*st b" admitted" tbat the Navy.of TjTllta was an active and (indent arm; Of public defence, arid eutated In the est ib'mhment of our government, a-ld ttie? miiitiU?<it>oe of oar naMontl honor ?t i, OEOBOB T. WOOD. The same message wu^Iio sent to the House of Hep-, x aantatiTes. * - * RKPORT OF. aWg.C^IMITTKK. : Commi\tV* ItooM.Jan 20,1848. To tha Hon J. W. HendorsffJ, Speaker of the House of ReptssyntatiTei:?Your committee. to whom was I#-' ferret! the message,of His ExooUency the Governor, relative to the intxfrporation of the offloera of the.late navy of Texas icitojjiat of the United States, have hfcd the same under consideration, and heartily oonour In opinion with his Excellency, that "if any oiass of our eitixsns were iajar^Styy tlfr consummation of annexation, it was that class which constituted our navy ; inasmuch as thoy wereVhrown out of the rrofention to which they had buen educated, and disqualified for engaging in ?my other Lbusiness It will also be admitted that the navy was I strong arm of publio defenee, and assisted In the establishment of our government, and the maintenance of.'<y?r national honor." i ue ouuioiian, laeruiore, rtooainieiiu tue passign or the accompanying relolulloos. aa m aot of justice to Mid efloers, and wlQkJhe hope that'tlnm gi-Uaut men will receive the reward tb'er are itUUd to J B. ROBERTSON, M M POTTER, B. V. TANKKROLEY,. GUY M. BRT VN, U.K. RUNNELS. J?int Reiolutions?li>atractiu{( our Senators and r?qaestlag our R'prefanlpt^vee to n*? thsir icflaeaca to prooure the incorporation of the < Ul)?. * of the lata Nary of Texas iato the j^aVy ef the United States: ? Whereas, 'I here ij'?rn cot*n*cUd with the great measure of enaexation .to tb? ooufadertiMon, ol which we re a umber, tjtIoJs' reciprocal rights ?nd condition", prescribed and fairly deduciLle from t^s same. all of which Texas has, on her Pari, fully end completely redAmed; and, whtreA/i! is the epinkm of thin Legielatura that the offiotrfcef lata uavy, by a liberal and jusWifnot by a Btriathjckal roastiuution of the terras -ef annexation, shoulJWa- incorporated Into the Navy of tha United States in'gfefr several ranks, and that they a^e justly entitled toUiafame, aa we.l from the oonitructlpa htra claimed, as^from their high characters, persoaal and professional, arid the zial, flJMity, patriotism, and valcr with whictfctftoy sustained the ciune of their oouutry while its navv wavini>xi?tencr?Therefore, 1. Bu It Res^lredlpjctWB CeglrHtui'o of the State of Texas. That our 3?iKEo;a-are tur?oy instructed, and fuir Representatives UTfconjfrefie requested, to use their )rjfluecc< to procure ye*pas!age of a law by the Congress of tha United Sjfr t?s, incorporating the offlo?r? of lha lita N'ln nf T JxiinlA *h? M.r. /,? states, in the rank whiefi t&fy KTerall^ held in the late Navy of Texas a 1* it farther Bitf&red, That the governor be requested to cause eoplecTthi* joint resolution to be Immediately forwarded JoUctf of our Senators and .Representatives in Congr??p '.yxi U. S REVKHCTt M^RIJLC?eihNERAL ORDER. TaiCAirar D?rA?T*iluY', W>b. 25, 1148 ?The President has, with beart-reifeoiTow, announced the death of the patriot and state^mks. John (iuinoy A'! hup. As a tribute of ruspeot to tfia .memory cf the illustrious deceased, the oncers pi the. revenue marina will wear the euttoraary bidges'pfl^fcrfrning during tbe period of eit months TwentyCo;ktf aiinula guns will be lired, ommeaoiag at meridiaa^tne day nest succeeding thu receipt of this order, by each veseel in commission, and the colershoisted a' Wf-'Awst for one wetk.' 11 J. WALKER.? Secretary ot the Treasury. T*E EXAMINATlOJ^bV-JoSKPH JkWBLL, CHARGED WIT* VIOl AH.N8 j-U.i^HKKSuN OF li/UZABETH r.VMfn ?Tim ^vflminotinn in ii.ij ?ua? ?? ? mencad yeeterd^v, at ;lli o'clock, in the Jus ticaa'private roijfii. Mi'uy of our r uder* are probably acquainted with the accused. Jewell is a very large, stout m;in, und the unfortunate I jjirl who has been*tlm(<)&\i#ct of his abuse 19 very young, abon: 14, aT nK?t*r, delinie form, quite small in mature, and n, cripple?one of her fejet be-ing a "clump." Th?v c ise, as alleged, 13 one of the most atrocious in'the annals ot crime, in tlvia region, and i?one which but rarely occurs in our midst. The evidence, as given below, shows that a violent aiid terrible outrage has been committed upou|thefj erson of the little girl ? uch an outrage as we., have occ ision Jbut seldom to rccord. There were only the parties interested, and one reporter, admitted to the examination, it being held in a ptivate room ol the court-house, and the unfortunate girl gAve h?r evidence in a simple jand unulfected tiiunner. She wept much of the*time throunhout the trying ordeal which she Was so suddenly called to pa5s. The other witnesses, it wfll be secu, corroborated much of her evidence'- Some nurtions of the testimoay are necessarily omitted, from the nature of the case; buMuuough is given to show the- ' th^inousness of th? statements of the f irl be true. ThejEXXvitnesa called was the young girl upon wJflECTie outrage 4s alleged t? have been coinmitSK^Nr* Elizabeth Lynch ?place" between 7 eai 9 c'clock Tneaday evening*?^Cob ; I w?i iu the entry of Mr. Jewell'* houae, 1b J*0" ! '*?' nalooking ay trunk to pwt in luAjtfjvmr ' *<*11 took. uv> mil beved < Into a rooaffifiMeked the deor ; it w?? in a private room la tha he then begau to pull and -drag ma; there was b#d in the room, lo rarJj which he drtgged m?; I cried aad tried to g t ?w*y ; }.e aa!4 h? wiu gomj: to < glte aa % pilfc dreen. ?nd take ma act to ridep'and would give meawbdi lot of moaey: he aaid hjjjai $300 in go>d, aud it liUovld be miae. I nirnggled anftpid bitn I didn't want hie money ?1 wasted let me go lie said he would earry me and mother to Ntw Orleans wish him. This was *?i 1 ob the bed befota ha triad to take liberliea. Ho w?s tflrald nj un'her would hiar me, nud pat hi* band oyer njy motto He then t?A A'df* liberties. and I triad to aeraam. bat oouldn't -fJtofTidencB here *m unfit, for publication, a ad exbib?C,tfcT: ccst shocking brutality J vf> mothei and two odfix v;owm waraat tha d> Or, ka >okIOK M* almost killaa iaa; ha waswltb me about half an hoar; lia changed hie Ttiio* plies my mother and Margaret Magalra ?jiak* 'o him-antalilaaf the door; ha told ilieza to go ta the bar, and they'ohaU find ou' what hie nkbia waa ; tliay 1 Daisied vpop oomtag in, and he-pot ma uadar the bed, Bad want aud mflookad thn door.; I waa getting oat from uudef the b?J when mother oame Jn ; ba then began to acre* bar asi'swear at her; aha aooldad him, and be cursed her andr.tUd her to clear oat of tha houaa (Jaaiioe Rogers hta* closed hla question* ) Jewall toll ma to aay nothiagijl hj? wife, and told the atrraata ha waa not married tjfjrr. C.rttt eaimii-d by Mr. - I am golag onto fonrtaan ; am nat fourteen yefcT I can read a little, but cannot writa ; 1 bare Heed In BRteton three years ; Hyed with priaooer only ana weak 'T did sewing; my mother haa lived with him about ten fthawmut atreet, anJ in Doroheeter; 1 nerer Went to Doroheeter to fee mother; exiled onoe whyj thry Hre'l In Shswmut atrett; it was th re I tirnt saw Mr Jewell; hj wn id tha parlor, but did rot aaaak to ma nor I to him He eookT to me the first t!m > shout a w?ok ?g-> ?h?n I nasi"! to lire with him; Mrs Jewell spoke to ?y moth *r,t hat sh? wanted rap o: a rTtnsf girl, and l.fteet; It w*s l*?t waek Monday; loa(prifon?r's sos) c?m< after me to my aunt's I racnd?d dresses, hemmed tecweli, So. I w-.s ?ppr?nUred to dregr-rasklng end workedT>ur month?; Mrs Jewell said no wolild gire on >i0 ctntsa week; I noinmmcul to do bouse work at Mr. Jewell's. uutil 1 bursa y wh in an. etber Rlrl cjup and too k .my place; I than went to s?wiug He spoke to me first on *fuursd*y, and fkedmehow 1 was? He treated me cielfly; it was dark, and I snipes* wes after seren o'elook whan I was pu'titiijjiy dress In my trunk in the eotry. Th* room lie priThel m?lnto was on tha s?in* fl'ior with tha entry Myrooru was on the limn fl<y>r; slept with Margaret \UyHre A light Iq th< fro. t entry shone up stairs so that IVould unlock my trunk. Theie id a window to the entry, but I did not se* the noftnfight. I wu at the., trunk ,two or three miaul?* when he came up stairs.4tad m?iRih*|he lower entry were spaaking to him Margaret wasjflif.tha stairs, . and It* told her to go down stairs and aljvnd to h?r busings. Thudreeal Was putting away Mrs JeXell gare me. I wa^* putting two dreaeee Into tha uuuk, aud folded them up, which took me the time I harro stated; 1 took them from my room; there was no light in my rvoui but a window, from which I%oould see. 1 had bsen In my room nearly halt an hour; don't know what I was doing [Witness was prgsrfed .pretty olosely for an answer] I .was sitting. dowa^-was alone all the time; had b?en . unwell, and was getting oyer It; I felt takigued end w??tjo my room to rest. I went to my room after loc?i*g tlia truck, a>jd shut tlie ddor lie oauie to rtij. door,and knocked, and I opeael It H? did-t ; spell k, but took hold of me, and dragged mi to his fo<jm. The room was next but one to mine. It was a prlyate room. After he looked me in, ho told me. not to t#ll 1 was fright riftd And scrummed; l44fc)?pi<*A la the fcnLry when he win oitrrying a? to the r(*>5lis n '.1(1 hi bad In gold in bin pocket; whiflb aVould be mine, and a (ilk dreta. I think he took hi* boota off II* took hit o)oth*a off ; did not aee him pull hi* boota ? ff The wltneaa waa .laked why aha did not t'trmw and try to get out of the room, while prlaouer waa taking hla olotbea off. She an?wer?d that she wm yery aiaoh f?igjrt?n?d. [ l'bo examiaatlon waa pretmrd at lb in point to cloaely that the wltnew bnrat Into tvara, and aald ahe could tell nothing more about It ] Mother nud Margaret earn* to the door, and ho changcd Ma yolce, and told them to go down to the bar if they wanted liia name; Mra. Lloyd, the oook, mother aud Margaret, oaine to the door Mra Jewell got hold of me. and wai ted to atab are with a knife; the gill putbed me ont of the house, aa Mr#. Jewell rnn after me wUb a large earring knife She aald aha would atlek tat beeauaa I waa with her butband; I left tha boota aad weat to my aanV'a In Linooln afreet.; I told my mother at aual1t houee, the tame night; there were aereral tipay paraona In Mr. JawaU'a houte that night. Tha taatfaoaj of tllaabath hart oloHd, Maaaaaai Maiuiii-TIi flrrt that I knew ef UK - ? - W k ii . t - ? ' ~r - ' . 7 YORK, SUNDAY MOlt .*** . , .? I t. \ I roattar, .Elizabeth's mother asked roe where her dnu^hfer wis |W? went to her riom. anfl to'neural otheri, lint ccu)d not lln-t her We went to^No-which was locjintHJ I knocked, and somebody spoke but I cou\d not tell whcs?fcvolce it w&p; It did u^? sound like Mr "Jewell's voice* 1 asked who was in th/re; did not un^p^stiind the reply.*, I went back to lhakltohen, and th'if rsturiiidlf'jD the kitchen, I said ifi" oresenae of Mjs*J a trail, Mr* LHyd, ? d Kli**bath'a mother, that a stranger was ia U .,Mr? Jew?ll KHve*v!rs Llojd the JceyVofNo 10* ami told Tier to open theldoor. if it would enter tfia lookJianiHf not, .to burst upjn the dnor "lilra.'Ll.oy.d, Mary (EU*nb?th'a mother) una mjrself, than went to tlje dorr.lj, I n?lt?d the r.a of tha_ person in file room; .ha tol(|imV t^iro down to tha bar arid t'nd out*?Ha fp^e rtrt<u&i'Viiis?4 roica . W* wrnt up tbr?? ynes ? thjs win's .reff?"Cond\im" Thu third tima, Mrs Lloyd tfa8*the k y^Jnd'tha door opened. Don't know'whether vMJ. 4rwe|l; or Mr*. L opened tha door. I <iiil not sen KUliy be^ fri the, ohember; her metier entered first, an(?l stpod^biok,'didn't hear her ory out neither of tha'thrqp tiipes-1 wupt to the door; didn't hear aay noi?a#l>r the rjjpmA-o?ly haurd the strange To'.ce; it icundad like'a laaothared foioe. aud I thought it was a drunken parson"; thafljst tlnw 1 went up, I stopped byjhe docra miuute'or two, Vut heard no noise exoepT the strange voice; I pieard 'no sound in tha room beside^; tha second tlcne'l rwas at <ti?e?door about the same length of time, but hfiurri tin tha i?,ir A Hma I turaUrblqe; 1 lioari uo 011* ep?ak b?side bim either time; I henrd Bp rjy or strurgle in the raeiu, and no on* trying to get,out; the third time I wus at tkio door two or three nitnn?<iB before it was opened; I stepped !><clr, as I did uot wish to see who wae there; hsard a<> cry when th? door ijm opened; her mother w?nt la, andpuil&l her daughter from the room; can't tell which name out flrst-^tb* mother had uot hold of ker daughter when 1 first jaw h*\r; rho was in the ?ntry; her hair was down, ad nthe ' looked at If eh* had l>r?n tumbled; hjr clothj'B did? hot look, muck tumbVd; she wai njt weeping: I ,weat down stairs after seeing her; I saw Mr Jewi-l! i-i'fti.t fn'rj; in a few minutes ICliiabethand'ber kfliltaircame into the kitchen; her mother had fainted and was getting over It; the mother was all of a tremble; Elizabeth wanted to stop in the kitchen, but I pushld her nut hito the baok entry; Mis Jewell eoon nfe'er eame Intp the kitchen, she took a carTiDj knife, pnd Mr* Lloyd Cook it away from ker; she took bold of another, and 1 took it away; LUiaketh came back to Uie kitobeir ant) Jier mother .took U?r and lioked her; I told the mother tolet her elcfie; her mother teld Klizabeth had Ui.?#r?dVrt herself by being In the ohamber with JowelUtloce; she said ske linked her for being in.?he chamber; Elizabeth mado no reply that I remember. CritT-fxiiminti ? It was'earlyin the evening,*but*I caan >t. t?ll;the hour: Mrs. Jewell first asked Mrs Lynch where her daughter was ; about fifteen minutes befoie I's^w- Elisabeth standing in tbe dcor?t)f> Jier r?(-m vMt."./jyvtill was standing in .the lower?entr j ; there was <|?ood deal of noise in the house, and I a9i?!t tMcJc J 'could have hfard sersams from No 13'4i)ftbe ki^ohfB ; w/ don't mind noises much in the bouse;.lit the djpt 1 could hear notblog but the strange voioe; "all seemed taint In the room ; when Elizabeth oame*ouf-6f the rooju slflMOfiked wild like, and her kair was^isjii u?reu ; KnfjOiZ cot u.*te any complain* 111 u*y uw.WjUL?i, did boOW lie: mother ??ked Iter why she weirt in'o the ropa^hnmade uo answer in my pr?s?no?: her ii^oiher teofc li. r by the neck Had shook her; bec-m^tber whh to much fecited she fainted dead away ; h&To llve'd with MV. Je*fll rwnlre or fourteen weeks, and he trifled me ttVuy oif Tuesday morning without paylng^nlMny wages; I wotiythank him to pay mn; when 1 sawKiizy beth iafh*r;rCom door, Mr. Jewell told me to go'down Ulri. ;y> . * Sciiiox ?mart l*nc?? mother of tl^e girl ?We.wgre looking for my daughter, and 1 went all ?t?r thVbeuse without ilndirn her ; i went to all the rooms*,ffiuf Yoiod that No. 13 was locked ; 1 then went to Mr**jWelt and told her ; eh* told me to burst opefi' ihe dotfr'ff> Teuuldn't get the key to open it; I couldn't get thelciy, au^ 1 want to the room door aga n;' Ibeartv soma bcJy.t^link inside, bat it did aot sound like Mr,Jewkll'g j- the first time 1 west up, did not bean any noi*e; tku second time I went up with MVrgfre} and ttiHtoj6k ; 1 had to conversation with anyb6&y in.-, side; 1 wa.i. so confused I cannot tell what time it was ;> the thiqfjiiii* [ pat the key to tb? door, and ccrald not* opea .it; trie'-sti'ingth of the other womau audBayself pufbed-opeh the door; when the door opened, NJj: Jew'; <11 stoad-m ?h-t door before me ; i rushed in uuuler his arms, when iu 1 ran to the closet and locke<fiu but^ court no.^ s?e ucr ; i saw u? oen cioi-es nun u in und?r too bjj^iind ?? E'!z?b?tia's fror.k; 1 reachfdla and4 pulled In- OBl'i I a'krd her why she did not sperfk, and she said, .\!r'. "Jewell would not let tier; I naked ti?r why" ?h? went witA*Mr Jvwelllikti a brute; ah* said, I djtf nut, motfcfT ;? bat he took tu<? in his arms tnd put tuv bands b^ilnl my bao"5, to I could not move or sp'ifek ?*?e said 1)? forced her ; sue told roe that down iu-tlte tltcheu ; ,1'd her clotiies the eaina fjinht; ?i>a some b|c^d cm her inside olnthes ; when I went te the 'door 1 hi'j.rd her tay n thin? Ci ott i x?? Iwd by Mr. Wiut 1 went to the door lLrr.c tiiii'ii; th'? two 11 ret tiiues I hoard a straagr'yoioe, and theii 1 i.ear4 * iwse like Durtoncora i?K nut o/ ijticJJ" 1 lieaid two persons tulkiujf m aiid toloWiu oo'ok nit little girl wai in th?r% Mi Jewell kept hit v<>i09^ctia?>(?a uu <-v- -*? ?.?? 4w. A opened; Elixatutn wjll be ttfteen next Easter; F- h"ave been in till* country four year# n*xt Kaeter; jTcame frotu the county 61 Cork; 1 oaine to Ne? YorB*fr8m London. 1 ? b Elii* Ltiro-Mn. Jewell called me; I wm Terfflmsy^ letting (upper; the girl waa inissed, and 1 f?i trill- to" ilodthegl'l; Mrs J. said, "take this k?y and gajip to No 13;" I put the key In 'ha door; th? k?y InitlJe Ml i.ut; I heatd a Toioy; aid not know *hw? It was; ;1 did uot np'-n the door, th? mother celled to Mr Jewell* tnd h? opened the door; Mr. Jewell said H was hiir l tb*t he couldn't get rest anywhere; 1 >lid not see th# girl in th??hamni>r;. 'tha mother hollered out that the ulrl wm tliire; t'>e.Went down into the kltcbeo.andiheu fainted; th.e itlrl-oarat down while sb? waa faint^Mts T. said to thrift. '1 will kill you, you wretch;" ttnd'sbr took a kftife,~J>ut I held her till h?r passion was.orvi tard the girlsjy that night, that .'He wai at her (runk, when J^rell c'ojne and forced her; she Raid she wap put-ting a dres* into hdr trunk,* and Jewell o?me, puv his hand on her mouth, and carried Her int* the room: I heard no calling out when going to tkeroom; shi waa born a ojipp'V ^ tiara Lt*cii rtcallti?Am certain that I cried ut so that I cpuld be heard in the entry; I tried to ory oat when the peopln war* outside, but Jewell would not let. me ; I laid still nnder tha bed, bfC&use I yfu afraid he woujn kill me. v * Ilere.tlyj examination closed for the present, *nd the'hot it waa remanded to jail, to remain until this afternoon, when the'eXamination^ilT/tp resumed, and Ht which tirde the te8timoriy4?C*the physicians who examined the j?t*l will h*. in.? Ration TitAtt, Feb. 23 [Jewc|l^lwjbecn fally committed for trial ] x-. 'political iMtolilpnce . ftceTT ^f rfciii in PiT?at:a<s?Th< Saott masting took I Kce ft? Eyblb^i'j on tlie ^'.'i lost, najording to oatt 1| was heldJnv ilvge wareUooae, and is said to bava bbannumaroilfly a^Madud; no definite aatlmate of th#nuu-? oer of perwuns frereat I* given. Tha resolnliani aeopt^ et tock the sir>t g*at whig ground, ant repudiates the ssiertlon that th'e whiga wer? oppoied to mUitari mm for public ??a< *. Ubmbp.1l. TayLaa it Illiwois ?The damoerals of i treen county, in mis iiain, but* uecmrnu rcr oia /-.ten. \t.a l?rg? Mttai Of th? deaoeracy, h?ld in C?rroiltoa, be chief ,villaga of Grera county, on the 30th ult Maj r ItiDir yproposed the nominating resolution, unlit ?m adoptia by acclamation. Vimmia?W?ra Dclioatk* t? thb National Con. re.iTio.t.?The following are th? names of th? delegates to tuewhlg national convention, chcem hy the Virginia whig Stat* conveniion, assembled at Richmond ei) Ibe :4th loat.: ?let district, Samuel Watt*; 2d district, l-d??rd B. Hicks; 3d district, Wn s Archer. 4th district, Bobort AH*?n; ftth district, Vincnnt WHonar; ttli district, Vatyetlae W Hiutiiall; 7tb dlstrlet, John JaA|iey; th district..* fUrnttt, Jr ; 9 th district, Iliehard H Toler; 1 Oth dUtrior; Hill Carter; 1 Ith district. Edmuhd I'. Hunter; 12th district, Win. Seymour; 13th diatfldt, W'.rt B l'rci on; 14th dlst.riot, Beverly R. Johaa'oa; 15th dial riot, All 'n T Capert.n; l?th district. Jyune.i 14. Ht"phenioTl; 17th dlatriet Charloa W, Russell. ' y. Watrr for tmk Illinois Canal ?We totd th^ pleasure, the othrr afternoon, together wKfi ' <fuit? a her of our cltizvs, of wlta???lag the flrft operation of the immense pumping apparatus at Bridgeport, with whlofc it in intended to (apply the nn?aiU" level of the eaaal with water T ie magnitude oMHu' %nhlo?ry t*-j be MlhMM from th? fact that' It* weight reach#* half,* million pound* of iron ft wa> eat up uuder the general superintendence of a practical and s l?ntmo engineer. But a small proportion of th* power wasbrougat to worfr, but sufficient to test thi lujoesa of the enterprise, to the en'ire *kti*'aotlon of all who were witnesses to lta gigantic movement The whole will be finished without delay, when we will give aii extended description of It?together with lta practl-. oal capacity to furnish the required supply of water. The work on thia level approach#* rapdly to lta olose," aoS It ia oonfldently premised by those having it In o'large, that it will be finished Ion; before the ordinary opening of sprang navigation Tho balance of the lion will be in boatabla order, probably as soon as the first of April.? Chi. ago Jturnal. Railroad Accidents?A man by of Fuller, about 70 years old, was killed on the double truck of thn rallw*y b?t*e*n Lynn and Boston, yesterday noon 11* stepped f.-oin the track on which. w:M the up train, i i front of htm, to the other, without bMog aw?re that thi? down train was clnee behind him, : and was la^tnntly kill.)J. ? Xtwhuryport Htralil. TheeYenlng truln on the Cheshire railroa<lran oyer nil Killed an about durk, on Tuesday, three or fonr mii-A btlow Fitiwllllaui, cutting off both bulges bel.>w the knt>r. and one arm. [|?iu lying upon the track, and wan, Joubtle'fi, latoxlcatrd. ai the engineer gaye hiupla warning by bell and whi?tle. when he Jl?coyered hi J, th'.igb too lata to Atop the train .? Ktrnt Sentiml. Examination on a Charok.?Judge Prfscott, ol N? w Bedford, held it .1 tisiicee* co'irt at Taunton yeetrtday, for the preliminary iiirentlgatlon of a oompUiot m* le agaimt Mr. Cbarlen Richmond. a wrll-known reeidrnt of that town, charging Mm with having attempted to proonre one < harUi Makepeace to pniion Mr C^len Hieke, t>y administering ?rot?n oil and pineslo aald to htm After Makepeace had been esaalaed In part, the coutieel for the proeecntlon withdrew the complaint, and enteral a noil? pnttqut. For tha commonwealth, T. 1). Kllot, of New Bedford, and A. BatMtt, of Tauatoa t for Ml. IU?haoad, B. R. C?rtU, of Bojkm, aad H. Mort??to# Tftaatoa?Jee<en C?uri*r, ' li JbL 1. T* NING, FEBRUARY 27, 15 Herald Foreign CorrwpoiHldic*. I London, Jan. 16lh, 1818. Stale of Affairs in huland?The Future Pronpect* of Europe?Preparations for a Struggle, fyc. S>me days previous to leaving the good city of Cork for this Babylon of the world, I was called upon, at the Imperial Hotel, by the Lord Mayor and the liev. Father Matliew, tivjnvite me to another dinner ; and while conversing on the unhappy state of Ireland, with its-'destitute thousand*, during the present inclement season, the Mayor stated implicitly, which wag*acciujfd to by Father Matliew, that the whole of Irelacd wanted cleansing?that is, if three-fourths of its population were to be removed, eni some other people, from any part of the globe' were to take their place nnd position, Ireland would be what the Almighty intended it should be^-a garden of the ocean ; but as generation succeeds-generation of the present day, without ambition and improvement, the whols inland mu'gt necessarily come sol?ly d?prndeut on some pujver for the means of preservation?for its exihtebce?}nd the crisis had now arrived, which, in ashort time, would place n innjority of the inhabitants in a state of complete insubordination, and tll? consequences weutd be most terrible. My own impression is, from ocular demonstration; - that the crisis will arrive the moment Father ^Madn'w leaves the island for the United States;' for it is his great inlluence, and their devoted veneration and Tove, that keeps the lower, order in a measure frem openly breaking out, and placing at defiance all law and regulations, and becoming bandits and outlaws, and driven* to it through starvation want of employment, and persecution of thewealthy landholders, who drive them, like spaniels from their do?-kennels,'arid permit them to die on the road side. 1 The distress, both in the South and West, still is daily becoming more general and severe, as the season of cold and rain advance*. The guardians of the poor have been dismissed, that last season administered to the *wante of the poor through Amsricaii charity, jiwhich ,w;ill tend to increase the murmuring anil discontented to buch a lorce to defy all therriilita'ry and police to put down without torrents of blood (lowing over the distracted country. The. continued applications for out-door relieC,are beyond all calculation ; the people do not now think it the least disgrace to receive relieF; that pride which, you are aware, the Irish pearaimy. have always tieen distinguished for,has,asfoodbecame scarce, disappeared, conquered by adversity.* Starvation stares one and all in the face, and no visible assistance at hand to bid them, hppe, for England has enough to do to take care other own poor, who are becoming almost as numerous an her bister, Ireland, and America has done her share, for which sha has received only hard words, threats and curses, from the press and ministry ; aud to prevent immigration from Ireland to America, free passage and outfits are given to all who will go to Australia, and there remain five years; the ministry have, also, at this tirrifr, recruiting stations in every county in Ireland* ia order to divert their attention from going toVArnerica, to swell the growing population'of jijcountry becoming ao warlike aad dangerous^t^ the European world, by annexation and cqnquest. The expected demise of the"ien#riible King of France keeps the ministerial caul^'m also in a continual.foam, for fear of a audd.eyi invasion ; and it's the constant theme amongst'all classes? and to keep up the speculative scheme, the press, as you will have perceived, daily *ts flill charged, as if, really, a French army MW^e,ljno eking tor admittance, as a matter of coUKcsy,~*at Temple Bar. This has at last roused *be linke of Wellington, who, iu a lone epistle to Ge?.. Burgoyne, iu ih?a 'IHmea of the 5th inst. ,Baysurn accustomed to the consideration*, of these ques lions, nnu I1HVC CA'iunutu uuu r^wuitunuui, over and over again, the wlio.le. cot|st, from the North Foreland to Dover, Fiilktstone, Beaohy, Brighton, Aruudel to belsey Bill, near Por'smouth ; and 1 say, that ?ir??pting immediately ender the tire ui DovJUfIJiiVtle. th?re is UUl a x?* -* ' * " '-ii l^ila.uvifjniivJit not be throwa on shoreat any time of tide, with any wind, and in wy weather, and front wb eh much bodyof infantry,sifthrow?oashore, would not find within the distaace of five miles, a road into the interior of th^couqtry, through the cliff*, practicable Tor ch? march of a body of troops," lie. To arm all these points, with nn d'luionHl force for* Ireland, the duke says will require aa addition to the army of about 70,000 men, at a cost ol ?400,000 Bterlrhfe. Thave visited all the above places on the (fo^itAince I left Inland, hs mentioned-by the Uuke.ot Wellingtan, apd paused the coast of CpiDW&U, visiting Plymouth and its dock yards, and c<Lh vouch for theijr?fc?rmplete nakedness es regfttrds-Ay defence, ninl made my remarks and notes wfiile scanning Albion's bold shore,and thought ho^nsy a few thoJsand disciplined troops could land s nd march to the gates of Londop, before meeting, aav to oppose them effectually,^ < The present warlike spirit Trhich is moving throughout Europe, seems also .to rouge England to shake oil her peaceful armqi* and><]ook round on her defences. For instance, because there appeared lately in an Austrian'paptftj un advertisement from the greatest iron foukdry in the empire, in which the establishment cpclinee>ull private orders, stating as a reason, tfift his contracts with government for hea,vy ar^llery, and on* million of cannon balls $t\ *i*h caliHre, will give employment (lav and Viiffht during six months, to upwards of 500 workmen, &c , the lesr is, that a general war ia brewing, with the Pope at the head, and the press, comes put with a llourish of trumpets, with dovfti with the Fo^e * nd papiF;s, nna irie nevu iaiic jioui urnuu, mi England must take car# of herself, atld look ou for squalls amid wars alarms ofi the contiaen snd annexation and conqaest la the waster r world. . The Emperor NickoUs also appears somewhat disturbed, as regftrds the defences ntf his vast ^aipire, and has seat in hast* for Mr. Vignollf a, the first engineer in England, to cokne to St. Petersburg with despatch, who inform*, me he ^>hall leave in a few days and be absent some... months in Russia., on soma great worji for the Emperor. And now com$s the Presidents' message,,1 /wh<ch, by its bald, intelligible language, to be .understood by alkEirope, caused a panic through 'l?ondoi>, and " mum" appeared the order of the '^ay on the Hoyal Exchange for aorne day*, und j aliy, hard, cold looks to all Americans was obi served. This message aaemad to cap the climax, ?nd cause the ministiy to meet olten in secret ! conclave, and cast their eye often to the map ot Mexico, tha Gulf, and the enviable pearl of the ueean, Cabs, not knowing how soen the buntuig wou d fly in triumph over Moro Castle, as at Vera Crux; h?nce tlie late order for so many warsteam*rs to rendezvous at Plymouth, and to ha ready for sailing at a moment's notice from the telegrepli station. t The numerous failures which continae in' Europe have eaused much inquietude in the mercantile community, as well ns the lin^neial onerations, all which tend to shake cenfidence between man and man, who look with sn eye of suspicion one up6n another. One of the me'-t wealthy factors in Manchester infurmed me today, that he had retused numerous orders troin wrge housca in London, which he had supplied lor many ypars, for the reason that there was no Knowing how soon they might be compelled to stop payment, and he wished to be on the sale side. Some of the old nobility are daily naxetted as bankrupts, which causes great distress in other clatses; and for this and other reasons, there ; eems to be a general gloom at this time hanging over not only London, but all England. Even the holidays wrre pasaed without as ininy balls or parties, as there usrd t-i be; a crisis seems at hind, whieh is to shake tnc island to its centre, ana unless some means arc yvisru to restore confidence, Mnd that very soon, it may clearly be seen that England tins hud her best dciys, by any practical observer. John H. Siikrcrnk. Birlin. Dec. 31, 1847. The Condition of Thin/ft in Europe?The Cholera. ? The Poiition of the Jetvi, 4*c., frc., 4*c. Thia year has been a most troublesome one for the King of Prussia and hi ministry, and it ends just as ontowardly as U began. The off-hand .mi in which mattera were settled in Switzerland, has taken them by surprise, and placed them in rather an awkward predicament. They firrfily expected the Sonderbund to light like tigers, and, at all events, to protract the war long enough to give France and the other absolute powers, a lair pretext for interfering; but the course of event* bat oompleteljr overthrow* their . ? i '& it a f < % % us. . * ...? * sage projacta, and reduced them to the painful necessity of looking on quietly and set-ing their friends and adherents trampled upon by the. vie torious rndicals. This is the first great triumph ol revolutionary principles, since the glorioin* days of July, wiien a uew era appeared to be downing upon Europe, until the aristocracy of wealth contrived, by some legerdemain procehs. to wheedle the peppl/! out ot the spoils of victory, and to vault iiUo ihe saddle just left vacant by the downfall of the arisiocrncy of birth. No wonder, therefor^, ilint tins event is contemplated with alarnraiuhanxieiy by the few ; with nope and expectayoi^y the many. All seem to have a foreboding ihjjt a tenons crisiy is at hand, and that some nullity.convulsion isabout to disturb the factitious Tra^iutility in which this quarter of the globe JyiH.been buried for the last thirty years. The ciyil dissensions in Switzerland?the universal Orment of the popular ntind in Italy?the decliriirjt state of Louis Philip's health, and the tevered'and unhealthy condition of France?the suppressed dissatisfaction tlial* prevails throughoutGermtiny?tke liberai attitude assumed by the MVnrjiriau I)iet?the threatening demonstrations of,! ifrkey, and the silent watchfulness ot Russia?all. thase are signs of the times, which he that/uns may read. There were raports'current a f>w days since, that the cholera hud broke out at Hreslau, about two hundred, and at^Stettin, about u hundred miles from this city ;* but they are now stated to have been premature. By the latest accounts, the dread epidemic had come to a atand in Russia . Next spring,-however, we may calculate with eertainty ujiea its paying us a visit. It took a similar course on its first appearance in Eurepe sixteen reara ago ; after peaetrating from Persia to Tilhs, Astracan, anil the south of Russia, it.made a pause during the winter of 1830?31, and then broke Vu with renewed violence on the frontiers of Poland, spreading from thence to Germany, France,'Great Uritain, anil even acroaB the ocean to the United States and South America. Add to (his the high prices of food, occasioned bythefi'lare of the potatoe crops, ? 'J maaminrVkii /vf tli? uttA/ill I ifrtl-J in rr 1 11 and. you will-.pcrceive that our prospects for 1848 are gloomy enough. Who knows, whether the three great scourges of mankind, war, pes. tilence, and famine, are not about to unit* their forces, and to >inpk'e* an inroad upon our enervated race, subjecting it to the purifying ordeal of suffering and Vriyation, and arousing it to a more healthy ana vigorous state of existence 1 - The debates in the British House of Commons on the Jewish .emancipation bill have excited considerable interest'in this country. It was all very well of Loid John ltussell to deprecate the injustice of allotting the doors of Parliament against 10,000 .Englishmen,* for no other crime than that of proteasing a religion obnoxious to the majority of their countrymen; but he ought to have added a word on the much more crying injustice of deprivip^ six millions of his iellow citizensf of the most Essential of all rights?that of suffrage?not on account of their religious opinions, or their moral character, but only because they are aftt possessed of the requisite amount ot pound?, jsiiilliugs, and pence. No doubt it is a great naidship that millionaires, like Baron Rothschild, Sir Isaac Goldamid, Sir Moses Montifoite, ftc yiic., who can puTrchfrjp titles and orders tfiltn ull the princes of tjurope, should b? unablo>ij purchase a seat iu the House of Commons; but it is, perhaps, a still greater one, that men of 'the; highest cast ot genius, the most sxteanive acquirements, the most spotless integrity, should nyt^only be disqualified from entering the Halls of St. Stephen's, tout even from voting at an election,Vf their income happens to fall short of so ruu<*?(-v?ar?that the eloquence of a Burke, tho.wiitiof a Sheridan, the statesmanship of a Canuing, or the financial abilities of a Peel, should bs of bo avail, unless accompanied by a good round balanco at your bankers. What an incongruity 1 .tcJ'eufranchise ten thousand IsrwliUI, while uearl/six millions of Ciiristaina remain in bondrfge.. To affect prodigious zeal for the emmcipttion of the former, and to continue blind to the se/yUurie of the latter, is about tlio same thing as strmniug at a gnat and swallowing a camel/ But this unnatural state of things must soon come to an end, and no one 11 m*rc^ public opinion will universal suffrage and'universul ligTb7flYyi<flf eat in the councils of the nation, will be ultimately triumphant in England, as it has .long been in your great and-happy republic. A. B. * Lord John said 40,000, bat that was including woman ?od ohildcan.i * t Tha camber .of mala adolU In Oraat Britain aad IrsUad amousts tontJbrft sovan millions, of whom Mttfa b?t' tar than a milliOK?tajtla?tors. ? dk Teiiminos, Jan. 23,184H. Affairt at I*aguna?Naval Matter*?Change in the Local Government, fyc. Since I wrote.yojilast, Capt. Bigclow arrived here in the ateamer^corpion, and he has been duly installed as governor of Laguna. The day aftef his amvtl,tLh^iyuntamien(o, composed of native citizens, w^s convened, and due notice of the change was given.. He than applied to that body to find a houso for him to occupy; but after various consultations, and sending out a number of messenger^ they replied that they were unable to . protwe one. "Very w^ll," replied the governor.^?*! shall be under the ne cessity 01 looKing nn^ioujje myeni. lie accordingly notified thejir^t alcalde that he should .take possession of HifliVous'! within fourteen or fiftten days, and ititffihe ,Would pay him a rea- i Bonable rent for it; b?H that. h<> must find a house torj himselt accordui?fy. The' above namfd liouae is the handsomest one in Liguna, and I believe the final arftnjtfement was mutually satisfactory. It is really gfajifying to behold the cool; uess.with which he.prftceeds to arrange the vurious departments uncL-r his control, am}, if I mistake not, he will IfrhimselPthe governor of this taland. * . The cauoe which was, seized for having contraband of war on bpatfl?an account of which I gave you in my ??t?haa already been given up to the owner, he j%yihfc a fine of si* hundred dollars. The ctnOe~l?y? worth $2,500, and the contraband consisted of a quanuty ol long, sharppointed knives, concealed in n k of ric*. The sloop of wrar Albany was <>H' the b-vr a few days ago, where ah* remained about twenty-four hours, and then proceeded to Campeachy. On liar return, aha will toach at this port, and the late governor will embark in h"*r for Ver* Cruz. Your humble servant will probably do the name; at all events, you will be apprised of the remarkable fact, should it take place, and if not, you will hear a still, small voice Irorn thia quarter. We have had another ball since I wrote you last, which wa? very well attended, which circumstance seems generally to b- imputeij to the popularity of the governor. The room was elegantly decorated with flags nf most of the priuciPiil commercial nations of the earth; th<'v entirely covered the ceilins: and walta of the hall, and were much admired. There is a family here which has become very popular w%th the officers of the navy ; in it are several very pretty young ladies, who attract much attention; consequently Uieir vanjty is rouged, and ihey plat tly enqueue to<a certain degree. A young philosopher, who is anxious to be forward in everything whicii is going oa, presented one of them with a poodla dog^arouna the neck of which was a collar inscribed with the words " Forgat me not." A few days after she ask?*d a young man to translate it into Spanish, which he did, when the lady exclaimed?"Oh! now I understand it; it is meant to apply to the little dog, poor thing, who has lost his companion." There is no custom in this country which exhibits such a want of taste as the manner in which wealthy citizens dress their children; y< u may see boys five years ot age going to school dressed in close frock coats, and pantaloons strapped down to the uttermost, wincli gives | them the appearance of a congress of Lilli.m- I tians. r A few days ago I saw the gate of " Campo I Santo" open, and I had the curioaity to enter, i and found that they were digging two graves ; I a>i'd as they proceeded, skulls and bones were I thrown up in nbund nee ; in f?ct, the whole gmveyard was lit rally strewed with skill sand thigh bones?a perfect Golgoih i. I inquired of on ol the grave-diggers why they Uuz imo graves in that way, when he very quaintly replied, that a person rotted and leit nothing but the hones in less than a yenr, and tliat they had no room without digging into the Oldest ijravrs ; " but," and he, " we rake nil the bones no once a year, and put them in that corner." Having directed my attention to the spot, I discovered a ghastly mound of human bonee. In " ftiose holea where ayea did once inhabit," were aren mall lizards paaaing out and in ; and in soma a Morploa neatfed, tal if diatarbea, it retrettea to L J>. ; - ,j rr>m vwa um ilie inner chamber, which once contained a power (tor ouijlit 1 know t<> th* contrary) which mitflit have-wifld d the d?'8 imes of an empire. A il en tint would liuve bren absorbed in business, instead of indulging in sentiment. Full sets of teeth shone blenching "i ' ? sun, like a liirrest of ivory. But eaouuh of this. Since I commenced writing,inn .f\ii>any ikih artivnii, and the exgovernor hua^emliurked for Vera. (Jrua. Your Itumbla servantwaits another opportunity ; in the meantime hi? eyea are oNji, aivi he will notcTn'ythuig ot moment which m ly occur Thet I'reBtdent'j mesynye, and Mr. Clay's letter,.-were read here, with a considerable degree of interent, and among the M'-xic-nu parties mi gift, tie found favoring one aud the other. _ Jou.i Smth. * Hellgliiw Intelligence. Calbkdi*?February U7, HexujMsim* Sunday. Maroh 5, CluiliViifllReiljna Sundey. 8, The first day of List, commonly oalled Aih WtCDnKioar. |j, First Sunday lu Lfnt * 13.' Kmbe r Pay. 17. Kinber Day 19, Kmber Day.- 1!?VS eoud Sunday in Lent. 'i5, Tne Annaoclatlon of the Bluer J Virgin Mary, 2tj, Third Sun day la Lent* *" " The J-ffuHn RsttUd at iJ?nna have olnsed their conv?u' Mid cJimoli and retired, *?>ia* to Nine, and the rmiijli'u; to th'lr country s?ut ot Vlontrheilo. Tile l'ope has lately conferred the Role of Honor to the Duchess of Savor Aocoijiig m the Itali-t, Pl'ajournil, of ths 8th all, a number fT riedmoutrso Bishops h?l protested (gainst oert&ln r'efrims ncoomplishnd by Mug Charl'-s Albert. It ? ? even reported thai, several of these prelate! who professed liberal opinions had resigned tbnlr sue* The Si'John's Church (Episcopal) located at Portstrionth N II li kn lv? rtftntartpafail r>n WuHnoe/l Thla ohutbh hu been built onfl hundred yean, bat tiM never u at been conaeorated. The following ate the regulation* for Lent in the DiooeaeofN'fw York-fcr the present jmar, vl* : ?I. All the week (Jajs of LunC from A*b Wedncnuay (111 Koeter .Sunday, ttre tan , doyir of precept, ou on* meal, with tba allpfrauair of a moderate collation In the evening. 3. The precept of f?allng Implied. alen. that of abatlnance from lh? ma of fleeh mem liut by dispensation tha ut*.of .ileah meat la allowed in tnia dloa??a, a't (ha principal- inval on tbaJVIondaya, Tueadaya and Thuradaia of Ijent, from' tlje llrr Sunday until Palm Sunday. 3 Tb? of meat irnot allowed ou tb'a Thtyidaj next after Aaji' \V>dni/id?y, nor on any day in tha JJ*oly Week, fiytnediately prenejing Koater Sunday. 4 Thar* la neithrt faat nor abstluenoa to be observed on the Sunda/a^pf Lent, exoept I'alm Hnnday, which la day of AbjOiruea from flesh meat, but not a dajfef fkatS . It is ijpHllowed to poo fl?h with Saah meat aQta.eaine meal <> Thera ii uo prohibition to ii'? fgifflBfltter or ohaeaa, provided tha rules of quantity pr*acnH?t>y the faat, bi compiled with. 7. Tha ohurch tinflb from the obligation of faatlng (but not of abetti^ffia from flaah .meat, exoept In apeolal oaaea of eiokn?pi^r..tlM like)Cm f. llowlug classes of pareona : ? lat, tffe^0rm ; 3d, tn?B. whoso dutlea aro of as exhausting otflfWrloua , ohariroafc a 3d, peraona who are only tUiniAr their growfiflbtth, women in pregnancy or nuriinffneir Infants those who are enfeebled by old age. Tha^ffiSlia reiigioua exemiata during Lent, In tba nhurab<55/ the city, to commanca each evening at 7 o'ctocKjjSU be?On ,Monday in tha Cburch of tba ffatlTlt/,yjK? the Moat Holy Redeemer, (German ) On Taeacay. A St. Jamaa', St. Joaeph'a and St. Vinaaat of PauIXkUVanob) On Wednesday, in 8t. PatAaflt. JobnVjUierman,) and St. Kranola AaaiiflHBOn Thu^jfcMn tba Cathedral and St. Andrew'MDLSt. Colurabi\.V.Oa Friday, iu St. Mary'a and.St. Nh2dW and Tdktopguratiou. * T*he sUjdiug ctmmlltee bare ranewad tbairjavititios to Blahoe Potter to perform F.plsoopal servlalajn tbia dioorA.11a Invitation extamls to tha tilth AMr Six$?dn Rural Dmdi. and twenty-nine R&n and Curatfji 9T tbe Archdeaconry of Bedford, hafUapt an <addres:?iu?.the Bisliop of Ely. thanking him fdT his romoDsfcN<& against Dr. Hampden'* appoinqjEfet, assurliuc him that they fully share in the appSBnsion and SlSrHirhich th- Bishop attributed to the cIVtffy. At St>ft4ry'e Catholic church, Alexandria, Va., on the lOttbiBP, tae Mont Rev. Atohbishop Ecolaston eonfirmed U 'LLi'i'onc. of wiiomilB were courerta, -Among the UtcSrawaa the oldest otticen of Alexa^jbda, Mr. La?r?njCpurdle, a soldier of the reTolntioiinrj^to, la On SiuiAj, tbe 30th ult . the Right Her. Bishop admlniUteJfti -tbe s*crain?nt of confirmation' in 8t. Benedltv.1n|burchr Springfield, iWass., to sefjn|?.flTa petWtM&hon upwards of thirty were adulcSfand several jwJcouTerfs to the faith. Kroui t^Ruiuual catilorfue of the Bango; Theological H?iulaaiyo? -learn thai ih? number of stud?nts4n this institutuuv% srnior class. 14; middle class, ; junior claes, MlVRtnl, 37 The K$jr&AViliiam E. Kchenck. of this city, having accepted tin ^ili irom the First Presbyterian cbareb Of 1'rinovton, x5tw Jersey, has been reltated by Abo preobvtcrr fropf his nastoral connection wiUudSftttAtles at Prt^^ton. The Tier Mr. Kirk presented the appeal from the ErangeIi?$d*<,SocIety off Geneva, In the Meteor strong eburcli,.(Uc Mkinser'f) on S?bbath last, and a contribution uf $1000 was mado on the spot for ths interesting ubj?ot. * The aanjirfl meeting of the Maryland toenail of tko AmericenU'ract Society, was held last Week in Baltinit re: KUreu colporteurs have b'en employed by the anxiliny fdclety. The annual r?c?fpts for tbe yebr'oxneed the \xfenultures six hundred dollars. it* We learn from an exchange paper, tbet the ottnroh of the Holy Tiiulty, recently ereoted la Brooklyn, New York, was built by E. J. Bartow, Esq., at a cost of $150,000. Among tha papara saiiad at tha Coll'ga of tho Jtaulta, at Ftibarg, waa a evalogua of the mrmtiara of tba Hon'.a'y ot J?*U8; printed at Lyons, la 1844, by the society iteaif .- ^ ?Atr,jt^? l meeting of the Exaoutlve f ofpOttM of J;H? A'Cj^Jan Traet Sjcia'y, la Naw Y>?rk,* February _ I, li tlC:^ wri> read from tba A. marl can B.?r<l of Commlaaloi^ari for Foreign Mlaaiona. tue Preabyterla* Board of Foreign'Mlaaio an, and tb? AtjWi'an Daptiit*Mi?*lon Union ton J Mouthers Coarentiou, duignntjag tba uma wjiioh it la deairable thi* m>olety should raia>:, tba current ;Hr, for their reapeetireatatiena, amounting la all to SU,U0?. Tli?ae applications ambraon the aeveral laiexlinis -at Canton, Amoy, TuiM.bou. Nlngpo, and Shanghai, In China ; tba mirnloa at 8I%ei and Burmab, in Mtfthern India, and at Madras, Madura, and Ceylon; in A'y.ia, and at 'be Saadwieh Inlamln : aaong tba Armenians find Neatoriang ; and tboaa In France and Oermany. Adding for Orisea. Russia, and tba traot and evangelical societies oa the continent r( Knrop , tJ 4(10, tba amoHnt is $1S,i OJ, which it is unquestionably desirable this aociety ehouidjr- wit foi tba y< tr which enda April 1, ensuing. Letters raai at tba martin# from Bar. Mr Whiting, on Mount Lebanon, spaak of native aolportaura going oat with mul*ioads of Arablo bcbka and " men women. boya, and glria, asking for b?>oke " He* Mr D wight, at Conatantinopla, earnestly reqaeata flMtf for Issuing books for the Armenians. Intbaaouraa of debate, in tba Legislator* of New V'ork.oq application for apaclal grantaof powar In holding tha property mad* by the Buaksra of Niskeann. In that State, tha following rulea, or ordara, eilating in that society, heoame pnblio : Contrary to ordar to tnqaira Into any bargain that tb* deacons h?re made ; contrary toorJertogo to church wirh sin* nnconfeeae I ; eotirrsry to ordtr to go o>it among the world, or among families, wiili ui Ui* permlaMon of the e'.d rs ; contrary to order to ahako hands ^th. a world'* woman, without annftoelog 1U; oontrayr to order to shako hands with ttn world, unless they first tender the band ; contrety ? > ord?r tt> piny with doc* ??* ; contrary to order for a brother and (later to ride together without ooDpmjr ; contrary to order for a brother and aister to paaa each ether on thdatalra ; contrary to order Tor a person to go ont of tla? yard after awning meeting ; contrary to ordar to hare right. and left ihooe : contrary to order to pare the heels of shoes under ; contrary ta order to read newspapers In a rolling booses, at any time. utileae Indolgerce format purpose la grunted by theelders , contrary to order to fold the left thamb nrer the right, In prayer, or when standing ? In worship; contrary to order to kn*el with the left knee flrat ; con'r*ry to ordtr to pnt the left boot or shoe on Irat ; contrary to order to kneel with handkerchief In hand ; contrary to order to pat the left foot on theoirs first, wbejj sscadlr.g " Ci.bkical Cnistii?Tke Rey. J-xtirs Ellison Tan Bokkelen, deacon, hss been reoMrfd- Into th? diocoee of Murjland. by letters dlraieaorv from the Right Rer the Blalnp of North Carolina Mr Van Boklir'sn ierninui. t?r of tirao Charah Rlk RMge Landing, end Vioe Rector of SI. Timothy'a Mail. The Rut J?e?i?h Spencer, D. D , has been chosen Reetor of St. Michael's parish, Talbot county, Maryland The Rev. C. Ottrdlaer, recently ordained, la employed In the pariah of St Lake'*, Philadelphia, aa assistant to the Ua* Mr Hot*. Rev .viarcellus A llerrlok, ku taken charge of the parish at Woodstock, Tt. The subject to which the following address r?l*t*s bating be?u brought before tke atteuMoa of the ministers of the city of Doaton, was oons'.derel l-y th?in In a series of meetings, at which the various Croteitan! d< rominatloua were represented; mi -e than s*v*nfy clergyman having beea present at diff r t periods In the course of the procosdlag*. After oonsid?>r?hle dissuasion in regard to the step* which might b teken for the suppression of licentiousness, the following resolution was offsred , . Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare an address to the oitli*n* of Boston upon tho propriety and Importance of beetowlng a'tentlon on tho ' opportunities which eilst tcf the indulgence of licentious passious In this ooamnnity ; which ad.tresa, within nt .r'.inii.tinir to *pr? d ? ' re -he pnblin the det?lla of Tieo, or KUi?i< ?"iut{ m'tbo<?? f r to ?U{ prenatoD.ihall confine to the oeoal J?r^tion of tu? opinion ent?ttiln fd by many persons. 'hat lteenttouaneaa la a auhjeot of nuoii a nature ai nol 10 admit of any direct bomoo ; in opinion which, ? lara* U preTalli,mu*t prevent auj motion 'hut would be ailtotual in reatratnlng the increase of ihi* ain Tbia r*ao!uU'>n wai unanimously adopted a committea to carry it Into ftffjct ?? oho'en. eonala;in<r of Kar L?r. Oinni tt, Hot. Dr. Waterbury and Ray. D?. Stow. At an Adjourned ro?Mtin<, bald Keb. 17, 1S4H, thia committee r?p-rt?d an aUJrtri'*, wbloh afar amend meat, wan adopted. and a apaoial committee wie inauujtad to |>r>**nt It to the citl*an? oi Boa on thrrugh the l ublio prln'a. 0 Thestaamehip Aoadla. Stone, from Hoaton arrived at Hallffci the 14 h mt, and left fee Liraryoo) Mm iNrt 4 *

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