Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1849 Page 1
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THJ SO. 5391. Ilollrc to A<lverUttrii The first double abeet of the Hew Yark Herald will < he published on Tuesday morning next, and we beg te etete to business men et ail kind*- erahente, shippers, , Jabbers. marine end tnanranee oompanl** associations, x book-oilers Tend*re of medicines of nil kind*, dry goods l denlrte. fancy store keeper*, end In fact nil alalia* engaged In the diversified bnaineea of New York end the adyaeeut oity?that wo are now prepared to reeolee their ^ advertisements at our office. on the n >rthwe*t eorner ' of Kuiton and Nassau streets ; I* Ac interred in tin I daublt eheet, at fifty per cent le ft ia price than thata ' which wr puhlith in the incite *f the tingle 4 e heci?a reduotlon wbioh is of the greatest Importance | te the hnrtners 0lasses of this great olty. These ad- j rertlsements will be displayed In a reasonable way, j calculated to attraot tbe attention of the reader. Ad- , wrtisrmemts for this sheet will be received t4H If o'clock Monday night. 1 1 Vbtatrleah end Fan Ik Ion The Italian Opera continues still samended in this 1 alty.and all the eloquence of Mr. Fry's pamphlet hes 1 kva uaaveillog. Whether be will be abia to re-ope a tha Aaior Hauav tbaatra, we do oat kauw; bat things look gloomy at preeent. It la now even rumored tbat Slgaor Burg her a, the lather of the beautiful Mile. 'Bcr?beae, intends to got up an opt re troupe, and open at ruma tbaatra la the eity. Another rum rr la taat tha immortal Nible, or a* we suppose wo must aall him, Sifhur Aitfs, baa-aleo aome tbougbta of making aa para or tbaatrloal movement, shortly ,oomawhore up tcwa. V> o oannot help, on reviewing Mr. Fry'a aaeoar, from expressing our ooneiotion tbat the opera arUtooraoy of he?f lork have treated that gentleman moot shame| tn.|?, moat illiberally, aou most outrageously. Ha was ready to re open for a short reason in tha spring months, oniy aekiug an additional fifty par eent on the old pnooe, which did not pay bis espouses during the last reason; yet they bnog baek. How a fferent when we tain bom the opera aristoeraey in tfpper Broadway, and look at the oonduet of the Bowery boys and the fashionable Bowery girls in their treatment of Hainbiin, of the Bowery theatre, during the last tsw meets! HambUn, it teems,engaged Tom Hyer end some ot bis associates to make their appearance in "Tom and Jerry," and exhibit a representation of these athletlo scant* whi*h lately prodnoed such aa cxoitemsnt in Maryland. Tom liyer Is a perfect fielv.dere Apoilo in personi and the excitement which the announcement of hi* engsgtment produoed was extraordinary, ilatablia. in consequenoe, doubled his prioes. Did the Bower y fashionablesrefuse'. They crowded in greater nauihars to sea Tom ilyar represent the O ymptaa Games of <Jrteoe,or to witness ihs Beiridere Apollo from Athene, in the attitude of licking a Paddy from Cork. Night after night his theatre was crowded; and so great was i the sensation produoed that Tom Uyer, tt it said, has bean engaged again to ga ibtough the tame exhibitions, and Cail back the olase e times ol aooient Greece in the Bowery. There's stuff in the Bowery fashionables which beats the Doers. haul to? all to smash. The oiher theatres, Also, at# doing very well; bat above and beyond all, Mrs. butler seem* to atirsot all J tbe old tAebiouAbles of isQued intellectual saoiety In Now \ ork? those wbo have not been to thestres or to 1 tbe opera for years. Her oiaeMoal readings of Sh*k spenre ore producing as greet a sonsstion And exoitemeut.and ssiuueh attention,in tb* fashionable society f upper Broadway as Torn Hyer's olnssienl exhibitlons ot pugilism, And of tbe positions in whicb tbe Beivider* Apollo is thrown, ore produoing Among tbe fASbionnble boy* And beoutifui girls ot tbe bowery. Between tbe two movements, tbe ItAllan Opera seems to be entirely lorgotten. Mr. Fry bos lost fourteen tbotiencd doliers lu ministerlcg to tbe Amusement o tbe kuut ton, waen tbe re is bsroly a soore of tbem wbo would move their lift linger to give fonrteeu thousand cents to the unfortunaie manager. bach is the of tbe InshionAble world par excellence. Vet they went to get gliU^UOu out of as to pay up their deficiencies. Ob!tb ! The Puojfct to Assassinate the European Momahcus ?-Tbe paper which we pubhahed the otner day, liom the German, purporting to emanate In. in a secret society in i'hiladslpaia, oilerring a rt ward, according to a scale ot prices, tor the aeeasaiu&iioii ol tbe Kings, emperors, princes, dukes, and other high personages in Europe, can hardly be believed to be a genuine document?certainly, when it was first given to us, we doubted its uuihtnticuy. But we have been assured it w really what it purports to be. If so, we caaaot hesitate to pass upon it our severest condemnation. We are republicans, and in favor of democracy, but we contend that all changes in government, and all relormatious in public polity or administration, ought to be effected with due regard to the higb principles of Christian morals. The proposition twiuuke assassination an element of political amelioration, and to reward it lor its success, in any counti y, is too monstrous to tolerate in any Christian land, or among any moral people. OrlNIOH OF THE CABINET ON THE TARIFF.?We annex the opinions oi two ot the new cabinet, relative to thv tanfi act ol 1&12. They will be read with interest just now. That ot Mr. Meredith, * *be pre sent becreiary of the Treasury, is of a very recent date. *: PwiLAocLmiA, NOT. 21,1848. o My Dear Sir:?I bad sua p<?a?ur? ot room ring, a few uays Macs your otter on Urban ot the oumututso, ? laviusg at* to os present at lAs wnlg jubilee m fotwviiie, on Saturday next 1 regret met my ?, eiigHgnnmie ne.u will prevent me Iron availing uijaeif ot tlie invitation. There eoaid bo no occasion on t' wbica ivbouiaiuoto jviyfaiiy pertlolyate In too festlvi ties Tt? impoitanee oi me reiuii er toe let# eieo- p Uoee cannot be situated. 'I An peerage ut tbe not of 1846 involved ioiultas ti leu ?o injury 10 reuuryivaoie. end Iter people ami g< bave b*vo blind to tbeir otu Boa or mod interest if ? ttey bed reiemed it. Tne triumphant manner in ? eu,oD tbe pteple el tBe oommonweniLn. end m ti e?- o eel remarkable degree tbe pe pie of ooauj^tl ii county, bore viuuionted tae r lights at tbe reeefet b ei? cin.u?;,i?vtvBil el)ow? a a?t?imiuatioB that the pria* ti oipiee of the Uril of ISi'J shall be restored, ma met tbeir Induetiy euad not in future be eaorihoed te edit \ tbe views ot political partisans, bet exnibllS ill a etroug llg t the fact mat tile people oauoot be tong droeived, 1 aud that timj eao and a ill enforce the due teeponitbmtv ot their public lervaate. Wftil# ae are abie to g do ton, ae ai?y oe eure tuat toe repuolio will continue to be safe, gionou*, and uiumpuant. 1 oiler for me acnepinace ot our bretnren toe following eeuilmcac:? lenof jlvunia-Pxoof alike agkinit the vio.ence of pen enemies, and ihe eubtietlee ot protested friends 1 bee ant at we)* etamu lor the rights ot industry and tbe pimeipirs of ir.edim " e 1 am, in, wltb greet esteem, very truly youre, W. M. MEREDITH. i, B. Babtholomhw, Elf. Tne loiiowmg is nu extract ot a letter written * in November, by Mr. Clayton, the 3ecre> taiy of Ktatr, to the whig* ot Delaware:? c 1 if there be any among us a ho shall desire topley ? that game, or uare to eber as a ahig measure any prwn eiliou ablob nae tor im oqjuet to bull* ana uetent j, tbe uavqkivockl reeloiation of tne tar.iKi i?U, let ue at ones .epudiate tne aiensure, ne uuoai.eJ for oy the people and oppueed to their aiehet. buontiog mi an- > tuacuoue auu geBeralitlee, iai ue ooatiuu* to prtdeal tbe priacipie lor anion ae no# eontend, maniu.iy and opetiy. ae au objeot vtMBle aud tangible -tbe reetorn tiou at tne ahig tariff of lHi'i. Let tbte etnad ne tne ant ah aoid ol the party-tbe ihtODoletb of ear politL ni faitb. lnicnbe it en every antg Hag, ml eao a ?nl beo<.uie a 'larum as Invincible ae tne banner ot tne K Conetaannee. lalted btatee Comuitseluner'a OOm. Before Ueorge W. Morton, Esq Much ciaipr ?/ HtuoH-Ueo. 1. Harris (ooloieu.) eook and etewaid ol tue American brig Joseph Lx j ant, Hitwart, maetrr, aee arouaut up on n enarge of ).a >iiig attemp tea to oieute a revolt on board, ou tbe , pneeege fioin ,V? orieaa* to ibis port Upon an inevetigntion of tbe ease, it appeared tnat tne captain ordietra l lm to go down and eiv-r dp leuie oarre.e under (be ban bee, to* cook repind tnat ue bad doue eo tbree or four time* before, upon wuiou tne eaplaia ordered bijj tv ' rhut up and give no more jaw. but ge and do , bii' buiiBi?e " The steward ltd tome disue* in bte J baad at the tune, threw in. ru on the deck and laid lit ecu d uo nu more duly uu board I n . oep.aia ptbea erdered tbe mate to put him ia Irons, wblon was eeli; be wee then ifed dp, and reoeived Id latuee. , llyei. ibis Hate of laete tne court dieuilteed tlie ??.*, . and Harris' eouoeel niovtd for a warrant againet tbe , aaptaia tor cruel aud uuaeual punieooae it, w.neh cm granted and pot into the bnnue of eue of lit deputy ?iaiBliaii, *r,b dxeotivne to arrest tne captain , E NE MOf Wasuinoton, March 7, ISI9 0flirt Srtkttt?Patriot iim?Prtniitnt Taylor, if.. I havec<?ll?cti-d the ntmes of a tew of the hinfreds of applicants for offi :ee, ?om- of which you will recognise For Collector of New York, Edward Curtis, ex-Mayor Brady, ex-Governor young, and Charles Xiog, of tlie C >wier. For Na\al Officer, John A. Uuderwood and P ulip Hone. Surveyor, General John Lloyd, an old merchant of thirty yearn' standing, backed by he merchants o< New York; Mr. Tailmadge, ibiokerin WaH street; Mr. Benson, formerly a :cbacco inspector; M. O. Ro berts, R. C. Hauce, Mr. Calhu, who now holds an office in the custom louse. Col. J. W. Webb is here, with his taiinlv, ii>d made Wnlard'shis lieauqaarters, where old Ztack temporarily sojourned. He is couuectm with a elnjue, aud is "hungering and thirsting" iin-i Berlin. George Folsom, ex-Senator from the city ol New Yoik, isepokeu ol as Mmirter to Holland, t'nis tenileniaii was. it la said, one cf the earliest friends jt G? una I lay lor. For the Nrw York cily Poet Office, John Lorimer Graham iu in the tield, wicti other competitors. There are many applicants for United States Marshals. Fuher, oi me Mt-ror, is active. He insib's unit he first nominated General Tayl >r tor the Presidency, and is going to present him with a told pen wo. in $30 M<-a?ra. Knight, Kipp, Payne, nd May nurd have tneir taces towards the marihulships. K. O. Wetmore is not alone in briskly moving lor the navy agrncy. Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, a id other cities ue largely icpieaeuicd m the scramble for loavss and fishes. But the hunger is not aloae confined to whits people ; there aie blacks in this city who have actually procured the recoiumeodalion of members iud ex ineinbers ot Congress, that they may .recome poot-nlackaund servants at the White House, fne nn nihetb ol Mr Pola's cabinet placed black messengers in thtirnrpaitnifut*, with salaries rangiug Irt m three to five hundit d dollars per auumn. Tne whig negroes say that tnoae are loco-tocos, and hum go out. Martin iiniatian, an lrixhrnaii, was daci a in a lower aituatiou than negro Bill; but he revolt! d against the disgrace to which he justly ;oiic*ived Mr Polk had subjected htm. However, we must not speak ill of the dead. Pitaident Taylor was busy shaking hands toJay with the ladies. Tina is r ght, considering the rxpiecsiou true, that " none but the brave deserve the tair." At a bail, on Monday night, a certain gciultinan elbowed him, as much as to say, "Come away from this place to the wnig party ball." TheGeneial turned round hastily and gave him a look that mude the geiitieiiidu's leatners tail, and said that he was goiug to eat his supper where he was. The Presiseut will uot be led by those who have lulerior titles, and they should be extremely cautious lest they otieud. He h ts the rugucity to know the criugers irom the patriots 1 have noticed in the city our old Irieud, the Hon. Zadik Pratr, the great advocate ot workioguieu'a interests. V on will recollect that he Was my c<t ididate lor the Presidency. He was most cordially ir ceived by his acquaintances in this meridian, and lias gone 5k>rtn. Cri me oi ihe pickpockets have been placed in laii lor sat keeping; among them is James Byrae, (so calfed,) who is said to be the greatest English star ol his pr<-teseion. G. Extra Executive keeeleii ot the Senate. W ASM ISO VOW, Weuufteuay. March 7, 1B49 nwftna w idm a*y wearner eiwnig up. alter tone t?fnt) oays of almost uninterrupted rain and anew. City slid overflowing with irangera. tbe meant t>l tr asportation being Inaufltelent to carry away tbe populous invasion on tbe Inauguration. Ualieriec of llie Senate crowded with atrangera. rthkokll explanations. Shortly after the Senate we* called to order, Mr. Foots rote, and taid he teit b>uod to oceupy the Senate a minute or tno In a abort prraonal explanation For two or three dare part tbe newapapera bad abound* d witb each neooante of a aeene In the Senate on iaat Saturday night, aa to require an laplanation; for tboae representations nut only retteoied upon him*elf, but 1 nvrlved tbe honor of hia body. He bad walled patiently, In the hope bat the chenneia ef these mtarepreseata'ione aonld gire the neeeetary eorreoilun; but he would >r?fer now to dlaehaige what be felt to be a duty without waiting aay longer He weuid not go into tbe oenaoa ir merit* of the ear*; but It wae Known the: uubsp illy an aiteioation took plaee between btaieelt md the Senator irom Pennsylvania, (Mr. caneun) not aaw bete, wblah resulted aald Mr. ?*ote. eery muh to my regret, la eomothlng ike a phyaicai eolllaien. But la twenty or thirty kiauiee alieiwnraa. the mlanaderatanalng was correct d. and amloabla relatitaa were reatored between ua, md we ware aa good fn*nda aa ever. The papers hare itaied that 1 waa reea to go orer to the oeaalor'a wat, and toihake my tat iu hie faee. Now. air, I aever rave done ae to any human being in my life, Snch an lot would truly be dishonorable 10 me and dlagraoeful a the Senate. Another statement aaya that 1 eetived a blow from the Senator from Pennsylvania, vubont revealing it. Now, nr. there was a vary light blow inflicted by each if ua, when the Se-aioi Ii<jin A.abaua (Mr. KLspatriok) and the Senator iouj South Carolina ( Ylr Butler) interposed between v. anu a reoonciiia.loa immediately followed I will ?y to the senate that I do most profoundly regret tbe vhole occuneuee. tbe result of the exciting topics of he n<gbl, ahlie I do net know but that, uaoer the erne cuoumvtancea 1 might do the same thing agala. Mr. bin tin corroborated the statement o( Mr . Foete. ['he Senator fiem Pennsylvania waa sitting near me; he senator fioiu Miaeiacippl approached, and some igry words passed but* ten them and a alight blow me esoLaut ed, when the senator from Alabama and nyaelf iatetierrd. It waa an extremely transient affair. Mr Futraiaitx raid that tne Senator Irom P?aoylvania was aitnng near me, that tbe Senator from divaieilppi advanced to him (vtr. Cameron), that some rums pasted, thai a alight blow waa given by the Setat r fiom Miaaitsippi and it turned by the Senator rom Peanrylvania, and betore ano bar could be given he Svnahr ftoiu South carcllnaand myself intertervd, no the affair waa soon alter reconciled. And here henattei dropped Mr JxrrAksoiv Dana moved a resolution explaining he law providing tor filling vacancies In the Senatoial Regents ct the Smithsonian Institution. Liu ver Mr Manovm moved that the 8tnate go into the lvotlon of the ocmuaiuot k Ml Cam auggeeud thai; g baw committee should be kiredlot the Home Uepartmaut. Mr. Dicximon suggested,that for the purposes of hu extra teaaion. it was not necessary. Mr. Cam agreed to let the Subject go over for tha Mr. Mikoim than read the following list of oommtteee, (tli* recall of a conference of Senator# on each if r ) whicu wae agreed to. Tbo committee! eonciat f five nitcktii (<-ro?pt two or tnioo on ooroUod and bgrcreed bilio, bo..) nod, >herefo>e. tbey or* not yet i depleted, tbo wbigr,wbu are io tbo minority, not bertig oiiod up tbo toil of moot of tbo oouimittooo, ibot Hij the end towhieb they nro ontitlod. Tbo LUt, no ir no egret d on i? at lohone:? On Htlaliom-Mooon. Bonton, Com, Footo, ftbfitr, tut Mangum >ino.,<!?-DioktMon, Hantor, Douglnoa, Tbolpo, nid Vebetor. Commute- Hamlin, Soule, Fitipotrlek, Dnvlo, of In?s , sno smith Mei.ufectutf? Sobnation. Butler. nnd Jonao. Public Bande-Felrh, Baideto, nnd suicide. jt^rir,iiiw t ? Sturgeon, Turuej, nnd Woikor. Itiuumy njjaiik?Darit, of etiee j bonton, Baldwin, loll nnd Dawecn. JUtmta? Hitmen, Fltrpotileh, nnd Dodge, of WUon*m. T.i.iute Lend Claimt? Down*, Wbltoomb nnd Dloktaoii. li (iinn .Ijfatri?AtobUon, 8ebnatinn, Rank, Pbolpo, nd bwl. On C'tuima?Whtteomb, Norrla, nnd Jonon. Krruiuliimery Ciame?Walker, -Noma, nnd Dodgo t l?nn. Judtiiary?Bailor, Down*, Brndbary, Berrien, nnd lay ton. Ton OJfirt and Pait Raade- Ruak, Sturgeon, Soule, enice, ned Cciwm. iMeueeod Can ult? Bright, Atehlaon nnd Footo } tn?ion,?Dud?e, ot wueonein, Fuepatnok, nnd lunitr. Dutiicl ?/ Culwmiin- Metnn Ynlee, nnd Sbiold*. FultiiIt- Tatney. Norrin and wnuoimo hrl? c> cAtnti.r? Bradbury li->uaton. and Faloh. 'I c> i it, r?> a- Dot giaaa. Butior. and Houaton. i otiic hunii"tt- Hunter. Yinn, and .numb. C?Mi?getif Ilujfifiiti-Dodgo tif lown, Waiket, nnd mitb. J iinilng- Bnldwin and Hamlin A'ngieccrrf Hula- JoocaauO Seoaetlan. Lib, Iffy- I'tarce. Macon, and Dnrt*. Am uUf d huh - Ruck. Aaiat ?i^airl-V ulM, Mniui, Bright, Badger, nnd Alllrr. Silrcf Committee en the Eligibility ef Gen. Skielde? Imton ftelou, Macon, WebMer. a..a Pceree. l'tic brat named i n eeen oummutrc la tbe Chairman And tbe Senate went into eaeou'lT* aeoaiou. Doineatie Mlnvellntiy. John Adanu, n an.uier of tbe Revolution, aged 10ft tare, dud at Hal turd, Be., on tbe :<7 lb uit. lie wae n lalkTr oi Wereeatcr, Mace Ibe mane by the lack eteaiaer, were ezpreaeed from lalilak. N B to Montreal. I nut la, tu id buura. A nblld of Farnbain Cooiey. of lait tiranruie, Con icet out, aged 6 yrara wae burned to dwatb on tb? 1J net., lie clotLing baaing taken br* in tbe a been no 01 Be mother. IBa laiidlty of Mr Ilanncgeo'a appointment na elmater to 1'iuMla la questioned, In courequmoe ftf UtU a l>:th made on Sunday. W YO <NING EDITION?SAT1 Literary AOIICM. i.'durtsial ElCHlKUU and social rsmbdiu. witm a Conaidf. ration or Taiation ? This to the title of a little work just published It to (tea th? pea of Darid Parioh Beth; dt. author of " Lot tore frem Europe;" end if ?T?r the old bat slgattieant tot teree et;li|, " etui i*? in parrs." wee bee been completely ?e in tble ewt. The nt|)r?u treated of are of the moot tiai lei porta see, aed the Mode la whloh they are laid before the reader proves that the uthor he< aot aadertakea a troik ? bleb be was a< t competent to performHie style is greeelal, bis reasoning solid, aad bis ooa. e osioas generally ioooatrovertibto. There is what atey be sailed the laitsi erdu la hit arrseg-msat of to pi oe. aad a tla>pllelty of dlotloa wbloh mark the tebolar aad i be maa of oaltiTated taleat. Maay psets get are Tory floe, aad indicate an exalted seurs of genuine morality aad nnsfeoted benoTolsnee. He ba* taken bit I'tDd on Ased and Invulnerable principle*. irom wbleb ln|ifr|D?bi? position bo con overthrow bu antagonUt* with tbo weapon* of truh Wo have bad many wtitera a pan poliiioal eoonomy who war* r it bar nnabio to eopo with tbo question, or who rappretted the trutb ftom unworthy motives lot it hpappear* to na that Mr Barbydt ha* atlniutd bi? object, leaving no room fur doubt on tbo part uf airetginfer* at d and honorable minda. Wo ooagratvlata bim upon tbo manner in a blob be deal# with tbo vubj-ot of education- tbe oeaient, if we may au rpeab, wbiob bold* together thia eaet one mighty Union, in all lie grand and atatoly proportion* H* inalata upon tbo laoalou labia value it ia to tbe bum bloat departmeate of iaduatry. in tbla deeply intaroating matter, tbare la a fearful difference beiwteu tbe Untied State# and Eag'aud lbeautboi say* tbat *laua.iOn*f>ow aalbat but f>rty out of eeeiy hundred peie< n* in England oau wnt* their namoe, aieo. tbat oaobuadrad and aiuety-nlneot every two bundled in Maa nubueetl* oau vri.a I'bialiuuitboe irr>freaelle pr> ol 01 tbe blessing* wa enjoy noder our luitu of government. Where eduoa.ioa ia neglected, immorality and viea will Bouiiab the.peaceanu happlfaeea at (utile y will ba a aturbed, and sometime* tuo aalaly ol ibe Mate i tee if put >u paril. 6 >iue curious philosopher* man wbo prufei?**d to know ovary tbiug. ? ave bad tbe hardihood to a*-art tbatjeea danger la to be apprehended, bulb to ooaiety and to goverutnear, obeu tbo per pi# are in aetoto uf Ignorauce. Oaeof tbe gieau at of all earthly blerstnge le toal of educe lion, and we are giatifled n parcel?tog tbat tbe tumor la tf tb* opinion tbat, uuleee the mtnti ar* educated ail eoaiai and political teiorma would ba moat difiloult ot aiiatument; end even if tbay waio otberwue. taat without the e< unteraoting and oorreottve influence of moiai intelligence, tbo-e reforma would hi nugatory and valueiaea. A person wUbwui education le a deplotable otject He baa bee a o> mpared to "mark e la a quart y, wbteb abow* none of tie inherent beau lie* till ibe thill ol tbe poliaber fetobva out tbe oelo.a, made* tbe aurlace .abmo, and dieooveia every ornamental oiond. epot. and vein tbat tunt tbrouga the body ot it." Education la tbe foundetiou ol national and in dividual gnatLvea and therefore tbe foundation muat be laid broab and d?ep It la true, m-u oteduoatioa bave ei> honored tbrmaeivee, and It la very probta.e n atibey have done toal ebieb would bo revolting to the Debug* ol tbe ignoiant man, but fble 1* the exception. and not tbe tuie and iber* ta no rul* without an xorption. I'te auibur> portrait of tbe mere polluoito it au admirable llkener*?it la to tbe life His vieoa opou br teinis'-oeer-governing" are bout logical tuo piiiior t'pbioal. In 'hi# department of bu labor be lr notculy profound. bui me aphyiusl and under tbe alieaoy mentioned term of -over-governing " there are con.piebei.ded vevtral trencher of nu> eubject. ohiob be baa tirpoeed of with great ability. Tbo ohapter upon ' What Duty Protection??Indirect and Direct Taxation." le p< wnfuliy written. H* baa displayed au iniimai* end erutcai knowledge ot tbo auqject in ?il it* various bearing*. He baa a>gued it inaoalm and ptrruaeive strain laying do#a hia proposition* with conrummat* skill. and demonstrating Uteir truthfulbeta ant great tocce>a. HI* viewa upon tbo free trade tyrtauj are uumtxtaksablr; aad bere we wuu.d I matk upc n tbe unqualified injustice wbiob tbe apoat>ea ot ftee trade in England antecedent to tbe appearance ot t obten. and tbe lormetlon ol tbo oorn law iragae, txperlenced at tbe baud* of ibe government. Tbeir vieae wvre considered as iilntory and visionary, and tbey themselves were eaeerad at by ma vary men bo have etbos turned round, an it wno. upou tbeiroen prn.cip.lta, una become convert* to tbe ductr>ne of free trade. At all periods of tbe *otld. ike worst const: uo lion was pot upon me purest motive*, whilst inn ?ouid~rt principle* end aucirmea weie snouted, and Itii'ir bjr Hon ihty bed been propounded piesvouwd 1 be very words ol Koripture which were u*?d e* e pre teat tor tbe p?r*eeutton of the great truth wneh Crpernicua dlsooveied, new compose bU epitaph ? " Sia ml; tie morce*? "?; move not. The advocacy of tbe principle* which condemned jmttn U'Btleu to die tbe deetb of e treitor. trill jet be advoceitd by e odbinel minuter, ea they beree reedy iw-ea bjr t) e pi Irate secretary of e nob e lord who we* iten et tbe bean ot tbe Home Department. It we* eeld wl en tbe newt of tbe Ktaaeh revolution arrived in London tbat If Lord John Ruaeell ned not benu in ofboe. be winld be taking tbe obeir et aome peiitieel niteting on Kenulngton Common?tbe aoeneof the ct artist petberuga. The wild end extravagant abaurdttlee of aoetelltm tie eutboi bea made manifest; end ea we ere of opinion that ae oenuot tmpiuy too atrong e term for tbe putposeol exprtisiu* w.e ameiu abicb be bea done eo, we bare no beeilbitou la seymg Ilia, h* ha* eeniolirbrd tbe maxims of tbe socialises and tint be baa tot left tbeiu an inch of ground to stand upon. Ifeaautbor'e sentiments upon ab litionism we comn eed to the e>p?rlal contiu>ratu n ot all conc*ru?u hrerj oie should read tbi* exoeilent little book It teem* witb tbe most valuable information opon v.tally important qtunion* while It possesses ail tbe at re* lions which scholarship extensive knowledge, a id a dignified and *l? qusnt style can impart. The lash which tbe entbor be* impored upon himself was an arduous ote. but be be* eb y pertorieed It That nis view* will rot meet tbe concurrence of ell. is what be may expect; bnt even tbo>e who may differ from them, cannot forbear to admire tbe modest mad unassuming manner In wblch be baa expresred tbem. Nautical Routine sen Stowase, with Shobt Roles in Navigation. ?By John MoLaod Murp .y and Wm. N. Jeflera, Jr., Paaaed Ml-lshipuian. Ltrg* 8to., rteraotype edition. Henry Spear, comer Wall and Pearl rtrweta, Now York ?Tklala tbe title of anew work, (tbe proof sheets of wbloh we have just seen,) now In conrie of pabllcntlon. and te be lamed daring 'be next month. It la devoted to an alnoldatlon of the Valletta breach** ef the nautical profession. and llluaWated with npwarta of fifty new and original engravings whteb are exeonted In tbe best atyle of tha art The fltst part of tbe work Ineludea tbe subject* of equipments, evolutions, and stowage,In their applt cation 10 me navy ana mercantile marine, mere, which eiabraee acme two hundred pager or more are xpreMed in a dear and conolae meaner Mr Murphy'a cbeeivalions on "Lightning Conduutora." ' Ground Tackling" and ' Tideway Involution*," are pertinent and worih of attention; and tbe artiele on " I'rim '' with ' Kulea lor tbe Stowage anc Management ef < argoer," cannot fail to Impart an accurate knowledge ef <b?re eubjcota The labor* of vir Jetfera wbiob are confined to tbe aeeond part. Inolnde tbe anbi'dtof nntigatun In thie, we Ond new and aimpie method* for 'line Slabta," " Lower*," Itc Tbe *uhj?3t of Doob.e Altitude*," ambraced hern, also, la rendered *o plain tbat ibe latitude la lound at any time of tbe day. with roaruaiy greater trouble tban at meridian, il e " Titetui nt and Hating of Chronometers" le explalntd In a moet lucid manner, and tb? wbolo werk cannot but be nfgreet s-rv-ee to every navigator. Pulliliai liiltlilgrnca. Thome* R Wa.ker whig, wae on ueadny, eleeted Vnjt.r if L'tlca. Kleven ebig and one demooratto aldnu ? a , and lonr whig eup?rvt?*re, wele elected In Sjiaence, K W. Leavenworth wbig, waa eleated Hajot, three wbig, and one demoerailo aldermen, and one dro ocrat'.c ?up> rvtnor in Kool eeter, Levi A Ward wblg. eleoted Mayer; elgbt wbig and two democratic aldermen In Bi.flaln H>ram Benon wbig, elected Mayor, and nlre ebig and one democratic aldermen. Hmry Addleon baa been elected Mayor of George tcwn D C. I>eac Buckingham, drmeorat, baa beta eleeted Mayor of Alexandria Va J. A. Knot, wbig, baa been eleeted Mayor of Cleveland. Ohio Alfred Dorkey la tbe wblg tend date for Congreaa Irom ti e 3d diairlet of Nwrth Carolina Mr. Barriuger, ihe preir or member, derltnee tbe nomination Samuel Dlntmoie la the democratic candidate for Uoenornt New Hampibiie. Tbe e eetlon for Major of New Bedford, Maea , took place on Monday laat. and reeul ed In tbe re-eleation of Mr Hcwiand whig by a maj rttyr of *03 vntee. Sionty Wiliard, whig, was on Monday laet eleoted * ajor of Cambridge van ; Abraham H Howland. i.d>p-nd*nt Mayor of New Bedford; Na'.hentel Sn?t>. e. a big. Mayor nf Salem; and Henry Cbapln, free Oil Major ot Worrerter 1 ti< Stale eleetlm of New Hampshire takaa plaee on Tuesday next Tbe ex-cabinet retained their aeata until to day, at 1) ? it quest of the Prertdeur,. Hrn W. C. I'reeton. ef 4 C.. I* now on a visit to a filet d at St Mxttuewa, Oa , and his health bae very much Improved lb n. Nathan Clifford TJ S. Minister to the Mexloan Hefubllo and teiuny end euit-, arrived at the city ol Mexico on ibef1?'<f Jatitmr. Ispaiiois (JiTKeoa.?While the- Dedhsm train ? w ct intiig in lH*i evening, and juet previous to its arttval at the JuniHHM Plmu eutioa, emiie unit in wb urrenii fired nt one uf I ties p-tent-tiger care The ball shivered the p*nel and ecattrrrd the wind< w g'nan, but. ne lis force was t early s.wnt, mo iki further n.iK'hief. Mr Timothy Pnelpt and hie u lie, ol Drdhum, occi pied the seat in range nt the hall. Ai d bad itus it alert ihe wrmrl w rk of the rsr. tbe result would h'.ve been fatal to one or both of litem.?Bi tion Muil, M>ireh 7. RK E [JRDAY, MARCH 10, 1 Theatrical and Statical. Iowiit Thktii - The boat* tu well tUafld laat evening, and thefaroe of the uHoa*e Dog." whlob commenced the p?rTormaao?-t. brought down lot* of applant*. Winona U. certainly. moat ootaloal aa Dart; bit bowling In lb* fctnoal, and d*tp*iatioa ?rb*n he brara he haa drunk polaoned water, ar* mort ladioroaa. Th* n*var failing'-fom and Jarry" waa next playd, Intb* tihuai apliited etyle. and tb* ranoue pr of tb* art, Moear*. MoUluaky, Dunn*, Campbell, and Uardnwr. abuaad off well, l'b* two drat named arciata will taka a benebt tblt waing, aud in addition totbeir exhibition, a* wall aatbat or M**ara. Cauipoeil and Gardner In "Tom and Jerry." a tirletji of otowr amuaemanta will b* preeented ti?: a oomrdy. a trage dy, ibe 6ih aot of "Ki*baid III " *Ub Minai 8 and a. u?ihd u nicDua ana tuonmooa ana e leroe. I hoae tetania o4uo.rn, Slgnore Ciocee aod Stgaor NeI rl. who bav* juat ieturnrd from e very iuoe???fil tour will likewi-e epp?er in lomt of tbrlr moot beautiful dancer. Altogether, the bill will be ft mot: attractive Bioi?wt? TmiTftc.?Lftft evening,thltfashionab'a theatre was crowded to iu utmont eapeelty. It was complete ' Jtft." Wft were highly gra'.tiled at seeing eueh an audience, aid we are quite aura tbat alt war* p eared, aad part< eti) convinced tbat they bad received a eery ample equivalent far their money. The play waa the "Wert Kud, or Iba Inah Helreoa.'' from the P>> tl Bcurcieatut, and It waa performed witnojueumniate ability. Mr H Plaolde took tue part of Mr if intern Davtmrj, and ?b?n ae aay that he rrpre-eui ed it aim hia aeeuatomed ability, ae eanoot bestow upon bun higher praiae. Ma 1* an elegant aotor, aad ha uud?>eiand* tie profession m every, the minutest, par. lie (war The arunleu roene between huu-elt and vlr Dyeit. ae ibe L?u of guniuore, oonruived tbe home It waa nana well, beeauae it aa* not,Overdone Mr Uyottiaa Moat excellent aotor. ana a miojeo-fui one Mia aaiarwi qUalibeationv are of a auperior order, vlr Leater, aa Percy Ardent, waa ail tbat oooid be da tred. Me invested nia ebainoti-r aitb n uegiee of tutereat ableh ?aa fully appieoiated by a del'gbted audience Mite Koee leibiu a# Neian O (Jonuor, aaa admirable, bte baa got a oahcate touch of tbe brogue. anion teaoera bar part very inieiertmg tbe aauie tlaie. the exb bi a that biandneae and vivaoity, aad tbat amiability and tenderness ef feeling, anion are ao peculiar to iba inaiea of tba Kmoralo uia Mr. Ha laaay, aa Major Bellamy V use, aaa irrarlalibly come lu fail all who appeared In tbe ' Writ find," deeerve the moat llaitar ing notlee I be reentry waa very bvndtif ut. aad tbe furniture ef a very choice dreeripuoa Tbe curtain fell amldat loud and relierawa applause Botoe ja.ntere " piaptrty men," manager*, nod ail oonoeraed. ueitrre ibe grvateet ereoit tor the very euptrb otyie in which tbe play waa put upon tbe stage. aad it la satis faatory to find tbat tbe publlo can npprcolnta auon ex ertiona. / National Theatre.?The farce of "Whn'a my Husband?" waa tha first piaea played here laat evening, and the quandary in which Mr TojIb iw B. Chapman) I* placed by tbe mystarioua Mra. & T., of whom all he realty knows la tbat ba la oommlsaion*d "to pay btr a certain aum af money on tbe flret Wednesday of very month " la allamuetog enough, Mra. leberwood playrdthe churning Mra 8 T. very spiritedly; aud little By kvrey,a* tba dear llttie Johnny, melutaiued hia irpatatlon aaajuvrnUe aator. I'b.a? utile faroee are capitally got up at the National, aad Chapmen aud Btath, tLotaa comicaciora, abiua out in inaia. i'na Louae baa been crowded evriy eveuingot tbe week, and in all eur theatre going exptrienoe we nave never aeen a mure auoaeealul barletque men" Tern and Jeuuny." wniob ba* been played uigntiy. Toe Moae diauie, too, flourishes aa wan aa ever, ana there ib no ocoarlon tor Mtiea to ask bla patrons '-any ibey don't some along?" t?r ibey do ccma aluHg lb full loieaeaoh evening, Cor tc-n gbt'b bill we refer to our Hat of amusement*. m in ors s i reii ti, ohimiim itihit?varieiym quiok ittcoMilt* b I tie order of the da; at this estab iirbmvnt. Night alter night, tortlij aaooaeds no rvity, until i??fle are inclined to imagine that the re tourcta and enterprise of the manager are exhausted; but something mote end mere attractive ie again prettbieo, and a general declaration is eiloited mat burton >e inexhaustible Laet Light the comedy 01 Va Lit; Kau," in three sola, by brougham, founded upon the novel o: that neine, with nearly the came oast ibat geilurmea it when It aaa ttret intrvduoed Mr. biougLain, aa Hawdoui Crawley, acted that oharaoter to the iue aa aid also Mr Juhocun that of S r Titt Crawiey; and Mr. Haymoad, aa Joe Medley, has made the eharaeter ol aii stquisiie entirely hie oiru Mre. brougham. Mire Chapman, aud Mre. Vernon played the came parte at beloie, and were eaoh of them well icoeieea An im eecioiiel pertormauee of tine piece will aUajc attract a crowded heuee. The laughable fared, ot ievet endibg popularity (?a the p ay btiie very properly oveignaie it; called " 1 ou' Life'sm Daagnr,'' kueovedea. in which Mr. burton aa Jui.n Strong wav meiniparab.e. ttl< re aaa alter this p eo?, there waa ap<i? .ml by Mite, aba a poiXa by her and Mill. KfeerrMka, togetber with an overture by the baud, which was beautiluily p ayed, l'ue euterteinmebleot the .evening cunoiuded witu the eatuual piece. " I ueeh hi hew Veen," which, ae usual, wav teeeived wuh great applau.e To muirow nigut, Mr. Hellge'a benefit will lake ptaoe, when kaukee Hilt aad other popular artists wiUappoar, and a new l'arce will be played. JSeoauwAY Cikctii.?This attract!re plaoe of amussiLeui ie stiil ou tbe aseendanoy, as it is nightly hlied by rer pee telle auuirnoee. Laet eraning, the prrtorinancee Were very element, the astonishing leate of ton emaneblp. luge her witn the wonderful sagacity eihibi.tu by the beaut.ful clud o. burses, brougat down Iron, the delightedauulenee tuunaem ol applause. The iuet part ol toe runrvainment the house Oouvuisou with laughter, it consists oi the U oion Course IU A.lhlalUle.' rhuwiog the great race heiween the monkey ou ottstback aud the jookeys.viosing ine noeoe ai.h (he great hurdie lace, t he order kept at this circus- and in tsct. ail the reguiatiuus tending to tbe cr mion ol children, with their parents ?is most admirable To uay, at two o'clock, a day performance will be given. listii Hill's Lkcti'Xcs.- This celebrated cornsdlkll bae bun givn g his euterlaiLWenis at the Stuyvtrant Institute dutiug the eeek, te*large and fashloaaeie audiSLcet. who hate been delighted by his naluiai, vary ana Qowiog vein of humor. His aueouo es and eloilvs eie given In suoh a bappy, graceful, and Lt'lLCicue siyle that nis audienoe is kept in eoutinual laogbier. Hie ebtvrinihnieote deeerve nn.ral support; aLd as he gives two nsxt week at the Mtuyvesant, we bope be will be well patroms.d. Lwbistt's Miss i atuv will te-day give their usual Sstuiuey atleiuuoa aa weil aa evening oonoert, and wth iniluduoe their celebrated - Voyege Mualoaie ' In both enteilaiLmeuts. We bare so frequently spj ken <-l in* eirgance and excellence of tbe pel for w Lcea U thlr band, ibal we have now but to add that the) go ( ii aauiLg to tlielr atook of good sayings and doings evsij night. {taw UatuM hcaENADBB*.? A doubleehanee ia afloio<Uiouay to bear inese euitneat pertaiuiera, aa the) give 1*0 concerts, one at 8 P. Mand ta? other at a o tit01. 1 belt progiamine oh both occasions laa loll one, aad the a buiienjusa panorama, and au, will be lailtanced on both oouaeioue. We Deed soaroeiy rvcoiumend toe in to the nottee of the puono. aa Utetr taine and leputatioa ta *o thoroughly sstaoiiahed. Mimkti Rooms.?M. Adrian, thi Maoiciak.?This woLdettui ncAMvicur arawa nigbll), crowded bouse* to tbt above naioed piaoe, and ever) body leaves him dengi ted with the numerous tricks. poysieai expertiueuta, liliaiiiai, mechanical uanalormauune,aad magic, with notch lie Om One a the piograiume ol OIA m^ilnuiLebta. hi. Adrien einpio)* ever) elTurt to give to these ebaimtiig itnoi all the atitaetiuuA w wbioa tea/ ait susceptible, and we may aay, ta eanfiJeoos, tnat nothing oaa nitbrrto been eeen to be ooiupared to tde expeiinieata that At. Adrian peiiorme. and tna of watch, have bven invented by bim. Toe mcooiplebena.bie expel intent of toe Aerial 3u*p?n*ioa" la uua ol tne aw Incxtdible things to be seen, and It an bebuwera. It waa pertorined In Paris during .out buauied sad fifty sucostsive mgbia. Aa forth# ' M? g?. < oisn e." or ibe diSAV.viog vteaa,eaen figure la upeihwno m?gniboeni,and theefiVetaef cbiMttcar, and nigbLanu ua>, jtrn reali) ad...liable. No douot an the smaleu.a <>t oar eity win be gratified by cpending aa evening at Mtneiva Rooms Mus ?. Baiknti,?1 be beaeflt ol tbia aweat vooaltat* wbten came ctt M Mobile on Ins 2<Hn Ksbruaiy. waa attended by a taiga audience. Me as is Broagb aad Alan vera ate attached to the company, and sie ipoksn a. in teriua ot praise. Ini laisH UAini -Maay klad frlaada have made ' tnaxgeiuenis lor a ball, wbiub win eome oil on .vionuej evening, Marco 'AO, fur tne benefit wt the poor blind n.iper, Mr. Mall It Is boped bia triende mil exert l ibi r influence in order to roieaaa bun from bia present unit rtuitooa cironmstaneea. bAksav WiktiAAis.?Tbiagrtal favorite and exoslient iiisir, ia draaiug crowded bouaaa every u.gbt, at Rvoneaier. Mi,a Julia Ih an it la a*ld. contemplates visiting Luicpe m a law wests, on a pratassienai tour. Tbe Distill* aia In Wasblngten. Mr Thomas Hyer I* auaeuuoed to appear at tbe Naiiefial ibeetle, Boston, tw-mgut. Mr Lennox baa coinmenord building a theatre at Mimpb>?, lean. Anna Bishop Is annoanoed to comaanoa n relies o! eouo? rts lu chariot ton, 8. C , on tbe evening vl tns lOtb inst. Mr. W. Marc ball, the tragedian, la at the Arab atrast tomtit, FLUadeipoia Ventral Stations. Mspcm S ?The Kooutuer nut naciug returned front Vt acLluglti ,taes? evasions viiv a .jouiavU tilt .vioudsy, si loo on ca. Juage Dai) saving taaeli hitceat upon the tsoili its two msu Pierre and Wood, wit* war# ci aigcd anL luuieer. were piserd wt rue bar, and in.oimi d that in?y wvuid be ariaigu?d on iltat day. Court CnletiUar_l uta Day. Client Uitr. .Nov kg, oj oi, Ji, 73, SI, 83, 18, rt) to to lu Hi II e,u?iva (,< Mai.* ItAii Ut II. 31. 35, M, A3. 57 u is, Ul,? 07, St. iiil pstt,?St, SO 54, Si S'. so, HA 10, t?. mo, Aok. [ERA 849. city Int?ltlg*nN> The Cholera.-The report of Dr. Wbltinf- Health L( Offlcer it QmnitlM, la highly ftrnnbU, hod from Its ; rs teaer we are led to hope that the dlsreie, whatever it Oi la. whloh has prevailed on board the ablp Liverpool, I* Jj,( fart inheldlag. Th? Mayor received the foUotriag let- w tar bom below jeetcrday a-rnlog rti Quarantine, Mar oh 0, 184?. Hi* Honor the Mayoe : ? tb I am gleo to loli'TiD joo that there are no new oaia* of chc Ifia on heard the Liverpool The le*t oa*e oo ,n corrrd ou the 5th to*t . the day previous to he.' arrival at QnarantlDO Krevlou* to that time about AO ne?ai ! bad ooourreii, 40 of wbleb provad fatal In a short potto t >' attar tbo attaak. Mot of than bad all the symptoms 1 of cholera From present appearances, (born Is every '' reason to hope that tho disease has finally snhsld-4 on u boird. AH the passenger* remain on hoard and all *' necessary measurers are adopted to purify and disinfect tbo vestal. Respentfellr. " ALEXANDER B Will TINO. 11 Health OlMt. * Hoi st Huivtiho.?-The streets, alleys, lanes and ( o esurts of onr city aretbionged now-* days nlth anxious J house boaters There era, as nsnaba great many bills a up, denoting that the tenements upon which thsy are posted are lor rent; but the owners of property are fur j the m< st part anxious to realise a large Interest upon j their Invesimsm* in Improved real estate, and persons ; ? who are In want of houses are of the opinion that rents ' sie alisady too high. In cousrquenoe of the ml-ersbl* j bsbit of srsrybtdy ebangtrg their plases ol abode on t iho 1st of May, landlords have the advantage In a * measure The oommod ty In which tbey deal are in | market but a abort lime ?a*h year, and the enpply is s not more than equal to the demand; persons l*okmg c for boutea or apartment*. of oourss, have torn pre' t, fnsncse as to the kind of habitation* they are to oe- li enpy for a twelvemonth, and those who have destrabls " places to let, mate a high mark for their prlos, and lb* chances are as ten to one that they peremptorily r to let their room* t* suoh nafortanat* persons J as bav* children Offspring may be a blessing In tl general, but many a parent is put to all sorts of snif.s. y during house lolling iDn*a, to evade the direct avowal (1 that ne or she is blessed In this respect In New York, j, as els* whs re, the occupants if oner people's bouset tuOer not so mueb from the exorbitant exactions of C] the owners of properly, as from tbe speculations of ,] midule men. or, as tbey ais caned, under laudlord*. tl I be majority of housee here areoooupled oy two a or rniie families; and as the owners of pr psriy do not w wish to be troubled with tbe oolleotion of suieli sums, u they very wniiugij lease their buildings to anyb.nly tl who oaa give goou security. I'bere are a olass of uien, 0 called huuse ageuts, who arlve a thriving business by taking such leases, and re-letting the bouses in apart- rl men*. 'i'Leconaequeaoes are. that persons who en.sose u nit to rent a whoie hones, must pay rouud.y p, fur wkat loom tbey have. Wnils wo are on at lbi* sul jeet of house banting, it may bs ai well til to put persons on their guard about admitting rn loo rrvsly to tbeir halls, or to visit apartments uosj- r, oempamtd or onwaiobed. There are no more agree- Ml able perrons, for a bve minutes' in'srview, tbau ths tl, II glee el boib si xes who go about, not tw bire bouses, D(. but to ply their tbierlsh trade of pioklng up and ap- wa plying to their own use any small anion.* of raiue ?,j Hat may lie in tbeir way. A year or two sgo a gen- a(f t.vmal. livu c m Uievsser street advertised a room to n, lit. in the otaiuary placard fashion. One moruiug p, while be was reading me morning paper, a man of verv it, sgreeable maniers and exoellent address caine to look a. it. lb* nrabgir oisos the usual luquirter about -y\ lbs loom, the price, and so lurch, terse.I tae oonversa e| tionioene ot tbe topics or tbe dry wuiob was dis- c\ cursru in the psper before him, mads some general re- t,j ti.aiks, at d left, having usoe a most favorable impres- )n run upon the gentleman ot tbe bouse; bat alar! tor tbe Ueceltluiitss ot appearuuocs Tbe sir auger, who j, aoie an elegant Spanish cloak, had maoaged, duriog * tbe ct.iveisaiiou. to anmouriata ta his nan u?a an -. elegant goia wa on, wbmn ?u lying on the table ov?r ? which UiO two held their mi-mew. L)ou t bo to < nus- 0) pioioue. good people, but keep m good loot out Hone-t w l?tpi>kt? nut atiaid ol bring watched, and roguao 0, netd to be carefully regarded p, 1 mi Wtiihin - We h?T? been for n few dnji pent 't ?nj< yiag deiigutful weather V e?terday. like Tnure- ei day. was a day to enjoy, end every body nppenran to m le beni upon making the most of it. Broauwey wna n thronged outug ibe warmest pert of the any, and the Ti evenitg waa must aveoiad by ntauy to a promenade ? tb ibe prevalence et each eeather lor a lew days mora *n alii bieak up the ice m tbe rivers, and the boats.*hieb be are read) tor work, wbl be aotivcly cap oyed la taking easy nieictandiee fiobi the city and bringing fortunes bliher in ihe shape of agricultural products of taa (it western country, I tikis.?Aire broke out, to Thursday night, In th* *n hi use No 106 Mercer street, which waa not put out until tbe upper story and loof Were destroyed. It ws> 1 cecasioueo by a eiove upsetting inabedr?oni A ttre *" biukv out. early >eeteiaa> morning, in the house No. ' V7 Keads sltrei .occupied as aoarpenter'e saop, wbiotl ?" was put out with tr.lln g lainoge. n0 Ma. Buciinghsss's bsriKTiisHisT on Love?Mr. '.J1, Buckingham a entertainment on love, at the Society ? Libiary Ittoms, on Tuesday evening, wee attended by t0 n far larger andieaoe than oould base been autioipated uontr the veiy uninectaoie aspect uf tbe wentber. and i thwfe who bad braved oiuu and rain to listen to his #d disaontie upon tu.e ali-engroe?mg topic plainly ntani- t j, Irsied. by their loudly expressed and irrquenuj isite rated applause, that they had no reason to regret having Jt dietegaided the laolemanoy of tbe avenmg. Mr. Bookibkheiu t high lepulalioa, ae an eloquent leetu.a.*and a n an 01 eiear and inteiieot, had led ail to suinipale a rich tieai in llelening 10 hie address; aud the result could not have disappointed the most taa- a, puine anticipations. In fervent and elegant langoegv, he tieced the nature and origin of love and the suits in which it hnds visible manifestation l'ne cbaiacteroi aooian, and Ihe ennobling nature of bar ec Lllutnce upon mankind, were aeptoted la brilliant ,( colors; and the leoiuie, which breathed tbe very spirit f ji of old romance, was lllostraiea by many gems or portry, tLl abich were delivered In n manner watch drew forth the waimest appiobation i he uiusioal illustration* were jtJ Weil i elected, and exeouted in a style of superior ex- Wf erliebce. Miss in nj kiaz-r, who unites the attrao- ? tiobs of a very captivating person to the advantages of F,.| a biiiilhnt and highly cultivated voloe, sang the esqul- du rite baued " My own." witb a passionate tenderness, ?, j which drew forth tbe most entnuaieetio nppiaose; and ber talents were no lem advantageously displayed la t,( tbe paibot ebioh the tupailed to the Seng of " fbou bart left me to my sorrow," whioa was Introduoed to illustrate the enduring constancy of woman's love. Mr. lisrrett, who a baritone voloe, Of Una j quality, was warmly appiauded in Loder'e benuuiul eong " The Thtre Ages of Love," which he aaag With tu touch larte and feeling Taken ae a whole, the enter- , j taloment was one which gave to all preseut the most coxoiairntletactiob. Mr. huckingham aonounoed tnst t), be will repeal this entettaiament. with the iaai vocal- gt lite, on i uenlay. i, and Saturday evanmge.ia p. aaXt Vtlk, at the rauorama Hail. In Broadway, b- r taten IT) nee and Houston streets, and we have no doubt that be will have crowded audience# on eaoh of tll these secaeions. Sl lit'N Ovas v a Cset ?A lad, 18years of age, named Inskt,h lliiisin a? tiiti nikr hi a Innflnd <*Art In Tnaiine kins itiest en Thursday atternnun He had a leg Be broken by the accident, and wai conveyed to ma hone at Ma ib Spring street. ] Acciukar in A Brooklyn paper, of y??. wl teioay, states that Mr. biekles, of Kaar Brooklyn, eon- ** in ia? oi liou. John A Crura, member of Aieembiy P" Ircm Kings county, met with a severe accident, whim S? ei gaged in hie laoiuiy, on Thursday. A olroular aaw btcame choked with aawduat, tie upon hi* attempting do to citar it away, he In cautious y bi ought bia hand in b,< o< nlact with the revolving instrument, which instant- J? ly severed three Angers of hie right hand. Su a er thk u 8 Stiimihis Imi ?This itearer "* was acid at toe navy yard, on tne Id last It was ?.* knocked off to John Almand, at $23,(AO; said to he for %r foreign account. Hoard of ffnpervlaori. ' n The Honorable Metric krankun in the chair. 101 MaacH the minute* of the preceding meeting were read and approved. ' " i'eriaea*.?heveiai petitions tor the eorrcotlon of *" laces were presented and referred. *'< Bull?Of Stephen Heustis, for $37 76, waa audited >*! ana ordered to Jtepetie.- OI ? riminal Court', he., in favor of paying l7 A. hainumh Co , and the proprietor of Tammany ' Hail, the amount of their bill*. Of Committee ou " County Offices, in lavor of paying the aberill 'a bill.- **' Oi same dummitiee, In favor ot payiug bliia of Chub* neeapipara and several other small bill*. or Ike **|.(fMteil end Judges */ Ike Supreme Cecil? " The bheiill ' bill lur providing couit reams and oHoer* Ib fur tn* out is me i ouit, alter a rburt diacusaiun, waa ordried to be paid, the Connael to to* uurporatiun bav- bl it g iei oit?u in lavor of it long since. kl If. .muttons.? l'he Supervisor of the 13th ward offer ,r sd a tssoiution that the Counsel la the Corporation be tnitiueisdto apply to the Supreme Court to rescind 'L their order t? the sheriff to provide oourt rooms, ho ? ' '1 he te.otuuui. uae afterward* withdrawn, and a as 1 tlun thkt all tba ufUcers now in atiendaao* on tne ' ei arts b* considered aa under the authority uf the Mayor. was put and leat lt 'It* Board then aojourced. |tj| Common Plena* Before Judge Ulshoeffer. r< M*acn 0?wickiists Al Hetjteia "i W"- Beard? |)t This ea? au acuuu to reoovei plod, rhe auieuot of a ,M doctor's bill. The p.ututiO a physician, alleged oa at- t|)| tsnced the defencaat'a wn* ana daughter, irum ifttU June, 1Mb. to ibtb October, ef the same year, aaii fruoi od Match 1*40. to idlh September, 1B40, and fur at- ) en Mrs Ascott, me delenoaut's sister lu- nv taw, inn. 2?tn Jna*. 1H46, to September IStu, 1?|J. J,;; i b? hrst celenca aa#, that the eharga was sorbitanr lrl MCind that the daughter paid her o?n bills, and ?? Uei.dto psj i ?r p.up. rtlou if th? plaiaOlI would Le b?r with a bill Third that there we* uopromise ? t< r?y lor the an. a, on Mr* Aieott, and that tba .,r l,|,i fur ths deuiai d sgatna her *as turol.hed to he? I,i),baud; ai d la?uy,tna. the uuu.ber of visit* *h*ig~J for were aev.r made. 'The Jury found a vardiet for the a, plaintiff for $Mt. , 1 LD. TWO CKNTS. Police Intelligence. Chartt tf Fulte l'i?(? ?? ?uthuer vvniiet of the >wcr Police erre't> d yeeterdey a voting man hy the ae of Dnvid Burnt, on ? w?rr?nt laeuva or Juat'co iboiee. wherein b? ittudi obmnml eitb o.rteiomg ? t it fry g'Oda. veined et AI bun, under felne eed tudulent leprerrntetiena. fiom to* Arm of Oeorgw . ibepmen. drv food* meiooeot, N? 1 3?j Peer I reet. it append <bet on the lOhdeyef Jeuaery >t the eoeurea celled epos the complement e*4 emd etthe lete Arm ol Clerk b Brewer doing bu-ineie la belt; creel, bad dboolved. end tbet a* (the esoaeed) lei did to entry on the buvtneao, end woeld lite to ucbeoe e belr of g< ode on e credit or ris i* .otb?. r turtLor represented tbet be bee e oe?h atpltel of I uuo In ibe coLerrn, oieer of lb? debts. end ibet be in just taken nn eoaoant of s'oik. end to* dvbt* due >e would more tfea pej tbe cUlms, tba? i?k ng ih? concern perfectly solvent. Or toeoe rspi-truie loii. e*id believing them to bo trao, Mr. bepmen sold him e bill of good* emoeanu{ to AAdO, n a credit of ?ix mouth*. However in tbe ooaroe of fteen or iwent) days it # * e'C-rt?io?d met the "| u"vu ??o maoe an wilKDuuDt ol at'l his ifftttl to '* ta'ber aa t preferred o editor. Un tw tuna elruiurtaDrri, Mr tbt|)oau ttlaK?i Itat on boa baaQ etiauceo out of bin bul 01 go .1* by (else aul fraudm nt lepieseniatlous. JUatica Ossor La committed tbo .caused 10 tbe Tombs to tanit ? tu-tber but o< Hulktr a huU Robhriy. ? \ luaa by the u?m# Of Jen nis Bo we was nmtud testerdar b? ottoonjoibane, on k chkrge of *t?kl<i>g ? MWJ oaak b U the p o>erty of Jauies Barber No tot W.a.ia* ou ,lr ? inder ibe f 1.owing oireamatauoaa : -It ?ce ui the used ill to tbo stoie of Mr Harbor, yesterday. la oo pauy with some otb?r per-ou*. aa<l wbie Mr. iarber ?aB atietuing to a cus'om-r tba accused. unlet iced managed to ex'raat iron th* mou?y drawer to ?100 bill. Irom a ptie ot H*l>. S>ou aU-r he i?rt ba note. Mr Barker oounteu iba money. aod fouad .100 abort. Suspicion at oner fall on tn? aoaaaad, and n tflerr was datpa'cbi d tn make iba arraat (Jatne (Moor labiBg Boau Into ouati.dy na d-ui*d kit know sdge of ibe monay; bul tba odloar, oot f?? iu< ut-po ad 0 iako bia word, oommenord to s-arob bis p.-r.oa, aad a bin rocking bo found tbo moony, t'na prisoner >es then taken before Justice MoUratb, and con anted to priro > for trial >trating Wool.- Offloer Doyla, of tba fth ford, oraatid. jtatatday, a man by trie uatna of Jshti Vfouaan. on a charge of ttaaliog loo ioi. > t wool aal tad at 97- from tba sloop Maiy \. Siiiloa Tuu wool belonged it Loansbetry. Bussali It Co , Newark, N J A por>ob of tba B>oiaa property ear tound at Vt> Kroot treat. JuBtioa MoUrath ouminictad tba aoouead for rial. Watch Rtturnt hrfurt Juilie* hf, G ath ?Tba prleonra nam not very mmeruus yckterday morning beforw to magi*)rate, at tba morning waton raturut. and lose biiught In by ibe policemen woia not of miob locuut 1 be first prisoner was en auiigrau* ruoner, netted by Odlcer W ooluridg". from to* Now Harea epot in canal *treet, on a obirge < f tutaifsnag wita la pafeengeni abo wara watting 10 go out by Iba night clock Main by dirao log ibein logo oy tbs r.eaiib>?t oe. which liaeeo at 7 o'ul. ok. aud r>ma b? aad pariadrd le go end tbnalbey lost tneir oasasg* al'ogetber, 1 tba boat bad left before they leacbad tba dock. Tba droner raid be wa" a lioauaeid runner f ir pn-engers, id rroduoed bla Itoaune. I'be msgi-trate looked at b lioectie. aud Informed blm tnat oe was au emigrant nier ana bla placu wan ou tba docks and that bo is not allowed to Interfere wltb iba railroad pasDg> r? in anal ttraet many way and if be stdl parted In doingso, ba would ootuuii blm toptl-on the xt time be ana btrught np on tba same enarga Hw a tb? refute discharged fioci ouatody. on tba prose that ba would not interfere wt h ;> mangers tin at ibe railroad depot. I'ba next prisoner was a gto, called Jonas dbcddeB who waa enarged by a eucbmen, called \bratiam L) Cam a. who aooiued a nrgio with picking bin pooket cf.four fiea trano sees, while tn a cellar located on tne stve Point*, he Ktencbman told htsstiry in tne hranoh language, Bieb waa interpreted by Jurtioe J-o roe. aiwt ug Ike isTge poeitire sgkinat ibe negro, a* ha found tba aaotl tne accused in bia p >o&et after wnioa ba wti ut eked oown and beaten, aud eoiue other tbiaf ran ikiihbiahat. I ha uiagiuiaie. on tba eridauoa adnaed, commuted tbe nagio for trial. l'bnn-xtca<a as of quite a different nature-it wa* amisaaler andmg betwien t man and ht* wife. Tb? tiu b.n'J ae a deaant looking Uermaa boot m?ker by the nam* David Mprck and bia w fa wa- }t la a prmty Id king ornan, of about 2> yeata. exbib.tioga e?ry einitiate lunteuance, and a good white aetuf tenth I'ba maatrate tailed her name, Hairn t aub Speok and op le walked to tbe ba .twietiog bar bead flrat on oow de and then < d tbe other, making bereeif a* interaating i pc an bla. Tba polioemen eaid be brought bar oat af bouieof disrepute at tba reqo-at of her ou-bvoi lie husband then spoke up la oro??n Kug|i?b, piylsf at be waoitd a kepara ion; at wbiob tequaet tba wifa tiled eery graon usiy at tne migivtrae, and bowed r bawd wltb coa-en', aaying ' I am wining. ' Miuutiits- Harriet what oouutry wumaa areyoo? HesKit.T?1 am Irlsb descent, and my baabaod w a i mm MkuisTssix-Tbea it i* time yoa were separated for liisn wife and a Uutoh busnaod wilt never a?r?a toiler Aa aoon aa our 'roagn and ready" lawymr mes in who practice ia th*.a onurc. Tour oaad shall a* ended to Hit* you any children? Ui aiaT- Yes, air; I have aliiila girl throe yearn i; but 1 will only eoaeant to tola separation oa this ndlilon, l fat I shall be allowed to Sea tay ootid naoo a wb le, as lang as it 1- la tba eity. 1 hare no oejeon to my busband keeping tba obud, bacaa-e be will rp it better tban 1 ooold, but still I want, sometime*, see It. Just at tbia moment tbe lawyer appeared In aonrt. D re, ei tinsel " eaid ibe Justioa, ' Is a anas for yon to just between man and wite; I bay want a aepara,n " '-Very wall,'' said tbe legal ganviemau. bla faoa amlng np like tl* tun, - ibank yon, idge; I will attend to it ' A tittle low whispering ss then beard between the butbaod and tba lawyer; ia prioe agrsed upon for tbe drawing up of tba legal r Illegal) paper, was eat at |5 i'ba duoatnaak war tn oiawn up and witnessed but a* tbe Uutoh man id no money, it was resolved tbat tba eiaaaelior luuid bo d tbe body ef tba wife until tbem mey waa kid; and off tbey started, tba bueband to rate* tbo , auii This aetannanvknt . a I < am "W ?-B- ? -- - <i ? *" ? mrt. tbe bueband did not return; pet still the uneellor held on to bis security, although manp r? were n>?d? b<m by those present, to MtM obey and take ebarge of the oiliaterai themselves; me even wsnt a* b<gb a* to off^r the oounseliur adolr to boot; but still the ooun-eiior bold on and when i left tbe court, tb* husband bad not retaraed, nor latt expected be would. Therefore, bow Lbs oounior was 10 recompense blare f lor the flee dollars a blm we are at a loss at present to know, Several >?r prisoners ware disposed ot for bring drunh and ioideil>,and tben tbe morning business of the wntsb turns terminal) <1 lupitms Coui i?Hensrsl Term. Present justices Jenis, r.dniooae nod Hiribut. Mskch 0.--Inihe Mailer of 1 ilk Street .? The alien in this matter wss resumed this morning ?epied the * ho,e of the d?y, and was not eunotuded Sen ilir court adjourned. '1 be following named persons were admitted to Draft's as attorneys ai d counsellors In i be courts ot this ate:?fraud* N. Bangs, Usury 1. Bogart, Daniel B. icwn. Aaron K. Butler, tieorge P Cbestsr. Alfred De ot I)?v)d Htrrlron jr , touch Kirtland, Jeremiah der John A Marsh. William H. Martin. Mjwf dasa, David O'Kente, jr, James N. Preuk, and Peter err. jr. Bjseelal Bane loan. fore hie Honor the Major and Aldermen Sterenn nod Dodge Mabch %-Petit Larceny ? treorgs Clark was charged Lb stealing a black tiovk a pair of buoir pauialoona, da pbee of nlnoa eiotb, of tbe value oi %U, thw oper i y o Joseph O. Ilsgber, No. UO bowery. Not nip. One of the lAght fingered Fraternity.? Jon M Shadk (s colored man), was charged wita having laaerted i band into ibe pocket of a person named Cervine, d with saving abstiaoted iber?from toe sum ef 04 limit;, end fctfbUneed to bu daya la lb* reniionIT. Ituluuiy. Attault. and Halt try ? Mlohatl Field# WM ?rgeu wih aeiaulting Mm who. Tba aofottaaate Bikd Mid that It ?u aa old trick of > er burband'a; joury *Mtt? mum. but boo bad noear gieea bim j rn?t,D tot entertaining so unworthy a Ming ?ai d* her Not gwtlty. Sitiiu.g a Skii er Mteieb ? Satnaal 0 Boyu# tbo rem bt oi tee ?o whom flcklo fortune bad one* been iid. bat who by tinea formed on tinmen w.tb bio mi daughter? Mtriorlun.? tree cbtrued */lib?toelI a (liver ?t ch of tat vatu? ot 8tu tbt property of Bigafet Duffy remdtug tt U'iSeei otb tr>tun UutJ, and Mbttactd to Wdaya iu tbt KenlteuiUry. A Lttlmung Cere.? Kdtnobd Ltiteo, t dni mleer>. tad deject' (I lnokibg oreiiure, waeoaarged with eating bait t burbol of coal, ti.e property of iJbarlea Wic The prifOtm- Mid that ha had two slot obnrn; that ta had taken toe eoaia through bittar diae", but bating aelukl* real to purouaaa fuel for in 1 hay bad Buffeted uiuob from cold Bail bardIp It would be a -in, paid be to noad bnu a?ajr from a ebiiorm. liunty, anu a* ba wan uoiueurably .oac. La aaa lonteiicad to tlx utoniba in tbo I'aniMet'/fn* <1 Boat.- Jobn 8mlth wa*'barged with ctealg a jeai boat. talon no, ibo property of JOropb O. ibaae. liwtuy, and renteac-d to 80 dayt lu tbo Pileotlary Hohhtvt thr Smional Tkratrt.?K young chap by r name of Jobu Ready, ??< arreatod. on if mday, oa berg' 01 con a butgaey on tllo Natioual lea to. lu Cbaluetu atrool. ?uj .ealtug tbeiofroa ne pt'toie. a pair of ladiei' iigite, a gold ring, toil,at aitb teat r.l other artlo ?? of atago ttxiuge. ai.o iii.f $kbiuailtr. and oeppar coin Fne wuolo of tbd p?ity itolea i taluad at Jtf.o, beiougiog to Vtr. hry cbabtreo A part of .an atolen propnr'y ?ai loteteu at. 4 1. 4 ttilel ?ai ooiuunttei to prooa for kJ. Circuit Court. riaarn 9 ? O, den it c " CnfMa t une ? 7 Liawajk an acton i t a jromt-'ory not# for It 4it ' be war laaoo pa.> alnn ta Ph? p* & lot, a hit by fht.v. paeaeil to pin oiitfa. I'ne clefmoe a.thi t II t i. t one ui.'ta o> >diba offer tba parttruip In iii'i 1 in U i gnun censed. *nd witht ibe h uowlng* and content of ibe .act. r, *ud witbl ct.D'ideiaiti'U aaa aiieii io |>a> ui-ul uf pren-deat bt 'f be p aifliiffM iMn pn e.d toe. fh? a. t-i cam# lo 'h* I hilt Without uo'ire. anJ geee f ill Con-I ration ? r ir 1 La Juy touud a tartlet for Uta lib'iff* for ?M8?8.

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