Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1855 Page 3
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. ckub ul thMr own custom house, according to the practice which prevails *t Canton. Lord Pausourro* amid, la answer to tho question of ttl to. gentleman ? I beg to state that lmatrustloaa feaf* boon sent to China to cane*] bond* taken at 9hang too for dntlee between February the 0th and July the 18th, 18M. Bir John Be wring hu b?ea called npon for ? full report of all the circumstances under which the toais were given, and generally ai to the ettte of affairs at Bhaoghae at the time, and until uis rep rt La received tor Majesty'* government muat suspend their decision. Kir John Bo wring ha* been informed that so prooeod (ag, can be taken in the consular courte in reference to the bond* and aecuritiea giren at dhaagfeae between the 7th of September, 18A3, anl the Ihh of February. 1864, which bonds aal aecuritiea he ha* been directed to cancel and returh to tli* parties. The decUion In regard to boada aubseqiiently given must be reserved until Sir John Bowring'e report referred to il received, It would depead upon tUu niture of the question which may have been raised, whether It ??< sus aeptible of decision on the spot; but aa a general rule, questions involving the construction of treaty engage ments, the loltition of which l* attended with reasonable doubt, ought to be referred home for decUion by Her tojeety'a government. Directions have b*?n given to Warn the Chinese authorities that they must levy equal duties with impartiality upon the trade or all nation*. X state of things has lately urisen at rihanghae from which, although nothing n.ore than what is due is taken do the shape of duties, and that from all alike, the ruer ?bants at Stanghae are placed in a disadvantageous po 4itiou as compared with tbe iiierch'tn'* at other port, Wheiealaxrr cjatem prevail*. Sir John ttowriau'a at "tent ion has be< u called to tbitt state of things, and lit Iih been directed to endeavor to remedy it, by the adoption at other po . s ol th? Stianjhie ?j?t?m tinder which the duties are cnliec'e 1 on behalf of the Chinese government by a committee of three foreigners; t>ut no instructions ' ave been given to urge the general Adoption of tbe Canton system. The treaty prescribes a ?Certain degree of consular interference fur the protection ?Of Chiaeie revenue, and the consul* hold th* slip's pa pers until proof is produced to them that the demand* Of th* Chinese custom house are satisfied. The Representation ot l<onrion. Lord John Russell has Issued the foUiwiag address ? TO THX KUCTORfl #F TIIK (1TY OF LONDON. 1*akh FeV 23, 18(6. Gkntu;mk.v? Her Majesty baviag been pleased to con fide tome a mission of tbe highest importance, involv tag tbe interests ot Europe, and affording hopts of an honorable termination of ttie present war, I (eel it my dnty to witndraw for a time '.on my eervloe to you in Parliament. While in t hi* capital, Intelligme/ has reached me af the leslgnstion of three of th > principal Ministers of the ?rown, aad l.ord Palmerstou hai asked for my assist ance ia carrying on the government. lathe diffloult circumstance* in which the country is placed, 1 have not thought myself justified in with holding from tbe Queen any aid which it migbt be In my power to afford. I have therefore accepted office, aad on my return from Vienna, shall be prepared to assume it* duties and responsibilities. la these circumstances, 1 humbly place myself In yoar hands as a candidate for the renewal of jour confidence. I ba v* the honor to be, gentlemen, your obedient ser Tant, JOHN RUSSIA. 8 pain. In the Cortes on tha 14th ultimo, a bill of indemnity to the ministers for having expelled Queen Christina was brought forward. M. Bueno opposed it on the ground that the minister* ought to have given th* Queen up to justice instead of exiling her. The Minlst-r of the In terior and General Ban lliguel contended that the min istry bad acted in the only way that wa* possible in taking on itself to exile the Queen. It conld not, they aald, either as patriot* or men of honor, have required Queen Isabella to sign a decree for her mother's banish ?Mat; whilst the consideration due to Queen Christina ?I a woman, as the widow of th* last aoversign, as ex gegent of tbe kingdom, rendi red it unadvitable to take any more severe step ihan that of banishment. M. No oadal opponed the bill, denounced the last revolution, blamed tbe army for its part In it, and concluded by declaring that be did not envy the glory of the Minister of War (O'Donnell.) On this the Duke de la Victoria jumped up? and cried with indignation, "Know, sir, that the Count de Lucena and myself accept the glory of tha revolution." The Minister of War maintained that the expulsion of the Queen Mother bad saved both her and Queen laafceila. This declaration created great sensation. The bill was voted by 210 vote* to 2. Tae Clamor I'ublico announces the arreit of twenty Carlist conspirators in a house in the calls de las does Herma nns, aad of two colonels of tbe same party. It appears, It s?y*i that the Carlist conspira j at Madrid ha* ex ten - ?l\e -smlflcations. '*m? disturbances Uad taken place ?t Corunna, but had .veu put down. Celebration of Washington'* Birthday In Part*. The Pari* cat respondent of the tendon Timet, writing On the U3d ultimo, ?jy*:? The American residents in Paris gave a ball laat night, in th* Her* Saloons, (Rue de la Victoire,) la cowiemoratinn of the anniversary of tha birth ol Washington. The rooms were most taste fully fitted up, aad brilliantly lighted The portrait of the great fousJrr of tbe independence of the Called States, with the oevice, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his fellow-citizens." faced that of hi* filao 1 and companion in arms, i^'ayette. and Frank lin'* portrait wan opposite that of I'reildent 1'ierca The attendance was very numerous, but not inconveniently ao for tl.e extent of the rooms and it compriseJ most of those diatinguitiied in literature, the art* anipoUtha, tobetoucd In I'aris. Nearly all tbe members of th * diplomatic corf't, as well as tbe member* of th* French government. ?-eif present. M U u i tot wa* am mg th < earliest arrivals. rhe Knglisb residents, or casual visit ?rs, In l*ari-< w? r* a) ? pretty numerous N'otbinr could be better thui tin order snd regularity with woich this Interesting f. te was arranged, from the commencement to the ?s . Fin t-lgn Mtulr and the Drama. Miss (' beriue H*)s will shortly return to Ion Ion from Calcutta A ne n version of the ballet opera "I* Dleu et la Baya dcre," niuaic by Auher has been done at tbe Adeiphi, tor the Spaiiih dancers. On da, that Jenny Lind will shortly visit I<ondon, bat will sirig only aacrad music, at Kxeter Hall. Mr. Jullies is coaceidgng in the provincial town* Th* performance of "to wiarinn" wa* resumtd at the Theatre Fraar<-at*. Ike aame Cram a wa* burlesqued at the Follies r imatiqnes, by an ialiffereat vaudeville, Called "Tariae." At tha Forte St. Martin a drains, by M. Victor S?-jour, entitled "Ia Venettenne," i* In preparation. M. Ugier it to play the principal part. After hi* departure, it is Jaid that a most extraordinary drams will be produced, comprising the whole history of France, from the days Of the Merovingians to the pr< sent time. At Berlin, Frau Johanna Wagoer's " Lucre? ia Borgia" Is the rage. At Mat rid, Pepita, the danievte, has created great en thusiasm. At Trieste, Verdi's "Attil'a" ha* been produced, but wa* attended only by a moderate ebare of success. This eoldnrsa is attributed to the discontent of tbe pub lic at tbe sudden disappearance of tueir favorite dan Msae Maywood (an American <rj birt v who ranks very high in Italy,) for which they blame th* administration. The new work of Maestro Verdi, "Iys Vepre* 8icillen nes," i* preparing aith elaborate care at the tiraad Opera, Pari*, where they have at l<-ail the merit of never making a bo iat of tbe snortnen of tne time they take to bring out a great wort aa was the case with Meyerbeer's "Huguenot*" ia l.on<ion. The repetition* will " be con cluded about the middle of March, soon after which the first representation will take plac?. In the way of re rival*, "la Juive" i* announced for Mile Ccuvelll, and the "I'ropbe e,'' with Mme. Htoltz as F'tde*. M. Nsri Baraldi i* al.ta about to appear a* Kdgard in ''Lacie dc iammermoor." Afresh tran ilaton of "Mi.nnthropie et Repentlr" I* about to be produ ->-d at tbe Frani.-aii, from the p^n of the lato Gerard de Nerval. Spener's flatrltr, of PerMn, anaonnce* that in conse quence of the gn-at snroess obtained at Drssdan by the <'Etoiledn Niru," M Meyeitx-er was on the !'fh, called to tbe royal hat, >tLd rectlvej tbe cross of commander Of tbe order of Albert. We leazr tram St. I'etersburg. tbat the Italian cpera season glides cn unintsrruptedly and prosperously a* though the 6?lo i of Alma and Inkermann ba<l never b^en lost "Don I 'a* juale," "La ^ nnambula," *'1 Pnritanl," ?'Poli'ito." "tisrbeth," aed "l>er Frevschuts," hav* been tbe chief i(eTa* of the winter, and Calaolarl, Ron coai aad l^bta he. aad Mme* Tedeeco and Delagraaga, ihe raignlng fa rorites. ' At Tnr'n "M.<rco \ iscontl" Is alio RUCeesafnl. Signo. Dora Salvtai m he. principal cbaraiter, is descMbsd a* cresting eroropMe furvre by her entbusasm. Our old arqualatan^ Kev.ini of vociferating celebrity, is the tenor, snd i* aho ftvorabl) spoken of. M. Lecom'.'s 'Arabian Nights" concerning Mile. Ra Chef* American engagement, ha* l?en denouno-d a* a fabrication b< M. Raphael FeUx brother to the la^y, sad manager of t rto irs. M Raphael F. l x basatdn saed to the jotirna * a letter d'ciaring that the contract, the ?mbalmmmt, aud *11 t^e other incidents of "the wtu droustalr" a e only s> many falaebooas. [The NlW Voac lire a n j- ronouncvd I?comte'* story a canard long ago] A new Mated/, by M Aarter, entitled "Celnture t?or>" b*i b>n produced at tbe 0} mnas*. Market*. Lo*rK>N M'-nkt Makkkt ?b 26 ? Keening ? The mon?y aaartet cor ' joea to exhibit t <in ift ana dull fe?-li?f and th# 1?' ? Dry ol r.t?a U ratber aaaier, (imin I to th# contraction a in^apem-nt* for aonse tima pa?t la cperaton < ?u? n* rommr dal tranaa"ti< na to be nor* than uaraUt l.m tr I; mt f?r th? l*fittraa'e rourae of trade th* ?J'PI'lj <?? th* market in qui?* a te^nat* to th* Th ri-e tod a hall rent ciatinuet to be th* rat* or idgo*? on gbternmaut ?#curlile*, aa<l pro portionat* trrm? trom th# dlacount hou??a. There la a i?'|iiiry foriro .i for #>|ort an I ??rernl parcel# hare t<eei take a f -on the lb. ik. of Knylaul for that purpoae wuoiir jrniOR i co.'? cih imr. tJTWOOl, K#b. V#, 1WV Th* d**artar# of thia ?t#?m?r it <t*lari?i until to Borrow noraiac ennaequaot upon her ^>o arrival b*< fore boo* *a Fri ay !a*l which ?*? oreaaioaad by th* ##teiit? of th* weather am the e ?ntinucd pr*ratea*a of easterly winta, a nit whivh <a>' prodaead aa of diatreea aamo^at th* woikin< population pn?<|it ?!led in extent ?itre tba potato b:.*lit of IM7 bapftiy, a change give* j rami** of nuavroaa arrirala. atloriiinf ?mplovm*nt to tba eaTeriog tn??a, and alUrintr 'h? if prfhon .on" f*fi -nlnj to t* f?|t for th* mi'otenaoc# of erder Additiaaal o.?rian,Hi> faiiurea and run.ora of ax parted furliet dl?aitere. tofetbar tba ti.6a?ne? oe CUtieal affair*, o?iwene!oo? In the (abiaat ana :aiaie- J rial change! ciea'* t*nd to a^rrarate th? p:??ioualy ) ?Ylatlnc d'preaatoa in ecmmart'al raattara nor d?*? the , ?trtracti'n of huainaea, ee?r/wU??a ob-areable. or th* ratrrn ?' tranamitte-1 aa anharript'oea to the n f f, I,.;,. ? u an;. *a,mf ia'.^# tr. nay n.-r?et r#<i>r?o-li c?a?*?tB#d ladamraa. itaaaaot b# a matter Bf aar^na- -hat <-tir eottoa aaihttahouM hare pra**rtad , I a ?'rj laaii'wat" aapaet aiae* oar eat adrteaa af th* j I 1?U ?*t , m Uttt hol.*n ?ow4 k?'l ?rac?4 ft Im h J to reduce their stocks by offering very freely, sad even pressing sales ; ud although the more ctreamsartbed bmsineas u; In part be attributed to the until selection of good workable r.ottou available, it mait also be blended with the reduced consumption consequent upon ? more general adoption of short time mMi ures amongst spinners, who are still arged to diminish prod nation, u the only meam of avoiding greater loss by the accumu lation of itooh* for which there in no demand. The table* given beiew embrace the business ot the week ending the 2Sd inst. ; iifnce then tbe marset ha* not al tered Tn tone, but a* oar itock and selection tire now likely to be earlr and considerably augmented, prisei will be well tested; middling grades with staple support the previous currency, but in " fair " and other c'assei a decline of >,'d. per pound must be noted, the marie t closing to day flatly. The sales slice niday amount to 16.000 btles, (1,000 to speculators and exporters.) The import f ,r the sama t me is about 100,000 bales, chiefly Aiu?r.c*n Ta> totii sales ot the week ittnount to 3'(,6(K bales, of which 21.760 are American. Speculators have takeo 2,710, and ex porters 1,130, leaving 33,750 bales of all inds to the trade.. The import for same time is 17,410 bales, of which 12, IS I are American. The quantity kuovntobe at sea from American ports is about 376,000 bales, PHICIS TO DAV. Fair. Middling. Ordinary. New Orleans 6K & ? 3 v. ?4\ Mobile &S 0 1>* a 4? Atlantic 1>H 3 v? ? ?-S Total taken for consumption, lMft&, 28^,1 10 bags; H5t, 27b 090 bags. Export (actual,) 1856, 13,681 bus; 18 >4 16, m bags. Amerirnn. Brazil Eowt- E India It fail. Tit il. Stock this d?y . 145,7'iO 40*70 47,440 1 IN, IIS) 4.S.VI 8>i5,84 I fe.iuc time lt?4..It*<,UM) 41,710 tit 160 1M.V70 7.4-10 ( I'i.lJO The Manchester market u ro luc-dto a state bordnr ag on stagnation, and with so little of a cheering niture m prospect, accumulating stocks o< both goo>t? and yarn ar<> oliered on lower terms, without loading to ><xt?nd>d burners; it consequently becomes more obvioujt ?th*t production must be curtailed. Our grain market oilers no new feature for comment, the demand is confined to consumptive inquiry, winch is restricted to the narrowest limits; when siU-s are de Hired lowrr rates have to l>e accepted. A decline must tterffore be noted In wheat of 'Jd per 70lbe. flour 6d per barrel, and Indian corn (which is more difficult to move) Is per quarter. The arrrivals promise to be large for the next we- k Iurli ? The sales of about 100 tons at 50?. to 51 s. p*r cwt are reported. Tallow has a d?olining t?nd-noy, and lower prices have been accepted for the "Binali transsc tions that have taken place. Turpentine? In the rou?h state there are no sal.-s. Rice, to arrive, has been sold to extent ef 50 tons at 26s. 9d. per cwt. No returns in other articles of American produce. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M ON B Y MARKET. W?DN?8DAT, March 14? C P. M. The stcck market opened and closed Heavy to d\y. Tbe only reaUy aotivc stick on the list was Reading, and that receded a little from tbe opening, not withstanding the large sales. Panama railroad was sold to some extent to-day, at the decline noticed yeaterday. There appears to be considerable anx iety :to realize on this stock. The highest point toncbed a few weeks since was twelve and fourteen per cent premium. It now sells at a fraction above par, and ten shares are soli now where there was one then. The excitement raised on the opening of the read from ocean to ocean haa subsided, and the views of holden have evidently changed. Railroad bonds are not so active today, bat we have no change of conscqucnce to report in pri es. State stocks continue Gim and in demand, bat tellers were not so plenty to-day, and the supply on the mirket appeara to be mo re, limited. Erie, Harlem, Central, Hudson RiverRallroadand the wealern railroad*, are only operated in to a small extent, and exhibit no indioatlozs of an Improvement. Holders canaot get np any speculative exoitement, and but 'or the ease with which almost any fancy stock can be hypothecated, they would have been fo ced on the market hag before thia. This position is at the best a precarious one, and with tbe margin .or a decline which exists in them all, the risk of carry ing ii too gieat to be justified by any prospective profits. The danger of loss is too great, and the probability of a rise too remote, to induce new operators to touch such stocks in the present state of tbe market. At tbe secoad board the depression of the morn ing continued in fail force. Nicaragua Transit Ml off 4 per cent; New York Central Railroad, j; Reading Railroad, 4. Indiana S's have docllir i tJr.ce Monday 1.} percent. There are strong ind | cations in the market of increased toaviawe ami ! gieater depression. The Phoenix Fire Insurance Company htvi de clared a semi annual dividend of eight sir c?ot, payable on and alter the 15th Instant. TLo Chic.i go and I Cock island Railroad Company have doclwd a dividend of four per cent. The receipts of tbe New York Central Railroad Company for February were ? : /'atimgrrs. Freight. Tvtal. 1806 $140,453 88 $188,072 48 $335,128 38 1854 146,02m 02 170,083 38 316,113 40 Increase .... *1,413 80 $n,iS8 10 *20,012 The receipts of the liOng Ialaad Iiul Company tor the rear eniiing Kirch 1, 1 H&6, were $277,067 '? '? " 1, 1884, wer 226,001 Increaae about 25 per cfat *62.066 The transaotioas at the Assistant Treasurer's office today, were as follower? 1'aid on Treacury account 921,142 ftQ | fceceired do. do 48,684 27 Palacce do. do 4,06;i,80l 44 l'ald for Jiaaay OBce 144,234 J8 Paid in disbursing chick* 37,021 08 The wan ants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 12th last., were: ? For the ledc-mption if atock 913,492 43 For pa; log ireaaury debts 62.324 26 For the Interior Department 31 . S41 49 l or the cuitonn 4" J47 77 For the War Department 4V.000 00 For appropriation warrant lor the War Iw partiofnt received and entered 3,297,74.'< 14 For the Nary Department 108,47143 For covering Into the Treatury trom nsiacel Uneoti* sources and from cuatom* 3,123 74 lor repaying on account of the nary 100 61 j The steasship Pacific, at thii port from Liver pool, brings ten days later Intelligence from all parte of Europe. The poll ti;al by this ar ! rival are important and Interesting. The Pilmerston minisuy has broken to piecea and been patched up | again, to last, perhaps, as long as the first forma tion. While the British ministry is undergoing these changes, the war in the Crimea is nearly at a stand still. No progress hss been made in the siege of Bcbastopol.but great preparations were going on in England for the opening of the spring campaign. The effect o/ these political and hostile operations upon commercial affairs was anything but favorable. Trade Was inactive, *nd the failure of (; baon, Ord A Co., of Manchester, was reported. The amount involved in the failure was about ?30,000. QsoU t ons for cotton and corn had not experienced any materia] alteration, but the markets were dull. C* sols have been quite stetdy, notwithstanding the j changta in the Cabinet, and there was a good supply of money at four and a half aid five per oent. The ' return of the B?ck of England for the week ending ; February 17, when compared with the previous re turn. shows the following Msult:? Public deposits.. ?4, WIS (02 Inereaas ?4 t4,;3J Other deposit*,.. 10, 174 "71 Iwrreaw 137 > It. it 3,33* 840 lncreaae g,M) On the t ther si'e of the account : ? Got securities ?11,6*4,327 Decr??*e ?20 126 Otl?r ?tcurtlie*. 14,6*4 ..40 lacresss.. 17,9.11 No'es untmpl d. 7,067,075 lncreaee .681.486 Tie smount of noUs in circulation is ?19,266,105, U iig a dtcreai* of ?271,810, and the stock of bul lion in brth department* la ?12 W0, 786, showing ; an lncrrai-e of ?22.1,026, when compared with the I preceding return. !".?? | Ihe L'.rdcn circular of E. F. Satterthwaite, of tie 2Uth of February, aaja 7bi re hat been a moderate Jeinaad fi.j American ae cantiet la lontcit Juiins me put we?s I'eanaylrsala I Mate il?. i i are in d?maa.i at h gher ratea' Vu glnis are ?>ady at W>rmer latee. He note ".rauaa-tiooi in Se* York (en?ral 7 p?r can*. oon.t? trie Third, and j Mnking Fund koada III no a CVntral 7 par r??t bond* are li in I'.e tew le?ue lave brought 2 to 2.S par cent premium h?llera aak Lisher prices for tais bands a nee tlie striral of tne I'aci&c. Bar ngs' Cbc.u'ar aajs: ? Mnee laat circular ths traiaact.r a* ha" U*sn limited at i>r?w>u? jric?. butthesde jaat r??i??4 by thsfselts iav? !?.?? ! the jweteastoas of ImMhi, at l he e eg tiiua checked I u?is**? we c>naot g'?e statl quotatxae. The iV?ni<iarof Tuesday, tht 20th, contains a re ptrttc 'be Emperor, by M. Vagae thtaewMinla ter cf Firan.e. It an' owe* the re- mpeeitloa ef lbs duties en cmmerciai reoeipta and obligations ss they nl4< J before tfce law of the 7th of Augiet 16'0, and states that with tais aid there will be a surplus of ? 000 000 fratoe. The adraaoe of iO.OOO, 000 fiaacs made by the baak having been r el as ours esl to? vte pr^tecdi tf tie meat :w the floaty debt la at thla moment nearly the mum m but jtar( viz:- 697,339,400 (true*. The bou da trtnr do not ezeeed 318,000.000 franca, nor the loads dee cniascs a'epargne 180,000,000 frnaos. The returns published in the MonUntr show the amount of the customs datiee on importations f>r the month of January of the present year, to bs 12,601 ,904f. The recelpta for the corresponding month of 1854 and 1863 were 9,034 ,024f. and 8,945, 649f. reapectivelj. T( e Auditor tf Texas gives the follnrlng notice: - The tima pre*cribe<l bv law for uieneating and a>'ju*t ulittocca of indebtednea* of the late repub'lc of lexaa expire* on tha Slut of Auguxt, 1865, and all cla m? which are out presented on ar before tbat Say will be for over barred. The above ootica allude* tn aucti iu debtrdne** of Texaa conaiating of treaaury note*. H an I lu per cent font" a, fcc , which have net been (jresente I to the Auditor of Texaa rrr ?' ?ealed certificate* " when tha time of presentation of claima at Wa.hingtoa for pay ment Khali have arrived ? aay after Augu-t n-it. Che evidence* required b y tha Secretary of the United State* Treasury will be the iw-aled certiticate* as audited bjr Texaa. Stock Kxchangc. Wsi'.iwdat, March 14, 1S55. 20000 Tennessee 0'* Olt; 200 iha Krte Kit 46'; WOO Yirg S'a. ..b00 96*; 20 do 4'i 1000 Miasourl 0'? . . 96'4 100 do bl ? 46, 3000 Cal 7'a '70. b'K> 90\ 100 do ? .0 41 (000 do 80 300 do bi 46', 1000 City 6'a '70... OS 88 Mich On UK ... 78 1( 00 Erie C Rd* '71 80 17 Cler C fi Ciu RR. loi 1000 Erie Bd* ot '76 MX lOThiri At RR.... 27 36600 do 84 X 400 Harli-tn KK 31 \ 10000 do. . .bfiO 8". 10 Nor h Wi.r KK.. :tr, 10( ON Indiana Ble OS 26 do.... ... 85* lOtfO l'ana ltd* l*t ia 101 600 Realmg KK 8 it., 6000 do 101'; 100 do 1)10 HH, 4<>00 co. . 2J ia 101 X MO So b '0 H3% 1MOOO ni Ceo KK lid* T!\ 2<i0 do b JO 83 ?' 4500 do 77', 10 do 81 6000 do. ,bl0 7" >4 100 do ?C0 82Jg (000 mOenK FreeBa 70 300 do 160 f 00 NY Cen KK lid* Oft# r.00 do 8JK 1900 do 90\ 150 do 82 10(0 ITar2d MtgeBda 90 100 do ?:( 8Jt; ft Hank N York ... 117 IliO do b'i HIV* 1001>ol4HCa CobS 119* 100 do b!0 82V 100 do b30 11 6.^ 100 do c 82S 60 do a 30 119>; 200 do aiO 82); 47 Bank of <"om. . , . 109*; lOOHRRairoal ..b,13-X 4n I lower j Bank.. . 103,', 100 do..,,,..,a3 3"1, 30 Corn Kx Ilk 98 100 do ?'10 37 * 10 Continental Bk . 1' ''2 t; 360 Paaamt Railroad. 1 00 14 7 8t. Nich Rank .. 90 100 on bl loot; 10 U S Tru?t Co . . , . 1 02 100 do 11 H>,oe A* Lea Ilk . . 100 60 do 100S, 20 Home In* Co.... 91 150 do lonjf 60 Canton Co 2S?i 176 do lOOj; 60 do n80 '26 >; 60 do 10 100* 100 do ?60 2ft t; 100 do bS 101 1; 400 Nlc Transit Co.. 16 S 70 do 101 >, 100 do blO 16 ^ 100 do lO^V 260 do a30 16>; 26 H Ind Coaatruo,. 80 260 do 16X 114 Cleve&Toledo Kit 73W 130 Cuab Coal Co..c 33 j; 76 do. ?J 73 W 100 do 33\ 176 do 74 100 NT Cen KK 94 1; 200 do bOO 74*; fWOOMD BOARD. ?26000 lad 8t S'a . b3 86.'; 100 N Y Cen RK. b3 94 7000 do 86 '4 200 do at 91 ?4000 Erie Co Bd* '62 84 200 do *00 93V 30000 Krie Bda of '76 Sft 26 Oa It Chicago KK 90 lOOOOlllCKBda.ili 77j; 60 Erie RR b3 4M 1ICOO do. 78 800 do aJ 45'; 12000 111 C?n RR Bda 70 4( 0 Harlem RR. . b'10 31'; 4000 Har l?t MtBia 95 400 K?adin< RR. . a30 8'2S.' 200 N Y Cea 7'a .. 99\ 350 do a3 82v; 400 aha Nle Traa Co. 16<; 100 do 8'Ji4 60 do b3 16 14 300 do....b30 8'2l; 100 do k30 16 60 ClSTii Tol RR b30 74 W 100 do alO 16 60 do 7? 8(0 do b60 lot; CITY TRADE REPORT. Wm>!?MUjkT, March 14?8 P. If. AKflfa ?Ike aalea reached about 100 ot>U., both kind*. at $r> 26. IiRKAiiHTT Fr* ?Flour.? The market after the receipt of the newn waa lena active, but price* wero uochani(e<l The taiea amounted to about 4,0C0 to 6, COO tibia ol ail kinda, included In which were moderate transaction* in commou to good brand*, at $h 87 a t.< 50 for commnn to good atraight State, and (9 31 a $9 81 tor common to go-id Western brand*, aad $11 60 a S12 60 lor extra Cleneaee. Canadian waa in aome better demand, with rather more doing, price*, however, were unchanged, ata ranged Iu.kj $9 37 a $10 60, duty pai l, with .mall let* in bond at $9. Southern waa at $!? 12 a $9 87 >; for common to good btanda, and at $9 87 a ; $10 76 for fancy and extra. Wheat waa firm, but with out naif* of moment. A lot ot white Gennaee waa re ported *Oid on private terum, but we could not liace It. Corn. ? The aalea wera limited to abuut 3 000 a 4,000 buafcela, including Houtln-rn mixed, at 96 a 9'.>;c. , white do a' 96c.; yellow, 97)ic., and 08c. tor We, tern mixed, in atare. Rye waa unchanged a atnall .ale ot 400 huxbela Jemey waa reported at $1 35. Cinrrri.M.? The aaJe? reached about 1 000 bale* after the ra.-elpt of the foreign new*, and the market clo.ed at alout it A. advance. We quote inuMliag ufdand* at *J.;c aM,e , do. Florida at 9c do. Mobile at 9';c.,and do. Now (irlenn* and Texaa at 9',c Faai'simi ? Kith the exception of cotton for Liverpool, < i gagcment - were tight, and raten rather aa?ier. Ther? v a* more cotton otfer ux. au>i 1,100 bah-* were taken a' , J , a 6 32d , and S 10 1 At the clote, Uw latter figure wm generally aaked. A few hundred Itarrel* of prm-| tiona were engaged, at 2*. Wd. n .1*. for be< f, Ik 9d. a 2a Tor fork, and at 16a a 17a. 'ii fac den-l weiglit Fl'iur it aa at 1*. 3d. a la. 6d aaaeii , here aotbiag new to Lasilon or to Havre. To Califnru a, rute* ranged front ? 5e a 40c., with a fair amount off- r n* I'aoaiHio.N-.? pork wa? Ie?a artlte though priced were ijuite ateadr. The aale* embraced aliout 1, 100 a 1 ,20 1 bbla., chu-Hy old miaa, at $14 60. with new de , in lota, at $16 87 ? $1<). New prime waa at $14 60. Amoag tha rtle* or new were 100 bbla . reported at $16 a $16 12, though thia waa an extreme raW. Country p me mea* ranged from $14 50 a $16 60, and city, wt.icb ? ? acvoe, at $16 a $10 60 Be* f ? Sale* of Mil b"la. fain'rj ?** wore made at old quotation*, and 70 tiercoe Htat* Wf hauu aold at $17. Cut meati wera at?a<ly, tiiou?ih irt? aacUr.n* were moderate, including 80 boi ?* *b?rt uv. of bacon at <*c hhouldera and liam* were uncUaaga t lard waa ateady at 0*,c. a 9';c , with aalea ef 200 a 5* packages. ADVERTISEMENTS BKNKWKD ETBRT DAT. njlVWCIAU CaA.SH ADVANCtD IN ANY Allot 'NT. Oit I'Okl fla-?r J at ryht, diamonda, ?at:baa, rich jawoiry. and raluabl* |?riontl property faaaraily. K WOOD, ?V ruiuio ?traat. MMil floor, frott room, fro a V A. M. U ?P. M. Money to ixun.-pkjwjns Raqpomro tkwpo r?rr ttWaacaa on ratal artata, diamond*, wataOaa, ja?alry, rntsitur*. pianoforte*, apirita. he.. in bou.l, hraaa, ^arrltgaa, or othar partonal property. acaommo '.id ad a* literal Urraa, prnroptuaaa aid coni Unc* la 1 all ouaa. at tha t.inpira I-oan aui Agaacy OiBca, 311 irf-?a.!way. ?i' I MM fta't.'M I -*OVEf TO I, OA.* ON DIAMONDS. I watihaa Jowalry, aatara , piMofortaa u ? ui i J araonal property r'Barally (ar t.nn^ht fr fnh) Hta.unaa >i?tiotad ir<>?t.tly tad ooafidaatial. at 7 8 ? .Ntiii i itint (lit floor, liaak olbaa. | H.ofrENCK A CO . 7* Naaatn ?tr?*t & T / 1 lUUkTO LOAN UN DIAMONDS, WATCHES, ToUl/.uUU Jawalry. A? , or bought fur taab. C, ?> d titjr atoek*. nrtaa, boada ?w l mortgaraa, bill a of ??ehan*a, i Ar., na*Mj?tad l.naia?aa corti'ftalial, aid promptly a?a | autad, ai 1 H2 Narjaq atraat, romo No, 2. TOOHrSON A CO., Irokari and aomniiaalon marebaata <L4Xin /WWt TO LOAN-ON MKRl'HA NHI8F, 'U ??' -haa diamonda, javalrr ornbaraal i.ahlaa, for abort J>?ri0'- ia antaa of fram |fi ??< V.WA) at t'ia < ty loan oSca, 7b ,Va> .?? atr-il raar balldlu? r< "tmSo.l Cl it* pritata, aad i?t?r Ufa ooufldabtial f 4 0 000 SAUTED OH BOSII AM* M'lRT 1 JvF.UWU aav* - On Dr-t fla?a Hr ,ok!> a rr port) in auua ol ?i W) ta COHi.fcY A UA.tkl.iX. Ito. li llainiltoa aaanna, IIr<v>klT? a-r rrm wantib-on bond and mortgage. VdaVVV for ??? <r all yaart. "n a houae and l?t, altu ated IB Third aa?.ti? B? trr taut i roktrara will bt paid. Addr'ia Mirtfif. R li . Herald oAka. q-n (win wantejwto take a part is as in Vt ' ??n?loa ofltBtieata lmpor<aaca Addraaa with r?al Bam*, 11 V Herald aC?a fWkft ?Wanted? on bond anu uoktuaoe ?. ?J.W 'v. on Hr?t rata pretty ta itrooklya. M?r tb? City Hall; ia I t ktra/> ii?ce. A | ply at J47 I'aarl at*a?t. _ lll*AN M I Til 4 NV AMOI NT CAN D>. MAP ON lilAMo.VDf. it. ?at< baa. Jrwalry, araar* (kaa|b< oot.i ciaannion bn ..n ?a of any kind promptly attend d ta. at tha CuaHd>ntial J. tap a d CamiaiaaiOB 1 ?. I to H "iaai atraat, bark olllta. ?f nairi. /tA-ll I IKEHAM.V Alp?TAN< EI? ON RW?IBHLD \ rattan I ?I lalM ??' ? a .nda. aliaar ?ar'. t ra ari <. aantical ia?!r>.ni?at>. > r i-rivna ur- 1 ? rt> ol aai 4*a> rip'. n la't to ba at>!d at anM< >a, or I'm huhait ca.i. Mm pa-4 lor tka ab' ta at tl.? i..n ?t ra?.i CBth^rin- at M<lA?r*AV A WALTERS. MCCLI.OCII COPPER 1MI Col D ( O-Tlir AI> aartlarr arlll pnrcha?? 9 aharoa of ato'k tatUaab-v* aaB.?d i Hi pan y ai II |.<r abar*. and pat n. Ant clan ?aM n?' ' if* tur?. at lair t rtr?< Mhii n tin aa<l oal of a i fill, WO Adaraaa Crahaft, li rat I ofllaa MO.SRV TC l,OA?t ON Ri.llt AVI) HoKTtJAOK- IN ?> n ? of kl <M) aad apwardt ta aatt appliraata Alao, ?rry dii Irahla lD*a>'airat property for ?aia l?w, at tb- I aioa .? ,?a" Mf*l F?t?t? o?'? N. 1 ????.?? BtlW, MM pi >a nr'.li iranva and 'Hrantaaatb roe K 1. 1 F A If* AO I \ VT> MmHoney -pa s?i~iTbr rally a d V aTTce m?nda wat'laa. tawalry, faraltara ria?ofort-> rr any M? 1 1 pr- party at thr a?>ary aad !? aa ' 4l't. ><t Itraad way. f or Bar of |f?r?atr?a* room N 9, I'r Iiptnaaa a' 4 rnaC ' m ? obaarTtd ia all eaaaa ftraa H ' *fl" M l? ?l Hi W? Ml inm. Hrl AI OUI IN A ii NEH.K PHAWN TICEF-TV-' ? IHAHOMIK WATl'HPn JrW hi. j, ai Ik ? ai < V" J b' aakt at tb* hifbaM ra ?? lvfa?h Ij Jptt ARI>" A to 3Diui auact. aanaad HOMHI OOOOM. ______ POI let NOTirr. ?A.N ' t? NfR f v WANTED TOR A Ban *t ?f a ata aa ? | ??4 !?. k? at l<r. Invi.ia af t ?|? finv?i.|v( , it (ha - itk Jfatri' t atati^a b .aat 11 Irarklia a-r*- ? ^Tf'i r ? . i>'.| in i TTsi coTij w 4T(TiTTi ? ' I'arkiaa a, lx>r l?a. Bttkff NN 7 Ml II. TW HM4 Pa?aWok#ra and at bar ? ar? r-iiaatai ta a'?? aaM <aa*ab and ai?a laf .raiattaa t *J MARTIN . altcar. Jaffaraaa Markat I'alM Caltt rpo p4*Mi f>i ;.s ~ptui en." ns- >Eri*f.tiiAr 1 1 Marib 7. f?? It I arr?l pla-* ??a il? k fr ? k r- at lirad Vitk 'k'. a. ala**ra I aad ;>Ua* auk, ala? i i 4?aa.?f r?la W haaaar baa raaaiatd tba aaaa will ka rvi i ??'? k? ratify aa a (tfitu, ?. r. I ?QABPnio jjpuHwnio. TJOAJUJ? wm VERY OONVCNtKNT APARTMKNTH X) tar faulUaa at tingle mtlraMB. IxxMkUua rarj da ?Irable (?* ftatlMMa doing buainaaa down town, mm ?ad aUfaa laaiatn, U *11 pkrta of the city. Apply tt No. 4 Ablnguoa aquara, iwoonrt door from Uaok (treat. BOaRU-A II AN DM) Ml l'ARLOK, ANI> R001H AT Uchtd. with tha boat accommodation*, may ho bad in the Mt brown ?tono houH* 101 aud 104 Eait four tea-nth ati*a>t. soar Union aquara. Alao a room (or a linflc goaUaman. Rofareoeoa oschangvd. I Q/'O broapwav, union square.? ha n B30M E ; QUO suite of room# on the first flour, (lour room*), hath room. gas. Ac. . with cr without board. I'rmu table, if m uuired Or the whole bouse at May, furnished. Don't move tt May. 70-1 broadw a v? second story to lrt, row I OX sietia* o! tour rc*ms, use of bath room, ki* light j t !.?? most pleasant 1 catiou Th ? r ">mn ar ? 'ouiomii hed. But] will be 1 ft either for business or for dwellln \ 1 A 7 H UDSON STREET, OPPOSITE ST JOHN'S PARK ; It I ?-Furnished rooms to let with board, to simple *< utit men <r gentlomeu mid their wire*, ilouse newly furnished, with alt the modern improvement!. Wfll n->t r.> I move in fcay 141 N,NTH STREET, TUIRH DOOR EAST OF lTI lirond^u), furnished rooms, in suits or separat- ly. Alao. back parlor and ?*xtensl'n room o ? the first tloor, l? lit to gentl, with breakfast, if required. Also, tur nlshed room* at No. G Colore flaoe. l**n HAi'lMiN \\ KM K -TWO l ?K ?IIIMll V I ! IKS ItM/ o? rooms eitlur furai-hed or uuturiiiMhrd. k1m? room for a'mngln gentleman, can l?e ha*l in a flr-.t olas* h>nso, r? plete with all the modern conreaienoes. Wall stroet stag's f a kv (lit doer, 07 PRIM K STREET, SECOND DOOR W EST OF O 4 Broadway- May l.c obt.iiuod, permanent or transient, a handaoine room, tn the ecooud floor, *>th modoru improve m*nU, IHI.EEt Khft STREET, EAST OK HKOADWAV ?TWO handsome)/ furnished psrlors will be rented to a party of J (rent lumen . or a (entlen to m d wife. Persona desiring a eon tral looatiua can be pleasantly moomiuodated lizard *tv?u if desirod A SL' IT OK V Ell V EI. EUANT ROOMS WILL UK LET I J\ to a gen*a*i party with or without hoard, by a imall 1 family, at lo iNclion pla- o, ouo block froui Uruadway, op | pobite Dr. Skinner s church. A PARLOR WITH It El) ROOM ATTACHED d'N | ./V fnri.lshed) with full or partial b' ar I ?au be obtained In tlie llrst clan* houae, No. (Jreat Jones street. Also one 1 single room (furnished ?, suitabl*- for ft gentleman. Ammm SUITE OF ROOMS to let. with < i.o^kt a P tachcd, on *er iutt tloor. tonet^ier or ft<varat?ly, fur niithod or unforni-he.l, to tinflc aeatlamon; alno, vw<> at'x i roouis, furnished with fh-? plates: possession immediately , no removing at May. AUdresi O . C- , box 193 Herald offtr-e ALmOINTLEIUN AND ill- W1 ? k CAN BE ACCOM modatrd with a pl? asant ro<?m and board Inquire at ! b2 Forsyth street, ntar (ixaud. lUaa^nnLle ivr a p?r.uau out boarder. A IIAM>?omkI.V H'KMSIIEI) ROOM, WITH PRI ! A sate bath. Ac., attached, to let. with board, to a gentle man and bis wife, or sin/ls K*??tUm?n, also, a single room, I first class ai-oommoflations, gas, baths, Ac. Inquire at (A) and 62 Variek street, St. John's park Board? an elegant suitbof rooms, with phi vate tal le, in a small private family The location u in Mnth street, near Fifth avenue Aldre?* M Vampell, Union square P??st Office, with r?*al name aad resident's. Board -a dssihablr sitite of rooms. on the second floor of a home in Toirtiith street, bo teeen Eighth tnd Ninih nvoaues. with b ith. gas, Ac , wh ro the eomforts of a home ean be enj i>el, an I where th?r ? tre I but few other boarders No movln* on the *r?t of May I Address Uome, Ilvrald ofAct. Board-in a frencii private family-two rooms front and back parlor, on the second lloor, fur nished, to M to a (gentleman and lady, or gentlemen ouly, | with or withont hoard Prt\ ate tabl** if dc?ired. The house i ooutains n bath room Apply at 6o3 flroome street. Board- with a suit of newly furnished room**, can be obtained by a ^ttleman and wlfo. at tVl East . Twenty second street, n? ar Fourth avenue; dinn -r at si 1 o'clock ; no t hildr<*n ; no m? vlng in May family private and hut few boarders taken. ltefer??auo exchanged Board? a family havino more room than required, W iuld disp so of two fine roome to a family ' or a psrty of sentlem^n; hou?e having modern Improvements ] Lo ation dasirable, acresi<ible cart and ata^es. No movlu 4 , on M of May Apply at 172 WtMt Twenty lir.^t streot Board -a c;enti eman am> his wifr, or two or three single gentlemen ean be ao? ornmodat- -d with Sleasant rooms ar.d board, by applying at 10o Duane street, o mc vjair on %he 1st of May. B' 04U.-Ii|BMSLT ranKMIII BOOMS TO Ut, with 'oil ?rr?r'ial I utrd. at Z* tiri-i, ?riond i( i?r ? ire lr'itu??a. whara tl oatfnrta of a llama ( rtu k*aqj'iw.. I'amlly iiatll, as ebildrao. taru?? Irom Mi") loll Board h anted-bv a lady and c.knti.emaN; >>oaril for th' lady nal> Ail lraia. itatiaii taria), Aa , Al|>c, Droailarajr I'cat "Hi' o. Board wmtib-k a vcwnq lady, in the vicinity uf Itl*??1ter itr- < t mv.t ).? mo.|*r?t.< I AddraaiC. H., Bruadwajr t'aat UAca, |r p?il, bt alow I daja. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, convenient to t ultoa and Cathtrloa forrloa, by a y?nnjr man. with ; l>r>?kfaat and Ira wevk ilayi, and diauar on Suada>?. A'i | ilrni J 8 . MM uOaa. Board wantkd? for a and hdy; tut) t" ard forth* U \y only, loaatian aittat I'" wltliln | 1 1 rta <>r four ? lork? of Broadway. AnJre?? C'ba? Ir^lorick, bioadway PoM Otlica. Board wambd? a (.xnti.eimn wishes rots . aiea p?r?i?ti> i I board for him ?? ad ?Ho In a rrimm fttiail v, ?' art ha tan ?? Joy tha ronfoi i ? af a h ir? Mu.t )> < in a Loaao with <a?. hath, Ar n>*r Ur *dway, and hol.w Tauil. (lift Vn boardln.'hoR** k?a|M>r Riuid >n<w r thii a I j xrtiMinta' AdHro*. J. Piatt, llarald oBko Boa jtiiiM;? elioibi.e suits op rooms mayiie had ?t th? aew nri?ata Mia? n h?n", 077 ??i?th a?... n-.a, froblinr t Imp palara A d*U?ijirul and baalihy amnmar In. ?iK.n Urata. Orntaal and ubri*tl%a laaulira iv? Had to call. Lara itar; tbroa aalaatrf. BfiARDINO.-A RANDSOtlE FRONT PiRI.'ir and 'atrj kadroona, ou >arond flour, lurairl.a 1, an 1 a fr >M , f' ta d tiadroom, on third fl<i'>r, fun. lab' 1 or unfarula' d, witb o: aaltbuat hoard, to lrt,tarm? ??r? low Ota, hatha A- I' |(jr. ai .No. VI Eaat Taraaty aUh'.b Itraat, aair Lat tu*a. \anaa. Boabding.-mwi.y furnished MOMase um with or without hoard, for faaulina or alalia K?at>.im n I '.if i Iraaanl rionis lor famlll a. with badroama a. id aloa ta at I a . I, d; alau l?r,a alaranlly fnrnial.a I pari ir?, on 1'ia Brat fi/or ' -r fau uiaa, without hoard, i.arga pUaaant ro iaaa that . II aacatamodata a parly uf four rmUaman. at 13) an i IIS i hawhrya itratt Raf'raaao r'^ulrad. U.DfNO-A 1'ARI.OR AND nF.DROOll <>S SE | JPWha Hoar; alaa a |. Iraaanl front room tor a (inrla /in ,<au, al ? WaatTwraty aoeond itraol, Latwaaa Fifth ai l feitliaranoaa llrfrroavoa raq?ir?il HOAtiDINa -rCRNIUniD ROOMS, WITH BOARD, in a cimaaairat aad rr?p??tai>l" lui-atlaa. Tw*(rntla ?>ak, with tbalr wi??a, ran ka ? oiulort.ibiy a' ?? imin i i?t 1, l > ifl'lflni tt II Mitb aarnua. B?iARI> IN BROOK I.VN -TWO OCNTLEWKN CAN t ? arroBinn lai. d aritb partial kaard by appl/iag at lit Bi|h airr. t Hrfamac a tirhanaod. BOARIiIN R ROOKIaYN ?A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN airoaiaaodatr two orthraa lantlrnn-n with rooma aaul I ar I T'rma mod?r?tr, RofTrnrrn ,, hanrrd I ration ia ro?Taal?at to tua Wall -traat or I'olion farry. Apply at 219 Ad"'l?an itr < t. naar Johaaoa, Hr kiyo BtARD IN BBOOKLVN.-TWO S I Nr.Lli (JtNTl.t mra ran ho arroiaawodatad with K?od hoard, In a pira Itratlfcii. ?" Bintataa' walk fraan I nit m farry. Bat f*w kaarfra ara takoa an! a? m?tlnr In May. A.f'yat t'l Ili|bfiraat, l.atwaaa Adasia aad M aalnaaion. Boar ? ON BROOKLYN ini(;lITJ.-A OMTLRMAN aad kla wlfa oan tin I a lar,i and l ?ad. , fur' aha J roam ?i Xt Rillow atraat . tbraa ialant?i walk fruit l'ult?ia aad Will at i" t farriaa. BOAIft) ON I! ROOK I TN HEIGHTS ? OSK OR TW'? riD(l? ?atiklimaB I'M M a, r".Biaa?dat?d with p?r'l?l lM>*r<l and haudt'intlr (urnuli I ro' ma in a r..?| .'.Ma t>n*ata family, alt Ma two ?nfnnt??' walk of . ft!i?r l"'i S'-ntli ?t * ill rtrwt fwi. aud ti? v( I >IM> lirtj. A I drm l> *> Nil I.OM) Paai filRoa Boarh in ?octb rkikik k r.Y.v a vt. w rrniM i oarUara cm 'i? accoiaiaot&iad with I oar I aa J frtnl room ? wit), cu* la a prltaHi family. ?h ?> ?i ? tj att'r.lin* It to 1 1 ? aoafari a ' Ikota r?? iia# ? t? O'R 1 f.? hoaaa ta alt hit Uif. ? mlnulaa ?tlk of II > :,.llti>it f?rry aad tan of Raath farrt la jotMWt 'Ml rr*?i1ant BOAR!' IN t I'RIVATI ? KE S I If I A M II V 1 l!>n w ??< Ma ?il*. or Iti tlu<!a |ir.' ??n ba ? (?(?Bin .adatad wit h pNa-ant r?oani an I Waar-I, in a pr *at? I r- Ik la mil) of by itl'lflni II IW Tvilllt llf>H botwraa I bltarilt; pia^a aim > 'Ifih axa? BOAHD, FROM THK l*T HAY SF 17 \ PAIII.4R anil b. lr?o?, (farmabad. la th? Ninth ?wd. tuUal'jr, titar I'.laaaktr ?tr?'*. MJc-ant ta ita ? and <arfc.ii ? t, nr o.< rt al??U *ant I- m?a aitb br'at'aai ml tai aad f ill | I ? ard o? Vuadajr, m a initU farotlr >h*r? tl>?ra ar? n > ihrr boari* ara Rafartkcaa asahaac 1 A Hraat 0 B II, llaraid offtia BOARUl'AK UK<>B14INgl) WITII I.AROK n f ud Roof, fat t til* < " ut .ullnn i at> 1 it- If ?i?' ?, In a kowaa m t? all it - o ? d?r l-i ttaf aMata ni> 'rat' t rail. A j.|.l y at |U Hut Nui'mit iTaa A I- la aiatM an! ear* BKDROOMR TO HT-tW'l 0?U> rt HM HEU 1 i,. .|r .in Md a larra parl'ir to la*. U ??o?!- i ai a-v a ? beard, laqaira at It. a m ? i> lUc, ?, rr? at.ia ttraal . {WUIMN WITH A TfR> >I?K iwK??, "AV *? r bad |'f?.ana?il> )? > ini;inin Hi vlft ,or ??sla ntlllM, la a tirall family. at Na 9i !.??? T ? >?<!* ? tr- t I ?&> hat all tha ? d?rtl im| ra?- r -r ' I.'I KM'IIRK Ri i>N TO l.IT IKiWn TOWS. ? :i * arras alrnt la a |T ?au faatlU Ayfi/ < r VU 9 AKIII.ANp I LAI * HR fKRRT T??-?T |,M 'I It'll Iiltnulr ?!>?? !]??? >, t tlaia > a? | iittui kill *ith rf *mt *t i d?a af r*'-??, far-i'i ?d ?r aa i fnr?i?i ?d. II a boa?. ?i?fcai?; ? d*ra iai?r ?a?-ai i ? ' afl Ijla* aa a o?a T' naa a>a4araM <i >?an?d i tSf I I' RN 1*111 D R??i* A*n BROFi'ill T'l I.KT - \J M.ibbtard r vitbatta a a?*all la-ar ?b?? ? I a/ .-r. at 127 TWd ItH ii, b-? ' J ? I , Room? oni iiHTfii or^ti ntn or nini r ? . ()??ikti*lti ?,ib,n? a^.*adidlf f?ri?' ad ifarta " | li ia I (Mil fn'il* r'al lraaa, I >>rt I P' <l ait utMlniiH# i-iiaf, tint Mlttrlari Ml ?' rill l? Ha>t. ?ar addraaa al?k fall iaaa? IU,? *f i ti ??ta? ?fi ? |?(ifi*a W Ailltl I f.KNTI I MAI WlilK' M ?J^0 JV a Ml?? ?f If. <? ? n|f?r |?r< if tfat tUf, btla? k .'??I it ati'?t pr i?(a i ?ii? ia4i*a*?*a' ?a aad ?f #a?d ?. ?? ?m>'lati?a a Ukaral arl'a ?l'1 I* !??' Addrara If , W . HI Tat! iW-a CI l-IRIO* A( < ONMObATlOSa rOR HIVOI.1 'its i tl#ia?a aaa ba aUaio>d vitk War! at a atdara'a I -k ? al ?' ? O'traMa laaa' ta W PMMt K' d?ar? ir t iita?a'h alraata M lit W -ii* BOARDING jip IXWKinWfc fo LBT-AT II* SrRING HTREET, TURKI BLOCKS weat or Broiinr, two hirniihi4 front reaiae, || a >r, Till laioily, with ar wltbMl partial Ihm<I. fwo OK THREB M M. I ,B QJtNTI.EMEN QAM M 4? ciniin, dated Willi pl<*eant roiaaa end board la a j n ?ate Iiium. by >1 lUTUrtniUntml, i ahurt dn taiici fron !m?i>< mioi. WAMKIt- flV TWO OENTI.BMEN, AHOUT TUK ttrit uf Mar, partial board in * r?ap*otahW I untly, oeatrMy IcrateJ to baMneee; wouH Ilk* to fureiah their uwn riuB, Imm Moderate. AddreeeA. X , Herald - (ftu*. WITH OK WITIIOIT liOAKD ? IIAND.10MK ROOM*, furniahed end unlurri.l i->!, "*> bleek lr?u> Hroai.??y, reer of Uraco Church, i.ppoaile Klerenth etrcct Inioiruet he I'l.urtli imui. llatb, Ac. LKCTUHKH. / 1EKMAKMCTURIH SEroS I) .--KKI KS -THE H FT1I "I ut the *(>c. '?d Hrm of Ueruieii I?i turea will Ipi ut tbe Mercantile,rery, (late A-i r Op?ra Ilo un Thursday ercmnir, March IS, nt H o'clck, Iir I K K I >. k Al'l' ^uljoct? Now V"rk lu Hi* tteveut u'.h Century ? Jm oh I eUIir. Entrance M oanti I ET IS I.IVK TO HE DSEKt'L TO MANKIND? ME ljtl.ei. !?' Inrtitutc l.rctur.? t. r l -Vi ? 1 ho Hi n Mag I.- uiomla will IuMujv before ib"? munbcr* thl? d'huredayi ovciiitif Hnl Jeit Central Amcrn-a Admittance fr*ii {? nil I. rcturi> t.i rommei.011 ntHu'olock lly urder, CIlA- II |)KI .WAN, Chairmen of Leoturo < oiniuiltoe. 1ECTLKEH IN Tilt FRENCH l.AM.L AiiK, AT BIM.V J l^lrr Imtitnh, No. ft I'liion i.|i<arr, I r I'rif 111 ].. i h *r lier. "f I'urir Tti .!?y, I h r. J?; , Mart li 18, the Init but one of the couric. hulj.-it 'I I." rr.**l kr<- neb writer* "I the miDlienll) ceutorjr? Curm-ille, Ha in** lliiiuet, A Ticki-t* f<i iisti Rev iienry m akd beechi k wii.i. dki.ivek a lecture ?t il,.. l'lr umullt I ! nr. h. Hr.mklrn -e Thuralay eTenlog, l&tb lc I *17*^ p dock, un I'etrloll n for the I ?ni|.t i/T tl.u In luetrial S hoel r >r l.irla Tltklli 26 o?nl i en'-h in ny I <i l i I <>f till hi lUa < hurch, of at the door on tbu evening of the lecture << )l BRITTAN AT Tni: RROOKI XS I N STITI TK ? . k J ? I I. . I! Ill .r ol l lie Spirttiml Tol- r?ph will Ic.jlur. ?' ihp llruukl)n li'inii" IbU, Thnridav, evening, ?l 7 1, o'clock. Subject Splntnn! Mi tn.^-'niione uf the Hihl i, eii.l the T V 'I >Rie?l ? >bj < i loui t . M vlern .v { irlt ml .? An opportunity will be nvi-n f r *ny ru-'i#tl?l.le clirtyuiont i reply. Ticket! uf tduiininon I . ^ ccul? .1 Ml He JuIjI.A K I.OIIH. CANAl. BTllERr, NEAJt \AllIC,'K.? W. Ik R. }tj VAN NOTKH (Mil tuil fraiiw, kitchin rtefi, ?tiDinxr rengr ami eUive warcrooraii Uebaro a lar^o anxortnx'nt of the l*U*l j.?tli rn< uf in ui'.el Krato*, ranges nail ?toTf?, for il? oa r< ..r.>u?M? turiui (irat e and reoffie aet an>t r<tpui<i I, rangne liae.t, t>ra?a foun l are' (n l jrwullor*' furr ac?e, etovoe Una I, bakete' otciih I. mil ami repalrfl. Bhu-hm opitbt dbouition at Tin- am factory, <137 I'earl atr>-et, Kranklln *|U?re. AV trtl.lee huM ut tie lowurt pri .ue. I'ai/it l?rn *ln?i ?I aupdrior luallly coasUtiUyou hau l Ma braebdd luadu to order. JOHN K. KDl'i'RI. ** ACAB0N1 -HKrKKR A llltorilKK IIAVK NOW JtI for *al? at the Oot?n Mill*, Cherry etro-it, N?? Turk, macaroni of their owu manufacturr, wh.ab f? (lallcacy of Uavor, aivl eapwriority la other rnap?aU over the ill port* I article, r?rommend< iteeif at onca fry fetnily uae. l'ut u|> lu hoiee of Ui puurnla e?cb A diee.'unt allowed to purchaser* of tan or twont/ boxae. THX raw ^ uKK rOCNDRY AMD IRON it \ i,;.in Couiperit -yul e inanufattureu of CrowaU'aralwbraWd (aet Iron r 1 ni; without rlreta, ( .avloj; at leaat tweotj lira caul I fit foot.) aJao of Crow. >11'* nea etrio of wira railing, de . ledtjr tha cii??f>eat lj. Ha lluiUid ?ta1<a All kind* of r^et ige, euch u a>1ti>ua.<, trineen. allle kin] Uatcih, ut- kt Triaudaa, bracket*, va'ilt aorrra, window anO I" i Kiii.i'.t, Lr.. K??-r / kiu.l of wrought Iron work for )i '?! i>K ".;h*? down, ahulUr*, aoshore, (raliiua Ac, iiue ai io-cet p-lcae in 1 wltli ilcr|?alch Hpejlai atle'iUoti i? yen to eonUacte for all the Iron work for bulldiUirK ? i i v y eiiue foundry f<x>t of Forty auUi utreet , NiiHb r vrr .Sample In eeetlone of all work at Uir wareroome, No*. 7V and hi Duaue it-wl, a few doora eaet uf Broadway. 110 i'AMIIJKS AND THE l'lniJC.? WM. KKID KB ip?ct/ully b?i(* to cull the attention of hooaekMp era anil othare to hU rflnbi ntvd Orlitl tiln, which ha* already gainad much popularity in thia country, a* a proof, l*?t rear he anM upwind* of cl^htfoa thoueand *allon?. W. It. pledge i hit word it la diatiile 1 eta-tly the earn* ae tbat in l/ondon, which he can cet tlio'ieandt in thia city an 1 ^tate to prora hy lie .|uaiity, a? A K. wae forraarly a dietilJer of the 'inn kind of gin in Kog land under the riel*e law*, wherr he eiippli"4 many of the nobility, clergy and thn public Yh" art'cln ia u*ad by all '.laH<ee, from the praMnt to t.'ie royal fam lj, aleo in ereiy hoepilal in and out of >^;;^id'e great metro iii.Ue, <'^th?ei|urnlly it la alroogly roc/ioiinended by all the leaderi of the medical fn-.uity. ??. B. atari 1 a open to dcCUre th*t he will glr- to the pttl 11c na guod gin a< any tbat ceo be ha! from l/mdon, h ddlng tha gin ag* for ago. Hj purchaaing of W It coi Mtaata w >ulu oa ?aeitig at . laat one hundre i |.?r ?nnt ?i ??lorern duty t tatillerj 11- Kaat Twenty Blot' ?tr??t, between jaaoa 1 ? ad Tliird avmuea. U>irt n/wt ao a i \ T?i.ouo tiiat i. ? v l > : ?> waii will reaixre *r*> hair I ? lie \ .u'uful aj |>earaace, end eareabaldtcai 11 a* .ha fit 7*'Mlro*i wej,' referi nie will l.i ? . n to e{ed |i raoa', *h . bat. nen gray an l I aid, an. u. ? haye l.tautltul headj H fca'r aawbeeyiiaag ? Kii/l REWARD antwhue, a ^tk- i t/wv flo mittere far the eare of dleevder* It makeea ? |.*ed> core wlthuut I lie leaat recfriaMnn ol diet, drlut. *?? |.mure, or eniii.-^ inappli' *?lun to liwai.m ? I'h* proprietor cliaii'U(*? a an. In cam whieh tl. .- innluru will ii' t ? urn, un der the fi rfalture ef At* tunared d'<ll\r< I'l-rther?tb" lit aaiaaaMal baaMtMataaif a^ewaf ibaalatpraia tafcn wben wai."?e'1 ap in l">ttlc?, wil'i full dire .ilu, at |l fhir bottle leate a we..k? many in cnr.d in ? wo 'liya. > or eale by C. II Rli.r, IW Broa-'waj , K" llayard atreet A WAV W II II HARD Tl VI K 1-gOOD Tl V K Cumin ? j\ I pay the i.igb*at prlne fir all kluda of eU imai.|.<r<l I au.i M. t?, ol I wi it. li,. | *| -r. eld Mao'. I ? k < old tl. k (a, I. aii !' ll? iala|..*?ee an l ? \aM pep' r of a., i irti aai .iw, J til At VL'EY STOCKW ELI., S3 Ann itra't, baaeacat A W. FAUERtl rENCtl.H, Poi.d ISV B PAOBR, J \ . eel< ateel fur the iala if tbe aame, liittlliiain *'r?et -^li'war.. cf cuuntcrMt" - IMi ./ lo tKr r refutation t'leae aei ila are lrai|i..)atiy coaat'r itei (>' t.ioie Mi'etloaa, though uf a tot ully .1 1 fT r* ut ii.nnnftctDr* ai.d *?ry inlervir ?isalitt ti/mo i.. ar th> name of tb* ina \ W Fa'.r ? .ro-i baretbe rli^l.tly i,ltr?(J mlo W A iat .r, A I) fa ere, A K l a?re na !c ?l>e la* l*areha>*ri ar" r*qa*?t?4 t riemlre earafully tbe ?tamp on *aci. t-mnl. A W Fae<r, aa l la oUir ?? that aa tin laSef of eaea aaaaa * far aiiniie ,t the manufacturer a oasie n printed, aad tkat ? rery eaue.aa peaell laid la the Ukitel flta'. a lie* in.| r-?#a 1 in ih. eoad r I'., ?ol? a#?ei liy ord> r of tha mai.aft tur ar, A W. faber E, F A IHK, aula or rot. 1-1 Vt illiaia at -ael A H T1IKHI. IHS tin.s \ UKEU, 01 KI.OMT J 1 iar ?? to who 11 tbi> * m artivtlal fly mtkal ia tl tailed MMM, I a?> naa btlu?. Ir n 11 MlW, t. maka an aaaortiaaat nlttkli I r III/ It am i tha w >r1d 'J In- man who <raa !>>rM lUt ia?i?l ?' ika Aa?t an lu-u tut* and * tU'i Fair, II I'RITi II \ RI>. 13 I rauitl'irl t<ra? Birds, biri>? ? a Mtvr ock "? i*:*ohtkd ' a uari't. I tijWaaar. I.allflttel.aa, ?o! Illo kti. laflukii, lia'k'irda. rtarliBra tkr itkaa, aldklaa, kuu, u?ll? I rd?, r'il uir 1 ? ardmalt. I/iti ?? pair*' ?. Aa , lor aala tl ii nr. B hot II Brs, ;? i ? * at**, r?ra?r of Culi). Alro, M*i aa l ? ?d? >a kaad Book or account* takkn in to m maijk ??tot adj jaltd, ra tianaiB' d or /?!? /rt? 1 ob. al Vo 3 ',1 Wall .ir?ti, / IMUBV, BAMM. Hi IHON. I-KNH. M; . H II ill K V/ tali and tl tail. II r.A T II A -IHI'Vs ,J4 (rait Hi'odxir'bHtm, riito ifillr <all U< aUnllil of ^otnLair. and W?ii?rt am-aila u*j"t * lo 'Uair lar^a t'ock o' ao'-kat and takla rnla*r, kanai, ??. . .ri. rtcri. A<*.. wl lofc tkay ar? aow mI ibk at th??t w<, If ca*k /'AMIRS H?tli?-BY I'RIT ATf. *AL? AIMJil tl >i.i itr-at. a ?rr;?ll ,nu' ? / f ? ? ll1' t l?m<airat, lta? l?ak. loi.- r t larrai, lati'i ? ?>a it liriw roaraata d oB'ind ai.d '??Uhy nd I !?'? nf.rva tl' n fr u. k i>* ??? ?! I'arti'a , Ikn ! A ?lll .4 a i advunf nao'ia oflrr Be 'td?i tfcm 100K TO IT, I.AI'IK.* - j I rraMli ? aatrad'ii To tonotarftlt l.j >? ? ii'it'.Hi, Vila p*i< .u ?(? Miliar, Vila fal?a>, dt a'? tallla# ?r*ar<"( *h?ir wi'k-4 !??? r>i"ifi> Tli? idilM ^olMl!<ia Uftt'it I'oto (or lit ?:??????. tl< a cr laaa?ta, kaa foar raMalr ??< tt ? ?ra| ? ->T ? r d a rat auillt III I Liana' ti(BBiari on ?r*||*t .?! )> al. It f ?dar tr pill, la dnif'r rat* Ml ?!*?, ??>! IHi talkaau aaWd, ?(.ou.l t? truatad l<aj?i Ul broadoa/ Rat* tnjs i im k in 7IIRIIC n<ii r.v i?> i -our , r, ut and dia I , n. r i i ? I \K ?'?? ' ? 'al ' ll i 1 A' , ??ii ra-ioBt' M Bolaaa a' d i ?at' d < * llra? l ??) Not <>i,atoa a*l??? al| Bad ky mm-lf I 1 i'a< . |>H'IATIN?. llOin ?ll ? ? KTRA Dili >AT "? A!*D IV i>rt?a?? (aMillx aa Ba?- ? r?r7 *?? 'i|< .a af a.d ?a/a ratlaud %ad rtrriaU I klair t .it. } ?. ? ? Bi'araa Ua Ml* i^.tiand lwl< Bad rrarj kl ?! ? u-'a' fit*' I wttt f .d or al.'var. at lUr^ fc^l I, by Ui Maaaailaa I'iAta C u i a a r W7B???ry. cn'iw I* r ic i rMAN a riRrML taoir ca?4 i aarar-waia. 07 !??;? tf, l*l*aa> Vaiaar aad Ba/ard .?<??? ra?i > a4i I??wt ?;'? I if I a*? I ? I ?? KM Bad fllla wild, ir.a i>iav r tl * H Old auiltaiia tt<li?aia Of |t<.in^il; <??'?,.) Ci.ATt ito'/f [Mi !> h:i w n t ' ' ; i.Hi a it I |>!?? t?? 154 I'aaal atrial h t' 'ir ' ???;?! i?r 'i a> ' < " fait par mi Vt.wai; taadi | ??*?'*? aad r? .!? Mfairvd, aad ?arraalad 'I'll Wli I |1?| | Ft > r ?t - ?!'!?! V I U7I i A' ?? 'IT all?? |I. ?? aaa aad t.ia? ? ?f?? a a/> ?? ?> .ff.r. ,?l d',' ? i* ? ' a 1 rf t a 4a ?. ??? ? Bd tl'i | al ii. 1.1 * i t kaaka f ft?t ?'?! >>i raaa, ? ?i|ifai >-U|4iit<d| i.rtl?, lal? aa] ?all ihaa'aadr, '!**aaa??a. aaaataa*a, lilui *"1141 tin. a *ai- U^Vt, ia?ava lat^a I ki Ilia* i ill a l/> ? o a I Ivh b. ili di a*IB4 la?lrai?aaia, H'"1I arl'iB# daaka 4 I >a?t 'ii ir. ta ? i' ? a la? ? it? atiaal. a a( It trada R|i ll A I 'll TNR1. *1 wui.aa ttraat, la^nt.*r aad ata lllfl Hf| lla' am ~~ Lifivotu, 4tc.~~ A 'H ' ? j.J-i - 'If I'.A I, s '? 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TVa m. it4funl(r'' for tk( 17th ?f Marrb ImMit M kink; >">?alw ?m?( TiiaJ |K>rti"a ofltliaordara fralaUBg tv lb* UtUI ? til l>? uliacraad n> ord?r, I' l) UI.I.V, Uaut. C?lM*i Caaabb4'g. P I'avtow, Adjutant IMlll'INDINT CORN Ol' Til K I'llMT NKtliMBNT Nt? Virl ViliiilHri, in b'rtkji U >ttMi ? lunMlua lu ba !?U at ??i. Mi r ?r Uaaaa ub Tburadar iwil?t Martb at 7', u'aluik. Mam ban ar. r?.i u?alad U IMMC> 11) urdar, Kt'llEKT U A III' IK. faptatk t ruin ftinwlj numl r|V) 111*. VKKKHANH OK IMS, OK 1IIUR WIDOW*.? J IIiom wfco rvaattrad lorty trra* af Land ara In" Mi tlrj ta> |J<> a, ra? mora, ami tAioaa wbo rM*tT?i uni arc ?nUU?fl In eight y ai"ra? Mora, atvl n? iitWi thoir warrant- nt ?h? ?<???*. Y T. HKTM, M WM1 atraat. bkHii.nol No cbarga ihtUTii uUi ar* ooIIicWkI , mil bk'timi ami r.omn amkiucan kotal. J I. A 1 1. * I f. A II <llll'.v Chiaf otl in | ?aa v.- ? . . I AM StMM < * It pfllc* M ciiar i ?vtn ii# Hat cutl oihin |ii?*i|ii . , W fl ? ?bi|*i frt iu lluit' a roll it II ?lt(a ? AW* l? I A 1.|< J i> *tV i b a AMI KII'A. Itp? 1 an<. I laUHA, Capt Hyria, Kl KotfA I'apt Vianuaa. fhl.v,?n|t V i, I.otl, CANADA t apt sua*, *> I. It A, tail llarrtaoa. S I All A It A, t'apl !.alteb. I ? ?? ? .? '? oarry a w hti? It-thi at wait ha*4. *' ob ?'? board l.ow, ted i n port bo* (' IN AI?A Minn. I?a 'I n<nl?l, U'flitilt; Htnlli Arid A. Human, lital ??. WaJnaaday, MarohM A I.V.I. otl. " lioatan Waduaadky. A aril M AKI'KIt A, Hiatau W?dka*day, Apnl 4k llarl In u 1 * ti >ifd <1 it All I II fur All ll|ntiMr I ? ui ((???? ,u <?? a r 4 1 ha n ? nar? ? f t - ? *1.1 1 ? will u I ba anon i n labia far laid, *.,tn r, kallitk. >|'?i jaw.lrf, ?f?< a ? " ar taalal^ ti .laaa bl!li rf U'ltat ara auual aa 1 tba filn i; art*"l tli r?ln aij?r< "?* I fur l|at?lil vr I'Miao.a akbly ta r t I SAItl) * Il.w'.iaf Cr?<a Tl.ara wilt l>a ?? atcami!<i|? ?l tun ana ii ? N??> T4k ti i. til furtlivr notlc? i, ii i.i v til rx' 'I r\r.-x-uH ? *m I ' liun lar. U'tl. tuit. ? Tlia favurita |<a'ikat at<lt> HKNJA M IN A I'AllH, < >jil IIruBniaii4, will poiiilTaiyiaiJ ai abar% I" r i. Kul?r it a j 't b.i r|iltt> lia rami I aa tary aafartur aacoa til I. all 'ill l?r | ?i?rl'K?r?. hir eablu aui ???aa4 > tMl ar* I'nUlTn'ij littail f| wlili iirirata rvmi tur faMUUa, a?4 tit altira(? U lofty anl wall ?antilata4 I'araoai al>a?t i rotaaJliig to fcampa, nr thaan wiabt*? to Mad far tkaar rriaaJa, iloai't tuak' tarli ab^licatl<m uu t jar4, at ?l?( M frtt rlv?r, or tu TAl*9< "TT \ CO., H<; South i'??at Tllf LIVKBI'OOL ANK rHU AUILI'UIA ?TKAil4IUr < utunaay lnl?r4 aailia( tkalr fainrlt* Itaaiaaklpa ? C I1V l>? MAM'IIK.iI Kit i.K'S l. aa, C*??. IT/14*. C fit HAM tM'iKf! ' ton, I ayt envoi W AMII I N GTOM, do i 7<? toua. I'afl R Ull?k. .Salo<-n t'-l'. V*. an<< ai ' rdiu< t itata roo?. A Innliad uiimbar ot fur I elaia |iaai?a(ari *111 ka takaa fr>lr> D.ila.lal i.l.ia ab4 I laarpnul, aad lau ml la |r*Tt*taa* It ui I'l.tla l'il| hia *? | I'rota I itarfia .1 Ml I'artma wnbtDA <a l.roa nut t hair friaadi ean abtala fl ?t'i ol ii?ii(< ami dralli on Llfarji.ol, iu i?a>a ?( itarllnr apii tifwirila A M<ly to ! A M I Kl. ** M I Til . A?*ak, Ii' VValuut atraat, I hilajalpiiia, aad No 7, llraadway, N Ml Y.rk. 1/HiR 1.1 \ miMUl . i.ondon, iiavkk auatbalia, I1 and Saw Orlaana- lliuui ? analar ?i nrit alaaa al4#a n uHiatl) in I ii <i fm ilia abnfa t? rta. aa4 >aUla? afaav thrao ilaya, ? arly alp irall'in itiooli I" mala bafara au^a aluwlari. If paara^a la cabin aaaaa I taUa, *c at?arM?.t* I' II bfcUAIUHT. 4U.X iitli atraat, aoraar af Old *llp Ot I AN KTKAM V.tVIGATHiN fO?l'AN V-r<)R Bll fuau. ?ia .-???. tbaiiiiiti.a? fba t'nltal ->laUa inailataaM alup II I. IIU A ,*? V, I lli|Uiiii, ' uiuiandar, *111 aail Mar lln m -n, I^I.I liliin at f'/tii r?ni?toii to laml tba nulla aad pa nam, ari lor Knaland and I raora, i>u .**alardar, knot Si at If o'clock, fro ia liar N .17 Nortli riiar I rira vt pa* ?a<a frmu Naw k otl to h. nil, an, 1 1 a an 1 llnain ?la Arab ? alio, aiala ralooD, f l.w, n t .a Iirit aalla, l> war aalao* f 1 1'? ir iw ud Mtio, %>?< An 'iporiaB'a l aur(a?n I* a* tai aaa to i a* ii ataaiuar hp*-' ta daltrar. I ia lla*ra ar laa don All Inltara Ligat j.aia Hrujl. tUo I'oat OBaa r*C f'Miajc ?r fraial.t apply ta C tl A Ml. A*< nt. II S , iitli William atraat Tli< (taamar Wkalllliirtou will iu<:Ca?d lb* llariuaua. M( *11 April II. IlT* AMKIlirn IUCIWIUN HAVEK AND MfW TflMK |J illif.t - - ll.a alraauliip AI .I'M will aaU frutk Uaa* ?1n*?-t fur Naw V'lrk, (without railing al anr pact I t-liiirUnd, i on feturday, '-.Vh of Nu?anit>*r Tba rah of fr< k' t and j a?aag* in brat ?n<t avcond rabta* < very rami* rata Tba ?ailing of tl.* lunaa-liBf kU will bat nl.ortlT Uaw*?4 Tha rat* tt'. iaaur* k Iiara la laa* bt al tpa fr iaa llatr* -"r?-t far Naw fob tl Ml in abipa aal'ln^at an kjigl,ab putt Apply lallaaM an ! l'aria, IT liamli .ar'a lea llali. ua to l??na' l < Vfltbg or In Nat* Yort to K t.l N AKIi So. 4 llaa ... CT H |ifL Um F"H t AI IfoRNIA VIA UM< t a wall and I'kaaina.? < alit r alaaa at* in 'an ? i > o>? I'anan a Itailr .%'! ii " uipiata l. aad tba t anut alt ia lith ntiia will ba aiada Sy tailroa i, Ir m araaa la umi Na awl mala traral ? nirm-r baktma On i uatda> Marrk >l. a4 k 'aUak I' M ir ru pi'r at fo^t of kfarran atraat, N '?rA*i riarr, wiil ii? Jarf'niai ^0 tim It -at ataar "bi|' 1I.1INOUL t'apk II J Ifartateu*-. 17 ? S , t - i *aaaat kt I'ki aioa wltJb tlif new anit an parlor al.aiia in I, ilji-a Mala. ? apt A V. II Lrr A I para l>uat *lw )? a-pt ai I'ai.ataa ta pr itaa* liatartl r I n ?aa^ of a. " Idai I No fralfht raraital aftwrt ? aloik a., lb. aaiiiBM day fur paaaa^a apply al ika l.'atb paafav?ca, No 1 ,7 M ?a .iraal, to J M RAVMUSO. HI l?l CI ION Ol I AKI.1 ro SI'IT TU y. TIMB4? N IV I rb *1.4 I'aiil ???)* ilaa nalilti l.aa ala M ara?aa ? Aa? ??>a. ry 1 rat, .it Comiany, I t Ninaraa ia.l | r pr i-iara ? 1 i 'i(ii in idtai t r tl, mall fi/i aiiiaa aba oth?r rnwta 1 1 r a; ,?a'li'l 4o?ii la a KHN l.lttllr, . .' I'll l?.?a burlban i ant Tluilaf . ajb, wM !???? pi r N '.N r'l. r.r-r at 1 i'?| ck f M . praaiaalw, I rj 1'iiaU Art in. n 7 -i-'-a* Mar. I. 77. lab", a?aae#*4eg w|tli tbt ktaauiai p ? art i. i ?. "U loai,| utar tba MlwarageA tr**Mt r" ita, in'i ? l, nt tvatva milai of land trMiaaartb tiab ly i>rit ala.a ' MTtaaaa fraaral a ? w aud -win mm a* .aa.' 'a a lata lai ? 1/ i?>n fat oa ritaraad I a k . wbaas ai.wrlar, tha tuna aa tba tra- all froai a ?ia ta araaa ThaM a'a>a.';a ar<" uiiturt Maid I* tbalf ?afc .iau?a and aaaaa in' ila'H ai Par la'arpi'i u 'f |<aaaa?a at ika ralaial rabaa. wait aail ta < 'fAHI.K-i, a^aai, N*. t l;??ll .? urai-a I alt"r ,nt,al .||' al lhaift>a IT 8. MAIL BIKtMrllll* l OMrANV- POK HAVANA J. *||4 Naw Or'aaaa -On at ,r laj^ Marak 17. al 2 1* M , fr -Bi p?ar fuel ? I Warraa atraat, N H kr tba wall aaaaa < hi. n I.N i t 1 1 V. t apt J.ka Ma I * a?. ?>ad at t a i atapaay*. *Maa. fralgbt U ? - uriaaai, b' <?ata par - akta laal Miaaaaa will '? iar pll' I wi' I I 'at t I i M a f la llBa aT tba faria niaal I tba 1 ? aiaar, ?? aMaa aa li,.|r aMaa Ma aibar karra |igi ad, tut I. I ill a ?l lad kg will I ? ai, ,al aftar t ba k m af*allla< I ar rra.akt nr paaaara. airij at tk? oMaa af tkC lostaay, 177 Hat matt lati'i A vfarraa __________ M O ?0I|g?t?. Ctl.H PFK S1III* MWt,KIi I -ill, c A H II yiNiKML / for Han fnnr'i'* la rv rtng rarfti at >!?? ? Nor'h rl**r, *B-l will Jf>alt|?aly aail on at bafara T*a* <*7t jotl. ,aat , ko4 ia a a ta*-. va*l Ut lislah iiadlkg Tbaadip nut. 1 itli uli!j[?'a will plnaa hand la tkair It Ika *f Ud'af fi>r ? gnata ra aa ar.nn aa UiMr aaga#amaata a*M Ml "'??! rot !-a>. a'a ;t l.rf mall capacity, a pair t* I -rt'iM k 00 , M *kl?.U**4 AM7HAMA riOMtft LfWU, > AHUTIItU THE _\ l.' i ? i- Til ? nl?<l < iffl mkim <?? HAS ?,l ? > !? n I ? t I 1 1>?, ?, BUM, Ii ill Ur'b. |i.?i ? f -1 |1t*r. . ? 'lint I .1 ??!* ? i..t 1Ui u,tm t* I ?l ?' ?? r .? ?( f. tvrt i? I i I i i ?n?? bar U.I luitf ?> i',? ?; kiM 4?fl. tl n I f ir ? ?t . mi |?.?I1T1 Larlf t ?( tf rl. i *f M'liM; m? >ba vl.l wl ?>??? n 1 44 . ? t Apr! T"..? 1 ? *?>. <li??4 wlij Im ?<?? ?*?4?4 bj ?? luilli *1 f * If .*?#? UhiU, i* i>|. Il?? '<1 ? ? I t ????, ?>!?* ? r if) ii Ut ?*m '?4?t.u l tut >r ? ? ?nif ill It^i I'll fr? ??. I if imigL >i k w {.am t i ii.ii.ii u ?. ni M will uri't N1W TORK AM) Miff 0*l.*A.'. ? kTSAMM|| i IHI |.??7 l>r n ?? ?' |fl> it limn ?!??? , t h? lilM Mil? M?> lit i.iy CA M A W HA, ft. ?f k ' if ? r, mi; r**tt<>a< < fig** o lli?rt<!?> Mw .1 ?- i II (iftll Ft"** U'tU. M./ " > | ? a If lt*lr fr?? pi?r ?? fill iflll iDlHt, '? mm ? ll < I f'.r IllllM ??4 fvl M ,14, ? I. t+*4 i? .1 k?t?U Ii. r? OrlMU, Jiwi r A ' ?i:i I* f '??il> J fr?? ?f ? ijlvjiu Tos ? - . 1HI hi ? Awn r av<M !U l it' vl>aal i nnili u tX'AAfK '71 if, 4 II. if <*?4oa, (?vtKi?4if ?it) '???? riuiA4*iplM? far h I , ?B rn, rmiijr ISi* Mirtk . a? M A ?. '?),(? j,i.?,?, J./, ?v-'ifcjf. II ?"? I'Hgu* If pM ? M? ?nJJ urilo/. 4 >?Kk L-'.p aa Tajik.* ii a ? r? r i >'lUA-C*ITlf> IT ATM I Mm, l .<?? 1 ??% ?' I tl ml M??s>klB AMU Hllf ' ii4 ( I' I ? ? ?Vil hiiNii lift I i U. '?>??? ? r if v -?|X 17. ??>* |V?? Hi 4 * /??? r K, ?' I ll ? I ill I ?? 1. ? K.|W4 ?? .MIA f- i >i 1 1 1 <? t- ?' : i i f> <????. i-. ha m;?i i. kit l IITM I i.t< ?t?i j r<f ri..4? ll' ifi Mi 'I 'r<? /ulf.11, , HI U 1,1111 III Ju lb rK? > H' M * **4li ? ,,?<,< i . .mi >? ?H 4?y ?Ac-m _____ V? ' ?A*i E?i'/N AO ll ? l.'.R ? l?l iriMAV F ' I Ul M?t I UlUI ?. 1 r ? ? I f?? ?' -I#-* ? ?? JA Alicru A Tr l I b,| s'Hl riM' ? ? 'ii.i i i i ? ii* v P M ???? ?-!* I ?<* If rl I l| y ? ?> ' " ' ??" *11 ? .?'!???? ? *1 f ? 1 %m4 1 ? i m . H I ?-Bi# mt % t' 'It f * *tlwl ill.r*: v Aii. ?? , i ?tb ?. . in i i :? *. 4? >. fc.ll ?? 7 J '? ? , I m T*? Nuiit >111 n. 11411. *'!??<ii *11 k II h?TI'?- |>. . ? *???*? i. ' k* ? ?l'l?m fll?. Ill I II . ' I i I* ?' I* '*?" ?* k4<rrt x4f?*'< 17 tbi Hill | ?b lil?Htf. ?i 1 ? ?!???. m?i? ?ft' I 1 ' WHIM, e?fl?. ?? |ii?(( . ,? m I .'III ii??i in i? ? '? I ' I>' li iblp'ua Al -f ib' In ????!? *"? nii't** <-% ? ?? 'I ill l ?4i lr? i<r"l as .. I rjpk. i All), ?????., S? |IW4 N t ? iHiu I . ?r ~~ -v- ? . 1 >"aV*sV: tVf ? 'T"? r r f . f*?i? rill *, iHlm ??. ' Al A M4tA*A*>r- "li.^.i, * -" I* f-i. U?1-? I?**A*?M VVLTAM avy v.'=.J5b: *? u. Sri-K5 ,iz

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