Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6776. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1855. /-RICE TWO CENTS. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Africa at Halifax. BzaaiYZMPOErAffs news SUDDEN DEATH OF THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. feace Prospects Considered More Favorable. Indignation Meetings in England. "'RUMORED CONSPIRACIES IN FRANCE, ? Progress of the Revolution in China. Naval Flgbtrf In Canton Rlvrr. * 3B&NtiHAC BOnSABDGD B? THE FRENCH. COTTON, BREADSTUFFS AND PROVISIONS DULL. CONSOLS 91 1-2, ico., <kc., Ao. Uauvax, March 15, 1855. The Royal mail steamship Africa, Capt Harrison, frtin Liverpool, at 10 o'clock on the morning .of Saturday, the 3d instant, arrived at her dock in this city at one o'clock th'? afternoon. The Africa left ban at 4 30 P. M , for Bo.ton, where aba will b? due about midnight on Friday. The new. ia of an interesting and highly important character. The F.mpeior of Raaaia il dead. TI. expired suddenly, at one o'clock on the morning of Friday, the 2d iast., and the event created the greatest excitement. No detail, have been received, but there can be no doubt of the fact, as it was announced in the Hou.e of Lord. on Friday night by Lord Clarendon, and in the Common, by lord Palmer.ton. were afloat that he was assassinated, but it ia thought he died of apoplexy, after an attack of inllu ?nza. His itln?.H wi. known In England before the nevr) of his death wm received, and caused a alight rise in tho fundi. The effect of his death, of course, had not tranipired when the Africa lelt Liverpool. The Vienna conference was to open on the 5th in.taut, and peace expectations were daily growing stronger. From the seat of war there is no new. of the leaat im portance. The tterman papers mention tho capture by tho Rus sians of Sc.houaibkaran, Schamyl's strongest fortress. The srder prohibiting the export of wheat from Poland into Prussia came Into effect on the 21st. Tho Liverpool cotton market continued dull, at about previous rates, although some descriptions were, if any thing, a trifle lower. The of the week amount ad to 38,(00 bales. Breadstuff's generally wete quiet at the price* ad vUe.l by the I'aciflc, but Indian corn wad quoted at Ad. e la. tower. Provision* were dull and unchanged. Lard had un dergone a Might decline. Conaol.t oo.-ed on the 2d Inst, at 01 >?. The ateannhip Uermaan nailed from doutbamptsa far New York on the evening of the 23th February, with (}S {>a?K*ogrrs . The screw steamship Sarah Sands, from Portland, ar. vlved at Liverpool on the 28th ultimo. THE WAR. AFFAIRS IN THE CRIMEA. The advice* from the Crimea are of the nam" tenor ss by the U?t lew arrivals ? nothing of momen*. having tnaipind. On the 13th February, the Russian* made a aortle during the night. bat it win not formidable: only five Of the French were killed. Feb. 14 ?Another bight sortie, In which the French lofet thirl y five men. Weather quite warm anl Spring like. Feb 15 ? Tlic condition of the French arm/ ii reported to be excellent. There it also a rumor tLat the north ?id* of Sebastopol would be inverted. Feb. 16. ? Nothing has occurred of any importance Feb. 17 ? Official detail* of th? battle cf Eapatom. Admiral Knot teiegrapba the fallowing: ? Ox Board tbs Moxtbskllo, ) Kamiuw.'!! Hay, Feb. !#), lH^i. / On the 17th the town of EupuUiria was attacked on the eastern aide, by ti^hty pieces of artillery, six regi lent* of cxvalrjr, under the command of Ocn?raI Kuril, nd twelve regiments of Infantry, consisting of about KOOO m>u. under the order/i of f.eneral Ostoa Sacken ie comlut lasted from 5>? o'clock unftl 10 o'clock in e morning. The Russian* were vigor jusly repul>*d. leir lots is crtima'ed at five hundrtd k'Hed, and the ounded in proportion. The Tur?* had 88 killed, 250 ?wounded, and lout 7U horses Solim I'anlia, General of Htbe Fgyptisn division, and ( ol. Rustein (ley were killed. Klflghteen French were killed or wounded on shipboard. ? Che attack has not been renewrd by the Rumiiqs. The ??teamer* at anchor in the roadstead contribute) ener ?rsticallv to the defence of the town Admirals Lyon and Bfiruat have sent six steamers to Kupa'ona. Bill AT. Eitatoru, Feb. 21, T85V Pince tlie affair of the 17th the Kui-kian" have not ad* any new attempt upon Kupa'.orla. To-day co Bumni of infantry and train* of waioon wore seen Leav ag the vicinity of the town anl tak'ng the direction of ?impl>ercpol. Many village* are still in 8am?i In the kicinity of Fupatoria. More gum have been Un led, au 1 HLdilitiona! force* thrown up. The town la in a gnnri state f defence DKMONT LOt'H, Commanding Steamer Veloce. A letter states that the battle consist*! manly of a ?a ry fire of artillery, under cover of which the Ru* an? made two or three attempts to carry the town by .U>rm. The night after the battle the Russians bivou ^cked on the field without tents or fires. The weather van intensely MU The next day they commenced re Bjlrlng on : mpheropol. Tefik l'aiba, the son In law of Omar Pasha, hai died (fever at Kupwtoria. THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. lord John Kutiell arrived at Berlin and immediately ad an au l>u:e of the King atd IBaron Manteu^Tel. { ua.iia ati-nis at length to be making attempts to come > an un<> ^tan^lag with the Western l'owers. Cental Ved*U, the Miuiater at 1'aris, has p?raonally gun* to "exlin to eiplain the point* at issue, and l<ord John * useell * mUsiea 1* expected to conclude the desired ar ?^agetreM* m jAnoSc'al el Mortal article in the CnrruporvUnt <>J {it wtia rays *at the draft of a general treaty is pre arad, aeenilM the integrity t ' Turkey, preventing the iture enrrnaanmenti of Individual power*, and gu? tnteeing the rights of Christians. This document w.ll e consM?re4 at the Conference. All the I'l*nipot*n, wltfc the exception of IjOTd John Ruiaeli, have rrived at Vienna Th* inference meat* on the 5th of <areb. **d hopes of pale* ar* strongly entertainsd otwitb^snrlia; th* Hu**ian profesi'tn ?f psac* ae tint* flat* that warlike preparation* were n?v?r mar* veto Russia, Artal llrltain. lb* Karl af Cail.aW 1* appointed I<ord M*ut*naat of elaml* otherwise, th* Ministry rema ns n announced rt I'acii.c. la Parliament. th* proceeding* war* ualm nrtant. Th* chief business wa< the debate of Lord loodrkb's mo'ioo to increase the chancea *f military fOtnotlo ? from the rank*. Th* motion was negatived. In th* Mouse of Lords, a debate occurred on th* sab ct of ark aowUdgleg the loyalty of Canada and other jinnies. No acti n was com* to. Mr. Roebuck * committee proceeds vigorously. Th*y avtlfKrtnl that tli* objects of the Inquiry will be est ?ttain*d by making th* commute* a secret one. U On the 1st of March, Mr. Roebuck appeared at th* bar " th* H" " of I^ml* with a me-?age from tlie House of ttmon ? citing th* Dukaof Newcastle to g.v* *viden:e fore th* "onimitt**. Wedne*-ay, tliatlat, has be*n appointed as a national st for tie success of th* war. Haetlsy deprecating th* conduct of th* e ar are on a tawea*' throughout th* country Kvffvthtig i* again qnl*t In Uvcrpool and I.onoon rha Karl of I.uean publish** a oonvlnc ng letter to Kaalau exonerating himeelrfrum al! b-aine la th* ?ealir rha'ge at Balaklaea. , ^ tters are makiag their apiiaaranre In the Kngl sh ,rs aomplaming of Ui* non return of goo -is **nt to New York exhibition. akla John Bannenaao. from St. Jo***, M B , was ? at Holy he j1. a taUl wt?gl Cr?w ia?*d. H^>nn Bttlf m The bark Avon, bound from Cuba to Swanaea, with a carjo of copper ore, wan totally lout in the Britian Chan ncl Crew aavetf. Five hundred thousand pounda t,terling in ?olJ were rereived per the Kent and Harco i'alo from Melbourne. I'iri IctidK on the Cuba loana of lt>.!4 and 1H37 are ad vertiaed (or payment. Franee> Tlie Emperor waa at tb<* Cauip of St. Omar. Nothing further waa kuown ie*pecting hia intended riiit to the Crimea. There were minora of Home important arrets for poli tical ramus having been privately made in i'aiia. I'er com- < f high diatlnction are anid to be im;>Mcat*l. The Monileur annouorea thf Iohh of a French frigtte, wiUi troops, in the .-traita of Bonifacio. AU p?ri?n?! ? f ix hundred or npwaida. Italy. The Sardinian Chamber have voted the auppreaaion of mocahteiiea Nothirg further ia known of the adherence of Tuacauy or Naplen to the alliex. Belgian* I<ird John Ruaaell had au interview wttU King f e<tp>ld on hia way to lieil n. China. The intelligence from China ia important. Pat** are had from llong Kong up to January 15th Tht iaaur genU bol'i Canton iu a atate of *ieg<\ and have the com mand of the whole river, their tleet luting gained aeve lal victoria* over the imperial fleet Consequently, the auppiiea are teing cut olf. I'roviHiona, oHpiciilly rice, are rUing rapidly. A tight took place at Wbauipoa an chorage, In the presence of American und Krgllnh *hip< of war, and foreign ?lnpping waa conaidir.ibly damaged bpr the guoH of the belligeroiita. Ihe Engliah and Ame ncan I'ommisaionera have drawn a line araund the fac tories, and notify that no UoatUitiea will be permitted to take place within it. Stianphue datea are important. A difficulty occurred between the inaurgent aujhoritlea In Shaoghae and the French; wher?npon Admiral l<aguerre, with the ahipa .lean d'Arc end Colbert, bombarded the oity, which, ere thin, baa probably aurit ndered, or been atormed. 1 be inaurgenta hove met with reverse* to thaeaatof I'ekin. Amoy ia quiet. Captain Adama bid arrive 1 from England, and would proceed to Japan with the ratiflratk n of the treaty. The Very Utnt, Bl'DPLK r.K.\TlI or Tit* EMPEROR OP RIT88IA. London, Friday night, March 2, 1856. This evening, in the House of !x> rd/i, the Karl of Cla rendon rose and Mid ? "I think it my duty to communicate to your U>r 1 ?hips the content* or a telegraphic despatch which r leceired half an hour since, from her Majesty's minis ter at the Hague? that tho Emperor Nicholas ilied this morniug, at one o'clock, of pulmonic apoplexy, after an attack of inBuenra. I have alio received a despatch from her Majesty's minister at Berlin, ata'.ing that the Fmperor of Russia died at twelve o'clock this morn ing. A u hour before this despatch arnirod I received accounts from Lord John Russell, at Berlin, stating that the Emperor was on ths point of death, anl had already taken leave of his family. Although this event occuned so short a time ago aa between twelve and one o'clock this morning, there can be no doubt, under these circumstances, of its authenticity." lu tho House of Commons, Ix>r 1 I'almerston ma<le a flmilsr Htatement. It was surmised that the Emperor died by the hand of the assassin, but the cause assigned above was gene rally credited. The etfecta of this startling announce, ment in political and monetary matters has not he^n developed, and it is Impossible to say what it may pro duce, It crcated great excitement. Commercial anil Financial Intelligence. LONDON WONKY MA KMT. Considerable arrivals of gold had taken place, and the stock of bullion in the Bank of Ku gland was increasing, and still expected to augment. Money i? rather easier A reduction in the bank rate o' discount is anticipated. <-odm>1s had advanced from favorable surmises respect iogtbe \ ienna conference, and the rumor via Berlin that In* om'- 7" <laD*w?u,l' lU' clo*iD? 91 M tut money, and 01?. for account, ibe bullion In the Bank of Ei*. land lia J Jncrm to ??>4,0O0. '-jverpooi the current rates of discount v^ry from an. AttKTUOA.V HKl'l RITIH. Bell * Co., or I ondon, rep<irt that the market cou hD.U:* "" ?r.ra- have lie oms scarce ii,w! 7 stock a "* m "Wi '/ demand, with ba'. a hm.t.-d amount off., in* for sale. Rai|w.,v se.uritiei *'*. Vmi o"'1 al lmI,r0T?,l 'i UOttti. Q< <14 peciallv trie aid lllfuois Central I'anam i savs.ii boa t are also in good demand, with purchases for investment Vuctatrons are not given. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Mcetrs Di nnlstoun A: Co 's circular reports n .m -rou t arrivals, hut without any effect on the cotton aarket which rtma.ntd dull, though without anr marled Je cline. tJuotaLons of middling are reduced 1-lOd. in tii? fortnight, tales for the week 3(5, S.')0 bales, I WO on speculation; 3, 420 export, yuotatioos are fair Orleans, , ??.d middling, 6 Mod . fair Mobile, fi '.d. ; middling, 4 10 led. ? fair t piaud, 5)?d.; middling, 4\1. ? ales oa Friday ? ',000 bale.i, closing quiet, prices u a. bah"** ?'^?00 balesigp Week's imports sit 1*9 Brown, Shipley & Co. report fair a sixteenth under the above, and add that little of the late imports have aa yet been landtd, and the inar'set conaequeutly has not been fairly teated; but should holders show th? .to, low realJrc, ? future decline must inevitably (ol LIVERPOOL BREAPSTtTPPS MARKET. Prown, Hhiniaj- * r0.'s circular reports little iloing in the ci in tuarket. Wheat and Hour unrbanged Indian corn Oil. a legion er. Western canal Hour, 41s. a 4'Ja for old, and .'1 , s a 30a f.,r ue? l'alladeiphia aod Balti ^?,h'0- 44<- ? White wheat, U; *}?' M; red, 10s. Cu. a lis ad. White corn i *n ^'U'>W' i2*- ? yl* ,w ; mlxe.1, 42s. .. *w' . Co 'a circular reports an improved feslinr b* tmulTundid.1 *' <Kr'J4/,) *ud ***** "rr'r,L,< w,lh LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. Kicliarencn, i- pcnce h Co. report beef ai>] pork un changed in tone and price, and new bacon in de mand at about Is. declim*. Lard very dall aad fld. lower? sales 60 tons. Tallow much depressed ? 1?. a .s. lower. Other firms concur in the awve. Ch*?s? Is wanted at full rates. t-IVRHI'POL PRODrcl MARKET. Herman, (ox tc Co. ? circular reports roiin ia less de Biand, but not lower Hales 1,000 bols. at Vt. 41. a '??. Tar very dull; sales at Ifa. Spirits turpentine effered at ? br. on the spot with few buyers nothing 4oiag in tur I'tnune. In aehes a. tritilng business liai b?en lone at unchanged rates. Ii>ewoods are lower, ao> holders p ii .* marset in consequence of Urge areivals. The Brokers Circular quotes rosin as low aa 4s loj. a ' 'iin001 "?*T? imports, hali-s of palm oil made at ?41 a ?42. rape oil. 4<?. a 66s j olive, without deioeod co.1 aealaoU whale oil unchanged linseed oil in fair re.j.isst *t ?5e. a.ies. Ciover S?e.l in demand and fine valines scarie; Unseed, ysry dull riugar-Market Bra, anl in irnniB^ ocfcriptlon* th? bumn-m good. Urooeries barely maintain themaelvet Moi'asees ea aiir. CoMee.? There is no change in tone, and the de man ! U moderate. Kice in good demand and fcrm The sales of American are not reported. In chemicals the bus. teal lantinued unimportant. LONDON MARKETB. Barinit & toothers report the market genrrasiy without animation. Sugar is active at previous rates Tea stUter, but not quotably higher Kioe Arm aad n larve business done. Breadstnffs quiet aad unchang- I Irnn Hat. Scotch pig, 4s. 6d. Ralls, 4a. 10d. a 16s. Htn Cs. a 0*. Td. ? WATE OP TRADE IN MANCrtMTRK. The Msn'lutst. r market ia Hat, but not lower. The hopes of the speedy reopening of navigation w;?h rter juafcy, and better weather, were producing an improvei feeling hbort time working In the miila tad faetoiles I.aa not b#com^ Paaaen<(t-ra by the Afrlea. II. .1 M,# Cesaek. M*. Il ?4iss, Mrs ulr.?. j Srtl'nl"'e, Miss Pii-iiajr. Ca?l M-?k K-iai/a JfaiK kT/"' KI."?b ?'?rt Berssford. Mrs II rows aad two > bildrsn, Mrs K'rr. Mrs i'ark 9v? . hildfa r?.h V ."J1?"''"' KHsa f'riib Miss Tnna L".1 *wsJa?a Pritb, Mrs M nek. nli I.ifil7, Jif' t ? 1 *??*" H BeaiataSa, J Wslker, J II'Djamln. Minn, J Kstr, b-stusai. II a K Carr V.irv l,' -"":"' T, "r'r *?*. " KmiI' ?,Ul"- Ja-lklB. Millar. l-a/s?*a pfUlTl.. ??eor*?. M skssi, II H Osla/raajs, J irtrliM. Mufft, li?rro?i. Clirk. 1m FaI?v u?r??, Iltltf. K?-thui BMra?v OlUa^rf. MaF?vlaiid. II?H. 4. J!utcbin<too. Maitlaii l, L&rd, Rioit, Fr^Aton Ar?hihAl l Cray fl.tnll-ia, IHiv, Otnakka., WrSa Wa'k?'s ?J ?''*"? 1, ""*!'? J "*"'i . Newten. Br-iwa. Marptiy F .a! It J Brown, lizard, K"rr, ^h?ldon. lark v ?o?*<sn ? Wilsoa, K. ad >ii, R' kerlsoa. B "jr|? Mea'linr I|e(l?r ?i war* Fattersoe, loss, hykes frtsh/l witojhV Pw4up. MIL. Iiegten, LongBiaa. Swales, Mr miier. Brooks niil|iuli>K InUlllftnee. Arr from Nsw Voik TTtb Au- rlsan L'alna; Artanr isil. freia MaUle, Clay; Ceeqetror. Rlvendal. Hs.""',, TAl laut. Tapscott, st ljvarp-^1 , .-sn., Coaraat, Il.rnard l.. ? a?h?rine at Itsal ynean, Avaa. al Gravssaad. Ourkisiti at Bristol; Polkaataae '? Arr fion Boston JStk Kin* Philip, at Uravssea4. Parlla msnt. at Liverpool. Arrfr m PtllaJclphia 2Stb Taecarora, 1st Toaawao la. at Llvcrpo' 1. ????as Arr from Wilmirrton ?7th Faltbral. at Llvsrvesl Arr frota Bsltimora 27th Broaabill, at Uaasast-iwn Par kins. Msrshfle|4. M'iniam. Jans; W Defenea elLlsatea l Wtk, Miasrva, at Daal; Nsptaao, at Dov^r, J i\ai at Oravseend. Arrfr m Cbarlastoa 2Mb. 0(4*8. rg?kia< at it tea Ik# tVat^rae, at levant ?th, Cia lar Enar Pi-re. 2d t urrler; IloiBiaion; Ba?i?ra Qneaa; Ve jar. at Lisas, pool; ?il, I'm, at Orasea*ad Operairas. at Arr frun ?tv??r .h Z7tb, Kalamai . ???!., .(ia-t?^i,ak 1st, t rk. 2d OianlyoB, Lon.ul. K.lUar, M .^iasa at Lis ereool, Marsarst, la tbeClyde Arrfr. in >?? ?>T! ans r(h l.aeral, *<??. (lr i,,u -i.ta f-'kmera; Hit ,.tb- I'r'.na. I at. M'liae.'Kt,, p.?., , last . Lrttaiiata. Baaaell tamar.taa ... K' ?-'lto 24. yf. aiai . 4 1 , .. l.pi'rai . Uuiar, Kimlart. Oarnrs,,|r. R.a ||,,,. t a I at I, ( .,a.?' Klal ora.o . f. ** ' I f , , I ii^IaT "<,liU " '*??a... 24 .? an at Od f.r New Vork aoa> fer gM.;l s?,a u .... ?. Is. ft a f(e?liv?m?l, " " Ttn Biographical Notice of tke Ul? Kmptror WkholMi Nicholaa I'aulovitch, the (on of Paul th? Kiret and Milii Kevdorowna, waa the fifteenth noverMgn of the Romanoff dynasty, if the imperial historian ? are to be believed. In reality be vu the eighth sovcr. g-i of the [{oMe:a Cotorp <!yua?ty, the Hoc. mi if -ace hiving be come extinct with 1'eter III. TTie llo^teias are of (ier maa descent; their nnnie In tren dim cut* of pre nunc i?" tion to Ruanian lipn. Nicholaa. aware teat t;.e Munco vite pride would feel bit little flattered to ouetbe ?x cred p'*reon of their eovereign to the dete?Hd race of Ni mt'U, (Germans), aleaya carefully *up;iieR->*d hi real family name. Th" courtier* mauiUiuel in epite of ail proof to the contrary, th?'. the blood flowing in the voiurf of the Cur out Kuthian to the laat drcp tioiurine, however, infermx u* that the poet 1'ouchkla wa? of a cjntrary opio ion. "lie had," ?ay* (iolovine, "a hubit of lltu?tratlo? the nationality of the rtigning family la a ? l.imnlea manner. lie would pour into a fa <e a oi pur# red w ire In honor of l'tlerl., whore Kuaaian origin could nut be diaputed He rthould, juatly apeakiag, bars atop ped there, ami turned the glaxa upxldi* down: but, faith . ful to tho principle of the ltuneian gove.nmtn t, which makci the Cotorpa 'paaa for the Romanoff*, lie would pour in another glaaa? of water ? in honor of Cath?ilae II , l'rince?n of Anbalt. Yhla time he Hhouid, p-rhape, have pound a glan. of wine, but, fearing to compromise bimeelf, would paaa on una pout another glauM of water (or Maria Kevdorowna, the mother of N'lchola* I. ; ttien ? fourth, for tbe reigning Kmprena, and he obtaiaed at lait a liquor no ulightly tinged with red that he would excite a general lauph whrn he called upon lila audience to decile aa to whether it waa wine or water be *at showing them, and whether, by comparison, the rel ;n ing Czars were really KupHann or (iermanH." Thia Mua corlte plea>antry had the mtrit of expreaaing the exaat truth with lelsrence to the ultra national pretention! of the Kmpercr Nicholaa. It is. however, curious to remark, by the way, that in spite of the strong desire of the son" of the Gotorp i race to pasa for RomtinolTs, they do not carry it no far a* to abandon 'he titles that belong to them a* representa tive* o( the elder branch of lJolrteiu, thus Nicholaa In variably added to the qualifications attached to the i Czarate thone of Heir of Norway, Duke of Sclileewlg, of Stoimar, of Ditmor.seD, and Oldenburg. Nicholas wa* twenty sine years of age when he cam* to tie throne. Born the year of Catherine's dsatli, (1790,) he had teen educated under the eye of his excellent mother, the Empress Mai is, from whom he had derived sound re. ligious instruction and high moral principle, < Uil.ihood bid veiled from him the awful tragedy which closed hia father's life, aud the great wars which terminated with the burning of the Kremlin. Warned by the example of | his brothers, hi < mtrriage bad been delay.'. 1 ti'l be at- ' bis majority, when he was united to l^MiiaeChar- | lotte, daughter ot Krederic William III. of l*rusila, a I It 1y whose amiable character anl fond sfTectlon liave ' never been questioned. From the period of hia mar I rlage till h.rt accession he had, like all members of the loyal family, devoted himself to military studies, lie lived retired, and spent most of his time in the barracks. It foes not appear that 1m di rived much fruit from his peiai verance. lie never was a good genral, and fre quently displayed auch want of skill as to expose him to the ridlcu'e of hia officers. If we are to believe the i worlis ct some of hia countrymen, ha nearly contrived to frustrate the success of his own army in 182M, by hia [ i.l judged interference and injtid cious man.j-uvrea. ' 'ilio vi ry day ot his accession, the most formidable revolt that Kunaia had !~nown since the davs of Michael > l'.cm..noll broke out in the capital. It wus not ' b> by its atp-ngtli or the skill b/ which it was marked ' a couple ot tUousand oltlcers and men of intellect com pose l Its entire f< ree. and their plans were wofully de- | fective But it differed from all former insurrection! in > its principle. They had been family quarrel* for power, I court Intrigue* outbursts of insubordination among the soldiery ? thix was the flrst direct blow struck for popular rinhts. The a'm of Ryl.-ief in the north, and i'eatel in the south, was to Miperrede the &uto;racy af the.( iart by a constitutional monarchy. They wanted freedom for themselves and their fellow conntrvmen , ?id though they foresaw that the struggle might in voire the ? eatli of the Ciar, this they regarded as a mere incidental consequence, and not tbe muTn ol/jeet of their movement. They would have accepted even Con tantlne. had he oftV red th'-m constitution. I guarantees for their natursi liglits. An insurrect:on on this ground vos a newand startling event for Russia On the Z.'.th of Poci'mbi'r the oath was to ha adminis ter?d to the regiments. Instead of swearing severa' ' al.andoccd their barracks and marched to the great ' *.|uare in St. Petersburg on which tlie statue oTPeter the ! fireat rest* shouting, Hurrah for Cons?autin<- 1 Thev miglit as well have shouted Hurrah for the Pop#: so tar ' as their purpoee went? but alt Insurants must have a i rallying cry. Confiding hi* son to a toy al Finnish regi | mcnt, Nichols* took the command of a few trusty bat talions. and advance! against the rebel*. He tr ed again and agn n to divert them from the>r purpose; but fall. Ii-g. resetted at last, at nightfall, to the tinal expedient ot the grue". They were incapable of resisting, and In an hour alter the fir** cannon shot the streets were cleaied. and tfce rabe'.lion was quelled. Ryl. I?f and 1 several othar leaders were taken, together with ivstnl, whtae movements in thn south were anticipated. These two eminent men? the one a stern republican of the old Roman school, whose roul knew no swerving from thu liri.t line of principle, and who thought of nothing but freeing his country ; the other a chivalrous young officer, i fu 1 of nobility, eloquence and flre?weie handed, with tlreeo'hers on the borders of the Neva. After the drop ha i fall:n three of the rores broke, and the bodies of tbe condemned Ml heavily Into the grave alreadydug at their feet. MJurs< 1 country," exclaimed Ryl.lef "where pet pie en neither conspire, norjalge, nor j hanul'' I'iaarded by their fall, thev were carilsd onoe more to the scaffold, and the gray dawn saw their Wiles ktiflcned ind alb. Several other conspirator! were seut to Siberia. An omieou* beginning for a reign. It had afforded Nicholas an opportunity for the display of personal coorme; otiier qualities were now required of him j Lika Alexander i> , li a early promised great things He gained popularity hy associating freely with bis sub jects, and int. retting biinnelf in their welfare lie cut uown the expenses of the Court, and thus relieved tbe tax payers. He undertook to reform evrry department of the jr< vernir.ent, and displayed untiring activity In tbi public business. By tlie conspiracy of the 2Ath December the Emperor had been made aware of the corruption which bad rear bed all classes; t'.ie bureaux were full of fraul, , ikeft, anu every kind of Illegality. Justice was ren dered unjuetly, and law waa constantly eluded. He reiolved to be the Juat:nlau of his empire*. ."peranski was d (rented to prepare an official collec t ton of tbe Rueaian laws. The archives- military, civil and ay nodal? the* of the Imperial cabinet, and the judgments of the different brancnes ?f tbe adminlstra tion. w> i e pn* together. All these materials formed a general collection <Mra?tir /akonu). consisting of . ?h ity r me thousand nine hun lrod aets. It is not with out intereet to remark, tliat in th e enormia number 1 thirty thousand nice hundred and twenty of thes* acts I were anterior to the accession of Nicholas, five thou sand and seventy three were promulgated between 1825 and 1"3^. The < xar, It In seen, atone peodured more lawa tlian several deliberative assemblies He hlmaetf | presided at tbe compilation of the act* which we have just *poken of, and which it waa o' course necessary to ma'?e agree ia all their detail! Aire adv 'oitj live quarto volumes of the .Vend, or P.ass an Ingest, have twen published, an 1 regulate the iecUioni of the Russian tiitvinal*. Doling a long period Nicholas passed all hia nighta and days in superintending these arduous labors, sbd in b'.ogmg thern te a satis f aotery result, in spite of ! the dumb reaiitance of the bureaucrats. I(i* frame *?>? n showed *vt? of the exce4?i?e labor he Imposed on himself h s wife coii-tantly plaadud with h'm for aoaie reiaxat.on from his Mk. Where he couli deteet eor ruptu n he punished it ssverely. Thus for a year or teo be dM well Po-.n, however, he struck upoa the rock on which hia trother had foundered. InratuaUs ambition, traditional thirst for conjuett, hurried blm koto wars. Th? taxes rose sgain. fiseoatent levtvse] Secret societies were 'oimed laeurractiiA-s broke out in various nrovinces. Then Poland, crushed under U.e Iron heel of O.naUa made a feeble effort to rear .'.shea.! The club of I Nicholas battered It to tbe eaith. Effectually to prevent ' future complaint* whole provinces were >iep>>pulated lhe veogesnce if Nicholaa was pitiless r.veryonere* , memtiera the horrible treat r^ent to which the insurgwts were subjected. I nland was inoorporated with Raaaia, st. l became a province of Use empire. The retrograde movement waa now fu.'l vifor. ' Fecret r>olice? the constant weapon of deenotasm ? ? "sraed m the cities. I a kis anxiety to keep down tbe ! I?< pie, Nlcholat loat sight uf tbe vDlaaiesof thefuni '.ioesr.e?. Comption was never more universal, hi, etralnts were placed cn gn travel and l/ntiao sub i>cta were fort.Mden to publlrh aeything ab:oa<i. Kreab | levies e?e!led the %rmy to a mnnstroua ei>nt WOb a leeence not exceeding f 100,'i00,000, one million of jsea were kept under arms How anything waa U'? fn tho?e who ? tr* ar.t iw.Uiers I* a myitery. It la iJmnat a wonder how the Judges and - tber puvlic fuaeW ?arte* could contrive to steal a* they <Ua. Knowledge was proscribed In the ^oalnt weed* of a xa: a y st?i1 by a reoeat w-^ter ? He ?aid to the nuU, tio !nto darxaeea' And >lgned It, lie It so. Czar Maolai. ftvt ia truth h* could do no :>?. TWe it no compro- I n>We pr.*stb's between d?rp<.f !>n and inteUifeaeo Ni I rb( las had to between out every spark i o' In'e'.'ect and freedom, sal al<aadoala? b.a throe* He etoosw the former Tae domMUe vir'tte- whieb | marked the whole if h ? sareer ahuw tbat he was n?ba . tadm*o, a* Panl sad the Peters were ||j uraanee . laborx 'or tbe eollficat oa (J tbe Kuis_ai .aw prove I that he deslrod the geod of h i eouatry. Kven hi* im p^eab'e aid cruel lesentmeal at the d?ko > ?*??>*? af i corrijn*. ' t*e-s a eiacere Interest j? tke ar.aular wefaee. F*' -a a'J that we have aai-1 aV. .t as t* rae t>? 1 seea tha*. ??? |*wal ti? rejuiatel 'm " , a'.ra:* by tba evil* which hod been left hiin by wil* brother Altiani'er, he determined to take in all thing* t*iercn trary court* to that whleb hail b?en adopted by hi.* pr? decCHaor. Alexander inclined toward liberal idem ; Nic' o?as ihowej biniai'lf unit liberal to an escaaa. W'beu the poet I'ourbkln died, mourning wai universal throughout ituaaU, the Emperor hin***lf taking part in it. A young in r excited by the gloriau* regret* wh ' h thia death cau?H, wrote nu oce in honor of tba dtceawl port, and in wblcli he held out to hlmalf aoine hopei of becoming, at a fiture day, one of the ornament* of Ru? lie n literature. 1 be (.'tar could not look with a faror ab'e er?- npon thin xudaciou* young man, who coveted g'ory a a country whaie it b?limf?d tu tha aoverelgn alone, and the wonhipixr of the Mu?e* wan *?nt to ca'.ci the >rdor of hia imagination lienrath the climate of lobclnW. Hi- came hark at tbe end of throe yean, alck and entirely diagu^ed with poetic glory. Alexander ? aed to hlTect to pay no particular attention to tlie na tional language and eni toma. and did nrt conceal bi^ partiality for foreigner*. Nicholaa wa* a fanatic in be half of tba tuttat, laugii*ire and religion of Itunaia. Of the t iternal |iolicy of Nlaholaa'a reign and of the war* in which be ? ng*g*d, It ia not our Intention in thil brief iketch 'o KfwoV . Tbay belong more properly to thn domain ol hUtcrr. T?i? fir u ly edaMifbi'.l reputation of the lata Czar a* a hind*om" man iui|?,*iv on ua the obligatioa of giving blf portrait. Several writer* have undertaken thla taik, but uoae among t!? m ha* acquitted bimaalf *0 ably a* the Prince PeWr Kolofuki, for which rraaou we ijuote him 'n preference "Nicnolna," he writ**, ' ha* the nobleat face I hare aver man in my lifi Ihe babltual expre**ioa of hi* physiognomy ban a certain severity which 1h far from putting tbe beholder at hi* eaie. Ill* *m!ie i* a amlla of complain nee, and not the remilt of gayety or abau don There ia nuinethmg approaching the pro<ltgiou* In llii* prince'* manm-i of exUtenca. lie apeak* with vivacity, with Rlmpliclty, and tha moat perfect propriety; all be*ay<< I* full of |.o nt ami meaning? no idl* pleaaant ry? not a word out of it* place. There I* nothing in tha tone of hi* vo re or tbe arrangement of hi* phraaea that indicate* haughtineaN or dlaaimulation, and y*t jou feel that bi* heart In cloied " The pen onal liablt* of the Kmperor were marked by the n:o?t ftverbh activity. Il? eould rl.le, walk, *u I ei intend a *ham tight, and hold a review, all in tbe *aoe day. He travelled ln:ee?rntly, pained over at lea*t 1 SCO league* a vary Miiaon. and woie down the atrength of all who were attached to hi* per*on. The auddennea* of hl< end wn to t>? expected either from political cauaen, ** ha* frequently been predicted, or from ahrer physical exhauatlon. No frame could lung relat the unnatural amount of exertion, both mental and'bodily, to which thin extraordinary man aubjerted Inmhalf. He wa* in hi* Ibth year at the date of In* death. The Czar la *urce<ded by hi* eble*t son, Alaxindir Ce*arevltcb, Hereditary (Irand Duke, lie waa born on the SOth April, l^lH, and married In April, lHtl , Maiia, daughter or tbe late (Itand Duke l?uia II uf Hoane, by whom he ba* four *on* THE STATE LEGISLATORS IN NEW YORK. BANQUET AT THE A8T0R HOUSE. CLOSE OF THE SPREE. SPEECHES OF GEORGE LAW AND SENATOR GOODWIN *o-, &o. THK VI8IT TO TIIK BENEVOLENT AND OTHEIt INSTITUTIONS. Ihe ni'ob*r> of the legislature ?ntd engaged tli. greater part of janterda, |D vi.lting aarerul of our bane vole?t and other Inatltutlena. a ? tha day ... .nvtulng but inviting for out door amuMinent, a consider ?bl? number of them remained at home; but tho.e who did ! go were I'Tiddctljr gratiiied whh the manner ,o wltl, h they ..pent the day. It wa* certainly ,n ImproTaw.nt on to the Maori ? cn Tneaday la,t, .n | wa. **' to ??'? ?" I*nUam?n irom the " rural ri? trlc'H a better linprr.xinn of tha char? t.r of N'..? York. About a drian ,tug?a were in wadloea, at tUa front of ' the Aator Hou.e at o'clock, but It wa, u0 before the company were ready, and tbao tin re wa, ao much conftulou ttata <iuartar of an hour elap..d the, weie riady to atart. The/ mcoaed.d, howertr, in a'.trl tog at la.t, ami in due time.rrif.dat the Mercantile libra,/, In A, tor plac. There th?y wer. ,K.I?,d by Mr Wood, I le.ldtnt of the A.aoclaMoa -ho J extruded to tiiom a cordial welcome * and ??, , ? b,..f account of the lo.t tutloa and thm prala,. i worth, objacU for which ,t bad b.,D , I 11). number of volnm. H irculnt?l during the rnr I, . Mid. ? irt*d*d 110, COO, tb?a?eia?,Uiu ?Co? who na<!e u.e of the ?.,!(? ro..m Vw^fo"^ I ?bout BOO attended the Spam- b H.nrt . . duriog th. Winter. Aft" a \V,eT ft!:; ^ j VA.iOiii room it, thd CODpiQr t ? r ?><**'??? t>> h, i Utiar/, whleh thar mor?l? i. okii! imo r to t/a Home for^ha ?Vtand,e?a ? J?I'm ! At.hcol No. 46, IQ Twtnty font th . a . jttall hi,* re of their att^utjor, Rod th ? h! * OooJ win aod fotebbioit o* i r?^fr?] on L?- ilf 1 ? ? ? be? tiie, on whTh th^U atK.^ ? i of th* "cholam ?n<I the rr.annrr to which th'- * \ ,?i| * 1 conducts. At the Institution for the Wind to " b!'ur ??*/ P^flubl, in examine* the work ol TT! pupila, ,od m hearing tti.m recite their .,-h'x.l future ofW0^u7;Mb:;^eT,'ha'|n, I matin -?. < Ac, in ihe making of which t'a? bl-* I ?r.i ("v!''**?1 ?T''11 b> "bo aro bleMel with their i J7 Might. t a, ion. interesting e.arMaae per ,' r " l/g rX^n'Ic VJr""' f'T r"'"" ?"'?< iog reciiaui n, \c , and keraral of the fernaU dim. I, a. ton i?bod thair ?l?fter. b/ thread n~.:.J , w , ' WRH pprfori&Ml With ffr?Nt mpMit/ bj th* aid # f ?t ?? m. utn and flnge,,. a t the eoncJn. Jn of thai, . ierc, .i Mr i Toopar, |h? aupanntendont, ma l.? a one' e, ^,lt? iusjasy^t r'.K ur rar howarar, that tha I.?g ulatura aauld do a jm. tliii, JTjI V I1 il'm th"'r I-f'^nt dlfllrultioe }?(CAtor Goodwill ina<]* nom?< hrj# f r?m<irK? in . Ik m' * ;'(,,rott",t "P"" the Li tea bo?r<l naiooa ..f I s wh'* h "?? P?rticularlr eompln>rn(e.| waa he f, lowing, f,?m tha pen of fir, M?, TuUa Vlt 'v* ?f ?-,??/??, i?d no. ,ui wTJ:.; of . 0 prnr^Bon. I Mae l>wifl |wt Thin talr who !.^ ^ ^hMr#t t?OI,U Wlth **? '?-t.t-:t.on rX ?s"ii~2 a ? ?J- w- i ?: ; . tz-jxxu mssZT ?i. ."'-. .TV.T'!;'" to lla rn'Df i v of ? S?JZE 'J u JZ'l th, i?h future .,.. to th. Kmw of .u l??.nU^, iLTt ,or ,t ? th a"lb.hua. of tb. kata W.,,.. th- Vf. throi(h which the talegr.phi, ? ,tr^L ; St ? no^"fCn. in '?l'U ; ?trioti?n %f 4 ita i! ?aluri| ' ?0tl" ,U,,M '?? . i1'1* w?f Oiuaarad by tha pkadlt. of ,,0"i th. n.r .e.%1, -d , .4 Lth iM-i.tbrt li thair ?tt?:,uo. |0 it. fair ar t io,. ,T, I 7h'flom?a Catholic HUtf Orphan -i,,.k . ?iSV * f?o? lb* CotatiOt f?r !>?%' ? nd I .Bb, wa. .!?, ?Uita.t Ia u.i? itw It iti .n li re I ar? t?tw.,B fon, ^ ba.dr^J rhilarw, \vj.T:tnu:;v^atr :i: ? , pr^f da of aa .laual .ihih.tJo,. |t ., ,, a?w.'Q?tof tb. IKaiar. of Marra wJM, ik. ! w be! .Ufa to the oducalwaoT tb* ?Je.^Ti . to ttu T rl ..M Txl rr_ . P"*' .JMMeaa #otr jrteH to iiif . ^..arga Th* ieUr?a arrataian. the aeata.M and tr.U, J?? ?!!l ' romf. ?ahljr tUd. >ad bad a .t , aoj. a. u. ??^rrsra^rii*^r?r tkalr ?ar? w.?. ?rMta<w!tk Ma., . ,.. L_ a>-?yt i hiiadred of tha boy* |j?r<.r* b. <oBip.nT' a ??w teniarka ware ma:, br Mr OH^a " V Ua pteaaare ahiah thaT r*?t t? LT? ,'7 1 l.ike ant WatU OrpUe A%rJ,? To. ,'f -h. '^t .tut a, of Jeak.aa ,n '-U 'm ^ . k/"? ' ?"?' '"a; ?? A, . ??**?{?/. ..'I', the, ?p.ur r..arae^ lo *. a.uTh^I? " 1 tb. ?.uaar ... to ?* |It.? i. Hlaa| 7DK BANQUET AT THK AHTOB H0' -> j nawtrfHrMMdatubt,,,,.,.,,, , , I m: ?UI7, aadgood ba?.,e?j., a-'.,.. - | h j . Ill Mil at tha Aatar Ho?w l\a?. . ?hw^,. , ? v. v, 'ate. far p,m, tsUrt, sm#,u Mrf. I rttM* ^r^'eb- v-adeav^, . a. . , , , lV I KMMfft, ru l*M| wt? U4*a tt| p. t?| t^vu tialitea, dehcaciea ao>i luiurie* which wealth ?vt enter prise can eupply, ?u>. the choicest vintages eertt-J to quench the tlunitn'iil cheer the eplrita of the oonriivi. Tbat choice -pirit, Simeon i'raiwr, on* of th? leu Dover tort of the Alra?b' u??? the hott on the occaeio?- -pre (Med, and on rvk ilde of I. m i?t some of t>ie wor'hie* of the city ana Sfc.fe Among the celebrities preient were l.iirxo law, the Know Nothing camiidateeipectant lor the Pntiiltlt/i Jarre* W Ilarker, the I'ri-sldent of that the bnri>#4 and ploua Jewlah Kabb., Dr. Ka phal, ei t>'>'rrn#r Ilutst, .I'eler Cooper, Judge Morton, of (ia , he Tho Senate awil nvinhera of Aeaembly met of course, In full MeUre, and it ii therefore unoerm. ?ary to mention the name* ?f any belonging to either of these bodice ptdworth's aioollevt hand wa? In at tendance, and dl*caa?ed hocik of tb? ebaloei.t aiusi.'al mmcraux, while the guests were di*o*i*e*ii|' mocrrattj of wore practical and pbjaical uecesaUy. l>rwi'- wa* Mid by the Hev. ami linn. Senator flood win The cloth being lemovnd, and the la lie* being ad milted, Mr. ?jmk<n? I Warm, adilreaain^ tlie ,;ue*i* o( the Ten liovei nor*. nald ? (ientli of tt.e 1 egiilature of the State of Mew York? It la my duty and my pleasure to relum you, on hebalf of my fellow govornors, our aincem UxiuUa for the honor you hare dOM ua hi accepting our invitation to meet ua tonight Certainly nothing can be mora proper for a goveri.irmt Iil.c our* than for tie proide to meat together for the good of their fjtata The object of the (lovernom of the Alma House In extending this tnvi tattle n to you were manifold 1 hey felt that tliay had great responsibility to MWU) and at the same time they considered tbat they ihould call around thaw the repreaentativea of their State. They bad ab?wn to tl.etu their Institute na? teen under perhaps, unfavorable .yr cuaiktaiicer? but, atlll, In.titnUtions deserving of tbeir deepest regard. 1 ha charge of the (iovnrnnrs la on* of great importance. We. who are culled on lo pi "aide over these inatitii'iuns, are novice* but atill wn know that we hare undertaken a service which correapon la with the bcrt feeling* of our hearta. (Applause.) We as* nothing of the legislature wn claim nothing lieyond a dealre to perform a paramount duty ? a duty toward! every claaa of cur fellow cltUena who h?T? t ad the misfortune to come under public |?rote? turn. Gentlemen, you barn seen Itnnlall a Mmd an I l)la< k well's Island and though vim mat have n itnd aome thing which tou would refo in atlll you have ?? en in ?Motions which muat appeal to you lor sympathy, a i l which must a how to you what our labors and duties are But to recur to another matter We hare en Vatrnred on tliia oceaalon tohrtng among ua citizen* who are ri ,,ar le 1 1 aa an l>i nor to th" city in which they I re -men wti > payourtaae* ? men who regard with a jealoue eje n.l j the intereata of the city. We hare aake . them, ao that | thepiojileof ti e c ty , ni' et ng ? gh the pe'ipla of th ? country, might cotoe together, and talk t'., 'ether, ao that we uia.< hinaftrr ?"t togethe: |Appl.viae / I wljl detain ycu with co fi.rther rrmaika tlie part ? t the T< u ('O* einorx, hut Kive Jo" tl c lir t i eg ul*r toaat - The Frenldeat of Hi" I >'at. lleank with threa i tiieesthree. Air '"I'hc Htn. . p a n v 1 . 1 fcj'.tet Tfce aeconu regular tca^t war ? IhOmmi id tha Ht?ie ?' N reeh l>ran? anh three timet tli ree. Air? "Ilia (, .-r' ? Mitel. lluid regi.lar toaat ? Tlia Seiiate iitlhe f- r n a? '<f N . - \ >r'. Mr. II J. IUimomi re- ponded, ra t altar a lonp> <pee -U gn\ e way to Senator (loot win, r f who aaid Mr ['real dent and cl'.i/era o! N r Yiijlt I fiel an unfei^nel dull di nie 'n ailaing In *>.dri ?, e ren after t!ie inlrwluc Hon I tare :e<irc'. )' ?..u(d liare allorded me ^reat |ileaaute, on ll.'a i c, to hare listened to my aenlora in the Sinate who are a an ' ?kll)i l n the hiatory of Irglalat.oo. The Tfijerai le forma of nobler men lire to tug'it in tb#ir men'ory, ?h;h I am a mi-re nonce on the [?(Bate llui.r. I i. in l,.kitig my lir?t leaaona there. I am taken frem e. tudi d 1. .1 1 e nd tlirowu into the ru .u f leaialatitre butlnera '!* laylntr that I am jmtly proud of a poaitioB in tb- .Li o lo would he i>ei api, to Ignore a natural and (,<iie,ai fi lling I regard a eeat In that body a > t.Uli an I on r a ? a ' i it In any nation tl or ,>'al" I eg :?'att. i Fni ::;ht(be ami lnt*lieetual character ? aa ni* hep? ?el! ri n.irkt l by a perton of Ju vment ? tie Senatora ot N<? \'iik. .a tim -a paat, have Ueen proudly en inent We find the naieea of our < lint m?, our Vam'ertc<d?, oi.r Willtioa, on the reoorda of our State I egia atun ? namt* wll h villi live aa the pride of ,t>eir age. I muat allude to my o?n reception In thai ho ly. A ''ranger 1 w :.a >?el imi"i with warm ban la and hearta atnntiir (lie -enatai Impor to auch men And new I im n minded lli t in 'i t ia?o' latl in witu j our p'ea?ant elalt here, ?o mar?' d with the Mty coi't'. 1 ry of thia great city the aai?c %tlunof our viait al.r ull I I if dut I ua 'o ri nu 'k on ceila ?> 'thi f^a *a ire tl' to [til nil itlin te imlwlu puLlic oloecU eicluaively I uin nnt am' f tho? el ? ie, aid the I'lati oit/ want* of i the folate and >b< it ty aa ,arainii>inl to all others. We I tnlglil thu i/tei.i ok the na'.t ? the iinino: tal min i or J the wanta of 0'ir h gl no al natnre I am therefore ' i impleael ; with " H.U' ? <1 till* VKtl an 1 while I feel j gr.itlfle ' ill tVe rui'irtl of our eort'.v pie?,.lent Ire < i gni red that ? ,r Au'i i and pleaanr ? r* r nprocml Jt aiatlfiefoi ajpnpris ? aa vel! ae courteoae, on the j tl I o1 lt,e ? i r. ' MM ...i <, to invite i tu Halt tlie pull c instil i.tin. of ti ll city Mjr feelis^a have been >o jc!? d up? ii br Ihe .rteie ting ?n through which ; w? I are paaei T, that I can lur<".ly fael mjci lf aa yet j lemj-l i t to pen: o( them Mr I'reaHeiit, we hate ' !!' I ? ,fli I'l the 1 '.-| i a' to pl*ee? 1 j I. ? -,'liuit I , We "r u .d the hi n*', end the ue?f, *I.4 theoiteaat >ul erf. f tSat care and a tteatu'B wh'di g e li^ t to Uie b in . ird ve bate rer'^a1 'ed that )Ou have e n- I fayed to Ih ,r . Irlt a n? >a^' ?l ii?e wcithy >.| "few Yorker* < k\ plr. iie.) 1 aa aahamed t>. ea) that at . Im ty of age I BMW I""* ?' y niLnlelp .' matin 'iOM. The fa ' that you are t ( II,'1 iton aonuViy (or c iarilatle putpo?ea, an ? #1,000,000 for ? iuaatiena' purpoaea, and that yu i ar" g ;t ng " ts.-o ' 1 the e .? ?tv n of t ? I i.i &l d tl ? theae larta. I e?y. ?je t i .e|?ently t vonr honwf turning aaid* tbl* way to perform tt.eee kinl ?#?a of charity you have I'mtialt ?! ti e higher ?entim- ivts <f our natoie In 'uti lu i !h ? leave fo .Ter a en llni'Bt for ti e ronti !et j' I m of the meet, ig It la ? 1 l<e I'lttx-aa <?? N ? to. ? ?? . ?r ? > t I .1 >1 r MKnerelal|-*ti.i ay thtji " r raa,a... a. a.e the -4 I he A-r. u.l if i < tl ? ) |l 1 he Hon Mr. ttf <? K-ana. a ? , ie?p*?-i ; lie sail- -Allow me, V,. !"r> .. ?nl gentiaaieii i half ?( the AMan.liy ?f til ' S'. .' ,Se< ful, t l re , turn our ainrete tbanka f i ? I ? r? la j<mt Invitatirn We have hi n e r? . ? : u". . ? eni ? we have witneaee I, g. ,v ? L .? > i i i .. i cant orpl. ana, th? <e ithjett . *. ai.? e | (../ provided for and not ..nlr th< i ? it h t . iB tellectuel wante *up| lied In w r.> ! si ? our ajmpathy has t n ei< ttd, < >1 t e tear haa started unbl Idea to ou ? jt * a , filled with | ride at> I vltnn ? n at liens ?e have cane- < r eiulli .oo ? ' *" ?n 'i i iena lhat aurh Inetitit'na are e?' . -u I 1 pi , gteaaing among ua ft hiie K imj an i. ? ona re ; r. e thi in- aTves u|nn t l.e oealt!. ? 1 t .-y eipe i . and n devastating aim 's. we may w. , re. ti a', .r surplus ? ealtn la so wsll ?pp! w4 1 eapebv*<l I tru?t ? that the Ten tloy. rai.rt- i koala i. lu . voting tb? .r attention U, theae ? tion- re -the truth that " it !? wore to g.ra than I < reeetee. ' 1 I ifth regular ti ait? ll.e t'l'v I ''!? Vork? Tba ? ? I r'la: mar' ' ths i Waetara ?*?>!* | Urt- la her ?: ra a*. 1 t?i :.aa<il all Aa* i flea alMrss Mayib'tei'*"-'! If wise laws aa# the ? u tin ? a are af a r rut at. 1 t. - 'it a. h atstratt a ef thaw Mr. Wn. M. I aith of the "-ew York har, reap.alel He aa.d It waa hla fort' n* i n !..? return to the e If, half an l.o ir before the "unininteaint of this fea' v.'r 'i receive an iBtltat^wi to ahare fa it He ha ! r?ad In tba patera thia inorn'ng that on a f rBi?"-i'i n forg-1 j tleieta had been is* I'd ant liri roper ft. ni ai.'mltteC andheeonfe> . 1 that be ha! aonae easpklM 1 aa to the genuineness of the tlrtet he '.ad reiwived. 1 (laughter ) Still I e prefer, la, it an t was admlM?i, hut had no Mea that a' in alBi'h-.ii > :moer h? woibl te asked to fay as he tia4 bees Ijkufhter.) The I eglalature of the .r,iirei.;ii ta'r i.f Saw V ork waa BOW 'n a ? ? sit totbentyof "''w Tor* a .1 yet they hat Bot ibi ted theai to the riiart* > f UMn> rce to >? all street to the rbureh. Mo bwt they had >B? t?1 tbetn t<. Tie It ) the etre, the misery tbe ;i ??rty at ! the 4wt!tuttol of Kaw Vork an ! what 'in 1 ??t*r ''loalrata o ir pr'nriples and leeltBgs than tkM wn are a.t aa ha it. el i, Invlt* <n govsicmeBt to aucb plac a, tnr that government ashamed t<> an fit otir Htvftatfcus* In cone I'is.oo. be said that .f the ?i?.b of r?i,? e t ?, t .ken hj I'eeif fill have led eur Tiittiis to eowpire tfc.s 'Ity to h :? m ir.! OoBHrrah 'hey ?j?t ha^e le ?n plea a?' with the re SaetioB tt at there were at .*ast ten nea la the ei'y f laughter ) la ?o?ekisl>>a l.e gt.e? ? 1I? petlia 'har.nea Iks elty ?f t 'V a?e?r'? e?ei? I I v r a 4t. - Hen ? ? 't 'a? ? i l? t?ajr ? - l< baa al West tea ftawWNMkee efwMabfew ? a aes aba ? Ihe I inibivf II. ii real the 'o .? slog letter of 1* el ea i< a libua'i.e Kajor Msvoa a ijniri, s>w Yoaa Ma/ b It, 1 I ra* Hn-?l had ana'M te be pexent a' th? d: ue this tna a|, bat tba eeveie it ?| -te-a ?( oae <,f mf 'hi. 'in a will pre < -at ' ?'.*?/ t-. -? i?i'?her?of th I eg <lat i. a iey re jieti aa i! d?l4 have f .? HI taB'h p iaaur la l>eve , tbi a; (et iB.ty t# nan r. aCe '.aeir pereoae. aa laitlaaev feiy tiaij HJIMAMW* WiKrt' I I C. Wear, Km llisi rbeir. were preynee?' aa ' f ??l !(* /Wrl *'-sd MbUi re? .r'east ? lha Ct?r*r -Ta Ibeaa We mwv 7 tr?i< nl al tr I'- aa 1 1 reapew^a t ?ea' ntk lib Ml t? ait ? Tb* tt.l-al |>r*te*e> a K? - ?"? ? ass i?*e?iiy ? a4?/ ' f beta aal geetews i ,f tk- ' raa. J aii lb ags f'f K aiAgiC riapon > ea'k twaat n? a. a- 1 I?'.?fc?s .p. e ae-d m, ? ; ?r i W (hint lit via. r- ' the 'llla.'l W%|el the WW fee a 1MB h#4 'aesfteBn as e*.. ?laaats fUtl *te fWtgy. the a f profeaafc ?. Ikaa tbe af, Ui fltvt p f'ea rea r.a w In '-.f tcaiU ?aeet have -aer. aaat'-vad by t yt 'b- 'a J i.',i??!i l!< w.i (Iv'. 'a 'isakal'. si IM IM I eyta at re ?>' the Htete uf Saw lfara ta tb e '7 ? wt ba ev,.; tow 'ay to I beta, walBB*M 1 Ve Mtea' grave a ad ?->> sa ?r. ga ! aBgb'er 1 Me ? iW nil t>a I^ftsia*. ?"* a it a. as a ?be nam* a* the Tat. t.-.vwrv ft, ? ?t If, ' ? aar- e . ' 1 - .WB a' eh'eh tiiB U|i1tt?NkM > f ! 'f (> ' " ? fla*. |l*?r | fie (ti ?te theae vt'. ta , * '? * rfaa ie t,.a Mf la.ia aa the Tew fcovera ?a 'bavtwaata.! Vnta.tearerf tf r?rjifc*".s ' *" 7. , ' ? tfeaa g^e had m MMwr aal aw IH r*** u>? Ve* I fa' hwet 1 Aot ?e? ?*e i>e*erae-a ? f th a. ota Haw were raChera tyaaaa? i* af *?<'. 'tea fOM ' Vt ^a .|ktf* ) ll? t(t*M * !a (*-' Uraya' / had I heart and aa'ul enough to father a bunlfptl rblMreo hil** I a<lf Thay .'iidlhr >unht tlia ounophiataeateil *lrtuou* j n>n of tbe nil aiiHatrtcta (laughter) to IWw clfy to aaa 1 till' elephant, ?i?l within tl.e Lent thrca day ? h* thought I tliey bad eeen dt/ivi* of tha tn Hut tin wil l young ele I pliant broke b>o?a the i<"ner ,!ay an.l committed etraaga antic*. Ha hot*-.!, however. th?jr wculd let by gonee na | bv gone*. and forget tliat lh?y bad ?H>n tha yo*u* ele ? pliant I COM. They were lb a law maker*, uml he th* ! apeaLer ati tlia Uw ai pounder, or, a* soma of than* i in m lit thmk, a law ronloumler They often found tlawa in tha grammar emplopad lo legialatnm. ha would an tra* t them, bo?e\er, In making law# hereafter, to u.lnd their hUlj ?. They did not soil eouW not are tba peojda of New York In Broadway. Tbay muat go Into th-. itiairlr populated part* of tha ally to aoa thla buo.WKi |*i>tila. Nearly ono b .If of thoa# to ha t*u,lit to ipptwlltf and nndaratand lib arty. ihev ha?a reoelved thair education aa ' aeut iwient* ahioad They b?l aarn inatltutioa miaeil to guard the vlclou* al?d to educate tha Ignorant. Ha. a? a practical phllantbroplat. wotila aim deepar. Ha wantrd popular ac oration lla look ad no tha coan mi. n ai'hocl at a grant chaldron where tha y? iio'.a have ta I, a boiled over, and ba looked upon the aeluxMmaatar aa the conk. 1b?y threw tha children of the Irlah, th? f-cotcb tha liar man#, Me , Into the caoldroa, an t U?ay came out cooked and dljaaUd aa *.>?d Americana. la com lualoa, ha laid atieae upon tlia neceaall| of a f uelan and thorough un leretandthg bet wean tha city and lha rural diatrtetr Ha wotild, therefore, aay to Me wovlkf and levaiend .elgnlora "t ome, an I ronia oflao. lie afraid. The lie it tinia you come wa alll <???? tha young elephant Come, an I aa will try to make your ? way? al pleaaautne**, and yoor patba path* of peara " Ninth regular tcaal, The I nip KiapoiuUil tu by Mr A Untune Tautb regular tonal, Tha ?eichaataaf a?? iiaia Mr. I'k l**TKnt*(ig ten re.pi adr 4 I be marchanta aa the ilt), he aaid, bad long deliglilad to nurture Itoa charity over which tha len t.ovarunr. prnaldet, ta4 th?y now bid a hearty welcome to tl.a l>?ielature aha bad I nine to Ti?lt their charitable inatitotioni. " bad l?an ?*<d that larre rltlea wera aoraa ?a Uia ?>?ty rolltic. That may be truliftha whole Hula la la cludad, but wlire will *ou find virtue ao hoaorad. i r tah nta ??> rawardi?i. an In thla l?OC The I'realileut h?a aaid that tliejr aake<l nothing from tha I v|(lalatuia. lie would pardon him If he (Mr Ofdaa) ? an! they did a?k aomethiug lhajr aake.1 tbalr approba Hon Tkey I'ruivad and would rai aiva It In conrla altrn bagava ? ..... CiiDmarra.? Aha a?k? f r wi>? law. and JadU wa. la?Mae t in ri'lilliin bar aria t tt?:i lanitlwata cad Maventh remilar toa?? - Tin Mi i hanlea ?.f ? nr Stat' liili n r?d f'.nira?ioi thay Att tu- t r ?*< > tt o t r> feitd MO'I floal ifig ' of AinwrkM ?ir' to nil tha l.arlior# of ctvjluatl.m Mi l'? iia Uwl'lli renpow'ad an ! gave a. a aeanman*, T1 . ?.a?t . ? ini i aa.? 1>* Iliad "? ? ?'l?lie.t a pf I wa in. t. .I .lomtrata In. a rial It) i? fr maa . Mr lUIAMirvH alao renpondad to tha aama lo?l A'lirlii h?.: I uncludi l,Io i Call* were made on all aWaa f?r law," "t.?i rga I ?w " 'I'baaa .alia wera at lea(|lfc ,. 1 1 i ?. d I ) Mr ?iw>a< Uw, who aaid - Ml I're.idant and Oenth man The toaat to the ?a . > mil I I the rltj of .Saw York baa bean roada m ?a* al,',? It I aa Wn made from that aour a from ??Lt* il I I ad bad to cbooee I ahould liava aelactad If haa I.. . Tt na4e hy l ater (Vxipar, who wa all know aa tha .al.f the toechanlri Ol N. w York In Intalllgenea la i.atilnhani and In a>erytlilng Hint tonaUtutaa laa worthy r ti -n and tha pur* minded man. (l.a.'ghWQ It li i ot >trange that m'ehanlra of the city of Naw York about I bold promlni-ot ( lare, nut only in thia Hto'a but tb ' Ugliout ' lie civilur J world. Wberavaa tbr .. .k of tlielr hand tlo.t? it t-onimanda ra?i?ot, , (tr-i '? at'rntion, and r?tl?.:t? hmior no our cauutrr. |f?.. I ,k hack ?t the un ch iiit'i of New ^ ork, we ?!? I,c1t'..?i ? i.a? ?? nf Main* V* kfnrd, a name wurtky of a IM moat MiteMt ".'a, ao!** if t!? -? rjat'u I.! it ? uf *uy couott/. H? fono at i|... ?. ..t.t! ri of Ih" H.iltan of Turkey to taka rbarce .! aid to lnatruct liia people iu tl?a buUd iug -i a in' < An ' w ?'*n the /ulUu ^ a n'- 1 with lb", whan ha became a<-nuaia%a.l ?. th hit woi'h the ration waa ra.-ed in b'? ?ti iratl' o fur l.a aa I. waa tl?e nation aaJ t ware the elt'./am wb> .oioit.tutad tuat naUua ?i i, . 1 .? !.,r I t?. n ar- ii' ? man and to lat biai I.., for'. I to a fnr?lj;ii > ii't y to build up a oavy f'* "i . .Aula -a ) tf wa tak? an-thar nam#, ??a? ah 1 1. V :'.! U i a- oi g ? th valuo of .taaoi '? raoog^ , ,l,ai. .,11 w Mm: a *re?t. r than that of ll'.bart i ultoi C'tl . ' ' ' i It It lo till mind thai tha .'ill la todeWil for tl.a Utal application of Iba , w. ! ate . oi t . tha propujaion ol b?ia a oo "??* '? w? - -u ?>?? . North river? lha pr .4* of jour Htata? t at lha t rat application of ganlua waa made II ?.atbe l*?t.litui?' t N'*w Yora that ftrat gi ai.ta.1 to blaa i . ., !ui" *ai v t nf liia dlacovary, aul whish Brat n C.vr. ? 111- ln.|i Ma-.-a. *hlle '.b. .raaU.t poUn.aU ?f the w ild h.o' I ' |" n It a? v. ..- nary an I eh.ldiob About tl a tin. t!.n appll alion for the patent eaa Ii-da, .nd th* grant -a ? r oia ! ? Livlngaton Kobert lu'taa .1 II i itoie Ilia Hi nd hat aurvejel lUa great !? I 'lance I.' tka* eUmaat, aad tb? power wbkh lt wouM ? Iva to III the pror'ilalna of boate lie ka I gone la "r u ca, ?b. - b? lal-l hi# plana t-f. ra Napoleon^ a inial ? ti l. had imi compear lie . rdareil a la.ard "f hla ?<Mt kcientlOcVO to lake lot" "?n?. laratlon tha plane ar I Hon arit to ?" ehe' they warn pre' tlcahle or na? Afl.r ? full lo?eatigati n h? time man w!.atn thai nui My mini had fallrd aroun.1 .1 to etai uU Ula i.rdaaa, (..?! to 'i. i aati,*a'e -t '? aobjeita aa might rhanra la ' ii. ? l*ttr? U?? ui, tli?v j.r"t?oii?M "1 it, i(t#r full nat i n i vial' r.-.ry >rtiame It wa. thai de^laion whlah i .a ? ii torn to thla aooatry lie returned fiooa l.a . f f glai ||, arid the oaly niiwl 1'iare capable ?C , I atior hi. Viee. eaa Watt., thai celefcratel maa, w l.i -e n '.ii man l now atan>l .a W a^trn'natar Abbay, a i.natha n .t hi i orad of tl.a nat on It la that a , I. tr in"', o' N York have reaaoa lo la proad, .. that ol e i.ltb lha nat u ha. rraeon to he croad, , . w.ti It le bef. ?e .hall full, appreciate a* a net lor ?,ai:,..|?. a,.f V w 1 -ra' I Jon ret ,r?e4 la t .'if f wa. hare that b? put the Orel eteamar la ,, t ' | ,.u, thla ba?a a: ?<? all trie banoQIa *j ?.'hat graft*. . tperliuent. and lla Influent n il.e aivUiaad , , it ia the mini* of tha uie. han. ? ol New tort ? r 1 your voaaal. an I .1 ia tha ruar-OanU a f ... fori who en.ourage that coriatru* '? -n t - Ami r an roe. for tdeaaore or fn* bualaeaa. ha Ilaaa ? i.a ?. . . .? . ' t 1. i <? a'ly fli.a'.ng -n Ifie ??.? Tbia la ... ran 111 f lha n.< ? hail ? >.f Naw York 'ii to lha . will fil there aa ? .u eof t .e blab a-ln. an .1 lute'l <? ura It . to t lie n.a. bawU thai ? ow.a ta raaafatU ItUll Umi and lo Uea farmer, and to tl.a man. facfirar., that lb. cunt, f t. graatna.a Mac. j ur ve.? la go to all parte <* a . . r .1 I ?nu!d nr' W-r the .eot 'oaot ? v'txtidv.r - ':r V, , !t.f, : U' .? t?? *' ,tt - I a I' aheaM I la prattled t? ga aar a* I ky ?h- Aaaruan pwa I a Ck ' :a?aa l .tbapawe oagUt to rba? that Ha?. T fa v a w . |. . r a f .r fla# ft?t??a w.tU a t.gar > 1 wa '' . ?? *' U.aal ? .... .. , i . ? i .. Wart 4 l.> t.a." ??a b?a red 9 ..Hi' ar. ia ..ret- ? ai.l weja I ? .a? the ... .' a. t a f latv teet .read K'M"ade. ioel?|ueaUy b' Mr l'? arte M HiTauaa, whoiaee a. a .antiiaen*. ? It .,?le i lire ?< a-r -leia. ' nadad ta a (eat teaava 4. i-t.". a.tb ? .I a.l. Ma j tl talvfa .la ? .eu la tka ,?a?lta?e nt lb* l"|'r Vaij?Tt?? M /TT aent, a* a v luntaer t..a?t, tha M kw?.!t;.rd afCi a.r^ra la ?? ' 'L\* XttZZ t II a . \ tt, r ir ' 11 *1 ih*g ?' ? f >'*m ' ' 9 * f . ? .11 Jharr > la aha a... ? ?? ' ?*?*?' Jg/JJ '.aly r?araal?. thai ikMr frvali aal ike peai win w ''viiiinlVV/'tl'le, aeot.meu.te and .paa-he. fo o?a4. and th. feitlrlliaa waia kept up U . a late .'??*? ( llyr Tin ? ? r? of nn Ciinn >' i?>r I'wn <?? ? 'um no Onr rnn i Vmn ft . t ?A f>*p*r ?? KtHMC UiimMi of t|?a r t j> f?? ? r*? "W 'Mflsi tba Caiamon CnmI t? partbaaa Ik* '-rrttaj WiMv tb* a? of II.* ?j' J It <*a faa for ?.??? 1 In ? Ix.ut i tie IMrd 'it IU '.iH ' ,tl l"1* nulla i ?1 flat U<* kil'.i in I* iiniltoUf ".r, lai" <? ??<v* '?fttral ' i?1>itallaf utltl ibm tba tmtlhn t t n h< |iw?ri m; M w(Mi itfyU*' ?inxiun Itafiux a >arj? (ir?<t<a?1.?.a of 11 ? *f tj aiilil ter> aaitai ton f* <i?w <un* fto a? u iiu'im ?*?! in ? ? brt-a"* rail " ?<!? frr.M th? |T? 1? u4 lli' ia r mil m*f ? ?4 f u>?: la I ? k?Mk I . <>? 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