Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6777. MORNING EDITION- -SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE STANWIX HALL TRAGEDY. THE CORONER'S INVESTIGATION. SEVK.VTH 1IAY. The Coroner's inquest in tbia caee wa? rtaumed ye'terday afternoon at two o'clock, b*fcre Coroner Hilton. The f> rnt witness called upon till stand wan Dr. Patrick J. Clark: ? I reside a*. No. 30 Walker street; I am a praciiriiig physician; I wan called t" see noma of tha parties the night Pool mi shot; I was called about one o'clock in the morning to a place in Kim afreet; I was called to see acme men who were weunded; I went to a house kept by Mr. Lyng, and I saw a man lfing on the floor in hia shirt sleevec, and profusely; I believe tlua man was Turner: thfy called him Plunagan at 'the time, lie waa wounded in tb? left arji; it wah a gun shot wound; I heard no ?a*t llie time call him Turner; I afterwards learned Ms name was Turuer; I t uaw another man there lying on a bed, who paid, " Doc tor, I am wounded also, and wish you to exain'ne me;" 1 emmiuad Uim; I did not hear the naino of this man called; t understood it was Hiker, this man had a scalp wound nu tbe left aide, a gun ehot wound; it reached to and lisred the hone; he had another wound on the right aide, over the hip bone, and beneath the short ribs; thin was. in my opinion, a gun s hot wound; it was oniy a tlesli wound; 1 don't think It penetrated beyond the skin : the skin was discolored, but not broken, ?s I coold ascertain; I could not tell from the wound Irom which way the bullet wai received; there were three bullet holes in the shirt, made, I thought, through the folds of the shirt; neither of these men told ine how they received their wounds; I a'ked them how they were wounded; I don't think tliey answered; some persons present said they had been In a fight with Poole; I did not know Lyng till after this time; I only knew only one man in the whole party, and he was the messenger who came for me; there were, perhaps, twenty persons present when I went there; after I had Mamued ll.tLer. I turnel to attend to Turner and while my back was turned Baker left the room; I missed him in about five minutes after my back was turned; ttome men then rami) up to me and said. " Doctor, say we came with you: for the police are here, and we shall be arrested;" ] then heard a disturbance at the door; after I missed Baker. I asked, " Where is the wounded jman V" and some one laid, " lie has gone out;" the policemen then came in, with captain Turn bull; I did not hear of secreting any one when the police carat in: Home one said Baker went nut unon the roof of the house; when I heard this, I said, " He will take cold," knowing bis wounds ware undressed - I did not hear B<tkcr aay, " 1 must go ? it's too d d hot here;" I think Turner paid something like this, referring to the heat of 'the room- many about the room made remarks of this bind; tome of "them may have alluded to the pursuit of them by the police; the room wa- heated by ft arge fire In the grate ; the room wa* not oppresrive, but rnther warm. 1 might recopn se smne o' the other parties in the room: one man told me he tbought the bullet bud entered Baker; he snid he had b?en through the Mexi can war, and knew all about gunshot wounds: I after wards heard thla man's name was Kerrigan; I did not till then learn that till- man was n Councilman: some one told me this at the time; utter Baker left the room I saw a man in the bar-room? a room baclt of where I was? and I thought th'< man wa< Bnker; 1 do not know if any policeman were in the room at ttii < time; there may have been policemen there: I raw a policeman standing In Canal treet before I went into the hourn; I went into the front door of I.yng' > hou-e, and went up xtnlrs; mv impretnon i there were some policemen among the crowd up t taira. Q Were there per ona around Biker, a." if they were trying to get him away in a hurry A. There wi?s a crowd of person- arouii'l him; 1 do not know that they were hurrying him oil; I staid at t!i|. hou o tiil S or 6 o'clock nexi inornine. Councilman Kerrigan war here brought into court. Coroner ? Is this the man you aw that nlghtt Witness? This is the man who said he knew more about the wounds than I did. [Kerrigan looked pale and emaciated, and sat down and talked to his frend ? around him with the greatest noncbalence] Witne<- ? I did not nee Baker after seeing him in the barroom; 1 mtv have conversed with perrons after Baker disappeared, about his ab-esce I did not s?e Mr. Mojris-ey. nor did I hear any man called Morri sey; 1 was up when the rneutn. *er, Mr., called for me; he -aid I would he paid for mv service; I have not been paid yet; I law no wounds about Mr. Baker, excepting those' I have men tioned: when I said '-Baker would take cold," I spoke to those about me: I -aw Baker the la t t'me between 2 and .'; o'c'oi i I should think, Baker remained iu the room where < was, at lea-t fire or ten nilnat?< lifter I pronounced him out of danger I do not know that Ker rigan was in the room when I went there; I did not know him till he spoke to me. Nelson Brewer ? I re Me in Canal street; I did not see this affray; I heard M.airl-sey threa'i-n otuo of them: I heard him say - "Poole was a cowa.d, and the first tim i he had an opportunity he would -hoot him as qu'ck as a dog," he then pulleu out his pistols and ?lamm?d theui down in an excited manner, and I vacated the premise' at once; (laughter) I knew Baler; I do net know that he wa- a .'e perate man: the pi tol was capped tha' Mor rts-evu^ei the pistol was fl red off afterward- Morri? ?ey fired it; T don't think he wa- sober at this time Jamil H Suvdan wa- next sworn I live a' No. ll'i East Twi rtyfourth ''.reel; I have heard Jame Irvln tnske tbrfat-- - gainst some of these men; frvin said h< would have tt-e live jof Hyer and 1'- 1* within a year, if it took all he had; they interfered with him at the pri m.-TV eUcti n . and his race i n the 'rack; this wa said in the latter part of January a year ago. at a Liter day, in May In t, I heard him say h? would hive Poole killed in alight' he said he had the vujhs with him, and they t-hould kill Poole, and he would stand outside while It wis -done, Irvin was then going to the race , and said he ?would have Poole killed tha' night; T called upon Poole, and told him of what 1 had he:wrd: I know Morris ey by night; I ci ver bearfi him threaten he life of Poole; lrvin maid he went hail for the rough - because he bad an ob ject in vie w ; he wanted them to use; Irviu w ,s a tenant nf mine. Lorenzo I), l.ajtnn. ? I am a policeman; I entered l.yng'.- house with two or three officer-; Mr Oilso was the first to enter; 1 entered at the -ame time when I went in I nv a doctor there attending to Turner; there ?were half a doreo in the room when 1 en' ered , 1 kn<-? John I.yngof tbi- party: Mr. Morri- ey wa not there. I.evl Smith was the next examined ? I reside at No. 66 Hudson treft: I am the falter in law of John Mor Tiesey ; be married my daughter; he resides with nm, or boards in '.be same bouse: on the nigh' of the fight Morris -ey and another young man came hom? about 12 o'clock at bight; the young man's name was Cunning ham, I think ; 1 think they came home about 12 o'clock. 1 let iliem in; they went up stairs together and tenor fifteen m tmtri afterward ? Cunningham came down and wen? out I did not notice then I hat Morri -ey wa< in toxicated. in about half an hour Cunningham and another c^an came hack and wanted to know If they could ee John; I told them 1 did not l'ke to wake John up he w?? a leep they then said there bad been terri ble work ? Poole, Baker and Turner bad been eho': I tb'-n let tbem in, and went up stairs with them I tried to awake John up, hat could not Cunnloghsm *nl the other man trie 1 to wake him. bu' they could not; I then thought he wa intoxicated, in the morning aboui day light, roma more people came hack to see John, I then woke him up. and had a tatk with him . he saii he knew nothing about the alTray ; I a<lvi ?d him not to go out that day, and he said he would not. I never heart him threaten rbe life of I'ooie; Cunningham -at with Morris Hey -om?* ten or fifteen minutes when he first came home. Peter Barlow ? 1 reside at No. 4 Cro-by street I keep a public bouse at corner of I'rince street nnd Broadway; I w.m in my pluce on the night of the fight; I should tbmk I w.s 'there till 12 o'clock. I have -eeu none of this party since tbe tight excepting lkker, who rushed into my place and said, "Give me a cap." he rushed out lelote one was given him. he did not get any cap in ?y place I think as be came in he lifted up hia vest and nsid. " See where t am shot :" I did not notice it. tor I did not th.ok it worth noticing. Crawford Martin ? I live at No. IS/I Thirtieth street I went to Htanwll Hall on the n.ght of tbe fight . with Mr Post and Charley Lotier Morri sey wa. in one c(*ner of tbe loom and Poole in the btker. itaker was :here. and Poet,aake i h.m if he had a revolver, he thraw open hi coat ami liowed a revolver anil said, ' Yes I always curry one tor such too- of b? a a - you are " Jol-n Al'en? 1 reside at No. 00 l.ispenard street; 1 am bro'lier of the man who keeps that place : 1 was th're on tha evening that Mr. Poole wa tibnt on that night I was alone In the bar with Mor- ssey and others; there w era In tha company Morrlssey llaktr Cunningliam. John ilylsr an I o'her* whom I cinnot remember. I know I'audewn I don't know tha* )>>? was there, these men were in company together, f do not know wha' they talked about; I hear! nothing about the figbt. I ne\er heard any of that party thr< aten the life of Mr. I'ooie. 1 never hear<l any of them aay they would have satisfaction I do not know that they were armed: I went to bed before the parties left: my plsce waa taken when I went to l>ed. by a young man t amed Andrew Byron, I can't say aM the party were there when 1 went to bed; some of them ?were ther? 1 went to bed about half-past ten or eleren p'cWck. hie hard D. Burford deposed ? I re.ide at 1-4 Horatio street. 1 cair.e out of the Metropolitan riot"!, and seeing .% crowd ?t Matiwix Hall. I went over tb*r*; Morria ey .UK i'ooie were having high word*, Mctiuire wa- t'.ere -j.nd from .is n snn-T I thought he wanted to fight wi'li Pvtole This was about half past nine o'clock: (harp word" wete pas ng between Poole and Mciiulre. Poole tolu Mcl.uirr he did not come there to light him or raise m 4isturb?QCe in tbe house, Poole said he would resent an insult in the proper way what next occurred u Hiv ilar to what has been published. Richard itnall ? I live at So. M leonsrd street, I am proprietor of the public hou?e calle>i ' B?lle ? f the I 'nion:" .< * as not tiirre on tbe night of this tight: I was |q bed ?t the time. 1 never beard any of the parties speak of JVIe Kiederic lattiewood ? 1 reside at the Cooper H use 1 liou t kr.ow anything about this affair. t>ne o! t ue art men asked If tne young man who tend ?<1 I.yng a p ?ce could not be found The C< rooer aatd tie coulb n >t he had ma''e every eiertion to catch him, hot had 1 etc unable to do no The c*** waa then adjourned till 10 o clock 1 1 day. WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF JAMES ? * IRVIN. Af er 1- at :? j ' 1 * 'e- lm .ny f M- 8ayJam, given a* ^f%we>>rded af ve, Coroner Hilt n sued a warran' for 'be I *rr??i > f ,'ame Irv.n II' will n- bably be arreted ' ? slay. The 'ea'imon; of Jrt a c.?- ? wr.H tS?* givea by ? ?' W'laiu THE PUH9UIT OF BAKER. Sinee the unsuccessful pnr-uit of linker by JvHc* Stuart, the Major lias been actively employed in devising new means for his capture. Am hood hi hwhe.ird of hi escape on board tbi" I jibalU Jewett he write to the Wa vy Department at Washington, reijueding tbtiit a vessel miis'ht be despatched in pur uit of the fugrMve Aftetf a brief telegraphic oorre-ryondnwe, he wa- informei | that the revenue cutter at 3His port would be-^.iced at hi.< di. powil fur that purpose, and that another gi>v?rn ment ve sel, whieh if to Hail Immediately fr>tn Norfolk for the of Africa, had /ecelved orders to ?t<>p at the Can iry Inland* n her way. Sergeunt Kurd we.a y*s terdny detailed by the Mayor to assist in the eapt'ire of linker, and left at once fur Norfolk, where he wit- em bark on board the ve*sel de Officer Br ill ?? been detailed on the same miwion, and ha tilrtady eft on Ix'ard the revenue cutter wh!eh' nailed lint ore niog from thin port. Thegreatest confidence! i felt in ? gurd to the Hnel capture of Ilaker at the I'tntri'i; bet Le i-earch will, we think , be an un> uccei.ful one, . e he brig is conddered a very fa t sailer, and, withil, h?< had a week's start, with splenlid wind f.rr the first two days of her voyage. The I abella Jewett' raust ere thU , if no intervening accident hai> happened her. be abiut even or eight hundred mile from this pert, and will in all probability reach Phlmn* two or thre.? rtavs ahead ot the (irapeshot. Then, again, it ii very probable that linker, who well knew of the strict search thai wi< be lug made for liiui, will either change ve sels when out at sea, or wilt prevail upon the master ?f 'he vemel to set bint ashore at some poit other than Paitnii?. lUker Im represented to be a man of great shrewdne s an! one that will u e every artifice that man 1< capable of to escape the ofhrert of the law. Ceorge I..iw had an interview with the Mayor yester day, during whieh he ollered to place the Grap*thoi at his disposal for the pursuit of Baker, on condition that the txpern* of fitting her out for the cruise wtth men . previsions, Ac., wonld be defrayel by the city As the Mayor, however, has no authority to aet in such n mat ter without <he eo operation of the Common Council, the ofler of Mr. Law is useless for all practical purpose*. Two or three days at least would elip^? before anything definite In regard to it cou'd hfrarriTPt! it. LINN BAILED. Yesterday Daniel Linn, the detailed policeman a!le.;ed to have aide! Baker in effecting his escape, and wlio w&a committed by Judge Stewart, was vesterday bailed ou of prison in the sum of 910,000. Jolmy I yng ha?, we understand, been bailed out of prison also F.iforta were made to have the ball of Couneilmnn Kerrigan and others reduced, hut without success. NO FONEBAL SERMON IN JANE 8TREEP CHURCH. KIASON8 KOR ITS NON-DKI.fVKKT. We received the following notice from -oms of the parties interr ted yesterday The relatives of the Ute William Pcole had expressed a desire to have a sermon preached next Pabbath, as but few could hear the address last Sabbath. The pastor was ready to com - P' J with their request, and a reporter stated il in one if the city papers, Since then multitudes of inquiries have been made in reference to the time, and the mn.-t luten e snxiety was expressed to heir it; hut in view of the pre-ent state of the public mind in regard to the late sail catastrophe, and the fact that the house of wor- I ship (winch on ordinary occasions (s full uml overflow- I iDg) ci uld not contain a twentieth part of thoie who desire to attend? therefore the friends of tbedecMs*', the pastor, and trustees of the church, have all come to the conclusion that it is inoxpedlent to have a funeral disci ur-e rext Sabbath. BAKEIt KBPORTED TO BE IN PlilLADEL PHIA. [I-'rom ih? Bulletin, March 10 ] About daylight thin morning, a man neut to tlie tn tion Uou e of tbo Nineteenth ward (Richmond) and stated that he knew llaker. the murderer ol I'oole, and that h.< liad seen him com* a horn from a nsml wliicb had just come In from New York A party of officers wen- immediately put upon the tra-.k, and information of the fact w?> conveyed to the police of the other di Tin one. If il i? true tiiat the murderer ban worked hn way tol'hiladelphia, it will bp scarcely possible f?r hiin to ercape, a the enormity of hid crime lias cr?ated a strong f?*? lintf of indication against him. and the re ward of $'i,00U oiler 'd for his arrest will nerve n a o additional incentive tn tboiie who are In pursuit of him Lettrrof Daniel K. Drlavin, II IH OPINION OK UOVKHNOB CI. AKK ANI> HIS CAI'SK AMI' Ai rilONI'MKNT8. The following letter from Mr Delavan, is in reply to certain strictures on hi* course published in a new spa per called the Hulj'alu iJtmocravy : ? Alimmt, March 18, ISM. During the last t? enty -even year* I have had too much to do in combatting the open and determined hos tility of the encraiea of Tein|>er?nee. to need hint* inuendoes, or wbmperingn from any quarter ; and I cannot but doubt the genuineness of those lemperancs mi n, who whisper about things intended to prejudice me in the estimation ol the publle, that have no found ation in (act. The charge thai f<>r -eiii-h ends 1 am inxioti- to de feat tba present prohibitory law, has, to :iy the leunt of it, the merit of originality To lie believed it nhi uld le poken In a very low tone, ami verr con fldentially, to t&o.e who ire unac(|u;iu%fd with me. or with tbe labortou and unremitting endeavor- I have put forth to secure the pa n tre or that law n pa Ned by the Assembly. When the law i- defeated. mh'I that id re ult in attained, then it is "whl jiered ' t lint I am to lind c n olation In the deep grief and disappointment ol t.overnor Clark, aud tue vote- that he will be likely to loo ?> at the next guber uatorial election. Thi* in to Ik my reward for hi- re ' fit -ing my nomination I which 1 m ver made i for health olBcer and private -ecretary. and Into en-ur' my own success a ' t.overnor in 1*66 when I have not yet to my knowledge, been thought of a a candidate for that ollicp at that time, >pd it the flr^t intimation I have heard of tbe renominatlon of the pre-ient Exeiutive. The whispers in reference to my remarks on (Jovercor Sey monr'c veto must be the Ian' dying sound of that loud |ieal of thun>'er which greeted 'heir appearance, i enid that I believed " Governor Sevmour had acted from a sence of duty, and now let temperance men do tr.alr duty " And for one, a* he well known, 1 left no lionorableeipedieent un'.riet to prevtn' hiii re election When f used the words above referred to 1 believed tna* the Governor considered the law which he vetoed, to be uacon-titalional. I then thought t lint he wan mistaken. Hut it now turn* out to be true l*yond all Question, that he wa? right. Mr. Stabbins of the As-embly, Chancellor Wnlwonh, and many ither lenrned teruperan ce lawyer* and jubges, unite in the opinion il w.i- unc >nsti>utlonal Thi- Govern >r Reymour atanda vindicated, nnd. with lionet m n?l I feel that I Khali atand vindicated ale*. The last wlileper in the ear of the editor of the Dn nr nae'j which 1 need to refer to, in tbe charge that oat of the Tmprranc r Httordtr I ma le twenty thousand dol lam. and that It ?a? so understood In Albany. For twenty thousand dollars put forty thousand iVollarn for tbe profits on all the publications of tbe Htate Society and the statement would Imi correct. Hut there is no need of indulging in wink* or whispers? not one cent ef it went Into my pocket. The ac counti were all audited yearly by the ve neiahle Archibald Campbell, so Ion? deputy secretary of State, and printed and spread broad cast over tbe netionr . and it wan th-se protlia, with the small and large benefactions of the friends of temperance, about two hundred thousand dollars (In time and money> coming from myaeif directly or indirectly, tba*. print*! and circulated 'lie thousands sod millions of pages of temperance pub'.icat oos issued by the Stat" T?mper ance Society, and other expenditures and sacrifices to defend nnd extend the eaune during the last quarter of n century It is painful to be seemed of sordid motives tnd po Utical aspiring, as the incentive t'i the grmt work in whioh I have been *o long ardently, and. Itru-t hou eatly engaged. I have never -ought, solicited, or -e cureed political preferment. My friend, the Hon Rra? tu? ? orning, who has be. n familiar from the very out set with my temperance labors, and was on the Exacu live Committee tor many tears, and who i? acquaint* 1 with my contribution-, piaced the pacumary estimate upon them to whioh I have referred I only repeat It to "are my elf my family, and the temperance ea>i-e, from the unjn*t u-picion- and imputation* cast upfiu them by such attack* upon me. and to >bow that neither pe'-auiarlly or peliticaliy have I eought my own advan tape. With tbe pre?ent eie- ntlve It has been my misf irtune to diner. I could not do otherwise. As he was a pledged tot ? I abstinent e m. :i , tne taudarl l*earerof a pr>iU* ry law, nnd the candidate of the Auburn Conv>ntton. 1 exhausted whatever means 1 em Id command to secure hi- siection I workod for blm faithfnlly and to the fat of tny ability, believing in him the temperance cense would have a true tried and un-werving friend, lie has thought it right to appoint to office* of hnnjr and emolument liquor sellers and liquor dealers This I i do believe has had a depressing and paralytiog effect | upon tl a temperance can e. and .eaeens tbe probability of the pa- -age of the Maine law. I i'iS"laim ?nv wi?h ir attempt to dictate to the Gov ertii r in i.ny of his .'pp>iinlment> When he i-ked my ' opinion of s /entleman whom he hod talked ?f ipfiolnt 1 ing s his private ec re Vary 1 re> immenled htm . a pe?s a of fine literary ta te strict integrity a nie* ense I f honor, a ntxgre-sive temperance mm and a devout Chriatian. Whtobei, ked my optnn/* of Vie ?e(ret. ry *k' m he did ap|*.iot, I Uld lum be cou'd not retain b m without sinking ti hi i I'Vel He asked me to gither up nnd send to blm whatever vould be akeiy t ? ex are s tite Bubllc feeiing tn refaience to f?r l?.? i eandi '.a' a f<>r e.lth Officer, a -uring ma he w.> entirely unpluaged and I dM so. All the former i*m?ident- of 'he H- "e Teni I permce Se-Uty, nnd all it> pre-en- !i;?r hu a* i nai'ed in tbe peiiii?a for hi n< m.n?'ion And wt'h ' 'he>e extended and trae remark-. 1 ubmr Mr Cditor I both to yen and y^ar reader . If ihe pr .hi!e r? 1 w i bef re the Senate ; defeated or oem* ?' . t, be era thm u.elese, whether 'he resp n b .ry 4 ? fa'. are should in any nn .*nre be i^riba'.sd ' h* Very rvejectfvlly j ur , (J>WaU< C, Iji. * i'A.V. anrarxozr axi ArrAii^. Itoartf of Aldermen. March 16.? Nathan C. Ely, Eaq., war called to tlM ctrttr, is the ah .ence of tfce Preaident. ML'CKLLASWDS PAPKKi. .Sereral rttnrn* of appointeienU, reaiguatlocti ami ev pul- miH freer the Fire Department. Six communications fYotu tie Chief Engineer of the Fire Depart meat, tram mittirg- ccmpiatou againxt various member* ?f that bod/. The pvtttum of Alfre4Cu?per. one of the anaist ?t Clerk* of !he hoard of Alderaeii, aiking for an ;n crrime of pay from >700 to ?U00 a year. Ttie Alderman of the Sixteenth ward bore levtuuOB? to the buaiaeae ea pabtlitita acd ansirtaity of Mr. Oocyer, and the petition wairiiirectcd to be ,?mteatt'd to the 1 1 ud of Counoilnten with the unaa.moue iwgnMt of this body that the pray er be gianted. The Komvaiaaioner of He palm and Sup pile* wa* directed to cauae the roon> aow occupied b;e the I aw I.ibrar/ to be vacated and pre pan d for the ow ot the fcrand Jury, befoia Monday, the >IHh in i taut HA* IV TH* IfOAltD, l*t)\ IIMJ AdAiam " iHtiUCPI TilllJ mMHHrau." Alderman Brum* (Thirteenth ward) offorwl the follow ing preamble and reaoluti^nr ? Wh.rtai, The city of ffew >'ork i* tho flr? nsuimortiU! city >>t the Weatern *'> rid, whrnu |><ip u ? m < ?n, nltli .ti. h lae <elIW A iwriean, i* chiefly u?varnril l>j di*re|,uta?lA f?riauv*: where** ?o tearful u. Mi. trial* in municipal avil that the people have a ri?h> to .?* nuu I .(In ial xM'iarlof tin- olrtb and reputation of tho*e who have been appointed to gnari) ouir ( rnpvrty and nor llvr?; and where t?. enteral week< atiice t lie following' rnolnrion wa* adoptta t?y thu Hoard KeaolvrJ, Tha* George t\ . Mat?rll, Chief of 1'iiHte, report, an h 1 1 1 1 n an poraihle, to this hedy, bow many Avwru-tn", Iri hinen. Bontchmen (ierrcan* Frcnobmve, tliiftlfeboien. ?n<4 all other aathnie, thrre are in the Folic* Department ?t thia eltys alao. bow many of the pr aent pulloenutii bate been in tho |?rieona of the tinted State*, and of allies eoun trice; aiao, how many of the | rem nt policemen ha a h<-?a naturaliied, and 1 on many litre been mini* country leaa tliau live year*; m?o hy ? bom all the member* of the irci -m I'olice Department of thia city were appoints. Iteeolved. That a committee be appointed t > am ntain, from the Chiel oi i'oiiee, ? hy he ha* Ion* delayed h;a re epMiNO to thb aboVV rem lotion Alderman HauiCK aaked wero the Hoard prepared to vote (or aech a document aa that juat rea l, which Bays that the city U governed by diareputablu foreigner * Now, he thought the city win governed by the Mayor, the C'( tnmou Council, and the head* of department*." lie moved that it lie upon the table. Aide .nan C. H. TiH KHc consented to the portion of the preamble objected to by the Aldertsan of the Nineteenth neicf; etricUen. Alilt-rman Wm. Tccxlk would vote for the reaelution, but wan oppoae<l to the pieamble, becauae it wai contra ry to 1h* tart thie city wa* not ohietly governed by din reputable foreigner*. Aloernian Hkiixih aupportad '.he preamble and reaolu tion. lie liehered tliat the election* u! thia city were controlled by iliarepuiaUe foreigner*. It war. well Lnown that an American cannot vote with rtafety in the Sixth I ward. Alderman hoped that the resolution would be laid upon the table, and denied that tint city or the electloun were governed by foreigner*. There waa not an Irishman or a German around that iloard, nor wan there a foreigner, but one, at the head, of any department of ttiia city. Alderman Howard naid that lie hoped the preamble and ieaolut:i>n would be voted down, h? thought it would lie a diKgrace to the Hoard if adopted. The charge* mare l y the Know Nothing of the Thirteenth ward, iu re'ation to Americana being prevented from j voting in the Fourth, Hixth and Fourteenth warda, waa i a bare falsehood from beginning to end lie nnver knew any American to be driven an ay from the poll* in the Sirth want On the contrary, the Irinh In that ward ha 1 elected him (iiowaro), an Aineiican. though the oppo* ing candidate waa an Iriahman bom. It la the [.ractu e ot mcmbeni about the Board to take every opportunity to caat alum upon the ward which he had the honor to tepieaent; and why ' Uecauae the population ronaiated mostly of (oreignera; and I aak who ia it ,tbat to mgbt UDdertakea to i aat a atiirma on the Iriah' of the Si ? li ward, and complain* of the manner of conducting elei i lion a' A perron who nevtr roae higher than a war<1 pri uiary flcotien politician, and ia indebted to that aource i for hia ae-it lure. I hope no more will he *aid about the . It i-h being diareputahle citirena, eape. ially in the sixth I ward, which ia acknowledged to bm one of the moat 'julet, j pt ureal. (? an 1 orderly on tniaialand, and her citucna are j entitleil to aa much reapect, though foreign l>ora, a ? any other*, thoush they de*cende<l from the lodltna Alcerman HkHHicK. aa a former rmaident of the tiixth > ward for aome yeara, repudiated the i tea tha' n Ane \ rican could not rote there. II* waa an American, and he voted there for several year*, and never wa* mo I lea'ed. A utern. ii n \ iH.KMi" would be .-orr.v if *uch i preamble j as that proMied ahould be pa'*ed by t b I* Board. It waa geoertlty thought that the Chief of I'olice waa an i fngli-hnj&o nut Mr. Mataell bad aaauted him i Alder ?nan V. i that he waa born In thil city, and that he < Mr ( Mat.aell vaa preai'nt on th? ooi.a*ion. (laughter i He would vote for thu reaolution, but i:eitaiuly net for tbo preatnb e. Ali'e. man Uoefl waa in favor of the reAolution, but oppoaed to the preamble. I h" motion ol Alderman Merrick In lay the matter on the table, waa loat, by a vote of 11 to T . It waa then moved to atrike out the two Urat para graph* of the pteaiuhle. which waa < allied, by a vote of 15 to II. The preamble ao mod:fl?d. ami the reeolution*. were then adopted, by a rote of 10 to H The Chair app< inted the Al :crtu?n of tbe Thirteenth, i Twentieth and rifth warda a* auch committee. Til* MAINK Ugl oil [.AW. TfCXOI moved to call from the table i the ordinance for the m ire eilectual enforcement ol the 1 e?.ei?e law in the city of New York. After aome diacuaaion, the matter waa again in leAmie- j ly poHtponed. rxopoatu nmixmoN of ckxtiul park. The report of the committee concurring with tbe Councihnen to teduc* the ai.e of the propoaed Central I p*rk, w*a called up iml dlacu*aed. Aidetinm Wiluamkos moved a* an amendment, to mrmnriali7? the I.egiala' 'ire to re[>eal the act a* the pai l> wai Lot required The amendment waa loat, and the rtpott waa adopted by a vote of li to ii. THU POOL* TlUOKDr. The reaolution of the Counctiuen authorizing the Mayor tj oiler a reward of ?.*?,<_ <ki for the appreh-n*lon of *lx>a'.a Ilaker. waa taken up, debated and non concur red n Ad .ourn 'd to Mon lay next, at 5 o'cloc.U Hoard of Councilman. iU." H In.? The It ird mat at 5 P. M puruant to ?d. 1 jourr.roent ? It. It. Oonover, Itaq , Prt iden' in the ehvr ' The vi aute /! the U-t meeting were re.d ind improved. bilmi r*rmn. 1h* following bill- wert re'id for 'he thirl >ime ml p.l M?ed ? Hep<rt- t Committee on A- -e -men' ?In fivor of (lagging -outb de of Twenty iiftU utree', Iwtwwt Thir I I m'l Islington iv*nue.? in }.!?? r i! reguiv-iag. fe I orty eighth - rut, b? t ween Tenth utmm nd MTfr in (.1 Tor I f flagging. Ac . hignty econd - w h< ?ween Hecond ml Thir l ?r?nuee , in favor of reguhting NMM -'reel. hetwwn Third md Psvtk urenuen, in ! fetor of parlay. He.. iorty flr>t -tract, between F.igbth and Ninth ?v<-riue in luvor of digging ke Attorney JN'1 ? uc.ry unit < I n ton mreetn in faror of filling lot Ml Last t..ur:i-enta atrwt; in faror of newer tn Franklin ? tract, t^twu ii Hudaoa atraet and tha Hudaoa river in faror of (tagging Trinity place -outh of Hector atreet ' Of Committee oa Finance, in fav^r of donating ha* hundred dollar* to aociety (or tha relief of p.or widow* with -mail children in favor. of donating una tbouaaad dollar* to tha Saw York I inpenaary. < if Committee on Fire Department. in favor or paying ftlmund m i ' b on* iiLodrad dollar* for lajunea lecaired in tha diarharge ot hia doty aa a fireman <>f Oomaiit'-ae on Public Health, in favor of fencing lota in Thirty aeeoad ?treat, betaeen fer"uth an I P.ifhth avenue* Of Committee on Marketa, In relatK n to cellar uo< -i I mm marke>. of Committc*- of ftepaira and >uppU>-, to bu Id iron railing* around Tompkin* ?|tiare fountain. Of Comrnrtee on Market , in faror of giving aieluaiaa u?a of abed on fp r ng street to conn *ry buckatera. amended by add. ng to tha reaolu turn the worda "together with -bed* on < anal Mreet. from Meat to Waabington etreet." Of Committee oa tire I>?1 ar- rut nt. in faror of granting a mora central loca tion for tha Fiempt Fire ( ompanr, amend# 1 by triking out the worda ' mirth, -outb, aa-t and we t." concur not; to data tlma of auadry member. of engine company No. amended by adopting 'he following resolution ? Heanlred, That the Chief Fngmeer ba r"ire.tad to ta reira the return- of th? member* of engine company No lift, upon their payin / the uaual charge for heir cartifl : at* au I that tha Cieri of the Common Coun-il he li rected to place t hair oamea on tha Fireman Kegiater, at the data a-aed lor by the parna- named. Haport of the ( onumttec on Finance, in f.iror of do nating tbrae handrad dollar to 'be gradua'e of the Institution for the Blind, .>nien>iad bj itrik ing out the aord> "'brce hundred, >nd m en ng in |M tii?rw>r tba wcrde 'lira huadic<l." ? rf Co in mi ec on Fire Ue ( -riinem, in favor of providing a naw location for H'?-a C< mpany No. 30. .n.end<-i br ?triklag oa< t.'iaworl "Na aau. w bare it occur .n the re -olu ion an liu- rt tng tn lieu t! area.f tha worl "?,old i?C>.?itnittee on acta, in favor of (lagging the following 'treat , rit higbtaentb ?tr*e\ between Hr*t aad l?a? d avwnue. (re nt of No 3T9 >nd litl Tbir?l avenue, m front of No< 174 aad 177 Huflalk a' real; aidevilka of laerity <aco?4 ?tract, between .- *th aad Haventh avenue. Ridg ?tract, fiom Prooaia to P.imagton treat Bro-.m atrect from T"?pkin- toi*at ? t rewt , *outbea t ?< rncr < A ^e'.oa>l irino* n d Fifth -trewt. (H Committ*-* on Wbarvc-, hir? sod ?.lp> id favor >f repairing and aa t?D' ng | ier foi l of Fifth tree' Eaat rirer iif i <>m nuttec on l^nd.' and Place in favor renu.riag ', re*w and iam|> po-t* n U>-' ar>-? ' in fron'.' .f the City Halia Of I ommittee on hewer-, in favo; of rec. . r.g baeiaa at the aortbeaa*. an 1 ootbei-t oeraar of W? t ?treat, with Beach, Veatry ?ad i.. gi, < atreet Of < ommittee on -eaer* In favor ef bun ig a rxoit IM b ." U at aoutbweai corner of Twenty me',*! a'.raet and i<iith araau? referred March ? ijf ' tee on Wharvea, Pleta and Kip* in faror of -epti^nc bridge arroea bp ten Iivyve. creek, kn< wt? a* 'Ferctiani bridge. ' Of Committee en Orninance# m faro- of e atgnat eg Hon. HiBiam Kent t? rariae aad ' .!fy the orciatoeae of 'hia elty. Iff ' ?irr. ilttea on Pakit* Ra 4th. la favor of feaciaf lot* near the f rear of Heveatb ave ave aad iweatr aeeoad atra? <)f < ma tlae .o "rac* la favor of fencing lei* .a Thirtieth a real betw>ea the Hit*1! and "?rratb aveeaea f.t ?a*or ??' Sagt agfiaraolh a'raat, k?t??*n Tifth aad hit h <i?a. ? ir ft,* t f-*gg ig T iwty firet a real, he wee* ? ??; >ai ? . , i.i i.norof flagging Twetty aeventh ?treet, b# tar#n Kifhto and N'li.ili aii'O ifr. Ill Itur il flagging ?cntbe.'iat <*oincr of ll imtou ami Mfftt atreets, iu of 'togging 1 wenty ninth and Thirtieth (.treet*, batweem bixtb am' ta^b'-h avenue*. in fuTur of kiving iro*?-.?alh In frout of irealiyterian church in Tweetyihird *ira?;#, in fatoi of Happing Ludlow alrert, between .'U?nti>r i*l n atreeta; in favor ol flagging c iroer ol llwat n i> fiii ('lintcn Btrreta. A fTntra at the Major'* OtUrt. nmtVf? of cvitrs ?hay on a ciiakub ct ? ISO MlOl.KN HON BY. Cyitf?,8bay. who haa h/ured so C0B"*pteunu*'y *'? ihr went t.'#fedy at tbe fr rral of Poole, ws y? U"d ly it | rsated ou Ibe complaint of John l' Hnggina, of I.' ???? joy '* Hot''/ who charge* wirti having receKcil a po^Son of 9'T<i 60, whicfi wn atolea fr< r* n rottn In that hotel b v a man nanned Chatmcey Jolineou ut the ?4th #f July 1IB, Dm umnoy con i*t?i i>' hank not' . and |?>1J and f "r?r coi?, an'! MhhkihI >o Menu . Jwm 8. l.tTby and Vvbinglm S. Whitney Johnnou w? dl*ch?ged at t.'le time for wautot evidence, but wen-nr r?*te i a little nmf tbau a year >go for *>?lmg BtK.Mij fircm tt? Haw. ol tbe.Mitcof New Yom. nod fearing been conrtctl I of the charge *?? sentrueod to the fita> lYieon to* in ? ml ,*eara. 'The !< ! *>wing allilaeiV wera uiaae before Ju ne; Ottome at ths Mayor' < nfltre, and it ?variant wa.i m. ued lor theaite-l v4 jhay, *bo wi.*heU' to ball. John I" Mujririn* of l-ovejoy'i. Hotel be Rg daly tnoro. orj yo-eili ami lalib? Tbiit OB-lbe 4th rt?y ?y July lS?.'j, in the .-"coud of the city ?! -New VnrL in the county of New York, ?i feloniously taken, i >l?o an<l carried away frr m ilio |>i,.ro-.-lun of i)t|ioDi>trt fV f ol hwmg property ?On" tin bo*, containing aund-* banw n>?e- and goli and xilror rsion of tb?-?nlue of *J?3 60, the property of Jam* S. Uhbyaud Wf-hiugltn S Wlut nor partner*. inn t haat tbi ? depona.rt baa i p/'vbable ? au ?? to nuB|.<cf, u ml <!(?-* KU'poct tl-at the ai<) |>ro ?a- leloi.laokly taikra. tulun ami earned awnf by < bnuncay John*ca and deponeet bn? rounon to ^uxpect anil Selieve fiom the information of A?lre? J. Ilynrn. (bat nAji! | ropert7, or part thereof. *i< ult?'?.iM^ utolen or re wived from r iul John' on by-Oyrua tikay nnd .le|M> nent ehurire- Kai l Hlmy wl b baring ? receive 1 mtid property well i.B<ya iii(( at the time that the aine had been i-tolen. Andrew J. Uyer-, of So. t?0 Ki^penard atreet, being duly Kworn. ay That 011 or about the Mb day of July. 18I&. while < ha nncey John <on wu.< confined In the city priaon. en 11 rbarg* of tea 11 tig a tin boi contain n< luocey. from Ixireioy ? Hotel, jnaaa II. ?iiillip.<, K?| dfllrered a ialed letter to deponent, at the Itcuu Hon e. No l:W Church rtfeet directed to Cyro Shay . ubieb he requested tleponent tn band to aaid Shay, de (Hjnent afterward delivered the anid l?tter 10 Shay | wno. being unable to re id the <am?. re.|ue ted deponent to rend it for him. whiob itepaneni did. i.rpnn?ut fur ther aara that ttie Haul letter directed aai<i SUay to go to the (iirard Iiou-e, and in a certain room de-dgimted fwbich depopi nt ihinii - waa No. tt" ) between the mat lie ea or bedding, he would find UAO tint nw lienm hil (Johnson' ) part of the money ? but what iionev wan meant deponent iloea nut kui<? , and the anid letter al*o contained direction* ne-to getting into aaid room. , mention being made aliout ulpporx or pu ka, deponent I doe n< t now recollect which after reading aid letter to j Miay he went out. and waa gone about twenty mioMt?*, ' when he returned, and holding up a Ur;;r roll of bill', be fhcok them at deponent and nam. " Il take- me to make a beat he then went into .1 private box and counted the m< uey, when lie called depoeent 10 him. and naked bun iceponent) to roun! it for l.ini a* he couV uotmi'ke it come out righi atating thai llie letter called for ?; o nd he couU only make what h" bad cime to, f8^'a. diponent Uien counted the mtney for him and it amounted to cnni'iatinir all of hank note-, u g<H<d I'.tul of ii being in UoTerninent etook mo ney and onie fractional bilk alter counting the aaid money for bun. the Ha Id Shay went out, at?d depnaent h i - u?Ter had any conver.ition with him about and mo nev flnee th it ' 1 irie We are rei|ue ted by Mr Jonua H. I'liillip. b) '.ate that whan lie receive?l the lelter ref?rre?l to in the fore g< Irg ifJidiiTit, be w:i? acting the coun-fl of Shu v . nd that he wa entirely ignot ill of H- entente. Il wai bunded tofhiin by Jihn on Ilia client with therejiieat that he would bare It delivered to Shay attbe'teean Hou-e. AKHfcflT FOR SKbLtNO ITNIIKALTH V MKAT. A young mun named lliuilt waa unreal*) vMtnlir ou a <liai g? of being eugaged in the aale of unhealthy meat It nppeara (rum the complain' of Jm- pb I*. V.orrin, lleal'h Warden of the Klerenth wai l I'nub m on* of a large niimbor of hntche-H in that nod other loeali' en who aell diaeamM and unhealthy meet, koo tliat ' he* hare earned on thia buameaa {< r a long t:to? with perfect impunity. Tt ey ere constantly hi tb?i (w.ntico of alaugiitoring chItp* from one to ttirw dnj* old, In violation of a la w e<pre>aly prohibiting it under a' heary penalty. In thin caae Hruah pieaile 1 Ignorance of dure a law whin brough' before Juatice naturae lie wan required, bo wvrr, in flat ball 1 n the urn of a tjiooannd dollar*. Ph? following an' the affidavit* a worn to before tbf Jndge ? .lo*?ph I'. Mom . of No. 64 I*#li tree', Health Warotnof the llaTenth ward, being dnly worn, depo e nml ray ? That on tb? Nth of Marcli, IH5-V hi* Tlalted the alaughtrr houae of Hru h, No IT. I St-inton ?t pet, and found men langbtering there ? number of catre* tr?-ni one to two 'lay* oi l ami had already laugh t< re<l and prepared lor mirket even of aald calvei and the perafnx engaged there admitted to deponen aald m>ma! were unfit f .r market, and tba' the name ver unfit to be eaten. Deponent further ay* 'hat t!.e idatighter:n(r and iale of aaid an. mat* I- deirimenlal li? liefilth whereupon deponent [ray that aid Brut-h majr be nire-'rd and dealt with according, to Uw TiatiU Rruali, of No. 170 Htan'cm afreet being 'n'r aworn aara ? That the^following per?on , to wit Wolf Slegel. of Vo. 1101 I'ltt ?tr>et .lullu. K'ei-hhand of the corner of Ftuton and Attorney afreet* and Meinrlrh Matte-n. of No. 20 ( Union atreet were the owuer of ?lie rblve , alanghtervd on deponent' premise* on file Ittb of March ?!<*' a a stated in the accompanying affidavit of Joaeph V Motrin, and the aai 1 per-011* are the one who elaughterert aid animal- and prepared thein for n.irket, to be old a> t.ited In tbe ai'l affidavit. aril tt? -nine wire o alaiightered on.-leponent r>r-roi ?i Without 111. knowledge or conti nt TIIC AMULTUUTKI) MILK CA"K. Tli" pa rtiea arieated on 1 charge of aelling dnltented n;iik hive been htld to b ill by Juatica 0 -borne until the r ? 11 iLrf-tlgatrd by th? ilrand Jury, There can be no r:oub tli.i* thi? milk i- exceedingly I'eleterioua 'o the be iltli of all who u*e it bat part icnlarly to children ? rid any perion detected in the -jile of It ahoold '-e puo iahed 'o liie utmoat ft en' of the luw It la iaaertad,oa reil ible luthority that at |i a?t one fourth of the yearly mort.ility Mnoiti ctiildrao ia uttrlbutablatoit W? truat tba' tbefirand .lurr will gltre thia r.i?e their eap?< ial eon deration. for It l? oae to which all con-uiuera of milk re deeply Intere-ted. ATTIMITRD OtTRAOE OS A TOl'NO WOUA'.. A yo'in^ wnmao aamed Angu ta Wienn* Imog 1 the rear building of 201 Hon ton atr?e', appeare 1 a' the Mayer'a office, ye.ferday, and atated that her room wa b:i ken into on the Htb inat between IV an 11 t nigh . by a ging of <>erman rowdie who attempted to 1 rdate her pertiii. Hhe wa tngafed at the time .0 wrung a lelte r to her parent when ther burfct Into the room, h'ew out the candle and attempted to accompliab tteir I rtital purpo e. She doe nut kiiow any of them by name, but I- po-.tiee that they are a ging of men who . . ngr<-gate around the ?ngine Imuaa of Iloee 1 'ornpany No IB, In Hoaatna treet. Hbe waa ?ent to th* Poll' I Court ?t taeet Market, where her ca e will If a'b-mled to. ar.d If pomlble, a warrant iaaued for the am .t of the part lea ANOTiim roticv cahi Jamee I ougbbrid^e, of 'i7 ftith arenue, e >mplaine<l that John fink, of 341 llr-adaar Caecond floor), who ia a p?dlcy dealer withheld bia ba'ik and money and r* fuped to |>aT the " hlta " which he had road* on num ber? aoM the da* before Complainant an that tfce reaacin he kept the b'^*i and money, w u be. tuae he, . cn plaljiaot). owe lum fi.'Ct, ehlch he l^irrowrt from Uim ? in# lime ago. MAYOK WOOD AHl> RLLA K ?!*?. It would appeit from tbe "Ubjol'ie.! letter tb^t the M -j or I- becoming quite a f.iTortte among '.be U lie lha nag wbicb icconpanle-t It, though o-.t rary rain, tie. ia ? i>e?diagly neat, and h i the Miyor a ialtia ? en griTtti on a cor nation ae?l ? T'iri'1 Hoji ri?i*!?iio Wootf, M ror of tba City of N'e. Vork ? M>y Ike eholceat of IfeiTei bl* ?itig? both tem[?. ra'ly an< plrttaallj, <tea. ?n<1 ? j?n one wh- b? ' I. a r.-,o r I enrage to -lo tbat which la r gt.t ?d . n 1 nty nathia' May the aec-mp tuyirr aunpie otler tig t?e enlilen tleal of li t Honor'a continu ?tu *1 ?? the . .g. an?l reapemnble poaitWiD he at pre ent '.'cup ?? a w . tbe purity of motire which we frjat an y e??r tu ite him la ill hi* uBdertiklog" nd in tua '? - on KJ LA. f'lrti In X?w tmk, Fier t? CtgT A*W"f ?Between 1 au I 1 .- a on 7bur< day morning a Ore waa diaootere) in tba a f via ? tory of tba tenant bouae 1?1 nret aronue Tbe ? re waa eoon emnguiahed by tbeflramar. bu t the wat?r 4. coet derabie damage to the cV.tttiBg ?tore 1/ > ?*?,*? a |? c;f y>ng ?hn Brat toor The ?ama?* icat mate' at a >4<ul |l ,&<*)? eajrerad by aaarance I ' " w Hor?m* Hurry.? On Wadneefa; "aa?* 1U1.; * o ekek a ire o - urr~! n the ba-emeat of f " llou'ton atreet, ocenpte.f hf H (MMrlki- w ? alia'fe n.aaufac'.urer The lire took ntt the fl - t ? -ia fioot baaement I* waa eit nguialiae>l by a tew pa U of water, i-araage trlSiag (T ^e? ? Waawiaomw #nri-?T ? At 7 o 'l'^k r,a V. .r? .-,y eaei ng a lire broke o-it In the ameke b i?e fM ' (barleaA ' ?*gn proeietoa dealer, ''A * aaV. ug'.on neeat. " *ner of (bf*?toj her ?tr-et It w? ?"ir; ?! ' ngnlabel. Parnate al?>ut |l '4-^?feeed '<y n< rr? ? fix a iiiit;; Between 7 and a o c> a the ran ? ? ?ea of a fire orearred in a dry goo la rut? in (? rand It r??r near '"fcryatie itrwt camel by aawoe of fl?e f >'? in the w ndaw c *wiiag .a o?u 1 witb tbe gaa ,ig-. '? latuage about lvO ? Torti* : by .aearanre > net > ' a? a ?Tbe bell rang for the i^gb'h djatrvt at a dMk on fba'eiay eretiag, (Meed ty a bvabr* at lb' *?t of ' Urn* -a atre. Fr*? r* T*-rr?w*rw Sr?> t -? Hefwee-i ? ?.td ' ? (Ml a f, ?? <A yi-t ? i *? ?U'Uei *nr e? 71 *?!? ft rte^.l ?? r? be I 4 i-| to It li ea'/i fa lavage ?' a?' co ,ar?s? Tlir Operatic War. urrnut kbom m*x makkt/kk. I :.(*f 8<r ilmro lo outer into a aewepsper i|uirr"?, lad woMlil lfft tile matter, which luu already lout itf public latmvt, tc fa< K flora reruoinbrnnee, like ell other nine d?y?' wonder*, li'vl not Mr 01# Hull cam* for ward at tlie ole vrntb br?ir, !ihe milliard after dinner, witlr a ?U?-n.Dul which ? lull ef wtlfnl tnxoepreaenta tioaa. I will not f>w eoW into the tnatory, or ?? It liu calif!, t!?? "royittrry," wf the We Hull operatic c.i-aya ?r. . but 1 .wn wuipelVotl to intrude br>.-?y uiwtn the public patience, In order to atuwer the e liar.'ee ?jm 'i against mo pmroaaBy, Iwuriuv tt otl* m likn* l?? atlac'.ird to defend i.ievnaelvcr if tiiey think it w?r'.!i while. lit. la Vtobir la?t, Ma iricc Vtrakooch called is u* and ?tsV?d t><at die ltuli waa uu longer attractive ?? a cunciTt ffircr, and re<| uentwtl roe join tie pirty, with m> wlf". V orirr togun itvurerta through the Partem ciantry. f caiiented ar.'l ai (II* Hull tad appeared twenty timrr n the variou ntica, ,vad myielf and Ma I dnirte tvever before, I b?-ileve that It dm a coo ileaceuoion owniy part to aliW? Ole I'nil an e^nal nu.t wit.', me Furthermore, I ue ^wr unked i.tiaritv from ar^r I one "viwwver d?itHute I mar "T may not have Vteeu "d. An to the chrvrge that I :???.? 1 Ui*uame of tile Ui.'l J A On. without -withnrlty, I -,mhtlah t"?e follow V{, the 01 g.r.V of wlw-h in hi uiy poucwaion ? I'Mt Utliniti. V ?< 'i ?r? mi' b. rur.l t? eogaK? U"rin( R co.lvhI llaiiioli un the trrr.i? >? aeltlei. Itet?e?n i? N V , liiiun r< '? Ot I IVLIi t ' ?? The re-moti why -U thm time (>1# Hull i Viied Tor hhn iwlf and Co., and afturwaida took, the wh< le reipormibi lit jr upon himaelf, root hereafter appear .-1 All other eiijagiineiita ma !?> by nie, hucIi aa the ciiorui ma. iter, kc . wore made wifv th? full knowledge a >d ccuiem of Mr. Ole Hull, und to ouu wu aiiowed to attend tli" Orel rehearsal beforu 'varlug receired hut Miction. 4th The a?ner'ii n that I dared to?breiik down in e .n due. ing the trcbeatrnevery other pltaa donna but mj wlf?. i. utterly fal.e "Jie whole u.g'it bef r? \eatvali appearance in Farorita I kept hi* eo;.ytot* employed in ort'.er tn trauxyi'.ie and atraai<e the | wrt of I<x>n ira lo h or power uf eietu'ion. If 1 de ired '? break lier down I had oulr to l?aT* I avoHla a* Donitcttl wrote it. an I hujnoia Veitrali would n^rer hare ? ae tlir nifh to the eno. ul the upe a. Trufll lio-io Slellan >ae, S.n aK and inan> other prima i nn' w-lio w?re eagagetl with bit wiie, never c'larged me w(Ui partiality m con IucIiuk and a rami ciav. like Mr. Ole liull ahouM know that to wilfully Con due' t.adly la .in in)|>uaaibillly. fith At to the ?r.,*(|. inrnt f Mr* Ma-Je' /.ek and Vrw Hlraktiseli I would ay that they Ullnht Nave been will m? to King f> r ne'htnn if Mr Maretiek and Mr. Htra ki -ch had been paitneo m the concern, (a^ they nhmild ha?e bei i) Jut t'le Hull having t iuiunl luprrme and atimUte |i wer ktrlM Npa4tato4 any pavteai blpaad taken the !? aae intended for f.^e Hull Maret ?i an I Htra k... eh, lor him elf alone, lie could not i-\pe< i ttat Mrf. M?r<-t/ek, Mr' Stfako-ch anl royaelf would work for tlie honor of ?>elnn tile Itull'a euipluyi ? Although he raleulatt'ii the aalnrlei by the )*ar, the en{aK<iini nt> were i ul,1- Ciudo I r tour month'. In connection with the ?!>bj#rt of the lea ?, whleh ei pirea on the |t?th of June icattad of bi'lng for eighteen month* ae ngiriallv contemplated by th>- paitnei ntnp tlieourioue way intjiuire, wfiat i? to tiecomeof the f I iiOO prl/e opera lor which e- mpeti tor were to aen4 in t4lelr werkii before Auguat and "?blch will, c<>na#i|ueatle arrive about two in nth after the termination of Mr. Ole Hull e leaae. 61b A? to the other |i?r?o? employed, there are only two belonging to my ow>o family, ami It I' of no eon -e 'juence to the luanngrr wlietlmr the n u m te*r be two or tweiitv fnira the im i-ouroe long a- they are fit for the aervlcc are not ow pant and do their dutie ; aith Inlly Of the two per nr?< ol ?v family uientiouel one wte Mr. Albert Maret/efc, formerly >.tage manager of I'rurv lane ! oudo'k uilnr Jullien ; al-o. uuth-r Mr Fry. in Sew York ?n'i aubaequeutly under me, and nlri- ? under Mi I de Hull at the ennrmou alar/ ol I -U per ??k, lire other I- Mr llafael Maret/el. corulitroller of the ticket- at the rate of II'j per -veok f'hl< en gagenierit eould not bnve rulmel Mr Die Hull even if lie bad paid it; but Mr. K. Mnr*t.?k look' arm vainly for the (i rat cent of It, alt T four week* work. 7th Aa to ?he charge that I woull not allow Mr. Hie Bull to hare the eontraeta or tn e? the letter whleh Htrakoeih ?ent the following receipt, dated the day alter Brljuolt'-. arrival, I- nuinrient an wer ? N i w Von a, ?'? t> n, IBM I! itnl of Vim Minirrk f..r 'Me tKitl two .? o.traot* ni4? to Manrtee "-ir-ik >-m h, in V irop. *ii wit li /u..r . rut Ihe uttier wtt*. Mul?Rh- I'aro'ii. for b'? hiinurina Tbei.*i.* I'ar?4t ai?< , ttia r???ipt ?f M r iwr llri^ ii 1 1 , lor n- ir rliuutand traoo: . r?ietve?l bliu. tr oa wtra Parti HMNHY ( ? a rsON Coricerukng the leUera, I am n aiiy to declare, on oath and prepared to prove, that no line wa-< written liy >>trakoerli which wa not mjinmuuieated to ole Hull, iuvJ that Ole Hull Ulm ell open* d Hime if Mtrak-wli letter* 111 ? t 0 titb At tne time I a?k?d Mr Ole Hull for f^Ou he wu itidebted to rue in the aun of t">H> per agroeim-at wit ara ed by Mr Jauie I ha. en In r?ii ird to the 4o(J which Mr o|.. Hull advanced unwillingly, acd Iri moall in order to bring out - itigolett- and "Wiliiani loll md con?e.|uenUy prevl oua 1" tbeopeuing tta< \pvad.l ire laeaally act- inte i (or. It waa lined t . proouie ttie entire aceriery, omtuiiiei property a ?ud as wic of Itigolett .* hum: of ttie no*, ti n.t* pr per tie ? and aiuaic ol "M ill am Tell advnn' e ?aliiriea to artiat*, arid the amall < urrent eipeneee d clo> rketp' ra uiea "iigera i.o . in in the ?ema'l we*h of Jn n uar) Mr. <>ie llbli aaya "he >h . II never be pernntte l the kn< wledge of the e?|>en*i- ? . hut the following le'ter from the J-erretnry provra that he knew all iie.ut ttiem aoina '. line einoe ? Saw Vorb, March IV iv.'i Mai Mi a i rz> a ttu - ll'ar ."Ir? In an?w?r le JTttlf m j ?? Ir > I waull Mf that I received tr r ynn th? itaji after it ? r>- , . r I tr i > o y Mr ri|i. Itoll )rio,r ??a>*M'n' 'f < ?r eir*n4ilnr < tt tit.niii a'-rae n44 'I'dlarv, aad alao v ... ? er. f,i On M'e4io ?'laj I itruary ^"tb. I rave lb alaieni'iii int . t w bands i t Mr 01? Imll, t?^[r%b?r wlta II lb-- contra la ?Hk nrtltta .!? - awi'.n tl.eni tie . .niraeta witk Itr.r noli and rar li male in I'arK ty "trako.rb .a tahalf nf tne akaaatawiear nf rbe Aea4* mv i.( t( nl? I ?*) a"! bava rendered yenr eiatemewt to Mr ot Hull -arlier i.ut for Iho tart ti. at I wa? imatda to r/t a il/kt ot aim tor ail 4a> ?, altbough I r ail* I twir? and ?"inatini?? ihr?* time* a *?y lb' mwkiia n o atavd in m* ?.i a, io?. tber ? iih otu-r V' urb?r? at all ttBirt r*ad]r t r u -I -tr t a until th. y were attael-.d b)' the -*b?rtff la wbob .t * tbt. at j-r??r ?? r rnata Voara, very truly, IIKNRt t H AT"tN' fpare will not permit n i t particularize tae itema but a* my a'atement la in the hand* of Mr 'Me Hull I challrnge him to prove on* error In my acountt 10. Inanawerto hla icjuirne I mean to atatee.ti gi rlcally, that I' waa u?t tbr ?e peraona who wrra >uf lerere by my former eatrrjrlaea wtioah uted 'Viva Maretrek " WVa' lxt(e? prof c ,M l>e givn of t * honorable poeltlon I "till h II in rt frard to them' Tli^y coin j*a r ?-d the re?n.'? ??f my aevent??u aeaeoua In a merl es with the f r'-.lgh l't|rf en-, f bi? I .an?igeii^.nt and gave h' neat vent t ? the r enthu?i<(m tt the i.wn'. n ?f my inne I w u4?r wbe'her tlie family "f Mr <>le Hull in Norway < r Hm < ' alite n 1'ennr vlvnuia whom he It 't i a the ?ame nao<eni way that be left theA ade my of Mti*b woold about I (ra (>\- Hull " if they met w i'th bltn ' Ai to the fl'j ,?i? at whirl, v : oi. |j0]| ^.aerti liat be lo ' I lie# ' o mate a few deduction*, a- follow I Advan. e<l 'o H' rako rli, to engage artl-ta In Kur< pe |( ?>j t?o Thl ti m rrio-t t>* acc?i'iBte<! for by Mr. htrakn 'h. Ole Kull cannot eij/ t t<? get back 'n l?e flrat foCnlgut 'he capi at be in?e ed lh Karope t# bring nu' ar' t for tha Ac?d?my : Autance.! oMar- rek 1 (Co ??} Nearly 'he whole value of thl- I- to t>* loon I in the Academy In enery propertie dre an^mi. le feielu?lveo? advaarwl alarle and rejire-?n' k 3 ACvan ed foMrakr' eb. by Mr I I. van I tO ft 1 M? liaa n"t been pa .d by ('la Bu to Mr Phalen be cotitevt the payment, and ranno' therefore claim I' a a "* i II, pre ented f'?r men' 1 W 2!t TI e e bill', thnngh pr? ?nto?l are no pa. I and cannot yet be routUd a a 't> Tctal dotfaetlon (I'i, 1 ?> U Mr Weill 'a'emen' of loe I . a|3 if. I edtir' on , a ?'ated above,.,, 12,31; 14 l/? ? to Ole flnll $PjO '/? to tar for 'i.e eip?n ? Atrny d og 'o Mr 01*Bull? ??''Wn', tke reeeljt- were htl'11 ub frlher for -li aigbt I van by ?i e Hnii. vn <n I a. t t v Tfee I ab hy Ole ? feu a a rg In !be land Bui VX Vi l-edtj*1. tMla a ab>.ve ef '/OI <J? TVre remain- a bailee- la ?!.? ban* of 0U Pulcf |l 00 la 'eadofa of ? I 13 2." Ju coae a '% 1 weald a / tin' had Mr OMtteil teai a ca pat e mt ager he it*! n't bate- >?*1 the theatre oa t re fifth of March forlan ?\ f.ed 'ha* bow en gaged w 1 1 h w .'1 hate be?a ei og ta. go n even ow- of re per' ?? h* peblie giving bin i?* V? make ? t,'h ifae/t men - ae were |a bi p./ wer Had be wiobed ?o ae' In good 'allh and had not (be mean bo iwet hi eega*?ir?0' I.e wati 1 have Met h, e aart -ta'.e ' tie eaee and not have t. 'Varied theaa i. legally, aad wit; - i.* a tn- tnent'e at t '? la bit t?: ef the >nl y ia ? aperab e 4 Sewltle . whl'k 'a i e.J tko.?ddeac lb a '/ ti e A a' amy <4 M it were Mr Ole B*tt ? ntter ta api rtty an! ett re bad fafb UAX MAjUTT/fX to Tin. Emto? or rag ?Bjtai.o. In a ?t ??rnent if <4e Bull paUlelietl ia fnr je-itaii of ye.teidaj reepa< the IrvaLlee of the A. iMytf M - ? .e , Mr 0?a Hall irteiea tkot I oeii' n?t pay aoy re- ley to Mr IMlla, 111* og?f,t onti) he ealled la hi* l'.uraey Oa the ?oa'rary, M (tali a geat .adaltof. oey tat., the '.Mae tage'i>er . ad tke atfovaey 4o ?ria4ed tae niiiet from me Mere I reevved "be written 0-ter fr?Ki Oie IMii: te. pay Mr <w .(to wWa orler after {?? i# t|, I pa d to '.be .aa.ot ui MM, beiag Uae wielo mint ef aaob ta baat. I at tke eitae tlaa ?UM tat tbe otH'wy rf kf - Ihll, ul Mr *al.Vo, the .gee', tor sy fartj I to-aeJ aet WOU an^ravaad rM i,t j l'r, *r I'tuti o waa than iietlng for Mr Bull, and f | bid glvau lilm a\nfj |K?r 01 t*r of Mr. fcfl, for Mr ? Wii\"<iii }?? rrrt..ry, In j, ,j tularin I<^bk atarc due, aaJ tt*?a aa* i? i'?r.rlrne? of ?..(*). Mr. Wat??.u had bar ' 'nw*<l tliat union? ftim Mi. I'halrir. n in j yromliuaf to paf It niiii U? Mr k'haU-n Irum tb* r?c*'p?rof tha ?Igiit'a tarformaue* Mr. llulkaWjr u.*n rainarbad Ita* U." null wiir roaonftr, ?d'I Mr I'talm l/?d nothing Ur dftwMbJt 1 rrplird M*. I'httl-a hnd %lt*n ou thr r*r*lpt? Mr Ifulkrlaj wi**?d U> krraw tf it w*a u H-g?t lira 1 anavrrrad, 1 would rot>ahl*r il * ci?t li*n wl.aa ot.? Yi-I la in*<) nn tl r oil ci *a proiula* an ! air ri>af><l*;?("* plar#?d in (bat praraiaa. M .' llulb*l*y th?n <l*?ir?l n>" lo glr* Inn tho .amount Mini H< hand, wlurlj I flxl liviag tti* ain*uilt of #Win, mt ibnt< ataWd Mr '*iill*l*j !b*i~ rvij .i ? rtau ma Ic koap Uhij.?U Ul* of ISitt ojil*r Air thr i?ou*r 1 ti* balrncr i r fa* rar*ip t* of thai Mfht, (* ?rw|it.n?? t.l. ri'trrvM) fur tvntliig'urfi:*, I aiatiiiating .? H0? '>0, I Mid Mr l b*l?n Mr l^ialau. un ibj ruakiag that pajB'nt, Ii'iiariil of in" if I Sad paid r-aytliliwrf I taplinl Y*a, tf Mr llnlt." 1 1?- r*in*rfcad " tba' a'l ha act Id tall uia win, I had ? ?iuinil>?d au nrrct, and Ita4 ?? right la pat ?i?j'hu.g i ut In aujl'-i'jf " II t> ktx n* I <i?*ao a aulfl.iimit*r lo 1"% llul.Na l)nl rbarga. AI:hou?l. iKunirmtl.T on* of l>??cn 'ariaa to kM?maat Hf I read* :?<i uot* oif liuf prot ?a?llng*, ami paid bat IK He attention lo l)i?:n Hut wl mi th* ij r*alion ?%? put, '? What w*r* lla* i?r?*pt? laat ??**>" I aaMrarad * '91, I'M or moia ." 1' beliig Ui?a ia<|uliMi irlto lo?a iba raoaipta, I aaaatrriHl II r Hulk al*y , allh i!?a ?\eepHou of irhal I liail | ? 'I nut. II, lli ?Wurr, It li Jt l?>?u ir?Ior?ntl; pub IimIkhI, ii ia bf Uu l of Ibox r who uo4*-l tha pru eiiOiga At- in lit* rhi ti;? ilia' I ilrriarci ? tli* m wiiag ahat I knew to l>* filir, I aitfl* ' rnmli lh a'l ml I Ibat If 1 Kal mail* tli* iln I* atmn r?f*rr*<l to V* Hull waull l>* par ? fuMljr junllllei) a lit* itrnni.maUoB An ta ih* eliaig* iliai I ataU-<l ?' jr m**iiag tbat " I Had not btrn pal I iny >aar>,' 1 m?. I%u ?t?i. *i?nf upon tk" aubjarl. and tha uia'inr ??? u< i r?f*rr*d to by u* ? t lb* m*#i ok Vlr account gi *n in :'?i llimuo." MairlilOl* (?** f*< tfy rorrwrt, ai 4 III* *larl*ii wli lh wrrr |*iil ?*?? long do*", and wblla Mr .(kill rrnl'a i??*? '? Mlinatii No. a, ' \c , ho do*? not r -sftUia wltjr ha lia* uot pavl Kalarira oi/? du*. In ihia I liara aiarol/ r*pli*<l to ttat portioa of Mr Itult'a Dtatcinrai a'lidi r*.tra lo mra* f An I bar* no dupoiilioa to ui'ik* ntia*iat*>i*nta, ?o ! 'on*' b* * |u?ll(r cnliri >n* lo nir*l thru a >*n mad* b/ olbar*. A* i? lli* voufb*ra and ?? fount. ; ih*jr at> ii; oanlody ut tha U?, u.iH*r tba a'lar 'Pliant i' II! pending 0. M TAYIXMt dunutrr af lit HIK AH? III*AI I> AtlHOK. |n th* It publtol.^1 ?"?"J'1 toIuk** ? ./ft.* MM Ah ??||l?torjr of ?"J*" ii^V.. VB1JroIrf f,. foil.. wl D){ .trlklnn ?*'?rait uf th. l?t? V.m^ror m ""n'c^oI** I ? U>* ?r?t tbftt k?,>m Ccirr th* 'toftftt In ?"!?? ? *? b" to Jtft.t.r ll-.n !'?>" lil?t?*lf N.I l..? ?, t?r ?..?! ?r.l?ut In inipr .?ftm?nt >U?n In . Illuiitfioa* piMrrMiW, h. to more thoroughly th. nft.lon fur..H ^ l p?*. whirb n.t.irr hft<l po.-.?~1 ?ut f?r it I *t< r ?? ft htioton onto >u hi. .1r.po?W-n hi. T^UnM.htof'ru.IlT In. i t ..fir.*. # lit. tnlor f- mprt???ii>*?t, "" S?mu? .?? ?U borr-M ...? tb. .?.?? L A. th*.* ??.!??? 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