Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING SlAlt FCBLISUEO EVERY ATTERXOON, vBXCEPT SUNDAY.) At tks Star Budding, cortur Pennsylvania atenue and Ettrmtk atrret, Bjr W ALL AC<i ft HOPE, Will be wrved to ?ubacriLen> in llie citi?H? of V\ Mh in/t.>n, C**orgeto?rn, Alexandria, Raltiui<>re and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to U?<* Agent.-*. To mail rab*cril?era the subscription price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year In alrawf, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and OXE DOLLAR for Til BEE MONTHS. Jc^Smois copica on CIKT. / a 3 I I VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C SATURDAY, MARCH 17. 1855. NO fi87 THE WEEKLY STAR. This ?Xee?ei.t F X?wi Suu|le copy, par ?nnum ... ....$1 ^ to n.rtt 4 W d^.. .... ...... ....... ....... .. .... ....a..a .?. M ^ "?????? .... a....a aa a ... a ....... a....?...*? .... ? * .15 Otl 0(7" Ca??, IWTlfclftBtY m iBViDIt (XT' Sinfle oopi* (in wr?ppcr?> tsn be proceed at the eouater, immetfiattf r after the ram* of tb? papar. Price?mart c im P?fTM*9TKia who act a* aeenu will Le >Mhm? ? SPANISH1 MIXTURE. ' Grul P?rlO?r of tha Blood I ?ot a Particle cf Mercury In It! HlIr,fm^La RS"?t tor Kin^a Bvil. PimM?ip Cutaneoaa Eruption*. oa tb- fac?, Wotrb^, Bell-, ?^>T* t"*' ,r* w^-m or Tattir, Scald and Pain of tb? Boom and i v ?tu-^orn S/j>hiiitie Disorder*, 1??aa<> *pia*l OmpU nt5, in i all th? diaeesea anaie* from an fnjn-M .-joo* one of Mer-ury, Im n" e ic 1 i'-. or 1 mf urity of the B'ood. rimls valaafcte jjedicine. *bicb ha* become eeit? X brated ur the r ?. mber rf .xtra rdiaarr curei, effected through its ri?eicy, ha- irducad the propri f*0'* *1 th? nr? ?? ?? <i?t?t cf :Lrir frfrnda. to off-r it to th* pabl c which by do with the u;?no't c^c Mante '? ita ?irtq-Bsid ? ourattT* pro^ ?rtl a The fclkrwia* cer jfl at s, eel-eted iron a large anraber, are, SoieTn, Btfong-r tes-Jaoai than tbe mm wom of; be p-r.j rietrr>, and ?r? at; froj f??ntlemen wVl Known In thir >ad of t..a tighey rwps uh Hijr, aaCj 0f ,b in the city of iiichm: d Ya. 6 F. HOYDKN, Baq^cf tha Ex-hang* ?Iot-I, Rich . ',T? ?*??'?? re gays he bu ?*a -he Med Jane ??!?? Cann r a inji-a vJiXTcai. admiatte.e' fe/ZTleh^?1 ~a<u?e. In BSiriy all th, diaeaae, torwbkhittorfwomm-Dj?d, with th- n:oat aaton uhiag.y g^l U- e.j3 it I* the moat tx traanl nary medicine be baa -ver nwo. AGO. AN!) /KYlCX?iiUKiT CURB.?I hereby oartlf/ thit, wt-.o- ?vara 1 had *,<?,? fcu(j of f.- mo t vv . atdfeuriptton. I h*d a-reral Phv rA l4f^;7?-*ao*iti?s cf Quiidne, taercur* and I Ml e** a : ttu. T aiij alvertiied, but all with At last I tried Cat;er\ frpan.. a frc bottlsa of wh!ch eff-ctuaih c""fl 1iiaf py to *?y I hate had teU)?. chl.U or f' T^? a.nce. I consider it the b*n T-ni< tbto world, a ad tba only medl'<ne that ?rer n^bed myc?'e. JOHN LONG DSN. Ba^rsx Ditch, a?ar Tli hmond, Va. C. H. c?2CIL, now ia th? city of Ri?h<BonJ "?V;r ?%?y ?rarj ia th* Po?t OfiVv, haa sucfc rnfidenc; io tb-? a.t.nisMing efflrary of Carters Mtxtar* that h** boa^fit upv^r j* of 6fc b>tU?M, whi-b be hu gtr-a a#^y to the affl .:ed. >.r. Lqcs s^ys he h** n?-j .. kao^tu it t ? fall wbet ukan icc riiu< to Jii' cTsona. * prjctis.a* Pu.*jl: a, and (oraerlv J f tha Ciry Hot-!, in t^ <nty of E' .mond, eav- W l^aa wi.ny**; m a n'lzr.W cf ;.i viu? cff-cta o: Cmr er e dpan?.h Mixt :r ?, wlik ' <r9 moar trnir eurf-ristai. .Ie ?yj 1b a ^sf*> of u<n 'uaiptioa, de p?r:-months L;7?r, th go?' v,T, woo oert'os iniae^l. tfAMUt!.. M DRINKKS, r.ftl e Urn of Drinker * M"fi ?,tt!C: a -l, w ^ear-l -jred of I irer Oom r 1?'I'" 5;*ad,"?? tytho uat-ii twi h' ttr. ^ o? Carter u h MiUaro. -SiTOT*? ?' '::Wt"JU ?The Kd.tow 01 .^?3i MW^h-J a s- Tant emr:0<'8>j in (mt pwcj rooia truof viilnst ? -ro|uia. wa .?n?sl wth Kheurcvi.-a. vLl.a en Cirri r d-icl?i Mjfromw.rx I--) VotU.j of Carter a .paaiah ^iixtnr* at.i: a ?-f,.; .iru;:n< snj u,? j j ^T'il.not:-. 'j,y tb y ? cheerfully icc .m tbl bllll - *" kSa,C^ w ti T-rJwv.eo; UTILL ANOrilEll CD:"ia o? SCROFULA. I hid cr by Carter's 'in, 1 %? i: lra,T * ??laable ^ M TAYLOK, Cooduocor oa tb? V- ? and P K. K. Co. ;Ujhm-inJ. Va SALT RII2CM Of TWENTY 1J5ARS STANDING CC \ HiT' i Ji,r TJ0-ir8V>* ? iwidin? in the city of UKbaDad, w-3 tar? ' by three o Kiiea of Carter'.^ fcpaauj .ix'or?. of g^.t j:h?>.na. which Le b-d iur ??*rly ir^./ yaoni. iaj W3lCa th-ph.-. ciaiw o/ tV not c Mr. Th up on a wel. ZQ^i'U U"" C* i-icilUiraui L'j. *- 1 ^ d Lai a ferrant fl , v t7l> ^ in l-J *-?: iJtn, ty Ca ter*" ?11= ?Iiitur". H- a*y * h* cb^rfatlv rcoom B^ndait, *na coiuiitrj it a raiy ln.aio^Lia tueii CUM. 2Ull?0X, too-Bi^atur ol the r?T?na>> ?/:? ae an see:, the good eUec* of Carter's ^pmiab 4^:xtw? n a number o: r*ypni;:tis c^sea, anti iaya it a a pert*:!. e-ir<? f r taM o- rnbie Uj^a^. v? >1. a. flAd.V Jjn, <?: Riciiaaojl. cared cf oil P->r*atJ -? 'S wh ch di?<Ul?J hijj f.ea w.lXine. 1 x>k ?f^w botr.e ofCarV- a Miitur-.auJ w^i to ww ?itlioat a cratch, in % ib.rt taer,r?inw !;fU>i. '? M wARC, CL JSK A To . No. 8H Mai Van Un?. X#w York. kL^i/lu'" * s-?? i???4 ?, BK MNiirr A BSLHv-, I.'a. 1Z5 Main ?tr m, Rich rotd, ?a. And for sa'j by rnA^LKi 3T0TT. -un 't.u D. C; IIXN vY PKK., Aiexacuria, t^d : . neryaher-. * ** fn* $; p?r bottle, or clx bntlec f r il f*P 2\?ly Mott Bedells Lino. XpmCfJlLEX4XDllI?9, n\1S III KG TO Y Lirv, ~1\n DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P.1CKF1TS T?'3 LINE op PACKET-1 3AII.8 WEEKLY JL lr .in pier 1? F.v-t l. m,N,w York,and ?0rner if nectary, arid art compuecd of the f. liow nsr i r-t cla<w vesaris: * .1?W Svw ' hr. .1. r. BrW, Bedfll, ui i,trr. ' M. U' Mott li<d*r, A. \ . 7ro jw. il. ncbr. m^nn DW'ni. <?|ivcr, rn;i*ter. Sell . I clan'., L. A. HuiiUi. iiia-t?;r. 8cbr. C*mmamd*r-i?-Ch?/, Watf tv, masv-r. fenr. Greenj-ny, \\ i!s?>n, in.isttr. The?? v. <mtU are ail fa^t sailers, an.i Hie marten, men <H eiperi-r ee in lh - ira.>, an t the U;.iy reau Iar line of \\ a*Ltnfton C.ty parked. MOTf BE.?Ef?L, Wa.l .?trert. TV. Y. S. S. aASTERB a HONS,, Va. TIIOM \8 RILEY, leb 1?dm ?Va-!:inrton and D. C. DENTISTRY. Da. MCrraON reejMKtfally c:' e rub^c atioctloe U fcucew. patent, ia.I aaJiAtl^Y ^ ---. :r.od U'irtvii.5 ArUflcla;;.'.^.^*^ Teetn, with toytinocuj C rer7 "* ^ 99 P* K* ACTK N Cf T 'k AW. Ihh aiyla of it?th ii_4 tie aJ^snt.aej C'Tar ail oilers t.*: ?iR*AT eTP !? ;ti :*tJ, CLtiSri.vlte!!, U ?? ?v*TtatI ^ ZiUIij.a^ v .th ic the * CAif te- ,, ci..1. -i u,? o i.i-ri Public iL.-pcc i ' ;e,^ ac^ei^l. fi<*sa call and cce 0P#dlla? r - "-bar Daetbt ia th^ Ci^trkt cf . a r.^'.: t sr.< ? bit eiylj of Teeta. ?V. i. log.j .wtioaU y hcai'Ly, pia^<e > ACkj Tii ,nu.. I u r uT?. ?t ; ?. 2SJ C *tr??t, ctar the cor cei jf ?, ... a- and ii:b ?u-eL ??* L>-? TO INVrJSTORif | ? 1 *a? -jOcc af "fin Pre tec Uca NaUr-na' J. Cciou" uiu!m *Li-?6t, opp a.te the ?aat Po; ti <-? #! UM P?teat 0?ca, an>l ia ar-w i>?Jy to atteai itai ?.f itj L.taUr?, ".uinfij ; in sakiu/ * : j ratloB' aai p?;-n'c?, i?. aw <atD? ai? i.u itod .a m. i -tt a copy cf the - ?ai..Ui..a aud Cj L*'/?. , tu1 -'.si ? tuy jalbra?a te>u wi ; !j? fcwea roa;>c.?-j4 -b' ? l u. ?U i a-ra ca bujiuesj Li'u.? * . ?ct?I to r" U ct w ... re Hya^a will be ^r?s.; . . u^ilatair. A t.<li' a?t> >* ia ' ??' '. u > ilb tae oCcf waa?i zio'wl/ i>- . tr ' ?t the shcrtMt ?cu * X. . CLAYTON, ai- K-U Pr .AKt I. p. H. D. PIANOS FOR SALt AND RENT. HE sulwc-iiber hv always on bin! a as*4>it a an nt ol German and American PI- ... ? \\? Iron i ibe very b?<t m an a J aci ururs, ;'"k If) *vlucli lie n*f?-rs l?ir sale at lower pncea' loan can be purciiaacd in tbe District ol" Columbia,! and i n the m.^-t ae?omuiodatsnj( terms. All Piano* purchx-1dlrjin me are warranted !?> jive sati^tac tana. Old Piano- taken ia f I 'iOaft. B. KCI8 Pn^Mor qf Miuic, . - lw" ' ''nrtte-itii anil Filteenllt &irech>. eb h ?Jiu* 1 ^i0yV.M'tYKK' ll"ii:u PL A I Ell SPEC Vl r.ltLCS to ?iit every aj{?- and r,e, R d?n- U. R. K>r" Prote^t>'>, tygflliwn of all deaeriu ^ iMMia, liea.Jui* Claanee, <. Parab?>:a, Pcnf.ical, Concave, Convex, and C Glaaae.- pm in frames at the ?horte>t notice. Person j in waul of g'a?*ej may be mrc t-> -el lh-? -e whieh beuctit the eye ar b " PKMKE.Vfl, S". 3 JO Pa avenue, beiW. ?tuaud lOUi .u jan * "olored 1>RMU1YN ANDIRON M,y b-?eet ? beautiful aaa >rtia?-t f f th'?; -h ap and in rable a/f le-, at thaoarn-rrf P?nuaylr?oia aveaur anl [?aU .tr?et, OTer t_e Waahinitcn f?avina> Bank RALPH 1JAS&1N8 l' -*>t' A Tt ^ Y~, >'? 8 4 Brultt ??rfet, OtorfHtwn, 13 prepared to r'umb>li Ualic, I);*WK??Mo!r tte VviDDtses, Ac., v? itii everytlnng in the Con^Vc tionary line, in any part of the District, at the abott eai nonce, and on tbe rnort reasonable terma. j an 19-lT DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S . . CELEBRATED (Ptrinon Bitters, ? **?PARE? BT Da. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'. Pa 'ls!2sisK itilslgpi V n'ioii Hiiic nf* ti* ? t * Future, I>imnes9 01 !/??(> of \\ ? |)ji b? fore iHa ??..?. . in-fs o|" FviVand btp*!^ *lrs'1' Con9'*?t Iroagin rvVi M><i S?*1 depression of Spirits. ^ h-, is can people, and its* uputuion and sale i* miriv.,ti.??i '>!?' 8,n,,l;ir prej?araiH?na e?tant. The tf>Um<nv -? ftvuf five it by die <nn*t proiirnent and wel'" bad eratis. of aM the AfrHtM^iS'Gen^u'siuen PtTudel'Sl. ?." ** M" ?"cl0,T' ,a0 A<?" ?< ; rE>7 IMONY FROM NORTH CAROf fVA ?/ ?*?-;.?-? V ?? MB^iA trwrui County, AT. C. n, r 4f . Fijf* Hiti., March 4th, 1854. l)?. C. M. Jac ksov, fhiiadrlphia?l)var Hir ? I tb7,L^n,VUbjeCt ?' "WNa, iu worst f rtn .^fcSSJSiC.Vi ^?ch was my condition fnl months that the physicians and all who ?a? I <l'e. VVfiTtr ln ???,liUo* | ?* idrn<?Jto tlic watering place* in Vir- nis Tenner :sasws ,^.r'^rr^ S, SSW &S2L." 5WSS5 some medicine tor my ch Id and iu vs. n ti?. ? nSVSl!*' "" *" Phy-'"^n">.? the 2". Si ia? 2v?rs? .,0 Uk" "",,,!'"""" ? ?? 60nu; ?l"e?uoiis, said lie W^. ad>>pept,c,.nd had been r-ajy tn httcd hy the u-eol - Dr. H *.fl nd's German IJh t'y^e^'i^M lly V' andr? ,l,suted ,hu 1 woul l i y ine Ki.t.r* IJe aJ*o called the next 4J1? ? 1 iU< u?tV ?v! 'iV*led K),IJUch that I would try *ilit-1 i ( i. 1 1 U i? *<ln,e one bottle. Me did 11 1 au-1 I commenced taking it as directed, and I do isjmrssis,,htt a,,uI? - *2 lie,) and 1 gave . urn nearly aii the Bitter* I winch effected much good in his case. He ha- often called on me lor more of the same k wLoSl cine, <=a> tug h?* was more benefitted by it than am' other he had taken, but I have noV VeD able to ?,?, an> more for him or myself since ? fkrii] von n< ? K'"P=rtTuiir V..ure, vv.TkVth d r. HOOKEB, Roger's JStore, Wake Co V f 0 tol^r 24 1853, saysT^ Havi,,- ?^rie?c^ v^v' gr*at benefit I rum the use of?llootlanrts Germ./. Bitters, ' ju Chronic Dysentery- a,i, fu,ct,.mani ran feme nt of the Ltv-r. an I ,is conconntan"evilV rnJIefit' ot'r?nV,f obla'n,n? a inantity of it for the nenefit of my community. You will tiier.-fr.r please send a lot, k.c. Stc. ' u,eri-ror'J> iic^BJ, ?? W? '? ATiVOCO. r ? "? c ?">"* !>., I'M. l'f. C. M.Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me toe* pwsj to you my sincere thanks for jour Ui-cov fv 01 a medicine which, to say the lf>a>t ol ,t 'hL J? fectedacurethatall other med:cines, tlibt I have ;S i' covery has astounded ail my friends n ml r. tuL did'n ad ,Med ' ^r>lh,n* feoomin?-ii(le<| aii<l rMtthir* lid me any r> d until I was prevaiied u.K.n i, rf he l)itiers. Vou are ?t liberty to n-akeTn v uJl this communication, for the benefit ot the afflicted >ci may ifaiult projK-r. Truly y..ur?. am,c^?? WM. i. AT WOOD. -J";' ">tcrj ar;; entirely xe^HuHe, U.ev invieorale ?.nk '^'f11 e "ever prostrate it and can b-i uj-ed for liifanu as w%ll an aduJis. ' by 7^D GHMaT ?at,1K deUe" ^erywhere, a?d > u. OILMAN, V\ a hiiig:on; J. [,. KIIlVVI'l I m ,'l?Tv; *"d '? " ?T*'?5i.JI^LW"^C0A<!H *ACIOSY, ~ i \Wi\ffS aC^lDlDa Urery -Ul m () !ib 1 W f tr'^' ? *?w?rou.s 1? .. . b ,etow?1 ??on >. hare be-u ecru rir^n f t (e:t* n, "[ an ? Iwyer building for in liTl. ?S on ol iaT H?r? I shall b-j en abl^d to -xccute all ordera eDtrusttKl t- m wilt. fSiilut ifSn?'1, *aci 1 wcuW rsao,ct C^r^ . i ?w??u?ob o: tue public r?t-cn.K-. b?Ut of t I m0it ot-' rn % efery Irscriptiou Fuii:tuallj at Utile: 4 Carria^, ??; V? ?11 SPLENDID EAPtXET " \\ Raffled frr a< soon as the requisite T T number of Chances hive been taken the thl o^,ns splend d and costly -iticlea. vix: ' W '0' 1st Prize. One splendid pold ?'a,?er Weieht Auu,malou Hud' and bday Chronometer, mo-t beautifully decorated and adorned wjtli enamelled 1 "UlUngs .. ffu 2d Prize. One Lady's Gold VVatcto,'r^iy"*l kl Pn'/1!' !?mYud? ?n 1 rai',,'u* Enamel... J-4? ? ,h 1? L:7y " "?,u Watch, richly act 4'. IV.1 D4,rmo"d"' a"?l Painting on Enamel.. iiu< 4.ii Pr *t. One Gents FuM Jeweled Patent Watch(WUh t'c,nPCIuat0f) *0,i "unung 5tb Prize. Lady'iGoid IIuiiiui^ VVatciV.'/pien- 10i didly chased TTTT (,y Total value .$2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Tea Dollars each. The raffle will take [.lace at HUbus St Hitz' Mu ic Depot, ?tar Building-', coruer Pa. avenue and lith street, where Tickets can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. P< rx.i.s desirous of possessing gome of the mo>t superb articles of workmanship ever? xhibited, have now an opportunity off. red litem of obtaining <uclt a; an exueoaely low price. Call&i.d examine f?r yourselves at the Music Do pot of IIILBUH 8l HITZ, Star Ruil.lings, between the hour^ of 9 o'clock a. iu. and C p. in. feb 7- tt } P?0P03 %LS FOAOIL FOR LlO3r-QOU0E8 TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Ornoe Light Hocjb Uoakd, March 10 1853. SEALED PROPOSALS wul be received at .his i tfice until I o'clock, p. in , ou Monday, the i*ih Uav of March instant, 1855, for eupplym<; the light house e?t blirhment w?;n five thou.-and (5,t 00; c.illom best quality S|iring straiue.l ?perm oil, in >tri>ng, small, iron-bound casks, in prime order, tree I'mn. leakage, cortaimng from thirty to forty gallons each, ttnd i.ot exceeding an average of thuty fivn gallon-each, to l>e delivered on board of a shin at tne ci y ol New York within ten dayj after wiitten ?Kice jo trie contractor shall have been received l,y him, free ol charge, oilier than llie contrac t price, to the United States The ?-il contracted for under the foregoing propo sals to be fubjccted to the m-ual tests ot specific gravity, temperature ot which it will ren ain li.npld. by burning an-l such other me^ns as may be thou,ht proper bv ibe person or persons to whom tha duty may bj assigned by the Light-House Board, before it wid be acce|>ted. All tests a.ii itispecUons to be made p iorto the inuis|>ortaU?n of the oil trom the contractor s warehouse or other place of depowte. o:l to remain limpid at a temperature of 4) degrees of k'ali euiieit or lower. All bids must be sealed and endorsed u Pr oposals for Oil lor Lighthouses," ar.d then place 1 in an other envelope and directed to the 8ecretaiy ot the Uight-House Board, Washington, D. C. The tmsrd, under the authouty of tee department, rcserv ? ih? rigt.t to re ect any tid, though it may be t??e low st, from other considerations than its amount. Ey order of the Light-Aou?c Board: THORNTON A. JENKINS, nizr 1J?eoCXmar Secretary, Trkabury Dctartxrnt, March 5,1855. XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders ol 1,1 slock of -he United Stttrs defcrined in the fol lowirg notice of 3d January last, that for the pur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, ibis depart cent will continue t<i purchase, iip.m the terms of *aid notice, to the ex tent of the lesidue of the Mini p opos>'d not yet ?>b tamed? say $1,158,585 05, If satd slocks arc offered and received hire pri?r to >Itc firs?t ciny of June next: Treappry Department, January 3, 1?55. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol Inwiug described stocks of the United States, that this lit partmeiil is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of Mar<h next, portion* of Ihooe Mocks, amounting in the as eregate to if 1,900,000, in the manner and on rtic ic ins hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within tiir amount >tsted. preference will lie g ven in the ordei of time in which said stocks may be ottered. Th* certifn* ites. dit y assigned to the United Utites b) the p.i?(!?:? who are to receive the amount Hereof, mil* l?? transit itted to this department; upon the recejp' whereof, a pnee will be | ai.l compounded <?f th i Jilowing particular*: 1. par value,or ai iouii: specified in eath cer tificot'-. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authoriz d ?iv the -ct o! July, 1846, redeemable. November 12 1856 of '2 \ percent.; <>n the stock of the loan au thorixed by Inn act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decern b?r, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acts of I8l7and 1818, a d redeem able, Hie former on th- 31st December, 1867, ami the 'aileron the 20ih June, 1868, of 16 per cent; ind on the stock of the loan authorized t>y the act of 1850, ami redeemable on the 31st of December. 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemni y,) 6 per c nt. 3. Iu'crest cu the par of each certificate from the 1st of Janu <ry, 1W5, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the aliouance (fur the money to reach tbe owner) of one day's interest in addition Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Roston, New York, Philadelphia, as the (tatties utay direct. Bat to certifi.-ate will be entitled to the benefit of tins notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the snid 1st dav of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, mar 6?dtJunel Secre ary of the Treasury. "PALMER'S PATENT LEG. 1 MIIS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled both in this country and in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing Mice ess. Fn competition with 30 other substitutes of the best trench, Ergli-h, ami German manufacture, it received the award of the o'eat medal at the World's Exhibi tion in London as the best artificial limb known. In his country it has been tlnrty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the priti ipal cities,and has,iiuve-y instance, received the award of the highest or first picmium. And as a crowning honor, by tbe unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the " First Premium"'? only Silcer Medal (riven for Luabs?wa? awarded tin-inventor, at the New Vork Crystal PMace. Pamphlets giving full infornritn n, sent gratis to every applicant. 15. FRANK PALMER, 373 Chesnut street, Philadelphia. feb 23?3m MORE ABOUT LOCKS. JOVE-' ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LUCK, now comm nly called the WORLil'8 FAIR LOCK, uithout key or key-hole, is the Lock thai secured the outer doors of th** Herring Sate that contained .*1.000 at the World's Fair, London, 1851, it being necearaiy t?i unlock this before other locks in the *afe could be unlocked. All parties interested art referred to the following notice : TIIE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK. NOTICE. I have this day sold to Messrs. STEARNS & MARVIN, Manufacturers of WILDER'8 Patent SaUuiunder SAFES, New Vork, the Patent right of my ROTATING PERMUTATION PLATE LOCK, Commonly called "JONES' ANTI GUNPOWDER LOCK," or, "TIIE WORLD'S FAIR LOCK." The latter title was acquired in consequence of this Lock being placed in a Safe at the World's Fair, Willi $1,000 in the Safe, io be the reward of any person who could open the door. The gold r miiued therein for a period of forij ftve da;?, whilst the vi.-iti'rs got tired of turning the dials, with such poor pro-pert of success, the num ber of changes being 24,300 000. R-inkers, Jewelers, and Merchants who desire to have these Locks upon their doors, can have them by applyinc to Stearns & Marvin, No. 146 Water street, who have the exclusive right to manufacture said Ivcks in ilic United Stales. -IIENRY C. JONES. Newark, N. J., January 20th, 18.73. STEARNS & .MARVIN, Src'.'i'.'on ro Ricii 4c Co , ;41 k 116 Water at., N. V., Till; ONLY MAK RS OF SALAMANDER SA.-'LS, conibimnt! ?\ ILDER'S and RICI1 PAT EM S. S. II. IIOWKLL, Agent, ar . - 1 Georgetown, D. C. TIIE LATE MR. MEADE'S pictures. 'IHJ BE RAFFLED FOR IN 5400 CHANCES X AT $45 EACH. PRIZE MO. I "St. Thomas of Vill inueva, giving Alms to the Poor," a copy of Murilio, by one of his pupils and loucheu by that great artist?said to be cq*ial to the original. cost ?4,000. prize 2. " Th; adoration of the Wise Men of the Ea-;t,w a ?ieuu'i. Murillo; cf rt $3,000. prize 3. " ILa I of our Saviour," by Corrcggio; cott f! ,000. pkizz 4. " llt' d of the Blessed Virgin," by Carrcggio; cost ,}1,000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK is authorized to receive ubscriptious in this city, of whom tickets may ae obtained, or of Messrs. TAYLOR fit MAL'BY. All .nonev received on account ot" the Rallte will of deposited in B :nk until tiia drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. from the XcUioiial Intelligent er. Articles similar to the annexed we have observe^ in several disttnt papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We are glad t*? see that a mi niter of the family is willing to dispose ol a part of the rare collection of the lap Richard W. Meade, who, during his long residence in Spain, ha l oppor tunities which his opulence enabled him to indulge, for selecting im?.ny of the finest panning* in Spain? that treasure-house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the country at the ume, moreover, made it favorable for obtaining many gems of art which would otherwise never have been purchasa ble. From the Boston Chronicle. Carp d'ocevree op Art.?Several chef d'tuevret of Mtiiilio, Correggio, and other mast rs, which were brought from Spain during revolutionary times by ilie late R. W Meade, hav* elicited the admiration of connoisseurs during the pa?t week in the Iioiundo of the Capitol. They to be di*|?osed of fur the benefit of a daughter ol Mr. Meade, regiding in New York, after an opportunity has been given to the public for an examination. feb 6- tif "silverware. A VERY pretty assortment of Silver Coffee Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup?, Creams, and all kinds of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup and Oyster Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream ind Sugar S|?oons, etc., is offered at low pti ces, ami warranted sterling. II. SEW KEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sis. jan IS FAHCf 00 IDS, PEBFUMZBY, &c HLTClllNSON &. MUNRO, are now Opening at the r More, No. 310 Pa. avenue, a splendid assortment of GOODS, in the above line, enume rating in part as follows, viz: fine Cabas, Dressing Cases, Po te Monnaies, Card Cases, Jewell Roxes, Shells, Sliell Boxes, Jet Ornaments, Lubins', Piver's and oilit r choice Extracts, Pomades, superior Bay Water. CoaLbs and Brushes in |jr? at variety, and In fliort everything to be usually found in a first class Fancy Sto'e, and they cordially invite tli'.ir friends and the public to mve them a call. Their Store is ihe fir?t door west of Messrs. Ilnr per U Co.'s, between Ninth and Tenth sts. mux 2?U PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1 MR. FREDERICK PKOSPERI bega leave to in form his friends aud former patrous that tLis band has been fully re-organized and is now unde his dlreciion, and tie is fully prepared with a band of the most Scientific Musicians in tbe city, to fur msh music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nlcs, Ei curalon*, fc?., at tbe shortest notice poasiMe, by ap nlying to FRBUER1CK PROSPERI, Leader.CHA8. PBdSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS fc HITZ?8 Mu Sie Day oi, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison .street, Navy Vard. feb ia-Joa* EVENING STAR. SOUL?, WOT SrATIOHS. Who rlmll judge a man from iMuinrrt Who ohall know hnn by hi* dress ? I'aup- ra may be tif for princes, Princes fll for something less t'MimjIcd shirt and dirty jacket May l??c!o(h>' the golih n ore Of the deepest thoughts mid feelings? tatin vests could tio r.o more. There are spring ? ?! cryst I n- ctnr Ever swtlling om of stone ; There are purple beds nui gulden Hidden, crushed and over?r?>mn. God, who count* by souls, not dr< sses, I.ovm ard i rospers you and m^, While he values thrones, the Inshe-t. Hut as I'tbbl. 8 iii the sea ? W.iii, upraised Rhov?* his fellows. Oft forgets liia fellov s thtn . Makers?nile s - it?rdc?i -member That your meaue?t kinds are men' Men by labor, men by feeling. Men by thought, and men b> lame, Claiming equal rights to sunshin* In a m ill's enn blinsf name Thare are foam embroidered ''cea*-.'. There are little weed clad rills. There are feeble inch-high sapling-*. There are cedars on the hills; hut Il<td, who counts by souls. not -taLons, Loves an I prospers you and me ; For to Him all vain distinction* Are as pebbles in the sea Toiling hand* alone arc builders Of a nation's wealth and la ne : Titled laziness is tension* d, Fed and fatt> lied on the same By tii<: sweat of others' foreheads. Living only to rejoice, While lie m>or man's outraged freedom Vainly litieth up its voice. fut truth and justice ate eternal. Horn with loveliness end light And sunset's wrongs shall never prosper White there is a Minny right; Ard God, whose world heard voiye is singing liouii ileus love to you and me. Will sink oppression with it* ti le? As the pebble* in the sea. UPPES-TEKDO* G03BIP IN TEE DAYS Of WASHINGTON. [ From Griswold's Republican Court ] New York was the metropolis of the United States, under the constitution, less than two years, and this period em braced but one winter. J11 the May and June following the inauguration, there were a few public balls and probably many private ones, but the ill-health of the President, the death of his mother, and other circumstances, prevented him from attending any subsequent to that given by the Count de Mustier, which has been already described in these pages, until after his return from the tour through the Eastern States, about the middle of November. Mrs. Washington bad little inclination for such amuse ments, and was never once present at any ball in New York, after the close of the revolution, notwithstanding what Mr. Jefferson says on this subject. Mrs. Washington held her levee, as on other Friday evenings, but or no previous occasion had one been graced with go much elegance. The air wes almost as gentle as it should be in May, and the full moon shone so brightly that the streets to a late hour were filled with a delicious twilight. It was not the cus tom for visitors of the President to sit, but it appears from Mr. Pinford's diary that on this night at, there were chairs in the room where M.s. Washing ton saw her guests, for, ' after they were ?a ed," tea and coffee, and plum and plain cake, were dispensed by tin.-attend ing servants. She remarked, while speaking of the day's occurrences, that none of thcin had bo pleased the General (by which title she always designate I lier husband) as the friendly greetings c f the gentleman who called at uoon. T ^ an inquiry of the Prewdent, whether such observances were usual or custom ary, it was answered that New Year's visiting had always been maintained in the city. He paused a moment and thtn observed, "The highly favored situation of New York will in the process of years attract numerous emigrants, who will gradually change it; ancient customs and manners: but, whatever changes take place, never forget the cordial and cheer ful observance of New Year's day." Mir. Washington had stood by his side as the visitors arrived and were presented, and when the clock in the hall was heard striking nine, she advanced, and with a complacent smile said: "The General always retires at nine, and I usually precede him," upon which all arose, made their parting salutations, and with drew. DUK3 OF WELLINGTON A3 a GALLANT. As early as 1809, two of the daughters of Mr. Caton were reigning belles ot Baltimore and Washington. The me moirs of the eldest would constitute a narrative of singular and romantic inter est. In the first flowering of womanly beauty she was married to Mr. Robert Patterson, an accomplished and wealthy merchant of Baltimore, with whom she traveled in Europe, where she attracted tlie attention of Sir Arthur Wellesly, af terwards Duke of Wellington, who fol lowed her over half the continent, and by his unguarded devotion incurred not a little scandal. Mrs. Patterson returned to Maryland, and her admirer for many months wrote a minute diary of what occurred in the gay world abroad, which he transmitted in letters by every packet for the United States. When she became a wit^ow she revis ited London?but the future hero of Wa terloo was now himself married and therefore unable to offer Iter his hand; he, however, introduced his elder brother, the Marquis of Wellesley, 44 that great statesman whose outset in life was mark ed by a cordial support of American in dependence," and was now Viceroy of Ire land. and he soon after became her hus band. fcir Arthur continued, through all his splendid career, to be one of her wannest friends. The Marchioness of Wellesley died at Hampton Court, on the 17th of December, 1853. One of her Bisters was married to Colonel lleivey, an aid-de-camp to bord Wellington in the battle of Waterloo, aiid, becoming a widow, was subsequently united to tne Marquis of Caermarthen, afterwards the Duke of Leeds. Another sister married Baron Stafford, and another Mr. McTav ish, for many years British consul at Bal timore. Mrs. McTavish still survives, and is one of the most distinguished and respected women of her native city. NKW ENGLAND SOCI1TT IK 1776. i he babita of lite, polish of manner an<l style of dress were the badges ol eminence by which the aristocracy ol Now England af&erted its outward supe riority. If a gentleman went abroad, it appeared in his wig. white stock, white satin embroidered vest, black satin small clothes, with white silk stockings, ami fine broadcloth or velvet coat. If at heme, a velvet cap, sometimes with a tine linen one beneath it, took the place o( a wig, while a gown, frequently o< colored damask, lined with silk, "was substituted for the coa!. and the feet were covcred with leather slippers of souk fancy color. Visitors were received witli hospitality and graceful courtesy. lh? custom prevailed which now would shock the New Kuglaud scale of propriety, in genteel families; a tankard of punch was prepared every morning, and visitors durng the day were invited to partake of it. The master of the house sonic times taking the vessel from the cooler in which it stood, and after drinking from it himself handing it m person to the guest J. There was a great deal of social inter course in the class we are describing. The interchange of dinners and suppers was frequent: at the first, the most fash ionable hour for which was never later than three, the table groaned under its weight of provisions, after the last, the customary evening amusement was cards The law expressly prohibited dramatic entertainments, but they had concerts: and at these, in Boston, at least, privaU gentlemen sometimes were the perform ers, both vocal and instrumental, simply, however, for the entertainment of their friends. Dancing was not among the things which the Legislature had made m>tla prohibita, and consequently there were assemblies for this recreation ; but they were conducted with such severe at tcntion to propriety, that nothing short of the unanimous consent of the gentle men subscribers would authorize admis sion. One of these assemblies would make an amusing spectacle at this time The stately minuet, with all its formal and high bred courtesy, ilourished in those days, and was varied only by the contra dance. Cotillons came in after wards, with the French refugees Inou the W est Indies. The style of the dress, too, for gentlemen, would at this day b? likely to attract notice in the salmon ol faction ; but coals cf velvet or cloth wero literally of all colors, not even iicluding red, aud sometimes the color of the vel vet or cloth was in studied contrast t-> that of the other parts. JOSIAII QlJINCr THE ,4 FIBST MATCH IN TOK UNITED STATES " Josiah Quincy, who still survives, one of the brightest ornaments of a departed age, in the enjoyment of the reverend homage of our own, was alto among the visiters of this respectable circle. Mrs. .\dams, referring to his arrival in the city, wrires: " This young man is a rare instance of hereditary eloquence and ingenuity in the fourth generation, lie comes into life with every advantage of family, for tune, and education, and 1 wish bun ail the success which such auguries natu rally present him in prospect i yester day, in the presence of half a dozen Scn ate>rs, laughingly advised him to go to the President and Mis. Washington, and ask their leave to make his addressee to Kelly Custis, or her sister, at George town. The young man blushed, and he may have left his heart in Boston ; but 1 think him the first match in the United States." TnE 1.APIKN OF TUK UKPLUIJCAN COURT NOW LIVING. Mrs. Bradford was the only child of Elta^ Boudinot, one of the most respect able characters of the Revolution, and she and Mrs. Hamilton and Charles Car roll, the younger, I believe, aie the only ladns of our Republican Court now liv ing. Mrs. Carroll was one of the daugh ters ol Benjamin Chew. She was not married until Washington's linal retire ment to Mount Vernon, but she and htr sister, Mrs. Henry Phillips, were tavor i:es with the chief, and were much in his society as girls. The marriage of an elder sister to Col. John Eager Howard, of Bait.more, was attended by him at Chew's baronial house in (iermantown, during .he sitting of the Federal Conven tion in 1787. Mrs Howard came back to Philadelphia in 1796, when her hus band entered Congress as a Senator from Maryland. A MELANCHOLY MEKTIKG We clip the following sketch from the local rrports of a Baltimore paper. It relates one of the harrowiag scenes of every day life: A few months .iince, the dingy-looking alms house wagon, on its route to gather the daily quantum of paupers, arrived at a certain police station, to receive the last instalments of unfortunates, pre vious to transmitting them to the quar ters provided for them by the corpora tion. At the arrival of the vehicle, at the Stition house, there appeared rexun for only one more pauper upon the crowd ed bench. The scat was, at length, oc cupied by an elderly, decrepid man, bowed almost double through disease, misery, and distress. The carriage with its mclanchaly cargo, rolled along the streets towards its destination in perfect silence, for the space of some four or five minutes, when suddenly, a venerable withered little woman, seated moodily, in a corner of the can iage, turned te> warels the decrepid inan, spoken of above, aud shouted *? John, John ! do 1 see you or a ghost? ' *? Mary, by all that's damnable !" was the muttered yet audible response of the aged and back-bowed man. ?' Yes, it is Mary," growled the little old lady in a shrill, sharp falsetto. "You ran away four years ago, leaving me and the two babies to starve and die." ?' Starve and die, indeed," rejoined the old male sinner??? when I left jou to seek my fortune, yon were able to cam uearly $2 a week at shoe binding? enough to keep yourself and children i fu>m starving.' 44 Yes," groaftcd the poor old woman, " hut you (orget the consumption and the blood-S|iiUing that nearly killed me before you run away, and Ave days after jou were gone, the children were starr ing and I was under the hands of the Dispensary Doctor, that brought me up from a death bed for a few miserable days which will end, I hope, ere long." 41 And the children?little Joe and El len?where arc they?" murmured the miserable father with a husky voice. 'Oh! safe enough, I tell you husband ?Jo sty the blue eyed, good, playful lit tle boy is fas: asleep in Western Potter's Field?darling Ellen, with het golden curls ipos put to sleep in Eastern Potter's Field. But the doctors, I'm told, would not let her rest. They cut her up in the dissecting room I'm told?cut all the flesh from the bones cf what you used to ?^all your own pretty little *Elly,' you danced her on jour kre?the doctors danced her little skeleton in wires after cutting away all the flesh from her bones." A sei les of heart rending sobs from the miserable father was the only reply, and the Alms Ilcuse car rolled on towards its destination, with its human freight af mis fortune, improvidence, poverty and wick edness. Secrkt Order or Cbikbsb ?A society ex into ?j C*iiforsia, whi.?a object it is to aid the Chinamen at heme to overthrow tbo Alau Chow dynasty. The are about 800 members ia San Francisco alone, and the members per vade every district. Tbej take a fearfal oath to carry out their design, even at the cost of tbeir lives, nnd. to raise iuods, levy contribu tion* ou the weak and ignorant, enforcing their demnnds with threats r f instant death in case of non-compliance The annaal revenae thus abuincd ii estimated at $150 OOtl. The soci ety controls the courts, and it is almost impo*. ?iu!e to get the Chinere to testify they have ?u?h ftar oi their secret tyranrs This was the cane receutly where it was found that one of them Lad extorted sums of $4 each from Cbina KjOitn. but the women did not dare to appear against him and he escaped. Kansas L'migkakts ?We saw at the wharf ye.tcnUy morning a cumber of families which cams down on the mail boat and are boand for Kansas. We s?e from the Cincinnati Colum bian tnat negotiations are niw being mads to procure a steamboat to convey a large number of emigrants to as high a point as can be reached on the Rxnsae river. The emigrants wish to etait between the 15ih and 20th of the present month Among them will be one huu dred emigrant* from D*rke and Preble coun ties. fifty trom Bourbon county, Ken tucky fifty Germans from Hamilton oounty, Ohio and a party from Dayton ?IjohisvUie Journal lOl'i. Tobacco Chswiho Clkroyuk* ?The Sew York Commercial say.-: There is a ia-ge room in this city where gentlemen congregate weekly, which room ii statedly u?ed for other purposes, and the door is left by the clergymtiun Mich a filthy con dition by the u?6 of tobacco, that at the close of the clerical pesion, a woman enters with a brufh ard pail to ni*ke it fit for the meeting '[ the gentlemen who statedly occupy it. Cost cf a Kiss ?Pliny Cooley, in Palmer, h*s I een finod $17,4*, fir k:ssing Mrs Msry M Clatk against her will, Upon this the iMnJuanot the Sp.ingfield Republican im pu-ieatly says?' We know datnselj over there who wouldn't make a fuss about such a little matter." The editor of the Republican had belter koep what be knows lo himself, and cot print it in his newspaper. The "damsels'' will hardly thank him ?Ifatio/t AtU*. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. A?wt. Lrart For Daim. I'acilic N'ww Yotk Liverpool...Mar. 21 M ic4 liiMi'in Liver |?*ol... Mar 20 Pa<?iio Liverpool. .New York...Feb 24 Mt-rmaun .. Bremen.... New York.. Feb. 20 A'i.iuiic Liver pool...New York..Mar 10 L'iikmi Haor??....... New York..Mat. M Aria Liverpool Mar. 17 America Liverpool.... Boston .. Alar, tl JO"Tlir California steam *rs leave New York on iLe 5ui and 20iii of c.vch tnoutli. VURiVAlfi AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. YVtllarils* Hotel 11 S Turner, Mo I' H Gerde*. NY T Miekler k. lad)*, Ta It F McCorkJ**, LsA Mr Bau?ton, Rl II M Kurt'ill, O \Y U Giilfin, Ala R fi lli.-|iau*. ilo J \V Stoker, do ?1. ?. Ii J. C. WILLiU, J J Yan Vent, M I J \V Keilmg Cal Mit* K?-:iing, NY Mi,* Noy m, do Ilf Warren' do C II llanwell, do F Steele J Lace, MJ National Hotel--a n. willasd H S Eaklc, MJ .*< F Adie, Ya J R Garnet!, do W T Sntherlin, do F N Hanj:- a. lady, NY A U Stevi-im, NC Mr 8> I venter, Ua Col Ureea k lady C C E^^rton, M J G W McCerr n, La H G Sliepard, Pa J F Tanner, Va SNG irwood, do J S Ilointan, Tex II P Part welt, NY K L Mn{<Min, do 8 U Trench* d, USA <1 Sliepard, Cl Mrs C Ii I>?bney, NY Mi* l!M Dab iey, do Miss E F llabnii). do H Ilarn?on, Md T Head'd, Va J T Cvinpbi It, do T F Grren, ct 11 C Pie-tman, Md Mr Keene, do Broesi' Hotel?t r k m. stows. Mr J Y Jones, Va VV T Hendrick, do C M Loring I) MeLong, NY II M 8 ule, do E M Taliaferro, Va J W Sytue, do W Towers, do II L?*e, do I. M Rurfoot, do M McCormaek, do VV N P, udlaton, do G M Waleot, Md 4 Spear, Pa I) Etuerirk, do A M Lyles, Ky T M Burl, NY N Bruce, dw Mr Piummer, Md R Summers, Va L R Barle), Ia C Bosiley, Va W \\ Ltavis, do E H lTyvill, Md M r Placid k. lady, do Klrkwood House?j. ii. k a. tiaawoon. M 8 WiHiain>, SC W Lewi.*, NY' S IV Purneli, Md L Pn cli <rd, England Mr Laiubliu, USA L II Ho bert, Va S C White, do W S Bn'.t, do Mr Raymond k lady, Pa J Alluon, de J W M ilea, do S L Cole, do A Kemp k. son, NY C H Paul, do J F Ken J ,11, Mass I ulted States Ilotel-a IKO'Connor. Ireland \ U W Kjoa, Md H II Fowler, do M W Donald, Va S T Myer* k, do T S Hamilton a d lady, do J R Rawiing, do M?nslo? lloaao, a. hswroii, Mra Brown, Ky S T Power*, do B GrtH iiougli k lady, ase W II Wau m, DC I) C Kent, do li W Cram, Md I* 8 G Noland, Va w N I'endleton, do E W 11 Ford, do ?aCIHCV. R C Clover, Md! B M starry, NC Mim R C Hnrry, do Mim R Bairy, so J Keuuard k family, do W n Mrirn, Ala E Hud#on, do Alsxaadrla, Ya. raoraiSToa. VV H Jones, SC J M Brian, Md E L Magooo, NY J Gay lord, l>el B Peyton, Va T B Barto i, do W A Nelnoit do Mm Menser. WY W Lvtes, Md

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