Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING- STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: 8 TU?ii\f JLl H Kareh 17 O^Z" Adtkhtisbmxnts should be bonded ia by 12 o'clock, M-, otherwise they may not appear until the next day. TuE WIEKLY STAE As we have bad to aany c\lla far copiea ef tha paper contaiair.g tha Bounty Land law *ui the la:tra?'ion: of the Commissioner as to the proper manner to draw up the applies tons for boanty land, wo have republished it in this week s is ae It caa be bad at ocr cluster. The Waaklj Siar, ont lining tbi law, is one of the very best family papers printed, and coat* only *1.25 a jear. EFlB.iT OF T3i MD?SLK3 The Intelligencer, commenting on dcc!.ira ticna cf '.be Da: roil Press that there D an toidicg vitality in the Democratic party, says: "It is a happj teaipcranaent that finds con sola ija aLd nope in the darkest hear We certainly are disposed to agree with ibe Argui In semi tea^ejts A p-?r*.y tnuit indeed pos sess roiie degne cf -vi.aiity' to survive tbe bard knocks which the Dtmoiratlc organiza urn haj rocsived wubin the last twelve zconbs. The 'fragmentary sections' of it? ?. I'rsarn- have put it to Bono severe teaui miqaMuonutly, aai the opportunity to ra'lj proTed0"'13 *** r#centl* teeu but poorly im -he Union dra^a frcia receal Spanish effi . i declarations, the conclusion taat it ia the llxei j-nr^oae of that Government to procras tma.e the ?e t tie me a t of the questions je' in abeyance bet ween that power and theUaitcd fctate?, and i j-.imatoi that it ia the purpoto ot ti..? Government to inri : upon their settle. d. in a rea?on ab.e time Vie may appro priately adj, here, tint it ia generally untied s?cod la this cry that Mr. Dodge will go on under instructions which will compel him ic tring the Spanish Government to a final de cijioa open thc?e que?tions in very short order. From oar knowing* 0f that gentle man s energy. dis?rction, empharij and cour tesy cf character, we leel assured that it will rot t-.kd t..a long t. sotUo the prt^ucg bu.i ne.-a with whi:h La 13 to ba entru?:ed If it can ? e actsied by peaceabia meatus. BUCK jfOfi0?S." Ihb UiSToar or tbs Hb.n *btbb, by Geo. P Bambini Published by T. B Po ers-n '-bis is i vtry wjrk. Burubam seem; to be she ' Banaa" *Lo raised the epidemic that ravaged the 2>?st to ?ffi2tually, aLd S*preid through o her parta of tao country to a great ex.aut. lie follows the example of Barnuta, aca makes a clean brets; cf it. giv ing a faitifu towant a; the manner of mt:a mo.-ph sing common '^aru-yird fo*i to "Coch n Chinas' and-D arkl ~s " lie writea with a free p^n, std :h; narrative abound* with num erous anecdotes. It caa be obtained at Jce SaiUi^g on s, corner of 4j street and Pecn ?yiva ia a?eLue. lac lltucs or 0?, by taiCTWn BennaU. Wa Lava noi aa yet road this work, uut judgiag from the l?rmer wcrka oi thi? aa ta.r.we have n^ heaitat'oa in saying thai ii u a c^ok of '-ibf^ling interert '* UaLsor s Dollak Mohtblv MagaxixbIus co-^e to h?nd As UiUil, it ij we 1 filled, an J ta^?. .. st.nd tha'. wiji maie it very populai mrou^a^ut .hs ccun ry I; car. be h id at Jc? h bitting! ens " " " ? ? HAiniNlaliJi XEW* .1HD Gf).gTp. The tcmpany Apcoinin^iig ia the 5e* ieptme ts -From what we Icata, we jalg^ ta.t tn.rc ma-: have b.en aa ave.ago of one icitions for ea. h commissiored cface In the P andenfs gift in connexion ??.M, th. four n:w regiments. There ?re aome naadredi of gcntUaen frcra a distaaca no< *??, arg^g taeirowncl.iias cr thc^o of je-. ?ct,5 in ?hc-9 su-c??3 they are immediately ZnTt ?f th< w ?^t!emen J, 2Z F'aCM waerein a poinl a? y it ma.{? <0 carry cut heir teds. Tbci; ??i rgrtriBBs c favorably; ina=;mu:h a? it ??e-, a much higher Uce ?hau wo Lare tee, accas.ooied to see canifesied bT offi ^e ?eti9r9 in Wa>Licgton. Tae President and fcecretary of Hir a,o, tbenfare, prcbably !'*? ^U:h ta i6r of it than the, W-U u fee J,kely to fcare over the durribation 1 ??n equal an:.oct of patronage not con ?ectedwith ta# military b-anch of .be gov ercn.5 j| M'e learn that most of thaarpli I'rT"?* ^r, and take it ?f -.cdtLat a U>r .bhre of tbouppoin' P-n.mcn a will be mala that cia* of our t.l_ w citJtens is# ^ri^y, and the day kefaro, aa wall as *-? tl-y before that, it wo# rumored on th^ A^enu-. tb"at the " officii elate" wat lua.a tP Iha: the app, iaUaenn weald > ,le ann.uncad in a few hours Up to J p m yesterday, bo waver, we are .atisSed, notwt g^aui had been JeeiJsd upon That l3: tbe who'? pr^^^s hiJ Qot fit that U0 uetermiaoi on by the Pre-ident *-o must te sadly perplexed, indeed, with t-ec x^. .i/g claims if tie rival Candidate! *tr his larar. ^ . bH ksep the ?tar <pca to the p'anble atment to day, in the hope that ,hai! be -L!e lo chronicle the-e apLcint ceits This morning, w? have raasan to be Ker? sa'.stantially determined to, though it may be tb u rhnr promulgation *til te delayed for a dry or longer. -h^wtsto cf Tolitical Z?" on the Pa tiic S.ue ?Ibe last two arrirat* from Cali fornia b:i^ rows for the fjrmatijp of a nev political crgan sa!;on in tha? ita e, duigted a.i.w i.. (C bring about a d.scolation of the ?w:tcciic: of Ce ifarnia and Oregon, Wash ,t_ t rerritcrica, fr joi tha rest oi 1U I U .a Sc.-, Tbo i, i,A} J; p-,,ed I; ?** tf !ts ^oremett, eiiiently te r.ou: y alaimj ihe conductors of all the con .. e j _ ,vf the new H^te, who com ?Wt upen t^e scheme ia indignant articles. Da. kg tha last t* a of CoDr?. we rer.atrdl^ w-rted the member* that their in atteaOo. to and f?i!cr to ap?m:ut.the real x-ccsfoit.e, of the new i ate fur ga.erameatal . are anl liberall y, would be likely to re.uli in the generation cf Juafsu.h Borementa a. the cne to which wo here refer. Laliforria sprang, fell grown, into the fam ily of htafec, with greater abiwlo.e require ments for tie p.oper tratsac iou of the Oen. oral ?lovernmeiit'a business within her bound a;:wa, tnaa txl/t anyr he-e oat cf the great Sta e of New Vork. Yet Corgrea has, for the m t part, peratr?<l in ignoring lfce?e so Mnjortan. .'acta in 'egi 'i !,. ? for j,erj app*o. priaLng a<-ney to fceea^^td there as though under tie fcel.ei t^at tt.y wereg \ing It away i absolutely. Sensible people In the new State all realise that they hare been shamefully neglect ei by the National Legislature, and the Paeiflo tide demagogue! ate aiming to maks to-jaeihing fcr themselves by piling upon thai sentiment as It exirts in the popular mind of California. Thia is the key to the new movement, which threatens te cstivnlse the State to the centre, if net to end. in their ?eparati?n from the Atlantic side States. The alarm manifested already by tbe condui ors of all the papers of standing in that quarter, satisfies us that there is muih more dinger in the movement thm is at present tjenerally be lieved on this side cf the Rocky Mountains. Worthlets ?Annua ly, for many years past, the publishers of the New York Tribune have pat forth a party pamphlet, under the soubri quet of an Almanac?'4 The Whig Alxaanae " From its title one might judge that what it embraces in the way of sratistical faots arc accurate; th it is, of its fixed facts?those which continue the Eame from year to year. This h iwever, id not so. Wo opened this Almacnc for 1855, first at the lfi'.h pag<5, wherein w? find a collection of errors suiBcient to diacredii the work in t?to. Thus. David It Atcbinson of Mo., is therein written down the V. P o tbe United Slates, pro ft m. Now, Jease D Bright waa elected to that position c-tr'y ii D^oembsr last, one month before this Almanac purports to have been ii=ucd. As it may. however, we allege that it waj necessary tr print the work more than a month in advancc o[ tho new year, and that tnis great mistake thu3 crept into it, we pa*s that over. But n similar exouse oannot be alleged for the mis. takes concernlcg the compensation of the chief officers of the government. which we find on that raroe lfith page, wherein the salaries of the Vies Prosi.lcn* and the head* o. the departments a o jdleg:d to be?cJ tho first mentioned, $o,COD per annum, and of the otbe-s JG COO per autnm, whilo the Attorney General is set down at $4,000 per annual. Ihia is wholly incorrect. Tno pay of tbe Vice President is 000 per annum, while thu. of the heads of all the departments, including the Attorney General, is also$S 000 per annua . Tnese rates cf compcnsati n were accursed b; C -Dgrtss two years ngo, tLo compensation il the Atcoruey General not having been as low as$10J0 per annum lor many years past Having found tiiess ej grc.s errors in the fi:s? paje of theAlmannc for 1355, on which oti eyes were cast, it strikes us that it is hardly wcrth while to look iurthe. into it. Ih3 Public 2;uIdiBg?.?Wa under stand tha: ihe officers of the Government, who are by law charged with ths c*nst;a-?ion ti toe various butiding; ordered by Congress, r-ceniy, t) be eie^ed in W&-hirgton, are striving with might and m-in to gci reaiy to commence operations upon them, bo wo ma} soon expect ground to be brckan upon all o. them. The appropriations made lor tho eu Bon's work upon them are sxplo to aff-rd em I plcynient for a large number of mechanics ac.d laborers, in aidi ion to tho-s now in Washing, t m. We come to this conclusion from tne fuc tbat wo hear of no w*nt cf work at ill's time among any who followc lllla^s cjnnectea w? h ihe con.tiuctioa cf buildings, public cr pr* ?ate. l\.c aggregate cf the appropriations ci Congress, at the l*st session, fcr improvemcut in and arcend Washington city, including the water-works, turns ou*. to L-a very nearly, it not quite, two millions of dollars?a larger sum than we recollect t > ha'.e been ever be fore so appropriated iu a single tes^icu to be so expended a; thi> point. L Zximiacr of intj;, &z ?Dr Wm. Tet'igrew has been ? j pointed :>y the Secretary oi* she Treasury exim.nor cf drugs, Ac., a Charl-.ston, South Carolina, to tak: elLc. April 1st, proximo, v'.ce Dr. Arthur P. Ua\ne resigned Dr 11 it will be rrcolleste-i, got into a bet ter basiue:* re;ently in marryicg the ee'e brated Julia Doan. TLcre wu a ticJie^Lu? struggle tor the place he resigned?almost as great as f jr suaxe years pas: lor the hand ti tne fair and accompli-ied lady he led to the a!ur. Tnere are *aid to have been at least a dozsa applioan:* for tho examiner's pjsition. The lxspeicr's Let:n ? Fiadirg many in credulous upjn the subject of tho death < 1 Ni holat, we havo to ray iba: not the los' loublof tbe fact is entertained by tao mem fceii of the government here, or r.moD^ tbe foreign i fii ia.'a ia Washington. The aeoontt comtj through to clear a chucne! ai to pro ail doabt of i~3 ecrreotceu. La>d Cfiiceri Appointed ?The President has r.pp .snted Cuarles h Fairfax, E-q , ol California, (f^rixer'y of thi< vicinity.) H:gis tercf the Lar* I KtS* at Marys*.ille (JaliforLia, I and John A Piston, of California, Keceiver of Public M jZ6j at th? same puint. Th9 Ct^ront Cptrauans o.f tha Xreaaary CcparUnent.? Or yesterday, the 16th March, tLcroweroof Treasury Warrants e-tercd cn thj bocks of tLe Dspartmcat? For paying Tioaaary debts V 103 ill Fcr the Ciu'oms I2^y7 01 tor tn^ ?V or Departureut,? ? *,,?,, 1 oo 71 For tne Navy Department........ 21,072 bW For entering upou the boo?s of Navy approp.iations 1,810 85b 88 For the Interior Department 77,049 55 PliK^OMAL. ... .1 he Kichmoud Hnquirt r is quite severe upon Ex Gov Wm. Smith. It closcs i'.a arti cle in allusion to hiui thus: 4Tor whatever services Got Smith may ha-, e rendered tha Lem uratic party, he hfcs betn rewarded ia full iueaiuro lie bis no bii *lc j to his credit with which to c jmpenra'e the Democracy for the d_m tgelthey may suf fer fioui his p e.jent ato-tacy. "If, it> tru'.h. tjov. Snd.h be the disinterest ed and icllextble Democrat he trou'.d have the world be'ieve, tehy da-s hi driest tk* part? in the hiur of >/? utmo ? wxi that too, iii obt-iir \Cf to l/i* sugg'*tiont of p rtonal *esrv* ni' ml and di *upyui'itcJ a fob it'vt A fuccos-'.'ul re;tai*aca to ih<? au'hori y of tbe p*rty, *i!l result in i s bopdrg. disor^am* sation K ? m?u should be tho be.trr for be traying the Dsmocracy. Therefore let a eon veLtiootf ihe party in the Alexa' dria Con gre sional Di>nict bring a candidate into ibe fieliagaii.s: Go.eruor Smith. If a Wliijr should cban -e to be electe-i, the b!amo would at ach to him who bids d^fi <noe to the princi ples, usages and authority of the liemocratic party J' ....Kev. B. 11 Gverby <f Atlanta, Wt-s nomica ed for Governor cf Georgia, by the lempermce Convention which met at Atlanta on tne 221 ult. ....Lx Senator Hannegan, is baid to be a warm ai.ocate of the Prohibitory Liquor Law of Indiana. ....Ihe klave family, lately purchtaed in Virginia, by Senator Sumner have arrived In boston, and are the lions of the town ....Gan- torn. Trousdale, of Teanesses, is put up, by tbeSnmter F'ag for the effice of President of the United States. ?. ? ? tx G jvernor Floyd addressed the pto pie of Washington county, at last court, in b?. naif of hU claims for a Beat in the next Leg ialaturo of Virginia. In the ooarsc of his 'peeoh, ha pitohad into the Know Nothings sc. Yeralj. i .. ? ? W M Chaosnet, E q , A-sis'ant Pro j ?S8or o. Frecoo, died at the N tvai Acidemv Annapolis, on tha 13ih inst. Mr. Cb*uveDet waa a naUre of France, but from early man hood a resident of Pennsylvania lie waa the '?gentlemen of the Old School," in puity of heart and gentleness of manner., and was much endeared to his associates and pupils. ?.. ? The Me at York Poole Association hns re "r-mi' n1 ,a Oa ()ov 'hall l>e pronounced on ?Dill lofls in N?.w York. Philadelphia, Baltimore and Albany, by Mr. Turner, the pres dent oi the Aeeociation. .... xhe New Orloana Delia of the 7th inst., thu? noiioes thj anival of J. li DeBow, Esq . in that city: * Mr. Do Bow has ars^d in t.U city, from a?bing:on, and is now staying at "trie St ?i?w hotil" His mr,?7 'rie-.d-? and admirers will ba pleased to wHo.'tne back a fellow citi ttr, who, iu his official capaoi-y, given ?u*h unqnes ionable ratisfactioa to the public; at largo by his talent, unweai ie<i indus? iv and seal. Mr. Da How has dona mach for t. e in ?ere^ts of hdSiuih. a:d hi3 practical view?, <reiit powers of application, end rincere pa trioti'in are acknowledged on every eide. ....Daniel B. Washing;cn. Esq., of Putnam so , \ a , i* a c jndi lite 'or Congee* in ths Dis trict ately npretended by Mr I.ewK liisad ire?s to the voters shows that ho is a Djinocrat ??nd oppo9cd to Know-Nothing, sea. Tho Emperor cf Auattia at the present moment is d-dicat.n^ tinia almost exclu lively to the army. Tha greatest aetivit} prevails in all tho department* of the vrar I offioe. Francis Joseph has signified his intec 'ion to head his army in care of a general Kuropean war. [y Large quantity of wires far iho telegraph I for the Crimea ha3 been landed at Varna, so ibere will probably soon be a direct comma dsation between the seat of war and Franc: ?nd Ecg'and. ihe New \oik Tribune claims the vie t.ry in New Hampshire as belonging to "Sam bj," a*_d is grejtlv rejoice I thereat. Debt of the State cf Missouri ? This State owes for bor d* i.-g ed on iig own accoun> | ?02 OuQ I; his loaned i:s credit by endoree eent ot t^e b'>nd^ ef railroad companies to tb< iluoutt of $S 250.000. Yn',lvN? y? UOLICV I'HIL.Mi out:I L \cha^itv str.iiun ?<r ih?? benei* ?Z! * y, vj 11 be ci-liv rrd . n TO AiCi < ROW -.Oi. \ I % (,,#t ? I'?'ciOfk, by htv r_ti* r El-.>i at Jt. Do.neck's Church n^r I'-lt (Union) F.) L. A?The cliielF, officer-, T^*"vj U;^7,tUrrs ''' Wa-bington tirce, No. 3 ?i. , No 19. ,\ , are r? sivctfu'ly r*fqto ?li'P ViavTv???U!," ue,,i""'f ?*'? Urcl-.on l EiDAV L\EM\G, March 20ih marl? <> - A- W CR1XF.R, n>ari7-2. II y. K. J-^J^MErROPOLITAN MECHANICS* IV ? 1 ITUPE ? 1 hi Perfumerv. Fancv Soan* *c., made and d. p- iirrd by E McClam, ?i Pmu ielpt.iii: I lie committor r.c tmnt-udto t,,e hi -hest oiumintation i&ebeau iful and elegant pr'-paralioi^ >f tins c< nilnnan'- FXhlbition. flu Li racts ar> -qu:>l .n ev. ry pnrtiotilar. if n- i h:P. .r, io ? any of hf b#rt imporY**?l fll'ti' Iej* IIr? for \vaclrri?? ted kliaviiig. Hair On.-, and Tnt>i<*s, &c , are certaiM ) lo uvy that I:;.v# uudt-r our ito*irf t!:ywn?-ri. Tn? Mylei f l->hr!i;ijanJ puttiii/np (.j? ..?y? f. fat aim and ? xr>. rif-nf . an t h?- *<11 " 'ur8"' <>*"II. Uu ^rin le? fully ?u,iaj.. U1.1. -putaiion received at ih.- fir^r . xiiibuion of i.'i ? lit * " ? [Capy from t^t rrpoit cf the Judges, j J F. Ct?Rf, l>r P HouvtRD, V ll(RUAlij|l, W l? Tooii Ijr It JS. IRONUfBTK, l?r. I) 6. Cutiit' ? 1* P' rfun-M-y I ancy -oaps Twh P?.iw,*ocv xhibfd bv E M Cla n at he Ihu- Farr, tan In* >urtJia-< d . f r V Mt-IVTIRE. frnrr of ji. ? ltd I htr -i t?; WALK \CK tLI.IOT, c rrn-r ..! | i.d Iw-ltih y.r it ; M s F.\CLK.VER, -tr?Tt, ?h vi* I M iMtiieetiir-d at \u 103 North Sixih gtrert ph l iitsipfcia, Fw> Inar 1711 . ?^GE1"AX i'K. HIKQ. Mi v. p. Mi m **Will "Olij a ? Dt.'iii m rvice n' tt ??uii lay ii. .r"i< ?, r'i If. h ir.oH>it, nt 10 nVlock, at itn "luinb'.i Enjine II Ca,>irl II II. an I ;n in. Vt rn<- n ..i ihk -mut- i>, at 3..', I ,rk. at !iti> Swr ?e-.borran Clmrch N r i? CVp i -l -t?- , ( .n?:o? | ;? li A I G<>ruian rri-i .I-t . r ? |.,vi e,1 :n attend P MEISTER, ni ? 10?-. f?t.rman I{ifo.iii?>d Preacher T^p^.o; I< E ?thu PIR.Hr~rnL\\n an ,7:? , ''u - ??* Club wi.i h- p,v. 1. 1 priest Hal, G-,rT town, n TIICRSHAY, tin iJill April. I'i'urc advi;:ii?cat.T.t. u,ar li? lw* P'V" r 'J?.*.? k> ?Till* "II^ a ;vrri.seti to taki 1 pt.i'-e rim liiy at 0 o'clock, otvui* to th* im i rp^"n\v tU" Uier' hl tn P"?PO'.*.i lint.1 1 I E-L> \\ 11 xr, L'Oin 1 rift., at lok oVl .ek, a- 1 ly a .. ti?- *,i.| k..0.,, ilf j \V J;>Uf ? vied ii on hy rite u^.Jrr a w-t/ <?! m <r*>u> *v.' I,MJ "?,d J A >1ES E.N XI3, II f " J- Jounlofi*. card w.JI b - answrrco>i >I?*ndav iH'Xt. .. l- ' mar IT-!* K* TIIK IIONEV BEK. I y'VfV'r' '& rll'-.v;. l>u t: 1' *M COM rf., L V ;*BLL Hj,VLs? PALACE, may It. 11 in int? .N i i., G lih ry, I'i-i nt Ollicc b nMu.g j " ,lt, '? **Urr *???-1' awifui vf *'1 I I'W? , ir* !' 11and Fain ?' l.i*huniay Im-pur.lia>, d I quirt* .< r th? at ' ... GEORGE CALVERT mar 17-4.* SAVE YOUR QUARTERS UNI IL M'jXUAV. and iim n purcha-e a Ti-kci it rtlii- EX III BI t I N ai Odd F?IIam .'Hall fcvtrylftoy *mii rrct ive a box ?*o. taiiiidi* u ftP1.fc.A1 1L? g#m.i? WM(;;r. a piccc t,f GaltN fine rhRr! uf? v',U lr'K '** u: "**y b.auir. (XT" GO L XhL^ . as 1 he- numb r is limiitd 111-ir 17?li* OLD S'JL!?IERS, SAILORS, AND M RINE? riAN liavt* their papers prepared, a ,d Warrant \f r.h:M,t,r,1fnt"e l;UU U"u,"> Act Oil ri" Ie;w? "f calling -it t e haiikiii? hnii-#. of 1 11* MILTON G FA NT, v ? _ , N ' P?*u..?ylVAui? Avenuo 1 N- B The '.ifhesi price pa d li.r Lan t VVar "'ut^_ ma-17-41 ' VCiTltK ? "TO THE M \NUFACTl'RCRS ..I and \ 1 ndor-i o! Rricki1, ant t<j all w.'i m 1, mayc-neeros The uiiderMgti?d Ii reby caution tb? public rot to ereilit? r tru.t any pr.smi or perao-n on ur j i..t, r individual nccouiits.underariy rejirpKen iati..iin whatever, 1 r bricks or auy other ctimuiodiiv. xcept they be member* of our re>p ciive faiislliel* 1 i"r w"os? pi'cui-tary obligation-i we are of course lodivithuuly I,ab? A H .MECHLIN, ma. i.-j,e.>? c. Alexander! _ ~ PREMIUM BOOTS. ' (i ENTLLMEN are re<|iit>ted to call at my Ktore, ?W?'r"?",i""' ' a,,(1 'be fine u: UU(J 1 - that w tt? a ?nriled the njonrsT rtntiot ai ? he M tropo'itan Mecham ?' institute, iiiuiiiia lirT!! yH" f"^,? C)' Paila-lelphia Please call **ari r, a> they r. ill b-letiirm-d iu a f.-w<Iay-. Iknve ai.ue a-aortment ?.f liOOI -Soi, han I and f-r snl. ir UI -aiuuestaL'uliuieni; also, of c. Oenk^rt'3 I ? itu l L >.? 1 a.. ? make, of Philadelphia, a-t Well a? my on;., maou.'actnre, compri.!,;, the latest and e.-t ,. l ctcd stock or Locti that ha-t evvr i.ten in I tlis ?arx<?r. JOHN MILLS. _,r ,, 1 ' n?We R vitma rr, Browns' li del. _m?r 1. ? 3t [Int., t mon, Sent, a-.d 0,ga? Si ] MUSICAL NOTICE \f R- ROIILit r liELLER liarine resolved to re i-? A. tire Irom his lati- occupitio ? nn account of tb> loo pr^av ?xerti u of trav ling, and 11,c? saut wear 3nd f ar of mm I and body, a .d being invited bi many citizens an 1 families of YVasii nmon -o be come a nt auioi g tliem, lie will be i.anpy to remain, p t.vtded a c-ruin number oi i.upils offer th^r-si;lv,;s lor improv 1.,e,.t upon the Pianoforte. .Mr. Heller can oidy ims-ibly undertake a limited nnmber. masmu :b as h.s u mtuii occupied wliu * is own musical labors. tor terms, At? , Mr. lit I er Would re?p?ctfn!ly rp fer applicants to A. T. Kiecktiocl'er. EsoT mar 17?3s* ' 1 L?SIri*y* O" ^iay mori km, from N., I 3?7 riiift-entli Hreet, kame< G mmdH a NeW?it>uiii.'laiii< DOU-eol .r. Mack, h.rc paws a lit netiDftd Willi giav, a?.i1 answer, to the name o, . wh< 11 ht; Ji-ft, a croaa br.i?. collar with the name and residence of the ownei th- roon 1 Anjr o t rciurniag hiui 10 the subscriber win be lib! eially r-warded. WILLIAM IlANDT ? ildf iJt> - O* * /^OAL FOR SAl.E L?iVV?A PU/ ERIOR LOT of White A-h COAL for ?a'e rhw f.,r ca*h, to cl s? out, if applied lor soon at t*e rub cnb.-r's nrd on New Vork avenue, betwten 13 h and 14th Ms. mar ;6-3t* JAMES DALY. LIST OF BETTERS Hni>uinir.t (n the Fo*i Ojflre, Tf'aihin*to* t D- L March 17,185S. LATHS' LIST. Lo4w1ff. v:*a Laadrlck, Kl?t VJrflalfc Lnn ford, Xr* ill B L *. M1m aou Mil'dor*. Mr* Mary M > Mil i, Mitt Hetti M*a. Mr* Catharine Martin, Mil* Mary Magradar. Ml** Martha Meant, M1m S E Monehan, Mi** Ann'* C Morrow, Mr? Susan Munder, Mr* H W Magrucier, Mr* H Miller, Mr* John O Mitcliel, Mr* Bet?y Ann Morton, Itgt A B MagUI, lMrI?al>rlla Mr Carter, Mia* Su-v?0 McKlwce, Ellen Nnkan, Mr* Mary Nortin, Ml** M A Newman, Ml** France* Ann Nerit, Mr* Caroline Paul*. Mrs Mary Jan* Pitta, Mr* I?abella Page, Mrs Margaret Peck, Ml** Maria P?ck Martha Prior, Mr* Emily Packard, Helena O ftfct 'U, Ml** Augusta A Psrrlne, Mr* Lewla i Peter*, M!** Arella Fnrcall, Mlaa Carol r* Queen. Mi?* Mary J S Oi'.tnter, Ml** Rebeco x Ry<>n, Mi** Rath, C S Robinson, M1m 8 J Rathburn, Mr* Mary J Ku?-, Ml*s Martha M U ce, Mr* B X TUp, Mia* Mary Smith, Mr* R ae V Smith, Mli' Snaan Hcirtt, M rs Eleanor A Knltii, Mr* Owen S oith, Mr* Jeremlh M Scott. Mis* N N Sedgwick, Mis* Jan * Slaymnker, Wis* L A Mnceiuou, Mis* Sarah S shepherd, Mr* W U 2 Alia*. Mr* ?a Adam*. Mil* Marparetl AmbiinS, Mr* Henrietta X >9>, B-rwr. Mr* ? ia?o B*al. U'.a? Ann Blreh, Ml*a Sarah P Bon ike, Bridget Buti*r. Mlaa Lucy t Ban ar t, >ira Matilda R Barry, Mr* S L Bldweil. Su?an KlUaheth Baylor, Mr* C O Kerry, Mr* Aou Butler, firs Mary Brannan. Mr* Mary A Bradley, Mia* Sally D BsYol<~e, Mr* Mary D Barrett, Ml** Mary Hready, Mr* Anna BntlUMd, M'.a* Virginia B.uier. Mra Elisabeth Bell, Mian Sarah Bo ? man, M'.a* Bachcl Aun Craue, Mr* Covell, Miaa OHre M Ci"ir.on?, Mr* K Conner, Miss Cate Crelglitr>n. Mlaa J nil* Carlton, Mr* Jara?* K Connor, Mrs Margaret Crcighton. Mr* A R Co:iw?y, Ml * E eanor ClaiU, M:?* H i D .w, Mr* Ellbi J Dundon, fciit\ P ingles, M'e* Ltut* DenUon, M!** B A D mIhoii, Mr?3?*an D-jiy, Mr* Ju'la D-'vert, Mr* W L K.trlan. Miaa Virginia C Krriitrf, Mra Henrietta E'c'n, Mr* Amelia W F.l'is, Mrs John F 3 Ely. Ilia* Jane S Elliott, Miits Ann Elliott Fnsett, Mi?< llrtliid F Fletcher, Sirs Furguson, Mis* Jessie (Jr'?n, M?ry liritVin, Miss Sarah Oarrlttson, Ml>* Etha V Ooldtborottgli, Mrs Jo*ephene Hewall, Mia* Caroline V Oil!.**, Mr* Mary Ann Oraliaiii ChriJta tireliam, Mia* K'ir^i U lladay, Miss Ellen J Hett, Mi*s M M Have Mr* U W Haye*. Mr* Malelaa Hay*, M'*a Mart liy Hart. Mis-e Mary A Hilt. Mr* Mary B Hall. Mr* Martha T Hall Hall, Mra O C Harper, Mlaa Sarah HanimUton, Mr* Henry E Hatual, Mr* E<lza Hollinswortl!, Ml*a Hevrlit, Mra Mary E Jones, Mr* Virgiula .tone*. Mr* Melindn Isherwood, Miss Margaret E Jennings, Mies E A .lu'ln1, ills* Mstwr Jolmaon, Misa Ellxn I aland, MU* Anna Jarb r, Mlaa (isndrlcU, Mi<* F.llz* Keilv, Mia* Sntan S King. MU* Anna LeeU U>?ei v, Mr* Martha L-wli, Miss Martha GEVTLEMEKS' 8'atir, Ml** Eilen Siewarf, Mr* M*ry B Hlepheiison, Ml?a Alice S Sheport. Ca'harlu* Kcott, Miss K Ann Sander*, Uita M< II'* 9 Thompson, Mra E C B 1 weedy, Ml*a Ellen Turner, Mi** Harriet M Tlmrber, Ml** Marlon F L'ttermiikl*, Ml** R M rnderhIM, M'*? Anna E I'pton, Mr* Chale* H Ward, Mahalla Wright, Mis* Jane E Walter, Miss B L Wood Ian, Mis* Harriet Wilson, Mr* R B M Wentworth, Mra !?*? Whaly, Miaa E Izabeth Warring, Mis* Haraii Ann WurtMngton, Mis* Li nil Wnrthlugton, Mis* Alice Williima. Mia* Marth Wiere, Ml** Julia E Wright, Mia* Maria Wag?r, Mis* M Elizabeth White, Mi** Martha Ycung, Ml** Henrietta LIST. An'*r*or!, (Jen A A d ims, ( "lias F Ail*:u, Oaj t Andeiaon, Horace Adam*, Jo1 n H Alien, Philip Andrews, R T Armstrong, Saml S 0row, John A A'b-iglit. Th-"S J (Iray John W OrliBTi, bllby Vf C.or t n. Hi' h H Ul?en, Robt Ocorge, P'Dl B Urliwsld, V D OlichrUt, John J Olpford, Jaa Andeiaon, Tho* Adams TUos F A?'ie. W S Allen, Wm H J Buel. Hon A W Point*, A Bla*? her:, a Becker, baruy Brainsrd, H B'>ud, Chos R Oou ding, Joseph Ora t, (lector 3 llrc?r, R?or? S lirrtn, Ce rge Gordon, Cap! 9 llonard k Davl* Harnilton, Wm E Halatead. Hon Wm Rlgney, Tho* Pe-trre, J J Painter, JliO Pott er, J O Palmer, J C Towell, J K Page. Henry Penfeld. Geo H Pottle, E V | Perrlu, E 0 Penn, D E Petri son A Detcon Perkins, C A Panzer, B Pills. Phil uuitman. Gen S Richmond, W A Harvv, Wtr E Hall "Wm 2 MlliiiRh >r?t, Buu C Harri*. S J Beat in, E N BliiMii e. h T Bailey, Edwic C IJlus-K in. F A Bermen-i, ?;??<? Bradford, Geo Br<>w ti, li 3 B?rry, Job R l>rrieu, Hon J Bocker, J: hti T lierger, J ?Cob Bstohcll J M Ballar i, John P Htrb?'rt, P T Hntchln??n, Mr Hurt, Li-ui L (' Henlteit, 1. H pa, Jaa B Han ks. J A ll'stinra, John S Hilt, J B Hunter, John P llszarU, Ccl U H How, G W Hen'z, F Hicks. Judge F S Boteler, :iev J We?- Harris, B H ley Brown, J V?pf u Be<-nian, Jaa L Baidwiu, L 1 > Here; tua.i, I. F. 2 B mrler, Merer<l Boltoa, X.vlUl 2 Burnlt-<ni, I'.tol 2 llrooks. Rich A Kadluelli. U 'tacl Burr. R I t K Herry, R M, M U llau i), R il Uundle. i>;u Wui Barry. Win lliit^r, Wm H Boyle, Win H C Horde, W u 15?*ll W K Car; *, (' :*a F Hiapel, Hob C V.' Cans', l> Couuii'gliam, Ldw '"ase. Col i'. Ci:niiliighain, T R Cutter, li t W Clark. Hiram J Came run, H ? 'uup?r, llarT.y C le, John N Coo er. S?ra! B (.'? ok. Isaa< Crlttonden Joalah Cr*l| itfii, J i: C'llpMian, Ja* Carter, J F Cook. J' iin H luag 1, A HofTmeater. X Irish, W W ln*e, Samuel W Roberta, M (> Robln*on, J W Roblnion, J 9 Koney. J no Ran lulph, J A 2 Rohius, J S H ibiuson, Kr J H Robinson, Jarnea H?m* <5 Or H A Rin gold. F Rlgney, T R:ce, Edmund Rennoida, k R Che, t Ross, 1> H Ruharda, Albert Randolph, A K' em, a H tihaw, W Pntton, T Skillman, S H Johnson, William BSinith, Sau'l Jenifer, Walter H Sllvy, Robert Joi-a, Thomas W Jewett, J Jourd an, Fre I J "lies, Alfreil Joy, Arad Ke rney. Win King, W !a Kst'io, Mic hael Klfham, Israel Ring. John I* Kinney. Col H L^ Ke'iedy. l? H Kiilani, Capt C L Low, William W S I><? William F l-ee, M l^?i', Jarn-f* Larpplev, J ff Lc.ucart, John Lsce. H'uiir Kcntt, L htewart, L Siiana'ian, J Sulllrau, J dplnks, J J Sim ma, J M Stewart, J J sperry,J J Santmyer, J P J Stewart, J II 2 She r woo>I, J B studley. J Snioot, Ge^i Smith, G H Smith, O VV Sciilc, Geo Stepliena T C Smith, Frauds H tianluler, E H Smith A E twar>!a Crowley, Jeremiah Middi*tou, R L mill..rough, ll'a Sinimnii*. It Laurent. Beniamln Shall, O F McCullom, W C, Mr 2 Mr.larid, Mr Mi.ler, William Milier, 'J hoe Mauley, l?r Tho* Mat rou. Tho* Marahail, S S Mlddletou, S Case, Lurlua fimnn, Louis 2 Clots, I. M C< pi'. S.ose* < r^pi..! a I. - P M Craw ford, Robt Z Coon, Gel, .S I* 4 Coy le. Sanil B Col -, Salol Miller, Prof Hltchel, P'-trltV Moiire, O F Miller, ? McCarthy, M Morrow, Mr Mitchell, Mr UtDiiill, Mo*rs Moore, J B OunriiT, Vaster T F Mitchell, Jno Ci gheu, Tlics Coo er. W B Coai- It, Wm E Cii>?? Win L CoMn -aay, Win Chandler ? uMt-U. Wm B Maatli, J W McOanlel, J O MoiiteSore, J B I. ?!? lutyre, J, 1 Co Miller, John 2 Meiia, J S Ml idietou. John W Pc.rkee. Hon C'ha* S Morrl*, J Li l>r-eger, Carl Uiitbriiw, C T lluval t?ea J P Ulanay, Joha liavis. John I) Higher ty, J P 0'iang. Isiaul Osrluig .ilaj H wes. VI h M Helariy Thoa Uotc, Rol.t .1 D??wart, W i. l>el*ny, W H 1'ae, Vr es 2 Kvac* k Co Kvarita, Win M Ei awortli, V, a, L Eagle, C* |it H 2 Ea^all, Henry Eiuery, C L lariiuiu. Wm F 2 Fltzliugh, W ru K? Pas Midship Fehey. Tiios Fort, SIUs B Fowler, S H Kalry, Mr Fowler, Joseph Floyd, J Jim G F ater, Hon H D 3 F i- aiu, Henry Gaines, Maj VV H Greene, W W Grant, W in U >'organ, J U Mlll-r, J U Martin, Jainea 3 M?air?, J p Mi Keuua, F McCann, E is'sri Ml ler, E F Mason, E R Morange. UN"? McCauley, Ciia* Maniou, Bi io More .ouae, A Mn^sey, J H Kusbiti, John Norton, Jatue* No- ton, A O'Too e, Luke O'N'feil, J H O'Connor, John O'Toide, Franula Page, Wm Ptyton, W H Poh ell, I?r W Price, Wm Petti t, W V Pearco, W L Parson*, Tho* Pratt, b W Parkar, R P?eWau*h, Mr Popp, Msx Peter*, Mr Price, J no Schenck D K Smith, H L Pteedman, C st tunton, B Stivers, Adam Smith, A H Smith, A N Toby, Wm Tarr, Win Tyler, Wiu Turner, Stephen Traoue, S F J Tal?o t. S V Toenbacic, M Thornton, Mr Thorn, J H Tnbb*. J p Taliafera, J M Thorn <s, Jno Thorn, Jno Turrlll, J ] Th rp, J 9 Turner, II 9 Tyler, Heury Teansman. G Thurbur. C 4 Turnell C Walker. R Walerhouse k Co Wade. Willie G Wright. W Whaler, W Wuiluii, W H Wheeler, W Warien, S B Water*. R P WInuholx, L WiliUiD*. J G Warren, J P Wik n*ori, J \ Wlsley, Juo Walker, J R winsiow, j r Weed. J K *Vei?el, J udge Warren, J P Willlsmi, H C a Wagoner, II B Wise, G D Wliiard. G L Whorlley, u W Whitney, G Weaver, G Willa^u, E H Wllklns, K Woodruff D Washburn, EES W - rttien, Chaa Wataou, A J Worth*, Dr A White, Addison Ed. 1?. S. Naval tr polls L*l( INITIALS. Msgazi e, Charle* C. V/. 2; fenutb; Ma dge I. O. 0 F , Sec. iinliau Mission; Clk. ooulh eru Dltt. N. V., Clk 9. Com. on Claim* ; Mohawk Tribe 1.0. O. F , Mt. N b-> I O. O. P.; Am. Crusader; Southern Mau lautiirlng Bk ; Washlugtou Wklv. Reporter, H H , A U 2 M. A M.; B. C. A. march 17 JAMES G. BSKRET. P. M. NAVY SUPPLIES-ISS^S. NAVI iJIP'llJI T, ) Utreaa of PrcTieion*. au I Ll >:hiug. v Merch 16 I566. j C|EPARATK PROPOSAL1 fc-a'ei eu<l endorsed 0 "Propo H'sfcr -itvy fcufplivJ," wiu te re t tUa La ta un ii o o bhc-k v m , oa ?at.;r4a/, the lt*i a of April noxt for furni^hirg ind delirer ln,? (ou reooitirg tea d?y?'t < tlte,?x t pt tor t.L-ccit, f 1 v J 11 h tire, d-}>' vtti e fhiili lo f.Tentrer- ry 1 wm y Ibou ntd po\.rd? re-;uir?>i) at the Icited Sta'c nayy-yard* a' Icwn, Mmsacfcu t>t'e, liro kj'D, few lor*, O rp - t. YiriinU, susfi q autitic? ??i/ytf<he f IIming irtteln' a* may be r<*.iu<.i>l or oMt red fr. m tha 0 ntrar?orj V? 'be <*h 1 f cf t!ii? > urrau. or ' v thn re p ctive c ieldt.J ing otcera of the ?aii nar^-jari?, during the fiBcal j?sr fuiii ? June ?0. 18^8, t z; Hour, L ca!t. w. if key, ?ug?r, tea, cr tiee, rice, la- F9J, viri' gar, pickle, beiuf and dried apple* TLe f.0':r th-ll by 8 ip-'.fiau, auJ of tne manufao txjro o: *L? at ttrowu ia the ye*r 18c3 or 1?65; but a ir)-, ia all ca?es <? maDat&o'ared from wheat o tfae crop lm:u <i ately j ree ling the U.\t?s of t ,e re <!? si l*a for 'ho cam -; ?h? 1 be p. rfeoi y aaeet, %t.d n ?1. ..sp^ct? cf the l>t-ht ?!? aluy. au > ?-ha l 1 a do'iy mtl in koo t >h!(pioF orcer, fr*eo all cfca-j;e to the Un teal r ta &, iu the b?t n tr, well-seasonA', s- und bright tarrrl*, or half fcarrelf, aa tte ne? may b' tha dtjT-8 ftui ht aid^e to be of whl e eak cf the best qu?litv, at'cn< and well.'hfoied, with lin ng ho:pn ar uid ? ach bead, tnu equal inqoa ity u. *a^pU barrel at Mid nav <r yards; two half barrel* tobf eoLtidnre-i mi ban -1, aud not more than co? sixth the r?*qul ed qu\tt:tr to k# 'n bal. barrels T!i? biscuit >ha1.1 t>i made wbdiy from gweet en 1 eitlna tlour, < i the muau'actuie t f ihe year 18a4 or lkt? , b-t Bbcll in al (U<? be manufactured ftoan fl ur mcde of the crop in m?d a ely pr ced ni 1 h? la*es of tae req li itiou* f;r th?iam?; and ahtli te fjily rqnol in q ia'i y, ard cot.foim in aisa and ihap? to the giinplcs' which are d>pot-it-d in the i-a'd nary yaid; ana'l b?* pr.-perly baked, tbcronga iy Lifndred. we'.l pacKtl, and delivered fa* cf r-narge to th<? Uclt?a Mi:* . ia go^d M utd?Hfall* Jrie 1. b lglit fl ur barrda, %- aboT# de?c-ii.?d ?ith the h?"?d ?el .eoar d; cr in air and watertight bkey or b:irit bacul#, a: thd(j,tioa of tho bu rsa 1. 'J h? wh skey fhall be made whol'y from rraln ?aid and uierciiantaUe, m d bi fl ty par cent' ?love piccf Loicrdlo* t*? the Uaiv-d rutsa cuatom booaarf nitJi. it ilall bodciWer-d ia good new I nrd.b^b .Thresqu r>rsho p d, well aa**. nM ah.ta otk tarrela, with white uk head', the heade be male of ihxee piaea heading and well parted; tn? iUrr? not to be lean than Y* inch thick, ?nd th< beats net lena than In -h thh k ; and ?ach barre shall b? eoop?Rd, It aid Mb, wiib on?tbrM-Df3B] Iron-botpon ex ah bTge IS* Itch in widt i.ani l-lCu Inch thi'k and en? thiw{wbst boos on nv ebim*, 1X inch in *idtb, a d 118 h loch thtek, a p-r d!> ram fca * b"l-> t-' b- p i' tn rtd nh rpir-i 0 defr a of all rg > to tb? Unit d fetal**. '.fee rctar aLaii if a;corttne to imp] ? *.L ? ail kavy ya"C*; t? dr, *nJ &? 10- p.ckin. Ttie te* shell b.? or goo. quality Y' Dyscn cqu 1 to the >amp:e? s* atld levy yards. ha c.ffeeahal le h_- b;?t Cuba, acc:rllcg t< casp ? tM rice shall le of the Tfry b>st <jti ili'y, and c th' orop >s iOf .ia.tly prve ling be da ts cf thr- r ? quUdionr frtb? rainc The m la* ia ila'.l L* fully equal to the very te quality of >'ew ?mi' si las -a, aed ?'ai 1 be or 1 v - red in we 1-m*i tied red oak ? a: r I , a 'th wbl 1 p,ns head j not leu tfcia 1I Itch thxh i the a are not le* than % itnh ibi k: the b'rre's t< ce thru quarter* h ?. and. in ad t t.on 11 h-v* four hot h-oja, pro cu ea?h bilge, | itch io width a> d n ? lx *?rth Ireb tb'tk. and one on efh chme ' j inrb in width, and 1 16 i?c.i thick, and at all U ibo (ughly cco;a adaad pla>d in the b?st r hip| ir2 eond!' ion Tbe v ce a? fha'lbt of tb ft -*t quality rider rli ? ?|rar, e^ual to the a'ai d rl of tbe United ft*t* Ih rjiarcpc a, and aba I couia a CO oth*r ih?i aee ieacia; aid ihdl In d? iT r a in tarre's a mi lar in ail re<pecti o th'se r^ultvd cr m as *? ?iih tfce o'C piion that v tits oak atar s an 1 h. n1< b ll be at6? itut?d for red oak a a?e*aud *h t p'm* h .td?, a?i *hall K? thoroughly coopen d ic. ; laoat ia tb?? b^?* abipptng ?id:r. > be p.' klea thall b put rp *n Ir d hounJ c*k aa<l o*cb ca b ahalfoontan one ^?il >o cf octo-.t 000 Ion rf prp(?n>, ?nl :h rteen gallon* cf ?m*l -u'nitijr., a-d tb? ib'cjia '?-'b abnli binity pound-' aodthcyonlv b?- ^a:<l for; and t?c a ..1 t>n b.- fl'.lei *itb wbit* wjne *in?<*r > at feaa 4i de^r^j; of?trrD^th. ?od fiu?lt> lfr n 1 Ttrej-r: the cvk>, ? g*ubtra. ana vinegar aial vnf< rm aud be e^ual iu ?lj r ?-e-ts ti be f tmpl * dep'ailed &t tha above cam ti r.uvyjarda, aad ti: c^>. tfactora ahali warrant a d *it nty tba tbe> w.I I ke-p gooi khI toaud lor it ie -Kt t ?o y* ?trs. Ti.c b a].<?t.all b? rf tbe v*ry <tua'i*y w it bia^a, aLd fha l bj cf tba rr >p immediate'y j r- tiC trg the ?ta'e? cf he nquiritiaa f 1 t^ 1 a (?, ihad iel a[p'e<sha>l b? . fthe !?#. t qu? ity. ar aha I be prc^a ed ly . uu i-jmg < nly. aud stall b? of tht crop cf tbe autuoin ioimediUely p tee in ?-he dates of tb** requ sit ~ni r r tbe a m < ** ihe forego n< d acr bwl artWa, euibracit^ aakv birrols, b*lf barrel- and fcoxa?far?ll h>iu ? J?c: attco ii'pejtioj a< tbe rbi^ft?f tbNbarf* aj y d*:ec'f the i. are-ting r.ffl er to t a *pj> ia?*o > j h^ Kavy Uepar n.?nt. A.I tn. p cti'?ta <0 b? a* t p'.a?4 ufv.eliTery. bi cuit tiay, a.w^?r, leit>ap*ct a at 'tie place of niAuu ;a*ture bnt?>!l io ?<1 rv? be t.ul<jeo: to a fnal it tpectlon at tie pl?cd if drlh ery b re b d? ura 4<^ied th-re'er. l"ho?rice o'" kl.tb' for gjur ar le'ei ta VetVe iame tlir tghout >h? >car, and b cd.rfu.aj ? Oar k 1 one or cm? article'. All tr.e c*H*, I arreX <Ld h If bar e1*, cr cacka-c. a? a 1 be marked wit., their <o^ta:.t< ar d toe coptra^t 1^- n<re A1 the barr*.* ajJ ha J oarrah cf ti u?-p Ir ?d ?.nd pi kel* iht 1 h<??e, it alaition t th>- ?Vv?. -he }*e .r v. h^c iu n jft< tuu-i cr 1 ut up. m rkei upm them. The '*Tp es r< ferre 1 'o !n t* i? a lverU"em>n' ?r> tho e h 1-mj ?a ft r the tn?u ng - tl*-r*l y# r. ond ti?r ?.0 r-ler net Ij ti*c\ at h v: hen p rtriat ly ucni KiLt'tl. Tb? qi'ntity of tbe?^ articles which w:l' be r. q L--pl c U) otbe precise y gut-d. Tbry wi.l fr bi cly le ab^tt ? 9 To b^ c fli?r?l for Flour 1200 I bis per hbl Bl eait * p r 10J !Vi ' S?.(*r<) e^'a |.?-r ^ a?Kir 2*0 000 1 ?..^..p rl) Tei i0,? 0?>lbi.. . p. r l^ iVffee I0frttl?>< j.rlb !l^ce i;oj i-OJ ib- er lh M. la se *.0 ' >0 irs'i per pi. ?ea -i b( O-! ba h....per bsifIj M-fg>ir '..i .oona * per pal ri d tipple- .?,(* ? 1>? ^er ib P Ct?c? 1310.0 1b" pe-lb The quantities cf a-ycr al' may he Snrr-aned rr 'iiuin .bed a* the nervi ? may .ft r ifqcd-r T e cjrtnc'i wi'l th?r-1" rile era!*, not f r .'pw fi ? <4 an .t'e , t u : for-u'-h q ai tltiMUtlw unTC* may re?i tirs to te dclirerrd at tho-e uavy-j aril u 'P'Civelf (t. trBPt tb not ?H- di' jr a* th* p"ar?? *h :e <?e llTerienar.. require) totn-t .HVi h a^er ci?-o et rucb p'a-e--, that no de!jy mey arts* in u^Tishin^ wh:-' u.ay l?? r quired; idu wb n * ??. ntra.tvr tail promp !y to <r?> ply aidj a r.q ii-iti >n, the i*hiei oi the Bur au or Provl. lo^p au 1 (1 thin/ thall lea ? 1 h^tiz^l to direct t ore! ? e? to :>e niids t > ?up_. i\? de^c e- ry, nrd r^':e peojilty to be ? xpre>s-j i" th? cj?tr>-'t; re- rd of a r qsiaiti n, <r?dhih ea eocpy tb-rcf^t .hj IS :re.iu cf l*rovL>U>n.-< a*? l >th'.B^-, rr at ?i h?-r <t tin i5r;-)?rl. af .r d sha 1 b? n 1 O h that su.h x?q tij;i|cn la> > eer. madx and rece'ved ?-erar- e offers tuus l>? ra'efor ouch ar ie'e ?>ach . f ih? ?fcre ai n vvyr?d ; and in r? e nnve 'hun f>D? art ela i? r-?nt l:t<d in thertfrr tt? < fc|^? ot t-e Bureau wid have ih? rii<?:t to a-c/.p4. o"e or jnrre ' f 'h-> articlra eor.'aii ed In auch oft':, anJ re j ct thr j-mtioo r; crd htdder* uho?e t!r">" ori 1% kre am-ep eJ (an! toe rth r.') will h? f rtb*v>th ro'ifl'd. aai a-? a??7 a-> jra't:caMe a eo tr.jtvi; bs tiai'tui'.itid tc li.em for "X?cuto::; wlii b rru ? ra-1 r*t be ret r;.i-d to the B"rei?u w.thl i t?>:t ays exe'ra vc#' th.? liin reiuixel tcr tin regular tr; n ia lion o; th.- ina I. Tae or more a: pr^\el sur t:e?, in r. ?.cn iq al tn the ct.imitoI f-m.'unt of t-. re p-ctiv? <ot:tfact^. ?1 I be required, mi ten p-r o?,tt> m in a-Miton will be with* til from tbe am cot cf all pvyme-t-* oa eerr.ui't th? re< f a? co late al a enrity in aJd.t o<, o 8< ?U'e iti? yerf rui&ne, at-.d not in any ?v?nt to be piid unt 1 it is in ali re-pect^ compli d ?i h. ri'.ety p-r cert ui rf ihe > ra >t.nt rf ?l d.livtrer made wi 1 bo tei I by t e ni*vy airent 1 thirty flays af cr b 11 duly un'.hent cited thall have b^ r pr -pent'd t-> hie?. J-lank f roinof i.Trp-^als nicy b -chtaiaed oa ar p'icat r n to the ra\-y nwnti tt Porism'11 L, ?-?w ilaop h re; Ij at n.Nt-w V.->rk, I'h ia M bia Balti *1 .re, \Va?bir gt j>i, >o..'olk. Pen?tcols, aad at tbi ? ureau. A record, or duplicate of tiie letter intormin. t bidder of the acceptance of his prcpos?l, vill b* !etni: d a uotiiisati'm thereof wi'hia the m.anin^ o< the act cf !8-4d. arid hi U'd wJU be made and acespi cd in conformity with*this under- (s.r?tlcr. Kvery offer mtdv* r.tur.t b- accompanied fte di re^iod in the a? t of Corgrcss nt^iu? -ifprcprla t.ona for the n^Tal k- rrice for 18 *tl '47, approve* lOwl A itu^t, 1816.) ly a written yunran o??, ?i^nied by one or tur i-- re?pci;p,.l.i.* t,er or?,to th? elTcct that hs or they Mndt-rtaie th*' th - hi .d^r c-i bidd rs will !f bia cr their l id be arc ?t?j, enter iato an cbl - ifition si'.Mn t< n d-i>Ptw.;b pcoj mdSctT' i. nt t.ur.. tie^ ro furnish the Kit.jl" prov.a;?i. 11 ebi'.rea 1?! 1 u?t bo cl ii.'?taa , u?id*r uni<-ij tc.-om (>atii>a bv tfce sr .arancee nqi ir d by law; tvec? ir p?Vn*e> cy or tbe err&iantee to by tfce eeit Prd t v Jbejn^y-agent, dieitist attorney, or a >uie ofll>r <> the c**n??Tal rov?mni?r.t krewa f. fu bureau The atti.1 tioa of ti tde-a ih eaih-d to t'-e Bhinj 1-j *.nJ d scrip', on of articitei sequitb']. as in the in ar.erti n f r r?certicn, ajoft lut : i^i t e mpiri/.n *i:i t"e r a.le letv/ ?u tfe *r iolea ? ffeied ?.nl '1 e ""?nip'? h '1 r n'rai t, r-<* i'in? nM?eth*f fall below theoi; -^nd tLeir a*t -i'tion is a'an psrticui> rly di rt ct d f> tie hid x?d jo nt r> folution, in al<?it on to the act of tLe 10th Avgust, 181C: Mtlrunt fioht the est of ' fn^rtti rjprcr.d Au vit 1844. ^Src 6 Jnd U <t further enaetrJ TLa fr< m ar.d afte* tbe pa*?av<? f tbi? a t ver7 pro one' tor ra v?l su?rlicR invitea b, tbe Peer tary . f the Kavy. und-^r the 1 to ' o tD t??? General p,,r pr at on b"?l lor the ntvv, aoprared Jtaech th:.r^ el. Iitren httn deed f rythie v hill he ac^mpa ?d by a wr.f.engtsar n'e? tl. -cl b? one r.r morj rr-poc?i bl? re s n . t > th? t tkat h ? or ttiej u^er.'ako b t the bid er * r b^.te-s will, if 1 i* or th^ir ? d be ajcepiei, ett.-r <nt ? un rh!iratl. n I3 inch t ice te may b? tr ic i><d ly the ^eenxfry cf 'te J.a<y, ?lifc gor.d aSd acICf lent Knr?| e?, to furnish the su 1 pi ca prep ?eo. No t r po el ^ha I be eona der.-d un ac-orap nied b7 ?u h xuarant*-. If a ter th? a c ptancj of a p Oj.n-f.1 ?nd - cotia ation thmo o tbe tdjder or bidders, h^ or th y rh Is 'nil ?o ?: te> tnto an obH,at<" u wi h'n t: e t me pre-c ibrd by f e Sec-titaryof he > a?Ty w?tb jroid a? d rnfflc:?nt sur. ? ties, for iurtdrhinK tfce fupjilieJ, th-n t e Ee'ietary r-f 'h.? Kavy ehal' pro-eed to cut.-* et wl h acmc ct^e* person rr pe?8-?ns far fa niih rg ths Ft i .sup pli#-. anl ?* nil t. rthwith caife 'he dlfT^rtn~e b'* t?een the amount crn^inei in th* p.cpetal jo guarantied t nl <h* amount frr vrbic;. Le may ha e contia:'el lor fornl birg tbo 8*i<* fenpj-lle* :tr tla who'? ?eri>! cf t'?? p-rp^p-ral to be rba-ped ?? a:* sa d bi 'd-r or l idjeri. tidV.o cr to' ir gra ? sr-tor cr gu ran ore: and tnesua- ?ni.T b? im^r d . Hte.'y recovered by the Unit d c.taVs. fur th.) a e o th?rs'avy D?r?>rtm?nt, In an actlmof Ueht apa n I either or al. cf d i^raoa"." I Public, Ko. 7.1 Joist P.woicro* reUdv- io b.da for pro?Wen#, cloth'ng. nrd gmali stores for the u-eof the oat y JCwtrd h>/ the. S*nai' and Hon* of Pepr'zMar t vax of the Uiiitrd Statts of Air.erica ?n (otll ttsi at semlKed, Tbit all l.ids for ruppiirs of proviriona elothinz. and raai.ll store* for tbe u.eci the navy may rejected, at tbe option r f the department, il made by ore wb?? is not known as a!i.etur*i of. or regular dealer in, the article p opcaed to be iurniche-J, which tact, or tfce reverse, must te dis tinctly atated in the bid- offered; that th- bit's of all persons who may have &kiled to erm-ly with tfce conditions of any contract* they mty have previ ously entered into with the United htates tha'l. at the option of the department, be njected; that it nor# than one bid be offered for the supply of ar article oa account of any one party, either in hie own name, or iu the cam.t of his partnpr. clerk, or ? ny other p-rson, tbe whole of ?i;e.b bids shall be re jected at the rpti. n of the department; and that ?? partners of an\ firm shall not be aweiftd u suit tie* for each o her; and that, whatever it may be deemed nee ssary, fbr ths interest of the govern* m-nt and tfce health of the crew* of tbe United States wsels, to procure particu>air bmrds of fon. wbh-h are Known to keep beet ?.* distant stations, tbe Buroau of Piovb-ioca and and Clothing, n Itb the apnrobation of the fecrt-ur, of tbe Navy, be ahd hereby la, aathorited to procure the aaice on tbe beet terT>?, In ma ket < vei t Apprcvtd 27 Marcb, 1854. ? mar 17-law4w Amu?menta. PEOPLE'S THEATRE. (LATE VARIETIES.' Lett* Mr Ac'-ig & fcragc Manager ....Jr? Wtitir Prico* of: dn-sion-?'JrrbraL a Chairs ?0 ct*.j Par quttt 3'^ '-fat*; Ke?u)ar ricket 25 ccnts ; Pri vale Bcxc* ?3 ind $j OPENING NIGHT! AND FIRST XIGHT OP M a. C. Bf. W A LCUTli TUIS (SATURDAY) EVENING, March 17U>, per;o< mxnce will commerce wob the admired comedy ol the blCIIIOlV FAMILY. fipt Murphr M'gutre Mr. C. M VValcott Charh iTrrrt .Mr. Norton vVi<Jowr D^lam n? ..... .. Mis* C. Howard To conclude with the laujhaMe farce of RAISING TII It WlJin Jerrmjr Didller>....n Mr M Walcoit Stni ........ Mr. Nnnna P ' ....... ... M. ? ? ? ??(..?. . * .?. ?? . . ? ? ^ * Si J. I BIS' 17 GIFTS FOR EVERYBODY AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NOIOAT KVKBING, March 19, THOMAS k CO S EXHIBITION OP DISSOLVING VIEWS, On wlii.-h oceanio i t rt*ry pur< ha^r *f a ticket m ill r re ve a l??x (t?uu.ii'( a splendid GOLD WATCH. VALUED AT $35! An article of Jewelry, or mm** Fancy Agules, tree (tf clutft . Tickets oi lv 25 cent*. G il Watch :md Jewelry ma\ In- mn at Mhw.CALT 6l BBOTHEK*8 Store, Pa. avenue. ?ntii Monday t v. Hi-ig, when they will be enclosed in >lie btir* aud iaX'wnuiiutdj mixed with the the other *i t- tu b; di-tnhuted\io the an/.irncc. For particular^ muhII b.n-. mar 16?9l* "7 national theatre! Increasing. p? i-uUriry ??! the Splendid Circus C^npany. Or RfVKKS 4 UADiOAI, The be-t E<iue*tii*n O m;>any in Atnrru a. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE Ever> WKDNKSDAY mid bATUKOAY. RVKKY lYKXlftO, G tai d< lutnge of KQIIESTKIAN NOVELTIES, In wh.cli appear* WUr Enra. Mr. Thos Ku.g. Moaa Le K'jen, A. Aymer, W Od? II. Masters Madi gaa, an l Cliar'es, Mr. H. P. Madigan, William Fnrtn. ami the THREE FAMOUS CLOWNS. Jtn Myrs. Carlo. and S.iiu Long. WANTED ?FIFTY UTILE CHILDREN for ih : Fairy Pantonine of CINDERELLA. Tho. e accurto uH to Dancing will be preferred. HrnrcTioji ??r rate*a. Private Boxen. ?4; Dress Circle and Paiqnette, gentlemen with la in,tiSetn s; Sinrle genUeni< n, rents; Faintly Circle, ?) ceak; Colored 6 allery c- r?. niar 5 TO THE PUBLIC. ON tlie 121 li day of Mar h, H5>, an aJvertieemerit tha niv g'KKlH lial been ,.i> r me <! and wruld be *old a: pi;t.lic auction t<r rent i ue Ceorge C. Kirk, appeami in the Kv?mng Star. A? such an adver 'i.eoaeut, ii um xplained, would have tne tendency to iiijU.e my credit, which is nivonly fortune, and only mean* of supporting try lamiiy, I u*a?e the fol lowing riau went: On ilie l?t day cf August, 1854, I ?nt?red itto an ag.e* ment Jo lease, t? r ~fivey? a s.frotn <ico E. Kirk the pari ?>flt No ?, ii> Squ ire No 437, and |k?ui i-e?, mr $4(A) p: r a:iiiu!ii. Mr. Kirk on his part ajrtriu; t? Lni^h a new ; la-iing M-ichiae and all its fix u-es, at hts c st, an hhve tr.em fini-hed fully or u?e witliin two month-* from said 1st *u;ut , 1854. 1 lit" Mr. Kirk fail- <1 to do. The sai<2 ma chine was no: fin^hed a..d fi:*e ? t>n f r uk for two months after the time speeitr d. This w a? a crcat loNstume. Ti e pia ting UMChine w as wor .h in re than aU the Diarhmerv on the pttnu-es. Mr. Kir* further agreed to hu:ld a b irk shop ou said g" uud, move a?,it set all the n a hinery and put ?tiem in l"'0 1 ran'ting ori!er, at his own co?t and '"Xpensi-. >!r Kilit has entirely fa:led to perform his part of a tret-me t, and > et deaianded of in-- the paymei.t of ;hc tail r-jnt of ?400 p-r annum, for a u old shop without r'.of?.r kIjs- ii tlie windows, or shutter* to keep cut the e? Id. It is iaip<>*rihle for a y oi e to wroik in t!ie shepin r lay w? a her, or to ke**p any tiiiPjr dry A Run cannot cariy on hu^inins in tlte hap i.i its present condition. I think when Mr. K. weighs < he ui^'ter weil iritis mind his conscience will n"t I'M h'm cbaigr- me as much nntfor ?n ? ld >hop that i> in t i. auiit r worth noUi uc, as I have !:s.d to p.iy f .r n-?Viine. If Mr K. had dt macded r f ;ie a a*pa.t :>nd ju t ruit, I w<'ul.l have settled it wi'li hint. i;olw iih-(:>ndii g the'failure to con'ply w ith fc - .;r-? J. W JORDON. mar It-la* i} 03Gii C Bi-OCIU, Attorney and C* u.r?r 1 ior-a.-Law, UPPER MAfcUtiilOUUII, MiaTUCD, Will practice in the Courts of Prince George*i, Cal vert. CI arje* .md Sr. Mat's * e.u .iie*, aud in THE CtU'RT OF APPEALS, And ?r.-e pronipt attvi.tion to the co in lion of all claims in either ol tLc above Coui.ties. infir 16? STOP YOUR, COUGHING. J UST received, per Adams & Co.'s Express one ca e of Ma Uan.'s %ew York Goid Medal GUM DROPS, consisting of BinLiia, Vain.ia, IU>pbwrr>, l.cmon ?i:d Hon hound tlavnrs. A'so, a ccmjlete iiwurtiii' at of his celebrated ("hoeolates, ot uo.vt '^l r?putation and without rital in llie Umtei States. For tale at Z. M. P, KING'i, 263 Vermont avenue, corner I street, mar 16?tf MOREBARGAIXS AT t?ie ??Washington fclore,?' late Ma^ruU?r a Calv- rt'f. Iri?h Linen* al! PilioW do Hi autiful sttlea whi'eaad col'd Brilliants S.Tiped and fiju - d Chintzes New .-ule < liality ? ? r? ge Do Siiks, M< uss<, Lawns Bertie de l.auis, Jk.c. Li addition to the above there is a large sti ck of sp*ii:g an t iumr.-er Go??ds. purchase I of the late drm, which ni I be si Id lemaikaL-ly low, 10 elo*e out the entire ck. Customers caa r?ly upoa g:eat ?argains at N i. 10 opp. Centre Mirfcet, mar 16?lw (D t) b tw Bih ami 9ln kts. t li fc V?' A It ?s?The 4,Ui.ion Bindery," in Nay!? r's Building, corner E and 13^ arrets, was U t night bur).l3ri<.usly entered, and a Urge Ffciouutif projierty destroyed and stolen, and attempt- .ni'de t > tire tlie buiidmg. The bb< ve reward w ill li - p ad at the clerk 'a office of'-the Union,"?n the arrest and convictioa of the burgl <r. tin* 1 aud ii ceitdiary. lour 16 *2t (Inielh.Sentinel] A RAFFLE. ON T 11E CORNER OF SEVENTH STREET AND MARYLAND AVENUE,ot $100 wndk of CLOl IIES, the Cio!h*s t i be measured tor and made after the Baffle. One liutidrcd chances at $1 per chance; fitU-i u prMiiums List of premiums : 1. Cl.dh Coat, valued at 193 *22 2?One Tweed C.?at. 12 ?> a A - *? ?? , - - v.?r ?JV TsaCM, % CM 9^ 11 14 aiid_lj? t! \esls (3 each 6 Tot a? ^100 mar 15?3.* W L>ALToN, Merchant Tailor. ? OK Ilt-lit At.L \ E!?I OrFER for sale the east half of Square ixit. fronting ou 14ih st. The whole leng h well eiielgved, ail in cultiva tion and weli set in tiino?hy. It is will situated for a vegetable garden. Till, troui the government tu tne iu 1611. The terms wiil be ea?y on appl ing to me, own r and propiietor, N?< 3 F- urteenth st. mar 15 3i* VVM. MURPHY. a LMANACH PoUlt RIRE, p<?ur 1855. AlmaJ .A i nch Comique, d?. Aiin-nach Sunatlque, do. Almanac!) A*tr?-!onique, do. Aimanach Prophet n;ue, d<. Almaitacli Pittefesque, do. Atmanacli des Jeu.v ile Societe, do. Ahnttuach de rillu-iraucn do. FR\NLK TAYLOR, mar 15 ATtbkN JEvVELRV, SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS. I EARLS, FANCY GOODS, kc. kc. At exiri m.-1 v i.OH' PRICES, by C\NFIELD, bRO. k CO.. 320 Dai.itnore street, Baltimore, Md. mar 14- tr ARLINGTON POLKA. JUST publii-hcd Ly IIILBUS k HITZ, an4 for arte at all the principal Mu ie St< rea. It is rn bellished with a correct likeness of V* aahlrgion'a favorite, the venerable Gccrge Washii gton P Cus ?is, and dedicated to him by the popular com|waer of this city, liana Krummacher. Music Depot,Star Tuildinga, Com?r of Eleventh rlie* t aatl Pa ?vet>ue. mar 13? tf PIANOS FuR KENT. fl'WO supi rior 7 octave Boudoir PIANOFORTES 1. for rem or sale. Apply at HILBU8 k. HITZfJ Music Depot, where ihry may he seea. xuar b

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