Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1855 Page 4
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.NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENHETT, PROPRIETOR A.VD EDITOR. CiPlCI M. W. CO KN KK Or NASSAU AND iTLFON BT8. TERMS, rath i? <idv<im<v. THE H AIL V Ht'.KALU 2 cntt ptr copy?Si ptr annum. THK It KtKL V Ht.RALl) tvtry Sat?rd<iy, u I <j*4 ?h(i 9" ?rVi or w t" r annum , the Kuro/ttun tditutn $4 ptr .in ?us, M lid* part of Or fit Britain, and (A fa u ?* fart of tuVnitiuent, both to inrludt pothige. ALLLE TTK K#6y Mail for Sultu ripliont or with Adver Mm in 1 1 (i to be pott puid, or the poil,ij? will k de.luctrd from flW mi n ' V remittal. VOLUNTAS. Y CORKHSPOyiDliXCK, rontirinimg impor tant new, tolinted from ,i?v '/muter of IA< world ? if uicii tri 11 U lit-eruUy p. iid Kir. Ur- Oru Evuciun Corri.afom DKNTK AUl I'ARTICt'LAHLV I^VBTliU TO SEAL ALL Littiki aid Pack a< ? > ? ?in n. Volume XX. 77. lO. t3 AMUSEMENTS this evening. BROADWAY THEATRE, lleo?dw?y-l.vooMAR -Btm Barb*. BOWERY THEATRE. Bowery? La Toi-m de Neilb Rait*<j.h? Mvdh. uw a Wtr*. BURTON'S THEATRE, Clmmberit street? Trviwg itoi ? Ulach STwan- Vli. ru< Auhi-ii-o a Stag*? IVammk UN VlttbTUBl.. WALLACE'S TIIKTKE, ?ro?(l-WAy-T?AcnirR Taught ? Cvh* ran rut Hit ah tack* AMERICA^ MUSEUM ? Afternoon &ud Keening? Th* ? Dream. WOOD'S MINSTRELS ? Mecbaniea' HaII? ?73 Bro*dw?y. BPCK LEY'S OPERA HOUSE, 539 Br?*4w*y-BifCK ? r*'M Ethiupjan Opkua 'l'ROur*. CM PI RE HALL, SOU BroidwAy ? Panorama or Eusor*. New fork, Saturday, March 17, IH5S. New*. A despath from New Orleans states thit 9anta Anna baa defeated the insurgents under Meremo, ?cd compelled the main body of Alvarez's forces to retire, after a bloody battle. We are not informed how this intelligence reached New Orleans, or when or where the battle took place, and are, there fore, disposed >to regard the story as a fabrication. The- Coroner's investigation of the Poole ewe was continued yesterday. A revenue cutter sailed from this port last -nigat lor the -Canary islands, with peliee officers on board. A vessel of war? the Con Mellation, we believe- bound for the coast of Africa, w*l sail in a day or two from Norfolk. She will lake with her an officer of police, who will be landed at Palmas, the destination of tbe Isabella Jewett.on 'bo vrd of which the fugitive Baker is supposed to have taken passage. There was a report in circula tion last evening to the eff. ct that Mr. George Law's dipper bark Grapeshot was taking stores on board, and would be immediately dispatched in parsuit of tbe Isabella Jewett. We do not place much reliance on the report. Mr. Law yesterday tendered the use ?f his vessel, but the offer was declined by tte Mayor, he having no authority to lit her out with provisions and a crew. If, therefore, she does sail on t:? expedition, she Roes oat on private account; quite an unliktly project. By the arrival of the Isabel we hive news from Havana to the l?th inst. The trial of those con cerned in the late conspiracies had oommenoed, and absorbed tbe public attention. Gen. Concha had been severely injured by a fall from his horse, but continued to visit the camp daily. Havana was nearly deserted of troops, who had been conveyed tc various points on tbe island. The war steamers were scouring the coast, with strict ordsrs to inter cept and overhaul all vessels. The Diario is very *ver? on a portion of the press of the United States lor its comments on the aid rendered by the fleets of France and Englsnd to Spain; and the lite speech ?f Gen. C*ss, on tte policy of the Western Powers towards tbu country, was very displeasing to the Cuban government organ. Mr. E. Worrell, our Con sul at Matany.aB has addressed a letter to the Penn ilvanian, in which he officially confirms our pre ?vious contradiction of the arrest of the Governors of Trinidad and Matanzan, and accounts for the piesent position of Senor Conti, of the latter place, wio is now commanding troops in another port of the island, ready to do bast e agaiuit the invaders. Mr. W. is of opinion thit the creolcs are really injurad bj the occasional efforts of the Junta here, whildt ill-feeling is created in the miud of tbe Spanish executive against our government by those spas modic and unhealthy attempts to seize or revolu tionize Cuba. He averts, also, that he has met with nothing but kindnesa from officers of the administration wbith whom he was brought in oontact. Our correspondent at Key West, writing on the 10th inst. , states that at that point the filibuster*) Cuban fever had nearly subsided. He asserts that the steamers St. Lawrence and Pampe.o, and other vessels, said to form a portion of the Quitman in vading fleet, were really engaged in legitimate traffic, tbe nature of which he states at length. Tbe movements of the steamers Texas Ringer and Isabel are also reported. The announcement of tbe sailing of tbe stt am frigate San Jacinto from Key Wfst is also given. It will be seen by onr tele graphic news that the Sin Jacinto has arrived at Philadelphia. From Guayama, Porto Rico, under date of Febru ary 8, we have the first direct commercial and ma rine repcrts of the season. Sugars ruled high and mola^es was scarce and in demand. It was consl cercd tbat, owing to the high prioe of rum in Ru rope, a less quantity than uiual cf molasses would and its way to tbe United States. There was a iOBitcd demand for coflVe. Freights dull. Imports in lair supply ard rates nominal. It m telf graphed from Halifax (N. 8.) that the Governor of that colony ha? received authority to raise a foreign legion for the British service ??ere, with a couple of regiments formed of persons born snojec ta of the English government Tbe terms are said to be liberal as to pers .ns briug in recruits. The Pacific brought out the report ?f Mr. Adderley's allusion to this subject in tb? House of Cr mmons, but. Judging from the reply of Sir <>eerge Grey, it would seem as though go vernment had not then decided on taking such a step. Wnetber the Czar be deal or not, tbe announce ment of his deoeasc, brought by the Africa, has been fclt upon our markets. It has since Its promulga tion sent up cotton from 4 to j cent per lb, and the T???'day embraced about 2,000 bales, closing quite firm at the advance nsmed. it also, in spite of a small stock, deadened the markets for common *?des of flnnr. provisions, also, without n?ich change id piicee, have been lees animate!. Ciflee, with a stock of only ab;ut 10,000 bags of Rio in tills Market, continued Muite firm, with light sales. Dif terenec of opinion regarding tbe death or the continued to exist, with a preponJerance in fav?r f" **?} *' Yet "uch was the strength of op "Z g ,^r hr^lH ???mcd. with the 0B -de o( ,h0?e *?>.. believed the report, la one ca~, a cotton operator bet tl.006 that he was not dc ad; and afterward* sold 1,500 balea of cotton at t'-ie advance, in order to h.-dge in the eventual renit of h.e bet. We also heard of otoer bets, varying fr..m $.',00 to $?00. Those who dis credited tte report, if disposed to bet, generally tflertd to stake $50 against $ 100 that the Emperor was not dead. We mnrely allude to this ?utter to Hhow the great excitement and wide ?pr< ad feeling produced by such very important r.fws, calculated to exercise great infltienoe over tbe sfTaiis of business men. The advance it has cauaed vm cotton a!ore forms an important item. We have, p rt?b*bly, two millions of bales of cotton in the d Wales. to be sold. One quarter of a cent i?r pound would. If maintained, enhance its value to Ut e exten. of $2,000,000; aDd %t tta*.cijfhlhi of I :^rP?r^ diff<reEW ?'ld e?|ual to f 1 ,<i0#;000. pea , from ^ ^W?rjrcold probably one ^ asaklr.g * differea-e e<inal to $? ,000,000 on two milHoa bale* ot tbe pr>?ent crop. It is stater! that the President was advised b* the flar >a*e. t>?forv* its a< jonrnment, to aotify Dm. mar* of tieintwtM of <*V?t?vera??at t? term 'Late the payment of the Bound tonnage dutl-.*, anl that ?otic* to that effect haa already been tranumiUed to the Danish authorities. A large number of bills were read for the third time laat night in the Board o?* Cosnoilmen and pasted. A lint of them will he found in another i column. No other business of nny special interest was transacted. It ia said President i'ierce will to-day issue a pro clamation to carry into effeot tne reprocity txeaty with the British North America provinces. The American Itaptist Union haa been in session over four days, and yeeterday succeed a 1 in passing two resolutions as the fruits of their lab ire, uphold ing and Retaining their Kxecutiro Committee in its struggle with the missionaries in Burm&h. It appears that for a number of yearn a difficulty haa existed ? the miscioraries have desire! to be inde pendent of the committee at home, thinking they knew best the aition they ought to take to convert the heathen ; brat in this opinion the Board at home does not concur, and as they furniau tha tnoaey they claim all executive authority in the missionary field. With this claim the Board yesterday concurred; and the excitement among the Baptist denomination will donb'k-Hfl be great when the result ia kuowa. Nothing of importance was done in either branch of the Legislature yesterday. We understand that a special committee of the Legislature will be moved for next week, to inquire into the ases and abuses of the Marine Conrt of thia city. Beverly L. Clark and Beniah Magoffin were re spectively nominated candidates for Governor aid Lieutenant Goverdor of Kentucky, by the demo cratic State convention held at Frarkfort yester day. Prospect* ?r the Cz*r Alexander. The newB ol the death ol Nicholas huHHCt. spe culation agog. There are many persons who are still unwilling to believe that the Czar is dead, and who expect that the next mail will show that the Tartar is not the only person woo has the satisfaction of having hoaxed the world. These, however, are a minority. The public generally consider that the number and diver sity of the accounts which have been received place the fact ol the death beyond a doubt. It is said that it is not usual in Russia for tho death of a sovereign to be kuown in the capi tal- much less in foreign countries? until se veral hours and even days have elapsed since the event. This may have been true in former times; Catharine concealed the death of Peter III. for a short while and her own was not known immediately. But no secret was made of Alexander's death; nor would it be easy in the present age of rapid communication and publicity to keep such an event long secret Besides, granting all that is pretended, why may not the death have taken place a day or two before the time stated ? I All sorts of stories are afloat with regard to the successor of Nicholas. Some say that Alexander being a man of mild and gentle cha racter, deficient in nerve and even in under standing, yields his claim to the throne in fa vor of his brother Constantino, who is a man of great energy and vigor of mind. It waa in virtue of a similar arrangement, it will be re membered, that the late Czar ascended the throne, his elder brother Constantino having renounced it in order to marry a Roman Ca tholic lady. But this story wants confir mation. We are very credibly informed that the Grand Duke Alexander has no idea of waiv ing or the Grand Duke Consiantine of disputing his rights. It has been long understood in the family that the former was to succeed, and his brothers have never to this moment given him any reason to doubt the fidelity of their attach ment or the soundness of their loyalty. Con stantino is the Admiral of the Russian fleet, and ever since the breaking out of the war has been at Cronstadt and St. Petersburg; not, as is ignorantly supposed by a cotemporary, in the Crimea. It has also been asserted and is indeed the received belief at London and Paris that the Cesarovitch is a man of peace, and that he dis approves the present war entirely. On what t*is supposition rests? if indeed it rest upon anything better than analogy with the ever re curring enmity between the Western monarchs and their heirs? it is difficult to say. From letters, however, from the highest authorities in St. Petersburg, dated 13th ultimo, the very contrary would appear to be the ca?e. In these letters which refer to the new levy of twenty three in the thousand, the Grand Duke is spoken of as earnestly and zealously co-operating with his father, and from the tone used, it is plain that no antagonism was known to exist between the two in the highest circles in St. Petersburg. Indeed, the more we look back, or recur to the testimony of the most impartial of modern tra vellers, the rivalry between the Czar and hie son will appear the more difficult to explain. When Nicholas was absent on his travels through Italy and England, Alexander took his place and governed the kingdom as Emperor pro tern ; nor did the smallest symptom of dis satisfaction on the Emperor's return indicate that the former had not uml his power in ac cordance with his father's wishes. Since then, we have reason to know that the government of Rushia has been carried on by the Emperor and his two eldest sons Alexander and Con s tan tine ; with whom alone ho has been in tho habit of consulting. At times when benefit could be d?rivcd from his experience, Nossel rode has been called into the council ; but the other ministers hardly ever, unless it has been to deliver or explain a formal report on the t-tate of their department. With Alexander, Nicholas has been peculiarly unreserved, ex plaining all his plans to him, consulting him freely on every subject, in a word educating him for the position be was destined to occupy Of late yean, Alexander has devoted less time to his military duties, and more to those on the person of the Emperor ; filling in some sort the office of private secretary, in which of course he roust have become thoroughly ac quainted with the opinions, principles and policy which guid.d Nicholas. Such being the case, what is the prospect on the accession of Alexander? Assuredly? these details proving true, and we have no reason ?0 doubt their authenticity? there is less rea?on to expect that the change will be beneficial to ip allies than seem* to be expected. If Alex- 1 under has been In the confidence of his father all alon-, has had a voice in the family conn ? " ,,ch haTe governed the empire, and has taken a direct and personal share in e movents which have led to the ' J" c"rt?'n!y not less likely to Th0?". Vi??r than hi" fether was. Tho main work Ik done. The levies ar* raised Money ,s provided for. The point of attack is chosen. The enemy has landed. Nothing is now wanted but to go on in the course already traced out ; and the inference from our late-t advices is that Alexander will do so. While the conference sits at Vienna, there will always be a prospect of a truce. Kngiar.d w?l) itraio a piiat for a peace to will France. Under any circumstances It would be an advan tage to the young Emperor to have time, on his accession, to look around him, and pws from the position of a complete and practised scholar to that of a teacher. These circum stances may produce a lull in operations ; but unless our information be grievously wrong, the death of Nicholas will cause no radical change in Russian policy. Tub City Printing ? Mokk Soup Wanted.? Some of our very hungry city co temporal ios are crying bitterly for a little bread and butter, or a little pap, from the Corporation, in the way of printing. Where's the report of Mr. Flagg? What has become of the ordinance proposing a few stray advertising jobs to Borne of our starv ing journals? Paper is high, labor iB high, and common beef is twelve cents a pound. Our city lathers ? fat aad sleek as they are upon tlie spoils ? have they no bowels of oompa?sion for the press? Have they expended their charities upon the Irish, Germans, and other outside paupers? It not, aud if they have no extra printing jobs, we appeal to them, t'or t weet charity 's bake, to open a soup bouse for i he press, including our hard- up neighbors of the Sun, Tivits and Tribune , not forgetting, this time, the fifteenth edition of the Express. It would be a good thing ? a soup house ? with mock turtle, calves head, or good beef soup, pepper and salt included, at a shilling a plate, to be paid for in Corporation printing. Thk Virginia Campaign ? The American Party Ticket. ? The American party, at their State Convention, at Winchester, Virginia, have nominated the following State ticket : ? For Governor? Thomas S. Flour noy, of Hal ifax ; Lieutenant-Governor ? J. M. H. Heale, of Mason; Attorney-General? John M. Patten, of Richmond. Mr. Flournoy has heretofore been a whig. Mr. Beale a regular democrat, and Mr. Patten has been also a prominent man of the same party. They have all served a term or two in Congress, and have been distinguished tor their conservative, constitutional and Union senti ments. They are now fused into the new con servative movement of the American party, and appointed its standard bearers against the Cabinet spoils coalition ticket of Henry A. Wise and his associates. The whig press of Virginia sustain the American ticket with en thusiasm, and for the first time in their lives have taken the field upon the offensive. We await the result with pleasure. New Hamp shire " tells the whole story." St. Patrick's Day. ? This is St. Patrick's day, and owing to the bad state of feeling ex isting between the Americans and the Irish, a row has been expected by many, and two regi ments arc ordered to be under arms all day, in order to put down any disturbance that may arise. We trust there will be no necessity for I their interference, By this time, experience ought to have taught the Irish that to make their national saint's day the regular anniver sary of scenes of rio ting and ruffianism is not the way to ensure success or comfort in the land of their adoption. If it be their choice to parade as Irishmen with Irish flags and Irish sy mbols on a certain day of the year, no one objects to their doing so. But every one ob ?ects in the most imperative and decided man ner to the riots and fighting which these pa rades have frequently occasioned. What is more, every one is pretty firmly resolved to put an end to this sort of thing for the future ; a fact of which the regiments called out this day affords tolerably substantial evidence. All that is required of both parties to-day, is com mon sense and forbearance. With the help of these, the day will pass off quietly enough. The Police Implicated.? One of the wit nesses before the Coroner's investigation upon the death of Mr. Poole, intimates that the escape of Mr. Baker is probably due to the treachery or inefficiency of some of our present police corps. Likely enough. Formerly, many of our police corps were intimately associated an the rum-hole companions of our political row dies and bullies ; but under the present po lice system these fellows have been con siderably weeded out. It appear*, however, that tome few black sheep still remain among the guardians of our lives and property Yet in the face of these facts, and in spite of the efforts of our Mayor to complete the weeding, we lind some of the " little vil lains" in our Legislature at Albany de liberately concocting a plan to turn bach again not only a portion, but the whole body, tn mas*e, of our police force into the bands of the political bullies and ruffians who have ruled so long the caucuses of Broadway House and Tammany llall. In a word, our "little villains" at Albany, from a lively sense of gratitude, propose to throw us back upon a Charter of ruffianism and the barbarism of the dark ages. Such are the affiliation* of Sew ardlsm. The Piiick ok Gas. ? We have received many complaints trom gas consumers against the bills presented to them during the past few months. One of our correspondents sug gests that th<re should be a legislative in quiry into the management of the city gas ccmpanies. For the month of January the gas bill for this office amounted to over four hundred dollars ? for February, when we are very sure that less gas was consumed ? the bill amounted to four hundred and seventy-three dollars. We pay yearly about live thousand dollars for gas ? more, we believe, than any other newspaper office, any hotel or theatre. We, like many of our fellow-citizens, com plain of the management of the gas compa nies, and we join with them in demanding le gislative interference on the subject. It would be well to call a public meeting of gas con sumers to consider what shall be done in the natter. Tub Discontkntkd Democracy ?The Hirh mond Enquirer, speaking of the resignation of Mr. Soul^, says: ? " If Mr. Soule be not | grossly misrepresented . he is lending himself to | ?he discontented democracy, and is abetting a fartious war against the administration, to whose generous confidence he is indebted for ?he highest distinction to which he ran aspire."' "The discontented democracy !" Are you ' there ? Where arc they f Not in Virginia, we hope The discontented democracy !" Shak ing right out in meeting ! Oh ! fie ! fie ! What's This ?- We understand that within a f?>w days past the Know Nothing* of the Allen branch have been holding a State Convention in Knickerbocker Hall in this city. Wbat is this? What does the " Allen branch '' expect to do ontiide cf ihc general organisation? If they must quarrel over the chi< keoe. let them wait at itact till they are tabbed. President Maximo. ? A branch of the Mis souri democracy have trotted oat CoU Benton for the Presidency. We have now four nags cn the turf? Gen. Sam Houston, George Law, W. H. Seward and Col. Benton. Law is thus for ahead of all. His letter has created a great eflerveecence throughout the country, particu larly in the South and West, among the newspa pers of the old parties. Some abuse him, some quig him, some endorse him, some wonder who could have written this extraordinary letter of his, and some think it the best joke of the sea son. On the other hand, Seward's last anti si avery manifesto has fallen still-born among the politicians. It has been published in Garri son's Liberator, and that ends it. One thing is self-evident ? whatever may be the late of George Law, no anti-slavery candi date can succeed in 1856. The new American movement has settled that question. Seward and the administration will go out together. Let us now have Benton's manifesto. IIo no km to the Departed. ? We Bee that it has been agreed upon at a meeting of the friends of the late Mr. William Poole that a eulogy or funeral oration shall bo pronounced upon the character of the deceased, a few days hence. We have also reason to be lieve that some one of our patriotic native poets will volunteer on the same occasion to deliver an elegy after the eulogy. When our country cotemporaries are advised of these proceedings, we hope they will not burst with excitement. No occasion for it in the world. The sensation conccrning Mr. Poole in this me tropolis has very sensibly subsided since the arrival of the Africa with the news of the death of the Emperor of Russia. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNfTIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Important from Mexico, If True. BLOODY BATTLK BRTWKEN TUI OOVKKNUKNT AND BLVOLimONAHY FOKCK8 ? DEKKAT OP MOBKNO AND ALVAREZ. Nkw Orleans, March 13, 18.r>.">. It ia reported that b'anta Anna has defeated the Insur gent*, under Moreno, and alio compelled the maih body of the rebel army, under Alvarez, to retire after a des perate battle, and bad returned in triumph to the ca pital. Brownsville dates of the 7th state that a Mexican steamer was taking troops un board at the moutn of the Rio Crande for Vera Out or Tampico. From Washington. THE DANISH SOUND DUBS, KTC. Washington, March 16, 1856. The Intelligencer of this morning ??ji that the Senate, in executive se*sion, before the cloae of Congreii, paused a resolution advising the l'resident to give notice to Den mark of the termination of the stipulation of the pay ment of Hound dues, and that said notice has been al ready transmitted. In the case of the United States, rs. Wm. M. K. Ma graw. (or the assault, und attempt to kill Wm. Hope, Jr., the editor of the Keening Star, the jury found a verdict for assault and battery only. Application was made for a new trial On the ground of newly discovered important testimony. Tbe Dentil of the Emperor of Huwla. OPINION OK THK RUSHIaN AMBASSADOR. Bai.timokk, March 16, 1816. The Washington correspondent of the Sun of this city, telegraphs that the Russian Minister pronounces the death of the Cxar an unmitigated hoax. Latest from the State Capital. NO QUORUM IN E1THF.B HOUSE? TUE BUSINESS BEFORE THE LEGISLATURE? TUE VISIT TO NEW YOKE? NAVIGATION OF THE NORTH RIVKK, ETC. Albany, March 16, 1856. Twelve o'clock to day wan the time when both houses of the l*egislatare agreed to reas-emble, altar having visited New York. In tbe House but nineteen members appeared; of course, nothing could be done, aad those lew declared a recess until seven in the evening. In the Senate, ten only were on band, though near one o'clock. Mr. Williams, President pro trm., called to order, and an hour's time was spent in committee with this small num ber in attendance. It became evident that there would be no quorum for the day, aad the few present very pru dently adjourned until ten to-morrow morning; it then being Saturday, the probability now is that neither house will be in condition to engage very industriously until Monday. The Blicrt period then left of the session will induce th>' members to facilitate business with all possi ble despatch. There are ; i? three hundred bills lying on the gene ral orders unacted upon, cine-tenths of tbem of a mere private, local or personal character. Not the leant pro gress lias yet been made in the Senate en tbe tempe rance bill. There have been various amendment* pro posed and some of them dightly debited, but no ques tion has been taken. There is much to be said, and every sptuking Senator will have hi* oar in. As matter* look now. there is evidently a majority of that body who will vote to stril e out the search and seizure clause*, and to exempt domestic wines and malt liquors from the bill This fact has alarmed his Excellency Governor Clark, who has volunteered a semi official message through the newspapers, declaring that all the steriea Circulated, charging him with having relaxed from hi* position of ln?t yetr, are unfounded, anil that iie slants ready to lanction even such a bill as lilt year, with nil its unconstitutional features. Bat as he 1* without the leasfilDgte? influence In J)jc Stifle, UVt a iiv ml" r of that bOuy will legard hi* wislies upon that b"', any mere than they would a message from the spiritual rappers. There are not yet n luflii'ient numb r of members re turned It' m HLickweU'.i Island, the penitentiary, tbe alms Li u> e, and the Astor House, to torm any correct idea how th?y appreciated their visit to the institutions. A large portion ot those who are In re describe', tne at fair, in its early part*, M being highly <li -creditable. They declare that tfcey never will engage in another ex pedition like the one on Tuesday Many who had ladies nm!er their charge state that ttie disgraceful scene i in fresence ot the iakies were of the nn-t disgti -ting and I rightful character, so much so that half a doien were thrown into convulsions. The conduct ol two or three New York aldermen, and several attaches of the legis lature^: evorely commented upon. If the Ten Gover errors undertook to tpend ten or fifteen thousand dol lars in order that tne l.egi latute may appropriate 111 ty or a hundred thousand to the leatitutiona, the members think that drunkards, rowdies, bulliei and blackleg', should not have been permitted to enact such outrageous, diabolical and shameful set ni'S us those on BlackweU'a Island on Tuesday last. Tbote who have attended these exercises on previous occasions, declare, that tbi* affair throughout is a great tailing oil. lh? unpleasant, state of the weather, and the miserable filthy condition ot the *treet?, contributed much, no doubt, to their di>comforture. 1 tie banquet at the Astor, though attractive and even wonderful to many of the legislative novices, fell far behind it* pre decessors in the brilliancy of its speeches, the capacity of the men, It* wit, sense gayety, merriment, and moo tnl scintillations. They do say. that the affair on t he island, pre arranged to toast Seward, bad an effect dur ing the whole visit, and many even ot the friends of that gentleman refrained trom participating any further in the programme laid down by the Governor*, exept oar taking dinner <n Thursday at the Astor House. Others again, attiibute tbe whole difticulty to the abundance of liquor furnished by the Governors on the steamer, on the islmd, and everywhere else. The nsull will be. that If another legislature ever viait tbe pity of New York, more caution must be observed in the order of enter tainment. There i* scarcely any obstruction to river navigation. A boat may pass iiom New York to Within twenty miies of this city without encountering any fixed ice. Tbe ire remaining stationery, i* a mere honey comb in appear ance, and v?ty rotten. Any steamei of oadinjtry strength slid power could easily make its way to this city. Wf" ere is.Captain Haaro unt. of the People'* line? Where 1 iaG'p'.ain llancox, with hi* lleroy ' ' Kentucky iJemocratlr Mat* Convention. ? I.ot ifMU.K, March 16, l-?66 The Psmovatic State Convent. on met at Krankport je< terday, and nominated Beverly L. Clark for Govern or, . nd Periah Magoffin for Ueotenant-Governor. The convention pa. <nl re-olulion strongly denounc ing the Know Nothing". From Philadelphia. RI'WOHRP ABRUPT Or RAgKll? AN OLD MAN KILLED ? ARRIVAL Of THE SAN JACINTO. PniLADXiruiA, March 16, ISM, It *11 currently reported hare this morning, that llakcr bad been arreatrd at the Morriitowa Raitrcsl de|ot. but cn making Inqairles ws fonnd the report to be nntrue, the story having originated onac.-ount o' the trair being searched, to see if Bak?r *? among tbe passengers. I>nms Dr.scoll. an old man of sixty, was killed by th? cars passing over him on the Germantown Railroad, at tbe jeactien of firowl street, lie * as intoxicated at the time, and threw himself on the track. The taitel "tatee *team?hip >%o Jt:inte, fro* Key We*t, .? reported a* It-rg lt'??w Fran Norfolk. TIOI SLOOP OF VAK J AX Ml OWN? D1BAHTME. Norfolk, March 16, 1865. A Board of Survey to examine the nloop of war J linen town ha* bean appointed. Her hold i? to bo broken open, aad abe la to be docked up and thoroughly ex amined. Hot crew will be temporarily transferred to the Penney Ivania. The sehooner Samuel Lewis, Myers, from New York, bound to Alexandria, with salt, pat in here leaking, and with loan of nails, spars, be. Fatal Railroad Accident. Forti ukhtkk, March lfi, 1865. The Bortf n Express train from New York this after noon, ran over a little girl nenr the crossing in this village, and this afteiD>s>n it ih reported that she died of h?r injuries. The enj; ncer did all in his power to pre vent the catastrophe. The Hirljirofll}' Treaty. Boston, March 16, 1856. By telegraph from Washington, we learn the President will to-morrow ittaae a proclamation, carrying into elfaci the Keciprocity Treaty with the British Provinces. Tlie Salt of Mm. Ualnei. Nuw Ohi.ka.ns, March 13, 1866. The application ot Mrs. (iainea for probata on a lost will of her father, haa been refused on the ground of inaufliciency of evidence. It ib thought another hearing in the cute will be granted. Navigation of the Ohio. Cincinnati, March 16, 1R55. The Ohio river now measures sixteen feet of water in the channel at this point. Buainess generally ia quite active, and Faatern exchange has advanced to % per cent premium. Markets. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. Pbh.adki.phia, March 16, 1866. S-tocks are firm at the following rates: ? Reading, ; Morris Canal, lb'f; Long Island Railroad, 17; Penny 1 vania Railroad, 4f>% ; Pennaylvania State Fives, 90. The money market ia easy. Nkw Orlkawb, March 13, 1865. Cotton ? The market ia firm with an upward tendency . Sales 3,000 balea middling at 8)tc. Italian Opera? Ft rat Wight of the New Sea won. There was more spirit, dash and life about the Acade my last night than there has been at any time since the departure of Grill and Mario. The occasion was the first sight of the new season, under the direction of a com mittee of the stockholders, and there wi" a very fair house to hear the Lucrezia Borgia of Donizetti sung by Steffanone, supported by Brig noli an Gen naro, Badiali a* the Duke, and ll'Ue Vestvali as Mafflo Orsinl. Although StelTanoue's voice was rendered unequal by a slight hoar enes. which, however, wn- only perceptible at intervals, the per formance wax, in many respects one of the very best we have seen. Steffanone played Lucrezia with a good deal of vigor and intensity, and at times ~eemed carried away by the action of the scene. After the second net we could readily forgive her for all of her short coming* in the first. The Gennaro of the night was an unequivo cal success. In the Brat act his resemblance to Mario was astonishing. His voice has the same rich, full'qunl ity, and is even superior in the lower register. He, how ever, lacks the artistle tinish of the great tenor. Mr. Biignoli, however, wus much better in tiennaro than in lfdgiirdo; and, encouraged by the cordiality of the house, he put forth his best efforts, as was apparent by his fine rendering of his opening air, in the third act, for which he was called ont and encored. Badiali, always the ex cellent and reliable artist, was in fine voice; lie acted and sung his part admirably. Maflio Orsini 1s the part in which Mme. Vestvali made a sensation here a short time since, and it was equally successful la-t night. Vestvali is a charving person, with a good face and a fine figure. ]t is not remarkable, then, that she should make a sen ration, especially when to this per-s>nal beauty is added a contralto voice rarely excelled in sweet ness and power. M'lle Vestvali is not yet a thorough artist, however. Last night she was excellent In the first aet, but spoiled the (fashing Bnndisi In the third act by the affectation of her method. The anditnee was quite enthusiastic? Brignoll made a hit ? Vestvali charmed "Yeung New York"? the Opera habituet declared the performance to oe a smooth and excellent one ? the scenery and dresses were new and appropriate? the orchestra and chorus good? alt the ar tists were called before the curtain at the end of each act ? and the new season may be considered as inau gurated with a very good prestige. Nihlo's Gariikn? Gkkman Ofkra? The second per formance of Kioto w's "Martha,'' ? very agreeable com position, will take place at Niblo'a this evening. The orchestra, artists, 4c., of the German opera company here are well worthy pnbllc patronage. Tii* Afiwa's Nkwo ? The public of this and all other cities of the Union in telegraphic connection with New York, had a practical illustration of the advantages of the arrangements existing between the Associated Press and the Halifax lines, on Thursday. The Africa touched her dock, at Halifax, (near one thou.-aml miles distant by the route of the wires,) at 1 o'clock 1*. M., and although the weather was exceedingly unfavorable, yet auch were the precautions taken by the telegrapher* to guard against delays, that the more important featurea ot the news were delivered to the agents appointed to receive the fame by half-past 1 o'clock: and a little over ore hour from the time the passenger.-' > topped on the dock at Halifax the news was placed before the whole public. and at the sme moment from New Bruns wick to points as far ^outh nnd West as the line were in working order. The managers of the Halifax lines office No 21 Wali stre-t ? have much reason to feel l>roud of their performances, which certainly compare m< st advantageously with other long lines in this country. Murine A IT* Irs. The Pn-AMBtitr Pacific, while laying over this trip, will h.-ve her machinery thoroughly overhauled, having b?en now running for two years without any repairs being required. The Nashville, which takes her ptace this trip, leave-- at the usual hour on Wednesday next. Tiik CAt.tFOR.viA StVamkiu.? The Nicaragua Company have c< ni luded to continue the running their steamer* >-etni weekly, alternating with the A-pinwa'l tenm?r<, the intend<d change to run them once a fortnight, simtil taneouMy with tl.e other line, having been abandoned. Their next -ttamer, the Northern Light, will leave on the "7th in t. t- mr John Rituswik.? Capt. Blaukington, of the hip lly. Ntsmitb. armed from New Orleun-, aw 11th in^t., in 1st. ? , loo. 70, the >hlp John Uutledge, Sand-, hence for Liverpool, with cargi. hifted, but was righ'ed again, and he proceeded. Hhe required no a-'lstance. WllltaiiiibnrK City News. KlrnT 0?l? ? About one o'clock yeaterday morning a | p rtv ol (ietman , numed J;inM Smith, Juliua Julien, t hatle* Derger, and Henry Bulger, were nrreated by offi cer" of the Thirteenth ward, for making night h deou witb baccheniill. n minga. They were yeaterday fined $.? each by Justice RofftU. }'.f?iivkr nr Sroirj* Gonna ? Pennix Markee. junk dealer, of Seventh ^und North Seventh etreetx, waa arre ted by officer- Cocktn and Murphy, of the Sixth di< | trict, on a charge of pnrrlu. ing stolen property from u number of Juvenile thieves. Accueed gave bond to .?p i pear tor exanilnatii-n. [ fiKASV I/AFCKXT. ? A young m.n, named John Parr wn arre ted by otlicer Murphy, of the Fourteenth ward, on Ihur-Uay night, on n rhaflg" of teallng m.ipa md charts fr?>m P. Guy nor. luld loreiamin ition. TmPvUAMCK Oi.krratio5. ? The frond annlver-ary of Willi, m burg section No. 8. Caletx of Temperance. took place Inat evening at the large uloon of the (Meon, at which there wim a birge audience pr? >ent. An addreaa w:i d?Iivered by Kev. K. H. ("hapin and the further ?* irclaes con luted of addre-^ea and dialogue* by the a<?etp. and music. iKtirmtui Pfnoou? The firat anniversary of the Children's Aid Society (Kaatern district) took place in the New England Oitgrtg?U?nal cburcn, South Ninth >treet, on WedneaJay evening. The achool waa opened about a year since through the eflforta of Mra II. Hrown. tin <he tirat day five children were in nttendan.e, and for feveral months paat the average attendance has been ( tie hum'red. The achool ia ricluaively lor girla, and fhev have made conaiderable progreaa in the primary brancbea aa well aa aewing and other work, under the 'flicient teacher, Mba Viator. Addreaaea were delivered by Mtm. GlOfgV II Andrtwa, Mr. Ilrace, of New York, Rev. Mr. I'orter and Mr fl'ardoe. The report of the Trea surer abowa the amount rf money collected ihe paat y<ar to be 1?; paid out, 9800 ;Aj? balance on hand. 89. roronrr*' Iiii|UisIm. TsTAi. A'l inwT. ? Yesterdny, Coroner Wilhelm hel l an inqneat, at Kit) Second treet, upon the body of Nichols* Valch, a native of liirmaur, about U8 yeara o' ag-% who ('ied from the effects of severe injuile* receivt d on the 7th matant by falling out of the third atory window. 7be Ceeen <ed, It appeared from the evidence, whiie aid ing hi wife to fa ten aome cloth linea to a hook fasten*! in the rear wall clnae beside one of the third abiry wiiiiowa, accidentally loat hia balance and was pre cipitated to the ground, a dlatanre of over ;I0 feet, receiving a aever* fracture of the apine, fium the effect* of which be dle?l In a few daya after *arda. KorMi TrowhWi ? Coroner O'Ponnell 1 eld an inqnest, yeatirday, at the foot ol way atreet, u[*>n the body of an unknown man, who ??< found drowned in the wat!>r at this print. The deceaaed waa five feet seven incbea j I igb, h*'! light hair, and waa apparently about 40 yeara < f age He eppearet! *.o have been in the wat-r about tl rvc YtriiCt fo?nd urowned. MW YORK LEGISLATURE. Albany, March ie, 1865. ' OINTRAL OBDRM. The bill relative to Schuyler county ? amendatory, Sc., wait taken up. After discussion, the question wan taken upon a pend inn amendment, inl' '0M* Mr. Williams offered several amendments, which were mccessively voted down, wh>-n Mr. Wa tkinh called attention to the fact of a quorum not being in attendanco? there bad not been during th? session, though ue fact bad not been stated ? and mo red that the committee report progress un the bill. Tho following billa were considered: ? To amend the charter of the village of Fredoniu (Third reading.) To umend tire general plank road law. (Third reading.} Adjourned to 10 A. M. to morrow. Assembly. Aluany, March 16, 1865. The Spka kkr took the chair at 12 o'clock, but, on the roll being called, no quorum am wered, and the mem bers present ordered a recess to 7 o'clock. Obituary* DEATH OP AN OI.D AM) EMINENT MERCHANT^ The vet sell in port jetterJuy had their IUgB hoisted at half mailt, in honor of the late Robert Kermlt, Esq., who ilied the day before yesterday, in the sixty- Ant year of bin age. Mr. Kermit wan long and favorably known as one of our moit prominent shipping merchants, whose house established a well known and very successful line of New York and Liverpool packets, known to the present time as " Kermit's Line of Packets." Though born, we un derstand, in the Isle of Man, yet, we believe, his whole life, from early boyhood, has been spent in New York, where he was universally esteemed and respected by all who knew him, and no one stood higher on 'Change, as a man of honor. and probity. His integrity and punctuality were proverbial. His foibles, if he had any, (and who had not 'r ) were of the head, notot the heart. He became weal thy, and made a liberal use ol his means, in dispensing charity to the poor and In aiding the unfortunate, especi ally widows and children when involved in distross. For a long period many poor persons received food daily from his door, and who will long cherish hi* memory. His. health began to fail bim three or four years ago, when bis physicians induced bim to retire from his counting room altogether. With slight intermissions, he had been gradually yielding to the power and progress of disease, which cbiedy afflicted his brain, until he died. He leave* a widow, having had no children, and a Urge circle ot friends, to mourn and regret bis loss. Sami'kl Dan, a revolutionary soldier, died at Pound rii'ge, in Westchester county, on the 8th inst., 101 years old last June. He was distinguished for his probity, and universally respected by his acquaintances. He left a family of two maiden daughters, who continue to re side at their father's late residenoe. They are them selves quite advanced in life. Naval Intelligence* Tub Cruisk ov this Umtkd status 1>tkamkr Fulton In Si arch or Tint Sloop of War Albany. ? The United State* steamer Fulton, IJeut. Commanding John K. Mitchell, which sailed from Aspinwall, New Grenada, March 2, bnd made a thorough searoh among the Bahama ana Windward Islands and the .Spanish Main. She sailed from Norfolk on the 30th December, 1861, and touched at Nassau, New Providence, San Salvador, Matthew* Town, Inagua, Cape Haytien, Puerto de Plata. Samana, Mayagues, St. Johns, (Porto Rico,) St. Thomas, Fre denckstadt, St. Martins, St Harts, Antigua, Guada loupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincents, Grenada, Tiinidad, laGuayra, Buen Ayre, Curacao, Maracaibo, Santa Martha, Carthagena, Porto Bello, and Asplnwall, and will visit San Juan de Nicaragua, thence touching^ at or sighting the principal keys and danger* on tho line to Pedro Bank, thence to Kingston, coast* of Hon duras anu Yucatan, and finally to Havana. In this cruise nothing had been heard of the missing Albany. Ward School No. 36. ? There will be a public exami - nation of the female department of this tcbool, by the Cily Superintendents, on Monday, March 10, commen c ing at 8 A. M. Spring Fashions are Jut Now tbe Topic of conve rsation among both ladies and gentlemen. Those whu line not as yet m en KNOX'S t ew style of tint, tor gentle men's wear, arc decidedly behind the a?!'. Combining all the requisites which makeup a really splendid bat, it has already been universally adopted by gen'.lomen ot taste anil refinement. Drop in at I2? Fulton street, (Sun Build ing), or 533 Broadway, (I'rescot Uouhu), and pet Kuoxed Sprlng St) le of llaUJut Intmdnrrfli Thoss ?t our readers in want of a fashionable bat can obtain on* at HAI.I.'S, 314 Broadway, who is tbe acknowledged leader o*. fashion iii New York ly public approbation. Corner of Lis penard and Broadway. Rxamlne the Spring Style of Gentlemen's bata introduced by l)AVIi>. They are beautiful in atyls and finish, /bore wbo want a really elegant hat ahould give bim a call, at bin salesroom, 3U1 Broadway, second door ?rum Liuuuo street. Meallo U Out with hit Spring Style, and ar surpasses any of hia rivals in the quality, style, and finish of hia bate. Secure one without delay. Uaalio, cor ner of Broadway and Canal street. Genln'a Spring Styles of Gentlemen's Hat* and Cape are now rtsdy at 214 Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul's Church. White Spring Stjrles of Ilats ajul Caps and ?oft hats for gentlemen's wear, are now ready, fhose in want nf a beautiful article for the spring will tod them u I, WIIITE'S, 1'12 Broadway, corner of Fulton atreet. Espenseheld Solicits the Attention of His cuatomera, and the public, to a great improvement just per fected in bata manutactnred upon an entirely new tnven tlon? an im|irevemeut of his own? on the water proof still, ly wl leb it retains its shape much longer, and imparts to it a perpetual glors. Tbia invention, originating witn him, will he u-ed exclusively in the manufacture of hia hats, and will give them a preference over all otbera in this city. Call anil Judge for yoursclvis of the advantages offered hy this estah list ment. N. KM'F.NSCIIEI l>, hat manulacturcr, No. II* Nasiau atreet, between Beckinan and Ann streets. The Pleasing Fact, That a Canal Street It hat ia iqual in eleganco, beauty and durability, to a Broad way 14 hat, *ill t.'ilay he tully demonatrated to everybody'* aa tisfaetion, by railing upon IIANTA, the Caual atreet hat tcr, at his new store, 100 Caual ttreet, corner ot Wooster Pianos.? T. Gilbert di Co. s Celebrated IK. <r LWn piuuoa, Horace Waters' modern improved pianos, and those of a large number of other makes, louipriaing the largest and must desirable asaortmentin the United States, will be sold at prices which defy competition, for cash or sa tfofactory paper, i'ersons in the city receiving orders for pauos or musical instruments of any kind, will find it t?i their advantage to call. HORACE Vt'ATERR, 333 Broadway Melodeons ? S. I). & H. W. Smith's Mel*.. deona, tuned ti e equal temperament, tan be (await only at tbe music ard piano store ol lloKAt 'E IV ATERl^, Jill li r- ad? way The trade supplied on the most reasonable tejin* Thc Improved Violin.? The moat easily earned aa well aa inoat popular muaieal instrument in nae. Manufactured at 33S Broad nay, over Watera' music store. W KOllEltTSOJi, investor and teacher of the improved key ad violin. Photographs lit Cromatlnt, Finished b> Hill's patent colors; superi r to the Enr<>p<nn process ot coloring, will be Introduced 111 a few days hy HOI. MBS, 2*4 Broad?a> Stereoscopes. $1; daguerreotypes, 1U mid .'if centa. l>< pot of the double camera. Important to House keeper*.? Onr Pprtn^ assortment of carpeting* , oilclotbi, curtain*, sad rar tain aiateml*, ia now ready for inspection, r.od will b<? stored at greatly r*luned prices. LORD k TAYLOR* Brand street, corner of Chryntis. Great Sale of Fancy floods at II. S. Rogers* fancy liataar, owing to the extensive repairs to be made iu consequence of the recent tire on the premises. The re ot this immense atnek, em tracing workbnves, rwti lulee, papier umcbe ?ork, Inns, opera glasses toilet boxes. gentU men's and Indies' >lres-uig cases, dressing and shell eomha. elegant statuary, l'arian, porcelain and marble vases, Newman's celebrated Hater colors, together witb the most choice selection of perfumery and soaps with an en I less variety of toys for the amusement and, >ction of children. All will he aold without re:ar I to cost, nffordtn* an opportunity to uur eitliciia t? supply them? Ives aitb everything unique and beautiful at leas than Iwslf of tha usual price. II. S. ROGERS' Faney Baiaar, 149 Broadway Wlndowiliiidi' Manufacturer*, Im|Mir1rr* or flit ctrnircf, la<-? and ita'lin curtain*, daRia>ka, bull H i Ar RKI.TY A FKKbl'MlK, Noa. iSfl.'a llroadway and /4 Keaiie atre.'t, are of! rin* rreat inducement* to pnt of the abore % i oil*. All klnda of window -hadw. maue to ordtr Our au|*rtor manufacturing faeilttifl* enat.lw in to ! <<?(. llie reputation we Live alwaya had, of Loinp tk' cbtiptlt hotiae in the Statci. A low mark ! Frmli Importation of Carpet* fori'.-.", l-y IIIRAM AM>KK*ON. No ? B.i??r;. T?. Itrr>-i iinr'twDt of tn?'l?l mi ?"l?et, taper' ry, irnaaala, three ply and iixniii etrpbi it tremendoua loir pr.eea. Tlie New York Pltaynnr, III* only Comk p?r" In America.) of to l >, will contain i. enjral carl"* lure on the umbI ?Mt of th* ? Maino l* v" I,. -i-Uinr t.. Haixlnll ? Ialand ; ilu ? '?ut *t thotl.reo <-ent omtiit>ii?.or. brhtilf' four other coailc illu-t ration* of a rr - nt .. ml am. u thr hhan.hae't. Polynandci Bromitltlii' fourt.ii lettei I eata I ?...??? t? k ?. Tl.? fir-t ..( " T?n Nijhta ,n S..? i'ork. * thrilling aketch of city life in all it* j.haara, t-y "|il(I|l ha* betti around - la at all th? new* depot ? and hy th? oawatoya. I rlo* three ctnta; #l per year to aul.acrib?r? Biography of Wlllliiui Poole_The Alia* of tomorrow will contain a llociapl.ioal aketuhor the late WtllUlii I' wr.'t.n by * di?iinruiah*d politician ?f thta rity, mil rlliihi d *ith a truthful llkeac?t, iipatnl from bi? daguerreotype. CJreen'* Shirt anil t'urnMhliig Store? At tention la ln*it?d to th o[ . rior artlelea in the ?M.tleroaii ? furni-IInr ?? . re, No. I A?t?r H-oae Hie at.i.'k include errrv ^ail' ty of und?r anirtu and drawara. and f>e .loiorill. tit 1, han lk-r. hiefa, Klorra, half hone, /old ahirt *t.ida and alrfte buttons. mounted and otharwia*. Ac, imported ror the ?prinr and anirm. r trad?. The pncoa are modera'e. and th? iirn rtmcnt unequalled. Comity Laiid^Atmy Ofllrer*, Koirtler*. teamrtera, naral ofli. .re, ?oemon, marine*. na^y elarka an t flotilla men, (or their aurTivIn* widuwa or min .r chlldr. n>, who .erred in any war o' the I r.lted State*, an- entitle I to ? land wutanl tor IV acroa All peraona entitled will, hy id dfraiix ua. re.eire tbe pri|er t mi of application, *nd we will ortain their warrauta I ? r ? iWerate eb?rr?. Onr ar ranr'menta wi1 h tbe Htpart toraU at Wan.iift.'i aff.rd ua ?iiaaoal isellltjr forth* prompt 1 turn < f ?irr. ot?. 1 laime ?boo Id he left with ua a? ear'. a? Bowl* !r. I.a . I warranta toncht and aold ItKAKi. t [IRA |ifOR!>, W all tt. lule reacee? t'nion Hank. Corri Rtebanre Bar k, tiortry llaak _ Only |3 tor Mctallle S|ii ln|i tliank Rnofa, IT'de to rril?r. ly A IIAKL.C, 1.1 Aeo itrcct, a .all* ..!? f.i All Bi?de.f thr t??l Tre, ?IT akin, ??rra'-l?i: t riach |?UBt Itatter 'r< m a- t IT, uaj? Uerucr.

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