Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1855 Page 5
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fprlng Slfle oTHataJait Introduced^? TImm el cor roiiw in want of a fashionable bat can obtain one at HALL'H, 314 Broadway, who in the acknowledged leader of feofcion in New York by publio approbation. Corner of Lis pea aid and Broadway. IKuIIo'm Spring Style of Ha(? Kal J net been issued. There ban notbiug b? en issued to compare with them. Light, durable, bad finished in the very bent manner. MEALIO, coruo r ol Broadway and Canal street. Gcnln1! Sprftiifc Style* of Gentlemen'! Hati and Caps arc uow ready at 2X4 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church The Hprlng Style of Knox Is as Beantlftal as it is light, an light an it is durable, and an duiableasit is efecur. If >ou want a becoming hat, becoming ia mike, ma terial and style, visit either ot KNOX'S establishments, 128 Fulton street or Broadway. Kiamlne the Spring Style of Gentlemen's hats introduced by DAVIsX They are bcantiful ia atyle and finish, fhore who want a really elegant hat should give him a oall, at his salesroom, 301 Broadway, second door tjom Duane street Ansonfs Daguerreotypes, Large Size, for 50 ?en te, colored: and in a nloe case lined with ?civet, aud pre terser, twice the site others make, for .*>6 cents, and cpal in quality and size to made ulwewhero for $2. ANSON'S, SS9 Broadway, opposite the llctropolitan Ilctcl. Steitoscoplc Uagacmotypei, medium size, 91. in case. Ordinary portraits, 2j cents and .*>0 cents. Taken by Holmes' patent double acting stereoscopic -a mera*. Paper pictures, or photographs, will soon bo intro duced, rcprcteuting Hill's oolors, ati3-t* Broadway. low that fine weather has begun to dawn, ladies and children can get abroad, an i they are improving the opportunity to secure those beautiful photographs an i daguerreotypes done at HOOT'S, ."VkH It road way. Call and ?ee what art has done and is doing for perfection. Den t lata', Photographic and Daguerreotype electrotype and pyrotechnic chciiicals, asbestos, car diumm, natratc btr< ntia, hisulphuret -aroon, Persian insect powder, ptatina, nickel, bismuth, indigo satiu white, ultramarine, potassium and sodium, bromine, jodried, plumbago, Vienna Bine, cyanide potassium, fused and granulated; nitrato aad oxide silver, gallic and nyrogallic acids, van.lla, tig blue, castor, fumigating pastiles, Thorn's extract oopaiva, patent medicines of every description. Tho bent oil cognac, essences, Jamaica and bt. Croix rum, cider, gin, aud otard. These uoods in original packages, for Kale by DR. L. FEuCIlTW A NCER, 141 Maiden lane. Plaiina-T. Gilbert d( Co. m Celebrated .!?> lftas pianos, Horace Wateve' modern improved pianos, and theee of a large number of other makes, comprising the ??st and most desirable assortment in the United States, be sold at prices which dof'v competition, for cash or sa tftitactory paper. Persons in the city receiving orders for genes or musical instruments of any kind, will tiud it to feeir advantage to call. HORACE WATERS. 333 Broadway. Melodeoiis ? S. D. & II W. Smith's Melo. Seons, tuned the equal teinperainent.caii he found ouly at the music and piano store or HORACE W ATERS, Xi'i lirottd way. The trade supplied on the most reasonable terms. Shirts ?Gentlemen In Want of Shirt* Made to ordsr, will do woll to rail on BOOTH 117, .'{ Broadway, opposite the Broadway tneatre, where they will get a per fect fit, warranted, made bv hand, and of good material. A choice stock oi cravats, Ac., I)e J> iuvillc ties, gloves, ho alcry, undergarments, Ac. Wanted, as above, twenty shirt hands, immediately. Important to House* eep*r*? Our S|?rtng assortment of earpetings, uilolothn, curtain*, ,.nd car taia nuttcrUlH, ia now ready for inspection. and wili bo offmed at greatly reduced pricea. LORD & TAYLOR, Strand etreot, cornsr of Chrjatis. Linens from Auction.? We are now ofTerlng linen shirtings and sheetings, damasks, napkins, towels, toweling'- , linen pocket handkerchiefs, Ac., at greatly below the manufacturers' prices. F II I.KADBE A TER A CO., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard street. Bounty Land.? Army Officers, Soldiers, transfers, naval officers, seamen, marines, navy clerks and flotilla men, (or their surviving widows or minor Children), who served in any war of the united States, are entitled to a land wariant for lfX) acres. All persons entitled will, by ad dret-nn ? us. receive the proper form ot application, and we will ot tain their v ariants for a moderate charge. Onr ar range men ts with the Department:) at Washingtou afford as unusual lacility lor the prompt return of warrants. Claims tbould l<e lelt with us as early ,as possible. Laud warrants bought and sold. DRAKE A BRADFORD. J9 Wall st. References? Union Bank, Corn Exchange Bauk, Bowery Bank. Sam and the Pope, an Amuslug Story; The Filot of the Mississippi, a romance of the Southwest; Nei ther Do I I'oudemn Thee; one of Eve Wilder'* charming sketches, and a great variety of mi*cellany can be fouud in the True F lag, just issued by DEXTER A BROTH KK, the wholesale agents. Sin/He copies can be obtained everywhere for four cents. Defiance Salamander Safes*? Hobert W. Pat H K K is tho sole manufacturer in the I'mted States of the above celebrated safes, and F. C. Goftin's imponetr able de Sai.ce lock* and cross bars. De|>ot No. 19J Pearl street, one door below Maiden lane. Just Received? 1,'JOO Pairs Casslmere Pants, t2; 2,000 ve?ts, silk, satin and gnna lin, f I I,IH) busi i. ess coats, iS ; 1.000 black frock, silk trimmings, $ft; 3,000 summer ruits, f3. Corner Nassau aud Beckman streets. Great Ciiance for llnokst iHrs and others? Horace Waters, music pit Usher aud piano dnisr, 819 Broadway, desires ng?nt? f?r the ??ie or his extensile cat* lo#cn< of choice and popular music, at the reduced prtoe, in aacb towu throughout the Cnitcd States, to whom the most advantageous terms will be given. Perseus in t lie innsir, book or periodical trade are invited to call. Rats don't die In their holes, but come out and die by using Costar's effectual rat, cockroach, Ac, ex t+rmiac.tor. Wholesale and retail depot, 3Krt Broadway None fteuniuc unless signed by liENRY R. COHTAK. Prom the Rahway Republican.? There U no mistake whatever about Dr.l'OBI AS' Venetian Liniment. a< a certain curative of rheumatism, lumbago, stiff neck, quincjr sore throat, corns, *prains, lump-, swelling", bruises, mumps, chilblain ?, Ac , and being the cheapest prep\r*ti ?n ever yet brought before the public we deem it absolutely in ciiiubent upon every head ol a family to kscp this liniment in the houce When so positive and radical a euro ot the above complaint* can be ha i for ?> and Vi cents a bottle it is SOT'S than imprudence to be without it. l>?sp >t 0) Cort land Street. HoUoMay s Pllla. ? Why are you H|, k ! These celebrated pills sr? the best remedy the w??rl I over poee'shed lor the removsl of disease; they wili cure liver complaints, and dyspepsia in al its forms. The siokly ?hculd immediately try a few dose* of the e won lerful Biedieinea. Sold at the manufactories SO Mai ieu l.aae, N V . and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggists at Vt cent j, S2>g oeuts, and SI per box. Whlal&crs and Moustaches Fotced to Grow in tix weeks, by my on^nsst, which will not >t\in or in jure the rkin. 91 a bottle, ?ent to any part ol tho country H. ii. GKAiiAM, .W? Broadway, basement; Zeiber, 41 South Third street, Philadelphia. 8cnn Yearn' Kxprrleittc hiut |iruv?il Hint | I' .nir.t r ? tiOti'iD i* the moil tftclukl lititli )?l iuaot ertd lor the cure ol ??erj kind of dlaeme of the ?*iu For *?le at till 1. SON'S, ?j5 Broadway, aim by dru*4iata utery where. Klt? t Kill !? Tho? wlio tvoulil be "tt-ed of fit*, iCoDif, Ac., ahouM ue l)r. Mart'* VtwU'iln Kilrul, It latneuuU remedy the world haa crer kiown. I ill par titular* will tc 0reu by addrcaeiu* S. 1 I V K I', M I) 17 W\-t Urcadway llrrnla.? Only Prise Mi da I Awn riled In MARMI k to m. 2K llai lin lane, by the Industrial Ex liilili. n i f all Nation*. lor their now patent radioal cur ? trtii*. Relcr< net* an to it? luperiority? l'rofc?imr? Valun | tiae Mutt, Wtllard I'arkcr and John M t'arnoeban. A i ot tcnOre lie of Dtinri of mercantile and other K?ntl*m n eureil by thi* trnaa, may be aeca at tbeir ollloe. Upon fr.m , 7AM till 9 P. M UDVKRTISEKENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PKHHON A I? INFORMATION WANTEP-BY JOHN Blt.LWARD, ofHt. I, unit. Mlaaoari, of hi? wife and two ehlldnn. wb-i left Liverpool, England, no the atcam r America, which ariived at Uoaton on tbe i'tb iMeMlar, IMM. in cum. pany with an Aineriean gentleman ami lady, and put up at a temperance hotel, aini e which time ha hae been inal<)? to fa ii o any further trace of them. Any p rami who will faral !i lulu with inch laf> rmitlon ai may enable him t > It I tli .u will be eaitably rew arded. If by letter, it will ben H<ary to rive the namea ot the ehildrcn and whaler r other facta may be Uuiu/lit i.eeeaeary. In prove th eirreotnea* of toe iBtirmatioB, belere any reward can be ;i?.m. JolIN r.KI.I.WAK'i, St. I.ooi*, Mo. IMORMATIo.N WANTED or J ANB T'?NKY ; WHIN 1 I eat beard from all in M'i"*t Nineteenth ? treat, by h r t.retlier from iialtimure. If tl.i* ahoiild meet berfyc, ahe will plea*e to direet a few llaae to J. T., liar*) 1 < :li , iU tiur where Interview may lie bad. PERSON AI.?AUREY BKNN ETT RF.TWt SS THANKS t.. I la friend' for their liberal patro'. a e, ml >? ir i tbem tl. at full platea, at low rate*, i? tbe metto at N < 1 HI aad 12 Fulton ?trc i MKTRK'l'IOil. -TE"?MS RED l.'C'F.D on IIAI.K - 1>-MIT1! ? we) ? aea>l< my of pemnanat.ip and bookkc-ptn* M] Broad way. I.adi> ? writ.n* data at In), ? k A If . lailr, aieept ran Satnrdaya. Ijeutlemea'a clat- 1*? *t A 4 , aad 3, i, 7 and H o'clock I' M., dailr, eaeeptia* Saturday". Terma redac d i#|.r' 'i r t<n, ->r l IU lor twat* live leaaon* iaclidinl at* turnery. l'n?*tu ioitraetio*, 115 f?r ten, or tW for IV nty leaeoBa i'u h pupil la entitle 1 to a separate parlor IJ > t hreptac? T. rma reduced thi* week Ir -in ??"' tv #IJ VI AKS II'S COL' N TING ROuMS FOR THE FRACTK'E Jfl of bookkeeping, writia;, Ac , N" ;W> Ilr' ad ?av, . A p pl> ten bnildlna i Circalara, with t"rraa. refefant 'a. 4> . "i ?Mlk atioB. Mar>li'a worka on bo'ibkcepiafia Spauiab and Kayliah, printed in ol?r*. fat *alc ?< abort. SITUATION AS TEAf'IlKR ? \NTKD? A Vol NO lady, rradaa'e of a di ai Ir .-niaho I Nort1 ru n?titnt?nn, wto fcar tad a. n ril year i fperieti IH?aac!,i:M,l, .t.'i North . and Sooth, deair* i a taatiou II teacher ia a ac'iint er fae.tly? latfr rr>-ferre<l. Satialact r> r" mmendati.?n? | farn bed ami t*rm? made kn wu opon appllsatloa to W a P Taylor, rare of Partridge .1 llrittata. '??! lir a l??y 1?r ANTED? IIV A T F.Ai II KH OF MtTSIf, (LAUT) TT two i r thr. ? chililr. a t? in. tract, aa rcu, uicratkiu tit board. Addrttl Mil ie, boi J,riM Toat Oflloe. "11/RITINO AND IIOOK K EEl'INii A II WIIF.F.IFH ? Ion* and favorably known. Sr?adw*y, eeraerofMar ra> *tr??t, ha* remorcd to new tud ailgibla r mi, 83R Itroadway, earner of T hirt' '.nth *tr et. Aft t thirty \ ^ra ?fMMVMM. Mr Wbcelcr nfera w.'h plea? re tw format anpila, ihiw ttlllnn i?n' of Ui* hirheat poattln.ii *f treat, fietli in le*ialatlvc aad m iroantlle biKirK-aa With enlar/et ace mm' datt'.' a and facilltle , a rar* or port laity la air en to *C'|0tr<- rapid haalaeaa wrltloj. a thor mah kuuwIadVe of !.<.< kkee) m.' and an aatended en irae ol ma' Ifrnatiea ''pa rial prorlet' n f r the aeeemm>>datiodl of Ia41e*. Oraamea tal peumanahip executed to order SPlRtTV AlalMM. (ll.AIRVOVANT AVD PnVSICOLOOICAb KXAMIS J alx n ? Doc t< r Uayee, Kl?etn?iaa, and ttr*. Hay**, the iiatfnrr 'h?<l Phyalcolojricai and dc*cripti?e elairr yant . ai le ..?aiaulted day and aTenlnr Ace In 8prin? atr t, near tb* Uowery I)iaeaa<a correctly told aad the aec. a-ary reir>"'iea rraerriked to enre, If curable, true aeeoaatciv n ?fat fut friend* Mr* llajrea' phreaolo^eal eiaminati n*, mber m the clairreyant >tate. arc a?tnnlabin?ly accara'e ? ?< rtiaylait cbaracUt tra? t<. l,f* Mr? '? will vlut private an.. ?ea >f deairad HatMtactnri eiamiaati' a* (ji**n cr oo ' ? bar, a made I caUl U?jH *?. ;*i AlUUA'** Vttve, *?. lOtrru.* iiit?ia SKW PVBUCA HONS. JULLIEN'S NEW SCHOTTISCIIE, l'obli^'iyti thia day. J. DARC1E, New York. The rdth hall schottischb, Jullien's last new oomnueitlon, dedicated to Kanny Fim, with a liu* lithograph, it | ut iiihed thi* day. J. DARC1E, New York, and til muaie aellera; Boatun, E. H. Wade, Oliver Ditson, U. I*. Reed, and V. Ricbardaon, Phila delphia, Lee A Walkers, and J. R Could The war? price reduced ?new edition, lust published, 60,000 eopioi *<>ld. Mirror of Sebai topol and Map of the Black Soa and < ritoea, ah'iwiu< the Knaitlon of the Allied forcer, Vlewe of tho Hnrricano on the lack Pea, Ilattln of Iukertuan. Portrait*, Ac Amenta wanted in every State. A. II JOCEI.TN, No. W) Fulton street. Thia ia the only reliable sheet published, giving au thentic information direct froin the seat of war. Tiril.l. HE PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY, MARCH 17, VT A Bomb Shell into Popery. ? In pro**, tho now Ro miih iloirnia of the " Immaoulvte Conception: or Trial of the < huribof Rome,'' bole re a Jury of Komau t'aiholica, on a charge of imposing mi tho oonacienee* of a t'hriatian people a yoke which neither we n<<r our father* wero able to bear, by tbe Rev. Edward Magulre, inounibent of Mucka nn>ro. Ordera must lie aent to tbe puMis her. Prieo lift cents. T. I.. MAGAGNOS, Publisher, No. I tator Houae, lima, I way. < oniea of the above mailed, poata,{e free, on there ceipt of the price. IiKCHJIlKS. _ ~W] E ADVISE THOSE WIIO WISH TO HEAR MR vY Landcn's lecture to night, in the Doric Room, Odd Fellows' Ilall, tn pro early, an the room was ti I le ? I at an early hour at the delivery of the introductory, last week. Ho lectures thia eveniug, upon John Pytii. To oumiilooco at H o'clock. 9U8CELLAIIEOII8. OANA1- STllEEr, NEAIt VARICK.? W. ft B, _LOO VAN NOTK'H grate ami fender, kitchen range, range aud *tove wireroom* We have a large assort meut of the latent pattern* of mantel grata*, range* anil itove*, for *al* ou reasonable term* Oral"* and range.' He' anl repaired, range* lined, brass lojuil * r*' and jeweller*' furnace* built, stoves 1'iied, baker*' even* built ami repaired. BECKER'S FARINA, PREPARED II I II? I I NB fanTiiies, a delicate and appropriate fool for all seanon*, and one of Uie mo*', economical, nutrition* and wlidleaome preparation* ever brought to the tablo, eminently combining the gratification of the palate, with ample and healthful Ruatenance of the body Ko tailad bv groers generally, and wholesale by HK<'KKlt & HKOl'ilKK. Croton Mill*, V01 Cherry atreit. TO FAMIUEK AND THE l'UBIJC ? WM. HEED KB ?pectfully b*RH tn call the attention of bend-keep er* and other* to hi* celebrated Cordial (Jin, which ha* already gained much popularity la thi* country; a* a proof, laat year he aold upward* of eighteen thouaaml fallen*. W. K. pl-cge* ni* word it i* dietiile 1 exactly he ran e a* that in 1/mdon, whi :h he can get thousand* in thi* cily and State ts prove by it* quality, an W. R. w*e fotmeriy a distiller of the mint kind of gia in Eng land um'.er the excine law*, where he aupplieil many of the i.ohility, clergy and tho public. The art cle i* uaed by all claare*, fr< m tu" peasant to the royal famil), a 'ho in every hospital in an I out of I'n^'aud'* groat metro poll*, coh*cijuenfiy It in *trorgly rocOil vended by all the leader* of the mfdlcal favilty. W. It. stand* open to Cei lare that he will glvo to the public a* gool gin a* any that can be had from I/indon. liol ling the gin age forage. Hy ptirelaalng of W. K. consumer* would lie sav'nir *t lea>-t one hundred percent ad valorem duty. t)l*tiller} US Kan'. Twenty ninth street, between Se:ond and Third avenue*. f r An REWARD ? JEFFltl U' antidote, A 8P1CI ?P? JUlf lie inixturo for the cum of dirordera It mukea a apeedy cure, without the loaul roitrietiun of diet, drink, ax* poanrc, or ' h:in 5* in applic&tiou to butiuont. The proprietor challenge* a ninplo caae which the mixture will not cure, un d?r tho forfeiture of Ave hundred dollar*. Further? th'> dia eaee cannot he contracted if a dole of the mixture ia taken when rapoped. Itiaput up in bottles, with full directions, at $1. One hott'e laUa a week? many are cured In two duya. J- or rale b} C. II. Kin*, 193 Broadway ; 108 liayard (treat A MOST VAI.UAI1LB IN VB.NTION.? TIIE SUU.SCIll hern have lately *ecnred letter* patent tor a ehurn and batter vorker comhineil. that standa unrivalled. It iia? ro ce ved the hiehcet rn nnum iu every instance where it hai be. n brought before the pn'ilio. It eomhinea Klmpliuity with practicability, and proiincee a larger weight uf butter from tbe siime amount of rr am than any other ehurn now in one Agents wanted! Non ? need apply hut thoae of undoubted character and ability. Peraous wi?hin' to examine the churn or purehste rij;ht* ean do ao by applying to JOHN SON A HCNTI.EY, Room 74 Dey street ll ime Hours of liuainenn from 9 A. M . to 8 I1 M. A WAV WITII HABD times? rood time COBINO.? I pay the highest priee for all of oi l n iwapanon, (tamrhlcta, old writing paper, old blank book*, ol I ti keta, ills, eatalognes and wame paper of all aortj au I aiae*. J. CIIAUNCEY STOCK W KliL, Ann atreet, basement Birds, birds -a new stock <>f imported ca nariea, l<.im> reeds, bullflnehes, coldBnehia, ehaOtiiehea, MaekbM% atarlimts, thruahea, siakitis, linnet*, mocking birds, r.' l birds, eardinals, pigeons, parrots, Ae., lor sale at H KESTNEIt llltliTHEKS, 71 tulton atreet, corner of Cold. Alro, HgM and aoetls on hand. Books or accounts taken in to be made cut, adjusted, re exauuued or reporttil ou. at No. 3, til Wall *treet. niTUKV, RAZORS, SCISSORS, PENS, AC., WHOM \ > rale and retail.? IIKATII A SIMPSON. 324 Uroadway, itiext llroadway t heatrat, reepeettolly call the a* lantion of .'?out hern and Western merchants .? ! ? i oi laii, . oinrPy, knivaa, Itmtnrt, raaors. Ac., wbieh they are now aallieg at about eott, for eaah. flalWM SEEDS ? BY PRIVATE SALE AT^INAS \1 sail street, a -mall quantity of llr.t <|uality Altrin^ ham carrot, broad (lag leak, lung red earrot, lentila wiator tares, suaran teed sound and healthy and of late Importa tl' n from England. Parties re |uiring tbe lut will Dud au advantageous offer accorded them. T OOE TO IT, LADIES.? I J Fur raaeala whoae trade Is To counterfeit Lyona' invention*, Vile potaon* are aallins, Vile falsehood* are telllnc, Beware of their wicked intention*. V he rennine poisimlea* Magnatle Powder for the deatrao tlon or Inarcta, baa four raedala on the wrapper, and a fao simile ( ' I. I.yona' aiirnature on wrapper and label. No powder or pill, to destroy rata and mioe, not thaa authenti cated, ahonld be trusted. Depot 4-4 Broadway. Ren.ATiNo.-noTiLS, ships, steamboats and private families can have e?ery description of old ware rcplatcd and warranted Stair rod*, plumbers' fixtures. j ten hc1h, spoons and fork*, and every kind of metal, plated ' with gold or silver, at short uotiee, by the Manhattan Plate . Company, 207 liowiry. SHOW CASES.? UOFFM AN A F ERRS It SIIOW CASE varercems, 57 Bowery, between Walker and Bayard atrreta 4 a?ei made in every atyle ailver placed, hra?-, rose and tetin wood, mahogany, Ac. N B.? Old tuei taken ia tXehtBga. f rdm promptly executed. V^HOW CAhE? SCHMIDT A BROTHERS MANITFAC D torv an<l wardrooms, I'. North William atreet, near Chat* ham, .New York, and at 77 Writ Third ?tr??t, Cincinnati. Ohio A Urge aa?ortment <onstantly on hand Old show cl'?i taken in exchange. Orders promptly executed. QLATE ROOFINO.? D. BROWN A CO , SLATERS AND plumbers, 1A5 Canal itrcet, are prepared to execute slat in - from i?)a to 8 cents per foot. Chimney heads, piaster and roofa repaired, and warrant* d. 11BOS. DAWES' MAGNETIC l'AIN EXTRACTOR, cure* rheumatiam of ten year?' standing. Will relieve the pain of lorn# instantly, and warrauts never to l >avo a fear: heals wound*, Ac. Frtce 12% c??nta per boa. Soli wholesale and r tail at fittl Sixth avenue; an l at * >me of the prim ipal lru/,,ji*ta. I'rincij al deput?, ViJ and *'J Grand atreet, Williamsburg. fpo TAILOiiS.? W II. STINEMETS, LATE OK BROAD 1 wuy, haa on hand a few copiea of liia celebrate 1 w <rk on c oi tin J fashionable garment* Can be had of the author at No 1*9 Hudson, below Canal street. Trice, per copy, from 93U U 3 to SHIPOWNER!*.? I HAVE ON HAND ABOUT ONE one hundred tona of uew aud secondhand chain rabies sod various ?iaed anehora, one fl.UUf) |hs For ?ala at the lowest market price. 1. AAC HALL, corner Front and Ur? ad ttrttli. HKWAKIH. (jr/l REWARD ? LOST, ON THURSDAY MoRNINO, March IA, by a young clera. belengn. ' t?? his employer, incoming from Peck slip. down frront street. to the Jo'urnalCof l'omn?re< cflke, eoinprisin .* tureo on hart dre<t dollar Tills on the Seventh Ward Dank I he tinker will please rddress box HI PostOttee. c*i)(\ REWARD ? LOST, FRIDAY EVENING. MAR' H V ? ' ' 2d. at the Academy of Mn?ie, or ontalne of the i u tiding, in pa??tn? to a earrU*e. a br ?wn hair chain, with black enamel tip an 1 ? I a* p. gold hook, or clasp, wiihono large diamond in the centre of elaar; the hair ta vain" d by the owner a* a memoir of a deceased friend Apply at (ira mercy Park H uee, room 112 REWARD ? LOST, ON THE NIGHT OF THE VlU Uth instant, on the lllo iuin/ial<j roe I. a small his a I ony mare, a r b harness aud fore Whoels ofwa?m attach I: also a deer ski a rou Whoerr will r tare the aerne to 7i West thirty sftond street, will roeive the aboverewarl and th? thanks of the owner* Se RIWARD I" I Alton A WEEK AOo~A large >ewl u lland lug entirely b|a< k Whoever ? Hi brio/ him to the box ? fb> e of Wallack s Th?*tre, Broad way, will receive the above reward. (jiO REWARD ? I.OST, ON W I. D.N EM DA V AFTER % t> i, o n. t< Mth inst a ail foi l fir* ? %p ,*t?h h ?ir (ffiw#, Blade to be e orn a? a pin The Bader will Be paid the above rev arJ. by itavtu' it at the New Haven H ?vel, corner t f Fo rth avenue andTweaty ??v^nth ?tgt?i REWARD.? LOST, ON WON DAY EVI.s IN.. Vi ARC? % tl 12, at the Shsnfha a hop *t the M itrop i.itan Ro o?, or in the immtdis te vicinity, a lady's jpld br rj^ nt pattern The finder will r^ eive l is 4 hots reward by lea in the ssmc at &2 ( ? dar atreet. PROtl.Ati Al IOV--V*-" REM ARD -*A\<?H ? ' > K f T E New Y- rk, Mareh !ft. I -."?ft ? Wtierea*. W?JI 1 n i* ? I- ?a ?.led U -m t! e effects of piitolshot wound* laflietel, as ia ? )iev*d , l?y roe L* wis Bat ? r.?n r about 1 2 o'clock f tb n 1 ( b t of the 2ltb f I el.roary ia t at a public h Miae ka,#wa ** ^tanwix Hall, at hr*?adwa* , and whereas the ?ai I I. ^1* linker is still at lar. -Now, ttunfori, I, leruani* u ? 1 Mayer f tl.. .')? < t N.? V rk, i) l.jr virtn. of ?iV ir l/ ?tltil in ?.?, "??r 1 ri ??r I i? i,r? .nn<lr*4 il .llir. I r ? i| I r' t.?n " nii-U i.ttiju tb. a ittaoritiM ..f t ,? tjr of .s* ?. \ ? rk "f ?.i'i *r liol all cifttm* n->t pr?*.iil.i l> li <? M?ji'r (WMlJ >i?y? ?IWr ?n >: h dtUiir, will tw J rtllNilbil WuoU M?) >r MATRIMOSUL. 4 0BMT1 man AHoi r nctvrvnvt; tkak- >y J\ *r- wh'i |??MM t m .11. quit. . mu.Bt " t In. .U(1 1 ? rt ..I ? f.inllj. in iljrl-, la it ,r >?? at tor. Hint i tin t.1 ? l. ljr at fi 1 .1 ? la.atlon. n 1 ,1 !? t t \>\n I. iii .If ?Hh * Tl?w U nttrimoajr Aor U 1/ r.-iin< i?i. r ?.l< l Bit* l??m th? V nr?f'< ?i?w?, ?o t f ?f l.i? ?iDf?rity I' ?ldftt^B? ARTIHTk |?K VF.IIF. B- ? IM ll-r*l l ,mo?. \|ATKia< M I A I ?A (tKNTLKWAN or U<?ODHAIllTS iVJ ? r <1 r?*l-rt4 : i:y IB f .?..??? -ri f k fair llMAI , to lorni tli. . [0. f^, With * tl rriAfria |I ? )"OHi ? n I pr- try ImI jr of , ??' 1 ^B^kH 'B ?n< tihi ?r. o .t o??r i ir-nty on^ jr?kf? of ?it, m<nt b* of r*(p*ct?> I. ur n Ai I ?m i >trt. t ktt.r4.rit at rhartb. I olj pr ? r ? n? ?h?. ?tt. not th? Kpix.on.1 (barnh. All rumni'im., I liof< .tntllr c.aR.ltal .! I illr -i ( W I* Mk.ll 1 i I.K I'ott Of., r., < rri.-rof Ohrnx l Stflaai .tt ri |IK AI VIRTI'FK A WII>OWgR. RK< K^ll V.K.HI I the South, of thirty too year* of age. fair p*r*<?a*i !? art.aee sad ?dnc?iton, and of a moderate in-otne. Is 4 sirtnt t f ? into a eorr?sp"ue? ace with a la-iy, a<?t tndir twenty et eeBaen mnnaege ma good edncatwjB, srit*i a ' ? w to ma'r.ises^ All eerr*sprr. lenee to he ?on?d4er* i m t* i.f <'eat<al. Accra slJ L C, Cf tfl^ftoa 5. ?* ?fef &.d ? fl.oe 1ALE8 AT AUCTION. SKNBY H. I.KEDS k CO.. AUCnONEER-HOlWE bcld furniture ulen ? Henry U. Le?d* It Co., will their perpona. attention (*? thoy hareiloue for md.ny jf ?r? p?ki) lb the c*1?-h of household furniture, it the ie?<]fiiuee of lainilie* breaking up houeekeopiuir or re luovicg. They will aUo hav? regular nalcn at th?ir a.c tion room*, 1W Nam-mi (treet. txftwen line and Ce<Ur, for the convenience of Uioae who may dealro thi* medium of tale. A1.HKIIT II. NICul.AY, AVCTIONEKR.? PKREMIT.)- ; r y sale of flr?>t. mortgage seven per cent real i estate bonds oi (ho Kurt Wayne and Southern llailroa?t j Coin i any. Alnert II. Nieolay will null, at public aietton. on T'mr<- ' day, March 22, IN>.V at 12>?*o'olock, at thn Merchant* E< | chance. without res?r?e, to the higU-st bidder, by ord?r of < Fort Wayne Sout' < rn Railroad C'-mp my, 21') of their i Arst mortgage noro.t pur ctnt real estate 1?< >i>rl <? Thn railroa I is two hundred and two and a half mile* in length, comnu noi ig at Fort Wayne (I n liaira) and oxt-noine south to LouisvilL , Ky., crossing tho Ohio river by mean t of a tunnel, and iu toiincotion tho Ohio and M iM?ia?S |?p? Kail- ' road for in* a liuo between Louisville and Cincinnati, 26 miles shorter than the Ohio river 1 ho company nav>) issued bond* to tho amount of $.'jo,oM) only, secured by a inort- | kak" upon their r ial estate described in schedule Vo. I, in hands of trustcee. They aro SI, MA) each, bearing intere** bail yearly, and are made payablo June ), 1KVJ, at tho otii-t* f the Ohio Lito Insurance and Trust Company, iu Now York. The lanus of thu first mortgage, an om^ainad iu aihodnle No. I , were apprai?ed by imoru appraisers at the amount of f,'{t*0,M)0, and upon this mortgage but t wo huudre I l^and fo?ty bonds aro or can he issued. The lauds ol thin inr.rtgago aro situated In the counties of Clark, 8 > tt , Jennings, Deoatar, Delaware, isiackford anl Wetli, being along the road aud within t tic bound* of the Jtate. and tho pricej fixed up n them was iu refer u so to their cash value at time of ippraiuaL and not what. they would be w< rth when ponac sad of ail railroa I fa ilitles. Those bond* are it any timo, at tho option of tho hold <r, ex ebumbU for III nm mUm mortgage, at such prioea as may from time to time be fixed by the company, but In no ease leua than four -filth of tb ? appraised value. Thia rail road ha*. irom it* earlie?t commencement to tb< present date, been pr<?i? cut- d steadily from the hoine me its anl credit ot the company, and without the sal" of a single bond; and it in the fixed determination of the oompany to move ra pidly forward until the work i* e imputed, and unlike m ?it other ruilroud bondu, the security of th***o bond* are of the inoi?t un?loubte>l character, md p n ieut of tho an 'oennful proeecution or the profitable workin.' the road aft?*r it? , completion, a tho real eatal? beimc out i rely uu^neumbercd j i?< now the property ??' the c >mpany alondutely, and without the avceciMtul eompl?*tiutt of the r -ad, or auv other con 11 tion whatever. For pamphlets aud ftat?-tuanta of lull par I titulars of the condition of the company, apply to Al.liKKT II N1C0KAV, No 4 llr ?ad atr j P. S ? Tho President of th*' Company, knowing tho intrin , sic value ot tbe<?o bunds, nnd not wishing the puidi? to rely ! upon his sthtcmvut v oily, unlimited the arppoiutmeut by me ol (*?i m ?? person in wlu-m I bad the utm"-' ? <?nfi4*ti? t ? go j and examiue the tnortya^e record, lauds, statiatics, fa 'ta, I and the condition ot the road, which I did. and hia report ia more favoral le in e\ cry particular than I coul l have ex pccted from the statement and exhibit of the Company. I w? uld, tbei-efore, reooinmord the e bouda to my friend1*, ho lirvinf tbcin to be antirely saf", aud a jn ?st de*ira'>l?* se curity as a profitable and iKriuanent invVstuient, and w >r thy of attention, as the aale is made by or dor of the Compa* hit tt?*d mil be peremptory to tho hlrfi? st bidd*-r? A 1.11 Kit 1' II. NICOLA V. AlcTlON NOTU K LAKGK AMI LfN It ES Eft V ED calo of elegant heusohold luruiture, rosea oo I pianoforte, pier and oval mirrors, llrusiels carpets, oil paintiu^a, stiver wire, Ac ?II W ILSON, Auctioneer.? This (Friday) morn iiig, at lo'.j o'clock, the entire oontents of tne three story house 7 *'? l-rankliu atreet, near Taylor's Saloon, will be aoM at public auction, for ? a -h, consi-tin/ of velvet, Uru*sols, ai.d ui s rain eari^t.; \ery elegant rotewood parlor suite, with einbroidereu neat*; nupori or roae wood pianoforte, aey.;u octave, of splendid tone aud liuish, rosewood card, centre, side an t work tabic ; heavy French i?lat? pier an I oval Klastes; > pb-ndid roaewood etov? r?, with rnirr r do ?rs and back; brocatelle aud lace window urt tius, fold i?au I par lor shades; superior ni^oiiuent ?? f* . ,j 1 Hiutio -, i-i rich frames, ouibrs? i w ? larv al variety of m i! )' t . aum < of which are very - oraer and muaiu stands; ?(uar tette tables. rl? I -.r ."In - *?, l.r >n/ an.l Fariftn ftnurc Jftl enio^* teimion tabien, tea and tr ri< oly poll I leaves; ni ih><auy aolaa, full 1 1 chair<, mahogany tcte a tt?tes, card tables,. ir ? tu fiirnitut coiirl?ts of full suita in rosewood any, hoavy roaewood gothio bed at<ads, with :?nd w h^atil- richly carved, ti match; two full iiutcd bedroom furniture, best single and double ban at 1 1 . os, in -rain eaipsts, oval mtrr ?ra, toilet tables, childre: ' chair-*, oileloths, -t ir carpets, iu i r, nificent roaewood hall stand. Has -mant furniture? K*t n si n tel le of ten fc- 1, maple and cushioned chairs, Is ua-k lounge, mantel clock, mirr r, vase,; rich ohiua tea and din ner sets, cut glaeawarc. rich allver plated eare, such aa forks, spoons, oake baiiUetj, salvers, t -a acrdco, vle^aut iil.ttcd caatorf, with t -avy cut bottles: mp-rior ivory cut lery, cooking stove, kitchen utensils, Ac. The whole of the al oye furniture is iu excellent order aud condition, au 1 par Ucularly w rthv the attentio i of h aatk ep rs, a< tue Wn ?le will positively be ?ol<l without reserve. Most of the farni ture was made to or l? r ami i? s Id to clo^e tho citato of a bankrupt, thuH alT' rdiiig a rare opportunity to housekeepers and others. AUCTION NOTICE.? Ii, S. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? I Sale of flffant nnd costly rem r.? .J nnd durable rnaho/a j i?v furniture, fosevond pianoforte, '.?! paintings, pier i -T" in-rrow (Saturday morning, lar*e uii?l un rese rved *ale at H ,'a A M , at Hi U arro.i street, of the whole conUntiof large brat ? la*h house, comiatiu* ?f mahogany *ideloarda, of excellent workmanship, tuahoiranv in.irhld top ccutrc, crab and *ofa tables; n t rosewood suite, Ac. ; alto the I art* and broca telle window curtain* and ibtd^i, inabo/anyaud walnut ??aav chair i, aofai. hair < loth ?pr; ?j; neat parlor chair*. mantel ornaments, hnc ptctir?*, .v ; imo a ttno toned b'a octave piano forte; iNo an cndl. ??* uwantitv ot malt". UV, walnut and uiaph- *>el*toad*, of dif ferent efo*triptioui5, Sooth American curled Uor <?? hair mil tr"**ea, blanket*,* omtorter*. *h?sts. "Ill w cat"*, ptUla**?j?, j mirror*, Ac , Brn*eeW thre?* ply and in rain carp-'ta on 17 room*, mahogany bur au?, wi h-tands with tuarolo tope, toilet sets, hat r?ck, cano ??-*t chairs, rane nciior*, b ur ch-th do , ?.? ? i t- ?* a *??? ry ^rrit <tnauti'y o' <:r^< k"ry war--, j gla?s, cutlcry, *poon.?, woo Unware, Ac. , oilcloth, ?t*itfo l<?, Awrftta- ufiu..- ? k,;;; sale* x ill b* positively sold to *w- M,ha?t ... - rh? talee are p? rftctly fr*e ?nothing ialson^i.tW r ..??? ins it can nav* the privilege of storm* th?>ir jpod* until the l*t day of May. Term* caah. hile ^'jsitive, aithout ro tr l to wcatl sr. Auction notice? cole a son, auct'onhi;ri? I. are ? nd important naln of valuable* impru%- I pr >p. r is New \ ork and Itrooklyu, on Monday. VfariU IfftH, at the Merchant*' F\<hang;e anion/ whi< h, S 211. '-I t, 2l\ tl7 Front street, Brooklyn, 472, 47 1, 47o, 17*, 17 H Atlantis street; five houses corner of Fulton av?un? an 1 Navy str ??!*, corner of Fleet and Lafayette streets, and *otno th.*ty m re hou*e* and lot* Also, oa Wednesday, March 21st. by COLE A CIIIITON, Auctioneer*, the f liowing New Vork city I pro|H?rty, to cloae a c inaern; ? Nn?. and t i t I ir ternth ?tr?et. '?> 7 and '?7b Kait Thirteenth etrcet ; M au I Il*? Kast KUiveitth ?treet, 414 Kant Twelfth ?trect; J??i ind ^ HcTtbtb street; 17 1 Ka?t Tw?nty nfth street, aud it J and 42>*> I'irst avenue, lor map*, A?* , apply %o the smti mn -r?, i.1 I-ulton street, Jirooklyn, and U Nassau street, Nu* V trd. AlH TION NOTH K.-M nocciiiTV AUCTIONEER, will *vll this dav at 2 i'clo< k I' \f.. at W i ^ t r? aee line, a lar^e and renorai *ssortiucnt of nood h ?u?ehold furni tin?, >17 carp^-te, oil sloth*, sofa*. bur?.-aaf, Kreneh and other bedM?aus, hair mattfnsc*, utm uany and cftnethalr*, iock?*r*, oa?y chairs, card, centre nud citenaion tahlai, Ac , worthy attuntlcn Sa*? pr? ? i*ely at '2 o'elock AUCTION NOTK F ? TIIOS. HKIJ., AUCTION EKK. J\ by licll A Hash Tins lay, nt li/* a o clock, will tm sold, in our au? ti??n room* 'SI Centra str?? i, ib? bslanc ! aa i b. *t portion of the furniture fr>'Ui li'.nd street, all the carp t?, ill clothe, h?d*, bed stand*, bfddinx, maho/^ny chairs, ouch **p. Ac. M?.*t l.e paid f??r *arue duv. Also, i'lpertor ( anary bird*, >aies, looking aln^w *, Ac. uatchmak^r an l jewel- r ? stock at 1 1 o'clock, including vritcbw, clocks, Jtw?-lry, *il rcrwire, *how ra A? , by order of a sijtne** 25a1o r* in or *hlm. licpOftile re?|uLre<l. hale ou Satur-iay Auction notk f. ? j rooart, auction f.eii ? ;t v S. hoc A KT. tM? day, at lUfcJ u'vlock, at the auotioa ru ins, corntr of I rankfort and U illiatn str*.?t*? M ?rt/a Sal? ? Household fomitur*, A< ? Maboaany sofa*, dv. cha r*, <10 rocker*, card tall- a, French ledstead*. mirror*, cane Nit ? hair*, washataaA*. carpet*, crockery aad glaaatrare, ret rijjtrator, fcto^e, office desks Also, ty virtue of an ?*e ration, 1 pipe liqnor, I ? *?k pet#p rmtnt cordial, lut k * and cot tent*, A? A .NRSIiEi ( on. taole, fliot N?? 4 Murray *trect Saturday, at lt?'a o'clo- k, attUeauati>n rooms, dry goods, fancy ^? ?>4? Ac. AU? TION NO TICK ? CROCK KRT. GLA?^, CHINA and food* ? W. W. 8IIIKI.F. V. au< tion$er I F. Meld will veil, on Kriiay, March 15, it M o'clock, % c . ?Uj > a?s< rtm?*nt of white /ranito, best crockery ware, cU nat ?ys, Ac . in trade lot* Catalofiuec on the morning of tale, a'. 1*7 I ultun etreet. A I t TION NOTICE.- WM. IJ Jo.NES, AUCTMNKKK, J\ I y virtue of n chat t?l in <rt/a - , will *ell, on M ?n?Uy, at I F M., at 14.1 < anal street a lar^c niinntity of J?? iry, *h<w en*e*. plat* d ware, Ac. VAKNLM 8. MILI?S, At tcrney for Mortf.a^oe. A M. CRIhTAf.AR, AUC'IIn.NillK, 23 BoviKKV, j\ ? mil sell, tht* day, at u o'olook, on acconat of wbia it may con^era, to p?y alvanca*, an invoice of *ol 4 watcher 1)\ t A H A TERBl'U Y, AUCTION EER, WK HEM I) this day, Iriua), Mnrch 16? 5plen4id Jewelry end eitra hne geld est'ben. (received per stram^r t'anaJa, > onipri'intf rna^tiifte nt diau. nd aud rur y jewtlry of Frcneh *t) ie aad I attern, intended for I'aris weir, set in brn?-?lets, I rea?t pin*, im^rr rtnr*. nrrin/*. Ac . la *rent vari?*tt Fall p*r tiiuisrs l y catalogue. The *ale is p /sitive, witLoot reserve, for rash, < mmeaciaK at lola o'elock, at <ur store, fa ftftr ? street City and eonotry buyers are re<iuosted to attend. BY C. A W ATEHBtRY A tf4 'TION K K R ? TO M OR row (Saturday ?, Merch 17, we will eelt in contmuat, a. forth" importsrs. a larae ana very valuable iuifH>rtaio.n ?f lla?i>r.a *egar*, now telna withdrawn tr* m bond too late i r oar ls?t ssl?- also snp'n r win* * aad brandies tor pro at use Buyer s for dintant cities are rs |u ?tod t att .i i hi sale commoner* at o #loe?, at our *tore Bfoad ?tr?"t, by catalofne for cash. / lONTIM'ATlOS ?AI.F ? 4iREAT KAI.K Oft Dl INO.nD \j jewelry -KUH'ARM BCIlllMl.'K will mil a' s ,. tion n iri isv, l* th tust at Mt'j o'clock, at his *el?sr*#m, 1's Wall >-tre?-t suport> diamond Jewelry, eon*ist?n< of se* s ef pin and earrings, el est ?*r and sin^^e stone iin<? and pw>* t.lso, an a?*ortm-i t uf ladi> wat hes, *et with d>etn'?ni?, *l*n other* by Tol la*. Cooper Br 'ing f rer***, and then, double tim- koepef*. md pendent seconds. A? , A?* alS" a !*r*e in>o'ee of Jewelry, ?oi *i?ttng of gold ml? sto-ls. *leere tut tons, braoeUts. pins. enrrt'>ir*, ?*kal r.ngs. ?? , b*?.ag /as of the m<>st valnahle sales of the *oa?on POKITADI.R SALE Of A IOI8B, CLOTH 1 910 Ao ? | \J On Friday, Mw*h 16, IM, at II A M , at .t olir .a Sway eon?i*tir.g of cents, pant-, voits overcoat*, oiuitafy o/*-* Ac , aisw. one b? f Df) NAHM AUCTIONEER 8T??RE NO SIOBRoAh ? way ? Administrator ? *sl?- ef e t k of a s . paat steavul'oat Joiner u Thurs ia/ Mare ? I.?, IV*"' . at to , ? lorV A. M at l?o* 0 and W Eighth s*reet, e n#i?tii?* f bs nebs*, rlamp*, baud ?' rews w rs*d a.< 1 uaw.rk^-i lam t r. do.?r*. sbatt?rs, bliad*. m ?ul iln^a Joiner#' oariwar^ wa. a?, harness, st> am 0?#tae, boifur, pelleys, haagor*, | ! ? Iting, planing tnaebiae . saw frames a < 1 ^eaof?*?, t ,m\ :?er with a isf/s ).t 'f elear Imnber. Afl . Ac lir ?ri?ref l? A V lit I. VOt'BM;* Ad olnistrat r; I.YUIA PEitK^ A 4 ri. i n ? t ra * ri * ??f liirim r l'err> J e ^?ed It# abov? saints I tp ned until VI Way, Marc ? 19 at in A M . at th< fame pfnoo. "ale po?it vei | I I) NAM!. AUCTIONEER, /TORE StO Rilf?Ali |/. any.? A ?it?ea s en le of ?*?>%??, tinware, tools. As , Rati.rdnr, Eat i 17. iMA, at HI o'olo^lr, A. II , at b,??fk?r?tf H, mtl"isg'ifst'?' s tiBvst* t ?>, t As, ry order of J, i. ECK ERt A?*uno? 1'l IA." fOMBS, A CCII WEIR IT I LI. Kt,L, ON I ill Tberodaj . M * rr n xs a -~JU East | ovrb it h ?*r **t ?? , | a'eloek, t?e l< as-? of t;?o e al yard. T9J ?*? l Ktsi fear I tee*th itr- ? *?* ye*rs t/. ran, a<s.tb? le%?? sf 2 bet*fc I dwellings 2N an t F.**t Tttr'tNrtl etr>sv*|i. year* to | rwn I.I I A** tollwt. A. tmaeor I'M Otas J street yt'CENE H. I RAN El IN, Al (HONKER- 'IV FRANK | ill I.n4>itb'l', oA'i M Nsseaa street, "pr n^ lara t ire | aretka aJe? T?.e sol ? r?i*rs wil* givo t?-e*r *r# >aal at tendance to ftut ?lss in te.? s.Us al is* li-is at the r? I elder ? es of fs ; |.i?s that intend inwi'i ig wp huosefeeeptag >f \ rem < .ag tAis spring LMr.RNr.B IHA.SKIJN, AtcnoMl g :* Y F Ha X K Fd I.I > A M? Ifol OtteoSl > assaa ftlrsat -Ae*t/fte? a | r#i# ? #ed* e*day, Maieh II at MA II at ?; as. I 1 4 Fist Eft* *.f e* nth ??r?"t tf ? pf -rty a^igaed by Hr^wa A Stmsnea*; sea . latin/, in part, of mahogan r. Iia?b sraiaat, sr.d fdf.a lamb* r ana satin* aad WI#, t*?? pla*i*i saa ? * *, fe ?r t a* amg i*t Le* , ae ? ?s * ?> a. i*e?, t ?#??(* ae* -s ? tr?<?r t?i m cia .sea, A?*<*os*i SALES AT AUCTION. (lEOKc.E COO*. A CtTIONEER.? LAROK SALE OK T housed' Id furniture, ptauoiorto, Uptitry carpets, silver ware, do., on 8atur<fay. (to morrow.) at KM* o o! ?oh,? Ly Sum r A Cook, at their salerooms, Broadway, corner of Duane Mr?et, a* sttensivo assortment of superior furniture and I*, u?ektepiug artioh ? of every deecriijtion, consisting of elepant tapestry earpets, very little wort; silver p1at*< I vbm, ? attrs. cake iiMkMi, spoons, fork*, ladles, Ac.; su per! ly decorated rlana tee and ooflee seta, ves.*; tnau'el orimtneMe, wry lurire ) tench plato mirror*, marble Klabe ani brackets, ?pl* niitd roaewood pianoforte in perfect order ? a beautiful tnMruui* utlo every respect ? oan do examine J at :mv time before tha* sale; ten roaowood parlor auit 4 in French brocatcl and plush: tnarMe top centre side and Hiatal lee, etogeves, secretaire, bookcases, mils MWMta, rosewood and uiab<yany t edateads, dressing and plate bu rei jn, marble top washatauds and commodes, mahogany wuidrot oa of a superior qual ty. hair mattrraa^, palliasse*, custom made extension dining tables, aofaa,, sofa bodrtetidr, sprinr >rat chairs, arm do., rookers. earl tables, quftr title do., find kitchen furniture of every description j'ienofortew at 12 o'clock. Catalogues ou the tuoruiug of /1ROCKR1ES, LIQUoRS, TOMATO CATdUl', LIME I J tulce, pal' on - 57 I'oy street, corncr of (Ireenwlch, this day, at H','4 o'clock; wines, brandy, gin, whi*key, buck wheat flour, raisins. currants, shelled almonds, ollvo oil. hardware, ?aws, hnmcaa, riding saddles, whip*, ir >n aatos, so^are, toi aceo, soap, candle*, herring, mackerel. j VV A CARTER, Auctioneer, M lJey street (lEtl. W. J E N K 1 N 8, AUCTIONEER. ? GEO. W JEN I KINS a ill a?11 at auction, on Thursday, March 22, KV>, | ou the premises No. IK) Aiuity struct, the 0 intents 01 the | livery etaMi belonging to James Quarry. The stock eon siits if horses, wa/.ous, sleigh robes, blanket*, whips, bar j near, Au , A '11 ?? whole will be sold without refer v ati ?n Terms cash, iu New Vork money Sale to coiom??p? at 1 10 A.M. i ii. IIORTON. AUCTIONEER, WILL SKI I. THIS J* 'Iny. at the salesroom 1.1 .Sixth av nuo, at II o'clock, rosewood, 1 ak and *atinwood veneering, uufluish* 1 rosewood ctegtrca, cabinet work, tenches, Ac., .to T f IN RY II. I.M'.DS, AUCTIONEER? AKSIlSNEK^ J I rale ' 1 the stock of wines, brandies .fee., of ou? of tJio mo?t oatetif" ve aud fashionable hotels in this city. ? He. iry I). Leads A Co. will *?ll, by auction, the above wines, Ac., which are all of the highest order, and to be soi l without reserve, < :i Monday, March 111. at II o'clock at our *e!es room, No. IS> Ni? an ntrcet, where samples will be exhibited on the morning of *ale, viz ? IM^, dozen eolobrat <1 Irving alerry; 2H?l tt n old City ilotcl aaerry; t if 1J Vii toria \la deiia; W) bottle* Itiirrnndy ; 12 dor.? 11 i-pirklin/ Touet'ifTe, of 1H4'?: 12 bottlea ('han<f>et houae; 60 superior elarot; 5/ battles sparkling Romano; doton Marasniuo; 4 do/en Steiubcr *rer; tidoten Jcbannisuer/er; 13 docen pinre old I'ort; i!l ?l -x. plots old Rorlcir whiskey ; 21 eaaes superior IHPJ Nicr 'n stemtr llock; 17 <-aaea I m.|A llaut Hautern I'l demijohns Duff Gordon, do , lo deioij< hna old Crown Rorll I'ort; 12 deini Johns Chlua pure jn ? o Madeira; 43 half gallon ina^nuiuv of very an parlor old otarl brau-ly. Also, |?.ts of Mar a hue, ? t*arkliuK JohaonUberr* r, Rhnd^shciuier, Searfinb? r<, epnrk litiir do. t hamiiatrne in pinta and quarts; A dosen claret, llnr Ktiuder an< other costly wines; all selected with ^reat -'arc ai.d pnarantird as represented. None others admitted into the t-ale Many of tb< a^in- h iir?> from the old City Hotel stock, and othrri imported exprossly for the uao of said ho tel. cam plea on morning of *al?, at the alore. Henry ii. lerds, auctioneer? iiv 11 11 lekds A Co.? Thursday. March 1ft, Friday, March !?>, and .v:a turday, 17th, at 10)^ o'clock, at the, N??. 1'J Na< aau atreot assignee a sale of a manufacturer's stock.? The food a will be removed to our store for convenience of sal?\ einx a stock of gold Jewelry , to be aol i without reaerv . '1 he eaid atoek eo?.aixta of a gr? at variety of all kinds of J- w elry, und^of the latent styles, in whi< h will bo found th - fol lowing artlcka:? A complete i?sfort moot of tine gold ain?le . and double cased watches, of best maker*, silver do ; flue . fold lob, yuurd, ami vent chains; locket ", peucila, pen ens ?s, I fob. ffuard, and v?-?t watch keys; gentlemen's seals. ai<n- t 1 ami flnjrer rinjia of great varirtv; diamond, etn ral l, stone and scsle finger riti^s of every style, atn ls, sleeve buttons, h arf id na. tail u ? ladi? a' brooches, earrfi ,s and t.ra j^lets, nil of the latest sty lea. Al<-?, gome fine iinportol set ? o? dia mend, emerald; ruby, opal, coral, and plain bi let* I roocnea and enrrinas to match. T'im id a toek wi ll v??rtby attention of mannfactaren, Job! rs, and others, t< ply themselves a it h Jeweirv at l> s than the cost o: mauu netivt. w<- fledge oorteiv 1 thai evc*i artl '.?> hall be sold without any reserve to the highest bidder. TTENRY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER -UY II I.KKIIS .II A Co ' ' lay, llarol* 17, at lu?4 o'clock, a', the store 1H N asaau street. Receiver's i?alo ? A lar^- ns ort meat of f uperb household furniture, sold by order of th rscei ver, cou .-luting of super h carded roaewood parlor fur niture on suite. co\ar? din brou.itall and plu -'i; ro^owooa marble top pier, c- ntre and ?ide tables, ?ui? rb l ronch i?'at.< f ierala?ae? of all sizea, elegant oak an<l black walnut ? < teuplon dijiiua tables, oak ball chair.* entered m plu?h, ma hogaL.yinsrl U top bureaus and washatan l< daiiuM ?*in dew etiftaina. lace under do,, mab<? any -o ? tud ? fi,?ii s ii haircloth, commodes, bedel ad*, aideboarSi-, .k? bi c mat treascs and palliasti rs. oil paint desks, b < k< ? ? <, ,%? . alpo, a lar ? lot of kit* '.en furniture, with which tli -<ale will comni' nee. Iruuiediat< ly aft-r the f' ?rni? re ni.?, , aifigii'-e'i Kale ; a choice aisortiueat of J. .. M ? ? 'id's kfftlsi llssl peBI| including Inot of his deslva le it loo, ' ri se an! ' nt Wholeiale stationers would uo u to attend the sale. I | OU! EHOLD i I KM 11 it i ^ AUCTIO I I II VANDKU ATEK will sell this day. at M?a .. . i k. a' ? No. 7:1 Morton street, all the furuitur ? iniaiu* in th ' above Louse, consisting, iu part, of r - < wo il ? ?ito, ? in lro<ate|; wiltun csrput -4, oval mirror. , on- o' lUrn S* veu octave pianofortes, l?t? t little use I; eentr t%? eaten lion tables, chair, eofos bureau , I. 'f , stands. Also, an aaaortm?nt of kitchou f??ruttu JODNW SOaBRtNDTKK ID* trator's rale of hons^^'?l? fuioiture, pi'.no, a ? 1 ?h'' j day, March 1' at No HO tireene Mreet, |f . , ? . ?? ' 10J j' o'clock , const t???g of mahoginy parlor furnitcr??, * ?ta chairs, tables, ?o' roaewood ca-ed piano, rot * .n, with stool, iu/ra a carpets, curtains, pb'tore*. Uiantel ornao ??*.- 1 oilcloth, Ae ; makogany t ,p dr- <-r./ bureaus, ma'io. oy |,idst. ??l', bed s and beddiu/ Ac., In LeJrootu*. also * g"'?d | lut ft kitchen I u rait ore. I o 11 n W HliMKIHNhYKF.. AUCTION KEsi -1llb -* ?? * aale of billiard tables, bar an I f'tt.ur 4, A - 1 1 ? ; day, s t the nucti*- a?*? i?" ? n. i f 1 r a 11 k < in , at p? o'clock precisely, forr W'liard t^ .. * lot ? f cues, Ac., ?-f Ilecfcer A OriAti. * in i< n u * . ??n^, > ?r! v new; alro, at I /clock, at the corner -i I wentj . aire ? and Seventh a\enno, (same eacoutioii; barcouottr. bar 1* * tores, arm chairs, pictures, Ac )01IN I V ANI.RH ATER AUCTIONEER K. T ' Turner will sell at anctioa, --n Trilay, M ? ? h 10 12 o'eloofc, at the n*l<-a r?-oui. fir i C?dar ?tra??t. a 'arse Her tion of rtatuary and marblefmantals both plain a o I arv?* Tke attention of builders aud purchasers u respc. tf-illy in vited to tl is ale XTOTICl. Wll.L HE ?0|.f> A f THE I'l Hl.l'" I M'M? It road way and Forty s? ? < n 1 street, on ' a'ur'sy, v rh 17, it \2 M , ?>ns i r y hor?? . c ?rt au 1 harness, al o tire | * |i| r ler "f lbs r* ood ?isisr NfOTICB.? 1 f III USDIRIIONID, LATE ??fc" TIIE f.rtn ? f Adrian II MoIIt A Co . will ri*a hi? ptrs 1 attention to the sellina of real eptate, ?tof,k-, bond- A? either by auetioa or at private sal- al ?, ? ? t -e!Un ? fi.i 1. iturc at tho reeidcncea --f ?wo > r* Sxl f *t .. k$ an I bonds on Tuesday ef each week , at the Merchauta' K a f?a <0. j I'llll. 11' R WILKINS, Auctionnar, No. 2 Broad "t PJBI.IC 8AI F..? WII.L f?R Vol I) ON TIC H HAY, March Tl , at I o'clock, on the pratm a far ? ? fiftr I tern, In tha ton t? I m n ?i ?? f llompiteid, I. I ?'.? j j?- rty >>t liaard Oil par Thirty a> ra? arc tillable an J ? v , - r a : oo'dland, with dwelling ho ii?. barn, and oth? r "uthuiid ?nr?, toprather v?tb a *x u^fat i* > of fruit tr*ea. i* h4 farm lice within twenty niin of Now Vork, hy U?a I. on/ I aland K%?1 road to ll< ni(*toa<l, and l??i anil a naif inll" f' 01 llcini rt?-ad, and a law minute*' walk to the idank r a i I* . I nj i t , Kotkaaay, thrwufh I hri#tianh ok to J amai< * till** < ?dia put al l*. i ? rm* ? n tho day of rale Apgil; tu Mt (IIAKJ.f. ; MM0N50N, livil?* Mif tho preBUMI. PAl.E? WILL II H MOLD OS MOVUAtr. March IU, IV'?, ou tho |<ra?i?e?, ft baaat.ful no 'in try -? at and farm ol 217 aar**. on tha river Del*war* tad < am : I'D and Arnh'-y Itallroad, two milea below ftordentown, Now ' T ? tmprovaaienta ara uioitly n?w, very eitanalva and tonuMi fit Tl,a mansion ?land" on a huh bluff, and *fl rd? a view up and down the river, n n *nrn aa?<?l by any in : tht viribitr, V ?>y of acceM hy railroad or atoamboft' I m.I ItMaoraa arahl#, '<?) n< r< ? b* a ? v ?tmS'-rv i balance ntadow llftt (rivato station on railroad, and lattdir.jr f r - mall 1<>at# ou the riv* r T?ru?? on day f *al* I r i ir tt? uiar?. a| jly to COL. JASON WAIKIt.^, n tha | rciMx* a. R< IK Ml'. AUCTIONEER-FURNITURE, PIANO ? fkftML mirror#, Ac ? II C. K?mp will -tell >t auction, tf.i* day, f I rtday, > at l"1, o clo? k, *tH6N?%aa?t elre- 1 a lar '? aM<.rtm*iit of hou*+>.old f?irLttnr>- . an! f ur #'if-eri r r'-?rw?.od f>a a r? ' f rt?a, mlrrora mI pamtinjia, Ac , which ara ' | well worth/ tha attention of hout-aeetiera Alan, a I' ' of >*< ? nd 1 and ? (hca furniture Malt poaUin. Catalo/naa no i tho morning of pal* OTOCRft AT AUCTION ? BY J THOMPSON, MO. 2 LJ Wall #tr**t. Tho i?n t arena ad having i.ornp l-t*d ar ranfn.' nt? for th" ralo nf botid* an t at *ek ?t aa* ti #n, ho/a day . tho il?t iuatant. at tha M r iiant#' l.? r?an/a, at l."4 clock Fnll adf ^rUaom*) >ia?loaa and othor ^bar/** lo? k I'mII adf T'ia* tri? i*t h?raaMar, ?atti?^ t >t'u con* n4 "th'-r fhar/M, it a-i* J rilOMI^ON c ,rnar to ana ' that hit ftr<t aalo v 111 tako jJa a -n Wain Ml tar. .. . i aov J t Wall ttrc t and llroadway. It W. I.atUam, Auctior. or SI I K It 1 1 IS "A IK ? IIV ORDER Of TIIR i ??f Ht, A V f? hy virtoaol ? vara I writa of atta^i t, aa 1 hy or4ar ' f tha sheriff A A < KI^IAl.AK aftction^^r * ? f I ?? a | ? -a fr r aala at pm lta ?ot*dtia, on M ?n?1ay. tha l?fth day of tltf'h, at 10 o'? |?K.k In tha foranooa, at JW ll t<-r;, th> (' ?tffttaof a Uatbar and ftndlnra ?tora. * 'laiatta/ of a^U a- d nj .par lanthcra, rait ?kin< (atant laat^ar =n I |?%t? ?t Uat h*r faitor*. toota, aaflauSod i>af ? ta^ka to ^la, wal I iaaa, h< ? Ac liaWd Naw fork, Mar.-h 11, IHAA _-__ l-HFRIU f*AI.B ON FRIDAY, IftTlV Mt't< II AT ?'? il A. M N o ft." i'iaa ?tro* t, twaatj to thiftjr .tawlwip tla binaa d.lfar?nt aia#a. m?4o hy Hak r, f?r-???r A < /ONKI vv 1 1 I n OofHitv "kartV. Tha at of# ?ala it adjonruad ? atil M ? ? I a > Iti'i Mar I'M, r*t th<? ?uin" j ?lac a and hoar JOIIN \\ H.M X, rvpatjr Rh^r^JT fpt'NIS MORREI.I,. AVCflOlftlX - To PAY AD J fikfM, thia Bornliii, at o cfoek. at Hi Naa?ai ?'rt*t, n?w and aaeoad baad famitnra, fnan ?f r'oa atrtori, i fainting* a?amall?d furaitara. r/ f?oay artt^ioa, llavaaa ??/*r? ( kiaa al?aw!? mattrcM feather pillow# Ac ii ? r? fallir 'laacribod in r*talof># and manoarr pt i i In ^ar:y tht? ? rnl'w, a try ? rttc la an a r Ii- I ?? n t< f qaality. k (-art**r f -mtttra, co*^r?d > ? r '? hr *t?i . mahogany f arl*>r fnraltlf* in a* ?*ry tar,##/. ?aa n ># r ?a?Ur fvrnttor*. w th t.. ?rHla t<?p, A'-, r .#*w ?! and fnako<a>f wardrol)*a, bookra*o?, dr?**ina Mr# .i?. a h*' *nda with roar* la to|H, A f. ???' fort# * ? f roaa w?'-i ii>4 Kih ?? y , !lr#t alaa* laatrom st?. * nt I ttla o#* I, *--?at J ?"i to * l.'4? ii id p rtah wh*t^*ar u I ' t'J/ ^tar%at I, a# I* it ' fnrr H ?ra ' rowi a family A I* # mirf r* ant oil [ ainl it,- r bl* frawMMt, lar/a atook ?t II a* an a aofara i*? t* ? ?*? ?,()>?! u '-?? A l*o, ji-watnr of >*? ? k d* l ?r r ? r '* it. .naaia* Ac I# |# ry a'??nt t I ? ' ??*'%a4M So < >ylog In whatoaar iHaltft will Aa I it frokt#s?ia rr All oi< ?At f tion sot h i: n 1 A?tt??#ar l*y tirt'-o of aa ?f#c?tl?i f will ay, at IM, A M , at alnfa lift ( aa%l atfa t t r-iia * aiitfUai ?f f?ai?, pa?t? akirtt, oouo-a a . ( Ho* and woolaa dra won, bat* <at/ #*a??* IU ra, A# ?M ThON I* <?S fata ? ? * 1 M Ju M ? oa *a . Uw wiTTr.t? atctiokee*. irii.i ic ' t;i* lav, m i-H ? at 1*7 ? aa#! #tr ?< an ??,# t? t?a| I 14 farw??*.fw of a faaailf ?f?aai?r > b ? * * r ? i ?tlajt ' ' ao#*?, t^ain, aaarb. a top ? %?. ?* a?4* aa ?# < . a tablaa, ts. ??' fi a?| yaiallUfi ta^^a#*#, * ?r*aiaa, ra?4 wao-l |< ?aof'*rt?, tkfaa pt/ aa i b#* ?' tl ? '! ? r'ai* r-lat d win, ?oti?#y farr *? a tW^?toad?, ' U? ?atfft'wv f*a?' ?? t? ?*a# u t,f l> t-. jidr - u I ar*a .#. w a*a%4? t- . ' *?ta, l? +></ t ? aa4 kit-* baft f m*o?? A ao airvi * >* ' ~ T1IK Wir.lTtWy. rp< tiik vijioiam <0 i?ia, oa ihuu vanw* | Tim* *'.< . wt?M (*rt]> kerwi ?( n I *r nt U ?' ? 11*' i'tm mil, *n<l IImm ?l. 'f* 'i??i wt'itf * >? ?i< nUUM t? mim ?? t ' te >iku>? ?I ? ? orruM n( th? I' f Hf. II.' W Will >ti?a *>?**???( Hi i.b ?n* ? - .i. i *.? I - M. Kto>l. ['ft I?* * '<? J IlK tAI or I*ii * ' ? fill ?1 ? u ? n * ? ./ ?t H (w, M ^ *? f! ft -? ?#? .f <* , if* ? * Hi w - ?, A W /Off" l* 1 ? * I* WAHTH, A PROTESTANT YOUNG Won AM WI8IIKJI \ SITUA , tmu a a aoa?>tro*e, can cut and nt lad *?' ?tt t children's dniMi, No objection* to ao in th? country. A iro*? L .1 J ? : ? > . i ' > IV * ? 'ft: re, for two days 7 ^ "* A WKLI. EDUCATED FltENt'll I.Al#Y WISHES TO JY etifhf* hor>-? If a* In.ljf'f o??iat*onion iu ?.,m? r??pc:tahlo fatnilv, i?r to ttnih the I r?u< h lauituaftr lo ehldr?n, no objection t?> travel ; b??t of refer* nc? (iron, an useable tunic in preferred to a hlgii ??lary, I'tcasu a*idr?Rt A V i B S.lU l'#*l < 'tflie. A N K.N 01. 18 II I ADV. WHO MAS I1LI I# THIS I'OSI J\ tion ol hiu?akeep?r an t govern* ?? for u*aav y?ara, in t hi* country, d*-airei< a tlatilar utuatiun In the family * jr* nt Ictuatt , \\ t ! ?> children art? youti*, or a> ?oni|?aa?o? loan invalid lady, or matron hi an in?titiition. Roferencan of the rt> pectability . Aildrvu N V , Union Square J'cit i >ffi? e. \H? M'E? TAliI.E YoUNG WIDOW WISH EH A SITU at i<>n aa wnt nil res her baby i* ton *eok? old. fan I. MM l?r tbtM dill It 163 KmI 1 ? Uth "trout, near Second Menu* \KEH'E<'TAIiI E YOl NO I'll HI TANT II ?U.AM> girl, who ipeaku (Jermun and En rlUh, d??ir*x to obtain a ftltnatlcn u* nur ** and plain www, <r chambermaid ?>i I w alter; m fully tnpabb ??f ??ivinjr *ati t ???(., M| mi w 1 1 1 t found kind and faithful, industrious, wilum au-l oMidn, J'lenre call t h to day at .No. Vi M <r*nn *tr*;< t t woeu <*r ?v and I'roRpect > treeti, Jertoy * ity. VYOIJNU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION * h cook ?>r i-uiudresR; i* capable of filling ? 1 1?? r itua'iou tint exe*-llent ally rufcr.Mico. rtcn?? cull &? tin I nrthave ?<ue, btiVHeu Ninth and Tenth streets, fur two d ij ?. An km;i.i ii woiun, weu, ac i?i aintkd with children, wialu a to m?ot with a situation a* uur- u sesniatresR. ran I ?? ?< < ri f >r ? ? i* <? w*>U,o' I ? Thompson ?trt?t, corner of liouiiun, r?>om N?? V, soound ft" r. \ SITUATION WANlEK A' < *11 A M UK It M M II AMI I lauuJrckS or ebamb< ruiaid nud waiter, m h <?? I wash J cr and ironcr, yo??d city refercnco riven fan m f. | two day# at t.'? W*at Twenty ??nd trout . AN EXPEMIENt EO ORE SM A 1A I * WOiriJl I.Ik K. | to wttJt thr> c ? ? four familio*. ho would t tl.fir work I r i . i.* > ? , ,1 ? i'ui faction. Ai ply at 1.12 Miath avenue. I? an Am ri- an \RB8PRt-TABLR MIDDI.R IQBD fOXAN WANT . a situation to do gtstnU bonaoworl a ? .? U ? i ? . in tl.e country I'anKivi? the ld?t of city riftriMicoi. I'l call at lt>3 Wavtrlry piauv, third floor. t VOOMO Mil 4 ? II PEOTB8TAV1 WOMAN WANTS J\ a situation, in an Am> riunn family, to t%k>* c \r-- of children and to m w nnderatanda how t mat tr. <; i j rof>r?*ncu ? tvai. & A>ldrct t. Ci. /. , II inld "flKsc, for ? dayp. AFEAM8TKK8S WIIO ITS tlRKHTAN 08 THE DKI.M makinc and til kind* of family ?? wlnrt, withci* to r<> out ly the .lay, *i-#k or n nth. I'Uas* ln.|uir?< at No. 411 Ihlrd avenue. I? tw. u Thirty ocou I ku I thirty thlid rtr?-?ti>. At the milk dopot To bo ??en for two day* kespkctabm: youno ciiri. wants a sitita tlon an *4'auifitri'?R in n r?ap oiahlo lumily hhv t? ? % pable of doinjf nil the family Rowing, and ? *n ? nt xul nt ? hildran m dreiaeR. Man tho boat ?itv rotcranoe ('an he caen nt her prt?? nt rltuatl u, No. 2>? VI e*t i'acntloth ?tr t. noar Fifth avenne. \ YOUNG WOMAN WANTS To KMJAC! WITH \ lady ( r family Roiug to C&liforiiia. M><? . ,iii iio hRr," the duties of a nnrfo ( 'an bo r< ? 'mm ' I! h, ? iii'v and < iiarficter t an bo hrar I ir -mthl i'.-i l*l??ia .f drejiR .VI. { onnell, liroa<lwa> l'o?t ofh< M9I AND IMM n? baa to obtain a tutli i in u t <- or o im rcial home, whiro !.? ean ma . him ? If ? norrtily u<t?fnl , lie ir a n . d | < nn.aii, i or i t it < And ?? pi ? Iu eatiRla'-tory t< ?tini' ii'i'i ?? to < ur v t ? 1*1 a ?l dr. ?>. K. S , llerald ? II. ? 4 (4?A(HMAN HIT I AT|o\ WA'."M>?|.N \ I'HI vate family, by a r i ? ' a< \ ??u. ? . jiialui i t.-r the name tar. |u<id tea th^ovrt o| . ? 1 1 \ r fwr-u.-j C41 ? e ae?u for three ia\-, il < i>. ? * iou*iy ?*n '*?? I at -t N mth rI r< ? t, room ' I > a it irMr.u at hie I > II. .. v. nil r ' ? ? DRNhLOW, l'r->| I j 1 K)K KEKI'IR MAN II I TOMII.M J> 1 vr?.-* Want v?l bv ?? r* ?: . InM 1 ? -tic man, a -ttua t i^n he b< oi. k? ? | it.,, w.?L ? oulid u. ?* r>- f>?i to hi* pr ?' 1 t - mployrr *? r ? 1 . r. * t. r ? ?! m?Iii.?'*, i? - ob ? etion a \\ ? -!. rti ity >r t< Toronto. 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H I -?-)th*ir*4? * a " i : a *it? 4T? ?? nr a r?itwo w *?? h ft4 # 4' ?*,? / ft* * -.tuft*# ? *?* .? * ? . i?i r \V? U*A* M I I IK r ?* T* CI ?l 1 ? ??? *? ? ? r K ti? > ??? i '? -.%?? ?? . ? ' (M?k ?? Ut M '-??? I i? ? I *? ">? *?* *?' ? !?.,. ?? im >? ? ? ?!? vk# iww. Mf ?r / ?' 1 WATT*. "II r A N TE l>~ B Y A TORY C A HRFITI. AND I'HOIIPT ? ? family of tour rrown pftraone. i m-u, ambit b?ua?, or Urn lower | art of ft lftT?o o?ft, in ft good uakfhbort.ood, not above Tn auty fourth atrrat, |?wer down town pr? i*rred ?t ft fair rent Addrcaa U , box 1,101 I'wat offloft, wiiL !? nation. rft? *? Y\r A N TED? A GOOD < O0K HUE lftfHT UK A flRttT f w rat?- una her ftnd ironer; ilio ft ebfttobftrmftid Arplf at No JHU lUnrv itr^at, Biaakljfl. \ 1 ' ANTED |$ V AN I \ ! 1.1(1 KM'KI) I'KK-OV MAN tiilftft to m ftft?> lor ft atora Afply poraofcftliy or by note at ji Twelfth atreet, uftftr avenue VXTANTS1 B1 I VEH1 HI PECTABLB 01*1 A *? situation aa natter, an-i t aaalat with ohatuler w?rk ttaii goou city rif?)r?t)te 1*1 aav call ftt 354 S? tenth j artftua, tn tha baker) for two day* VTANTED \ Vol v.. \MKRIf '^S OIRI., TO ATTJtND ?f ft at* ;u aaloou ? ik! I at !.?:? Duane air ? ci, near lludaoo, for two day a tlf ANTEh TIIKl.t IKM't TAIilE HROT^TAKT I ? ? firtl ? aj *? ! ' ' bou * < rk ????'! ar? | willing to t?? tl ? ? . *?? t r v < Ail a thv American Rlblft 1 jUoutft* to fifty, tha I, mr' of rune on! i*n It'ANTKlV-TWO ?U ?n lAvt < ? I K I TO UO A n abort ?li?tan a in t ? u.t: u? . . ter vml l?> faaiat in thft waahtn and ironing, the <?th?r aa nura<- and a> an>? traca; tltav moat I very ? * wi uml tidy ah i litoriutfb lv undar aland thoir I ? *iii??a, ami lift*'* th" i.?a| of refer aftoo A !l>ly Utw??n ? ftnd ?' o i lot* I'. U.t ?l i Vftavy air * t U'AS'lKli t 111 ATI"4 i \ HI .1 \ III E j V r i i ? ? | i ? Iff, ft ? - k -in i --t 4 . ? h ; tig In all ita trainee* all kirn!* ->( aotipj, pa;tri?a and let iei> , ha* no objection to a? i*t in t he waalilng and trunfog, f r- . ? ? ? fltlM ftj r'y II I 161? M?venth a> enue. \ly ANTED DV A IVIII.lVC M\KT VOf'.VCi CilKI , ? ? a altuati< n to ?!o * m? r?l !.- u > ,? work in a a mall privfttt family, 1??? no ??ij vii n to ? * ? . r\ i|#tan? .a in the rooft trv, rtr to do ehumhftrworV au<! wnttin# ri?ft?* all at Sfkf Hiafti ?-th atr? ? t , (Hirurr ??! II ttit ?a, third U -r, ovar tu?? bakrry Uf ANTED A RKSPEt TAllI K l iliV, t?r MIDDI.K a jf*?, to tako rhn,i,o of t H?? ?*o >k In* department of ft Urjre boar im* ftftbowl i i ^oulM ftr?Hl?a. Wftarea ktl>?-rftt. !.? drafrrciif * r?-*?ta(r ?! Apply at -14 VV?at KineUentb avraat. Ilr ANTED \ SITrAIION. II) \ MEM !>:? r A It IK ?? Hci'Uh ilrl, aa cc-nfti ?' l>>. i?ewor* ? r, good ? ity r??f?r ,, a' .'I i H. ?t Muteaotli atrvel, U^ANTKD- DV A RBHI'RI IAHI K OIHI A MTU A tion aa aook, and wiuld \> arUlinn to aaaiat in tl?o waahinir ai.d lr*>nlnt, In a t"*| otall- family on !? rat an 4ft hraad and pastry, t all at :*iJ Molt atrael, third floor, baok r? in Cnii !?? ?o#n f ?r two 11 1 \ N rtn A M U'AIII . % HI .1 AIILE it j oartK flrl, aa < o< k * i and 1 1 n< i i.?- t? at ?>? city reference pt*??n ?*ftn bt> a?- n ,t??r two dava, if not an Kfticad, at .V# Troy air* ? t \\ a ? i ? i' I II i a in *; jli > 'tin, w ota *n. in % pi v 1 1 f mini 1 1 . t-? d? aenarftl h>iua? work, r to take . ar- >?i c..iidr<n 1* ta-? cftil at Jar ?lr ? t, Urookl) n Uf ANTM)- U) A Musi i it i .1 ?? ? a It T 1 1 Y AM? tfll?D yMJiif woman, i? 'l? nat|? n .?? i hild'a i.nrav and ???am 'lr i.<, l.a lh ? d In I oth ? ity mi' out ry , and t.aa no aijec tjoii t . 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A V?M .NO MAN, T?# a <-rk on a farm r n ? % < n r tr in \ , ?rd?ri, it to' afrnid of ai> ? rk | i r ???? tatim irun wliara l.e I ? lltr.l tti|?? J I .. .So li plft^, in t he at> ?i , for t > a 14 'ami ii a i' *. ' jli \s \% i rii it; i r \mii v . ft ? ?i<b *b? I wli > !*r *?%?(!? iftVin/ <h\r/? ?' * for u* ' A I < , * mi rl I t ril n \.il, ?t Nc II IK *rr . . iViUr U Willi f.V ;; i 1 TAni.r. Yni'HQ WAN A '' " ' f I f ' ft f*ml / ?rt 4iif* * I it *?' * ! *? ?* t? / I - * > ? ; * la .?** Iftn.i , *i?<l i*i ?*?ftk* .?< It |#i.? i ? * il ? '.? * I !>?,????. C?>i r?*ft \lt* i ui r rrrr.* M J k, I ? l.V, II rail oflUt. umm? i?- \ ? i r i th 1 1. riiutM iin<ittr tiir ft IT ?. i? ??i Mi' - h?4 lit* to mil Ifci k*?,\ mm I ? \f j ?#*v, ? ?>; < fiMrfc *1 i U iff.* *ft? ?? Ift' ! i ; t ? ' V ? t- at ? l ! *? , , 4 Aj;lf At 1 I u. r :r. M ?.f '* ?'** . vi an i i r "H Hmas a . 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