Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1855 Page 3
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lbs Wall," will bs placed ia the sfternooa ; end A th? e<s*iag. the '-Orphaa't Dream"? Mr. C. W. Clarke ia Ui leading character. Wood's MiMmuiLq,? " Mr. Macbeth" continues to d.*?w successfully. Thl? company will rive Mother a teinooa consert on Saturday, at the Brooklyn Aths Bcokut'b Skunadixs announce a programme of a very attractive character for thla ? vening. ?' Lucy of Lamm* rmoor" 1* the leading feature Pbiuiam'h Orni Hocwt. ? Various song*, dan Ms, bur tesques and characteristic Ethiopian performance* will *e given to night. BkOADWAr Tabkrmaclk.? The Black Swan will give two more concerts? one to night, and the other to-mor row evening. She will be assisted by fc-lgnor Mario end 'Other musical celebritiee. OTHTUEMEtm M EUKY ML FOR RAL&. ERSAJ.I? HOUSE AND IOT NO 61 EAST TWEN tysirth street. lot 21 feet by half the block > i:lXi6, throw stories and basement, with mo tern improvement*. Term* liberal. Apply at 312 First ave nue, corner of Twenty third street. -fctOR 3AJ.F. ? ONE FTR^I Cl.A# FOUR KTORY AND JP basement brown stone front house, 20 by 60 feet; tot, 9 8 feet 9 inches deep, with all the modern improve cieate, situated St 64 Katt Thirtieth street, l>oiw?'?n > oerth sod Lexington avenues. Inquire of JOHN W. ilH.I ER, 60 Ksst Thirtieth street. B'EW BOUSE KOR SALE, CHEAP FOR CASH ?A house on the neuth mile of Tb rty-tlfth street; Is third house east from the Fourth avenue; i* a new three story house, brown atone front, with all the modern improvements. Inqu re of Mr. HARVEY at the house next door west of the one for sale, for terms and to view the house ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE RESIDENCES IN Brooklyn fir sale ?That new and beautiful brown ?t>se front house No. IRK Henry street, between State kid Jorsismon streets, wiUi'n Ave minutes' walk from ?iuth and Montague ferries, has all the modern improve nento, and Is one ot ths bent built houses in the elty. ?to WALTON k NOR Rid on the pre mites, or No. hermerhora street. pO CARD MANUFACTURER-*. ? FOR SALE OR TO 1 rent, the lease, machinery, including stosm en gine, tools, fix tores and business, of the best carl fac tory in Uie country located in this city, in perfect or der, and ample faoilities for the manufacture of both pitying and printer's cards. To compstent parti** thi* is ? deairabls opportunity. Possession immediately. Ad dress box 3,906 Post Offl?e. q>o nnn -A STOCK of hardware, general ipU.UUu. assortment, st wholesale prices, rill be exchanged tar unencumbered lot* in this city nr Brook lyn Brooklyn property preferred Apply to CHARLES K. Mil I KR s resl ostats, stock aud property exchange, I ?. Broadway. I tl>c ftAfk ? FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, A NF.AT *PU,UU", thrive ttory brick ho'iee, with all the modern improvement*, in Twenty-sixth ftreet? prioe a two 'ory cottage house end lot, 25 bv 100, on Fortieth street rice tS.1100; a tbr>e ilori brijx homo in Brooklyn, for 2,900. also, 200 first ola? houses for tale? term* em ? by A. SERGEANT, IS Wa-1 .trest. a>C nnn ?FOR SALE LEASE and furniture of a firat clsss house below White street. noar iirosdwsy terty room* end full of lodgers; good locality lor kotel or Isrge bosrdiof home; all the modern improvements and in used order. A bargain. Addrsae G, W. WESTBROOK, 3W Brosdwv <*v9 nnn ? 'O* SALE, a FIRST CLASS TF.MPE ? rsoce grocery, located on the oorner of two great thoroughfares, and now duing an extensive and rapid I) inereafing business. I ixturea superior, stock well assort ed and very desirable. Apply at lilt and ULN assau street, lOomjNo 3. RICHARD L. PURDV A CO. d>OAn ? FOR SALE, BUSINESS, OLD STAND. AND apAVU. one whsre 92.MM per year can be cleared easy. Call immediately Also, tine drug atore, on Seventh avenue, doing aplendid and acre business; old atand; grand chance. Also houfls und four lots in lVlhamville, Westchester couuty Prloe tl, COO. Apply Uuited State* Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13. 1 OQTH STREET -LOTS FOR BALI.? SIX LOTS IN OneHuudrod and Twenty niuth street, near Sixth avenue. Ths street it paved and lighted, and th? above lots ? re beautifully located for improvement. Apply to Jacob J'ecare, No 1>J Hester street. A l?TB STREET -LOTS FOR SALE.? TWO LOTS IN Fortj Bflli street. 100 feet east ot Tenth avenn j; terms e?*y. Apply to Js< oh Poi.sre, No. I'i3 Hester . trr.-t 7TH AVEMJE-UOU.HES for sale? the pour atory hrirk houaet No. 211 nod No. 212 SaYautU t'niua. A Hood invmtmoot; will ha aold cheap, an<l on e*?y term*. AUo. the four atory double tenemont hriok house, No. I'll Feet Twolftb ttreei. Apply to Jacob I'ecare, No. 1(>3 lleatar itreat. A VALUABLE nonm FOR SALE-CONSISTIXO 1 \ ol about bllMo acre* uf land, tyin ' near th? BMW end of CrauJ n're-t Brooklyn, Eaatcru distriot. Apply at HI front ?tr*< t, New Vork. AUHANCEFOR a poor man ? ONLY THRkE of ft. tboae beautifully located lota In the Ninth ward of br.>okl> n left; throe tninutea walk 'from the Fulton avenue railroad. Will bo (old iu monthly inatalinenta of tnnd il i?'?. If applied for before March 1, neat. Apply to Jacob Pecare No I<3 Haatat atr?ot A House FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN? ON THE J\ South aide of Degrnw atreet . between Court ani Clin ! "D, onpjailo Tontpkina place, 2<) fo.-t front, 40 foet deep, l?ith III foe' oitiuaion. lot 100, three atory end haaement ind Hub-cellar, and one in Doll <lnaa atreet, betwenn Court >nd Smith with hot *:id cold water bath and *;ai. Appl> to I U. DAV. 44 Douglaae atreet. A FARM FOR SALE OK To LET-AT ROCKLAND A Laka. K. Y. conaiat ing of a good country bona.) and juthouada. with thirty acret of excellent land ruLning from be Hadaou river to RoekUn 1 lake. For aale on eaav terina. Inquire nn the premiaea. of JAMES KAI*BK' K. or of ?anitiel M Raiabeck, No 9 Janncey court, H all atrnet. A N EI.KOANT COUNTRV RESIDENCE FOR SALE n with the farnitura, carriage, Ac., and twenty acrte of and. one milf and a half Ifruin the New llruiianiok d?pot, Xew Joreey. on the banka of the Raritan, and oomuianding a nagnifle-nt new The honae la in the *? thie atyle, lately knlit, with the beat materiala, and Aillel in with br ak. A photograph if th* plan can be aean at the ofllee of F I) HE It VI 1.1. Y, 01) Wall atrtet, up ataira. OOT AND SHOE STORE FOR SALE.-FOR SALE B or aachange for property in the city or in vicinity, ind the difference paid in caah. for a hoot and aho? atore. "he atora u fitted tip in the boat manner, and the atock la j ?o?d order; and the atore ia eituata I in a great. thorough are. having railroad a on both aido, and ia as old agtabliahed tand. II not aold. the atoro will beto let or leate. lui'liro n the pr-'mieee, earner of Canal and Varick atreota. OIIF.RS FOR SALE CHEAP, AT SRCOR'S IR.N Worka, No'KW Waalungton atreet. Three tuba ar bolleri hirty iuctiea diameter, eight faut high; two do do tweuty ve incbea diatnstor. aix feat ait Inchaa huh. USINRSS FOR SALE. -Till SUBSCRIBERS IN tandint to retire fr >tn the trada, offer to diapoa .< of their u< and well eataMiabed hualncaa, via . importing of toy*. |aocy articlja, Ac Thu ia aa opportunity aeldotn met with 0 enrage is a profitable whoioaale hoaine^a; a lar/e city and oontrytrada W H. I REY A UKOIHEK. <J2 John ttroet 10TTA0ES FOR SALE CHEAP? A NICE BRICK I cottaee aud lot in Fortieth atreet, between Lexington 4 Fourth aronuea . alao a fraiua aottaga anl lot oa tecnad avenge, both pleaaantly aitnated. Pri' O (t.'WO etch kne hall t an remain on hoad and mortgage Iiijoira of T. OVt'NSEMt, K N aa aa atraot, up ataLra. 10AL TARD FOR BALB? KLIQJBLT SITl'ATFI? IV Vj one ot the beat looationa ia Rr?oklyn, with aheda, fi? jsrea, acale* office. Ac . in complete order, together with r>raea, car'a and atahle. To any ona wiabinir to enter tba ?tail coat train an oppot'unity ia offer-d aelo >n met with ,[plyto WITH ERE LI. A ttOUS.-M,. \KSIRA!II.I PROPERTY TOR SALF.-IN UU " bathtowa. New Jaraey ? A plot of grojad, coatainini ?ar and a half aaroa, aituatad oa aha aornar of Spring anJ Tatar atraeta tea minntea walk from the depot. On the remiaea are a boaaa, bar*, garden, fruit tr< ea. Ae. Thia roporty will b? aold low and oa aaay t?rmi, together, or in ila to auit purohaaara Would be exchange! For atock or ty propertjr or a email men<-umb?r?d (arm coaticaoua to ne eitf Apply to SAMUEL EDDV. U Wall atreot. bate eat DRUO store FOR SAI.E? PRK'E ONLY ?J?), VEAR ly rent only (19U: office and apartmente attached, an ? i-lieat aituation for a phyairian or <lrungiat, mutt be aold 1 tba own if ia going to Enrope Apply to II W RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. A KM FOR SALE -THE SCHSCRIHEK OFIKRS FOR ta i that anlandid property known aa tha Thoma< I'arrot n beautifully aituated m tba Tillage of .Se* Provi ien'-e, ?e? county. New J?r?ey. one mile from the railr .a 1 ati- . |o:i at tha ai mmr. Maid farm cont ama rlain; thirty a. ret (lrat rata laad. in a good atate of eultivatioa. with tome < the finaat frait in tha ^tata. Title iadiaputable, and toii eaay For particu ara 'n niire of Mr EDWARDS, on epr?mia*a or of WILLIAM E MOONF.V, Union 'OR SALE? THREE DESIRABLE LOTS ON FIFTH at-jun-v near Ml atraet; one do. do. d>. oc> Fortieth [raat a ar : >nd aeeoua A|id?to EDMIND A. Smith S.' Sprnee atre-t. -\ ORSALE-TIIE LEASE A \ D FI XTl'R E? oFONR OF the beat wholeeale and retail li<|uor atorea ia the Fourth rd Tiie >nlyreaa.n !or aelhng ia. the owner haa t? . |nrea. aai oanujt at'aal to both. Iniuire at 71 Rooaeeelt I reet. ?OR f-AI.E-F IUR1F.IN VACANT I.OTS OS NORTH aide of Twencr foiirth atreet. fr oatiair weat on El eeatb ] ftaae Apply to THt'RHEK BAILEY, M Wall ttreat 'orsaie-aiot i. iter i imiii - ih'.m wd r ar l'?> faet deep, on t ha eaat at la of Saeoai areaue tf> I ?t north ol Thirty ninth atre-.t Price W>J<? taab Apply VI llndaon atr^at ^OR SA1 E-A I ARtlE FIRST CLASS FAVILV OR I ' I eery ai .re The at ire haa been eatabltabad tar ret ire ai'.li the boat data >1 caitomera. and will do a ba-i LtflWJttf'i1') ? waak. It ia altuated on a eoraer. aad ? |-retioe unanrpaaeed in N-w York f >r Apply [c. r> II >w -a. K Naaeau atraet Nor sale-tiie nousE and lot. no ij we<t Tlurte?n'h atr-et. altuated about h?! ,< ?.l and ? ?-n | feet frim Fifth aeeaue Priee #1 ?, ? ?? % ta r aa a | m It renta aow for *1 *?' a tear ? , i . L AN RICH >, tee le aire.' oR CAI E-FOUR LOTS ON THE NORTH SIDE of I ertletb atreet one hundred feat ea<t of Tantb arenna. aach ?'.* Wi ran remain oa t be property Auidy .tJl llndean eireet K)E SAI.E ? A FARM OF IIOHTEIN ACRES Of aheioe laat for gardeniag perpoeaa, two aad a half lee from Eerpart, New Jeraey, with a new aottaie ballt ae K by is feet, with cellar underneath and kltchea t^abed, af It by Id feet; aew barn, good fencinr. and a ing of pore aart water cloaa by tba door, alia twelve bun d peaoh treaa? earea hundred la fall tearing, fire bia lred. three yaart growth, aama of them haeiag horae laat rear, i a sari ptl opened far the oaa of the farm la.juir* of A M'HENAOR, oa tba praaiaea. at Bethany, J1, tailea tbaaat of Eayjart. _ ______ ??OR ? ALE-ONE OF HERRI NO 8 SAFES. NEARLY aaw aad fitted up for jewellare' oaa Alae aeaae rflara' toola andl fittaret Apply Immediately, ta Mr HAWS Jr 6i Ana atre^, third atory P_*r sale ? TnE i.e\se, owd will apparatus. fa ran. re, k( . af a anperter darnerreao gallery, tba ?a, ataaad >n Braoklya The ataaer b. lag about to ae Waa?. i aaU it at a baraaia Aar oae wiehiag te eaga<e <a it 1 aot nodarat an 1m< t j" bat aeee mar he taa/bt Apaly *? tytq'TT y r.'.m rttw* 8:m'r?. POt BA1I. For sale ? a handsomely fitted or oystkr, coffee and cake aaloon, eituated in th? boat pert of the Kigbtii atranue; will b? sold ver y olieap it applied tor thi< week, u (b? owner ha? other buemoee to attend to. Apuly in the eelcon, **? Eighth aveuue fOR SAI.E? HOUSE AND GROUND; IIOCSE 3) BY 21 feet deep; kitoben 12 by 13 font, two etnriea hi(t>i yroend 50 by -W feet docp, tituated at Proipect Hill. E\?t theater. Inquire of AMUs JUDsON, Mount Yernvn, Land Agenojr. For sai e-thi: stock, fixtures and le ase or ? (.roc-arjr etor? on tlie Sixth avenue; a *ood location, ami a fine opportunity fur a man with a umall oath capital. Addr??e lio* 3,214, I'oat Office. FOR SALE? THE THREE STDRV BKICK HOUSE NO 27 1' Kant Broadway, with all the modern improvement*. Jwn tlirrda of purchaae money can remain on mortgage, llottve can l>? eeeu l?y a)>pl>i>ifr on tho pr'imueii. For further particular, apply to A. C. MORRILL, No. 9 Chamber, H. For sai.e.-w. j coey s la roe packing box j factorv; will aell the bnain'M and machinery and give ? leane on the place, or will iell the lot with all the ap j purtcnanccK: the lot 1* thirty feet by about one hundred; real citato perfect tltlo; no incumbrance; ol -ar of all dehte ami demand*; tnoat part oi tho money can r?main on bond and mortgage it required Inquire at I'j Mari >n etmet For sai.f?the stock and fixtures or thkoi.d ' ?i-tahliahnd bout and ahoe atore, fli avenue I), with dwelling attached; rent low. and will be aold at a bargain. Iuqnire on tho pr<'miaea, or of R WHITE, Itiil Water etreet. FOR SAI.E-TnE FIRST CI. ASS HOUSE IV MAC don^al etrret. rear Wnehmnton aquare; three itnd a hall' | rtorica and bailment. with ?n>ry convenience; alto, three i fftory and basement hon?e HI We4 Twentv eeventb street; { both very ileftirnhle; alao houae* 11M Weet Nineteenth atreet, and 1'i'i Tr^y "treat. Appl) to BOBS M EKVINU. Males j tate amenta, Eighth avenue. FOR SAI. R? IN BROOKLYN. on a raii.koad route, and onl> liftcea - - walk ft >m I'ock ulip ; ferry, a new. aenteel two and a halt atory ba.ement and j counter cellar frame home, well built, filled in with brick, piaiza, I rent h windowa, warble inantela. water in kitchen, and van and finturea throughout: on the enm tide of Skill man itrcet, l't) yarda aonth of Myrtle avenue railroad? it being the iioutl houae of a row of hi*. Good neighborhood. I'rice ?.'<,(*(>? half eaali Inquire ol II. PMll.l.ird, next door. FOR SALE? A GREAT bargain-a small, gen t of 1 Irimi cottage houte and full lot of ground, on Kil ty fifth etreet. !?."? fn t eaat ef Sixth avenue, houae nearly new, containing eight or nine room*, in good order, pump iu tan. live minute*' walk from Sixth avenue depot. I'riue low Apply to E. It KINSUIMKK, 319 l'ourth avenue, from 3 to 7. For SAI.E-A CHANCE FOR A YOUNG MAN TO make a fortune with a small capit tl? The *t<>ck an 1 fixture* of one ol the heat liquor etanda in the city ; i? li censed and doing a firat rate buaineaa; w ill be Hold for on* tl.ird of ita value, ai the owner munt leave the city. Apply at tiO)j Bowery. For sale? an oyster and lunch counter, i? i feet long; will be sold very cheap. Inquire at 12 l ul j ton atreet. JM?R SALE AT A BARG A IN?' THE LEASE, (HIKER year* to run,) good will and fixture* of a bakery, eon- ! feotionery and ico orearn saloon, in a tirxt rate location, and doing a good buaineaa. A splendid opportunity. Tertua reaaonable. Apply to WALKER A Co., f? NlMM atreet. 1.10 R SALE IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STOEV AND at t io brown stone front house, with alt the modern itn proj<mcnte ? a ver? flaw loeation on the north eaat corner 1 of Wflloughby and Bridge atreet*. Can be ae?n at any time. Particulars No. 3 Broad street, up ataira, 3. Ill N MAN, be- ! tween 12 and 3 o'clock. FOR SAI.E CHEAP-TWO GOOD HORSES, SUIT able for s physician, or any other use. Apply at 061 Broadway. 1x1 OH SALE cheap, in hoboken-a new built ? three atory and baaemeut bnok houae, with all the modern improvements, iu an excellent location. Term* ea y Inquire at 190 Washington street, Hobokea. For sale or to let-a genteel stone front house and stable, corner of Court and Carroll atreota. fronting Carroll park, South Brooklyn. J f k t. the gentle man and Wtft Wtttld likn to board in the family. It aold, terma mad* cany. Inquire of Dr. LEASH, ou tho pr^mUes. 1,10 R SALE OR TO LET^TIIE FOUR STORY HOUSE 1 an <1 Btora, t24 Seventh av.-nue. Torraa liberal. In quire of JAMES GALLAljHER, S7 West Broadway. |?OR SALE OR TO LEA*E? A TWO STORY AND F ? Hftmont kitchen brick bouse, containing nine rooms situated on North First street, between Ki ?!?? *i and Ninth Mfr' t-lN, \\ illiamaburg. Arplv to W. II0K.KNZI E, 511 Green wu li Htret't, N. Ye I rieo |?OH SAI.E OR TO RENT.? COUNTRY RESIDENCE I to rent, fnear Hnrl^ai 9 ferrr. Eighty sixth nt re ??t, con sisting of a fine dwelling liobxa, ffae n Tioutfe, nt-iblmz for tivo j horse*, carriage houae, Ac.. Ac. There is about au a r .? of Kronu'l in tho pardon, u hi h is laid out taatefully, and con- | trunn all kiudt of fruit, alto atrnwborri**, asparA^m, ^c., j Ac. The Croton water is introduced in all ptirts of the pre- j mUes, including hot and cold water hathvt. r or furthor pxr tieulars *ppl> to J. B GLENTW OKTH. No. 3 2lr ?ad st. /GREENWICH AND WASHINGTON STREETS PRO \JT party for sale. ? Th?* valuable piece of pr ?p-rty known li * .'i'Jo Greenwich fltrevt and 3I.H Washington utraet, 7-^ fe??t north of Duane atreet, and in the immediate vicinity of the Erie Railroad. Theae two lots taUeu together are 1>? feet ocep, running through from atreei to street, with a trout of Z'> feet 3 inchea on both Greenwich and Wa?hiu^ton str- eta. They will be a?.ld aoparate or together, aa may be de4irod. Trrma eaay, aiH immediate p ?aee**ioii given. Apply to ANTHON V J BLV.ECK EH, No. 7 Broad atreet. High bridge,? for sale low. acres of jir"?md with a beautiful wooded front. al</pin^ gradually to liarlcm Riv?r. on the \S n*tchcatcr ^*de. with fruit and water, and tit for improvement aa one or more country seat*. Apply to H W. Coomb**, 12 Trinity liuildiiu Houses for saliva four story engmsii harement houae in V4 ?*st forty serond atroet. pries tdtj.COU; a three atorv <io.. high atoop in Weat Fort/ ninth atreet, price a three atony do, in Went Tweutj ???<-nth atreet. i-rice llo.tanj. a two atory do. in Walkir atreet. Alao. a??vcral tenement houaoa t or ??ale low. Apply at L>9 Broadway, room 1?>. N. B.? Particular atten tion paid to the colleetin^ of rents, alao aellin; out furniture at the residence of famililet, ither at auction or private -ale House for sale or exchange? the splen did tour atory aud baaement marble tr ?nt house, aitn ated in I ir?t place, Brooklyn, fourth houae from Smith atreet, between Court and Smith streets, fiulahed in tho mo.?t eostly and elegant manner, with all the modern and latent improTrasenti. i i 1 bf nN at a bnrgaln, or nobMsii t,jr city property Terma very eaiy. Apply to CHARLES II I I.LSBURGH, Z*l Water atrs t HOCHI rORSALI ata BARGA&N.? TH1 rOVtt three story and haaement, m^atie front briek kousea, situated at the corncr^ofLee a>*|iue ano Koas street (and adjoinirr'. Brooklyn~ten minutes wtlk from Peek slip f?:r ry The above bouses have marble mantels, c rni oa, under cellars, Ac., and two-thirds of the purchase money mav re main cn mortgage. Apply to Jacob Pe? are, N 0. lou Hester street. ILLINOIS LAND.? THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR i-nle or exrhan^e, half of a section of land in Taitou county, Illinois, which he will cxehange for property in W 'illiamaburc, Brookl>n or ffow York, if c 1 ! i npon vrliUl one w<ek. Tbia projpert> was purchased by a^rentl tman with tbe intvnU .n of a? ttlinx '?n it him^t-lf ; but d?*ath in the family alone prevent*. Apply to A. Bunker, at the of flcooftba Nev ufti Bstit Iroslirijf a BUNKBft IOTP -TWO I.0T9 ON lilTH STREET; ONE KVAM, J hoaae and lot on Hercn'h e?-niie, the r*ar adj'imnn. for rale toaether luouirt ?t 2W Thirl arentie, beloro l'? A M or after 4 I*. M. MEDICAL PRACTICE ?A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY lueinraa for ?a l? . within two h>ur* ot Ntw York; r? i ei ta(btte|l,aiO. Trrtna low t-> m imaMiiU p r.liistr. Aildrcea M H C 8., turn 11 Il*ra1<l ? ? tTi c ? MOCIINU BIRD (OR SALE ?A SPLENDID MOCK iDf l.ird. not to bo exeellod i y any tn th? city Hooka <at? d<i((, bena *ml roottera. An* K<' or laly ?iab inn to procure a lino bird may ?t'pfjr at IT?? Fourth ?tre?t PEW FOR SALE - A SMALL I'FW JN ORACE Church for tali*; No IdS A |>|>I jr at I.Yi Fifth areane. y TEA II ENGINE AM) BOILER FOR SALE? A MX boree engine boiler, turaera lathee tool* Ae Apply on the nreniiaee, 3W Bleooker atreet, botwoon Hammond and Bank atroota TO PHYSICIANS -A MEDICAL OFFICE FOR SALE, for abont what the fnrnitnro coat, hie *ood practice connected, and would be an excellent opp- rtunity for a yonim phy eatablieh blmaelf in a m J city practice. Applt , tbia eTenian, betwuen 1 and 7 o'clock, at l&o Ri?iu< ton atreet, near RHje EXTRA PAT. . . ? Bounty land now leo acres? to all united S-tat*a aailora. aoldiara and otbrra, In any war tine* 17W) Kztra pay promptly paid. Land warrant* obtained bought aud Hold, petition* procured . Un!a. axtra pay, or balaneo iumm( ta widow* and belra of drrt?*?d* I uit?d Statu aailor* and toldiari collected, and all kind* of cla!m< agalnat tha I'n.ta i .dtata* raro m?) by EDWARD HIS-ELL. Agent and la'.a I'uraar U. 8. Nary. 67 Wall at. BOLNTY I AND? 80I.D11RS, SAII/JR*. kr , AND tba tridow* of tboaa Ctcaaaad in any war aiaca 1790, by tha lata act of Comcrae* are entitl-i to I'M) acraa land, and ran obtain Um atme at tha old aatabliabad agancy. 45 (batban itrwl. KTidaucaof atrrire ol tboaa that bare rdctlrtd ]>art uo rila CALVIN W. SMITH ."uccmaor to lata S. Hai<ht. PrnA LAND WARRANTS WANTKD-OF THE MKXI a )w" I ran and Florida war. and tba war of MI'J, an 1 alao llllnol*. Miaaonri. and Arkanaaa I'atenta Iaraia4 in M12. Ion* ainc* aold for taaoa. alao. patent* located ainea IM.", in lllint ia. Wiec<aain and Iowa, for which the huheet a ? ti nri'e will be cireo Apply to O O. SHCFELDT, No. 2 Naaeao atrct flrat door, two doora from Wall atreet. Hoc.nty land-bounty land agevcy -land warranta obtained located, boo*ht and aold at the old a?ency I* S lli'fc"*, I .ruierl) M Nyera LH Broadway, corner of Hart lay afreet HOI? NTT LAND -ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY e> r?a to aold era aaliore, widow* and minora, an I wid-.wa I of re*o|ati?aarr patriota t' of every deacrlpttin, |e?al and aotarial haaiaaaa, paaeporta. Ac., primptly jbtau i aa. t OKBiiaatoDer f <r the aeTaral Ntatea WII.MAM ORANDIN. Attorney aud Notary I'ablie, No V) Naaaaaatraet ' -nor MY I AND -AIL PERSONS ENTITLED To J) ! aad warranta na I r the late act of C in^reaa, can bar* tb* n> i r? parly -alloct. d ??? application to TAYI.OK BROTHERS. Bankera 74 W all atreet, corner of I'earl BOINTYLANDTO ARMY AND NAVY? \ 1. 1 . MIL 4 late aad aailora who aarved ta aa> war ainee I71?l aha tberoaaeaor ahore are eatitl d to I'*) aer?a of lead, and raa obtain a watraat for tka aoaa-' ol O O SUI FII.DF. No 2 Naaeeu atreet two door* from Wall atreet IT 8 BflUSTY LAND AGENCY, NBdlADWAY - I . I.aad warranta for aoidiera. aadora. artMrara elerka. tea&atera, Ac , oktalaad. bonjht aold aad leoated lliioola patent tltlea eqrrkaae 1 iiffite hoora from s A M. till d I'll, I JAMES R A JOHN D SI Row Attorn e/a at Law, No. I#. aptMtf*. V'NITED" STATES ior.NTY LAN l? Ol FICE ? aT"l / aoldiera or aailora, or the wilowa of tboae wboaer??d is the army or aaey In any of the wara aiaca IT7A are *atitle4 to ICaj arrea of " bounty land." Thoaa who ta^ aired W or W arroa tea obtaia the balance No chart* wbaterer aaiil warranta are eoll*et?d Aj>ply to the areat Y. T BETT8. M Wall atroad, kuaaait. ?IUIAR1M. HAVIKa IN TESTED A 8DPIR10R EI.A'TIC C08II . 10*. wa lame Layer, ta tall aad eaaMtae ear reae weed aad BBb-xeny btl ardtaklaa a< tae kalah (a.-aklefer pr i rat* or puUlia aaa Oaa aeread haad lakla fer aa.a laat Clirr?T3 4 Otil ?E . 3) Ataa>,M Fon MTHPOOL.-UHITBD STATM HAIL ST1AJI ?hip* ASH VILLI, M. Barry, KiMtk TfcU nana ?bis will depart with tha United State* mail* l?r Eurof*. raaitivelj so Wednaeday, Imh II, at 11 o'clock M, from er berth, It the foot of Canal etreet. For fral<M sr ptuii^ having aaeqaalled MtDBaitoUoM for (Imin iu(Ma fort, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, A* Will (treat. PMmtttt in tMtmtii to b? n Uirl U 11% o'olook A. M. The ateamahip Atlantic will eaeeead the Nneiiville mi Mil April 4. Sbippera MM UN notice that the chip* of tha a line cannot earry my gooda contraband of *nr. Royal mail steamship Canada ?thf. steam (hip Canada will ml from Hocton oa Saturday morn lug. tli? 17tli iuet . at 9 o'clock. fumuittri are repeated to be on board before that hour K CUNAKD, 4 Bowling Greon, Tiie new vork and livirpool united states Mail Steam era ? Tho ahipa oompoaing tin* line are the following ? ATLANTIC, Capt WmI. BALTIC, Capt. Corn* took 1'Al lflC, I apt Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt Thoee abipa have boo* built by oontraot, o?pr a? ly for gov ernment atrvice K?try nr? ban boon taken in tlieir c m atrm tioa. aa alio in tlieir engin"*. to enaure atreugt h and apecd, and their acr?u.modatinna for paiMun^eri are unusual led lor elegance and cuilort Price of pa >aag? fr?u? Now York to Liverpool, ia tirat claaj cilun. Hln in 1 1 , . f;T>, eiclutive uir oi extrn aiie atatorooma. MiV from Liv crpool to New Y?rU t" and J) .uineaa Au oapori Min i 1 >ur goun attached to oath ahip No bortli aoonrol until paid Tor. PBOPOakl) II AT M OrHAIt.INI. ? BOM MW Villi k > IMM 1.1 V ? IIP JO I. Wt'dneailay, March 21 IKM Saturday, March S. . . .1V5 M ednenday, April 4 I.s.'i6 Saturday. Mareb 17 14-" Wednesday, April Irt ? 1S34 Saturday, March 31 HVi VViduciday, May 2 Ir'A Saturday, April II I Ai tt idneaday, May lb . . 1 -.V? Saturday, A pril 2H .,,,liU Wednesday , Jlay 31'. . . lf\V> Saturday, May i Aibb I or trei ht or pa?m*e apply to EDW'D K COLLINS, No 5ti Wall *trool, Now Yirk. IJltOWN, Sllll'l EV A CD . Liverpool STtPHEN KIN N AR1> A CO., 27 Au. tiu I rat re l.mlm II c WAIN WRKillT A CO.. Parti CKOUGE 11 DL A PER, Havre Tho ownera of thcae ahipa Mill not be accountable for gold, ?liver, bnllion. apecla, jewelry , prwriona atonee or matala, unit'aa hi 1 la of lading are aignud tbirifor, and the value thereof therein oiproaaod. Shipper* pleaee lake notice tbat tho ahipa of tta i . lino sail not cagry any gooda contraband of ?ar milK LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP A Company intend railing tbeir lav jrlte ateam iliipa? CITY Of' MANCHESTER JLlSfl tona, Capt Wylie. CITY OK BALTIMORE, (new,) J.Mrt tone, Can. CITY OK WASHINGTON, do Z.TtAI tona, Capt K Leiti Saloon \ P'A, and $A,%, according to atate room A limited no in her of third elaaa paaaeugara will bo takaa fr Bi Philadelphia and Liverpool, and louud to proviaioaa l'r<ni Philadelphia Rf) I Fro in Liverpool ilS J'artioa wtahiun to brin? out their frienda oan obtain o?rtl flout ea of paaaage and dralta on Liverpool, in auina of ?1 aterhnr and upwarda. Apply to SA ML EL SMITH, Arent, 17 Walnnt atreat, Philadelphia, and No. 7. Broadway, New IjVlR LIVERPHOL, LONDON, HAVRE. AUSTRALIA, 1 and New Orleana? Having a number of ti rat olaaa ahipa onnatantly on hand for the above porta, and aaihng every three daya. earl) application ahoalil be made botora en?a King elaewhere lor paeaag* ia oabin, e??onl cabin, or atcerafo, to P. M. DKM AKK-T, 40 South atraat, ooruor of Did alip OCEAN STEAM NAVICIATION COMPANY-FOR It K F, men, via Southampton? The United Statoa mail ateam ahip HERMANN, E. lligaina, eoininander va ill aail ler Itr-uien, tunohtnn at Southampton to laud the maila and paraengera for England and Kranoe, on Saturday. Marob 31, at 12 o'clock, from tier No 37 North river. Prioa of paa aaga from Now York to Southampton and llremeu ? In flrat cabin, main aaloon, (191; ia the flret cabin, lower aalooa (110; ia aecoad cabin, (Ml An eaperianood aurgem ia at taehed to enoh ateaincr. Specie deliver-*! iu Havre or Lon don All lattara muat paaa through tbo l'oa> otRoe For paaaage or freight apply te C H SAND, A^ent, II South William atroot The atanmor Waehingtou will aaocaed the Hermann, ana aail April 21. STEAMSHIPS BK1WEKN HAVKF AND NEW VOKK direct. ? The ataamahip AUti will aail fniai llavn diiaet for Naw York, (withdKt calling at any port la K uk Land, ) on Saturday, 25th of Norambar. The rtlai or fralglit aud taa-age iu drat and aacoud cabin* will bt rerv modtrata Tha aailina of tha aucoeadiog ataamari will b? abortlr aoaottueed. Tha rata o. ioauraoca it Iran? la lea* W ahip* from Harra Jiraci f?r N?w Yort than In ibipa ea ling at un kiigliah port Appl v in Ham and Pari*, 17 Houlevar la dua Italian* to Donal 1 Curna or in New York to K. CUNARI), No. 4 ItowUag Or??a TT S MAIL LINE FUR CALIFORNIA. VIA ASPIV U ? wall and Panama.? Califorutana are informal that the l'ananift Railroad ia O'unpleted, and the trauait oltln I. hi mtia will be made by railroad, from ocian to ocean. No m >r? mule travel ? no rner boating. On Tueiday, Marob at 2o'clockP. M. , from pier at foot of Warran atreet North river, will he deapatohel tho H-irt ateatuahip ILLINDI-1, Cap! H. J. Hartatene, P S. N . to connuot a' i'atiaina with the new and auparior ateamalup Uol Ion (lata. I apt A V II. Ler"). A apare boat alwaya kept ai Panama to prevent detention, in caae of accident No Irai^ht reoaivel ait ir I o'i lock on the aailing day. for paaiage apply at tbe*;na pany a ufflei. Nil. 177 Weal ?tre>t. to J W RAYMOND. R EDICT ION OK FARES TO SI IT THE TI ME t? N K. W York and Culiiurnla atcamahiii Ima. via NT. ara/ua ? Ao eeaaorjr Tranait Company, (of Sirarafua.i proprietara.? Tl.ruUich in advauce oi the mail ? T0I1 milet aborter than auv other ronto, ? The iplondtd double engine cteamahlp N< iRTH ERN LIGHT, d til) torn hnrtban. i rant. T'nalcpau^'i will leave pi r No. S North river, at 3 o'clock P. M . preeuMy, f r^ I nula Areuaa on Tuea<la), kiarrh 17, IV... conueatiiu ? it li tha ateamalup Cort* a. (2.IKJU tou, ' over tne N loara ;oa tranait route, having but mitei of lati I tr*ai<porta tion by hrat claaa earri.>gea Several new and awift iron an ami oata have lat ly i t en put on ri? r aud lake, whioh ? l.i. rten the time on the tianai' froui ncan I > oooan Tti aa ateaniera are nnmrpaaaed in tb ir ventilation and ae ia DW'dationa. Kr.r inturuiatbin or paaeape. ?? r.otiKi.l rale?, apply onl> to CHARLES MORGAN agent. Ni 2 Howltt.g t.reen Letter bail made up at the otAee TJ 8. MAIL STEAMSHIP COMI'AN'Y? FOR U.tVANA U . and New Orlcan* ? On Saturday, Maroli 17, ?' 2 I' M fr' Di pier foot of Warren '.reet.N K . bv the woll kio?m mt I favorite ateamahlp 4 KK5('Kvr ( 1 T V Copt John M - Co* an. caa be teiored at Hi.- C itrpany a ? ? ftl i- ? Fr. imIiI to New Orleant, Ju ceute |>cr ou'nc foot -biup<rt *111 I e anpplied with blank bill* of lading of the form a*<o -J (iy the < orapanv, ?n application ?' their offlr* No other (orm eigncd. and bo hllla of laditi* ? ill bo ?i<no1 almr tho li >ur of tailing For fraiirht nrpaeaa~e. anpl) ?l tin otfi >1 the Company. 177 Watt itrc"t. corner ot vt arr ?n M U ROftERTS Ci it rut pair sworo fmh, capt. ii s. osgood tor Nid FranciKO, la roreiTin* cargo ait jut 6 North rirer, and will p><i1ive \j tail on or before Tu-e day, V"tb icat , and it otbaeta'1 to Aniah lot tin* Tiwi U j D?xt, l<ltb. Mhipp- ra will plnaar band io thair billa of lading for aigoature an eooti at tb?<r eni(a{i)tneow art eomnlfted For balan-e of bar amall capacity ajiply te EmON h CI)., H4 Wall atreat AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE. CARRYING THE J\ Ublted Matea oiaila. ?Tlx oelo'raled clipper a up <n EAN 81 EF.IL Tbot. Cunningham, matter, it a >w at her berth. | i?r 1 Faet river. loading for Melbourne Una ahlp la fuing out on hrr a?<ond Voyage iu tint line haviu< uie l? ii *r kit paatage id eighty nine 'lajra. Ilat eireltent toe < mm It tmnt for brut and aaoond float pataengera Ear!/ tppli a tu n f'<r freight or paatage nteottary e> alia wi.i pott tit el y ?ail about middle of April. The Ocean Stood will be ate eeaded 1-7 the uagiiifleent a'ipper ahlp Nightingale. ia Mar, ali") on her aeeinlroyat*, >.e? Ian mad a her laat mthoanpra C"<lent-d tlina of aevaniy at* dayt For freight or paaaage, ?jllrtoK W CAMKKo.N ,N?. 0 Uowliag lirean, aud lit M all atraat. VTEir TORE AND N'r.W ORLKANt STKAXamr COM il panr ? f'T V * Orl-ana. ainppin^ al llarana? < ?rr? ii t lh? L'altad ."tatoa Malla-Th* ataamabip CAII A HIIA. K W Miiilridt commandar. will eoiniaauoa rac?i?in< lrm?lit on 'lbur>daf. Uarrb and >ail for tba a ???.??? p>r'< <u M ndav, Marrli ?'i, at 12 o'al iak traeiaaly from piar at foot of H. acb iilr??t, North rirar rr?i<lit for tha int->ri?r and for Uol>ila, a -nauaad to oar aiautt in New Orleaua, Jainoa ( oi.noly A Co will b? forwardal fr?a of cim'nia aioua l'aa<eur?ra f <r llaaina moat procure p?.?i-.rt? ba f'.ra Irarina port Uilla oV!a<l nt raoai t*a a?nt in for ai/iun^ the r<anin< prertona to tha alup aaiUnc Forfrauht ar paaaare apply to LIVINT.STON, CkOl'lIERiiN T < '? areata, 31 Br -adwtf N I) The Itianli Warriir. J l? hullol.k, coiumaaijr, will aotcaei tha ( abawha, aud aail M l. da > , April ? I.NR SAVANNAH AND CLOU I DA -I SITED STATES Mall line ?Til a naw an I el?<tnt ataamabip K.V'H VILLE. ( apt C U Ludlow, will leiiiSua fork f .r Sa aannah on Sa'urtajr Mar Ii 17. from p ar No. 4 North rim, at 4 o'ali>rli r M llilla of ladlo^ ai/aad on boar.l For fr i?bt a| plj oa b .ard. or for pa<-aaa. to AAML'EI. L MIT < HI I I.. I3 1ir a,!??j For I lor. da throo^h tick, ta Irom Na* York to iaakaontillo. (SI; ta IMlatka r he ki.> nda, Cajt M * M oodball, will auea'al. aul laara ia Wad ttaday. Marrh 21 "LtOH SAVANNAH -I ARK KEIH.TED ?THE I'MTI.I) J Statea ma I ateamabip KEVSTONF. STAIF 1,'apt It llardia, will leara I'hilad-iphia for ~aVannah oa Tua< l?r, Marrbili. at ID . clock A M Fare ?JI; ?t?-r?<e. 4^ Tha Kejratoaa fta?? willlaata aa aboaa March .'ai A<>ot< m N ? a York, 84 KANTUN A TA1.I. MAN Iy Old alip whrra atate rootna may la If tired IH?R~C II A K fESTO v A N I) ?LORlI?A -SEMI WF.EeTy Unit < d Mai ea Mail Libo.? Tha naw an 1 faat fOiB<Jetea:o?r JAS AlXiF.R S Tnrner, eemmandar will l*a*e pi 'r No 4 North ri'cr. >n -atnr l?/ March 17, at 4 o'clock I* M pra ci#e| r. For irei<h' *i ply on ' ward, whar ? all ln!la of laiuia will be airnt d and for paaaa(? at the .,B?i of ">I''>F>''?KI). 1 1LESTliN A CO.. 3u uroadway Through tickata t < I lo I da at followt ? To Jf k'onvllle. Ill to ft I at k a A.VI Tha Marios will auacoed and leara uo W a Inaada*. M art h 21 Noma ?Tie ataanahip Naahnlle will ha withdraw! ft' m tha ( harl?iton Una for tba pr-?-n', ant wot lafl aa ?<1ti rtiaad for t > dar. Tha ataamer Ja? Aaiar will laara on Satnrdajr. at 4 o clock, loatead of ], aa barctoloro F~V/R N ( i R F (>7ff ."V E T e" R9 BL' RO AND RICHMON D - The tailed Mat.a mail ataanahip JAMF.hTOVT N L l'arrmh. ( .rrmand r will laara p r 13 North rirar, oa Satnrlay Mar'b 17, at 3 o aloci, I' M , will arrive a N orfolk tha aaat alternool and I'etarabiirt and Kichat'Od tba folli win( aioia oa From Na folL paaaanraea fort'ia F uth procaad bj railroad diroct, with taroufb tick -ta from W ald'0 to Wilinmrtoa, Auma'a. Ao l'aaaa<a and fare to Norfolk V . to I'etarabarf aad Rlchmood H'l eta?ra?? half price TLr<;**ii llrheta to l.rncbbnr kit Apply to 11 MAM A I I EASANTS. 37 Broadway. FV,R t?K IIMOND AND NORFOLK -THE STEAM ?)<ip JAMESTOWN < apta.n f'arrtab, taaow loalaa^ at t>i<r 13 Nor'h river for RKhnioai and Norfolk, aad wil leave onSaturJay aftarnooa at 3 o'clock LUDLAM k PLEASANT*. 33 Broadway. HOTF.H. iTiirrTrRHJirrov noui/ioK?(si'K mkk). t*ah<m fl ?To familiao ("ia( ta Earnpa A (*otl?naa law lyftMB Furopa raa aafoly rwaaaanand t.o "Ilotal Hr^b Vis," aa not enly lha boat ia too (lata, bat aa oaa of tha boat to Furopo FituaUwl at a eooTanlaot diaUooo fro* tba railroad, aad balnf la tba ml Mla of a larn car lea tbia botal p<Mleaaa?a all tha comfurU daa.rabW for vaatthy famiUoa OUiRnMiE'H Hunt, TIT AMD 7?9 BKJJALiWAT, aorner of (llntoa llaaa? eoadurtod oa tbo Kurapaaa plaa? <>lT?ra unaurpaaaad Mronmodattooa ta fanlleao at IndlTtdaalA ia want of baodaomalr furoiabot aal awatly kapt apartmonta, with or without baaH. at raaaoaabia ratoa and whar* all tba nomforta of a juiot Nov Ka( laad hdma eaa ba aajoyad ET8TONE H<VrEL NO 4? DIYI'ION STREET - H The aaborrtber reap^t'al.y tnforaa hia trend a and pa [Treat, that ia ot^dteaee to aa ardlaance of C'ooiatoa Cnaeil aad aa order from hia honor Mayor Wood tha abort hotel will bo rloood oa *a*k Sotorday aicbt aad remaia aa aatll Wcnday moraiaa foltowiac The r*maiad?r of tb> woek ho will bo moat hapry to racatve aad a'*o?molata hit frtoada HENRY 4 ATWOOD F1KE ARTS. ja VINE ARTE -FINE ORIGINAL MoOERM f AIN^ 1 io(t Wa waald aall tbo attoatioa o' eaeteira to oe? *r*l vary ckaioo orriaal ptataroe. by Aaanaaa aad Batluk ant eta whteb wa o4ar for aala at roa 1 1 ? obi t anew aaoat *J V** g!!"!M * Kakaay. I (it,a?et. fT Naiit. J r Paaa??ra. W Rtniaa ]T At Alat a taa aid H"'"! af tbo Nativity by a al.t I aiaa, 'r?ai a p? ?ata railaatloa la Rome rRlPI'BN * KRBV< w I'talftr Oa, eatM kaa,<|.i.( ft A<a?at/ *1 i/fa^a mciAL mmoia. Ukiomfort industrial home association, no. 9.? The mMDber* an bare by notified that ttte M V win* raaoiutioo ?u adopiod at tba Uat meeting, aa n commanded by the Fuubm Cooamlttaa m thair Uat |? (Ort>- I KaaoWrd, That each aad arary mabar U ra iuirad to par ti.0 aam of |1V0 par qnartar acra, bafora t bay et'i obtain tbair daadi. anil ali toU upon wbirb lau than tba abora amount baa twin paid, will ba aold at public auc tion, om Monday, thn lutb ity of A} til, at 11 A M , at InioaBort. N. B ?All lota for aftar the 4th of April, t'i? Hum of 6 par Of at will be ebarxad In addition to tba abora amount, to pay for the adrertuiog and aurUoitaot'a fae?, aa the tlltn will batr^) meat tba expan.a.of tba Aaeoria t>on. N . B ? Tba y.kaucutioo meet. the flr?t ami third , Wedne-daj of racb m.ntb nut. I May, wheu the Aeaocta tion ceaaci to meat lly order r f the All*oei*tloa, J. A HANU CaOCH, Becretary A MEETING OV TH ST00Kll<>l.t)KK? OF THE GO!, I) ! llitl Mining C.>mtan) will be bold at No lOti W all ?'r wt | on Friday ne*F, the Ititli ioatant, ut 12 o'clock fur >li? |>ur I poae at taking into aonaldi r\ti <u htieine'a ot v i ? ?l . Unco to tnr oottti aii) |t Uearoeitly r><|ue.ted that all tin ntoikholdore b? |irt?oit tu lieraoO or by pro?y | J. U. SMITH, PreaHeat. (ICI&BRATIliN or SI PATRICK'-1 l?AV ?THE I J manber* ol the Akcletit Order of 1 1 1 *>ori, taa era her^ti* ! Uotifled to meet ut I'ei plo'a Hall, It.', Heater .treet, on Sit urday uioroiDK. tin* I7U, luat , at ri?bt o'clock, to join the oilier eociotiee in the retaliation ot tie annleer.ary ot lr< land', patron eaiut * llj order of Jo..|h Uurpliy. Marshal , Michael Ci'lin. J?tn?i< Kr.lan, Aula jltiRTIIF. CHAM) KXIIIUITIOV IN PARK PER aoua Iata?dlB< u it I'tri* 4m n ttir Ilia ureitt e.hil.iii is, ur any part ot tin- worlil, ?ud neudin^ Uuited State, inaaport., cau li?? ?? tli. in m i. on application tot 11 \ ?> ll'il.T, Cttatom h'u.e broker, N<? Nfi -*eu atroet FESTIVAI. 01 T 1 1 K I KIEMH.Y SUNS OK ST PAT rick. ? TIih aociety will eolebrat. it* 7<'th an'iiveraary L> a dinner at the Metropolitan II >tel on Saturday, M ir ti 17. lHftft, f?t. Patrick*. Da>. at I. I' M Ticket. nn> lie |.ro cured at the bar of the hotel or from any of t ie etewarA*. The member. will meet m the aauie place at S P, M , lor the traneartion of hu^ineiri F 0 FFIl'K or Til K CHIC AGO AND ROCK ISI.AVD |{*ilrott<l Com pan v, Corn E*< lUak Dml41n<, KJ M ? Nhw Vork. March 1 3, IH.16 ? Thi* Coiupiuy li.iTihir HirUrod a Um<l >ti 1 of fuur jx-r c?nl on ih? capita ?t??ck. |?a?*hl? oi MonMaj, thu ?ec?nd of April n?it. tlin traiu Jar hooka will I>h on Saluda/, tho m-r ?utminth in Htnnt, at 1* M., nntil Ihd nocoit*! of A|?ril. The dividend Hill b ) paid at the otli a ot thr Companv . A. t\ F I. ACi(J, Traa^urer. OFFICE OF OHANGK C0IN1V MII.C ASSOCIA tioB 322 W Mhington utrwet, com or oi ? A? th?* artioln (hat ap(>??r<d in of tlia daily pajKm a t?iw daji a???, under the licad of " Adulterated Ita ? created eon aidcrahlo talk amount oor euftoinarx, not ft-r y a^r?nalil<) to onr?elvoi. I thurubt brut to m??roljr tftato that th? nmn ri ported a? ari?iit?*d in J my ?tre?t, corner of Greenwioh, art in no ?i) connected with t hl? con?*?rti. C II AN tlol.BF.UT, a4?nt OFF ICE OF LOCAL INSPECTOR* OF TKAMKK^, i n?toai Home. .Npw Vork. Maroh 1.1. KW ? Kfuloeori au? pilot * ot ?teainer? are her* Uy notified that lio-M??e? rmiit be r?n??w?d within thirty ilayn liter their expiration, iti l ? fault thereof llcetis< ? mint be tak?u out, and t h <? par ti>? aUo subject tliniii*<>lve? to the p<inaltio? |tup> ed by law. T he attentiob of ma ter? of eteam- r* u f artienlarly direetad to tboee part? of th* lav* r-qutrnw a ve<4el ? ? j n[-iu-ut to b?* kei t in ocnforniitj with her <*rtiflc*f \ and irnp->?iu.* a p.malt) on the rntater in ca4e of deAoienci?m, and alio to the prot iitone relating tu tbe employ mmit of pilot* or enxiaeer* U"t duljr licenced. J till N M WKKK.v II KN RY II KKNWIl K, United State# Local Inspector* tor the port of Now York 1)AY YOUR TAXES-NOTICE IS IlkRKBY OIVF.N to ptrnon* ownini lot* in the differ nt Tilla^*** in the i<>wu of Weat Farai*. tbat the collector will *it at the W??t ch'^ter Iloof-e, oor u?r Broone *tr"?t and II ?w <ry, SaMirday. March 17, to receive taxes from 4 to H o'clock 1' M . and on !??** the taie? aro paid the lots will be sold forth nruv 080. R TMMPtR, Collect ir rriHK TRANJ^I Y R OF T1IK Mct'Ul.LOCC X C' op per an 1 (iold Mm in/ Compan> a ill he cloie I from and alter the 15th instant, preparatory t<> th ir organization vi.der new chartrr. A. J. ilAMlLTON, Se-r ?tary TAXF,?.? TAXFS CAN UK PAID ON LA.VDS LOCA ted in Illinois. Wim^onnin, lows. Arkanss*. Ml.itouri. at msfftoo (i (J. Mll'l KLDT, No. 2 Na***u *treet, two looM from W *11 street TF.STIMOMAL TO A RC'UY ORIF.VK EliJ . VKSF.Y ^tre?t, Sew York. ?lu consideration of th- moral worth, purity of principle, kindne<<* of heart, and active bene?olen<*e of thta rentltman, for many yesr* *o con*po non*ly es^rt-of Inlehalf of all. but more particularly on behalf of hi* fel 1>W cnuntrj men, in a strange land and anions u fttran^e p? ople, it a a* ruM?|red bv n-?tn.' of hi* friends and tho*e who have been benefitted b) hi* bein?\ol.*nt e\erti?u?, pnbliely to 1 hi* worth convened at the h >i?e if Mr C**<?rxe Itath/tte Ninth iv-nue, an I orranlz-d by plaetnj J atbN McMillan of We*ti better, m the ebair *h?w*<ably ? i ? t ?? * r t ???! b> Jud??* Connelly a? N i. e. A!t?r the di?< u*?ion of matt rs. a pl?*ntir?l r r? 4 ? ? w?? preparr?i in the well-known *t> le ol th ' eip n n ? 1 u ? -t 1 ne ( bairman. in a fsiw appropriate w >ri*. pre?ent4-i Mr Grieve r\ vati'ftl te wntch and p?r?e of go! I Mr <#rieve, in a verv feeling manner, return - I 'hanks Variou* aonn* that nave echoed from "the land ? <-ake?" *ir? siiiia;; and, aft?*r Auld< Syn ' in foil ? n n ? .? I .?rty I roka up hopm* t . me.*? another niaht Tht? was a pita ant i nioii ol tri"nd*, ani h-i? I *ft % ion *e of j/rat it? ation aith rill in attendance. LOMT ANI) FOUND. DOO l.o' T ??.N TI K.SDA Y LAST. A BLACK AM) TAN* turner. wtt!? a aMtl ipnt ?:? iua tf?a?t U+.{ * ?bain ? o'.lur with ow -r s nnoie :?nd r *?i l-ne** i>n t ? . ? t ? W hw'T?*r return bun ?iil he suitably rewardei H'M T A 1.1. K.N ill (irari-1 ??ra#l, ];i'IM)-A .'WALL MM nl MdNKt, ON 7 1 I inat., n??*r Nir?*teaith ?trwt, in |tro?dua ?r!? <? i (V ow ti?-r may have, by apnlyin?( to t Aleaanir*. -ii b*uih t* reet *t (1ST? O.N SATLRDAV LAST. I RnM Til R CM T<> I a four o <lock, a , r *> ilk p ur" with nie. l . i.|* an i rinxs. < onUkiiiin,- at-? nt thirty <1 iljurs in ' ?ink In * ani * <iiie chance A Lberal r ward will be paid ta v &.id?r hy r? 1 1 mini it to 731 Ilroadw ay Iosr? #?H 1AKLN II V MISTAKE FROM STfcAMFK A lllinni*, from I ilif?rnln <?n th? l.'t ii i;i??ao* t br * % 1< atb? r trunk . mar A W if, cont?nin? paper* v t 1 < I ? th nz. If the holder of it will return it, >,r r ? i? ?r t, at 4-1 Li*pen*rd at reft, he will be well rewarded ]08T -fA RFWAKD? ON TUESDAY, MARCffll IN i Moata?ue pla^e, Brooklyn, or Walt ?t r?<*t an I llr >? i wa>.N V., a -mall pehi leckwt, with lubt hair ?nc| ?*^J An r I* r - ?? i? findtair tn? sam?i, will ree?ive the ai><.?? rewird a. 'i the thank i of th * on b? r, b> leaving it with W F. Law r nee, at 14<i I'ront ?tr?- t. up stair* ]OhT ? ON Tl F.SDAY. P M MARCH 13, HETWEKX j L< nrt?"Htl? and Twent) sl*th etr****t ?. oo the lourtfi avpnn* or b?jtwe?*n Twenti* th aad Twenty fourth atr**eta, ea t lie 1 bir 1 aef line, a note addr^**ed to H m A Willi tin* Hart * Corn era, and containing I dj in K# bill* Th?ftnler will b?? rew erded b> returning the iaui to 13 K*?? Four Mntl str?et. 10ST ?TH EI.VF. YARDS PLAID SI I K VfA" LKFT * ia a Br ?*d*ay line *ta#*? n Tburnday, at J o do ? #p I oiite M'e*t Twent) fourth street There w.t* a (mtloman and armal!j(irl in the *tag?. The genii -man <ot out of the *t?, at '>r n*ar tb? app*r ead ot t h- line T ieflnler will fc? *tmablv r? ? an 1 by leaein/ it at flr.?ln%y 1>K ? MI.lil.Hr I ???T AND STRAY GOOD*? N'OTM F. T ? FOR I j warti*r? and KaiiroR.i Companie*? The und**r?i<ae4 ba- returned from the H e?i wh- r* b has been dorm/ tb< tin' winter, in search of lost and stray good*, an i will f? rti*b a eompleto lut of all sueh *"eds to be f<un1at fi ff rent f?|t| H'"t ot and at Buffalo, ta an) -?n ? d^< / ? o* of C. raa* Aj ply through the I'ost bos '^"H, B> Halo. Price f|?j one r< p> L CtiLLETTF. Uuflalo M r< i 7. I < OPAMTNKHMIIIP MCIIIKH. 1) tf.r nil A -PA*TN?R WANT*]) WITH Till; ^ ?j,UUv? *b <va capital^ t?, j<nn in an ?nv*ri<*n r? ?f tiluv A<14r?>?a with rani ua'ii : II 0., II rail ofli i AQ AAA -TBI ADTtttl9IR 01 flRfl OHM RAM t, of hia ?<1 v*rtiitn j Iia.iri* buim'-f n?? ???! ,;tabe<J, ? apable <>i ?- ? t ?f rt J i n sr to ft yrar pr?bt Ma i from comfitiUicB f-?r v*ar? A rir? ohinet to ?<?<. * a ujr b'?alri?>ai A Hfii K (?K(>R(iK If -fall <f!i" & 1 Mflfl -tHI ADV IKTf MEH, AN AMKRK'AM I. thirty Hkm f in | o( a<?- fti4 of (oo4 blilt1)** at'a mi nt# a aUiv?< tru ' tint in raifo. ?tii nn pr ? j n fr - 'trij'Jon ' < bunu1 m pap*r for a /raat r %n "i-it, i? ml. i to j n <? |>rr?'in a? part nar in <?>ma aatabhabal 1 l w-ii, a*, ? i * ?id I ujr out * *i?* ra?p ?? t ?Mi bua.naa* si?tw I ffttt 7 r ??f ftfi A'Mr?*i W Jt H II raM offi a, ? ttftliM bttaittiaa, in I ?b>ra*n ioUrrnw m*f ba uai T II 15? AN V J'ERMON WITH A ?#:* III s Ji . r? 1 lollara aul th ?> # ?oS4 Ih? trilling to tra**l ?lo*l? ? uti and w??t, miy And % partner who ? 14 mak* fr <ra fr'. j t . f 3 i ?? 4?i ?? r aiii'AMt AiifM Hiram, II rai l if ft. .? v itb raaf nam* atatm, ?b*ra an intom** may ba ft * 1 roi.LTios i >r copAtTMH^n'r-Tiir. co oart ii ? f vi}i pi hcPitofof# ?liatin^. hatvraaa tbo u-j1*r airatJ. o 4af *h? firm of IWranl fr rm ml Manr/ t? tin* l?/. tf not*, a I <oa?otjt, 4 ia*o I a ??'1 Tha o? titan It l?? utt'H will ba a?ltl?-4 by Mr 1'iarra IJ**rtrao4. th<) if ? i th r.ivi to ?i/n tba nam* of tba ftru in li^ni4attoa, ?ai to 4> ali tbuj?* aac?*aary to mn1 up th? bcainoaa J'lERRE liEK I R % s D. A !><>!, | ?|f ;? BKH THAN D ftEKDINAMJ IIRftftV ,N#v V rk, *?fh II InM. M itw. N'OII' F. -TIIR I'N DRRMUNRD IIEKEHV (il* R1 NO ?!?? that h- b M tbi* 4ay 4i ?'>!?< I bia coanart ji ?i*h Jaba r M ? irrttr m ' U* bo?iB??a of All p*r ? t? n4at?tai t ? lb* ?r? b?r?bjr notiM t ? nakt rn? nt oily to m- an'l n? elain irnn^t '?Mari w?II ? ,?# ! u i? I ot i | r??#nt*>4 * ,* ik* u t bf?M i a> a fr ??;?? t i i 4.t- K N MflTII M?r h 15 l*t 1>AFTNEH WAM1ftI> -HITII flift Ai ? A K P f S T > R X a:?i l? >a m?k)n| In at Mr K '' M Mi M ? ? M ' ? ??* 1 ? ? ? NOT ICR? Til AT THE I' ART ft) MWP HERR W'f n< t.?tw??n t bo uular?i<t?*i an1 RoWrt M Vt ik?- i tn t .? 'M* ibl buatioaa *1 < arva f# etfrifl on at 14- Tail'* atra^t in I b? ottjr of V ,rii i fr w t ? AH aUiaia na ntt ar avtnc t * Iba aa. I topttrt lllittil' biHi'M ?tll la a?tUa4 i.jr ? fl.RDlNA.ND HI. II A E r Tf.RN \%A T tatb ttroat Till I'ftM R*I0" ED II A 9 THIfl DA I I IVID A partner*! ip with K G f? 1 Ha tirm ? ba k a - ? r. a? I.?wr?r A Co CHaRLR^C LA ^4 Tf. E N 2 Waatitgfn II ark at fork M*r?rk lltb. |?4 _____ 'I fAMHI an- I'RI ftTRM W A N T E f? I M J rr ' ?? -j a f arta?r ? 'b ?/ <001, or ? pfB'' ? [ .r at ?? ?bo haa t.ra*^a, tj|^ A? ta ti?a? ?f?avat t^ atart a n*wt p*f *r ta kaa?aa Territory . lb* moat ;? a .pt- ?? a n <1 ???*"?4 T1>* a^/rtaBity it a faa r? a iff aM a^ r4a a aaf? n?H*ia?a' aa1 pt ritaMa ba ? A p 1 f U 4a? lafwilil; of Wy lilWr la Kaaiaa r?/*N, \n ?-a?tt llvtol I'M Ml' ' !M ' T WEII. E*T A Hi.I tb* mi. li'ff b?a?a?a? ta fao4 I ^ati?a aa4 aal at ar>?* oaa'a a p^rtnar ta'ila aa in'aroat aal abar<a ft ? aa'aU.?a???t h? vor#Mt;y 'a^Ui u Ml rwip^'a aal aU cat. ?n*a#t aay I Ji* Vo raaa- bar |?tart?ia4 *?? %i Ir-?I VlMfMlaiM A i MH> A IMlOC II I n ' TBiTiuxar o??s? ?%?n? /ouoft HAiiJ^wn -rr<? rm. 4 r*unu ill '.h* IWvVh m4 W^l rU J*.**/ Ut/ ?? ! >?4 Minn liMI.-lMt Hw Tirl |( I Ml It 4 X i?4 i 4 mi tr v rm Hrini uMuiuiina 1*4 4 r M hmU (1am. II S? la 14, mm* 11 M. il It 4t *!1 ?ta(M? TW*?|i hM fr r>?- ?i?u iti th* ??at ?*) v ??jJh i ' MB l?l MilU M wl ?W' tMM< "** AHUwcMionrrff. fWTf BLO'S CARDEN ?GENU AN OfKHA .Hfei'URu VtMl'liirTIDN kl'.MT Satnrdav, March ?7. will b- rap*at*d riotowt rimnotio op?*ra, in four art?, or H AKTII A, OR Tnr PA I It Of RICIIMOHf) Principal ebarartare auataiited by M.nd imn D Ormy, Mm dent*>r?, Marar* Quint Vm.-k* anf liohnn^ar Mu-ieal D:r??cn r an<i Conductor Jul Oaiwr f*rio?? of Admiaaiou. ? Boaoa ac ordttt* t > locality, M in I $&, DrtMrirelo tin J Se< ured S?*at*. $1; to all othar |?ai .? ot tli' hou?<- fllj c- nt IJ"? offioe opan fr^m '.'A II to I I* M Door* Ofttta at 7 !? ? OK SIMM a ?t So ? latfe Nasi perform aaca * ill tana ptaee on Tn?? lay March 3) Broadway tui-.atkr.? e a mab*mall bole Lvmn.-P o?n open at f?W coiumanoo at 7 o oioot Honcflt of Win# V.lAia* lirtd<a*. I riday eveniu*. March 16, will be mirfAriiietf LOVK S S ACM I !? V Mitrvur't Ritnerc Mia? IC !?????) Ill . l*oa it a t ban llmor* lir Coava) I.afoii t Mr 1Iaii? halt I Jeau Kuii Mr Uau l<-< lHtl.orme.. Mr l.nucrptan I llariuiolo Mr* Ablniit M l.o. . . Mr Groaveuor | Manou . Mr? Pranco Pa* d-* Dana.- Mia Prir ml Ifciirv A I A l?\ AMH.JMIKMNN IN A IT. 1 LIAKiTy Vt,.l PLKXING I'BEDICAMK.N l\ The Gentleman Mr David^a 11 'All A ( R !* TlfKATKt. HKO A D W A Y f? LM It 7 I Sruoae alraat I rida> avanimr March Hi. Im*u> tit of M ? Una jr. Til K St lfi Mil. KoR S CAN DA I. Sir Pet*r Teaale . . .... Mr BUk<* t li?? Surface Mr I. water | Jos?*ph J urtace. Mr Drot S.r Oliver Surfa- ?? Mr lirouifjau Mone*.. ..Mr. Phillip* | Lady Teatle . . Mr# II jr Trip. Mr Vinc-ut I Mr? rami our. Mm Uron','i?n M \ Si: JhK K A I K Tom ('hall ... Mr Yiaaen i ! i fb r 1 o m I int Mr M.-wart | !-.-t kata Mr? BCrCRLBT'S BERBMADBBfl 8 1 BB > I DW \ t Euhv Niuiit tiiih Wi m, 'lhe grand hurlamitip on the nwirii ot I I CIA 01 LAMM! .KMDDIt, in fonr aota, with uiw *J r ?> acaitory A Edftrdo Q. 8tila it On Ui9 Aiiioa . . W Par* i? al Arthur K lliilnp ll<trfcl*> Liafi ? . ICmhi Klaaaoi Alao aapcrior KTUfOPI AN MtNSTKKI.SV Concert at 7)hi o'clock Ticaeta, &>oeata, Koaarval Hoati. {Hi routa ljKllllAMS ni' MJI K OPKItA IIOUH*. X 663 llr-aWaY ? TUii ev^nln^ II.K1I AM'H M A M Mill II kllllOPIAN t ' i ? M I ' A N V A N I * llUKI KSiiUK OpK.RA TKOUI'K Conaii'tinK of fi^htoon cAl?t?ratH<f perfurtnora, cuinbiuing an arra/ of talont uiioic?*U?4 hy nay othif ? >m I'any . A'lininaion, 25cania, uluWIr^n 'inl-r ten v?iar>< Uatf prioa I'erTormannetf nvrry <*?<inin^, m o . look. <1 ;<?r? (?j??u at t?4, And <u W??iiu'4(luy itnd Sat u l ty att'-rn nt 3 0'ilock, iluorn opon at '1 o clook. 1/MP1RK II A II.. ?M? V?? liKOADWAV OPKN !i J<ihn It. Smith 'm irraud TOUR or KUKOPfc. to a hiob in nnw added 1 II L MKi;X Or SEVASTOPOL ?howinn onrHi/ftiuiM) vuw?, forty wide, of tf.? principal CITIES A.N O Oil J ECTS ol INTERK9T IN EUROPE oj.wn for aihibitioB itery avaaUg, 7% o'olook and a%Hry Matnrd.ty ?!tcrnooo, nt 3. Tlia utualo hy Mr. Alwyu Piuld, of London. Admittance ...... 2'?ca*i?? VXTRA ADVRKTISKMEN T. -W Al.LACk TlUlTRE1 Tj M K -> lloEV'tf BENEFIT will tak? plar? on IlilS (IHIDAV) KVWINC MARCH |i on which ucrm.i ?n w ill t?e prc*eat?,l Shar\ Un ? i -*t ? ?iu ? ly (m n v.j actm <>r THE W ilooi. |*OR AN DAL Mr lllaka. ...... i lr P itOf T-a* I Mr taaler ?*< Chorlaa Hurfaca Mr Uroitghaiu a? a?r Ohvar Murta e Mr? llo?-y ... a* I. air TaatU Mia Itrouaham ?< Mr? Can iaar 'I o^t th* r with ottiur lUMnihnrt of t 'ii iai?aiD>l i iiapaay AUa A >AVORlTK C tUEDIfclTA Itoi liook now o|?an Brooklyn athe.nmm iiif. 8BCOND ah NOON m?Ni I It I Ol" GKOKOE CHRISTY A WOODS MINSTRELS, On S A r tn i> a v , Mam cm 17. T^ comoienca at .'i o rl'M-k Ticket# VtOBfti I ^ RAN KLIN Misr.l.y ^t HiVVKItY NKtKI.V oppoait* tha Bowary rbaatra Parfaruaattoaa avary af tt-rnoon, at A, an 1 ?v?-ry cr mid/, at 7 N II stran<"r? mill obaerva that Hi - IranWlin Mt-aeotu la the only place to tli* United Stat?a tab ra tba llodal Artiata ir ? athibltad eith ? thcr en* nal tutirtainmanta. K >.n? ui!?cr. Nv# W Bnr< r ) qiO Ml**ICAI AND TltRATKIC 'AL MANAflRKS. f n i A fAOtlainau, tul y .j Ahu d to an a? a/ant aiibia t i Ur-> an ? n^a^ftn -*it \* 1 1 b * in# re?p?<^ 'tahia ?; -rnpany aith *r in thia city cr to travol Ilia moat natiafaet >ry rn f?,r?nert? a i ?. * apabllUy, Ae Addraaa Ari, bo* II **;el J ofl? OLYMPIC 2lu BROADWAY -IV CONsEQUEN CK ?>| addittinal o;?ravam mti. t , ? ri ?ua< i r- *i ? ?f?. y a?? ii' tncaa that it wi' ' a ? rn ?? a ? t l? to .pan heftr* M ?n<la> March V.' ?)? ii In) will feci pl*i hlit fri'-ud- And t 'i i p'.hll rfRAVELMNO AGENCY ! i?R COSCEBfS OR V i ItiliHioui ? 1 1 1 auu 1 i *ar i* r ' vly t ? lit th?aiua'i af*?ut In a I vac*' i thr/o^h the Colon I ill- n ?a? < p?rrt?nr ? with lila own u> ?*in^ <ftt<iram%? and oth^r an bitivai*, and lattfrl) na a^?ni wit ? J vuri) l.iud f ?t #? ? r r, .-rt in Amarioa al'o with i ath rioa llay?? Nivfat Thtl Ion. J i ?*?n and t.r??i uad Man ? ti**i Ina^a lum y f< ?*t ly laiutliar e ith the pr ?faa4t'#nal ho?ia i*i K*r?* i a^^ry oity in tbi Uni n 11 IIANMNGToN. b - ?r'N avi?n 100 im* ?%( . Ol RfCA f. V A I.MS NCI EN NE* I .*<* ?? 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