Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMEP.CIALe m HOMEY l*?*? f. T*?wu?AT, AryU 12?6 p. M. The Ftock market opened heavy t> fa morning, so far m prices ?*rc concerned. There T#*? considerable ac tivity in operations, and the dUp'anition to Mil at the ?^,1.^ wad pretty genera'. All tbe leading speculative raOread eteeke fell off nore tb^ae tbe smaller fancies. Brie bendr, 1876, dec limed VA par cent; Cumberland Coal, Paaan a Railroad, 1 % % Stonington Byroad, Erie Bailmid, 1, Harlem, .^Reading Railroad, 1>? ; Hudeon Imr, H i Michigan Central Railroad, %. There vas not ? ningle exception, in the entire list; not tbe first stock improved. Most ef the tram actions at the first board were for cash, wh'cb looks as though holders who bought at lower prices, were realising. Thie wo have anticipated. It is the natural result of* rapid rise, aad nth fluctuations are necessary to ksep the market ac tive. The market invariably falls when thoee who have been bear/ purchasers turn sellers; bat the downward eeiirse is ultimately arrested by old opera torn becoming buyers again. Reading Railroad has been from time to time affected daring the preeent speculative movement by such changes in the poidtton of operators. Rayers at 80 weald natmrally sell at 86. and when pricee dropped to 82 er 83, again buy and sell at 80 a' 87. In this way they carry the market np, and keep it moving until prices have reached their maximum. A stock possessing so much merit as Reading can easily be worked up in this manner, without holders being in danger of a collapse, bat it weald not bo safe to operate in a worthless fancy in the same way. Reading will more than pay Its Interest account ag it goes along. A purchaser of this stock has no interest running against him to reduce his differ ences, if his oontract can be carried bsyond divi lend day. Erie differs from Reading in this paiticular. The former being a non-dividend paying stock, It is a dead weight in the hands of holders, and at ita present mar ket value, coets a great deal to carry. So with Cumber land, Harlem, Hudson River. Railroad bonds and State r treks, being productive securities, are operated in on time, buyers' option, more favorably thin fancy stocks. They do not vary so much ander the influenoe of specu lation, but are in less danger of sudden fluctuation*, and rafer to bold in the event of much depreciation. After the adjournment of the board the following* waits of bonds and stocks wire made at auction, by A. H. Nicola j ? $7,000 Tennessee fi'e, 1892 Flat 03 6 f00 Mlatouri f's, 1873 >ln. 93>i V,000 Virginia coupon G's, 1887 ilo. 1.000 New Orleans city 6's, 1802 do. 87 3.0C 0 New York and New Haven R. R. 7's, 8fi?< 1.000 Cincinnati and Chicago R R. 10'* do. 00 ?225 do. do. sterling bonds... do. ?7 93.000 Flushing R.R. 1st mortgage ao. 70)? 6,000 Columbus, Plqua and Ind. R.R. 7's do. 76 7 000 Breckenrldge Camel Coal $1,276 20 ?hares Second Avenue Railroad 60?{ SO oo. Third Avenae Railroad 29',' fO eo. Michigan Southern Railroad 07 30 de. Mechanics' Bank of Williamsburg 40 76 do. Broadway Fire Insurance Co . . . .96J? 20 do. Humphrey sville Copper Co 40 126 do. Isabella Copper Co 76c. 600 do. Union Cop. Mining and Smelting Oo., N.C..18c. 300 do. Potomac Copper Co 26c. At the second board the market was active, but price were not well sustained. Erie Railroad declined X per eeat ; Reading Railroad, X ; Cleveland and Toledo Rail road, New York Central Railroad, X; Harlem, M. Both Reading and Erie slightly improved towards tbe close. Tbe steamship Washington, at this port from South ampton, brings four days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. Tbe political accounts are interesting aad important. Some progress bad been mads in the negotiations for peace, and the Western Powers had BMCifiei their demands materially, but the prospect of a satisfactory result was by no mean* favorable. The latest accounts from Vienna do not give much encou. ragemtnt to the friends of peace. The most important point was under consideration at the latest date. The financial and commercial accounts are about the same aa those received by the previous steamer. Consols bad advanced a friction. By the Baltic, the quotation was 92 V By this steamer they range from 02\ to 03 per cent Cotton continues firm at prices previously re ported, with an active market. Breadstuff* rem tin without alteration. There was not much activity at ?ark Lane. 8. Draper'* regular semi- weekly sale of bond* and locks will take place to morrow, (Friday,) at half-put 2 o'clock, at the Merchant*' The transaction* at the ??Kiitant Treasurer's office to ? ay, were a* follows: ? raid en Traaaory account ?190,90tf 38 Received a*. 45,449 36 Balance do. 3,087,564 09 Paid for Anna? office 117,68(1 41 Paid on OiaOuraiag check* 92,367 42 The warrants entered at the Treaiury Department, Washington, on the 10th Inst., were:? For paying Trea*nry debte $4,774 20 Far the Customs 20,859 29 for covering into the Treasury from Customs.. 44,619 18 Covering into Treasury from mi seel, sources.. 44,619 05 Per the War Department 2,900 98 Par the Navy Department 36,000 00 Per the Interior Department 8,768 61 Per repaying in the Interior Department 8,580 89 In the Senate of this State yesterday, Mr. Field in troduced the following bill in relation to stockjobbing:? Section 1. No person shall sell, psptend to sell, offer to ?ell, cr contract to sell, at public auction, or at any board ef broken, or at any public sale, or la any public macner whatever, any certificate or other evidence of debt, er N<nd, or obligation due, or to become due, by er from the United States, or by or from any individual State, or by or from any city, town, village er county, ?r by er from aay company, corporate or incorporate, or any i-toek, or share, or interest in any stock, of any bank, or banking aaaoclation, or of any railroad com paty, or ot any company or corporation whatever, incor porated under the laws of tke State of New York, or any ether State or nation, or of any company whatever, corporate or incorporate, unless such person, at the time of euch sale, pretence, offeror contract, shall be in the actual possession of such bond or obligation, or of the ufnal certificate, or other evidence of *uch debt, share, ?teck cr interest, and shall have the same actually pre sent in bis possession at the time anil place of such sale, pretence, offer or contract, and shall tuen and there publicly exhibit the same, nor unless be then shall either be the actual owner thereof, or shall then and th* re have is his poatession and exhibit a written au thority frera such owner, authorising him to sell the tame, which written authority shall express the name of the ferson er peraons so authorised to sell Sec. 2. No person who, either directly or by an agent, er as agent tor another, purchased or agreed to pur chase, any such certificate, bind, obligation, stock, eh* re or interest, sold at public auction, or at any board el brokers, or at any public sale, or in any puttlic man ner whatever, shall thereafter, directly or indirectly, or ae agent, aell the lame at any pnbl c auction, board of brokers, public cale, or in a public manner, until the aame fball have been actually transferred to their owner, er euch purchaser, nor on til tbe same (if it be stock, or an interest in the stock of any company) shall have been actually transferred to him on the transfer books ef said company, if there be such books, and such trans fer be possiole. Sec. 3. >ny person offending agaimt the provision* if either of the foregoing sections, snail be guilty of a mis demeanor. and shall be punished by s floe no: exceeding $2(0, and imprieenment not exceeding tuir.y days, or by beth such fin* and imprisonment. Stock Exchange. Thursday. April 12, 1865. $?(?00 car*, 117* 260 sh*N Y CRK.S60 94'?" tOOOCSft'a, '56.., 104 200 do *4m 94 M?00 K Caro 6'*. ,b3 99 63 do 94* 6< CO Iadia State !'?. R4 50 do 94 ', H00 do 84* 50 Panama RR.. ,b3 98* 1W0 de 84* 16 Nor Ind RK...b3 9ti 3000 Ind 2* per et. 6l* 50 Stonington RR. . 54 V MHH) Tennessee 8's. 94 * 26 Nor * Wcr RR. . 39 12000 Virg ale #** 60 Erie RR *3 62* 23000 Missouri 6's . . 98* 50 <? b3 6 2 * 10000 do....b in 93* loo do bnw 52* W 0 Erie Bds of 75 88 200 do 52 * 32000 do 88'; ,|o 52).' MOO do slO 8b1; loo do slO 62 M>W do bl8 88* 50 do. . ... *30 52 10000 de b60 R8S 3<X? do... .62 3000 HRtvl*tmgb? 1?3 600 do 61V loOOO H Rlv 3d ing be 76 16 do 51 v 1500 NY CeaRRbs 92 150 do i?3 51* 500 N Y Ce* 7'*.. 1(0* 200 do b3 51 3 34"0 do 100* 100 do slO 61 ? 1860 Cle* Tol d'd bs 74* 300 Harlem RR..,.?3 30V 100 sh* Nie Tran Co. 16* 26 do 31 600 do 10* 200 do 30 V 19 Del k Hud CI Co. 126* 2f> Harlem preferr'd 78 60 Bk of North Am 103 200 Readin* RR. . *30 86 19 Market Bank ... . 107 2?0 do b60 87 It Shoe k Ueth Bk 99 186 do t3 86 19 Continental Ba.. 106* loo do bS 85* 260 Canton Co... M0 27* 100 do e 85V 180 N J X.ine Go 6 1400 do h? 85 V 20 F'enn Coal Co. . .. 106* 100 do ...,b30 Hft >t 20 do If 6 600 do blO &.-** HO do b3 106 300 do 85* 1M> Cum Coal Co. . *60 80 100 do <*5* *.M? do. ....b?0 30* 200 d? 85* 1M> do e3 30 160 Hndsen Rle RR. 39* 200 de SO* 60 do c 39 bf 0 de b30 31* 2* Mich Cen RR . . . 82* 60 do 29* 10 Cleve * Tol *R . 73* 200 <?* 29* 100 do b30 74* MO de.? 20* ftlCOND BOARD. ?10000 Inda Mate 6's 84 900 *hs Reeding RM0 1000 Mleeeurl 6's. 98* 100 !for ft WorRR e?0 6000 Virginia 0'* . . M* 100 Harlem RB..b3? 6000 Tenaesss* 6'* 94* 40 Cleve k Tol RR. . MOON JOba Bd*. 97 100 do M0 Erie Bi of '76 80* 100 Erie RR. IMOlDOsn RRBe. 88* 100 Erie RR. 51J 78* 60 do M0 ?1J M0 NY CMi 7f. . 100* M do b80 511 mm m 100* 50 * 6i? 1 109 409 m kit H# I 100 Cum Ceal Oe.aOO 29* HOEruRR at UK 100 d? b<0 30 1M ?o blft 61* 1M do 29* #? io #30 51* 200 N Y Cm RE.. *30 ea* MO do aSO 51* 60 do b3 933, 200 do 61* 200 111 Central RR. . . 97 300 do MO 61* 200 Reading RR. . . b3 85 100 do *30 51* 200 do M0 86* 100 do blO 61* 100 do. 86* 100 do BlO 61* 200 do b0O 86* 100 do blO 61* CITY TRADE REPORT. Thtjesday, April 12?4 P.M. Bbx* Dsrcm. ? Floor ? Hi# market *u without mate rial Chang#. The aalea embraced about 7,000 a 8,000 bbla., included la which were eommoa to good brands of State, at $9 44 a $0 68*; extra State, at $9 76 a *10, and extra State and Geneeee, at $11 60 a $13; Southern at 910 a $18 87 for commoa to ehoice, and $10 60 a $11 76 for fancy and extra do. Among the Southern sold were small lots of inferior Baltimore at $9 76. Wheat wag firm, without aalea. Bye was scarce and Arm. Corn ? The aalea on the apot reached about 20,000 bueh ela, including mixed and white, which cloeed at $1 07 a $1 08, and about $40,000 a $60,000 bu&hels were sold, to arrive in June, chit-fly at about 90c. Barley? 1,000 bashels malt were sold at $1 46, which was an outside price. Coma.? Sales of 300 bags Rio were made at lie. a ll*o., and 2,000 do. St. Ram! ago, to arrive, at about ?*c. Cotton. ? The market was again active, with salee of about 8,000 bales, the market closing firm. About 6,000 a 6,000 bales of the above were said in transitu. Freights ? To Iiverpool about 1.500 baleeof cotton were engaged at 8- 16d. a 7-32d, 360 bbla. rosin at la. 3d., and 85 tons logwood at p. t. To London 100 tons oil cake were engaged at 11a. 6d , and 100 bales of hops at !?c. To Glargow 200 bbla. rosin were engaged at 2a. 6d. To Bremen 300 bales ef cotton were engagea at *i , 100 bblx. spirits turpentine at 3*c. To Hamburg 200 bale* of cotton were engaged at *e., and 60 tierces hooey at 3e. To California rates varied from 30e. a 40c. To Havre cotton was engaged at *e. Provisions. ? Pork ? The market cloned firmer; the aggregate Hales footed up about 3,500 bbla., included in Which were old meas at $16 60 a $16 16, and $15 87 asked at the close, and new meas at $17 50 a $17 08*, and new prime at $16. Among the sales were 1,000 bbla. new crime, to arrive in June, at $10 50. Beef nales of 250 bbls. , at unchanged prices i: 100 bbla. In diana beef hams were sold at B20; salon of 300 packages hams and shoulders were sold at old prices ; 100 boxes of bacon were sold, ahoit middles, nb in, at 8'4'. Lard ? Sa'es of 300 bbla. at 9c. a 8*c., ana small parcels, strictly prime, at 10c. Sugar. ? There waa a speculative movement in Cuba, and the sales amounted to about 3,500 a 4,000 hhda , at 8 rices' ranging from 4*c. a 6*c., with some lots of New rleans, to the trade, at previous prices. LIST OF LETTERS ftcmafatag IB (be lew York City rut Offlec, Friday, April 13, 1845. PubHehed exclusively la the Naw York Herald, by act of Congreas ? ine paper having tie largut circulation of any in tht Cnittd Stales. LADIES' LIST. A Albott Miss Susin Anonymous Miss Arnoux Mrs Ada Abiott Mrs Lacy Anderson MrsChar- line Ann lotte P Ashman Hiss Sea Adams Mri George Anderson Mrs Robt loenor Adams Mrs Julia Anderson Elisabeth Ash Mrs Mary Aiken Mrs F A Andrews Mrs E Atwell Miss if T Aiken Mrs, West Anthony Mrs Clara Austin Miss A 27th st 0 Ash Mrs, Thompson Alexander Mrs Em- Armstrong Mary J st 1Ij B Blsckmer Mrs E W Bennett Miss Eli Bew Mrs Mary Bradley Anne tabeth Brown Mrs Blackball Mary Ann Brennan Miss Ca- Brown Miss A Bradford Mrs GeoC tharine Brewn MrsJoslahW Baiaier M'lle Cle- Betts Mrs Jsennett Beyle Mrs James mence Bin (ham Miss Mag- Uoyle Mrs Hannah Brsinard Miss Ben' gie lioylan Eliiaboth lei Brinoen Hiss Hary Buckingham Miss Baktr Eliza Bird Mrs Mary A Elizabeth Baker Mies NancyJ Birket Mrs Ann Buckley Ellen Blake Miss Fanny Birsh Mrs James E Bruce Miss Isabella Blank Mrs Elisa- BischofT Hrs Elisa- Buokly Hiss Mary beth betb E Buckley Harget Barnard Hrs Har- Boaman Hrs Har- Buckley Hiss Ca riet riet tberiae Barton Miss E R Brodirsn Bridget Bruder Hrs Sarah Barry Mrs Jane Boeehat Mad Sera- Bulger Mrs, Meroer Barrett Hiss Aan pbine Burbage Elenor Barrett Hrs Elisa Boars Hrs, East BarkoMrs Hary Batry Hrs Maurice 38th st Burns Margaret b srry Belniaa Bogg Hiss Sallie Bnrnard Hrs Bastard Pbebee A Broiraa Hiss Hary Burgess Hrs E (3 Batemsn Myra J Blois Miss Elisabth Surge Miss R S Beckett MrsSarahO Botts Miss Virgl- Barns Margaret Brees Rimy nia A Bruehlan Miss, Benham Mrs Le Beurke Ann Charles st Benson Miss Helen Boulter Miss Har- Byrne Elisa H the Bryant Hiss Harriet Betmen Hiss Henry c Cadweil Hrs Ellen Carroll Catrine Conklyn Mrs Matil Csffey Miss Mary Carroll Miss Jane daE Crage Bridget Csrrew Hrs H Conner Mrs Cathe Cain Hsry Carter Hrs Ellen rine Irwin Calligau Hiss Lave Carter Hrs Theresa Conner Hary, 39th nia Carty Ann Haria street Callaghaa Hary Carty Ellen Connors Hargaret Callashan Miss Ha- Chase Hrs Lear Conned Mary ry. Petry st Caesidy Bridget Connahan Ann Callihan Mary Caaey Hary Conway Hrs Win Chambers Hrs Eli- Cauldwell MrsLnoy Cook MissPatieneeB zabeth Clearn Ann Crooks Miss K Campbell Hrs, An- Cheek Hrs.E B'way Crooch Margaret theny st Cherean Madame Coombs Mrs Mary Campbell Hrs Ca- Cleveland HrsHary Conoran Mrs Marga tberine Cline Mrs ret Campbell Miss Eli- Crissey MrsHonora Corley Hiss Hary la J Christie Miss Annie Cornilis Mathilda Campion Anne Croak Catherine Cornell Mrs O A Crane Miss Jennie Colt Bridget Cosgrove Widow, Cannon Hrs, Cher Croker Hiss Hary West 25th street ry st Collins Hrs, Cherry Conrtny Houorah Carman Hrs Ada- street Co wlss Hrs Louisa line Collins Ellsn Crow Hrs Thos Chapman Hary E Collins MlssHarriet Coyne MissMaryAnn Carduye Mrs A H Colman Miss Julia Cudmore Ann Clark Mrs Conden Margrett, Cnlp Miss Belle Clerk Mrs, Snlli?an Washington st Cunningham MrsGJ Clark Miss Alpha H Condsn Margaret, Cunningham Cathe Clark Iiabella 3d avenue rine Clark Mary E Condor Mrs Mary Cnrren Miss Ellen T Clark Susan Cenefy Hiss Cabim Curran Hiss Hary Csrr Hadsm, 34th Congdon Miss He- Ouse Sally Carroll Bridget, lene Clnekey Bridget Broadway Cronk Miss Elnor Clussman Mrs Ca Carroll Bridg't, 28th Cooli Miss Hary theriae Clyde Elisa Ann ^ Drake Miss, West Devine Ellen Donnoly Hiss Har 18th st DTeyforsMiss, Green- garet Drain Miss Mary wich street D<*iohne r Mary or Ann Dibble Hiss Frances Hargaret Daly Hairnet M Donovan Margaret Dwane Miss Mary Dickenson Hrs, Dooley Grace Daniels Mrs Wm Walker street Dorr Mrs Caroline S DsrriganMrsMsrtin Dickenson Mrs P P Duff Mrs J Dawson Mrs, Cat hf Dignan Bridget Dnffy MisnHaryAnn rine street Dwigbt Miss M A Dunoan Miss Louira Dayton Gertrude Dilworth Sarah H Deasy Margret Dilskill Mrs Cathe Dunn Margaret De Gerarden Mad rine Dunn Mrs Re-eoea Dena Margret, Cher Dohcrty Hary Dunn Hrs Edward ry street Poberty Sophia Dyer Miss Eliza Denny Hrs, 26th st Donohoe Charlotte Dwysr Mrs, Mulber Denslow Mrs L Dobble Miss Marga rystret Depew Miss Maria ret A Donoghne Catherine R Early Mrs Nancy Erwin Mrs Sallie EransMrs, Church Eaton Mrs Harriet Ea(lish Miss Elisa Evans MrsEiisabetb Emery Miss Louisa beth _ Everett Elisa 3 F Fallon Miss Mary Fleming Hannorah FitigeraldMissMary Franklin Miss 1ms Ferguson MalindsE Fitzgerald Miss Ma Fiankpitt Mrs. 21st FergusonMissMaria ry, Washington Farley MissHarriet Keraao<1ezMrsAnnBFoleyEUzabeth,l8th Farman Julia Finan Mary Foley Mrs Hiles Farroll Catharine Flniiau Mary Ford Mrs Cathar'e Farrell Rose, 30th Fllnn Mary Fountain Mrs E Family Ann Piracy Mrs, Pearl Fowler Mrs Magr't Frasee Miss Matilda FUher Miss Clara Fox Mr* Rhoda W Freeborn Miss Mar Fisner MIssLauraA Fuldry Miss garet Fitzgerald Mrs, Ful'er Mrs Geo W Feeney Marv Roosevelt st FnrmanMissQraoeK Flemins Hrs, av C ^ Flyna Bridget Craee Miss Margret Green Csroline GriftnMrsSlsanerH Gage Miss Faney Green Mary A Giller Mrs Emma Galbrith Miss Jane Green Margaret Gipson Miss Sarah Galisiane Sophia Green Mrs Wm II Givin Margaret Gallnvan I lien Greenwood Mrs, Oedirytlrs E iw A Galllgher Sarah Sprint st Good Catharine Gamble Anne Gregg Mrs Kate 8 Goodman Miss H Grammoth Hrs Glenn MissMaryAnnGoodman Margrtt Catharine Gsntber Miss Melis-Goold Ellen Garner Bridget sa L Goooms Louisa Grattsn Mrs Ann Geraghty Bridget (iuerin Madam Helen Grsy Miss Emma Gsragerty Mary Guinan Miss Mary Gray Mrs Wm H On (tin Miss Ceilia Guinn Miss Cecelia Geelan Eliza Ann H Hasten Snsaa C Hayaos Mrs Sarah Home Miss Hta Heige Miss Jane Hays Mrs Anne aah L Rail Mrs James H llayes Mrs Abby B House Mrs Henry A Hal pin Mise Jane Hayes Kllen Howe Mrs G W Hamlet Mrs Wm llsrreas Bridget Hubbard Mrs Fran Hammond Hrs Jas Hengan Hiss K ees L Baaley < ath'a Henderson Mrs 8a- Hudson Mrs E C HanneganMissMary rah Hughs Miss Anne Hard Mrs G G HenningsMrsGeoW lluehs Miss Ellea Hard Mary IL-nrys Miss Marga Huss Mrs John Hare Hiss, Cth av ret Hunt Mrs Margaret Marking Roee nigglasMrsLouisaO Hunter Mrs Jacob Harr Mrs Mary Hletsr Bridgst Hurley Elisa Rert Hrs Margaret Hodges Jane Hatchings Mrs Hartney Mary Uodgkins Mrs G W Hatchings Mrs El Harvey Hiss B Holmes Miss B tsy eanor r Harvey Miss Jaae BoltonMieaMerriem HutehinsonMiss El Haeeltiae Mise AM Hopkins Mrs P lea H ah B Hutehinson Mlsa Hopkias Mrs Ann Hastings Miss Eats Kate R^ HjlaadsMrsCath'a Iagersoll Miss Irvia Martha Irving Miss Jans laglisMnry Isaacks Mrs R Ives Alios J JsekMlssRebecea L Johnson Hrs, Stan Johnson Mise* net en Jaekson Miss Jane toast JenssMrsSE Jacob Miss Caroline Johnson Miss J J . Jones Miss l<enora Jamison Mrs Eliia Johnson Miss Emi'y Jordan Mrs, Varick Jenkins Mary Johnson Mise Elis- Jordan Mrs S Jennings Miss Emily abeth Jay Mise Grace Jewell Mrs Elvira ^ Joyce Honora Keen Mrs M E Klein Mlsa Louisa Krenor Anne Ksan Mary Kelley Miss Cathe- Ksrhy Hsnnah Kesn Margaret rine Kerrigan Catherine KsatlnxMissMnry A Kelley Mlsa Hary Knight Miss Ann E Keegaa Margaret Kelly Miry Killkennv Mrs. >4th Keeran Mrs Marga- Kelly Mary, Broad- Kileene Mrs Mary ret, Gth av way Kimball Mrs J H Keegan Anae.Csdar Kelley Susan Kingsley Mise L C Keegaa Miss Eliza Keneh Miss Mary E Kinnara Mies Ann _ beth Kenedy Mrs S Kingley Hrs Harga Keeler Miss Henri Kennedy filizal>eth ret etta Kennndy Mrs Ed- Kinsella Mary Kaeeiaad Sophia ward Klrans Mrs Anna Keena Bridget Kenaedy MrsJamee Koen HissCatherlae kcenan Miss Bridget 1j Laird Mrs, I?t av Le CealsatiydeCaa- Loftus Miss Aan J-eae Hatilda moot Mrs Louis l.ogaa Biddy Larkla Miss Cath- Latabvre Mile Aa- Login Mrs l?th st i L > Lombard Ellea or LMhrep MrsEsther Leonard Mrs Clem- Miehael , L , _ ? . , enee 8 Una Mrs Matilda "r* 5 bengstreet Mrs A4 Lawier Mrs Cath Uvy Mrs S aline Lawler Mise Marv't Lillis Mrs Aath'y st levrey Cath Lawreaee Mra Elis Limont Hiss, Centre Lloyd Mre C V abeth Un4en Mis* Annie Lloyd Miss B T I.asarns Hies Julia l.irinnton, Mr* TV Luilam Mre Ckaa Lebbey Mrs Sarah I^7\?lll,7 Lyon Mre B Jane Loekweed Mrs Mar Lyaeb Mrs TUaetiy La Roy Mra Bile ? Lysaght Miss Jane Meebe) Mra Amelia Mares a Elizabeth Moore Mre Eliaab'h Mann Mr} Kale? 2 Martin Mad Merebonei Ms* Sa |Mf MiJ Mar* Vikkawi Bridget Merfee Au* Huh BndMi wM? Mn Harr'tT Morrell Mn Ml* -?.Er ?Vsacva. E&SSE Mijte* Mn Jim Xnui CatkV '*?' i**ah M&ddin Mri Cath'e Miller Mn, 34 if ? _ Mapher Catherine Mittalberge MiaaSd ? ?;'?< ?,I<frtT Maguire Ellen phie Mod k.N Ut,ti* Maboucy Cathnn M It o hall Mr* Sarah Moyles Ulu1.?' Major Mr. Dan'l Mitchall M1m Ellen Mann Mn SO Marble MLh Eme Moan Celt* Muhorn Hanne/ line S Moe Mlaa Ball* , Murphy Mlaa M J Markaham Miw Monaa Misa Matilda Murphy Mn, 6th at A une Mooney Mrs. 16th at Murphy Ann Marley Mary Moot a In, 3d a* Mnnroe Mn Catbe Mariden Mist Ellen Moloney Mrs Han- rine M Mirth Elian M or* Mnrrey Mn John 9 Namore Mr* Elba- Xioholson Bridget Nolan Mary beth T o Odell Mn E Oimnr Mn Ellaab'h O'Connor Catherine Orfcia Mad P O' Brian Mary O'Connall Margaret Oman Mary A O'Connor Mlaa Ca- O'Driaeoll MnXnft* Ormibuy Maria therlne O'llara Bridget Orr Mim Mary O'Keefle Margaret Padbnry Mn John Paulani Mad PnUt Philllpi Mlaa Emma Parks Mr* Marv Pray MnMatilda K Plimpton Mr* Klia P ark er Electa [beth Pray Mr* Anna abath Parker Mi*? Etiia- Peok Mary Ann Plttar Marie Panose Mri Chrii Peok Mlia Oman F Porter Mn W 9 tlana Perrin Mri E 0 Porter Mn Jaaa Partoni Maria Piani Mitt Margret Poit Phebe Patiion Julia Pike Mri Sarah A l'uroell Mill Mary Phyfe Mri Margaret Mm . McAliater Mri C Mo8weeneyMnMaryMoHugh Mln Cath M?Alist?r Bridget MoCollum Mra E S Motlannah Mri McAlisler Cathrin McCoy Rote Kosevelt it McAllcsterMissMar- MoClara Mn Sarah MoKenna Min Ann Rtet MoClniky Rosa MoKenna Mn Jane MoAuliffeCatbarina McDermott Ann MoKeraay MnRoiey McCabe Ann Me Dowel MrsHetty Mol.auglilin Mra MeCannon Anne[et Mo E wen Mill, Nanoy five MeCartyMissBridg- Bowery MeMnlfln Mra, 9th McCarthy Ellen MrGeean Hannah MeNatlen Alice McCarthy Honora McGinnesi Cath MoNaaara Ann [et EeCawley Mri Mar- MoGlynn Mary MoNello Miia Bridg garet Quaney Mrs James Quinn Mrs Mary Quinn Mri Sarah R Rafter Johanna Regan Kate Roberts Mn Anne Ragan Mary Redly Miss Mary Robinson MraE.Sth Ralph Miss Ellen Riley Mrs, 3d ava a?e [tha Ralph MraMargant Riley Rose Robinion Mn Mar Ranney Mlas AnnM Riley Mrs Abraham Rogerson Bessy RaufTer Mrs Lucy P Reynolds Mrs W, 8th Rooney Mlaa Kate Read Misa Harriot L, are (fin li Rooney Misa Jane P Reynolds Mn Crif- Root Misa Ellen Read Miss Sarah Rice Mn A. Wall st Rothebild Miss M, Reed Mra Ann Ridge Mrs Jan* avenae B Ready MrsMarionD Roach Mary Rose Mn, Broadway Reardon Margaret Robert Ellta Round* Nancy D Eeddin Miss, Frank- Robinson MrsTbosCRunnel* Caroline lin st KodonMissMargarotKussell Alios Redpath Miss P Rogers Mrs, ThomaiRuthan Mrs Mary Regan Cath, 13th st it ^ Ryan Margaret St John Mill Mar- Sweeney Nancy Smith Mn Emma tha E StreataMnEliaabethSmith Mary E St John Mri Ste- Shelly MrsMary Ann Smith Mrs Marcaret phen N Spencer Mri Col Smyth Mary, Union Sladen Mary Shepherd Mri Q j lac* SpaderMrsHsrgaret Sperling MriAmelia Smyth Mary Schaffer Mri A l.eo- Snearlock Mrs Smyth Margant nard it. SherwoodMissAnnMSchroder Mrs Q Spragne Mrs J A Stevens Mrs Levi Stone Mn A II Sprague Mr* Valen- Shield* Blixa Sn? oktMitsCaroUne tine Shields Miss Storeh Mrs Ann Seally Miss Mary SMeldiElixabeth or Short Mn Ellen Sanger Lucy M Mary J Sohlosser Rosalie C Scbank Mis* Eliza Stile* liellen C ScottMri, Hudson st Scanlin Margaret SimpsonMissMaryJ SoottMrsM W Schwartz Mrt Theo Simmons Mrs Clara Soott Mary dore (bella Stine MisiC, Pitt st Stuard Miss Cath Straton Mra lia- Sinter Mrs MarthaJ Snell Miss Leah Spratly Mis* Smith Mis* L A Sullivan Johanna Saunders Mn [JSmith Mrs M A Sullivan Misa Mar Stet biniMixt Fanny Smith Ml?a Betsey garet SednewiokMargarqtSmith Mrs Clara Seully Bridget Sheehan Julia T TaggartM&ryorRobtTierney Mary Toole Margaret Tral Inor Mrs Mar- Tighe Bridget Torpy Bridget garet Timothy Mrs B M Torton Mrs Mary Tait Misa Jesse Tobiaa Miss Emily Tondson Mn, Met Twamley Mrs,21stit Todd Mlas Teresa M oer at Taylor Miss Llssie ThomasMissEmmaBTuekey Mrs Sarah Telford Mn Jaa F ThompionMiitCath Turner Miss Mary Tonry Cath Tennyck Mn Ann Turner Mary Toole Min Mary Maria ^ Turner Miti Mary A Underbill Mrs Ran- Underbill Hannah Uhl Misa Ann som v Venus Mn Elian- Van Palt Miss Ma- Van Neaa Mis* betb ria H C brig tin a V trmeule Mrs Anne W Waito Mn Mary V Waterman Mrs, Wllmot Mn P. Wakefield Minnie James st Broadway P O Walgrove Mrs M, WheelerMrs, Irving Wilmot Miss Ra N a?aau at place ohael dow) Walker Miss,Waah Whealock Mr* M F Windlow Mn <wi lnton st Wbelan Mtry Winters Jane E Wallace MrsLouisa WellingtonMrs Ab White Mri A H Walth Mra Anna bie 8 White MlsiCaroline Walsh Miss Ellen Wright Margaret White Mrs Fanny Walsh Johanaa Wiley Agnes E WhiteMrtMlohaelC Ward Miss Ruth WilksMrsCatharine White Mri David WsreMiss Margaret Wilkina Mr* Maria Whittey Mn Re Warlow Mrs Jacob Williams Mri T E B beoea Warren Min C Williami Mri Lon- Whittemoro Mlia Wation Mra M, ita B [ryE Cornelia Greenwich it Williami Mlts Ma Wood Mrs Sarah C Watson Anna M Williams gutan Woolford Mra W Wation Mrs Wm Williamson Mri, Wollowcroft Mn Waten Catharine Hooievelt it Sarah Wlneoup Margaret Yates Mn S Yaion Mn J? 2 Young Mill Ellen W Y YateiMnS Ycomana Mn, Bow Young Mlas Minna Yason Mra J? 2 ery theatre Young Miss Sarah P GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A Adam* Cnshinr Andrew* Mr, Mur- Atwill John Adam* AlnnioW ? 3 ray it Adam* Wra H? 2 Andrew! John A Andrew* Charles Adams E Ft Adami Lewie W Ada in* George N Adam* Jam** B Avellanal Ed ward Q Armstrong Alonxo Q Andrew* Stephen Argent! Pompco l'earl Anderson fm T Abbott NathanialM Anderson L Appel H K Atwill Wm C Avenell Capt Henry Armstrong Robert Atwell Wm Arnold Bro's A Co Anerbaoh Dr Ja cob?^ Austin Joseph B Arnold Wm Appel 1 Solomon Austin Riehard Arnold Thomas Ay ere Joel W? 2 Abbott FB Anderson John Allen John Anderson J K Allen J a me* A Anderaon Mr, Allen A Co Broom* st Allen A Brewster Anderaon Wm C Addison Jane* W Anderson James Addis Henry Ames Tho* S ? 2 Allcott A Co Aokley Dr Chas S Albin Robert Annin Joseph Alden C T Anteaga Antoria Albino Abbiati Aguono Albreeht H E Amodie Alexander Ayars Lueien Alsag a Joaquin L Anthony Wm Ayer* Gilbert H? 2 Alcrg P Aneadani II Sanrg Ayer* Joseph Al(oe David Amel B |nlro Avery Daniel Alvarex Rafael Arrangaiy Francisco A vstv John W Andrews Mr Austin, SumnerAC'o Axe Mons E Andrew* Geo W? 2 Aylward John Black I.ytle Bell John 8 Bloom J Brady Philip Be 1 Thoma* Bond Patt Bradstrctt Wm Bell James Bnnifaciu* Levy Bran George F? 2 BeltnanSnrDnJose Borltnen Moritx Brady P A Co Bellow* Eph H Uowerysm George Baoht August Blenhiem Feedinand Brown ACoRayleyB Brads haw J ames V Benton W A Brown D F ? 2 Bradley Harvey Benjamin Augustus Drown Wm R Bengfeld Henry Brown Michael Benediok R L Brown John, Mnl Benet Lieut 8 V berry *t Bemh AAA Kemble Brown Wm L? 2 Brace Ilenry Brady Bernard Blaoksom John Black Thoma* Bacon William W Bennett A M Brown Abraham R Black J D Bennett Mile* W Brown Thos S Black William Bennett Abel Brown Samnel II Baintan George Benda Genrgs Brown A Oo, Spring Baker S M Benjamin B street ? I Blakeley William Brennan Michael Brown Panl T Baker Joseph B??nan Thoma* Brown I. J Baker Eliaba Brennan Andrew Bowley Isaac M K Bailey W P-S Beattie William A Botta Professor V Bailey E Stillman BerdanT Boyd Edward S Blake R C Brewer William H Blot P Barnard Mona Reran Michael Brewer Wm H Brewer A Co Berry John C Bert hole Jnle* Berroy William Brewster O Brew den Jamc* Bernd Mr Beryman Charted Bissent Harrey Bailey Joseph Blakie William Baker Philander Baker Jame* R Bailey F H Ballon Edwin J Ballard 0 M Baldwin C C Baldwin A 7. Drained A Ray Brabaxon I'atriek Ball James Bailey Captain GA Blc?s*lf John Baits Abr*m Boston George Brainard Diodate Bourne George Bonrne Capt Samnel Bouchon C H Boolean Mon* Bouker John Bourke William Brewune Robert H Itrownell Edwin Brownell Jama* Boyd William I' Rrownoll E Bowen B B Brown tieorge Brown A Co Blessing Andrew* Boydson Mr Boyers Robert Brady John Geerae Berry Charles BlanchardMonsEd Berbofer George mond Blandln Mona Geo Banister Silas Bangs A _ Bran Charles, MD Uriard Capt Ilenry A Boyd Robert Bower* H C Binn* William Royan A Wilcox Hick cell William O Bowker Lewis F Bil lotto A Sig A BojesJohnO Bill* John C Brownson I. ' Baneker B 8 Brandt Mon* Ro dolph Campion G W Barnes II N Barnes Franklin Barnes John Barnriath Albert h Bird Itaac Barton Captain DB Bllaa Robert Barker Henry J Bininger Abiam Bin* L Billotto Monsieur Bigelow II N Bible Jame* Bigelow Dr J W Biggin Jame* Bird J D Barrorlhet Mon* Henry ? 2 Barrett Rev B F Barr Adam Barnea Joaeph W Boyland Thomas Rlnmonshil J Bncklev Son* Bnler John Blnnt Hiram Bock Perry G Bunker Alex Bndenbach P Bininger Abiam Bmoe William Brmekerhoff John Rnlkley Capt Ho Binglev David l> ratio Birge Daniel W,MD Buchanan Thoma* Blis* A Staahope Barrett Samuel W Bukop William Bame* Patrick Barlow William Bartlett Joel Barnea Samnel E Barran John Barnett Jame* Brash Rev John Batohellor Joel Batebsllor Benj L Broad Mr Baudrillert Mon* Brosan Joseph .Jules Bates Robert G Rnlaon Cornelias H Bunnell Capt John Bncknp E Buokham George Burseaa Mr Itntler Ric'.ard Bntterfleld J 8 Rutland Richard Burg 8 J A Rurgea* Mr Bnrrall Charlei Bnrrill Wm P Broderick Patrick Rurg 8 J A " " Bnrdick H B Ratler II C Bird Isaac Mr Bll** A A? 2 Blithen Isaac Brock Morton Bolton John M liogart Henry W Rledgett IkC Broad is J ' Badeahamer D W Brannhold A Sonne Bolton W H Bayma John BroomSold John B Barr A Bro G W Bart Icy JamesEdw Romberg N Itnrksl August Baselev Anthony Reody A Co Bnrke J Beach Ilenry Bower R L Barr S J A? 2 Beck Frederick Brook* John Button Capt Era* Briard William A Borland Capt Jaaa* ma* BeaumontACoH? 2 Barnard Piof J Bnr/ea* Jamoa Becker William Bootwright Wm Butte C 8 Beecher David Beir David Reekman B F Bcurchl* Mon* Beer* A B Brooke P B A Walker Buaiek Samuel H Bowmsr T 8 Beductara Mon* B (too ream W I ? 2 Breg Charles Breeae Mr BeehtCh Belcher C J Butler A Co JoaC Burnett Alex A Qeo Burchill Thos B Butler Wm W Bnnnell Capt John B iimv Sutherland Ilro Booth John Samuel Runside tJin S S Byrne O Bryant June* Comxsky Barney Cronelly AFInhcrty Conner Danl C Cain an Patrick Clark Chas Chalmers J H Clark David W Cahatan John Clark David O Gack Herman Cawlay Samuel B CoasUntin* John Challett Jonathan Chase John H CoaklingJa* Crair Archibald? 2 Cacoanx J B Conlsy Cant John Craivan James Crawford HonChas Conolly Win C?0 Cant Jo* A D Cennafly Michael Cables Lewis H Cas* Michael Conquest Ja* < ahonrsMonsH _ Clayton C O'Brien Coaroy Tho* Cento. y Laujhlin Coner* John Conner Jas i anonrs saons H ciavton c w isnen lenroy Tho* Calile* Capt JohnT Castro Fincent L Cinnsfl l.awrance Cain rapt Wm Casey Wm Conner J II Call John J easier Philo S " Caehard Henry Caswell J D Chadwlch J Caaaidy Patrick Cady Isaac H Cassamayor Panl Conner Wm Challthan Michael Clai ton Thomas Conner Patrick CsfTre Anf?l-> Ca?hman Michaein Callinar Phillip Clay Wm G Craig Rev John L Cohen 0 ~ Cransas Mont Cartinvels B Ca*oy Patrick SlUail Castsllam Mnga CaMidy Patrick Crane Martin II Craw William ( bamber* l.oui* Carard' n Patrick Campbell Wm? t Camerer F O Campbell Capt SW CanlAeld Patrick Camptell * A An- Chivera J draws Clove Richard rfca??y Clemens Kiehau CktpM Chas H Cieiafd W? onnerford i'hilipf Ccalan Dominick Commons Bartly Cooke Patrick Cooke W R Crocks L J Cooper Mone Coolidge Edwin Channing Cook Q ^ Coonoy Patflofc nemea* Riehwd -I Cr^fmor D^l - Cftkf Cheat* I Win ? John ? i'atrltk Creamer Loremol CaptWwE I'besbrew Robert SjftX Cramer Canine ho Sim on Cramer Jamaa Cantwell Lawrence Cincent John Cerle J Ceitigan Marti* Cording John ?-_ CoatelTo Neal Cl.rkeWm B Correy Mom J Clifford Cbft H B Cornrth Jaa Chignon Ernest Cronos Uriah Chrlatie Henry Croaby John Child* Chatter H Copway Geo Candy Thomas Chat* k roller Puj"? H CitUlh* Cbarman H Carte 11 Capt Jtt* iniah Charle* fa Carpenter D Carrington K M Clapp gunnel Crap* Stephen ClapiuU I> Chignon Mom I Croiaman Wm A Chilton, ColtonACo Coreggio Carlo Chrtaty Edmund f Cornell C AM Christ* Milei CisMrtj Henry J Chuholm Jute* Clinton Andrew B Co* Barclay Crook* tt Ja* Coegroy* Patrick Coiens Chat C??? "V.iew 3t Ctapiu J>1? Co ffey Wm Glkrsnoe C A 0?oP Coakley Tho* Field* - - J Ctry Samnel Carter W Prank Carhart A Stone Carter Idwin Chapin X 8 Cmnggln M Carswell Jaa Cary Cha* H Collin saml C Collin* Timothy Cole Pranei* B Colvin Andrew M Chen M Coleman Wm Cohen S Coltmnn R B? 2 Coffin Saml C Carter k Co Relyea Coleman Wm R Crary Alex H Car Mr Canon Andrew Carroll Edward Carter J H Carter Robert Carion John Carty Jobn Or roll John Collin* Cornell** Colgan John M Croe* J Corn i Tale The* Croiby, Barrow* A Co Costigan John Copland P W Coartl* Stacy WmVfctfSial Co* MB Crowley John Cottrell Am Crovin J Corcins Michael Clow Wm Crowley Ja* Crowley Saml B Choal Adam Cunningham Pho* Camming* Benj C Culbertson, Bro ther* A Co Cnehman B fa Curac* Ja Coleman, Hailman Camming Alex M A Co CushiagCha* S Cohen Salmon Cnrtl* Warren P-2 Campbell J O Cnrti* The* H Colton Frederick W Curtis Geo P Colborn Daniel K Chnrohill W A J Coleman Patrick Cartwright k CoAD Collin* Con Clark C Collagen Cba* H Me Conroy John Connolly Jobn? 2 Conger John F Coney J F Cometook Orange Conley Wm Connell Martin Connor Brine Conlin Owen Conroy Tho* Connolly P W Connolly Michael Conner Wm W Conboy Tho* Connor* Tho* D De Groot J Clark John Clark Snmner Clark k Co S Clarke John A Clark R B Clark H II Clark W Clark Pickering Clark Letter Clark Thofla* 01* rk Steven Clark Wm Clark Barney Clark Alder Clark Edward Clark John Dalton Thoma* Dall W M Dally P Daley Hyram Dake Daniel W Daily Martin Drake A Daniel* D Drake John Drake S H Darrigrand Mon* Daroy Edward Danforth Thoma* I>*rdi* Patriek Darling J P Daviion Darin* Daymond Mr Davit J Davie AndrewJack- Devlin Patrick Devere H Cutrig Henry* Cnrrie John Nell Church Rev P (DD) Crnickihank* Da . vid Cusbman A P Chnrohill, Stanley A Co Cnrti*** Bli Cnrran Wm Cntter Ralph C Church Cha* C Curtin Andrew Cnrry Barney Cnnck Ja* N Clnett Wm Cnrti** B N Cyre Stephen S Dolan Patrick Be Billin Frederick Dodge Richard De Gnok C P Downey Danie 1 De Corii H Donogue Mr De Burg C B Dowltng Mr De Bonelnt Dn Dormer Richard Manim Dory Benj R De Arteaga DnGa*- Downing J C par Dorman J A? 2 De Cartro Dn Vin- Dongan Patrick cente A Dourtell Ilenry S De Campo Dn Jose Dow John M Martinei Dorgan John De Menan Mr Downy John De Mendigatia Dn Doraett Iiaac R Bartolo M Dogherty Niel De Arteaga D Ma- Dooly Jame* nnel Drew A French Detnney Henry ?on Dayton O Day A he Davie G W Davi* The mas F Davi* Riohard Davie* Mon* J P Davi* J W Davideon J L Davi* Orlando W Davenport Jame* J Diekimon John? 2 Davi* Charle* ? Dlar Lui* Magtn Doyle Miohael Doyle Patriok J Doyle J T Doyle Lawrence Boyle Edward H Dexter Dr George T Doyle John Devoe J B Durham J A Deven Jame* G Dngan P Dctimond P Duokrell W Dreialer A Clayton Dunning Captain Dike H N Duncan Robert S Drioga A*a J.MD Dnlen Richard Dillingham Capt Dunlap Robert Diekimon Charle* Dngan Meara Hall Day Francl* Wm Davidson Jamea Davi* C D Davie* Capt John Davia Dr John Davia J A D*vi* k Fairchild Decker Richard Dederick Levi Denecke Theodore Dean Jame* J Delahannt George Decate Iiaac Dean W R Dennia M G Dreaney Jamea Defrotre John B Dean B F Dean Capt Levi P Debar B Df Foreit Wm H Demine A k Son Dennis Loni* S Dickson G W Dickeraon George Dillon M Dillon John Driaooll Timothy DUaon John Drialer Henry J Divine J Gibson Disney D P Dixaon Henry Doll Melahior Doherty Bryan Donovan Florence Doane N S Donovan Timothy Donohoe Dennis Donoboe John Donovan Miohael S one van Daniel Donohoe Mathew Donohoe Patriek Dhomergue Mon* John A Co Dunlap William Dunbar William H ?2 Dunright Mon* D Dunham D W Dunn Thoma* Duggan Robert Dunne Patrick Durham John G Dunne Michael Dnane Miohael, Attorney *t Dn Charm* Charle* Dnrr Leuis? 2 Duffy Jame* Durian Edward Dnker R Dnryea Stephen Dustaa Charles W Dnnton Thoma* F Dwyer Edw, 8th a v. Dwyer Edw, 29th it. Dnparquet Mom l.oni* Eaglrton Thomas Eales M Eaton thrrles O Eaton Edw K Edney Jameg l( B Egan Jamei Span John Elson David Hilary Epos E Kldridge Chas W Em matt Judge Rbt Evans David Evans Amoa Evarts D R Eyre A Co O Easkine Thoa BACo Eastman SberlondL Bwoil William M Ed wurds John Ellis Richmond Evans Alexander Edwards Mr Earla James Everett A Co T R Edwards Richard Ellin* 11 Bscandon Manuel Edwards S S Elting Wm Estes A Bro Eberman J 8 Edgerton A A Esler James Edour Eugene Enscoe Mr Emory A Co Messrs San Thomas Emerson John P C- 2 rnit Joseph Eggleston Walter Ellis Thomas Elliott O Eisenman Andrew Ernst A Co F Elliott J 0 Ely Sumner Bscorol Francis Elton Samuel Bngel Mr Ewlng John Elliott Capt Ethan Fair Robert J Faihire A Co Fairt anks Lorenio Fenly James Vsyht PC _ . Ferguson Wm H V Feris Wm Ferrill John Frobriner Z Fonday Mono? 2 Fonda John Q Flood Arthur Fabens Capt Saml Frenoh Cant W W Forgi E Freiona Rjahard Forices Alberto t ahey Wm I ranees J S I rampton H I rank G G Ferguson Sandford Ford W Townaend Freehall Patriok Ford i'hos . Flemins Miohael Ford Capt ? B? 2 J ranklin A Niohols Fegan Thot or John Ford Wm F lanagan Joseph Felersheia G B Ford Coas E , Fredenburg W Finn Michael Finney Saml Fliddan J W Field R S Finmann Geo Fried el Carl Flnlay James Finlay Rohtrt Field Henry Fnntlii l.orenxo Flanders Hon J R France A 1 ran ho Moses Fannin Thos Fallon Thos FaberGeo Fairchild Cbas W Farrell Peter Fsrnrn Thos Farrall Garrett Fmg Casper Farnsworth Capt W Ftoldhousc Joseph P Finlav James Faults Mons Henri Fisk Sullivan Frasser Wm FrisbieJ Farwell John J Fisher Geo Farrell Christopher Fitipatrick David Farrell J ohn Farrar John P Federick Wm Freedy James B Freeman A Fellows Jerome B F allows Tom pkins T Eeeny Michael Frol Neel French J as S Ferrand Geo N Freeman Wm H Feroea Eliaha Forbea Wm E Foster Andrew Foster F F Foster Wm C Fowle II Flow John Flowbe Mr Fowler Norma Fowler Prof W W Fowler J Fowler Alexander Fowler Thoa Fonlker Wm Foreman A C Fuller Elijah K Fuller li Fitipatri ok Henry Fuller Henry M Fitssimmons Hugh Fuller Henry H Fitagerrald Thos Fitaaimmona renoe _ Fitagerrald, Magru- Fruchet Mons denA Co Fry Michael Fuller J T Tor- Fuller Joseph Fullerton Capt a W Fish Thomas Fitch Geo Fina C Flynn John G Fryer G II Fylfe Thos Flvnn Miohael Friedenberge Hon Mitohel Galloway Mr Graves Augustus A Glbbs J Gailandett Albert Gaaspipe Joseph Morgan Cage John Grave tin L Griflen Patriok Gage A 1> Gayot Alexander Henrv Garer O A Gayon Rev Charles Griffon Sidney L Gallivan Deris Gray Col Andw B Griffiths H C Uaffney Edward Gray Dr C S GilTurd Andrew Gale Meaara A Co Gray BoaJ H? 2 Griswold Daniel S Gallagher Thoa Gears Stephen V Gilmon Peter Galatian A B Geary Jibs Gillespie Andrew Gamble John Gebney ACasllahan Olmber Henry Gamperich Y Greene J H jun Gilbert William Graham Joseph F Greene R C Giliom David Graham Mr, Ham- Green ? G Gttodo 3 merilcy it Green Capt Georgo Girling Charles H Caffele Hon Chas Green J H Gclderilceve Bcnj Gambia Osear A Green Dr J H Gilbert A Son E Game Franoiaoo M Green John W, MD Gileapie John Grant Mons O Green John F Gillispy Patrick Gamdon Mons Green HH Gantillon If Jacques Greenan Themas Grant G E Gleeson Manrice (irant Messrs A Bro Gleeson John Grant Henry T Grant Doctor Grant A C Graven A M Gaaland V Cause John H Gage U M Gats Alexander Garbutt Ilmer Greenoak D T Greenongh Wm H Gregory James Gregory Ephraim Giovanni F Gil more Sbeneaar B Gibbon Patrick Godfrey George W Good spend Jerome Goll John Georgo Gong John Gomes Mannel Gein Mons Frederic Goldthwaite Cbas Gemenider Joseph Goodspeed Henry g AntoineGoorirlch Esra? 2 Glendeming i George Henry Gardiner Samuel G Gerrish capt G?o Gardiner W B Gentleman Fras G Gardiner Col D S Glcnnon Patrick Gardner D W Gerry Thomas A Gardner Andw J? 2 Gernay Jamea Gardner t'ol J A Gardner Richard Games John Garcia Andres Gargan Thomas Gaskill Capt Wm Gat ins Patrick Gaant John D Gasport Stephen Griffin W Caioa William Griffin F Gardner Geo A Gibncy Bryan Gauthier Joaeph Gilford John V Grave* W W Glblan John Crav?b Ceo P Goodridge Alex Goolden Thomas Goodman D Golden Alansen D Goldsmith William Goodman C Gotthold Master G< man A S Hagers Isaac Getter S G Gould, Dikeman A Grave Levy Fiah Greves John Goulard E George Mons Clans Gloon Rowland Griffla George Gordon George H Griffin Edmund Goncalves Gregorio Griffin Benjamin Grosso Jor (iofe DoD Guinn Charles Gnerrier Hons Gronenthal T Gurlsy W n T Gny -amtiel J Guahold Gullas Hairlek Robert Hagerty Charles MafghThoo Halsey Joseph A? 2 nay wood Barney M Holland T Haigh Joreph ~ Haywood Samaol B HcfTman A W Haywood George Hoey James .Martin _ Holton M K IJagan Joseph Haeld John Halo A Co. John S Halaoy A Son Halliard John Uarman B A Hallock Patrick llali Daniel. Jr Hall A Calrow Hall A Caswell Hull Charles C Hall William M Hall A H HaskeU G B Holmes William T Hanyboy Dr R T Hogaa John A Wm Hangboy J Fiah Hoffman Henry Hawaen Mons Felix Hogau Martin Haviland II Havtiurat J W Hesrtt A. Jr Heath Thomas Heliary A Co Heaney Thomas Heath Joseph llenny Benjamin Herrleia E Hendy Daniel Halleck rapt H W Henafiaw W Hamlett W K Handelsg Mr Hanron Solon Ilaaratty Lake Hanson Capt Wll liam Ilnnford T T Hamilton k Dater Hanningo David Hanna A Ham Jamea Holden Timothy A Horn Ernst Htopkins Joseph Hoppa Alonso Horlgaa Michael Hore Edward Ilortoa Wm W Horrer Peter T Hopkins K P Horton I.ewas Hopper Chariot Horn Jeremiah Holme* Jamea Hotg David D Hamilton Capt Am- Hegen Frederick brnre Herran I A Han rat hy Andrew Hey wood Abiol Hanson Thomas? 2 Higeins John Hanley George Hill G W Hartley James Milliard Otis K Hsnny Martin Hill John J llarrtagtcaDrlsaa* Hill Addison Harm John . Hill Henry 0? 2 Harrison James Hill G H Harrison George T Hilsman Dr Jere: Hart Mr, Allen at Hltcms A J Harrison Onitavas IliaehllfTe Ralph lleaser D Henry WUllam Hervoy Albort 0 Heaaessy Robert J Hopkins 0 C Henderson G Howard H B Hampton Robert? 2 Houtain Monsieur lleroe George Heonslow B M Hetfleld Alfred R Howo Hon Joseph Hewe# H K Rowland Philip Herman Arthur [T Howiat A Co Messrs H*ra*ndra,for Dr A Howsll Wm P Howell R J Harper Rt bert Hart G<*>rge Harknes* Th< t HrrrUon W Harier James llarsls John Harris Willlai Bams H Harn.aa N M Harris MAP Hill Rev J N Higgia* la gene Mickey John _ UigiinsA Co IL timers J R Hicks Edward A Hignell Ooorge Higgia. Mlehaol Htggin* 9 P Hinckley and Co Howell Wm P Howell Rlehard B Howell* Henry C Howden J W Howe John Howe James K Howo 11 J Howland J B Hoyno Thoa Hough John Honghton A Broths Messrs Elijah Hnclx s P*t*r Hubert Monsieur (In her Anton llugahs A Hughes Jutne* Hnlmes A Whit* Meser* Hubert Cart Henry Habbard T >-j liaise P B ?trt.Herrmaa AC* Hit* Geono H Hnnt Augustus Harper WllNase M Mtnsaaa, Doraotul Hnnter Robert Harvey Col Cbas R Slaea Rntu* T Hompbry Capt Cat Marty Mkhael Hioton Geo H vin R Haikneap Gsorge HiUfetftk t Q Ban* MMrt BarveyWilliam I>h> Benjamin Bartin Patriok Bait Solomon Bart Stmul Bartnell Patrick Haatiafa A N Uutii|i( H L Hutliiii liue 8 Hawkina Frank Haakiaa W I Bateb B F liateh C W Batfleld W R Harden Joaeph Hayea John Baje. ini Haywood A SUaroi Ionian It W Irwin Lewis C It?b Dr Chaa Jackion C H Boaan Martial B olden Petcc ? Bo 1 man W J ? Bo?r?an^j, Hunt I E Bnnt Burnham P Huhbard F Hunley Jamea Byda Alfred Hutchinion James N 8 Boyan Patrick BogeVs Hoke* J Hoi den J B Holmes Obadiah Hoffman Luther Hoffman William Holland A Glover Hobart, White A Bueon R Motcaif Hirlii^h B Hutchinson 11 B By de Id ward BydeD B Byde L W Byde John Butcbiags T G Barlburt E B Holloway <IMC Ives C L Ibfetson John D loie Wm ^ Jeak* 0 S Jacobi Menrs M ABJennings Lcwi? Jackion E Z Jackson Jesse Jackion Jaa Jackion Jae Jackion John Jackion Edwin Jackion Geo Jaekion F J Jackion Rev Mr Jacob* John Jacqifi R Jacobion P J ami ion John Jamion Oliver Jayco James James John B Jane* B 'Jamei L L Bultian Alexander Holly i M Ia??h Mr Church J 1ml ar Jams Iarftl Dm Habraaa Johnston Tboe A Johnston B M Johnston Joha F Jimeraon Chaa W Jennings Stephen Jewel t JohaB Jerome A ILliaaen Jamea Mr Jewett D Jonea Wm (5 Johaaon A Camay Jones Geo B Johnston Jju B Johnaon Wm Johnson By M jr Johnson W R Johnston Biram Johnaon Albion Johnson Jas Jonea John TJt Knapp E J Kalley Nelson Kalla Andereas Kellogg Sim Kalbspleisch Mar'n Keena John Johnaon fl B Jblmion J J Johnson Henry Johnson Hiram Johnson John Johnaon B R K Keenan O Kneeae John Kellogg Simeon Kane Thomas Krariaa T B Kane Delancy Kaye Frederick Kaipon n W Kempe Adalbert Kendall S B Ketehum Mr Kennbler B T Keys Gecrge Kranrmann Heir- Kemble Charles aleaeh Kelly Hugh Kelly John B Kelly P G Jones John Jones Isaac S Jones Fanning H Jones Dr H Jobm Warren Jones A Co Messrs Judsoa A B Jndson L B Jndson Edward C Juitii Ruperto Jordan B C Joisoss Geo Kelsey A Sons Hems Wm Knight Capt Ferd Kilbride James Kiliby Z W Kimball J r King John King Richard King B King Joseph E Kelly Thomas Kelley Terrey Kelley Thomas Kelley Jamea Kelley James Kelley William KeUey Thomas Kreger Ilenry Kellebr Patrick Keegan Michael Kelley George Kearns Patrick Keygel Michael Keller Andreas Keiman Charles Keenan Patt Keily Patt Kidder M B Kennecott E B King E Kenyon Nathan Kinsella Rt Rev Kendall James Wm Father Kimball Edward W Kemp Henry Kimball Bdwi Kernaghan William Kimball E W Kenry George Kinner Alexan'r P Keyaer Henry Kingsland Robert Kendrick Chaa B Klrtland Asa Kernes Patrick Kirwan John Kendall, McDonald Kineand A A Stetson Kirsehbarn Cbas Kenna Thomas Kindic J L Kerrigan Matthew King Geo S Kennedy Patrick Klrly Edgar Kerrigan Captain Kirwan John Keridy Con Kendall W B Krupper Jacob Kuhers Michael Kennedy James B Knox James ; Charles Kriger i Kiernan John Kidder Mr Kohner M Koeli Joseph Kunmer T T Ii Landers A Smith Leeb Saul D Langdale Robert Leach Thomas E Lalor Mart F Ledere G R Latord M D Lefever Capt P E Lane L C Lee Wm T Lane Thomas Leadbetor John Lambert Charles Lee John Lambert W G Lee Fred R Lansing B Seymonr Leek Joseph H Locker Cbas B Lambreot Mons? 2 Le Flock Augusta Looks A W Lannan Thomas Leeion Joha Lang Thomas Lee James Ladd Rev Jamea L Lee C A Loby Peter J Lee L B Landers Martin Leenery John Liakenheld'H Livingston Dr Wm Littnard Francis Livingston Theodore Lindsay I ehabod Livermore BenJ M -2 Lock wood LeGrand do Lamane Edaond Lang Patrick Ladder Thomas Lambersoa A Labonty Gabriel Labbv Samuel T Lang don W A Lareque A Clark Lau Mr na William Lewis Edward LaValleyValentine Lewis Wm B Leenery Johi Iifiibcr John Leflerts John A Lefflngwell Col Letour Samuel B Letson Thos W Levy C M Lewis Thos Lewis Levi Laws David O Lawton Frank Lawrence J B Larkin Michael Lawlor John Lai ants Dr Larkin James Lawrence William La Tourette J R Lanyen Moris Lawiince A Co Lewis Wm WL Lewis Thomas Lewis R E Lewis Riohard E Lewis Wm Leonard John Lopes Miguel Aguero Loy Andrew Loomis Jacob I ord Charlea Wait Lortheis Mons Lorde Captain A Logan John Loman Aaron Long William G Lovely John Lovell Alexander Logan Thomas Loughlan Thomas Loughlln Jamei Logan J B A C Lonn Patrick Lovette John Lonieh J T Losier M B Lynch Dr Arthur M Levy Capt Riohard Lynman James Lsvy, Morris A Co Lyon B Lessore Emile Leonard Chaa Leybnrn A Lawrence William Leybaeh J F Levy M B Leslie William Libon Adam Lind 1 heodore Light Michael Llnch Mr Larcomb R J Leech Edward Let man Bdward Lee L Leblance L I.eighton Jason Leighton Barria B Mackev Robert Mack Mathew Macomber Geo O Madden Stephen Maddeck Jan Jr Mackintosh Robt L Means Simeon Mack Thomas Madeleine Emil Maelachlan John Maynard A K Lyons, Abrami Davis Lynch John Lyoni A E Lynch Anthony Lyon John M Lane Andrew Ludlum Henry LindortT Lyon P F B Madden Michael Mabie J Ma, her Phillip J Mellish Iscar Magnlre Thomas Meacham Geo A Macy Mr, 13th st Mead WUliam Macdooald A J Meehan John Magvire James Meagher John Magone Daniel Meyara William Macallan Patrick Mereier J T Magor Daniel Mann Engene B Mange Frank E D Maboaey William Manning Still Mervin August Manning Alpha Meti Julius Maly Edward Merkel Charles Maheny Dr J F Merritt Epos Mahony Cornelius Melhinck Mr Manning Michael Mali hall Thomas Maney Patrick Miller Edwatf Mallnn James Miles J B Magninant Gustave Miller Benjamin MarchandJ Miller F A Martin Geo W Miller A T Marsh J B k Co Miller Bdward-2 Martin T O Miller Benry R Marqasrdt Rev J G Milea Dr C s Martin David Millar Daniel Marshall A Haley Miller Henry * Miller H W, Matteson Hamilton Moonan James M Molohan Patrick Meagher James Montgomery A nt'y Moans Capt Wil- Monaghan Patt liam B Moody Cbas Moore Atkins Meier A Co B B Moore Dr Wm D Meldrum A Co Moore A G Meeker A Maidhof-2 Meore J C Meadcr Samuel Mone H M Mehn Edward Morae Sidney B Meinhardt John Morton Mons Benry Morrall Chaa Morgan ttol J B Morgan Ed Taylor Morley J S Morrow J K Morrow Bon John Morrell W T Meredith A Co John Morton Capt Saml Meyer A Co J Morton Mareue Meyer V Lorena morgan II W Metonlfe Jasper? 2 Morris Wm Martin Angnste Martin James Martin H A Marrett John Marlow Augustus Mary A S Mariyn ST Martin Thomas Martin Thomas A Marke James Mark well M Martla John T Martin Thomas Martia W Mathiew Peter Maynard RevR C Maynard Alanson Mather S W Mathews John Maunder John Mattock Robert M Maynard Otis Mathiott Augustus Mitchell John Mayer Phillip MooaayM M Morange D N Morgan Thos ? Mortimers Edwin Moran Peter Morris Patrick ' Miller A Co Frank Morita Jeremiah Mills J_Llvingston Morris Thos Morrison James Morris Aaguste Morgan John Moxon J Edward Motley J C Meisman Steel Moieman C W Mott Thos T Mozart Dr Mioh'l- 2 Mosi Wm P Jr Mott A Co J Morrow Thos B Moran John Mules Mr, 8th av Mnlcahy Jerem'h Mair Alex Mulr W O Muligan James Milner Joseph Michelena R Mic key Wilion T Mill! Thos K Michael Augnst Miller George Milliage B T Milllgan Gilbert M MullsrFred Miller Chaa MiUer Mr Miller John J Millaney Jamea Millen Mr Michel aon J P C Muller Albert Mailer Kllian Muller Winirred Mundell W A Murran Michael Murray Andrew Mitohell Prot T G Murray John Mitchell C T Mitchell M H Miner Stephen B Menzing Joseph Mitchell T C Murray Reuben Murphy Patrick Murphy Tim Murphy Matthew Murphy Peter Minkler Madlaon G Murphy W^B MMH^^HMarphy Daniel Maxwell Samuel Mathews Jamea Maynard A K Maxwell S Mas Augnste Xath Benry Nathans J J Naur Robert Naa Lambert Noyes James H Neaton Wm C Neal W Neels John N Neil John NeUl John Molloy T Montans Cant M Montague Chaa fl Mnrphy Thos Marphy John Murphy Cornelius Murtaugh Andrew Monaghan Patrick Myhan Thos Neweomb Capt Tbos S Newell Chavlee Newlin JohnG Nevlns R N Nichans Q D Nickel Franols Nisholien A Nolan Dr J E North Miohael Nott Joel B Northrup D A Northrnp John T Norton Mr Noyea W E Nam be* Hasarid Nickolla Capt W Nolan Nnrae NiekolaWmC Norton Thos Nenninrer Max-2 N iohola Capt Thoa Norman James Negua Wm W Nesbaam W Newton W H Newell A Daven port N iohola Joaeph W Nugent Thos Nichols George S Nugent Francis Niehola F B Mima 0 B o O'NOal Bill A Co O'Neil Cornelius O'Nell Jamea O'Neill C B O'Neill Hugh O'Neill Michael OSoer Jamea Nowlan Michael Nuaabaum Sigr Niron Eliaa O'Brien Wm O'Briea John 0' Bryan Daniel O'Connor James O'Coanor James O'Connor John O'Conaer T B O'Connor Jerry Oldfleld Wm O'Conner Matthias Oliver Owen O'Connell Michael Oldershan R A Co Orton Thos O W O'Connell John Olmatead B S Otis Amtln W Olney G A O'Dam Col Jai S O'Smith Dr Jai O'Sullivan Miohael O'Sullivan Mr O'Sullivan John O'Relllv James O'Riordaa Daniel Oscoli Giurepfe Osborn Frank Orihuela Andrei A U'Donnell James O'Neal Henry O'Neal Michael Owen BenJ F Overt John 0 O'Shea P-2 PlaSrD Anguitine Phelps William A Pixley B D Pnradlae James Co Phllbrick John Fachos MonaBenry Preand Leon PicketCaptainSolo Packer James Paddeck A A Paynal J M Paine Artbnr Pendleton Edward mon Piaggio Luigi Pearl B C Peakes Captain Palmers, Gavel A Pfeiffer Louis Prelss Eugene Pease A J A Bres Petton Jamei B Pea roe William Pellet B C Co Palmer John W Paltmr B Palmtr T E Palmer Joaeph liaachardMaauelT Peak Darial I'anocll Wm Paa?bora John Tarter laaac Parker J Newton Parker Julian Parker Enoa Parker J W Parker Jamea V Parker Alfred B Parker Robert R I'arkhnrat Melvin Parpelea Dr Frio hard George Pike Borace 0 Fierce John Prince Rev Samuel Piereon Samuel D 9 Pickering Wm L Philips Wm B Piaae/ Edward S PinscEowtr Paed role Price Joseph Pierce John Phtlip Mr Partridge J S B rash J I Paul Alexander Pa> ion Steven Payn A Aleott I'attee Wm B Pratt Orten Pratt William Pratt Wm B B Pratt B F Pratt Joha C Patterson Alexan der Patterson C Patterien William Piatt A Son Phelpa A Petrce John O Plunkett Thomas Peet Joaeph B Patterson Charlea Patterson T Perylle A . ? Pendleton Captain Phiny George M C B PtDter Joa Patera Charles Pond Samael M Prerdy Iirael Protia Mona Jan Pettebone MilO D Franeiaeo Pendleton, Dill A Porter Joha Co Proa perl Jamea Perrin Edwla O Pollhef Beary Perkins F B. Powell Capt John Iperkins T ItH Prendergast Jos M Poole J Polhamus Charles Jotn Peat A Company Pro it Jae Prendergait JOS a Perkins Jefferson Perry Joha Perkins David Trenton J R k Co Prost Mr Perguioa John Potter Phiaeai Persy Samuel B Powtto A Company Perry Jamei B Phmbus Joha P Perry Mr -, Broad- Pond N 3 way Ponebet Arnold Perselin Mons Poneelet Mathaii Phooaix Rev Alex- Porter Rev E S aader Perria E O Pepper B D Piaaae Beary Powers S J Pnreell John Puree Horace Perdy A Pallis Abraham W Me MeAvey Joseph McDonnell F MeKnight John T UeAiiliffe Joha McDoaough John McKianev Wm B .McA>ay Tbomai McDonald Thomai McLean Ed ?ard McArther Jamei McDonald Peter McLanrhlln John, McAHater Alex MeDeansl Jamei 17th at MeBrarty Anthony MeDermott F MM.aughlla Joha, MeCloskey Miohael McDongall Capt Si- Water st MeCherv Dan moa Mo Bdward McCarthy Mr, Pearl McDoaald Peter Me John at WcEategart Law'cs Mc Lain Jamea M McCarthy Jamea MeEldnlT Jams* MoPherhon John MeCormfcV Edward MeKlhensy Jamoa J Mc Marry Charlea Mei.'ourt Beary MePail Andrew MeMahaa Joha McCauley lierty McUovera Mr, 6th av MoMann R McCarthy Fatt McOrath Joha Me Marry Mr McCarthy B MeGairo Joha W McManns Thady McCartey Michael McOlanahltn Martla MeEaiool Putrioa MM.crmfckJ MeGorry Patrick McMahon Bdward MeMnllan JimI MoMurun J W McMeilan Hictoa McMnllln Mr If c Moon Samuel McNally Francis MeCibiJl g?r^^ .is. ss; owaa P Grade ThoMM ?trick McGuir* John D rthur M*Henry i'ier** JcCab* B *a*y Moliugh Hoary M*(1air John ft Co Mcjohn MeCay M B McHalpin John H ItNtllv Frederick McContll Bartholo- Mclvory Thomai McNamara John new Mclntyre J ACom'y McRam William McDonald Michael Mclntyre William B McRaon Francis Mc Dennett B P McKaight Gen A P MeSorly John MaDocald Jame* MckennaJohn MoVadyJohn McDowt.ll Mr, Buy MeKenaa Thomai JieVarr William ITd it McK*ut ry Cbarlw Mo Woo Jam** McDonnell John Quiaa Thomaj Qaina J ames Rand John Ranter L Otto Ratciagtr Moaa O Ramirei Dn P Ramon Samoel If Raimand Thomaa Ray C Raplce S S Q. ? Sninn Robert P uina Patriek R Richards Caddwel- Roger* Joiut New Qunn Robert Hoof Qailligan Jam** eadar Rice Maaaoa Rieh Samaol A Riohot Moaa Rich L B Richmond Nathan Ripley J aha H ton Rooa Chart*! Rota David Koaenberg Mr Rop*aN Roaaa Michael WmT Raaiom Thomai D Richtyoa Humphrey Rougct Mon? RamelMoni Alph'e Rill Thoma* RalMt Jamea Rigga Lewie B Raddy Patrick Richard J-2 Rabo S Richard Re* W C Raleigh Rich' dLangRioe Laurence Randall Stephen Ringgold Fred Bcevea H B Redding Moiei Reynolda Dr Wm Reilly J H Remington R 0 Kinggold Fred Rioaardaoa Wm Riaggold Fred ? Root Ban hard Rath* GF Rowland A Gr?en laaf Root Alexander Rods Moaa Aime Roaa Patrick Romalno Jacob L - Roaa Joha? 2 Rourk Martin Rath Mr Rocenberg Dadiel R^Knatein A Thai Ripley Henry L Rioly Charlo* ? Roberta J W Remington A Sbip- Roberts X man Roberts William Reynolda Griffin B Roberts A Rnggloi Reining G*erg* Robinson Amltt 0 Root A W Reynolds Irtitts R Robinson Wm A Ryker Wm Radln Pbtlip Robinson Samuel Ranyoa W D .. ? - ? ? Robinson Wm C Russell David Robinson A Co Randall Richard Robinson Thos Rua**U William Robinson Thoa Ryan C Reynolds Patrick Rset Michael Redfiald William Reilly Hngb R*ed William Reinsttin Rothan Rene Theodor* Redfleld James Rtev*s Abram Reynolda Thomaa Reville Mathew Reinhard 8 Redmond Tbomsa Reynolds C M Ripley 8 C Rivara Andrea Rickardscn G M Rice Joba Ricker Alexis Rickets John Robertson Rot D F Rnggela Henry J Robaon C H Ruiatll, Biriaall Robbins Charles D Ward RobMns R R Ruaeell E D Rockwell A Co C? 2 Ryan Thomaa Rollo Wm E Ryan Michael Rhodes C l RaaaeU Chart*! Rhodes Jamea A Robelin H Roff Stephen Rogers Edgar Rogers James Rogers Patriok Rogera James T Roes David Black JHamilton-2 Selar Wm Sagtrty Edward B Shelly Wm 8tacy M Sweeney Owen Sacuet Mons Spencer J oaeph Small Georg* S Sweet man Henry Swain Capt Iraac Sheridan Thos Saakett A Brothers Soherr*r Jacob Spraga* Wm B Balvi Sig Loreni Sabias 0 A Shepherd Wm Saloman W B Sherry Joseph ? wain son HonCbas Sheward James Small Edward J Sperry Arlow A Stafford Henry 3 Stetson Alex M Sainnel Joseph Stetson A M C St rat tman John H Stetson George Spragne Capt JosH Sherwood C w Salter George Sharaiea Robt 8ta*kford Rio hard Sherman J D Ryna Hugh Rudby Pat Ruck el Jacob Rnaaell David Ryan Michael Ryan Michael Ruddy William Ryan H H Smith Wm Smith D W, Ml) Smith W B A Co Smith Wm Smith J Edward Smith A P Smith 8idMon SeguardDrEBrown Smith Capt John Shepherd John W Smith Thos Wm St Jobn A P? 2 St Jobn J Scanlin Jobn Stanwood R L ?andborn Dr praagler B F Sherman John S Sherwood Wm Stephenson B S Stephens Henry F Stephens John Stephens Henry StrangACoWmB? 3 Staves J B Smith John, Fourth Smith Jacob A Smith John, Water Smith Thomai Smith R G Smith Wm A Smith Larry Smith W& F Story Albert Sotcio John Sprott Thomas Storer Henry Scott J C Sorel Capt A Souttsr Robert J. Stover J T Stew* Thos H Stevens CaptL*wis Stow* Gaerg* W Stevens George h Stover Henry Stevens Samuel Stevens J Stevens Georg* L Stsvens G Steward Ira W Steward Charles Stone Thomaa Sonl* Thos W Somorvill* Wm Strong JoMph Scott Wm Strong A L Stewart Georg* W Storming Jacob Stewart Gray A Co 8cott John Shephard B Stewart Joseph B Stewart Alax Sexton, S*al A Swearing* Shew J J Sexton D W Seymour Charles Seymour H B Sey iert John H Seixas Daniel Sillwood Riohard' Sillibannul Mr Strang S B A Co Sam pie A R gammon John Swaa John Samuel Mr Sprang Dr C Stanley Henry Shank Mr Sanford G Stanclifl Georg* Shanabaa John 8ands Joseph T Swaabery Jobn San sf or a Charles Sanderson Rev G R Saiven David Straser Salomon Sawyer R H Shaw J tmes L Spaulding Gilbert Saunder Soloman Shaw H F Sharp James Starkweather Cbas 8criven C H Sauls ier EH Stiles EG Savage Patrick Geo Swift Rufus C Saunders F Swift Capt Natha- Shin* Eugan* A nisi W Schnitker Henry Sickle* James B Stincmeta W H Stillman S Stairley Jos W Spiltolr August Stookdale Riohard Suva Manuel Ramon S*lomon A NUhold St*raworth David Shiels J Stoddard Thos F Sawyer A Co J no Sioklemore Clifford Stroll John Simpson J Sohn Louis Skillen Simeon D Stoll* Ch Germain Sblel Michael Stogdeb Wa W Simpson Robert Stoll G*org* Simon* Cbas W*lls Soderttrem P H Swift Edwia B Sooot Riohard Skillen liaa* Soobridg* Wm J Fcbriener HermanL Steirna Wm N Swift Lewis Smyth Mathew Swift E B Staarb H M Smith David Frad r Smith Dr J Bryaat Smith Daniel Starlets N 1 Smith Albert O Stnbb* Oaorg* Sowerly Thomaa Scwarby Mil** Strong samnal W Symona Samuel Sokulta John Sntphin B 8 Sterling A Shatter S tea *on Aaron 8h*pl*y Robert Sb*pl*y 8 B Springer David 1-2 Skinner L Sinclair Andrew Singleton George Sirwin Charles Sinclair Al?x Sayl* Stephen ^trausa A Co Sayer M W Spark a Wm Slaven William Nagr* Dennis Savage Jam** N SiarC Jacob Stark Ganrc* Sawyer B M Stiaass P Shea Robiason Sb*a Timothy Shea Darley Btcadmaa Mr Bbcara Jam?s A 8*al* Willis C Seari John R Searing Leonard Spear Wa S? i Smyth Capt JohnC Sturgais CaptWmH Smith Jamea O StrarnaMr( Pearl atl Smith tiapboa XD Sebastian MnnaBall Smith Stebbias W M Secor Ch Seckl*s J N Stedwell A B?*ley C W See W*i ley S**ley Wm H Stael* Richard Stoel* Richard G Seeor John ) 8h*lton Joa?ph Taylor Wm J Taylor G P Tall mage Iiaac B Taylor Jobn Tbarp* Joaeph Taylor Edward C Taylor Josiah K Tautiea Moas T Taylor A Co T H Trask Isaac T Taffe John Tallman James Tanfield Henry Tontr Jamea Taylor Cba* K Taylor Jobn M Smith C S Smith W H Smith Emanuel Smith S P Smith Wm G Smith A V Stryker Mr Sullivan Timothy Sullivan John Scully Jam** Sullivan Mioha*I I 8ulllvaa Jam** Sutherland John I Smith Jobn, DelancyStudlcy Andrew J Smith H Sturgeon Isaac H Smith Stephen MD Sullivan Joseph T Smith Jame* Scudder Rev M L Smith James B Squint OD T Tilden Nil** Thompson Thomai Tiston MonsEngen* Thomptoa Mr TU ton Capt DanM Town tend Cyrat ? 2 Ti*rn*y Martin Thorny toaChaaFdk Tingle Georg* Thorn* A Leonard Timan** Enstagnia Thorn* William S Thives Moas T B Tor* trick Htary Thora* S N Thorp D W*ldon Thorpe A Vaaaesi Thopton Cbai l*a Towasend B L*a Towmcad B D Townwnd William Tharae P W T Tbackard Rev O T Thompson Ira Toggs Solomon Thomai G M Thomas Mr Thomson B H Thomas John M D Thomas Samuel Todd Benjamin P Thompson John H Thompson Hanry E Toomty Mr Taylor W.lliam Tallman James Tamer Thomas Trent Georg* T?rhaun John Thomas Edwin Tolles II B .11am Thompson jSai Thomts Willi Thompson Albert Treadwtll Perry A Tboma* Georg* W Co Tree Motes Temt y William Treacey Maurice Teague Samuel Triat Dr B N-3 Tibbetta Re* N Timley T R Timmins B Timm Jobn H Tyrtll Jaaoi Thompton J B Thompson Jobn Thromer T B? 2 Tool John Towntend John Thorp J W Turaage 8 B ? 2 Tuttl* George F Troat Samuel Turner Cant T Cor n*liaa ? I Thoma* G*org* W Tat* Tbomas B Thompton Georg* F Turner Natttan B Thoma* Jams* TapperG eo C Thompcoa Mr Taeker Joaiah Thompton Owen Tram pa Andrew Thompton WalterC Tryer Jame* Thomaa M Spark C Truman M F Thomptoa G B Turner A D U Cptrn Mr, Br'dway Cnderwoed H Under* ord Geo R Upson Gad E? 2 V Vincent Leonard Vail T F Villega* Manuel Vanetten John Verhoeff A Co Verelit A Vanstry dcbck Venie Alexander Vlnoeat Peter Voae Clu Chrietian Vance Wm C Uhert Jaceb Urqnhart John Van Bagh J M Van Bergh Iirae) if Vogler John Ella* Van Bnnachten J - Velon Henry Yu> Anionic Venn Wm F Valentine E H Co ? 2 Vila Cbarle* * Vail Tbomaa C Volker Andrea* Vincent Jobn W Vott John Geo Violli Lonii Vandenborf M VanDuysen Robt Van Neii W W Vaneyckel Albert Vaniandt Rot B Van Vraakln J V aneoa C II Van Rppi Uarpard W D Van Allea C D Valkf nt.uzer A F Vandenbnrg J B A Van Shaick J Harlog R *lker W F Waleh Patrick Walah John Waleh Oliver Walden R W 2 Walter* John Co White Joel 9 Wentworth Jobn Weal G M Wheeler Lnein* Waiie Kmat Van Horn* A B White A Co Whit* Wm C Williams William Whiting A Williams M**>r* Weber Wilhelmine William* Edward Waller* k SeelylWebber Joehua B Williams James Meter* CaptS " Wallace P J Welia Jobn F Wallace C O Well* J H Wkteon Bonefrrd* Webb William Waller Tbo* U Walih Richard W*U* Cbarle* R Wtlker Jobn A Wallaia James Waleh Uirick Walib John Wallace Thomas Wale Charles R Walker Thomas Walker A Wallie Joaepb Wallle J W Walab Bernard Waleb I>a?id Walker Tboir a* Weigand Charles Webster 0 Henry Williams J 9 Measre k Bro William! J W Capt Williams George Will lame Aaron I Webber Joehna (TaptWtlliams L Dr I Welling Wm U 2 Williame Thomaa M Wenb J F, Williams William Weane Riohard Williame Aaron Weir Bron*on k Co Williams William 3 Mac era Weeks N B Weir George Welch F Webb Jeremiah Welaen RC Weeton Jamee W Webb Benjamin Willie Thomas Waleh M McN Pr?f Wilson Benjamin Walton Chaster W Wilaon N W Walton John Waleh Michael Walton J Ware Waehingta* Ward k Co Met srs Warren N Warden Charles Wilkins John Wilson J O Wiener John E Wilcox J W Wieke S D Wieke Daniel J Wilcox I. Warnock Bryan k Wriiht Joacph Co Meeara Ward William F Ward Felix Warren Henry A W?mn John Wileon O B Wilton M II Wilhelme D Wild William It Wilbnr George R William* Reeee Williams R Williams ThomaiQ Williams W C WUMams A M Whiting David Winchester J R Winelow W W Whitehead R Whitman J > Capt Whitnay George Whittey Jasper Whitmore Daniel _ Wininta S Newel Wiachell A P Wood Henry Wood liar Woodhame Phillipp Wooden Jeeela Weodbnry Peter P M D WolcoH Jame* H Woodford Stewart t? Warrrn John Capt Wilkinaon Jam** M Wood John W arlow Capt 3 ' Wilder J W WareickJohn Wilaon JO Ward ? N I lent Wileon John P War dwell George J 3 Wild Monaienr Waterman Thoa A Wilaom Henry Washington George Wfltee Jamea W W ateon Henry Wright John Wataon Samuel Jr Wilaon Samnel A Watkin* K A Wright Kev A W ateon Jamea SS Wright Orlando k Os Woodcoek* tranda Meeare Wood Stepkea G Wood Charlee S Wooa Eeq Broad. Wood'ord R H Wcoas Edward Woodmann Wm Wolf laaae Vorkuta Mr Wilkins B F . _ _ White J k CoMessrs Wolcott L H White Joel 9 Woalfbaon Watson David Waal, burn George Waterman H Wren Hng white Joreph Tbeo Whorton John W Wrtroore&CoMeear* dore Wood II Wet herell leean White J B WooeterWm B WelDerell A HolmeaWhlt* William _ Wynne Mr Meiare Wetniore Joa C White Jatue* White Louis 1 Wh'tc Htibbe k Co Wytne Wtn Wh.tall , _Wyco?t?A Wenri'U Tanla Capt D w?"?i William Wyman D W York E C Yoang Andrew W Yor ay William k > erkrtrono Robert Yale J Neahey Toong 8*mnai ^ 9!tmm<rmaa? Aa Zlthtnermann Eliaa Ziitmennann An arew Muerllaneoas, theay l**dy Cempaae Mtrtantil* Lodge No 47 1 O ?I O F Sec Cheirna* T.adrt No Iff Sec of ItWrpria* Lodge Covenant Lodge No SS I 0 Of American Family Pabllea tlon Eatahliaement Nelson 'a Norther* Uaeet ISAM; ?. POWLKE, F ?.

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