Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1855 Page 1
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? THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6805. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION"-!? \TTJRD AY, APRIL 14 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THF AMERICA AT HUIPAX. E'IIKKE MVS LATER FROM EUROPE 0 CHANGE OF AFFAIRS AT 8EBAST0P0L. lie Vienna Conference in Trouble en the Third Point. ACTIVITY IN COTTON. Plight decline in breadstuffs, tj., See., 4c Haujax April 13, 1H&5. | Tbt? royal mail steamship America, Capt. Lang, from fjiveri ool 10 A. M.,31stult airivsd at this port at about o'clock last evening, and l?ft at 12 P. II. en -rout* for Patoo, where she will be due to-moir:<v forenoon, so at htr mails will douMlne reach N't * York by mid* on Saturday. Ibe Ameiica reports, Apiil 0, <a:it?- e 50 30 S.. lcngi ude 25 37, passed the Amercan nhip flag of Truce tctrtag eastward. On the Ctb, latitude 50 12 N., Ion* itude ?0 41 W., exchanged sigutO" with tbip St. Law rence ste&r ng went TheCuaard steam ihip Cauda, wh':t was detained at Jtohtou until Saturday. the 17th uU , on RMJUit of *a ceident to lier machinery, arrived 3 at a*. Liverpool at A. M? on Thursday, 29th Mxrcb. The America's advices are to tbs 31?i ult. ? three ays later than those re:e ved by tb* Wa-jh'ngton at ew York. Affairs in the Crimea hid ucd>rg?n<! no change, aui e have nothing of importancs to report from that lo ,Hty. Attention wad wholly concentrated upon the Vienna inference, wnicli is r-pre.?nted an btiag in great di ill - Hulty upoa the all-Important third po.nt? so much so, ^ideed, that although the demand of the allies had been uoh modified, the Russian PleuipoienMnry had referred ie matter to St. Petersburg, an J further could done until a reply was received Tbe Frtach Minister pf Fwign Affaire had a! o been Lohdon to confer with the English caolnet upon this omentoua question. In the Liverpool cotton uaihetm active speculative and existed and a buoyant tons prevailed The of the week amounted to about 62.^00 bales, of hich nearly one-thitd wae t-keD by speculators and poi ters. Breadstuffs, with the ex ept'en o> Indian corn, had Krgone a slight decline, and a general dullness per 1 the market. Provisions also were somewhat depressed, and citations rather lower than those advued by the Itio. The london money market was easier, and consols w a slight advance, the closing price being 93,'?. THE WAR IN EUROPE, THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. The steamer Baltic brought intelligence that the first the four bases of peaee was uncon liti* nally accepted Rusxiu, and that the second was proceeding favora Since then, the second has likewise been - accepted, it difficulties of a serious nature have occurred on*the iir?l . The Western Powers, foreseeing trouble, did not ipose the demolition of Sebastopol, but modified their Into a reduction of Russian power in the Black t, in recompense for which they oiler to evacuate the asitn tenitoiy. The Russian plenipstentiaries reply kt they are not authorized to accede to any such , and must remit the matter to St. Petersburg, in the Conference stands still. jAJl the plenipotentiaries have sent to their govern nts for instructions, and the conference will probably adjourned until final authority shall arrive. Mean ie the fourth point is under "cusefon. |PrisM Gortachakoff, on the ?*>tb. iroved for the ad of Prussia. Paris Prune states (but the staiemvnt is contra - by other paptrs) that the ali>e? have assented ti race. THE SIEGE OF SEBASrOPOL. e special correspondent of the London Tim'* de ibes the condition of tue army as much improved ether fine, health and spirit* of the troops better, ivisions abundant, and sanitary regal at Ions strictly .erced ; bnt the actual work? of the ?ieg? make no ^^tgreas to justify favorable prophecies Actual in a?e of the lines and batteries the -e it, bat it exists both sides, and there has b*?n bo comparative ad ntage gained by the allies. formidable Russian force ie acsembled around Eupa a, and virtually be? leges th? place. The Rusians uld not hold Eupatoria if takes, as it is completely un the gnus of the English ileet. ^?L?rd Raglan's latest despatch announce a steady fire ^^.bont any change in the aspect of affairs. Important etations are, >owever, going on. The Russians continue to strengthen the works whieh By reeently threw up, "is advance of the Malakoff tower, eee are not isolated works, but are par: of an advanced ie of defence, and consequently it is indispensable for allies to destroy them. With this object in view, British are pushing forward a parallel from an ad oed point on the right, with a view to torm a junction th a corresponding parallel which is made on siae by the French. iTght encounters take place between the French and esian riflemen. The latter have be?n repeatedly dis ged, but again return to their pits, under cover of i Russian batteries. THE A8IA.TIC CO A~r. tie British frigate Viper destroyed, March Sth, th* Kello Tower and the barracks o! Dj . miter*, which the ssiaaa recently constructed for the defence of their nuniration between An>pa and Kers'b. The Viper |b<S from a handled yards distance, burned the grana i and took two gnna. The Circassians menaced by the < till exlating etrth batteries, while the steam ate leopard, acting in concert with ihe Circassians, ailed Sonjat Kale, but tie Circ-i-s^na h*v<n?t failed to ^ack by land as promised, the ph pc dicontinaed the nbardment. The CircMSliana, hooertr, took and ??{ a small fort at the he id of So jjak B*y. THE PRINCIPALI TIES. Reports are revived of a French divuion for B?sta bia and Muatlia is named as their place of rendeatous. na is occupied by a strong Russian garr'san, and the art of corn from Bessarabia is prohibited. MISCELLANEOUS. be treat/ of alliance between Sardinia and Turkey U |ned. The death of Prin:e Menschikoff reported a sa'tautinople manifesto from the Holy Synod of the Russian arch baa appeared, In iting the Russian nation to war Idefence of tbe faith. <o lo-? of life occurred in the rtceot burning of tbe inch hospital at Constantim pie. Great Britain Parliament, the details of tbe Sardfnitn C>nventlon been discuaaed in committee, from which we learn fit Kngland engages to borrow money at 5 per cent i loan the name to Sardinia at 4 per cent. Ir Roebuck's committee continues in session, and tic Jical oflcers are at present under examination. An ^nhy for certain papers connecied with Admiral Don conduct before Odersa waa refusal by tbe II jm? of Bm>na, Lord Pahaerston remarking th u there wa< no b of the Admiral's conduct that did not do him honor. i conduct of tbe Earl of Lucas was disc ia*od in tbe duh>t)s, on a motion to grant him a court martial, i Fart's gallantry waa admitted, but his demand tar a art martial waa not complied with. i motion Is on the books for tbe appointment of a nrr iu.ionto amalgamate tbe Fritiah and Indian ar or at least to render the Indian army available in i K<jr?'p?*n war. Another motion a.ska if it la intended <U a?,T more Bishops for Canada, sine* tbe Oa ?Try l.cnTTes bill naya it is desirable to re cxnoaetiM between Church and State.' ^ ~r >ent adjonrax o?er tbe Kaster holidays till April tihlfs of the advanced British s jnadron sailed |n- 1 Ml oa tbe 2C'h lor the Baltic. ii; nan att' tided a dinner at the flMMa'l Bel li, 'Won, and re.'<med thanks fer the aid rendered Ittn ak'i Aan;lean sailors. Lord Palameton pres ced A lonatfon of two hundred poinds from the mercbau'.* of Now York and Boston wan acknowledged. Forted b i s of lidinjr have appeared in tbe Liverpool marlet to theexten* of fourteen thousand poanda ster ling all ab'i'p-'d at Charleston, South Carolina, by Jumes C Nichols. lh<> fravd was accomplished by th? inac tion of tbe word hundred aft?r unit* in the bt Jj ot the bl'li. Mr. Fwart, tbe lite >ai candidate, gained the Liverpool elect on by a large majority. France. Prouj n <'e '.'Huys Minister of Foreign AflVrs, ha* foa toLndento bold n consultation, and wl'l after war 1 1 procted to tbe Conference at Vitnna Ah offlc ally announced in the Moniteur, Nep^leoa and Fuge'ie wi'l viait Victoria in the middle of April at Lent on * Spain. Tbe latest new- from Spain ia called satisfactory. Th Vienna piptraata'e tbat fptin and Portugal aicele to the Western A'liaact, and signet tUa treaty at Pari en tbe "2 lit of Match, bu: this etatement la nowher' confirmed. Belgium* No Ministry has yet be-n formed It his been an coonced to th< Chambers fiat tbe foii-igu relations o Bt'iiii.m a:e catUUctoiy, and are not the cause of th i Viuisteiiai difficulty. Gfrmnny. The i.'ifficnlty between Auatria and Prussia ia in citasing Th? Ku ran Cabinet baa retorted on Aus tr'a'a circular of March 6, by tending a circular to tbe Priatuan tepresentativcB at tbe Gtrinan court* respec ting tbe Austriac intrigues witu tbe <>ermanlc Diet. Tbe language of the circular is quite hostile to Austria. It says. ? It is evident beyond contradiction that the Cabi net of Vienna is desirous to sub-tituta it? own ra? tiVcS for tL'ue of the l)iot, and to this end It attributes to ui intention* which we do not entertain. It seeks pr^vcKation where no impartial judgment can find any? adduces the view.* which prevailed at the conclusion of tie treaty of April, ar.U its Additional articles, as tbe M.'le guide of action, in place ~>f the general principles ol tbe con'edt ration. 1 be circular further charges Austria with illssimuli tion in threatening Prussia with military dangers, wlide > to the test of Europe it talks confidently of peace. Sweden. Notwithstanding '.he declarations of neutrality by Sweden, ?be ia fitting out a fleet, provisioned for three months. China. Shanghae dates of the fith February, per the over land mail, state tbat tbe Frenrli bad again attacked the city and w<-re repulso-1, with lova, by the insurgents. The country around Canton is in tbe hnnda of tbe iniur gtntii, who officially cotified an intention to mi in tain a strict blockade. Ihereare rumors of a necrnd repulw of tbe French. THE LATEST NEWS. Lojmox, March 30? Evening. M. Diouyn de l'Huya left London to- night. He stays at l'sria two daya and then goes to Vienna. Count Walewsbi, tbe French Ambassador, and M de l'Huya held a conference to-day with Lords Palmare ton. Lanj donne, and Clarendon, which lasted three hours, and is understood to have been of the highest importance. MV. Wnlewpki and de l'-Huys subsequently proceeded to Buckingham Palace, and bad a lengthened audience of tbe Queen. It la not true that the Cocgress of Vienna have pro ceeded to tbe fourth point. Everything lingers on the tbiri point, and 'the French Minister will bear to Vienna tbe irrevocable determination of the Allies there upon. There are uo favorable indication! from St. Peters burg?. Paris, March 80 ? Evming. Tbe Funds cloael to-day as follows:? Four and a half per cents, 94 50 ; three per cents, 69 76 ; Bank shares, 10 06. letters from Alexandria of the 25tli March, state that 1,C0(J English lancers had arrived at Suiz, from India. Sere a hundred and ten wounded Freneb soldiers have reached Marseilles. The Bagdad news of the 19th February, states tbat tbe rebel Horde, 20,000 strong, continue an energetic refixtance in tbe north of Messapotamia. BELGIUM. A new Mini itry has been formed. THE BALTIC. Am.stkkdam, March 28, 185."). At Copenhagen and Elsinore there is still much drift ice. SPAIN A despatch from Madrid of 20th March announces that Esjartt ro bad resisted the demand for a democratic modification of the ministry, made by different leaders ot the militia, who assembled in the night. These at tempts at disorder failed, and Madrid is tranquil. CHINA. From Hong Kong we kavs dates to the 15th February, crnveying reports that the insurgents, besieging Cant an, had taken the Tiger Fort and plundered tbe surrounding village*. Commercial Intelligence. LONBOfc MOSEY MAKKBT. Vrnc-y is easily and readily obtainable in the market, at four and a half per cent discount. There has been no export of goM. Exchanges are slightly lower. Tbe bank rates of discount are without alteration. The bullion in the Dank of Fngltnd has increased ?"00,000. Consols steady at 93}f. AMERICAN SECTRimS. Messr.-. Bell and Co.. report but little chaoge in the prices of American securities ? United States '62 bonds 98 a 90 " 'f 8 ? 100 a 107 41 inscribed stock 105 a 106 Pennsylvania State fives 78 a 80 ?' bonds 81 a 83 Massachusetts '66 botdf 102 a 103 Maryland bonds 91 LIVERPOOL COTTON MtRKKT. DennUton's Circular reports that the cotton market was nulet during the early part of the weak. Since Tuesday there had been a good demand, and full prices were obtained. Tbe week's sales fuot up 83.C00 bales, Including 11,000 on speculation and 15,000 for export. Friday's sales, 10,000 bales, market Arm Fair Orleans 5^d. : middling, 5 3 16d. ; fair Mobile, 5>?d. ? middling, 6 1-lSd. ; fair uplands, 5 >,d. - middling, 54. Other circu lars call Friday's sales 12. 0.0 biles, and report large bu siness, generally, during the week, but without excite ment, holders meeting the demand freely. Prices of all kindi American <we firm as above que ted, excepting good staple lots of Orleans which, being scarce, com. manded a partial advance. Considerable Business done in Cea Island at steady rates, tia'es 83,000 bales, Includ ing deliveries ox-ihip. Stock 002,000 bales, including 378,000 bales American. The market will bs closed from Good Friday to March 9. LIVERPOOL BREAD8TUPP3 MARKET. The Broker'* circular report a very moderate bualae** in wheat at a penny to twopence lower. Flour (old to a fair extent in retail ft a reduction of tid. Indian oorn in good request for Ireland. Mixed and yellow firmer, but white easier. Messrs. Herman, Cox h Co.'?and other circular* report breadstuff* generally dull, with a downward tendency in prices. Western canal flour ii quoted at 3?*. a 3Pn., according to quality; Baltimore and Philadelphia, 42* a 42a for old. and 36a. a 40*. for new; Ohio nominally 80a. a 44s. White wheat, 11*. 6d. a 12*. 3d.: red and mixed, 10s. a 10#. Od. Mixed corn. 42*. 6d. , yellow, 43s.; white, 42*. a 43* , ex ihip. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET. Messrs. Uiglani, Althya k Co. report beef and pork de prrssed; bacon quiet and 1*. lower; lard firm at 46*.; tallow unchanged LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. Tte Brokers' and other circulars, report ashss in bet ter demacd. at 20s. tk1. a 30s. for pots, and 30s. a 31s. (or pearl* Ro?in Mils freely at 4s. 2d. a 4s. 3d.; but me ?Itaaa qualities neglected. Turpentine lower? sales at7s. fd. Tar? no salea. Spirits Turpentine ? a moderate busiaee* loe? at Hit. a 38*. 6J. Linseed oil in fair re 8m eat ?t ..-is. 8d Nothing done in teal. Rape unohanged. live quiet. Cod firm. Palm in moderate sale at ?38 If* a ?40 on the *pot, and at ?38 to arrive. Bark ? Philadelphia In retail at Os. Clover seed moves at full rate* fiyewoo.'s firmer, and the sale* lnrge. Coffee la fair export demand, at former rates. Fruit unchanged. Itlce? a good business In India? no American reported. Sugar barely supported. Tea In fair demand. Tobacco? moderate *al?* at unchanged rates. LONDON MARKETS. Messrs. Baring Brother* k Co. report breadstuffs dull and uncbasged. Coffee steady. Sugar inactive, and price* unaltered Kar Iron, ?0 Its. a ?7.; rails, ?6 12*. tid. a ?ft Its.; pig ?6. STATE OP TRADE IN MANCHESTER. The Manchester markets generally were rather better. PMftenger* by the America. Ml** Peett, Mr* Dove, two children and aur??, Miss Faany Taylor. Mrs R Meade, Mri Wabb, Mrs I.ansmaa, infant and nnraa. K Rutted asd Lady, Mrs Mora, Mrs Logi*. Mia* Logie, Mrs O'.Veil, M>* Rosa sad sirvaat, Her Austin 1'belda, Mr* Silver Mi?* Silver, Eev Mr Fulton, Dr Kintin looh, Mr* Barker, Mrs Bain, Mis* Bain. Mri Davit, Mr* Tbo* StcNons. Mr* Dale, Mi* Lea. Ml** Sullivan, Mr* Eatle aad infant, Mr and Mrs Fuote inlaat and nur?e, Mr P Sehmidt and daughter, Mr* Sfpsdman and ebiid, Messrs J M Dove, John s Webb, Mora. Lorie, OooJale and lady, Davis and eoa. Cavill'er, Potter, Meniies, Holland, Codd, O W Clark, O'Netl, Bretnian, Williams, Moniton, Reid. V Merjure, J MoHenry. J Tboinr*on, 'wot, Riobey, Park*. Jardlae, I Silver. f.e?l?, V attic. GiMbrnt, Ma?r?, John Bojd, Robert ? 1 ockhart. Wa'laco. Lo?.k! art. Pickup, Benjamin Snuthgate, I Fisher, SchoTUie, Rom. K?ala?. Plddlewood, W Mulr, C C 1 J mall. J Small, C Hil'oa. Par*uler, Johnson, Nicholson I Puylf, Hillj arrt. Whitj R. Jrere, Fiiteerald, Moron, Lan der. Brown. OeilvK, James Lee. Jas Rarker, A Motlilt, O Kaewlss, Coekerrell, Judge. C Judas, J R Davisa, Mol.aver, Brown, Steele, Robt Dale, Pankin, Clark, .? A I . niiwrll, Moore, Kraarr, A P Boyle, Thoi Kaldlaw, Ven ninj?, Ws t rai'.r, Iraisr, Railings, Duff, Daval, Sohnei New Jersey a Rum Shop.? The p* him of liquor B^gfcibition bill* by the two adjoining State* baa already the tendency to turn towards oar shore* those who deelre to gain a livelihood by the nale ot liquor, or wnete one by eoMramlng H. In Jersey Oty, Hobeken, and places adjacent to New York, property haa been pur chased for the erection of hotel*, aad Osmdea will aa doubtedly tiesis the reaact of tkiraty PhiladetphiaBa J ynutm VAMtte. AyU 13, City Improvement*. THE FX TF.F8ION O t LAVAL fclTKiaT AM) WIP1HINO OF ! WAl Kfc'R STHIET? TDF WORK TO BK COMMENCED 0* TUB FIB?r or MAY NEXT. The Court of Appeal*. as stated in the Hkrald of Thursday last, has determined the question of the extension of Canal str?et and the widening of Walk er street, by dismissing the appeal taken from the General Term of the Supteme Court. The matter is now definitely nettled through the exertions of H. Krbcn and John IL Giles, E?qs., and the work of iru froveroent will be commenced on the first of Mey. The cproaitton waa very strong; b'lt it was ftund oa legal IbvesVgntioa th?t the value of their property did nin ex ceed $80,000, wl.ile the amount awarded for damage stated by the Commissionerj wai $507,057, the assess men! for bent- fit being $5-13,058, making the aggregat kr award and assessment $1 055.115. As the widening of Walker street it a matter which affects the interest* of a large section of tha city, it miy be well t<> give a brief account of the manner in which i ba* been carried through. On or about tha 7th of De cember. I8f3, a resolution was passed by the Board o Aide inuu. and concurred in by the Board ot Assistants, fixiDg May 1, 1854, for the commencement of the work. Ob tie 30th of Deoember, 1853, an appeal was ttken from the Special to the General Term of the Supreme Court, and argued at the May term of 1854, and in September following the judgment of the Special Term was af firmed. Another appeal was ttkea in October, and the case brought before the Court of Appeals for final adjudica tion, in which, at we have stated, the appeal was dis missed. It may be remarked here that there has not been any stay of proceedings by any court to prevent the improvement since the confirmation of the report of the Comm'ssioners by the special term of the Supreme Court; and It is presumed that the Street Commissioner haa delayed the actual extension and widening as a mat ter oi extreme prudence, probably not wishing to be condemned for hasty action. As It has now, however, been finally decided upon by the last court of resort in this State, there is nothiog to prevent the work from fceixg commenced at the specified time. The extension will begin at the present termination of Canal street, in Centre, and proceed in a stiaight line for one hundred feet in width to Walker ntreet, near the Bowery. Walker street is then to be widened to the width of eighty feet to Division street, crossing Divis'on. and terminating in East Broadway, at the head of Jetlerson street, and near tue East river. When completed, this will form one of the leading thoroughfares of the city, and will bring the eastern and western sections of the city into closer couniotion. At present it is unsafe for respectable women to cross the central portion lying below Grand street, and between Broadway, the Bowery and Chatham street, after night fall, cr, in fact, during part of the day, in consequence of the character of the locality. In addition, therefore, to the great increase which it will produce in the value t( property, it will have a great effect in Improving the character of that immediate section of the city through wli'cli the extension is to be made. The Cryitel Palace. Nswr York, April 13, 1850. ?amks Gordon Bbiiht, Esq. Dear tiR? Your paper, under yesterday's date, con tains a notice recently promulgated by the Collector of , this port, relative *o dutiable goods now In the Crystal Palace: and in commenting upon the notice, you not only reflect ujor. the originators of the Crystal Palace enterprise, but the art'ele also contains statement') which will tend to convey wrong impressions respecting the foreign gooi's now in the Crystal Mace. In the first place, there is not in the Palace at this time cne thousand dollars worth of dutiable goods ; and before the 1st of June, every article liable to pny duties w'll be shippeu to the owners thereof. The bulk of al the property now in tho Palace consists of works of art ? mainly paintings and statuary. These articles were sen Lere for the purpose of exhibition only, and under a recent cecisicu of the Circuit Court of the United States, are not dutiable; and government, in my judgment, ha nc mere right to interfere with, or confiscate, this kind of pioperty Uan it has to take possession of the works of art in your own dom'cUe. The fact that the President of the United States inaa gerated the Crystal Palace, undoubtedly " invested it with a national character;" and If government shouM ceuflscate the works of art now remaining there, it would make it etill more national, provided the Presi dent f nd tis Cabinet would attend the auction whea the contemplated sale takes place. Tbe history of thia extraordinary proceeding on the part of gtvemment is in a not shelf. The Crystal Palace, from its opening to it* ?'o?e, paid the salary of a govern ment inspector Appointed by the Collector. During that time many thousand dollars were paid into the United States Treasury for duties on gooda withdrawn (or con sumption. latterly, there beiag but litUe for an officer to do, I declined paying the salary, although I proposed to have the present superintendent of the Palace (whom 1 have to pay) appointed government Inapector, on his giving the requisite bonds to faithfully perform the duties of tbe office. Thia preposition was declined by the Collector, and the bugbear "notice to exhibitors" was thereupon issued. It was published without notice to me, or without aujr explanation being given on the part of the government officials. It is not only ill-timed and ill-advised, but I am satisfied tne Hon Secretary of the Treasury will -ee it in that light when he ascertain* the wreck and ruin, as well as tne disgrace which tbe execution of this order will bring both upon government and the exhibitor. Foreign exhibitors need not be solicitous, for it is my i intention to protect their iutereota at all bazar Is. JOHN H WHirE, Receiver Crystal Palace, 69 Nassau street. > Court or Otncnl SmIoiu, Before Judge Stuart. THK FIB8T WARD BOMICIDM CA81 -DI3A0RKKMKNT OF TBI JCBY? TBIIB DI8CHAUGB. April 13. ?The jury in the case of John B. Holmes, tried for the homicide of oflloer Qonrlay, of the Fir it ward police, on the night of November 3, 1854, after re maining in oonaulUtion over sixteen hours, were dis charged this morning at 10% o'clock, by the Court, ?bey not - being able to agree upon ? verdict The jury returned to their room at 6 o'clock yesterday eve ning, and during the night time etood three for acquit tal and nine for conviction of manslaughter in the tbiid degiee. On being discharged by Judge Stuart, they stood ten for conviction and tiro for acquittal, one of tfce jury having come over to the majority during the morning. The Conrt room wan crowded to eulTocation with ?pectatore. all anxious to hear the result of the jury 'a la bora. Court ot Oyer and Terminer. Befoie Hon. Judge E. P. Cowlea. n AM1LL SENTENCED TO THE STATE PRISON. April 13.? At the sitting of the Court tbia morning, Terrence Hamill, aliaa Hammond, Indicted for the murder of his wife, but found guilty of manslaughter in the | second degree, waa called up for sentence. On being I asked what he hsd to lay why aentanee should n?t be pasted upon him ? Mr. H. L. Clinton, his counsel, aaid he had been re quested by the prisoner to thank the Court and jury for tfce attention given to his cue, and for their merciful construction of the facts, as indicated by thvir vardiet. The prisoner also desired to express his deen contrition for tbe act , and his sorrow for the death ? the horrible death of his wife? of whieh be, no donbt, had been the Instrument, tbongh be is not ronncioue of having com ml' ted the act. the Judge then, in very feeUcg and impressive re marks, sentenced the prisoner to four jean and six irontt<V imprisonment in the State prison at Mount Pieaaant. Personal Intelligence. lhe Manchester Mirrnr says that Hon. Ralph Metcalf, Governor elect of New Hampshire, is not dangerously sick, as baa bten reported, but is enjoying his usua bealtt. Senator Sumner will deliver an address to the citizens of Lowell and vicinity, on the :26th inet., la Huntington Hall. Hon. Mr. Dodge, tbe Minister to floain, will pay a brief visit to Washington be!t>re be taken bis departure for Msi'rld. Bin presence at the State department is daily looked for. ARRIVALS. At the Metropolitan Hotel? Bon John A Collier. Bini lismtcn; Hen U C Judson. Oftdensbnrg; Rev W W'yatt. r.sltlnifrv; A Stone, Clevclsnd; A 0 Cheater, Buffalo; Col Rolert M Rrnjick, St Louis; *?j S Maclln, Fort Leaven wortb:>dward Haakell Boston; J F Jett, Tennessee, Capt Ralph FrltsTransme; J B Wilson, S C. At the Irvie* Home? Oeoift B Rhodes, Provldeaee, It I; Hon W W Snow, Otsego, N Y; Judge Jno Torrajr. Iloneedale. la. Gem C L Ward, Jouanda, Pa; Prof M Meigs, Pottstown. Pa; (Jan M Cattrell, llurllngten, Vt; Hon C K Shnte, Bos ton; Pr N ("arrenter, GreenSeld, Mass; l>r W 8 Streetor. Cleveland, 0; J P Jones, U S al"op Cysne- Bon W J Had ley, Altanj; Rev M 8 Mai tin, Worcester; Robert II Rose. Lewittonn, Me. From New Orleans, in steamehip Creeeent Citt- f Urifho and sop. J R JacLlniK and famiiv, U Brink* rkolf. lady and ?later. T Andrlen, lady and daughter, M Peeiaaad, lady and two children, A Diesornoex, J Bragdon, W II Kmcatrd, I BloH. JMortimore J 8 Stoddard, M9 and J F;af.t!ye, S S Ar*">. J Cafttee. J Seholt, 1 MetteMni, B J am mow, J r liir k mail agent, L l.saebmrg, W More an, J A lUdnor, Mr ' ? ? i h, P Qnillan, an-* others In the steerage. ? r (nmkerlsnd Hsrber.Cnlia. >a ktlg S ? Hill? Mr Vet . -? e, wiffcjthre thlldrw and Iwo envaaia. i tim Mr WW U Vt-, Taversiei-lr A?*e?e |,ope?, The Major* Offi? r . ^ cms the viaitora who paid their reapecta to tha ' M0J0T - ? "a* Oovernor Medili, of Ohio. In the I course of rK' 'Qt*:riew. the Governor tcok occasion to , compliaeal ca the energetic course lie had pursued ; ?:?co he entered'o^011 the dutiea ol hi* office, the suc ceaa which attend K " fnfoarora to enforce the lawn, and told him that he ?m 'he moat popular man west of the mountains and that rrw/ woman in Ohio had fallen in lore with him. ihe Vayur has issued order* tha,t poJipemen shall be i-Uticne-i iu (root of churches to preserve the quiet o' j ^.Z ^bbatl1 JouLg urchins take advantage of the !Su\"U,# ^npaeives piteliiig pennies, ap.noing tops I ??th? n6r JUT<\n.!le "creations raach to the annoyance ^?ssariss,?" pre8eaw ?r 1 ^ * u^-UiTr*fen.t r 'ea? snJ healthy condition of the streets parflcularly wo: thy of notice. It is a long time si?* ti e city baa be<*n so free frow dirt. WAS AJAIKSTIHE M06QCIT0S9, Mr. Chas. t.. Townssnd, of Saugertiea, has writtea a lett.r to the Mayor, recommending a remely to free the city from mosquitoes. He proposes that every open'ng to the fewer* be litted with small water tight reservoirs ?' wi,ith ff the openings, and sunk about two [?tMh7l. i J*.t the four sides coming ?l thB *aU?'. and then ? centre drop of ?tone covering the entire face of the opening of the irain. and hanging iito the centre of the reservoir three inches bHow tho level of the ai<?ea. With thia ar! he rauet evident that the water m fl tbls reservoir before it can flow over Into the sewer, aud as the drop stooe would infmnt? ,n th? water three*inches, that neither insects nor foul air could escape Into the atresia L?t It * f du,tjr ot'he *>??<"?. to liwp these smaU re thprn fiui?? m. ag, ckW* with mud, and also to keep them filled with clean water. A little lime is recom water 1D C"e ?f its bt'aS fBCOnven!eat to OH it with SHOP.f M2A9USE, The foiljiring affidavit prtsentsthe first violation of the ordinance in reiaticn to welghta and measure. The Msyor has expressed hia determication to punish evory offeree of the kind to the utmost extent of the law:? Mr. Jerome Venuilyea, of No. 212 East Eleventh Yc?k jSiniT?" ? tte, City anl corporation of New York, being duly sworn deposes and says That he went Mr H.'iT1??' Bowtry, which store is kept by John Halstead, tea an'i coffee dealer of said city, on the morning of Iriday, April 13, 1850. for the purpose of purchasing three pounds of ground coffee, and ttat said one ?f hi? ogents, weighed out said coffee, !??P?h.. i!Laan>e m a P8'" Plck!l8e- Deponent further !!?? J" b*I.B? su?P":lous that he had not received In ! ?? ?i.Pfi **# }?* due weight of three pounds, projeedod i r Seventh ward station house, and in presence of Lieut. Camercn an<- others of said police, re weighed said package, when it waa ascertained that tha said package weigted but only two and a hall pounds. And sail ee ponent verily believes that stld HaUte&d, or his said agent, fraudulently designed to cheat, and did so wrong atd deiraud him out of one half poand of said coffee, thereby i.legally extorting from him the sum of blX CllitS . The Delta Phi Convention. Hie second meeting of the Delta Phi waa held on Thura day evening in Dr. Chapin's Churcli, Broadway. At the first meeting, in tiie Metropolitan Hotel on Wednesday, the proceedings were secret, and none but membera were admitted. On Thursday night, ho vever, the interdict waa removed, and there waa a large attendance of those who were not connected with the society. The ladies, aa usual on such occasions, appeared to be in the majority, and by their presence lent additional interest to the meet ing. The exercises were or a literary character, consist ing of an oration by Charles E. Whitehead, Esq., of Now York, and Anson 0. Chester, Esq , of Buffalo. lhe orator commenced by giving a graphic and ex ceedingly interesting account of three grand old Chris tian warriors and knights of St. John, from the forma tion of the order to its decline. Their feats of arms in Palestine over the Saraceni, the'r conquests, their no ble charities, their ae^f sacrifice, their devotion to the cause of truth and humanity, were described in vivid but faithiul colors. Although their founder was a penniless monk, kings anl princes did them honor, and considered it a high dignity to b admitted into their brotherhood ; their ranks were filled by the noble and aspiring youths of all lands . and, wherever the White Cross? the badie of the orutr? glittered in the haze of battle, it was a signal of success. Ytt, with all their bravery, they were ex P ? v .\nm _ Holjr Und b' the Moslem? overcome not by the sujeru* valor of tiie foe, but by the count less i myiU'ls which were brought against them. Driven totheir last stronghold, St Jean d'Aere, they defended it with a courage and a resolution unsurpassed in the an nsls of heroic achievunanta ; and, when forced to arandon ir the conditions which tbey nude were highly bpBorablo to them. After their depftrtui? from Palestine Uiey went to Malta, where they became as powerful as they had ev?r been, and as great a terror to tin infidel. Here they withstood the power of the whole Ottoman empire, and performed such proiigies of valor that all Europe rang with their fame. The lecturer concluded by comparing them with the membera of the Delta m The lecture was well wr.tten, was listened to throughout with much interest, and rec-ived tha fre quent applaud' of the audience. At its conclusion there was snme excellent music, after which Anson Chetttr r?d the peem, and after this the meeting adjourned. * ?w ,,.ter th? society took place last evening at the Metropolitan Hotel. City Intelligence. Mobk Post Okfick Koudwo? Bxklino LmEiw.? For some monthn pant compla'nta hare been made tj Pcst master Kowler. that money letter*, mailed at different places in the United Spates, and addressed to Mr. An drew J. Graham, No. 358 Bleeoker atreet, in thia city, were mi/aed. The attention of Mr. Holbrook, the spe cial agent of the Department, waa directed to the mat ter, and after due invest gation suapiclon reated upon * lad la the employ of Mr. Graham. Accordingly, some letter* containg mtney were purposely placed in his box yesterday, and when the joung man had called, as usual, and taktQ them out, he waa followed by the agent and waa seen to enter an eating aaloon on Beekman street, where he opeoen?-d one of the lettera and spent a '"?r''25.0^ nion*yi which waa subsequently recover* ed. lh.a will explain quite a batch of loaaea which heretofore had been charged upon poitmastera and their clerks. There are more lettera disappear in that way which are sent to this city by the mails, than are dreamed of by the pubiic. Responaible persons, and thofe only, should be sent to the Post Office. T*? Irvikq Horn Clobkd.? We understand the pro prietors of the Irving Houae Intend cloaing their hotel for three weeks, in order to be repainted and repaired ia a handsome manner. The large entrance on Broadway e to be converted into stores, leaving but a narrow pas ?ect 8 * si'ie entrances mil remain at at pre Jciip fbom a W ia dow. ? A laborer named Patrick Maher, residing in a tenement house in Twenty sixth ?treet, near Eleventh avenue, whils in a temporary fit of Dsanity. jumped out of the fourth atory window. He was taken up inensible. anil conveyed to the hospital. He will not recover. OrnuLMic Hospitai.? The surgeons of this institution reported 310 new cases with diseases of the eye since the last meeting of the Board of Directors? total, 2,750. Thia nob.e charity Is under the care of skilful surgeons. Jkkkkr?o> h 3tarHDAv? Military Paradi Yesterday he'ng the annivenary of the birth of the aage of Monti eello, the 5th P.tgiment of the New York State Militla> Co'onel C S Schwartrwealder, paraded in honor of the occasion. The JeOerson Gaard and Jefferwn Rifles are in thia regiment. Hetehman'a Clarionet Band, furnished the music, which waa excellent. We wish we eould say as much for the marching, but truth compels ns to aay that that might be much improved by a little hardn1 drilling. Fatal Acciskst to a Child ?Information waa received at the Ct roter's office last evening, that a little girl, abcut five ye^ra of age, whose parenta reside at 188 Weat E'gbteenth street, died from the efTecta of Injuriea re ceived by through a ot tl vault, infront of ahouse in the Ninth ?venue, abont ten days ago. The Coroner will held an iaquesl upon the boay of <leceased to-day. Jcraejr City Intelligence. 1m* PoimriAKS rw a DwrcT?? Who m Ma von?? David P Minnm biM bwn announced *a probably the Mayor *i?ctof Jersey City, by a majority of thirteen rote^ bat circom?tancea hare aioce occurred wbieb haw thrown the politician* into a great excitement, and threaten to change the mult by making felah Hill Mayor, by one hundred and ?eT?nty majority. It appear* that the jurist* of the ei*oti< ? In the Flrat ward. u|onat?eond counting of tte bal liacorfred that 196 of them were Selective In cot t ?- 1 . ce of Poind Ma*ter being apelt Fond M utf r. The board of city eanraaeera met at the Lyceum at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, to canraa* the to4e. and the jadgea of the election in the Flrat ward mar'e their report, throwing out the 1M ballot* pro nounced defective. DiacuMion enaaed, and qneatlona a rore telative to the repoit, upon which A. O. /abriakie, E*rj , ad<3ze**ed the board, taking the ground that the ballot* ought to be allowed. The boaid Anally adjourned to m? et thTa morning at 0 o'elock. The room wan throng ed by citiien* during the meeting. During the day and ev< nine the topic of diaeusaion throughout the eity waa a? to ? who la Mayor in Jeraayf" Cent Ofcnftr ThM Day. t uNKON Plw#? Part 1 at ? No*. 447, 440, 1T0, MS, 414, 450 , 410 to 476. Ma, 4M. Part 2d? Noe. Ml 47?, 480, 4 Hit. 4*4 487, 4*0 to 4M. Ml. 1hi< other Court*? Motion* a&4 4e?4*toaa. WK.W TOi.K IJiIGISIaTURE. Senate. Aldan v, April 12, 1865. The bill ineDiliog t Us Emigrant Pisgfo^fr act was pit Med. The Senate disagreed to the repart of the Com mittee of Confer? cw, which recommended the Commis sioners to locate a second Lunatic Asylum to be named I by the Governor. Adjourned . April 13, 1855. BEPORTS. Mr. Hl'TCHlNl, complete, relative to Justices of the Peace in that portion of Biooklyn heretofore known ah WiiJiamiburg. Bead a third time, and paused. Mr. Bkooks, against Hulster'a proposition to remove obstruction* at Hell Gate. Agreed to. The bill relative to property destroyed by nobs wai read a third time, and passed. Mr. Spesokh, complete, with amendment*, the bill amending the Temperance act. The amendments are uninportant. The report of the committee fu agreed to? a>e? 17, noes 18. A lsrge number of Assembly bills were reportedoom I Iete by select committees, ?ud ordered to a thiid r?ad riie Senate concurred in the Aaaembly amendments to the Bochester Claim bill. Tl* Asesaably res?lution to amend the constitution by extending the elective franchise to men of4 cok* was announced [Tabled, under the rule. BILLS I'ASHKD. Amending the aet establishing Obnrts of Civil aui Criminal jurisdiction In Brooklyn. For the relief of the Church of St. Andrew. Richmond county. To prevent animals from running at large In the county of Blcbmond. For the payment of tlie debts of the sevsral State prisons, and tor other purposen. Relative to stealing sad forging: railway tickets. Relative to turnpikes and pTanfc roads, and to prevent encroachments thereon. To continue Fifth avenue, Brooklyn, from Its present termination to Atlantic avenue. The Senate agreed to the report of the conference committee authorising the Governor to appoint the commishioners to locate a secoud Lunatic Asylum. Amending the charter of Brooklyn, relative to the election of a collector of taxes. Amending the plauk road law, relative to highway labor. Repealing the act authorizing tbe confinement of cer tain persons in Williamsburg Authorizing 'he Fulton County Fire Insurance Compa ny to locate in New York. Amending the act lor the preservation of the public health. [i.ost ? anil a motion to reconsider laid on the table. Executive session. A committee of conference was appointed with regard to the appointment of a legislative committee to vleit New York and Brooklyn, for the purpose of Inquiring Into tbe mode of crtmloal procedure in those cities. A resolution was adopted authorizing the appointment of an investigating committee relative to the funds of the late Court of Chancery. Recess till 4 P. M. AFTERNOON SESSION. W. Clark called up the resolutions relative to trinity Church. "Ibe preamble was struck out. and an additional reso lution calling for information as to suits brought, &c., adopted. The resolution for the oiitributiou of the Colonial His tory was adopted. A ccmmlttte was raised to make inquiry into the Emi grant Passenger Department The solution of tbe Assembly to discontinue tbe suit against Newell was adopted. The Supply bill was then taken up, and debate fol lowed on the appropriation in it for th? deaf and dumb. Mi Brooks said the appropriation as it was in the bi.l wss so restiicted as to icake it morally Impossible to comply with it, and the State's liberality would there fore be nugatory. It was, after some further debate, put in a more ac ceptable shape, wben several motions were made to strike ont tbe sppropr.ation altogether, but thjy were defeated. The Senate then took a recess. EVENING SESSION. The consideration of the Supply Bill was resumed. Mesrri. Dickinson end Crosby (poke at Rreat length against and for tho Bliad Asylum appropriation. The appropriation tor the Blind Aajluiu was raised from seven to fifteen thousand dollars. The section raising ScboonmaUer's salary, was, after a long debate, stiuck out. The committee are still at work on ths bill. 11 1*. M ? Both houses are stiU in >estion. Assembly* Ai.baxt, April 12, 1855. Mr. FrrcH laid oa tbe table resolutions to amend tbe constitution rtlative to a division of the State in Senate and Assembly districts. Mr. Blake- ijo: cabled op the joint resolution to amend the constitution, allowing colored citizens to vote, with out regsrd to property qualification. [Carried? SO to 26. On casting bis rote in the affirmative, Mr. Mag lire said he would be obligel to vote on this os:i*ion on the dsrk side of humanity.] The following is tbe vote A vrj? Messrs. Baldwin, Baker, B*eoher, J. Bennett. J. P. Bennett, Blakeslee, Blatcbford, Blessiog, Boynt?n. Crush, liushnell, Chester. Coeks, E. Cole, S. B. Cote. Corn stock. Covey, Davidson, Donnan, Esmes, Edwards. Evernt, Fuirchlld, Filch, Cites, Glctson, Jimmerson. C. 1'. John eon, L. 1>. Jvineon, Knaon, Klrkland. Leigh, MttleAeld, Lonrie, Macbao, Maguire, Mcliinnuy, ,Mallory, Main, Mai ters, May, Muiro. Paine, D. Palmer, V. W. 1'alui t, I'en-. noyir Phe'jfs, RoLinson, Schuyler, 11. Smith, Speaker, Stebbins, Stuyvesant, Terhune, 0. Tompkins, I. Tompkins, Van Etten, "V an Osdol, Warner, Walkor, Weed, WellJ, S. S. Whallor. u D. WllliMns, Wisner, vfooaen ? tfo. No? s? Meters. Buoxley, Campbell. Chapln, Coleman, Ci nger, Dcvoiiing, Dodgo. fcmaus, Ooddard, Hull, llnnc, Iv?ns, McLaughlin, E. Miller, L. Miller, Monday, Odell, O'Keefe, l'srsons, Petty, Piatt, Rider. Rhodes, Ses^rist, SmalW, E. I . Smith, Stevons, Storrs, wager, Ward.Water tury, A. G. Williams, H'ilsey, Wygant? 3n. The resolution directing the Attomev General to dis continue tbe suit against Geo. W. Newell was adopted. Mr. Blatchford offered a resolution authorizing the Con mittee of Ways and Means to visit the I'tica Lunatic Asylum during the recess, to examine Into Its manage ment, tie. Lost. Adjourned. April 13, 1855 Mr. Wekd repotted complete the biU to extend the time for the completion of the Buffalo and New York Rairoad. Also, for the dissolution of tbe Seamen's and Boatmen's Fund Society. The bill to authorize the appraisement of damages ac cruing from tbe dtverstcn of waters from the Genesee river, was passed ? ayes, 67; noes, 25. The House concurred In the Senate's amendments to the bill to amend the act concerning passengers arriving at the port of New York. the bill to Incorporate the Metropolitan Gas I ight Company of the city of New York. Mr Locbik brought in a bill In relation to foreign tail roads doing business In this State. third or bills. To authorize the Fulton Fire Insurance Company to charge its place of business. To authorize lesidfnt aliens to hold and convey real estate. To amend the act authorizing the construction of a canal for drainage in the city of Brooklyn. In relation to the grading and opening of Divielon ave nue, In Brooklyn. To increase the fees of Justices of the Pea;e, wit nois es, constables, and jnrors in justices courts, in civil cases and certain proceedings. BILLS RKTORTKP. Mr. F W Pa i. mfr, complete, for the preservation of flih is the Croton river. Kr. Ward, complete, to establish a Board of Railroad Commie* loner*. Mr. A. G. Williams, complete, relative to arrival of passengers at port* of entry (n this Stat*. Mr. Blatcheord, the Schuyler county bill, from the committee of nine. The House refused to agree to the report of the com mittee ? ayes 4rt, noes 51. Mr. E. L. f'strrn. complete, 'to vest the title of certain lane's under water in the city of New York. THIRD REAliI.NO OP BILL*. To incorporate the Society for the Relief of the Widows of Deceased Clergymen of the Protestant Kpiscopal Church. For the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people of toe State of New York. Mr. Phelps briefly euetained the bill, insisting that it wax right, just and timely, aad, if passed, would be the crowning story of the session. The vote was taken, and the bill lost^-58 to 34?32 members absent. Mr. Rhodes moved the previons question. Mr. (Jatks moved to lay this motion on the table. Carried ? 68 to The bill to provide for keepinp insane convicts. To increase the number of Harbor Masters of the city of New York ami Brooklyn. Lost? S 4 to 47. Receae to 4 o'clock. AFTKRHOON SKMION. BILLS PASsED. To (ncerporsre the South Bay Navijation Company. To incorporate the Sandy Hook Pilot charitable fand. Respecting unclaimed express freight. Relative to embezzlement. To extend the time to complete the Buffalo, Corning and New York tailroad. To establish a board of Railway Commissioner* To Incorporate the American Women*' Educational Association To amend the acts relative to State prison* Ihe Governor returned the bill to prevent Illegal voting in New York a* unconstitutional. The bill relative to the Atlantic Avenue anl Long Island Railroad was reported complete. Mr. Gates moved to reoonsidar the vote on the Roches ter Millers' Claim bill, but the House refused to do eo Mr Ivaivs reported complete the bill relative to con flnement of criminals In cells in Brooklyn. Also, to pur chase the Avertll Iron ore bad. The bill to repeal the charter of the Sailers' and Boat tr.enV Friend Society was paased. The bill to continue Fifth avenue, Brooklyn, to Atlan tic avenue. was repotted complete The bill to incorporate the trustees of the Conaump tion Hospital waa passed . Ihe bin concerning pessengera arriving at ports of an try. Me . waa rejected. , Mr. Fitch moved to suspend the rules to take up the slavery aad antl secret society reeotetions, but tbe House would art consent te do se. Tbe Mil authorizing tbe Cnuaoa Cornell of Brook ly a to Wttea aad extend Atlantic e*eaae, fee.. was pa*ee4. | The bill miking appropriations to pay (lie d?bts of tin | b,LogSing priton wa s p**s?jd. TK* bill to amend tee charter of the Pro Kp *? copa 1 x'otual Benefit Society wai passed. Vhe Chnrcli Tenure L?w. | From the A.'bany Evening Journal. April 12 J The bill in relation' to church property vat signed terday by the Governor. It declarer aH future -onveyanoes to priests, bishop*" and other ecclesiastics in .'heir official character or aa corporation* nole, void. It tfl*o declarea roid all future conveyance* of lands conaecriUed to religious purposes, unlets made t*> a religious corporation organized in oon formity to the itatuten of the state, which require such tort oration* to eonsiat or at least three trustee*, an 1 not to have an annual revenae of mow than $3,000, m ctpt the minister, elders and deacons e( tux Reformed Protectant I>utch Cliurcb of New V?tH; the rector, church warden* hiH ve?trj rn'n '{ Trinity Church, New York; and the ministtr, elders trvi detcon* of the first Piesbyterian Church ?i New Yori. As to sueh land* at present ttrld by ttdiviiualrf, (biahepe or other*) it provide* that they shall be deemed to be held in trust tor the congn-Kaltops who nee them; and that they shall revert to thonu ccttgregatiou on the death of the individuals who now have the title In cm* the congregation do not o/Ranlze a corporation fl> tak? the title, the land ahall escheat totbe .State, to IwhMd in trust by It until auch a corporation ahall b fir ganized. The Tax BUI. groin the Albany Argus. April lii ) poHing a tax of 0119 mill and a quarter on the taxable property of the State, passed the Senats oii leaner day evening." There were no democratic vot* in favor of it, and three whig se catora (Messrs. SherriU, Walker and Yoat) voted against it. It waa taken np and passed In the Honae yesterday morning. The only democratic member* who voted foir it were Mr. Dodge and Mr. Magulre? and several wh.g* voted against it. It is a somewhat lingular circunstsnee that t!m bill in each Ilouae received barely the necessary conititu tional vote te pan* it ? 17 in the Senate, and 0.j iathe Assembly. Some of our contemporaries, who ought to know better, apeak of the propoaition for a dirtot tax ai a a entirely new propoaition. They ahould, however, know that a mill tax was levied last year, and that the "quarter of a mill" in addition la all that wa* n"W ia the bill which wa* yest*riay amended in the House. Right of Suffrage to be Kxteaded to Ncgrom. [From the Alhany Argu?, April 13 ] In the Aofembly Mr. Blakeslee called tip hi* resolution proposing to amend the constitution sa aa to extend the right of suffrage to colored citizens, without the proper ty qualifications? and asled leave to print a speech U? lni'1 prepared, as having b' en <le ivered hera. Granted. The question recurring on the proposed constitutional amendment? Mr. Wager proposed to ameud so as to include all citi zens, mali> or female, black or white. Mr. C. P. Johnson moved the previous question. Mr O'Keefe moved to lay the motion for the previous question on the table The speaker ruled the motion oat of order! Mr. O'Keefe appeared trom this decision, and called for the ayes and noes. [Not ordered ] Tbe decision of the cha'r wn sustained, tho previous question ordered, and the question put on the proposed amendment of the constitution, wan adopted, aye* M, noes 30. C.'apping of hands at this reeult. New York Pol t Warden Rrjeeted. [Krom tie Albany Register, April 13. j It is sain that in Executive Session, on Wednesday, the Senate rejected the nomination of John Thomas f r Port Warden at New York. Mr. Thomas has Istely resided at Syracuse, was formerly a resident of (Portland county, and is somewhat notorious as an abolitionist. Appointment* b y the Goreiuor. The following nominations have been confirmed by the Senate : ? New York Harbor Master? Charles Chamberlain. Tort Warden for New York ? Thomas Fisher, of Lau singburg. Commissioner of Emigration? John P. Camming, vim Ueorge Blunt. Tort Warden for Richmond Co.? Richard C. Vreeland. Managers ttato I.unatic Asylum? Nicholas Devereaux, Silas D. Child a and Charles A. Mann. The Maine Law. OPINIONS OF THK FOKKION CITY PRE S. Onto of the leading German organs, the AVto Torker DtwwkrtU, after having stated that since the passage of the temper? nee bill, und its being signed by Governor Clark, a general opposite n had been manifested by the press of all opinions against the tyranny of ths Uw, says that only t*o pipers have dared to speak in its de ft nee, the Tribvi" and the Daily Timet, the firet ia eontequence of the erroneous opinions profe.istd by Horace Greeley for maty years, and the last in coo sequence of a bargain with the temperance men, by which Mr. Raymond, Tin editor of that paper, has been made a member of the Legislature, and a sharer in th Urge spoils which the temperance men and tbe whig ?te now dividing at Albany. The French Jciirtsl* of our city also strongly con d?mn the Tem; trance law The G/urru-r (Ut KtaU-Unit, the crgan of the French government, after review ing and criticis'ng every article in the law, conclude* by euying that "it Is complete in its monstrosity, and that the conclusion is worth the exordium. Fortunate ly, it canies withiu itself its own condemnation, and wa think can re-establish the many interests that Its pro mulgation has thrown into uncertainty and anxiety." The I'rogr-t , tbe crgan of the French republican party in this city, is fiercely opposed to tbe Temperance law. It tays:? "The disastrous ell'ect of thia law is felt already. We tee handbil's of ' To let' on a large number of first floors and basements, where to-day bats are to be found. Beside* this, many boarding house keepers, about taklog larger establishment*, have refused to sian leases, la the fear of the consequences of this law of love." Wagu J. L. In ford, 3 y? H. WapVs The Turf. LOUISIANA HACKS. I'sios Coirsb, Sand*/, April 1.? Purse $.'00? mile heats ? best three in five. Wm, L. Nunnely's ch. c. Sam Letcher, by jner, dam Me doc 2 2 111 mlay 'a br. c. by Wagner, dam Hedge " earaold 3 3 2 2 2 . ch. f. Galletina. b y (Jallatin, <?am Hi/a Mills. 3 year* old 1 1 3 3 dr. lime? 1 .42? 1 :18 1 :49>?? 1 M^?l :55. MKTiRi* Cocks*. New Uki rams, April 5.? It *o rarely bapptna that a race of mile heat* ia worth looking at, that wfcen en exception in made, aa in those of y*ater day , it should be duly noted. The morning waa ahowerr, and at intervals the wind was strong and high. A alight rain bad fallen at the ourse, which made it light and tale up to the hour of attrtlng. The attendance ?u confined principally to those who never mis* a race under any circumstancts, bat as tbere are not a few of that hoi t amongst us at this juncture, who came to see Lex ington beat Lecomte'a time, and intend to stay to see I ecomte beat Lexington, we may ta'ely say the attend ance was nnmerous. TLe race was for the "Pioayun* StaUa," to which there were originally eighteen sub scribers, which frcm causes which cannot be controlled, dwindled to three horse* at sttrUng, Tic Capt. W. J. Minor's and D. F. Kenner's Allies, an 1 Mr. Tenbrosck'a colt. The first was named the Tavorite at 25 to 20 vs. the field. The gray filly La Dame Blanche, took the lead th* first heat, the music filly, Melody, at her in dead etrneat for half a mile, (tn 63 seconds,; when abe appeared to think the pace too fast, and the Gipsy colt, Pryor, (named In honor of Lexington's trainer,) took an th? running, but it seemed he could not catah her, ana she came home an appsrently easy winner in 1 50. Toe se cond heat Melody to?k the lead, with the lady driving her ineffectually for a while, when Pryor took the ma'ter in band and won the beat, after a prwtty sharp acafHe, in 1 .to. A heavy shower of rain occurred before thejr started for the third beat, which was won handily br Pryor in 1:56#. It Boat be borne in mind that "thin stake was for two year olds with three year old weight*. The rain now fell in toirents during the time of prepa ration for 'be ?eccnd race, and by the time of itircinff, the couire and the surrounding country looked like ? re* perl: but still they started for the purse, mil* h**ta. tbe contending nags being Bos well ' a Ally, Raffle, and Pat e* Hatcher? the flr?t named being the favorite. Mm dsi'edolT and ran three-foartbs of the first heat like % tird Faffle ran at her down tbe homestretch, and mad* a very close heat of it in 1 8>rvml Heat.? Tbe rain stiU flowing like a waterspout, I'aisey made play for the lead," wh'ch she obtained be lore tbey cot aiound tbe turn, and just before getting into straignt work la the effort to give PaUey th* go-by, tbe Bo?w*il stumbled, fell, anu threw bar rider; to* others continued their effort*. The Bos well filly almost immediately rose, and belcg disengsged from th* toy, determined to finish the race on her own aoeoant. Shin darted for th* lead, headed them before th*y had gen* half a mil*, but waa finally stopped by runnier agalaat the fence and again falling. The rider escaped unhurt, but we learned that the filly received considerable injury. Raflle collared I'atsev down the homestretch and beat her borne in 1 .Sb, and served her the same eapev In tha next heat In 2 07. Tbe following is the summary. Picayune Stakes, for two year olds, three year old weights. Cube niption $300, for'eit $190? mile h*ats. R. Tenbroek's ch. c. Pryor, by imp. Ulencoe, out of fiipsy 4 1 1 W. J. Minor'* gr. '. 1a Dame Blanche, by Voucher, out of tady Jane 1 3 % D. K. Kenner'a b f. Melody, by Voucher, out *f Vuisic 3 2 4 P. F. Rennet's b. f. by Voucher, out of Ha' penny pd. ft. Also, b. c. by Voucher, out of Luda pd. ft. .las. 11. Gunstead's b. c. by imp. Yorkshire. eut of Picayune pd. ft. J. J. Hughe*' b. f. by Jim Paris, out of H*g*r. . pd ft. J. <1. tsoswell's br. f. by Wagner, ont of Brown Kitty's dam pd. ft. T. G. Moore's b. c. by Imp. Yorkshire, oat of Mln tiel pd. ft. A. L. Bingiimsn's gr c. by Capt Klgee, out of Ar rshN.iT.. pd. ft Time? 1 50?1 ->0? I fame Pay ? Pnt?e ft*' r I- ? ?>. %, A. I ecomte ft Co. '* f. !'.? bv .run. York >hire, dam by i . .tan ?. ? old $ 1 1 P. tVrui'g's ch. f 1's.ta J Urn. her, br imp. Mar grave, dam W ' 1B11, J^rear a'd 3 2 ) ,1 G. BoSweV's jf i?r ?o*. !a'n fcy I di.lpb, 3 V U I Oat* ?KeU an"' hi-r gli ? Tim*? 1 t*

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