Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1855 Page 1
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3C ?F??WM" THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT BUNDAY,) At Uu 3t*r Building, corner P?un*^lvfua avrrtus and E'lertk street, By W. D. WALL1CH, WSJ be aem d in roUvjfberi is the cities of WaA IfegUM). Gcoffrtown, Alexandria, Baltimore and fbUad?:phia,at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payahie weekly to the Agent*- To nail subscriber* lha mhrmpri*T~i price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CEKTS a yw In TWO DOL LARS tor SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fbr THREE MONTHS. (R??Sin?lb somii one VOL. V. WASH1NGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1855, NO. 711. RBV. JOHN LANAIIAN, PA8TOR OF THE EXETKR STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A Krotif de-ore to benefit the afflicted indacea turn thus to cer if?. We chal en*e any other nx'dicino to present such a irnw of tesii:riony from ffntlrmen w?d ladies of tnjh mnding of our own w? l-kiioMrn mtizsns. wlxi testify of cures of COUGH, BRON CUITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSTEPSI A, &c Baltimore, January 24th, 1855. ?w?. Mortimrr i take pleasure in n i>uw to you that I have used J Air "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit. Fr.?in a serum* t roat ??eetfno, my general health Lad become very much impaired, when I com iaeneed to use *? Hampton's Tincture." I found il* effects upo i my gener-l health m??sc salutary.? My Bervooi system and digvktive organs soon right ed up under i'si use. I bare seven J times recommended it to mv friend*, and in every case, as far a* I have been in Harmed, they have use it with miccprs. Yours iraly, Jon* La nail a s. Pastor Of Exeter it., M. E. ChQrch, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. Ralkioh, N. C.. Feb. 8, 1855. Jtenrt. Mortimer 4" Mowbray: I do bereiy certify that about twelve months ago i was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one boale, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, taking the f urtli bottle, I wx* entirely well, and now I enjoy as Rood btalth as ever I did in my life. 1 can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tuicture to all persons afflicted in my way. Toon, Gro. W. Wsaxlrt. CURE FITS?RE \D ! More to the Sick than Gold.?From one of the mod wy.-cabie Drumsts in South Carolina. Charleston, 8. C. Sept. 21,1S33. Mesas. Mortimer k Mowbrat:?The ?*le ef your Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle wild recommend* this valua-la medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planum have tried it in different cases with aston ishing success and are ?etnr<? it by half dozens. It has been found tu be the greatest ?em dy tor rheu matic afiectione, and a wonderful c:ire has been performed on a negro bn*.. suffering from Fits. I wdl furnish you with a number ol certificates if you wish thein I am, gentlemen. yours. W. G. Trott. 4?all aiid ??t pamphlets gratis, ar. J em cures of Cj?gh, Bronchitis, Rlietmiati'^ii, Neuraljia, Dys Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or ft dchcate children we bolieve r unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER U. MOWBRAY, 140 Ba'ti m.?re street, Baltimore, and 304 Droadwsy, N. York Chas. Stott fc Co., J. B. M00R3. I). B. Clarke tlirbi 8t Bowli>?, VV. Eluot. and H. Mrpnu ?or, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Cl szl, Geoige town; and <L C. Urrry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feb 21?tr Trrascry DuTAtiTMRXT, March 5, 1855. NOTICE Id HEREBY GIVEN to the holders ol atock of the United States described in the fol lowing notice of 3d Jannarv last, that for the pur pose of c<-inpleiin? the purchase of the amount tbrrein named, this department will continue to purchase, upon the terms of sa d notice, to the ex tent of the residue o( the --urn p.opn-ed not vet cb tamed?say J105, if ?aul stocks are offered and received here prior to the first <;av of jur.e next; Trrast ry birAtrjim, J.-nuary 3, 1?55. Notice is h? rei.y riven to the h....i? r? of the fol lowing descn.'?ed stocks ol the United Suies, that this department is prepared to pur -'iase, at any time between the date h?*re??t and the 1st day of Man h next, por.ions (?f rh ;*? -toe <e. amounting in the ag gregate to $1,^30,WjO. in ths mariner and on the te ms hereinatter men: oned, to * it: In caee of any eontin^-nt companion, within the ?mount stated. preference will b ? g yen in ihe order of tune iu which Mid at ocas may be offend. Th eeruficates, du'y assigned to the United St?t? s by the parties wiio are to receive the aneunt tnereof, must be traasn iued to tins department; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be j aid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The pax value, or anount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premiuiii on -*se stock of th* loan a>ithorix d by the ?rt of July, 1845, n Jeemabie November 12 ife56 of 23j per cent.; - si the stock of the loan au* thonze,-) by the act of 1S-M, redeemable 31st Decem ber, ifaS2. of 10 per ce.a.; on Uie si?Kk of the loans . iUthorizeai by the acts of 1817 ami 1818. a d "edeem tshle, the form ex on th 31st December, 1867, an-J the :atter on ihe 20ih June, 1868, of IS p^r cent; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act ef 1K50, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1W64. ^commonly called the Texan hidemniiy,) C p? r ck nt. 3. In ere^t ? n the par of cach certificate from the 1st of janu ry, to the date of receipt and set tlement at toe Treasury, with the allowance (f<?r ihe maney to ivach the owner) of one day's interest in addition Payment for said stocks will be m9d? in drafts ol the Treasurer ot the Uni ed Slates. (? the a^sietant r"a*urer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the par:j??e way direct. Bat lo cerufieate w.ii b?? entitled to the benefit ol Jhis whi(.-h >haU not be actually rec?-ivej at Treasury ou or before the sai l 1st ?'av of >farch pext. JAMES CUTiJRIK. mar 6?dtJunel Secre arv of tl.e Treasury. ~~ PALMER'S PATENT LEG. HIS a.VEK-CAN invention al in# Hi-rivalled both in this count, y andin Europe .jisvvorn l?y 1.900person*, and with most aRu^nlahing succea*. In vompetitiou with 30 pth? r siil.>ti!ute? of Uie best French, Eri'lis.^, and Gern.un manufacture, it received the award of the oar at hidal at the World's Exhibi tion in Lo^/>om. as the be?t artificial 11inb kuowu. in 'his country it has Leeii tinrly limes exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in lite principal cities,arid ha*,iu? ve-y in-la nee, received the award ol the hi2he?t or first pieiuium. And as a crowning honor, !>y tl>e unanimous approval of au interna tional council, the " First Premium"? only Stiver Medal given for Limbs?was awarded Ui.-inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Piunpiileu giving lull information, sent gratia to 1 ?very applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 375 Chesnut street, Plul^delphia. fcb 28? 3di T^ICIl BLACK SILKS ot every width and lv quality, from 75 cents up, very ch ap /Taul and plun Silks, Pink, while and bl'K waicied | Silks for Mantillas Wute, pink, blue and mode col'd Siialleyg White, p>ak, blue, green, corn and moje colored French Mouseclines 15 pier?-? pi tin U? rege, in every shade at 25 CeLU, j very cheap ;<%*is White, pi..k, blue, green, brown, and m de colored Bereres, iu 6:ie aualiiy 100 pieces Lavas and Ja* konets in every qntlity A!v>, a wtdl a.sai>'t*<d -tack of (lomeaitic Goods AU oi which will U? sold at very iow pricta Curluuiers nil do well to give us a >-:UI. WM. R RILEY, Corner 8th st. nud >-pp. Ceiure Market, mar 31?lm CUPPING AN!) LEECHING. JCL.ll>- k.UM>I?U!3 "1ITOULD respectfuliy kiiorm the public ih&t he VV ?s prep ire. lo attend to the bu?;i.eaS if Cup pin^ and Leeching at his BaiberSbo^foutb citle of r^nusyivauia avenue, b.:l*A'e- u 13th an.i 1'tJj sts Calls promptly attended to in all parts of Ute city, and at very reasouabit charges. mar 31?lm* _ GKATIS ! JUtfT PUBLlSHEIi: A NEW DIoCOVERY IN MEDICINE! FEW wor Is on the Rational Treatment, wilh out Medicine, of >iK*ru.atorrliea, or Local Weakness, Nm.ous Debili- ' ' ty, Low tf)>irib, LamiiiJc, Weuk neee of the Lin: >s and l.<ck. Ii.;,i-po-( MUoa snd lacapaeiiy i?.r Study ami' Labor, Du:iu<-m of Apprehension, Lo^i ol Memory, aversion to lioi-iety, Love of Solitu.Ie. Timldiiy; #<elt Distrust. Dizziii' ss. Head Ael- , InvoluuUr) J)i?e*h*rges, Pain In Uie Sid", Aff-euoti of Ui ? Eyes, Pimples ou Uie Face, Sexual and other mfumtue# ^Rol THE FRENCH OF DR. B. I)E LANEY. Tne imporUiiit fact io;.t these alarming) nm^lainU aiiay easily be removed without Mencine is, in thi? MH-'iil tract, d* arly dtmowbat^d; and liie entirely Bew and huhly sueee*.s?al treatmeul, as udoirfed b) the author, fulty ex^latntd, by ii-enns of which tv ery one is enabled to euro luoisclf per ectly, and ai the least p**sib:e cast. avoi>.iug thereby ai I ihe ad Tertised nostrums of tlie day. 8eut to any addiena, grstis, ond post nrt !r. b i?a envelope, bv re:.-iiun.a (p'lat paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEt, No. 17 Lis|??i.arc atieet. New Yorfc. ???<a XTOTIC'B TO FLUTIBrS.-EISBSBRANDT'9 IN suitor premium Dicsonin F^iu^and i la b Qr eitfs will be on oshibitioti aiyl for aJr I KW ^^riHUSUCS X UITfl Munv Dryoi, 1 A' Deafness cured?The following is Ukm from Scott's vVeekly: DEAFNES.-V?We understand that the sneers which ha- followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in ca-?es of Deafness, has been astonish ing, thouMktidii of persons i aving been cured, whose ca-es were considered hopeless. The calls for this medicine are from all pari* of the country, it being, we believe, the only article before the )>ublic for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z. D. GIT-MAN, Wash inston, D. C., and 3 S. ttANCE, Baltimore, Md-,&8 there is a counterfeit article io the market, feb 2S?-m ORNAMENTAL PAINTFRS, O. 13. V.VitZVELiL. * J. W. M ANK.INB, Louisiana azfr.ue, betireen 6IK and UK , Next to Yarnnm's Buildings, HAVING associated themselves to ennry on the House, Stgn, and Ornamental PAINTING in all its branches, will be thankful to receive all or den in their line ol business, and will use every ex eition to give satisfaction. JOBBING in Glazing and Painting promptly at tended to. Give ns a trial. mar 27-tt C. WARKIH1R, WATCHMAKER, NEW WHEELS, PINIONS, AND EVERY KIND OF REPAIR:! TO WATCIIES, So. 330 Ptaaiylvaala Av?na?, (Between Nintii and Tenth streets,) mar26?lm* WASHINGTON, D. C. A GREAT BARGAIN. WE have one of Kn&be, Gaehle fc. Co.'s Louis XIV. style beauiifnl rosewood 7 octave PI ANOS, which has been slifhtly damaged and which we are now authorized to sell at a great bargain. Terms of ;ayment made easy. JOHN F. ELLIS, Piano, Music and Stationery Store, mar 30 300 Pa avenue, near 10th at. DENTISTRY. KB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of ? Hun & Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain tei th, with or without gums, ^ for specimens of which (made ai d de posited by the late turn) was awarded the firs: premium at the Mechauice' institute Fair, recently J held hi this city These teeth are carved ar.d shaded to suit each paiticular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so peitecl as to deceive \Jie most prac Used eye. Particular attention also paid to Ailing and pre serving the natural teeth. . i barge* mod-rate and a!l opt rations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and I) rs.- en trance on D. mar SI?6m TP A K R p OTlf K'i NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. I) W. IJROWMNG, Merchant Tailor, under ? the Untied Stales Hotel, has just received a large supply of Sprmg ind Summer Goods, and i now prepimd to offT bargains to all in want of good and fashion tble clothing. His "Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: Wh I ^ tftttts, Coat, Fantiloons, and Voet, of thin cloth or,cas*imere, for $1*2. Fine L'Uck Frock and Dress Coats, from $10 to $15. Good Business Coats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, horn ?-1 to $7. Marseilles nd Silk Verts. fr..m *2 to $5. , He keep-; always on hand a larije assortment ol J fancy ;u tides, such as Shins, Glova*, Cravais, Um brellas, &.c. '?Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. CRAttLi * IIA-K. NS, Ar^ilttct. 'Pa. areuu*-, bt'.wser. Tenlk ani E2ev4m>i ttrreh,} j WASHINOToH. n. C. ^ vxr !Ll. continue fo fnri.i.-b Platu*7^ela*' working Y\ Utawiiix-t. and sj.ei rfieatious or buildings o every deportation,ar:<i ulm? to sifpeni'ttnd their ? rec 11< in fob 1 ?? i * PROSPERI'S COIiNET BAND NO. 1 \J R. FREDERICK PRO.?<PEP.I be?- leave to in form his friends and f>mie; patron* that this ban.t has been fully re-org-tiiized and is now under h:s direction, ar.d he is fully prepared w th a of the most Scientific Mu>ici>ui* in Ue citv, to fur nish music for B-ills, Parties, Parades, Tic Nies, Ex ctirstaus, Sc., at tli? shortest notice possible, by ap plying to FREDERICK PROSPERI, Leader.CHAi. PtOflPERI. Conductor; HILBUS Si HITZ'S Mu sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Morrison. Garrison street, Navy Vard. feb ~A~KARE CHAVi'E F?iR A MAGNIFICENT PI A'vO.?W:- have on exhibition at the Fair at the Smithsonian Institute, four superb PIANOS, which wife made cxpr< *?>iy for th s iair and irsy be relied upon as superior instruments. We will dis poi# of tliero upon very reasonable terms, give any j reasonable time on them, divide the payments into j rUi-li notes, in fact, make any reasonable arrange ments to suit purchasers. We hive also on hand in store the largest and mort reliable as ortinent of Pianos ever offered in this city, fioui the renowned manui- etorie* of Hal-j let, Datis, & Co., Boston,and Bacon &. Riven, New York. Old Pmnos taken in exchange. Ntw M'6ic and an assortment of every article pertaining to the music trade. JOHN P. ELLIS, 300 Penna. avenue, near Tenth street, mar 13?tf WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLATED WAKE AT REDUCED PRICES. W) E offer our entire stock of ^levant GOLD V? WATCHES, RICH JEWELRY, PURE SILVERWARE. *c , at greatly reduced rates. Persons would do well roexrimineour assortment, winch is by far the largest, most fashionable, and best selected ever offered to our customers M. W. GALT k BRO.. 324 Penn avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. mar 12? If H FINE WATCHES. AVING made a considerable addition to my stock of . ?I OOLD UUHTIMO PATrNT LCVESS, and ladies' watches Of first quality, heavy la caiatj cases. A1m>, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at gretuly reduccd pricos. The mot- ments are selected with gr at care, and every Watch is iiHiTTar.tai. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H SEMKEN. No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sta. mar 30 850 REWARD. I") AN AWAY from the *ub-?cr?ber, living in Not V tmgham District, Prim-e G orge'scounty, Mary Ij d,cn Friday inorring, Ihtt 16th i.i-tnut, my negro man EMANUEL,who calls himself Emanuel Gough- He is at-out 25 years of .tg^, <lnrk complex ion, hts a full set of teeth, ha-^ a scare ou hi? f<>re, one on his right arm. n? ar the elbow, is five !eet tight inches and a (ju.irter high in his boots. He had on when he went away a suit of drab cloth and a biack idouch hat. I purchased him of Mrs. crah Harwood, Saritrga street, Baltimore, and she has a brother of b.s living with her; and his mother (a free woman) fclso lives in Baltimore. Hn ?i e belongs to John L. Diitie*". I^q., n? ar Darnes-1 town, Montgomery coun y, Maryland 1 v. 11 ^'ive a reward of twenty-five dollars for his appreheii>ion, it taken in Priaee George's county, and fifty doll i s if taken elsewhere?in either ca;e he mu>t be brought home or secured in juil, so that 1 get hnn ;<g-?ia. THUS. R. E\KLY, mar 23? m T. O Nottingham, Md. ^ItVER \V Am 12, i'LATUB WaHK O AMOFI^iK PA.?n UOUit*.? Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, Goblets, tups, 8po?.n- and Forks. Also, a g-eat variety of majmnceui Fancy Silver Wure, suitable lor presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata The articles are warra> ted as represented, and will be sold at a rmall advance. H. SEMKEN, 380 Pa. avenue, beL 9th and 10m ktreets. mar 29?U R. 11. U1LLET, Oosaisllor at Law* ?'9^9 suJ residence in FracUin Ro?r, oomtr of E v.d Tbirterwrh rtrwnt n?*9A?,'8n PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. fJ'HE suosenber has always on hind a assort T 1 m-?r.t ol German and American ANOS, trom the veiy best n! a :i u fac t are rs i wbicb be offers for sale at lower prices than can be purchased in the District of Celunibia and r n the mort accommodating terms. All Pia<:oc purchased Iron me ar? warranted to givu saustao Old Pi aims taken In asahnnqB. B. UE!Sr?, l'r .t^^.rofHj!?, S, betw. Fourtaauth and Fitteeiltfl atrweta. eb refrigerators, water cool REKS, ice CREAM FKEEZERS, Ac. ECElVEo this dav n snpplv of Waterman'8 Patent Ventilated REFRIGERATORS , univer sally acKtiowI' dged to be the test Refrigerator ever presented to thu public. Austin's Patent Magic Ice Cream Freezer, war ranted to produce a superior Cream in five mnute*. water Cooler?, all s.ze*. together with a genernl a1?'^en.,Jof Furnishing Good*, all of which w ul be sold at reduced price*. C. W. BOTELER, ap 4?e< fit jron Ha[1 WILLARD'S HOTEL, TUP n?ld Polnt Comfort, V?. lib Proprietors take gn at pleasure in informing their many friends and tbe public generally that this magnificent Summer ilotel i* now being'fitt?d up in tlie tiiofl modern end comfortable Hyle lor the c? minf? season. The bouse will be opened on the fir J of June, with nothing left unprovided that may p-nmtfe the co? fort and happitiem of its ?ue*ta 1 lie proprietors also ttk* much pleasure intarinc that they will bo prepared and happy to aeeommo with a call11*^*1 ^ 8l,y who uiav J*vor jhem Board per day 03 By the week, per day ...*T 50 By the month, per day ..... 1 23 Bath* free for the guests. ?P2-lf C. C. WILLARD k BROS. TO T II E LADIES. MISS 8 J. THOMPSON Jis n->w prepared to shoxv onr largel and well select. <1 stock .f Millinery! 'which she ha* just opened, of the la lest style* which we are* llins at th?' lowest Bticcn and we cordially invite the ladies to call early am) have the first selections. We won I da I so n-spectfully call their attention to our lar?e and hand handsome stock of Fancy Good I erfumcry, Gloves, Hosiery, Stc,. which v.'e can sell at unusually low priced. hutchinson & MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, Fim door West of Wult~r Harper &. Co's. mar 28 ? ^ MRS. L. ALLEN, 31*5 P.i. avenue, I J-ik-.-ti Ninth -Ha arut TentH ^retii, south si.?e, II w vv?'' op-'i on Saturday, 7ili iriMant, a /fV mo-t extensive Miid beautiful assortment of Spihtg MILLINERY, cen-:sing of Crepe, s-?j|k, l,are Spotted Crape an< Gra<* Linen HATS, including Straws ot every description. Also, Mioses' Pre* Ilat ami Flats, fcc. L. ALLEN, ap 4? BEAUTIFUL WIIITE TEETH~ Healthy gums, and a sweet breath All who are desirous of obtaining these lten*> fits, a. ould use ZERM \N?S (J EL His RATE I TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now be coaie a standard favorite with the citizens of Nkw Y<-rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, an. from every source the moet Mattering laudation* ar. awarded it. Inflamed and blooding gums are immediately ben efitt^d by its use; its action upon them is mild soothine and effective. It* ti?e teeth hi thoroughly, that they are made to rival pearl ie whiteness, ami diffuses through the mouth such u delightlul freshticss, that the breath is rendered ex quisitely sweet It disinfects ail those impurities which tend to produce decay, and as a consequence, when these are seinovej, the teeth must always re main sound. It is us'd and recommended by all the eminent D?:;lists in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities where it has be n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZERMAN, Druggist <mu C heroict, Ninth find Cnlh.'trine str**etR, I'hila tlelpii.a, and mUi by ail Dtnggisls ev rywhere, at 25 eentt per liotile. VV. II. GILLMAN, jan 17?3ai Agent for Wellington City. VISITS TO EUROPEAN celebrities, bv Dr. Pprn-ue. $1 ' } English, past and present, by R. C. Trench, B. D., author of '-The Study of Woru<;" 75c Treatise en English punctuation, by VVi'son. Third eitition, ei.larged. 12 mo. ,?l Ashton Cotia.-re, or the Tru" Faith. Illu-tratrd 60i Hope Campbell, or Know Tnyself, l,y "Cousin K&t" " Catholic and Protectant Nation* compared In their relations to Wealth, Knowledge and Morality. By Rev. N. R-xtuel, with an introduction by the Rlv. Bafitiste Noei, of London. 1 Vol Sign* of i he Time#, pa.t and p*< sent, by Dr. Cum ming The Daily Life, or precept* and presciiption* for CI riitian Living, by Jno. Camming D D ,75c Cummin;;'* Scripturo dea lings, viz: Genesis, Erxo dus, Leviticus, Matthew, and Mark; each 75c Memoirs of John Frederick Oberlin, 40c Harper's Story Hooks, No. 5, Pu.nck, or the Philo sophy ot Trick- and Mischief, s?na!l 4to., 160 p,wAc. GRAY & BALLANTYNE, ?P Seventh st ATTENTION, OLD SOLDIERST" ALL my old Iri nds for whom I obtained Bounty hand in lts*s quant ties than 160 arre* are hereby informed that their nam* a and a memoran dum of t- eir time is ? n my Book, so that their de elarati n s for additional Kounty L ?nd can be made with facility Many of tho e v.ho failed to obtain land for want of time, are entitled to 160 acres and can obtain the same by calling tin me. Seamen, Ordinary Seaman, Marines, Clerks, Landsmen, (ol the Navy) Wagon Masters, TeariH sters, &c,, &e., in any war, will find it to their ad vantage to call or send their cases to me. Advice gratis to thor-e s Milts, Mamen and wid ows who are unable to pny. Refer to any honest man in Washin"ton. JOHN D. CLARK, Agent, No. 5147 Twelfth street west, ap 7?lm* SPECTACLES. ("MOLD, Silver, Light Steel, and Silver-plated JT Spectacles, suitable for all aiiet, and all kinds of eyes. Also, Gold, Shell and Horn Eyeglasses. Pebbles, Perifocal, near sighted and all other kind of Spectacle G a<*es kept constantly on hand, and wil be set in old frame* at short notice and at a MDail expense. For tale very low by E. K LUNDY. No. 13 8 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. mar 514?tf More new boukh at TAYLOR & MAURV'S. Julia Kavanr.ugh's nnw novel, Grace Lee ; paper covrr 75 c nt*, cloth 3(1 Life of Sam Houston, with portrait, price ftl &, A Long Look Ahead; <>r, The first stroke aud the La?r, t.y A S. Roe ; pr>e ^1 25 The Old Inn; or, the Traveller's EnteitaminciU, price Jil The Summer Land, a Southern Story, by n CVtild of the Sun. Bookstore, near Oth st. ap 11 . Pfe 11 ? O N * WITH DKFUCl'iVK vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all kinds oi SPEt,'TA CLES and EVE-GLASSES. Gla.<se* of auy kitid, such as K htaract, I'ambola, . Pcriscof.ic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at si.ort notice, with an at care, a d persous in want of glasses may be sure to get 'f>o#e which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vij ou," ."rutit- at II. SI.MKEN'S, 330 Pa.avenue, betw. lnii and lotli st*. mar 30 TABLE CUTLERY, ALBATA FORKS /Nil SPOONS, fic JCST received a large assortmei't of superior Ta ble < wtlery of every variety. Also, eve y st ieot the finest quality ALBATA forks, tsmosa, tea slis, cake ?as kei s, Castors, &c. M. VV. GAI T & BRO., 344 Pa. ave., beuv. "Jill and lOih st*. mar 12?u A BOOK TXTHICH EVERY BUSINESS MAN IN THE M DISTRICT vV ANTS.?Tlie Wa-lnngton City Directory, only 7a cen?? a copy, half price, can be had at ALEX. ADAMSON'S, on S- venth street, oppwitc to Hie Post Otfiee, where he keei* con stantly on hand a fine as.?ortinent of Blank Bm ks, Pens, Ink. P?p**r, Piaying and Visiting Card*. Games, kc. He is agent for all the cheap publication*, and Newspapers. London Illustrated Kens, Bell'* Life, Time* and Punch received by every steamer. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune received every ni^ht and delivered to subscribers, mar 26?lm HAIR WORK. ORNAMTNTS of H.ilr, tuch as Bracelets, Ckat elain^, Chain*, Brenctpms, Earrlngt, Fingv Riiivs, made to order, of any desired Uvsi^'ik ? All order* falthfaily attendaJ to. fipveimen* may be seen at my stnse. fa. SKMKliN, No. 330 Pa. a v.. bstwaeu 9th and IVUi M. Mar 90 THE FIBST GRAND ANNUAL BALL or TH* WILt BK GIVEN AT FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN Cn THURSDAY EV*HJRQ, ?prii 19,1855. THE Members of the Club pledge themselves that no patns or ejcpense will be spared to make it one of the nioat plea-ant Ball* of ih<- Season. Scott a Coulicn Band ha* been engaged for th > occaticn. 5 s caterer''*bment' Wi" 66 9ervcd UP by an experienced Ko I|jt? or Capa will be admitted in the room ex cept those SBOrn by the respective Clubs! ' and Lai<iu*i in^Lu' 1?V ^ R* adam,iu* a Gentl. I fc"y 01 tbe ,ucu,U:r? ol Uie Committee of drravgeuients. I D-H*?", J. K. CaJhona, Thomas Do wring. [ ^ " Managers. John Carr,) T. L\ Waugh, ? ? A. 1J. King, Gab id Floth. B' . . Root Manager*. ap'^WAykwlil1' 1Jarr"?n' Thos FIRST ANNUAL BALL _ or the MARION RIFLES, At CARUSTS SALOON, ox UiOKDAY EVEXl^G, Ap'l 18. 1855. J"HE Committee cf Arrangement!) have much I plearire in announcing to the friend- of the (_ompp.ny andI the public the First Annual Ball ot th?' M*rl'U Rifles as above. Frederick Prosperi's celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged. Ticket# .ft admitting a gentleman and Isdio- to l*> had at the place*, ot" tiie Committee and at the door on the evening of the Hall. All persons other than Military, are requested not to wear ihesr bats or cap* in the Ball mom. I he Ball wili he opened with Ih; ' Marions' Grand Match, (coiiipAsbd for the occaeion,) at 9 o'clock. Committee of Arrangements. T au ? ? Sbcck8,,? ?(?? I L F 1 well, Lt P B S^ars HKt S (,'alt, Ensign W J Walker, Sgi W (1 II Towers. **P -eootfii.tb (Organ) pAHASOLS. a. 130 very rich and cheap P. rascls, all c-lors i>'ra\v Bonnets and Misses'Flats, gieat variety rich Bonnet* and Ribbands 120 u?zen Linen canibr c Handkerchiefs in fanei boxes? at $1 50 per doz .n; we think a goo.! b' rgam 6 Embnidered and Clear Lawn Handkerchiefs in great variety 500 yards Swisj Edging, 12c., worth 25c. M) dozen black Ne. Mitt-, from 50 cents ud. very cheap r' 1 25 d<%en best French Kid Gloves, oil shades Mjrrtock is lar^e and well assorted, and pur chased at the very lowest prices. Customers wJl be pleased to favor me with a cnll ? ud they shall be attentively ebown through it, an;! the gotuL offered at a small advance VVM. li. RILEY, -,n. o. , Corner fc,h Pt > ?PP- Centre Market, mar 31?>lm TBO.MAS'S AMERICAN FRUIT CULTURIST E inn's Anjenc n F uit Grower's Guide Ftoy'rf Guide to tn? Orchard and Fruit Garden tale's American Fruit Book l>?wning's F.uiu and Fruit Trees of Amcrica WMilliy'i! Horticulture by Downic Sardee on Straw brrry Culture * njerson ?n the Hothouse And many finable works oa Agriculture and Gardening in all their variocs branche aP 11 FRANCK TAYLOR. more new dress goodsT WH * P"1, >?? day a b?nntit'iil stock ot new and *f desirable DRES3 GoODfl. Rich flounced Barege U<>ben, in black and colors A large assortment of Orgindys a?d F.ench Lawns Rich Printed Bare<re? and Silk Tissu-s M'u;s? lines and Barege de Lain#, in preat profusion Wmte Plaid Cambrics, colored, briiliaits and chintzes Embroidered and dottel Swiw Muslins flain Bareges in blue, pink, green, brown and tatr colors 1 Mourning coids in great abundance, in thick and thin fabrics. ALSO, IS STORt A large and full stock 01 staple anu domestic goods. 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Browns' Hotel. ap 7? dim LIME, PLASTER,~ /1EMENT, I1AIK, etc.?Ju-t*opened two large V_.' ki]ns ofsplendiu wood burnt Lime.?A. & L. P HOOVER have this day entered into co partner ship; Hiid, l aving made several additions to iheir fine kilns, are row manufacturing from 8u0 to l.OtiO iMirels of the best wood burn; Line f>+r Meek, which will be sold at the lowest market prices Als', constantly on hand a lar/e quantity of the fin-st PLASTER, CEMENT and H.MR to be found iu Mm. city. All those who are in want of these articles will certainly tind it to iheir a. vantfee to cive them a call. A. fc L P. HOOVER Potomac L'me Kilns, 27th street, on? square touth lower bridge, near Geot'n. ap 3?r'3w STONE! STONE!! STONE!!! BUILDERS, Contractors, and Others are In n by m iirleu that Cu'b, Fla?, Copi-g and Building STONES. Also, STONE-STEPS" SI LS ic. will be furnished as usual from those wed-known quarries owned by W I). C. Murdock, and worked until recently by the late Timothy (?'N- ale and his brother. For prices and terms applv to the sub scriber at No. 6 7 K ttreet,ard 11 J Van Riswick's lumber yard, Seveutli sUeet bridge, V\ a-hin?ton WM. COLLINS, ap 3- 2w* Agent tor the Proprietor PURE GROUND PLASTER. BY tlis single ton, or laiger quantitv. hlways on hand ana fur sale at our Suam Mill, lower end of Union st., Alexandria, Va We | repared to deliver it at any lr. ur at Page Wharf, foot uf Seventh street. Orders attended to with de-patch. ?P 10?eo5t C. J. WI3E h CO. ID GIjOVES.?-TVe have just received 50 dozen paL't of itK-se fine Kid Gloves a? ,"50 cents a pa:r WALL 41 ?ti:phens, 3S'4 Pa. avenue, next cot-r to Iron Mall. apli- lw FOR 8ALE-At ths SENATE STABLE south of the Capitol, three eood work Horses, and on* fine buggy bay Hone. Apply at the Stables, or febate Pom ufflce, inar^J -eolm* K EVENING star. XHS fcOLCIER'i VOW. A TRns TALK One beautiful Tndian summer day, in the autumn ofl844. a stranger appeared m the sheets of Hanover, N. II . whose garb bespoke the utmost poverty and destitution. As ho staggered along. he was surrounded by & crowd of village boys, who amused themselves by insult ing him with coarse jests and personal indignities. He bore their abuse with exemplary patience, and begged them wait till he felt a little better, and he would sing them a fine song. His voice ?. a> thick with unnatural excess, and he was too weak to protect himself from the rude josthngs of the crowd, yet he smiled on the tormentors and exhibited noothei sense of his helpless and forlorn condi tion than a look of grief and shame, ?hich, despite his efforts and smiles, would occasionally overspread his coun tenance. Late in the afternoon, the writer, then a student, passed him in company with a friend, when our atten tion was arrested by a voice of unusual power and beauty, singing the favorite national song of Franc. ?'La raiisienne." As he proceeded, a great number of stu dents Irom the college gathered round him, and at the conclusion an involun tary cxpitssion of delight broke the en tire nass. lie was enthusia ticaliy en corcd, and afterwards the Marseillaise I called for. The same rich, clear voice i out that wild ineJodv, in the very words which are wont to arouse the ( spirit of the Franch soldier to frenzy. Ihe admiration of the poor inebriate's auditory was now raised to the highest pitch. Despite his tattered and filthv garments, his squallid beard and briji less hat, now that the fume of liquor had subsided, his form appeared sym metnea' and manly ; aid his face glow ing with sentiments of tho patriotic song, and flushed wish excitement at the unex pected praise he was winning, assume.! an expression of intelligence and joy that beautifully set oil his really fine features 44 What and who is this stranger ?" was the universal inquiry. 4'His singing is incomparable, and his English and French are both faultless." 4' \es, said he dropping his eyes, *? 1 can give you German, or Spanish, or Ital ian, as well, or Litin and Greek either," ho added carelessly. In reply to the many questions tha4 were showered Upoi him, with the coin no so much needed, he at length said, in a sad tone, and slowly endeavoring to push his way through the crowd, 44 Gen tlemen, I am a poor vagabond, entirely unworthy your kind sympathy. Leave me to my iags and wretchedness, to go on my way." Our curiosi.'y was too much cxcited to allow this, and, amid loud cheers, we es cor ted him to a room where he wes fur nished with waier an 1 good clothes, and the barbers art put in requisition, and after an incredibly short time, he reap peared upon the college steps, smiling and bowmg gracefully, a man of a; tine appearance and noble bearing, ever eyes beheld. The delight of the ;rowd at this transformation was intense, and repeatid shouts rent the air. "Give u> La Parisienne,"echoed frcmall sides, and as sewn as silence could be obtained rgain that clear, iich voice, uttered those inspiring words ? " lVuj?!e Fraocai*, pcufle dc Inv#. La LibertH ruuvte *e br^e." lie was then conducted to the spacious chapel, and there he held an audience of one thousand persons spellbound,for two hour-, by one of the n o?t interesting au tibiographies that it was ever our lot to hear. Born in Paris, of wealthy parents, he had in early life been thoroughly edu cated at the university of Wntemberg, and received the master's degree, lie -oon after joined the fortunes of Napo leon, and with the rank of lieutenant, he was with him during all his campaigns in Egypt, in Italy, in Austria,in liusbia, and at Wateiloo. His account of scones in these battles, and his description of places and cities wero expressed in choice and graphic terms, and, on being compared with his tory, were found to correspond in every* particular. He related ii any unwritten and curious incidents in the life of Napo leon, which had come under his observa tion, and finally closed with a touching account of his own career after the battle of Waterloo. In the terrible route that followed that memorable event, his de tachment was chased by a body of Prus sian hussars, and, becoming scattered in the night, he wandered for three days and nights in the woods and by-places without food or drink. The chase being at length given over, the poor Frenchman sank down weary md sick with his yvounds, and ready to die by the road side. A humane liu'ch girl, discovering him in this situation, hi ought him refreshments and cordials, and among the latter a 1! of brandy. llere, said the old soldie*r, '? was the beginning of my woes. That angel of mercy, with the best of motives, brought me in that ti;isk, a deadly foe which yvas to prove more potent for evil to me than all the burning toils of the Egyptian campaign, or the intolerable frosts and snows of the Kussias?more fatal than the cannon of seventy battles, which kindled in me a thirst more iusatiab'.e than that which forced me to open my veins ou the desert sands of the Kast. Till that day I had never tasted strong diiuk. I had uttered a vow in my youth to abstain from it, and to that vow I owed my life, lor not one of all my com rades who indulged in the use of it. sur vived the hoiror of the Egyptian cam paign. 44 but as I lay in anguish, longing for i death, ar.d momentarily expecting his! approach, a sweet face appeared to me' wearing an expression of deep pity and: sympathy for my sufferings, and I could but acoept without inquiry whatever she gave. She gently raised my hoad and THE WEEKLY STAR. Tbla excellent Family ba4 V*w tainuif a greater variety of can be found ib toy athee?U TUlli Single copj, pat inoom. - . .i ibm i ? 0 45 TO ill l IS Fir* mt*+s ?? f ? T(.n J. ?1 k M Twenty do Pi?" Carh, iRTiumT m *.ev*jiae. Dry- 8ia*lr copies (In wrapper*) eao be pWWi at the counter, immediately after ttM Imh ?f lite paper. Price?trui cirrt. Pojtm apteih who act iw iftnu wd ha aStwei a commuMjoa of twrntv prr e**nt. wiped with her handkerchief the damp ness from my brow, and administered the cordial to ray lips. It revived me ; I looked around, ray couragc, my love of life returned. I poured forth my grati tude in burning words, and called down the blessings of Heaven. Ignorant of what it was that so suddenly inspired me, as soon as my spirits flagged I called for more. I drank apain and strain ; for three weeks her loved voice soothed me, and her kind hand administered to my wants. "As soon as my strength was suffi ciently recovered, feariag that some ene my might still be lurking near, I bade her adieu with many thanks and tears, sought the sea-side, and embarked as a common sailor on the first vessel that offered, and have followed the sea ever since. My fatal thirst has ever accom< panied and cursed me, in port and on deck this foe has debased me. and kept me from all cbance of promotion. On, how often have I, in the depth of my heart, wished I had died on the field of Yi'aterloo, or breathed out my lie in the arms of my gentle preserver. Si* weeks ago, I was wrecked on the packet ship Clyde, off the coast of New Brunswick. I have wandered on foot through Canada and New Hampshire, singing for a few pennies, or begging my bread, till I met your sympathy to-day. How do these college halU, and this noble band of stu dents rccall to recollection the scenes of former years." The emotions of the stranger for a mo ment overcame fcis voice, when he re sumed the tears still coursing each other djwn his cheeks. "I know not why God should dirtc: my steps hither: but, gen tlemen. this shall be the beginning of a new life in me, and here in liis presence, and in that of these witnesses. I swear as I hope to meet you in Heaven, never to taste a drop of alcohol in any form a^ain." Prolonged and deafening cheers followed these words, and I noticed many a moist eye. A collection was immedi ately made, and more than fifty dollars were put into his hands. As he ascend ed the coach to take his departure, he turned to the excited multitude whosur lounded him, and said: "It is but jus tice that you should know my name. I am Lieutenant Lannes, a nephew of the great Marshal Lannes. May God bless you all?farewell!" As these youths thoughtfully returned to their accustom ed putsuiL", not a few resolved in their deepest souls that emperance and virtue should ever maik their character, and that the soldier*8 vow should be theirs. Heroism Kept in* its Place ?A little dru nmer-bjy uf the 3d Grenadier Guards has blossomed into a full blown hero, lie was in ths thick ef the fight at Al ma. Balaklavaand Inkermann. He flsvr ab>ut the battle field a very Puek or Goodfellow wiih wakr for the wounded. "But for his care*' says the accounts, "many of the wounded would never have survived to receive surgical aid." Prince Albert has heard the story; and the prince, with the feelings of a soldier?for is not II. R. II. a field ma: shil?intends to prestut the boy wiih ?with? wtth? (well, if it must be said)?with ?5 ! It is thus we cultivate true heroism. In France, for instance, the boy would have been spoiled. He would have been educated, promoted: and in time might have found one of his little drumsticks converted to a marshal's baton. We know better. We reward valor in a prac tical, business-like way; we pay ready money for it, aud so have done with it foe once and fo* all.?London Punch. Telegraphic ?When it was first re ported that Prof. Morse had succeded in couveying intelligence between Baltimore and Washington, through the wires o: the Magnetic Telegraph, one old savan, mho had beed a school-master, and a membwr of the Legislature, gave it as his opinion that the report was a humbug. In fact frcm his knowledge of astronomv, he knew the thing could not be done! Short ly after, O'Reilly's men were seen setting the poles directly by the old man's dwelling. One day, he joined the crowd who were witnessing the operation of stretching the wires. Upon beivg asked what he thought of the matter then, he hesitated a moment?assuming an air of importance?and then replied: "well gOfl tlemen, wnile in the Legislature, I gave the subject considerable attention, and after much investigation and reflection, I have cotne to the conclusion that 11 may an finer very tccll for small p>\cka es, but it trill never do for large bundles?Mfldr."'? Knickerbocker. A Good Sill.?A clergyman having, on a certain occasion, delivered himself of what is called a tine addiess, was met by one of his hearers the next day, when in the course of conversation, alius.on was made to it, the parishioner remarked that he had a book containing every word of it, and had heard it before. To this the clergymen boldly asserted tbat the address was written by himself the week previous to its delivery, and there fore the assertion could n jt be correct. The next day he received a splendid copy of Walker's Dictionary. Takino after his Father.?We once knew an eccentnc old ms.a in the 44 Nut meg State," in its northern part, who went by the feiniliar title of 44 Uncle Aaron. ' 1 he old man kad raised a large family of boys, the youngest of whom?a wild, roystering blade?was named after himself In speaking of his family, the old man said, with a very long faoe "Among all my boys. I never had but one who took after his father, and that was my Aaron ; he took after me?trtfA a club!" Spltt Tickets.?All of our reader* may not ba aware of the origin cf the phrase, 44 split tickets " The ancieut Athenians used oyster shells for ballots, and their tickets were invariably 44 split*" eTelt when 44 regular nominations" 01* lowed.

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