Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1855 Page 3
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K V K N1NG ST A H. w-. Local Intelligence. <? ? ? ?? 1 r Our Advrrti.srrs ?Mr. W. Henry Palme-, heretofore known ns Robert Ileller, the raagi. cian. has dropped his assum; i name and pro fess on of magic, and is now devoting himself to teaching mnsic?hartrony and composition, as well as tbe piano forte. lie is an accom plished gentleman and a moit wonderful per former on that popular instrument. Anthony, for many years in the employ of Tood A Co , has just established him?elf in business at No. 3 Columbia Pla-e He has a la?ge and beautiful assortment of hats and caps, which he is selling at low prices, on tbe principle of "p*y a.; you go," which John Randolph once s*id wu the "philosopher's ?tone."' James Skirving, southeast oomer of Penn ?jIrania avenue and Eleventh street, advo* tUes a large supply of stoves rf every ft: lo and pattern. Though there can be no demand at this season for warming arrangement*, house keepers cannot fail to be interested in his double ovens and ooofring ranges, and other wares which enter into well-provided house holds. Mrs. Choate, 4fi Louisiana avenue. wi!lopen her spring style of bonnots on Tuesday?a fact ? of muoh importance to the ladies. We refer our riaders generally to the ad vertising columns of the Star, where they will find much to interest them. Thr Makij* Ritles will pande on Monday afternoon. Ibis is a newly organised military volunteer corp.-", which h<?s already attained much efli:.ency in the manual exercises. and makes a fine appearance. On the ovenirg of that day the first annual ball of the 4* Ritlas" will take place at Carusi's Saloon. Frederick Prosperi's cotillon band his been engaged for the occasion?a gusrmtec that tbe u;um* wiil be of the beat description. Tn? ball will be opened at nine o'clock, with the Marion's Grand March, oomposed fcr the occasion. From the woll known character of the committoe of ar rangements, wo anticipate that everything requisite for the comfort of tha attendants will be provided, and that the festivities will pi?3 ctf in a manner which will enable the partici pants to say, kf er it is over, thatthair pleasure was bounded only by the small hours of the morning. Flgwrr Gari>rs3 ? Now is the tirao t<> at tend to this subject?a pleasant ta k. which the lovers of floral beauties are not inclined to neglect. It id true that the work ij fatiguicj, but it is healthful, an?i the reward abundant 'Ihe love of fliers is universe!?sdulrs ar-d infants alike ?harirg in the adnrration cl garden products. "Ab," jou ujay sny, "I kavo no ground attached to u?y p rtiuUej for a jarden " Then prooure a few Ik xe.-. fiil them with rich earth, plant your seed, or cuttings, and bestow a little care upon theai, and you will l.e richly recompensed. Ths poorest, most humble, may thus bavo fomothing to gladden h:s eyes and rrjolce his heart. Within the pest we^k. a largo variety of f fruit and fi/wor bearing trees ~ y.uag and vigorous, app irently?have been displayed for sale at the Centre Market, ana rao?t "wi'h a ready sa'e. No me *i!l ever regret ?a:b adornments to their premise;?. Wc repeat, cultivate your flower gardon? or paiterrts. Ma&kzts ?We havo gathered the price? of tbe most important articles offered for sale in tbe Centre Market tfci? merging, ar d are sorry to say they are ?o high that laboring men who are now unemployed fled it very d.fScilt to supply themselves andftmliicj. The cao?o of tbij we are unablo to give; tut whatever it is we hope it it will soon cetsa to exist: lleef? freeh 12: a 15 .^en'f per pound; salt, b a 10; dried. 15; marton 12*; veal. 12j poik, fresh, 12}; sa t, 10; bacon, 10 a 14; butter, 37; a 50; eggs la a 20 cents per d ten; pota toes. 02 cants ;or peek:, 50 cts ; shad, large. 50 cV. per pair; rock. 25 ctc per bunch; herring. IS cts per l unch; parch. 25 cts per bunct; h>?y, $2 per 1im> pounds, straw, #1 per 100 pound*: cut hay, 8 ct? per bu?hel. We were inf jrmed this morning, that a gentlo mau rave ?6 50 for 100 bushe's.f wheat chaff. This is an article seldom offered in market. An old dealer in the Hah market informs us that yesterday shad were bricking $15 a $10 per 100; and herring 50 a $10 psr 1,000 at the shores ??? Thr Kiskel* have rotu*ned frcra delight ing our Alexandria friends, and will ?ivc two of their delight!'..! concert* and burlesque en tertainments ou Monday and Tuesday even ings. at the Odd Felkws* 11*11, ia this cry, which wc doubt not will be thronged r.y rh .so desiroua of banishing for a time the dail eares and arxieties of business We know no more lational mai.ner of passing an hour or two than in listening to tLe songs and witticism* of the troupe, They prove indeed, an "anti dote t j care." A most eom:uecdablo feature, ) among the mary good ones of their perform acces. is tho amu?icg burlecque and Wagatfile ?trifle whieb are sufi-ienily wiity to win'he applause of good naturtd audienees widiout encountering thj ire of chtiu. Romembcr the nights. lioTRLRR'S APPSOACIJ J>G GbCAT L^Sli SALR. It seems that this aflair is a'tracting much attention from tho property holders of Wash ington. Already we hear it said on the ace nue that one hundred and twenty thousand dollars wor h of property to be oliortd on that occasion hi* been rcgiitered. Ae the affair will not oome off until some time abcut the first proximo, it is fair to presume that the enterprising auctioneer will have his power to offer, perhaps, twico the quantity named above Mr. Boieler held such a sale a few years ago. it w.ll be recollected, on which occasion all parties, sellers and buyers, wore highly pleased with the result. Tur American Watcbrs.? The watches manufactured at the establishment of DenLi son. Howard A Davi*. Walthain. Mass, which are now to be found among the goods of our enterprising fellow citixens, Mr. bemken acd the Messrs Gait, are well worth tho inspec tion of all who rejoice at the progress of our c-.uatry in the useful art*, a? they are in all respects equal to any imported watches what ever sold at the same prioes in the United States Among them are very beautiful patent lever hunting watches the ca^e^ of twenty carats gold, beaueiluily chased and engraved. W? repeat, all in Washington w! o rejoice at the pr ^ress ot o?r country in tho uceful arts' will be exceedingly pleased at th? inepcction cf tho artioles to whick w ? here refer. Tur OaraAS.?The prxcedsof the exhibi ticn ml btanley s Wes ern Wilds, on Thursday night, for tho benefit of tho St Vincsnt's Or-. ph?n Asjluui. amount to about a hundrod \ dollars A i?dy who took a c lair.endabie par: in the difp<?aiog of ttoke^a. sold two hut* dred of them One ^entlcn^an liberally pur chased 25 worth The proceeds of last night's exhibition, for the benefit cf the Protestant Oiphsn A-'ylum, are muoh smaller, perhaps no: more than one third of the above n imed aggregate sua. A liule properly directed exertion would have secured a g~;d bouse. A Capital Strel Pes.?Taylor 4 Maury have a ?? new wrinkle'' in the steel pen line, manufacture 1 especially for tham by the cele brated houfe of Perry ?i Co, London. Wc have tried them and find that they are not only as fljxi'ole as a good gold pen bet that they last much longer than tbe ordinary a'e^l instruments, while their shape renders them much more easy in the band than steel pen* of different foriss. They are stjled " Perry's double action pen " Try them. "Soutary AF1> Alo5k.:'?Here was but one tenant of the ctn ral wa'ct-fcouse. last night, and be, for tho six h time, came in fcr lodgings This girdle fict speaks well for tbe general peace of our city at this tim^ The person to whom we huve jus: alluded is the same who, on one occasion, ca!!ed for his breakfaat on awaking in tbe morning, but was informed that the cook was oat maiketing! MALicior* Prr.<or ?One of oar police of ficers h?9 in his poss<ssi. n a paper of arsenic, which was fcund in a wood enolosuie on L between Third and Fourth streets. The own??r of the lot lost a fine cow. a iborttime Eince. in that place, and her fudden death g?ve reason to believe she was poisoned. It is believed the arsenic wu thrown there to hill the re* Buiaing oof. Attempter InfMPiarism ?On Friday, near midnight, ? :? trt-e body attempted to destroy by fire the dwelling house occupied by a col ore! man, named Butler and the property of Mr. Thomas Blagion, be'wecn H and I and Sixth and Seventh streets. A plank of the weather bonding wa? torn off, and b'aaing materials were inserted between the outside wood work end the plaster. A lady in the neighborhood, who happoned at the time to be up with a iick child, discovered the flames, and gave alarm. Mr. Josiah Essex, together with other citisena living near by, promptly repaired to tbi scene, and. by their highly liudable exertions, stopped the progress of the fire be'ore it had effected much injury. PtorLR's Theatre ?This evening, Fhake speare'a groat iraj:edy of Hamlet will be per-. formsd, Mr. J. H Taylor sustaining the part of llamlet. and Miss Charlotte Wyette that of Ophrtia. The play itself, apart from the good cast of characters, will doubtless attract a crowded bouse The laughable farce of the "Omnibus" concludes this oveuing a entertain, meat. ?? lub Concert by Ih9 Washington Glee Club i*hich took place last night at Odd Fel lows' Hal', Navy Yard, for the benefit of tho Baptist Church in that part cf the city, wa? band-omely patronized. Everything pasred eff a 1 mi r ably ; ti e only deficiency being the piano, which wa? fiat by at least a tone and a half, and oat of tune. The sieging was ex cellent, the receipts were Urge, aud all listen ers delighted with the vccal performances. rir.arWARn Mareet IIocss a*d North erji Liberties' Esoike House ?No deoision has ye: been made with regard to the former, though the bids for its erection were opened a week a?o, As tj the latter, all the propo sals have been rejec'od. The committee har. ing the subjcct ia charge are going to mature a plan of their own, for the construction cf a building acording to which thty will invite proposal.* ?? Stanley's Western Wilds.?The exhibi tion of this elegant *nd truthful panorama, depicting scenes of the prairie, the untutored sons of the forest, and many other objects of in?eraet, will closo this evening. Thiy who b-'ve not yet seen this admirable work ot' art, should not peimit the present opportunity t? paes unimproved Security for Peice?Ilenry Pruitt. was arrested a few days since as a disturber of the peace, he having interfered in some family qua rcl in the Seventh Ward. lie was com mitted to jail, but had since obtained security, and is now probably at largo. Tee Great Corporation Tax Sale will be commenced at tho City Hall on Monday morn ing, at 10 o'olock?the Collector acting as the an atioi e?r. ??? Oct Early.?This mcrnin?. our worthy clerk of the con*re market complained to the police <">n duty thcr* that a person who w*= aiH.cted with the smal'-pox wa3 pacing through the market. The o?ccr3 tendered their ser vice!, and a sacrch was made for him. but we have not heard of his arrest. Persons not en tirely reccvorcd from such dangerous diseases should s'ay at homo. Ditowxsn ?Two or thrco days since, Mr. Wainvright. ?nd a young man whoao came we If-am was B ker. went down the river to m^nag* fume gill nets On Thursday morn ing. while tho wind was very high, their boat capf-ixed and both were drowned. They were reiid-jnts of this city Altve and I1 lousdecixg ?We noticclthie mo'-nir^, wLne pacing throujh the fish mar ! ket. a large nu nber of tho shad, herring ai.d I perch, alive and floundering on the benches. This exhibition rendered the inquiry ?? Are your fijh fresh ?" unnecessary. BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Ship James Chest on?Captain White, and ti*A Crew?Thf H ink cf Commerce, fyc. Baltimore. April 14, 1855. The mystery in roference to the abandoning at 3ea of the ship James Cheston has occupied i considerable attention here amongst our mer J chint?, shipping men, and others. The cap taiu (White) and two mates are now under ar rest, and will be called upon to answer for their seeming miacond-ict A variety of sta'e mcnu have gone forth, all of which aro con tradictory. and of the highest degree unea^is 1! factory Vrom the most reliable testimony, it would seem that the vessel was abandoned without the slightest oau-e and that culpable ! uerelic'ien of duty attaches itself somewhere. ! There can be no doubt tba: Captain White wag j drank and ret derea insensible. as well as in j competent, fro o an inordinate ueo of ardent . spirits There to appear no motive for j atij; criminal act, and none perpetrated. The I whedo tliig thou re'ol'.cu it-elf into the faot ! that the captaia was craxy, and rum at the bottom of it This is the only reasonable ex cuse he can make. Our tcwLfcman, Col. John f3. Gittings. fc com^anied by his accdmpuehfcd lady, arrived hom<* last right from iheir southern tour. Ccl G.'s health is greatly improved and he l-juk* well?the disease is supposed to have been entirely eradicated. It is with great satisfaction I annoacco this fact I now learn upon good authority, that the deftlcation of Mr- Taylor, late President of tae Bank cf Commerce in our'city, will not fall short of sixty thousand dollars. Ihe in stitution, however, is inured, or holds secur ity by which it cannot lose over ten thousand dollars?probably not so much This bouse is no * again in the full tide of successful op eration, with Mr. Allnu.t at its head as I're.-i dent, aud cannot fail of complete sucoots It has the full confidence of our commercial and business community. Th j 'jue-ti^n of selling the oity's interest in the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, has t>ub sided. It proved not enly to . be an unpap a' ar but injudicious move. There could t.e found no legality to justify such an act. Ihe truth is, it wis a scheme concocted by a few of tho private stock holders, including some of our wealthiest citiiens, amongst whom might be named John llopkins, Columbus O'Dontell, Robert Ganatt 1 Sons, the bank ing house of Lee & Co., and some half dosen odiers who wished to get control of that great iaiproveaiaat and turn it to their own udvan> tage This was transparent aa ice. I loam from, gx;d authority, that the road is now doing adnvrably. and daily increasing in bu siness Ihe prosp*eta are that at no very dis tant day?probably twelve months hence? the direetou will be abie to declare a hand some dividend, and that the company will be fairly on its legs Political affairs are very quiet in our city at present 'Ihe Know Nothing* are, I suppose, "laying low for black ducks," and waiting to see what will turn up in Virginia Oar city is quito lively Thousands of Strang* ers are Lere lroin all quarters Buriress is very b i-k Money is ea.;y Amusements are flourwhiig BreaiLtuffj have obtained an awful price Flour is now higher than it has been since the late war with Kogland Siles to ?liy of Ilowird t-treet and Ci.y Mills at SlO Zj a $10 60. Wheat *2 It j a $2 65 per; bushel. Corn *1 a $1 0a. and prices going up. I Ihe condition of financial aS'airs continues easy There ia un abundance of capital seek ing sound inv.s mont at easy rat03. The ox ports of tpecie ha.e been comparatively light for some weeks, not eaual to the imports from California. From various reliable cource3 we learn that there is an unusually large amount of money in the hands of persons in the coun try. Farmers, for two or three yea4a past, have been receiving very high priecs?under these circumstances, thoy beceme easy in their conditivn, having accumulated largely iluch of this capital was retained In idlonesa, tha owners nat being disposed to risk it during the late pressure, even at a high por oantage. Confidence now being ia a great measure restored these accumulated fund* aro seeking investment, whioh hi-s a favorable tendency. Country merchants aro generally much easier and their obligations negotiable with more fa cility This gives ease to our citv dailers, whose bills receivable are tnrned Into cash, and heuce the necessity of borrowing has de creased. Good busine*s notes are now treely taken on the street at 8*9 per oent. Sccond class paner 10al2 por cent, discount, and aot much t tfpring. Money on call can be had freely at 6 per cent. The Banks continue to di .count all good, legitimate paper fr ely I observe a steady inquiry for all sound, dividend paying stocks, and prices varyirg bwilitUo?Ui? twlcBcj id gradually upwaji. rom Fancy P"onriti?s are in less epecalativo re quest. Exchanges aro quiet. Not much doing,. W? quote on London, 9jal0. Roderick ( GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. CiLZ Vounrils?Important Mtssaee ft Mayor-Loss of liorse and li,lggy-<Jaiu>l and Markets. 6*y iwi. k .Ga01J0?0W5. April 14,1855 Both brandies of our City Council were in session last night. A message from the Mayor in relatioa to the Metropolitan Railroad was reau. lie takes strong grounds ngain3t tho further p'osecution of this important work, and denominates it a visionary and hopeless project, calculated to plunge the town in un necessary debt without any prospcct of future remuneration. The message is regarded by all as a foreshadowing of his future oourse in relation to the road, and that he will resist all appropriations by th9 Corporation far the seiond installment, utiloss the people, in a or^ial manner, authorise the Councils to ob tain from Congress authority to make the sub scription. 'J he message was referred to the eommittoe of ways and means, who, we are in clined to believo, will report a bill authorising an appropriation to meet the soconi install ment when it shall fall due. Tho resignation of Taul Stephens, policc magistrate, was received. The account of J. M Boteler, of Philadol- j phia, for prin'ingpVesof Mr. Ellett's bridge, amounting to $28, was read and referred. A mrmorial from many merchants on Water street, asking the repeal of the law requirln ha>;t0 weig ed by the long hundred, was read and referred. A biH parsed the lower Board authorising the purchase of a piece of ground for the use and ber.eht of the alms and work hou?e for referred ' thC upP?r Boart* R wc.s A bill passoi both Eiards appropriating$?0 for the benefit of Dr. J. S. Lauk, and *37 50 for Walier Silence. Al o bill authorizing the appointment of a messenger to the Mayor and cierk, at a yearly salary of $100, and the free use of the third story of tho town-hall. One authorising the thorough paving and 'rirVT0t,the tl)otway?' ourbs. Ac., on both sides of high street, from Water to Fifth. One authorising the Mayor to contract with some reepjntible and competent parson for kccpip<? in r.-pair tho public pumps nM^"ID!i ^"imittee consisting of Messrs. rw! r ^ lhe upper, and Messrs. Bangs, Cameron A Ldes, of the lower Uoard?, was appointed to considor the messages of the Mayor in relation to tho paving over the sras mams iu his strco'8. A frw d xys ficce Mr. Marshal, who reside? near fonalytcwo, stopped at Oafe Hill Ceme tery and went in, leaving outride a very vnlu av.e hnrea and bug^y. Seen af er he hid left theui, scma daring villain c*mo up, jumped into tue bu^gy, a-d drove eff a' a rap d rite tp to jes'ur-ay m rninj;. nothing had bocn uear-J cf who ho was, orhi3 whereabouia Con-!d?raMe ba^ico-a haa boon d^no upon our canal this week Mngt of the arriva's were from Cumbeilind with coal The bal in^tfrnra d Lr?rent With tl mr, wood, Ac. -the ll'jnr market is firm with an upward tendency; sales at ilOiJlC 25. No sales cf w.;eat hel i at #2 40a?2 50 for red and white, ^ales, smco cur last report, of somo 3,000 bushel* corn, white and yellow, at 97 cents? ^ ! aorni:;g at Spkctatoii CTT^f. ???? r.-.u. *> W-. , ? ? 1 to . ill . r l^r ? !.,r M- l. ... I', iiilVai. l CI*.* , . i H >,rlrt ???utioii will be to ?I t ' i I" !'ollS '""UK of the a*y ?ud rh? uliiii bc.l 1S ou th, rigij, of tlie gtJre door fcP I'? l!^ ^rnyP!iJS?,?M|tNA !s M?'^Ne-H^7ch!tt.. Ongh. ^-a ii it .(J . ? \ i (iKl Aitl.K l!N?;T?'?K-r.y ?> t-|' ? iT?.'?rrV ' !:.,h" *'"'?-?? fc.r.?l- u:e 1 c*cv ev ?n ',u. mc llcfne is T.-orkiu* o ,.tM-r? BPOU the 1., .i?Li lr*,i.?. s^_* ,. .,P! < Zr l OCZ";lS AND ;S1 MKUICINR. Cunar'n >???'<?< <-:? i n ? t, . | ; |t. ' ?*nlc?*iil ?infyii.^ - , -t* i | v".' ' ; >' ? ' -11 lit** -1.,*'*'r Ilicr -li'y tn, v n m k t.. Nature'* ?w,, j,"h. ri^ II, It* ..^nnlr--, aril at Hit-!, .ii ?.? tlrr.o extra*.r.lui?ry (ff.,,,; ?JJ~ ' ' ?* "'ccrex 1 ' i I v rn-i. " ..i ?' , f?'"' -f!: "f Hl'l.wonrt, Va , ,'ni |..U8l be coi elusive evHeuca that there U do l.ombug about b0ltU Wi" 8AtU^ tUe n'?" -optical ???See wlverlUciMnt in ?no>cr <ylnma. AT THE PAIRS.?WHITEHCRST'8 &!-a aV'ii1 i "'i'-" ',:ir ' '? ?>"* or each of tn? iat? fcln fct H?1 iruorc, an.l N-w y rk *??r,l-j their liUneat pre|>iinn:s to J H. W. f?,r their ?n,.erlorlry of Pho to%rr.t tit, will D*igtierr<r<>tvv??* ex'.ifbitei Mr. W. alto M -lved two .Me.-,l* ,t ti.e World'* Kalr, Loo do'), a-. . ? pieujium *t CrycUl PaUce, New York .'ut flrt" *Wari" ot lUo l Iu?;:nu for Uireo la on r*. ?venne, t etw. "i a-<1 6i.i aircuM. fKU l7w' Wtl.KKB i CO., uri ler Ttrnwi,*' II,.tol, ara 'I"'. '.TV".- ' ' ' - "fi;.e I, .-t <? n?|.:.-te MAUKCU.THINU.vor oder^l 'n thr r!tlz?n* of i -. ,'r;--T "l-'k emlrarea e?rrythlB|C tluit I* new ? 1 iMFii liiiblH f.?r tin* ni*?tiuinrti!r<"l with Utile uud el?>/?iK-e, fur wliich liiur C'lotliliiK 1* celebratc.l Oi*r 27 For Eale and fcent. FURXI8HKD ROOMFOR RF.VT 0\ P ST ^^t?olld <1mir from titvfnth street, on ti)e | siJe, at Mo. 404. ap 14 . lt. Furnish lo house to runt.?suites ot R???ms or the eiuire Honse may b?- obtMincd w?,ll lurmslied, with gan, Hr , MtuatMl on I'wellili . Btr-^t, third door from tn? Kirkwood ll"usr. | Apply at tie Kiriwoad H?u-e. ap 14- ,'<?* HAN'DSOYfEPUttlVISHElJ PA RLORS.?TWO suits ol Parlor; ani Chambfra on Um- first and second fior?, l ands* mely turnished. it fur rent with without board. There is ga* in the housr and a bath room. Apj,ly at M ItH. NICHOLSON'S No. 547 0 H street, corner of E:ehieenth. ap 13?lm* FO? SA.I;E ?TVVO NEW THREE STORY Hoii*)C8| fronting and confninin*r ?.?v*n hhiws ?4 h. The b*mmx are situai^d tliree -quar. ? north o " the State Uepartment, The nrti; erty will be ?*old low, and aecoinraddaiuii; tetiuH. Apply '? J. T. MARK, _apJ0-5f No. 43 | New Y?rk avenue. For hent?several iiannsoME "paiT lors and Chambers, with board. vj?iT.V.Ii"b?'?Vo*1!r'ln"i,J,,t boanl- Inquire at Mrj. ~ 'i 1111 4<i J r street ap 9 Rents rkduced to suit the times. )}!A0 a year wdl be received for tbe rent of ti.o^e new and convenient cottages at Kendail Oreen, Willi two ,*tci?:^ ?>t ur.iund, stable, wood sh? d and other conveniences attached. I'uuips of pme water arc near the door, and cnmninnicat on is baJ with O.oreHown by way of H and Seventh ?itreets ami Phi ii. Avenue, mrn.injr and aft. moon, at the ttnual far- , Tor the accomuii?dalioti ot clerks in the department*. In Kti'un the advantage of this en at reduction ol rent imtiieduite application must be made t* thi: U'lder-i^ued, eiihe. by h Uer, or at Ins house at Kendail Creen, ai'ltr office hours, where the k*^ys may be h?d and tli:? iiou- s iaspe t?:d at any time. St vcral of Uitt>e rwiiiencm will u<dd on I mural terra*. W.M STICK NKY, i No 4, Kendall Ureec. N. B.?R. nts p:tid quarterly in aihaitcc. ?l r 9, IK?j -tl V^ALI'AHLE RUILIiIXfJ LOT AND STONE r ouu Jatiort for sale at a very great ^iieriSce j lor ca-ih or short c redit, beautifully located on U<1 et., ^a"? fceing a part of Let 15, Sqaare 1 iiavrig a front of feet and 93 feet 3 inches deep,and has the privilegi; of a brick wall adjoin ing. Apply to .. E. K. LIJVDY. Ao. 1)18 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 6?'J 1?OU RENT?THREE NEW FRAME HOI'SES, containing six rooms, each situated on Fierce street, between I. and M streets, b>-in^ hut four squares from the Railroal Depot; would make rood mdencrs. Kent moderate. Apply to CHARLES THO.MA, on the opposite side of Ute street, ap 4?Ini* FOR RENT?A TWO STORY BRICK IlOUiE wiili lia^k bu.luing, eligibly located in the Firs; Ward. Apply ta J. G. C. KENNEDY, Over Washington City Saving ; Bank, ap 12?r??3t A CERTAIN CHANCE TO MAKE A FOR *"n"~A lady having acquired a competency in tlie Millinery l>>ist,iei<s, is now di gir<?ns ol dispo* ing of her establishment, ninl retiring into private life. Her location is one of the best in th.: city, and is a rare opj?ortunity for one acquainted with the bu-iness. For terina and particulars apply at thi.J mar 29?lm HOMES I OR ALL.-~-Beautifully and healthily located Building Lota, 24 f?tt f>ont by 130 feet dwp, on graded atreru, can, until spring, be b??u#Iit at the exceeding low price of f75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above ? ?dd Fellows' Hall. Jau V?Om JOUN BvcrvUrjr, Auction Bales. Dy J. C. SleGClRK, Auctioneer. Peremptory s*le of \ building lot in the First WaM.?On TUESDAY tfternoo ?? April 17th, at 5 o'clock, on the promises, I shall s<?ll, without reserve, Lot No. 19 in Square N? 51, fronting 41 feet 10 inches, on 2id utrwt west, betw north I. and M street*, runuing hack 122 feet 2'-^ inebes, to n 30 foot alley. Title pcrt'ect. Terms: One half cash; the balance in 3 and 6 months, for notes satisfactorily secured, bemtne in terest. J AS. C. McGUIKE, ap 14?d - Auctioneer. By GHIiBI & SCOTT. Anctloaeiri. C^I ROCERIES, LIQUORS, CROCKERY, Earth X en and Glassware, Store Fixture*, &c., .it Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant, w? shall sell, at 9 o'clock a. m , at the Grocery Store oi P. Hinrs, I sq , corner of Pi avenue and 20th St., First A'ard, the remaining stock of Goods in Store. We name in part? Tea, Cotf-e, Liquor?, Winc3 Brushes Tea Canisters Store Fi vturep, Stand Casks, Binn^ Stov, Lamp, &c. Terms: All sums of and under $30 cash ; ovur $30 a credit of sixty <lay?, fur notes satisfactorily en dorsed bearing interest. GREEN fc SCOTT, ap 11 - J Auctioneers. For Rent, on reasonable term?, the Store, whicb is one of the brgt locations in 'he Ward for business By C. W. DOTKLER, Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE TWO TWO STORY Frnrm House* on the Island ft Auction.?On WED NESDAY afternoon, April VOtli, ato o'clock, I ahal! stll, on the premises, part of Lot No. 7, in Square No. 53G, to*eih? r with the improvements thereof, consisting of two two stoiy Frame Houses, one lo cated r>n Third street south, between South D st and Virginia avenue, the other on South D s.reet. between Third and 4%. The Houses have recently been rrected, and a* 1 have received positive instructions to sell them with out re?erv?, an excellent opportunity is presented to obtain \ bnr;aiu. Terms: One third cash; balance on a credit of 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed in trust on the property. C. W. BOTELER, ap 14 -d Auctioneer. c By J. C. McGVIRE, Auctioneer* I HEAP LOTS VOR SALE AT AUCTION.? \_j On MONDAY afternoon, April 16th, at I o'clock, st my Auction Rooms. I shall pell sever building Lots, cacli 18 feet 4 inches front, by 173 feet 7 inches deep, comprising lots Nos. 8 and 9, in square No 6."3, on Half street west, soutli of the Capitol, on the Island. Also, Lot No 2, in fquan> No. 6, divided into three lots of 19 feet 4 in? lies front each, by about 63 feet deep, situated on Virginia avenue, near tin comer of 2-jth street west. These lots are valuable for sand used by lirickmakers, and their cont<gu-ty to the ennui basin, or for building lots. Tt rins ; One fourth ca.=b; the balance in 3, G, 9 and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing in terest. Title indisputable. ap 12?1 J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Ey C. W. BGVELICU, Auctioneer. ?<ALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURM O tare at Auction.?On TUESDAY morning, tbi t7;h instant, at 10 o'clock, 1 shall sell, at the re*n deuce of h ueiiU<-ifl&ii declining lions* keepmz on :.u corner of 8lii and E sttfiets, opposite the General Port Office, a handsome collection of Household Furniture, consi-ting in part o!? Rosewood French Sofa, Chair3 and Aim Chairs. C'lVt red with plu.vii Carved Rosewood ( er.tre Table, roatble top < hinese Quartette Tabl-s. rarv~d mahogany Chair. Arm Chairs and French Solas, covered with p'.ush Brussels, three ply and othei Carpeting* Fancy Roc. ption Chairs Giit frame Mirrors Marble top Pier Table A!a!.ister, French China and Bohemian Gla?s Vase - Bronze J Candelabra* Mahogany Centre Table, maildc-top Do Sofa L!o II<t Rack, with Mirror back Wa'i'.ut Etagrre, do. Writing Chair C*i>-our and other i.auips rrench China Dinner Set Superior plated Castors Cut Glassware nnd other Table furrittirc Handsome Enanp lied Collage Chamber Suit Mahogany Waruiobes Iio French and olher Bedst-'ads Do Dressing Bureau- and Was:is:ands Wa.nut and Oih' r cane sea: Chairs Hair Mattresses, chamber am! step Carpeting Hall Oilcloth. Polbhtul steel I'ire Sets Parlor, ebamner and Cooling oiotu Kitehsn liehunites, kc. With many other article Hi nd< r:i>4 it altogeth r a very r.tttactive ra'e. Terms oi sale: ?40 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty a id ninety days, for approved en dorsed notes bearing interest C. W. BOTELER, ap 12?d Auctioneer. By GRC?N fi. SCOT 1', AuctUntctii ?1 EVEN VALUABLE LOTS AT AUCTION.? ^ On W LDNESDAv . Ifth instant, we shall s?*ll, at G o'clock p. m., 34,237^4 'l'et of Ground, having a front on <" street south 14tf leet 5 inches, and 9t!i street ea-t 2b3 feet 10 inches. '1 be above described property is handsomely lo e. te i, d ?tant from ihe Navy Yard but a few mm utos' walk. Terms: One half cash; balance 'n one and two yt ars, the purchaser to give notes fir lite deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed givtn and a de.-d of trust taken. GREEN &. SCOTT, ap 10?cod Au< tioiieers. By J. C. NcGtlRK, Auctioneer. jTjLREMi'TORY SALE of $17,000 Alexandria JL Couisjn Bonds.?On TUESDAY afternocn, April 17 h, at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell, in lo:s to suit purchasers, ?17.000 Alexan dria Coupon Bonds. Terms cash,in current funds. JAS C. McGUIRE, ap 11?d Auctioneer. Want*. WANTED?A NURSE FOR A CHILD. SHE must come well recommended. Apply to MRS. GLEN, Room No. 23 St. Charles. ap 14?It* A' N EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER wants a , Situatiou.?A middle aged lady, accustomed for many years to manage lh>* details of a large hoarding h?;u?e, as housekeeper, wants a situation. She can give sat.slactory reference as to J|.t energy, industry ami experience, and the fidelity with which she discharges duties conli Jed l > her. Ad ress"L S," at this office. ap 13?tf (CANVASSER WANTED.?AN ACTIVE IN J telli ent man is wanted to canvass tor popular Catholic Works in the District of Columbia In a suitable person, who can produce satisfactory retcr Liberal terms will be made. Address (po?i paid) '-J M>" Washington, D C. ap 13 ?dtf A FEMALE 13 WANTED IMMEDIATELY j to do the w >rk of a la:nuy of not exceeding 4 giow n persons, who can bring good recianinemla Uons of character and capacity, and who will be satiriied with 46 per month. Apply at No. 4 Car oline Terrace, I st. between 13.ii and 14tli. ap 13_ 2l* T?rAN i ED?A WOMAN WITHOUT INCHII IV Iterance, to cook and wash or a small (Hiiitiy Colored persons preferred, ils there are others of that class in the family. No objection, however, to a White person. To one capable and honest a pood home and wages will be g.ven. Aldre?s "C L," at this office. ap 12?3t WANTED?A FEMALE TEACHER to take charge of a School of Small children at Pleasant Grove, near Washington, D. C. A liberal ?aiary, with board, w ? be civen Apply :o GE<>. T. MASSEY, A^ent, No. '^48 Thirteenth sueet. ap 12?3t* Vlf ANlED-A YOUNG LADY FROM VIII-1 f f einia wnhcseniploynient by the mouth as a seamstr.>s in sotue respectable family. She is also willing to attend to any housework with the excep tion of co >ki*tg and wishing. Call within Ih* next ten days at Mr. Dou^haday's, on 2d street, between B and C. ap 11?lw* \I TANTFD?A COMPLETE FILE OF THE Yf WEEKLY (Washington City) STAR since its p.iUlication up to tiie present date, for which a liberal price will be paid if s^iitto thia uiiice. at> 3?if Boarding. A LARGE AND PLEASANT ROOM ON THE l|.-or for a gentleman and wife. Also, vacancies for single gentlemen, inav be ob tained by applying at No. 473 Sixth st.. between D and E. ap 12?3t* I>OAKU, Ac ?MRS. BATES, on the soutli !> west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without hoard. Every 1 flort will bo made to ren der tliose couifortrbie who may favor her with their l>a.ronage. ap G?tf SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN ACCOM tnodated with rooms and board, at No. 43 U fwelith street, between G and 11 streets. ap 2?2w* W~ ATCIIKS, JEWELRY, .1XD SILVER H'JIRE Always on band a large assortment of the above, Winch Si olftr at the lowest rates. M VV. GALT 81 BRO , iuat H Pa. aveuue Auction Sales. E By DARNAKD <Jt RUCKKT. G(ord*(owa. I" OTS IV CEORGETi?WN. ? Will br sold on _j tin' premises on SATURDAY next, at 5oVik, f?ur pretty sixed Lota, cach 18 feet front liy 120 ft. deep, on north side of lleall ftrrel, equidistant frr ni Green and Washington streets On Umr lots th< re is a mrmul of earth, which, if the purchas -r 01 the whole were to grade and sod, wo?td make a rn?vt bcantif I eievation for a cottage site, overlooking the town, c.ty, and Potomac. Theae lots are in the vicinity of the elite resirton c. f of the town. Terms: One-fifth ca-h on rote well eaJovivd at fiOda^s; balance at 1. 2, 3, and 4 rear*, witn inter est- BARNARD kBUCKEY, np 11?d Auctioneers. By J- Mct.l tllk, 'XCELLENT HOUSLKHnPING LFFKt TS ? at Auc;i<>n-?On MONDAY morning. A|ril 16th, it 11 % oYloek, at the quarters of Lieut J. C. Cash, inside the \\ zishington Navy Yard. I shall sell an excellent lot <?. Housekeeping articles, comprising? H nJiflini! Plush and Leather covered Arm Chairs Walnut Eta^ere, Iron Hat Hack Excellent Hair and husk Mattresses Heautful French China told hand Trawarc French and Mone China Breakfast and Dinner-ware Silver-plated Castors, hpoons and Forks Pa ian Marble Pitchers, Butter Tub*, kc. Silver p'urd Ivory hir.?le4 Dessert Knives Excellent Talie Ct*:!ery Bronze Candelabra* G assware, Chafing Di-bea Scales and Weights Iron framed oval Toilst Glassware Very superior Kefricerator Stoves, Tin Safe, kc. T oaether with the usual asjonmcnt of Kitchen Requisites. Tfte above articles are all nearly new and of ex cellent quality. Terms cash. JAS. C. McGCIRE, aP *' " Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTKLER. Aue<loeee^7~ ? ALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUR iTj nitur? at Auction.?On MONDAY morning. Ap it lG;h. at 10 o't l.ick, I shall seil at the residence of Ralph II, Esq., corner of I and ltfth streets, a'l of his Household Furniture, which is 'fsuper.or luality and nearly new. consisting ;n part of? Walnut and Mahogany Sofas Do Book Case Do S,J bo ard, marble top Do Arm Cha>r< and Ottomans, covcrcd with plu- h Bionz? d and G1I1 Cundelsbns Walnut Centre Table,marble top Do Etagere, Handsome mantel Ornaments Gilt frame Mirrors, marble Slabii and gilt Brackets Walnut and mahogany Parlor CLaks Do and other Wardrobes Do French Bedstead3 Do Wa-shstands'cs' hand.,,me Wr<t:ng and Dressing Cabinet Supe-ior leather Beds and Bedding Curled Hair Mattresses Brussels ami three ply Carpettn Mahogan- Dining Tah'i 5 Large and II <nd*cm : Canton China Set Elegant Cut G!^-i ware Superior Table Fur.-; it lire, Clocks lion Hat K;jck ard Settee Child'? Gis- Reiri'?c atom Kitchen Furniture, f.'o?.k Strve kf. T' rnis : All ?um? of and under $40cash; over $40 a credit of G'J and !M days for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. ... C. \V. BOTELER, aP l~ " Aucti?meer. McGlIRK, Auctioneer, DEREMITORY SALE RYORMIROF TRUS L tee of extensive stock of Drv G ods.?By v.r tueof a deed in iru-1 tli- si.'ucnber will M il r.i public sale on WEDNESDAY, April lSih, at 10 o clock, (and cont'nue fr-m day t:i day until the wh. le is dit|io>i d of,) at the old stand of tb- late !i m ot Hall k Broth* r, on Seventh -t.*eet,the most extensive and valuable stock of Dry G.kkIs ev. r offered at public sale in the District of Columbia amounting (?> over forty fhuit-<aod dollars in v;.?ue, and comprising, m j .ut? Between thirtc n ?! it fourteen thousand demurs w-rtli ol desirable Dress Silk--, Three thousand live l.unired dollar* ucrth of Vel vt i, Bni^ehj, r.:re- ply.and Inerain Carpets, Rue*, Jil ? lotbs, and Canton Matujrs. Twenty three thousand dolors worth of asserted such j. Bere-es, B.rege Delaines, Duiaines of all kinds; 1 laid, ctri^ [uid plam Cambiic?- embruide'e^ fraie Shawls, somi wry rich; Hay Stare Shawls tshni.-re Shawla, tonj an 1 sqnare; Frencp ?"eriir.?-:<, l>omh*s>A', arid AMi-sejt.. a tar^e ; French, Ee^Ji-h ar,d American Lavas j^i-rench and Lr 4I1-I1 Ginghams, t'al Cloth", Can-mien's, Vei?tirigs, Limn Dnl ings, Hoys' w?ar; Tuei-ds, ("assinets. 'I ..ti e Cloths. Damask Napkins, Hroe"?eis, < nr;a n Mu.-hns, ii;ik a id Cot < n Ho-ierv, Silk an 1 Lin? neaniUie haiidkerchiefs, Twri led Jeans, Plack and t.'r'en Suntmer Clothn i':tra-"j<f ^nij Roniiefs; Cra li; Marwille? and All?uidu2e Uu;lts ; Penitentiary Plaid -V,t tou, Pulled Cloth, double and sinpl^ tridih * Sheep's Gray Cas-iners, Kirsey;, Rid Gloves! Lisle thread Glove?, Kentucky Jeans, Under Hiou and Drawer?>, Si'k Mantle?, Clvaks, (?ra#s Ckxhs, and a mat ruat>y other too numerous to mani:on. J ii<" goods w ;l bi' soid in lots to suit merchaR?-'. 1 ern:.'. o! suie : *10 an.I ei der casti ; over iltat suio Miid urid- r ^ iCJa credituftwo and four montlis; over *100 a cremt of two, four, and six inoiitbs, lor satisiac'orily endorst-d notes, hearing int? re<t. No goods will in- delivered until sritl, d for. BK.iiARD WALLACH, Trustee. *P '?* ?' JAS- C. McGL'IRE, Auctionepr By J. c. r.i 'JURk:, AnctToneer. I^XEriJTOR'S SALE OF PCRMTURE AND j llousrhold Effects ?On THCR'i'AY iaora':ng the l'Jtii insiant, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of t!ie 1 ate Thoni is Ritchie, on Preiidrnt's Square, I .. \ \\ 'tlare'' P?r:,on of H"' Furniture and Hoiiseiii Id Lirecls, eomprisiiir? Boscw.kM P:ant;fone. Sywl and Music Stand Koscwood 1 bic'-.?'I'ete, arm, reception and fancy I'liaurs in saiiu damask ll?ndseiue damask Curt .ins ami Cornice Large I rench plate giitt ame Mirror, with slabs and Bra kets D.uuask .iii l (bint/. cov?:red Lounges Mahogany hair, spring and cane sent CSiuiiS Hand-time (.'vnire Lamps, fandelttbras, Bronze Brackets, Mantel Ornaments Mahogany Suleb >ani Kt 'gere, Side Table Soi jd aiahogany Esie-i-ion Dining Table China, gi.-'-M and Cioekerywarc Rrus^ls and three ply Carpet^, Oilcloth Hat rack, Hall Lamp. Ilosi wood and lla'l Chairs Enamelled and Cot'age Su^'e Walnut and mahogany Fr. m h Bedsteads Wa'nut Wardrobes, liressiitg Bureaus WasJi-iHitds, Toile' Si t^. Tables Superior curled nairanu husk Mattresses Bolsters and Piilows, M i.seilleo Uuilts Bed and Table Linen, Chamber Chairs Furniture in servants' rooms, Sic. Together Willi a general assortment of Kitchen Requi?;te*. Ti'rtea: and u;ider cash; over that sum a credit ol GO j'lid 90 davs, for note* satisfactorily en dorsed, beariiiir interest. By ordsr of W. B. 1J. t'K< ?SS, Tru-tee. JAS. C. McGL'IRE, ap 11 ? d Aeetioneer. **>" J? C. ClcOUtrt 10, ^ucilnnur BE AT SALE OF MIPERIOR CABINET FCR VJI iiiture and House Furnishiu? Goods, by order oi the Orphans' Court?Ou TUESDAY morning, Ap' i' 17th, at 10 o'clock, (and ontinuint fr. m day to d iy until the whole is di.po^cil of,) I shall sell, at the eiieroiv- Wareiootus of the late John D. Brown, known an the "Apollo Hall" builduitf, all his l"irg?: and vuiuabie ; tock of Cabinet furniture, comprising? Suites of eW jantly car\ ?d Parlor Furniture, in rose wood, wali ut. and maliogany, covered with broca elli s, piush, damas- and ha"'r cloth Richly-carved marble tup Dressing Bureaus. Cen tre, Sofa, and Pier Tables, Sideboard?, ll<-au fi ts, Yt'ashstaads, Cabinets, &c., of every do scriptioR and stile Elegan< Wa'drobes, Dressing Tables, Etageres, La* dies' Writing Cabinets, Secretary, and Book cases, Music Stand?, Fancy Tables, Nots, Writing Desks, arm and parlor ('hairs, Rockers, Sofas, Tete a Teles, extension, dia inp, breaklasl, and refr? .-him nt Tables, ke., beautifully finished, in the various woods of every conceivable sSyle and value' Gilt, rosewood, walnut, and m >I?ogatiy-frailed Look it.g gla.ssi s, of every description Counting Jiouse, office, and p.i;:or Writi-g Desks, ot the approvud patterns, from a cule biated manufaciiitvr in Phik delphia High post, French, Italian, J>>ony Lind, and Cottage Bedsteads, of a'l ihe various patterns Superior curhd Man, spiins,: nd husk Mataetwes Very large asso-tment of Lounjes, cane-seat and back Rockers, othce, diuiiig, and chambei Chairs Handsoaie got! ic, reception,hall, and fancy Chairs, in large quantifies Enamelled Cottage Suites, Sr.fa Bedsteads Extensive assortment of plain Furniture, cosnpris ing? Bureaus, Wardrobes, Dedttcads, TaLles Wash-tands, Cribs, Crailles. 'Puwel Stands What Nots, kc.. of walnut and mahogany AldO, a large quantity China and Glassware, Cl ick?, Buckets, 'Pubs,Dusters, Clothes Hones, Flour and Spiee Boxes, Rackets, Door Mats, kc Excellent Iron Sate, Ofllce Desk and Fixtures, Fur niture Car, kc. Together with the lea?e of the building, which is bclieted to fie one of the beet locations for the house furnishing bu.-ines? in the ci.v. Terms: $5) and under ca^;; over that ?u<m and HRder $li 0 a credit of sixty and ninety days; and all sums over $100 a credit of cte, two, and four months, for satisfactorily cnloracd notes, bearin? interest. S. Tue attention of the trade in this and the neighboring cities J* specially caMed to the sale of this stock, which is probably tlie largest and best se lected Fouth of New York Every faci!;ty possible will be afforded for pack ing and forwarding good* purchased at the saJe. By crder of tlie Admini-trntnr. JAS. C. McGUlRE, V? Auction e?r, TELEGRAPHIC. BIPORTKO rot TH* DAILY EVEfCING 8TAB. Kore ] ? rniu for the English Army Halifax, April 14 ?The Halifax Journal of the 9 h instant report* the arrival of 60 n o '? men from Ronton for the Foreign Legion. They were induced to go under the >upposi> tion that they were wanted to work on a rail road. Finding out the mistake they all re fused to enlist, and finally arrangements were made to give them work. Destruction of a Railroad Depot New Ycbk, April 14?The depct of the Erie Railroad was destroyed hy fire this morn ing. It is reported that several ears were burnt, but the extent of tho lots ia not yet known. Arrival of the A m )rioa. Bostov, April 14 ?The Cunard steamer America is reported below. Hew Orleans Market. NewO?LFa*s. April 13 ?The Waehington'e news waj received by the National line, and lublithed this tnornirg Co!t>n ia firm, with an upward tendency; sales of 2.500 bales Sales for the week amount to So.000 bales. Stock on hand 111.000 bale*. The *ecelpta at this Ml are lass than laatyeex by 150 000 bales. Coffee i? unchanged. Sales for the week 15 000 sacks. The stock on hand is 27,000 sacks. The price ha- doelined 11. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Aptil 14 ?Flour?there were no sale?- (his morning worthy of note, bnt w* quote nominally at yesterday's rrioe*. How ard street and City Mills family floar at $10 25, The highest point for many years Foreign exports daring the week have been light, bat the sale* heavy Uoiders are firm at this prioa. No aalcs of wheat are reported, and the offerings were extremely small?buy era are reluctant at the cloning rates of ye-ter dny. Corn?small sales ef white at $101* $103; yellow $100. 0?ts?sales at *>5 cents for Maryland and Virginia. All grains are higher than for years. Few York Markets New York. Ap-il 14 ?Cotton is unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous raten. Flour 1* unw.ird and firm?Southern 5-re? Snle-; of 1.400 Lar.-el-i Vi'hcat id upward an.l firm Corn is dull, wi'h a 'ieclit.icg tet,den-y; mixed at $1.0i*>a$l 07 Pork is unchanged. B-'ef is upward and fi'm. Lard ?s unchanged, *ith a moderate demand. Whisky is firnt and unchanged Few York Ste:k Market. Nnr Yo2K. April 14.?Stocks are dull an! generally lower Money continues plentiful. Sale# at the liret board of Krie Kailroad. 51 Cleveland and Toledo Railroad. 73. Cumber land C^al Company. 29 : ; fGO; Ka-idin. Rail road, S5 -; N'ow York Central Railroad, 91; Miesouri 0'g V33. From California. Nr.w Obleass April 13 ? Ibo steamer Prometheus arrived here today wich San Fran oisco daies to the 24th ul?. Badness wu very dull, with sales at r*3uced pieces '1 he rccent rain;; had miido some improve iretit at the mines, and tho growing crop? promise we'i Messrs. Wellj, Fargo 1 Co had resutced busme33, and Me?srs Page, Bacoa A Co. would resume on the 29th The failures of Mr Wright and Maasrs Adams & Co. aro bad ones. The personal e< feeta of J. C. Wood have been offered for sal a. Ex barker Robinson has been indicted for fra-'d. No arrivals are roported. Capt Cropper of thesiaamship Cortes, die! at San Frauciaco en March 23d. * Massachusetts Legislature Bosrox, April 13 ?The llou-e rejected an ameudmcnt to the report recommending iha removal of Judge Loring. by 31 majority. The amendment proposed that no State judge uecaftcr act ad United S ate* commissioner The Senate rejected tbe ten hour law by a vote of 20 nays to 11 yeas. I rout Havana Charleston. April 13 ? The steamer Isabel has arrived with dates from Havana to the 10 :h instant A large number cf persons were assassi nated during Holy Week The late manager of the Windward Rail way. and lawycrSintra. have been discharged, and advised to travel in Luro(e A general feelii-.g ot discontent prevailed among the Creoles Tbe French brig of war Meleagre arrived at Ilavana on Sunday. BunncSj was nearly suspended, owing to tha Lastor flolydays. tuicide by a Young Wife. Tfcero was n<? little excitement in Fcngh keepsie, on Tuesday nirht. inconseqnenoeof the suicide of Mrs M V. Heller wife of John Seller, of Mi 11 street. Some time during the afternoon, she went to the drug store k?pt by Mr. Wood, a^d purchased some arsenic, saying that she wanted it to k ll rats She took it av>n after, and at 6 o'clock w?' deal. The following letter, written to her husband, shows that her escu?e for ?o desperate a deed is the behavior of her husband's relatives Any person as piring to the title of a toan. wiij pe-mits the intcrfer? noe of relatives between himself and his wife, or in any way tolerates misohievtus meddling, ought not to hope tor sympathy when tbe distracted and huatel one thus es capee th? torment: Dsar J.'dn : T ait down to write to you for the last time JuLn. I am dowabesrted 1 can t stand it no longer. Forgive me for what 1 have done Take care ef Jose v. and don't think of what 1 have done I loved you too well. Oh. God! forgive mc! After you went away cn Monday noon, y*ur rather and mother commenced at ma. This morning I said I would give tucm a dollar a week and help to do the work ; bfct they wou'.d not do it. Tney ?aid, that if it had not been fur mo, that George would have been at Inettrich's. and you would have beoa with them. John. 1' can't stand it. I shall trouble them no u*?re My time is at an end 1 know that it will be hard for you, and it is hard for me. i would like to see ycu. but 1 cannot. So. good Lye. forever, till wo moet hereafter. Ever jou-s? your dear wife, M. V. Seller. ?. MFMURS of the corVTESS ?1F DLES singtou.?'The Literary Life and Correspond ence of the Couutess of Bta&in^wa, by U It Mail den, M. it J. A., 1 v * TAYLOR MAURY'S ap 14 Boelulere, near itli at. T AYLOK & MAUKY'S EUSTIC TEN No 27. ^ This p~n, whicli is uiaMafac urtd by Perry St Co , London. expie?ly lor Me?sri Taylor fc. Maury will be tounu uuc<iuiU?!?l *?? ail Uie rrqui?t?*9 ?tf a (ou<l dtrcl [)i'n. Sold in grasp bones, pricc^l,at tb?-ir H?iOk and Stai;?ncr> Store, near SKh su ap 14 1? ARIA A UU1LK H.S, all sizes, fbr *ale ly * W H. HARRUVER, ? r,3- a??Ynith st . n?:ar I'a. avenue. InVO SECOND IIANU PIANOS FOR SALE or rent u;?)n reasonable term-. at Ike \V>kin<' ton C'.ty l?.-j?ot for the <-:tle of llallet^ Davis fc. Co., Bacon Raven, and otlur Pianos. JOHN f. ELLIS, ap 4 406 ?*?. waas FOR BALE?A Pnlr ?>f HAY MAKES, 7>ra? Oidiuxts|?rir.j,Tv? ll-brtd,sound.styli-^b, gtDtlo, apinted and < :?4>ital gorn. Tbt-y air well broken and perfectly fre- from trick*, sind win particul:ultf ruit any geniicman ?' ???? drivinc. 'Itie owner {-arts wiifc lhr^,LlL^a"** bis purr^w U to rctr^nrb bw ei^"sjs. They caa be seen at Southron's B,""h Stable, on 14tk auect scuUi ff Pa. av. nu^. For terms, or an op portur.ity to uy ^?etn. e^jeirc at the couaur el Umi Star otice. 1 bey wUl be *>ld a ba.g.un. ap3?tf ^Vrh WAWTILLA8 AT \'E\V VCRK y If*ICES ?MAXWELL 3l BP.O. will np?u ' iLrther lot ? t ilnise Paris ManUllaa, on ThnrHay. th. 12ih iuOanU Thty will be eold at N<w York prices. e MAXWELL k BRO, Ta. avenue, beiwcea 9th and lUJi 'U ap U-W^t

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