Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1855 Page 6
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IfTRTHUEltTS KEREWKB KTEIT HT. fm pcbucabom. BiVI TOO RIAD liHI-THl HERO OF SAN J? 1 CUt TO It Mow r~dy, ia one *!*??? Mg*J ~ ???. ?M PH?, 8 ?otr ud mitTiiii sod 3 Pnoill m>. ^ ?MTH* LIF* or SAM HOUSTON the only antbcalie biography ot thla Illustrious Seeato* Heeo, Patriot 1ID STtTIWM. Intb? den-mracj of the time*, Aaarioaas who har* ? country to live '?'d^&^r8T0N( rot thk ruTVti. Thi? beautiful volume, whioh ktt been written with abili ty tod hiftono truth, u mow ready. it m criiTHiBOOioroM 7imi; roa m time na< COME, ABl> THE MAE. CONTENTS. cmrrii first. Trial D ays to M atioas? Rubicon Hours? Tsxas ia the Onto a. CHAPTER KECOHD. HoustoB's Anoestry and Yoatu ? Uomton'i Mother ? Hard Work for the Boy- Emig ration to the We it ? Houston' a Education? He Becomes an Indian? Ruaniag Wild >???{ tbo Indians- Indian Warnora in Waahlngton? Houston a School Teacher? Ho Joins tie United States Army. CSiml THIRD. Houston under General Jackson? The Creek Campalgm? The Wounded Solo ier?Houstoa oa B Litter ? Afloat on the MissUsippi? A Winter of Suffering? Houston's Vindication. CHAPTKB FOURTH. Houstoa Studies Law? Admitted to the Bar ? Elected to Conxreas? Separates from bit Young Wife? Resignation of the Offioe of Governor ? The Wigwam Home. CHAPTER FIFTH. The Exile? Houston's Adopted Father ? The Old Chief's Greeting ? Hia Opinion of the Indian*? Fire- Water among the Red Man? Jackton, tho Friend of Houatoa ? Thirty Dayi of Publio Trial? Hi# Acquittal? He returns to the Forests ? The Hearth atone of a Savage Kin*. CHAPTER SIXTH. Civic Life in Texas? Fir?t Convention ia Texas^-First Col lision with Santa Anna ? Houaton'a Policy for Texas ? Austin I mpriaoned? Public Meetings in Toxaa ? Santa Anna'a Tyran ny? Texae Preparee for the Struggle ? Proviaional Declara tion of lndepeudenct?? Houston7* Iadian Costume? Com mander In-Chief ? Capi'ulatlon of tbo Alamo? Mustering an Army? Houatoa'* Plana for the CAmpaign ? A Dark Future for Texas. CHAPTER SEVER TH. The Brave Men in the Alamo? The Mats acre of the Alamo ? Panto in Texas? Houston a Humanity ? The Slaughter of Uo liad? Preparing to Meet the Mncm>? Marehing to San Jaoin to? The Onlj Hope ot* Texas? Santa Anna Advanolng? The Cowardice elf the Government? Mot a Tent in the Army? Nut a Moment to bo Lost? An Honr of Peril ? "Remember the Alamo" ? Tho March ot Houston's Army ? Their Arrival at Saa Jaotato? Santa Anna's Buglta? The Two Armies Me*'.? Camp ot the Mexicans. CHAPTER EIGHTH. The Might Before the Battle? The Morning of Saa Jaeinto ?Houston Bring* on the Battle ? Tbe Slaughter? The Charge ?The Death Struggle? Tbe Pate of Five Hundred? Deaf Smith ? The Day ot Vengeance? The Flight of Santa Anna ? The Sublimit* of tho Victory? The Despotism of Moxioo? A Justification of Texas. CHAPTER NINTH. The Morning After the Victory ? Santa Anna Houston's Prisoner^? The Mortified Mexioan Dictator? Santa Anna Meets Houston ? Croat-Examination ot Santa Anna ? Ameri can* can Merer be Conquered? Santa Anna to be Shot ? Houston'* Magnanimity to Him? Houston'* Treatment of his Prisoner*? The Fugitive Government? Ru*k, the Patriot Soldier? Condition* of SSanta Anna * Release? Scene* After Saa Jacinto? Houston'* Noble Conduct? The General Part ing with the Army? Addresa to the Soldier*? Houston'* Re ception at Mew Orleans? Hla Return to Hi* Home? Santa Aana to be Executed? Houaton'a Proteat? Bad Faith with Santa Anna? Injustice to a Priaoner? Santa Anna's Re nt o oat ranee ? A Bitter Sarcasm-The Now Commander-in Chief. CHAPTER TENTH. Election of the First President by Acclamation ? The First Texan Congress? Houston's Inaugural Address? The lntant Republic? Houston Returns His Sword ? Jaokion'* Opinion of Houaton? Parting of Santa Anna and Houston Attempts at Annexation? Walker's Advocacy of Texas? Jackxon's Last Official Act? Houston'* Treatment of the In* diana? Aa Army of Adventurers Disperse? Prosperity of lexas? Valedictory Address. CHAPTER ELEVENTH. The Mew President? Tie Santa Fe Expedition? Lamar Ad ministratun? Extermication of tbe Indians? Houston Saves the Young Republic A Crisis Nobly Met. CHAPTER TWELFTH. Houston's Second Term? Texas Again I avade 1? Texas Prepares for Another Struggle? Threats Against Houston? Anglo-Saxons and Mexican* ? History of Santa Anna's Coa duct ? Contrast Between Mexloaa and American Human ity?Slavery in Mexico? Appeal tj All Friendly Powers? The History of the Struggle with Mexico Written by Hous ton? The lair Defiance ot Texas to Mcxico. CHAl'TrH THIRTEENTH. Effect of Houston's Appeal in London, Paris, and Wash ington?Anxiety and Intrigues of European Powers about Texas? Subtle and successful policy of Houston ? Policy of Annexation?' Texas Independent ? Motives for Annexation ? Far Sighted Statesman ah p. CHAPTER FOURTEENTH. Why he favored Annexation? Retirement to Private Life ?Texas in tho Union? Texas represented at Washington Houston's Privste Character ? "1 ne Reformer and the Re formed?The wounds of the Patriot. CHAPTER FIFTEENTH. Hoastoc in tho National Senate? How Pieroe was Eleoted ?Houston on tho Nebraska Bill? The Facts of the Missouri Conpiomue? Effect* o> its Repeal upon the South? Houatoa swerves not from duty? Opinion of General Cass? Henry Clay ? Position of the Northern Democracy? Vindication of the Indiana ? Shameful Ribbtry of the Red Men? Houston on the Clergymen's Petition? Ministers of the Goanol not to be Disfranchised? rroprLty of the Memorial? Relation of Ministers to Politics? The Sooth and tbe Compromise ? Rffects of Houston's ?peoch ? Senator Benton Eulogises Houatoa. , CHAPTER S1XTFV.MTH. Houston's Stateamenship ? Jscksoa's Feelings Towards Houston? Jackson's t' pi Lion ot Houston? Houston s Ameri can Character? llomton a Primitive Man. CHAPTFIt SKVKNTEENTH. Crowing Sympathy fur tho Red Men? Houston's View of the Indians? Shall toe Indians be Exterminated? Houston's Boyhood ? Justice to the Rod Man. CHAPTER EIGHTEENTH. IIou. ton Questioned in the Senate ? Ilia Opiuion of Fo rt igner*? The Texas Senator is Cross Questioned? Jealouey Ot Him. CHATTER NINETEENTH. W*r with Mexico? Debate* ou the Annexation?' Texas tbe Road to the Pacific? How She won her Liberty? The Truth ot that Herd Struggle ? Its Heroic Leader. CHAPTER TWENTIETH. A Survsy of the Condition of Texas ? Hsr Resources in 1350 ?The Probable Destiny of that State. CHAPTER TWENTY -FIRST. Houston's Edoc&tion ana Eloquence? An Effective Ora tor ? Non-Intervention in Foreign Affairs ? Meeting of Kos suth and Houston ? Disunion Rebuked ? The ilrcat Compro mise Measuies of IPSO? Appeal in Favor of the Indian *? They ean be CiviUted? Tfcey Shall. chapter twenty second. Houston at Ilomr? Ilia Union with the Cliristian Church? His Faintly? His Wife and Ctildren? His History, and the Moaal of his Example ? His Fu'tirs and Ours. J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New Marble Rniiding, 119 Nassau street, N. Y. And for sale by all booksellers. Single copies sent by trail, post paid, on receipt of price. Sixteen thousand agents wanted to sell the above? Ml) in I each 5 tate. i Publishers of newspapers giving tbo above ono insertion, ?ball have a copy of the book sent th m, postpaid. Fun without vulgarity, wit without gross new. Mow ready. BLACK DIAMONDS; Or, Brioa. Satire and Imtdust, trea'ed scientifl call} , by I'rotener Julius Ca-eiir Hannibal, of the New Yor* Picajuue. ltmo. 306 page* and 0 Ittuet ration*. l'rioo, paper oovor, 70 coats, cloth, gilt, $1 The pros* throughout Europe and America have pro nounced these lectures to be the most witty, qui/iioal, -quaint, odd, original and funny ol auy papers that have ap peared oa this tide of the water the lecture* must not be consi-lcred by tiny means a bur lesque upon the practices oi rel^lon. The religiously In ?clmel will And nothing to Jar upon their feelings tbrou/bout the entire book. 01MRIOS8 OS THI PRBS*. The late Major Noah, in an Article ?n American wit, said : ? " We hare lately lead some uf the ' doieutiflo Lectures by !'*<> feasor Julius t>*ar Hannibal,' in the New York l'icay uno. which had the very soul of negro fan In them." At laat, the English press had round something to realty admire from this hide. It's bnd, upon looking over our fori ign (Ilea, that the distinguished Professor Julius Cieiar Hannibal, the treat original darkey lecturer, is expensively copied. Some think him a black man, while other*, who un derstand the satire, praise the wit and fun contained therein. Even the London Times quotes the Profeseor, and comaeude bis humor. Julius' fortune, therefore, may be oonaidtred as made ?New York Dutchman. a Prcfcsfor Jalios t'rci trlHiuuibaTe Lectnres^hlch form so f eooliar and attractive a feature in tbo New York Picayune, ?re, we perceive, extensively copied in the English andScotch app? r? 1 hey are written with a degree of skill and humor not usnal in that department of literature. Toe author i* an unrivalled humorist in hi* veins, and has a rare talent for catching and reproducing the comicalities of the negro cha racter. Many of the lecturea are a hit at the folllea of the day. fand contain an unmistakable moral.? Morris A Willis'* Home Journal It is attoniahing bow the author of the Hannibal Lecture*, in the New York Pjcayune, hold* out. We have read hi* piquant lectures for three year*, and his wit, humor, and vrigmalit) aeem truly inexhaustible. For ope who ha* oon tritutod *o much to oce line, ho sustain* himself with a de cree of ftreahtoee almost unsurpassable? Ladies' Paper. Edin Profeaaor Hannibal ia a shrewd and quaint lecturer. There ia aomething so Inexpressibly humorous abont hi* leo turea, that they incline oa to liken them to the Yellowplnsh paper*. They ere [?romeasur.ibly auperior to anything of tbo kind ever attempted.? Reynolds' Miscellany, London. Profeaaor Hani ibal.? ' The leientlflo lecture* of this face tiou* pulpit orator display an originality and humoron* con ception of tha higbaat order.? Sunday Time*. We do not believe that any book, ao full of genuine humor, taaeTer been published, as this collection of the leeturee that have graced tbo oolumae of the New York Picayune for many weeks. Professor inline Csssar Hannibal boats Dow. Jr . all to nothing. As they appeared la the jlcaynne, theee discourse* were intensely amuring. but published alto sethor In hook form, in nice clear typo, and neatly hound, they are rendered still more attractive. Every subject is treated upon by the worthy protestor ia the most amusing, ?nd we may at the same time say, the most trutUMI man ner. Thiabook will create more laughter than flp book that hM boon published for yoara: and while it is oaKalated to awake* tbo risible faculties into full activity, every lec ture convey* a moral lesson. It is a fnany and good beak, ?o "paae round de eaaecr." brodere and aiiteri, and subscribe for n copy of "Bleok Diamonds." Broder Comae will take op decol'exion. only min dere mus' be no tin sixpence*, or Broder Roaney won ? let you hab de book. It 1* worth ail y. r ? i-.i nday Di- patch. Here i* a cook fulHof fun. A dollar * worth of laughter. Mr. W H. Lovison, a* some of onr reader* may know, i* the fountain of that Ethiopian humor which hat overflowed the eountry of late year*. It Is he who supplies ctlored min ntrola with tome of thoee conundruma, jocular dialogaee, Lurleeque oration* and funny lecturea, which appear to flow opontanionaly from Pompey e lip*, but which are in reality written, and bonght, aad carefully rehearied. And it i* he ?who, for the laat four year*, ha* aaau*ed the readers of the New York Picayune ia the character of /alio* Cieiar Han nibal ; and who now, through the medium of this handsome volume, aepiree to amuee the whole United State*. There I* gentiiao bumor in theee lecture*; and they have In than* whtoh not all eomio publicationa possese? the power of provoking roars of laugbtdr. The volume ia dedicated to Mr. L.Gaylord Clark, editor of the Knickerbocker Magatine, who waeamoig the first to appreciate the really line quality -of Profeaaor Hannibal a faa, clothed at it ia ia Ethiopian tiago.? Life illuatrated. 1 000 active businoa* men wanted immediately, to engage ia telllBg this work In all part* of the United Statea and Canada, to whom a liberal discount will be made. Orders from the trade will ho snpplied at the loweit rate). Copiee malted free of poetage upon the receipt of price. Address A. RANNEY, Publi*W, IDS Broadway, New York. N.B ?Editors copying the above, aball receive a copy of *bo work. A. R, rpat NEW YORK. DAILY NEWS A MOBNIKO PAPKR. , 'atct one c s n t. n. M^Si^aii.*.4.' 1W "Mean street, New York. AW1 L? wiu b* laaued the brat number of ? nil 7 W'- It will ooatain the utaal tele i^^??52I2,aItJ?!r?or and item*, correspoadence, Ao., 'Aa.'t ? _? *7 ?pect up to fhe standard of ^e MhrtoSa P?lKic* "ill be democratic for ooate a weak. payaHo to Ue < a *? bad of the new.i^y. aad at t n??:i J c pots Srbnen^ers will leave their a*-ne* at {biT elS!*!!!^ f o< m, Ko. If t aasa* etrsct. " *?* jlvi*Ti*E * tah'oss, r?bu*b?w, ?K?r nuiCAiwii. 10 000 ?S3tti 0RDKUD 1M AUV ANtE or ruB J. r. imith'i Lilt m? won! fill day pAlished, ADELAIDE WALDO RAVE; OH, THE TIUU or A tOrilllM. By J. F. Smith. Esq., aathor "Minnie Orey," "Gas How ard, eto lUaotifull) illustrated. I'riea 80 oents. This ia * beautiful volume of 117 psjea, beautifully ilia* traled. The wriUr, ia giving u? the Trials of a Governess, bu exemplified the old adage that "Troth U itiunr than fictioa |Athen*>um. This hMuttiif hook is from the graphic bob of tki author of "Mlaaie Grey." Tht plot is of the most absorbing inte rest; bold aac startling inoidentt ooaar la every page.? -Court Journal. The abeve U > romanee of the moat InteaM iatereit; ee Booh so, that you cannot drop tt until jou hare arrived at the ead.? (Tiaiei. Like all the charmiag aovels by tho author of "Miaaie Grey" and "Gus Howard," the plot U ehilfully contrived, and the charaaters are truthfully .drawn to nature. ? Dee taUh. The Londoa Literary Woild Myi " Adelaide Wald P?'. m a literary porformanco, ii wall worthy of a place beside tho aoblo productions of Scott aad Dumas? ( News. This week, by the author of the famous "Stanfleld Hall," i* writtea la Bil vary happiaet vein. The plot is moat art tully designed, aad worked oat with consummate skill.? I Mercury. % Amoag the multifarious production! of modern romance Writer*, this noble work steads pre eminently foremost.? I Journal. H. LONG A BIO.. Publishers. 121 Nassau straat. STARTLING REVELATIONS ! THE HAD HEIRESS, OB THE CBIMBS OV A STKP MOTHER, Is tha title of a startling wark which will appoar ia the NEW YORK DISPATCH Of April 14. 1S?. IN WHICH WIU.Ba-BEVKAI.KD SOKE Or THE DARK MYSTB* R IKS Or LAW AND" LUNATIC ASYLVMS. It has long been known that many of the mad houses of Europe were used for the most diabolical purposes, yet ne one dreamed that the luaatlc asylums of the United States were usad for any other than legitim ite purposes. But whan a a oome to open tha records of some of these professed phi laatbropio institutions, we And that they are no bettfr than their European prototypes. There ara now within the walls of soma of these prisons both man and women, whose minds aad Intellects are quite as clear at those of the physicians "who coasUned them to their cells? and whose souli ars frea from tha guilt aad orima which star the hearts of those who conspired to deptive them at their Uborty, that the/ might revel la wealth that was act theirs. The Durpose of the au thoress of "The Had Heireit" Is to lav before the Amerloaa people a history of one of these terrible plots, which was but too suoaassfully carried out. She hopes to aroase publio opinion to an evil that calls loudly to heaven for rediess. llow far she has accomplished the purpose ia view, the reader must Judge. The story of the heroine, (who, for the purposes of this work, is called Emily Warner,) is literally true in every particular, and the real character will lie re cognised ia tha city of New York, and tome of the towns of New Eaglaad, ia spite of the attempt to oonoeal her unfor tunate identity. Read it, you that have daughtsrs to leave to tha tender mercies of a step mother and be careful how you leave vour property? lee that it oannot be used to cor rupt and destroy your offspring when you have been called to render up the final account or your stewardship on earth. Price four cants a copy. For sale by all news agents. Pub Uoatloa office No. 22 Bookman street. THE GAY GIRLS OF 'NEW YORK; OR, LIFE in Broadway? handsomely illustrated. For sale every where. Price 25 cents. The uncle sahuel Of this waek is tip top. Contains a splendid tale about Connecticut River, entitled KIBD'S ISLAND. A New Zealatd Legend.? Fashion.? Lady Freemason. THE DIAMOND EAR MINOS. - Gunpow der.? Absurdities of Life.? Spunky ?Anecdotes. THE DESERTER'S MOTHER. And a great variety of choice reading. Price four cents. UNCI.E SAMUEL is s first class weekly paper, well got up? each number com plete in itaalf, haviag no continued stories. Sold by all newsmen. THE TRA.PF8, &C. A GOOD GOLD PEN GRINDER WANTED.? APPLY at Graytery A BueU'i Manufactory, No. 10 Front street, Brooklyn. A COMPETENT MECHANICAL ENGINEER DESIRES a situation to superintend on any kind or machine, manufacturing, mining, or architectural work, or to finish drawings and designs. Addross Argus, Tribune offloe. Gardener wanted.? a German or frekch gardener is wanted, for taking charge ota Urge pl&oe; he must bo a thoroughly oompeteut gardener, aad under, stand well all branches of gardening, greenhouses, nursery, Ac. Inquire at No. 90 Maidea lane. None but German I rench or Swias need apply. WANTED? A GOOD JOURNEYMAN WATCHMAKER, to go to Indiana, and work ia a respectable establish ment. Good wages and steady employment will be given. For particular* inquire oi Eaton, Tarbox A Co., 19 Maiden lane. Wr ANTED? TWO PRACTICAL SCALE MAKERS. TO TT good workmen, the highost wages will be paid. For further information apply to WM. H. ACKEN, 61 Maiden lan*. "\%J ANTED? AT 916 BROADWAY, SEVERAL GOOD TT upholsterer* aad decorative paper hangers. None need apply but those who fully understand their business. YOUNG CHOI.E3. "11/ ANTED? A SITUATION AS WHEELER IN AN TT extensive carriage manufactory; light work preferred. Reference given Address G. T. 11., 847 Broome street. HOUSBS, ROOMS, &C., WANTED. A GOOD TENANT WANTED? FOR A CONVENIENT three story ha iemeat and under- cellar briok house, with gas, bath, range. Ao., No. 15 Smith street. Brooklyn, near Fulton atreet, seven ininutes'lwalk from Wail street forry. witb board, if desired. FOSTER A LOPER, 4 Sanaa street. IRIDIUM? CHASER AND 1NGRAVER? WE WISH TO purchase a quantity of iridium of the very best quality. A 'to, wanted, a younu man, competent to chase and engrave gold and silver penoil case*. One who lias p trtially served Li. time preferred. DAWSON. WARREN A HYDE, 55 Maidea lane, third floor. Lower part of a house wanted in williams turg? By a gentleman and his wife, one child and ser vant. A parlor, sitting room, kitchen and two bedrooms re quired; must be not more than three or four minutes' walk from Teok slip ferry. Address (postpaid; L. A. , box 404, He rald office, stating terms, looatlon, Ao. Fart of a house wanted.? the advertiser would like to hire the seooad floor and baaement of a small bouse, situated in a pleasant neighborhood, above Ca nal street. Any family having more room than they want can find a very desirable tenaut by nddressin; W. R PAL MER, Broadway Post Office. Rent not to exceed $250. "DART Or A HOUSE WANTED.? A SMALL FAMILY X (no children) waat a basement, parlor and three bedrooms; location on west aide of the city, between Canal and Twen ty first streets; rent must be moderate. Address J. M., Herald offloe, stating location and terms. TO DRUGGISTS AMD APOTHECARIES? WANTED TO purchase a drug store, either in the city or country. No two oent ?bop need answer this. Address J. S. CHAP MAW. Tost Office. TO ENGINEERS AN D SURVEYORS- WANTED, A GOOD secondhand 14 inch dampy level; also, a good trault. Ad dress, stating terms, where the Instruments maj be seen, Ac., (postpaid, I Engineer, box. 3,145 P< st Office. Tenant wanted? for third fi.oor or brick bonse. In Grand street, bewcen Broadway and Bowery, consiitlnp of four rooms and bedroom, in the attic. R'nt moderate to a good tenant. Can be seen at any hour. Apply on the premises. B. DELAPIERRE, 198 Grand street. TIT-ANTED TO PURCHASE-A SMALI. COTTAGE IN TT the ricinlty of the City Hall, Brooklyn. Apply to WM. H. WARING, H3 Fulton street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A FARM OF BO. 100 OR MORE ACRES, with good buildings, in exchange for city property located in 124th street, fronting Mount Morris square, be tween Fourth and Fifth avenues. Inquire of M. G. LANE, corntr of Fourth sveuuo and Tenth street. "IIT AN TED-PART OF A IIOUSE SITUATED A SHORT TT distance from the City fall, Brooklyn, to consist of a parlor, two good sixed bid rooms, and front basement; rent not to exceed $150. Address, with the fullest particulars, Herry F. Price, box 1,478 New York Post Office. WANTED-A ROOM. WITH MODERN IMPROVE ments, for two gentlemen, in the vicinity of Bond street. Address Elderkin, Herald office. WANTED? APARTMENTS. BY AN ELDERLY widow lady, either a fiont room and bedroom, with pantries and place for eoal, on the second floor, or two rooms in the house of a pious private family. Location between Rletcker and Twentieth streets, and Fifth and Seventh ave nues. For partioolars apply at 2)>i Sixth avenue, in the store. WANTED-BY A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY. PART of a house, in a .respectable neighborhood, consisting of parlor, sitting room, two or three bedroom*, and room to cook. Any good family hiving a snit of rooms to spare, will And a 'permanent, axreeable and paying tenant. Water and gas indispensable. Would have no objection to a whole bonse, if rent was moderate. Best of reference exchanged. Address, for three days, William, Broadway Post Office.. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A TWO or three story and basement house, containing all the modern improvements; neighborhood genteel; location, Seventh ward, or between Seoond and Twelfth streets, east Fourth avenue. Rent not to exceed SofiO. Address J. E. II AW LET. Williamsburg Post Office. WANTED? TWO FEET LATHES FOR BRASS works- Inquire at SOOK Mott street. J. SMITH. ?WANTED TO PURCHASE ? IN NEW YORK OR TT Brooklyn, pleasantly located, (corner lot preferred.) a three story brick house? the first floor finished off for store, and balance for dwelling ? of some gentleman, who will eell without requiring amy money down, but receive bis pay ments quarterly The purchaser will keep bouse insured and asslsn polioy. Address S. T. B , Herald office, stating price and location. HOTELS. 1.TAOLE HOTEL LODGINGS-GENTLEMEN WILL DO !i well to remember that they can obtain clean and com lortable rooms at it. per night, or 10s, and 12s.. per week at the hotel, corner of William and Frankfort streets. Hotel Brighton. Boulogne (sur meb>, franci ?To families going to Earopo. A gentleman lately from Enrope, eaa safely recommend the " Hotel Brighton." as not only the best in the place, bat as one of the boot in Eurapo. Situated at a convenient distance firom the rail road, and being in the middle of a largo garden, this hotel possesses all the ooa forte desirable for wealthy famllioo NEW YORK BAY HOTEL. 2M MILES FROM JERSEY City ferry, on the Bergen Point plank road, will be si>ened for the summer on the 1st of May. It stand* on the beach, with a fine view of the Narrows; excellent bathing, boating sod fishing. The stages leave ivery hour from the ferry at Jersey City. For ptrticnlars apply to CAPT. LEES, Proprietor, Jersey City, or at the bouse. PROPOSAL*. ffK> ARCHITECTS.? THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF X the city of Brooklyn will pay tht sum of two hundred dollars for the plans, specifications and working plans that may bo adopted by the Board for s school honsc. The baild ingto be oarable of seating 1.000 scholars comfortably; the first story to be used for library, furnaoes. coal bin i and play around, the second floor for the primary department, and the third floor for the male and female aepartaeat. It is doeirable that the olass rooms be so constructed that by opening the doore the entire floor, with the exoeptlon of the closets, can be used as one room. The Board roeerves the right to releet any or all plans that may he preeenMd Sire of lot, lOO by 200 root. Plans may be loft at the offioe of tlie Nassae Insurance Company until the 2.'.th mat Brooklyn, April 10. 188# fllOMAS SDLL1VA*. Ch?i{ii if 9vlwl Hvpae Commntr wnuMo rumon. BULPIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS? MOST CHARM In* noveltiee ? manufactured of Mm i?/ rlotaaat UhU ?Uk, and uaivereally pronounced alike auperior is riahaeea, newaeaaand n?dirMoili prloa, to anything mrtlent. Udlw call >nd coo. 361 Broadway. ULPIN'S SPRING MANTILLAS ARB NOW READY B _ fcr city retaU trade, and coaapriae a matohlaaa colic*, tlonof PaiulM nevaltUa, from a beautiful blaok lilk man till a, at au dollar*, to the Boat coatlj latmili manufae tured. 861 Broadway. Fashionable dressmaker -mmr. boullier Aagier, from Paria. continues to giro bar apecial atten tion to the moat elegant and fashionable ttylo of ilratimtk lag, aitber for moaning, rialting, ball, or opera dreaaea. Lataat Paria fashions, at 416 Brooma atreet, tiro dooca eaat of Broadway. N EW FRENCH MANTILLAS PXR STEAMER ASIA. The laat madea for the a* aeon. The 1 at eat and laat noveltiee in ailk mantillaa. Manteleta Poalk da Scie et Gulp SSSs rSSEvSE-. ? n'i$B RK ? Manteleta Moire Antique at V elour. ? Manteleta Moiro Antique, with frioftea, rufflea and other I new trim minga, from the moat eelebrated hoay ia Paria, I will be ahown by J. BECK A CO., commando* Monday, the 91 h instant ; tocetberwith as lmmeaae variety of tbafi&>wa well-known and highly appreoiated manufacture, aR%te< to the moat cultivated and refined taate, at extremely moderate priaaa. In addition^to tba above, J. Book A Co. bare received several caaaa of WHITE EMBROIDERED MUSLIN AND CHANTILLY LaCE MANTILLAS, in entirely new designs. Alao. real Goipare laoe mantillaa, and mantelet " La Fantaaie," ia great aaaortment, suit able for the more advanced eeaaon. J. BECK A CO. 365, 786 and 788 Broadway. SPRING FASHIONS.? STRAW GOODS OF THE lateat sty lea, oheap for eaah. 999 euperfine aplit atraw bonnota. 900 anperfine colored bonneta. 899 anperfine danatable bonneta. 9, P04 euperfine laee bonneta. Betidee an innumerable quantity of erery deaorlption of the ohoiceat patterna, at HARLEY'S, M John atreet, one door from Naaaau. STRAW GOODS, ERENCH FLOWERS, Ac. 260 caeca lich atraw bonneta. 20 caaee auper Engliah Dunstable bonnota. 10 caaea auper English slit atraw bonnets. SO caaea rich laee bohneta. 10 caaea Leghorn flats. 10 cartona atraw Ruohe; and fOO boxee Frenoh fiowera, of the lateat importation, are offered at reduced pricea for eaah, by HOMER A KETCHAM, Noa. M .and otf John atreet, oorner of William, New York. PRY POOPS. AC. LACK BARATHEA SILKS-TWENTY PIECES, JUST received; the moat deairable mourning ailk a impoited. C. F. BARTHOLOMEW, 051 Broadway. B BEEKMAK a CO., 66 CANAL STREET. CORNER OF Meroer, wtfl open on Monday, April 16, 10,000 yards aplendid atriped Billa only Ca. per yard, well worth SI. Those silks being at leait 29 per cent unaer actual value.ladiaa will find It to their advantage to call early, there being leaa than 1,000 dreaa patterna in the lot, and a great ruah ia antlei pated aa aoon aa their great reduotion becomes generally known. BOMBAZINES.-C. F. BARTHOLOMEW HAS OPEN ed SO pieces Lupin'a superior bombaalnea, at 23 per cent leaa than the uaual pricea. New Mourning Store, Ml Broadway. Bargains from auction.? 2,uoo yards plain all wool deUines at 2a., worth 4a.; yarda plaia ba reges, choice colore, at la 6d ; new delaine*, at la,; Cat ton crape ahaw la; plain and embroidered, laee ourtaina nnd curtain mualina cheap. THOMAS TATE, 86 Canal, cor ner of Greene atreet. OF. BARTHOLOMEW HAS RECEIYED A LARGE ? aaaortment ot every [description of mourning goods, which he la offering at axtreniely low prieee. New Mourn ing Store, S61 Broadway. English crapes? two hundred pieces eno liah crape, juat received, of all qualitioa; alto, fineat quality Canton crapea. C. F. BARTHOLOMEW, SSI Broadway. LAVELLA. CLOTHS. -|FOULARD SILKS.? JAMES FRANCE, 706 Broadway, will open on Thursday, April 12, another lot of Lavella<ololhs, (an entirely aew material for ladiea' travailing dresaea ) Alao a lar?e aaaortment of printed|foulard ailka, very cheap. 703 Broadway. TUTOUNRNING MANTILLAS? IN GREAT VARIETY jLvl and at low pilcea, at BARTHOLOMEWS new mourn ing atore, S61 Broadway. Mourning bonnets-now open, the most beautiful aaaortment ever exhibited in the city, at BARTHOLOMEW'S, SSI Broadway. \r EW STELLA SHAWLS-OPENED FOR THIS WEEK, XI five hundred more beautiful apring oolored Stella abawla, at $6 SO, $; 60, S10 and $12 each; theprettieat and cheapest ahawla in the city. GEO. BULPIN, 961 Broadway. Ribbons and millinery goods at whole tale.? We have unpacked to-day, 980,000 worth of ele gant ritbona, millinery gooas and dreaatrimminga; theae goods having been too long on the voyage from Europe, and having now arrived too late for our usual early wholeaale trade, we ate compelled to dlapoae of them at a great aacri fiee and would invite our frionda and the wholeaale trade generally, to avail themaelvea ol thia favorable opportuni ty. M. H. 8UHTENSTEIN, 90 Bowery, corner Heater at. STOCKINGS ? STOCKINGS ? STOCKINGS.? 0 Juat received bom auction: ? 6,000 paira ladiea' white ootton bote, regular made double heela aad toer, la. tfd, per pair. 3,6(0 do do extra fine, emtable for anmmer wear, la. 0<L por paly. 4,(K0 do do very auperior, full faaliioned, la. 1 CI O do do aatdal lace, la. per pair. 1 '.'00 do do fine, la. 6d. and 2?. per pair. ; 600 xaira men'a unbleached cotton tocka, la. per pair, 10a. per doaev. 1,000 paira children'a fancy, white, unbloached, plain and openworktd cotton hoae and aocka of the celobratod manufacture ol G. Heeker A Sona, from la. per pair. RICH'D. UREE.V, 130 Canal atreet, between Tbompaon and Laurens. Thirty pieces black and white plaid tilka, at 50 centa peryard, worth Ca., at BARTHOLOMEWS, 551 Broadway. The great sale of calicoes, yard wide, warranted faat oolora, at 12.' ; casta per yard, will be continued thia week. UBSDELL, PE1RSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. TRA YELLING ROBES.? UBSDELL. PEIRSON A LAKE will offer for aale, thia morning, 500 embroidered robea; alao 600 atriped da., at S3 the robe. No. 471 Broadway. TXTET GOODS.? AN IMPORTANT SALE OF WET vT gooda will take plaoe thia day, coaaiating of wet black ailka, wet linen shirting an3 aheeting, wet damaaka and napkina, wet table elctha and towels, wet ootton ahirt ing and aheeting. wet printa and ainzhams delainea, quilta, Ac. ANDREW G. COLBY, 37 Third avenue. LOST AND FOUND. D00 I.OST? A LARGE BLACK AND TAN TERRIER | elut, with a abort tall, and has pups, ft'bomr r? turns hfr to tbe Bay State Hotel, 147 Fulton atreet, will rs oeive a liberal reward. UOUND-ON THE 23D OF FEBRUARY LAST, ON THE JP Second avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh stroets. a email ran of money, wbieh tbe owner can have, by applying at 109 East Eleventh street, la tbe feed (tor*; alio a reed wagon tor Nile. LOST-ON APRII. 12. IN GOING FROM THE COR ner of Whitehall and Front streets to the font of Beach street, a wullet containing U, and valuable papers and notes to the owner, but of no me to the tinder. It any person will return the wallet and papers to Peter Frit*. 49 Whitehall street, they will he welcome to tbe monty. ana no question* ashed. Lost-last sunday, ArRiL stb, in returning from High Bridie to Jersey City, a gold band bracelet, let with brilliants. 85 rowaad will be given for its life re turn at 58 Stanton atrei-t, or 90 Newark, corner of Railroad avenue, Jersey City. Lost? a gold mourning pin, with hair of deceased relativea in it, marked F. H. W. The finder will lie suitably rewarded by leaving it with Geo. W. Devoe. Noi. 3 and 6 Jefferson Market. Lost. -was left in a grand street stage. near Williamsburg ferry, a price book, containing the weight! and prices of window linteli, columns, girders, Ac. 1 he finder will receive $2 by leaving it at Croton Foundry. 56 Goerck street, N. Y. LOST-ON THURSDAY EVENING. BETWEEN THE Irving House and Brorme street, a gold seal (a horse'a head, with Itone set in the neck. The finder will receive tbe thank* of tbe owner or a reward by returning it to M. J. O '? Rorke, 403 Broome street. LOST-A COLD WATCH, WITH WHITE DIAL AND second hand, No 3.072, maker's name Ulisse Breting an Locle, Suisse, was lost on the way from Sixteenth street, along Irvlug place to Twentieth street to Ward Sehool No. 40, thence through Twentieth street to Fifth avenue and the corner of Fifteenth street. A suitable reward will be paid on its delivery at 121 Tenth street. STOPPED- SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEM-ONE DIA mond ring, which the owner can have by proving pro perty and paying expenses, at L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. Jacobs* ee ebrated California diamonds, always on hand. CLOTHING, AC. All persons having wearing apparel or other articles in 10 Washington street or 19 Pearl street, I wish to inforn them that tbey will be exposed for publio sale at 80 Greenwich street on Tuesday, Aprill7, at lOo clock A.M., to pay expenses and storage. BARTHOLOMEW SULLIVAN, 14 Washiniton St. PAST OFF CLOTHING? ?2, 000 WORTH WANTED.? VV Gentlemen having good superfluous clothing to dispone of can obtain the full value by applying to James Moroney, at his eld eetablished stand. No. 11 Orange street, (now call ed Baxter stieet.) Orders through post punotually attend ed. JAMES MORONEY, 11 Baiter street. CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. Ladies and gentleman having any of the above for sale ean obtain a 'air value, by sending a note for Mr. or Mrs. HYNE8, 81 Leonard stmt. I.adie? waited en by Mrs. H.* YOUTHS' AND CHILDREN'S CLO THING. -JOSETH B. CLOSE, BAILEY ft CO , No. 8 Park plaes, opposite the Cit* Hall, have new en hand the best assorted spring and sinnir stock and ftyle* to be found in the Unite* Bute*, and suitable for all ace*, from three t* twenty yeac* old, at wholesale and for greatly redaoed prtoe*. LEGAL NOTICES. XECUTOR'S NOTICE -PURSUANT TO AN ORDER 9 1 EtUif* I". /'?"Law0!*.1* ,f*h? 'OS0*/ ?f ???* Unit, notice Ts hereby give ? t<5 ;!! person* iUkving olaimi against the estate of James Thompson, late of the town of Ornncetown. in the coanty of Rockland, deceased, to pre nnt the same, with the vouchers thereof to Wm. E Leggett, i* ?? crntor of th* said deceased, at his plaee of 6usi nees, at the corner of front and Beekmaa streets, in the eitv of New York, Nos. 14 and 15 Fnltoa Market, on or bo fore tbe thirteenth day of October osxtljW W. E. LEOOETT. Eae'tttor. | {EGA I NOTICE TO SAFE MANUFACTURERS.? THE J undersigned give* notice that a patent was issued sroh 17, IW. for the al?m filling for eafes, u**t by Messrs. Holme* ft Bntler. Nos. 90 and 92 Maiden lane, aad ; ttat all fntvre lafrmgeinente thereof will be rigidly prose i ovtcd. This notit* beeeasee necessary, ea eoiae of the prie- 1 tlpal safe maker* In New York rand one la particular* are I uadtrstood te taveaeedit, or aa losiUtoa >4 it.ainosthe Crys'al Palace test la IMS O W. HAMMOND, Jr , At jvrVy foe Hvl-ao* * BfUor, ?t(eet. raiHCUL. <ti nnn nnn bondsof th? Virginia and $l,.UUU.UUl/ Tmmun Railroad Company.? Pro pesala will be received for tbe whole or toy part of (he . above leaoe of bonds They are dated let Jul*, 1H64, Ml parable to bearer, ia tbe oily ol New York, oa the 50th J *ae, ISM, with interest eoaponi attached, at the rate of 6 per oent per annum, payable temi annually at the Bank of Ameriea, en the 1st or January and July ol each year, ai d one half their amount convertible into the atock of (he oompany at the ac tion of the bolder. Thote hondi are leaned nnder full authority of the stockholders, lor the pnrpoae of finishing and oqufppiag tbe road, and they are ieoored by a eeeond mortgage on the road, with all the real eetate, fixture* and equipments. Iranehleeo, appurtenanoea and privilege* apper taining thereto. Tbe firirt and prior mortf ace if f?r ?l,800,u00, of which Vt, 000, 000 was taken by the Slate of Virginia, on the following Terr advantageous terra* Six per oent in Ureet, and the principal to he liquidated by payment* anna ally or eae per oent for thirty-toar year*, commencing on the lit of July. 1863. Toe remaining <fl00,000 wore *old at par. The capital of theoempany ia tS.UOO.OOu, three-fifths of which 1* held Ay the State of Virginia, aad the whole amountpaid in 1* tt.9T5.lW. Tbe lengthy* the road, from the eity of Lynehberg to the Tenneeaee line, U 204 miloe, of whioh 190 are entirely finiahed and in operation. The remaining lixty nino miloe require only 1030,(1)0 to complete them, and ten meatb* labor I* only necessary to pnt the entire road into fnll operation. Tberfi haa boon expended on the road about 16.000,000 in ooaetructlon. rolling a look and expeatea, a sum double the amount of both mortgage*, whioh together do not exoeed 913,000 per mil* of read. The road torau a link in the ohnin of road* wkieh are to beeome probably the moit impor tant route in the Union, giving an almoit atr night lin* from tbe Northern and Eastern citiea to thoae on the Oulfof Mexico and the Misaiaeippi, abortenlng the distanoe more than twe hundred milea; and there is hut ona more link to be flniahtd to afford a oontinuou* railroad traniportatloa trom tho citj of Waahington to Montgomery, Alabama. But independent of the travel that will oftme toitaaa part of tbe great South and Ncrth line, the Virginia and Tenneaiee Railroad baa a certain local busineu of it* own, whioh 1* olearly aaoertsined by the earnings of la*t year, with only eighty five mile* open, (9163,029 79,) as being sufficient of it self to (uppoit the road. It paa*e* almost it* whole length throng a region abounding with a variety of mineral* of the most valuable nature, oueh a* lead, eoal, iron, copper, *alt and grpaum. all of whioh exist in great abundance, whioh havebeen hitherto neglected, but whioh are fait being deve loped aow that they oan be oonveved to market. Ia abort, the proepecte of tho road are moat flattering; and foatered as it baa been by the State, and supported generally by tae Me of Virginia, with ?o large a eash capital aotaallv paid it believed no seeurity haa been recently offered of a better character. The Company have agreed to set apart one per cent, annually on the amount or their bond* from tbe earning* of the raad, a* a linking fund to meet the pay ment of them at maturity; and the itookholder* hare adop t - <d a* a lino of policy, to declare no dividend excepting from a oath aurplua, alter the lntereat and sinking fund have been provided tor. The terms on which tbe *al* will be made are 26 per oent. down, and the balance in payment* of 10 percent, every thirty daya till all paid. Ir the whole amount i* paid at once, intereat to Fat July to be allowed. The right of reject ing all or any part of the bid* i* leaerved, if deemed for the interest* of the Company to do eo. The bond* will be lodged in bank, to be delivered when the whole amount ia paid. Full information wtll be given on all inhjeeta con nected with tho fioaaoial affair* of the Compaay, which oould be derived by partio* wishing t> offer for the bonda, and document* and referencee obtained by applying to Adrian 11. Muller, Eeq , No. SH Wall itreet, NewYork, to whom offer* must be *ent, sealed, and marked " Tender for Railroad Bond*," on nr before the 24th day of May next. JOHN ROBIN MoDANLEL, President Virginia aad Tenneuee Railroad Co. The Board of Director* ar* : HENRY DAVIS, THOMAS L. PRESTON, GEORGE M UART. WM. T. ANDERSON, WILLIAM A. READ, And C. F. M. GARNETT. ia Chief Engineer. I will reoeire aealed propoial* for the above loan.whioh will remain with me unopened till three o'olook P. M. of Thnrtday the 24th day ot May next, to be then opened in tbe presence of tbe rreildent, or tome other authorized agent of the company. ADRIAN H. MULLER, 38 Wall atreet. New York, 6th April, 1660. nnn Niw tork ha?em rail tjPIUv.UUu. road, aecond mortgage 7 per oent bond*, part of an lsiu* of one million, Thia mortgage oovera a large amount of real e*tate ia thi* oity, a* well a* maay parcels on the line of the road, aot included ia the firtt mortgage; the branch road to Port Morrie, on the Eait River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, aad all the rolling atock and furniture of the road. The bond* are itiued with in tercet eoupona attached, pay able on the first day* of February and Auguct in each year, and the principal reimbursable on tbe flr*t day of August, The mortgage is made to the Farmers' Loan and Truirt Company, of thi* oity, at trustee for the bondholder*, and recorded in all tbe countie* through which the road passe*. Thi* i**ue, added to the first, wul make the mortgage in cumbrance upon tke road lour million dollar* ? lea* than fifty per cent upon it* coit tip to thia time. The prooeeda of the bond* low offered, will be u*ed? firat to extinguish the floating debt of the Ccmpany; ind, second, to oomplete the double track to White Plain*, and ereet eome few atation houses required on the line of the road, all of whioh, it ia ex pected may Lbe done |*e as to cloae "construction ac count " at the end of the year. The aorurity opan which theee bonds are based is believed to be in all re*pect* an. pie, quite aa reliable as that of tbe first mortgage. The earninr* of the road are constantly In creasing, and its buiinesa, preaent and pro*pective, uever ao satisfactory aa now. Proposal* for all or any of these bond* may be addressed to William B. Draper, Treasurer, Harlem Railroad Com pany, New York, endorsed "Proposals for 2d Mortgage Bonds," until the fifteenth day of May next, when they will be opened, aad should state whether the offer be made ia cash on reoeiving the bonds, or in in'atalmenta'of twenty-five per cent, payable respectively on the 16th of May, 15th of Jane, 15th of July, and 16th of Auguat. The right of re jecting all or any part of the bids ia reierved, if deemed for tbe lntereat of tbe Company *o to do. By order of the Board of Director*. NICHOLAS DEAN, President. Wit. B. Drapkb, Treasurer Not* ?Thi* road terminate* la tbe centre of the city of New York, is one hundred and thirty mile* long, con necting the city with Albany, and all the trade of tbe great Weat, together with a portion of that of the North. The annual gross earning* of the road now exceed one million ot dollar* New York. April 3d. 1866. AHA ?HONEY loaned on diamonds, tpUUU.UUU. watches, jewelry, eegara, pianoforte*, merchandiae, and perionel property generally, or bought for raah. Bueine** confidential and exeouted promptly at 78 Naaaau itreet, firat floor, back office. FLORENCE k CO. d>RKA nnn ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS VtwU.UUlf . watches, jewelry, dry good*, icgar*, te. or bought for eash; city stocks, note*, bond*, mortgage* and bill* o? exchange negotiated. Bullae** confidential an # prompt by THOMPSON k CO., brokers aad eommiaaio* merchant*, 102 Na**au street, corner Ana, room 2, aeeead floor. d&ocn nnn T0 w>an, on valuables, in any required aums, for short periods, at the City Loan Office, 78 Naaaau itreet, rear building, iccond floor, room No. 2. flfe/in nnn -good FIRST OR second most tJptl/.Ul/U. gage*, having one or tiro year * to run, on New York city improved property only, will he purchaaed or discounted, by ROSWELL G. PIERCE Pine itreet, cor ner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Bank. (ton nnn T? ?n bond and mortcage, ?]pOl/.UxJU on property in thi* city, in *utn* to tuit. Applicat'on should be aent ia immediately. Apply to DAVIS 4 TOTTE N . lift Broadway, room No 7. <tin nnn WANTED -ANY ONE having this <jPJ.U?UUU amount to inreit in a well eetabliahed buai ? ness, where fifty per cent on the money can be made yearly, can call on the undersigned, when particular* will be given, both aa to tbe veracity and reapectability of thia application. Only a small amount require J at onoe. Beat of reference* given and required. Inquire of BARKER A OSTRANDER, l.*>7 Broad* ay. nnn WANTED? A PARTNER, TO TAKE ONE A VTiUUU. halt lntereat in the Bay State Hotel, former ly Uunter'a Hotel, 146 and 147 Fulton atreet. Thia la a great cbanca. If appUed for Immediately. Apply on the the premlaee. (tonn -WANTED MOO, WfR WHICH GOOD SECU tjpOUU. ritv will be given. Address J. M., Chatham square Post Office. CI ASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT, OR PUfe J ohased at sight; Diamonds, Watches, Rich Jewelry, ut valuable personal property generally. r. Wood, eo Fulton street. Second floor, front room ; 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Mc TONET LIBERALLY ADVANCED. L Bv PECARXS, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, Aaotlcfr ?ers, No. 51 Liberty street, one door from Nassau, on stocks vessels. real eetate. furniture, pietaree, merchandise, Ac., left with at for sale. Money.? parties wishing money advanced on personal sccnrity will address J. F<, Herald olBoe describing property and stating where an interview may be bad. Also, wanted, a sixteen or eighteen foot sail boat. State price, which must be low VTORTH CAROLINA SIX PER CENT STATE STOCK* IN ?Treasury .Department, Raleigh, N. C., March U laM.? Sealed proposals will be received at this offlce amlt 10 o'clock A. M.. of the 14th of April next, for the purehMI ef ene .million dollars In bonds, ranking thirty yean. The* bonds are issued by the State ef North Carolina for th> jonstrnotion of the North Carolina Railroad; and in add! tion to the faith ot the State, all the atoek held by the StnM l> taid road, and the dividends arising from said mock, an Cdged for their redemption. They will bear data Mm t day of April, 18M, ana will hare coupons attaehed fiat the Interact at all tor cent per annua, payable the itm days of April and October in each year. Both interest and principal will Repayable at the Bank ? the Republic, in the city of New Tork, unices where tto purchaser prefers tc hare them payable at the Treasury ?r North Carolina. - They will be issued In sums ef one thoneand dollars each Thee* bonds arc by exprees suaetment, exempted (rem Is* etioa tor any purpose. Parttee bidding will pleace addrecs their letters, endereed "Proposals far North Carolina etccks," tc the undersigned at RaMgh, N. C. They will also state at what point, and Is what kind 4T rands they propose to pay. The bids will be opened at 10 o'clock A. M., cf the ldtt April next ia the preeenoe cf the Governor, the Seoretarj and Comptroller of State, and of/}. W. Mordcoai, Preside*3 ef the Bank of the State of North Carolina. The undersigned reserves the right of accepting raeh tide in whole or in part, a* may be deemed moetadvaatagcouj U the Stftt#. Snccessful bidden will he n reijulred, as soon as inform* ef the aeccptanoc of their bide, tc depoelt la bank the amount ef their bids, with the accrued Interest from the Irst day ?r April, IHfift. to the ctedit cf the Trcnenrcr cf the State ? Nerth Carolina. This deposit may be made in the Bank* the Republic, New York, the Bank of the State of Nevtt Carolina, or the Bank of Cape fear, Raleigh. Documents akowkig the extent oi the reaonreec cf the StaW and the amonnt of her indebtcdncee may be had at thU sAea, or on applioatlen tc Mecsrs. BROWN A DE R083BTT EOT or THE LATE REPUBLIC OP TEXAS bought by OLIVER W. STANTON 81 Prcat stmt. D IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, MO. M WARREN street, one door from Greenwich? Open daily from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., and 4 to 7 P.M. Intereet si the rate of six per cent allowed on all sums from $1 to $900. The funds of thid institution an eccnnly inveeted In bonds and mortngeiin the city of New York, worth douMe the amount loaned, all in bonde in this city. CALEB 8. WOODHULL, President. D.' VahL: rii.T J ViM Pr#,i<Untl' Vahdcxbilt L. Bvxrow, Soeretary. STATE AND RAILROAD BONDS. -J. THOMPSON will a?ll at private sale, the foUowing desirable securities ?or investment;? ISO, 000 State of South Carolina six per cent Coupon Bonds, ratenet payable at Charleeton, January and July. ?10,000 New Orleans City six per cent Coupon Bends, Interest payable ia New York, May and November. 910,000 Jolist and Northern Indiana Railroad eight per cent Coupon llonde? guaranteed by the Mlchigaa Central Rallioad Compnnv. These bonds ars equally as se o in as the Michigan Central Railroad Company'* Bonds. 92.\000 State ef Virginia six percent Coupea Bends, intarcct payable in New Vork, January and July. 97,000 S achrillo and Chattanocga Railroad six ner cent fouron Bonds, interestpay able in New Vork? guar aute?d by th? State of Tenneneec Theie bonds are received by ids State Treaeumr of Tennessee, as a hanking basic OtSce. No 1 Wall street. T. MARK'S INSURANCE STOCK POIt SALE.? IX i*? ?t Qt'J. f I'LTyN, r40 Ojyudfuy. s ?mrraro. FIR LlYMBPOjMh? UNITBD STATM HAIL an AH ?hip BALTIC. Jot. t. Comatock. Nnugdit. Thii ?tMmaip wilt depart with the States mails tot Europe poiiiiveljf ob Wedaeaday, April 18, il 12 o'olook M. from net berth, at the foot of Caaal itiwi For freight m puui>, h?Ti?n sbmmUjI MMBiitUiu for elegaaoi and conUort, ipplj to -W <v EDWARD KCOLLINS, M Wall rtmi. PumdiW are lpqueeted to be OB board at 11 W o'olook A. H. Tbe (tea nihip Paciflo will aaaoeed the Bait's, ami >aQ May ?. Shipper* please take Botice that th* chip* of tbii lias eaBBot oarry any goods ooatrabaad of w at. rt NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED 9TATR1 Mail Steamers ? The ihipe oompoaiag this line are ?ht ft 1 towing; ? ATLANTIC. Capt. West. BALTIC, Capt. Constoek. PACIFIC, tap!. Nya. ADRIATIC, Cap*. . Theee ehipe hare heea ballt hy oootraet, eipreeelr forgo* eminent aarriee. Every oare baa keei takea 1b their eon atrnctioa, a* alao in their eagiaea, to mire atreagth aat ?peed, and their aeoommodatioa* for palhgora are eneaaal led for eleganee and eomfort. l'rioe of passage frooe Nee York te Liverpool, la fret class oakia, (130, in aaooed do.. $76; exclusive aaa of extra aUe etateroomi, 1335: from Liv erpool to New York 90 aad 30 galneaa. Aa experienced let jeoa attaohed to eaoh (hip. No berth Moored ?atU paid raoroexo bath or imum. . no* WBW TOIS. rBOM UTXlNOt. Wednesday, March 21.... IBM Satarday, Maroh S UN Wednesday, April 4...1Hfifi Saturday, Maroh 17 1M Wednesday, April 18.... 1? Satarday, Maroh SI ISM Wedaeaday, May 2.... 1866 Satarday, April Id 18df Wednesday, May 16. ?. 18M Saturday! April * 186f Wednesday, May 90....18H Saturday, Map S .1801 For freight or paasage apply to ED WD R. COLLINS, No. 66 Wall atreot, New York. BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , 27 Austin Train, Loadoa B. G. WAINWRIGHT A CO., Paria. OEOROR H. DBAPRB, Havre. The owaori of these ihip* will aot ho aeeoaa table for (old ?Over, bullion, specie, jewelry, preoioua itonoa or metal* ucleaa bill* or lading are s&aed therefor, aad the valut thereof therein expressed bereor thereto expreeeod. Shipper* pleaae take aotioo that the ihipt oft his line aot oarry aay gooda ooatrabaad of war. The vanderbilt europban linr of steam ships ? The flrit elaaa ateamahip NORTH STAR, 2 300 ton* It amaok, matter, will leave New York, from pier No. 30, foct el Chamber* atreot, at boob, preoiaely, April 21, for Havre, dheot. Fir at olaaa paaaago, $110; aecond <60. The N orth Star will be followed by the aew ateamahii Ariel, in May. The owner of theee veeael* will aot be ac countable for gold, dlvei, bullion, ipecie, Jewelry, pr-oloai ?tonei, or metals, unless billa of lading are tigaed therefor, and the value thereof therein expreioed. Specie aad ^uodi taken at aeual rate*. No freight received after noon ot' thi day before (ailing. No berth ? scored until paid tor. Let ter* prepaid, 12K oenta per half ounoe, will be received at the office up to U A. M. of the day ot calling. and will be carried in strong India rubber bag*, ander look; and oa ar rival at Havre, will be Immediately deposited ia Foot Of&oc there. fixed oiru or aAiLiwe. rlOR BKW TORS. FROM H1VRK North Star April 21. North Star May IB Ariel May 19. Ariel Jane 16. North Star Jane 16. North Star July 14 - Theae steamships are classed A 1 at the lnraranoe offices, and specie and good* will be iniured in them at a* low rate* of premium a* in any other steamships that oro?* th* ocean. For freight or passage, apply to D. TOBRANCB, 28 South William *t root, New York SUMNER, MONTANT 4 DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. del Victoires. Pari*. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, V Qual Caiimir Deiavlg**, Havre. N. B. ? On and after May 1, D. Torrance's office wil bt at No. 8 Bowling Oreen. F OR XIVERPOOL? BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS. ?The fa*t sailing ehlp COLUMBIA, Oapt. Hutchiaion, will potitlvely tail on Monday, April 16. for term* of oabia, second cabin and steerage paiiago apply to JACOB WIL SON, 106 South *treet. rE LIVERPOOL AND PHILAD1LPHIA STEAMSBQk Company intend lailiag their favorite steamships ? CITY OF MANCHRSTRR 2,125 ton*, Capt. WyZS. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (now,) 2,538 toa*, Capt. CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*) Capt. R. Leitek Saloon ISO, 865, aad $55, acoording te atate room. A limited number of third olaa* passsngers will be takes from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, aad fbnnd la troririoaa. From Philadelphia $30 1 From Liverpool MM Parti** wlauag to briag oat their frisada oaa obtain fioatea of passage and draft* oa Li' sterling aad upwards. Apply t ~ ' 17 Walnat street, Philadelphia, York. i their friends oaa obtala oortt on Liverpool, ia an ma of X to SAMUEL SMITH, Aieet a, aad No. T, Broadway, Ne* FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? THE UNITES State* mail steamer W ASHINGTON, E. Caveady, ooe* mander, will *ail for Bremen, touohiag at Southampton k land the mall* and passengers for England and F ranee, ee Saturday, April 21, at 12 o'olook M., from pier 97 North Rivec Prioe ot passage:? Ia the first cabin, main aaleoa $1R la the flrit cabin, lower aaloon lit In Moond oabia S An experienced surgeon i* attached to each (teamer. All letter* muat nase through the Put Office. Specie delivered In Havre aaa 1 oadon. Tor passage or freight, apply to C. H. SAND, A rent, Yl South William atreot. The ateamer Hermann will sueeeed the Washington, mU sail May 19. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE U. 8. mail steamihip ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wotton, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mail* andBMienger*, on Saturday, May 6th, at 13 o'olook, from pier No. 97 North river, foot of Baaoh street. Price of paaiage, ft rat cabia, $130; aeoond oabin, $76. Lngaage not wanted dnrlng tbe voyage, ahould be aent on board the day before *aillnr, marked "bale w." No freight will be takea after Thuriday, May 3d. For freight or paisage apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Ageat, 53 Broadway. Reduction of farrs to suit the times.? new York and California (teamthip line, via Nicaragua. Accessory Transit Company, ot Nlotragua, Proprietor*? Through ^ in advance ofthe mail? 700 mile* (herter than aay other route, avoiding the deadly Panama favor and two mile* of dangerou* boating In Panama Bay. The aplendld double en|lne ateamahip NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.00J ton* burden, Captain Tlnklepaugh, will leave from Pier No. 3 North river, at three o'clock P. M., precleely, for Pnnta Arena*, on Friday. April 27, l."&5, connecting with the iteamihip SIERKA NEVADA, 2,000 ton* burden over the Nicaragua Tramit route, having bat twelve nille* of land tranaporta tion by firat class carriage*. Several now and *wift iron atcamboat* have lately been put on the ri?er and lake, which shorten the time on the traaiit from ocean to ooean. There ateamera are unsurpassed in their ventilation and ac commodatioa*. For informatioa or pauage, at tbe redaoed rates, apply only to CUARLES MORGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Green. Letter bags made np at the office No un > tamped letter* reoeived. Commencing on the 20th of May. the dav* of leaving New York will be ohanged to the 5th and 20th or each month. UUITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA' via Aapinwall and Panama.? Californiana are informed that the Panama railroad i* completed, aad the traaiit of tbe Iithmui will be made by railroad from ooean to ocean. No more male travel I No river boating.? On Friday, April 20, at two o'clock P.M., from pier at foot of Warren street, Koith river, will be deipatohod tbe fleet iteamihip ILLINOIS, Captain ? ? , t j connect at Panama irith the new and mperior iteamihip John L. Stephens A spare boat always kept at Panama to prevent detention, in caae of accident No freight received after 1 o'olook on the laiHu day. For passage apply at the oompany's office, No. 177 Wait street. J. W. RAYMOND. Dispatch line for san francisco-guaran teed to sail on or before the day advertiaed.? Tho mag Lifioent A 1 firat claaa clipper tbip RUBIN HOOD. Bearae, maater, ia now receiving cargo at pier No. 7, East river, and will positively sail for San Franolaoo on or before Tuesday, 24th Inst. Shioper* will please (end their freight promptly on board, and oomrlete their engagement* by Tneaday next, 17th in*t., at which time the *hip is expected to flalan lead lag. SUTTON A CO., 84 Wall street. Australia pioneer link, carrying the United State* malle.? The celebrated ollpper ahip OCEAN STEED, Uoi. Cuntuhtn, mutot, la now at bar berth, pierS East river, loading for Melbourne. Thil ship is going out on her second voyage in this line, having made her last passage in eighty nine day*. Has exoellen* accommo dations for first and second class pn*songer*. Early anplica tion for frelgh} or passage necessary, as she will positively sail abont middle of Apill. The Oc< an Steed wi.'l be suo ceeded by the magnificent clipper ship Nightingale, lit Jun*, also on her seecna voyage, having man her last In the un precedented time of seventy-six days. For freight or pass*** apply on board, or to R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling lirecn, and 116 Wall street. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY TOR Havana and New Orleans.? On Tuesday, April 17, at ] P.M., from pier foot of Warren street, North river, by the new and elegant steamship GRANADA, Cant. S.P. Griffin. Pas sage con be secured at the company's o Ace. Freight to New Orleane, 30 cents per cublo foot. Shippers will be supplied with Blank bills of ladingof the form signed by th^conapeny, on application at their olAoo. No other form* slgnsd, and ne bills of lading will be signed after the hour of sailing. For freicht or passage, apply at the office of tte company, No. 177 W?t street, corner of Warren. M. O. ROBERTS. VTEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP COM JLl pan J. ? For New Orleans, stopping at Havanna, car rying tlie United States mail. The steamship CAHAWBA, k W. Shufeldt, commander, will commence reoelring freight cn Saturday. April 21, and sail for the abire port* on Wednesday, April 2ft, at IX o'olock, from pier at foot of Beach etreet, North river. Freight lor the Interior and for Mobile, consigned to our agents in New Orleans, "James Connoly k Co.," will be forwarded free of commissions. Pasfengere for Havana mast procure passports before leav ing port. Bills or lading mast be sent in for signing the evening previout to the ship sailing. For freicht or passage apply to LIVINGSTON. CROCHERON A CO., Agents. Si Broadway. N. B.? The Blaek Warrior, J. D. Bullook, com mander, will succeed the Cahawba and sail Wednesday,' May 9th. FOR SAVANNAH? FARE REDUCED.? THE UNITED States mall steamahip'KEYSTONM STATE, Captain R. Bardie, will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Wednesday, April 18th, at 10 o'clock A. M. Fare $30: steerage, $8. The Keystone State will leave as above Wednesday, May Id, Agent* in New York, SCRANTON A TALLMAN, 1*01.1 slip, where staterooms may bo seonred. For savannah and florida-united states Mall Line.? The new and elegant steamship KNOX VILLE, C. D, Lndlow, will leave New York for Sevaanah on Saturday, April 14th. from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. BilUs of lading signed on board. For freight apply on board; or tor passage, to SAMUEL L. M1TCHILL, IS Broadway. For Florida, through tioket* from New York to Jacksonville, (SI; to PUatkt, |bs. The Florida Capt M. S. Wood hull, will succeed and leave on Wednesday, April 18tli. ' FOR CHARLESTON AND FLOEIDA.? SEMI-WEEKLY United State* Mail Liae.? Th* new aP faet going steamer JAMES ADGER. 3. C. Turner. Commander, will Wave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday, April 14, at i o'o.'ock, P. M .precisely. For freight apply on bonrd, where nil bills of ladlnr will be stated, and Tor pas sago at th* office of SPOFFORD, TII.ESToSf A CO.. SO SlMliray Through tickets to Florida a* follow*:? To Jacksonville, Ml to Pilatka, MS The Marion will tieceed, and leav* Wodaoday, the 18th. POR CHARLESTON. S. C.-THE SIDEWHEEL STEAM ship QUAKEB CITY. J U- Hodgdon, Commander will leave Philadelphia far Charleston, on Monday, ICth April, 'at 10 A. M. Cabin pateage. twenty dollar*; steer age, eight dollar*. For freight or parage, apply to HERON i MARTIN, North Wharvo*. Pi-iUdrtphU. Foe nobfolk, petbbsburg and Richmond The United State* mail *tenmf>>.:p JAMESTOWN, L. I'arrish. eAmn-ander. will leave nier 1.1 North river, on Saturday. Axril 14, at 4o'elo*kfP. M.; will arrive at Norfolk the not afternoon, and Petersburg and Richmond th* fol lowing morning From Norfolk, naeesntcrt for the Sooth proofed by raifread direct; with through t 'ckete from Wei don to Wilmington, Charleston, do Ptatan and fare t* Nortolk. V; to Petersburg and Richmond. #10; steerage half price. Through ticket* to I.ynohbmrg, $14. Ne freight taken for Petaobnrg ^ PLEASANTS, 32 Broadway. FOR RICHMOND AND NORFOLE -THE STEAM ship JAMESTOWN, Capt. Pairiih. ta now loading at pier No. 13. North Hirer, for Riohmoad and Norfolk, and wili leave on Saturday alternoon, at 4 o clock Ll'DLAM * PLEASANTS. 33 Roadway. PLATING CARDS. P LAYING CARDS.? FABO Pf.AYTNO CARDS, VEEf old an I woil tMsitii with ail th* v?ri?u%pth?t <iaai iti*s *t lit en an 1 oottea swrja, ma, is by 4AM HART * OO, IkWi to t>? trait anl ainh h >a**4 nt their tun. Net ti>pe*nt tat Bitot Hv?*e. MO?B?B, CAMUAOEI, dMC. GARRIA0E3 FOR 8AU-A NUMBER OF SSOONB band l?*ht wagon*, with or ? il hoot top. ; Wfc 11 ?* -4 Lc?;|i ? ??5 prio'd *. i?pSi ble for a builder or uo country, ui a *ood ? -1 A. at 89 Kldridgo atreet, between Uroowe ud Grand' ' For salb-a horse bight years old. war ranted 0000(1 Mid gentle. Would make a uod wacea bora*. Enquire at 186 Chamber* atreet, or IS Wool otr *3t . ?? Gbkbr. For salr? a vert handsome Shetland font. Wagoa Old Harneoo ; tbo wagon ond htnin were ooodo oipreaaly for the poor by ooo of the boot ration. Tbo pony la tlx year* old, kind and gentle is hnrneoo or under tho noddle A aplendid got up. Apply at 902 Soooud, ta Boot aad Shoo *toro. FOR SALE ? ONE seven year old mari, sixtbbr bood* high, eound and kind in any harneaa; oaa trot uo oide of three mini to* Alio, oao lioht oblfciag tap warn; oae suikey aad aleigb. together with harneaa blankets, NM^ ?addle, bridle, Ae. Will bo aold cheap, ao tbo owner ha* M ?JO for thaaa. Inquire of T. R. CROCKER. 10 Fultea Market. For salb-one top wagon, nbarlt nbw, oultable for a doctor: eoot S228: will bo aold for lowoot price #128 Apply at CONKLIN A HUQO'8 livery ?tabU. corner of Fourth av*nu* and Twenty-fifth atroot For salb-a liobt, shifting top Boaar wagon, la 11 rot rat* order and but little wora. atoo a a* tap boa wagon, nearly new and very handsome. The a bore at* the property of a gentleman going to Europe, and will be *old low. Inquire at the atable No. 402 Atlantic street. Fob sale? a horse and cart, and the work of three good p*)ing otorea. If applied for Immediately it can be bought at a bargain. Apply to S R. FO RSHAYj No. 91 avenue C, batweea the hour* of 7 and 9 A. U., or 531 Third arena*, from 2 to 8 P. M. BMtVeVV|**T,J" aUh* BRo?* HULE3 balVh** ,0' **? JVAVsS ?#m ^"llliaia* ?rLbT1*.*f >?Saf?ua* For sale? a finb pair of stylish carriaob borieo, aix y*ar* old, 16 hando high, w*U broke, Tory ?ty Hob driver*, J uot from the soantry. To be aoea at M Mott street. For sale? a rockaway carriaob. in good order. Apply at JARVIS' otablei, 1,000 Broadway. Aloo, a light extenaion top carriage, suitable for one or two boric*, never been need. Can be aean at Mr. DEADSLY'S carriage factory, corner ot Thirty ceventh street, and Broad way. FOB 8ALE-A TEAM OF HOBSES, CARRIAGE AND double barneia. They will be oold separately or togeth er. Inquire at CHA3. LBNT'S livery atable, No. 6 Seventh avenue. For sale? two black horses. 16 hands high. seven year* old, very recommcndable for a family's use. Inquire at 131 Clinton afreet, South Brooklyn. *?-5New .trwt. i0* ,u?- Inquire of A. DOfrop* Fob sali low-a house and two acres or land, on whioh there i* fruit tree* of variou* kind*, a good vegetable garden, strawberries, gooseberries, Ao., situ ated one hour from the oity by railroad. A (air stand tor a phydolan. For farther particulars, inquire of E. PRATT, 61 Fulton street, np stairs. For sale? a white mare, is*c hands high, five years old; can trot a mile ia 3:05, never been trained, of great endurance, warranted perfeotly sound and kind, of Engineer stock, and good open salt, and give* promi** of very great speed. Price >300. To be aeea at 2-<C Matt streo t For sale-a very fine, extension top roce ?? ay. nearly new, and made to order by one of th* beat New Yoik makers; inside trimmed with fine cloth. Apply at C. 0. SABIN'S atable, 76 Livingston street, Brooklyn. For salb? a top wagon, made to order, by one of tbe best city makers, and but a short tlm* ia us*; also, *in?l* harness, born, covar and lap robe*. Ta be seen at WILSON A BROS., corner of Crosby and Bloeoker streets. Price $200. ?pOR SALE-A nORSE, WAGON AND HARNES3, TOE J? property of a gentleman going abroad. Th* horn U a Black Hawk colt, sound, kind, Ac., and oaa trot a mile in 2:80. Ihe wagon wa* made to order by Georg* Wataon, of Philadelphia, and ha* been used but twice. The harness Is entirely new. For further particulars inquire at the stable of Reea A Trueodcll, 172 Mercer street. Horses and carriages for sale.-onb light coaoh, one rockaway, aix seats; one light carriage with top, two or four seats, for one or two horse*? all partially worn; would be sold low. Alio, a pair of inperior coach horses, bay. six year* old, without burnish. Apply at th* private stable. No. 12 East Twenty eighth street, between Fifth and Madison avenue*. LADY'S SADDLB HOBSE WANTED.? THE ADVBR tiur own* a teat racking hora*, which he will exohaag* for a lady's saddle horse. The horn offered ia exchange ta a very fast and valuable one. aonad aad kind in *v*ry par ticular. A wagon initabl* for the oountry, that will aea* aix peraons. will also be taken in part payment. Prioe of horse $l,Ciw. Address box 36*. Post Ottce. T AT)T'S nORSE.? WAN TED, A STYLISH, GENTLE JU bona, for a lady, for which a resonable prioe will b? paid. Address box 80v Post Office. LADY'S SADDLE HORSE? FOR SALE-A THOROUGH bred mare, from Glbbin'a (tables, young, sound, per fectly safe and well trained; aold only for waaAof nse; prieo 9180. Apply at 287 West Twenty -fourth etreet. NEW YORK. TATTERSALL'S, SIXTH AVENUE, COB nor Thirty ninth street.? At private *al*, a pair of fine bay Abdallah tones, six and seven year* old, sound, kind ana fast travellers, just from the oountry. GEO. CLBMeN\ Proprietor. QECOND HAND COACHES, ALSO A FULL ASSORT O ment of new carriage*, of every description, for *aU chaap. at the repository of MOTT A CO. , WO Broadway, near Bloeoker atreet. TO CABPENTERS ?A HORSE AND LUMBER WA gon will be sold cheap, separate if required. Inquire at No. 78 Division street. Three xxprbss wagons and horses for salk cheap ? Inquire of N. K1NGSLY, 98 Reade atreet. Trotting horse for salr-is? hands high, dark bay, mych yean' old, vsrv stylish. per octly wh4, and pleasant to drive; without fault; jut from tbe country; ran tret to wagon In three mlnntee. Can )>? aeon at 0. REMSIN'8 (table, corner of Union and Court streets. Brooklyn. Trustee colt for sale-cam out of a uor gan mare by Eclipse. will be five yean old in May, IS bnnda high, ana beautifully proportioned. I? a free, stylish driver, ateps aqnare and light, oan trot a mile in 3X minutes without training, is perfectly lonnd and kind in every re spect. Lowest price WOO. Can be seen at tbe at a bit of the Steam l-aw U ill. toot of West Forty- fifth street. Y- ERMONT HORSRS.? FIFTEEN HORSES, OF THM beet Morgan stock, among them seveial fact ones and two match teams, iust trom Eastern Vermont. Also, eight light wagons, by tM best city makers. Will bo sold low, ia consequence of the Are which destroyed onr establishment. Apply at M and 38 Bootin street, Brooklyn. W~~ ANTED ? A PAIR OF HORSES OR MARRS THAT can trot a mile in 2 90 together, on Union Course. Any one having such a pair, or one, that can show the above time to tbe pole, may hedr of a purobaur by addroeslng. with fall description and where to be seen, L. P., ULion>8quare P. O. ANTED FOR ROAD USE? A YOUNG UNTRAINED horeo, of good style and action, 19>? hands high. 9 or 8 years old, that can now trot to wagon in and promisee to be fact; not more than N00 will be paid; none wanted that has bten trained by a jockey. Address Box 2,307 Post Oder. % HARD TIMES. SIXTH WARD RELIEF ASSOCIATION-AT A RECU lar meeting, held on 8un<ay evening. April 8, the follow ing resolutions wore unanimously adopted:? Whereas, At the preliminary organization of the Associa tion, there was received a communication from Messrs. Tur ner A Lane, gratuitously offering for our nee tho large and commodious wareroom, Noa. 44 and 49 Daane street, thns enabling us to eeoncmise largely on what would bo a neoos sarv expenditure under any other clrcametanooe; therefor*, be it Rteolved, That the Sixth Ward Relief Association feel deeply tbe obiigatioa they aroi under to Meaars. Turner A I.ane, of 44 and 40 Dunne street for the generous liberality displayed by them in appropriating their rooms for the uae of the Association firing the rast three months. Resolved , That in view of|tbeir noble disinterestedness ia siding our charitable efforts, deserves the esteem aad appro bation ol all men, though more partlonlaily we, who have been recipients of thslr bounty. Resolved, That this Association, on lx half of the poor or ths ward, hereby tender to Messrs. Turner A Lane, glass cut ters, ot 44 and 46 Dnane sireet, their ilnoere thanks for tho uss of the etore room in their building, as a donation for tho paat three months. HENRY H. HOWARD, President1 Gwxw W. Bbewnan. Treae. Johh Clancy, Secy. FAMILY OBOCER1KI. ~ r\ ROCRRIES, TEAS AND PROVISIONS -WHOLB VJT sale and ratal.? The aubeeriber rospeetfaUy Informs his old customers aad the pnbUo at large, that hero opened at his old stand, 41 Veeey street, which was partly d octroyed a (re on tho 9th of Maroh. He has enlarged ana refitted s store, and aas opened with aa entire new stook sd fins teas, sugars, eoffeee, spiees, soap, starch, hams, shoal ders, smoked boor, flour, oil, molassss. snap, caadlee, butter, eheoso, Ae, Aa. Grocers, bakers, hotel keepers, and families, who parohase goods tor oaah. aad with to as* seoaomy ia so doing, ths subscriber respectfully solicits to sail aad examlae for tbemeelvee before | purchasing elsswhere, aad be eoawlneod that they eaa bay eheaae* thaa at any other eetabliehmeat ia the eity for oaah, as bo still adheres to his old system, not teqalriac his mora honorable eastomere to pay the bad debts whleh are una voidable ia the credit system. The subscriber flatters him self. fltom a leas experience in the basis ess, aad parshaslaa goods for eaah from importers and first hands, it affords him maa/ advantages that othare in ths baataess do not have who purchase (torn second or third hands, eeofa makiac a per oeatage. PETER LYNCH. N. B.? Ship aad sloop stores pat ap at the shortest ae. tioe. Goods delivered free of cartage. The subscriber has ae ooaaoetton with any other store. Teas. teas, teas -good tea at only 23 cents per lb. ; excellent, at 3*. and 4s. ; extra strong and fragrant , at 9s. aad #e.: 91b. parcels at wholesale pricoe; eoffeee ot alt qualities, delirious aad tragraat. at Is., la 2d., aad la 44. per lb.: susars oheaper thaa ever. PRREINS, tea ware beuae, 114 Howety. N. B.? Sixteen feet counter, with draw ers, for sale cheap. IPIBITlAUgW. SPIRITUALISM -MRS. DOCT. TRAPHAGBN, BHUit nadlum, will receive visit jrs every day at her rooms, 8# Broadway. Hoara from II to 1 A M., aad ? to 4 P.M. ; evenings from 7 te 9 o'clock. Disbelievers are reeyec'.fatvy iavltelto attend. Admission only 26 cents. SPIBITUALI8M? MISS SIBLING. A WRITING AND tipping medium, can be consulted, free of ehsne, daily, from 10 to 12 A. M , and 8 to 9 P. M? at 101 Fourth aveoae. between Eleventh aad Twelfth streets. AITROLOGT. ASTROLOOY.-MRS. FLBURY. FROM t PAR IS, calebtatad ia explelniag tbe old aetrologera, by boohe aad sclsaee, Givsa information of all relatione of eight at WO Brooms street. CLAIRVOYANT EETRAOBDINARY.? MBS. HATE!), that cmineat medical oteatvoynat, "'y '""1'** and evening Office 10 Spring street, near the 8**^. No clsirveyaat ever poeeeeead each e leer seeing ft***! **,**"; Hayes. Her rooms are teartautly crowded i with stok jereoae e suing for haa advice. Dr. HATES, eleetrician. ADAME AL7TIN, FROM PARIS, TENDERS HRR aervicee, ?o the ladies aad gentlemen, ia phrenology bv books and. ssieacs. She can be consulted %boet leva SfarTSgt b?2l *<? ? Wfl! *?? of tWs>?.ly <x goatlemaa th will naarrr, else the names of her visit wa Madame Ilwin eoa verse* ia ?aglisfc, Frenoh %a 1 CWmaa. RrsWtnee. 8?vrr, be've** First aad 4*?od

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