Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1855 Page 7
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uwanmrn imrewm ?mi sat. raSAJIT? RECBMTEB. 1QQ CRRENWICH STREET," NEXT DEY, TO L*~ ICQ two loft*. Br?t ?d>1 third Boor, is btown ?tooe ?ng Alar a itorf 10 Greenwich street, and a oouotf . (u)nM in Now Brighton, Siaten Island, ob hill or York kl(D1, Apply on the premises, or 1U Greenwich atreet. O^l FULTON STREET-TO IJST-THE. TWO AVD A t/T half ?torj roar hriek building. Inquire of JEN NINGS A HART 94 Fulton street. q OC GRAND B1JMT, TWO SLOCKS WEST OF Ou Broadway.? To lot, two _?amUom?lj furmshed par ?' ? WW?y cf gentlemen. Those wishing ?o rooido In tb^ vieinity 0f tba St. Nicholas or '?o??oU Houio i would do t0 oall. Every attention will ?o paid to comfort. Apartments ? <> let? in floors or separate, to respeetat-Jt American families: each floor baa two reems, Jour wardrobes, pantries. eloaota, and Cro t?? W?tor- /bo balls and ataira oft clot hod by the landlord. Apply '? houses, 280 and 232 Seven tb avenue, or at 1,110 Broadway | Vanllew'e land offloe. K t ARTMENT8 TO 1ET.? HALF TUB HOUSE, SEVEN A room*, Ac.; alao, four rooma, In first claaa houaea. Bath, aowor, gas, At., Ac. Bath or ?t?am boilers, engiooa and machinery, soiling off cheap. Apply on tho premises, No. 8 Tenth street, near Sixth arenue. A SPLENDID CORNER STORR TO LET, IN BROOK lyn ? Suitable for a grocer, or an/ business roqalring too an and a good location; aieo a part or tba dwelling over it which la floUhed in firs', rate style, with marble mantels, gas, Ao. Apply to A. fccATOY, 171 Jay straet, A LARGE ROOM, SUITABLE FOR PUBLIC MEET iocs, to be let. in the new building at the oorner of Do laaey street and the Bowery; also, a well furnished lodge room, suitable for any society, to lei, for several evenings in the weeh. Apply at 181 Bowery. Broadway? to let. -the neat little store, with back room, and two rooma above, M# >? Broadway. SUre is handsomely fitted up with shelving, counter, gaa, wad water. Possession immediately. Rent moderate. Ap ply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hmdson street. Bar cry to let on eiohtb ayenur-a rare ehaaee for a good man to make money; the neighbor heed la good and growii?. Will be let low, if applied for at o?o. WALLER A SEELY, <40 Eighth avenue. Bi.oominodale ? ninety-sixth street to North river. A beautiful oottage to let on the premises of. Prof. Mott, witn outhouaea, garden, and all the oomferta of a country residence. Apply at No. 1 Depan row, corner ?f Bleeeker aad Thompson streets. CARMEN ATTENTION.? STABLESj TO LET: ALSO seeoad story Boor, with sis rooma; water on the floor; poaaeaeio* en the lat May. Inquire at No. 100 West Twen ty -seventh street. fWTTAGE TO LET? AT WINDSOR TERRACE, FLAT \j bush, earner of Yanderbilt street and the Coney Island plsak road, with stable and garden attaohed. The building Is new arranged for a store, but if desired, the store will be altered to a parlor. Rent *330. Apply to E. BELKNAP, ?I Wall street. COTTAGE TO LET-IN ASTORIA, A SMALL COT tage, with about one acre of ground, good barn, fruit and ataamental trees, Ac. Rant, $250. Apply on the premises to T. H. DOLAN. Newtown a venae; or to J. G. 5YMS, 44 Chatham street, New York. COTTAGE TO LET NEAR CITY HALL, BROOKLYN, in Livingston street.? Rent moderate to a good tenant. Apply to D. RANDALL, Mercantile Bank, Nov York. COTTAGES, AC.- TO LET, TWO OF THE THREE ?ratty cottages on Forty -ninth street, near Third avenue; contain nine rooma, Croton water, Ao.: neat garden in front aad large yar<l in rear, now being pnt in oomplete order, and will be ready before the lat of May. Also, the neat three stery bouse, No. 77 Variok. near Canal street. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. COTTAGE TO LET, FURNISHED, NEAR BERGEN Point, for six months; has a line view "of the oity, bay, Ao. ; seven rooms, nine loft of gronnd, vegetable garden Ao. ; fine sportingnad Ashing; one hour from tbe oity by omnibus ana lerry. Enquire of E. J. LEETE, No. 2 Churcn street. CARPENTER SnOP TO LET. -A GOOD CARPENTER shop to let, in tbe lower part of the city. Apply at 290 Broadway, room No, 9, third story, from 10 to 12 o'clock. CARRIAGE HOUSR AND STABLE TO LET.? AN AIRY building, 37 by 22 feet, with court yard in front, in Ninth atreet, second (table from avenue A. Four stalls, and room for two or three carriages. Rent $230. Apply to R. H. DAY, 105 St. Mark's place. /COUNTRY PLACE ?TO LET FROM MAY FIRST, A \J beautiful new Frenoh cottage, at Rye, within one mile ?f the celebrated Rve Beach, and two minutes' walk from depot. Grounds well shaded. Fruit in aSuniance. Stable room, Ac. For particulars apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 807 Breadyay. IsiVRNlSHED HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN? A J large treestone front house, in First plaee, furnished in roeeweod and mahogany throughout, will be rented as it stands, or will bejented without th?.furniture, if preferred; or the whole will be sold, at a very low priee aad favorable terms. For particulars inquire ef F. COLTON, 59 Beekaan street. Furnished apartments to let, in the first ol ass house No. 770 Broadway? a spaoious and elegant suite of parlors, with bedrooma. Alao oonvenieneea for hauaekeeping, suitable for a faatily who wish to live com fortable. Furnished rooms to let, -a handsome suite of furniahed apartments to let in a first claaa house, suitable for familiee or single gentlemen, having all the pri vilegea and oonvenieneea tor housekeeping, at 870 Broadway, near Union park. House to let.-a first class English *ase meat hoaae, In perfect order, and having every modern convenience, beautifully located in Weat Twentieth street, No. 293, apposite the Theolocloal Seminary. Apply to C. O. TERRILl, No. 394, neat door. House to let? from the ist of may next. the dwelling part of house 964 Broome atreet, corner of Variok street, oonusttng of baek basement and two oellars, Rve rooma en aeeend floor and three attic rooms, all of which will be put in good repair. Apjily to J. B. ARCHER, 32 King street. ? HMBU8B8 and dbuo store to let.? small gen ? teal bouses, with elegant aaarble mantels, ch&ndeUera, and with every modern improvement, in Thirty -sixth' street, Between Broadway and Bilth avenue. Apply to WM. A. BRAD8HAW, 54 John street. Rent >400 and >428. TfGUSBS TO LIT IN HOBORBN ? WITHIN THRU J3 miautee' walk of the fury; ajfew mi &nt dm houoea ? River ItrrMi, ?llk court Tarda, Naondlni a beautiful rim of the river and eity of Nn Yerh; cadani hot aad eold wwteo, te, Ae.; and wdl bo let to private famllioi of tho Mm! reepootabiUty only. Inquire at tho office eoraar *C Badeoa aad Beooad itrwt^TokkM, tfl. MARTIN. TTOU8TON AND CROSBY STRRRT8, CLOSE TO XI Broadway.? -To lot or loan, tho two foar itory aad haoemeat heoieo No*. SM aad 6*7 Houeton atroot, aro con aootod, oontaln together oror SO room, aad have tho mo don improvement*; woald bo lot aeparate If doairod. Apply to JAM18 PRICE, aOO Hadaoa atroot. H Oli BIB TO LRT? THRRR THRRE STORY HOUSES ia Fifty-third itroet, botwooa Fourth aad Fifth ave aaee, with Croton wator. To nod tenant* tho* will bo lot atMOOoaah. Apply to JAMM BU01UJY, 181 Broadway. Housrs to let.? a large number or modern bailt hooioi ia tbo neighborhood of Broadway, Eighth arcane aad Thirty fourth itroet, at tho following prtoM: ? ?240, MM. WOO, W&O, mo, 1579. MM). ?M0, $7S0, MOO, 81.000, *1,200 Rent rodaoed from MO to SIM on each honao. Poa aaaaton givia in iomo of tho* >efore the Jit of May. Apply to SMITH A WOP ELL, 444 Eighth avonae. House and store to lbt.-the three story homoe, with largo a to re nndoraeeth, corner Fourteenth ?(root and Tenth avenue, formerly Hudaoa River Rallroil Depot. R?at low to a initablo tenant. Apply on thepm wnts from 7 to 9 in the evening, o( of S. B. CARUAMA, No. 71 Fiao atroot. House to rent.? the ooihig two story and attio home 61 Weot Thirty -ink atroot, botwooa tho Fifth aad Sixth aveauoa, with the adjoining lot, tai to fully laid oat. with every coaveaienee Apply to ROSWELL 0. FIERCE, Pine itfroet, coraor of Broaaway. TTOUSE TO RERT? 37 BAST TWENTY RIOHTH 11 itroet; three itory and baaomont briok hoaae, alao 23 byM: will bo put in porfoot order. Apply to ROSWRLL * CT. PIERCE, fine itroet, oorner of Broadway, uador tho Metro poUUa Bank. Hudson ritbr property.? to lbt or for ?ale, partly faraiahod, a largo manaioa, grouadi, Re., auitablo ror a hotel, aoaiaary or boarding keoae, oa the river at Righty iixth *troet. Alao a neat cottage initablo far a amall family, at Eighty-fifth itroet, aad glaicworki oomplete aad faatery buildings, at lOftth street. Aprly to W. F. LEE, 4# Exchange place. House in south brooklyn-to let? no. 27 Summit itroet, Are mlnntoa' walk from tbo Hamilton avoauo ferry; ii a baament bouae, with hot and oeld wator to ?eeond itory, lath room, ipeakiag tubea, dumb waiter aad ?taa throughout, with ebaadeller*: all la porfoot order. Poi aoeaioa immediately. Apply aa directed on the bill, ?r to MARSH A CO.. 2X Maidoa Lane. House in newark? m elm strrrt? neat and newly bailt? root MOO; or handiomely furnished, in oludiag plane, Ae., Ii90. Apply to ALBERT PAI.MER/No. B Try an row, (room 11,) Now York, oppoiite the City Hall, XlOUSBS TO LBT.-ONE THREE STORY AND BASE JjL meat. Thirty sixth atroot, MM; oottago. 9MO-, thr j atery briok hoaae, Lexington avenue, MOO; brown (to ae front, on Marray Hill, ?1,000; ditto Twoaty ieoond street, ?1,000; throe Itory bonne, on Broadway and Slxtyfour.) etreet, MM. HENRY FRANRLYN, 71 Weet Thirty fifth atroot. L0IT8 TO liET? AT 148 FULTON STREET, BE twoon Broadway aad Naiian itroet. Apply oa tho premiaoa. L^LTB TO LBT? TWO LOTS ON HOBOKEN STREET, directly oppoiite tho Hudaoa River Railroad paoeenaer otatioa. aad eioee to Colline' etoamehlp dock and Ilobolsn ferrr-booee boat offiO hot. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 300 Hudiaa itroet. K^^HBW HOU8R8 TO LET, IN BROOKLYN.? TWO three atery briok bonioe, lart daliblag, la Waahinxton utrvet, a ear Qatoa avenue. Pooeeeiion neat week, rteie aro heasee conveniently arranged, well buUt. haadaomely fiaii hod. aad very rieuaaUv located, near Ful tea avenue railroad! Appjr fell. TANEY, Wathiagton avenue, Brook lya, or J. Gould, 81 Maiden Uae, N. Y. _____ XT0" ?? TO LBT-SUITABLB FOR A if U hoteL bearding house, or sehoel, having 86 room*. FlriV _ Boor oooopUd aa ? ?Mr?^*liUl| wdl bejJtered to luit tho sr;. iF^.tos^ifA^{ifo% tyi aartt *? O^^HCBAN BOUSB. SHREWSBURY?THIS LARGE AND eommodioui hotel, faraiahed throughout, ia offered to K or a pereon ol reaaoaMhHhy wko understands heaping a Mean of that hiad, with a moderate capital. oould Joiafko owner a* a partner oa hvo^le tome. Aaply to . H. E. RIRLL, <4 Uapoaard itroot. /~VFF1CB TO LBT? ON IECOND FLOOR OF TRINITY y Building, No. 13. Inquire at No. 13, came building. Tho oiM to lot la very ileaaaat. O^^HFFICBS TO LBT? IN THE STORR, NO. 9, SOUTH William atreet a ear Haaover aquaro. two ofleoo, eea aootlag; alio one atagle offijo Apply oa tbo promleoa. JfkFFICR tO LET-BUITABI.B FOR A PHYSICIAN OR V/ other haeiaeaa. Tho float baeemeat of hooM No. 19 Jay atroot, a oar Oroeawlok Apply on tho premiooe. a^^HFFICRS TO LET-IN NO. 7 NEW STREET, SUITA bio fcr lawyer*, broken, eommiarion merohanto, *f*ati, Ae Apply to CHASE A FULLER, No. 7 New "r?ot, throe eooio from Wall itroot. Or7'c,B AND WORKSHOPS TO LET-IN FRONT \J aad teat bntldlnga, 16 aad 77 Naafan itroot. Tho oRooe TMloa i <?d eoaveaioat; tbo roome art varloue - ?*?hart?al ?3?*oo. Loaeei given if ro * -Apply to wT BSNDtnfpN, ?> VH pnavi???. TKNAm RROIVTBR. "V)ART OF A HOUSE TO LET-NBAB BROADWAY, X wei? (id*, the firft or eeeond (tor* of house 30 Walker (tree t, with bach Uwwai. Apply on the promisee. PAST Or A DESIRABLE HOU8E TO LBT, IN SOUTH Brooklyn, constating of second floor, (toar now), 'and front biMBMt. Qm and fixtures, and water In tbo houee. Good yard and cellar. Inquire south tide of Leaner etreet, scrona fsouie from Court. Ront $180, to a a (mall family. PART OF A HOUSE TO LBT? IN CARBOLL STREET, South Brooklyn, throe doors wait of iliake atreet, north ?ide. eonnieting of two parlora on first floor, three roc ma on tbird, aari front kaeement. Gai and fixturea in tbo houae. Within At* mil utee' of tho ferry. Apply to WM. S. CHREBUGH, Fulton, or 18 Carroll street. PART OF A HOUSE TO LBT IN THIRTY THIRD atreet, near Broadway, to a r*(pootablo family? tho whole of baecmcLt, with range, front and back parlor* and bedroom on first floor, and Four room* on third floor, with privilege of bat): room; caa throughout. Bent, H30. Apply at VABLIBW'S, yiO Broadway PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE TO LBT IN AN ENGLISH baaement house, occupied by a strictly private family, in tho immediate vicinity of the Fifth avenue and Brevoort House. Can board in the house. Water and gaain tho office. Address S. 8. S., box 102 Herald cfflce. V>BICE REDUCED, -TO LET, TO OOOD FAMILIES 1 only, tho** elegant brown (tone front house* in Second plaoe, Brooklyn. P. W. STEBBENS, 14 Front itroot, New Tark. CONSISTIHQ OF FRONT 3TOBE TO LET? THE LAROE NEW STORB, NO. Ml O Bowery, 80 foot deop, iron (hutteri front and roar, plate glass window*, silver plated frame*. Rent i860. Inquire at >2 Maiden lane, up stair*. STOBE TO LET, IN NAS8AU STREET ? THE ELE grnt brown stone front store 85 Nassau atreet, 26x100, * ill be let, with or without the baiemsnt, on reasonable terms. Apply to M. L. SHELDON, 86 Niwaa (treet. STOBB TO RENT, WITH A DWELLING HOUSE AT taebed, 123 Sixth avenue; two story brlek building. Inquire of ROSWELL O. FIERCE, Fine streoi, corner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Bank. STORE TO LET AND PABT OF FIXTURES FOR (ale ? A very fine and deairable place for dry goods, clothing, boot* and (hooe, and other business, OS foot deep, and two largo (how windows, plated glaee. Store under tbo Blind Inetitnto. Leaving the store to io down town in tbo wholesale busmees. For further particulars inquire at MANDBLI, A BROIHERS, 447 Eighth avenue. STEAM POWER-ROOMS, WELL LIGHTED WITH eteady (team, to lot. Apply at JOHN KENNEDY'S steam marble works, corner of Thirty -fifth street and Broad - way Si's STABLE TO LET.? A GOOD STABLE TO LET BELOW Canal street; rent low to ? good tenant. Apply at 29) Broadway, room No. 9, third story, from 10 to 12o'olook. S1ATEN ISLANI.? TO LET OR FOR SALE, A HAND (ome cottage with (table and outhousea, with three and a half aere* of gronnd, (ituated within fifteen minutes' walk of Sailor's SnugHarbor landing Rent $400 a year. Apply to Dr. ALEXANDER B. MOTT, 209 Tenth, or corner of Bleeckerand Thompson street*. p^BHICK HOUSE, IN SKIL TWO TWO-STORY DOUBLE HOUSES AT ASTORIA TO LBT. flvo minute* walk from (teamboat landing. Rent >300 each. Apply to B. MILLS, Poctmaator. mo LIT? SEVERAL STORES IN STAMFORD, CON X neetiont, and a cottage; aleo, part of a reapeetable dwell ing houce in Madieon (treet, in the Seventh ward of thic city. Inquire of Sande Seely, Stamford, or Theodore Molton, 202 Cherry (treet, N. Y. mo LBT? SUPEBIOB APARTMENTS AND OFFICES X in No. 10 State (treot, iron ting tho Battery, and in No. K) Warren (treet. in view of th* Park; alao in 179 Cherry (treet, near Market (treet ^aU in excellent erder and healthy location*. References required. Apply at 132 Li berty street, (shoe store,) from 10 to 12 o'olook, TO LET? A HOUSB, 30 ANN STBEBT, UPPER PART used at present as a dwelling lor a small family; the first atory as a tailor'* stor*, and the baiement a* a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at No. 127 Fulton street, third story. B. OALBRAITH. TO LET.? ROOMS FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES to let in brick building No. 110 Seventh avenue. Inqufre on th* premise*. mo LET? TWO OF THE BOW OF THE TWO STORY X basement and attic briek houses in Seventy -third street, between Third and Fourth avenue*, with an adJMning lot of ground to eaoh houae. Said bousee are handsomely finished, range, grate, Croton water. Ao. There is attaoh*d to one of the bousee, on the adjoining lot*, a large and good stable. For further particulars apply toBAKBB A WEEKS, N*. 1 Pin* atreet, n*ar Metropolitan Bank. TO LET-WOBKBHOPS CONVENIENT TO BBOAD way; the three upper stories of building corner Prinoe and Crosby street*, *uitable for any manufacturing pur poses. Apply on the premises. TO LET~THB THREE STORY MASTIC FRONT BRICK houses, Nos. 22 and 26 1'avoaia place, Jersey City, Tbey are delightfully situated, within about five minutee' walk of the feiry, are supplied with Paaaaio water and 'gas flx turea. Rent low. Apply to A. ABBOT, 289 South Sixth (treet, between Jersey avenue and Cole* street. TO LET? THE PROMINENT SOUTHEAST CORNER of Canal and Hudaon streets: ha* a front of 80 feet on each (treet; upper part eontaine 10 rooms, Groton water and with a (operate and genteel entrance on Canal (treet. e (tor* would make a capital stand for tno clothing or hardware butineca, eto. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET- THE GENTEEL FOUR STORY AND BASE ment dwelling, No. 239 Tenth street, near Second ave nue?has all the modern improvement*; rent $890. Aleo. No. 1M Cbambere street, near Hudson, Croton water ana range in kitchen? rent $890; aleo, the neat 2% ctorv dwelling No. 3 Hubert street, sear St. John's park? rent $600. Ap ply to JAMBS PBICE, 200 Hudson (treet. TO LET? RENT $280? F RETT f COTTAGE HOUfcB, now in nice order, 11 rooms, (table in rear, shade trees. Croton water, bath room, space for garden, Ac. Second and Third avenue earapa** night and day. Apply on the pre mises, ?omor of lOSd *tr*M and Third avanu*. TO LET.? A NUMBBB OP HOUSES, AT BEDUCBD rant*, having the modern Improvements.? Nos. 227 and 2 JO West Thirty-fourth (tract, $1,280; 130 Weet Thirty fourth (treet, $680; 17SKW**t Thirty-fourth atreet, $800: . W Seventh aveane, $1,200: 207 Wait Thirty-fifth (treot, $700; 199 Weet Twenty- seventh atreet, $MO; Fifty -eeoond etreet, Eleventh aveau# and river, $400; 141 We*t Thirty sixth street, $400; 139 West Thirty-eixth etreet, $880; Broadway and Slaty fourth street, $210: alee a number of tenement*. Apply to SMITH A w'qDbLl, 444 Eighth avenue. T 0 LIT? THE UPPER PART OP A FIRST CLASS _ two *tory hou*e, with |M ud Orotoa water, deciaably located in Prlnoe *trcct, ntir Maedougal.te a small family, without ohildren or Mr-rant. Apply to P. W. A., 28 and 3U Fulton ctioct. TO LET? HOUSE AND STORE CORNER OF DUANE. and Elm (tree to; the itore a vary decirable location for tha grooery business. Rant low. Apply at S3 Centre (tract. TO LIT? THE PRIVATE STABLE, ON THE SOUTH lida of Fifteenth (treat, between 8ft th and Se Tenth avenue*, containing five stall*. Inquire of FRANCIS BLANCHBT, 290 Sixth aveaue, before 10 A. M., or after 6 P. II. | * TO LET? HOUSES AT HOBOKBN, FROM ES50 TO WOO; alio, parta of hou*e*; also, deiirable property for (ale. Apply to J. H. BOARD, 37 Barolay street, trom 1 >4 to 2% P.M., or at the offlee, oornar Washington and Second street*, Hobokcn, from to 7 P.M. _ r LET? THE PLEASANTLY SITUATED HOUSE. With .garden, fruit tree a, Tinea, ahrubs, Ac., eorner of Fifty scTeath street and Firat avenue, near the railroad, riTer, *0. Apply at 193 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock. or at 93 East Twenty seventh atreet, of PETER A. H. JACK SON. TO LE1S?F1BST FLOOR OVER THE STORE OF leuie No. 877 Sixth avenue, consisting of two large parlor* wiVh (liding door*, two bedroome and back base meat. Croton water io the honae. For fnrtber particular 1 agnize of WM. WALLACE, U Sullivan (treet. I'oaseeeloo given immediately. TO LET-ON 129th STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avennea, a two atory attio and basement frame honae, flUed la with brick, la good order, marble mail tlaa, Croton water, Ac. Rent $200. laqnira of S. ALU UK; TUS, Jr., No. 7 Bread atreet. TO LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE, 31* WEST Twenty-aorentk (treet, with modern improvements, ga? hot aad cold water bath oeaaeeted with atreet sewer, aWf i* ia complete order. Also, the a tore aad eellar of premile 879 Washington atreet. eorner of Beach. Inquire at 67 Broa (treet. J. O. ANOARIOA. TO LET? FROM 1STOF MAT NEXT, THE FOUR STOR honae No. 1 Ea(t Thirty third (troet, next door to FiFt avenue, beautifully famished. Apply en premiaee. N boarding bouee hooper* need call. Security required. rno LET- A FRONT ROOM, BEDROOMS AND PANTR < . 1 en the third floor or a genteel honae, 191 Twentu . atreet, with gas, Cretan water. A*., to a MB all, genteel family, withont children; no other* need apply, roue* 1 given immediately, if required. Aleo, a (mall three ct ? honae, with Croton water, whole or part, laqalro on '..j mo LET? THE THREE STOET HOUSE NO. 143 BAST J. Eighteoatb (treet, between Second and Third avenue*, with gaa, latere*, Ac.; ha* all conveniences, aad a daaira ble looaUon. Apply on the premise*, or at 37 Chambers *t. THO LET-SUITABLE FOR A CARMAN. THE THREE ? itery brick home with stables, 199 East Tweaty-eeveath (treat. W. H. NEWMAN A CO., No. ? flaaovar Buildiagc TmO LBT-IN THE TILLAOF OF N1ACK, ROCKLAND ? county N. T., the large and commodious home hnown I aa the York Ho?*e; it contain* about forty rooma; 1* well calculated very ^^^^^^?aaitaile r. ?loulatcd for a summer bearding house, being of oacv aceec* ?m the city, aad nnmeroua application* far board ia thi* Tillage make a it a very derirabfe locality. Alio, one four story M*k (tore, callable for mercantile or maau factoring purpeoeo. For particular* applp to Theodore Ro*(, 99 Peari itreet. New York, or to Aiartah Bo??, oa the preml?e*. Ki^ETBEAL HOUSES IN BROOKLYN, IN ^?aad aear Clinton arcane. Rente from 1 150 to H80, ao cording to sise; in aa elegant and hlahly rcipectable nelgh borflbod. Inquire of F. T. 8TALLKNECHT. W NaccaaTt. tHo LET? A SMALL COTTAGE, AT MASPETH, L. I., ??two aad a hair mile* from Williamcberg fcrrice, with about :e*utei?.i3S,^asa Hotel. r|H> LET? 75,000 SQUARE FEET OF ORODND, WITH J. buildlagc oa frost aad rear, flttcd for Iron foindry or mochMlcal pwrpoiea. Machinery aad pattern ? for sale at a ??HiaMin. Also to let, thirl aiMMIBBiM creat bargain. Alee to let, thirl aad fourth dooi* 149 Ful ?*? 'tr*V- '?* oMeee er light bncinee*. Apply en the premi " ?f W. COLE, lie. 8 Ann itroct. rl *'*7? A H4J*dsome new cottage house and I ??garden, at Far Rechnway, Long Island, fronting oa urwinwooa avcauc, two houre' ride from New York, ft ie u^?<?n*Hian4r,SM i<5? if,?1. Apply for particulars A. ? 8""? NOrVoN, a" ? fcuotry lof (ale. ???fon>* to l?t Apply a* above. TWiAjrrr moivtbb< mO LIT? TBI UPPER PART OF A HOUSE ?3 CR03 A t>> ntreet, constating of thro* rooms, on* attlo, and a basement, >ur BnUvt;. TO LBT-THE STORE, CORNER OF FORSYTH AND Broom* streets; a Ant rate attnJ tor any kind of bu siness; alio the fisturss for tale choap it wuUd. Inquire Of J. V. SILV A, 109 Forsyth street, or on the premi***. TO LIT- THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 220 WEST Twenty fourth street. Bath, gas, Ao. Inquire at #77 Washington itroot, or 221 Eighth avnu*. rpo LET? UPPER PART OF A NEAT HOUSE, IN JL Rivingten street, sseond blook from the Bowsry , oonriat ing ef front and hack parlor*, folding door*. Hall todroom, tack 1 aaomoat, Ae. Inquire of E HALL, 29S Uroome *tr*ot. TO LET? TO A SHALL FAMILY OF NOT MORE THAN two parsons, the ascond too* of a thro* itory hoot* in Thorn peon street, near Houston, consisting of two pari ore, two hedreoms, and pantries, privilege in th* kitchen, ocllar, d*. Rent <250. For th* remainder, to b* ocoupied Ian a mall family ofadnlta, would preler letting without th* kitchen, r*nt 1230. Inquire at 107 Walker atreet, from 10 to TO LET-PART OF HOUSE 47 MIDDAGH STREET. Brooklyn, consisting of five room* on the eoeond floor tog*ther with th* front hae?ment. Inquire on the premise* TO LET-A DESIRABLE PLACE, CONTAINING thirty acr*a, and within thr*a quarter* of a mil* of Tuckaho depot, Harlem Railroad, on whieh there ia a two atory houae, barn and etiriage hoot*. There are ten acre* of apple oronard, and alt* peachss, pear a, plume, oherries, eurranta, raspberries. The plaoo U well watered and very productive. Possession given immediately. Inquire of B. DUSENBEKRY. IS Nauan atreet, or ot CHAS. DUSEN BERRY, at Tuckaho. TO LET-AT FLUSHING, L. I., A BEAUTIFUL RE ?idenee, with a floe gardtn attached, ornamented with ahrubbery and trees, located ia tho fl neat part of the village, acceaaibl* by railroad and a team bo at. Rant <400. Apply to S. H. FURMAN, 174 Broadway, of Hr. Ueatos at toll gate, or Mr. Smart railroad depot. TO LET-A SPLENDID BROWN STONE HOUSE. IN Boorman place, oppoaite the grounda of the Blind Arylum; this ia a $1,200 house, will be let for 9900; newly painted and all the modern improvements; a rare chance to get a flrat olaae houae at a low rent. Apply to WALLER A 8BELY, 4t0 Eighth avenue. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUSE 100 Middagh street, Brooklyn, to a amall lamily without children (Americans preferred) Inquire or Mr. BURMETTK, 92 Middagh street, Brooklyn, or M. BARTON, M Cortlandt atreet, New York. TO LET-OVER THE ENTRANCE TO THE BROAD way Tabernacle, deairable rooms for offioes or business purposes. Rent from 9160 to 9400 per annum. Apply on the premise* No> 342 Broadway, or to PARTRIDGE A BBITTON, 300 Broadway. TO LET? THE FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT BUILD ing in 1 hirty- sixth street, near Eighth avenuo, 3d by SO feet, with an engine of 40 horse power, shafting and belting to suit; also, a complete set of machinery for making sash, blinds and.doors; also, a planing machine, and a variety J oi saws and other machinery. Apply to SMITH A WODBLL, 444 Eighth >v*nn*. TO LET-THE FRONT AND BACK PARLORS, and three bedrooms, kitchen and sub oellar of hoase 132 M*tt street. Apply to J. H. RACEY, 182 M*tt street. TO LET? VERY PROMINENTLY LOCATED IN BROAD way, a small hotel, with the lease and furniture for sal* at a bargain. Everything complete, in niee order, with gas and Croton water throughout. For immediate posses session arrangement* may h* entered into immediately. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? BY THE FIRST OF MAY, THE UPPER part ot th * houa* 10 Spring street, flr* doors from Bowery. Rent moderate, for a small, genteel family, oon aUting of three or Ave pleasant rooms. Apply in the base ment. Rent 9225 or 9273. TO LET-THE SUPERIOR THREE STORY AND BASE ment brown stone house No. 6 Boorman plaoa, (Thirty third atreet) near Eighth avenue, turnished or unfurnished. Furniture nearly new: flu* velvet oar pets, A*., with gas, baths, elegant chandeliers, Ac. Terms moderate. Apply on tho premises, or to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET-THE BUILDINGS 64 VESET STREET AND SO Barclay atreet, over the tunnel; also 148 Varick St.: also two offices in Trinity building. Apply at the offioo of Sixth Av*nu? Railroad Company, 111 Broadway, 42 Trinity building. TO LET? FROM 1ST OF MAY, AT CARMANSV1LLE, 156th street, near the depot, a handsome two story double gothio oottage, with a kitchen and flower gard n at taohed ; also a ohoiee lot ot fruit trees, in full bearing. In quire on the premises, or to JOHN C. ERNENFUTSCH, 7(5 William street. mo LET? A GENTEEL HOUSE, 31 EIGHTH AVENUE, J. n*ar Abingdon square, three atories, gas throughout and Crotcn? 13 rooms. Rent 967S. Seen from 1 to 3 P. M. Also 20 Eighth avenue, small but genteel, gas and Croton, 8 rooms. Rent 9375. Seen from 1 to 2, or 7 to 9 P. M. Apply to T. HANSON, 388 Broadway. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR, BASEMENT AND ROOM on third floor, of a neat brick oottage, toa small ro sponalbl* quiet family. Rent 9200. Inquire of Mr. Ball, ia Sisno room 361 Broadway, or after 2 P. H., at the h>use 157 rcurth avenue. 3 TORY rpO LET? IN EIGHTY-FOURTH STREET, FIFTY A feet from th* 8t. Lawrenoe Catholic ohurch, the lewer part or the whole of a two story frame houa*, with a rear building, whleh may be turned to a different use. Loca tion aasurpasaed; railroad a amd stages run day and night. Rent 9125, wbioh will be taken ia board if agreeabl* to both parties. The tenant may have the ue* of a stev*, one ice Vox and four iron bedsteads. Ao. Inquir* on the premises TO LET-A MODERN BUILT POUR STORY HOUSE, twenty -live feet front, three rooms deep, wi'.h gas, bath, range, water closet. Ao., In one ol th* tost locations ia East Tenth street. Apply to JuHN LLOYD, IS Nassau street, corner of Pin*, over Bank *f Commonwealth. r LET? IN THE VILLAGE OP ASTORIA, A VERT neat two story cottage of **v*n rooms aado*llar, situ* ted qn Newtown avenue, Ironting Buohanan place, a large and neatly laid out garden, well stoek*d with fruit trees, vines, do., flv* minutes' walk from tke|st**mboat landing, wbioh boat makes fear trip* daily to Peek dip. Rent, to a good tenant, 918S. Apply to E. PIERSEN. on to* premise i, or at Mills' store, n*ar the landing. mo LET-A DESIRABLE BTORE AND CELLAR FOR 1 a paper warehouse, hardware store, or aay heavy busi ness, 23 Piatt atreet. Rent moderate to a good tenant, or would be leased for a term of years. Apply to CHAS, SHIELDS, 23 Piatt street, comer of Gold, up stair*. rm LET.? A LARGE NUHBER OF THREE STORY brick houses, flnishsd with grates, marble mantles, sli ding door*, do., on Flushing and Division avenues, Brooklyn. Car* and stages pass the hous** every few minute*. Will be l*t <o good tenants for 9250. Apply to H. STREET, 34* TO LIT? TO A SMALL DESIRABLE FAMILY, TOE Mcoad floor of a first clasa home, itntnll; located, consisting of four room, with privilege to bath room, to., *o. N. B.? Back basement and sub-collar with the above if desired. Root 9900. Apply at 117 Laurens street, from 10 to 2. TO LET? THE THREE STORY BRICK BUILDING 370 Sooth atreet, nut to corner of Governeur atreet, and oppoalte th? ferry to Bridge atreet, Brooklyn. Will ba lot together or la ssparate floor#. Apply to V. I. BRINCKER BOFF, 112 avenue C, from 7 to t A. M., and 6 to ? P. M. r LET? HOUSE MS CHAMBERS STREET, NEAR Hudson street. Inquire of ELLI3 POTTER, 229 Broadway. mo LET-IN THE COUNTRY, ON THE NORTH SHORE 1. ot States Island, a ?mail hoaw, partly furnished, for the sun mer Mason. Addresa F. Georgius, North Shore Poet Office, Statea Island. TO LET - A BURNISHED PARLOR, TO ONE OR two single cents, at moderate reat; breakfast given, if required. Apply at No. 148 Mulberry street, ooal offioe. r LET-THE FIRST FLOOR OF THB FINE STORE No. 101 Sooth Sixth street, oorasr Fifth, Williamsburg; the beet location la Williamsburg. Also, for a family, the tkird floor of the came building, orf reasonabls terms. In quire aa the premises, or orJD. H. OLMSTEAD, No. 18 William street, New Fork. TO LET? THE FOUR LOFTS OF THB NEW STORE. No. 43 Cortlandt street, adjoiaiag the Merchants' Hotel. The best location in the eity for any kind of Jabtfof busi ness. Apply on the premises. rO LET-FURNISHED HOUSES -AGBNTEEL THREE story house, in vicinity of Madiaon square. Rent $1,100 Cr annum. Also, a four story browa stone houaa oa T wen eighth street- $1,800. Alee, a large fine house aa West Washington plaoe; and a number of nafnroished heasae. E B. KIN 811 1 MER, 819 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7, TO LET-A PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SMALL OENTEEL family, Apply at 01 Madisoa street, i TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY, UPPER PART ef house 70 Greene street; also, premises all or part over tke store 86 Canal street, suitable for aay light business or residence. Apply at 86 Canal street. TO LET? A FRONT OFFICE ON SECOND FLOOR OF No. 5 New street, near Wall, suitable for a broker or lawyer. Possession immediately, reat $2i)0. Apply to WM. W. THO&AS, No. & New street. * TO LET-A PART OF HOUSE NO. fl$ KINO STREET, consisting of first foar, front besom* nt, and two rooms on third star/ Possession given a few days previous to the 1 st ef May, if desired. Reat, $360. Inquire on the prsaiaee, or at 310 Broadway, ap stairs. rpO LET-A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE IN CARMANs' X ville, with ooaeh house and stable, aad at* lots of ground en 162d street, within 160 yard* of the Hudson River Rail road depot. Apply on the promisee, or at 351 Broadway. r RENT? THE WOODLAWN GARDEN, ATTACHED to the Woodlawn Hotel, Bloomingdala road, for a term sf five years. For particulars inquire oa the promisee, ef C. W. CAMPBELL. TO LET? HOVBE 128 MACDOUGAL STREET, CON sistlng or sixteen hard fiaiated rooms, bath, Croton water, bath an< range. The Sixth avenue ears and Bleeeksr and Amity street llae of stagee run near the premises. For particulars apply as above. r LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE HOUSE NO 60 Bergen street, Brooklyn, containing twelve rooms with gas, water. Be. Reat $160. Apply tn the promisee. TO LET-A LARGE FOUR STORY HOU8B. COM I pletely famished, ia a delight fal lecatioa, near Washing tea square, with everythia? for heaseheepiag except silver, to a reapeetable party. Beearity roqaired aad poaoesslea im mediately. Alao, cbaadollers, mirrors, Aa. Address aotes to Fouataia, Herald ogee, with real aame aad reetdeaoc. rpO LET-A HANDSOME FIRST CLASS THREE STORY JL attie aad baaemeat heuae, la First avaaaa, aaar Seveath street, with all the modern Impravemeats: gas throughout the house. For particular* apply to GEORGE BROWN, 100 First avaaaa ooraoc Sixth street. TO LET-THREE NEAT, WELL FINISHED COTTAGE hoases, eight roeaaa eaeh, en lllth street, between Third aad Fourth avoaaes. Inquire at 16 Amity piaee, first floor, or ea the premises, house nearest Fourth aveaae. TO LET-SECOND, WITH FEONT AND BACK ROOM of third story, privilege ef bath, house 2M Breoae street, between Forsyth aad Eldridge. Apply ?e Mrs. PABKER, at Lord A Taylor's, Grand St.. career of Ohrystle. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR (LARGE PARLOR, X middle aad bask rooms,) half ef oonater cellar, aad prt vilege la kitchea; the other part aeoapied by a small A merl es a family of four; will hs let for $2M> te a aeat aad agree able family of three, (no servant.) The house Is now, with modera improvements, bath,, gaa, As., pleasantly attaated la PerttstE street, asar Lexington nveane Apply t? W KNAPP, 477 Broadway. Mere room if required. rLIT FOR $860 PER ANNUM? THAT SPLENDID * tort, suitable fox most any kind of buaineee, in br?wn ?torn* house No. MO Ninth avenue usar Twenty ttveuth street. Apply to tho owner, A. DAVIS, on the premises, mo LIT FROM THI 1ST 07 MAY-THE HOUSE J. and (tor* No. 40 Hot tor atre?t, oorner of Enoi. In quire in tho boot itoro No. tZ Fulton street TO LIT TO A SHALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY? THE front room and bedroom adjoining, and ball bedroom, on second fioor. and a bedroom <m tho attio, with the front baMment, of house W Yarick street. Inquire front 1 to 4 P. M. TO LET FOR A BAKERY- -THE STORE, BASEMENT aad vault in new building eorner Broadway and Forty first street; alio tho aeeond, third and fourth stories to let, separately if desired, to naU roepoetat le families. Inquire a> No. 187 Kivington street, or No 4 Maiden lane. TO LET CHIAP? PART OF A NI1F HOUSE, IN Brooklyn, handred feet from tho Myrtle avenue rail road, first home north of Myrtle evenue, in SkiUman street. Inquire on the cremises, or at 17 Murray ftreet, for J. PATTBN. TOJCABINET MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS,? To lot, tho lofti aad baMment, of the elegant Ire etory brown stone st< re, 100 feet deep, and frontiag on two etroeti, No. 167 Canal aad No. 8 Yeitry streets, between Hudson and Variek; alto, the store 88 Barclay itroet. Apply at AS Barclay itroet. Rent low. fO LIT, IN BROOKLYN? THE TWO STORY ATTIC aad basement brick houses, with under oellara, 127 and 131 Hudton avenue, ten minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, cpntaining thirteen rooms each. Rent, $360. Inquire of K BLANCHXT, 290 Sixth avenue, before 10 A. If., or after 6 P.M. . TO LET IN BROOKLYN (LATE WILLIAMSBURG) TLree three story frame bo ? sea with finished basements, ton minutes walk from the ferries. Neighborhood very good. Will bo let to one family only. Rant $226 each. Ap ply to ATWATIB A VANDER1IORST, 42 South Seventh street, Williamsburg. TO LIT, IN BROOKLYN? TWO VIRY NIAT THREE story brown stom house*, No*. 3W and 407 Pactfto street; have bath, gaa fixtures, and every oonvenieuce. Also to rent, two three story briok houses, Nos. 427 and 429 Pa cific sttcet; rent $460. Apply to S. S. BKOAD, 13 Wall street. mo LET IN BROOKLYN? A BTORE, NO. 90 MAIN A street, near Fulton, suitable for a dry rood or any light fane* business, counters aad fixtures oomplete. To a good tenant, rent moderate. Apply to WIN ANT J. BIN NET, 95 Fulton street, Brooklyn. rLET, IN BROOKLYN.? IMMEDIATE POSSESSION can be had? the four story double briok mansion house on New York bay and near the terminus of the Greenwood railway; twenty six finished rooms. suitable for a summer boarding house. Rent $300 to a good tenant. Also, the new brick building en Sixth avenue, between Twenty sooond and Twenty third streets, suitable tor a school, or a largo fami ly; rent low. Apply to Mr. DELAPLAINE, 255 Fifth av en ue, or Chase A Fuller, No. 7 New street, New York. rLET AT HARLEM? LOW RENTS, SOME FINE cottage, with Croton water, large gardens, Ac., $200. Two beautiful houies, on 126th street. $300; large mansions, with modern improvements, near the depot, $400; other places, at $126 per annum. Apply at WARD'S Real Estate office, adjoining the railroad depot, llarlom. fO LIT AT ASTORIA. L. I.-A HOUSE AND GARDEN, with barn and four acies of land, together or separately. Possession can be had st any time. Apply opposite the pre mises, or to JAMES WILLING, 93 Pine street. fO LET AT BIRGIN? TO A SMALL FAMILY, TUB second floor, consisting of four rooms, Ac., of a new house, commanding a fine view of tho bay and harbor, and near the stage route to Jersey City ferry. Rent $100. Ap ply at tho brush store corner of Grand and Suffolk streets. mo LEASE? THE DESIRABLE STORE 36 BIEKMAN X street, with basement, sub-eellar aad fireproof vaults, very suitable for wholesale hardware, paper, or other busi ness ? possession 1st of May. Also, the three upper lifts, light and commodious? possession immediate. Also, at a greatly reduced rent, the fine store Id Spruoe street, with basement, vaults, Ao.? possession immediate. Both these stores are in good businees locations, not far from the City Hall and Post Offioe. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hud son street, or I. W. CAN DIKE, No. 8 Wall street. SO LEA SI? TEN YIAR3 LEASE OF SIX LOTS ON East side of Broadway, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, separately or together, on favorablo terms. Apply to ROSW1LL G. PIERCE. Pine street, cor ner of Broadway, under Metropolitan Bank. mo LET OR LIASI ? THI STORE AND DWELLING X on tne northeast eorner of Fourth avenno aad Nine teenth street. Inquire on the premises from 9 to 13 A. M., and alter 6 P. M., of J. J. DRUMMOND, 85 Canal street, TO LIT OR LIASI? THI STORI ?I9 SOUTH STREET, with or without tho rear lot, 491 Water street. A de sirable location for any kind of business. Site of storo 16x60 feet, aad of lot 26x110 feet. Situated opposite tho Seotional and Balance dock*. Inquire ot C. a. INGIR 80LL, 260 South street. TO LET OR LIASI? TBI FIRST LOFT OF NO. 2o Bcekman street, extending through 185 feet to Spruce street, lias fine entrance and hcistway on both streets, and is fitted ap with gaa, water, Ac., complete. Possession 1st of May. Apply to JAMIS PRICI, 300 Hudson street. mo LIT OR LIASI-THI THREE STORY DWILL1NG X house 67 Warren street, directly opposite the Hudson Hi vcr Railroad depot. Houso in good order, with all the modern lm|rovements. Apply to WILLIAM MoWHORTER, 61 Warren street, eorner College place. mo LIT OR LIASI? FOR ONI OR MORI YEARS, X furnished or not as may bo desired, a very neat eoun try Louse, buiit in modern style, with carriage houso all complete, with about five ac res of land in good ordor, situ ated at Ulghbridgeviile. directly oppoaitu McCumb'a dam, and having a splendid view ot the llarlcm nvcr and tie sur rounding country, the house being on an elevated situation. The land bind* on the Harlem river, where there i* good bathing, flaking, Ao. Apply at 56 Broad street. TO LIT OR FOR SALI? THI THRU STORY BROWN stone front honse 376 Pacific street, Brooklyn, the filth house from the corner of Bond street, in a handsome row of "brown (tone house*, finished in modern stylo; bath, gas and water flxtnree. Can be seen dally from 1 to 2 o'clock. Ap ply to JAMIS COCKER A CO.. 84 John street. _ rLIT OR FOR SALI? T W O COTTAGES, EACH seven and eight rooms, phase and fruit trees, garden, Ac., situated tn the pleasant aad healthy village or New Durham, SX mile* from Boboken. on the Hackensaok plank road. Stages hourly; fare by Rlker's stage, 1*. Rext 1160. Apply on tie promises, to H. F. PIRRY. """v and rLET AND FOR SALE? HOUSES, LOTS AND fsrms in desirable locations. As I have so many I cannot particularise, except by ealliag or writing ts the offlco, where every information ean be obtaiaed.? R D, GOODWIN, Clinton llall, Eighth street, near Broadway. TO RINT? FOR BUS1NIS8 FURPOSBS, THE BUILD ing 92 Church street, just beyond chambers street. Ap ply to A. M. LYON, No. 4% Merchant's Exchange. mo RINT? FOR AN OFFICE, STORI. TAILOR'S X shop, Ac., the parlor story or test fioor or 12 Bookman street, just below Naasan street, site 30 by SO. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pino street, (corner of Broadway, or to JAB. 8. CARPINT1IR, on the promisee. r RENT- A SUITE OF ROOMS, TO A GENTLEMAN, in a small quiot family, where there are no other boarders or young children; or parlor and bedroom, fnr sished or un'urnished, pleasantly situated one door from Broadway, 130 Ninth street. TO RlNT OR LIASI? A LARGI AND ILIGANT brown stone honso, with or without furniture, with all modern improvements. No. 33 West Twenty-fourth street, between Firth and Sixth avenue*. Please call and examine tho houao. TO BENT OR LIASI ? ON THIRTY NINTH AND FOR tieth Streets, between Fifth aad Sixth avenues, a num ber of largo one and two story frame buildings, suitable for shops of every description. Also, a few lote at very low prices. Apply to ROSWILL G. PIIRCI, Piao street, eor ncr of Broadway. TO MANUFACTURES.? TO LIT OR LIAftI FOR A term of years, the large new build nga Nos. 12 and 14 Pitt street, near Grand, well adapted for manufacturing purposes of any kind, havini a steam engine capable of sup plying power lor the whole premlsee. Apply as above. TO MAN UFACTU RIR8 ? TO LIT, A FINI LIGIIT and airy building, suitable for any light mannfaoturiug business, la Brooklyn, only a few yards from Fulton fsrry. Apply at AARON ITONE1 8 Real Estate offlco, 31 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Alto houses and stores in different parts of Brooklyn. TO MILLIRIR8, DRESSMAKERS, OR TAILORS ?TO 1st? the upper part sf the four story building, No. 666 Broadway; the second fioor I* fitted for a (lore, with gas fix ture*, do., bath, and "Water throughout. Inquire in the storo, ?tjtt J. Stonnal, No. 604 Broadway. UPPIR MORRIS AN I A -TO LIT OR FOR SALI, a handsome two 'story cottage with wiag and eight lots, at Falrmeoat, fill* minutee hy the Harlem railroad from City Hall; traias twenty times a day: house first class, fisished a year ago. but never occupied. Price or rent low. Apply to I. C. CHA RLI8, 188 Pearl street, or J. R. Fro ser, builder, at depot. "117 ALL STSBIT OIFICIS TO LIT.-WHOLE OF TV first fioor, aad aleo the fourth floor and loft. Inquire of EDWIN F CORIY, Mo. 52 Wall stnot. WATCHES, JIWILRY, AC. CALIFORNIA DIAMOND PINS? $3 TO $10; CALIFOR nia diamond earrings, $6 to $26; California diamond rites, $6 to $16; California diamond stud* $6 to $8 each; California cleave button*, $16 tho sot; all mounted In 18 carat gold. Diamond* sat to order la any style, by L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Braadwap. INSURANCE. ?ooai property |N?nl1f Igiiut damafo ?y frt, on M b (trim Urn m My tikir otmpany. . ? _ DiiKrati. D. D. WlnMt, R. J Ml, Jao. H. Prinoa, John Baaekor, Qtnqr Bardoll, h. D. Hart, tt.SjMr* f?ISSt t.I?? R. 0. Holmoa, C. S. Woitoott, A. BliliM, Ckao. L. CornUk^ A. Buiniu, StrntiQ. Thomu Qilbart, Abram C. Boll. NANT, Prooidoat. SHT. NICHOLAS INSURANCE COMPANY. ? OFf ICE ? r l*hth aronno. unir of Foartaoath itftot, and U Wall itioot.-April ink, IMS. ? An else lion for Dtrootor* of th? St. Nlekolai Iiivmm Company wm hold oa Uw loth ln ?tant, and? Join o? A. StoTo??, Ioraol Minor. J MM C. Bollock. 14 word A. Cook, Hon ford Smltk, T. W. Rootoo, Rio hard Moor*, John C. Dtmmlck, W?ro oleetod, in tko ?Uoo ?t ?ko ibui of Umlm wbooo torao of ottoa oiplrod on that day. Tko following la tko Board of Dtroeton for tko antaing jroor ? William Wtanlow, Rlehard Hooro, Wm. If. Coraoll, CkM. I. Wkita, Imol Minor, David droon. Edward A. Cook, T. W. Rootoo, Wm. J. Brialor, mp11 Ooo. N. Tan Nat*, H. B. Bahtor. Btopkoa W. Janoo, Pari* 8 Jarria. O. H. Strlkar, St., H., J. R. mi TaooUo, John 8. Hoyor, Ooorga R. lM?aU, sV Warn CT6?!j Ata mooting of tko Board of p/rootora, kaM on tko 1 1th WT" w""r. roamSe? AMVSKBfKK m. Broadway theater.? e. a. Marshall, sol* 1 esse* ? Dour* open it 7; HB>e?o< kl 7K o'oiook. Saturday evsaing, rd'iu ^*jr^u*>D*^ Richard ... Mr. Forrest Uenry Mr. t'ouway lien ry VI ? Mr. Letting well Prineo of Wale*. Miss Willi* Duke of Yirk Miu Walfls Buekiubim Mr. lluubitt i Elisabeth. Tre**el Mr. Laadrgau Mayor Mr. Waitm* Norfolk Mr. Grosveuor Lad/ Anne Mr*. Abbott Ouches* Mr*. Hoary Mm*. Pool*! Queen ! THE IRISH TUTOR. Terry O'Rourke Mr. Seymour H?*? Mi** Barnard WALLACES THEATRE. BROADWAY, N1AR Become (tml- Saturday evening, April U. ? ~ . TUJE LA?T MAN. Geoffrey Dale Mr. Blake Wentworth Mr. Bland I Luey Mr* Conover Codling Mr. Vlaeeat llarfcara Mr*. Stephana Battergate. . Mr. Chippendale | Alio* Miu Conner Tuk BOLD dragoons! Leon 8aberta*b Leeter Hannibal luiee Mr Brougham Coclet Mr. Vincent I Roeine Mr* lloov Gavard Mr. Chippendale | Ninette Mr*. Stephen* GIO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. 472 Broadway, (Mechanic*' Hall.) Proprietor* Henry Wood and Geo. Christ Tfil# week, a varied aad pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERK ORMANCE, >n cents. commencing every evening, at7>a o'clock. Toconolnae with THE GHOST OF NIGGKKDEMON. Ticket*, 23 All buslnes* transacted by Henry Wood. I SI DORA CLARR, THE AMERICA PRIMA DOTH A, will give her teeond GRAND CONCERT in tbl* oity, at the METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE, On TUESDAY EVENING, April 17, M*i*tod by M'LI.B CAMILLA URSO. SIGN OR BERNAhDl, MR. GRI8WOLD, MESSRS. SEIDE and EBEN, and a full Oroh'eitra. Price*: ? Dre** Circle and Parquet, SI; Family Circle, 5) cent.; Private Boxen, f 10 and (&. Seat* (ecured at Wm. Hall A Son*, 239 Broadway, without extra charge. Franklin museum, no. 53 bowery, nearly oppoaite the Bowery Theatre. Performance* every af ternoon, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. B. ? Stranger* will obterve that the Franklin Mutteum ia the only place in the United State* where the Model Artilt* are exhibited, with other original entertainment*. Remember, No. M Bowery. JOHN R SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE. AND SIEGE OF 8EBASTOPOL, At Enpiru Hall, 596 Broadway, showing own hundred viiwi, forty feet wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE. Every evening, at 7>? o'clock, and every Saturday after noon. at 3. The music by Mr. Alwyn Field, of London. Admittance 25 cent* OPEN EVERY NIGHT? INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM. . 91 Division itreet, near Chatham aquare ? Tableaux ot vlvants, or living statuary, together witn W. H. Coleman'* Metropolitan Opera troupe. Card* of admission, 29a. ; or chestra seats, 90c. Doors open at 7 o'elook; to eommeneo at 7X o'clcck. CONCERT.? THE SIXTH AND LAST OF THEODORE Eiifeld'a Classical Soiree*, (fifth season,) will take plaoe at Dodworth'* Academy, 806 Broadway, on Tuesday, April 17. See small bills. CHARLEY WHITE'S LAST BENEFiT THIS SEASON will take plaoe on Monday evening next, April 18.? Blaok Statue, the Millers; Canfteld, the Amerioan Sampson; Her Von Springier, White'* Serenadors, together with tho feature* ot Ola Bob Ridley, Viliken* and his Dinah, Wo man'* Right*, Ac., Ao. Remember, Monday next. American dramatic fund association.? a ?pecial general meeting of all the assoeiate* will be held on Monday, May 14, five minute* before the annual meeting on the tame day, and at the same plaoe, to take a vote, be fore the election for officer*, upon the required addition to rule No. 27, proposed at the last aonnal meeting. By order of the director*, FRAS. C. WE II YSS, Secretary . New York, April 13, 1899. A CUKE FOR HARD TIMES.? THE COMMITTEE OF JX. Shareholders have decided on Distributing the 100,000 Gift* In Perbam'* third Enterprise, at Georgetown, commencing on Friday. 27th ln*t. Remember!? Tioket* are onlv SI eaeh, or 11 for S10, And that among*t the gift* to be distributed U a Farm of over 100 aores, worth Sid, 000 Loan* of cash, amounting in the aggregate to 10,000 The mare Lilly Dale, valued at 1,900 10 rosewood pianos, worth $300 and $3<X) each. . . - . . 4,000 90 gold watohea, valued at S100 and S90 each 3,000 Be*ide* carriages, gold pens and oaiei, gold peaeila, Ac., Ao. Send order* tor ticket*, by mail, to J. PERU AM, Uolo deon, Boston. Each of theie ticxets will admit four person* to Perham's Borlrsquo Opera House, C63 Broadway. MORTON'S NATIONAL DRAMATIC TROUPE.? Wanted, for this troupe, now performing at Colombia. Pa., a low comedian, one who ha* the painter, who can go on fur aeveral | who is competent Address CHAS. C1ARD.-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE THIA J trlosl profession wishing permanent situations for the ?pring and summer leaion will find It to their advantage fcv applying at onoe, to J. H. LE ROY, Mauager of Theatre, Syracuse. NY PER80N HAVING A DIORAMA, OR ANY thing that may be exhibited, for ssJ., cheap; aad, also, a Secondhand music box, playing nit leu than four tunes, for sale, cheap, oan meet a cash cuitomer .>y address ing a lino to Diorama, Hezald office. Prioe and particular* must be stated. TO MUSICIANS.? WANTED, SEVENTEEN MUSI cinns for the largeit travelling equettrian oorps in the country. Salaries from S?9 to $50 per month. Apply to H. K. GAUL, leader; or TH03. SMITH, agent, Branch Hotel, Bowery. w puriormmg a* loiumoia. ia* the "props;" a scene I parts; and a staging lady, I. MORTON, Columbia, Pa. EXTRA PAT. Bounty lands.-all persons entitled tc land warrants nnder the late act of Congress, oaa have the same properly collected, on applloation to WM. E HAW S, 173 Canal street. Letters from the country prompt ly answered. Bounty land, 100 acres? claims under the reoent and all other aets of Congress successfully prosecuted at tl.e old eetabllshed agenoy, to Chatham, op pe ll to Chamber streets; muster rolls on fife CALVIN W. SMITH, Snooeesor to late N. Height. Bounty land.-all soldiers, teamsters and sailors, or the widows of those who served oa sea or ashore ia any war since 1775, are entitled to 160 acres of bounty land, and oan obtain the same oi the agent, P. T. BETTS, 96 Wall street, baaemeat. No charge until the war rant I* collected. Land warrants -all prrsons entitled tc bonnty land, nnder the late aet of Congress ,c?a hart the same properly collected, on applloatioa to TAYLO) BROTHERS, bankers, 74 Wall itreet. corner Pearl. HAVY BOUNTY LAND OFFICE?ALL UNITES States sailers and ethers, who for over fourteen days, daring the late Mexieaa war, served ia say United Stale* navy or rersons vessel In the Golf ofMexleo, or ia the Paettt oeean, on eoasts ef California and Mexico; also, all United States navy sailors oa oeean, harbors, or the lakee, ia last war against England for more than tomrteen days, or ia am) war sine* 1790: also, the widows oi all the above-nasned. art now each entitled to land warrant* for 100 acree, and eaa obtain the same? free of charge till procured ? on nppllcattM to EDWARD BIS3ELL, Agent aad (late) Parser U. S. N., 07 WaU street. Navy bailors' extra pay office -ali U. 8. sailors, Ac., who, between 1848 and 1893, served In any U. S. vessel in Paeilko, on coasts of Cali fornia and Mexloo, are entitled to extra pay, which It promptly paid them by the undersigned. "Extra pay" ot balance* of wages coming to widows or heirs of deceased U. S. sailors, collected and paid, aad all kinds of ???J? ? against United States recovered by EDWARD BISSELL, Ami and (late Parser U. S. New. 87 WaDat KXPRE8S AGEWCIEg. A DAMS A CO.'S CALIFORNIA EXPRE38? OEFICE A No. 99 Broadway. Our next express <o San Fsaiveiseo will be forwarded on Thursday, April IStb, per steamer STAR OF THE WEST, via Nicaragua, In charge ef special messenger to destination. W. B. DINS MO RE, R. S SANFORD. S. M. SHOEMAKER, Proprietors of Adams A Co.'i California Freight and Faefcag* Expreas. 8 BILLIARDS. ANN STREET, AN ENTRANCR 149 FULTON. BASSFORD'S old room*? 19 tables for playing, ef metal and slate. A large stock of table* with hi* ealy patent cushions, and other late improvements, cloths, balls, cues, cue points, Ac., at reduced priocs. Factory 63 and 69 Ceatre street. Billiard tables -having invented a new style of cushion, ef snperlor elastloity aad correctness, we invite buyers to call at ear factory and examine. Two seoondband tables for sale at a barrel a. Everything com plete. QRIFFITH A DECKER. Billiard table for sale cheap.? apply at the corner of Bleeoker and Hammond streets. MEDICAL. DR. COBBITT, 19 DCANB 9TRBBT, HAT BB CON ?alted with confldenoe on certain diaeaaea. Twont* fooryeare in ona apaeialitT enablci him to raarantee apoedy aad permanaat eoree. Hi* traatment U the aame aa that practised by Rieord of Parla, and all who auffer from th? maltreatment of medical pretendera, may raly an raoaivinc honorable traatment from Dr. C. Charges moderate. N. B ? See my diploma, aa member of th? Mew llork UaiTOrsi ty, la my oflea. Db. warrkv. mbmbbb or thb collbob or sor goons of woadon and Bdlabarg, attonda to private prao Uee. at hli old eatabliahed offloe. 71 Madison itraat, near Catherine, where he li performing the moat aatoaUhiag cnrea aa reeord, wltboat restraint la diet or bnslatsa par inlte. I\R. JOHNSON, 14 DUANI STRBBT. HAS PBBTQBB J *4 mora anraa than aay athar madiaal maa la J?wa oak. Dr. J 'l traatment 1? ?afa aad npoditioaa, hla medi ainee aan be takes wit boat fear of dataatiea. Charges ma ?rata, aa4 the maaey refonded if satisfaotloals aof (irea Dm. coofbb. 14 dcanb btrbbt, 10 Loire urowi to tka aitfceai af Now Tork a* tba moat aaaaaasM practitioaar lathis aoaatry ean boaat af. aoatlanee to to aoaialted at hla old a?aa, reUeriM tba aafeftaaata. ajl giving eanaatatloa bo maay aa aahiaa heart, g. B.? Dr. C. gaaraataae a ante la all aaaae nadoriaksa. IT PBBRT. 114 WBST BROADWAY, KNOWN tbroaghoat tba Caioa for hla ineceaa la aartac aertala diseases. la eoaaalted at asual. Dr. Perry U the afloat far Davel's French mosa, a meeloatad laitramaat for female eb (tractioai. Prlta H MM laRMONTPABIS AND LOKDOH PHTRICIJlB aa? H. anrgeon. iilkf af the Madiaal MM aa4 lantua Unide, (mailed by la, aaalad eloaaly, ta aay addraaa 1C fl.) la oonrelted at Ma. 41 Raa4a Una, mm af BroaA way, from 11 A. jC tffl t, aa4 Itarf P.H.,laa4ayt srjss1., PHDRirr THB BLOOD IN THB SPRING.? SBND A I <iaartar to Dr. HDNTRR, 118 Groenwtch avenue, aad he will ratara yoa > boa of pills by poet, or oall apoa him. PWI COUGH ST BOP WILL CURB A COBGH, AND I tha diaoaaoo W tba lata. All oboald knew it. Said, to prova It, fHB ?aata pet botila, at 102 Broadway, VI Third awaaaa. IT# Mitt avaaaa. la Brooklyn by Hare#, Paltoa aad At! Motie aWaote. trade sappUadft CH. RING PHBUHATISH CVBBD BT THAT OBBAT PWTII IV eiaa, Doeter I1UNTBR. Call at hla o?oa, 1 * Oroaa Wteh avaaaa, and got a piaatar aad a bottle af rbanmatie fPlt W&nwt?4 % cmc. W tic twa. AniiiRmin. Bl'RTON'S THEATRE. CBAMBIBS STRICT.? Sa turday. J A N ET I'RIDE. THI UIM.1T 1.11TI) ICATiOB *ith whitb this play i? nightly received indueea the Hut' ger to aniounce Hi repetition, with the lanihfthto fut< vi fuR spitfire, ta which Mr. Burton will tucl hit conk part of Skrkll, the Cockney . On Monday-Theo. medy of LEGERDEMAIN, OR THE CONJUROR 8 W1FI , in which Mr. H. Hall will appear, with THE WAN DIKING MINSTREL, and ' TUikRu hi* Dinah." Tueidty? JANET PRIDR Bowery theatre.? pkoprht<m and man. K*r. 1. P. Watdron; btage Ukuafftr Rebart Jam Prieet of admittiun ? Boaei, HtUdoSiUr/, 11 eenti; Private Boxei, $fl ?Saturday evening, April 14, JEAN REM Y Jean Kemy - Mr. EW BETSEY BAKtH THE HUtBEH'S WIPE. Academy op music. ITALIAN OPERA. Roiainl'i ehef d'oenvra ot WILMAM TEI.L will b? repeated for the fourth time, on MONDAY fcVENINU, April i?, Signers! STEPFANONE and BERTUCCA MARMUIK, with Sigaor* BOLCIOM, VIETT1, BAD1AU, ROCCO and COLE1TI will appear in the principal rolae The Pat do Troit, in the flrit and third aota, danced bv Mademoiselles LA VIGNE, LEI ADER lid Mom tow CAR Rlbl. Maeieal Director and Condmotor Max Aiirrni The Pat de Troit and Ballet arranged by Mil*. Lteadrr , Saatt may be tacured at liall A ioni, Broadway; Tai Nor den A Kin?>, and at the bo* office of tha Academy at Mui?. 1 ricee of Admieeien V?*r.jue? and Preaa ClrelO * : ??cn"d' $1 M'~ Second C jela, SO aaata; Mm >!? theatre, as aaati. Daora open at 6^; opera commence! at 7)i o'alaaA. BUCRLEY'S SEREN ApERS, .'?) It ROADWAY. A COMBINATION OP ENTERTAINMENTS EVERY NIGHT THIS Will. NEGRO MINSTRELSY, coLiiitlng of $onga, Cbertaw, Plantation and Fancy Danoea, Banjo Soloa, Daata and Wtt tiuitmi. And, by fabticulab hhibc, Doniiatti'i comic opera THE ELIXIR Or LOVR, IN WHITE EACH, Concert at 7X o'clock. Tickc?t, 25 pent a. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. ? MAMMOTH OIRL, OTer COO poundt; Maine Cianteu, nearly eight laat hipto Dwarf Lady, only 27 inchat; the renowned Fejaa Mermaid, Ac. ?Saturday, Apn'. H.? Evening, at 7)W o'elooh, tbo FLYING DUTCHMAN. Afternoon, at S, THE FLYINO DUTCHMAN, at in tbo evening Admlttaaee. 38 eent* children ander ten, 12>? centt. GRAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW. June ft. ?, 7 and 8. Promiumi *1,*J? Clrrujart to be had at thd Mnienm.'M, BROOKLYN.? GRAND CONCERT ' TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, OP MASTER BENJAMIN 1'. MALLATRATr, tha yoQBff American Violinitt, agod nine yeare, pupil ot M Fr. Mollenlianer, on which oooation be will 6a kindly i. tilted by MRS. EMMA QII.LINGHAK BOSTWICI, THE BKOTI1ERS MOL1.ENHA0ER; tha oalebrated Flute player, JULIUS SE1DE. Mr. MATZKA will nrenide at tbo Piano. ? HIE BROOKLYN L1EDERKRANZ, a Chora* ot fort, Toioei. Leader of the Cbortu ? Harr Gebhn. AND T1IE YOUNG AS4 ERICAS 3: ? MAST. J. MERRICK, iged twelve yeara; MAST. A. WALBLR. aged twelve yean; MAST. E. W A LI. HER. aged thirteen raart. Doori open at 7; Concert to commence at 8 o clock. Tickets CO cents, to be had at the muttc e tort a, and at the door. C1ARD.? ACADEMY OF MUSIC.-THE PUBLIC ARE J retpaetlully informed that the performanoa of WILLIAM TELL will commence at half-pa?t 7 o'clock. Doori open at half pant ti o'clock. C11RCUS MOVBMINTS.? SANDS, NATHANS k CO. '8 J travelling Circut it to perform, tbit afteraooa and evening, in Jeraey City. Next week the company goaa ta Stateu Inland, performing on Monday at Stapleten; Tuoa day. at the weit end, oppoiite Perth Am boy ; and on Wed nesday, at Port Richmond. Academy of music? tickets for william TELL can be laearad at Hall A Sona, 239 Broadway. IMMENSE SUCCESS-ACADEMY OF MU3IC.-TICE eti and reiervcd aeatt for WILLIAM TELL may be ?eenred at Van Nor den A Kltg'i. jj Wall itraat. PERHAM'S BURLESQUE OPERA HOUSE, MS BROAD way. ? Perham'i gigantle Ethiopian Opera Troape. Grand periormanoei every aranlng, at 7J< o'oioek; and oa Wednesday and Saturday ?'teruoon?. The langhablo piece, entitled DAN AND POMPEY, with Undia and Smith is tie prlaolpal character*. Admiiiion, 29 can to; children, half prica. Perham'i Gift Tioketi admit four pereont. PERHAM'S GIFT COMMITTEE WILL MBIT AT Georgetown, D. ('., on the 27th cf April, to ditpoee of tha gift property. The shareholder! aro requested to tend delegate! to advise the commi'.tae how to diipoaa of tha XTOTICE TO PIIll ADEI.PHIANS.? THE PROPRIE 1 1 tor of the Konuth Exchange respectfully inform hia friendi and patroni that he bai effected an engagement with 11 r. Tom Vance, the celebrated eomio nightingale, aekaow ledged to be tha belt comlo linger of the age; no will oonse >pear every evening, commencing on Mer-" piico of admiuion remairc at OU ceuti. quently appear every evening, oouimencing on Monday, 16th init. The ? LAFAROE'S METROPOLITAN THEATRE, BROAD **7, oppoiita Bond itreot.? Thii be.mtiful theatre will be let for one or more nighti, tor coi. -erta, lectures or dra matic performances upon application at the box offl-je ffM 10 A. M. until 2 P. M. A. T. WBITINO. MUSICAL. ACOMl'ETENT lAdy. teacher or TUB piano fort* and singing. will take a tnimb?r of pupil* it M p.r quarter, If application ia made immouiaufy . Heft ot reference giteu. Address Bu*io>Teather. Broadway Port office. fOBEION AND AMERICAN MUSIC DEPOT-TUB largest itook in tbo United States of one million works, with 20,000 own publications, all thoaj which are roprinte* at reduced pike*. To the trade and teacher* an unuuual dn count. SCHUBERTH A Co., f 39 Broadway, New York. FIFTEEN PIANOFORTES to LET- AT 12, $3, $4 AN|> $6 a month ; or for (ale, at S35, $?>. ?7fi, SM00, S128, SIM), up toSSOO; planoa tuned, and r ' i'rofcifor Dum*day, 2M Grand mnoio thoroimhly'taught, by I atrset, u ear Bowery MUSIC AT REDUCED l'RICES.-HORACE WATERS, No. 333 Broadway, i* lolling the ohoie* and popular musio of bis extensive catalogue at prices l?u thaa can bo h*d elsewhere in the United Statu, Dealer* unppliod on the meet liberal term*. Piano*, melodmns, aid musical Instru m*nt* of all kind*, at priee? which defy competition. USIC.? INSTRUCTIONS ON TBS PIANOFORTE will bo given by a yonng lady, r-erfectly competent to th* task, either at her own residence or otherwise. Apply to S. C. , 20 lioatgomery ltri*t. Term* moderate. USIC.? A YOUNO LADYWHO HAS TAUGHT FOUR y**r* at New York deitro* an engacement la a prlvato family, wherin a home ia more the object tbaa (alary. Pleaso address Mm X. M. O'Brien, Herald < fBoe. BCONDHAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS ? On* Chlokerlng piano, htid octave. all ronud corners, with circular Male, Iron frame, and all the modern Improve ment*, jrioe S4U0, *111 bo aold for S22S ; one T. Gilbert A Ce. Aeolian piano, price fSfil), wSl be aold tor $210; one Barmoro piano, 6^ octave, for llli, nearly new; and one do. lot (100. To anlt *omej)urrha*eri monthly payment* taken. HORACE WATERS, piano* and made, 383 Broadway. DANCING ACADEMIES. ~ "ptANCING ACADEMIES. ? M'LLE CAROLINE YE U slen's danoing acaiemy, 2) Howard street. I* now epea for the inatruetlon of ladlea and gentlemen in the moat faik ioaable dane** ef th* day. Sohool for praotloe every even ing. Grand daaoing soiree* every Saturday Bight, fsosn 8 1* 11 o'clock. THA^iLLKig' GUIDE. VT1W JERSEY RAILROAD.? FOR PHILADELPHIA jLv and th* Sonth and Weit, via Jer**y City mall and express lin**.? Lcav* N*w York at 8 aad 10 1. M , and 4 and C P. M. Par* S2 76 ia 4, and S3 in 8 and 10 A. ?., aad 4 P. M. ; seooad olnss. $2 26 la 10. and 12 M at S3, (teniae at all way rtatioa*. Through ticket* sold for Ciaelaaati aa| the WhI, aad for Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk As., aad through baggage cheeked t* Waih.nctoniaS and IS A. ML aad 4 P. M. MATRIMONIAL, Matrimonial. ? mahame Harris, in rbTurn ing thanka to ladle* and gentlemen fer the kind pa tronage shs has hitherto rsosivsd, begs respeetfally to iafora them that she continu** ths matrimonial offiee at her resi dence, 300 Bowery, where ladies in particular will alwaya And every facility to make the most advantageous mate be*, aid Mcure eligible and agreeable partners, and happy aal comfortable homes. None but parti** nf the highest respect a be ans wor cd ?m m s d lately? postage ataasp wiU MEDICAL. A CUB* WARRANTED BY DR. W A RD? PATI SNT? anxloua for relief may rely on a rapid cure by his treat meat, without taxing the system; alteration of diet ec ees ?ation from busiaes( not required. Office 30 Canal street, oa? door from Broadway. DHL WARD MARES THE ONLY SURB ? unfortunate's frisnd sar(( when notkia^^^^^^^H eurei when all otb?r thin** fail Tbote who MlPmMVI from pretender! warraated a oure. Offiee Na. SO VaaaH greet, ene door from Broaden/. Eestabllsksd Cures warranUd. Consultations gratia. The^^^H witk a beek. Attendanee till to e'elook P. H. DHL HUNTER, NO. S DIVISION BTBBBT, NBW TOR A, | (O long and favorably known to the paMia, saay M "(nit.d at kls old satab1isbe4 offiee, where^oka* p WZ tls*d In ene braneh ef medietas for the last SI year*. iU made mere enres than any ether man in the eity, lb Mai. ? r steuses *f persons eonsidered Ineurabl*. soaae ef Wh-c 1 if has novas iaaon to refer to a* heretofore. Chant* *, aad la all earn a cum guaranteed. Cautiea.? M< < . a* r*m*dy, Hunter * red Iron, that enres certaia isaai ' Ch eat drying Its aeisoa in the bloed, eaa only kofiS** ).<?*?, Piles ?L Call aad get the MeaMer of Health. I IMPORTANT TO FEMALES ? DB. DUBOIS' OrHiB ? for the siclusive treatment of all dlseaee* Ineld >. to fe males. No. li?4 Third avenue, t block* from Broadly Re medies for female deraagemeats iron SI to SA Advice rrn ? tie. Coasaltatiea* aad letter* *eafld*atiaL Kail MM- -s ronta<nia< U isrv*d witk ad viae aad midleiae by retara rest. Relief cnaraateed la all oaM*. PaManAe from a dia taaee provided witk eligible board, anrsiag aad attoadatve. rpHB FAMOUS ML HUNTS R, WHOM OVBBn ARB 1 really weaderful. is to be eeasalted on aU ffiseawa, by poet or otWwlM, at bis well kaowa offiee, LM Gr*onwi*h atenue. Call upon him. _______ TOOTH ACHB CURED? CURED IN OICB HWYAjfT-. 1 Doa't cry with pain, but send U oents to Dr. HUNTMR, 125 Greenwich avenue, aad be will return yea, by f??t, aay whare, a eur* - - - - fTHE MARRIAGE QUIDS. OR FAMILY MEDICAL AND 1 Pbysioloaleal Instructor? Fer the *spe?tala#?of tka married, or tboM about to marry. By Dr. F. BjUM, the celebrated author and leetnrer. Nlaty eights ey?._ 800 page*. Colored plate* and, afl^tl;? il. Published by T. W. STRONG. 98- Weeaa* street, wk? will tend it aay where free fy po." ?a reoe'vll^ SI aad the add res*. To be bad alio of all bookaeller*. Thoasaads are sold dslly h> Surgical We have inat rend a new work ratio* Guide " by Bt F. HolUok. the well known vaiHj 8 rf I gilkN it Bflfll W M flit |J Ml llflrtni I Of betk Mies who here attained the if* ef pfbajtf V I very e(oii*?t *lsnymaa aath> Hte* n* to say that ho ?**??.. I It a duty to introduce It prlvntoly among Me Seek, a* in<> I kert menus be knows of preventing aad evetoomteg tbr.-o I h* total vises unfortunately sa destructive to soul nnd My, I wkiek are, at Oe (leiul Utti, tl ItStW!/ rrtT&lcnV. I

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