Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 12, 1855 Page 3
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5ITHEUEHT8 RENEWED EVERT BAT. BOARDING AND LODGING. BROADWAY. -a\ 1. 1. Li. AN Tl. V FURNISHED I auite of rooms, to let, to a family or ilajrlc gentle fJ?o, > parlor And tutrtroum, on th? third floor. Fri ,ble only, or. tb? rooms would to let without board, uie contains all the modern Improvement*. NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR MAST O* Broadway? Fnrntmied rooma la aultei or eoparala. iack parlor and oxteuMoa room on the tint fl*or. to i gentleman, wirb breakfast, if launired. Alto, fur rooms at No 6 College place. WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET-HOUSE TO let; flut elaaa brown atone, and In perfeet order, rtbe furniture will he sold if desired. Apply aa or inqulra of P. C. A OA. MS, 3U Wall ttreet, Jaan art. CLINTON HI. ACE, EIGHTH STREET. NEAR Sixth avenue ?A Banlsome suite or rooms on tho I floor, with pantriea, will l>? l>t, with board, to a fami I party of gentlemen; alao, a large unfurnished front I batik and (a*. TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND University plaoe. ? A suite of handsomely furnished H, a parlor and t?'o tearooms on the Brat floor, with |o tailo; one will'hf let t > sinrle gentlemen LEONARD STREET, FIVE DOORS FROM Broadway; new and handiomely furmihed rooms, 4, OMin the honae. I EAST TJVENTYTHIRD 8TREET-A parlor nd large bedroom on first floor and one large room on loor, all handsomely turnisliod. can be obtained, with (private table if required), in a 'Jrst claaa house; m riry fine: rhtre is a large fruit garden belonging i boose. Apply as above. _______________ _ FRANKLIN STREET? FURNI8n?D ROOMS, ?without board, elegant snits for families or single per Qas. Croton water, eold and hot baths, all in good only two doors from Taylor's saloon. Meals sent to without extra charge. Terms moderate. IrRANKIiltf STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF Broadway.? Firat floor, front parlor, and two largo oms attached, to I*' separate or together; a good loca or a physician, front parlor and bedroom on tbe second alao two Iat*e single rooms, all neatly furnished for Emea. .. DELANCY STREET. -SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR Igentlemen and yieir wires, looking for board, can And ant rooms on the second or third floor, neatly furniah a respeotable American family, with all the comfort* ood home, by applying immediately. BLEECKER, A FCW DOORS EAST OF BROAD way,? To let, with or without board, a pleasant suite Brnisbed rooma on the second floor; also, two tingle MAST SIXEENTH STREET. -SOME VMRY DBS!, rable room* in' this exeellent looation, (near Union ,) may be obtahnd by a genteel family, either trnu fy or oermanently. House oontains all the modern im ments, and rooms airy and well furnished. Reference* ?&?*? GROVE STRMET, NEAR BLMMCKMR? DMLIOHT ful suites of rooms, on the flrst and second floor*, to ogether or separately, furnished or unfurnished, with . Ho-iie flrst claaa, oontalning improvements. Looa nost' desirable, and aoeesaible to ear and stage lines. BOWMMY.-THM NMW BROWN STONE FRONT house, on* door from the corner of Bayard street; ?shed' and nnfnrnished rooms to 1st. suitable for gentle ?aad their wives. ami single gentlemen, with fall or par |>eard.- Gas and bath in the hcuae. I NINTH STREET.? A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY furnished rooma, qonaiating of three the drawing foot, will be rented separately or Ugetlier, with fast, if requ'red; alao one or two small rooma. Ap i ebove, in the flrat uew white freestone .bonse, above Qlxth avenue.. * CARROLL PUACE, BLEECKKR STREET.? SOME vpj fine rooms are now vacant at the above plaos. *, gis, Ac., In the house. References required. FAIII-T MMQUIKING BOARD FOM THE SUMMER _ In aprivate house, having every acoommodation for a ?eotaVe family of clzht or more peraons, will find the ?e on ?rl>*atfon?t the offloa of the Daily News, Thames l*t, Narport. b. if.. Tbe board will be of the best, as *an (acertjned if aeoesiary. and a good priee 1* expected ftMAJL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITH bon, a'splendld parlor and bedroom, unfurnished, to itletan and wife. The house is a newly built English men, and ba* all the modern conveniences. Looation, Twetiath *tre#t. No boarder* or children in the house, Pr*ssW. H A., Herald office. FEW AGREE A RLE PERSON SCAN OBTAIN HAND somqrooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without rd. Cbod references and permanency desired. Term* Iwate, a* the resident family depend* on other means, i at (t St. Mark's place. HAVDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. W1T& or nithout board, to lat to two gentlemen, or a gentlo i and eife. The house ba* all the modern improvements; ireen Broadway and Bowery. Cars and stage* pass the ll***6 c&11 *t 388 Bioome street. LADT, HAVING A FINE HOUSE. CONTAINING every accommodation, would like to take two or thres Rlernen to partial beard; situation near Union square. Ires* H. M. A., Herald office. JdEBIRABLE SUITS OF ROOMS, CONSISTING OF |froat and back pa-lors, folding doors, pantries between, , suitable for a wive*, will be partial board, reasona iroat ana back pa-lors, raiding doors, pan bedroom connected, all on second *tory, j of gentlemen or two gentleman and ^ furnished or unfurnished, with partial b Hooss baa gas. bath, water closets, and is plsasantly ted on Twenty -thiid street, convenient to Sixth and ith avenue car* and stage*. For terms address L. M. ?ox 102 Herald ofllce. RIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A GEN tleman and wire and two or three single gentlemen, with . desirable roonl* and board, on most reasonable terms. |*e ha* bath*, gas; Ac., at 101 West Sixteenth street. FEW SEt.ECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or without boardr with Kvate family, in a new brown stone house, containing ?he modern improvements. Apply at 144 East Thirteenth it between Second and Third aveaues References ea sed. I FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with board, alto a gentleman and hi* wife, with of rooms or separate. full or partial board; also, an i to let, suitable either for a dentist, physician or aur r. References exchanged. Inquire at 143 West Twen icond street. YOUNG HARRIED LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND 13 about leaving for California, wishes to obtain two uu isbod rooms on Drat or second floor, with board, in a t respectable family, a widow preferred. Terras not to ed $20 or $25 per month, or would unite with a small cable family in hiring a house. Location most be be in Tenth and Seventeenth street* and Third and Sixth mes. The best references given. Address D. L. M. D., i Office. GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, AND TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and piea ; rooms, in a email quiet family; bath, Ac. References ianged. Apply at 117 Laurens street, near Prinoe. PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE THREE young men with partial board, dinner on Sundays, at ler week. No other boarder*. Apply at 112 West ty second street. GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE geatlemen, ean have good board and pleasant rooms, [o. 1 Willowfrlace, earner of Jeralemon street, Brooklyn, minutes' walk from South or Wall street ferries. P NO. 91 PRINCE STREET, ON FIRST BLOCK weet of Broadway, geatlemen and their wire*, or single lemsn, ean obtain lull or partial board, with well far ed room*; location very desirable; home brat ola*?; i? and gas. ? MAN AND HIS WIFE, OR A SMALL FAMILY, I without children, is wanted to take charge of a furnish* louse in tbie city. None but Americana need apply. Ap |to J. BOUGH, (0 Murray street. [J UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD. WANTED for a lady and child. Terms must be moderate, and bo paid in advance, a* no reference will be given. In > at 41 Forsyth street. SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH ONE OR two bedroom* attached, to let In a private house, with he modern improvement*. Apply at IMS Prince street, a door* v eat of Broadway. fc* Wcommodau'd' with* ulf d? J dG TtEM A N, CAN Era* mSSft w,tf""Jt board a t <?2 or ? ?-f B|eeck?r. Con ven.ent to "an anVrta^w"* >ARD? NEAR ST. JOHN' S i'ARK, IN A FAMILY who havo more room than required Parlor* and bed s* comlortably furnished, for a gentleman and wife lout children, or for gentlemen. Hones of first olais; i and gas; key to the Park. References exchanged. ly at la Varick street. IARD-A WIDOW. AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, without family, would accommodate a lady with a fur ed room and board. Teriaa reasonab.e. Address Com , Broadway Post Office, for one week. )ARD.? A LADY. HAVING A LARObi HOUSE,. IS desiron* of accommodating a tew families and single lemon with board; also, a back parlor and' bedroom, iahod or unfurnished, bata and gas in the house. Ap tt No. 9 St. Goorge's place, East Thirteenth street, be in First and Second avenue. MLRD? SEVERAL ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUR niahod, suitable for sinale gentlemen, or gentlemen and t wlves.wlll be lot, with good board, in a test elaae >e. No. 87 Nlath street, u?ar Fifth avsnee. Iard.-a lady having moreeoom than she I * ants, would let some bandeomelv I'nraished rooms to llemtn only. Cleanliness and comfort striutly attended I Apply to Mrs. J. X. BOWDEN, JU Stanton street. IARD.-OENTLEMAN AND WIFE AMD TWO JIN (tf* gaatlemsa can be accommodated with board, in a ". ft!?! ... Broadway; none but qnlet eetakle p?r??n? will ber taken, and those will receive all comforts of a home, as they will be merely taken to make t family; house newly faro if bed, Ac. ?ARB.? SUITS OF FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Ex tension bookcases and sideboard, bedsteads, and all the eru improvements, either for single person a. or a rentle snd his Wife, with or without beard, in a desirable and itifni location, batw?eu Second and Dbird avenue* nrio? Apply at liTstuyveannt street w >ARD.? TWO Itfttil t, jBENTLEMEN WILLINq TQ room togOttitr, 'C?8 nflufn partial board anil k ptatly liahed room in a honae with modern improvements, at ' erweek, in a araa)) private family looat ion pUaaant convtnient to easearfd 'stages. ' CAH'-at No. fyo West, nty ie'Tcnth street. ne?r ^i>th liTenue. ;/ >ARD -'A GENT I.EVA'*- A*D WIFE tA* BF. AC aemmodaied with s hwnlrnnrv fiarlor om"*woad Tfbor, and .rloraad bedroom on ftfeUiflrd (leer, in a tewjibm udCfc' he modem improvement* -pi>v?te lanHly. Apply .at 1V7 Iftb street, between JiJU. *#d ?ixth. *ven?es. Refer, is exchanged. . IARD DOWT'l^lfe.-OE^TI.EMES AND THIIR? wivee, also single ueaileinen. of obtaining 1 comfortable apartments, with cood board, ia a desirable tion, can have thes*me by applying at No. 8 Broadway, !a*tt? white house opposite tae Bowling Green. Tran t boarders taken. ( ?ARB AT Hfll AND M BROADWAY. FULf. OR partial, with nits and single room* lor families and I* gentlemen. Houses new, aod wi'.h gar baths, Ac. tllly best in tho city, oppositeJUnlon park. IARD IN BROOKLYN.? A LADY HAVING A HOUSE pleasantly located, with all the modern improvements. Id like to dispose ot a suiM of rooms, f ermsbed or tin Mod, to a gentleman and his srif. ?r two gsntlemou, Ifcoard. Rofrrcneo* e?obang?v.'.. biuwr b ?? rl i ?'?. ? al/'.i W tUvugblit st/rct. BOABDINU ARDliODome. Board in brook lyn-one or the best loca now* tm r a. auuuuur rwa.uo, ?7 Sul, street. a UrM front muii on? small room; aiao, an ?Uic room tuilable for twol*^, MeftjfnoedeMbangML , ? * ?,k B">ARI> IN BROOKLYN? NEAR SOUTH AND WALL street ferriee. Si??le (rent It men deairoue of ui>taitiis< partial ?<>?rd on Tory moderate terses, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms at 91 State (treet. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wirt, ai.d a Tew single gentlemen, tu bo aroommodatoJ with board at 2tS Washington street, (marble front house > with all the momrn improvement*. Gas. and hot. cold and thower t>aths in the nouae. Alto a heudaome back parlor, furiiiahen cr ui.furiiahed Term* moderate Board in brook: yn.- a gentleman and wife. alec two single rentlemen. wan be furnished with so^d rooms, with full or partial board, at No 3H Proipeot street, Brooklyn, where there are but lev boarder*. Referenoei required Board in Brooklyn.? on ? or two single gentlemen can be accommodated with a picanint front room, on second Door, witn partial beard, by appljiagjat 114 Highstr>et. KeUrencei exoharged. Board in south Brooklyn. ? vleasant rooms on second and third floors, suitable tor familiei or single g'ntlemoi., to let. with board, at 92 Baltic street, near Clinton itoteroncee exchanged T)OARD IN WIl.LIAUSBU RG? ONE OF THE REST .13 house* and best iooatinniinthecity. ouly two minatee' walk from two terries A gentleman and lady, or a few sin gle ?<Ptie.:ien. car obtain good room* on the teoond er third floor*, by applying at No. 19 South Ninth street, corner oC Socoud streut. Board in Williamsburg. -two or three ainglo gentlemen can have pleasant room* and partial board in ? private famib, aad pleasant location, two Mi nutes walk from feck slip and Division avenue ferries. Ad dress bos 120 Herald oflloe Board in willi amsburg.? a gentleman and his wife and two or three eingle gentlemen can be ac commodated with board, in a rospeotable private family, at No. 30 Kfnth Fifth etreet, three miante*' walk from the Peck slip ferries, where they can enjoy the comfort* of a home. References exchanged. Board ih hoboken.- several rooms to let to gentleman aad their wives, or single geatlemea, with partial board, at No. 4 Hndsoa plaee. Rafereaee. reqaired. Board on staten island -two young gen Uemen can be accommodated with br*c.kfa*t and tea, Ac., in a private family, residing near the ferry. Addrene Clifton, Stapleton Post Office, N Y. Referenoee exchanged. Board in the country-can be had, within aa hour'* ride from the aity bf railroad er (teamboaa; the lituatioa i* healtby, aad near the-Wetea; the boa*e is large, and aarieaaded or an exteaiive lawn, ftUed with areee. Apply to Mr* Hadden, New Rechtlle, or to JMte* dray, 17 Wall etreet. Board and rooms can now be obtained through our office on the following street*:? White, L slight, Broome, Broadway, West Washington place, Troy, Ninth, West Fourteenth, and many other atreet*; also, in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Hasting* aad tting Sing. l'er*on* wiihiLg to precore boarder* in city or country would do well tooall. DEMARE8T A BASSET, No. 4Astorplace. Board wanted-by an invalid gentleman, in tome comfortable farm home within an hour'* ride of the city., The location must be pleasant, the diet good, the milk abundant, aud the charge* moderate. Addre** O. K , Herald office, stating term*. ~ ' Board wanted-by ? young lady in the yi clnitv oi. Greenwlohand Broome street*, in a private fa mily preferred. For a pleasant room and location, $4 to S3 per week will be paid in advanoe. Addree* 0. D., Herald office. Board wanted-by a young man, in hobo* ken. in a respectable private family: for partial board; term* not to exceed S3 SO per week. Addre** X. P., Herald offioe. Board Wanted? Brooklyn preferred, with ' in ten minutes' walk of Fnlton terry, in a imall fami ly, f*r a married oouple, (partial board for gentleman), where they oan have a plain comfortable home, on moderate terms Any one replying te this will be particular to state term* and location, AAdres* Richa - raid office. Reference* given and required. Board wanted? in apri ? ui,y, kor a Widow lady: room unfurni rred. Kefereuoea exchanged. Addrcs* J. J., Broa i'udt office. Board wanted in brook n? wanted, by a ehipmaster, wife and ion. per uently for the lady and ?on, in a private family, or where there are but tew koardere. Address Nautilus, dating term*, Ac., Herald office. Refe rences exchanged. Boas ding.? a gentleman can be accommoda ted with a single room, at 35 Wost Twenty -second at. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Boarding -to, a large room, with .pan ' try, on second floor, datable for a gentleman ana wife, or two gentlemen; alto, an upper room, which will accom modate two gentlemen, at the pleasantly lit Bated home, 27 North Moors street. Boarding.? a single gentleman or tw(^ wishing to occupy a large pleasant front room, can he ac commodated with board by applying at 216 West Twentieth ?tieet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Breakfast and dinner at 6)? o'clock. Reference* exchanged. Boarding.? two suits of rooms, furnished or unfurnished, on flrst and oeocad floors, private break fast if required, for a gentleman or gentleman and wife. Two rooms on third floer for single gentlemen, at S3 Bond atreet. Boarding.? a private family, occupying a first elate house, containing all the modern improve ments, and beautifully located in West Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue, will let unfurnished the two lront rooms on the seoond floor. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Addreei G. H. T. , Berald office. Boarding.-eioht or ten single gentlemen can be accommodated with board and pleasant rooms a* 167 Eighth avenue. Term* moderate. Boarding. -a gentleman and wife, also a lew tingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with good board and pleasant rooms, where but a few will be taken. Board reasonable. Reference required. Apply at 28 Grove at. Boarding-elegant suites of rooms on first second and third floors, fer families and single geatle men, furnished or unfurnished, with or wlthoot beard. Gai and bath in the house. Terms reasonable. Apply at No. 81 Eighth streM. Boarding? a suite of rooms on the second floor, unfurnished, to let to a family or without board; also, single rooms, furnished, ana rooms for physi cians or dentists. Gas and bath in the house. Apply at No. 47 Bond street. Boarding.? rooms on the second and third (floors, in a genteel house, to let. with breakfast and tea, to gentlemen or gentlemen and wives, at 18 East Eighteenth street, one block above Union square, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Boarding -handsome furnished rooms to let, to a gentleman and lady, with baths; board for the lady only, at 80 Chariton atreet, corner of Hudson, four blocks, from Canal street. Board payable in advance. Boarding.-a lady would lit a back par. ler, or one or two rooms on the second floor neatly fur nished. to a gentleman and his wife, or two young men, with or without board. House hat nil the modern improve ments. Near Broadway and Sixth avenue, 70 West Thirty first street. Boarding and rooms to let.-a parlor, fronting on the Battery, and bedroom adjoining, in the first class house No. 16 State street, with board; aUo, seve ral single rooms. References required. Apply on the pre mises. Boarding at 120 and 122 chambers strew. - I'leasant, newly furnished rooms, for families, with every convenience attached; also, pleasant rooms for single gentlemen, and large rooms that wiQ accommodate a party of four; alto, day boarders accommodated. Reference re quired. Boarding in brooelyn.-a gentleman and wife can secure a fine front room with pant-rlis, ?u the second floor of the house 176 Washington street, corner of Ceneord, with board. Terms reasonable; looation near Ful ton terry, a ad very pleasant. 1'artiea looking for a home will pleat* call. Broorlyn ?desirable rooms for gentle men, with partial board; house flrst class, location and neighborhood unsurpassed: com fort ? of a home may be relied on; modern Improvements; three minutes' walk from the ferries. Terms moderate. A back parlor, suitable for a physician. 2SK Henry street. Bedroom to let-newly furnishnd, in a , private family, for one or two gentlemen: breakfast if required; no boarders: privilege of bath, hot and cold water. Terms moderate. Apply at No. Tl Hubert street, oorner of Washington. . CHEAP LODGINOS.-rUENTLEMEV CAN SELECT tor the summer j.ood lodiing room, for SI SO per week, in the Eagle Hotel, oorner of Frankfort and William streets. A few best rooms, for fraud fi .Viper week. Lodgings 2j cents fer night. ... GOUNTRT BOARD.? A PRIVATE FAMILY, RE8ID ing about thirty miles from tke city, on. the New Haven railroad, are now ready to. receive a few adults who are, will in? to pay a liberal price for good accommodations; ground* covered with fruit and tbade trees,' and bordering oil the saltwater; bathing room, with Hot' and cold water, in the house. Apply for cardt oi addrets at tbe offiee of the Bro voort House. ? COUNTRY BOARD.? ONE OR TWO SMALL FAMI Hot caa be accommodated in a eouatry house, a few milet from Brooklyn; access easy by ears or stag**; floe rooms, plenty of fruit, v getablue and milk. For farther reticulars, apply at .4 East Twenty-third street. pOUNTRV BOARD. -TWO OENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives, or a family of four grown persons, can obtain board for the summer, from June 1st, In a private family re siding on a farm in a vory healthy location, distant 1*? hours from tke city by railroad AUo, amide stable accommoda tions. Testimonial* of the highest rsineoiability given aad required. Address boa V.,W7 Poet Offioe. COUNTRY BOARD AT OYSTER BAT, I,. I -TWO gentlemen and their wives, or a family of six or eight persons. tan obtain board for tbe summer, in a private fami ly residing o%a (arm in a very healthy location, distant two hours from the city by railroad e* eteamtoit: also, ampla stable arc'>mmoaatioas.< Testimonials of the highest reepoot. ability given and required. Address or call on Mrs. Mckib bin, 21A East HwrtflT. COUNTRY R0ARD.? WANTED FOR A LADY. (N tint and. nurse, i* a farmer'* or gardener's house, where they have all the early fruit* and vegetables, in a cool and health/ location. Address E. S. M . Herald office, tvatin* particular* and terms, whiuh must he modcrat*. BRSIRARLE ROOMS WITH BOARD, MAY BF. HAD . Ibr gentlemen and their wive*, cr elude gentlemen; te pleasantly situated, lacing Hoboki'ti ferry, lu the vicn lt^ df jjt. 'Luhe'e chtrch: those wishing to engage permanont will do wall to call. Terms reasonable. I mi aire at SILEGANTLY FL'RN ISUED ROOMS IN THK SECOND I sterv.? Three rooms will be let t o two tingle gentlemen, th or without breahfhit. The family is small: the looa U*n is near broad way, aad the terms for snob apsrtments are Very reasonable. References given ana required. Apply at 2S7 F.a?t Twelfth ttreet. FURMSnED ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED.? A married lady, in delicate besdth, detlree a furnished chamber and parlor, with board fer hareell aad maid. In the upper part ef the city, in a family where there are no othir boirders. widow lady preferred, who will give care aad at tention; liberal price will be paM. Address box IIW Honald ottce. Furnished or unfurnished rooms- one door of handsome apartments to let, In the first cliiss tiouse No #72 Broadway. corner ef Ninth street. AUs, tm eiosle rooms, iuiUble l?tg'aU*??n who wish t > eo?no?i?e (a todtiac*. BOA*^G^M>I^QTO?[a. CTURN ISHRD OR UN Fl?Nt?HErf Hftoirt- F(* #j?p r lien Mid finite gentlemen. ?u a until family up town Reference requirtd Apply st 122 West Twenty gecond ,Conx?ai*nV to Sixth avenue oar* Fl'RN 1 SHIP APART Ml N T3 ? SITUATION UN EQUAL led ? To 1st, to *tngle ^"otlomen only, a purler and bed r ort Also, ? single bedroom, eiegaatly furnished and with all the modern im pro vemen 1 1. Apply at 433 Broom* ?treet, two ioors east of Broadway. F1URN1SH1D ROOMS.? CKNTLKM IN CAN NOW select rcomi in that 1 arcs five story house 461 Brooms utreet-, near Broadway, wbieti will be ready for occupation intwocrthrfe day*. lla? the privilege of bath and mo dt rr improvements I'art lal board If detired. Gentlemen can obtain pleasant furnish ed rooms, ? itliuu' board, us second ti ior, at I'D Syrin,; atrre: next door to the l'retcott and opposite the St. NF cbolas MOHf GA-N LARK? VOUIt MILKS VROM PEEK. SKILL railroad station, and within two huurr' travel of the city.? Two or three fauillis* can now aeoure board for the simmer, with apacion* room*, in a newly ereoted V>use, overlooking Ibis beautiful lake, and wbsre they will bare the accommodation of boats for fishing, Ac. Address Mobegan, office of JN.'Y Daily Times ONE OR TWO 1'LAIM SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN bj accommodated with a comfortable furnished room. Terms moderato Apply at 271 Houston street. PARTIAL BOARD W AN Tit D? FOR A GENTLEMAN, witu single room, In a family where tb<re are but few or no boarder*, in the Seventh, Tenth or Thirteenth wards. Addieas M. D , Herald office, abating location and terms, wbioh must be moderate, a* no others will b* notiood. PRIVATE BOARD-ONE RESPECTABLE GENTLE man can fand a genteel, plensunt home, with good par tial board or without, in a strictly private German family, at 28 Summit street, between Hicka ana Columbia streets, South Brooklyn. Gas, bath, Ac References exchanted. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROORLTN? NK AR WASHING to* avenue. One or two gentlemen of retired habits, da siring a respeatable location, can be comfortably aeoomme ilated with separate rooms and partial board; three person* in family only, and no oth?r boarder*. Term* $4 to U per week. Apply to C. E. FROST, couveyancor, As., 41 Pulton ?treet, Brooklyn, near the ferry. PRIVATK BOARDING IN BROOKLYN.? UNFUR niibed room*, with board, for gentlemen and their wives, with use of *as, at 100 Vanderbilt avenae, cloea to cars No children taken. PLEASANT ROOMS ? WITH OR WITHOUT BREAK fast and t**, and dinner on Sunday*, at no. 4 Fourth street, convenient to car* and ataga*. Booms to lkt.-a privatk family would lbt to ? *ingle gentleman a handsomely turniihed parlor wad bedroom front, on the eeoond floor, in a houae with all the modern improvements, in Kl*vtjk*h street, near Fifth ard Sixth avenne*. Please address C. J. J., bog 3.B3 Post Office. Reference* exchanged. Rooms, with bpard.? an elkgant suit of rooms, furnished or unfurnished; also room* for *ingl* gentlemen, to rent, with board, in house HW ?a*t Twenty first *tr*e?, Gramercy park. Rooms to let -a suitb of rooms, on second floor of hoase 187 Bleeoker street, ooraer of Macdongal; the house ha* all the modern improvement*, olosots and bath room* on *ame Soor. The roems, suitable for two or three gentlemen, wonln be let farniahed or unfinished, at a rea*onable price. The Bleockor street line of omnibuses pass the door every three minutes, and Sixth avenue oars pas* one block ftttn the house, day and night. Apply to BBNJAMaN L. MALLETT, Offioe Astor Bouse Room to a gentleman and his wifk. Board for lady only. Warm and cold l aths in the house. Pleasantly situated. Address Q., Herald office. Rooms.? a largb front and back parlor, well furnished, to let to a party, or two or three gentle men, with bat b1, Cfoton water, Aj. Breakfast nad tea, if required. Reference* exchanged. 182 Franklin street, near Hudson. TO SINGLE GENTtEMEX-TO LET, A VERYNICB room, furnished or. unfurnished, in a private tatnily, where cleanliness and comfort are atrictly attended to. Ga* in the house. Apply at Uti Greene atreet, after 4 o'olook. WO PLEASANT HOOMS, FURBISHED, TO LET, AT 22 VV averley placo. T TWO OR THBEB GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO dated with good board' and room* at 122 Rivington atreet mo LET? WITH BOARD, A FRONT PARLOR. OR 1 the two together, with bedroom* attached, to a lady, or lady and gentleman, or to a party to auit , at 19A Huaso ?treat, corner of Deshrosses (treat, half way between Canal ?treet and St. John's park, with use of gas, bath, hot and ?old water, Ac. Price moderate. Alio, a pleasant room and bedroom on third floor. Adores* for three day*. WANTBD-TWO OR THREE GBNTLEMEN TO BOARD in a private lamily. Address Mr*. W., Astoria, Post Office, L. I. MISCBLLiUIEOVS. i C* C CANAL STRUT, NEAR VARICK.? W. A H. TAB 1DJ NOTE'S grate and fender, kitchen range, *umm*f ranee ana (tore warerooma. We have a large aaaortmant tt the latest pattern* of mantel grate*, range* and *tov*i, fet ?ale un reasonable termi. Gratea and range* let and repair ed, range* lined, bran founder*' and Jeweller*' taraaMi bailt, ttorei lined, bakeri' oven* built and repaired. BRUSHES OF IVMT DESCRIPTION AT THE BROW he tor;. SSI Pearl *treet. Frank Un square. All artlolM ?old at the lowest fhctory prioe*. Paint break** of saperiai (lalitj wnitoiUj ei kaiC Machine braehe* made te *rd?, _ JOHN K. HOPPHU. CHARTER OAK ORAPK ROOTS FOR SALR-AT NOb 7 John *treot, where aamplei of the grape* can be mi. Thee* grape* grow to the *iie of one and a half lnobe* In Aia B ?? Their arc a* eweet a* the Iiabella, and three wa*hg earlier; perfectly hardy, had will produce more poaad* ol grapee than anv other ever cultivated. Order* promptly attended to by JOHN B. JAKES, No. 7 John street. CORNS AND BUNION! REMOVED FROM THE feet without pain, blood or danrtef, by Dr. I. CLU'i'E, office No. 380 Broadway, a lew door* above White street. Immediately after the operation the ahoea may be worn with comfort. Each corn extracted 00 cent*. ceni peryard "?? 3/5 Broadway. Silk pinked ^Jn? r\RCORATIVB FRESCO PAINTER? OF THR ORE 1 J man and Italian eohool*, i* ready to decorate in^tbe moat approved manner, and in all ctyle*. A<1 dree* 906 Spring *tre*t. cfr>RGE F1CHT. Fresh Brazilian sred, native potatoes, never rota, and good flower*, lcttuce, eabbage, ouenm bcr, carrot, beet, aquath, melon, corn, aad all other kind* el flower, field and garden aeeda, for *ale by HUGH ORE A CO.. aeed ctore. 81 John atreet. HOE'S DOUBLE MEDIUM OR MEDIUM, (LARGE cylinder.) almoct new and in good running condition, wanted By MARQUAND, MOORE A CO., printer*, Sun Building*. Caah will be paid down if mited. Housekeeping hardware.-parties begin ningor replenishing are invited to call on the subacri bera, who have received their importation* for the spring trade, and ofler on advantageous term* a large a**ortment of Silver Plated Ware, well adapted to city aad oountry trade. German Silver Good*, from the belt manufacturer*, new ?tyles and low. Bronze Good*? French, Engliah and German, on copper. Japanned Ware? In great variety, lrom celebrate'! fac torial. Plnniibed Iron Ware? Every description of goodi in this ware. Cast Iron Ilall Furniture, neweit itylei and finiih. Table Mati, all approved kindi; floor mati do. Refrigerators, ice picks, ice tubi, Ac. Table Cutlery, in immense variety, from common to belt qnalitiei. Batbiag apparatus, all approved artiolei. WoodenwHre, kitchen tables, clothes horse*, itep lad der!, Ac. Catalogue* to be had on application at the itcre. WINDLE A CO., MS Maiden lane, 25 and 27 Liberty itreet. ME.XIOAN GUANO -<1.000 BARRELS MEXICAN ? guano, very rich 1b phoaphate of lime. The analysis will be shown. For *ale in *nit pnrchaacr*. \w ALFRED CHURCHMAN, & Front itreet. MOTHERS-FROM AN INFANT TO EIGHT YEARS eld.? A remedy without which no mother'! lions* ihculd be. Prepare for the coming Dimmer, with which may 16 expected cholera infantum, known a* summer sio'; nei*. The simple but unerring remedy offered bar been uaud in all parte of the South of this continent, and has reldom tailed to preserve health and comfort in the midit ot tami liea. By enoloaing titty centa, post paid, in postage atamp*, to Dr. Adrian, Broadway l'o*t Office, the apeoific will b? forwarded immediately to any adiireai. Country letter* punctually attended te. Pickles' Pickles ? pickles '-pickle grow brs arc notified that the nndenirned are in want of from S.COU O0U t* 4,000,000 of th* abov* article, for which they wiil pay the higheit market price. Apply to DaTTON A BENE DICT, 119 Beekman and 313 Weat streets. PRINTING -THOMAS E. SUTTON^ PLAIN AND OR. nam*ntal'iob,?aid; and country merchant*' atore bill printer, i* at bi* old atand, 142 Fulton atreet, between Nas sau atreet aad Broadway. Thoce who wish their printing done neat, quick and oheap for cash, will do well to call on Sutten, at 142. > ? "DEFLATING. ?HOTELS, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS A 1TB MX private familie* eaa hare every description of old waN ?eplated and warranted. Stair rods, plumbers' fixture*, tea set*, i poem and fork*, aad *v*ry kind ol m*ul plated with geld or diver, at short uotioe. by the Manhattan Plate Com pany, No. an; Bowery. Teas.? the best assortment or five teas will be found at the Caaten Tea Company a newly erect ed and emgant sttfre. 125 Chatham atr<-<t, between Pearl and Rooaevelt streets, the oldest tea estaUnbrnent in the city. We assure onr reader* they can do letter here than elw where, either at wholesale or reta.I. The model lire boat or car-constructed nnder tbe superintendence ef Robert Owens, atevedore, 66 West street; b?ilt by J?hn Cousins. It is derigned for th* protection of life, and can be launched In three minutes; will carry from Miirty te Btiy p*r?oa? with perfect eat sty. It wilt t e exhibited in a few days John Cousins would oblige Robert Owen* by tailing to s*e him. aad be waatr to know where the Arts is that he ordered the spring" from; if they ar* finished send them to my office, aad I will settle forth* MM. Table cutlery, tea trays and waiters.? Ivary handle knives, with and withoat fork*, of Joeeph Rodrere A Son'* make; aim Ameaican cutlery of flnt 111*11 ty: with a great variety of lew priced halve* and fork*; uleo, plated aad German nlv<r apoiaaaad forks; e< rWrewa, not pick*, carvers, cook's kniree. Ae. Ac.; tea trays, of oval, Gothic, Viitoris, and common forms, insets, dozens or tingle, aarest variety of aew aad tasiy pattern*, for sal* by A. T. RUSSRI.L, importer of hardware and cutlery. No. 137, 1'ultoa atreet. between Broadway aad Nassau street. WfOOD OFFERRB FOE SALE, AT DECAN A SAULIN'8 It ysrd, corner of Broome aad Tompkins street.? One reenter log (mahogany* 21 feet by S3 by .VI iachee, also, 65 cannon log*. St. Domiago mahogany; fM log* Rio Janeiro roeewood. 10 ton* ebony; alto, 220 mahogany plank*, ol different thickaeie**. Window shadbs at wholesale and retail. ? OEO. W. CARPEWTER hae eponed a new atore at SO Chatham (treat, where he invitee the public to ealt aad *ae hi' stock ot<jold aad other shade*. *f nil aues. Corxde IN. htod*. k>o%. rlaa. A*. noaalaaUr W "end BlaXIARDR. Billiard tables for sale? a gentleman al>ont retiring from I tt*iu*ia, wi*iie? to di-pw of t wo second-band billiard table), made b> oae el tti* aeknuw ladged maker*. To bo aoan at the laetor; of T. D'Osutr, 41 Ana ?t reel, lor a few day ?, awo, n Udj'? hilliar i table, f? rpniate hvuse. SHIPPING. wffl depart with the (Mm l<MM Mil* tor Bvreae, mm tivelv o> HtduMdu, Ml] IS, at 2 o'clock f M , from bar the toot of CtulMMi For M|kt ? puu?t, having unequalled MoDimodstlon for elegance and com fort. Apply to IVV AR1> K. COLLINS, No Si * all etreet. Passengers are reaueeted to bo on board it W% o'clock A.M. The eteamahip Bajtio will roaeeed <fce AU?atis, ui sail May 30. Shipper* ploaw tiki notice that the ehipe of thie Ubh eauiot carry any ?ood* contraband af war. All lettere must pass throagh the feet 0#aa; Ml other! will ba re tattaC fHI KBIT YORK AMD LIYBRFOOL ITVITBD |TA? 1 Mail Steamers ?The ships semposlag Ml Mm in thi ATLANTIC, Cap* Wort. BALTIC, Cap*. Qomitoek. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. . These ?h>p? have been kail* b? eoatraot, expressly tar gr? omment servioa. Brcry oar* baa bean takan in their oom straotioe a* alaa la thau engine*, to ensure streazth aai speed, and their aeoommodatlwaa for pasfengera Me unequal led for elogalaee and comfort Prise of pa?aege from Bin York to Liverpool, la first slasa oxbia, fiSOjjn aaeoad de. i 97ft; exolusive aae of extra mee stater ooma 4324, from Ur frpool to New York 30 and 20 guineas. Aa experienced sot gun attached to each ship. Nt berth aeeurad aatii mU rioroaio Dim oritiuie. ??0* NBW YOII ? BOM UTUtMKMk Wednesday, March 21... 1M4 Saturday, March S......18M MTedueeday, Apti: d....ldtt Saturday, March 17 Wadaeeday, April M....1KSS Saturday, Mar A 3. lttOI Wedneeday, May 1....1SM Saturday, April 14 lrf? Wednesday, May ?...18fl6 Saturday. April X 1M Wednesday, May 80.. ..1854 Saturday. Mar > UNI For freight or passage apply to IDW'lt A. COLLINS, No . 46 WaU street, New York BROWN, SHIPLKY A CO . Liverpool STEPHEN EBNNARD ft CO., 27 Auatia Fthire, Locdea B. G. WA1NWRIOHT A CO., taris. GEORGE H. DBAFBB, Havre. The owner* af theee ship* will not ba aooouatahle tar gold Mirer, bullion, specie, jewelry, prociona atones or me Mia unless bill a af lading are sigaed there br, and the valai thereof therein exortiMd Shippara pleaae take notice that the ships eftkiallae cam not cany any good* eoatraband of war. rTHl YANDERBILT EUROPEAN LINB OF STEAM I ahlpa. ? The tlrat olaai new ateamship ARIEL. AM tone, Leferre. Master, will leave Mew York, from pier M, North river, foot at Chambers atraet. at noon precisely, oa Saturday . May 19, for Havre direot. First alnaa passage 41 U flUOnj " M M The Ariel will ba fbllewed by the Worth Star, Jane >. The owner ot theee veaaala will not be aeoouateblc for Sid, stiver, hellion, epeoie, Jewelry, precious etonea or' ma la, nnlaea hills ofladtng an aicned therefor, and the value thereof therein sxprsssed. Specie and goods taken M naaal rates. Me freight reoeivedafter noon of the day before eaUlug.< Mo berth ae cured until paid far. Letters prepaid, like. per X ?a., will be reoelved at the oftoeup to If A. ef the day of eaUlag, and will ha eaartod in strotag India rubber bags under leek, and. on arrival at Havre, will be immediately deposited in the Fos4 <Maa there Faroe Is takan, eaob prepaid, aae dollar and WM<4' rtuv oatm or moat eraw vols. vaoa MAvaa. Ariel .May 19. Morth Star May ?, North Star.. ..Jane 9. Anal Juns 8. Artai Janc.kt. North Star JnaeSi. Morth Star July in. Ariel .../nlySL Ariel ,.... Aagoat li. North Star Aa*uat 11, Berth Star..... September 1. Ariel September L Ariel September North St*r....d*ptember>t North Star October 13. Ariel October U Ariel November A North btar November A Ariel NovemberU These steamships are classed A 1 at the iasaransa offloes. aad specie and goods will be insured in them at as lew ratal af premium a* in anj other ateamehipe that oroes the eeeaa. For freight or passage, apply to D. TOXRANck, No. B Bowling Oraea, New York. BCMNKR^MOMTANT A SR AFAR. & Rao N. D. del Yi? CH&Y&riA, SCHLOISSMANN A CO.. 27 Qu*i Casimir Belavigne, Havre. THB LIYIRPOOL ANL PHILADELPHIA 8T1AM3H1P Company intend aailing their favorite ateamshlas CITY of MANCHXSTKR 2,125 tons, Capt. Wylia. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2,M8 tone, Capt. , CITY OT WASHINGTON, do. 2,7U> tons, Capt. R. Lfetok. Saloon $90, 964, and 944, according to stats room. A limited nnmber of third olaas paasengera will he ttfkea from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and loand la prOvisisas. From Philadelphia 930 | From Liverpool 941 Parties wishing to bring out their friende oan obtain esrM Scats: of paasage and drafts on Liverpool, in earns of Ml sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMtfll. SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, aad Me. 7 BroadwayVMea Tork. SOTICE? FOR LIVERPOOL, THE PACKKT SHII' A. Z., Captain Chandler, will poaitively aail on Saturday, i May, preciiely, at 12 o'olock; for paaaage in eabin, aeeond cabin aad steerage, apply on board. Pier li, ?. H.. foot of Wall street, or to TAPSCOTT A CO., (Mi South street. OLD BLACK STAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR I.IVER pool? The magnificeut new paoket (hip Thornton, Cap tain Collius, will positively ull on Tuesday, IStti Mar. She has excellent accommodation fox oabin, second cabin and steerage passengsrs- Apply ou board, at l'ler 27 E. R., foot of Dover aim t, or to WILLIAMS A GUluN, 40 Fultan sttist. Empire line for liverpool.-the favorite packet ship AMERICA, Capt. Barstow, will positively Mil on Tuesday, 15 th May. For passage in cabin, aeooud ca bin or atearage, having apian did accommodations, apply oa board, pier 6 North rivar, or to DEMARE3T A JONES, 40 Booth street, corner Old slip. FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON,? THE UNITED States Mail steamship HERMANN, E. Higgins. com mander, will sail lor Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the mails and paesengers for England and Fraaca, oa Saturday, May 19, at 13 o'clock, M,, frum pier 37, North river. 1 rice of passage from New York to Southampton or Bremen: in first cabin, main saloon. $130; tint cabin lower saloon, $110; in seeond cabin, 960. An experienced surgeon Is attaohad to each steamer. Specie delivered in Havre or London. All lettera must pats through tho Post office. For passage or freight, apply to C. H. SAN 1). Agent, 11 South William street. The steamer WASHINGTON will suooeed the HERMANN, ami sail June 16. FOR BOO 1 HAMPTON AND HAVRE. ? THE NEW UNI ted States mail steamer ARAOO, D. Lines, command - er, will leave for Havre, ttuohlng at Southampton to land the mail* and passengers, ou Saturday, June 3d, at 12o'cIook, ?torn pier No. 97 North river, foot at Beach street. Price of first oabin, 9130: prieo of aeoond aabin, 95. L.uggagc not wanted during thevoj age should bo east on board the day betore railing, marked "below." No freight tiken after Thursday, May 31. For freight or passage apply to M. 1.1 V IN USToN, agent, S3 Broadway. X*. B.? All letters must pass tniough the Post Office. "DEDUCTION OF FaRES TO SUIT THE TIMES.? NEW XL York and California steamship line, via Nicaragua. Accessory Transit Company, of Nicaragua, Proprietors? Through In advanee of the mall? 700 miles shorter thai u; other ronte, avoiding the deadly Panama fever and two miles of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. The splendid deuble engine steamship STAR OF THE WEST, 2.W0 toas harden, Captain Turner, will leave from Pier No. 3 North river, at thrae o'clock P. M., precisely, for Punta Arenas, oa Satur day, May 12, lMfi, connecting with the steamship Cortes, t,WKl tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transportation ky first class car riages. For information or paaaaga, at the reduced rates, , apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, Ageat No. 2 Bowling Groan. Letter baas made up at the office. No unstamped letters received. Commencing oa the 20th of May, the daya of leaving Now York will bo o&anged to the 6th and 20th o( each month. DISPATCH LINE FOR SAN FRANCISCO? GUARAN teed to sail on ob before the 29th inst. The splendid A 1 clipper chip Radiant, Scarse, master, is now rapidly loading at pier No. 8, East river, and will positively sail for San Francieoo, on or before Tuesday, 29th inst. Shippers are particularly requested to send their freight immediately on hoard and complete' their engagements bsfore Tuesday, 22d lust., thereby avoiding the duappointments oc earring on the last days offloading. Special notioe.? Full or not full, the Radiant will sail on or before the day advertised, and no freight taken after the day proceeding the calling day under any circumstances or at anv price. SUTTON A CO., 38 South street, corner of Wall, formerly of 84 Wall street. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via Aspinwall and Panama.? Callfomians are informed that the Panama railroad Is completed and the transit of the isthmus will be mads by railroad, from ocean to ooean. No more mule travel? no river boating. On Monday, May 21, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. from pier at foot of Warren street, North river, will be dispatched the fleet steamship ILLI NOIS, to conaset at Panama with the new and snperior steamahip Golden Gate. A spare boat always kspt at Pana ma, to prevent detention ia case of accident. No freight re ceived after 1 o'clock en the sailing day. For passage apply at the company's offlcs, 177 West street, to J. W. RAYMOND. TpOR SAN JUAN DE NICARAGUA -THE SPLEN J did ' first class, fast sailing steamship United States, (having been unavoidably detained,) will postiyely sail lev the above named port, on Saturday, May 10, at 3 P. M. This ship has been fitted at great expeasa, to eanvey Colonel Kinney and his friends to Central America. All persons desirous of emigrating to that country will find this a favorable opportunity for securing passage. For full par ticulars and positive information relative to the expedition, apply to PEDRAJAS A CO., 36 Beaver street, *here plans of the ship may be soon. BNITED STATES MAIL ETEAMBHIP COMPANY? FOR Havana and New Orlcaaa? On Thursday, May 17, at 2 P. M., from pier foot of Warren street. North river, by the new aad elegant steamahip GRANADA, Capt. S. P. Griffin. Passage can be secured at the company's office. Freight to No# Orleans, thirty ceata per cubic foot. Shippers will be supplied with blank bills of lading of the form signed by the ebmpany, on application at their office. No other forms a nod, and na Dills of lading will bo signed after the hour of ling. For freight or paeeage, apply at tho office of the cempany, 177 West street, corner of Warren. M. O. ROBERT*. Australia-independent line? the splen- 1 did A. I. clipper ship Crystal Palace, will have im mediate dispatch for Melbourne, on her sueond voyage, hav ing made ber first In 84 day c. Her aocommodatlonc for pas sengers are superior to any ship now up. Parties desirous of guing out In tbla favorite shir, will do wall to make applications at once, as only a limited number will be taken* For freight or passage in first aad seeond cabins, ap tly to ARKEI.L A ELLIOT, 146 Pearl attest, er MA1LLER A LORD, lift Wall street. NEW YORK AND NEWORLEANBSTEAMftHIPCOMI ' pany.? For New Orleans, stopping at Havana, ear rv las the ITnitcd States mail.? The steamship C All a W B A< R. <W. Snufsldt. commander, will commence receiving freight on Tuesday, ffld. and sail for tbs atove ports eo Fri day, May 23. at 12 e'elock, from pier at toet ct Romucod street. North river. Freight for the interior aad for Ms bile consigned to our auont ia New Orleans. James Coa acly A 9o , will be forwarded tree of commissi >us. Passea S re for Bavaaa must proenre passports bsfore leaviar rirt. ill* ot lading mast be sent In for cigalas the tveoing pre vious to the rliir sailing. For freight ot par<ag? aptly to LIYINGSTON, CROi ilEEON A CO., Ageau, 31 Broad way. N. B -The Bla k Warrior. J. D. Bollock, oom- I mender, will succeed the Cahawba, aad sail Saturday, Juee 9. ST. THOMAS. W. 1.? THE ROTAL MAIL STEAM Packet Compauy * steamer TBVIO'f, S W. Sawyer, commander, will sail for ths above port on or about toe 19th inst. For passage apply to MA1TLAND, l'HEI.PS A CO., 14 Stone itroH. FOR SAVANNAH-FARE REDUCED. -THE UNITED States mail staaraahip KRVSTONE STATE. Capt. R. Hardie, will leata Philadelphia for Savaaaa:i on Wedneaday, May It, at 10 o'clcok A. M. Fare. 980; steerace, 98. The Eey stone State will laave as abova, Wednesday, May 30. Agents la New York, PCRANTON A TALLMAN, if Old slip, where atata roots s may be socaiad. For savannah and Florida-united states mail lins.? The new and elegant eteauship KNOX VILI.E. Captitin C. D. Ludlow, wilt laave New York for Savannah nn Saturday, May IS. from pier Mo. 4 North river, at 4 o'rlo. k V. M. HilU of lading signed on board. For freight atflr on board, <>r turpassago to SAMUF.l, L. MIT CH II. L M liroadwsv. For Florida, through tickets from New York t* Jacksonville. Ml, to P'latka, (Si. The Florida. Captain M B. Woedhuil, will snceeei, aad laave oa Wednesday, May If.. FIOR CHARJ.YBTOW, S. C. ? TbF SIDE WHEEL eteamebip UCAE KR CUV, i. II llogdon. e imaisadsr, will lour* I'lnladelph.a 'or Charleston onTnei lav. May 19, ct 10 o'clock A. M. Calua na?<vt" 1%. et-orage passage. I $- for f -rtjgli 1 er pa ?at 1, apply t? HERON 4 UaETIN, ' J!' . North frhafvw, I'm a4tlpV*. 1 B miBHMTI 'A CAD$MY OF MUSIC. ~ A ITALIAN OPERA. LAST t'RK KOKH A MOK IN N B W TURK, prior to the departure of (be com ran y far Boston daring wlitrh TBI ACADEMY OF MUSIC WILL BS CLOSED, on which doaasiirf trill be-?pr -eated, ? ? _ ON MONDAY, MAY II, EMSiBl'a eliet d'sauvra, . . W'ft.LUm TELL. ' 3' ths Pntiw etrvugth of t in* i nopti y Musical Director and rnt><|?ie*?r ! H(i Kirt'.nk Seat. ait be iwjM kt ttall * SoB'a, Julie's. No. Mf Hrcp?i???; Van tferfan * King's, And a*. t&e box oif? of the Acadtms oi Wimio. Prtcoe i o? A&uiiMtwu -Parquet Pa-.|ne'. Circle. Bad First CtroV SI; ftecnn*, Family Oircie, to cents; Amphi theatre. J!ki-iint< . Doors open ?t7'?, the Optra comramees at Ko'c'.osi BURTON'S TUKATRt, CHAMBERS STREET -Sa tarda? MAiiN IFICEN f DRAMATIC DISPLAY The gorgeoua array or contain#., the be?intifm and appro- I rriste ucM-ij, anil the oxctllunt uutii.^ m the now oomtc and original (.lay ot tus youthful days or louis xlv , increase* id attraction ?-vory evening All the coin pan y appear i? the play. With the.exoeediBgly laughable Urce of THE WANDERIfSO MINSTREL; Ok, Mirth aid Mueio Mr. Burton will appear to both pieces? in the former h? ' will slug " Vilikineaed hi* l>mai " On Morday? TI1K MKHRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, with i an unapproachable cast. Bowk rv tHeatke? l p. WaL&ron, proprirtor and Kaaa^er; Robert Joan*. Stage Manager Prii-os of Admt*?ien ? Boaaa, 2ft oeat*; fit. 1*H c*At?; Gallery, OduU: Frivaie Boxee, (9 ?Saturday evening, May 12 LANDsUABAS AND 8KAGUL.LS. SEVEN TEMPTATIONS. The Evil One Mr Webb I Rio Rao Mr. >a DUMB MAN OF MANCHESTER. BCCEi.ES '8 8ERKNADERS. 839 BROADWAY.* MONDAY EVENING, MAY T. and all this weok, the grand burlesque ea the I airy opera. UlMDRRBLLA, in four Boti, with the moat omUj eoenery, dresses A a. G. Bwaine Buohley in hi* treat character, Daaditu. K Birliop Buckle) a* the lunny A'edro. /receding the opeia, NEGRO MINSTRELSY Consort at 8 o'olook. tickets IS him. M. U.? Friday evening, May 11. benefit ot SL Bishop Ruck ley, when ha w.ll appear in THE IWu I'OMPEVa. ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. - SAi URDAY, _ 1 May lil.? Evening, at 7X 0 owok, FAINT HEART NEVER WON FA 1 K LADk. Aliaraoaa, at 8, DON DAKAR DE BA'/.AN. Mammoth ilirl orer in huu<lr>i Bunds; Halo* Gianteaa, aearly ei|h > leet higfc; Dwarf 4y onl> twenty seven inches; the Mermaid. living Oi trlohes. Ac. Admittanoe, M eenta; ?bjt*raa under aaa, UH oecti . VTIBLC'S GARDEN. 1> THE COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT to be Riven by the member* of the P LI 1 1. II A KM ONI 0 SOCIETY to MR. TUEODOPK KlStXLD, will take place on Saturday evening, Ma> 19. at Niblo's Garden. Further particular* will be duly announce i. Tioket*,*l; Ke?er?ea fioata, $1 W 'Die hate of ticket* will commouOO on Tuesday morninft, May 1&, at It o'clock, at the following pUce?:? Menarn. >char fenbriii A L.ui*,7b!l Broadway; C. Jureuaing, 701 Broadway : and Vt . Hall X Son, 23i) Broadway. "y. SCU AKFENBEltU, Chairman of Committee. FKaNELLN MUSEUW, MO. & 3 BOWERY, NEaRLI oppoaKe the Bowery Theatre. Tarforraaaeea every aA 1 ternoon. at H, and every eveniu|, at 3. N. B. 3tr?usren will ol.?etve that the Franklin Muaeum i* the only place h ! the llBilad State* where the Modal Art tail are eAUbcvei with ether original eatertaiamonU. Benomber. Ifn W Bowety . I /"I RAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW. AT lX llARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEl'M, la New York, June 5, 6, 7 and 8, 186S. Twenty one 1'reminma, auiouutlag, in all, to over Sl.'tt) ia ea?h I A portmn of the preintume to bo given, if preferred, ia gold or aih er plate, at it* exact coat. Thia Baby Show, the brat axhibitiou of the Kind aver held la New York, will be open to children (under Uve year* of age) from all part* ol the world. Retiring room*, eradlei, Ac., will he provided lor one hundred babiea and thuir Attendant*. Ladiea ot the flrtt respectability have conaented to rerve at Judge* oa the ocoation. All peraon* competing lor tbt> abovo preminm* mu*t obtain, at theMaeeuta, a ?uml>ered CertiiTeate, d? poaiting lor the tame one dollar, which dollar will be return ed on the icoond day of the exhiLition. The number of bA bie* exhibited at thai Baby Show i* limited to one hundred. The name* of the competing children may or may not bo given for pnblication. at the option of the parent*. DUS3ELDORF GALLERY, 497 BROADWAY.? THIS gallery ooatain* upward* of ISO of tba ehoiceat painting* aver put upon exhibition. It ie by far the be*t gallery now on thi* continent Open dAily trem 9 o'clock A. M. till It o'clook I*. M. Admission SS eoat*. Sea*on ticket* 30 oeat*. JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE AM) SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL, At Chime?s AsnMBLT Rooms, 639 Bboaowat, ?bowing owr HrivoACD view*, forty feet wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS UF INTEREST IN EUROPE. Every eveninr at 8 o'clock* and every Saturday after noon, at 3. The mono by Mr. Alwyn Field, of Londoa. Admittauea K eenti STECIAL NOTICE.. THE FRIENDS OF MR J. C. Dunn, and all thoae intereated in hia benefit to take place at the liowerv theatre on Friday evening, May 18, are requeeted to attend a meeting at the Cooper lioueu on Aloa day even'ng, the 14th iustaut, at 8 o'clock, for the puipoae of completing the atrancementa. Temporary Committee? C. W. Scbafler. Ea<{.: Major George it. Hall; A. C Law rence, Eaq.; Georee W. Shurrugar, Eaq ; W. N. Brown, Ktn ; Captain A.J. Morriaon; Major Addiaon Farnaworth; George It. Wotldridge, Esq. ; Hon. David 0'K.eefe; Wu, Miner. Ea<). Gothic muselm, .hb broadway, near pearl street ? Profeaaor Flues, with hia entire trjupe of ar tiata, en celebrated in France, Germany, Italy, and through out Aurope, will appear at tho above pinoe of amuaoni'-nt in the lablean Vivant, or Living Flying Pictures, with noune dance*, and other entertainments, i'errormancea at 8 o'clock THE CRYSTAL PALACE STILL OPEN? DURING this anniversary week the Crystal I'alaee will con tinue open, lor the purpose of permitting ladle* and gentle men Irom abroad the privilege of inapecting the varloua Fatntinga and Statuea yet on exhibition. Many articles have been removed, but eufflcient etiU remains to render the Palace the moat attractive aad interesting resort in the city. SAMUEL BKkVOORT, Acting Superintendent. Theatre to rent- for minstrels, lectures, Ac., wish raised stage, acanery, gae Httlngs, Ao., capable of aeAtlag Ave or six hundred people, and eltaated In tho beat part of Chambers street, next door to Burton'* Theatre. Apply at the box offloe, IK Sl'K AJWC'K. MECHANICS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. -CAPI . tal.SlSt),UOO.? Offloe, Shoe and Leather Baak building, 271 Broadway .corner of Chambers street.? Thia eompahy (the capital iiBTiBc all been paid in,) ia prepared f> inaure baild Inas, murchandise, ships in port, and their cargoes, house hold turaiture, and peraoaal property generally, agaiaet loas or damana by Are, on favorable terms. Losses equita hy adjusted and promptly paid. WILLIAM II. DE GROOT, President. Hckst B. Dawson, Secretary. DIRECTORS. Wm. H. De Groot, James Tlebout, Freeman Haat, Daniel P. Smith, Alexander Philip, Alex. MeCotter, ( baa. W. Copeland.Nathaa A. Rogers, Bdward De Groot, Joha E. Hora, John Jay, Bartlatt Smith. Daniel 8. Darling, Pstir E. Coo* Surveyor. MBDICAXm Dr. C0I1BBTT, 19 DDANB STREET, MAY BE 0<>N united wilh conhdenoe on certain diseaoes; 34 year* la one speciality of tbe profession, intblw him to guarantee pwouni cures. His treatment it the same Mtbtt mm Used by the great Ricord of Hurl*. N. B? Dr. C.'i diploma as ummbtr of the N. Y. University, may be ihi at his office DR. COOPER. 14 DI ANE STREET. SO LONG KNOWN to the oitlxenss of Mew York as tbe most successful practitioner tMs country can boast of, continues to be consulted at bis old office, relieving the anfortnnate, and giving consolation to many an acli ng heart. N. B.? Df. t. Bcnrnntees a core in all caiae undertaken. DR. JOHNSON. is dcane street, has PERFORM ed mora curcs than any other medical nan in New York. Dr. d.'s treatment Is safe and expeditions; his medi cines can be taken without fear of detection. Charge* mo derate, and the money rafnnded li satisfaction is not given. DR. HUNTER, NO. 3 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK, so lone and favorably known to the public. may b? Kilted at his old ostablisLed oAee, where ha baa prac in one branch of medioine for she last 24 year*, and made more cores than any other man in the city. In many instances of persons considered In car* bis, some of which ae has permission to refer to aa heretofore. Charges mode rate, and in all oases a cure guaranteed Caution? By great remedy, Hnnter s red drop, that eureecertain disoasos with out drying it* peison in tbe blood, can oaly he had a* above. Price |l. Call and get the Monitor of Health. DR. HUGHES, 3*1 BROADWAY, CORNER OF WHITE street, (entrance on Whito,) cures with bis magnetic syrups certain diseases in twenty-four hours, without re straint from hnniasss or dlst. DR. WARS'! UNFORT0NATE 3 PRIBNB, ?1, WITB a hook. ?Just what these want who bare contracted certain diseases, namely, a cere at onee, and no delay and mere expense. Greatest cur* in the world bv Dr. Ward'f " Unfortunate's Frisnd." AMictsd take notice? ao other remedies ean care yon radically. Slight oases enrod in ? few hoars; aothiag else does It. No. SJ Canal street, on 1 doorsastof Broadway. Is tho place to jet this rapid and I thorough remedy? no where else in Now York. A eureVar ranted by I>r. Ward. Patteats anxious for relief may I rely on a rapid cure by his treatment, without taxing tb? system. Alteration of diet or cessation from business not required. | IMPORTANT TO FEMALES.-DR. DUBOIS' OFPICB , ?Agency for the exclusive treatment of all diseases j Incident to females. No. 89 Lexington avenao. Remedies ; for female derangemente from 91 to V. Advice gratis. I Consultations and lottors confidential. Mail lettcn containini %!> served with ndvioo and modioias by ro turn post. Relief gaaraatoed in all caoes. Patloats from s distance provided with eligible board, Mrslag and at I tondanco. If I.ABNONT. PARIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN, Jvl , and surgeon, author of the Bsdioal Advieer and Mar riage Ouid?, Mu pages, 76 eagmviags, (mailed by him, sealed elooely, to any eMreee. for Si,) is eeasulted at 41 Beade street, corner of Broadway, from II A. B till S , and <1 to 9 P. M , Sundays excepted. Taose at a distance treated by mail and express. We concur with etb?r papers in recom mending Dr. L. and his treatise.? D is pa sob. Courier da# Etats Cni?, Steals Zeitung. Day Book, Ac. N. B.? Not tbe drug store. MHTPPINtt. POB CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA.? SBB I WEBKLY L'n-ted States mail lins ?The new tad splendid steam ship JAMES ADfiF.R, S. Turnsr, commander, will leave tiler No 4 North river on Saturday, Bay 12. at 4 o'clock P. M. precisely. For freight apply on board, where all hills nf lading will I e signed, and for passage at tho office of 8POP FORD. TII.BSTON A CO ,? Broad way. Through tickets to Florida aa lollows ? To Jackoostvirls. 931; to PuaAke. 999. The Barium will succeed, and leave pier on Wedue?ta>, May 16 j_ I JOB NORFORK, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOBD ? 1 The United States mail steamship JAMESTOWN, L. Karris n, eommaader, will leave pier No. IS North river, on Saturday, May 12, at 4 o'clock P. M.. will arrive at Net folk the aett afternoon, aad at retershaig and Richmond tbe following morning. From Norfolk pas*engara for tho South proci-ed by railroad direct, wilh through tickets from Wcldon to Wilmington, Charleston. An. Passage and faro to Norfolk 9?; to Petersburg aid Richmond. 910; stooraga half price. Through tickets to Lyaehbtirg. SI I. Avoir to LVDI ITM A PI.BASANTS. No. k Broadwav. N. B.-N? freight taken for Teterohnr*. TjlOR HI MI BOND AND NORIOIHC-THr STEAMSHIP 1? Jsmvst >wn. Captain Paruh, Is now loading a' Pier 13, N R , lir R'i'l.minJ an l No-lolk. and will luarn oa Svfnr i/iay at 4 I ULi.AtI A ILK A 5 A NTS, ff B^adwafs ABtnnvn. .H*AT?iC? k a ** L> Uhn Uocrs opea at 7JW, mbim ? ** at TX e'ele* ^Itirui if iiii( Mav U Will bm perfora*' (.'HA HI TV'S LOVE. Capt. Algernon Mr Conway | Aiiuarw-. Umhw Petronio Mr Crviveaor | Advo?.*ti Mr. BaUlr .CoL Aluario Mr Hanebett I Carloa Mr TlllHt Jofc Fnatiaa .. Mr. t* biting | lioribal Mr*. Abb* It Charity... Mia* Fauar Viaiag Pm de I) jo * Miasea U snrt and Prioo ? THE LOVE CiiASE. Master Wild rake Mr. Coaway Constaiica Jfi?? Fanny Viniag Yruawortb Mr Uiw^in | l.yi i Mm A Gou *?nh*im WALLACE'S Itlt: ATKL BROADWAY. NEA? BiouHiv m'Mt -SuurJif, Mar 12 BENEFIT ot MRi BRUCGUAM Sirs. Lytion'. oomedy of M.>MEV vary powerfully cast. And, tir?t tiini here '.lit capital faro* ?f rill lltlMi DR\Uoo.n Mi Bua;>? Tkinl m/bt of Uu *a*oi ??t'ul cout*J*a LOOK BE*"I?KK YOU i.KAl'; ?ad Mt-aud ?i/h? this iruvn o| FaINT HEtMT nEMttt W.)S fA I K I. ADV. Mr Mmiu, Mr Letter, Mr. ttroogUai*, Mr Vtuoent, Mr. Dyott Ml? Hum tteuuett, Mr*. ulitka. Mr* 11 >ey, Mr* Stopiiou*, Mrs Hrou<b?m, ie , ic , #?ery evtuiu* \? ITROPOL1TAN T1IF.ATKK? MR UAOKETT, LE3 l'l ?eo Manager. Mr. John Moan. 'lae puMn ur? reapcotfu]' j iufurmeJ that tbil beautiful Ibeatre. will he re opened, t< r a limkid ii> .^ni, ?n M<*idA]r Lett, May it.with&bakapere t Lumurous comedy . iu tlvo acta, ? ntitlcd TUE MEKK1 WIVS8 Of WIN'DBUK, wherein Mt llaukeit ?ill appear lor tbt> tirat .imeintbl* city tha.u li\* year*, aud per:?rm the favorite character of ialitart m lore. .. _ MR MORRIS BAVMETV thi< celebrated draiuaiiat aid actor who i? engaged for* .ew night * ?olj, will anatain th< par? ?.t I r Oai j*. th* Frcnch phyt.cian The utb?r principal character* #ill ba taken by M;:.ara, W aloot, Sloan. UieU, Nortec, Mr* Vor noli, Mrs.1 loan. Mi?> Gannon. Mm EUia Morant, unil other ?rtihlea of ackiow it-aged al ility After wbiah, the larit <it Til Id KuTJCH DIAMOND Cbftraoter* by Meier* Sloan. taieU, Mr. Sloaa and Mi** Ellen Moraut 'J ue>day ? A variety of iot.'rtaiuni?ntn. in whieh Sanorit* Soto. M'lle Ducy llarre. and corp. >le Balle' lo/etlur with Mr. Morri* Barnett and tbo Vuuoorille Oompny will m pear In ri'biareal. fthakipere'* great hiatorioal play, ontitlad KlhO HENRV IV., lu wMch Mr. Haekett will perform Uia popn'ar ubnracter of f'alMaff l)onr? ?p . n at 7li, perl*rmano*? to b?|in at 7\ Price* of idmirxiou:? J'roaconipm acc ording t? la cality and rapacity, Italomy and Orebeatra l.oiea, W. where ai.d only placua may be oeoured by applioa<ieo to th* Treasurer, Mr A. T. Whiting, at t)>e box otho*, from HAM. Milt I*. M ; Dreaa Circle, and *11 oth jr parta ot the boua*. 60o*nt* r\MO CHRISTT A WOODS MlNSTBEla NO 4Ti \X Broadway, (Meehanioi' Hal!.) Propria tora Beury Wood anrt ?; > Jlinaty This week., a varied a* J pleating STMluFlAN PARPOBMAKPe ooauaeceiDK over) eveaing, at Ho'eiook Iu THB WANDERlJfC *INSTRF1. Ticket, V r All bD|l<na< trmaaao'ed by Ilea*/ Wood. PIRIIAM'8 ETIIIOI'IAN TRO^TPS, MB BROAD WAT Tw9 e * ami pbrformaaom, at .'I and H o'clocii tbia FA1URDAV AFTCRMO.^ A>D?V?NI>U. To oontilude. tbia evening, uitb the i.ow and popular lUiRLKSQlyE Ol KOBHLR8 TAKM CakK Tickctt Ki centa ullt ticket* admit foarj>oreona *ao* PERIIAM'S UURl-ESytJE BAfiy*a!l 5w cotnmsncea on Monday evening. May 21. WEATRE METROPOLITAN, BROADWAY, OPPO aite liond atrrit. 1 HKNCU COMEDY AND VAUDEVILLE NIOIIT, Batuiday, Mav 12 - Premiere representation du la Coiupasuie Frapi\no >lonn64 le Satnedi, II Mai, 1865. Sou* la oirection. de M Aathoar L'Orcbeitro ttra dirigO p*r M. Cafl'f.'. EDOARD AND 3A BONNE. Comeiiio Vauderill* en un aote par M. M. Mir. M,-!a?l u4 Labiobe. LOPISITTB. ou. I.A CHAUTEUSK DES WES. Cntnedie Yandovili* en drnx aote* par M *1 ?ro ? M i : li*C UN BAL A EMOTIONS, Vaudeville en no acte par U. Fanl Bolaaslot. Lee Bureau de location aeroat ouverts Vendredi and 3* medi, ile pun 10 beuree du natiu juaqua ft beuret du eoir. LafBcho iln jour dennera l?a details de la representation. La ruprcaentation couiniencerit S benrea. Prices ot admission:? 1'roseenium ISoxes, (according to lo cality and capacity,) Balcony and Orchestra Boxes, |tz Dreaa Circle, Parquet, and all other parts )t the the vtre, Si centr. Brooklyn athen hi'm - m i.le cakoi.inm LEU MANN respectfallv Informs the inhabitants of Brooklyn and vief city tbwt she will giv* a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Musio, at the above named ball, ON TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 15, aililted by the fol.'owinK artistes:? MI(. T. J. PKA/Jtlt. (late of tbe Segnln troupe,) MR. ALLAN IKVINli, (the celebrated Baritons.V MR. EDWARD LEUM ANN. (Flutist,) and MR. GEO. P. BRISTOW, (Who will preside at the Pianuforta.) For particulars, see programme. 'rickets 20 oents eaoh, to be had at Mr. P. K Weiael'a music store, principal book storca, Athenxam BuiUlng, aaft at the door in tbo evening. Door* open at 7; to commence at 8. Brcoklyn Eagle and Star pleaie copy. '? with W A I. LACK'S THEATRE -EXTRA CARD BENEFIT Or MRS. BROUGHAM, i>ATVBI>nV EviMNU, Mitt 13. The comedy of MONEY, with, first tins here, tho 1R1HU DRAGOON. Cox book DOW op?u, WALLACE'S THEATRE-KENEriT OF MRS. BLAE* li k.mbav. May 15. Last nu bt of the sterling eotucdy of TOWN AN li COUNTRY, with jt? powerful cast, Mid UHIEK ATTRACTIVE ENTERTAIN M EMS. The whole strength of the compmy will api tar. Box book now open. Y\, HITE'S OPERA HOUSE, l? BOWERY. -LAST 11 week but two of the pre?eut seaion.? Monday evening next, Mr. T. D. Bice, the reuowncd Atblopian comedian, will appear, together with Mr. John Uiimond, the champion dan cer ot the world. Tl'imK'S Ol'ERA <UOY9E. is) BOWERY. WILL BB TT rented for a tew weeks, commencing on Monday, June 4. Parties wishing to negotiate must make Immediate ap plication to C. WHITE, at tho box otBce. None but thoen wishing to Rive respectable exhibitions need apply. TO DRAMATIC AUTHORS.? THE YANKEE SONG, En titled "Bobbin Arownd" ? words and nuic by W. J. > Florence, will be. published in ? few day*. This song wm ; written by the undersigned expressly lor his wiie, and kmm | beon snng by her with great eelat is the principal cities of tfcs United States; and The subscribe! deems himself oalM upon by the recent wholesale piracy ef his private mnan I scripts, to give publicity to the above, In the rein hop* that hereafter be may be able to protect authors and artiste la some measure from the unprincipled ase of individual pro* perty, W. J. FLORENCE, comedian. Theatrical notice.? those ladies and gek tlemen having claims against Mada ue Angusta, for services rendered on her benefit ni*ht. will please call on CHAS. THOS. I'aRSLOE, Theatrioal Agent, Burton'n Theatre, on Monday morning, between the houriof!lN|? 11 A. M-, May 14, and recciT* settlement. - < MaDAME AUGUSTA. THEATR1CAL.-MR. AND MRS. W. J. FT.OttENCE, the Irish and Yankee delineators, will arrive in New York in a few days. Letters and communications should bn addressed to W. J. FLORENCE, 318 Greenwich stmt. New York. MEDICAL. Anew and certain remedy for inflamva. tion of the womb, Ac., effecting a radical cure without an instrument, discovered by a phjrsiciaa of large practlon. is now for sale by the agent, nt 75 Nassau (treat, Orst floor, raar bonding, room No. 2. R. warren, member of the college op Surgeons of London and Edinburg, attends to prfvabn practice at his old established office, 71 Madison street, nsst Catherine, where be Is performing the most astoaiahinc corrs on record, witboat rtstrnint in diet ot bnsinaas MB | suits. FKVER AND AG LE.? PANAMA, REMITTENT, 1NTEK mitteat, immediately and permanently cured by Dr. I Rutherford's antidote, without quinine or poisonous aruga | For sale by C. H. Ring, 19^ Broadway, N. T., where proof* of wonderlni curat and n treatise oan be ebtnined. Respeat ; able drugcifte apply to Dr. Kutherford. Blacksteae, Man*.; : er to C. H. King. IVt Broadway, N. Y. Read the proofs:? " Other remedies had been tried (including quinine) bst I without effect; but after taking yoar antidote (Ruthor tord ?> she was onred almost lostnntly, and bar general ' health has bean fullv restored. ' Signed Charity ffnei wortb, lutereon, N. J. IE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOTERT OT aca.? MR. KENNEDY, af Roxbury, has diaacrvwad te ene of enr common pasture wood# a remedy that lUUvwf kind of hamor, from the werst scrofula dawn ta a Mnea *H? has tried it fn ever 1,100 easaa, and aever tftUad,s?aaidl I tn tifo ease*? both thunder humor. He has now ta ikia fan session over two hndred certificates af We vlrtna, aM i tweatv miies af Boston. Two bottles are warranted to evra a nursing Bare nsMk One to three battles will earatha went kind af pMnilaaM the fnee. Two to three battles urtll sure the system af be la. Two kettles are warranted W care the werst annk?felM? ?aontti er stomach. Tbrae to five bottles are waitanted te enre the want mm ?f erystcelaa One to two bottles are warranted to enre all hnaor In ten eyes Two ro bottles are warranted to core running of the eyea an* bletchee amoa? the baa Four to m bottles we warranted to enre corrupt and ML air* nleara. __ One bottle wOl enre senly eruption of the skin. Two to three battloe are warranted to enre the wejnt anon Of ringworm Two to three bottles are warranted ta enre the meat lea Berate ease ot rheumatism. Tbrae to fow battlae are wanantad to ears the MM to elrtt bottles win tare tho worst ease af tanMh. A benefit ? always exj crianeed from the tret boftUn, tmM ft perfeet euro I* wanantad whan the abnve <HMt? <i *Kaaderul jfddlad evn athonsnad biHIis t> iMa te m y Sander, I peddled ever a'thonsnn t beetles a* thH In m If eialty o f Beetoa 1 know the effects af II in every Ito ante as wator wi!l axtiarnish lira, to sire will this enM Mb aor 1 nevetaold ft bottle of it bat that said fteethae; ftftol ft trlftl ft alwlye speaka for itself. There are two tSmm ah. ot Ihia herb that appear te ma mrpTlslna >nl tbatl now* la oar pastures, ia seme piaeas oalte pleattfal, aaj yet itt valae una neret been known nntu 1 jtsopoeisdlt tat 1%, see and, tuat it ihonld ann all Undt rfkeaaee h eo der t? five arm? Ida* "f the andden tlae and (rent psoaUitap of ?ie Tlsaovery I wUiatot., that in Atrll. 1?S, 1 peddMlk and eoldtahont six boltlaa rnr day. In April, 1AM, 1 sold eew a tbousnad bottles par day ef It. Ma ahnnge of diet ever na "esearj; ant tha best yen can cat, and oaonch of It. Dilu tions for usn? Adults, one table spoenfil ear day; eUldraw over yean, daaftort epoenfnl;ehEdtna ftda fen to sight near* tea aT4wafal. As no directions e an be apfttoaMo to alleen ?titntione, take snfBetont to opernte en tke bowels twiee a day. Mr. Eenaedy givee personal atteodanee In bad saaej of icrofala. Mftannetnred by Doaald Eannady, We. Ill Warren straH, Roxbary. Mats. Prieefl. Wholeanla afonta for New York?Chne. H. Usl K?, I# BlMdwny : C. T. Cllekener. Nn. 81 Baralay sire*; A B. A D- **^1 *'? Fulton street. Mareh A North rep, Shafllln A Brae A Co.. lW.WMiam ??y: WatTM rtrwet: W^C.oeeA Co.. SSim lfta.ft.drn mnr DI8IASE8 Of If OH AN ? THEIR CAI7SK8 AtfWt T 5t? IWmlUarly explained, wlthprac Meal hints far thai* rn nr. a?d f or the presorvatlea of female health, to HMIiek; M D Trio. tl. PnbUabed by T. V. 8TEON0, f Kaaeen street, New Tori, who will forward it "ree'br mail on receipt ef prioe and I addreas. "It is a anna Hate practical trestlee on female dleeaeea. aeiantlto enough for ? S^di"*' mao . and yet eo plain that anrMyets." iI?rttiio4 it, *"<) wrltUo that urta Iht mnal nin?d(50? oljwt t? ? $k*gU pMVAf^- If tw Tl? Ti? ??.

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