Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1855 Page 7
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fc*mranrarri mnri imi ht. fr.if) -BOARD-A SPLENDID BUIT1 OF BOOMS Wvj ??? be by ? ptrl) for the in of *ueh !?? of ???oy. Nob* but such m are wilting ut ?? tb* .?**?? U make an arrangement aeed uivn. The ecatien 1* one of th? flnmt ia the city. The house 1* lira* .laa*, aad baa all th* modern improvement*. A liaa, with *al saaa* uJ address, directed to Ball, Union place Part Ifficc, will rccclva an 1mm cdiatc tinrg. 37ft FOURTH STBEBT.? TO LET WITH BOARD, A Ji U ftnl parlor aad bedroom, iilltUt for a pbvaician; Is. suits at rooms far gentlemen and their wive*. or a party I fries ds Biuoor at 6 o'clock. Preach and Spanish spoken. tefsrvneos cichasged. IHl BAST BROADWAY -A GENTLEMAN AND )Ui. wife, 0 * ono ar two single gentlemen, eu ba ? acorn e dated with board bad pleasant rooms, by applying u CQQ HOUSTON STREET. ? GENTLER IN WILL riN'D too to* rwai, witb gas, batb, A*. ; iamillss who furnish km b* salted with airy rooms, oentaining gas aad Croton, ith tb* comfort* of a bom*, on reasonable mrms. Refer ee required. A n HUDSON STREET? OPPOSITE 8T. JOHN'S .11 ?ark: ? kMk parlor, handsomely furnished, to lot, Intb board, to a gentleman and hi* wife; alio, twe aMie Imbi tolet to single gentlemen; bom* B*wly faralthod, Bttb all the modern improvements. Ltl *??* 8TRBBT, TB1BD DOOR 1AST OF Lii- Broadway? Famished room* in lait** or separate. JiUe, back parlor and extension room on th* Brat fl?or, t* to to a geutlemna, with breakfast, If 1 squired. Alio, tax ' " ' INBl at Mo. 0 College place. 07 06 io OA MADISON AVENUB? TWO DESIRABLE SUITS OU *f room* now vacant, fnrnistied or unfarnlahed; ? igle rooma for gentlemen. in a first *laa* boardiag bona*, ?bote who wiab to remain in th* oity trill And it a delightful man rosidsnce. Wall *tr?ot *t*g?a paaa tb* door. on 1 orkjcnr street, cornbr or prince. - Xv S Th* front room and bedroom attached iu th* so ls?d atory, neatly tnrnUhed, gaa and bath in th* house, U k* lot to a single ; alao three rooma ?n tb* ?d story. All will b* let without board, and good refer ?* acquired. TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY ANB University plaa*.? A ?uit* of bandaomely furuisbod 11*1111. flrit fleer, front parlor, and two large bedrooina nt lieliee. with privat* table: *r will be let to single gentle on, witb or without board. Terms m*d*rate. LEONARD STREET. FIVE DOORS FROM r- ? Broadway; aew and Uaadiemely furnished rooma, |ita board. Qai in th* boa**. rft FB AN KLIN STRKBT. FIRST HOUSE WEST OF \J Broadway, parlor* on trat l?or, separate or together, iitus aad single rooms, on leeoad and third floors, neatly krnithed for gentlemen, to let for a short period if required, trine from two to ten dollar* p?r week. OAKD C2 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK ? A nsntlMftely furnirhed roam on the aeeend floor with irate bath, *0., attached, to lit with board to a gcutle [sn and hia wile; also, rooma for singls gentlemen; first |ass accommodations; ras, hatha, A e. Inquire as at ore. , AMITY STREET.? TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT ' partial beard, a beautiful back parlor, handsomely Finished, on flrat floor; alao a beautiful tront parlor on Be ad 8?or, aad Hi e bandaome bedroom attached; good pan ic*, and water. &?'. batb, Ae; also, a room on third floor, ell calculated for two geatlomen. Reference required. ??? LISTEN ARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY rU A large back room on the flrat floor, neatly furnished, 1 let to a gent cm an wltfout board, or a gentleman and |tfe, with board for tb* lady If required; also an attio room. CARROLL PLACE, BLBECKER STREET-GEN w tUmen and their wire*, and alagle gentlemen, can be atoelly accommodated with largo airy and handsomely rail lied rooma, with fall or partial board. References ci ted. [. 8IBICILY PR1VITE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN, L baling a few room* to spare, jwould lib* to let them, tb partial board, to a few aelect gentleman. Apply at > ami atr?ct, a few miautc*' walk from Fnlton ferry. m WIDOW LADY. OF MIDDLE AGE, WISHES TO |\. obtain b*ard ana a home for herself in a privat* family ? New York, where there are no other boarders. Reference* Iquiied. Address box 1030, Pert Office, L SMALL EASTERN FAMILY WILL LIT A FEW Rl. neatly farnicbed room*, witli or without partial beard, reaianabl* term*. Hot and eold batba in the heme. Lo tion dcairakle. 66 Maedougai air set, three door* above eaaton. A N BKQLItH FAMILY, OCCUPYING A HOUSE WITH |x tbc modern improiemeBts, will rent two or three com ilab'y farniabed rooms, on the European plan. Foreign ntismen will do well to appiy, as every pains will be taken make them leel at heme. Call at 170 Wert 38th at., ** nd boa** ?at of ?th BT?nue. PRIVATE FAMILY. RESIDING IN A FIRST CLASS h*uae, containing all the modern improvement*, aad ntlinlly located on tleoend avenue, between Twelfth d Fourteenth Directs, will aooommodate a few aingle m imcn witb room* aad partial beard Alao an Engliih siment to let, suitable either tor a dentist, phvsielan or rveyrr. Reference required. Addree* C. C., Union sqnaf* last offise, _ WIDOW LADY, RESIDING IN HENRY STREET, ?V lir**kl)n, is desirou* of receiving two or throe young atlemen Into her familv, to whom she will give breakfast d tea, with dianer on Sundays; rooms furnished and airy; iBtion delightful and within a few minutes' walk ot either ilten or Wall street ferries. A note addressed to B B., irald office, will meet with prompt attention, or call at Henry street, Brooklyn. FEW BESPECTABLE BOARDERS CAN BE AC ctmmodsted with board and pleasant rooms, at 333 laskington street, corner of Harrison. 0 JEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, witb or without board, with Private family, in a new brown atone house eontaining all ?e modern improvements. Apply at 144 Ka.t Thirteenth re?t, between Second and Turd avenuoc. References u anitd. (JEM I, EM AN, OR ? MARRIED COUPLE, CAN B obtain board. with a obeice Of roomi on iccond lloor, ? taiJl private family, in a very pleaiant location in eeklyn, on moderate terma. by application at IS Smith act, nu Livlngiton. _ FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO B dated with farniihed room* and breakfaet and tea, at W attain (ton terrace. Holioken, N. J. Reference!, ?< !????<? _ PRIVATE FAMILY OCCCPV1NG MORE ROOM A. than they require, would accommodate a few tingle Titlenieu, or a family, with board; the bou a hai all the kdera improvement*, and ii beiag newly painted and for kbod throughout; alio an office raitable for a pbytioian, Jatlit er inrveyor. Iaqaire at 143 Waat Twenty leooad pctt. Rilereueo exchanged. _ I kO. 1 ASTOR PLACE, TOO CAN GET A LIST OF B the beet boarding home* and private familiea keeping Harden, in the city and country, with all nooeeoary infer tioi., free 01 charge. Boarding home keeperi and private A BASSET. CARD ? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT IT CHARLTON ?I e treat, near Macdougal; a neatly famished nea en *a ?ad floor (or maferniibed if deaired), to a gartln and fa, er two gentlemen. Location voryplcmaat Mi geataal. OARD. ? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED gUlT OT > rooma, with pas trice, alio tingle room*, to let, with fall partial beard, in a flret elaii heme, with all the modern ?paevomenta; alio, a large and pleaiaat baaemaat, raitable a pijaieiau'e office. Apply at It Waat Twenty-third eat. Raferaneai eiehaagcd. OARD.? A GRN1LRMAN AND WIFE CAN HAVE A pleaeant roam at 224 Ureene itreet, near Fourth itreet: >, two or three genUeman can have tingle roomi, with fall ?partial board, on reasonable Wrmi. Bath aid gal in the fate A efereaei ? required. OARD.? AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET, to a gentleman and lady, (full board for the lady.) The to baa bath and gaa Location quiet. Addreaa K. C., ^aadway Pait office, for three dayi. ^OARD ? SEVERAL PLEASANT AND WELL FUR 1 ni?hed room , with board, may be had at No. Ii3 Eighth eet, cppoiita the Marcantile Library. ^OARD.? TWOOR THREE HANDSOMELY FORNISHf td parleri, with badroome attached, are aew vacant at hoaie 10 Waverley plaea. Alio, oaa or two very Lataut tingle roomi. ttreakfait at 73i, and dinner at ? Clack. loARD.-A PLEASANTLY LOCATED ROOM WILL 1 be let, with board, in a brat ciasihooae. Apply at 37 ath itreet, near Fifth aveanc. | OARI) -A GENTLEMAN AND Win OAN BE AC i eemmedatad with a handsome purler en leoond floor, and ?arior and bedroom on the third tteor. in a new home with J the modern improvement*; private family. Api>ly at 1V7 t tilth itreet, between fifth and SUUi avaaoea, Reter pei oichaagad. ioAlD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.? ONE SINGLE J geatieman cau be accommodated with partial soar J, at ?Cittago place, between Hoaeton and Blcorker etreetj, n either a front era baok room to them??lve?. k OARD IN A SMALL FAMILY? A LADY HAS A > parlor and bedroom, with bath room adjoining, which ? wlahei to let, unfumiihed. Oood board, with private bla if required, and all the privilege* of home. PUaie ply at lW Priace itreet. ^OARB IN BROOKLYN.? A PRIVATE FAMILY, RE ?iding wlthia Ave laiautee' walk of City UUi, can ao amodata three geatlemca with moat comfortable mobs, I partial board, at 13 DO aad $4 per weak. Apply to Land I by latter or perieaaliy, at Mr. Heath'* aew I pa per at, 111 Myrtle avian*, Brooklyn. > OARD IN BROOKLYN.? A MiVATE FAMILY, RE eidiac within flvo minuter wIFo! Fulton ferry, can mmodate agon' lemaa and will, aad oae or two nngle * Hemes, with plaaaant roomi aad board; tbe location ?>tt detirable; termi moderate. Raloreacei aiehaagad. Ap K at 82 fcaiidi itreet. loARD IN BROOKLYN? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH > partial boar?, are offered for twj or thrao geatieman, a email private family In gouth Brooklya, van con talent to tarry. Location nniurpaaeed for eoolnoec and autr. Terma moderate. Apply at 409 lleary stCMt, cor* ? ot Carroll, Brooklyn. OARD IN BROOKLYN FOR THR SUMMER? TWO large rooma, tarnlafod, with beard, for *lugl*g*aMe ii, iaabrtt clatt honee. convenient to Wall etreet aad | ntb farrier. Apply at 240 Henry etreet, Brooklyn. OARD IN BROOKLYN.? A FRONT PARLOR (8E > eoad ilory) and bedr?'<m, *111 be let, together or tepa te, to a gcntlaaan and wife, or two single grntlornea. Lo tion pleasant and heiltny, and a enort diaraace from ith and Wull atn-et <errtes. Reference* required. In ire a 47 Congreen etreet. flrit home wejt of Iteory. [OARD IN BROORLYN-A WIDOW I.ADY, KEEP > lag a few boarder*, at 61 Namau itreet, caa aoc immo te a gentleman and wife or two or threu tingle gentlemen. Etc pleauantly lo-iatod, Ave mianwi' walk frem m-.on r. Uood board will be gives, with tho oomiorl* of a e. f? ? , ? ? tOARD IN BROOKLYN.? GE NTLRMKN" DESIAING > Pleaeant re?uie, in a deiirakle locati?n, with partial ard, arc reqneatea to apply at 1JO fiinton etreet, within a miaaWe' va.k oflhe BO'itti and Wall Itroat ferriel; fa a private. Refarencei exohanired. OARD IN BROOKLYN? IS THE NEW BR3WN 1 itone hcure 47 t.onrord etreet. Tune or :our gr.n lo in oan be aceummodateJ. Location ?onvai?ieB?, anil all ?ra^i menta el the h >n4c to auit uu^meea nrin. ^.ugle m.e at varioni prisei. 47 Conoord itreet, Brooklyn. 'OARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS-TWO LARGE room ob thofirit floor ooiumaadiBit ft ?: en dl J byy ot' I-fw York. For??B? bbiiaui tor B dfJi/htfol UiCwtion Nh. uld vcmk? ^arljr Uo \ ion ' 16 Co ror, iif#r ?;'o-k M.ef?r?Dcr r.t, -iivd. BOA? IT UrPLgDOIWe. noiis on bbookltk qinm-i outttlhun p M M * lw< M? finiiM MM KH Willow rtmt, ?*??** walk IrwTiU HnM u4 f ulton hntw; aUa, eao Ml rw. B0AED III WILLI A MS BUG? A GENTLBMAN AND 1*4 J U< ?_U? tingle lllUull will bad good HMBDO oatioaa, itttliml iinti, within three mbnUt' walk of two unia. Tbe house U la flue order u< (ImmiU) lo ? tod. The iwm in of v art on* ilw. BO AM III HOBOB EN.? BBTBBAL BOOMS TO LBT to inilum u4 their wivee, or single ptUirn, with partial bid. at J?o. 4 Hed*oa plaoo. B?ftn??u required. ? Board in hoboebn.-a vair gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and neatly famished by appljiag ia Bndsen (tract, Hoboken, UM heaee above I poena street. Re force oee Board wantbd-by a lady and gentlbman, in a mall, qaiat family, where thara are aa other boarders preferred. Breaktaet the only meal required by tha gentleman. Loeatioa preferred ia the vicinity of the city railroad*. Addreeo A. 8. S., Herald office, stating lota tion and term*, which mast be reaeoaable. BOARDING. ? FUBNISHBD OB BNFVBNISHBO rooms to let, with ?r withent board, to a gentlemen aiid hie wife, and alio a taw young men can be ascommo dated with >eod board aad ploaeant room*, is a a pleasant loeatioa, 9) Oreaao ? tract. BOARDING, AT H BLEECREB 8TBBBT.? A HAND tome parler and bedroom to let, to a aentimau aad hla wife, or ta a party of gentlemen u lodging rooma The rooma will be let (operate if desired. Also, a small ronm oa the third floor. The home contain* the modern Improve BOAR11NG.? A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LBT two large second floor room*, singly ar together, with breakfast ana tea. to icktlemen or seutlsmen and wives, nt 18 hast Eighteenth street, oac block above Ualon square, between Breadway aad Fifth arcane, conveniently Wealed for ears or ?tagaa. Boarding.? two largi furnished rooms with closet*, oa tb* (second Uoor. Also, three single rooms. All the lntest Improvement* Introduced. Apply at i'i Walker street, a few ilocrs west ot Breadway. Boarding-a private family, occupying a first class honse, elegantly inrnlsbed, containing all tbe modern improvements, and beautifully located la We* t Elk htcent h street, near Eighth avenue, will let, nnfnrnlshod, the two tront rooms en the^econd doer. Dlnnerat six. Ad dress H B. T., Herald office. Boarding-families ob single gentlemen' can obtain handsome parlors with bedrooms adjoining en reasonable terms at 375 tieeond avenue; gnu, baths, Ao. Stages and oars pas* to all part* of the elty^ Boarding.? two ob threb gentlemen can obtain a comfortable room or rooms, with or without partial board; house furnished with all the modern im provements, Apply at 121 Wett Sixteenth street. Boa hding? near Washington park.-the en tire 2d floor, throe room* deep, with bedrooms, pantrlos, bath, gss, Ac., splendidly furnished; family small. Inquire at ho. 10 Nelson Place, one block from Broadway, between Eighth street and Waverley place. Boarding? a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen eaa be accommodated with a parler on the fltst floor or seooad floor, wiili gas and bath, by ap plying at lb7 1'rince St. Boarding.? a furnished room to let, with or without board, to one or two gentlemen, at lttf Chamber* street. Boarding, and rooms to let.-a furnished parlor aad bedroom in hoase No. 16 State streot, front ing on the Battery; also two (Ingle rooms, with board: also unfurnlsht d apartments 1b honse ? e. 4 State street. Refer ence required. Apply at No. IS State street. Boarding in brooklyn-between fulton and Wall street ferries.? Two or three gentle men eaa be accommodated with plaasaat room and partial board, in a respectable private family. The house is situated inaqnietand desirable neighborhood. Reference unexcep tionable. Pleat* addre** W. A. L., with real name attached, Herald effloe. Boarding in hobokbn-a parlor and bbd reom and tw> room* handaomely furnished, with partial board, will be let by a private family, atEs First itreet, a ear tbe terry. Term* moderate. Reference! exchanged. About Jarticulars, inquire on the premUea, or of Cha*. f stckert, 57 ohn street, New York, ?p stair*. Boarding in bbooklyn.-a lady, having a pleasantly situated three atory brick hoase, would l<t a nice front or baok room, with elosets and bedrooms ad joining, or single ro?m*. Term* from $3 up. according to tbe room; tour or flve minutes' walk from Faltoa ferry, 206 Pearl street, between Coneord and Hilary . Brooklyn.? a large room, with adjoining small room, If desirable. on tesond floor, to let. to a married ceuple, or one or two gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial beard, at reasonable terms. Bonre new, with balh, Ac.; la a delightful situation, near South and Wall street, ferrie*. Apply at 212 Henry stroet c Brooklyn. -a strictlt private family, hav log a neatly furnished room, would like to let it to two gentlemen with breakfast and tea, and dinner on Sundays. Terms W a wee*, Apply at 140 Court street, near Warren. Beautiful apartmefts to let? furmsued ?r unfurnished, in Spring street, noar Variek (treet, to on* or two gentlemen, without hoard. The apartment* con tain gas, bath, Ac. To these wishing a pleasant and conve nient legation it ii very deiirable, as the house is ooeupied only by a email prirate family. Inquire at 37 I)?y street. COUNTRY BOARD? BY THE MISSES BRIGQS, NEAR , Will lair (bridge, half an hour'a ride from Twenty-iiath street, b> Harlem railroad. Cars run hourly. H^usenew, commodious, well shaded and only eight minutes' walk from detot. Also stable and carriage house. Apply at the Post i.rtiee, across the bridge, for directions to the house. Aeter . .ces? Leonard Scott, 64 Uold street, 1. M.lPartridge, 44 (. ortlandt street. OUNTRY BOARD.? THOSE WHO WANT SUMMER w board. In a healthy place, on iiigh ground, with a full view of the river, and fruit ana vegetables of all kinds, and where a cow is kept, apply at Filtieth sirset and First arc nue; there is no plaoe to equal It. Elegantly furnished rooms in the second story.? Three rooms will be let t/ two single gentlemen, with or withomt breakfast. The family la email; the loca tion is near Broadway, and the terms for sueh apartmeats are very reasonable. References given ana required. Apply at 2*7 East Twelfth street. _ f?LEGAMT SUMMER ROOMS ON WASHINCTON J!i square.? A strictly private family occupying a first oikss private residence, a few doors west of Broadway, near tl.e Brevoort House, fronting the square, would let to a sinile gentleman a spleneid suit of teomf, with partial board served. For a residenoe where city and country U combined It is umurpas.ed. Adiress with full name, boa 1,131 Post Office, Furnished rooms to letwithout board, in a private house. Inquire at 28 Greenwich street, near the Battery. Furnished rooms to lst, to single gentle man, without hoard. Inquire nt 61 Bleeoker street. Furnished rooms to lit in a small family, in suite er single, with gas, hot and cold water. In quire of P. COLE, gife Broadway. Furnished or unfurnished room to let one door from East Broadway, in a small American family. Address M. E. M., Herald office. Furnished room to lit- without board, to a single gentleman. Apply at 116 Franklin street. Four young gentlenen can re accommoda ted with pleasant rooms and partial board, in a small private family where there are ne other boarders, within twenty minutes' walk of the Fulton and Montague ferries, lhe first white marble bonce from Myrtle avenue in Duffield street, Brooklyn. Gentlemen and their wives, or a few sinsle gentlemen, can have pleasant rooms, with board, applying st &9 Greenwich street. OBOKEN? A PRIYATR ENGLISH FAMILY CAN _ aocoBmodate a few gentlemen with most comferUbiy tarnished rooms and partial beard, at Ne. 21 Irving piacc, on moderate terms, a few minutes' walk from the terries. References required. HOBOKEN.-PLEASANT ROOMS WITH OR WITH out board, can be had in a first class house. No. 3 Hud son place. opposite Franklin terrace. VTEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO SINGLE Xl gentlemen, in a iwivate family, who have more room than they require; there arc no children. Apply at 332 Fourth street, four doors from Broadway, wsst side. ONE OR TWO UNGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC commodate* with a pleasant room, with gas, at 97 Greene street. Rstsrenoes exchanged. ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, FUK nisbed or unfurnished, with meals served in th? rooms if uefired; also, an office to let to a doctor if wanted, in a Ii# ht airy ba. ement, with or without board; also, rooms for lodging, at 44 White street. SINGLE [GENTLEMEN AND A GENTLEMAN AND wife, can have pleasant rooms with full or partial board, in a private ismilv up town. Apply At It! West Twenty second street. References exehanged. TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES; ALSO, IOUR i-togle gentlemen, ean obtain pleasant rooms with fall er partial board in n private family. The house has the modera imiirovoements. Stages pass the door and the ears within one block. Apply at 112 Eighth street, St. Marks place. TO LET-A FURNISHED ROOM, IN A PRIVATR family, for a tingle gentleman. Inquire at 9U Elm tt. mo LET, WITH BOARD-A FRONT ROOM, ON SK X eoni floor, with gas and pantry, to a gentleman and his wife, or to two single gentlemen. Also, a na'l room, on the same Boor. Apply at W Bank street. H WJ r ANTED WITH A QUIET FAMILY, WHERE THERE are no boarders a parlor and bedroom or large eisod bedroom, by a lady and gentleman, board for the lady only. Aldress Sidney, Herald office. T1TAVERLEY HOUSE, M7 BROADWAY.? THERE ARE TT some fine apurtmeuts to lst in this house, with or witkout bond. Meals served in the reoms at moderate prices. PL.AYIWO C ARPg. "PLAYING CARDS.? FARO PLAYING CARDS, VRRt X eld and well seasoned, with all the varions ether quali ties of linen and cotton eards, made by SAM HART A CO. For eale to the trade and club housss at thsic Mote, Ne. 1 Barclay street, opposite the Astor House. s ? POLKA OOOlJfc TO LBN- A NOTE DRAWN BY W. B. LkWREMCE, in favor of W. B. Lawrence, Jr , for 92>J0, at four months. All persons are waned against negotiating; lhe same. W. B. LAWRENCE, J n., 27 Wall street. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OjTpOLICR, MaV ijTi'WV Owners are wanted at this effioo for 1 pair sky blue E? ? US' l1P1ir,^>ot*V mm* 8 P*!' eetton socks, foe rid ; also, at >l>e lirtt district polite oourt (Tombs. Centre street), 16 begs et shot, 1 lot ol soldsr, 1 let of soldering irons i bs g of copi er, 2 1 plates of sino, 1 lot cf canvass (ficTes), 1 ot ol twir.e in hanks, 1 lot ? copper nslls in ntners 1 lot or hinjci. 1 lot of screws in papersll lot of ironsplklV 1 "t of screws 1 dos. Inside locks, 1 lot cf lead peaces, 1 lot of Mini memorandntn books. 1 lot ef steel pens, 1 I red tluid, 1 bundle worsted, all supposed to have b? GEO. W. MifTSELL, Chief of bottles of boon stolen. " Pclioc. <( tare UfP ttf,,??0 *. MATilLL, CtWf ?* F?l*e. XTMW YORK BAY PRIVATE FAMILY BOTML lag u4 Uiu lt*|M Imti III l?rj not boat. Anil t*rt, prZtrte.or I'o.t Offiw J,?.v City, oYeJ ? ktm irl-niNl* a* bar UImM to ibis kHM to?i tUkc N1 riw sulphur springs-Columbia springs _ I Uobm, bur miles north of (fa* olty *1 Hudson, U tow ?pen for the reception of visiters. Tfae subscriber having purchased the Ml|krtt?4 Columbia Springs, which u< an surpassed by nay Is the State for the peculiar inedlolnai u4 curative qualities of the water, ha* created, the (Ml Hum, ? bow, latge ud oommadious aouae, f.r (bo ae?omm><lnilou ol iavalid* and pWasure seekers Tbo scenery ia (ho vicini ty is ?o( only beiutiful bat highly romaatlc faraishiag Sao drives and delight tal ramklee. That these Springs have not t? for* been brought (o pnbtlo ao(ioo hao not been on aoeonut of say want of ooaldcuco in (bo virtue or quality of (ho wa t< r. Hi they have booa rally and satisfactorily teated. bat ft om (bo inability of parties heretofore to purchase (bom Tbo following Usdmonials, la regard to tbo earativo virtues of tbo vator, aro from raoidont physieiaas of (ho oity of 11 adton, and to vbiob handradi ot othori from (ho moot respectable ceurcec oould bo eddad:? Dr. R. O. Frary, as old and eminent physician of Hudson, says:? "I have otto a bod under my cara, profoaaionally, perseua afflicted with severe cutaneous dieeaecs, and amoas them many who bava failed to ba relieved with the oio of the ordinary remedial. In each instances I have often induced tbo person to resort to tbo nioof thooo waters, both tor bathing and drinking, aid In all eaaoi (ho patient has experienced mat relief, nnd in numerous inatanees a perfect cure has been wrought by their us*. The val ahle me liotnal properties of Uete waters, united with (he remarkable healthfalaeis and Imnty of (bo locality, present uncommon attractions " Having read the letter addressed to yon by Dr. Frary wa ecnour fully with him In all he says of the ohartcter aad value of tin* itm.ral waters of (he Columbia Springs, and confidently recommend (heir oao for bathing an>l drinking to all rereoos afflicted with eutaneous diseases, and (be various lormsof aerafaloua diaeasas. John McLcllae, M D.: 8 H Wheeler, 11. D.; E. Simpson, M. 1>.; Volkei( Hrh,(b<ek. M D.j A P. Cook, M. D.; M". L. K l'errine, M D. ; J. K. I'ea ney.M. D.; H. U. Van Vleek.M D. ? C. B. NASH, Proprietor. Stookpoht, Columbia county, May 15, 1861. OCEANIC HOUSE, CONEY ISLAND, IS NOW OPEN ?Board reduced. ? The ad?antugea ot aaa bathiag on the finest beach in th* world, (i( bein< within oigbt miles ot the Onion, t entreville and National raoe courtos); the de lightful drives Inita vlcinitr arc unsurpassed; i(s s?sy aeoeaa to (be city ot New York, stage* leaving Fulton ferry, Bruok lj a, hourly; (be beauty of its looation, commanding a fine view of ?ta(en Is' and, (he Bay, the Highlands of Nevenmli, and (he surrounding ooun(ry, reudnraU a healthy an 1 de lightful retreat. Tie aooommodationa of the hotel are un' surpassed, and th* (able furnished with the boss the market aflords. ALBERT ROGERS. Agent. PAVILION HOTEL, UI.BN COVE -THIS E3TAB lithment Is tow open lor the r*ception of visiters, for particulars, inquire at tbo Mansion Uoiae, Now York, or un the anbarriber, at Glen Cove. OTIS ORilSBEE. SUMMER RETREAT ~RE-OPENING OF THE WADA wanuck House, Stuoinrton, Ct. Th- old patrom of this bouse, and those who may he seeking a s*a?ide reoideneo in a Srst ciaas botel, are informed that the kouae will afaln be open for viaitera on the 10th June. Every facility wiU bo afforeed for bathing, fishing, sailing, Ac. For particulars address at Stoningt on. J. G. RIUUUS. THE TRITON HOUSE, AT GLEN COVE, HAS BEEN nowly furnished throughout and will be opened th* first of June as a private hoarding bouse, i'ersons wiahing rooms for ihe tuinmcr can address Mrs. MoElwain, 71tt Broadway, cars of Mr. Cieery, or Glen Cove, Long Island. INSLUAXCK. ! MECHANICS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY.? OAPI tal, $1Q0,WX).? Ofleo, Shoe and Leather Bank buUding 371 Broadway .corner of Chambers street.? This company (Mm oapital having all boon paid in,) is prepared to Insure bnild lues, merchandise, ships in port, aad thsir eargees. hone* hold furniture, aad porsoaal property generally, against loas sr damage by fire, an favorable terms. Losses *qaita " .. a boot, Iikit B. Dawsow, Secretary. am corona. Wm. H. Da Grost, James Tiobont, Froemaa Hunt, Daniel P. Smith, Alexaudsr Philip, Alex. MoCottec, Chas.W. Copeland,Na(baa A. Regsrs, Edward De Grooi John K. Horn, John Jay. Bartlett Saltk. BaaielS. Darling, Pirn M. Coon Surveyor. DANCING ACADEMIES. on e BROADWAY.? 11 PERACHIO HAS TIIE HONOR UOJ to Inform hia pupil ? and hi* friends, thai he will open next Saturday. II ay 19 M. Psvaohio ha* engaged many new ladies for bti lancing academy, and he has the fiaest and the largest saloon in thli city. Dancing academy.? grand ball.? hlle. ca roline Vexiea*' benefit ball.? Mile. Caroline Keiieni respectfully inform* her friend* aid pupil* that her be nefit ball will take place on Friday evening, liar 18, at her dancing academy, 21 Howard (tract. Ticket*. $1. JEXTRA PAT. Bounty lands-m wall street-all soldiers. (ailor* and teamsters, or the widows ot those who *err ed fourteen day * in any war lince 177.'>, are entitled to 1(M acre* of bounty land, and ean obtain the same of the agent, P. T. BETTS,6C Wall street, basement. No charge outil collected. VTATT BOUNTY LAND AND "BXJRA PAY" OmCI Al ?Bounty lands and "extra pay" for D. 8. Nary Ac. , in all wars *ia*? 1790? their widows and heir*? prom* My obtained aad paid. Balances dee widows and heirs ef deceased V. 8. salon and others, collected, and all kinds ef claims against tbt United States tNOTtnd by ID WARD juiSHBLL, Agent aad late) Purser, U. I. Nary. #7 Wall street | MISCELLANEOUS. 1 Ci K CAM AL STKEKT, N&AK YARlClC? W. A H . V AX 1DU NOTE'S grate and tender, kitchen range, suut? ran^e ana stove warerooms. We have a large assortment o the lateet patterns ef mantel grates, ranges aad s to tec, fee sal e en reasonable terms. Grates and ranges set and repair ' ed. ranges lined, brass founders' and Jewellers' funae* buiit, stove* lined, bakere' ovens bnllt and repaired. Blank books, stationery, paper, printing, Ac., at low prices.? Job printing, lithography and en graving executed in every style; blank books mnde to order, envelopes stair ped, Ao. A large stock of stationery, aeoonnt books, copying presses. Ao. Urdcrs solicited by RICH A LODTREL, stationers, 61 William street. Brushes or etekt description at the brum factory. 337 Pearl street. Frank lin square. All article* sold at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of saperios quality constantly on ha ad. Machine brushes made to ordae. JOHN K. HOPPEU BRUNDRED AND BRANDT, HACniNERY AGENTS and Brokers, 17(5 Chatham street, New York.? New and second hand machinery, steam engines, tools, As., bought sold and exchanged; fluted r? llers, spindles, nnd all other repairs furnished at short notice. Ageats tor Brundred'a ?pinning tramo. Person* having machinery to dispone of would do well to eall on the advertisers. C10MB8. ? A RICH ASSORTMENT OF TORTOISE ) shiU dress combs, ef the newest atyles. The varisty embraces eveiy pattern of the imported as well as home manufacture. A. k J. SaUNDEKS, 387 Breadway. SHARTER OAK GRAPE ROOTS FOR SALE- AT NO 7 Jehn street, where samples of the grapes eat be seen, ese grape* grew to the sis* ef one and a half incbee in din B eter. They are as sweet as the Isabella, and three weeks earlier; perfectly hardy, and will oredaec more pounds ?> grapes than any other ever cultivated. Orders promptly attended to by JOHN B. JAMES, No. 7 John street. FRECELX8, PIMPLES, TAN, ETC.? LADIES DIS tig i) r?d by freckles, pimples, eruptions upon the lace and neck, tan, or other cutaneous imperfections, are informed that a remedy is now offered them in Lu thur's Circassian fluid, which never fails to pro i duce a clear, fair complexion, giving tbe rough est skia a lueid transparency almost incredible. Hun oreds ean attest it? virtues, although it has nsver before been publicly offi red for sale. It is now manufactured aad sold only by the proprietor. Price $1 por bottle, 6 bottles for >5. DR. miHUR, 49H Broadway. (1 AS FITTINGS AMD FIXTURES. -STORES, DWELL I" lags. factories and public buildings promptly fitted with gas pipes and fixtures cheaper than aay other house. A splendid assortment of chandeliers, pendant*, bracket*, Ac., ef the latest designs, nt the wholesale aad retail gas fixture ao an t> factory of JAMES O. MOFFET, 110 aad fil Prince street, third block we*t of Broadway. KILLINGER'S MANSION HOUSE 18 NOW OI'EN forth* season. Parties, large and small, eaa be ac commodated. Kellinier'i liniment or magic fluid ean alse , be had from 1 to 8s, each, there; aad in New York city of ' T.H. Wsgstaff, 288 Greenwich at., wholeeale and retail. LABI'S AND GIRANDOLES.? A LARGE AND ELK gant a**ortment of solar and flnid lamps, ball lanterns, Ac. ; also forty sets ef girandole* of various sites and pat terns, at reduced prloes. FRANCIS WHITE, 218 Canal street, third door east of Hudson street. POXTABLB DRESSING CASES-THE MOST CUM plete and slegant artiolo now manafactuicd, having every neuls.te for a gentleman's toilet. For sals at 3 AliN DKHs', No. 7 Aster Heme, 387 Bfoadway. PAINT It PAINT 1 1 FOB BUILDINGS. FENCES. Roofs, Ac. at Ik! eents a pound White Lead, 7eeatid>] yjnc, 8 cents do. Preble's lloiled Oil, 75 oents a gailoa] Tanners Oil, 26 cent* do. Machinery Oil, fit oents do., at 113 Maiden Lans. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent. REPLATINO.-HOTXLS, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS AMI private families ean h?ve every description ef old wan npiated and warranted. Stair rods, plumbers' fixtures, tea sets, speens aad forks, and every Kind of metal plated (iU geld or ?tlver, at short aetioe, by the Maahattaa Plate C*aa pany, Ne. 38? Bowery. SEVERE COLDS, RHEUMATISM, SALT RHEUM, AC. ? H ANN A a sulphur, chemical and medicated vapor batbs, 70 Crosby street. Rooms te let, furnished er uafar ? ish*(t , with partial b?4rd. WINDOW SHADES AT WHOLESALE AND RK1AOL ? GEO, W. CARPENTER has epeued a new store a> (0 Chatham street, where he invite* the public to eall aad tee his steek ef geld aad ether shadee, ef all siscc. Ooca' ees. bands, loot*. pins. A*, ocaatoaUy nkaii LEGAL ROnOBI. rUR?UAN? OF AN ORl-KR OK TliK m um Bfate of the Ccunty of New York, actios is Iteretf given to all pareocis having elataa agahurt John L. M MoCrackaa, late of the city of Maw York, mere bant, da i * sued, to pros? t tho mom wtth vouchers thereof \r the subscriber, ot kla offlco, No. U Chambers street, L the oitr of Now York, on or before the 28th day of Job muX Doted Now York, the Mth day of January, U4 r? ?l Blr?T. twma i ismiiM i7r AUIUSTS. DR. JAMES W. POWELL BEGS TO ANNOUNCiTtO bis (Heads and patients his return from Europe, where he has enjoyed unusual opportunities ef observing tbe mo dern iraetiee of tbe most celebrated oc-illsts aad aurlsts of tbe Old World, especially la Leaden, Parts, Dublin aad Glasgow. Dr. Powell has procured all the new instruments, Peesrarrs's improved opthalssasoope, which enabioe the oc ulist to look into tbe depths of the eye, aad ascertain the exact condition of tbe optic nerve and retina In amaurosis, ltd the lens la cataract; also, Avery's speonlum, equally extraordinary for locking Into tbe drum or tbe ear, tbe ens tachlan tubes In tbe threat, stricture, Ac ; also. I.anlebert'a beautiful syringe, Jaeob'a cataract seed lee, Wild'* specula, ird many ether new Invention* of great importance. Accu rate examinations mad* with tbe above iastramonts, and a decisive and prompt opinion pronoenced at to tbe onrability ofeith particular case. Coaralteticat as heretofore ea all dlseskes el the eye and car, from 9 to 4 o'clock daily, at Strj Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. N. B.? Private initraotioas gi?en to medicaljpactitljners. ; SHIPPING. TBHJ? PETERSBURG AND NORFOLK? TDK STEAM r ship KUANOKE. Cart. Skinner, is now loading at pior No. 13, North river, for P*te.*sb>ir* acd Norfolk, and will leo?e on Wednesday, at 4 o clcck. LUDLASI A PLEA ? AN T?, 31 Breadway. I^OR UTBBPOOL-CIflTlD BTATBS M VII. STIAIT r ?kip Baltic, Jn. j hhh>, nim^h Tbu HeiwUp will depart with the United States biiIi foe Europe positively on WedaesAty. Hu 30, at 1 ?'?lock P.M., Irviu bar berth ll the foot ol iMMl MNi For freight er MW|?, having aiMiiltal mwitotioM for iIhuh sad eomf r*. apply lo kU\fiHD E. CMLLINB, 44We.ll ?iiwt Prntutii tit iminm4 M k? M Mri i IL Tka FaeMe will kich^ Ui Hal tie, aad Mil Jaae Ll Ship per# will please take aotlca that the ships of this Um cau do* ? rry any goads cod tribe ad of war All totters must pass through tlx Port Ottse; any others will ka returned. rraa mbw tou amd litibtool mnnomai i^MaU MMsan? Tka ahipe e? a peeing this Dm wttl ATLANTIC, Oapt. West. BALTIC. Capt. OaaitMl. TAl ITIC.^aH- Nya. ADRIATIC, Capt. . These ships have been MH bv contrast, uptMib tvt MT ?runout mttUo. I?rj mn baa k<M iakoa i? Ml M etmotion, u alao In their anglnee. to unit rtnt|tk na? ?peed. and (Mr ?eooBniodatioaa fur paaaengars ar* HMHl lad for slog an eo aad wafwi Pric? of j-'ttt >oa>w cr flOFOIKl) D1TM Or lAlUVt. "w *?**? _ raoM uriiNOk, ? ? ??? ivn.. iiua uritMMa. Wednesday, March 21... .18M Saturday, Maroh S IBB Wednesday, April 4 1 M6 Saturday, March 17 53 Wedaeedsy, April 18.. ..IMS -aiorday, Marehdl IBM Wedaextay, May S....1MA Saturday, April 14 1101 Wedioeday, May It.. IMS Satarday, April 28 IBS Wednesday, May 30 1HM Baturda#, Mat ( 180 Tor freight or Hiiaii apply to KltM 'D K. COl.LINS, So 60 Wall street, Now Tark. DROWN. SUH'LBY A CO , Liverpool. *? STEPHEN K.KNN ARD A CO ,27 Austin Train, Loada* M 0 WAlJtWRlUUT ACO.>arU. GEOKGB U. PUAPER, Havre. Tte aw bars of these shipi will aol ha aoeountaele tor geld <fiv?r, bullion, specie, jewelry , precious stone* or iaetalc ?inle?? bills ?f lading ara (load therefor, aad the Talw thereof therein ei pressed. Shipper* pleat* lake notice that the ahlpt of this il?t Mt ?tot rarr* aar goods sontr&band of war. <TIHR TAIfl KRB1LT Kl) ROPE AN LIMB OT BTEAB 1 *blpe. ? The tirst elatt aew steamship ARIEL. &3M tone, Lefevr*. Master, will leave Maw York, from pier St. North river, foot ol Chambers street, at a?on proaisely, aa Saturday. Ma> IV. for Ilarre direet IItk elast passage Silt teooad " " M Tie Ariel will be (aliened by tha North Star, J one 9. Tbe owner ot tbnee vessels will not to teuoui> table lav Cld, Oliver, kollit u. epoeie, jewelry, preeiou* *t?ue< or at 1?. unlost hills ot ladluc are signed thanftr, aad ?he Tatar thereol tharaia atpreiaea. B|>eeio and foods taken at ataal rate*. No fraiaht raetirad after ason of the day before talilM No beitb ?<>?> red an til paid lor. Lettrre ptepail, Uko. per >i ua., will be I Mel red at tfet offlee np to 11 A. M. of tha day of a*ilia?, aad will be tairiad in itrong India rubber >>af ? ander look, and, en arrival at U??rc, will be Immediately deporitaa la the Post Me* ?here. P aiool* taken, aaau prepaid, out djllar m4 wards.. FIXED BiTU ar SAlUirO. vbom new torn mom hatmb. Artel May If. Berth Star Bay W. North Btar Juno l>. Ariel... Jane t, Aitei JuaeSO. North Star Jane ji. North Btar. Julv 2L Ariel July SB, Ariel Angnet 11. North Star Awgmt 11 North Star... ..September 1. Ariel. September L Ariel Scpti uibvr 23. North Star. .. .Beptoraber t? North Btar October 13. Ariel October U Ariel NotociW J North btar Nareubar 1 Ariel November 1A Tbtie steamship* are classed A 1 at the inoa/anee offloa*, and specie and <oods will be insuradia tbom at as low rata* of premium as in any other stoamships that iroos the trniaa Cor freight ar passages apply to D. TORRANCJB, No. 5 Bowline Oraen, New Tork. BCBNIR, MONTANT A DBAPBB, Si Rue N. D. das Tl? toiroa Paris. CBRYST1E, &CHLOXSSBANN k CO., V Qual Caslair falavicne, Havre. far. LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA BTKAM9H17 Company intend sbiIIbk their favorite stuamships C1TY Ok MANCHESTER 2,l2Stons, Capt. Wylie. CITY OF BALTIMOBB, (new,) 2, MS torn, Capt. , CITY or WASHINGTON, do. 1,700 tons, Capt. R. Leito*. Saloon $80, Klft, end $66, ucorli>( U i?t? room A limited number of third class passengers wUl be tafcca (torn Philadelphia ud liver puol, ud louud ia provieioas. from Philadelphia MU | from Liverpool M Partiee wishing te bring out their friends iu obtain eerM tcateeof ptiU|? and drafts o> Liverpool, In sums of sterl ag and upwards. Apply te BAMUEL SMITH, Agesrt 17 Walaut street, Philadelphia, ud Me. 7 Broadway/New Yorfc. HOTICS.-FIRBT PACKET SHIP FOB LIVERPOOL ? Packet I'.ith May.? The splendid now and fait eatllag Jacket ship FraneU A. Palmer, Capt. Richardson, will pon ive'y nail on Saturday, May 19, precisely, at Is o'clock Tho accommodation* for all olaeeei oi passengers are uniurpasscd. Ltily application ehonld be made to secure berth* en board, pier No. 20, East river, toot liar Hag alip, or to TAPSCOTT A CO , H6 South itreet. Empire limb fob liybrpool.-thb favorite packet (hip AMERICA. Capt. Baratow, will poaltlvely tall to-morrow. For passags in eabin, seooud oabin or steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply ea beard, (lore North river, or to DEMAREST A JONES, 40 South itreot, corner Old alip. F1BST SHIP FOB LIVERPOOL. -THE FAST SAILING packet ship CENTUBiuN, Captain Coombs, sails on Saturday next, the 10th lust. For paiiage (bavtag one quailtd accommodation.) apply on board. j>it>r 14, E K , or to SAB EL A CURTIS, M Fulton abeet. fOB BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON,? THE UNITED States Mail steamship HBBMANN, B. Hlgglus, com mander, will eail lor Uremen, touching at Southampton te land the malls and passengers for England and France, ea Saturday, May 19, at 13 o'clock, M? from pier 87, North river. Price of paneagC from New York to Southampton or Bremen: In S at eabia, main saloon, $130; first eabiu lower saloon, $110; in second oabin, $M). An sxpsrienoed surgeon is a.tached to eaoh steamer. Speeie delivered In Havreor London All letters must pass through the Post office. For pr.efapeor f rt ight, apply to C. H. SAN I), Agent. 11 South n iiliam etreet. Tb? steamer WAS HI Nil TON will suoeeed the HERMANN, and sail Juae IS. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.-TUE NEW UNI ted States mail steamer ABAQO, D. Lines, command er, will leavo fer Havre, touching at Southampton te land the mails and passenger*, on Saturday, June 2d. at tfe'oloek, trom pier No. 37 North river, foot er Uoaoh strset. Price of brU oabin, $130: price of stcond eabin, $"&. Luggage not wanted during tlio voyage sbonld be sent on bo aril the day bofrre sailing, marksd ? below." No freight tsken after Thursday, May >1. For freight or passage apply te If. LIV INGSTON, agent, AS II roadway. N. B.? All letters must pats through the Post OSes. DISPATCH LINE FOB SAN FRANCISCO-GUARAN toed to sail on or before the 29th lust. The splendid A 1 slipper ship Badiant, Bearse, master, is now rapidly loading at pier No. 8, East river, and will positively sail for San Francisco, on or before Tuesday, 29th inst. Shippers are Eartkulany requested to send their freight immediately ea card and complete their engagements before Tuesday, 224 inst , theieby avoiding the dL appointments occurring on the last dsys of ^loading. Special aottoe.? Full or not full, the Badiant will Mil on er before the day advertised, and ae freight taken alter the day proceeding the saHing day under any rircumstances or at any prioe. SUTTON A CO., M South street, corner of Wall, formerly ef $4 Wall street. TJ EDUCTION OF FaBES TO SUIT THE TIMES. -NEW XV York aad California steamship line, via Nicaragua. Aooessory Transit Company, of Nicaragua, Proprietors? Thrsugh la advance ct the mail? 700 mi'es shorter thaa any ethsr route, avoiding the deadiv Paaama fever aad twe mile* of dangerous costing in Panannt Bfty- Tho splsndid doeble enfins rteamship NOBTMEBN LIGHT, 2,5*) tons harden, Captain Tiuklepaugh, will leave trosa Pier No. 8 North river, at three o'clock P. * , precisely, for Punta Arenas, ea Mon day. May 21, 1896, connecting with the etoamshlp Uncle Sam, 2,000 tons burdsn, ever the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles ef laud transportation by flrst class car riages. For information or passage, at the reduced rates, apply only te CHARLES MORGAN, Agent Ne. 2 Bowling Greea. Letter bags made up at the effiee. Ne unstamped letters reoeived. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOB CALIFORNIA, via Asplnwall aad Panama ? Califoraiaas arc informed that the Panama railroad is completed and the trausit of the ittbmns will be made by railroad, fro in oeeaa to ocean. No more mule travel? no river boating. On Monday, May 21, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. from pier at foot ef Warren street, North river, will be dissetchsd the Sect steamship ILLI NOIS, te conacet at Panama with the bow Bud superior stsamsbip SONORA. A spare beat always kept at Paaa ma, to prevent detention in case of sooldsut. No weight re ceived after 1 o'clock en the sailing day. Fer passage apply at the company!s effice, 177 West etreet, to J. W. RAYMOND. EtR SAN JUAN DE NICARAGUA -THE SI'LEN did first olass, fast sailing stsamsbip United .tec, (having been unaveidably detained,) will postively sail fer the above named port, ea Saturday, May 19, at 3 P. It. This ship has been fitted at great expaaso, to soavoy Colonel Kinney and bis friends to Central America. All ?eieoss desirous ef emigrating to that country will find this a favorable opportunity lor securing passage. For full par ticulars aad positive information relative to the expedition, apply te PEDRAJAS A CO., 80 Be.ver street, * here plans of the ship may be seea. Australia.? pioneer line. -carrying the United States mall ?The celebrated A 1 dipper ship NIGHTINGALE, Captain Mather, for Melbourae, will be despatched on her seoond voyage about tho loth June, hav log made her last in the nsDrecedeated time of 76 days. Has excellent accommodations for MMM end freight. Ap ply at the office of B. W. CAMERON, No. ? Bowling Green, atd life Wall street, .. A USTRALIA? IN DB PEN DEN T LINE-ONLY VESSEL il now in port up for Australia. The splendid A 1 clipper ehin CBY8TAL PALACE will have immediate dispatch r?r Melbourne, on her seoond voyage, having made her first ia Si days. Her accommodations for passengers in first and second eabin are cf the very beet, ef which only a limited number will be taken. For freight er pasaa*?. at the lowest rates, apply to ARKELL A ELLIOT, 14$ Pearl strset, MA1LLER A LORD, 10B Wall street, N. Y. VEW YORK AMD NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP COM JLi psry.? For New Orleans, stoppirg at Havana, ear ryiag the United States mail.? The steamship CAHA WBA K. W. Suufeldt, commander, will eemmeaee receiviag freight on 1 uesda/, MA, aad sail fer the above ports oa Fri day, May 2f , at 12 o'clock, from pier at feet ot BoMnson street, North river. Freight fer Ac interior aad for Mo tb consigned to our sgcat la New Orleans, James Con etly A Co , will be forwarded free of commissions. Passna eere for Havana mast procure passports before leaving port. Bills of lsdlng must be ssnt la fer signiac the eveaing pre vious to tfce ship sailiaft. For freight or passage apply to LlVINGPTON, CROCHEBON A CO.. Agsnte, 81 Broad way. N. B ? The Black Warrior, J. O. Uulioek, eom mender, wUl susossd the Cahawba, aad sail Saturday J?ac 9. ST THOMAS. W. I.? THE ROYAL MAIL STEAM Packst Company's steamer TEVIUi', 8. W. Sawvvr, t oa ma i dor, will salt for the above port oa or about the 19th last. J or pbklPS A CO.. M Stoae lircet. WM)H SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA-UN 1TED STATES ? nail line.?' The aew and elegant steamship AUUU?Ta, Captain Tbos. Lyem, will leave New York for Savannah cn Saturday, May 19, from pier Ne. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. BiUfef lading signed on board. For freight apply oa beard ?4WPr pascare to SAMUEL L. MITCHIbL. 13 Broadway. tfMTIorkda, through tickets from New Fork to Jitekscnvnic,' 1SI; te rilatia, $18. The Alabama Cspteio G. R, Sobcnek, will eucseed, and leave on Wednes day, Bay iJ. I/'1 OR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SEMI WEEKLY I U. S. Mall Line ? The new, laagnlficeot and rant ?t?in ? steamer "Nashville," M. Berry, eommaader. will leave iter 41 N. B., oa Saturday. May 19th, at 4 o'clock P. M , i re< i?ety. Fer ftelght apply ea board, where all bills of la dlrgwlll be signsd, and forpassar* ihsvlan nuperbaecem icooaticnO at tbo office of SPOPFORD, TILUTON A CO, 20 Broadway. Thrrnrh tickets to Florida as fellcws: to Jscktonville $81. ToPilatha $18. Tbe "Beuthsrucr" will succeed, leaving oa Wednesday. May 23. F"OB_IfORFORE. "PETIRSBURG ANT) RICHMOND - The United Statee mail etcamiihlp JAMESTOWN, L. P?rrirh, eomtraader, will leave pier Me. IS Nerth river, oa Saturday. Bay 19, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at Ncr felk the next a*?rnoen, and et Peteraburg and Alobmond tho tcllowing morixng From Norfolk pasteagera for the Koeth proceed by railroad dlreet, with throu?h tickets from Welden to Wilminrton, Charlceton, dn. Pa?sa?? and fere to Norfolk, $H; to Petersburg and Richmond, $10; steerage half priee. Through tiebe'a to Lynchburg, $14. Apply to 1.UDLCM A PLEASANTS. Ne. b Broadway. N. B.? Ne frel. ht taken for Pctershnrg. A Cisur or uvnc ~~ A ITALIAN ertlA FnWt*I; the UM prrfmuM laNew Terk, prior to Ik* of the wBMii for boston ^ TUB ACADBMYOT MUSIC WILL BB CL08BB nriutt* ibt?M of the MiMii. Th? lut u4 prwt?t ef VaraTa eperaa. 1L TlOTAtOrt, ? . . . . (t*? noviinoiij Vfll H tepeatad, for the lut lima. *h. **,I)AY ITEMNO, MAT W. Til yniftHi rolN ?o#*ot u4 Iv ?UNOIlA aTKMMo.fVBIoABUIA YB3TTALI, 8iQ - MOti BBIGNOLI, AMODIU AN? BOCCO. SfL^ 1>w*e.Ur *"J Ca?4aetoc MM UNtMk UkU 4 8oa'*i 5?9 Broad wa,, >aa s ordoa A Blag's, aad at the has eBoa of Orala, Ml Pint flliaWs Fassily Clre.e, M oeate, Am?M t*?n?h? ??)?; ?? Opeia wmimm it 8 o'aleak. BBOADWAT TMBATBB.-B. A. lAnBAU, MLB Iwii -l?m ??>?? ?? '}*. raM.,M 7U o'clock. TH ?'clock BlCiiAKD PW,or"*" Richard.. ??????? Wd' ' ? ; Mr- Daveapa?t rnitTtrnlH, ^wrwrmed Riclmnd Mr. Grace Henry VI.... Br. Lenin* well Prinea of Wales. Miss Wsllls Du?e of York.... Miss Wallls Bueklnsbam. ..Mr. lianebett Treasel -Mr. Lanergan !(???? Mr. Wotting Norfolk Mr. Gnmtui l.ady A mo Mrs. Abbott Daoheai Mrs. Henry Queen Eliiatoth Mm?, Poaisi fM do Deux Mfseea Henry 1*4 FHn THE WINDMILL. Bicpt'O Law.. .Br. Dotldge I Marchioness Bif. Fraaoe Marquis Br. Whiting I Maria Miss Rlobardaoa "WALLACE'S TMEATBB. BROADWAY, BBAB W Broome >tratt.-l riday, May lft. Two capital comedies:? ELOPEMENTS IN nion Lire, and THE UuLU DRaUOONS. famrdty? I.sst night of two favorite plays:? Coijuan's great eornedy of TtlE HEIR AT LAW, and tbe petite eomocv of tue captain of the watch. Bi Blake, Mr. Lerter, Mr. Vlnoeut, Ml Stewart, Mr. H. B. I'l-illipa, Mr. bland, Mra. 111. ike, lira tiouy, Mrs. Stephens, Mra. Cramer and Mra. Canovor, wilt aopport these entertainments. GEO. CURISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, MO. <7i Bruadway, tMeehaniee' 11 nil ) Proprietors Ucury Wood aad Gee. Chrutj Tkla week, a varied and pleasing kiililuPlAM PERFORMANCE, eemmeaclnr. every avainojt, at ft o'ol jok To e<)nelude with the ' 1 ' I* 1i. e on M ACBEItf. Tiokata, 25 atall. All buaineas traaaaotad by Henry Wood. ll/ALLACK'S TUEATPE. -EXTRA -MB BROUUHAM TV bss the honor to announce tbat hla benefit plate on Mtnday evening. Ma* 21, wben will be produced I brat tnue here, a cuineJv, entitled Tift FAST MAN, and, last time, Bouroiaault 'a celesrateri comedy of THE lit ISM HEIRESS. These entfrtalnin-n's will combine the talents ot Mr. Blake, Sir. l.eater, Mr Brougham, Mr. Lyott. llr. Stewtrt, Mr. Vincent, Miai Kora Bennett, Mra. Uroughitu, Mra. Ilocy, Mra. Stcpnena, Mra. Stewart, Ae., ?e. Academy of mlsic.-the poblic ake be' ap?cttully iafuraied that MAUAME steffenone baa recovered from her audden lndiapodttun. and will have thekonorot appearing, far tbe laat time, ttii? eveuiug, FltiDAY, MaY IS, la tbe opera of IL TEOVATOBE. A GRAND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT OK 8COT tiah and pvpnlar vocal muaie will be given. In the hniekerbookrr Ball, Eighth avenae, eornar of Twonty vhird ?trwt, oa Monday evening, May 21. The following talented vocallata will appear-? Jeanie Mayaaldaon, Mine iletchar, the yonng Sappho, (a promiawg vocalut, aged eleven years, her tirat appearance,) Mr. 0. Letnam, Mr. 0 Andenoa, rrofeaaor Gamble, who will porform on tbe I'lutlua Mr. Uitobiaon will preaide at tbe fianoforte. For patiienlari see progtamme. AdmlKiloa 25 oenta; ehlldron nnder twelve, halt (rice. Doora opea at 7 o'elook; to eom aitnee at 8 o'olock precisely. Tickets to be had at tbe niutie i tores; trem Mr. Fowler, 279 Eighth avenno; Mr. Mitshisea, 141 Fnltvn street; and at the door. CBYSTAL PALACE - THORWaLSDEN'S CELB brated statneaof "Christ and tbe Apo^tles," "Tho Ama sea," by kiss; all the ancient armor from tha Tower of London, an extensive and as yet nnrivalled gallery teaeept by the Dnaieldorf) of paintinga. with thousands or other ob jects highly attractive are still on exhibition at the Cryatal Palace btrangert and eltitems are now visiting this eool and delioious resort In great nnmbers. Open at all hoars during the day at red tioad prices. SAMliEL BKEvouBT, Acting Superintendent CIBCUS.-GRaND CONSOLIDATION OF TWO OF tbe largest aad moot popular Equestrian Troupos In tbe ecuntry. vis., Welch's National Circus, of Philadelphia, and Lent's New Vork Clrcna, farmiax a double exhibition, given within one Mammoth Pavilion, fur a single price of admlMioa. The combined companies will exhibit? At New Brunswick. Thursday, May 17. Elixabethtown, Frdar, May 18. Jtewark, taturday. May IV. Patersen. Monday, Mav 21. Jeraey City. Tuesday, May 32. Brooklyn, Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 and U. Williamsburg, Friday, May 25. PERHAM'S OBEAT BURLESQUE BABY SHOW COM mances oa luasday, 22d inst. It promises to be the BltUEST AND FUNNIEST EXPOSITION of this age and country. Every tning pertaining to Scerery, Properties, Characteristic Dresses, Ac., have been got up in a style worthy tbe spootaole. NEW YORK NOTABLES AND BAKNUM'S SHOWS make a great feature in tbe entertaiament. qniE MAMMOTH CALIFORNIA TREE-BY BEQUEST. J. will exhibit for two days only, Saturday and Monday> May 1U and 21, at tbu spat ions Pavilion, eornar tf Twenty tUth street and Madison avenue. Thin, the largest tre known, mvstbeeeento be believed with other Californi turicsities, together with Uaorga White's eelehiated and woll known band ot Etkiopiau porforaers in all their origi nal Songs, Dances, Ac., tbe whole forming an exhibition not to be surpassed. Doors open at 1 o'clock afternoon, at b)a evening. Admission, 25 oente; children, half-prioe. Franklin busbcb, no. 53 bowery, nearly opposite the Bowery Theatre. Performances every af ternoon, at 3, aad every eveuing, at b. N. B.? Strangers will obscive that the Franklin Museum is the only plaoe iu the United States where the Model Artists are exhibited, with ether original entertainments. Remember, No. 53 Bowery. TUECELERBATE& EGYPTIAN MUSEUM, 6 59 BROAD way, with upwards of a thousand wonderful relies of satiquity from ' the land of tha Pharaohs and af Joseph," is tbe moat popular, attractive aad instructive exhibition u Aba elty. Admission, tSoents Thespian association -Brooklyn museum. Monday evening. May 21, THE LADY OF LYONS and LUKE, 'HIE LABORER. Complimentary tickets (admit be had, free, the meeting 1 Monday evening, May Vl, THE LADY 0~F LY0NS and LUKE, '1UB LABUKEK. Complimentary tiekets (admit ting gentlemen accompanied by ladies oulj ) can be had, free, of tbe members, at Perry's, DM Broadway; and I" rooms of the association, 58 I'rinee street. TBEATBE FOB BENT? THB BUILDING KNOWN AS the Pelican Theatre, situated aa St. Charles street, opposite to Ptrdldo street, Mew Orloans, together with all the sccnery, furniture, At. Built tor aa amphitheatre, it has all the necessary improvemeate for auih. The looation is the b"St In the city, and to a good aad responsible tenant It will be rented low aad a long lease rivea. if desired. For tertnr, apply to DANIELS A B1DWSLL, Phoenix House, New Orleana. IlVgTHVCTlON. Bookkeeping, arithmetic, whiting, 4c, taught, upon very favorable ttrmi, by W. J. RES Vltl?, No. >9 ifroadwky. EmIi itudent if Mpinttl; and carefullv in*tracte<l, and enabled to readily applv in prat tle* tbe knowledge imparted to Ma. Upen from V A. M. to 9 f. M. fRIVAtK LESSONS IN WRITING. -LADIES AVD gentlemen d**lring to perfact thamtelv** in a gracoful and beaut ilul *tjle will be waited on by an acoompli*h*l tocher, by atBdlog their addraaa to Cairo, box 167 Herald office DRY GOODS, dcC. AT p. COLE'S. S66 BROADWAY.? JUST RECEIVED, a large lot or table linen, ltnea (heating, damask up kite, bov'a wtar, Ac , oheap blaok silks, anew article of iaulea' skill*. Black silks from auction.? an otokr lot Just received.? A rich dre?* fur $6 60; 775 yard* elegant lustre black ailk, 4a. 6d. a yard; #00 yard* heavy Jf's wiJo, for mantillas, 8a., worth 12a; M) yards superfine nob loatro heavy do, Ci. and 6?. 6d. a yai d,, worth lUa andll*. ; (00 yaxda extra width bUbopa inparier sake do , oaly 7a., worth 11*.; 700 yards very heavy extra superior an 1 extra width, 10*., worth 14a , at GEO. C. BUHDETT k CO.'1 oheip whole- aale and retail dry good* atore, l'Jl Grand atreet, corner of Mulberry . BULPIN'8 MANTILLAS? IN MOIKE ANTIQUE, TAP feta ailk, chaatllly and real guipure laoe, tbe Holiest and eheapeat gooda in the *ity. are now ready for ladiee' in apf etioa. An excellent mantilla in black moire antique at te, and all the richer kin da proportionately low. Sbl Bread way. BULPIN'S SAPPHO MANTILLA I ? A SURPRISINGLY beautiful production, la plain blaek aflx, moire aa noe aad guipure laee. Prloe respectively $M, $u and Sid. arge aaaortueat ready thia week, at Uie Parle Maatilla Emporium, 361 Broadway. BULPIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS. ? ANOTHER addition to tha Mock thia week; all manufactured ot the richeat blaek kMa ailk aad aatrenaily pronoanoed addition tu the Mock thia week; all manulac tared et richeat blaek lanU ailk aad ualvereatly pronoun oe the eLeapeat aadpro'tieet mantilla ef the aaaaen. Pari* Mantilla Emporium, 381 Braadway. DRKSS GOODS PROM AUCTIUN.-LE HOC 1 1 l.LI EH BROTHERS have received upwards of l2,000yaid* of I aregea and tUn.ea frem recent sale*. aad ara offering them at la 6d. aad 2i. per yard; about 1,000 yard* ef silk a*. 4a.; 1.7U) yardaat 5*. ; 2,5*1 yarda at o*. very auperior black illka made axpreaely for them: nbboae ia every variety: sbawla ef neweet atylea; embreiderlea unnaually cheap, and other dry gooda worthy an iaapeetien. LC BOUTILLIER BROTHEKS, 00 Caaal atrwet, tour deer* frem Broadway. Embroideries and laces._just receive*, a earn plate a***rtm*n4 ef enbroideria* ia aew deaigni and all qualitiea: alao Taleaeieaaee, Brueaela, guipure, Hoaiten, point, aad aiher rich iaoea, biaok thread maatillaa, polaU, veil*, Ac. The prieea are much below previeoa seaaona. MILLER k GRANT, 371 Broadway. ? 1.0CNCED BAREGE ROBF.3, MUSLIN DO. DO., French Prlated Jaeoonet* aad Lawn*. Plain and Print ed Bareges and Tiaauea ?JAMES FRANCE, 70S Broadway, will effer for aale on Thuraday, 17th May, a large aad very chile* atcck of the above gooda, at one half ike regular prieea. CtREAT BARGAINS FROM AUCTION, AT THE ME r tropolliaa lace and embroidery atore, 643 Broadway, aecond door above Bleeoncr atreet. Laoe dreeaea, M; laee capes. $2; mntlia and laco cellar*, 9a. each; ladle*' hemmed ctitcbcd handkereliief*. 2t. aad 2*. 6d. lack. Alio, en* cat* ot leollcred skirts, 6*. each Ladie*' mu*iia and lace sj.':;."-4 "*? ACE MUSLIM CURTAINS FROM AVCTION. Moalln curtain* for $1 W worth SI SI Untlln enrtaia* fertt 00 '? SOI (Italia curtain* for 4 00 " 0 >* M ralla eurtain* for 6 00 " 10 0C Lace qssrtain* i?r.. 4 00 " 4 M lace cartalnt for.. 0 00 M am Laee curtains for. . WW 14 U (X Laee cwrtaiaa for. . 14 00. ?' 3) oc Lace aurtain* for. . 20 00 .. " S) Of A complete aaaortment ef cornice* aad cwtaia trlmiolagr, at redwood P*'0** LTT t rlRqpg01f CT n road way. BkPS CAPS.-WRS. A T. JAMES, FOftMERbT Or 1 E. II. N*wmao'*, 7?5 Broadway, has new open a hand sop * assortment ef dies* and aeft etp?; *N-> mourning col lar* *leM*s, *h?mi*ctu*, cape*, Ac , at 113 Bleoltar street, t**r Broadway. ^TICKINGS! STOCKINGS! STOCKINGS I? LADIES, O S'-w i* th* time to bny your tummer stooking*. The *nb *< rib- r has just received trom auction a ehoior lot. ef ladu*' cotton hosiery, wt icli he ia selling at unnaually lew prioe*. l'ltaat call and examine. RICHARD GREEN, ISO Caaal *trr*?. Between Thcmj>*on and Laaroa*. D' I1BMPS GABDBN-TBB PaFBONB MP THIS UUHkMi i*4 "Bed lAal it ?U1 upon. for tk* *BUB LAM80 MM KM SMASOW, On fiiMittT Mir S3, Ml wW?fc MCU1? wlU bo nmoBotl a **rie* of MAGNIFICENT opkrab AMD MVUOib ... BPBOTac'lBS, by Ue *aj*brated tid popular PYNB AND HARBISON BNOl eompnaiag thafeUewin* tuuiwt v?oali*u:? aa..?l?l'SUitt;???' ,U <1 ?" HUB SUSAN nM, MM. BOLMAif , ? ....... M* w, U lAKtltON. MB. BOBBANI, MR. abBlffAflTLB, MB. HOLMAM, MR. ADEllf* wk* will W? >aat*in*<t by an BJFIClEJiT DKAdAii' COMPANY, A P Omul chorus. ?Bd ?ree?ly INtKE-Url) OKCBESTRA, ib4?t tbi ilnttlta ?' MR. i-BuhCE F. IIRISTOW. Fall par tie alar* will be duly announced. Ticket* PMty OoM BMRTMN P THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.? FBI - day.? Tba aaaai ?Hkl> eoujiff treat: ? TUB iMfclOlla Family u4 TBE immortal iooulBS. _ Mr. Barton >? Amiaadab alack and Timothy Toodl*. Mt. o Jordau, Mr Flaber, Miaa Raymond, Mrs. Mra(h Ac., At. Ta morrow? Tba aew sod rxtremaly auaeaatfvl flay *f take ihat oirl twii B*/W EKY THEATRR-1. f ?*U BOM , PROPKIOTMB aud, Robert Jon.. Bta*e Maaagor. Mm* Of Mtuiltk -lloiM, U> cant*, Pit, Us ami*; tllll, WK acuta. Private M?aca, t&. Friday ?veaiaj[, May IK Bcuete af Mr. J. 0. Dana. ... TtS'liTATIOMB. Tm EtU Oae Mr. Wabb | Mm Rao Ml. Bob? FjRfcaT \ji b.jody. DDCIUl'l BERkN a tiLM HI UOAMVAT - U MONDAY KVlMMJ, M*r a tad all Lb la week, an oriainai rau ical, entitled MA'HIIMuMaL si a< ULA 11UN8. Cuffey U. Swklae Baekley A Clark In a Ma riaiunial Offleo Bonaparte In vru R. Uiabop Baekley A Man in Want at a tai?h Wife, tatre4*?inc eovaral lavoritc aira, aud aaina aiciieal eoMpo ?lliaaa. Proaeding the pleeo, ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. Concert oomauuaoe* at a a'aloak. Ticket* V eanta. METROPOLITAN TMEA1RE, BROADWAY, OPFO uta Band *ti**t.? Lca.oe, Mr. llackctt; Manager, Mr. J aba Sloan tlUS (FRIDAY ) EVENING, MAY 18. la?t nltkt of the MARRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Sir JebaFal?tafl. (tba aa.oruua Kui. bt; Mr. Baokatt Dr. Cain*, (tba 1 ranch phj?.*.auj Ml. Moid* Baraett For other ebaiaeter*, no u all bill*. Ta ooBclud* with tba laughable farce of Til A AI.?N HOY. Sato, Dsct Barre Cairaie, u V? binitk, Carp* da Bklkl,. Mr Morria Kaiialt, m a ranaty of cntortalainaata oa Sa turday tTaning. Frioai af aouilraion:? Praaooaiam Boxei aacordlax M la oaMty aad cavaoitj , Laiouay ai.a Orukaalra Bai*a,fl; tirole, Parquet aaa all o'ber | art* ut tbe kaaaa, M aoat*. Daar* opoa at 7>*; part< riuuic? tu batln at 7% a'alaak. ABNVM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM ? FRIDAY, May 1ft. ? BvaainiE, at 7% o'aluak, tho intaraaMaa da moatio drauia at 'lUE OWLULN Fa RMAR? JataiayTwU abtr, Mr, Uadawa>. Aftaiaoun, at B, aDKI.E. Makaa Slant***, aaaily ol* h> taai k >i , Ovmrt Lady, aal] frwamty MTaa la*ba*; th* Mirmaid, llMng Ot'rlobaa, A*. AtelV taaaa. It vaat*; abll?r?i aadat 'aa 1?H a? t* VT1BL0 S GARDEN. J>l THE COMPLIMENTARY CONCBRT W be c1t*b by th* ?*B>b*r< o< tba PUILBARMOMC SOCIETY to IIR. TUEoDoXt El 8 F E II. will tak* plaea oa Saturday ?vtniac. May M. far whkk occaiian th* folloala* osiarat (tvlat* have kindly t*1*b t**rad Ibair ?*r?ic?a:? M I LE CAROLINE LEBMANN. MR. R1C11ARD Hot 1 Man I'ianiat, MH. X. KlEFkR, Clarionat and MR. LOUIS St 11KLI BbR, Tniiopcl a Flctona. FROU KAMMB:? Pakt I 1. Ov*rt?rt ? " La* d*ui J(<tina-a*" Cktrmklal 2. Concartlaa for tba C'larlanct Tk ?1*1*14 Mr. X. Riofar 3. R*cltatla? and Aria? Fidolio BoatAotaa M'lla C. Lchmana. A Chanton d'Amoar? Solo tor Trnmpet a-I'la ton* Tk. Wcf?14 Mr L*ai* sckrallsar. 0. I.iad ? Erlkinj F. Sababort M'Uo C. tabmann. C. CoBctrlo la B, f*r th* Piano. F. Cbopia Mr. Riahard Hoffman. Part 11. 7. Symphony No #, la C minor BactboTaa Mr. X1MM will praaido at the I'iaaofort*. Tick eta. |1; R?a*n*d Soata, $1 ft'; Prlvat* Boxaa, $10. For aal* at B*aara. Bcbar'eaberi; A Lnia'*. No 7ti9 Broadway; C. Br*n*iBi'*, 701 Broadway W Hall i Son'*, ZO Bron way; and P, K. Waitiai, 213 Fulton atreet, Brocklya. Dvor* opon at 7; to lonmcure at 8 o'clock. W. SC11 ARr EN bk.RU, Chairman of Cammittoo. B JOHN R. SMITHS GRAND TOUR OF BUROPB A.N Li SIEGE OF SEBASTOI'OL, At CuiNaei aisiaaL\ Pimimn Kg) Buoadwat, abowing o??; hiikuked view*, forty lf*t wid*, of the prinoieal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN ElIftOPK. Every evetinfr, at 8 o'clock, and *rer* Saturday aft*r noon. at 3. Th* niuai* by Mr. Aiaya Field, of Lonaoa. Ada.iaiion M **at( Tbe celebrated historical pimtubb of Cbarle* the Firit, by tho groat Volaaquoa, tho inataat ?aintertbat ettr lirtd. Ihia apltudid work, pa la tad at Madrid In 1613, 1* now on exbib tlvn at tho 8toy v**aat la at it Ota, CAB Broadway. Adulation, 21 oeata. QALA NIGHT AT PERBAM'S, C63 BROADWAY.? 1 bit (Friday, > *T*uiBg, benefit ol Stopben*, Maiical Director Stephen*' os bla wondarlul Wood and Straw. Stool en*' Im autitnl Solo on Conoortlaa. Stephona In ROBBERS TAUE CARE. Ticket* 26 eaat*. Gift tieketa admit font pariOB* eaeb. HOTELS IRVING HOUSE -TUI3 fUl'ULAR AMD WELL known eetablinhmeat hi< reeontly undergoae thoreagk alteration*, to BHt tb* prexent ohange now o Mm ring to the kotcl It will raapen oa Honda*, May 21, oa the European and American plea comaiaed with the ?a ele t tfnt dicing room* at heretofore, with table d'hote ia todlee' ordinary, when it will be throws ooen to tbe pnbli*. Ea t ranee ? ? Chain be re rtrwt and Broadway. It ii expeeied tbia hotel will neat with the tuaal favor fna the pakllc, alio Iron lamlliei aad parmaaent k< ardara, a* erary atten tion will be paid to iuiIi, with moderate ehtrna. fha Ir ving Hoate baa bee* newly fori lahed and Delated through out, with varioaa improvement* added. Ta? whale will ha eoadneted bv Mr. WILLIAM Q. BURRO0OH8, who to wail known for hi* (kill and gentlainaalf deportmeat, whleh of itaclf Ii a guarantee for it* fntura anooaea. Tha room* *111 be sharped for eeparately, aad prioaa governed atoord lag to lite and laoatloa. New haven house, 410 412, 414 and 41s broad way, over the New YoikandNew Havea railroad do pot, Naw York. Thl* hoaaa la aitoatei la tho moat eoatral part at the city, and ha viae aunoaad tha ndjeiatag b eliding* on Broadaay, a* alao the Apollo Roomi randora it, far eom fort aad convenience aqnal to u) ia tha aitjr, aopeatolhr far military or other oempanlea raaaeager* arriving ia the cari can leave thatr cheoki at tha oflioe of tho hotal, aad have tbeU baggage conveyed to their room* wit hoot any far ther difficulty. A porter will bo U attendance at all near* of tha Bight to admit traveller* O. ALK.BR, Richmond hii.l hotel. bTATRK island, will open for tho loaaoa oa the let of J tine. Charge* tar the Kaiea. $7 a week; ohlldreu nadar ton year* of ago, 94; ?, $4 M); horaee H Partioalar* at 4k WBeae dict'a etore. No. A Wall ? treat M. Y. J. P KELLETT, Pr*prl*t*r. Spanish and PRENcn hotki.? mr. t. ruiz re ?pectfally inform* thai pnblie that ha has ramovod kto ra*tanrant from S4 St. Mark 'a Place, to 73 Seventh atrvet, where bo offer* all tho oomforta of a boat, aad bettor n* aiataaae thao before. Toronto hotel.-to american and Canadian architect*, l'laai will ho rt ceived by tho aaderataaed for the erection of a Brit elua hotel oa tbo eerier of EAag aad York atroeta, Toronto. Coit of tbo balldlac, with a range ot iKren nnderaeath, no> to exceed 970,000. A pro mum o< 9400 will be paid tor the adopted plaa, ot the archi tect will rtoeivo a oommiaaloa for taperinteadiag tbo eree tioB ot tho bnlldlng. Plana aad epaoifloatien* to ho aaat by the drat of July aext. All partioalar* may bo had on appli cation to the andeaalgaad. M. ROSS IN A BROTHER, Yeage ftreet. MEDICAL. DR. LAKE IS CONBULTRB AS USUAL AT HIS OLD oatahliibad office, No I Chatham eqaaro, from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M., Bnndaya excepted. Eighteen year*1 experienoe in different cliuiaUa enable* Dr L to core thooo aaaei whtah biffle the ikill of thoaa loea oxprionead Reooat oaaoa ear *4 la a few day*. Medicine*, 91 per bottle or box. DOCTOR HUNTER'S RED DROP CURBS WHEN THB treatmaat of other phyalotoaa aad all other remedlo* tail. It la rear only rollaaee for a thorough oaro la aattalu dieoaaaa. 3 blvleiea atreot, the oaly pJaeo new aa wtM knewa for tko very many and extraoroiaary earoa U hag performed wttboat diet, or hlndraaae from bnatneoo, wham nil other remadlaa only drive tea diaoaeoa ia tho Mead W oaly. Thi* aeeurei tho patient from aaoeadary attack*. aad 1* the oal j remedy oa earth that doo? it. Yoa wRl tad thto ou? by bitter experience, If yea traat to aay other medietas It baa cored tboaaaada of oaaee that aover weald have baaa eared without it. Dr. HUNTER reetoree people to health daily, who have beea almoet rained by mercury aad aaaattaa by the hamkaga. DR. cobbett, u duane stiert, may mm ?ow ?alted with eoaSdeaoe oa oertaia dlaeaaeo; 94 yean la oae epeciallty of the prefhaalea, eaaklee htm ha gaa?ataa perm aa eat an roe. Hit treatment ia the eeae a* thai Bene tiaed by tha treat Rleeri of Pari*. N R.-Dr O.'* diploma a* member cftte N. Y. Ualvoralty, may 9a teea at hli odln DR. COOPER. Id DCANE STREET, BO LOMQ KNOYI to the aieltoaaa of Ntw York aa the meat Maaaaaral practitioner thla eon a try eaa heaat of, aoattaaaa to ha oot tailed at hi* old ofltoe, relieving the anfrrtaaaAe, aad giving aoneelatioa to many aa aching heart. M. B.? Db. C. gaaraateea a ear* la all aaaea undertaken. 1\R JOHMBON. 16 DUANR STRRRT. HAS fra^H ) ad mere earae thaa aay other mediaal naa R Maw ark. Dr i.'l treatmeat la eafe aad eaaadlttoaa: Ida madi eiaea eaa he takea without fear ef doteetioa. Charger mo derate, aad the moaey refunded If aatlafaettoa la aat dm. R. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIRMB, 91, WHS a book.? Ja*t what the** waat wha have aaaliatl J diaeaaaa, aamelr. a tare at aaoe. aad aa delay aad mora esfeaao. Greatest ear* ia the world by dTym#i " Uafortanate'* Priced." AMieted take aawtt a* ethdf remedlae egn am yea radically. Slight oaaoa oared la a few heart; nothing e>ee dee* tt. Mo. gj Caaal etreet eaa deoroaatof Broadway, to the plaee U gat th4* rapid aad thoaoagh remedy? aa where ?l*o In Wow York. A e??e war ranted by I?t. Ward. Paiieati anil on* tor ?{f rely oa a maid oara hr hit treatmeat, wttbeat tax tag thd lyetem. ATterattoa of diet or eeoaaUea from httlaaotaO r?n aired. MLARMONT. PARIS AND LONDON PMYWCUM. . and taraooa, aatbor of the MedlaaJ A dri*e?_aadlla^ StKiS^Jf ^r7;.71 Wlff'' JS5SSU *af^ 721 atreet, corner of Broadway. Jf ' 'JullAa P M Snadayt exeertod Tnoa* ot ' ^""HjiealU h? mail aad exrrota ?* ewaear wlth at^r pa^ to^awa mendi*g tr. L. and blx traatlee Diapateh, Ceartor dad Etatt tale. Day B??k. N. Y. Co ?Tier, Ac. THE M1RRIAOI Ol'fDE. OR FAMILY MMDICAL fadVh**i*Ngleal l**?rootar, apeotally for tho married thoee totealuag to marrv-Bv br. F. Uo^Hek, the Aathe* and I ectnrer - Hoadredth odltioai (va kaadred mm; iilaatYf Priea oae dollar. PablUhedif fl? BTRONd. ? "????? rireot Njw York, who wlU feArard by mall free, on re*oiving one dollar aad addreoa. "The moth a*tr*erdlaarv book we aver read. Oae featara whleh par ttralarly diaelaroltba* thla hnoh from all other* ef the hie A ia tha Mealier tone of m?eatl*v whleh pervadae tt at ^rmijh.''-M*dlfa1 *ai S<>r,l?e,l

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