Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1855 Page 3
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UflitU sriKT IAT. ?ALU AT AVOTlOBi ? UCTION NOTICE.? BV EDWARD SCHEHCE -ON Tharaday. Jam* 7, at 1(K o clock, at Itf Wall atreet. ^Ktiaaation iala of flat old wlaea, braidies. Ac , from a ?klf respectable importing house aow clesiag thsir busi All warranted para and aa daecrlbed. Sat a positive^ HTcTIOK NOTICE?SUPERB ENGLISH IMPBOYED H. rttMl lever watches and aplaadid itamond jawelry.? ?vrABU SCHENCE will fell at auction thi. day. June 3, Kli aale room a 16 Wall street. at 10K o'clock, a large la ^?ce of splendid diamond jewelry, Ac.. Ae. . oousnttag of Kll alone and cluster diem-ad no:.. |>ia? ?arrinci. ^kastpla* Ac ; ladies watches. ?e? with diamonds, -|.l?n.ii>i ?ported watobes, In heavy eighteea carat jold cawi: pa Hit and detached lever*. duabla Uuta keeper*, independent ?ond. duplex lepine, <c , by tho test makers in Europe, ?i, ? Cooper. Tabias, Dent Roskdli, JurKens?m, Mretmg ?area. A o . aplendid ?< t* of mouii cameo, *<<1J stouc and Hyxpinsami earriags, (><-ta of Roll do, aracelat*, breatt ?j. fold fob. guard and ve?t chain i, ladtet' chatelaine, ^Keve butt nf, ?tui?. rin(i, pencils, lcckets, Ac. I LBEBT H. NICOLaY, A0CTIONEER.-PBRIm7 tory Ml* of a Tery baudtome Oothio oottage, with UK H WU at C'liftaa, Statea lalaad, vithia Ave ruinates7 ^Elk of Vanderbilt a las'iius.? Albert U, NloolaT will MlL Wtdaeaday. Jane 6,, at lto'olook, at the Merchant*' Hebaage, a very handsome new frame cottage, filled la ?til fcriok, built la the best maaner In the ftaglish rural ^vla, withcut regard to coat, together with about UK <>11 ^B* of groend, situated in the beaut liul aad romantio vil H4 ?( Cli/toa, States lalaad. Thla property it oa the ?rate road, la aa excellent neighborhood, aad within oaly ?e mlautea1 walk of vaaderbilt'a landing The gardea ?kacet all Mndi ot vegetables and young fruit*, aad the ?saads atoaad the bouaa are t aate fully laid oat with ?tvel walka, flowera, shrub*, Ac , Ac. ; in fact, the plaoe ia ? that a geatleman of taite con d daairo. Unlee* the above ?optrty be dlapoaod of at private aala br the 6th or Jane, Iwtt o? that day be aold at auotlon to the higheat bidder, Mtboat reeerre Term* liberal and title oerfeet. For fall ?rtioular*. aad car da of admiaaloa to eee the prflMiaea, ap to tho aaotloneer, 11 Broad itreet. ? LBEKT H. NICOLAT, AUCTION BEB.-PEBEMP B. tory aale of an elegant go this donble cottage, at New ioImIU, w it h nearly four acre* of rioh laad attached.? LBBBT B. NICOLAY will tell, oa 7 aeaday, June 12, at o'clook, the Merchant!' Bxohange, that elegant (orni thic double villa, near tho railway atation at New Re el le, Woetoheater ooonty, lately eraoted by Paul J. Flak, iq.. lor hia own realdaaee. The land front* on Hagneaot root 225 feet, by 600 toot an Htrrieon atreet, thne ootn tndiag the two mala avenuea The houao ia forty feet >?t by thirty aix feet deep, with two wings each 18 foot by foot, bnllt ia tho very boat maaaer. by d?y's work, and la raged for two t ami ilea, with aoparate eatrancea by the >e Toatibalea. By archiac tho oentro wall, it can bo rewa into mo largo aad *paoi*ua reaidonoo. There are ?modious andor cellar*, with two furaaoo*. warmiag tho aoe by twalv* regiatera, aad two kltcheni with rangoaand iter. Oa next floor are two largo drawing ruma, two alag room*, with dumb waltor*, two llbrarlea, water oloa l, hatha butler'e nantrlee, Ao On next florr, aix bed on*, with apaoloa* cloiot*, and oa tho floor above several ossa, large and small. The home la finished with marble natal*, grate*, (peaking tube*, and other modern and re liaite ooaveaieaees, ana the view of tho ground aad ooua y 1* exteaiive and unsurpassed. A ooach boa**, itablea, ill* of good water, aad tree*, are on the plate, aad tho ad 1* productive of itrawbenie*, voidable*, aad flowers, ait* aad shrubbery . Until within a few week* a professed rdaaar ha* had oaarge of tho place. It 1* within three ianto*1 walk of tho atation. Persons caa take the 9 A M. ala from Canal street, and return by tho 11 :S# A. M. trala ot* New Roohelle. Term* liberal. , LBEBT H. NICOLAT, AUCTIONEER.? CHOICE L braadie*. segar*. fine win**, olarot, Ao ? ALBERT H. ICOLaY will aell at auction, to the hlghe*t bidder, thi* j. at II o'elook, at hia *al**reom. No. 11 Broad itraot, a i* oollootion of win**, braadie*. ohampaigna, claret*, port, ad e Ira, Sherry, and Catawba wine*, Jamaioa rum and St. rotx rnm; alio 290,0(0 Havaaa *e<ar* of varioa* brand*, Ac. The *al* will ineludo about 200 caio* of fiao raadlM in ca*e* of on* doien bottle* each, among whioh ?a fine old Otard, Henneeav, London dook, superior eham kigna, Old Martel vintage 1825, aad Marrett A Co , together lth Jamaioa and St. Croix ram; Old Tom gla aad Schiedam ihnapps put ap in tb* tame manner, and particularly iapted (for Iprivata a**, being a portion |of an importer'* ock declining bo*l net*. i UCTION NOTICE. ? CROCKERY" , GLASS, AND CHI V na ? J. S. H. BARTLRTr, Auctioneer, will *oll, oa redn*aday, Jane 6, at 10 o'olook, at No. 281 Pearl itraet. ia it* to *uit purohaaeri, w. blue printed, painted, yellow >d Bockingbam ware, deooraf.ed French china, oat and rewad gla**; al*o, tb* stock of a dealer declining the baii MS. Sale peremptory. Catalogues now ready. L UCTION NOTICE.? AN AUCTIONEBB OF CON jl tldarable experience aad inflaenoe in thi* oity. wishes i make arrangement* with a firm In the above buslaet* a* Jeiman, aolioitlng good*, Ao. Would bo a great acqaiiitton ? a aew establishment. Can control a largo number ot tie*. Address A. D. M., Berald office. A UCTION NOTICE? BBADT MADE CLOTHING? BT Si. GEO. LEVIE, auctioneer, wl<l Mil at hi* auction ooma an ia.voice of roady taade clothing, frock and *aok ?ata, blaok and gray oasdmere pants, hosiery, handker hief*, with a vaiiety of otoer good*, tor oaih. Sale to ommeaoo at 10^ o'clock, at 122 Na**ati strest. A UCTION NOTICE.? W. A. CARTEB. AUCTIONEEB, 9l will toll at 80 Greenwich atreet, thi* Tuesday morning, 1 10 o'clook without reserve, the stock of a grooer destining urine**, com [rising a variety of desirable good*, fixture*, Ac.; also, a quantity of sugar*, taas, fruit*, ready made ummer coat*, Ao.. Ac . for accouat of conoerned. CCTION NOTICE.? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER ? HV By BELL A BUSH, this dey, at 10}j o'clock, in our ?alearoema. .2 North William ?t root, an extensive and valua ble variety of household furniture, chaira, tables, bureau*, ? n (Of a a. seren hair mattresses, (ix French bedsteads; also, S ol cheiti, 6 stoves. At 11 o'clock we will tell the balance look of a clock, watchmaker and jeweler, commtnced on aturday. The clocka comprise a beautiful variety, and all n good ordar. Alio, riflee, guns, plated ware, levari, Ac. At l2 o dock precisely will be aold the remainder of the superior -anary ana other ourious birds, all is cages, belonging to a catlcaaaa and amateur, worthy attention. Wednesday, sale f dry goods, clothing, fancy artielea. Ac. A CCTION NOTICE- J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER? BT tl S. BOO ART, this day, at 10>? o'clock, in front of No. 1 fiortk WUlinm street, corner of Frankfort street, a black erae, spring cart aad harness. Sale positively without rt ? rre, at the owner is going West. A CCTION NOTICE? J. BOCART, AUCTIONEER? BY rx S. BOCART, this day atlO,1^ o'clock, at the auotton osms. corner of Frankfort and William streets, mortgagee Kale of geatsel household furniture (mahogany sofas, rose Hwood ana mahogany French chairs, bureaus, carpets, Ae. ^lso abont lUo choice German imported canary birds, all in Mautifnl sen;, having been selected by one of the bee udges in Europe; also 70,000 ehoice Havana segars. Lo , aocy goods; alao a blaek horse, spring cars and harness, t aeld without reserve. CCTION SALE OF A LINE OF STAGES-KNOWN L aa the Bowery and Twenty-third street line, consisting fit 70 horses, 15 stages, feed wagon, hay cutter, harness, licensee. Ac., will bo sold this day, Tuesday, at 11 o'clock, 'without reserve, at the stablss corner ot Thirty filth itrtet and Tenth avenue. T"V D. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORK 310 BROADWAY. MJ* ? Mot t| age sale on Friday. June 8, 1855, at 11 o'ctock, A. M., at 310 Broadway, consisting of a bond and mortgage made by David Ring to John Buxton, Jr., and all moneys duo or to grow duo thereon, together with a judgment ob tnined upon the bond; also, a certain personal mortgage made by John Buxton. Jr., to Benjamin Andrews, on pro perty No. 145 and 147 Fulton street. New York; also, a cer tificate of twenty shares ot the stock of the Suffolk Bank; also, aoertain lease for the term of five years and three months from 1st February, ISM. on property 14 Dey street first floor and basement. H. D. LA PA UGH, Attorney. DO. NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BROADWAY. ? ?New York Common Pleas.? Richard Stoker against Bernard MeMahon.? By virtue of an order of the Court of Common Ploas of the oity and eounty of New York, and un der the direction of Garritt H. Striker, reteree therein. 1 shall expose for eale on the premises northwest corner ot Ninth avenue and Thirtieth street, on the 9th day of June, 1865, at 12 o'clock noon, all the riiht, title sad Interest of the late firm ?t MeMahon A Stoker, in and to an uaexpired term ot a certain lease of said premise* northwest corner of Ninth avenue and Thirtieth strctt, together with the fix tores, lead pipe, and other articles and materials hcltnging to a plumbing establishment.? Now York. June 4. Is 55. DD. NASH, ACCTIONEER - STORE ? 300 BROAI) . way.? Shot iff and mortgage sale of bar fixtures, on Fri day, June 8, at 10 o'clock A. M., at 239 and 210 Broadway, in the basement, oonsisting of paintings, mirrors, counters, stands, decanter*, bottles, tumblers, wine glasses, chairs, tables, furniture, gas fixtures, kitchen furniture, gauges, boilers, steam apparatus, clocks, iron saft, knives and fork*, spoons, casters and oooking , utensils, fixtures, Ac., together with lease of premises. DS. HOCGH, AUCTIONEER.? IMPORTANT SALE ? of valuable household furniture and embellishments, -elegant covered rosewood parlor furniture, en suite; heavily carved mosaic cylinder secretary bookcase, seven octave rosewood pianoforte, English, Wilton, velvet and Brussels earpets; costly china, silvsr and eut glsss ware, without re serve, this (Tuesday) morning, at \0% o'clock, pre isoly, from the private reeideaee in Warren street, opposite the Hudson River Railroad depot, the content* being partly English oilclths, silver plated stair rods. Ac.; rosewood parlor suites, elegantly upholstered and covered in maroon, crimson and green French satin damask; also, oae aatiqae medallion set, heavily carved lm gold and crimson; Italian statuar*. marble top tables of the usual descriptions found in well furnished rooms; heavily carved full 7 oetave double action pianoforte, made by Barmore, of this city, warranted ?this instrument, for flneneseof exterior aad quality of tone is unsurpassed; also, a very fine .rosewood otegore, finished ?throughout in plate glass and Italian marble; Freacb work tableo, fancy reception chairs, soerutoires, large and splen did Trench pi a to pier classes in costly frames; rich heavy lace aad brocatel curtains, original oil paintings by eminent modern artists; gotbie inlaid and solid statuary marble clocks, oostly Dresden china ware, fine vases of Sevres por* eJain, Parian marble statues and classic representations; oak extension table witk antique carving; table linen, Frenoh china, silver tea services, cake basksts, forks, spoons, Wory cutlery, heavy eat glassware, wines, chem r acnes, Madeira, liquor eases, decanters, Ac.; rosewood and mahogany bediteads of the antique and modern styles; rose wood marble top dressing bureaus, wasbstands. cornsr and tewel stands, paillasses, fins curled hair mattresses coun terpanes. bolsters and pillows, cbina toilet sots, oral and square gilt Irnaie mirrors, Ae. Sale positive. TJUGENI B. FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER -BY ]lJ FRANKLIN A NICHOLS? To morrow, (Wednesdsy, I at 10^ o'oluck. at 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John? Household furniture, ell paintings, mirrors, Ac., onsisting of beautifully oarved suits of Tocewood parlor rurnitore, covered in French satin brocatel; mahogany do., eovsred in hair cloth; all sorts of dining room aad chamber furniture, vis :|"ak. walnnt|aad mabogr ny extension dining tablei, wardrobes, bureaus, bedsteads, waahatands, Ac. ; a great vaiiety of centre, pier and fanny tables, in rosewood and mahogany; hair mattresses and palliasses? in short, almost every article in the bon*efnrniahing line. TiJs sale occenes the attention or purchasers. Catalogues on morn ing of sale. FCOLTON, ACCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF ? rosewood and mahocaoy furniture, carpets, oil olohts, French trfa'e mirrors, oil paintings, theirs, tv.?F. Cotton will sell *Ws day (Tuesday), June 5, at, 10'$ o'clock, at the anctlon rooms, No. W Reekman street seeond story, a very large nsef rtment of good new and second i.aud furniture of every detcrfption. Among the assort men t maybe found all the various kinds of rosewood, mahogany and marble top tur niture, book caees, secretaries, earpets and oil cloths, bed room, basement and kitchen fnrnitare, Ac. N. B.? Houee to let in Brooklyn, for the balance of the year, at a very low price, to a good tenant. GEORGE COOK. AUCTIONEER-ELEGANT NEW \T and fasblonsble furniture. French plate mirrors. oil paintings, tapestrv carpets. Ac.? This day, Tuesday, at lOJj o'ctock by STOVER A COOK, at their sales riooi, 304 r roadway comer ot Duane street, a large and splendid as sortment of rosewood, oak, mahogany and walnut drawing room, parlor, library, dining room and chamber furniture, and housekeeping artielea of every description. Every fa cility will be afforded to purchasers for boxing and shipping. Catalogues on the morning of sale. /^ROCERtlS, WHITE GRANITEW ARE, VEST PAT \T tems. this day, at tOK o'clock, at 57 Dey street, cor ner c' Greenwich? ^ Coats, grocer s wagon, cologne water, store anl saloon fixtures, teas, coffees, oocoa, choooUte, sugar*, lienors claret, champagne, 150 doten breakfast, dinnsr and soup plates, iron sates. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. (jHERiri'S SALE OF FORTY-SEVEN PANEL DOORS. U ?n TtfJsj, JsasV at 11 o'clock A M . at thj toot of Treaty ninth .treat, North river. JOHN OR*ER, Shrill "V S. Sat. mi, Depot/ (bertl. iAUmi AT AVOTBOIT. HBNBY B. UtDt, AUCTIONEER.? BT H H LI EOS 5> "d Wedaeeday. Jan* 6. at 1?H o'elook, at eton IV Nuni at., beautiful sal* of mar tie ?"??? from the Crystal Palace, with other articles, to be (aid without reserve, consisting of a sanerb boat of Lord Pelaerstou, exhibited at the Cryetal Pm?w; also, beautiful Flonatioe table topi. superb traaks, ?* Lamptni, Ao.; also, a Una oollaotioa of beaaii'al grape*, various sizes; alabaavsr statuary, with glass shad**, representing the Graces, and othar desirabl* Mom*; alio, ohina, broataa, plated war*, olocki. aad other valuable arti olea, not before exhibited. Can be aeaa oa the day of lilt. Immediately after th* aal*i of fanoy good*, at ealesrooms Me 19 Naxean itr*et, staffed birds? a large oMlectioa of stuffed bird* from atl parti of the world, ooileoted aad pro pared under tb* immediate supervision of the eo'obrated ornithologist, Mr. Oalbraith, consisting of bird* *ingly oa ?priai, groups oa do., under (hade*, Ao., mounted fa th* most subitantial aad beautifnl manner. HENBY H LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.-BY H. H. LEEDS A Co.? Wedneaday. Jane 6. exeoutor'i iale of geuteei hou**hold lornitore, at lPJt o'elook, at 48 at. Mtrlt'i place, near Second avenue, consisting of fine Eaglisk Brunei* car e, pier gla****, *te*?n, parlor faraiture, oovered la *ilk atel; parlor obairs, ooTared la etri pad water silk. with ?Up ooTar*; Frenoh olock and ruei. bronte figure*, a few piece* of real marble statuary, with pedestals; oil palatini*, rotawood pianoforte, oentr* table*, hall itand* and a hair*, coucbea and aofaa. oxteniion dining table, dialag room chain, mahogany furniture, In haircloth; ohina, gla**, plated ware, Ac.; bedroom*, la mahogany; drawing banana, ward r ->bcs, bureaus, French bedlteadi, mattresses, bod pillows, Ac. ; ingrain carpet#, chain. HINBY B. HERTS, JB, AUCTIONEER.? ON WED nesday, Jane 6, at itore No. fi>4 Pine itreet, at 10W o'clock.? Mortgage sale of the ooatente of tb* oatira stock * ,arK* grooery *atabliihment, re mo red for eonvoateaoe of iale, by order of attorney far mortgagee, comprtaiag tea* pickle*. anchcTie*. aardinei, Durham moitard, Yarmouth bloater*, farina, aalt. lancei, prepared cocoa, chocolate, fig*, raisins, tobacco, Otard aad Selgnette brandies, old Ja ma'oa rum. old Gordon Dnff sherry, Schiedam, ofab houie and grape leaf gin, Vaaeneay aad Hiodiiok ohampagaes, Mnir A Sons Edinburg ale. In easks; legan. regalias, X pin nbni, opera*, oomitai, Salvador*), condemns, and aeveral other cboio* brand*. Alio, ihow oases, platform and o>aa t arte ale*, tea and oaffee canisters. Sale poiitive. Henby t. lebos, auctioneer ? by n. b. wool ley A CO. ? Will Mil oa Tuesday, (thii day,) at 1U>? o' clock, at the *alea room, No. 36 Beekmaa itreet. ooraer of William, a large aad elegant aiaortment of household farai tare, oon lilting of one aeven octavo piano forte, ot elegant tone and flniah, mirror*, parlor, dinin< room aad chamber farniture, vii : spring ? eat sofas in hair cloth, parlor and dining room chain, carved mahogany and plain rockers, dreaaing bureau*, wa(h itandl, roiewood do., with and with out marble top*, dining aad tea table*, mahogany Fronoh bedlteadi, curled hair mattreme* and palllaiea, refrigera ton, oil painting*, oval mirror*, a large quantity of silver Slated and glass wan ; in *hort, a coaplete aaaortment of ous*hold farnltan, and will be lold without nterve, rain or shine. Catalogues at iale. JAMES COLE WILL SELL, THIS DAY, AT NOON, in th* Nerehaats' Bxohange, sixty building lota, la th* Fourteenth and Eighteenth wards of Brooklyn. Also, a large dock, with 260 foot water froat, ia the Fourtseath ward, without reserve, under direotion oi Cooke. Campbell A Bohomaker, Sheriff* ? oCce, Brooklyn. JOHN L. V AN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER, WILL tell this day. (Tuesday,) Jan* S, at 10>i o'olook, at th* ?alearoom 12 Maidea lane, a splendid (took of diamonda, watcbe* and Jewelry, to bo sold withou t reaorve, belog the ?took of a Philadelphia dealer and importer, to b* sold by ordsr of a**ign*e; among which may be fouad splendid single ?ton* diamond rings, plus, cluater do., earrings, broaches, ?tad*, Ao., all set with diamond* of the 8 rat water; 18 oarat gold ca*e watch**; ladiei' enamelled do.; independent ae conds, for timing race hor**s; Bngliah patent lovers, Ao., to gether with a large stock of gold jewelry, ooasistiag of suite* of earring* aad breast pin*, s*t with Mosaic, emerald, cameo, opal, Ao. ; bracelets, tarring* to matoh; On* gold fob, guard and ohatelain* **al and finger rings, of *v*ry variety; Sold pen* and pencil cans, watoh ke?>*, spectaoles, sleeve attons, lockets, Ac. The above aale affords the finest opportunity of th* season, ai every lot li to be sold panmp torily. T E. YAM ANTWERP, AUCTIONEER ? CROCKERY. O ? glaai and ohina.? J. E. Van Antwerp will sell, on Tues day. June 5, at 10 o'elook, at 216 Pearl street, from tb? shelve* and by package. 61 ci ate 4 white granite ware, as sorted; C do. light blae. 3 do. mulberry, 2 do. flowered blue, 7 do. C. C- dipped aad adgewan, I do. ohiaa assorted; 2 crates Rookinghsm spittoons. Also, 83 paokagts glasswan, a full assortment; knivea, forks, spoons, Ao. Also, part ot th* itoek of a ntailer. N. B.? Goods packed ia the best crder for shipping. Catalogues now ready. T MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER {WILL SELL THIS DAY, eJ ? at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a large assortmeat of every description of furniture ; alto, about 20U0 yards of carpet, a large lot of matting, Ao ; also, feather beds, mat - tre**.s, Ac. Ac. MARSHAL'S SALE -STEAMSHIP 03PREY ? BY VIR tae of a writ of sale, by the Honorable John K. Kauo, Judge tfl the diitrict court of the United States in aud tor the Eastern district of Pennsylvania in Admiralty to ma di noted, will be told at pablio sale, to the highest and bfst bidder for cash, at the Merchant's Exchange, la tho oity of Philadelphia, on Thursday, June 7. 1*V>, at half-pa.<<t 12 o' clook, by ODKNHEIMER A COOK, the steamship Oaprey, ter engine, machinery, tackl*, furniture, and apparel as she now lies at Queen street, in the river Delaware. The reals tend measurement of said ateamabip is 607 68-9S tons; length -173 7-10 feet; breadth 26 7-10 feet: depth of hold 13 3-10 feet, and she was bnllt in 1849. She lias a dining sa loon on dock sixty feet long, four life boat*, *alls and rig ging complete, anohors and cables, four Johnson's patent fining tables, mattreaiea, pillowa, blanket* sheets, bedco vers and pillow cues for aboat 100 first class passentors, cooking apparatus complete, crockery and glaaaware, water casks, awnings signal and signal lanterns; also life prescrv en, hose and patent pumps aooordiag to the late act of Con gress. Can b* examined anv day prior to aale. F. M. WYNKOOP, U. S. Marshal, E. P. of Penna. BW. LATHAM, AUCTIONEER -J. THOMPSON'S ? (took auction salsa on Wednesday, Jrne 6, at the Mercbanta' Bxohange, at lj>i o'clock. $12,1100 Missouri State 6 psr eent coupon bonds. S7,(X!0 Virginia Stale 6 per cent coupon bonds. $1,000 North Carolina State 6 per cent coupon bonds; into rest April and October, in this city. $4,000 San Francisco City 10 per oent ooupon band*; intei est 1st May and November, dated May 1851, due 1871, each $1,003 $A 000 Lake Erii, Wabash and St. Louis 7 par oent 1st mortgage convertible bondi; intenat lat February aad August, in New York; da* in 1865. each $1,000 $7, 0W) Gnat Western B. R. Co. (Illiaoi.) 7 percent mortgage bonds, convertible; lntereet Febru ary and August, in New York, each $1,000 All punhan* mast be paid for on or befon 1 o'clock of the day after the sale. When purchases an mad* fo- ac count of parties out of the oity, 10 per c*nt will be nqmnd on the d?V ef sale, and six days' Race giv?u (adding interest) on the balatoe. The accrued Interest will go to the pur chaser (the sam* as at the Board of Brokers), excopt then otherwise stated. J. THOMPSON, office No. 2 Wall street. SHERIFF'S SALE OF BAR FIXTURES, Ac.? THIS day, (Tuesday,) June S, 1855, at 10 A.M., at No. 310 Broadway, consisting ot decanters, glasses, engravings, oil paintings, liqnon in demijohns, ale In hogsheads and barrtls, porter in bainls, pier glas*es, counters, tables, Ao , Ac. Tunis morbell, auctioneer ? this morning, 10>g o'cloek, at No. 81 Na*saa street, near Sua otBoe.lrose weoa suit of parlor furniture, covered gold and crimson sa tin brosatel, tables to matoh, roiewood etegen, oval French plate piar glas***. Also, oil paintings or superior qaalitr, (besides others, ordinary.) piano fortes. Spanish hair, Ac. mattresses, mahogany and buck walnut farniture, in large vsriaty, oak extension dining tables, lounges aid bedsteads, cottag* fornitun. Also, nfrigerators of mx aises, wardrobes aad bookcase*, fancy table*, Ae., easy aad rock ing chain. Private parties or dealers can be supplied by at tending this day'* iale. Th* mode of selling will satisfy. No purchaser nqnued to make deposit. TnONAS M. CONNAUGHTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL sell, at his new ston, No. It6 Spring street, on tms any, .lane 0. at 2 o'clock, a large aasortment of household furni ture, consisting of mahogany aad black walnut sofas, la hair eloth and plash; parlor chain, bookcase* aad nfrigerators, black walnut ana marble top table*, bureau* and waah atands, ingraia and Brussels carpets, clocks, chandalleri and lamps. 8. MELLOB, AUCTIONEEB, BY HOUGHTON A Mellor, this day, June 5th, at 10>? o'elock, at the spa cious vales rooms 113 Nassau St., n*ar Beekman. peremptory aale to pay advaaees aad eles* consignments of over$10,u00 worth of elegant cabinet furaitun, three fine toned rose wood planotorte* mad* by Oilb*rt, Lind*man aad Barmore, of N*w York and Boston; tkick French plate pier, mantel and oval mirron in riehly ornamented frames ; several richly deeonted aad enamelled ebamber suit*, plain aid with msrbl* tops, with otb*r rich aad dMirabl* houset'ur niihing goods Cabinet fnrnitun will conaist of the entin stock or a tint class city cabinet maker removed for con vaniencs ot aale aad sold positively to pay advaaees; in the stock will be found she solid rosewood parlor suits of furni tun. medallion backs, eovend in tb* most oostly two a ad three oolored French satia brocatel and brocade; suits ia plukh, hair cloth and moqnet; solid rosewood centre tables with statuary marbl* tops; pier and side do., elaborately carved ronwood etegare, mirror doors, aides aad backs; mn?ic and ladles' cabinets and writtag secretaries; pearl in laid tables; chamber farnitnn in great variety; solid rose wood bedstead, bureaus aad washstands in suit* to match; mahogaay aad walnut do, uith marble to?s; variety medium olais furnitnw; tote a-tetes; sofa aad sofa bedsteads; spriag seat Voltaire, oasy and rocking chain; library and secretary bookcases; oak, mahogaay aad rosewood extension dining tablet fourteen feet long ; ball staads, with hall chatn to match; reception chain ta fancy covering; ricbly ornamented mantel vases; Uritanaia wan tea sets. We invite the tnde, country merchants aad theee about refarnisbiog to examioo tb* alov* stock before purchasing elsewhere. Th* articles are now arranged for exbibition. Geoda can be packed for ahip ping on the premises or storage can be obtained by applying at the office. w. WILLIAM IRVINfi, AUCTIONEER.? C HOICE COI. leolion of modcA oil painting*. WILI.IAM IRVING k Co.. will aell at auction on Toeaday, June 5, at o'clock, at the salesroom, No. S Fine atreet, fine modern oil j'ainting* In rich gtft frames; a imall and choice collection of modern painting* of the English aebool, comprising the Hay field, by &bayer; a pair of cattle eroding the brilge, by hhayei; a pair of pointing! by Bright; beautiful apesimen* from the e a sel of Morris, of London; undoubted original* by Rolfe; an inhibited piotare by Uinzell; Ciper Encampment and ao?ne in Devonshire, by Shvyer, Jr. ; a delightful specimen of Kidd; alio, many others, amonir which are noticcable ex amples from the itadioiof U. Karl, Herring, William*, Arnt Held, Cook*. Andrew*, Witherington, J. B. Pine, Elen Hancke*. Btanfield, Hamilton, Goodall, Collins, Lancaet*r, Wayne aad other*; alto, a Salvaior Rosa and a very tine piiture, bv G. Daviaon, from the Tbyanen gallery. The nbere choice collection will be fonnd well worth the attention of thore deilron* of obtaisim fine example* of the modern English *cbool. Now on exhibition. TV* t I.I.I AM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER WILL SBLL ON ?? Wedneaday, Juno 0, at 10;j o'olock. at 22 Dethune ttrcet. to cloie an eatate, one piano; one piano cover, worth two mantel clock*, mlrr'r, aofa, carpet*, crockery, kitchen utensil*, Ac. Sale without ieaerve. for cash \KJM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON v? Tburcdav afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at IT Canal atreet, a large {assortment ol ucntcel houiehold furnitnre from famtllee breaking np housekeeping, Including one elegant rosewood piano, two melodeona. on? *nit of mahogany fur niture in hair cloth, marble top centre table*, pier and oval mirror*, oil painting*, lace cur'ains. mahogany bookcase, elegant tapestry and othar carpets, marble top drilling (J ream ana wathitanii*. toilet aet s, mahogany and wal0l.? bedrteada, hnlr mattreoe*. hedding. dining rsom kitchen tnmltnre; al*o china, glaaa and plated ware. ? DAIfCIltO ACADKMUKB. SRAND APOLLINEA-NEW AND FASHIONABLE dancing 37? Fourth urea*. -Mr. 8ABACCO, only accomplished teacher of the modern dance*, well ? ?own m America, haa tba honor to inform the visiters of the watering place*, composing the first class ol eocietv that he Wlfi open cn Tuesfay. J.fne 3. a ... K?C2& academy, in which ho will trite lessons every day Ths ladle* and gentlemen who may honor with their natro ntge can be enured to learn by his uniiine method in a r?? leaeona. Ml the mo.t fashionable dance*. ' * *W FTIHS1TII RE, ' 1,'NAMV.I I r:< COTTAGE ?MNinnr N*?r i ?.-t !i tyculta mIowm IK. at the aaanfaetory a?4 war* ro sn*. 034 lra*l*af, M*r UatekM a'nat, b?*U?ietwi ?t|it ?f Md fufcloaaM* enamel) ?4 an Its. ?. ?. WiRWCC*. uuiioi Ka. 2. ? i iTumpi, mj xm uargun m u?., uoiw Mi monbaat*, 102 Mmmmm ittaM, dhik mt *??, ttA 7? HAA T0 LOAN? OK BOUGHT FOB CASH, Vl/ I t/.UUU iiwoidi, vttobn. j ow nirr, aud atary description of valuable pioperty, by JOS. E. la A AC, kiM Bent oBlo?, 11 Chamber* atreet, Wtiui Chatham aad ? tre Ttunoltosi linttli totldntitL N. B.? The buh**t prioo paid lor old gold id4 diver, from 8 A. M. t e 6 P. 8. tonn nnn -money to loan on diamonds, f^Uv.UUU, watcha*. Jewelry, go I a and silver pitta, pianor, and all kind* of honaehold furniture Baaiaeaa con fidential and safe, Apply at 38 Heekman atreet, third loor. Real eitate bought and aold an commlaaioa. L. BALCU, Broker, i : MCC nfift ?PERSONS WISHING TO NBGliTI ATI ; $lU().UUV!. loana, or aell any valaable.pereoaal pro ' party, conaiating of diamonds, wa*ohes. jewelry, segars, 4o., out be accommodated on reaa enable terma by appMng to FORBUSd A JOHNSON 107 Nauau atre?t, antranaa 2U Ann atreot. rooma 4 and 5. <5>7 r nnn TO LOAN onmortoage for a term qp I UtUUU of year*, U anma to anit applicant', on real eetate in thie city and Brooklyn. Alao, S*> 000 to lavoit in tbe purchase of bond* and mortgage* ol SI uot and upwards. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 13 Wall (treat. dtr C nnn T0 LEND on BOND AND MORTOAGE, CW.UUU in anma to anit applicanti, on good produc tive real eatate in thia oity or Brooklyn. Apply to 8. 3. BROAD, 15 Wall atreet, aecond atory, front room*. (ten nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, VUviUUv in anma of SAOOU to SlO.Mi?, on ioapiived property in this oity. worth diable the amount. Broker* need not anawer. Address Trnatee, box 157 Herald offlou. a>l n nnn ? advanced ox diamonds, fTViUl/U ? watches, jewelry, ptanofortea, and every description of merobandiae. Bnelneea atnotly confidential. Apply to J. LYON A CO., MM Heoaton atraat, b?two?n Mercer and Greea. <C/1 n nnn -Horn liberally advanced on S>tU,uUU. diamond*, watobes. Jewelry, serar*, (took*, aud all kind* of merchandise, by JOSEI'H LYON A CO., 15 William i tree t, room 10. Partie* waited on at their reai dence*. N. B..? All tranaactiona confidential. 4tl n nnn TO ws 000 wanted, on a loan for Vlv?UUU two or tbreo year*, to bo aecared by bond and mortgage on real eatate, worth five time* the amount loaned. A liberal oommiaaion paid i( obtained toon. Apply to SANDFORD, STRIKER A PORTER, 61 Liberty atreet. <PZ nnn ? ro* SALE, five mortgages, of one ^PUA/UU, thonaand dollar* eaoh, on property aitntted in tbo oity of Brooklyn; (eourity undoubted; will be aold to gether or (eparately. Inquire of L. D. FKEDK1CKS, No 8 City Hall plaoo. ?1 nnn 0B ?2.?00 WANTED, to INCREASE THE ^Pi.,UUU atock of a proa table retail buiineaa on Broad way, (eligibly (itnated. (at a low rent,) tbo oapitallat secur ftd with tbo (took, fixture* and ltase; and recei re S3 per oont for tbo lavaatmont. Immediate application roquired. Ad dree* Experienoo, Box IN) Herald offioe. (MOA WANTED.? A MAN WHO WAS OBLIGED to leave hi* ooantry, hi* houto, hi* buaine**, aad family, conAting of a wife and three ohildern, on aoonnnt of tho disturbance, 1* willing to give bl* liberty for $130, becaate he will reaoue hi* family, who are in tho greateat diatre**; be ii i* firat rate la the clothing trade, or any Dual ne?*. A gentleman who will try (hall be rewarded beyond hia expectationa. Good reference can bo given. Addreaa T. A. D., Herald office. Ant amount of monet to loan to mer ohanta, manufacturers and tho pnblio generally, or wUl buy at sight merchandise. diamond*, Jewelry and per aonal property, and collateral Mcnrity of alt kind*, at the old responsible and *afe Pacific Agency and Private Loan Office, over Pacifio Bank, oorner Broadway aad Grand (treot. BniineM confidential, prompt ana *ale. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PVRCHAS ed at *lght, diamond*, watoho*, rioh jewelry, meechan diae, aad valuable porioaal property generally. R. WOOD, 6U Fulton (treat, aeoond floor, front room, frim S A. M. to BP. M. Financial-ssooo to loan upon improved city property oentcally looated; nut be worth double the *um loaned. Ala* an odd aum of WW. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudioa strait. FINANCIAL.-S3.S00 WANTED IMMEDIATELY-AND 1 will *ell property here with privilege ef purohaao at inch into that the oapitallat wilt realixa 10 to IS per cent per annum, euro for th,-/e to ton year*. All communications confidential. No broker* need apply. Addreaa box 4,077 Po*t Office. ?ETONEY TO LOAN.? PER80N S REQUIRING TEM iri porary advance* on real eitate, diamond*, plate, watohas, Jewelry, pianofortaa, dry good*, horsoi, carriage*, and every detcript ion of peraonal property, promptly ao commodated by tho Empire Loan and Agency Company, 333 Broadway, opposite tho Broadway theatre. C. WILLS, Agent. VT OTICE. ? THE JULY INTEREST, ON THE CIVIL i.1 Fundi Bonda, of the 8tate of California wiU bo paid by JOHfi COOK, Jr., at hi* office, 31 Broadway, on preoen tation of the ooupoaa, on and after the 30th June, 1(434. POTOSI LEAD COMPANY-A MEETING OF THE ?tookholder* of ttia company will be held at the office oi H. G Stebbins, Esq , 41 William itreet, on Tueaday, the lDth inst., at 1! o'clock P.M. '1 he object of the meetiug i* for the purpose of presenting to the (tookholders a statement ot the afl'aira of the company, and for toe transaction of luoh other buaine** as may Be deemed neoesaary. H. G. Stebbins, James W. Blatchford, Simeon Leland, Trustee*. TO CAPITALISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM prbvement Company offor to capitalists for investment tbe remaining half of their S per cent bonds (?4!V.,0?)i), pay able February 1, 1H63, Interest semi annually, at tho Bank of North America, city of New York. These bonds are m curt d ty a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua tion, more than denble the amonnt; also, a son the improve ment itielf, together with its proceeds, water power, Ao Inquire at the ofllee of the company, 14 Wall street. ANTED TO BUT? ONE 0* TWO SHARES OP THi Academy of Mueie. Address box 4,230 Post Offloe. w BQSCELLAiraOUS. T? DOES' FIRST PREMIUM COLORED AND aniL X!i LIANT HKEWORK.S. Many new and orlcinal designs, appropriate to tbe coming anuiverssry, never before offered to the public. The subscribers are now prepared to famish display* for cities, towns or filiates, to any extent, and have on hand ? complete variety of sale work, of very superior quality, which they offer at tho lowest market priees. Orders will meet with prompt attention. Address JOS 0. A ISAAC EDGE Jr., United States laboratory, Jersey City, or ?UN CAN A BOBBINS. 10 Maiden lane, Hr. T., Our only authorised agents for tho city of New York. "CM REWORKS ? NEW YORK LABORATORY, 196 FRONT X1 street.? Fire cracker*, Canton rockets, double ?* taders, joss aticks, and a complete assortment of fire work.. , war ranted of the first quality. Country merohaats and dealers in general, also committees for city and eountry displays, supplied on tbe most liberal terms. M. BENNETT, 19C Front street. Firework depot, ss division street, wheri can bo found all the various kinds male by the beet manufacturers, and warranted to bo of the tirst quality, at the lowest cash pri<<es. Country dealer* supplied, and or ders punctually attended to. THUS. 1. JONES. 38 Division street. EW PATENT SPECTACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN _ mg vision, and tor aeeing both n?*r and distant objeot* with one pair only, aceurataly Adjusted to tie eye.? Manu factured by Protoisor FRANKS, Patentee, Lecturer on the Unman Eye, Optician to the Now York Hospital and >?w York Eye Infirmary. Office No. 2 Park row, opposite tbe Astor House. Easiness hour* from 9 A. M. to t> P. M. N1 Rheumatism vrhecmatismi '-the most won derfol recipe of the present age? no mora sufferiig from rheumatism? an instant and permanent cure. The proprie tor brought tins receipt from l>ondon twenty-five years n^o, and it bat never tailed. A oopy of the receipt may be had b* esolosingfl toll. B., cere of J. Cornwall, soger store, 2Skj Greenwich street, first abovt Chambers street. Show cases.-hoffman a fbrish, show case ware rooms, 67 Bowery, between Walker and Bayard streets. Case* made in every style, silver plated, bra**, rose and satin wood, mahogany, Ac. N. B.? Old caste taken in exchange. Orders promptly executed. mo JEWELERS, ENGRAVERS, WATCHMAKERS, Ao L William Park, stone, seal and cameo engraver (late with A. W. Krancis) beg* to inform tbe trade in general that he ha* commenced business at 247 Broadway, and intend* to execute every dessription of work in his line with neatness, accuracy and despatch. He hope* trom hi* esperienoe, in Europe and in this otuntry, to merit a share of tbeir patron age. Arms, crest*, devices, initial*, Ao , in every ityle. WM. PARK. 247 Broadway. OOD MOULDINGS t WOOD MOULDINGS :? CAR renter*', ship loincr*', and gilders' wood moulding*.? It i tact that we have no less than throe large e* w is ? positive tabliabmcnts, in full operation, delivering wood moulding* a* faat as they can be manufactured; and if the demand contiaues as at present, we shall be driven to tbe necee?ity of opening at leaet three more. The first, for tbe in'ormation of our cltv and country customers, is located at 142 Centre ?treat, between Walker and White; the *econd is at 430 Tenth street, near avenue D, New York; tbe third is In Hamilton street, Newark. NewJeriey. At each place we are determined to keep (regardless of ?ipen?e) an immense variety of woed mouldings, of every conoeivable desbrn, suitable for build ing and other purpoies, manufactured from tbe best season ed lumber the market afford*? tbu* avoiding the neeeislty of travelling around from place to place collecting the differ ent patterns they may require. Tbe goods selected will at once be paektd and sent on board of boat tfr cars, free of charge, to the purchaser. If in the city, they will be delivered at their place of businsea, or building* (if within a reasonable distance.) so that no delay cm pesslblv occur to pnrtia* doing business with thi* Arm N. B.? Carpenters and sMp Joiner* will please send their address, in order that t he v may be fnrniahed with one of our spier did litho graph sheets, detaining nearly four hundred different de signs, suitable for either cottage or palace. 8EI.LER3 A COMPANY, 142 Centre street, between Walker and White, and 490 Tenth street aear avenue D, New York, and Hamil ton street, Newark, New Jertey, EXPRESS aorkciks. VVRF.KMAN A CO. S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS, <SWC " cessor* to Adams A Co.? Ofllee M Broadway. ? Our next express** for California will leave on Tueiday, June 5 per steamer George Law, via Panama, closing at 1 o'clock P. M. ; aad per Star of the West, via Nicaragua, closing at 2 o'clock. P. M. Both expresses in charge o( special meseea ger*. Freight at reduoed rates. FREEMAN A CO., Proprietor*. PACIFIC EXPRESS COMPANY FOR CALIFORNIA, Oregon, Sandwich Islands, China and tbe Sootheen eoaet. Office, 134 Broadway. Our next regular oxpressoe leave on Tuesday, June 5th. per * teamen George Law (via Panama), and Star of the West (via Nicaragua), in charge of special messenger*. Freight and peokages reoeived at lowest rates. This express rung to all (be interior town* of California, at *aeh of which w* have office* and agent*. We have no eommenioatlen In any way with Adam* A Co., or with any of the previeu* partner* of that houte. WM. H. HALL. Agent. TO SHIPPERS OF EXPRESS GOODS TO CALIFORNIA AMD OREGON. We wonld respectfully inform shippers aad the pnblio in general, that we have established an expre** to aad trom California and Oregon, under the name and (tyle ?t O. H. Wines A Co.. to leave New York on the Sth aad 2lMh, aad San Francisco on thn lit and 16th of each month. Oar first express will be despatched on the 20th last , in oliMge of a competent and experienced messenger Our Mr. Winos hes?o?g been known ai the manager of the California freight department of Well*. Fargo A Co. With his experience *n4 tbe active devotion of our energiee, combined with onr supe rior feci Utiee, we trust w e shall receive a liberal Mire ef bQltl0M. n? m>kc?. 0. H. WINES A CO, Thus Morgan , Ksq. f New Nt X Bjw' ng Gr^n W* Hail A Sens, \ voce New York. V. K. UeptiKi, Esq., 3? r^annti*. boaroiivo aru lobuiro. 713 BBOtDWAY, CORNER WASHINGTON l'LACE. ? F u nithed null to U(. r?Ql BROADWAY. ENTRANCE FIRST DOOR IN UOl Auntv atrtet ? U*ntlem*n and their fir* or ato?l? gentlemen can be tcctuBodaMl with full or partial i,V.*A A ,ew tranalent boarder* caa all* be acoommod ated. ***** ***?* m ia the houM SRS HANDSOME, LARUI f i 1 ?? ? JLa w ? ' V Without board, to a *?n tleman and wlfa. The house ha* a* the modern imorove inenta Alto, oae or two young ladle* ?%s ^ aooommo 379 FOURTH STRFET-APARTMENTS AND ROOMS elegantly furtUheo. to lot with or witnoat boa<4 1QA HUDSON STREET. ? GEN TLB MEN AND THKIR J U\) wive*, and aiuglo gentlemen. t>aa liar* pleasant rooms, with or without board. Reiereaoe required. "1 C7 BLEKCEEB STREET. OPPOSITE DEPAU BOW. ii' I ?The above Ural ola** bonce, replete with improve ment*, i* aow ready for the reception of b urden. Famili** desiring de'ightfcil apartment*, separately or la *ait?, will And superior accominodatioa*. Location on stage route. I AX NINTH STREET. ? SUIT OF HANDSOMELY XTO In routed room* to let, on second floor, to a family, with private table, if preierred. Al*o. two room* for eia?la geutltiin-n. with full or partial board. Hon** ant date ple**anlly located, between Broadway and Fourth avenue in* W AVE RLE Y ptACB XUIKD DOOR we3T or rV", Waahingtea nark.? A few deairable room* eaa be had, with board, bjr a family or (iugle geatlemea. Liooatioa i? one of tbe mo*t delightful ia the city; term* moderate. Reterence* exchanged. Uou*e flrrt claaa. 10* T,ST FOURTEENTH STREET, APARTMENTS J in tulte or (Ingle may be ofttained by a few (elect families or bachelor*, who are wiiling to pay liberal for the beat of accommodation. Q1 PRINCE STREET. WF.STOF AND NBAR BROAD y *? way.? A few tingle gentlemen can obtain room* and board it moderate prices. Horns first olua, handsomely furniched, containing all the modern improvement*. Q1 EAST 26TH STREET? ROOMS. SINGLE OR EN 5?JL aulte, with or without bsard. Looation very deaira Die, being a tew dooi* lrom Lexington avenue. 7n FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I U Broadway, parlor* o a flrat floor, separate or together, ?site* and *iagla room*, on (eooad and third flo era, neatly furnished for gentleman, to let for a ihort parted if required. Teem* from two to ten dollar* p*r week. /7n W*ST TWENTY- THIRD STREET? BOARDING. I \J furnished or anfurniihed room* on leoond and third floor*, with full (r partial board; tl rat ola** hoaae, private family; bath, ga*. Ac. Reference* ?xohaag*d. DELANCY STREET.? PLEASANT FURNISHED \J?i room* on th* second or third floor to let, with full or ptrtial board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wit ei, where tbey can find all the comfort* et a good home ia a respectable American family. OO VARICK STREET, COBNER OF BEECH, FRONT ing on St. John'* park, two front room* furnished, ?uitable ter a gentleman and wite, or two aingl* gentleman, with full or partial board; bath, ga* and key to the park. Reterenoe* exchanged. 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE.? VERY CON venient apartment* for families or lingl* gentlemen, with board. A fine airy location for ike summer, being situated near the Hudson; po**e*ee* overy faollity of aooeu to ail parts of the city. * HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM FOR A SIN gle gentleman, with paiCIrl board. Th* family is small, the house ha* all the modern improvemout*. Apply at 62 Ninth *treet, the flrrt white hense we*t of fifth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVIMG A HAN DSOITE ROOM, JX in a houie with the modern improvement*, would like Mintieman and wite or two aingl* gentlemen to room with or partial board. Call at 166 We*t Nineteenth itreet, near Eighth avenue. Term* reasonable. A FRENCH FAMILY RESIDING A SHORT DIS tanoe from New York, having only a little boy fonr year* old. wonld be willing to take another child to board, which will flad maternal oare, good instruction and a plea >aat homa. Addie** for partlculari M. M , Herald ofllce. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET, to tingla gentlemen, at 742 Broadway, near Aitor place. AN ELEGANT 8UITE OF ROOMS TO LET? WITH U\. board, in a private family, 62 Eait Sixteenth itreet, near Union iqut e and Irving plaoe. A respectable family or a few gentlemen may Moure room* for the summer or per manently either on the first, second or third floor; refer ence* exchanged. A FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM. OF GOOD SIZE, ON first or reeond floor; furniture must be of the vary be*t kind, for a tingle gentlemen of pleasure aad mean*, who wishe* the comfort* of a home in a quiet aad elegant *tyle. None but those who live in aflluence need addreis, a< it is th* wl*h of the gentleman to get *up*ri*r accommodation*. Situation above Canal itre?t. Addre** James, Broadway I'cat Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS Louae, having more (pace than required, ofler to let two or three pleasant chamber*, with partial board, if desired; also, a pleasant office, with an adjoining room, suitable lor a surveyor or physician. Addre** liM Second avtnne, uear Twelfth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they repair*, wonld let to a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, a handsomely furuUhed front and back parlor on first floor, with fnll or partial board, at 17 Keawiok itreet. 1 etm* moderate. A CARD ?TO BOARDERS AND ALL PERSONS wiiliing boarders.? Th* boarding house agency of the ?ubtcrlbtr will b* removed, tor the eanvenienoe of the pub lic, from Clinton llnll to hi* now olfloe, MP8 Broadway, next above Grace Church, on the 10th of June, where he will be molt happy to fee hi* nomerou* friends and tfce public eene rally, a* ntnal. R. p. QooDVIN. A FEW SELECT BOARDKBS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS furnithed cr unfurnished, with or without board, in a private family, in a new brown stone house, containing all the modern improvement*. Apply at 114 Kaat Tbirtoenth itreet. between Second aad Third avenne*. Reference* exchanged. A WIDOW LADT WILL LET TWO FURNISHED A parlor* aad bedroom, with board, for a lady and gen tleman, for (II, or partial board ??a*leaen at S3 60. Private family Location unanrpaxed. Apply at ?ixth houie from Montague atreet ia Furman street, near Will *tre*t ferry, South Brooklyn. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BBD reom attached, raitable for two (ingle gentlemen, or a gentleman aad wife, to l?t, with or without partial board, at ICO Boerum (tract. Brooklyn, witbia (even minute*' walk of South ferry. Termi verj moderate. Family small. A WIDOW LADY, RESIDING AT 88 HARRISON il streot, South Brooklyn, wiahe( to let, with partial or full board, tbree oritur room* to familie* or *ingl* gentle men. Koomi front, large aad airy, family imall and cheer ful; eight minute*' walklrom th* South or Hamilton ferric*. Term* moderate. AGENTEEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GEWTLE mea, can be accommodated with pleasant room*, wit a board, at H8 We*t Twenty second street. The houu con tain* tb* modera Improvement! , and la convenient to car* and itagea. A PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYING MORE ROOM J\. than they require, wonld aeoomodata a few gentleman with pleasant fnrniahed rooma; location and houaa deiira bl* ; Amity (treat ttage* pai* the door; bath and ga*. In quire at 32 Greenwich avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYINO MORE ROOM < han they renulre, would aceonmodate a few single gen tlemen, or a gentleman and hi* wife, with board. Alto an of fice, tunable for a physician or dentiat. Reff rence exchang ed. Itqnire at 143 Weit Twenty-second (treet, between Sixth and Sevcnthfaveauee. A PINE LABGE PARLOR TO LET? TO ONE OR TWO A (ingle gentlemen, with partial board, in a house replete wi'h all tbe modern improvement^ conveniently located ac to railroad and ttage routes; for one, #7; two, S4 a piece per *eek. Apply at 117 Weet Fifteenth (treet, near Seventh avenue. A FURNISHED PARLOR, OR I'ARLOR AND BED A room to lot, in a private family, with partial board, if desired. Inquire at 94 White street, on* door from Elm. Reference* exchanged. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM OR ?ingle room*, with full or partial hoard, in a pri vat* family. The honae 1? pleasantly located, haa ga* batb, Ac. Apply at 146 Watt Twenty Mcond atreet, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenne*. Reference* exchanged' PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS bouie up town, will let a bedroom on th* third floor to a gentleman, with the privilege of partial board with the family. Best of reference required. Terms moderate. Ad dree* L. H , Herald office. A LARGE AND PLEASANT FRONT OR BACK ROOM, A on the leeoad floor, neatly furniibed, with jpantrie* and bedroom, if required, to lot, to a gentleman aad wife or a couple of lingle gentlemen; or would be let to gentlemen witbent beard. Apply at 81 Henry atreet. A Board? with elegant rooms and every convenience, in a healthy and delightful situation, WO We?t Twentieth itreet oppseite the grounds of the Theolo gical Seminar j. Board-several handsome parlors, with ledreonn attached, finely furnished, are new vacant, at ID Wavorley plaee, and ean be had for the seapon. Dinner at six o'clock. Alec liable room*. Board.? a private family, one block from Union (quart, would like to rent a ipare room to u gen tleman. For further particulars address J. B. J , box I ,.'>50 Poet Office. BOAED.-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN board la a private family, where hi* enjoyment would be (tudied. Id a modern bnilt bouse, convenient to cart and etages; term* moderate: references exchanged. Apply at No. 0 Warren place, Charles street. Board -rooms, for families or single gen- ; tlemea, with full or partial board; the bonee is delight fnl'y titled, overlooking the park on Union square. | ! Strangers visiting the city, would find an agreeable borne, I nnd good accommodations. Apply at 22 Union place, Board in twenttthird strebt.-a hand somely furnished suit of rooms, to let, with full or par i tiaJ board. Also, a single room, in a Brut olaae house, with 1 all the modern improvement*. Also, a basement, suitable | for a physician's office. Apply at 7ti West Twenty-third street References exchanged. Board near bt. johns park.? funished rooms, with board, tor gentlemen, or gentleman and tbeti wives, without children, in first class house No. LS Varick street. Baths and gas, with privilege of park. Re lerences exchanged. Boarding, near Washington r a rk.? tii e en tire second floor, three rooms deep, with bedroom;, s?s, batl", Ac , with or without board, to respectable parties. Paiiil? small, nnd hone* elegantly ftarnisled. Inquire at lOMdscn place, one block from Broadway, between Waver ley place and Eighth street. Board in Brooklyn? vert desirable newly hirnielied rooms, In ens el tne finest locations in Brook lyn, to let, with board; also, a tup iron' room, in has* | meat, to a physician. Terms Moderate, Apply at LB6 At lantlc street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? single rooms for geni t lemon, with partial b<ard Also a small back parlor andjattio room, ia a handiomely furnished house, with all the modern hnprovemente, in a genteel and airy situation; within three minute*' walk of Atlantis and Sve o( Wail street ferries. Apply at *S8 Henry street. Hoard in Brooklyn. -two single gentle men can bo accommodated with partial board in a pri vate family where there are an other boarders, in Seonad place, Bcnth Brooklyn The room is large and airy com manding a line view of the ha/; also a privets parlor Ifre qnited Ret tense ttchaiu"! A ldt'n N. E, U?*al4 eft?e. HOARDING AID LODOIHO. Board in Brooklyn* -uinubmin and their W1?M, and a la* aingle gentlemen, can b? a'oommoditad with rood board Bud plMMtl room*, by applyiag " M SUM ?"?i, corner of GlHn ftrcot. Board in south Brooklyn.? a lady AMD l?nt]rni??, and two ir ?brea tingle geatl-m-n n? b? arennini..da'ed with hoard and tdeaaant rooms In a ptlvate faou'y boats n?w and alr? and within threo mianU*' walk of Ham. toa forry e>ery att*btij? paid to th? comfort* af tno'o rtaidu i with tbrrn; gat ia the house. In.tnitw at W I'roeideM itrtet. Board at nmtoKEM ?four or five gentle ?Dra ca? be a< romiuodetm! wl'.h two furnithnd room*. With or without hoard; in a bow house wit hit a law minuter walk oi ferries; family American; location pleasaat and imM-r h Apply at il Uardea ttreet, near 8mm1. Board in bohoken ? coor board and plea roania in ?v>r? desirable loeativn may ba obtained ryapplyiug immediate!) ai hu Uarden .treat, Reter.nces Board at y-onrers ? may de obtained at tiie Pacitio Dotal, which ia locatad ia one ot the inoat (elight t?l tltuation* npon the North river, witbin three minute*' walk of tho railroad atation. Board wanted-in the city or country, in a private family by an American wid <w lady, of t'lea* Ing manners, wb era aba could devota half of each day to ?awing! a* a compensation for her board, orahe would ba fouiid aa agreeable companion to an invalid Addrou Mr*. R Gray, Union tquare I'mI Office, for tbla woek, where an interview can bo had. Rtftrance* exokaaged. Board wanted? a young gentleman de ?irea a furnished front room, with partial board, la a genteel private family. Location above Fourth stroe' and near Broadwav. Terme muat be ruatonablo. Best ofretor enoa given ana required. Addren 0. S. C., Herald office. BOARHNO -375 bECOND AVENUE ? A FEW HAND *oma parlors, and bodroom* attached, with gat, bath* Ac. will be lat, on teaaoaable terms, to imtable boarden; alto, aingle room*. cool and pleaiant far thi lomner. Ap ply to L. Blakeloclr. BOAR b I NO. -A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAM BE accommodated with board by applying at 105 DivUion atreet, opposite Eldridga; alao, a raw young ladle*, with oleaa, airy room*. Ternia reaionablo. Boarding -a grntleman amd lady cam be aceommodated with pleaaaut rooms, with board for the lady only; alao a few tingle ladiet. near Broadway, below Bleecker atreet. Address Mrt. J. H iff man, Brand way l'oat Office. B0AKD1NC-A GENTLKMAN AND HIS WIFE (WITH out children) or a ouple of tingle gentlemen can have a large second atorj front room, onfurniehed, with chande lier m a neat boute; containing gaa, bath, Ac., one door from East Broadway, with ? young American family and where they ran enjoy all tba comfort* ef a homo A tingle gentleman can alto have a neatly turnlibed room, with fall or partial board. Addreta Amerioan, Herald office. BOARDING-THREE OR FOUR SINGLE GENTLE men oan be accommodated with board, ia a modern houte, occupied by a private fatrily, supp led with het.oold, shower katba, Ac., and the reqniaita comfortt of a home. Reference* required. Apply at 144 Waver ley place, aiz door* from Sltth avenue. BOARDING-IN FOURTEENTH STREET.? A LADY having a law room* unocoupied. is dcsirou* of letting them to a gsnleman and hi* wife, or for iin?-Ie reutlcmeu; beautiful large room* furnished or unfurnished. south erner* can be aoeommodated at 64 Welt 14th ai , between r. ,k and 6th avenue*. Boarding. -a beautiful and well fur niihed <ront room on the tecond floor, with gai, hot and oold water, large clo*et*, Ac., to let to a gentleman and wife, with lull board for th* larty, breaklast and tea for the gea tleman, with dinner on Sunday* Apply at No. 21 West Twenty aecond street, near Fifth avenue. Boarding in Brooklyn, in a small family. ?A gentleman and his wife, or two or three aingla gentlemen, can obtain board at No. 402 Pacific strei t, be tween Bond and Navie*. The bouae i* situated in a first class neighborhood, and handiomely iurniihed, with ga>, ba'h Ac. Term* moderate. COUNTRY BOARD.? ELM PARK, RYE, WESTCBES. ter ocunty ? An agreeable auminer retreat Is d j* open at tbi* place. The asenery 1* beauliful, bathing good; eve ry convouienoa for fishing, boating, Ac. Communication daily by cara or (teamboat. Apply at Elm Park or 174 W. Twenty *acond atreet. (COUNTRY BOARD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY PLEA J aantly situated near High Bridge For particular*, en quire at474 Sixth avenue, next door to Twenty-ninth (treat, from 12 to 1 o'olook. C COUNTRY BOARD -A CONNECTICUT FARMER J wonld accommodate aix or eiiht persona, through the ?ommer, on reaionable term*, ia a very healthy, desirable location eaiy of acrca*. For particular* itpply to J. A. Knight A Co , 333 Broadway, up *tair*. GCUNTRY BOARD.? GENTLEMEN AMD* THEIR wItm, or a few tingle gentlemen, can obtain hoard in a Srivate lamily, in Connecticut, about two hour* frjni City lall by the New York and New Haven Railroad, cloie by Long 1 eland aound. Oood fl thing and bathlog. For further particular* Inquire of Mr*. SMITH. 181 Forsyth atreet. COUNTRY BOARD, STATEN ISLAND.? TWO OR three young gentlemen oan bo bandaomily accommo dated with lodging* in a private house, near the middlo land ing, and at a moderate rate. Addres* Clifton. S'apleion Pott Office The houie overlook* both landing*, and the en tire bay and harbor. FURNISHEI ROOMS TO UIT-IN THE FIRST CLASS houto. No. 770 Broadway; to (ingle gentlemen, or ac commodation* suitable for a family. Furnished front rooms, with board, can be obtaired on moderate term', at 41 East Fifteenth (tree! : near Union square, for familie* or single gentlemen, gas, bath, Ac. Dinner hour, six o'clock. CH7RNISHED ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD C singly ot in suits, to gentlemen and their wives or tingle iioi.tlemen, at 120 Grtene street, second door from Prince. On, baths, Ac. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, with or without meals, in the deiighttally located base ment bona* 27S Fourth avenue, opposite Calvary Church; Knould let a partto a su.aU family, without young children, e bouso contains all the modern improvements. Hubi'iKKN - rtMSANT Fl'ftNlSHKfi BOOMS, either with or without partial board, can Le obtained by applying at No. 5 Franklin terrace, Hudson street. HOBOKEN.-FURNISHED BOOM TO LIT. IN A private family, to one or two gentlemen, with partial board if wanted; in a desirable location. Apply at Sou h west corner of Hudson and Filth streets, Park place. Ho boken. I HAVE TAKEN A LARGE AND PLEASANT HOUSE, near one of the finest parks in the city, and having more rooms than are required lor my own convenience, would let two or tbree to gentlemen acd their wives, or tingle gentle men, who desire the comforts of a home, and are willinc to pay reasonably for the same. The house contains every modem improvement, and can searoely fail to suit the most fastidious. References given and required. Please address A. L. F. . Union square Post Ofllee. Mark the fact-that a choice of dksirabi.e rooms, and board, on manv streets ot this city, may be obtained through us, free of charge; also, in Brooklyn and the sountry; and fnrthsr. that through our agency, persons wishing boarders., may procure tbem. DKMAHEST A BASSET, No. i Aster place. VTO. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.- BOARD XN and rooms for single gentlemen er families. Dinner at e o'clock. vyo. 81 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET. ? NE ATLY x\ furnished rooms to let, with board, in a first class bouse. Looation pleasant, and terms moderate. VTO. 34 SIXTH AVEN UE? S OR I YOUNG MEN CAN BE Xl accommodated with nice clean bedrooms, with or with out board. Also, nt the above, a good paper stand t j be let er disoosed of, none bnt an aotive, honest and energetic mm need apply. Such a man oan make an excellent living. No. :-.4 Sixth avenue. NO. 1.10 WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET. BETWEEN ' Seventh ami E'gtbh avennes, a large trout room with *11 the modern Improvements, may be obtained with board for a familv or single gentleman. The location is one of the most delightful in tbe city. Terms moderate. PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS WITH BOARD, FOR A gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, can tie obtained in a pleasant house in Brooklyn, tiv? minutes' walk from the South (err;. Address a line to L. M. T., through the Brooklyn Post Office. Rooms with board-house gramercy park, i luti East Twenty first street ? A lady who hae Wcpdfc | Kvate boarding bouse In the lower part of the city for the t eleven years, having removed up town, has one unit of rooms and a few single rooms nnoccnpled The boase is but two years built, baa all the late improvements, una been newly furnished, has a privilege in tbe park, and is every way delightfully situated. Please call as above. Booms to let-to one or two single gen tiemen, an elegant suit of rooms, nnnsnally large and airy, in a first elaee bouse, oeoupted exclusively by a private family without children or boarders, being situated in the best neighborhood down town. They are peculiarly suitable for merchants who board at tbe hotel*, and to such it is de sired to rent tbem. References exaoangod. Apply at ?1 Barclay street, belore 5 P. M. Booms for single gentlemen, in- a private j family, with or without board.? Two lar?e rooms and 1 bedroom, on one floor, elegantly furnished; a'?o, one de ?treble single room. The house and furniture new, and first class. Apply at 119>? Ninth street, five doors wen of Broadway. S INC IB GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with furnished or unfurnished pleasant and airy rooms, with partial board, in a small private family. The house is , new ud pleasantly located ; has baths, cas, A: States and cars oonvenient. Apply at No. .V* Twelfth street, between ' Sixth and Seventh avennes. References exchanged. T> LET, WITH BOARD-A LARGE UNFURNISHED i parlor and bedroom, on the third floor, front. Reference required. For terms, 4c , apply at 07 Bleccker street, a tew dotrs cast of Broadway. i TWO OR THREE OENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO- ! dated furnished rooms, and with breakfast and tea It required, in a small genteel family, and no ether boarder*. Apply at 71 Union place, South Brooklyn. Three minutes' i walk trom the ferry. Three single gentlemen can be accommo dated with board and pleasant rooms in a small pri vate family, where there are ne otter hoarders. Apply at i No. d First street, third door from the Bowery. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN.-A GENTLEMAN. LIVING two doors from Broadway. and one minute's walk from the Metropolitan Hotel, would let to one or two gentlemen furnished apartments to suit them. Everyt bins elout the house is in tne best order, and handsomely furnished. Not 1 one ohance like it in a hundred. Address f. Adams, Broadway Fost Oflice. TO IET.-A HANDSOME FURNISnED ROOM, OR rooms to let, in a fashionable part of the r|ty, with every aeoon.m'dat ion; gas and bath room on the same R<>or. At ti2 West klshteenth street, corner of Sixth avenue. Can be accommodated with breakfast and ten, it requited. rro LET? WITH BOARD. AT 131 BLEECKER STREET. X several toomi, Inrge aad small, or partial bonrd. as j referred. IMtUOBS, *C Baby show.? no wonder that barnum can show th? most bealthy babias in the known world, when their mothers use as n beverage the root beer drawn from the well known "Gen. Hamilton's Stump," corner of Vesey and Grwenwioh streets, where it oaa be obtained hy the barrel, gallon, quart or giaea. SCHE1DAU OIN !? LANDINQ, ON MONDAY. THE 4th day ol Jnae, at 90 North Klver, SO pJp?" ?' Melvi htllefiwan Gir. per ship Caroline el Rotterdam. as alsi a let ?t < bat*?aa f.sdtve RiHeent ? laret, in bonl, Imported bj f MWvitfcU Oftoc ,n OHrcr ?*. CKMKM, M. f> nun tMMROIDKKED LIS MS CAM URIC M Zi UUU kercbiefe, elich'lr fawaged, wilt k eCeraA Wl Monday, J bb? Mil, fremla 64 to 4* luk ? T. STEWART A CO, Broadway, CI anibera u< Eeade I Another choice lot? spring silks? Rich atripee end plaida, St., 4? ndV p'rfir<Ltt I.UKI) * TAYLUK'tf, 255, -'>7, 2.VJ Md i',1 Grand atreet* and new Net 47 a*?t 1? Cathe.-iae i AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT Of DRESS GOODS, onmpnaing grenadine, crape de Perm, '.arege Bad me gendie robta, received par late ?'?ain?r, will be ottered tfcb morning. UBS I) ELL, I'ltl RSuN * LAKE, _________________ No. 471 Brvadway. A KRIVAL OF GOODS SLIGHTLY AKI'ECTES BW A 1 11E IMPORTATION Kobart l.og bb A Ce., So. SI De; itrwt, biTi Jgit re ceived aalipmont at DICK'S Sl'OoL COTTON, whioh they find baa not arrived in ita uaaai good condition, : nd baa^ dauTDiaad to offer nothing bat what ia t?ra to retaia tha contidei.ce of their cnatomere, apd maintain tha character of ti>ii aplendid article, they will clear off I be abeve Bt greatly rednood prieea. Hoicri pleaae call Bt onoa on KOBT. LOGAN A CO , No. 31 Dey atreet. BULPIN'S real guipure lace kantillai. ? moire antique Bnd lace combined? an aitnnalf Hgbt And gracefnl aitiele of coatume. ranging ia prtoe trim. taelve to t? enty dnllara. An immuia aiaortment IMS weak Bt tha Parta Maun..* Emporium. 861 Broadway. Barege be>es ? a. t stewart a co u|mb on Monday Jane lib, two caeee. new atylee, atle. td. par yard. Broadway, Ihainbera and Raada eta. BULPIN'S MANTILLAS 1 I i-UNI VERSALLT PR? nouncad tha mint elegant colleetioa in the city. Bad ah irioea without a precedent or parelle,? commencing wiU a. nob and pretty tllk mantilla at Sti, and every auooeediaR price to tha moat ouatly garnieata manufactured. 301 Broad way. CASB PURCHASERS OF STRAW GOODS, FRRNCB flu were, Ac., will bud great inducement* offered tuaat at 64 and 66 Jobs atreet, corner ot Will am. Tba eubacribeaa are enabled, by the cub ay atom, to ulfer, notwithitaadlaa tha lateneea of tha aeaacu, a euperior and complete ataaVaa gooda ia their lla?. UOMtR k KKTCllffM. Jnat received ? 10 eartoaf bloada lace; 0 cartona etraw ruohe. . A till E A P LINENS FOR FAMILIES*, HOTELS. Ao.? ) Diapere, alieetlaga, napkin*, tsweiliaga, Aa , in eat ay prated tiniali. LORD A iAYLUK, 256, ?7 2 611 and 261 Grand etraat, and new Noa, 47 aatl 49 Cathariaa (treat. CHEAP SPRING AND SUMMER HOSIERY? A full anaoitment ot ladiea', aentlamaa'a and ohlldraa'a hoeiery : fancy and plain cotton, allk. woollen union. Ao., A*. lord a Taylor, 26.1, 267, 259 aad 261 Grand atraat, and new Noa. 47 and 4? Cathariaa atraat. C1ROWDS OF CUSTOMERS FILL ) THE BtiWERY SAVINGS STORE, From morning until the atcre ia claaad. Everybody aeama aatiafltd, lor they all buy. Notwithatnnding tlia large amount we havo aold, atill than are yet left great bargaiae la alike, lawna, baregea, ahawda. linens printa, eummer flannel, aheetingajtieki, quilte, Mn~ keta, hoaiary, glovea, drapery, caaalmeraa, Joana, drilla, Aa. The barege da iainea at 6o are not alt cone Gooda are aalling very faat, for tha very good reaaon that they are reduced ia prion, ia aoma inataacea fall oae-half. Prirea all marked la red ink and crayon. F. W. A W. F. GILLET, Na. 1-2B Bowery. DBESS CAPS.-MRS. A. T. JAMK3 (FORMERLY MT E. 11. Newman'e 7i'A Broadway) hai now open a hand - aome aaaortment of ladiea' droaa and aoft cape, head dreaaao, Ao., alao a variety of deelrable atylea of mourning oellate, ?leevea, cbemiaettea. caper, Ao., at 113 Bleeoker atreet, third block weat of Broadway. Embroidered travelling dkesses-iibsdeli* PEIRSON A LAKE will offer the balaase of their atoak at ti, 75 per draaa, thia ui. mm. , alao, the balance of FoutarA alike at a great redaction ia prioe. No. 471 Broadway. ROM AUCTION.? GREAT BARGAINS IN FRKW?*. embroldtriea? 120 Freneh munlin aeta at iitiO it F wcrth $22; 1,000 cam brio and Swiaa co'.:^.-, the a reran pricea will be 4?., tie., 8a., 10a., 12a. and 14a. oach MADDEN A STEWART, 643 Broadway, aeoond doar above BLeecker atreet. GREAT BARGAINS IN DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS Drapery moalina, all qualitiei, from 6d. to 4a. per ;ar4 and upwarda Muslin enrtaina, cheap at t3. S3 00 and 91, will be aald (ta cloae) at S2, $2 50 and $3 per pair. Alao, lace ourtalaa, worsted and onion damaak. At _ CHEAP. LORD A TAYLOR, 256, 257, 259 and 261 Giaad atreet, and new Noa 47 and 49 Catheriae r /^REAT BARGAINS IN SILKS, BAREGES, OtRMA U dinea, livni, organdies, borage da lainea, ribboas, eaa broideriea laces, and other dry goods, at 1,E BOUTILkilBR BROTHERS, 60 Canal atreet, tour daurs from Brvadwajr. HALSTEAD A DYKE, 9S CANAL STKEET, HATE jnfct received a beautiful assortment of mantillas ef evsry sty e: alio a largo lot of Canton crape shawl!, whiah they can sell at uaprecedentodly low prioai. I ACE CURTAINS AND EMBROIDERIES ? A LARGR J lot of lace onrtaini and ombroideriea just received from n rope, and opened for aala to day. HALaTEAD A Df&fi, SM Canal atreat, between Greene and Wooater streets. Lord a taylor having lately adbeb t? tbeir stock THI LATKST >1* PATTBnna or VELVET AM) BRUSSELS CARPETING*, are pr? pared to offer to pnrcbaaere CRr.ATF.R 1.1UUCIMKTTS THAU tVKl. Ingrains, three ply and oilcloth! in the nsual variety. GRAND STREET, CORwER OF CHBYSTIR. MANTILLAS, T1S1TES AND CRAPE SHAWLS? Large aaaertmanV? beautiful Julians? low pricae. lord a Taylor. 286, 267, 200 and 261 Gland atrwt, and naw Not 47 and 49 Catharine atrooC. NE THOUSAND SILK MANTII.LAS WILL BE OM aale on Monday, May 28, aud during the weak, at M each, the riekaet auk with elecaat laoe and moire aaju?? ruffies, th? atyie ol the iMlon, kndtfea | cneapest mantilla aver offered. . BULPIX'a Emporium. S61 Broad way. -? 0 Parasols: parisols'.-2,w>o parasols from auction ? Selling at 7a., 8a., 9?., and 10a? worth Ijta. %* 10a , entirely new etylea. Jnat received, and for aale.| HAL STEAD A DYKE, 06 Canal atreet, between Greene aa4 Wooater etreeta. SILKS AT 2a. Co. PER YARD Barages at la. Od per yard. Ginghama n* la. per yard. Linen waft atripad ohamlra at 6e., which ooat te insert at least liOe. Linen table covers at 3a. Cd., worth 75o. Lawn* at 11c. Linen drtUa lor boy a' wear la. fid. and 2a., wodh denUe. Summer flannel la., aold everywhere at 2a. Crape ahawla at tS 30, aold every where at S6. Crape ahawla at i"J and $10, aold sverywhere at SIS te W. are among the targains whieb are offered at THE BOWERY SAVINGS STORE, mo. 126 Bowrnv, where every article baa keen marked down from MUM per cent? all marked in plain red Ignree, from which no devi ation ie allowed, wholeeale or retail. ?>,0O0 LADIES HAVE VIPirtD THE ESTABLISH MENT daring the laat week, end every one expresses aatftiaa while tbey boy at the exceedingly low prices. EMBROIDERED LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, which aold at $4 to 96, now we fell at %2 to $3. We have about 1,0(0, but they will not leat long with us F. W. A W. F. Gil. LEY. 136 Bowery. "IT/ BITE LINEN DRILLING AND DUCK, FOB SVM TT mer wear. Five eaeea of Barnaley wbite linen. drilUag and dock, will be opened on Moniay, June 4th. Pricea (rem 4a. to te. per yard, cnt in any ?inutities. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade eta. HOCgES, ROOMS, AC., WASTED. LDING, WITH ENGINE OF TEN horse power, wanted for maanfiicturing gUI LDING, WITH ENGINE OF TEN TO rirTERN I'Uili raft of the city preferred. Will buy or laa>e. ' Addr u nor*- power, wanted ror manufacturing purposes; or a tui'dine without engine, noum. 3,000 to G.uW teet, in lower art o( the city preferred. Will buy or lease. Addraaa. Maaiacturer, Herald office. (COUNTRY HOUSE WANTED -A SMALL SNUG J house or cottage. with garden, jdeaeantly situated, easy or access by railroad or stesml.oat, not more than threa hours' ride from the city. Rent moderate, for a year, with privilege of continuing if sui td. Addrets, with 1 ooat lew and desvriptien of premiaea. rent, Ar., L. C., Herald OfBee. Fnrnituie will be purehaaed if new and resaonable. HODSE WANTED.? A MODERATE SIZED HOUSE, either in New York or Brooklyn, is wanted for a small, isrrilj. The amount above present mcrtgage to he a-raaged m a satisfactory manner. Addrtaa hex 3.482 Poet Office. IOTS WANTED-FROM EIGHT TO SIXTEEN LOTS J In Brooklyn, between Ninth and Fortieth streets aa* Third and ant Seventh avenota. Addrets, stating terme aod location. A. A., boa 1,672 New York Post Office. mo HOUSE AGENTS.? WANTED, AN EFFICIENT X agent to colleet rents and attend to tenant property, lai Son '.h Brooklyn. One whe can advance ElO to SI0O imme diately, for iaterei*. on a mortgage on the premises, oan ad drea* bei 4.677 Post Office. Ten per cent allowed. rrt? DRUOGISTS AND OTnERS.? WANTED, BY A 1. practising i hyaicinn, the privilege of an offieo in adrig store or tome other suitable place, on the Eighth arcane, between Twenty fifth and Forty-tifth atreeta, where hia Nib ean be left, and be may apend a few honrs each day. for which a lair compensation will be given. Address f'hysi eian. Herald office. TTTANTED TO PURCHA tE? A SECONDHAND FIRE TT proof sale. medium ewe Addreea L. P. D. A Co., Herald offiee, eta ting (ha and price. AffTROLOGY AFTROLOtiT AND THRENOIXJOY - THE CELRBRA led Mrs. Flrary. frr>m Patis. whoee relation h*? teaa corntantly consulted ly NnpoUcn I . givea information em all eventa ef lite, at 263 Broome street. ASTROLOCT.-DR Wil?ON. 172 DELANCY STREET, between Attorney and CUnton, is the beet astrologer in tbe United States, and |i?ee the test account and treatment of diseases extant. f'ARD.-MADAM FRBWS*BR RETURNS THANKS T? \ bei iritnds and pa* rone, aad bega to eay that, after Ike thonaanda, both to this eHy And Philadelphia, who havocea* suited her w;t h entire satisfaction, she teelt oeaBdent that in qnoetions tf aetrology, love and law matters, aad beefel or traoles, as relied on constantly by Napoleon, shs hasM anal. She will tell the Bams of the fntnre baaband, aaj ? the name of her vielter. Residence 76 Madiaon atreet, one door ftotn Catherine VfADAMl MORROW? TBI8 HIGHLY OlFTEDLABT iO. ie k ssteat) daoghter, aad kas a nataraJ gil* to tall aU the create of Ufa; even the ?arv thanghte. She Is the mid wowlasfwl Aetrelogeet tn she world. Ns ehargs if aet saMa MAJI Broome stgeeA, near Ca?sa. Geatlem? met a* proposals. Hunt botanical garden.? the trustees in " plan, for lay?* ??' ?te?nda, and erecting confer.atories and ojker arprowtaU kaUdiacs. A rretrinm ot ???* will be paid for fwoh a design as may be an roted of and adopted. PfiteeA acres are contained within r^ 'lmtta of tks garden, the proAle aad benadatiee ef whkh. together with the gradee of the streets whlek are to enclose It. may be obtained by application te the undersigned, who will alto fnraish any information in bis power aboat the nadertakiag. All designs mast be handed in by the 1st Jnly, te JOHN MAXWBI.L, Chairmaa of the Constrnctloa Comnitteo, M Wall ft. Notice to oarpentera, builders ac?pr* pesals will be reeeivad for the bnlldiag ef a stone fcewee eaNtekmor d Hill, State* 1 1 Wad, at tbe effioe ef the aal fCfiiift a ft. J. WrtTJI, N<>. ; ?>l; sir?ev.

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