Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1855 Page 6
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UtMTBMKlTS RCT8WKP IT8IT PAT. ?cm. mwtcmm. G?aULlN DOCTOR, Or LA BOX INFLUENCE, I mmj Hi ooaatrymea at ho dm, ?nU bs au I to t?rm a of llmm farmer* tot tl lit Mm! mt aorta*, ud ia wUliogU aalte wit* the ?if? mt himself if UbnlAn of laadooaers ho made. IHWM jlfc? | O, 0., Herald TV?rHCV ED C0MPL1MENT-AT THE CLOSING KXKR |/iw of W. S., Mo. IS, Brooklyn, on Friday laat, a vary >WW* oomplimaat was paid to Mr. E Busk, vioe NiM, kf th? teachers and pupils of hi* elm, who hint with ? t*j beautiful breakHast and to* aervteeet britannia ware. Mr. Bulk, wo uatoitaal, has lately roeeirsd an appointment m vioo-Priaoipal of |_^ea*w ochooi in the Twentieth ward. H^C. ? THK MEMBERS OF ST. JOHN'8 LODGE, ? Wo. 1, (under the old constitution,} ore request ??tttMi o special meeting it their lodge rooau, No. I 900 Broadway, on Friday evening, the 3d tnat., at 1 X ?'elect Ali masters, peat master* not member* of tit ter ledgoe U> this city. Broaalya, Williamsburg ui ad Jnceat ctaee, ore cordially invited to meet with us on this accaalea. u buainoaa of front importance will be M SM&Qr! feronffct before the lodge. STEPHEN ROGERS, Maater. P. M. Btuxr, Secretary. \TW YORK BOOT BLACK'S ASSOCIATION ? ES X* Ubhehod for the purpose of t'ring employment tad education to the idle and neglected colored boys of OU cttg ? propoee to the gentlemen to black their boot* dally, at any hour they wish, either at their re nt fioaooa or when to oar rooau, at at oar riek, fm 91 for month; two pairs, <170; four do , ?3. Wo hQ|0 to receive the euppoit of all; and while you Teoolre the value for your money, you provide the aaeaae of doing much good. Gentlemen aending ua their usee, with residence, and hour, will receive wmNal attendance. OOlce, 128 Ninth atreet, two qoom woet of Broadway. OFFICE OF COMMISSION Kill OF EMIGRATION, NEW York, July 31, 1865.? The Caatle Garden will be Opened ca Wednesday, the let of Auguat, aa the fctnl great Loading Depot, for lbs reception and inapectiun of ali MBixraata arriving at thta port. BERNARD CAS9ERLY, Secretary. YLVESTER LAY, ATIOKNKY AND C0CNSKI.1.0K at law, notary pablic and commiaaioaer of deeda; aico eoanmiaataoor for all the Statea and Territories, ex oeft New Jersey and Maryland. Paesporta obtained from Washington in thirty-six bourn for person* ia teoding to travel in foreign countriea. Office hours, 9 A. If. to b P. M. SYLVESTER LAY, 18 Wall atreet. fflO THE SPORTING WORLD AND CONNOISSEURS ? JL Will be exhibited, thia day tUl 1 o'clock P. M., a aaiendtd aail boat, combining etrength, apeed and beauty , ?he u expected to boat anything of ber length afloat; evert thieg about her la right. INGKKbOLL'S, No. ii&Ot Seam atreet. TTNIT5D FREEMAN'S LAND ASSOCIATION, NO 3. A regular mtetlng of thia aaiociatioa wiU be held m lueeday evemng, Auguat 7, 1866, at 9 o'clock P. M., at Ul J era lemon street, Brooklyn. All mombera are relocated to be preaont, aa etveral sections of land wifl ho eold oft that evening. By order of the aaaociation, WILLIAM MACKEY, Seoretary. OOPARTMIIHgmp >OnCM. fll A AAA ? -ff vNTLD, A PARTNER TO IN BlvevUUi TMt the above aum, in aa ea tacUabel profitable busmeaa. Addteea D. G., Herald ?tteo. ?A I aRINER WANTED-TO TAKE an lntereet in a manufacturing i above aiuount of caah; a profitable b?atn?aa and done for cMb. Security given fox capital advaaoad. For particular* address" L. H , box 1,888 Poat Office, stating where an interview may be had. At) AAA OR $3,000.? A GENTLEMAN, HAY U v ing thu amount of caab, ia desirous of cling tbe aame in aome aafe, respectable and remunera tive biuioeaa ; or wcal<l, if wtll secured, loan the above, aad accept a salary for his services, in aome light em ployment. All communications strictly confidential. Addreaa, with bualneaa and propositions. Capital, Z. Z, Z., Herald office. (fcCAA TO $7C0? A YOCNG MAN WISEUS TO KlVV/ V invest thia amount, with his aervicea, in aoaao aafe paying business, where there ia no risk. Coulc increase the capital tt necessary, or would take a aitaatlon aad loan the above amount to a respectable part), on 'good security. Address C. D., Herald office, tor two days, stating place of Interview, whlcri will meet with prompt attention, otherwise won't be noticed. No agents need apply. COPARTNERSHIP,? THK UNDERSIGNED HA.VF. THIS day associated under tbe firm of W. T. Jennings t Co , tor the purpose of transacting tbe wholesale and retail clothing busineaa, at tho old location, 231 Broad war. W. T. JENNINGS, B. F. ROBINSON, Now York, August 1, 1853, R. B. VALENTINE. E ABSOLUTION OK CO-PARTNERSHIP.? THK CO partaership heretofore existing under the firm of Ittoa h McKay, No. 3M Hudion atreet, ia this dav dtaeolvod by mutual oonaent. lbs liabilities of the lato firm will bo aottlod by J. A. Hamilton. J. A. HAMILTON. GEORGE McKAY. WANTID? A PARTNER IN THE CORD WOOD aad lumber bualneaa, with a capital of tour or five thouaaad lotlars. The subscriber haa purchased twolvo huadred acres of timber land in 8t Mary's eouty, Maryland, on the Patuxont river. To be seen at thia office for four days, from 8 to 12 o'clock, whore every eatiafaction will bo given. JOHN McMAHON. ANTED? A PARTNER. WITH $160, IN AN OYS tor, restaurant and drinking saloon, In a good locdUtv, by a young maa, who ia already started. Ap ply immediately at 138 Dolancey atreet WANTED? A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF $l,CC0 ot $6,000, who ia wiliing to engage la a lucrative manufacturing business bow la fall tide of CMnttoa. the article* manufactured are fully secured ?fer patent. Apply at 220 Broadway, roam No. 17, be Amosa 10 A.M. and IP. M. W" MCWAROT. AQPA REWARD? lvOST BY THE SUBSCRIBER, O^Ov * ?U *ki* (Wkrt book, tied with rod tap*, WtMlalf proausaor y notM and oth?r valuable papers. Anwfrt Us* notM ?u one|of E. C. Haloomb foe (000, 4m Jaanary 1, I860, one not* of J. B. Hill for about ?1*243, on* noto of W. V, Vanning for 91,500, duo Novambar It, 1866. and a somber ef other noto*. The above reward wtU be paid aad no questions asked, on heeding .the poeket book aad paper* to Smith h Pa trick,61 Wall etroei. JOHN DOUGLASS. Acta reward? lost, on or since Saturday, July 28. a $1,000 note of the Bonk of the State or New York, in Wall atreot, New etreet, or Broadway a ear CortUadt street The a bo re reward will bo paid for the return of laid note at front oOce, 63 Bsavsr at. AAr REWARD ? LEFr HANGING in water fCjtUfj olo?ot of M***r*. Clark k Brown, Maiden lane, a cotd patent lover watch, with black braid guard chain attached, J. L. Moore m?k*r, No 7, .>48. Appl y to the awaer, MARK BANKS, 17 Cedar ttreet. fl?)P REWARD- I.0ST AT THE CARI.TON HOUSE, KjJjkj on Tuesday alter noon, a fold banting case, Etr watch. No. 6,tto4. The above reward will be to th* fender by tearing the watch at R. Rait'*, 2W Iwa/. I REWARD. ?LOST IN GOING FROM UTTOS _w'Ffrry, Brooklyn, to the 'Jity Hall, or in the , Halt, Brooklyn, a pocket book containing 1179 in feUla of Nassau Bank, N. Y., $& uncurreat money, and ?one change. The ab ove reward will be paid on re taming it to S. C. BURDICH, 66 Cortlandt itreet, N. Y. A ()A REWARD.? STOLEN Yl^TERDAY SOON, jj>Z* f from the table in our oilise, a gold watch, de tached lever hunter, hard dial, large ftie, No. 16,704. Th* above (award will be paid on the delivery of th* watch to th* undaralgsed, at 71 Nassau street. LUnt BROTHERS. tfjftA REWARD? A BAY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD, IN good condition, about 18 hand* high, long taiL whit* mark on th* forehead, four whit* feat, we* take* away from Mr. GIBSON'S stable, at the Ward'* Island ferry, foot of 109th street, during tbe aight of th* 39th of July. Whoever will bring the bora* to said stable will r*c*rve th* abov Toward. ?ftl r REWARD ?LOST, ON THE 2?m JULY, A BOAT seventeen feet long, (tainted black outside, with a red streak, named Flying Cloud branded D. H. !>unn, Twenty * i th street, North river. Who*v*r will return the mbi a* above, shall receive th* abov* reward. REWARD ? LOST ? OS SUNDAY, JULY 2*, IN 1 the office of Bath Hous*, at Bath, L. I., two linger on* Is a large locket ring, red oornolian aton*, ? tains a daguerreotype of a lady: th* other plain g?i 4. Aay person returning them to the ovwr at 33 wyekofl street, Brooklyn, wtl receive the abov* reward, ?ad thanks of th* owner, iQ REWARD.? LEFT ON THK I'KRRV BOAT TO W&/U Hob*k*n, on Tuesday nUht last, th* 24th last., a pa reel containing a manuscript book, with red paper cover and Ma* letters la It. The Under will reaelv* th* ak*rs reward by laaviag It at Mr. William Kglatoo's, JU> Fulton str?*t. At) REWARD.? t/WT, A BROWN TAN SKfTER D0?, ID 4 whitactar on th?> foreuea.1, and whit* for* paw* a?A white breast. Please return the said do| to 17 O*ohy street, below Grand. L*at <>n Tuesday morning. DKirriSTRY. D% HAPOUCON PRKTERR'S NEW AND BKACfT ' J*1 artificial teeth it tastrVxl, without p*ln, for ttm wk'*h are warranted tor life. Teeth can be *"***} aprtngs er claspe, and without ex I tfca *14 root*. Car. aa? be ocnviaoed at 434 -j, eora*r of H*ward sttest G^HBOROI F. 8C1IAFT1R, DKNTTST, 2M HI'WON vm* Broeme? KstabUaksd 1H41 -Mr. tf. T3W tfc* ??* Uen engaged tafaraisti Ug ? tea tut* la New Tcrk aad It* vWUitr artificial f-ftt. at abaat one half l**s tbaa U usually charred t* SET ?atiMt*. sad U aow lart'iting th* mm. ,*,u ^ *r?ft 7wtbch for b*a jty, quality, utility. e??? E **M*I) t* th* pcbUr upon tb? same terms u hewta ____J t* d*at stc. -was fa waat *f em?et*i tan iBBBBrtfnlly ?oK'-itad ?o nail before making en ,.,sn*ats efaewber*. He w.II <ve moat happy t* eipU.a KljitSit* aU wh* may favor blw with a aalj A eer ,m>snllH Maetton uyon *ii ether spin* tun* thou <av*rtH!y nflAHt UKuarii. ? woiT or itoom, unfurnished, to lrt, on ' A. toe third Door, to pittimn, or a small family without children. Rent ia proprrtioa to tho wkoU bona*, Aid very low. Apply M 36 Bon 4 atreet. CGTTAGE At HARLEM. ? TO LKT OR FOR SALE, OK Utd sUeat, >i>?m Fifth ud Sixth tntw, two Mi a half stories high, flilod to with brick, nine roomj. cellars, tc , ud six lota of ground, eonni with fruit trees. Terms easy. Apply to H H. RICE, Superior ~ * ~ - i, is at ? Court, Clark'* affiaa, 18 City 1UU. DAGUEBREAN OALLERf TO LET-tHE FORK I tor* and app tratui. oil complete, (or tola oa raa ooaablo tarma. Apply on the premises. 168 Grand atraot, Williamsburg, or to J. ATKINS, 263 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. ?H.*RN1SHED HOUSE TO LET.? a NEATLY FUR aiahod ho oae to lat. Inquire oa the premises, 19 Una street. Rant $18 per week, payable to advance. Furnished rooms to let ?a handsome front parlor and bedroom, with accommodation for sor rant il requited, very (JestraWy situated, being exactly opposite Nibio's Garden, 676 Broadway. K. B.? Have been occupied by a lady tor aome year*, who ia now ia a Europe. TTOUSEB TO LET.? THREE ELEGANT HOUSES BN XI River terraoe, fioMkm, three minutea' walk of theferry, eommannhig a beautiful view of the bay aal oity of New York, with bath, gas, hot and oold water, Ac. to families of the flret respectability only. Inquire at tha office oornar of Second and Baton streets, Ho boken, of EDWARD MARTIN. H OUSE TO LET THE BOUSE 31 SUM MIT STREET, m.jl Brooklyn, near Hamilton ferry, with all tkiao dern improvements, to let, at 9360 n year. Tha key ia to be found in the oppoiite home. Inquire there or at 71 Hlcka street, Brooklyn, and 189 1'earl street, N. Y. HOUBE TO LEI', OR FOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS three fltory brown stone front house, 77 Twenty sixth street, a few doora from Sixth avenue, with all ui modern improvements, buthing room s, water closets, hot and cold wator ana gas throughout; the house his been painted thoroughly, and is in tha beet order. Will be let on a lease if required, to a good tenant. Ap ply to Wb. Paul, 41 Cortlaadt street, or Mr. Grsgory, 383 Sixth avenue. OFFICES TO LET, AT NO. 7 CHAMBER STREET.? Inquire on the premises, from 12 M. to 1 P. M., daily. OFFICE TO LKT, A 1XJOIKING W ALL STREE T. ?TO LET, the eligible office to the aplendid brown atone build ing No. 4 Broad street, next to the oorner of Wail street, considered one of the best locations in the city for an in surance company; possession immediately. Apply to ALBERT H. NICOLAS, No. 11 Broad street. Booms to let? a small family, without children, occupying a first class houae, wish to rent the aesond floor, to gentlemen, without board. The houae is pleaaantly situated, half way between South and Wail street ferries. Apply at 177 Henry street, Brooklyn. mo uet? the dwelling part of house no. 134 JL Grand atreet, one block eaat of Btpadway. Tha apartments constt of three entire floors, all recently put la perfect condition. Croton and gas in the house. In quire of BACON It RAVEN, 136 Grand atreet. TO LET.? THE TWO OTORY BRICK DWELLING house, No. 16 Walker atreet. Would be leased for manufacturing purposes, to a very desirable tenant; lot is 107 x 20 feet. Apply to L. B. Binsse, 43 John street, between 6 and 6 o'clock, P. M. mo LET -FURNISHED ROOMS, IN A FASHION ABLE X part of the city, with every convenience; gas and bath room on the same floor; can be accommodated with breakfast and tea i( required, at 62 West Eighteenth street, towards Filth avenue. TO LET? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, and privilege in the kitchen, to a gentleman and wife, in a small family, at 56 West Twenty first street. TO LET? THE REFRESHMENT BARS OF A LARGE excursion, oysters, ice cream and segars, &c. Ap ply at ICQ Prince street, Mr. THOS GaRTLaND. TO LIT? IN BROOKLYN. A HANDSOME THREE story and basement .dwelling, oc Fulton avenue, near Grand avenue; well finished, neighborhood select, and access by cars easy. Rent *360 per year. Apply to C. C. PINCKNKY, No. 7 Nassau St., N. Y. 1\0 LKT ? THE UPPER PART OP HOUSE NO. 188 . West Eleventh street, consisting of front room, backroom, bed toom adjoining, with back basement. Apply an above. TO IJ5T? THE SPACIOUS LOFTS OF Si ORE 37 NAS3AU street, opposite the Pout Office. Beautiful location for an importer or a commiHiion house. Rent SI, 600. Apply to R. G. FAlRCHILD & CO., on the premises. mo LET? ONE-HALF OF A NEW FOUR STOKY E.VG JL llah basement house, 02 West Twenty-fifth atreet, having all the modern Improvements, to a responsible American family. Will be let very reasonable. Apply ?t the huute. T) IJST ? THE TWO STORY HOUSE NO. 48 HENRY street, has been newly painted and fixed up in first rate style, with all modern improvements . Inquire on the premises from 9 till 12 and from 2 till 6. TO LET-TO A SMALL AND GENTEEL FAMILY, THE upper part of a modern-built dwelling-house in the Seventh ward. Second floor, bed rooms on the third, back basement, privilege of bath. Immediate posses sion can be hai. Aptly to GEO. W. FaRLEY, 24 Montgomery street. r LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF A LARGE handsomely furnished four story house, m a de lightful location, near Washington square, With gas, baths, chandeliers, Ac. To persons wishing a beautiful residence who can give good security rent low ; can have possess loo immediately. Inquire at 114 Waverley place, j rnO LET, AND FURNITURE FOR SALE CHEAP? A I very nice two story and attic house, o a Hubert street, in the vicinity of St. John's park. The house U in good order, bath, Ac. ; rent $600; furniture new and fitted to the houae. Price about $800. E. B. RIN SH1MER, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M., and 8 to 10 A.M. TO LET, LN HOBOKBN? A NEW BRICK HOUSE, well finished and very oonrenient. Good location and fln* view. To a gocd tenant, will be noted far $300 a year. Situated in .Sixth itreet, between Garden and Meadow. White front and biU on the premise*. mo LET, IN BROOKLYN? WITH IMMEDIATE P03 X aeeaion, tbe houee No. 26 Hicks at., corner of Poplar, near the Folton ferry. Rant low to * good tenant. Ap ply at 212 2d arenas, New York. mo LET IN BROOKLYN? THE SECOND FLOOR AND X back basement of houee t>2 Washington street, te a Hinall genteel family. Thii house la not fire minuted' walk from tbe Fulton ferry. r\ LET, AT CARMAN8VILLE. ? THE THREE STORY brick house, in 'good order, pleasantly situated on lltb avenue, known aa No. 7 Carman place ; convenient to Hudson River Railroad station. Will be rented to a good tenant on very reasonable terms. Apply to W EL StogdUl, 167 Broadway. T) LET, OR FOR SALE? TWO ELEGANTLY FIN is tied brown stone English basement bouses, Nos. 227 and 22U West thirty fourth street, containing all modern improvements. Situatisn ccsurpasaed, and to a good teuant will be nnte&low. Apply at the bouses, or aadresa Owner, box 8,461 Post Ottice. mo i.ET OK FOR 8ALB? THE HOUSE NO Si9 SPRING X street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, near Clinton market. The store is fifty feet deep. Ia' nuire at No. 8 Ftrry street. rlJCT AND LEASE? THE RAILROAD H TE3., northwest corner ot Tenth avenue an i Thirtv-Qrit street, stock and fixtures for sale. aL?o tbe I>erot Hate., :!k7 Thirty first street, right against the Hudson River Railroad depot, also another good bouse and store Ja tbe neit block, snitsbte for moat any kind cf besiteae. Tbe botela are in the best locations in the upper part of tbe city for taverna. Apply at the corner of MB ave nue and Tbirty hrst street, Railroad Hole'., to BERNARD MrSORLiV. fpO PENT? THE SECOND. THIRD FOURTH AND FIFTH JL stories of the large, new, and well Ughie'i, e.egaat snd apar'.oes store, 98 Kowery . One of the meet central and convenient sitsa for business in thia elt^. The up fsr atory is adapted for a atudio or daguerr'ean gal'ery or a genteel business these rooms hare nc e'.pe-ior Apply immediately to J. Pl'RDY A SONS, 206 &dnJff? itreet. rLFASF ? FOR A TERM OF YEAP.E THE WFLl known book and job bindery of H KIMM 1 '9 Ful ton street, with machinery, presses, tool* Ac togethe wlth tbe good will. Tbe business has been establish-*! for fifteen yean, and is one of the beet job binJsnes is the city. Inquire at 20 John street thrd atcrr. of Mr. JONKB. IRSTRVCTIOR A CARD.-THE 8TBBCSIBM WTIi BECK IX ? NZ* A. pupils dally, thia week, for Int.rtcUca n re-imaa abip, bookkeeping, Ao., hy claaa or prirste icsircrttou. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH ??. B.-adway DOLBEAR'B ACADEMY. 609 BROADWAY, a NOW open for atudenta desiring lcatrue'.ion in bock keeping, commercial petunan'hip, arit:.-retlc, commer cisl correapondence, etc. Those enteric*: in eeCats. ? are guaranteed to be qualified for the ccna' hcu?e by the let of S?pt. 11 <Usir*l. Tettaa er Atgu ,?er? low. TTOHTFSt A DOWN'S INTTTAT^RY O VNKNQ H< ? r Apple ton's building, 8 *6 Bro*d??7, wb?-<? a---'U soerwraant wtth.bualneea may ???!? a praatt?a: fciiw ledge of bookkeeping and penmanship ' s tie a-c rt if it* of one weak. Improvement gunr sa '.ee-: -pRENHi AVD GKIMAN LANGCAC.ES AND 1 .1 TTT \ T tun? Traiieiat.Bg ? The oad?re|(<M cent aues ts receive new pupils for* instruction m the above Iseguages, aa also tbe classics and English branches l'aesed the great government examine uoaa E. TKLLEKING, 48.' Bread way. near Droome street. SPANISH LANGUAGt-SCNuR TIMQDT, PRO?SJ Mr of thenbove laaguag* <? the New Yerfc UaHar r, will ooanmossee a new daee, f*r Udiee aeMI gentle man, o* Mb* day next, at Mft IVxrUi street. A eat ediuen of his Bpenlak grnaamar, aal the Inl of the Peeelaa de Hm*?, ?T? jWt Wt. fW dUl K T? iMllIt winwoiro umwwt. ^^^^B*^wvvwvwv^<vw i .1 ?vwvvswm ? BRUADWaY. ? 80 IW or BOOM* gUItABLZ foe f*ule% with (all bo ted. Ttinsl*1 o?n bo accoimodolad on NtHublt term*. ?anl> <A!4 broadway, nearly oppo site fit Thoaaaa' church. First claoa ajcomoaola bums tM (KuaMt tad transient boarder*. T*rau 622 m FRANKLIN STREW, TWO DOOrB FRO it HqiUos, dwirtUi inn, with boiH for gen H?m?m tod their wives. Genu taking dinner out, IT per week e'Dgto gents, brook foot and tM, $3 26. Pleasant location and good neighborhood. 1 Af7 HUDSON STREET, FRONrfNO 81. JOON'I 14: | park? Furnished nwute let. with board, M ?ingle immm, or (Mttiaw era their wives, also, ? hudMad; (utiiM Uel parlor, Mage newly fur nished, win *U toe attei lafniNMkti tor perma ? at end traaalont boardoro. TO FRANKLIN STREET, FIR3T HOC iE WEST OF Broadway. --Suite* (breakfast eervod if required) of dingle end double rooms, on (he first nod second floor*, neatly furnished - a good location (or a phytic'** to let for a mort period i( required. CleaoUneM *tri3tly observed. Inquire ?s above. 60 i AND b'l VARICK STREET, (ST. JOHN'S PARK.) v ? Handsomely furnished rooms, in suits or sepa rate!/, with private betas, Ac,, to let, with board, to families or single gentlemen; also single rooms, firm ci&'H accommodation*. Inquire as above. 1 GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE; OR TWO SINGLE J\_ gentlemen, oaa b? aeeommodated with board at 160 West Eleventh street. The hone* is new made in terns all the modern improvements. Price reasonable. UnexoepMonablo reference required and given. A family in ninih street, will let, with board, to Southerner*, or others, an elegit suit of rooms, separate!/ or together, to parties of the dr?t respectability. Terras will be reasonable. The houte has all the modern improvements; location betresn Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Address, with name and a em ber, M. a , Union square Po*t Offioe. A GENTLEMAN AND HI 3 WIFE CAN BF. ACCOM _/Y- modaMd with boord, in a private family, at 190 Green street, ooe door above Blsocker. The house con tains the modern Improvement*. Terms moderate. BKAUTIFUL SUir OF ROOMS TO LET? FCR.VIKH ed or unfurnished, with or without partial boirL i house is provided with every convenience of gas, bath, closets and speaking tubei and splendidly located. Apply at 31 Clinton place, 8th street. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, AND ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, can be accommodated with suit* or single rooms, handsomely famished or unfurnished, in a new and handsome house, with all the modern im provement*, by applying at 280 Sixth avenue, near Eighteenth street. A WIDOW LADY, OOCUPYINO A HOUSE. MODERN O. would let to a gentleman and lady, with board for the lady only, two parlor* on&rst flour ; no other boarder* or occupauts, location near Lexington avenue. For particulate address E M., Broadway Po?t Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO LET A Xjl floor, or two handsome rooms, to a party of gen uemtn. Bath, hot and cold waver, &c.. Terms mole rate. Inquire at 163 West Nineteenth street. Fall or partial board. Board.? wanted, an unfurnished p.odm, by a gentleman and lady, with board for the lady only, in a house with bath and gas. and where there are bo ooarders or teoants. Address Pr.vate, box 101 Herald offlee. ?OOABD ? A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING TAKEN A JD new and elegant brows stone house, containing all the modern improvements, and having more room than they require, can accommodate three or four single gen tleman or two gentlemen and their wive*, with hand some roemfl, furniahed or onfurniahed. and with or without beard, as required. The House ii situated in West Twenty second street, near the Ninth avenue, and the neighborhood in unsurpassed, as the entire block is composed of first class brown stone houses. The location is beautiful, being in the vicinity of the l?ndon Terrace, and a* convenient of access ai could bs desired, as thu Fourteenth street and Kipp & Brown line of stages pass up and down the Ninth avenue every few minutes, and witbia a very short distanoe of this house. To those that are deeirotuof obtaining board to a private family, and that can appreciate the comforts of a home, ttun offers a rare opportunity. References given and requir ed. Please adare** C. D., Herald offica, which will re ceive immediate attention. Board in Brooklyn? near the soctb and Wall street ferries; single gentlemen desirous of obtaining pleasant rooms with or without board, can be accommodated on very moderate terms, in a genteel lo cation, at 91 State street. ' Board in Brooklyn? near the socrn and Wall street ferries. Single gentlemen, desirous of obtaining pleasant rooms, with clossts, Ac , on very mo d?rate term.-. Is a genteel location, with or without par tial board, can be accommodated at 01 State itiMt. sjvAnti un Diwv/nLin omuU'IS.-A GENTLKMAK 11 can find a large and handsomely furnished room at 38 Willow street, three minutes' walk from f niton and Wall street fwries. Board wanted? in a private family, for a gentleman .and wife, in the neighborhood of the Bible House or Ninth street, Broadway; partial board for the gentleman. Terms for the two thirty dollars a a month. Can partly furnish apartment. Address V. R., Herald office Board wanted -by a young man, in a pri vate family, where he will receive the comfort* of a homo. Location up town. Address G. A. C , box 4,099 Poet Office. Board wanted? in the country or on the the toa shore, within two hours distance of Now York, for a gentleman, wife, child, and aurse, during the month of August or longer. Address, stating loca tion, terms, accommodations, Ac., J. A. M ., Sox 310 Post OAce. TIOaRDING? FAMILIES, OB STRANGERS VISITING If the city, can be aeoommodaVxl with spacious ud handsomely furnished rooms, at 49 ud SI Wwt fwenty iNMil itr??t. between fifth ud Sixth avenues. To* location la healthy, and convenient to the fashionable public squares. References required. Boarding? a pleasant pari-or, on second floor, single room, basement, with a bath room, gu, 4c, . the house it deiighttnlly situated at 269 lireene street, three doors from Eighth street. Re ference* exchanged. Boarding. -five or six young men can b r. accommodated with good board ana pleasant rooms, at lli First street, near the Bowery. Boarding near Washington park.? the en tire 2d floor, three room* deep, with pantries, bod room i. baths, gas, Ac., and elegantly fumlshe^ will be 1st to a genteei family, or to n ingle gentlemen. Inquire at No. 10 NeUon place, :>ne bloelt trom Broadway, be tween Eighth street anil Waverley place. BOARDDSn REGISTER ?A CORRECT REFERENCE TO all keeping boarder) in city and country; and perrons wishing board are politely directed, free ot charge. Private families and boarding bouse keepers, will And it the.r interest to apply immediately, if the? desire boarders 'or the (all season. Office W6 Broad way. 3 D. GOODWIN. Brooklyn -board wanted, for a gentle maa and hii< wife. two oh. '.area ana servants, ina small private family, where thiy may enjoy all the com forts of a home. Kelerencs required. Location north of Jaro'sman '*.:eet anl west of B::ig} Address Board, bos 132 Herald office ClOt'NIRY BOARD ? T303SE WHO WANT A COM ) fcrtnbie hame, oa high ground aline view of the river, a npacloui garden ol ve^rtablee, jleaty cf shade, un 1 a Co* kept. ;?tnn to mi*.. Refaresees exchange^ App'.y at corner of Fiftie'.hatMet and First avsnue. CCLWHY BOARD? A FEW CdlLDRIN CtN BE AC coffimfriated with beard, where the. rill have $oo'. car* Apply or a<lire?s a Uae tt ABRAHAM C. KAPELtEA. New lowu, L. I, The stages leave U'li - Uaaeburg fer:/ every hal! hour COUNTRY BOARD.? A FEW PERSONS CAN Bl AC ccxmjdated with sjcod board an? pleasant reotns a: 1'ori Mcuacuth, N J Terms modorats steamboat lag e .*av a M'irray wharf every day at t> a M.. and Saturday at j P. M A'i '-?ess Uenjasai- Harris, Port Moomouth N. PAMIA: BOARD- v YOUNG MAN DOING 1USI mm A'-wn M>w- wants t plain furnished t( >m n t p aji renpscab's fan: .1/ up town, la a cca-res 'fit >>AJS3t lac*'.. an near '.he car*, and net atC've Twaa*y afth ?tr?e*. . wil. be jamaneat if terms suit Aizttu J. T. W., He*a*i office, -t'-atiag, a.-c 'etus, whi<ri m-st "ie tw. ROOIIJS WANTED.? A LADV AND GENTLEMAN would ,'ke to procure finished apai moits, with woar-l '.rr the -a^y only, 'a sosae quiet family In a house iurs"ih?i w-th g*s baths Ac location ecciswhere betw m Icfth a ad TwantietL streets AH>i< p i\c., L maire Pot*. Office. T? o (.iN^T.EMEN, CR A bENTUSMAN AND mi * fe cm bo ec<- -atnodated with ^ room or scit of -.y,ra? w.'.h or r 'ho'u*. boanl, <n moderate terns by a?;.. 'tag *t 91 Ms n street, Broon-'yu. T; 7AMH.IB-1,? A I.AOY 19 PESIROIS Cf HAKIM! ia arrangement c >eaid for the mawr r cr.ths w. i. a ' MW.J at the ?ea ?iie, aad offers ;*?soas in Ff?n:h a?"i ^rvl La f'ranv, In r^rcas etyl#*, ?4s:?iand r 1 ae a<a e'jilvalont The adve-t.Je- risttss '1- Jt jf r.Ur t-i a:ee? 'jaa; her, for w^otn she it wCtng ?1 taois-ate ?sri t Reft.-eacee exchanged. A Lrtsj LtV? i,i-e.?. U?*a!i offiee. \jrrn c7i-m raifi- r ov vuoa't i h>:n ff 13 ?. str.itiy r?sp?-tab?? boarding or prt?at? btus* Nti^l itAin BAM apply. I.teat;oa Cic.V ?tre?t a.>. ws?t c' Hr^aiwav R^rmeoeexjhaafvi. Adire? J.I- !nt';o-jPxr.04-i KUIAOVAm. G(?jkg*s nt.-w amkrhan. nssoa, and ger SU4 f*U?r^t,* bn IT Naeeaa stmt, to tO* Brnadwa/, betwM Duao U4 Pearl streets. Opoa oreey Aay In Us week, fer krMktfast, lasw asi w ipy in . in* 6 A M. ?e ? P. M The seats moderate iihsm? vi9 prowl w%um hare maAs this seta Wu fan sat m iiiii|- (MvikNl UM 0eM sUha L- WSUWa, Prefdem yWMOIAfa I 8557.000 Sd *ryy defctiptts* it rainaMe property" or bougnt Wl ^Aj>7 iOii K. ISAAC, hMM. offiM, U CtMBtMM ' ^^?from 9 N ?? Business prompt and cw?4mUL I . and adver bought. y. *B?? Solwla? tM? nflrtBrtif. | AAA ?TO LEND, ON BOND AN? . _ J? V We mortgage, in lunu to *uit ap aU, en good productive r**i uUt?, in this city or iklj a . Apply to S. 8. Broad, 13 Wall a treat, Meoti eiory, frocl room*. i A AAA-^1*00 O* IHAMONW, 4U.UUU ntdM, ? , (tiatet, dry goods ud evory deaoriptton of pro pectp. 1'trtiw wishing to obtain loans, ou bo aoeout mooatel on Utiorol terms, different to other offlooa. Tha strictest oonflOenoe may bo roUod on, and tha above amsunt irr- bo had in whole or faiiM auma, by ap plyiag K 698 Houston atreet, between Ma rear and Qreen* itreet*. Boalaaaa hours, 8 o'olook A. M. until 4 P. M Partis* waited on at their ova roaldeDoo. B- MEYERS, Ago ?! k ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY ON BOND ____ _ ' *aJ mortgage, on property in tha Tver part of tnia city, worth double the amount. Bro kers neod not apply. Principal* will find tnia good secu rity and interest punctually paid, by nddreaalng Lean, Herald office, for three daya. (JjPAA 10 ?8?0 WAN TED ? FOR BIX MONTHS, AT ?OUv seven per ceot, on stock and fisturielua Urge (tore doing a good business, idiured for Ure time* the amount. Fifty dollars bono* will be given. Addreas with real name to C P. X., Herald office, for two day*. DVANCES MADE ON SECfBinES, VALUABI.E8, /it., in sum* to auit, at all time*, without delay, at specie and exchange office 4b'2 Broadway, opposite Pacific Bant. JOHN HOJPE & ADAMS. CASH LOANED EN ANY AMOUNT. Ott PURCHASED at slgLt for fair price*,,n*s, watchea, rich jewelry, plate, merchandise and valuable personal pro perty, b* R . WOOD, 09 Fultan street, second floor, front room, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. fDfABINERS' 8AVIN?jrS INSTITUTION, THIRD AVE., ill corner of Ninth itreet, tor tha benefit of all claaaee O t MTiOBI bank open dally from A A. M to I P. k., anj oa WETNK3DAY and SaTCKDaY EVENINGS from 5 to S ? 'cloak - late* eat ou deposits of >500 and under SIX PER CENT * ISAAC X. SMITH, flee rotary. Money advanced for short periods or real estate, diamond*, watches, jewelry, plate, pianoforte*, dry good*, horaee, carriage*, and every de scription of property, by the reapouslbta Empire Loan and Agency Company. C. WILLS, Agent, &2C Broadway, oppoalto the Broadway theatre. PEORIA AND BUREAU VALLEY RAILROAD COM pany ? A semiannual oividend of four per cent on the cdpltal atock of thia company, will be paid to stockholders on and after the 16th Inst. , at the office of the Chisago and Rock Inland Railroad Company, lit Wil liam afreet. The transfer books will be closed on the ltth and be re- opened on the 18th Inst. Stockholders holding certificate* of date prior to lit Feb,, 1866, are requested to hand in the same before aaid 10th inst., in order to be exchanged for new atock certificate. CHaRLES W. DURANT, Treasurer. SIO THE BONDHOLDERS OF THE MANSFIELD AND Sanduaky, Sandusky, Mansfield and Nowark, and ambus aid Lake Erie Railroad Companies : ?The com mittee appointed at the lata meeting at the Aator House, hare prepared the agreement to be signod by the differ ent interests in the above companies, in aoeordanoe with the report there made and accepted, and it can be found at the offic* of E. T. H. Gibson, No. 33 Pearl itreet, where the bondholders are requested to call and aign the ?ante without delay. Any further information oan than and there be obtained. mill. INI ERFST- CO 1'PONS OF THE PEORIA AND I Bureau VaUsv Railroad bonds, falling "due ou tbe 1st of August. 1866, will be paid at the Corn Exchange Bank, IS William street, N. Y. CHARI ES W . DURANT, Treasurer, kxc custom ?, iwbvi; vsjiuun ui uw iimwi uun na will continue her regular trip* to the Beaks every (Sundays excepted,} leering Amos itreet at 7 o'c A.M.; Spring atreet^T \ ; FuHon ferry, Brooklyn, EXCURSION'S,? THE WELL KNOWN STEAMER AUUPJCA, and barga OOXSACKIE to let for euu sions. For part.cular* and nuking osutracts, enquire of tap'. Lot! Freligh, on board steamer America, foot of Jay street. Excursion ? regatta of the new York yachi Club ? The regatta of the New York Yacht Okib wtll take place at (ilon Core, on Fitday, August 3. The steamer CROTON", W, H. Wood, master, will leave New York from Peck slip, August 3, at 8 A. M., touching at Prime's dock, Wniteetonr, and will land her passsngers at Glen Cove. Returning on the earns day, ahe will leave (Uen Core at about nix 1'. M., for Whiteetone, Prime's Dock and New York. The large and splen did steamer GLEN COVE, Captain John Germain, will leave Peck slip. New York, Anguat 3. at 9>* A. M., for Gleu Gore, auJ will ariire there in time tor the rase. Thin ituner will touch at GUn Core, end taking such r>a.a?en?i>r* ?? >? r - '-?? wisuom me race, Will aceom i-uytfie yacht* until 2 o'clock, 1*. M., when aha will touch at (ileu Core and return to New York, arriving there at 3)? P.M. On the arrival of the Croteo at Glen Cove, ehe will be at the dlipoeal of the committee of arrangement* ; and such of her passengers as may wish to attend the race will be taken by the steamer Glen Core. No freight will be taken on these trips. Fare to Glen Core, 37# cent*. Fare from Glen Core to accompany the yachts, 60 cent*. Fate from Glen Core to New York, 87 X cents. The steamer Croton will take passengers from Glen Core to Whiteetone, Prime's Dock and New York on her return at 8 P. M . Excursions to the fishing banks the steamer GOLDEN GATE, Captain Charles Ander non; (formerly Captain of the steamer Laura Knapp,; srerrSay, 7 o'clock. . _ _ rtrry, Brooklyn, 7 Peek slip, 8; Broome street, 8^; pier 3 North rirer, 0 Flaking tackle, bait aad refreshments furnished en board. EXCURSION ?THE REGATTA OF THE NEW YORK Yacht Club will take place at Glen Core on Fri day, August 3. The steamer Dell Grove wHl aooempaay the yaehts through the raoe. Learing New RocheUe at 8K A.M.; do. gIsb Core at 8? a.m. Fare from New Roehalle, 75 cent*-, do. from Glen Core. 60 cento. Re freshments can be had on board the boat. TTCXCTOSION TO GLEN CCVE.? THE REGATTA OF Vi the Mew York Yaoht Club will take plaoe at Glen Core, on Jridar, August 3, 1866. The steamboat ED MI ND GRIFFIN, Capt. P. B. Van Houtea, will leave New York, from pi?r No. 4 N. R., Friday, August 3. at 8 o'clock; Beekman atrset, 8H ; Broome street, i\ touching at Flushing at 9X o'clock A. M. ; will arrive in time to accompany the yachts is the race. N. B. ? There will be a grand ball in the ereuxg at Glen Core. The boat will remain until the ball iaorer; then return to New York, touching at Fluahlng. Fare for the excur sion 91. This boat can be chartered for excursions by applying to GEO, HABTT, 31 South street. T7>0R FISHING BANKS?THE STEAMBOAT MERC,' TRY, Xj Captain Richard Yates, will ieare tor the Fishing Banks every day, (buaday excepted,) touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following places, vie. Jackson street, E. K., 6 o'clock; South Third street, Williamsburg, G# o'clock: Fulton street. Brooklvn, 7 o'ctock; Peck slip, 7 H o'clock; Cunard Wharf, Jersey o'clock; Spring street, N. R. 8 o'clock; pier No. 4. A. R, 8,^ o'clock. Fishing tackle and bait fur aUhed on boari. CotiUon band accompanies the boat each trip. Faro 60 oente. GRAND EXCURSION TO THR FIBHLN'G BANKS- ON Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 3, 4 an t 6, tare .*0 cents, by the safe and commodious double en gine steamer MA&SACHl'SEfTS, E. R. Hanks, commao <le r, leaving pier foot King street at 8 o'clock, and pier No. 3, N. h , at A M. Fir-hiog tacxle and bait ou beard. A band of music will !>e in attendance. PREMIUM EXCURSION TO THK FWHING BANKS.? Five (loUara premium will be pai<l by the steamer CK' >TON to the person who shall catch the largest (iah, and one dollar to the person who shall catch the small est fish. This splendid, fast and safe sea steamer will make a trip to tie fishing bank*, on Thursday, August - ieariDjf is follows? Broome street, E. R., 7 A.M.; Gctivetaeur street, 7 <-4 . Peck slip, 7>4i Spring street, N. S , 8; Robinson street, 8 >4; Pier No. 3, N. R, 8U. Re fr*?-bn:ents, fishing tackls and bait furnished on board. A band of music will accompany the boat. She will make no trip on Friday of this week, but will resume her trips as usual on Tuesday aad Ftiday of next week S. R? Tie stei.nsr Croton can be chartered for excursions, for which her sic* and *peed render her peculiarly fitted. Apply t J W. G. LOCK WOOD, 37 South street, or to the captain on board. BIGA1TA AT GLEN COVE ? THE ELEGANT AND commodious new steamer THOS. G HAIGHT, will on Frl lay, August 3, leave Catherine market alip, at 8 A. M Delanoy street at 8\) Twelfth street at 8 v for Glen Core, giving the passengers an opportunity of ac companying tbe yachts during the raoe, and leaving (ilea Cur* for New York at.) P.M. Fare for the whole excursion tl. Fare to GJ*n Co re 30 cent*, to accom pany the yachts frcm Glen Core 60 cent*. 0~ CHI rT KR~~ SoR~"i EKCURsiONS? THK SAFE AND cemnodou* double engine steamer MASSACHl. Pi lls, E. R Ilanks, command er, being now incomplete or'er, ran be chartered for excursions. She is the largest ?td most elegant steamer ottered for the purpose , bav iag a stge dancing saloon 112 feet long, a rare cnance 1* 'offer# d to the public Apply on board, at the toot of K ng street, *N R . or to I.. H. GROVEK, 163 Broadway, up stairs. icrrr fxci ksiohm.? cas be huuo by niE day or week, on reasonable terms, a fast sailing vacht, ?f about forty too*, with pleasant cabins and good aeoommoiaCons, tor parties 01 eiub*. Apply on board at the foet of Barrow street, North rirer. WM. P. DAYTOB. Captain EXTRA PAT* 207NTY Ls'ND OTTICK, M WALL STREET 8.V.V meet ? Sorters, eailon sad tes meters, in any war ? 1T7S, or their w.iowt, eaa obtain their taaj ww ran * of O* agent. P. f Ukr-d, 64 Walistrset N? s barge nattl couoctad. 4TY wrowtT :and and "mtra PArwyri fx ?Bounty Us>d aad "oxtra nay " for U. a Mar*, sanx's he . uj aU wan ainoe 17M? tfceU wliawi aad hairs? pcesnpiiy obtaiaad and paid. Baiaaea due widows and hn(r? ef deceased rri g ned ethers eoUeetad, wd al Itoda ef tiaim* against the United States reoeveret by mMaM, and the widows or hsiin of tkooe who peciffaed wlti Mm Onited Statee *1# " Albany, " wl3 be predtsd tar ealing on ? ? SWAM) BISULL. ?a4 C?l?| fvnr 9 9> IT Urai BAJUM At A1 A Lusar a nioolait, Aucno.Niuia,-arotiu and J\. bonds at auction ? Regular sals ? Albeit H. Nicj Uj will Mil till* dar, iuuit 1, at It* o'clock, at ttu Merchant*' hehui*, fsF aocount of fkm it mar ooa o?cu : ? ?1.000 Flushing Railroad 1st Mortgage T par east bond*. ?*,000 Gnat Western Railroad...;: *1,000 ?10, COO Tarre Haata and Alton Railroad 2d Ibrtiip bond* ?l.oOO ?10,000 Chicago and HIm isaippi Railroad 'id Hurt g*g?...t.? 91,000 ?i.OCC Johfeou County (Iowa) T par oent Bonds, due in 1878 .. ?1,000 ?1,00(1 La Croat* ad# MUraukie Railroad 8 par cent bom's ?10,000 HuJaon River K allien! 3d Mortgage 7 ptr cant Convertible Uonda ?1,000 ?10.000 Illinois Central Rrilroad lit Mortgage 7 par oant Boodo.du* in 18T5 91.000 ?T.OOO One Certificate of the Bracksnridge Caanel Coal Company, representing 70 ahuM of ?100 each, of the capital of ?aid company 30 abate* Harlem Preferred Stock $50 400 Co. Lake Erte, Wabasu and St Louk Railroad, (hy pothecated) <40 1,000 do. C itawtaaa, Williamsport and Erie Railroai 60 40 do. Cbfttbin biak . . . ? a ? 310 do. Kaat River Bank, (hypothecated) 60 ISO do. Osf an Bank 60 40 do. Lenox Fire Insurance Company 26 20 do. Common wraith Fire Insurance Comptny . . .. 100 30 do. Harmony Fire Insurance Company 60 240 do. Lafayette Mineral Company, (hypothecated) 100 1,200 do Ship Timbir Bending Co , (full stoek) .... 6 16 do. Union India Rubber Company 100 1,000 do. Viig'ot* Cliff Copper Company 6 Terms of aaio : ? Ten per oent thia day, and the balance before 2 o'clock to motrew. The accrued interest Oft *11 the bonds wiil be charge! to the f urchaser. Next regular Ml* on Monday, August 6. a LBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ? FINE J\_ wine* and brsndiei from under custom hoat* lock, at auction. Albert H. Nicolay will eell on Friday, August S. at 11 o'clock, at the salesroom No. 11 Broad t-tiiet, a variety of fine win**, brandies, &c.,consittiug in part of 660 cages St Julian claret, 430 ca**? Chateau Margaux, 176 do. Baut Saute rue, 160 catee Hant Burzac, 126 package* of cognac, otard and gran* proprietors in ptpee, half pip**, quart* pipe* ana octave*; 16 octave* old port win*, 26 octave* oid madeira, 16 small octave*, old pal* sherry, 80 bar. reb Fi?nch wine vinegar, 26 b aire la eider vinegar, Ul dozen fin* aohnappa in jugs The abov* wine* and brandies will be sold in the original package*, deliverable from the United States Bonced Warehouse. Terms cash; city funds. Catalogue* may be obtained at (he sale* room, No. 11 Broad street. AUCTION" NOTICE.? GREAT BALK OF GENUINE IK ported wines and liquors in bond. Also, ellve oils, sardine*, Havana segara, Ac. EDWARD 8CHKNCK Will sell at auction, at his sale* room. No. 10 Walt at., Thls day, Aug. 2d, at 11 o'ciook, an invoke* from on* of th* largeet city importing houses, consisting in part of champagne* of various brands, hocks, madairaa, sher ries, sauteroee and clarets in cases; pinet, eastUlon and otard brandie*. Also, sardine* in % and % box**, oliv* oil* in baakets, and a large invoice of first quality Ha vana segara, of the most favorite brands. To b* soid in lots to suit purchasers. No other liquors admitted in this sale. Terms ? Under <100, cash; 1200, 60 days ?400, 90 days; $600, four months' approved endorsed P*t>w UCTION NOTICE.? A GRAND CHANGE TO MAKE money.? Fcr sale, the stoek, 1?*h* and fixture* of le old established oyster and dining saloon, bow doing a first rate business, situated at No. 1,104 Broaiway, next door to the 8lxth Judicial District Court. If not ?old on or before the 80th inst , it will b* soli at auction on the 30th, at 2 P. M. For particulars, apply to WML B. .JONES, 146 Canal street, or on the premise*. Auction notice? furniture sale.? a. m. cris TAX.AK, auctioneer, will sell Thi? day, Aug. 2, at 1U>; o'clock, at 216 East Eighteenth street, near Se cond avenue, splendid house of elagant furniture, con sisting of Wilton, Brussels and three pi y carpets, oil cloths, oil paintings, sofas, mahogany and other chairs, easy chaiis, book case, bureaus, mahogany and other bedsteads, beds and bedding and a number of other ar ticles in the turnlture line; also one splendid roaewood piano, 7 octave, celebrated maker; also, a lot of kitchen furniture, weli worthy the attention of the trade and others. ACCUON NOTICF.-M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, will sell on Friday, at 10 H o'clock, at the sales - .room. 27 Centre street, the Qniahed and unfinished stock of a cabinet maker and upholsterer, removed from Unl vtrsltv place. Al?o, the genteel furniture of a family. 1'artUulars to morrow. Auction notice? j. bog art, auctioneer. ? by S BOGART. ? Fi idav , Aug. 3. at 10K o'elock, at ti?e auction rods corner Frankfort and William streets, large ana extensive assortment of household furniture, tele a-tetes, sofai, mahogany French chairs, covered top rockers, dressing and plain bureaus, splendid oil paint ings and engravings, mahogany and cottsge bedsteads, carpets, oil cloth, office desks, gilt and mahogany look ing glasses. The whole comprises a general assortment of parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture, table cut lery, Ac., Ac. Auction Voriv'K.? FURNITURE SALE.? JOHN F. RUSSELL, Auctioneer.? By Day, Russell k Co., at the sale roams 85 Nassau utreet, two doors frpm Ful ton street, to morriow, (Friday,) at 10)$ o'clock, by catalogue, a large collection of houHehold furniture, mirrors, oil paintings. Goods purchased for the coun try can be packed on the premises. A UCTION NOTICE. ? W. A. CARTER, AUCTIONEER, J\_ will sell, this morning, at 10 o'clock, at SO Greenwich street, for account of conoemad, a quantity of extra super flour, partially wet; superior olive oil, in baskets; mackerel, teas, figs, salt, ready made coats, roundabouts, seap, watches, ho., Ac. Auction notice? thomas bell, auctioneer. BE1X A Bl'riH will continue, on Friday and Satur day, In their salesrooms, No. 12 North William street, sad 211 Old William street, tha sale of choice and valua ble articles, which have been on exhibition in the Crys tal Palace. These Hales will comprise articles from France and Italy, numerous specimens of drugs, medi cines, minerals, colors, varalsAee, chemical prepara tions, perfumery, Ac., put up in hermetieafly sealed bottles, Ac. Also, samples of silks, flax, straw. Leghorn braids and hats; a fine variety of oil silks ana other ar ticles too extensive to describe; a fine lot of French and other paper paintings, splendid engravings, statuary, Ac. We will hare every thing arranged and as n?ar as possible classiBed. Druggists, chemists and others will find something out of the common track. T>Y CATALOGUE ?AUCTION NOTICE.? TONLS MOR l~> BELL, Auctioneer, at 81 Nassau street, this (Thursday) morning, at 10), o'clock, a general variety, consigned by various persons, as follows;? Rosewood parlor furniture, covered satin broca tells, mahogany, oak and black walnut extension dining tables, dressln/ bureaus and w a* h stand* with marble tops; spacious wardrobes, rich and plain bedsteads, rosewood chamber suites, hair mattresses, cribs, suites of mahogany fun nituie, curled hair cloth, with a large stock of other ar ticles?full assortment; alto, oil paintings and mirrors, count inghouse desks Ninety days for sums over f 100; with Interest; satisfactory city secepianoes will be taken. N. B ? l'revious to II},' o'clock, a large stock of segars. (for private are,) In quantities desired, which will be settled for at once. On Friday, at 12 o'clock, extensive stock of pure gold jewelry. Cata logue ready to day. EUAM COMBS, AUCTIONEER? HAVING TAK.EN THE spacious salesrooms, bd Naxsan street, will sell at auction, all kinds of furniture, merchandize, paintings snd works of art; also stocks, bonds, real estate and ships, at the Merchants' Exchange. Cash advances made when required. Account of sales rendered prompt ly. The opening sale will be announced In a few days. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer.? by erask MN A NICHOLS ? Horses, wagons and harness, this dsy, at 12 o'clock, in front of store 79 Nassau street, *ose white horse, 16)? hands high, warranted sound and kind, snd can trot la 3.20 to harness; also, a bay horse. IS), hands high, kind in all harness, and ts a goed family horse; one light shifting top road wagon; one light buggy, and two seta silver mounted harness, to be told without reserve, by order of the mortgagee. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER. ?LARGE SALE OK HOUSE a hold furniture, of all kinds.? To-morrow, (Frl day.) Aug. 3, F. OOLTON will ?ell at ths auction rooms Reekman street, second story, all the household fur nitnreof a large house, rsmovsd for convenience of sale. It will comprise every description of rose vood and maliogaay furniture, carpets, oil cloths, china and glassware, cooking and other stares, together with beds sua mattresses, mirrors, extension tables, Ac. More full particulars given in toe morning. Sale peremptory. GEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? EXTENSIVE SALE of new ana fashionable furniture, to morrow, (Friday,) at 10), o'clock, at sslss room 304 Broadway, corner of Duane street, a large assortment of rosewood, maJCtfany, oak and walnut furniture, oil paiut.ngs, gilt frame minora, china and glass ware, tabls cutlery, Ac. Groceries, segars, cot eke, naiij, shirt col ' lars.? Friday, August 3, at 10i4 o'clock, at 67 Dey ftreet, corner Greenwich, sight day clocks, woodware, store sod saloon fixtures, teas, chocolate, raisins, prunes, figs, salad oil, herrings, knives and forks, sets sots, stoneware, claret, eUampagne, smoking and chew ing tebacoe. W. A. CARTER, Auet., 57 Dey street. Henry b heris, jr auctioneer -on thurs ? day, Aug athouee No. IK 1'ine street? ShsrifTs sale ot ioutebold furniture, consisting of mahogany and rr>*ewood bedsteads, secretaries and bookcases, centre, side and sofs tables, mahogany chairs. In hair cloth, sofas, tete a tee, In do., rosewood carved marble top slde bosrds, window curtains and cornices, cottage suits, writing desks, loangss, foot stools, beds, bedding, Ac ; also, rcsewood C octave plsaoforte, made by H. ?. Gale A Co , New York, ( ash, city funds. By order ?f CHASl T. LINEBACK, Deputy Sheriff. JI.. VANDE WATER, AUCTIONEER ?THIS DAY, Thursday, August 2, at 10 o'clock, at ths sales to -m No. IV Maiden lane Valuable jewelry stock? *pi?ndid watches. To be told, without reserve, consist ing in part of single and ciu-tered diamond fins gold 8?ger rings and breast pins, ear drops, lockets, studs, sleeve buttons, brooches, Unegoid' suits in cases, Cl. J eery brmoists, pencils and pens, 11 carat geld rase watrhse patent lever an J others , ladies' do. aad chains, faaLicaabtssilvsr de., splendid style heavy gt>H guard aai fJb elialns, mmaic*. onyxM aad cameos, Ac., set in pta a an J cbas^t 9ne gold in gran*, variety. JM0BIAR1Y, AUCnONTIR ? WILL BELL THIS a day, at lOo'etoek. at 163 Chatham square, a large asaortaaeat cf (oral tare fros families learjar ths city a isa frees a boardiag basse, a geasral aasoriasat !? ?s^hsrh?4*,??T? Mi fWWtuc tfcer goods, Salt f? SJULMMAVOTISIS. ?10RE F1XTCRB AND FURNITURE? TH13DAyTaT li St o'clock, at No. 12 Morris street? OooakM T?, boda, bedding ohalre, crockery, rrr tiring Btxiioilo, sta&da, stand casta, bur fixture!, tea ml (coloo and volfkla, measures, Ac W. A CARTaK, auctioneer, 67 Day street, cutaor of Greenwich. nrH) COAL MERCHANTS.? COAL CAST AND BM, X bono ?nd barooM ?Friday, 8a Augmt, 12 o'clnok, of 67 Dey street, corner (. roe n neb. Boy bono. Oi yaara old, warranted sound ond kind la all harnoee; also oool cart and box, and eat of barnere aoarljr boot. W. A. G'AKlKK, Auctioneer. r)HAtX'0 MANUFACTORY.? SATURDAY, AUGUflr 4. at 10>i o'clock, at 328 Fifth street, tobacco cutting machine, preaa, machinery aai baiting 100 tofcnceo acreone, large lot of Ane cat choiring and nmoMag tobacco ; alao. two horses sad wagon, ml other iraeut suitable far tbo trade. W A. CARTER, Auct., 67 Dor street, corner Greenwich. tra Ktur ? v uw. flHEAP FARE ON THE FASrEdr BOAT ON TAB river? For Albany an' Troy ?Faro, 26c.; berths, 26c.; state room?, 60o. The splendid ateamer HERO, Capt. Haneox, leaves north aide of Roblaaoa atroot pter, awry Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, at 8 P. M , ar riving by 4 A. M. T7H)R CONEY ISLANT* AND FORT HAMILTON ?THE JP ateamer Norwall. leares New York aa follows;? Kor foot of Am atroot at 0* A H., and 12* and 8M P. M. ; par foot of Spring atreot, 0? A. M. ; 12? and 314 F. M. fit No 3 North river at 10 A. M. , 1 and 4 P "t ' J01 OoueyLaiandjlasttrtp , ate* p. St. Faro to5T ney Inland and Fort Hamflt? and baok to New Tnk. U oonta. No half ptioo for oblklreo. ^ For long branch, mirewebury. hig elands. Little Siiver Foist, and Ooean Port Faro, #T< cento. The lavorito steamer Jamea Criatopher ?D leave Jay stmt pier daily, at B o'clock A. M., until Sa turday next, August 4, for the abora fashionable nter log places? returning leavaa Ocean Port July 31, at 4 P. II., Avtf. lat and 2d, at 6, and 3d, at # P. M , (ft nog paasengers nearly the entire day for raisl or aquatia recreations, to breathe the invigorating aaa air, aad to bathe, sail, or fish in either tho river or tbo ocean. Regular day boat fop. Albany, landing at Yonkerc, West Point, Nowbuig, I'oughkaepaie, Catskill and Hudson. Meals aerred on board. 11m steamer METROPOLITAN, Capt. I. Poihemus will com mence her regular trips from Now York to Albany Wad naaday, June 20th, 1856, tearing Jay frtraet pier every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 o'clock A. M., ar riving at Albany la time for tbo cars. Returning, writ leave Albany ovary Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday. Fa* fuitber particulars inquire at No. 202 Weat atroot, near Jay street. SUNDAY BOAT FOR GLSfttJOVE, LASTING AT 8t rat tan port and New Rochella.? The elegant now ateamer THOMAS G. HAIGHT, will loava regularly dar ing tho aaaaon from North Moore atroot, North river, at 8 A. M. ; pier Wo. 3 North river, at 8:16; Catherine Market slip, at 8:46'. Delancey street, at 0; Twelfth street, at 9:16; and Thirty-fourth atroot, at 0:46 A.M. WILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER? MORTGAGE aale.? By virtue ot a chattel mortgage, I will seB, this day, at 10 o'clock A. M., at 208 Houston atraot. between Attorney and Ridge streets, tho contents of a grocery, consisting of teas, sugars, segars, candies, tobacco, cheese, butter, lard, brooms, brushes, oil, ant all other artlclea sold in a grocery-. HUOKLUUISOUB. American plate glass company? factor* Williamsburg, Long Island? Aro now prepared te naoat? orders for rough plate glut, suitable tor Iohl skj lights, vault Md deck lights. Prompt attention wfl> to given to *11 orders toft st their office, 442 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. PIiAM, T# Murray street. HERMANN'S DYBPEPSIA ELIXIR ? This is tbe most speedy ud effectual remedy for dyspepsia over offered to the public. Those who tar* tried it are enthusiastic in its praise from personal ex perience of its stimulating, cleanslag,&nd re-invigorating inflames, wbich has proved bejonj dispute that it will care long standing and obstinate cases of dyspepsia, in digestion and biliary complaints. Pries $1 per bottle. For sale by A. B. &D. SANDS, Druggists, 141 William street, corner Fulton. IRON WORK FOR BUILDINGS.? BUILDERS, AND those designing to build, are respectfully invited]!* examine onr stock of Iron work for buildings. The more ready adaptation or iron work to any style of arohttes tare, and its superiority in point of strength and oh* ap nea*, have in a great measure superseded the use of brown stone. Tbe increasing demand, more particularly for window lintels and sills, has induced the subs sobers to get np an additional number pi new patterns, now numbering sixteen in all, of different styles, the oast of wbich being about ONE THIRD TITS PRICK OF BROWN OTOJTX, Cut in the same manner. The following building* in New York city and other places, hare been furnish** with our lintels: ? Mr. W. B. Aster's buildings, 167 Greenwich street. Mr. Peter Cooper's bulb"**1! Lexington arenae and 224 street. Mr. O. Blnnt's buildings, 60 Hurray and 62 Leonard street. Mr. James Boorasan's buildings. 125 Chambers street. Mr. J. Piatt's buildings, 72 Murray and 189 Greenwich streets. Messrs. J. ft J. W. Masks' building, 24, 20, and 23 Mr. G. Bridges', white marble front, IS Dey street. Mr. P. Goelets' buildings, 26th street and 4th a venae, and 20th strost and 4th avenus. Groom's Bank, College place, Barclay street. New York City Flour Mills, Broome and Lewis streets. Mr Ds van, 168 Chatham street. Oerasr of Chink and Warren, 103 Baroiay, and I960 Broadway. R. L. Stevens' 18 buildings, otrasr River and 44k Streets. Hoboksn. Odd Fsliows' Hall, Washington street, Hoboksn. Tbe "Odeon," South Fourth and Fifth streets, WO Uuubvg, hc.t Ac. Also. Corinthian, Ionic, and "Tower of Wind" capitals of various sisss, from six to forty- two inehss at nosk, at prises infinitely less than wood, brown steaa, or (tanks. Also, eornlsss and lintel courses, bos, H, and round col umns, trasses, vault and trass girders, ko, 'jniisiins can also bo sesn at the o flies of ins foundry. J. L JACKSON. BRO. k 00.. Iron Works, 65, 67, 60, 01, 08, and 06 Gosrck strost. "VJ"KW PATENT SPECTACLES FOR IMPROVING TI J.1 slon, and seeing near and distant objscts through only ona.nair. Profsssor FRANKS, sols patentee ssl maksr, 2 Park row. OOcs hoars from SAM. to 0 P. ML AlNTSt PAINTS !? FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES roots, ho , at IX cants a pound; white load, 7 osats oo; sine, 8 csats : Prsbls's boiled oil at 76 osnts a gallon; oil for fsncss, roofs, Ac.. 60 sonts a gallon , varnishes of every dsssriptlon, at 113 Maidsa lane. JOB B. SHirH, ,Agsnt. SA1.PH OGLE, VETERINARY SURGEON, AND IN flrmary for slsk and lame horses, 100 Wsst Ttrsntr street, bstwesn Eighth and Ninth avenues, N. Y. Cough balls, dluretio tails, tonic balls, purging hsU% fovar halls and powders, condition tails and powders. Hours from flto 8 A. M. snd 6 to 7 P. M. AU opsratlons Crfsrmsd In tbs nsatest manner. Hersss attended at sir ownsTs' stahlss, If required. IJIHE LARGEUT BREAD IN THE CITY. Msde from New Flour. TREAD WELL'S BAKERY, (0 Carmine street. rlESKMAR? TllE GREAT EUROPEAN DLS00VE8Tr Protected by Koyal letters Patent of England, anl secured by the seals of the Ecole de Pharmacist d Paris and the Imperial College o( Medisine, Vienna.? Tiieeemar, No. 1, it the remedy for general debiiity, shattered constitutions, snd all ths distressing oows quences srislng from sarly abuse, Ac. ; Its effects are efficecious in youth, manhood and old ags, indssd the constitution would not become Impaired, svss in tta .decline of life, if thsTrieeemsr were universally adopted All physical impediments vanish liks magic before its influsnse, thin rendering its uss invaluabls to those en tering tbe marriage state. Triessmar, No. 2, completely and entirely eradicates all traces of thoss disorders which copaiba and cubsbs have so long been thought an antidote :or, to ths ruin of the health of a vast poctisn of the population. Triseemar, No. 3. is tta great Euro pean remedy for that class of disorders which, unfortu nately, ths English physician treats with mercury, to the insvltabls destruction of ths patient's constitution, sod which ail tbs sarsaparllla in ths world cannot i? movs. Triessmar. Nos. 1, 2 and ?!, are aliks dsvoid of taste or smsll, sod of all sauseating qualities. Thsy may lay on the toilet table without their use being eus pec ted. Sold in tin cases, st fi each, divided into ee fisrate dosss, as administered by Valpesu, Lslissaand, toux, he. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Mr. H. A. BARROW, 31 Greens strset, nesr ('anal, X. T., sspe eially appointed b> ths proprietor snd patentee as sgeut for ths lotted States, and every other part of Amsnoa. Immediately on receiving s remittance, Mr Ilerrow win iorward ths Trisssmar to any part ot tbs world, secure ly packed, and addressed according to ths instructions of the wTiter. lie tali agents required. Terms cash. fpHE NEW PERFUMES? THE ORIGINAL ANDGKNU. X fne verbena water.? Tnis truly refreshing and de lightfnl toilet water is prepared from the hotbeuse plant verbena (tomcntrifolis) and peeseeess its delicious fra grance in great(psrf action. It. is peculiarly adapted to the ?prlng and ausssssr months, relieving vn a great degree tne languor. Incident to tta warm weather. *e It m also vsry refreshing ss a bsndkerchief perfume for traveller*, by land or water, and Is s substitute for the expensive French extracts, and quits equal to tbs very best, and far toss expensive in proportion to tta quanti ty. It will also bo found an strrceabls change for ths saa ds Cologne, to wYueh by many It Is InBoItsiy prefer red. Also, Glenn's rose geranium, musk, citrouslL, and millefleurs waters. Pries ? 0 cents psr bottl# for sny *ind . N. B As then* sx'mirable preparations hs-? been imita ted, in s very Is'erior manner bv unprincipled | lsdles snd gentlemen wanting the genuine will pieaoe ask for "G.enn i,'- i'repa'ed by I. W. GLENN' No 20 South Fourth si., Philadelphia, sod sold in New Var< by JOHN MVAKIV, 407 Broadway, above llrooms otrse. siso, by C King J. Milhs-j, Nsgeman. 'Tnrk & Co, F. \ Runhton, and otben BraJwar and at et>e -<t.s bf most of the faney -ofcbng house* and druggists "\jwavw electrochemical baths, no im \ hSsth arsons ? Theee tatLs ars prepar ad txproatfy for the cure of diseases arUinn fr >m as* of c. ?rdi.-r and tie absorption of the o.flersnt me'?: - ?. > ? ? res Ihey srs gsaraateod to surs speed-ir ai t?rr.i;islir the painter's oolic, les>! ctw.c, aad all the Jutes** tta> painters, plumbers ond werknsoa in ????.? s/s susjee* to, a? srsll as parous, rWcoiatisss, d; isspsia see its weakness, and oU U* versus (ssa*.? ilissases P.-s# V'?sgu.?, ids invontar and 1>- flesh tew, <*?r ervecoal attention and edv oe to aJ paVsiv* ?N Shwry Mfiakwa te

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