Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. HilMlilT <'ct. 4? 8 P. M. Money 1b a shade easier to day, Dot still ex<-.?edin?ly active. Hope* were entertained, ft am the alight allevia tion of yesterday, that to-day would show a decided im provement. but It ha* scarcely been realised. The time, though uot far distant, has not yet arrived for a perma nent improvement In money. Thirty or sixty days may firing it round, but for th<' present we see nothing to Alter materially the state of things as they exist. The market at the first board wag steady, with some alight alteration. Reading advanced >?; Galena and Chicago, Missouri ti's, %; New York Central 6's, Illinois Central bonds. \ ; Kries of 1875, % ; Cleveland and Toledo, >4; Nicaragua, ; Cumberland, %?, Erie, Hudson Kiver declined . Albert H. N'icolay sold this day, at 12)? o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange 91 (*<> California State 7 per rent bond* of 1870 88 3,000 l'anama HK. 7's (second issue) 10.'5 1,000 Sacramento 10'a (Levee loan) 1869 77 6,000 Ma. & Clu. RR. 1st mort. 7's Con. IhIs. 1868. 78 3,000 Hudson Kiver RR. 1st mort. 7'h. 1809 100 % M shares l>anbury and Norwalk Railroad 63 M do third avenue RR. (hypothecated) 47 144 do Dry Dock, Grand at., Bowery and South larrv Stage Co 5 8 do New V ork and Virginia Steamship Co. . . . fiO 30 do Grocers' Steam Sugar Refining Co 59 3-33 part of the steam-tug Leviathan 960 ?0 shares Thu l'eter Cooper Fire Insurance Co 93 10 do Warge Fire Insurance Co 74 % 31 do Mechanics' Fire Insuranre Co 75 4 do Meuw Amsterdam Fire Insurance Co. . 9 12 do Hamilton Fire Insurance Co. ........ .... S2>? 40 do St. Nicholas Insurance Co &8 190 do of Allegany 300 do North River Fire Insurance Co 140 to 1C0 At the afternoon board prices fell off a trille, with aoaderate sales. Rrie closed at 65, about an ,V off. Meading declined Considerable ssles ire re made of Hudson River at lo*e? figures ? doubtless in consequence mf the publication f>: the :nee*ipts. showing a decrease from Sej.tfofthM 1*64. of $140.33 64. The best bid at the ctoe ST * The exchAi*v>? U vrnuyh i.he Oeiarin.c House to-day amount to $25, <> Ml M Mil U.e balances to $1 100, ?00 33. The t'nited Staton As*,- i*.nt Treasurer reports as fol lows:? Paid on Treasury aceount $460, <502 98 Veecived on Treasury account l"l,M6 00 Balance on Treasury account 6,S13,:i24 44 1'aid Tor Assay office 65,734 4% Paid on disbursing checks 58,468 8.1 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 1st and 2d instant, were as follows: ? For the Treasury Department ,....$8(5,28*5 Sfl Ver the Interior Department 17,151 14 For the Customs 30, 949 07 The value of merchandise and specie imported into this district during the month of September was as follows: ? Commerce op tiie Port or New Yokk. Value of Import!. *1 >1. lfeOM. 1864. 1855. Dutiable goods.... $14. 791. 0a4 $10,582,713 $11,859 017 Tree goods 028.^90 709,195 483, I'M Specie. 296,020 159,359 107.205 80 do $5 50 He. a share War warrants received ami entored, From miscellaneous sources From Customs 204,305 8/ . 2,0'>rt 27 .204,365 80 $15, 715, 350 911,611,287 $1::, 455, 348 Warehouse 1,577,368 2,755,801 1,590,377 *U1 $17,292,708 $14,208,870 $14,021,725 ?y!f? ?f Exports. Domestic produce. foreign free goods. Do. dutiable <!o. . Specie and aullioo. _To<a, $7,413,407 $10,804,731 $7,430 586 rxcepfl cf import#! ?ler elP"rf? $0,879,301 $.3,402,139 $0,585,139 The balance against us on the foreign trade of this port m S-eptcmber last wm mu;h more favorable than this year. The immense exportation of specie in September JS54, rua ?p the aggregate to an unusual amount while tte importations were hut a trille larger than for the Mn. month this year. The exports in September thU from those in September, 1868, while the import, in the mouth this year were up wards oi three millions less. A few days Hirce the wcak-bratoed individual having ?barge of tbt- commercial department, of uw of our rash. light contemporaries chuckled over the supposed chagrin oilpaper at the rise in Erie liailroad stock. fope eially did lie seem anxious to know how we accounted tor ?uth a rise on the very day the linun. wrote against it are n,,t ?"pHsed at the filly fancies of this ninnv' nor ?re we particularly annoyed that the course of the Kt?"k< ?, nera"Jr' ' with scope of his c n.prehension. A thousand times , H I* ^."Cn C"""Kh' we "WW hare suppo-ed, to , " "ir"""U 'he thick >"lt? of our g nend? that we have no opinion, and express <>' 1!'e course of stocks f.r the day. We -peak ?f stocks according to our views, simply in regard to their merlt. Wc nMre? Ullf remarkRnot ^ nopW gamblers, who operate for a rise" to day or a fall to morrow but to those individuals who have money to in vest, and arc looking al>out for a safe as well as a proat Iws'T? T' F"r thcirbeneflt WJ pursue our daily 7?,t i Pt'aVOr 10 lo0li l,pon cvefy 8t?<* an im ?rt..l eye. We have no friends to serve or enemies to ,n a7 flt,,ck> "n'' arp not, therefore, governed by c ur,e,ve 5 ei'hCr "U"8 ?r ,,0ar,? W* ? "l- fr Mr;elres Investigate and probe every scheme to the . , lh"e U r< al n" r". ?t is freely and Willingly JA?1 ted just so far as it exists, and no farther. We Judge of it not by appearances, hut by facts; not by the pretensions . ,'.r,"J',C not *7 ",fi phiusible reports put forth; Mdonl! h T divi'lrn<,H' but V '?'!'? t we know, and only what can be clearly shown. We lor* to its ear its 7: Pri"'i,ll"S "P"n "Wch it is ma nag,. f"tUr? pr0,PMts' ?'* " I * e all right we unhesitatingly and distinctly say so, and ac-Tr"of th ^ tI ikl V"llU' nD<i ,ll8tinc<ly U)r>- The char- I t u ' n"n ' ? * matter of no consequence ? e are not intluenced by an array <>f distinguish """? n'py l??ve "o weight with m, f..r we hive wen too many swindle, perpetrated by com ' ul,oa"1 of managers Composed of soms of 111 r< -pec'.abh- members of the community. It it - asiest thing In the world to get up a a" tin ec tors for any bogus corporation , of *??<? most respectable, most pious, and most con Mirations cituens, provided the proper conalderatioa is forthcoming. We prefer a list ?f rUl?, honest, direct.,, , " 'f u"*n"*n- to one filled up with speculators who fcre known f?r their wealth, but who possess oth,.r WualificatUns for managing a concern honorably and judiciously We are not to be deceived by big name- or 1>J he c lap-tran put forth by interested parties. ?or will w permit ourselves to be made Instruments i.y n'.ich schemers urn ennhled to pose their lal-e commodities upon the <vnununity. Wall street " operators" are no more nor less than ? V "f g"""'>ers. on a ?mnd scale-generally a Ivin^ ebsHting, swindling pack. They have their earners and suckers. wl,|p|10rf if). bloW(>ri| J ,o ??r thimble rlgnin, concern ia the country. Ho rnlr thfrT' *" ,hM U'^ 'lo '"-.v redeem ch,p<- A e?nWn?tion like the one in Frie bids ?? or washes" up a fancy stutk three or fou r pei cenv to day -Jr-t enough to induce entai lers tocme in. to'mor.ow "ey Ummer it down, until tbe rame outsiders get fr?hten,d and sell th stock bvk ?Kain We want no thing to do w?b these speculators, with their ope ation with the stocks they ,1* ?i in. Wears not i? their secret W-eMuenUy ar. unable to .ell whether their fancier wUl' Wu up to-day or .1 wn s, -morrow. We can only ,ta?e To ?h ir.r "^k will tune to (n tbe end. To^he c^.. o, who dc-ire permaueat in rt I- for th , yn apry t0 ^,VP ?,,r Ji im ror tftcm ttp writ*. rrtB *i . .. . ???*>?> ???<? Vn ? iUU** 1,1 ,,|,l'%Pr#lv^ JP* otft m ( tit a'Wiaet'ie ?? r) l?cu]a%4 who is at .nil Mme* prowling ?u,at * *fctimskmong the ignorant an 1,. |. Wb. are likely or not to he correct In our view n I r , ?Whisions, perhaps it m .^ht be well to consult t e tvluinns of the Hmlawd for the last ten vears. Tw<, y?ar< ?go l.rie ws. sellinir at 88 per ccnt, New York Central at Hudson Tt,wr at 74. HarJm, ?, W, costal I'alace at ? <?uro|. nions.megar.i to these stocks, state.! then and wp?au< since hundred, of tinx sre too well kn wn tor-.uire repemi, ,, On th, d>v UlP ynw , orl ^ , lKV>kM orfDiH. ?ft?r IK* < i *? a. J. . th? irr.nt |rf?oflc nod ne annus swtndl, e,? ^ prtrs?.,1 ,Q# T?ilro*d#? the stock roM nt us p,. c nt ^ 7 U Wunld never sell at that Bgnre will. j, ^ ? has since sold down to 76 p.., ?.t. Cn, u Hon uas inthted It far beyond its latrlns'c vi!i,e J t. Is on thed wn.a.d W again, and t mu,t d"t,; t( nch lower points than have yet been ?n ,w n' ? of th?t joBwlidation^hM pi to W T rii*n u,4"u will not be oar fkult if thi* community is not thoroughly potted up upon all the points of that atrocious fraud. It in generally known that the railroad lines running from Albany to Buffalo were, in May, 1853, consolidated, under the name of the ''New York Central Railroad Company," but very few know how it was done. The bank to which we alluded a few days since as or ganizing, to be located on the present Bite of the Clinton Hotel, is to be called the Park Rank. The subscription boohs are now open. The capital is to be $300,000. We append a list of the directors, as far as decided upon, all active, energetic business men, whose names are a suffi cient guarantee of the success of the institution, to say nothing about the location, which we consider perhaps the very best in the city. The directors are as follows: ? John E. Hsmlford, of the firm Ilanfnrd k Brother, 29 Park row ; Ellis Ayers, of the firm of Ayers <c Tunis, 176 Washing ton street; R. H. Arkcnburgh, of R. H. Arkenburgh ft Co., 171 Front street; W. B. Whitney, of Whitney, Sand ford & Co,, '230 Water street; Gee. J. Byrd, of Byrd ti Hall, 12 Warren street; EL V. Haughwont, of E. V. Haughwont & Co., 581 Broadway; David Conner, of Cyrus H. Field it Co., 11 Cliff street; W. P. Karle, Karle's Hotel; A. B. Miller, Nos. 3 and 5 Beekman street; E. B. Wesley, of Wesley & Kowalski, 49 William statet; M. S. Whitney, '20 Broadway. We gave a lew days sincc a short table showing the number of miles run by the locomotives ot several com panies, and the reported running expenses on each road during the last fiscal year. Tha annexed statement ex hibits the gross earnings per mile run, of passenger and reight trains, on several roads according to otilclal re turns:? Railroad Earxlntjr Gross a.vb I1b .Milk. | il Xamr of Hnaii. ? New York and Erie 1864 New York Central 1854 Pennsylvania Central.. .1854 Heading .,..1854 (Galena and Chicago 1854 Buffalo and State I'ine.,1854 Hartford and N. Haven. 1854 New York and N. llaven.1854 Hudson Piver... ,.1854 New Jersey 1884 Cleveland, Col, and Cin.,1863 I ittle Miami 1854 Watcrtown snd Rome... 1854 Macon and Western 1854 Cin., ilaui. and Dayton. 1854 It appears by this that but six roads in the lift earn over $ 2 per mile. The expenses per mile not boing less than SI per mile, it follows that the running expenses of those roads earning Ibbs than two dollars per mile, range above fifty per cent. The folly of the managers of our monster railroad companies reporting operating expendi tures at anything under fifty -five and sixty per cent, is daily becoming more and more apparent. We understand that a contract has just been made on the part of the President of the Texas Western Railroad Company, with Messrs. Jas. E. and J. S. Brown, expe. rienced and responsible contractors from Ohio, for the building of the Texas portion of the great Southorn Pa cific road. The contractors are to commence work imme diately, and have the first section of twenty-five miles ready for the rails by August next, when the company receives 10,2-10 acres of land per mile from Texas, making 256,600 acres. We have already noted the resignation of the Hon. R. J. Walker, to take effect on the second Mon day in October next, when he resumes his practice in the Supreme Court of the I'nited States at Washington, and is succeeded in the Presidency of the road by ex-Gover nor Dimond, of Rhode Inland. We have seen the report of Col. A. B. Gray, late Surveyor ol the Mexican Bounda ry Commission, giving a profile and detailed survey of the road through Texas to California, which is represented by him as highly favorable, confirming in this respect the late report on this subject of the Secretary of War. Col. tlrey's survey proceeds through Texas on the thirty second parallel, north latitude, and wost of Texas, run ning chiefly through the Gadsden purchase, which he describes as abounding in fertile valleys, with sufficient wood and water, and extremely rich in gold, silver, cop per, iron, coal, and other minerals. He estimates the cost at less than the Secretary of War by some millisns, and demonstrates the feasibility of the route beyond ques tion. The report is too voluminous for our columns, but ,-honld be read by all persons interested in this groat en terprise. It is published in pamphlet form, ami can be obtained from the company. 3,484 8,317,278 l,4flO,527 1,674,403 633,288 205,124 322,036 613,336 882,:Vi5 355,058 544,117 868,213 260,439 198,288 250,654 86,112,170 6,681,336 2,8(4,036 3,781,640 1,606,710 498,943 719,817 942,448 1,701,462 7'26,308 1,100,190 681,212 371,237 311,973 483,620 ?1 70 1 73 1 94 2 26 2 38 2 40 2 24 1 83 1 98 2 04 2 02 1 00 1 48 1 61 1 90 Stock Exchange. Tiuhwdat, Oct. 4. 1855. $oC00 TennC'n, '90.. 95 200 slis Erie RR . b.'lO 55W 10000 io....b?0 95^ 50 do bl2 65*5 25000 1& State 5'?..k3 82 100 do opir 65'/ '26000 do. ...l>60 83 3(,0 do *00 65' i 4COOO Missouri 91 500 do b(!0 65 K 6000 do l?3 t?l V 800 do b03 65V 10000 do bfO 51)5 100 do bl5 55>? 20T00 do. . , ,b60 01 3^ 850 Harlem RK 25 % 1000 Frie Itdx, "16.. 8< M 100 do bflO 720 UCOOHttd RttdMt.bCO 73*^ 100 do bdO ' 2CV 1000 III Cent RR Bda "0 20 Harlem pret'err'd 55 6C0 do 7t?>4 200 heading RR....C 94 t00 do *3 79 500 do b3 94 6'">00 do bit 79^ 100 do nflO 93V fOOO 111 Free'dRnwp. 80>J -100 do bQO 95 2100 Immina Hb2i!1m 103 200 do Him 93V 600 Clev&Tol DvIMh 09 100 do *90 93 V 60 nh* I lei fc Had C'l 12?^ 200 do h<10 93 V 300 Canton C< 24J? 200 do C 93V 100 Penna CoaiCo.brtO 100*, 1000 do..'.. b?0 94*.' "8 do c 99?i 100 do b3 93V 100 N Jersey RR H>6 loo do bflO 94i? 200 Nlca Trim Co.... 18^ 100 Hud River RR.. 88>r ?*> do 19 50 do a 60 38 800 do hOO 10^ 200 Mich Cen'iO 9S 100 do Mm 18't; 10 Mti So k S RR hi 97^ 200 do *90 18Ji 85 do b3 97 100 do b7 19 85 fial k Chi-! RR.. 117 200 do. . . pn rao 19 150 Cley & To) lilt . . . 81 V do-.; c 18 H 250 do b90 82tf 200 Cuirb Coal.. .s90 250 do , Slj? 100 do *80 MX 800 do.V.V.'.isO 81}? 200 do b!5 27 20 do. . 81 K 100 do U'iO 27 100 do......b80 82 'i 400 do '1(,\ 100 do bflO 82 4-6 'lo e 20 do c 81W 200 ... do b-0L 20# 100 Ch h Rk I RR b'>0 94 2 12.6 Erie RR o 66>, 100 do l><50 95 400 do M)0 !>5 50 da c 94 460 do b?0 60 SBCOtn) BOARD. J1000 N la 1st Mt ?l. SO 85 thl 111 Central RR 03 1000 Cl.l. Rk i-l Hs ?7 300 Reading RR ?;tV 100 diH N if! Tran. b?'0 19J* 800 do 9,i7; 4oOKrieRR pAo 56 21)0 do ,s3 937? 1('0 dr upg 65 1,' 100 do ..'b2 98V 55? ? do 65 200. do b:j 93 V 260 Cumberland IVal 2fi % 060 do. .. *3 93 v 100 do 1.80 loO URiv i;r....Ch9 38V .100 do t>3 2o}? 200 do bOO 38W R0 do MO 2fljJ 100 do UiO 88 :tow do 20 * 100 do 37 V 10O do fGO '* CITY TRADE REPORT. Tlti'MMY, October 4 ? fi P. M. A' in?, ? Market i|Uict, with small >ale? at unchanged ruled. HRKAnifrtTW ? Hour? Tlio ninrket wm (Inner, and cli >? ed h bout 12>, cents per barrel advance ill round. Tlerewa.-au aetlv" export demand, ;?? 1 well as pur chases lor future i>livciy. The Halo embraced about 16. COO a 20,000 bbl*., including common to extra Stat-, at $7 76 .1 jH: Western common mixed to extra, at $T 76 ;i S-8 12. 11 $8 .6 Extra <?ene> ee ??n ?lecly at {9 a $lti;0 Hie naien ol I'imunon liranJd, State, reported for Vovend e lelivery. Mere at $7 7,'i a $7 5u. Canadian floui il-o in lii'i ;er re tue-t, and cloied II . rnor, wit!i I -ale- nf aixiut 70.1 bbls. at fS a $9 f"r Miperflne and ex tra. S.utlierii wa- lumer, with silos of 800 a 900 bl?l*. at 26 n #8 76 for eonimon to elioire brand*, an I >8 Hi to $10 It *r fnmy toixtra t.enrf?>town; (i!ille^n< an'l H?x ? 11 i> ware liefo at $1<iC2)^. Wheat w.i from t*o to live cent- b ,:lier for prime lotn white, in good auffipiug order, while the market vm very a tiro. The a^gngnte sab; lor lh'4 day amounted to about '10.000 a 60,0i'9 bushel*. iTicludint; I t ^e lotn for exp"rt. t'Oth ?.? Kngland nno tha Continent. In ludei in the nales 'ere hen'ed upper I ,iko at !>1 t.?.; do. oand red do at ?-l 71 a $1 8(1. . red Western, $1 81) 11 $1 90; ?)dl> St. 1 ? 1 i*. al i'i 05; Miile tiene-ee. at $2 03; re 1 uthern. ?l 80 ?l !i2. whit" do., .1 $2 08; and com mon 1 to prima white Canadian ;<t $2 a id. About 5 0oo buMieU ?f re rei-ortwl at the latter Ajruta. C<>rn? 111.' miIi? reache t iiImui' JO OllO bu dieU Vwarfl mixed at ffle. a S"i . and gii>d yellow at 87c. a S8c. Rye wa? ?rtiTe, niiU m?Ic. i.l abinit 2 i,0 0 bushel", part to arrive In Octobei, ( tSi* m nth,) at ?i 1<> a #1 '.'0. liar ley wa at abrut (1 a;wl tirni. ( 'at# .angeil from 42c. a 4l1c., with a fair nooaht ? I wle-. Oiintt- 'lhe <u f if the 4bip Amelia, eonibtiu^ of about 6,600 wan ?ol l on prtrate terin-< a i l mip p.?ed to itave ("-an puio!ia?ed on upe ulatl .n. >alej ' f ,.'?0 l<n(f? t'i* ware al ir,.. le .i1 10>,e. a lie. ( ViTTtiV? Tbo -?le? ti.-day ara. uiite<l to about l^ >Xi balen, ard rbw?*d without iurtli- r deetini* than tha pi erioui-K noticed. There opfieara 1 to be a hut tar tone in ti e market The ^ hole jtaic- in two day- have reached at out U 50<i balew. thrii.uTi". ? io f JrerjMiol ra'e- were fl jlitly e*?ior. Almnt 2.000 hale- of cotton aere tal en. c. inprc-?od . nd i.nien (?re-'-'d, at Jjd -0.000 r. '0,000 in>-h?l* of <r,tln. in bulk and 'it ll^i. a 12}ac.( wuU Couniderahle li>'? ot tti.ut icj vi' d :i'. 4e., and ab it 2O0 bal le .np it i!. 1. i< Mil ClOO bbN. dour were enjfnped at li. 9d A*e?-elwa? cliarten d ?o I iad for Ixmdou with Hour at 41. fid., and II I. for prnln In hip'* anil 60 toni 1 ? mp nt 17n 1 Itjti f. Ilavie were Uric, and ahout 4,00>) bhl.i. flour were onpRfrd at il, an I grain a> 2 *. :? '-5e. per Iniffcel. To tbiniT.urtt 400 Kilej of eotliu t in r (fed al l>,r. A *?vfl Iiarterod for i'otte . d IfU t.' it ad wit n grit in a' 20d. To Antwe.p 000 hu.oheN oi (j -a .. w?re taken .11 l."?c., and .lOO b..'en of c>tton at 1' Tti Callforria, iate? wer' firm at 3?u a 4o, , t he hi. l^rlatbau wa? nolo on private lerTrw. Tbv-oipNew Yori., It was mt| d. I>rouxhtat?ou> $80,0OU; -he ? i? eon-id ered very roaivl and i"-auuituy. thou . i .m. 12 lo 15 year* old. H at ? The ??1e< rea. l.ed n1 "it 1 00. 1 svt ;0' Iron.? 'lhe market wa a t'oeh?nfi , mi'.-'jUw. ivv W?i4'a'i-4 nusa-ac*1. Hxvxi Storjb* were iiuiet and prices irregular. Provisions. ? J'ork ? The market eteady but not actm; the rales embraced about MIO a 600 bbls., chiefly in lets, at (2 ti 37 a $22 60 for new mens, and %'iil 25 tor prime do. Some purchases were said to be made on Philadelphia account. Beet? The wiles reached about 260 bbls. at $11 50 a $12 tor country prime and 918 a *14 for mua do. lArd? ? fc>alen of '.00 a 300 bbls. were reported at ll^c. a l'.'c. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Kick was quiet ami prices unchanged. Si'H kb. ? Salen 40 bags pepper were made at He., and 20 do. pimento at 12)?c. ? Mure i|Uiet and sales limite.l; we could only hear of W0 hhds. New Orleans, fcir quality, at 7 >ic. ; a small lot of tlve hhds. Oemersra, choice quality, sold at 8^c. Whwkbt. ? The market was firmer and active. The sales embraced about 600 bbls. State prison at 41c. a 41\ cents. LIST OF LETTERS KcaaUni In llie Hew York City Post Office, Friday, October. ft, 1SSS. Published exclusively in the New York nnuw, by Act of Congresa ? the paper having the largest circulation uf any paper in the United Statu. LADIES' LIST. A Adams MissJobanna Allen Mian Mary D Arnold Miss E A C Aiken Mlsa Lizzy Armstrong Mr* A Atwell Mr* Mary J Allen Mis* CM _ AyreaMto?UuraM-2 B Black MissCalharlne Belt Mrs HrownMlssJosephlnc Bracket! MrsSamuel Bemont Mrs Anna Brown Miss Mary Brady MIssMargiretBenedlct Mrs Tibbie Brown Mian Mira K Bailey Miss Sallie T Brown Mrs Mary R Blake Miss Helen Brenn Mrs T Brownlee Lucy M Baker Sophie A C?- HeverrcnsMrsParah Boyle An*c tharlne Bentley Mis* Frank Bonner Mrs Mary C BlakelevMlssMarlaLBeaaey MrsMatilda Brolly Miss A Balgue Mad Bigclow Mrs Martha Brougham Mrs Ste Hallard Miss Mary A P phen Barron Miss Anna Brigga Kllzabeth Bruce Miss Eliza Barrett Miss M N BrlggsMrsBeiyainin Buckingham Mrs Barrltt Bw?v Big'ty Miss Mary Amclioh Barry Sarah J Birmingham Mrs Bulkley Mlsa Mary Bartlett MtssAdallne Margaret Jane Bartlett MrsMedoraS Bliss Miss Harriet Burns Miss Emma Barto Miss Hannahs Britten Miss E Burke Miss L C Barty MIssCatbarlneBlttman Miss t'atha liourke Miss Marga Batlersberg Mrs, rine ret Besde st Bowes Miss Calha Burkaril Marie A Beadell Miss rine lionise Beardslcy Miss Ma- Bowue Mrs David Burnbam Mrs Olive ry L Brown Miss P Burr Miss. Greene st Beers Miss Emma Brown MImh Amelia Burrows Mrs, 18th st Bailey Mrs A T Brown Elizabeth Bush Mrs J E Bailey Miss M T Butler Mrs Morris C Cadle Miss Bony Cleveland Mr* Mary Cook Miss Sarah J Chambers Mlsa Leo- Cob ley Miss Lizzie Ingtonplace nora Coffee Mr* Marcy Cornell Elizabeth C Cameron Mm Ann Coals Mrs, A Lion at Crosby Miss Calha CampbcIIMrs.Sth av Cole Mrs L rine Camble Bridget Co'es Mrs Wm H Costcllo Julia Cairpbell llannagh Coleman Miss Flora Coughnan Ann Campbell MUsSarah Ooley Mr? Harriet P Cour?ey Mrs Chrls Clarck Mrs Coblor Mrs, 10th av tiana Clark Miss Charlotte Cohen Mrs M Cowan Mrs Sarah Clark Miss Mary A Colgney Miss Julie Cowing Miss Ann W Clark Miss Susan F Collins Bridget Cmuly Mrs II M Camber Ann Commlns Mary C'umer Rachel Carey Mrs Ann Oomstock Miss P E Cummins Mrs, Madl Carey Mrs Ellen Comatook Mis i Mar son st Carr Ann garct Cunningham Miss Carvey Mrs, Sullivan Connor Mary Mary Chase Mrs Ann Connor Sarah Curley Mrs, 3d ave Case Miss Ellen J? 2 Counall Mary Curoe Miss Castella Miss MarvA Connelly Elizabeth Currier Miss Francis CaswellMlsg.MarionAConry Margrot A Cavanagh Mary Cook Mrs Ann Currcy Jane Creare Miss Anne Cook Miss Eliza Cuslck Miss Anne Cbelller Sophia Cooke Miss Jane A Cuzner Mrs A Craig Mb? Margaret Child* MUs Sarah Corbin Mr* Sarah Cain Mis* Seclla Louisa Corbln Mrs, Waah O Drake MisaJT S De Bolem Miss, Slat Doherty Mrs, 9th *t Daly Anno s'reet I)olan Mary Dano Mrs, 24th st Dempsey Mary Doub Miss Anna Ilaiiglar Mr* Eliza Dcmpacy Catlicrinn Maria Iianford Mis* Cailie Dempesy Mr*, 1st st Donoghoe Mrs Sa rlne Dcmfise MrsSarnhA rah M Dana Mrs R P Denvlr MraCorue- Donohuo Mrs Julia Lsssel Mrs Ilermina llus Dorlon Mrs Mary Davis Miss Kliza Denton Mrs Sarah Dove Mary Davis Miss E A Ann Doud Miss Mary Davis Mis M Dennteton Mrs, 30lh Dougherty Sarah Deane Mr* S street Downey Ml** Mary DeaUy Miss Bridget D'Orgemont Mad Ducle MrsRosun Deacon Mrs Sarah Devune Catherine Duliecls Mr* Eltra De Gougales Rosa Devoi* Mad beth Pooce Dibhlis Miss Mary E Di ummond Mrs, Dego Mrs Mary Dickinson MrsWmA 29lh street De Kay Mr* Geo C Dixon Mrs A E Duncan Mrs Margaret De Lagrange Mad Dixon Mr* C A Dunne Margaret A Dcleamv Mm Cath Dixon Mrs Sarah E Duslln Ann Dolana Mit's J ulla DurelloMlss Augusta B Eaton Mrs F,D Ecan Bridget England Mi s, Mul Eaton Mrs O I, Elliott Mrs, 3d ave berry sireet Edwards Mlsa J Erwin Miss Kllen Bnnght Mrs Johana Eddy Miss Lizzie 1) F Falconer Mrs E B Fee Mary Flvey Mrs, Gold st Falen Mrs Me la rile Fee Margaret Footc Mrs Cathe Flaherty Mrs Mary Feeney Mrs Winny Ford Miss Ann Flsmgan Mrs June Freil Miss Ellen Forsyth Mrs, Can Flandrcau Mr* 8a Fleming Mis* Cath- non street r*h J arlne Foster Mica Ellen FarnhamMrsClsraM Fergttson MissfEllza Foster Mrs Robert Fiirnbam Mis* Sally Fithaen Mrs t'alha- Fox Miss Kllen B Farley Mr* M*ry l ine Fox Mnry FhtIcsk Mrs Jas Fitzgerald Mrs. Floyd Miss Ann Farrell Miss Ann White street Fluary Miss M, Faulkner Mr* J, Fltzinariln Bridget Bleecker street Howard s'leet FltzpatrickMUs Ann FultonMlssMarv Ann Feason Miss Matilda Fitzpatrlck I'atlia- Furman Mr* F. E Frcdcnburg MrsSA rliie ^ Flynn Mrs Mathew GraeeyMrsMS Gray Anne Griflln Mrs, Frank Caddls Mary Gray Miss Ellen ford st Grade Cath E Orav Mr* Harriet Griffln Ml?s M S Graham Mrs A Geary Ml-* Marie Gritlln Miss Eliza Grsham Mary A Gleason Madam He- beth Graham Mrs Cluu len Gildea Anne flail Mrs Reglna Green Mrs PUebe Gill Mrs Leiltia Gallagher Anne Jane Giilln Mr*, Ham On I laghor Cath'rino Gener Mlsa, Eliza- mond st Gallagher Mary beth st Oillespy Margaret Gannon Bridget G'.ennon Sarah Godfrey Mrs N, Sul Gannon Marv Glbba Mrs James 8 livan st GaiaMsry " Glherton Mad'lle Oolahan Catharine GardneiMrsWAnno Jenny Goldsmith Mrs Mary Garrison Mrs H T Gibson Mrs Eliza Goodman Mrs E GosparlMrslIarrlctFOrill Mrs Anna Bar Gordon Mi s Louisa Gray Mrs E A Lara Gowan Sarah H Halttm Mr? Wm TTarrlngton Honora Holdridge Mrs C M Hull Miss Ann Hart Miss B M Hollnshcrd Mrs Ell Hull Mrs Adella Hart Mrs Jane fl zabelh Halleniiack Mrs H, Harvey Mi-s, 9ih *v llolley Mrs D, Com Urondway liawkes MUs Cath mtrce it HsmiluinMiss.lOUist Have# Mrs, Benson stHolmes Miss JullaA Hnmllton Mrs Susan Have* Mrs Cath Holmes Mr- Jno S H?irmondMr?,Kih?v Hearndon Miss E L Hopkins Mr* Ail HammondMls*,lStb*t Hendercon Mary guita Handy Miss Anna Jane Horan Sarah llnndy Susan Henkeii Mrs S E lloxton Mrs Mary Hunlon Ml.-t Marga H'-nraiy Margaret Hntctkiss Mrs Coo V ret Heroert Miss Eliza lluges Mary Temp!') Hanrahan Margaret Herndon Mrs Ada Hull Mrs E W Harkin Mrs liana Herndon Mrs Eliza- Hum Mary Harman Mr* Cyrus Beth Hunter Mum Jane Harris Mrs. SuUivanHew* Mis* Sarah Huntington MrsKlea Harris Mi>s AdeliaH Hevwoo<lMr*Martha nor Harris Sarah Hill MrsAlfred (wld- Hureomb Fanny H Harrison Mrs K. M o?) Hurley Marraret Ilarrls<in MIssAnhlo Hogan Mr* lane HutrbinsonMI-sAlice Harrison Mrs Ran- HoganMlssMargaret Hyde Miss Artninta ilolpn llyne* Mary Irwin Mr* Maria J Jackson Mrs Jl F JennettMrs.MudlaonstJonrs Mis*Malha Jackson Miss Anna Jerrlgan Maruret Jones Mrs Margaret Jaunt'cy F.llza O Johnston Mins Eliza- Josenli Miss Sarah Jenkins Miss Mary C beth Joy Miss Catharine Jenkins Mr* Mary Jonson Miss Mnry Judson Mrs 8 C Ann Jane K K.tnmnss Mis*, Canal Kelly Mis* Hanora Kerigan Misses, Rth st K lly Marv avenue Kren'e Marv KetitlullMrs, Bowery Kerrgan Miss Eliza Kre< bier Eliza Kennedy Mrs Janev belli Kelly Widow, Frank Kennedy Marv Ketclmm Mrs Henry lln st Kenedy'MlsaMarga'i Killea Miss E Kelly Ann Kennedy Mrs Thos Killrov Mrs James Kellev Anna Mella Keough Margaret Klugsley Mrs Susan Kelly Biddy Kingsley MrsSathan Tj Lamb Mr* Jaeoblne T.ecmnnl Miss8srahF. Ixmuhrsn Miss Ann Lambert Mrsl.urana I?evy Mrs Sophia I<owndesMlss Sallie S Ijujcssier Mrs Mary I-ewis Mrs I. "ah Luke Miss La ar Vrstrigisinond Linden >li*s Annie Lmtrlll Mrs Theo IjawrenceMrsLaura Lister Mtss Chrlstl- I.uyster Miss AnnE ii Mrs Wm na? 2 Lynch ABB Leary Miss Mnry Livingston Mr* C E Lyneh>Ii*s''alherin? la ard Mis- Mi. i v Livlnt stun Mrs Cor Lynch Mary Lrddey Mrs, Dr'lan- ne.lla Lynedin Mrs Jacqua , rev st Undo Mrs L)nn* Mary E Lemiriiii Mrs William Lombard Mrs Marg't Lyon Missi s Mary " Leonard Mrs P iiml Amelia Mn< k Mr*. Bedford -t Maybew Miss Hin- Monroe Mrs Kate I' M;.dder Mrs Saian nah M Mon'sgueMrs AnnaC V te It us it Mavhew Mrs Wm 11 Mo?Hly Mr* F.imna Mngin Mary Melelitcr Margaret Mooly Mrs [.aura J Mmlnirs Mnry Anne Me a liridget Mooru Mr< W A tf.igtiir" Hrldg"' Melon Sara MooreMnSUzabelLiJ Mah?ncy Mrs, Oliver Melvtil Mrs Andrew Moore Ml-sPiisati street Me.rre! Mrs Hart"' Moore Mrs John M Maher Ml?s Fllen Merret1 Miss Uuiisa Morgan Allre Mnher Miss .Vary Merrj mahMrsSuwtn Morse Mrs II T M alien Mar\ 8 M irris MlssCtwrloue Vnliet I llzalieth Me-obult Mr*, Bar- Morrlsy Mrs Ca'h Mslone Mrs Maty elm st Mowhry Mrs Kiiza. M'irkli Sarah Micliail Mrs James Mouni^lsst'atlierlne Mai d' -ille Ml-s Jo Miti lleionMl* Amn- MuldcsmMissTlureea sephtne Ha? i' Mullgan Mar,:rei Mnn.-s Mrs Jane A Miller .Mrs J Mulvanv Mrs. llthiit Mai.nfni. Mrs, Jtb av Ml.ler Ann Murphy Bridge! Msxniil!mn M??" M I e h? 4 Murphy MiHsfirldget Mnrqots Miss Jian M if*l ?- . 1 Mr* O M irph . Miss Kllen nei'e M '. hiel Mrs Maria Murpby Mrs Hanora Martin Mi?? S.irali Mo ..m y Lu y Murrey Ann Ma-soy Ni le > Molouv Miss >fary Murry McsK '/a'.ieth Masti rson i n'hrlne .Myers Mrs G W Jlae MeCal.e Mts. a'.ih st MePruieii Catherine MeKi nzie Mi?s H M MoCsbi Anne MctiratU Hannah M Mahan M iry V'-i al ' Flizabeth MeGee Vancy MeMahan Mary Met ahe v ! ? M 'tilhl.ln Mm Eliza Mr \lanon Sarah >!e('scneu Mrs,) an- hetr-J MrMU-haelMissPhe'iy non st McGlulchv Bridget McNeill Miss l.anora Met larin Mi?s Jace Mclntlre Jane JirPhcraOn Mis* s? M' ('arty Catherine McKench Knie rsli A Mr* Ill-re. Mar*aretMeKenna Mary McUulllen t'aUi Mrt 'illlste MrsLydlaMnKenna Mary Mov.-igh Miss Ro?e M llernioUCae Me William Miss Kate W Nanery Mrs Marv Nellan Miss Anne NeelvMrsTW Neai "rs hehecia N'evien Mrs B 2 Nixon Miss A J Neiir Miss Mary Cor Ni-kls Mi>s Msry Nolan Mrs Louise J lino Nicbiill Mi* Wm Norton Miss Ixdue (> ('dean Margrs t ( 'Bryau Mi?s loha O'Conor Mrs Calh'e Orroand Margaret? 2 nafi O'Cnutmr M -s M irgt < Mil at Mr- . au. a fl Hr:e:i Mirgaret O'Donnel! Mis- Mary (Isen Mi-s Marv M O't onnor Mrs 1) O'Grady Miss Marg't 0 Kei fTe Mrs Martin P Page Mr? SO Pennington Mrs J Pleri* Pauline Pa mer Mr< Prenlli e Dolly Phlllln* Mrs Kran'a C ? t. i "'ts George Pepnrell Mr* Eliza'h Prlndervii'.oMra Mar I' all Mi - t'ha-s Pepptnger Mrs Julia tare; I'c.lMrs.I Perkins Mrs Abbv Pol/en Miss Roslna 1 i ? Miss CarrllnePronmtt Mrs Sarah-.1Ponsford Mrs Spring I . mi cron Elirsf ethPew Mrs Carrie at rreiiilergnsUtlssMar Piero-t Mt*? Ar Po.tlev Mr* Sarah ?*rc. maade Purcell Mrs Brichard ? II , I- y Mrs M I la tuinn Mary A Qt.onn M rs R I I I|. I I a i. n W Reynold* Mary R ee Mrs Marie I I. ? M - I ora Reynolds Marge' p ?r !.o,iMrsl.i/zle 1. pp . ver war'h AnnRno'nson Mr-G V l! Mrs .lane Hi* s - r ? Mrs Joel ItoSlnsnn itonlter Rl.ien Nurgret end Mrs .Veses K ckw eti Mary, Eli Rivotix Mrs i'e. ?via zatieili st Rugglas Miss J f ? a &9'?:nXvi' JUt FUld Mrs, 2d avenue Roiley Catherine Rush Mr* AnnaWm Ktlcy Miss K Roar Honor Ku-h Mr* Mary Anne Reilfy Bridget Rosborough Mary Ryan Mm.Maalson st Rellljr Bridget Roy Marian Ryan Bridget llessiglne Catherine Roy ley Ue??y Ryan Miss Onery Reynolds Mrs Mary ^taekMI?? Mary Sweeny Ml** Ellen Rmith Mrs Hianah Spracue Mm Jo* O Sweeney J ulla Kml'h Mr* Maria Salomon Louise .Sweeny Margaret Smith Mis* Mary R Salmon Mary Skebari Mary Smith Miss Malinda Ham mte Jane Self Mm Bloan Mary Ann Sunders Mrs Geo N Skeins Mips Mary ScoUeld MissCornella ScunlanMrs, Fulton stfituphens Mrs Eliza Stoll Mm Washington Sean Ian Mrs M beth 8 Shore Mrs J ulla Scaulan llonorah Rcheurer MarUia Hlonn MrsCatherin E Stanly Mrs Cap? 2 Shreve Miss Mary E Slout Mis.* Sarah StrangMiss IsnnshE Sherwood Mrs Sowerby Mrs Arthur Sauk 'V Annie D Steward Catherine Stuar t Mrs E Sharkey Ml?s A O Scriber Mm, Ohat^iuart Miss Sarah Hlator Mrs Ellen ham at Smulien Catherine Savage Ellon Stltley Mm, 2d st Snlllvan Mary or Bawielle Mlits 0 Ce- Simpson Hits Ellen Bridget lcsce Sbmlek Mrb Sulivan < 'ate Shea Ellen Stiver Catherine Srully Mis* Ann Shears Mrs Win Slilne Catarine Shtiltz Klmirah Su arn?Mrslierword Smith Mm C S D Simmon* Miss Anne Slet.le Miss Mary Smith Mrs Catherine Barker Mrs Duerllo Sweeney Miss alien T Trainer Mr?, MercerTaylor Mrs Mary Thompsons Henries street Tenbrock Miss Julia ta B Trainer Mrs, 20th at Terloelllger Miss Sa Thompson Mm A L Treunor Mary rah Jane Thompson Miss Jane Tail Kllca Thilban Catherine Thompson Mm John Trupbagen Mra Pr Ti.tiin Miss E Torres Mm Judith (leo H Tod Mm William Tor rev Mm E V Traves Iwt' ella Trowbridge Mra Oor Tue 1 Miss Jane C Taylor Mr: , Sth av nella ^ Tnttle Mlaa Ada Underbill Miaa, Houston at ^ Hasher Miaa Mary VerdonMlss.OllveratVenote Mm Mary Van Derberg MraEd Vleren Mary Van Allen Mrs C?- ward (H Vredenburg Mary J therine Van Zandt Elizabeth Velie Mrs Caroline V Vande water Miss E VaaZandtMr*LouU>a Venning Anna W Wslcut M1k? Acnes Weed Mrs Arabella Williams Mrs Mary Waidron Miss D Weldon Miss, Cbor- Willis Annie Walker Mrs.Lewlsst ry street Wilmarth MraMaryB Walker Mary Wlielden MrsMatllda Wllsey Misa Julia Waills Amelia Wella Miss Ann Wilson Mrs A L Walsh Ann Welles Mm Jane Wines Mrs Emily Walsh Mrs M A Do- Wellington Mm Mar- Winana Hester H rotbea garet Winona Maria Walaly Mlsa Mary Wnelpley Mra Sarah Winn Mrs, Spring at Walch Mary Ann Wrenn Julia Wirgman Mrs 11 Ward Mrs Mary Werterbond Mary White Honnora Ware Miss Margaret Wright Mra White Jane M WarrenMlssMadoraliWblght Mm Wliite Mary W?nreiMrs,StMark'sWrlght Bridge! Wood Mrs Eliza p/ace Wight Mrs Emily Wood Margaret A Watson MlnaElizaVhWllbur Lydla? 2 Wood Sarah E Walton Mary Wllkina?n Mrs F Woodman Mm M J S Wray Mrs Jane Williams Mary J P Worrall Mrs N J Wearer Mrs Jane GENTLKMEN'S LIST. ? Acker 8 Aharen John Ayres J? 2 Abbott Capt Peter AUeu Thomas C Arnold G B Arke Joseph WD Alvln James? 2 Appur James K Abell Franklin Aleln William L Arnold, Bro's A Co Adams Capt John A Id rich W H Arms Nicholas Adams A Ivan Anny Isaas L Atwood O W Abhott Thos W Andrew J W Arroult George Alexander John Andrew* William Ash Benjamin F Allen Henry G Andrew* John U Arnold George B Aklrlch Zaccheus Anderson J F Aablon Peter H Alexander J H Ambler R P Applegate C Allen Watson Anderson John H Aaron A Bright Alexander WmV AnderWm Ayres John li Allmon Wm L Ilanspacb, JacobyA Ayllfl'e A Allison, Anderson A Co Applegate A Co Co Ammidown H A Co Archer l)r Wiu Altfer Eugene Anderson <!eo W Arnold Isaac Almond Wm H Ambros Albert Aptommas T Alexander Wm A A Ackley Elijah Asel George Co Archer Rev Wm Bradley Joseph W Bass David Bradley George Baylor C Goethe Brsdley Edward W Battell Geo 8 Urndle.y J Bates Kdwln Bradley Henry Bleakly Wm? 2 Bradley llemy C Y Belhea Col T B Bradley KS Bellows Chas A Brady H T, M D Bellows Chas Brady Hugh Black John ltraden R L llraden Robert Bracken Denis BaehWm Breed A Co Dree James Breln Dennis Breck Wm P Beale J D Bloch A Brown David Brown Wm K Brown J H Brown R 0 Brown Norry Brown Wm H Brown Wm A Oo Brown Mr, nth a* Brown Daniel A Brown Wm Brown, Eblietts ACo Boanlinan John II Bachelor WTtCo Hearse G H Bragg A llred Biand Leo Bunks A O Blakcney W E Ballard N K Ballard O M Bailey Tbomas Bailey James II Bralneid James P Bialnerd A Belden Beach Joseph S Beach J W Berry L G Be rllle John Beniel Ueo P Baldwin A H A Co Berrero Ksteban lleakley Jacob, MD Renifartus L Hearse G H Basoreth Marcus Reebe Austin G Bauran Wm Beebe Wm Bemliaefl John Beam Anthony Booth John Beandolerln Mons H Booth Rev R R Beaumont Wm D Bross J II Baker Wm Baker E Baker Joseph Baker A J A Bros Baker Daniel W Baker Doctor Bull H ose a ? 2 11 lair Richard llrrimiiui Patrick Blanebard A Blair W D- 2 Blake Anson llanderet Mr Barrow E P Barber Ilr Geo Bartels John () Bardelli Martlno Barnard K Bartlett W Barmour J W Barmour Henry Banon C J Berkley John Berry Capt P 8 Berlin James Bciuhii Wm Bostwick J D? 2 Bowden Alex'r Browning H? X Browning J M Botcler C W Beylan J as A Bruce Wm Bnohanan John Buckham George Buckley Thos A Son Berirand, Freres A Buel David? 2 Bartholomew Lou- Blxby B H? 2 Henry Bennegan Hugh Berry Mr Bendl G Benziger A Bros Benton Wm B Benson Stephen S Benedict E 8 Brennan Edward Bense Franklin Behm Ixiuis Bennett J H Bennett Jaa A Blennerha?ert Mr Bingham Alex'r Bhmlnghum Mich'l Burnell Strong Binkler Sebastian Burns John Buford Col N B Buggllie Henry Brlggs Daniel L Blunkman E Buhl F A Co Blumenbaum Mr Bunoker A J Buhler Wm Blumenthal M Bui banks 0 G Burdick John Burke Wm Burke Jaa Burgoyne T Pollack Bnrllngame Rlch'd renco? 2 Barclay M Q Brinkley Benj Burns Thos J Burns Erastus Britten Col Thos P Uurrall G E Barclay Thomas? 2 Brisbane Chas, Jr'W Barker James M Barker Mr Barker Jacob Hurtle Id Thomas Barrett D 0 Barrett Lwber H Barrett Jo)in W A Hon BarrTJ Barna Thomas Barns David Bairll J J Bortine C S A Co Bawd Barnes Bayne L i' Brav ion Henry Bate helor E S Bntclelor ChRs F Batcbelor E Bate* Halph G Brann .1 C Byrne Hugh Caballero Jantino Jargo Csdiitan Daniel Chaawlck Wm Cradoork A Bull Caldwell J K D Cahn A Caldwell G J ' aldwell S H Calnsn Hugh tin la^'hati J Bill Ilk-hard Bldwell Dr John lliegel Adam Billings H C Brlgliam Levi H Bishop Geo 8 Brigg* S Blgler John R Burrowes Alex Burroughs Rev J C Burr 11 A E Burt ft Stewart Burton Emlle Buseb Theodore Bush Wm Brush J H Brush Chas A Bootbe Rev Joseph Buss ('has H Bronson (See 11 Buawell John Bond Oliver U Brock L Brooks Henry B Brooks Joseph Block Nicholas Brolim Rev Th Boanl man H Block Mons 0 Phto Boy* C Bushwell DrF W Biasalh Rich'd Bushnell Lafayette Bustom Prof Ueo Butler If W Butler Col T P Buxton Robt nix? 2 Boles E A Broder James Boeder Henry Carter Capt Wm Clark E J Clark D W Byoer J B Bryant <J P Bryce J no W Byrne George Coleman Jos Coleman Chas Coleman J J Callleur August II Clark James II ( alms Henry B Cleary Patrick CalnHugh Coles C L Callender Cspt John CelcsteGlovanul Cliaiidron Paul ~ ? - ? Cammercr Jas Cameron Thos Clark John M A Co Collins Tlmotiy Clark Francis R Collins Sam uel Clark T L ~ Clark N L Clark A Lane Clark Wareham G Clark Michael Clark Arrlue Collins W A Collins Dennis Collins Chas Colton Addson E Connelly Peter Conlou Patrick Cronyn E P Connerau James Condlt Ceorge M Camler John Cram David C Cammach T T Campbell J 11 Campbell A D? 2 tVmpbell A J Campbell t 'atii|ibe!l Tboa Campbell A J Ciearman Henry V Conway James F Celeste Giovanni Conklln R K? 2 Creer Robt Conner* John Clements Thos A Conner Patrick Cheney J E Coml-key James Chester James .1 Son I'omln* Prof J M Chevalier tlabriel Conway H J Crew John T Conway Pr E Cha>e Newport Wm Conroy Michael Chase F N Conklln Wm Chase N A Conlan Michael Casey Jeremiah? 2 Cooper Tliomis C Casey Wm Cook A B Ca?eWmR Cooli G A I) A Co Campbell W m A Co ( ashman K D Crooker Wm Campbell Mr Caesoio Prof Carlo Conines Isaac Cntnpbell C W A Ca*ile Samuel A Copley Cliarles Axdrews Catlin Samuel II Croawell Hon Caleb Crar.dlde Mons A Crawley John W Clernewerek Henry Camera Miguel (12 Craweli Samuel Crosland B F Crane D Crawlord James Coserd John Crane John Cavanagh Francia Cordier James Canova A A Craven James Cornell Kdwln Clandillen Wm Cevana James Crow Michael Chambers Thos G Cavenadln Alfred CowlesJrJ ( banning Roseoe H Cavellanos Aguerin Cowan Pr Ctoppell Bruce ? t Clave J CouMn J C Caiildwall Ha'h Clay 11 ( kapln Du tglii Cagai ial Tincengo Clmpman L Baldwin ( 'ntte?<len L C ( Thos ' Cappelman ( arle W Carter ( h?* Carter Henry Carle I' Clare John Carlnn Thos Cantrann WcbsterA ( Iliargnon Theodore Colib R B Carrigan I'm rick Cock Jacob F ( riot Louis Chtlde Sell lis Child* N M Clinch II Critley Robt Child Alonzo ( hlld Capt Arthur David Chlppery I , Cobb C II nmy John ( ai roll lletb c rn 11 Pi ro: rd UJsn.e* Cart< i 'arp>-i . .'erre Carpcn . r It it? 2 t arn < li A A Co ( arrlngton D N Carson K L Carton ( apt N H Carr ? N Carter E T Carruth A Swectaer clay Y Cris ker (> 3 Ciocker E H Codey Martin Coflln Capt Cohen M Cohen N Cokley Daniel Cole A Co Cole II W Cole Amaaa Cole* Mr Cniles J H Colgan John W Cox Jolin Cloy Charles Cozart Wm M Cotton K Courtiioy Charles Coursaey I'e It Cotter William t.'ox Mr, tlrand st Cunto Angelo Cunningham IDiinlcl Clubb Ilenry S Cumlngs Rev Jere mtah Crumb Julius Cummins James Crumb Frank Caning ham Edward Cuthbert 8 Church r E Cuslilng ('apt ('u^'itiig Caleb B Curtis John Cn?lilnan Briggs Cortlst George W Cruvellle Prof Curtis A Carpenter Gushln James Courson K G Pain n ?? * Joseph A DeOrihuelaAndresA D.uiey Patrick V ulal I'e Piedra Jo?e A Dinety W Dales charle* B DennetCWm H Donnelly Owen Dadv Jami-* Pin y Cornelius I)enye>' A Dobi linann Desire Dobaon I'eier J Hall (1 lotion* ft Co Ili marest Samuel C DoraoJohnB ll'Arcy John Darran John I 'an on B (1 A Co Iisram Valery Daniels Andrew J Di ?per John L I an Btli John I aililson Wm I avlfon D L Davis Wtlllam 1 avis Wm M ft Co t a \ is David T PaWs t'yrn* A l)avi? Ji?eph flu vis Oliver H Davis George] I avis 1j W Davis AddlSOB pavis Lake I'a> is J"hn A p. a* ii . 1'snl jla> n A; Dnv I e'Qttasado Hol Miguel p,. t retro P Dene^'ban George Donnelly James Denni* E P Dooahy Jain--* Pi mar H W Dolan John DeiiiusonCC Deneleln Ailam Dernlnv William A Drnue John De.uiars II W Dorr Arnold A Co Penninsion 0 C Doolan Richard Penva William Douglass Novel P liennison TlionuM Dowen Ruben Den'otilt IWiw John M De Velario Charles Douie llenrv Fernandej Dowlkng B 1 DeSoioheigoAnUiiuo Itow Ctia' lea II Dennis Jami'i Doriln Townseod S De VliearroniUeAu Doyle Jolin relln Daring 0 DvI>-einO T Doyle P PiTnlok' John R Poii.l James L Drees Rev Wm Drew Columbus l><- Wolf R K Doyle Mr, Green wich St Doorley Thomas Peamond William C Dourant Joe l lenel J C Derby Georse Di<-kers<in Ool P prCsumotjHnnsieur Dickinson Dr S F pi an D iiae W Dicklnaon Charles p, sr. Wl Ington Drax ? Martens pebrot J F Die! 1 1 Christian Debreccergl J Dwlght Henrjr.C De Bar Ben Dicfcaon Wm II Pe A rn onto Dlcketrsc* Capi [>e 1 revtlle Rich Drlcgs Spencer B Pelahsunt (?? orge Din/. Isldoro fle'eroli Juie- Dillon (1 P> ,eanv Joseph PUlon W l? Btotl'aU pies Fred pen tan Arihnr IlriggsSeth |?e anosvJo-e,.hO,2 Duncan Robt L Pel. I n i hris tan Dunond William II Dune in Peter ibmnttMr, Brad- DrlaMenbergFrancis Duffy Patt ?s? DrtalerPrxHenry.a Dyuiond Isaao repntstofi HsrveyG 111? -er Andreas PiiraMl Si-nec* |ier? rhnrg Lnms Discli Peter Dur?yo Eari jue? 2 Doyle Christopher Drown MerrU J Dougherty Thomas Donaeboe John Dubol" Fre.1 A Dumfreesvioei 'Jon sing Dunn Ddwlj) M Duncan Vi m Dnryee A Carver Diunnet A Dnimmond Robt Du.ilap N Fales Dunbar William DtildM Punnigaii Patrick Dube T)r O R E Fes'mond Edward KWoi Wm 1'arle Wm Klphlcks Walter Edmund* James Kalnn H L Kchalaz Joseph J I ustinan J W I ? tries Beni R? 2 1'nBienby W N Edgar W C John Edward* Geo W Rklonny R M ? - Emerson, Cochran Kllery Klim Edward A (Jo Bllery Kb lion K EUery Joseph P Ellsworth L L KlweU Eduoo Ellsworth W O Elder T 8 A Co Edwin Chaa Jr Francis Jobn T? 2 FtentoflA Haines Francis F Kul. v Jobn Frank Lewi* Fain John N Falker Joseph E'alkwr John Fall-bank John B Kane* Wm B Kargo D 0 Farnsworth W Fraser Mr Eraser Alexander Fraser Hugh K raser 8 It Karrar Millard Y Fredeitdall Jacob Ferdinand Mr ? Frederick, Stokes Fink Adolph Emery Gideon T Ester James Evans Andrew O Kvaaa K J Etynge I larry? 2 E'vers Jaoohus Evans Jaioe* B Erich Llmiou Fish Franklin W Fish Mr Flske Rev Tbeophl's A Co Freeman GeoF Fenten Robert Fisher Francis Klshman John II Flnegan 1'Uill Ferrelra Jose Mala Foreman Jotinathan Ferrall John? 2 Fltzpatrlck John Flizpatrlck A Fitzgerald Thos ? 2 Fitzgerald D? 8 Fl'tilroona Paul Fttzslmooa James- 2 Foster II T E 2 Flallos DonFeronlmfFox Gen Ford Richard ? 2 Forbes W McKensle Foster R D Fooia Geo Foster^ Lowry A Floyd Wm Furhman Thoa & Co Fulling Ludwig Fullerton 8 W Fulion Rev J D Fumta T H A H Puller John Fullson Henry Furguson James S Farnam Dr Jss W Friedman Henry Karnnni W W Fitiigan Holmes Farnam Cbas E Finch Jobn Karrham H H Flnley Geo B Earrlnglon A C Kim James 1-arrlnston 0 S Flm Jeremiah Ferris Francis Finn John Ferris A P Friable J C Hemming Michael FuleJoha err y Htarr G Gas* P H Green Hani 0 Oillebrande E Graham O B Oreen J WhHman-2 Gilhert M T Galbralth Robt Green, Mturan ACo Glherton Adrlen Graham ("apt E ? 2 Gedney Heth M Grindle J 8 Glade Germ Gersohel H Gllklnson Thoa Graeger ( has H GeeryJW Goldln James Glelnshmlth Michael Goodwin John H Glennen Patrick Gookln Capt Wm George L A A Co Gro?el Fredrick Glenn A Sons Goodri :h PrCliaaS Grenzehach Jen E Goddard C S Ghensted UtepbenH Goolam Michael Graham Chaut'cey Galetty Joseph 0 Gallagher Wm? 2 Grabeg Peter Galraty Mr Grant "Jobn Grant C L Ganlon A Co Granger A Grunt E C Garhato I.onls Garrett Jobn L Gerosa Henry Oolney Joseph Gerner Geo Ooerert John Gibson Chaa W Gonzalez Slutaroo Griltln John Gordon 8aml Gibbons John B Gordon A Uftln R Griffith John N? 2 Oorham .los R? 2 Garland Col J no R Grllfln, Achln A Co Grospeller Mona F Gardner J^F A Co Gibson, Mcintosh A Grosveen Mason Co Gould Wm Gibson Wm Ij Gourvean Mons Hy Griffin Geo W H Gouparta David J Garner Peter Garder O D Gayer Rev Chaa Gatln Horace Graves Geo Gray A lianforlh Gray Daniel Gszley Albert J Gray John Green Silvester Green M L Green Peter Halm John llohn Edward? 2 Haley W 8 Hall C Belden Hull T L Hall H M Hall Bcr.nlng Jr Hall Henry Hall G G Hail RD Hall Hiram Hall Johan Haines R C 11 sines J Gilford H Griffith O W Cant O C Gtlmore David T G rlmea Joseph Grimes Chaa Glllett W B Groves R A Hons Ganslorle G Gulnsted Bteph H Gurnee Jones Guartland Geo Gulnon R Grunhud Herman Gillespie Chaa H A Guternwnn Henry Co Gru ber Carl H Hatfield Thoa Hoffman Philip Hastings G G Hotl'man Wm Hayden Rev Wm B Holpnn James Hayes C J Hayes Isaac Hayes Rirlmrd nayard Alfred H els el F Hebert J P Hobby James U? 3 llolman Wm G Holliday James W Holliday H H Holmes Johu Holmes O L Helnrlch Sommes A Hodge J as T Co Heath Mark M llfln/en Karl Hedges Panmo! F Haliowell Manning Heald Jacob A Co IlalJer George Harket Francis llan mils Homl R Huney Hughs Hammond J Hanlord A llflima, Hart A Co Hammiak Jro Hannah ( Hamill John IlamiBgnti Wm Hamilton Gllvrr J Harden Patrick llari-Lburgh Clias llarllng John Harrison Dr Ran dolph Hollister John llolllater A W lloare l'atrlck Hogan William Hnadly E R llool Joseph Hopkins Noah Hopkins Patrick Harrison James Jr Herrold I. G Hetld Adam lleller F G Helnrlch Amalle Herdenrlecb August llormagne J D ?2 llorton J W Heller Slgmosd Horton Kelson Henry L Hosier John Henesey Jsmes Hopkins W W Hemmconhas Jnmea Hopkins W E Hendricks Joalah Houghton H C Hendricks Peter B Hooks J B Henderson Robert Howe* Elbert C Henkel Wm F Howes Wm Hermlke L Howland Joseph Herendon J -V Howland 1* M Herbert Tbomoa P Honpt Charles Herbert Walter Hubbard, Torrance Harries K K Harris Morgan Harris Samuel S Hart Robt M Hart Lowcry D? 2 Hart Sampson Hart Patrick llart M h Hart G II Jlarl Terence Hart John Hardy W II Hardy Cbas llsrmond C M llswley Ransom Hartwfck C M Harr Henrlch Haifron Timothy Hurtling Adam Hantr Morgan Harloe John Huwrs C H Haulsek Fredrick Haven J E Hastings I)M A F Haas George Haslam E Havens H Irving John luslcy C T Jald Frederick Jacobs I-v on Jacobs E M A Co Herrog Jessep Hubbard Nalh T llerrblt David Hubert Kdwurd Heryog Augustus-2 Huestia John H Hendon Dr John N-2 Hudson James R Herman Henrlch Hudson K D llersey Ira Hughes George Ilertrtgg L A A Co lltighes 10 A Hcwett C R Hewson Wm lleyman A Co lllllyer Avery H (board Thos W B Hill Fredrick Hill G Hill WW Hilton Capt Wm Hmdley George Hinkens Wm IJInkr-n K Illnsdill M Hltcheres M E Hives T Hoherst A Ilolhert William Hughvs Jus Hunter Kobt Hunter 1) S Hunter Stephen Hunter Thos Hurtan F A Kurds Merp Hunt H Hunt J Hunt Wm Hunt Michael Hun'lngton A W Huxlablo J II ulchlnson H Hulten Hugo R Hutching Wm P Huithall 1! A Hobart, WhlteA Met- llustace Wm A Co calf Hoffman E Inck Nath J Jenks Francis Jervls Capt Jessup George E Jacobs Weiss A Co Jester Benj K Jacob* M Jackson D C J ark son E R Jackson Wm Jackson Chas W Hyde J M Hyde Chauacey J Irvlno Wm IveaR H Johnson John J Johnson Wm Jones Kanitel Jollne Chas (5 Jonas John W Jones Mr Jones John Jsck'on Andrew 8 Johnson Geo Jackson H I> Jacquos Hamilton .lenkln* Wm Jacob Henry Johns on Wm Johnson A Co Johnson J Johnson France* W Jones Jas A Johnson K M Jones W W Jones Jnme? Johnson Peter Joslln Henry W Johnson l'Deuiercst Juurdaln Alfred? S Johnson N P Joyce Mr? 2 Jenkins J L ? 2 Joyce Mathcw Katie Thos ? .1 Ktinlgnn .1 A Son Knapp Dr C Knapp Henry Kai-aon Mr KraulVt F Ku Imin Mr Kean Thoa M Keen Cunt O H Kceren Jamea Kcl( hoe Dtniil Kidman D Kelly Luce Kelly Patrick Kelly Kobert Kelly Joaepb E Kelly John K Ketcham Natb King John C Kenneeaou CaptOK Kimball K W Kerwln C Knight Joel Keogli Aulhony Kllluuin A 1* Kendal GeorgeH? 2 KUbourne H Kennedy A H Klernan P Kennedy Mr KUU Alexander Kenney Ale* KIlTe F W Klen.m A Brother Klntnn (IKS Kirk Jamee K I unci Mr Kirkpatrick Geo Kline Geo P Klmbardt Geo K Kllly Thomas Klli ey Cant Daniel Ktrkland Dirk Koril Adnlpb Koch Peicr K older D Kiosa John W Kinney D It A WW Kuhrt Jullu* King ftobert G Kubn K L Kurt* i apt John KueiJuce j)r Llvtngaton A Co Lltilejohn <1 S Llvtngaton 8 D LIlUe Thomaa Livlngaton Gen H Liveenly Thomaa _ Llchienburg 0 LanSrlik David Lelnberger A A Co Llppinoou laaac R Lai. don John 11 LrjtnM J Lilian Thomaa Lambert J A Lee Hugh Lino Don Rojarlo Lamly Mlcl.ael LemalieMona Ixxlge Chaa Lancaster F C Leverron Jamea M Lockwood E 1 hiIi, a Bartholomew U*l? Truman O Ixickwood Elbert I anipee Henry l.p\iia Capt Kittisell Lloyd W A Kellotg Cobb A Co King A Company Kemp Fred Xt Lalney Am? Leefe Alfred E Lane John W Leedi Timothy C Lalne Franeei A LtelandFL Lantmte lltimnnn Lee Dr David J Lnlore Hons B Lie Dr Benjamin Lang Coonot Leddy John Langlnger Jacob Leake A Fox Lnngley Win I<oi;ati Wilson A Co Lord Webster A Co Lord .lotham Lowenaieln lletirv Loogeneeker G W? 2 Longthall A G Lnkln A 8 Leonbante Aug Lane I* P Levy Leopold l.atlan Thomas Levee (leu Lasher Jonas O Leonard .lohn A InwrleJH LeweraWm l.atl an i apt I. J I<e Strange J (! V Lauren" John Lewi* Wm O Lawrence Shephard Lent ('apt Samuel F Lovel Daniel l.atighlln John A Leviaton Abraham Longley S M 1 awry Jame* 0 I?ewia Wm It Ixivei Wm I athrop C H Levy II Llovd W K Larkln Samuel B I.e?lle Robert Iairne Ah: xamler Lapham A miirofc 9 Ixnnane Worty lx>wndes A J Lane John J I<evy Jacob Lyon W S A Co I.avle Mona I<eonl (ilacomo Luckay Jamea Ijirn John Libhy Daniel C LuekeilDrGT Lntt Capt W E Lemlen (' Luptun Edward Leigh II <1 l.lsdale Samuel I,\ nrli Tlioinaa Lee Jame* 11?3 Llchitioatne E Lo- Lyon Fredericks Lee W m II den Lynehjotm n Masaic Charlea M Macfarlai d M A Macfarland F J Magulre Patrick Matliien Mike Maree Joseph Madlgan Michael Moorehouae G AACo Moliaro Yraliro Molkiy Jamec May .Michael May I anli Mr Mean* Dr llamball Monaghan John Meariliilmea H Moll Philip Mud Peter 11 Moore George S? I Saginnea Alexander Mead John R A Co Moore Wm 1> Mackey A J Mead l'eter R Moore William Makencey Geo MtAllle Warn n 8 .Moran Thotnaa Mac Lawrt* Wm 8 Mechon Jaequea Mi egan I homas Mi bu Albert M Mney Cjma Mucreaoy R MaltrFraS'. Joaetih Meehan P?U*ek Mai on Jaa F (M D) Mereer CI aa U Mahoney John Mahoney Patrick Malloy Rowland K Malone Jo>t t h A Mat.ullig A M Manning Angna Maloohn Jamea T Malllard .Ina A ACo Vlttert'apt ?Vann W H Villi M Andrew 8 Miller Adam Malnla J(M Mil'len Mon Mal'by Wrn J? 3 Miller Horace A Maekreil Jamea Milla K Mankel Mm l Maiet Miller Wm B Marvin A lii pklna Millx Cbarla* T Marlon .)ohn Merrll John Mi lea If Mr Mendal Rto Mercken# Auiruat M( ? ers Wm W Viilten -erver A Mllll Havld 8 Marrli n Haman Mar-b (leo P Marrb Major J J Mareh K' \ Daniel Varkf J W Mnrkf l?aac D? 2 Maik' Dr F. Mark* Isaac N Mardi n .1 W Marden D kartell (' V A Co Martella Henrich Martin 1" Vi.rtln J H (M D) Martin A J Mariin P Miller K II Milter llenry Mil urd Dr i\ R 8 Mllle Tliomaa A Moran Hiti'h M'iran Patrick D Morgan . Kee*e A Pt eaton Morrlvm John Morrl.son A O Morrwon Wm P Morrlaon Daniel A Morton lienry Morion J T Morton Charlea R More'on l-yman .V Morrla ('lias Morria ( 'ol Itewin Moiea S L Moritun ( harlea Morgan Peter Morria Dt H L Mortimer J Morand Hujrh Moral lle.irjje Moaeiad lliomia R Moreay Joeepb Moaea Capl S Mkldlrbrook Henry Voni Robart er Abraliam Miller H Milea A Ranlet Miller .'oho MUlapaucli PbtlMp Mlnnett J (,' A Co >*art Dr Ml hael Moullon G s? 2 Mttller F M uiler NMmIh Mttller Mr Mnflii Id John Mlt?h#l Jamea (M D) MuhlMII, McCttbe A Miranda Sor 1) An Roonerl gnmlMtfe MhIHb such Ml ehel .* Ilarrlaon Ma!for4 ? ? MltrhelWm Mun>onJob8 Mtchel Ororfr 0 Munn A R Martin Wm A ACo Mo; *!-'orDnKiearde Vttnrow Mr May l!ev K H_ Mlneham Robert Murphy TTiomtv? 3 Mitiea John Murphy Patrick Miao-iior- Mr Murphy Denia Mlnkler Ma ll?on G Murphy flmothy MorilBtmery H W Murrcv R Montgomery Augua Mnrr Jacob tua K Murrey John Va'li< vw.n J II Matkewa 1 a Maeon liable: C "'nxwdi y It Morran Koooa Mayloy John My err Edward? 1 "fPl (le 8 C, JHcCafley Philip Mi Calli n Jiai ie'. McCartef fiatiiel 8 lc( art\ John McCarly Tlioa McCariny Jflmea M- ( au-ianil John Mi ( ? end > O W W M Conna ll J elm R MeCi rnilck *# MeCormlck Tnoa Mi Connell Rlclid McCoy Jamea 1. XiCarrden Ant MeClynn Samuel MeCojr A lei M Dnaahl Alex Mr Donreld Cb P Vrlioooid P M * Mae MeDonoHh M 8 McDoel Jobn MeDougall A Froat M' Di ugall Mr McPermoti M McDenWXt W Me Knter Jatneg Mi < 1 rath Prlre MiGt egor Dun an McGretl Michael Mellllnn James JKeCmnesa Saml MeGowan Hugh * M' Gown Tboa W Mi llitfre Moaea M ' In'yre Stephen McIwjtc Wm Mi Kee John McKenti' r Roht MeKi rmrn Jor.ici MeKeMum John MeKitibon Joiin MeLareu lohn J Meljturin Win 8 McLean Alei McDellatn. Isaa' M' Laughren K McWan^lsltn Jame M Makeer F J M.Minn 1 boa M< M inn Cha Mr V.uvi- patriot M' Murphy John M. .Nally llug.i Mi v. ; ? Francis MeWiffJataea McITigb' Jarm < Mcp'irthon Johti M' Koijrl" Campbell MnWinnei Hev J M Nssh John Nash D N*sb A Sevmonr Narcross J \auleen Patt Nayianii John Neubert Dr Ch Nelson K K Nelson Mr Nfgrit Win M Nenuy A Sfhoa Newson Mux NealM Kyham Jobn O'llrlen John O'Brien Peter? 2 O'Brien Patrick O'Brien Michael O'Brien Mathew V Neal Samuel Newman William Mewu an W II lit ? kirk K B |Trw?ou Ihou.cs .Ni rtdu k Jolut Newberry K Newell Antonv Nlclan Patrick Nix Combers O Noble George W Noble A Co Noncman John Noriou James Norman Mr Nov en F V, M D Mrkoll*UeorgeI?? 4 Nottingham J Nichols FA Nlcbola Henry C .s i lit Drib Nicholson Win O Olwoll P H Ode.ll Geo W Okcly .1 M? 2 Og-tnn Geo W Old* M I. Norman K? i Nu?zb?um Fraos Nugent Johu Nurr Jacob Owen Wm Orgell Lewi* & Co Ottyo Aland Orm4)en rt U Orentt J K OvinstonTJames A Ogernt Monsieur Orthuela SrD A O' Ktill* Robert O'Connells William ClmMed John D Ober Henry M O'Nell John ? 2 Oakly G F O'.Veil Thomas Obrey Francis O'Nall Jerry ti'Neil John O'Flafherty Patrick O'KciTy I'M!. O'ThelU Charles W P Page Bei\J Pratt Capt Iialah Petravelle Francis Parker Daniel Pratt '/S? i Plcre Jf Parker B !'**?? 4 Stirling? 2 Pletyeker Ch L?2 Parker Cant Wm? 3 l 1'runcls Pardner Si u R Parks I, W Parks F H Perks Jobn Parmeie Chas Palmer W J Palmer James Palmer John B Palm Adolph Palm Baron Packham James Pardee Ward C Parsons John Parsons Wm B Parsons Henry L Parsons Wm F Parlor* Wm Parsons L I) 1'alntcr Lyman Percy < Pursons A Vau Wy- Perkins C Payers t;eo W Pealle F I'eacock Jas Pearson Jobn P Pearson A I lev In Peek n>i in Jam J Peck Wm II Peck Wm H Peck W P Peck Geo H Peek Geo W l'elrcy Alex 0 Peirue c Pierce Lyman Price Thos Plckersg ill A 8 PIckard R Pike Wm Pike F R Plgot B N Phillips Henry Phillip* Philip A Phillip* J PP _ PrincH Joseph? 3 Prlngle Rev Thos Phiney George H Phinney Capt Wm If apt Pelerine Gregory A Pooy Frederlco Felletler MajorPlor- Phoenix J P inline Phelps H D-4 Peeklaa Win Percy Capt Frank ock Paddock A S Pappes Wm Panthel Y Plaes Wm J Pball A Comyany Paast Edward l'arlow Betij F Pacey Edward Patterson J O Patterson F A Prati K F Pratt A Kggleston 3nlnn Fd uliman F H Rabral James Kahl Jnrni h RaRery Mich Kail 0 F Kornsey Rlchd H Potter W 0 Pforzhemer W Pomerov J R Poniar Mr Pool Jamea Poppen F U Ponnorlea Francis N Porter A Potter Wm 0 Potter Levi V Potter Eil Presbury Georgo Q Powell Robt Peters A Lamklns Power* Henry R Peter F T Port oca wen Juac> Peztiela Manuel Bo- Miguel hies ?2 Punaeescr J X Pier llenj Purinton E F ft Quirck E J Perklna Wm A Percy Capt Eze klet D Perry S Perret Jules Perraceo Pletro Quirk J as KIchordsonOanlftlM Rowland & QrMO Ki.iur Capt Anben leaf Richard Thomas Klcliard Henry B iileliy Chaa Ramsey Geo M ? 2 Kicker (lhas Ron* Son A Putnam Round Jobn Rom N 1 ?o?e Ernestine la on RaniK'ii it ltl'ey Edward Homer Mona G Randall J W Kitter William? 2 Rosenthal! Henry A Rnphrl I -adore Kitctotle Eugene Rowland A Fitch Ralbgeber Jut kola Kn lerukl Ferdinand Roecneger Michael Knm John A R<x bow Mons Rose Israel M Raymond Kd H Rubert>on Capt W J Kommayer N Raymond K W Hobi rtson Jamea Roak Wm Raynor Joel Robertson Capt Wm Rou J A Co Rea E Napoleon Rose Levi J Reeves E RobrouMr Kotteubnrg Chaj Redding Andri w Rodgers A C Bryan Kork Patrick Ridding GrenvllleG RodgerH Wm Relghly James Reborn Fred Relliy Jobn Re if Sidney Renshlmer Ed B Reynolds James Koberls F A bobbins E V Bobbins S U Rohbinn Cltas Rockwell E T'.oach Edward Reynolds George W Robinson , lames Reynolds Augustus RoMnson N B Rothler Mona Fredi nand Itottenberg Rudolph Rourke Patrick Ro*s R Jr Rossi Uomenlco Rouvicr Franc laco Rullman W E Buggies Appleion O Reynold)' John' Rol iiuon Thomas J Rnben Oscar Rltz Lewis A Co? 6 lto linson A J Rice Clirton Ilogers Uossa? 2 RlcePP Rogers Mr Ulteble Waller Kotere K H Rlghter S W Roger* Joseph Rillctt H ii Ilcrmlte Rogers O Right John A Rogers Horace S Rlehter C'brlstlnn Rogers A K Rlndrajon Joseph Raven Jobn Raw E A Co Pwnln Snmuol P Stack Wm Stacy F H Stalder Edward Sage Watfon Slall'ord John B Spain PetiT Stndler Lew is Spalding R S St Vincent Baasle Salmon E Silisbnry Erastua Stnekwald James Fliule Fredei ick Salenen Geo Sangslon W A Sanderpon G R Hwrstiit M A San lord Michael Sample ?lames S'anuera P P SI tmiion & Co Sanders Chas W Spar.nagel Oeo Strang \\ m B? 2 Swan Antoney Ssndlord G W Schrankler Wm Standfoid Ceo A Savage Henry C Slater Alexander Schwnrtx ( has Starbuck Win H f later Kdmond Rost Judge P A Rut her Robert Rude Cant Aaron Russell Jamea Rust Samuel Rudkln R Ryan Timothy Ryan T Ryser Joseph Ryder James J Ri? kwood Sylvester Rothman Robert R oper Howard? 2 Smith John, Br'y? 3 Smith Patrick Smith John P selkreg Mortimer Smltli James Scbrunkeiaen Henry Smith J, Baxter (t Skeiton John Smith Francis Win fihelton Calvin ben. on Simon Sheldon Samuel G Seikreg Mortimer Seltz Louis H s'penlen Mr Sheldon A M Spensler Jacob Sehellxhard Mr Seymour J Q Seymour Alfred B Slierniau ' >e. .rue Stephens A Webb Stetron EJ Sheplmnl S C Sherman J Sterns Mr Stevens Joseph Smith Alexander Silver Senior? 2 Schmlta Adolph Sllva 8?2 Sink Philip L Shine Engene Spink Thomas Sipp George Shirley Thomas Scrlven W II Strohel Rev P A Htocker Mr? 2 Stocum H M Stocum J Sticuaui Cant Japl Stoddard Hammond Sheppard Z F "~ Stevens T W Stern Geo Sherrldau James Sowry Henry Seward Simon Stepheiivon Fred Slewart .'c Test S'evens T W Stevenson Sanrael SiewsrtH Jumes Sberwoo I James Seymour W II A J N Howrer J Stokes Henry So.len S B Soldervillo Pedro? % Solomons Augustus Koloman J P Smock 8 V stone George Stone Ernest Scott Cbas Soott John? 2 Southurland M D Souther-laud EdgV i trauss Rohenkteln Stephenson Wm A Co Saunders C P Sargent Frcdk W Savage II Shaw Ctas E Slattery Jobn Sterling A F Stewart Frank Steward Jonas Sheridan John K Stlnou U Sconeler G A Schoolcraft A 8 Southard Thos H Strong Henry A SchoovaertM Mr ScoiillerRerJamesB Strickland H Major SlophletSaml Sanders A iliintbold Philip Sehairh X, Slater Abraham Shaw Jnmes park Win peatman Wm P Secor James F Skeen Sol Seaward Daniel h Sleight l)r J W'n Scl mlrtt Mons Slullyer John St'dmor.; I 8?2 si. an ii n Slmonsoti P A Si ill Lcwt ?) Sim-1 l>r J Marion Ptrlley John Slehel Jcfeph Sears, Kdwurd A Co Smith Peter Spear WUlbun Speed J J Jr Sears John Seely Chas A Stebblns J W Sweet Rev Kd K Sheerans Jermi Srediker F A See ley Melvln Secor J H Shearer John ScheilerFre'lerlck SVelly Wm S;?nt7. <; C sl. i fflteld J W, M D Smith A Co Sckell H Seyui"ur Smith Geo G Smith Jobr. T Sinl'h M Hale? 2 Smith (i I) Smith Julius O SiniLh A B Smltli John P Sinhh G o Smrh Smith A and J smith l o on Smi.h Tin inns Smith John II Smith Samuel V Travis Jesse Tracy Dennis Tracy 1) Tracy E Tracy Kleran Taft J '1 hwaite Jo?epU Tarynsre Di 1 rark John A Tnssner Peter Tnbbott Wm C Tate Janten Tanner llenj H an n John Tlmxtor A W 1 hay no P I hay re Andrew T Thayre O F Thayre Wui S Taylor C W A O I ay lor George F Taylor Win ll Tai lor Robert Teller Robert Tieadwell George Teall Willlsm Terreu J C Tense! John Trendentb C Teaioan Thlmothy Titus Mat tui Tidhuli L TUton & McForland Trowbridge A B SlossonDrTheodora* So'tthgate John X Soavy J Strousi Jacob Stuart Robt Synklar John Stuckey Henry Stuck Henry Stuckcnrath W Shulman A Rhodes Summers James Sturgesa Jobn Kchusler A Shumway R G A Co Sullivan Wm Sullivan James W Sullivan J I, Sutton, <?bas Schluler Win Snulbys John Sutton James x Schuvler Cbas P Btnrt'evant J B Sykes A Johnson Spywood George A Smyth Nicholas Torpln James Tnbble Cant J F Trianon John Tlaly l'eter Thlctiner George Tripp Henry Toilbtenter J E Toley Denis Thomas Win E Thomas Mr 'l ltonuis Edwin '1 lion as George W 1 bourns Joseph H 'fh.'ims* James lUotnpuor Geo A Thompson Henry Thompson John Twomey Minhaal Tow tuend AW arrena Tewn.send Cyrus Thorp A Van Ne*s Trasiin Gottlieb Towne E Tronnarsb T W Toy Hick ford A Co Twomey Thos N T uble Jeremiah Tucker Abraham Tucker Kelah Tufnel Mr Tufts Wm Turner J A Co Turner John Thompson M?j S C Turner DwUhtACo Thompson James Turner Wm W 'lurnerJJ TuDper Uhs8 Thompson E Thompson 1. 1> Tbi'iiipsou Jobn I* Tupper llamel Sous A Co Trutibnll 8 C M D Thompson James A Tuttle G F Tik mpsofiGeorgeW Tnren? David I uompsun A L Thorp James I) Thorn E igenc 1 homtoo A H Thorndlke J 8 V Turnlmil John Thnrstoa E a Truett a Broths Tyson Klchard W Tyrell Wm t' Ffner ("ha* I'aher Jamee Vallente P Twre .1 Vance AtiKtw Vaughn f: 8 Vtitog ilenrge VeaiteWm Vlect Jasper Tret A Joncn ITndfne A n Jp Underbill (leorge A V Vodder Kllhue Victory Michael Verge, HukiitigACo Vinton OM Vcri'jn I.onla Vinton Francis, DI> Wpar John O Vlraty J W Vlbbert H 11?2 Voornla i'eter Victon Muaatiuorge Vlrolet J<<an B ViebergallJ ailoa Van VanArflale Rev CC Va.. T)erwnter Van itm.'-erii John Vance Van Cllel Jacob Van Herwal Dirk \nn Cullenn M Van Dooren Mr Van DerMh Jco? 2 Van k liel Mr Van DerhorenGe* W Tun Every Dr J II Van V.:ht~etJ*hilipS Van Viaaken X W Waldron Nlrliol* Webb Warren Walter < hrltiian Weldon ?) W M'saner O WeldlnCT John Waanler L'roen Mery l i harei A Van Tine i^aml Van Waal Daniel V?n Zaneti WUUam. Van Wajner W Van Tiniine Mr William* J T William* .lohn, 29tb WnlkcrltevJIoraceDM'illa Henry M litre I?r W M'hltun Charles G Waldron W W ulllr.K Jumea 8 WaldrldgcDr JNH Welch K S Waller OroC Wheeler A Knight Walker k Co? S Wheahei t-kmuelH \\ a'ker t pmcis J ley A Itsill V.;i Iter W V V all ridge I i O Wallace William Wal'cee Jmuta Wallace W II V'aiers A f'o W V ageuer (1 u . . I, I I Williams W A Wrllburu Dr B B White AhboM B While Col AIijqio J. WMte W n M'hile Mimea White Patrick - ? . While Uruee It Welmartiearn Jakob Wbttiiuy W K Weleh V ai ien Whitne.y J II M'ciih J Clark Whitney A Co Wwerrelt Jacob W Whiting R tf Wernham Jamee W liberty Joel Withers* A Ce WbltloX Ri.'-bd Whltten Joaeph & Wlmlng Jua Whiting Itenry W Wenterftdd A bona Went William til J I. W'.nlhelm W Warner PbO M'eat ?' Waiah James Weston Geo 8 ? Wajar John Willi., Draper ACo WMttnf ''ol / Wllmot8R Whltty Nicholas Wiley A Bawne Whitley Joseph & M right If A lien Vina Wlklrrmiiili J >Un B WhiU .??b Howaru W lluiot H R A Co Wtlaon Wm B Wblteby A A Co Wllcoi U Woolruli Marcus J Wledern-ben Fred - - - M i 'era David Waller J W Ni.HU _ Walter* Cbarle- W Wakelield James J Waters t'apt John Welkins Mwln W Wittrtl Moi?ea Waiklo* Burr Waier h' li'e ,t Co Utwn WHIiam O Wain n J"bn Walton Ilenry C Warwick .JHinea? 2 Wright J t? Warnen Wm Wtin Jo??ph B M?id<n .lames It Wi rd Kliac Wardell Akrrd W W airier (' t! M .indell I) It Wnrtier Jamea K Wl!llsm? Thoa WeIJa AmoiU WlUlama fli Wrlithi A (X? K M'ilaona M Wilden A H M'lltbank Jan B W II too I Albert Wiimnrtbe K M'tlman C J William* Cant Jaa S Wnode<*!k Thna II Wllllem* John -2 Wood Alirer- H Wh iiira' Catil Jaa 8 Wood W J Wlllaau loan J Woid Tlnmlby Wylle Wm Wyatl Mr Worth Deo II WiUeaun i.caW Wnod Hnmner Wood The>>lnre B Wooden -le?v5 Woo>i Jaa H Wood Ira W,?l Dr J D Woodruff W W-2 V wlho'iae P Warnen liarleaA? 2 M ill am* Aug't Ana Wood Chas R M'art l-amuel Young John Voting Thna F oung Ale .andcr '' * Yoonjf A Cmter Yotit.g Darlua W ielfel A do I ph us York Sam net A Yaie Pr.nn Yz<|tiierdii An lode/ K.iwnrri "RR* ??&"'?*?? . "niim" to*'' ^ '?'vtrM.,,^

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