Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1860 Page 2
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2 TEE YACHT SQUA.DROH. A Oay at Martha'n Viae yard?The Pleasure* of Yachting?The New l'acht Htule?How They Cateh Mharhe? llarpoonlng a 8wordllah?Final Dissolution of the Squadron, die., &c. OUK SPECIAL COKKKSPOSDEMK. Eikiaktuwh, August 18, 1880 This Is one of the pleasant localities where, for the last throe or four fears, the yachts of the New York Squadron have been la the habit of familiarly dropping 111 an t spending a day of their cruise. It is a neat little town, | located on the head of a long core, which makes up Into the variable soil of Martha's Vineyard, aud has abjut it three attractions which, more than any other, commend It to the attention of wauderiug yachtsmen. Hriell/ summed up, these are a safe harbor, superb youug ladies aud plenty of them, aud, at certai) seasous of the year, an amount of shooting, fishing and outdoor sport gene rally that may be enjoyed to the heart's content. At this season of the year, especially, the opportunities of indulging in the pleasures attached to the boh aud sinker of the drop line, the trailing squib of the bluutlsh, or the more ponderous hook and cord necessary for the formidable shark, are so abundant that uumbersof people from abro.ol are now in this vicinity lor no other purpose than to enjoy the exciting amusement. Mich has been the errand of a portion of the New York Yacht Squadron, which othcially separated on Thursday List at New Bedford, after their annual summer cruise. While I write no less than twelve yachts are anchored In port, teu of which belong to tne New York Club. These are the Faiorita. with Vice Commodore Kiugsland; Haze, IVssie, Widgeon, America, lUxsticsi, Juliet, Kebecca, Alpha aud Hay. The other two are the sloops Una aui I Kithmond?the former a Bustou boat, once ownod iu the squadron, and the latter a New Bedford craft. Tue schooner Bessie, alluded to above. Is a trim yacht of ninety one tous, launched at Chelsea, Mass., iu June last, aud is consequently on her Ursl cruise She is owned by Gardiner Hammond, Esq , a Boston gentleman, who is also the proprietor ol the yacht Volatile. She has a beautiful model,combining both speed and staunchness, aud, unlike moel of our Istier day yachts, seems dil?d to endure rough aud boisterous weather Withcutde eloping any wonderful qualities during the present cruise, she bus sailed belter than vessels generally do on (trnl omnsa ?.?? l?e.,inU,.S ?,1 ?U? ftll flfP OWUl'P III tended. Ilcr dimension* are?length, eighty tivo feet; breadth, uiueU'eu feet, and depth, six fee' *veu inches. Interiorly her arrangements are of the i. commodious character, and embrace i-vveriil features uot common to yachts built in oar owu viciuily. fine of these is an economical division of space on either side of too coin jiau.ocway, whereby tso convenient staterooms are there secured. Another is a washroom, containing water tanas and all the appurteuauces of an apartment in a hotel, w hile the disposition of otiier staterooms, berths, lockers, Ice chest, kitchen and quarters of the men is of that character which secures the amplest accommodations, if not positive comtorl [luring the present cruise the Bessie has had the honor of bearing the bard laureate ot the squadron, a new and admirable institution, live feet ten inches long, who ha-, ground out more excruciating minstrelsy, and tortured tneu's diaphragms with more convulsions, than any other Individual m the lleel. The squa irou surgeon is another l>lant of similar growth hut tortuiialely liudiug his oocu pation gone on the broan nud breezy waters, he has very delightfully contributed his pills in thi shape of song, and every evening, more or less, bis stentorian lutouatious may be beard reminding through the ttesl As intimated above, tne object of too visit here being to eo.ioy a day's ashing, most ot tnegenlleinen have indulged to pastime. The reward ot tatir exertions had been several hundred pounds uf nn&celanooua flsh, such us sea bass, porgiea, Mounders, Ac , one or two sharks and a number of sword fish. The two Utter bavo l>een the favorite game, however, both on account ot their greater size and the excitement incident upon their i apt ore The modus oprraniti of catching a swordliah is something as follows ?The Boiling ground is ten or tilleen milev at sea. The boats are not unlike ordinary smacks, being sharp at both ends a .d carrying two masts. When prepared to catcb swordilsh, a plank id usteueJ on the bow over the bowsp-tt, on which slauds a man with a harpoon ready to strike at soon as he is suitlcUntlyf near. Just abut this and against the foremast Is raised a ladder, which Is used as a lookout. From this point the Hsb is usually dlacov sred sailing gently along near the surface of the water, with his long tins proirad tng in the air. The boat, keeping to the windward, presses on under full sail. The opportune mmncul ar rives, the fish is >u striking uistance, and with steady a m the harpoooer hurl- his weapon deep into the broal back, stunned tor tbe luslaut, there is a quiet, but quickly recovering, the wounded li<b starts oil at light Ling speed and dashes through the blue depth- b-low. la tue meantime me meu are not tuie inn line ay oeen fastened to a keg, which in thrown over hour J .to ac. at a buoy anil drag, aud the victim i- left t> worry Itself to <leafb. He Is tbeu brought al ingside, the heal and sword, measuring In so.ue tudiuoe* four or tire reel in length, are aevered Irum the body, aud the carcass is drawn into the boat to be luruod into provender and oil. lusunces col unfrequeully occur wh ir*, in Its bltulneea ar.d |wui, the a word tlah na. ruu his powerful wua pon eutlrely through the bottom of the smacks, and plared the tUhetmeu m imtune ut p -, il, an 1 it is these exception* which elevate oiio's bum p of caution, create the Lece-rit/ of looking out for number one, and, iu i measure, coustilup' the rare oxeiletnen' of the sport The fleh taught la day have avcr.ig t In weight abou' one Hundred aud sixty pounds. I'srlies are occa kionally lu ky enough to harpoon ten or twelve, but two three and four are the usual reward of the day * oxer lion*, and its they command live ceuts a po ind In uitrk -t tlill number is regarded as sutll. eut to insure satisfsc t'.oa over the labors of the chase. chars rateb ng is more tranquil. though not less an! mat.tig. A huge hook is baited w ith llsh, attached to a strong line, thrown overboard and allowed to rest on Ihd bottom The line bangs loosely over the side of the boat Directly It begius to move, sometimes with a great speed, and sometimes so gradually it *vdw as if merely the gra\ italiou of th > rope Itself was carrying it along: with a tlrm grasp you (eel the h-svy weght at the other end With a sudden jerk you bury th* barb of the hook deep In the jisa And now ensues the lively sport of hauling the monster to the surtsoe. or rather a strong controversy as to whether y>u ,|,a:l go out or he shall oae In S met *nee il is is much as >ne caii do to keep s (bothaid, ai.d not unfTc'iuently the twitching aud lashing of the enraged shark require a turn or tw 1 of the hue around a c! wt to keep the vantage groua I already gained. Hiving dually brought th- U-h up to the edge of the boat, a favor >hl moment is watcbsd, and a sharp blow with a club ai roes the edge ol ba cold looking no*.-make* U.tu au easy prey. Nothing more r ni . is to ?? done hut to haul h.taon ooard, and keep out of snappiLg distance of its tcilh and tupping distance of h i tail. S h is the spurt which our yacbtsinea have to dsy enjoyed. We are all tinged by"tbe hot sunshine, and are brown enough to pass for octoroons but who caies for a | cum i, -o ur >'>re cihtk- ?nii wuaorwe.i in p ensures wb.rb itu|?rt lo the whole synktn Mrengtb and elasticity that in*** * mau tec! like one rr 18, 1S90. Tli* gentlemen of tli* (quaJron *;vnt ;*m e\euing among the belle* unl beaux of K ig'trtowu A g vdiy number wvre present, anil though lb* strong retigtocs hcnlttiunt which'* the community prevented any nooh levities as dancing <>r like indulgent >->, an hour or two were panted very quickly away while looking into tacb other* oyea, shaking oumerou* band*, and i'< chingio ; tbe uaiai ''happy to uiaae your ac^ iaiutanro''complimi'DU oftheaea-on. To day we are under full tail for bome. Tbe liar 1a bat | dropje-d into Newport, where tbe Cumm?lore and bit lady areatlll rurnliimg, the Beano and Uua ha.e sailed ! for lloetou the W idgwm aud tmerlea nave gone on i ahead, tbe tavorita return* to New York, and tb annual , rrtiiae of tbe squadron ta vtloctually and completely at an end. 1 In coocloalon It may be added that few a lot ilar oeca ion* bare been more delightful In their character. The weather baa been all that could be desired, aud the one or two .laya on wbicb the atllf breerw of the ocean aeui | the vreaeia of the aqnndron proa? tng along like ?o mtny rar-lioraee on tbe field O irap'nutel in a measure for tbe I milJer zephyr* ttiat atutber times prevailed. No wrioue accident* bare occurred,uodrawback* have j l>cen experienced, uulews we except the mnKent auf J fcrem from imimvu winnon, and every feature of tbe an- [ r. a criiiae baa been marked by a gratification wb we J oaly objection wa* iua evanceccuce. Inton ating from ( aba. OY* C!*NKl**uoa COttKroytlNCI. I'jrrrto ?r?r*? Hnuwna War** If rMt. 1 Ciuviaooe, August 8, MOO. / TV Owur of tht Vniitd StaUt .ffeaaaer Wafer WiUK?Ut tnf'THU for lltr I'rment Xatimo?Lxfe on Hoard? , ThrMrsfUT cU A'wwfyfim Degree*?Wei Qmotrht ' /'Ian of tKe l Von JJaee Auln-.i Chrgi of .via?* /anfd at CUmfuepot. and An.gVr at Trinidad?OrUwn-?i of (* Ooremor* of T&ose f'lsorl WuA Xlar* D'attt? M -t Jmeri- an Strimert Wanted fe ITa/ck fV CV in Sla:ert?U<-aUk qflAe Oew of (V Water Witch?<58i;> piny, *5c. We arnred here on tbe afternoon of tbe 8th, having left the Bight of Tine# the morning of the 5th. and will probably remain here until tb* morning of tb* 13th, a* ere bare a faint and lingering hope that dame Fortun nay yet favor un no highly an lu lend order* for u* to proceed nortb during tbe hurricane and lickly month* avbieb bavejuat net in, tbl* veaeel being In erery reapect I tally unfit for tbe acrvicc In whlcb abe ta at pree -n rmpioyeJ, having m.wt m.ternble accommodation* fur the crew, and very little better for tbe offloern, tb? thermometer rarely going below N degreen oa tbe berth dock, while a groat portion of tbe time it in over 100, and the engine room, when under way. ranges at about 19 degree*?* death dealing temperature when a mar i* gbrced to remain in It eight hour* out of the twenty four. Already are our eogineera beginning to abov the efltci* of II, aad firemen and roaJhear.-r* are conatantly giving out, aad Una. too, with but little cruunug at preaaot. We have heretofore been cruintog pretty steadily be. Iw*eo Cape Han Antoni.> an I Point Nayai, but thua far have met with no success, although In several mattncea we have been "lost in time to be ton Into " We bear very now aad then of a cargo being fended, but gtnraliy oa the aortb aide do w n ried *r? the plan* , * if LhoMMtun) in Ihn IrtJp thnt ?i im v% ? t K.. rbacco If any ?aoc*m attooJ* oar pflorta. <>ur mov-m.-uu re eonaiaetly waubel. a* I tho moment we make our ( appearance M any point on tbe cna<t. ?elr?Tapbtr ?i?aal? < arc c ade, or awl/l rl.liof courier* are Marte J or to c >n e. ? the intelligence, and at m^bl wrnal* ar<- male frva , ?u im.i.taiao or cay*, oo thai auy elarer that may be of ? ?( may take adrantaae <* 'if >rt' ly t me ? 1' *^r< TH (tft nvt,? PWi <V*L'I la ir-:r; m arc i M A t *rg > was tsoded *t the mouth->< this b arbor tue last I ' iau l more recently one at Tnn?U I, aod it ?s * wen wi own tact that the (xinraori of th > * 'r'' l?>1<vily cogniz-anl ot lue tune, place sad circumstances wit- nring their lauding, and, unless rumor ua m >st laUe, a wrll til ed purse ot Uuublo-nia always lluds its way lut i ttie pocket* of those who tui a Ibe jsiwer to put a atop la the proceec icga, but choose, lor a cimai t 'rati,in, to clu^e their ey?? aud iu torn? instance* black man is toned to the tune if a cool hundred thousand d >Lara thus fitting , it a goodly prtiu ot the prodts of the t"alter; and did the) run any great risk trnm our cruisers, t^p1 traile would uot be quite so flour lulling as it is at present dot it ip pears almost like a farce to attempt, with two atemrra. to watch wu extent of uearly eight hundred lUlieso' coast, and where, too, there are hundreds of ciya on w Inch they cau, besilea innumerable hays aud coves, n ai.y of w hu h are uukno*-n to ua. An l unce they are on Sja*iiu-li toil they are perfectly cafe from ail uroi.uiioa from us. We bay* b'-eo on the station nearly eight mouths, anl during that time have viaited nearly every place ou the south side, running the wrole length of the coast seri ral timea, w ithin Irom three to ten miles of the land, slopping at some of the caya of the Doce l,* otoao, mally. Too Wyandot?our conaort?haa also heeu much ou the move, and aith somewhat better success than thi - vetsel, having captured the bark Wll iam She ta at present at Key West, having gone there for provisions and coal, and to clean and relit tlie bhip. She la a much better vessel for this duty than the Water Witch, having hue accomm xla lions for both officers aud meu; th a vessel being notorious I) deflcieut ui both respects. There have been hut i very few casta of yellow fever here yet. and the Ulan 1 is uu usually healtny for this season of lh? year, the consequence of which i3 that there is more shipping iu p >rt than is generally seen here in tho month o! AugustWe have thus far been very fortunate in having no Bertoui casus of sickneas ou b tard of this vessel, except iu one msuuice, when one of the crew who was permitted to go on liberty remained ashore three days, sleeping in the open air, exposed to the heavy night dews, aud nothing during the whole time; the consequence of which exposure w as that he coulrwcled a puimouary alloction which resulted iu his death. The hark Havid Lapeley sails on the 11th inst. for Philadelphia; she is loaded by Aviies <x L? Blanc with sugar, and consigned to Stuart, Carson Ik Newbold. She takes He a passenger nuc of our crew, wuo has been so un fortunate as to become a cripple by the slipping of one of the rartiiagcs of the knee joint, and Iu consequence been Invalided borne. Our Albnny Correspondence. Ai.UA.tir, August IB, IMO 7V nf a Union nf the Omservrntive Elements in the .tat*? Chr Breckinridge Siat* Committee to Meat at Sxra toga ami Take the Initiative?The Corruption of the AI l-any Urgency Urged Agairut a Union?Slack Sheep ?'n the Breckinridge Paiiy?The Boris of a Compromise on State and Electoral TicMi?The General t'eling in h'lvor of ( nion?The Republi can Candidates far and Lieutenant Governor, dr. !u the uiidtt of the dark and portentous oiou 1 wh :h his of late overspread tUe political sky appears a bright gleam of hope. It is in the I respect cf a gene-a! union of the conservative elements of this State to defeat the republican ticket. The Breckinridge Plate Convention,by resolution, duly empowered their Stale Committee to take the necessary stepe toward such a union. The Douglas kite Convention not only pa. .-ed an equally strong rtaolution to the same purpose, but actua.'.y formed a union with the Bell Everett party. It no* remains to be seen whether the two belligerent factious of the democratic jaity in thl? State will sole,:ig bury the hatchet as toyield to the present general wish of tue people for '-union for the sake of the In Ion " Let the resp insih ility roat with those who deny this patriotic request The Breckiuridgc State Committee meet at Saratoga Tuesday, aud to that committee obviously belongs, as representing the first Convenlion held, to take the in:liatlve. and ort-r the invitation for a union to the Dean Richmond Mate Committee, which will probably ass -m b!e at the same place in a few days. Mauy leading mem b? rs of the Br.?cfcinrldge party are already here on their w ay to Saralogo, and the prospect is a Larg" gathering there ot both the Douglas and Breckinridge psrt'es, an 11 believe an honorable proposition of uuiou will theo be made. Against such a pro|>oeitlnn a-e various and some valid objections, which nothing short of the eiigenties of the time could overcome. Tb" Aibany Kegaacy have proven false to all heretofore profeisious of union ana narraouy, ano qui ouiy uisuouest m these, but liavo cheated every one who lit* aided to bring about such objects, leaving ia th-' mmds of many a determined hatred, which Mr Dickinson has to forcibly compared to the bold slogan ot the Bcottiah chief. It is fortunate, however, for thetim- that Mr IHcktuson and hi* friends, who have vowed re venge on the Regency, possess to an unusual degree the purest pitriot ism, and appreciate fully the evli con?<?i toco* of a re. publican administration The great obstacle, therefore, In the way or union on the p?it of the Breckinridge men will come from those wuo desire a division, that Ikjugla* oiUce holders may pay the penalty of their t'iith by having Bri'ckiiiridic turn substituted tu their stead. A union would undoubtedly luttrfere with such personal s hem s, and.coust iQently, there are not wanting those who op pose t >urh ludivldua's slioul I be remembered at the next distribution of the loaves aud tishe*. The ohairwau of tho Breckinridge State ComrnUtae, John 1. Green, m understood to be of the Ihcainsci school, and a* h.s influence will be very considerable, U is generally halieved here a proposition will be ma le. The detailpoi' a union are not withojt di llculty. can sidering that each faction will undoubtedly endeavor to get the better of the other. The Bill Kverolt men have already ten men on the electoral ticket, leaving 'weuty tire to be divided between the Br' ckinridge and i> mgl a< partus Taking the decilnuof the Cincinnati Cooveation as a basis for admitting the iact toe a 11 eyta! representation, the electoral ticket will substantially stand? Iviuglae 12 Breckinridge 12 Boll 10 ?and one elector pledged to oast hi* vote for tb ? Presidential candidate having the largest vote in th slats. The State ticket, although of comparatively log*. is yet of sufficient importance to require serious consideration, and here even more ditilcuity arms. By some it la urg?d thst both ticket* abou'.l be allowed to rm, and test the relative strength of the two faction* ia that way but the more reasonable view is that Separate stale will distiact the electoral ticket*, and that a larger vole will be polled by a union of both Both candi lat-? for Governor are unexceptionable, while it is cia mv.l Mr. Brady will give more strength to the ticket In alditioa to this should Mr. Kelly run it w rul 1 make Mr Vie.le, the Breckinridge candidate for t. teuton ant Governor, sec and on the ticket, against which Mr. Richmond and lits friend urg s. me reasons of a personal nature; ala i, Mr Visile's op,Kisit1on to the railroad interest, besides instating. per hape correctly, that Mr. Allvn. their candidal*, ia one of the best men in the State Mr. Jayc ix. Breckinridge can dtdate for Canal Oommi's.ener, and Mr. RY> l.-s. Dougla candidate for Slate Prison Inspector. were b->th on thunion ticket and elected in IVT, and are quit* aa one\ceptionable now as then In this condition of things the follow icg proposition is said to be the most practicable. II being understood that Mr K-lly is de'lrous ot withdrawing tin mnt from the ciuvui. nLo that his friends >le*ir? to present h i n m' ? a candidate for Cuitod States Senator. rU , that the [ >ugia? party rball lead the rlrrtml ticket, al v> ac'.ert the odd nloctor and llir Breckinridge parly bea?l the state ticket Ib? Slate anil electoral tick' i? will thou real (Governor, Jame- T. Brady Br ckiuridg.' Lieutenant Governor Wtn 1 Allot. D-jug!*?. (Anal Commissioner. John M Jayoox 3recc aridje Stale I'risou Inspector Wm C. Uhoiu* otats rt'TOne at laav* Reuben II Walworth. I?ougl*s Henry S. RauJsll. Brick lar d,e. STAT* III- WHS? Douglas 12 Breckinridge ..... 11 Ball 10 I re**. >n to beliere lb at the-?tickets will ;l tally be adopted. or, if chained at all. It will * mply be the alteration of one or two uaniee?the general plan to remain the ?aroe The republican* are their forces f->r Syr* ciae, and the nomination of Morgan 1a regarded aa a flxH fact In that < a*e Samuel Law, ><f It. aware county. will probably be their candidate for Lieutenant Governor, aa a kind of K'p thrown t-> the p-xipV if tin Sueq-n-hinua valley to quiet them In their indlguatlon It wards Morgan fir his treacherous course in regard to the appropriation for their proposed railroad. Personal Intelligent e. lewis Cam. Jr.,of Washington. W . f. Joysore aal fa ally and Willlus tabu*?, all or Virginia; A Kikao. of Alabama; J. Meredith Reads, of Albany, and lleorge IV. Thatcher, of St. Louts, are slopping at the Clarendon Hotel. M B Jndd, of Chicago Jams* A lger of South Carolina; C (< Shaw and and W T KostaMa and family, of obi", and G H Shorter, of Alabama, were among the arrivals at the St Nicholas Hotel yesterday. Judge Manny, of Tennessee Judge .Tewett, of Ohio J. C McKlbben, < f California Marquis Vincent and family, of Cuba Charles Waitbeek. of St LuuU; M. 0 Maine, of New Orleans, and N. K. Kauvscv, of Texas, are stopping *t ti. 11........ ...11 ...1 F C. Mitchell and laughter, of Pli il' phu A J Pr ((lit, of llliuoia. S W. W'l.uMU. of Virgiaia. ant Mumferd and party, of t.vor; la are stopping at the Imoa t'lace BoUI. fctior tVn F HiraMe. of Mafaovae Pr R R Bucko of So? ?].-ai? i ?ma 1, of Haatlngv lot C B Arm *tr?r r and part*, ?.f Kbodr (aland, arc Hopping at tbe U irti tioofe Manuel Mout- jo Caballero, Antonio R? ?e ant family, an 1 A A AviWr all id ilavaua Mr F Hugef, -?f tbe I'm 1 t?J >t itei OoMt Survey, and Martin Hart ant Illy, of 11 a are flopping at tbe Aftor Ilacf Hotel I?r t. S. Verdi. o( Waafnugtoa F Molioer le Ayati-in , and fnmflr. an I ilargar ta Jorriu. all <>f Havana It.-v I. K O'urai and H. 0?nrad. Kfq . and lady, all >f PU.ladol pb a. ire itopv .tag at tbe t vcratt Uuual>r flalv Fepa a >f Madrid W H ' a vl am r < and F M lleaeh all of Sew Orleani. H B t.oodyear Owioecttriil, J A. M ttdtle, of M-blle A M Maria ant | narty.Of Smith Carol ma, and I?r John C Markeoaie, jf ha't more, are Mopping at the V fib Avenue Hotel. Senator Ping *a will arrive in CUicAgo in th" early p?-t of siapUmber. > a a *l Inl. Illgrvirp. I I- .t. Jamie M I'un. in, who r iiya - 1 at n - ? Vorb -n fha-?*e of It-.- brig W R K y. \i? ?r i?rtd to pr weed to H ?- tna and - .n Ui I i t 1 Si ?t tb amer Crurader < Mvfier SathaataJ Creen. who ret imel frw? tv f of Africa with the pr re br* i'hoaiaa Acborn i\? bee let* ".-Ml from Juty. ar t will i?i t ?r ler? Ca-;erte? J-ovi r>-bbl-na? b et'-ii f r.' r-t f.iloty at tbe Navy Vard, Tb lade!? . Th* fate I StAt a b- j T?'phlM 0-m mi 1*-<*hn*'?a H--*t-:.a\ -f ti. * n , ' ? % < baa ? > ! ' ^ r? ic? v.- * *, . EW YORK HERALD, TU l urioui Diul?nna-Or?flt)r OtTtloplag the Lobby Tactic* of Thurlow Weed. (From the New York Tribune.] bTATE POLITICS AKD POLICY. The 41 boo. h'wr.iny Jnurnal laketufleuce at our printing the following resolve, pooled at a recent republican ward meeting in Brooklyn ? Krenived. Thai we desire to eioreea our disapprobation of thecoursa of Mr. Th.irlow Weed, tu conspiring wlfa the Ciuon Kerry tuonnpi ly to oppress rthe people of King* jounty, *ud that *r alto a.-ipurov e of the odium which "l?a baa fsslennd ution tlie p?rty by in mor. nefarlom legialtUon which has ever diagreced the n alnry of our Si ate, and that we ear orr Go vt-rr.or Morphii ?c r.rseao fur ?? he b ta thwarted the achem-a of the clilet of the lobby and his associate plunderers. If the Jvuival moans ouly that we shall 'say to tie fee.1' wb.iU>\ tT we may have to ofter on the topic* glaaced at in the above, we entirely agree in that conviction. The Brooklyn resolve would never have thu3 ap|>carod in our coluthiie had it uiet the eye of the editor. For, is the hi at place, it i3 not at all clear to us thai whai is railed the "Colon Ferry monopoly" <1 >es "oppress the people of Kings county;" and if tt docs, we apprehend that Hie Corporation of our city?which charges that Ferry Company 9115,000 per aunum for its fraucbucs?is <|ulle as muca responsible for the " oppres eton " as is the Ferry Company We are not sure that it would l>e right for vie Legislature to step iu and arbitra rily cotnpei that cotrpaoy, thus heavily taxed, to oarry all foot passengers for one cent per crossing, we are not sure that even the permanent interest of HruoYlyn would be promoted by such an eJiot. Oae result might be a curtailment of ferry accommodations, especially by night and on the lunger and less frequented routes, which would be m' st und mrable and unwelcome. Our impress! in is that the Fulton, and perhaps one othrr short ferry, mignt he run for ouj cent, hut that Ute whole could not oe, and pty the present exactions of our city, without a most un welcome curtailment o! uight service We trust this whole matter maybe speedily investigated by au able and upright committee or commission, aud that tue legislature may, upon its report, do whatever is fair aud just; but we] do not at all regret that our last Legislature did not, imperfectly informed as it was, pass the hill subm.lted to It by Messrs. John A Dayton & Co But there is another aspe-t of Una matter wbicb we do out regard with satnlaclioo; and, since the Journal hae called our attention to the subject, wo will present It frankly. Mr Jobs A. Dayton is a Brooklyn Alderman, and a hading agitator tor one cent ferrtagp. He went opto Albany iu that capacity list winter, taking with him ? >me >20,000 of city funds, o' which something over >11,010 nev?r returned, though the cheap ferriage bill old not pare. Being called to account in the Board, he made a statement importing that soon after reaching Albany he had a conference with Mr Th-trlow Weed editor of the Albany Homing Jau~nal, in contequenae of\ he platd a civic for $16.000, and soon offer another fur >2,500, in (A hands of an utinanwd jvrtur, uihon h O' signal u "an sgeat of Mr. IVeed." ss'd check to be pail only in case of the passage of tbe One Cent Ferriage bill. He goes on to i-ay ihat Mi Weed, after a conference w.'.b Mr dames S T Stranalian, of tbe Feiry Company, in formed him (Dayton) thai he (Weed) "could not go against his friends," wherefore he declined to ox rt his indue..ce on the side of the cheap ferriage bill, but went tbe other way, and tbr bill was defeated. M jtawton adds that liis checks lor >17.500 were roiurncd to ITRi by the "agent'' aiorcsa.d We have given above only so much of Mr. Dayton's stsry s ems to stand uncontradicted, though Mr Weed has twice alluded to tbe subject. We ao uot know who is referred to by Mr DajtoD as Mr. Weed's "agent,'' ue do not know that any person acts in that capacity. We conrtnf help noting, however, thai Mr. Weed Ku no', demardett the name of that ''agent ." has not denied any Knowledge that checks t/vre dep.,sue<i as Mr. Dayton dates in short, ha* not denied that he was privy and Jura time t.udtly una. nlir.j to a mspiracy to pa: ar important lilt, i "ioutly aJt'K ling both public and prr at'in' reds, through our Skit* Ln/istaiisre. for money, ami for a m ~o large at renders p-epotter-w* the idea that U vis intended to Ue used legitimately and honestly To mtvliable mlerences from these notorious facts n t universally druwa, and they are deeply lnj"rious uot only to Mr Weed, but to the great party with wh.cb he is i-lentitted It is no fault or merit of ( rn that they suggivt t> tbe public mini explanations of much that wi. v. - tug, liscred'.tuble and odious m the doings in and about our dtate Cap.tol last winter. For instance? In December last Uov M wgaa, after froe and full con sullation with his prominent iritnds, an 1 with eminent citizens of all parties, tlxed upon what be regarded as a just, rlghi and beuencout i.nd of policy to be pursued by the Stale with regard to her cauai finances and tbe com peliag railroad interests That policy was clearly under stood by us?and we could not be well mistaken?to have received tbe deliberate and hearty assent ot the editor o' the Albany t',er,ing Journal In the eirnt, howrer, he turned against it, and became a pvmhful element in the C'/minnaluen headed by Dean Hiehmond. u-hich defeated it The State was thereby compelled to add to her already too heavy per ceniage of direct taxation . but individuals made large sums out of the slock speculations, based upon an early and certain knowledge that tbe Governor's re commen .ation as to railroad toils was to be deflated. ?'ur city railroads engrossed a Urge shard of lb? attention of the Iste legislature. Governor Morgan, in bis annual mevuage. traced out, very brieily but clearly, the principles whereon the c<>ac?ssioni for uow citv railroads should lie male W.i.l the Goveraor'a suggestions been ombod el or beel,-d (a the I bills as they pa??ed, th? en orui ouftiy lucrative monopoly ] uow enjoyed by the graulecs o. enisling prtv;!?ge? would have been modifl-xl. Hi- public far better acconiiuoluted, tail the city decidedly beneduol to !> '' rcreuues ami every way. B..t Mr. (<eor^e law look up bi? quarters at Albany early m the session, aal Oon.oten ed a aerie* of fluaiu-til operations which resulte-l iu the pwafr of live or aix bins Ca irtenug uew ra oa terms Uiletly dea ant of the righteous an 1 titulary suggestions o. (Jov. I Morgan?terms which in effect coulrme 1 an 1 strengthen e<l the existing monopoly denied to our City, an I c >itpen ' sation for the us>' of her principal thoroughfares, securing everything to the mono[>oliati, nothing 10 the people. lh>vertior Morgan vetoed tle se bills. aa without b'lray mg hi* trust and stultifying himself. h r mil not fail to do. To our blank atuaremeut those hi'ia, which we sup pwed utterly dead, were p*?-ed over th Roverner'a I veto, ami Che editor of the Albany ? "ivij Jutini<tl it j well kruvm tn h<i>* ten th no.- i ti-- ani powerful 1 aqaU in indurinp rttnMioO" SenV t ami son btrt rf AtcnMy to humiliate the ( ' nojni nuiUfit hit ' m.w' "nyAf-xu.- emd po/mlar r ' Wo say with a'xolute i coib, out*; le of tbi*' who bit I a pecuniary 1 interest in the ra lroad grant* thus made, there t.? aiiso lute unanimity among the people of our city and State ou lb aide of the l?ovo.u?r an t his veto-s. and against the logn itive la co. rapt on which overrode ibeu. We tnight speak of othir matter* which gave an bfamoim notoriety U the legts ation of last w.nter. but the above specimen bricks will a .ilicieitly udicate the character of the entire structure. Such legislation is either lo go on or atip here Which shall it b, Ninety tune Uuii Ire Is of the republic ins we meet are llrnily n voiced that it shah stop?that if d*mo crata like l<can Richmond aud (iewge l.iw *r? to n? the Legislature ot our State, making us actiou abjectly ?b?ervlent to their ael&ah sch,mo? and private totereala, it *ba!l be a legislature of their own stripe, politically :1ft v. ''' a* Ciniricrr all* ? lliat If tLev are ti have the I use of it, they must elect it?tAot tAsy ?* " nnt make the w?n-j and f iftfi upon (heirpolitical sdrersg i't th' infamy of su A airiKtout procrfdiajt They are flrm'y resolved that the text legislature sbill be either cuniwSed of men ?'h.i?e voles cannot be bought or sold, 'tud tin* Wed nail , chaffered tad blown upon.Tike ma. ?vr lor mink, or of men far course the republic m parly sb ill not ! evee ?eesn U) be responsible. In til -arduous tight against leg's'ill re c orrupttoa list inter, the republican got truer and the republican a?*--os hat never Scatering word from wnat is regarded a- the republican organ at the ffiste capital. 7V Journal u i ominously Him', ill editor teat yenerallynoit tfezti <y l' worn on ll.c -'.hrr tuie it (Ait to g> on if our i -publi can t ivrruor shall be c mitn nel nut winter to veto *urh meaaiifM as be veto* I last winter, will the Albany f - n iny Journal sustain him If not. will its editor be found ntly but potently woiV.ig sgi ust him* These ques t. -us the republ can mantes arc everywhere arcing. wha' it (As Journalt ?mn -rf Nju.ho OovsmucT i* H?u?at Cuurr, Va.?Fori Kjixj? asp 0>? W'oc>dk>.?The Richmond. Va , ik.puch saj- i>ne of the moat d-irmg cot?piracis? by n.-g-ies to mur dor a white mta that we hare ever beard ofrime to light a Halifax county, about u.teeo uiios from I>auvi! c, on Wednesday or Thursday. for the particulars of wh'ch *e arc ladebtr] to Conductor Cbea'.ham. o( the Richmond and I'suville R? ilrond. Mr. 9am :el Ha.ratou. a wealthy farmer in Halifax baa an over ecr on one of hta plantiii iu who is a siri t dis cipliuarian, and * man of great tlrmneas. Ha the day in q lealtoo. whit tb* orrmeer was siti ng in bis office, six atout near i Ichows employoj np in tt><- firm called up >u him, and after Informing bun that a parly of negroes in the w *>ds near by was preparing for an msarrect on, in ) Tited him lo go witli them and wtitu sa the plan of opera i lions. Not suspecttng that they ha I any design upon | him, hot being anxious to capture the ring' aider* o( the rebe'g if lie should see them, hr steppel Into another ' room, armed himself w 1th a Are -b >oter sn l then started off w.tb the a us ins, they not knowing tbtt be was fdl.y prepared for any am erg -ncy. The oegroM led th > way not I g -ttlog into the forest some distance, when they sudlealy si >pped near a newly dug pit. wh u the apokcsinAQ conlroui'd bins, and, point I ing lo the hole. ?*ti to hlra?"IVre, you ? s iu of a . is your grove. Vou bare but fifteen minutes to make your peace witb God or to land in bell." tyulck as though? the overseer drew hisColl' r-vnlvrr, killed four of th - ruffians dead at bis feet an l shit th* flflb one m the ablomcn. seeing wh. b the six.h one toug to lu? h-els thro gb the woods. and the overseer hsvlng no other weapon. he escaped Th- mpress.on prevails that the six negroes had dster mined lo murder the overseer, because of *om? -levered punishment one or more of thsm had received, and laid tb above plan lo get him off in the wools to etl ,-t their > ends Hi* presence of mini in Inking bis pt-toi, and his coo.nea* in the hour of laager, when no white per on was ugh to aid bun. doubthuM saved from a iiortId death. AgOAintw P- xl in n*> *: ?v< ? The New Orleans Ret p' the I5lh net says ?We are informed that a dufll was fought st i i- wterdai >rainv bitweeo a I?n? min >f Vol). " vid in f * *D rotion broker of Qi ??rf??, whin- m:?h ? withhold by rwquMt Tb? J' .'iouUy ( ?? ?, in Uiacawtt of e>ar?rMUna. from m<- rtiu kl >a ilu ?jbjee? of the <jti<*a or fe'afiaol, ?'iir& (.; K.i<" <b:ti?n t>>k e*f*pilon to, pon-trula* lb n Into 13 io?o'.t to his aovtr* ft> Tl? ?p?o?r* ware ro'f* u?*y rpTotver*. *ud lie Ji-tv. oul? lire jino* r> rr;ijl.3u?n ? if sbot in ihp rifht bras.-? ?i 1 i%nge rouAiy wounded THK ItHt.tTTA. KRtATTA.-THfr **TH AKRCAl. ft 1(1 A I * Or (A# Raw Rocha'.a VtRI A*:ut?, wiu 11?.' p.i lro-n kaho H?- . Rrw locli nla A ifW IV IM> A'rew jr ?1. >>?t? twenty nina feet ant under n ?nt atrniotl in w r.??e? pur?e? R>) ?:il kA1 ca'ru-<-<t Ixn'ji in two '*? "imoMc not PBA natr* A'wvn nfrwn'nt m?w. I (in' litre# tain tin* w> iM loot % til : i ,<f . 4 lir II. ??: ( avi -vl:? It ot ler rttvikHf H. ' t'wi'nnor*. |. IM ? m Pumar UK?TAl K \AT?. rA t K D Hl'TE AT SI* 0'('U>CK If rvi ? ? i f.w ? r M 1vi-- V 1<wn '-v !!-f ? *tat I l!*l O* % rt? fl *|*l l /'l III lit it.A 4 A- ? t 44 i'4 # J A- - , - A. ? ESDAT, AUGUST 21, 186C PEKSONAL. < 1 V. WHO rOIUnil.T LIVED IN THK Oil V Of VT M Sou li of France. will kltr of an old a<- pivntauee by i Jdreaam* ah-uirr to M. U-v ?a, N. Y. Putt om * EP lEWIK IF NELLlE MATTHEWS. WHO ATTENDED SCHOOL IN Cherry \ alley, will addreaa a line to M. J. 0? Herald ofI lire, ahe wtU bear from au old frtend. INFORMATION WANTED?OF BRIDGET BTENS. WHO cainelothla country on the lfch of May laai. Any ins nmt Uoorf her will be thankfully received by bet alatc-. Kuetuiia I Byrna, Na It Sumner at , Near liavt-o. Coon. INFO KM ATI ON WANTED?OF AN* MTLDOON, WHO L-, at prraeot In Celtfcrula. She will plea?? a*a I aer addreaa tolier motlier, Mary Mul.loon, SI Hold atreet, Brcuktyn. California paper* pleaae copy, CALL AND SSK MK SOON TO-DAY IF TOO CAN. MR JOHN BROORDKLI. IS REQUESTED TO SEND HIS add.-ea* to Mr. 1*. Vali'-ntr, at No. U Went Siite.nth treat. ONRI. -TOURS OF thk 8th RECEIVED. WILL be at the corner of Adaui* and Jnhnaon atreeia at I! I*. M. I " ? K. TDK PERSON WHO IN8KKTKD THK ADVKRTIHH merit in the Herald of Kr day, In regard to the eatate of \/ rd Toa nley, la re-i netted to addreat F. T , Herald omce. fVnJ>ON?CALL at thk OFFICE ON WEDNESDAY If at U o'clock Will wan until 11 o'clock for you. lirtair picture of little one. KaKCLaY. 4ey -THURSDAY AFTERNOON?IF ALL IS BIOHT I. all will be right. MIDNIOHT. ~ LOST AND FOUKD. CACTION.-LOkT?A NOTE MADE BY A. JACQPKT, dated April 10, all months, lor Add I 90, payable al Meaara. V. Duraad A Co 'a, having been loat. the public are cxutiuaet anal a*: negotiating the aame, pay inent of It having been alopped. Found-on Saturday, in a third avenue car. a roi.iII aum ot money. Apply to John Dillon, 73 Pearl atreet, New York. Found?on thbjotu instant, a horse and cart i n North Mciore atreet, bet *e?a 7 and 3 o'clock, P M The I owner have them by proving property and paytng e? ,. tin,, -> inrr hirw-? u??, w,?. ,.. Prancis Heury. It not c! umed in three da; * w ill be (old. L08T-ON SATURDAY MORNING LA8T, IN JKRSKY ferry omnibus No. IS, n muhU bov, wrapped in it news paper/ IM MBtMDiaS five ambrntypai. entirely Wllllhl? do any one except the owner. If left at the oBce ol W. H. Sellers, 171 Pearl street, a reward ot St will be paid. Lost?un Saturday. a oukrn knamri.lkd and diamond Watch t'ttslii The tinder will be liberally re warded )>y returning it toTtdany A Co., 6M Broadway. IOST-A MKTAI.LIC MPS BOAT OPF LONG BRANCH, J near Dam Rater; painted brown, about fourteen feet I,in*. Ihr Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving her at t'l-i <>t of Hobloson atreet. North rtver, for the steamboat Long Blench. Call nt 79 RnbUis iu street. .f. AI.uKN. I CST-on FRIDAY N1UHT, THRKK SMALL UILT MK is oal.ioi.h lu a gill ring, in value u?t worth more than $5. T: ir'tumci tnlhe owner a. Koaenfeld Bros A Co.. h3 numbers a'.reel, the Under will be rewarded 'f required with $4. LCsT-on FRIDAY, THK I7TH INST., A OOLDSKAL lLn". with name "Alphonso," engraved tnalde. The tinder will T3 reward ami thanks of the o.nierbyre t in ing It to P. Hudgntsn. 27 tfaldeu lane. LOST-ON MONDAY MORNING, JlUOUBI 2d A loon full blocded for Hound. white, with black spots on Uie body ann legs, ears very dark tiniwn. alao most partof ike h 'ad Whoever wi.l return him to ti. Weber, Id Beaver atreet, w ill be b iiidaomely rewarded L( ,sT?PROM A CAR HI AUK. ON SATURDAY KVK t,ing. a autitll Carpet Bag. no addrcsa upon It aioept the :i??e ol t.artir >ns pasted <>u the bottom Ihe tiudei will be rrw arJed on deuvery of the bag at No 33 C harles atreet. Iost?A YOI"Nil BLACK AND TAN TRRRIRR DOG; J . ears propped, bad on a chum collar. A liberal reword wiiJvie pa.J on leavnig bun at 131 West street. pICKKD L'F?ON SATURDAY', AUOUST 18, OPr 8 A NX d . Hi nk, a araail mcallic Life Boat, "ramus'patent. The owtie. . an bote the same by proving property and paying charges Apply to WinautK. Bennett. Bay Ridge L. I RKWA.RDS. ~ BKWARW.-LOST, TWO SMAJXT8APK*1CKY^ON^A ?Paj steel ring Apply to W. C. Taylor, Agent N. T. A JC Railroad, Jersey City. <5jC RRWARD -LOST, AUGUST JO, AN ACCOUNT vU Biailt, rolled in brown paper, about ten inches long and tour wide. The tinder will receive Uie above reward by leaving dju 21 Washington Market. THUS. P. WAY. tfir RKWARD.-LOST. ON 8UNDAY, AUGUST 19, ON tPd Uxard the steamer Fmlly. on Harlem river, a cluster Pin with chain snd amall pin. Any person flirting t and riv | turn ug it to the engineer on board, will receive the aboi e ic ward. REWARD.?LOST A SMALL 8I7.ED SCOTCH TRR C*J rter bitch, with a red ro'iar, and answers to the name of hartley. Apply at S1'7 Houston street. C]f| REWARD ?LOST. ON SATURDAY KVENINO, ApXv/ August Id. s breast pin, set with pearls. In the form < : a leaf, vaiued very highly as a gift from a deceased rata tire The tinder will receive the aboie teward bt leaving It at 293 Mast Tenth atreet. dll f? P. JtW ARIt ?T.OKT fin STIII IM ISnilV Tnnrv ??lt) weeka ago, a go.d huoungcaw! ruthlday Watrh. Mo. i lr.f7 made by Juillard l)r<*. A Morel, i4rue<*? Anr peraon reluming ih* watrh. or giving Inlurmallon of It, will receive the a . j\e It-ward and on ipitalinita aakrd. A. L. BKAl, No 9 Rprurr etreet, tilth floor. BBWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, AUQURT ?, A C*a'' Mack t!id tau Klngl'barlea spaniel Pun. The above re ?.?rd will be paid by returning it u> No. 9 Amity street. ?0 -T REWARD-STOLEN FROM TIIK SUBSCRIBER, . a FrulAy evening, AugtiM 17, a bay llorae, lighi Hu{? Wagon and Ilararaa t he borae la about lit h.nn la high. ho It tall, * bit* a tar on forrbead, am?:l whit* atrip* on Bo**, id* obit* hind l*i*, with a amall boo* anavln, and avd al?"i sin* >**r*. The nbore reward w ,1 h* given up *n tb* recovery of tli* above artlrlea. and in additional tdd lot die arrtat and conviction of the thief. HENRY KOSJ'Kit, Tarry town lliery at?bl*a nidUCUiANEOt I. ATTKNTION.-HOUHKItKKI'RBH INTENDING T7> break up can pet a fair value for their good* from 0 KENNEDY JW Bowery, dealer In every description of aaoood hand furniture, carpets, bedding, Ac. BURROWS' INFANTS* FRIEND, OR (1BAY MI* ture?Acknowledged by eminent physicians to be the aafea. moat pleiiaant and elft-ctlve relief for Infanta teething, and all trrrgulailuea of the bowela, ever pmdueed. la for aalit bv k. drove-at* Price 2S renta uer bottle. WM. O. BURROWS, Uh.miat, Albany, N. T. DRKKSMAK1NO ROOMS-DRKSS MARINO FAHIUON ably done. Ladies aCopplui; at the hot*la can h?ra tbeir work due wuh despatch betug in the vicinity ol the hotela Attention pa ,1 h tnitaea'dre^ava Wra. A. OUK8T, 16 Bond street, u<ar Broadway formerly 4311 Broadway. Is DARKNESS BETTER THAN LIOHTf-CALL AT KM Maiden Ian* and exainln* the grett Paragon Burner, that uow turna darkneea Int.* light thia ta th* ' tat perfect Burner In etiatenee All bun* gnaiameed or money reloaded Patobl MmbA July M, MB T BMONS.-^RIMK MKNTON LEMONS bt TOE BOI Li or by the hndied, for aale by JOHNSON A BLISS, 1W Waahtrgton stiret, corner of Fulton. 1 t. r-rh.rhu;t Frr lonim>n tokr r-iirts I I ?. . I. . r. tli.nt in I tilt* P* Bt 14*,. furilaiiug go'.i. PICA *8 E, Com l-oodou. 87J Ml^halllard'a CHOOOLAT*. (.hoc-rial* de bant*. Choeolatea rmillM. Chocolate dr la Vanilla. Chocolate double Vanilla, Chocolate Par bwll?M, Chocolate Peruglaem, Chocolate Uomeopalhls, Chocolate Creams, Cb.KM.jiip ? irui'j. AI' th? above AT* Of ibp beet quality and equal to 11; imparted chuooleie, and doe* ao! ooat ball tbP price. UJ&WRY MAl'JillD. Wo. <31 Broadway. WVi ?i> Factory, Woo. IM and 110 Hereof etroeiM^HARRI.K MANTELS?ORKAT BAROAINK IN MANlela ?The auberriber sella cheaper n->? than ever. A gi??l stock of veined, statuary and colored Mantels always on hand at KI.AIIJCR'S mvole far,la, 11] Kant Eighteenth street, west of Tblnl avenue. W. T. Roofing n.atkp or thkraolkslatr company arr of aupehor quality, low root, lire proof, yield puro tux untainted rain water, and lag! a lifrUme. Hulld>-r? addrpMibp Agpul of Ike company. O. FIRM AN, >7 Cortland! atre*-!. New York. Tat amktlcaw solidified milk, Prepared fro* the rtrbeat milk of the Nwt dairies la ' l>et. Veee oounty. New York, la tke only way to proeare para milk la larga clues. The medical prof<w*l..n report It aa in rain able for Infanta a ad tnrallda It la cheaper titan the awtu made potato sold aa milk. Aa It will keep for year* la any ellmate. It la IndtapenaaMe for trarellere, oSoera of the army and nary, and for timer Urtng la hot eltaaatee or the South. For aale la various aired packages, eaoloeed for iraeepnnelkm. ad Ike depo*. amkrican wouniFitn milk company. 73 Liberty street, two doom east trom Broadway, N. Y. TIIK NATIRAL PROPKLLKR. * thorn fri, ....n un.l entire rraaloo of backwater, op or downstream or lt*h sen* waa pttenled oe Hi# 7tb day of Anna US' by U. I. Carver, of s..iith Am- -a Two mo de a working to water ant ena laying on the table foretami ran n, will be >a etblM .on on and after Tuesday tnornin.,-, frtwi. 7 A M Wd I' M at No M Park me tod (l? N <v. i itrret, room >0. It). <>n the aame story aa th- - nii u- A uteri can II. L. CaRVKK, Proprietor and Patentee. rthf POLITICIANS OF YI1R CNITKD STATES? 1 For one mtll'on of d"llara we pmpoae to cement all the j a.tlerenl |wrtiee, for the aura defeat o( Idncoln. by the appll | cation of l? KrATIJIIXll A CO. 8 nor .ruled Bnckaxln j Ulne, In l-otti-v ready for itae P S.?A former propoaiu.m, by li C. S|i*!dlne. to cement the L'nl >n. will prove an entire failure uMnas ahmre Is ronannimaled Ours la found anpe nor re.oty m .de and vcetlent (line If made by the Spanldthai makes nee of the U. for aale by large dealer* gens raTly. AU drr? pr,m tly attended to if geat i > their factory at uk'terauUe, Fulton inmity, N. V. P. BPAC'tniNU A CO. WANTKP-R. A C. UROYKR a BAKRR'H RKWINU Ma. bines Parties having aoeb to dispone of for oaah ran find a putrh taer by applying to 11. K. CLARA a CO., 133 Broad atree . l*tw PI lll.ICATIO**. LK BON TON. Jnrw?AL OR MODCN. A nolMf report of I'trh Paahloua. The bent and moat ra Uable errr puliliahed. the Hepirtnber oumb#r It now ready, and mntalna Tour F'eel Kijmvinga, beanUfnUr colored- -one girtn* the Imw trlsol frrmh Bom eta. AU accurately dnarnbad la Baittaft and franrh. Two full aired patterna. ?% TV- Zonae* Jacket and a Pretty Bleere with diraetmna for making np. Wood cult preeenonn a Ktrael lirtaa, alao, a child'* and Hood emtirrwlerel. Iw( eery lnter??tin* let'era fp-OB our co-reap-rndenta In Papa dea-rlblng all the nore;u?a of tha aeaa. .,1. l a a la. ae inowl of nae nl Information on faahionnbla Ovt'lem and a choice aelrctton of literature k-.tttlpW"*. cue year Id Stag e roplet 80 rente a. I. TATliiN 1 <"< 1' Vithepa UK IT- alar.t New fork. rcl U'J BT AU fCPi:?JlAl I. tfCOUJL BOWOM. CI AMI* MKKTlNtl.-THK HaKLKM ANIt SPUlfTKN J Ituyvll Na*l*atlou Company'* eie.imer TIOKR or TRIMFETKK wtll leave Ibe Century Houae Landuut. near Kiufi* bride*. for the Camp Meeting at ??* Sin*. '? Wedneaday. Thtuaday and Friday. Anguat ?. *? fouehin* at each of the Harlem river landing#, 86th atreet, (YorkvUlal; Amu* itrwi 30th atreet (Forth rtveil, ManliallanvUle. lild etrew (Carmauaville), Tubby Hook and Hpuyteu DuyvIL i Leav lag Century Houae at 3*5. Harlem 7, B6ih atreet T JU. and 1 Amu* atreetal tf:?) A M Fare, fruw Harlein and Tieiuliy 50 ; eeuta; from Arnae atreet, 15 0*uU Returning, will leave I ting at 4 F. M. ?JjiRIKM>8 IN NKKD ARK FRIKNOS INPRKl) "?THK A Committee of Arrangrmeula o' St Antuiu lea church Feetival (Rev Mr McU'an paaum, which will lake place at litllev ue Harden, Seventy ninth atreel, a K , on the ?! 1 Inst , will meet at the roin* ol the Catholic Library AMDoiatmu, auiithvveat ooruer of Broadway and Twelfth atreel, on the iliat, at 7y. f- m. Millions of dollarh unclaimkd in the bane of Knglaod.?3U.0UO name* advertiaed for h iia can be aearrhed, fee 13. at th* Heraldry office, 6*9 Broadway. N. V., H. HaYM, Frourietor, at pre*ant In Loadnu, and undertake* search for will*, chancery record*. adveruaemunta, family peilgreaa and grant* ol arm*. PHILLIFFK RKIN A CO. FHILLIPPS RRIN A tXJ. rUILtJPFS RKIN A CO. Will open thla week, W11 open thla week. Will open thla week, their thkih NKW JKWKLKY STORK. NKW JkWKLKY hTOKJC, NKW JKWKLKY STORK, CNDKR THK F1KTH A VKNITK HOTKL. L'NIiKK THK FIFTH AVKM'K HO KL. L'NIIKR THK FIFTH AVKNOH HOTKL. SIXTH ANNIYKRSARY of LYNCH'S ORIJINAL HAR VRST HOMK FESTIVAL. for Queen# county, to be held hi i id r?oai rtHQi. on iniinutT, AU(. ix? ?no Managers give notice thai ample preparation* have been maue for a arret Hart rat Home Festival for 860, which wtU transcend adythmg of the kind hitherto held In Queens couuljr. Van / andtfoint la situated at the head of UuleNeckBar.on the eaat Hide, which Is oue of the moat shady and picture?|ue apota on long Island. An Immanae Dancing Pavillton: f6iJ5 feel hta been addeil to the other coot anlencra, and with a view ot increasing the comfort of visiter* on this and other occasions. On thia day there will be a euoceasion of those famous Indian Clam Bakes which have pained for the home of the Utile Neck Bay Clom" and for Lynch a world wide celebrity. A \acht and Boat Race will t?ke place during tbr dae lor approurlate prizes. A Hue t'ottllion Band l* engaged for theday and evening Balloon A arena,on In the evening. Ticket! 61, which will admit a gentleman and lady to the Clam Make. r EDITORS AND OTHERS. KPKCIAL NOTICE. The advertiser being about to start a KAKMKKS AND PLANTERS' magazine. dcal'ea to purrtae* the suliarrlption Uata of old jonrnals that have had a oil* nlatlon farmers and planter* He will alao purchase the auhacrtpUon biaika of the diOeronl gift oook and other gift el terorlrea. Those having each, or who are able to obtain them, can receive a fair price by addressing W W., Herald otllce. \riCTORIA BRITlOR MEDAL ?.'tJST RECEIVED, A supply of these Medals Price, 81 each. TiKK aN Y A CO.. 660 Broadway, 8TKAMBVAT8. T\AY BOAT FOB WKbT POIAT, CORNWALL, NKVT\J burg and Pougbkeepaie.?She steam ooat A1.1II V will leave Ja> street pier daily at 8 30 a M , toileting at Thlrt'eth street, and arriving at PouglikcepNle at I I* M . leaving Pnttgh keeps e at 2 P. M.: returning to the city al 6 30 P. M Paaact gera for Albany, Troy, Saratoga, or any point weat, can make sure connections at Pougbkeepaie Baggage transferred Iree. DAT BOAT FOR ALBANY AND TROY, MAKING THE uauil landings.?The steamer OaMKI. DKKW leaves o my iirrri pier i urmimj t, luurvia/a, >uu runurn?)?, .ti / A. v. STEAMER OCX AN WAV? M. TUTHILL, MASTER, will taieNew York during this ?i*l (or Stony Brook ?p<i l'ori J HI e; sun, fr< m the foot "I Oliver street, a. la. riv?r, ha follow ?On Tuesday, August 21, at II M.; Thursday, '.'At, At 12 M , ami on Saturday, 2&U* at 12 M. . ? m 8VMMKH MMOWS A SHI,AND HAIJ* WHS!" HI DOM FIELD, N. J ? A ?ni? II family of four or live persons can have suierior iicoutnmodations tor a lew werka, or uu it lalot N lveuiher. if desired, at tin,, beautiful lunuiin rrs. il, 1>> apph :nu namedialely at tlm premise* two ra Ml tries' wilt from West ffllWflrH railroad depot. Communication by railroad with New York ail tunes dmly. La tourettb hourk. bkrokn point, n. i.Itesta learn pier Mo 2 North river, at 7 J<1 and 11:30 A. * , and S 30 and 6JU r.m.; from foot of IVy atreat at in 31) a hi and t 30 P. M Ample acootamodationa for permanent or Iraoalent boarder*. WESLEY W HII.L, (Formerly of Lafarge House) Proprietor STRAWBERRY FARMS. NKAR RED HANK, MONMOUTH c mnty, Nev Jeraey ?At tbla delightful an tamer resort K'eaaant aulia of rooms for families may be had from August Terms moderate. Apply to J. WAKKK.N, as above, or to Mr MI1.1.H. 678 ltroadway. Hosts to Port Monmouth front Robl sou street pier, North river, dally at 8 A. M. an 11 P. M., them e by rail and singe _ HUl'BF.9, ROOMS, AC., WAYTKD. A BRICK OR BROWN STONE HOUSE IS WANTED for a good tenant. Immediately, 1 nested between Hexing tou and htxth avruuts, Fourth ami Twenty fourth nereis. Kent from f6Ul to I8UI. Also a furnished House, at tl.UOJ or ll.JOU. K1NSHIMKK A CO.. 343 fourth avenue. FURNIRHXD HOIISE.?WANTED. A MODERN HOUSK and Furniture, within the district between Four teenth and Fortleth streets snd the Fourth and Sixth avenues, by a gentleman and hie wtte, nntil the Irat of May or Jul v. Auy person having such to dispute of, to parting Capable aud disposed to care toe It ou reasonable terms, will pleaaa apply to WILSON Q. HUNT, No 30 Park place. HOUSE WANTED?BET w KEN THIRTEENTH AND Tweoty fourth atreertt and Third and Seventh trenuea. <n a good nevhborbo *1. a lease for i or Id years will b? uven. Apply lo K. W. B1S11U1', Mo II Chain ben street. from 10 In 1? M. HorSK WANTRD-I PTOWN. RKNT NOT OVEHJW00 per lenieof two or three ye ire. Ad Ires*, w i'h i or:., iUrn, hoi I'.art > Bee T>ART <1K A H<?r8K WAM'TKD?FIRST FLOOR AND J Basement pre I erred. between Hleerker and Thirtieth alreeta ard Third and k Ighth avenuea. rent not lo exceed LtM a year. Address Leonard, I AT West Eighteenth atreet. PART t)K A HOUSK WANTRD-SKfiOND FLOOR, RAY J Bve rontra, gas and water In, between Rroadwav and Kightli avenue, llouaton and Twentieth ati eela, by a very aniall family. AUdreaa M., FJ Christopher aureet. PART OF A HOUSK WANTED?WITH ALL THK modern Improvements not above Twenty With atreet. n Fourth avenue, (or a gentleman, wife and servant Kefermu. a given and required. Addreaa. with term*. leeaOea, Ba, A, M, care of M. Morae, Fordbam, W cat cheater ciauty, N. V., for oue weeh. TWO OR THRRF. ROOM A ON TIIK SECOND FLOOR, unfurnished, wanted, bv a gentleman and hit wife b> tartrn Wee -her atreet and I'anal; la the neighborhood of St Joke's park creletred. Trrtna moderate, id treat Hrown, boi ITU Herald oMee. Wanted-a ?Urki?h*d houhr. forthk winter. to be lota ed In Fifth arenne or 10 awe of the adja cent etn-eta Poaeeaaton wlehed for In September or ' ietniiwr until Lai of May. Addreaa House Seeker, box UO Herald oioa WANTKD?IN OCTOBKR OR NOVKMIIKK. IN A GOOD h wise, ret , lee I location, four or Bra Kooma. Haw merit and Kilchae. furniahed or unfurnished, fore am ell Spanish family, rrape--table and reeponalble Referencoa exchanged A< draaa Leonardo, at Godfrey'A 831 Broadway. WANTKn-IN YORKVII.LF.. BROOKLYN OR W|l, Ueniabttrg, a email getiteel House. with garden at tar bed Inralron lo he healthy and rest uot to exceed IdcO Addreaa K W , boi 3.BJU Font o?ce. Wr ANTED?A KM ALT., MKAT TWO bTORY AND ATTIO Houae, lo- atrd between Hleecker end Fourteenth it reels and Bowery and SUth avenue, oy lit of September. Carpets and for allure would be bought. A idrrea box 47S roet (Bta IVANTRD-THRRE OR FOl'R ROOMS FOR A GRN ' r tieman and wife, enrk-ldren. between Kleventh atreet and Rltlh avenue, and Sixteenth street <w Fourth avenue, between Klghth end Thirteeeth streets. Rent moderate. Adreea. L.U.. Fuel oSice, Union square. \LTANTKD?BY A FAMILY OF TWO GROWN PKR Tf eons, an nnfurnlabed Floor, rmslstlng of four or Bra Rnoenv. on the weal aide, not above thirty fourth etreet; modarn improvements Uidwpe usable Keni m advance Is lieu of reft-renee Addrrea 11., box ltd Herald itiiee. U'ANTKr-BY Till FIRST or RRPTKMRKR.?A GKN Cornell and wife dea.r* a e'U' o{ tlve or alt R vima, suitsI kief r housekeeping In arespectable family and u"ighb-irh ?id rent out tu exi eed SJUU. AUdrraa G. K. M . box 17i Herald atI Bee. IV ANTKl) A FIRST CLASH MEDIUM HIKED IIOI'SR " a new one preferred, with all the modern conve nen -ea, in a i or nectaMe neighborbood Address, with full particular* H box 3.I8U Font oBice. Y1TANTKD?BY A GKNTLKMAN AND WIFR, TWt) OR TT three unfurnished Rooma. suitable for housekeeping m a private fanulv and good Addreaa Kter.iag, ller,ihl otttre, staling parUculara Terms moat be moderate YVA.NTtD-A SMALL COTTAGE HOUSK IN BROOK vf lyn, r.ear a line of oara. or pert of a t'Stage of .1 or 4 I rooma. I ureiah"d or uefurnielied. plataly and ao efortably, at a j tuocerate rrnl, lor a family ol tw . and lefat.t Adteeaa. with 1 particulars, T. W. Woud, Mew York Fom odi. e, for three days WANTKD?THK WT OF SIPTKMRVR. HT A OKMTI.Ema? and wife, e Second rionr, w Ith m stern Improvemrn'a. and one rontn in attic for aeivani, kteauo.i m ut be ill twrrn Twelfffc and Fortieth streets oixl Fourth and F ghth Bvenuea. Terms u>A tax exceed S33o Addrem L. K , llerald oflice. YVANTRD TO HIRK-A SMALL HOUSE. WITH ALL YT the modern Improvements, must be In a good neighbor b<?d, beta rek Heoond and Seventh area ties, below Thirtieth aim*. Rent del ti exceed MB ir yir. A ldrraa, staiiug partu ulara. Houae, box ljr.Ti I'oat oUloe. TI'AMTRP- IN A PRIVATV RFNHCrTABI.X TAMILT. TT by a gentleman. wit* and one child IS ye*r? of age. a eult of well lurtiULi-d R<?>ma. In a pleaaant n-igbboffcod, adapted to houaekeevlng on * ?malt acate N-idtUu pirti 'u larr. loraUuo. price, Ac .HO. 8., bo? 3,Ml Pool office. a'ANirn TO t.RASl? A IlOTKl. OR BROADWAY. OR Tf In vicinity, (numbed or a*(urnl?bct communl'-atioaa Mrlctjy cootldential. Addreea Virgil, U (Wood arena*. ML^TmiMOW 1AU AOKNTIJMAN, TWRRTT RKVMH YKAR8 OLD, \ n*lire of Month Carotin*, and lo r?ry comfortahle clr tnnwiincM. wtahea In form *n aC'tnalnLaare with lady *'n rie or widow), w.tb a rlew In matrimony, and. being an entire at ranger In thti city, lake* thlt method ol making known hie w libra Any proper per*m wlalilng In reply to ik a in a.n eerily will addreaa A. M. 0. x. tTTL, Herald otliee until the 27tk met < 1# ATRIMORT MAP* HAST, OR HOW TO WIW A lYl I giver'' ?<oatnln Ing plain common nenae direction*, eWiwInc hnwr all may be nftably married. lrreepe?*lre of age, let or poettlon, whether prennmeaetng or otherwtew Tble la a new work, ami I he tec ret, when acted upon, centre* a apeedy ard happy marriage to either eel. Mallei free for 2? rent* la caah or pontage otamna AJdreaaT. Williama A Co., Bubllahera. lata lM> F at office, Pblladelobt*. WATCHM A R Ik JIWKLRr / ' RRAT BtROAIRB MAT Ilk HAP AT URKNNl \I at. re. MA Brood ear 'H the at*-'* n: .i^ee . iiltni 'a watcliea plated and Meet wvrrwUiI- a a iM.Uoapri-.-a V ?iv? i4t P The NACSlli'N alii run daily through the e?*son. leaving Arms aire.t at S'4 I2t? and 3l4, Spring at-eet at #V 12% nd 3H: pier No 4 North river at lo, 1 and t t are, with a rstnni ticket, 26 cent*. For tiik cbolkra hankh.-tur wkia. known ara steamer HPNTKKKS will make an ekcursion ft Um C hoi.- alllanka (oil Kirs l> land'on Thursday. August 23. W4o, leaving Kaat river, foot of JaAjon street, at 5S South Third Hreet, Williamsburg at 6 Bridge atrwet, Brookl/u, at 6'i; Pwk lip al 7 North rtv? r. foi't of Spring first, 71-*. and pier No. 4 al 8 A Hah chowder will be nerved up. Halt and flirty eg ' "*f'y furnished on board. Ticket. SI HkNKV W TL'RNKR, I PICK LOCK WOOD. UKOROK ACKKRI.Y, < Ki>W AR1> WlilTK, J J0118 II Ril*t, Steward. 115 John itreet. ?"|/1 PR 7.K.?CHOI KRA BANKS?Hl'NTRKSS, CAPT. *)1" J- l>uvaU.?The friend* and piironaof the above boat will glte Messrs. Hogg* A l'livall n complimentary on Sunday, August 26. <>u ahlch occaalou there wlli be given 16 forms brnvieel blue fish anil alao one of ti for the heaviest asa haaa Boat will leave J a. kson alrrrt at So'eJoeki l'eck alip, 6', o'c.ugk; Spring atreet. North river at C pier t North river, by, o'clock, ltatl. line* and refreshment* can be had on board KtillT. TUOMAS, HICK Li if K WooD, RKNJ KLLLKK, KOBT. 1>1 BALK, KRKD. RKPPKR, Ll'bDY K\K, JoHa Par, f P..r*. t^-? ? THK MILPMKV. AT A MKKTINU or TIIK OKHCKRH OP THE SIXTY ninth regiment New Voik Slate MUttta, held a: the Dtvttlon Armory, on Krtday, the It til ilay of August, I860, the fotlowing resolutions were unanimously adopted, viz:? Resolved. That h- thanks of thla r. (intent be and they ars berth) tendered to K ( otnp inv, Fourth artillery, for the kind nets and rouriesy in bring a aaluls'n the arrival and drpar tore ot the Kmtnet uuard, of Ne? Haven, lb* gueats of thla ie* Intent. Resolved, That the llianka of this regiment be also tendered lo W ilium J Florsacs, K? i . mid life estimable lady for the courtesy shown by them in tin Itlng the kmmrt Ouard, of New Haven, during their vtalt to Ihia citv aa h - guest* of this regiment, to attend a perfornunee at their theatre Resolved. That this regiment alao lender their thanka tl Charles 8 Mathews, lh" wor .hy host of the Westchester If vase, for the manner in elucb lie attended to the e. mlort of the h'mtnet Hoard, during their slay at his home as Uteguestsaf this regiment Resolved. That* ropy of the to resolution* be pe.Mlslied ta ibe Herald, Hstly News and bund.iv Mercure, and also copies lurnUhet to Captain James McVfati.n, William J. Ktorenoe, Km . aud tar y, and Charles S. Matbew*, K?i of the Westchester House. MiiHaRI. COKOUKaN, 1 hair man. Sosr.KT Nuoggr, Recretary. BROOKLYN 7.1 ICAVR CADRT8. A parly of young men are about forming a company Of Zouaves on the principle of the Chicago Cadets. Young nag of rer peetabtlily, and not over twenty one t ear* of age, a tab Uta lO loin. Will uleaae aend tlvetr address to 1'adat* ffarald otfre." I' .r a..u. V Will be given when A pie .muter, BWUiV will be h?ld. COPAKTXKHSI1IP NOTICES. AM1DDI.K AORD MAN, THOKOUOHLT VgRSKD IN bnnuieei ullnii, will loveat a mole rate *?nail la a f*'i mercantile or maanfacturloy buaaieea ?i p irtnrr I'aeirep Uonable rwierencet given And required. Apply at lit IVroaJ way, loom 11 | HAVK SbVKP.Al. THOUSAND IK>I*LARS CARS. AND X am * Iral rilr biMioem m *n, and degiie MhMlr pet in# nently In I Ilba, ?nd wfah to form a o?p? tu lip a agontli man of corrvaronJIng d>'*iii ah 1 A' ilitjr, having < ??1 fa clliilv# far p'nrurtag foe h >r? ? And other r k th?t vwild be tlenbie, would prefer that Imatoem. bill #111 not on lent ?o the hotel or Auy oilier public raapaelabM bualsiem th*'. in ght be rered by my partner; none but mio of good >uc i n and Influence need apply. Addrem for our wetk 1 D. lemnt, Albion, N. % , which will receive my tma* dtote At:?ul*?. Allowing usual time for male. PARThKR WANTVD-TUK ADYRRTISRR WANTS TO mret with *oof one who h?? tMl to torn hm In Marling A boaine -thai payi J O per -ot and waul- iUleoAp ?i i/it ih?bce doe* not often oner ltaeli. and upon inyutry ?IU be found ?o. Addrem H, J. M , Herald ofllce PARTNKR WANTBD-WITH TO NM IN A mfe and pn titAhle merhnn oaI b'iafnem In Rro.kiyn a lArce utnonni or hudnem ran be done wliltoui riak. the aa.a* being for csah Addrem W H R., b"t 116 Herald uHi'.e. PlRTNKK WAXTRD-TO PARTIRB WI>UINO TO run Mump* ?Wanted, A gentleman acquaint* 1 wltfc mercantile buauieaa to go to I'ana. Tbe ho ,<e la fully eelAb ' bed ami paying large pm:iu. aa ran be readily ih iwn tj the MbelarNou of any one. Addition al Moot n the value of hi Qp ola.lAt) tare-pured u m< el the tnrreaalng demand. Tbe t'UleM aertu Hi and Uiformal' <o given on appUa *ug to room U, No. 17 7TM) Mreel. from W lo ij thi* da^v^^ r> MlU.tXKRK AND DRKesU AKFIRN?WANTKD. BT a lady of Mate mean* and r-?i bnelneaa ouaii* < auona, a partner in the above men! oned b'UUeai wo dd prefer one well established and having a goal city !<nd gome Country trade Addre.a W J , alMra. JailaU a i3) Br one , re?t. two door* ei vt ot lirnadw ay. \\fANTgD-HT A RKaPriTAR!.* PaRTT. TO MNlt A " man In want of a pailiier in a paying buainam in iha city. Any ?ueh may addreit UJavtae Pott oUtre. i'rinc P*la < nly need Aoawer, Manng their p.ace of I a.nam. IT'ANTKD? TO MIM.INRR* AND OaJRUFT M AKKRA? TV A p*itner, by A young lady, who baa a eupertw kn r? ledge of the corwel and ektrt buwnem. ala. of naiUltiery. A J diem t'ormt Maker, Barak! odtce, stating where an interview raabekad. _____ TV-7ip\ND"??ni -TW(TpaRTNFR <'wTNTRDTTtNl ?*.'"/ la tbe Manufacturing bnaiaem and one In a goal pa* lag'oaaiaem down Piwn, where from il l to *11 per week 1 can be m*de Call for three day* ai Pi Aagsau Mreea, rcom No t dyCiWl -I IIAVK 1IIK fiOLK AOKNi.'T OP AN AR tPtr"". Ucle of yiaple tinnd.a, now fifteen yeara la marke' well knowa and la area I deni ,nl A paiuier with ike above amoun can make fr.i.n fl'<A) toiJOOUper vear Ai ply ta uRiiKUX PMITII, tit Fn>ui auact, la nwontoo A C*. t otUce ?1 (inn -AN ENRROmc BDRTNRSSMaN Want ed to lake ?a Interaa'. ia and tbe < kargw of tAa | bowceaa of a weekly nearopaper. Tor further part r dan aa ply to W R HllaToN M aan iirem. CI nnn *."? WANTRD-TO INT*ST IN A TRO I CI.UUl/ fiuble manufacturltgor ttereantor hoa'oam by A youag man Addreak with raai name and bualnaaa T. L. R. Herakl oMca. CI luui -partnrr join ANormtR Vi*uVU* Is poreha-lng a ?ell eatablWhed r\ab n- ?uiem. M'lfl to CMVO ?n wbt^h hu p*WJ f rmo 9Av?> h $* my) m 1 finally. A l*r*? k on h ind. TbAii it a * *1 ch*.i *. r%,| I at *V* Broad* *y, room 22 $*> IWMl ^wAKT*|t. A P*RrN*lT ,<A ?KW ar.l/Ul/* rxnrorffnfly Inoral re lipht a il p|e.?,niru*nri racturlnc mat h ulam. a moo v>lr which noirr -v> b? ?*' f "P*1' * " Aiipl/ Ui JV'Ifa.K tav KLcroi. Ko, 5 Hrrknaan ntrrart, third door, room 16. r#?r. 20 0()0~??2J|,i!* ,W4!,fTR" *">< mavro Vi v ttaWtl, In h larrt and iifa maoufaci'irlaw ??<1 mctrartila t,<i?lne?. well tataf?Uah?l. Iar?a m nn. In f 73 and .occemfui or'r?'">t> n, eel*i ,,^rta, r prJftVrpd Si')'.-- t l 'WICK. -12 Naaaati r.rcwt. HtKICIPAL APPAIRH. ()Mlrr"r THK COKKIKNI l<(KR >r IVBUC CHAJU ?h - RM'iBto I'ark, n,w tort. Aon* J?.. TVf*' Ow'rtrtoir-Tbd OoMMonnra of ?lii !-.* *? tormctMO will meolr# appltealiuna from medical Mndrntt. graduate* from medtcal willegna M rtklMlKpaHMMMMK Anmatan' l\;a?<maa at Randall [ ? Maud Horpttal, for tM tmatinant oi children. and at Inland Hoapltal. on hlachwntl'a Inland, for tbd trsatineo' of ndiiltn Aim, tor the poatli i of two tmetant f*hjmiciaun at the Lunatic A avium. and <>oe AmUtao' IVaalM at Ilcap.ui. mi BxrkwtU'n Inland, tM ntunr'tif which w';l ncr-u-on thr l<t r,| Krpffm'mr >,??. ArpW-autr *'11 p-??-ir the* tenttfc*UI?M to their aiaaii. eat) >? k> the m?d?ra??i*l O'imja-? a ? PR AI'RK M H.dRl.ltn.U Umnaw*. JAR tt RiCrt 'I ?OS. ** ^ L?.V\C ISt j I THiTpar. TTWIOW OOUR8K, L. I.?TkOrriNU ?ON TUKSDaI. V. A0*"? ,l- ? three o'clock, a murk fur PJUII, mile beam, Sf* tkrem lu ire in haraoca. l?. fitter um blk- at. Shouting Star; D. Walluc gr m Khanghae. Admission W eonta. BIU* A WHITE. Proprietors. HOEIKI, CAiUtlAQEp, ?o~ Carriages, waoonb and horhas ror'bxlrz The largo dock of the Kin** County Carnage Kanufaclory and Stables, onmprtaing over y)0 raw end aeroul hiuj Carriage* mod Waguoa. and AO Homes, several fast tr,.uera. sailing cheap, at 1M Kultoo avenue, and U Nerioa atreeC Brookl) a. IVOR rtAl.K?A riNK ORAf MARK, riVK TYARR OLD P 16H ban da klgh, wall broke to barneea, el ogle or double; warranted sound and kiud; can pace In 2:91); haa a beautiful mane and tail, Ac. Alau, a fine bay and sorrel Uone, both aU years old. 19 handa hi?b ana very fuai. Ala.,, oua single shiftlug lop Wagon, in line order, but little used, made bi Duaambury. Apply to IB A AC ODfcl.I., offlee pier 11 North rtrw. or at reeidence KM Greenwich street, before 7K o'ciojk A. *., or alter 7X o'clock P. M. riOR KALE-TWO FINK CART H0R8B8. It HANDS P high, eta and eeven years old. also handsome pony built home, sut years old, 19* hands high. Price ?1*>, warranted In every respect; aU lo be seen at 31X Ferry street. For balk?a bay mark, kkjht ykaks old, is* handa high perfectly aound, gentle and kind la all kinds of hornet*, will be (old iVap for tV want of u?e, for a family or doctor's tute she can't be surpassed. Can be aeen at any time at the liven Ktablr No. 61 Sitih alreet, near Second sr. rpok balk?a KAY MARK. IS HANDS HIGH, long r tall; price A. perfect at a saddle mare, aud goes In eiogle or double Inquire at Mat key 's sublas, 121 West Twenty Hard street riR 8ALK-A STYLISH BAY HOR.3K, KIND AND gentle tn all bnrnae*. a beautiful a at,tie tiorae, alt yean old. Apply to WILLIAM ROBERTSON, 6S Stale street, I Brooklyn. TTtOR BALK CHEAP-TWO CARRIACK < IN GOOD OR JP drr, suitable for hacking. Inquire at Central Stable, l.lOJ Broadway, corner of Thirty ninth atreet. rK BALK?A LIuHT, BHIFriNO TOP ROAD WAOON, nearly aa goal a? ue w; haa been but little u*wd. will be told cheap. Apply to MITt.HKLL 77 Cedar atreet. up atalrn. For balk-two vkry fast trotting horbrb, 191k handa high, 6 years old, aound nd kind, tingle or to the pole, alao one pair brown Carriage ilonu-s, IS handa s i u.oQm* nun very atyuati. inquire at jw liohl atreet. F' OS f AIJC?TWO L1GH I WAUONM, IN OOODUKDKB: one with a covered toy, also one aet r Might Ai I will be sold ?ery low. Apply ?t*J Hatter street. Fob sai.k chbar-a sf.ooni>?and open waoow. Alan tor Hair, two light runl wtgou* Inquire of T. dSA I MAN, carriage aud light wagno niauufactory, 21 dX Meroer I street. N V. HARNK.S WAMKD?ANI RKB60N HAVING A ART ot silver plated Lea*y aiugte Harness but little uaed, to I dirprseof cheap for :uh. way hear oi a customer by ad ! dr' KH ug ItarneM. ltrosdway Post utlice, with lowest price and where tt caii be urn, tor two (lays. Blil'KMUAS. B' Altl.V MORNING EXCURSION?c UC L.BKA BANK*? sea steamer IR'NTtiKiS, Capta'n J. I la vail, wtll oak# an earl) excursion to the cholera Banks on Wednesday mora* log, August ?1. leaving I a ' lev r street at IV, A. M.; feck rfllp at 2 O'clock. A. M precisely. It*. *1,1 h? furnished grade. Unas aad ret reabutenta oan oe had on boat d. Sare U. W All IKK n. o. BOOtML JUtiKl'tf DUVaLIl.. ?Tj*RIRNPR IN NEED ARE SKTEND8 INDEED."? r Kemember the Ke-tival at BeL'ev oe Gardens, SeTeotynielli street, Fast river. In ?t?l of St. Augus'iue's church, bin* Sin* (Rev Edward Mctlean. ( ast ir ou Wednesday, Kid InaC Tickets of ailmisHon may be obtained frotr. the members of the committee, at the steamboat land, and at the pairs Qa the <tav of the festival 11.e procerus will tie appropriated i tow ards the payment of the del t lately nenrrad by the pastor u the purchase of a parochial r? sldrnte. Kir further parUculara are large bills. rnvssv to nmiiv wi istv >va sour uiHiirns ?

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