Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Ağustos 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Ağustos 1860 Page 2
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_2 SDHTNUL riM EUSOFt Arrival of the Glasgow and North American at Ntw Vorfc and the Arabia at Boston. What Exeter Hall Expects at Our November Contest. THK AFRICAN SLAVE Tift** The Ritfit of Search Co be Conceded by Lincoln if Elected. THE SYRIAN QUESTION, Km Km ll. Ttie screw steamship Glasgow .Captain Thompson, which sailed fioui Liverpool at noon on the 8th, and from Queens town on the 0th lost , arrived here early yesterday morning, and the mails ot the North American, Captain Arton, from Liverpool on the 9th and Londonderry on the 10th, arrived in the afternoon. The steamship Arabia, Capt. Utone, from Liverpool on the llth and Quecnstown on the 12th, arrived at (Vision at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, aud her mails reached here at midnight last night. Tie most important points by these arrivals have al ready keen received, but we subjoin some additions! do tails not before given. The followicg is additional news ? The Calcutta and Cbma mails were to leavo Marseilles for Loudon on Friday afternoon. Shim.iui, June 16, 1860. The rebels occupy Foo Chow and sacrifice life and property, the Imperialists are crest falleu; the inhabitants are fiyiug in alarm, and trade is suspended. iionu Kong, June 23, 1860. Lord Flgm and lUru u Gros arrived berc on the 21st aud proceed for the North. Sir Hope Graut, with troops and ti ausjiorts, has also proceeded northward. Pari.*, Saturday, August 12?10 P- M. lu consequence of the unfavorable state of the weather the Bpurse is list to day. Rentes opened at 68 a 10, aud are uow at 68.5. The Syrian (location. (From the london I'ost, August 0.J The Paris Mimiteur has published both (he text of the protocol reeogur/mg an international intervention in Syria, and the address of the Emperor of the French to those ol his soldiers who were about to embark for Bey. rout. We are constrained to acknowledge that, if the urgency of the Syrian question were really such as to ueowsiute the re establishment of public orcor by a foreigu force, the terms of the protocol serve to restrict the right of intervention within tho uarroweet possible limits. and to diminish in a corresponding degree the ill effects which any act of interference with the native sovereignty of au empire must carry in its train. We have ourselves desired to sen; this question settled by its complete stirreudor into tho hands of the Turkish govern meat, and by the troopa of the Sultan; both because we were apprebeu-tvo that any military intervention by foreign Powers was calculated to weaken the authority of the 1'orte, and because we deemed the Porte at once strong enough to restore order In the Lebanon, and hardly less -zealous than the Christiau governments for toe re establishment of peace aud security. We hal -eeu that the massacres which all Europe has deplored were committed, nut in the face of au adequate Turkish force, commanded by trustworthy iieshas in the confidence of the supreme government, but wbon the Ottoman troo|? throughout a considerable tract of country had been reduced to the number of tour hundred, and when the misconduct of the victorious l>ru-.-s wae beiug abetted by tho indifference, or even the complicity, of unworthy governors. But we bad subsequent])' witnessed the vigor and energy with which the government at Constanhnople addressed itself to the evil?first, by deejiatchiDg a body of twenty five thou Baud troops to Bcyruul, under lbs sure guidance of Fusd Pashm and (ieneral Kmely; aud, secondly, by recalling and prosecuting lb* IJovernors of Bey rout and Damascus VVe could not but believe that if. on tba occurrence of our ludian mutinies in 1867, we bad been In a |>osilion to sub mil to dictation from foreign governments, we might have l>eeu told with great truth that that rebellion was the result of our ow n .mprov.denre in leaving our in terests imperfectly intended by English troopa; and that Ibia evidence at our rerklrstnris in the admlnistra- | ttou of our de|>endem les was to be taken tor proof of our Incapacity to restore India to our rule. We could not, therefore, but think that the manner in which half barbarous tribes had bceu allowed temporarily to run riot In the Lehanoo formed a casualty, disastrous and distress tug as it was, to which all governrtunls of extensive em pires must occasionally bi liable; and that its occurrence presented no surer itidex of the inability of the ceutral executive to re establish itself in the disturbed quarter, tbsu the ais-sacres in Ualicia during 13-M could ne held up a- a ground of foreign intervention in Austria. It'-fiod ?eei r*i >f fA for* ma*.-J ret ha l been brnuykt atmutby oi'itr .jra/ru/ OrtWM* U< tvn ra<'J <<f th Lebanon. arid that ]* #* rioa/rier in turn hot tj>rung, nnt from Turkish I Piit-wmmcnf, but j rom foreign intrigue .truth clerical and mil. lu al! these circumstances we regarded a foreign mill lary intervention both ultimately as impolitic ?sd itmiie diately as unnecessary. But a spirit or crusading to so cure, not Uie Holy Sepulchre, but the hearths of co rellSioniwls, appeared to have suddenly takeu pwu-eseiou of several ol the Coottuental governmeul". and the current in w hicb the policy of iniervention ran ae-mi to have been too powerful for oompleteCounteraction Th.- advocates of in u lnterventi >t> are always liable to he outnumbered by the supi<orters of active interference. Such has apparently been the rceult in tbie case. But the terms of the protocol present tbe reduction of a system of inter veution to its lowest terms and iu recognizing this event u do* a/m. ii mpft, U in wit be our chiet duty to see that these terms are lailhlully observed. The text of ili * document may bn conaidered under IkrM Iwttl, vbltb coaibuw lorfJ .ro foreign inturrentioo to a tuiuimom We mu?t regard. dm, the limitations which it impure In |?>iDt of time secondly, too rentrirtioo* which tt make* to respect ot the exteul of the territorial uccupati u. an J. thirdly . toe provisions which H include#for th* collective action of all panic*, if uaired both by sea and by land The iifth article of thi? protocol limits the dural on of the occupation to six mouths. am! it mnat be the duty of the conlrar tig Power# ruoroutly to provide tor Its termination in February, 1&41. Tti.s. indeed Is a rcanlt a,mo?t obvious ll toreigti troopa had not sucn-edrd in restoring order at the cxpiral.ou of that period, there woukl itlll oe quite u c ksI a lessor for the cessation of the nccup* I,on as If order been re aatftbliabrd, lor It would then be linie to accept the hypothecs that loreigo occupation only fomentei disorder, and to provide for the exclusive* re eaubhah nest of Turkish rule. Ho a ever, the t< rmi of the article are precise and definite, and a foreign forse wo uld not he p-s tided m attempting t - prolong its occupation beyond the period sanctioned. In the-tocond pUce, the occupy tug army is limited to twelve thousand men. and the powers a-signed to the French government restrict lb> oiitntier a horn they are to t-'tid out to Pyrta to one half ot that holy Whether a seeotid free iif si* thousand men ? ill to sent out at all reTiiaiii* doubtful: but in the Prat instance a new protocol must dettoc the Power which a.utll he autbortned In d< patch such acorpa Viewing the iut< rveuttor . therefore, for the present, at any rate, as an intervention of only !* thousand men. and the Turkish ?i tr y in the lrbanon as an army of bntr time* that number, tt doea not sxtii Itkely thai the foreign cor|? will act otherwise than as tbe auxiliary of the ua ire army. Be this, however, as It may. the ret ignition g veil by the protocol to tbe presence of the nnval aqual >ss of alt the contracting Power*, added to the restrie -s of the French Ian I force to no half nt the total amount rtsohrd, render* toe Interrentiou joint in point of fact waft M In |sont of lb< - ry w regard th.s latarvent >3. t* these reasons, as <>b- i tnsuaotl ratber id principle laau in e< (? and terms, I U So cut down aad rstr >1-d both in ext-'ut and dura | I on as to lie practically, prrhap?, lam' oua Tiutl it was , a ttM-saare really railed lor, indeed, we shall not readily believe but in all great Kuropean t lewttous diversities ?t policy and i.Ureal perpetually occur and If theae differences are to be amicably surmounted, they must be en countered in a spirit of conciliation and compromise. It could baidly be wlte to run violently oounter to tbe wislies nf continental govern menu and to possibly to l- oste Ureal Its itatiaa from other Pnwrr* equally mterniled in the ablution id the fynan question with heraelf, ao I if as rendition* of intervention t ould be formest which tboeld cancel the leading erlla commonly attendant upon a foreign occupation We be lie re that tbe insignia, ant I irfo thirh rill k. AO poirh tti? <4vrihn iMAht arili arr v.? intimate fled the rratorat Ion of order eroom pi abed by the Turk*. and the Turka ia nttViwt fore- u> reader the tifocti *ii Uxnuand men aubonlteate end nut liary to !! ai, but if tb? pre*eace of a Christian enatita lo the Ix-lxiooi: elxmld import for tbo moment a strung ?r feeling of arriirtty among the Sjnm Christians, or promote the anoord of the I lopren Powers ta re>rence tu tbo furbish Fmptrr, it wul not wholly have l>?en without a rsanlt. Th? Africa* Rlara Trad* aa? the Prral> (From the Iondoo New*. August 9 J If we bare born disappointed of Mr Button's motion about the increase ?f the flare trade, and our luty m regard to It, we hare something elac, perhapa. aa much to the point la I/?rd John Rur?(HI'a letter to various Minuter* at forelga r iptlela. bearing dale the Hth of *?i month, an* more laid belore Parliament. All partiee everywhere ?eem agreed that the preeent t? a lime for decnioa and action, while eome are of opinion that there ia a atronfrr ground for hope of the abolition 01 the Iraine, within a abott time, than there ever w*a before Tlie Amertraa President haa recently declared that the alare trade eti*ta m?rely because of the existence of s.avery la two Span >ah stands? Cuba and Porto Rico. It ta In accordance with tbia new that all rereat pmjvmale have be*u framed It t* aawmed on all hand* that if Spata were duly preened with the obutaii >na of ireatire, ahe might he com|>eied to atop the I rathe everywhere by flopping the demand In her colon** Mr I! utoa a propjaal la that Pag land should peremptorily demand from Spain the f lfllmmt of that duty of abntiebing the atave trade, for which we paid her ?400.000 ta IW, or the re|?tymeM of that money lord J. Russell a proposal ia that by a cm certed method of cralsiog round the -pan.ah islands by the veeaeia of Oreat Britain. the Cm ted ?t*ie# a*1 Spain, the traffic ahould be rendered mpoaa hle for further security, it ta profiowwl that siaeaa sb eild he *e regiatrred and irapeeaed a Cuba a* that every ae? im I .rtalioo ahould be dete< ted, and that th< math ! of om g rat ion fr >m phina now arorhlog well for our c domes, under Um> txctd uaoco of the Cbineae aulbirdtea, should K1 be eiteedod to eii which mM a further aeppty ef labor Surb are Uie measures rixjOuaeoiM el e poiat of tines wti?*c (be eUee trade, (hough only a fourth or fifth pert of what it ni thirty year* since. baa increased within a few year*, and when a marked change is (eking piece in the policy and practice of the United States in regard to I . I~a. -I... I. Ku Inns avrnlMt nnlv thnwuh amidst .mpeudiug change*, ualy by the utm xt prudeure iu managing the laboring class. It th.s prudence is em ployed tree Ubor will uecesaanly be rsuoiiAhel. If n;>t, slavery will come to sa eu J iu s ruinous way la e.ther esse the | tropic of the Called Stales will be ui ire eager to keep Atrirsn negroes at home man any o! them ctu now be to fetch them thence When tu it day comes Cubs a ill not be able to fet a native African n.ive for lore or money. The Alleged Hiavsr Acaora. CSITKD STATU COMMtdAiONEKM OHIl'K. Before Commissioner MocoU. The cxamtqpuin in this cue sue t at. u ued yesterday at twelve M. Isaac King, formerly mister's male of the Mystic, not bong forthcoming, the Ass.t'.aul Ih-trict Attorney moved for au adjournment, an is to give h.ui ti obtain the evidence of Mr. King Mr Douabue, couusel for the accuse I, oppose 1 the in i tioti, on the ground that the person in question sh >uld he pretent. and that the United states, a* prosec itor, should have its wttaeeees present when r?|Uired. Toe matter was dually settled between the, and the examination went on. The United States having no further evidence to offer, the defence was oprued tiy the wittiest Catrick Burnt, who testified that be wa- a .stevedore, and was in the liahitof discharging vessels loaded with palm oll.aad also loading vessels with empty casks, he loaded tbe casks on board the Art. >rn, and tbey were the same as are used for baitu otl, wmie were clean and some dirty, he (bought there waa Do II - reoca in whale and paint oil caaks. Lieut Jana M IHin< an. I oiled .states Navy, on behalf of the United states, teet.ded to seeing palm Oil caska, and could not Mil any ditlerence helweeu tuom aui whale on casks Henry .< Brush, tor ttie defence, test.ded that he was a leiatbniider lor twenty right years, and had built many tnch ixiats of the character which are found on board th At lorn, he made several boats for ve-Melg in the palm oil trade at,.I thev wore noartv the aama bi..11 as the luiat ! referred In ibry are called turf boat* Cr>*s examined?l>on't remember that I ever built tv-ata for niavrra, but could tell them If t aaar them, did i l build the boat oo b<>ard the Aehora, think that it war built by Ingeraoll. dro't know John W Berry don't think tbu l>oal la a very light ose. hava many much lighter In my ahop; I don't think it dilfera from tb? ordinary b<?ta, a? ah" ia built aa all aurf boata are built; . think abe oocld beuned to transport oil caaka through the ' n.rf. a.< abe ba? ample aceommodal on; 1 think that her noma -na are aa tullowt ?length 22 feet, breadth 6 feet I t> in he*, ami 2 teet 1 null deep. Tt. e rlocd the erldooce oo both aldea, an i the run I mil? op waa (>r<>r.-,-ded with the dec taioo of the Comhi. was reeerred until to day at 12 M 1 nltert ktatea Dtatrlet lowrt. lletore Hoc. Judge Bella. Met SI OK. Amrar 22 ?I titled Saut m. IV Steamboat Water H ,f. a?Th a waa an action to recover a penalty of (MM, older two acta of Coogrtsa, paaaed July 7, 1W, and Au guat to, 1(62, for carrying passengers without being pro aided with life buwta and life prmercers The defeaoe argued that they ran aa a ferry boat, and, therefore, did n t co ae under the arte mentioned. The Judge allied, la hie lyinioo. that the law, aa it stands at present, doea not ustify thl: mode of proceeding to recorer (60Q. and that ti e nriion m thia ehape mu> t he etaynd. lie ordered that the libel be diem ward TV Ivii-d &at'< rt TV Joarpkin' Thia raee waa one ebarging the owner oi the at earner with b? . Ice ting to apt ly for inspection, under an act of 1963, euah rciri. r.-d liable to a (renalty of (A00. Ttta Judge held that the motion waa not authorized by tbe action of the art, and i .ruld not be employed to author ire a o-t ice for IV ( natty, and ordered that the libel e downward, unleaa the lit>ellanl, witbintweaty days alter botiee of the decree, abali change the prayer of the aame aa to ark only tbe payment of a penally which ball bare neei adiualed in due aourm ot law. I ntlfd M??aa I ommlMlaner'i Ofllea. IV f *t Z mimtamonec Urtta Arotn z; ? I fcAo-n-r Kmtf ?The claim onto m Ui.k okm .>ffor-<t to l>oc< .oc ?cbix>wr in the ni of HVJ0O Mr Ihrtol, a It^fT bier t>rea>?r to Ktort Hrwt, *M Ilia tnrety offered Afl?T *u?wertn{ orrera' q<i??iii>aa u 10 bia uiraaa the cm* wan amounted until uext I ri toy. Jintjr lily Nawa. A Mi*i?t?* r?oti Aaaan ?A Ibw Uj? roc- the R*r. Mr ttubby, pastor of lb? Third rrcabyterlaii church of Jersey City, tofetber with ooe of tb? member* of the church, caused the arrest of Hot Rennet :M*rlti>f, ngr tber with two other feotlemen, 00 cberfea or dtaor trrly conduit. Ik Hie Re* Mr r?tortia<ww charged wita putting hw Sal under bit (Rev Mr Oubby'a) a ?#*, 111 threat* n .tig l? inur him Buffer, aieo, hy Ii.j art* ul <-<?TerMii'in, fndaaenriu* to create disturbance at meeting of tb eetwn* Yeatertay, the Re* Mr tt-r'm* rai:a>~d the arreat of the Re* Mr tiulib) 'm a charge of perjury, ai. I the latter named geutirtuau w*e be.J iQ #60d hoc da to aoawvr encouragement. It has been true from lUe beginning that while there *u slavery Uiere would always be a foreigu slave trade?not only a buying aud selling of slaves, but ao importation from Africa. Though the 1'nitod States government siacerely tateaded to stop the external slave trade to 1808, the existence of slavery in half the States of the Union prevented an honest carrying out of the pro fesaiou aud intention. Not only haw American merchant* in Aorthern a* tor// at Southern portt been engaged in the Cuban tlaoe trade from that day to this, but negroes haw been imtippled into Texas, Louisiana and Florida at (V-y were wanted. In the present critical stale of public affairs in the I'tiian, when the final struggle U at hand which is to dele> mine the fade of die l'ni<m?the struggle for the establishment of free"or sieve labor, and the corresponding institutions?we mey observe s strong reaction against the slave trade among those who have hitherto ballied our efforts to extinguish it, and s turbulent, but very partial, demand for a free trade in African negroes by parties who had hitherto never appeared in the rnattor at all. It would he easy to account (or this change, but it is not our present topic. What concerns us now is that readers of any considerable number of Americau newspapers And at every (urn complaints of Kuglaud for doing so little to keep down the African slave trade, and apt>eas to the government at Washington to keep England up to her duly in this business In 60tne of the beet sort of news papers we tlnd full adnnsiious that the fault has Ism with ibc American goverunieut aud people, m sending vessels to Africa wtucli were unit^ for the service, in permitting the service to bo trilled with, in disabling the English CfllWI by debarring them from the right ot visit, aud iu carrying on a brisk traffic between New York and other American ports, the Africau coast and the coast of Cuba. We read lists of merchant tlrms known to have thus traded, we hear of the building of vessels specially adapted to African cruising, we percuive that the instructions given to com mauders are very stringeul, and we are struck by the spectacle of the concurrence on this point of the great parties which are iu antagouism on every other. We should expert the republican paity, which nmi assumes anti slau-ry ground, to prououuce strougly against the national disgrace of slave trading, but a host ot peuny papers oq the democratic side are lecturing Mr. Buchanan aud bis Cabioel ou the desecration of tue American Hag by slave traders, the laxity of all recent governments, and the supiuetieis with which they have tell the work of humanity to the Airicau to be doue by the English, who have failed to do It, and demand lug tliat no negro shall over be stolen from his native shore, to be carried hack at great cost to Aine ricau taxpayers. Tlie few who clamor ou the other side, demanding a re opening of the slave t-ade, arc representative ol the iMorest ml most degraded class cf Amen can society?the landless whites ol the S?uth, who have l>een bought out l>y the planters, aud who desire the opl*>rtuuity ol having siavee at a cheap rat", ax Uc ouiy means apparent to tliem ol improving their cmditiou. Wlnlo such id the *tat? of allairs, all parties are loosing forward to the etfect of the i>eudiug election for Presiieut, which hears upon tin.- question in the direete6t manner. If either of the democratic candidates could succeed (which se? ins now to be pretty generally given up), the tlrst object with the authorities will be to keep down the negroes at home, and the victorious planter interest would calorie the constitutional prohibitum of the slare trade for the same reasons make them earnest about it uow, and also because their Northern political comrades will require it ol them If the republican can dldaic succeeds, England may bo|>e for a more genuine and geuial co operation against tbe slave Irate than has yet been obtainable } ?. nof improbable that terms may heotreed upon/or a mutual ru/A' <f twit, to (fie great ad ejMage qf the Armor of the Arrwi i an J'iq. and it'is cartain mat the two government! ol London and Washington could easily bring ^paiu to contrition lor her long treach ery and contumacy. If neither party succeeds, and the election has to be made by the House of Representatives, we shall uot Bee an aati-Blavery Pres. J. ut chosen but the national honor, as implicated in this question, will be cared for. It is certaiuiy believed by ttioee who know best that no ('resident could now be placed in cilice who would aot be pledged to put a stop to the discredit, expeuse and general impolicy of the African slave trade. Tina is the opportunity w hich we have to note and make use of. Still we must remember that where there is slavery there wtll he a slave trade. Just now, in the midst of the appeals to Mr. Buchauau's Cabinet from allpailaol the country, the body of rescued Africans deposited at Key West la metliug away, reported to be dying of an epidemic, but, iu fact, reduced by kidnapping. Traint of empty cogins Aai* been car 7iri forthmc. uhil* the mpprcea occupant* are at toork on v-me plantation or luharfwt far off Nothing but the establishment 01 tree labor will wholly extinguish lha trade. When the federal governmeut of the United Slab's ceases to be implicate.] with slavery, the prevalence of free lab r will Ix- at hand No Chinese or Indian Ubor era will be needed for cottou and tobacco growing where negroes abound, and w ill work all the belter for being free, and where the work is successfully carried on by tlerniauB. lrisb and Ami-rtcaua trom the free States. If more should be wauled, however, they can be ha! by a regulated system of migration of labor. One of the two markets for slave labor beiug thus extlnguialied, the other could not loug hold out. The best wisdom ol the Spanish government uow Would be to attend to what is said aud done in Eugtand and the t ailed States, and to save itself from the ignominy of a demand to refund the !.4CO IOO. and ol a cordon of poiice round the colonics of t-paiu, placed there because she cannot be irusted to keep laith with her allies or tultll her share of a mutual agreement. There are other Kurup-on Cowers Which might take warning by the disgraceof Spam (in the whole, we may believe tbat tbe causes of the late increase ol tbe slave trade will heuceforth oiierite to oiminah tl, if wisely watched aud turned to account EW YORK HERALD, TH1 NEWS FROM HAVANA. Arrival sf Use BteavlUt-EiUnilM of Use Coolie ? rode?Health, Ac. The Coiled Steles stenmship Bienville, J. D B/locb, commander, from New Orleans the 16lh met , sod Hareus si noon or the lSth, errired si this pwt et liahpsa one o'clock P. M. yesterday The Bienville mode s very quick run up, sod briugs the heaviest cargo ever shipped bp etesaier from Havens to U118 |>ori. there wss notbiog of general interest transpiring at Ha wis Most of the Spsntah Heel were sbsont on rrutses. The Untied States screw steamer Moiaws, Lieutenant Commanding T. A. Ctswua, left MaUuzai oe the lBib inst. for Peoaacola for supplies And to recruit her crew. The health of Havana was considered rt miriitli'y good for the season, the absence of disease b i n{ attributed to au uuusual scarcity of rain. The coolie trade seems to be rapidly lacreajinj. Kxctiaugcs are very irregular. Lou J in, six'.y days' Rig lit, 16 to 1#X premium; New York do., IV, to 4 do. New Orleans Bliort, 3>i to 6 do. Sugars quiet, bit not quotably lower, lu molasses and freight uo change. OL'B HAVANA COKMtSI'ONDKNCK. Havana, August 14,1S60. Bvjal Order fcr Continuing the Coolie Trade Jar Cuba? Health Report*, <tc. As 1 bad the pleasure of aldres&iug you some mouths since, the royal orders for extending the time for the introduction of cool u-8 into the Island of Cubs have been obtained and published in the official gazette of the government. The reasons assigned by me have heea elective for the result anticipated, but rather more trammelled with conditions and stringent requirements than I could have supposed jKwsible. The demand for labor hands Is rapidly increasing in Cuba, and will not diminish while the increasing rail communications are giving labor to immense tracts of our best lands, which have heretofore been useless, because there has beeu no economical convenience for getting their product to market. However, the restrictions upon the coolie traffic are male so onerous, that unless there is a very materia! modi tlcation in some of the articles, which are evidently coustructel for foreign effect, it will be im [Kss.bie to continue the trade This, however, will be adjusted as soon as the luccl explanations of the Oiarxo ie la Marina, and the memorial* of the traders who deal in this commodity, can reach the ears or the poc*eU of court influence Aud there will be uo delay m sending out orders under faith that the correction wtll lie made. Within tea days we ham had six cargoes of Coolies delivered to various parlies, at last creating a comiietitiou which has had the effect of reducing the price in our market. Persons have been allowed to go ou board oue oi the veaaeU, before they were dis euargi-a, ana mase selections irorn the wnoie cargo, at 1G ounces each, ei|us! to $272. This it a U...:ig oil iu value from $102 to $136 each, less tuau ha- beeu paid for the last previous cargoes. The vessels 01 aU nat.ous will en gw in the busiuesa unless there is positive prohibition. Iu relation to our health iu the eit?, in private practice there is oothiug fur the doctors to do; the undertakers are in failing circumstances In the hay the hospitals are not pa? tog expenses, in couaequence ol which the two hospitals uave made a roneoli lated concern, and closed our. The ancient hospital of ft.-iol will he continued under joint ownership. Havana, Augu-t 15, 1H80. Dta'h of a Goi.'tn! Officer?PairchilJ't Contract?More mails of Ocean Steamer/?The Miit'.'iUe?Gool Perform anct dc , dc. Captaiu Fsbiau VilUnueva, of the Spauiah army, of ihe Regiment of Uie Crown, died on the night of the 14th, and was buried with military hooors ou the 15th, fol loweJ bv crowds of his brother odlcers of ail ranks, who appreciated bis noble worth, and many cit,z <ns, to whom he was endeared by bis social virtues and estimable character as s chivalrous soldier and gentleman. From bis jieculiar disposition, bis g?uerou.- usture an 1 noble devoledness of soul to everything he undertone, he was selected by Gsuera! Coucha to go ou boa-d of tbe S?>aaisb win of war wbere Criltendeu and bis uufortunate oompauioaa were prisoners, to sootbe aud comfort them, as far as s soldier could, in tbe preseoee of the death waiting them: to get their last letters, messages and expression* for all they beld dear in lue. The steamship Bienville, of the Livingston line, is in our port, and to leave this morning at eight o'clock Sae lias performed admirably during a gale of wmd eucouulered in her voyage from tbe Moro rock to the mouth of the M.sstss:ppi river, giving satisfaction to everybody on board. The reduction of passage rates inaugurated by this line and the Vauderbill stesmera will have tae tendency to increase the business of the two hues more than sulticieut to compensate lor the apparent loss for the moment. It is probable that tbe Quaker City will suit?Indeed there is uo |iaasib,lity ol avouing it; anl it would be unwise to resist the necessity, -spec:*../ vli?i uiAtlie mst.ral calculation will make the absurdity ol doing so evident. The present rales are quite enough to enable earn hue to build a new steamer every year or two The business lor steamers calling or direct with the Havana is increasing every day, and If the number should be doubled, so that we have two or three arrivals every week, there would be abundance ol sustaining busiuess Tbe Houdura* line will commence, it is said, to day; but I think the steamers are not yet ready . at least f Uavs not heard of tbe arrival of tbe southern point Butabano. This tine will increase the bu*;n"?* of ah the Amerisan m-'tuiiTS, while it more inimed.AieiV c luoocts witu too LlVlllgSUMl 111)6. Tlio day of the Pgjsro del Oceaoo is now permanent.y ti*ed for the 20th of each t-.ioulh, so thai pereou* ?ishug lo visit the eastern island* or the West India irctiif Wagn will mo i do detention la Htvaua?hy it-am trorv New York 12tli, suJ from Now Orleans 15th. The cou tract of Mr Kairchiid for city paving materia baa beeu couttrmcu by the signal .res of the Ayualamicon, and approved toy the Capta.n General of la island. Brooklyn City New*. Snriri ?Tli Coroner wai not ill -J last evening to bo! 1 an iDipi st upon the body of a young married man named T?ioma? Moauey, real ling on tin corner of Doightv an 1 fe_ sab -th streets, who baJ co omitted suicide by h.s throat with a razor The dec-aa-l oc'up. vl aimrt meats oa the fourth door He had foe a short, and b*<-om.uf temporarily derang.l, proceeded to h.a room and committed the deed He . si -s ? wif an i one chill. A vordijt in accordance with the facie wis rendered by the Coroner s jury. Pamm.i nt tn* Rai.v ?roe heavy rams on Tu?*Uy mgbt caused considerable damage to d.'te-'ut parts of the city, by the flooding of cellar* an 1 the w ishug away of atreet embankment- la the outer wards To' water rushed down the street* in torrents, a passage across luronveu.ent, if not hazardous, in xne place*. The pm.'iu ol rn:rd aveaue ittersrc.tug Tatrl stre-'t wis *Mb?<i completely away. rendei of nonage '.>7 vehi clee aJtogeibt-r out of the question for the pre* at There *m a small excitation at this potal before the rain, whic'j Wame enlarged, ao<l Easily lb- whole embamt nieut was demoitsiied. Several oilier ilaagvroua p.aces have been reported A Snout HoMtT*x? ?A maa ntoM atepUea Leonard was brought before Justice Corawell yesterday, on the charge of attempting to cut his wtfe with a ka.fe Th?y bad been married but five data, whan the husband be came jealous aod threatened violence. H -Anally la. 1 aside the ?.-spou. but atiil acted in a very excite i mtn uer Tb> woman informed the EigbUi ward police, ant Oapta.11 IfrClane arretted the accused. H was he, J to await examination, which was set down for Sutur lay uext. Tim N?w Railhoad ov Krrrt Anxivrs ?The work on the new railroaJ 00 Fifth av*ane .1 rapidly progressing towards completion, and if no adverae clruum tancea intervene, it will be ready for the aorommodat.on of the public within two weeks from Ibis time The line connects with the Central road at th? u art 00 of Mat bush avenoa and Atlantic street, and est -nds to Twenty-foertb troet, bel <w lireeawood Cemetery The residents and proparty boiJers along this route bava long d.wired a railroad through that portion of the c-.ty, and now, through the roergv of the conductors of the Contra! Railroad com pauy, will toon bare their wishes gratnlei There will then be three routes to fireenwond from d.fferwl direc I.ota. Tlie company la now erecting naparioua stable- at the end of the route, on Twenty fourth street Thaf will bar mpietcd by the time the road in flnished B. m.ijisise ?The raaidenra of Dr. L- J- Swaim, No. 139 Duffle!J street, wai feloniously entered on Tuesday nigbt, bat the proprietor roming in is the thieves were engaged 10 hunting up articles of sufflctent value lo carry oil, they beat a retreat, dropptug several places of s lver wars, whtob srere recovered The bouse of (raorge W. Johnson. No 278 Adsipbi street, was enteied by tbievea on Tuea dhy afternoon. and robbed of articles valued at MO About three o'clock yraterday m >rning an entrance was erterteo into the bonne of A li Cornell, on Johnson street, near lawreuc" The noise made by the burglars awaken est the lady of ibe bouse, wbo rushed into the room whence tbe sounds proceeded, sod Ibe fellows took to flight They look with them (10 in money, and a few articles of silver ware The entrance Its I been effected by boring through th" basement win low shutter. A bit and brace were found in tbe yard. Tba fellow* escaped Kkvtl Inli I llgtm r Tbe new marine barrack buildings, being erected at tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard, are drawing mgb to cotnplet.oo. Tin- mam building for tbe accommodation of tbe troupe .a about receiving the dnisbing touch, and will noon be ready for orrnpatK*). The internal arrangements will doubtless surpass an) thing of tne kind In tuia country lor the cornlort and rimvrnieore of the eoidters. Each jon? it fbrnish'si with a grate, decorated br a mtrble mantel piece of a floe |*>'iah?d exterior Br*, lee the dormitories for sleexone aoartm.-nu there is 1 bake bouse. c.mfc room, Jinii s room, and a) "tbor appurtooaoci onn.rtr.1 wHli a ttrat r,Mt blr Th? ooljr iraabar., to Ihmr Inr aviclnrra i? fuppo*. I to bo th? unhaaithy lorality in wbidi thrt arr ntuatrd. and *?nir appribon flim > f .t bjr thoar particoarli iot*r<?i?v|, that lha hoaltb of thr troof* r?nm>i b* pr.Wrvad from tba riTorta of the mtacma ariainj from that porttoa of .tbr Wallabo it wbi -h anil rrmain* unflilod la Tbia aril can br prrreat H by buildiof in tbr rmr a a*a vail itirtleiratly bifh to allow tbr riburia to paa* orrr Ilia topi of ih? buildin^a, thorrby prraant Df ita ratranrr into tb-' drloraat <t?op tnc apartmmt* tapi So ,itirw>rtii, thr a iprriBl-n I ut in their e-matruotion, i* ma* n$ eiforia for Ih erection of irb a wail, a* well w a thorn-iffi system of dramaa" TV o^cem' quarters, i tualMl ,>o a liar w<tk ftaaaioa ?ro t.imp tel esteroa'.y, and th? roam entrance, ?w fSleway, romtn'Oeel It i? lh? latnUuci >f tf?? C-">o tractor* t, b4v -tV wb >te eot iined au I rialyfw 0C>'|pttioa by Novewlvr o?*t CTRSDAT, AUGUST 23, IB6< Political UUUI?WC?. Know Elbltim.?The vote for Governor ia Missouri hu bMs officially received from eighty counties ia the Bute Tue loUowiag w tu.- result ? Claiborne F. Jackson, Douglas 54.732 Sample Orr, Bell 69,11*2 Hancock Jacksou' Breckinridge 9.204 James B. Gardeuhire, Lincoln 5,837 A New Caaoirare roe rue LsuiSLArnas.? Mr. Nelson I. Norton, the republican nominee in Cattaraugus county for the Assembly, was not a member of the last corrupt Legislature of this State. Disctnoa i* Socth Carolina 'The Columbia South Carolinian contains the following "alarming" notice ? We learn that there is to be a large politisal meeting at Williamaton oo the 9th inst. Col. Ashmore and Col. Orr will both speak, and we are informed will both urge disunion as the policy for the South should Lincoln be elect? cm. tt v vourtc mat iud Dcutiuuui ui tuc omw to almost unanimous to support of this policy. It would no longer be safe to entrust the destinies or the South in s I'moo where its popular majority favors the hostile and aggressive ideas of the republican party. Akkarsas F.Lsertox ?The Little Rock True Democrat of the 11th lust, gives the following table of returns of the recent election in Arkansas (or Governor ? *11. it. Rector, /tid. Dm. li H /oErtion, Reg. Dm Conway 291 Clark 18* Prairie bOl Pulaski 8i Independence. 301 Ratine 30 Jefl-uson 129 Hot Springs 238 Dallas 65 PbUlips 83 White 20 Monroe 0 Bradley 174 Perry 182 Drew 394 Mrotgomery 282 Pike 100 Yell 491 Sevier 160 Lafayette 200 He instead 129 Rector's majority... 1,921 Union 226 Johnson's majority 2.121 1,921 Johnsou ahead 200 Tom Cokwi.v ?This geutleman has announced his inten tiou to make Indiana his stumping ground during the preseut Presidential cam|iaigTi. Tim Riciimomd Com avtiov?Breckinridge has axepted the Domination of the Convention at Richuioud, but Lane has uot, so far. Bull a.m> Evastrrr i.\ Pklawakb?The editor of the Wilmington Comminuieat'Ji says ?" Everybody every where has goue over to Bell and Everett. We hear nothing but Bell and Everett wberever we go." Mi>>w*uTa Statu Cowrsrro.v?The republicans of Mia net-ota have held their Slate Ciuveut.oa, aaJ insdo the following nomination ? Membot o/Om</rea?first district, Cyrus Allrtcb; Second district, Wm. Windon. Stat'- Prison Irwprctor ?Charles McElratb. CLerk of the Sujrreme Court.?A. J. Van VorheS. RsrvnuCA* CoaUKSa-ioxAL Nominatioh.?The republicans of the Orleans and Niagara (Thirty lirst) Congressional district of New York have nominated E. R.,Reynolds, of Orieans county, to till the vacancy caused by the death of Hon. S. M. Burroughs. Novisahon in tuk Qiddmia Cosiiak-isioxai. District.? The Hon. John Hutcbins, of the Ashtabula (Twentieth) CongresSiiHial district, Ohio, li*o beeu uommUed for re eiocli 41. The uonuuatiou was iiy ma, Mr uui dings having written a teller stating lie ?a< uol a caadi dale. He bad allowed bis frieuda to use bis uame, but withdrew it. Ttie Break In Ike Eric Canal. The Rochester D-mo.rat ol Wednesday, iu gtviug au account o( the recent break iu tbe Erie cans., says ab mi four o'clock oil Tuesday tbe old wane weir on the bcim bauk ot tbe caual, just above Brighton b oood lock, at tbe loot of tbe great reservoir, give way, aud tbe water of the caual raD out arouud tbe lock luto tbe level bemw. a break occurred iu tbe towpalb, aud tbe c >u teuts of botb levels rau out luto tbe fields, crossing the plank road, damming up agaiust tbe railroad embankuieut half a mile below. The culvert uu lei the railroad was eutirely too small to pass so much water, and tbe embaukmeui was carried out ou each side of it to a distance of some tweuty feet. a few minutes later auolher breach lock place, 60me rods further east, near the junction of tbe old aud new roads, and bere a gap of about fifty feet was made. During tbe time that tbe water was dammed uy by tbe railroad enoaukmeut it overflowed a considerable exteut of private property, and did considerable damage to lands, buildings aud leccos Tbe scene il oue of great desolation. a Large rait ot logs which were lying in the caual when the final breach occurred, were carried through and scattered about tbe ground from tte canal to tbe railroad. Tbe cause ( f the disaster may be traied directly to tbe negli gem e of tbe man In charge of tbe first lock, wbo was all day yesterday drawing water eastward, through four pildla boles, while the locks below were not seuJing it forward faster than usual. Great loss must devolve upon tbe boatmen in sooiequence of this disaster. On Kridug last a lock gate at Itacedon gave way, and boats have passed that point since Tbe repairs were completed oH SuuJay, but this break will of course prevent water from '.eiug sent dowu there Tbe rauml li<>re is full of boats. Below Msredon it is said there are hundreds of westward bound boats congregated. ~ LOST AMD FOUND. Letters lost.?on the jist inht the carrier lost tour lutein uUrnael to parties iu the We*'. ludie* in*.'Se t 'o go by ?<a*uier Deiia. The finder will be suitably rewaided by leaving ibeai at the office of Keuyou't Kiprea*. ItC Pearl street. Tost?a metallic life boat, off long branch, J ..... r 11,O-.-r ... I,....... i I... long. The tinder will be liberally rewarded bj leaving ber at the foot of Kobtnivw street. North river, (or Ute sleausooet Lxig Kranrh. Call at 79 Rrhit's>n etreet. J. AI.LKN'. Lost-on Tuesday. in tiik neighborhood or Eighth street sod .Ruth avenue or in so Eighth street an.1 Ruth avenue stage, a lady's gold Eye Glsae. with short Link Chain. The finder will be suitably rewarded by calling on John Turner, at Lord g Taylor a Broadway LORT-ON MONDAT. ACOCST to. tlTO, BETWEEN Delmnturo's in Broadway and 70 Chambers street. The t.tider will be liberally rewarded by lest tag the game at fit Ninth street. LOST?BANK BOOK NO. lf?l 3J9 oa the Bowery Saring* liana. To be left at the bauh. Lost-on tuksday, about 9 oclock p m . in an K:gistfe nenue tar three uKenea* t tnsepvrite rases. As they would be of uo se 10 any one but the owner tbs finder tsiil he given a liberal reward by i eturuiug them to the ofitre in Ereutb a Hotel. LOST-ON MONDAY. THE 1STH INST.. AT SHARON spi >gs. > Y . Albany or <>n board the steamboat Istac Newhiu, two small botea ? jew eiry tied together, co-ataioing one opsl ling, set with d. tmonls one r inm ring, two pins, sleeve butf tis and a. era! other small arttclea. for which f y dollars rewa-d wt.l be given by thetn to No 1S4 Maiden Uue. N. V. Lost-IN A BDWFRV, OK AND STREET OR HOUR, ma sreet stsge, on Man toy evening, s Cash B-tx |uartoi, w Ph psperg only of m'ere#' to the nwner. Wh ever will re. turn it to the Hotel tit Nurd. 37 Mowery, wi? recei r 12 re ward. LOsT-.t ROLL or MANUfCRIPT, ON TIT WD AT be s age m Broad* aj . c -ner ?; Wall stree' I! eft th" and roll on the ?e?t It contains vart ! oua artw.esOf eoastiowturu wtth my name auv bed. Ihe find er win inease hand taetn totli# care of bo* ISO Herald oflice, and ret a liberal rewt nl H. W. R. JACKSON. Lost ?a ISOLD pen AN,' "E.n," 1. cask. mm the botirs of 10 and 3 o'clock, probably at the MetrtuLl* Agency in Broadway. If fouod please letvt It at the ofil je of I-ord a Taylor, tor-ier of Broad* ay and tiraui atreel. eutrsnre in i.rwn.t atreel. on tntrd Door. LOST-ON SUNDAY AfTURNOON. IN OOINO fROM ruth at en oa Forty seennd street to Filth nveane, Larue*': Mt1.nn aju ire I n, a ?i isie and down Aroadway a will be pa.J for Uii- aame at iii Br >adw ay LOST?TN~" 3 tnk ~RTREKT~NKAR thr kiohth Kifii.r. a ?:??:; paper pircel. containing a Dreaa pat u? -n and a **r*; Hkirt tAhoerer ha* found the at.-ne wnll be ..tahiy rewarded by i rt' it to .'4 Batik street. PM II'kkp CP^B^Ti^nrfrTvov^iTorTTAX dy Huok. a una., mriiOhr Ufe iViat, Prancie patent. The ownr: ran burr the lanr by proving property and ptyuig charge*. Apply to W inani K. Bennett. Bay KiJgr U. L S~ tumcb?*r.oa j*a u uhuit street. owk I'aW. airtrt "tV la a triangle Kt. It. containing ptlecta and feather bet A goal reward will be gireu lor ua reemerj A W MoLl.KR A CO , l?J l.K>erty atreel. MWAKW. ?*? RKW.aKn-l.odT OH WEDNESDAY ROKHIHO. j aPO A' go*' 22 a black Newb> n.tland D->g. abb a l.raat I collar, anew era to the name of Ponpey Call at No. tu Weal | Twenty tourth atreet q reward ? i-otfr from one op the ?anhat 90 tan Ewprea* Oo?p ina a wagon* in the ? cmlty A South au-?A, a Rceipt Brt>k. ne'.oogtag to the C . npany The later 1 will ree< lre the a bo re reward by prturulAg It ; , lb* W mhittan Rv raaa Company. IIS 5 oaiway $ > reward ?i.ept in a broadwat a*r? roRtv. O second Wrest etage, at ii| o , .? ? <a We | teajty morn| log. a plated t&fler. numbered A<J and wrapped i:i brown paper. Tbe above reward wUI ba paid by returning It to 73 we?i fcrty aiith street SC REWARD.?U1RT A SNA!.!. SIZED SCOTCH TUB I ner hitch, with a ret coiar an.I an*war* to the uaaaa of >auney. Apply at 437 Uouaton eireei. I REWARD ?LOST, Off TBE BVENlBO OP THE WO Slat In* . near lh? corner of Thirty tret creel and tirnadway. A ama . bla< k an t tan larrter Shu. auawartng to the name of P anar. her collar wa* market "A W M iraa, m Wall ktreet " It returned to that addree* lae inder will I reoetve Ue aooee rew ard and the thaaka of the owner. S REWARD -LOST. IN CEDAR SlREKT RETWRKN JD I Weat street and Rroa'.wajr ywaterday atierrnawi about I ; n r'.rk. "tie Iwg of saltpetre The ainee reward will be pal l to any on* leturalng the earn* to IKt Prop a'jreI ?in rrward -rtrated or stolen prow lit wl'l Weal street, a to ? bUrk an I tan Dog weigh** 11 ortUlha.. ear* cropped, had on a rl?er chain collar Any one returning ii.m will receive toe above reward and the thank* of tbe owner. Oil RBWARD-lexer |>H WON DAT. A V O CRT *). A VAil' hlark and tan King Charles *gau>*\ Pup The above 1 * *** " wiu yum vj u xi i*>> w vxni'jr tiiwi. COS R*WARn.-?rrnr.?!? run* ntiTmrinrntBKR, V^tJam rn.l?x ererung, AnguM 17, a bay Home, Ughl M gg) Wagon and The hnrae 1* About IS handa high. bob tad whit* mmt <m forhead ?mai. white ?rtfe oo wwe. ( u? ? bite hind leg, with mt'. bone aim- in, aoJ aged %b" 'i nine yeara. The \bure rew*r l w,ll i* git na iipxn the f*r.werro( the ahnre a-irlee aM aa ad.1lu.eial *? for the arreat aod coo net* m ot tar th.ei SKNRK KtXfER. Tarryviwu ltrary auMea. Tilt: BALL NKAMM. LA TOCUKTTB Hons. HKR. (KM POINT. N i -TP* eighth regular (l.a> wt.i be gieeo on W.-meedaf eeentng, Aurietn letM boai laacee pier No 1 No' la rtegr, at ?H ' 0 ou? I' II y. pcaaon au Adoption.?ajtt pebion HA etno A FEMALE chad. about au weeka oU. of American pereuw. and leluuato adopt u it a reapecuble lady. cau do ao bjr addreaatuc H/EUtcbl. boi 102 tit raid office, aUtui* where (be child can be area. BERTH A.-TOUR LETTER IS RECEIVED. I WILL BE borne at 12 o'clock to-day PHIL. Flora t -todu received. i was there. bot could not ate you. Wbau aaall I wrlta again. E. I). Grapes -bf. ok board the tacht what u rr? for South rtt er. Hyorderol CAPT. HOP. IP IIA JOB HELM, UNITED STATES CONSUL IK THE port of Havana, uo? auppoaed to be in or near thia city, be will hear of touirthing of importance by aeo.lmg bia addrent l<> Jua A TUoa. A. B. Wbbater, 3b South atreet. TF?I?8CLABA TWIOOB. POEMKRLT OF new OR 1 Itana, wtll call on Edgar h- Hol.ey, baa. Bit er luatrance ! t'omaany, eornrr of Fulton and Oreeowicb atrreu. aha will 1 ear of something to her advantage. INFORMATION WANTED-OF HKNRT THOMAS, A tinker, from Rye. England. wbo lett London id the ahtp lievouahire, ItS'ii of June. Any information iet|i<etiug turn vviii be thankfully received by (J. Mowlem. 126 Wlluatn elreet. New York. SHOULD THIS MKFT THE KV1 OF LOUIS RKRNHTKIN, or auy of hi* friend*, he u rwjueeie.l to r tit at or aead hi* aldreu to No. 6 Patctuu plt.ce. Went teuih atreet. LorfE JOODR. UNULF. NED, UNCLE NKO, have you fori;''lieu me" Or why uot, * you Hid, Tuewley or W educed*> at btlf paal three^ ^ ^ TETANTED-TO ADOPT. A FEMALE CHILD, FROM TT two hi hirer yrere old. Cell for one week el tS LU|>? D*rd elreet Diet II,xu . |>'trior Wanted.?INFORMATION WANTKO, OF MARUAKKT Caliery, who nil pieced up ou the 2d ol May, lrtSS. When U*t eeea *be wa* in the Hnuee of Reerptiou for the New York Jureoi.r Anyturn. Went Thirteeuth atreel. Auy lafonahUon of her wUt be Itiankf'UJt received by her aJB'Cted father Jemee Caliery, Eighty fourth atreel. between Third eud Fourth ti'tauM, Torkvule. dFICtilAL JifriK *i?. RRITKD AT NEW TURK SOME DATS AOO IN THE American thip time. M peeeenger from Bremen, 1 feel obliged to rrluni my beet lAaute to the Captain of the en me, Mr etepbeu Whitman, u well for hi* noble end fneudty ooaduct Co tne w? lor bt* endearor to ItSUtwte the dl?a*re**ole ?? . | pp KrMI the AlAUlia Ocean Wishing and boptug that Captain Whitman may be preferred for the navigation and especially the transport of paaaeuifere much longer. H tlOUN. Motkt V*rnow near New Turk. August Id. ISbd Camp mkftino.-thf harlem and spuytkn Duyvll NavlptUou Uompany's steamer ThIKR or TRUEPF.TKK will leave the Century Houae Lauding. uear Kings bridge, for the t'unu Meeting at Sum -sum. "i WMimtir, Thumday and Friday, Anguat 22 23d *ud 2?cb. toucniut at nub of Uie Harlem nver lauding*, 86tb ttrrrl, (Yorkvlllei; Amrw itreel, NFh mreet (North nvetl, M*uh?u*uvilli*. 132.] atrvet ft aroutuevillei, Tuhliy Hook and .ipuyteu Duyvu. Leaving Century Hoi*' * 610. Hiriein 7, 86ih atreei T'.IW, and Arnne etreetat oj*0 A. M. Fare, trom Harlem aud eternity, SO ceuta. Irom Annua at root, 23 oenu Returmug, will leave mug bum at 1 P. M. 1 0. OF O. F?THE MEMBERS OF AM A RAN'THUS J. Lodge No. 332, I. O. ol O K , ar- re pie-.: *>: to meet ai itie Loige room ou Thiu-a tay, Auguai 23, at I o clock I'. V , for the p.trpove of atlendiug the Itinera! oi our we brother J. H Thomi>aon. THOH. NICHOIA See. Notice.-mv friends and those havimo busi ness with tue will lind me at A Wallach a Oo '* No 18 Maiden line. H FRANKS, of New urte.uia, lei. nibCKLLAKKOlb. * AOKNTS AND OWNF.RS OF RF.AI. U-VTAIM CAN 8Ecure the idvaniageoua leafing renting, or aale of the fame hy leanug a dia-npi on at the Ameur? l.iw, Re tl kauale and Collecting Cttue, " Bi >ilwu>, at hueiueui. Burrows' infants' friend, or oray mixlure?Acknowledged by etmuent t hyacUue v> be the i aafeat moat pleamml and eifecl ve relief foi mfaut* teething and al. irregnlai inea of thn bowela, ever produced la for aaie by all dniggia'-a Price 23 cmita per bottle WM Q BCRKOWh. CbeutUt, Albiuy, N. Y. C10NSTIPATION COSTIVE II USA) AND DYSPEPSIA / completely cured without inelu inea iuj.i t iiaor hatha, hj Davy'e Rrvairula Cracker*, an ayreeihle an I uuine-oia vegetable food, mauufacltireil trout Wh.irton'a o: iguial feinthie ervaleuta Fiutueol iheuin-ia alllrin that the ei v ileula coutaitia inure null inieot than the Ileal whe iten tloiir. In the rauo ol If in 8 t'ri tidratea or their inud and benedrial i tduence on the atouiach and bowela can lie aeeu at the bakery Manuficlureu and aoidouly by the auhacrlber, at hi* wboieaale aud retail variety bakery. Price IWceuta per pound ISAAC MctiAY, 319 Foray lb etreet, ucar Hoiutoa. CARROLL'S NKDICATFD. SULPHUR AND IODINE Vapor Hatha. 33 Hlencker an cel. between Hroilway an.: Bowery; eeuhi.sbed 1-L't, a lemrdy for coda, rbewau im and cutaueoua dtaeaara Commendatory letlera lroai Dra. Molt, tteveui, MacNeven, Khmelaader, Ireland, Smith, Neil aou. Lawrence, Lixou, Milieu, he IjiAMli.iss AMD OTHERS BAY1M0 HOOMNXB 1 Ooora. Carpets and Be-la. in eell forl-tarS wild lea.rablo noma, oau optaiu them al 93 Fullou etreet, Brooklyn IS DARKNESS BETTER THAN LIOHTf?CALL AT KB Maideu lane and ex.unme the great Paragon Burner that now turns darktieaa mt > light lln* u the m tat peifee. it ruer In ei.sieuce. All bunier-a guaranteed or mouey refuudfd. Patent laaued J uly 21. ISuh Lemons.-"RImk menton lemons by thk box or hy the hundred, for aale by JOHNSON A HLlSo, 123 Waahiuftou atreet. corner of Fulton LKARN or A SUFFERER WHu HAS BKXN EFFEOlually eared of Nervous Debility, l?wo' Memory Dun u>'M ot Sight, resiiltiux irnui early errors by following mo <u strumous given iu * oiedicaj work, suJ who c.>im.lera it his duty, lu gratitude to (tie author, to punWth aud circulate W.OM gratuitously HrwilllkrrrloniMM tree. to any address ou rereipt of two ' uii;m, a copy eooUiuing every lutuinu.ou itquired Addrese box No 6Z9 Past ojloe. Aluwtiy, N. V. MAILLARDH CHOCOLATE OhneoW* dr Kaute, Choc dale a Families Chocolate do I* V'wIIil Chocolate double V millik. Chocolate Par Excellence, Choooiate Feruaiaeai. Cbocoiaie Houieoastbie, Chocolate Creams Chocolate t.trwifn All tur Snore Are rf the beet quality. aud equal IJ tar I? parted chocolate. ?ud doe* not coat ba.f tb.* price. HENRY HAIU,ARD, Mo. 621 Bin 1 '**y. Wholeaile Far*dry, Wos lid auI 16J Mercer street. Marble mantels -great bargains in man tela,?The subscriber sella cheaper uow ihxuever. A r?xl stock ot veined. Statuary sad cn re) Maoteia always on baud, st KLAHKK'S inartoe yards. IU East Eighteenth street, west ot Thud MMHt N. T. V"EW YORK WIRE RAILWAY OOMPANT. i> HUTCHINSON k WIt'KKRaHAM Removed to MM Broadway New York. Kelt door al>ove Metropolitan Hotel. Manufacturers aud dealers tu Irou Ra..iug Farm Tropes, Iron tislea. Xeraudsha. Iron Furniture, Cssl ags nud n geueml enriety ol Orusuieutsl Inn Work. Vtl. ? ROSE STREET ?MADAME PALETTE PROM PA it ris po.isber la all kinds ot ricb sod dae Jewelry. All orders punctually stteuded to. LaRTZ M!LL?-Trtk Lal?T 1MPRUX EMKNTBrsughtOn s Patent May 22. 1901 spec ally staple 1 to rrutHmg ousrtz rock aud o'.irr Sard aubvtaace to su unpaiphhie powder. hsve aJ.maia'w ami brume grinding e irfaces an.1 improved bearing*. e3ectu*lly preventing toe aliuia*ion at oil lo the mter.or ot thr tin:. r?pil e sod perfect to their opera am Apply to THOS BENNETT, Depot Building, corner o( Ran sod Vraoalia ureela. New Turk. Rooting slates or the YaoumrTate oompaky krr of ripei tor qiiklily, low cost. Ore proof, yield pure and iiutaiutrd ram water, and last a luetime ilolldera at ores. the Agent ol the company, u. Furtnsa, T7 Cortiaadl street. New York. SHINGLE MAClUNRs RHIFtiLE MACHINES ?FOR aale some of the liest Bhiugie Mtehiuea fur stwiag xul shaving shingles ever lu vented. Addiesv M A. 8 . Post uSce, New dors. Steel springs rolling. tempering AND COYRRINO, 3J5 First areoue, Betweeu Tweuly third and Twenty tourth streets. N T. U. HERMANN. The Rati ral propeller. without friction asd enure evasion of bsrkwnter. op or dowu stream or ttgh se ta was patented oa the 7th day of A tap At li*l. byO u * arver. of .i"ith America Twwmo de a workiug ia *?l?f in J not iayuif >o the t tb.e for nuai uaUoo. wtU be ->u riU. tiioo cm aad after T'lealtv minting, tr.Hn 7 A. M. lo I P M . at No Si Part row aad lit Seaaaii tit ret. room Ko. Id, oo liie mme ?t >r> aa tlx- Setonli c A inertcau. U. U. CAhi Kh, Proprietor aad Patentee. THK AWCKICAK'BOLIDI FIKD *ILK~ Prepared from the nch?et milk of the beat daine* lo Dot- bear county, New Vorh, ia the oalr way lo procure pore milk m large ruiea I lie medical profeaat-m report it at to valuable foi infauta and luirhue It M > beeper loan the ewtll made pmano antd aa milk Aa It will keep tor > ear* iu any c.imale. u ia lixliaoeuaabta for Iravel.rre. odk-en of tUa army aa.l na*y, and fnr thoae living ia hot rli.tiuea or th* Booth. for ale in rarv>ua arad packagee. aocniaed (or Irauaportatioe. at the tepot AMERICA* solidified MILK CO*past, 73 Libert) atreat, two d-atra aaat from Brit I way. N. T. rTHI POLITiriAffS OF THB CRITRD STATW^ For one muluai ot doiiara we propoaa lo aeineot all the different partiea. for the an re defeat of Lincoln, by the anpU cation of D. SrAL'LHIRG A OO.'s uonralted Hnckakia Olne, in boltlee, ready for uae. P 8.?A t inner pri i rviuoo, by H 0. Spalding to remein the Union. will prove an entire failure unleae the above w coaaunimete-j. Onreb found ( ;>* nor, read) made-tod eirellmu Olue If male by the Spanld M that make* utr of the f. for aa> br Itrge dea.eru geoe raiij All o dere promptly eleoled ton eeat to their t t.-iogy at utoverevUie, Fulton county, K. T. _____________ D- SPAL'MHJfit A OO. JTSF KNOWI.KS AMERICAN I.MSRiT PK?TB<>rRB L and patent Itoliowa Principal otbce MP tfroaJway, under St. V.. holak Hotel "tlVlRTED?A HAH A??iV7 lb FKK1 L.ONU, itl-aik Tf walnut tap. t ao, ifialre Tablea. Olaaa and Kar Fit lurcegeoeiail), of the beat quality and atyie. tor whtch a fair caali price will be paid Addreae J. R., Herald uAc, or Br >*dwaj Poet other lor thiee da pa TV- ARTKD-IMMKIUATRLY, A TOLL BUT OF -Tic?";77iwr? v) hand I'rug Futi rea in gt??1 ordet. r?uaiating o< the.vea, putilee. Counter*, Ac Apol) at ?0t rultoo at reft PKirruTai. ~~ Artificial borb filurO for dicatbo tkkth, put In while e>n. rrquirtug 00 pfwarar* and girhtg no Rio: aching leeth ar mere anelia can be tiled with It R,?-ma 46 mew b.imoer l.t'-i Hroadwar. ooryci Thlrti drei eimet JaMRS PBaRAOsTII P.. ihacirarer. Artificial tkfth.-bfactifi'l srrs or purr wlver only B*. oo (loe aoU aixt pianna B-3 warranted equal to any; MMte teeth, ft. Teeth fit ed an J extracted w -b (Ml the truat t>*m. lArUOctM MM tl'iln* oolr W , *t 1M Writ reone. r**- lA'THKR. ?1 HutntRT. ??PPi>>;IK KfH nrKr>.1~ i If lucerM /uil eeu of tee li mi pane Mleer ?i H i *oU, Ml. iil?uM.n> Artlfle??l t?n? Mini ?.ih ul pvnl, 80 renu. *<>.(1,10 ci?ul? to II. >ui<u?'n SO ce i'? A n ww nuilOd Lll NTVRTIR WH'tTin H'tr V I V ?TI -1 IU. remove.) v> 30 * . Tweuiy m i jww.m wee:. rlr juJ w*j ui t nub i?am SToRIbTTX-* BR on DK.VTT?T f* V. ,R*NT> . n'reet New Tort, h 6 H7 fo.l n .1. tlyn. in er) f'I:; ? run ??i? ? T?e - i.i.'h jr > n woter r plMr, with or with. I th? m-r ?? 8- ,n b?r or I 4?r ?'?< .? p I , | f il.t #. I -r . |l |.m ! V f. il t true titer or vtu. It cm.* Teeu ii'jimj n.vh vol pmu 14 w?u J roaicufc. . i Gam uobt stock pok balk?in vajuocb eniMiim. paytM libmaJ diwieuda JOHN H MCTR*. room* of AisottciutUM Li^hi Journal, lil Caual alrert. Broadway vtottce to bondholders -the hond8 op ? y^rt sad Mew Havru Baalrxid Compear, d December, W60, wtll be paid, V.1U1 accrued lularaa, ou UUou and aurreuder, al theTreaauahr'a ofton, owner ofr' ly seventh street and Fourth areuue. Mew YOtta, Autcud 7. UHO W. BBKENT, Trennur NKW OMI.KANH AND MOBII.K WJNIM UOUUU1 AbOlfiT BtthMONT * CO.. >0 Wall street AfflOUV BLFCTBI3 TKL.K1RAPH BKTWKRN THK ATLAI AN D PACIFIC HTAIR8. TecAauev DarAKTOEKY, JUIJ 10, D Propoa lie will be received at Ihu Department until Undo y oi September urn, pursuant to Uie fodowmg act of grem An tct to facilitate corn mimical wo between the Atientic l*u ilic suites by Electric Telegraph Be it enacted by the Seuate aud House of Kapreaenlntiv the Ctilled Sutesof America, in I ougreaa assembled. Thi Sen clary of tbeTreaaury. tiuder tlie direr tow of the Prea of the tinted si ilea > lieretif aultwrued aud directed to. lioe lor aealed proposals, to be received for amy daye a/U pawner ol thi* act faud the fultitineul of which aha.1 be rauteed by rrepoiuuiile parttea, aa m the cua of btda foi contrarlai. for Uh> uah by the govern taeul of a line or lie nuiaiietic telegraph, to be count:meted wrtliiu two yeaia the thirty Oral day of July, eighteen hundred and auly anne poiul oa po'iito ou the went Una of the Stale of Mia by ao> route or routea which the aai.t roulrariors haav i Connecting at anch poml or ikhiiU by telegraph with the of Washington, New Orleans, New York rharlepoo. Phi tibia. Boti.m aud other ritiea lu the Al.vutu, southern Western luteal, to tbe city o Ban Kraueiaco, in the Rta Cnliinmu. for a period nt u-o veara. aod tun It award lb tract to ihe lowest rrapousiole hiddei or bidders, pnivxlec uroder doe* not require a larger amouut per year (rot United Mates than forty thouaiud doll via aod inueioo la hereby grauied to the aud partie, who-a aaid contract may lie awarded, or a uia of lliem, aud their aasignf, Ui uae. until the end f a nd term, such uuoccnpled pubUe lauds of Ihe UaltedSlt ui*l he ucr raeary for the right of way and lor the purp, establishing Maiioo* for repair* aong ?*td hue. ool eitce HI auy station one quarter section oi laud, aurh malum* i tirwl iKieiulilimmiWo'i an average of I be wboi tame, un>H**uch binds ah?ll be required by tbe t<ugn of ine United Stale* for railroad or othar pnrooae*. and wed I bat OO right to pre-empt auy of add land* under Ux of tbe Umied Slate* aliaII inure to *Md company. then- ? ci *ei'\aula, or to auy other person or peraoua whatHoever t ided. no *tirh contract vital! be made until the ton ball nd)u actual operation, and naymeuta tbereuudei ceaae Whenever the contractor* tan to comply w*h tbei tract, that the government abaU. at all time*, be entitled > onty tu tbe use of the line or buea and .shall hare (be lege ? ben authorized by law. of couunvlitig aai<t Uue o< by telegraph with ail) military |>o*ui ol tbe United State; to n*e tbe aaine fur govenimeul litirpoana; and provided lb.,; and boa or lice*. eicept such aa may be eqaatrueu the government to ronoect aucb hue or liuea with tbe mi |? .>U ot the United State*, ahull be open to tbe use i lU/cuaot the Utitt?4 1stute* during tbe term of the sue tract, on payment of the regular charge* foi traosx of despatches, and provided, a. so. that such charge* not eweed three dollar* for a tingle despatch o, ten i e tin tbe usual proportionate deduction* upon deap tlcl greatei leng'h. piortded that nothing herein contatued cooler upon Ihe slid auy exclusive right tu const telegraph u> the i**rirtc, ur debar the got ei niueul of the I S tit tea tram grannug, trotu time to tune, similar Iraoclu* privtlt grat to other partial. ret. 1. And be u further enacted That the ssid routr or then aaaigns. si.tll bate the right to construct and ma tl.tough nuy c I the Territoriesn| the I'uiled States, s t i lute, ro as ur couiieet their said line or line* uita Cregoi> shall have the pet man em right of way (or aai or tiuea, under or over any unappropriated public lati it tiers in tbe ami Terntorlea by any route or routes * hi said rontra^ora may select, with Ute free use during tl let in ot ntiB: l?.ids as may be neceuiry tor tbe purr eat*;,lulling atalions for repair* ? nug slid line or lines, r ceediug. al any Mat i>n. one qutiter faction oi land, sin in 11* uoi tu exceed one tu hiieen inlet on an average whole dUtaace; bat should any ol said quarter seep, deemed essential by the government, or any compauy Iioder It- .mill nit), for rulioad purposes, tbe su.l conu shall relinquish the occupancy ot ?> much as may be in 1 ry lor the ntilu at], re rung au equal atnytut o( laud (c 1 use in it* sec. It. And be it fuitber enacted. Tint if, luauy year Ihe rontiuuaace ol the said contract, tbe business done goret nmrot ss herembelore meotioued by such contract liieir srsigtt*. si,.ill il the orliuai t rate ol cbargesSor i messages, exceed Ihe pi tee coun seled by be paid as afo Ihe Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon sal.l acoouri t duly aiuheui.iate, <eitn> tbe smount oi aiul eice*s U gress?prosrtdrd, that the tute of tbe hue lie given at an ueeoi t ost. lo the Coast Survey, tbe SiuitheMuaa lust Slut tbe NaUdusI Observatory for scientific pnrpoae*. at vtded ( that mesaagvs rtu euel from toy indi company t corporation. or Irun any telegraph liues ct tog ?lib tliia line .aI either of it* let mtui. shall be imp traiiaimtud tn ilie order o( their t ecepuoa, etcepttug l d, span lies ol the government *li.t)l lure priority ; and tied tiulber, tbai < oogreas ahall at may tune have the I alter or amend this act Apptoved June ltl, ISrJO The lowest ( Iter tor tbe u?<" ot such telegraph for the service wtlt be a<* epted. provided tbe tei ma aud cumin i pre-?ed tu Ine set shall be fully set forth aud stipulated pit pesals, whub mint be sec inpauiedby a guarantee, fortuity wttb tbe twenty aevrulh sectsia of tba act of lSto, ttl regai J tn mail aetvtoe, to tbe eSecttliat the I line* ahall be completed within tbe tl ae prescribed, an the guarantors shall tbeu enter iuIO obligations lo the r-teies tor the pert iN-mtuce n' ihe a. ri it * for tbe goveai under said art at the rates < tiered iu tbe proposal* Sntb guar *r tee may be to the following form ? The uuJerrgiied, residing at ?? . In tbe H . uader* iXe and promise that if tba Secretary 1 rvasu: ; shall accept lire wuhiu prop-**.*, under the I. . ? 1 Js'a I Ih.i Iti.u rtr luii.grtl itHtfnefi i>?la* XT V ?11 h ril lawnc'eied ?n<l out mt*! operahou on or before ibe umt i.i th? net, an 1 that we a ill thea e?e< uts ?'th the part.' lug I lie witbiu proposAls in obligation to the L'uile 1 St due torm. a* sureties !or the perfrrmsoc* of lb? serv corrtiug to the teiau a ad coadtuooj coutataed m Sue pna?ls listed at ? . The above gusrx uter mml be acciaipaiiled with the (atr of a United stale* district attorney, or district judg lug that be urn ('tainted with eiuk o( the iinnni sign guarautee, end knows ttiem to be tneu of audicient proi make go. J the atnos guarsulee The prujiotel* sud guarantee mns: He sealed up and c to ' TLe .v' Ury of the 1 re isury, Wsaamgteu, ,D. C eudoo?ed "1'iopoat.s tor 1'acilh. telegraph HOWELL COI fteci^tary of tae Tre? PROPQiAIR FOR WV) 0U0-"C*NT*Al> PAR hoireineot Faud Stock of UN " Seated proi' >? be reteired at Uie Comptroller's oliee uutti Tfcurst 16 b dayc' August. lUfr) at 1 o'clock P. M? * hen 11 srlU be publfTy opened for the whole or any P*rf amount of two hundred and rtftv thousand dollar* ortbi tral Park Improvement Fund Stock," euthartred bj i Sh of the Laws of IdtO and by an ordinance of the O Council, approved by the Mayor, July 13, INfd The sold etork will constat of two thousand Bee hi shares of our hundred dollars each, and bear Interns rate of aii percent per, annua, payable quarter rear1 tatatiou, tf?e .principal redeemable Ne*. J,ll<7% f< "Sinking Fund for the RedempMeo of the CMy Debt The pi opoaala will state the ataouat of stock dewIthe price per share, sod the pereoos whose proposals eepted wtQ lie require! to deposit with the Chamberiali olty. within ten days after the opening of the bids, t awarded to thea reipectively, Including the premium, aame On presenting te the Comptroller the receipts of the berlaln (or suck deposits, the parties will be entitled to oerti.tcate* for equal aasounte of the par value of the bearing interest from the dates of payments. Ksch proposition should be sealed and endorsed "Pr for Central Park Impmrsoseut Fund Stock " aad lb. put in a second east lope addressed to the Comptroller The right Is reserved on the part of tbs Ooesptroile )e?l any or all nf the bids, If considered necessary to er promote the inleresu of the city. ROB'T T. HAWS, Coraptn Pity of New Torfc, Deparuneni of Fioaaoe. Com pi KMce. July 16, lWi. "fir ANTKD?DOWN TOWN APPLICATIONS TT l.dtus and lii-st mortgage MO UOU J.'tl.OO) and on bond and mortgage Also v .tloua sums to loiu in Bi Brokers nerd nut apply. C A. KcLAUQULIN. 30 Pine s ?1i) Ann WANTED-ON BOND AND MORT' JPa^i.YA/U for jrrtrr at 7 per cent, amply am building laud to the wioity ol New York city. Addi 1.M7 t'oat otticc, New York. ftinn nnn *o invert in drt uooor. c vlul/.uUU tag. Booti and Shoes, Groceries, as. other article of merchandise suited to Rout barn to Persona wishing to realie>, and baring goods to disc cheap, would do well to glee ua a rail. BAHCRL WIUiON A OO..M William at LO&R OVriCEt. A T THE ADVANCK OmVH OF L. JACOBS, * A ran tie obtained to any <)uantilr on Waiebe*. Je I>t.?m >od?, Dry Oooda. Hardware. Wine. Hr and fiery de? < rip lino of Verchandiss, or bo'ighi, a btah* at pi we* gnen Hu?nieaa atnrtly confident. ?i. () anted K.tabhshed 10 IMS Principal'office. 67 William btancli odue. k)l Broadway. AT 11 CHAMBERS RTREET?MOWRT TO IdjA aai amount ou Diamond., e-l or ucart. W itches rj Ac., or tue a >me bought for the t (heal cash pi icea well ktM *i IsAAt'S It ham bare street, h B. ? Nteas ti mnscted ou Saturdays. A T 111 GRAND RTREET, THRKK DOORd Wi?. J\ Hr **& way.?Money *dcnc?l on Watches. Dtat Jewelry Plate, Dry Goods aod peraonal poverty ii daarnpUm. or bought aud amd. by JOSEPH A. j 401 aocutueer and broker. a T THOMPSON A fit 'A. BR''KKRh aND COM Ml A Merchants KB Naaaaa atreet. corner of Ann atreet No t aerood floor, adranae maaey from $1 to Abu Walrkea. Diamonds Jewelry. Dry limit a Uodt of merchandise. or bought Particular auenunn aucuos sales of Purahura, Ac. Rearing M schism tv ig etA. A. R THOMPSON, Ancu.e At n ce'dab rtrrkt.-h. htm*n, diaBr Star, advance* mosey to any amo".o!| * Ova el or una*, Watches. Sdrerplata, Ac., or buya the owe oash opposite the Post offlce, No. 1. aeoood floor. At oaiop r~"kxchange oppicm. m ro aeenue. oppnolte Cooper's laatilui- advance. n? diamonds watches irwsiry, an.' all kind* of n>r-h< PrtTste entrance, hall done. p. fltMP! flt Pounh are a t ? narnau rtrkrt.-a. honigman, dlAt A broker, adraooea mosey to hay amount an than Wstrheo aad alt kinds of Merchandise, or buys for raah jrleale oSoa flt Neman mrset, room No. 1 Biw' ear ?AII* ROAM. VTPW TORE A.YD HABhPv RAII<I(I)AD. Xn _ rARK Tii ALBANY ? * a t>? and after Monday. J ne 21 i<*, trshM wlil taaea' ty in'h a eel Malum. New Yoea ? >i;,nettor Million, ridge an I al * .y atsu. ua, 7 ?). II A t 1 L 'a LTJ *h.:e Pi.IBs in.1 si: arsy acinous. 2 *>. 4 I .% hir Wbm i nj | | wivmiiioii,!:!!, iron n!iee? vp . > ?, I'm1 u r%U na ( v . ^ '"WT-e?t* *Wt Actio nina i. V . . Mh:t.- I L<ln? and atallona *tn*+ -( in V"",; * IT! *awru? evantnc ) ft* AH.t.ij an ? .V?-I S.,u '4 a. M . tmrr+A mail nnrtt I*'ua. iadiord, Cicxoo r*lj aod a: wvt RKTURWI*?- ? . a ? w 1 amppln* at alt *?r " "w | ' v A " " > < - i-a'Ptaa . ??>? T A. M . I.U?a*T7. M. pmcr Plaiaa. at > ... ? atMmna north of i, rrfham A. M ?"*"? I"4 "* * rj v m<.riin.a ai 5 15 > i>Ao?i KaJla , P M ? al t;an am t>. >rtb of f'nr.JiMra All'auy. 9 A *1 . "II a'umtia aoiui of WTnic f:a?M J'>liN B1RCH.I.U A***'*"' flnpci | V,tW Vf?AK A*n RA*IJm RAlt.?OAl> > ? il arranaraaata far phMfTW**! ?Tratin i -arc Ta ?ill aunt aa folloaa <? A * > -< ?? | bany Tr y Aar*tn?A Charon i|irin*? Nta*" ? f a, a. <*c "*a. Sin'?*? "<< i "<ii ' ?" ic Albanr auk ??? fnfr. R?i'n,' ... s, Kla??ra I ail* and all pit' ? *' ? a.? * n . I ? * an t ?.l V 'H I* * ** f l I,?in? ?| f*?W?rti'? Kri.f-- ? ia a-.,... A , Bnr at n.t.H. r.iu wuli -rra v .? .. V .? * ?< ?*? I"r " .j V ..flat |( u afatrcc ' I ?' * ? *' " l'ltl'4 ?,,a ?u Like Kali at --r-n iONN IHRi'P'',u ^*a f atjl Acinar J4?OJ

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