Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1860 Page 6
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NEW YORK HERALD. J A 11 IC It U It II |> U ft llltiNNKTl'. tnifOH ANO PKOI'KIICTOR orrioa *. w. c<)km?k or nauaac ?? ftxtok em. TKNMS. nun to iuiivim Mann/ ?**' ?*"" v " riek <v 0.< ??< -tar rtum/M >. "? II '.I ,n r% l/.ili. r HMHjlLD two t/mXM pm coin <7 per ??"??? r?r wrttKir hkk*l/> n> > .?*>' '?>. <w "irntt? or K f,trf #*???.i.//<, fAr y.untpni'i K>lUi ' ? ?.?, 11 o.' ?U rvntf 1? ? ?v* v ** "? <" '*** ? !l or *6 -?/ 'A# .Wif-M/, >??/* *? in-/ *./? /?Awr>, Oi'i/arnia thai 'A- 4iA ....I 'AKA V w A ?-..iA a/ ?.?/ ""rui^rlynnt' V/r' !lT/? ?? ?"?' ?'%? "?' /<""??* " KV?u'-hprsr<Kvnr\> r AC IJ MIAT W . _ , Alt *0/7' / '"-.t/-rJM -^rrcv'/'itmet W* 'In nnt r.l .m rrt' ' ' ' . , . ApyyUTlsry ??<?..-??< ? ?r? ?AAAr. n.t?rrtln*mn>t* 1m mud i" (';* ?*??'? iU?ALi>, awl In ttu ?aH/'"" T**"' * I'I A' ' .' -ft'.'. r.??iui?, Awipni ? anJ ite ?l auk. Vnluiitf til ^ Rio. 440 AMI -MltNTH THIn IVaMNU. ACADEMY OF Ml'sic. Pitir'A?nth tt.i ?Italian Orr Hi ? La N'lHAAAPU. ??'IBIiO'H OAKOKB UroAdwAy ? Kdr*?TiiiA* W1MTICR UAROKN. K*<*u1*r?y.?f*t>r*?SP* aitdirao* BOTVERY T* iTR'' wrrf.?Vnrn*ru ~Fom or TI.A Piliu Wa'J.a IK'S ttR I TJIJC, Biofc.??r - I.OM. a AtACAA.H'l Dobwtic M??t?ria? NKw IIOMKKV T 4TRB, Bnwnn ?Sm.r or PAt?t ?A-tNM Aautti. MAR.VIM> AMKKIt V ML'KKUM. Hr 'stw^r ? l>n auI K ? tlt'K ? C?n It .1 II' K Lir?-l.l?TLt*AS IN SCAC'* ? Liviao c'ri iiTin. A' BR? ANTIJ' *IVh! R ,i: Mi.hialfA' HaU,472 Brand**}-.? kAAL- A I Pi AAA)* A. fUBLO" N. *d**y.?BoHLMtAUI PtOMr P. Atiu. B AT 'th A i II - v ? 1i.ith*ir. wrf^l -Au Tq?r Uuttii not ??? I?Ia?o?ii - Magic rii'irn P I.AC, At. % r ? \e*nui AJr'el.?i!c?iiii. anh Dhaaatic K?t*?.Ai?M*t-t. CaKTP- RT Ml ?iC HALL. e? HrrKA.!**y. ;?on, . Iuni'v* Be*: EJXii-trr. Ac. ? li?w t iu'h. Maiii1*r. Nititrmhtr .'!. IHi.w. Mails ECBOPE. id* S>? lark lirikl'l ? Eaitian fur Kuro|M> Th ? Cunsi 1 si.-? aship Arthur, Captain Slcae wi'l leave 0.-.t--n mi \tr Iciuiajr LitditmI. Tu?* sum* in' ".urtiiw wir ??!.?? ,u tu.i city to morrow llAfiui* o i q .?r:<'r |oi>: .nt o inch to ra hv rauroatl, *r<1 ?t a q- -tr- in 'onr o' tr?r? to m jjr tii'uainwi Th. t-rwot-KAx . rr..i?'ir i :? HriCkUi * IIJ b? publisiro nun i vr'o b TO'tra ug SUglc copies, La wrap pers, ?IX Cl'tll The cocteals >?' IM Xrn-Tavs E-- won or vws Ruulp A.i'ci'n. rati umwrtuli) n?U %ud te'i;rr?|.|) %t lira oflto* -t..rln, previous wr?k, and up:- .be boar ?. puoitaal Thr KrHi. The gtoamfrp Northern I.igut, from A?pbiwnll on It.*' .'.ill. ulL. bringing the passenger* mafia un! treasure brouuht to I'anaraa by the ateAinshin Lucie -ain. which leti Han Francisco on the 11 ua UlL, arrireu ai thw port yesterday morning. The Northim light ha* I 'll,553 in treasure, and Hilt bag* of Washoe silver ore,valued at 11'20,000, con signed to virion' parties. Tlie news from Ca'iforn!? is devoid of ii v ; arti -u'ur interest, having received rntbfr lull Intelligence p? r the pony express from ?hut quarter daring the past srvnth. Il.imilton J. Ih?y h?* instituted r.n a -tin again: .to!in W iod, the actor, t" recover ?>0,000 daawg * for tie se turtion of his wiu. Our di spatnLe* and letters fr -i New Granada throw no ot w light ui'nn the state of affairs in thtt i< public, it. icpt. veil that bia. Ot ando. Mo? luera'api pal ufQeer, had taken the town of l'*?to, wL! , 'h- n : i .n the S'ate ot Csnct, had I ? ? opposed t Vosqnern. The civil authorities fled to th' t: r*' ? of Ecuador, leaving a large rnir. of ti.or.ej 1 n quantity of clothing behind. TM niw?la' J c" 'rmstlon. In Ecna !or an eu gt.g< m nt had tul ?ce between the Ibrcea of t.cneral* l'I< re- and franco, in which the latter bad bun rcuttd nil hail a narrow escape from being ktiled. It is piot-ablc thai Floras' tiiumph is com f>!< te. President Ca tills, cf IV rn, had quite re c i-red *rcm his wound. A quarrel be ta, en tier and the Cot greet was expected t? On iiT blu-ost any d,y. In bis message he speaks of the raite d htslts claim aa a " simple queati n," atd manifestly ni?jo?t, which, howtver, he expect ed w< old be amicably adjusted. The inva-ioo * f Bo.ivie i* k'dl ?| i k-. n of. General lieizu, it fa Mid, Intends enuring that country will; only a tew mc.i, hopxg or believing tt at the Bolivians would floik lo h.iu. Than. - eft-m ( hHa U still tha story of pos e Sod proept it:/, >n ctt.U.nt to h renter*. Com merce ia incri ?? ;g and edu< .ition is well attendc-l to. A docuir nt gotten up by aoino e -l -iaati?e, with the v wrf?t'l -tg a Papal ihndhad gfrrn off ct efvirUnlan MiuUter, who had sent a protect to the goeer-m rt, and the clet men were called cm to vpfain and ap >K guc. 'Ihere ia nothing n- w fiom Centra! Amcr . tttd littia tidtag* cf Walker. Our cwrwapoadtt t- ik Of - gt>?^l deal cf atam ".eiitg frit In Ni i' > u <1 foots Rica a ?] irited ?-l. .?t. -1 b- i??u d by th- Pre* .nt?-f Xl< arnaua i Hit.* en *'? ;-a tric * lo dc'ind tie c -t utry a. a!nat the In .' f-on- t-..n ivji. rare ;e,?ra It ?t *he fur<Un I! rlvw ft t tf inncU c >ir men* Oaa :>g fi. ?tv! ants, all c. whom, -r< -igi. th. fr C ? ' d |-t *e?trd agaioaf a enf,-r,-( r. cn?. Ot ,...tcf t!.c ilr--.*.gtl it w i* thongut th. ir-' u ? *r Id Ir amvil. k |!ii? -in bn?lt br>e. wrUi t f.irty 4'* ? ftf*. tkuk ht t" be re. rutt for tk?- bod atri.ed at La I'nion. \ lsi*tr rr**?p. Iitit K'n(<f- .J. et.i ?' c August 12. savs; -The e . porte t! ? y ar? T.thOhi *?h?adasngor, A.Ono punrket n-r-. ,r- 1,0* > p" t!? coffee. 4 pi tnda p i;;? t - i ,i t 'I'- n * n't f g-ngtr, at.-l a bo* t the i. , ja * f srri* u, leg ?nod, Uoocy. -..itton, A<. H?o eeath?r h?? been eatrotne y 'notiUt, and the ufalth of l w u!..n\ wra? ct vcr better. The rep id ? of II*tU, thr- ' ,*h Its f<egU!otnrc, boae ncluded a . ? si irt of ilo.i - . It to Interest! - tr-m t! t * t it if -f hta not lcs(i for a gt ? i letof tin.e !u a'riet c o : ,i i with the {lurch cf Ii me, -a cc -*e pence of cei ?.ri ft; i.'i jos which U.e latter wished to Irapcss and frhkh the I nr. r pe-?:?te.J ia rejecting. The mat tii l *i* at i . t'i he n inir ivJ to the eotiefjie - ,j Of o0 good Oath di ?lnniytl. ? In the f. * * s's-dbfttho Cf* i wb? frc-n If, tvis pnt-ii acd In y< c ?-!ay * like.hp, to aru unr that -he ala* I * i V- if :a<i h en u ii >ai her noch' age at I. y We?t, t ?; t* %% *f,e hid fee. a tecspteeed by apery if wrc.ktra -J bronghi bars to pr rt. a- i k .Vi ' - u..w, aad f >r acme tim< p-^t u in u lying at a Hr >..h!yn lo- q. we preanne that t> *r... nt s' i\. r at Key Wr <i j. But the FMIi', l ul i r tubly cnt of t ? other prl?ea re-ently aptorci and taken ,o*? Key vv Opening afn'cea mere held ye*ter-!ty in a nnm h*r of oer city ehtirrhej. I>p.?f? of the nxeretoes a fM. Ge.'swe a choreh he Church ->f tf e P.i'ltana, J Church of ?He Me*-, th. f" itt chtirch. Cf 0r< i of I the Mediator, the **ooth H >u?t Church, a- I Hy I ?n m?h church Brooa.ra. wiL bf found .a our paper j |h at on; ag. / ' -g th eecnt? rf interest t'-at wf' ? i W-.. . Una .??, 4 (M irCrtaUUwt cf a rij ' h | i i(T tr ;h?" Nations! r.-mr' ^vp>i?h r<-ffimelt, 1 I, p (. ?ji'.l?oou and citizens of Wiishiagtoa. Tin r. ? ut t r that occattlos will parade In full j ti n1 the c iTeittOiiies will Lc of the most vc | c'i"< >,e cl arao'i r. The Wsshmgtou presentation ci i. i art t \ptvted 111 this city ou Tuesday, an. i?o-M- ol Hon. James U. Bcrritt, Mayor of tt'.i-! ; ' r; William T. I>ore, President of the |i. .11J of Aldermen; Grafton Powell, 1'resi iii ii of the Common Council; AJdemea ttiliium li. Waid. Chairman ot the Common Coun cil: Robert Ould (orator of the day), United Mutes 1'ii.tiict Attorrey; IVter Force, Major General district militia: Wm. B. Todd, Esq., retired mer i hunt: B. I.. Jarkaon, Esq., merchant; John F. wnus- and Joseph H. Bradley, lawyers; Jonah D. Hoover, ox Ifriitcd Stun s Marshal; Marshall Brown, proprietor lirown s Hotel: Dr. M. H. Gunneli, ? harlea W. Bottler, Jr., merchant; l'houiaa P. Morgan, Esq., City Registrar; Charles ri. Jones, '?'??q., Jaiues F. Ilalllday, Collector of Taxes1 Richard W. Carter, Edward Hall, John 8ava?e, editor of the States: Jaim-a S. Holland ami John 1. Covte, of the IritcUipiiirrr. Tie "lues of col ton ou sviluruay were confined u? 400 s 600 hates, closing without chance id prices, tils stock taken to dai in this po't. though uot couiiiiet"ly ascer Oiii.eit, jet shows that it w;IJ git vary much trom 65,000 oa! s. Flour, uudcr thv news, opened a dive and higher, and at s decided advance, *>ut closed lamely a* an ad ear re varying from 6c to 16c per barrel Wh?at was tolerably actlee, but. owing to the advance tn freight* i an i i a l..nit?d range of assortments the market chmed . a-U.out aniiu.tlon; :he stock ah *i ou the canals is said Ui eahrace I 3AI *40 hmhelg Corn was Iims active, writ- aaiesol ? eaten mixed were mads at 06c itWr .and yellow w.f?cn at 70c.; the quantity ahoat ou lbs nan ale is astnnaleu at 1 Ut 124 bushels Pork was steady and in gml request, with vales or new mews at SIH 76, and ol use prime ?t 614 li,1# a 114 26 .-tugars were quiet, but ate* ty, * lib ea'.> s of about RJ0 a 400 Uh *? and oflO botes, ai d 2c hints. B'tiado, at rates given in another column ColTee was quiet and Inset vu Frelghta look another jump, and large lots or wbeM were en,ag~i for Liverpool, onea log at li!>,d L 13d , and clos*n at lid , both uu t>u'< and bugs A part ol lLo engagi an uta wire lor future <ie ? 'very At lbs rlnv ?on>* shipowners, for room t #??St or two >-ead. asked 16d , tn ah' i'a begs fl< ir ?o also frt iy tJten at 3* 6t t St PI , and to l/ir too at f.? l(ii d A Ail! vts?el was taken up for 1/indoD, to load with i beat at U?l , Ir bags, and C >ur at Cs 10 -,<1 A vi<a>i was also tak u tor Liverpool, to toad wilL wheat, at !2>i i , In lug*, bud with 1.000 bbig Sour at At Cd. The Cuin?|Ufi'i:ct of Llmuln'l Klectlon? SdUirlltln* for Korltiarii Melt to rnlnkuf Disv.H-nt.ate tr<*u are everywhere begtnoinis to Pfk thevrre!v?s what will be th** conse queure* of the electron of Lincoln, ?nd ft N one that every n;>in in this confederatix wh" tiiv the good ot tlie tonntr^ at bent should be prepared to answer this momentous question. Tfie ilevclopements of the campaign are bringing clelrly to view the radical and revo h uary intentions of the b!vk republican pat'7. Tie spirit and tone of its campaign journal* and documents leave no room to doubt th thorough aholitiooDtn of it* prinei md i*- candidate?. Helper's handbook of treason. Lincoln's uninifUkeable abolition speechr ? and Sumner's ratodly fanatical ha t-argue in the senate, are the staple expositions of tii? black republican creed for the clrcula tit n or which every pc'?lub' eff. rt is made Horace Gn eUy, whose jxiMti .n a* a journ ili-t makes him one of the ma?*er spirits of hi' party, and enabled him to overthrow fceward. lb originator leader, tells the world that be means "to labor tor Its eradication (the In stltution ol domestic servitude) trim our own. aa*l all other conntries, a* long u.- 1 liv<- " V? x II. Seward finding himself set tedo* for a l?" prominent leadur in his party, proclaims tha> I. Hi coin is j'tst as radical an abolitionist as him self, if D"t more so; that he I* enlisted for life rr death in the "irrepressible conflict," and that both belong 'o "the Hama.-hn-eM* btl ol" iu politics. The black republican party of that S'lte, fearhg that the int?u*e. anmli ' and de-tructive abulnioo characer ot ? the Massachusetts school'' would not be nut ti icitiy evident fr< in the speeches and acts ol its 8era'otS elect ? Wilson an I ~ ltnner -hv j laced in nomination for the gubernatorial i hair Andrews the friend and intimate of Wm. Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillip*. ih'? open and declared sympathiser with and defeuder of John Brown, and the ui<b>u?hing er.doraer c' their constant reiteration, that tfcey hold the compact ot confederation to be "a compact with hell." These ire the Indelible marks whl h. in only *l> ty day ? of ^anvu?#, wi'h u pnrepect of suc e.'?? before tl.'tr the black republican .cadets have placed upon their followers. T,n co man hug to his hear the ooovletlon ? hat he m (f operate v, iih r m for a ' hll ?. .! then either cc I'rt ! 'L. fMly that w 'Id ? their action or e*c%pw from th ? misery-?ud ralu it will bring if 'bey nt' dn control ' tv powe*, of the tc ien l g vcrnmcot it will a1 >? be too late to udrUe Lheui, and lit -rly fruition* to ,itandv.n their support. Oree In pnwer. they will (are lie.titer for moderate advisers nor lerate supp ers Cinservn ve republi ! vans will be cast aside every cfcsrs as b-okeu ,nd .. '"ils?a? they have been In Ma *a , ? . ?tU?Md oi w republican abolition ? ? t th- ?? o 1 of G 'hlltlps ind j r. r n. h ,ii mg tUi a repetition in :ae South I rr i ates cf tt < oh oJy massacre* w,i>-.?.k1 I) St. pliUIIBgw wcrld lH' ioing fowl *ei f' ?' mil he er.U ie?l to p'. e In lh* r!ri e*rn ?. the ;? a l ire the army *nd tbi nary ot the co m try. Ci *.c? . lor arg.;ruen?e sake, that for poit r- '? tf "y will n? d? -ra tt lit to lutugu rate He* bloody and mighty issue at ?nce. w a will b-* t] - : .e'hey will purs..e! Here w ' are ? it. i d nt. .1 their Intend-d ? t!i :t. iu.ilt! u we m..y see efiected tn th rr: r - i'l e rot .i er 'es ol \hribiui Lincoln's sic 'J i v Pre?l?lvnt. .er.i -' st? p w.'i bi1 the app lintmen' to wery 11 At of ?a:i ire tT ?? r-uirirsi^< r M ' i*' ; it o: 'be |*-e <1"Pt of r "1 a ho believe tl. t ?!at*ry U no ? rli and a sia; fcat it :? i r?l and arciat, tut well as p > ir.if i t ? - . ik* war upi u it In uvery wsy; ?*. ; t' ! ? a car * ? *^1011 hilt si ire and b fr>" a' I '? ? WIS ' ? B Llojd Gtrrts-lO. v i. p-p? McP ts if? rt<". In ? it - r ? ?ts?y bsve ; ro- 'a: a"d an?l the p<> . t -v ", ive .elvoCMe t M i?h m a h ddmi tt, ? *i lot ? ud rfli ers '( tfle fe??er%l Ci ..rt#. as i s'u? .*< n aud coliejtnm of cu? tons, as district attorneys and rntfeiul* of the rolled ' ? t rr ?tr, ' u t.-ien-eag OgiPtt Ob ol tb<-si ,v?> y q-? -i ?' h K>- -lie world lu? neri'f wl'nes?e| Fs 1 ? , "' ? trayrf'ri lUitaedlate j ,rt; ipathia IB < r rinal s>:ts. t i t the ahdt. tor.* of sUve*. the (omen'.ofs tf airlls i' sndla n. aad tl- c miog John Bror-ns. will p iron* their Iniquitous U6< fW. In fh ? fall conldence 'hat. If wirested and br> ught to tHal. it will be by*," uting attor ?era, jurlus and judges hat sy npathi. ? w;ih u n ua-. who be.lvr,. that the c .'?-?* iu whi a tV*y are s* ? t? the "????e of Hr'ilwst^su Ti ?< Sff. I of th s fis a e . '".e splr't ?? gcatic ahol tiouisdi in tt j cvai ry p-? ! ? e rocs' disastrous result* Give the cri an: n j but tt? continence thu men of hi* stamp will tit an judge* over bicu, it wrested. and criuie will in k?riiBc the audacious ruler of bo cie'y. So will it he with t''c 'irrepressible conflict," The underground railroad will h?* brought to tbo licit of day, tpe *t>* >hng of slave* v, ill become u trade of which thousand* will he opt-uly vain, hafnium in the a< ' will be worshipped, and not uloue Virginia. hut every Southern State, will have to record its John Brown rains, and the abolitlou promptings to iiiceudi iiirui now seen in rmn* will be wit newod in every save State fr??ti the 'telaware to the Bio, tad fmn the Ohio to ti e Gnlf of Veilco. In such u state of tb j :* tb?".e ? ill tie no ret 1 to use the itrmy and navy o: the fTnited states to suppress or e .oincurb elavery, it will only be ne<'< s-arj to de ''at ! einplorti ent to lupprte 'action nod itjnett ? lisHstii In such u Htu'e ?1 thing* purtle? will he H'iien to the hii:h<s'. pitcb ? r excreraei uc?> i<*" fury will be perpeti.ited on all sides, und H ly by <iay ihe whole couutry will recede farthei and farther trom the rule of reason. With the Inauguration of P|i 'fc a stale r ,1 ings. we would ask the merchant* of Ne* York, I tiladelplia ami Boston, wnat wnu.d bo Hie value of the Southern notes you hold. If the reply would not bankrupt you, it would Cause jeu to cut off all year Southern trade to Kvrld bankruptcy. In such a state of things, we would a?k the manufacturers of Pennavlva nls, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode (eland and Mu*-:tchuhetta. wha' would he the value to you of the note of a merchant In New Y<>rk, Philadelphia or Boston If the Southern truiewero bankrupt" You would not sell a -.ingle package of goods on Southern creoit. and would b*ve to diiniuUb production, or orer r'ock other avenues to consumption. And, in 'Lis? use, we would >u?k the capitalist, ihe farm ?-1. the n "i hanic and the laborer of those tit tie*, what wtll become ot your rents, your markeV d yoi: wanes, If the ptanttfactorers h ave to diminish production? They mad and would oecliae. and all the combination* of Intellect. ??uu.oiw' unions and trade protections in the world could not sustain price* and wftjres, even if tliev could prevent universal bankruptcy. < tor whole ind: wfrinl Hnd commercial fabric 1* built on ttie broad basis of credi'. and the fibre*, veins and arteries of this a:? so inter iw'iit .1 and connected through the whole body politic tliHt a viral blow ?t the credit system in oae section ill bring the whole edifice crum bling to the ground. That blow will he struck at Southern credit by the election of Lincoln, and the installation of 'the Massachusetts school'' of abolitionists in our national ad ministration. The J ohn Knows Fi'nd in Uattt?Lavar Ttsi' Hopes.? By the las' arrival from Hayti we learn that the army of that black republic subscribed to the John Known ftiud the enormous -tun of ten piasters and one hundred and eighty four dollar* in Hnyti currency, the dollar being ?qual t?> about six cents of our currency. The ?urn subscribed, therefore, amounts to about twenty-ore dollars and a half of United States currency, and this Adjutant General Ri"he an nounces In an official letter to Monsieur De lorttie, nddlDg n list of the subscribers and the H&ounis'ively attached to their names, froio which we have the curious iuformation fhat the General of Division subscribed ten pias ters (Spanish dollars), the Adjutant General himself subscribed the mighty sum of three collars, and a 'iclor.el and a Commandant Quar termaster each litty cents, Fuch are the sympa thies of the soldier* o? Hayti with a war of free '?om t?, emancipate their African brethren In the United Ft -tea. lit retofore it was proclaimed, with a flour sh rl tn.mpets, that coffee to the value of thirty thousand dollars was contributed in Hayti to the John Brown fund; but it was in nsytlen paper, cbiefiy valuable as materials for manufacturing with old rags. Into paoer fir newspapers; and wben tl! great contribution was reduced to our currency, ft dwindled down t" $1,873, to which let ns add $21 So. the ?ub scrip'ion of the ?tmy. nnd wi will Lave fl.flPfi fo- the si rii totii of the t.ub* crip Moo of th? Haytjen republic, which was so tremendously aititated on the receipt of the pews of the John Hrown ra'd. and wbicb paid bis memory such evriaordlnBTy fmeral honors when be bru n a martyr to b'ack freedom f?awartfne said, in re'erence tr the suhscrip tion to Lis h. ok '? enable hit to pay his debts, th .? he f -pi at last found a* t! In Hayti which be could n< t And in Europe If the foregolmr statistics of liberality to the widow and orphans of the wbPe mnrtyr who died for the black* of the United States be a me ? .> if the soul of Huytl. what trust a white poe: in Jeht. a' i hu.? not y?-t died for anybody, evper: from it? and what must be the dzeof the soul of E impe.which l.Htnartin- d?cl ret to be smaller than that ? r Hayti? Verily. It Is no wonder Lvnir tine is deeply |n debt when bis dnaoctal caicula 'I- s display arch poetry. There Car be no ri'mmet.. on ceg ,> freep, m more Instructive ?- ' * UiJWe. subscription to the John R-f.wa fin t and tri- present m' erahle condi turn ??!? rtn< ? *la . I, fortne: y so productive hi?i so use* il to tti* world, but now of no Biote vsUie to urn ,iud than If it were sunk benea'h it ocean. Ft ?-"T?r> Fl -H \ r?i Mi SM HTSETm.?We ??et ri? e that ?R, ? |. entile talk of a fusion be n ibe 'tell u;.d 'bmglas men In Massachu -e?t ; sn If r ich a Combination Can be effected e* tn defeat I ir*? 'n In that Stnte. and reject And-***, the typo c- rabbi abol'L-inism. It arill more or.*t?re cnnQ.l.-ncn throughout the I ' ? ? try thn- anithlr, rhirh , rnU, happen; for V r ,ret?? occupies the aau predion to tie N tb that S?i.tb Car Ur dc?s to th- South? 'iey are both the tvpres-ij ,:Jret Of ejrtrem plabd -. (t would bo o. ' ar 1 g-atifytag nt 'be .sme time, to ... b, , by , to i;. rin in the vote th' .iiirn Si t'e; hot we ar? afratd tb .t a f u . ? be so ta .ly ?< n.|.|fsbe?t |p "the rcuoi of V J " has five ..... , . I, . of abolition politics <rvt Atoju.C;rr H*njioao% Eitv hw. r d acard of luvit-'l' I ?' r 1 tb. crl"brsfiop of the opening of rb In' street ral.wai in Europe, al Wrkenhad. n hi sj. to take pi- ceon Thursday la-t. Ali gn- 1.0 TM* . ew- tlally R Vstik- e en er P'ls? . ardcwr??acto. by a Yankee?Mr. 0 F Train, t.t Boston. The system of travel by h- re* rw .road., which has proved such, a com nieac *We. fs tl ;? fairly inaugurated on the other s'd- cf ?h Vfantfe snd wi.l no doubt .?ot, f" e - .rf a iter, ?it > that it will b id ; ;< i L; ft -) IraiUag city In Europe. Vi? ni'.G Cr < ;'? Tin Watkrino Purek '.I.NiV.vL r AMU IG.tAB.'.K AMI MfcMKNTti LN THK >1t.lI'.i.i'oi.if ?The xiiuiiiier carnival in over. 1 he tu?h<i n ihle (Vi.rut with its camp followers and hunger* nn. hue iu'vun In retreat from the ?i4t?rn n piuie. bmI fall back upon the me tropolis wcioh in crowded with strangers, all i! e hulei., being t vt-riun aithjguesta. Tbeseason I - he a a grand one lor the hotel keepers fnl various infiue'riim* persons who live at the water tig places, by contributing to the eater ? oinu ejir of that very inure* ting class of the ? en uiuuity described as people with more in" et iliau bra ue. Snifnijer resorts have their mutation* uh wel" a* other things. A few years MKo Newport wtt? fbe ??'ant'' plnre, Uod ducb affected by -apid perrons of both sexes. Ele gant wfckedtieM- 'Otk:entr<ited in the sober old on'ij. ?nd the ancient inhutd'ani* were ao much scandalized tha* they inadvertently charged ? louf'le price for everything. Latterly, hosr e*er. * ewport h *s become, in consequence of the conservative influence of the '?cottage so cin;qti'te slow aud amariugly aristocratic. The expit'Dg reason at Newport was a very good one. In a p> .itfnlary point of view Many id the /,a< Hut's d.d not appear, but their places acre tilled by *t' Qgers, chiefly from tue South. 1 be pr< fits of ue Ocean House people are staled a* thousand dollar*, and the other hotel* may have autde half as much more among them. A gi< at many exp-turive prl ? ate entei falrm-nta have b-en given, und ?mring last week, as b grand finale. a gentleman imported a force ot cooks and waiters ( axe I 'elaiojiico's. und gave the most luxurious spread ot the reason. The sp*s have had the pull over all the seaside places th's year, Hl'hough it is said t.'iat the Cape Muy publicans will clear a matter of fifty or sixty thousand dollars altogether. This is a bagatelle, though, to Saratoga and quite belied the profit* at the White Sulphur Saratoga has beeu overrun, and at the heigh' of the season 'he crowd numbered over twenty thousand person*. All toe hotel keeper? have rnude *tmJI fortunes, and at least half a million ot dollars must have been left there during the setiron. Sharon, once the paradise of dull pen pie, and particularly affected by that extensive New Kngland taiptly knowc as the Starching tons, has become very frisky during the last yeur or two, ami the youDg ladies who never get tired of dancing and who flirt without ceas mg. declare that the Shaker village I* almost a* fast as Saratoga. If Sharon persevere?, Ssra oga will be nowhere eventually, What the .-bakers think Of this conduct or. the part of the world * people is beyond our ken. Dreudlully outraged, however, th?f'?tfst bp. All the smaller summer reports have d?re very well, and the Canadian? are cow reaping their harvest, which came late this year cn ac count of the Prince's visit The sums expended by our people in pleasure travel amount to something enormous; the aggregate for the two mon'hs?July and August?cannot be lesc ttan two millions oi d uars, and will probably go over that sum. Much of this money L? abso lutwiy thrown away by people who make it easily and spend tt freely. The chief thing to be regretted is. that the "accommodations" fbi the travelling public are not worth one halt the money rh.rged for them. Uowater. the sea son is over, and there is an old proverb about s,-tiled milk which will apply to ex pended money. The gay world ha? coin back to the me'ropnlis. wbe*e "n good diuner is l /. a matter of impossi bility, uod where the publican* an- not such un conscionable sinners ns their confrere? In the rural dii-'riet*. Everything Indicate? a brtsa. tall season. The weather is delightful, and tne city is la Its b?st autumn attire. Rumor -ay? that some liuie love affairs at the watering place# will eventuate in a numoer o* diamond weddings -a valuable Item lor tb? Indies. The politic ans are al working like beavers. Dur ing this month the city will b- visited by thou sands ol travellers on mixed miwdnua of busi ntas and pleasure. That will make all kinds of trade lively. The Ceutral I'a-k nad all th? drive* about the c.iy will be thronged witfi elegant equipage?. The Opera, which open? to-night with a company In which are cons*i||. dated al! tb<- be* -trust* in the country, Incixd Inp four jirime Jonnt?Poll, Oorteri, Fibbri andCol?on-will bethefasbi nable am wme. of course, and has a aore brim^m prospect than ever before. Tbe Broadway tbea're* wiM at! be opened in the course of tue month. The tan leading artists on the American stage. Mi*. Cnsfmaa and yir. Forrest, will return to the an boards afu-r a lengthened oon j> ??> much lor September. In October w.- -hall La. i rrar.d rush ?t star ga/-r> * S't lYlu-e of ^ ties. So, fr> m this ti ae till Is* of November 'whirr, will hold b h carnh in New Vork. which U. next to par'? lire gay st city in the wor'd ? ?orTtTKB* M s n Nkw Ywut?Tltr< i* a eery laore tnnbw of Southern rac: e ? preaent. wb? niu?t fee! trn > . b> .* ?'ina if i-eturniajr reaann ?&<.? u?/ aitawi ? the N'?rtb. and particularly In 'Mr State. Th f m* that with the majority of the peopU . lore of the Union and dero'ton to the coi ;.! */ ?re tn>nc*r than eectionaltem or local p > u rtice. and that the ami alaeery ?rntlm*ot eh h If carried to the ac x>wt>llehm?at ot t?? pu poeee. would break up the cot.fe. r y, in rb?-riehed opty by a *n'u. i" ?rty . 1 i *>y ?elfrh rt ? {vi/ .e?. T?Vj e. ? 'hat ibe ?olid a en if thw JC - ? r *-ti are It nr.i? . ?rl i be ?5on?erea*>? ra t of t \ad t .*t ti 'h mil! t?f ? n .. ? ?? ? Itfrl'i lion. AO ?attc- on which ride 61 Mann t*'i I?u n l!r.e U ey ?y e? J t. i> I . Southern ao<* In New V? ? i "i nam ,1? look for* ui with v*ie?-; ? . ? ? a to th-t Teton r.?> ? ?bi ?? ? plac- i.en? !" teepnnd to me ri-T>i- rtativo t 'iw.-nl which hue b-eti elicit I It; all the e". w r>'' tb.? Sooth. I<et the i Orerti'ir. 4 of I .'<4 C J UO I State matte an h d *o. * trallon a* Witt ti ? diref point their h p? . '< .i enc '<? ?n < i theit return to ibe ? ith ? rtt' I by ti * i, ( , n to t';e laet Or a Pi.- Met Th ? T efT-ite of our bcuatilul haraeate rre beulnnlng t;) be fel? already inIbe Immet "atvai -* ?n of grain ftom the Wrat Th Te a ? v j > ? ut t o.i the c?nai* not l?*? than a m: a and h quarter I i.rhel* ot uheat, ~nd t ver a million b'totelr ??f ct.itt. Ofthl*. a late air. ?:ot. < t t i iree. will po to Kurop". ?lere had cri|>? and <i proitpo, tlve lou/'tfe* ? r~? wilt rr?at a larae d?"nahd t.- Aii.ern mi br. , . <. The 'iairport* j >n of produce tY a the lNe?t Win year will un do ih'edly he n ?? .| .???? *->d In con e-^aence t'jerai rttt t?al and Inter i ? w ill be largely bt . ' ;ed Chrattng t?k Pvbiuc iff WtoitTa is.> Ma auuca.? There is re security tor tue people Hguiatt the trauue committed against them in the na!e of articles by weight and measure. They are entirely at the mercy of the aeller, and have no means of ascertaining whether they are cheated or not. For example, in the case of coal, about which there is universal complaint, the purchaser cannot find cut whether he has received proper weight or not. That then is extensive fraud in this article there cannot exist a doubt. The dealers btieu sell it ostensibly as cheap us they bey it Of course they mi st cheat in the weight The cheating Is their entire pr< fit. This i? unjust to the fair di nler, who give., benefit we gbt and charges r r u-nna ble prion, which the public think too high. ur.d avoid him. while they actually pay more at a nominally Ic *er price. Our Leg' are too busy a' tb?*irscbemes of plunder e:.d rascality to devise measure^ for the pto tection of the people in weights and measure ; otherwise they could do something in a matter of st!eh universal importance. In European cities the?e is ample prerautic ntikea usai:. ! such fraud dent practices Public scales ought to be ehi&blUhwi in every district with rwom welghmsnters appointed, and u penalty to be inflicted on all dealers not t r.ding their carts of coal tc be weighed at th-'e public scales, for which a small sum c- ' ? be charged, which would make the office cf public weigher self sustaining; a certificate cf the weigher in each case to be given to the purchaser. S?me - ch arrai genu r.t as this Is necesary for the protection of the people. This, with numerous other reforms, might be accomplished if the voters would 'ake a little more trouble in see it.g that only the right kind of men were sent to the Legislature. B t as leng us such ccr nipt ra.-oals as polluted the Capitol with their pretence during the last Legislature shall shave the control of the legislation of aood, but every evil, a:uy be expected from their profeed'tig9 Withdrawai. or Bam H<iuston.?Sam Ecus ton. In a very sensible and withal patriotic let ter. has withdrawn his name us a candidate for the Presidency. Perceiving that none of the m"n in opposition to Lincoln can be elected as long or they all remain in the field, and recog nizing the detent of Lincoln as un event of para mount consequence in the coming election, old Sum retires from the contest It Wiuld be well it the other two candidates. Breckinridge and Douglas, would follow his example, and with draw in favor of Bell or some other person, who. by uniting the conservative elements of ul parties might be enabled to meet the issue with a certainty o< hucc-s. NEWS FROM (HE NATIONAL CAPITAL. Our !>tiuUl WMlili>|ton Despatch. WtmnsGTOS, Sep*. 2,136v y THTJ] ? or HSlUlOX POCGUJ r. Liter r. .gUa nUl apvsk Ua 'Tew York oc WtJafaday, 12lh of September He will then go West, and speak at Cleveland oa the 224, St Op', .ntbue on the Cji CtSPSt'. on the 26'.h, and st Indtanapo is oo the 23th. i>ius ocmu.!' \ ?y UCub o. ',rt|<s west of the llocxy Uountalaa irt bet en d to base be.-n ?nai vtUd by ap.- stale or diaaCoct e.' V?rr. "is, nfc sought rrverge There ire tnso/ of 4. a wt-o make excursions am eg tbs tr:tes, sad t d A f p, arc nipa-y tfl*w V marauding t tcra, sad set ss inlu.raers and l>tiers. kkbxox on rtAUtr trt.irv ruber '?tetilre, of M A'eyt' ?' fhureb. ("benched ? m. it elc ,'ieot tenr""". this mero'.ng on IU1 ab affairs le wtnr|i h' wss rerr severe on Oarlbaldl sad Quote V'.eto na.aiid ethortri ill good Chrlrtiaaj t- contriLv'tc of the r m- el* arid prtysre to the aastatauca Of the Pope Father U. oflictausst lire Uougln*' church Our Wsihtngtus Cerrttpondenrp. Wasiitn .tor, Aeg' et CO, 1#60 Amenl a* /"rejKfenf fluclenee? TA? l* er at tA? WVcr U there U a Cnim dgiinf Line*' ?The PewKTcrvU Whvnfur toapfiee f B. '.ansn? tott- <n the Ante Hrrmt, *? The Pre*.dent srrtved et*r <r-'.rt'.y yer?by the latest vetoing train, and sraa met at the depH ?J the freretary of lbs lawrver, the Puaimttwr G? nersl, the OoaituiMloacr of r? Bull lings and his Private tocrv urj IVre was no dni attrition beyond tt>?? respect f. *?luttt>nnsni.d that drearest interest <rhfh ere na turally tinted by the apjsarnaee of the chief an ifhll fallen ill i ss but these tpeae beyond huz sat lhis (Thursday) tei?g one t' the regvfar reeep tb? dayt at the r rem live ma '? "c. b ? fw>? at ihr. nge i ry m -e o'el k till tbrse, by tsdlsa a d gentlemen Ir< m itidereut parte ??( th. CMOS Canrer ?M-oii true Pee act nv.nleBii.oA, aid If o<m might luC. I fr m tV "? S f IN. marl the nmpriwtjr tad ceceee.ty <*fa hot. Q unsai ataoag ail cueervttrr n, tL l r U i n? ue et-,". ?? ..r l?;.o"Aii ah tra > w ? h Itj . aretentnueau i^eplj smtwd andaiielj pre. a Ira* at.., -? lh< Anificao people ?i.?r s< *t' '? tn tw? lespfe"teal. (IH, ?h?i great "josi" e m doe-" to Prt tl ' cl NnrWe i hunt f h? tbe parti< nwr cou ae of pr ramre a-loi-Mttgo t only -y Hit PS"g"?i?ts, b t bj ? -s Brerglr Mg? ipen (e I*-# m iss. Three are skl who b?*? b m todd tl) If erwk a seabnre ie?? me t^e arnc.wt.u ?a , ? j srt'eniti -ally tgwre the fttstdiat, to a ma th t?rt} ii u?"fe dvwpi. tud?bl?d ttan t an . oth r 'Iv oy era, r* uhah ver viu".t> t? ,?i?.?ew c Kr B . 'Itusa s'.a. haa k*|.t tofutbsr ' mi rema'jiS of tbe mk? (Siarerful item . rat'? ,?f'J Beg; the fnont- of lha adi iibl UaiHM.. ahaiets " , e-e.v? le aty jiBte, N,"ih, Midi ALu, "t w I. 't nrd ro tti- ue, then. thai a MI "f ? ,*r * ? ?"i re *T < never rt<-aSt ? ->0d ok ? fhe the dew r aUc ittii# ? in Mm ? whan to ben de*o?mt ftiyirwe amar aarr.fl?,Bh.<ih oca. 10 'be par nit of U> .. l?tlr " v a-.-..oh ?'i}e. t . 1>- -imeu Ignore tt-'f lent, m l ever, mto ah" it ?, ,?..i i i? pwitaaa /, o? by t ?.ial ? ut. 11, a ? tf. Ids' Thh sat th* talk to day fa the ante mat the , I J t < ? Pieoi ? - ?-? t^ he t at of r gtet I1" n W' ?achnaan had ss stse4MN*y s*t I'nsdf i|tn<i '.is c? r??.|e*t I ITl't'. *e |,eeei*tlt W eVl'SM"! ? ' I ?' +tJ? ? f **"*? lM' * !>,", b?d hs re .I it. by tuere c jtvge it swats, )?w* *a h a aw. ar J truer '(""litrtt and# he Pitfiirt.'d' at N.w Onttti. Ma uauuts. her' 1, 1VW Arm .? te tue a.aual c- .Mc st ? ?%; t ?f tti ^ w - e' ibe rvi'.rt fh IB tew l?fG IJ I if AH so t' I 5,Slt ISO bt hi th* 't1, ? / e?it ,->ed Tl reer pta t <t tbs y ?r f .<? ?1 j baiae, *vatossf w??uh is r?t fio* a! II TV# tt' r-u yrle" ft* t'lBbj '<r ? ?? ? ? h?? ' t U call "Mtsh sn htptoe.bto I 24#wi?i Nsvsl Islflllgae S. pB.C4I.glu v , We. ? J, ]ta TtS n m 'e'ga'' Prabatai, f? r T *a Ca . ,w?i Ujr islst< ?' t ..le tocn I Mhrk'f*. fr> C ? . ,, 1- ? I Otun etaa. r ss.< ? t- d*r 1 * lhe,r (or eitd illag rtosf ehmsd with as talvaue-lng lit, > atlhl- it. J , *1 tti l ? a' ag d<tt> at IIMall *' t e c r. IS ??? ?r. At..i^r? A gat f|, ?NdO LPtvt??htssfc In hart, 1*9 (tin * ibuscnsris. Angnst 21. 1S.V On ferv (4s of Ha wssn, MS talis. eaitt rf tue gth halet rraelp' < . f ess , t ? ' let, aniist "J lwt?e lt? yv r, prtsa- "Set * i"li * l'J" '<* t tfling. sou al re *pte sl(,It>d bale*, tg'*'*.- .t^i paw. Me' tear elorl to r*.r.. I SW' *1 af' tsim. hwt asvasoed He r*tf"*sea, ? ,r iH Mtv.wtte A"gid SI. !?' A ties?Reretfits eg the in *'?. ? Sho htl?. ??a -I h h%0 balra the eatae 'line Itwi ??a aacss. nwe . U. Lit/<?? i ?le agaiss* 1TS.TT" ht'ew Its' rate: sv -S 1s tort. S to# bana ^ ' (B o i',A?|l I lN*o ?Ve..r nr. tell -d aad egr ted sn erlte w ,. ?? Sr<ng *t t $(10 hei ho'dee- dents-, tp Wn ?-g e. biah. exr'uag" ?sN *V'rtt ?;r-re-e' ,?eT e rigu. " Hrsseio *e,e 1. |tgf) Itngi Orm a'th t gt^d tor ??? i oil'.' h?i* at $( ??S ? to?"T <nt"a to-M ID ? M H ' ? e?te* . . . at, S waau H J a ? fd> t .r rgi.t la- wt a ibi th fHH a $f. to " ' et' te TT'iea' -a!y te in m,lens ' au-s Ajt* "rtm /?? ] .?i'eta? > o, al II . 11 v b ' ? -?*) ' ?* "> t i . r . II 1' ? II f *' ' " " ' wHl' ' f1 '' " ?* * ?"v h 8,e ? has, r iNshF- WP?? fortoj*! ?? 14Sc on con,, to Now 2? -^'^;v^r^vw? rJe _ ^ Oewwio. dept. 1?4 p M Floor ucrbnnr~5, it V 51 fr.rf. xtra State. ?? 2S for fa V - to double nt'S city Wu.-?t market opened ?>-ith ?n upward teuaenrv and active aemtul nut rlnartl Ire* Inquiry at the h"M?'h' views: salts 12.0SS ^ ?-l? r?d winter at II 4.600 >ualu U white at 61 82, C,0OC buahah No I 1 tiici80*p-:pg aWfl It, 2 OS0 buib< la Nu 2 o<- at >1 12)4, I IT A) bouh ?a do a. $| 14 24.CC0 hi.--els do , n<] ding 8 'J00 ituehels hi arrive um prtvair bums, and 11 000 bushrls S'o t Milwaukee club al 41 20 ' ore adiaor*. So : talus 10 300 husbels No. 1 I' -air-. Other grail quiet Caual fruit bU woaker nc grain: Hour 66c whe?t 11 S,r. a 12 , com Ho. to New Vork. lake in.port*?ll.CoC btleheW a Ileal. I 060 "uth el-corn, 7.70S bushels baro-v >'?ral rxi>orw?104 bbb Hear, 10C COO buel.^.r ah at, 2'.,300 hmliels corn. la Ir - ir f> r the nu? nth > t August?i.C*t oh; II- ur, l.ltt IK Ic-bels wh-ai 787 095 busb' lr ro-o, S .216 I usbets oatk, 6,620 bu.-tn i* ba let Imports since upoulug Ol nariga te 1,?C7,S2t bhla fl ...r,fi,0S6,4o0bukheli. wheat,3,781.4(7 bushel* corn, '.in.106 busbait n.ta, 47 738 b i?li?la bariuy, iu.46e UuabeU rjt, tt>,V>6 l>.ub< U peas, 142,007,(27 (eC4 lumber September 6??toa e( the Cummon Cwwmcll. Tbe Tcard of Aldrrmen, after e brief recess, will boll ti-? flrst meeting 01 th-'.r 61 plexb?r suasion ibis evening There U spec.a! to o me immedlately before toem, 1 ! there will be a considerable deal of routine buataea to be disputed of Tbe AJdeemeu have saicllooed the Japanese bill, aud It baa g.ue before tbe Couucilmen for ti^lr action. The Aldermen bare alao flie.i upoe tbe r*rk as a It -atlaa fbr th? taw courts; but as this h*s bee* done b;- ha'f a doten previous Boards, It will benecemary for the present City Falbt r? to follow up ibis preliminary su p, and let the wort be Immediately oomraeccad The hoard ot Coaaeilmea commences tbLs evening Ba fo-e tbe Board adjourned, a fee aeehs e.ocr, thoy trans acted nearly all the bua.uesa. e that there are only a Caw ro-jtlte papere on tbe calendar. as most of tbe memixwa hare been nbs- nt from the city, no active steps have been taken to furnish tbe bills fbr entertaining tbe Japanese, but tbe committee will meet early this memo, ana deetda a.1 to the couree they witl pursue In referruoa tn this natter, which bss elicited so much remark from lbs pub I't press. September Term of lbs w Courts. Although all clsssrs, including those moat important peisonags-s, tbe big aud little members ?f the leghl pro f-sB on, are returning to tbe city, ih" burlcia of the law courts will n?'t be In full f roe uMll tbe Jury t-ials are commenced in October. Tbe courts for the nnt few wtt-ks wU. ba occupied with sp.elal term and chamber business, and though tbe argument on tbe injunction us tbe "gTla.ron railroad" schrms is set dvxru for this morning, 11 w.U, la ail probability, be pt stpoLed to a fa tars day Tbe Supreme Court, Ctreo't, will be opened for Jury cansre 00 tbe third Hoc Jay of dep ember, but tbe duperies Oot.rt ud Oibt Pies* will not Lave any trials by yiry until tbe flrst Monday la October Tbe room, part drat, of tbe Ooart of Common Pleas, Is being altered hack to tb state tn wbtcb It war tn days of yore, and which will be dtcldpdly fbr the enter. Tbe entrance will be from the top of tbe stairs under the vestibule, and tbe bench will be on the eaal Th* great Washington market controversy la not yet at an end; It bar to go be ore the general term of the do pre me Court, sad,, ultimately (or trial before a Jury The t'nited dtetes Matrlct Oourt will opes to morrow 1 th: C. -t Ttraday In the month, but will adjourn Tor twa we' lea mere Tb: I'u.ted btates C.rcu t will open ca UK lhlb lost. Crm.dslnti are ccsetantly made at ?ha oXra of the Un'tcd States District Attorney of the vast quantities ot spu dour tr.'cry that are bonrly dlsscmlcttrd tbro igbout the community, and tt la etraage that lazy gangs of piua dartrt, Ioj 6tp:av?d to work b'-aestiy, at 12 peratat la tbrtr enlawfL traffic when there are so many examples of creadsrs before Ibem now suffering long periods of toe prlsonmeot tn 8 t>g Slog We are tnfnrmed that there see cart loaJa of spurious coin?gold dollars an 1 silver, frees dollar pieces to dimes?aSoat in tbia city. I'atbiinnately the victims are geaerahy small tradesmen sad tbe labor Ing r'usacs; but tbe re is one t on?< at 00 tbe jurors of tbe Cntte' States OWrtS seldom fbll to convict cunnterfeluys, an" iti federal j .dgoaarc Justly sever* upon the traus greisors. We must sgw^n raltersts our compistnt of tas wsnt of acttwariioda<l<? for our state cuis Wuoav our Judges are declining in health from tbe Its pure atmosphere of miserable *>ur' rooms, the city at. tbor'.tiea are squandering uub*ard of sum* of ranuey oc gaody ceiebratioos, wL.cb won t alia wt suffice to e-\l a tea building tor tbe auminietretina of civi. a 1 c. Juai.oe. Tbe "authorities," our tocai legwu.ort. tat Boo our Bradys,end our rtarrs. Willingly apprr^i ate one hundred end Ore thousand doiia/n t<i tu ." 1, r.j| an ' tbe copper coloreii Prlno* from Jauno, but tbe* nevrr eatortnir the p?o,*>???. -u to ap ropr.ate |2W> uM to build, in tbe Park, court am-mm latum (or the oriml. cal and litigious pcttuai of our population Uotae, g*e t imec, (my up your old Jaimoeee enure, and let ua fbr trevrii's eeke bare deoeat court ro<"as In lbs rlty of Sow \ "tk The General Area to l* opene this moruttig, Jadge R.omMl prraidlng <>o tae bepeb Our r?pnrur learned I rum tne i t. ai <e tbe Ibstrirt Attorery'e office H al n.. very km portant caeoe would bo tried during the prrerci lira, la onnetquence of Ute seeuatutatkkj of e la 0umber of atl neete. During the fore pan o' the tn ?tar or ana g vt, the t'tv Ju'ige d at- red of tadte'm ale agaim to parties held te prw<a,Qf wuleb hero were e large buuioer, and > avtng r*d ed lbs nmo - ot pel .!??? 10 tb*' T< r ba, alien', on wU be Sa.'ules ?.>? lrl'ot.tar'y III t nth ? tbe bnarleg or bah .-ease ? "> ,.i|- ?? T p ar.-; ? h -e, who ar - itdated al egrd rxt-nai-e |*nd "gerue will be triad, 1 we h?w -op bther ci s of w ra u Iras totorrit I't'tsMki liiltllJgiarr, G Bart,*#. of tt j ?w, ia bit nj ?> M i tf*f lA'srltr > FrwUr, t>*UU f'aiaa ?real'* ?* l ? ? Gx.iii>< il> ti luarrlaC K <aU**ti row p-?rf>?r at :aaff ..worth. Km aa, at' i t* rt4*aqt ''^'thrtb.r.t ... tar m ?> ?u? id , ? t (n( tt.u of tba law. tlr will reu iu ?* bat ? K. : .ii'n *.n.. bat a ' ft', ra ??< tbr at Obo a* * ?1 i< >? imhtirrr bia bttMnaaa .a N ?!'. ? %. Rrr 1! ffj bartti 9r..???"??.?" Northsnotor tt a t?.h. ? a a -m b*> >1 ' ?i . wit.. ?? s wif. ,. n- ba-k G-twab ?*, f ai*t Mat , f-ir ,4satb bfr'r. Br tt t?t th ? r rrioti at tar * let n #???* aba Mat I ita. ?%>? ? r- va|r ... *0?,a* . B* i. . ktll.i i'm i <lii ? ?. ? t f; l #,?W i?i ?? i Mi 1? .w or at- lit .?*.**? J i .ii|w ?-?< a "a rofe>?at than arbaa ore |>3 tag lb u?a tb? ? -ah At I, bi ,a*t ?.* t Ml M tbr pint aaka of tar baot w'aat crop < ? t*i Mi> It let ta wi traaalai rati ke aa nbM . *13 iwn maatla u?4* -bib ca-gtbtr. k< i iftot Hrary A Wtaa af ftrfiata, Mya tb bar "at fiat UrnI, H%at*a a katijia, mk aa atml aa> at it a ? at :?t a aatati t ?? in Aba ' ? ?tt *t ba ?t-tttaf. tft??a watt- at. bar Mm* MtajitwraatO knit at k-rtaa ail ?f aa>ta ??i bar a aaaatrwalag ati mli.iii't' I It T* arrof *??-? ! t to. tria ??.<? ta, tmS ba?v affnrAai t ? 4 tat aga" ,*1 *,-t,**a ? 1- at b?- ,*?!'?'> ait. ><*i??i 1 ,1 tit 14 ropa'.Mt ia ? tr?r inwitkb aa Bata ? - ? ?? m ... r n?rwi 1 . abou rt, trwK f l? 'f ta bra It w :,a* qaua it ? I fit r' aa i ? , a* tat , ..It t w? I, a - Ur 1% ? T|w it *t-athat b i n *1 lit t it in '-.<*? ' f,? ??tw>ar? 'bal w<v ' b* * ? b i' .. t? wit!. ^ 0 *>? a*al fit 11 ? Ik i tbt?? 1 ? ? . ? 1 ? ?. . t:*r? 'V1 *ni : Lk . ?*???-? -f 1 1 1 rt 7 -r 'Ml) .# ? -1 . aa a apt |r. ?*' * ' ? lb- M'l rt* - -t II wli?? h If, tatatt >ri Mi- #1**111 ' ta t a a yl tit 1 w ati'Mnv, fMiiaWwt at fh? Sari iba' fet ta a l/lll Uillal It ? IV If mM Jnacr ' ' ? r?;. ' l> ?? f *? '/ Mb*tit I, 4m w tt'.r l|H an ail ? t'i , vli '.?h .i 'j 11. 1.1 f ? ? ?. 1* #-"?*# wb* n . l >a fart Wtik ? ? d -r -r t t, rt - vat at a laaawt T* - . . a; ?* *4 vf' ? . ? tt ? . 4 tt I r*j?."TT. ? Tt a I 4 tout at ,-rt OWt boo-"tt ill t ? W ?' ?i.', ftt a . ait' . I iff- *??? -r t t r * 1 lr t ? n ? a! |a>t w a* r II. ? 11.tit 1.1 at a. 9 i tt ? ' t ' rabf a haar * It." a- , lib' r- t .'I ? . a ? tat |r IfM it bnattrklh albi'It f r-v- . t-oj I'Ml Ivt WHMtef aaa>f?d larca rioan u ?oa ta 1 W'?ilrial, *i,<t wrr* j ?</! rati .? ? 1. bar* NM t*'-or ? r?'# ?f - I?I'ttr .!?..? ty I- 4- *..) 'Ij- rr?n'?* 1*1 ' 'a< *? Tbay an-ahJ ? "i > r? - .wr-ir m wavr f?p cttt. ?r 1 lui ?i t ?* <imb . a ta al rlt, ?? P* 1 * ? ?? mat; la* -two ? 4t ? Mt ?.?! II f ??'? ? ?**? ?? P*ijr al II* to tan* feit* a. t?- Mb fcat"> 1 *? ? ?tit it fin wr - t?. r on. wttaM ??? |wtM'^04 '?*.?* ??rt ar ? >b*y a teak* a fttll to aa* b f "- baaM of two ct IVrr ikriatar of cat hi ilftiat au<i * ta?*a >* 44 ' 'w* 'Iff'! *?.' ain ?r wata ?#??? Wr?a ' MWt clakb at a pt r art ?a?i of ?** *"* ? it air la an 0< ?t? ah.el 1 - t oat ??* ba a MWt of r<-.V*: ltd ? t trttita ? rtb aim tt(W'? <?****. ?*? baan of wftbtaa o#jm i-ti r..*a??* oja?'* *"? f i.iaa ?. *?A tlw k*"?f Itat M tioa M* ft* ra'* o?b?t^t **< a .a r**'** M tboir bl! at ?b- tf *? banal. ?? bo La* OT* fkB Awoft* AJMBbtT ? wnilT if.?-tftkut ,b..i irjblt barr o.-r -atoAf " ?? <** * Wr*/ f tbotb 41 .l-tarnl . larw-w- .wib'./, 0 (Mil* bar if W>* t

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