Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1860 Page 1
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-THE NEW-YORK HERAL D. WHOliE NO. 8765. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS'. TIE POLrneiL C11PA1GV. Speech of Mr. Douglaa at Baltimore Laat Wight. HIS REPLY TO MB. BRECKDTRIDGE. TIE PI0PO8BD FUSION Dl NEW TORI. Political BOovcmenta in Various Marts of tfco Country, Space* or .nr. OtBflM mt Baltimore. BAiTT.TR>, Sept. 8,1880. Mr. Draftee ertiTed frcm rrodariok at four P. M. Ha was rsoeivsd at the depot bp a large oceeocree of bis friends, who estnusissHcaily cheered htm. The crowd followed hie carriage to the QUaeore House. Ob reacting the hotel a eopjr of Mr. Breckinridge's speech was ylaoed in hla hands. He immediately stripped aC, and awaiting his baw^e wrapped himself op Is s Maafest.add tbes lighting a cigar he read the speech of Mr. Breckinridge through before dromiig hlmseir. At eight o'clock this evening ha was serenaded hp the ?mb' hand, aad Immediately appeared ea the lower bal cony. He wee greeted with ebecrs aad proooeded with a stealeriea votes to address as Immense oonoourss of list eners, being frequently interrupted bp cheers. He oom* mesoid hp arpresslng his devotion to the Union end bis dsiersilnstina tasaart all the powers at the constitution Or its piurei >alli aad permanencp. He would ask no thing for his own Stete, no right end no immunity that he would sot great to the Southern Stales. He proceed ed to dslns the son-Intervention dojtriae bp meap spa and amusing illustrations and analogies, aad seed its slavery question must be settled hp local exigencies. Where alaverp was profitable; there It would go; where it wee not, there It would never he leg tainted into existence. Visionary, fonatieal men of the Beetb thought bseenae slaverp wan desirable hi certain latltndaa it ought to exist everywhere. Fanatics at the North thought been una it was not desirable there In that aeotioa, it ought to bo abolished everywhere. We on the piaiis of Illinois oooe tried slavery. When it was found It was incompatible with oar interests it was abolished. When It wes found wo eould not make end money ea it, we turned philanthropists and abolished It. It was s great error to suppose O agressions I legislation could regulate the metier. If it was found contrary to the in terests of the people of any Territory to have slavery, all the powers in Christendom could not force it upon them Be, If It war found to be to the interest of the people to have slavery there, It would go lu defiance of the at tempts to prohibit it. It was e fundamental principle <f the federal compact that each State should be left to make laws adapted to Its circumstances. Since I arrived here to-night, a Mead read to me a por tion of a speech delivered bp Mr. Breckinridge at Lexing ton, Kentucky, yesterday. 1a that speech I find that Mr. Breckinridge justifies the breaking up of the Democratio Convention and the division of the democrat to party, to the great danger of the elect ion of a black republican, ea the ground, he eapa, that the regular party ta inted upon a particular dogma, aad that ha would aot take anybody as a candidate for the Preeideacy who waa the repreaeatative of that dogma. (Chion.) Now let me ask you what le that dogma of which ha ipaaks, aad which he charges me aa being the i*a earn latin to la it the dogma of aoa-interrantioa by Congress with ?ItTtr; U> Um Tsrritorltaf AH that mj Mends da*trad at Charleston, aad again at Baltimore, was that the km thla year abould reaffirm the platform la Ctaotnnati la IMA. Wa asked nothing That platform declared the principle of nan i?Bnnhcasa van a lac tad Praatdant aad Jaha C Breckinridge Viae Praaldaat oa that platform, aad aad Tina I'rmifml bp tha power at They nerer could have baea fleeted te that eery dogma ef noa lntm imtllaa; ai ridge telle you that rather thea i be wee flint ad, aad to r aid fidelity, It waa beta* to break ap tha party, to hnanrd the itimim tt a Mack rapahttaaa aad all tha dlra aaanaqawmca that would likely follow. 1 again repeat, that we tnly aaked the aeme dog am upoa which Barhanan aad fopaahtartdga ware eteetad. Wa only aMed tha aama platform on which they were a em taated. We did net require aap cheage of platform, aay change of principle, or nap change of aaage tt the party, hut ha aad hie party lake the groaai that tha maa who ataada where he aad otharaatood tour yaara age la ao batter lhaa aa abolittaolat. (China.) Old ha tell you eo foor yeara ago? (Answer?"No.") Did he aot tall you four yaara ago that tha peace of thla oountry de pended upon thla yery dootrloe of naa-latarTeaUaa? (Cilea of " Yn ") Did he not tell you that tha election of each aa taterrentlonwt *a Fremont would be juat eeuaa of dWunkmf (Criea of "Be did.") Did be not tall yoa that Southern honor, Southern righto, and Southern equal.ty la the Confederacy depended oa maintaining Um doctrine of noo iaterveetkm aa affirmed In the Clacmaatl platfrrm f (Crtee of "He did eo ") Aad now thia Brack mridgt, wbo waa elected Viae Preeident by your eflorte and by mlea upon that selfsame doctrine, naya that no man ought to be entrusted with the relan of government wbo mends by the principle to which he ptolgrd bis anered honor to eland by foer yearn ago. (Chasm.) Ago n, my follow citiaena, Major Breckinridge, m hie stamp speech, defohda himaaif agalnai the charge that be waa wppoacd to ilinaral Caaa In 1MB Ha myn It la tree that a 1M1 be atteadrd the meeting which brought out General Taylor for the PreeMaacy, bat that aabae^aeaUy, m lege, after Cms was nominated, ho took the stomp for Chef, because he represented ha (Brackbridge's) prln etpies Now, mark ha laageage "I weal for Caaa be aeose rem represented my prtactptae " Whet prtaciphw did Case represent* Why, be bad jent written the Btohohm letter. (Cheese) The Ntoholaen letter was aen-aterrenlicn, with sqsetter sovereignty addei (Cheers.) Tat Brack In ridge aay* b* want for Cess against Ihylor, to Taylor, (Cheer*.) Ill the dogma In 1MB. (laughter ) Agate, la the Osama Hon assembled la this city la 1MB, that nominated Own for President, they adopted the same platform ef nan intervention. New took an that platform BrecklarMg* was anuad la 1MB, and he pledged himself I* Um doc trine af aca laiereaauoa by ihagraan with alaeery la the Terr nor tea Bran* i art dgt want ler Omsk sea mi Omars presented bis principles, or this dogma; aa It aaaaaa, then, that iweckmrldge and Chaa la tha Booth warn to gether la 1MB We til weal for the dogma than. 1st ?eery man rend the reesrd If he has a doabt upon thla The only ob)aatton I had myssif to Chaa at the tb (Utters.) But It I [ with Chaa said thai tb* people had a right la wfoa tewt la tha Tbrrlterite inside the eaastlUtkm. Chaa sad Brarktnridgt dootriae of sqs was eemido the aaaatltatwm. (Cheer* ) My old Meed, Genera! < am, wbn la a eery good and a eery prlrtotte maa, ?heaBht the people had this rightoutatd* the eeaslHetlna; and fovrkiartdga fits yoa hi hta ttomp apeech Umt Oms rn IMS reprsmwtsd Me principles Again. Is IBM, the democratic party aaaatnbled la this Man um to Mi City, and eum mated Pierce tor PrtnMmt, tad adapted the plat foem What was that platform t It wn aa approval of the Com cram We measures ef 1MB. oantatoiag the <tagam ?f eon taterrentlon hp Congress with sfoeery a the thr rwervw. Thq whig* also snmmbled ta foia city la the tame year, and nemlaatod font* tor Omidtet, and they tee. adapted the mate prtantptsa te tha eshfeot of tie rery. The only ??x test thsn raised was, whether rteeee, the democrat iv onndidntn, or Hcott, tb* whig rand (date, wv the roundest aa the dogma M son iatervsarea (l.mgb tar Md cheers.) Ten whig*. If there be tap obit antra t pan. rleim that yen are eat and to lb* graawrt portion of the eret't ?' edi Meg the (inpi >m.** coenasred of 1MB. toemied oa Um deetna> ft a< a- atervtatx i. hceaua* fW M'B thai pear great fMp r?[? rw-l the b"l; 'tea tbe gedpke Wahfoer ? Wsere Brftafog it | rit rip It* * tAt daaa #, ami k.-ciM iha% jcur noble President, Fillmore, was Bound on the policy, Md pn to the bill the force at taw. Hence your data that thia measure wan a wbif measure, and that we de mocrats are not entitled to any credit for It. But tfiat bill was founded en the principle of aoa-intorvention, and Mr. Breckinridge was sound upon it then, though un sound upon it to-day. So yoe see that you whigs and we democrats, in our separate national oonrentioos la thin city In 1882, affirmed thin principle of nea-tnterrention, and In the same year John C. Breckinridge wan elected to Oongrsas front Kentucky, pledged to the mom principle Breckinridge wan sound on that principle then, and it wa upon this principle that Buchanan and Breckinridge were elected President and Viae President of the United BUtoo. But Breckinridge has chosen to toll the people In kin stump ?patch that I em not the reguhur nominee for President, and therefore that be won right la running against me. ?You ill know tha fact. The two-thirds of the Convention were for dm against ona third. The one third they found oould not ooatrol whan tha two-thirds balloted and broka up tha Convention. Breckinridge takee the nomination from the oae-third. He olalnas that I am not tha regular nominee, and that therefore he In the nominee. I have only to say that I never yet de scended low enough to take the nomination from one-third of my party. (Cheers.) In ltM, when the telegraph announced that Buchanan had the majority vote of the Oonvenuiu, 1 drew my manse because that a majority or my countrymen were against mn. (Cheers) When ever I go into a convention and gat the nomination, I will not say what 1 would regard myself if I was guilty of *1* dtfbonor of running against the regular nominee?Tor whet In a convention worth eseept the delegates who go to it themselves bound by honor to abide the result! Would an honorable man go to a oenvention with tha understand tag that If be won he would take the stakes, but If be lost be would sot pay? Hy fries da, 1 will leave you to ponder upon these things, and reflect upon them, la connection with Breckinridge's conduct in this matter. (Cheers.) The Brecklnridgs and Last State Com mittee. FBOPOBTTIONS FOR A FUSIOM?THB PROBABLE RE SULT, ETC. The Braeklnridga and Lane State Central Committoe, of which John A. Green, Jr., In chairman, will meet to-day (Friday) at tha St. Nicholas Hotel, when they will be prepared to receive honorable propositions from tbs Douglas Committee. Messrs Tucker and Green having just returned from headquarters at Washington, it Is supposed that they con talk to the Douglas faction as men having authority. It appears that Ben Wood holds the stakes of the Douglas Committee, sad Is so strongly In fhvor of us ion that ha is willing to g,ve the Rreekla ridge men all of one name out of thlrty-flve on the else ral ticket. This fusion question seems to be n troublesome one with the petty politicians, for tuoh are the men that as sume the leadership In this State. The Douclassitos are stiff with the Breckinrtdgers, and the Breckinridge and Lane men, Independent to the extreme, will not move n peg without a satisfactory bargain. Tucker Is al very good wire puller, and fixes up the kitchen arrangements of the party In good style. He can keep the tin well scoured and the dirty linen out of sight; bat be makes a poor General?be wants some use to control his impulsiveness. John A. Green, Jr., who was selected by the State Central Committee for that express purpose, la hardly able to psifoim that task. Mr. Tucker has beeo throw ing cold water on (baton, fearing. it In said, that his name will have to bo dropped from the electoral ticket. It In mid that the Douglas party are willing to Ball out Kelly and n portion of the balance of their Slate, and one ican oo the electoral ticket, as they fear the popularity or Brady. This proposition is not at all acceptable to the Breckinridge men. They care tenfold aaore about the Doctoral College than they do tha tknlo candidate, whilst Brady, it Is mid. is willing to step una tide and remain a private soldier in the sauce of his country. Bow this troublesome question will be fined up Ume clone oca toll. Tba Breckinrtdgers are aeid to bo ready to make a propo sition to the Douglas branch, and are willing to drop their mate ticket for ton electors, Brady to be one of that sum bar. ITow this proposition will be met we shall doubt tern know within the next twenty four hours. Besides the Brack tnridgs erusmltlse, there to to be a tenure! con formed of BeU, Douglas and Breckinridge leaders at tha Metropolitan Botsi tan evening. If the points I ana have get aU their private bargains made, there win bo n totem of ail tha foalims against lbs republican; If not, R wtll ho pantnaned for n weak er two, untU that em be aooom ?imbed. thegmtonl ^wrmstaa the mwagare en bethntdsa to, tint there will be a union of all forces be u the gnmd ral torn Una ? sat tog on the lfth task AJRt J tally indignant at Ik* frnada ud viol ace at Wauoaal 0?till?. i?Win tram lb* intrigue*at eeitoh poll Unman, tod independent dsmuants at Sam Tort deter ?land, mm montbe dan, to esataM their righto aa ciltxma, by the alwika at a Presidential ticket, without the dtctelM of party. They adopted thla un usual cwm aolety la vindication of a principle, aad not in mere devo tlea to the name of a man. Ibey ware tan red that the oabiaaeed elietere of ow date aad aattoa deaired to enter their leettmoey tgaiael the loose morality of modern peltttra, mnntfaaled by aeetloaal and factional ooo rent Nina, by the hud. tier lag of principle*, and by the open aaie and transfer of part Ma rotes. Ibey recognised the pre heat time as aa aoeptcion ooe for a popular pretest agalaat eorrupt party machinery, aad they hoped tapanugurale, at lent, romc mov.moet which boo eel democrats could endorse as patriotic at this junsture, Geu. 3am Houston?known M a aoued ?telrema*. aad respec ted alike tor be ability, bsintag rtty and bia services to the republic?appeared as the clear exponent at the aeutimeot wblch was working through the popular heart Re denounced the tjstem nf political uaflic which Code its market at nattooei ova venluibs, and refused emphatically to allow his neaw to be oat., in lonnectlou with their aetkm. This poeltma, gallantly assumed by On Houston. drew forth the re ? posse of tax fellow c It Iran in Texas, who at uooe tender ed bun * people's aomtaailga for the I'reeldnsy. Bis nc asyteB thereof, throngh a public letter, ptecad him be tore the country n n popular nominee, at ooee moo crsltc, oatioaa! asd cooserrntlre. aad the independent lemocmu of New York kwt no lime In responding to their fellow patriots, the citisens of Texas, by lbs seise lkm or sn sectoral ticket feromble to 'ten Houston. The Peopk's Ntete Committee of New York now learn with regret that Own Houston bas withdrawn from bw posit loii as lbs people'* candidate We belle re that be could have commanded the su Tragea of oar tndepandeat democratic masses, aad rebuked the corruption of party onsTrcltbM ss Andrew Itckson crmdemned the Tensi ty of Congressional caucuses A politics! majority might not hare crowned the efforts of his frlende, hut to lh<me who rejoined la supporting him n (be champ ton of their principles, ''a minority bas no terrors." Nersrthelim, toilow cittnaas. it Is true that. whUs many enstainrd dsn. Hnustos n the embodiment of a popular preeept against party tyranny, a larger somber adhered to htm from ?ireiiail preference sloae, aad will iselves Ooo Is i ?ider tb<ii.selves free la suppait other candidates U IS IlkswWe besom lag mare apparent that not oaly the polity of a mavetiitnu system. but all other palttloal ssbjstte, minor or eatmaal, nave eienmi dwarfed by the shadowing controlerev regarding slavery?am "metlte ilea whose eglsteaas," la ma words cf our lateaaodldals. ??Should never have been brought into national politico ?' The attempt even longer to ignore tela quint I to is futile The HPvi to iwMpnae lie arltieufeet In tee indednlt* fa lure .? unjust toeur posterity, aa well as dishonorable to our MM Ibereferr we are ooo sire lead to accept the withdrawal of Ova Houston from the Presidential onuteet as a sanrl toe roiled tor by thr political exigeaciaa of our day Holding to abeyance our toaire tor a popular rebuke of bad mm and mlaehievnue party tactics until ee-b reboke shall be apoutaaeoea with the democratic mane, we ae q a tenor m oar sand Kioto "a rauohitioo to nasi on obstacle ? tte way of a fair and honorable conflict n< uplaloae ua ? mala MM at tela aaavaaa. We reward tea "tpeeiea the mala Mao* nf this nivm We regard the "apaalre dogmas, etaptiup ^^tsd^^tssak, e^td edegtle^tMfta^f eaaa, se jamiy gtigmmiml by 0ea. if neat is, aa the predueli of -it weald he rrom the emhlttoa of ptgmy gag-tee, perrhel apoa '? spacing Ingress.1 or the rirtlM asm at trading politicians who assume festal pentee won of oar lit ma, rather thaa from soy danger that may arise flrow the verdict of ear people, through their halM b??, ib the roast Itutioual oka toe nf tbatr ml are With these r>marts fellow ritual, toe I'noptoh Hale Committee. at the frteode of <ieaet?l Hoeetoe. In New Tort, nutgn toe pewen swtmsted to them le doiag so they beg hmee la ankaew ledge the warm tyre pat by and saermrageaseet whteh they have received Warn sttiseae m all parts ol Ms Mate, and to teaak the gtetlamm who accept*'i the pre it tea of electors la aMamattsa at that is ?iepeadeat pnpaktr prlar.lpts at whMh C - - baa ever bees toe tapansnt. Ws mi salMnstma the fnariom advocacy at tbs peopte'a move meat by aa md> pendant prase, aad part leu lariy by those sterling Jnurwele. the /??plr i /Vws of Ktoptne. aad ton ffmklood /vmneruf of i'ukmill ft Mf he eur ptsaelug duty to rally at mm fetors call under the standard of toe psantol enverngntr over parties?u standard whieh we MvaTendsavaged to uphold boldly and imthfally. Till than let as pregaws to take nur pert asd ehorwe ner ildea with the mm pel* Intle mottese that bars aetualsd ear sap port of General Bomton And let tw lewetabsr new no middle itkue in the prtenet oontaet ie worthy uf our count manse He <! leboaeet rombiantma of politlctnee, to r.u-at ng to . beats 1 nea calm ear eld nc toleration No ?claptrap" of pretended deeper to the "Cuioe" mnet blind >.ar parsertlose to the danger of .ntrust ng toe shows '* i.*r next President to a tattoos Hem,-tee wi* re et'tah mar he puprbaaeble aa they ere hi Vsi nasi Cniveulimie. ' set ? vcvw, Wlow e>?"w, ?n that toe penrie -gy stoat tbeTi eadial. net thesyeu *>'? fe rn* n true to |nur jnac j'ee ord >i the oeuaefl of Ma Houston, glrto la these word*:?"Lit not Umm who rely upon carrying the election Into the Boom of Kipiwla, Urea deoetve themaalvm. Iha people have haw tang* to dread auch a consummation. Finally, fellow electors, let ua remember that I' our caieclty as clliseoe. in varloua localillea. we necessary, la the aomlaatlo^ ?lei Wtom. ?We remain your (lUov on bohaif of Uw Slnfen *? ? a. j. dcoammi, Cew- N. T. City. STEPHEN H48B80CCK, IINBWN HA8BROCCK, S. W. JOHNSON, Ch'n Stale Omamlt^ro, m E. Bhutan i Child, Secretary. Meettec at Damgiaa palga Clwb. A regular resting of this club took place last night at their haadr marten, u Broadway aad Thirteenth ?heat, (hi minutee of the laet meet lag were reed aad ff fed, end mesial new ? a eat we admitted. St-tldiiaM Wuaow ataled, ea behalf af the flnmmlt had Arriugsminli, that the plane tor the hettral, to take plaee on Wedaaaday, September 18, were rapidly programing. He atated that Maaere. Douglas, Johneoe and Bade would oertalaly, aad Memri. Crlttendea, Letcher of Virginia, aad Seymour, probably, be present. Steam boa ta wlU arrive from Brooklyn. Jereey City.1 Newark, foughkeepsie, Hudaoa, Albany. New Haven aad Providence. The city earn will redeoe their btre to three coats, aad rarleue steam tape will ran between the city aad the weed for the oonreyaaoe of paesinjort. There will alao be praeaal two oxen aad divers aheep roe at a it whole aad ready tat distribution. The PaaeiosHV, after the report, latrodnoed the Hon. Sdaoa Olds, formerly member of Ooogreae from Ohio. Mr. Old* oommenoed by sketching briefly the varlew parties whs bare candidates now before toe people, their principles aad effocts. After gelckly disposing of Messrs. Bell, Llacoin aad Breckinridge, he oommenoed a long de fence of Mr. Douglas, from file tret speech la Onagri as to his laet act in the late session of the Senate. Mr. O. spoke on this?bis favorite theme?long and fluently, aad was repeatedly Interrupted by applauee. The President and Judge Dengiaa Wiwnmor, Sept. 8, 1800. The following te a oorrect eepy of the letter of the President to Uaveraor Smith, of Virginia, which appeared la the Alexandria BeiMiisl of yenterday, with several er rors. It speaks for Iteolf VaaontH, August 11.1800 Mt Dbab Sm?I have received your fever of the 8th laet., enclosing a printed extract from the reseat speech of Judge Douglas at Oonoord. Ton Inform me you expect to know something of the interview referred to la I speech. According to this extract the Judge etataa:? The Preeldeel told ana If 1 did not obey him, aad vote to ?mS^^mSsmen^eSairaSUae^w'rCnS1? will, he would Lace off the head at every It Is eaaeoeaeary to qoaSo the alleged reply of the Judge. Surely there must have been some mistake la the report of the speech, because I never held any each con versation with Judge Douglas, nor any outlier sal loo whatever affording the leest eolor or pretext for raeh a statement. It was not la my eaters to ilhm such threatening and insulting language to any gentleman. Be sides, I have not removed eoe to lea of his friends, sad not one of hie relatives. Even among these of hie friends who have rendered themselves prominently hostile te the measures of ibe admlaiatratioe, e maturity still reeaatn la office. I might odd that I have never held a political conversation with Judge Douglas on this or aay ether sub ject since the day on which my tret annual asamage, of the |Sth of December, 1887, was read la the Senate; aad I did I not transmit the Kaaaaa oouetllutton to Ooagraae aattl the 2d of February, 1818. the qaeetkm of slavery not bar ing been decided by a vets of the people aattl the Slat af December, 1867 Now, my doer sir, la writing to yoo 1 have transgressed a rale which 1 had prescribed tot my self, not to contradict aay atotemeats availing my public conduct or fibers Kir until after the swtetiw of my term of office. A atammaae, bueeiw, eoaeas with such I fores from a lilinat nr of tha Called States, who IB one ef I my oooeUtaMoael advieore?and this, too. la a published speech delivered by him ta htseaavaas for the highest I elective office la tha world?that I deem the present ease Yours, aaost truly. JAMS BCCHAAKAM. Te Boa. William Horn. ?evemsMi ef Iseeter Deifies. Reamsfu, Pa, Sept 8,1880 Kalmftve ptspereUve era makleg Ihr the reception of it wlB arrtvev ?Merday aad leave for i earns aflanaoa. A letter hv hew re eetved by cat. Mil ew foam Mr. Dongtoe eeoaptiag the Weed, to New Yerk, wd amerteg kirn that be w*l past Uvety be w bead w that eemelm, aad that be le tends tet oa HLL-Bvroir iin urarnso at rumia-movb ami or nu roLiriouM smauLLr. rwon, 8ipl I, ISM A great Bell tod Erer?U dm netting wee held bore to-day. A proof too panned through the ftre#tn wtth moetc tod banner* Tbouano<t? of people aaaamblrd it the Oteri Boom yard tad the adjoining ground*, who were eddreeead by e*re*ai apeak en. aad the greateet eatheetef prevailed. A Breckinridge tad Laae deraooatration will be bald la a weak or tern. The people are having ictereeted la the coming atrnggie, aad a vtgoroea ooeteet will be waged bet wwe the friecde of the oppoelag caadldatee. A Doug la* electoral ticket bee been famed. New York Pwlltleo. Auun. Sept. S, 1*00. the re toe and IwmorratY Mate Commlttem hart tub atttntad Joba Mann, of It tea. on lb* electoral ticket, la place of Mr Huattagioa. Mr Moan baa aeoepud Arnraa Vot ? ISM Major WiUtaa* C. Bmrdaley. of Auburn, wan wataaied by acclamation for Ooogrrna Ima the Twenty flftb dla trtct by the I'f ucntle Oouraotkie to-day. Pt??rw, Rapt g, 1M0 Baa. Chan B. Sadgrwwk wan today renominated by the Twenty fourth (Xa New Haaawahlre Pol I tire. Do ran, W. H . Sept g, ISM. i Republican Owreatloa at WnHWo to day. of Meradtlh, wte cbooaea PrtntdaaUnl The Veraaowt State Ilartlen. Motrrmuaa, Sapt S, ISM. Retnme free ene beadred lewae toot np ?Shlrbneke. IS,OS*, Hex*. SJM, Barvty, 1JM tnpnbltca# gate ainea laat year. S,M1. Mr. Pair bank*' majority to the Mat* win rxeved MOM The Bona* ataadi. no tor, 1M mpablieaaa to IS laaiirata. Poaamlraala Petit Ira. Hiuwk.M S. ISM Tha Phtrlrt Qmalttm bare returaod lb* man at the rt*etor? oa the alrmight Doaglaa lick at, aad tha ticket will be puMMbed fcriaaiib North Carwltaa PolttIra. lUixmn . N. C .ltopt 4, HMO Gowreor Wtar did aot attend th* grand Br#rkimridge aad Inae barbataa la this ptaoa to day, aa aocoaat of the illaf of ha wtto. tiltIra. Mawnrnaa, S*pi 4, ISM I rant lee met !? thta city yre Aboateae baadrad aad liny delegate* wrre la 1 a toil etecu.ral ti- net Nn wamea. Mpt a, 1*40 i A. B. Meaa wea af lanted tor Coeigraan by tba lit Me Third dMrtct yeMerday. la a pink the el bar day, anld-? Ma mare peiNtaal orgaataatlaa, anoa at the ebaacea of elm, anoa of Ma prnpaectaa of win* men, can arc a , pi mil n a paapl , or pupal eat* ItberM; It la tba lateIHgeat rtrtee af the mo of the mea aad the mane of womre, the lataOlgeet toith la the fhadamenlal trnthe oa which aaolaly la baaed, apoa which bar tone laatltatiiaa meet forever ataed I tare aot tf yon awaap away every republican, tarhatrnlly M called, from Maaoanhiwi tie. I will treat It to the Ball aad Ivereu party to aave the Mala. Sweep them away, aat I will treat the eeearding to DaagtM. to me* Burnt* ui tb*m nfl, toe, aad tha Break In ridge atan of - ? wfll aatl Me Mg to the moat, and If the old nhip gone down their tome will ton with it, beneath or aheve. Aad If tha aat Ira born etttwaa of t marl en abonld all, by aay aeddaa provldaaca, be neap* ftem off th# tone of the north, 1 woe id uoat It to the aatarallaad, adopted clll aroa of MaauihaaeMe, to taka ap the parable aad pre aarva tha tantltatieoa of ear tothnra fiooota am not Brrav ?Boa. In L fioggln. the oppn Mtlna caadidata tor Govevaer la Virginia la ISM, Is oe the ntomp tor Ball aad ICverett. Gomaaon Hnrr nv Seven Tali* ?Governor Unci wiB ilrirnea th# --ltir#na of gmrca ral e, N T , on political tub)##in, no Meeaey arming, toptamlx-r 10. City Polltlra. TO TH* SUITOR OP TIT! HlDUt.O. ?T Wnix Srwnvr, flap* 9,14dS TV.# ?tat*m#at <a the Ratal n of to-day . that I ana a candidate f?r tbr effto* of Surrogate, li aot ?*wreet If r I amad-tnt* tor aay a#e? Toore, r#np? %f 'r , ffrra p . t. Ttoe Alleged ianrsM? Vrasdi CONTINUATION or THX KXAMINATION bxpoki JUtncN CONNOLLY?XTTDXNCK OF FLANK A LANCASTER AND JOB! HOTaXBO?ANOTHX* AJUUB8T?FXJHH CKABOBH ro u runuD. The ainm last Ion la the cam of the alleged insurance firaada, la oounaeUon with the lose of the barkE. A. fUioanan was continued yesterday morning, before Juattoe Ooaaelly, at the Jaflbrnon Market Pol toe Oourt. Frank E. T inosater deposed as follows?I bare known Mr. Padn^M fbr eight er tea years; I hare been a clerk la. his employ, aad (rem time to time hare had boalneaa tsaasaallma with him; exhibit No. 96 la not la my hand writing; It was ast made eat by my direction; I did not sell a carriage to Mr. Pedrajaa on the ttth of May, 1800: I asrer said him a carriage; never Bold him a doable *et at harness, of any aet of harness. Ckcaerramtaed 1 am a broker, aad do boalneaa at No. Tt Beaver street; I hare lived la New York about eight er tea yean; 1 hare been oat of the city; I wee to by eome one la reference to besoming a la thla case, bat I don't recollect who; I don't recollect whether any awe showed ma the exhibit before to-day or not; would not swear that It be or haa aot been ihown to me before to day; I am not oer tain whether this la the Bret time it wee ahown me or aotta great maay pereooa hare talked to me about my tWMmoar; I know Captain Walling; doa't recollect whether he epoke to me about It or not; I know nothing about the carriage or the bill; I hare beau at a number of the laaunnee oompantae' officee; doa't knew of aay other Lancaster of my asms la the city; I am alone in business; 1 went to the ineurease companies os business; could not esy whether it was In relation to my testimony here or aot; I bars been to the Great Western Inaureace Com paay, bet how lately 1 oould not my; don't recollect what 1 went there about, but 1 suppose It was on some Inau Jose Nortrro wee then re examined as foUowe ?1 da bu sinaan at earn at No. M Eic conge pMoe; the partners In our bouse e Jone N. Mora, Antonio N. Mora aaamyeetf;the advances i the barkE. A. Kinamau and cargo ware not madu to aay other person than 0. 8 MiUa; the payments by order of Mr. Mills wars made in diner eat amounts to d Merest par ties; la view of the difficulty to carry out the original agreement we modified It; Mr. Pedrejas advised us in re lation to the E. A. Kinsmen about the 3d of June; be mid that Mr. Mills bad eome goods on board the A A. Kins man. bound for Havana, that be wished tosendtbem eenelgned to our bonne there, aad naked as whether we would advance upon the cargo, reoeivtng, of ooorse, the usual commission. Q. Did anything else transpire? A. The arrangement wan not perfected then; we bed other Interviews, in I which we made the arrangement with Mr. Mills end Mr. Pedrajm. Q. In your Interviews with Mr. Mills end Mr. Pednyaa tell us what took place? A. Mr. Mills proposed that we should buy the & A. Kinsman for him; he said the vessel was very cheap, aad that he had parties in Havana ready to buy ber there for 87.000 or 88,000: bo wished then that we would advance the necemery amount to buy the vessel, and to pay 04.000 is Mr. Pedrfoas; also to advance some entailer amounts for rictnalllng the remel aad ad raaeiag the srew. Q. On wbat did be wish you to make those advanoee ? I A. On the goods and on the vessel, he mid the goods wore en board, ti nt they were worth 890,000. and that he would show us the vouchers; he toM us the general character of the goods, but I doa't remember now what be stated, we assented to bis proposition in general - - ? ?? or Jobs; terms; we paid ths first sum of money on the Sth i before pay tog the money we did not acq unlet ourselves with the particulars of the cargo; we understood that It m a general cargo of merchandise, such en Is usually ut to Havana; I we lonnd ne discrepancy between Mills' statement and the invoice; we got the lnvoloeof the 5nodi shipped by MUM very noon after the 6th of una; I care got a copy of the Involoe, but I bare not got It with me now; the original snot "" invoice now shown me Is the name as the copy I have H my ; i in anion. the Invoice was Ml tat oar office by Mr. d'Ovgnerre; the tavstcs wan made out by Mr. d'Orgnerre on sundry bills brought by Mr MUM, and the latter inked us as a favor that d Orguerre should be allowed is make tt ont from them; the ad ranee wen made on this lamtos fit^ on t hf TMMl Q Can yen enumerate the snme advanced aad give the I? (Objected to by Objection overruled.) A. On the 6th or Jane we paid M00 to the captain of the A A Kinsmen; en the ith we paid *4,000 to J. M. Mac tan, aad ftM 07 to WeMb AOs. tor shipping the crew; on the Sth, 897 fit to bearer for pilotage. on the Btb, 8800 98 to Swift k Co., on tbedBte ?360 for Idputlog the vernal, on the 7th, Stl Si for ener on July 13. MOO to Cantata Downs, ua the 13th. tM 00; atoo B1.207 M fur Insurance on cargo, aad 84,000 ta liquidation of aa eM _ _ _ Mora to Nephew by PciragM, the Mot Item was aa order of MUM a a ii fovnr of J. C. PwdreJsn; the total amount of the ad vapors wan 811.800 fit; thM advance won made in aooordaace with the taram of tho original agreement. ? * ? ' that Fsdnjoo 'Hike a? a I dent , . _ - _ _ spoken of, bat there wan no ooadlUoa, we should have completed the arrangement without that ooadlUoa, hat It Q. Was it part of the ortgtaal unmisl that PedrpjJ ess to pay 00 UM old debt of Mora h Nephew? A ? lon't know that there was any suofe condition. It wi Ipokea of, but there was no ooadlUoa, we should hniB lom|4*ted the arrangement without that condition, but ? rn* spoken of. Q Whoa yon made IhM paymerit did yon believe the ivoios to be a cor rest ore? A. ! did aad do so still, ustU tavotas to bt i eorrast ore? A 1 did aad do so still, ualU there M proof ta ths contrary. The counsel moved to strike out the above qe est lor aad answer, but the Court, alter cocs.deraMe ruled the m?tlea. Ptamlnatlnn ooatinned?My clerk, Mr. D'Orgnerre, caa il you morn about exhibits 1, 8 aad 3 than loan, aa be bad charge of tbeee matters. y Who wee ; nasal el your arraageneent with Mr. aid not Kiln? A We did aot mike any private thing of tt; all the cirrks were there, 1 thtek. y Wee Nadrejaa there? A Mo waa there at some of the Inter vie we. y Was anything mid by MUM or Pedrnjes in retorenee to insuring the goods* A I don't remember y. Did you tneurr in parsunn :o of a reaoent from these people" A. ft may be that 1 bad a request to do to. y You beard ot the Mae of the A A. Kinsman" A Wa did through oar bourn la Havana, to whom the vernal <i And ) ou informed the Insurance omunmes of U>c Iceef A. I did. The Court here uMw.Md that the hoar of adjournment hod irrlTOd ud wished lb* coanarl would fli upon nu tin* for ? futura eming. After mm It iu ir ranged that th# can* (bould b* adjourned notll Monday next, at Ma A. If. Befav* adjoarntag th* ooaieel for the pnarcatton gave notice of hi* Intention to include the charge of fkWrprotoae* ia the laventiratmo, and mini that ha would be pratmred with the aeceeaary affidavit* at lb* neat anting of th* court. Mr [i. S. Milt*, who I* charged with being nae of the ringleaders In tb* alleged Attempt at fraud, wa* prearnt during the inreetigatlon lie bad b**n arrested the pre rloea dag at Sootbotd, 1.. I., and brought to the city by special fwputy Sheriff hilly. Th* angietrat* laed th* amount ulfhia bail at U OuO. and he waa placed la charge of detective jjnmpeon until the neriaeary security oould be found Mllltmrjr lateUlgear*. otars Ltrarrrrs. nrtr-rirrm uoimbnt. the Fifty Oflh regiment, Garde Lafayette, under the toaaael *f helor rhptele Doe let, paraded yeetordey aad pro needed to Imalmaa'a Terkvtlle Park, abere they celebrated the oae hundred aad third aaalrtraary of tb* 1 rthdey of Oeaeral lafsyrtu At tb* perk tbey were lowed by their wire* and families. la the afteraooa the Cirdeaad their gseet*. to the number of Mi band rod. I ?at dows to a rnmptuoua diaaer la the apac.ous dialog hall of the hotel. After par taking of the good things of llf?. lbs proessdlags were eh sag" 1 to apeech making, ptdlag of appropriate Malum* at*, mtersperaed w tb music by th* r*glm*etel bend The ertliea Hymn, with bead aaceapaa'rneot, in by the entire eeimblage. aad tb* eftoal waa vary grand The la*t part of the day wsa pieaaaatly oceupted is daaelsg la the spaetoaa pavilion ad iota lag the hotel The nttanot order aad denorom pi ivnttoS tferoogbout the key, ead the t.ard* r*tura*d law la th. eveatag. highly peaavd with th* ascureish. ? fMOTUKMCl LIOHT IXrtWTST. 1h* Provider* Idght Infantry will arrlss la Nasi Tart this morateg, by tha Stonlngton Maaaihiiat. on their way to Clevetaad, Ohio, where they are to take part la th* rereawalea of lay lag th* coram mom of the Parry Moan meat no the 1Mb last They are to sat M escort of tha Mveraor of Rhede Ulead aad hla staff, who are welted to b? preaeat at the latpnaitg rcrratosy, oat of ooatptiiaaat to the State whk h ear* birth to tha Hare of the Lake* A salute will he lred oa their arrival hy tha i n?mb*ta of the rompaffy rreidiag la this elty. H la Fatal Castaima ?Onroaer Jerk?a hate aa tegaaat at th* Now Tort HoapMal opna th* body of Pb met i* Hoes, a ordered girl eboat toor years oM, who died from tie aflbete of lajortei aeeidantally raaoiesa oa Wadaeaday ky her slathaa eatcbtag Are at a store, rwoeaeed, It ap reared, la the ahanai of her aeother, procured a ? of tars lag Said, aad poor? the UgoM opaa tha Mora, e*t tor iletMBg W dim it Verdict la with the hoe* facte Jam** fftortaa, a aatle* of I re Wad. aged tweaty three eat*, died at Setleeoe floopital, yeatarday, from th* Htorte of Injuries etc 1 dentally received by belag ma ever a a bore* ead warns on lbs read between hewtnwa aad fllllemebsrg. L I Coroner O'taoto betd aa tBquvat pon the body Onroaer O'Keato eWo held aa taqoest at Mlers* Bne put upoo th* body of Patrick Hagaa a nati v* of Ireland tged torty years, who wsa tuftocaird hy the eaeiag to of in embaaknwnt la Thirty third rtr-et near Broadway Ivor seed wm at W>e bottom of a deep trench, hying lows *o?e lead pipe* when the earth asddeoly saved in I pen hjm. He wsa oaly partially burled at tost esd Slight bar* be*n formed alleo: hot a crowd gainer*-', troaai and th* -wnbaMinent 0BT*d la a second now. mmpUtely bid lag the natortunote man from eiew H* nae sot Mtrtdatet tor snarly (Ifteea m n?V* aftcwarde ?ad then b* wse gelt* mvi ibW Tha ery, in rendering their verdict 'woe ? attain to netware the ovwtracv>r tor got fear eg the ?**!*? more properly wcered NE\*S FROM MEXICO. \*w Omtjlvs, Sept A, 18d0. U * reported that a / rvnueicuimienbo Is favor of tha election of ? Pres.dsot Oomomort to authority in Mexi co, he been planned and la about u> be proclaimed. 3rxisur:au>, Mo , Sept. 6, lbOO. The overland mail, with San Franc.eeo itatee to the 13th alt., arrived here at nine o clock thia morning. By a peatenger from ?1 Paao we get the follow iug:? A revolution la in progreaa in Chihuahua, in which the church party havabeea anooeaaful. The liberal Governor and other executive oft'cere have been deposed, aod have Hod to New Mexioo for aafety. In donors Governor 1'ee quiera'a tenure if very (hail. He is feat luting ground, and probably will not be able to maintain hit government much longer. The timet are very dull throughout the entire Rio Grande oountry, and with Utile proapect of their being better for tome time to oome. Oer Hermoslllw Carraapandeece. Hbukmillo, Bottom, Mexico, July 90,1M0. The Indian War m Senorn Great Racitament?TSe I'dqui Jheer War? Ikmtt Required to be Paid Eight Month* in Advene?/breed Loam*, Me?Marching of the Army? The Enpeded Conjtid ot (he Eioer?El Paoo and Guay ma* EaUroad?Project qf Gen. Trio*?The ttrrible Apache*?Their Habit*?Singular Cuitom?Arrival & Goo. Prxjueira and Suite at Ucrmoeitlo?The ArrioeU </ the United State* Steep of- War Cyane ot Guaymu. Ac. The meaeure of Gov. l'esqueira, requiring pay ment offBa State [dues from owners of real and per aooal eaOMe and peraooa doing bua'neae, both citizens and forelgntra, eight montha In advance of the regular and stipulated period for the collection of taxes, ae a meant of raiting funda to carry on the Yaqui river war, doea not meet with that tuoceea and prompt compliance with hia demand which a patriotic people are always dis posed to maalfast when the honor and Interest of the oonotry are at stake. The Governor eel:mates the amount necessary for lha equipment of troops, and narryiug on hostile operations, at between 940,000 and 910,000. Thia mm, It la true, la not large, but In the present exhausted condition of the treasury, financial embarrassments and depremed state of trade, as well aa tha frequency of these requisition* for men and mesas to subdue the un eonquered rebels of the Yaqul region, the substantial buslnam men of the country, upon whom the bur then chiefly rails, begin to bmttata and oavil at them exactions, which they look upon In the light of a "forced loan," however it may be disguised under a lets obnoxious appellation. Tha troops, numbering about 1,000 man, infantry, ar tillery aad lancers, left Urea, the aapltal ot the State, on tha21st last., under tha command of Colonel Don Jmua Garcia Morales, and by thin time am doubtless sear tha aoene of hostile operations. The Yaquia, joined with the Opatae, It Is eald. number about 1,600 fighting men. are well armed and aquippsd, aad will dispute tha paan of the river near Boena Vista. It last thle point, 190 miles above the month of the stream, whore the Mexican sol diery will first come into colliaion with their he reditary foe*. The object of tbe Governor In projecting this campaign ia not to exterminate the Indiana, but to subdue them, aad render that fine oountry eubordl oale to tbe progrem of civtllxatioo. Tbo Yaquia Insist that tbe land on both tides of the river for J00 miles above the mouth belongs exclusively to themselves. They affirm that their title la derived aa tbe deacon dents of the first occupants of the soli, sanctioned by the King of Spain at tbe tune of tbe Conquest, Is of aaqaesttooed validity, aad was always recognised by the Vice Royalty ef Mexico under Hpaniah rale. The Mexicans, on the other band, aad Governor Peequelrm for them, oonteod Um upon (riKAktef tlkttr Mtpndtioi flfl A l? power, the rights of Spain at n nation ceased, aad that the Indiana have no right to oomplata If tbe government mm proper to plant a colony where there la a* much vaeaat ground, and convert It to the one* of lb* Mexican people. Them la plenty of volt, tt la alleged, for both Mexicans and lad lane, and tbe latter should sot be suffered to monopolize the whole region and beep the white settlers off of It, when tt In noUrrtuns that not one acre In 10ff IS sow rendered tribu tary to the developemeul of agricultural product inns. This, It appears, Is the bone of oontentlon, and tha Yaqais, who have lately burned lame field* of wheat, stolen homes aod cattle, end committed other acta of depredat Inn upon their Mexican neighbors, will sow have aa opportunity to display their prowess, of whisb they boast, aad maintain their position or give way to the superior military tactics of the Mexican army, whom they cordially despise. It Is difficult to tell which perty wiil be the victor lo the approaching ou||litrt The Yaqnla hare the advantage in this raepoct tfiey are on their own stamping ground; ths river Is rwollra, aad difficult to crow, in consequence of the let* heavy rains heetdee. lb* weatber ia very warm and op. prrselve, and If r.ksMy pursued the Indiana am good run ners, aad eaa bide themselves in the Jungle aad ohapparal of the rlvar bottoms and mountain fastnesses. It I* the purjsee of the Governor, If be la eneceaafol la reducing the Indiana to tub lection, to erect s large reser voir near Bum Vista, dig a large number of bom or d I tehee, to irrigate the mil, bring hi a Coin eon colony, sod grow aad rains coffee, sugar, octtoo. tobacco, corn, wheal, brans and all other products which this fruitful ecu will produce in great abundance ? Hum* two moetba ago General Pea Aagel Tries, for merly Governor of Chihuahua, aad at present a dis tinguished cltiarn of the Mexican republic, presented a memorial to the Governor of ibl* Plate, praylag for the enactment of a law by the constituted authorities of fioeor* authorizing Gearral Trie* and eur.b other persona sa may be aaaoctale.1 with htm to construct a railroad, with the customary privilege*, from CI Iheo. In lb* Plate of Chihuahua, to Uuaymaa. oa tbe Golf of Dal dor ?a, in the Plate of Honors After dwelling upon the sub fact for acme tin*, ud dWcnealng tbe matter IB all it* bearing*. Itir Governor ud hi* Ub ofl bay* onme In the ccoelnaioo that tbe (tower to prut the rcqutalle thuVr IB retted id the Gnegrea* of Honors. Tint body, run pored of tea memb?ra front u miuv dlatricla of the Mate, will wbl> el I'm about Um lat of iirto. brr, to laka Hid roealderetioo tbia (rest tee*(ran meaeura of ibe ago. From *hat 1 ran naile r from oetaide con jecUirt. 1 am iccllard In bclieee lb? Con?reta. wbea It r. rorrt. will paaa favorably npon Ibe eh'tnr Tb? rInter baa already been um tinned by the Governor and It rtriatiTt aolborittra of (bilnaan-ia. Tba company la coaeertiua with ttnTeraar Triaa. I upd> ?tud. cmbraeeg wme of the wealthy elliaaa* of your elty anoi| < tbera, i.rorye law The neaaaaary capital In ncmplete theat lerj-r im la aateMMd at twealy ?lllmaa a daOara, le gctber wttb Sao million* additional to ba devoted to e*i>lof?tion and the deaHoaetaeat of the rtcb mineral dirtri-l* of Chihuahua ud fobora. ? Aa la Ibe fhmibinty and (tractlrsbllily, aa we'l re ehao. Inte Dec really |br building th<* road tbera can be no i|uea | ma. Ibe route over wbksb tba raaa will inn nwiii'j l?a* te alnxet a dead level route, and will require hot lit He yradtry, and ran be mnelrurted ai i treacly aa that of alKoat any road la ibe t ailed Plate* It will paaa lbmo(b a rkh atiaeral region, with many aeelioaa of But afrlruitaral land*, well watered The climate ia healthy, and at aa period of tba year will tba road ba abate at it m by deep mow or heavy rata*, (lea. Trie* eetlmatea that II tbw mad la oaee built tba Mateo of Cblbuabua and ^ i.i ra will | Todot e annually a yield of gold, ailver .copper, lead, line ai.timopi and other mineral* n wblnb tbeae too Mate* ahownd, ef from flfty to one hundred iBlllloaaof | dollar* Thw W a large r*timete but the (MM, who 1 w tboroaahir arouainted wttb the mineral rim nil DM of Ibe whole rrpobtle. doe* not bee i tale to pied ye aw vera olty and general knowledge for the Fulfilment or thit atate meat To W enter* Trvaa New Maitro. and tbe region lym( batweeo tbe Itio Grande and Colorado, tbw road M mo irprovable to a/lord aa eullet for their prodartkiaa. 1 mifbt point oat lie (rent ?dvanUfre la a merimnlile and maritime point of new. bnt tbw moat be ao obvtooa to tba raaaei render that I do not deem it nrneeary to ea mmber your rolnmne with rtrw (peculation* upon thta aabiect. Tbe terrible Aparhea, who bare fbr aa loaf a period been tbe rarer of tbw cmaatey, a?w that the ratay anwam baa ret la, bare emerged from tbetr mountain faalnemwe ud bldiai plsree, to plunder ud ileal mule* and cattle from ibe hacienda* ud raaebaa ef the mnr* eultlreled re(i?u* of Pooore The** A par be* are perfect devil* la tb way: thay ara aet eery br*r* or daagemne frwa, eiarl la their ability l? *te?l ud atake on undetected wttb their booty Tbe*e roving aavagtw bar* a cuataai among their tribe which Utey ohaerve with (crop* Iowa ?del it y Ooee eeery yen*, no tbe tret day of J one. they ?ee* mble all tbelr warrior* from the dl(b??*t wigwam* I tbetr roaecll hoeae, ea tbe big beat null of th (aoaaaa Monotalb, about ninety ml lea eaat i Arwpe, ud tbera aa a well kaowa ud Oeqtweite flat rork, at the hour of m'dnigM, tbey ptu* lighted resdVrt, ptae torch**. hnmu hooea. orem how* ?ud arrow* and other device* of ? warlike charm-tee Around tbw altar erected to tba god of their womhlp, tbey aaaemhle In groAaaqo* group* with painted faoaa after partaking quite freely of Ibalr libation* of naeaaal, maoe from the root of tbe maguey plant They drink out of hnmu thall*. which tbey oooelder the klfhegt polat rd lateaalty to aharpeo ud flat tbelr appetite for era grance Tbey dance tba dance af depeeoattoo o*tll mom tag. lateWpf lelng tbatr bacrhualtu revelry wttb tbe a>o*t hideno* bowl* ud tndemrlbabl* muttering* ud imprecation*. Here inky row vengeance agalaet all their eacmlea. here tbey pledge anew tbelr lived ramiatioo la ptaader ud lay waate tba property of tbe white ram*, and, If neceaaary. te take lite terarry oat tbelr fleadmh deaigaa. Tbey be'lee* la ao redtgma. hope la u ramtr rertkm, bat worabtp? rnpren betag abw tbey call ihe>'?veal captain Thay hare an high alma of valor or glory, aed on Intellectual rr moral dev elopement Th# ana thay regard H a toteter dotty, glow lag with hope aad admiral too. and tbe pale Ibaari mono tbey to>* upon aa an orbit worthy only of the r agectal wonder IW ara de rnld of all reasoning fbroltleg, aad ara governed entirely by tbelr animal tnattaet* The A par bee are masll n at*, lure, bare high rbeak bore* ud low flrrehoada they or* teeacherna* ud cunning, aad poa*a*aad of the agility of ? mow bey; the* ara ant fored ud make like wben i y approach ? oorvsl of aatte* or wwb te nam cede a troop of te>r*ea or mwbw. amaetiwHW thry never th-manlee# with tbe Mrs n? a bog er a btwr te *.<?>d obamibtkm, aed at other tureg place a large h :u-t o.' be.' r? loan to xmc<-tu in,,, body whenUK.v .pprea-c to Hay a t.o;?, ^ noua?w upon ac object cf p.ui>d?r. TLay are expert runntrv aad wili jiiaeb a h. . with lie s?* of a rabbit or rMy **? t004 'Md?. M>'1 req r? Th? 611 00 * ,l b " ft"? ipoed. Tbey bold by tbr mane, and ipr?*4 taeioaelTea Shea hawk- on the bac . of tbe anlmaT They are bard to ?tcb 'f * '"???' ??d ?1U found ever bill aad dale, valley aad ' "' '{J* ? ae4t Bl*- ttM ttaaa Arabs of tba Wast Uitt , ^jsneira baa bad to contend age .net for many jcart. The <*>?eroer m a great Ind:aa debtor *?' rK5inSf*fM> '* ~*a,p' "d UB<^?"tao''a, t f?,?*cti0D tfce P?co.':ar!tt?B of tj wily foe. In I860 w'lt a fore- of 120 mac, no attacked a force of 800 ?arr ora He fought tbem from the rising to the aottica of the an, acd when night aJoaad In bo made good hia retreat with toe oaa of oa!y twantr a>? She'i7^"?,h* ipa/ihee bad aaora (ban oaa humini and p2i? b*":* rc"nd- to dM ed^tSSFJl, 'rOTornor waa terioa badly wound Tt **>*? *>a b.oaalf b<*n. rr inilnact ji tba debt bl0'"r? kJ. faat and tbxaeat * 1 '"?we're and eulta, accompanied by bib S7 ex'^'r K"r ??^?vS!d *1 A" lombern' Vm. Emilia 'to) ? WP'WOM uffi-er of tb* Una ' ?aw ,1 I __ rieed la tbla city uD TburadJ, AroS tS 55? hil: Tba Governor will rem, n o?i /or T**.,'"*?; ?".Probability, T ait the city of ^forehteTldiS salt of the Yaqn: r ver war. if hi* tr<v mnrtJm ,b? Vmjni, to tarn,, ? t ^ ft^ATSTTSi htrfhr^ Mi. **7 rePJUt:??:. ??? P^co Mai p??5E,?|w before tba country aa a candidate for tbe Pnotdencv or ijTL fT^?ILr?'W 0 Bl ^ Belt "'ectioa, wLleh tlkre thntfjjir ' m PWTaiooa of Ue ooaat tu . .Tlf lalted 9tataa aio p.. f-*wr Cjace Cact a* 4r.tb.^A wbIiVim' Ssf)*:? m a written app.ioat.on to tarry for J?"?.'?f(. hl* oi^ora forbad*, h? romattmr rto fliipJiy of tbe iters ti41tripes from a cesionsi *fMdi in tba (Julf of California ia alwmya ballad wttb oa' ybL Ravolt mt Klac Mlmm Prlaaa. 0K THE IEr?? *?> te? carrarn op a rloop vramow Between twelve aad one o'clook yeatarday a dartaa at* Umpt waa made by about half a doien :onr*ta .? ua ' ofUm P!i"00 10 MC*P*' Wk:<*' by ^ P^P* acttoo WM Pr???-, b-t not, hone,,,, tali, two bad been wnoualy .tabbed. Frcm nbat xformaiK>a we could aaoertain It appear* that toce talf a doiaa of tbe conrlcta in tba bat department bad laid a ,- ian to a? capa by Jumpinc oa board or. sloop which .u*pa a:.o,t every week at tba prison dock to uuce away foods. Their plan waa to get on board, aad while two or three aa,aad the captain, tbe others would beave off tba i'w^ <*_? J?S5 ttai!? at^r7"'ru,,,,!Jf " '*> ?d of tba dock VaSt tL Lito b?^!LI.h)0?J!0uld *? away and, SS ??l *om taa river jTTitr iam" escape in wtrsey. Tbe gaan waa led be hi. S ^ ?d?J^r ,k,ep a few minutes before n^aad^mmta tba m of east lag off tbe lines wt? tbei^Slr ss; ws ? a ^ 1st nr^ aacertalu, hearing tbe lirlag ran oat 'on deck when h? STbSH'fcW'wh0 drt ht- ? w^wSri^b m ~?^?? Mr. Hoxie, aeelnjr KeUy with the kn 'e .7 ??? htm, wbeo Ke jy t.rne? TJ^ ffwk 2L3!' ??C? 111 tfce abdomen sad in the i?a ffi^rrSU*253t5?"i.'S2Sf,XiS?,T' arretted and ockad op. Tbe woundSd UZ^JZTTil Z wcAd?of n" ?f PcT"ielMS-?Bd u * thought ttM^to wounds of Hone will prove fktai. TELEGRAPHIC. Sim Sim, N. T., Sept. ?, I860, lie notorious Tom belly, who baa bad a ehaia aad bs'l attached to bim for (bras or fbur days lar atleaptia. to ?ocape, managed, during a change of basystn this after aa?o, to cut tbem loose, and rUrted Rami tbe hat abop toward, a Hoop lying at tba prison doeb.orylng/'Oome on hoy* He waa followed by three or four other convicts aad alto two keeper* on board the Hoop, where a deetm SETS*^^ ?^S?w,^g5r'^r 'gznisi; The plot ha* been batch jig for airmtbt acd K,li* in, ? ed aiioot one hundred oonvicta to lake part ia t?e S!r* Ckambtr af Commerce. MFOWAKT ACTTO* Ul MOAJIO TO MAIL OOMMTNI CATION WITH CHIWA. The repular montbly meeting of tba above Board was held yesterday afteru,. *i, tbe Ptee 'tat, Pe'atiab Peril Eaq , In the chair. Tba following gaatlamra wars balloted for aad alaeiad nmaibora ?Samuel Churchill, C OodlVey GuaUMr aad Heery W. Mum A vacancy in the Committee rn Arb' waa Bllad by tbe ejection of Mr. Samuel D. Rabcoek Tba CnamsAu Mated that Judge Jiarvia, wbo bad bm appointed at tbe last maHlnc ae a delegate to the later national Convention at Claagow, bad taken bin demrture on tbe 2Mb ult. 'twere Mr Pnueraa M. Wrrvoas aiicded to the rwject cf mall c<.m?un.*A?;..o between tba "arte ,<?*; jt ?,? l otted State, an 1 Asia, which te oma.dered of the rreat eat importance to tba inter??u of Ameroea ocmrn.,*^ peaceably rlie, ted with a. c*. and t^o^' fT'v W"l "irr^y !??*? inning u> ?oan*i \?rT 2*,? Inr o? lo iwv. J^d' h"d ***' ttM 1"* of lad fog Of 10 cm rbeeta of tea rr -a |ge t-* ^ ch*U"d',r ,b# ?wMBtty^f ^ ^ ^ Kasi. imr B*rcDtnu w*r* fofr.M'Jrtf to r^irmuibirAU* with rtk*? crtostr:#* by tn^.gu mi s inr^jb Europe and the laihmue of "uex. Wrn u, , ^ ????"?? -lib the clmrwt.., * r? eJA* |'r wing nation The war he w or* h ng u c and Hu. wH keowu in tbe former rocatrv ateS7 +?? MSt? Z syjgjiraajy.^y*; n.irmunlmt.on It the tut* of it B)W t ^ rr"K'*'0 * mail fec.M tor nabouMI he .tam at once by the mer- bar.?a H New vTk '?y"* <>*??.? "St on ? tb .tr ad ___ ??? "<iny, MRBBliD ,rH'ClB W ?at oftr.nmea iwterCr.l by Ibe forafga aad, .^L'llL'Tr rrnd''?M ?? ?he Waffooe ai re, m nee wo3d la comme/cia! bJAeo- d h? draw* a> '? "Z~" rrciai OJAOO- d ha rn. L..ri ' rr"** *hoo* omaidaraUote h? ^TlnTiT^ PT^" *** ???Me -I Whrrnaa. t* rtew it 'ha r? m' nf f-ffp?>iii?r 4) rvittVm wtih It- minima ,4 'b? K*?> u4 tka tonaa., 4(1On n and for atom r*?ular ayateia >d ?MJ gnitt: ?nil> a ?J> Ante 'hni h>n.'?r K? on ? a. Th? In Ha , 1 Irani < 1 ten <????'"abma ? al an aarly di an irrrmI m? rH| nr'? a 'or iter 'i ma I f?nil?in? hntwam thn of Iten t raor-tacn. hi ' ahfr.rftia, and hteof??? la 1 Tub*. w?h rrmmrrium at aio-h latnrmndtein |vfte mm tea tete rra* of rr.aaaaira mmj . ad ram Mr. Gamma Ointaa, la oaonwdiaf tba maotatioa. a'i?d arl t.' I ha an rnpHy of Ilia for- fn Mil MTVtoa ky tba Br 1 tl*b for art it cat, and ifet aeaoymaem aiteadast Mana Tba raantattno w?* adopted. aad. m motion, rr*r?wd k> ? a-lft rntnmitlaa of arrow, with iMimctlowa la rnport at am maattaf tba draft of a awaarlal to liifi in oat? taftba aaubM?t4a?nt n' ?oeb mail nanmnofatloa Tba follow lac p-tHronac ?w? ippToW Iba aatrr t taa ?Mann A. A l/rw. Ilnyal rhalyw, W T ~ Joaaph a Altra, 1'atrVr tenatray, P ? W? ttaotja Opdyka IMa rrrapttea of Mr. I lodany, ? mnaotwr of tba in t tab Par I team t. wbo 0 rroninf oa baitelf Of lite MHtMb fo rarnmani m win.rr with tba aatbnrtttea at Waabiagtea rnyardlnf thai > :h art of manarral ratettena hatwaan tba two rouatrtea, wm aatt enatiderrd by tba Marl. Mr. P. M. Wrmowa ?<-ad that tba ntBnara of tba f haabar ba ar.tborlad to raoolra Mr. Uadaay md aoa Ibr n raaard to tba matter Adopted After tba projvwitioa of oowaral raa brrabip. and tba diapoaal of Hoard adjoarmd. Palko latelll|tart. Ftaimtao tow at a fMMi ?A row odoarrad batwwow a aombar af arrrara at a boo booaa la taaroaa oteaat, krpt by SMaany Mr-Partead. oa Wit al?M, la wblab Rtehard Vaaanr. of Ma. M lloafaa atraat.aod a frtaad at bla. aaated Joba Caitet. wwra ttyaraly tajorad. A dlapata arote batwnaa Vaaaar oad a waiter, aaart Alaiaadar Turanr, whro the tatter draw a dirk katfn a&d ?tabbad bl* adrrraary te tba oriarte Coltet tbrn naaaa to tba raacnr of bat frtaad, wbae ba, tea, waa aarrad ia a at ?Iter man oar Tirana than triad to mafca bo oanapa from tba pram War. but luckily tba trrlral of pntteeaw -Jood M, of tba Eighth prarmet pit a atop to btegaltop Tba ? 00 ft dad at watte Btaead nndar a pbyawtan'o nam, aad 1 baa arat to tbntr hooana. Thry ara br*b rrmra'y ta lorad. aad it la tba nptB'na Of lite dnrtoe that tba worn do win yrt prom ratal Tororr wm tabrn hofbra raatloa tluarkmbaab. at tba Jefnyana Mark at Pn'm 'tmrt, aad ootetntUnd fro eoamteatfte. 1 wo Man Rmmm a to Fontta Wab? -taut amaiag about tan o'etaefe, twa arm ma -1 corarfma MIito aad Tbaaaa Mmy, raeidiat w<tb tbo r fbm ltea m tba teraaiafit hawaa *?? SI MonaamH rtr~te, fat rto a trior ml nwtef te a frudor whh b bra I'Of at rvad batw??a tbowi. and dor tat tba row em of tba party <fmw a dirk, whteb waaateo ftrHowadhytite oth-r. Wd Mr to note tbay r-at aad ?ter bad rwi-?notbar ot a fbr.OWl rota. Tba tedopaaw ttrtbt tba alarm. Iba pntoa teua orr rwd aad armatad both man. wbaa t wm ft?ao<t. ?t*?" ba ?r nottray-1 ta tba Otet on baaaa teat 'bay MM ham m am'TOy 'njnr. ptl 1 bat tbay had te -v -rmrayr* ?? "fdw Tf? Boapb tel. hMy. 't ? Wooebt, WV. ?'1 TO -w

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