Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Eylül 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Eylül 1860 Page 3
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MUtlMCS, KOOflM, AG , TO LIT. rununTu lit-with all run modern re r. water el Rairwafa; A_rwiauiniu ibiiuuuk II | prowuienla, water ud iu on every floor, wuer e) arte, 'A* houM- sal liuiabed. utleiotha on halls sad stairweya, shin smwtete orurr; ?Ui be let by floors through, IvanawMith wd pantries. to dedrable ??-*-? rtm moderate. Annly <jb to. US ?? ISI Fo. ?r IrtTSrem, fcSl. e? Lull and Third xwiMk fr? 10 lb & or <0 the agent, I h. HGTOAM. 17 IhbJ, from 7ioli.IL ulI to IP M. AKKCOND AND FOURTH FLOOR to LRT?to SMALL respectable remittee, nee floor out.talae ttve room*, p?o ttrt?, warorobee gee Crou>n water marble na totals. he., with nrbPege In haermrpt. Apply at the uew hrowo sums house Ul Kaat Thirty fifth street ^LL OOMFUrrtLT FUKft INHKll WITH KIRY A* Rele fnr keeping bonne. Froot aad B tek Parlor oo aeiood r. w'tb nhaadellvra, Ac., front and baek noom aad Be lroom at third floor, aad bob. An Rot aad ooid water, ant everv oanvmWr.oe Kent ISO a month, t? adranne Apply at 1M ?aatTh.ny fourth A reel, new brown etooe home. DOABDINH HO USB TO LIT-AND FURWITURB O tare tie, now fall of rood paying boarde?e. the partlea wwtong to laava the otty. For partioulara apply m 07 Fourth LDIRT CLASS F0BNTRHND AND UNFDNNIBUND r Bouara to re at. In the following hmalltlee FUaNU-HaTil rft 7 htrtv fourth street between tewrath and Rlghth era eat Thirt) fourth elreet betweea Hlxth tad deventh ta lot Forty fifth eiml, between Fifth avenue end Broadway. Went forty Crel >treed, between derenth aad Klgblk am Waal Twenty ninth*., between Fifth avenue aau Broadway. Kaet Seventeenth atrwt, rear reoond aveaue Fi unh avenue, between Eighteenth and nineteenth (tree:a Waver ley plane, near droidway. Thompson at reel, betwnna Frlnne and Hnuaton Lining Von avenue, between 1 hlrtleth and Thlrty-flnfl ntrMtd. UNFUBNiHHKlr West Forty fourth street Weet Thirty-fourth ctrweL Weet Thirt. sixth street. West Twenty fourth atr hast Fifteenth street. Baat fourteenth street. Seat 1 wenit lourth street Kaat Thlrtt aeoond street. F umlaheo h-tiers fr <m fl (TO to Si BHO rent. (Jnftu otshrd bouara from $800 to S2.I00 rent .. uly to B. B D1 IK, a cent for A J. Bleacher, Bon A Oo.. Nn ?' Broadway, corner of fifth avenue end Twenty third IfiUBNIRHKD HOUSB8 TO LIT?IN DtFRRBNT PARTS r of he city, at reela from H00 to SS100; one very elegant . Bonae ?n Teanty aeoond elreet. near Fourth avanue;rent SHOO n month; cbeapeat bouae In the city. KINdHlMCA A OO., MS Fourth avenoe. HOOFK TO I.RT AND FUBFITUBB FOB BALI?A three atory high atonp brick House, hot aud cold water, hath, gne rang* Ac., pleasantly 1.)sated, near Lexington arc ane, W. U adapted for a email family, aod everything o -mplata tor heuse keeping; furniture baa been la u-e only n abort tot Kent of bouaa StfO. Addrnaa box 1,907 Foal offlne H^atiUflBTo LIT AND FURNI1 till FOR 8ALIOHRAP - ? A first due. high biojp. . rown atone froot house, baring X.I the modern up rovenseiu In Moorman place. West Thirty a tnbd elreet. opposite the enclosed grounds ol' the Blind Aay bin.. Kent ol bonae verv low, end furnltu hiA. Kent ol bouae verv low, and furniture 4nA c'aaa aod rheap. Apply to I WaMMJCY, 18$ Broadway, 9 to 10 A. M., fits I and I In I P.M. QFFICR TO LBT?8PITABLB FOB A PHTSICI AN, CAN J. be tad on rentnoahle Mrou la I be Am class bouae 44 a a* Twenty fourth atrnet, between Fifth and Mxtb arena**. RtBTiUBANT.-A KBMTaUBaNT TO LBT OB AN Intern* In the '?aatoew will be gleeu to a peraon wbn nan aire mlhfscinry refereooe aa to aMUly to manage the aame. 1 idle or an capital re-1aired. Apply at Fattaa's Hotel. 181 Oreeawtrh Wrest TO LBT?IN HOURS NO. M HUDSON RTRKKT; two larpe and alrr Bono*, with bedroom* aad ele-eta %t taebrd. -rutoo water na tbe aame floor. Apply to T. M. RODMAN, Metropolitan Bank, 108 Broadway, or to WM. LuTBLL, M Hodaoa atreet. gTORB TO LBT?NO 7T9 OBRBNW1CB BTBBBT, WILL beMlUlaay l.ebaap. Apply aa abore. rUT HOURS m OBBBNB BTBBBT. lb* New loth Hotel; bonne nnatatna IT ? WW* Appty te JAJL B TABCLBBF. T? Broad po UBT-THB NBW FIB8T CLASS STOBB, OOBNBB a ef Foarth aad Qreana Areata. 1m 100 feet, plate gt*M atadnm aobable for otothlu* gnwartea, fort Hare, or any bee boatneae laqolrn an the promlaaa, ar of W. A. MOBB LAND. TO Broad wre*A P LBT?WITH BTBAM POWBB, THB 0FPBB PABT ad balking *00 Watar atreet. taipait. third aad fourth feat with steam power, well lighted front and rear, aoara ata* and well adaptorf to Ugh! manofamarlag purposes Will ba M bwalhai or singly on raaaoaabla terms to a aaltabte tay^ApplT en the premiss* or to a A B. FOILLOM, AN JbO LBT-THB KNOL18H BASBMBNT FOUR STORY Brlak Hooaa Bo. MA Bo* Twentieth atreet, in good order ?ad replete w th all the modern Improvements. Apply at " fw Thtrteeath atreet- Beat WW per anaoaa m ?po LBT- HALF A HOURS A SHOBT DfBTABOB FBOM 1 the atty rery eearealenr for a *nall famll?_ Beat SM MB <* May aaxt' Apply at 11 o'atoefc A. M. to F. W. SAB flBNT, M Fine at. or by latter tbroeeh the Fa* otta*. LBT?TUB 8BX1BD HTOBT OF AM BBUL1HH at Ho-we, wtU tat aad eold watar, fornwhad ar oa itable far a mall family with-it children. To be j two aad four o'clock, * 170* Ba* Thirty tklrd > Ninth arena*. pO LBT- FBONTIN-J UNIOB NgUABR. A FIRST CLASS House or assail Hotel, omulna Waiy-nla* * rieellrtii ordar throughout, wtth all Ua modern Im llgi hie Dak IIII aw I aw, a Urge and eligible Salooni p innil o Unmadl Maty. Apply in C PaLMB*. fld Ma* Fonrteentb wreet. or ?1 atreet, room No. 8 r LBT?TO A FHTB1 HAN A FRONT BaBRBBWT * a handsomely furnlahed brawn mama hooaa, alt bated ? lJS^TTenueT near Thirty etghuatma. AddrowCB. B. hm MB Herald aMae P? LBT-TWO PARLOR* OB FIB?T FLOUR. TWO _ iw-meuia and two Kuxna on aluc. tat aad eotd water an* a a* Una future* and Parlor Healer, aad a porti m of the Pare (tare for a-ale. Can be eeea from 10 to ? e'ckak * SO LBT?A HABPttOMB BROWN STOBB FRONT L, birb atom) aad all tbe modern Improvements. with ZX. d? *T*^eil Flfdwh strata Rent only fleflj jwm N M?Parlor aarpe* end otloi dke at aqargaia. * the above auaabar. ijt-ri/mat TBROUOH. FOUR AND FITS nan in th>m aaw brown atone tauaaa ao-ith weei earner areaue aad TblrOeth atra*. hare tat aad eold wb im. warbte meete*, grown. waahtmya, water llaaibi. g* ttadtog ataatahen and litarn. the aaoat oo ivmiM-ot h n a to* on; for -nob await real, for email reapeeuuto fanr" lama. ?1F to Hk Apply ea the pruwlaii, * the drag a *a aoraar. or M lad b* Thirty fourth wreta an LBT?THB LOWBR FABT OF A WWW HOUBK IB Xjtblrty foerth .treat, sear Seonnd arena* *i Urge Boom* Snort; foerth street. near Meormd arena*; *1 large Room* ?aa. belh. arater etna*, aad arerruun* oompMa; rent ?armamb AW* a Urge a am bar of floor*, ?r# Rooms on ?* * now bo-tew all modern Improvement* rm each floor toqetr* Of Wit fBTTiUCTH, Iflfl Bfl*Thirty Hint Utmta mo LMT-TH1 TIIRBB STORT BR1C* HOURS BO. MO 1 Wa* TwaaUata Wreta directly frotillag ita ground* ot a. Bewwunl i i mlr irr tba maaMy la qniet. well ahaded aad SuTAmwabHAppdy b> ? ABO* A DOlMB, fll Maekw.n rl LBT?IN NBW HOL'NBS JUST FIBIIHED. NBAS Oeatral Fart. MB feet we* of Rroatwy. apnJ ' ? i fores* 0 LBT?TO A flMALl. FA MILT. CPrBS FABT OF Heum No. TO Dtaabath sweat. twar III linear, ooawwtag am rgaam, bedrouaa, paatrwa, aad good yard. Bam ma LBT-THB WHOLB OB FABT OF THB NBW Beam No 7B7 Baaoad areeaa, wttA all tbe Lama. Bam abaap. la-iair* on tba pre rH LBt-BooHB IN ANN FTflalT, with nati'i ? power, eeliabt* far primers nod man,.re*ur^ puijoww. Tpply^*7 Aaajflfoot, to lb* eagtater. or to UT W BHir mo 1MT?A BHAUa TBBT HANDBOMB MODBBN 1 Ituiwe. I* Lmtoglm Areeaa. o?ar Twenty flfU *ro*. la a geatori lorattmaad to atgbl d flatana *** ttt tauaa baa ye* bam strgaatly papered, fmmoad aad eatatad taroogb em, will be i -irawbaawNb wybah go* ?*urm aad aaw gfntoa aad maw. has all tba mode re Improramaeltba arms* tatag amatl W rewabto only far A mall family oria barhe lor ? min i Apply at tba real aaaata o*oa. W Fourth *3 irr-A FIBB TBJUB BTOBT IIOUBB. IB COM ?toto mZi aWWbtarbood. la Bmoklra mm **r mCT ?TmJE*893 -tMired Fan r/famftnre Tar 3? uUmfi tti Barbo W. ? baton. Uaa. i ? o. rH LBT-TO A RMAIX FaMILT. TW UFPBB PAST Of Bourn MAS Nr*naa*reet. between Th awim aad BnBI raa atrreia The ta-nw ? tatbTTor partieuUrg to* aire m th* pr LIT?TO A SMALL OENTBBl. FAMILT. TH* Peennd Ftonr aad from N^'at * W rnoOern^ blgb tauaa Mfl Ninth aftaae toil to th* saraar of Thirty atra*. rem flgao per aanam f|? LRT?FUBBIBHRD, A FOUB BTOBT BBOWB BTONB 1 front n Otaie Raw Arttah wreet^eom^b I MM. IftrM I ??! In Mail. Mi MrtMrW# tfcfc la' a rv* n?) svr'x; pank-aara sail na ar addrem 0. ItteVwtol, Be. Ff Meads * MTO IJfT-A DBNTBAR1.B FIBNT FLOOR ANDRAO* 1 Rami mu. rwWni of ri rorwn* Je bwern M Bled atreet. etogwnl watar. lagatrr at M Stag ttrert. El-IT- THB NBW THBBB BTORT BROWN STONB front Ho>we C Wma Fen; flrU ?-wet. tatweea rtflh and SL." LBT-A FIRST Fl-OOR AND RABRMItNT. IN AN Bern, wtth hit In a rang* ta b gan. - _ tor, dmtHL ar aaamll genteel family, f Appf at flat Brroad aman*. near Twemy rLBT-A FTI Attn other toft i , LBT-THB FOUB BTOBT AND RARPWBWT IWrtl Na 17 WiamtgJWflH amr Ota^ommtton ttomadbMW My to W. NfX/TT J ABTlB. flm CUanl ttia*. LBT-THB OOTTAOB HOUdB. TT WBRT THIRTf anentb atrmit. tatweea Htith aman* aad Broadway. Ap wtweea lb* hnnra V II aad A Birr IN BBOOILTN?rOSSHSBIOH THHXDTATB ? MIL LTOW it Ntodagh Wreet, Bromiyn. LBT IB BBOOHLTN-A. BHAU. HOCSM IN BBBBHW&z* MOt'S tOS, aOOMl TO LKT. r" LKT, IN BROOKLYN-*SUO PER A"NlfW FoK A B4%Liy Furnished Brick U<u?a. cooUuuu* uio* H^o:ai, * few hicckc fftNn (My fUU, and oo tfas JS?I? 2J2* nlcnoc for housekeeping- Apply at Bo. ?90 Bridge street, Brooklyn, ?? LKT OR LRABB?THB STORK, MM POT DNBP, and Haeemrat. mm alze, u4 t'Moes well lighted In the m BuaM 88 Kuhu atreet, between TuH >? and John alroeln. Kw tSC *.!>!>? KRaRoIS BYRNE. 1SI Nassau vtreeL fTX) LBARK-BBOADWAY 8T0RK8 -TWO 8TOKBH OK J. the west aide of Br art war. between the New York Ho t?) and Eleventh street, elegantly (Sued up, with Immediate oueetaskm. also a ten year*' Inane of a valuable lot on the ;aat aide at Broadway. Apply to 1'tluBAS J. MtLLKR, No. 74 Broadway. ORKKNK KTKKKT, iLSTo* HOl>K.-FLKa t NT furnished sella of Apartment*, with convevdeuie* for bouaakeewlng In an ae <noou al manna-; ruomH airy and bed far' lture; conking iteaai'a, Ac.. oamplete, all new; rent low to nsMoUbi* iisuuii 93 A 7Q BBOaBWAT-TO LET, FRONT 801LUINO. WITH TK I O three atory Rbop In the re?r; will he rented ?e-y low. Alan, (lrat Floor of 4A0 Broadway, with ftneabnw window'. In quire of K. (JOODWiN A BRO , 1U7 anl M Water street. Ml 81CAL. At *alkkr'b warkrooks. ClloPm Hall Aator piace and Eighth atreet, near Broad way. a large atock of HORIZONTAL ANT) UPRIOHT PIANOS, new and aecond hand. FOR RAI.k. AN1? HIRE. Allowance made for hire U pore baaed. At onk half its valub-wtx bk hold, fob want Of nae, a modern Improved grand acuoo rose wood ?even oetare Piano, w-rth MO); wlfl be auld thin week for H*. no greater bargain can he round. Call at 889 >? Ninth avenue. near Thirty flrat atreet, A MP8IC O0VKRNR88 IN A SCHOOL -AN KNQLTBB J\ lady noouetomqd to tuition and who can be well reoom mended, deetree ar engagement to teach the voorger pnplla. Address K t. P. care of Mr. Bailey, No 9 Bible Houae. AOKKATLT 1VPROVKD PIANOFORTE. LIoB'R A BRaDBOkY, Bauofaeturera of anew anale overstrung taae, patent tuaala led. full Iron fraaM grand and aquare Pianoforte*, no. 4U Broome atreeL HICK BRUNO A BOMB, Manufacturer* of OR AND, BQUARB AND UPRIGHT PI AN OR. Warerooma 998 Broadway. 0. A RONS hare been awarded thlrtr-elgt t prtne medal* fa the inpertortty of thetr maenfaetor* for the pact thirty-frt. yaara. P1AKOB TO RENT. tdldte INSTRUCTION.?rBOF*RSOR rhkn has rb r turned to town, and Is now ready to receive pupils anon the Bnehm and derm an Flu as, at hie ar pupils moose. Far particular* and referattcea please apply at 94 Wait Hooaloa JjWOT PERMIT* GOLD I R 8ON8, SM BROADWAY, PI A IfO MA WIT "* ~lh~> ??"? OW hlghlp following eminent urtuui iniUvtUi SSL '.V1 Anethut*. John W Mu lulnu^w fl | John Buetert, Ouster J. BloecheL " PWOfOB Or THI TLABO A?A will resume Ma Imm oo Moodae, loth tut ladEl1 P"p.lf*L?dT%g'?d preferred, will be rj&rad &?gsr^*ua ^ I Mentions tobs nddrweed toUe^ Brew?7 ^?i^S?d I ??T, or Chlckertng X How, ?? Brrmdwa^^^TimSSS. Wo. 1 KelReraplaeAcoraeriMJageraoWBtooll; ? ? EIAWOB, M1LODBOW8 AMD ALRXAWDRR OROAffiL I ool red for either. Rem ibo^f onrceiSdL7 **" j Horace WAtwE^^S-an 8n>tdww, Recbitw'ii bali or FiAWoroRTKi-BT ordrr AUtwio?. ptsnofdrte manufacturers Cu he ?een^T^h# WM?" "JSMSi.SiSfc _ Wnitoe.*?All ptrKH kAitic ^'a'ma again* the flm*<rf Oooper A AUier^xi, piano/ort* man u fact urtra <rf tkbrtfT^fa ? i;,'s jKnSftapfcjtjn SW.EiS^ftK1EKK?{B^8! gSri* m^i?UmfS7& ?S ?"?** ?W.lhroe aanbunej Pianos for lis, gat) ..a bL^te^Tute^'to'L^lIZsn lo""" ,aB?? TenO,1^^ ? 6XC^ "? '"'rStleTflg* UTEffi^Sff hWB-e, 2?Z*?ZL ? W' wve^ne^SVJU IW^a^ild e.^^5! by htodnrt nod Is etaellri't order. lb. present a wSJum Jeseorof mn?l' i In compelled to dtepenofln iSnlilno Hreunino'n. 701 Hm^iJ.. ^ loqairo nt U. A QRADUATR Of WILUANtf OOLUDOK, Of TWO quired for arfalsWoo to ioliege. The bw</oolw^?dto2t csr^'a m b j&ras&n?v A!ASaiBg?ai!WnjJilMini STliSasSJSSSj-'Bl.Vii'sS! toaeaalaooapletoanStoraTklnpralamoe. A CARP-Till! PUBfU'EIKRR Heft RRWoTRU HU ? Amdwnr of Penmanship nod Rmkkeeplng fmm Ml to oer of 1 waetp dm Wrest New pay lis romi.ed dolly. Ola V KB B. QCLDwMfTB. A'i'iS^'tf IWMHOW Coi.lror MUBO , Wo u rood, far an engng.n.?ol is no Insulation or prima *>* bmo-hsn, PrUvt g3P-3Z2TJ. rtc^ts, SSST. - ?? AnSk gaTO^mjJjgJJEi l>rrfrr th? eat Ire m*n*frm?ot aud instruction of . f.mli, ? Ac^?TJor rwmiawhhif and rookkkkpibg A Ml Broadway. onnuiined by wT0 UlxyuLaKD for ??nsy yesrn nsWstonl of utiv, r B ?mMwnnh InntroAw, m? f'l^pmrusni nnd tboroosb I'nsils Iniuhl dn. m nt hnura to suit their own cowreefenro 7 etstone. TX)irPIDIJrriAL LfTIKnKT 10KKAC, Ml BROAD ?loutoaiS^ ?TJ^2Son* Postos i TT^ , trTTm**4 9" *T*?o "T iooilerasn of ne '-"3saa,Ks*s.; FBfJn?wn*.,J.<i5^fA* IWWirFTK -TROT. R TEL * ^URl Wf?, "If Brt*k|way, oarMr oi Twetfth itMct viii iW*Nw sew led? aud 11 nilniin arh>>iar? for Mrnitrt In thi! higher ed foal lies eed ?fc? G KJi^r -5ii?mT54ir ^riTTiirp wm> **????. Ss^stitSr-tisi r ' * " i of tie I tauffct | .I- f . t Qtipei muara~ae "Tstsgr Hr!iy,' vi.T.T **M'I*A*T a J-. o oratrr. teir. jf, . 'ssfHatr-a renew i sstonibsr A wkh en S~~S?j?3?S?SL?ersisr3 li^ggS a5X5?SEEf5 If" KKDHITR KDARDIWO ADD DAT BCHOOL TOR A azLTr s;'Mr* -M<?'? ^-b"" | UMMNaBRK A ART!AGAR PRRX.'H OAT . "?hoot. 117, II* nnd ill CUMon plnoe be twrrn Pifth eedwith w?wv - fVfleplet# r an of mti iir? mnUrvtyr ,rto -hnrres tare. R.rlws' Bmnesin. throe Prew*. two Wpsntsh. owe Oenem. Renyeesd y * TE?A"^. njRWRRLT or KO. II ?ua toswe. piwo. heme rweeeedtoKe MWsetTWrtrRm ....I. estwsen Brand-or mJ fifth sreens, will be erwwm to raestre her poplin oe Boeder. Rspt if (J" ?^1-''.**',T TBBwe-rtiB BBneoes which V *ui be toeee taowt to peeessa, two Awartoea bora will bo I IllWIl I as boardsrt toTaaWd mmT BrrZilrT SES5u^tosr~e ^ aa-~-& . M&? AM 15353, vfHa eof a Halted enesher of hope [Li DIRT OR ORMTLKWRW J, -7"-_ ?~ ?***onr eed [>t ip R * wet toew ehane eTe ? ' -10. q*Ki lotuniATi eonoo Jl teeeM tdreat. eai^aar pf Math peat, tea renwawsd ?MB Sdnrellne rt yeeth la holh I ?UHOOU WO. rpo HorTKRRWRRB-A (XILLKOR ORADTATR, OA J wr,r^ S5KSg ^r: gwrfSsntf? rtra itnu r ?j,f v;; i^rririr5.!;;1' ^ vgg PA WILT BOAR^ mtkS^SSSii UO tHulXi A.IO LOU61VU. 4 HwaI.L rttlVaTK KvUiGY, RreulyJ m A Turret> ae-m d .tree', will let two leautfally t irmvd B.miv.s. <in atavod floor?. ?rtttal,i? ?? b<it ud oj'd n'*r, b*?- . *1> ue ?* two strode kn..i wtlh or with nit partial Bo.1 . References gtvea and required. Address F. A. II., 11' i Kike. AC* t . n. GF YOUNG MKN CAN MB AOCOMMO *l?i-d wtlh a nice furnish.*4 koooi red Root ,P wd m * Entr furjily. Spu r at 137 fifth atreel. between Kind red >od wuum. ou the ftmi Stair. Fh.W YOUNG liKMuKMKM CAN UK AOOUMMiUKA. ? .ed >ilhBo?n* *nd all ihf KofoiU of b>me It 1 pingerel Sat the rht at I weuiy ililnl street, by addr*** ng i"rt at .ti-ui K FueluSlce Mdereuoo pivui red 'equlred. A ABMALL bTRlTTI.V PRIVATE KaMII.Y, FLEA*ANtt.Y altusted, .. or Washtnirlnr, mjtiit * would l"t, with Sovd, to n KWU rin*. and wife the aecu-.d story ironl It. out sod Hod rem furnished; ref- retco exchutsed. Address M. B., bni I, *47 I'ost other). AGK.NT1.KMaN ARD HI8 WtTR; OK TWO RINftLK geuUttnrn ran be aurnoimodauul with a Rang and Itnd ri?nu oil seenud floor, pita Board, in a private family Re ferences rxehaugud apply at 17u Went t amity tnomd str.<*t. A KM A! L PRIVATE FAMILY, MVINO IN A PLKv.8 V.N t rrtgohnrhnnd will aooommolito a kTOtemsn ami wife with p-t o..i"t oi Hoard, at a mnunratn charge; y> in< people ? ? ? ? -a. .. 'yfor * pntr-frd, noohJtvU..n toon* il tin girl. Apply f<it litre* dart at 118 Went forty r.ighib street, near nulb avouuo. A8TRICTL* PRIVaTR KAMI Y, RK4I 11JIG AT ?? Ksst "1 ?-*al rlxtb >trert vtIII 'rt a autt of turalshed Rooms, tn?eu-r or separate. with Board, to two o* tltree geu lleatrn. Illnoes- at 8 o'clock. AR AMRRICAN KAMaT. WITHOUT CHILI) R FN, CAM n reran mo 'ate a few at. rle rentlemen or gentle nen red ibeir wives witit Board and p eaaanl Knoaia, at 41 Moood ere du? House bea all the modern improvements. AtOCRO LaDY, LIVIMO BT RKKHKLF, WILL KANT a cht'lce of large manly f vuished froat and baeA Rooms, - with <u, larre pantries, and all the liberty ot an own home Thone only who can appreciate a quiet and genteel home ueed apply at 17i Greene street, near uleeeker. A PRIVATE FAMILY wn.b LET A AOTT OP HAND A rreelv f urniabnd Rooms, consisting nf the entire ancoad ' floor, tngrthrr or separate wltaout <oard, to gentlemen oniy, ! by applying at No. lil Ninth street, third door eaat of drond- I wny. A T 104 BAR* TWBMTT PIRhT dTRAtcr. OKAKBKOT A Park ? Handanoely turtdabed Rouma, on aee md aud third ' floors, to rent, with Board Alan single R oat for gen enten A Hl'IT OP KLKOANTLT POKNIKBKD ROOMS, Wiril bedmom and bath room stttched will he let to one or two aiirle gentlemen, In a flrut class bouse In Thirty-fourth street, eas O. A. f" uaa- Futh areoue, family private, address (T. A. Hope, box 147 Bera'd oBoa. A LABOR FRONT HALL BKOBOOM POK A UNtiLB A rent!'-man. with full Hoard can oe obtanied at No 5 Weal Twenty fourth atrert.opp.wlte the Plflh Avon no Hotel. House Ural clam aud location particularly dertraole A LADY AND GBNTLKMaN CAN KIND A HAND A some Knom. with Board for lady only, wl h a lone lady on Twenty third street, near r-madw.y Terms Sid per wees. Address fur two days Mrs kill* Mortloe, Herald olOce. Am PKW FUKNIBHKD ROeMB TO LKT-COMPLBTKLY ? furnished for housekeeping, (If desired); the bouse las neat three story brtrk oocupled by a am&U famiiT, ennveuiFOt to earn and stage. lAt kretUieUeuth streetA>ear Third ay. A OKbTLlMAN AND W1PB OR SINQLR OBM TLBMRN A con be armors modeled with Rooms and Board at 4U Fourth atrcet A LaKGR PROMT KOOM to lrt-to one ok two A gentlemen, wlih or without Hoard, In a until private family, ahera ihrre are no other boarders. Mo. 110 Fourth Meet, corner of Barrow. A SUIT OF ROOM! TO LIT?WITH BOARD. FUR Dished or unfurnished, lu a private house, with ail the Improvement* Inquire at 123 West Twenty second street. References required. A 8INOI.B ORKTLKMAM ORSIRRB A LABOR COM JX fjrtnbla Kinm, with partial Board, in a house a here lb-re a e no other, or but one or two boarders, an 1 where he ean be as Independent as la his wu home. If suited, wlL re main till neit summer, and perhaps looser. Address, stating terms and location, nr else onmmunlnathai will not be noticed, A.UC. Herald office. ^ FLEA* ANT ROOM OM THE SECOND FLOOR, WITH aa lar?e e'oseSs, bath As , to let, to a g halls man and wife or twu geutleiuen, with partial Board, also a Mooiu on tne third 11 or, for n gentleman, at 74 Maodongal street. References exch inged. *'g^Vy'V^,1^. iad?S?* ^ mt<* hflhin square a ? would appTicUmtM I L., bo. 19 Herald office 1 P"?a?s leentsnoe. may SXprrnuii, piegsiiuy iiirnisnr-, is i about three mlnnlae wals west of ^??seotlrman, of respectability who oomforu and reuremeal ol a handsome p a T 10S RahT 1 K4HTT-FIRST bTRKXT, URamKRCY A Fart-Desirable Rooms, with Board, fur fain ilea and sing e gwtlsara; house ttret nlam, wtthaU improvements, dinner aid, try to part A OKNTIKMAN AMD WIFE REQUIRE A MRATlT A furnished Room, with gaa. water, pemrtea, Ar , with Boa'd for lad) only, In a privue fa nUy. where there are no other boarders, or with a wMo* lad), the beat of rwlerr.uoee given and required Mo imardlug h use heepe.-s oe-d aneear. Address, staling la raw and lucalhm. J. A , Heral.l udioe A WIDOW LADT BaTIMO TARMN A HOURS, WILL A. let front "arlor, seeood Raw, or estenuon room, Orst foor; Ant -ileus boose and aeeommodnRues; alec a hoxa for one or l?n getOieuirn. Please call at DO West aleveuth street, between nlllh and Revemh area use. & FBW SfNUl.R OENTLffWEN OAM BR A'XXIMMO deled wuh IurnteBed Booa?a, without board. by appl)ing " Ninth scent, betseeu Broadway and Unlvaraity pi?oe. A ORNTLXMAN AMD MM WIFE, OR A FXW h RULE genusmea, eaa otit-Pu guud Board tad pleas tot Hoooi, or the second hour, at ss .irraie ierm?, in a lamil> whe e there are but <cw boarders tshsa, by so piling at U2 Fwrrepoul ?treat, HnsAlyo. References strhsnsed 4 LADY. UVIIlOIB eighth street, and near rare aad stages, has a haudso as 1'ailor lo let is a gentleman and lady, lull Board !<?> ihsiady, bath and g.s; h ioaa hruwu si ens, near Third aveaoA ad drsae M. ti., station t. A GENTLEMAN AMD 8IB WIPR OR TWO OR THRCR single gentlemen IS! tie asjnnimndan-1 with P.ted el I-S si I wrnit) ascond street. I uesiljo very piesssal he: ?? Nncea inquired. PEW N'NHLB OEM their wlvrs, ean he ar-csnisodstsd with fu.i or partial Hoard lo a il"W <iesepr,\nl? bouse, which Is wall fur,ii?u-l aat has all the modern ImproveaaaaiA app.y at Mo M dual Twrlnb at set J^l 14 KaMT TWRMTIhTU KTHKRf, A FRW DUmU Iron, Broadwa) ?A vary pleasant, btadeomelj (ur niabed Ira.l Bona,, a lib rtiard, (or a genus Ban aad ?Us or ?we sinalr g- C or - ffiadM ?'?a1 wUh ail amdern ouu GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE, OR TWO B1MOLMURM tiernen. ean be eoonmmndaied with Booms. furnish-! or an' uraiaA-d, an eeoaed or t urC damn, (real, with (all ur par tial Hoard, ead a pieaaant home, at W Weal Twenty aaouad FRIT AT X FAMILT. 121 EAST THIRTY FOURTH 1-aalngVm ead third nveouea, will let tee Bowie three wi.ate Mi hs eg si. r AlTATR FAMILT, OF THRRX FRIUhiNS. WILL let, hiruMwd, dve Home. asperate or tuge'hsr. wits Iiivale lahm if desired, or will be let lo a party srmMag 11 Sep bouse, havina all lbs cuaveaieaeaa. Apply Fftoay aad haturday at MM Wast twenty fourth slrsst, aaar Ughlh are. ? FRW VERT PENIRAHLR FURNISHED ROtUtd, with or wHhout Hoard, upon mode raw venae suitable for renueanan and wRs ur single gentlemen. Apply el it Lndfiw place, Houston street, betweaa RuUivaa and Has A FRIVATR FAMII.T IMHMBjj IN A FIRdT CLAIM V ho-as. 102 Bast I uurlerath street, oppoaue the Aoade y of M time. would 1st a few atagaai Parlors so l Madrono*, * J ? ? J"*' ~? Ills ear at Mi ATRRT TINA BANT HUIT UF FURNISHED HUM lo h I wBh Board, la a family or partv of geuUamea or would ha let separately House Baa all Me sudors sueee nicer**, aad WeeUue very daatraSie end roe?sal sat to ears and Iseries Apply St RBffi l Baton straet. RcsAJye. A FURMMHRD ROOM TO LET?TO OWE OR TWO A y vung mea, with or wHhoui Board. Call far two days MUttMWi'A ORNTLXMAN AMD WITH OR TWO R1NOLR 0RN lis BUS saw bo ansommsdstbd wab a large frwet Ream Hoard. I'In ear at t o'sinsa. Refer, noea sighing ed. Ap ply at td MaagBar i A MALL FAMILT WILL LMT TWO ROOM* OM HW nond Boor, two se stilr aad bBihss. f era HI si. u> a small A mermen famitv ibbisl shfcdrea. the rnnme have paairtaa given If required, oail tl A M AORBKtBLR MARRfRD OOUFI.R MAT ORTAIM A Hoard ted a eomfo fomabfci Room, with a small prtvoe family, at $7 per weeb nr a lerrer. awer R ne al a e-deraM ad ramie. tfnod meaiay. laqawe at Ml Heary suwm. A FARTmUTT* WITBOUT board wamtrd-rt 4 n young mania a private family. Is or ails tss isdave DM Addrvas A H. C, Herald officm BOaRD.-DRMIRABLI ROOMS FOR RIMilI.R OR.sri.R men _ with nr wnhnut Board, amy be Druel at lid Warn hieveeUi ssreet. base ? en Fifth amd Hutb eeaaues JgOAHD ?Fl'FMjtHRT) ROOMS OM Tnl mRiXIND AMD third dmre to let, with Buard. lo e geaUesnaa an-4 wife or tesingle gentleman si Ml Feana sxeet (No t Albtoa plane) Hunse nraiiaine ail saodera mpfwsswna. u sewn aieni to tha aare and slag as. Planar all P. ffi. Refamaeas PLXaHAMT AMD RaMIMoMRlT WBh Hoard, si Mo. M OHaboa plaea, ivl aad e"large."pleeds?i feoal Room na lbs sunned ?aur' wita -l.m<4 aad Has. ioeamaa plaseaal aad imisdi m to IBs ears Term* mmwate. Apply as Ml RravM, B?wmb Tartah aad Had Kharp-a yUM mrr or two or therm no A BP -ROOMS FOR TWO FAMILIES AMD OMR MIM D gla Ronm wwh mavealrnca for dre fw ? gmHIrmen. ceo be qbtsbied si tl Ram Fif eeeU rnraat, near Uakm aquers, terms vwaanaabie. dmser al I o*eioeb. B OARD-A FRIT ATE FAMILT. oofJUFTIMn 4 OOC forte sly fanilihld honea, la lidrty foanh street moid m mud ate a ramOp- <* If* MmUeawa asm tbetr wives, wl 4 Mai Renew aad BrniM. Po dealraMe partlm a pladHMS ? la offered on reasonable Mrma Dinner at oaff o stnel. ?se A. ? . Herald oflee FLRARANT I'ARidiR AND HKPS'JOM TO TTOARD.?TWO FAMIL7MI OAR B* ACCOMMODATED JO wNB auRa of fmw Rimsm on aemad and third floora, aWo raam for gentlemen, ad IM and W Warn Fn inaaadh street. Houses MUMt Hnstr W f ffetosi. BHOARD -a oRMT1.EMAM AMD WIFE PR two ST* ? lb p?<*ee W. >,hi?e i ve,| I r,*l?l fan or partial Heard. W t* Wss* WaaWagVm plane jgOARD.-jro UR,.wrrn board.a large harp Partw, with an evtanakMi-, Uan s ml. of nomfort Rrnme ea Ma saenad dean Apply si id ' dasoa place. TTOARD.?ORMTLJnrar AMD TRRIR WTTHr, AND 3m#SasA? rio i.iuitti ? iu Liiutu iu BO-vBD-Wllll > It.aT :i .n?n, -h. A N L> attA'.l., lit a qttlea a-4 |.W ??iujt I ? a*inn a.,.all fannlt, wh-re tint f?tv bttarnnr* w* Utrn (u tiailm a cva tu<^' k"tt* ?B*1"!' ? t"in># flatting uity ii^ ?njt>"?'] anud uvpautuMt) loni.uta ?.?-.h -u raMoaahlN utrui*. Apply al lit) aaal Nli autriiUi alrnci BlHRD-W I.KT, HI*. KB'.NT (IN HBCOVfl thaw, well I'irulabiM, ??f a lir l e'aa* h<. iid wi h *11 'be modern hnjifitvi-ni* lit Auv pat* * n <*-iabi;i.( * g > * I h'in-, and willing to pay a f*lr pr on, *u?y applv ** W ?*??? Tw?niy tiaetulb atreet. tjoaB1>? a "ttiv . f Nri>yav can obtain bo a do Jj In a Mill I'livt't !?mii' , where ih.y <v.a him h in* oomfor**. I n ?(i- i* t'lihiu. Referencee n.-n n^-'l Ap ply at iA Ha* kieveaih wr<.et, betweeu Second ant Third BfOliUM ___ TJOARD-A HAM MINK PARLOR, WITH OAR, B tTH, il he , to let, with 1r?t cla a llmirrt til % party of ^e.illein-'n, or b> a lad) and grotle nae; vleo. a u>ce aluglr Kooin, to a g-n Ovauan. Applyal 5S Henry arret BOARD- in LICT, WITH ROARO, tl 137 AK'OMD aver "? l?ta-?n Klghth ami Ninth Mreeta, ti itvUt-t wau a ill b? permanent, a anil' f Itirntahed Rial u? on Mom) 111 w, a utatiN* lor a lamll ; location very dtairabie, referonoea *? changed BOAR!' AND ROOVH W V?TRII-HY A OKNTLRMaN and wife where ihe*e are imi .u?er boarla a, and wh tre th-y cau enjoy the ootni rtaof a hjtu< Any .atntly wk? w\-b lo redn< e their e?i" wwa *rd with agre able com; anion* 'III addreee H J ?' , Heiaid nth hear r'nirth, r uth or Stub Aveime Tailruad trefsrred Kei'erenr, given aad req ilrad. In annwerlog thin ad vbrute Bent atnie the price aod lucabou of room a. BOARD IN UNARY HTKK1CT, WITH A SMALL A** rtoan family.?A seamr nl apiare Boom, well lurolthed, with a bath adjoining, arlll he let, with Hoard, to a (eutle man and Wife, or two r ingle gemleiano with gas and every coafirtot a home an I aqreotble widely, the beat if refe rence will be given and r?q tired. Terete moderate. Apply at 71 Henry atreet, near Market BOARD WAMKP -> t A YoPN t OANTLKMAN, IN A private family reel nqg ah ne Ponreeitb atreet ; would like have hie aiu p it. i diner at au o'alJeh. Adtreas, with fall paruculara ten 1.A27 Poet offioe. Board WANTKII-IN A PRIVaIK pamilv. in Bro hi VII, near the IhtT Hat), by a lad where a he onuld find amnrfnciahle b-ene and lake a ret* pnptla for a fewbon a dally or ahe would take pa t ,.t a bouet; a liberal prtoe wonld he glviin. A ldreaa r K., Hr ukiyo Piea offloe, for two jjjji. B(tAKD WANTBT-BT A OBNTI.RMAN AND WIPB, In a p Irate'anally, where no boarder are taken, piarlnr and bed cam adjola'ny iv,|uirej, furr Uh^l or nut iirtuahed, atlh plain hoa'd. leiCAilnii between HU*?-i?-r and Pourteeulb air* ete and Third and Hlnb a- vuime lenua not to exoeod (Id per week Addreee, Mating full p articular* la. U , bog 1,905 roetUBoe. BtlABI) WAjvTfD-WITH A HDITB OP K'KtMH, POR A family of Ave adult perwi ua. any where above Pnurtb atreet. New- Yoik Teruie ntooerab Add>ea> tvn S71I N. Y Poet office, with terma, loua - ?? and rlaea of looma. Boabd wan rat, .rumab in nkw ?ork or Hrnnklyn 'or a (entieniaii and wife three .hll lreit under thejearaof ape and un-ae. will partullt rumlab vddrnea, itating term* which murl he moderate B ?l it., Deoald oifioe. DOABIr WAM'KD- ilY A YOUND OBNTLKMAN, WIPB O end cb Id, agei twoveara. family aid locabia ti ne (l et crnee; t o aeoood rwe boardirg houre or ahol.Uoulet net 1 iepl>. Tie we who have rnmft rt lutelligeot eoetvty. god table and neettowatoi-ffer may ad raae tutward, bul ibif Puet uOoe, and they will be po itel) anawered Board wantrd-in Brooklyn ok nkw york for a gentle man, wife and child taged two year*); loon In muvt be eonveulrnt b. frr lea or atte? r"lt?*. Uoil i.inb'e en t appofntmenlatR the howee , enerallv. aa well ae 1 eat ton, ami be neat, oanfortable and V' 111 Hefereonea of an doubted ohararter given aad req uwd. The adv? nlaer le will ing to pay mil. a moderate pne* ami will aoeel fell particu lare as to trrnta aod hwa km. I'Bwe ?h*t dtwdto agreeable and orderly oompantone mat addreee U W. D., Herald office. Board not derlred Immedia ety. BOABD WA1TTBD?WITH TWOOB THBBB all Mni?witloMn<d IU pw*?rt. iJ4r?? renuwU. Betald office, wtlk particular* BU riAKD WATTKO?IB A MtPKTAnJ FKBTOfl luU) la ???!<??? ur "J"*1'" A ad rata, *IU full pa tie alert and tar aaa, H U , boi? dareld office. BOtBD ?HY A TOUBG (lI*TuM\S III A tSS ;ATb!rV?i, Aadreww,?UkUiiK p*rticuLtrs, J. M duota . Honldodfll B^^ro^amtkh-irpkivata PAM'I.V KJJIA-I wife. Ur?o ckii- ron ouroo. wtth ttni brfwrw rar tbe uti' '-tt-" ? ant rl H<mm> '? aaenadflonr. *f*tk roost Willbe required; houaa mW* b? 10 a alnan, ruet ? Wfk hi .rhond If eulir 4 a u?raaa rot arranaemrut wiuU. JtmrntM, I A?^ri "fllal'a?ull pertlcuUra alia price. aCdi-aae-d to i K ntaarrhoakwr. Herald dBca. B~ 77aii.i><. - a rM? mKWTI.aMKN OA* H? AOOOtf ?BuCaW.t v'tth Board. plaaaaot n.mia loaalUy. Ane? ?dS? *T.d iiTrShS^ f ran end atM-a. term, moderate. iu?"t~a?5^. AMyalWlAr., elreel ?-T-ft WrairSss fatufllje ___ ,.., I t.oi for laaallMA ?ruk prt raftahte B eeatreA ?ja? ???? I |Jr a few ataxia aaoUeatae Inaalbaa nee'irvaaaed "W. I reuoea regntrtw - I 7-7*IHiKI,YB ? rUBHIMnm RooHA "???'? *l1'i f?-?-> a ? I Vial office uronklya ; *11 r tut a ? y rn,r ."., ^ wuilk lir w*i mt h fWTf. B?aL"fc LL^LT^. ~4:asr^g5g hubm ftr* mianlHi' wlrf Pottoo forr? Ihnoor ?t ? Agnail KtaKl' If" HA ?i?i.*a <?P * M'M* ?'AA i ?-ca ?*<! 10 a entail aataP faalif. 1 Bai la A a* EJSf. Eei tfcJ ^HaU AweU - Bn ? Hint *" fc~ XJ Mw t*? ,,y_ ?,'. -k... f0W h<?rd?-? trM ukra iwt 1? appi, -? I ?IW? IIWWIII ? ' r i Uaari atraat Ulaaar at A ^"~tS=S a^SSiSs ?pOABD ? BHUUKLTH-m 4 fiyrt 01.4W U|?OBH, B -Bk^l f* ~g?USL JjagJT TTu Za^, ba a J5lu art rata famllj. Aafaraoaaa r*j'Or^ Apptf at ?' B?4BD IB BBO^ltl TB-rLB^ABT ??>** A LjyyiA-s-g ^?turST.-K TOJT nwHffifc SIOABO0 BBtK)?MB AT IW..H* BWI'?Wgtj: l^raa tMMHl Bowaa .? aama< ?Kt third Ouora auiMOM laslbaa. atat. kail B??A ??r BIOABD IB BBOOBLTB -A rBW BIB;!' ? j**?1* BMA'ras'urR^iOa ^rt,,ara??t* f'aaaaai >?i?a Tar?a ta-ua. EABD IB BBtBlBlrTB.?rkBABABT BtBIBB, Wini Biild c<aa ha had at ?? WUlo. Ba?>. "'**'"*? ,^aa \?? froaa affibar fu-toaw Wan atraat farrr Moim r at a'oiodl. ?.^i? ln ?oIiD 1B~"?: ?L.IIir?aa'1WJ ?ra, a?lr ball >~l l??r* YV?itBP~IB BBQf'KblB ?AT l?> ABItir. Bk. WBBB B?5?rt a^ fWatoa ffiaaata Ho.?a. ?o ^ ^^1 r. r.MillAa ?'?r? ??? 1 H' HMD A f'?f fB'O^ W ? **1 ? [TSaiT'Hril'""'' ai)4 la eonreataal tolka oara and farry [ - Ta(iaBI' i? BBtlOBI.?B-BBAB BULTtlB BBBAT. BOB B ? a."W ?Vl'. ?'* ? '^TJ ZTZ^lZ di ^S't^B^Bt^Tp^lTatraat aaf OnlaaalBa. atr^rt. mA^rofc ??J ?? B??r? MSW?iSS'ssS S ??Th..?Y -fa*, ennaar BB UtBn'lb BOCTH BB<b>f'iTW-A IJBOB ^ y&rssg' nrr 1 lifif aaS hartni rnara mna Uaaa War r*iaira, ???' f AAArwa M ?V?araaa atraat faa* ?aan I i??*?O B^taOAV' WtIT1*1> IB Mlt.HlKI.TW fAV AB'JTtiO Cdlar , aaar IB Hinrr'a <? Mr Oaf lar'a aAarakaa. bf t*? SUST>U^<r r"4 *** r? p!!rrL."t2r VLi ^l riri, tMtaa faB parUaalaa* lat U? ?aa I-i r* Bk Biii iv arag^gg;^'g BOB f a BHBfOTITB HBI'tHTA -A 'l"0'',? 1 JL<S2aT^arl?lbaaa?lf fanaJabad tkroo?koS ? rfaar, ?r^ b fwaa Ma f-^a; HI'?? "--r' ??k M a?< Jiaa laalaak. ? JfMfliW '5"?KDatal'l?!Ii tall ! JL^^,a52-r^r'A!'r| ES.TSJS _ OBBTUtBBB. waatr UM Braat, W ES i>tUKI)IM< A\I> LdUUIMU. L?i:KN'-?? HO.KI. a ri > N K tKNILRMdN Cam r ^ Rnf-nflin ndkUh' ??th well fn ntkhi*il Rooms ?ad s( -ell. it'ii. ti x treuch 'toilijr, ??-eu Vina a 'nit claa* box-*. Kngltis, xoanish and .tu.Ii, ? -pply at 17 AT'at Twelfth street ix-tw en Fifth ?i it Mill avenues. Cn>KWlMHICl> KO' MH IN *BOAD* AT?HOU-il CIKKT r class, h?i iiuom-iy furi-lsb~' p jxhiim all nnalein U ori'n-nii ut ; every IocJMlr an 1 e union afforded; lodatPm nru tr-.l nmt . .mre. lent. Kg lined s ay, between Twelfth and Thl Ursula strrela. rtRNi"HKi> ok rwrPKNixnien rooih, wph Moxrd, < *e be obtained by applt tug at it] T'bTvmir third >'rmt T9 I , lU'lon uintw). ltaiaol luoall'U aad vny CollVebM lit lo oar. aud Stages FCRNIFIIKD K'mVS AND BSDROGMri TO LIT?ON the sexi d and third fl-rn, without Board. U Bond |AlRblHHEl> At* ART ?'K.1TH To LET?CONTAINING r two Rari ir* mil*. adjoining rltber for two aaa U- aril or a gent a nan and la>ly ?lib all tb? modern tmnrovs mei>t? tpidv at M Ka*> Tuirtiemh wrest, between Kroal wa? and Piuv.nllv piece hfl RMSHKll ?? OMR rott UkHTI.KMEN AND THRIR wlvre and for single gentlemen. Apply at IDS kail Broadway; inferences ?x< hanged. Fl RNISHKD AOOMH. -TWO VRRT DKHIR ABl.E IXIN un til a front Hums*, on w-oind dorr (-arioc ami ?.-d n om), Pi If in grtdlaaieu. logeiher or eepar* elw. with a'l re. quired otancniruaea and attention, at 371 fourth at/eel, near Lafayrtte place Furnished HoufR to for thr winter-to a small family. *ery low; more of an objnot Pi have a trnaiil than price; rig 1 mtirp from the Olty Uali. on the North roar; alagra paaa the dour UNO H. JOMRrt. 134 William street. hTKMPHEP rooms Wanted?rt a i.adt and r gen 'I*man In a quiet family, with Board for the lady only. Umatiim yetaeen fourth and Twentieth street* near ti roadway, Addrrse II R , Union aqitarn Pont uflice. IH'RNUHKD ROOMS TO L*T To gentlemen. On* and bath. 108 Mtydougal street. near Blnecker. M|?WB MOM TO UT.-TBT DBOIRABI.R r Knai w th rr witaout Partal Board, oaa he ob'ained by apply tup at I2t Ninth atreet mew number), a few do we went of Broadway. Alao. a Kooaa oo the frat boor, aultable for* physician or denllat'i ofBce. (T ENT1.EMKN ANl) THEIR WIVES, OR RINOTJI GBN I Uwnrn can be woeoen nodtl-n with pleaaant Raima and Board Apply at IN) Weal fourteenth street, terms reasona ble. Reference* exchanged. ANDMIMRI.T PURN1HBKD ROOMS TO LCT ... aa suite or Mngly to geuUamea on'y; house flret class, wtfh all modern improretnenu In one of tae fx at locations In the cttv Inquire at 111 Ninth street (new number), near Broadway. IN A PRIVATE HOUSE -TWO RO 1KB OS A KE'foND Boor will be let lo a gentleman and wife or to single gentle men. Private table at dinner, location Madison sTenne. near the square. House first class Address 0. U P , Herald R N' O" Large second and third btort front rooms lo let. with Board, lo gentlemen and their ?Iree. or single geut'emen. at ltd West Fmirteei th street References ex changed. Dinner at >o'clock Murray bilk-board with handaomkly pur t.lhed Konaafor geiilrmen anr their wives or single gentlemen References leinlred. Apply at Hi Rest Thirty tiflhstreet, near Madlaiea avenue. O M WENT NINTH HTRRKT, NEAR FIFTH AVK nur Rooms In let furaUbed or unfurnished, lo suits or etaglv to gentlemen only. In i quit flrat class honae with breakfast If desired; avery attention paid; UDexoepUoaable re ferenoea given and required. ?KB OR TWO RINUI.R GRNTI.EMRN CAN RR AOCOM n>existed with a front eoom. with or without partial tw are la a private family, at M OoMage place, between Houn lon and Bleecher streets PlJtAbK NuTlrR?THE AHVEaTIMBR ]H DESIROUS of proeurtne a Bd-ae Mr lb# winter with a fannl y of re ?peetaMmy lletoi In a central and plcnwnt looattoo. abo ?? Tweotieth rtrrwt. aad eh -take t?. hoarder*. Ilia lam'ly en ?e'? of hlnMeK, wife Inlaot and nurae For >ucb a b?ma ha la wllllae In aiala Rreanrow-erita which aril be auitielly bana llalal. Any eond iamliy wllllur In ac -nnueodale Mm will piraee adcraaa B. hTO^ bo? 1 MP Pual txAoe. Permanent BOARD WANTED-BY A TOUWO LADT; alao for a youna renilenian. la Iba rVtatiy of Bleacher or Fourth Areata, or would taba a room for two younr ladlaa and a mr*a for two younr *?oUe?ea. with 'oil Hoard. Ad drew, with full p.rtioulara J. H. .Ink neon 001 KM llarald cdbca, for tkraa daya. Reference glean and required. KIKllf* JfO I.ET?WITH BOARD. ?? A HOURR WITH all tba modern lain remrula-Parlor and Badroaa. fur Pb-d on tba aa rood boor and two bedr ow an tar fourth Prtaaa moderate l.oaallnn 71 Waal Twaaty aeranlh A Ra frraaoca nebaarad. T>ARR OPPORTUNITY-A HTRItrn.* PRIT A rK PA iv Billy la 'br Immediate vicinity of tba Ptf.h Ayaaua Hotel, Ctaraadnn and K>arati bnuaaa, will 1*110 a raatlaaiaa a btad tnmely luratabad Raum on tba flrrt 0-nr. Abu a Anaontbt Iblni Sour Inquire >tSi BartTwraty fourth atrwrt, aorthwaal aaroar Fool lb aranaa ROOWH. WITH PARTIAL BOARD, OAR BB OB taioed at 13 Bart Twenty alnth ?tract. Good rafaraaoaa aa lo reaprctabtljty required. OfNM.R HENTLBREN CAN BR ACCOMMODATED U attb'o-a for ably furntaba ttooma, wttb or wubjul Board. Apply at <8 Moat Forty eighth rtrtat. T> I.RT?WITH B iaRD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A anile of Konmn oa tba wan 1 (lour. unfnraWtad fliwpt earyeta, locale >0 between Madlann and Filth eeeatiaa. drawl. M it ho. in ...UIHI mnwnen ?utan and Filth a'antiee. Ad drawl. M ti .bni in llerald a&od. Uneieeptloaablerefw rennet required and rlyea r I.RT-WITH BOARD, A LARUE P"RNISHKD Room. aa tba aaeond hour, front, lo a re Daman aad bla wife or two alnr'e reniletnen Apply at 133 Wwl Twelfth at net, betaaaa hUtb and Hereutb arm una. rl.rr.?A PLRABAMT FU*NI?HED ROOM, ON RR onnd door, la a prtrata family, to let to 00a or I wo yeatlr aiea. Mreahfart If demred. Apply at 13 Amity plaod, between bieecker and amity atreeta. r> I.RT?IN AN RLHOANT1.Y FURNISHED RROWN ?uae kooad, Ro-una with or without pat Dal Roarl, to peatlemra only Apply at 3d Weal Thirty drat atrial TfhRV PLRABANT ROOMS, PI HNIaHBO UK UNFUR T Make,I may ba bad, wttb liar J. at 31 Wert 8a yen teeatb el Feet WANTBIt-PPRNINi B.f APaRTRRRTM, A PAKIXJB aad twol bambtra. mdaboyeaaroad Hour, with private lau'a. AOUreya It . ho? I Tit fuel ollloa WANTED HOARD F In SEVERAL aIN II.R OEMFI.B men Apply to ?'harlaa W Po!ta?n IU7 Kart Pu-ir leenth ?treet, naar 1 bird ayaaua, from 3 o clock A. M. to < o'olork P. M. ________________________ WANTRD? BOARD POR A OBNTLRMAN ANDWIHt, ? ale. 1 artiAl Board for alnyle jenUeman. locatloa ba in aaa Hlwrher aad Tenia rtreete. would ba ptrmaoent il rutted, will (fire and riper* aa? aleatory ref ereroaa. ? aawera muat "U?te ioaatton, aiw of r-.ima Aa, and term a, wblab mart be aertarata AI draw A. C_. brn UD llarald c?oa. 1IT A NTRO?HT TWO tOVM If EN. A UMMM, yy wttb fafl or partial Board, la a reaeecuhl# prtralertatbiy lle family. 3d par weed for h?b. full dataiU ara rautaaatad. Addrvw J antra boa 106 Herald "?na. AddrwnR n hoi ttjHerald koerderd. ' W ^hLTro^ " Ilf * A TLT I nrAim?-rwo roowr oh TiinaRcoNn nturt. VT with hoard far a waa bid wife aad wia. foartaan yeara old. on anwe atreet frw-Uar m. I Aa a pa** flatrtfanaory ra faraaoaa (Iaaa aad raqklrad. Apply k> P. 0. IL, IB Harray atreet WHB ABTRII-HT A lOCNO WlfbiW I.ADT AND PHII.D, I Ml ream eld, a piaialr farawbed Parlor aad Bedrwaa. p prfala ,ami|y aFFd Kplrttoabat nrefarred AAdrwa Wabaa III an. wbtrb mo at If# atndarata. In Weeka. aalton K. K.rbth aun-n N. %. 11'ANTED?A Pi RNIHIIRM BOOM. BT A TOCRU yy own mnat ba la a reap notable nrt?blw-bond, aad aear Uf the t ny Hall Park Adceew imFF>edieteiy. atatlny leraao, wblrk murt ba loa. W. D , boi 187 Herald afBoe. Y Ol NO LADT, A TEACH BB I* AN IRRTtTtrTfOR, ? atabea B*mrd la a tent eel p-If ate family, hi the city only. | de where bat few tewnftw are bent. OalbiFltc preferred. Hood refereaeea reeuirad. Aldllrt R. 0. H.. atalloo K, R^utb aeenua. SWRNT m-RTTITTH PTRRWT THREE DOOR* PRO* he, art way. bandauately fttrawbad aaatud atnry front Roma total la ?ent)awan wttb or irtthoid partial Board. 1?? BOND NTRKPT -PI K*l*RR0 AND LNPCBNIBH Jay ed tt-euna lo let pi yeeitietwea un't. A Parb,r aad Iwa adydi >u( hedrnrm.a. aaiuule far tb'ra or lour *enuetaen arta. aaole Boom a Breakfart If roo-tlrad. UAB1NODON BQT7AHH, OH HTTDNOR PTRRRT HIDE, hetwwna Hank dad Troy artiatd -Hoard. wHh hand domely farartkad Kooaw. la aiitta or atnda at raaaoaahlg raum llnwa trot etaw ITneaarptuaalla rofar?aaw piyaa tad laqdrai Otaaer rtle 'rteefc. Of) DHIOH ftfJPARE?A BOTT OF Pt'RNIkHKD tiL^Jknrm to let, artth Board Alto, oat duR ta M fdf Ian SHI ?T pnBn, m fin iw iRiMMnviBif rnnuMMi m*n rtadW tat, prtee from BbtoW par wtdh. A O HOBTON BTRBRT. NET WREN HUDBON AND BHD It) ford tlreeta- A tared front bona, an anmart ?"?, fur naked If dealred. taHabte far d d?utl?dd tad wife. AlW B' meant Ronow tor dtafta aeaUtoaaa. to tat wttn Hoard. Oat b. hot and aatd water. A A WHNT WABHRNQTON PLACH-HOO* WITH 4?<k Board. It a heat* dtwraMy inwtmLwalSlaf rt^Uha aidmt tmpniy?awa>d,aad arharairt few baar ten are takea ? * 1 Apply at M WddiWadWaRtad pldM. w BOARDING AND LODGING. A 4 5C RtRificT ->o <*ibhrd roonh TI i w> let, suitable fur gentlemen end ihur wive aud m.uw le Ktnile eu, with iuu or partial Biard Keioreocee (Iran ud required. A Q L1SPKNAM) KTKiiKT, NKaR KKIUDViT -FUR 1 ~ l.lshrd lit. in., with Board, S4 to M. en K)U|, Hoard $1 to At. Willi <1M- of b.iidwiime parlors l.ulictog, U cents to 10 criile k night, get lleuuto and wife 7S cauls. Femlliea and re ap actable ladles suited. Watchman lit ?"?ldnnnti RQ WKBT VAMUTHOTO* PLACE, NRaB HIXTU AVE. uO uuv- end W.uibtitgiou eqwars ? t.enilatitsn leaning en. forte h|y lurrislu-d Knout, with or with mt Hreaxfsst and Tea, e?n be accommodated on moderate terms. ivicauou oou Tcuiem and desirable Call lida week fruu 7 to 9 P. It. 7(1 CPRIKli STREET. THKKH PROM BROAD I O uk) .?To let (ewers! baud* mrH furalahad R?un?, to ploy e gentlemen. The location uear all the llrslci-m b..|#le and places ot ninuM meul. Heeding room free. Inquirsof A.VMIN HOUHK. WEST FOURTEENTH 8TRRIT.-LAROI AND medium sited Ruuma on aegund door, suitable for families or single gentlemen. to let witb Aral class toanl; boiler a very flu# one. whh every Improvement and most son weulrntly and plseaantly Visalsd. OB 11 W?T TWINTY THIID STRICT -PUBNIBHID Z"D Hooma to let. with Board, for gentlemen and Ihatr wl wa. alio for single gentlemen. Dinner at i o'olock. Refe renoea eicbauged. OOQ Bt^T IIKO ADW A T.?FURNISHED BOONS. mAvO with full or partial I to rd fr-nt or re third floor, suitable fir gentlemen and tbetr wt\ gentlemen, tie house contains all I be modem Improve uneicepjouabie referepces required end given. OOQ WERT TWENTIETH STREET -FURNISHED aOO Rous to let, with Board, to gentleman and their wives; also strale Koorat. aoressible >o kigbih and Ninth sve nue cars and Haass. haferopeca exchanged 9f\Q FOURTH BTRIET.-TO LET, A NRATLT EC7R OVin ulebed ( mat Roma on aeennd door. In the bouse SOB Fourth Street, near Washington square House la eaostlent order, entrance plesasnt and location verr desirable. Apply as above. 109 ^^^?COVNTRY BOARD i 10UNTBY BOARD AT TKKH'IMT?a PEWPAMnONll can be accommodated wtlb Board for the fell and winter. If dent red, hi ? very healths and plesasnt looattoo an the Har lem RsUioad Stains pass the door every hoar to meet the Harlem boats and Third avenue earn Apply on the Pordhsm avenue, tot bouse above Twel lb street Tram out. WsMahastar sonnty. or at MB Sixth avenue In the clothing atom OHCUNTRT BO 4BD-AT LAKE MA HOP AO, IN A FIRST ? class bouse. Terms vary rsssonshts Mo sitra sharp* for the use of row and eaii boats, Baaing t-efcla As. For pai ttoulsrs oall on PRO 0 BaRRNTT. W Wall strseA CHOUNTRY BOARD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, ONLONQ ? Island, 20 ml cs frum the dty; tnrms madsrats This lo the trust delightful part of the season on the beach; flue air, shooting sad ashing. Apply at 833 Broadway, abova Twelfth HOVBEB, ROOMS, AC., WIBTRD. A SHALL FAMILY D SSI A EM PART OF A HuUSB, with modern Improvements and faclllUea for house* asp ing. References gives and required. Address, tlallng tanaP sad number of rouau, box 2,417 Poet uffioe. Ant one desirour of lrabino to a errfonsibli tenant a tm clam high sloop bouse, between Fourteenth and lklrtlelb streets, and between Ftftn and Sixth sveuuas. Will address B. T. B., box 1894 Past office. Astra Hons! WANTBD-FOR A HOOD TENANT; io cstl'Hi from Fourth to M?U? svsnue, sa?t not above Thirty, eighth stveet; pueeeeslon lSlh Met item her or 1st October. Also a well ursiahed House at SI Hill rent. Apply si MS Fourth avenue. In the office. FIRFIHIIKD HOCBK WAMTKD-WTTniN ONI HOUR'S ride of the city; must be nestle furnished and In good order; meat not be on the Bound. Address 0. V. IF. P., Herald office, for one week. Hovbk wantkd-bt a R?ypoiryiBT,i pai until Bm?, to ? P'*"?? Now Tork, root j^Sbia^ Add root. tinting partlcalara, C. U- J-, baaBW. B? l Tork Foot otBce. H"" OtTM WXNTNP -A BNAI-L NOBEltN BDOT HOTM. la a rloooantlnoatlnn. ?n^?? ** ff.?T?, "Z^iB root fruon IWO to F700 per mourn. Address Tenant. ww Borald offloo. ? about tt by 100 root, and an trertfo powor of I or bbnraea. Addrata box t,DM Foot ofdct. _ _ _ Fnortoootb ood Forty root?odor^ Adaraaa J.B. box l.iPd NawTotkroMolw. ANTKP?A SMALL BROWN HTON* FRONT UW furitahwl Hoooo ollfe oil ibo mndom lapmwji'llA tjd Tbjrdy-^a ?not Root not to oxoood SSOR Addrtot *1* A. ? > box m Btrtld i ffloo. ? Tl'tNTKP?BT AN INOLISH OMNTLSMAN. WTFM VV S IwTrLldrrm >!'? < t?d 1 mart tho tnUro saanM ts,r?^s.*a>s^s^ ? ~ " r eight* TmTAPTIP. A RMAI.L BOCNM IN NN^NLTW?WANT 2L?&S!lb, is w^tsusk ao. AM&fT ? box t,?7? Toot cdbea. w lb full paiUrulara, sutirr root. '?tar xox tcn? f \RT ?iV A F*"RNIHHRO HOUNR, WITH W rf " hoi; toaatlo. bo,-non Kttblb ttd TWr llelb ttrooio. oo?t tide of ibeclty. Addrttt W- R., Iltrtld olio e sutlug to nut. ^ _ _____ WANTKH?A * MOOND FLOOR. W1TB ^aNTRIER u 1,11, Ac orb Board for a |oml.ot??l kit wlfo from Ibo IA lit Orlnbor. In ? otrtotly prltata f?mtl|, ot_ . ^L i nrr'tTTr'1 abovo Fourtnonib tiroot ami wool fw FIRM Lvraw Add??tf T ?LjOW Now tork Portniliea. toZ3n? bout, k. epor aoad apply. BUM uraa Wantir>?a small roTTAOi bopsn IN bboos lyn. ronvtfBiVal to c*r* or frrry, iN |? ? fo*H nMihbof bond. Add/ma O. R D.. Iltrtld u?eo. for thrto da/a. WANTKD TO lURl-HT A LaDT. ON * t. rmo In rt?> ttwo only, a Room na aoenod bar, ftif ntshod tJJforrad; will o ly bo amdlor Kwbxi >? ? "jrtlaa; m<ut bo attualod "a or near kit bib araaus. Addrttt L A. box l? Mora d olllot ... II' (MH1 T<? IIIKR-KKOd TH K 'AT >- i l?-tBR ? V\ Ibo lal Mar ldCi. a Ural rlato llnuto ant ParaMra rant not to oioood ?1 SM. brta-oo Fourth and StMB ",'UT^t V'.unmwtb and Thlrlj ttfib atracM. Ad draw but I.MS TaW off ft. TTTANTKD TO RRNT-BT A RBoPONTIBLN rANTT. W r.rrt riant ro-nlwra until Nay oM agra. orwnuldpar rb*?o If auOkrtnot induooaionl waa oderod Addrttt U K. C., box 17* MoraW ??oa MIM KLLATKIH I. IJIOINXSK WXNTID -A '.KMoMtN. HA VINO n i,nn< Liulo m<?0? at b't commaad, wnr.ld pixrobatoa lUbt Manof.nartn* Hnvooaa. <* ? PW'I bartat orally ooalra- It lo odtr .Aymlt tad P-'T? KJJTJJ b. dMxora of, will not rat ly Addratt i.Uatow. box l? titraia oflteo ? CtONriPKNTIAL I.RTTRH* WRITTRN, LNTTRR. R1 ^Hlid^d Awroo'td for tbo rr? tmw ? Ciora torm-XM for p'llp i otttyt. ^a-in all bya fnilomatct arknowwi?-d A rota P . m Watt BoaWoa at IomdA Call or ad DHO NOT NirNND *<"? ?IP**1 Er' TAi?TL^l" K ataLr"'g hair ie5^,u^v^5msyu,s _ utrrbmxal a Kb ml lajary in OlW. ?bt <*W In mUt aIRT f.r Iho hair, black .r Urooa. nnaal^tar haw;dg tytuR. aad at Itat roai Addraat Chamltt, boa IS FmA *aa, WJaawa burg. N. T. H?8K^V?i5^'^1gggga p.uUlo 1Mb UgM AAdmat L L Bariimt, No. IS bnu ?t rattk atraoi. Brooklya. R. P. TTORMt p'nOt IRON. ^MNRICAN CBAROOAL IRON, ft of Ml Mses, M \o* wm* v' l.KRWb A RRO.. tit Watty atrrat, * I !?S.*;~_aW-s ?vsni5?MB JAI'ANMPN BROOMS FOR SAl.t -tOO BCNni.NS Uwat Brrtmm jtaa a^l^ ir^aw A^tatturtWMy. wtll ba raid rary low by L. H. SIMPSON, ?* ? M^HARSLR MANTNIA-TFTR St'lWSIBRR INfOHNS . v -nkM_ Ibat I)# |g JW , Afi.y ? tbo m rTbnaa wiabinato bay tbmld ^T"/ RsiTJ Arblayard. 1U law HtVuanxi . aaar Tbird araana. Naw Turk.. VTTW TORS WTRN RATLWATOONPANT. N lini'lllrSIt t WH IIMIUS, Rcaorad lo St MatmyoWtaai MmaL w.ofiOaoinrora tad daalara la Iraa Raldn* Pana Paatat. l-m Oaiao Vtrandaha. Jma Purniltro, Caollngt and a lateral Twtaly af Ouif adlal I ma War? TbMOPRNPOR MALNO B TOL/UNIO ? AWP KjlSjffla StuSTtlr i. S^SUd tbrara ajtattnt art rxdktllyaarad. sBfttf ** Mra^lyw. ?naawrt'M btRAWBRRBiNR-THIB IS THSTIMS POM P S., S?ta PrTnn, A On'? draeriutlya prtoad <Ata bLao1^STp aItW. RARSSR A tw Mt. ?iGk raw. AlratB 5Grw of bulbnua Soworm, aad oaaaf fntft tratR *R r.,.nT HANOBOMN AND BINVICRaRLN ARB TUB R^y^yCTw* ?- r^l^wl by ISO saw I.M < om aany IW Nawan ttraot. r miblab r boauty, ?" ?? rabiftny.aaAaUlorSStacb. BoRl bai aaaw tbaw. HOOPtVo BT.ATNNOP TTTRRIOT.E Nl.tTN OOltf ANT art ?N totarlor fUMy, law mmjn And or imatod ral. wfc.-fYfSSL. WOwllidi n* *!*' Bow fork. CHIP swrpr-^nitn <>*K. JTnL mATIONMNT,^ WA^-dl^* T*"' ,f * ."^1 f 7^- > '{r"w>' tfacxarad^SVar m^rto5Pa5S: !TJKSiri?V-p',w3i w^Jad still roialra bttold aU?d. Bo M Broad wa/, tor oTwaB awssL lanM S3T Of ao? tiyira *^?,"f^f^iTrata U~upw abii mmio dlroot fraa Liyorpord Bold fur Ml aaaa at xopra ^ -^-rwrrr rraat 1 w. b faat dxap aASrttt I' u-yox ipratM?^ .at ItwlH Ibmdara

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