Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1860 Page 1
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-I ; - THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8817. MORNING YORK HERAT D. EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 2'J, 18C0. PRICE TWO C NTS IMPORTANT FROM EOROPE. Arrival of the Asia with Two Days Later News. ALL SOUTHERN ITALY ANNEXED fO PIEDMONT. IMPORTANT SPEECH OF COUNT CAVOUR, Rome to be the Capital of United Italy. Six Months to Free Italy from the Alps to the Adriatic* THlEtmWU ITTITTDK OF AlSTftli. THE BATTLE OF VOLTURNO. MOVEMENTS OF THE FRENCH IN SYRIA, Alt) Al?| A(i Ike Cutrd steamahlp Act*, Captain I .ott, which saned (torn Liverpool at clue o'clock on in* awning of Uio l!th, ud from Qoeeastown on tbe evening of the Mtb Inst., arrived bare yesterday, it three ud a half F. M. Owing to tbe ln?a. mm of an easy money market Md the absence of any (Yeah disturbing oaoae In the political world, tbe feeling generally In England bad been a cheer ful osn for the week ending on the 13th Inst , and a mode rately active bofiien had been done In most article*. The eipectation of a large ixpOrt trade to the United Stales and the hope# ot a considerable extension In the trade wllh FranM, as soon aa the new tariff oomca into operation, gi fee an impetus to the manufacturing inte rests of the country. Tfle adverse movement In coesjIs ?m chiefly occasioned by a temporary withdrawal of a large amount of geld for French and Spanlah account. Tbe I-ondon Stmr of the 12tb inat. says-* Tbe substantial termination of the heavy bullion move meat, undertaken In connection with one of tbe French dlaoount establishments, helped b? a decldcd improve meat on tbe I "aria Bourse, caused our Stock Exchange markets to close flrmyesterday. Consols left off at fid to and railway stocks in many cases were >, p.r cot above previous prloes. The bullion withdrawn irotn tbe Bank yesterday was no less than 4400,000. Mr. E. F. Batterlhwaltc writes ? There continue* to be an active market In Ixiudon for lasrtosa securities, especially for railroad stocks and bonds. Illinois shares advanced to 10 discount, bnt have declined to 10 discount. Options of 1801 comc in for sale pretty rreely at 4)? lo 4 V trie sharts had a sod ten start t > 48, but hare given way again, clomp at i0% to The demand for railroad bonds baa extended to I Illinois Central, Michigan Central, and New York Central also to the various Isauta of Erie bonds. Messrs. D. Bell, Son k Co. report:? The market for Americas sesurtlles r<'ni i.? ?ril> afcaage of any importance. The past week haa not Wo Me or Tory active buatneaa; but the market ( m ire par iioalarly lor Staio slocks; la steady, and prloea arm. Culled Hi ales six per cent bonds, 1808 .... PS * w Ciitod States Are per cent bond*. 1874 ... 93 X a ?l)< Kentucky tlx per ccnt bocds, lb tin 72 62 a 94 Maryland 8te pur coot sterling bond* 93 a 96 Massachusetts five par oent sterling bonds. 100 a 102 Mississippi Are per cent Union Batik bonds. IS a 14 PannaylTnnia lire per oent stock yt> a s; Ptnnaylvaala tire per oeat bond*, 18T7 8b a Sw wiui .?r cent bouda (?al mar'*), ISM v w , M Tannfaafrt m peroent tiouds (\1tvors) . . I Mi ? ?u Virginia tlx pur cent bonds, 1884 82 a 8 I Virginia Bra per teal stoning uonda, 188S . ho a 82 IUIdo'i Ceotrel seven per oent "7 a 19 Iiltnola Central tlx per cent >>7 a it) Illinois Central, a hares dia 19 a It Michigan Central, c.tht per oent, 1846 91 a 93 Michigan Central, iharea 62 a 84 Maw York Central six per oaat 8? aft) New York Central, seven par oeat. 1*4 a 96 New York Central, shares 81 a 81 New York and I>te aeren per coot, 18#7 . . 93 a ?'> Naw York and Kria seven per oent, lSiy... 89 a ?I Maw York and Krle sevoa per cent, l??.ex 82 a 44 Naw York and Krle, abarea 40 a 41 Panama (starling) (even per oent. 1H m 101 a 101 Panama (sterling) eevea per cant, 1872.... 90 a 101 Pennsylvania Crnirel tlx peroent 90 a 91 The I/mdon Timet of tne 11th loat nays:? The Great Eaa'ern la now left ocder the cba-ge or Ur Duties, the off v-r of the dock*, who haa undo a wonder fbl revolution in the appearance of the (hip, and that too. with bnt half a <f'trn men. aa she Is now Tory marly all repainted. Captain John Vina Hall, Mr Bo', I, tt <i Ing <llr?- tir, and Ur Mclennan, the cluof engineer, h.-c !?? <-ii pa d off It U noctemplated, wa bei'.ere, at MM llaii of the preeer.t month, to shut np the ship aitogolh r, and pay oC ail baiids Tbta would be bulbil Monxu/ aa, to (ay nothing of the i?m??" to the m*h ??ry fr m having to not to attend to it, the dampnoaa of the ell saato at Mllford Havsn wiil effect .aoy rot a', I tic apla i.u hangings of the saloon anlrse Area be from t me t> t r bortit la tham The s-.m required for the new deek an alteration* in the beartrgs of the screw sliaTt will c ?i shoot ?10 000 Id lbemsel<e?, beside* th. ooat of the heal apparatus. Tte ship will r* m no la her pr Mt p a' Uca for mb? mot.U.s, as after Sen lay next tl.j i nag tides will aot pgatn be sufluiuntly high until CbcMmaB to float b?r. flbo is now pla-od la a perfect! 7 ahe'trrcd >^1 ton from Ibe only wind that could blow her oil the I Iron ersn tf she waa afloat The Sraoe Darling fsm ly have aga.a performed a he mane act. On the evening of Tueoday, the 8th last the sloop Tr o, Anderson, of Arbroath (ooal). for Laith. lei dhxsids with a fair wind, and waa overtaken bj tho gale on Wednesday morn Lug ofl North Ponder lend got aa lar aa Skate Reads, when U.?y lei go both anchors, which during a perfect kairtcnoe, war* saappod, and th* vssss dr'ftod 00 the I.Mtgstnop Hoc* waers the Foriarshire waa last. The master and crew had great dltncatty la gHtlng from the sh'p, and a't?r he ag twalro h .ra on the rock totrtptJkfi <tf b) On fmtktr, * bri<i ktr, and fwe 1*7 V ? tf ikmt iUroinr Or at Cariinp? lb" father now being la Itia 76th year, (fly of wh'ch he baa bt< a in ih: 1 gut b' jseservi.e ? acC after be ng k 1 lly treated by Uv?o. they were landed next day at North .-'uaderland, Whaaor they ware for ward *4 to Arbraath by the Salpwrecked f '.abermen s Poclety Father Garaxzl s law speech' a at Naplee wer e le ttvorod from a box off the Ban Carlo theatre The per ferai as na waa tor the benefit of the charitable asy aras and Father Oaraai took advaclagre of It to alir -as a dlf krect and'eaoe to that of Ibe ttreet He apokc la tie t tarsals fcetwarn Ibe acta and ha 1 the rnrtoln raised tlia. the performers might hear h m He waa great'y ap fins dad The Leador 9tor at the 12th iatt tsys ? Tt- Netr"|?il t 't Wfet Rallroal qtiesllon ws? tf 1 n hri'ight before th-' Mkrylabowa K-pruaentat ra 0>unoU j s srilaf Ibeart< rpr,*in? Mr Tia.a att ? le ! ?? r ip pnrv of h.a 1-iao. and Mr. W< kmaoe. on behalf of the I t don '-to .?atOmni ?(* Company, and a geatleatan me CMto nsveared for ^1" parpnoa of org ? g delay, l*iih o; u.c?'P4rt.<ar. tticg fch< 10S of |(i?ir awa to pro?B.4a TMe vestrr hn?o*er, re?alT0il by a voer decided m r ..? to aor?<l. t ? W - l-? a a, p '.Mellon Wt- m*y ? n< to Mrito ' s8ree8 ?? iroa-H aa c- <n-ooa o Kn^'ae . as tti-y are ta .u* greal < * tt ol tmm ? % 1 M Pa*; Att'Mil, ' aa>? t...| Sf-vrt, ? bas refa? J as eder tf ta< 000 frajes for b s ft. ?? M >n I tolie This ' tto hig-?at Si.m tterif! icd r a Preo.h horse. T? M A art! k.m h oar xe, M le do Chantilly /state ? Isii-ty aoTeti o 1.1 ; kwi*e for only 160 "A? r aai-e. rissr lisadsa ("a?rresp??li<le?ce. e, Oct II l'*l The /(Hss War ? lit fs tthim tf '? Wat Pmgftmmr? Tie /Wewte Omtit'' IU- * lomt and Jhrdtisto? /*r*%wUe Prnjuied ? Sm?J Jtos .Vo H p l"d J<* #? tf't Phe yii?wasw tf Us ? t * 0? Ida** tf Ja'-to?U (s tYtmte? Wksl Wifl Ht IA* ftrmll s f lh? Omftrtwt tu War taw' ~ TV TV /V 14.1*1 rar-v of kngiemd mtd fhei> Matais TV Orrmt JTetfens Lf* It for Ik* WWHrr-llw DmpUtn ami Chi-/ gnfimtr, and the ? imxM* (ka, tf Cbps May Ma ?* m*> JVMsrWy, Kf 'im rUttr Co**? 1%t Orem' HS.p'i frtt Jmer^a a r- Ltm?HaM ss4 .ret? M? ' *? ' ?/ V '"?? r" <<,r<?, Me Th* report that atari tee Kam to day ?, the Anstriaas nave M.aet?. ,h' ?d * Man wan to he attached wn&n be la carta ia tlie at^ .w)M cn-Ms (lw.t hakdi haa aaoimee sd ? Venetian r . wby ahead bta art.Tai bo waited (or? - f?r f rm tbets he eg any <?? toeaa baiweeo fr aaoe ao . %fl, , , ?Mrt 21 K M between then. I km (till of U?? opinion thai I gave yon to a Me letter, that U?o combinations, if *07, will be by Hnrttft end AuTria, and prebably Prussia, on the 000 aide, and France and Sardinia, and very likely Ureal Britain, on Uie other. Whatever may cbaice, tbere is about a* much proepect of power oomlng into the hand* of Pranola 11. of Naplea and rope Piua IX. a* there is .bat the gboet of Jultal Career will be Emperor of Rome. Tbe spiritualist doctrine will prove tbe lait, and the spiritual adviaers of P10 Sano believe In ibo first. We now find that <"aribaldl has something to rest 1 \? claims on u a very Washington In greater and pro Jen oe, and an Alexander In energy ? something moro lhan a brilliant dash through Sicily and h ii punctuality in keeping an appoln.inent to d ee m ti e K ng's palace at Naplta. Lou la Napolein l,*n no regard or tenderoeM for tbe Pope's temporalities. Tho great object that the Prenyl Km^eror haa had in winking at the course of riedmont !a now beginning to show Itaeif. The French official aud semi offclal journals begin to prcteet tl it France doei not wast tbe iilatd of Sardinia, that there la cot one thought of taking for it; Uiat. !n tact, it would not be aocepted were It freely offered by the King of Italy. Of octirae, everybody knowa what that means. It la juat as appardt as tbe position or the oalr uh wben his heai! is buried in tbe tand. It is ihu sort of unprofitable gamo known Ha deceiving one's self, lam not sura hut '?vents are near at hand which will require service* of the French Emperor that will be wortb at least one good inUnd. To you on that sile, who hive b- en expect. ug ft general European war for several months, affairs may appear to mov slow, b t we thick the kale. !osoo!>e china's very rapi'ily In these ajs of su-am convey nee a war can comnw nee an<l the campaign b? ball" ovt before old Napoleon, In tbe time of Marengo, AusterliU or M< have got au army seventy mi lee from b"<nc. As soon as the confcrence at Warsaw is over we shall see what we gf-nl! "ee, So drobt tbat ar.d the recent visit of Q:c?n Victor. a and Lord John Rusacll to Pruaaia will de cide several matters of great Importance in the move ments and alliacjes or nations. I have no ilea IhU franco and Great Britain are going to garret or tut Russia end rrance will unite their foreos There arc too many territorial mvters Id sntacra'sni between the lat ter, ami too many affsltu ol great importance and interest ttiween tne two former , to permit e>r a ruptur?. The French fjrreror fcts got a very aign floant hint from the "leading journal" here that whr.tevof services he may render to Sardln.a nv-wt be done gratis, that 1 0 moru accessions to t rance, on or ;n the lied iterrnnean, will be permitted by the rest of Eu rope. In the midst of all this we have rumors tbat there are two or ibreo email islands in the Adr.atic '.ha'. Mr. John Bull, just at this time, would tin I It convenient to own. Very likely, and to far as Austria it ooncerned, of coune tbere will be no d'tticn ty)ia getting aomu kind of a "persuaier ' to effect the object, be that money, national an 1 uaiatacoe, or the more potent ageucy of coldness and thr?ata Nothing short of a miracle will prevent half of Europe falling together by the ears before the Ides of March, 1861. I shall be rery glad to a.-o the miracle appear that will aocompliah it Toe present very utceiWin state of affairs as to the friendship* an I acsigns of different nations is exoeedlogly unsatisfactory, and it is hoped will not last long. Ibe poor Pope' Ala*, poor Yorlck! If on" hundredth part ot the unfeeling jeers an 1 otutempl that are poured un bim and his cause get to his ear* no must And him self a very greatly despise 1 man. The rabid ltomic?t jcurna < fa.rly gaub the'r teeth with rage, and the bish.ipa and arebb rbope come out with letters and maudlin leimpiatnta tbat the 1/oadon Tuifi compares to advertisements of l*y At Martin's black ing. There la cot the least doub'. but the Catholic church wiii b* the stronger Ibr exeiaiog this oorribia limb from the spiritual trunk, an eicr>teei ce tbat has enabled the Tat laidtoai* to make their brutalities and tyrannies the me re loathsome and conspicuous. M e are luoktrg fbr su early assembling of Parliament, Id view of tbe warm work on the Contlomt in Par.s. mh.tbcr 1 took a abort run laat week, I livir that IxirU )'a.tre>tiot's Vlinstry la looked oo n dooiteit to an raily iisoo.ution. Wh?t gires rise to tbi-ae anticipations l have no Idea, unleaa it n tbat the wish li laiber to the thought. l/>r J I'almeritoa la tlio ttrerg'st (tan In Frgland, atd as for the conierrailre party, It la to completely demoralized, rmaaru uted ac t urokru Co ? u . that >ou nngbt as weh expect l<au it I Pra.t, *i vm ttfiwst Lft*? ? ?*; VaH goveramenl here. An ar title ill 8 i&S- Jl&rtifty l?rw_ taints tLe dearth of talent in tbe roasarra tivo ptisa hern in Ixwdoo. Tbat la do more tb? cause of tbe weakntai, or tUa pie'.ti.n of u>? ami scristlre rarty tbaii tbr (needing of tbe Kin/ of Tmbuctoo ta the of an aarlbviaXe io ? tbe Bkadwlcti kMi Tbe fact la tha comer rail ve part j of lb a oouuiry bare Do lira principles fit; uara ?tot d at< II while the world bat (fine 01 and kit then, and they i alt f Imagine tbr; are on tbe train moving i * tb U>e rut 11.. J pretended for jaarl to be la iknr cf a repeal of tbe out > oo paper, and laat seasloo, *t'n Mr ? MMM bad tbe duty fairly orerUiroon la tie Boaae of (lonnaci, tbe toner retires atep; e l In o | the Honae of lordi and threw out the bill. Mo tbeir labors for two years are noBflnt J to one act, and can be aummtd up lb oue entecca They upaet | one ically useful aaeaaerc. oo wo ch they them w? tad t'U.u up a large amooat of capital, aad MM baa made tbem tea buter eoemiee for oae tnd-.ffereat frteDd if ttisy Lad aoy I .fa before tbey hare committed political iul Ide upon tbe only rltal'i; tbat waa left io It. fragmertar/ carcase of cooae; it'.am They bad MM* i ? MM t ar etplor ng party? If tbey bare any fx I rengra|>beri ??.??? then.? to aee If tbey oaa St d ? (.Bit: priteiplca. or. aa yet aay tn Yai.k?e load, some "-.iscee." an I tf tbey got anythisg that ta real y al r?? ?<mrlbttg Bun Slgoroag tbaa I/>rd Derby's g->aty t.<- that l.c ta a at. ; l?n ?.J i.p ? .lu al kuoa- ?? -ih let them proclaim tba same through their b<at tpaaktra at the o|iat!Dg jf tbe n. xt aaaa.-m. But tbey must act to ?ot k at an oai .y day to uaao tbe l>ad work that they did i; . tt i ?? ... l'i; ? r P ty Ke;*al bill. The coaaerra UT<? lament that they bare no jmI newspaper! and ,oc r a ? Ist'rb' Tbey did arerjlttng they coal I to nab >od cr.ppta the It'e and a.i.l of jju.-aau*m ta tbia r- untr;? lbs cueapncea? by .afliet Dg a lata aub on tlia meaaurs u .at tiok ml tba laat shackle tbat bona a t lbs; plared lato tba haadi of tba riairi. by p ittiag ?ome tn- .t?ataa iak> tbe ouffera of that louraat, and for tbo d ,ny work, petfortned la the rtrj dlrtlaat m< thods poaaibk? ?making off Into tiat rat bote of .Mbe<".l?i and old * "mm. the Bouao of Iiordr - Ihay gat ia rttcra tha ase^a ? f tbe Tt.- mirror, ahapad la lla m at aaroaatic tuuea U the liar | of tbe day, tbe ooaaerratlrai are "playod out." Vou ?ea ye i are ant toaoe tho Oreat F??tern mia thia year fbe ? aid op for tee ? m'.er at Mllfor i Hares, ar d st irait two tboj*ao t people rii t bar r?:h day. Tl o dirrcton ta medilatiog what to do aext They are going to call for at ?ie m >re oa| 'al, aad ara eooooaj ' g in errry f-oaatble way. Tbe eaptala. rhief aagiaecr arl MM(?r hsre been p? 1 nf aad d lachargad . and tba - . .rr1 oly l<n til ft h-a "my It >a raid that I al l rre.etre at lea?t 12ti40 to at her fir tea? t new deck rri)ulr og to be laid, itorsa frit ta. as I Mikni ft rtmi. It wis intima'od at a lata mi-etltgof large iharrboldars tbat tba trip to iiiKr a bai. rttmifd la a pecuaiary . ?a The large s.m <4 tia CtO baa been awardrii to Mr Haott Kosseli by the sr. b'tratorr, aad this Ihay tblak at ooaw^tiag 1 am cOBd Jent that gtrt'rmaa tiaa cot 'ecetrod tbe beat of treat ax at ror hts doe mte.i of pra'ia. Too a?ode?! to lrtjm;"t b's * own mertta, the lata Mr Brunei, the do ? igaer? wbrae wboia H!a was use c?eiiau.>J ??. r:< ? ef mstbaaxal and -toaar'ai and <y?aaim"'> rial blusiJarr? ar d erarybo4y aad ararytb'Bf eonaeetel With i be ib'p, tare Nan bepufled atd b- ra.???t si ?a? "0m wh e to tbe rr?*tor of th? rast edlSca ararra a w< rd of < mmtadatioa a rotrhaafed. Tha lusatioo f r (utura ia**- 1 laerr. as of tba hero who al lod Oota I'.ohia. w l ba? wlK> b ot the Iw tl (Tatars at em r>bi| and 1-st no oae will t>a able to tell, I will ooar?y It to tbe latest posterity tb tie rrr rtat toli.ntba of las vs? Ynaa Ilssur r ? jobs Hbott Rusoall A si.t rntr na ta ' graph has boia lugtegaf iUy ta.d down ftcai tfce i-?nd of S'.Korca V ilgirra, ar t is trarsiattt i a Birs?agT> Th- portltsi frem Mstorra to tha Frnrt ri?4 st T- <V>n ia to be la d at /roe .-<cme lata dla>? #; :? s, nirhnpiw iini?rm>iH that hats b**o fing < a for yew*, bars -tcvoi stoted that deep sea rabM* ran ta j?rrra tally ai d Merrssfuil/ lalJ for atl -asta Imam of r |bt er n re hundred ailfca. Thi W rorca aad "k caV - grra a |?<rtioe nf the Medtterratcaa that 'a ?a.d to be two thousand falbutii' ia depUi thai is as i?| as at; bctl oa of tb? hJ ? f IBs Valentta aad Sew t*>at?<'Krd i:oe Bit rr<p???.>- a.' Hi y*?. I.*t II a loop M 'Aa shade B?r?rit w ^r late y has ro? br?a ^nlte so fam-abla as m "-ej t wiher, bat .aar / atl tba wb<at '>art?y ?jJ <>at> ara a? urrd \ ou are i-i bare am- r t j?v agaia those nrr remark abte eh/rota of aoturai btat'iry? taoso etui log < at w .a dora. Tbe Q"?en iea?ra TV's'ftn oe M r> ?ajr, the J5tt), to re turn te trg sr.'t Vo-i msy lootr for son. ? ? <?ry t:np r last war aad pr ikat aewa . a week, If ait m aer Kraare. I>- Par ? OsM tftitumnrl ptt.llaUs aa ar. e'e, a <ne l y y Borl'Ve, depiorltf tba laterre?i,. B fn MriiiMl n -lie Vea latitat BMftn, aou regar liag It as a a <> t oaMradie ti?n <f ail the priar plefl larukrd by Pa/dlais be s f. Tbe writs* coae'adei by aayat that -t appertali ? to k irope to ie4t<ss 'org lien nub's, aad to reasiod ita goteramoai a bleb has dartafd tr> m tha pes per a narsa of tbe reti*rt due ta tha laws which ara htadtag aa all nates A frrn ;b nita bad been sent to ^wttaarlaad relatlra to aa laault to tfe French flag at !*>oa It tl arml ofllc at'y anao caaad tbat tbe Fr'nah aad tag llah plebipot?r.tlaH?? would, na tba 1Mb, atga a a <ure? lion, i 1 r.uimaga new ier.-a of artieiaa m oiled in "is French tariff Reined rognr -r||l he taxed M feao s fist 1(0 kilo gramme* The lti|iort duties oa mseaiats, -a strvmi rts, dw , will be red ooe-1 The Bouhe was Arm so : knlaul^d. aad r?B'fs bad agata adraaoed to 09 it. AWIMs f-fllr iol aformatiaa I aa liaen n -wired af tbe re as'a hits* treat of tbe tighta ob the a-Mrtr aa ooaat of toe Adriatic. JM wt;?&sad prtfMr?t??d ftr w tt tM government had given rise to a report that a forward HiM'Buii wae m l ontem plat Ion Tbe londno GLb* asserts that At stria'* pr?p?ra'lona wtre canned by the threata of ibaldl, and that abe baa do aggreaalve intentions Tuk<r> Tbe flrand Vt/ier bad arrived at Halontea, and '.V Fu* I'tn Minister bad prtsenlcd a cow ocmpialnlng o' h a ra le ru belrre bavin g completed bla musion. Net* ha I been received of a great Persian Tld'ery ever the Turr? mm *, near Mem I. Ihi <ioT? rr( r of .-Vl-la nad arretted tbe Du'ci Prago rri. it , but two Dutch trig ales having threilene 1 10 bom bard tbe town be ?ai reUiuod. IMPOBTABT FROM ITALY. Tbe Aauuatlon of Southern Italy to Plctf iiivdi- I'll* Propuatd laluu of All Italy ? What la tu b* Douie with V? ?etla!-Roine to be the Capital, &c , A.c. AtTf tlORI/ATION TO TltH SARDINIAN UOVKKNMBNT TO AC 01 IT AND DIChUC Till ANNEXATION TU T11K PTA1 B OK TUB MtV ITALI AN PIOTDKM, (iK?Ti kmir? It la uuaer two aipenta, became it i Deis two distinct rl.amctere, ln<it lor must be ex amined whieh is tuhmllted to you for the projected union ol the recently del vered provin-ee ol Central and 'Joutb ern Italy. * ? a a e a * If tbe annexation la Mf sol- ir.'ly (auctioned, the tlmtd will fearihat ^ncd intention* will meet w!ib irsarmo'inl able obstacle. The example ol ti.?cauy and the X nilia I prove*, It la true, that the co;iitan>.y or the poople cannot iorg resist ibe hard trial "f az xiety and uncertainty. Bji suecc?e. whlrh ha* i ot always favorable conditions of ro Lewal, muat not be too m eh trusted, for;une muat uot he tasked. The loyalty oftlie King s determined promptly and generously to pay tbe ctht oojirau-ed tiwarde tho II Derated province* in bia ckidp. Must we not follow that example? Could we tbwart that generous denga by re mir support to the government tbivl iulc* for it? Have rot we alao tbe duty of or <.t?e*!nr, Wid better ?<v.n lhan later liy rlaing at tho nam : ?t ih? Mag have not Uit: people of the I wo dicilita, i Ik a u.o?? o> a.j MarciMe and of i.' la risen in lb? name of It .h No on*, 1 tb'nk, would ilie to a ooc pt tie respou'tbllity of tbe gc d thai would be prevented, uid of tbe evil that W'-U.u tie caused, hf then! ahfat <elay in giving guaraa Wis of thv.- ?ts'jiMy of a r guUr gwvTcmont to the peop'e of Central and i-'ouibern Italy, the certainty of belonglug to tbe giorfcv.a rierare't* ?lM Vutor Eas.uiwl. The proposed b. . i*. therefore, deserving o,' approval In every respect, not only on account oi Ka suitability aod utility, but on acoovxt of its utility aiid urgcEi-y. And It derervda It still more, in ine o?ini"n of the Com m ssi< a and a all tho bureaux, beoauae tlio approval asked for b?s s'?o another slgnKWtton? t ? in reality a pledge of conUaencc lu It - govrrnme it, of assent and support to thu jKil.jy It is ioui. *u.g and far it n DghMtig. The gcvernnif nt ttaa quite right to aak for a new d? motn ration from 1'srlument? a new vote of oonfldence, makU g It a mix, ntcrial question, in prt.onoe of Uie Im ir.eoei gravity or tbe faca a.v?mplisficd, or about to be aocomp isbcd? in pretence of the straeg - eventualitlea of tbe actual position? In preienoe of tbe groat ditticultlea it will give ruce to. And wo canuot, In our ipimoo, reasonably refuae tbe uia.'k of confldtLce that is asked from us. And how could we refuse It? we, who scavoely throe monvbn alnoe, granted it aluioat unanimously, voting a largo loan with out kty difl'ou ij? Are the;, not tue same men who rule tfce btsH.' la it ijot the raaie poll y wmch we prolcf's H bat has Uki n plane ainoe tho vote of the loan has < Ely tended in con Jrm and strengthen the coolUkinre we th>-u fi it Nt I,,. i was then t>.it a hoj>u w uow a complete reali ty it tiod does not blind us, we are on ;ln p-mi of culling ibe fruit of our aa<- Ttit existence of Italy ? of real Italy , depend* Dow r/na u*. Udepeada upou us to unite closely i.w. t'ioi id for n a con>) act Mat ol 22 C.LC OCO ol Itali aul If llio Unoaoo of diacord, tho spirit of (action, doe* uot tlep in betn< -n to s'rp vs. it nsay be fald tba; a mi ted policy lor l>aly bs* bun rounC? d. The principal cauaea of tucii an evrnt are, it must be admitted, the gemua atd thi will of the fxtnpie, the tr rn ?? atlbie for>^ o. the nation*! stulitnutt Idea; a great t liar* mi - 1 be attributed to tht>so who bav- worked an lively towards ua cevel<*| emrrt aud Aral triuiapb: Iliat t* to ? sy, as regard* Kn ily and Naple*, to the voiuuteera | wLoiobrarely rushed to conlrool the greiteat daMgers, , a. id <-*pee?i:> to llieberoi : zoal and mar scli.mb ?? is <.f ') ? I nobie Cim tj iriliaidl. s* ri gard* I oabrt* and tho Marches, U> the valor of the army ? blcli baa added new laurels tj , >ta old om r . and the fleet, which at last haa found tl.e < long desired i pfx rlumtji ol ihowuig Itself equal to the [ aiuiy snd worthy of luiy C it we aho^ld be hllud aud . unjust if we did uol atlribute the greater share of the g org to ibe h irg, who in it.e tame of the ualionsi irn-jaiy adopted tue resolution to liberal* the Marches and I mbria Irom the oppiesa on of m ae uieionary fomlgnert who | wiroauii i sci and a danger to regea*ratai uaiy, ana ? 1.0 mMIe us< of the t* nt On, si auilx rl v a* a p?i>i-nt 'o MMH ''*'du **f$ Lt22 l"!2rs 1 Vnr.t rla, by the fortr'ght with whieh K , rafried oni, by tbe o;>oortunlty of tbw eioir .Mit sekvira j by the rapidity and energy with wuiea in wa* bapidly accomp fibe J . I* a rare example of that d>X ult uaiva bo i tween daring and prud'sce U ?> Ulch rreat ^ol.urai sue | oe sees are due. and whicb la tbe aeprome ar. of a stau s i a. an Ore of the nmet preeton* affects of ao adviiab'e an *n trrpriae reatilti n the tmpertrrt oowe>|iMiM atr?a<iy partially obtained, and whleb w PI soon be tally ao. of i p eelng the national movement ana the er?aUu"j action of all tbe force# of tbe country under the rrgtj*|<?i ulree lion of the rorernmcat of toe King and is takiug II [ away ft m Ibe mnpendlDg danger* of a rmlutMry . mo v i nn ot. Tbua, if Ibe m a *trjr bu JewrTcd on mai >* grona i* 1 tbe roeOdeare of farliatwetit, why sbojll i| be Perbepa on aoooerit of tbe ? ? la whleh Its profraaatu | liiBlto place ?<?> tbe prMftl activity of Ine nkt>u?l I ), f> '? Ix-Uing *11 dtiyn or <f oyyrui?* Tenuf Ceiiaiuly. ?? ought to tl-aapprore that Uoi.Ulloa, f, mmn to tin! latiooa n?bl ol Italy, u cataaiiabed Mi rrac'i-fc the exrlaalna of thoea port mna of the pto.n a fro* WMMMlN af onlty Ml liberty uauer Ike gi rt' ?? n ? rari ty *b* b rent* here. ul wbtch can a.o tt (Ire U a i" < W mu.oaaMy *n if** dealred and ron.baii . .14 lUlkr. <!(-< Ik^t.^y |oj will, a* rii i and T* ; ii hi ui'-o-n dratantf, BMJt. turner or Jafer, ?\a> Mir fair r ? ' 'intra! la r*r from play ing falae to Iba. trite, a :? Wen *? wel. teata'* that a fgrjr open.; ma r.** ?>i : atloraj right froclaimiog, la fast, t.i !.b*rt? M Itaiy aa already Maraly MMrai, it repr^ a* nil m a ate aacboiy etre| tlun the p ail?? tu wbkm r? main tboae tob'e ^-ti-'Pi if itx itatiar. r-?M vnutrf Aid if it reegea iteeil to It teni|? it ia I rota reaeoi. if po .ncaJ m meuieoca ao i out of r.-k*rd to the in u situ it ion of Luropc. And, it the ftitrrwurcl a?i'.i with ad u proclalaam an J mantaln : g '.alact the r'-gU of Uaty, we may an I ought to rttign ooraelrew w nb II, aait ?'? a part of lit. trlktnpb deferred. * ?? alas Biiai put our iruat ta Mi' ? rer laereaalng atren*th of public jiiuioa ; we Bull tni? ta tbo rver iDcrean i.|r favor wltt whlruwaar^ !oon ? m a Fur ope not oniy on aor/.iit of the regular taarri oi our cx.1 ?Ututioual hbartjr, but aiao >,? aacoaal of tbt , - mMm of our aaptratleaa, which we know bow to full wit to for a time, ao a* aot u< diaturh Um i*?< of Baroaa > Wo ai?l tr ??t to ti e iMMHaat actloa of maaj oa.ia?a 1 wli i b roaiptre to weak^o ?mre an l morn ibe i.nvrm ae1 moial power of <cr emm re We moat Baafl/ tr ? to i t.r own ??t* ria. ami moral HrenfU, wbK-b H m the Mrta n raauit of oar onrapJoK an I |?woef'.l organi* tta?. la lb la ( iao. by aupporM)* tfcr loreramoat of t;a K ri la rrenur.rt fcarope, arc r.u|ht U> bo ?ura lb?t ?<e ?re loilowtai the le^ dirga read j-alh, and at Ute aa>m tint ibe abrrtiat one, to arrlra al tba taai an<1 Tu.l ?? OOtot 'libKtat of OV LatioaaJ Malrra ?, b. waerr ?'i.fl l?ooe In Ifcr ministry caooot 00 ?? euaed (a fare of tba u aiporwry I'm u of ita peranat pro. (ramme. m r. j*r '? R n.- an: Ver.ica, attlt far lew ou^bt it to be -i i !>]- > irp,<-|i r.? fwbhsh we do not haa.UM to at) i abai rD wb ch the ?war * ?f tM p 'bib"j <m in'ea of Itafr ?t ' of France bare eadrarmad t > i,.re*i ? HWl/.tlaltbi hoped aiatxai '?a rf Central aad No?wi- , trn Itaij Coul'l ai;t bo . \ctei Witbo"t lb" aarr. .ca of . ib?r auc i nt pwloc?? Tb* rots.nltolon baa n,,t tb.. ||M It t ec??t?*j to make Ui l lha ?i.b.->ct uf rma. nter. ifa t om to ibe i ru.deat <f tc.a OMMM trf K aj'ir. i w ?b.' * so Ii?v? tl. ? app?? ?tce ol r m '.riag aurii ?.>> gat i m a a oap*oi? ? f ?u n?g tba itoai.iat apprara? e ui a " ?aoe# avertbeiaaa Um Prr? i-ri of iti C<NMtt,Mllal ? piw by iba r< mmn >? t < gtra utber < \p \ <>oa, Ux i ad Taataga tf tie apportcaif U> ii.a tbi p?ait:ro ?ad re,-y ample 5'*ti*#eo wbl-b, >n tue foilowltg lay. he retn? 'd in a p?! M ?it: ag i4 tb? rbamhrr, wbv n aaauraii. e i? ?>? i- iuuii i xclnait , i i ao i "i UleMi or .Re. <ua ? n ji J. ii i..:t ' ? i Jir"rt,bst alao frnto all ICmum rafai r:t t to ?pei .tl . r? oil ? ine' y. by r to too foarrtiir'nl t!." r"l? ? f i V lead It we mu*t i" t i . leita ? t. (?at ?'? a'trxut rf to it ?haraafa***fcitMteif arbiiru? r ? rf it,< ft* eer I e geae-al it tlia fnrn.ala (n wnii . m?' > . il ? I ;< ?'? to be c'bm tr 1 ta Na worir g VvcM t *fpe?-:al ly r ?li ? ltd d< t< r? iaai a? atovh by tl.a .!? i.. ?" ' I r?rl tit' t -n tbe tftm Wt tet, aen !r|.?aiea It a? bj tba o )et t itfl' ? ii rbeaiit ;>i*aa MM ? iliata?ro of tba ' ? pntiMat Tn liit the rrpnw 4'tn?*i!\ detiare* In Hip m ate* |.ii ? it.* t tl f ? ? rm'lioeal taHrti aoaoreptet At i tine n ? *t ln? Ijr, fir t waaM b? rtm?-aj t to t'?a lit rti i.nity u Ik* r >te Hial tai nf i'? paita ao mtti r i,i drr *1 tl a?j 'I i at< L<d l>a auMrx t?ii In a. t .> I- % tlwe pawee, whirli maat be aw. aad ? ( tcb, bottt ? t?r i rt#?d e< 1 ?rtir?l? ?r I' e Kl?- aa-l f?y the represent*!, tea , if all the prov r(*a of tha amidow, atnat e^teaa ,i? I anthorlly tanlljf W IM wl.ola ftatt " la n t ??r'y i ibi a' the'awr, all IM MgnMllaw befMMriag It < each taparate prj^lafie of wb'rh tiie anae??i 'r la ao eaptea and aR"<t?l ilmold uarataarllj be aiwrtKied at a bxiw lit make i-we for a rommoa irpieiat'oa ' Uta woole Stat* it avwiply n<an? tbat tbe dtetinct aad anmisoc l?gl alatlee pnwera 'f fli? eilioeal Parl'aiaet t aod o<" Ihe 1 Klrg rilH Kt la without fu'l and Trae aulborllf tn act | aerortileg to tiiewanti of tlie general welfare Tbon.the a* be l wbleb lubatantlatoe. the dlapoa \ <m | ablett author taa the gr ti rnaaetil to act ept an I eatahl ?h , i tie asaexatioaa roied air aatarall>' rratrlett tbe r? i ?f Iba |OT<rr*e?t<t a<> aly to tblDga n?-< ??arv for l'>t ae i w??| iali?it. of ti e aaaaMWa ail that ?bini eg < neda tli? Mare of Ibnee > onaeqtiential db>poelttoaa doee | aot triaa wnkm lite aunt va of the pnwora rraultioj I I frww a (?"?njab of t?e law, wbMh only artb< ri/ee t*e ao itepunoeid uted anutiallooa aad tbe eatabllatimmt >t i aaeeptod aaaaiatb na. Mir'orer, tbe Minlator Hiatrelf. r,'t?atioa<-l on tbM polat be tbr rioaiBia* on, ",waly declared Utat lo pre prialrg that law he Id not tlf-a/t |o aak f?>r any e tra orditary peweni or ealeita'a aa Idea of altortag at any 1 . r.c **i tilin g it uta frvT<aoe? et * cbacging od h i own amhorlty the ei.atinc ty all-in n leg ifc'kiu ij ,n Iho proviucvg to be annexed as UoOU id I .? annexation took place Such a determination at tbe powers re?uk!n< fro u the promoted law muUe the comn. i*mob observe tu*. -a ^ ^ . . ? not autbor'ze tho govemmrut u change in the T- #, ' law tho numerical nrnport-nn between he ?>-< . 1 , and the ueputies to be elected , ev*u abouid u ,.,kr , , bave an txo**alve)y uumerorb repiuBt'nu'. on w . t> u ( ! Chamber of Deputien would have to represent a : double tbe population It actually represent* 8 :o ? , tkortxation would not come wtlirn lhepow-jr??t proposed law attributes to the government ir t ? v pon d changcs to be operated touched tbe t ?? tor i i 1 tu its relation lo tbe provinces already united and ' > > ? I number o[ tbe uatlonal representatives fixed la on-1 n .u nerralhtr tban another, without being deicrjv.a ? m any prtcite neceiiity, but only by a Judgment lutt t i tbe m< mi l t. Thus, tinny members wero of the opini >n that a nup pit tiji iitui \ article to the bill ought to determine the n> w rtgu atlcn if tbe nn-iber of deputies in tho uew pa. lia d' ut of tbe kingdom extended to nearly all Italy. Hut, bavins uja.u board the l'residettl of tho Council of Ministers the pUn previ'ied of arking the ministry to bring Id a tepiuate bill, wbich la actually belo# done There Is nothing, therefore, to opp ?e the favorable nceptlonof the bill, lly approving it the Cnamber will decree au act wbi.:h Is au inniense step In the national lifn and In tho policy of Italy, and wi.l, with III full confidence, give to the K>t g's gov.'n taenl all 1 1 e moral tin ng h it u> edi for the aocomp'libm^nt of iU l?ak. Buv tkc commission, deferring lo tho initiative ex preesod by a groit n..mber of mem>crs, la of nplulon tha tbe Chamber will not have entirely d lw barged us duty i it did not rticlare ! \ :i explicit vvo its appians?, u a t mljatJiR ajiti jta gralltu.! >, an well a* that of tbe nation, towards bin to Wujm mtU l? whole ra!or lUij own me triumph .1 .ig liberty. Tbe ocminlasiou, therefore, tor m.t au a !U iubors by pruj o?.i;g to j ou the rucr of tho day ? The Chamber of Depones, at tbe same note that It highly at i tttds be spimd.d valor of lb< lan I and m-a (.'teen, at : tho genero is ;iti;ot?m of the Tolu^toers, at tests Ibe tatroual adnurat'on and gratitude toward* the heroic Oili a! Uaribakil, who, by going tu the istauce, with ma>.t.?clinoJ8 ardor, of thu people* of -icily and Naplts., in Ihe nan.o )f Victor -jnauuel, roalorCl la the lttliac? 'i;Le a port...c of Uiiy K. a.VUHK'JOCI, Reporter. The d "cuiaion on toe piojeci ot iaw ou the unu-,vi tions wai coat.ciieU In the ^'aiciiuiM chan.uer on the l'J.h ibtt. Count (avoir ackncwtedgcj that the d ncawionof that law bao >>to ?bt Ute dillereul pailie* luto a oioeer unit i U>ui | favour said ? IT- ("ci?*a great dlll' r^OCe bftwen >fc* |i? acnett tione aud thito nnw uu<Jf( qf WJldfraltoo. ^ iunaed attly after ti'e e xclusion of tlio trca'y o: V.iia . ltlc 1 uixatliis riuH t.ot be precipitated A oougr-riB *aa alaorjmhen >f, a', which vre were to take pi"', ai re garde the aniciul on of Southern Italy, th ? ha . c oang r no Waf' r ii str. Vottr vote is Ctocauitd iu o. r that >uu u*> give to tho Inhabitants )f th^so ;.ra vlBcra a piuoi that lh^ ne|>a Uken by the g..rorn n.cLt havo met with your approval, as r'garUs the Cisinion wi.ub I aa ar.a>'u betwetu the g ; eroment 8L.i banbtitU, the fauit ' w u t b"ca ours I' tblto o| nion leav* no doubt on this point. The M.nitHry, lurtfore, dctldtd on priaentlng themaeivts hei >rt. iao I'arliamtLt. b ordtr loa; it tnighi ju>g, their poiidjr. Th a .? the gitatcal homage tu.a cm be pa d to any mau. The Crown, a'ter matur i condideratioo, rt-' Jied to aooepl tho oiln male by ua to tender our r(ai<na.ion, be.og of opinion lLat gov<rument would there'jy bo too muon wtaktsed at home and abroal. It only remained to ua, therrfcre, tc aldrc* ouireltea to )<>u, not that j >u miltbl jottge (aribaldl, who is not stibju t Ut > r exaun nation, hut ouraelvfi, onr wh ui you hi..! power, shouia you a ; |?<rt ui , we hail go to ineet tiarkba'dl, and pr.n ttlo unt the order of the day p.- >p v1 'd by >our comnititee, vblch jou will inroie, aud whieb we accept with all ot h *rta. WeihalloQir him u< r h iod, and invite him l< anion in thename of th^ Italian .Wllauieiit. The ct'ttkw of ItaUan terribry aa c.n ind"n>Dtty h\? again been rpoken of. To tb'.s ttporl 1 glvr a formal | diLta), ai.dadc thai, wh- n the anna&all u snail bave ? b??n ivronf)!lahtd,Bny orasior of territory w.l became lmpoti-il-1-. Noliooy will bo ablo to ask * .ch a c *Blon Iromacontlry * Ith a population of 21,000(100 An atlat* agatait Komo an t V enice baa also been ?I* ken of. IV? d trlre 'hat Uu Klern<U CVy < tumid U ome th- capital *f /ta'y, but aa r. icarda the moans to that end ?e iboui l be able to lay in a hat oon lilton wo shall be a>x mot. t hi hence The retoluU u 'n Rom. *111 be accompljtfcel b> tfc9 Cf tivlcti< t. tbat liberty la favorable to religma. Kcac*ctlng Vei.tlia Kurope dm not ?irh that we tbonld Dtuc war u(.ou Auatna. niuat U*e lulo con n tbe opinion of I tie great Powers We must brief ab .it a iliaige m this opinion. Europe be!icrue 'ia acapableof ctl'. erleg Venetla aloue LeL ua ifmwour ??!c i nnifrd, and Aat njjtatof ? v-ill <.luinj> It .a untrue ? bat the Vco' liana are ptaceuliy tupporung their dee tiny. Auatrlafcaa flattered th"m to vain Public <ptoion will change, rot only tn France au.1 Englanl.bu In Herman y alto, ?b h la i.ocomlug liberal, acl *111 b* Ita our hw Coii. it>vou* wach.ui.: t?> u. king i? w cjn MPi I ? rom a Turin ileapet-.b of Oct. II. I *? to 4u '? anting jf tb* chamber of Dapunee ti? order or ibe Jay prjpbecd by the 'flTimiikw wbo rc i?r.1 homage to Warlbaidl. aad 'iouiino>.?y f I preen* d tbale approval of the project oi law of tbo annexation, waa agreed tj by balk t by 21* vote* agatnat ? Wwa.ataied that tbe (Jar ii aid .ana would ant attac k Capua before the JOib ?l OiU i -r Marlbaldl la 'aid to hare been wounded at ll>? battle of Voltaren Hit tot.' j I<*m? at Uial rnyagrimot are llaled by ibe far la I'alrx* to bare .mount. .1 to4,M0 men, while tbat >>ftae r? ya'iate waa rot >< grtal Arii .tg tlnr Incident? of tb>' battle it r. . ?-<). d that at oo? of Um mMwHMmMII of ! ite dty UaribaMl naked for on* but dred reaolnte men, at..! amor tb?*e who teepoi.. ' d an l rode forward will , It. <;et> rai waa Count Arr ?ai?ene, heir to one of the Brat Miaioe lamille*, and art It* a* oorr.aj.of! r.t t- tee Oatl* Kffn Tb CY'int waa not aecn tflerwarda, bi.t It wa h.>p<d be wet ,?? tb< prtaooeta. A feat many of Ibe ?< 111. led <n tbe Ucil of \ Mtorno died for want of j an.h iai>e?? There we? a renn..i.ade under the wa.'a of | Capua on ibe 9tb, and ti - OaribaM >ai.a gained fre?h ym t one. Boitllillra were allerwai. aau ?i. led '? r twenty ; lour bm a to bury tbe Jra4. II. ? rauu.iua i rer?tu mete* en tbe 10 la, at d i >ut nf I oil tbe Uth. A de< ree la pub' l.e>l oiderug a rote on the 21 t <>c.lo ( ber, bj . nlv? i -a1 tutlragt . oe ibe follow ng ?r -ti..u ? ? ? I ao , you wmh Italy to b, ludltlalbly w b Victor 1 x:?ci. aa coitltuloial Kti?.and hi* lefttln. itc do ' | ritt.1 anlat " II Mate of Naplea b I'lUnpr rtl, and tb ; fund ? 1.1 i riaea. The ilalercer.t tbat Kure a at. 1 Pruaala bad tan*l i<eo fee agairat tbe Sardinian poll.iy Identical with tbat of j Auitna ta d< nled, but it la nevertfeeleaa adliT'd to by ? i > ?Ml:or II<? Tb* Carta correetiotdeDt o' tite I ?? nil .V'.n.if p i'**t aaatrta tbat tbere ban been do proUnl by tbeee I'owera, In tbe dlpxnatte aenae, a^altat the entry ot tbe Hardiniaa trojje l?to tbe Neapolitan terrt tor) but It n ull ant l>e undetalood fr m. Uila tbat tbey art n t opt* ted to the re)veni(ol Tbe Parla e<'rr<?fotdenl nf tbe l/mdon fl-ruld a'l tdot t ibe probability of a Congroea on tbe allalr* of Italy. Tbe Cardinal Arrhblabop of Termo and the Cardinal pa of Aacor.a and Jeal bad been arrrew I by tbe Tbe Cardinal Arcliblabap of r-atr.-eto ha ' b< aw obliged to leare bla dlooeea at half aa hour'a totiee Tbe Kama* Journal annonnsee Uiat tbe ana cor.trl boied by tbe fallbral to tbe Holy He* waa 1 .00u (100 crcwca aad tbat It bad all bean expended Victor Kmaaoel liad am red at Orottaaore, where hi* brad'! tier tart are eaublttbed. THE BATTLE OF VOLTUERO. The nmibnaa' l.?at KUbd-Tirrlbl* ?? Inhitn* ? Ho Uaatlrr-Th* King of >?|>lea f nilir Fire, tad Almoat Vlr tatliiaa, Ac., ?ve. A c*.rrr?pr.n<Jent of the Jmrrtml <t Ikbi'j. who wa* priaei i at ibe tattb , glrti the foilewing graphic dearrlp ti n oi the relatire pit.* ol the two armka aad ui the battle ? t'.-rtrg tbe lert Are or all lay* Oarlbaldl haa t*own i..n etee actirkty. rb?- royal .?t?, on tbeir |<art hero j rrtcted lormtiable w. rha n the r ght bau* of the Vol Vi.rco tbey hold mnet favorable p>?ltlona, without men ! o rg the fortrira of tantii tbey are martnra of thf ! ? t r?e ..I Ute rtver. ?blcb tbey can rriet by tbe bridge* 1 1 1 a lapaa irbnt tbe rircr * llUle more thaa a diu.b, fi r Capua ia but t <* tbe right bank. Kroaa Sea Cletrcnte : t> i.aja/?o the right batl, >a fiatling with gnu?. dertrly airk'O atroac radewlita Ibtowa up witb barrluad?* an t , dr?wbri^g< a 7 tie ab- le o 'ibtry on tbe l ybt bank 1^ a trap. Add to 1 tb!* an li.trrnefce'! . aeip i?f ^0 COt) ptohed troopa, aiabid by pMRiae of royal reearda Ibe baae <>f tbe o|?rati?bi of tbe Gar. bald lac a la at Hio'daltll Tt.e left wit g atretcBia from Jarta Mar a in I a^rtae protrcted bare by tbe r?na'. ah.broa firm.rb 'La com try ar.d nrrnple.1 by Major U?te. w.ib the ?. o i;nu'rr A Baatl cate Hbata Mart a. ?troeglj for fled. M ! aocup>od by i^aiicral Mitt nr. by tbe diui'lau htlgade, Ia ifuaa. rallitr an ? tuvarratinoi.t than a t, import , by tbe Dee T;j?' 't' re|tm?nta, Male rb cl and Z irclite rl, ard Batbl't (icaoe?e Carab n'' re. Tbe bea.'.|t?r | trra intAlna at Caartta The r'gbt w ,?g o*reted ! by tbe m?"n'alt<a, etretcbee froaa IVnlktl, oncaptwd br t?i*>o. wbo I >a ret.irne.l from Ornoa aa far aa fa" 4alra to e by .Han l^moro At half a mne (i n tbat Tillage te the Punla del Paruo. and a ittle beyc*? a rert?e, cappa j by a bill wbteh commaad* taiaiao The hill ia acc p ?d by '.ar ba'dlana. UnJaaan by Ute royaliata A little la ad ranee of Punta del l^r<-? the road dlrldee, tbe one aao in* t> i ajaiao, tbe other in Oet' ia Una mint ia aleo la i th' han.:a of ibe (?aribaldlana M- nle Han tncelo, ibe key of tbe defence. r/>mmaadlpg tbe rt.nrte of the Tol lama, haa triple ba'.tenee eatmated to the t?**oeee arttl lerj men and to Col ISangeroa orirpa of (teneral Hie- a hr ?a.?e, uader tbe dlre?tt< a of Uaptaia Frrrare To thia p-e nop fiarthald haa paid e*pf?lal care Ha hae netted about fifty tlmea tbe batter lee, wbleh com tat of twenty et?bt guna ? n Hatur<ay i Uxk the railway aad rl?lt*d ?anta Maria (?n tbe preceding da j tb* (Ire of the ootpoeta waa Ino^t tact Tbe royaliata >i eased determined t.. air Ike a bto*. Ibr i<eribaldi'a plan ia to reaitla oa the dafenaire. | met ihe Mar rilareUea torn, return eg from Ca?. rta At f*?<ita Maria I loead (larlaaldi. mech artteted tbongbtrul. big face biackeaeil by eipnanre U tbe ?ua Tbe aiattoa wm fell of artillery earrlagta, giaa, As., and aide* de camp w?re glTlrg ordera 'or all to be puabed on U. iarda tbe Vo tnin? laai ng Ute alght ! beard tbe an tin d of aanaoo towarda -an Angeio. Tbe algbt paaaed quietly Ob foaday tbe i^t i of s p'-moer. at laybreafe, Aula Maria waa all aat>. Tbe eotd ore ware oon aigned I" Mm> h* fj j imrWt for Nfc.i IV 4|yiv? M?a 1*1 jti through the town. 7 fw t I the people are pa'e ui l &gitaud. iif tr fur > >( m i?riMh; itkro oiiwii from Home of i ho house*, mlj n ?? uua of many of Ui.'in c i?ea I J Itr San Atg.-i.. ? brn I uwd ibo vuljc of i iu non, and I airlved in him: l'*o b?^ulious, couiman lul by Cuatelluil, were atu nut u ^ to throw a hndgo over the Yolturno. l*roleeitd by M"n. ? artillery, they advanced !>y a covered road, aiid kucete... i m launching ,*t b> ais; ^lut lb? ceuiy jx>(C"l\id tho n: u,'?uvre, Immediately tbe right b.ak, a* I t>> magla, wt covered by roytiist troops, kfiil a Uri ible. file wan opened K^aln^t Iho batUr iea of Am Augelo, ?l.I agaiusi the U ar. aUeiupt eg to make the brioge They were obliged to rolrea'. -ao An^elo openr d its >,urt? and replied with good efl'ec . Bui this simply kn ovtrluro to tho great event that wur to cuibe oil' on Ibe l?i. The royal, sis ! ml n t><9 up Ibeir mint's to attempt a decisive blew. Tbey lelt Ibey were being surrounded They knew Cialdlui wau iu their rear, steadily advuciug; ltul I-amorlOiere *?e ojuipli u ly defeated, and thai Na P'<* *?? undefended Al six \ M on tho 1st of Ociuver It) Old ae.;, of whi> h numbor 6 COO. .em cavalry, eft Caj xa, con maud* d by General Palmier l, Willi llvo oitle I le* uiuia.ut>? d by (j utralN'igri i.viieral Kilucci had tie chief i inmand Generate afan do Rivera Barbalon la and vou iliehei wore nnier his order*. 1 nave lhe?e details fscni Cap taiii Ptrulll, ol fbe Seventh Cii?Kaour?, who * as takm prisoner At the sane iiroo a body of 5.CC0 L.fc marched on Maddal ml to take Un (JarlbalduuH Iu tbe rear aod cm oil ibeir retreat. The ku1<!><jp; oi KraLflu II. were divided .mo two corps? one, by u?o rati way, wan to attack tbe posllh n of ibe Uarwald'aos at the ucbt's of SariU War la and diaw their attention to tbal pout: the other, by tbfl parallel Consular road, tocrors upon their right by tho fields, guided by iho 'tsrtionary peasants of Fan Prlsco and tbo neighboring vih?>,r p, and was to fall upon Santa Marl* In tbn rea- oi ibe Caribaidians. Another body of 1 COO men, ataitlaic liom Ja Plana, wm to cro?? the Voituroo below Utjazi) act! deduct f. ;'?u i pueblo. All this had be?n foresee u by Oarlbaldl, and it is extra- i ordinary that in a very rcariioLary oountry tbe roj.aiiSU were ict better UiforoKd of the operations of tho liarl baldlanE Tbiis the lattrr bad errcted redoubt*, dug dllcbts knrt bniU barrl.-adeg on tho very lii'lilgovrr which Ibo royaneta fanoled lb' y coull alvanx^ with ml ;mpo>li Gn' nt and atiack tbe rigbi < f the GaribaldiaiiH or tbrow tb> mlelvts Into Hanta Maria. At ball i?st six o'clock a ebarp tire of musketry com menced . and tbe raonon soon began to roar with fnry. The population showed r\ eat e.xoitemeut, ao l every one pre) ared for defence 1 b'lBt^M'd ?o the sp 't , and *rr ynd Just ss tho royalists wero croaslng o er lb. lifteen art h>-s of tho railway, ubasltg the Uario.i dians before lh- n Al | t ?ht o'clock the formi-r were a'n idy al Saiila 11. ir ,, | near the wa'lii of the llainpau AmpUitbi-alre While lienfral Rltuc<i was ti'rylng out thin move- | ii tr t (jarlbiiUit. who bad arrived on the scone ? ; i erdfrcd an k "aluous ot'e. He ordered Malerchlcl's reg nil 1 1 id '"?vO fan Tamaro en his Itft, to ieav -Hon'a Mar a I Oi tbe r<ar ?nd It Into tho rtelds which tuo ioy?l I s |,?1 to cruB* I;? latter ibog lound ihomseivc* j uk? u bctwei n two olumcr of iSsrlb.ildiaus, shut up bo twe?n Uie raliwiy aud tho road, and c unp'.lely tur- ; rounded, tbe .*tveMb reg nutt oi Obasai urs v, is aanl hllaled, with tbe exrcptiou of thirty live n.on, an tl | j rakj- r, arid Captain IVrreili, who wero m? 'e pr doners It ia qnils imiiorslble for me to dt ?or be ?bo | terrilli: ohMuaoy of tho sfuggle, and the real and cslm ; uburkgeul thu men eugsged. ! I weal ihtWRli the ?l i>li' campaign to I ouibardy, i mipr irblli Magf i.ta and Suttrluo, UJ jdl'Tliy I : anon (1 1 >>i then- apain Three linn* were Um poai Ui ei of l be Uttrlb?l...aii taleu a'.d nL.?uc at the poibt of ibe bajoiict. Tbo ^rape awept rti'ti down onnterel- i fully .VoqmrUr ??' uaked or glvca. With mln? owu ej?* I law wouniiul men haybnelied md the atllolto and | I ?lol uit <1 il i fight which coanmeaou .\Titi tbo rill r jcept ihe 81;! liana at. J the Neapolitan* >f lh? oily of ! Naplm, tmy man l?l tits iluij with enlh jiUaai. A tlraage Mil atijloo* ctrcuiti'n. c<>, if wu oooitlar Ibe cbaractcr of ibe Hal elk, lb y fought without nuenag a ?b- ul, alibi" l ID lilence. Il ?a* a lively day, tho inn ?billing in ail ils glory an l li.< gro.uid artoraett >?ilU nob produce. Al m eb Ibe tide of ballle I rut i .u favor of the Uan ktldkrl I r< lb battalion! aud new guLl rimi un from C**"rta kbd N<i| lea ?bd jomi.l m ice b?ltle. ill. Qanbaldiaoi, ? bin Ibe ballle commim*'!, were aol 10,010 alriog; ttej bad now U ,CC0 mon lo lha bat-le (iaribaloi lei-mi.t ublquiloui. lli- watched ev try |>4um: of the battle, keep j.K 2 CIO m. L in rcime on b'l k ft lo throw hitn-' If Into Capua if the vicitailndil of the Mrr.gglo i l,ou:d bm a pr >piltaa* opportunity. lie ?*.' in ?'h movol, r<J and wet in m | < r* jiratlou, and hli voice ^lltred l>y i'i;o:inn. At iLc brldgtl of Ia Vailc, be r led ibe bill* of Mac-lalonl, Lixlo bad dtiibilively di'.ven baca lha irya'.iata, wbo bail taken and nlakin that poe.t . n. Ni?r .-'an l.ujio AflabU'l column bad pMVtttM lh' royaliala i ro*au it ibe ri>cr Willi the l-ucaue and CeiabruUii Col. Ci.ito bad biavcly tupr iUJ ihu oombalautr < ri'.u Vlana, anl kept ibe ei? my lu check, who migbl have loirid a pa*?i<ge of Han Tamam, led opto by the move mvut cf br?v? (leneral ou Ibu rlgbl. f ?? gunB wi-r? taken fioai la i eii' my , with their in k and accciitremcbM Prui.n.rn ami wiumlal lu great niuo b. ta b? g*a to an ivo ?' ru'la vtarla, H<1 were 'm i.' diala ly n et or by railway to Oin U A t rial n mbi r nf iBrer* wen- killed er Hounded. TIM Sir. 1 Iim ma ' * great notas and did HlUe 0.,Ut<ug Tbe Kali >0*J OiHfd of Sibta Maria *a? on 'oot. but, Ua?lDK ppadcotl* plan 4 tbcir flag in Ibe guard bo>.M, >..u#ed tti doori an i win dour. At m>oe the r?ar of tbe cannon ceaxel Tlia nro ol auikiui' at Ibe Arcbl of Santa Man* i iottnued ubabated. A ?mue u<-giui ?u ,.>.r u? h)? aud tbe color to reapptar la tbo cbe< ki of ma iy At IM? mi n.cnt I w?a W>M a Ira n wan Hit,: for iN'apba. 1 it-it ibe outpoala to write you au act mutol tbm j i.i i. on il ibe battle? U.e Aift act of Ibe capture ok C ap .a. ibe police ordered N'aul ? to be i'|ja>la<'J t' D^hi la of Ilie capture of U^oa, but tbe uc a* I* aol ooa firmed. Ibe O rii n yncnnlUe of OtLoa a bio publ.Ebc# tbe fol low i f aoeouLt of Ibe lialtlr of Volturao ? We ba?<" received direct from Caacrla, urder tbe .ale of ilie 3d of October, tbe follow lug of Ibe abure baitW . ? \ reterdai, at dawn, Ibe royal^ta, unJ?r tte or'", ri of I- rat. eta II In |<rai* . kit Cipua iu tbroe ludnuin* IL,? ore a' ia< k ?d Su.i" Maria, lln .. tier ,-t Aageki, aiid tbe IbUd ?lit ibe n mmubi- aNl? bet* ten thor- two |?>icla. Tie a.ltaiud p ill of Hai.ta Maria, oudail tog of Btcilltna, w<re carried, ac l tb?- .-'n ant drltea beck Tbt roya. iu tbea ma a fnrxM.a a'ta> ?. un .iaula Maria, ab l p< i.elral" d Into tbe brat hiw?i to d'alodcc '.lit m :t rtquned eight i^argtl wllb Ibe *>>ycbet. ft An/ io, btroicaily de'iadid by tbe Flfel brigade of M i a a.v lu.b, n Kial<d all Uk ai;a< ka ol tb>' royaiiati, tbo ? <o Uteir itl< rla were (ocekirate-l aga.nat thai paattlM Tke Jirat brigade *b(l< rod cnu i|y. an 1 thi. ? of th'.- ttaf oil <ia are hurt umlat oor la killed, tbe liter tw? Mfirtiy ei ubded. The mya.Jla a muitaaeoualy croea. d Uie river al Ctjaaae, ab l atlwaid our extrame left at l unata a and I'aatri doirobo. where iliool 3.n > and Mi'lw. a Ibinl brigade Tin- rcvai ?ta. twealy u.?. 'ami ilr rg, : itr.iei back our m< c atcag the wIh. i line, coamouca.t In al tack our }?'i.i on*, but al tuie moaHt our friirrce nae ap we bail now j . u io Hit ba tie At atii.tlwoP M we rtn me'l the riltb* re a< -I* o'elJCb tbo rojalvta, brakes on every aide, were drives l'<rar H Tdtarw, or m baaty retreat oa Capua Ibe fc og comiranded la pa ?>?. firiai ed ia plain ololfcea. Hr- *ae cowlit nail? *<>o un 1. i tire I .il>*? na?l, waa everywhere, ee^iecially where Ibe ranger waa grval eat. W e ba -e 1 ,309 mea Km I Jt Tbo loM of the r of. ailam le at < ul S fCQ Tbebwllle laaled from half peel tbr>-e la the moralag llli eertn '.a Ibe ereatog. it ie evidaal ibel lb. a lewm. dabte attack waa tbe laal e of Kraac.-* It , wto. bail be b??n vkU.rtone, would bare marcheJ on lu cap tel. acrsw awn tkcipkntji or rrr* atm.k. rro. Tbe > up' 'llan r? irmatu'ee had cotniine-1 a fneral at lark Hie |>leo wae well dev'ted ?a I caicilale'l lo nerd . II waa lo break tte line of the (iaribal l.aiil, * h'. h ril?rd*il from tenia Maria to "act' Anre'o. eel al the aeme lime U> turn -laal" Aj?r?le ami Sanla Mar, a, an t *> aurr and the patr?oti. If me plan euene'lel an (?a rlbaldi a army would bmv* he'll k*l Happllr, however, It falW I. owirg lo the eklll or no* general ao-l tne alm<-?l Inerr'-ib > b^avry of U>* l?">pe Tlie ? >vemea?l '.f ibe roj allele, whtcb o.mmeac< I during lue a 4hl, were m? le wilt a'?b n aarka'ile prsdeaea !ti'U.wb? o lb'- iddr oie awoke, at four in the moralag , they found tbe llaa fr.? "ant Anflo ta Hale Maria eil A ooirbat Ibea cjai .a?te! till the afleriM* t. Ia the eaoreuig tl.e roja; ?|a were ai cceiaf il ardei ? ? ce?e ded 'a ne I upyii.g tbe hi'ighla emrimaridipg Kaal 4ogel?.. which I ere tbon MHM, ae a poMlh-u, gr- <1 y fin avociiM d. Tt>e fire wae lernbla eviry?ber> in? r' larata u<.k two ear.r ra fr* rn the Italian*, ae I tbe'r irj .a.'.ri* a Itewbded In war ill Maddaloal a* f^ ae ibe br re < f U Veil* More thaa 90.100 N'apo.iUi a, all I k? I iro?ij.e, had Itfl Hepoa, and fnugbt rea' luteiy At about ia ddey ibi pwtri. la <ir tea bwk ?varT?t*re ii,.] e? r,? <!ertd l e battle aa .al. (.anoa.ui a'.iite. who m n b ai .. ?! n I'r'M, wu 4 a cmtrary .?pin i>a, ar .l, uadar a i?r ibie fire froaa the > ne?i> , ae wrot.- ? deoyMcb Mirnmii I .1 ecroM Be ?baadet are.i to hia eoi rere, ? botbi. |M ihaaiialvea vaanawhed, IhM Ittay were vlo II re, and tbey. Ik . . ? l. m, aiU. i ? <1 lue roj al <ta wll* eueti mi^tiKiaily mei ai thre-s o'< uofc in ibe a??*3'?>n lite leiirr gave way, acd were t ,r?ue 1 at the ,-nal M the uayot < . r tri iu< c?i a a re i j? r.. . i 'ia * n abd kin'. i tbea Ibrre waa an afpall'tg nun r tbe tairl^a beiag riaaperated? h t the sumlter of killed i.aa ont tel >"u ea?erlalw?d <<arbaidl nar rowiy e*?aped be ng killed He waa rctuia.og a it rarrla.e '?< m ;%a Angi lo ta i<aata Ma'la wb a h < * va *11 *1 i.nce It'od oa from an aari.i x~a 'be vb tie waa ridd ed wilb he 'e, and i. i:ia of b a '?eirt Wave kilted, bu. he waa bi t W/behad, at he waile tbe reel of h'a route on fioi The final d<*i ateh, wb < b anuoan"d the ga t a: ibe ballle. rame fr..? <.ea> ral Mi.bit*. aa.i waa al..ree?- I t? Ueterai f'arlot , al f-aaerla, i*?a< ral it.- > at Ma I Laioal, ar. ' ibe Mmieter of War at -ap ?>? In aJ lltxia ih< tallow lag drepeW b waa i'aled up in Napk the avniiif ol t*e v'rlory. Ceaeral Bli.-.'l \ im .n waa altarkel al ' (bt o clock jralerday ?cru ng by IfiW le'an. ry i ee ba* la.H.ra ol < baaeeura, a aquailrob of cavalry, an I a >ietleey of riBe<i arlilerjr. fhir brave mea repolar-i the ?ie?y. aad took from then le>> pieraa of cttD >a and ? numl>ar <w gr'anoara. A great maay deaJ resale ed <* the Said if The tollowtag are rxtracM from tbe letter of aa f 'er aow with Garibaldi * army ? "Naptee .-aepteeabar <w. l*?0 -There baa been vary utile dotaf hare mm j wrote yoa Capua Mill hoi.ii ?ui. aad will, I a^ii. for me ? me We ea t m et i^nealiy leee trr^pa, who are oa their au-eb 0 J** Br.tiah volunteare,' part of who* we are every day I told j on that ??^?JJJSSa 5u? h22f I. Il ruaiiloa at Ca iar? oa the ^tb (th* dlj f t h e atuu 00 (apa* . bad Kit tt *?aiB ta thajt^ yia< , mm rnH+ torai'ly he v?y .bear ly Mft fifty m?n u hi ^d lit* ?porlaai pnaitioo I have b?w? op at tbe froal every aecoed day, bet ev?fyth'.ag !# pretty ,,M witb the eeeaplk* of a few an aket thou '* cMagadaaw aad aga u, aad a lfci . vt iwg frc* th? fort. Our position on the tight at *t sngclo is about ? irnle Mid a half froa the fort Hit Kli.x hap|?uej In be iktir ibe < Uifr day, nod was ouv wllb uim of ibe lull having a peep at an, when Br aii, an irishman, ? bo ib*i i ted llits. look a long, sicad) aiia Itlfly, and ? hot one of Ibe naff, tbe King took to his heel? not into lie fori aa il tbe d< vll bad bwn after him I'uw illicitly 1 niL'kl if I >00 Ibal on Thursday afltrnooi. a whole d: vimi ii ol t.cillaus, ucoer Colonel Ounue, wem put lo flight l?r a c upie of ?belli wo at tbom. Ki lt oame (i unnlng 'Plo Ramp) a fellow u lib ibe odors, lustily pro o>a nm g hiiuteli li e Mi valtrr ol tbe division: uoxl came Ihe offic ii, bn-ttlhli F.-,aL J as pale aa ao 1 laat I be men? poifeolly (hHgraoeftil. Tbe Countess d-dla rorre, who li?' been wiib ibe iroops l .r sores luue, and attends lo tbe wounded and ihe sn-lmiance ', took Ibe moHket In m oi c of tbe nun, and swore ( wbioh, bvlhe by, she an do we !) she wi?ld shot him if be did not return. War bald i bui taken some ol ihi- olllivr a -words from Ihi ra lo ok) ; but units* some of ibe o [Doors nr? made ao ?xampleof and hot ihewMui.ians w ill not dght I bavo b<<n busy the last two rr thru- days procuring for tbe Bi it itb vo uelwrs, errollng native coot", fcc We have ? i in d a barracks at t'.isorta. four onlea lr?u the out .'t-'g, for I hom. ll w.ui reported h. r? I* I t>galinai I aiuortctere kud t?een shot |>u not put ?uy faith in tnla. 1 do mil '.h-Iii v? a word ibal I h??r here.'' Opinions of thr K.n||ltih I'rear. I Krom ibe Loedon fuel, i?ci 13 J Ooutt Cavoilr's |arllfcmi*i:iiry (li'ra'nintrir on at Turin nay not |? uses iht same spirit stirring interest as liwri baldl's campalgu on ihe Votiumo, buitl 's noi the ie?? un eveLl fraught wllh very important raulls to ibe Italian cause. Tbe vole of Uio H. .imian Cuainber of !>?? pullcB, by which two hundred rnd utunty rui-mbute ?gsiiiH six yesterday vauct nta toe aiiiexation of ibe Central snd eioilherti llal'ao provirre*, l? ibn a n. ."t tnsDituous txprtssioii ol Ibe Italian ? Iryal u favor of the iLcor^ioration with King \ lolor I -ikiiu' I's do minions of ibe newly liberal '<1 firm noes of *b? Tenm eti'A. U? Count Carour's speech or yoster ay, as condensed In Ihe loi'grspbic i rsjiwtub, It Is statnd thai the mere discussion ol the lnw on ihe unnexalloi.' has greatly slrtnyllittiied loe union of Iho different I olilta'al paitics. Wheu ws b<arm mini Fiisdany a lid ibo Iiui'hles have now Iwu Tir>ually under ibe Sanltnuiri rule for a pci lod of ?l)(btee i. an l ioe 1/ 'gallons fur oce ol slxte?'u months. tb'? aiiuiumie uout is highly Iniportsnl snd highly satisfactory. AH the gloom? pr> I'beciis withwhi''4i v?o were favoreu about the difBeully, cay, Ibe ulter Impossibility of Tusc<?i? aid K imaguoles ol Modeaesc and 1/ mbards living harmonli .si/ li .eihor miliar Ihe Harololan Keptrc have < i o ? uallv oonfui'-d. A\<>> utile kLoah ' i>! lit' i'MiU njltire, and a very slight i \\m sit lie ol llal'tn rt i- ?' .*?) , m ^ .111 ifi lo oon slice il l' Ri'ikl pc. pucm ibal. unl< ? tln> va?l nn) rily of Uif ii Lsbilaata in tu?; provtn .* alr>a:v im o xtsi to ;-<a duawiic c,.Lt( r.ttJ and fiatcf^i Ir luu change ol govt rtn.i tl Ihry l.avo experienced, tbt r ri ,irm?niativer would Cvver, * > ??o<| bat cally and so utisnltnoosiy, lend tin ir larelluii to a stilt lurincr exti-LSlou oi lite Sardinia ? rtl*. IXuil Cutout's rpe. eh refi"*, tbi igh not ta dtro<-t ti-itrr, lo lti> fuiir ki:.ila i f ultfljultlM by whli' i U11 iii? ami lutitfeclory tellietnci t I iDc ilalini i|uetlijn w.U b long delayed Weil mi BtlWgtyhM tb-t bo a termi ' '-Ttir- Italian Comp i ;atnu," 'i >r it tov olrea Hip i|ue?Uon ol aMagomtlic raeet, a bicti may mil come an tleiceiy Into roil hod on ihc tp' iiiii of Uborallz g V met *lnnc an on the r '| bi to uphold tbo indirect taray of Aug'rU throughout tic whole of tb?i p< .iin-ula It lnvolree tae frMt polltloal queriitn ol tbi balance ol h i 1 ropeau power, wh'ch liioee (trial 1 bki /m in Italy bavo to violently Unturool , Ihc r> acjurtnii nt ot, ou conditions more lavorablo to Italian tn-leiiendenfie, la vlcwel ? ? neb is tbo Ung'iage of Lord J. hn Kuatcll'a d> f I-. itch to S,r J?jih II.idtnQ ? with much lewt 11 (Ii 111 nee by tbo * orihara Oabtaett than by la* Brtttsh government An! thai t.prtlrirlnm wo haro already atalod, and OB?e more t*k? oc.iaatoa to r?-po\t, n.ay bo dlaturbcd in othir nu>. n than by the further Ctrrloen of territory, which iouot favour a<itn utc oocaa'oa to b.t awtcb meat pointedly to deny Tntt Italian i'< lupiu-atton Innlm, unnonr, a qiMttiti 01 forma of government ; for the u tfcriaca between Co CWWt aad utuibtlo), eo : xr . at le&at, an It ba* MM foeterej by M?/.7.:t,iaL lttlu<"nr"*, in limply a d'th reaoe betaten drmrcraoy lu It* m-wt abetract and tm.iracl C bio to' ir, ard ?ourcby, tern,' prut aou ?oatroUod am :ar an tbe moral ami aooial st't< ot Italy ai'mltr, by the check* of a popular r*|'re**alatlon. Aid lat'iy, an If all difllcaltiaa wero nut eaougb, Ih a Italian com pltcai ' r liir-itTit a >| net lion of rrligmn, 111 ?Mrh all (Jalboiio peoples lu Ibe fartb-sil oor dt re 'i| the eartb are d^c.aroo to bare an equal tnlereal, aril in tb? ifttlwut ol wh?b tney ni*y , therefore, i < m a participation aoJ a rotce Ibat who clearly acea, and ta ytt prepared tu fac< all tbaae difflaaKb-a, muat tie a bnld man That C< cut Caroar area tb< ta cloarly . th*t he m pet pared to fare tbem intrepidly and i Lflirchiogty , ta beyond a tli ubl > 'unt Uaeowr'i ft'ch 1 ayt juti an yhiti 'v at did I/O i/taldi .< Jam' tu add"ii to th* n'i-?ni ?f I'aUrmn, " W' nm. f kai' (<.fc /i' 4n? and V<m> r nay, if v-"t ia>>. "H'<?k.'ii tar* tJi'ni a> r?K*r t? tbe m?ana o ? ?| i(b theae tonu wbal d tlicutt rewilia are ta be ttcnrtd, we are tola ninety ititt tix aioulba nence we ?i)?ii Wuiw a tilth- 'n?re of tbe mailer !<?'. who *. 11I diaoi have ta rt rival*, tnry i-xrmiai ?' impiwilt ere dtcre In oa<- piRie, ia fie tu i.J ol (.vnlilo lfcu?r>. Ui-int ol Cavoor 1 bey will he wit n el? II may be w.tmu in mnatl r ? ta iioarien wtitir timy wire It tat expected, in the r?Id, ralluua, Voltairian reg k>Bi ot dip'oniary, in ibe ri'Dirtn of aoibltloui rorereifu*: la tbe lortuout policy of the Colh n? ol C?ro ma'i . n me obdurate bigotry ot Hit Rtwai Fee l iff. The great 1\>wi- n a-e at prtM-nl M i-M.iinaov warwitn A .^tr ? Katfer than inear tbe bk/aidi of ?iir.n an (Teat iiirr yre??? 1 \>bMw to III late Never mim, nti Uninl Urour, tn alt sit iiiim tbo grral 'i'owera mill b- enlightened, ta aix rrn-i t h? tbey will ae* tbe error of tbelr way* Toe ereMK n of K me lato the capital of a united and ta depeKvnt Italy i? pnvretad b> tbe aUUude w blob tbe 1-ope baa aMiiiced in defend- of bia temporal autnorlty. aid in boitillty h> Jtallaa inoepen teioo^ Bui Id atx Bum the I real < l.a?ge> may be two UallbatarlMi prteau share, it apfeara, the mtakacaeea of otbnr mortal*, and rtlurn la Un- nhjecta c r tbeir early lore Aad I'ope Plua may tnd e? ht t>< gan, by prik-Uim'.ac to Uie world "the &)L\ 11 1 int. tbat l.herty l< fatorab.e to religtna." Bat the tame te:i-graphl; vlrea that murmur from Turta tbeir actea of political aa J itural haraooy nag forth a barab and dtarordanl aonr l from tbe ??t nf tbe Kren. 1 tm|iem) gorert m> ut Tbe trai olll .lat organ of ike Tulle t ua triata t a to a >1 ? jrrtatii ? 10 tbe tbaory aed praailoe .X !?!?? ? 11 Tl.'re ire two a> rtaol loraaloaa. That eeieatrt \ im|?tuul, OnLciteriag tiaidt waa, It appear*, tbo ol t v hgitimate laralrr alter ail. Tbo rxgutar aad au th< r tea f- rm ol tBTMtoa prcaoppoeea the intention if a il 1 r a il> meat r revolut on. but ol oaly doing eo with it.i b iiumbera and under inch < ti<nttoea aa rnnat n? ew rarity ptalaag disorder aui [ r trwt the atroggte. But the ' ot* r'.-Bi ? n oi cue regula"ly conatilelod Hiate ta th atlaica ' 1 aaotber. though for tbe parpeaa of raatom.K order aad eoni'dldattag civil authority, ta tot lor a bi ir.etit l> be dreamt of It w 11 not be ttieraMd by th * I f |>eaii 1 n?i r>. lb' v? 1'owert c natitate a joriaiticti n ?lii<u i?i r?l y takia alarm at ? .tb ercuU Hie eoni ti.ou ngbu or Korop^ moat be u|<h?M. Tbe cnnMBn-i 'awa of Kurop mult be oh*erv*d Of cour-o tbey m > 1 I W* *re only too dcltgbted U- 1s l trutbr mi . m j - ? r i?i pr> i lamrti iiom a atiMMr d I'-ch high authority, an) ? e trnat that tbey *r II alwaya b? h >rae In mind by all tb* gOTcrtmenta of Kur>>p* , Krnm tbo l/i3 Ha tifea, (let. It I Tbe fnturu of Ila(y ab'r depeeci oa tae n?<iae< 'e which may prevail with lb* Vreaeb Kmpernr a itlun Un teal few >la;a. It ran now bardly be fi noaalod that tbe 1 rreolv* of tin Auetrtan (ovcrniuent to abatatn from Itler feience In I alia* affair* may at anr tta?r t>e broken down b? tbe ergry vlad trtleenrnji of franc la Jneepb Iberr ha* be* 11 a* yet ao ov*ri act "T hoetthty, the Vt*ae>*' Court at ill laalntalDe II* povttoa of auliea aeouaiily; hut It la kidertlocd that Ibe Rai^oror chafe* nadar tae re atralnt, an. I may at any time taice a reaolntloa which will brltg bit force* oooe More tnti tbe M agalaat rierdlot* Tbe aggra'at eg ooo'nc* of Co nt Carour bi* <'Ol*pok> u r. ?* aN t 'nnllt, tbe *.1 inttanre of which, a? pub I ?b<d by ua to Mr, m'ght almoat ' i?tlfy in tbe eyea of d ?t? a de.-laral.o* of war, tb* ? Mian- e of lb* {?ard 1. ate IbIo tbe I**r?l *tate?, tbrlr oapture of ?)>rman *nldb -r, Ibe taunt* e' lb? Faropean pre**, the dl*r m trat >f li ? owe armr %id Ibetr d atr* to retrieve tbelr l*uri M, hm-* i< m-i *? I lo e*eit* th" Mill youthful mo oari h 11HII there it i t raytag wtut a day may bring forib. The ople .1 tb* i..?ir an .-tale*, the e.uiaaea of Tlebab, the Ma it try. tbe lea.lln* j*?l tieiaa*, IB fact, rwy '*? who*?- < | nt?a it worth hartag. I* 'a lavor l*%n b-il tb* court I no !otg?r -n**ter of It* own lem per. md B?y e mn.llaoy folly Happily, ao Blip hta yet b- rn tab> n ted pruleat rnrnaela may pre rail; but It ? . at aty rite, our duty to call atlealkia lo ibe targir wh'ih th'eater.t Kovemeati of Irxp* are roattaua ly tabtrg plane a Ve Bella. fling 10 tb? latt aocoaat*, 1 hough we ran barely betie-.*e t?<m. un Aontriaa ar>ny, 40 tf 0 Mr<t < had rntf'tib* Po *t Horgo Vort*. bei ?? Maatra, w t b ?o CNHMlVbbl* motive hit to ba ready ' r ar. liUili-'io* n the new'y anr.rtod territory of ?ar ?1 ? 1 Tti<- Aurtr .n ef?"t l,*? h"-o f ir<"M l er tab j?it"d lo * >1 tarv pveai i-iKjt. tb* Mfbta hartag been put f rt . <?te*n<bty |r order t" pnvnt aay anddra aluek frma th* HBf do Si?; tilaii !le?t Prepar* >"0* bare been hur ried on tbrocgl ut the etn,i re try aoetber ?*r o* the larnrt >rale tbe pro- !ai*r whrhtf* alrnbdy dlenco ?rated atfBOVl lo Ike m nt rf rt bellioo. ben? oeea etill ti.ither :i'tenat*4 by a 11 1 1 - o* *iri*,MfM*B with t, 1 v r- ; 1. y thr<at?r igapit loijier vl f i|-r eteitagla n ' i' lift*, Btoaev hwiVm "Vtorir I I" ratt *?m* me warlike pi ii* ii ' i.i -a'f aleral ha* h**o MM Nflbar ttrrrr*i.f? il hy bbAorat* ?' ' o* 'h* eeeeet bo lei Tt.e 1 cbltc arfraa b*r?- b-'* eeipl -yed wilboat *aa*a tn> at 11 a* ovt oea*- . rVrf nmr ?nl mnnlttoea of war 1, II in alibi rbe MMMt. VfeMfe b gNT MMM ?4o ta V the bepet 4 - ? he men throughout tb* 1 <n r re h * eewiedH t? ? " eft. but bo reforma ar* 1 ?twrt*'ii f^r tbe ? ;? re ??w i*d* with ibe riang of artr* Wb*l ttait a I Ml* partMt l?o*b Kraa?tB Joaeph m*ri*t* fete a-m*. h- rde* aid enrage ht* peopl-, w -?l I I broiler ai t? rat *1 w *rtaw aad *>fttt* tbe etperta tmoaefal f*rtl?a?? of "ordor" for ootitngf We oar *raro*lf d*,r ?" h 'pe Ibat pr 1 lest orooeelt will pre*all with it ? o bet male and '.alatoaUd Prtac* Hit whole life hae hem a reliance 00 tbe Itwtlart* if hM own arbitrary irurd, or on the aarrow t- tchlng* of bi* inotbcr ard ber i* ft hap- r. in tbe pr?*e*l c*a*. m lary pride eotaridea ? th tb* deatr* of ref>r(*eit'Bg tal'orai life in Italy, and repaylag tbe top pr ri-<l 1M1 ut of th allutt til* nator ?l. bet antorte tata, tbat the Aualna* army al> mid dee re aaotb er airpat(i) aga Lat the Itrdmoate**, ert* if It brought the V * tilth 1 rapercr to tb* Mio?lo. (if 1 our*t they hare a theory a* to tbeir iuco**gii e defeat" lad jear, aad are wiling to ' ? vat -ate to **ery ll*te-ier how aanldeat Indt tnewi Mtgn la, aad tbe irlmtnal oegllgrnfle of a rr il 1 o*ed them to he erdTwbelated at ?"oiRrl*o. ? tfce flaiierlMt niicl'oo which every beatea army lay* to It* *oul, and It ? ,b* rewdily applied In tbi* ra*e. maeinnrb ae It eoaU.aa a Vrre am^eit of trn' According lo lb* U*taaocy nf tvery wllart* the A atr an aoMMft fo-.gtl rerv we 1, as I it rc|u r?? ao l -rgo a <4 a stance a ttb

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