Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1860 Page 2
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?Owed Lw mi itbt* artillery for Qkpc*, bnt the generosity of fclg ] wtf uli from ihe bormri of a bombardment." Hfcrk' 0 1 could r?p? rt that tbe ilvlo of ib? liuaorial fl>-, jI bu Improved from what la universally under. O u I' the Imperial manifesto la the cjluraus of tho ? nauu ?<-nnel. (.'notations reman. but liltlo chaatf" I ? 'i uiidoubUrtly Ctpl'alntS ? ever so sensitive ? mistrust, lu ?filed tbe d>u nl promise oi a Uut)*ro?a, the mouxcing attitude of Auati .a T*>ooire to rr ore domestic mif.ers: The Fmo?-or hit )ust trail- over lu a definitive umuutr to Prince Sapileoa tb? Palais Koyal lor his witter residence, aod the Cuvoau de Metoioii or bu coulWv teat Hut Ma;;stv went on ru?a<jay to sfcoot in the ini|>eriai preserves at Versailles, ?crow pan led t-y tba Count de Horny, Cigar Ney ant ?tberr F.evefl hundred hea I 01 game oil the dual m leas (hat. tfrte t?t"B Now that the ramp at Caal'iu* <a up, the I'l ?e de MtgtaW riiumci hi* oumm^i, 1 at f.ille! Pru.-e Mcttrroicb, the Austrian ambaaeador, m a*alu In Fir la Of course ite "scene" with the Prlnoe of Wale? at Hici n, ti?; i aa not buee loet upon the witty I'arinaaa. ibr whole it ia thought to ba?e been a pleasant break ?P*.L U,e volume* oi sycophancy which hare hitherto I greet ttl the royal tour At. Hm truths. c^mo from wliam they may It t? observed, have al*ays a species of vuigirl *Ji *?d tLat ttia I'riiice should be told in hta owa rich ver ?acinar that It waa all hunbuff h la coming to viall the eoamryrm not Washing -ru? h>a graudfathor'a ro'n-l with ' mmj other f-elinn tbaa that of flatt.-ry to the people white tOdcpi rrtmce ho bad achieved, is jutl merely a tlltlo re pwbiiean v* rarity which hurta nobody? nolUor Prince nor i>e? pl< The I , ? b< b Hit maelves, who bad ao large a baud ?a twtabliahicp tbat lEd"p?ndenc", have a oat'.Mial aenil ?< i<l lb the <|iirainin which tt not contined to any pvi>i oar tarty it lc generally reported lhal Sir Klrauad Hbasl Is returning to Kngiaud to receive a pee rag* ra? muiil) s an old o# dating ita baronetcy among the Oral ?ttriy . but except wtiat Sir Kdmuud may tav put by from bM Goveroorrhl >. he Faa no |>oM?iicni worthy to i>er ?Muate the oc^ Th:< dlffl?oHy )?, howover, rem .TJd in1 oea.h of hia r>Dly ron, and th-.-rePirc ttio creailna will virtu*.ly fall nsder the bead of a life peerage. Much aalereal la ukt n In lb? (ijv<>ruor General of Cana.iu ia rurs. aa hia HiUr n.arr:^ d the llaron de Melan, formerly ?f I barlt-a tbe Tetith a C"rpa de Ua-Je, which m llm.c I U> tbe \aut nnlMtSit He Iroated her alitmefiuly, and ???ilr i!e?ert?(l her Soe was a pera n of a iperlor boa itv ?ad iciviti llibmerts A aute of iurpecse and eTpectaney la always one of Maparalire duluttia All eyoa a-e turned towards tne numi peninaula. all iBU-reats become tilled before the fcrnitifable ripioaion wbL:h may powibly taira plica 'b^re ? ko at h"me tbere it little or nothing worth rtfflord ?>f Tie l-mjieror'a movements arc watched wita avid! bet a 1 w it u view to u,? great Ionian qaeitlon If 1? driven into Par .a preparatory to a ahootlog e*curalon, tbe whole city la il a atnte of agitation, leal UM army ?otld be put .n motion U.ea aa tnpenal meaeeager nde down n b< t hiate the avenue of Ihe Champs Eiyaeea ??ary one ru?hca to buy the evening j turnala :n "tpjcU Mm tf aome great iv nt. But evenu in r?a! ltf^Jo not *awow one upon at,olber with the rama rapidity ai in the ET*? h,?trlry- ?t"l H la curious to " 0'??erv? Ibe iudoen elogaalion of fa* lal muscles which ordmar'.'y Miows uprn tie purchase of a I'airif, a Pa w ?r a?y etber of the evmlng jjurtials. Another la i wortb Borntioning s ih?t I'arn u a city of 3 mrit apoo i T?" Every *ml apecu'atcs, fron the ri,-n 0r h'gh ?#n- mr- nnr down t<. her fr nw, and a stlte <4 sta/ua Una like tbe preaeat u of coursi vory in'.-n: ,^| to tha ro MWary Bnancial eiciUment. So, I ri-H-at, th'uga arc for ?MMTi.eot dml bere. /.'n , 'toniV, a splo idid iQ Is prngni fi caled, for the Umplo reacoa that travellers are ?but out from ail other places of resort. All the other Swopean cat?u's are U.a agitated; it n only at Paris where dwelu "ibe arbitir of political jcitlonn Hff,!otiog ?oe equtllbriums, tka: ad?juau> repo** may be aiitlcl p??*a. Applications for apa-tuunia are pouring in I uTTf'.k T a!' *ni' 'ho Kmp-roris deterrr. ned Uiat tbe koep.u ;t:os cf tne Court snail leave ncth'ng to m of# red. ? ?Aim, Oct. 19, isao. Ci pH tfiMUK Wmvff? the AtUlud* tf Riuia ?r<t fr-UiU T'ltoirJi Fran '?.Xap.U' n'$ l\Uty Ala Ute to l a j t?Affriri 1,1 1'aly, dt , ?fc , Jc. Be i? indeed a arise man who cau at ibe present mo ?eelBirg a steady ray ol light on the toriuo-i? pith of *w*pean poltry. Much U written about French imperi ?i toecruUi'illty; bat this migniloquen'. phrase is proba bly rt solvable islo tbe simple fa^t that Sspolooa III. :s ?aly :n tbe potition of such men m Cortez, who, baring baraed ibe'r sh'pa with the determl&at>on of never look fcg bar award, yet fled tbe futnre very bary, and so per terweiercise a wlae reaerve to all oq-.rers He. pro b^. y, like tbe rest of us, is watching the abir^og pbastw a* tbe eosmoratra. and, is aoaietiiat* sot a it Us poat'ed wfcat to tbiak of tbem. lou remember my directing tbe ?ttent!on of yonr raadara lo the article of the CUuMu'i nr'l which ap pmrtd only ob tbe day ob which I despair id my last Water, acd you will have teen the pabulum it baa aGorded ?? ail the lournalisia of Europe. I have t nco heard b*** l^lp about this article, from xery exoeiient autbo rHy J am not snra whether any of |i may have re?ab. ?* you n aor iter form, as, writUig fto?i week to w.eb, wbea jcor comic ani ?al:^s with i.urope are .o -reasing aa niuiC , I may tin wittingly tell a tux toid tale. Hit ???y astboniy fa prirate, and I have am sicio stem bi*irp<ai || in print, J will teiJ yoa " as 'iwa* Md Mm" It appears tbat oc the dih .jiSt. a ioog tfim a; fx* ?IM? between tbe Kmperor, M. Mopurd (the Kmpc Wb pr.vate secretary) and M n?o>reoel, hia M o frr foreiga Affair*. Im sjUject of conv?raa ,o0 waa Ute dcterm ned of Kuasia and Pr^aaia w tb raapect !<, ih? condu. t, prcevnt and future, of tbe k'mg of Mrdm* M. Tbouv.nel la cne of the to ry f.-t, ;nde PMdtx.i ti.en who Serve the i aperor. He h?i ol late ?wee ttanocce teadered his resignat.on, and the Kt ip? ***? Ui,B wits his vai .able serv -rt, hsa ^?ed ta b m view- ?a this oc? aB m The.ireoei *U it to oe L i bel?r tbat Trance wa?hed har cf Victor J4taLu?rs ! evasion or the Nca.ui.'Ua s, nothxg c. uld r-aoie Europe from a general con ?:.<n "We >ta.i Ur? UeUuly Ai:..tace again be raid, "for fcurope is th roughly alarmej. * ready to break us, and u a read/ aprro?eh. tog Austria." ? J am not to support ??rd:n:a," re ftlad the t m| cror," in any attack up in A tr j> " "luon as sa> so, s.r, opetiy before all the world In tha cotamts. r the MiutUur," r.^ed M. Thooteael ??; htre ^??tt rmeth eg with me aireajy drawn up which I "JWHW He then htrded MM. Howard iheartiile, which afwwarJa app^red ?otia ihe but id t?e Oa H ?fciuard rtaumg It aloud, the lunparor its appear ?mm n the oOlcIki jmrnal wn d be eqair^Mt ta a com rupture with rfardir.a, and he couU not th'uk oi it; MM he had no objeottont to a moJiae.l form nf it appear lag la foae other journal. M Thwivtaal de dared h.s oria ot to b- ao formed on tbe matter tbat they would prevfnth m from being wtf, u carrying out b,s Ma f*) r orders atd so, i . prevent a res <nat na", M Wj 40 ard suggests thai, w.ibout any aso.|llj,|i M whatersr. tMartxe saould appear j a ihe rVnaWfa ? ,f r tt? bw Mai tt'J coor- <2< d Vou have alrtaly nh tbe Mii'.log It hai prad.oel t*rorrh?i.t Kurope. TUe bow well ?aown determ!aet!3a ef froae* ud KuMii to renaU their i ?!)??? ion from lb* recent Interr'aw it OtblMW b?(mw ike of M|l*a4 ud the K'geat *1 Praaeta, with Urtbi?lt; i^mn.Krd from Pirll to be prwecl w.ih bard Jntn Ru?all, ud Uie unraay itate of th ng* M Ne p*aa. (bow that M. Thocrentl did not apeak wthoat book *km bt raillhnf *v greet eauta for ani <ety. Not ft day pMM w'tbor.l either ? (:*biaet onaantl or preaelng mil: ,r?i Ml h?tw"?>0 tbelortlga oSoeaud I*. Q>t?l. Tt* (x (Mb Ambeeeedor. Urd U.wi*y, bae retorted to r?T<?. act 10 the fntarrle* which he h?? tine* bat wth Ue Rliiper r It !a whiBprred that bo agaia lapre*aed oa t< Mi -*ty the pwt irrtraei of hi* ixiuetpal, 1 -.rd Jxka Rwaaeli, reepert.Bg tbe Kmpeior ? peculiar ?lewa rer*rd >M Iw'j, ni?r.i (?ioi eapecially the aril.? of 4erJtala a*4 tieaoa, aad tbat be bat ataoa wrtttee to Euglaod et preee 1 1 tie full belief that the Kmp?ror ha< bo id???, at atpr??.ct adetaad, of treeing aaytaieg of tae not It ta aarferrtcxid. a>< reoTar. that Lord Oowtay h?ciB<la the cobcImmb that the F mperor ia wry ami >aa that tbe l'< net j *ut* of Ute political ataoepbere aboukl be emmr calmed. 1 an the mora taeUBcd to believe what I tare bearl, aa tt I entirely <vm?tet?ijt with Nap -le'Hi'a aBteeeUeota to bow Is prcaraee of the barriaaca H* ?*ea amt<U? r i,ua fiaUraj more roreildabio U>ao that which hi ought ?W the treaty of Villaftanca. and La !? a at prepared to haateo the eolation of difflinltlea which li e dtaauay w.U acr< mj eh tor btan If, however, Auntrta afcouki take th* lis It .ai re aad attack Hardinla, it ?t ? a atale of tfciaga wb rt> m*r ?atlretr ?Mmpr- m *e the sore amkrtu policy of the taper** Hwak :rg of U? importance of "art*?tM,'1 1 oanmt k-lp aHodlrg to tbe on* which hat reoent'r appeared le the low don Ttmm, oa the Irrepwable Inaa wueh (tngland wo?ii<! met* I a la the potalbi" detata* or the Karl of l?ar. by Now the real drift of *11 th ? It I ? mil atteotma to Ike pror'hle artreoi to power of the Mavn-?u>r party, whoee floaartal ilnatrtM woaM lay the wbi'e klafd<?* at the Berry of rraere I/Or<l IWby ? 'a-|e poaaraii km to laiicaebire glra hlai to t oertaln *<u>ot a rapr-' > Jt> ??' with that party, and It la haltoraii lhat U?* b?" of hta ho->*e. lord Sualer, would eorae till1 nearer to it if vo t maalf bat the article to qaoati -a ia<ltnate? a dr?a- on tbe p?ri of the great totereeui wb ih Me A* i repr?w? leet the HaacaMter PO'ty, oader Bay aim tm ?aaoee ktxnld be atroog Moogb to a?ir* tfe* raiaa Niw wtte.her It hare reaam or o?t. It la Oerla'a that th* j E'r g N>e Vrear.h aenrt t*. that sent oraKK) <?la let ?e, er? her. Oshdea, Bright aad other* will upaet tie ; ? is later al r-arti; u,?t a Maaiattoa will foU'W. wh-h i ?** apent by tbe Mufbeatnr party a-aoag tk* twoegba eaai?n bat argety iafloeeae, aad that am J 1 tkersafan^ irearh p-titt-e-te *e a aaral phra?> aay ibeo rlde at aaay ?B Ji^ i ?Hb4m . rttly to thii ta ay .a#t ard thfiM act bare i<r?,e *>> ,f?i? tftta art -!e n the JV. whtch t ,*,0 t,om gmi aatftorl- I ty ??# w ttec w th a t ?w to *bow ibat toe la* li? ,? -?mHllof Frae^W'th Maeehefter eeresn vn^aerred ar Wh te Up.n ttewe mare ? a.-ata. I ????pt*4 ?, *a> a raaa'eg word oa lawnrtatgfa a deepatcb to W-. -?at ! MratU-a at Morwnta, ',n wh'flh are th- w ^da ? N-a- ' tv.'Mk* ?** Mo'?* ' *y*'r ^ *** toaaaet ?? rraoca vllf ,U4a ?p'nv.B Toi ha?? eo , - B <a ?* Vv' m Ht? ra^aa' eipreww of th? Papel t'*f?a ter hae rareo ' "r ? "?/??> " **>*? La: n ' nmtt <ft ?l'? n* hr? w, at -h ii. . m^t r r*ta?K. ^ W-1 aft., ?r ? M?f aa *??'' ? *" " ? " |'-?1 '8 t> tba e#a?l. rn 'f Pr t ' " ** I***" -t 'a air ? 1i f- ' ' ' ' ** ' **?etner m \ |mifp 't or'. A ? ? " ? "t pp.>o, ecu t%\ e, Tor the firrt time, been the IbMM of general specu- I 1st loo n ?'i societies Ho yon see when the goda let ] in km the elements of discord they ere not sparing of ttii'.r county. What l/aniorio'.ere hu Mid, however , but confirms information to which I have ooosBiDtally alluded m '.hoe letters. Tna i I'fht of Oaribaldt is not the beat la the world. Hu ha* n t CO men ht>rt ilt cumbat. He hM not more than Hi <X0 in * 11 #t !??r the field, fnr the i^alabrtaaa hare begun ?? ilud thi work father honor thai) they approve "l*et tb< cowards leave, and the brave men stay behind," saiu (iaiibalill ?M day, ami, \o and behold, mire than ha.f Hunt down Uunr arras. U wm found also that a Neapolitan steamer waa regularly plytug, at the expense i f the ?< vf>rBBHSo\, hetveen Napiee ami Uaeta, carrying the cx King acy newa thut might Interest hits, and that tbo n.aie ca King resitted orders to the Ministry of 1 tnacce ?e if they were still In hta dep?ndenoe. the ?r rival of Victor Entanuel will probably give a new turn to tbta atate of ttoags. No ltgfht tnterert is felt In Paris society respecting the otilbiKnasth*. rcorptlon American citizen* are glviug to the ye. iv? grandees u' their former monarch Little things, say i be t nncfcmcs, I irn the oerorae of the world more frequent ly than great U waa a tittle thing that auvered the child Irum ite mother ounitry, and who knows but a little thing migLl unite them once mors. Say what you will, >s ibe remark, the craving lor unity Is a mighty fact in iierent In man's nature. Experience of the tyranny of despotism haa done no more than create a desire to modi ly it rather ttni abolish It. In England roar l'\rh?rom tary crmis. laWsnoeour periodical revolutions, h?ve the desired effects We have tbe unity of power, without its license. The Roman republic fell to pieces as the country became great; the American republic will one day *mi late the cblrtreo of Israel, and sigh for a king like tboeo of otter tat.ono The Americans are growing rich; they will become wtary of tbo eternal Interruptions whioh a ?ude democracy entails, tbey will see that division of labor is a result oi'eivlllzatlon, and that govern nit nt 1* a science apart frem the busy negotiations of life. A nionarrh of oar own, then, so to say , will save tneae em" lees, wearlsomo appeals to popular pamion, a oo iri will Rive us a uuclens around whiib our gigantic wealth will gsiher American citizens loa*iid of galloping ove thc world In search of extraneoui p >llsh, returning with miMs| mts the Is? nt tlwilr reiubiican MapiMmvtt have a standard of manners of their owo,and America, slresHy tbe colossus of tbe West, will beoome as refined In riiliure as she is cimmorclally Who knows tiu* the seeds which thia royal visit may leave mty not result in a desire to mako up the old quarrel and bring back the klnr again in tbe person of Prince Alfred, or some other ol Queen \ ictorla's sonisi' A'un meat hie tcorro. I repeat but the familiar ph-ase which 1 have already hoard In many of the best circles of Parisian society. Par;*, Oct. 19, I860. fitranfement Betueen Frame and flardi/iia ? Rcliguvi Eriitemmi in Fiance ? In Influence Upon Xapoleon ? V* Fret uft Knifercr't Policy? J# yvement* of the French Troops in 'he Papal Statu ? Preparation* for Welcoming Kij Urr Kmamiel In Xaj U?? Garibaldi to Attack VcneJn in the fynirtg ? Attitude of the Great Poteen, <tc , <tc , <*c. Tbe relatione between Krance and Sardlula are beoom log somewhat embittered. Tlie former Power haa with drawn, as you a'ready know, Its Ambassador from Turin, and now mcaaurcs are b<-lug taken that deuote more earnestiuas in tbe cppisltion of Krance to the present Dovements of Victor Eaanuel than 1 hal supposed could exist The semi official organs of this government have evidently received their wtt d ordre, aud th'.y at tai'k both tbe King of Sirdmla and (itrPialdl witb groat severily. Tbe reason of all this Is as followi ? In France tbe clergy, foundlrg their o-jmplalnts upon tbo apparent ?hS< tiof tbe Kmperortothemvaslm by V ctor K annuel, of not only the Papal domioloes, but also tbuse of Kraucis II. , are stirring cp against the Emperor Napsleon ?ul his govercm' nt a b> stllity that bids lair to become at le*?t mail annoying, If cot dargerous. In all parti of tbo t)3> plrc tbo priests are almost openly siding with tb< legitl - mists or Ork amats, acd the Kmperor h ' ls that be must by some needed action silence the clamirs ef the clergy. Ac appeal lo religious feelings is always more or less sue cetsful, and its effect here is dreaded. It t* felt by the friends of Plus IX. that, oacc Bomb'no out of (be way, the question of P>me, the question of the Poj c'b temporal power, must then be at once settled Tbat It would tnd by the r< treat of his Htilness his fri xds cannot doubt, and In their rage and imiotnasj tbey attack all parties that even Indirectly seetn to ooun te?ance Victor Emuuel Tbey reas in thus ? *' The long - r > rcr.' is 1 [ ran keep UaribaUll occupied, .he loager will our cauae be uMttcndod t> and woo knowa what we may not aecon.pi sb if we have tienti' At prsteat, were tbe fate of Naples decided, the fate of the Pcpe must of a necessity be neat de elded ; and now we can see ?o hips." Ti e Enperor, to avoid all danger to himself, to put an end to tbe lulrlguea of tbe clergy and to settle tbe Tate of Italy, df sires tbe m?etlng of a Congress. The IJaa Ibroacbed u> Vwtor tmanuel meets with bis a iprobation, but, carried on by tbe force of tl'c tinJUncos. tbe Kicg o: Sardinia cannot abide the action of a Coo^'css that is nit as yet even agresJ upon. Toe reroluttonnta are hard at work in Italy. Mst/lnl and bis fellow trouHers of Ibe l>eac< and gooi fortune of Italy are dolag all in tbsir p.iwcr, and, to prevent tbelr suevtess, Victor KmxuueJ i* driven to act at once. Sj be enters the kingdom of Na iled, end thus acts against tbe wishnsof the Euipcrjr N'a p?l? on, who would prefer l. s waiting tbe si* I >n of a C >n gri?a Bui, although tbe Kmperur'a gov?rum-ot will i roust srainst tee i rot< edings ol Uarinal II as W"'l as of Victrr I manual, nooue cau imagiie that Vsp) Uol 111. will ;n |?do Ml actions. The Enp;ror rajst iii(> rttand too well tbe motives of tbe King of jtrdinla i >le will iroi. at, will pr?r> that be is :n no way a orouio ler of Victor ) vaiid'a actions; and, hiving thus dis arn. d the hostility of the dsrgy, be will l?are Italy to ber fate I hiv ju?t I tn d that th fntlk HW|W I'Aise near having a oolluiou witb the Ptedtbonlere troops wb< m th'7 replaced n several of the small tewsa i w K 1 ?? TUd lacta of tbe 0??e are as follows ? Uoassif nor Ueride, a Cardinal wiio is or-- o( the lope's ourat ouutMilors, haa great .bfiuenoo orer . r.rrai i?"t ?? He prevaliel uu tt?o latter to seal a aumt>er of s>?n'b troopi to occupy a town that was Uon eecuptrd by lbs l'lvdmot tea* He represented to Usneral Uujob that the eosmaiKiiug oltlc r of tbe Pie tin ntxae bad lurcaleetd that bu would nat allow the Frencn troop* 1 1 n.ter ibe town Annoiedat lucn a tbrrat. i^Nieral uuv'in ordered a detaruo^at to proceed at once t> Utj p 1 0< IB question and e^ter It in spite of all oppsilllto. Tbe troops were -n ro it* wl r j (Irucral Gnyoo received from l"aris a des)>at:h ordering him to avoid by all means any chance of cotliaton with lbs .tardin aes A niess?n fi r m as Ssspstched altsr tbe troops that bid left ui>on (>ene>al U?)<a'acommaa1,aad arr< ?ve<J their pragrass In time tn nvwtd Ibeir rtterlni tbe place l?tnra it bid keen evarnated by Ui? Sar Hi. .ana Tbej did so a f?w boars alter, bowawer, sac then tbe Kreocb troops oscup ej tie Iiwb Tbe Saruinjius left amid tbe Rim?rt of the pcpuiaoe, won loudly procU uiel tb*-ir bip?a that they wonlJ awn returu Tbe F.-annb troafw were receive! la oiu.noaj silecoe upon thjir retry . bs.i tbey hare Come in upon the Sardinians, ? >?t l'k? iy a would bare easoad, ss t :ie p?pu:aje w n Binch (rriiated ami miglit lerhajw aare badly raccivad ' All It* Ijwm rx*r R-me bare b' a ora-uatoJ liy lh* Peon* nicer end tbeir pie *? l%ke?i by lb< Krtm'ii tbut hi'WM) i* tafe from atUrk b; land. At C flu VodSIa fortiOoatioca ?r? boiog crantd by u*Fr<ifii, umii an itUci by lea imp ??>.?. aud Ibrn tbo PnatUI will flai Hons ra'o Ttat mum tho t. n^ror Sapo:* >n a!?aj? promiBe?i hiin, and be ersaa Ukely to keep gajd bit pmniae At K*p!c* lmmeuae prepare'.; ?? ar.< ?? at made to recalea ^ lour Kaaauel The mnn.cipa'lty hit r< ted a large aum Cor whet pur pox i. aribaidl aait all tbo author Hire ol the cttjr will m?et hi* itaj^etj %t ihj froauer of Um prwlao* of Nailei I arge anmt?'rn *( Pirdmoiteae bonp* can. l*o? to arrive at Napta* by aaa. Tbe ?i|? that |n by land will reru*ln la tb-? p-onasee of W?ll?e and the Akr jut ontll aTter tbe r >to for or aialtat aunexat<oa hu bo-n made It l? (aid l bat one tbe Ku-atUn of Map.i* acn?*ed to iter tluiia, liarlbaldi will take tbo ooiunaiH In ablef of the land and tea forona of Central Italy, and ILtt will tbrn prtpare for aa attack u,?>o Wool t la .be aneuutg *priug. He wttl. It la aa d, n^ke a eali to r Man toon from all part* of F.jrope. V . ? c?u tmagtao haw inch rntrnre aa tboee effect AMtrta. the KUig wf Kap'm dor ng all tbti t'rne * ooooentratiag tile roroa* areas 1 Owl*, aad maktng enirewo* **d knat !??e<eab)a forKtoilon* arotnd that pla*e, a rea ly *?? etro jg P?f[?M-be* from Berlla aeaevbre la pKittra Una" that lb* Rum an AmbunJor at taria *i* I boea recede l by h? (oiccbmI, bo l ttal at At Totoraburg W. < Mr dintaa AabMaador bad received >.'? pkeaporti. rate I* iL'itct The Kuaa an Ambaeeedcr at Tarl i It oow a', k'arwe, aori raatiot bare been rera.ol No aotiSaaliaa of any i-i b bcimhi on .he part of Kueea be* bo?a aa ye . giton to tfc* fV < I eioaloe* gnremaaaot. tboagtl It la flared that it *?ay be glr<-n opou tbo rrtero nf tbo Ruae.aa Aa bajaaHor That Pruaeia ai d Kuea.a are averao to tbe preaeat oooreo of the ftardkalaa gurwranant la well kn?-*t> No doubt tbat fact boar* up m tbe present po lry of Na? oon II I. Tbo gb pawarfal. tbe Fraaab ) uprior (vtnajl aa yet feel *<*are la aiTroatiag tbe tfao*ore of a ?* lioa agaiaat hmv ir, BM u k?* a* K -eala ?ad rraafla o<u*n? tboniioiTot to ?>o'o pr.^atat'on* <r rorailirg tb?1r avbteevt'"* He w'll ?o 4<>a&t fbtt be will aHow eiU>*r of ' V?*e Powir* i>r l> Lh of tton to laterraoe wivb ?-u -1 fjrc?* w aalikoiy Ivwy owi e Urr pr? aoot libort; t? bias, aad be maat bid. >MAot allow bo' to fall, fa o iuitrlMa are rnwn atra<:i.g *a? t budte* of trtope beter? o Riti| i int Mart tie ?h?t orliteatly mac are tbo B?wiy a ju'r?a 9ar | dime* <NrbtM la aaawor to ibaao do***n*traiion* un i Carcialaa goToraairat I* n ortrattag <hi toe Mla:lo a j ?rfr army Seretal ? ?? ? t tbat - r ? o* rtmti (>r i 'be ktagtfcm af Naploo bare racotrod c lar.u r omor* an 1 are to aaeume p.a <>a* oa tbe attrem* Iraatw of I . n , b*r?*y All Uua B.-irrsMit of military |*fc-* la ar!tit ?ng the foiblle mNM t? a defTM, wbirh tflMtUa will n) doaM bo aeftiontM by a d eowiraa jiiet proa "m-^ed by Sarlbaldl, whorala tfto (n<'Utor aaaimnoee tbtt ?? a i ill la a occupation of Vet' t.a I* a f? 1 that I* ? -?t to* will abd tbe right* "f Ital) . at<l If lb* i' ?e r<.? | t that p-o i ri***, Italy will fori-e bor to do *1 " Th e ?p?-. i en d' llrerrd at a rertew ol U.? tr<"jie It to l-v ?*!? a t) , rpecriiaio upon p-'llttoal afft're at pre*< et witn any or umty TV lttrt|?r?of pari ra <X fovorwm it*, ?,?? hi, ,d Impotai teity of bnwie, tb* d <ft*i dewrtn>ctk ia .>? mb- ?<, added to an nnder ^nrraal of prle*t!y wH m i ma, ' ? baiigo oB, h day tb* a;>pc?r*iie^ of I'nl ??> i Ha^l ? tuo 1 flBMcfbll flmo aloto eao unrarol th*m>> rj f.?. t hr ? r i* danger for all nori* naa deny, . io ^i.rai i ?.ia??a>*|iai tbe PaMbaaratubad tb(**b> nee i.r-i li'M by ? rtnrw and *rdiat? ! am M*U(el on t??? b aitlmr'ty that fraif* ae?*r ofli red an) .?? ,, a H'i n?*?- -to bar" w. -.'d h*- elr, ' hy , ? a fbaagait'oa of nn le eirainet wruo > bee >r ?i jl "loo ,x eNeM*!* of To r' n at the 1 ?\*? *e> ? - ? r*fal 4e iA?o?k,*rr, nm lear'rf .;??> >, t? i -?> reed ,i ^a.r in r?- let aa af .nt t/> i?;\ ,b < ? ?i ? |-?? ;<??>*, aad *M?f *? n | ? .u# ( * tow Uayt wAll proceed to Franca. Tue General, M wtll aa hit eolrpamont , are bound by the terms of tbe oapltu latlon idt to bear arms against Ptedmout ftir twelve tuuuCoa. Two battalions of tea 1' odmur.ese National floard mobile are about to leava the oil provlnoet to keep garrison at Ancona. Another battalion will be sent to I'rrugia The troop* who now 'ocupy tbe Marches and I oibria will be tfcun free to be Rent either to Naples or to join the cor)? ol ob# rvatiou on tbe Mlnoii, which hi* alr< ady beeD rslnforced, and is to bo (till more so It Is now prohibit ttiat the Court will not go'oOo-n. piegne, as wax nt tirst contemplated. Since the death of her sister, the Duoieas D'Alba, tbe Eaprees haj been much depressed Her grief huR aflectel her health, ail It is feared that at Uomplegne her Majesty would be loo retired ? that she would give way too unrestrainedly to her feelings. Tte Court will most likely s ion return to tbe Tullerles, and lta receptions will commsuce earlier tbls Reason tban usual. Tbe Emperor and Trim's l'nt> are In eicellent health Tbe Oountess de klouiij, and the Duke D'Albe lave returned to Madrid. Panis, Oct 22, 1 60. J lu fToriatc CcafirerM? Portion of At Oreat f Men? Almrm in England? Virtu of t\e Kngliih Pr<i%?Vu Anglo Hum AUiunu? Movement of Austrian Troops? TU New Austrian Constitution, <tc , <tc Tbe great preoccupation In oor political circles it the Warsaw interview. A few dayt slnoe th? I.ondon ri'i'S published a leader upon the tubjoct, intimating teat the Russian government had made "anti liberal overtures or propositions" to France aa regards intervention in Ittiy In favor of monarchical Interests. Immediately tbe Eng ? ish jcurnsls took tbe alarm, and many have b?en tho esders published by them urging upon Trance the folly, | be dinger of uniting hereelf with Bussia. An al liance Fraeoo KubsUii It deprecated in terms all more or lees Indicatlre o.' alarm. The I Pa\ly A'.-ws, organ of Lord John Russell, 4 making frantic i (Torts to tmovth over tint Minister's tbrfaU'cicg despatch sent somo weeks since to M. de Uvour. Yourrcadort will heir In mind that I have orun mentioned tbe Russian alliance as the Emperor Na poleoii s forlorn bi pc? tbe bugbear to keep England back from too great a display of that hostility which diplomats feel and are ever engendering against France. But, although they fear and hate Franoe, they would rather be friends with her until they oan be sure of her fluting none elsewhere. So tho idea ot an alliance be tween France and Russia seems to act as a powerful res torative of England's desire for the tntrrUe ocr&iilt Asoordicg to tho London Journals, the Emperor Napoleon Is "too wise, too good a statesman, too good a friend t> Itallaa Independence, too mngnanlmins, even to tb o'< o' abandoning Italy." All tbit anxiety it not avo it Iuly do, 'tis about dear Old England. Tho abuse that the journals 1 refer to usually heap uiKin tbe Emp-ror ha* row ceased, t3 oommccce agam when it bccomts certain 'ijat the danger ol the dreaded alliance has ceased. Tlio ft ivj ha* pnMlshcd leaders upon the ?ub);?t, *11 tendln? to ooe r^wW^Ai*00*^ byL,u" ?fin subjecr^V ACl ' lbU* c<Ja^mCBC^, an Article opoa this It is la possible to believe that the Rmoeror of the i?T . 7 h.Rltsies sr to lb- side be will t*?? lu tbe threatened KWim numr g tlle verr, merits of E ,-oi.e Ii he would only be content to bo of them, tbe >r irehs abi.ut to a?rtnible at Warsaw would probably tm ? tough to lure luru to the Conferti ce. As tbiUit suud they may regard him as thu Imchp.n in to- of tho greater whore of national revolution, which If thet could withdraw from lis plac?. and bile even for a time in the peckcl of legitimist diplomacy, all were well They count fervently, as wo are told, upon being a>iie to wreit the further prints of Iisly towards renova'.ieu !o lb"ir ov'?t sa-gaino calculations there Is still the after thought of Frencu lntcri?>at'.i>n ?? the eleventh hour, b yoad tne Alps; and to get i id of th? corit'Lgency they wxtild cor.deseend to be (rleadlv n*v even liattical, in thrlr demeanor txrarris tbs Iri'^er's1 tarv?nu. perohanre they might think it worth while tu teittbeWwt i? trap even ?.tb something more solid But Napoleon 111 is loo wary to be thus caught, v tra~> sod notbifg eli* ttareaw would be for him, an I awimed and humble 1 bo would assuredly be before be ev.-r quoted J... , re cot f believer In his sagacity among lUi so. i f'4!?";"''." ot foriuDe FraLCO who would not feel hu faith in the .mpire shsken if be sav. him fccrnmblmg for a seat ,o the old crv h of royalty, wh <i> n ? *g t'ther out M vogue unule M<1 that they had pa; Then come* the following assurance of good w.:i to all ? French wrJte'S in thu reactionary Interest try to nuke thi' C?a. V' f that El gland '.cks u>,u th.s nat'.ral 1. 1.. ?ncy t< wards accord tuiw. -a tbe t v? gr?at rim ol the Ijtim ru? with unoa' nees and i *"not h* * more o .mpleto delus .a. Tu. ! y " ',''1 ? ?'? in tbe English mind upon tte s4bio.-t a h?art>- aetlro to be good friend* wltU both. Tbe leader e oses with ttio assertion that Eng'a J it at tpotieie aa she Is i.nselOsb .? Ilad C4r?at Britain any sordid or Knitter ohjeit to gain or any wish to tee l.*ly tepwrtUad rrom Vrance, the . ret. ,b,orrt,on of Napoleon > proud M^t divi.e'' ?hlh* D*? onholy I agie in defence of rig .t divine Cbo would like to see Liiu duped aud tea's -* m i"1*1 "he *bout 10 b? <"? ^ho CrT^ nl.^a l1'4' WM going to Warsaw Hut ?.r?at ! riuin has no socb mind. Kbe utterly repudiates sucti < our?? Is; and were ^?r Ministers so Maoid or f< metn ?? to ollt r them to France, the would unhssivat -s'v repudiate them ^ " J"; bu'? fe* dtJ? and you wi'l Bad ths leaders of the Vatly A ?s dllid with sarcasrut a/a ust tlat l>r?ud individuality" which Is now appealed io a^? na' STi * T".! J*10? }hkl won)J ?"?*?< r unselfiJi gng laid and would sadly jeopard t) b.r int -ests m India especiailr. Vou will ? o tbe London rkni* X ? t th-eotest that tbe pe??,deoi England wji n .t aiwwih mlBlsiors to do arght t < dlspleaae ce The fi-iist? the' Tbiini.rrer, that hn broken so miny gm ? q J;i- > Bmperer N'awleon? that lias ao v liicl - 1 (..??_ t.|rt is oootlnially cry I. g out, " Arm, a m agslc.t ih- ty rant ? sajs iu reference to the matter in ,, . -ti n. a ad m tier repudiation of l>.r.l Rursei: are we ?n! lave let the treaty of Vienna take .*-e of ifr t, t , r.i ?eed to eitreiKil, ? In behalf tf in Oonvant . of Vula ,r'*-ir of *'"icb, aad for the eski of i i. ?? card will o>>mm:t no such folly aid lu.ons si Wlf?" T,i P'odaoe the onpreeaiot. I Lai ?Uc thlf thl,rp*rt'f ? new alliance 1 will ttUt ntw brochure will sppear tom;rrow euuiled L Allianee Aoelalse or rAJIiaacv Rjsse"? The si o rnhlwh^.h^'^ Mstns l0d,f? Dent tb.t Pk^ 1 . ais brochore, thessms that nas prolow, i ,n the day K.Jr rnak s th rngluh s.otserwy tlgn a fu,a,m.ut q," tbe'r a, ?00, ."J'1 ^Ambaasafor of a istria, Is u- m m rraaoe, <m btttin?>? purely personal, but to luigland it is thai he bad come to Paris to inchile ai.stria in i? K 1,>*"oo RQ*,,ln alllanoe 1 can ats^re yo i that M Hotraer baa on miasi.n to Tranos and that ?naR.-m of r-r b*T* atoo,: called hint le in s oaciry Tne dlplotnata of Kof land now feel hoe f??l..h h aTeoi lt?r treatmeel of lbs F^peror Va^oleon. aol ltat h?f^m ?g an ailiaLf. wfh Res', was b.:i . m"i a\L.<Z ?w*?l ?"d dcceltfol on th rrarl fl?, h-M f - ur? *OQ ?? ?alHOfily tr.4t Ka?si? .y, .'P'"* 00 r^opoaals to Fraooe of ?, r ?Jf. I Na eltoo has no Idea of sererltg il? uTtr* ' government sad that of f it 1 K as , ,ng as the Ecs> ah will render tuch ath ?g piei.ble he w;,i remain Ihe'rfsttbfVii ally. I sua I s. i jon a cs<py of th? brochure I mentione d stove as io ao *? ?' 'few. a oorrev ntfeel of the I. nd j CAr<?. c/r writes to t oat j arnal as fol owt - "" The!?wedlsh govern raer.i his Issued a "roeiamat ,? of :: ??>????< wb:b u^ViiM ^ 1,1^^' ?f. ib? ^*r -lame, I , tt h J UurT ly abenthedt^odiaw ostltut>on of internal an l ?toi. SETX U Dnw brih ? 1. '?e aTd ^ aSi'p.r^.TSL1,^ lert, who have to ,?y a ssparsle liT "*??! wh.?they c<?wte, wliltti ibe?.,.MlV^d "llh A .><hJ j of 4,(00 Ai? t?1&a r- i ?! .? fV ard Ukea ?r . , ,.,MB ^ Moder* to 8olo,Ca tnis has eaoaed ?'?.?. ! - ???<--.? that MarrtsTSEUT " dert to p ooeed at os. -? to Vsaella, la orfcr U msad ./ the A' St-lan foeoet ()J# ltl Kr ? u. r. *'r"r *"*'? 1 *"pb "t" ? *? <? '?. n-4 -'- h?' Ullttse la liuy nntil after the Warsaw inters lev ?/ .... In addllloa to Marshal H uodei at Gitcnitadtr n' h'ef 'a j Vesstlla, the Arcbdakee Albert aol IF "m a?e a> ,L, take com viand of the Austrian army Tne Kit ?ter iJ ?r> most rab.d o, the iegiiimis; organs In f ajoe 1 should have said above Uat u>e Auvtr'ai government iLtta ^ tbr ,uoc V* ? ? ?r ? coiiptiiui ' a. iHsfptkUihm t?j .]?? fnMn v. , ^ in. MaraU^Vr roval ti mv iiu. o. ? f mwit f -nfaetrv o' the aansher eLgagetio?l . Ul I O do?i!? use 'a*rrn' " ' hitg ticwir Emanuel w.U not enter uaiil the result wf the at.netalioa rote >e kroe-t ilia *s^ ,.i. ? now at Osstel di Haor-o, 9c,r n, i. Jfr ' I* * said that OaribUdln i iWl ?,.n. - W>eK,eg hse fsilered nT.J. L, k" ^.t ^e">i?'V'1' ^ U* for" ? I'esirai Its I/. Id (Ml Ofl# tiiit f if f ir|(Js?c i i?|i. . ?sf? ,? U .<1 i, ceoe or tght fe, " *1" r *?*,(*'. ai-?r v r. 8 ?I tod ???#? I Mill har? t'm? to alt tb? !?po-uet ??t raoa ??<! tr* the c;oa:a? IA* ?%>! to (O to t ?? Cult*! ?tat<-? by tb? A ir a'le, wfciso >*?<?? iUrre to micro*- morr if u il|M tVick. Tj b?gin? Tha K?nf?ror Napilooo ra-eSrad !aat Saturday ?a ii:Wt rm^h iatter from tho Cm *?r?r of P iaita, a? aiiMrj him thai lb? ?'??? Utarv'a* b<> tod n-> bcm to Fr*nr?, u d that ooth:B|T <">n <1 b? fa-t?' Iron bit ittratloo* (Mr. jnlntby to any inn that m?ht rndufr IN' y->->d feai;0|C axlat'rf *t pre I'at , tba two fOTcrumcata. rb<> a^ni .'fit* at Ow? , u'vwcvl kobooox* tto r?oa>ot of thla !?tt-f. I rut-.l Dot *%j that Bo on* et'r **n? 1*4 Vbt* t8? War?a? it i?r vtow boded any harm tu franca, a ln. ,.?b It Bt^bt to FMbnI 1 an M?ur'd ^at I ird T-Jin K. ??i' ha* rai??Hly ? n . a net# 10 the !*t. r?t?.rrhur? tb?- ? ??! of tbr F.< gllab (ovornmrot a# to tV ; ? lar r,urai!oo Lord John ?ay? that Rutland fully ?as tbr abaolut# r'^bt of Aottrla ore* VYn*t<*. bat U>?< i< r-v (arda tba r*a; o* Italy no tmlga '.otorT?st >b otiflt ?<? tak* plat-* All thla matna that t'KMmint iaii*t iw?:i l bar ebartabrd Impa ol ??nny all Italy fr*? ?t M iBDii. , a'bla o?t to untrratard tl.?t th# tnWvla# of Vara* r ? to wltl* lha 'art what&T A nn* thai or ant. ?' aJI riok*. ittvk ^?r>i i a tpm U?> F-t par of Va"?l">n ao ? d ? pfiida tfca fata of inly tba dea <? <-b*a j>i?t rtu r?\ ? ?> Na.'ff ???? Item that th? ?nt? fjr auanJW'Ol |ni I pkMB ;t?l?rday, tb* 3t t M 0<i9 r t?r? <?r> an n *?>.< to unJit.c M.arx*t a fl.<<ro wan ad n-vat -? > IJ Ttf. ,t 4 ae? c:rfec Wt aft r.lMCN aia^r 1/ throughout the Neapolitan kingdom will go 'or annex \ tlon. King Victor Emaaael wMl mmt Naplea aa touB u the result of the rote la known, and Immediately the t?lel monteae forces wUl attack, by aea and lan I. Francla II. at Gaeta. The King will enter Nap lea on the 2;tb of the month. VUrtha'. Beuedek and the Archdukes Albert and William will col leave \ lenoa for Venetla until the return of Francie Joseph from Vi arsaw. Oar St PtUnbarf CorrNpoidMe*. St. Phtkrhbi ku, Oc'.. 25, ISM. Coclnttt Thi cards France and Sardinia? Serioui Condition cf the Mmprtu Mother? Danger out lllneu of Prince Orhff?The Bmpreu Not Vet Reentered? Sketch of Prince (hUft Family and Career? Renewal of the War in the Catirtwut ? Euuian Vicfiriea? Affairs in Perlia ? fiul .?uin Im'uence on the Jncreaie, J-c., <f Decidedly there li a coolncai between oar Ooort and that of the Tullerka. The fa:t thai the Duke of Monte bcllo baa not accompanied the Emperor to Waraaw apeaks volumea, particularly aa It la known thai he had made hla preparationa for the journey, and only rcoelved ordera at the eleventh hour to remain at HI. I'ateraburg. Our inti mate cocnectlon with Sarllnla la alao at an end; the <us ilan Kmbaiay haa been recalled from Turin, and aa a mtu ral consrqneaca Mani lla Sale, the I'lAdmoDteae envoy haa applied to Mr Tolat jy for hia paasporla, and will leave in a few daya. Thia event baa male a moat painful impression hare, and tho action of government la univer sally d (approved of. It la reoollocted that the diplomatic re-alione with Sardinia broken off once before (In 18t* j, at the Instigation of Austria, and that we thus Incurred the rcaeutment or thai plucky little kingdom, which led to lta participation In the Crimean war, at a mo sect when we were taatlng the swtela of Austrian friendship Fjrperlenoe, they say, makes fools wise; but aa governmenta have a monopoly of sagacity they cannot, of course, b? expected to pro It by tbe leaaooa of experience. Marquis 3ale ta extremely popular am org our liberal ar.stocraey, and tbe crowd ol distinguished visiters that have left their cards at hla hotel since hla reeail waa announced, la a proof of the reeling with wblcb It la regarded. This waa exhibited still more strikingly at a soiree given the other evening by tbe Duke of Monttbel o. Bia saloons were tilled to oversowing with the cream of our fashionable world, and tbe pollin al situation /rat discussed In a sense ai favorable to France and Italy as It waa antlpathetls to Austria Altogether the new phase which the policy ol Ku?? , a appears to have entered excllca great cneasicese and never sine** the aoceaalon or Alexander II. baa hla con' duct been so severely animadverted upon aa at present. It bad been announced tor some days that tbe health ol tbe Kro press Mother was again so indiflerenl as login rise to serious apprehensions, and we bear no* that verj illlle hopes are entertained of her recovery. Coaaidertn) the state she has been in for tbe last twenty years, It U a. molt a miracle taat she should have survived so long in< red. It may bo sa.d that her life has oaly boen pro trae'ed by artificial means, which have actually suocod td l arresting the dccay of nature. In 1815, when sh< ?ai ecu*, to Htol'y, as a dernier resort no one ever exp?cte<. to c her again ; but she has continued to linger oc yeai alter year, between living* ana dying, until her Umilj b< came a. cut tome 1 to bar condition and ceased U b< alarmed at II. A'ur bcr return frjrn Nice laat aum nershe even app]Kared belter than usual; bot though oarofailj car)' ed Itom all aim?spborlo lutiueuces, tho has not tern anie io resiti me cniuai* oi urn HjperD ireau cap lal, which is trying at all ?ensons of tbo year, and nsver more to than la iht aulutuu. H U pueiiblo toai she may rally again, a* she baa done no often. ?be la no*, how ever. in b#f rU'y third etar. and hor villi powers mail be nearly exhausted. Of all ber oblidrtn only the brand UuKe Constantino is wilh her at present; but the Crown Princeis of Wu'tembers b?a been telegraphed for Trom ^Uk'&rd, &lU l"?e Grard Duke Mlcbi?! from Loadoo, wfteie he Is ou a visit to the Court of England, tter fa toi lie son. Uw> Grand Hutu Nic'-olas, If travelling in Jie Caucasus, and It will be no u?o sendlog for him, a* ioag b('' re be car arrive the crts* ni'ist be orer, one way or tbe other, bta not unlikely that tbe arrang. Bents of tnc i.air rrr at Warea * will be interfered with by his n <>tber a 'linen, but of tV.s . oil) log I* known with cor ta'xty. The rc'gnirg fcmpri-ss is stir suflormg from tae efl,c ? of ber contl.oineut, aid ttc physicians are sn.d to De rot quite without uneasiness on bir aocount Ihe widow of Nicholas Pauiovltuh la, to Hi sp peaiaures abiut l? follow biro to that bourne rrom no traveller e'er returas, tbe dissolution of hia n>< it cotiflteatist aivtser ai.d servant may be hiurly el icited. V'lltro OrU tr, President ef tbe Council, tbe nsfo tlntor < f the treali<-a et Ad- isnople and Paris, waa attacked time mteks since by a malady under wnlcb he ta tr?i?alij a'.ckiig. ?e * seventy llva yean of age, b?t until la ety their wnlght bare aat lightly npoa bim. and his mbost frams abowed do symptoms of U?citr tice. Toe ca*ccr of this statesman haa been a s'nguiar one He .? a natural sou ef C rant fedor Orion, ene t.f tbe four brothers who played so p.-omu?ent a ptrl in tbe involution id ITfl'ij and tbo eideM of whom, Cresrrr. nan tbe lover of Catharine tl. Ha lont ha ruber ? tin q u.te and waa adopted by hit uncle Alexis, tbe fwtrr o* i mrme and assassin ot "eter lit., tbrougb *hi >? great itllueECC be was legitimatized and received a ?dD in tbe uuarda; and tte daughter of Alexis, it eccentric ild ma**, ook such a fancy to her couam h ?i ?he left htm a considerable portion of ber .rnoseose wealth Young Orlofl dist'oguimed himself in tae Napoleonic campaign, rone rapidly to tie rack of Coionei, and wal employ ed in 1914 to oooolud* lb? capltoiat.on of Pans . but bis great sic c)t? n life waa owicg to his behavior ilir.nj tbe .nsurreetiue of Heesmber 14, I8? It wa? his en vgy and dec'f.or itu- belpeo to save me croan.aod perl.apa ih llle if V cociai.and the Kmperor ? amocf whoae faaits In grati.uue be n. nii>trt'fi? utter forsot the i r ' ri nci i' d h Bi on that w i r ib?e nay . 0**l"'i was created a couttand ail tit tamp gtaeral, aud tvt-r after ne/>ye'l tbe mbi ufed oonUderor of bis m??l^r. Tne mistcin evil ai d dei.caie misai n* w-re always entrosted t?i his approved idtllty; in lb."# be signed ibe peaoe of Alria nople. which established tb? power of B 'Sala in the U*t. m ls33 lie was commander- in obie' of ib? Km- an fnr<?s in ite Bje.t rus, and s gnet if treatr or Caak ar Uktleesi, whicb So t latently a'armed tie jwlomy of tbe Vjitiisb a 'veibnjent.aiid mail the sab?eq ??. negotiations wtb Auslr!*, Vfi'tsia, E gl*n l, I rate* an 1 Tcrkey . be la variably ?-.led ss pi nipolanliary His oower d'd not de crrsse utd r the mtgn **( Aieianuer ; In 1&? fl h? wan cbi#en to tegot ale the IVsce o( I'ar.i, wheri his oiplnmat.o ab.;i tus ir.ocr cut hr .guly 'inner eery so verse c.rca(ust?noes, acd on bis n turn to s1! Petersburg be waa appointed 1 MSldent of tbe Council ant raiu-i to tbe ,?u..y if a prison il the empl-e Mas net only as !od!vi<iua , bat n whole historical ei?>cb, will be emt goed to the ttnb, and his death wl.l therelure be aa event of no n.<an ^poiiano-. In internal allalrs h * * asliv l con servants, ar.d is tr.cerrlo'd to ba?e b.-en dei-ldeur op posed U* tbe luinedlate eicaccipntton of Its serfs; but in !i>reign i<uiules b? is sn adh? rtal of lbs Tree -b alilana*, and it 11 b Jieeed lb*t the lalerv.ew o' Warsaw would hardly bhve c*>bi? oil il hn had not been preeinted by sHkntcs li m ? nerting t? un' :afljeme. lu i-ane of tis decea??. the ?Jerm?.n party liope u at 'Id Cucnt Niaselrjie, nto ? ?'<n i is views <r tnt'-rnal policy, bul is . aaetricaiiy 1 to thetn as respects foreign affa'rs, w .ll be arpo.n^l to tne *?o*it i b it II is ?oro yr^ba-le that tae Count Biordctl will be b e sucrrssor. Afte r the Nbiu.stion o( the AHads'khes and Natnkha's, ard li e captnreof tbrle (rent ctiet Mali t Amelr, t ? sa eip??ied its' th Hn<"pnor>gs nod mber tr ben of tbe Wialern t^uca??s aonld abanti.-n a ;.ov 'l<*s cwlcsl and a< nowlot!r? the f iiremacy ot r. .**'a on ibe s?me termt that bad br> r. gratiUd to tbe.r ztr ?hSars Tl: *e ant.. I oatii ns, bowei er, have proved deceptive Turing thi bont..'l:es wtrn resiroed un rar'i is p^ inUl >>f tn* fr.*,nid It will b? necessary to underta?e a rag 1 ar oanipaifb against l^e ntubtxTu m^uula n 'urs Toe r im matd in the Wt-stern Cnu-nsas has been ertr.istelto C-juiit Kudos', met?, tbe conmierar ol ihaajyl ar 1 sit gator of tbe raaWn part of tha regmn Advices froan CMUnl Asji cittiin partw-ular* of aa t*|*dition tbe idepoud" t Kirgheri who inhabit the ooontry round the greai l*ke Isj.k K';ri sid tt>* s.f^pes of ibe T.^.^n snan.ann who are at e Tosta .t feud with tbe titben under tte domicloo of R.S't B? ceatly ttny bad even a mack e J tbe fort of Keti"t lit tin territ .ry of TraaSllena a, and alll. nigh tb<y were repulsed, It waa thought lad spti.aab'.* n give them sn-n a es??n aa would pisvant any sunt ar alu mpui Tnr tb* future A b.iy of tmopa wtm denpeut.od by (i*neral Uaaford f?.'m Vernnf , t? lay s|eg? to tba.r str .nth.. I of riltj-eg. wt b i-rr" tersd sfter a Pan <-c* . ? n< C rn lays, t?a?. k,lt.< l.ravi ?t k r|';T;cfi'"1i'r 1>" i f Uken o-iSir sr. wii!. ..r?r sis L in'. red n t htsf.'l.uwers r,irtren? vf Tormack has also ssl'Biined, syd we tare tbasobiAiond pe n mend rf the whole hasin of the Isr k Keri. wB?r*. 1 presune, there will tow be a Hit: In of steamers, as there & a.rra ly on ASal and Ba.ka>h From l'ers A ws lemr. that tt- ?hal. -not tnlne^ a r. a [ ..?!? vw kiry ov?r the Tnrc.^nans. a I - ha ? ? ? J tbo p it e i f Jl> ro ard orn ,ti-d toeir .sun l-prc '.a4. ? ? The rumor ??* n difficulty hav. of <nearr?d Ih twe-n our aiubassadnr. Mr 4,n.U b?..l*. aad tliS r. ?i : Trl?er?r - arm. tit of tbr oocupat .m o' an J*iid in Um Casp.aa by K us* an troo;? s quite onfoubded Ou tbe cn ^trnry, t r iilnott t.arMOfty exists betweaa the two (oveen wvertn, st'1 the tnflueoos of B i*?;a <*>it ? -e t u roaae whtleibatof ba? oast '< ra4' y l ~ sn?.. Sinee tt.- r'Bi val of f'.r Henri -tawliaa i, wboee sa-<isw?..r ;i far f" m possess lag the unit and abiiiy of that eainent Orttntelist. Ou Berlin UnnpendsKSi Bt?i t, (lot 34, IMS Iht Warsme CVmferenos? /V^^osed ft, ivtl 'f ii? Hip Atlmnee? Ft-lHkca) Sipty of U- G *ftr< n;?-TV! Oownetf ?i l i of Tarof"* JUrrttd? ABiludt of Ou G >? Fovfrt, 4c , <fc Tbe Oerigre^ of Wsrssw, an 'erg anr.oonf?d ar 1 so oTlen postponed, hn? at length beoonas an aoeoaip.isbel k^i. Tbe derunct Holy Allinccs has been galvmalied into lift, and 1H reprenettA?ire!? fcate m?t onir la solemn cocrlnre to devise sper Bos against lb* rsrr'ntlotinry can ta|tos which la gradually sprendlsg over Ejropn and 1hr>?tMti>( to sweep away tbe most ebsrlnbed trail. tlous of legitimate monarchy and right divine On Aatortay, at half- pant nine in the mi, tbe Prince it*c?nt start, ed for Hr eilau. where he arrived lbs satro after noon, and, aOer about an hour to lake d'orer and rsnelv* Uir novpiimcnta of the prov octal ar 'JWf'tlen, ooot'noed h.s x nrn<y to Wars*w witbo t ' rtner delay. He wan < accompanied by bis mll'tsry and rtrtl se .-riiartsn, i?*ocral Msntauffel and tf I'ln're, the Mtr. s'er ef War < rteral Boon, the Prussian Amhvsa.ior at ?t ^et*rs^l.rr * Js B^w ?? t?-bo?i S' ??r, il?o B ?? ,-.n Id liltrf Ul> U 'M' si Cvr.ta; C'. a. . at tbf tbl auKiy other distinguiehed personages, ml fclao by U?s S and Duke sf Mecklenberg Scbwerln? a near relative of the Czsr, from whom he had received a special Invita tion. The Foreign Hlnister, Baron ScblelnlU, wm not of the party, be log prevented by illness, and bis plaoe bad to be supplied by the Under Secretary of State, M. de Gruner. Tho public here very naturally suppose tbat tbe Minister'* indisposition la merely a diplomat ko dodge to avoid tbe necessity of avatalntag by bia present tbe ar rsagemsats that may be entered into by h.s royal matter with tbe two Emperor*; but I can atate positively that this la a mistake. H. de Schlemitz la really very un well; be caught oold at Ooblentz while at tending on Queen Victoria, whoso travels always seem to Uke place under tbe lafluenca or Jupiter Pluvlus, and who made her entry there amid tbe pelting of a piti less storm which drenched poor Sohieialtz to tbe akin, line* when be baa been oonflaad to hla room by a severe attack of influenza. That bis absence, however, will not deprive the conferences of their diplomatic oharaeter is sufficiently proved by tbe fact tbat tbe President of tbe Council, Prince HobenaoUera, has been sumskoned to assist at them, and has already arrived at Warsaw from bia villa In the South of Germany, where he has been rusti cating since tbe conclusion ol the pvUsmentary session. Accounts from tbe Polish capital contain Interesting particulars of the meeting between the monarch*, and of the vast preparation* tbat have been made to give ?3lat to their interview. For Mveral weeks the police had boon buaily engaged in putting everytfhig into apple pie order; the street* were repaired, the bouses were painted and whitewash sd, the dirtiest old Jews were sent out of tbe town or exiled to some distant suburb, where they wore not likely to offend the eyes of royalty, and bands of mer cenaries were enrolled to do tbe shouting and hurrah. 0?, and to perform all thoas lojal demons t rat tona that are re quired on such oooaitons to persuade kings and emperor* of the devoted love and attachment or their RUDjecU. Tuo chateau of Lattcnkl, once tbe residence of Stanislaus Au gustus, the >wl King of Poland, was fitted up f it the re ceptton ef tbe Kmperor of Austria, the palace of Bslvldere for tbe General and the Prlnoe Regent, and suits of aporl menta in the principal hotels were bespoken ror their re spective ministers and for tbe other illustrious visiters wbuse presence was exptoted. Kvly in the month the nobility began to liock in from the adjoining provinces; then came whole swarms of Muscovr.e offl clals, chamberla'ts, aides de camp, attaches, fee. , and on the 16th the Minister or Foreign Affairs, Prince Gortoba koff, arrived with a billllant cortege, including tbe Aus trian envoy at i?t Petersburg, Count Ttiuu, wbo has ex erled himself so aealouely , and, It would appear, so sua cesafully.ln effecting a reconciliation between hlscmrtanl that of Russia Gortchakoff had left the Roaporor at Wllnn, and hurried on to Warsaw to confer with C mnt Kisaeletl and tbe other Russian diplomatists, who bad been invite I to meet him there, and to lay before him their reports on the state of politics ami tbe views of the several ?ov>?ra tneut? to which tbey are accredited. Meauwbilc A exan der II.. with bis eldest son and beir, and bts guests, th^ Grand Duke of ftaxe Weimar, the Princes Caarles and Albert of Prussia, Prince Augustus of WurWmborg, and Prince Frederick of HtfFe, were espying the pleasures of bisoa hunting in tbe forest of Bielowlnsky, an enormous pre rerve racred to the sport of Imperial Nlmrods, and con tslLirg game worthy ol the rl tie of the ren?#asd Cap tarn Scott or of Mr. Gordon Cummtng. At length, on Sa turday, this 20th test, st four o'clock P.M., the gias from tho castle heralded the approach of the imperial train, ai d immediate!) after It steamed Into the terminus, where the Kmperor alighted, and prooeeded in ao o;vn carriage to tho Belvidere palaoe, amid the enthusiastic shouts of tae multitude. In the evening, of coursc, there was a grand Illumination, and although Alexander, wbo was probably tired after bit louiuey aud his cynegetical exploits, did cot Khuw tlmscii' lin, the croad continued to perambulate the street* till a late honr ni?hi The Cut da*n of mmnlrg (Sunday) founJ tb? city ?cam allre with the buttle or prepiralWD ; fr >tr tim<j to time telegraphic mersagea anuouDoel the VTlnl of toe Prince Keyed of Prutata at tbe variout railroal aUtiont, at the Itst of which the Cur appeared id person to wel rone biro. and at ten A. M they drove mto town to (tether, amid tbe line demonstration* or enthus a*m to whub we have already alluded. A tumptuout dtjtuner wat la rt for them bt tbe Kelvldera, followed by a grand levee, in wbicb tbe Pruatlan effl v-re uud dlpio mats were presetted to the Kmperor of Rostla, anl the Kuniui to tre I'nnee Reg . ot At two o'clock tbe Inau guration of tbe now bridge acrota the V.atula t-e>lc place In pretetce of tbe t?o ourls, and In the evening the (inl n ? appeared at tbe theatre, which wire a let tlvr at pert tod wia thronged with the whiskered sont of MM and beautiful Poilsb damta. On Monday the Oar llMM bla i-,:e?ts t > a military review, the moBt remark ab e feature m wMoh waa a *eri?8 of evolution* per formed by tbe t'oetacki, in which these children of tbe desert dltplajed thetr character iatlc agility. At four P. M the illuitrloux party repaired aga.o to tbe terminal or the Yucca railaay to receive the Koiptror of A istria, white approach waa now telegraphed. After eabraolng each otter with great apparent cordiality, tbe two trope rora entered tbe mi\c oarr'.agn and proceeded together to tazltckl, followed by the hereditary Gruod Dalte of Itutaia In a second carriage, tbe Prince Il'gecl and bit brotbera In a third, and a long line of equtpagta contain li t their retinue. Aa ot lal la ?ucb raaes, Alexander wore the Austrian and Francia Jiacrb tbe Rutatan iiclform, each df thtm h?:rg ?proprietor" of a regiumnt in lb? army of tbe other On reaching Lax'eckt they tat down to a State dinner prepared for them and their train, an1 tbe maguiflcrnce ot wblcb is aa;..' to have Wn .sequalled by an) th leg out of '.be Ara'ilaa N'^hll, w ta n > excep ticro of a Itvee g.ven the aame tvcnltg by tbe Yioeroy ot !'? lacd, Prince tinrtuhakoff (of ?'???aato^ilj , wh oh. if pit t.nle, i vrn exceeded It la tplendor. 1 ucdrrttand tbe aor.traat preaenWd by tbe eit^rlor of tbe two Kmpcrora haa b< en tbe theme of general itrrnrk Tbe Cair, who waa alwayi Inolln-sd t> tbo rmU*i&r4 that d .stlcguitbe* tbe bouae of Hohec xol'ern, from wb?h be ta aiurta; y demented, It aa p'ttiup ana rosj at if, Instead of an tut ?> -.rat reigning ever *utky serfa and a refractory nobility, he wire one of ?bc?e M ?t! aovereigta wh->m the great Napolein cctt|i:ril 10 irreverently to ;c o.Vm a Cenyraii The i\ai?er, on the other bard, look* pale anl hvK*r|li and though at.ll quite a you:g man, bla check* are iirrored wltb deep llnee, b'i figure ta bent and hi* whole ?p,>eera.i v> MM prolouod de)?cnuD Teopia la Wtraaw who aa* b n. there tome Ml year* ago, wbeo vtarticg tbe lata Czar Nlt> ?'la a ray they thoul.1 not bare recognised Bin again The two I'r'me Miclatera differ almott aa wldeiy Trim eacb other aa tteir mart?ra. Count R?ibb-rg ii a rpare, dried up, aiagtUar little ma.i, witb du.i. Oaty >yre. a, larky fa^, ^ Blob it n.-v?r itgtited np hy and tbe mac Dt re ot a Fran r tcao liiar ratbrr than of a courtier and an arlavxarat. Prltce Ut rtcbak' IT, tbcogb a great deal older , :( ten itm a more lively and animated, and b'.a eyee. ipirkilng wltb fuu ai.d ma:loe, oottratl atrangely wtb tbe gray looka that nverabado* bit eointtoanco "fie .a iacxbaiMKitle la jokit arc Inueniioe*, moat of ebleh are directed aga'nat h'? auetrlan rolieague, who wr .lbea under bit aatire with out betrg ab> to reapend to it. Tbe moet t i oeea'n' m *, bowever, haa been utter#d by b t eonato, the Viceroy ahi la no >?* c< U I for ft aarraam tnan the Miulater ??F* IMS," be ta.d, or la reported to ha7e aaid,"?i IMP WW I aithi mu la Hvngrvt turn ; i-h d? V Enf* revr it Au-'ruks auvvrtt Aut c'eif ia llonqri* <jui mtl I'Emptrtur it'.lu'.ruh ? n noi ' Tj nnd*r ttacd tbe p'quaccy of th a ob*ervatlx> It abii' I be iecoilecti'4 that *t waa (reneral 6<>rtc.halu>d wbo, in bia rapa-'lly of chief of tbe Hjar'tn rutl, cm clLi'rd tbe napitniatioD of Y.ilagna with 'i.irg?y,anl ta dtwd tba celebrated learatob to tbe Kmperor, alatlsg that '-Htirgary waa at the feet of fata Majerty " Nclwlibatandtng taste w ttr amt. aid tn> gratifliatiaa they mutl feel at tt.e bumliiatlin of their faitoleaa allr, tbe Uaaeovilea are by ao meant ;<!eaa?.1 to ttad them ae'vea afata oa term* of lattmaey wltfa Anttela, and ex cla'm U> id y agalitt th* .mp ^cy of ecttlcg tbe bailee ttoo wl'h hraeoe, aed reoewia* their retatioat ti'.l a Power of wb<*o '.ngratltnd* tbey have had tucb ua ? qutvfcal prco'a Tbe l*clet, on tbe contrary, arc Al ighted tn ire tbelr three oppreaaart ccve m >re ta leag i? trg<*her . and preparlag to engage ia a ttrng^i* wb>cn they are ct-nrii ed re*n t n tbe dowufan of aH<<! i tirm an J the rrrt^eatton of the ancient Knap. re of tbe ia (ell ma Uere In 1' utv.a the tyi gr>M of War*?w Mc wt fielirttof ap rebt talon whi^fi are heightened hy the trtnmptaat yoaar uf the react onary pma* Oreu c< n8? i n>e It rxpre*?ed in the g -<d ibtentlona of tbe I'ricce Reger.t. b<A it ;t 'eared that b e boaeat an I -i m \r pk-tov.f aatnra w il t?e wi-rk^l upon by eitrruai Infl -eoc-?, as il IwM on t^> t>pa wfaTofc will p'.avi h id in ? Ifotl tloa to public op.nlon ant the tr-i" '.a'.eeeata of hie ttng doan. Ilia movemeiita are watcbei paiof il anrtetf, and aethieg would give mora nniveraal tat^faeltoo man tbe intelligeaee that be hat rr4>irce1 from A'araaw wltb oat bavirg vrfftred himM.r to be eauaghd ia tin aae<fae* of n policy wblcb a. patriotic tiarmana regard with well fuanded atWTUt "of-aafajt*;**, 0*1 16, 1890. Ti rrij'c Hut- i ??< A<'?aag 'ke W<An% C< ?*<! of JCusjpe? Grit /r" r/ L{f* and Prrp*'<y ? fln-'kng Ac-own* tf tke ICr??> cif W Sfewwi'* Ar'fic? ft'ereriin^ KaUmmt qf Cm* of l*e Surrizvrl? P-*th cf A'aocJer, *f /'?. 4d'<f*ta. 4$ , 4c. Tbe nnmerctia report* ?hl ;h will, ne douht, hae* "?acted yo-j before tbe receipt cf tbl* letter, of the Mr r.6e eqularxtal burnaaae tba: bat, wllbtn lb* p??l few day*, twrpt wttfa tneb fury nVwg the entire aorthwartem com! of Faropa, cauatrg a vboleaai* de*truet'?n of abip pirg and le*a cf hfa.| will, no douM, areata aooh antwty to many peraona In iba Co I ted Matea whova rtlenda ard relative* are travelling abroad . an1h?<nja r.rv'nr frcm tba nefortosata tngl'ah titutw Arctic thai wat wrecked an the 4'b Intl. at Barbleve, writ ?>aat Of inllana, Peamaik, 1 te?d yon a baa'y bqt correct ae cojdI of tba tame, thick ag II may Latareet ??* of yoor read) r* at boa* t left New York leptasber U la tba Ctnard ttaam ar t frloa, with ? party of Ave bound direct t* ct. p*trr*' org, lo tperd tbe winter with tba Rnteian bear*: ac4 . ti celt lag from part ng friend* tba nwnai ton acd ft'e retnrn, wa commence! our voyage with pleating aciir pi loaa of oar la'.ereettog Jorjrney to tbe old ooun tr j 1 tba toad of ioe and mow, which wa iioped to reach rt t e clcee of navigation In thoea l?y regtoot. Oon t?t>f '? o r eipectatioea, we were fiv rel w'ttaple*. tan rtytga acrcaa the Atlaat.o? ' gbt (air winda, tmooth n-a.ihir akiea aad b?aitlfiil "aororaa," which tcveral r'ftt' >lt "P Ue haaveaa wltb tbe m->it varied aad r ? at t?a '* brt:ilaa;y, giving the old tea traveller* many ? at n i cur* on deck in the *d watch After tleven oajt i tapanionib'p oa *.b* tea, we were *af?ly mnnred : t.- Me *ry and agreeably gratified at htvlag a vl*w ti rj^oi, for t^ere w ?? * e ea? tty and no '??>% dcrlng ,tl' ? ?IM63. 11 * a* c J it rd yjlt, b.t a>* n?. I * tlsae l vh favored villi a sight of tbo oily, Its famous docks, fort it sf shipping and plota retque surrounding country. Tue fallowing ssora* irg, however, brought a genuine. old fashioned English fog, oold, damp and cheerlcss, and required all our Yankee energy to get through with a HtUe boalasss. even with the addition of sundry pots of half and half) an>: we gladly took our departure In the afternoon from this imoky, foggy, commercial mart, and the same night arrived at Bull, the principal ahlpplng port of the Nortt of England, aad, like all other oiiies and towns la the ! United Kingdom at this season, of the suae dull, dingy, I fossil like appearance, giving a stranger the blues, un less he can study aad appreciate the aitlqctty and mouldering stone* of the church ot the Holy Trinity, said' to have been built by the Romans In the twelfth century, or gaze with black republican pride at the column erected to Wllberforoe for his active participation in ob taining .bo emancipation of the negroes m the West. Indies. A a troll aaaong the docks aul shipping '? Inter eating; for although i>ueen Victoria is hers mooarst of all she surveys, yet the American kiug appear* to bo more acoeptab:e aod priltable, for owr cuttoc Is ruling her subjects, gtv'.og them life and loaltog their vfsstls for all parts of E-iro/e, while the marble statue on the top of the Wilberforce monument forms a sir kjn{ contrast to the busy scene with the products of our Southern clime. We left Hu^on the night of the lat Inst , on board of the steamer Arotlc, bound for St. Petersburg, andean; on the 2d we left the mouth of (be dumber, warel a fare well to old England, and shaped our course for the northern point of Denmark. Toe North Sea was smoirfi and calm, and a light breeze favored us for the first day and tome of our party were regretting that they would not have the pleat ore of seeing a storm at tea; bat early the following morning the weather changed, the glas* went down, and the sky became overcast with dark , rowing clouds. At ten A. H. it was blowing a gale, aod by cooc the wind had 1 .creased to a hurrlsaue. We mautgod tc I get a light breakfast that morning, which was the last | meal we bad on board; ibe sea commenced break log over us fere and aft, and the vessel rolling bcav>ly; but was still kept on her oourse, scudding be fore It. About two P. M. the engineer caaae !ato t&c cabin and informed the captain that the water war coming Into the engine rooms faster than he ooukl pumr ; it ont. The veascl was lOiimdlaKlr brought u> the wid*. | with Hi'' Intention of beavug her to; but It was then toe 1 late, and before abe could be brougbt head to the sea tn< { ergine * as flooded and the Ores put out. Sai' was tbec I let, but blew to ribbons Id a few minutes. The coal co I deck was thrown over t>oard, aod It was discovered Lot' I the cover of o*e of the c lal bunkers had bten left oil which was tbe came of the engine room atling so quick'; and fully Illustrated the groea carolessnesa and want o ' attention In st.-wlng the cargo. The pumps were ai i covered up with I he heavy deck loads of oottnn, boxt f ' carriages, fes., and could not be used, and there were i, \ (stra movab'e pump* on board for use in sucb as cm?r i g- nry ; we were tbeu left to the mercy of the tempest li tfcc trough of tbe lea, aad in the greatest danger o.' bem I foundered. All hands were set to work with bicker I baillcg the water out cf the engine room; but jj j wa?htd In latter than they could get !S eat w ? were at this time about seventy miles from Ian' | and bat to fear of being driven on shore, bei<?v:n I that the storm would tooderato before we drifted so fa i sod that we could get ssilalance from seme )?assr> vessel. a? night came on tbe wind Increased, and the a*a ge Dig h!gb<r, (and a gloomy, fearful night II til 10 oar c ? Union,) the *ky lights uvtr the cabin were (tore la, ar ior three hours we, the passengers, were slulilog pilloe aid mtttrence in the open plaoee, and bad great all ca'ty In keeplsg the eabln from filling until a acavy e? vase could be nailed over tbe skylight, ud by co ? unt bulling we kept tbe water out. The coiktng ape* '??ent was waabed away, and the fresh water all I during tbe eight, and tbe mortlng of the 4 lb broug^ truly gluomy proepecl to all on board. At n xe o'ctotk tbe Doming we were ? tartlad with tbe ory that land * in sight, broad en our lee beam, being the west coart Pel matk, and a thrill of horror went to every heart as thought of tbe awful danger now before us. We dr>' faat towards the laed, and by noon the captain in i s that there wu no porslhility of lavlog tb? v?sM, and pre par t ourselves for tbe worst We then put laahlegi iw. a lew cotun bale*, In hopes of being able to drift on at with them, threw off our btary overcoats tc be as "f as joaatble In the water, and calmly watted tba fa result When about seven tulles from latd tue order v liTen to throw orer tbe deck load, but after a .'e ? ba went o?er the side tbe work was stopped and the ore given to get tie anchors r<ady. Toe optima now ran.0 eontuaed aad uudecidtd as to what la do, and tt tbe lait fatal act was In letting go the anchor* wbnr tt could do no possible good, and prerealel tfce vessel fr getting nearer to llie store, where rocket* couid k reached us, aad probably all on board would have b a*td by ibclllecar. At 3 30 P. M. we etrjoa on uitr tar witha treieadoos nrssh, carrjitgaaay i idtr, propeller, and knocking ? her stem, tea i m tea rrore ber OTer the bar, and bere the aiiaarrs tafoi naMy checkrd bor, and la lwmty , ? irk In about tti-ty feet of water, half a mile iJ tboie. jVcn as the T*mel c imm^noeU etching (Weirs acd crew made for the rtgg'.cg and g to to tbe rpa?seogers; our party c4 wi ri* cllaglrg tc the rope^ round tbe ma'nnuM, aad Salving the two ladies, chill a, I s c?ardaaj slaodiat to the r waiata .n water, ati i the Jour of tee c ibm jam np by ibo tloatirg dek load, three of us went jn their nnance. sroasbert la tbe after skylight, got taetn oat on to the dccfe load to the macmast; l? wis thee bejor.d bum to p >wer to more, or lo rate>, tbe bake nod tuie* beinj alloat nr. 1er as, and abeatysea svlk'.og as at tbe >l Lt, 1 ?i'.b gn-at diffc..! y recovered a foothold I ibat aafu dc.rge, uit fjond only four of its left T*e, ladies, rbltd, stewardess andVne of onr party. Hr. ?* dat Kk w ee, of Philadelphia, were swept oil. i saw v ? lor a mittiLt atruig'u>| lo th- warei, ami tl>- i so o ; li> tte aims of deaih. a fore the next sea vtrignk oa ha<l rtacbed tbe 'ore r Siting, ano whiob we ar K><le< | ol riach of tbe wa?e?, iha*. wtre now crurhltg w!tk i . Slri > gib ererytblng beaetlb. I It ?- first aid (iccnd mates in eimkig out r? 'Ivo i rattle were strurk by a b?*ey sea, tb? first rav-e s I aio washed u titer, the reccad trail reooverel bn gaiet tbe l<-rc*et:e dc. ?. went out on tbo ,.r.i>x>n> ' b< i.t tbe j,b ball. ar. 1a, fantened them roatd t. s ta* wa> hiokd r.p to the fnrevard, and BO fearlol wt> ! ?l at the l:a.e Ita: a!; Inn clothes, with me r i tioa i4 h a ablrt, were b'ows off It war a fearful ???l ?te b m rwlBgicg to and Iro tel*e<ti bt-arao an-. | wild wave* beneath, and il waa a <1arli>K eRcfl am! i v t ?t ra: ? ill do to c r j; t> l.fe. There were nee ?? tec i of vs to tbe for* rlgglrx as.1 fire In tbe rnun | is t'gbt rim* on a? buocHU clna^ toc?tber oi Ui? J } aid. at il ItX'Sr who wore r!( ?** t-> tbe m^at 1 I k l> ea lii tbe r'ggti-g, and whrn tbe oarkaeea h? 1 Ktirrd cter j thing from s ght but the dark el<. ds arrt wbiu< r. am beneath, ?e coul 1 moraoalmly re%i li-arfi ' arglHin as each war* rolled oeer the Te.?i tl.e lear ol the u.r l gtv-ng atrar, wbra noaa e?i. : p?nlbly i rfliid Ij tell of the Arctic ft wm ( i I ' ftl lo c*. aid as ?ach hour pi?s?4 Vll dil> ttiei gta y giving way from tbo ae e (4rme tu tbe cold, rati aad tempest, ano tbe iVfi, C.titur iu a biob wa bad tw ?lauJ, but oayluht r lan, aad we raw tbe ..eboatoa the iw a.tai..: en nor round ber, but nu atiempt la get ber n| rokets, with a I bf atiasbed were 3 rod to?aeda iDMibart. About ten A M. the bott was maut laui'btd int'' the surf ahouted lor joy. wa? eap* in aiitlc'paltoD ?>f iramediate relief, but W! a ? veial timer tbey tried to g?t through the s jrf, be t lion back, aad Baallygaieit up an 1 hi .lej -.a I il the beach. AK' ut tao o'aHwtt tbey mwle tj e?*e?>{.i to get eff, but without sur-iew. aad w< felt there a a* bat a faint bope of be ng sera we tOL.d not baTa aurttved another a gtt illg'tg, with tbe Increasing lucletnen-y ? w < atb< r. Hut at tour lau r ovr h )*s rst iTCf', when the boat was msnaa I with tao aid ? eew, and after aereral aiit mpta aba rode Ufealai: b i was isfely over tbe snrf aad rteeriag towards t | baiird ber with fSeilrg* and ah >UI8 ol Joy th .1 *al; in car situation couid feel. U a few alii' tea f'-: r I n* let In tbe boat, acd by akil'ul managi m<x*. * ) )at.<l<d aalely. The boat I n mediately retu-??it Tor ? wait der w tbe orew. but Id oomlog tarou,> the s cap* tril a few tarda fro? abort aad two of i1-. e?* crew were drowned, also Hr. Thonaaa Ea*le. an ( geatlemar, *>bo happen- d to ba oa the bow. at t at >1 tt arts prtnopetly thxragb bla ev 'rttoas aad Bitae ?f a large reward that a rwlaateer or - a 1 talaed aad Irdooed to noma eff to aa la t las I f?b j regular beat's crew haTK refuaed to ga a o>?? ! of the larger In gettlt g threcgb tba B-eakr ra f ?hor? from the wrtrk were a#w taken to a lab but, where onffae, cold meat aaa blaJt ryol were given as, aad the poor peaaaat* I r' indite tut, and late the email plact w%rrw 1 to eiprres tfcelr Joy for our sa'ety aad we r??, j It aac; ejeawbea tfeey saw oar truly me..-, int Uavitg aat.rflad cur barg r, We e thru t I wi'fc dry clothes, stub as era need by ik > kv I ihert Raanel drawer* roarse tbio* at rt, lo<i? I stock ii ga asd atary w odea sb'?i, anJ the grntaa 1 lira atce we ma 'a la Wit ao-el sly Ic at 4 t ? lalrlj is'her wttiral, We re,t^l (aM(|r t #1<i b' tof stnw, but lb- aext ?o?b ?t nnr ?r snU swollea that Itwaswilli the greatest d IV raid waia. It waa a bus* .lay with J>e ??' r | aiaera gathering lt? articl?e w?ab*d cusborj ' ? latea wrecks tha. lay it sight, aad wa hear 1 jti werr thutj tsort atocg the o> a*t. The iui>0 1 " tn re, sed the stewardess wis s'ai '?<" allfct all miles from the arrack, flunr'ay 7"i . 1 V " T' t? " *'+***< 'a the afteraooa ttr-oii chi.d lu tfce par'.vb rharrhjard. Itwaaaai smn aed there were weeping ex. a among the r?o? i sa. ? |? or leaaaa s aa 1 tooa tbe strlag of b?a.ta Irac i J fat? CUl c<r* ,0<k 0r!?h* fcMaa b% r t Irrmotj 8 th, we left Hat blare aad bid ao ?e Sd en to tbe poor, staple, kind hearted l>ai,tah t ?to ""sd aboau us ancb kiadneee, arid ?i .r tbtlf|owrr ftor onr oom'o't, aad Ui-xigh a u.,? latrd >arc oa Iftj barren ceart, jet Ihey te<n, gererous and hospitable. Wa came to Ul? i l u.v g i o oi ika from the orwat, where mure al,e qrarteis wcraprepareH for us Oa 'be Klh wo IWllowed ti the grave tr,o ? Mr Thorns* Fs'le. It aaaarad. eolemn f.!i?rV , heaar was paid to the laaseated dead wo > ' t';c<d bis life tn aavleg n* h in tbe Wreck * ? ? taken t< tba village cfcapel ari tbe ra'; iij? the 1 .tberau ehure.U waa rliaotml, a; l ? U?ae aal sad r'g>iis wbi'b ttta It.-ir.f >t- ?, m depart' d, wa startad for the e ?> (ieo r ,a lo j eiferni tfce same tolema dnty i?f n reiralrs r.f Hr. >berldau Kii'iwlea, wb a. ? ?i wafhed ob rb< te she daypr vi> ?. 1 1 .i. the a rasft. We thi r.i.aj iiMatu , ? ? ? Irate rare r>-sdy fr.r ?? . ,, j? u . , , I tbe v war fa I a-' mr I 1 a; I . r <? . I . o kaM rg ill i ? a hj ii fj ta>e ^ gt> ^

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