Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1860 Page 4
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NEWS FROM CEHNIA1 AND WITH AIKIICA. ARRIVAL OF TUf! NORTHERN LIGHT ?8i*.?l9 il IvSKKi 01 FEUfiBI. TELX RE VOLU CIOH II 11W OB A S ADA belt &I of the Ciomnneut Forces f,ou Graied ? Britbli luterforeBC. War Between 7crn and Bolivia Inevitable. INTERESTING FROM CHILE ANO NICARAGUA, ftfc. <tc.. Jko. The buamahlp Northern IJ^bl, wh'ch Ian Aapiowall at throe o'otosk P. M on thoat'hult, bring og thro? hundred and Bt.y passengers, tb? treasure and malls by tl.? Hteamer Mat loft S*u I rurisc i on tho lOti ol No vember, via I'auaina, arrived at ibti port yesterday BIOTttlng. The (allowing is Ibe Northern i. ghfJ t?*axpkb IJST. Order tlOMi M Ueltfrnan ft Co. ..$2^000 How tai< d & At pin- W K Weiu & 0<>.... 4 tiS vail.. 20 000 Bailln ft Haulers.. .. 13 100 Howau<- il Afpin Kug K-lly ft Oo ... 01.000 m l 10 637 Octroy V O'Coonnr. It iKJO H Co bo ft Co '.'4 COO Am Kxc.hange U*u* llO.ooO Rutcl er ft Hii ' I OVC P Ka>lor 8 Ko J B Witr 10 btiT 1. KlQAkOtD * Hrus.. 7 100 U !!? iler ft Co Si COO K,t aard Pa'.rlcU. . .. 70,0t,0 Ejh :n<i r ft Oo 7 W.0 liutcui, SOcrmaa J. r-lraUM, d?o ft 3o. 30 liA) ft Co 07 619 Ncueu.dior Bios.. .. list* Wet s. Fa 'go ll 00.. 178, MO A. K ftC K. Tutoo. 8 *)? ? ? ? - W. T. UiltMan A Oo. 4t o 0 Ti-ial tili ? # Tho folkiwirg it< ma a, | ;ir in tao Panama .kji ami Urra <1 of tt?> U. ? nit ? Tti. re wa? i; ii l if a i'llta et'-iltmnnl In our city i n Thursday, o*. t lo t repirt th?t a pwly of youcg meu ? '? uf liu Uorcro^r lb bet au'l throwing u: at :l to prla.n, and at 'mo la.uo lima V: 'oauiah the Btel.< p Tt.o r? |"rt ortg'.uaV u. wo l??lle*e, amn g airoe of Uw jiventud, who ai re talking a go >1 deal about tbolr lutea tiooa, but bey >nd ths there uo ground (or any ap pri-bi catena cf ? ficfa o.i lb i . n* lnfcrinat on buying betn rn/Mvctl by th? nation! au thorities Wist the acfeotner Nau .litis, beKwgtng to Nlilo'a gOTtrbtlrnl, wax ktn go eg Into Potto Belio, for the pur poae, II la tnppoewl, of carry Uig oil lb* canuou t>*. la d<j poaittd llitre, a (wty of twonty men wit urapttobeJ yretcrthy from Ui.s City to if |ilaw?!l, to bo eanbarked (in board the Mihooner Carlott, with a Tiuw -'f prJcao. . -i to ULic lorali .y and capturing tua lua If piMioie Ta? Parana Kai.r'iad U>mpai.y'a at tamer OoU'nb ia, Oaptato lUltabuo, 'rum Saa Jo?. d? Gua'.cmt.a auil Inter modlato puita ol Oeritral America, arrived at aer anchar age ofl thla port yeaterday morning, Nor 21 The paprra fr no the republic of (jutleiwla c >nt*la no new a The aocount of the fcatlriUefl In honor of i'io Prualieni'a birtliday la the only local liotn wn Dai ra oordad. The M-at of gOTcrnrneat of Nlaaragui was agitlo mored on Ui? 18ih of last mooch 'torn Giaeada to Utuugaa. A l^>r?n)mcot denrea baa hoon pataad prubi^iltlng tna ex traction of Indian rubber gum from tre^e ou tue !>iatg lands without a apoclal Uoeeae; aad on the 3! of Ch i month another decree was issued prohibiting tacaolllt| of foreign P'juort by gUa*>a, by special |'oaaiia aloe of the Bubdelegate or Prefect. The fame journal of the 20:b all oontalok lh? follow lag ? By ? nailing vewtiJ whloh arr: re I at An/In w? I at Sun day, the lW.h, we bare Cartbagena ptperi to the 12 a Lull They give aomo Jou:;? out before pt-bluiiaJ. Tbe BvUun vjlnal of Nurem'jer S ujrt tLia. Nit lu ar rived at Mompo* oo the 28th of Oot-Jber, wtere bo h*J orfaoliod the defence of tbe river UngJaona. A part)' la Goamal having declared In favor of I he f. neral government, Commandant* B?raya waa wot to put them down, whloh be moweded lo doing. Ilea. Brlcaao oommenoed hie retreat oo the 13d. It wia th lujai taat he would be hemmed la, lor Ibe SaotaniV'oeooe la Cueo ta bad eelaed thirty oue caaei of arm) aad am-nua;ti.m, and bad armed a loroe under tha c muiiuJ of Si, dilva and Rico. I* Xue* i Aluxma of th 4'h arl 11th of N'jv .nb r oouiauta much laiertettog . 'tu r . inclu il ig laWr.'Mlug letter* of tbe Pneldeal, Seuor Arholoia ar J rlhurr v .o the l of Nieto lo Inr \ J La R (Obeli agelur . Ut yj| taken by tbe hogliab Tbe HiAtti* (MeMl of NntMB*>er 1? pnMltbee a Wt?r lo the Vvvtrt' t o! ihtrranqnilM from dr. H*ik <u U?1 it, under date of November 7, aia: og that at half i ut fire tbe eaeuiy optaed Arc oe t?r oroirt, aad for a few tui antra oroapM tbe evtrtaeatd poettica of Has Pe.rj, from waicu >tey were at ioe aia.>i{ 4. T b iad* ?d meet (go uMr Me bare, aept .? U> r iue eleven o'c a, a. ?a U t an tb;y retrea'. eJ leertng i.ixwa Scad, i?Mi; l;e * xix ;e. at: .A/ friantn. Anotbe. - terof N?ve ntbt- 10 ?ay( ? Oit trirtt rr mt n a" (ialra In la: it ?*.-'? oa y ltd remaned la ibe p aa of attack tbe vcuooa;* of Arxleit ??: j?si to ba ?e i>|? rated wiM 1M> mra ready to dte.*mbark, aad ai tbla may be tbe aame ecbeoeer wb:*b anchored a Me port a Ret, It may happen that la tbe pas.e cf Im defeat yon may snooted La diteolviug I m force, ty exci ag Me people, tad prevent 9?aor Arjcleda from penetrauag tat) the interior of Mcae provtnoaa aad thjae of Carthageaa, and tnna out o4 bla (ight to tbe eaterlor or to Colon. A new Ilea of aWemere, chartered by the last l.<-gi? la tere, ? to rua Iron Panama to the other porta of Mew ttracad*. Tbe company have pub 1Kb. \1 their p-oapacl j I, wlta an ealimate of tapocted reoeipta, espcoiea, \z The ?learner la to tooct at tbe p<>rtg of ganta Maria, Muitb*1, Tlraaco and Prdregai. Tbe l alted Matea Iteamer rtaranac, Captain Rib-rt Ritchie, from Saa Fraociaeo aad Meiicaa porta, arrived at Paaasa oe Dm Itih alt. She bae beea thorojgbly orcrbaaiod at Man* Ujuid, near Man Kraacleej, aad It ?aid lo be Ib One ooadlt.ja. .-be l>>ndb?d ta at Maiatun, wblcb port she left oa November 0, brlagiag ialelilkeooe of a balue foegbl Loar thai place, oe or about 39tb Octo ber, between the lioera ?tt aad oburcb parly, wt'.b re tailed ia tbe total def>?l axiU root of Ibe latter , maay of wbom, lacliidlag a aumber of offlcere, were takea prteca era aad afkrwarda abot The foroea of tbe eberob party numbut-d aome 1 104. while tbe liberate b?1 only MO Tbe l alted it?tee eteaai corvette Wyoming, Com mander Mitchell, arrived at Panama am tbe 21 1 of No vember fio* Oaltao, with Mr Clay, Called iHatoe M sla ter to Peru, and family oa hoard, who arrived a ere la ibe NoeUora Light. Ma^ t J?ha P. Hetaa, of Aattnig toa, alee eame paea uger lathi Northern UgM oa uia ret era from Niearagoa. Tberi la now la tbe port of Panama a very large Uallei jtatra naval Beet, eatbrar.i-.g nearly all the vrarria of liie Paatle aquadroa, rl? Cagatup l<accutcr, aloataer* lara aae aad Wyoming act (''opa 9t. Marya aed Cyace, ail Of which, perbaiw, with tbe oxoept.>?a of Ibe ttgeb'p, VIM be deepaiabed eooa to variooa p rie ? tbe etatloa, oae or BKire lo tbe Weet 4jp aet, aad the etbeee ? tbe ooaata of Central Amerioa ai. i Maaiio Oar laa Fraariiee Cerreipeadrace. Sa* raa.?CM(x>, Nov It, 1*40 TV KlxUcm in Asm IVewru.-*? Tu tn? mv( y Hr?df\-Jk i Ml m U>f KmuU?Tkr L^juUtur* atd il /*<*',. tt,?j Wttwllmmmm IV Itu/rm IT in ita~t 9*n-i ? Dtr KkUtaI Ommi J<*e*tr m?J +t. Pmimri ai 4e. Tbe elecUo* la Mia oily and !?Mle paaewi off very quietly There baa not been a (Ingle taetan oe ot vtoteat ooadeet, aad ta maay piacee Me .lay pe.-took of no greater decree of etclWaeal than aa ordiaary >ee ia (.al ifora ia Foor yeari ago a reprblioan oral ? btil ail, WIM aaMy lo bla (nrane, appear la poBlio t? aJr <;ila tbe geetrmee of that party uter. tin *a ec?? J j* relied ea tor 1? 000 vot?e. or nee e ghth <4 tb? ; >i?J an a ber for a repehltcaa aom nee; hot tbe t. ?i aa?{m*e never et pooled lo eeacent Tiw lafleeaee e< ln> lerwk'e <?eate ??ai ? ??< t . ^ increaaMg I.laeo-a'a vow- Tea memory ,? < M ,i.? i Mfc tor a Bbenabad by th^iaea -e wan eo ?l | r.? >r. Me refahllaaa oaadidate aat tb?eoedoito' ?|P Sietv aaa, ta appolatlag a aan who partteiptl~i a tie ??? i , 4 ended la hie deaio to a ug?l < ia t ite ?m, <n >r."t - 1 aad laeaa?'l tb. ./?i. ? ?itti-'a* in ? ? i 1 have gooe la to tu. p.i.o^a.-t at- u> ? w . 1 change la a -ery gr -at '*e The r?lnri>e I) fer -vt -ed ? 10 r i':tt the jc?i 4 < a tcre will he largt y e t ^awiiid, wind laiti Mt<. elxtiua of of ,i.o '?ivuie ?tajit'e* j'* fh* repibr-we* oome neit? Brije'arldje km la nusiber*. tbc candidates will be McDou(ail, L>jdvw, Downey (at P r*eat Uotwuk ) , II ft, tod periaps easterly U U \ verj it*t ' lo f?jr wIk a? th? twit ohauca, bnt II Ul no', uslk'ij tn?t ft inn uu <adot|>Q, toe ceivltroird o xiaiul f'H I ov ? > ert a.i-t . i' in. *lai?d?a taau, nay 6s bboeea. Lul )?ir. *M uia auli i.-wowpuiu if l)>u<Ui pa-lf t:% fi'. <? Tuii? if luetBber*, in numier, wtre raal for bun. Latb?w la toe hour o' IU latrn* H if nui iai|M?aiaia thai ttndoipb ma) oe mb( 10 tii* I'uiImJ stairs rteunte. m?cau AKBO0S MV1 Itio loi titmec oillma tf tuo orasf arrlf od la tL ? cllj frrin tin. ti .rib a low day* aiuflo:? 0?1 Q N?w Elae, M?j >r ftWae, Cap* Kio?4 .1 ??s, Uepi Lenuri in, II'. Co. i r, I'etlM liowurd, U?'j|n( i'eihler, AifiiOiU'r, B. * umh Tli roe, ^'.ociLton and '\mann A c .til aarni'l c^iivtbAd a lu? days Bin kj ?t Port 1*< lauuotn. lApt I'iCkiH, ouiqumluxuC at ?.ui J iao, via Id atWut'.abCe * hv'.tic ?u dfllvwfd in thin city l*t>, >Vt*j oe> 'r.y rv tiu^ '-y ''ou J 1*, Ootid fi?'.j? Sen?uir Irrfi Louisiana Tu? inbj. .'i ? ?s 'fEnC^r Illation ibe cni*iu til ttut intlruui. nt, lu oarlj itraiilM, aid tbe In tiottlxLi wtj.iti t'avi- burn L.tdu upou i. viliaj tlu.* doe Of ilif third iTifi'iet ry " TR* tnoet rwicablr point 1 it'1 If turn **s Mr. ti?ij wa ii 'h t>xp toll 1 ' "Hi'iwi. v a! w( Ul?un i u fihmij An cdlan named (Itrila ?a<i It .iif lasl /"'ay lo 'ah Joao for tbe tnurdrr of J H'ai.ok. tb? oul ?rlt was abJit Inn- > veats aid H-) rtitxl voiy paultenl aal r- ilauBil, n suits broegbt about by tfe m' afa ] ? ?ie of a /oouil lfc.1 b.ii whialtiicud bl ii i>ft. r cou voiK n ('n liondav djitdUk Ian. a 0/ti br?*e nut lu ? wooden buldlig lu Wu?blO||tiju otrtct, reir Hiud'iu. de?urai lniiu!r_if? mif onu.uioi', luciudiof tb ?> "old Kentucky Hum" bi'ardiof bcufe ant (iardusr At Co 'a ?tosgar ma eu'aot'irj (inn uiikuowo man ?a? burord to <l?aib li^vtd lc Mkrkp Abiabam, * hoieaalo gn'cura. fatlod on tu Ht j inataLt fbclr llabiliUt-i amouut to $60^)00. IU lAr-TOM HIUaOAAY m'KVRY On l.n recwn; pa-nut butwaaa Lieut. M"?ry aiid Go* fXiwuey Tbe lutlt-r, Ml'var aa eaaiol ratiot of tbe tlautte, baa arrlted at tba oouoiutlua l bat he puaarsaes lo autoorlty to appolot a oouimmluaer to art wlib tbe Vi lied Mi?le? olllo'iii to ruo a lion la mark the tartcru boundary of 'Jalil'jrnia ia 1H30 tbe IjF(lelature inaae't an ant authorizing Inn Eiecutlvn t ' ap 1-olDt a con r lfaiourr to act witb otie lo xt a|ip ?latM 07 tbc gcucral jo MiBfi t. Tbe law of <- n^rets* auifcoriz leg tbe apft'ilo tmei. t of a b 'ttidaiy cw cioijumer wax fvulfutly I'tiM'tl under th?i tau the law of lsi.8 ??j" 3'.:il iu fofv-M Bit tbn l.-'Klalala."' of last win Ur pa*at-d an u l autt irirmt lb" 3ury.<yor (Kuerai to or f4ti z- a part* and ri'u the b/uudary frjiu ?b -ut il >no 19 tn<- hcpjoo llae B/ lu tirorliniui 11 trai'Bf?rrcd tbe ?r> CVO biipioiirlated la lbo'J, aud ad.iou lo 11 110 LOO to d'Tray th?* 1* j - tiac-a of tbp iurty tr:al<> up by tbta 1 irreyor fii t.< ral It alao id express leruis retieautd tbe aol of UW A?W6 FROM CENTRAL AlfcSR?JA.. ludlKRUilon of itbo ?!? ? I ? aiiiirannf- ?!<?? taftuiin 'i'nat) wlib lit* Uni'au 8tau?? Our t uuaul at Pant* Attuat tit Troa ble, iwc., o. r. . t C'H t* AN AM 4 COHHK^PONDENCB. PAMAMA, Nut. VI, 1600. Tbo ran* ma rv.1/?id Couniauj'* f'Uunssr Ool .ai'jus, fron' HiO .I'*l '"e Guttoiii.a aud laU'iuvUiati purls, a r rived here on tbo 20ib mat with ao uuusuail/ larjo oirfo 01 Oct ral American pro>:untr. Il.-r iIaVs we Hiu Jose do Ouatcnula, Nor 10, I. a I'.ilou, ju dalyalor, Kov 13; lUuk-ji, Ni.?ragua, Nor 16, aui foala Arvaai txala Il ea, Nov. 18, btut.g Iwa aceah .aWr Iuao lb* pro yiou# iloamer broajbt Tuo news Is unlu)|.(?riant BALVAliOB. Tbe gr.?>r..roe?t aul ;>e< |>ie ti( ibis .^taH ore bl^li'.y lui?tir<*l at tLo abooliti ^ or t.our ral Umas id Uocta noa, aud llM|uV?:tnutt oi tuo latUr u> aovoiely t?uAired for tbe aol C-neral CkLaa M mN "'.-lore 1 10 -ul TftUor. NICAlUUl/A. Oim SAN JUA* DHL NUKTK UOHKbruNTWhCIC. Cam Jrajr I>tt Nona, Nlrartgaa*, Nj? 10 IS80 ZHlat/ r it*>}\ntht haii Urpanmefti~ War ani MinkvV T,iuU in fnrt?fkylniu of an Bn1>rpruit%g Sta 'Jap tain ? VraOt of oi? Amcrvan Lad\--0omtny t*resuitn !ial t'.rctiv* ? Xtn Juan l\'ot 1 Xtn P ri-uiunof A'tca Topia? Indemnity for Im- i I'aiuti I t>y WaUtr? //tat-y Wealh r, A c 811.0 i.y Itil we bat* ht<1 mo rrgvliu- rim.1, itther from tbe United Sutra or kuroj*. Fur to? e r-o u?g or other tho B. It th tr>atl atramer ?: tt? hero oa tbe 10th 10*; tia not yet arrived, and it la feartd that w? tkall have to wait ub til Uc 10 J) prokljuo for Call t from I be L'uiteJ dlaitt to iti aoth of Uslobtr. IMIghlTul tuk ol tuspaat* to be kept In ? wall vg t? 1 month! li r Utter* from borne when lot morlj an rccelvr i o.r mailt twlo j each month Qrres, Keq , b> r Blatnlc M?j-H/t G'iBjl, and Captain Lyoua, of her Britannic Meetly '? rblp Kn?r, Lave alciiy o0> rt<l to relieve oa from oar awkward <".k at far aa U caa be Omo, and in can tbe mall tteamor dora not make iti apinaratce by ten o'clock to morrow morning, Ue Kmr will proceed to Atpinwall with tbe Amortoon 11 U Krrc|? an ma lie We bare tad quite a number of vetaela here witbla I bu | ail ir.tlb Bar Bi'tiab lla/rtty *? ablp Hydra came np liom Jamei ia on tbe Slit nit, but tbe yellow fcver ?making out on board, abe only remained in port trei '5 U tr boma and returned. Tbe American tchoonor 3n < nlai.d, of I'Ulladclpbta, arrived from Trinidad oa tbe 'Art* mt te f-*Jla*t Htr Srltiah Majeetr'i ablp U;adla tot, Ca' .a n Ikcklry, oalkii bere oa tbe #.i lnjt and left the .oIk,?ilj e to ng f,>r Cartbagoaa Tbe Ilailaa br'g Out.'u.e, of Otaoa, la aow tnaide ibe harbor, ted atatly retdy te k>al for borne, \o. fco Tt* brig wU! hive a full oargo ot tbe pro Coca of at Uk. u Li jr. Bet tu.-u>?m rematm dmH, elil tbe exception of tbe gelberiaf Ut^r.: r lut ?r?a;ead, if Cbptoi; Carver te lo be cr*<.t?. ct-a bere for a cargo of oor.1aat.1a, but bli 004 Jact ?? t?i d>d tot tapi-t aa; ooe wtth a very i.r^ig e?.?f 1 -a; he caew ?xa?tly why be ctire here, be fca? Ka.- '. 1 go hie an.bur bjfore be ?aa uu*, ai< ta?; ; ?a .ner .bargaiQin* for e w L-ta. h? (tta i? 'BU> a> v.-ral xntrac . . enga^nu tun ??r of 1 |?4 ?rr ovnu jte *t toe ni jut 1 of t Oatera 4or;i?. 114 m ite i^oie il two or tnre? daye every tbug air: e> 111 :???> . but >11 m relate, Mia o*pu a ?btpt??l a t.-?vy er? (. f wnukr?), rnaaiaed glnricna for about a wist, idea l i t l ik.tuu w!>*a toe luiuut of tue Ifior fed dle-l (*?) , be oajaar oti.T, ac* r.u?r. edged tie ??com,'' a?*>4 io? a<ivlo? ?ji1 brgiv(r.??e, impi^yeJ aiiutht r Mel neti. and cnxriaed i.i 'tep^it 10 tb?> nula of tb? I'mtrd Statea t?mjl, befira wltom be ui* Uaeui, a 000 pie 01 fctalm<l do! arc aa aeeiirity for ititir v, .*.? th- o wrat a board hta veeoal, get aa aach n ana oWrtxl oat wuh vi to vsaob at a whia^er or goodby to any ooo. Cap'a II liu kiry 4oee not t^.m to bave tiffrrtd terlout iv from the iHwiioI the g*att?inaaiy iroai nmt he ra wlvu at toe Ckarlrt Hotel, N?w Or I >4111 He *e*re tbe eame ?miliog o-mnteaaaoe, *Jd I ok? aa brl*bt *a l gealti aa tUoegb be bad never vu.kd tbat gabaot olty of UK S?.tb He remarked, biwar- r, tbat he very m ton regrninl il. at bti aepn.^r did oot onlev bin to land tbe mee ?b r.i be r?< it?a ai d uureid on h<ard bia tn.p at err e city of it North istte^l of .V?w O. I?aui, and that bo oopM. aot.n to rtai;t4 hie great drei.-e to viatt Now York ace vtber cltiea of the Vorun (ho tbe3i lotl , M ra. laraig, wl/e of Darld tarieg, Et<j., (?Lu it weU knoaa lo s^y of llit< arm/ oncer* en rtgea ia lb. H. iu?n war, aa aa txkmiire nootrwt r.) ned ta Una 'own efwra tt.ort Ulaeu Mr Urang b?:ng a member of tbe klae.%11 frateralty , tba rtmalat ol bj wife ware lnurre^ a tbe Maaouto Urn clary byieratia tloO Tbe r.|d rivet twamer O^dta, torwaeviy the propartv of the Nicaragua TraaeH Oxapany, havirg be>a rapairad for tna piur ?<-, Ian Itor .-?lt o?t-*k, Ob rvqm ;?goau At plr.wali, Kc , oa the 27ih nit Tiie o: )ect ur ttu owoort id tak i g b<r away it twofold? hral, lo terare her agalaat aeinre by tbe government <f >loar>g ta, aa 1 eecood, ut Mil ber lo ? me cnlrrprU bg tp; -iuiat'-r. Wh- ihrr tbe will e**r be hcar.l of again it r. raewftat prob ?-uatlaal, a* rba It u l om.t'deied an over aa e ro? boat luitniatm fn ui tbe lBt?:,>r of magna J?at re c vol ia v. ii' tfc ih*t u^eabi ti a aui 10 m neard from win |_rob.!> ) eet wwi J,.re* at tbe h??.J of ih ? gov Tbr*<- It airoatri-ag u tol tort|>?<ty rennet lag of tbe Tra.i t, via ll ut I vbn .? a i' tier from a blab t > irr* ta ibe .m..rtor maatluca *t a 3 1*4 teat, vr ahan toe The Nkmragaa goTviomeot. anourd rg t \ aa- xienrmant ibo ;ld har? reoalvnd fr- m i.i?ai gr ttlu ih* p-irt aai tbe Hr?i|i!to ?,?tl, tgr aab'y to *? tjut'lVMly, 00 the 3d taat . but for ton t aaetp ataal oao** V.i-.ragoa ap to Ibla dale bat teal ao 00 ? aara in any . itl.rai oa,>t City, aad r i?ar<,v,eai!y rvery thing r.-ir.?uii aa to-iruriy Tbe mnnie pal goverameat of the town, b?? ;ag onihing lo da wltb tbe qoeeii a uf tbe Mjequio lit or lerrtt >rr , aoatlnnka aa beretofora Ilia aaid ibtt Nl>?r*g.ia prt fata that thie port eho iid aoatlnne In b>- rirwiei at 11 k Ol prearot, aae tbat it m doubtful wbe? tar tarn wiu ia , terfeee with Ibe Iowa a?tlvneitrv? tn an; wvv A Praiaai arrukm naaaeii Mutmr, leraMwly acting t lee ttat r Coaaai at th t p-iri, u aal4 to lilt rwr?auy ra aeivad (mm ihe govern k <>ot Miaragaa ??o MO w >ria of I'ibitr landt M indetaaity far loaaat ? ?ta ueJ "j 01 o ta me tlarw dar ag tbe W a lev ra'd H e w\ny a:raa or ?h*i iiunoar of "Uaba'lariea ' ti ta<ra to mate ap Ibia vi 01 1 have ant <?'ru iwi I t.tall 0 it betir prwad. brwrver. to l-ara tbat a fn 1 eiim -o of tb ? |u?a ti o will be louad ta ibe a-xaewoai tvaie aModot* or the m?u who ?? 1 au old e jt .t.lrar hm d t for $10 a 1 1 rr oalvad ia paymeal tw? blind pv^ptai at ID* rate of M aacb. A beavy norther bat heca b'nalnv hare 1tr gg u?o pool tea dajt, wbK-b b.a Inroad tae aea kfirviai Panu Arraaa, oarryieg kwa; U-., bnutta?* kaoan u Crtgl aad llkeeter a b<nme bek<rg<ag to ?fr Itrtig "nr water ta aow ibro^b aa or. araig t Itooo ol a MM rata Tkitt/ wtti tbi nrrno wtatm -vnviantTi of ?Ik dim [Tar ? india ai-Btaa pat. eti. arc TV CoagrOM Of UM stale elll n >1 n,^.t n< fjrt in ? t?t of January, wbea tb* treaty alth the feUnl -*?a>?* win be ooaaK. r< d, and there ia aot tbe atlgbwiei djusi of ,u 1 hateg ra?'ll?.l aiibnat aay further ia?dt1r?'?n? X,, I govt'*mrnl at.: |-v?>*e are keoea te be la Itmr of tb* I f rnui a temg bail vet p?a? ??, <: wonkt bavr tx en a <av 'rag t|V>*ia v 'or -a rili|"< <1 | a^i ,t eat wmaiy i> ? ? ' iu? 4 ? ttiou l> r? efxr Wm > atrnai it I . a mar r . I, lata. I ?*i - c >i v?e ?a by ?an r wae rtimn-1, at d a g>"1 a?a? a* a brra.i ,, ^ , andrrn ? ftary d?tr. tbta tpaa ibe ai?ati?a f, t?* m ?? . t'raa to<a tua le in* wiele ? b!cb wh tbe bankrupt (Ute of tb# pabne u?Mury , prevented th? n??tlog of CoegraM in extra aoaaloe Mr Dmitry. Ualtad HUloa lileialer, failing la hlA of U 1 1# to prevail M llB fivatdruii to 0*11 CotJgreea together, bae rtlerittd laUMU K'o*. He weal pi? i)r|nr ui I he eu en er Colau>t>us u lir u Puulft Aronaa Tr.e ptrri a. mt be* prohibited I no eslractloa of In He rubb. r gum frv tu lOu Vreee ou lbs public ten J? without tprtiki fuxiHt Also, the selling of foreign uquore by retail without bootee. COSTA RICA. kKCALL OK A ITMTTftP M'JTkn OoHftTL DtMAMHID ? fULITlUAL I'KIMIMvlH, *TC. The FnouMve o< UiiA 3. ale j*<" n<j i ?*d the Utile! Smtc*, it rouyt: lit lr kl.Libi r, to lenii l?r. tliue, lb* <i>ceui el t*ULi< Atlm, ou toe Alhg'd ground >? ins o >.u P'loii) li Ibe lata rr.oiuu m fc> ...led b. tl Prom t-iiil mi* Tu x ta probably prellotlMtry lo oaulsulot; bin; In n th< coi'btry. IV. ft roirrted m the noun i-y Huj ?, ?ar? ? ?i l i.?* v^elmi oouf l.! et abl* property. li u ta'< b. o-voe out u' tlu' Ottos; collue ociaica lu Coats Hirii Vr OrliHirilo M!<Vbb, Sr , who h is been uu-lor ami*. ?i ?D Jusr da Uorta Kica tv.reict* Ifcu cAecutioo of ll ri acd ttuiAS, ou ao \iuul of bu*jppf>*eu syu.;>aitay wiin '!>? in, m by i.firii of ?ov 1 1 u jien i to bo OauiAuol, aim Lib k>d, Cr.e*tito Mtd*i?, Jr., tf r.udor e?nteooe >1 di'Alb, ?iiioti .il la thoi.gbl, will b?< omnmiM to bxi.uuoeol ii lb the fftiu-i em aou claim lo b? naturalised cltls >ta of Ui (Tutted *tat?a, And It la otideretood tbil D? Uiue Las pioltaird ??ainei Ibe bardh i i -*. ikb of lbs govern aimt loewri'v intra, aba U.U .rooably hav eom' ti ng to do * lb tte rtqutet U Lavu oiui superseded m oiux. KEW LIrSnaDA. riBfHAT or A*8!>( ADA OOHFIKMTO. Wn bAvu lotbmg ai'i?' lo report I rum ibis country re g l ne ri miuilun esceptit i lb? ooi Irma'toQ of tba Oi'ii a>, i.r rather repulse, of ilic force* of the general i!? .verumt ut, uiiOcr Arix)nd?p at <ho ri'eu ga. near Sxuia lliiria fucif bi udrid or i?i<irc tri>o|H bad ?c?n fut to I,. a rrilel by Uic L. ndecte bvnfral of toe tiuto of I*a Lama BKIT1HB INrfcKFBHKMCI ? I.K("fKB OF TUB GOVTtHSOE OK TliK MaT* Of iiOUVAJt TO LUKD JJItN HU6 tfcLI., Alt). [*!? tu the Panama ut?r and Rtarald, Nor SI ] I* A fccra Almnia of Mivcmlier II, pnbiuhad at ConLa,.! roi tali f a C.p: of ? I tier addrvaaod lu U>rd .li'bn H nit l, l.-r Brl!acL;c Mjij ?ty 'a Minister of Foroi/n .iiuiis by .!(*<? Juan Nltto, cMcf of tbo rovo'ull./nary l?jl> ID tbo M*u\ omplaini .g of Iba loterlemuc* of Ilr>t"b < llicla's lu ibo nvll ?ar ii ?rueoot penoiog oe Iwnu Hie (,'ei.ltat govamiuebl ar i> Stok-i Ta idaji icui'Imi U>uk lo Irujefer lo our clonics. Wn are l)-r rolorf ibi^>d to contoiil ouitieivi* %> 1 -h a brief ab all a< i of ui ooLtenlK. Tlu *41U r tl il i Ahum*. IntrcJn' >rg i?e olBital d on n> v lib b' a few irinokr '*ji Ibal tnr api'it uf | lailiw ? li'.i b a Uated Ureal iiriiali lu l r ri .-'ica wita toe ?mib AnierlcaD n ?ib Ual a" nol oooo car/led out by ber tUi.: n it iii Un^e oonutrira Ii< i ri.i f it iii iitu j ation ho c't?? Ibo f?r,t of Lord I /i i HuKtll t.iv?r4 n iuacI, al t.'.a r?que?i "! Ibe Brltiab I ixi olUff, ti anpp >ri th?> gn?.'Ti toj if 0^p'i.a, Aud sla-ilti c<iD '?Cl ol ihu o: itio Cadiau* ?b.?n aj jhi-J d to ?" h'tiil^tii'. ibu urni a tunic of tco Aoel lo o.anAll ?t'Hjtr lierwuil having brought aeventy t.)l u err fn-vfi aci n?all ?o S?r.u jlarta, v'ut-ii.iu ta- 'il .n or October, ebvis were uiih. Irom tbe suip at p.-rajaa oa ?b"ri' (en., igftlibeai ihi Gonnor if t.iu pmvince), al tb' r^b lb" <i.-|iv?'tl as ef tbe r llWerg ?,1 the xi'. am.T aud ! oil m* ?< ol to p".vi. tl al il.e abut* *orc oi ly ttrod Iiotn a ptaloi el a bottle 11 >allrg lu tbe ? aUr. Situ r Nit-to coTplaicaof th'ce of tool' acta ? Ku'tly, ibi' li-ferTrMjee ol Mr. Jatuo? D-uce, In ln*tat. iig ou the N?f liranaiUw) scb .'ju-r .ibc-rljr being given up ou 'be plea lb?t trie *,) iuj p -ojorty of hif lu jouaa Hlen n^ D. a Bill ttb aubjfvt bect'ndly , the IM> ; fwuooe of t.yon* of tbe Ka.v-r, and the l?naul, in th<> mat'er or tb? rtoamor Mitnf**, rla nil d to ot-iong lu part to Uriliah owuora, in wa.>ii> i are tbo autboiiliea sxm. U> yiuld ?iiil to pay SJ.oOO dumigca. rbitul/, S#di r Ai- lo complain* of Ckft I ynn? and Mr IVyle, Vice t/.ii^ .i At S?i. u Ida n, for tits prolcotlnu aQorded by tbe. piucnc lo tho jolt at be <va? ab? m tocrnmeure ko*l;lltl ?. 1 a.-ily, lienor Nklo rrquiau lijat I/>rJ JobnR.stell wl'l give orders Ibal tbe oouaula tbould uotrteeivo ou de poill, icder the prttortio:! ol their Uig, tbe publus n one)*, archlvig, ko , p ari .1 with meet lor safe kx?p lug by Ibe cjuatil jtlouaJ autbotlllea 8< r?r N it* lo alnrts up with ab i apoaltloa of the preeent ?tale rf |>oilt|i-a! aflvlrs, anu begs tbat all iQlerfxreoc j on tbo pait ol British Aulhr-'tke way be pi.', a stop to. BEW8 FBOM THE SOUTH PACIFIC Political ktd Merv**?tllo Attain la Ctillo and P?is-Piou Aoslut UMtillk? War with Dolivlk luTlMlilf? Wrekiltca Condition Pttn, Sic-, Ac. OUR r Ah AHA OOtUUHrOMUBNOB. Panama, Not SI, 1880. Tie fogilab etiimer I.! mo, frrm Valparaiso bud ottnr l? rla on thn Wt?t f'oart. Arrived aero oa the 331 lutlAot axils acd tre^BBre for Europe, wntob mere clea |-atsbcd per rojil Wral India mail atnamer on 331 cau.K AbTI-lluT I AW - MlfMOK TV KOMI -MORI INDIAN TMOCOUUi ? IXPVfcT or OW-XAKim, IN. The txtraordloa<7 pcwtra with whlnh the ProaldNit of thla rcpoblic t ah beea lav.A'.od OMll the .10 lb -ijploziber, IM1, ?W, il ia boltrwcd. prevent uy diAturt>?me doting the ?v pr? aiMcg itvAiOk a lit l ?fcn h a* tKcn under dtoctt*tua la Ooogrraa for MM lia.r, to'ung lbs Aotb'<ri or aIh lion it r lota or ?v^Mlloo fi i miili r ?' ii itbl? tor ?u |ja?r? mat may rime, hu un?il? petnl ?t.1 Ncome a law. Il la la ?nary of ita Itatuna rory auhgout Cocgrtta baa ap: rovo?i a pnjrt attboriiltsg the xp I* lioj?i.I ol a at; lottareaeeitl to the Court of Home Tie Indus ? of Araaoo Lew agalu aerumod A boittle at ttlin'e, no el i Ait annuala frc m the lotlli tiiey bad ad vai o d in Cor.ili'tratJ'e m. <t na the f -miliar. Their ptLM tit l.' O Aooiiiiir lo il COO abd 8 000, aad It '.I tbr'r telicn. d, H I' Mid, to AiiAt A Araiict, I tela. Ouro uel ALO r e $? v la aollioi) oogaged le rend leg tru?>j? to ibe ?outb to repel aod eub&ia Ilia pioviooe of <U "inia, iiurlt * tho flmt eight nnelba of lit prraoit ji at, cxpoi tiiJ U.o loLualog MtuOBt of orea, vii ? Silver ib ba/a 101 314 mart* Do wea W Ml qq 84 iba. Ortpper to ba-w 81.398 ?* 81 ** lie. oiee. tlllM " IT " I' J rrgtlua 07,107 ? H " Copt or ai~u aiivor co V910 " 88 " Dtrllf in* in> niB ut ^.'j.1. uiU-r I Ait ili.bM qq. a Iver ore* 10 ??* qq. ct'j'prr crra a~<lV18q<t g tid o-ea have 0c?n ?x|ortt'i. a arrllj of oofi?r crca la obaerved, the protictioo bavtpg 'a ur> nfl i ate coraiderably ; c- naequantly toe rapoith i< r Uw l*?t (our Boolita of IL it ) tor trill Dot be au (real a* toe> bavr wo nroor J?aa tfarvMuo rt<it,*tkw h<? been recofnlaad by Ui? Pntldnl ee M niaier irom taa ??roBAUoa Uou edara too. fbe I i;m!i l<? of U.e uui"Dl of lalereet reared fTos il? fovei nBtt'i.1 bf Ptr o. ol I be aura of $4*0,(80 acoirdcd lo Ihr Cfeii??r Aiiry *i?l Mr; eoffed la tbe rAinpalgni tt f ll.m Ba 18118, ah:oa rerum*i la tbe uvarMrow cf Gcteral <>ani? ctut kiad llie d retilulloa of tha l"em Boll vlafi Orrilioa, bii? At l?a?lh b?aa oooolndel Af ter Jt dnciioc ibe t-ipoAOe M ouutcUoa, fro. , tt aaouaia to 81M 000 Tb'-e itiB baa beea ordered la be paid to lb* aevrial r I Ala. an la. Tbe waiktl of VAl|?ralBo nontlpoea dull. Crpper, la bora, U q<K,u-.J at (itf 60, oaeb, 18,880 qulatUe harluf ohai.(M ba*<l? at ibMe iiguica during the drat two wfwke ib Nov. Biber Fm*r? Moutbrt-B braada, 83, a'x northa; But I Ago h'Kutf*. J J ut, 21 COO qaie.ale exported during tbe fort Btf bi ??rrrm <? t.< tb?< *Ail<B( of tbe ?LMuner , 8,000 of ? tncii to Fa>Uiid Ait.l 1 1? ealuior lo Peru. Tbr rxp< r> till a ? I >v>pper. in bora, darlag tha flrat nlae ibobUi* of Una year waa aa fouowa ? Kr bj V'lpaiauo, qq 82,478 ODqnllbbo 1?< im Huaaoo 46d Ataoana.. 33 404 Total 813.878 Anoatitltg to aboat 47 410 qq more tbaa tbe cx porta lti.0 ' utl'n raine I mo la 1X80. Copper I>auIu?- I Id oa account for qsaa l ttto a la de liver id Ibe tortb. M raah. Kaprrlatlnn darteg iba nlae BteetLa exptrtd of tbia year boa beea aa fotlowa ? rrooi \ a paras* qq 4? 018 OquiBibo XT Ml H-iaeo.' 83 bit AloaouMt 106 079 Total 2C3,847 Amcuitl :d( te If 338 qq. Ie*e ibaa la 1<^9 Copper Urte?laitl id tbe oo? it at 08 48Af C?ab Bx ro-iAti ? dor'rg nil t lo< mociba ? Proni Crquiaibo, qq (9 838 Haooco 3, M4 Ataoaaa.. 840.M3 Total 7 IB bM Aooualieg to 138,401 qq vora tbaa la IU9 PfcBU. EXTRA OB DIX ART rotx*" ORAVrRP TO rmBHTDRVT CAMILLA- Till OWIhU war Wini ROLITI A ? PLOT AUAINHT TBI tK?V XIMfXNT ? ? HMIcMBB BTATK Of TBI COOTRT, KTC. There la bat Hula to report from tbia oonuiry The reviaed cnoetlti.tioa toa brea adopted aad publtahed Oongreaa la arrret area loo oo tbe Bib oonferrad oa lVaal dial Oaotllla exlroordloary powara with refer -aoe t? ibe axiatlog dilBoalllea wttfe Bolivia, ablaonxlaf him lo da clair war agaiBil that Balk* aad ta ra?e oa army of thirty tboornad bin Bat be la reqalred Srat to em, i?y poaeefui n ?> ? befttra reaorliDt to hoatllltiea Tbia he will aoaroe.j do, la proof ef which II may be a?nl lowed that Ub-re la great activity la the rwora't'og aervk? juat bow? every wiaa that oaa be get bold of la praaaod ion tbe ion We Mmald Obatllla maba war oa Bolivia, h<a r?'ga may ae ixaaidtwwd at aa end fitr Iba moment he doea it. a leritb'e Bra will break owl "IB hie r?ar," whirh H will be twi^eeible for hlw to ewppreaa T7t*ea la bow a well matured plat la exMawoe to ovwrtbrow bla govtramewt, wbwb ta iibei> to abow liaaif at aay mo met Ilia drpartnia *or Botlvla would bo tbe atgaa! f w 'be re. pie In rlar. H- aerbreaBiig aod mnrdee are on tfcr incraaae agala lo l.iwia. wrlteo Ute wi rewpowdeat of tbe Pawona Mnr mn4 aod every day voe or more ceaea eiiiio t of the owe or tha other Tike tbe f mowlag extract aa a ramble ? Uet Wirk ao Irtihman eaa tiabSel la the bare la oaa tf ibe ntuet frrq^" ted. etf?ei?. e?d la heeid davlIgM ftr Mfxtia, alu-r ba?n ? tet.^.faito itte mart? , oe riar?e p .il j tbat tt bad be* a a ? * % ; ' . <4 1 j! t < iroebM Mirarl* m?rh ebont I1 IB a (aw miaiba b? will Hoc at. air <U'vi nmr Iocs by ih-1 ?^n? r>bH"r & ?turt tlaie >|ti unrtor l>o Bu<t appall. og oiro<ini-.t??c <?, U>? lu?a(l til Uio ?tu4>n Utvug bu?- m ? t.j .41 U Ik '?i.iy o?i jtroob >>?'? to give evt'taiae i|dul ? b&u>ltt. u. kim IIH <r*y be ?ur* ol bi* Ttlummv ** ?-> u K- hr gi lt f<-*e, ?b' a I* (jrctTiilijr tbt* ciac in a !??? or in -iiua. Ti n oth r any fcc Ilultui, who bai h<ad*1 ?> ki ,.1 ut rtvolbliutf In > kj?Ui?rc?, lo wb ou ttf frr'a at ?*? !>?:?? 1 Id ? coaatil y iuk -Ii'i, frou tun t?Ml? o: ? tte pri*>m in Pi rn? by mi' vet ilu t.m?r Ux- M.d It U toy Iham-umlW IE* J tw?pr? arc la tbu r ui try Tu^*' t r? 1 r if (be Dfctiirid t.i thla g ireruin" it ? poiiry, eorruoilBg UBu kj Mamct ??m mini H?icvr; >.?; lb?t prmalt ?i Irrpr nf t >o miru lit* of ibr Sulr ? lirlbury; It eitouu* fioaj lb.- l :,*io/vt rt.iwu t J It.e l< * I?t. II ttti enemy of lb? (CJVt riiatact Is m irto beylij, br .? boutbt or Beat to |>rjg<.iu ? it ho la au n ia>?i t wi? *1 the t!i ' l ot'OrciilM I opportunity if lu aiu''.'t l ii <# rape, t li' ?> b<- h??, of t > l-*ive tnecj'ictrf u i) t?iwci0 tt'ialtH Any Diilitny cotuo'Ati.iur, girva B,fl>t I Ilkar or J Klg? n.?y d i wh:u a i lutt*, auil o ] at } Tl'littit wth ini|i ,nHy a* lor* ?? ?* ?t ?k? t-i C??ttlU, ? , .l (Ik* rut b^h him. Tti?_ ?itio of the toonlry U> ptrtc liy lo'Uurei.t to tLal ruaa All ho atroA about Is to ic -n'.a iu pu*cr i,*rru I'j IN ??rlTfil of the TToitt.l ijtafs eU ? cn curette '?fy om n tl Parawa. on iJJi.1 Nortiuhi r, fioio C* a i, wliictl l>4t il?< KU on U.0 ICuli, oco day alVr the Kuglwa atoaro < r, we l<*ro that a wi ll matnrel plot, baylnp for lit uh J( ol lb* oTf rthrow of Caatilla'* goreraiiivot, wa? di? ( i. lt? i. i*ht of lLo 14 Ui la lime to prorml III fturt?i r I* KpfM-ar* tb&t a c l->i;tl of ot.e of tb?' btttaii >Df , wuii ?>? U?s?lr| to lh? plot M wall a* a oarty to It, Oo boutcttl It to tba iiTernwul, ami muMrtt wore ao oordiogly aC opted to proatrata it. OCIt TROUBLES WITH PERU. TBI CLAIMS Of THE DSITED 8 TATES. THE REFUSAL OF PLRU TO PAY IHEM. Arrival of Our Minister by the northern Light, Ao. kc., Skv 4u.<i<k tbe arrir&la by iho it earner Northern f.l^bl, 'mw A>) r.wall, vat Hen. J K.tidolf'i Oliy, Co It's I ?la'Pt Mum-let ti< the rejcbllo of Peru, wuo O-wmU* 1 bis pasrpoMa *td quitkd tils poet to tbo capital of that t public it- wtitfi'HM*. tlin dililcnlty ?t ir^s-iA p uci ? I jt bfi'.fin lh? two gr verbtnenis, * full aoo-u?t ol ? hicb , |i>k< tr or aith the id r?#ih sic!*, + <? herewith pr.Hii! ? -fir reader*:? On Ifce ?4tb or Januu'y, I8f8 Ibe Li axle Th .-apeon aa* fapltitc Pah iiou tie I'i.j* bj thd l 't\i ? in i v; ir *t<? mcr Tutu'tits, lu the ?trvlo' of tu*'. goctrnmjot, and c<-mm?cdta ly Don l^tai o I) tienss; and in it .'eaj.r d*y, and by the tfure taiiinal vertel, the Georgians n> capture*) at Punt* do Lot** At tho Hmo of tho cap; ir? a civil ? ;r raglug in tho repu illc, and th? point* * bore those veta?lr ?erj copuired worn la p-*?*. ?i?.i >u ol Ylvnnco, Ibe leader of tba rev"latl.<Lary party 1Mb \ttt-lx wcro cr gaged In rccetvug go. ana at Hi* above pUce*, and bad a gool pjr Hoc of their cargo no boud at the time of their * 'Ixnitf, ibelr conf<**ed objeot belog to taao la guano for npi.rlation to foreign porta Tb<?y were lakus to Caliat, where their captains, a. A Wllian Mid dtopben Kc;co)^f, mlb tbo mate of Ibe Georgians, L. A. Hamll toc, wtra ticprtenned, charged with a violation of the criminal lame of the republic, and, after bolng oooHnad three dayi, releaaod under aecarlty. They allied that a permit bad been given to pruoeod to those porta by Djo Felipe R vai , a mllit?ry olU -or of Vlvanoo'a government, acd tbe contract 'or guano was made with Mr. Freraat, Ouoiul of Fran* at the port of Iqu'qa*. Tbe United Btatea claim am junta to >160 000 The law* *h?h tbe government of Peru allege* to bave been rtolatcd are tboee la relation to tbo contra band of gi alio of 1S43, reprltned, "for a v:ndaotoaatloo," la 186T. Ibe Cccice of tbe National Convention of April 1, 1847, and article* 16, 111 acd lit of tbe ooamorctal rega latlooa promulgated In 1852 All which law* deelgnate the Cblarba Irlanda, or anypolxt north of them, aa being the c?ly placet whrre Tecaeia may take In gaano for foreign ex portation , wberea* the point* where tbe rnaaela in que* Hoc were aeiaed, namely, Punta de Loboa and PabeUon de rica, art cuca.n^rably to the aoutb of tbaae laiaada, being In tie re;^hb' rbood of Iqulqne, la the prorlnoe of Arequlpa, ani< U>* aoutbernmoat of the "Intermediate porta " The law of lsij ueclarea "that no quaolty of goano ahaU be taken cut for exportation to foreign porta from aay pontoa oi Ike torrltory of tbe repabllo, nataaa from tbe northern lal, id of the Chlncba group " ? e e e "That every national or foreign reaeel that aaay aaobor at or come to tbe la lan da or plaoea where guaao aaay be lound, without due permiu froaa the author! tie* (feat ar? empowered to grant them, a hail be liable to oocflaeat acd that "veeaela that nay violate tbe artteiea la rtlatloa to aaoborlng at, or csoalag to tbe guano laJaoda, or depoelta, or tboee relative to tbe taking out of guano from other p>tala, exoept tboee deelgaatod, and l bat designation bolng oonBaad to tbe northern of tbe Chlncba lalaads, abail be aeiaed, and their oaptalna ?ball be brought to uta! aa oontrabaadlato." Tbaae pro viatona were reprinted, aa obeerved above, la tbe official journal of February J7, 1167. The decree of April 1, of tbe lame ytar, deolarea a a follow*;?" That all Ibe guano exported, and thereafter to be exported, froaa tbeChmoha laianda, er lnrn> aay other depuelt of Pent, by dlataraera of tbe publw order, or by vlrtea of ooatraola made with them or wlta their agenla, ahall at all time* be aub J'?t to be claimed back aa etoien aaUocal property, and the pail, ei napoatibk therefo.c ahall beelrllly aad crimirally prc?tcut< d la conformity with lav." Article It of Ita tt>a mrrcal R'gulatloua, pubtlahel la 1161, providea that "it# rceeele that take la guaao for f tretga f<or.a ahbll be allowed to do ao la tbi ChU. ba laUala '?>!) " AM -It HI atatea that "veaala that may be lone >1 at aucixtr on tha n ull of the 'i l*i'tt betougmg to tbr repi.blii shall be i nAaeai^d, and, moreover, taat If guano ahall have been found on b ard, tbe oaptalna and cr< wa be banded ovor to tbe action of ouato aary J jctloe. to be tried aa dellnqoeou la catea cf theft." Article 114 aaja ? "Tba exportatlca (4 guaao ahall be carried on on ly by vtaaeta under contrast with the government or lit egmt " ru* AiorxtMT Ob Tnx mut or THg mmo rtatbs. The t ailed ttlatee Mimater to Luna, Boa. J. Ran eclpb tiny lay* down two propcalllont ? 1 Tna'. tbe raptalna of tbe veeeela arretted bar I ox r* * to Iquiqiie in tbe ixirnott of laafnl oommeroa aad twirg tbrre met wlta by odlslal tgeolt of at apparently u? I jl cbarae'er tbey were bound to obey tbom and to act to tbe extent allowed by tLe pormlaatoo of tboee de J?rt? aotaorlilee, and that tbey bad each permlaatoa to go ard Uke giaeo la the port ? mratlooad, and that If p?ir mlta were Illegal tho blaae mua. not attaca to tkM bat to tbe ptetonoed aatborltlet. S That ltra wa?, an.l it bal fie nearly two yeari, been ta a elate of civil war; that the exatesoe ol tbe revolutton waa well known; that aocordlog to the modern lootrlne ?* the rtgbtt of ralljaa Ibe two oootAouiog parties uccnpy, toward raeh other aad t >?ard tiu other nations a biiugrnit posltma, wbtcb position imparls to ledl' v dual* of Ui? 'ri^dly nations tbe rtgbla of neatralltr aa la a caae of perloot publlo war. u?'n Oasa, ta hit reply to llr Or ma. lato Peruvlaa M. Mater to Washington, iated May 13 1UI, lair* the ground that Pern, aa far as regardea lie luteroourtt with other Powert, ? at la a elate of profoaad paaja. That u i tru* there was civil war with la tae republic, but that darltg Its coatlnuanoe "It was accompanied ao r*r at rr?|-ctt the lateicourts of other rowan with Pen, wltb all lb* rlfbtt which belong to tK" noadlUoa, aad wbiah either of the partie* waa dlapoaad to -laia aad ex arelt* .a coaformlly wub UMreoogclsad principle* of u* law of aatloM." Th* pert of r^aiqot and ta* other plaoM tpnkea of vomefy -Punta a* I -oboe aad raMloa d* Plea, it lit vicinity, where la tbe heat* of th* revolt lion lata, where tbey ex ere Med all th* fun.tvoae of a regular go vwtaw ?torlng aad clearing vtaMi* at Dm Oaatom ll^ite, he. l ater tbe*e rtrcunulacoe* th* usual comoMroial relatione between Pern an 1 the Called Stale* were coa i nn*j, aad lbs vet Mi* *i ta* latter nwortod to th* port* of the fornasr. tarrying freights aad tMklag employment aa before. II* maintain* that wbll* aaaformiag to ta* regnlatloas aad eubmlttirg to the aatborltlea fooad seta bi sbed there, raptaias aad orewa are sal liabi* to b* pnaiabed aad their riaaata telx*d by th* adverae party. I b*oam e the ooadltloa ef civil war coefarrad npoa <U fcett rater* th* right to govern tn*b portion* of ths sown try at they were able to redao* I* their petMaMaa, aad thai a contrary dootrias wo* 4 *xpo** ftrrlga tfi'i ui to th* mo*l opf>r***lv* ea act ten* aad later rapUoaa That "II ?a th* d*ly of foreigaera to avoid all lat*rf*r*wo* uader endb tlrcuaastanrea, aad to Mboall to the power which rieretee* ladle Hoe over th* phwaa wb*ee th*v r**^i aad while th*? actiag th*y hav* a right to *lai? proton' Uo* aad alao to b* exempted from aU vox alio a* istarrap tloa a be* th* aeeee ia*ey of lb* partie* it temporarily ebwgcl b) the event* of tb* <vate*t ?? Aad 0 a ally, Uat the eaplnrlag vrrnl, tb**, aot btlog l* prwtal <? rf Unas jr?<rl* *ber* th t Ajwh'u vee**la were ees'd, bavmg, a* I* admitted, no farlallo Hon arbrre ?h??*, tbe eel* ir* waa not a >hi jir, bit rteeaiNad a piratical eatar ji x < v??. tattiwa u a i.gttijtai* v*wm *{ a ril th'. r^-p^rty of * 'rleiitf'jr nttSir, code* '.h* *3 tl ortty 0 f Mi eauMlrUed govemnsee'. Hoe J B. Black attorney Chi.***! of tha Colled 8teU?, In a era niuulra'.lon oti the avty-at ti tt?o. Ca??, dated tta> I*. 1?6S, a*iooa with tiie bouoreble ojoie tsry i f t tale It t'Ji TUiict {irffluiM above, Ml l*M tfowa Uw folio altg |.rUctj.U at la? aa a^ Uoa^e to the care ctidor dlrc<*?ion ? Whm h prrtloa at tlr Urri'ftrf <* m? Batioa l? MM for (if hy llin far of l?HMr with Whfh U If at w?r, tbo cooq i- rltf par'y fc?r * : nndoJW#d rtKtu to rt ciuro 100 It* 01 ifti' pus* m Inn? bis (*inay?il'>o J it c. i t, ta<) til li.?< r fit* of m prrv ' ul aivetoigo arj unlit I 'd |.ik'fo?iioa In rt*uax?>1. He quote* frevi'ral caw I 10 MfpM'? Of liie ii.Dd of Am.'.* Or 'it, la poaMeiloti of BrUttb UMfi, ? no bad r??-i 115 ca^lurcd ll di!*li:g tbe Ust war with Creel Ri IImb, ai*d bk'i i^ojv^r nry wbsc oir r* urtr declarr-A that ? ru^i, of *>>gar atltpped from tbare ?U tbe lawful prtao of an Ab'^ric&a |irivftt who had capturt j It <6 Own b, 191). And the ium ? f tbe port of GmMm wbirb Disrated anneal ua. It wm takea by tbo Hrllltb lb 1814, aud It ?M dtotdt'd Uaalcur rtTMM ll?l eld not ? r>lj to li an) more tbau to a foreign country. Tba Attorney (noerai uoataada that tboee prtaelpM of law npi-ly equally to ao*te of civil war, aaob aa Pen was linti t-cgagcd In. He iuk ji* tbat, ir too rovolullacary party ahou la bt> atrocg though to overthrow t*e einung gotaruneut, It tuoomta invested with tbo sovereignty , and M authorized to dtclare tba law which aball , prevail, and In tb? tuj.|?sliion that tba torme* la only partially oocceM'ol, maUUioltf itaelf la 00a portion of tbo territory, wb?re the lattar? that la the old go rem metil? baa bo power to eofcrce obodiecce, bat moat 001- I Sua Ita authority to the territory whldti It oocuplea, i A revolutionary party, like a foreign belligerent Power, I '? auprviue ovii lb? country It c wquara, aa far aud *a . Iiyg aa it* arte? oan carry aud malutalo It. He quotoi Vattel, who eaja (b<x'k III , cnap 18, lection j 296) that >tbe partiee to a clrli war are 10 be regarded tor the t'me aa two dlaltnct |?lltloal toc'.etle*, ^ud (lard Ir the tains prt (*l amont aa two belligerent | baiioue With wblob doctrlre he aaya all wrltara 00 tba eubjeit agree. Several opinion* fro a Wtii-alon aro qr.oud, baring the tame bearlag j on tbe p^lLt, ?i.d th<> argi .u?et ia euainmd up In ?lt pro p nil ?a, (be eui xuice ol wln.h n thai tbo j iri? 'follca of the rcvt>iuti"> ary par'.y aaier Vivancj waa porfeot wl/crever te.-j were in iK?acret jo ; tbat tb-5 aeliod ve?9le, tirlii a ltd 10 pi.'ieu-.'i ^ of iioowr given uy tbe olllnera 10 auu.or.ty, ?i rv guilty of lotnlcg for jrblch tbe oilier part] c?.ii Id a oltft ibtn; that iht laara rjf tbo otber par ty, tiio Peruvian govern ment, wnro a.spjaded, r.ed, tben fure, ibo | KH-^oulna against Ihe veiMls wa? cm trnr> lo Ibt law of nalt'jna ai d ibe prlec'plea o( aatura' juitioe. Prie.dcLt 3vcbaoon agreed with tl.o vie n aud o;iluij:-8 of Ueu Cat? ard Attorney General Slack. TUX 1'KKVVl AN AKOI UKST. Tb< Pervrian government (el fojtb, In lbs flrM plwse, Ibe Mmil law* prevlouiiy quoted, au1 cotU-nd that the revolution ? f Viv?uco, mjioh mm; be regarded m a re btUi *>, pore Mid slapto, for purport* of p uoder, did n>t surptnd tte lot of ibe rrpun ie* in lho*o places temp .rv rily In their pc*eo**ljn, end that tae contrary doctrine opmiwlde tbr door to etcry kind of disorder. Tfat neither Vivanco ncr bu govcramt-til bad pretended to repeal, by dcoreo or public act cf any kind, tbe lam an t rrgulath;n adduced; and that a* telther bo nor hs government ra rioognlzed by tbe gavcrtm?nt of the United hiaWi, the permit* gran text by bin officer* ooull not be regarded a* lega'. mat tbe cillulal reognltloo or a elate of civil war ui a cool try la absolutely nec?rs?ry, oo tbe pa't of foreign Power*, before the acta of toe rov> lutlooary party cao be retarded aa appending or Inter frrlcf matoria'ly with ibo ;*<?? 0f tbe eataliishod govern men, or before It can be recogoi*?d in the light acd ?IU> tbe rights of a belligerent nation; in support of which opinion Mr. Oama, io reply to OtowaJ Caaa, cite* the Supreme Oourl of the United State*, la a caae which arose durleg the war be lw?a tpaln aid ber colooiea, In whioh th? following languaj-e ia used:?" The government of the United Slat >* baa raootfciaed tbe tilswnce of a eiyll war between Spain and ber colocke aaeeee.a. Each part/ ia therefore dtemed by ua a belligerent nation," As. ( Wb a^o, vol T, p. 13T ) The fame opinion la affirmed by the earns tribunal ia the caae of Roae v*. Balaely (4Crano4,p ; ? " Tba colony of St Domingo, originally beloeglag to France, had broken the bond whioh ooanejted her with tbe parent Mate, and declared heraeif independent, Ac. It has been argued that the cwlony, baring dtelarad itself a sovereign State, aad having thai far malatalned Ita sovereignty by arm*, muat be ooaalderad and treated by other nations aa aoverelga in U?t, aad a a being aa Itled, do. Ia aupport of thla argument the dootrlae* of Vattai bare been particularly referred to. Bat the engage of that writer It ooviouaiy addreerod to no re reigns, not to courts. It Is for gov era at est* It dccide whether they will consider 8t Domingo aa Independent aatloo; aad nnUI each declaloa ah til be made, or France ahaU relinquish her claim, xmrta of J oat Ice mutt coaalder tbe aooiect slila of thing* aa remaining unaltered," A ? The Court reaffirm* Jut doctrine la the caae of Oalatoa ra. Hoyl (S rheaton, p ?24), aad la rery nearly tho las word#. Aiao la the caaa ef Koeaett ra Obarr'jar* (14 Howard, p 46), decided la 1S61, where Ute eff ?U of toe revolution la Ten a ware la queeuoa. Mr. Oama quote*, la addition, the follow tog from Whealon* K.omrot* of In tcvnatiaaal law (part I, chap S, seo. 10; ? Taia qiea Ilea bum be determined by the aorerri<n, lagitlaliv* or executive power of thaae Siataa, aad aat by a ty euborJi j bate authority , or by the private JudgtteLi af hair Icli ? vldaal aai.jecu ? Mr. Oama hold* that tbe d.xrtri.# lal I dowa la thoaa oplsiooa appllaa equa'ly to a iiate of do | meatlc dril war, aa to each whoa eilttlog betwsaa a mo 1 ther rvaatry aad b*r colon lea; that "tbe exlateneo of a j oivll war"? the word* aaed by the Cjart? la all that la | eeaed to aemaad Ita application. It l? furihtr extend J ed that, wlthoat thia law,^ treatle* acd eompacta be , twon aatkma would be of ao avail, aad the reapoatlbllity . of govtraaMola for the aota of their eltlz-tna or tub I jaota completely deatroyad. That It la therefore aw.-a mrj, aad, as aoeh, aooertad by all ooaatrlea wh' b re ?ard the aacred prlaolplea of lateraatlooal law, an1 upon thla principle, mora especially, Pern reals bar caaa. IlilB act of rrcognllioo, then, as a plain point of ator natwnai law, I* railed oa as of tbe hlgbeat importaaoe and upon whioh the eolation of the qasatioa depeaOs' If, as Mr. Qms admlto, the reiatlons between the govern aieeta of Per* aad tbe Ualtad Matee ramtlaed natis tar>ed by tbe event* whteh bad aooarred la the former ooaatry, tbaa aaqaeatloaably tee law* of the farmer ware rtlll regarded aa ar force, aad therefore blading apoa cltliaaa of the latter. Aad If that eooc u*ioi be corraei, aa la ccateaded, altiaaaa of other ooaatrlea ootid sot shelter tbeauelvce seder the la we of a rvvoiatkmary local go vara meat, whtoh was merely one 4* fbcu aad aot *e jvrt, being waatlng la that eaaentlal particalar of recognition which aloaa ooald add legality to ita acta. Toe 1 rec Yaltlce of a e vil war la the reeofnltien of the power which main it, aad la regard to the case* cited by the Atloraer Ocawal It la asaerted that boih bulKgarent par ilea la ltd reveral laslaooea had long baaa racogaised by the world as Power* aad fccaben of the family ef 1 nations, sad, therefore, at is the caae of tbe port of Cm- ' tine, the law i of the Ualtod States were eaupea ted aaJ ' thoaa of Oreat R. itala la op^ratloa, whea by tbe fortuae ' of war It tall into the poaaeasioa of tb? latter Power. Aad ao ta the eaae of tha laiaad of Saata Cv.i to .aow tt>. tmportaaoe of this principle of tar, it ? argued that if for aiaaple, a revolatiaa ware .a breek out ta a Ualtad Stalea port, aad, aat eaaaeqaeooe. aay oaa ar i?j?ry ahoeld aoerae to tha paraoas or property of s*?j?cis at a ! fcreiga Power, where woo id tha reepoaalbiuty reel f i?u the go vara meat of the failed Ktatea, or the merely \ ** ^*eu fwaarat of the revoiutioaary parly ? am i ?aredlyaa the former It la ferthar a ted, would ar ' cou.d Ibe government of the Caitwl Stales a*aart their Irrvepoaaiblltty by alleging tho?r iaabiiity, eader tha pe cnllar circa autaccr*, to proiaat ibe pereaos or property of foreigner*, or that the ravolaltoaa-y | mm * f*c* ahoald alone be held reeptmai ?le f It Is aaawerad, ?oat aaaoabledly not, and the caae ef the "*asnl Arm ?trnag is ritad aa a vary atraag and appoaMe cam la point. A Mill etmager caaa, qaoud aad railed oa as "or* anaJagoua to the pi ment one nadar diaaoa ?1?", " ?*?* raiatiag ta tha aeisara of Americas vase's at n. Domiago by Praana, danag the war beiwaaa that Ooloey aad the aiother ooaatry, aad of ooaree prior to the rvcecaltloa of M Do el ago a<* war mak lag Power, for riolaltag decreet of the Preach go rem meat ooaoera lag the trad lag at aartala porta ta pcaaeaiea of tha la ?urgeata (sea Oaach. vol 4, page M, aad vol ?, p Ml), la wbwh tha ifoprame Mart lay* dawa thai aa aaeh mar ??iatad 4 ijmv, as aaffloed la prolaal the oitiaeaa of the Ualtad Mataa a* aeutrai* la Iha v m> I at toe of a aid decree, the riteteore of mwh war aot hating beea oAalally aa kaowledged by their ewa government Aad la tbe eaae of (Vra, it ia urg*4 that toe law* aad dearaaa forbiddiag the evport of guaaa frrm PuaM de I/rboa, labeitoa da rma, aad other parte eoath of the litlncba Ir'M'i**. wvra la fa 1 f<wca aad wail knows, aa4 that ta laei 11 was an act of bsauilty on lbs part of ?h* ils ? . r ???"* ?*?". aoaUkwt to the NWiutiWuf ? plunder of U?e oat loral property , pirttrularlv wcN-1 ' "'"iMI ?** iwreo Uw gotorunietla of Pnr? and th Jiau* win? oji.nng d ?> The rig <t of or tea vjnaala ?.< lay country to rawr (be porta of Iqilq ><?, Ac , fir at/ other purpoae thin that of reporting guu'*>, t!>e4r right to obuiia Ujo Curlom H turn uud p <rt af altilaaa of ut it fad* gw**ruuent wMch lulfbt ba roast rioting trare, la not dented Bm It la argowl further, that oot naljr WU the oorwuot of loot* vr?aeU in unt^-'B* U?.?r port* fur a forWdm pu , gja it ftal, bat tbalr mode of ecterlrt i ut conlr.v-i .ug *t ttim vrta waa tjiplt>j??r atd IJUgal TU-. t I?? tt ? i?, wha waa Viraueo'a oosnr Mider of the ? "n. acd martM, featng ? military ofll -rr, waa not the prop: r nutWn/ io taaoa a permit to tbuae p>>rM, any nor# iban wo J tion soon be lo the United S?*iea,aud that Mr Frarant, f ? Ft -oak Commit, bi.t In Ibla ctae ftolltg ? e a prif.e |i. 'irlJual, waa oot ooippeunl to nut a ?>u trait wlih tbo on;>ta<aa of tbt Utorgiaca ami Lltr.le thoaipr. >n far l1?? dPhrery of and espnrtatton of guano which ?t t iht property M the cation, which the aalfl i-autaina Jiuai have *?i kcjvu, and for whioh act Mr Frtraal wm <iuo?txiu?oUy removed from hi? offlae, 01 tin leprcMataitMa of tha Ireuali MlotoVr at Lima to the Imperial gorernmoul Tni rufare, that thia oooduet waa of iiaelf a g'a o brearb of tbe wia kn< wn ccatoin law* of Peru. F Bally the endunt of Ob l'>?, ???erai of wboaa mtrcbant Tetacla were Mixed at tbi aaaio time, f r tUa rw casta and by the eame aat<ooal reaaol (tba Tumbua), la adduced aa a precedent aud examplo for the Onitod dial*. The republic of Chile not only rcfuaed t> later lira, but endoraed the actios of the Perartaa euiburlUea la aeislng and r< boating tb*e ? a cxirae which alao net tha approval of tho im^rlal governmoat ?C France. We bare f nlearortd to preaoot the arguaieata on belli ?Idea aa briefly aa may be coot la toot with a fa!* elate ment, wlthoat note or oomm<iit of ou. own, aud, la oaa oiudlng, may m'Dttoo tbat Peru oGari to aaticnlt tha dcclakm of the queiiioa at)lesuo to auj Eimyaao the United dtalea governmenl may plfno to aeleot. Jutm V. Nkihcr > Kip:*i>Btiun. To TUB l>*a( I H4TU' ELBlTIIUIor IHH 'HIAH JO?l. KBadiUBAA 1'itljun -Id LC.vr with a proiulso ui?"tc m a C*rd pubi >tr<l befori u to e'ertoa, 1 kuomll lht? tolloivtag Hk( fUtrmiiil of fa -lp in c orti.ll >u ? ll~ toy wiUJita# kl at |our o?MliUaie lor G.< >6 It it. we'll lino <ru amorf u s y frlanda that urpa it ap piaie fa.e been made to il? Irv.u II raw to titoe uy loadtag pdnmi Iriimiji laB \ *> aeoMttoa oi ifcu oiite utd boycott tt, ilL( 1 iHt? "Wlly f.^ui d> mac.m- pmm'.necllp 0> uLiOUti witt tho Uuiun Utovto ot i Io ton oily of dew Yoik, to oomert to k id ' ?> ruiif, in :ut by *i<nh ux eictore ill the oinrlri wo idl* uiuJu^c 1 1 vole lor bat cue democratic tulMiu ;u Op>>/aU!ou to tho n pjOliOAA uoo 'nee. iv.ttle etprtvstcig their pet:ooa' |..-elvn>fica fur me, I WW uiged by uicry ccbtlCur^tlbO ot pairlotn ji Bud uuty to the diioc.rallc '>?rly, at a I'm* whi 'i perha.B ths Tola oi i te democratic it-p'tne-tot ve io Coi..:rrrs <Di?bi >tfl tho txuimy licwlba u^ioada..! ???oliooMu.ii an t uiaunlac, to pmwt, If in my puwtr, u> etoottwt of a repuit'icAa ti a dlalrict ao larculy diroocraUd. 00 fV.ioi CftJ BiO.iiiul, tar Sd last., I roselvr 1 from J< Miui J Htury, &q , Unlrmaa ol ibo Uu.ou (Jomuaitte, tt? folio sing comBxuilcalli::. : ? Crios v omm ttKK Room t;> y crci *5Ti' F nmtsae, > ?r.w i out, baltir a*r, Wor. 3, IBda t John C Mitiikk >?< i ? i. f.ak tiH Tien )? to lut'nae a?Klstv and il'ittaiw lbt> btcrean.lla so" oik*- < buses ihat'b: o>njl.wt la th- Iturd lV>r??.? rlalrVt bet*-~rt jonr?el' ?ol Mr ltunjiina Wood i bo old If poasiole, bj f OiXibl? au' hour rably arran*a< PiiMIo pre-en: hutc-e caodi.1 tin t 1 lbs rnti-Unca u rotera Oar col lnl? I * douat 1 li iv? a c'rf<t.?d a aliuil-r note lo Mr. Hood tuv.tio* Bl-x. Bi.d will i? pirated If irou an J b* wld mee.t me at rtij < fli A no. 17 (Tarico Btfvek. at half put 12 M, to dai. Vnjr Iruij ?ou'? J MI1U i J. UM'tiy, CkklrmBa. la BooordBiioa wnb tb? Bt-vt(il;oo toor.?ta contaiaed, I corkcuUd U< lubmit t*v matter 1 1 a fri?od la wboae j?d( Dent at d Itl-'trlty !h?icr.ti.o cxid!auc<>. Ud waa bo i. orlBtU to act lo my behalf, to a refuroucti woljh waa to detcrulce wbetlier Mr *?d or mtsrtf abould retlr* Ircm u.?> Ocid Two or Uireo lotomewB wir? lu], at oeMbrr of wblcb I waj pr<4.oot, ?h?u mucb to ay regrai it waa flcal.jr d?termln?d at a aio bour on dalurdB/ b fht ttat 1 ibouid wiibdiaur fn m tba ooiitwt. Codor ordioary rtixumsiBUCM 1 iboald bare reflated ?> tbe Bpf?aia of my friend*, aod rcmilbed In tho Qcl?l at all bBMroa.aod up n ibai numoiit I uerar aorli ualy o?a uaplaUHi it wiibdiawal It waa a wtcrtfloe on oar part which few, If a ay, oaUlda tba Ifetrirt rnu apperclaie to what I ojoal4or?d uodar the clrv"in? tar r?w a atarr tanse of duty, demon 1?4 Cjore tt pet.ially aben It mi qalts ocria.a lhal republi can! would be el'Ottd lo t?o otber ?troiif deraoeratie dla tricta lo tbe city, In coneiqaence cf Carlof two daoaaara tto can did a ww lb each Bad 1 tuwaKUred my own perrooal prtsf?renoea or lioll DatuLi I ahoold probaMy bare corns to a dKTorttot ooocla a too; but ooder a broaier and rnirt patriotic flaw of tka q neat loo , ludlTldua<a aid mere personal praferenoet auak Into loaifniOcaooe Toe lujp><rtant qaeatu<n wotok I waa called ?p?b to tettla waa, whether, in view ot tba para mount unportani r of BeouiiLg a oeiaocrBil t maj irtty to OoegreM in lb la vnmcotoua e-lata of oor oountry, I abould be toaUuB?i.<?l >a etaotiag tbe republlcaa oaniM data. Tba a ppeetB lo me ?wi ear^eat and peraerartDf , aad I Mold tot remain In tbe field wunout not only aubjeoitof m j self to tbe iMputaiioa of a t'cf la bad felth wttS frieoOi, afur 1 bar noutdeo tbe trailer lo their baoda, bat of oootmoliif there itibpiy ta my poraoaal amkt lloa at Iba tipenie of the d.-u-ai raili and aatlooal late reata Nor could 1, uncer crc Jrnataocea, herniate to piatv Ibo mail<*r la >t>e 6? 'a uf Uua aod patrlolto Irier.ui aad atlo* tbetr d>.?ta:ou 1 am well MM mat rwy tire ac1 ievotcd fries da who had warmly at.aiai' eo me dar r< an en1t?i pitlttoM eaoTaaa, and u. wbora 1 ?? ! under too atfot <?l obll|ta llota, regret and porbat^ nr>o- emu my oourae; but tba witkr ?< ccoi iL-otif -it ? iii, I truit, aatlafy them that to witodra ? tBf 1 obctaraod a blfb duty to the damoaratto party aad tbe oountry. la tbla ciitM i it o m nay be proper to atote that ao far ftotn recrlTli g ?* In onosldrratloa of my withdrawal, not ot. i r red liar i>' if perawal ripeodlturea to Um rai vaaa baa l> iii rrturnel to me, nor baa aay prooitae bees held oet me io tbat iffeel dirrctly or la llrecU/. While I a not loarcilble to the food opli laa of tof fries. ?, la and bwyoad tba dlatriet, aad a? deeply eoMMb ooa to aatlafy thi m thai my oourae haa been die to tad by a all (* ' dealre to advance the demorratle laterrati, I t a' t not or ilw mall Mi'ua attacks of a renal preaa, whoaa habit and h'f beat amnitloa it la to majl(n private rwpato tl oe . BLd to veat lit re kltaa calamuka afalnat thoaa whim !t canrol make kabeervlcnt lo IU dealfns, whlafe, tn ibort, baa lo >-? nt^rmble idea it thoaa high eoualnara Itoca of patjiic duty * hl.h ouk*!-. to aolmale every deoaa oratlc eit'aeo la aa rwiergerry like tbe praaeaV In rl>alaf I 'evl at lih?rty to Bdd tbe auh}olned oomrna nteattrn, wbioh, with maay othera of a Wiutlar charaokar, bai beea teot to aa JO IN C MATHKR. Caiav Ct Burma Roow 40 Mnai tn ra Exobaicob, I Nrw Yobb, Nov t, ISM / Bow .low* C Bathbb ? I BaB Mb? I aa requested bf l> n Onnnniier of Kutuo to tender you la theli bah ax, Ibelr Ibatka for your pitr'otlc coerie tn retlrug froa a o^ntrst which wjuM Inevllab'v have resulted to tka B ifltew of the republican candidate to the Third OoagTM i ir.nal dlitrlrt, bad you coatinnod la the field. When aa a|.i?nl w*a nmJc to yon a vlaw of Iba high doty yon owed to the mat nity of New York, you wairad foot peraocai oitiais at-d retired fraaa the ooateat for thia act, be aaaured, ao far from daaarviag oaaaara, yea will be hnd m gVBiefal r> metnoranre by ail who de alre to Bala tola la violate the eomproaataaa of the eaa ailtoiloau Had ether eaadidatee uader aiallar etreaaataaoaa par awed aa a^aally wlte at d patriotic oourae, we abould aat now be eallad upoa to laaaeat t te kwa of two aiabara rr<i? dlsUiota where I here waa ao reaaoa for defeat, aad where tbe denrfwratlo oaadidalca owed tt lo theaaalv aa well ae to tbe ooeatry. that their peraocai difTiraaas abould have beea aeUled In adeanoeof tbe elcotloa. I rtaiah, very raapeotfmly, yoar obadleat eervaat, JU8BUA J. df-SRf, Uhairaaa Penai al latrlllgaaM. Sewatortiem, of Qi J ore la, aad draator Benjamin, af New (ivta*r;B, are klopp'Bf at tbe Naw York Hotel. John T rwige aad A M. Hu-r aad wife, all of New Tort, are at^ppteg at tba Colon Plane Hotel. n E. Cbcroh, of albim, NT; Robert It Day, ol Hart f*d ; Jam* a worth, of Lima, and Cai rge C Ohipaaa, of f owoam , are awppli>< at lha K rerett Hooaa. Hoai Iteverdy J oboe, b, fr<>a California; Captala Joedaa. <4 I he Catted "uua Army; tutor Wyte. of Oail orata, OaL H. Crocker of Michigan, and Mr J K Malre, of tte Called Malea Mar lie oorpv, are atoppliig at toe Fifto Aveaaa Hotel. Prcfraaov Mabon. or Watt Point; Oapt R Wllharai, Of the l ulled ttoiei Ar*y; A Bum an-l & 6 Ward, both nf Bi?tew, and P. Him peon, of Kaglaad, are atopplag ad toe brevoort Hooaa. ?aayaala Bra j toe, of ran River. W P. ileery, Artber I^ary and Tboaaa ntsat, all of New Tort, are atopplag at the Uarvadoa Hotel. J B 9 A! Manner aad J H ward, both of the Calked Statee trtt P 8 "tevena, J O. Tan B'rgea aad w*, and W C PiaeVr, all of Oaitrernla, J B ripotta. of Iba Called Stotea Navy, aad Cbarlaa Haraa, af Mew Luadaa, areatoppug at the Metropolitan Hotel Boa ,'airee Clay, Called -ttatoa Mialater to Pirre. aad faaiiy , UnaaMxinee Wtike, of tbe Caned Htatea Navy, ilea. Chaaaeey Vlbbard, of AlbaaTi iadge d 0 Paga, aad ITofaaeir ivareoe. beth of daheweetady ;J B Pieab, of Albany J K Tboaipaoa, af PbiiadelphlB, Willtaa Keliy, ef Rhinebeck, ard Jnllaa Mot laa, af Buflaio, ara stopping at lha dt. NlMtolaa Hotel Haa Chartee nartsr. of Wl aaeaato; Boa. P D Bakar, of ttregoa , H a J. J Arrlagtoa, Boa N B Paraell, Hoa. B P. Bar ting and Or Babe, all of QaUtorala, aad tier. Blaad Hall, ef Tanaeat, ware aaaaag the am vale at lha At rtvala aad Depart area. auitau. KWiu-MaMMUy Morthara LAgbl ? Hoa J P en mUaHno Kereedr Johiwna and wt'eTlBaa Trarar* I Maker Hne Wat M OwbL How J a (Nap, UaltwlH Mtettwr to r?ew, wtfe ana aad isrvaak; Mka Oawfaed, Mag Wvbb. wife sad three shlldraa; Uapt Jardea. wtfe aad faS ? kMiwa W < Paaww uartbe?eaa. lAeat J Heeard, UaA iBieiuider i m*vi Uea Marbtwak. t.awt ateaeber aad wife h.j J r beta Nlea^j^^J^L^tTlJrS.^f B faea. u .1 J *nis*toa D W Dowtey. A Woodtea f, J CnwtoJ* i Meteea, ?. >< fna?e ? H Swat, / Ttea. C W MerrWt. Wa m BO ri-??ae j reaaoa. W Prtead c A OoMiawi 7 INrwh Waal. C?| I , Bad I aklwal) ?eeam -iw>? I'oie. Wrsrskal. a * ?r n ? e h f tlewld, M Mwa, _ ?teeeaa. Mia I'ttl, h ? ?wa n, J R Uaatap Hard. at, ?r Rcheeia. Mrs T) itew as 1 .. '? ? Ml two 'kt "re? Mrs M a tirant, a Tortlto aad wMe Mlaa llaMC IBhICi Mr haieewTKib, B Btetay, A Pnltev, Mr Marakp. Mr l"a' v^awwbin R It Oav'er? Owe Brtras A " ' '? 0 ''?**' Iflt, B v Uatiaeaf t, <?aaa M t? Rater. M O twpciiAa. . Mlaa -xl v--~?er aad H ?tee.-aaa

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