Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1860 Page 3
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N??v? from MPWKD ?BP*RT?ne or THB BPANIIMi n.llT IOR VERA OltUB- ?OVKRNXBNT (PrOBTB TO BHLIBTB MB PANIC DKI-nfcBMION ? AMl'SKIIBNTH, MAIUBTS, itrrtxT, itc. TV, I'nitMl sutea mail steamship Quaker Oity , R. W ?bufeUt ormmajider. arrived of ibe bar on Thuratey Bight Urea) Havana, having left Uwr? last Saturday, lA i?l., at twelve o'clock noon. Siaae leaving the Quaker City baa encounter-*! srtere weather, * ith a very heavy gale from Ope flattens to r'aady Hook fro?i the north wh? arrived ?*t tba Ilighlajju lights at eleven P M of the 1Mb, but ia oouaequtnoe 01 a heavy rain anil tig was deu.ned raawde al. night Ike health of Havana w goo I and -he weatb-r floe On tbe lSUi the "Jpanmb Beet stat^ned at the !>ort of Ha vana, coBMattug <>f seven steam^s and frigate*. steamed Ht of the port, under command of the Admiral, for a ahart trip to sea to eieraM ibe crew. At t be < toy of Bating of the Quaker t'ity tl<ey bad not returned, a rumor be tug m circulation of their having tailed for Vera Oiu Mexico. Bufinfw of all kin'*' in Havana since last reports re Bmiuh without imprcceinent. Several meetings bad been be Id by the prominent merchant*, by order of the Ckp tain General, to d?vi*e a method to improve commercial ?flan* And Kive agreater unanimity Ibe government, to give a greater relief tho biwi ?MX c? niinuiiitj , had authorised the Spanixh Hnik t<> frxue four milieux of dollars in paper (two mllHoM to bo ?ut into i in mediate circulation, tho balanoe if require.!), V ai lug m* p*r Mil intereat per annum Tho latter amount hfl beon taken at i*dw. Amuxennnu did not appear to be affected by tho un favorable xtate of trade Italian and fpauish Opera at the Tacca tbeatro every night, tho Sisters Natal I making a luccex* in "Norma." they being well received Chlartai's Circus was well Mled each niiht. Ninon, with bis Ktyal Circux. arrived on the 13th from New OrI?a:n . and would open at the VitUnueva theatre on the tiubt ?( Ibe 1Mb. Tbe drawings of the Koyal Lottery just cloned ? lfo.2f.lM drew f 100.000 Vo 2,440 50 ooo Ve. 28,277 30,000 Sugar quotation* are au follows ? Whites (common trams), 1 1 >? to realx. tirowix, Noh XOand 12. to ?X realii, stock on hand, 30,<KX) boxe-i, against same num bar of boxes in 1H68 and I860 at the Kama dates. Mol, lo ses ? None on hand of old crop. Freight1* ? Nothing offer tig to the United Stat x. Kichang.s? 1/mdon, L MK premium: New York, sixty diys, 3 a 7 per cent do. ; do. , at sight, 7 a 10 do. do. , New Orieans, 7 a 10 do. do. Arrivals from the United State*:? 13th, steamship* Hi bana, from New Orleans; 14lh, Gitawha, do. ; 16th, Star of tbe West, do. are* ?? ufrr or rim Quaker city. It. Pantos. 1 box silver $,*,00 Txnaga del Valle A- (>i tt bags doubloon* 41.0*ti) Kla lio Knbirn, 1 Oog and 1 c ixo 12.017 V. Morgan k Hons, 3 bagx 16.000 Francis > kiddy , 24 package* ... 20.400 ). H. Ijdgerwood At no , i bag 2,09 * P. N. t'pofford, 2 package* 3 0U4 Backel Brother", 1 package 500 Charles Morgan, 2 boxex 2.100 P. Poxhon k Son , 1 bag ? ? 1 ft+4 E. Uoulard, 1 package 1,100 Cliilet. Savoy k Co . 1 package 2.540 P. T. Barnum, 1 package 610 Order, 1 package 1 020 OmtogUm It Co. 1 package ? 47a Wclte, Fargo k Co., 2 packages 1,0*2 lota) $107 718 Police Intelligence. BtfltflLARY AM) ATrMH AT MrRtiKK. ? A boat half-pOSt Iwo o'clock yesterday morning two burglars entered tho Clothing store of l'hiiip Strsk, So. 442 Tfclrd avenue, and were proceeding to carry off a kit of valuable goods when they were surprised by the servant girl, Pauline Bali, who endeavored to impede their progress. Vujrod at the Intrusion . one of tbe burglars caught the girl by the throat and tried to strangle her; but she managed to ?cream aloud for help, and wax fast alarming the house hold, when the other ran- al Btabbod iter in the fao an 1 ?eck with a knife, intending, no doubt, to murder h> r ou the spot. Providentially the blow- wero ba lly aimed, Reducing nothing more than a few flesh woun Is, and t'i j rglars. becoming frightened at the protracted straggle, fled witbrmt accompliahmgauy further damag" A braeo and bit. a bundle of cord ami a bottle of gin b ?lunging to the thieves were found on the floor nud handed over t<> the police, with tho hope ? rather a vain one, we think ? of atlordlig Home clue to the identity of the oeep rado ?. Carrriui or a HorxmRiuEKH.? A young man, giving h s ?ame Jam*.* Williamson. entered the dwelling house of Mrs. l^wln, 301 Prince street, on Wednesday evening, Mil ascending ui the second door, proceeded deliberately to ransack all tbe trunks, bureaus and closets that tin could gain access to. The n< i?e attending theao opera tions attracted the attention of Mrs. Ia'win, and on eu? r hig her bedroom to ascertain the cause of nucti an >inu- i ?OOUITOM e she encountered Mr Wil -on. The '> irg: i r w..s up to his ey. i- lu wearing apparel, linen g ? Is a: 1 Jewelry, but th- momeut he found l"1 wu> disoovt re I Im dropped the IkkiIj aid made tricUs for ttie hall door. Mrs. U'wui did not ofllr any revisum* to h:* l< mg the li< > se or rais- any alarm. but Juntas *oon as J unes r??< h Od the sidewalk she cried out ? Mop thi! til a lo . I i.e. ? which attracted the att itlion of th po i.' ? nvl come cut aeac, and recultod finally in th capture of tho btrgt ?<*. Tbe prisoner was ?omrntted fir cxunlnation by histice Connolly. A Fmui Tiii C r. irr m nn: \ t ? As J"Li. -V ir t driver in Adai.a' E*pre*s Coin pa w..- pro w lmg down Warr--ti street yesterday oti his is i I r< a sneak thief, r>jot?ing in tho nam* of Wil liam Vectiiis, Orawlcd up into tli- ? wigoi a i ?notched a dry good- parcel The f How ttien jump ed off the tail of the w, <ou intruding to escape, but a i he did so tlie driver c.o glit a glui'!" h,.n W t Stopp* d hif horse on the Insta'it and tor >wir?g d wn ?'?? lines start- 'd in porsui of the thief, and if I t i -.ii >rt b ex? mug chase tit pi r ite < raft m ? % ? rhn iled and p| . ' in charge of p. licem.ui Jiwyer of Ui - lliird pi the bundle. nlmh the pr. peety ot M. -?r?. lail .iy t Mow and valued at f.'MI w * restored to tl Innr Ve tins was brought before Justi e K> li> it th> I/'Wer I > * Couit, and comaiUted t the T< nibs fo. tr.u! A t'oi >tkv \l ru m ii Tim six ? M( yer Ifeyi i eeuntry men hant. business at VI iui t Morr ?> I mgpton cunty. N. Y., ?U brought before Jnstk'- K at the l/>wer Pol c* Court, on charge oi fal! piet?n> \ preferred against him by Mm m t cloth dealer S< 8 Hare lay street The pr oner, it is alk>g<d, p - l #1.600 wuith i.f g <?ls from the eoaplainant i credit, and faibt to fajrhie rot< sot their maturity. i obtaining rre<lit the ar. ,sed is ail-nred t<> have made ft'- 1 repreoentatiotM regarding bis worldly aflhtrs and abill> ? to pav up and h< n e the ? liarge of fai- * pretence*. H nan *?h held for exam,ijUe i A Vi Tl* rRon rri-: Rt R?i picmcni ?A carpet I. ?kleb had erldet tly been br ken open and r ti d o , i oontents. was found on the pe r it tbe foot of t ?tret t yesterday BuorBIng From s -me pa|s<r? w! i were found sctt'er> d ab<. i' th" aput. it is s..pp<?ied imi the bag was the property of Kdward OHlier, or ?ihei Tl 3 prop<-rty evidently belonged to some country gentiem i An Fjirnuw Pan kk CHxiu.rr) wmi SWIvnUM.? Henry f . til w aids, a drlvi r in tbe Manhattan Kxpreas (>>mpu, , was tak' n into custody by debet ve Kcefe on charge f swindling Bow. a, ISoimi s h Co. and Other frma ont f petty sums, varying fr* tu twenty five cents to one do!'!'-, by Uie alteration of dm- bills winch he was n the ail, I or o<<lsetln( for his employers. The prison t wast k t fcelore Justice K ilf an l locked up for exam action laperlor Cnnrt. Before Ron. JudOO Wixvlrii!* pur. an ? r a BmM ? jV Km <*rb>. *rr IAJ? I - tvmnrr ?In this ca?i'. which was an in t ion i n an lu . | -oiVcy . tbe defence was that tho im- ir -d b id c e.5 mitteti e le.and ttk.1t the insurance was therefore vo,. I. The jury wer- nnable t<i agree and were discharged. Fnm Cm i pur* Brwran lh^i-4l SMov>'.?y evening, 10th met , a ire brefco not at Marietta, r.. , tn a two story frame bouse oecip <*d by a col<, -i nan named .lohn W ^ik r, i.nd b -fore it was liseoxer Or before aosietonee reacb d the ?p"? th< nteri,?rw, ? ?beet of flame, and foor tuidr< 0 ? thi of 'h' -n t?> lug to Walker, and th otlier a ch I ! of hSs Meter n li* ? perished in tbe fcime* "llOTKIil. Rekfrf.w nor-K, i? rioHTU "TRErr. sr\* Pr> tdwsy ? Ju?t ' j?ne<l fer ibe ivinter A> mm v. ?tto^s for gentteinen ?nd 'h-tr wires r inj> (snl fm?f QT. T AWVENCK nriTFt JtnnAt>W^Y ASn KlilHT'l ij street, Maw Vorfc ? fond icted on the Kor^pe- n fTe?t rediietlon la pr -s to suit the UtnsC; finn'!* Hviw, i ??us, gt u> (10; s, ,al? Koooi-. $j to g ra. Re-t rai>t is aow open under the etHus*ve mmagement of the | pi lev r I'rtfs- in ij. ? I. 'id ? e - ? loo guaraaieod. rHmrv noi w _ Hr ?.dwnr e -r,ef fw.-lftli ?tr' \ roKDl't TF.O ON TUB Ki 1U?PKA* rUV. This new and el<-k- nt nnrMe h'l.H, ,4. having Seea fi ntsbed threiii'b ot m th'- rr. ?t npsiioralytSk i? now ep?n ' r ?ke aoeomni Mt*ti 'B of gtie?'s. Rtery 1 o It siippllml w?1 1 lot rnd ? ?! I ? *ter, '>atbt. -loteta, de Meai* ?t?rre.i In t, ? I arte ? Ordinary at nil k< ir* ? - ?"nt h the , sn?a with t eitra < hartc'. I*'isuaiid <ti??le K >ni? ti milerale ..rte H ? BK*Jtr TT, Pruprk' RRRTAt RAMTI. A PKIMK II A t SI I or not TM rvuvs Ml rr IN V I A fi?M ? ?as >'o4 stytsk for flonr to-4a> a< ?' HATTKR'h. Ha ft', I'ins str?e'__ 17NOUMI FILBbBTS, WOTi H HAOIKH KB. KFPIN.J FJ ttana^es. Hally I.unn Ti-a t akx for sale at the R't?? ?ethaa Ale l.uarb R/s>tn. rtg Vaidsn lase, oornsr ot WllUani ?ire#t T RiniARDSON. Acent Knglish rr a:Mg| for ner tn iMmv, Ben Money n hand. MATmiMOBI AL Ayoi-ju t a 1 > v or , riiv respf, rtiti r. >? \*> l_ ?" ?#et*ta>nate ',u?i??nd. bstwe^n 24 and * ra : ' I H*Xn WA^^j 'Mf.C J*""- "tth fUT C1* ' AgKimLBMA^ <^tO('W*R> RKISO LORBLT, w tabes to make tke aeqnaintaiiea nf a r nna Isdv r ijjoow n. l over 17 yeare of ace. with a view L matrtmonr. The lady lo have mm propertyTn her n*a right, abors all, to pososse an amtaht* and toeing dtapmrtllnn The Mr who .new. r* this In sin^rl-v will mM .hh , true and worthy *enO#*en. A enrree, mdlng aequainunos destred be fore an Interview Hatiefaetory refers nee ean be ?1tsh aT dress ? harlee Wilson, suuoe r. Third avenue * A<l Ah obntijimai*, aobd rwBrrr ftvr. matriho ?tally incKned, wl tkes to form the aeonaietan* ef a ynog lad# ; she most he pretty . sor-mplished. aniaste and not over twen-y two vaars of ap Attrwn for mm week Bdgar Fprngna, bei 1,00* r??t oles fiALM AT AtCTIO*. AtHKHT MORTIMER GRIFFIJI A Co , A IJCTI' <NKKHK. lioasehold Furniture aad Work.* of Art, At put Ik au-uon, Ob this day (FRIDAY), llwmkr 21, at MH, oVloek, At tke ce-gant |m1 y*tc reside!**, 47 Weet Sixteenth aireet, between Fifth and With avenue*. Tlx 7 ootave rosewood Pianoforte, Superb Drawing Room Suit*. oak Pining Room Furniture, Koeewood and mahogany Chamber Furnitnre, en aulte; china and Olasaware. Drawing Room Furniture constats of carved roaewood Ete rf?, marble top, French plat*' doom and hack: Work Table, inlaid with mother of peart; roeewood Centra Table-, Statua ry marhM top. tw o full suit* Drawing Roona Furniture, ele gant Tete-a Tete Sofa*, two Arm, Beocption, andri oval baek Chairs, caned i sewood frame*, aoivered In three colored satin brocade of the moat expensive description; t>onsolo Ta ble*, Inlaid with 'ortolse shell; brocade and lac* i Curtains. U Ugh* f route and ormolu Chandelier*, imp,>rt?l trom Ptrii; Csnd'labras, Bracket* French plate pier and mantel Mirrors, with rii h trtlt frames; *uperb Soma and Dresden ehlna Yaaes. iMu-mflrr itt 7 octave Pianoforte, carved legs and case, round r. mem finished all round. Inlaid with and solid pearl k?'v<, rosewood 8 toe I, Mualc Rack, embroidered eloth Cover; Book kiiri Sheet Mu-dr, Hat Stand, Oilcloth, Brussels Stair Carpet*, ?? chambers Hlchty carved roaewood Bedstead, *tyle I. mis XIV , Bureaus and Commode* to match; Wardrobea, Dre--t in it and T'llct Seta, Shaving and Book Stand*. Couches, Arm Chairs, Curtain", Shade*, Cornices, hair Mattresses, Pal 1 in sac*, feather Bed*, Bolsters Pillows, Blanket*, Sheets, Quilt*, Counterpanes, decorated china Toilet Seta, oval Mir ror*, Dining Koom Furniture of every kind; also Kitchen t?tenall?, 4c. i 'nth deposit* required or every purchaaer. Auction sale or eleoant Roaewood I'arlor, Dining Room and Chamber Furniture of everv il. Hcfijition; oostlv China Vaaea, artistic Brontes, Item w d I'arlor Suit*. Pianoforte, valuable Painting* Bronte and Ormolu Chandelier*, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, do. THIS pay (FRIDAY), AT 101,' O'CLOCK, At th' r< -idence No 142 Wpst Twenty-first atreet, Betu.-en Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Purchaaer- are assured that the entire attperb drat clas* Furniture In his house will be sold to the higheat bidder for ca-h Tin furni'.ure ia all new. having been used but two mouths, and c mprises a large and elegant variety, well wor tbv 'be att' ;ti li f housekeeper*, and all wanting really good furniture at auctii n prioes. Among which i* one full suit of solid maewocd parlot Furnliur<', In crimson aad gold br ?cnil >, cei $.W. ( lie full Suit In rich boquet velvet, richly carved, and one full Suit in green silk velvet, all thew suit* arc per fect and were made by Saatz, of Broadway; rosewood Piano forte, made by Fischer; Turklah Lounge* and Chair*, In vel vet and tain e'rv ; three elegant pier ana mantel Mirrors, rich tapestry Carpe'ta, corner Ktegeres, centre and sofa Tabl t, ric h \ ases, ?r.'ii*es, Statuary, Painting*, Blegere*, reception (batrs, f'handi llers: Maewood chamber Furniture of every description, line hair Mattresses, Bed*. Bedding, landscape and gold Shades, Clocks, extension dining Table, rich Silver ware, dining and lea Service, Coffee Urn, Caater*, Spoona, Forks, t ';. k. Basket. Napkin Rings, silver Oobleta, Salvers, rich China, ruby and crystal cut (ilaas of every description, portable Heatafc Ranee, handsome Iron Safe, dining Cnair*, Ac., w i' h a isriety of other Fornitnre and house keep inn artlclea here enumerated, all of which will bo sold strictly withotit reserve, rain or shine. N. li ? The above house to n ut, jsiaseasion Immediately A DMINIKTRATOR'S AUCTION SALE. A This day. Friday, at 10\ o'clock. At the elegant reside nev of < Jen. Macy. No. S9 West Eleventh "troet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* Oastly roeewood Pianoforte, Suit* of Furniture, Pier and Mantel Mirror*. Rare Oil Paintings, TVOKKS OF ART, Ae., At public auction, this day. Thursday. The parlors contain solid magnificent roaewood Pianoforte, new last May. two suit* of dlnina room Furni ture. made to order by Bodtne, and covered with satin and bmsatel ef the most expensive description; nler, mantel an 1 oval Vlrror* velvet and tapestry Carpet*, elegant Oil Paint ings and Engravings. Dining Koom? Extension Dining Table diteen feet lona. oak Buffet, English Olasaware. French chi na T?a Set, Ivory baianced hand od Knive* and Fork*, table aad tea Spoona Caster*. Carpet.. Bronte Clock, Ac. Cham ber* ? Solid rosewo< d-mahogiuiy and black walnut Bedstead <, marMe top Bureau*. Waahatanos, Commode*. Shaving Stand, Wardrobe, curled h*lr Mattresses, Feather Bed*. Pillows, Sheets, Bed Linen, Centre Table*, Carpeting In each ro.>m. Clock*. Mirrors. Ac Basement Furniture ana Kitchen Uten sils uf every description N B. ? Horaea, Carriage, Library and Mitch Cows will be *old at the *aleeroom. on Thursday next Sale positive, rain or *hine Term* cash QmhwIU In bankable money required A I, LIN k CO , AucflWeer-i ADMINISTRATOR'S SALF. TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. AN EXTRAORDINARY CllANCK FOR HOUSEKEEPERS AND DEALERS IN FINE FCRNITCRE. A. H. WILSON A CO., auetloneara, will aell this day i Friday*, Dec. 21. at 11 o'clock nreclaely, all the coatly t'urnf tore. Paintings, rosewood draw tnit room Suita, elegant s,-yen oetave Pianoforte, Mirror*, velvet Carpets. Ac,, Ac., In the residence No. Fourteenth street, corner of Eighth avenue, eonslntlog of very elecant pier ;.nd nMtid Mlrrora, lam and broea'el Curtaius, rich carved rosewood Etegeraa, with mlr ror front; three solid rosewood parlor Suits In satin; rose, wood centre Tables, Pianoforte Stool and Cover; oil Paint ings, Turkish easy t batrs, elegant China Vaaea and other tnanttl ornament ), oak olnlnE Table, nak Buffet, Chair*, china tea and dinner Srt?. cut lilassware. a large a?*'>rtm< nt of tine Silverware, Ivory Cutlery, together with an extensive variety of chamber Furniture In rosewood and mah >f?ny. Beds and Redtlnii:. puro hair Maitresaea, velvet, Brussels and ingrain Carpet*; Clocks. Mirrors mah'igai.y i 'hair*. Sofas, I ouns;' 's. Rockers, Oil Cloths, ba*em?nt Furniture, Ac. . *e Sale positive Dealers attsnd Every lot to be sold by order i f tl > administrator without the least reserve AM. MERW1N, AUCTIONEBB. . Ity HAV<;s MEKWTN A CO, Irtir* Buildlnm IVM huiI .MXI H roadway FIRST SALE or THE ARTISTS' FUND SOCIETY, On SATURDAY EVENING. I^mbn 22, ai S .. clwk. At the National A< of Dexixnon Tenth ativet, near Rroa(lway A collection or new, and a'lof thonj Original Plctnrea jaint'd tyartistaof N. w York, to be *>ld, without r "nerve, for the l-ctwfli of the Widow*' anil i irplian* Fun I of the Society? Will b? on Fr- p Eihihlll n on Kudu.', from 9 A M nntll in P. M aim on fitnnliy fjnnt 9 A- M until the hour . f ??>. t'tul gnee mat I* had of li , M A Co. AM MEBWIN Aft TMVEKR, . By KANUS, MERWIK 4 CO., Irtiug Bull.'tn^, M and SMI Broadway, sATVRDAt KVEMVU. Decamhar ?. a .'cl^-k F.I.I- WANT UIFT AND STANDARD ROOKS ?A Ihim an! <-ln c tifltctMB if bean'lfully iiluatraied ?ni richiv h. nad to uhk? *ui??'l to 'he holld iv aeawin . line library li II. tl'.na of Siatvlar.'. Work*; ptofuaely embeWaHed JuTonll'**: AtlBUxl for 1M1, Al-o. a T.?rli"y of ?i|per|.>i- At-. r tjl?-, I oaly fritmed; English Eagrarfn** ; Hteri ?? |.|<- In ?trtnnema and View*. &<? Ac. c ilaloftx ? are now r> ,a ACfTlON BALE OF DIaRARD OOODf WOl/D AND *" V'-R v A If ERR JEWELRY, A- A A. M fRlPT i.1, \ It, > not I? "IT. will offer 'or aa'e ? i d? r, 2lit lu?> *t IOU o'clnak, ai hla aafiarooMA, Z\ Bowery, it tholedAnd taltiaMa line of Un" Diamond C?u da. belita ia i' Mk i.r an In. potter ir . . ? i ft^c fn?m ti.<- btiali.???, r > npria n*. It. far<, ladlea uir fold IX carat diamond aapphire du-nr ana f-aJ S. ia: la Ilea ' ?..d gent'* diamond, emerald, ?l ?. '* a'i>nr ai.d half noopduetet I'lna, Rln?ra, Karri n?i ai d ?t i U. t clmiw a-aortment of flaa aapplilr* .1 antond i'liw an I R:n?'?: aererai t>-ry fir? atnr.a iViamf.nd RIhrh an t Him. ala n laryaaa??ita.<Nit ?#' lac lUiaood .ad ru.i m< 1 r I W?t ? i< wltli fine gill OhronoTni-tera, double ttnae, and ' \ tl */ ?! I^eeer*. alt' ailver huntmK I'* cut I *s\ (??,?'. Tr . -i ? t - .a? An .'i?i ? and ' ?'t ' ia . ?i^rc-?rH of iro'ij i'rr.rtl <? ? aad Paoa, M; w ?* ?. Hio??, Plna, Hvriug*. Srta, sUeri* I , t - u?a?. A - . Jtr Calal'-fUK a: aalc The tradn aod pri> at > hu?er? ar? ra>p??-l'ulh nfRis| to aiu nd, aa tb" al>OTf ?a ? li p. i . aptory for without ireei * ?. A I t'TTON S ALR? TIIIH F.VFVTNtl. And ?v*rv 'v?nln? durtni: th<> atd'j o'rtaek, .jf IMPORTED i ' > V. ASI? F \ N . V OOODs, la packafi. aa imporir 1. a' '.<? aa'.r-mum* awrroadwat, opposite W ALL VI K ; OF.oKflF W AffTlONF.Rn Frits f titld ev? ry chiy, -irorllaii la lies .in ft ?. l>n'. chan x pi rch'se holiday pri>fms. AV MRRW1N VI't TlOHRRR.? RT B ANtH, MKRWIM .. A CO., Iirliu: Riii ! r ja, an I !K?'> RMtitw^r, nn Friiat hftcrn.iofi. r>?p 21, hi t u'el.wk. Law *n l Mi nrt.i.? Lit rary? A j;rrat rarl?-<y of Egjliak an l Aliwrlw I aw ri<"ik?. and a Pftila. ton o Bnf IJbrary r, pl?a ?>f at . i Uard Ml- >lLnr> ua IJt<ia .ire, A-- For p*r lcu'an ?'i ta l?(Ut. ADMINISTRATOR - -t A I . R ? O V SATURDAY. I>R<' t2, i\ .1 ?aliUi .1- I .-Til Iiulii<ng 32 a?-|?a c .at Dwe -it' ?<i! Iv li an aiiita' > '? r tnrtltl at R u*d BnniH, N J., wMkla 3M tarda of Uir . .-o ral Ri'.n ?rt aad the aaut?- .|.? taivvfr m the liel aware A RarltaaCann! in \ hvh ?ut.- >f I ultlv til 'II Ka.< at 2 II . k I ara nat ? KrW V rk at 12 i v.n ki tetorn at * and 7*, A r p ' y at H und Br ...k ?t*', .n t>n day of ante A Tl RAfTIVK SALE THIS l> t V, AT O" l/H'K. Ai A C. t I.RIi U 8 I'lilna Hal1 vi- Hi n- v 1 t<< Hi' , Rlark A Co ?, a laiya qiiantliy ol rMna, ulai a, a.ner (t*NWMk|IIMK t<*a and u,l ? t Seta Vaarai IH Pari <-i and pr>r?*.aln. t'uilanr. kitrhen ? '?o-A?ry, Ae. ; II. >11 da) I I ?. n The aal>- ?i , b>' nlim 1 M .{.'lav An.u|.< ?? otttnodailona 'or ladl' a. W M MTKM. Anri >n < r t L*. rinN SpTTCF Hy LOCKWOOD PROS ?S Mnm.f *'r?< Th ? dut a' 10 ? rlortt. rda<-? ? Valeneiaa nil a'llk and Wool, 'h" f!n*?t (pwl* Im p? i'.?n f. r et' v mail trade, with a detdra'i'* liM of ot har ?? .. ?oaaeie Dry ? >?4* The trade la inti'?d A ' < T?f .\ SAL* OF t ALF -K1V OAlt i'R jw r? Ae ? A W CRIRTALARi au-ttaa aar, ti B nil aril ilila day, 2lai ln?' , at U-n u ek|(% t.r> 12 Ine Fn-m h railf akin and 1* p??lr ol iralter C?(?^. eaali 'al<- f?>?iiite \:- > .? lot of Houa^-h Id Farnt' n I ace?iutitof fo ?ar pun-haaer Ryeniar.if IQHM TIIXT. ronaU'le BROWRK A RICnOIA AC'CTIONRERS Ooatlnnation of tv ore\t Ati? ArrR ti rim sale ir.sTl'artan"-*' IWV gi ? OF tiOUFE AND TABLB I'l I.MHIIM, AND Fa\ f tifMtJI? Ryarder of th? latportera TIiiir?4av. 1 ridajr an.l *at'ir<Uy. D"-"fn^?'- *J. 31 and .'2, , eai li day ai lii , ?' 'clork, in tb" aalear->o<M and m? aHra BRdWNE A NICHOLS l? Na la -.tiw, ppant the I' t I Mil* I Co#? :.iinf of n l#?l ac'aet jBd li-aira1 <? -r.t i f Frtxk P iraelala Dinarrsruf T?IM s ta, rirh Tab'" 'i a^ wan- Parian S'ai-ia 17 Retnura. Clo--ka, ai'eee p aud War -, . Ai and a variety m randy Arttciea, ?ulta !e irkoiJajr r . *'-aia Tk?- looda ware -v.r.atfTi.-d by th? mannfaeturera ;.j In imi iirtino moitrr of thi- cftt. , For th? Rontkent "ad? hut in e.inaa^uene*' of tb? eilailna po. PMeal a*d a. if.lf cu:U<-a, ib<-y am a Id in thlamar I kc> RoWNT k NICHtlLM WTIX MRU. <i* RATCRDaY. !??.? Zt .n fronl sf ?ah-?r ?.-na U Kaaaaa "Ira#-' n I fc, a baau'lfoi nalr of aorrai llor>'? Ml hitidahlai.d ywara .. ii warrm 'd aoiind, kind -in'l f rr * i' ' nj ? a? wa.l aadouhla fcaiaf; hate trf*n u?-d bj a yntHltw tk" paat jf .r indtn-i rr,?io f u-oi? i m tkla ae? iat on.y d .ea he tk< m n.*- enai him (I i?*t AL-O, K aflendi I ?'>rr?>I aadd> ftor?> 9 ra^ri old wirrihtad aonnd, K?i>ii and geritv . i? Mt>h for 'hildrr'i -<r .M?a; ia an Import rdh rae; ai tkr* ?? w rthy ik?- a ^teiiilmi of f >ttf? In * int 1 1 hoiaea OM Kadd.a Rrid <? I) anketa. Hal era. Ac . Ae. The wh e to i i..d without r"arrte ? ALSO, On? i*n a? ,i Tt"a?on. ?o'.e and ?hafta. oilr ' uil' (mo road Wag n i-i j mMK; d..u''Wa?d alacle llarnaaa, it* a A A" Also, Two Rnfliak ? ireyhounda. kifkiy trained and fall htoo4?d. BT I' A MEL A~M ATHBWR, AI'tTIONBXR. ?Al F,-B"oy (4 , F.t?A? "TRF.FT, WRBCTtY OP Pi'^ITR TIIK I'ltsT OFFffri I ARliF A*iO ATTPAt TIVF. HALE OF SI PRRR > Ml N1 II AND FNi.LlMH FAMCY OOOD?, St IT ABLE FOR IIOj.JDAT FRF.SFS T J DANIEL A. MATHEWS A ?X? WILL ^ELI. AT Al"i' Tlf*^, ON saTI RDAT, DRC tL AND MONDAY DEC U, At K>H o'eli?k r*eh dat, at their aatoaroom, t* t'adar ?tr?f, Offfdte the Po?t odwe, iW largeat aaiortmeat of tlM r*-he-t rxiii" offfrrd Uila aeaann. eia:? ELF. . ANT RRoNBE ORMOLC ANDMARRLR rt/>rKS. ARTISTIC PRONZRM, PtRIAN OROCPS AND IITjS Tl ETTRk, ' " RRlfCH RPLFNDID SEVRES AND FRENCH CHINA VAR*S, SVPERR BOHEMIAN OLA Ss w A R R, Rtv H PII.VFR PLATED TEA "ETli CRMS WAITERS k*t E PIT? 1IFRS CASTERS, OORI.ETS, mVos kr p.VPIER MAt HE WRITINli DBJR.V TABLES kr LAA>I*F VND OFNTR' FTNR IfllRhslNfl C ASPS, HCOBATBD frrnch CHINA dinner SET*. and a area.' "tnty of other elfaat Faney Oooda. aultab'e ft* H'liday jweaenta. Lad lee anl ;h* riMir art inv ted to ?iaaaine them. ? ataiofoee ak-1 the jivyia wtD be ready for etamitutUea e*r'j ob tk? mrpiN m m m. B aALBH AT ACCTIOJI. V JOSEPH KARIN, Auctioneer If Literal y Proi*riy, Fourth street, nlM < Mat ol Bioadw ay ??WEDNESDAY and Till H.-li-vV evenings, V- . u t . M 7 a'clot k. By erder of the administrator, ;l.?a;lre noUeeiwa "alnl lags, Sketches. Ac , of Mix lain A TAN HEF.ST, ???uprising delusively the works of that emlaent artisf Alao, by order 01 executors, the residue of the Gallevy at Paintings ef the Im WM E Bl'KToN. On ritw dally until 10^ M Dutch pules at auction mcnL-u caih of Hysrinth* SDd Lilies, 4 Tulip*. Narciaaes. Joaqui n, Anemms. r.ennnculns Snow FUkes .nwl Snw drops, ll?o. ?acli ; Crocus, :uk. per 100 I 'ail tui or address P. MUBBAY. lfV Pearl itiwl. EDWARD SCHENCK, ArmoMKB. IMPORTERS' HALE OF Sl'PERB FRENCH AND ENGLISH FANCY goods, ?CITABLE FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. By E. A F. H. SCHENCK, this day (Friday*. Dec. 21, at 10S, o'clock, al their salesroom. 141 Broadway, great saM of the mi *t superb fancy Hoods thin season, comprising a Unpt assortment of entirely new pattern* and designs, just Import ed, eonaiatlnc In part of FINE BRONZES, Sl'PERB PARIAN FNJT'RES. ELEOANT BRONZE, ORMOLU AND MARBLE CLOCKS. SEVRES AND FRENCH cniNA VASES DECORATED FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS SCPERB CI'T AND BOHEMIAN GLASSWARE ELEOANT ORMOLC GOODS, SILVER PLATED WARE. And a large variety of other elegant fancy Goods, SOW ON EXHIBITION. Ladies nn<l the public generally are Invited to examine them Purchaser* can have their g^ods carefully packed and shipped at a/mall coat. I EDWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER ? Sl'PERB HOLI J day Presents.? Elegant Caskets Jewel Caaea, ladles' Wcrk Botes, elegantly fitted , superb Sevres and ormolu Odor Cases, ormolu and real bmnxe Statuettes, bisque and bfOnM Slnluettes, cen'W men's Dressing Caaea, India and Cfctnese Qooaa, together with an elegant assortment of other rich aril cles of vertu, by E A F. H SCHENCK, this da?, at 10^ o'clock, at their salesroom, 141 Broadway, Ladles are parti cularly Invited to examine them. Edward schewck, ELEGANT OIL PAINTINGS, At the salesroom, 141 Broad war. By K. A P. n. ScriESCK on sanrdar, December 22, at 11 o clock, A. M , a beautiful collectnm. viz:? Superb large Marine A. Von Beeat (Believed to be the fin. '*t f loture of that iirtUt.) Superb Landscape Doughty Do d'l. A. Veron Niagara Falls Wm. Heine The Rendtrroas Dr. Dreui Also several beautiful vD*clnien* by Leoomte, Dorcy, W. K. Miller, Hamilton, Hekklns. Taylor, 4c. The above are now on exlbllion at the salesroom, and will be sold without any reserve. rCOLTON, AUCTIONEER. ? I*AROB SALF OK Household Furniture in Hrooklvn. this dav (Friday), Dee. 21, at 10^ o'clock. aL No. M WeS Warren ntreet, near Clinton, the entire Furnltnre of the house rom|>rUing velvet, tapestry and ingrain Carpet*. Oilcloth*. Mirror-, feather Beds, hair Mattresses, Dressing Bureaus, mahogany and rose wood Furniture, kitchen Furniture, Stoves, Ac. Sale, will he peremptory, without regard to weather. H ENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER J. SNEDECOR'S Second Annual Exhibition anil Sale of CHOICE AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PAINTINGS, STATCARY. WATER COLORS, Ac To be sold at auction, without reaerve, on FRIDAY EVEN - ING, Decemlwr 28. the sale to commence at 7 o'clock. Compriaing Worka by all of our most eminent artists, and collected from their studios within n short period. The sub scrlber would respectfully invite the attention of connolaae Mrs to this collection, as It Is seldom that an opportunity Mean where can be obtained such excellent specimens of the artlsu. Among the collection can be found the work* of Glgnonx. Kensett, James M. Hart, Eastman Johnson, Edwin White, Wm. Hart, Boughton, (iifforil, Bellows, Inoeaa, Doughty, K H.May. Tail, McEntee, Beard, Hall, Cropaey, -Van Ber*t, Blerstaut, De Haas, Lilly M. Spenoer, lltibWd, Oertel, Df(, Coleman, Sonntag, Wust, D. Johnson, Rosalie r, Warren, J. O. Brown, Steams, Ehnlnger, Waterman, Boutelle, Pope, C. H. Moore, Brevoort, Thorn, Contourler, II Koi^er, Ac . Ao.. There la Included In thla sale a auperh Statue, entitles t u pld, hy the eminent sculptor, Ives. TTils really excellent work naa exrlted eonalderable attention, and will De aold without reaerve on the evening alxive mentioned. The above oollectlon Is now on exhibition free, at the ga",e a and store of the subscriber Exhibition open front 8 A. M I V P. M. each day until the evening of sale. J. SNEDECOR, 7<S Broadway. Henry n. Leeds, auctioneer ?closing and Peremptory Sale.? HENRY H. LEEDS A CO. wlU sell at auction on Saturday, D?-c. 22, at 11 o'clock, at the sale*, room No 13 Nassau street. eloslng and peremptory sale, with cut reserve, of Mlcaaes of !*l full sixed bottles each, received direct from an old Boston house, being the balance remaining fr?im sales of October and November 27. viz : IVle ami <lu k Hennesay, 1H4U, from London docks: verv superior L. D. Ja maica Bum. 1M2; Scotch Whiskey, do., 1^03; Madeira, ?01 per j fpe; Warre Brother*' Port pale Gaatetlu* Hherrv, 1S42, '>?> Iieved to be the only lot of this wine in the I'nlted States The (:oods are now in store ready for deliver.- The ibove slock Is ? orthv the attention of parties wanting first class goods for the holidays and private use and we confidently recommend them a* the owner* write us to guarantee them genuine or forfeit the good". This will probably be the last o|>|x.rtunlty for ob taining these good*. Also, from a private stock, a line .if extra old Cognac Brandy, very efcojee. Also, tw i lines of very old Sherry several ? ears" In glass In present ownet * j* >.|.e?si< n. A -o, a seleri inv.,|ee from an o!d r tv |in|>orti'.i{ house reducing stock; late engaged In the -touttiern trail1, and In c.nse<|uenoe of the depression In trade will sell with out reserve Also Cenlntl Society Vineyap<l Propt istoi *' Cognac, Scoteh, Iriali and Bourbon WhUkeys, Jamaica, tlrt t ila and Xntigua Hum. Al?o. lOftiHIO Hava > i Kegars if t ie b? t.rainls importc 1, consisting of Hrevas, K 'galin . lea, Prisnudos. Yameios, Soudus, Mtvll mo*. Ac., in It-nth boxes and warranted Henry h lf.idb. ai?tionker Elcanl l!"ii i-hi.ld I'nrnltnn-, Including ralua'ilft Pld* urc?, roaridft Statuary i.y T nl .llnl, cul for th* r>.ft?c<t own er. real BroaaM and otli.T Work* of trt nV.NUV II i RKDH * <"i? wi" *i*i| ?., * i(>' if>n, on M. d*y. I rrrmlifr 14. mi IB*, o'clock, 111 - t i ihe FurMtura, Pi tnpw, kr , r In ha f*?id-'nc. So ul> a I aiti, : imvmxU.v ? !?<?' mid Mro .ilw..y, comprint! t I'afirt", Murora, I'ar!. i s ?.[, r< - mood, cove ? il ?? i flRiiml >at n damask . d& 1 1 im?..n mil, >>r. Data' f-ui rotdi ftd ? !ialr?, Carvft.1 .-??(?, | Kt- ri ? ...??.??>?' tnadchy DBntumi Stlk fortrm.. Buhldoiib' I a ill 1 It.. ' fintW llld Work 1 it>lft?, Buhl Prdft u?l- an : fln? It rHiif-, I'viflWtura ti.mlc ?y Roitd anl otlu-t- - ,?r ? arm 'i , ,, ?ironic t'l-ck and rlirnr* ????> m no Brontoa, a aiipa. >? hm -. lAaRt.iia, Cupid and Pas rbo, en f. ?? the ?<'<>" '?> > 1 1 I I'lri ti)C Room i . i L \\ aln lit B ? k. .1 ft, j.'.it . i?^ J ?. n' >'!'? > y Mi.roat; <? im I ?u.t t ov.-neA to bl-i.t repa; d >l n TiiWp, ? rwi. u ' I . k *ii.| Bronir*, rval OMne at:d 'h Oroiipo and flf urea; ll!n*trat<Hi BOOka, rl h Encr* ln<?. * Oil I'ali ?A fry valnil. .<? II. . .n all of I ? kl,rt? ? order, anions thft a !i-i ? ? ? ?? auj? rt> P.wvU, lij Rrme I, r. liit ?? nc'. ?< r, J! ii r, shatcr, lf.mli t V. lkli (Til . % w . ? * rth I Sclirn'dt, !)? WI" mil?,- -v . v I. ..p . i ? hv \V. lias*. I'l l Pr? r?, <1, Jul' - \<- 'I. t.i n:i|.> t v . ? . Laafonnt Aft Ifctt, Ci - a lurr f.*- i1- r. >ha?nrk Pla? ?au, Sih>aot;.**i i.oi other*. A'a--, an i ? n maUu- I Ha i hi:- . ml fur tnft pre*' n- o tm*r I y Ta<! 4<n 8. nine Rook aid Bodr ma A Mil of roue wood, .??? ???i-<vi fiwB .llatn'.rd win; rod. .<.0. d H dil'-ad D ntnn Bureau*, ahim ??, ?(.)?? Tal>li-?, Crate do., Cli?tr?, m.d? by jio is, with othftr fuiriliiin- Th-- aborr ( ,?n be eia alni I on (*?'??? day, Sd in* . itor i? t'opft ifa. aale. HEMBV H HF.RTH, JR. At'CTIONFER. WIU, SKI.!, on Friday, IHh- 21. at tl o dork, at No V, p n.- ttr < rftrt mptorjr aalft of Wln<-?. U'nioraand >i*ar. In IkmkI a:. I in *uxv. rnmprlalnf Jfarlftt S.-ljinrtt, l**ftr and <>thftr Bn.nd 1, Holland anil lxwdoo (lln ; In?n Si oirh and IW>ur'?,i) Wh k'V, fort. ?"heir* a"d othftr WIpm: ' larnl \>nr >?aii I rid, GhMBftt and V.mpiw KatMjM* t bomyatpM*, t'ortla a, Ar tr Aim a rboli-ft I K of llartna "-ftnari AU a?l?<ii for Ibft holiday* I'ATtlfto In want will do to atlea l '1. ralr a? tl gnoda will 1 Id without am- rft? r nENR\ B HERTS, ,IR . AI'OTIO.VEER RHERIFFH fit l,R Of a |i : .it Brandt" and l"?>rt in i-??ka, thi? .lay !>?-<? 21, at If", o'cl.. ?k. at th? nal.nri o 1 ? '1' I'lac 11 f By ord v 01 .1 itin Kelly, fh-ritl Atao Aa^iKBc" - -? ? nr a lot m MEEK U'HAI'M FIFF.M 1 or 11*11. IDA V FRKf KN1* HF VRV <;rff.n, <i < tio\t i r -^ro< rriks i,i qaor*. Bftgar?, M1.? <>n Haiurd iv. HooftmhorS. at in' . ?? ' lo k at ?h? Mirtft 1?? W lliam atri ??', the contenta of a ?r.i cftry attd Uq or ttorr r-omprtain( 1 fatirial wu mrni T- AR<iK BAU! OP MF.KH rLOTHINO T'? FaV J ?'oo* ndvanr. ? ? ft l.l.VV, Au< ii.iumt. a CaHMtrlna HtTftt WW ?'?n Uila d-.y, at 10', o'elork. i.11 Iota ( oata, Fanta, \ rota, 4c. Thla aal? la worthy th<- attention of daalfti a. MrKiruHTY, AUCTIONEER. ITHJ, sRI.t TIIK Has ?l'nd*?>, I'm* fl, at I0'? nV| iftk. a' lk? "aloanx tn. H Xaaaan ?t r'ftl, ? ?">fti 1 ! ?a?.rtmftnt of 1 1 . oar h.. Id Fnrnl turft, t'arp?"? Si.faa, i -.uronllil n. ?l Par!..r Polin, rtafcw rarrrd; marl -,p 'optVn'T alftgal aftvra <?Ui?ft r wor<4 Plan'.frrtft, pftonkftva, rtwif ear^ftd: vrwnn k< k mm tin* oil I'alacnca, ???/?,.,? 1 n trinlns Ta) ii?. R ?f d nln? t'hilra flrftolni Hit r in Viriu'inJi. M l?ift?d> W,. im. a, I,, nng. ?. A" ; a Ian ,ti Inrn'-fl ? Fr t h d ? r i '?4 nit 1 Va?ft?, Tr 1 Kft ?. Ti ic a-'i > 1!. ? . < I #n- 4, !><????? t< ro, B tor?. A.' , k<~ Th wh.!o?<ll ift fotwlwftll will.' r fi'f In lid*' prMftBH PABNBUOKER P Htr E OF WATi'HM AKD iKWF.f^ ry ? W. N *U1 MIL (Ma lUv at MB ?i?*r?ty, ut> a ?lr?. an aaaorUnont of toffwmool rlftdiw, cwatmrof ?< 'd nnd "ii*. r Wnirhro, .Tftwrtiy, i.nn l*t-tr?S ? Ar fbt nt n.fti ? at 10', A M By onfftt >f W. A R. KliPMiy PA'NBRi.KI Ifri JlliT ?J< 'MJf Mi R TIMER. AtV !k.r?v>r. IS Kant Bnidwiy. will aft 1 1 thia dir. FrliUy, In c. ;t, . 1 Kl t'ML a argft aaa -riraftn' of noi 1 * ftlld p ? d4. ?. r?.n?'?tln,- of foa'?, ranu, auk, mftrtoo. Afttotoft and r. . .. Iirr-~-?, <li?w'?, Hk rt? , Drrta I'aU-ma, A< By ord- -r of PEt ikl A CO . 197 (itaiiA a?rftftt PAWNBRORKS B stEE-W,- r HTOOTMiis WIIX ???Il t;i 4 day. at l>t Wft?i 1 wen v 8r?i atrftrt, nK' F'*Mh n*fnHr. a Ur?r a?oo"W< of mm. and ? om n ? < l->"vii?. ftr>?? ailn* of Dr?va. HkAWla, ( not* 1'ania, Tillowi. ij . lt a, A *-*!'? 'nmiin lr"g .?? 10', o . lock By <?fdftr of (I. Ilitf gtoo. pprf-r nt- iv f;RE vt variety ?a r TiioMrsuR, I Am moor ?Oil ?lurd?i, nt 111', o'ciork, at ? hft n'w ? pa- ini.a ?ftl< arie ri ?, Bo 2 Cntlltd HKl ant 1 71 Bn a.lway lln ' lift rwrn , tad ra' ;?nd ?ftt>t.-T>?n'a I'trajn ? rny - ar<>iy, ailvr r 1 Int^d ? arr In ?ftU, Ai- ; ft ?-?*nl ? m ?ti:ffft<) Hirda; a.?o II line t'anary Mif4a. Iad!?< Onoa nor ri ?. t.lofp^ A<- ; rutlftry, t?i.?nt?-l broato Ctoafca, Farfdin. rv. I' Iiln#i in rich fmi?i?a, ,w-*ftlnr, M rw?ianm Plp?? ~rc*r? A* 1 a tali tuft* r^ady 'arly mornrng of th* aalft R. T. IIAZELt* At ' noNF.r.B, whittemorB A HA*ELU Siirrvui.ia to Ri. |i?i I. K'na-.a- l A ' > .) Will aoll, thi* day. W ilt?, at lo', odoflk At thftlr mU -r *im, I.V* Brna lw*y, llardwarr and t'.itlftry, In*oirfta f >r?i*n nd d< wat*- llai-dwa -ft, t ntlftrr A< <llrftr I 'AU-d Warft, Inv. K*a PiAlod Wbio, OonotoMugof Taa frit, r^atftf". Fork Hp- ob*. Aft v Wiitrhft" and .fowftiry, Inn k?pa fnVd and atlvrr ? atfth. a, id and plafftd ,'fwal ry, Aft. rrrnck and Oarvtan t'Bi.ry <|ik d? and Toy? InvolftM Fanry liooda, mtnpr1? n? Won and Fon-y Botr In frftat r .rtftlT ArftOftdftOna. VIollBa, l>tft??1n? t'aara. Aft Alaoa arf a??< rtm- nt flnft Fr?-nrh "l<iya. Alan a lar??- twrmmit rhtoa. Wood, Fapor aad Ra'low* Top, REf'EIVBR'lt BAL* OF WATCIIRH, niAMovo?t Alfll othftT Ja-Wftlry, wdtd t>U**T Warft, Vowouor'l Tool* Ac.? UENBT M LREDK A 00.. wUl aftll, W auction, on Hnr. day Hah. and Friday JOocfttBhftr II, at ro*? o'cln"! aarb dny, lh tbftlr (aiiftry. No H Waaaan atraot, thft antlrft utiwk of ? fl rat rlajia iowaBor, mniprlaln* orar l,!H)lr.ia of ftrarr dftfrtp lion uooally found In a larfo ftMabHabta> til. lwlivHn< an tf nalra aaaortiBftnt of raltiaMft aotd and "tl"* War and othar , Won# Hot do , atftd ailror tablft. in, fold ... . , JMMIW by ordrr of tH? raftolrar, withont any raaftrra. Dttmofl JfvtMij, None 4o ? taa and a?wt Ht?on? and Fork*, I'Utftd Wara, (old Hpacta I dao. Tktanhla- pw?ll?i-a Toola, Ac To ho aoid t? tho hlfkaot biddft, by ordftr of tlkft rftft?l*ar, withont any raaftrro. ?HII|iIFFH BALI OF HALOON AND HOI HEIIOED I MHiit*. --pjf?r?, A ft . on Hatnrday at in', o fwk, at ? MP . Broobyn-PKHD A rOI.E, aw. ttonyro Hra^Tk m B uiWltJnot aaloon TaWca, oak f*halr?, En*r?*ln?a, Daran 1 tora, TV'lBblora, Bftftr Mum *? i Piianpa and Ptpaa, wtoTft?, Wln?a aarf tJqiora, I ti?roa maaa B?wf, I harral O-rman Kau?at?a. m ?*r?, iBfrain aad Bniaana 1 "aroftta. two Waahto HmAIam uri A ?*?>???? M*?rtR?e"i of I'nniltaf*, Ac. IALEN AT AUCTION. O * J- booakt, a i'i tionkekh.? Saturday, de w f"2b*r J2, at 10S oYloek, at the suru.,u r? mn No 1 Narth William street -Household Furniture, consisting of B*f*a, Tal lea, Chalra, Carpeta, Bedaleada, Beds and U.Jdiug, *? l**klng fllaaaea^ SB Oil Painting*, Bureaus, Kitchen Fu. nl tuie, Staves; also, llsrers, WtfuDi and Harness. SHERIFF'S SALE? MILLINERY -CHAMBERS a fair ClII 14), Auctioneers, will sell. thin day *t 1 1 o'< l<*'k it ' Uieir ?alesrooni. IIS Naaaau atieet ?ik mraw and velvet B n nets, And a quantity ol Bonnet Material* JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. CHERIFK rt SALE .-OFFICE FI'RNITURE, SAFE, AO. QCHAMBKRS A FAIKCHILD, Auctioneers, will ael', At their ? *alesn>oin, 113 Naasau street, this day, DmiMblltl, it II c cliik, beaks, Cbalia, Copy Prvaa, Herring 8aft, Rtove, JOHN KELLY, Sheilfl WHOM A3 YEITCH, ACCTIONEER. ? .... . , Office 271 BrondwaV. I Fuhlto Administrator's -ale, ?>n Friday, Deaember 21, L. ' . M . , at 540 Pearl street,* 1 argn lot of Clothing, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac., Ao. "? Rl'SSEL, Public Adinluiatrator. ITK> LIYBRY STABLE KEEPERS AND OTHERS ? A _f- Vin*^e ?/ "orase, </Oaehe?, Wagoni, Sleighs and liar ???y'J'ttoptaM at Ken a Htallca, 4? and 61) Monro* street, ?u Saturday 2&d ln?t, at IOWA. M , by order of the Hberlfl, ""j'Iw!1*?" _.n> .#n whloh 0% ?o sale will U* p> rornfU/iy Md the property delivered. I OKOKUK W. COOK, Plaintiff'! Attorney. TIT 1U JAM WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL BULL TT thin day, 111 h taut. , by virtue of a ohattel mortgage, at 10)4 e'clock, at 67 Cortlandt atreet, the entire Furniture of the hotel, ooaalating of Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room And Klteben Furniture; also Bar and Bar Future* , alao the Fur niture of the Dining Saloon, Table and Bed Line n, I0U Table Clotb?, S00 Sheet*. Spread*, Towel*. Napkin., china, (?la?? and Silver Ware, Ac. By order^if Paschal s. Leonard, At tarnev for mortgagee. The above sale la postponed until Monday, ?tth lnaU PASCHAL S. LEONARD WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL BELL, ON Friday, 21?t ln*t.. at 10\ o'clook, by onler of assignee, 300 velvet and cloth Clodk*. alao SO toxes ol Rllilxtni Hon- | ?eta, Lace-, Show Ca*ea, Iron Sale, Dealt, Sewing Machines, Oaa Fixture*, Oilcloth, Carpet*, Tablta, .->tuV" and St WW Fix- I turee.also an Invoice of rtfl*er Plated Jewel: y, large Mirror, | Ac. By order of RICK ARD MOKK It, A? NigllUO. No () . t f ponement. | D?TM. imi'lii, MJCTIONEKI? WILL SFLL THIS TT day, at 2 i Iik k it IM i cinol atrecl, .ill the grnte< I fur niture, Ac, ol' .i , hoii-c, nipriMiin Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room .ml Ki r:> ? ? n I'urnltur.*. Xc , the whole compris ing a fine and ti < umilj u*e X\jTM WITI I 'IIS, AI tmONKER? WILL CONTINUE tt bla *al<- t li '. ?* morning at 10', o'clock, and throuithaut the day, comprising overtWO Lot*, wbl> h will be aold to |uy advance*. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER ? WILL SELL THIS day, at 10k o'clock, at 464 Canal Btrwt, all the genteel Furniture, Ac , of a large bouae, comprising a full a*aoi twent for housekeeper*, atorea. Ac. TVILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER ?EXECUTION TT *ale tbls day, at 1 1 o'clock at the auction rooms, Vo 4 Eaat Broadway, eonalatlng of a large a**ortment of .lewe.ry, fold and diver Watchee; alao. Fancy liooda, U unilornhlrt , able t'lotbx, Hocka, How, Comba, Cutlery ROBERT STAN WOOD, Constable. LOST AND POUND. CAMF. INTO MY POSSESSION ? A NEWFOl'NDLANl) dog. By applying at 172 Yarick atreet, tho owm r c.m have blm, by paying expi nae*. Found? \fink white setter doc the owner can have nlm by paying expen*c?. ??t Third avenue. A DRAFT FOR fl.WO. Fraji^Ucolhy ? T OST?A DBA^' nt A ,.0 i0iade at >an rwlW SJHTII. T OPT-ON THE MORNrNO OF THE I9TH IV tup Lost? a i>aroi: dark coixired pocket book. tied bv a white India rubber bund,'alning b<'Ud* of aale for carbonised burning fluid The flnd-r will be reward I'd by leaving the aame at 4,6 Broad wa y . IOST? A BUNCH OF KEYS, ON A STEKL RINti. Till: J Under will !>e rewarded l y leaving th>ni at the Reade atreet door of A. T Stewart A Co, ?. Lost? near twelfth street and fourth ave nue, a black Setter l?(.g, mai ked wlih t;iti on hi* leg* and lower Jaw, and white a|- t on hi* brea?t. Had on, whenTi ?t, a ihain collar, niarked "Willie. SftStWTeaant atreet" He la highly prtred a* a rhlld'a t*-!. and any one returning him, or giving lnfi rmailon leading to hla discovery, will tie large] , re. warded. Aqy one detaining him knowtuglv after thla p' cation ? ill be aever- ly dealt with. Leave Inlurmatlou at ai Hiujrveaant streei. nesr Second avenae. STOLEN? ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. BETWEEN 5 and 6 o'clock, from R Harris A Bon'*, 729 Headway, a larRe black CtW Frame, cuitalnlng pr ie m UN from eihlMti.ina, with the name of Ontel* written In the middle. A lll.eral reward, and no qu< i.l|on> a?k. l, to any .,n? who will bring it to the dlre< il< n alx ve *|>eetfied RKWAKDM. dbr REWARD ? LOST, ON Tt'EltDAY, INTH INST.. A >*?) little white Pwdle IK?g answers to th ? ol BUly; bad on a blue euiUr, i* nh brlla. riie .t 'ov i ewaid will bo l ?ld on the del. \ .ry > ?f the dog at Mr. John Mi K' ever * lli|Uo: ?ior> voinul I'.Un and Walker si I-.U, &0/J KEWARD-IAKEN KIIOM DAVID Ml 1,1. Ill* 0 ? ' ' Mv^f* 'h Hotel, n tha night <.' \V? diii'tday. It'* I.I, 1JA1, a bay Mare, a .ut lft?, band* limb, ? ;mn>; la i >?)?% f ? ? knee altiu li< <i to i\ mju i. c '"'X W.i <ii, I Town ?>>?!/, r?-<l v hiti>, sit h<m1 with ?>!?? V . rtshi ahai t iimVnn, I'ltlfalo ?'* u and new I'hu* I'l-Utkct By iptiinri.* tlii' vim* to th? iinler *ifiri (1 lh'' hi "?c reward will I <? p.u<! Jd^l l ll i i.lil, Astoria, yuoeiw county, N. V. ^4>" KKWA R f>? STOI.KN, ON TIIF, lVTII DAY OF ? _?) I >. r*iiii ot , from the door "i the ?n'-<r.lw,r, 'ne eli* -i tiu\ llon-e ,<?)' I'UlH, with a miiaJI white i|K>t on lore t ???.??, ?!'. ? biiteher'a fmt, ? th th name en. Tw.-nljr (l>o dollar* reward will he paid lor the rroniery of the ?m? 1 i.udin ^ n i? kmmi;klis?;, iv ?nd ?vi i:.??t F mnh ?tre<!t M*t?n+1i I ?nd !?ee<iud avenne watrh i> i ih, i, m ,t .. > allied ,m a p-lic PRnHUKAL. (lRAKI.Es HOl'sHiN IS KNOWN' TO HE AUT1 J !,?( blm ? inniuiiK ali' with hiealRii-ted wlft A lon'j M? in ?i>. bit will I* fotyMhn tod torgnen. Adlioaa n In i rim leu ber. Hoivro* -ii the win-: w?o ad\ kk timed re* tirdin I* Kr- Aynea n, frm S-.'UikI, l?t her lull cm Mr < barle* t'ii? ?rd . 14 I'lue atroat. INFORMATION WANTED? OF MAROARRV WfLMAM 1 and Martlet Donnrllan. from HU k>r.nb-?, ne it Lough rta. eountv tialwar. In Und, liv tbelr ate".'?, M ,t , a-,n and Murgwn DOMellnn, who arm id In the *hlfi Vl|ii, oath. 13ii Ictat . anU are now *to, i In* Mu 10 R aaUltift ? -tr... ? I T Y.? DO CALL At THE RROADW AY POxf OFFICE I, lor a letter ?oou an you ?oo Ut It D % A lauolr J ? A .V r IIEISE. FRIEND OF OI'HTAVDR t. IIRBBK, ej (rom Hita klii lm, b mui 'iiil to rati *i>. m homo gu -4 uewa at John t' WUte ?, Rj? CfcMAbera mi*ct. \|R U'DER#ANMtHAM It Al.r.N;u;t K FROM Vi:.iK i*l aat. Kill p.e??e . all at t'aorhnom A ii"b?ln>, M 81 Wen ? Ml ', *b?'ti' be wtU bear of good mwi rUITIIIKtii ABETTER t IIAN* K STILL Full liDIK* AMI ?RN t:? m-n to warn rl Mirtr e??l off t lutlni.n into ra?h , fnnn $4 in *:iu fur m k dreaaoa frm $T u. |l2lur rwatn. fn ni II t #4 ).nni?ai..| ?? ?t?; a)?. f mnlturi- and . ?rp. m n .ugiit. !' ? a?' eat!l < n "T adilrea* F llarrfn. l/?> ~ r. nth an uiir near 1 ?enty nnrt ?tr*< t L>i Ilea atleinlrd by Mra llarrta. A FARK rRAJTCl F??R AND 0KVT(JtMRN J\ t.. itniv. it ti etr <aat off ' K>(titiii[ Intu i aali - Cr- m i 1 'I | aM f'ir nl!k 4rrMe<; frm $.1 1<> $ 12 f- re *1* fr m fl to ?t rnf I?au and rente Al? ., tiimiiuri <ivt r?rp. u b n?l>t Mmmi (All M or MMM H Mliii> Hu TV Hlath arc nu", tie I- '?B K?bib ati et and Wsvtrx > plaio. UiK'> Httend.?1 b* Xt Mint/ Avolli ItEINO It'MllWtl). I.ADIF.t AND <?EN tNnirn, by falar pe i' nd^r* aad e#li at r.|k? r.r ail tr-M a t n liTi?atl "ll ll <rrla MR Rowery. There y >u amy hi> mr? u> itUin^f ?.f yi nr <a?t >ft ' intbtntf, f'lrnitttn-. carp- 1* and ty at ? fair ptiee. and not be hum1 ujwd aa il .ae t y 0!ter> ? i >i k dr??e??, fftn $7 t $? f'> ?l ti tU.f r |aMA fn oi b> and upwartl* 1^1,. * pun tnaliy ?tt< i d? d t " ? y Mt? liarri*. 3t8 B-mrf , oppo iu* rimrtb +o i On at #rineaatn?>a. AlOT OF ANB OENTfS- t'ANT OI F t urrii lug wanted ?!?<> t'arfet# Kurmlari' and Jawetry A ? I pa) fi?) Ml rent miff than an* other d? A not.- t.y -t Kjh tual y aUrnded to t>y H . ISA He*enth avvn ie. hetwe^n iHNntii eit4 Twentle'b Mreet., I.adir, ationdeil to ny Mr*, t ' A QIARTITY OF t'AHT OKF CLOTIIIMO J\ Wanted, to flu n|> id<r. fmtn ibr Went Mr-t r.i a*> alii lie iltren. and <??h tmi.1 in eiiren! moner. Ar ii'y m JAMh' MoRtiNRV. 411 Pear! utrret, nnt fnoek t ? t'batkam. ORRAT DEMAND Ff?R THE WRsTRRN MAR k?U IaiIk - *nd r atlemen- W >aved. a .ar*i quan>l<y 1 1 ff ('!? .tln>i?. K urtotoie, Carp. ? ami .fawclry, Ar. T ?ft ? - ruaraalee to pay tlie )>e-?t ptio? ? In the r \y lly note l.y pi ?t to M Al-Mham. Rlt Ni rent!i ?*a?Te, ' etwnan Teinty tilth a I Twenty alith ?(n"ta. will l? nuoci tally M ten?1edt.i. lAdir* atn oded 1 y Mr> A. O f!F AT DEMAND FOR ?^/milN -LADTF.M AND I entlem?n hotni nwy aaet off I'lrHhlnr. K-imitnre or ?? are maraatM <1 to r^-elre .i? follow I'inia fr'Tti f i _ . ( oata fmr i tl In tl". nnd Drvneafrom |l t ?ti Kor Rtieire and Mooll'n dree?ea the hl^lieai |-rti# will l?e pitkl He i ? tin* i n i- H tdreae ej A HalTta, 5r4l T ilrd areuue. l^tdk-i atK iiiJett by Mr* JlhriR ARETTKR AMD M PER WAV FOR LAIUF.S AND r?n?lrn n to get Ihi- hi?h?M eaah prlera for their r i?t off < le<Mnn, Farnltara, Cari' ta and J?w? lry, and not to tw hnrn. bur*, d hy great Ml. i* M a- nd a not* br poat to j Ariholt, Ml Huenth avenue, bei??^n Twntteth and Twnij f rat atresia, wMeh Will be pnnet inRy attended to f.adiea attended to by Mra. A. DKNTIMTRY. A RTIFD IAt TRUTH -RrAi nFEf, AND UPRtTAIf Jx tlal ?et? on put* "Itrer only 8 < on ftne fold and i>lntlaa, %7b nib her, | IS 'eeth fllled ?nd ef?raet#"i wlikout tbe towai p?tn , ?naerv<r arttflctal bone ttUliM, Tte Ail work warranted, at )M Nlitb aeenna, hrtweea Tenth and Elereritk atieeita. Dr. Ll'TIIKR. Dantiat. A RTIFICTAL RonR FtLLlNfl FOR DECAYED il tcrllli PW la while aoft. wUhmit v<re??iirw or pnln Ai-h hut lee i k or mere aballa can be fliied with It br the dlaenrerar. .IAMEh I KJUKHI.N, M D. Rewored oK.? Bro.. laay, ne*i aereetern'h afreet KATNt.RSB TOOTH EXTRACTION, WTTflOCT TTIB MlM tHWffaHA eiecirvtiy, or any <tap|fyta? a#>nt._ RRTMRL kaa lately Itwnlaf and patented an annaratna for the palaleaa eitr*fl?na of teeth and aoimpa Toatlmonlala eertlfyin* the same from perarma of hl?h p--?ttlon. may Iw aeea at Dr. R. 'a ratdArai o. AntlV lal Teeth, with all hla kMt patented in.prorrmenta T"?lb f illed. Termaiow Ki#*A RoM Mraet, ror?er of Bowery Plea** iin? the bail with ?r, Bethti ( MUM OR. BOAR DIVO A5TD Looono. Tl I MAM AM> WIKK DRMRES BOARD ABOTR irk it freet, wrrl of Froadway, Is a kenae ?r.t .ii.jrovi ni' nl* Term*. ?? luiWeg evervtkiag not to ui* d $i0 per mouth I referenoea glwn and ? rquind AfMrtea, with full |art;ru ar* and prloe, llart, U?* A ISO Ht raid efll< e A 6KNTLFMAN AND HIS WIKF. ARE DESlRorfl ^ 01 (iHk urlug Hwrd In a Pre nek family or bearding ki uw, eltker in thin city ar Brooklyn. Addrcaa J. ? , be* 1,*W real oilier . _____ | A LARGE, A I.My A SHAM. ROOM TO LET, WITII !'? urd, furulahi d ar unfnruUbed, a> Kali e f. r a farnl f I 11 elBgle mmm; houae flrat c ana. and Irrrai ?i derate In q litre at 1 1 > l,i iii.ri. ii avenue, ouruer af Thirty Aral atreet. AN ELERANTLY FURNISHED ROOM >U(D BED- ! raom. in a amall pruate faail y, will bo ?T*ed t.' two , ?Ingle gentlemen Urn. He comalna tke modern ImprofiuirDiri. , Apply at 86 Amity atreet. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE TWO ROOMS WHICH ' they will let with Poanl, to iwo e^Turne re^pecta' e la- I dim, or a gentlen.aa and kin wife; refereuoe* given and re I quired Apply at 18 Weal 21it ai, AN ENTI RE SECOND STORY.KEaR UNION Syr ARE, aonalaUng of three furaiahed Ream*, which Will be let either ?eperate or together, to two gentlrm< n, wllli bieakfaM If derlred. In Ike iioune of a private family. Apply at .15 East , Seventeenth atreet, near Irving plaae. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT A Hl'IT OF WELL f urnithnl Room*, on the aerond floor front ; alao a tingle l.'ooni: Board if deoired; hath. Ran, te , In the boose. A r t ' i y ? 66 Last Twelfth (treet, near Rioadway. A WIDOW LADY, BATON A LARGE AND HAND nomely furnished bouae, with more room than nh" re quire*. will let a Tew Rooma, wltb or without limn I Apply at 127 Faat Thirteenth t-lrecl, two block* from Broalway. AFRKNt H FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STY I.E, WILL let a pleoaant Parlor mid Bedroom, on aeoond floor, fa. lug aoulb. Ki.UhI.1b for a gentleman and wife. Lneelioa n'url nlon aquare. Term* $2fl per week (Jos and tire in eluded. Addn>*R Herald offii e. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE TAN BEACOOMMODA ' t? d with Huud wln-re the comfort* . t a home nuiy be enjoyed. Apply at 'IC'J Ninth avenue, near Thirty third ? ? A LARGE FRONT ROOM TO RENT, WITH ROARD, for the winter? To one or two *l??le gentlemen; as> atiinall ball Bedroom on ?ame floor. Tim kouae I* tlrat ''Una and dexlrubly lo<i*ted. Dinner at 9 o'clock. Apply at 30 W?< twelfth atroet, near fifth avenue. k LARGE RA<"K PARLOR TO RENT? FUR VISIIED, J\ on the flrnt llo> r, to gentlemen only, at 7<KJ Broadway, Between Eighth and Nluth itrwa. I A WELL FURN1SI1ED ROOM -WITH OR WITHOUT Board, gas and grate, In a very urnall geateel hnuae 1 witheut children, uueiceptiouably aituatcd, between Madi-'?n square and Fourth urenue. Inquire on pteonlne', 30 ?u*t Twenty-fourth atreet. A PLEASANT ROOM TO LET? Olf 1 HE KEi OS !? ' Uoor; lurnl?hed nr unfurni*heU. ulao Hiuid (or ? yiitniR lady. Re'erenecn given and required. Apply at 1*7 ' For*yth atreet. AM MBEU OH- PLEASANT SINtlI.E ROOMS, WITH Board, euitulil* lor Ki'n'liMni-n, at tl West Fourteenth aliect, b?-twt'?'n Hfth ana Klith avenum. A GENTLEMAN <>R GENTLEMEN CAN FIND PLEA s?nt R(x)m?, with Bon id, l.y uppiylnp at S5 W?'?t Tw t ' ti ?tri'et, between Fifth and Hlith avenue*. Ditinoi at ti o'clock. Het iTence re<|uired. AWEIX Fl'KMSHED FRONT ROOM ^Nl? RED room on third floor, aUo a large Hedroom, w nh lire plaoe, to rent to gentlemen, l>y a priviiu- family ooeapying ? large, vl i-ai-ant houee, 42 I'niverelty place, one block "rota l)r?wi way. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN MOST COM PORTA RLE ntyle, In the vicinity of Union nquure, I* deelroua of hav ing two genteel und agreeaiile ladie* to R aril: fine aceomtno datlona, at * lair prtoe. Addreaa Mrs. lleecher, ?t*liou D. A CHOICE OF PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET? FI R niahed, Ina modem hoiiFe, wl'h hath, g??. Ae, Family email and private. Location centrnl and NnexeepUonalih*, not fur from Broadway. Apply at 42 St Mark ? place, rerun moderate. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY LIVING ALONE, HAS a furniahed Room that die Would let to a gentleman ami ladv, with ln'?rd for tin- ladv only Inquire ol Mr*. Wlllard, No. 149 Tin inpaon atr??'l, third IliK.r, over More. A SMALL FAMILY, WHO OWN A HOt'BE WITH THE modi rn lmprovrTnenla, w lah to let one large hands imety luri.lcheil Roi in and one en all Rin m, with Board, at Nu. ?I2 Mudim n street, between Jell rami and Clinton atrv> t*. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A FIRST CL\SS houae, Kl2 Km! Fourteenth ?tre< I. npjxielte the Academy of Muaii', would 'eta few elegant Parlors aud Bedroom* to famille* or ulegle gen'len en, with Board Dinner at -u o'clock. Refi'lenoc required A HANDSOME SI1T OF ROoMS. JfEWLY FURNISH ed, wltfc lietbroom adjoining, large ??nitiilie?, grateo In each room, with | art 1*1 or lull Roatd, to let to a few gentle men, < r a gentlerran an-t lady. Thla ia a good ippMuillf for thoae who wl?h a aeleet In. me I'leaae apply at 1J0 Laet Thirty lonrth atreet, near Third a\enu<>. "BOARD ?A LARCE ROOM WITH STOVE AMD OAS, J> for three gentlenien, $4; a ntnallei Boom, f.n two, $:t ?i n nice Roi ni for gem l< man and wife, f7 AO Two re?peet a) le adieu can he ae< ouuuodated i'MM t ill ai 66 Henry mrcet. HOARD? TWO oR THREE P.K FEr TABLE Vol'N'G ' men can be aceomn'odnted with | (? i-mnt an K'ood | hoetd. at 1 1 . in % ' to ?a mi week. AI?o two youtig !a lit ?*. A|?I ly nt 116 ?on stn ft. ;,1 BOARD ? 7# EAST SIXTEENTH STREET. NEAR tleorge'd chnteh ? front Rei-m and Room on i*.nl j l.oor, with large cl Mela, for a gem!* ..inn ,.!.d w itu or tw o ?.n- ! gle gentli mi n Refeicocc.? e?< hanged. Bf>ARD-FIVE OR SIX RESPECTABLE GENTLEMEN I wlnhmg to teiluce ei; i tioea e?n be no- imnwdaie 1 wi'h t-art *t Boi.mI at three dollar* per week In a genteel lamily 1 1 call, n e. n' i*l, coiivet ent to the eai - Atlatea* S I 6t Wall atlcet, I .m. meul. cat# ol J. t' I owteu e. B OARD -SEVERAL PLEASANT AND WI.f.T. F> R nikhed Ro< m . with I'. ard. at v. i 8} I 'lmtou place, tie ir th avtiiue. Dlunei at ai* o'cli ek. BOAP.D? FI.EASANT, WBX Fl UBIHIIED ROOM with panlrlr*, fla?, tint ?nil no!<l watar riiri, wlili Hoard licat'ri (Odd, tail (unveiii-tit U> r*r? and ?t >?: ??. |H 11 r nl (/ < i itck. tpj y at#l W > ?t Tasm; -all !i Mrwt. Boakd.-' to i<k r, with BOARD, AT i.; . < ono i, vi nn?, I- tv <N'ii Klflitli ||?1 Ninth <lrwii, nltvly fur nlili d ltiiorna, niulabb for arnOtnou >tid thi li * ivmi or g n i| lu n J.i?.iiHiii v< ry dt-ki.aMr. lilnmrai to'rlt*-k TJO \1!D.? A -MAI I FAMILY, imXH IV QOOO . in l rivmrnt. A flr?t Ham t.ilili" ?i,d ? hi'lho HI ? ri't* i ililn I rh Ai'f'K at No ? ??' ? l> I ???<? * pUu . atr- ' Ui ? ?rn Wuvrfif) i Uc< ?od l:i^hili BiiftrtiioiKiieq ; ?i .1 r> i|Ulr< il. ' i Board at m custom rutrF. -n >r.i> Boom* aultabla for Uniliri or Angle gautfaa?>u, whb ur j without Board. ai A Cllolon I'iae* _ Board down town ? oentlemev can rr \c i ? on oi(4atid wiUi ?'w>d Hotll with pkaaaat lt<.'i-,i?. ocmljr Ii.rnub'd. '????h ?ltli ?ir-- and 11*1. t 1 1 daalriad. for f i Si i wi-'-k, at ,W1 Orw-awK-h ?trn t, l>-t*f D Nortit Hoof and i ?? h. i Board in broai>wat( between twelfth and Thirterath atrrot*. htbn< location ia the city: b*i?? ftrat rlaaa; p.v, ??#??? all modern Imprm-mm*'; an '.lent i labia. Dmtn r at aO '. clock. Apply at .13J BfO d?ay. nOAHD IN HENRY BTRKT'T ? l"?Ti |{ sis.iLE OI\ tli-man or two i i mlamrn and tMf Klrrn can hat" rtin* n 1 uriilolt' it . n irfond floor, wlih gut, ttli ind n* *|-b cr*r? Or mfoi' of a hour In a amill ; rlvn Amariran Raf eiwnraa ?MBang|rd I>rtr* vet ) mixlcr* >?. Ap fly MR llniy MINI, MHlUlM. ' BOUiD WA NYBD? Bo ARJ) WWfED KoB ? ?.F Daman ar.rl l?ity. B'? I fortha lady only, Wia<|UWt I ? '(i'l borbood. A<idra*? .1 M . t o* I. Mi Foat oft <? Boabhno.-a few uentlv.*u.n can be aotov aodatad wtib hoard. Am ly at XI lle?t*r ?i , baton a fnrtoib and -ufliii *tr?~ U. "IlfiA RDlNti ?A I'RIV \ T1 > AMU Y . At oMM.t. Jj do' a (ntMau *"d wtfa m ' > -in,. with ? plaaam.i H "i" aBd Hoard, a: )ti Nlutu utri H, a tiw duora Wf-ai at Mr'*dway. Boardino-a rnvm vtno r wmn h\b/tm and ?rry rmip> r fai>a fam i r H< ?nl In a j>l???a?f I ? t allty. in a ?m?.I ?ad ?'rlctjy pfi?Ma faaMly, ? ?!?>r? hn run ' * avli ?or ?mmi<lai?l ami hara lh' ??imri?r(ii of . h l^ra Hy Iwiwrrn 1 onnh nn<1 fo?irti?ath md Baaimd aad H|?th avr.i'i?? Heardlnd houaa ti<>'*l n taaawcr. A'Kli With lull pwitn II art, <5 , lot 44 llet* d o?o?>, BOARD IN BROOKLYN? I.tROR FRONT ROOVfl, f><? ?utond *n<l ititrd *t<'ry , lonallon 4, '-mrrnkni lo il -i Hoatb aad Wall ?lr*i i f?nl< ? Trnot raaMMbla. i irfll ur. fourth d?a?r fr< va Atalty. ______ Board in Brooklyn -two twm omm.F.MF.s ran It c?ml<>rtaMy i ' mai ?Uu >1 a itb a p aaaant Ho it * nd *'? ?'I H "aril 1' < itlon p.i-a<i?nt aad i-on?r *nt to Dm I ftc*. bt.'iuirr at XJ lloyt atrrrt. Kcfaraiioa ciibaagnl. BOARM IN BROOK LI V ? A hi iT OP ROOMS on MS, r'l- I^?-?1I?. ?i'b Hoard, mn he I|*.I tn a ?r?irlt m i. wltli *!J ill' m <l*rn ia<pn<rriaruka. Appt/ at 2D1 CUatoa Board rv brooklvn,? a okntli m tv A.vr? w n <1 ainr1' palbwaia, mil liarn ) li?aaat K ? ma. With *??r* altcnUi ? in r> ? lort, ?? .W Hf** atr? ri nppnaNa W l"r(< a ? t.'i ?h, (l*i> Bill ira walk fioai .h lath ft-- ry, m <??>. ia*a. I'lnnrratrlt Hoard in Brooklyn? a oentlkm an ani? ihr *lf? (If ? f?w ?'!!?'? *' n'l^nfii <-V! < M< n Bid d u ihn honaa N<> 101 I.a* ? ?trr?t, Brooklyn Th uli iati n w ? nranlrnt to tba f>*m?-a Ta^l? food and tfrma mid ra'? OARD IN RROOKT.TN-A r.rvTf F?\v AND M*frR B r r Iwo a.rflr ptitlTnrn ma < obiaia j la* ?.t fr ltd Boot, ' Bomna, na th?- *??' ? ti<1 at I U lf^k? Mart, A*.- mlnat' a waik fr> m Wall or Huntb litty Rftrranaia rtr ian> d /1HRAF FI BBIRHKD RftOBW, AT TIIR PRAVKFOBT V III iiaa, r. rarr oi Frankfort and William ??raata ? Oniat B>< MM frum II in k't par wi?k L"d? n?? fr m t&aaata t-. <f ?MPHkL OpM all Hbt. ?i'?d raaUm^nt a'fuobad. fM.F.OANTLT rTRM HRQ MOWR TO LET -TO -IT J *|i> rfn'trmrn. * t'b B *rd haaaa fliw ??!*?? |m V|. n f ry itrairali'a Al p y at 3I? Waal I II t.-. nlb tl.tfj, a--*' Fifth imar Fur NCI! BOATD-OVE or rvro OENTMWI' N r>AN t r an or mi -lat' d * lib a wall fnml-hrd room and I oard ia a r n n- b UrM y rraidhif at T> ara. prBNfsnED BOOMS TO LET? TO GENTLE ' without i oard, at No 4 load aiu- t Fcbntmiifd afabtmfyt to LET-wm? rlBE rr rr?iulri d. trnna moilrr.i'a; would taH* a child to'-oarl, on whim laratilal rm'f will h? '^nwad. Api'ly at #4 M ayna ?ll??'t, Jarary rity. ________ V'RNISHKD ROOMS ON FIRST FLf?'B-i -ovmsr r lB?'f front Parlor. Bad t haraVr t^d Hnaala, l?M, with prlraia Tal k* <* wlthont B^ *rd. Tarma modrraM, at Ml F' nrth alroat. n?ai tAlaytl^ r'*^ F I VVRirtHftlft BOO MX TO MT -TWo IjIRoR RfKIMfi, I wl'b atotaa, MHat>h> far iwo (Trnllrnan aarh, <1 $i p?r wfrk , alan, a Bonai at ?1. Api ly at JH '<r-i-ui? Irtraat tfl RNlRHRD Rt?0*?T0 LET -A PARI-ORAND RBD I r*v%t?, i? tktrd *? "r ?? p rarnlahid aad eonn?i" I ? > atlgyfcJ:r.h'r^*,">'", T,rBMl- A""y FCBBIaffBD ROOVa-A LABOR FaRI>>RAND RED mnm attasbrd, <n ?WM Apr, In bo M taa^hT m aaparaulv, to i?ntkatan ?rlr Tba r ?.?a ara hindanm- iv famiaiiad Braakfaat glraa II daairad An ly al (1 fftlTTfci l B9AMISO A. WD LOMBIC. ^ VI KM SHED ROOMS TO LUTEIN KOiiKH H, WITH r lu three minuua' walk of Pun ? r t aiharine ferry. The hriiw !? la a beautiful location, the r? ma are e Imh and imforatle F.urta. Room* on tho a ud #<?.r fnr$ M t'?r iii> iiib, 01 Bouio* ma iot$b pei m -nth. Apply at 17 Prone i treet, Hr ..kyti. MAIm.N MKV HI I K (iO. 70WKST THIRTY ElUHTH atrect. e.. t ot Broadway? To let, elegantly furniahed, ti> ?*?#> fentlemen ortamliiea* <>r **|?arat* Room*. c< n IB' u ie<? pttou Parlor k>nuiii<iit In naacment Kant pavaHe quarter'* In ; a? ,.nre (Invariable rule). HuMM*, flrai elaaa. four alory. 'rown atone PRITATE BOAPP IN HHO(,*.YN-A KKW MNUIJI *entletnen, or one or two f iiuMe., .van ?.<? aceove modated with front or I'flck Rocir.a on MM-nmi floor, fnrnlabad, with full Bi ard a< Jtl Suit* *treet, near lluyt aireat. Pleaaaat lo cation Terma tnt-dei ate. TWO HANPPOME I, A ROB ROOMS ani> ONF. SMALL l'i i m wall fwml?bed. wlth*u* and ftre, f>u- Mngle gen tl.n en. In a amall I rvai* family. Apr y at aft Prloao street, a few door* weal of Broadway. TO 1 FT? AT I""!) VARTCK PTPEFT -PINOI.F. ORNT1.B rt' n <*n l ' aw. n m. doled with good Hi* ai? (furniture M w for $1 mid f 1 '-'3 per week, g?? included. TITANTFP-BY A OESTLEMAN ASV BIB WITH, V? Rnard In ? private C,i man family, up town, for wbleh a g < d remuneration will fce paid. Addreaa A. K A., box ,<*'? I'oat office. \lrA*TVP-A NFaT AMERICAN OTRI. CAN F1NB ?' Foard w th a widow, In return for coioa plain aewing. Inquire at I.W Broadway, tbli d <!< -<>r above Twenty-a??enth ?irret, ierond floor. Q ABINC.PfN SOFA RE, CORNFR OP rtPDROlf ANI> a_ Hark ?tiarin ? nnr ma wl'h P a d. mltahla for fanMllaa and geailemen. Car* and mage* pant iteferenca* required. Q1 IIENRY PTRFET ? A PPOVT PARLOR TO LET TO f > I g (?.?ni'. man an.l wl'e with Hoard: a!?o llnomi for two inw'o gentlemen. Apply at .T1 Henry fttreet, near i atharlne. A * WRST TWENTT FOFRTH fTRKRT? FT' RNIRHRD I ? I Rev m?, wltb.Boftrd, I'.jr prntlrmni only, naar the Fifth A v?nne Hotrl J J WFST TU FNTV Fot'RTn HTRF.FT.? FFRMTPHFD l'i P. < iiik, with Board, for uili-men only, nonr the Fifth Avrnre Ilotal. U? ?T<T TWFVTV FOFRTH STREFT RFTWRBW > T fill nn.l * tut Vi ?ran'i? ? ? \ Parlor with Bedroom at larhnl. on ml flrer front fnrnMied. "an I e had on reft aonaVle tei ma In the a' ovc ft rut clan house. J Q INI ON POfAPF, CORNER OP ^FVENTF.FNTH 't atreet and Fonrtli avenue ?A ramilv ai?<i ?tfx?ir ran ilrmen may obtain deairfttle Room- ? ? h Board. Il< ferrnoo letjuircd. ?r?r MAPIPON AVF.VM'E. CORNFn OF TAVF.NTY 9E ? veiiH) >tieet ?Ple?f?ni Rooma with Roard. fort'enile n en and their wlvoa; alw for ?in?le gentlemen, on reaacn* I le term*. HQ ORBF.NF. K TRF FT. AROVR PPRIVO? AIJTOH ?'?> lliMi>e ? K'etrani'v furnlalied ?nlf? of Room?: p??. '"ro lon ?rd PTerr <ni tim lenre for hivii?ekeepln|t a<v?nomleftllV ; parti< u'arly aunah e i? r .<timll racpertahle lamlliea or alnnie gentifnien. Rent low to permanent tenants TOO VM^O'. AVFNTF ?A OK.NTI.FMAN AND |??w wife r n find at ihetr dlfpoaal a h?nda> me unit of Fo. ma tn ii iorid floor, with Board, In a flrat riaaa private tiouae handar mely located Beat of referenrea given and re qulred. Al?o a Room for a single gentleman. PRINCE BTREF.T. THREE BI.OCKP WE?T Of 1 1 )' ' Bro?dway.? Pleaaant Roonia, with eioellent Board, tri m to per week. Breakfaat lrom to >. Dinner ai 12 an.l 6 IOC WOOKTFR PTHFET-TO I.ET, TWO nAIO? | ?)? I fomely fumlah?1 front Bedr. . un, with gaa, for iln gle gentlemen. Reference* exchanged. 1 Off F.IOHTH STREET, OPPOSITE CMNTON .11 AU. ? J iff ) Furiilahed Rooma to let. auital'le for gentlemen aa<l their wive" or aingle gentlemen, with or without Board. Term* re??on?ble. Reference* < xcl..infed. T?>7 F IO II TH STREET. THREE DOOR* BART OF I ? ' I Broadwav ? Klegantly furniahed A p?rtra?n It for |an ? t emen and their famlliea, or alncle gantlamen, wlth .r wlifc < ut Ix aid Diunei at all. Refereoora requirwL 1?r/? PRINCE- HTRF.r.T? ST i-J.AIR HOPPE ? BLB ? )l) can'lv furniahed Room-, with or without Raanl, for i-lngle gentlemen only. M MuLLOY, proprietor, late of the Clarendon Hotel. 91 A KI M STREET. NEAR "PRINO? MARION IIODRB. S I ' ? Nleel* furniahed A| artmat,' <, arranxe I for pennomi ml hoiiM-keeplng. n|<h all threonveulen .-a, Including rooking u'en>l!a. Iieat liedtling, gfta, water, Ac. Rent low to re?pect? Me te nn lit* (\ I ^ ANn M RROAPWAT (CIJ NTON HOUSE), OVRB UTO Mendl'a ?al':on. Fleia t ult. of ttoom" for gentle men, new fumltiire, heda ami t-djing, and all Jit eonre nlenoe?of a fliatcla.* house. 7Q I BRtUMWAY, OPPORtTl W AYTRLEY PI.ACE |?>'l I ii rjfe aul'xol Parloraw.ih Bedroim* ftttat.ed, on tie aeeoiid (loo. . to k t *o a party ol i-etiliemen, at verv low 1 1 j . <? will or without Board t| p?y to 1 HOMPsON A ITR CEI I , Superintendent*. POL.ITI?-^K. K<1II WARP ? *T AS Bf.f ' rTON IIFI.P IN P RSf ) an. e ?( the i all i I he i il" lo ll?r?l ?'ou?niltU>? i.i Tammany llall, e I he evening of the 191 h of De.-?W>er, at the . oi nrr . ' vei . rt. . street a imI Ninth avenue, the iollow li.g ti ket r>- < (v< it ? rrajorlty o' n e i oiea . aat:? nrMratl CflnaiTTKK. I- Hjah Ward, l>rn*t I Ite *r\ Ml^tiet Oairood, Kdw d J. Donnel'y, Johi II M'V mm. J?me? II art la tor* . ?"*?? rivjwirfv* t( I n P >*eCrisor, l> c ? it i.t>Ve. Itich'd Ponah.?r'y l.o' crt Oiatil, Thia. * I'lttnoio, P. \ . Fr< mau * i tin < ? ?a*!" M ?tared O'laMi, Fdw?rd III. k* v, .'fin. - Grifirv, U i.'. niworlh.l I. ,rl. . I ' ,UllP M.K.a, l n ci I T U' l i.iM'huMilV n. P n I k V. Anile, Pr! del' M> ., Tloi.i Bac.y, i'ktiip I leer, pnW I ii.i PhlHp Ci ? ? ,? II ei i 1 Vep. rtj ,? IMrn, F.vanDaM <i !??re ng, Ed" aid k>.lj*, H.o Mea-I. Id? "rd W"Mi, Wm. lar^, Jo^ph pteeo# Id i l< I M< ad. Ward t onmiltlee l.r ve pii > rr ?>? fid viranci'*. JliahPII I'IKKl K. t FI'W t RTi HP'XBY, f i pe ' "* I. W i.AMH, > ?" *"*"? ?"**"" *" * T ? rn W AT^O - TlfF. VKVH! PS'^rTTT F I I I f.l< n < i?th nof ih^^>v#*rit- nth ward him r*?jiii *u*d tit n r ' *h' ' l ? ?*d p *rt r* If^s Hall, tint triictay) fVMiirtg at 7'4 o'clifk Kv n THOMAS IfKTT.I.Y, * haim a? protcra. fhrf.vK^Tk? I!o?l?r^^ h' rp? tiiry pr?? t*w zw", -",'r ii;.;. ward, ?ln J i n 1 ? ? 1 1 if' 1 1 1. ?1 ? i riiimr ? ?4??ii'in K?-iil n aalil w ?; ?!. ? ?i "A ill, . ?v, i , c pi h d ,.\ of Dmvui1 ? r IMn. b?two?a II ? I] hi a of ?(i and ??igt't In ih? * *r*mi t ??mm *, i-nrrwr ? f 1 I <rt'?tb r l|. l>| 411 I ? | ill ht I ? | >141 ' Til In h' *11 of *1 * I'm ? nil- t i. r. l 1 tmalt tka following U< ki t ?aa Uiih i .? 1 1><4: ? ?.t *?? II r< H'TIH, IVn B N.J. Watt nfjr, John I!. Had;, t I hew i? Mi< ouiM'll '<'tn )ff<'iMk W ilium fVjufcoy, ' : n Hunt} mix. mi rommrmr lM*ard f?. k> r. ' wph Prrndlbta, PatrVk D?r in. ?<?? r?r li< , burs, liii ??<??!??, Jthn W. W. ?. n, l>. nlnak t.jnv h ? >i ' < tami ' Ur Pl'T Hi t? . ? ? ? t?. r .* ? 'hi riY Ktrr*r.?, A .??*?? d< r MalTllr Pa 'hnir m** llttrli? It ? . h <la u?h . !r Dint - i miT? Hi ttry inb J II MM FlMi?gmi .'i PiMI HM I , i ? ,, ri I i? I'atr,. k To n ? bold Muni? Mm II W l! bi nimrdltiafi Itn I t ? I an ik IU'iIMmM Fn'? M' M'tikfD. Andrrw Bun lb?m?? -< Vii h?|l, llrn . * 1 in It lln ,i jii. i ? foki 'Wnrnn inim llaaalor, Ad.m i lr?? wiiv k 'ohn shat*. I dwarti Hr phv. ihI>i*t-W"i I Ink l'rt?r Iml'-wlil, Thnnu Ctum, * 'i 1 i<4>, *'l 1. ri - r- o) Ttii I> r ? *!<?? lrrfr??r Pr-'i-man. Pairi a Fill ? ii '-k Vi 'rll ilir-i ii rhur * JaBM* tii ' . i Maik, I ? ? nil.', ' im? Magiilnnaaa, John BtMtt#rt Ibntni. a Phi-Inn (mi I'i-t ? J'H'jh flr-ntum, 1 "n'? W Bu U?j, Bernard K Mnrj hr HmniiT m-r ??i Vijih ,i,i t, r ? tut ?? ?? ? I, 1 i'i . -lain, Patrick IM'anii, J 'III M. ,1. MJrl ?H llm l? ? V' Wl ' i r>. i ? , j MTfr?,Thom?> k (?ftivg* I'w'i h*f. I>I i l> tw < ! d"? in I> b?>?. 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In ??'la?fn f?i i?.i t?- 1 Mfnl i-lar 1 n^ar N#V h I k v I *f|.!y to I IKI.n A Mi l.KA> aix-tloiMwra, pa. t Its* a?rf?i aitwi to nvkr- v i'i>i-iir.i) non?K 1, Sulk avanitr i?d l?t?i n I. ini .ih ant Tiiln* . , k?ir*. 'a. r nl 1 g< ??*< d IHI<. a inaaulatlh i'?.rt? mill, a anal) umltr Addf ' K. W . Il. rald oflUw. Y\ \nttd-.iit a i \r?r, a ?? A5tt?r Fit rook ?*rr?? ft unrm'.Bi rhi.'ik Inc; ? wi'i j* a umilr pr? r|T"1 AUrHi Wittl t#Iti?, M. L, ho* 1UT III rr I ? f 1 ' *?r*i lut \i-\nt?p '-1 v ,.,-d with rnvrrrtjci vr ft k ?" K ' u nl Iwo B-d lone "fit fir 1 r mimth ? tm (' 11 II:, rf n, Broad ?aj I'oat o(fl<-r, ti-rm* and :? vio? A\ ?,xTrn- t r 'Hnw vrtv rr'ntmirn si it or , , K-vira,* hartiuf ? -'* Tin* In a ???*!! ri a', f, mllT 1 1 a r ??""*?" wlfN Am-?rW*<ia ? ?4 V ,1 i? hi h tin ?? N- r<aa< i.abla, ||ora?w. ?*# w A Kl BStTt llR. BFJ'P' '"tt -fir or KHVMRI.t.RD ftRMTlRR iCTM m ? 1 ooi. ra, of warraatrd laaaiifa^ar. a ?... ?p . 1 : 1.111' ' fMilia, plain aid rnaan> aw-d, at II V. 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