Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 24, 1860 Page 1
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T H E N E Vv . WHOLE NO. 8873. MOltNING EDITION EEK HERALD. MONDAK, DECEMBER 24, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE NEW ENQLAND DINNER. K evolutionary Banquet at the A*tor House. The Great Political Question of the Day. A Little Plain Kpeakins on Hotk Hide*. VIEWS OF THE VARIOUS NATIONALITIES, A Midnight Speech from Sena tor Seward. CONCILIATION, NOT CONCESSION. SIGNIFICANT SQOINT AT CANADA AND M?XIC0. Reception and Speech of the Vice President Elect. Speeches of Wm M. Evarta, Rev. Dr. Hitchcock, D. D. Field, Biehard H. Dana, Wm. C. Bry ant, the Presidents of 8t George's, St Andrew's, St. Patrick's and the Old Dominion Societies, Judge Pierre pont and Judge Balcom, a*.* fcii, tc? Tho New Eugiaud Society of this city cclebrat- d its flftyDfth anniversary, and the two hundred ami fortieth ?f the landing ol' tho Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth Ro?-k, by a grand dinner at th'j Astor House on Saturday even ?K. Tho great event of the day ? the pec<-ssion of South Carolina ? overshadowing as it does all other questions, gnve to this reunion a political character. The virtues and peculiarities of " the fathers " were forgotten for Ui> occasion, and all thoughts were turned to the serious question of the hour. As the speeches all turned upon it. the affair may not inoppropr lately bo termed a Rcvolu tioiiary Rin pet. The attendance was not so largo as usual. There are generally from two hundred and tlfty to three hundred tickets issued for the N'ew England dinner, b it not more than one hundred and tlfty were disposed of <>n this occasion , and Dot even tnat number of persous were pre sent. Invitations had been extended to. and efforts mad' to procure the attendance of, distinguished men In allpirt* ol the country ; but for some cause or other ? most proba bly the present uniH?p*H?.rify of New England ? tlioee efforts were unsuccessful. 1h. ro were not half a do/.?n guests present, outside of the members of tho society nnd the prer ident* of faster societies. letters of dse'ina tion had been received from President Rncl.auan, Senator Seward, John Minor Botts and other distinguished men. Among them one from a prominent ^luth GtroHiuat'; leit as the f iitimetits which It breath. st of devotion to the I'nion are not at present acceptable in that latitude, th Committee of Arraug 'meuts. from prudential motives, d? dined to mak the letter public, or the name of the writer. It was instructive to listen to the commentaries indulg ed in while th.' gentlemen were waiting for dinner. Tin parlor was crowded, and the guests in small group* dl< custcd tho secession movement in its various ptitse* although, sooth to say, there was but one feeling of en tire condemnation of the whole proce?-ding. The matter ?f the Charleston forts, whether they would be defended or surrendered, aud if defended and taken, tho terrible feeling which th<- fa?-l would arouse throughout ttic free States, was the most prominent theme. Next to it wa> the barbarous t rest men t to?h!ch Northern Dv n have been subjected in Southern Stale*. There was no measure of condemnation t>X) strong to ap P >J to those inhuman acta. As to the matt.T of the reve nue, the plan most favored w?S the issuanc. of a proclaaia tsui sns|s iMiing Charleston as a port of entry. There Was Dot much talk of any other kind of cocrcton. This wt* Aeenifd the m?*t simple and feasible plan. As to au< State publishing tinnl independence of the general u '* ernmei.t, the thing was generally regarded as too t*id )? rons for senous contemplation. Rut the announcement that dinner Is on the table is mn>l< by the popular h<?t of the .utor House, Mr. Stetson, and the .tests file in and take their chairs at the board. at which they stand till grace Is said. The Rev. Mr. Frothimhan old' lata*, and also says gr:ice after meat. It Is super fliious to say that the dinner was sumptuous, and the ? uies delicate and in libers] profusion. Stetson always does those things no incotu|iarahly. HI'KECU or WM. M. K V ARTS. Tbe rloth having l?een removed, augurs lightnl, ami in. lien admitted In tbe opaie t-ehind the table of honor tbe President of the .Society, W*. M. Rvabb, tutroduoe t tb<- intrllei portion of the banquet He repre*ente.i lli. society m being In a ttourtf hing condition, un<l [*o reeded ? I belie* e Ibrit at no time did we feel more ooutldet*'. ib the f>r iocI|4?m and *pirtt of oar ano??tor* than we do now. (Affkaie.) It le now two hundred and fort) year* Mi re the flr-t foot?tep w i* planted on the lh* l? of Plymouth of that maje-tic I'ower which, with ?nintrrmpted and unimpeded career, tut* march. <1 nrro* th<- continent. till we. their descendant.*, look out geaward ?>n the wiling ii&, aa the 1'ilgnm* l-?A.-d out *eaw?rd on tbe riatng aim. (t-Tieera.) It ha* widened from thenar rem -trip of tbe New Ebgl.-tnd ?u4l till it i? now cotjiivd ?n one aide by the lirui atru.'turc <>l Li.gtixh p>w?T, orn1 oil the other by tbe crunilding anar' hiet of M'tico. Tin a'eriie and the tfl' kment rlimat* of New Kng.un have h.<m replied to th'-ir deecndanU b a cuntry tb?t It.cluih* all tlie ferti ity, all t> ?? beauty, all the wealth and all the ui*?rnittceB< ? whicii ?o nide a i"u?- uf the' earth a surface tvinpri*. ? And whence h.u< ail th;< aprnagf There ?w time at le?.?t. gentlemen. that oar ane.?tor? ?tnod on tbb cvwtuaei.1 the fare of a 4nert and in t lie i?ee m ?av*ge, With nothing litcraMy <41 the earth but their pi inc. pie- Th??^ principle- w?-r>" cure faith, th" pr in>- ipl * <>. f j.f I i?h liberty, and that aaattRMt of peraoiwil m-mtoo wIimIi ie..rlie- that man u> greater fafMmiiMliaKii* afi.i I whellL ma?t?r of hi i own lor I line. I \|| pKu-< ) How e^n we neeeaint for thl* grt at mh*ri? .ne tb*<e \ tiat artiut?itMin?, tbi? material rtiawyth and j*>w.>i .uid g or) . hut by reverent!) nckoowle igittg on ai.c< -tor- h?d i huaeu ?nd brought liere witn th-n a bdou lo wheh the prom-'e L- given "l/ngth of day v in her right hand. and in hi-r left hand rich ? an lienor ' While that a icdom la*t?, b?- ?ure lb? da) - ahtl jiM't be fb> i leeed, oor the w.<aiib of territory Impaired, <> tbr kr>ai .\m??r1enn r?-p?'hlie which lute muc. -.d??! lo th lewi r rur t.ui (VmianittMlUw ( l/wid chcr? i Oenliemea, Oil your gUa*<* to tie' Ural regular toaat ? I. The day w* ?etrbr??e, and Ike u??nv>?y ?f the m?n ? k gave ll it" irMmn. . Thi?y little thought how char a lUht. W .lk rear*. ?<?? old cat her round I hi* da> ; How k>Tr -hnuid k.-. p ihWr awfa >rte? t-rt/n'. Mow wid? a realm lh?it ? >n* *h aid ?*ajr. Mra. Urmana' b- atrnf til hymn, th*1 ?' Hil?r iin lath, r wa? eievllently rendt r>d h) Mi-*- r* fVymour aiut tUm,i and three iuat) .-h'-i r? were fireti f * ?' the day w? vi I. hiatf " lite *eeond re*iitar toaat wa*. "Ttie PreaMent of tin In it i-d .-tut ???.'' Mr a-k*d that itflotM (?< r> rehred with ih? Mv?i*ti>fnid honor-- In deference to tli'? reqii^t the *oa*t aa* dnlv but coldly liooored, th- Kutd l>laj nj: ? Itait ?V>|tinii.ia. I.RTTM r Hon Tit K MtMIKHT. Mr R??rr" thi n r?-atl the fn|K>wuig letter iroin ^tr. ilu < hanan, In rept* to tlie iiiTltation *?nt him lull tit t . btinquet ? it ll hit pre?e?ee ? WtMti??nw. Hbc. if, i?n I hare rrc ired youi Taror id iiw aTth oil on l?-H?ll ?f Ibe Commute.- of Arramrement* of the Vei* KfigkU'd Soelety <M New York. Inritm* me to din., with *or lety ?t the Aator Hotiae. on the Ti I in*t. My (tfTiCNil dnti. f a ill dem?nd my c>n*tant preeencv in tin* city durnik: tlie current aea*ioa of ' "t?gr>*?, and I mu*t tb' iet'Te ft?rego the pi vure I wo i!d '-th.'rwi*^ h,t hjkl in ac)*>ptmg iha kind invitatein of tbe aociety fV .'jm- ureejc for yonraelf and th? committee u?u r> p -e petit m\ tiiank* lor Ih couriaey eat n*e.1 i< ni nn.! mi kwt viA'? IW Ik* lirrabrn M the a?.?? mi ion. nil ?irety and indlridtially. J.V". HI t HAX.tN. Tl>e third reinlar toa*t. 'The 0?>vernor of th. "tuts of K?w Yttrk was drtiuk with mo*t enthtwtoxiLie d<.ru ? Mention*. . Ml. IriTr wnmiflfrd thai be h.-id h^itnl from the Jfeir ocetyiif Wnulml Nw Mhvtif l*li|triqiliW ?|.-*imr;|i l'"re tV RrA" t < M ri.r?;?l ,r ? #??ta y ??? C?| a t.r vlt'4 '0 'be of *i.c aw *U rer?iiry. A* the klndrwd tie* whteb bind u? togeth' r In amity and fellow c b 1 1 1 can ne?er be broken, ?o may the bond* wblcn fur eighty -four yntnt have bound In pew: and unity the i* *tea of our natlv republic b? an Arm and laatlng (Cheer*.) Mr. Kv?kth ? Sn much for our foreign follow citii*tw (laughter), to whom wo wut in your behalf thin ro bfniuev:? New England Society of New York to the New England K, Cl.ty 'il Montreal:? brothers we greet yon and viarmiy respond t ? your patriotic sentiment. Let New England brotherly ii've i<rcv ill, uinl all Ik h ipc and j?ace. (L- 'id ap plause.) lb* fourth regular toaat "Hm ayor of the city of N> w York) wim duly bono rod. 'in - reanon giveu iu hcrliHure by the of lb who w ic iii? ito>! to another f?t?l wn- tb'1 excuse for Mayor Wood's iib.-' ti :? ? "Jle bait taken h wife. uu'l could not come," lb-- tilth ri jf'ilar t?ivt wnu: ? I lie Aiuori an l nlou? The Ki>'?t trust which wo h jid for sin f> eding *??><*? t/e love ? f It is still uppermost in the hearts of ti,.' p ? i|im. fins love < f the whole people for the whole uoimli) will ov? rw l.'lin all dl*' ?ovnts ami JUiitleetl ins of all par" t an ! of ,r! |ai I -, an I 'Wlaie with a v i<-wlil -li all must hear and a<l obey? "The I nloii must and shall bo preserved.'' 'ihiH ton it *#i rei 'viv<'il with wild d- moti-t rations t?J enthitfiartni ? th" standing. ?hoerin# voolforotwly .ind waving ri.ipKiiiK ,ind h;didkerehi?M'*. The -^onc w.ut rei.wwed w h"n ? Imi lie Met-'oii ? t- inme bet <>!' the t-(er J II is !.?. uii.irH ''alh-d ? err- 111 aclerir. i '.lining \ ??!<???, ?'\?w Kntf.ini'U -rs >ip ?nd jjive tbre - cheers more Jor tbo j L'nh'ii." 'If"- Iwi'iil played ? lb" land of tbo brave s.ud the 1 home of th'' free. 1 here ro 'i"Hi -<? lo tli i tAii^t. Mr. Vs Ktv :Ui ? ?il;c?sl flint i ?>? ? . heil evjiecte-l th" pl-vwiro of listening, i lii rev|Mtn?o m that ntitnent, t ? t \\ i d - * iiiKuirih'.d <iat<'K j nwn , ?no from M.i *n 'huH'-us, ?Jov ruor liaitk-*. .?nd ?n? [ frtm Viiji iii i John M. IMi<. In lie' ah>vu< . ..f thtMO vnt 1. v ti ho u mild r>wi portion-: of a !"tter ? <i.? ? om~o<1 by Mr to th- -nrifty. I VTTKK IKUM JOHN HOI'TH. Jut. hilt ?M?, Deo. 17, * A h A A A * 1), >K Cik_-V> . meet t?. cWebrato the lauding 'if th-- Pi! grim V n't her*. awl M|i alive a grateful rccoll.'otton ot the t< lb th.' hardships. the milter ingft and sucrih.'n* ihey en Jut ml,' )U bvhall i'i tho great bieismngHol the irwdotu i.t r. d*1' l.-o mil freedom of speech. which. through the mighty dc <ts ?.f udant*. your fathers. aided Uv tbeuo i. -s gallant ami h"l) works of our lather, w". Tf ??" ur.-cl to yo'i and lo ua as a oomm<>n brotherhood. hV the iii Hi in rt'cct 'ir.'l uu> \cepl tollable system of g?n emmi'iit that thu world hm over dovised? a K vernmont that ha* alike i M ited the woud-r, ih< i.dniirati ?? and the hojKRoi the world. He more I look into tlmt ayjtcru, and the deeper I pcnelrale into .iU its prolundit) , the more 1 aui .-.truck with its wonderful |>erf .-ctioii. and with the super i or VN ,-dom, sagacity and foreeight displayed in lis formation .11 every fart. A system of government under which wc have Hydatid prospered as iw|.'-o?to have ev r li\ el and prosfierod before, and under which, with a proper spirit ft philanthropy, courtly, lorboar ani e unil mutual e^plan?tton. we eoui.l the mil enjovmeul of advantages and b. t>fc? u.\u be fure v< mi hsat'xl u> man on earth. tiarinimlnua And \ * t . geutleini ti, :us a perfect and harmoiiloui ui?d. i.el-r. ? v. u on m .it the feM.v board, at the Close oi .i,: v.ok. thiH astern villi!y be ui'Te, it w ill ??. numbered an.onii tho things that were and that have pa*.-ed nway. to be *au and fell . perhaps never "lMoro the fin have nasie.1 again over our couli n. nt from the time at .vhichJ writ-, we .-hall probab ) lie r>'.it *-iiud>r : one State of the I. nion \v ill have rudel) 2d M?lenllv robmd our Hag oi onc-uir. clod iub* mere grant'that it may -top at that. Kv.-n now, wh le I wiii" at tie d ad Injur oi night, uusehtoftnakei.- and eoiiri'iratorn a'e at work to f ar .town the wind, ednlco ot in ? (loin ? to trample that llag in flie dust, and to make i.s the icht and the scorn of civ ili?ili"U. Can t'n- not I..- averted'' Ar- there no nv at... by win. h tin- balM.C" "1 th- Ula n can t. pr. ? rv d> It r> -I- With v.. u, gcntlem-ii "t th'- North, to det. rmu.e the .pie-dion, and 'there is no tlm" for delay. I have given abundant pro. I tin' t 1 do not ; mpa.hlz will. *outh<'ar..lm.? in h- ra.-h and lmp.-t>i<?u? action It ,k. .|. termite d to go. U t ti- .to all that in. n can do to i,i ii \ rth. rMati fioiu follow ing her |i. ruict-"iM r .ii.i."- -lie .i-Nfi not t . lie "f u?, nor with h-. uor .111. mi un. .-lie docs not aetk ?? have h r j;nev alM.-e?> re -i it .'id I vould tak? UO pain* to re ire*- th. :a a< lar j- -he i - cole . 1 lieit Kb. out h r e ?b. Iw.- no wi ll to remain ill; but it is not with U* other dwa f ... i.d .-tat- lliey ran bo retained. ' *d r< laft'c-d with i.oii. r ti. tUemiclves did lo you. Y'.tl tel' Hie that b> th. r?p. al of the MuS'JUtl com rf. ,..iMi. and lb. tteni|4 io fwc- lavery into th.-T. rrt loiv ot KiUifu 4 throii?h the agency ol th- l/v I- u.ploncvU'-titutiou the .-"nth tuv- doni .r -i. v.-yx ??? lb.. North. I aiuiwer. I know it: and 1 La\o - ud it vile i ,nd 1 hive t where It w;m no Iwht iraW r to ?> .y t? wtieu 1 .-t'^l ?s oi,.. .-ingl'-d OIII IT..U1 a w link- ? "Uim i ?,u It , I . \ al?<j tliat the N.?rth, l?> th" I"-"-* o i 1 .1 ? M> I.IIM.FO lar .e lhe> vyer. d yi^n-d loot tri.t th' ? "cntion "I tl" Vu/il.' - .volaW.alil hv th. ? i i < ia: inteiiennce .1' their eit f-? vitn tho S'*h' et ,-lav.iJ .lithe M.'iteK. have doU'' .,r> at w.oiu I . tlieM''. It. th have done wroog, and both must re P"v,'!"i: ,7 ',?e a#ain That Mr. ljn?* In , Old ill' pa' t> he r. H. I.t-. have no ue-is;!, to Ulterter. with th- i. -Luton ..,'?.i?t"r and Mav- in the Ktatea wl?r" -lav erv ; U?t? by law. I an-wer. 1 U-heve it? nay, I know It; I kuow that tile l i lt""' niisiepr.^.'tilalio'' ?r<- con* tantlj ma le, an. .i.dimti on?h . irculat' d b\ ii,i-ehievo,if loen. and ini ch "vo'i- [ii|h i?. i" mtiam- the puMf n.ind: I know I hat gre.,t m.a. .-ta. -'m,: , ,reva:l< between th-lw?Hec-tl.W 5t Ih. eoiiiHrj . bill lo which, I thank my Hat.a, i have i?"Ver by tu'l n..i .1. I tbii^d. ?m 'h "otr-u-y. I baV" Iti' iii red unJ.iM c-njuni ai"l tiF?b. an? ??'; ?l h' 111* Ii | ?'t Ul> HtolMI I ' " i tairer an. I in iter nnd-rvtandlni; h. twe?-n the North an-, the r iith. -uw I -aw Horn the t.r.?t that if th n?rie ? > l .ill I.e.: ai d riot .h-?ke<< it wold ultima lv had t?. ih. nr. .1,1 .'.i v'i iron* i '.nitttl"ii "f uiiniM. VT p.n.l. nen ,.-r.uit metnfav thai <1.1" - no t.m. i? ,nquir< win. threw the tttn tftone. or wh h t am ta mo- 1 to Wamc: this i*u.i time to ?land 'il^1'^?^ .-tiquette ; t? i- 1- no ?'me for bmvad and d' V.TJi w Li?n- ct indulge* ill It,eith.r ill 0?n*r. M or.Nrtof it. t vttha ^ r??iiPTai?t and ? iwttOii ? c?ir-"\ [?he . \i-tence of ail empire at fUk. th. naj^Mn -? and the fortune* "I tmlli-n- at h m< . and cf nankiud ^over a jirif. p rti "iiof th.-w in th*' balanee .uid th n \ ^rVtlon "Ik *n Id be wha h -had be the iui. kid tender tb olive branch ot | ae^1. giving in ?> ? *n'n. earn, -t urainu-I* here let ?^b<- H le^ .ral^ Whicle ver part) the neel | ami ?cli\ I" nt..i..m.nt ("i 'h- r-'> whichever yi?-Hs tic tn.wt to rr,-e. ? hi ?? n.i ?? ih. I 'num. will surety . tijoy i??- J?r- -r ?hin ..i i? ixi?atH? *'* mafillne^a magti'.nimMj n.?.i b ?? oTcoaiiirv Your* i? the Ur.- r and ni"re see tM? v.iii'ciaWH bCH.i-l-.t"1 " ? > ' a-e tl!ii.'iit\ :n I ?a.TlCee f .| re. ? iU."rti Viair- ^ the ^we -*t?l |**r lv n<>w to. ma nto Jxwi r v.u are in ol h?\ ?\TanvVi v.i.r , i,h.- dtst-rUt la end' ' n? ?e pr?-h"i? "n''*ihe or miu of ?."ir pfq- rt\ >?"! "? moos, great. *" r th. ?akc uf ?kii Wiitni. < mmtrv I ?** In <!>|.lay tbeae blgb uto>l eaMobUnr .i'lalilie- a lar ii jHir .'Wh Ihh-t * HI permit jo'ii.ih'. l'<-l tl?. N'ortb five aiwiiiauce in <mie auihei "atlveaMrt unaimtakaai form Uu.t it l-i-d It- P"'l- 'f'T aithani r .b* ve?t??l HtHbir lbe.*mMN?t -n; lh >l i hat ever T; ? - n unwi^y and un. m-t Mitton-hy d-a 1 11 i,(..Un>) Ulid't'e: and tbn'. tbtl wdt u I ^i^d ^ inM... - 1.1 the ril .< ha'.nnriy ..ud IraU-tn:. km?n.--l'i th- la til. t,n u? " "I tb ? pr ? -ent d ttl lilt" anil let " -elMi ^ ? n. ? b ? le - !'T I !,e | Si-' and I. uitj for the ibi^. 1 bet . M I It f ? per-' II ahve wh-- ? title htio P. -peak f'M wU.le. and win* * ee m 1 re!t*lte by a lew W..k- the duty that W !l devolve U|?m hi*i <0 tl 4tli of March . and indaai a |..he; a" I ? i - v? *> , ill tii ' u relH?v^ all |*r? *?t un' ?<?"? ae*?.bT:d afford mur. titiw uw ultimate MUbiMnt '< detail*. . ... Ibare are a .rc.t mauv ub in|?r:.?o and m.n a-*?...ble .i . ? h irUxn In-, hi* jurtte.U ir ab-ltolH dlt such * .,'i? i wr- pur- '-d forld?iD"t biH" ih?r" i? a m* j . . ,, , ,.i lie' .-let'- ^aitbt'iflina ?V pt.'l. u't we i < lilt h.r -UI VJ- th. ' nt, th.: w .11 2*Jw?ewae.H-d'? .?..-f*elr adbealim ?>' '?>? 1 tai, tb. i would b? fairly niltW u under th- ci^tiiu iki ? . Wll ,,ile for it*, nd w Iih h w.-a'l ?. kn"wi.ilg. air?el\i . h"?- d tf < bet If a dlir.t??80 "f iaterpr. U . . bow ea*y it would . , e I-. I">" tie |ieta ;al tl ibutwil ei-iaW -h 'd tor ili'e P trp.?* ai d let W? .te. liioB be Una! ?n l e.*i "T!TilHa'?"k to vindl* ale mv . idor- Mi" of v??r ,jlm to lb. V. the eel, - o.. and t! ui.'iit 'I the iaw- . Ii* my own ?ak i?<au.-. .t mat'-r i(1 (."v b it mi . ?n taiii U wb' h cm??ol m 1 .1" -k, 1 emr-.i it. atal w ttb "It meaaing t (be pr. a 1 ,Wn?.i?l 1? for ywr .^n a?k. - . and ror tne -.1,. ' f a e. e.n "f cmnlry. whi. b w>w Imeg*|^y I'd ill ,i le. I w kiting tb. J. eiei'-u .;f lb- mhih -d ,111.1 tw nT.nta Ot the I ll*'ll" l ilUer . w h ? plril* w ill 'f?.k "lowu ttpai Iiai ?i He. t. ? Jid tb. Ir . ni rent a - ??? a.lne. tlwat y.?t w ill ?av e M frot.i Te." !.' .. and itrt v itable rwlc. bj ev rtingtb- mtluei^ ,mi bold . neb .*>. w th bi* native bealn. ?o b .%e f-ill JZtm n .-ter' I . P-.e ....... d ^ tm'Md and the I nemo} the Ktatee p- . Jafia.. d r T a. "?V iTeiV. m. tb V^llb ,1 net 11. worth "f ?l" N'.th alt t I ?.II .i.-e-i iy-.t II ?dl -< hav to imlee' lb. error* -d mj pa?t i> ? . ? ?l I? 'lO't make : t"0* Mienla t" llaae- WO" . i tin.) m!m o mv i ??'i <?,??' sr.?":' /isr" maker to ih? Kreal i:?ti.*ail lamdv oi ih* Int. .??. i he l'r< ?t of th. I nit. ! >t .t- ? and hi* l-'e AMnr-.ev l.entral, ?i'.a ffM.r) .a -t .to, ?| re ?...???. e.e d ,b. - lad. I h.. al- dy t.-n .""I'*!1 .... .ii .j Htntefiom break .1 . ?P lb" i n t ? l1" ij derae* laif ? f?. d -.nd N I' ? xl-ct. I th .1 .ih r- r.ii, a K'.lu n? iiv tbil ni.|*ralbM u.-wher)ki Ibe f..,r> Una, I ^ t . ^ ^ ^ f r| . n,?i P, . 'v" h'et. bit m an almost Ju ried aMl h-l|de*< What . Ir -|.? ct" 1'. m . - re?.ilt r. . .1 - .^1,1 and e. wanliee on lb" |?rt ol I be f" T.\H in'." <l..n- em d.te.min. bit If civil war th.? fr tends .ft la - U rlirbt in i\.iv Bill cular Htno ii. fo ;nI-i i .tl,. in- o -"^^.^ortu. will then .???? on .be defi t.elve. b it ???,? win. ? n ... ** ? ? ? \. ?'irntf. I. '| tii.irtu.n ' b> Plxth r< vil-ir tnuat wa* ?? The Jrh.' .t?ai d ih' rhitchea ' S' ?r Ei^..? al rorwell ?He ke?p? her aiwlent Hwt. 1 1,? ...|!il rn ?? . i.fh ?t I Uvrtm ,. ? .t ?|.'I w w iih land; i .<*? /. ,,d^i ..?rlif* ike irf.l e?n<?* Vor heeda the skeptic * puny bauda, w ' II- unit her ici.0"! I'm cauich ?i>lre stanae, Nor t?tu* the blinded bigot's r ale, ?A i,,i, ti,. , hurch splr.! mauds the school. SPKKi'H OP 11EV. !>'?. HITCHCOC*. i l'. Mi,- tli" K.JV l?r. H ? hi " U . t'.'h" | ..tided H- twid ? President wia ??*??* . nv>B ]ti" Now kugk.i. . -<? :seiy. this i ih? it 'hi auitcn i ? t v >. Y:t?l ?????t.ini lo our i:orop-uu <???>- ? ?>'! %m'r?V.> Vn,k.>fw. We kn. w better. w> ?r- ' wt w e ar- til. It.hrcssor tlx H"br vi xv.. in? t undei a slight ,.r m I md re; ? a b ? -t ii. \x .1 our r- tiou cf th" vm'rx s ? It.-jyed * ???? " -??* the bin- of a!' U . , i ! . jJ'-ni :ii !.'??? r;i M?m ?hi 4?> .... ir.n inn th. land. ?tilt" *ilt .mlHr.vl Ihut XX.) t .mutant not Hut lull- proving *?ty lUo ,hl,i ...l-T-ir." ah h S .-r'tihso Vinkeoden, I, m hv the chart- > i it' I'lynii'utlH oirjiai x oi lrt-ii. N?-\x Knutand wa* th" trip ' th ?????"'} >,.M \V* " ID Itielll .ID J I Tlx "I lull I " "? 1 '1. ?-n.1-1 in in the At Tan'. rotho Paolic lhic tetin t<> have l?... I , -I.r' ,1 i.r. I'l ? i id'ixviiiK of Yankee loin. i r .1 ,? Iff. K..|- 'hi- 'tr'|> c.j"i'.fiy aero- t ?i. o r.tu:.U I hat - in iv jv .pled by it ot t|uw? nw? l>. m irth o..ue 'hf l.c th v."rtf n* re* this i \orih Ani"i hi -.?nMni-ni ' **???"? "? WewH not my X. In III.- 1 N. .. r.i, I;,.. ! I, :- Ih". "?! ? <? ? l.tir.i I t* to Ihi. -il. ,set ih- lh-1 I8\x"llns luthr : pr . < ip!fl- > "1 1 ? - ill hi:-t"i x th- t"t" ?'!" '' of H'V';'; i It ???> luix." hill my perl' tin- ma 1 !' ,! '* j! " | ?? Iih- b. en 'hi .? that w- h< uld Idol /.e the ' material ? oininl- u oi our |ir. -~p--rll X ; In xx -h ? ?! 1 I,, a-i ,.r .1.11- m.miHa'i! rpi.^i OU' m ? ruin "HI ? i\ ?!?<? ! rla p liil ih'" ?: "itiv.'iit u UI" r -hinii .r -'r:n< oar l?r.>ti<l ; ami !"rt!> jin ?''?v; ':,"ling in ?'??- l'^'J " dili..! ? i.n.l .-an ih "I of "'"' J pri -|H'r.tx airl sir nuth. Tli.< h? >. i>. ? u i. liim.'.l ! nirain ami arain hx' Pr"vi'l"li''?v l."t ' I < ou, Uf> brnth. rj. oii'y 1 not ..otrf.i kin". <?rii ^ riot llioi ?ht I.-; l!iD?!. Oppl-'i*. 'I'1' " I Ki.kUhuI ixl.n Th. r? t - m ><l?i*. an-1 not S iii in.tU.riaI itlli'T' 1 ^ ! II nil if our ^0\*Tfi I III'H f x".>nim it J it ntli* to ih.- iiuiti' run .plioii ol -o i"iv, it v. ill vt ? r ' iiito ihf. very jrravo whorP li * lulling the car. .uH's o! iho i till itra.l t'lnpitiM fit ih.1 xxortil. / \p| !nn.- ?.) It iJ tho i lmrarii r ot tho ol.l A ialic . lviti/ntioii? that they kiiibo* Km hlioiulv of toil. Th. > won- Ih" po.-Mivn imlriaivl^ or nature, aiul wi lh?-v w"r?j sh >rl!lv?<l. all of them. \Mi"n civilisation hitled 1U tin nn fcimi \?ia to Ku rope, it siuflivl a I r-o its MPti"*!- tin HU'rn?.r ^oil c'v;'' 2a t ion wus (vniip* iM to tiiko in imtriment ?ru^ tho air, from thoughts, fiom itU m*, aii?i n? t from nuitcryu iut*r.-.-if. llns was >i? vnt of i 'i. IIh mrwr w? ?h?r?, Ihhvihho it hail only :iu Intvlln't'i ?M|icrt, without moral cilluriv The Rooi in enipirr ' > - 1 ? a nimli longer, hi"' ai.-e the Ui.iii.iii rivillntiou moie wou'ul. What \\.i ? tli? rinvnof the lull "f th* "II Koiiian empire? Ihetv wiire thrw i'.i'i-? - ? 'it t. the in hereut ilefeot in tho R?ini?n constitution. ? ' ? louna oulv one million ?t' citizen.:. Ho lefi Ion inilln i. '?*?? nior. than a hundred mill, m of rl" ix ."1 i.-.l. i Hi" exL'leti of the empire, at' l moi- thai luill ol tliem wei ,-lMve^, xxhost; IracK hlii-to; oil tho -uii.w. 't I '? empire. (Applause.) Amuh. r i.-rtuul ie,.?.u w.n the want of Ideal ilx . Tho Koiuan' wt 1 a public functionary, and had only u pet .nil ' -tfi' Ih'1 Roman did not care for <e "I art an idea. niun re, veieoee lor law? a inagiiiO. i^it sentiment in l-' I? was divorced from rtver ue" lor rnr'.i and Hi:., oriii.s down a nation at la<st mo-uur? !y to ruin. Jlenco it was rerv e.i.-v, when the Orient offered her Oolllah lap to Home, art cho had "llered It to tirei'c?, tluit tluit cmpir" stould dissolve in luxury. And so th ?se bloat J careers went into iho grave ? went iiito 'lie jjrave le-mse of that inherent defect of their politic*', constitution, aud iti their national character. Now, it V w Inland meant any thing in history, it thi:^, that i?Uts fyr6 tlio iii>. of Mates; not th- id. a of the true onlx M intelligence onlv, hut faith in its largest *.>n?e ; faith in truth, lailli in ri?ht, faith iu hanuty, ..nd, aOove ali. iiiliolte l*ro\idein;e that gather* all tlie.-o nli as up into hiiu-iTt ? faith iti Cod. 1 nerelure wo reve rMKe n<>t th" rod ^eboolhouse only, not the white spired chuidi 'Hilv, hut the ochoolhuusc aud flie thurcli. | ,n. xx Kn. land have only her church and she will in c 'iii- i a- bigoted us moilern Home, lier have .>uly tho ; -i In i.ihouse an l she will be otne as rational urt ic a* i:.T- | many. 1 will not siy hero whcthi i lie ro is or not, just j li?iw! a little too much of the ri ii HChmlbou-o m Vow Fn.'latid and rather to" little of the white church Bui the old ideas Ol the rwb-ra-wero the church end the scho<il hoiise, side by bide, to balance each other and to stiturfth ? li each Other let 11 ? carry these id* a- w.. ^. the con tmetit and through lit the lunu. Meas ore the ot Hate*. Ihoseveiilli legniar toa t wa.- ? .... 'til. I'ouritfe and I'oeslantjr ?>( Oi.i r ere.a li- > lin* luhcrltaiHC -t their cfclldr?i.. Hi <?i i?avih ui im kv t in p. Wr |iivil.ln "Ha lint' " f? 1'iled II. -aid ? Ml CnvlUMiM 'NO t.!.vrtK*lJl? It wiai.d ill'.n.. i soil .a Nev. l-ii^land lo he itat In rcpUing to tli'a i<-iJt | at iin\ lime, and tno.t >?t all in the " il-xy*. -h'".ld j r. iidef little h niHte t.> th" memory ot out mo -tus. aud lNn.r mt\ ic? lo our country, it xx . ? taueii now to ho. . :.|i steadiU In fore u, the cxtunpi'-a of cin-t tii.;! and vm.rap ? | which illustrate th- page* iff New Kn.'i cd tiMi ?' From ij?e hour when ihc Pngnm I atliers, uruon xvny l?> p i- j i secul ii. li , rouglii a refcug? ilitli<'Wiie ?? .||h rto-t. . i ,|..v n thiough all lh" eo.onial ja riod, tl.r.High tie lornrf | j ,.| Ihe Kevolute'ti, the spirit of the penji|? IH'X e^ -ave , w.iv. Il'.'iger aud cold ni.saslron? Iwllle. the atmoiii1 1* I ol Ihdia-'i warfuie, 'In hate ot .-?? I*, th - intri.ues i t ; princes, turned them not aeid. frxnu Ue ir great purp*) i of ivtatdishliiK ccuunonweilths up ntle touiidaiions ' civ II aB?i leiigiou ft e.slotii, Vnd they dni ?ataldi?h them. I Tliere tlie> aC.tid,ll? >ixiloiiiinoii*C'illlw"f New Kngtand, ! tM iinuk vx :th pauple, propel m, ei.d happy, tiaUtng no I man master, un ier u- tltuti-wi- whwo tv*> v?iH never 1 surrender, for ihey linxe *?? them l v bi."l and I re. Wi in ax |e>|.in Ih.ih-I pride in litem. We may l^^v't "t ! tin in I'u.ugl. -ur M ha I.e. t. u-i in -thei Ouiiiiiot. *v ?..,v iii-t. " hrter dun- el? * I. ere I but w?. are not alien to them, for ft" are t? ? Mid to lie tn i uoi oui) hx Ihe tns ot kindriMi. but by a lederai I nn-u . nhi. h ii" nun nuiy hr.ak ? a I u.on slnn.k"i than hull uui I emnfacta. for It Wa rmit-d I If the band I.. I.od l,!te in tm* (NRh^4}N)ff "f f^,, 1 Mile do Ih. V know of lie Pur.iar - xxle think th-re anMhlUk .did totheirb. iru. lh- v were lnual, be ca'i-e tie v Ik I .< ' ?. ' I mil. and a I. rtta aoll: but | I when the |ime of trial came thee freely icritu d ev ry thiL?. i>r..pert\ aid l ie. to their -et-c ot right and their cen\ icti"M ol duly. Ui tla of th-- U volut. n i hMir Wltne<*. Tlnirf t vr.iirj .nd .tten hare, the Mill I< i verx .state, and their hhaidlwllowed .^oulliern i>* I m il . Northern U' M \ Itle s|al?? of New Knglan l rur ti'-hi 'i moreaoliftera to tie < ontine?Ul army tiian all the oth r Hales lo?etb. r. Whnt- I .wn were dr rued i>f , tlieir aide ? '*1 1 ?t m n. Ii one -f tlrtwn. in tl.e .??? iniv ot , Wtndham. timneelicnt. there wen rot . uoonb left , raise the twime of a dwell atel He w.Kn?v h l? J wn .n.withth a d O! "ne man, the i ri* ht?r, taW<W it tie m?- vi s. Ihi-ro it lone M???l. and I hope it stands ii^f, ii|| u : <*re nflei i,?* m.'t uieni, in my thinkUu. j thai, am that land- - n Iti" l-rd. " <?'. Ihe M ?r the j Tila>r No Mr. President, if ?!>e. >.*"Uiy l?"pl' ot anf ,t e a ho are aaluaned of their mm r?. < ? n< i.s hot of the b ml,. i W in nor : t> . iib"r* ? *x> hoie.r ill Oieir xlrliMV.aad not 'th? h . t an.- g 'h in the.r c -u Man.y and c.airaj:p. lo it.. ? csm gn \irtu.a ar . tiiiielly due llieir w>i?l) , llieir | n??|>er.l.V and their faei Men hon- r coi.atan.-j an- 1 cmratje as th< j de?|u?. iuc-'ti sum v ?nd o.wardl. e. Kreram.# Hie day when the pa , lr larch la-opiesy nit the falure hla ?im?. miereil |, |..IM. || iH oiH* .;t thein. ??uiiftaM. a.1 x??ler. Ih?i slmit j rn't excel, ? down to Ihia h-air. I lie ? .iih quality lia* ? i.ajwhi liie-ameror.d.n rialoai and Ih ?amc misfortune IV it,a..?i,iab?i- w II. the lull. *.'>'e pi.'!"-' . b-A.i.g f?r f -up :.?<l Hire. '^h iir?MM ? vil. hex e alw ix* becoi nati tld-'ia e .Mi'l ciiliili alnle.l ?UC Wh V" th*' i^i|?ii*ite ?|Uall li.s U.i\ea imly led to timid rea<4viW.uiieerUiiicoxiu? us. Hll'it. 'e . \ail? and iii pr* p*i"ii. and linal di-appuul r>. nt ami di-aaier. Ii would WA beBI a aoaiety ?*a*-em' I ketli is ti >dn<co?l i v .. p. - i.s' p hi ical evnl- in a |??rt leaii ?. p., N thiii* can I"' ?aW h. re which n tghi n"t lieaa.d .ii wh. ti i?at.? ?*.nipaBy?t gentlemen. Hut I am sur. it i" not unite till ing'th ? P- ai.d the .?*,.? to.lwell upmi II,. heror ? Mir anc. dliti, and to r. member that tt..?c .re t. ui'-s whrh more tlian oUnr*. are pn^er f?r liv?tf them tobewt (Apidau-e.; to the I rout. tow1 day ...hid, *i have tail* ii. whatever may I" the , a'lee Z: whiter mat h r.M..nsit.|e. th- re Is need H ait ih tirnui. ?? ai^l ? .aira^e wheh we can com man' I. and weean j b- tier c i wuKttlMi it we rewmher th* virtues ?fc?ir : .ri tailier s. v* illal ng polie* lrreso|?t. .^insela, on i (lable will, FuteMrdineli' li .h lite tulare to the prewnt. effort- to relieve ourselv (Nil e?klln( I rouble willtesit l?ro, slii.g against It- te. ut relic* , may brum ntomeiilary i ii, iii i but i *i?e? ut to irrealer iliajtiHt than ever le'i ?n?r H war lei *?? with Ha? heroic men wh w are .^anmenmraiing. ITiex tlw-inbl I'tat thet. were tlongl worse tlun defeat , aiel thai Htrxing them waa uucerttiin or Inglorious |<e*ce. Ihev d. l lea iiuaii bet'ife thr. ?t? or t'iu aa.iy (rem danger I'lact them anywln re and they "<?? t , In the last. Imagine any rhip n con 'I amy "f th. in no thcuta-D ca tn lie ? aike-l ntghl that w le ev.-r |*n J,sl not .1 Star to l?- *>*n through the bhu kn. ?< of the orer hanging ejimd*. m<l ih?' *i- tni howling ll? Jl'-reeat, th" betn^Biai. "truck dumb with terror, and in- ?hip*urg im 'U the trraitrh ih th? na, whul ihmk you it. at com ,?nx aoiild ??* Would lh ) cower m Ih- . tbm* N?: tl ev a.ii.ld Sliriny t.i the .bck. tie y w.eild man If" rig g?if. they won Id rut a MWinan at tie lielm, ami tli? .hill * head ?rai|hl against Iftewiivl Tlis) mould know . ?* we all may know . that with stout le aria lh"/ <?*?> aea Iher the siorm aiel that alter Ihe kmge-t mghl ile gh It If. ner xi dark awl tempestaoua. there wilt cfrm ai last a dear and Iraieiuil neKutng. (l/i'Kt applause.) Tim negt regular Uiast was? Th- W sndsrlng <. n? ot N*w f n?l,.nd OB ex err 'xaiilnenl ami In all the island* of lb" ''a." ih'J evrrj ?lwt<. i* true i-. the nfody > IrXie - ol ihe oilsluai sus a, ' aiiii a??p lb* memo.) ol lbs lather* gr-en. srrn ?i or ir. hh iiakh m. imm. Xo i. pi t. If lo I Mr l x arts lb* r>"i' ?! " It . har l II l'? < - I llo- 1< ?" a* on. * h* - -i . . . I ? u h.- ? I. " at a. ? |S h. | . . t f ? the I. all . Ill I tie ... ? I. I ?' | ?? ha. I a? I I ik -11 Ihe ..|.|. ri. ,IX ? II, si III ? " ' 'I Ile e ' Mi lua.i was fffeiel with enihmiawi aa be roe. r, I III -a.d Mr I' an. I gent rm ?' lie New i'-tighind !kwiet|r ? I sland here for tlie flr<t lim.* in in* llfeto atiwer l<n being i waiter i from New fnglnnd Well, certainly, It I* som. whal inn iimt, t"i ? cUp- iwrn?' wl? |?r?irtR l in t highly as ?' do we are m*rve!l"il?lx g ven !? aannsrc ig aw?yfr?mll fl/>ught-r.l Vmir IT-- dent has kmuy ttislonalnl my enenae already A hard n<-< ity.wiei. f i xx.. - a vol. lb." set.! me ahriwl f"T Iher e.,x i) ol i ?<}' ' health' and note re. e- Ujr the wme Itard ii. , .^?t ? ? ' me ahro?d again. Uol yet 1 do not complain <4 U.i? r a I S- I". VOU I l.nilid It a lii?-t aa ? th e e*|a?r ! ence, alllsi. gli lb??r. be IV.rrl ?n.l hri, ae-1 tlr* .'< ?*. 1 V I .e. n wla *". ihe'N-a* I n/iander flm'a 1 1 m ? t? . vi ' ? ? .K * the i >r ? n i iv caiiiii n I , ."n X t ? ? ? 1 ? ? I v a itlio'll fr It I l! hi" . I I ? 'k.t N . ex . Ill u , , a vet) t-'g* ' the wealth (lio inti lligenoe, the physical power. m >ntal power uu<l moral pewi r is to be tr ned to New Rngtfcnl, not merely to mi-u who now have their homes In Now England. but to meu wbo elsewhere, as in your great ine tropolitan <^ity, trace tb?>ir origin from New t-UiK Lauti . And yet, Mr. President, from that proverbial distrust of oar own qualUk aliens mid opinions that marks tti<* Nfw En K lander the world over, un-f^rom a deferens'* to that Hpirit of nationality which wo all ought to display, now if ever, allow me to ? ham^e the word New Knglnnder, in my e\|ieri eneo of tin' Klob??, and substitute tbo word VmTlcan. (Applause. ) California i- on.- of the most rem irtcablo in i-Uiiices (it ibe |iower of ib-' American el-iiwni. I do not allow ail} mail jet 10 call uie o|.i, but I was almost lull grown when 1 that saw California, in tbo year 1KW. A Itokion trader, the ship Alert, drilled betw.mi two Urjje pillar-, which marked the entrance to a peri* ctly no'tt n j bay. rJiolay iliere two months. No aiijuniie <t went flit-ie ?a- ii' town, and uo house but an old 111. kmu smitten wiili iige, :md a presidio without soldiers. I, .ttii' tnon) than a year ago I pa-sed agal'i between ?Ko-o two (j lLir ? tile Cnld' ii ti4t? ? gleaming with llgbttious -i, brlarllng witli' i'Tti, and di-et.>siug a city o more than -event y thousand inhabitants. (ApplauM.) 1 hat Military bay Wa- .i|i\e with -to im< s md the com n'.erce of Friun-isco, out of all j>roi>or(i 'ii i> 111 jn habitant -. showed it to be the < entre air* i K . an 1 to bo mote so hereafter, of the entire trade of the 1'aeiile. I is ro tltnc now for me to onlirge out'. i morula. You know i?- history. You Icrow not only thi iui lle M.i IMiwer v hieh h.i- governed tt . and tin matci nl |*>wo which has .-ticukthetie I it. hut I wool I al-o bear some test imonj to Mi t it in not had itli< lent credit for ? ami is the imnal power which In controlled th.ii mim (nr? fo met thai endangered the mmaf character ot California. Mr. liana y.tvo a paw-lug remark to th< vegetable wonders of the Ind of gold. complimented the American niii-ioiiai ies there, and pa d a l>: illlaM tribute to the American wha. m n ot the fuel lie. Ih' luid seen m the bay ot II >uoln! i not 1 'SS than 'J00 w lutleshlpp, and <h? tie s - all hut three bore the slur* and sti ipte. i tpplause.) He ps-scd on to apeak 01 tl?- revolution In n-^rit an>< atmus made by tbe st 'am ma un sol Kn 'land and Kianoe, acd remarked that one sin id the l'en|ti?ular and oriental ? more steam tonii i '"all'mi ill. m the whole American navy. The policy oi tin British lov iauteiii was to euoourage steam -hip 'Tt' rprise t>> p-onl cuntrncta and other modes, ami Kngland luid th is riw-'d up a ein-r ot' steun s?a iiK-ii hiieii an lb world never known, and Wich a Ann i :e i could not lor uuuiy yearn produce. ll< ipok<' ol the Inefficiency tin1 old siiimg f hiiw of the vmerlean navy, inatanctaK tin* John Adam#, a moot r< Npe< table and n-iierabic but UM)I??* .-hip o! fixty-Bvc \i ar<i<)ld. That w at "urnditary natioanl vetMel in the Chinese waters when tle>r? were uncli vaat interests at Make, and condemned tin latal poliey which NguUttefl promotion in the American navy solely by ago. As the urntt) r now stanits, he said, a man who enters our navy at til teen hiif a chare e of l? in# a ll? i|lenant at I went y bix, and it h>- Itvos long enough, atnl the fevers sjatre him .md the sea i |*nM hit", ho may get to hi- nrst com mand of a sloop of-wv by Ike limo he Is Itity. If he ever survives to eaminand a ship of the line, it is when his capai ity lor eouunaud is more thau doubtful. I here is noih.n^ worsi iIihji the utter bopelessness winch hangs om i tie' l !ei>f an Amcriean laual ottievr lu the wardrtoiu if an Amerk-nn frigate, where Iio|m> never comes, tluit come- Hi all. < *11 navy has he"n ne^leeteil. The feeling lias b< en tluit the |Hi-t "f Secretary of the Navy is a sort "f political stepping :-t"iie. The only inal ideation for oC< ? m enu t<i lie tfcnt the person shall have a mind uot piei" enpied by any iwevkius know k'dgi ol . or interect in. Hie nsvy. (Applause.) 1 hojH' ibat 1 have u?t by remark ab<mt the navy, incurred the liniintaiien of being a rhetorical wsiidcrlng New F.ngLind< r as well as a geo graplnial wandering New Kiigtuider. (I.iugliter.) Uut after all, the pleasant** t i*trt ot wandering is the wandering home: and it gives mo gr'-ai pleasure that the tir-t public occasion on wh i b I have k?ii able to meet my Iriei.ds on my return should lia\e b ?eu '>wiug to yn'ir po lite and km I 'invitation I" no et all n *re tonight In loin lusiou, Mr. liHM paid haudsmie compliments to Mr Kvaitsand Mr. Win. CMll< n Kr; int. Alter la at down a kdt r ?a- ri?d from Mr. Seward, tinted Not ember 88, r-greitin. his inability to att*ud, and tending thi - n?irt nieni: ? -M ij th'' society lait a? lout, a lb" Ilillui in e ot New Knglanl shall be ei.iib'SS'd by mai.kiad. II it -ball ilo eo n ? ill b ? .mm irtal."' 'ibo ue*t r- gular lon-t wa ? A I'm' Pn-se? IJke the morning *?in It tills the woild ea*h day anew ullh ibr gladsoue- llglnef illx rtjr and unon ledg^ Mr. V s. Ci iici Hav**T ri -p^oded. I be IMI regular toa?t ?. i ? Our HUt' i Soel?Ue< Skarlng with ua 'hmnsb in ? li.mtaM' labor*, and wdKMne, at IlioMr, to our ft?< IvHl' ?. thk st. ?ooikty. Pr. Ih ?is, tbo l'reimleot ol iIm m i.torgi '- Socicty, Was Uri-t called ou to rrttpoud. He ??-. um need, he iuld, It t making public Kpwcni", and claimed to be it very tumlest ru in, which could not t> add of jour Nov Kii^'UikI lawy r*. (I.uikIh<t ) He him li>tetii<d with gru HIi?-:.l |.?H to lie |irn-er |K4 rt to their .Hi' e-t.. re, *im hi> liitll.dtfd lit I tU< J wereiueriletl. because Ue'ir anc -mot ^ ?? re I ngltahmen. daughter; It had boon sold tin the me degenerating. ami he dirt not wan to con trml' t ilmt (Kmrwiil laughter. | It m irht pumibly It true, but he lio|i>-d not. 1 belkrve . -aid li< , unit It lit not i rnil to allude to |m-I it k'mI mal 'era m the*' njci'tiei, an ii to not my intention to do more Mian "xpc?*.s one ?<nil went 1 havr hx'ii It aaai-rted in r?ew|vij?'r?. and I hav heard H ore leionall) in |iriva auciet> tli<?t there ar (?ti^li'l.Bi' ii w ho would rejouv in any trouble to thi ( tiii* I <1??ny it. (I/khI anu mu? mni iiuoti appwnae I hi re - not an Fhi:iirhui m worthy the name who wool not feel n' much tor lh< ilfflrurtliii thin ureal an llonou* I nloo a* nnj one of you. I oit. r this aeMl mat:? Vw Kivland ami lb" I in- n? May li e lh.?i im* t b i ? alt | irnt n?i i in j urtfy and luvlgoraie. fT. AM?KI;W'> ttKIKTY. Mr. t<OM"i\, tin- \ l< e Preilenl of the St Vudl'W'lt m -it ly, re*|nndt l on lnli*l( of Scotland* -aint. lie re fidlcrted tlmt bt the anntver-ary dinner of bin uwu ?"? Clety Mr ImiMs had III- 1 it ut? doompTi 'n.? hi l*.in the Scotchman and the New knglanuer then were - ku Ukeaiinilaritieii. however, which he li.ul not notic I. K>?r tlie N ob b. an a nation were not (ilven to pi bile -peaking hut they <lid not lind that that interfered materially will. their pro?trih- in life. on the contrary It rather hel|*?i them. ila u'li' r ? mo finking pr"*>l' of thi- v\a* that m tie ir -na-tety the\ alway- fouim the gr- ate*l |? *- hie tf'ttMe m extorting -i*< che| iri'in any of it^ "ifleera or member*. an I yt tbeir ?> w< re alwa* m (tie ni'ft flourishing . ? -i>d ; ikb, the al )<>ar invariably eotiing with a large tiiilati ' in th- tf' n-ury lint . |n rbap- might !>?? aim i .table I" another national chare terirtK* ? <1 inn'-* ? af i'ther Wind. iK'-ars of U'.gh'cr.) A* to intln t a, ?l>e?'h w>uld If to d>-tro\ h,s own arguiuent, he v. ould coticlitd' with a nentimi nt ? N' ?' Kns'al.d anil ?>!d Sct'and? May the i rlnn wh.'i have i-b .lactri lie d leiuin tb. p.t-t knon !>?> dimiteitloo In the flit ur AT. r\TKnV* WH'IKTT. Imit l'r> - ii'ent oi tiie ?t Patrick n ty. re | f|?>iiil?t "ti 1 1 - l?< ti.i M M. . .mii. I n' i at tlr-t traee (be rei ni ct i'ii In t\v? i n M. 1'atrn k and St. Joi .than, 'in'd he wai* haldetl the iMhl'Xiolh nwl in til- ' May flow el tW Ml ? ? in beM ?'!? thai M :en? h> ir. *an ? v? hen lie tound thai it war. nirnle ol iri.-h linen tie thought ? hut thai lea-l,a iex|N'Ctab|e thri-ad ? H rum. < tlin (UiinMif.) Tlie t(r?itl. man who ha. ie?|ionl<d to the i'M-l o( I In* I'burrh .ml the >? h'?>IJ">ii^. (Ih lllti III ? It ? ||. d ?ii.g'*te.| J titer 1 1 -l? a*f<? i' Hi Ih had "aid ? In- thilu attail |i?i IliUeh d-'VO inn t" nuttiral |To?p<Tity N w it urt t ? -r t un. t i-l ? l,.t||- !?: tli.t III' pie W I ?? ?!? 1 lie ..l'l? I.- I ' . t i ba-l lie hole i to r pri ent had had live ? ntnr of i \i? rn ni ' ? I tlii want of mater id pp -j-enly ? .la ilit' , - and h - worth} friend It. Ifc.ta w oid '? n h In f III' - ' ti ' I ' ll.i'l tl"t t'? II ' ? I ' |'l I.." ' I : I for Ireland ber-elf or f?ir lh?' ootiB ry with wliMsh-h wa* rnii.tled With much deM.I on lb"r fore, t i lie ih* ait' lit 'd tin ft 'intry, ntl w ith il? greaP -I |aw?ib ?? ap prtt tail* n *?f \* w Higlaiid a* t Be of III fill na< ? * ol Mn i wan llvut 111 . he w<i? elill n< t ertheb ? ? a *tr"i g adherent In ihat tiM Knptitui proa?erlty. (iJMghier.) Hi tuning In lite t: hi' cloth lie ?aitl thai II ?'lgK? ?ted ll-ell l<i 111* Itlea al the |tf??el?l Jtinclitre of |?ih|it all tlr* l it wa< athil.kof ?i|?rai< and n th peip|*nl pari*, whic h, wlien put t' kt'lher - a Whole, bad lie* it to ttMWer a dm moti pitrjuj-i and aWful practical oliyn l. (Apptaune It b..d U??l<il Bow for at l?? ?t two hundred and forty ;t ii and In- tlemghl i? nnght tie t iken at a pre-.'iiaiil and fori Itielil eMUtpie '<f III durability Of u> e|N iideiil thitik'" and tin Ir utnil) when kepi together W lib rele r' i n in the toth). .-t of the i nty of New England at the ttte-. nl cr,-i- he lUm.hi Dial no genth man *4 New K^ig lai d birtb or origin woiiUl quetlloii Hie tai l tint alie had thme m eon- deralil- ibure in b. ngmg about I ho rtale ot leehnK ? hit h Bow ethl* and the enn<n?ltteiii ea,<'V-r till > im*ihl W lie d || not lilt an tti h 'ltl her ae< otinlabl'< for that heniei'd) meani |o refer to the duty of temper ance anil motler tlloti In regard tti lite pre" el condition of the fountrj and the aentiinenM wloch . gnale it . and who to reter Pi the fail that there wa* a period in the lii-Pry of New Kugiand when her t?ifilion ?a? very i'ki t?f OB'- Ul lb' preaeBt Stall* t?( the cotilederacy . thai bad plaeed Iter ".'If in A |ftallioB whieh hf dm nia tp|ir?ite. hill whah In lb' f it Ileal spirit of thm tneeting. be w aa mt>al wdlini' to eond' ton. ( Ap plat *e i Iberi- w . e a )?'tlt"l in the n ?tor> of New ij g taiHl, wh |e th ? CI tiiilrv ma engared in a war ? In her a nn?t it lai ant War. di ?lro? ng her li?h* riea and neatly ai.aihUaUt.g her tri, th - when men of ureal ability, ?t mi "I pure i htra< ler and > t m*el aineere C'int IcteHia. at at Bibl' d ley e|ber In a New fnglali'ttoWB. and. after dtle ih I'ta ralioti rt etmiini mleit r- ?,-lMnre to eertain law? M Ibe I ' lilted hta'i-i. whulltlliv rfgnrtlt'l Ulli'OMlittltltMl and iinl'i -i It w even ?it# ireMed bv the llirn ."lei-re tan id ?<??ti tur the I nil"d ??iat??, that there weri cer I. . ti ii** in' era of that cniiveBtMl who h td rout; iterl th" ti- iiitd cretl ng ihe k iP.tli nt H N< w Kngl'ind ami ptit ? l? d|i lltlle of Ki'Bt It ? III afl a- -ov ere 1^1 An ird a thia ?ii m< d now waa belteveil by ine j?i|m lai 1'irlt miaUiiiiiBg the war. and Ii hat heon very dif llei Ii, iDroi gh tko ik* pr'-tev '?! half a cnturr, to eruli' ate it Irem Ihi t niit iclloi, of tliat Jtoriion ol the people, lie mentioned thi" fot ?? a reflection on New ? nuiMiid. b"i he a?ldre-ei<l hi" worda Itt n very Inielll tent, lb- light I ill and *en hi- |?nliou of the wmntry, l<t "bow ibt in et - illy of th liber. at -m. forh* aranee and nit> detalk n with re?|?.Tt to He i lew* of another clae-" ttf the ci niui'inily ami aniHhrr ptwiitm of the ?"iiilry . however Bn'taken lbo-t v ii wa mul.t be fApplHUiM* > Me wit irlad to bear lh? refpontu fur It ? lewd thti he had not tr> |w--e.l Im-i ooiI Ih" Itotinda of hi ?pi Iftllty. Ilia nBl) ev i: -e lor tlie *? gge.ttun waa bi- 'leep hive fi?c thi c. ? nirj el b.? hiflh (lor. though re|H' > ntmg iIm-.-i latfick a ietjp, ho w#? wnallreof ih naniiry j and for ihi' iBatitutwii under whal' lit wtah<>rB. Heturn 'ijf to the oM IftblOrMh. lie hoped thai t In ?e)n,ral* and >n di |end> Bt | ?? r t a of ihie ri puhi.c Bmild uutliva It In aviTy f, t,pe prrpeiiilty. Mr <ii?. d" Bt i rt rt " at tb" lower et d i* the t.thle and I?|ed III he allowed hi eoireel Jw??e lH|y hi reeard lo Ibe Hall iiftl f'OBVt "U 'oil i h' f were toil'1 6rl'^ td ?>r, ti ? ' i d Mr fft t- Mid i hat Ihe genth ? I v I have an opportunity afforded hun of paying whatever w.uj acceptable to hi* hearers. (laughter.) OLD VIRGINIA. Mr. Jay W Houtter, the President of the Old Horn Into i*>. ciety , and President of the Hand of the Republic, wa* next called upon. Ax he rote to respond, Ciuhiik out, "New Ki. glanders, up, and nine cheers for Old V ginia!" Th<- whole assemblage r< *?<? , and the hall re sounded with their acclamations. Mr. SitnM said ? On taking my real at your board to day (tie first idea conveyed to mind was one which should till the mind and the heart of every man within th sound of my voice, and of every person ui this groat country. <)u the napkin (holding it up) put upon my plate 1 tlnd tlio word "Constitution." (Cheers.) on that I plant myself; on that Virginia hit: planted herself, und on that alio will stand to the end of time. (lx>ud applause.) The iK-xt idea pi.t into m> tniud alter taking my a at wa om whk li rliouid till th" lulnd and heart ol all th ? poopl of the I'mted Slates. I know what I uiu saying, ? lie. i hold up !?> you (presenting a miniature Hag that ha. I bee sent 111 .1 bouiptet) the giurs aud the stt ipen. . Turn iltuou cheering, which wii recited when Mr. Smiter very of lectivvly ojM'in d kiti v< st alid placed the little || tg itex Ins heart), tioutlcinen, your worthy President maiie most beautiful allusion tt> wisd<iu. I would like in un piove n|tf>n jt , und I knew that tie sourt ? from which quote will bo acknowledged hyall of you to be ?n bn proveno ut. ''That wisdom which U from abovtf is flra pure, i Leu peaceable, eusy to bo entreated) ful. of p<ks1 units, without |k< titl.'.v, without hy poerisy," (Crie- of u Cfciod,'' on.i loud up.ilaiiA.'. > i hat, gentlemen, is the wisdom which i call upon you tu invoke. Tbiit is our only restwice, attd .t you will plant jourself w ith me upon that, w shall, nt Um aiiiiiver-a.ry ot the Old liomlntou [Society iu May . Imi enabled to eon liratulute eat h other on having went bored Capo llorn. i l.r>iul ch. ors.) We sh.ill have s.teo'cd -iloly bptuvi'n .-eylla on th. one h.uiil and Chatybdi ou t lie other. Much has been said about New Kngiand ami New Kug la utters, and it would icoupy tin much t;in> bow Cor me to my much hete about it. iiut tin hall liar not li en said ah "it X" ? (England or In 1 sous. I ould take gr'at pl'.iniro, and it would be my p. tdo hero tonwht. I ? 1 men tion names 01 great men of New Kugland who have honored their country, und whose names | revere and ?hope to revere a long at lif>- 1- vouch" tied to uie. In refpeet to \ ilginia it beccKM s n. to ,-ty v ri lit'l I ha\ e said enough in -aying t tint le- stands on th* con stitution, and will ever stand mi it. 1 will oooclude hy offering a sentiment, 011. win b 1 hs?\ uttereil since I came into the house, and It att ird- 11 mo t similar < unci den" e wiih this little li.ix which t happen <0 he\e m iny bosom, and wlmh I intend t < tarry h?m< and to pr- sj there closely. Tin- Slar* and the Strll* S? The l'rlde uf ?fi i-jr Patriotic Heart ? Mas they n. 1 Ih* 1 1 ? ?- eml.lflu of true lib -iiy, equality and tiateruity tu uur w bolt, cunutry. INTRODUCTION AN1> Sl'KKCH OF IIANVII! \l. HAMLIN. At this period of the evening senator If ami.ix, the Vice President elect of the I'nited .State-. who had arrlve.1, on liis way from Washington to Maine, was conducted into the hall and introduced to the assembly. He was greeted with loi.d and long continued applause. In ucki.owlodg mg tins greeting ho .'aid: ? Mk. huwBDT, a vf> Son-* ok Xkw 1 m.i avi) ? 1 tliank you cordially for this generous reception as a tribute to .New Kngland. Appreeiating, as I trust I (to, and entertaining. ?s I ho|>e 1 do, that fraternal feeling which every citizen of all our broad laud .should entertain for every other, I yet may nay that 1 am gratified in meeting the[ ions of New Kngland here. (Applause.) And I am proud to k te w that while you hare wandered from j ">ir native homes, you have, iu art, in letters and in com mercial enterprise, added to her p nown. (Cheers.) Mr. l'revident while I om rejoiced to meet you here, aud while I would under other < ireuiustnni >'S he happy to mirgle iu your festivities, a long md tiresome Journey ol 10 day justifies no, | think, in asking, und r< 'cures ..1 you. that 1 should be excused from making any extended remark*. Thereupon lb' Vice rrtuMt nt < !? rt rt -i.ineil kU The next touM w.t.- ? Thn JitillrlarT 11 f 1I11 Valim ?ii ' nf ttir j*tn|rft. mnr- in bar imiiij w Hit ia> li iitlifi hiui ? nh tin- I'irii ol govl futmiuiMl. whin- their pi iiiripleH <.f juil~|nii?1<-in-?- miilmam with <'<111411 tiuml tbe aiiihmiiy 01 Ihe w* anil tin in ? f< >111 ol the cltiri"i . fair W kere IbeM i? no Jwllrr [bore ean hp no liberty, m l ? hfie ihere 1* d<> Wb? rt) there ran be no juatioe. Kx Judge PUWKKHWT, of thix rtij . r? epontled. He wan tinai ?:iifi? im <l. Ik* hit i' 1 , 10 apeak before [toiitilar ai-eni blm, not tint hp sti(f<fi?t that thi* w art it |m titular afiH'iiibtjr, f)?r bs ba4 t?<inf ri'MMi to ttiiffK-rt ih.n it w.ta 1 tie tnofti. unpopular Uif rnbly tiuti w r w.K'HbM m < hi i-tenCnin l(> I1111I uvtlinl tbal tin ?- ' ill- ol' New UiilnM Vtl* Tft) fttiiti of lon-tmir tin itidieiary. Tbrit latln-ra niatlo a iudiciary. 1 li?*y knunrpti it. liny up held it Tlif) ? 1 1 aid Ii) i|. It ht'nitj by them. It nn? it t tf.i tin m in tlieii right*, in their property, 111 t ir libeitli-. Their hhi- made Uwts to tkr Judiciary xery gmal isti tn lift -lire. Hii* one wiul .1 mml'd. It OJOUIn til within ll.-t If , in 1 few 1?ri? 1 word*. 11 noble put Ml < :*i a|wrli, a moral t -say .tuil a rel.gUeiM wiilimAt. He iouktad w bother their lather* cttuM bare made *0 jr> txl a iiv,m, but tiny bad made .1 ititich I teller nynteru ??f tudiriarv (ban Iheir miih bid ever nude. Ih-'y iial m.ide law* and 1 a<t iuiradutpd ? (rt?t lytlem nf civil 1 11 lily out of which hati xpruitf thai might;, nation, more bleated than any ou which thi> can bad fvr *hoae, until low lie- naiiou, drunk with llie wiue of Us own prosperity, if i-taggering, II *ta> l"'. iuto etikf lety. (Ap ,4ai.M' and laughter.) That r utl he. W what our fatu t? thought about. You, their MC. Dwkt niotipy . and yoa it*e it aonii i iinPtt. (Laugbti 1 Thon )(H| cofnpiain of a leelil- int-flu ient Judicial \ an tie eauae. Who will kiit up hi ff to-night and I'll me what he tu* t vir dt'iie to sustain lite jidjciarr of New YorK, what linger he haa ert I raised to nupport it. what be has ever done to give the judge* even a shlter within v hu h to adminlftcr Justice r ilam^ht'T.) Your judges art' well enough. Support tbt-m. flivo tliem a place wherein to adiii'iiirt< ju*t IN. Pay tin ui properly, i.d ni) word for It, you will Ua\ ? ii? re.umu to C"m,'i tui .b?ut the pidiciary of tli* state I his toaat allude* to tlip mdn iary of the I mtt-d Stat.* That bar a little touch ti a look toward ||M I red .-colt dot -ma. I *uppo* > tlut aa I ?m tlif only democrat tn the ? in it la lilmtf 1 to diaw me into hm diacu?i<Hi f* rba|* to bin* DM mobhetl. or lynebpd, or ?omctbi: ?. ibat aort. (I^ igii t?'r.,i in iiilPturn, >ou aak me v , I iiave lo nay about tlie Iirt-d ><ott <|pt l*k?,l aoi>wer.tbat if yeir fattipr* I .id plated a Judiciary la WjabiiiKton, ami If tint jUdit iur> ba<! iiiatb a deel"Wl In a caw. mi long hm ii? f |eot<oui.ct<d it if bt' the law ttf Hip la'id, jour fatlwri vtoobi liavt' Mood by It. (Ifiitrn j Mr I'rPMilPiit Hit- tint*4 an ont el Joint. w all thai What i? llif mat ipr? S'ttit thitig ht. Sm liiiMUt Woi". ? rtic demoefat it are ont of oflloe. Jti'lge I irnmj'11%1 ? Ihn etn ?? ot p 1 r? ? - ?hu MidvHI Pixb t *i'? at d t It atttlff in*" ar r*tiiiot iti dttterllH?f , |o jivp 1. tli >i- Ir 1 itagp wbeit *e 01 y v , nlnaild, 11 'Iipj linnttr tl?'ir iiH'inorn *, try Hi at. ti e at gran to praetiee U?e? vtr luea. 1*1 ua aw wbi tlipr ibey at ?? prie t !? mg ilie v irttip* of iImp?- grent and buntiieil men i<tl M )>e a little hoiit'nt with rarh niJi. r ni*lil In atlempl ng lu a\ 'tid Ihelr fault- wi' ba\ n ?wil lo preetioe >M me t?f tbfir TirttH- . Ifai ?? *<? B"l T Thry ?? re atielprp n.i n, wpre ff mfl .nit -? h trah nu n. <at "tuiiP oeoaalMM ibey wert bigolfd iilid at imt ll*'\ witp cailotl 1 t tl. but tht y bail at all linn n hi.b a< n?e ttf Juaiioa, and a rpvrrt noe for law . ami what i- Wire, they bad an un wavering iruat and faitk iiiiwl. |na*H ib" faith of ilc laih'uit r tn.iin ^Uu n ai d lirtn m New Knu.and ? No. lltman mt'Tiiet ? t "W exaltt d ab'ive nil fault, ?n I tin bind b?? lie? n run Into many an error whifh hi- rauee* im.rh HlPt hiet lolb' co'iniry. <K tie-' trroi- wp an in d?> t lb ftnitt*. I ?t . yoti not all kle w abidlBg t nil li whnh on e exited in N w Kju-land haH tle| alttuT lb . real* a fn m Mnwektr if lien.' > . Ihp d* ^ 0pnd.1t t - of th" i> igt in.- n<iw r .m" If-re tolbi cHj ol tue I oil 1. ? for WMIf To maku HUM) Allu-ion h it. In pti n.ath' t?i ttome dtttrulta thai extrt at pri i-t nt W ril \> l.e it. i nt* nalWe fVir ttiewt II H led fur 'i b. re t? -i?> But 111 11 y j'.'gnitnt they are m* rerv triiliug ?Mitter* Tlity .ire th ng- which 4ererve ?<hip -? ri..uH ifetMigli un rtfl i-ratl' ii on our part. Tie \ trolnltp In. fi.i a' it. a -? in.- I hi, iit d not to ftp % dwitti W. ati nu taki t whett wt ?up|? ?" tbnl mir brethren M lb' N t ih do iii .1 think liiai wp at?' ird litli ipneed b) prlMi| Ip Titer lf i.k tle' i I \ and tb- <r aii ar at Make Hew vi r mlataki u and mlaguldM they nwy lie, tl?t \ art ?" i t t' alttiiil it. Tl ? \ tlunk there e -ohm thing in ;t for w Ii eh tin y art' 10 light . lo bit . d .ind il inetf b ti. dip. Ibive we m t ?? nu- dntl? j in regard t ? 1 1 maiipf? la there led 1 ? me Iti'lll M t uf p ill m- t* nil ?? on tin ir" * liti I p "if wbPlher we cmIiIioi iitntrive iieido hy *h 'h tlW*e dURpullU <? may bn rrntnrrd, Wln-titM-r the 1 'Die -liali ctine Unit tbt- VtHih 1 tub- called upon tore*, wl.elbti llm go\ prniii?'i,i if Ibf I lilted Htatep -h.tll be mndait.ed in tkp pnwr px' reiae >4 li? fuactioaa, yiw Will fad t-A?r< N'tribmn mail deflare hlm-i-lf re?.i\ to ?i ataiii Ike government wb ? b th' ir rutin r pd iMi-ned. tA|t|tlai. ? 1 In tli - iiiilittti Ike time WIN preka'dv ee?w whin ?'? ehall la ? ilitd tippn an tli?p?'vt*r in what tx?k>ma are 1 m ill bparti ll ?l pet tin ir Iriutl in t."?l and k'-"p th< <i Itowtler dry 1 Ap| l.'tiM | I in m \i ttao-i 't?< to ? man titd Vr. 1Uun? wn? rill?| na lu ri>|i"Bd But f la n oii*dialp|_? ularied ofl i>n Me ira< k 'if 1 lie Hartford I1*ii ralU?. !? bail frti|iip||lly lo be ralitii to orti' r. and in. 'ih In t teMM the poiMl and mi dnwa. H" wa- I' n ?Pd In Mi Wattle w Hale Mtnllh uml tbt Jailer Ii- liidgt llak'Rl H ill# AipreaiP liairt of thl? Mate, who dieiared ? I koid il to t>f th' ?l'ity ?< all gt t?i t iii/t 111 to ivht ir tin I it ion againat traituta at the ?muk and their -> n i?' b.iu > ? tn ih-- Nt? th. aa long a* two flat* two "Utl"* I all NOW iit i?l lb' flag of Ik tuil'OO Ihia peatiae 1 1 ww katlid wtlh lumnlliitnia applaoep It wa now a n?ii?r ii( aa h"tir ni iiiiilalt 'i' aim gut ate aed rt p t? ra?pre pre|?rlug to |iviv>- f'te ballwh'nV' l.varltt Bade lie anin?iie nniPttt tkat be ? spieled t " h' tr Ir' >o a dial ag nalnd unit aa? who btttl I'l'i arnretl. T!' Ufl 'f '.ed thf p*odti- lea f? wr mltioU-* al'i iwae.t the imrly km of Wwoaf1" ft. tn -talting tip Uie hail. I'dlw.-d by Wm ? "?waH. tt hen tke lalMi wa inlrtaltMted Ik< a-?mbiage a i-i mulianeoi * taiit nrpt "f enthti?ia?m brofcp foftb, and thn kmd ckeerMtg bieteit Im ?-?"* . ral mie?t' u when it kad ?wt -itb-d Mi. reward |trt?eeded i? f|??h at- f> How* ? WM. II. HRWAKIi'S hPEBC'II. VIUiiW Ofllitr ? Vi ftiei ?' Wr It.irt* I b'lit at ting aa f bairtneii o< I 'mntif"'*' le 1 or I'roilPttt .tr ?? meihing of Oartttori? |.io?a?t>?ari|-airtkret.uid?te*. | 1 . nni.g a -irangt t ?? I * '"r " ' ) ' am put under >'??'?? ?? -"m ?? ' I* ?' r"' ,n'' *m broegkl ? oan freia ?i> owl- pi ? ' ' "'I ptMe. m all I 't f . t? t ; : ' ' r bull r..d ? ? ' ' w '?? 1 1 ' ? ki !M" 1 !"??' tB presiding officer or speaker, or nonethiug of Uui kind. Mr Draper has mi nnut*'<l to uio that you're all \<tnkuc<j (A voice ? Von, weare),a~d I thought it a* likelj ,m not y?wi were. Tkirrfort, 1 Buppoee that I might m well m:i all rtmil t about my-' If at rent at otvw, anil anticipate nil your Inquiries. (All tbi* Mr. rivward .ml in tho droll- t nmnnt r Imaginable, \\ .ih the thumb ut'aaofc baud in one "i his vent porkeU, ami with a cento cast of C'i' I lof t A ihiiiu i In ? morning at nine o'clock? (.? ?alter ? 'another jaa-') ? I ,'ot hero at raih''i a<* hour, ft# rather a late dinner. (A voice ? ?' I?i<l yuij cotut by the Kxpre1- train?") I camc by the expn -i train. (Another pause a* If waitmg lor further uit* rn gatorlrF.) Not b log particular happened me .>n tb? way ? (r<ai of laBj/hteri? except that I might * we'l anticipate the Rrjirrt? ou Moudiy mornitg. I 4U not, anticipate t!io?rfTi'jtj laxl M'.ijd.v morning ??} v'>ie?tbi'. I ii\> t 1 bur low W'-imI in the ctir?, (l*Mglit*t). A \ i ter? What 'lid he -f \ ' Mr. . . tr.tHP ? Tb't f tli'* % ink'1- conies o il on -v. A k'-iulcinau j's|(< nir what he ?. <1. Now, I tin not * i . There - ii" New Pngland blood iu rn ?, uid I d'1 in t .?i ' wc r inipt rtlrvnt questions (l.iiifthtvr.,) I will let tell w but he aid t? Hi''. I will ' *ll> tell what I sai t W h in, and that wn ihm l r pudlated ? (an mptel'in of let gliter}? *11 iompr< mw'?l ai?oev?.r ?. which v w York, Penny rfvaiiut an. I Nov* Km;! mi! e iuU not t und 'ip .n. I learned front him that he had be. n in r'.pring field, 111 the State a i Illinois. J flupp*. you w< iild .ill like to know what bo told mo he lour tied there. (ljoigh* r, and <h'ml< of " \e?."> I will give you the be:-t ,i t . - !"n? t ioti I can Ho p-ints i oev>paper culled tb ? Ktxniuj Jwtml He i,v a tn ui of tr'ith, I believe and if he i and w ints to toll what ho .earned you on get it la ht uews|iaper. (I/uigbter. ) But I have Homehow got off front the direct ooursfl of nij argument. I began to tell you uhoot m>-'o:'. and somehow or other I have got to telling about Mr. Weed and hip i iurney to Hprmglteld. I may a- well go in this tndir* el way till I get ba> k to my direct road. 1 mot tho Governor g?lng up to Albany. He did uot toll mo exactly, but 1 bad a strong suspicion l'roin bw appearance generally, and from wmm bints which he dropped, that t'luirUv M*'i~ id, of the Aalor Hof.Be, would probably be Inspector < general of the Slate of New York, (liiugbtor.) I juilgit ko because the Hnvrnor a-krd nie my opiniou about .Mr. .Stetson. I told bun that, as a tavern keeper, I .lid lb t know a great deal !n his favor, but that a* a miii tary ottircr, I thought bo had no superior ? (roars of laughter ) ? and Ibal if it c boulri turn out that the .State of Florida hould invade the Stat( ot' N> w York iu theeo trouble of our?, 1 did Ml know any inau bettor to send out to meft them tlian Charles S;. i-.hi ? (uproarious lauphtor) ? who would disarm them of all hostility by bringing them into a supper lik? ttus at tbe AmIoc H"ti?e. J.. II- .s i .ti?>ii. hi- ciiiinN. <1. ,11 a more serious too? th< h? are. Mrnordlaary thin** that are hap.*.,,** inoup ! -V , 1 r* <h?t H wan the ,n<-n of New England wto . 'W,M' r l,ir'" ?< ?? a*. aa I tu, liv?d, ? ln> fl " "d Mr ?l'*eph lirinn.-ll, too* liv.-d whom I am K-Rd t , se, here. I hop- he is sounder In his politic* ' *? WM Uul ??"" ' li' Hr.1 Of hint. (La?g,llw . y ho,.. be ? a- ^ bli brwthcr M(i ( s u ^ ^ twice ai long ??, a< we hav .-live,!, I , ,ty, of New England invented (h, great, , t political discovery m th. world the couf.d. -ration ... republican Sfttes 1 be Hret confederal ion <?r republ ican ? in Aiii.thm wm (hi- ImeDt.on of New En^Iunl. 1 have alwajs admired and ic*-|M-cted the |?" p|.? of New Kngland lor th..t ,r...u disc. v. I y, which, after h;i\ in* b-en put Into ?u<X"fftftll me. ' <,",nr, ?*?f Mat* hu . 't Bay, and Plymouth and Connecticut, a'ld New Haven, ram- ultimately, after' bav u k toon "anctlon-d bj th. w ifldotn and experience of J r. I rank I in, to lie adopted by lb.- people of the thirteen lblt'-h < .'lonien on this Continent. south of the At. Law rente. it lias born reserved for our day, aud fur thiat very hour, to n.i> an innovation of iuk ilur kind, of hi..w, -ite nature, by a portion of our country men re M-in.K south of the I'otomac Tie- Yankees invented con f. duration. Tift" people <if Houtb Carolina have invent.', 1 cec wion The ? i*d*m of lb? Jait. r is now to b tried in i. n.|*ri<?n with tbe experience of tfn- former. At th lirst fclancc it .*biMt? this al^ilar an. nialv that i t a Mulv Which has in the *?iute of the I inteti Sutea two teat*, and tn the House of Kcpre.. ntatlves ** iww,, ,? ), ?r Ibrm *1 0W> a year out of a treasury to which tbeycoutrlbet? onlj a small part? a Stat? consisting of TOO.ism p.-<.pi? 0f all condition,, and of whom "74.000 are white, <0:0* uut oj th- I nl. >n . to stand by itself, and send.UK to the Vou rni-aor the l ulled Htatea thr- e 0.ratniMloTH-r? to 'land .a;t?nle of I be t.ur to u< rXuiU- f?r their latemt- and t-. h. I...1 by hersrlf. instead ,,f bavinK two Senator, ,.?| ?a K> prt x ritaiivee in Uniirr^ss on un ei|uality with all the other ?ta tee. Tills la the experiment that ie to bo tried by States on Ibis continent? whether tbey will And it wieer to occupy Beats within the On^re** of I Bitnl Mat.*, aud to lwv? thi ir repreaent*tlve? I -aid tiy tbi United Mates for coming there, or in liea of that, to Kind O.mmieaiobers to j .resent their claims and tb> ir rights at the bar of thu ( niteil Mates, w ithout tb" privilefe of voting on th. ,r "w? uid Ui be paid lor l.y the HaW* lh. mu lvi-. This is tin- tart political invention of tbe lime- 1 *>e>t nrttaj U> *mi thai / d? n>4 (kink it u lUHy U> U- foil >v< by mar>y StaUnm thu am/mmr or to br |<r>-r. rt-l iuUmy, UrauH it u i*ry mu<A 1 nfrrinr to Ikt L\*'. obrori* rri*,. (Applause.) Tlve -ute ofSoulli <lu-ol,n d> - .n * to k?> out. Just at this moment I am i_-o n# b..<-k to Wacb.nKtoii for tbo porp.?.- of ndmlUteK tlie .<<tat j of Ksps is in ; and / rmturt to #ny IKU far tcry SUf* an thir r*mt,nn?t (An/ w?M ,,u> >,/ the t'nvm 'A < - -<tn l atrm.l;i (Xkhnff at Uatt )<n, SUiUm that nil !. ,,!?> i u> "w i? <imI f<A? ?ft.?r pl'ice. (l/>ud C rs.> fb?'v v ill do si. for thin ipta reason ? Dial every "into "ii liic ?v .ni ,11. m ?| \. rt|, Amen, un wiii rratic or n-|.ii'./i,a? Vmi. gmtlrmca of V.-w lUtq Isnd, do not like alwava to bi*r tho word demorrallr f w ill. tberrfore. taw lh.. word rrjajblican. Xo ^w, ?? \yitr"n (kit rr.ntinrnl or any VA.r an mand aUm- Th i- ,, nit imfintti'nlitp. An<t the reason ta a aimpv oik\ so murh lilwrty, nj much p. r-onai ladi pnxli'aie. smb a?op?' to emulation and ambition as a f rw repvMfc *tri?, wb<r? universal suifrage e*l?ts. .n t.?. lam b r>? any state -undm< alone to maintain. Therefore It is, a* you hive aean, that tho moment it Ib-iyM UmI sa^M ei ?mirvno'd in Ihi. irri ,1 national ranfederm y ot urs, you twy.n to be,r at . ?? not m s??lh , b?t ^ M 1 ,n ,V. w KinrWiM and laMlv, >.'U lie?fin to bear of -c-MOt. of N. w Vork my and |ot({ N la ltd from t b" Stale of Nsw York U.?l.ter lb.y ai< In all Ibis. Oismdre this Ati.f. 11 1 in., 1, and there not Mate that can stand " ' '* m w? B |?f|? ti.sily the tum eim of ?mi?a ?? t I wean l>r?iiRbt to i bi ' 'indiiioti f tlirstatea of t^atral Aim rua? put nl stales unaiile to tasd akme No get H? r. ,?.|,| , ..ft., ar. |*, i|w. ,h. av.-a ,n ihe' bar \ i st in Id . I 'ut Hum up ? .very Ku>t blows th. m dov 1 ?tarkth. m f vub- r. and ih.-y d?fy all tbo winds of he 11 yea (Tnmullatsis ?|.plao.?. ) tnd tn \ "U lin\e sr. n lliat tbe*.- thirteen r<i mblicau rial"- all Mln. to th- cotirietlon. . sc/i of them, that It could md -Isii | Mione, ,iKl tbe thin, n eame t stuher, snd you Iimtc seen ,.r si. s added them, 11?e St lU- of Mtebiiran, tbe ?"t<ite of ftitii ,na, of llllnotM. 'la Mate ..f ? .? 1- the stnto of Iowa and tbe Hint.' of 1/ isiana ? what under heaven kept imrli of tl" "tjo * fr> t'i - 11 . / up for it Hf and bero?nn? inde|? 1 dent Nidhmg but t!iat It .-.Mild no<. stand .1 '? ? And t v .11 r.ndy to bo umtisl t,, otb> r r?| 1 it 1 ?. th . rontin.'nt s.. it ?' * 'th Tn,. si mdepandd.'nt. Wiii d d ??.. n i r. r?. ? .1 ... Vim know how II ? ili t tri' d ii" to admit to 1 Into the ( nion but it tried tor mm b bard- r to .lay m>t , l^tig n||i. ,|?| why I not Kansas ci >n tent to reinoln out? ?mply tos?t,?o of tbe st mpntli) and Ito interest wbieh make* It mWfm ibat sll r.fsiMicea -tat... u,k eontin. nl sbn!ll>e united in oi" 1M ,* ,,/? fVirelftM 14 .<ldl4r.M.U fr-inana Ut .1 ?v "tkrr S .,1, ,?> rntfl 1 rhiU (toy art rutkinj mU yew fat" 'a a?1 ?H thr M.^mn rwtof ? a u. fill lip the taomim. (I/., id .ippUus..,) it t? the w 1 doni di> . m . red b\ .air fathers w hich is sll r ncon trst.-d in ti." e tbr e word >C eh pregnant ni jio ir? / /'tort' w. I m ,,i (l/.od p| ie) Tto re ie ?t|eh tlilr.jas one. '? |;it< from ito' many, in refMiidi.^tn Stsl.- ,t. .fined appl An ' r?<.w t-tl- w r 1 jtna, I v 11 <)?.|i| . e word 1 f? n - th amAnato ? com!;,**, of ... r'f . . ,| by ih .lis)., it, .a. of ? .n e .4 iho Ann 1 W?n piab* to se ? !e fnwn th> I nion ' 1 . .1 t m ;lil ' hiv ' i?m. the ati riein ? 41 ' ' ' ? "1 ? i > . < it taken

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