Newspaper of The Sun, January 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 9, 1861 Page 2
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fcn i I ""T "'- tZ '. Afcr"Ti fw j, , TgryAJrfiLMlWlrfTOrfWTlU'Sri -n?::.-,;1:! i - www THE NEW YORK SUN. W1DNK8DAY MORSIRO, JK. , MO. AiyiiM j There bow remain M MKlM tan basdredaad fifty man war ship ped 1 att aid ef MaJ intwa, by the Snr of the Weet,aalteeoesrrnoe aVetery TaoareoB, hat vmlgned. to maks room for ttll another honret ma tale Cabinet, Honor w.rt stlnlsg tf sa Mick en the itramir at Caar'OBtoa aadeeanaonede tf the dty Com Fiat Sampler but too Boon for either reee to be namlble Tbe eVareahlp'jMeph Whit ney I to hi dlepatthcd trnB eton wlib V. 8. 'ronpi end ml Iter stores for FjiI Foitoget, Florid Tbekhrorpe el Fat L evenworth I. ft for Bull sere en Mundey .A iword we auealraiUfly sold to Mtjor luntini If cur B.ate Snte, yertrrdty All over th North lb nntver,ey tf the btile of NnOImi M re'ebttd rwtienltybf Bring ee" hite In braor of 'Od II tkoly " Mejor Ae." MB Or, tod thl Flag of U Union. Enqii OOW1B, a moderate rrpablran, tad formerly Cby Whig, m yeNtardey elerted ft Pratr from Fnnsytvatls,teplaoeU Mr B.or-tt InsMttrafo of lb Governor ef TntHnUH (round tgtlnsi teoeeetjo. Tie eieealon epdemle continual I spread, lal In preee'enoe in m e'a-ralog to th Souh, snd any lumn of rtel Itltoa will be gbdly rdssd op-m by th bo dsr ste'st M rw sns of ste)lngbwb rtM rod enerohy. Is the Bflaetewfpt Coavrntfch, lb ordinate of amadou wt unaelmnntly agreed in by lb Committee of FlAeeatend will pern The Fitkli Crnvmtlna yeafcrdey rtsJvtd npn eeeaaslon I'nimt Hoard- 'X. fM Berwer-uxate tleseprewihe. Oat retdsrs will already bar noted for tbm eless, lb programme of mutual eoncilistlcn agreed Bpon by th fcenntort and Bepressnta Uro af th Border State. Tb ability cf tbw ma tn kg' upon no rMnalU And Impartial plan of itUronl, U a bappy anry. Than U Dothing la It to wLlcb a doent tbo of argu naant can b oppowi from any arty, nnlault U Um appllciUoa (not th "rwtora Ion," for It arr exltd thai ) of th UubjoiI Comproml lln to all lh Mmalnlng U'rllorUa of tb Uuloo uhlch U obaoxlooj to tb ooaaciancM of th atrlct r cppooanl of rlarery la tb lUpauIlcAa par ty. Krtn tbU propoattltrB, howarar, u w a dantaod It, doa not corar tb pvaiUr iUb liahmnt of alarary touth of th Una, bat Imply prorid that wtU It ihall not b f emitted north of 3(5 dag. 3) mlo,. It iball not bo fnkt&it'd la any muinar, Sooth of that laUtuda, In th aiUting Unltory of tb Union. W do not baltat to lay that th Utetwt moral opponant of ilavary-axtanJon mty with food eoniclaao naaat to ibii arraORtmaot, for th atapU raaioa that whll It larranJan no practlrabln or xbliof barrlar to alarary south, itMcorat a pooUr barrUr norihward which do not nw axlit and cannot b otharalaa ob talaol within th prawnt I.'lIoo. Th only objection urgad with any ahow of fre by th moat ultra Itipubllo ni, la tbat It will b mad prcdnt or a fulorum for taw pro-attrary aftltalliDj and agKraaJoBi In C'aBlral Amatla and Maitoo. To thli th o'jtIoui aniwor h that A diatinoly xprtd nndratadlat; to th cn trary on tb patty of pitrlollo mm of bo'.h aK tlont ouihl to b lofllciaat, and will b thaot fully atrd to. Tb othr proposillocl ar In rry ptrtlenlar Juitwtat thay ih-mld b, lndopandaat of tb prwaur of national pvll. Thy 'ar almjJy jut acdrltfht. It li proccad to ranor to twee ity fr taraonal UUrty acta br mulii to tb fuilUr a trial by Jury la tb atat whar h la bald to aarric, nndar tb cuiUxly of th 11. 8. Marihil cf luch atat, and by rapaallng th x tra fa allowad th U. 8. CmmUlonr fr ramandlim a alar. Tba South U1 b aa glad a tb North topravant th kllnapptng of fra MXroM, and (outturn jurUi etn b truitad with tbat duty M lafaly a noriham. la l'anonal IiUrty Act can thn bJtf',1 "ul fty and honor, and crtai"ly wS fl In rary itat whar thy xiat Tba eonttltntlon to b amndJ mm mora ooraly to prohibit any Intarf.rano by Conaroai "Willi alarary wbr it now txliU by Uw Includ ing tha fcdaral poaaaarioni In th 8 jutharn atat, and alao th Duitriet of Columbia, unlaw by oon sat f MaryUnd and tha iohabliaata of tha Dis trict, and with eompanaatlon to th ownara, Tb latar-ttaU alar trad nt to b laUrbrad ' wlti, and tha Africa Umh tri to U ptrpttw cflrfoAiK!. W pnbllah alaawbar a UaUn patlUon now otrcalating la thlidly, and already aljnad not only by Uadtag oocrarratlr Damccrata, but by promiact and aitiama EautUcana. A larg foro of canraanrs will at on oollaot th r Jan tary lulTragM of our clUiana In faror of 111 coa UaU. Itmbraos H'xtanUaily, th ptincipUa f oooclUi Itn aVr atatad, and ouht, la our Judgment, to b aUiad by rry lorar of hla country, awf ttptrttily by my RrpMtcan, Tb only qautlon upon whlcn w bar fait any doubt, la thU eonnaeiion, hai baea that of thprjrity andaffleicy of any alTjrU at com promt, dating th praaut cnilJon anlaUl tudfth Sooth. Wapttaant under anothar had raaaoa wblah bar eonrlneed u that a mra naant U atragthan th banda of eonaerratlam In tb South la peculiarly bomlng, and will pror bigbly efficient, at thii rery time. Ipfw akw Makl Tu public dbpatctui from th Suth appar ently indloaU nothing but th rery invlniaa ef deprarity th condition of a peapt Incapable of raaaon, Iniuulbl to lh Ur of their couatry or tb pity of their kind, upon wbom coocLlation la Li oil opon fire, and to whom lh lat arguniont of fore ii th only fit or applcabl penuaiU. Tb dally aoutharn aaa glrx tba pitiU picture we ahosld Imagine of a mob fuilouawlih panto ad iwollen l'h lnaoltnoe, iweeping public maa and Inaiitatlona before tbim and along wl h them like a oloud of haff, la which th guilty and th belpleea ar Ldiaitngniihably commla filed. TT tar raaaon to bailer that th pictur U tra to the Ufe-ethat th horribl pbrenay wUci carrl ererj fhlng beion It, U no more the rlbg of tb ptpit of tb South thin a tornado la an laaurraction of none and traea. Tb cry of tatolarabU ti ranny and rapine it dally tiatog louder from i y portlta of tb Eoathtaawhlc'l tile tenlU insurreolioa of tb bair'lmaU of eoclety baa extended. Tb aiatbain po pi (If w could but hear tbm) an b teaching ui to glr them a moral foothold on which they can make a itand ajalnit lh danuaJac horde which their deprared poll. Ucal Uadar bar raited agalaat th coniUtutlon andlntaraatiofaoiilaty. Tne In.clloBli ipread Ug in rry di(ctlon black, batrud derut. SogtM art arirywbar r J-rag th dregi of hu man natar In Uaurreelieo aal th oonjcloua cat of their oj.portanity and strength, run Ilk eleetrUty through tb riciou and criminal fraternity from th nortbarnwicit to tb aouth eiamoft border. All who hare an InUrait la Juatice, order and peace, ar ptr.ljieJ or whirled along In the tempaat, Bon hr th haLLh riJag muat be mat, wllbatood and ttoppad, or It will area crofl th border and iweep orar tt North at roll at th South. It It now for th North to apnly to th Booth th meant of (.becking th spreading reign of terror, by a own of action on that alarary qiaetion which b mid th pre , text and tb mean of all kbit destruction, such f tha law and order and petriotlain of th whol . na IryantanHe and make a Itand apea. Thl Jit fjat argnmsnt and tbenoeadly lor settling a etit ai JataasdlaU AjreeovtLt Utwtaa tl good 'UaBBr tit aTtrta and loath onthtqaiitlonof rnltAa'MJrdaf-aUte coipromta afford jtjnajr,IMAdfraotlabl btaie,oa which aU - 'rfWaina4 Order can nail against uJAAmn T wtUk the. riwt are taawmatMawmwlr. tetters kwl arriring fVlmaiSiW Krfr'1- ' " " srtn ttlnli'.tr? of roll,!, ar found la th ran of thU ferocious moTrmeatf 8o they war la tba French reiov of Utror. BoBjrtBana hlmaitf was aa oilglnai apostle ef peace and Bon rial at anc. That man ar carried away Bk leares la 'tne tempest, beor a power they can neither eoatrol nor withstand. WaaU wrtnuiid.baf few weeks since, how reluctantly and slowly the better eta at of South Carolina statesman ware forced Info th rerolation. They ar doubtless now trying U make tb best of their position, a the tidar of an Infuriated beast heldi hie seat In a dtaprrete hop i of doing something to guide tb rtckleri rsc to um lest dleutroul estirtropb. Vf raftr lo a hw published Insfaosei of tha prtralllng (errotlra). On Clltiteitoa letter re port th larealnn tpHrttdwalUnirjby sqasdt tit 'Mlf.u'e Mtn," who exacted aamptoont en Urtaltmenf, ard levied haary otilbu Ions In nroney for their pilrat line, by terror of arms. Ten dollar a Ire wat paid la one boar to such a company at tbolr rtqairsment, after a raral at th fot ced xpna of the maa tar of th mansion. Another Utter melted yti'rrday by a gentle traa In ILL) erfty, from a merchant In Chatlestoa, daaoibtltbe reign of terrar there as oom plate. Armed bards of "the lowest tf 0 l's creeturei," boa all parts of th SoiiUira states, (he isyi) go shout from Lous to htuae, lerylng contilbu'Joni of money aid whatarar thay de sire. Man of picperty ar forewt x support th Mrolullonary leadart and their forces under pe nally of cooficJoD,or by three tl of burning their bouae at d danger to their persona. On firm It mentioned as baring drawn thtlr cHeck for 3 000 under rciulal Jon, with th Informa'loa that tills was to be nnderstood s only a begta nlng. If tb present itata of things cmtlnue much longer, all th property of th clUxsnswlll be iwept .away. Tb Tiiiifu hat lnformaHon that Oor. Picxim himself hat written to an army officer of Ltgh lank, who Ii a natlra ef South Carolloa, raestlng htm to come te Charleston, and protect them from the mob. In oitor sta'aa, th diiunlon m At, hounded en by the politicians, control tk elections, pick th ccnrccllona, and precipitate all classes, n Icns robtM, Into rerolation. A merchant la thii oty, who recently received a Utter from a ' wealthy plantar la Alabama, bit rurnlihed the 7Wi with the fullawUg extract. Tn writer sayti AuiaaMi, llondtr, Dm It, 1J00. MAl lo oanelree, Untoo men. we dare not nltrr a wi-d, thmish I d and bare been repratedly tild that nhlnjf but my (rer bred sera roe.' Llf Is worth nothing, aid I can only ouenpar oar atmeelon to alia lelin of terror of the Bret French Rtr jlutlon. at win and children s-e almoat erarr tmra (rtgt M Iba bowly prnaitrct of a negro rUtng, wbloh eoma of Ibe f xwutad mrn (negroee and while) here Ounteeaed wou'd take place about Cbrlatmaa. If we oould gH cur taad be to the N th we wou'd do II t bat erea this moTeeient woold siotae eu-pteton. And now te our Imbed o Uieetnnnt Bpeahlng at abey eVtrf wlabloff to amtd blodibed t why, tKtrt U not bread ttumnh hrre to lut tixtj lUjt aed tba ahoneei war In pule Mop to all oar unvteire wm'dbetotlMe up thtptrtt end I'tak up tkt niait aemmwrinttem, w Ucb wou'd ttop tbe eutiolr ol b-eed aad aalUaid ibrn IU rtrn Uadm ef thtt uotmlo nttxnml itovld tt fxvl in thrto earn or." Thl tt the condition with which on man hu th rockier audacity t threaten th dty of New Tork Itself. Justtucb a reign of terror, with the diOcrince of xoe'ropolltan resources, extent and Intensity, the Mephlstophtlea of oar own deprat ad cLses would fain reproduce her. Imagine Fiuisa j do Wood with tea thousand armed ruffians at hit heels', over-running th city, and disputing of tha Ills and property of all ppoeen at his lovereln pleasure, and we hare a supposition not too lenota to tea waJaaaantlx rlvld, and a counterpart In kind to th helpless misery which ca It from tht South for our sym pathy and fraterral all. Tb Nsrrs freea Blaxke. A few dsys sgn, ws bad the uteUIgenc from Mexico that Mut-ttios bad suddenly attacked a larg fore of the liberals, at Teiact, oaatorlng the ganbon and their offlesra, lceludlngOtnerals DnaBiorABax, Dboollado and Ootabtis. Ibis tnocereful piece ef strategy rrlrd the slaking hope of tb Church party, but If tha newi which w publish today be true, their re jtlctngt ortr tl Toluea exploit war soon brought to an and. Cbpttches from Nsv Or leans aanounc that Uuakob was eonplately routed by tbe liberal army on the 221 alt.) that b fled th Cental on the 24th, and on th 25th, tbe liberals sntersl and lock qulst potasssionof the city. New Orleans !lpohes ar not alwsyl of a ttuitworthy character, but this newi w ar dis poecd to accept at genuine. Our previous ad rloes from Us City tf Mexico were to th effiot that th end of MinAKOB'a nil was believed t U near, aid that b was anxlooi to make terns srrsngsnzeat with tht liberals. They,bowever,had rejicted all his ovsrtures. At the lime time, Gen. Oanos, th rcott toccessftl of th Uberal Ieacn, tint concenUatlrg aa army f 30,000 man for th captart of th Captul. OnraoA I as twice beaten MitAatoa In th Held, and ha has, w hop, croned bit trtumpht by a rlctsry so declatr that It will and the civil war la Mexico and open the way for th tablltulng of a s'abla government. The cauas of the liberal hu bean much aided by th sympathy snd encouragement afforded them by tbe people and thverameut of th United StaUa. But It Is cause of humiliating reflection tbat the great nation to which they looked so steadily for counsel aid frUodly asist tanos, shouTS, In the diy of tWr triumph, b agita'sd through all Hi limits by th dlwrganl zlng (cheruas if Ir.Itort who labor to produce la their own land all ths herrort of revolution aad civil war. Whil th lunahln of hop break over tbe dssolatloa which fratricidal strife ha wrought in Malic?, ths gloom of despair It rprtaJitg over puts of our Jbelove country. Ought tot tbe example of Us xloo eaat va wlldtet dieuLloulst to pause In their mad career spd count ths cost cf their unnatural and rula out policy? The Iketoa Mraaariel. A number of citizens, of all shade of politic J cpuiluo, being lmpreud with tbe neoeteliy wkloh t slate fur the people to exp-eae thalr voloe la itror of oanclliaUun Lave, after lull dellbereuon, ad fted the Ulowlng nemjtUl, ai one which wou'd be Ukey Is leotlve the alQTuturee ef a'l ooosemtlv and palrU oUecttlttnss OJr fe low ciUimeere Invited to teal U caitfully, to a to U ready to algn. If epproved, wton waited upon by te cenviaaeie, who here been employed to cell at sveiy p'sos of buaueae waihln a Awdaja. In thepneent naUooal orlala, no tlax or effort thou d be ereed, Utbe Uelon k to be p -eeiredi lb thl tnes and House a flimamratfms tht I'ltUid Btotet emsriaa Ml Cunffrttt. JITke Mimeial of the tub.ortlr-, ollseaeof the nxie of Xaw York, dwelilng la tb eny of Miw Yo.k, reMeetful y elwwelh I Tew ibej tbei In the o tojuto o Ultod of their (allow el Isena si lb danger wblob now tkreetea ibe peace and unity of oeroouatry. Wnaoul eaar Ins up an inquiry ai to the iim of lb agUaiion P"w " I treading, may reaulae Ii at afeot, aad eo tobeuiMliwIUt la mod,re.loo, wllbiut rewlailns U n, vudWUveiiee, or pa ekn. Wbeoerer en e-l. lion, wbelher ficen ptaMun or frea prla pie, waelh-. er (nm udienderwecdUe; ir other e-js, parvedee ? f our. 0Ul u i, we leoojulse .be dasy oroonxdeitnc IbelreiraUauiW, of rupwOag luair alleged (vleTaooaa, of dolog ll tbilcw bed m to reuoveiab.ucOeatandlag. and. fe, tbe pupoaeof lealor mg baratony aad pre to do evernhlnf ehort cf ibe eortfue ot a v.tal principle tU J nruaatnV On Ike recant election of Pra.liUnL h. ..w DoUiloei dbwuwlnn baa lad, la oorjulfuaos to a wreee oplnton a to Ibe prlnotulee and objeew ef the pariujlj tuoowerul peny. Ii (a the da y of atado aad of pelt lottamslkr, to oorreetlblt error. Deell tog la a Male which la I1 centre ca tb eoratuuulo lions of this pert ol the Ualou, we bear our leaami ev. Ibal ibis Bertr 'deaiarea the nnai nt tn A. KM been the rl(bss teemed to their Mow-etuaaes every part ef tbe liuatry bf lh OucwMUeaa. Tteydoaatarieaayelelaa to Interfere wish doaaaa, Ho uellttttuna of the eeewa. They da not deaf the dure of Orernmanltoearryoat a IhaprnUoaaof the UjaeBTuiloa, whether reenaeaag fuarMree froea Ubor, oreehereebjecee. I ell tbm4 May deoare tlMlrDvpoMaadtaeaiionto set wueln the OoaseW muai. Oatbeetkar ksad,thos who took with olesroet aad apprebeneloa a it power of lb tuooealng let eewlre, abd ragerd ikeUene-ed major jy eflkoes wh9 pilaotptea are la bit lvo-, at daa erea te Ike) peaee of she oouBtry, e aat aak mar ike, a fctorur. Waitao4emJeJexeauttoa, la Shear eekatf. ef tee Coajawtn'toaa 1 powee. snd she roteoUen ef Ike erlrle Ufea4rlsMWlohmykJdaadaraaa(eanie tlol there are ether potnaa en wbtohah Qlasslla! ttoaeftbeUaJiadameeee Aaeeaad aeabajnent te let ouissrtiotton or stjsoVm, or at oaillng, la ah oa- rr?gcmtof rrrerel tvoit, t rvre polis sad e ear pnrrteloM. Aad U It not to be U4 !-! of, that tne expended ertenl of oor aatrttory, thraofu ear vaet ecqnltHkaubr maty end by eoeojoo a, snd the that Oaenlsaelaev and Bwrrs aa been pre rlded for toll roph7 stoeaf amid hardly her fctswaki extent eudrstddsry of the Be Wan) pro. Wflil, tbeee views ws Jul te. that an agreed exsle Btonofsayneitia prtrrW eia t f tba Ooaatfto ttv, s clearer denaMat of the powers of Ibe Oeecn mrnt en dlrpoted wtlona, and an adaptation of It, In III etlelial epoll. to the eniared eumnaloaa nf aba etuntty, anmld eette aU tb bonast dUT.renoee ratg reir erinlr)ma. Tharrf.pra, ere fuey lesrs tn evgeet, thtt thl s ur ea or, eropVd with say tfpitred gnfankwe, of the nibte of aas tlaSia 1 1 lesolale, wliboat Intcfmne froea er r qwerier, the tn"er of tleveiy la their bord-e-e lRMr(b-aeerdby taUoeaa'.taHi to the 1trr rf nitlvK lb rradja troealof fielewe tea-Kgoa tie- eot)eou wblob ere in poselble oni fl et wvb t end ran s4natmral (4 the rtghw of a'l th tteSM & the Ualra In th t aw tl'orT awrutred by the bkiod ee arts ere it all by enlteuia divlel , laihalraaailaeoigDjatiio( it lam states wt h s eta'eM povUluo tor ike tnrmatloa of new antra la Ihelr Units, or othirwtaa, woud emeraoe ill thl ! e'ataed oa any part, end enatd be arreagod wiMw m f owairm nr p inoin on an r part. PrnfoelDft wtth etnoC'lty, a lore of their common. -entry, ron to Ircw toward thel pet of II whloh tr aow la atnafnie wnn inefp, eaa naaneg tnet s g re, emttrnt whtoh bat ae g ee'lr pro-prd. nee eo wile Yt extaeoVd la txlenS In waalih and popaluloo, la power aad In bme,mayb preterred ihrvu-al timet Your namnrtalte hanebly pray tket meh mata naea, either rfdlreot lectaieiloa or of a'AMtdmeat (4 tbe Oetetliwttoa, enef be rpeadty etnyUu wUi eoapith tba ebjreie abrre ee'el ehlca ebey are amored win reOore peace to their agitated Sa- wy. Atwrg the elfoaauree InWodaelng Ible peU'loo, are abuul S leading samea fruwi bb patlaa, nr oar eonatrrstlTS Dmierat, bet xtreme ft nablU eana, soeb ae If sse II. (IsiraaLU R M IHarvni. on, Ocoaaa W. Blt, I, D. Cirraauss, tod other. . A Dtorlabner. Wr obeerre la ths Ns w York Soa of yester day snens eolmadrei alone on a reoeot artfels of oars, la which ws adreited to Ihrea's uf disorder snd rl4 la ibis diy at tb aipmaoblng Inauguration of the Freetdeot a'rcl. We If to aetur our wtomporary anal It baa eatliely tuletakea the aMaelng of our ar tkils In appatrjff ikat we sipeeted or dew red Ibe u ogai U of air. f laooui to lake place at fptlag fled,lUcola. WtiH-ed the fact thai be mljH b bejel y mauuraaed tbur only far tb purpiee ef aee atog ta a throng light tba Mly of iba who stem to aepuoa ntal bla cm Jal tenor eoald be defcetad by s snllltaiy occupation of the riiy ITaMonal Inld, I'alen TXWIeg la Texas. We bar Uea favored wtth the f Jlowlag x bract from a ptival latter dated Austin, Taxes, Deo, Sid, 1M0. til Union snen of Terte-n Texes ar (whll I em writing tnaklag a Sremebdoat oVnnfutratlon by wey of pole-rtau and pruomluoe. This evening wehavealorohl'gbl pixetealoa. lafeol a eeoeder can hardly be found. The taa ae are rising to te fodibegieeandlirpee,al ah aam UmJuiloa most be tdmmletetsd. plalena ef ibe rrrea. Of ntayor Wood's reeent mesug to the Com mon Council, tb Tnlmne eere t .. Mx rsaaanno vTooo evidently waass to be a trai tor I la It lack of outt. age only that makes him eon ttct wlih being s beckguard. Ilia tteaaege It plato' ly lalrndsd to ttlmnlaie and tortlly othera In areaioa whll b takes care to keep hu own auk onl of the halter. Oe It a demagogue erbnee sengKnla! element Is enenrootlotv wbobkee miMblaf and tormoll for Shetr own sake woold beve Teasond on auoh at. aenlonaaa oar Miyic make la Juejnoaion of Ibe antlee of tbe seoalecUak mTee ITetU aays I Mtyor Woon'i mnosereue and treaaoatbl mwaag to the Cranmoa Couceil la an Imp-e'Stro nrecuetl ecnuDtnsary on tha reigning (mbwl'l y at vTeeMng. ton, Buoha Uare-eOidpropoatlaa Fsaaaaoo Wuud baa Ibe tionl to put forward, oouid beve been vav tmrd on only at a lime when the tdrrel government baa fal'en Uto eontarnpl by reaton of the foebleneie with which It la admlaiatand. Tne Timrl ; t Every sentence of the fu'jnlnatlon la rife with sag. geeilcna la So af vioJeue, Unodthrd and onl wan whlelnlhe eonecdieg Hnae of thle eerwaga pt cdootuei, tbe Myor annroiMwe lht he la nut irrr Tre)mim m arniiiiwi oa vioweioe liopuea la tneee vtewa I" Tb attempt ot s demegi vu la ft et made to InB am all th petelona of the Igooraut and needy to lh blgheet point of fieirperailon I and than tbe taliehtrf-eieker, to proleot himself, protean, with meek meakaetai egalnet the naSurei fruits ot the eeed he tea Jul bean sowing. The Btnld eannet sepport FsuejiBO aUs Urn Itaayai Wah regard to ths - sggi eaatoc V of tbe LerUla tnre, the taoreeeed tevatiiin, o , there tt e great d ! T truth In what tb Mayor says. But would Ike Oanmen Onuell rorarn us any Dealer than the LagMeteref It Daavr to be preferred to 8m. DaarBB, or Boou orar Tanaiow tTass t It It st allpiosabls thai our laxeawoiLd be a dollar lew with ike oiiy enetrey la Ibe bends af the eiilkera, ahou de'-blue-e, end governing rime" of lb aaao etrlpe T Mo t It will be bewer to eofier ibe til we here than to By to elbere which we all, oa calm is fleetton, will know to be my much wane. Th rowrnal 0 Commsree my I Webaveaoldeaof laiiktang th heety sellen of Beuth OaroUna, by separating ourealree eummerily kora our ppcteaeere, but rather let oor policy be to aalok by ontu ere eoaqner lhwn,and not only to toaoh kbam to let oa alone, bat compel thane, under tbe maxoreble laws of had, to sunn Ibutt to oor prosper Uy and promote our mateilal Intel ails. Tn Cetarrier V Aols Unit says i Cwar aeptrea to the dlotatorehtp of Ike tikrad of sfanheaani rendered Independent, sol y I jr his own benefit. Us seoerves only lbs declaration of war. ht. Woo la not yet reaOy as paaa to Btbuton. Tk Arwi alone, tf aU tha stty papen, dataada Sbeatwaeg. Ilaaysi To municipal mdrpendanc of Nrw Ye k, or rtl Klltjoel arperatlon troin tbe state, will oartalaly tol r, If iba premises of Mtyor Wood ere tenable and f aeded on I uth. W bailers stay a-e t and ha eaa egoidtoeaBllealtheUnpoleat maUoa of thaaa who tow denoaaoe his kxpreeUon of hi hoaeel sonrto tlons aa tieatoa. Foreign Intelligence. a Two Days Later from Earope. 0 Anlrnl ef the Felrtlse. The tleamshlp rdastlxa, wtlorr left Liverpool en Chiiauias aawnlag, arrived her last tveoiag. Ureal Britain. Bwsaawti at s stand ttULuwlng to ths Cbiletmae holldayr, aid then I nut a word ot oeamerelal asws later than that received by lh Australian. Te ldoal and general newt la equally te inly. Tt weather aontlnued rry Inclement, and more aow had fallen. Th Trews has another editorial on A-aerlsin af. Uin. It aajs t Tbe United BUtee may poeatbly noma to under. eland ibe truth of toe vulgar pnme-o, tou we never Ihurvaghf Snow the value U elhiug until we hev loi II It la UnrMatlUe to eonelder toe history of tha Vailed Slates enihent ft ;dlsg si sveiy strp reason to admire tba cxhrao-dtnary rageotly wish which their redrral Ctnstuutlun baa bam frauird, and to app e eiewibe unmanaa beaiBu whloh thai Cjnittnsnua beeeooVrred. la the Stale Cxueliuuune there Is but UU e to eMraei pa llou ar alullun. They show aa ancient dVjnoenwy modlfted by aha modern prlu. clp e of lepteHBiailun, a pa.liy ta which the will of tbeaumiiloa majority mUawiihjuiebect and with, out tSiut la tha r0 el Ovrerament, however, th vluUcc of lh Demorratlo prlnolp la controlled by lb opeteeloa ef the Federal element, and the I trie glvee e Srmnses to the leguleian end wlsdoa to the Kteoutlv whkih mere Ueatomacy enJd never TberettnedenU that the state of the ITaloa art DMbetirovtrud aow than Ibey poaelbly cea be under any Xit)tutl.a which glvee gruer promU nefco to 13 ptlnelpl of ale Independence, 11 n tnlats eoamnly ooetldad among th laH of tw advattegee. Dy lh Yederal Ojoatltutton, they enjor tb ad vantage of Ibe boeeiln'er iure with seoh ouar wkhoul (tvlpg up allher onUurmlty of custom or tb molooainltei;wiof looelttiaUon. ir Ibey wood Jl'T ii" raTu of thlsadrsntege, let them eiudy lh laiiffe if the Auetrallen TJ-1-Tile-t and eon Jratalaat thunii 1 vee on their freedom f ram the ebetu uy In e trbxh tbete yuueger eett'eoMaw have SsUan of teg lnierauh.nial euaVxu' llaee stretching larough aa uuubablted latartor. By this OuusuiuUan, aLn, has been reels at wbet appears to uela Europe th Bicpi'an di earn of en Awphieryonio C jnaoU, daudlng qmedi n between ladwwndsni nalona wnloh older cnul.emuslar.ang by diplomacy or th ewwd. litppy AuxrUi, If ah anew bar own t.aadnge tappy If eh WW no dlspoSl to (lag to tbat which le bar real tareigih and glory, and leal In. lined to reunt dvantga wblah tba reoatrm etdisr si the I IA of Nt'ae. or which, like her uitra-aemo-etati uetnatloa, ar rather evils than bantBle I We balUv w ehnuld be ei r est la mylng thel, as eo'eia, Ae-Rlotn alaaeamm, eeroe ape' and the reel eroretly, ar oppostd to the dlMolutloa ef Ike lolon. 1 1 le en Institution lh advaclegee of which wuu d be esnmated exaeoy M p-opo lion to Iba knowledge ef la ceiti. A setteamen mast eee la them the aulullon of btaurarU eummtMM, the ttret gin, the ornament, and ike aahty of tie oountry. Wee ths matter, tbe. UA to the opinion ef the aeaocAineHe. there would be no reason to donbtU ibereeaa. Bav wjibappUy, II Ui sawed t at U ibe enesrel cf etaSareaanTaarf the qsaettoa ef LoV oi Disunion l managed by ruger dema rioea sd foitoas bar-reom poltMaaa. I the ethiheobtwtof thoeewhe ar really ta faror of the LaluB, theugh they eaaeMl raatar to say so, ha U'.U,I,S' sf'dtngagwiaWsoavi veslaaofrheelavetaei bat this weOenaant over- " V'."."1 JV"ta "s " Wsne of aa exoUed a.u tltod. aid the sfewpt to ate aa mportuaaH a ue rotoserrsaeon to be beard ha baea hue, .- lathis eunfllat between aas, parte end the whale, between prlvwe fcutoreat aadpahi sdreesegeTer oaamadeahttgeaniiaraal, wUohcearhl topreeaUl baDmacareeyaaAwmlealehaa nZdtoaheekoa eeaaraL' What tes great pablls aalachlaf saarbe, ot aasyhsrnaaedtoan,a tenektetebto advantage to tamvUaela, Mo Nm7U aQowed to rtfe ton, or br en maul to mod aensa and rjabna snirlii and H Is ejwiM peeeWae tne She preblem of a MwsMajils Be pnblls see be solved by (be overthrew, la a ttw short dan, cf a Ocwsiwsnrei whtoh th greeseet kenan wiiaam eras salary leraanvie nam, ue inito maSif lilt mTasasisrn sal tnnessmsmi psinsW asV jeati waeeWey , i YteerwayJtarys - . ' Alt aim vraaaahtBaAnteviesntratoaU ht erHs urbleb may anther lead to etteenia lea er e eteee Unnlng tra saber of the eteaee than ever, It eaoaot but prove a mtatawe ey eooeVleTlton is , ibet the reto Uona between shit eoanTy end the We haagton gor mmsnt are of th mtst frlend.y character. Tba trrrpiol foal prubBahes s prlvsea letter from a gentlemen In Mobte, whloh stye I I' Esg'sod would help ue la good faith, there I ae te.Uog what might het'peo. I wenld not be tv pvbed to te good snnnd eoaetltutlonel mnnamhy bintatbreayeerl. WearirpnMieu alaaaira. ey a'reedy. and snoner then allow in c-inntry tl be oxrtrojtrt hy emnclfnti tf the nego, we badly took to a eeneig O jvenmit. and wh woa'd eait ee wtUeenne of Qteen VicTOUfa tootf Too then won d b our Irietds out end out. Freer. Several detachment! ef th artillery, ee well at th r erstl-m of the Army Wolk's Ojrp"i had receiv ed order to mieik br China, Va'Uul rnmwa were current ta rertssttoths IialanqaeaUon. Acoo'dlag to on report, Pruwla end riano had ag ed to rapport ftixilt II la hit swrnghold si OeU eotll Iks Spring. Atother re. anrlletlial the Enpe-or Naroue-B mrdln'et the tormatlon of a scaihaya klegdom I Iialy, th eove refga of wblob Is not to be Vunoa Baaawsx. Ii Is announced ibal lb Pnncwe CLOnthe, wife of P uctNtroLaos, bei long bean In sa lateieettag eltuallon Aa caknelrs tinmen. In Parte, lato'y pnehaeed COcr of Bjg'Uhlle, and be U now re-exporting II to Paglead, mad Into aleoetla ef diffeenl klads. nehaaee'cuiatedlh it thl lower rate of we. gee (aid to French workmen, l compared with that of th Eegllak, will mar then cornpeneete far lh xpeoee of ceirlsge aad duly. Ta Fran block lla manuiherorar have nrw led need their prioet by 1H Banoa. iahaa. Ftttijn Oft, Monday Dtt. U Ths Ulowlng IVrgrain wat received at the Fetelga Offlot, tie Tileale, at T f 0 P. ht, from her M Je.ty's A rent aad Oauol Oeoeial at A'erandiia, dated Drc. IS I Mr. Looa baa anlved with dlapatoha from China, aad kavee to-day for MUfa. Tb latlBcatlon of th treaty of TionStla wai ex. eb ged, and tb convention of Pekin signed, Oct. Sfn. Th rmglUh sad French Amlawalors took up Ibetr leeldrnot tn th capital, and would remain Ibere tm November tib, Th Frmcb army rttlrtd from Tckin en th let o N rvrniber, Tk English would remain UU th AmbaaaadoTS left, A Urge force wat to remain at Tientsin UU th treaty and enndlttona b fu fl led. The nuiowug ar to principal cuauree i Apofc gy from th emperor for th affair of Talho lent year. Mini ere to iwdde at Pekta. Indemnity fixed to be doubled. Ttrsvtotn to be apened to trad Immadlate'y. Batlgrattoa allowed. ETw'oboo ceded to th B labih C vw. Tb Brlthh tores to evacuate Chosen. Tba Treaty of Tien telneadtheC nvrwllon of Pekin to be put la Immediate operation, and to be publl tbsd Ihroaghout ibe empire. Th palace of Teen mln-yuea bar been entire y burnt to lb ground by ths Brttl-h forces. Ths br die of ths prisoner who dlei In th hsnd of lh Chinese bav been b ought In, and burled with honor In the Be dan Cemetery, oa Ooiober IT. Captam Paahaaoa acd Aaaa Ltro war beheaded on er about Sept. 11, altsr the bttl of Pahllchsw, The bodlea beve not been reooverrd. Iodaronl.lot eietrpecied from the Chinee or th ftmlllee tf drC'Mfd Eng bh aad Fitnoh. MmbueisbavsUtShaegbee forTiea-eln. The E j rr la Zbahol, In Tarlary. Meeitv. Dowur, Ds Moaaaa aad Anno ex, have been buiUd with great tolemnliy, TnarunnffieOCOOkat been IXteled fir the fam- UleeeftbeBrl.lA a. loan who have ben murdered. , kkangKod, .Vol. S Th lasurganss ar eeut UvHn( brtbut In rarioui places, and art menacing Ningpo. Italy. A Rtple ietagram of the tlel of Pecember, state (n reliable eutberrty ibal Ibe Presoh Beet wt about toqulllUiUuonofateto; and thtt great dsmortr Uatlon pnval.ed among the basslgtd army. The betUriee planted oa She ketghle of Tortole replisd to the tn of ih oily. Maples oontlnoed tranquil, and ths dry was about to give s grand ball to ths army. A gnat rtet Ixeth NeepoUann and Sardinian funds had laksa pleos at Neplea. A reactionary ejoneplraey, organliedat Bm,bad bean discovered. The Pep dallvtred aa aDoeutlon st a sonelstory b'4onlblTlh last. His Holiness spoke on lh persecution ef th Christians in Syria and China, and annennotd thai the Oread Duke of Beda hadrlole tod the ponilflolel Oonoicdet. Piamrds had been posted upon ths wall of Bxne, baailsg the arms of Klsg rioroa BaarvBL, and Ibe words, t-Ws desire aansxitloa to Sardinia,' Crowd of people sa rounded lh UU, but lbs prooeedlng had lad to n arrtst. AMaplMdUpatehelthefletrepcrai mala dasree we In eouree of preparation, ordering an extraordin ary levy of maa barwmn It and BS year ef ag. Hueay. Tb Xing of Saxosy was tuffs'lng from an attack of mottles, and th U alaters ha been inarukted with the en lr direotlon of the aorerataaat during hi Anettla. Tbecffloial WUntr ZAtnng paVJakat a droular sddrseeid by Biren Yoa SoaannuJM toib aovern ot of lh prormeee, rxp'elnlng th leading princi ples of hi po ley. The Bsron says I "It Ii ths mis sion of eh Mmlettr of State te serry out fully and 0itv'y th rasolauoaa and latssUons of ths ajxw percr.eteipteeted In the Imperial nunlfmlo ol ah XHh ol October, At regeids firsrdom of rellgioui woeeblp, It Is tb wtU of IU Kmpt'or that poUuctl aad dvll ilghu shall, ta that ravpact,a'wbp aasrved against sneroaohmt nt, aad ibal the neutral relatlena ef aba diffoenl oonAaatoaa thall b iabllahd op to aa t Tillable footing, aad upon ih reel' lor for oae'e neighbor. Publle Inswwctlon will be premotd by svwy poeilbl means. The fie divslopmsatof the aalionalltlM U Bcoordi d. With rsepret to lb public praar, evry p tventiv teleifaano U I amoved. Th dive'ppuratcf agvloulur ctmneios and Industry wlUUpurtued with redoubled energy on the pe hitherto kllowtd Tha oomrauar will enj y an InJe pradant exlitenee. Th admulaanUonofJuailosU tobs srpaiatsd from tb gorstnmcnl aJmlnlstraUon. Publicity aad th oral form cf proceeding are to be introduced into tbe dvll sad peaal sourts of bw, At regards the provlnolU ataulaa, tbe Ministry of Slats haa bran auiaoriaed to tatroduoa Into the fun damental taws the principle of th fepreeentitlon ef ih different m'reea by mrana of dl'aol slaoaone, and the ssttnelons of electoral rights and ILjlbi'Jty, lb righ( of lnrUaaivs and the pahUctryof debawe. Oa the OmnoU of the Bmpir to whoa provlaos belongs the general legislation; hl' the prorm del Diet ar only competent to kgtalal on provincial questions, Is therefore Inferred ths right tf otlgtnallngpmjtrtiof hw and publicity of de bates. Tbeoeuaotlof thssmplrswlll be eomposed of members unomdlslonsriy elected by lh Frorttv del DUts, and will Weldeejvecolr addDioasi mem bar. Tb provtnolal government ef lh minor erownlandsronl'ysupprieed ar to be reestoh Uehtd. la oonntuston Barcn Von aVixaaauao sa. bortsiaspuUia gnctlonaiUsto oonsclwillout dls ehaigeof their datlaa to lh furtberenee of lh ta leieet of the lahabltsata of ihetr prorlaeea to a strict obtetveaee ef the laws, and to candor tn their om dal leport ea th oondlilea of th country, Bnaaary. Vat, armies, Dee. U Th appolatotants of tb member of th Oureraars by Counell for Han. gary have arrived hers from Vienna. Oosnt Ltnii. taw XsiOLn Is srpolnlad Yioa-Prseldenl of Ike Couxetl, and Cuunl Cooaotuoa Bitur hta bean ap polalad Director of tba Oonrt of Cnaneery, Ths O Cbaace.lors ar to enter upon their dunes oa ih tad of January next, at whloh del tb present oStoet oflUOoraracrswlUs abolished. Yiy Iialeet per Palsetlaa. TeiKfen, Dee. tS.Teteray are kept aa a holiday a far as poeeih's Tbe Stock Bssheng wat nlrly alceed. Th Bank wee open, but there were asa oely ay sppUoattons for dUoaunK end aa bullion opera tions took plsea. AasoBabj bom Fail state that Brad Is rather The omar'I seoount from Kiw Yk 0U ecatlo Ug oplntona. Th DaAV Kie my they taolosss a eoallanal feel. lsodW.(untaaa4WaUeomaeaTatlelrole. Ta Tnut prnaau a snort boaefut view, and nei Uam a rauysfahoal ewata mietef ik priaotpal eaooha, a'tkeugh a epsele from thtt aeaaWy bad yet case uput to markeCtha, BorewfaV gtMSM, bsvug only.JM reach! na. H tha mejlhoj TWltavkiieWalwIMwssfcshaeasmtlUwmwl 2tcm,mAtJtii,i ridenlly a tolht lss)Bf tt a. oiartsrt.u ni rastTT or rates wrra canst. Th Trmrs rtoerks on ,lb happy sotayrldsne which nrtogs snlhsntl sew sf the aeaoe wtm Chine, Inula Ih beUawer ttotvaj ebalr Bret Outetma etasae. Tberamsbaara1yeoesm,Biitkooajtry nth eoadlttontof rMoabyth sVWrsh sratele ef 'wAwsh eattntn at onoe beeowes n open mart fox trad and brings ns Into direct oomaaarslai sonsmuni. satlon wfeh Pekia. BlcWr Ianpewtnwt freea Mexntm. Keu Orltmt. Jm. 7-1 be Britisa war staam rr Oledlator, tram Vera Cres bound te Fonaaeots, tooched at th soathweet past today, with dlp tehee from OeptaU Ataaaai of ih Brttih ak'p of war Va'e ens. Mraaaioa wee completely rooted by the liberal army oa ths ttd, as d ea reraialsg alone to lb rapiial Bed oa the tdth. Th liberal ooeupUd Ibe cep 'el on Chrlklaaw d ey . Foh a bed cei tl eled. Jsssst had lean seal for, snd wou'd leave Yia-S C ua on the Id Inst, for Ike eeptiaL Tbe el'y of Mextoo ws taarull, aad th war I suprmead I be ended. IMvais dlrpatchea f om Vera 0 oa Bey thai ihellh tta'a took lh dry efMetloo oa lh Mih. hTrataioa Ending no support, at one resolved to capitulate, Tbeochmtur Aphrcjatne he err I red frora Yoot taa. The aw (orernmsnl ha proclaimed iba Cjo tUutkn ef 1301. THE LATJ3ST NEWS. dt TKUioiurn to xas M. r, mum. Political Iatelligeaco. NEW YOUK LKOWlJTTnB-Beaate. ASxrf, 6t A resola Ion wt lntrodooed, U give Major Aantaaoa a sword, aad paaaed onaal noxes. Oexvdtcisoa's proelamatlen, agdnat amClnoatkra, was, en molLa of Mr, Bnaoia, read by tha C O'k. Mr. Kstisar gar noil ef a UJ to reduce the far oa Ct'y Bsllrcala. Bills, te snla-g ths New York City Csuiit, wsr mtrodoced by the same geai'emaa. Th paper tfihs Albany aad SsfrMhaana Rtll teed war spproprialely referred. Tb foUowleg were appointed at a Special Gomnlt. to en Federal Belatton t Mrenra. Iluxnocta, Cat ra, Msmxaka,OoM, J. MoMcitbt, SruoLA and P. P.Mcsrar. A motion was mads to appoint a Joint Committee to enrrulis Into al'ag'd Bourns In ths Bale Prism. Tht Benat thtn adjourned to 11 o'clock to-morrow, Aaawmbly. Ths Qoveinor's sntnag had progress la Cjmmls. ieeof ths Who's. Tb toeilmney In th contntrd seel ef Arena Mraae, we submitted by Ik County Judge of Onon daga County. A somber of bills ware noatoed, among Ibem by Mr. Waisa. to protect gas eompanlea In New York) by Mr. MoDeawov, toieduo milk freight oa tbe Dttlem BtUroadi by Mr. Vaaiajs to remlel tbe Boerd of Health of Mew York and othera raleting to lb Mew York dty government. Bal war kattodussd by Mr. woontrrr to pro ride for the ksspictlan ef steam boUere and engines fa Mew York and Brooklyn! by Mr, Townm to an thorlee wrpe-ry sojoorn In ths stttt wtth slavm (II allows ths owner to rertera nlns months with hie slave a, bal If he remains longer, ths slsvea sr to be be)i by Mr. Voixxa,to arcot ths new oouutyef Highland. Tbe petitions of Measra. Hon snd McCaua 'for ths Kate of Merer. Kaur aud Ax clsxici were re ferred to lb Ootnmlnee on prtvUegee sad slsctloas. Mr, Boaunoa movtd thai no extra compensation be paid to any i ffloer or smp'oyss of ths Hjure, aad thai postage seat from Ih Boos be ooognad to 10 cents. Adopted) eyee 110, nays 1, Ths election ef Canal Commissioner wat tied for Wtdnatday, 10th of January, at neon. Mr, BanvioT called ap the resolution directing the Oorrmor to present a sword to Major Aannasm. A hng debate aewnsd. Mdaxra. XsaaaJi, Eu-rjM-wood and Coxaaa approving the eeioa cf M-Jor ABniaaon, tax oVpreeattag the introduction of ike rssclunon al this tint whan concilia' Ion was neom saty. Means. Bswavior, Prsaca, Psmroxaaarr sad Ft' a adroceted tbe pa wag of ih resolutkn. Mr. Boaoesoa dee (red to oMp the whig of lbs sagUs who bed been toa-iig to the eua thla morning. He de bed to aoVrail the Senaws iseolullon with Ike amendment of laasrtlag a mtdal Instead of a sword. There ehould be aaaapropiWeeaela whatever we do. Tbeetateof M,w To k pveaented maay atrorda. but always for deed of valor performed on the fleli of tattle, ejeveral of our bees aad brarael ao!dlere hold there toatlrnntileli now.and we ahoold de nothing which might cheapen Irasra. He thought a medal wnold be more spproprlete, and lor ih purpose ef effrdlng an opportunity for nfleeuou, be moved lb Hi.uj do now adjourn. Adjourned. aTreea WasrUerUa rFosatsyfow, Jan. 8. It I understood that promlacnl member of Ik dlplomaU oorps have addieaicd this goremmanl tu lefereno to ih coca meieial mtereeta ef thdr nepeetlv oountriia la view of ih present political sroablee, aad wbalda gil cf protootlon maybe expected, or aomethlag to thl tfisct, Ths gorunment, however, ha not yet leplled. Betmrns ar dally reed red st ths proper offlosfrom South Cerollaa poslmtstai ihowlng that butineat la progressing as heretofore, laeludlag lb honoring ef oontiactoe's orders and ply and porehas of post age stampe. Tb leport d'Culated In this city for teat days peat and telegraphed to norths) n papers to the effect that forty tuna Ct abot, ahst a and powder war re cent y ihlrptd to New Orleans by Adam A OV Kg prsea proves to be whol'y Incorrect, fsiAfnrfsn, Ja. 8. Secreterry Tuoorrsoa today rmlgnedtotbeFreddenlhUecairmlaaioaBS BerxeU f h Into lor, on th ground thai, attar th order totalnlueoa Mi' Aaoug wat eoejoJeruawdedrS, the 814 cf Deoomber', tbara Wat a distinct uadar. Handing yj p, nM tn drddred eoaih, without the subject being oonsldwad and decided on tn lb cabinet. At th cabinet meeting oa the id of January, the mat'er was again debated, but act d tarmlacd. Motwiihelandisg thee facts, lh Seertea ry etwar, without the knowledge of Seoretery TaosireosHaeataM troops, la the Star of the Wset, to retafoiee Aapaaaoa. Mot learning of Ihle Mil this morning, b fot th with realgned. Burner of tb attack of the Bar of ih Wee km ths neighborhood of Cuaiieston aad cf tht oannoa aduguftbeelibyMtJorAaBBaosi era ri every, where, creating lnlsnse ercltemant, though nobody eaa give say anhoiliy for lbs report, - Aa adjourned meeting cf lh Bepubllean Causa leiubj(ot toihaeaU of the Chairman. Tbereeolu tton(f th Border Stat Commlltee will ibea again be tb ealrjeol for dlseueeion, Tbe report tbat order lav been lamed from the B wish government to ths emtul st ths ports of she eeoedlrg iletee to refuse BtnlBiniBS ef eleareaee le EnglbbreweUtadenlsdiendtl tt added abet sir. Boson, British Consul at Oharleaton, lecoga'ste the it faett govstnmenl, by ranting such portlfleetor is sutgotng Ttesils of that nasi on. As to whether ike CmgiteaiBBn from the seceding tales will remala her afier th dsslarsiory acta ar paaatd, win depend oa the aotion of their severaj eonranlleni. Agents ar her from lh soathera taats sndeoa tlnaetoenlve,forlhepareheteor arms. The Oor eraaeeotbclorth)aamrermdtomUanytolh etalm or privet parlUe, One front ktmaattjpni etart for lb North tomarrewi vjjremetton, wblah Is oonsUwed raUaUe, has been reeetved, to the effect that Senator Cutxaoa basds-eilaadaplaeelaMr.UaooLB- CaUnat, mjackton, Jon. 8 Tb Committee oa the Ordi nance tf gaaadm I aow la oat Th zo1bi. men! snd anilely la Intense. Ths Commlaxlonen from A'abtma and South Cero liaa ware la vised to seals. A reeolu loa era aiopted to amend th noenro iloncftb seat, authorising the borrowing of mangy for the purpose of military defsnes. Th touawlng lean ding e sainlltsss est I sppotntod. Oa rederal Jurisdiction of property te Mlatlajlppi OapostBlaflalnt, Oa a stats saassitaelon . i On Bevel sad imltsary afaaisn, Oa the Bratstlnn of a enshara Oeafiderecy, te re pertbymilssnTJiorinhnnlm.' j A resoJualon tf kvUeataa to lh Jadge ef the BhsndOiscwwOejrtototitsweiaiia. ' Mash af the day wa tauwU la ta amwalanof aht power of ah Ornon tosaasaff laeonsttto-, Uontf'thesmaa, '".'?" ",.'," r ' A d leant nh was) iiidlsd fromOeergi, aaaaaarrlag ehj daawailkatlial ffTbjat aast tt teaBsanlawslj aaJ etda.. .ThU was grsatst wish applaaee, ' JJrsejsndimtomswQw.WrhsnwheOammltteton BbalsesmlnaOefWMBniSrmrtperK. TxnsxaatamaMUanaxua, .the gaibsi ara'tul1 CfttSTABagaaTWha4tt daraflsgof 15(Urt Tb hotel ar thronged with Itttti ssti i ettleans from abroed. The erdtnenee ef mtsaedanw taats sreamtoa, waned moescf agreed open la was satwaalate of IS, WB pari me Oonrennon tomorrow, whN it I ht seeret sUabaaan sawaatan. Ittmtfmrf, Jan. 8,-Jtr. OALnotrs, Oom mimlnnerfrom ijtr Carottss, addressed ih Ooa eaaalua. His speech was well reesrvtd, Dlspetobss to lh Orremor, tram Yirginbt, TmrWa and Mhalnlppi, wans issd to the OooveuUuo, which si ad ad enlhnalam. A cirannilttet ef thiitetn was sppotntod to consider snd leport the ueetdiy of action by lb list. To Convention determined upon a mo -el eeselo by a hwga majority. Ths imtsif thelwo f Creadon msmber from Sia'by O.unty were oontowed, klerlda. TtUatxute, Jt. 1. Ths Commlniooert from Aletema ana South Caroline ware lntrodooed 1 1 the OoaeintloB, and both de Iversd illreeeee. The UI tor sleo preeenlel Ihe dacamsntl L-arn bit ate a. Judge Militoaa Inirodueed a preamble aad reen. lutloa, whloh wai made a epedel order, a followai Arreae,ell hops cf the Lalinu)m lerair con, b-lenl with the ea.'ety erd honor of ihe avinoxung kiaaae hat oeen nnal'y ma-ipateol by the tarrM U d oeUona of tbeetrvnc kef the anll-auveir aenluxeni of tne f ee etetea, iharaf ce tie u tieoiVMi oy tbe pau or norma la (J ravea Uob eatombled, tha It u audoatoed y Ike right of the en ral ta m of tbe Valcn to withdraw from the aaid TJtlon at tooh Ume and for auoh eaues sa In taa opta Irat of the poop e of each Male, erxtag la thalr eovse. dga ceiiaoilv, mey be Just aad B open and la Ihe orsnlua of thl Coarianion the exlsttag otueee are took as to comtwl Florida to prooead to axareusthal rignt, Th prwanh's aad resolution wsr sdopted. Ays 01 1 nys,S. Tbe Convention tree te arc id lemica moat of the afternoon. Ii I repotted thai lbs forts snd other federal pro pel ly have been lekta pollution of by the Governor, (Teceoiieaaite ha New Orleaaw. Jt'tw Ovtuans, art, S The majority fur immedl- lnthisoryls8ai. Kesaacky PeUtlc. LchuritU, Ay , Jan. 8. Two oonrsaUoot are In i ration Die Union end DvOatas Democr.tld. They wilt probeb'y resolve tha Kentucky wU not be seibned with Berthing lata than tha eoncurrcno uf lb North with Carmean' propositions, , Adbpetohfrom OaoBoa SaJinaaa, toib Pr,l deal of ihe Union Convention, anaouaeing th de feat cf the CaiTTxaoaa propodtlont, hat biea rt ceivtd. It oreateJ great txcltemtna. Tbe rtrglate laepeetlen Iatrra, A-e. JtereU, Jan. 8 The schooner B. W. Iiittre'L of Slatea Island, haa been sdsed for violation of th Virginia Inpectlon lawe. It I reported that ectlvt meaaurti ar In prorrao for lb defenet of Fort Monro. Army Merewaeats. sVerrviirertA, K. 74 Jan. T. Tbe troops from Fort Leavenweith left this Banning for Baltimore, via SI Jmephs, Chloago and Pittsburg. Th fores conaltts pi two oompabtos tf light arillle'y, eompilting (.0 men, wlih ISO honss, A force of M drsgooa re malna al Fctt Irravenwutta, Pteral. XvrVk, Jan. 8. Lieut Cntrain end Mat tor Mills, ef ths United Sates ship Brooklyn, hava resigned. Trewpe free Beelea far Tertaaae. Iktum, Jan. 8. lbs stetmiMp Jos-ph Wtl'. nry, of tbe Savannah L'ne, Capt. Levir-aao, ha been chartered by the government to convey troops ai.d munitions of war from this port to Fort Tonu gas, near Key West, Flat Ida. She lallsoa Thunder, lgtalalare ef New Jersey. Trenton, an. 8 Tbe Legislature aaet Ixley. The members of the House were all sworn In, tSmr which Ibey adjou ned to meet tomorrow morning, without electing (Acer. Tha Dermo rate and A mar. loans bar a mejori y, aad have sums d fflju ty te srrangtng ibetfiosra. Seme sxrrltrarieul took plaoe te Ins Senate. Th EspiiliHeeas bed a majority of one, and yet the pome eralsaUciedsJthelrcffloere, TbU was doe by th Brpu'iloaa Senator ef Brjrilogtan rating wlih the Deance-sts. On of th re ions alleged hi that a brother-in-law of th Senator waa aleclad Secretary oftaaBeaale. Tb following ar the cmoers elec'edi President ef the Senate, Enaroarh Pamar, ef .Hsa saroVnt Secnsary, Jotxm J. SLa-srxa, cf Burdng. toa; imletsal Secretary, B Q MoCtoee, of Ma car, Tennessee LsgWa.tare. JfatKnBt, Jan. 7. The Legislature assem bled today. Tbe Oovtraot's messegs reoomramdtlbat tb qua. tton of calling a convention be Wtto the people, aad say Ihe remedy for the preeaal erlla exist only te oonsiliatlocal amend matito, on th refusal whereof Tanncoa ehon'd maintain her eqnalliy La or Inde pendence out of the Union. He reoomenenda Ihe or. ganl aallon of ths mlhtla and the purohaa of arms. Ds leaves tbe bank ewspanalon penalties to ih dis cretion of the Leglileaure- II te reported that Hon. S 8 Sraaroa and Jobs H. Saraoi bav Uf. for Kentucky to fight a duel. Charter Bsotlea. Bt FaBt, Jan. 8. At th charter alscUon today, the Denx orals and Union men swept lbs town, slertrng J. M. avion 0 ark by UJ majerltyi and S. W. AmariTT Treasurer by nearly 104, Ta Union gain la over BOB alao bat year, Kerr IUmpenlm Kate fjenrenltena. CVnoerd, 1. II Jan. 1 The Demooratle, Rwmh llcaa, and Union Bast Conrentloos, war be d her today. Tb two war quite fully attended, Ta DemocrtM nominated Oea. Oaoaas Srsxx, ef Nh ue, for Oovemor. Th Btpublloen acmlaeted U m. M. 8. Bxxar, ot tfibron, . aMncr. Th Uih Uts adjeumed without making a nrMw!1 order of Ibe Dimoeieilo Convantton 833 guia were find for Ih Cnlua, Major Anxasoa, aud tht nonl nee fot Oovemor, The eeveral eonventlone menV fsdid a unanimous rptrll for perpduttlng the Unl a Ger. laxn on Ike fj.teaa, ndaWKBoUs, fadV, Jan. 8 Tae anniversary of ihe battle sf Mow Or earn was celebrated by aflas military parade her today, Th Oovemor elect, who walaomed Ihe military, mad a abort bntpalrtotlo speech. He elsimed from Intra devotloa to ths Union and fAweanraton, end a vigilant eafnamsnl of the laws. Some, b said, wished to lie under the p-utoo-onofaBtgofonestar, but he knew no other Beg than thai cf hie Conakry under tt he would land them to battle underjt he would live and die. Ha said tl Is Urns to by adds all partisan ski's and she rlth saaUega ef a common brotherhood, A notienal ae-'uee wat find te honor tf MiJ. Aaota- a9earJan ef n Healed Buatea aVnntert EevTiefrurr, Fav Jan. B Baeaa Cewaa, It. pabaotn, of Wserannelaal County, wai elected Uai tod Swam tleoator, te paws sf Mr, BtaLU, today. The Wlewteg b the rutei -TOW SB,,,,, t,,,,.i ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, OB Fosisa, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,., ,.,,,.,,,, 85 II we Btrlctly s party vote. Mr.OowtB Ii not a rtdkxd BepubUeea, He tree formerly a OyWhlg, Cebhraitiaa efihe Battln af Plow Otieaae, sutdatasnteaka tistisf Major Aaderena. Albanj,Jmn.t. TUdvUen cf Ateay fired 88 guns today fot lb Union, aad 100 te bonor ef Major Asoxaeoa, Thirty three guns were sleo fired by the BspuhU eaa Artillery, Capt, Faauaaaaxj, te heno of tb Union and Major AamaasosT. PttltUtt, Jan. . Thlrty-lhrM gun war fired UonF.idy aVmaonla honor ef Mjor Aasxa. toa. ENeotlvitU Jf. T, Jan. 8. Oa hundred guns' eis being fired her la eeesmaeratloa cf tbe Mih aa-, alveraaty of th Bead of Haw Orleans aad la honor cf M-tor Anaasoa, Ihe Hero of Fort Banter. A brgeeonoewse of parpU, Irrespective cf perky, ar ta saWabnoa, A larg banner, laecrlbed wlih the' BameusJackeenba aangmanS "Th Union, It moot and ixoali bt prsstrTed. baa beaalang serosa the aateet, enaaanrlag Ihe DamnsreHi and Biydlleaa tiliwrngcntooV The Union sealimeat Is unrvereaU: Two saUtovy eraisjaanbg art bstensiva" " Cbrwav, JT. Jan. 8 -88 gna as being . trad an honor rf wis taste of xw rbana, tad n forth ihy,v1.oIJfAjvAaxatmV-.1I7 " ., ' . i. aUer,Jn.eTbstoBOaardXCpt.Mna aWCiAAw, ataean today, fired a aam ratal atlute'ta thoBorcfabtherecfriew Qrbtns, Malar Aonsoa, ndrteValon. ' CWeaXBanaatendsaJsBw fired her at boob, la honor Oea.' JaoxaVa raabKnf aoBU abaaen ta IBS, end JtaM ABaaosrn hereto ooaJ dud te restating H fa' 1SSB.- IlvratsafaTBV CtHasnt, Irreapeselv of party. ""', JfenMrt, , 8-10 mm tNncw'bsaBf fir onder lh iters and etripr,U be reflhssutl sary of (he btstb of Krw 0-'wnaawy ai nmnnsnlnt ar pa'aamaj aa eat tea awaa.aj h mad Sal sstosaeon aad erenlaf nf eMajV r alii i f -' Ji Astro sella, MaUno, Pa Jan.t-k sale of fired bee bat sight la honor oi MaJ. Aerajj andKttodah Ivnor of Oen. Ja AjreBBSOW. tTamtvrv,rJtn. 8 198 gun wws 1 el today la honor of Oea. Jeoceea aad hTtj. AsaJ Atlafefeaas, Jan. 8 Three earaies ware A I dey, 81 guns each, for Oen. Jsoxa , MtJ Aaol BndtUUnUn. Tbr ws a general dl e'ay of Bare, hUllter 1 rade, eVe. JoWen, Jan 8 Be'uiet la ownrnemoreSlen battU cf Mew O.Uaas, and la honor of M dor A I sob, were Bred today la maay of the ptuaded M Mareecbutem MOne, aad Mew Htmel Demcorala aa.d BepubUeaaa partictpated la at I nmnstrallons alike. rasAfngfcw, Jan. 8 -BVuVa w-s fired h I day In honor of the battle of Mew Orleans. Auburn, Jan. Stk A saloto of 10 gat Wl , te thl diy todagt la oommamoraaun of ah Bt Maw Or'sana. fhtlA, JIT. 1 Jan. MA. Tbe daaea ef I lege, without dleanclton of party, are aow Bt H gms la nsemory of Jaostoa, snd te honor ef eoa aid ihe Union. AX Alton,' Jan. 6t On hundred gsaVarl btlng fired, sad ihe belle rang In hm ef iht j tht Union and th here ot Fori Sumpen, sfurTcnd, Jan. K A national aelass ef 88 war fi ed hare al aeon, today, te eommamorat Oea. Jaoaaoa al Mew Orleans, aad la bmer ' flag of the Union aad Mtjor Aaaaaaoa. Taeni fisg, with 81 stars, U tsbwd to the top ef a IV ty j ty pae, end au tb and other bells, au lxgsj) fal peal. j Ultra, Jan. 8, aeneral Jaeosoa sad his: I ootjoerukg ifciaelon were honored her today, anatveravy of bla grrsi Vetory, by a - Mr-I t HMUbvr), nan.8 A national mlata gun wa fired bcrtct neon todty, tee anm Hon tf Otoeral Jacx-oa at ih Belt e of Mew Or n.d la honor ef th flag of our Union aad ' Aanxsaoa, Tb national flag waa raised aee obcere uf a Urge orowd of all patllM far she h Mew Cleans, th Union, aad the bare of Sumter, AxrWer, Jan. 8 On hundred gun were today te ooamemornluu of Oen. Jtoxeon, a borer tf Major Aaonaoa. Scv OtUant, Jan. 8-Ths annlrsnay e b&Uls U Mew Orleans wa hsnobomeli' oelek today. Xivxnk, If. J4 Jan. 8. Morning, noon and i Ugmluter, In honor of Major Aawsasoa and aeuoiallvt of Oen. Jaoxsoa's riotorr, vr br today. Fag were dieplayed al prom pints. Yauray theOerman Bred salutee, aad k arrays meeting te ike evening, al which saroag lu-ion la favor of Ibe Union, and eompUaaenW sVsmsBsoa were teased. Ctaan, .V.r. Jan. 8 Oee huadndgwn were tin, soelgbt, tt bonor tf the btU Mew of O 1 the Ualor, and M.Jor Aapaaaoa. An Imyh. mnltrf cf clllsans convened Immediately aft tha Town Hall. Oen. Jaoxsoa's aroolanaatloa I nuClnets ef South Caroline, wa teat, aad d Union speeches mad by dlMlngtdahed persona. pa ett parthlpaatd In thee darnotutraOona, a lag ILslr loyalty to Ihe Union, the Cntunltatlea enforrement cf th bws under any and all sin etexe-e. rfr, Pa, Jan 8 A aa'ut of 100 guns wa ben isdsy, la fsvor ef th bare of th belli U Organs, and 88 te boner cf Major Ajrasnsoa. beba cf lbs city wsr rung, when th eltiaea a bled te ths park and pawed tssdrsnoas sallteg r Oorr nor and L-gialature to plcct Ihe state la s tlontoannreraU thedemardi made upnaltb Preeidenl for Iht maintenance cf the Union, aha statuaon snd Ihe Integrity of Ihe American Aa JlMfalo, an.8(A Mailonal salute were fir. sonilie, nocn and sunssl today, la bonor i day Atairard.Pa, aa Immense meeting was where Bev. Mr. FLOwns, th Prsatdteg Bid the Methodist Chursh, daobrsd his wUltegat take up a-ma. The Captain ef several rota mClatry oomptale expnled thalr wUlngna toaiohwith their eompanlet slsnjmrineal to port the Union. iottrsvlls, ATy., Jan. 8. A salut of 88 guni find for Oen. Jacnoa at sunrise, snd 88 for Am boh at neon, airnDar aalutea were fired la CbioMDhtoil manyitberplacea. Tba ootboiat appear to Uea general acd with on eonaena. For City New, Tmlrdl )Pa Aar or thb Iudxu or this Pato whomsy hsvafr'rndsslvaa anfuraneldjl LOYB OF sfioNa DBINGr, - era advised tl use DA ZELL'S FAMOUS BEMEDT far THAT TEB1IBUB DUIASM. TVm aawdane. whUih &ta Mnatl mm fc h. h! to the drinker if animiy. In Ooflea, fta erE Ei"" w,mw. u MHtir, ta una, tm ar narraniea pernetly Berealeee, an -will not p neaaea. Tory take right hold of l ha Disease, t-. gajteffAiie fivvLB & Lron IEWINQ M-AOUIIKI, at KKDOOaTt rainaa, sjjW aOl sMaaTstBtelssV "al uearnxwaaniew Agents wanted, ,.. Me. B88 Breagnr. and Ms. IB8 Fallen st, Breekl TiintB aATira Aruru cUrAots at !Sf Jf om oaaarvealr atWaettu renenl , tier, keteg repreteMetlvee ef trloee e keton lnthlaeou.ti7. The last wteh sf tk Aatet cad5 giikskAIs lttyricBsf. ABeetiria And I J.rklgn tmlmtalmtm Ue keel aaaanar aad ea ihe ehaasist taraae, at ttt AfemrkJot ef aeviaa, eeJkd-Vk.7tIavwa to wVck U el etn aUreetieea fareftetetog a matt. sUaadBetCanaavtIeeiien. ' Kvwy Iannt.r.aUraaala, An lean, er Meaataet imaldeaheenlelertaate'eatlnc amareaa, aw raftr ft tou .eeeaSUr, wklok i la Beveteal asVat. ihelr intuvvte. fba B katiaa tmerleia aas a large aal lr Boeetld dreaUriea. le taMbhed at I T-. i.."-" r aw piuwaiav a AAAiewMUMIAOrt, .&.-- J? -at gratb, with the ai reran rawsaj nag- aBTwaMwniBn) jstr TtePesrlsM af Ua nt Ub teetaan at i lr irtefctfal aaet tba reriettene ef tewparelnra ike Uiie tf marUMty. Urnseta. Aeiketa end i-aare an ta leirmt, Uee UeUeear'a a reed ted no aluav 1( miHXBrr norntm. .at. P. AwThn eeaoeee aker Hill Led. St tt, A. I rvfaa.t ta Bwneaaeeo a twite Wtdaaaee) evawtrg. at IH e'elsaaTTe reeel iyeea sW York taSee. Ma, aadtte. H.MU A rsbJIe Dbsnmlta, waste tan nawatee E" lHrH!-'!? O v- At wtB he aa bei nT" l"? -?ys P-aea, Hea wck eaVB aaare WeeWdes evatte. ttb bxeV a e'rseet. Suktarti 'Is the B amlaaUaahla take Laaifa aad tenUetnaa) lav Catrdaalaa T. & exeelety wad held n wa K' 'Vi Wedaerdiy evealan at tkalr Bail. wit. The frtoaA.1 Teamertaee aadhVer te set a. el ail UvttoeVto etie tdT Talf nvjoaba. Is nalar Ue eatwank ndenee ef OaleMaeTlatvtaa 81 a el r. (Kh-r lXvkiona ate uvstedto rail m evening. J.obahx. i Tim aaemtoiViene VnAan, Ne. dM aee aetlAed toasfad amitfei timemaaa; II nonary, en thai Wean SI ISSWI 1 to be BBBeBBtet I i aad JTJk. aeaaee, Wd f.U kVeVeaTe) and p.eltwsaartfc willed ttoar sassier tetjaata near Baleeeerr M fat .etoefL aaikAng by kti vtwotoatsa4 aVaseawslFfiBaaf ajgaoUJlB A. . A.rT Meeaher ef New Tee I Me- 8 A. P. AU are ne,neeted to mrat al thalr raaea efetffv0'?. ; lbs be It.ayb ty tbe yutpeee ef partes visit te gas,ulri-lrreoau lh Berrrr. S member b aseeeted to he srejeal. a trial el I.fJttAiLBS JaMCfTrTaOOuTa e laare lee ream, 11 ea ie emes, aeea. to ssass ar istaitata Ser an tostha fanereTeYtaeirleto breSTwUIf r-taa, eoeas nMeSraaj u afcaw, aw pti a j J eJ r "wsj i e i ae '.a

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