Newspaper of The Sun, January 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 28, 1861 Page 2
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la: . ,mm w-. ixtead nt.n We, Itawal '.ndb ,lb k 'hackgl ,rf the lifut Tw ft -to of Ytt that I lilt tclu' TIh j.rliwr , irltw lomnl were meml la-Cb Tearln liuir their tnirn -elk Nub Fret alon. plat ihl lid chi on tare Kan the) ' mm I Tor K3 Tin lut sht n t Bit n' tin ri W to tc ft tt P J J TJLK NEW V011K 8SUN UOSDkT MORNINO, JA1TT M, ISO. T tk Pacwipleycsl sued Ike rtesvrvout. III t!w of th present want apiOTtent, ad onicsocpiei distress, among many worthy labor.. Inf people of this city, w have determined, daring IK MUnuun, to open our column! to appeal I osiiphi merit, and to offer of employment, on easier mm then er understood to be rcrnalsleul wilh tbe advertialnf Interest rf a new irpaper. W prop0! U present, to admit elve't s menu relato-if to employment, al 0M1 SttlLLlYi tor ONI LIKF. endeavoring o In arrange wl. Ify them M to express '.l UiM U I -y utvtsa y, u enoat cue, within a (Ingle lino. All who coa contrive to offer any kind ,-' emp -f-Mra, -rill thus I rommijtJ to make lie ku' know to those and they ere m my- who wvUU glad ef Iho emallest measure of re'lef. Been lor a eery nnlmportai.1 J 'Is sbl ' "g cm will U afforded, when It will bring lo the d.s.r lb - y eppllcanU who ru.t nerd II sad w. Im nl willing to do II eallidVtorl y. It xtsually happen that when prmvns epp'r f r wiploymml, on It puti'ed to tl.lnk of anything t.r loon put now end on 11. other hand, e s n s wo dot nm Hul J"b we could g Iveout, we remem. Lr the end entreaty of some fellow-creature w th I egret end the wleh Ilia we knew he to tut d him. Wlim enploymetil li nrnly, II I Ihe moro Im porUnt lo brlii mil ell there I of it, en 1 ! dUITiM tl M much M pniwlhle emmif the mot tieely. Meny, In lime like tW, will ft' II Ul!i d ily Ad plOMiuro to rnaU emiloymenl ft r the deittitute, by fttltif out work which Ihey ere "rwrtomM I) do themMlns or j hiring Rnmrthln; dine which Ihny no tttori but do n t trie lly nerd. It 1 etlilei.l thotbyofferlnf 11 In the Ben, they wl'.l glre II Hi vnco to Uio nxMl needy end the mrwt willing to wn-k. Wo would emetly recouiiuend li'morkrepera t employ oil the eitrm help they run ti rd l thin time. If they bore the mninx, lrl thrin ere litt'e fr the troeet chorlly lilT1 employment of Ihe nfly nd en MM llieir own Ubre, It lny lip, or nuike It lit tle Motor on wuhlng dy, for ItiKtnnre, to their re gular dmentlca. A hilling line In the Br will iie all trouble in looking fr ernrant, 1 bring the rery ooee who art Ihoniaelrco looking anxlouilyfir eiu ployment. Denrroleul pernone will olfn fill Hat the beet m liiUnre they can rnidcr will 1. to y fur a few hilling Inwrtloni of the cum In the Bex. On tho other hand, the I'npmployed will lie entbled by the accommodjitlon we offer, to make kn iwn their want and wllllgnn, and attract the n itice tith of lienerulenco and eelf-lntereet. Kmployere will ainn bo lnoreaalng their force, and the une of thU thmp bcUily, 11 U liojl, 1U do isiiih to bring l.b claeeea together, and to equitllie lLo diffiulou of io Hot Iubilann Tnu unKTicioul put of the Union, who owes tier existence an a elate to the United .SUten money that taught lior, and all lir prosperity to the faroritlein of national IcUlat inn, 1i:iu1ho tumUodovcr tli precipit c of eorcaeiun, undt-r tlio malign control of tier traitor oflicr-lioMcrii. Tlio act ll a ridiculously immtcnt, ae it In rMiui ouly eulcidal and lljithusly un.itcful. 1'or Lvmtiamt to (aniline that control of tier port ad navigable water, which in the fimt attrllwto of an Indciiendcnt etato,lalmut eilly a Mayor Wnon'a propinal for the city of Now York to take poanikn of the lludiwin Kivir mid Ixmg Ihland Sound. It will amount to noiliin. Tlio Weat will take rare of tho robbrr who oro junt now rliiinj! louilaua on" liko a nlolca liorw, aud will do it without asking anylKl ' loaro. There la proliably no inovo in Iho whole KKCKhlon u.nno that will help more to "pUy it out," tlun tha tui otcnt awuiniptlon of lutlonil in h mi l.-m'c liy 1iuihlnnn. 'I lie Hiul of tlio mi ;.nr dutii'i aleno would rrdiiro I ti nt onto to beirynnl tlenpnir. The fever nitiht run Its dilirlotiti ourv. the Union etainl linn and ipiiit, aul the only difficult v will anon I to tin I nn ciciiw fur tho iiilHKiiidcd Hiitia to rctMic thiir tpH, mil u roncuii'iit ciMtli'K to riul lo Hi. in to mv.iIIow Hair proud in id hiltir nrd. Krnluiliy for Itr riilmi Ir miihl ilicrr llieliiart of ciory loicrnf hi country to know that tho m-l li ,s ,itc of Ken tutky KillirrcH firmly to t lie Union ami the Con dilution In tlioprt'Hiit trinii". '11m i uiipir,ilor aaiiist their countiy mid iu (ioMTimiont lime Iwen foiled In tlioir nlli-nipt tun-diKO Kmlinky from lr nllui.iiiie. 'I l.cj hoped, vhon they Lad mcc ceded in diriiplm; the llein iirnlii parly, mid mole John (', lii:i . kivuim.i; ih their cindidnto or tint l'rrnidcmy, the choice of n Kentuiki.m in their t.iii''iriT would draw to tin in u (nte vli'uli hid often row roeponelto to tlio p.itrloil. iiinu o of lift c, citizen, the (JorioiiK IIimh Ci.. Hut though the okn of Ci t l rlillel, lilt vpirit and hie putriulirtn lie in the heirtu of tho lirare pooplo of Kenliu ky, mid they h uc Inlhe falllifult'ittni'M km un humid exponent of tlioir attachment to the Union which llieir ftitlnr formod, and iuti'inlid to endure nn iont; in tho rare Urlf. Hut tho Kiiitinklin are aim eji,-k. irnjfur thcnwlic through their le.nlinjouriulii nnd their rcpiemutatiM'a in thvlr Stiito LeirU ture, in opKifltion tu tho will Mill uureiionin conductor tlic arci'Heioiitidf, If our reiorta of tho last few dii) ho ( or re. t, i!iithi"ll will Ik) lieateudowu in Kciitrnky und Iho ll i of our Union float In triumph iu cwry pirt of tho it.ito. Ixt Kcntmky, Vir;inln, Miirlnil und Mi v eurl eland trun to Iho Union, mil it grind (onndationa will l prencrwd mid il will eon tlnue to ho, on it ban Uvn, u Idi-orin.;, a lory and sure protot lion to nil who live or Mxk jdieltcr uudcr ita uels. Kobbrry of V. X Arnu In Tom. la reference to the report tint a lirjjo U o; United Suttca Kuns and Mores, on heir I o steamship State of Texas, had been aiel .it jalreetoa on the lCih iiiit., we luo hoen fui- klahed (Ik follow int; extract from a letter re. celvod In thli city from u Riutleinin of (aU voatoni GAITIMTOi, Jau. l;, 101. Pill Bi Yeotcrdly the 10th I ml , one of our Ttfleooupanlea bcMided the ntmtuiliii Statt Tcxi. Juet airlred fruiu New Orleans, aud rein m'd orji gjockagea of Culled Su&Ua gooditaoppjM)d to con iala Are anna. The gKda were on the roule to San Antonio for the army al thai puluL The .kajM were eoureytd lo head'uarten of the coniaiiy, and anar Ihe ateaaier left were oeul, when II ' found they cocitaloed nothing but nddlM ad bni'e for it cxMupauy of drao niw The t'ulted 8latee Marluo Uoepital at New Ortaana, bet Wen aeieed by the auto force unler Captain liaaeroan, and the OllerCr wae riuired to remove the 16 luMtllda tliere, liuuicdiauily. The preface for tide riuel and inhuman outiagewu that the quart! were wank-d for eWle uniiuiry pur poaea. The DrvoHxm having been quietly eent off to Foil rtckeua rnaaoola, with two artillery coiniwnla from fortreea Monroe, the agent of treuou la Wuhlngvin bare of oouia telegraphed to penaacola to antieluUa Ihe re-enforceaieuu by an linraedlaU oapUire of the fort U pwalbla. We niay icl w hear of a bloody oollleluu, If not of another iufkmoua eurreoier, at aoynoeu. Ten there Mini ooilea of Cuiui1 putrlolie eiicxh bare been taken for circulation In MaiyUud, aul rrfTjly-flve Ihouund In other paru of the South. More than on hundred Ihouaaud coplea have been cikacrtbed for. Maiaoa, of Teuneasee, haa made a itrong 1'uloi) poaoh, Iu the rein of CLiaana, llikiaoa aud tm bum a. TlK aalUlla of Ihe Dietrhl of Columbia are actlrnly . drilling frequently under the dlreoUon of uffl n of the regular army. Gea. Boorr, unquatiuuiily bed underatenua Ihe aeimct of la .'.oC aad cuuauw 1 1 uguuwut Ih uillltary force at IU point. T TOTf PHatA. Thoeteanor Karnkt rbrlog Haaa dale of Ihe 19th Inat. The- it no aww of Importance. The uhoonr O'lanna, from ' K ataneaa, bad been aahore oo Dlackwoid'i II ui ,iW, but got off with Ih aaalalauue of wrecker, to waiiau wae paid fS,CXM alra(. If awiwirr-l. A geotleuun, Uyi the Menphit jtuil,4im -who hat lately travelled through Mil abarlr!. and ho powoaae mean of aauertainlii ( MWlteMatlBMat, irire It u hi opinion that t4 -liaacIataT psUtleUai in that atat are willlog an aaJoii tooom lack Into the Union, prjrld i bo border aUtee noocood in obtalainj lultah gauvaataesi Foreign Intolllgenco. HI' TUB 3UW.l ti VAJhi. TnrCAAti l:tnvjj i iv.'i . . Anvnet- ri-I Vtht puke 'i i , vt Uhi .tilgtvl . nn T9 4muitf -i kh bt tilth Miti Kfjreifcit Vu H TrT IVvit tmm lJt,jfi Ww '-iHtiilf tWt. hi ti IaUi, ly a wrt Wum ju iii UaWMtAiMv A v v-M W 9 CSrt H ith,ll Htlvh ll rVigirWul. T frw.'wiJ ti m ni in.iitn-J n il ttT ov tU (Kwiwu. " e -n - " Ulef M ll . 1 MS 0 i n an M nitfU ll ft x' t ll) llN(4tJlMlL 1 - jiititMJ i m Win .ffM'wft jmii iir'UN unit I tl -t h ttt( nn MJ Wlel . nfc H M.4M )vrtM aUii IM.4 tW ifMUUki k 'It'll J Tun M'V'imMi -r k P"irf Ihi KltwifoW ( UUl Lrlfl aU " JMV1 (, liMil. l 1 1ejJ ' V IL? MHrMJ'l 1 M Y'V't M rTmMjtJ U t Mi Wtfit m, ui liu, nJ tiX'l n th j-t '! rt a9r1F lM ttflrXl. Il0urt M ftelVIMaj SMI 'ttVrfUl- vl i tb rrl, wmI . vvikv -jii r in pnrv- f"t'fc t lit jTWlUltPll OU 1 tiff!, WJ lb fli HI ("rtttV i '' ml.1 v --i if t-it I. In lh it if i .-wii 4 hw rrH. b ttln. tagdVi vJJirf b-ii t i k li i . bi4 w . i twiutj tJtti, n m-I i , m mfvti p vm v' , 1, .1 a - 04 4Hr- h4 file tit!' eV-tf, v tj W' Ol ! h iiiAt(Atr lit, At li ll I R in 1 li ll thu-w iha OM villi pile w ofitif jrippMi mi. th K nit. Tli Viti, vt r llt.t Mirrir, UH Ihftt lh mf'tlti o! the rw, r ' mA y hMv; no, hvl (kiianl iinun'iai. ll iJ) in ihnt 1frttTirr t All th rl.nt tf orrl1'iwrl 11 oir lMiks ! vIley r i etUil into Ukr Th ril4y ir-mM ii tt i.'i,rj, . inin-Mifvi uiwuw, jvi wVt ftiitl CtfiHUn. An riti I w ,mtnyl )Ttfen c:t tfvlllin iktifl K'irtiilr, by Ihit f.-n,)f Dm wKtrni An mn.tiiiMrTi fr ttv-ll5rn tjr tfi rllwTt t Uer. irkrwiliH U-twri n .fi.nt.tta ani lunillr. Tht ) cfi rrM RjintkH of rlou ditiiMriiiiMtl y tt InuniJ.liQailD tb tioigh1.r- A mic-mtrful trlil hu n mlt Utw(n I'trU ami Ani4M.of a tiflw tclrtrmphk' Ai'in.tiiii. which tmnmiU iiiiii'im tcxtnnlly, n I wLU h lrmnliic-NS lints fr Imp, tlm i,i.iiwrituii'f tlio jxvexu Uo lr wurtU tho dwil'u. Italy. Klnff VnT"lt r.MAt n mi i-vinif thfo'ili MiUn, rei rhfl .l,putntion Iriin 11 Mnnicljul ,1 inU, whi (.rrWiit-! Itim with mi MrfWr- n( (vtnrrfit'ilM'nn, In wMcb linjn wore 1ko ttpril In 1 r of the Jt llniv, h)rptiil In lKtiUi(. lint M yi't-ty (rrwli ly rr'ittl 11 nt hi wm ti hi. i rtuuitr of kprtwNit n hi rt ullmlinn lr Imtwirty mt I litr U dtrm, who liml pro?fl thftiinf!fn lo 1 i.Ut m liravc M bin riMmotitott Trtnratm; lifl Mfl tht ti tniKUtl it irihiillriiiff (Jovmiiniritl won Id tttvin tifal tr.ftmiM ciiiM ly bhl ry-dftin In the NtvillUti HUtlM. f)nr futiirc, i-M-l htn Mijfwly, In onmlii i4ie 'in riilnulfHl our own wlHiin; ttjw we li? Ui mrieK Krrnt imtuiii, we fniy dUpliiy relutlon y itliMt.t niKUtiffprltiR our wellnre. A li-ltcr fntiii Turin of the mm r.r pome dvn tirt a Coni'H ui M iilMem. urvlrr tbe frcfidpiiUthlp of the WUiR, hiMvMiiilitpl eTry rii'ifinnif. T'xl'it 1 kiii uMiirrd, tare wn n'mii Di'hiT tike inltiiDtfriA! rrUI C'mnl Of-fr.. nn I all the tntnlhinth vlth Iihn are nul ta linvn tmi'lpnwl Ihilr rwlKUrttHtim t-iliU Mijnxty, l'n lr the eorlou rln uuifUiwM hi whlth ltily In now p'jueil, the roe ljitHtifn of Count Catoi would l nvrd'd 1 the j'telude taKenirul rAUMtroplie, aul ait a kind f IuUli rHhinlty, pti'tli iihirty In the tmrthern priv iiroit, kikI tlirttfnte tho reii.itinn lmj not lm ac rfrptM. I have t"diyn?on lKt writlnn hyOin haim LlniDrlf. rn-onunndlngaliniit fiity rat.dlUtM for the rex! etoiu. A'l ere rlfiHilfiw.! by prT Imce with timcb wm nut inKhfd. I ara n't! at HWity ti (tve you thU hht al rvn nt, am no d'ltihiu bu jit W'n come loon lheifHtonof 111 publU'Hy. 'Ihe l.rt ti-tiUlnt, anyiiii nwi reudily Iniwrlnd. the luiniPRof all thoHn wIhia did llAiunti iu In bin work. Pi i to 1 4 ftt the timid of it, ldon'it fi'id the name of Ponnio, but, m a ml-iifT, lace tlwt of HiAirviA, now a couiK'Ulor al Nitri, and an ultrmMinlHt4irUllHt. (Iamhaim line Kent Ji Uit V) the Amor Ut loti of (riiome WorkniPit, In reply to the eddre-M Hnl t biin iy them. In wh'ih thybfirfM him In an apt the boaiomry lirfrblriiteibip of thrlr inn-l-tT. lie Ihiinka tbuu lor tLo bouur, which he readily ao Im Kx IickR r M'MUMiti ItitniTuiita Ocnem 8aooxi, rotun anlfr of Ihe llUle lnnly of troop Mill' In the en vhe of the Nidiike of M hUhm, b.te pub Imbrd at ptrrami the fol.Avvlnt order ofthednr. -ln.8l'ilprn,I am rbarvil by hie Imperial it .(h tree the Art bduke Al uritr l Knnoiiiii'e lo you good DiKt ViMiareiltaxtln'tl tofurm the viuijtuani of the atmy vblib in nboitly loriitnronaiAinpeilfu. It Ufor ttmt purjia ibnt arum of pm-bilon will ledllTnrel to you tod.?, and bU lmrUI ll,buM ban no doultlbM voil will be worthy to tmr thi'in, an I that you will know bow to tine them for re-vnterlnr; ymir country, The .UniMr, In IU Itulletlii, et.itn Ihit neprH'a lloni fur mi ArtnUttiwHlilNi-ti have rmtiind with out Any rtKu'.l. H-ud.-ih tie liirrd betnulf ready to Fiui'itd lntUit ce und rlce work until Ihe 19h Insmttt Tho Frf n h i dmli .Uuf'irinr 1 K'nf TntN 1 1' II orthl", and iuvititl liim t mnpen I hmtilitif-j hkimlpe, 'he ndiiiiial aIno boliirfd that, ahouhl ItoHtlHtire rinun In roniutK,p o thU Inv.l-ilion, the I iviii n itittinnAouii iiimtiMijiu.iy pnt the WAtnri of (J itl I. ltvitlllf i ll V oliM Vi mit 1, Wl,i. ) Woill ,AV Kiiauud until ibu rxpiinlioti ot the uiuimllru, Kpnliu Tl Midtldpripneio-iitinnniin' rem ..UurUii--, iwtMiiiiiiuil vnith nn- f.r a i:piiMh , whiih bid r V u out fit ittk do In Vwn, u t iwn In tho pniiu'8 oi ('u.iii a. Ti.c tr iii1h.Hi lid CVrn tmhtifut my . 'Aulhi ntir li foiiiutioii iikJ'i'H uh i ray tint the lit IuiImn iKwufir nfiiird tithefliin; "f n f"wt"liot4, htid t1 t lt- ki lill ui i 'If j urro riirtl Wlmt iiiiumiI Ihu ilotn tl.L t'- r tjpui.lan-ht hw not tttitc. lnft A IIiwhn .fortTAit CtiM Rt pitoiAlnirfrli btlt i hhm "llfj'nnmN ti'iitt'iiti a t tl it x Mint -t 1 t o loiith result d, iu d uhiih bit .hi urrud in I ilhunniH. It H ii mm ,ul to th M 1 ira ta-4'nt K nitt. A .It'H, ItlMl MKM.. K.lm-l 1 .vn rtittlfd for -tui tnnu n it ill m "1 thn (i '.wniini'iit ' K'iviii, ii itn-1 iritbiiwiiiiti ttiiunud Mh otourrod hivh) l.nir iM'ittut! fi in n n 'Ik'Mh ,njf v.llne, tiifbid lid bin ilurllii i ntti r bn i'.iiw d mu Ihe d or, ntitl nlicu ptt to( irr off I.ii dfst dniflitor, V.I.O WUH i: i MH if lt't'. 'llic Htiottkr tlMlit-IUi'e lro i-rd.nifl I or fuH, wl.l. 'utw r liiTp-tiont, natlellu kntiMHiM ,-o-m) thrlr .mid, IiKtrnd of tie title t tl v tluneflil the yonticettt, a tbttd of H jinr-, tu,.l tlinT 1 Irr -Aithout dilll'uUy lo Iholr rut. Tie l-oor luihrr indejivoitd to tm ue hW fblld Iphu tlm i obVre, but tin y luiit him, and d who 1 hint M-iwlw to thi'Kiotiird N"i'ttluiti'iw, A4 n-rtm nn hr riuii'd iin loii-iufn, be Huw in putriint of tl rtu, b it h'1 i'k iumlitii w re du.tV. S imo tluje hil. r Mi moai k U uni'tl tlmt bU diiiafhtor ww ktj t totili'iid In the hoiiHriof the pibt MTiixAKi Inthe liill.-t tuaol K"inl. Neither the leim nor I'lAUf i-f tl-f .li-- 'alt- fUfr wiMti.bleteufitn the I.amI bunt of tl Ih tine, ih ,ifuid blm hu Inter lew w th llipilitld, allcKbin' thM ehe bil ehnwa a wUh to tmu Tht Utliin. 1 4 tl Mmnb1e to U1itve th it AibUd of Wititly lOjcim, etuceiety attM'hvd to bor lAH'i.UAud all Inr fimily, could bnve bAl the hi of mulch niy ilmnzlii. Ivr rflUlou Mkioa"r bm no t,ii ut In In), ii' bU coniptiliit lfloii tue an thoiklun n,;iilnt tkiei uiibibiid of outr!, Tnej inr mil v. Kit inn, tnu . th n a t dope n t nay If r pirn ti n I nn Urn AWAtth'd i the .Iu, or tf the ruiIIt Ufii 1 uuinIiiI I hope juhiii'm will letvn ber uuu.uug tu.t ui Hi in ULXiiaCe, ana wl vitforwu-ily,H THE LATEST NEWS. fil' TkLlVRArU TO IBB il. y. tat. Political Intelligence. ZXXtllh COMiUI.SM-Kecvud ranwlea. Ilonac of ltrprrrntnllTr. Mr (lao, (ra..)oirrrcdarmliitlin tliat the liticiuuniiitiv' f five a, polntvl on Ilia Jm liwtnt, liniiire httUer any ri-crel tri;inlBaliou hoettl to the l nil d l.wiei nut In tlio Il.nlii.c vt O.jlii'ubla, anl tf io, w helher any i llicer oi eiop'eyeeof Itieeiiy of WanliiiiKton, or ollnei or einlove uf Ibe fiidoral Koeinuuiit, In the cioci.tlre 01 JuJiiUl dcpartincuU thoieiit. Mr. llraMTT, (Ky ,) I dealre to know, and It la rertau'y dm totlie ll"Ue lo know, whether any uaicrti i-r fiu t exlhtii tor putting on foot any ench lr veetlcallin. It I a relleillou on Hie city f Wuh liigkm ami ihe fidird Koveimui'iit and oughl ml u I entet teini d lit law the gent'eiueu fnnn Fenu.ylra ui Bluer on III napniiiiiiitliiy cirel awh a con epirary. AafTni)Mir, 1 dmi'i balief In any euch coupiliu7. 1 duu'lbe.lrveaiiy pur)awe 1 uuiUin plttdlylliecillenaiif IblaliiaCrki or th adjoiu u t auite, inalipg any liiray ir raid oa thla city, or liitrileilni; v.ih Ihe pout-eiul Invigurallou of the riMiileiit of the gent'euuu' chuhe. II uVea nut eviu to ui riiikl and proper thai ni'h Ktaleuiflil eliould be made by Ih gentlemen front rrunaylTauw, bertire we Inaugural proceeding dl nit'y rrflectiugem Ilia patriutimn anl eiihfutueM of Ibu o'lo of tho Diatrtcl to th 1'oderal (ijveru uiei.l. A more uilaorabl, oouleniptibl mod of en geiideiiug bad fee!lng and making eiollmnoul wome Iban Iheie la nnw, cou'd no b lntrodcued. Mr. Uaow. I would not hr offered thareaolu lion uuleh I had aupMd thre ma eonitlhlng lo bwae It on. Mr. Cx (Ohio ) lithe debate In order 1 ItiegiHakrr. I did ul inxlenitand Ibe geulle mn Kentucky a objecting to Ihe reaoluUen. U he did Hie dutiale I li"l 1 order. Mr. llihui(N. C) I will oblrcllo the reeolu-1 linn until I e th c i.ainuan of Ih lrt outnmlttee (Mr. Ilooaai., i,l Mich ) In hi eeat. Mr, c,aowIaKke to the ehalnnta yeatarday, and II lutl wliU tie mu-tlon. I bar reaana to tw lie? there u ench dtwlgn eulerUlued by eom lr.ii in the employment of the gorenunenl. Ta hat extent It hw gnn I don'l know. For that rewn I ollered the reaolutlim. If gentleman ou lb Uher aid don't waul to 1uti gau Ike aubject, Ihey cau ol.jiKt, aud ll.kl wculd allord better erldance that there i anuiethlng In ll. Mr. licxiriT 1 hate nit objected to the reaoluliou. If theimimbir yi there 1 rnwiu for InTratigaUun, be l all have an luveatigetluu at tbnrougb a b daalraa. TheieCue thuie waa tie nacenaily for the re. maik thul olijecl on would arfrrd evnlauot of th i. lNtrnce of a couplrucy. Mr, llaow I dcinund tlie prevlon qunntlon, Mr. Mcraian, (rniu..) IcUtlia tbrlghl lo y wurd laiiftouti to uiyeelf. Mr (iaiiw -I euKl.t lo liav aald th gentleinaa fmui Tenumime yeaterday aflarnnon oljlavt lo Ike rMolulioukacacUHlof lb fvwuea uf lb macuber, then iircw-nt. TIk Bicker Th queetioo 1 now on the adojajoa of the rewitciiuui Mr. Kc'umxu (M l) I object to Ihe reenlutlm. trim from tl Klfublkaii ude, " too law." Mr Kiinuu lauuouncwd niy Inleollou lo nt.Jeot to ll loug enie, a th gentlainan In no Paoniylvanca ludolgea Iu atin roiuai k rcflectftig vu Uiia aid ca Ih LI'hi, ud ai h deire um cm I lake lb, rei4iBibllilyof objtoUnglo Ihi iulrabt Iuiin. iUub or ndclli eu th cM4e vt M try laud, Ibei, luu here to otjject, aud I aw ha, Mr, (iaow J called th prevlou queaihA. Mr. Imujivu.! aald I would ohjeoi until the Chair. MioaiMl t I eat e beea Informed that Ike luii4iMM agveaaM to htm. Mr. . I ey rE K mi thl floor, aad It naiaMtailMKarily bawaea from to, by any man. I have a right to objeu to the rewdutioa undee the rule, a aooa I euuid gat the reongnlllon of Ih HfuJiar. I will iwter telwjulah toy hghla. I re 1n1 my objucaaw. 1 he diuAt aid he would not attempt to deprle inn ipjiUfNii.ui A any rihl, tut tb ireuilman from PijilMylvaiua damfUHlad Ihe trvton qMeallon lere iho uiN4,wiMau rviu Marytaud wa reuogmeed by Ibe liter Mr Hvaau. 1 wa cat Ihe B r. laoliwucw tfut the gwct.ecuaa Mi not recog ijjchI. t. &Tjai t am aware ttial Ihe renlleman who oc,iiio U)ebA.f ta Uvt wall aived toward in ai m iii. VJ frnit h Kvitlico Aide to order. Mr C'haju ;.j wavtod to offer an amendment Mr Uao X ba, deujudi Ihe prevlou que lion, Mr Oicma, ti,i 1 m'ich conrtiitin, IndlcatM bl UHuiJltiMik, Ut,a 10 t'ttromtUa htrlher trupllr by H4 aii0iiry crnt were ataci 4ird ca Iheamlhern fi.ia l MaVaintof Waa II lo cvnliol Ihe prwenl iiafa bet ,1 la pwu4 of the bayuuet aud Ihe uwulb tl 11111,11? Ih rwe-t ilttti w alftel. M 'I !. tTeun.) prwentod reedulloiu of l'ie Leg'N'aiure 4 Tvaoewir, in reMime ti Itie r.u IMK I ! I eve alur of Nw York, enucludiag w th Ibe lUlowing ) enrvcrlt e author1 tie of Ihe latter elate ami a military ane to l'ie B.mlh tir tiunMee of coer ci. n, thercift'e of Teiumiwce will imite Willi the B-uth tt rotdet eueh Int anion at all htrtrd. Ttereeolut,nn were laid ou the ttb'.e anl ordirel to printed. The g aker la'd liefore Ihe It me a mege frain Ihe rrraidmt, returning Ith hie nbjtu tueie, the bill for tin-ti llf of II aacntr A I.riKirrr. A ( mher Ihirige the Preeidi 1 1 any, the bill vhlch waeJMWinil al the Inet eeaelun, but which he hail ivt time to ex. amine I fore the ailjourtitniiit, appropriated 10,000, ana thru ilia Mil no vtoei appropriate.! iwonty. lhouanil-add.tlonal, or .H.f.To. The bill Invtlrn ImiicitanlpritulplM, a huh, If rec-oguixed, will take Uive eurne tml t'lhfl Trauury. Mr. Iluaarrr (Ky.) adrwhtn.1 Ihe bill, IH did not rare how uaich wen restored for Ihe ptymeut of Hie claim. If It wa light. Mr, Aiixt (MtM)uldlhl bill ww In lelatlontt mail aeivlre, an 1 no eutijert ecer ex tied nitre di. ciimIoii or lnveetltratiou than thi one. The ti lo waa mt extraordinary prirncdlng on the pert of Ihe I'rraident, though Ihe rreeldent ha.1 rxen ieed an unpinttlone,t couetitiitlnntl right, if he ll.ntigl t the bril ai wrong. Hut there weie elrang legal claim for the amount proiMMed to b apiiroprl al4l. The i ti ehould not be inittiiml. Mr. 1 1 it mi ii (N. Ui loi.Uiu.iJ the rronldenl la UiiiN ierromiiiu hi duly. Mr. Cbihi (M i) anl other echtVincii mvle re nark on the mil in I. 1 l.e nitration wit taken on the ponra of the bill, notwithstanding the oluoi lion of Ibe 1'rrHident, and II wne negatived by a vole of M againtil C7-io Iwivlldida, lot fcpilred I y the Constitution lo such case. The llmue reeumeil Ihe enneMenitlnn of Ihe re. Jioil of the Committee of 1 hlrty-ltire. Mr. u.Aax in) ueii iioae. tie wn oni py de, larmg that we air in the ttodnt of revu'ittion llelnutil ll ebhloryofi'.c slavery egilttion, which commtlMtd at the lime M aeourl wne admltlM ialo tbe I niuii, ami refiered lo the eevrntl cotiiprotnirto which bad trfoMirarily lentoi-cd fw e, but rIihw tbn K'pul'lican paily bndlten lonnrd the c-oil'itry bail Iron dbepui tod, and the evilMVcealt ng frMa the agl. tation ol the question hnve cuSiilnati d.and liow,ll dft. tenili ujwn that initytt eay whitlwr Ihegovem iiKntehall endure, anl the rntnn Im preeerveiL niate after elate luia viithdiawn ftom tho C.if.idi!re. cy, eml three vaiarit teat etirak with an eluipicuce c-ouiman ting Ihe attention of all iartiee. '1 he Boulh never attrmi ted to take from ll.i' N irlh anycotmtitutioiud rlgtUlit the Irrrilorb, or allii t. lug pniierly oriteraonal HUtrty. Iledifid the priHif, He Klicike of the aitvrt-eiloliM of IheNirlh on the Hoiilh, Im hiding lie iM-rit-oial liberty Mil; and of Ihe orgaiilrniioti to eti al N'avi-a anil pn Vi nt their n-cap. tore, 8 inthern aoll, be,, bad liii'it invaibl, and er forta made to crintenervlle Ineumt tmu with all tl altend,tnl terror. Ih'Hidee, Mr. Linimii. wa opiwvi. Cd lo the exclueaotl of liegnevi from the mliit,anil hal CXrraMd nil aimciull that ' th lluoo couid uol Mtcml half Nlavejvinl half free. Mr, KAaiewoaaet (UI.) aald Mr. Inoolu wit not Iu fnvnr ot dlHiiniiac Mr. Cmik replitvl It win f.ninl In the lemaik he had ipeaed. Mr. I'AaiaaoaTii Ihought Ihe geutlemjit wm lulu taken. Mr. Ci aek aald he would luitmontte tlie extrvl In hi renuukfl; and ailerwardi expreMted tlie Imllcf mat the critic iumi c mpiomiie w mii give pnare lo thecvrtiiitiy, ami aekfd why will iwtt the It -publican Kiibinil thl to the ticopte. Mr. ItoAHit (M. V.) rmpilred If the RtttMdid not aim e lo thai proiMinliloii, wintld he rainaiii Iu Ihe t uion. Mr, Ci aa replied that ha aoild aiihmit it e a bttelnol comproiiile. Ho ami Miourl were hi far r of reiiialiilng In the 1'nlon no long ait Ihey c "lid re liiein w th hoieiraiid eafety, but he wotiM tell him, 11 al wu miii I hnve mir c'on.titulioti'tl rlghti on ternu ol fipitlity, In all cbMtitini'ntt ot t!it uocenniifiit, Vcwill remulu tcitb tto ieople nor Iu any guverie nit nl as inlerlore. M. Ilocnit Then you will lutHeit y itir conUt i- tiinuci nir 14 ill n roiiKiitiicioiini ivnv. Mr. I'l ark ri' lieil Ihnt he wieihi ntel exiiaiisl 1 cont.iitiitliiiiii incHiie, but h, aould tell l'ie Itpttb'i rani thul uiilrMeotiii 11 luirwis ppe'dityibeietorre tote pence and glee the Under HLtliw gintmnteoMol Iheii tionitiliilii xi-1 rlKbl", the I niou i une I Im pie eervtd, end they will go where liny um fi id their Inli'i etn U iti r pmtii inl. Iluboisd, hoi vol, tbtt they would In tjond Itoin ui h it net i ly. Mr. linvl'll d d n t tliliiV. ll t n lite yil to do eouitlhiii b Hhiihthi! irnuieiit cim lie prewrv id, aud p'liienliil h.trnn ny rot ueii to the tcrebtevt luilion iuhI proph ontlio ea 111. At firi.1 -ihiikhihii n atv snted nt pfin lilt, but 110 It was d iiii all 11 1 on', o l.rt iik up 11, e govcou'neut ly ineuns of oli'tice 'Ihe Hcc'c-oi otil ts are li" Killing lo imv litne lor it He. tit n 'Ihrylmil eeiil li1 int,lin' t'S sitiliCH I nut, ..till fii'litr ti intliiui' tin- potilhent mind, un I hi mt, mill run thtui inU mi Iiii'hs and iiuoiieideiiite it lion. Noilli Ciriliti end Virgnnt an nl. nt 1 , ,u I ton vi nl on.. ini i t hat o. the iilinC ol tin mi n p oi i. ni t dis ret i pieit'Mnlrii' I man. Ilel lied In the uiinlliitloNiiiisI lyihe Virginia t ouiriipsun n iu wiiti h tiny Miy lucre is no h tji t.,r ah un anum rnoii C ilik'trtst which the S I'llb i tunc ttt. '1 he nun MiHiolis Iti in 11, . pitprr were llmt Unit ilifilil t's t lit v sith Iv i 111 licit Itu the I 1 the ecisiinl pniMHtition, whlili Is e)iiitlly Utseptive, Is that this Is the only wny to pint ore a reconntrin thin t f tho I niou. lleearneslly applied lo the ll'pulr Hi ans, who bnve tlio niwei, ti n I nt on e. IIhmiiso ixtremeHMiihciurrstliiiik nothing will 1st d mo by the Ui i tiblh nils, ll ey hnjsi to kts'p their ecttitm lu ll must and breult up tl e goveruiiient I) i aomi'lhlng mi I iinl.oiislire tciu selves and yon will iccnlve Ihe blcitsinirs or all goisl pisipte for presi rv tig tho Co lu liy t vi us the CalTTKiiiKi pniios tioa, oi tha riMilnlloli-i of llic Uil-li'i etilo toiiiuillttH., bet ha prt tcneil tl e former. It not this, glvo u Iho prost itiisi iu the itsit of the C'liuiuitlee ol Thirty thnst, Itul vihittever done, lei all men en It. gether on the ti rrltorinl tpesitioii. Un thoiijht Ihe txiinlulltet'ii plnu wa the lsNl oi tlie whole. Heal lildtd to the itiisrcpissn nUtlolut at the N irth and BMt.tli, Vihlchonly li-iuled to liittitne the iniiidtiif the fNpte. nn 1 disc ussisl the plo)sMtlon 111 tl the elavciy iiii stii ti thoiioti euve'ctitsl lit dilhi u ties, ismld essi ly 1 1' i tiled, if geiilltnien aotlld appmaih It in a loir, bmiisit and calm eplrit, there need irnl lie any eci li imdttlhulty on Una punt. In cou lusioit, he ettspu ntly nppt altnl to tlie Uepubllcans ant other, to unite heart and lui'd In the mttlctmut eg tho quretloiiM whh h uow dlitnn t Ihe couuliy. Mr, Al i rr (M ise) nasi i - That he 1ia4 always Is-llrvcd until n'w, Ihitthl (loveriiiuisit would never be overthrown, llialtltll In th wImIoiii ol mnit prtsltided tbe Idist Ihct a t'ltiistof such iiuetimiliV vclue, especially to tbat ptslioii vih'ch thtcntuicd its ilc trie liuti, WI1041 in-InlrrCHt- uls ve a 1 1 Ibcra, tint I'lilmi a'un- on'd pm tttt and prcBeivc could li dwlroyi'd. It a'ory fur. uiniira no pirullnl to null in i-l.hi. Hut we unlet deal with f. tsits Ihey are iuvi-Ktigutu and ail In tlio spirit of pitiiollsui and vvlse MJitiHliiitiul,lp, looking to l'ie fil lure H sstdl as to the present. II p ntioyisl l'ie evPs ot dlsiiuhm to Isith t,e font, aul wide it would be mo Ions In Isilh, the North hid mil. li to lint iu ihe fill urn and bnl'c lo fear In tie pie. cut while Ihe ft null had evtry thing lo lose sn.l nothing 1 1 tlri hy disunion. The N mil Iu th cud wou'd It no worse oir, for her vsM rceoutve and ailghty istsrnr wou'd miko bur the master of the contincat. Tbe trail of the B ulh, he aald hid beea aver otlmated. ami ha proved It ntntlstlo tliat commercially and ftuaiH'lally Ihe North would be beiier oil with the ataasaiouof Ihe 'v tte, than It would 1st In Ihe 1'iilon with Ihent, uuls liiir latercfll could harmonie. The adlllhtn of trade front Canada, and from Central America and Muxlon, wvu'd more than couineusal fourfold all th hie w ehould ustaln by diminished trad with th South, II oou'd not compromise nor give any mora guarantee to slavery, let the uidpieui-eo bo what Ihey might. N" thing would lend to preaene Ih luiteu an nuuh as flrucueas and adherence lo principle on Ihe port of Ihe Nmth. The North eoiod whore Iho gnat men ol lloBouth hadalwayolissloulhiiie tiou of alavcry, until a very reciCAl srlod. Ttial Issiaiiae the kiontn bad (bengtd wa no reaaoa why tli Ninth Bhnn'd alsuiilou it deep-rooted couvlctlon. Tli North hsd hern phasing and lolvlng, whll th noulh lead iMuagh-rtivto pniorltlou. Tb rtoilli hid tin iown and m desire to interfere wlli ilsveiy liithenlAlee, Iml they would be degenerate eotis ol moat worthy aire If ihey ooneuld to Ih x tmUiax uf alavety la Ihe Territoriee. Tie Boulh, he aaid, had bait tsavteaaloa of Ih naMouel Uovenuiiai t fur mot than halt a century, and her eon bad tnonopotleed a tarye ahar of tbe office and emoluuieuu, aud received the llon'o har of eppnxirialtoiie. II aald Ih N trlh had wld for many year more than Ihree-f.vtirth of lb rtvem aud ntoel of II had laeu iieut for th tamefli of th South. II aald th Booth, Iu It arbitrary ircla of power, end it progandlm, had a )tratlel In Ih reign of J men II., who waa a provagandll of Ihe Roman Cutkollo religion, aud to aarv that ln lerrot beabuswl hi power aud vlolnlod lb emiatllu. ticat, and wa dilveu Into onlo a a reward for hi tyranny. Bo II wa with Ih Slav Tower II had Istsa driven Into exile, be trusted a returuleM a tlatof jAaaall. II vindicated Mtaaaciicurtu, irnl aald aho would be true to all ber cuiutitutinual nl I, gallons. Ilrr fidelity lo Ih Valon wa bul Iho reoned of ber history. II vindicated her (lovcru.-, and aald that MaaMthuaell had had Iwiuly-oue Uovenoi ilrk l'sOall of lhm abl and tlutlngulahed-niiMitof Iheia eminent, and oome of them Illustrious, aud In everything thai oonalltuted Iru gTeaiuM of mind end character. Dot on among thetuall was superior to Joua A. Aow. II had faith and wisdom In th patrlutlani of tb America, proili and If they were true lo their euuviotlon, they bad a future lunsl boeful, uilaalou luoat Ira. stilaui, aud a deslluy nuail glorious. Mr. rsnw (Ve J 0 sa u d Ih flour. Adjourned. KntUracwral ef Hailed Htaim Trouary Ne by Maaavarbaaaplla. lintttn, Jan. 27. In the Sonato on Saturday', lb Judiciary Comaditee wor Inatrutted to rejsa-t bill, eethorising the eudoraemonl by Ih atat of National Treasury Dole to the eViounl of Ih eur. plus revenue depcaaud with her lu lUv aud IMT. 1 uitt wj passed by a Ui, uujorily. ! tiowhaleai OejTatto A Seccuion Ordlnanw FasMd. Union Rang, Jan. 25. The df hag been partially onturcurted In speech from Ik Boulh Car ollne and Alalatma CommlaaloMre. Efforts were mad for eo-oporation, and al last tht convention ad. Joumed, After much discuanion on a resolution sub mitting tbe art to th people, Ihe ToM oo tht ce slon bill till twelve o'clock tomorrow. Alton lUiugt, L., Jan, !& Al ten minutes past 1 o'olock, today, th following was declared It ! Ih t4 of the But Convention on the ordinance doctor Ing Ihe Immediate aeceaslo of 1muilana from Ihe t'ni. Yea 111; nnyi IT The BUI Convention hAS aljourued to reaanemhle again In New Oi Iran. The following la Iho ordinance as reported by tht Convention Ctmunlttee i Aoorilinaiae to ttisanlvo th union Iselween Ih lUleof Isiulslana and th other ettl-a liaileil with ber, urslrr Ihceompact entillrd Ih Couttitution of th I ailed Bute of America. Vt e, Ibe people of the state of Louisiana, la convert. K m asartnUnl, do tteclar an I ordain, an I II Is here by dec lared and oriUmed, that Ih ordincnce passed Inr this state on th 11 1 of N ivemlier, 101, whereby IheCinisI lulionoflhe t n'led aisles of America, and tbe amen Imenls tf aaid (' atstllutiiin. were adopted, aud all the laersaisl ordmamea by ahhh 1. tuislaua Israme a luenilstr of Ihe Federal Inlon 1st, and the same at hereby repraltsl and aUrtsated, and Ih nnliainow sulsilst nlaHweenliulsinnaari.llh0'4her suites, under Ihe name of Iho United Butes of Arneii. ca. 1 hereby dissolved. tve further declare arsl ordain thtt the stele of tinlsiana hereliy lesuine the rlghu and power beret gore delegated lo tho government of the United fiUleool Amenta, and IU cillren ahtol ve-1 from a), legiancs to Iho aaid government, and she Is In full -.srslnii of a'l the and sovereignty that ap jicruin to a free an 1 Independent sUte. Wo further dei lareaiul ordain thai all rlghu ac. qulre.1 ail vesteil un ler Ih Constitution of the t lilted Blnles, or any ai I of Congress, or treaty, or other law of this KUte, not lnroniatibl with this ordiistnce, shall remain In force and bar th tain t net I as th nigh this nniiaaia hrui not asihi. Jtne f h-U oris, Jan.K The passnge of the gec. stun Oidiiuince by the Coaventloti, Is balled th greotrsst Joy here. Tho rellcan flag I displayed ev ery, hi re througiout the i ily, and salute are being fired lu honor of tl e event. ituoiafd, Co., Jim, SO. Rilntu are being fired bite for tl e Indi udoni oof Louisiana, ( en -thusiaeni prevails. gluipotlnnt Aseilanntent SI. fiu.i, 27. A es.clal dispntcli from Ind'ptndenie, to the Trnitifdvin, says, fir the week it Messrs. Watiitit, Majors, J mm and others, repieamitatlvexof their different flnns, have been hero nisklng an ndJ'iKtmrnt of their sfftlrs, which hasresn'tid lu the asslguinrnl to Messrs. I'lara, K iiu. STarrr and Am, Bt. Ixtuis, f ir the purpose of,netiinug home creditors ml endorsers, asseU avilab.e and otherwise amount to $t,r03,0on, Uabll. Itlrsiiiiknnan. Mr. Mil is has given up even his household fuinitiiie. Hon Hi Carolina. Chiirtcitm, .?. C, Jim. 'Jit. 'Uio li;lalilure agreed tod cy on a flag fir Bmlh Carolina. Toe gioiusl Is to 1st blue with a while nvtl In the centre and a golden lmctto theieon. There Is also 1 lie a ivbllo inner crmcent In Iho tipper flag el iff comer. The Senate has ad iiitrd a rosolutlon authori'.ng Ihe (bivernor ti send vilunleers ti I'lorldo, Iiicjiko is thjcalei rd lavaslon of that stole. Tho uumlter of men Is unlimited (!) The steamer Columbia went ashore on Bulllvm's Island loach yesterday while going out. The wea ther haa bceu tempestuous for a week past. Ahabautau JAmfonnierj, A hi.. Jan. '!'. Tho Alaliitmt Btsla (Jonvnition ha aljourued until th 4th of Much next. HI'tesMtarU SI. ti, Jmi. 2d. Tlie resolution recently passed by Ihe Tennessee Lcgis'atut relative lo tho m lion af New Yui k In teuilerlng men and money to tbe rrntldi-nl to corn tho tslUig oUtoa, caiaa be fore Ihe lloua yesterd ly and were referred to Ihe crsnmltleeon federal rrbtl'ons. The same resolullons tvero inndo the special order for I'sl ly In tl e Haute. 1 he In mot ratio caucus la-t night adopted re olu tmus tiiuiUr to ol Mr. CntTTi vmv. Advii i a from different parU of the eUle iuilicnte a union In 111 g, mid thst the couvntl"U will be fUlcd u rit. Texns. .Viir Pilt.wi, J.m. 2t!. The returns thni far rc-elvid fnui Texts, Indicate un overv.hliniuj nu jor'ly for lininodWte necessinn. t irMlnln. ll.i I mm I, I'll., Jan. M 'Iho lliiuic t.nliT IsishciI the ttet tie bill lo relieve bunks fniiu the pen a't'es of sti4iision Tie itiim later ol Ihe !e slative inMcee-l.iigs me iiiiiuiit rUtnt. North Ciirotlnn, .'.if. .;, .V. ('., Jin. 2c!. Tho Iloitso lias paiscd tl e rienliitii n directing Commtssioucrs ti tie suit to Washington and Virgiult. The acme reto lutiiiti will also pass the Senate. I'rout tVeuttiliiKtom irtiiainofiw, Jan. 25. Fifty artilleryman from New York, arrived Una morning, aud immaliatoly left for 1 "il W'oahlngt u 1 1 tolicvethe icuriuoa there lemponiiily on duty. It Is iv t tnio tlmt Mr. Kimi, the fl A Aisisttnt I'ostmater General ufused hi ho'd any iouiiuiiiiIciv tlon with Kx gtnotor Yoi XR. He simply declined to show hliu the paper he asked to ace, relstiv to the alv'ition of tho lVMtoffite and lual'.a to Peiuucola. Tho Interview was rcejnstful ou both side. Jan. ST. Tho Preaiclrnt will probably, tomorrow, Inuieinll to CongrcHa the Pence resolutions of Ylr gmla luc i tinctliou with ex rrcsldeut TtLvx's visit, sud coiuiiiind Ihrm to favtuable cisuidiiratiotu It Is atceiutiiied ficnn a reliable aou.TO that Iho govenimeiit has no information lo iding ti Ihe Isiliof that I'.ngland vtllt rcougulAO the Biuthera Ciufod ciacy. from Albany. klltTION Of lirilllATtS TtTIIS HXVJSI -P OTtTT cnnvKNrltit. .t'Jiiny, Jin. "ii. Tlie election of delegates to the liciuisratic SUte Convention ttok piaco tt diy. Among the delegate olec toil, are Judge Iai ti, lion, tit Pitixt, ExMtyor Tiiatciisb, J. II. I'll mi, of the I link of Ihe Interior i Mats Pattni, lluu I.raAt TsmiAiix, Ex-Alt imey. (eitoral , 11 in. l.acnTl'S Coicmso, Hon. A. B. John. son, r'.x Judge of th Court of Aipe' i 11 m. 8tx 1'iiait Claih, l'.x-8tat Treasurer A. 1). LAsuxj, ail Joiin Tbact, F.sqra. Ovhssi, .V. )'., Jan. it Hon. Wa. Pen, who woite a letter stnmgly edvocatlng coercion toward souther an I uirthern re be' agilnst Ihe Union was today elected a delegate to the Diuaocratlo state oou vculluu for Ihe First Assembly District. Krntarky IgUlatare. Jxmfsnils, Jan. t7. The Kentucky Legislature yeaterday aliuimt unanimously adolcd Ihe Virginia reooiullotu, ao Oismlniod a U require the Federal Government to protect slavery In all IhtTenitorloi now hsld or hereafter to bo acquired eoulh of 80 SO, aud to gusrauU't th light of transit of slave through fiee slates. The Legislature aim yesterday appointed the follow, lug Coiauilatiloner, lo meet the Commissioner of Virginia al Washington, oa February eta l J A. B. Ciati JswuaF. Daiii Oovaruor M oosjuad Wa. O. UOTLXa Jas. Goruaie and CUAXLSa A. Wioa urr. I'aUa Meeting at PertUad Mo. rorlUmJ, He. Jan. 2(1, An IramenM Union atae Meeting was hold at the City Hall bore this evening. Em xx Biiipcit, Ex-Chlof Justice prealdod. TVs mealing wa addressed by speakers of all par tis. Resolution were passed nearly unanimously, 'Tliat thi destruction of tht Colon wa th greatest calamity thai could bafsl the nation that we kreludebtd to Ufor our prosperity that It, I Ih duty f aach BtaUto avoid all just causes ofootaplaUit, aarnocllng th affair of other (tales, nol earning wiuin the Jitrbdlcllou of th Ualted Stale i that wsdeslie to pet form faithfully all the ubllgatian Iminc4 upon u by th eon stitutlon and laws of ih country, and expect other lo do tlie same ; that no state ha a right to secede; that forcibl oppoalbai to oonatllulloual law la eiimlual, aud mruil laest our dlaapprobatlon and re ltance ( that It la Ih duty of the Government to causs the ('its and other fubllo property to be pro tected, the revenue laws enforced, and tht UI should be ready to eld tht Qovemiutul that it It our duly aud purpose to cultivate a friendly spirit toward all uur oounlryman thai w will watler very eultable meaaur of eoncllialiou to meet the present difficulties, end give tho moat favorable ouoalderatlon to every revocable proposition from any sac U cm of our oouulry, atl that It L expedieal to repeal the Ferwu', Ldetlw hills." There wa great nlh aeiu, aud all luvieiiwere rtiaiMUcvl U kh UCvut(t tblou nrtilngiMeaVa Hertisi In ptttladelpkaa. 'Sioo'iltVt, Jan. 20, Tit mas meeting of wmklngroen lo Iudeadenc4 Hall aVpuu tonight It hugely Mended. Tbetnployeeof all the large mantifacturtng tabtkrhmont In the coiuilry marched to the place o meeting bearing larches, banners and lantene, and aceavmrsuiled by bands of music. The mottoes uatcrtbed on Ihe banaert are mostly uggentlvoof tneastiresof ieand cnnelllstion for tht natlen'sdincutkw, aOd exprearive of tpprobatloa of th CarrminiK compromise, Isaac N. Va II icoirron, of the Pennsylvania rail road car works, presided. A series of resolutions were passed lamenting th present national troubles which have been Inaugur. led and hastened by political demagogues, recom mending the repeal by the stale Legislature of all el noxious laws i reoominendliig Congreea ti jsm Iho Cairrraoxsj compromise or aom other measure like It and submit il to th swple, and thai In caoe the present Congress shall find lUelf unalile to aree urs.n any such term of compromise, ihen, Ihst the mrinbers of Congress resign their scats that Ihey rosy l filled Kllh competent representatives of tho ppular will, The resolutions also deprecate any collision be tween Ihe forces of Ihe general government and Iho seceding states, as such a calamity will strike a death blow to all hope of eetllement, but pie lgo Iho work Ingmm to auauln Ihe federal government In tbe mainUinaia'e of Its viwers. The resolutions also tirovlds for the Appointment of dtlegatea to Ihe national convention of working, men which Is to meet al Pullade'phla on tlit S'l 1 of I'clriiAry, and lnvllnt the committee of thirty-three tobepreecnU Itevolailnnnry .tlnidtel riraentntlon. r.tit'm, Jan. 2d. Tho prrsriitttion of the revolutionary musket beq'ieallieil by Ihe lata Tuso tsx I'tXKro lo the Commonwealth tiok plai'e t idsy. al the Hut Hmse, TLe member of both House were In atteudvu-e, and a' so a largo numler of cltls ens. The musket, with Its ai coiitroieeutt, Is an old king's arm, and wa taken by th late Caw tain TAKara from a wounded nritlah addier durlrg th l rlnat of tha Ilritiah force from Con cord anil Lrxingt-m. Governir Annaxw, In an Im nesnlvandeloqiietit evereh prcwuitl Ihoweirrtn, which will lie plated In Ihe stile chamber with the othor rcvulutlmary relic. The Blarlen al t'harbmon. Ch-irle$lon, Jan. 2t!. Tlio V. S. m til ateam. ahlp M.oton arrived lone from Now Yotk, at 7 o'clock, lb Is (Saturday) morning. Oonoral Telegraph News. I A l nf the Hteajner .llelrtMe. h'rnnmlir, a. J., Jan. 2l. The ile.tmcr Mel- nee, utmnil 'mm Cini Innstl, sunk nonr Vnlinvrtnwn, Ky , yestenbty. The loss on the Isstt U $13,000 and ou cut go ) 10,000 ; most'y Ir.surei. lire Four hlldrrn Bnrncd la Ileelh. Oiiiiijo, Jan. '.'ii. A fire at Msnoniouoo, Wi eonein, dcstroyrl the house of Wvi . Caatioan, p,s. master of thst village. Four of his children, aged fiom four to ten years, isrishrd In the Dimes. HKYV YOUK LdM;i.HIJtTXKE.-Hcnnlc A (Jtiiiy, J,m. 2r. Tlio 3cnato met at clcren o'clo k. Tlie bill making aa appropriation tt roileem the sttle stock Issued to the Auburn and R ahester Rill rcatd, was moved fnrwsrd to lie reiorted oinnplele. Keoolotloliswsre a.Inpled, olTerilig Ihe sympathy of the Bounce to Mr, Uxm In Hie loo uf a sou by death. Tho Senate then adjourned till it udiy. Assembly. Mr. Camp j0erd Iho following i Whereas, It In known thai Iho 1'iesldenl elect will leave Bpiinitfio'd in a few days l ami, whereas, bis Journey lo the tspital should be marked I7 such mv liifitair,ns of sipulnr respott vihlch are die aa well ti him, as to Ihe high office he Is alsnit to assume; and, wheieaa, the loyal people of Ihe utile of Ndw Yoik will cotdUlly al'itmn hlra t every kjIiiI art, assure him of their devoilou to the Constitution aud the Uwo of Ihe coiuilry, therelore, IcWtA-d, (if the id'nate (veinit) Thai his Excel lent y, the (lotemor, be requested rensx tfully to In V to Mr. Lmcsii a to pans through Ibis nuts on his wny to ihe Federal Capital, ami lender htm tha boa. plUl it es of Ihe authoi dies and the people. Adopted unanimously. The privileges of the floor were etten lei to It in. F. A. Conxi iu and lion-Joiim J, Knurr. Tbe concurrent resolution of the Semite referrlne: 1 1 the incieage of the (lovenior and the iiguiiu reMilutliScs to selei I a Joint Committea of tlireo from Hie Hwutte, and five from the 11 inse, wo ad ipteil. The House cor.o d-red in oommilleo ot tho Whole the bill lo 1 rovlde for the Is Iter enrollment anl die tlplineol tho militia of the suite aud rrpnt.J pro. glens. 1111 1 an" iirrrn rcvon tni r. T niitbonret baritslileand benevolent noc dies to lratiH ur ec 11 real reli.1. To aim id the act 10 oiilhnnr.0 the formation of rural cciiictciies. im is nni nn 1 in. Ily Mi. ll0T.'iiia-Ti in. irjHiratc the Lit and Found Assis intion. Hy Mr I. C Ainrrns To amiind the a.'t fir wi dening and tinpioviiiK' Al aul c avenue, tiro klyu. Hy Mr. IIikhsaii lo liicorpnrato do l'asatnger aiul Itttgtife Line Cotatmuy. liy Mr. Iixikiiit -'In auilinrlso the lucorporAllou of skating imssIs and skitting groiirsls. Ily Mr, liHiihx-To autlinrlie the Supervisor of New Vmk aud King County, each, to aisilni two Ferry Cotumlstioneia at their first met ting after tho 1st of Mty; the Couiuiistiiiiici tt hav fsiwer to irrant llwuse for th ferries Is taeen New York and Itrooklyn, and Hell the same nt ptihhc auction, after public notice I given, for term not longer than ten tear, and Ih said Coniiulsi loner to bav full i. letvisicMtaud coiilrol over Ihe managemeut of a,d fori ie. A long discussion ensued on the reftrence of tbe bill, when it wa roierrtd to the Committee ou Com merce ana navigation. Ily Mr. Yosmi-A bill In relation to tha elocution of processes sgalast Insolvents. Tha bill I iniloh lha aame as thai passeil litst year, but is drawn up s 1 ai to remove tho Governor's ohioc I'ou to taul bill, by exetaitiliff front lu naevntiait trustees, gutrdians, at'rnla, and all In judii lary reunions, lleterred to a selet I committee of five. ily Mr. FoiLraTos. A bill to amend Iho R-vlsod Stuliilea relstlve to amperty liable to Ui itlon by ex. riiiitlng widows snd umnarrled female I mm taxa. liuU ist re.ial property to the amount U $,U0J, llilla 1st Ike Aaaembly. 1 bo follow lug gro uow pending la tlio Atsoni. 1.I.T i Mr. PnnToar lilll to metvl the llrnoklyn Central ard Jamaica Coiuolldaiion act, luuiu the fare to that now charged by the llnsiklyn Cily Rillroul, and pro hlblU the laying of a track oa LUsjctla, lledford, or Yale avenues. Mr.giiiniaiaiii'sSUlrnlilsnd Ferry MM, limits the fare fur ferriage to three cents lor each istatenger, aid forpreintrty twolhlids Ih aminuil now chargM for Iraneportaiion, and provide th etoamara shall be A 1 boats, and well provided with hfe-bnaU. Mr, Hrrt hins' Is I, to luoorjstrau Ibe Loantr's Bduk lu New York, Is a revival uf the ronplv's Loan and Kellef Society act. '1 he oonw iato"0 are Gs ixus W.McLXAit.SnauraA Holes, Anaia 8. Viwuoxoii, LeTiixa KxurixiJs GaxoNAAt WiitAin, Wiuiavj J, W 1 dm, M. n. Km i,C. W. lit t,ra,ajit I.hxin la oxxjkh L. Th cai(tal is to 1 e.vni,inid the company to gn Into nperallou when $to,UO0 I raised. Il Is a pawnlevklng buslueaa, tocbargsoaaaad a half par cant per xutnilh, and to loan oaouey on any descrip tlonofproeerty. Mr Ussinicrrs bll, to -ohlbll th use of eerophtn, makes il a rolsrfeincanor to sell any cempheae or x rilistlv fluid for use In a private family, hotel or uerdmg-hocute, or to nso Ihe tome. If au ucJldenl uucura, all partlea who Love violated the law are resptaialble ka gacuagea, by th act of violation, lo tli Injured party, or to the leproseuleUve ef the perooa killed. Waaklagtaa Iteaaa. The IIouM committee on military tflalri hare preiaued a bill for the benefit of the soldiers al Furl Sumter, II appropriates $1,150 loldemnlfy them for losses of musical Instruments, clothing, and furniture In their precipitate leaving Fort Miultrle, and uoh remfJVlcs 1 reooniiaoialod by all theoffloen of e ftinner peot. It U aald Ihe Grand Jury have presented Ooecao Baiut t larcany ef Ihe Indian trust bonds, Koe- ax, aa acceaaory, and these parties, together with ex Secretary Floiv, uf compiling to dsfraud Ih go, ernnvetd. The destination of th steamer Brooklyn la For' Picksna. Fifty member of the llouae have already adopted Montgomery's plan, and bav olgned the propoelllon that all members of lb preoont nous (hall resign their seats, a new House to be elected, fresh tram the people, lor the unexpired term, which, oloass oa th tlk of Kerch. Pre- C-ttfenita. The legislature met at Sacramento on tho 7th. On the f th, Don Pabi rat IA Gxaka, a native of Cal. Ifornla, of fine alUinmetila, waa chosen Presldoul of th Senate, and a Lleulenaal Governor. II I a PotrOLA Democrat, aud waa alerted without a cau cus nomlastlon, receiving mslsrlal Btpubl loan sup port, Ih entire Disoxuraccos Tote, and but four vole from Ih Doctola aeoavtor. Th elscllon Indl ceUs'lhs dlaoigsnlsall of th Doaeua party, and a dispoaltlon oJ allowing ell parti to form advanta geous coalitloB with oppoaveuU. It will probably lead lo oteuhl nation eoeirary to partlauc usage on the seoalorUl quesAlon. The Assembly ha nut yet ornalsed. AoveraaeetisxgieefrlkealeoUeoiof a speaker la r tgroaalag. Joaa Cowaaas, a Baoaa. aiuavDovsLaa Democrat, la tha leading candidate, having received th eauou noraliiatloa el that wmg, out: t received no KopctUloen or Baauaiaareaa support, 1 assxoa dala ad lo,dafoat, lohnnji tat I ooaUat Is lal aa eravtinua aeveVal daatt. Oe'DaaVia and JJt. A.kiDowjaa, are I eard ed aa the lsaflaug oMIdsle a tha United Ms f pctlaniatnUMaWawertiUTAII Ibii neither will b alerted, a th n nolnsllm of Mther ta Hie Dowula caucus would not lasure hi election, wllheul oouslderabi euUide support. T 1 VT 1uit Oalrreton paperi la tho 15th. Th etectioDj for th Convention exhibit aa Immense tnsjoritjr In favor of secession. The Cmiian es vs 1 Mr, Jamm II, I'muit, the job printer In the Cimltan elTice, who wu (hot by Mr. lloAQ, a printer in tho A'meg ofQco, ten days ilnce, died yeeterdsy. Although strong hope had been en terlsJnod of bis recovery, a post-mortem exami nation showed tliat lilt internal injuries were exuh as to preclude Ihe possibility of bis recov ery. He bad lioen sitting In a rhalr and con verting a few minutes before he died. HoAO U ttill in prison. Ihe Slate Ciitrlit, tb orfrsn of the ptrtr In fsTor of Immediate secession at the capital of Texas, and a piper vahlch lias had mire influ ence in Irhalf of the measure than any other In Texas, tikes ground In fsror of suhmittlng the action of the Convention to the poopte, and d clsren that ''the aeceeelon of Texas will not I ib tert the proaent State Goiernment." The f'i tti quotes and aki rnrllculAT attention to the declaration In the call fur the assembling of that boilyi "That the action of sal 1 Contention be submitted to the people, for ratifK-atinn or rejec tion, at the liallot-lmx, at the earliest practic able time after Its adjournment." Tnrxri rnnrr.n Itis. The 11 ton Jmrnal learns that a business firm In that city lus re rentljr received 1 2,000 worth of mercliandiso from a trader In Choi loston, ho writes that he was actually oMigol to remove It surreptitious ly from hisstoro In order not to excite suspicion. II 0 had been assessed l,0i0 for tho support of the military, and fearing other like Impositions lie had determined to pay his ladobtedness with lilt poods and transfer what he could to a state vilicre property was rcepoctod. CITY NEWS. Tho Sliipmont of Arms South. o I)rn:TrnJ or thk Naiiimi.i k. Rumors ofanalUckon Fort Bonder circulated freely Bttur. day afternoi n. It wa sUIl lu some places, that " a geiitleniau up town'' had received a lelegrun, nUtlng that the Chariest nlans had mailo a hostile demonstra tion, and that Msjor Asnrnaon had quietly surren dered Ihe fortress. Of course, the myt Ileal " niaa up tawn" could not be found. ll was also rumored that the steamship Nothvllle, which was advertised t depart at 3 o'clock In the Af ternoon, front Pier No. 4, for Charleston and Sevan nab, 1 Ad on freight a large number of muskets, and would take many more prevlou to ber hour of nail ing. Tbe police autborltiea deemed this rumor worth ttelr attention, aad Capl'ln Savsr, of the Fitst Prcclrat, sent aepiadof men bt the pier, with orders to seise any contraband gotds that might be offered for transportation. The officer re mained on the pier until qu.U late at night, closely scrulla'ting every tuksgo that appeared likely to etsitaln arms, but for some reason Ihe sailing of Ihe slenmehlp was delayed. Profound mysteiy veiled everything at 11. e pier, and the large throng gtthered professed dense nnd bois'less. Ignurauce. Itul the lm preseb u seemed to prevail that Ihe steamer would slip her hawser about midnight, and bu lntrcrpted iy a schooner in Ihe lower Itsy, wheure shs would Uke on board more arms, wblch, ll waa aald, were lo tie supplird I7 th A lams Kxprens. A rumor reached tie First Ward station house to Ihe effect that a schooner was toad jig with muskeU at the font of Wall street; and Bergoanl BiorsiSA weuttomakoanlnvOhtlgittiou. He saw boxes tbtt might have contained firearms, but up:m open'ng them be found metallic coffins. CspUlu prrrT, of the Fifth Ward, visited N . 041, whence the Augustit was tosall for 8-ivaimah, but teamed that her agruU had refused lo bike munU tli ns of wsr. The policemen walud to sen her safsly off, nnttvithetaiiiling. N 'thing having a retemhlance to mm kill offorcd aa freight, ami the ah'p sailed at her usual hour. Lathi At uildu'gU on B ttur liy all wss quid In tl,s nelghburhoiHl of p er No. t. Policemen, both In uniform and In citlsena' dress, were sUlioned tn the beat width Includes that pier, and there was no In dication that Iho NiRhvllle would depa-t during the night. Tb IL it. Cuyler arrived during tho eve ning, and was nestred al p'er N 1. 12, and a suspi. elm exlt-tcd eome attempt woald bo ncvle t sl.lpsrmsby ber, pillcemen vtie el'ttloiird at that pier. A new steamship, dv-llned for Wilm'n m, N. C, wa coaling iu her disk; bul otlierwlso ipilct reigned 111 the clcliuly of pier N 12. J. S. H.U'.m's I.i.iiu;f. n tilt; TKXAtiirNT or Vi t rs IfouerA A.ler an lntorvl of a wtek'sexliiMtlon iu Iliook'yn, Mr ltcr.rvgve am thrr 11 1 Nl Vs iltu on gtlurdty uficntojn 'ait, Itff, re n rrovMlod nn 1 euro. Ater a few preliminary renutiks, Mr. Ktntr pre atitled Ciulser, as usual, and 1 tuntiatcd his point. The secoud horse w w uu unbroken co't, dirk grey, nc rcr sadd'ed or rid b n. It bad on'y lieen sulslucd to the lLtlter. It hsd never bio 1 shl or IU feet luui died In anyway. Tho hurso-uuicr, however, airin provoil IU muster. The straps woro t tsteuod, and the oolt, though frucllous as colu generally arc, soon sulimltted. Tlie colt showed an unusual di'termlits tloa, but at taut It yielded, and was saddled and rid den sa quietly a a woll hrnkti sndJle horse. The next sul-Jett teas a lirgo sorrel mar,' from the Third Avenue lUilioud Compuny, a very vi, nnu kicker, with her hind lrka bulky With bruising. Hut Ihe spp'icatlnn of the inevitable straps brought ber to subiuUsilon, although she kicked v lo lently tor nome lime, wlicuover titichtsl. Al last she allowed all her lojs to bo huudlcd lu tho mmtt dm lie numncr. The last horse wis a powerful daik grey, with which tho celebrattd tsmcr hal moro trouble thai on any previous revaainn. Mr. Kittir to il. occasion ti any tlmt thla would be his last exhibition In this city, v. llh Ihe exception of one other at tho Academy of M utile, on next B-Uirdiy aftornoou, for th benefit of Widows and Oiphans. Tho horse waa not vicious, bul of gioat site and power, ovei flowing with spirit and perfectly wild with excitement In presrui'e of tho llghu snd the throng, Tlie struggle for Ihe control of Ike first fore-log wsa terrific, snd hutrd fifty-five min utes, before Ihe strop a finally secured. The liorse absolutely lefused the strap, plunging aud treaklng easy with uncontrollable fury, whenever II touched tlm. A variety ofriliedirnti were tried. without success, to obtain control of Ihe Indispensa ble lore log. Mr, Kaxit and his assistant, (a plucky and athletlu young man) wore each once thrown spree. Hug half-way across the stage, aud twice the horse broke loose, anapplnguff straps, rein and even Ihe bridle, like threads, and raving wlld'y about th stage, to Ihe groat terror of the ladles In the perquatte, immediately below him. The contest. to the ssidlenc, seemed long doubtful, bul Ihe Indomitable oourage, coolness and patlauu of the great bone-tamer, together with hi lingular activity and endurance, were displayed In the moot admirable light, and anally gave him the victory, The bora haigbeloi, this wss pouring with sweat. and conaldrrably exhausted, but he maintained a violent contest ou three legs, sud evou ou LU kn.. and after being prostrated. In an hour and a half (Tom his ertrsaic on th tbige, b wa eontrolled and ridden by his master, an submissive as any of hi isroderenanrs. Mr, lUxrr attribuUl th difficulty wholly to having attempted to apply the strap too promptly la th first place, without first patiently ooocuiaung ui animal's violent prejudice against It, Tbial Tair. Th new Iron screw steamship North Carolina, Capt, powux, of Ik New York and Wilmington (M. C.) line, went dowa the bey 8tur day morning 00 a trial trip, and nturned about neoo. Her engine worked with entire oatls jtloa, the vesaej making about 11 knot per hour, Bh ha anonmnnslAlliiri tor m oabla paasengera, la th afternoon lor Wllmlngtua. The fullovrlag are her dlmenaloni 1 Length, ITS fact; breadth of beam, (9 feet; depth of hold, IS foot: end U CM ton burdn,haa a direct anting oondtit. lug enghM, built by Mr, Joint Baud, nor cylinde. U ts lack diameter, and 4 Inch stroke. Fnuon AaaociAnoif. At meeting on Wed nsmlsylast, Ihe following gentlemen were unanl ntoojdy electee! a ocBosrs aud Board of Director for th ensuing year 1 Teotdswt-Cyrue Curtis, rice i4iruJ. U. TUoa, x. N, aavens, Israel Buell, George mil. Csrresjmadfnj Secrsfarp-Joka Stanton Oould . JVeastirer-WllltaD C. Oilman. Jr.. No.HMec- chanta Kxchaug. Jbooritut SmUarf Jama a nolden. tTaairrium a 24eocctrrM Cbmmfifaa-Joha U. Grlaoom, . d, yinam Clmmi(Ufm. 0. OUatan, John A. Bryan, Cleayton Nswhold. Ahrs bam Beal, General Agent, No. 15 Centre etreet. The Trestsurer acknowledged tha receipt of dona- lion slooi lb 16th day of Deo. last, eutounllng to Tk (UaburaomeuU hat been trauraalty larf th fcwwwkthjirel, ft rattle, ol th ogtrj eapMat U1 Jly f p rtatg pta aad wv-tt fay 1 their taratortanaU aad erring btal rspanUat appli ' eaore. Several prson dischargad from our penal Ustira-V Uona wtthla th last lea year, end who have re-, forrned, are now out of employment, aad anhjent 131 great suffering. The Association U now relieraag them. J Th Agent of Discharged On vtct end ntnltoa J" Committee ubmlued his report, which showed k the following to have been their last aaonthl opetw tlomii 5 Persons visited In our City Prison, about DM ComplalnU carefully examined .,,,... Itl d tttiilainU discontinued on their advice is t rermms discharged from custody on their reeona- mendnlton ...,. .,,41 " Dim barged cnnvlcto alde.1 with mean to leave ' Ihe city ami reach their friends, or employ- men! , U Discharged count Is furnished with clothing, mnreorlea ,,,,, IB ' Di barged erona provided with plaeen aud work 1$ X Thla Asmalallon, since IU incorporation, haa beea irustained ly voluntary contributions alone. II lo doing great good, with small means, la alleviating m th .distress and suffering of many worthy families, fl Donstlons are solicited, ami will be thankfully ao-1 knowltdgedl Wa. C. Giihan, Jr., Esq , Tree- rer, Nk 11 MerchanU' Exchange, or al their oftX in I y th General Agent, Auxauai UlAi, N J. IS Cealr street. si Tint Sound steamcri tlut were detained en , Baturdty evening lu consequeia of the now V a f all proceeded through when II subsided. , CAtTioir to rricnost tr truf-Lnra at Fxnar.fl nATn. rcrsons crossing the ferries during tl1 season of tee ought tn n lo uccurpy the neaU adjelnlag n Ih bulkheads of Ih wbeelhotinee, aa there I aorae danger whan the river I fl'led with to. A day or ' two ago, one of the tsU of Ihe South Ferry had tk ,t in si rim that attached the arms of Ihe wheel brake , andiisa the revolving of the wheel, the rim waa forced completely through the Joiner work Into tha I1 raMo, cutting tbe seat in two. Luckily no persia wnnoutl at the lime. B I.ATt.TOriTPitiriTs. Three on the Dtnk of Ileikshtre, Mass., five ou th R.vingtoti rtink. Mies., snd Ihrtt on the llutford llauk, Cmtrc r These bills are circulating (xtrntivoly. Ouster' t tl threes on th Market 11 ink, New York city, are ale .1 In circulation. You niTkt n.s. A meeting of th Board , of DOiceis of the First llegtmrul Union Volunteer, r was convened at the new regimental headquartero, Jj No. 11 Fooith avenue, opjswite Ike Bevonlh Rsgi- i menl armory, on Scturlay evening last. Niaecorav. psules of the l n si, already forme.1, five of ihera '. iiumWriLg ovir f.fty men each. They will all, how- ' evor, be filled up I ) Ihe stand ird of eighty five meat each. Ou and after Mond ty the Jsth, Iher, will be J daily detailed one officer to receive educations for' enrolment and Impart general information: Tbe on cer wlidi It to Indistinctly understood thtl Ihe or- ' ganle-ttlon Is not to serve party or political infrjoana, 1 II Ls simply what IU till Indicates, and will early co!.in a body of men ready au 1 willing to respond V to the call of the federal givernuieul In defenling the union of the attte agauul foreign or lnlental enrniie. for CUV JlctT-, c Third Pny (, MtW evl-M OFFICE I W bar recently opened a new PuWlcatloei . OcTic for th Bra (dalgnd a IU ultima! aavi per- 1 awutenl centre) al No. 121 Broadway, and tha American Museum ; a point which has been Jutr 1 termed "the ey of Now York" being el tha J-1- ' lion of lu two grand thoroughfares, and of every , Railroad and Omnibus Lin la th city, with but tow minor exception. To reach the new Bta OSea h erefore, from any fart of the ctly or ll environ, 1 1 only necessary to hall the nearest ot-tg or ear, and Lentil down al lbs tkior. II is evident lhat there Is only one such place of business la New York. The old stand of the Boa, erner of Fulton and Susan, will of cournu not be given up, at least for ime time to come. Bualnoiw will therefore oontlnu to be done at tsith office. An adrantignms pmpoml, however (enr any other I purjsstelhsnaehtlly pner) for the letse of moat off the valuable premlwa lb old corner, would not be t disregarded even now. ' AYALVADLB DF.8K XtOV-pnitinbly Ike most .!u,tb'e in lie City, tor putponen can be af tnded to a autitclory occU(iaut, La our Brood aay , Offloe. I TlIK TtKAR. A1l HKI1II.1TAIT.D lllOcTI.D HO 1 aeflert roadtif the adTertlsement of Dr. Aaaxaaonj hi adsd "10 the Birk and Afflicted," oa th fourth, fag 1 of tbLi psper. It Is a mollolne worthy a trial, To tiik Prnitr, J TMU COMMITTr H OK KKI.IKK FOR KANSAS are I eonvlneefl that the ntateini'litc bin toforti null as to the 1 extent nf the stillrrln from droutti aero nut exasxara bsl. hut bsve Ismti cmilliiii il bv reeeiit rellshls srataiat ltlslsilleteil tlislortrtlilrti thntisalio psiple will aissm to bu ills rally ahled,nr thn mnnt disartruiu consoenoisiT will ensue, lhewsotof fooL, rlotlilns and other oeo4 saitia. mu.t be Inlluatsl hv suftVr a r. slrkin 1 anl 4ila,ll lo all v late, and partially prevent thitte arils la the aowl er bi tin a bout Prot IiIhuok has blnasr-l, and la demsntlS ed hr evt rr dliiste of Jut aud humanity. '1 ha suflemJB are our own eisintrrmen, mrs-ttv IntvtiiKcut snd risio vcu-1 ls alio have nen r helor I It want, and the eaas eg 1 thiir sntTiiriuf s could net have lieen foreasfa or prereat-1 rd. 1 lie penple nl tlie West hate siven larselv of their I rrsln, ami tl e t'ommilton have aided In Its transaorta- 1 Inn. lb lh'f has been extended to a larxe eilmtier, but 1 still tho wonts of the siilhirrri continue, and relief murt 1 eoiitlniie to be afforded until a new crop renders further sid uuneetvsarr. Numirout b tiers reooived hr tha Committee, some of whirh bsvn tieea imhlisAved eontaln alanulns aocounU ef lufT.Ttne, and urirant l'l sl for alib 1 ormer appeals nf the Comnuttue bav I111I a reticrttts response freui many snunvsc nnd anoat 9 lu.issi have bn received and applied) but la view ef tho amount of rellisT neoiUsl. aad tha good t be aceonipltdietl, Ih Committee atrala are npoa tb friends nf sunerins humanitr ta aid theta In railovlag toiio of thousand who mar pin-lsb unlnM Ihey are hetptxl otonee. Hutssriptiiins mar Int aenl to J. IC W1L1 1AM A, Fu Metropolitan llauk, and donations la elotn Inr, tie lo room No, 20 Cooper lnstitate. WM l". I1RYANT, GKFKNKO. nRONBOK. JOHN K. WII.I.IAM4- IIIMH, IIRKW, 1 11. a it u.u.11,.1 , t -.-..nut.. . ... -nivll ll. .V. II, OCUttl' I- MIIKKIS KK1C HUM, (HAH W. F.LI.IOTT, LiANlUt UlttlJ, TIIADnLUSUrATio BETIin.UUNT. A MrnrrAL Notrltt. PIFRCY-S l'ATKNT 1'ILF. Pll'K ANI PIMr. nnrp MlJtTforthel'Il.ia.ind othor like dhuis. Kohl h. ail dniusUs, and at lieil niton it, New York. , tibonf thedifneiiltieaovtrjnmeby this Instrumant. I 1 iiieappucaiion 01 tnnremeayio uienia-asadpsrta. TnM Invention ban met the most unqnaline approhatloa af l'tirslrians and attrsvtns, to whom II bas been submitted. 1 her are manv, ton. who have expertanood IU Ua-riU, whosieakof It In liUhcst praise. Borne of theos had risinlil hundreds of dollars, with no relief. Ad lens IL li. 1'liJiC Y, Uisicral Agency, 10) Fulton at, , T. Oik OnniAnn Ann Sraixo Wa ib. Caia and stt a pamphlet eentalnlnf In opinions of eoleotw- b-d clu'roUU aud phvsleian respoetlns: tbe use of thi t strr In the iiiiii nf insni illiniiiisnf Ills kmasasi il a. Ttetlmonlals from some of oar most respootabU elttaaaa PnmnhlsOs wmt he on apallesltsBc, IIIKAM W. BorltWK'K, Oats of Comln), rfol Aawaa. MotropoUtaa llotel Uulldlng, OTt Broadway. Frihat KTcmxa Mr. Altukci Lhwis, Bmx toaotlhelledlbrd avenue Maptht Church, was th ear Innate ret Ipliad of a very haudaonta silver wstah a a rlft aeeonipanrln a llyma llook, for which he ealel 1 60. MtlwMctropuUtan Gift 1100. atore,lsu roAtosa stniea What ii mt Boy CtrABU or Dot- F IIav his head exsailnad. Fowl s Waxa east let' rea wbal trade or business he will be axost oweeed 1 lMIMiwijiw-way,aitdlw-ianraa--tr5 Bdaawdetr, Tun Unto-, TH WHOLtt OtTUat NOW ANIl FORKVF.K. 1 POIJTICAJa-. at Haa NrMiaur af Ih ra4e. WE .MIST I1AYB F-ACB AMD HAflOSJsT. BBCURITT, CONT SflTON ANIl OUItTEOiniB. , TUB I N10N MU8T BH SAVti l . . TheFeopleof IheeHrofNew York are roo-otselh aastmble In MASS MUCTINU, AT TUB COdFgaDf sriTUTFj, oa MONDAY KVKNINO, JANUARY atkJa iNbf , al f o'olock. to oalioirato aooa OUtt HATlO fj AL CRISIS. The lockin- dlsliiiiulah wis ws wtU bo proseot and addroa a taan 1 Una- JameoT. Brady. tUoo. Illram F.Clark, John Cochrane; I - Cbaa, IrCoawse, " Illram Walbrtdge, I 'JSff'lft-. Com.K.F.Stokloor I " 6-- & '1" Hon. Wat. LTtnk " Was. M. Hrds, MSiiSntc be deroted to, eur FKACK, and who oxtCrse lhe,ooabMXSoolelasi th 'WL" The nlel-s4. bjdteWM Ualthejoesfyl ooodlrioo of our eosumon oouatry, .the tnroaleoe SS?W2ttn,BZEZnB?iX should bow be board I- fsv 'of ""5. .M. ealecdated to PRfcSXRVB ft' !, ,,1SSSSH THIS UNION, hereby U aooUnlr fUwltieo t MASS aOTTpiO. al I a Monday $-. Jsa even o'clock, ta nabVsr it.- -.-.c-innef IhoGR Hut crtrtasrw, nuTITari'st, aneary Smai bast, at. half raat KSZlJZFitthttVinmul TTU- . - t- I I ! a-lllll nliaaiiai llll al ! t NIONilTUli CONSTITI j?sifi r---.-rrv -- inftM i-iii 1 WSi arts l NION.l'J Its-wucios. . VLl"Vrw ytiXr C r Hunter, rrrnsFeek, 'WaaTBtadri. WnxTaSlr-hii, I. Aa Lj ilia ow BturUu, Oovmalhas K tVoe" TlTos Bam ell Bsrr ow Ullauar, tthJ guottshln. Chasf er- T UtinnlntovrOi nvMUxtia, DUahF ar. i it ta.k f iiwir-anV 1 MaMaiCUrk. O W bake, feaalrwa , Vn.aJnaO-tCraJHNalnoa, puMia niWUl VuiihrC-T. .FU?H., Corse, Prat. krraO,AOlAUiski0, w a uot-t-.l Bojut Bal-Msry - issaav. '.7wrt5f, tit

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