Newspaper of The Sun, February 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 8, 1861 Page 2
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.' . aeaHf faaiillrTatxWBlla1aw '.IF. NEW YOKKfcLN. ruiDAt Monxiyo, rto. is isci. torn ns office! xx (u, recently cpemed new Fubllrstton office . tut Sri (dHprf a ll nHlmiw and r tnurat ctatrtl No. SM n-oedway, ""J1"1 th Atnerka M.sura l point whlrMistbeea.. Hy aortofd "ihe eye of New York being at 11 e mi Mon of IU two grxnd thorou.'itins, '' ' 7 Railroad and Oainlbus In (I city. w.lS b it w minor utn. To reach lie new Br O'"!.' (moreor, from any part of lb cty or IU t vlroet, U U only DNni7 to bell Ibe wartrt t C "' ' r .aadb erldowaatth dorr. It I tvid.nt thtl Iher xta only on stirb pbc of business in V V V. The old stand of th gl i, "Iff r'F'i'l ' Kusctti, will of eourltl(,H'"iti;., ' I'1 '" rmlllmi locont. Ttinlii" will lo if ooul.r a to be dura at both efli r . ji advantageous pro.e!, ten", ff rxny ott ttfrnrpoee than a dally pl'' r '. of of the valuable . n il o.d en itr, t ml I b aolditri!.l even now AVALl'AIII.r IiMMl'iuM-pr Ul..y I am ralttol It lu It r liy. fo "!) cm or .i I' f f rJdtiliiel"t) oua,-ut. In ma Il.oa.lwey US'. Anotbrr Netv lory. The l-eavtlrtil tiovtl 1'J Ml V .1 1 ' .i "I H S t. uti' er. OtfllAi WJ the diacrlruluUing rf Irr- for Malta two inoMhe, w.l t and wl!l havell I mlltrfpwniiiinl Innii with IL first larUlnuul ol k net b . n t .'ul Intruductd U llit Aionci nl.'.ic, ly Ibe eln. ml authoresses' 'Msy poeeil " " 'Tin YuiHiit" al'of Hi" Tjrlr .t ..f tuda r)dnf, aul wlllblfbntilssfn'i of adrctiltir ut excitement ca the firmer was of nn.rl I i ly nd 4 wtolic Interval. "Tun tia" will ' a on'y alsatt on he'f M lorg a lis r-l rm ,t. Dtrlora Iliad irrrlnx. Vboh tli Intprrat imnifotlo 1 In tlin jl Ject 'f Sinitafy Uofurm In tlio afritr i.f Ilia mttrulia and III rimront tli" nnlmtliti-l ml,lit auppoMi Id fiiriMi f tuvli m isur i touIJ l liijjtilv mlih il. No liwa than four SiniLiry l.ill, rrinin,; JiflVrcnt mtur of rform In Hi ailmlnltri tion of tli. ImaltJi lawn, aro now I fun- III" LplUlur for ill dnl Itnlion. Wo i.o thorn In tha ordr or tlieir In'ro-linia. lt. Tin bill of llip Xi York BaaT'irj- Av mK'iillon, romiminli calloil Dr. (iutv m', In tritliionl by IIn. .y n I!"hiis-.ii, n-)rU'd (orMf by tli Anixinlily Cininilltie miCillpa uvl VlllK and rpfitriil to the Coimnlttco of tlw Whole fur apt Ion. 2d. Dr. MiNVlTt't bill, Intro lure! by Sir. Yam in, and rrporlrJ by the miuc Cum mil loo for the roiuiileration ut tho IIuuio, without re commndatlon, S.1. Dr. Fi'iiru'a bill, lnlrodiirp.1 by Soni torMAirrnit, now Mng tonMrpl b) tho .Hpualo Oommltteo on (Iitici uu 1 YiIUks. 4th. Dr. Jxskh'h bill introdupoil by Mr. TfraniTT, of Itroukl n. Dr. Mi Not n't and Dr. Join' l.ilJ offir ouly parliil rnidy for ihi iU toinlmiid of. Tho tint rrUlpa tolely to tho pity Nw Yolk, and tk iwconl nobly to thp County of KIiiri and for Ihia rrnon, although IntriKlaie 1 by Domorrallc rlty mmUr, thy aro opou to th objopllon no pprniitfiitly uri;ed by our Mu niclpil authoritlea and othpri of unnwpn.'iry IfniiJallvo lutirfir 'iico nith tho afTiirtoi tha rentHxtive rilipa to which thry np ly. Thli manifoally ran not bo urid anintt eithir o' tlw two othrr bill, rwinc to whit li teihni cully prnid thuir Jlftropolltin rharattrr Whom twoormoro lountma are o untli'd In lntprt a in rllut to roni-lituto only ono dinltUl in rcfnci t to any onp o'.J.i t, tluir joint afTaira ran not rr,;iiUlud b tho nuri'lr lot ul ordiiiaiupa of iiilur. To illoct till and to ciniolidite tlirr.i into on" IpiI dis trict for a rpctifip jmrpo, tho l.i lature nmat inlorvino. lulimntcly connoctl in matvriiil unl wxinl iulirprtt at New York and Ilrmiktyn ar, and ipoMd iliructly to the rink of Infection and wnUloii from ptwiliiiid emli;raiiU entering our harbor, a) aro l'ort Ha milton, Hit L.lpN (!racwn'l and Suton Inland, a uniform ailminintratlon of ainitary lawn, by a tinulp body roinpetcnt to adjust mi I harmonireconlliclln; lnti-riM, Is linperatln-ly dcniandcMl, not ci.1 tor.iuie tin iput o tion, liut also to reduce the rxpt'iiw altPiidin It. Dr. McNuitt'h anl Dr. Jim bill Uith pro ernre the old, won out in u hlncry i f local politiiawbiih has irool m miM-rubl lm tin lent lurptoforu and from which no iood results can lie ox pei liil In the future, mid Ih'iiik ludopn drill of pith otbir in del ill an 1 propound mode of M'riitioii, no lmrmmiious ai tion of the atitho ritlp of tho two itiuiitirx i Hi'ii ' which tlm IntercsU of tho pullu ln'.ilth in piratitely r ciuirp ran be b kod f. r. Dr. I IsllMl'n bill is lihju llomblp III 111 t of itafoAliins. Ill linaniiul roisioiis urp Im practical lo, tli constitution of thocnmniUHlon to be riratod is i luinat , tha ilii-tiht cmliraie I jttoo lurjjo, while it is radicall.i drfo tiv In thoory.iu that it jiiwi tho whole ilutir (if the present health ward ns to the memhort or tho polico who arc, it isblmlltpd, wry respm tubli and worthy men, but without the hlihti't rnediial, wbiititb or sanltarj knowledpi, and, ot course, not pialifipd, at u rhist, to admin istrr laws rnuiriiv m mu or all of this at tainnmiiU for thrir prnptr rnforninriii. 'lliis change can make t.o marked iinproi'im'iit uu the pn-Hint system. Dr. Msiikh baa tlevrrly imirpurutvl iul" tila bill the liostowal of irrnt pouir iiioii ill preaoUt Tiluv Ciinmisulciicr badni uu naturally to mpjiin' tint it tininitid from the l'olli'P Di'pittimnt, on I hid II- "i in 'ion 'Hi Is, howncr, wo lire asiuri-d is not tho i i, Dr, liiiisruM'a bill pruiib for tho coiwli dation of the cuuiithsof Ni w oik, Kiusaul Richmond, Into on hrillh dirtriit, uud thi im ut by the tiuwruor, of huh com fuianioiicrs, at least throe of whim shall iKiprac ttciui; pliyticians, an I of whom four shall elwsjs riwiile In Ni w otb, twain llrooklyu, and oiip In K'.i hmoud n unty '1 1 si , toi llior with the Health i lhcr mnii, slull cuitl (ate the Metrolitun Hoard of II.- tit tt. and hall hao aoleihare of all unttcrs relating t . tho public health. Ihry shall appolul tUo no. ceaaary officers and luUirJiastn, to eualil them to carry Into effect the ubjmu of the till, whJrU are a thorough aanitan reform und a se cure and arluiitifie administration of tho annus health laws of the Mitral lounlus uaimxl in the act. It waa prepared by a Coiiuiiilti-e of the New York banitary Association, of wblih M TreoUent of one of our most cxtrnsire IJ'e Insurance coiapanus was chairman, assisted by competent Ub1 adilce. It e4uaJlate there. fore, from a trustworthy and responsible soune. IU proTuiona, aubstantlally the same as the aaniUry regulations now in force In lloston, Itilladclpbla, Haltimore, London, Tarn anl moat ef tha KTeat cities of the continent, u u stood tho scrutiny and secured the faibral.le action of no less than thre leglslatlte commit. teea. We have no luUrcst in any of the bill except ai they may best effectual tha objixls which all claasea of our community hhould du aire. If Dr. (Iki-com a bill is not a nood one let it be made ao, but let !"t the clathiii); of rhal Lllli aid pcroiul interests defeat the pis 4ttfi of toiue inoaure of relief for our clt an 1 i.'l Wiii'oeu., together containiorf inori. than a . il.iiUi population of the elate it'ua'uaa no half wi" Wtasuros, U W which will re-nitre coustant tiukering to nuke them operatlTt. If our LegbJalure will Uo ui a ncod bill uninfluenced ly any consldeiation but the pub lic welfare, our community will lune caa-e for nandlng grtUtUllo. I 1 ui I ual"'"i srrtlaii This. lipliiinnd ptrsv furnish fuller et-u of tl election tli.nliaia born pfeen 1 lcl.l('i, Lut thry only confirm the fact that tha uncompromising aoceaslonista are In a mlsrral le minority. The Klehmoml ll'Aissys that "the prpl itatora te only four or flvo ntrcscntatliea In tha Content Ion." 'i he other were tippled at Uiften rndllst, Willi the tin-drrrtnt-dlnc, nnweTfr, that compromltet rhsll U . iTeM and accrptat. The I.j m hbur CVa.) 11 1 iii njoliea tliat rebuke lits Is-en admlnis trred to 'the I rfclrlUlore," and that Virginia Ut triclAlinn! I. rscjlftoba'in f..kor of main, tabling the Constitution and the Union but not the latter without tha former. " It a Ids VI'g'nlaltiellVeT for prtplplivillnn nor sulnnla. llMi li l fd lo li III. Kba 'lue am! by hsr e te on M n Isy, Ibsl sue wants her rigl It In tba tn m. N Unlit iihb-k. -m tutor les. Wo dtro my II wt'l U-i.llivrd; uied, we SB. w it tsairm.1 ss ,'. by ibe li- iillsio-s. wtii are sm-tln,pinl,r Die r Uifrsl Hist ' Vuin.t wll tiilnnll !' ony tl i k ' . " I'1 i b t li n. r,. . i A'rts rrpr, Itaf inttiSl hut nubm!f toth i ui fa'tou. 1 ha Uictiiiiciiid f'i"nnrr, wl.Uh it tho most tabid ps-ion rr in VirKinii, anlllieorctan of Kx I Siit err i r fr, Ihui riasons since tin) difppt of I fm li. n i ir rrrtfHiti Is, "', tie no. irnproinit nrf W'f li ! tl.i si s ppssiis isti w II ntioi strain illtilr ii lie ifiiisrioir d'M-iiP are lum whi will fi'M f'y adi la miosHlon oidinsnce when stMe. hul liist lor iriisrtiiilpsesiiiiranl will lu t lie ffi.iti4!'!! pusiii I oton. Ilia piokI Hon uimii wh.l.lle I'liTi-tli 11 will T'lmu-M for VtkhiU tl I'll t.iitntl e tntisi, will ltlie edtpiloTt of ati'h luniMl rs 04 wU a, iii tn sri -bit, n,.f htim tk Htt?i idn'tirt. Vl,iYe bvinit miiot reintin la Il e I Dion wttboiil tlifl aietd I slstiil. she wilt, be Toe fond ii. esbsmt ev.iy en ut ti brlmr tik llesriedcl Vatca iijsui pi .p r giitri ,tlee of tli sir llljlt". I rom liry Wrsl. Uu V. s. sinnipr MolnwL anirel t-pr-dsy, T Aue I'listri, l.le it Cm, from K'y eit Jan. HI. The t fl sipsro.htp li-oik vn sr- rltrd that, wst pooIIu an I wiiild po if id tic fi " win(f !sy f.r Tottufii aisl Paii-ap its. Tie (VjmkIki wsi tn taut, ati w mil sal fr Ni w tk In ills days. 1 lie Wjiil 1 t" wst rt jeiteil from In'acolrtln tb course of a week The H k'i nlwi wst srkni on Oi'tll Inst., 14 lalb I ou Bsid Kiy, liouisl Into Tortuiras. M diaek wis 8-'i hours In a Ki'oofMI .Item, and tj rln d otber I ad wsntber. Tie Mdawk 1st 1-mi for Uepwt ia.nvitbi aitlielyciut nf on the north con .1 f C'i' I r tha sin pension of tbe Afrli anslsvetrsd, durln whti'1! lln.e at ebae csjturel four stave veire s, ail res cued firm slavery Mil AMoant. Hie e'snsivod from ablpwrrrk tha Amnrljin bruj Tsucli" aui rrapiied tbe rrew of a H.isntsh lrl, wr VmI ol a dniif rroua alioal, for which tbe offl iltl tlniuks of tbe rjovnt.rnrnt of Culte wPre tstidnred ti tbe offi era si d citw. bbe rss s' afTinlrd rellefto tiiimerom other veese'e upon her eiulsln tfrnuud. The H lawk pnisrdid in tbeNsvy Yaid. Il la understood tbet the Mohawk la temporarily leiallid from irulslnff, to be filled np a4atonder aid nusruer ciaft t-i the lartrer meaisr-wsr, now nrrotmllnK on the coast. Hh Iwlonijs t" that pur. lloniftbelome fleet (0"nlstln:r of tha guslsMU Cruabder, M ihawk and Wjsud tie) which has beeu itallid for 'n eirett t alsviraoff tbe Culsui mast, but, stme the politliul elm iiliera hcaiiie some what iluudrd, tbe ieriia.Laliontt ave been cmflted to the t-ittst of Florida. Commodore HasKaB yontr day telegraphed her arrival lo the authorities, and hail a bei tli Riven li r near the renewing ship. Bis d e nit hsk like the old Cromwell ooal liaige,, wlilrh she wst when pun hasoil. There are about 100 oirii ere and luru on hoard, who i x 1 riiw a dulre lo be allowod liberty on shore. HIE LATEST NEWS. sr ThLLcnj ru to tub s. r. sex. Political Intolligeuco. .WW Hh ('(IMilll.tM-r-froiid Mpwlnn. Hennlr. ll'iMAiiiirfrii, t'ili.7. Mit.TiiuMfKoi (N.J.) prcsiited st vi i si h1.11oiw in liiorolil cCiaTrKM- I KM IllOltlll Sis. tealai resenloil the resolutions of the I.eglt latuieof New Jersey, which hisisillewirue list pre senleo dm lug bis abiieiivo, aud aaid beeolirely dls M Med fri m It e l lews of his collesgue. lie cm stdt n d that the instructions In tbe resolutions were Ihe real vitws of the insjonlv oflhe eople lu the Vint and ll at a state bade right lo luiU-tlit her e-euetots who sbojld oleyor resign, lie wsa very mm k still lined at Ibe lourse of ma colleague, lit lboui,bt tl e ieople of New Ji rwy tiever wre niMre lu tatLest lliau levy are now la Ibe optulon 1'ial tbe B ulli haeiaib.e for poinplatiil, and that auiie guaiblitnislioulil Ihi irlvtn lliein. Yel lie lutisl say tlisl 11 e uotiise of the B nub In seUttig the forts, aisinals, Ac, basd. lie intteh lo weaken kindly li-iliiig in ibe N nll.eiii otitis. lit tit Holed i ivil war, und made an Dppeel to usee tl e t l.loll by P. nrtsslolis ou I- til sldea Mr Tn. (.ti k (N J ) ro llo.t, au I said he bid ro dielre lo suit tnnisilf of Ids ioleaue'1 ab en iv. llccoi.teu.liHl Hi riwolultous did Hit ex pieas Ibe ea m biettiig of Ibe ss.ple as shown by the linof Ibe uieiil ileeliist, but Ihe rev.ltilli is seul l it Uiii iu but lbi i.b ll i rieiulo of Ni w Jsr si wl ou f ut it in.Urs eule si, k. Mi (' li ami u (tt ) pii-eeiitol a i-s-ttt ou fiom tbe ill si i I . o ot I, uh tig C .uatpes to a to, t a.i sniioiiii Ml. tin Co'i-I I. Ii.sisiiiulir 1 1 IheUireli-r flsti iii-sti'tis lluss il bitw.H willing t nl . a.l li Hi iowiu Cr.te, but Isil Hliylliln wbli i SI it I allot. I by llil tyoUnlllUtb II, WtitiU Sill tl i C u,ri.s lu.y p i" . e munii IiumiU ti te , til n ItttM I it e sli.1.. And fill It rr, ifuliieis w nil siiet.d.Miis lit Uu in si s ly i iiv.-iiiiou, ail ( otyiere sr CJ. It te etik.s pill siieh soil v, nil! ll end a..t au.mi.liiioiits, C nriei-M tu'Kt f. .ij tl.iiolo the stile. I r i itnl iiioii. 11 it j ips lit goven li enticed uiote dulig a d stwsrf Ha tisitetidid list tl o tovlsloii ol tbe oou-aitutioit ws jsufiitly lain, bn! u-steof tbe,,l lining slates I ate u tin siy niesm lo sistire attiemluie its lit a ei iiititulti lial way, il Csuilss was aikol ti M.uVe auielidiiielils wbuh sonuUiity CMcjetlmes ti.e 1 1. les mid. llsaivsr woul t siisiuiiiu nuke ati( stall unit t duo uts, which none of ll u sUl,., he ssul, Wsl tr.l goplKatt' Iwo or li lis. stiles pus 111 amiiiiltiitl Is, stkiiia t' uiare-s li sutiimt litem t tueslhUs. In I Is Jtliigti.elil C-s.gns loilbl ns! sees on Ibe lm I its of sui tl aiiieuJiiieuls, h it pro Htitlheiii to tip su.trs ss lie retptMi ofivrta'ti slates. Hi pi. d . a pmeUtil tbe tu.u.uraintti I Init li. urn 'i in lo., wluii C iikii'.! I ioi( Ibe same ... in-e II i vii a- w ul.l i ,uu is v as. Mr 1 SMH.OH Tt.j .t.MtitiH a stitlitii sitrnpt y f Mil i it ,n s. l I'lil a li Ij'hla, lii rrMliliiigprobilily Uu 1 1 o 40.1 M o,.le lu later or tbe can rasota- J Is. I III liso'llll il. S 'll e Pie, Usui's tiipstsg wis liken tip, su I arter a enisaion sptMcli fiom Mr. Wl iri i. f l'sxis), 1 11 imaioli of Mr Wiison (Uiss J, Ibesulijecl was lstiitd till M'UHjay, A ljoutue.1. llon.e of lleprrwrnlallvr. Tlie llouv priHoeiltHl to tho nf the bill rioi(,Ho'iliglhe lMeul ollu and amsnd log tbe pat. nt laws. Ii came from Ibe delists last seseloii, and was now jatssed by Ibe 11 mte with suiendii ciila. 1 be flouse riwtiined the consideration of the re jsitt of thee, mnuiteeuf Thtity-lhtee. Mr C skis (llul.)gi n .lies that he wl'ln.4 ni it to ilsat the tlulwietill to-utorrow week, In otdirto elve ad gint eiuen an ooiijitunlly wao dwireki siak. ' Mr. Iutis (MJ ) sal that the people have been ileuieaall 'isl I your early au.1 premature exoeasoa. 1 bs goee.niiiriil has It-su ahoiii of every aspect of diKiniy si d law, ail Ibe Presld. nt hat ceased to be a... ni aided ly foicee aid Ihe emblems of su prune sub. ip Ibe siviiseor of Usomis Wash lviiT.alseie.aedt. met! itery detuau 1 Willi wientleuMiiiWs sud minions. ubsiensUiu. Tbe sllligglefor sity wer hss blo.iH Isrei of the sis tuns face o l.iee ou that uu.l diui,-rous suble. I of sgiUllon, the slavery .pieslion. These are tbe only muses to lie aamgmd for the niraordmary lbiiiii, iieentl. Wuhiu one month of a Piesldtuiial iln lion aivoiUitig to tl t. fonus of law, w llhot.l any grlevmu e or uieim, e, wt Hu t at i suits have usuiped the extraistiutry j reroiraiive ol ie belling sgalnal Ibe supreme lew of tbe lauJ,aBd ss autLdug to be ludrisuidiilil powels, seising Isi-li, sbljsi, etc., and lnsu'llog lbs nsttisial flag. ve btve im Obi wt M ulster distributing the public tins lu Ibe B'utb, for lbs brnefll of those who are als.iit to re.lsl public atiihorlly and wage wert we have aee n a coimutsslunrr uagrmxitly lu rlolatlon ol lh t omtlttillon,wiUHlerliig fiom etate to BUt,atlrr up relwllioti, we have seen a Cabinet Miulsler, Hill holding his commissi n, and still bound by tli ti Mi) .it tbe tVuslitiillou, going himself, as a u iiiiuiseb nur fiou. oue slate le another, the ut I . se . t rgsul slug an. .11 erut Ibe final schemes of rrlalllon, we have s. en a Piesldeat uelet'ting Ihe tnosl so nun warning i the arse mili tary ut! er of ibe a, lo allowing tlejforu to be Lkin of; we nave sem blru suUs-n. n.tlj, nuking Urgslnt for teaoe. Itblled Htiiilonisls unlit le shall tie relieved from l e n.m ibil t.esot . nVe. In-tes4 ofde'eivl Ok Uu si ti pr, petty au.l vtndewiug publK b .li.. t, sud. w.tlo it roiiiootaasuie. permiuiavi lbs wulk of dl-iLUgtstuu tt gwesi. Ills aversion l sniuie f.rii bis utier liasauy t.r Ihe FifslJul.lli. 1 r. .rsslOKwed abtiii. we have sieii, ts., riixi t y, a late e'eoinet ofneer Presll.sil ol le (..tub. rn,, ilstHarmg II is tbsir tutose Bos'.ly W ssvur their connection with the tilled BlsUs, and tiki ad the esMMeqiiiioe'es J establishing a eoverelvu tu.1 lndeHuCeut repuUlo Wcaiadilveutoiiusufiwuulii.mailvea. W must eeogulsc what we are Informed la an aooompluhed it but to U revelled, or wt wuet rtfuM to ac- i -w'e -t II, in.1 aH'ei't .'! 11 C tetr-wistWillea I in. bed if iltl mul-.. lip ifal nolelsti lofletsrel alsi-it words, but tbe I 't luiyn anil laws of tne Vuititf butes Host I eiifortedi aul those mao s-srl aprma the path of tbtl enfirceaienl muat attuee rlrupny il e mer of tho foiled Bute, er It will ttsin y them (aiiiHaiiae In tha ca'levtis.) lIetro"t d thst ihla pona'itlon was eeutirm or Ibmisaids rf yesssdistar4. Tt a revmne may be enllspted on flip Isisrd ano tie Iswsof commorea enfe-ce4 by not sllowliaf vrwela to fl out wllliout ii s fioos the t bind Hwtiea auAunitlee, ssxl ll.a ial fsel li lies we lie osiUDiied of Rusrs iidnl aeror lmir to lie eircmristafM-ee of tbe Wality, and tbe cmira of Jivlliemsy Ut'ipiTt"las lo tub, or ibclr Jurls dlHirs, t exliiiiled tn tbe slates whore there le n duluileis. These are rlearly peaceful rare' suns for ei.iirlo Ibe Iswa, and tbe I'niunl Btttm ! vemment Is vesud under tb t nttlllltll with adeiniale power lo meet sm It emerirtnoli a and mty dl.,ae iA lbs tns ai d alt k abii wtti out wtr. Aier ru'tber dlietielon, be aaid he c ml I speak for ?ar)!ai il (spplsttso In lb irsllnrlee ) wh has oon tVirtire In tbe atiinalh of tha great govainment svM h rrjtepis I er. Mr Kosrsi fVI) If yon speak for toe Bute of u.itbild, Idisireti 1C In aid. Cries ol "isiler, from the Hrpublican si It. Ulr luria Idxllnetoyle'dtbafl sir. Mr. Ktitsei-, fsmld erfes of ,Slrler,) I)a not S14sk b.r Msrylsnd. Hloak foryminelf. Mr Pi rpreentlle 4lh Cnrsi.livntl dis trnli.r Mtiylshd, sud l tn siy wbstber I was eleil lil t v ILe wholeof Mtrtlsad or iwit. I wilt s;iesk lor wlisl I know li tie the spritlmei I of tbe pe i. e r.fMuy's'd (Kutbusuwtio ajipiailte, arlHil!arty Is ll.e lialletlfs) Mr. Iltvis renvoVi'd tout 1 ' frlen Is won I fo ur a favor liy refraiiunc from exprisiug tuelr 4 iirolsavn. liei"ikir loid tl lfi.ns lu all puts of lie ball woulil pusirvso oer Mr. Iiavis is mirniol, reMst ri, Hint Mry'ii. diet n I tee tieire Ibe rlKhl ol see--ooii- H i ib e lot re, jdilr- Ibe rlgl I li irpen' ibe aniroma Isw. fai y lilhlneliinilj bei Ibdlllle.of wli.Uv.r baisi'er, and iiiuer wh itsver auspb t, Iboa who el." old ienme ti Intilirunits n itv Intioii would iiidI Willi levoliitiouitry roaislsni'S on llesi.l ol Mtryiand, under Hit slin anl tliilie. 'Ib will is a'low eituer the iutorily or Ibemlls'lliy t" drsiJ t'loia fnne Ibe tain. Within Msrylsnl are rnoii who will assume resisl anioti sn)ilili4J lisiklm 1)811184 tobsllioii, Mr. Ku-'ill. l't my colleague Inaugurate il bo r files of Sirdii"friiiit1i P-publlrin s'do. Mr. ltlla,rsiiniliMr( ev ,ie -I Us e'lHternpt f ir pitiririns as tliy wen isilt t eab Ki(iu ar linirrs and, in ion, 'mm on, slv irstrU trip ri.,it of ll msjorlly of t' e "lonilllp. Mr, Hinoia N wst opposed t any eom piomlsehul w ulii iiiiwiit Ibsi the sieve rlut. el ubl fo lulu a In ""I ' ' parale C"nfe.lnrspj with thefiillrilsi'lilof nit ll;i'S and Tonili for a crvlii'.l rnisu-t atioo ofltie s svrs In sm b of the sIsxeKlnlesssmlK't " " liwllh thi N nth. M'. VaiiaaiHUiUM fO'lloj offsied a prnKHlllnn 1 1 an end Ibe Cois-iiiutiisi so as l no irulse f mr ", i its, tt e hint. Wrsl H eith rtiA I', Itl a sit. Jonly i.feaiW section lbe reijulrsj lo eliit lbs I'i'eiditit : or lopnesany law wbeu lw 4blrdsof e it er ei i lion shall require tt. immiaKii of Mr. Wissm.w, N. C. lb II mas took up ai d avml a jotnl ri'S..liitlon, aulriortsln I, ml. (imn, ij Ibe Nvy, tn receive snmlil ant di plornit Inmi tte Hflirb Uevpinmoiit fir srrviuee n tut ere t itiesetnun of a wrepkel vsol. Mr. Ho sirs (1 Y) askwi imve li iiuronirsa ten.ili.lli ri esllu it isi lh Hi relsry of the Treasury to lliform IliC House whether the dut'et on tmo iris utitlniie ! Isi ou. Iitti d lntbasirta of H nun Cir oln a, tiinrsla. A'alwiua lmlsisna anj PnHids, Mr. CStiia(N. C). ibjitrd. Mr. Fh si i said Ibis wti 11 eooly reliable mole ofiJita ntiir iiimrl In'ornml ou. II kivs notli olo ffer U e ieolitiion Iliusellll 7 oMmk. HTATi: l.lM)lHl,An;iJU-M.nle. Alt iiti), 'it. 7. Tlia adverse resirl a-tin it the bill to amend the charter of Ihe Nesr Yetk and JsttialPa ltsllrtsid ws agreed to. Tie UU for the rstnislon of the llrooklyn and Jaineiea Ksilroed was relented fsvorabty. The Mil sppi...rl.luil C.MSI OiKI to arm the ralllli l of tbe stale, eaiia. up as lha order. The liritdilg qiiistliMi, was an aiaen lmsol pro. u.l 1 Ur. II Kl L. to ledllPC the sum to $4.'SI 000. Mr. (Iasi.sss against tha lull, aud held the disttlne, that II e I'eneial an easlon of ina B luth eonire, asaieful aeistraltoo of the I aba le desira ble la-fore attein4 at pin ton. 1 he amiudnititl was ad ted 13 ti 7, but on mo tion of Mr. Hi is. .1 a tbe Vote was rteonsldeiel A clil el ensupil, siitlplsitid la by M - era. ll sis, 1. I'. Misiun, Coi via, Hilaoi.t, Usesr unl run MS. Aearmbly. The (lovprnnr traitmltte.l rommunicatlnn fnsn Bouth Ca. .llno, retiitnltig the iisolulnis nf t'ie New York Biale l.llnljre, tendering the aid of tbe stale to ibeguinral Koveriiiueut In snforeiug thr laws. TaUed aud ordi red to be pi iute 1. Tbatloviruor aleolieusuitlteda loner from Juiim A. Ins, asking 'or ll a pnatsge of a bill to aulborlre t'ie iniloiseibinl iif tbe slate to the t'nltisl Stales londs to the amount of tbe disnl fund in twla sbite. I in inotLm f Mi. 11uiissh, the letter was referr ed to the Comui Ilea ou Ways and Miaua. Mr. Wsuaa tp oiled fsvoialily a bill creating a McuoollUu!Imllu ll.slikt, amlsllairdof llsalth Conuiilsalotier for Ul coulilles of New Y.Hk, Kings aisl ItielimiMid, aeoisnpantia by au ably wriileureastit, setting bath the Importaoie of tbe bill i giving ttluahle luformaliou on tbe eubjstt, and arguing iu favor of tbe aaage of the bill. 1 be teiioit waa ordered t a be printed. Mr. l'sxai'SuussT reisirvd lavoiably tl.a bill la atithoilretlieiesaiouuf Ibelil't la lue I'.ml-olUve site In New Ymk to the general govei,t. 1 he liill allowing Jurors In prlottnal CA-ee t lie Jiu'ges of Isw as well ss fait, wss reported for the consideration o! the House. The Canal Appnmitatlon bill wss reported t the U'Oise, and sect to tbf C Htimlttee nf the Whole. Tbe several proillioiM bt ameu.1 the ao aa to prevent brilatty in eleetious, tud icU live to Ibe lu.liciary and the protsanlioii l sultmtt to the pople lite uutatlusi of holding a Conveiillon lo ami iul Ibe Ci4.siituibia guiiHrslly, weie reisiricd ly Mr. Krknas for the consider utou of the lima, ui d atlit ti tbe t immillee of the Whole. Mr Itlisv irpotUd a bill sppropihttlng JT.001 a ) ear for Cva jeiira to the People's College at II iv ana. Mr WruTIK.on a ipiSHtlotl of tulvllege, stolad thst le bad vtlnt foi Jsskuiau W Ci hmi-ius for l(it,iiil of tl e I iitttrsily, Imt bis vole wn is'l re i-olde.l. ll waa.udcica labv inleiedou the Jour nsl. l t.u 1 lilon Teiry Conipsny i f It xikyti sent In a ion iiiiu.ii sti. n, ipie.liouiiig ibe rUhlol Ihe ,-gis-lalti-e to lutrilno Willi Ibelr cllsiie ed itgbls by 1 stile Iicislalioli, amlsubmHllug a leianllil their bttMliese, aasits, Ao . I wt yesr. tin im.lii n of Mr, Iiakhv, Ihe uoriiuitnt'ctt'on wit letirridto lb Coieecitee ouCotuiueaual Nivi. Lklltu. A IjouiihhI. Merc Troofie nt Wnshlnaton. jrirsiejfon, th. 7. The artillery compt ry, bttely si Augtia, nrrlv.d here this mottdng. Ibeyare quartered In II e eoulh wing of the Treat my budding, owing 1 1 the dilU ti ly of prm'tiring a. iM.mtniHlsl ors elsewhere. Gevirn .r I must It au ingtheltt-sl arnva'e fiiWriorc, Iff , fib. 7. Nlnrty.fntir miriiips from (1 vrr s i4i l-'inl, an I flftj-flve l'. 6 !!, froai Catlisle Ittiriiks fully epilpp.d, psM.l ll ii ugh this city th's nt .ru'nj, n ruiitt to Wiw-bii e,on. rretii Wnaklnaton. W'mVnjtcn, t'lh. 7. Tlio ejallcrn-a of lha llouas were densely erowdeil twday. Among the spiiisUra weietbe Commlasl oaors t the l'oaet Convention. A annul like lha rcvtibeiUlng of a caulliu tart ledatiuv-.t evrrjbjdy Tbe msiubeis ruthel t) their fiet, and U.e Is 1 ss hsitily left tbe gillerles. The gieskcr ciulpted their fears by saying ao no thing had fallen ou the roof, 11 was aubaeipaently asieitalued that the wlud had blown dowu a am ell durbk. The gnuhte bill, In s J J. lion to the a.1 I prom 4e the piogreae of the useful artii, jiasae.1 the It nise tit day, wllh atendry aiueudmeuU'oae of wbbhprn. ildue that thste shall Im no estensbai of any attenl when tbe Commissioners Is ealitfled the nrtt profits are $100 ono. All laws filing the rates of few to be jsild, and dleorlmlnatlng hetweeu Inhabllsnta of the Vulted BliUs and those of other roiuitrles whbh mil diarrlmhitte against the Inhablltnls oflhe I ullrd States are reialcl, and In their stead ier. lain rates eslahPsheil. Tk C tmralstloner Isau Uiorittd to dlspi use In lha future with models of deslgtai, wlea the designs sou bs aueudeully rrpre sitiUd ly drawUgs. Kram Albany. Attim;, is, 7. 10 1. M.. -A blinding siow el. .mi pitvslls hue and Ihe wlud le blowing a bwrrnen. The llovemorhss resolved resnonses from tha followlag I'oiamlaakouers apsttmed by the Ltgls lature the Bute in tbe Washington t'onvintloesehof whom aeps4s the Irtisti Kx (li.verrs.r.louii A Kisu, Oenoral Joam E, Wish, lion's fjBssaa u lisoaaoM, iiavio lrpniBT, liaui end Jams C. Buitii. Koasvcs C.'smso Is at pras rut lu washbigtou. Us well also aiiept. The IHasaeirbnadte Hillary, f'joa, fib, 7. Military ot.Iph promulgale.1 tislsy by the Cotnensnder-in Chief are nrefV'rd as fo Was -The present condition of N ,ii,.ul all sirs leudeisllpoeelble that Ihe seivli'mtfthe v.ilun. li sr military of Maasai huselU rasy lie reputed at no dtsut.1 ibty, aud at abett notloe, l y the presl. dent of the Uuited Blabs., fir the defines of the federal Capital, aud II le the desire of bis Kuel. lets y, Ibe Ooveroor and Commander lu-Cklef, that ths tieofie ahouM be la readiness for any leg-el re quisition that may be made uism them. The or ler eply nsus directly to the first divisl.sia, and re luues rigid a-iutlay of company rolls, freeiieai ionnny drill a, and thorouga prepantloa Ivc eo livc set vice. fOarnleU lleeer f Tlrglnln. Troy, FA. 7. Odc bundrel urm were, fired at It oebsk .i , by the Uci.i. and Hum Vnlon peaty, la honor tt Virginia. General Telegraph. Tr-rrtble- Hi flahimnrt. VS. 7. A terrible northwest gale las 1 1 1 1 sileJ I ers sinre 1 o'elnck, d rio Mistdsra 1 1 dsruee. H iroe Ihlny housea hsve Inra im noted, walls l chlmnles dean'lshe.1, and tree" vpnailed. Tbe ut lowered Uns fori tn ate hsr bor under tha tamluenr ol lha wind. TlW tele ITsph lines In Uiui aeiibhuihoodaia imnssleraMy dsmaifrd. lMiulilphia, Prh.lK furious tfral of win 1 urird I ere today, Mo-trslcug tho wires of lha Mllmal Ttle,isb Conipsny, aul dLag olher damaja. Hnaw nt .Mont rent. ifm,irrat, f-'j. 7, Wo have Iul another s...wst-.ini i.ere.l.l.iksd nga'l the ralmsts. Tne mails wl J lai at e lo lasve nere mis nntu ng. Itallroad t'asna'ly Uitlf Kill, A' J'., '. 7.-Curn Iltvi ois, Iiamm Ihisivas, and DAsiir. Aiiiaars, triknisi, wh'l shoving a lent cse, ihrea milns rs.1 of tl it plaps, were strtiik by a slnjle engine, eoniloff W'si. Ilvsisora anl Iicvuivak w.-re lu taialy k 'ed. Ai nani htt an arm broken In le-i ptsus, and IsitberwiM Injiirel. lis will reevsr. It w. iisi-eiiii; a-id bl nt Ibe Hue, aul tbe ti m sm not reen I y the englmwir. The trll-l-'apia tied Knesora. Delecatea to the 1'eaco Conference oxpreta d uUs as to their coming to an agreement silia fa.loiy to Virginia, lliere Is hut a alight pr.vpect Virginia will le'lmpilsh lbs claim a seule inent i n toe basis of the Chttemjen prorssiltl.iiM. Ins ur nls at rensac.ils. In thewilhdrswtl of Uie itiinblhs.1 stale lrno e, Uio firm and re-silute sttilcde of I.lrul. Hi Mart, and tbe sstisfictiry la which ll.e Ploridt fortt have hem rrln fott eit, lave t,iven fresh oeifldenee In Vashuv;tffl. In tbe i" Inbei of tusny, Ilia latk bone of Is tsiw I mkt n, ao-l II a Lope is et.tensne I re liirntiia rision will s. on vindicate !lt. Ln the (lulf Malta. I)ti lie other haul tkiv,, uia, of Virginia, wlai Is now In WashligVei, sayathat lha state of ViiHn'a will aorejt no plan of compromise gutr anUeing less tl an the Crittenden prorsatiiioni, aul that the Virginia convention wilt reTMnmtnd soies ali naatl eir ultimate Oc-lloti, uuleoe tha..deintiils areot t4ied with. Intelligent Tex uia In W ixblngtnn, say lha ref snl oflhe C'rtivetith ti of Texts ti refer lha seceesion otd nani-e to the pople, wdt.ll strenglben the bends of IP re-rot end tl.r Cnlon men, by msklng iiKite ' ffiiisli the arbltrsry l...-gsl a. -is of thai tin siitbnrlrid asspmWage, pbosen by Isst than one tblld of the voters of the Bute, If tne Sseeeslon- 14s attemi t by fete bi suppress the Federal Cmrts tl ere will diMiUlesslstanaerned collision IsHween tl i in M.d the liilnnlsla, riMillitic, II Is thought, la the rail nf a new Convention, and overwhelming re pudisi'nn by the people of the entire se. easlon pro gramme. It Is staled thst Ibe Orsnl .Inry bttt got hold of a correspondi ni a lsHweai tloi.san flan rv and due. Kivo, In relslbei to the sls.tnt.te, I Trust Puud Ibinds, v.hkhdisiosee qulu rlearly of the Isle Set retary's ret4tK-ef having hail no eomtauuhav tlonu with Hah av In regard to thst subject. ru t.e of tbe Bistthrrn Judge on the bench of Ike Buprene Comi lave proposed resigning, extept Juilge Csuriirt t4 and he naiy l,e In lured to re. on abb r a hssly cwumiiul. Beivssloalsu hsve lslmred bind lo Indue tbtm to withdraw, In order ti slrengtbfu their movenunt. When the stare end etrlpre were hauled down at the renaeoola Nsvy Yard, by order of a traitor, the only man who insnlfestrd any reepes-t for the flsg wss an old tswtswsln, who klese.1 It as ll doe. ended fnrni tie staff. He came near being lyahe.1 f. tbat isionifeitUtion of lespect. Lit ut. 8iMra msde to true or ngotlatln with the lusuigentii at Thpyalmndwel Ibe en riun lit, because 11 lu vol red inoinivenleal perils. Tbe War IVptttminl exinorslee Mtjor IIaskii fiom blame n surreoderlog Ihe Ilatn Kuge Ar aerial, le sure he I a.1 mis- three men with whom to raelet. Commodore Aausta mo, on tha other hand. al rmiane-ois, htd a cotarideralJe force whk le, it la 1-elleted, he might have traufsrnd to Foil Pu-kens If he had chosen bi do eo, M ejor Jons P. Ilsuue, tirmerly of Tennessee, and al one time connected with the New Orleans Jrtta, aud more recently with a Woshlugton per, has gone to Nuaisgai, to settle permanently and en gage In the of Cotbsj. Major llaisa hoe been In Nicer eg. is, and en eatlsflel Is ha with lbs cotbm raising ipertmrnts msde on the high 'anl hea'thy interior lauds of that region, tl at It la hla pur pose Immediately to put a hundred acres under cul tivation for that sUple, Bepesslonlsts are still numerous In the dppart nirnta In Wssllngbm, The wmk of purifying the dcpartmesils of those who eikxniroged woe ctsnmeneed eeme lime since, IkiI 11 stiddenlyeease-l. 11 ought lo l restimed. Traitors ti the Uoveru meut el uld not enjoy Its Itounty. The gent'emen In Wsshlngton who have under takill I git up a fraud I ul m Iilu-urstl,ii bell, In that city, on tbe 4ih of M in le, are pnvrestlug mm.! fat trsy In their work, and it promisee to be a compli it stMX ist, A p'sn has been prepared for lis tewporitty lnilld'ng to lie ereited for the pur j se on Ibe iscssbn, on Judleisiy wpitrtanl the dislgu la sn admirable one, ss II will sIT.rd snip's a. .oiiiiiMsl it.oa f..r a iai, o numlHr of people. Ibe exirnseof the 111 Is rstlmaled at fp.m twonty ti tallily five I dul'ars. Itlsiww Insisted thil decisive metsttree shou'd tetsktniu regard to the istllo. lion of revenue al Bavsnntb, M iblle and New Orleans where Ibe mil. errs either lave resigned or will resign. Wells Ihe di feetlon wss confinod to Charleston tt was of lilt's Itnpnrtata , as the etcesetonttte themselves ks.l vlttually blot kaded Die port by dwlmylug tbe rhautl for inirposea of commerce, but uuless the rroaidenl tnlendi to tide over rustlers until the tlh Msnh, he must a. tin relation to tha collection of revtnuua at tha other snta. Opinion of the Prt-a. 'lha UeirUilieeussca tho tii.tion of a union between the Csundlau province! and the Cults! Btntes a queellou which Is eng egiug the altentlon oflhe Cuaadlan Journals, In view oflhe potatble orgnnitatluu of a Boutbein Confederacy. Tue Ci ludisus arc setking nitioitality In sums form ar Mlcr, acd tk coUrulof their own foreign aflelra. Boue time since, the prnjett of a fedaret.oa of all tha ivluilra tn British North Atnerua w earuanlly dlseuased, but It soon appeared that the lower pro vince. -New Brunswick, Nova axils, anl Prlm-e E J v. aid's Island would not unite, either leglele tirely or Mdorully, with lb Canada, a the union would not fire greiter advantages than they now pciesees, or can olaalu, while their expense would le greater. The tower provinces would rather Join tbe I'nlled HUles, a they would thereby gala ad mission to our casting trod. The inter, U of Canada Weal alio laollns thai provlnte to tha doeesl relations with us, and II la only In Canada Kant, whk'h has manuukturlng tendtneles, and profit by making all Import Into Canada travel by way of lb Bl Lawrence, that strong opposition to union may lo anticipated. Cans.'e West wonld derive greet advantages from a union with our northern Slatea, and ths World believe list If Ureal llrlleln would frlv her con sent to tha union of tha province with our free States, It would be tha best guaranty of peace be tween that country and the new confederacy, and condiu c to her commercial Interest. The province now afford but few "places' for the eons and de pendant of the Prttlsb aristocracy, the offioea being filled by netlveaoroltlxenaof lha oolonlaa. Their Indepeudene-e 1 but a qoeetlon of time, and la our I'nlon they would b not lea favorable to English trade than they would be a a asperate nation. They would still baa good customers to England a they ar now, anl wonld not or-at her a cent. In anoUisr article lha RerU show that, In lb event of a blockade by the Oovermncal cf Ike poll of the acceding slates, the cotton crop could all be ceul to maiket by lha northern railroad at au aviag cost of freight half a ceul a pound higher tl aa It la by the gulf and ocean route. Hence It le argued thai Kaglaud surely will not get Into a broil with the United Btatee, and spoil her best market, ar a difference of half er three-. fourths of a ceul a pound In the price of oo ttun. The rnvv replies to tb assertion of lb London llmlil, that South Kepuhllc would aWnt the Weetera B'ktea, by cloelng tha mouth of the Ms- sslrpi. It allows that Ib norta-wvetern stale do root aead. ooc-t.'Ueth of their cereals their (reel piodswt to market, i-y way m N '-.' goea In that dtrrrtba la designed far tea (1 tlf potts, and tley would Iska 11 whoever hsldtha mouthi of tha atbe.laeiipl. Thewbolevslae of tht bread Huffs aipotted te tha easlern stales and Koglan I front New Orleans tha post year, ctd rs t aqntl la ealua tlM.GOO. About 1,344,1U biukela of western grain wera ssnl to market the past year, lay tha route terminating at New ork and ether At Un tie potto, while only t -1!! TTO b-nhe's wera sent to market by way of the M atlstippl. At to other western products, such as beef, pork and laid, tha Times my i Tie entre value of an mtl fund erpWled from New Orleans dM nil exetd l.Cfttl,(M0, ig whbh not more then $ IV) 000, In eame, went lo tbe Kiet ern tales of Kurope through the Gulf. Hut lha greater tsirtion of Ibese ttnorts were lac prod let of Bate l tales. Against this ptllry amount there rame from the Wtstem stsise v I dewsler, the s4 year, over the three New Yor lines, X.iwO lont of animal tsj-l. vsluul at s-IO.Oovl.oJO. A 11. n Ibll rnsmnt toihalrrni firnatdto the K. stern cities c ver rsl1e rontea, Ihe agreffste could n.4 be Vat IhentlbO.OOO.tOO. or In other of I'.e Noitbwrslern sislee, such as w w I, hides, lu niter, butter, cbetse. A.- in. trtl(b g sdiwa the MIs st wil no, tmt nia seho.e over tbe New York aud other iallel routee. Aisl so of Impta-ts tha West ten receive Its whole supply through thiwe ruua, Theref , As far ea lus exporter lint., rt I ids of Ihe Wet Is ci ncen ed, ths li lilt ttwj - tip tbe tntiii. of the Missbsilpt I as eNin at a ie .. - -. Toe Ins4i vtnicnie would lardiy be fe.t, except at Nisr Or lears, where tlie last wind f.U, Hut what that cite lost would Ire add. 1 lo tee trade of our owe. Tbe TYibinrfcJtl'.a u.n ns I.sgltlature tisubjsct the aimtial city tsx-blL's, a.a,n tile eont I) It, t a rgtd e-lnllny. It s'ovs tbat though the 1st f,egte!atur a granted the iuemlra nf the Common Count II $!,? a year, "In lieu of and to in' udt all CTpensee and ehargss fir etrrlage hire, anl oiler expenses at such member,' the ctrrl ig swir.d c list been greater In W.o I'aan In any other year. Under lb head of "C ty CmtlneiMles" neatly wss expenl.d last year, ai-1 among tbe Item Is one of lit,)s9 M hsrge I ti Ctmmitti-s of the Common C iiita II, some of which haveanrxUlixae oely on taper, anl never meet. 1'or lMil, Ibeamottnt for 'Cutiy CoutlngonUes' I opt down at ft'' boo. A few yeers ago from ain.nnntot'n.nuOsufliclrd. Tbe Trf' ives'innies tber-sil lotbec'ly if Iba C ly I'stbtr wb wete In "U-e K'ug, al $.-.,00.) a pier for the last yair. Il lb?ntifo'S ad vires an unsimrlng a plics'Jou of lbs knife It our $tt,issi,(i) tit bill. Tim Ofiowrtnf el iierfit rRlves nn alitor! il sun.iuaiy of the corresnondem e, now ma.le ptiMlc. brtartn a.1 lbs iilis to the Part Homier coulio-veti-y. 1'irrt. I a rommtini.ttl.ei, listed .Iiimary 11, fitaiil,. vensir I'l. krss tl Mtjur Aai'lies.N, seut Ihn i. It Mewra. MtoatTii and, Die surrender of the Iul to the aulliurtties r the slate ol B'tith Csrollna, en a pledge that the elato wlili.viesneraixuuni iu ma i uiieB-ina loriue properly therein camlaiDeil. Next Is thtl gel' tut ami f tiuftil i f?l -rs rep'y, declining very prompt 1, but In tpnle o etrleoiis terms, M eo.nply wilti tbe retpietl. This note closes w.lh a fervent prayrr thai in Ibis anl all other matters In whbh 111 Uses-, welfare ant lives of our feilow countrymen are concerned, tert1! (Joveinor rioaasa aisl hbuaelf may eo a-t at lo matt ibe approval of A)mighly 0J. Next Is a letter fnm llovemor Pi.-ans n Ihe President, tsnneby Cilonel llsvea. renewing the dsnaud fir the surrender of Ibe fort with the laitruilloas J liven 1 1 that gentleman, anl the eorrsspindence .etwetn bim aidcoililn Btnttorsan.1 Kpresettii. lives frtsti seceiling sieipe. relative to the p artpotie luent i4"tle pKseti'sli.Ni of stkh deiiuad I tbe I'n tt lilit, sir prtidsvlial leesotis. Tltese Sntors an.1 IbpreeeotAlivesasklllAt B with C intllns daisy a.xiisiutilii sne ctn iiateitea-peraiion oi lueir sutes, profenslng tlsi t kn tw that tbe p at seselon of Fort B iniir by troops of the I'll ie.1 Slates, pottplid with lbs plrPtimnlatkT under which ll was taken. Is tbe rate, if not on'y, anuroe of ditiiciilly between the government of 8 mill Carolina aud Ihtt ol U l.o ted Blaise. The n.Obt IrDpnilall lellc. of Ihe whole lattchand na which the highly oomnssnla is ll st ij Mr. Bcrret-ery Unit ti the secwltng flsaators ami K-preseneaiives, in reply vi aeirainiuitauon from ibem to the Prealdeiit. Toe S s rstsry loslsti ttattls rieslilenthse shown blruulf ex'eellngly anxloiH lopievont lloodsbeil, aisl avoid colilsToa IUi the secessionists but decisively refute t) gtvSMl.y aasursiseihsl u loinuinstmentt will la) reil to tort rittmltrr, add ng, t the preeent mi ll pi t it la ool deemed necea ary tl leiufirxa M ij tr At. ikiv.s, fprtiu hf makr , aurX niuMt ani rU tjuitt sore fo Ais jutkifUn .S'amibf ti sie'y, Aoip, nrr. reipifre'rt 1, T't ar I rr ofil wii l UR MAfiKTOSCITt V Tl i ' 1 hi n Hillows a rorr-srs rslenee bet ween P ietm ter-tleneral IloiTaitd (roetrtioe Pi ixxss, reepettuig the iuteiceittlon of leller and ilisilche Htt M tjor Asirtcos by Ibe auth'-riiiee of Charleston, the sub etsiieenf which baa already Uea i-ubllshed, aud the d.fTiculty arranged. AiimtikablelealureofllieaehlstorioaldoounenU lean e'aliocate argttmintby Mr. MtoaaTii, Bsarebs ry of Biale for 8 nitb Carolina, the aim of wbich l to weaken the force of the President's obligation to prvlat-t tbe property as well a to eaforca tie laws I lb t'nited BUtea. The secretary rnak twi nilnt t l.rst, that the lent way to pnH.-t the prop, ettyat Kort Bumter I lo give II up to Sloth Cr olina, which lailllant Idea Is bssexl upon tbe as sampttoa llutt, iintea so delivered up. S mlh Carolina will eflttrltcal'y destroy It by blowing tl to abmis. Tbe Pits drill dost not appear to have been deeply Impressed with this wonderful logic Pttrhsp bethought It was his province ant noitkstof Mr. MtoatTii, orllie rel-slli.eit slate be reeetts, to decide Usi Ihe besi mode of pro tei-liog the public property; and perhspt alsi he did lea feel Ibe mi ill lent- whlck tbe 8 iulh Caro. a, .. .. . . a- a .... . ..l manii.iia.rTOT BMi9iem w iau.( id ioe cupwuy of that aUle l fti flt th thTMt omi. hvi uudar the Ittg(o. The other ititnt In tLe TiJurntno'w dlit tiitmof the ItMmwl gUlPiiin 1. thst Krt 8 inir .xBiug pmjmrt, lu vlue ci Ih etrtntl tnl 8titu Cirolln cn gUn bar pledtre t) pay fur It at at u.e Itnic ur other. Thta arvruninnt d w a 4 ima to Imve brrn mre tvmTiiitinixf than the othar. I p n tte whnla the pub!ic4Ua of thaoe d mi-iaH win truily utrt (ttTetliOiiwofioeaW on. Tho linrtoiiatua vn tbe oue aida aud ibe to irte oua arxl ftilrtrititT ,rtip,r on the other nn t ftil u. imva a anniuiy i nwl tipm tne pu'Htt? miui , an-l I If, eftfr tLe tbreu inip'ltl, aud . areai-wiJ, I y I li-.T IVkeiaMid ble filnvli, MJr Athii,.-w left tii ipuct -MtMU)a, r In p m-aexwlnu al a't, of ' riil t-muiior, luet.MH aa tiiDp.tunoi autiiaUtm uni ty t MmHariiaa biniat aoy t mo wtll ceruLalysH rcdwsiad t the boiur oft) mlh, Cro!Uia CITY NEWS. I'tiAMnKR or CciMMr-Kcr. Tlia regular mi nthly meeting i f th Chamber of Comrnerv wa hldonThms.Uy, Ktb. I, at IP. M. Ti attend aza a of members wa much larger than ustul. A commute wa appilnted lo memorlalls Coo grtea sgu usl lb passage of th tit iff bill now pead In . Ur Mttcv had own II stated that a certa'n meet Lng bs 1 1 eeu be'.d uism the subject of the politic of the country, and that drpiiUtbnM were senile Washington, wlleb, Judging from tbe paver, ap pearid to represent the Cbauilr. Na notice bed been given of such nisttlng, and h wished to know whtlbci the met ting su of th Chamber ef Oen. metcc or U't. The rrealdeU eip'slned tlixl Mia meeting wm held ln the room of the Chambct tuS u4 po con-. Dectlun with that body, xr)4 tha, th merchant composing th leieetlng wtr alj o, tuber of the Chamber, Mr, Pun, aaid Ibal great (wins htd eo taken by wa ra and politician of certain class to nuke It sjisr that the meeting In question wo a meet Ing of the Chamber of Oonunert c, and b hoped that tbty would not again have tha opportunity to doeo, Mr. Lowe thought tlat none of ihe proceedingc ofthc Commute authorised th rejwrt that Ibelr meeting waa a meeting oflhe Chamber of C Ho rn re. Mr. Macxv had Introduced Ibe aubje-t merely la order to get an authoritative denial that the meet ing rfne4 to wsa a meeting of that body. Mr, LlTnts meved that th room of lb Cham bar be put al lha aervlca of that Committee for any meeting they may chooee lo bold. Th President aaid that Mr, Lanxaa had applied to him for tb nee of the room on a former ooca- lion, and b bad refused him, Mr, Bahcoa. UOTAiana al bad bad th Me that the messing waa a meeting of that body, and be had woudeitd thai b bad received no notice of It. II wa apprehensive that ome tue wo being made of the Chamber of Commerce which was caloolaled to give an impression at Washington that would be likely to do mischief aa well a good. Th people of th South ware Moadlng from th Union upon aa entirely Imaginary lewis, and ll ws th duty f the members of tha Chamber of Commerce, a cltisen of New Yoik and merchant of th great emporium of tbe country, to look fairly at tha rpitstloa, and not lend themselves ta become Blavsry propogand. Ists by signing a petition nominally In favor of tha Vnlon, when In fat t It wa petition ta unttloo uh perfect and aibltrary slave cod all over the country than ever existed bafor since tha founda tion of lha Government. Fiek-Gcabd. At tbe moetlrur for th fonn atloa of a llre-Ouard, laat vanlng,lh number present In consequence of th Inclemency of th weather, wa ao email that 11 era adjourned until Thursday arealng taut, ltth laat. "..Ar- . lli-nks to tha -? 'e t-' weather cf lost ii'sh', akstltif at tha Central Perk trill Ucxrst but lolay. At Urea o'clock yaslsr 4r the Ice on tVa Iska wst atrong enotth to beer tbe weight of a mas, though It wtl tiry rough. Thi fault the flioding of last a'gbt will kavc aver come and the sr-et will be uolotstr u tt 1. Ttii-.TistKAwr Hall Oesmal Cohmittfi! btld iu regnlir monthly meeting last evening, re wa tl. SwrrsT, r. . In the rhalr. Tha 1 vtsenth Mard case waadlepoeed of ly alnilltlng Measr. HT, Iliirrv, Mrnaar, M.-t'ri, Krmwii and Doasntr. Mr. Vs. I) a stal menl of the action of the tonne pursued by tha Taiamony tielegste to h Albany CnvutioB( their withdrawal therefrom and their return uym the aeauiancc that upon stber opcoslnn the c'almj cf Tama any should be fully sustained. The ad dress anl resolution prepared at Albuiyy lb Tsmmany deleg-ition upon the present crlsil we Urn lead, ard nrmmnotif'y nrov-l. t " t tion indoitBg lb firm and mtnly stand til by tha tlt'cgiilion wsa aJoed abei a reaolul.ta . i (11m ling the gentlemen who diaftid lb adlies and ri tlnl' it. Tb ( r inlttre then tirsnlniomly el, e.l K oen V. ITXiv. ' f . rman forth year, loni II taut and A I I. i lax, Strctainsi Mr. Mahsii, Troaa arei,su.l Mr. Savrxr 8-rgeonl at At nil. Dt- MTv.rr. (ironnr. lArnin, tho man who waa shit I y oficer Wnaoa of the Dotie ve Poller, oa 11 c lith I Jtuuiry, hst been .lis. ' trjed as cuied from the New Yolk U spltal. Tue I ill proWlily hslgrd am wg the muscles, anl hat not been txtra.ted. The frlsndl of Tarta or vary deelroiuofharlnga prosertitlo-i commen. 1 x jalnat tb m er, but I lo satisfied himself Ileal II was th result of aa-tldi-nt, sad refuses to prossce'.e. Botntioi' Al.liriiMi-t. Tl.e President, Al 1. GraiT, In t'.c rLalr. A pommunlcstton wis re col veil ton lha Comptroller, raving an a. ittr.t if d ai-ironrlati si isa city oioitmt, al Ike endol tbe y,sr,el slews . lialances ot at'foprtalion fir l'all on 1 ptavtoti as $l..1Vi.1l M I sxslitui' t Jsn tl, 1".1 XM (cat ) ltsataesui - ' Jistjta al Had .bl .1 K-oluliou i. Iisaiv. That the Cnnsel bi tbCc pmalii . t ttt to thlt Uxt'd his iplaonon Ibe coranl ttl mlity uf Uie CisAral Park t'.-mmte-aloneta, b. i r 'a bbng tnuolciel piwer. A.hiptod. Kauliit , lyA'd. I at "V ritt tie deck fs of Tali etrtei, 1.. K .be rtf,a,itd and the pier exeaud td. which wsh la d over. A renin .miction ws received from th" Counsel lotbe Corturalbn In lepiy ti tbe ipiestmu a to whether Ibe Common Cotiucil wete t bliged to c ni fl.m ll ctuu.tle of tin luwest bl Id tr for tbe tins t cli-sbing lonttsit, 1 b counsel 1 cl opinion tliat if tbe lowv.tbid Is hot 'Clued I lib host InlPresX of tbe city, . bl Is tra ght be taken lubi ouiu.d rUlon. Aia tvr potdmuitextloti wi rcelvel, tn ontwer t. tb award mide ti Iltl nwiM At Jsro r. Tu rresident of ttic It-isrd, as ailing Mi or, mt,1e en aii)si1blnienl of arbitrators, but Mayor Wonts on arriving, mods .there instesit. The letter ta-vle tbe award of to'.tNsi, and their art wss Illegal. The first spp.iinted wire lbs on.y aulhorised arb Irat.ra, arsl the counsel will, 1) erefore, oppiate pxymer t, 1 be tax levy, aa reporlnl at th fait merlin?, wss takiniip. Adernion liAvroa moved tirilti th Belgian lavement at l lopriallon from $ao0,ooo ti .Ttsi,oo; Alu. IlxAi.t looted to strikeout the $111,0)4 fir n.all Isinsnteif tre Centrsl Psik Lett -A motion I sti ike out of this sum t-'"'."") for IrrlgMion drainage. A- , was csriled Tbe oontlngenl fnnl eftbe BtrfstDeiatttmeul wsa Inoreased froui $li), ooo i $.ir,f)i). Ain. IIahiv, roovrsl la Inseit $l5,0t)0 for a botes and lot for II Ca No. bO, which wss bait AM. titaxT, movid to In-ieoae th Pire I'itartmenl ap. prnnrlslton, fie- niai hiue erel arivirslus, Ar. from $ltsi,ouOe,i tliU.iso, the an oiuil asked for by the Birrel Coinmlsslot,rr which waa, after a dttsit, adotod. Aiji. IIsalv. tiv.ivi.1 list lie 1 1,000 for Itk avenue Talks lstrlkin out, I.xld over forth prvsev.L Al it. IliAnv, moved to sink out lb $ 10,004 for grading lltmllbm squire. Am Pa ti it. nppoicd tbe motion, an.1 adroixts 1 the work a highly neoesaary, Th molioti w-ei lost and th spproprixtlnn ado it 1. Am. CfiUa moved ti adl ! l,if fn- gas Lurr.en, to the )l,0o) for lamjataud ga o.r rted. The r.oxr.1 adjourned, w'lhout going ovw all tha iltin. Adjourned to Mouday. eOOeVRD or (Xvciln.kx. Tli-j Bjard met ytnXeidnj hi the TtgnUr tour. HemAiUinn Tll ihe office of D-itrlbutr ef Corponalon OrJLnAucM be -vbolUhed Bf)rrei to jqccU coiuuilil re. pli-ectlng the C-mptroUrr to fumtsh the n 4rJ ftrorrei't copy of the pny rolU of Ue Triuin de trtineitM,glrlngthe luunM ead aUi.nwnt pM f ch employe lor tbe tMt three inoothe of lO). A-it-ed. TAeuthorire the .ork of the Comiiun Cwinclt ti procure ft nteUkl of onion for tke etlU Utviueiit. To Cinultt4- on A'1 Mid floldrw-. Uirct-tiDir tbe corrorftKim oouvcl it take the fitx-tttkatAry nttf a ti have VOitt atreiH ofenM (tm Aih Avrnue tnme lUrlem Rlfer. R-fe 1 Ttltil C HIV biUi on Rav1. 1) net Inn tl t Mirer, ComroUdfner t rrvrt un der whu hsTMsgAfi.t irt he In Muntooj the elt jnllvin toKwfi Mirkrt. AJtl-J. pirictli.ff the ConM)iUoa Couniwl to ftiniUh tbe lit rl taHti a lihLnf nil lh oil raft ai ll1i(laja a..,. .-u a a. s .... -. .. T or puuic piiiraii, wuicn u e inoiDrtn (jo incu nTe opened, and tb exiaeise alien ling proceeding In e. heose, 41 Adted. Tb Presided appointed Messrs. I.nin, osrox andUattt, a sias-lal committee, tjco-isider tbe pe 1 tltxi of the rosldent of Morrisan'a, asking t) kavc thai town annexed to the city of New Vo. k. A oomiuunliation waa received from th Mayor, stil tig list the pre lu-e of is' the strteta was Injurious to the bet'th. sad rrommtdln thai m extelton le mail In lit ordinance pretubtyi i,' etu ) eaitlni-, in fnvor ol tte rallroal comiauloi Ki ferred to Commttiee on Ordinances. t lu ies.tise to an inquiry the Bneei C imiilsslotv er transmltt. d a t-etetnenl of Ihe expense Incurred for iilrs, A. , for lie Fire n-pvtmei.t, dviriaj' l'OO. The b-lsl ainotmt Is J VI CJ.1 oil. A petition wa n ,w rroelvd fnim Doki-iiok 8t.T ami tkra, for remuneration fir sxtra service per ftrntedby tbtvaet the Ann street Arc, a year ago. Inferred. A larg nimlvr of Iurm- mmpsnle rmon etraxd against th proiaseid ordenain for re-au.a-berlng the street. In tep'y to a resolution of loo,iilry, the Chief En gineer of the fir lletrtmint auted In a cammi itlnalbn, lhat tbete were nine eleam flreenglnfi Daw ln use, aisl Ihn wer t elng c tnntructod. The IViutl tttn adjourned to Moudsy, CriMMiuioiiicns or rmuci Ckiritik aii Coititrt THi-r.No nieetlni; nf the Hoard took place yeeltiday Tb following It th weekly atatemf nt !Nunittr of Inmate tn the varlou In tltutlaiK lender tk rare of th lltaid.D.oCH In crease, tl fiM wsr sdnillted during Ihe post week, st.d l,Cil died, were dun barged or anil I) n'avkwtaTsli.Bndor lha gist iMoa dariufths amatlm. JltitrEtoiK. 'Ibe clipper Uult Grlflln, 04. 1 ot i. 'eft New York a bar dsya alace, and dreped doC U l.'iKlHXhport, N. J., having claims igaiast ber In New Wk to th amount of 8 000. She was seised en M mdiy, by tome of hsr NtwYork claimants, an.1 placod In custody of of filters, but on Tburlay night sb wcut to aea with out her parere, and unknown to the officer who wtrcpisotd ln charg of ber. Tne Naw IVwTMAtTKB. Tb saw rott master, tVieiiAu U. TarLoa, has raosived hleooa Buloolen fiom Pi ealdeot Botaue. Th appoint-. xaent U not to fill th unfinihd term of 0n. Dix a wa generally sit vd, but le for th full term of four yeezs, dated from the lf.lh of Joauary. Mr, TtTLoa, like hi predecessor, give bond for $130,. 000, with two sureties la the sum of $ fi,000 each. U took formal possession of tb offio yesterday, , i I Fire. Accident, txrajvuata, cVe I.t At a few mlnatei put nine o'clock, lent evening, a Ire broke out la tha upper portion of the building, No. Ul Broadway, and la a abort time the firemen were on th ground and extinguished th Camaa. Is JxxzSiRzr.T, Lastevmloj, ahortly be fore ten o'clcrk, the fiamc dwelling house, la the tear of No. S4 Jane street, and occupied by Mr. MAioAxrr Last a, took fi.e,ond wa damaged about fivo, and the luniiturc too. 1'orXD ITtJlltKD SOMXTHIIO OF A MTS TsxvJ.atra llBOuaasa, a man who formerly worked In a paper box manu'aetory al Na lit Centre at, but who wo discharged com nsmlh ago, was found yesterday morning at the bottom of a flight of suits in the factory, paitiaily paralysed, eivorhlcas and bleeding. What he was doing In tb place, or bow ha got there, ta not known, A dark lantern ws fouud ln hi posket, and Ihl might lead to th cuiplcion that hi d'gn wu ndarioua, but neither th window nor door IndU otd tl at tbey hod bet u forced. II 1 thought that be waa locked tn the la. lory when ll waa onoec, isr tbe night, end while wcuaat Ing about, fell down autre. 11 was lak au U tli Button House and at Undid by a physician, after wblck he waa conveyed to tbe II ep'tal on ltlaekweil's Islsnd. Hi lnlnrlea r Ocmed very serious and bl reoovsry It doubt ful, lis boa a wife end family residing at th cor. nr of Ceulia bo4 WieUsW itiaWat, Mr I00"" '. Will. . euttrrd ll'' ausvoa -.., -5 i. -a. en teksai 1 1 New P !rV;PVt"" Oeaaar. lha d wMaP'w.;,yri!f,?yd th awamaxailoi A Cola. J.t PaKF-MAooa. Joarrn Ot a co'ortJ man, xtrs arrested oa Wednatsl, Roundsman Pmuirt, of tb Iii werd,cht with laving swindled nine free aegroe enW Mearh. It txara that Otsrv mH these coj men ret rtiily al a eymtUiy meeting, tbey hi been clnvm fnsn Charleston, 8 0., by lac i ctonists. Ttiey peorsaa-d to an lo II sytt. whrr flo'ev advlsrd them to join the order of Mss -ns, rrpiessuttng thai he wee a imihI slils to Itttlate Ibem ft 3 each, Tbey tne rnlyed on tbe price by paying h:ra )IM)ach. owing him the remainder. Ilaveng got hi a , all sale, o i sot look mtm to nit reaiuence la t - atreet, wr ere, aofltary an, I, be pr-ar' triltale ll.em lol-i all ll mysteries ysteriee or lite o Tbe neexi.ry eprvns, emblems, 4Va , were i read nee, sswelMlb neceaeary guar, bortc 11. (lite i-f Ibe new metnls-ta, however, la'ther shiew.l, ater Ihe cirenemy waa over ttlateit list tbey bad not suffsred torture aa to mek them as big Mt'Oa a whit fn k, a Inst-ted t n aeting la rnltt elnthant Tt Is a lujhldit.ictihsia., and Us K.V.Mr. Taoe (colcs-v. ) of Iblselly wasctllid in. Ilsimtnti Iv adiisetl lb atrtel nf lirsnv aa a awtnd at It al Mep hetli-K l-n Ukew, J.tstiee BssasA"' b it ixsminsilon. At tlrsbr'a hou-e . locul .Tirieiy A Isa.ks, mtsrtiruf to belo1 vsilot rst-teuia of whieh be ws chief o A't' t Item were fiee-Mseons, Bone of V iHttightMi 14 K'tth, an.1 ancient Rwasa.1 I. . ks. It Is thougl I thst the prisoner he resr,t si tn of uuitisy fivm similar Vatlaut ' Misiriiton Knnnrnr. Yesterday ri Leg tb whole! dry guods slot, lCt Y ' wa entered by burglar, sad about fortyhr, silk, valued at IJ.Otsi, were stolen. 8f. llittKli nta-l au exuslnslloei of tk pevi, and lottld that lb front den wr ecurlyf ened with tattlorks, end I ad not been forced 1 be i. ..tiles on tee p4 Bnl ltn o1el open vi ry tr. curious style, and looked a thoaj mthtl tave be. n dm fnm lb la da I, friait ttic-e arrttetl ot, of Ihsailoct. ftoa, but on ti.eptte.ner being uken tito. maglHtrate disci srgtd Mm. At yet, tin no cine to ll e vrbarestsmt . f th lu'rn gooel' '1 iik CVsrom IIoisk. J'tintirniM. At' anilnatl 4i in tL ss of Kdiissb A Koaksv, C rd wilhoitalaltaf l-)till ISHJ worth of alike tb Ismdnl wsrebi us of Mr. Wn Jsraooa, f llreeuwU b slrt el, where 1 was engag.d a teftre .Itiatlre v Mr, N 1. IbtaiiTta, deputy naval sr, etnl the rithoUof wtel.drswiug goo.1 fiom tbe lira House, and swore thai lie name attack tb permit was a forgety on bis own Mr. It A Caxfrtl. tertiflotf Dial ha wet a deputy lor, and Hat Ibe filling up of th permits x K"II At'S bsndwi tin,', but dltepilscd Me tb It at at lesst Ihria trs.sit l.s.1 been ettgaJ fi'Iing t'p tbe d a umrels. Mr. Rcesxt L, chief f Ibmtgbl lbs band wiiilrg stmngly resemblcel iii'i. Mr. Pinnies II IiNsiiSssr, Ihe rleik,tiiotvbt thst the bsiKiwrlitng In ibebT tbe pern us ws not irtsioi koiisv. Tie i The 1. Mr I wesbtre a.ljotiraeil lo Batutd.r next. W. btvsme Umdsinaa for Ihe accu tbe letter waa diai-barge.1. A DiiKiitKUKiiroi.Ki'.MA'c. The CoijJ alimera have recently discharged Cnsa C. Pi a iietrolmaa of the Soth rrecinct, upon tel ahowlng lb nv-iet otitrageou dpravity. Ai tlermsn girl, ret eully arrived tn tbla e-neair came so, levu by ia of hr couutrymeo, and' without ntans, applied to lb Commieaion1 Emlglalleei for belt. The C immlseloneraf messed proceed luf egalnst the putative fatha, a wanaul ws lsvue.1 Wbil In girl wa w f.r bl arrest, al J. Hereon Market Pallce si 1'isi um, a fellow cooLlryman, then a rtalm utilred ter bualncae there, obtained all thsV lare, and recommended bee not to have lha m f rested, but to give bim hi name, wkt a be woy the ottlucttr, and ' I torn money from him. I thee promises ths girl left the oourl uaik chare-e. 1'iaisntB then calletl on th putatlv r I ntd blinself a tb officer of the oourl, ed bim tt eeule the matter with JW.whlrh tb.J agreeing In, he wa taken to a " ltwyer" It Avenue t certain papers were prepared whU fsld $M).r, In addition ti the 4). Piaotm t the girl, gave her f IT, saying that It ws I could get, snd bed $1 refunded lie- hla tro He then btoktbe girl totb office of Ik Co! aloncr if Chat, tea, mail oulh that ah teen ix years ln the country, and obtain, order for ber admias'on into Usllsvue Ho where bacnrdiH ted her. on the wsy, be I it that II would cost bir $13 for almteeloa f II epllal, which ah J-ald bim tier b tl, ber under k (.las nam. The Commission. r.inlgra'lon, tudiog tta gi'l hel been apr away. Investigated th Bustler no tree bring founJ, th putatlv father wa bunlej who, u (xnmiusl.un, tlalcd th wln4 elf atone t aulsiequeotly, the girl wa diaoove. tbe Hospital, xvtuncst oh wo removed to M Island, under tb cor of th Cemmlasloan Kmigratlon. lIosBE Koiinaru. Four youu men, Jouit McKh, ono. It Datta, Joint Dabto Uio. 8rx aaT.wcre arrested yastardayhorgce, breaking biwt lb dwelling bona of of Mr' Ibiwra, No. S''3 Bunion street, and stealing ( from clothing anil Jewelry to the value of oO aocuaed were taken before Justice Bananaa; commllled lor trial. v LARCEillM. lIBXlTCllAMBKXI.At,22, of ago, wss arrested yeetsrdsy, charged with Irg a bottle of otto of rosea, worth $3, frets f Ftfiss, of N-. !M Peso street, nraaklya. 11. held by Justice W sien for examination. Eilks Sii.Liv.iM, a fruit podlar, wa', reeled, charged with ateallng Jspsoese good . value of fMtfiora Me, Jmte h. DtvasroBT, e, 05 Maiden Laue. She wa locked up by J . Tor Cltnctra, nee Ttilrd 1 PlKUCT't I TATt NT BVU'lll K AVI) MIDIOVTU VtltiB UATIIs, , IM FVI.rilN BT f.1 V? TOtTX. ' ' and No. ft WlLU)UilillY Bf, BatcKloiLT' Thee Bath have been In sneeeaatal esarsttoa years, sod have alvea univenej satisiacli rbeae Paths are ais'ful laa-atiiai ther . Pxjiiallae Ibe eln-uistl ax sf the blood. tueeetablUh toe. n.tble ssr-tsattiaa, . InmlneaS neirons Irritability, 4. (-eire all 41eeas uf the ikla. B. Remove all erleots at n-ae oee ef C. (,ies lone to ttai gUeaalve orsoae. I Overcome swselinas end betlxtxalora. Cur a oostMoa ,xui,rvaa abb s eTvx,anami aaiv aaaxm, eoxa taaoavt naonr, aaviaiaiu axenf ether illans R. y. ITraBtRD'i Wiuv Cimtr Brmtl Bitter than the beet extrer than tfse ettrsst, maay tlte law! materlske always stiawut, esaertail as etefwbltat BtcvoiMkand pmseo reueveilial Creta d'i r Baaalnf sloa-prosresa. THY TUB WILD CTTKMIT BiTnCBB. Ve would rt-enmmeud all who are aSUt-ted with of epDrtita, lalnlotaxt. pabt la th ckest,or the laa Inebleot to tbe spring sraaotcto taks H.K. U1BHA Wild Cherry Hitter. II Is nature's own rem, cannot fall ts bsawbt the Invslld. aa we wlsk w arnnipit's voice to tell ell the aiulctee whnre tk. EudthlannrtvelledBanaeea. Rut as nrtirtu I are been practiced of late, and a aa ether wild ry Utter is "Just aa t" fssk your ohyslel evtry dorUtr anew this Kitten ts surer tttoa tons wine.) ff sure yon the enly eenalne fkerry ltters K. V. IIIBHAKIka.Wi Pjlts-; Yora.andJ.W. Y&lireBt,aa-oeJ! "Rom'b Won." uAeeatnematl.wristvavearBaeA. InlesrHa av I new poatlng bills st lijcaw. Uliklr talented. first dost a btmocnu aooDunlaat, max I rt "."-i r'm - ti LOTS OF STKOVi) DRINX CTJUTO DR. lEIX-S TTONUCUrUL rOWDEM.' May be gtvaa (atrnaxra totii drinker) la Cofls CcLbio,. Perfectly harmless never sick eoo, re BtUUvatlonstiifllKlshUev-N Y;tlMn,HA 1ZS lulta at, Hreoklra t also at WM T, atEatO 4 Broad rt, Newark, N J, ntlCM OKKlittLLAK. Now wrrnnr Ubach or aix. CSXTBTtATTD NOlBUJCiM BbWUta MARUT ttt) and aawaraaai atnadwa.M. Y. Tut cieand nAti.ABT or i.itiko woiti now at lUrneni'i Maseum, ha a ever been equ It embraces Old Adams' satire California Menu thatBar,B soutaVsaUea, AaleeCaildmi QESaSMAM NOTICES. 1 . Zt An Kaca-llemt Com IUa-cly. T AU tko or traabled wtttTcOUQIU r OOLTm. wotild act speedy cm, should try a bottis of COUOH IITERinMATOB, th beet srtlsJe sf th kind now ofntred for asls It on the Bret appearance- of a Cough and yxss wtll f prior rating cos hotel, that tb Couch aa. anil left yen. ,-rioe in CcoU per bottle Kor sole al rtgataatesSr004 " "l&V IBOCIETT ltOTICBa. A. P. A To nkn t HaMea C lAHaa. Ola Bl. am karwl.a aAllHad t. albtSld th. A ral of our desesasd brother, MATfUKW CURBIB 1 o-elerk. Friday, from ble Uie rwlaeae, lllald lei trim ". nuiuwiavun, u, BrtrkUvrrr Attesetteau Tfca left. menlhly Meetln, of tb New York llrl layer's BV I olea, wtl! be held la Honvsal lltU No. lt Woostsr st- on Tharsday evealax, li Ttb at Ttt o'clock. Functus! aitendanoe of all m. rin Tiw r...ud. WM HOLT, Tilt TUUMPMOit, Km. Beerstary, lao ala'll Ut. rserrlrk'w Pay. Deleawte) tat tkav (is eentton of Irish Boetetlee ar rwitasstei te meet a parnlan 1111. 4t Prtnee at, on rrtdoy avMieax. th luat- al Ttt o'clock, mr the wsryaae ef roaklag raegooeats for the eeleta-attea of toe eesslag aaalv sary t Ireland's Patrsa Balot J AMI 8 aNDrtil 1-reasrsit. J01U( UMM Y, attoatary, MaVl

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