Newspaper of True American, February 25, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 25, 1837 Page 2
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st lft he"naxs' AR n starsgaing. za ras. SJ N tQfBsoN. * t1-Rt. Plts l $ lG.......--Pebeler 25, 1837. '° PlOa ftesne the commitltee on post office and *pertllt s the 15th Feb. a joint reso an enlqury as to establishing a ph between New York and Wash we read and passed to a eicnnd l. I Mr Moaton or Mr Nicholas had our * lteIta t1 heart, one of them would move to ia n thve.sotin a m a to rd, between New Sad Maw Onaatsas. le%`lght, Wallach in the Brigand. Ile is the e.. palt of Wutel.' ispleat.d ilaestrations, that . el . faltw a a alltfted our warmest admiration. ' is-bmtaonhd by a hnriee in the United ' " %. aeph of the th instant, commenting lle bohserattlona eof oars, that appeared in : h. "--. . relative to themsccession of Van Buren, ". ,,lbm can deprecate more than we do, thl N'se.peltt o precedents by our modern noliti t a think with Mr Cralle, that ours is a g0 damntrof rCitten ontl diionr, aed, that pre. eaeekh nothing to do in the settlement of epntlseng under its administration. But 5 Ath'b editor of the Telegraph and twenty ehtHialreaAltak thus, will their opinions alter t.hl 'iii oreferrli. g to precedents? We con talie t.*Iea prniice began under Jefferson, and eso saroeg underaaeceedl tg edministra iM, that it is part and portion of our system of gie lbg, that no power in the Union can eradi ~t 'e. r of what we here assert, the re . ee.f uatliolpa legislation and of our politi e e eiyat It are referred to. That J.ef eJeweatni aind Madison, favored the election ed seaepelvesneecesors, must he evident to every reader who isat all familiar with the occur reaApst their times. It is true they were distin.. gelei mea, and eood in hold relief before the pii" eye. Thelw was not the smute absolute ne eagsy for the Erecutive to display his power in Ceast.ilig the elections, as has been done by JSaohe . "Out had opponCnts risen at the time wieihy of notieo, dones the Editorof the Telegraph iagine, that the same dangerous practices would atthve been resorted to? If he does, he judges shumet ature by istrange rule. Men ore ever dismlpaurticularly when in power. The proofs we have to adduce in support-of nor position " sttlbtefoand in absolnte add recorded lets,- The adl.h:iatratlons of the three wortllies above .egead, earied ntt the same principles of rgoern ttw$ the Presidents were of the schoel, pWdt. was perpetnated for twenty-four years in aaisme political family, and the people parsively iltlteiled to this slate of things. Let no, Mr. Chiale sppooe, that because g.overoment influence wee not required to serure the eleetin of dladisot -and Munroe, that there were no appointments of ensesere. Mr Jefferson, in conquering Mr John Adams, had paved the way for the elevation of I4is -twe friends. flasnot Jackeon tried to Ino the saste? in those days the majority of the nation looked on Madison and Munroe as the greatest men inl tile country after Jefferson. This eircurnstence alone prevented the ver) same acuees from bring enier ed under Jefferson's reign, as have since disgraced our government under the tyranny of Jackson. We care not, becasee those worthies have left be hind them a written record of their opposition to precedents, nominations of successors, &e. &c. HlasnatJackson done hesame? Some fuureedi. toer will point to his testimony, as conclusive of his .LJmtenme, though history will winnow the truth from the chaff of such shallow artifices. Mr. Crelle, your seal for the illustritos dead is duly appreciated, your opposition to the practice of pre cedents coinclded in. by us, but you cannot get over the foct that it hijibeen the custom of the incumbent of the Chair of State, since the elder Adeams, to use his inluence for the election of a fn roritmescccssor. We admit that the phases un der whiah those changes have occurred are differ. thingsgdouo are the raine. To tihe i or favo g in ay way a ruer are tostry to it di tdd i awa his poeple to dis. Sput ch men in power a'ttthoeinelples ,he Constitution *.p$gCrae a knods froto past experience, that the peple are not infallible. If he does not, let hfina eaquiruof Gen Green. lie will a talc unfold dc. de. In eine, we look upon all politicians with--Ol.. trust. We conceive the duty of thie journalist is seley the trutb, and nothing but the truth, before litpeople.r-if they judge aright our institutions wi be in no danger. But if they judge wrongly, no, they have done for the past cight years, the C.ititution will e finally subrerted. The ,catly ahaselas i tsc t our present governors out, not ecaus a succeseorhas been appointed, but be. auise they are undoubted enem.ies to the republic. The b -ll,-tie ball,-the pleasing theme of par earesverseatioa for the lat six weeks and the next threli months! And what subject morne ritled i4seeldilnllnetIn than the.graitd baill given Iy tehseshiaunganu oa n tlhei21d Februnry 1837 tlitA Ameistei o hanou? Nonet;-none-whichl tihinepleasing incidents, and torgerns dis pty.* At an early hour, the spacious halls of the gen Hotel was filled it overflowiyg. Never has thiae been in New Orleane, a larger assemtllage nea lhdmilaraceusion. The knowing ones in these matteir ratimated there were more than 1700 per seeN present. eaumty brighter than the fair fl..w. aIsefCliPssia lent enchanrltment to the scene. VLj utla ball or dancing room of the Exchange, i l4ilibea sle, that would vie with that of a eqwre, presented a eoup od'ise lhal muat bleasl shi eye of the beholder for mionths to coma. #Sl. es orchestra-Eterpo was there to lend sellaid spirit to its delicioust atrains. Telpsichore tegoedduss fair of the mazy danoa presided ill asi.l roam. Amlidat lL throng of nnsurpsanbale bteaut, -rsUase theatoved in all the pride of ler iltn s eliouss charms. liar dark eve rolling is a sen hA laster, lent an expressive jIy to features caal is ntmre'sl finest mould. She walked a vnry queen yet all herm atrnem ets bespoke a rich ad winlning eiitanbillty that senmed net to pLrtain to mortal. lAstly fa.ed the Old Domnlinion stands for ex sell in woman,-this lovely bteing ' one of .pi4 ¶irgtlhii's high horn dames. .fan theku an s rene sr dance std joyous tie, yo? r . (ls.pitpreen hall;.T ree all ,, ,.Aslllt t ost fh imlali.imra l ee was S+ ,iii n al etltedaace. The good taste of * l.ebliruas stippl displayrd in the arrantgemnt q4ttil.elsh, and ath culinary department. Noth Lg thee hert could- wins ftr, hnt he had it in sltritlingstlyle before you placed. Wi 1 re, wis, as the noble hearted Moor angi Vda, pl.r, critman, and fmrom the saddjen ulOU w to tJL annly red, fltwed in stream ln 'soe the alley ad feast ltl aoul oif wit. The cares of life a.Ussh an hour, and in sucth a anenatound not a vllmal response in hulman bosom. The Washington Guards have shown to the olatser of N. Otleana that Ithe Scond Municipal iystpaaine the masteriel of leganot enj.yment in t slgla-fully equal to the btgone days of the : l* . aeiO4 when leaatur.uasda oes anti gallant tl aeeeliwasned the falhionable world aith asmiles inb. kre anniversary of the .Mobile Typographi. . Assolciation wa a t ri:liat affair, according to 'la~lvertisr. As usual, the toastl abounded in IW . puus. The Th ati urst aqible sentimenl Sby M Larrimtn of thie Advcrnser, at.d ý1 St d41qtiAXSeitation, its aswter to a com - lllat elaf tely 'sa. It wenthis: ,n4T alili ltril orps of Mobile-May their la S i aite acnilitactd by fall' irpeilat tarls, therir es ieat te Rtsi·pt olf rinl,€ly xlpr.'s.m.rails, nlld tIbee.srtlive in the emtMrace of Ilvrly fintalcs." 'iti5L I leave'! that theiupply of the latter do Co1a1sta 4ce cnut dlpelJ A..t. Xads-il A tarri..e ctetieucted fromn the timnbrs of the frigate Constitutiion is about to be presented to the Pesident. The U. S. Telegraph thus com ments on the circumstance. s Thus rides our simple democratic king. Oh, how mankind is gulled! What beasts they make of themselves! And the carriage, too, made out of timber of the Conetitdtion! There is a moral in this of which their honest vassals did not dream. He who has so often violated the Consti. tution may well use the fragments of thie Conatilu lion for his royal pleasure. There is a period in pnpular degradation where the securities of the public are necessarily prostituted to pamper ihe pride and arrogance of :power. We shall all learn in due time to distinguish between the form and reality of a republic. Go and see Dr. Jones' Pattent Cotton Gin in operlaion to day, at No 200 Julia street. from J0 to II A M. and from 4 to 5 P M. The old St Louis Theatre was burnt on the 13th inst. A hill has been reported in the Senate to incoro pr the Washington and Georgetown Gas Light C parny. WASHFINGTON GUARDS. This beautiful conmpany celebrated their seend Anniversary on Monday last, the hirth day of their immortal Patrmnomir, and the celebration was inepf that unusual snlendour and interest, never heTore witnessed in this eitv. In the mornine, the Guards. In their gorgeous uniforms attended with a find hand of music, form ed in a hollow sqrare in front of the line and has. pirable mansions of our worthy and liberal fellow citizens, Samuel J. Peters, and Robert Layton, which were thrown onen for the oecasion. On tlhe side walk a elarform was raised, covered with hnize, and the ealleries and windows of the s dja ernt houses, were filled with all the beauty and fashion of NeaaOrleasts. the r the fsrmati't of tie company, a teasutiful and interesting Creole, Ienning upon the arm of her father, Mr.EYv rinte 13tanc, appeared, necom tnnied sv twenty four Indi.o: mtnnted the ros trum, and unfurled a most rich and appropriate hanner. with the Arrns of Ltianann, elegantly painted ipon it.. O. P. Jlknaro, E-q. the'1 deliv *red in behalf of the fair da m-rs of tles te, tito the Gunrds the following eloquent address, which was received with rapturous applause. M.embers of Ate IWashington Guards: Wnold, Ge.tlPmrn, that one of your Fair Do. nora, as the rmreseentnaive of all, hadI to far over come ai ;,midity, sensitively shrinking from every e;ph/oure to the public galze, as to hIave addressed vn at length, on trerentiun to yvo this beautifnl sift. I had w ished so, for heiightened indeed would hIve bern the interest thethe scene, as beau tv eloiong with te bloatsh of d;ildenre, wulhl hove lent a charm to words, fl awing front a heart of impn.ulned feeling, and soldiear as you are, von wu!n'd have felt all the fores of watnon.s onwer. Fit p rsnnation of the Goddeas of 'our Cntntre's Liberty, as sha hIl I your banner, with what favor she would have told you of tIhe 'tml, the treaanre, the toil, the sacrifiee, the or lent nod devoted patriotism, which a pure and rationnl freedom ' ad cost; with what ardor she would have urged upon vnu its inestimable value, anld how like the sacred Iltme of vesta, it should ',e enarded and preserved: with wlat tfeeling she wouli hiven lliedl to the thril!ing seenes of your ,unltrn early revo lution, and in what glowing :inca portrved the characters of the great and rood, hv whoar windont an t valor, under its gui dtne' of , a superintending Providence, the unnum hered Iletssines of our free institutions were se'utr od, and whilst erntintenta of love anti gratitude have burned within her, wi th what pride she would noilted to the trtent and venerated figure, which adorns your Ianler, and reminding you of the "ntme yvm hear, a name commalnding the repect and admiration of the world, have opened within v r.n, views of the purest feeling, and started into life oathousnd sweet and .ennobling emotions. The name vol hear, sh t would have added, you have been taurht to breathe in the liapings of in fancy, in matlurer years you hang upon it with on 'tmost idolnutrots venerntion. and even in tottering tie, you will read it with a devotion that denth alone can extinutish. Be it yours, site would proceed, with a force aud feelint, to wlich your t'leaker is inadequate, be it yours, to imitate his great example, to walk worthy of h;s emlinent ri vare virrures, publie services generous and self de nving dev. tons to the enuse of sicial order and ra tinnal freedtom. lIe it yours, to strive for thie at taitnment of his political purily, moral iutegrity, calmn and dignified bravery, wisdom, incotru ,ti bility and patriotism. Be ste recrd of his life and actions, your guide and iext nook, as in hi tI found imitating the chivalric virtues of the soldier, wih the able and endearing traits of the kind Father, ffet'tonate husband, eneronus friend, obe dient d enterprising citizerts; the clear jtudg ment ind sound discretion of the practical states me,, with a philanlhropy unwavering in the pros ecutiions of its noble aim, and with a union of the purest morality, blend all tile fascinrting graces the addier, tieo yhular a.udithe entlaaa.. ast i add!ov.ri o uat, i, drie honormedqreed uipon hipti fn your Fair enors, ii being ade the putltie meldimt of con veying tq you their senimentiments on this occasion? His heart can testify to the gratification he feels (and where is the heart that does nott experience similar emotion?) as hie saes before him such a corps, in all the pride attd vigor of your manly strength and beauty. Well dttes he who addresea you, know that you elevated standing in society, and the ability and correctness with which you fill your various stations in life, furniah unfailing eoarautees to this community and you country, that you will over be found performing with fidel. ity and alacrity all the obligations devolving upon you as cilizens and as soldiers. So long gentle men, as the eonstitution of human nature remaine the namle, it wil continue to confirm the truth of the observation, "tln time of peace prepare for war." . hilst peace pervades one land, and may its reign he perpetual, you will le found lavioti Itle fotndntiun of that nmilitary skill ntd knowl edge which must he called into prompt atnd effit ient saction, when the tocsin of war summnons you to the dlefence of your country, then, gentle* mten, upon that call to arms, combining tie ard" rot zeal on the pure patriot, with the practised skill and discipline tof Ihe tacticianr, under the raui danca ofnraverand gallant officers, you will rally around this standard, with heartrannd mindsatrung with devoted energy t,I defend it, andti ear it tri umphaltly throtgh all opponstg fuor Be that huantlful banner, ever the standardaf Conatitution. al Freedtmt; ever found waving in defianre of all the enemies of civil anld religious liberrty, no matt ter, whetheras foreign fors they would pollute ont soil,oras interral enemies would undtrmine the fairic, on which riots in fair relief the breault%, goodn order, oad permanency of our free alnd htuppy R1tpuo:lic. And nlow gentletman, yon will soon re.. ceive at the lnuds of tne oi ytour fair donorsa, in tile name, and n the ihllf of the ladies la New Orleans, the pride and e;auty of oar ciiy, your hannm r. You will rnceive it witn a soldiers thanks, you will cherishil with a soldier's love. As it unfolds itself to the breeze, you see not upon it fhe stars and striples ofyour nation's flag. hut lie who ever conduetad tlhoaetars and stripes to victory, the great and godlike Washin ton is thiere, li, who nev'or suffered a Iar I.T nrod, nor e striple to e ers.led, ald upsn whoue whitle life is written in living charactrs of gold, the mattore inscribed on youlr floating banner. dtvevtion ttouar country. Untion and Justice. Guit rd then with the jeloious vigialuce of the 'Ielican"'' for her young, tile git! to bentrusted to you-you will nalver permit it to be sulhed,l it will wave on in its unspotted beauty till time and the co.nlotilgr prroces oif tilhe elements above thal have thinned..ia thradst, it will rhen asse among thet moat cherished relics of y .ur couatry, " t proud menieroial of tle virtlut n nal valor of tilBtt ovr uttom Ituls waved Is beanorcul and Itns nn ple folds. You will prlove wtrthy of it, and 'our community, tour -couiltry, rlay your Fair ,.re, whose uwihes are warm and sincere, ever altd yem, to '1.*tnatah t,d ifh,.uk4ir glisteaing e,, pure itddr.a o ihei7r. hearts 0o rife,they, when called u thow their jewele, with all rite pride of' i,,tnman mother, will point tr, thle chlit rous gunrdians of this Fair Banner, exclu ,ting, here they are. Mr Jackson having filished, the tilt representa tive of the ctt:rnitlitcas of falr donors, addressed Ith. Guards as follows: (tndemenif :-II b. hnlf of a committee, repre. senting the ladies of Newr Orleans, I do ItJ sell the pleanoure to pres. n to the Washington Guards, his i talnr dird.'t It is noe in your keeping, with the best wirhes of the donors for the success of those it waves over, and with the lull conictioun ever will remnain sininleas in v ur hands. 'This was reenivedr with loud acelamtations, fil lowed by the dischargeof cannon from Lafayette Square. On Lehalf of the Guards, John Winthrop, Esq. tone of the nemblilers of the t.numpany, respondrld, it. the followilng heautitully petitic attain. When I gaze d round upon t iitenleeand grace fula, rwhcin the chtoicest flowers of youth ntd i aloa stoeunl to have Ibeen cultd and blhtded with Jite t.i crt taste-iwhen I rltei upon the tic casion . hich habus called us togedoer, and see tlhe looksof gratified uzpectatiou oat t o one aide, and nenierons, yet timid devotion on the othsr-above all, when 1 behold the brighltr and fairest gems a of our cist, clustered it one ghttvriug diadem bu-a fore me, to do honor to our cotmpany, I feel almosta dilpoc.d to shrink from the performance of the during, yet flattering duty rthtch I have underta ken, and thirowing tiytyslf upton the kindness and ruercsity tif tny comradra in rlts, leave to other a "td al:lcrhalndh thl t.arrat:in f the Latory of our tbanks. Iut this may not be. The tuc of grarti nude swcl:;ng strangly ii our setomst, has morne. lte .tonatrd tiit its resistless eutrCitt artd deposii. tng etc at the hct of th faisr ladiets whiom you rc ritlc i kIn :'.c ier:e uio"n the sprtt and no w I ' this Persence, to lay efrore ithem the Iumble de dientinn of the company to their service. With the most profound emotions of gratitude, as the representative of the Waahington Guards, I receive at tie hands of your fair colleanue and yourself, on behalf of the ladies of New Orleans, this precious token of their esteem, rendered doubly dear by the kind sentiments with which I its presentation has been accompanied. Since the t formation aef our company We have been withnlt I a standard, and while the colors of others have been floating gasily and joyously in the breeze, and the step of the soldier has become firmer and prouder, when resting his eye upon the insignia of his corps-we alone have been bannerless, douht inc yet hoping. fearing vet trusting, that tile well known generosity of our patriotic fellow citizens would in time supply the delfciency. That auspi cious moment has at length arrived land now that we throw thle rich and ample toldsof this our own Standard, freely abroad, it is wilh the proud con sciousness of having obtained it in a manner most gratifying, most flattering, and most unexperted. The greatest safeguard ofthlis country corsist. ill its citizen soldiery, and it is to them principally, that in periods of danger and dlistresss, the public must look for sueeor and safety. Doubt not, Sir, that tile banner which you have entrusted to its, shall ever be f.nnd foremost among those Ialttling in defence of connstltutional rieltse, and that wherever, and whenever the appeal may be made, we shall be found ready to answer the call. Shou ld the demon of disunion or disorgination, for one fleeting momenlt breathe its withering influence over our ranks, rest assured, that the gorgeous em blazonry of this magnificent banner, ipurr.aying in godlike colors tile venerated firsure of Ilitm who waa.sfirst in the hearts of his countrymen." and the ever memorable motto of "U nit, Justice, nnal confidence," engraven there, will sweep all th, r thoughts from our minds, and stamping themselves in living charancters of fire upon our hearts, lave - s to remember only "our country," and her rights. Should those who are more dangerousthsn foreign fes--should the intetsiue disturbers of our free and happy institutions again with desperate threats attempt to rend this fair Union ssuidt-r, doubt not that this banner shall rave a beacon in the yawning abyss, lighting mtany Curti.s to ta tlrtection flfabs couI..try's EXILtocct, at tl re sac.rice of his f Once me, in belalf of the cempa ny to return lter lenrtfelt thnnks to yotr fair re.. presetaat:ves, for their beautiful presernt. Be it e ors to guard the pre-ious, I had almaost said sIa cred deposit, to wnatch it with the never sleeping care of a mothe, watching her first born. Be ia ours to see that it ps.s unscathed and unsullied, Statrougl the changing scenes of our country's for tune, so that hereafter,when looking back throughl the lung vista of past ryears, we may regard its tiramehono,red fohlds with the proud sentiment, that though its lustre and splendor may have been ' dimmed, its htoor and renown have grown bright r. er with age. Then shall the responsive strings of r' the heart, strike loudly with the ch,-rished rceol. d lectirns of Tars sDY, and memory recall in all its d most beautiful coloring. the beauty, brilliancy and fascination of the scene with which we are now surrounded! ITd'hiselused the ceremony, whereupon the whole ct Company, entered the mansions of Messrs Peters et and Layton, and partook of a most tsnaptrous cal ol lotion; and fur which tie good feeling and wit of h the company was only interrupted by the reports of the chamnpagR e corks. tO On tle whorle we have never witnessed a more Sbeautilul or inmporsing spectacle. OFFPICE OF THE NAT. INTEr.., d' Washington, Fchi. 8. In a metsage to the two IHousets of Congress, r yesterday, the President of the United States lhas, we suppose we rlay say with his constitutional dprornp itude, reeommetnded a eoltingent War i- uopn Mexico! A I.ellige-rem puarpose is, at is trnu, disclnimed in ternt: hut for all practical purposes, thre iasuing of Letters of Reprisal, by one natian a sgairlst another,is actually malring war under the Id isreputable circumstance of pretending peace the oh wlile. to We cannot say that we are surprised at this SInessage. IT we are not taken by surprise by it, in however, we apprehend our merchants and th" to Atmericun cittzens in Mexico will be; for it has s. certainly comle upon us all as unexpectedly as an clap of thunder from a clhudleos sky. 'TIhere was some reeasn to apprehend violent measures on the an part of Mrexico towards tie United Staoes, because there have been rumors to that effecc; but really, h it was ort within the reach of any ordinary spec Id ulauion, ater the prafcessioas by this Governmen ur of amicable feelings and desi.Rns ill regard to Mex ice, and its late concilintorv crrse., that tile Pres. ri idental wuld so very promptly itnvoke the action of Sthe war-makint power in the relations between, 'a- the United States and that Government. t- A thought has just come to our mind, which perhaps may be theio ue wayofaccounting fir this tmessage. It is this: that the President desires rt, f leave behinld him, n his rerellr enlt t Iro olfice. tile character of that imparti ali y in riegard rto for - rin natotns, sao strongly inculcated in the Fare id well Address of Washington, on his retiring froit: e the stlation of Chief Magistrate. In our late un - hopy but transir-tdifflernce with the Government - of France, tire ident, taking more offence that s the nation at thie delay of that Government to car ta ry out tile stipulations of the treaty, recomnmended es Carogres the conltingent authorizati-an of war tn e co erce of that crtuntry. Now, hav ts f~h i Mtnier of 'the Uflited ttatee: i r . . " .exi cErm what sufficient geroulde the vathj. aa stJSs roosotriiirc;] S C it was not in cannaeqence of the departure s tre er of Mexico tram this cauntry)-on t the ground of alleged injustice to the U. States on a the part of that Goverttment, the President has I- perhaps thought he could apply no milder a ren edy in this cose than heretofore occurred to him in the case of-France; and that, to be strictly im a pnrtlal as to the two countries, it was Ilis duty to recommlend the same prescription in the one case as Ihe had heretot- re recommended in the other. We trust, and indeed we feel a 'cheerful confi n dence, however, that Congress will accept, at the hands af the President, tile alternative which ho ts tender, ill his Message, of "somet other course," ,more likely to heal than to render inlcurahle the r henrt-burning which seems to have arisen, on the part of the Executive of the United States at least, without tlhe people of Iis countryv being adequate I- ly informed of its existence, until lais messanee i, ,as Iiscloaed it. So entirely is this true, that we as have our doubts wheth,-r many of them will nHt o, consider this mlessage as an imposition, at empted . by some Ingenious humorist, uarn their honest -d credulity. We have saiold, indeed, that it has not , surprised us; but it is becausc we have learned, in She course of a p.litical life of thirty or frrty years. to be retarised at nothing. But, thounh it did not i surp'riae us at firse, lhri orer we think it, tile mrore ttdltfir-ult do we lind ft to relieve the evidence ot to. own senses in regard to it. And however lit I hle surprise we msay ourselves have felt at readinge this mnessage, we believe it will be received Iy the puhlit, not with surpriseonlv, ut with amaze ment. Ftr, so far from being atare of any cause of war on our part against Mexico, we datbt if tlhere he one ir a tlaousand of tur Peaple who krnOw even thie nverameat of any clanms of aursa u on thie Government of that courlrv, tho delay to , atisfy wirichl is tIhus made ground of this bellige r c-nt recollllcndaialn oaf the Prelaidlno. Trhus i , norat of tle existecee even orf oanyserious diflli colties Iltween the two Governments, we rean Swtll irmagane heamazed sleonishment with whichi this War Meusage of the President (considering it a i thatitliht) will be received by nine Ihunldred a and rinety-nins out of every thousand of our ful PRENTICIANA. Are the journals ,o the Senate actually or only typically expugl1 [a a thing actually expunged ivy being merel eircled with black? Is Colonel Johnson expun whlenevecr his ,wifc throws her arms around hilt The tline for expunging tha cnngresalontl jour. nnls was well ehoen. The principle of moral titnessa perhtaps required, that the Senale shoutld sink itsel to the lowest pegradation in order to "repare itself to be presideda over by the husband of a negrt wrnatn The electian of a Vice President of the United 3ttas was .toU k12i pfihe in the Senanlte o .d.daner~dap. ya6fyosband was no doubt the afmcesaful cihdidnate. The Boll t Jilotlion.-Mr Samuel A Bill is ad vertised as having escaped from jail in Savannah. Tha Eastern Mercury carries the joke to far. It calla R AM Whitney "gond and great." Dues it mean good at lying and great at stealing? Whitney and Benton will go together till death' - Vermont Plariot. And we are very contident that they will go to gether afterwards. The administration reditors pretend, that the General Pintoltoce was set on tire "by ccident."' Those, who are beat acquainted with Mir Van Bouren's gienealogy, say, that lie wasll to ncidentl. Do our iliptonetnts mean to say, that the Pustuiclic was alt in fire by hirm? "Amnong the American ladies at Madrd, Mrs. Eatln is very diatitguiihed iln her wa).-Bueson CGurier. And w hat way is that: It was said two or three years ago, that a singyh frown "i President J'ekso:n had frightened Franci into sutbmission. Why don't he frown at the So rninoles? The Sun says, that ".Amos Klondall's bosom is a hell." If thais a faet, we can at least say for Amnos, that his heart is in the right place. [-The ChiafJustiee Marshall, having been unavoid abl' detaited,a il positively leave for Nat hboa, Virka buri', Princeton and Clolumbia, on Sunda the-i6th insta. at Lt o'clock, A. P. lfs~6t jiJlK 'PO)RK.-to; lt e yes t qualit, conasisting ot'hama and sides for sale by 5 G. DUtIISE', 41 New Levee. Also a lot of good Wea ern Bllue. lO lET OR L oASE--Tbe loowr Iart of storm 6 SGlrjr etret. At lopp n thpr.:err e. f I ft NEW ORLEANS MARKET. OFFICE OF THE TRUE A'.n.tcar, Fridyv 0 P. M. 24th Febh. 1837. Sales of 26 ihda good quality.sugar st 6 3-4 C ents. small pnreolaof prime at7 etc. We notice one eale of tohacco 18 tf lhhds accordninR t quality. at 4,5 and 6 rte. Fl"our tooy le quoted at $925a9 S0. We hear of one sole ofR40 bhld at $9 25. Pork is declining. Primecun he lhad at 816 75, and Mess at $1950. No alteration in bacon. Lard sOtnahleat 10s 1 -4 ct . We observs one sale of 551 kegs at theae prices. Whiskey is sla tionary, 42 a 44 eta. Jk coffee not mtch doing; oine ale of Ill bags prime Hsf8ha groen s t 12i-4 ete. Caotor Oil--no I tands 1 50, no2 at$ 25. Considerable doing in fish at former prices. Sales of 200 bbls of no ,b 2 andl 3, mckeralt, saorted l t l-t.., 0 1.., 7 12.- We notice one sale of 401 Loolsiano Hides 1t 9 tcl. Metmors stando at 9 -l2 ets. Light sales of raisins 1 R at 2 .5; I at2" ;L 7 Almonda--so'l secll no. tand d an Ii cte; oard shell 5 a 6 cts. a full supply. One sale of 60 casks of rice t 41 -9 ts. We note one trnnoeution in lime,4001ht.1tli $2. The wgsatler tucned quite cool last night, and con tinued so allday. EXPORTS OF CO rTO ANT) TOBACCO, Fros Oct.l , 1831 , o Feb. 24 1837. OALET COTTON HHDS. TOBACCO. WYHERE a P OA iEXPORTE Total. his Tk srei Ttl E.PORT kD, oek ud t O ously. .icerpool......1 2100911L 14g1v l ....I 7 a7nll C u c. ...... .... . .... .... 44 o 440 lisg ow ........ ... 202; 321t. (leenoack.. . 5 " . ocen .........n 6 7. ook,. .... . . .. -tnv65 052d tareotn er. F oi. 5 t uile a1n ........ m 3238 rI n .....e . , ..... wGi, . I 58- o ' F t li ..erYo,,,....... ."- "i32 ,65. .652 otr . . 4475l41 99i .... 401 401 hldotphia ....| - 173... 21 50 30 30 PAlon.oth.... 3673 .n 50... Westi sldes.o..0ct o 0 t04 3 174' 3103 Tontal Cor.stPorise. 1581 3_. 7"5256 145 4 091 3270 Nel.vYork...... 616 9925 2,3 124t 1540 Dm04tont t., 445o 154o 6 h . .... 461 461 Philnuo'pliso.... 3537 241 50 730 3810 Baltimore ... 72 1 8 N 92 14 234 F.Port4,mouth do rt673 5011todae.,45 Feb 24. 1837-EPorts 2 do 45 .... .... 133 2,61 G Noal..... tles 0l 4 9B8lg nnI cleed570 50 5011 'FA'aTEM i1T OF TOBACCO. Oct 11, 2..I--No. hrin hnd .................. .8,70 b PF1 4 '51--; " do reisrtodite ................F -2511 Feb 24. 1837-Eapt'd to dote .......,.........9.. '.;t61 N Ot 1, o. ohllts o nlcl... .......... ....5. 7.0 Dailr Rotiin ef t Market. eCOTTON MiARi('1T. FRIDAY. P1 REPttt f OF THE BOARD OF BROKERR.. r4 15s51 boles l'e,,nlseer............ ............. .. 3t do tiliipp ................................ 7 do do ...............................d1o 679 do I.nisian.. ................................S iPORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CI I.BAREI) YESfI'ERI1Y r lShip Ceseet, IltlotnalI, Ihtvle, lalstetr-ecnrgo 4406 tles ttmoll. S2hip Woodberry, T'ate. Llvrpool, L II Gale-cargo 11 35 S.t I. LaEtange, Potten, Ilovre, L H Cale-carngo 142 balcsettsltt. Olio Ilpenott,. Goldtlllll, sraiel lei, 0 Tlolltplsn--cnr so lee tlth t etulalt. B ,rque E tI, Miller. PorIlotltll, matster--crgo 673 tales B 1 lllever ,Woeter,'rnvidnce . G ftuekliltl--cargo i2o0 blotle c llot a . 19 ilIs ltrk., 3 otrt ilt. Ilit Mlitervec. Bult.,gltwtre. J A Merle & c--enlsto 80 Shale, cotlon. 5 ilhhd tabtrct, 94 lbdls toh:teco stetlt, 24 ltelt B it C;tarle. Fertitda. Klencke, Hinvaea, J A Mierle 4 ell- -enl. ll '2 hds tohil:cQ. tri I.sluioinlll., Sitoll, Ocv Wosrt, mnaster-cargo 50 bhil It ilk, 50 ecti , Itor toe Willc . del.r 0f1lrt. I'e, ry. Mi'e, Mayllew. Ilics 0 co-cargo n.l,'I'd aroei, isr. ovii.ts, 1-r. rcll Cyltnet. ontin, Otto Vt h. 3 1W eo,,tonnt.-occo :0keIgIs ilrd, 11i9 billslurtk, ItlO ii sUt ltr. 50 bl thi Ilt+ Scr.t hrInry, Norton .Flrt Blooke, 8" 2 WJViitney 4nrgo gllv'l Stllrre. chr ltittllervt, B0l1my,. NntrIteo; Tex ts. Jat Reed co --.cst'td reto, tgrace ics. p Itvitioltls,.hc. SteameTr '1'lllalpool, uhile and Tatllahassee, nlnste,- cartgo ist 'id. AIRRIVED YEITERI Y. Scllr Vspepr. lHttt4.O O I lye fltt, Chacrleston, to Bnt'ey. All'ntt r ,..--t olt o 103 reclto ire. 13(11 lu-l ia.t hl.,iff lT Thlah yer % con;. "l'u lO. I ripe ilac ill', J t4 Z+II'llllti+' 1"ill rItt, r P tylclls+co, lttier. t td is trOll nltllitOlr, to InoSlett. Schr New York, Cal~l.a, 2 ye.o dayt f10111 51w Turt, it loetatlet UnlteoI .t:lle+. Aerllwel'. 1St Louis. to nsletr 0 60 llltil ptrk Golf cy. tIoin.tt3" ce:9:l11i llls it r,t hlllld dryrd Itlf 'lIomlt t yyl 11: 0 Ills t Irlrk 7t kego littd. 1111 ,Il i ylId beef N HI Il.lrhak; .ij0 t is l poi, J Vrll . t e; 65., ,sick. cmo i K Carlle., oll holrd; 141 kua shont, ". b Ix, mnd.+t: Imv Sllel;,uve S Wlllltllll; l ketl lortd. IU t If 1.1,id h,:, f. 21 kj ll lle tier. 51 hlllhtla pok, t0 1 l rdrlI 71.;O h!Lk siar-, :1 S'tlllhe eair oil J n Illlml os .olit ;0 It;tle rolte ll *oto,ytlh. c, Otl ini c+ B t)'. c . 14 t..bles rltttOll t ilt er. I KaeI 3 201 d*. btle. lli us. e3 dO: 33 29ee ,- 0 to onrder. Pl3aqelne. }lcll t loien g,"r W S + ittolt l O Itlewr rO: 4 SR i Glln:rd: 19 T .,eharie 1001 hlls mllhi18el lh, ll {. licrl s llle nllllril·, to L D C Wood; 62 bll- io:ame.+ I hhd nult, Z. tllerLooclulnhin, CllIdlcr, Mobile, to Forttlll, [ii:h PASSENGtERS. Per stlnOer Utlted states-t-,s tle', aitd falnil, L 5I Kellntet. w K1n0t,0 Hirdellll, Bt.hteck, iltrl , a, . 1ll. Lonmdlo, FPiddly;Carn-, 1luloheo. ltevelles, Aell urnI, Niche , (oral liero. B'ICKS, SAND, AND, SHELVES. Co.aptruller's Ofie, Second .Atnijipality. lea.tbrlcane, 8 th Feb. 1837. N OTICE is reby given, tlat I will adjudicate to the I lowest bidders, n .H nday the 6th day of larch lnextat noon, at my office i, the Mulnicipal Hall, the fturmshihg of all tIte Lake Bricks per 1000-sand per barred,l and sell Iler bat'el, that may Le required by thie Munirpelite dlriog the aLor 1837. All to be deliered within tihe limits of this Munici p lity, and at such tiame and places, as the surveyor m f.a _ure. SETH W. NYE, Comp't Bureau dutiontmlle-tt ,'Ta Secunde lMuniipe i e. totelle.Grleesn, 24 Fevrier, 1837. Aviset lpar le pspintlt 4onne .ui j'rffrirai a a'enan an plus ufftant sat, dCd te.,'r oncrltteur le Mereredi ler Mtars, prochain a nor.tbueau datn I'hotel de la Mum. ripalite, toutes les batlinae et attres constructions sur is rte I.afavette, etre lee reedsa Comnrere and de la Notvell laevee, Is dites ItMtilffis dcvro.,t etrm etrisca dens tse quinqur jour Is nadjudication Cotditions a s vente. fNS SETH WNYE, Controlleur. BRIQUES, SADB.E ET COQUILLiE . Bureaudu Contr Icur de la Seeonde.Municipalite. Nnuvelle-t)rluts, ,24 Fevieer 1837. Mereredi ler Mars, pmecitin a nrt de offeirsi sn reanle dns tttsn bureau a I'office te In Municipalite, In fourni. tore d toutes lee briJtes minr wmllicr, to sable et les ro quilies par barrel, don pourrit avolir besoin Ia Mluniti pelte ptolor I'antee 18i7. Le tout derra etre livre dlns lea limitedte eette lunicipallte, et an tems et lieux que desigttnera sle voyr. SETH W NYE. (25 Controlleur. (HI IHOO)K (F IOOKS. rI'INDENS' TABLEAUX.-A series of th:rten I ecene ofa national charcter, beauty and costume, from paintingo, by various artiset, after sketches hby W. Peering. Edited byfru S C Hall. Just received and for sale by Wil . l M'KEAN, f25 Ceorer orCemp and Common. E IGLE. FIRE :) ANY No. 7.-A monlthly meetinu of the ebqn+ mpany will he held at Armttrong'e iot-l,Cana treat, on Monday evening, F.b. 2lth, at ao'clock. y order, fib25 J S. 'NNOLLY, See'y pro ternm. INElAti-llbha. Vinegar in store, and for ea r; also, Iandin.gfmr nder. Koh ;toy. 500) akes .alt. f(5 - J.V. H VET, 61 Pt!ec steete A DldCOtlKSE ooth-Lfe and Chtract:Lr of the it Hln. Geaorge Itlvo.wo, InE pClesi lina jutdie o the Slpremoie Co llrt ofthEk tate of rlouitanna, b, tim lion. Charles Wattneat tl requeet of tlhe tsrenber oalthe bar of New Orleana. Just publis ed and r froale by f25 BENJ'N LmnVY. 1 !VAN k COFIE-'e Iegs lading ar bind rig A nagel, and Iaor al by f3 H e;ii Vit, NIVEN I Ca, 83 Coolun it. d EORGsEJIHo N6")V.(late of Alcxaari, IC) Straaseta colmtrecial businesn at No.92 C"omtlon strent. 125 Ir)T(I)MAC IER.ItGS --L45 bble. of pritle ulnal. Lr. lately inrpected, lart huaing brine, bright and nice; will be sold a r.c bargain to close thi sale. 1t5 Gi. JOIHN-ON. 92 Comnn t. bOAP-Ill ltext, ijtitonoin No. I sotp, brand of S C Jackseon & Ttlobridge, hloding from brig DroUni,, an, forsanl by I1AAC BRIDGrl & Co, f.5 134 M angazine trreet. I)fIt-lti0 bahnrreal ldour, in fiae alhiptpiag order, in store, Onl fr onale by f 4 S1I.0 & BYRN., 153 Tcltoupitnule set, ALIEL. P')RK-760i bblttl te,os and prime pork, lan liao t lrm stnamer United Stntec,and for tale by f25 SL)O &bNYRNE, 153Tchnulotltinlaeo st. P OllK---S7D 6h Pork, laniiug t" nn steamer United Stt:r, and forsale by JU.I[S VAIRIN, (25 "6i P.t,,'ras st. O.ii ,,t--177 bbla pri ,t ; t t mets; 10,5 rnmpe; 7 I flan'<; bG Iiba joles; 6 hea' hItarit; landing from -tetm -r Uhi ed .ates, for ale byv f2 JUI.IUSVAIRIN,2fi Poydrae at f0 IBARRELS beans, in store, r.anl Ior eleiy S J .IM IROAIW' I L & C') felb2_ 66 Magazine it . iSTOIl OIL--r. bbll and hah tbls, lor anle Iby 5t felt2i t )OIi;CY. 4l Nerw I.ev., LOUI--6 o bll ettrl1co finlttr, foreolet by 4 (i I)ORSEY, 44 New I.ees P eRK--I40 ablf. otoipjde'ofor a letbo i=4 DtoiDiEY, 44 New Levee iI ICINNATI IIACON.--1b lhds lan dng(frwm SsteatltrAk.nltbttt, and tobrsle by f93 LAYIi:r & AMEl.II.G.\117Cl7 nuetreet c ý1:1ýý1 Lbis. primle and ractuso laudiog from Seteadcr Chancellor,, for sale by fo 121 C GRIVOT '& Y..IGE, 12 Podrt tartel. St. Clharles Theatre. Last appearance in New OrleOns, (but one) of iMR. WALLACK, SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. 25, Will be performed the Drama of THE BRId . .ND. Allaseandro Massaroni, . I - Mr. Wallaek. Grand ')verture to LA DAME BLANCHE. To. conclude with the popolar Comedy of SPRIING AND AUTUMN, Rattle, . . . . . Mr. W\llock. Mr. Gneral Dartmouth, - Mrs. 1H. Craner. Mrs. Rattle, . . .. Snnders. FOR ONE WEEK LONGER. .2.d ELZEL'S EXHIBITION OF T1E Automaton Ohes Player, MWelolium, &c Corner of -eo np and Poydras strees. TN compliance with tim requeet of a great number of t persons, tnhe abve exhibittn will be continued un til Saturdev, the i25th Inet, when it will positively close. Performnunce every evening, connmencing at Ilalt past 7 o'elock. fil--lw I The harqne Dronno, firom Boston., is disch;,rging oplposite tbe Orlcoan Press. Consignecs are particu larly reqnested to attend to the receipt of their goods. feb 2, L. H. GALE, 9J Comnont street. -01 Neitlter the captain or consignees of the British brig IIIRKBY will be responsible fir any debts rot trorted by tihe crew ,if said vessel. feb24 H. C. CAMMAf K & Co. NOTICE-The subseribrr herebyv infinmrt his friends Sand the puhbic, thlt ht hha tlhi da saold his etine ntoek ofBok, ..tationner, Bc. toJ. N. laneroll. 174 C I IIA CIUOF'T, Canmp st. O N -EI.-.J N Bancroftb haing thni' day tnrn"stod rthe st.ok in trode of C H Bneecroft, will continue the Book, Stotionarv and Blonk Book Manunfactmin Busineaso at tile sade place, No 14ne Mip st. , jnTICK -'I'hi owners tl Dr.,us 3,i3, 7.3l,;47, 1314, 1 108, oand 77 tha hlooaulted corn ei'rom ile Levee ou tihe 16th andl 211th ol Janunry, to Store 61 Poydras street, are defeieiet twelve sacks each, and unless they comen andl make settlement lnr tie saone, thIey will he seed immedniately. feb24 JP H VEST AVIS AUX PAVEUrtS. Bureao du Controlleur de In Iseconde 1n:nnieipaltie Nonvelle.Orl ans, l'22 Fhlr;er, 1837. Il -eroa ffet nt rabni, Ilnnli le 6 lle ars, pfibchan a midi, dels omnn hurenu a i'lhotet de la Mtuiripalite, la Seonli'ction der Inanquettos qu i oa rrnainet Ire nrlonnics i o.e le voyer, peel.<nlcnnnn eo i37. Ls Maonternaun ne alF8'resaero t fornlse larla Municipa'ite. Leeontae. teur deer donser sin enutionnement de eit nq rilles piastres a In satisfaction do eolnmitte du fina ces, Iour relndre nie dont e~nctitude a remllir son eontrat, il sera pays stir le certifictat dn voyer oausitot q'tl sure tn; ,,u tntoins 3110, pielna el cmnforesite aux ordunnanees. De Iplus amnpls deot ails seront dnnmcs a n ventc. SETH W. NYE. C-ntrolleur. TEXAS. [rThe field for enterprise is still opmn.-Thlat de lightful conntry ountinues to hold out to the ehivalrous and enterprising emigrant, her rich bounties and honors, SThose who join her army are entitled to 1920 acres of H land, wilh onv aid emolumceo ts the som e as tlose of tihe United 'Steo Anrmy. -Alo, those whito becom oni tizens aner entitled to 1280 ares, (single nno) and men of families 2460 acres. Maj.,r Murry, who has just arrived from that country, invites those who wish to emigrate, to make imnmediate application to hinlself or Col D F Wevmouth. Tile plhces of rens zvous are at Mr. Beatie's cofeh nne, adjoiniog St Chlarles Theatre, or the Upper Cntton Press Coanpany Coffee House of Capt Hall. 3ti STRAtYS-Was taken up Iy tlne oight watch, on tile Ilth inst, a black Cow, aith bth tle tips of heir 'onctsawmed off'; -d ablne Cnw whil a wlnit lmonnit tAher ithighs; taken up on the 3th inst a small red Bull, abont 2 years ol, amo also a whhie old Cow. Tle owners of said cattle are requested to come fer wardl, prove proplerty, pay rlarges, anll take themn away. on or brfore Sotardtv tie -ill l Marech on which day they will be sold at 12 o'clock i, h PA Gioailotte u otatio oner. H B STRINGHER, f23 Consthble 3d Ward. 2d hluniciipalitv. ' TrAYS-Wss token, p o the night ofi teie 161t inst ltv tile nighlt watrh, :l ward, '2d ILnnnirinnlity, a sorrel Inre mnule, mark 0 on the left tlhighI alo at thie soate time, a deep byv polcy lr-s. On tile i17th Sinrt, a sorretl ponec horse, imarked J C n the left thigl, ant a white star in the fitreh -ad. Tile o nlers ofsoid horses are Ise quested to eonle for Sw nrd, prove prnpertr. pay charges onld Cake thrle awav, nor fr betile Sltamdb v tIn 41h Marchoon which day they i will be sold t ptallnl auction, at 12 o'clock M, hy P A uillotte aurtionner. I B ST RINGlltI , f23 Conestable ld Wart 2d Snniriplity.n a I'TRAYS-Was tanken nit ot tile nighnt ol'th I!I 1h as ilns, h thle night want hi 311 wnarld ll Muniipality, 'a leonnrd colored tlow shnlt 3 years ohl; an l onn tlhe ,niglhtof lthe20th it .., a loge wglite lo..r, with alddle 'iThe owners nf said animals are requested to snie ilfrwlnrd, pnrovepnperltt, nv hy cltnrzee nd take tine1, away. on oa betlre $natrnlv tile 4t1 Marnhl, o whir h day they will he sold at plublic i ctie-- nt I on'tlohk ri1, by P A Guiliolt auctioneer. II Ii ST IINGIIIII, 23 Cons.ableh 3d Warnnd dnineilciplitv. r( CAI.It.-lThe ntteni t tin the puhnlic is nalle.d to ' tile extensive sat'e ,f valahle proeperly, Ilt lin-k's Arcadenr, Ilo'aazine street, on Friday, tile dOtll illltant, by Iooc i.. M'Cn-, ananni-neer. 'line nt, n' - ie, tit alil tlhe prnperty advertised will I l an' I , ciilhout - r"-rve, to the inlineet bidlder. 'Ihe tetr,, will he on,. in I w in eanrs credit. 'Tllis property is rituate ill tile tnmt imnp'oing part ftle secaond nuuicipmnliy, an:o is Ir hnbly tile lest lare seleofl ts on Maot.ilnie nlnn on anlll Cnn I sreets, whir-h will tae Ilauee finr mano r-nro Ito ceonn. Mlost of these lots are situnat in tie ndioin iu" gqUrar: t thie onl by Mir. lus·ell all the sltnckhlhllers fOr a new 'l'eatre,' an where in a vtry shotnnic int rnoeexe.v and, relaoent buitdlildnn will Igo erected. 'The d1hcv iunea itg im'nponntanee, tnernflre. ofthis nnart of ti' nitr nmunt ketrn a saplen lid adsnoe. af st a . asieof this 1mb ortunnity aF Smaking atn inverstment. * Fen. 21.--2t. TI'EX 1.i LoAN A. T IlIE suhberiber wish . to reise 1000 dollars in cnsht, S to ena hie lint to t ke into' Texas with him, 10 ftan ilien whl are in this city's vicinitv, ani reeay to embark --nhicL, by virtue ofaeonotret' made nlmre than one. t year sinrce, gives lhint the riaht oflneoting 1 Itstnnes of t Land, so sn as tile regntlalions enf tile (General l.and SOffice will pernnmit, in tihe Colny of the nlate Gien. S. F. Austin, nno Sna;nel Willia.-e, Euqre. SFor this crm he is willino to ledge (tltotnh atoa greant socrille,) onlr Ieago e of land, hich, ,all nld the enamunlt remann ,nmlnid nt the expiretion nf9 nltnths, or one year f onn the tiln. Ie recenives it, sltal be forfeited Sto atit person who will advance hint the $11000, or, in the tosame pmraporltina tfor any lres anount. Should thi no ties interest ann inlividual, tihe suaheriber willbem han p to see him,if he will plean*e make known his ddress by direeting a note to S R. through the Pontohice. S. IR. New Orleas, Feb. 22, 1887. 1224t " it PAVI1IR:. Comptroller'e office, Second Municipaltr, New Orlean.s, February 22,1837. NOTICE in bereby riven, that I will adjuidicate to the iowe t bidder, on M ndav rth March next. at noon, at myoffice in the Municipal Hell, the making of all thl*ide walks thai may bce required by the Survey-. or, darine tlheyear 1837.--All the mlntrisle will be fTur nihaerl by the t lrnrieipality. The contractor molet give a bond itlr oprove: seecrity in the um on of $500)0, r tihe aitdful peform .nee ofhia dut, and will be paid on the cerli.cate (fthe Surveynor, wheitnay portin of lie contract exceeding 300 runnine feet, shall have I een co"npleted aucrdrl ng to the ordinances. A more par tietular dlcscrilti.n or tlhe workto be performed, will he mnad, kown at the sale. SETH W. NYE lob22 Comptrol er. TI ORAGE..-The bulk of 3000 sacks or 500 bbl,. can be stored rt 61 Poydru sprEet. feb24 J.P.H. VEST. YSTF.RS-200 jars pickled oysters, landing from Sschr. Hunter, and for sale by feb 24 S. J. P. WHI'I NEY, 8 Conti at. SOFFEE-A ew huge rflfvsa, lnr tale b - f 'b 24 GC.. DORS11Y, 44 New Levee. .L')UR--Landing and in ra, foeNl e hr i Feb. 21. I.AYET & AME.UNG. S-INCINN2TI BACON HAMS.-Very superior, put up for families, and for sale by Feb. 21. LAYET & AMEI.UNG. - DERS--Lrndirg aid in elare florelebsly Feb. 21. L.AYET & AlMEUNG. &j EAS-15 barrel, a fine article, or sale w SAM'L SILATER, f20 4OPoydrasat. Sg .WEF'T MALAGA WVN0E--504qr.aao1 nu. Loe. b ing'a brand, wmarnted pa e stle hbý Fil a M 'I. Sl.A LtR 4.2 PrYldrae st. SkA--i o e.ieo" lI2. tcnurri.t-l gunpcwder ard iope Srial te. lundiing, and r e slr 1~AIS-501, kes nails in sla.e and for sale by fd(20 3. Tl AY F.R & CO., 74 Poydra. At. . U N Y BA I',-40,000 gnnn bfo rr fr r rale by C AMIPAGNE.-25 b'klets Champagnre wine i bltrles, 2rldo do in half battle., lending liom luripr Judis, for sule by r22 J VAIRIN,16 'P1 drm st.e R1 Lf)N.-400 rke earn, in gour ehirping arderi, Ian ding frou steamer Tuokine, andi for sarle b. SI.OO& BYRNES, fcb22 153 'rcPbupit, ontl t. 1HAMPAGNE-2?lD hoa cets Champagne e of the mrstcelreraten end peprovd bralnds, i,'. fIrn ship Nashville, an r sale v rb ...... 1`2 BOGEKr & HAWTHORN, 6l Gra vier street. ITI NES.-N13e2 bwrxes comilnlr laret, 100 lobsketl e rlariied l tliveiil d l? Illlbds French wine, In-, inA froTm ship Judas, direct fiom Bnrdlesux, for sale by flab'2 J VAIRIN, 96 Poydrus st. . PERNM CAND"lEx-60bowes pere, caundle, land 1 ingAfrom brig Grandi Trk, for sale hv f32 5..& J.l p. W'II'.N' Y', 8 Cnti at. I .\CIN SIDEm.-8, casks CitrciSerati srike, re. e rcived prr stcauier llarenn, for sal rby feb22 Gi DORSEY,441New t.ven. SliISKE1"Bh 9 bbla landing per retem1rr Pr-·itho ' Ir nale by G DORSEY, f-b-2 44 New Levre, SLrA .--O I0 hhdf of Packwods sugar in andl S firuleby G Dl f Ey fe2"2 44, Nw l.-eo. L A'I'Hd.llll ,i ,nrrvwe lrt.i lllaldrui.r rr .,rr tnr er Cra1 un, far sale by Captain Ilelesderuui , n board. nlapuaitc Jfflurson or. Wrr FOS tER, ferl. 95 rrrlnnon etr-et. lip tJt,A. S.--Lan g igrom ll Ihq leoz, 6 ca&-" 5 l k . e' and bhy kin pegged broer.-'; lode Ilurell dr for uegretr, fr sale by I BRIDGE \ Co. l..22 1:r4 IlI erzinc et. 9i .bNGE.-BUlls on Londo fatforalbe b ~OL~EE 5IMILS Cc.b'e.· MAIL AlRARBGEM4ENtl orthern Mail., Duo Every Day at 12 M. h Closes Every day at 1(. A. 5M Western Mail, Du every Sunday, Wedneasday and by" a o the |Friday by 5 P. . , (o. ti n.l , CIoes every Monday, Wednesday aaa, nnd Saturday, by 9. P. i1I. T.eLakeM.i. at corn Tesdny, 'Ihurasday, an .via Saturdai, by 5, P. M. ...lnlixora/..- Closes eveary Moandc Weduesday s and Fridnva. nti A. c" y EXPI(ESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARII IVAL, DEPARlTUIlE, DISTANCE &c. of :he Express Mail, between Mobile arid New Yo k--leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northward Netw York daily at 5 P. M. Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distanne. Time. PRetaur'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 1!) n's 23 h 12 n. Colauatbu, Ga. 114 81 94, 3 a.m. Milledevillo. Ga. 2 133 141 21 p. . Cnlual,ia, S.C. 7l a.. 163 174 10 Raleigh, N C. 51 211 5 12 Warrnton, Va. 12 im. 55 ti4 6 f Petersburg, Va. 10 pin. 83 10 9a. Riehmond, Va. 1 am. 21 3 61 Fredericksburp, 8 67 7 11 p. m. 7 I Wslin9tton city, pm. 1 5 Baltimore, 6 38 4 01 Phildelphlin, 64 am. 100 11 2 1 New York. 2 pa. 90 81 1305 143 h. or 5d 231, Northward. Conmine Southward, the titm is six hours tlesns hing5 days andl 17 hours. lit,: time fLr starting in aeclt direetiou, i. in every ease hitf an ltour after the time i of arr al as notedl in tis table. Is 0r.1' offices at which til Ecxpres Mail is opened are New York, I'hiladeliltia, Wilminaton, it .'.i re Washington, Alexandria, Fredrric': hurgh, IRichmnond, Peteraslhure. illeieh, Favetteville, Columbia, Augusta, Milledgeville, Macon, Columbus, Montgomery, Mobile, dNew Orleans. SDiceauln Days. Mechanine' Bank, f Monday and Thursday. Conmercial do do 1, Orleans d do te Louisiana do do , Citirets do do l Atchafalaya Tuesday and Friday. Gad i light do do Unionl do do Carrollton do do Canal Wednesday and Saturday. City do do a Louisiana State do do a Conanlidated do do a Merchants do do F-change do , do BOOKa AND J01 PIIIN'ITING. Bunksa' .dreade Nulatchen street. ir HE proprietor of the 'rue Amnerican respertfualv a informs his friends.. and the public that Ihe hIas, in cmnnuetion witkr hie paper office a spltndid and most ex. e tenre assormunl t, for the printing oT CATALOGUE3, BILLS OF IAD ilt LABEL.S, I DRAY RECEIPTS, CARIDS, AUCTION and LEGAL NOTICES I SHOW BILLS. BILL FORMS, r FREE SCHOOL LOTTERY. S CLASS No. ii, FOIL 1837. CPPITAI. PRIZES. n $12,000. $4000, $3000, $2000, and i I of $100, &e. W II.L be drawn thin afternoon at atbout half past Sfour o'clock, at the Arcadle. 'Pickets only $5. e Packages $125, warranted to draw $60. Packanes of t shares an pro ortion; for sale in a great variety of num tbers, atthe Managers Office, 37 Gravier ,nd 10fi 1.-2 III Charters street. J K MEAD, Manager. 75 Number Lottery-12 Drawn Ballots. cr Prizes DI)ollars Dollars 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 I 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 to 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 4, 10 of 600 is 6,000 y, 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 is 22,800 126 of 80 is 10,080 126 of 40 is 5,040 Ay 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 10 i8 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,180 ..h. 27,814 amounting to 243,090 TIickets-whole tickets, $500; hl!rcs, $2 50;quarters $! 25. PaIkavnes of 5 T'ckets $125, warranted to draw at lent i l ', nld liuy draw tile four Cupitals. lIIckagee If clilre in prl-lporit i. For Tickreta i pv ait the Manager's offie, 37 (Grvier streer, adjoiningl the lentrance uint the hreadt, and 1061 Clhu tres,betiweel Cohtl and S.It. Loi)s t.M, 25J K MIEAD, Manlger. WASHING rTO N HALI,. BY lI'IM. I". II/AYtI.ARD. W IIERE he inltelnds epnreig ino exlpenlee or pains in tive satisfacthil to tthose whirI wish to luver hint with tih ir ip.tie ace. He hop a iby strimt Ittention tol eliareu t Ilclelel patronage. Hiistb hllltil bhe ir i sell with the tletal ie iirkeh ultlbrds. tit heoue is large and airy; rooms front of the Steam Beat landing, iiresentinlg a itie view of the river. 1ti 77 New Levee. )RIVA're BO.lKDING IIOUSE-.,o 73 CANAL STREE I, ,,ow cleuased, and reflurnished, ready t', receive boarters and tralrire t t i i eee "crr!sm,;t oceltlteres tlhil well kItuwu stand, tnr l Ilit their tn bl, wieea. and exertiaen to l.-oar, will ive general datiunt oftleose wishing to dtnet u'alucK will he rea dy. Gentlemnn wishit'e to be arved at this early hour, wi I pIlease ail and register their anaes. J. H. PADELFORD, jan30 W. H. DEPi.U AS broueht to the watch house of the 2d Meait palit, on the Nth day of Feb a pertldie Desk and Platedl Cator, eontainig 8 bottles. The owner Iv liruovig property and payingl the ex pense of t.!i ndlvertieteut, can obtaiin his pru~iertl. f13 H. S. HAR'ER, Capt. of the Wt i, It. Cunptruletir'eutfi.el.e .enud Mumip lilty, New Orleane, 2tth Feb. 1037. N OTTICE is herehby giveatulat I will adjudicate tn IL the highet bidder l on Wednesday the let day of iMar u next, at noon c.t my ofice in the Munieipal Hall, all the buildings ani olther o, ttruetiona itin rithe lines of La Fayette at eat, between Commerce antl New Levee atreet. sail a bstnruetionn to be removed within fifteen days alier the adjudicetion. Terme s at le. SETH W. NYE, Cantup't. S $50 IREWARD -dIT. L be paid fuer the delivery of 4 bale of Cotton 1V taken in mistake, or stolen tmom stealer Clai bton, ahaut the 27th January Ist whlile disthagning at the feet of Poydra street, I bala marked J. E. H. or J. H.; one hate I. H. Pace; bale 1B, and Itl I). Filderbren. Fifty dollars ill I e paid for the delivery of the cotton (and lity dollars for the apprelension af the thief ifretole.t) out aplieation to Capt. Barrett, or to F.b. 21. KELoY, MASON & CO OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanslip received, and for msle at their permanent Writing Academiest. No. 8 Clratree street, New Orleans, 189 Broadway, New York, Dauphine 4t., Mobile. It is particularly designed for private learners, and Ihools, and is calculatedl for parasns ofal a .ll a Ladies and gentlemnen are invited to call and exanline the system far theuteelvees. LKessona are given at s ih hboses as may slit the eonvenience of all, aud to clasee formed in anty part of the city. Ladies sho prefer itcan reeeire letaons at their own residetnces. Persons paying for one eourse of lessons are desired to attend until they write as n ell as they wirh. f2 - tDOLBEAR & BROTHERS. _tRENC H BRA--N-DY "-.2.5 lfplipes; 5 qr do; and 5 bbis do, direct importation,land from ahip Judar, rom Bordeaux, fur sale by J VAIRIN. feb20 26 Poydras at. N FIL--250 kegs ast iron nails for e le by I fek23 REA . &. BARSTOW, 67 Graoiar st. Ut ANDY--l6 hfelfpipe., fir sale by IUI 23 REA S D &BARSTOW, f7 Grevier at. -e23 READ_ iSTOW,f67 rrn, ier at. ae.oreH upriA b II r & BARSToWi & fl3 .7 ra ir ..o6 Grr street. I ftdbR0 ,E , 44 New Levee. rcasks for rtIh ie rON AVERY do Co. C'tOFFEE-SlB00haee Rio ncotee of flie quality, in Sstore and for rete byr P20 ItG mtiT l & 114AVTtIORN,63 Greavirr t. I. )U1)Uit i bVIIKlt.eK Y-ALtrIllus. flouraad )l bhls. -l whisktey aindfiug, atld fir ideI by 20 JUI.IUS VAIRIN. 6 Peydras st - L AKD-694 keg' landilne, fir sale by S fO0 JU.IUS VAlRIN,'26Poydroa st. -- lIAN)Y-Tien lualf Ipes Srgtettu anud 10 Iha!i l pipe It)prey branity, in itlre anl for sane by 10 BOiEtIT don t'AW'T1iOltN, 63Graviev at. 1 •ULK I K-- I00,1100 Ills Bulk Turk (huig rouei 'aB.ilig trotm teamer Altn,, and lilr sale by feb20 i SI.Ot&.BYL:NE,t 'ctlchupttultltst. 9_.ULK P iRKi5--0 ,0lt I' a e ullk Par', (hog round) Inl ding fr nuti slauie Chtilitot, aud for ell,- lby '"eb 2u 'EL T."L.T I(NE, 153 luirhonpitoitln at. IM --F.Sco casks Thnmnatnn l.ime, landing from .1 er eteMadawka, atnd flir sile bv lab 10 ,. & J. IP. WHITNEY, t Conti st. j -EtIttRINi --Si0 bilhls Ni. l E ettiert llorriigs l Inlding from it ri Lineolh,:ftir sale by feb20 S. I. 1'. WHIITNEiY; 8 Corti .t. ) OTT!.ES-Wine nud Porter, non Ionrd the ship 88 Wilnet, for eoe by n. t V 11 t. C.CAIMdACK d Co. A AI.r-fi60 eheks fine Saltoni iloard the lIroyal \V'il - Siham, r ale by 11i. C. CAMIACK & Ci. fe l, 2t) ttre Gravier atre'*!, 4=IttN.-l-t5seek mcoi rntlanding this d.y, foln itcant 'tI er Alton, ad fIr sale by f0O (ililViT & PAIGE, 12 Paydilrat t. Jj.l.,OUIR-1t00 learrela of Gills rand, in iluadsome -" shiplping order, fur oltle hby fO G. DORSET, 44 New I.etver. , ILttt--' likeg' tred, landinu g fron aeatlleer Ceo oU teree, foratile by " F:AF I, ADIt-- 14 hkgs ruc'v'd ptr etenuamrCharlen - teut, for sale by SA31'L SIATER, _' 42. Po3draxat. U.1 lv ,cUI tK-510tl tteigct Polk iunding ex t tcrurf s Chatiton and Rnonvlick. fr eale by r _r t(,4TOr PAIGE, I2 Pt-'r/e at Brown & Co's Circur. OPEN EVERY EVENING. The following Artiats will make their appeanance during the season, viz: Metsrs. RTICKNE I NORT7' ROGERS, LE VI, . lAY, MA TEER. LO IVRIi, .VINANICH, JEFFI(1.):V VAIl., FELIX,,LONG; aHooter., LIPMAN, and CONKLIN, and Clown, Mr. U. BYRNES. All efficient bhd of Music is attamhed to the eatablish ment. I]l)ors open ntn qnarter after 6, and per form nnseer to comence at 7 pr.ciaely. Ad.uittance-lltoze, $I 00; Galllery 50 cents. 122 t . &: .0. Al, lN &k d. No.41 CANAL STRnETr. d ILL buy andl ell on commission the stocks in the varios Iaoks and Insuraonce Companios in th. city. Also the stock of tile Itank of the Unilted States Cllecks at sight or short sight, n large or sotall sums constantly for sale on Bostorn, Baltimore, New York, Foaotteville, Philadelphia, obi Clarleston, Mobile. Mississippi and other Uncurrent Bank Notes bougth also American and Foreign Gold. tno S2 J. T. & S. BROA DW .LL. I*holesale Grwers a fadmsdhais .uYLrewse CINCINAJITI, OHIO. Advances on consignment to the above house by J Mi BROADWELL &CO. j30 56 Magazine street. Walton Wailker C C (No.17 New Lee.) BIRMINGHAM & SHEFFIELD HARDWARE. D OMESTIC HARDWARE of every description . English, Sweediah and American lqr iron ofevary dtescription, castings, paints, oils, genuine Cologne mill IV stone. 1124 in Mr. Barton . PROFESSOR OF ELOCUTION, ID ESPECTFULY announces to the pnblic of New I. oei.on thst he has resuoled In pratetiee in the abveno necessary oranerh or and romfeslitnal edu cation. Stludents visited at tlheir residenee, or relevrd at Mr. Barton's roolu, No 14 Circus street, whim. particlrars may b aocertained. n7. L B Elanchett AUCTION & COMMISSION MEIRCHANT has lrtentallished himselfin the alove business in NatchJ ao, which will he carried on in its various branches. Consigntnents for naetiot or private sale solicited. at Refer to Brander, M'Kenna & Wright, New Orleans, - Alfred Cochran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli Montgomery, Noteh of . d2-1v Doyle & May, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS. N . 3 CATnNDE.LFT STREET. oil r JAMES BAILEY. 0 T ORWARDING MERCHANT. j2 XNo. 42, Poydras street. 0 Mr. T. Bishop, A RTISTE at St. Charles Tnhetre Teacher of 10 -A French nadl Englisil Siingig, the Spanish Guitar, 0 &c. The Guithr is a delightful taccompaniment to the voice, and may be aequired in a few oaeons, dt 2 10 Cardl to ha left ati Mr. Coeev's store, 17 Cmop st. 0 Dr, M'Farlane's )0 TNFIRMARY and Private Chambers,cornerafPoy. 10 1 ol and Circau streete. n8l 10 LAYTON & CO. 15 0hl oLeveet t. FtIItEIGN . l)()~I msrl( IIARDWARE, 0 Iron, teel, Coatings, Nails. Anchors. ohains, Cordage 0 atd I general assortetor tt r Ship Chadlery., 10 d t_-2t 0o 4. L. I'lough--Dentist. No. 78 ICaal street, between Royal and Bdmrbon stroet.l II1(rs of nttleotltlan froot !I A. H. Ilnltil 5 P. M. 10 -. A. CI) I EfN & C O. rs INTELLIGENCE AN') GENiERAL AGENCY OFFICE. 0t 1ol lI t. 6 .flamsn.ea)rCe Orleans lf iIhogriaphic Office. DIIIEIC7'I.Y OPPO'SIT''E BAN K'S ARCADE, IN MAGAZINE STREET. U;XECUT'l'I) with nearness and despatch, and on roasoallo mrlenms; Plans of Real Estate, Circulari , Bills of Exchange, lBankCecks &e. In levcer valiet of style. Lithographic l Map, also lIe executed, from deeds, ineoranlldn' &.., for those persons who have no pro vioas plans, by i. ROVES,& Co. M. MN'Int. % ilO, rocK IE:xcIIAe BRtoKn, Ezthalge iBildlinga, Roy strelet. New O,Ic.os, Mny '2. r led AprilLd, 8;85. Ca pital 500,000. Dill ECTORS. Ctlot; Bnsoos, Ple.ident. t TI-no. Barr-tt, EtdlnOd J. Foetall, Jten E. Hydoe, IHenry I). Riehardsoun. Joa. A. Jnarrelli, James Grnmeshawr, John Whitelead, Secretary. [f3 Thia company wilt insure flte, marin and liee risks and guarantee bills of exchange and pro. misn. notes at their office, ill the Exchange on Royal atree adjoining the Union Baook nr r' J. VIIITEHEAD. se v. PACKAGE HARDWARE &c. FOREIGN & DO M ES'l'IC. LEVERET7T Jr T'IIOMAS. Commnislon a lerehnh W 13 IIhooD sramer, NErw.Y.ltl. HAVE an hand and are constantly rocevilng from Englando l nGermany, a at I sapply of Hard Sare goods which are ofered by the pekanck at manna actuers prices. T'Iir ,resent stock eensists of 160 casks Cnrolioa Hoes, as''d 220 do, hlilgt traces do 3' do logchoioo do .22cases ongliwh f.owling gune 76 do Gernondo do 12 doCross cut saws 25 casks edge tools, aos'd makers Sdo nlill files do do 17 do p , pocket, and dirk knives 11 do table cutlery 17 do brass kettles 88 do hra. chiteaner oandlesticks 10 do hooks and binges 8 do wlod srews 6 ca es piols, ass'd 50 lons English boiler plates 70 ceks soieet zinc 4500 boxes tin plate, assorted sizes, with also a good supply of American hardware. Orders will receive prompt attention, and executed at lowest pricesn. jen 30-3m2aw K . 1t. W. ELLIOT', of tihe St. Charles Arcade 1.1 Restaurat begs leave to assure his friends and the public, that his establishment continues open for the reception of visiters, for whose gratification and comfort ne has spared no pains to obtain, at all times, the choicest and lostariedouppliesortbe'mearket. His wine cellar Is well stocked with the finest wines ofGermnany, Franceo Maudira, &e. &e. As to tihe irparation of his nidoP fare. he refers gent mleen who 0ave before favored him witl, their trcoenee, to tteir past experieeeo, and to strangerI hIe would nmrelv extend a ki0t inviltation to come and taste for themselves, il thte ttl araurance be and they shall become intimate ilends. While thue. settitng firtb his el.lna as na Remtaurat keeper, he would snggest that he is prepared to accnotodate a number of reKular hoarders p.d lodgers. Ilia rooms are con fortabhle and eiovcetlt. As to priees, he refers to hin bill of fare fee an exnposition of this important part of hi creed, inu tie belief that its provisions will be cheerfully subscri ed to by his custoners, as quite reantable for thib latitude. feb7 lD ACKEREI.--'14 hall barrels Nos. 1, 2 snd S I mackerel lanling from selonter Caiboan from East, and for saloe by BOGERT& HAWTHORN, w1`2 l3 Gravier st. SAe''OR OIL-T*'enty-fie barrels cold prensel V cantor oil, a snprier ar tiu-le, in store, and for ale bDy BOGERI T & iiTAWTHORN, Nil 63 Gravitr st, A RECEIVING Teller is wantedl for this institution, 00i0doflars. Applicants will please address foeb20 R J PALFREY, Cashier. SNo debts contracted e r by tilh cre.s the e hilps WILMOT w ROYAL \1 ILLIAM will e pamed by ple master t' cenaig nesr. II. C. CA iMACK &, Ca, p-- cle iaket ship MISSISSIPPI frotm New York, is now disehocring opposite tile Vegetalble Mar kot. Consignees arer~lgneted to attend to the receipt ol'their good . fn 2' L-J8i. 0OlffIt.egs junst reeeived and for sale .LA A. II. WALLA'CE & tO. Feb. 21. Bank AIIoy. DJ"Tho consionee of 15 Ihloe almonds, tarkred I. per bhrge Condor, frim New York, (shipped by Bald wi & Co.) will plese call nod receie them fr 12t READ & BARS'I'OW,9 Granvierslt, FORI TEXAS. Capt. HAI.L cill Inave on 'l'uoesday the Ohlt inst. foe Texas, ild all those belonging to'hisuinpanyor those that wioht in Ij' Iilm, are requested to cll at the Conm. i1nl1 Coffce House, at thie upper cottoe prns, Iprevious tO'lll ndny,nt 12 o'clock. tel 20 J. '. WV, IIALL, Cap. T. A. 'NPENMANIHHI P. D OLBEAR & 11BRO'11IIEl'S SCIENCE OF PRAC'I'ICAL I'ENMANSIHIP, to ihielh is ad. tied a conpllcte ysteme of pen nta ing with a chlim graphic alias ot twent}-fuur entraved pllter, Just re eived and far sale by Il'UTIIKISS & Co. Sfeb" 22 21 Chartres st, IIoTCHKIS & CO. J OOKSELLEILS, Slt;ltiner, Printers, and Blank ..Book Muntna eturcre,24 Cbartres ,trl't. Blantk Uloks made Illl to ldr, and tuled to any pattern, Book and Job lPrintillg exrcuted willth neatne and de. k IIISEY,-sO lhle, hlahdiog Ifnt l steamner I'ost S Iioy, end fr sale bE Feb. 21. "LAYET & AlItEI.UNG, 1'o l. hIIl:lts OH GROG SIIuiPSl E the nndtreig,.ed will lanoluten e to tumst I)( orlly of the Low. :11 .a+ns ltl l lingour e.' g'ros or 1i.000 In tr enulloy Stlitirbnua Lquora. fLb 14 IITE .e FOLEY. To Ie drnv in New- .r!tcre, n ~;ratatdo', tt.:cb

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