Newspaper of True American, March 22, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 22, 1837 Page 2
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m 1I15 d . . A ll:dr i. o; #1tVi 410 T5I-WEELY., AT BaSixe' AR - ,º eoa5c or tue seSe AP insATcRecZ CTf. $iarra, as JOHN GIBSON. aItateftl ma'd IBald. NEVW.ORLEANd: h W3DNEsDAY MORNIIY(l.....,....Mtrcoh 22, tIT, A ' e eC tw topirespod-ent at Washingtin i.forms ut bt lllp hai been tcolrmed as min- - atert Wheaton as minister to Proasin; and ,I Secretary of WIar. The Presi *deat has enferrbf the appointment of Secretary f of tle L.nd OSce, on his second son Abraham r Van Burse. Ho is to his privatte secretary, sad Grand Chambertt. of -the liousehouII. Poor Donaldton weit offin a raze at not getting the War Department., It will be remembered, that ha proveaJ trenchetolt to Calhoud, on the first esplosion of Jackeon'a cabinet. He I as now re' eeisae itbrd of hhi trenchery,-'twas Van Basaettdq caught him in the toils. Jackson K wants tl'itss him to the Senate the last night efhis-wsn4I Ki. tbams, will go to Vienna as iaiiaisy so.Aisit $o lndt's rhlSuckingham! If &4t3 ton ~ eQsee. to Algiers or Constantinoplil trhat. .titsng it would be to the country. The principle of rotation in office is. to be car' 'led E h titan some of the faithfel likelts the ot etaries are to give away to new so eoaIIt s i lntets are put in traa. Blair " aues I1a isp tlprm. eportt All the fine tli beat Everet'. cotmiei to the city as official It ehas ". esd an idle stoiry. We are assured by our oere#aendent, that he has never been thlought of for stlati0ton, Van Buren will have fit instru eamena trot learned ones. Yet, Blair is but a i so~utfiei r miwill have to yield to a rival, whorsanmplythe villain, while, Ingo like, he can p '. a I ,peaple, the good people, that he is their sis rietd. Such Ie to be the game for the coming four years. Meantime, the President: has began, by pp.iojg for hie family We wonder whether the atltofe capabhilty will ever trouble Mr. Van~ieil n making his appointments. But the hqps ke snagly ensconced in ofce, si raul a. are now fairly under way. Let the er timinediately lend all his energies to get titles : 4ility conferred. The Constitution ie o t'hat instrument is long since obso, A ttgi the ninny schemes to make the access to eer poert frm sea easy to vessels dran tag any number of feet, we have one on our table propos ing to lightes ships over the bar, by meians of Ilt di an.Uber balloons filled with air, and drawn nin der .ater ilong side. It is about as feasible a plan as Capt. Chlarteeanal, or the pr-posed con finerent orile Mieipasippi waters to one channel Weendeeeiand that.Albert Stria, Esgr. has a re port da the subject of deepening, in preparation. Wt.lhW.wil it be put before the publil Will he lendhiexsperience and skill to the only possible planor:will he recommnend some new fongi, d aitchgse We sre anxious to know. By the by the obrsevations of the Beo yesterday mormng are to the point iS.question, W1e are glad to see that:~natbleprint is in favor of dredging. The dredge, dredge, dredge.-Let otr representatives do their duty. and all will beo right. Bya.sip from the Charleston Patriot, 3 o'clock P. M. 14rh inst. we learn that Gen: leeaup has sent to Gairey's Ferry fur 400 ;orses to renew the eam paigps. The chiefs did not come in according to premis. HIsaoatilities n'ere to have commenced on the dh inst. bi reference to our new culumns it will be seen that date are received at New York from Paris to the lt. and fronlLiverpool to the 3d ultino. A slipfrom the office of the Advertiser, 2 t' clock, Ilit inst. announces the ship Poland from lavre, to be telegraphed. She was far ou't at sea, and sailed the 8th February. By the next express we shall doubtless he in receipt of news to that date, from the French capital. t4 i lsybefore nur readers to-day, the very p'th ai: .~ 8teOf Vlan Bnrer's lnaugur.l. It is a tan.r lattonninio pore English, of tne .ae dt.liveored at Wlgdhigteinthe 4th day of March, 1837. We sep.joAt say it is from that txcellent, print, the Nep- Ytork Herald. a' unvoentiomn prevent-d us fromt attending the Retesan Monday and Tuesday. We should have begs glad to have published the results, had the ColoaJ frstiflhed us with the items, but we pre. sucla he fogot it amidst the hurry and bustle of hltrbsiness. From the same cause we are unable to saywhat is to be done to day. Report snya the eqlest is to lie between M tnmotuth and Antelope for the'service of plate. At nil event.,it being the lasit day% a crowd may be anticipated. alstt IET IA BAanrDeo,-thcse wnrds will hr apon'ehe tips of every admirer of fine music and fiqp.leneg forehe next two weeks. Tite im mldae house assembled td witness the first repre seoe a received the music, acting, sinine, dan. elellgatomime and scenery with enthusiastic applause. Nothing can exceed the splendor ofthlq prl4pction of Auber's. To morrow we shall no. tie. in detail the incidents of the piece, the mar. itr.f the actors, singers, and dancers and the claizs oftthescenery to being ranked as specimens ofhoe fine arts. En passant we cannot refrain from observing that the success of the whole Op .eraswreomspicte. The brilliancy of the last sce.n cesrnot be imagined;-it must be settt. ipleste's benefit on Monday night the 20th of Match 1837 will be ever memorable in theatrical p anals, as the occasion, on which was assembled : rgeat number of persons, nvereunvened with waitielll of a theatre, in this country. 'lie, s ea.rllwtard at the fall of the curtain in obcdienct lilie -call of the house and thanked the audl eUp for their kindness. 'II may be thought by same, that ther.e Le been more towns offered in mark et this season,than a Iley~ a rnarhfad htheir frirends and admirers ,i tai" eeh have posseefed their pt cular advantages .v-gj Atle.r\pot ofehnm will probably realhze the expectaeriwfs of their friends. There is one town now before the public to he sold on the e8th inst., in favor of which there ex .l iwmany pre-eminent edvantages, and against which there capt rine t it thire least objection. We allude to the town of [lurs rille. This town it bhatiWfullyiattuaed between Ne. Orleans and Careollton, and already has imlroivements on. il that rent for 05000 per annum. The ground is hiih and dry, and can be approached in fifteen treautes, from tihe cestre of business, by the Cnr. ralrtea rail rerad, whicit crosses it near the centre oraby the Nashville road, a branch of whichll is to p tthrough Hurstville, through its centre, frtom it hwest end of the town to the river. To insure th encessful construction of this intportant road ,thf proprietor of Hurstville has, with his well kpgpea liberality, rcserved a large and valuable Spdrca of thllis ton to be sold, and the proceeds iaVesfeil il thie boi:ding of this road. By this bulseh of the New Orleants and Nasthville rail r- i', cargoes of lumber, shingles, tobacco, cut tetl,r any other articles of production, can reach ass patrt.I Hurstville, sooner than more central . per~i e en'vCansal treet in New Orleans. Con, .·eu.estlyl as-property in IlHuatville can b be bught on a n.j . at oedtible and treaenat.le term.- it ,ill i t~J tt.eodlterilt of persons he may dt e till. tf.Or leuabsr yurdr, brirk yards, tabae .,cotton pressee, end mtnutacituring o( all Lindre, to imakle purchanes in iifwn. jam- been Lail toff On Gr.nd Isle, kno.wn as Lnafiltt' retreat, now Meatessndeavour, the ilace is leauti heathy,.a-itdGrend hay is a flitn harbor for h p s ,1avinl Ig t ret of water on the bar. " l.f ionl 40 or 00 miles distant from New Shoul eroe a conlltutnicatin be er. tabliiheladt.tweea thit city ad New Orleans, of which there is the etroagret probability, it wi'l ter commence on the lMlssi-aippi, nearly p-loeite llorettillo-. Into hort view this proporty its we tnnmy anob i t olters inducements for investLment, unsurpassed by any town yet offered in the market. A Et-reD To E-.rrtisrt. Ik. BROWN, THE 'TEXIAN tPRISONER. iBaazant., (TeFxaoel ',b iI, 1837. To the Editor of the Ttne .American: Sir-Daring my sl ot o sjenurn in ris place. I have had the high graoiientitll of beemrie inti ately nrteqtaintt d with Air Reulen R lrwn, one in of the Texian who alraped from Mlua- t snorao in Dreemberltett, and of hear no from I is Pr twn lips a recital ofsinome of the perils hIt has en teoant re:l. The plea tre I received was greatvl I enhanced by the uaffletldi mdristy t ,r ith which thisy touIntt.iie itlcmln matde disc eomlunientions Io ome. le is by no panns n trumpeler of his owni r name. On the contrary, 1 drt nassert that you niilght associato with him a mtetht without re reiving from him any intimntion of it a heroism hehns evinced in bottle, or the fortitude with which he has endured the mosl hitter calamities.. r, The facts I hnve oblained from himt were liciited only ly my direct enquiries; and, theugh he ren dily gave me, in the Iemat polite mannetr, an)y in-. formatior I ansked, yet I doubt whether he woull I harve doier s, had he know n trhat I intended t I to inake n publication. I IlhBi, hon cver, that a mlnute ace ,unt of tihe prerils h aexperienced in the I c uoe of liberty, ought to Ie givien. It will I C nothing more than Iustice ti bkxwelf; it will be c into eas tet to )oar reader., and it may he ser vicable to Toex?, by exciting othern ito eeouse a c.use which hos already given rise to deads of ru tlr w.rtIly of the lbst days 1o Starta. I have met I ditih rcreral geritlemen in this ct untrv wholi krIew Me B in the United Slateo, and tilirnecounts o:.tystrengthen nimy ndmiratin of is cl arnerer. Thn wai horn and raised :ear Colum:lbus, Georgia, where his father still lives. He is repretsented to porresra ot.e:ly superior cou-age and fo',ri:ude, but uncommon physical powt r, and ns to all t1l Ssports, all eff rts of manly streno ,th or aclti he is said to have few equals, anld perhaps no superlor,. Whrn the small party of Texians under John son, were deleatnd at S nn Pairicio by the ovr whltelinrg nuinhers of the ene.Y. (which event took place on the 281th tt bruoty, 18313.) Mr Browni was lhout 35 Imiles rfl i that p.nce, r:connoitierinr heO country tlong the Rio Grandeo. lie nos it] co.mpany with Dr (raoot and his party of 23 mein. The whole party,28 in all, advancId totward Stane P.inlrcio, withtlit i nlowto;:.r any thingoel the dinas ters of the 2lth, anr' I hont any knowledge that the enemy were inl ilho.r neighiborlhod. 're Mex ivatls however, holinriltg of their approach, were plnaetl in Anihusea :fd eight rleles flm San PatTl cia. W\Vhen they came up, Brown end f:irant, who were riding a short distance ahead of the mten, Sere suIfTred to pass unottIlestn d; but as soln ht s the othels reachetd thentbulls ende, thle erlte filed Ipl n thlrm. Bruton anltd Grant inllllndll atly -whn l ed thir it horse, and there, surroutlltldid by hundredsl, this little hand i iight with d h peri tion, de:liti ideath on It all i.s, and tever thi:iikig of t a etrialtn until 2S of their numbthr wrrr mnasricred. 'ltie rtemaini;g two, ont the 'erjeit of this epi.tile anid the other the con trander lel Ith ptart)y, ,ttellllotlE to escape ; but tiles, were si o hniit bers ast I tindn : it a hopeless efnort. The anlilantt Doctir noitn lll! the aMexican oficeri rutuamni their swordrs euo through hi.s doel d iody; tltnd titow the. llndauntrlllr Brown was left alone. He had no olher wloeaprl tlhal his gun and pisitols, an with these r e i i l I led eight or iooe: but it was, ileo' as i he na to" !.ad while iid .ig. tie totll itm i that if he ello hai had a sword,. Ir cou!d h/ave killed 50 ,or G to his flight. At Iength lie geinrtle pt ssesion oi a lanlce, which'he toick froui vonIH o l el t enemy afti r all ardluoul stirug nlle, t n whic! he received Irom i he Mexicalln a lsvere wound in the anrll. Sh I ulter shot was fired at hit, I tot they touched himill not; thrust after thrust was made at hllm with lthil lances, but Ihe panried them all; and we ti the to merity of that liexican wnlrn dt:ld to cinete itto close quarters with him. Ile threw his pistol to -the hler of one who was rttititg near hiltt, ald ihe thinks, it klillid him, for bi hernd oei med to ht split open by the ltbre with ahich it wa driven. tithers he ktocked off their horses with the butt of his gun. D respair,in horlt,orecn d rto have tci ven him strength morI e itan ordilt)y, (ltor Ie has n iaturally Hl rculcan powers.) H-e expected everi tnoienttto I i(., and1 he ,was (dr erln.i d IO slay as many of thein as possible during the f'ew rnoments he t surviveud. t'he Mexicans, finding every cflort to kill or eapture illn unsucceasl tl, ndopted iI pl i. tol take hitl, whish, orolllllt as it Iina I with thei , cnt-n anot but ex ilte a In . ile iith the Antirinan roadcr. This pien was, to throw over hlotI the famous rule, the larrielle, (1 do not know w ihe .r I spell it cor rectly,) which you are awar eye heyr handle wia s. Ston;ishlng dextity in the chalie. W kVi these rpes they at length secured the intrcpid Brown; S but the I ertiless cowards ~or tiollled, evI illte ohe was tied, to nnrl y hiti with their tlllo s, antl would probably have butcherei d him, had net nn ,litlr coll ae up and ordered thel i Ispate 1 hi life. ('ito be ct.ontt -l.) - By the Government Exrpress. ENGLAND. Dr the packet shinl Oxfolrd, Cnptvin RaItihonie, at New Yoik, March I Ii t, from ll ivdrpnol, w fher a she silred Ihe 31 February, advices are received up to that dare. Captain D Ilna of the ship Roscne, d:et1 on Iehr pa sse of his vessel II ILivrrp.lm, and was interred in that city the 3d of .Fe.ruarv. i'ar'i'rent was opened b" comminsion. The conlmssinnvrs were tlhe Lord Chancellor, Arch hishop of CuanerurTt. Marlnqrts ofi Landdduwne, L rds 11Ill ourstle and Dutnrtane tn. The Duke of Wellit.ghr in the dehutu on the address to the Kine's speerh, animadverted wtith great severity on Daniel O'Cv.inell, and his hating r vived t r Naional aserointion. Sime litiie sparring iok pinace or the subject or the quadruple creary, in which it twes contind Ihat the provisions of that document should be faithfully ovserved. Thnrmlns Alexander Fraser, Esq of Lovnt, and a native of Snth! Carolinaile, has in ae d tu the Peeinee under the title of Baron Lerant. IHe rnr rerrd upon office the day of lpecinet of the Lvrds. The e..p'ure of a B:itis nl mercant vessil by a Russian mian of war , 'lie catci of (i'r a:i ini the plack Sea has C r 1 quite a Sr s tip v lonn Livdvn. But the oef-l ,i anccunt given by sti Russian g1bvri.nI vlm nt lt) es II;,It t!ii vc.eel had ond boh rd r articl sexpcressly prohiiiied by the Rulsar, :riff, from beit inig introduced into thie piora I the Black eta. 'The, saizure wnas perfectly .nit, atil n hin .' wille he done bby the UBitish sovern:nent. The itflunv an still prevaitls to a frif hful ex'et in L dodon. 'erse::s whose lullasure the last di sensed, are sure Ito fill a prey to this epidemic - Mr Joseph Sabibe, the distinvinthed natulatist, Lady Codrtinton, and Lads n;hi!ey, are ailong the Inst viciims. The duradon of this i idirnse is fcli 36 h;urs to live dacs It he the crisis cones on. The vwi liamr htr whule wr Iks has hbi nlin. bick and glhinity. It has Ibat f tall in and arould ra itetW lli+, at tir in'gh it . I ool, lli .tiv r, i1 t w ,, ,. ..La .r. ... . . :> vr... r,, Chudlhigh,'iertoun, Teinmtuh, Yvrmiutlh, Scarbornt i, Editbutaigh, Pierth, Dulmf iin, .Glis gee, te'r,i and to thle Smhth fi D vun. T'irle sliamb·l , ill ars ml de lvl ir way withoute al \ d flie lty through the drifts of sne , n t ,. N, aw CU.stlennd Cntisle rail way, at lih Co.rant thus, where it lay mno than five IeCt thick. FRAi NCE, By tlie panket ship Si;vra de tcasse, from fla vre, td Feb. at Newn York the IIth inst-ant, adi i es from Paris, ure received up to thr let Fi b. The King has had a Imuh of lih influunza. Thit miiiiary hkpinlas were.ctowded tvaith pm,i, nis, and the Chnnam ber of Deputies c, uld earer Iy nlmake a quorum, Il was not so fatal as in Ernglfid. Ac. "u sni/ as disel ssions were going mn bllli tile law esatl Itshing theapparnae of tihe Duke iof Or leans and the Queen if Belgnm. It was co n reided that IDuis Philippe had saufficienly p ro vided for his chtildren the day leflre he acceUTed tihe crown. A eta-lping clerk at the [Iost oiice of Bsancneot had his ihed shattler'd d i the cxplosiun of a letit containing fulir nating poiii er. It wtes said iIn ie n trick uf his wife's sister, foIr or eing his wife's Iciterts through a fit of.jealousy. T'he pireparatiuts frr the in w t xpdition n aainst Constanlne were going on ainpidly but had nlr yet beenll cntpitl_ d. A ceturier has been desl;Pathed by the (;overn ment to their .iitiuiter Unranre at St Pi:es r igh, to deluitand tof [:.lssi, explanations of certnalltn . fetsive remariks in tre tlicial journ at 'I \l vriei on thie dbatres in the Chriimber uipon the add, as. Several ol tIhe u inor til t aIrs nvci cle,.d is Pa-s. lis n e lun.llt of the it tors ai.d litlseu is octiIn laid up with the epidemic. T'he gioerntrienti are v.i ig to dimllinit h_- i oE tillt , ithe unt uant of sunit..iii i.l i t .il I'Pls. It appears that the ilet s bad rr d it, see:; subslhtence in any w'n',\th.le ihrv w, t plan e.oned. S.tu;le of th t were h nmiwn at Ikeep tIv ,ar ix ,f their cOunltry.Len i.s servants, i mte r 4eive thtir subsidie. Major Henry Lee, of Virgin n, culsrr if the Lile ul Napoleion, editor of an English paPer it Pariis,nd well kuowl as the writer Tf the h tter< signed Jeff aid , publilshed in th:s c~ulntry dalung Jackeon's tibat canvass, died in tne ca,.itul on the 30th of January. A Royal ordinance innouneea tie paymelnt iu the 5'h instalruent of the idemrirtiu to illte Uitr i States. The amount wilh intelesi is 4,229,099tr. h0e. SPAIN. Bareelona has been vtei ad with the horrors of a mob, but by th! firmneass of GCen Ple.t, norler was retsoreJ. The hostile artus:s r ar t r.i. it, ,toVwmnt since the relief of Bilbon. 'Tlle wenihrr in Splai has been very colI, accompanied by hea yf Ilsof slnow. The Cor:ez werediscussing eele i,,stical ref ,rmt s. A dvtees frtl+m n l ad il state that rle miuistry will be broken up. Not nuch cOlti 1nc1e is plac1 d in the ruiner Frtone the N. Y. letnld. th 'BY EXPIRESS FROM WASHINGTON. Leat revnini our Express froll Wrsbhinoton nr ried i tn 10 minutes past elven, brinine wllh himl the follLrwileI, d-cument, a copy of which ll ns procurrd e y Ihe great influence wtieh our pri- a eel ,.erreplnde nr "ICold Wilal'"l has witlh the Kitchen Cat.lutl. Nothin furthller eed he snid. Read l nlu riiler-I-ibe nhldeln nro is nrtoulrehlling. ORIGINAL INAUGURAL ADDRESS. Gelntemen of the Senate, and Iloue of Repreeentatilee:- itaviin heen called by the pIwerful vni'e of the C -Democratic party, and in pursunnce Iof its Ild velo Irable lusages, to preside over the United States, for the tertm of four yoers ensuing, salary $ 5.000 a year, I cnnot meet you, genmletene, without Mtkilngt full and frank disclosure of IlthIe prin ciples which have alneavs luidelId me tlhrurgh life. frem t1he ti:st peritd I trundled Ito market a whreel barrow wsith cabl.ges, ill hitlderholoek, till I now ltam trudling the six and tw1en1ty cabbages of tIhe lni n toe a lieter market and for hieiher prices. On 10alv founelr oceasions I nhve indeed b.en clear rllnd explicit on these principle, as it is my tlirl alwaysl to be; but just now I shall be frank and full beyondl cll ;trmer examples. t"lo t the rec'1nt 'xLr sasion of public opin;on, as shoevUl ill y election, it is evident to nll, that the sncred andd unalienable ights k of the Sntes rlteiut be sttictly and carefully gu.ided. Iloted tbh' pineiple whichl wre Ive inherited from1 T'hos. Jef fersol, tlhat AIstlo of democracy, is the slice, Bnechor of Iour Union. Nt bt that the federal gloCernment muset also be preserved in all its power ,anld f-,8e, Pi1 as to give consistency to sat'Ie rights. In the EIOuth, nhd 5smtlh W0est partilculrly, this doctrine taut Ibeslrictlly adhred to. In t111, norlth re ul tr nomlintious suppily the placee oltinte riehte, ind preserve, te ascendnley of thie delleadraotc parly with utr themll-. On Ithe snhjec of the Taliff, ler is have no dif. ficult,. I have . al s been ill Invter of a juldiciour ti;rif whiokh Ioltllr tI. , mri s ntteo t-tan Ra lily south--taiff in New Lthglnnd-anti-lartlf in New York city-tariff in Penlnsyvlv lni;-anId anti-orftl ill tie Sulth-West. Tlhet, is nothing like cunder and rimpllicity inl giving eopinions on great pl.lieii Abolition is nlso a very knotty sphject. Ad dlrssing mlyselfl ti the rlltiltous voters of Ithl 1eol th, I at clearly of nritinin that Ihe generanl iovern r1ent has the right and authority I Sle ry in tlhe District of Cnlumnbina-obu, I.eling with Ithe other eye at tle state of our fliends ill Ithe Sith, I alt Ilno sture bllt that if Cong ress were It no'eu1t ;t, it woultl be a k crsI s vihlial ri of the (ons+itlon. It migt gatend it 1eiilt not-btit iln III !bh.- opinion has dlvelopvd itself more full', I th:n ouir sotuthero friends o!u ht toi bi SntIltlild with th iites at N. York, P,,ilhd, lphia, and else whlire, bh wlich ito ipro,eorly of lite btlack were Idesrot ed, thi. ir lives putl in j iardo, and tlh ir slip.rhits on:rag, I, by thie not.f bk oterrien Rnod 'who ' ine4 prtwhreeoln the demnr.eralic party. 1I it is i oneasteTr to give furller sIisfaltion to our iil, Itts ;t t Itll sourt bt fore tour next election, wt. .tll le nF'a few mnore riot r at the north. Burine the na:cmbra;ncy of the demtorrnite par', we have ttaho'an hlllIo- stck on callI fully setp pyi any det and. On tthe sjo let of thie United States Bank there is n:o dtfiiuui. lpy predecessor has destrtoy d Itlat ai,,-itolcrtlic i itntoa, ad thus cleared-aw ty the rublbih fi+r the erectli n ofn new bank, narlnr ired on c lol'craticl principlese ntilely, alll nv.i i tmlr all the aentereriek lendeneicaes which thle Irn. oril nd. It is not time yet to igin o ath ht eivte ,iy dhliiet ltIs ti, t11. og n s litf democracy, Ill c all Ia eltr U.ilted Staeslt :Ink,,lof fifty mnilhlt s ,'pIilul. All ,.ur hi,.nds in Now York, who are Im, of I tll iscal part ngi e o tilt oIIverllnment. anod "evcrv" our late chi lt, nite in favor I it-and r ady to cme out when thed bt II rin s, like tiioli Pr sillnrl tlnkes. I hinrl a grnt bhak at New Yot:k, an:d lotler et tcw Uo lIans, would unswet itr n!ll tose very Iell. I nlwajs have lben, andelwao s will be, opnosed to the plia ,in.e tf banking-- ut I ive ; lye y ib eut favrablle to Ii practiceo. It is only in Ot 1a1y that Iwe can kp Lip tascendency of the deio.ratit party. Uionkitng if nll kiids-paperl onlty ul o. ty iornli, is unconstitutinal and oiln jest in prineit le- lut ill placl,.e it can he made i l'y ulllsefnl and ceIVlieni instl:-lIment llor kelp , g ii the p1iy tgelltclllr , nid fIor carrying the Itce rins. (Gd and s:lvltr undoubtedt y Are the only ous lillltionni currency, but a leguitr delnlcrainll Lrrllen y is a dilffir.h t ihing. Sice our late vie . , ruble P'r bidtni IoO .mnl e ilto Ilia the pilcipelt.e "f hBnking has beIn verl y orre, tiev ond prop~erly put down nd repudiated , ntd ep ciail i th1e caise of the United Stols B.enlk; I1t t hrio n1teh1 for Ithe cIountry the practice has incren<e , Iiote an eagr cnrate bank cneinal in 11130 of 15I nld,,s, 0 I 500 millions in 1837. I trust we ihall contit:ice his coI rse of opposi tion to Inoting in lprinciple, blut in tavor of it in practice. It is tle oiily conslitutionali or detlllt | eratic coutr . . I krave bee very ann\isus ofelore to find out tllr rue deml.craric print ilh ona the suaject of the it'I: rlrds. I have not ret sucieeded, but I irAer I hall very soLnr, particularly aifter n Itw tlc -aionsa lil h, ive , .'been decided in the wr sartll latrvs. In I r owt state, Niew York, I 'aai hles' it t srtri nay wtirith ka l\VLt.l.e d e o lil teru lpr ar - -iple ofd, me ersy on public aIds, village hi,, water !prlilees, an. d all lucJl voluanlh thinls Befloe the c rnals of New York were laid out, our i~ ds purchaseri all hie est vill,_re sites tlhru l.h ait the lier, nt che atp prices. I mtrsrlf Inid ina od trlstock of lots and water rower privi'e rs, in Il town of Oswelgo. O(ther tltll toik for fers, :hen cortillat to Ille by nmy' praciive. As the dem .crtic party hd trie nece.nd ncy in tilhe legis'a: turer, we nvt a r'. e itocratrlC di rec ioto the li ereti, l a ta'id Inyig out tlhe enat ls. '1r t lint's run through mur lots, and in a fe w years rheir valhr iure, rso n 100, some 200, saote 500 per cent. over he ;riginal cost. But this was nor all. fMy democratic S ,fety Fu, d 3rink syster llal si Itlen invenledr, n ild Iech ol f thosi e vilihoes required a r enoiraie bink with which : ' transact its business. Biv this mieans the val. ae ol' prrerrtt\ , lot, evetry thilor, has risetn Le enrtl in N\ew Yiik. Tfhe state hais become lich, hid ihe dtiemcratc r )artry has becunia completely aur ana iz d and permlullnt. Now' I tlhitdlk 0 it m e SIeP opernlion rnr hbe per frlmed in the itwes ern startes. leann of lur frite nd hanv been Irllllitig comlpanire, purchn ing hle s, and lail r in ra slock at titwus, unci ,r, and vllages. In a short liar', when they shall hcle lar d ia n 11ti sll ply it will be full time to di lone of the rest of th- pIhri Innds ' o squtl itls or to i reeta l he am to tihe tiltc 'r toI do any th' itu wilh lthe', d aou plac I sh,,i be a i. : e.nire-y .v Cr C - its. The derlo'intaic parry hating th lis lchi're, the enr i' ra's ry t'ke tha e tremind'r. 'lhir, how.vaer, I shall l eave to your ifuture wis This is n Breat cmime(eici] age-- ramt front i1 ra rt co mcrm l .ta' ,. [r is also an Lei of civi ' iain re linelactnt. Tire oreat princil ' of 1hrn tinms is that every thint is 'worth monl y -anyv riv rt call h bought for its vallue. WVhat is calli J cIrtrri ti in is Im 'nirly virtu' in i strr ofclrnnaomcrill dit ihtrrib'iun. New iYrk ha. ll:, (in'i her Lrtnt we;,Ilth pl ower and p puinltilllI l fi ' al t t,'. lino S re, a thlle-r - nod , nlr ri anrl;z' t lo r, bank- t ', itri, wair 11, I t licticia s, virtuel wv ,, n i i ir icuiii ly a 'tv r' sp ri,rs of lret i, t slit. I " rtnevra r iar at i nil l'hntl * t were bel - r' h i t tll ii prch s d ii , ll tihfl e eirun ni :s rf life, and irrr rall p red Pric Iat t of demn 'c acl. lThe iuratidrir of II v rei' u was la id by the it'rn ,er!,2 e s of myi pr tr s'-ar. I ae.i ii add the rinthinuca pial to thie IRepubll ,..nd rub ie del ceanit rrly ipnto decent ri a nnl trs and resr i,. le+ behavih., Evt rc umi has hirs price --ivtry sae cal lie untught-nod itever saw a woman tht had out s",met h glh hqadsumltr+ I ,i - her iper i , l ilher I er 'or, heir r ,t, her l k , her c ir, or odty hini. c'inc t am wa l tier A enau trus ('a.ur, I Sle, no Rake Ihe. UI nted ritesll u1nder Ilysyri lcs. I r shall pi h ani' d ivil ze i he ldemocratic pirpy th. rig l ,d Iie 'ilizen is at no red. 1,w e I' I my llil r ii a j illi h a11 . I o.ideo ier e long e pt - riclie what it ils, landl thereiire lt sl ls it trom ii heart. I shall ieest ma le nl out I t Ie all t .ne i nos, literary, .legant, and erduct led men and wo atrn in the LPtion. Flourirs u in price-llllliy i ip-coal is iap-I lam up--ihy h ouuid nut evrlt thing a Ise rise nea" S IVinh thtrse nhservaions I think you will be nt no Ilss to understand tmy vi'ewas anld lprinriples iap rlubli Ipolicy'. 'l'he diemoratce p ty e int s now thl astindancr iln h1 country.-lr ust llke care to k i l I(1 %'t r t in tliour Oi haLnds at any sactificc. t.)ur sufflting-, at length, is ns t italirtal l'." Al.aurr VAN .lh:Btcca. lln'o are reetlaested to teannounce as eaurlidattns fir Aldcrmea fur the Third t anr' of the Secrnd i unici' ti a jor itt thet i , pters ofi i ltic "'di, vizi: " CIiA:. \V. tdilltL'lurft, Wf'. 1'. JONES, cF"MD. I LKI N SON.-Many voters. IIAt il\N;.-\1 in', andu ati shelled Alumuds; direct ILlra tcitio Ctll Iret I tC t, fir rasel I ev ur a riUn D t SKa ci 'ol'OW,t 7 (fra er eI - ItAcNI )Y-- lcere a ir l p , " a'e. i.le. nao2 79 Commn straer. I D t0t~i t') C& tBAiSTOlW, tdleae ruvit'sr Elrk Also CII l IN Ir theblts Pfr e r s l nf_'0 R[.\ 1t)BARISTOW 67 Gsraviersl. ' LtpiU|t-tt 8.5ct,bls l:ttdicg eaty steumcat Atgiequia, " .r sale by G L SD(I fit:Y, I1 l 41 New Iretee. \L'i'--arrat tIre fot evaehy . t'alr 1 t.CMMAClK, 13 strCot. 3 LA..SSES CASKS.-eitO elolda.-s ncasks re.dy ,, for filling, atd for eale by PSI) :CKI.IN, il:' 79 Cmmon strates. TPiClKS &fe.-Jaat received nn ae.ortnteOt of ciupe 'rit r Leeks ft.f do 'r, deskh, drawere. cheste end rtsnkhi altse gene'al ac'nrtarent oehrlw'sre, ftor sale a it-,.safeir t. ti' ty I.AYTON & Co. 1I_ cl,.c ' ., f. tl .i"'ete ~,. CtiiU?,.ý3IaC1lXL. OFtICEC or THE TaRE Amretr, Friday, Maret 2lith, I837.1 S oMeaty matters are pretty machtas they wre. The A1ll iu cotton at Havre on the let Februa'y may have some effect o0 the article here. but we doubt whether it will be seriolus. Sales are noavery extensive atthe present moment. Regular huai nes trmnaacttons have not variied tt... Flour etltill at 850. Sgar it statioary at 6 a 6 eta. Beat quality of Molasseorl. o maende33e31&ett. taulkpbkgoeeoffnlt 61 eta. Waeotiee a saleetefttIIo f of lard et9 eta. Considerable has beoen done in Colltatt t i at t2 2-4 eta. Rice is btack at It tayias cominag tb and must go down. Wa quuted lalt iee: atI X45 Per tot. The weather is pleasant and warm. B'lA'FEttdlENT OF COt'tON Oct. Itt, t1836-N . hlieonhad .................h.... P. 7 ii tear 21, '37-No. bales rete'd thisda ........ I.781 Toetal No. doead paevoudly 442,651 444,425 453,137 Mae. 21, 1437-Expoets thit day to tiverpeal...,107 do Itecl..... .1. 1:64 do Rouea...,...,, 751 Totat Expo tap aleectly............::50,797--351,721 S No. hales rema.tanill, not cleared..... " ,116 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. s Oct. Iat, tR8^-No. hhda. on hand ................... 7,^7 Mar. 21, 1.3--No. doaroa'd ta date ....... . ......... 4'1l t " 11,536 dttr. 2i, Exportad this day toPhila elphii .."......... 4 Total do previouly a ....................6,764 6772 No. bhds. cetaiinig, anot cleared........47,66 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. "d Feb. The mtrketcoatinues il a very dell and depreseed state end prices are quite nolinaL. Tfhi sales yesterd an I to day do naot'amotunt tn more than 5.l bags. d Feb. sales of Cottton inet Friday last are 801 I bae s willt a decline of id. N W YORK SHIARE LISTb.- -It!, March. I. S: Bak bl!a: N. Orleans Cend 98; N. 9. Muech. & Tre ders 91 a 91: N. Orleaas Gas 9i a S.: itAVtE COTOIN MARKET.--tt. Fel. 100 be'e, of Cbtton -ald yesterday at 1I5e, CAr nlicll 161ic. were reeelsed sote maeths ago. Or heaav stock and t ellaa rods ar'rivals expected, as eaused a comrln htc panlic. FARI3 MONEY MARKET.-i1t. Feb. Two a'clock Fire pa- ete 9tfit 9e. Threse 791. 77c. LON11ON MONEY MARKET.--:Il Jn. Teelaeo'leock. Consol. 9 78 fla ncacaet. Excheaaar hills i9 to 2 .lpa. 4 o'clock Ce lla. for dt. close at 89 7.. "lt Feb. Cetn. opnaed at 90- eloeed. at b9. 1'0 't 01F NEW ORILEANS. 415 EAI6E' YES'I'E IDAY.. Slia Fea alrt, Stasy, I.iverayolr,.l..iley & Alhott--crelaa Sl~la A·lesea' plie.!,llceale at-cg l·laae a 21117 ,h1ee rutt,,.. .1Ship An iea'd a, llicl, Ill e, afl a, tt, l-cetro 1t06 hlela &t inn Ship A exa,:d,.i 7'. Id"tr, I~el,l~ntoor, nostrlr T'-Nico',elt & t -ie , - r:t : 7t:e Iahle. oih4, , .l-l i,l Ia, l .f &,, i Rlri ~c llll nitI-,t i I hit a .4 I .aleh t.akinr . Ar l,"i:o, ks. . -c. ret I e uail, i, te4 tit Iteal, a c i a I Pcler .\l:=,y, GelughI.m, .New Y'.' k , ~all' ,--cran.r 3( ,S kegs Ihnd. Sta: ler Hl Iat lac ' ar, I t ati l, I l tnelll llit( IIt d .ll' icb le& e t-- aloa ltt14a i hy al t a, t a a 8 al la t-.-ualr. Sch~r "1 sllum, filer, ihcw, ti, ,r,;,ari:,, n;;Ftel-car_o 111,11 at v,.,a. ech, prwleiila a I a llt, N .w Yolk, t llate--rarI ;a 7 hrlq -,1i hi d. p,,rk. S ri (,,r.late, I .i ll . I I 1F,1 ,= G,:t1 C Iv I df+"d--e;H.. 14 1, hI , w: · it.h y. 611 do I. "o1 \, mqI, s,'-. -i ,. Cu3,r, 70 6 k ill li alard 1J h.. aIla. ~ l a, l i. t aII a ef Ill )i'. a, l r L. 6 i00 e, I, I :.a., a . e1, bal le, i,,,. q Co - a ..1 O go-, eit' a),va i ,aa. a i s e, a 1 i m aalla't.S4,aId inl , tu, i litaall, 61 a:; t 141I -at, i. rr 1 it ,l' . l, i- s lehs at lak. y. Sa . E1, .ala, 'l1 r.u Ily, Key t% c t.II.er1--c,:i gu ellaea torn, ARIIIiVED 1' ESI'I', RIt1\ Y. le as P. S., ah/ i ul ath me v rl Ft lii nt I., leer a. I 1. etrk. ' Iataela.. Ia-aet e P. -ta-a, tawaa aa l I. ab ,l l a . iaal,,',.a I ia Ellagi aE i ; ab alll,a ll, eeli, A, Ire s 1c" , 5 eaa I i,. a'xelaaaa Il,.aa t Ile cea .. ,aq lI,_ .a l, k, ile Wnlltlnll , l :d l _ .;ll . , rillttr . IIIl, + " le i. a I a '"a iea I l,:SIII , Ia i , , l t the I':noel 1,0I , d t, ig .. is,,i,, . (I'., k... t,, to l,! nr,ae or; . l. , . lp \::.s t aiu ha qa a ija sa tt Al ; I, L I a I a a , V,"'lll" .1'11 1: a rL1.I yl . , itlnr l1,.a; it la II ll ¢ll l; (f L I~ t ll l n , i, s ,o h;,v v owed , - si t rh .:"~l, -t~p 4`,1n6v " t ,., a 6 r :: I ; L l l , }" ,, In ailta l. Ii, rI l 1. 1 lnIe. '1'o leal ar'i' rt, B illi s a, ' l a Ila' C aa.a:, + , aa laI hllaa I;art shot,.1 , ll. i- ,i , ai ndl Jtl rJ :I l. , ,r,: 1"e I) _ p~ I nh i l ti,;hl,. h; i,_ : w tI.U , "6,,sZ. d U ,, in :..I ll :: I,,, lin -. u Cl'{.( I'I1 l:.,k Jl3os l,,-, l., i .i: C, I' 1 ,lllll.lnar)'.tr r lIhpl,.nle, : LlIt Y,' aII1' tth , Iw lea 111ll. L ll (11 It ( 1 J ll ep , l, o [, ,,W ,,, '· I Ja: i'J ll".aist l a ailas, l l a .l a, ,uII: l t t.5 . a a. z' eala. at, tlalll I -lala,.1. .-elala 1'. ' tdlu ,nt :." i s' , M .r ll ,, , n ti : - ,t t d to , Ia t:._a, t I, u~ :t 11 s, i1atIsl ( ..1e ,, tIn : L ,:,,f a' , :l I U.l I c Il tl. 0 b11' ; I, I d i5 , . ct ', ,Ie a ;,a ala ae r ,, ". I' ig h, Nt ro.t 15, y, -1-lin , i.rv kit)( a I,; Sh: .;1 i! II . , L aalaa, N w ' . 4 ,srh . In ealila --'. r., a a. lice 1 a Y I c(1:i 1 Le 'hx .I1 a I Ii'% lll J II I I." 'I 2.\" ,a; laJiI -sI'A I . J l ,W.; 11i ~ .x, \tl, & ' ; A arhi C ',1,r; (:n, a c, ; Ito:It', 1·1 r'l111 1 :111 ouI .v It .I; . ' (o 116v,,*z I*1', ('hlee1:r 0 11 t . r ut l t O',"n \ .,' I,.lall eaa . I' r, t; s 'rr y, taalieaa 0 , led! olit i ; l\ s at,. A .\ ;; a', l II ee a V.Ia t q ce, I ItU 1a lea.. its"1[. " Jo; . I A air 1 to A u; ' ,,*gtl , l . .Ihl ,l hc l~l, h. It la ',-- Aa \ rIu. ["o/ tr [ (,'l\y ,a Ia ' I. a.o I l lCol .I. 1t' a; i, st saa 11a a i h\ J In 10 r lll, II r .I J ,II. . I& -l: N (d h"lt ,p rn; "1.;11;I A;1 [)- 1 1 ,'\ D G;, v".'% Iol' l & L I'.al;. 1.a illea. ea".I IseIIt r : Rluhklnl. 0lllt ,e; 1';11-al". -" eliLt:,lall. ll I iS% , i-hae r i'.11; \1 MKe,,, ,.I y Isu I.L io a -at ; hl , Ico;V F;.sia rnh &i r ll\l, i o ll,' itkat 4' i, l.-1llih, I, a "lI''Jipcui llV: It II 91,(1. 1'; F e l n1,h l ; II,,.tidi, , o: ii110 1 a" a k,,gge;-J " V,,rk; iv a, (aI.' r ; i,,dtrai. Glldef 6 Illa.a I1n. a.& cu Ii a-a t.-,h'ea : J V, itl. ( G tr , a a,,1; Ia r a :uao. " P.rke,; T Bi,ritte& co; Viii ViIi; J G a, ll a i ai... I ca; 1l J llalasq owl ; J'lllep .Ill cII J i1 Le e It, L¢. It 11)*1 1.1 111,1 l1 ee'ia. J"4. ~1·llli~e a\klP·i~ asecla~i~olI· ssaic-, · . lllLeaatl'ae. lHpaaa~ia it.elSil a csa-lI Aall -I .eatllla I' itl. i oii , 16i l J.ia . (o & li- a ,a - e;ll:,l ;, ,lltl .I e l0. II', lla al -el ' . Ii all; leec \ a c- J i"n1 - a-. i;ea a ; ala, . a, z . I ' . a111'1; Iiia. I'aasal Iaa e n; (let atcesu &I 1 il0law,; -'ad, ,I, 1 0.,,i: u, II .realti, Is dc.a floe, dol a ein -- J IIa ia :a I 01f) . , llal'n, I0 d Y 1e fi Ittle. tIo, nl - a l dI 1\hut,nt tlll-cn, o 1011 0 & I ts. r, d 11 '. &" I ,s s l ,1.,11- . - e,ul I I,' saacs ('O'n y, I ritecy, 21 d less! t Io.,,,, ,t I.,l - i. e 1 J1aI -S-:I,: a 1 -1 . (- a. ill /liA a 51 41 . feles Av't': N J I. C ' ' a, I-''lft; 1 I, d y.y J Vu rill; .] , 't hv,: is I ; .I tli .(; ,: . r1,: .I: It,rd & .1. .h l'r, FI pylll, l' ,m~u,dWIIIk r .J Al ;t' J hlln;J lll . 1 1111; iiiiii ; t\' rlý 1, 11' I .s1, . [ K' 1,!! r.Iot IhII' . II. W11v 1 1, \\',,11 1;· \ , " J II 1'h ," Ilas &. I :·'W i, . Vas I, a ale.. - a , ; a ,,k ,S V \i r l ; a la , .ll dl', I'll JIL .,Ii J a1 0; l a.ek I66alcc a-cirn a laa It~ ,,Neatl ,1'c r i. s's,1 -c"ve1 - Y,',ýtIIII; J 1 a :,IsI ab 1 i a 1 Cr r t le a llrS~ l, \io:d a a. C , II;allacc 3 I" a rsitl, a ccil al, I t N",l cea ill; A It t\':lis as..1', ;sasrcal h, 6 .1 t1 i at- r ,(); IC.cta,1 . I)1 ace: V il1 Ch1.11 ee1 .la Ian, Be-lale,-'iy; S I1' Ole a ,y: N he l It H v 1yA11,"Iu_,. J InI' slte.F I I :,1 i 1 'lIT r r: ," ' \ it," ' 1,\ nle:Ilrr a ,'mhtI alcyaha &. , (cal-hltei lll-as, C c I .l~aa 9,el 0e:0 a,tll., A Shirtn: ,J (: 01, r, ,101111; 1, G(ull,li gi ea en; Slih'llll ,\' >;ll. Id e0111c1 a I. D C tVel; a laitlel, .t.| iItl . 9" Cu; holly, Mogen - ' e,'; .I Ii )eld2.r :Ih1d , Ir. Ip laCI'.s ,iet ll .a- c ' ttel, 2 d aya feen N h'r!t. sl.t captain a lld IOa Ik lles t a ,a iie- l i ady hel ~l iro) . i., a ls 1 ,,lhi,a t lea l, -1 1 11 N ¥of.. I G lres,\ ateseo-- a 1o il. lyd isac Icen J a- tiad 4. icu: l aii , a\ tA lc'x .cieer; Ac,,r aeo.ll . n qar.ce '1a; I.1iylun A' .o.C II Ip. Itki,,.; I,d.,." II 1vt'lhlll ; 011 ,ll,,ltl &. Ir; J It GII;III.I( A. au; J \V 1' 1111 tI' 11 1 \\ ' . B,n e ;1,,101. 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N -' J Iiala, salia ; lsa I h' re i l ia '.t t " r-s . 5. I al.a t 1,:r.I y. I 1l , 100 pe les. t I.' i " ski e.:l 10 li4a e a41 h.l t1 .Illlli.J Sll Loa I'; 9. 1,,1 k i, 1:.h: .I. (1:r y, Ho 11lvt c .; 1, halac -. ..11, 1,s . .,- ' L',1,e-. :a\\ a key l i a. sa1cq al t-ah ln i s d ,1:- , drl . eie a 1:4,h; ';Ih ' I ala eý J it I",',' ,,.,:'1 I :; 1 " "' ? I't'+ ; 0 '1' 0 ... l I .1 I- sa .,', \' ,i Y ac Iis:.5 ial ! sai;,l a la- -, I s : "' 1 , It. , P I .:tlt "' ll. 5 20 a ICdss Yin~ 111 t',,1a IA all, ; 17 |. lllll il, ( I :a-r -s a.a e 17 +aisld, aa . h a h+ll..I-Ch assl, i ,1 i ast-al -II. hhl sasai, atalur 1155 ca~l~l-a -i 5r arll, +lJ 11., Ii ls,saa -n a~lr II.!.., as :1, 3i11 io.ll ~~l, ;ls . lssasielllIs'aa la \ el~la l I 1 ++I! airhead 'i'd a 11 N acla i teeg I I.1 a kheesc, 1 hlall 5I~i: , Ic i[ 15 f .ala, B -r 5a ,:a I .el~laa sw i,( hlltV .., ,). . iNautical Intelligence. llt)I.N I'O1T13. It LterYor.kd Fd. Aitr.I Erhop N. Orta. off tre olt.--. Iertorl'ot, otk, Ioard, N. Or. ltFib., oitse, IN,L l.tTu rlN. Ortl-. dt . d Fit. Cout0rt, 0 haurr. N. rlii. l1t : tsl tll tttlt, tieo t . O'i. tth p tou Clheot 3 'w r istott Alne -, Ns 0eueth.t om owrd r it l, lloht 0I.ri ant ld Chllimllltt tOlll t, N. 0r . forl C C ryde; o tlTatttrlbord '' Jan. Actr,. sl.itlrl~ool tor N. Of'lr. At wiltt sitll ' JIu t it, .,ou io, O \ i'lt. o',l c NO , P At Iyoylllsth, 3hd "-itll 3J,,l. PI aorLt , Oluts N. Orl.. 4Ilt Jint' r Oollot, N. O . tita l t o. O . . o a t t .nG alsE t Jomtm 1 y lF. Nett Orlot.,l Agty N. OrUt. Stt .1.1. Creo,,o Trurt. ('hot aw, Fuol-O. N. OI t. AdtVd.h: th Jai. l, loVr, in. Orlm di lonere Oitll Jan. r. Nw Eltellllu S ltotr, O Ie. ..d Eqrltort lceso ih, N. Otr. Con t rto, Du.ti;stont tt'lt 1 ho totd llttt, td. Wl lelrlittot, Itr htolt, dt. c trtd. ] I d pt , ri\ elth brig Prtt., malt..erlltot, N.Orti. iot tts rooda .F.b. th itth, N. Our. ttl JItn. Ihl. r. rtlligCo Ll tklll, N. O ih.. 0l Jait I . I'hS aer, N. Orl.. At tttltOrlllto 1t h Jilt ilt vancilt . Po r-o Dtltl, N. trlt.. ld F ai. tld t..tkillt.l:llllot nd tt 1j .tl . Or (I Ats AtYouE rtwd.ttih larch tchr. lre tchalic, Paroons, N. Ots.. At itottot, etlt Mtrtht, ld. hris Georg, itris, N, Otls. 5P-IIIEEN 3rd Fsb.iot.41 lottg. 53. 30 liriS Iotrriot, N.Orlr, for Glaa _ Nt'' o-.tU tlker y p t l thle u ibrt oSrlothi 15tl -i thaitv. rhed eonlnlitl d I. the pornd o1" n 3 wnr.! Nmal *ightOI oi 1,Ith it h TaRINGl f n rii lep t hild Igi whir t to t the kllr. t jtlit. rf llt ooltt'r of biI loollwttt, i t Ioerlll Wtllollt tc e torr,,rd, pSI~ p. ertv. i"'v rllmrpr· nnml tnke Illlhu RRRV, ell o)f blCH-,, ,'qt Ilrdnl th.l-t d-.-, nv ol' ··, ;'; o,, '!!k'h rlv the sniid n., i*l tl wll ISt solrt tlllhic ucrtion, it tto'trlick, oltIoo dA Dtttillrtt, l oeti tllner r II P STRING t~IER. ('omli*il·a, y m~3t \L"arrl d, .l~lntitril,.ait):. ItSCONDtEIt oir tho 17tt ibert, htlgek tt mut na:.11d1 DOILI.':\- Ilferti a.,)tlt 3,q yearS, 5 I;·PI.t. or .. ilclle. high, or hcrl~l·;bout·; as the moset o1" hler tfrth nou ill RLt wlre sht. WIClt ll n(IIV 1lll 1)|([ *(il~ 1i~n, lP,-nl e ~f,11 Itlelllltcl P1 IWl latle Win;. V.'nller W\right, "deee..c~. PI e i, werll [owo.'l Y m illll p~lrnlu' ll..TPilil(lF ill tile clty. il1d filU hiour°_ .. .,.lr.'., p:lrtiCUlarlV iu thle neigluhbohood e! )elnrll st.Plreet ~zlf| ,' lla~ zhl s ree. TIhe allm..e reward, .*llll all rcSll'tb~lle e~xrlcnrorl w;Il I.e paid, on delivery to thce plsLctl ber, or lodg~ed in ja ., o that hcraa rrt her. . j$'Otl'" IT 11TnR cInGE. St. Charles ¶ITheatue. TIlls EVENING March 21a, Secoad appre:lllce in N Orl, ano of lhe celbraltld oelI to dalersa ipnoera lMariettla, and tSignora Elizan. ] o)n thin Eveninillr. March 22d, wiii be performled, (2d ie time in the south) the grand Legendary Operatic ll Ballet, valted c LE DIEUI E'T LA BAYADERE, Or, 7Te .alaid of Cashnlere. With nil the original music; entirely new s8cuery, dresses decorations, &a. T It'., - hIM'LLE CELEST'E, - Signora Metiette, Elizta. S,-. -. Alad. Thielman, Zulula, , - Mrs. Hunt, To conclude with the farce of MATRilMONY. D v, Mr. Barton" Celar,, ,Mrs. II. Cramer. MAih Ih li .'1'1'F 7NW:\V utLt.EA.\N. Coe:nrtl f the S'ecoal' .ilIIIIpahlity. tit in, of Thursdlry, lth NMarch, it37. ltt RSOlLED. Thatlin the ealiion of t Ihis Council, 1Lit is exIedi nt, 'ad necessurv for thie ullic col,-i vellielnca, to ollutinllue Notre I)alll:te ' ct fiolll .:a azillue sleet to CaG p se t ect, ill lstrait iline wil letu f ( of tl; nidtlll wit sld s.te,; and lite M11111or is hereb aUl- lc toisel to give I ble 0otie ill tille l'lrue A lleli cl ulld C e rllm i lll I lletie n ill Fte ncl La d El ng hsi a , darl in enll etl a a t at t i lle llthine ll i' this C'nlllll til ol111n said street, ill conforamity with u aact of the' anlloe, ntittIed "aul ct1 t h rin late sA epeol ing, i i l a.will , It nsd iail dvi l .fstrectl aund pblic placet jd i the itye S Sirneg J BACInLDWIN, etlcardere Approved,3ist March, 1837. vigned, I). PRIEURII, Mayoer. A true cat,-. C IIE.\RDA , Scfletatry. Agreeably o the foregolin resolutionl, aid ill con ferui y witll t It• provisions n hact lap ) Itrovtd the 3d Aprl 1132I, ct sti id, al Act to regulate the tIpeiin-, layiIlg oilt, old tlltl i g io' eet.s ld e)llle Ilacas 11 t il city oL' ew Irleai s, &.." Notice is th al,' giveln lati t tis thi e ilcn oalill of thleColl clio .o I eiecl IlŽ ll ntnL t t It the a o rell lil stia L eatc o -IIIIa dil Il'ai street, wilt II sreet, i a .ouui t s"lo with, alnd of ie siree. 's dIhll nus suid ete it . t'ct. ;l2rch 92". 1137. )D PRI EU1111, Mayor, A , O \ ,cctu y:, ,i. .\ hT u l E A Ic hl ti , nll'l e cI s , etr cl " 2Act I v11 reeler I'to t efrture, In disulI lli lll et l'utcnli tralio, des rel et Ip Iaces Itl11qlle ,, tll Ia oillsti i e t i le . i'lettals,&c,"' Ahale rt do rll e uoe 'lltelliolt o li allsil e t t ll llo del lulllcle ree t d es in e olleite ln ru .\ O t-e ) tlllc , depll s toa le d es tl ubila S jln Sll t ll c dutil:l Ca plil lll t lie ailllet lielto I llcille lttgetur a)u' a[uiea ilillilltl i dito I'aLNotl'e DIIII1O. Loe 122 ,ltIe, 18.17. I Piut:UI ' , Moire. 7V1.intVntCY utst 4ild h l l MLEA NS. purs ia onon e .',..:I ,. i..t t a r ,'l/ l lly Sit luL tf'l'uesda. 1ot Maoreh, 1137. ESOI..,.), '1 tact in tslo olpiuioa of th11 can il, I .EC, it he p e l e n e a p1ud ee t.y I or li Id le coill i enllt ee la d I healtl h , tI cu. tlnll. 'ttc Z ill- t 1 1 ' hoI' lo ll llollll t l i t, t l il Ilh ' III oll /t llh i l 1o Itthe : l Ihu : II hilr dilt1 h -IlelllOe Rl I.zlc\l c .et ' Ull the il t. r is lherl I Ibhlhl ti, ed I t i t i :U r tl llt he i hlil llihe ' llh' . nIe illl t Ilo d tIoll 'l'il 111ll tiI, 1 Pr td h I r tha , i h ritels I h h dt i n i h ill t i ill t ill i l ti ll lie tOIa oltll I. a III I .1 lo lI 1 :lodL,'11 illn g elel'iiecllllo e O in ,I, I .gi.latll re lll it ,l prat i, g .sta t.res i d l ubli n Is "e i.. t.. city o w Sgned, f 1.1\\ t , . e oldrl'. Ai prg vctl,',Itrc ch 2011 IJ(.I iur.:_d, D PRIEUIt, Slaeo'r. A tltlc colI, C EII :.\hI), S .cre v.I Ag-'lqlbh1 to Ithe - ill' eohl rr-t"l lloll. IIIIa ill n fCluot I' with Ilt wo.iei' -i ,n all act lllloe . ln th'* 31'.1 A I ,1 11 t;12 01/lll L 1t, "an Ille Io etelll lI lltt l` oI ell l'l , is 1110 11 i 111 111 " II 111 " 0111 '. I I " : ) (,v, ll llh t i t Ill i 'tie till f I ll" )u2 n ie )f I un, i t. \1: Jiv u :l tl' tn &.." ltl lie 5e1 /llt II I it , Ii i ac, 1ih .1 'lT l, to c l cll e cl lt,\ :chez sll'l l lleed aidt Colltie.llltd ri 'll'cllo liIOIIIIs lelrel to New e'.\ ci t..l I illl tlillllillt I:ltlll lwa illlll ill l c h 11 s ill ' ll idtll NIs l:d 'l t~ dov s del l 1:-iti<m1 a tiII li'0.c1 til)l' eqell :c Avl'l Iiti ll 1 I'lttll1li')u1 l t d11 rc . 1 ll i nes Ih e i ne ,12e10 dhws I,, v lh. d, ] e Alie tlrlejlll t e." ,\Vc:d t 01, elc Iohohltl et l ll hi 'tllls, Io llll I n.(lede OmIiU Ici t e l i lllo illa lhet tlel lilllll llr 1 re 12111' ,\,ti0 WZ lie rlaIe Il lll,'llh 1111u1 lasj11 1e u'l t ru d la il Nile " 11 , n hille dri~ One it dt hhl tll llg 11 tgotr qula 1 te ull t tl tl e rut tics I Ntl1 : z. D I'RIlEUR1, 1 11 ' r' . Jel'r1 is Alud 45, l ml '11 l oi lit ir f,, t ten r 0 Pelve if~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~I 3ol itot1 h11ae0tItltleadl "p,~ - I ,r oro o la rdoi; "-r ee It e-r, ,,-., e l; lI t rr 1, 03ri + 1' .0 1rtn" ,3o -ti III f,1,r b 2 1 2Ir-r 1 . A \ " I'UN y e t ' ,, . , . " e .1 (: Id here' lilrl lUIEN -ýI'1'ol'-irrn tin ,- ,It r rd",lli ,rrr rr-,t 3 f~ t lemr 1 I,, u n and lir 3. IoN3b , n%!': r l lj0.U cl t .l' l J sldi l \1 l, 1:,3 I \\lllonln l ]le \rl ,ll l It I Ille il( K"-Iill In il, l f I i: lo 11 ni n Tac b 11y I S, I ( l-0 & 'o i' Iooi" I I II Nll ST.0. "I I I 13- 3,3,0. II0 30 II I I:\ . 'rr - , or-, tor ·1·cl· eu 33l'1t3N re I , lo, oine , w NO di -'.11o h 'ricerI ].i0 ioi eu s udr ru fl l ýhotcls to Maid] li oul Ic ll t te i t r e AA,) LI ' II\i pic Lj'3 :o h. I lo bc1r~~ h I0- I.' 33331-3`( , Y 03.1rd'ial1r1 . I 1 TI' 03,11 I· oo tor S A~iLT K T'11.1" S.-l llt Drll'l I A- d i tott Ottollll II le wel a orUlil ill to, .Il l)111 16 r Fi -ll-, by Ll (1 111tl Y TON c Co.,illlll L ii,. r ..III Iro1 '0 0010 · i I,,'ll I-' I' 'rP1n112.Iorj o--1 rt iW l r too, .rti'.!'11 Lev1 .Il 1113,, aa 111, 1'111.llP11 i oplel r floor 1_' n. 3'3 nce, fill -ode Yl~ 10 31,,F.\II L V o II, 'ob. 0,-I'I'l _i _____ __ "'i-i'll 33 CNA·rAC ~ IIl-' m^.° 1 e L,1r 13pt,, , 3.ON ,,,,'Ilo-,,r . " ru ' .o ,o ln,,o 1, It «". [ t ýSI cloaat curedl I (or 'rIoby G 1) )Ii 3 t- : D C3 omtcli,r'o 00-tot Secod to icpa,, tier, O1le1011 Kill 11 S this \ uejipnlir, mil theI. P 1II II'i T LL1. ~lllll'f in A ri he t, (the rllli ) for tle fui llrn'l'llr r llg o ill the e Iil Ilill. olll the cr erl,, I co' (bnIcipa Hall, II ll,, ro, Lt. St oto r Irv It- it ` ,,, Istr ut Is. '1'h ' p ot 110 1 ti lt he IIou n13 tltE'I'. o.prr Cp-orw Bureau do Coal olloor if " 1 he.r1nd " 1ilrli i alite, j N ti " lla- I_______ h"-3r-:r, 1VN I ;. rot D dI olre:; lac eslr. cur on! r Iqu par l3 1,;311," 31 d3 clu unii; lit, Ii ll -cu un I I'~.1 entier nT- i ne di ricer,!c ill ' l. hnl-i l1ie 4 It01r I (V 11 fi--rode tor lOemale 1a3ls Nhir'rru 1 "i fl.t-,t otoo'on trl. t-d o - ,-o tn ,,,,4; -r to,- , , ,lv I~r I"~"ootllrI,,tloo-ro ron,,-i boor c, rr rot. nur l 3, rjn, Lo ltir;ti do Ill vr ! rlre 1',i[- roi li)n'IreIn* utr ;7 Idol tail !cur Ira 1, i. ,, B.: I1: :_Ilulr or~ipllcotc tlr I'tll 1Id;: ow ilrl ,,,tr rSr'rN -.-,·ll r II& 11,33,1iITTTii Y EST! o _llc Y ffillcullllllg aiEl . .ll IN :v'; llI ' I 'll , 1,,f to, -orm r of Itor:t, 'i.e ir, It i t' ejcs~'m rv ityr 'wi.thrttr,-o.IIrr- o oo-,3 rr an r)otheilr,,' t Ille I $ ' 10cl llu Tilnl sill It Smith js about lli o vlr fi e( -ho-rrt'rrr l~ca prto-rtrt-rr, r ________ rl Ihe o.Y tiht-tr f 0em I r~em p:rourr ofiro -,i, " om3 ii ~ with a ere n pc hleplihlr or ('11 thle 1j_ l m eb (· n" ar( 0 ile, n ,,rrI 913, proe rno d hr his e · to, frl:, lIt, r Ito rrlitly rell I II. 11 17 .010 ' ' IN 1 (1 I(·ti L I'1 .1'I \\' \I' Nt'o . Ito1r: 1,- o l u rIll, I .o1.,. ill. -I" o ns NI'ooollitýgtttrt . 0f-01,1r ' 1 1o deio -, ofr-oo Isigtn,ri, ot 00 h tOo Ottod r. rI, i(0.1 'I'l,' oo, in; h-i d sv3 era oe tI, 3li. 3 ibob, ti. hor-i S meIto B tt hior 3 liore, 3il. 'bom ty tene torjt.- m17,foltli~l sel llrr~', aysshebeort-,', boro ,rno tIt otonl~ St". i~fall'rli, p ard"of, 1srt h40ig , an ahI'.,. i Y, ld.Th NOIIK wilIU comp ' wtithIl arindy aehi r ro t, Iooloyo. o "' Eodot.o IHto tI 'otot,r IV ia hoto h lb lrlto the pri.-..-t,-.,,,,3.. jp~it) ,,a lc 103 1011'it. tI Nt',itrr,,toe, jr t ior l',,,,, r o ll, l:i r v~ ip lloor- i. (iiis ofa Jorol~elrt-nrtioo, awa . I. S.3 It, K - -!i rý ( t1NI. The tupprtf to'tol't wll in t o~ IN --ptlro e st111 t I brrootnrttuotJutlra,,to,,t. (1II.603,1 IIt~3 o MAYORALA.TY OIF NEW\V OLEANS. C le d n/'i.ff-1 ltlictp hit P1 "'3. [Sittgi ofT ttCndOv. .lth Morchl, 1837.] _ciul\ehl, th the th uorerbrt rudi elt'ireliv autlhorized] - )give pLb hie notice, accordin ' to lare, oftht! eleptvion br Aidrirmr en of this trtuniciplauit)e to ttak place tlo el0 root Molrrdao it April orexa, at th. feilletrirg ,rraoed thacs u,.ddr the suo crinatedence of thin ianspectors aud 7 cllrks teraofier r lllwd. Firsat\\ ard, o the Ar oi'ea Exchan e. J, i l C'torl.r, .-. II. Inakei ), 1)r. E. IL. Barton. Clerk, 1. W. Stillwell. tSceod Ward, attire ounociaet Itll.o Intpcctoee, i(ieert Layton, \Vm. Fteret. lrte,C'. Ilolit. PThird li\ trd, at Itl r'yV Norton's. leepseltors, L idw ird 'litr., J.. .t1. GCeroi s. Cltooh,J. lerhooan. i roilvedt lo t in case oily ol thle above nltedperstons hall reti e f eort, thue nayr ire, nod hli ist ereby C tully tuthir'ud to appoint ei ch others as hmtin lay deeI iprl' r to replace thenl (Si tuc ) J. BALDWIN, Recorder. 1 Agetolh ie to the firrefgotig rescniti o , tult by airt n rfrthe iroii;io.iosof o1 tart, tlrroeod tile Ith Mrch, 18;;6, cetitled. ',lcal to it c. lorae. tihe city of Newr o (in ttra. epprerred the 171h F'otrrerr', 10ih5,' and other a *1at trlrirg tine, al e,' nortice is i 'robv i.eicll, thi atfn Itoea tir 3.t rii l ext, Ietwleeln nie o'clock A R 1 anl l 1 i I heea t r ea l lectiorn ifAhlter n itiIr the Secrod Alurlrar i ',n rritl he hdt erat ti.e dl.flreat plaees, oad, tiler tile r rler re rllt'lt:t of fIe pesolls in tIha iloe s id 'c t I ' l t I lnll r of r * ) l. CFtlr p nlittivc \llo w hiclh ou cih ward orl ' -id M unicipa. ity is entit ied, i tsl I'olluw e: Il'1tec W ard, lit or A ltl.r ell:I. cartclll W\ ardi, tihree .\ldsrtcllo. Thiird \Vird, thrc i Aldrmen. M l reich, ' li, 1137D.D. I31 F71: R, aor. (eriree ruc l t It raelutiorrciaersist , l err .rt. d •. 're p 'rn tor t s r te r lar' ie owltr r r r er r .le .'. s e lli lrte'rl ttel r ctlr l tte rI t ia ' I t ntiltle A e arollr urllrr yr pAre"tn lied. li Nb A w OreI n f ,laprove Ie 16 F[everier It ]5,' uil :. pulr c dautresutelsulslltl(I hntto I(it note,' t is vot ri llal e l.unrei, 3 uvre a p iralllllill le ttirr11 ltl eS lu Ierti rt Legirer"es de Ie1e)rc ilie i ecra a rocede a l'eletioll anIllC0i deic Ah hmlnrr ntr ie h eer e o i rtriai S e t ex ru i dqoe las dalr t ersrlite rtsolton cti olou In illror des pr.n lrl nC qu rip lo on r a ctr ne es. ltre rtrilee r I'C )Ito Sr I rIIIIi+ uxquctl Chqll e dl strlicl de la city Alunllell.i lr itc de-it net roulesI: still: 'rIme ir ldiriot t rri-e Alderant . Parish Court, iJ the Parish &' C.('. jf ertr Orleans- L'nrlleht thCll t I tlu lt . rC r II :aI.S ].Irrt.rL ,i JIrlqtg . NO 9J.i+I. IbJ Tlhtims, Diror rs. lie Creclitors. - D(' ) \ iN ar-r llt aI lir i l , ir i e I r e tti ol tll ll oa tr 'h v d u h ili J this all e, it is Hlrd."tCd tha the I to" r ol tllel t otth,' lll dleiral do r lllrar r t io lll l n op tta l t r i e Ii [ gr t ) Ha rr't, al tr eei, Itiroti i tll d til rllo dcllhtllltIriIr ttt -ll ti lier' ll il., a t il th le d anti e il .r ceeding ; t hit tre r rttr tid Io rite r nr-at . to rrii r rrrred rr' Sr. v illrl l rrr r II h l .trcr t ut C( 'tl ' - . rie ,. ]iarch 9, 1837, II. 31. i hUY tN r ,16 lir t .ir " k. lse ilr ai rr Tr . --The at bar has Agr'trl ! a1I l. \- ' I .l ia ir. , : ireri i.ti , f allE i L oml u I \it\. & trimtarhrr hol.litt d, t i nll d, e jutI iab o dI l)es.ts l' 1in Tili e l o i., + iv dtu li lllnb, tllu, Pt,,"I1.. t, Ol· l , r)al tpcnr l.a int l)ite o; etr.'r. S, - , 1r '. l it ' c. re '. c. \el ,th v arpe p, are to exlli l) to tilat Iihl-le f r < laa l.,s. ''lil , n Ill" urul n IO I nw' arill I uiille o. .it r i Illll iN e l or ] .1' 1\ IN LC r t1)Ul tir rrr ,h the err I ert o- .t)t'i r I -l ri- t rd of r ng t l td, i the nllelllo l r 1'a5. fB i l r ( II;e i~_ 1 tial , Ia ctrir t i c P 'dn -cat ttjt, r\ ll . .ai ileanl IA E i etiar i qu t inr ef I'itrree '1el 1ra 11 Ar .J artm lv . 11 ,1 INe:ti .', a . ., 1 . I). .irv; tl'aIn latrl 111ht (;" l (, Jllr hdt l', .}.. \I. inl 5 voh,,:lc' 1, I,",. No. !, t,) . of hIlrp t'+'+ Clu-'sal Fuiturly l i ihr irv l .I I As siitll o A d ri St11 a ll f D ,,i :al , illlln lr pl f lt'tte c I tllte. Jtci irre-id ;it lidrs i-er S \ tl. I I N, t 'r f t tr r I. T r E \ I: t l siT'. n wi lhi.nX 1 theN F'a~n lii hie' .;.lI tl I : A , I M ll -lh dYi :iltnlg b ondfil the ., tea1' J u t " r , le c t iv t -h ri llo , t\ INJ A M I y \ \V ISa 1,u .,* , 1 . D. . &rtrern int h i . . I T Il c .· ". J ii I Ir i' ' tl rr tol r e ,t r i tef C l . e tr: aini'cra t,ltt e-t irttut thl1r , , I I.e . Iq -,tlb I at il] hi, o ir.te| , huBonl ll' Co. In. l , in ll 'ih 1)r, n] .lpulh ll l - \I "I, . r 'nttt r t n, .t., r lll- . h lieu-+1 ofJ S'.x;taln .\ l otilt, i, the ht'ida tl It'l to. 'lil . of h')I. m,( . 0 1i0, \ i l I l.. .'ided tl h ite .o n h ; :t(, n let t Ih ' Atel Nil_ D willi E is )trillliD I ll N i nllt It I n bo[) nIl , anl .olidtt out " -hae ul ln d a! I l;r. I .;J I t It I\t \ ..r \ rtiN.r , ii- rlt- t l":- tt.I tr' - .rtr i. r'- It" rerl I,a rt -, l II 1 e he: , |, a d ol;,r i.ei to Ia h tiltr te I h rier'', . l 1udr, pt'h l iar, \•t hva lret n -, .h,...,l, I'11I1 e it I rettr a err., tH l re hteld . (rt'rielr anlu t+- . 1 .hoe-" P Iriit i \c. air :l r by 1 C I .i i t-. r tirO hit tre.-I er:N Il) e rT.-- 'Iht itul,s I1,, r hbus liir Flt,-fit ( " A It A 1 D'', ll)t" r Ia h.t ttlhe P", t oe t rithu le 1'1 .':t-, I'.dhot, r .ete 'rit -ur eo 'Purter, lr,'be eruus i .I.t-- ' ,it Tr - I'teel s \pp!,'s, real., Prlowe ' Lc " .I', .~.rIerrei LACra . I - u t rt Ir'' y, C lot o t IC ,r Ili h arrrc h .tr t ,i A, 11 h tre totlri, rrttri. 0" \ -Ht il. t ire d ja',( ult r] hIns l)l.,"+ l, qlt1 ntt,, ta'. TIhe ;,c .re, i/ . .t aril pt Lmd to Zny I' tn e 'e. e I 'cOh t d,'l,' 0C toi r e to e b c,, c. 3tt\piLI t', I1 !rtir tItIa t X, 'e_ ,ireorreheo I irtetlrr or.t t. N.te .trre 'err-otcn ;IL in: lir)e hI ., ilJ ba ul.d u ,' 1,,.,h tr I'\r. t Ir I 111:f In 1l: t " i . lh . ,h. li" , third o Pcsident of tie fil ,I1(.11)H , it'i o t- , -lr'rlhl t , nIt t i I:ul 't ii tt l rt . ti n - itlltrttt '. ur f "r - et'tt 'ut;era 1:rite eIrre e 1:,po1it I,,f l~ i in, wil~in the 5h , ..... '"T. I & J. S. 'I' -.-I lo t 1 fluid v{I IC Plc T I11: Fnl!(, of Oukllond n tt ill pikel plnelC 1 it 0111 1 1.. \t I. A dl1 & 1.C iUI S.:I'" Ico s t e I 111''1 11NE ITIIN\\NII ON 51E\V1 NOOK- crtitirute I it: Fit i ta: 1od 'frui sor n. "eit' f 'nc ,v5 .11. "1 '1L 11c2?1 d'_' Povdrns t t IrP I L. do sit: c , I'rC do print+`; 16 1l,1,ll s. I'!III !( nn I I'.ll iJl1 iiLe ,, .u L , s atl)ll is i. it 's'src' itt'd iit 'lfb ,'atia I fIr -ale'l y 'fl / n '_2 l l1. ])I)Iiuts F:1 , I I New Lt rec. II II {I( Iu 15 I b ulcc 'na tis'ss'' I tsi In' lt ' sat 1a sblsysfi iG. -sai) i lil, " I .Net, j 11 ii'' '5 ul IsaC,~, I\l~k c) ' Il Ils--In l 1 i. ' 1 t is'11 I " (n f tierces, in sto5e and o 'll)nl; of ' Nile l, *11 itls l iscu l Silss -1 sll'1111:: l I:llla .5 1 . ,r n l I" N 1 ' I__ x'1'1,ra , a1LtV &('r) I1)1,21 7ssi$sss ic 'lic I I rNil l", NuLL" u si.l Als, llll. ti~11iL rraunn, and f -1)'e b 0 'F101 Ul-_I '"ltsse nr;I'I 011.1551 & Ii SI N·,l~~ Sn (I·Isd ;, as'ssssa lil- is,',~ is], '5',' _ _ '~Isl. sov ct t 111,R l 'e' NN'li i el, and ]t·llI' r asir "\'Inahe ,I:?'its 0 ro15111 no' foi Nbl sr J 7A ri ,l 1 6) _______ llni, Illlit * l l' NJ1 11 I's"5'II' IN iu'l Hei'iI'l'llT S.. II I SNS"Lj' l T1 Alasle ý1 ste I, I t iltl,' & ii \'111 :N 111:: :: :vi AC N-7511hd+ as , u ,,lc i l tt c- · ,,It b. xcer us cla tide't lit I tstlt "1r'sss ls'' fur Ilia 5.,, sIs Is nt~lI' 6l l : I' S i's sos - puri.,.5nis: Suui111!,an sit'Ir 7' '() It 1:;\G ;~ 555' I' ar Itul sl''ris' illlL AtI[RAN EMoENT ,rtheru aeil, ( ei0 Evey r.y t I at ' l"oseer y.a T u d(r ay at 10. A 11 'uo1 av' (IT rTA, 1 ' i, TSedIne1 pnd 1\'r r u '.q , j l rhiday , s1ev , ,' v W ('oas., (i 1 u atallday, )"b 0, pt. At. duesdty New Yrk daily at t P. St. Soutiarwed. S Noil I)ne. Divtllen. Tla . lursdav l~, Alatrd, pm.v 5 1,5, 1. , tl vwliai " . Chdi. ecev 11 onday, Ve43. Mlegi le. Ga.~l( 2 133 144 9.6: Vtazsoumin/,e. Cnnd iridv t Am. . 11 -y &c. of the I;xpreas Moil, between ,Mo ile Ril NEYCF: Yorkl, -lh, ng. Mobile 1dily 3 1. . Northwn New Y,,rk daily at 5,Pi'. .I. .outhward. A niv e, Anil, Northward. Distance. T'ime. ,Retarn Wontgonery, Al. 2 pin. 19 i's 2 12 . 9 Mi di eille. Ca. 2 133 141 4iPp.nt. 1V or,. ....... . 12 .... 55 64 6 Petersbure, Va. 10 pmi. 3 10 S., Itilehlml, \an. I amn. 21 3 64 Fredericksbu g, 8 67 7 11 aTilahin-'ton city, 2 pm. 61 64 5 , lltltimo,,', 64 32 4d 0 I'liiled'lphin, G. am. 100 11 2 New Yoark, 2 pm. 910 2 1305. 143 It. or 1Sd Northward. Coming Soouthworrd, thel time is o.n les; Iiin. 5 doys nidl 17 hOlnr. 1 C? l'h" time for strtilao ian cih dlrectiont is in every re hal'll ian hour after the time of nonisal as oated n IJ"''e a oihers at which the Mail is openeia artle Now 'ark, I'hiladellllphl, \ntiiingto n, tltrr re Walehington, Alexaudria, Fredriekihurgh, Richmnd' ,' Ptrtelaohitlr, Raligh, Fayetteville, Colnitdia, Anigusen M illedgcillelle, Malucon, Columbus, Montgomery, tobil Mlchanica' Bank, .Mondiy and lItarsdar Clullltrrcial do do ()leinu do do llAlii.onua do do Citizen. do do Atthfuartvya Tuttlday and rliday. Sdo do ('arrollitoll do do Cnail WVednrtlny and Saturdar. , City do do (.nntol ate, do do St htints do do It ' r, , do do Cjntmiionn ait"l Frrlcading .Jlcrehants, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. Ilefr t i I hn e .n t ''' , i ,so,a N OrI )a 'II'Y BItN.K, NI-;\V (ILEANS. a "' liti l Duau l , Iulectll ibr tlirectori ofI thi ins tu1 . Itio., hll ou the 6thi iiliatln . Ihe followini- natul genlltillllln e t le lcted Ibr the eusuing yelar, vi.: • .aHltrl J. fatCI', W.\V . A'verv, J. 4 'hhwel, e Vir urt 1 D 4 ir, ('luuhi't A. Jienatob \\, I, . Leverieh, '. . S , J. N. I.: villebe rre, i .. G. \Valth I.. Anldrew-, Banuel T. 'oil, A. (5ueitit r. Ani ut at Il.nli.tiln of the oaird if I)Directors this day, :ý;tllr l·n l I',"tei,. s .I' tll tlllnlaotnl eletiad pe.ideet 'I'.XC. f.,ANti FtiK S-"1E.- I·NE Iuo. un d rnel,,.lh t of i Irhaeuy of land, iltl a, 1 e Iii,, at y; 'pnI l]ny, nul r Sun liutnrti n--he sail t.ll . lil b11t-t to bU i nllld inll 'tIe' a; tlllie woodnnd and Iil d: IP '1 (tltr t--till abo~Ii'pl lhlr; nlsu statlial pUer. ! ultr' 1+) tIl t t lf++t. :\ ll, lE ri i l town lol hts, lnd several a~I~ tu tot :i - l i itii ha' n i aini , id tntemei odatiog t. a f lr ht I ii 16 I.:. A CIII.EN O , Cot Intiitnl i, u i l-(:r t ll ll '- IV uu I. tie a'I I i ,rilliln£.r O lf C(' 1111n A TI'O;'ION and I.':,i.\1 N' )I'ICES s I1OW HILLS. It 'l.i l1. i l ,\ . l' illt(it . . D tilt o '. 1TI'' , t I I I i 1 IEiII' 0ll:7'7' l " 'I'O11 111 ,1,1,. 'ones E inion .tel r altlln,n 'cll llcii l , ý , ' l'h, .ir ii11.i-. ttik cn n s sts o f |t;'J roi' k. (:Llu!ou Illlli, l :I. lý.'d 17 do Igo haitno do " do org' elt 11aw do s 5 ';:i t (eak. tool., n. (1 makers 10 hnil uiles di do 1 du Ip ni, pocket, and dirk knives 11 do tli it ul ry Ill i doi b! '. illllh l" otna l ,ticks I a1 I' l to,, ,s l und hingos i l and -n .* ipi+,,,l+, .sa'tl i Ii l I l litiil i "n^lith I.ih'r i i hl t , . 70ra4+k hill llte i , l,, ll liz , ' ii *,t I -o it _o o d " ,a , p 1 o f .0 lttvi ,, -,j h a rd w a re . ( ):,t,,;, ;ui l 'ec"ive Inu oupt ttnlt til, UIn executeCd ia 'Iu ptItiutuiHl. 30.n'te at SI e , .I 'I;V.y, I l It N . I I t I rWiI t, i N Iil.. - I - - _____________________ Sr. ®I:lrtlIIIm, I'll t't I I i OF I root I ttihiieoN et III III l:(l i ofi tI~l t oo i,.i elo. 77 Cn1'Iý:(" I'I'UI. 1 1.\' sunIm o .V Ira to the publiC Of~ew lb eli, I o im\ J:el, Il rouIIts(jonInt otress"l. ellls-lOa iltll thei . - c itd :II ill. 1::111111'5 lso isi, No 1.1 (·lCircus street, whore No&. di (.LEN. STREET. \ F 11.It nr nud sell n 11111 1.1tun II i the clonk in Ili ilt. Aleil thlre n k nl' thl ltiel, ofll t tnitelh to l.s, 'Illel o i ti enig ::urtighltit [uerge o rl tl tl uts New onrk, Fa ettotille, I'ii,i~luelllie, Chalrteston, I",,. l1.,,, G', orl. I lXiro tIotl.b tlooNI t A It \\' r .I. All fnrlct lit 1 nsigiillloeit to the oibove heosetby I. 1 l ioi'l& -- CO.eti i 1 No. I:; (:illll ages'[, Illet\.l·vn I to\(I sst Bourblon strcatli' IN7'i:I.tIflLC.0.C IN I l.NINEIIAL AGENCY FI FIC E. G"' lii I' Ii .NTi, r nrer stree. A It IIIO12N0111 it COMMSSO (IEi Rtti1AN'I, has l, t oit-l l %t ll I Ltlie lorIt ittn in its v~tslti ttetn inc Nots. Mletier Ito Bllello ndelr'1' lllen & Wlright, New Orleans. '.ied Cottbusl toton Nllseni, Eli Nlootgter,ttt' NotetO e z. t129-Iv fi il'Ire IN :C. (N'il eitNl l ncrpor.l tt 11 ttd~l~ri , Ill iei. i. tittl X500,000 e Cut sIfc : ttlt tn, t tilesi n tc i 0 'Puns. !Stnr";[, Edmon J. I··orrlnil , I ry to, tott y e lle. ,,t' o otrd lo. . Ilt tel11, t ti ltlt s Gin i utiptiyttoiet "f17 01 his 11(1111) 3 will iote f te nob', m rine alod rive notes t0It e ltlt tO ol, i toitett Ithe ltEme on ItO nlf sUt e tll0 14ttlJ. \trlPlbehrIItrteltntl 7h f'L'RCits\ EliS Uh' l.(t'r3 F1,t)3I THEE SG CoNO MUILNICIPALITY.TY Ilib IV. ·slnly)?. CnnplImnoltnieo, CUmptro l letes OttrFC, tod nIthnie li! titn New Otlestieh ti inelt 7,131. \ H 1": pilrrlin rirr f lots sold by this ir lulliipnlif m tlte ttlt di' tfrlltiebruarl leas, are leritedv, notifted to "!!"pe: "ire lto t rtn N taty ol the tluni teipaliiyottet conm ttttyo e tt itll ellltgrfeeni Colr the etot, on aonot beeoro''s liltsun, Ilte 111 inst., whet tlte nlltts ofrOish tul ehnss'rls as may not have nettle] wll~d ~ill be repourted to the Council lilr Ill, action ofr that body. sof) __ SF 1'11 W\. IFIti-E Comptroller;,~ tC. tt)- t I'itlI neu c ttnr e b aotge nell frieoi1in Lrttrhlttre learlletin nclttowlhrr titn to the CIateland nlt, t111h 1 el l tl mclttlillll tIllhec tt ttteihn at their htndie ulilt on i from ti(lveVton to New Orltons: to those tnl~iiow passage for Galveston,1111 we 'Would eCom tlrrlll the~ Its to Julne, it the mast co~mliltltale urs~el,hest LIlN)" lley ttiil, an otrttrhtdnuoSebie nthe trtde. The.n itin lin stool's' n K Ilnemruts iti, the stIambt f1111 uIt t e lihs pTssengers and frh01A ht ip he Iltlp llrltit Ittt, et tll ' s Il lett llet I 7i itt o tlnhi LhvelIll_ [ blamot b urt, ltl other plnlteen the Itae '. We would /ve unecml tII I fle as the rtautl eqtnteitiotot toltlO 11. to iN tton=tn. I lritte hlill, JatckIon Slith, ohl I). \i 'lllt l It. L t. A tda1ms, . t hIc ptltl it ltt -ll 0 .rllr to ti- , lt eing $11 75 cents rr bIll6 tIlttiN, tI thle taCi 711e b Cak ttr t snl givet.J onlnts of bast it a Citi nett eesi , lttll Mton-. de11QJ 11 iost. tlttl[odcrut d tlit onlfottfI 11h,1e Inles fillt Ilitttr, istr:lleirekr to \i l t pdrot satt Intro, n1 1':1 ^onuolscs. D.I 'IIEUR,1 It1n'n i IIrt Pt ll I 18T.0 I 1,IZItýtIEI) Iitlii- 70 11. Jeti tI fleet lee rob ArAN II 111 ll~~ 110 11. etttt llttt Cli Ital ýD .11dmiu'l paste bnkgIvltr Cpes G&ermatni. T m~G S1.\I \I()NS.I A It I' & Co. 70 Chorus's St.· " radoln this a-rck till \\1redlr·dail a ternoon, at !\i0 '2110 Jlllia erns'!, tract 111 to I I r)s Clark A. If. ant from I1 to 5 PI. MI., oo thle weather last week p revented s tony ý,t~l\f":5.-,1liwsutt ete.. \rrry" .slther u1 11d san ""i :hrrv winesr, fit ItO'e nuld tar `nlON lblt. wl lb bun; rounds, i. .taro. art

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