Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1837 Page 1
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PRICE 121 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 27, 1837. Vot.. II.-N 200. T'eraof the INr pItr tres i of tleetea r .,noo nna ,twasl agreed to at aat adjournetd meetingr .," the proprieltor, held on the 131t of mareh, 18.17. sbabcription.-Twelve dollanr for the Daily paler - enawlll .Iayale emli-atnually in dvallo . ''lon adin r for tIi tri-weeklycountry paper pi able one *'euriundvance, where no city ref lrcneo in glvel. No .aripiona will be discottinued until are s-ail . In casn o disolltionult., one week's notice, inlr/iag', must lte invariably given, previous to the on p ratl ha of tuthuerilion. allertuarig.--OtOe rullatr per sqoare fer te f lirt in. sertine, and bill tlht (Iito te fort e.ln e ftroent Oes; any tattrial ltoration Iromt tile original odvnrtisclclltto uil be lharged f I niew tWc. }eanrly Adrertiser x.- trtnlhllt ntd 'rrnder forty do llar Ibfr Esguiolhali o. ttud sixty for hth hlin gesr ; Bann, In surnae O1iiihsr, lold other i .nmilr publi i paitrntitto, fifty doliaro t tglllt onl., l ih or buath la.gtne. Slhip nod Pi dtrntht flrt'rs. or ioll, Inlr htotI, sixty ldolars in Euglilh Iolo aIt" eightty for both lntra"gesO. Mnarriages Obitno'" Notirre, and articlet catling tih attention of tlhe i ubl " to tno of pr.pert;, card t of hanallugero, wfe/Wto \e. Sun.rwill te linr.d . 0e t n l lareorauanre, fhr the firt ittari.,t in nct h laon aogi. CntoauinatLaion or Advertirnoe lts of .ny peren/al nature, wohen undtioubalo, atoll be cltargedl doulle, lad in adlvncee. A deIledtion tentfre per rent. n ill I, made to Auetlioneers, Steritf, liegiule'r of WillI, aIl Mlnrflletl nn lalob al real eptate, .tnlnielled in b mtl] I ill ni;es; and 0 jar cont. it Eugll-hn nalne, IU per cost. on saont 1f etlher property. Adetrlitesentls ontof the direct lia one Ill si.cas Ie II, yearly advertit+r, Fnich ano legIe, aUtlion itanll - tiun alesa, reuaay ltlve, sa Inotalilllls, te.l e, ofll! be chargelsd for ail rately ad rait the 'dientry rear. Ad1erlsrermet. not to time ill b' t nl h el nn o r rl l lll t l l l. d .ctl c a n oemord i ..I v . rnadvrEnir- Iiat+ Iafhn'lll te:in wailhe urhli+heal iany nerae, unlerl paid f tr roemil-'i. ll.rtill o ier V ,aeint gnuarant'e by a recponie+lle, Ie h us if lfioop' TftI 'tleV .tlll othetr l of LI n'll l u, Illt lvertlmll dailyi tut teeno e, to .It,' god luff dfofht for Eo' glish a lofn, oad 1t50 Iolart io bth lm,.unsis,. All u in of ll' ll ,Ii' iio fl n tff ahall IMe ellagedl douba Ithe price oat olh eri ave s.: munt.. Owing l e illngt the iotn,e'ot,,s o ttlill/ll b, II" )llPr proplietort ts, Ity .h e 1L. iTo the, lulllllioll, d th lP nalles of perslona w lh e Vlel lllt h'.11.n h 1' nllol b Ien p id .ithi one io tlh ifllr rll elclleno t atn t lll. ie nltt knnat, (s, fuar anproie ttfe) me'ch oterthe, tvli ulling inemelves lent Ii, tot verite or aprllot file ste ssolillqelllt unoles. in ohe of srlolef , a oeetolodeslf. (oiglead) I. C fd W T o li..irS, J tIAfiON, I" I' lItlA, 1 U; I''1." .; ltf wl l .\ s'l', Ji)ItIN ;tll f.N, L.131eI'tstN, l'eekly prear.-- e, , tIntIr , I g toel ~ ne a tli ytIke above ronditions, las liar they col aIt chhe tu nreekltv inpers. (Signed) A 11 tA'ViNCFNt, J W ENNIS, miO i.Ottta mo titt llt 't a1 t. e oste , pot aid. . I ANALS tLril ItAll. tOK.\,IS-Mop T he fle,'nt "S Stlatn, shawlig thoe oi/o/l "tlt t'atrellin. 'io," 'in 11 ernllmlel rlnolad; (mll which 'iare gpivnll thle lislllttnl', in Illo D rlll o llilh , ten olllotll;c altto, the W.mll -.' < lie Y ulall a inl Oii llsh'S Ihre lllt flie: a ma u ryI o e r ille. fully e loile:e Byon tthe Lest ulnho;"ilidt, bh S .\t ig.+tu+e. MIitsthdl, t..Ir. oust tcr e n tIi e d il.r M:Eh.Ly WM St'KI'AV, IV I XAS-A visit ItoTexas, b'te gbthejourn.. al. L a trnefller tfrotfh thefeion rl Anno fft0r ct/fng an Atetrion trotaveller, vith decfriptions o aselory, eple, roi. lnliticul Cotnstitutiont of tfiln free slate of tomihuila biaa1 of 'texas, with pat-ta of the foh.;niug illaesl b) 8 I Ataina 11ed. 5. SA Map of, It Uhlivl H fB.,rr, relt. 1t!,5. A Map ul Texas, owilh the eoMtigUO, lr A ,'rrnl'lo :,til MnxiMn sate., ky . II Luori.g, ikhlihc by Ir. \a goJutI Mitchell, I1.i5. Jura reNeired u ll for tdne hy V1. MweeKF n\ wniO t0I·l b :lclllll llcc e slulllllc lr'l loh IRE31MO AL. HOUSE, SIGN AND OIItNA.MENPI'. AI. 1'T.lI':I'., tI 5ump lt, arily otplmsitte the tnluri$ntIfll"'heatu. i .S'ECf.TI UI.LY hsis fri',ns wio l te p .oablic in general, that Ihe excrtes all orders ill the khove itlanoust, in the best style, ntl onitnodenlt• term,. ie will alan execute in like Inhlaert, all kilt.n of ireoralionl in Oil alld VWatrl (toll's, ifor h:ll en araes. arelors arl litt-rtetotns, Kfo. t'e.; Ihe will tso iti -- wle a great variety of .onbilts aid \Vuods, Militaron S HndLards, FUa. Ue hopens sixte )3. of proof/r:i , anld exeorionl so saa ncusivel' Iuatllled, will miltoll at entlllllOlleet "f fllt. atereogeI.elhns heretefoeeoi'U.oieal free this hietk otfila Ihe whlaoler onnltltiy. faitt, Oil, Glass, Vmrnish, (;.td louat, &e. Vc.. On atal for sale. Alto, ready tmixed colors for use. hVltiltelng, clnlk and d,'y colot,,,s. ic''.f-3 NFAV BOt.ii(,-N,,orttomt I.,'tr, it tidLe ofI' ttt,' ,reo ett tinme, illh:noe, e' fT S I,'av. Panuldin a at Slavery it" tfhe Uaitcd State.. ISturies Of the Sen. by tle outlher of Peter Siao drf. Mlemoir of George R ' Ilewrs, witl traito of tfle( tea SGilbert Gnrtey, by tlhe author ofSnaying and I)Do ng. &,e. AlsIo, a new supp ply of One it a 'flooanod, or tlhe ay of ltnlri Ouutre, by thle uuthtor of It Itlien, v,. lust nc ecived by C 11 BANCR{iF''', M5 1-I itam ft. " Englaad,l, I the authtot'"A Year in '1e/ i.," i' _'. Volumes. Nuoble Deedsof Wlmel, ille n vls. The Y'nnatg \ifoe' louk, a illnotal of lora, rtreil gt u ant dnomtoio dttties. Just receivel and herruale by WVM. M'KE.\N, jl.27 eornler tf'Camplllalid n CoarOtntOl otoI. l AIs;i)ttllS)tS'rl t'fS, &r..-'fbonobseribers haoe for sale, Inandin fifrot, sflis)Ohio al, Ann, 10 trtm aps appletotl 4-I.4 trlwn shllooting:, six baIles ill ellol trl, ts, pit up for the Mlexnan marrkta; .75 kegs lloton Iron -Cnnnpany Nailf, well asolfted; rill .e"w.'t mdpauielo elhcolate, lOtnall boxes each, II asete nulneer cloth tcn, rneorit tr u. t g ,od asOrttlllll of al'irt' . lallllUI'l. a¢kets,/. p BttIFll(., Vt)E & CU). NEW FUINTU'II'RIE WARE IIOUSE. No. 46 CUnancrnes Sr. T IIE subaeribers are oow Io.n rg a cowplete .,tort 1 met of elegant and osft I fiuritore. whi h threy have jlut received by tie arrivul ofshlip Sault.n., Ar kansas and 'isiisippli, frob New Yolk, coa-istlil. in palt of side boards of vrioti Ill ro ltln witll Egy" vti:ln and Italian mlarbl , tops, eontre tbles ofcvery descrip lion nad quality, wardrobes of vario; ipott.'ns, sCl'oc tary and book cas, Indies' Frech tallto al t ttl .ti Icttbureaut. 'rvoiolot diliog Pembrokvooe. cl. anto h dide' work ntablu, line do. ol.o, It feu pair sitlotiards with Egvptian marble tops, a notw ald bcrutintl arti cle. A complete assortment of sofas. A large and colnplct asortmtllcnt of mInahoalO , al pie. rusewood, foancy and colomlm clhirs, " ahit*nnv rckilh g do covered with pllashr, hlaolad tigared bItils cloth, together with a c.atlploetc nss. rtntclt of such arti elrn as are usnallv fondl it sowh bn eCtohlislItnlt, the whole of whldh will be sold on reasonable termns for op. proved paper or ashl. Tlepuhlic are respectfally invited to call and cxaml ine the'rteck, N HGoods packed at short notice in good order for shipping. f12 C II GItANT & -o D'RY (ii)ODsl-4 ra lcs hey Ilored doimewti. L prin"ts 10 ilca l'rcnton improvk d tickiii gs; 10 hales Oxfordti 4-4 tickingo; 2 cs's bIll.e o'ittsborn curdsi I ease heavy black carpetling, landing fron barqoe Jo lophineand for saleby '1 CASH & Co,. sl0 No 1t Ctnmp at P FH E Subcriber, imllorter ooId a holcsc led dcalrc In Foreign llsd Domestic Ilardware, haI onll and an extenlive stock of Shelfield, lierminglln. mand Almeri can gnoorl. nmblating a great valicty, consisting in Ie: t as toilows: Anvils, common imnitatiln and genuine monscbolnc; asmith ices, black abnd brighlt llce; trace chains, com snoon, blued and blight; tnes, Carolina, Lolisiaas Kg'tlr and cottonl; EnIllili and A.icricao oddlle irons; oJlokg ad aSert handle Ihv ptans; noised tdLte, hook butt and all other kinds of tilnges; pit, mill, hlad, p:mlel, tenon and eas cut saws; rim, closet, itad, cnuloard ailll trnlk looks; Antmericao silver pd;atd lolnot, ilside andt slidling door do; rountd and flat spring, stiraight, anid eltckcl shutter and door bolt; fltnt, pit, tmill, and cross CIt sal files; sIlip ear.entctr's ald other anttlr"o; IMack, blighlt and lltelt esat stael socket atd firlmr erchiscls; g(uges, all sizes; knives and forks ill stts anld dozens; gov nt : rietie shtoe, cook, butctther, evintg, and dtorawing knives; poeket aill dirk cutlery, inl dozens aild oil carlds, and small scissors, tlifors aind sheeltp slhtttlr; oinntlon and fine rnzars; lnottmot. j aplonItvl, bright iand ille polistal aeiteel alulet-s; Iigh anul flat bottomt betes tlt. llestilks; platedl, britantia, ilon, tea and table aIooli lint and pllreussion gust looks; turnalrew andllilpple wrenches, owder holrns, flasks, shot belts, gare bags, et. earpenter's axes, sizes, hatohets, thammnerts, etc. urtnnt btands tad pins, eomlmotloe nobs, &.. noiglt Nor. folk, bras al aptanre nlatncll, rolopt.'sfi Iaes n , Ilowels, s etc. aslitlta ltcllowsai, ilatlinet, alllt bakimiran Englidl and Anmttic ll asloesl dl altonvels, len and lort hTnllcs; ommle cat., sheet inrlt and nt tent metal ten kettles, patent sett muil conl o on cotton pald wool eanls all oumstbers, wadlier and wa lef itous, giddlesa anl like lpans jack ctws,i wood s.ews, eow., lbltasld stirrlps sand bits, lbralss aid silver lmartin gales I am a hl rings, elaina and buckles, axes Collins' u1lLt's CaO. er's et. cutcl llarches, stocks anl d dlies, h rasis, ilattln, aiuiae, asiollll sald tngs, antllirollns, takLs, hbrala, "lnlgs, plouphs and ploatgh louldd, tlo and GeCrma steel, ilk, uills, alates, jasplaoted. tin antd woodlan ware, siOes corl tila, La. slides, tared hemp,, graass-rise, ltsotiaota Ittoltgltlottat, lakittigyalt. cltton anl letiai twle, llwlrrs, Iatolt Ial cawne., ales, blllS, listol, rtitsL, ut intl s. Ita hl, shot, llge.rls' all t ull] onat' lowder, withh a gvIlat riety of other gaoodns hlolllIg to dt trtlc. Wr . (lAWVFORtD, msna)4 No. IUt ew t Letee, R JOiNES' P.TETI COT)'I'ION GIN, wlich lloa P lee in osuccerosful olperatiho ftr t et oral d;as, lt ;o lto Julia sttat. lnfro: 10 io II 'clock, a i. and 4 to pm will e Crttuolll d at the Clale hourtil till a turday atlirlooln, t ha11 i t.oprllltions will be clc cl. Th;oe dosi(,t.fa st.i. i : ig,; ttiot, ;etc rsv -itt tO, FOIL NEW YO)IK. (Loit ad N ork Line of Packets.) 1 Orl~a, ulal Now 1"ork en eery lIaier Mloudii, aonneiiooi non the 25th April aiidt t insure Ili, strictest puctuali ty in their tine of sailing, the line will hcraloir cinsb, t of sx shilp, vii: Al1ip YAZOO, Ciptain tlidridge, to wave ncre cate April. St(hip MISJSISIPPI, Captain IRobilson, to eave, one iill IIAKSPEAAI E, Claptain Collins, to leave ol Shlip VICKSIBUG, Cuptoil W\'oodhouse, to leave il Ship LOUISV'ILLE, Captain P.almner, to let t on 1)2th Shd/i II1UNT,1VIl.LE, Coptain Palder into lae uo i] 'l- The ,have shli)s nre all Oew, of.the first lassn, .r i "nred mnl t pper ladet.owill Itgi upvlars iW. i0 nis hlgrrgig, ore of lihti lillg-ltgl o 'oiler, bcli uclinlt ii Niw York exipre.lvtee fr gig trade. The pile al ats. =lc flxsd at one hu a.lred dollars ilheir cbigigg are o tite ia ion tll) il0 1 ilpllruegd nl(rnuconveiroll plan, & flnlgiod il a nit and clmatl stylc. Amta le styoeres r the thrt iunalni, will oe p'o l,-ii sutd every regard had to the colutfiar' lllad cntire eatlitlfitlinal Of lSXe go'..+w ho mill ic tmrotleke Illtiile tl t l l bo l ier n he .culeld i tiii pait fir t then ltire of the tilit, ig nf s l r.u 'llgese packets re rcgiegll:nlldlet b (liltulillts well ex lriu'ic,'ld iii the rirh, whot will give g vng-rg ttgelgg li<l agd m tl'lt tllg'mlisve + to iliroiigiiii llttge. 'l'i" r will :it Ill lilie be it il op gi t I il tiia i down th, Iiis'ni g1 i;i leoby steal Iaaati- , Will 111: SIIIiIIP 1 Is I fil oa liiy cab.i iinca illthea iti igl 'Thl l ntsgmru of thesm ships will tint ti r-.npolu ible flr lhot, ulghe:.giesgerei till of luliaiiig to ,t ill trcror, gg rlh:ciii hattgue if the aigente oIr cit air-. litl Hlirlhr l l£lariculart , applyIv to J. 1). t13IN & A. COIIEN, April I No. 77 C(:anal srt. .. . .:: YOKI .-( New Line of Packets. Mio iillll 1l i It ,i. lr 2lll. Tlip ;.u :tiIVllIE, I. Ilathboune, col anUilnderr, 513 il iI, nl ail Malirchli 7th. lShip KENTlIIICKIY, John lunhker, Commani, der, G.!9 tin, to sil Mclanrh ll. S hip O I. \ .NS,' S S. S Sears, courn.i ter, 5'99 tons ol sail Apruii-Ilh. 'Ship 1A .al lBA I , C. C. berry, conullndrt, 47-1 illi, ito salt .lncn r r 'li 6. Slhip SA ILIl'.fll., W1. Hathaway, comuiander, 5-12 linno , toi ail lei v 2d1. T'lie silip ofl'tiii line will snit punetually frols New Or'leams and New York, every second Mlancilu through out the ecuson. They nre iii of tihe first eloa, copper fisened aind lleru, mud- were Inilt in New e irn k expressly for I i,- mral e. Il'llnl rec . ntll allldvd iv rxp rleln r lawt i light draft of wrter, and i ill at ll limes lited Iu and down tlhe l lisisiplpi by stealboate. 'Iheir oa coinnoIt tigii foii r pasil eers are perior. Tfle owii'er iu f three ehips will not tbe responsible for lany lttier, parcel or pickage, seit by or pit oi boniar ltilrhei, Ile I t regucl r bill of laitig he signed there itr, al ihe ir tin i .g Ione f the t o o r oare. hl'ie rie of passge is ,oed rit $70; ,o awiue or liqu- r flintglitel Oil tiord. For lI'rei t or pgset , ipjat'i- toin 0BO(EITI' & II ATWITII N, NI-C Otthlt- 1:Na t il lhl .I' 11b111, 1,IN-. i td gli t rer thi ' lste, the fAilo i iiir t ' , gir ,.rels /,e n ing I'atlI of freight anlid puIsitill i WIktin n I. tiuco ritcsk $110. litde. Suetnr $3 ;5 I'asks Chire $2 G10 tlksanured tmd, at 15 renl, per *aut t'snmng, $t I per inn of20001. .i ,1inpeir blen, ,13 nt it uling, ter beolge lil 3.It. (nIts, per do I.S. li n.gioe, 5th.. pr.r piece of".56 yards Inopie, 510c. nper aoerrclb. Kegs of I.ard per ke tor. of, per ker 250. Kleg Bar ie.ed, $1111 each I'ipre of l.i ,nor, $t 75 each Clkbeo per blog 12 1-2 htrsesptr irdil $12 M.i.tile $ g10 ilhep iocih $1. H roitg $2 Crabin kPssagen $11. eII ll'Vid $5. Deck Passage $li It will be ilce.liatry for shiippers to give ai t i.e tle of eiiig ll their orders, the marks told coniliguiri a uar os poas.ile, So that goods call p iriuolyl be i-livered. i ase bills In ding dI. o t at i e i l .llle lbgl t ,. 'ttI( NE gidl ItI't- \VL'I'II, Aetoas, :ill Ict itis 5g.-g i uNew Orlnsi, n le ,. 1e0.g 1 .i o r 1 'ITE1) NTT'. "ENT DAI .Y /A4L LLNE trun Naw ORIE1RS TO 11o0. nl , Icm l'lPari.esl, no Carriages. I .-.,+J4 ' c ,s pu" ... . of lo-" plrn di. t+- + let. Lit the I, i, c e first cl s,... .. ul : Stitluaer (Il'Ai IlIA, Crressr, lluutrr I1AZII'lP'A Silgtii, LE)NIDAO,\ Coulcon, S SOU'IlTl AAIIAA31A, Aldrich The tlaae untn are fitted ip extpreslyl for the trtel, ai commuiianded by able nnd experiencet seiaimen. In c.',eqlience of tie very light draughtiof t.i ulcve bonts, they are enabled to tlae thinhnerpatsage. eoniioutllnt Iy pass.enere es"1peti thlire anntlani-e of seta sickness. ut te nt on trhe outidue routtnt. The itricte.t uttention paid Iu the conufort nfpnaso hhgerr. An areti.ririt lion bleen tili td t ie Ihl.yloridg line Phlihue }lclphi cr Niilflk, whoI lio gti tilet dghi oi to ping. i in hihle ,;" :11 lie toiatil-rred to glte Walttclaluni, lind hse retuir::,ag froii I'encurola, by the Wgatchmanl to the iutl toit; alliruding great iccor mundations to per sons .avclliig ntnihwlatrds, and parl ut, ii insure who ihiV wish ito visit thi healthy rity of 1ieisiohl. 'liae nuil blitti lcave tae iiku cud of lire i itiued nndiutely otlir the arrivlt o fthe half pa t twelve o clack cru, and Mobile it 11 A 51. F'or freight orplogi.,e appuu to 'I'r)litN12 & 11.CIa.KWI'ITII, .leruts. Jl and `_^ New Ievier,N Orenlens; nue 19 or J G IIIULKE, Moblile. N. t11. 'assengeis ov tie labove line liae tlih prc rcu:e in mail lhiues laving Mioble. Dinner will ie iven oil board thie boat atl three io'clock 'P. SI. 'l'ie ibe In will receive aind laud plissenge'rs at all the ntu'rlued~inte ilundilngs. IiVstingtotn Irving's New v orYu r, kre. lIf~E CRAiON 3JIIcLLt.AN; No 3, eounitiilngl L L.n.ens of ilie Congest of Spain. Bly the author li r he 'Sketch l'ook.' Tlii I.Itr. f Cerge \VWas'inýtn;i in latin pirose. Ili l'rm:icis Glass, A. M1. of Ohio. Edited iby J N Itey .IiAi DowaN.;N'o Snll llook; contal iing n sicltio of i:avlt1,tt hieo hvd sloghel s, imi. t1l.hih :.rc neI. tiy . l-iaenewa , .i. I). M. EI " tllt'ss. T''aonlatle hy the Rev IR. Plloter, 3. A. I'lhrLnllld.l of Norwiic 111i 3 voll 18. o. n Ihcig No 13, t16 and 17 of 'IIlrtcl's Classicall l I.ihlbliT.r JIst received and folr ale by \p 'i.\I C'lE.N, n v 1 _ col. ofc ll l nI coII vit "I CoNtI'ndrlcsI; by J P' It ,lames, I'.m. a tlit o1 IuIt' ll , Itia liut t iototo' ti, ' (iiper, te.; iti Notlll to C.tick; ,t o1uins Qirhks, ti llttlviler ll I:a clte ot' tile o tNl ta tni llerll'l IiC-blitgeueit bIl Ihrii - tir of facetits Caitarigiotsis, r e, lee. Phillips ei loitleil .l, v i 2. Just irecci ed and for sale hI" WV1 N'KEN, el'i' 'nr e, Camnlaaio rl111111tj 11 Cai . SIEV Iti)LlICAt - .lAL.ES O A l'.oottlvnei.. By \\illiam II Iliar 11t- elate etxceedinl parldo i the llllocity oflthe attel lllt.'--St- S ''lolts Uolimw.. eNltilr.i rS .1 iattss. In I vol. A to the Holy l1tnl; emnpli.ih, 'tol lcctihtis, ketctltlls lld riolhttiotts, io c d'.n a tIIIi int RoiEst, ii 18032-3..I. lt- Allitneu lii I* Lallilt i 'ais." lBy 'lits. IWlootii teliCOnIIg Ie, authol" of the 'ITwopttity [Post lo-,' tc. etc. ''Si ltlnl itntetite osliondet aiita1nljoite, 1iCilllaus l IIO'T'CIIIISS & en, oct 27 2i Clhattl. shl trtl LATE PIUBLIICATIONS. . lIE PRINCII'LES OF FREE TRADIE, illus 1 trated is: a series of short and falliltir ill ie;n, tilginally published in the "B L.atvr of the Constitu CODIITETT'S LEGACY TO PARSONS; or have the elerey of the cetalllished church nn eqluitable right to tile tithes, or to nlly othler thigt called chutrch pro pcrty, greterll than the dilsenterts have to tie sone? alld otlll thelre, or olght thelre nolt, to tIe a . -iinrltioa of the iurch frotm Ithe .tteb !-ihi six leters, itlir.loned to Ihe church parsoan generallv, incitlidil the cuthedral aitd collage clCerg olld thie bishols, with adeliicatioti to Blmtnnield, lli..illt of London ti hy Vin. olbttttt, .1. P. THIlE CO .PLETE VORKIS OF JEIREMY BENTIIAM. TIHE MERCHANT'S ASSISTANT, or Mercantile luatructor, containing a full account of the luone.s, coil,, weighis and measures of the lrhtciltj tradiltg natiolis and their colonies; together with their aluies ill U. S. cerreley, weights and meansures, translatod ftronit the 7th ediioui of Flugcl, with adlditions from tho wotk of Kelly, Nclcebroeh{r, Kruse, McKellogh, and others; by IFnicis J. Gruntld, author of "E1lementary Treatise on, Pllnac anll Solid Genoaetry," &c. &c. TARIFIF, or Rates of Doties, from aid after the :d date of Riahln , 1.13, lltil the 3Iat of Deecenler, of sail eir, iielusivoe, on all goods, wares and iterchandize, himltieod into th0 United States of Alnerica, ua es ltablisahcd by ncts lof emitgres. Jt received, and for alo by W. MVcKEAN, one 7 Canter Campll and Common trieet. i.NCY I'IIN'lTS-- )cas's rich light fancy prints; S1 teeieal omestir fmuiry do; 10 cases lutte iprst, " I C.AS:I & CO. ,lti 1, REMOVAL. E FII.LFY has removed from 76 Chartres street to J 76 Cmtnl, Ineor IR oo. a 7 Ihas received by 0a. arrivals, iiltis to tle originl strk, wllich lara tln olflred in q'otrtiti.s to suit piurcIsers.o Rich Sotins, dai l tud ltlied. do dlo blk aolcodeoh'ri. doe Grdo d' Pali, ploin Ii dd figd. tIo do jet auliblue blk. do ReprSilk, plu aoll cond. do GUoeool . I ,'plire, Irctiico, &c. Pltiu ond knolted, Ciiao C-tttourghl & Englilsh Silk Ilose. oresriorembbroiderdrrte tore ood open woerk do do do 'l'hrcad, Molhair, le v V itnlld Co:tton Ilohe. . lwiri fi iele tada Iii Sol'eooiolh,rrh I ti & iss'd toilk ni N 'ti Gloc, -ebik, white r 1l s-soited. dem hl nttl lI i Glovee,io long ntired. fI'rench Silk and .atin .t id Sniodl etl I n ltrilorhinel.OrienC 'rlccilllr, tlrLcd oIcc,,c WV'h:o I'e, o eohrlh, r Flhwers &. &r.__ FI&. I'1.F1Y, 71! ('tn lrt PurlltlA t'LiPiI1A 311titIt1. a HE spleudid plaroinolge awarddc to lhIe 'hiilnt.l pi a ,lRi lurdl'd (Teothaturer. ccs thvcelrtol'+tl eof lu Irnh e t helr IillieaiiOl, ll ier thle above tit e, OF a lotI r o edition l cirli eto olaoirlI I, es iing klt nrt a00 the r irgeaut acril Nepll'iilt itl thle Unitl rtaiten, witrh lire of telor "'IV'.I.'t 1-SIX TIHOUSANtD SIJ1B SSCRIIIT , ER. 't'le irw liorore tfreorl i'rouieerdl of furn illta tloir re.-;ilvri i it v boolks, i the lret life - tarte oif Ithe l hi t icllrrg tId on eri otlv sccat es SIlti, thie ioat wile eotlllillcrl. Six veol otil Lo tlle t(c h'rlrleIat wrltriltit llo l'lCpitniln Milllrr l ot ill nd sixty-lvo of Iilr. Itrnnk'ol' ,71ilo, i'mlloCrllo, ottt c cre'allo b iretrr toioi o o ohrr itrre'rirr n e s b nd hi-ivre e orno ronainir. Ti anroeiei lothe oiecrmti an hcll.tranesl l rrnil, ie l:sel ler everi re i rrt ir li.' th lrrtyro, IoIf l lteilingi I'lic:h.P, in I~itrat:.ure, Sic nelle~t eIIlnd Artl ; Ini , ll'lirnelt errir lrerlor llt; A iricultrr e in hir-t vrhr v i'irt rrf lttics urtmurli trrrriire n luue irto r public jrourrnol, (hiiie lflll uccuurlt of ricillo, rlkelts cd rIws of IIhe Inteot dotets. t1 i. ohblihried it thiee . n ircice o1"$2. FOrthis t nll Im substr ribocs r let vhnuble nto c , irtuloriig aiulerr, ealch wek elloehgll O h r11 comr ro100iok ot'c00 t)ge, ad ioll to 5I v erluotes atiTer, ornd wlrich ii erlil ltrie to Ibe rtoam we1rkly itriat lat two hanmdled thsanld poples, sttered t a ll lit oftrTi coptiiy forlilloll t ile to I ireoida, irllad fer l tie ac oior te h the htkes. It Umalmmrt otrch wJiretlSilttloer i ence itcd entrlriiini proe IrietteS, MeitSCwi .tooo1\RIoe L& e.lie, olf Phihirhl 1 f iptia, to rc-ltblisltn n ito colmntt,i ill tille tttrs.eora yatr,l sR eril fl" the. Illn't iahn·.'C-li rs' e wm'k+ Ihal i= otte from tile Iirihisll er;s: we iit hi n :lltrlhnil ieltrgie tol it e pttrointerut hiltrcct, No.nd Ielr it torltitrliefll.enrr eatior. Tot recfle e rloircs theciloer, o ourh ,f teiri ore ribelrs i droir to hanr thle Iic l imbers' hed dItheiC h 'ctpe ro m isi n u o ne nt ie nsti ii l ic k er i o f th e C o .U ind i the ittaro ttri whith w r ill ioti ie n .r, :n v Ollennt for reading wiein t is bumnn ill a vllllllUre, ar thuie gratly Pillellnhoa itr veilllle. i ilC. t itletitle t' the P I tIII I)c.ttetItl . lttoes,. will t cotololprti witl tire pollt icrtiolu ofl tie l'riizo 'ulF , tel w rhih wanur, l~aw tcllo h prizc r ofTi00, writllnl bo Mito Leslie, edrlitor of thre splendid Anonuol, ithe Tokelrioond I'Lilhor of Pencil Sktch nlo lltd oLrIer vnaiolole cotorlllib tilio too tAtilerioot .iocrature. A ietrrtltlttbertoiof otn, loocits, tlies, &e. oli'erll ill tconprtia tin for thle t de5 irtcaue lnht, will add vrual.lI iatret est tl crapncleing" l numbrrs, which will also Ih enrhhedt e y Io v e ted ore o fom nlien S.dgewalck, oriroo of tIorp t.eliPce, 'le I,1..ld .e. wrhose taltellt lave beeno l oo justly old exten.+ively to opilreoiated, totllih hotly nril ro itol. Tlli iiroemld FAMICltY NIeHWtI'.PtElI it sieiotll iletlrl i ll i rkligilei s and I ralito ynl iat e isti, lndll r h I ei coou'rotaisilg oleonent o fqllet l lktry of rvelec Iritd. Il addition to atll I.fwhioh the pulishers itntetnd feUr nirsnhil their latro with it series of nrovlletd Mapll. olercilog lte teentlov-ever Sttlll ol elt lle In ioh, &. ex liloititle it itueit lunln, lc. of riveree tows Imoalaiu, lhket, thet reaboaord, iterndo im (rovemets, tst dio elayc d in conloalts rail rdr, &err with tlher iltei' llig;d ouseful fetlrao, roadt, distal ese, n&e, & rmingr I: t lo Il ete Atlas Ilr retoNrlt uso alld iflrlllltiln, lndol e s, o exectled lla eac i uc t Isinc ma ,illt Ia l rei llltrlls l tleet, at art loexensae which notitiongh- ie thr .rl i di i tnorolte, wohih h for six year so tt hlao bei so go. r' tasly elotnded too tlheire, outl arrlln ot. The Ptltdtlactltha Rait ottttay Cbouricer is still eorthned ill it IercP fOllni, at the same price on Ihereltoliere. The 3hildelplhti Mirror, triog it quireo elotioe of the Sa-n trdaCorlier, w it toincrned r oille, oll irint er une e the Iablt white fie plper, of the Lalie tC s, it tie New tirk Albioa, will te pato at cretisolel toe holf the Irice ol thnt alllthle journal. .r'iz: 'The.le liolir lla er atn o tll p" ylle ito aidvllce, (ittithidleg tiho Mo erl.) S VOOIJWAII.D &J CLA itKl:, j 14 .lhiltteoo ihla. - IAIII, & ?tJ tLUAILEJS No 2.i Ciltlihulse st., JuL ri inr for aile- h t t10 pipes and O lt half pipe e llriotealx brnicve, retohlt c hodbeiterot o 0 qrcasko Olir brooandi; !0I ei.heltirks I'rltr1'tii ot'e kolobrolol.; 6lpipet git; 1t-0 r colhks .Iltrscillce Modhira wto er :lit) or coka Siciily Mslodira'; 16 hkalf trip, Pot 1 hiec. 31 lbaketis oEliopuge d.; 10to too trown Ileaocsutgatr; 11t tacs ol ltcooosuol'cl; t( bhogs tt tLitollO toi; tl) C't )s lloo Coh" l'oolnco.; 10 ceroeooo float ilitdittl' 50 SLLetkt l -oftip roihelte oloollinr l ldi lli1xso ito - &e, &cin t w er lue i Il iih; 110 ih do 6 I roIer, Y0 cT elit 1aoito I)Itir to lIb.- I chioeolulN , 1iiiht krt, black it(wttt;tiliioiot 7d h.c doz eh rI It lr l n tl I ra p le Ilh,,rrv toili'; II) bhlls pl alle; _orl0 coils llhaleNp i ot ohc ";li iS t eile Claerir.P Iat. I-II ; 2.,l ls i NNio :1 Illk·II Te ; `'!IlL btIrrel. +No [ [~tll illto hlerrin's (new;) !o)O .hldo ivcos, &et. &ic. &c. J30 I -MACildlt' 'T I CTICS I,)R 'le 3111 ' ltiti.1. ONCItI Sl0 'I'EM OF INTS'Iti'LtI)NS AND J RFt:(I;..VI NN ito :r the .ltia oanol 1'l/uoeoers of tiIthe Uoitld Strite, eoin|iehooliooc l c the exerciots taoo IorCIIOetllltllt Of' trhe nV Ir'rtrcol.ilght lifitoo tttl', tiIt 'll' tnlotr t, Caolr, and ttltilhrrc; ttnge'rit o loe thhe olo nucro :t ofdilgd dlltt iruo (L'aionitrtn Cll'lliiillfti0 t, toltitots te' tparadtolT ,revre , lllle tdi inispections. ci e oIt - thli-hl by riot tort t I' h ke govttl'ltoterrl tfr .tiolle -Ice npar la id e rltlt o llv bttrevt t at ptilr S i' ril , 00ill illeil . '.tsteiti tlioitas t (ori 'lc tineo r o ho iirr tvii-ono Mto c r (I'eoneol Alex1. 3 C'.trbo cIIIsom teitc I ie A railly I ter 11ti utedi /t1to.. IitN'tItI;oIICtl. 111tl(1PI'f-()r, Y l -clnlcrr of the lotoio tf th d of te ioa / e ;oioed a/ae ofi A coer.i e' toonoi t Ito be h tri tiorililo ol tie robljec tt - otrtntred it tire 1'rek •iotiiedo "h IBlirts of Atieooi ro," rotd interse rsecd with lool oortiortt of Aiiicr i seerroy onrot manirecr; toy Jotit Ju'rcs uo filodoeo, t' It dS L & oo:.--Voo 3. J ust recived and forI Eu a lh it" BOOKS-'The LICs o i Etiquettet. t.o orte to Skeltches of ruoetierland, try thie uthor of thro Sit, &c, &c, in tWO v'lhoeo. Life aod Desiooa/' John +a ,reloc/ ottn an ounettot oe its detection, too Virg'il A hStwart. Rteied aci d tilt d altle h Jti tIOTCttI(ISS . ('ti o, '_M Chairir et. fishiofll liVccr. IIIthe mhnr Ilil tiCs'ga',, .lilc. 'Abhi! nul'dltro ch,- IJnt, al ;udtd dfra!" In thrllee vol ws. Also, ITHE li;n, rAtTrI!SOL; or Nln1l I:dIitcation . 11) .1l Or"ille Ta"l.or', Prohssor of l'unula'. noation in the New Yolrk Unlilersily. Rlteceied iby IIO'T'CIICISS co, ioct 1.1 t.i (.ihatta .t ANNUALS I. IR 1'i31. ý l11", Token :ml Atldatic S,)tvcir; a +hristmets andl T Niw, yI:l+ k IPtIIdiIIIL. ITul (;lr; it Christmas a:1l Nw .Yel:.;' Presenlt. Edlited Iby Miss Ilslie. Rec1 i edi aHl ir s:.le by It 0'-'IIIKc and Co, ne i "'1i ('hart l',s .t: rrlt 11 1. ' Tl.\ --It!latr,, shill :sItd stamt ) bot masllvle'r , cn how s tuLq y \ the sel cvs et 0it this lls+fuil article at 0I':2 1 ` tents per g:atllo h) h ppilication at the (;as :ie, Ilnsk Alley'. The IiI" suil l e xt p.' rimentl of lbh c.-al tar uh:, rcu!er'et ii tU those aw."!t ieAh ,d its talirJl e h ro .ertics, all itlispew ! r :l+ lfr ltt.e'n r ':atil pil ctce titChmer, awotell yoius, h ? xt d \wJill 2 tsharp noe Hwdill lime, it ;Hakes :t most exetlentt co elt fuIr the ro o's, secullilg thelm lifroin leak:c. iThe extllrleu'ly low pr[ice at whlich it is now furnic'd, shodhI idloru c\lery pla;te-r, shliplmastel1' ll hthllnlder tol h:ve :a cOIISI:n t spplyl , i o ll Sll.I'E CLII.\\II\AGE N\.--.\ fnrthet sulpplyX of thit " I i~h i, h h - c e le b ra te d w in e , a ith I ca d e in c a p s, w u.ahr t te iall quaily, at least | u.tilll Lt'h:Iy i l.jl32e imtpwad i,; thei U (Oitc"l Statts, just rcteived blv sept II A II NS iltit.I, 33 -laid st L 'VES OF T'1'IIE NECtROMA.\NCEt.t, or, no al. ages, who hlave claimled for thllells ol: oi- to W O1l ]Itth lbeen ilmputed by othellrs the exercise of tnullt. l| power: by \Wiiiam G oodwin, author uof l'a'cb \\illars, &n. LETTERS FROM THIE SOUT01i, Ih a NtIrlther al b ' '1 :1' I.lA N, nor S7 Corner of Camp and Colu(on s. RiANDiY, (:IN & RAISINiS-. Iioott fw tf u dred Iowea runch raisins, few half pipes of Fren'mh Brlndy, several pipesba it ld sul,-rior lIhland Gin, and fillty i n"e t]l lr iltdlett ll thir ,tl, litv, h) I e sold Iot toclo atconcern. \113 BI.\i El : II a ell N. II. Irtl and Copper--cacl w-ill lIe paid far a Ifw hundred toil of-old Irun attd Copper, apply ts tuI ve jan1l T HE L.XXCUACE OF I'l.ti\VIIS, kba.--The SLanguage o Flawe:rs, illustaetlcd b) colraed n ghavigs, d a4 lition. ' lte Mornal of Flowers, illustrated by colored engra vings,o eldition. Flora amni T'lsta; o GeC s o r Fl,(wers and Poetry, being an alphabelical narangement of Ilow rs, whah ti - ipopriate illustiations, embellishled t ilt ctlorlld lltuin, by a lItly. Inora's Ilntelrprcer; or, the An-,tric, liaik of Flow ers andl Satilncuts, by Mns s S ldall, thirdt edition, iam proved. The Artint, a, or, yog Ltdies' Insatuctor in Otan mtalal t luthlgt l)tht w in, At, . Just ic.uci cd al l rl i' safc it W31 Mi'l.EAN, oct it cnmr eroIf C unlll allal ( oaIIlnoi. ts. BIli.OOANS, CIlOTIIINGS. & from the shtip alria: 50 russclt Brolanul, cnlonnon, extrta n Mdboys' .zas 4 ctases men's kin pepte il l 1ilt . ins; SLeases men's d tucin" Ptunl;tl 17 cases latlii.' kid, morocco un1a losing Slipper-: 1.3 ,..r- Clothing, na gaoJ 4eol ltatlea -f lt -II: bI . 59 - C.[t! [L vi[ : .& lo. SiANKLIN INFlilt1AItY.--"]'Te public are it spectfiily info'metd that this institutiout erected a the most iapproved doan, aid in a ai iry uli most adimi ale situation, in the fadbourg Frianklin, epo the rail di, onie miile fliro the .Misissi pi. The buildllg is il' and most commodliously divided title l etsiittlis, lir kbcping aletate dllftrcl clt lassest Ail dili.brct ilisicmus. The itlsitulion is suplplied with the mostl skilliI anms .ttetlive ni. d fc iailc iniures, sipeaking the vatrioi nmll osl laigitiges. Pi'ivate rooms imay lie lied li gentlemen at fi-m twi. to .ie dhllers per dalii-, incluili-g altehteuie ertc. Terims i the ordin-ys wiotd,ttl ol doll r per day. Sl.tes also oe dollar. Sonthll flox in1 tile orvilluoy xVdi thrte dollrs. All capiul surgical opet-ilnns extra. Tilhe revsildent ph sitii is lr. II. Le. is, Ito wloiln, alhpilie i cr for admission must bthe mae, t to1) I". O. A. Ltzemibherg,t No. 17, Iltalntpt lt. iv a4 .-l'll PUBIII ATiIta.\._The S l'tisersllts,a taleol 4 l tie I dolde, in i vols. 't'e Wifu anl O Wtoim 's luoward, by .Mrls Nortoin, in du .Miriam Cofii, or the WIhlude Fislicrmrn. Thie lIlshfil Irishman, or the lExile of rin, ihn 2 vole A Niaatiiie of o Visit to die Americoii Churithes, bys h epit.lioiui froet lhe COgrear.gioinlii Ueilon of E lan sioa|d Wiiles, iis A-drw lleod, D D. Ind JaIies tI thesenn, 1)D 1, iii 2el. Noirels il Taides by Maria Edgeewortih, 20 vols erry uerily biousd i lili. T'ie Works of Mrs Si'rwonid, being the onla kll fo0a"iii dtiiti evsir ipublishlcdl in tihe Unitedl S.ates. Just Iueceid uad for side by .1 Mi I'KEAN, ct i "corner Cm.p and lCoitm t stq. - --- Cl 15(11 LAfl HEI Fau"ity vi' the AlhiLcAosuiiasi.,,t:ev. v .t i, respectflislvask the e.tatititi of the .icdictll trottssion, idit lithe friendls ci clisue in geieit,i to tle conll ion il iospealtuste of the niitittioin tt, Ir their charge. The collehge was olrganizeid iI the utumn of 1834; a fidl ecorsce of liclmaes was given ctri;g the paest wint.r, and at the last vsesion ct atl.e lhgilcacTre, a charer ws cof.irred oi it iiih thl usual Ieres aiiitl prlivileges eof si ii ai-i tit utiltn5. Since the termination of thie cotre of Letlc'at-s the aculty have gl iln umremitted nui-tteultn tthe interests of the IColleg, suol tt h Ovei.sidliutly tiigtttiented its reans 1 usrtii necs. litt aware thItt, ia at'ier mtray bet their owlv l e andl industry, the svccss of their etv ter prliz is lauinly deplmennth on p1 c.:oulnat.lnne it mmlr [..ceivIie iron tike culightlned meull patriotic portion (it thehir fellow citizenit, p:ticularly fto. i those ol'the .%l dicl prll.sin---the ltculty arive idesitrous to obtaini the tltevtion of tie c.unluttiti to the advintaetio s oihered by iteir iinstiulloiu to lithe Melictdl St.dets iti this section ol'llll er illunl I'V. T'ie college it ill he in possessioni, at the coia ence ment of the next session, of ailieaulntie tilupitls ti ir he illustrattion of chemistiry ati tile collateral s.cices. Ample imeans Ifortcitt sttlly of Anatomy, 'ill be fiiitish ed itttiouti triouble to the sittdetun, odu itthoutt sihlatittn of the sctired k:cliet;, o eiven pitjaices of societs'. it i is reolleited that tia third of lite ipptie i.utn oI New IOt.lcons, during thie whinteir caseol, is com iosed of stmlkl;erts, ni"any oI whom, IflO choiec or ne cssity, ,.sort in sickness to tlh sevtr:rl well ronducted loslpiibds i:1n this viy, it nmust l upp .i t that the ii' ih - cultir iin possessiol of instiurpassed meansl I',+ti retidtr ingiteirciti olvistttsuctiotithorotlti deotatStriitvt. To mil themsetlves i" these ii it ailg it has u eet ar imlstit tlu ltrlage prspmtion of tht i etic s it'. r ti heI ia-icail -hairs-, shall be vlihiili, ainId titsease anid treat lettth.tigti t tliihe bedsidehof the lilatit The tI utbcr of surgical caoes its this city is uncoem ni .ly, silld nearly every oleticn iin the science will bIe perfornieud before the class oni tie li iiing sttjutect. The course of Pathology and lI'hisiologyv will, in like smoaer, be acco-tpoeidclly dvmoestrtiatial md exp-a ri T'he+ P"'aciiliy woniM partitclaly, I" ien" the opinion (in ltihihs it is erliesrcd theia cill ,,: sustaiined li the ti expe rience of PIlh.siciuanus,) that ithe diseases of the South Western .ectiuin of the United States mi', is emay ip statires, so molilied by climate, that tit. u c i ti-er he t ell taught by those who have iot seeu" tiim, nor well studied by those wlho have inot le oppcrt.i tity ' a it lessing eiicr pculiarities. TIlhounlh gIt, pt-hilps, uttecessary in ha tlthii t tle Uoiou too e pcuniary motlne-, yet, redo awayn ltAl. i-neous impression, it imay inot be superhluouis to stlate, that u t1 i fhirl calculation of uall the expensesiii of attend ingr 'emote institutiions, it consiliderable balaitice will !e fouil in favor of ite College ii this City. To render hie School sccessible to lthose in ilicigeit. irvutmst.lees, it is priiovidedtl by ite biy-laws, that liwet stulents hall be uiIitted gratis, uponii e iisence of nectussitous iriciu sttinesi and adetquate liiteaiey cil moisl qualifications. The Familly lisa only hithier to stite, lthat their bent exerionlms will be. giwen, to renter the corn!!al of ihhel.ale liO s iflthe Mvdicil College of I.iluisehi, both ut p le ;lad ahorough; Nmst believing, as lthey do, lithat tihe success l" this isiitutiouii wiill be mietietly useul ciiiild hionoit lile to this section of iour c.uit'ry, they appeal with con tidence o e hi lutriotlism ot their illow-itcitizeis fur colltenaace tud slipport. CliAS. A. ILUZE'NIl ERG, Dean. New Orivnes, Autgusti 15i, TheI Corise of Leresalt will coatence on the aitif olnuay uf DucteJ ncr irtsit, ancl terminatl tht lavt srelck i, .Vareth. CIAliA.IS A. LUZENI?. _ltG, AI. )D. lProfessorl of ihe lrinciplesallti lrieticelof Siurge y. EDWARD I IAlt TON, AI. I). !l'tu-issorsict the t'heoriy aund P astice of .leliiite iand Glinivnl Piletice. W. lYRDf POWELL, M. I). PIrollssor of (heitintv -iltltl Pthiauica-y. J. IlAIAItlISi.N, NI. I." lrtofess iofi Iliit--aotti aid Pottihlegy. .. 3iONIlOtl/ NIACt'II-h, NI. 1). I'rolt ssiu ofl aItel t lesicai' Thelicputicsuld \ietdivl 1II 114\AS . I XGA(IA S, 11). lProlfessor of O(bt'i, ne d uc is.ieas eof ivnIe aitl (Chilreit C. A. I.UZVENIii;, M. I). Proli"trss ofr Ainemiui (ad itlerim.) t IRquisites and o Graduiiation itte Is ittinit the IU.luniis1tr cl'i I" .-. v.'itriani. Slo .l t'1)OtiE i ON iit3,.bii -A t shlct tiietry of 1't Ser 3itiy and Iaunkmcn in Ith. Utlilttet Shates i:l hiding al account of Provincial ald Conitinental Puper loney; to whi(tt h is )lxei d an iniry into thie I)nrmi plcs uf Ihe syistemn, witht conideratiou s oni its ellects on miorals and ha' whale .atended its a rl:ill extpositionl of thile way in which Paper Monov and Mo iey Corliraitioes elfc:t the inte'eti of udilirttt ilortions ofi tie cemmunity. ity Win. M1. (ituce.. Sleod editio. Ju t received ausl for sale by IIOTiCiKISS & (Co. j 1-1- `24 Clarrres-,.t. i OKING lTOVES.-St"nley Co's Patent Ito Startl Ckinllg ltoes. ftr wood tor anthraeite coal. W\e lhaitt just received a lull siuply i of their celcrated stoves ofall sizes, sitlt e fii r hotels, hiarding Hllses ictd itc tl llr t tii lltll s tuittilieit. ottr otvenien. nll td des Iwtchl in emlkillg Itus o'll as thle gl'ep l .lt ills v futl, fiull ote-hn. Ihii tit ill Iii tintedti I It ittllllittlie. Curtiti. catretcitll lftit tcrietiill iitlkHol t K ettls a the Northt s we-ll IAr htlhdreds or otr h fr itOln [l'lieteell lllidalund lcaptains of teasels d sl 'llmoats, a to4 theL uLtility of thIce lstoves, call be senll atur wttrehu'lllle. I)I:ULNBt & Co, titn 7 Ntc.i:90,ftultltolnhtc t. ('pp icttr ti e tltl ttt't i iron l itte ip to cllclitc. i :: arttct of a letter Cru' m Cap-aItn:1 \',,Il. :\. Itoward, enlnt mtendini U. S. lieecnt, Cu(tter Mt Late, to thi lion. levi 'oodlhury, Soc. ofi Navy: lct lliwerl to eit eqtirties IIn relation t Stitier's ota)tr1y Cokinitg t(tie, I beg ate ttt, teplllt.l riclIl' to Sitti' tfr tithe Cuttieri generdl: they tre huch leIs [eavy, llmore conluitent tnul e'cln Itil h I hosl tl . ral.y i: n uls. ful l is all · liht llhal ttktes It; Ihb." Ilu t ono), is soonest explin'd, and is more destrucltit It, the baots of the vet ssel i t tl'al us itetio tiul ' l to userdl olt .ho rdII. I ball .'tl lý'\. all n e i..B man itf t Slorltt ofl'uel ..uns;emld hv the oild| (rell., from ,''b. ltlh to \ltreh t th, I ml t ", 12' -1 tt lit of l l b" 'Stale"'s frlo March 1th to 31hy4th,hiing I mtothlmt 10i thlance it Cf or of tacitle"y' s, f i !3 W 1..A. 110.11 ! I, Capt. U. S. Rev. Cutter tl!loi.. iNew-l'edftel, iay.,ith, 1i3.5. -p of (Lalle" Ie ml[o th and 1l0 t s. ellle el ttio tsilf t c tt l tlllo l, 1ft t :et 1 IExplese 6 tala.a's rllre titm e, 30Gt litference in fietor of titanle l're Sll 14 Packlet .lout, `lea Serpenict, huctd from Lituffd.el to [eo liuliol "or the' cuitty clutl tc<cet,te .f Ilte littutr ltove ilc k', l' 1ite , e t Tll plea.iti ,l to that l hce 1cur Vi aving beenir r ttele·t\dltc i hclti ciier eiprim inie ftilli tialt of oleof thel N. 3 Rlotnv tores tn thil tnket, and find it to arswer a most vrelunle pur tletookete te varietis eof ileats, tgcetr Sll ulat dnls, &c. fur 60 persons. L [ ,1 , 1) - -\ i I'.1 J. \ t ,i l i t:'l" l', & r .- T h e l ife -f, VWin.tC hiet deti iciat. se i to his sots, Gou tete elemirs oft ItIh lit'e t the right honorable ir r James l.u'kiltotl, edited by his soni, hobert James ettrkin tsh I:l"AY.. Iu vAllTs. i t urttrlstc i t.s, y the authior of trales of i n covater Io tl' Arcutice t),llin 2%o. Just reCti ell atld e seall[ by \+W.1. 11'KI.AN, de' 16 corner of Camp nud Coliontt. , I.VIL AY . '11 TI1i: $O1"'I, or the south vinli I iat.d frt., the, t e' and tlc laticism of the northern ttbsIilitoists. I vol. 1': mtu. The h)uk of Phlsures, by Than C'anm )ell Samuel Ritiere ttnd ltark .Akensii. 1 volr. liet 31. The Gentunimn and Lad,'s Bohk ,fPolittoestnudpro prictv oft. rtmeunAt, do liateteld t. thl2 vouth orbodt- e-i ie. 'ltv ln ame Cei nrt, tran.slated ceim the scixt a ris edition. lutitltry Tactics, or rnle for the enercie, and unm nteent rr-'tf Ie' h'n;ltln iteluts iunmtrv. Ily Mai.r Ge taral .Lett, 1 S :Arnlo. In 3 vol, 12 nmt, just received and for sale by W .1hKE.\N,coreamtp & eotl st= SE\' lbiOOKS-Rietei. he last of the (riiunrs, by Ithe authors of l'elennt A. (Ol:t1 t rnite u cnirthletsettof !lte.' t"elare,by the telthor ol Nkitliielt &e il '2 vot . :I .tMi ntn, ice Sti.i-et, kC te'r i .wI ti .eattt-t-Phienii -tie -ict.-t trctiet.! ')'. .NCPCIOFT .'t& ll'Ril , lcitp nt. CIJRCUS. T Il'. :\lUnnagers ot thisc ocern, take the libelty ofia .1 bruein; gle citilzenC of New ()tilenua, that loy have made an arrangement with the New I irk Cron pany, (In eof Mobile) to perform l r a lhort scaonr ilt celurtctioan with their plresen company, ollw perform ijg ia Iiha city. Knowing from the reputation of the aarthern coanern, atd tile otte iow erfiorlaitrlr hre lrere is none: that can comrrpete with it in thle ('nitcd States, and in fact the world !'Th .futlotwingyoung rmen are atta.lhed t the elencoEr'I Mleraar,. ,C TICK;ANE . Y,e, 1ET,7; NORTH, 'VIN A'IC'II, ROGERR, ANDRI:I.1i. LEVI, VAIlL, ./HIAY, LIPMAdn, JOI'.Ne v, MAIll /EER, IIY RNES, LE VINS, LO I'RII.E, JEFFER.'O," LONG; maertera I.IP,.IIA D.1LE, lEE, er.r J. & f;. f.UCKLEI; Growr, MRlt. (iOSSIN. At, olirient hand of Mlnsi is att:chedt to the etablilh irlet. ~j)LoorIopen at et quarter after 6, and pel 'orlanncr to rOl ellllee at i prria' i t,'. Admittalnce-oxes, $1 300; Gallery 51) ents. mrl A NNUAI.LS FOR lit.-lrreath's 'icturesqrn, Au nrrills lir 18313, with 25 sp;lerctdid 'Egrrive. er, bty tre beat artists, after drawrlng-r, bh A. G. Vireers, E.qr. Fiaslcr'a I caring Itrr"rSr'er l Book for 1336, with lreti Il llr lrtrnatil. bnc I,. .I' L. Tim T''aen Oirr Aluttrir, Souvenir, a Criitnes' nr'd New Year's r 'reeent finr 183m, edited by S. it. (toodrclh. 'l'hre illt r (lrejisrt s' aid Na w i ,rcars' ret seur ,edi Thr Preel nt filr L I:, eoldited I Lere' c Se IT rie l. 'iltr Frirrdrrtiitej Ollering, and rrot rn's \\'r'aat, a tlrreitras arr Newt Year's rroret tor 1t3r. The Ylirgiout.s Souvenir, ea E'ristrrr, New Year's and Bitlhdarr Ir'rcIt Ifr 1231r , editer d by .'rr lttreilre Corl tro, D.. ) ". lThe Juvenile Forget-rle-NSt, lt Ci.tre and Newrr er'les Gifrt ull j e ;leditrda Irn tire. S.i C. llil. The Alrrll.iun atr at.rr Chlrie ras and Nw Years 'reeur t fr r 1rt 2tr. 'lct I'nrlitnl Anrral fer It36 ,r lei ,: aeriertira fCrrn t tirfe ( tflllrrrte tt (tre a'helr llr to i rrir n . Tlihnrftrt're allltatalr or Ilethr'rs 1r -ills. 'i'he A oritri r I ttee nl ter ier Itrtc eter an oere O -lle - ta-ll PaiirtiStt, drarin lr. b It. F. Goodei.e Eline a rt't. loerevin ' Ieuinetinr il ir eleart aa Flora reahlia, or (cmshea rel Pol'v, teing an al i t l rruge t of fls I will l'it. illus ltiOlS md tereotetd plates by ia lad,. eThle Lan;rgua e of ret'l.werd:iion. Peter Parhv'sc Al larelrir " 111t3r . The ncrteer.a Almale. mnea repository of useful knowledcge, f Ir the y ear 1r:313. rte Na1utial AlrrtlrtrereC reanl aetrorlnoieul lEpheterais fir the yeacr 1836. Thle Aerrar Almnnnac frer e11 t. Just received and fo r silk btYe WVM. MllKEAN, 1E\\' liOKSU.- aenmrilion tiae Rtit e Rof erll, witir arexamiallattn of thile causer or thie difi'cerreneCs ir tile rotdtirtio et tte labelrireg populaltior tlrroughtrul tile world, by II. C. Caree. Clirton Ilriatlshaw': or tire .\dvecturet of a LL.rcaCt in two voh. ' T'lrAe .ite Allliac e n llllallIlrld Expositor of Useful Krolwledge, Ibr tle e tearilr IlF36. Frer ole by nor t lll'l'(IllKISr & tree.. o4 'Thertres at. 0130K AND JOB .l I NTINtJr Arrd Blank Book rlelr lrfetrr/. T it1 er sueslrtiber rosteelltyl it'orrms Iee tsrictlr and rth lietltiepu rctr e it:Lr, itr 'Orlllrirtnirr with irl hLeook calld tutilrllr ' stllre, anil ratetlerive I'lirtilln OJlarce Ierad Boak llinidr., and is ready to lend ertteke tlhe ipreltiing of llnolln t " Yards, " lllu ('leel, ('atrloruvag Leeal Notic'e, 1il11.+ rf Iriling, Labels, Bill teorma, t.ter-e Rtecoiles, A iteeiolr SrrI otIrer,, Itille. Aleo, the Bineding of Ito Ar s nrd i reetUert'eririg at Illank Lcrk.oir han size or l'i'lie . \'Il. MeKEAN, Corlerl.t Cnnltp ant "rollo n setc, oprlesite litbuiaertou'a Mlura Itialerpsre Ilhtel. j 3 ANNUYAI.S FOIl 18:136. ri!J1E StVIN lEFt i(FII'-I& L-NIOT, i.Cir.i.tlnl. r.- nt N e ull, rr Iliet'r' lloMit Iily i'resent, llr i36i. Eliill by ilrn. S C l all. I.IEIun's lile:rEnUitSI A.NUnsaL, fll 18:1, emblellish ed witih I splendid alr vl inell , iby i tihsti rliet.-, te. t ric . l t A, b di i s, rians Im the i :,ng lish hiit ti', i Sp)nc"es to Jlir.tti; eiitl li" . llhed witv t t t ilt and _ ilhtlstrntiins froa drita ingo by 11 Cur 'TSu) RELIGI4)IIO S SIU'NIR.,l Clllhivtlnll1ti. w .eir., and! Birth linr l'lrrnlln fnr l183.9. Editd by C.lauueev Coltoni, iuD D. Just rreech~ed and fIr nllP !ib 11M Mii EAN, er 1_ rnrnr Ctltlltl np d (lrtn:oe st, iEast i)islir j tr Io Jll£lliltut. 5 in iAdmtiraltly iit iingt: IN lobedienu an ollf rdC 'atitle ('t a trt .Idetl iin otion I denrll" Sllll okel t E:rsq. ll l thie till J Inurv 1llll3,re tltttt tttinn+ t i aitrrrfrIru, o ru ni , net tniuite(,ir',eeir, ishrdtstn icitfintt le .ithe f raves d .. . i i,, e . I -lO.-i tl lne s ip f '$12:i! 1,, re mni -i, g e ln'intd-in tie fol Wekbi & Sc.en.t.. . hiap \'ain,, rn .. 513.75 iorleit.l u;, tihe It,,rs Atig. 'll, 18 7. 8 in th 1 proceeds itt rat el , iJi a m .t l of a blo tIlhe twnt' rs appear to bo I t 1ve " d- Roh ins, Jntur Aleson, Olion Wilo, WVarrtn Bishopl-reside'nle inot on Record. ir Ihllllr licile s Goo 1:, 537 30 dlter OfdlosfrirAuy 19tih 1817. J Smithll at 7 tunlh' of w aie, 79 80 tdar ifde-osit Jul'tl1ih 131E , r t chtiitlant tn nlit.elrl) rt t ll rl chloom:i r it e J onnry., t lntros Ifd"i1,nit Jitn. to i, 1'12, i.,vin B iL rlna. itn ttrtih NCit iaitrai n ou t lr. ;Is , Winlltrr st di rs trrlll h,, Bet Nlllllr n 1i lifed iftnojr tencr lint-tel 1 u82 iter ,,f the leowle'ilr or nte. ll s ol'the N l chralert IloR tr 2 1ro - Ihl thihg c laoiian. 1ot chai umed by ,.1'slod k n ,f at tItr, e rOt11rtill ' .i r ict r rrr rit rt stttt e a- m h-:il hrlaen d n, IIOl Itf'de . ovi Si I Il ill, 1i' 1, J '.' t iud:t'rc' s nh i \t N N iiNIilnitnr. lltIn Plllv (, t dn s ra hlib S l yI II < ur l Sit''l l Ul. i tll II t tlh I Il r rWil t of ll i i ind 11 I Mhhirrl..l (i' r til ulilnh ta l l.l . i lie , rownr o r it u ' iir alld o iiiad evle i'y . ther n e rI (,i c ui aving or I'rlt liri. t hi ti-tl, id r. r'st ll r d.rii nlon iori" to the n said lcii ilseail hrev o i it . inod i rhil ll rI bel!0 d llll t 1i lI rict ('id r t.11,rt the ihhird ,lm itr l.lero :l In36 rn t ~lt W' ock .t it. tIh thi l .Sti- t lo,,l C tmi ,,lllima e qti t ith tl'rto ri )lrlll v I all rlt n f It Sl lsuh ,l i rrIN i II .lll ref, ll I uti i ,,ed I ll lt, i rr ll' lt n ,:oll inll t it . rl i Epr.r r II X CAN, tN I:lNI-, N, - tt t . trar. in ertlth , 2 i' era rt nih e .t , liirr Nrr TtIr'Ir- I I.r:r T .tn r We 1m1ittiotrtn--'l uiiiin. to l i aiteh'ulrh nm 'd i 'r trrh piat ti r -tult rn-, fr llsy th"trl rllllh a t ir ll r te ri oliiog tl trun e f rt l Ih r T'1 1 1( I NAT II \, l ISI',llRl\')l ll I' .il't'T'l.--hlu tL l I ttllhra l " t ltelllill ljrll i.' ll h It . J t r eirirrd, klri r.en iiriralrr b rirp n i--ri,, & II'fl I 'l 1 #r ale . rtrainfemal o k read r lr i ^,'ritr t`. rtrrrtr-t.- rli' IN itrttt tllk, r Line 1-h I le rl iths:I, It 1rn. wit l i, n eIryr, l. coIIro t . l llnr'l 'iln pail ti, ul!a a l t I ti l I" . rli-h lllM Ibl o I tii cc .rttlt-iva epr,,rti ln l-eolrr+r c it r wr ll.r r, r .lr (N l) o; f" I )lr : i .el.- o thnr ('il r --lt se a. o t nit, ti.eti - fr theire phiiyinrrn i rtt nl -r r i, iny \1' t q rn n . 11 . 11 tthXd, 3ci.). "I Waltli.I< o5" iF aIrtoi iliy n as,, I'N trE: of i lt 'niei- ~t-- .l .Tiertlrrryn k, r I 1 I)., fro4 r Ih hi -I lto - Ihll di'tttri'. ih oint;,, b nd uddhhtr n., b Sih 't n Ilintlt. Tl'r .l' r, irh tltnlr (l i1nm r seinI Itlri. t 0- 6o :1; fonr lrieiten ir t1i3. Just rh cei-e hd lt id ri ahilrnai f il,. Win lr rmclr lrt.i N,iar rtl tr nfe'ri ,o n o ilr -e . ,itl'ItN'eril'Rfin--Thiertr.tilCrh har eroa nti, jr. Tr A vbip l..!hit'i-l' the ntdl o hit 3l0hndh ii ew obittim i'lly furtimr lo ir]i-ti i nth my o ar rato ei u.+ lihi'r$ l lieo Dni,. el I pair Cllllllt, 1 e u tl nd -All o" tI ) - Al )i I t.' tle Ite ('u. L59 '-iornnl: oiu 2 tmt l e ia t t he (-r :a t ].ti fe r I-i. . liv e l rvn i th e s . tl e e. r nhl r i.t. . . a 1n +XL, and i- portin &t r a. ti i f- --.... .. PAI.II.T'ON II.I.L hviah spened ain gtllicq at No. H I0I Exclll ie Pllace, for tle tmllsaetLon of bsi ilei rlatlve t Alt.Otllli CollCetling Debts, Tmntsla tiois: cctc..;ctcill eslstgc to rssitc sctic lud ecrp tradesicutc illlcik-, eistlther tlinnthi,3 )tcir crjslcjnt itt tonttefidlell ifromn ithe expeirltiene hit hal! had fo~r .;i many y'ears past i selll o te liios' t rIscl ctablCell hIutoteothat ihe can give eneleail slcticfaclctil to tl hle who may plthaoso t eiluley hi,,. lIe pl-edlcc hiicelf ttlit all debts entlrldtIhII ,arl, will recel e hliis bet i llit.tetiti; t lid tfrhilnIlti kllow ldcle of tnllld llon, resideltce iu this cite, t uirs hLis or tier. hirl tile flilert contilidece, oi the maie tiUn he wil .it:e o,:ssirv Fr ethe Fitlitul e teoulig of all r :ciislc. 'lril,,lilitlslsoelfll tel l Fecurlh tc ld Ss Si nngune" he wcil likswise uolerltake to exeute aitil dtl<c'lllttll cltld iOc-s-cetateI u. s I 'e, - Orhleanr. October 1it,1I. PU'lC- lf0 - hctlWt'iXT l- +i. ,-sf NEI. IL IlL . u .L-5c AIS ItlOKElSi OFFII'clIt, ([ItI l"-xlcalscccc Il-see.] t\MII1q" N llT . 1 .ls t--\ l-ulluaig Lauds ti? icaoec cci;-il,,-i: i-p_ ni]L tsl a , 'lIP, Xit- I N TEXAS, II Ietlf-te, oni tile I ~lve N.Favuot , . II Ic d ,tlcn lei,cs tleo, 'ra dds village I do sllclihe'Trinida, t5 dh ol the Navaunoto, Sdo° on lRed river, Sdi ,o 1li Afslalrn creek,. I do lld 177 acre,, ol ~ slUas ereok, elloar the 1 do Fet.-ee, Vllsag creek anc Pinla Ilncl I dss slat' halscd lcwaters at Ccn Bay, I io ollthc Angelhlsl, li dc iu ihlilcss'cColohe, 1 d nlll Il7 ueresui Red river, a little cbLvu ihir iPre,, 1 do o lKedriver. 1 dI c ti lc Slabi.le, -fO iullcs bfelvow Gadine' I do ntar Sulsllichr Fuk, sic iniles frcm Red I do on alii Ciceeck, I-cdo 3 iliai lio Liusl's lacdilg, MlatagorJc lice 1-2 d ,l" thce Pay of Ccrpuls C'itt, Sseelrcl c,,ril, of l ilUl" lc , u iccants d. I itlcc B11 are l oa -cl Acli,- c li-erils' r e-lultV Ifan-d. All tlhe lail-,ve la ice nlie awell sciluatedeithr: Sr pIls hl~itlrl or. itl,:l. Tl'he I;tles areO inldisplutalbl!Cndf ullV .AI, 0).--300 Aces,w itllnutd near nce river. anti , u-It tei cOiles -ion, oatcd Miasis.ei, to wric there in golod] iuni. Th,.re aire tihout 1t) aclres tit pre, uidir c tt n uheciv ctiou. 170 Ac-s ci-rill' Icberville, I.a., coltsdcltton nlud, heao siclhbrcclcc-c cccl, cit c cact- a cne , Icu-vr--ace Ih I, ".\r,l lilla IO l'ccc cUUd about 5 ;l'lll tlid \!:.i..i . .~li rlvPi. 4 - ul. i ccr m c- ic ht-c , Iretcgm Rue do , l t c-I it u . - I, I crigncc ccib fr'olnt eneh, oi3 a r11'1 rlbvP+, i '20 cet tiepl bu'twVeen la Rue l .cll i-i ccnn ll, ccI1r. ' 1 1.01 iv+ Philippi s t. I;I ft. I'unt, if ¢ G ,Ices . 1 h l cr., with -,c , l c t hc er city Luts, which c rs . f Ibrced u nl ac,'s m :llntl llit~i terims. juI2l1li Nti\; N10clt ilitilIK IN AT'I.% - N 1iL-S. 1 %jf-'i)N'S ci.A1l It l cscP, a ccllctiafao c t -ced bc Ice-r, C il-'il. c, n:cuicccc oflle u a Irlcsscldcclccliils lrs - ccctc Collecti 1cc Chcich Musicch'- - hcic r tici Ua- ion C(.hcli-c--Ic -crc-.Se.-Spiccilal aocg-, ELa.--lun y Tinlolhv II. .Alcso, Pisoeicss. hic the iccitie .-tcc-Aeni)em of Mussc, C cichicncci. s tuablicdcvsb Trhe Iccae -. Sisilc, Ilooksell tg, chie iillsat.i. 'lneec's Saiesid II:ulrs'is t'apltedto ithe wantsoeall dtelllnanicatcolse. The, valiete olf sCete-as is auclII bhette Ihall in ally other' cllctincli eol musie, cut r-ly few hylmlus r:l'e colntinllntd in the hyIlIm bIiioks or the IlilErl+cut 1nmilnloihiois1 oif" CIhrIi~i:IIl i is " l ,,i.cll a tole may nloit tIe fulliid is the Sc-esi li.i. It eontiehsa gr.ati ericLv olf ver'' heaIutiful Ipan nl hyI.Imc Itccs, ca Eollsecrios ofi icctss-ts-igactlhe-s,c, tsitsecss, iencsed sci t0g sentenicet anld chalnts, c ltich l rs short, eiasy of Icelifonlaiee witl sionsi(hristictn coshi the sacts ofsiaihgic sechools, liccI tla lllcc ,recl cccil sciccl cc-l, -csih ccci tclrtewiv essoic, musient soeieties, lulc lcleasiall a .l useiill to singerls Ios thlwhrown nriv'ite |r'ntciceutd inm ilovtmlnet. Tht lha.p colntaillmiulh iwl.\+ alll vUdal ble nutsicSl, wicll his ilbe dl.; t firom the hIighieht soulce#5 o" illl' t nil' iI.s e i ad sIel· t i Illc c, tsptchdll iis Gt c -lclsUic In . It ea-sc-'nl, c--ostalt icc l flu r-eattcorlsrt taogis,' a 'iic tctic 1 ol s, t. hcIi!,: ho ctt biic.s:-ic l-elitcl ;i eactiley als y..t Teachan o. f sin~gh*l, cler'gym~eu and others whoe arel i~lmirolts of Iii ll~il. klll~)il~9l'.'l[ lIIi~lC·ig Call etIpI1"..11 c lthciioc, cljcch hil bseu cFilnuaecl exlrtscsla- iir the cli Lcriell pI|a cs s ale ie-lt IKTCIIKISS & e,.. Bke'lit 19.ta1r1PhU cciio ,. selsi Ii ' -Claistrs-.ttsec I INM\VOll 'n I.llin n lii llbGilllh ral'nthrn cen, Biitllilnnri ( Greekt I(iilllliii.-r, .|~lor.21111totJiill llIl 1 hci trt ith e t, litis ]lo!tllllr's b.'.l!chl (;l;lllllll;r(llli"(lih' ,.4llllli*I.| (;rlilll·r I'Nil liiail SIill bill tealclllli- ili I-,, lik DiLClieeoua-, A"'1ralle Gohbstlh' thd " \Val~dbr1id..,s·( (-';.rp c vl~l· nl tlll rcllla'ct cs'l.-,ls - otelo c ihlake's do l uI'I'·l (1 [ rllr'li'li Gi'"Dfranim A bliTci illtlt &I" I cs a trss ellflr I~~l se,, S(---cIc--aae)cci' iss1ciltcid,' ro tie d I SceccI;ct'c c rith sehl I -d, !+at ioix' . tie Colbulrll'.t do P'ike's r', cli 'l'l1l'l e% ". nl~lotll · ·l,~ lr~i.P~-r!' r~a slo lkly. tl b (l., lliI \\)'hC~le'I~SR t Cnlolll ill 11lnrtlr \Vf. f-sl ccIcy " .felecs. .....' c~t'ltiics i..& pi 4J.h r. D UNCII.G#LN'S IIn lll 'hllvlhigy,2v ult. do inhenral '1'Therprnletie' D to Elleouti of tugieoile I Oes o t' l (;1, ' t',n I.o 1stmu of i Mil ifery I:oiuseanu on le' ier I tLI-I ti. a lo . F m le' tlolltIllOeln ol ( ill I'aris' Thn o:;:ean h i.t T'at rIrnlir's tSurigrry I:e1k's lihtruv l;lmar.'i ''r.ll l uti+ onl 1'1111M c, ly ('Vll.Itlnlllidtl r' t rn ])isltorPti bs r hill o t It llo h ( Ii's" . ,l ill, , i ' ill-iesal t li'Iz l citl ll,: 'itch's I Dna (l isr v ii, hlind rinl with..,i os a " li, hill T ihat , ich`r e |nIlt I'y 1 Il' :; ih l b)" i " lli ll:H.::+g t- ('01WIc . dli 12, 1 1il AN)( " · '(iI lC l Ii'lllSKEY lr le byll .\ 1.r II. I\S. ,l:llllI,L53 'isilt street, wIIho iha e ion nti - iie l St. i'ro l n iI tIiltoada rui , ilp rorl.. (1. sil ait , ,linulrh , l'ia.ret, k'., wtinl<s of the ta"-t dh 'll lll ltu tl, k " ftb 1.2 . l.\T'Io ". New / {ll, (I'I. +IrII ".a11 .',11" : ,I l lir i ofl h 11. .lEmpirie of T l ' I' ll uni ip's. htlciut+. 1iv John I.'rn ti iia Ii+, itq. F Il i, &c. Ii l I b0uhg s. ' 0 l nfe It ofll rllllor' ' .lnnaily l.illrr,iil. l I.ett'r lo Voii ladtil, by lo'r L II oigosrney. New elilI, illV;3:, sAI l 0 The ilri's P-re-, with a Lie of lrn Illan ol.rr 8iiotier, 1isq. I.I.D. p lotet elaula tu, &.. IC. Ilhl-ol'll, i ) . itsi , hy Adams,alfter .sh igns h. J 'hit 1 .. I 1r )'iv ll ithei'. i-w" e Nilil, I f37. ilndite from hi o li cihrltlri---,ui tlll d pper. 0011 ioxes N ntIeI t Sai.o (eantdlhe; 700 f Uxes t u-nch Ituisin1, rorntc_. bran !; '0hChes unt Boxes Inpe retAi o-i odr cho. who arl . noalltlt io n nle llwt mrie. Iis tll .~oi t e liaie autho tmh ancient aond h den.. 'efen.of'Tos,-& p as -isi thul oic ,ei e , clell c . io ,, AIat andl ashore. t iih charLcieM ticI rt mintiepen r: 1irq mes no, npinlnns. By the lltltor07 of the Rlandlm Itrt"llretinn+ of tht' Hanse of Commnns. coet're.mna nd (emnior a 4. Allso-A -e copies of llinrtoi'm natumiy of Mclae S+/ 4 t7 bht' "t Pol k, j:a. lul lIng fr s siteaol. I'"li, i ho. i i, td 011, by ,!. i.++.-.l.:: '+.,.FLt. N0, 17 (.1atim.4., FIRE ENGINE. ROGERS' PA'TENTDIALA NCE FIRE EfiENR. --The subscrilbers are imnufnacturiig at Watir fibrd, Saratoga co. N Y., onau nextenis Seale, Rgers'r Paleat Balncee Fire EEngine, ad thie calzany ldo at hesitate to rec'mamend ito the pullic is deeiddHly su. perior to any fire engir.e now known. It has cIe' test ed by skiltfu IlEngim-cers at the U. S. Ar-ecils at Gib bensccille and \iaishitcgso, anlcd byv thei, enoa t need to i su.eierlo to any othier. TiaeGovertcmenst Arsenal at 'WaPhin;Eton is now supplied wti one of said Engines. and the pr'oprietct. have jnsat completled a colltract withl. lte goaernmett far the supply of :l thlir principal ar -elll is. 'his Engine combines tile advantage of tmore tiwer at less east than any other ill use, and uneeds to be oa amined and tried to ensure a preferenoc to all uthers. The ainnnftleturer., in all eases, warrant their En ines, in a trial with others under equal circumlstancess, to perflrnamore than ta.y other Eugmle, or sie sale. Prices at the Factory, with plain paint cn, The.e desilgned lir I1 scea, disahargtiug 2I, galfeos of watir per aianute. , $e 7 1 iana, IGO gallons prr Inisutc , 650 is men, 110 gallons per minute, 551 The bove pricecs italatsde ucctinc hosewronchca &cc Trhey clat keep constanr tl ItlaeJ, atca ]aadig sad sueti hose, whichi thety winl turiiah to order as low tu it can be bought in .lits ounctrv. T'.e nrrancagelnt ell mcanuacuuria-at. lli d oUihea anh such, that all ordr. rawili Ih pullttall" attetmied o, ' ilc.l execlttd c ith thce brote't pcseible d,;ipuc-ah, ifaddlr'-s od to ithe subecribur at t\ V r:tl oird, Scinttg-I eo. N. Y. CERTIFICATES, Newr lark, Oct. 28, 1873. I certify that I have thi rday superintended a trial ol'a Fire Iclinell of iRogersa' l'utectl, adci'I by Itc. Pllatt i\c ucc. at \Wterford, cl arll.oca cc . Nc icYc1rkc, witlh ule do the heste engines belonging t tle crcpctcraticn of tho city cfNew York. Th'le trial wts Inmadti i te ctrloratioah ard, cnid frou tih expeccicncc, I cn persuaded that tihe en1inei of Rogers' P clteltt cIc iral emore aCinter, aid at t greater distance, with the ppciciatihn of lis ipow er, thn ouir ,.orprttlnll englines. I furthercertify that s 1oI fire ergne has ever been ax hibited ini this ci which coul comipete w ith tile New Y'urk engine, or which should ansLwer ouurpurlea.a x elept Rflcg.e'r ' '.ltclt above Ilceurimcd. Thlie onstruc tiil of tItageta 'anat, is exeediialy sicuple, and I rse lo Irello ahllv it should. not igo iato genleral I e. 11 eide-, it haa taother edca':ctcec; it ccan hi fareishcJ at ccac!c cat. Jitl.tIlc GULICK, Chicf Engineer of NY l'ire )Del ct lenet, U Jica, Icly 3, 1831. I cmost chccrfally complyc acith a retg;cst fro a Via. Platt & co. to gite miy Olinil in reltion ta to the Fire En!giceof ?ltgers' IPatelt, mcllal:ttuaccted by them at \\'uterl'frd, Saratoga co N. Y. The'I crorraticci of Utica have purehaced one of the above Ilmentioned elginel .lll lall repeated tlinlt, i do net heiitate to proInounce it deccidedly esu aeicr to alny outlir feir enginLe nowla i usc,of which t bai at vyl.aLW ledge; nd[cc Iltccirot fully cuacecr in tilh crcteiiecte of J Gulliek the iicuiceaiarer ictho Ne'w I o leh F'ire Depart llelltill rellltilon its merit'. Th'lie ptl pl ofthi ell p l:l i cclllctr.c'l d in ai single tvlinider, and is uo exce dinp. Iy ciaple,t nd sit little liable to g-t out eofropair, thatt I ctoc not caeritute ,tpaay. that in Icy jlldlcncllt, it will naua ycsacede tile use of theconnltulll pitn en"icie. .I t II O(ITLtO'M, Chief E:giceretr of he L t'V.a File Department. N. t11. One of th eabove IPatent t;ngi,.es of thol.ltgest size, was ordeled flor Flre Co. No. 7 of New Or lean, which they hlave received, tiled act ucebptCd. The Engine cau be seen at any tiame, by nlie iae ti S At I .L E KIP, Ageni fir thle 3lcaficeturers, C(orner of Puydrs & Trht'll pitoclcts est. N. O. V. S. I will gurntloa to ie tca all engiae deliveladi ill New Orleauus acithin four Itlas frontlc rhtie ite trdier is giae_. SE K. j-6na I-tEL4litt'IIUt. 'M SCC'3l'.AL T RI'iE;A'ktX T1ll' I' LSC.G'OUI.Al O110l:) i Inow iopen for tile receptilo of eetipany. Th'l delightfhl retreat is situated ol the wesl bank iof the I'Pascagninc Dlav, at its colnflutncce ith the cGullf Mexico. The sitcution is , Icsleated, and counlst' an ex.tensive view of .ay ilacl I.ake nn ie s only c e r trI.ett frOec tne Ocnc yi " a eBhakic cfc l-tccac, al."a.e itby frcating thle whalr ecactai a fiol t 10 miles off. The Pciprirtors feel thinkfli to the conununity fir the Ipatroncaeof the Ipast seacsoln, anld would be grateful frn return lofthell s. tile Ireseltt. ]:eryv exertionl on their Iart will be mtke to rteaer vieitor. conditcrltble. Fin tisatd c satera wiE be hed in ets mtaelneaane d tsarrry artiele Icl omla aid I tltl., which tlhe eciliatm era ai ounc, will supply tie table. Cdlneer'd with thie eslablish ment ra t I tIle neereansnr ap lpretns fir. Bathing; alse, tcwo Iilliard 'lhccres, sid twa N V hsei Alhcis. 'I'To tlhos who are fcal ofsitaringa, saial gecme will Irie fiund lattie shre, andlc by aing a tshrtlun distances ic lir iacerias, deer utad other large aunnlaal ce c tacld in abundance; lland, fir thosIe ftod of the chase, a l'ack of the ibest oif Il[ollds are alwasva ateolnatnd,. 'le driccking a cter is lfaac tIl purest Sllring, and ice ala ltac at hlhad. Any of the Boateptline betwosen this Citr nud llobilo i ill ltud passengerrcsattile.ier. Therdillicvilty ofgettigll feactl the Pier as the iolle ii senall bhct, icartlnularly I, c ladic s cni thihrhen, tl a alwaas ic t'I n ccjectlion to tllosn visiting the e.tablishment, is lnow obviated, tc the stealier Alert tplies twice a weerk bela een this amid 'Pas eagoliln, and will Ihuld her pnilc-ic cre imricllliaelt at the aoue- C. . Mt. J. MRindAi. N, it. The I iqctlrs are of ihie eieecsl kinds, icnving tlcen c' otlv iellci rl fir lhc n ectailr.he...,it* in, C IIECK bhlkt on tihe fitllwing " bmtks, viaz: Mnl chants, Exchsnge and ilankimig Cc.. Orlennc, iiaimm uiic s amel Traders, Lmtismic , o i.lciciamm Sntan Atthumfcihv, Ctncl ar,d IAtkinig Coe, Comlncmrcial Carrclto, it Pl'tomemen Co., (In , Citiens, Umliom uua City lacnk ; lir saei by ILO'IICtCiKLs & a., jam 10 "4. Cghartrem . PaNitihtP &CinWtionftai 11iiuUF IuRiiEC'iR mit, iOIL 1:,37, TJ I T puldMiihd, oatanlli gli liat tcifll the Eanksc DiA ctI.,p nllcld )imi'mt lll dtye insrallncelllO mnd o ther ".,l ieal~,r T criil ftthe rates of hearn r ca d adpted by tieo Clthalser uf Co ,llerarc A lreti ccrri, narital nud de pllrture o f t hemllllili. 1'oig l (.'lllsli , &c. &e. ip b lilhtnd a Id ur sale by II OTC :Ci iSS -t.CO. j34 i_ Clmtrtmrmeot. '-lATilN'f STFEII P'1i':m.-- atltmt I'crmyimhn lie i uilm eilg aen. Thlis aetl ith l al'amtima, bItl nmt it I leyol9t4l: hr )i nitý C , co , dll llll l Ille c;lso siad fixa.c. hm of tile i Panmoltllst ma lso ite illan le ilmmmtal-cIcm atOlielr. Gto ill thie illilli aon mtm;n.afi the wlmite I, ilmmrim llm lm ,tinm g tihe si ring o higher lot " ile nc tcordhilm i tic t.e ; n r . od fixlleliyv. Icaltit Platm L lll t l uic Foltmmill Pmnm. ll"t imre mi c llati:ur constlucinm of this el,tlrmy new Ciltrtlltmeol t,1 a - metoh. is m 'imtm l m 'mdcttm ill m m itnii smdmi iim-t imk tomim m nv thirtm lihim s carui ont lilim. 'iim eelaicim- of the endm., h"hi. Il mrls m matil-i, a t mnell mi cm n Htimsmrtldnm toma t p'l, "mtmlielimig it min of i imaimhigi thiec .lcl. "1o this ; u in .ll Ibe twm lu hlt irre aclt.t l ni ' " I' aamuI I aCalcmI ca I mlomliiah Pell, maitmllmmlll o writm.cmt. mthamll fi' t lilies mi llh o le dip of linik. The ink i m lllm LIds nlew hustl'uclllhellt I|as ill . I 'll . lll unlhlicrlld|.tcI. lorlRn , cXmlth propn l lim t o thet mmmt itim et ti.rts I'l'nle d, Illis plr.o! lhlchiug i git, llt Illil; L tft ilc th,( hll ellu elfmp, o Ihe t it iti t. ni AtHiluhidic lthlbbr,g Peln. Thinis, rt, m t ri e. e Imillltllet dl Itmi ymmL 4 I PCh mat. mtillmm ll t s, m la -mt iesca c.n ·I n. UI1% Pt11-1 . |IEN~ANk a r. nhesr 'nas. i kllcaliflil a Trele -tIpl wl" hul k Ih n acv y .- in\CT E 'i .IATI . an Ir . i:ability ul, . ui.sticil) t'llliU: cata !lell i) lt . tl Iid w.lit coh.Ln ilimtm i.l ltma iili teami ( rl u let1 .il. .mlost ltmmi 'lllmzit alnd io m cll" m [. !_ W\ m I. ml'r mm..A IP!iaT mcillll m !c i'i mctImiC n nlYaium cl .mlmha Ic milm - . I - e 'ri i r l ml (r on mi lt umIm I e, m lbm-llto t I h hm t imrl .cmmnaill illmt mm mmmmtimln d iti l li ame iacmml memcmlm t m imiohmmnmm mmilk m m :ilkmll am iolr inm;tmill im l eliai mimaem, dei u ilk i t il l ight.l',il 7il4l ; d liri.m!l mItim imedhb C . cad acamimm.a imglmm-,mmmminm-8 and 11-1i; 6-4 cmetlmmimkc, Is4limdmmln 41 2 imhm',ll imm lt t-llrilch ailmlamm lmd lacinru .im .ehim - 3in- tim-c andsm s i llk m I c -. m o d-; 10 mm-1 Sblilm: Shmrla'v Linmi i I-amle m mtmnac I. cmr, m4 -rt- mo atlr c ll a tc; " icml i-ts edh ii iaim mel, e .tald r tamim .emmI, ill ptule mld mri ic Ia ul, LE O tta, c .l lmmiam milm tmMimin m, a mie ctmm t -e 3 camicoimes m Irec trmmmii anm cmmmia mdc t itmmhe lh tol. Tl r red .. rta of HdI nnd FienRd hllt ien, ' " Tni lilprior,; lovp] Iy b bnnutt, author of the jlniul L cju receied CI o C M. BACcROFT,e 1i\iN -801." pimlm" Caot %m mim, e n fle delia winve i 1-4 ccc o; i t1-ti du dc; 10iii 1. 2 Re mct dim- 01 biciketi eimmi cgmY c Imiini achmor ccm ot eTN S.-Il " ,'ii smcl e .cillret , lud 00dti aild mll ai N l mim ermimrelmctd for sale bIy C EiNn LhllAi.F ,, NT Ibo'nl-~,opoite )Mmarsmn 7t, 1mg ic FOSTEbI i rimlmm in fr L tml ' lmt -mtcmniecllhmcl aullmcy li iiP, Mnnncfllme mmarind lmth' Raeli.R a h me, Te emn lpnrea, tmmo lli -y G Bf.tlcu m, Auininmer oL ie lbanimmaicm, &emjaam rceiaed 1mm C Li BANCILOET, l laltnd, i ih vol, Thef ccls,,led, ta ticm all u L cc C:eatclt for -aie im Celpinir ]ul-lit'teiia , alm bmmarm.ioppocite Jccat \mm Wmm FOSTER!

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