Newspaper of True American, 10 Nisan 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 10 Nisan 1837 Page 2
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1 I AMIERICAN. bli~.?iti?. : . V; 1 v TWt.WRrrLT, AT IA.Is' An. .. <" i-c or leM AtnOm OATCaIIEZ eST,, In-:,n r .TO IN (U rSON. --`I i-ia mad San .2. :l,- ful , nd eodl, S I W-tOtILE.ANS: dONI tt " +!dý .SI X(. ...... ................April In, It:-. The ellie - - T:"::y hli , r::ne tri it atlast! The Ne -w Yark. Slip.oerenstntninst thIe tnnrtse have Iern eomprtjld tat !,eId the knee to Bial, and crave mIeer of :r,. I id ile. Howelumbling it must he O. N .lKfi e.nlatent men! lut wht fe.lini hive t!i. Eiili- -.itee of the city of fI.,thamtl They who cnthl unblushingly decry the t'ithed statirS Bank, when they knew they Were perpr.ra tint falsehw-r e, onst . easily conme elp in hand andprlv rliif from this obnoxious institution. 'ihey hnve dine so. It Is a beautiful instance of polirielI econsisten'y. awp the bank of'America, loudest in her dentunciatiolnulthe National Insti "tiCltn, and nrw revelling in millions of the de pilitesa onifesnes she is unable tn afford any aid. tad joins in the petition to the enmmon enemy! o.w cdtle the questionas,-how will the meon. Sum.of relief opernte Will it pay the sixly n-il ltns lthat etand againist u from abroad? Or will it only put offthe evil day? These are imporrnnt considerations, and doubts are already beginning o he en.terrained iifthe wisdom of the echeane t'ltneknowinre ones of New York, pronounce the bndothan riel[hare. Stockson the tot of tlhe monlh exhibited nil improvement commenasrnte with lthe upposed n!dvantage ecrolinn front the step. The posliion occupied by the United Stnlte Bank of Pen-naylvania, only tells us how imporinrt pld necessary it is to have a national institutitn flat ean rc Zulnte the doinlgs ol the State Ranks. This mammoth concern, is only enjyi"ng Ih* eredit deriv d fr m ire fitanrinl operatitns while an organ or the gerv mentlt. if it can do n mulch as it iis slihrn of its power is it not rearonanle to conrleit., that Ihe present diffieotitles rcold nec er.haove .-eirtred? Or if they had reeirrred at they did in 1I-24. is it not fair to infer that the remedy cold lle more eaf.etunlly applied than at freaent? Elperi elce answers in tilhe allrmative. Dtrimln the pres-n, difficulties in the conmer cial worl', we see the senseless government iofthe country striving to increase them ten-fold. IT it not plain to every man that can ruln and red, llthat the intrationi s of our rulers are to pro-trate lhe conetituti.rn, n rear on its ruins another fiom if gevcrnmic t suited to their own unholy views? Ii the people d-, not note ace the object of Van Bu. ren, they nre nljr.ct olavse not caring for their country. Three cabinet councile have latrel been held on the rn seinding of the odious Treasuiry circular. All the enbidet were in favor of oivine it io the wi ldl, except those good, holy and patriot Sc men K .enALL AlD ITIr.EI. Van Buren sidd with these Eclusl: And we are to have this villainnus liw pressing upon the community fir snintldrfilite tine with its iron weight, mertly becausete the President wills it. We have oilly one hope lefr,--nnd that is, that our rulers will grow mad with succss,, and bear the bit so hard thr: the people will rise -n tase and hurl them from their posts. iefemphis gls.Uk T'y a rhlp fror ii lie , fce of the Mellmphlis Ga Rerte, the tmrlmor ithat the Mechanics' and Tradero' Banik did not rtdernl the pper of thie Bank of l eIn phisi , is cmitramlielted. On the 1st of Mnareh $225,000 were to :hiir credit in the Mechanics' and Traders' i~: nk. They have out not more then $405,000 pFayrile in New Orleans. During the monilh oif ',:ricth cmore than $.00,000 of Exchanges were lwodel d ierrt fib ceolfection, predicated upon shipments ,f ciiion coming due every day From this eirirnmrntia-. it is arnurd that the nocsa of the ilermhis Pi I millust be redcenmable at iii tc'lialci-eo' ard 'lr..lers' Bank. The presenit mo nltary Ir.u !, s i;.'r :t greatly gaoinst the relie, siin of any it. n i.Wlaivyer, andi supplies of filundl from that iurce .re not to lie relied on in thl. times. Wh1y i n;ot the board come out noenlly and strie iwhether ihe Memphis paper psntibl ah the lMechnnim..,' :Id Tralers' Bank is redeemed o not ? It is the tniv way to eatiefy the public. The 'Mobile l ageesIe. The cain initt ti l. hointed at the late meeting. it Mobile to report n plan hy whirch the present dimi eultius in Il:i mo n market may heavoided. hon. perfornme the d:y nesignod them. The rub !anc nrf te!li r'heme is to foillow up the examiphl of the City Ennk if New Orleans, with oler de tails suithblin for ithe latitude. It is supposed bt the commirtt·r that he importation of slaves nMlin takes out of the state ten millionn, whil the pro dnuts being -ithinred at si.teen millioan of dil. larr, the b!.i.ner. is not adequate to the demands against her. What in this but over-trading? They may meet in all parts of the country, and pasn what reroitioinn they please, nothine will stop the rolling of t':i ball. If the government were to come foirward and throw the weighlt of its intl] once in the srole, with the millions that are at is commarid, the dlceaoe would come sooncr ton cr-l sis. We have all gone beyond our depth, and theI semerity of our condnet will and must recoil ujo.n our bends wirl n a enrrl force. For the paot wrek, not an evening has pn.ard without eoniru I aloarmsf i Fire. After several attempts., rdoulthss on , the part of incendiaries,. feom thir v t," forty houses welr consaumed -in the evening of Satl urdanv, in thle 3.1 mIunicipality, ing great loss arl suffs ring to the pnoor and indus tri'us Thb wind wos high, and hine the spread of the ilfl nrauion. What witnh f'lures and fires, we sahnil tnortly he brought down to I. healthful sante if action. l1 antine, the : 1 mt nicipality is colaraloively free fromt ,'xcers nI crime,--the tnl nblera , xcepted. Even thse pmsis to society wo ild be extirpaled if the proper e. thnrities io nnither q uarter would see the law car rietU into effect accordling to its true spirit. The MIallt. Three da;so Ist w eek passed without getting a word from the Eastz, while our os n mails have laid quiet:y an,] sl nugly between the city and the Lake wr-itir· fir the wind to lull. Truly we ate in an enrvible v n'. If Mr. Kendall, ilnstrad of cheatinqg niid rrihnloling the coulntry, would really aip l .i:nr-lf to Ihe duticr I f hi eflici, h mnight be of wnoao use to the creation. As it iv, he thinks of nlrtningl rlis than self-n.grandize. ment and how to gtentn Mleartin Van Buren. Did the President love hit country. he would banish such a mani from his enainet and place some inhe in the Post ofire (' riart men t who .wold atteltd tI the wants of the nniinm. To have a set of batme for carrying the mail from thise to Mobile, that anostnl venture out on account of the winds-how truly ridircu! ,u. Abolltsn goin.g a-bead. The uMastach.Je e s Legislatiure have, by almost a unani:ous vote, .tconemned the resolutionn of Congress decla.rin that it is uneon.sioutional to raeddle with elatdIry in any shape or form, either within 'he Uznrrict ,r slave states; and by a si , milar exp es :on i ftpinion declared that Congr.rr ý.. the righi ti a' . !i h slavery in the Diatriet,and . it ought to b" chilished within those hlimies. The Val Bur, n mnl were the maost urgent in their labmte to ' i ti e nmeasure parsed. Let thel people rtemembr ithal tile Kinderhoker asearried in his Innugurn,,-'a would never consent to the abolisthment " o.eve=ry without the consent of the prtiaes immedi:.:ai conceerned. This leaves him .uncomt;itted on theI qe tion of agitleion. That he and his pary will favor the agitation of the* suljct, proofs are daily transpiring. l'he pour deluded dou:-laerd tratiar tro soutern inter. *tsi, wil fAed to, ;.ie how ezreghioul they have hertn dtcee.. e Iu L.'. ..pi Ouch nmanasVao Bure,. into pnsl'er. T' :is is tlpetrst instance of lerisht S tints on lith rtr; t,--rut the other New England eta sir w ill rao .id ·y t ,: .:w au ti .e . 4Llrhat th 'ul .\ register d, tle n:une/, prfesiune, and reali ccecrs o 1;! ,, in: ·t litants of N ew O rleiny , liha p l;, teIrn a de triel :at.n. Sever.l atUtem pts of th , A i nd have be nrt : i : ,+r but all, u hless we excep " err, theat of J.o;n Alarhs Pa onlll, have provedl but " ;ili 4ore' th 1 5 W e +n r."w befer us 's1tL. Nary Oh t.. i ...., rent po .ala:ioa, t.i a' :.: - ht,,' hu ,. Shall wie nlver ., i ,Io mn whh an it i: terprisr . nnd pride l, t. . r 1., a', hr., n L a' furni-h n Director , I, a h, nII e,-,one . .r- a of the ei ttinmera'i ,l a , 1: h 1a .r,.Lat a~aa, in( : If alnne ioffer, w . r .'i v is ourslvrs ni xt '; for thepresent a, .c,' ' ist narly as I ,ni"r a a a fir as .renjaminLve'. " .' t' HI ause Ca'. addar. The ltre I2lope.s'eum . MN tny wildi not .we ,, r s, ai ,nrs have', le ti I erlnted in rrgard t , l 'o i f.arir f I, but I,. facts art, vry siaha , :iA as flhws: John Sewrtiaell andi.~.t Conk, bo, ,ah linrrhid almen, were friendlly ,'ire; rewell ira ninonr r, himrselfinto the a. '.' .'~ rces ,ef C.1a,'s if., 'olt they agreed to cloie I ,., t'i.r, taking with them one man, the pro .:r of' herself n'id kn.tbnd: Sewell, two yun a.',ai , of his on e. Thry ir rived in this rii ,', :, ad by Co,,k's lrien-is, air Sewell was anrrrsti ~t " the polit lice of" ta 2" it. nicipnlity, upon tihe f.h of tan adv' is n , offerit:g 1000 i ,,:at reward fir his npa rel hr, ion, as a kidnaapi r , he tw'o stlavhes, &. Ii fre ithe Reorder filte cet'_a was notl sustained, an lie washlbranted, but i1nmedliattly.oriested by t':e I hriffon a bail -ii, ,.f , o, in the .non of $5030. Some nen t'y ;. ,,:t;.c money afnd rain a noi e by honesti induatar and the exercise of rnilnt; ' - ers bhy ontriviin, r, ai t illegally and aillifling what is resprctia'l,. aBouen and Julict. A erlowded aaa-ia. 1',,i.iinii was n t h,,sIr,. She pessesses rase a'J .l's, has rood a.1 t o1 , arind sin s with iswr( in iss. \Vitn it ist reicolcte'l that si ie undertook 'h . ifil t lt part iof Julict o i'atfla ntl,rninn, the , ffTra in worthy of the higmlhlst cre dit. She w as rt'ceiv.,i i ith veray irai na!,plna se, and iusanini d thrltu' i hita with liscri i llintintl and deervd nppr, ,a.titian. liher .lio Padre was tilt o,. ahs aaene by aich i lli, iln tanti diti'trlini lle to lilede of her. Sh.e saa'mreded perfectli. As no nrlrrsi, sihe is f ll 't l -alate tao portrvII fll the a'misions. 'V 'ra a.taailtl Ite the ptublic oi the gtol lIrtune that hIl th!aal plaatd tlhi excelItenit and h nutaiful artiste bf',re themnt. Pnltian lli iw.s (raonietndant. You mai'nst hear her to knol whai she can do. Tl FI'r ,, it llarnd aoua cntit as:e. Ii is far the whole p' a! tlin It sut p.lill lthe fi:re arts, and tlhe manner ini v'.ilb the f rea.lts have re. ipondted to this call aupan heir love for aai.ia shotas that they jaalr . -. ii na"a 'are, and .iow how how to apprte ita , ' itus and il , a t. y'drorph*:bin. ha.ithin the Inst nick, of h ,drophoHi, wve ".,pled .i ouIar iend, D Ictor 1..z nI urt , wh!I ki'n 'It hiar-e nishrd us wilh the lhfit i,,,, I:istory, ans well as hIiis Post I,,Mrrem 'xam::ina:ions of a case th::t was scnt to his Infir atun . F'ait s.ut :, t .tr'tttIt , Atpril O. 1837 \1r. J- N- . is E.,i1,. rpt:llr,, re i ostlt as )t arse, ndmiited tt 10, 1. M S1 , mls thnl lie wa, bittlen or sertatt, l i' , o th of 'S,, IClln er as Int sinet- l! I iltl, un li yealrrd vy, hI 'nas tnjov l rxcri lent t , r . I i O n the Ist illsttl'll h " r, I' l alii d of :a no 11i , . elasiness ahhm ll I he r.:,, Ill , ," n^. s , n ditl a r!r,.ree of id, i e.s In ,,br a! id, fr The ,n Ie n, which he t,,,ok of his ,v, ,; atl,,,id ,:.Fse ,o .,,e' Plil ls, b rl wih olt it . In I .venII r tiný.ll Ih. same day h' wa' s at ! " ll ~ ' , U, l, )1 a inal sllns,, I I the ul sof Th , ,, nd n disl;i e s, it 1 ;.res.ence of waih r, t.- h . , in e s 1, ':.l1' t" ~ it lllll the in;,,, d t :l , .. I ' d 1 UI In 1:11:x. 1) , a'ilh ll 'r. t11 l a.r-11 i, I . i itt i I 11 ;ll ;ll11 ~i io InIt this iIn it' n . At Ii, e hI . )ad ran t in s hoarrord wof %Ce a"tr :.,-! i s o . n i urr, nI , Ills pulse t-as lul'l, I , ; "!:", .. nnd put lim ed !1 reir k .s per m inutellll ,. ]1 r' " n., i*s eld I d isI I .h centlre v ilhil, a , " I " riit.I , I1n ru Is , ;1i - irler hot rl d. '['It t, - n, I1 . - lhllll Illthe , i 1i iit it AftitI co tiii1t u 1 i v , cr. T he :' t, :., :' It . r ' , . n ` la, r Hit,.m a s ,~I li', , , 1 . b.,li ., 1n n il C: in, - ',a rd i,,.u_ t , , r ta t ..- t u,1d i ti , r ,.I I, h . -i ,Is ,t -r. 'I • . ... ,.I ti i 1" i 'l't h at ,pli, A u ,y,'r .I '" 'r .k r* 1ot'.x ~ lI,,; ,h.1lllni hli e ,ld i i. 1 : ,I ", , ;ll h..l i , '1 . i ,. - - ,I . E' . :\ ..- ixrt ,-f.. .,,".u r.'; lit hh,,,d w ,.. .!1..~ linne fit.w ' ,;is ',,t' l'.II. itittu-"ii , a api ltll ti , ~l ,.1. T ite ,~. " a., at ,a h it a i ii ,c '.t0 , , i. i I i f lll. t I, i , f r slit itn lh 't Ih t I " (i t I f' t' t'h a , u . lw d irm is e its Wl. ' .:1 l 1.! . I 'd .r, t I . ·1i, "II s u ai' F r llll , a t 1t't f "tt hl lI I'i: p - i a. - I ''l a lm hill phS:+ . 1 rut ;'S lll"'l , IIl 'u I ,' i I".. A. nuI , i 1 ,l , l ,ll tt r t - 1 ih h osti. W " , :i ii' * !i4t, n, I, flse approa ch ,I( a 11 , i tl. 2 v ;di,, i -111 le"nitl i l.latui iabl . II, a · II III ll l] i.! 1 i ,i t ndslI as a tlinit .f td ill ,t Istarij .L,., , alet an tilt . ,.tg l in l l hlll llitt '.i.l l .i . f , lre frfin t I. ! - 'toil i',' au I un zI ia' : 'l., t ot. iti t a h t t , I \ h Aad-' t!Ol l la t ul l t oiFIX' w Ii h c r t. iJ anon i i it-I~ a tt' ''i',r to I i hiat,;. ,f Stitt tai ts. A t i . , l w as l t t. tll hllili. , a ut yt $ l un o f t , , ' r,.k e IIt . , ,, .l, h w is. again .r , ,la ,in a ltill siv, a rt i n l ,11 thse Ihsar"l , ltaIin f during a larox.s.l ,I Autopaa - I. n, , af. r dah. Exle'i.r nof ,i, lnldy-- pper h I ,t -hit .i lrwn b .it .;.::r. I inhd t, irl iiln co -t :lt t iura lt i oe II ,:i.i- dxll' ri llnft' ullnl` nlil. I,_; L dlta t deep ia ( , -ti""-s artrS un it y Ne Ol. iwnl , Ataill i t' '. . :and i'. b ic ,h -- ilwr ¥1 i -l'a i li ' i , t ) h t ihy. '|'T ,,racle cav,, L v n., . highly cou::gt'e ,d St ilt, Thra it. Ltull J,..r 1n nu ,. P alr)lrx we ct r, - rlu.i e lt il . I si, I ai:. , a i i .l s(lt hti a I hil'I c t I It ." Fier eo rt e t .t i , 1''U rttx d conb!l 1e Ti, e y t al- inlll , I I'. n i. "lr ll, uth e. ati ii sit . (it I' ll t-t I I 3ra i. l:,m, -,', , f th • D a:t ',1 t'r err, ,u l rh ' , lr, -- , ,a f ' u i t 44 .'. t C. t'tt' en. a ln 1 I , lw .-,1 a . 1 in, -u , I Ie i t" U1 I;li hea1g sw e, d, l ,, ,i i . Ve d. iniii, ; the ru sr ,u:!. ,. "l the , r,l pli . t ili o ,111 {lf l h ' I/- l lt it et;i ; .ra ,,I t. -. , ,"1"1 ;s it ed st'dh'aold a,, . itt,`ld, { t,,-It -'t s. t. !J s i. . - in ,I I b& : n hO s & is , m e t, 11'j" r t.!at .. . , ter. in 11 i.`iru t rs r, I.rely rt " v nt up.c d' - r m s ! g/ N.{( a .1= - cruled by Ihr raires id t "." i , sit if the e for ',ha a/i ia s'a of ILCe 'nurdu/ltt o ,*:.,,0 ,: 'he bar. ue C' . ca, ew C\B I'. k is disr hrlg. inge li rs ahm, thl %iWt. C(,1 i ;n.:,;; w-l- pl{ah attend to thr receipt of Ilhir a', d:. I,, {,ROTECTI,(,YrIOl. 115is CO.1'.\\NY. FIT1E abve, omupany i- ntw i' 1tohs lp lotion; ind in ca-e of tnll i oi m I"i,' ", tl:, ll n.e: blos "Id attend at the lngin, lhuo -e, ,^,a 5 ('at .; , , r t er I. And--100 J5,1L. u IElW %RD. lV 11:.M;T .t the fire I st ," it,,h , the vocke' book AV of the suhs.riber ua ,t rflu il his parl el, it contained thie nolluw an i :148l.t o et- n-- h the public are cautioned i tain-t I, rt., mg N. Rilli nx, at one year, $77 Oil1 "auckley, 210 O(1 J. it. PuInam, do do. 6,6 tc ti John Dwyer, do do c;,dorsed by It. C. Swain & Cu,. 3.3 on D. C. 8win & Co, In do et:dorsed by Jnn. Dyver, 37" 00 Newton Richard+, at three yrurs, c::dorsed by 1) 11 Twer ,.l, '1'131 i'i S. Audl "r, a1 ..ix months, c.'ior ed by 11 Ba - inos, Seu'r, 1, 0 1 0 n 11 the Idied will tetur,1 the nr w to tlha ,hsi .l0l0., lhrou lh the past ollit e, I w'ill , ,,., e to oU ail ls he tint' de-iglat, t. hrulltl.b th ) , L r,,,;alC , (i:. I ilan C.) oplicd by flhb I., :r II. O.rn.i, in i| r rialblee ~lid spre s thr! ibi trhe Melttrp{ iI,%, Pierce Egn,,, in ' voi The Yn g Dt vke, a so l, by 1'_ Author of Viissa, T h e }I la , ,r ,,,, E dir t d b y Til: c ,'o re l lH o k , A u th o r o f Gi!lbert Gurney. Just received and it s do at tIl.; c ,,ner ofCa up anI ed end fIr sal- lt 9^ Cul , ,l' - O. 1,y REIN & UOIIF:N. S ,. I N. Mi Apri 10, It13. The n.c . from ceNe,, York cmay or may not .b ae tleidacy I ·.,,;,i \n ·ds ·t ,r, c.aid..ce. Theo surreefhw ullngthe '·.,,:, 1 , ,·i " t). tu" ,: tna inanJelu:te to meet tih dl d of t h ^ c o:u .: 0 t y. I t i, i ct o ea r , te o , o r e a .nt t hdi e d eL th- u pend, .d tit i hutct m ole. e. Sehh. I\leth t,- hlanlce of trade ngcint .tls, ofsixty ame l"c eUl the preert ,me,uander the present panic do ay a The fact i. that thih bond Ipla is nothing more lb IIIUeg the pr,.nlce to 'ilece 1 milliion sterlieng lau LU e aIhe meet the loan antel ohtiuned by the Liverpeelteeeuars.. It raneot heb ef.t IIhcpublic. A largo e alton house tome time simne ehtaeddy Iut hanks, h If a million top on, but after l(bt'lega S ie qaue. tyc of cotton into market, it was found imp hebab kelep p. and .o Set. c'ay they eant by theboard. And su iwi'l be ni th call the cotton stpeculantors that hve be elg4d bL the monnopoly.---uu esthe article riten. What eumahe raftepge of the r'xtnr ahe house in I'hild.lelphiamo hie let Itlaat, will h:e hor is yet unknown,---but the worst uase..esmae ere apprehcnded. Thesu-prension of Mor ge eo. i N. T t w 'll ,c use much misery among the holde a ef New EIsglead per. Forty-six failures have taken place i New Tweite Ortoher lnst. The number in NewOrleas wehallgie i ra Smloro.. Satulrday was one of the hardelt days etle kLwu i t!lis cit.. Sc:L cely ainglebank beghtaL e gIL lL No changes of importance in prices ofprdaem. STATE.hENT OF COTTON OctI , I .i--Nc. hblcesn hond .............. .. 1.701 Ap iiJ'37--No. bale ree'd tidate ...............41,1 tpril P, Exporte this day to .ivoerpol;..351 " " " Havre ....... tI4 T "d " I arIeeioa,c... I1 . " " " N Yorok,....... " " " Nerfolk 4 Rtchtmoed, S otac drevicccly. *ttl3S 3%40 No. o lboeh s on hand not eleered, *. . STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. Oct I. 1P"fi--SNo. hidle. on hal ....................7,17 April 9, 137--No do rec'd to date,........ . 73 14683 Aprilt. Expo, t. this day, Norfolk, ............ I Totat do pceviouscy, 7331 743 co. ofhhde a hand notcleared ................ 7,11 (iRAN GUI.F MARKE'r I'ort of Grand Gulf, Apn1, 1837. The wcath d.:igllhthfl; thei fore. are beingdeck'd it sllllller'ls ra-n,; le ie Iheave ere now ec large a. a "ip, e lf pa'lr." The city presents a busy, buetlilg nI l li t .dc"--.I reeina on cy ill trade, speculation, ireteivlg ic, Ic. ,hipin: ccctoll, one tnaking and One loeing an c rlt lalm tll l'Illlc.i ' 'I'l e li-issippi is on a stand. Co rron-- ut i limited quantity has been brought to nueilrct during tihe l t wcek, owing to low prices. The eled it ar r. flrlnl 11 to 12t cent tperlb. Shipld csice 1lV.Inesday, bales - 350 preioust y .. - 39,190 Total, ince 1st Dleccdmbr, 1836, . 39CI 0 NEi.W YORK MINEy ,IARKET, April let 1836. Thines look b iblhtier in Wall street to-day. The dis po. itioln inslif.te'd b, th Ibanks Jes inpired confidence; eb.' iccvaicine i c n itlent is, that times will be better hIe, uiccield iatts liek his Ibegan selling their ex ch:in,2t. 'l'lhv issce Itheir onde ptyable in europe, one ycear fIoe n hia tce. viz: let April, 1838,a Idollowes: Pavahrh in London. Farlt.. FPr rah ant 7 ,cc eelet. peelium 5,35 .lc1 dl' citote 7 1-2 5,3 I, l d at 5,30 9110 ditt 8 1 4 ,ccedic 9 5,05 Dra!ci al Notes a re taken on the South in paymenet of thile a olle," t a Illhows: On 1'hcildelllhia I- per cent. di.. Riehmond I I-2 Savannah b2 Itlthi.core 1 Charleston 2 N. Orleans 3 The Stmcck to-lcy eixhilcit no improvement worth ciccioiei. N Icc o tc ejccc)lcgae in I hiltdelphhiaiepoken ail', hot t~o. ! ,heucc ent, Illtcimcetely go on, we do not thiin illlt penden t, 111 il' Ha:lll +. 1.:tr. frlieo II SNew I lr.aIllni stale that the affairs of i lerlllln, irie li ( c. i I be liqidted Iy a tew III-tv' rulnl,' I" Iil,'ll (ic l ol Itec Ic de, ltrne & Co. at New ll.n' lc, , c I' : ci, ltcccleshll &.'C. at Natehee.--. It waen be i·,,tl that the debts of the Hermaann would Ve lnt' .,ll e pit d. Trl i-p rcl lofl .iricc Weall street it not quite saltil i."''cc\, teIclc::c ii i(lllllhlcc thie wccrst is over, end tihat 'l)lli ll'll(' wii Cl'Ulll c c Il bec eltletrcel . W e hive eer i. c,, . I Ielcc I tiln exreoldihtnrv week; during thecchuit ciccI ol 7', a ' ,, tui cneqetalled inthe an. ul+l- -. . in I oldllll':I cecIW i, llea seized upon all elass. es, a d at- i ' n-I td . 'The Icilc .,ih ic " sc h Iclhlce' clfprieen of lleondeo. the c'clh Id I A l''Rie'. I eceele, me fixed Iby the tlie:-:t l its n- 1or ; ,s ,, U v haave l .. . * too f the t niatd tl o Bliacek of Pennsylvania, ', I , cl.c o, i t i -, c'ttli iletil. l83,. u u h; in I,.I ,II. I'a"is. Amsterdam ",rC:t-I.xchn 71-c c ,35 39 1-2&interelt Co'"i pr, a'.3 !c. 7 i-c 5,:11-2 393.4 do I,61 ~ c l ,3 40 do 9 ;I :; 1-2 5,7 1-2 40 1.4 do ]l?;" 9 "r," 401-2 do Phia elh 'a 0int '2 :' 4hmon .30 t 1 1-2 It'-i., do 1 2 Staennah d' 2 1t1.-ec ' , I Charlestoen de 2 A '",'cce:cll poTh.,e nd, l e pic nonced a real share by the n wic , n tll lest En per centepermonth. 'l ' rlr crc- ile Itot the'Estern l anksinoemo q"o,"·,'"` '" ~h~|'ic:'1'ple ,'t'lct . I. lteorgan & Co., who n',a". h , t + ,.II'" red l 'd ll h Il c lc themlr . Many dealers ol'lt' itown \1, 'lltoCII tic.lec- Ih note, but Mforgan & ; a ;ll,1e Ill " ho~lldel.' i 1n c t cearifire them. an ar Illl un ý',l' i lc r eV 1 b nale in a few duly to redeem them 'i'h ] ' ,r .· to -:ci' tn Mnday, will, wi.tthot doubt, Lt i t, f. i r ;1 i t I;I , of:1 +I l 'p e c ie . "\o l,l+illle- reportt,l tod h -ay'. ;anutieal Intelligence. IIO\I PORTS. i.t !.hntinore, A pril 2.- \e rr. lbrio Reaper and May t.~eI., hence .\Il:ch31. Arr.lbrig Mary, hence. . N. 1 .ork, : orch 21.-Arr schr.. Ililliam Ar cher and IhrII v ('I\, I enI e l 30 nmar. arr ship New Or. le.,-, brig'.- Canto, and Only Son, and achr. Signal, \t \'o Yorl', eld htips Saratoga and Coastitutien, .it l3e to. ' 9.- - rr. 'Ship Providence hoen·. -3 ,h cht brig (:Croline hither. .\ l'hiladIl.cIt 3tIh,ecld war ship Gerrgian, hither. Arr. lril l,h:is Iectlor andu Ilndpendenee. hence \ ilu , Iea.r ('1id April I ship Keninaetln, hill or. .irr. 2:h .arch, hrie wan hence. April 1, air. -hr. I tcberva he!rce-schr. Etneline do. I.t I Ites Ihlo .''lth.-IBrig Northerner heoae for Bo un--also brig Zealand do. 1tlll inst. lIt 31, long 73. thils Alabama, fi N York, for N. Nl)' I'th, lat 32 39, long 764 spoke oche. Ed-llards ' elli,n \\W'a ts. 12 do fin New Orleans, for l,-to ; h'cal: tain, it'led thalt three dye hefore he fell in ith lllth a1eelt of sehlr 9Mry Ann, rorn Savannah, and ltook otifthe eiptain and cre; it blowing fresh at Itl' i: u'" w 'e cell It 'rll Ilo flrther particulars. st. C(Iharleo Theatre. T! I. E EII.ING .April In0th, Will he perl'-. l a t)ru:,ooto three teries, cattlled Or:-GIR. l, If WIFE AND MOTHER. -polh, Mr. Pritchard. I-,n clel, Mr. Pritchard. After whi,'h the new piece of t.IR. . . Or:-TIIE GOLDEN PIPPIN, S,'rscanl Ilellro-e, - Mr. Pritchard. .!r+ 1 .- Mrs. Prntcherd. - . CAR D. ST. CtIIl\RI.E THEATRE. IIRe'. I',ll'lC.1 ill)S BENEFIT, S. d leostl.llppearan e on .tIOI\NIY D ,pril 101837. : ..' . , i .. ! T! 'Iw, , r New P.rcees!!! 311;s. Pcir( It\tno in 2 new chanratersl. I i'r!le!', te.s in c il's of the day. 3041 !O4II.e A to HRWARD. I\'l. h, ,dt 'e I ý.,d l '+e re'tIard will Ie given by the F ubl-'e,,r , to and er tol ho will give nch in I:1"11'1 l lv !,il Itllo thel detelct ooanld conviction of il " ,uelnaliarl' or ih . .tlr iero, whlo tteiplted to el t e.e to ol r l olr !H' t.1 on ". t 'r titl e l ni tlalt. In a:lilion, te .unhld hb.;; leave to call attention to 3000 DOLI.ARS, olired ll l the ae ' Is lllnllllle. Compnllllies ofourcity, ILr t :- rdec. tio, of ,ncendiarico-which oumn will also Ie p' ld to who-Cter will inf, mo and convict the villain for Vlll in+, vwho worte t oncerneru the cabove flagrant lll l.l~lt to dstlo.y notlv o elll- l re ty, ol0 l.Y11i; i . \IA1', No 3 Canddeletat. I ll'01) t'.L1\.iSiEI\RI. .RE1 ,A:I) of n,,ef th lluand o ill be paid to any In c, o iv, n ,I it , i.,,e atin as will lead to the rlant"ti ,t ~len,, iti pIle-l r-nh i tirt I o heytuM in the IIeml estlcilt.lity. .1J SHUe AILDWIN, ul,' l{eerrl hr. o,,d 3t nhicipality. I I. l)t Ill.I.\ IlS tIVAIID. 1 R 1 \ ').i ,,e t'o,-ottll d,,liors will bhe paid ' 11iy p ro.J an ,tei fig ith inli,rultion that sill lead .) ili. p itp ',r. l.o .l lli d e I . ttito of enr Iet on l, il I il the hld adll I reckItl - ttellet to ort fire to Ih,' ,.i ,t of .l. oro IlDo Iht.dl MVay, No 3 Camon Liet silr, etl Ol nt u,tll t ld1.f ( Ihtllrt , lby Ji tl.,t IlA BALDWIN, al10 Iec!err -,td 1uticipality. TO NOF CI.t'lIttl' n,-TFXAS. ri 'l! tntn o ,, I ',,..I hn. i. bonietttlly ansd adven t.' cvy -i ,nt d (tn at rnmch or arm of Mato. c"nr 'a l'. .,ll d Ir'-p.u a,-ni-, cIoutt 5 miiles from I. Its u ,, n .e ),-i here tes. la danwiig Ill f et w t r, ,n e.t.rt ncI 'li-ctllllr on tle Ith nk St the hay it ' fc t 1.rc '-t . Ir - ver, I herl te, m of S--hI, 'hi, lc led hIn t iip '. tr, is all ind cement to ml ;,' , i l [ rI e to i~ ft"r s-n thol relves in thin l , l s.:a !, -.,' 1. (i 'rrrt a-ll ofthlle town ii: , I ll ,I d11 1',i ' h ,ol' . r I n c I e oli lMr. Evane. itl'u m i, ltie or on Mr. Wills, corner ir t .Id , eve', who aere ragula lyvap I i t I .. .-ll t n on it' t ishl t of the et in t .e _hr w C l, lI c mmitie.ld to the t , le ,..-. I' . rs of suil onilre' , are re. ,!t'a d c,) ,,+ ' to "l,) I, 'ru r l tlry, pai chareee d ,n". cc;1 ax no sV, 'It I r ctPbe lotnlttev the tid '(rI "n-l t'e pork, for r ale 4t 44 L I.ett, oy ('l G Dosl'r Y. 'f:uilt :Ufa piOiN - __-, ·f~i~~i;ru, RrG\ .·U1(I.Lr',ý CSAUD SATURDA.--tt.d., S_.o mae, Upto., Lir.'ptu I, ti Gree.-crgo 124 -- - ¢oto o; . ShlgbopuT l. Na ia, epeet, S & J P Wkbitoey-co.go I-gtU Ornaan, dn-, Nel York, hraklin Ame.---crgo ft bal satet., aJ bat.b tbacco, it cek. bucon. 4b,1 bbL. palI/4NI bed, 5 o lar eed tne ot drie.. aurl.Y jNam . YItla. ige I. H Ulas.-cargo 1 2i U.a,4bdi ep ClmS.. , Mvn, 3 LatHOnd-cgo 405 hale. Ia..f Ph ydNw sort an d cderisa. I*aettl{ ld0 a Sa, L H ei--cargo :74 balee cot j It oraboea sel,57 bblk pork, '0, Swqa MOW, FuAe.. Iacto., L H Oatl-wergn 8 bal., a, 407 ble Smm. 9b blat pork, 20o boxa. soep, It L elU /.l sl}aa tt lq, I2 5 C pper. ! -SipU te6 I UCCeby.l.earpa, •p n a& Lodla-acoe 717b0o. eatlom, Iei a ees~b r ta-.,E 1tk, New York, J WZachbroe & eo MIIIH oo I od~ases er~lu~~r uLm . ,es Hd4 t..olmotm. ib V2i'iea IMstiaaN.-o dlk & Rihmeod, d. a Kolm. . o u ade mLae., hbles cottoo. 42 hba.. baoa., 11a ISM , 8Lf aenae. , Clid & c-.o 190 beJ... Meawe't, Mobtl., Eattomoa & Brotbers--argo list,.... wbi , Mwi nd agar-. __,______ vA`rul, -tri hlagat. PA, . |sflak,& N York, & J , hkitany--carlo tI blateeae,t71 umsheta a.r.. $-,LSalaCeamsLMamt. hoja aea J Relid o--u.'lr.. o*Wnd ++mm+o. Da IdeltWae, POrs, Pblidelpbi.. Baitoy & Abhott grpo td tsbehlh wLheat. i0tUdo lax asd. ThI , Taon. Gardaee, Sldelpbia, A E Forbuah--carlo 102 hhdeeaIger, 47 d ., .- se k. cor. It kegs latrd, s0 Girmad, Dueal , Pbhdalpbi, A E Forb.h--careo .hal bd el id, .1 doe tSit J7ackea.corn, IO kegs bard. S...% Tdeot· e, Ito.l Natackat, atet--car(go 620 bohg cose ARUIVED SATIURDAY. ItmUmL aftetal , Mamaieg. Oachito,to meter--cargo 998 bateeoad I skils eead bidet, to aco. Pl.nts Aa& Co; 72 et.-. ta e, , BuLrk.h Watt to; g34 A aurdn A co;:.IA Le doaI iAm ILembedo. Thampnea; 15do owaer on board; tIIdLunapoe.Demare 0p ikeabides and skins,P Riviera. -emageeI nm,Mee.S mih,m Dhaea Browa, oaw, Dayel, White, puomce, Loa, BOdwl. Pltacmloate gioaac, DeUts, Louisr'e, to mater-cargo "-mgy vbbl IS l" do, 4 do dkqs, Hunt, Jackson, &A, co; I nacke ea, I5 do ca, In,1bla I. usr, 2 do onions, I da alplps, W Lea; 217 lblad. a,U Lr hbds tobacho. .2 boxes do. 68 batre do sb Lbae.n, G T Mackn; 35 bs , olr, J Vairi co; L hheb onaoa oad potatoes.L Parke A co; U bbl. onions, 9 do tneaips Mary Stb I do whbLkey, i Donlint o bhie ap daca. Elesba; Is heas toket, Jobnson: t box mdae.Touroe SBackwihlteea.ners, J T M'Coy, M Donli, J W Gale, J MI Pter, awkin, I Geordoe, tby, 8 W Colley,Covall ct PlirkilMacton, J Jewett, 8 D Walker, W H orgenlfr,.y, S I*IbUtm. Onae., Mie. ai.o., Mi.n 8aheld.. (rhaba s eerwi, Dorment, Remal., Boot, hr Treroe and laJy, Mrs MdslahW, oeeno. ARRIVIRD YESTERDAY--9th. Towbat Li, Mabbell, the Passesn, towed to sna, ship INew Egled, hey. 3.0., Lney, gnd schr Fred Areet. Let bas Pneen the . rowegbt up ships Nntanket nd Exehange; repota notbiog aew i tib onlg. Yazooin u fir way to go ac-in tho rlee, bhip Moteqama. Tawbht Pilot. Meieo.n,from the S W Poe, towed to sae. ehlp Myperdee, hnao Ceraed, brig. Du Uker and Rowoe; broglrht p skipe Wm Jahn. and Henry Clay, and sehr IA. esAtI. 1.0h the w am theait st noon. nothing new In e odag; ship Teas lo ebo.annel way wnearly over the bar, eship Metaesue, bri Bkoa BiUdd edveral vnuet in the ri ver. Chip EZbck ge. Atkins, gd0 ew New York, to muter-in Ship Notmebot.eCrwbet. lid. (iI Boston, to mater, cargo ametreddae, J "Oley, G Dorny, G Green, om Hawthorn; JM BredwllI, RI H MGill, T Toby . Brother; Grvet ., Pai.,Fermt j obhea, EastmeU & I Brlther., Inader, Mcl Enga : Wribgt. oseart Mawtborn, A GeOt, B LAllen W Holmes, H Lee so; HeAdnrsn. Gaiuei, e W Oekey; GOuetat, Palea .. sot BSuehoa&. Hlagn, Reed Maynard Churchill o; 4 oeed, J A Mtri. co J Thayer, Viamg & Tirrel. Wllisgton Wold, J Vairin. C Flilt, tete.oa, Avery& eo; :tekoer. tanh. &S con a |lit. mgon Read Maynard, Pot. , Malard, J A Merritt., A Whitema .h, E Stemin; Lytoa d eo; H t W HLophi.. J W Stilweall, J Tbalcr, 3i1.otg. J Agidly Fogg Shaok, R GIHobbs It N White, JIH Grabsa,T YW eo, C Gereud, W S Greant, C OHG ant, Hari.A Lyons., Crler , Drand . co; Sampson, TIAteIaLk, A FDobaer, M " A errell and order. P'e-oo ge,. MNi maiwio. Ship Wm John, obinsohL . Liverponl, 7th Feb. paaed Toaeo-on the Id to mnteer..-.aergIo a ke Aelt, to order. Ship tHenry tlay, Eseil, Inds I. ta.ttn, to m .ater--e.r Snssootemdad. to J Veairi atn J A Merle co; Coc ayari; is- hawthoern; Welmep Montgoue. Lee Her dy; Godrey, Boeimn d aot Kidder & lead, 0 Sster, Wel aingtoa Weld, B Loig J/r. Idge. J aile, Turner.. Wood. re, Huat eA Lhlea. W YV , Paeot. Dorset e eo; E Churchitl, ArcFnr Dgeag Hotwboen, A Grant, W M I,,rget, Bbee e.Herinot Lyo9na .t, :eey eo J G Stevensono J C ahat1 RH Wbite,T imerie, F EV.eiT P .lipor, W T Mogo Li, cola A Maynard, nd order. : pendnge .. obhr Ages, SPelab, 7 d 1. Clniuo. to mastere- cargo 120 bide, to owner oo board. Sher Cor Ana, Pampsrl, from Colst--ctrgo 7 bales cotton, aod 102 khde wear; to order. I/embot Htuntevill Jorda. Payoa Sar, to ma.2tr--a Le otton, W Flavr;| do Burke, Watt co; ItIbo For stall, Hi0gh A sot Iltd. laee, White e; 12 ldo Ie,, Ilto -v ea Idd Lemhetb A Thompson; a A Aruor; :t Uulhtt, Sbipp &ae; d lhds capr. 8bb. maola..e., J Zachlb.ary co; 4 Tbld Ash, JLervn .otsl terk. Hodge, Oxuard co; I jar butter, seop Kerrt; eodrios, Whitiug Stark. Paesengers. Horriaeo, Chitn, lamilt.o, Matabat Nolen, Morgan, Bull d. F;lemlg, Lobdall. Clue. Garden, Scott, Mix, La., Fagan, De cll. G.aguerd, Hubert, Duma., L.ndry lloyd, Daveuntort, Cain hph.rd, F.leoICe.lev, Thomas Cofn, Yercer, D.w e, "'eieoa, falily. Mrs le r nwon. J Iarcenae and 4 die.n Detndn, Mt Ilid .I,Capt , h .e .id I.dy oo. en., N. son, Howell, Mrmae n and eamily. Wright, .Nmth, Ileurt Judlge Wereboaer, Da enebry .Ctemontt, gaovlo, W'oc. orth, aeratr, Dikey, Joameo, TouSaen,ltlaUdt ton, . toDrcea Lu ry, Martin, Le lne., StocmhatMalln.ner, /p1, Field'. 1ill,. to mate car o Lhbbhde lagar, latllilt, dhipp . eo;St do S, bbll molaoa.e, cV '-.let; 74 hhla wela.t, .. ds b ngar, Lambelth Tb top .n; 0 hbbl mol.uaa, Maeia. :asanto t co; bale. eo. Fredt to; adwnsa on board; 4 b-xesa d 2 truk., W W Swain eo Paenger.l, Lefeere andlad, MrNcG.nn. IDnc. tao, Morten, CGrieot, St hl,iBeto. .c,in. I.jle, tlod, TeIaer, Fialn, Weltheraoson,urrlt, Lnaleul. R,.t S..embhal Modiator, Mn., Cineinnoti, to a.l.ter--cacgo 'hIb bl. Ipork Ltalt.on,.e.ry co; 2 lldd hamt . I tI lltl wbleb y, J Lendi . co; l4Iblt oer, J Voirin; l,0 do (i DoI,. e-; I eoem.ioe.O A Phitld, Ot boxes mdlo. J Met allt, W H Parroottsd eIy. Mtt. !sinT, co. Mon, K Ge,,,eeKoa, Co, eey.a.a.DMeIte, N.anto eand eom, Nevet, WcIoke.,.e', R, dmth.J A Johncon J.tdeal,. Steaomot Semaphoreo, Hagman, Opeloulas. to Lustrupe e. Dinmac. llSaddletreeo aad sundries, to onertc on ho. d. anawgers,M mra, PlteIoouge, McKein, Llddell, Bar bepe, Rnadst, Lecour, 8cath. Nwo Nat boots aom Tea.nss, Huey, mstetr--.cargo 667 L. lesaotle,CortbLteoMarri coat Yerger, Chafant co; N hJ Dick ' to;Dladar, McERnaa W\Vrilgt; Robeaon, Wood co; Yesctmn a Co. Two Nat lutes his Alabama; F037 bales cotton, N , J Dick 2 ;t Mansetl,Wbite e; Kirkie.. Roaers ro. Two eaot oem.afm Memphis--cargo 544 hale. cotton, N . J Dick so; Marti., Plersnl. A co; Willo,;, Atderson co; ikm.n, ee; Robeson, Wo.d o; Ieigh., MHoddux A eao;' rnder,MeRoan & Wright; Yegera Chotltn a cot Cacrthere. Maei" tro. Two Oat lbeau m Tennamesoee, argo l9 hhds tobcc, Robe. son, Wod ,.' . Stoamboet t.ceot. liole, Natchitoches, to muter---cago 19O baee aoatt., J i Plaelmh;i 53 do A Maurio a co; 195 do LambethA TbomlpmI;do IAeeI A Hardy; 22 do J II Gra bae; 3daL.ntoapa.& Dut-re; I do C Toledson; 67 do 29 pube palarie. I bondtdmr ebkins, abee/ hide.., Peroux, Ar. aenil Gt; athle rotte., 0 peke peltries, 9 hides., trander, Mcrma. WrightL I bodle. f s, M D roeasman; I eox mdzeG Laeoy;t2 do9 blackemit h vicei , Prescott, Jll, e. co; Sbe mdleo. ps flrntltre, J F Smith. trunk mde. L.obatebt Tbhmpolml; at bales cotton to rder. Pasencgere, P D Cook, G Truawell, A Atbhiloa. T D Pettis, W Maoore, II U Woolsey, T Wobeltnd, 1 Phbllips. R Beamon, A Tuck, D Rig. gle, I Gsdona, C R.IaieLJ A Roberts, L Ilurhbane, C Pa. cio, Merits, MCltoate, D Ikbamy. J Dewsaon, J McGee. 8 -ed, E R, ed, P I CmpImIe, G COL, nay, F nlodhbomme, De laeaa aed ltdy,J Coheh,E Jl aoiit, T-Ormand, J H -t'oc-M Pelaer, J totte, A Meloy.r, N Prdhomme and family. J Mc G.lay, ledy aid dah.d.r, W Weskeield, P Harman. Seamboat iow, .ostms, LaWeonre, to master--corgo 5 b"_dtoea., Lamboth t Thotmpso; 25 do 00 bbll moltae, .,edre, .cennea A WllLht; 20 bhd. slgar, 15b0le mose. Wo BogIt;SObbeholsmu bales cotton, to order; 8bale. otono,O Dbigg A Cbalynier; I da C Toledano; 3do J Maters. P.euebgae, aapt Elli, W R mecrrow, P Ihuct, J Anhert, E almaeld, a Gavi,, LeIef,G Vuin. R Cheuncey, Mr .Iaeroelo., Arcaed and ma, Boll, Pteran, I Herbehrt. Pigeor, W Imene, C B ,oi M Lana, O BI rio, Tabire aed lady. MEMORANDA. Nentouket. Feb 2$,oftbe Iobea'as spoke ship Kobthl Morr and Clan Wbhre.a falheb pert. W n Jbohn, eo 98410,la 8 30' spak Br barque Merge elt: fm Liverpool,boea. ot N Gret. n " ". ". - II n A CARD. M R. WILLIAMS, the Endli. h Oculist, informs the public that ha is arrived t Mrs. Wo crter' pri cat house, No II, C nct street. where he eat he ¢onsulted from Ito 1 o'clock, by cany ladclies an gentlemen salicted in their eves and earst and will also gladly attend to the oe eor, .rali, every day at 2 ol'clok till4 to o'clok. He wilt also consent to visit any aged or inirm perso.s who reide witlhin the limits of the city, on receiving one dav's notice by let ter,containingt addresa, and a fie dollar bill, when he will attendml n the snaeorlthe folltowing 41y, between 4 and 6 o'clohk nd give his candid opinion on the case. Entrance by he privlnt door of No. I , next before the Draggist'. shop. j t is his intention to tI this cit ao teie let of May" for Natchz, whence he "will go n the lath in; Vicklehurf, thence again Tg Memp.hie ol the 15th, thene for Loutitville an tl 5th l June, and tlhence for Cincinnati on the 17th N. II.-A aseond edition ofMr. Williams' Treatises on the EYE and EAR dedicated to their M.jentie.s the inesetlf Frewch, and the Ileleian, (301) Iages in m.) tma be had of the Author, at New Orleans Price, .2. aplO From tIh Pieayune of /Aprl Sth. We were nalled on yeeterday hv a respectsble vounel matn, from Irelandl, nameerd MeAceany. who entre'tesd us to express his gratitude to Dr. Vil tiams, te- ODliet, far hie kind anid l rtuithos at. tentinn. His cane was na tollowr: two or three weeks siner he caught cold in the riglht ve, e te , sight of which wa's son lost, although. he sav-, he did all he was advied to do. A few de."s wards the left eye alee became affeceel in 'h. came way. L. as than three days Iehal pr,,l ee c, . fiient to enable Mr. MtAaessy naain to bheen,, to see to work (ne a carpenter and joiner) withl the heat eye, and to again di-rern large hbjerete wi h thd other! Ilia first jobl since he has been reslo,,r. toreight nlar, to work for his friened. Am,,o. oeher things htr did, was, t fix Dr. Williams' plat, with his namt on private edar of N.. II. i 'anil trreet, by which, "f Appe'ars, in futu ,aI' has future patients will visit, and not y t1 puhli" entrance ,of No. 9. CARROL.TOi N liOTEL. ole THe 8 eatlcstfnb nt i in p rtaot ef readith s feir fhdneeaoqmdation of such fneili) a e . my bahe dledC in tea pa.s he .e.reerhieef a...nat .arettteo. The lintel has rece el beau newlyfarcintod, espceially the ch.lmber- whicht ate lege and airy;the salubrity ofCeeellhon n.ust ae eoetne nil whor visit in. i . ttarlhed te thr Ite el, one of the monrt etersive nml splendidl gnltl . ill tlhi eeetinnfthe union. The tables ae sup; liel nl the meet literal meanerrwith tde beat of the N< ' Mtaket. Ac tb a" perie.lidat caa receive or e . limoted an teer offami'ai it ney be well that at.eli ton should he made a early ai pauible. apItU it MAYAORAL `'Y OlýEW till ,t\K. - The prie of a lahour ur. day, eitg $7 "5' rents lre bareel, net c ia tothe uti the baker. al.l ' ,,ite Oallaee of ebrl a r a kit, b neext ,aketeeke, rf e Mlolll day then lpt inast. Bread a ther cond qeele. or ,ct cttee. leae for a h is requied to weig' 47 . on. cu.. Pt'tIFEUe, (Maer. epr;t " o^7. N I ." .atiie., ..- n... t blernha vealn t landilg fx ehttsa I.ipo. a, d e e:' 'r. a. ott eaci. Iretoltena a . e e e e rie. w ,a Ot 0 tmpt., 31 hb·t pltes, l gquneter 1aaeta I . uHihb ,,nes "icilry Madb aw eattd ta deltntrec; 20 meree aweat etniab hchnklaie2 hos. aitna Gouald', I. ti , I , i , A h CiL, t eL.Nae. * and.i - ile at i tat a( . :1 it0 Bl.J rWlW l NEY. " 23, 60, 69, 20, 35, 2, 33, 24, 62, 63, 59, 13, FREE SCHOOL LOarIEIRY. L U li'i!tRISElI by Act adthe Lgiwl ture ol the L ".tatre of Iouli.ana, th3r the hencit o1 the 11 " llacshit1 chool S.ociet?, plssed itld anldpralred ha ilst ,larch, CLASS N,. 8, FOR 1837. Ib be drawn ,n VN vO leans, an itiurda 1t51/ l Apr '. 75 Number Lottery-I2 I)rawn lallets. SCHEIME. Prizes I)ollars Do'lars 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of d,000 1s 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 6,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 is 22,800 126 of 80 is 10,080 126 of 40 is 5,040 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 10 is 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,180 27,814 amounting to 243,090 Tickets--whole tickets, $500; halves, $2 50;quarter, $1 25. P-ackage of 25 Tickets $1115, warranted to draw at leant O$6I, and ,,lay draw the four Cupitals. Packages of shares in proportion. For Tickets applly at the Manager'a office, 37 Gravler street, adjoinitg the entrance iuto the nreade, and 10ti Chat trcs,Letwee n Conti and St.l.ouis Crs. alt J K MIEAD, Manager. AS take up by the nigh watch on tile 7th it. Sa rlay horse and small colt, with a white tar k on the f rehead. Also a grey ,oney with the remaics of a halter n hi neck, take at, by the tight watellin Common street. Also a struay poney taken up in Per dido streret. Tile owners oft ,e above. animals are re quested to come forwardo, prove prpertv, pay chtarges tnd take tlheo away, on or Iefre the 2nd ,f Atril, otherisee they will be sold at public auction by I A 5~.t;lolte Auctioneer. JOIIN PRICE, Cemmissarrv, apl0 Ist Ward, 2nd iMo ,ieiaolityv. B ACON, LARD, FIOUR, eIR, Pi-.rK,& Wili-. 75 hlhds tin, instti bacon; 1001 kegs leaf lard, 300 barrels first rate Flour, 51100 I, Clear, loao and Primte pork, 50 do Molongahl:, lwhiskev, 75 boxes elear. ndee, put ntp expressly for the Ha R0s5 matket, forsale at 6.3 Grevier st. by allt tOGART & H VAWTHORN. ( OR -1060 sacks corn hodi,.g frosm steamier e. - diator, and for sale at 153 Telthpitoulas st. ty alO SLOO & BVYRN. 1jAAGGIING.-750 pieces Kentrck) Ioggiig, an ex cellent article, tir sale at 63 Or vier st. by al0 B ttGART & HIAWTHtJltN. Ci OFFEF-IOl201 baus prime IRio ct,flibe, and 150 bag Sllavana do. in store and fr sale it I ta to suit pir rhasers, at 63 Gravier .tree,, bv aI0 BO'1 It'1s& 1AWrrllolN. LOUR--.10 t1,tIl Ohio Flotr, Baker's brandl. Or s te a i63 Gravier ct. by apt0 BOGt) ART &. IIAWTIORN. t ASTOr t01l.--'i0 bhls No. I, Catsor oil, for sale at a40 IVICAll RT &,II.AWTHO RN. C H IMPOIGNE--7 tbaskt oftlhidseit; 50 do of Crown; 30 ,, of I.altettyr, oad 1. , other crhoice breads, in store and for sale at (41o Commont St. Iby -alt BEIN & Co 'EV. RAINS & ROOFINI COPI'PEI-An ass0.rt m oeit of trazinc and reif cttpper, its store and lihr -ale at 9D0 Com.tan ,treat, by all __ _ BEIN & CtIIHEN. I)tRITE'& AE--.F 200so ask of potter and al, lve n Phih,belphin, very sunerior Irewing, just re eededl atd lor osale at 90 Ctnimmo.n st Ib al0 lll:N &rCOlHEN. e stn G D I t . rl I AV I i t ltt ie i1.-ltr al.ii 4 I 0 h tall =Os; :i0 tases seontinble i thine for ale bay I I'-- a10 I I. II I )il . ":. ('o.' . m lnd l John, fir sal t at 8 n-, Itb nf) S, .Jl1 il .I .4 tat'i. I AV.A COlt FFEE- -IIan a ,riae tern Hu tWlli-irill ractile it, l att art, t i a It'llI I in·O' th p Iadibf an ti i osal, at 711 'o 0lMtin .t. by ttt Ii !:'t I:, K N.. : I I, II Re 0 rI'e.T 1 'i r,11 V' a .i iI . ,1tc: cn1 I I, .l I all· pl og i " ,:l I o b.l i( - ki t, e n , ",n. barre t:irl n, li r -u at wi t a nl, it i ty t10 II \ tl11,-u,-a i r tIIoII, I. , o. :: -'---. /~-1..1\t: v 1151- .'I F:I I'i - -- - 1 .Vits 87 &. P , . [,:,s.s 'r ti:,c : 1"] .,':l hatnk. wilh d I .i l, rIc v. , , ld I,.al tr.. A lla tltl lire, hcwa tir'i-hod tit ihe 1tu O ife, with R'tceln elltcchn m .i a i" i irn'v. :tii iii.~th rait &"d Ih ,rry ltunhar for nale. Ot llriI te. an! / (,', , ,. s it a,{,18 1t BE 2. .21 tla rekl and 37 hllad luti Bleef, just received anlld fIr aue by T' It IIYDE & BItttH'I'EItS, a7 crnmer Cuoml l and Magazine stas. E ANS.-50 etslBeans, in store, jst received, 1'. R. IIYDE & BROTEllEt, a7 corner Common and Magazine ats. o- J~O A'41C kt O ( ili'', suitable for the M nexican moarket, Ifor ste hy __a7tf WMr . BIIYAN,36 old Lavec. BACON-81 hhdl llalns, 25 Id Shohlers, and ;887 pieces Ballrot, na. roulll, landing from ste:am boat Unlited Stalter and frle hlyv a7 JU IU. VA ItIIN, 20 Iedreast I)(RTl'kR2117 bids aertera porter, ,ir sale by I 7 G(. D0 SEY 44 New l.cervee. FLOUR AND WHISKE.Y-50 bhla. flour, 5f) do awhiskey, landing from steamer Invincblde, and for sale by JULIUS V I4iN, 8 2Ol I'Pydraa arr'el. OL1UR AND BEANS-75 Ihbls. flaor,73 Ido beas, ' lnding from srea eier I'eraill, adl fr aole by a8 J VAIIIIN, 88 Povd a stert. p I IK--.nndin framl steamer Vickaburg, and for oanle by he uadersigned. 193 barrels clear Park 410 do mess do 400 do Iiree do 8 YOIKI & IIBROTIIERS, 65 C Imp at. SIQUORS.,- 5 qletrter bo.xes lf rad quality, re u ceived Ia samles, land fr sale rro, hy n8 Ii W Jt ItINSI)N, 902 Common street. I IlRN8tbI.\Sl-Thle rmainder at thee e-xcarelln lFih will ba t oll at it .rnai sacrifice to close sales. 7 G JOIINSON, 92 L anmino, l street. S HAD-A few barrels and hlu hb'rrel to ,e sold in s aumliary. . W JOHINSON, a8 92 Colmmon street. ORNi--80o bags Corn fr ale at the landina, by a8 ( IOT)01'51EY, 4 Newr Lvernt. p El.TRII-eS-A Iat far sale by A.a8 c SAM. SLA.TE,, 42 Poydlrans t 'IFT.EN HUNDIRIeED KWIS LARD, 50 hrls Oa prime Pork. 0 Ibarrel, Flour, 2,59 ancksCorn, 80 hhdsa, 90 Itas hast Western IRaon. far sale be A II \VLL.ACE & C )., Blak Alley. a7 C LEA R P'01K--K.Ninn-y boa,'. aita,.h tIalrd Iha. Seanbclear r ider, 1lt lip expressly for tile l oat India Market, in sltre la d I'er. h, t by a7 BRI GI,"tT& IIAVW'H')RN,l,3 Grsaier at. SAItID--4.0 kus I lif La ird, itn rln, l t r rat l by BOGUtti' &, IAVT'L'tII)It, a7 Gtt (tratoer street. SIACOV7-I casks b rncan, acosi.tial if niamol id eand ehthlera, tCinva,,ati crdI, it, pri me oadi tion,m fr sle by BlISItT & % I\ : ORIN, a7 5:1 Grah ih r stieelt. C O)iFFEt'(-O hbgs prinme Rio Coffee, a very san. Sperior artile, in stor atand nrotler by a7 BOGEtRT & H\\/T~It)ItN,t.BIraairer tL. SItA.NDY-3.:0 lf pipes lllrd, unx Branl of Irhe most approved h rae db , ill torre l, d f sl tr ane iy aI FOGERT & II WTI-l'HI IN, 631 ;raier st. _ i I I-Il-ll.a and hCalfot IlN I. Eastport 11Firri., in prine ordera. mn. fro sale hb a7 BIOGI IIT I tI \\V'I'HIRNI 1 tiravier at. p \LM taf Itats-- caenre i m tore and lirsatre by r7 STETSO\, AVERY & C i. Sftr sale y a? S'I'ETS(ON, ,V!l/tt .0 C,. T.),CON-80 hhd bacomn aow Inlnin: and far -ale fib7 S G B tb IIARD, a7 3 t Grove street. 4 AVA VN.: I' t 'iF-L:''b ha=s primt .cr , tI SVla Coiffe, a stpeerinr arlihl', i,: tore rand fOr -ale y B' iRit'1 & 8i \'1UIR.N, a7 t3 i rviar itr.eet. ",I'L"~lUi--itib Ia- p,.ri,,,nr flor. IlinaIe fm,, flt b,,t anld f,,r sale by SI.O O t BYIIFI, m21 1.I 'I'lbi-ixin as st. T .tIf9T(E'' Z.-ll ct1tCd, tanding fr,,mstramer .Erho V and ftr sa by !ltR Y, m2 4I tI, ew l e.n.. F c"'1i. helllnln il 1 iil 1ian, eplre-sly tar frelily nor, far axle at 153 I',.I,,,,,tnollnant hv n5 SLa1 t e BVIINF. ;:1i TIFIFO- WI-.OK'.I--!0' bhls reclif.ed ''hils Sen, inon rcrreived ald , far a. hv a. St.() . & IIYVR!', !5'i ".t'llllpittlllla at. '0O3 Itt7Cbi.--1 Iholnea, pOnI, Itan', llarcus i .miths BranI and oan !ig and foar sal br a,.5 I tIlltI'(l ' Co. I' Itnlagazine at. U B.,II.Fl.. %.S,&e.--31 'aa'a umtreilasn& Para s.,hs, 'arnim, q',aliti-a r',hding from bark Ellen, and lr sarle tt 131 \Ilaaztle -t. hv 1 I RtDGNE & Co. aUNll'Y t 8.'i--' bnales. llll size; irlanding from aship It .iwrpool, for anle at 134 t lntazine rt. by ,, I I;R.DGI:· &.Co. H Y-V-200 bara prime q, 'ittr liar tandiag from I-klr. Orbil. for sale at 8 Contl strrna by -, ", J I' \Vt I'I'NF.Y. b:K--301 hitis nre anl lrtioe pork in clam and 1for sale at 6:3 mra'a- nt. hby n5 B IrIERT & IIAWTHORN, ii l.OUit--3lt bhla tne floar hnaig, i nstole and fr s ra teat ie; Poydra Rt. by a' J vAlRIV. IIUUlo A.a0 J5)ati PHINI'OLn.. ianks' irearile, ' alrlt/ ez street. rl'ilt proprietor of the Trite .lmerican rcsapectftill 1 hdurl- 1I' friteiCds aod tiIe publh that lie hna, in .onlctuo witith his paper oi e a it l:malidnlUl must - tc eet , r issrtamct t.i type ibr the pcrittn¶ of PA Il'lII.'Tl FSi. IiLAt.i( CtII:CK.i, I'AI. J BILI.J tOL L.I )AINi I. nilhI.s, [lDlAl ItLC2lkP'r, CARDS, AUCTION and I.c.uAA . NOTICES SHOW BILLS. 111.1. It j MS, 'VAKA Ul.5. I HE subscriber ban just rceuoved from New York 2 I caoes offigured Satin Parasuls, of French saan lacture, fashionable colours, which are olfered at the low t.rie f$J 75 cents each, at 76 Canr e street near Rtoytt, by a.e 0 FPILLEY. SILK AND SATIN GOODS AT COST. rIT l balance of the stock of silksand satins of the suttbscriber, will be disposed ol at actual cost in New York. 'There are remaining, a f w pieces of rich figured sat its; plain and figured Rep. silku, a superior quality; do ine iblachk andl conlour; jet and bliue ablk ts do Swie atd Irataua silk;i also, a very few French and Irish Pa Itnue. P'i.oedesirous of pn.rcasing, will find it advantage ous to call at 76 Canal stre t near Royal. S . tFILLEY. SPlRlNG( GOODi . rtlýlE stbtcrier is now opening a supply af new Ugtoodl, received per ships Kentucky and Ilarh way, tr in New York, ceonisting in part of the follow. iRtich French printed jackoneto, plain and satin faced, new pnterae; British lawnr; oilver striped do, a epleon did article; lIglt colored Eollliah chintz; small figured Fretn. h camtbrice; ailk Scoth thread, and couton hrsiae ry, pain. ribbed, open corked, and emb'd; linet esat brick antd lawn hhdlfk, plain hens-tiched, loae bhrder ed and emb'd; fancy silk hhdkfs, sha Is and scarfs, sat in antd braeha ailk do. Also net ehencille hhkfs. an en tne new article; satin caolze, and gro de Parim g1rlt tore Ribbons. Ate Richardsen'o superionr nof niah Irish linens. The above with many other goods,have been select. ed cxpreusly for the city rrade, said are tofere n on ra onoable terms at 78 Canal street, near Royal, by aprifl EI ILLF.Y No. 9018.---Madame Louis Sancihz vs. her Iluaband. Q TA'I' OF LOLUISIANA-Pariah Court for the £3 Parish and City of New Orleans.-I hereby certi fy, that on January 31st, 1l37, jutdgment was entered in thlin Court in the srit of Madame Lonuis 8nehez rvs. her lasehbnd, in the words and figures lullowing, to-wit: This cause was this dos taken up befhre the Court. TheCCourt being satisfied ftom the etidenee that the detendant hia abandoned the matrimonial domteil, and livet it. open eoncubinage with another woman than hie wife, It in ordered, a judged and d creed, that a judl tment of divoare be entered in favor of the plaintiff that thie bonds of nmatritany hitherto exinting etaee the portieo, plaiantiff and defendant, he disnolved and annul ced, and that the defendant pay the costs. CHAii .RLES MAURIAN. Fehrunry 4th, 1837. Judge. C. pIa.n 14t. In testilony whereof, I have hereunto Oct my hand and ahiled the'nnatl of ita said court, at the city of New Orleans, on this 2'th day of March, in ite year of our Lord te thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven,ard the siz.y-first year of the Indepandentce of the United State,. a 4 I. M. GUYOI,, Deputy Clerk. No- 9Illi.--Madamc I. uia Sanehezconatre on rewi. E rAT DE LA IA.(UIlANE--Cour de PNroisse de la Notavelle.* rlinne.-.-Je. ertifie, que Ie 3ter Jaovier, 187, jug, ncent fot dont6 dens ce C ur a la de niande de Mladntame Louis Sanchez €ottre son, dans lea trelles suivantes savoir: (tette alf'.ire lint rejoor platid par devant la Cour. I.aCour et.t natisfi.t d'apre le temninage que le de. tlndesn it abnndonnf lndon.icile conjugale,rt rivent e aoncuoti .,tg oaercrle avee uone suire li mme qo son epitste. II est decret6 et nd;udgh qtrim ne jsc ement de divorce sIit enregistrh en ftevur de demindresne, que, sea licn t matrimoninau existant ju qn'au A persen tr entre leer in d tandrees el d,.fendear soient diseou t et unnulle at qque le defedml r pairnt Ie frais. itgo CIIAItI.ES MAURIAN, 4 Ffvrier, 1837. JoIge. ('. pcr 146. En fd ide qgnoi, 'i pnso le l.ea Iu Ctr ei-dees l dun lan ville dIe its Nouvelle- Merlan, en , 26 jtoir de Mars, 1837, et Ie iler de I'i lde endence den Ftatun-Unit. a 4 It. M. fUt'YOI., Dp. rreer. -:c'tt'te E trt'S ct ratter, SECOND 11UNICIPALITY. SOTIt'E--The ownere of prtptertc nest-ted to ?Ty I th ex ii.ene- of, s enile ano illiprovig ntreets in thii t.tlittipllty,are hat Mr. \i dlitmt Dea tttn, jr. i ioppoiutirttd elector. 'tnitpt puyntca0 will Srequired. 114 J. AN I,re rr. BUREAU DlU 'l'REonRen Dor LA •ECmNDE , U1ICirALITE. t V1ti.-L.e~ p e tprlini re Ile T'rrain- uses rrs pour Sptle lea dtllenae pour l'ouverature et l'aueh, tliot, d eh rten dtns ettie .timniipali.etiient anihrtle 1Te' ; ite. ea\'i t. I tco , r. eat n ela nsll e collertt rt ils trei taire t- PIIledi.tcment .ur presentation te tear , al J. Ilt AN . 'rr. ier. S .. ..- . he i;t ...~ c . . . . . _, aUt xo : u i , wa ane; mot t , ... for air ike ., a-n . nm.. .t n th. Ilt'tlll t m d.,s rit hd Io iss.l i .v notesi , to wi': 'llr .. ll attl etlcl - .no" llte. c,. r thc Fnt ,t ittar bhoo sand tll ne.: il..dre,| snot tlidlrs-direr d,,ltln" ,irtt-sh1res d: d "l. hIi od f enl, doed the 911 day I+A .pril, 180Ii, pa ti el ,n I ti. n-ia li ank t Nm watrice n : the first t l notes h. romir litle alII the 9th laot of Al ril, 8l.: tl , m. rld tieo 9tih d v of April, It38: iand tihe hi l ts 1 li 9 11 i1nt of April, 1.:39 nd dare iat able to P a hbl 1 Rahl, sc ut of linsiril Willioa C,;x., or to Daniel 1 lI iillll C tox, t r; nhih tt aid tltieol o . etc "i illitn ' . ti, r, "Jana I- . Ilrithcn,;'' ihe ~lalt,'t is m~esy,,, he -otr at ite firler. ntnboicbh ti,. nin", are jitl. antd -eetrlll. a dt note- are tirscptet ale\ VaItiuII, an. d the con-illertiUn therCeof ha failed, as, t iov will n at b paid unles the iundersigntd io ,,np,.llel bIv law. :ail N-e+ were eien tfr a trati of la-.i Wi il Ie lnitl Rout e t(;ant, ahic'L was to con. enma II 0 a pens, llad tod p ilt ola the eantern bak olf the I) lo hi an river. necordig to n diagram its the deed o sll'l a .dtl e ae in leitlher l101 arletll. tor does the hitad uf i d t ii t Oiln thle Ouchitn at ll. W. Ii. FOir. St. Fran::iville, April ltt r,35. o7 St I3ltI.,llltM TItAVFL1.INf; TRUNKS l --The sub ereriaer in, ow receivine per hark Euphrates, from New York, on invoice of superior Travelling Trunk., frotll the mnufllac ory of Olriando \Villiams, to whom has been awarded the I)ip doia, at the faire of the A e rica lllti e, th last fire rucces ien years, for the bet 'il'ravceling Truok. Persona desiloas of ol.taining a first rate article, bath for convenience and Iirnbility, ns well a nbeauty of a. Ip e, il do well tI call and examine theo,at 76 Cntail slreet, near RoyIld. E. FII.LFY. P. S. Ihere are five of the same pattern, size and fiticit citd Ihi ameae it everey particlanr. as ite oni whitit ohlnilted the Preniom at the Fair, in Oeltober loIt, atid which was sold by the undereigned a few weekc7.Hce. E. F. CTrr BANx, NEw tORLEANS, APRtL I, 1837. At a m eting of tile Board of Directors this day, the fllwing re.olutiton was adnopted, aia: Resolved unanimously, That all persona now indebted to this ank ott Notes or MillS of Exchange, under dia. count, shall Iate the privi' ere of retewina the stale with tit same tames earv 60o dary, less IO per cent. tntil tile 12th day of Novamnlr next; the IDirectors of the Itank re erving the right to require additional se. cttrity, whenever they may deem it proper. n;b 1RBT. J. I'AI.FRbLY , Cashier. 'PTRAYED front my stable, corner of Poydr. and S Camp streetas, a pair ofhlack Poneer. Any neralt taking ,p aid Poneva and rettrning them to the stable oftihe subscriber, will be liberally raw rdled. an WM. HILL. C. ARtO of brig Cter.h, froa Messit--Zdt boxes of RJ Roll Brimstone; 134 haboxes shelled Almtond; 40 sncks White It.nas; 50t sacks Filbert., 50 knllfacka Filberts; 69 hge \1lalnut; 100) soft shelled Almonds. :1 casra Liq trish IPast; ; cases pickled Canulidowers; G0 slabs Maurble for tables. F'r sale by n3 IlrEAD &. RRSTOW,;67 Giraier at. L t "I'-). P.:: ht bhoocontaintn oia n ila oa En LA chante fitr 1001. drawnto the order of /lan-at tidnluya ut.r saiht, on Knowrlea and Ritharda, Liver tonl. Al:), othler patper ofal, s.e loaony person butt the ownwr. lThe thanhs oftthe untersianad will he gin ,n or a reward it'required by applying to W. T. Lew i.notary public, or as J tI1N 4 RI' 1.ARDS. I OST.--r boant the 20tth ttarch last, afomcwherea in . ill theo vliaity of the race iroun , a Note, drawn Iv uliolon Ptre.ali, I sq. in favorlct, John Davis, or .r der, tor $223, tinted an tIhe 171th Novetlber, 836, due 3d of t'ehretrv , 1837: paymentt hbei it itol'Pd (taI finlIer will retrA teAl satme ao II. L. TII.(.II.tAN. a7 67 Grttyi.r-trt't. 'StN Ii1Et lti Ixest 13 dos. f aIny tI , 13 etoat f thbt, mtarked J P ('t. 4t. l.onis per barqut t)liCver, C:lller. msterr, t lro NewYork. wi I pl;.s • cn I tt a a, ll.Cnti at. poy charge. nod take tfim ow .y. .tt.) Foa S. A J. P. WIIIT'NY. St t)1N.--I217 sacks in goodl ordr -landit ft FI t too: , onlosit:. Julia street, 6 Poydrsa al. Itv 31' J V 1' 1,4. S1 \-- I, ) b igs first q adlity, latding from rsteaom -·icihl, for s..I by Gk I)t )lt.EY, ma hill 44 New I.eaee. £ R I O V A I.. IR. AVIDo,. . hat removed ain office to No.91 mICntol ntbollse strert. tell dim ,/ I E. --13 Imr"n red wite, 37 lItakets chan-. paitt. 1110t huakets oil,t and _ hatl T twie, direct froim Iu danux, landing efrot shlip dts,. and fir sale by JULIUSV.VIIIIN, ,'all 06 1padraa 1 (i.)tt-' ie6ce g.,ot qoal tv, t :.r tir a Itst ano G l) lt-te Y, 44 New Lae' I -N-+I t bct d cttsm asksrtt., tor nule br G 'O 8 Y. 41 New l.T-. Sitel it ,r aommaerce T rr -ale I. r t It1 V .i1'1. -' I..; I"rn .trht.rv t., I- It Iblt. 'a.t t.t, t i tl.:t Jllt leoct¥ad and fur sa.e at IS3 Thtajpitotlaa at. tty all .'S.t.&AYRNF:. ) AC' '\-20 caaLa, a trime arrticle,hnma -nt ahmt-ld ai nre, taottre atnd ftr.,ale by 4 MLA'TrR, a7 42 Poyd an atan t. k tortoletty 3 ý. BLA'iCOHAIDlg a7: Gttarrttt. . l ,c--Ti:.i I,, I tiperflne Flaur, Ilaatingtti,: .le t c:m:er Iarm..a fi.r sale by G I)OI.EI', a6 14 New Ltevee. ~ Vicksltrg sarl Gen. Wa"hinrtno, far onle by a. 7 Dt 11(,Y, 41 New race. AtS, tlart, Lardt, futter, Beans, n:::t * : ales, in 7 boat, or sale bi) G Dt RSEY, a .1' New 1 ,...; C l )JN-u-o '*,, . t+..++ v.., ; .. ,,. ' · '*l l l,,+ order for sale at 74 Poydras at. by a5 JTI1 I'FR & Co. ` o I 'TtON SEE I t 11.-- casks in store and tar s,,;e J at 74 oydr at. by a5 J TIAYER & Co. -,TAR-H.C 1 Ihl and d00 kegs real rPt.daidusac, uor ,+i+ t+ at by ":' J THAAYE' t o. II .oco ah 1o,,c 0 I ei r o .i' va - v i e y l',nnCll' rTc o :o wicec ll p loi c .crc ,Ljll ga . re d take li i iy "yI'eecS charge, and tk hi n . F c ll plt C "ctocf Ueo We. a Cll 'aptani of IIItI Prle, A sA hnia r I. Ithr , I h, .f Pr i., f te i e Y i ln iahc in l Io IM i lor, i l sr ee Prenc, akueol1 h crnuh lr' atp",to, e ao 1r heon t he i' charges, and take hi . away. F i t~ij1,c ,.. r8 Cptaitn of rheo it tV cippali:hv, on h. 2:h Mlarch, I ,,#g ' Mlj Milac, aBllroat nOey a 'rs of ee', ears ie b t aO I M fozilr d.lo . The owner will prove prlc y "le t . gas, and take hinm away. IF · II , g a tt, i . l o a , \lcf ntn , Ar .bebr ougont on the police prlsone of Itheo ". • itality, o1 ltle 2th hlnhtal, a Itnrgro eull t C: - Milaned Zch .dyec ark on e yeacr, eays -bolei'. Mr. lozii. thllronet. 'lco eierw p ill p l' .r rt y n egar, an d ltak e hi r ..oy. . F iI llA f Ii. ''P9 a8 wl t llrl C tie oftie W ae k Aid brougi ht to tlh epolisc-'le a r ulo-c n i ". . h e cpalitn , on tr e stld iM nc frwhanr, ruolao , nJolcd Zecti , aged aeboure 2', uely der be .t Mr. ihnarhone . li e e oner will lr. W . I l c Iit : charges, and take hlr wany. f IIAT I Pg .i l c liA .-Tr on the 15op a ilBe en e , ic hlionel l f.ll ocIace, the rightit hhl herl e . r ilce. ' ike lt briaII qr. iletel In com 'e rwner prille Iroperope y, p le chr es, and take ai inalI , t sl e the Ii llh i ntg . I It aster that tine it wi e pieal of tilre nucli P. A. Guilliotte, Aoctwnicceer. ol'.McDic ONALeD • a' Cocemiccasiory "d Ward, id Mee ici-t' , S ioRAY. Taken c- e anI bca, I S ulrion lijty icl face, hie t eri h e ohind tlilet Iwh . The Oercis r met qulesed to come uicrcarl, epro e I cpt. p r a . and take said uaiimcl away, bcellce . ice Itlosh rhrgle, let after that tite, it will lee sold at llilic aucetll., P. A. (uilliocte, Aceticlloeer. 11t. bycil dL a IV. LMlDlNALI), Id Ward, ld STRAY. Tken up4 one bi ik wll , llQ rque sted to ome l wcc e ther tie d crra e r o et p cr ea , iand t arke id vm ai el y awna , belice r 1 I arel t 1cc n ll ahe oller r aill reqlleaell tee ceter rold , r, llrl, o. P. A. 'itin ltt. If lleft ol Ethr t hr , il. iw ld t u l public aceticn , h v I' . A. I iliont, Cni~rcec. , t Wi. Mcil)ONAliA, Comnllien.snr Wared ea3 2 Municiaihy l aI lI'-AY -.-Takeni- c i y Ih 1 i-h wI chc c t .ot - t i . llrarI 2d mnircipalirt y, rno t lrre l Marcic aa le .h, The r'owner i torqn e ferertco ,proce io r wn, eprowa pa, cert y trv harncle, aonln l wri herd anmeal aw ny, heinn the If tI insta nt. ti f l it wirc l leh ohl c.t p hl ai ceticd pu blic. A. (ice I i e, . uilllltorl i. IVr . l\U ltnere . W. klcUINAI), Cfo ne=sar f d WVrd, a3 Cc i , l Moniii lalier, 'e IrTRAY.-- T keo l eip b iy I'ectcirleerlc watc.honoi while , aced lee toc hhid feet T lef ewoer' in raqwe , - o'ereqlllesforw rdt roe Ice',, l Tc prve. l pc rc lrlr a k c ie:a , erlrlU cll take aYldfl. re i it IaIw' elrinlio l. lI eleari,l, "''e Iflil i anfr itt mill e it c ill d r ncl d c i tc c lic ahiee , ic *A iby P. A. It alir llte, c l Creer.. IV . cl\lA , 3l a3_ _ _ Is____ __ _ •y 2',1 \V'crliI t i nicei!,licc, rT_ A .rleil AY.-'l'cake rnp, Liee ihce.I eaee c the hh.d .ih o was u r 'in r dic bIcreihlct, Thewice ie qwhite, sld tle two e Iie d r f'Cei, lIrer oi r i.rl er' paCI ete a e''coccl tu oo rend I. ~ ee theI , , lei, ecih in c ct e e it I left ti er i at wiliIbe sold i t pic l Ille lluc n li, Ils e eahy P. A. (iuillcte. Wle'ic llce. . lIct)ONA D, a- 3 Ceolllomi-lr v PcI .dlrd, cd Ml iceiplict. TI tItA V.--T'i.rtcn eje, eeoc, Ice Imrsere, ,ced ig"tc whhe..I roe in -4 h i c. ,I. l ic ;. e r reo i- rl q T .le qre i to e .cm. fCrrorw r, ti ' lweed, ,rlr v. lcun r I'e'Ie ,r C ane ltl allc d iiilillll l I e I o eo icelar hlee 111 1 5If1, cellcl. ic thclt time, ii ill b- seld cl lllhcic pls ICcin ee hy yPA ( uilliict r e, AAco i cr' aWer. \\'. mieee cit p1l, rhintd ,nul d e toit. cTccI. '1) icllcc cc'r rcicI d cclo io )riw mllforwll 'r pre .llVCerIc r l . pllll' r ti. m I ,, ll ai d o nl tin ( rilctllricrclfcAu-onet r. 'lce tccrce 11re 1, iec. crCleOecm m it ee'i'ecec' li hc'l't i ,.. l Alc uiccfc ale itttee - tlon r l ,15'-"o hr ..dil)' hat h. 1 e. rm,'h t eshodl . Tll ml'l nwI l Illl ll hll t I i'O Ilt l ,-' nt. IIIV td. IJIF IP rp uitw i Ild ti. 4 . a chci n, Iv '.A I' i'" i I '. l Iel c c i .I 11,tcec 'cc 2,II " W rd., f l r Y.-t , l ._ I L'k h c e t IIl 'i ict e l, h, r he IoIe ,,tc.'ir'.cc ci I nch. h dl roich, , hc . e'' Th, ,,r is e c'cuecc u ol c h I'i " t 'd. i~r,'i " erc, " it l l t. 1 'tee .fe ti ti ec, 'i t . li d , , publ, h-obic atruo t lic by I.ll. A ii e'. licc l , III , ..i. o . . 0 c ll '+I , ,c 1tc l I, Iic ,, i t .' e,1"d ki / whit 1 " "Ii O..w- t IIIw a,, l I il . The nwl-ru reque tl.1 to olllo lorwrldi. 1" ~' 1 rp rt1 I ,'i v hs, l,, r lnt ttake gig g ,u I -I c ,w ,, I., I 1" i IV. h1 .let. iri I i lll lt till,, I , ill I,:l ttd iu n ii i h I ) un ,ublie auci. n, t l v P. A, 'iull.lli. r, A.. nrn M3 . ('ocDI )NAIr , r,.mV - , r,'!,1 1' IT a3 l c "t i i-il - t whit|et1 t h n for tIte n tI d I.i t rle f, ot hile t- the frt his fonru n d, mllll II 'rer ,Dn eI r e lel lh. 'JTir ,m'twrs I h 15h idu -tlll, n in tlli thn 1. h ill hr ,Id at public eu ction, e at I o'c k. t. I't. ' Guilliol. A cti neer. . II. I, SWA2 N ra n .nh y hile , ,rl ellw lh.. I nhI'd iud w ohiln thle fid lllt, ls 'ldl Iny d hr U' i l rll thea wl l bere i u , ht -lli n.- tin h atle' iP GMy ailt' a ,lct'o ndcccer. i- ri- II mtrit ct 6nerlt sa i animi .als s U.e l h , anjlc a n d, 1 rho aen ahe ibo. hle in a.+, out 3r yidars of r ee , n fee h 0 inch Thie owner will coutply n ith the lew and Inke his Cui nlOwv. S frod . I cnii.ePali , R ESO VED, IThe ineuitiI e nt hib counah , 'li " n xO I'led n st . a n I,-tn 1n ' tho ciltu sei t a, nd health, be e ecltinuc NutI h ae"' N t reet I s' Tehoupite, iaanci e e r t, iin In 111ih 1' Caimh,: eteyul o h amew, lidt ais u aid Neratlc ,ifoe N.1 e w l ce treig hand ie al r ie alr th uD "ll ois-e l r c aw n lic sit ain blbform ity wit lt-ne 3 Tact (l t Liulure, f el i tlegh an Act In regulate t he opnicng, l ing of ,th un1 Wad llnd take them enwi y, o Ir efl e Itte adcity se ' erwietfhey will be saod u;1l i a, Ir i n P A G0,I l ignelr. J IIN. PillV I ,It corder, 7 Approve t W, rd. • rt. Muni i Mli'i. AtautC IT)lltn ecretar y W AS grornv to tie lior:tei r e Hutiono thie ld n n iciplt illitt te ti th int. i ugro h iiu whofl call.a imielf InYInmU- I,in ,I i , eni lt Igt' u gig I I l. inte Sialb. I'e 'i, abut 3e l -leur nf ace, ~ ee Il incht " vertu di s ditetin l'tl.cdesne I' t Ma rtl I, 18r7. ES32, itul '.cl, e ltn r reillrla unv I thie council, d ' and the , ulsl hr hr by Unlll hol'istd it glllive publir i ,a. es, i Ile ''rue An riet ca sti le telum I r ia lil leht, d • iFrench jt Enchlish duri te dau', ait ies is hn' i .eveienlou ol'hi r . uu *hilt (I n ii I ci ii ll l0u soul. l ,r'et, AtIraIrlEUeIs -lire. Couan 111 beig eeealt in nfrmiy wit ithe act f IhI,' Legil.lMureh, entild, IIVn Act t regulate Ile openi llnl i- Ill t hi ' l U ll i proving selreet ditll nucesli la re. i u e t. n city If lce Sinieneitit , J lg ii i, ew ci order At trueo cepnhy, e i i e e i ri mmercid a C l u) llet i Inret 1'nd Inlah, do. ten e da ly t he fior ning re i lut io Cn l in i o u fsaid s lre , inth roun .isb it gu i ,tn et uf let Iu 'i.e' d "April 1 ".1, untitle, "a, c t o e l to r en ineh t il o uting, laNyigh n S an d e geel. I): 'flIe d pU lic pleue inthe w t le o ,l ? W, O rane, v.,'." ,mllls i .ier Oiven that is thi e intent la Ic f tlt e Coue l of ial.' ci alit iNo "w ttto a enlr -z Itlrt oelt ed I'a ditalbuel fro 'el u aillctl uttu, treet hIioNew I t'Ve 71 il Ia s tira iht tie wit l d a ud u tfgtl ' " I ttll, widt l t s ld Natch~z street. l) i'Rlr:U{.1 "ay,-r. March 128d, 1137. et'-t des disonitin' le I'g tef ullultl-V:' Sl 3 It l 932 en itu el Ifc e , ,r re-.cilr t i ,fuutr, Is h-t"i" rhntii ltl iie llu iuttln dt- rt l, 11t dlaet It qui n la ville la INtle: i rt' l-, c .e." \ iu ct ccd,. 4 9ue ('inlention do ndou ll dc In Seemp , lln hLirlpulite t die faiir p ouvrir-et cadti t-enctr It r ft i t ,, vitntltry de " Irn rtlarn Tc lp io s i et', a icren dlc la ta l In I e el i iquea "'dc ii-al dr :t " t db Mu. " ls I ltlt l l.-' ate] u u saa ite rgies' Iil l- n itl tr . I.r D PI1IEURdl e.ire Ig SOLVgElI), T.e l l i l r h-e ,i lii-, te this 1't11tnil , eftaii iilexpedient, Aind rtpe'e nrc f- r i Ajt'i huitcc'' width ewrth id-tn, t, le Mdor is laereV 10') uri-i to give Is l c ,Ica i tII ,Prue ,e.neric 1 ) 'laimercial a l ls i- -el 'l esee -i i'h tnd I th."el laces ten lae , m hat it N s h i ,enti Ngc' [ * ', lutil I oiei"' Silbssa i 'ttd J Id I D ntcelUIee , itcred r. i Apprived,:lst 1 aareh, 13:17. April ,11132, emit I"m Act al rend lt tti e i hOtaei s laying Ou 1 Iu et i ra vi ,ct ftrap ts ni nndI Ihic 1, i in te c of New ans & ' Nte is ' gien thati i is i the lt nem, pn it'f ath C , Wit p alits e latw o, to D r e i N otr lie mr it t ,lcies d freel ' 1 i ac d lees' a r iet, to Cai p e.. id .e.u t. lis .......... is ah e a widn h aa stId Notre Dnme sTreet. al iars., 18 37.1- 7 1)PICiti SMs TON F OI R & ". S i ST a la rea i u ti s , bri ' eld ita , verti for n al te 14, r rehii Its, a A rib, I; -', "Actsg pourereeler I'ouverturc, hltbdisctfliii't ei is e rlk beans;,& 1'IAvs d a tdate e Pu w I be i I uamii, en li tic drIi l .t. de I t ....... Mme; 1 BRl+ll ' " ""

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